Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1873 Page 2
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2 dwy ooom. \ CLE Alii NO OCT KAIjK Jv at mi Hroadwsy. The whole stock to he ?oi<i A1 a ?rv 41 saciidce, to c low <iui. the busin ss. The too',; consists dI Real lie'*. Embroideries, nthhona, Velvet* And Dio-k trimmingsof All descriptions. A large u> :ortni' ni ol Kin* And Kan. y Hood , lo'i ntoneroii* To mention. ladies' Uudorgnrmonti Ami Dressing -a 'ineXiio str i* ic K't uiiti i ixtuft'S lor "" W. MWMQ?. ? NEW CAMEL'S HAIR SUA WE AT A SACRIFICE \ Xroiy tor 10 days at 107 East 'iwclitb street. Mrs. K. TON. RRAISTKD A CO.. merchant tailors, lm Mroitdwa.v I .I.noes Hot I), will exhibit, on Monday, a i hoice importation ot Materials lor Siiriug Overcoats. 1AKB8DEN, OERMANT TO V KILIK8 WHO. DURI ' ine their irate!. in Germany, pass through the city ot Dresden, tve recommend our niaitnitieent stock of Mack ami clay lust colored Dress Good* in silks, Wod1. lis ntid t'otlous, anil also our elegant and tastelul slock ol ready-made i>re <se* at low uni t1*. .. , IIEYHKK <1 I'.VlTL LOWE, Dre.? Ion, Secirosso, Kaufhaus. STAB LIS U E D 1800. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY bog to Inform their patrons that the Opening of thctr Retail Department will take place on WEDNESDAY, March 26, 1873, when thctr new ami elegant importations of French ArliUeiitl Flowers, Leaves, Pique is, Fruits, Wreaths unit Trimmings, will he exhibited. Also an extensive assortment of Bridal Wreaths, Veils, Illusion iiml line White Flowers, together with French Pattern Hats and Bonnets. For the convenience of customers unable to visit New York we will send, as heretofore, assorted cartons composed ot single huip lies ol the latest Parisian novelties, at wholesale prices, to any amount required, ou receipt ol u remittance or C. t). D order. Artificial Flowers lor buskcts anil vases, tilled to order, a specialty. Respectfully yours, xiiii Parisian flower company, I. LOKWKNSTKIS, Proprietor, 28 East Fourteenth select, four doors west of University place. New York. Formerly at SCI and Sod Broadway. "No. 9 Rue dc l lery, Paris. 17XTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN BLACK SILKS. 1873. SPRING IMPORTATION. 1873. CHARLES HEARD A CO., mil GRAND STREET, will offer on MONDAY. .March 24,130 additional pieces superior duality Black SILKS; new goods, ol recuul importation. and much below regular prices. Rich Black Gros do Rhine 9 c., SI. $1 10, $1 2) Extra rich Gros do Rhine $1 30, $1 40. *1 SO, *1 til) Rich Black Drtp ne Lyon 41, 41 10, 41 20, $1 41) Rich Black Drup <le France $1 10. $1 20, $1 30, $1 SO Rich Black Gros Grain 41. *1 10. 41 20. 41 30 | Still richer Uros (Irani $1 40, $1 fiO, $1 DO, $1 7ft Extra Mijicr tiros drum *2, $2 25, $2 10, $2 50 Satin liniNli (Iron drain $2 25. $2 60, $2 7ft, $3 Also a large addition to their line ol'Spring and summer Check nun Striped slLKS, from 66c. up. Friends, customers und si rangers lire In vifeil to call and examine. t CHARLES lie;\lli) Jk do., ;toi drand street. Elegant wax flowers made to order and i lessons given; terms moderate. Call all week train 1 to 5. .Mine. lil'I'ON T, 2!l.i West Kleventli street. Ir? de pekceval, ' . 7.,n llroadway, opposite Astor place. -Infants' Cloaks,? uais and t apes, Sucques, Ac. Infants' Wardrobes, tront *65 up. Ladies' Outfits. Hrldal Sets, Ac. Monograms and initials eaihroiileretl to order. Luces cleaned and mended equul to dew. Stumplug and Stamped Goods. Iv* h. miller's grand showroom of rle!i. Rant Trimmed 1'uper Pottcrns lor ladies' und children's dresses, wraps and skirt trimmings; splendid styles ol Kedlugotcs, made up in cloth to try on. 772 Broadway, opposite Stewart's. Furs darkkned-now is the best time. Williams, Alt Fultou street, Brooklyn; color natural and permanent. /TRENADiNES, \JI Grenadines, Grenadines, warranted pure silk and wool. 200pieces, two yards wide. Si 25, $1 3ft. $1 30, *1 7ft, $2 and *2 50. Black Silks, Black Silks. Black Silks, *1 29, |1 60, $1 75 *2. $2 2ft, $2 SO, *2 75, $3. Good Bargains. Canneie stripe Silks. *1 2ft, worth *1 65. Alpacas, Alpacas, Alpacas, 40c. ami 50c. ; worth 50c. and 6!ie. JACKSON'S, Corner Broadway and Waverley place. Black silks. Spring stock just received, consisting of Ponson's, Bonnctt's, Be lion's, Guinct's and Tapisseer's celebrated makes of Gro Grains, Drap dc Paris and Drau de i-you. For purity of silk, pertection of finish and great durability <1 wear these makers' goods are unrivalled. i Bcllon's Oros Grain. from $1 50 to 42 25 per yard. Giiinel'-. Urns Ornin. trout $1 62', In $2 50 per yard. Bennett's Cm* Grain. irnm $2 Sotn$.l super yard. Taplsscer's lirnn Oruin. from $2 to 42 75 per yard. Ponsou's Oros Oruiii.tmni $2 50 to 41 per yard. W. K. PEYTON, Nos. 272 and 274 Bowery. LADIES' SUITS. A full stock of all the Fushiomihle Styles at very Attractive Prices. Abo a large assortment of I.udtos~ Undergarments, Corsets, Hosiery and Cloves, Misses' Suits, all sizes. Mourning Suits oil hand and made to order at twenty-four hours' notice. W. K. PKYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. | | Allt ! I I L. SHAW. 352 Bowery, tietween Fourth and (ireut .tones streets, over dry goods store. The largest stork ot Unman Hair Goods in i lie city. Import and manufaeture their own good*, and retail them at wholesale prices, Prlee Short Hair Switches. $2 and upward: finest quality lluir Switches, solid, not dyed, IS Inches long, 4 ounces weight |5 Do., 22 inches long, 4 ounces weight 6 po., 26 Inches long, 4 ounces weight S Do., 32 inches long, 4 ounces weight 10 Long single Curls, naturally curly? 22-iuch, $2; 24-inch, $2 50 ; 26-inch, $4. Krisrttcs. 25c. per yard. Thread Switches, 30c. each. SHAW'S patent Hulr Switches, ran be eomheo and brushed, $1 earn. Patent issued October 22,186#; re-issued June 24, 1K70. Can he seen at 352 Bowery. vnrii'k' * ?...i_i ?_._j?. J ?uwi lilt )> < U |FUI Will mil HlglUg ml HUM patent, or coiiiucrlciung llie?e goods, will be dealt with according to law. Branch Store. 363 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third streets. Ladies' own llalr made over in latest styles. Combings made up at fide. per ounce. Goods sent O. O. D. by express, charges prepaid, on receipt ol color and money III registered letters or Bust oflci order. XTEW YORK. i> DYKING AND PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, 8TATFN ISLAND. ESTABLISHED IN 1819. SM lluane street, near Broadway, i "[>: Urmilnav, near Eighth street, : New York. CKlSixih avenue, near Thirty-sixth st, ' 10i ami ICS I'icrrepoiit st., near Knltou, Hrooklvn. Dye, cleanse and Uefliusli ladies' and gentlemen's Garments and Piece Goods In a superior nunner. OPENING WhKK AT S. T. TAYLOR'S, Hill HKOAI)way ?French Importations ol Latest Styles of liesign* niul Trimming* S T. TAYLOR'S System the only perfect rule lor cutting ladles' dresses, taught by my boat toucher at my hcadiinnrters, SIB Broadway. 1873 8PRINO. 1873 II. O'NEILL A CO. will open on MONDAY, March 10, a full line of new Spring Millinery Good*. Latest novelties In Krencb and English Chip and Milan Round Uats and Bonnets. 100 cases Milan Round llats, from n.y. to $2 50 M eases Milan Bonnets, from $1 to R't. All o< the latest and most desirable shapes. Ribbons. Gros Grain sash Ribbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, Block and Fancy Plaid Sash Ribbons. 100 carton* Oros Grain Sash Ribbous, $1 a yard, war- | ranted ail ana. J' carton* 8-Inch Watered Sash Ribbons, $1 36; worth $2 90. 9(1 cartons of 7 lnrh Black Plnlci, ?3c. yard. SO cartons 7-Inch Plain Sash Ribbons, Me.; warranted all Milk. All the new Spring Shades In Bonnet Ribbons. French Flowers. Rotes, Rose Vines, Moutiers, Oarlands. tOcasos new Flowers, all of the latest Parisian Novelties. Black Thread, Laces. Quip are, Valenciennes, V( ilj Spanish Laces Dotted Nets, I Malines, Illusions, j Embroideries. ,.a . Made-up Lace Hoods. C hildren's Lace Oanos, Ladles' Tie's! newest styles. I Imdoaantk-inch w,ndfe&r Crape de Chine Ties. i Fancy Tics. j Ladies, go to O'NEILL'S f?r Millinery Hoods. All goods marked In plain figures. N. if.?Reduction to the trade. H O'NEILL A CO 327 and 329 Sixth avenue anl TweuUcth atreot. I NEW YOB | PRY CiOOUS. N0VKI.T1K8 IN I?IQ0I5 liRKSS T.'MMMtNMS Kmbroulored flounces, itiiftljnu' and Insertion i Kcoteli Work, very handsome an.I durable;children'* I'iiiue Suit* and Aprons, embroidered and braided The whole will lie offered ai lanlt (he co*l oi home man n lac ti: rod. Spriun styles 01 the celebrated itolliy hurts and l-ady Ol'Ionic I'niilers. J. 8. CORBY, Importer. l ast lourteeuth strccl, west of t'nloa www. PCOLB, 8C? IIItOAKWAV. . Mock o( atopic Dry tood.v .selling off to tloue the business, *1 great bargains. Must he so!d hv 1st o: May KOlIi: . I IT MANTKAUX Mine A. I'AUItAIN OK I'ARUS, 21 West fourteenth street. OI'OANB A HRA3SINUTON, 265 HIXTII AVKNUB, O will npeu. Wednesday, March 26. a splendid line oi' fine Millinery Goods, triinined ami iio trimmed; Round Hats, Bonnets. Ac., comprising the latest I'hiisihii novelti s. the trade supplied. Si'RING 8TOOK NOW BBADT, U>* PRU I - 0 ?OU styles and flu J. W MeKINl.KY. * laiior. .?>. Dronjwnv. tenter I'rinco slrcet. Removal J2DO.OO worth of Millinery and Fancy Courts, Hosiery. .... . _ K?<1 Gloves, Ae., to bo sold, regartess, of cost, during tlio completion of our new store, 3U Grand street, by MAHK8 A (, 273 Grand street, 279 between l.ldridtre und Forsyth streets. KILUMBaY ANU DEBS?MAHJ1?0. AT MAISON WALTON, 8(52 BKOAOWAV, ABOVE Union snuare.?Importer of Paris Bonnets and linglisli Round Hitis trom till the leading houses; also a choice selection oi Hridal Wreaths, Veils, Ac AN ASSORTMENT OF PAPER I'ATTKUN BONNETS and Hound Hats, copied trom Itttc importations. M la, KING, 479 Broadwa.v, between Broome and Grand sts] AT MMK. DKLLAC'8, ELEVE DK LA MA IKON ROGER, (le fans; new patterns received from Paris, and Mourning Dresses lor sale. 1,271 Broadway, corner Thirty -scconu street. BltOWN'S LONDON ROUND HATS?K. BROWN (slider of W. t:. Brown, Now Bond street, London) has now some elegant styles in imparled Bound Hats. 800 Broadway, between Sevenleciith and Eighteenth sts. I > 1R11 SKINS?A HANDSOME AND VARIED LOT OK J) lieautiful Bird Skins just received from South America, tor sale in lols to suit purchasers at No. 4 South William street, upstairs. /I M. OLNEY. IMPORTER OK KBKNOII MILi.INERY, having rclorued from Europe, will open on Wednesday and Thursday, March 215 and 27, elegant Novelties in Spring and Hummer Bonnets and Huts, selected by herself in leading Parisian houses. .'Ml East fourteenth street, near Union square. /TLAItK A M'LAIKHILIN, OK MPKKAY HILL, WILL \ ' open their importation ot Millinery on Thursday, March 27 All customers not having received cards will URISshm akinu. A cause of complaint At the present timo is extravagance III ladles' wearing uppurel. What it costs now to dress a lady of fashion would have supported an entire family a few years ami. Messrs. LOUD A TAYLOR, (o prove that retrenchment Is possible, liave so arranged their Dressmaking Department that economy in material anil trimming is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now furnishing Dresses at a much less |irico than the cost ot imported garments, while tor style, tit, appearance and iteueral make up they"are every way euuat to tiio finest Parisian manufacture. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieih'street. Fjl M' KIN l.i: V,238 FOPETB AVENUE, NEAR NINE teentli street, will open her Spring importation ol elegant imported Bonnets and Itound Hats ; also Imported Dresses and other Paris novelties. Lord a taylor, corner okand and chRybtle streets, will open on Wednesday and Thursduy, March 211 anil 27, a choice and elegant assortment of ladles' Bonnets and Round Hats a large assortment of Mourning Jlonnets always on hand. They will also |iresent to their enstomers on Ihe sarue daysu large and varl'd assortment of Ladies' and Children's Suits, Cloaks, Ac. jyflLLlNKKY opening. M T. HiaiHNS, long established lor first claas Millinery, will exhibit on MONDAY, at his new store, 52 West Fourteenth street, French novelties in Bonnets and Round llats, trimmed and untruniucd. The trade supplied at a liberal discount MISSE. M. BAMHKR WILL KXHIIUTON WEDNESdav ami Thtir.n lay a large assortment of the most fashionable Spring Bonnets and Uound Hals, received from some of Uie loading houses In Paris and London. Krencli Flowers. Fcailiers, Ac. 421 sixth avenue, between Twonlv flilh and Twenty-sixth streets MRU. U. M. WINTER, FOR MANY YEARS CONNKOTed with Mrs. It. S West, will exhibit new and elc gant. styles ot Bonnets and Round Hats; also Itomiets from the leading Inuises in Paris, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mareh 29and -ti. 4M!) Ktillon street, between Itridne and Lawrence, Brooklyn MB. H. P. LOVKTT, 753 Broadway, New York. Spring exposition of Paris Millinery and Dresses, Wednesday and Thursday, . Mareh 2ii and 27, ls73. ' M,ts. M. DOWNEY, 2W'i SIXTH AVENUE, 18 now prepared to show elegant ami exclusive styles in sprint; Bonnet* and Round Mats. MMK M. < . DDI HAL FORMERLY OF NO. 21) EAST Fifteenth street, now removed to 89 West Twenti third street) begs leave to Inform her lady customers that she will have Iter Spring opening of Paris Bonnets and Round llats (both Paris and English) next week. MME. ADOLPUUS A i ll., I,ATF. SUPERINTENDENTS of Lord A lavlor's dressmaking, have commenced business at No. 40 hast Twentieth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, where tney are now prepared witn their Spring styles. Ludles' own matcrlul made up at very reasonable prices. MMK. A. NJOIIEL, FORMERLY" WTTH MARIE~OAloupeau, 423 Sixth avenue. New York, has returned from Parts by the Silesia with ii most exquisite assortment ot Bonnets and Round Hats, selected li.v herselt in all (he leading houses in Paris. Brown's English Round Hats. _ Madame taiibert, dress and cloak makino, 35 West Twenly-third street. New York. Lace mend log and fine washing done up like new. MME. HKNKIKTTK RRIIILMRYKR, FORMERLY o) No. 3 (treat Jones street, will open on Wednesday, Mareh IW. at 15 East Ninth street, the newest and most distingue styles ol Bonnets and Round Hats, alt selected lor her from the first house* in Paris MMKS. PORTER A DOANK, Au Monde Elegant. Importers French Round Huts and Bonnets, 9PJ Broadway and I7s? Flflli avenue. OPENING ON MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNFSduy, I .allien' Dress Caps and Normandy Caps tor children at Mrs MYERS", No. :i Union square, westsldo. OPENINO. An elegant assortment of imported Bonnets and Round Hats, on Wednesday and Thursday, March 2H and 27th. 1873. Mrs. R. A. HASTINGS, Hi East Fifteenth street, between Union square and Filth avenue. PARIS MILLINERY.-MMK. FKKRKRO NO. 7 WEST Thirtieth street. New and elegant styles of Bonnets and Round Hats. Flowers, Veils, Ac. p.VKIS MILLINERY. Mmo. OALOUI'EAU, S't East Tenth street, will open her importation ot l'aris Millinery for Spring ou Wednesday, 26th lust. ST TAYLOR'S OLD OIUi.lNAI, DltESSM A KINU . and Pattern Rooms. No. li Clinton pluee.?Morning, promenade, carriage ami evening ooatMMf made up in the latest style direct irom Paris and Berlin; the paper patterns at this establishment are pronounced the best in the city. S. T. Taylor's system, the only perfect one in the world, taught. UPRINO IMPORTATIONS. O New and beautiful styles French Bonnets and Round Hats at Mine. WAKING'S Spring Opening, THURSDAY, March 27, 18.3. tt East Twelfth street. SPRING MILLINERY-MRS. M. FKELY. NO. 7 Division street, la now prepared to offer a large and elegant stock of Spring Konneta and Round Hata in all the new ahapea, auitaiile for patterna for the trade YACHTS, 8TKAMBOAT8, &( . TjftOIt SAUK?A HKKRKSHOFF YACHT. 37 KKKT r long; very faat. Address HALL A SONS, 169 Chatham street. T130R SALE?A SLOOP YACHT, 40 KKKT LONG OVKR r all. 111 leel beam, with a rntiin, ft feel ft inches Itctweon lointa, beautifully flmahed with hard wood , also a water closet aud washbasin, with tank of water; two stalerooms, with berth* Ac. i'leaae apply to AUSTIN A CO., corner Water and Bridge sts., New Haven. Colin., or to UKOKOK M. GRAVES, Rout Builder, Kalr Haven. Conn., east side, wnere the yacht now lies. For any further information address bos 3.379 Post office, New Haven, Conn. L"U)I< SALK?SEVERAL FIRST CLASH SLOOP YACHTS | r also two Steamboats, suitable tor Sound or river aerYke. .Icill.N wool! ,t CO., M Beaver Street. SCHOONER FULTON, CARRYING CAPACITY 100 tons, lying at Perry street, North River, will lie sold at auction on Wednesday, March 26, at 3 o'clock P. M. CCRIf LAUNCHES FOR SALK CHEAP.?DRAUGHT, A 1ft inches, It! and 2:> feet long; very light jalso Engines uii I Bollvi - lor same Apply at pier .13 East River. SIDKWIIKKL BOAT FOR HALE?70 FEET LONG, CO leet keel. 12 fleet lieatn, 2 tent 10 inch hold. 2(1 leet over guard; cuglue, I2t,xl.'; geared 2 to I on thn wheels: boiler locomotive style, IS lent long. 4 feet xhell. fid 2 Inch tubes; hull 3V years old; In pericct order; engine and boiler near: will carry 100 passengers; a good sea h.,at; draw* 3 feet of water and can tie altered to draw 20 Inchea E. C. POKCK, Nos. ftjinn 7 Dej street, room fi. STEAM YACHT FOR HA 1,K ?4fl FKF.T IN I.KNliTH 12 fbet beam: draught of water. 4 feet; engine 10 horse power; tltte.1 ontcomplete; launched last Mav Caa be neon at FRANK BATKS'. loot of Thirty-seventh street, Mouth Brooklyn, or Inouire forturtber particulars at <3 and III Warren street, flew York. WANTKI4 TO PURCHASB-A HTKAM YACHT UIVK description, price, .speed, Ac. Address UEoiuiK BROWN, Post Office box 2,969, New York city. VTACHT FOR KALE-THK CHAMPION YACHT MART 1 Kin in a 24 feet In length, new; two Suits ol Sails, spars, Ac.; all complete, and Is the fastest yacht ailnat of ler length Can he seen at loot of 124th street, E It Ap >ly at 444 East 119th street. ______ __ JbOftn -FOR SAI.K. THK WH.IoKNOWN 21 FOOT glOtsUs Sloop Yacht May C Campbell, the fastest rachtot her lough afloat; two suits of sails and spars ind everything complete. Apply to M. CAMPBELL, Lltst street aud Fourth avenue. !K HERALD, SUNDAY, M HOARDERS WANTED. 1 LARGE, ELEGANT FRONT IIALL ROOM. WITH closet, to let. with Hoard. at 217 W. <t fourteenth s i 'ft, t.h h,iu*c and location unusually deatrabic, rof,-renco; no moving in May, 1 OR 2 ELEGANTLY FURNISHED PARLORS, ON I * cowl tloor, lor n gentleman of ine tii> or a gentler-nti ;?i I wile . private Hoard lor lady if tluttlrotl. Aildrc.-< V , po* ln4 Ilorald office. I MLOCK FROM UNION SQUARE. '1 I ItVIN<? I place.?A party of throe or four geiiftc men or a small fnniity can lie accommodated with all the- comtorls of a quiet lit,mo in a private family from the 1st of April, c sreiicea; no luoviug in May 1 IILOOK EA-.T OK COOKER INSTITUTE, M 3TIIY I want street.?Elegantly Iui uikIii-iI single ami double Rooms to rout to gentlemen or gentlemen an-1 their wives, witli or without Hoard. 1 BLOCK FROM CLARENDON HOTI'L, 111 East Miie.trenlli sired. Large front Room on second atory. with Hoard ; reference 1 NICELY FURNISHED KAHLOR AND EXTENHFON on Itrsl floor, and other Rooms, with flratcliiai Hoard, at lit! West fourteenth atrect, iioarly opposite Koc liter's new iheatre. 1HT IIOUSH WKST OK KIKTII A V KNUR.?8INOI.K Rooms lor gentlemen, with first class Hoard. references. No. 7 Wert Twenty-ninth street 2D STORY FRONT BOOK. ALBOTHIRD HTORT BACK Room and hall Bedroom*, to let, in a private American iMimly, vvitli few boarder*; term., moderate, it Jane street 2 WKST KORTY-THIRD KTRKKT. ONK DOOR FROM Kiltli nvrniie.?Pleasant Itooms, with sun exposure anil good Board, at moderate prices. 2 OR THRKK FURN1BIIKD ROOMS?WITH OR without Hoard, with use ot kitchen, ran be had in a small private family; French and Herman taught. I'M Second avenue, near Tweoty-flrst street 2I> STORY FRONT ROOM TO LHT?WITH BOARD, to gentleman and wife or grntlemou; references exuhauged; terms moderate. 77 Ohrtstoptier street, near Fourth. 2I? STORY FRONT ROOM, PRIOR $20; AI.SO BACK j Room; to lady and gentleman or gentlemen; house newly furnished; Hoard llrsl class. 13 Abingdon square. ?> WKST TIIIRTY-BKVKNIH 8TRKFT.? A HANDO homely furnished Second Floor, en suite or singly, Willi or without private table: references exchanged. 31) FLOOR MALI. ROOM FRONT, SUNNY KXPOsure; superior Board. :? West Thirty-third street, between Hroudway and Kltth avenue. References required. 4 FAST TWHNTIHTII KTRKKT.-A PARLOR AND two Bedrooms on third floor lo let, with Board, temporarily if desired; reterences given and required. 4 BAST TWKNTY -NINTH KTRKKT, BNTWBRN FIFTH and Mn(it-on avenues ?To first class physicians, one or more Rooms. Hoard it desired. Possession In April. House and location unexceptionable 4 AND 8 WASHINGTON PLAOK ? ST. JUI.IKN, Opposite New York Hotel, having chanced hands aud being entirely renovated and newly carpeted, is open for the reception of lamiliea mid single gentlemen. French table. rTIt AVHNlfK, HKt'OND FLOOR, CORN ICR HOI'RK 'I (pleasant location), handsomely furnished; private table; to first class party only, for tho season. Address III . JllAHLK, box MO Herald ofllce. s?tii i irii'NiiK sifc-nriMii neon nvi.onr TiiroTv ?) Ionrlli street.?Handsomely lurnlshcd Room and Bedroom to rout, with Hoard; film u single Room reiercures exchanged. rril AVBNUR, 2iW, OPPOSITE MADISON SQUARE ? ?/ Desirable Rooms to let, with Board. <3?r -A PUT ATE FAMILY CAN A DOOM MOD ATM A geullemun and wile with nlcnsnnt front Room, handsomely furnished, and Rood Hoard. Inquire at 320 Eighth street, Jersey City. $n I'Hlt WEEK -BOARD AND NICELY FURNISHED I Rooms, also very nice accommodations, for a lady, with another lady. 163 East Sovenly-eiRlith street. <W? TO *10 FEIt WKKK. $1 50 FUR DAY.?PLEASANT ?IPlJ Rooms, with excllent Hoard, for families and sinRle uentlemun, 176 Bloockor street, six blocks west ot Broadway. TO $10 PER WREK.?tlKNTLKMEN OR OENJpO tieman and wife enn obtain pleasant Rooms, with Roard, at 70 West Washington place. No moving in May. 7 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET-FIVE ROOMS to let. with Board, from 1st of April, to families or gentlemen; arrangements by season or year ; references exchanged. <j?7 TO $12 PER WEEK.?GENTLEMEN AND KAMIHP I ties can obtain good Board and Rooms at 2!! East Washington place, between Broadway and square. 7 EAST FORTY SIXTH STREET.?II ANDSOME SUIT of Rooms to let; laole unexceptionable; references exchanged. 7 MORTON STREET, NEAR ID,KEEKER (RINO first bell).?Parlor and two Bedrooms, connecting, suitable for three or four gentlemen, or family, with or without Hoard. Mrs. PKKISIU. 9 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET. NEAR FIFTH avenue.?Neatly furnished Rooms, on parlor ami second doors, front, with or without llrst class private table ; references. 11 WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET?A SECOND 1 I story back Room, nicely furnished, to let, with Hoard, to gentleman lid wife; reference. lO PARK AVENUE ? DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH JLO Board. No moving. Reference. "lOTll STREET, Ztl EAST.?HANDSOMELY EUR It) uished large Room find small one adiolnlng; front Parlor and Hall Room on third floor, with Bourn; lino location, near Broadway. Kolerenoos. 1 I Til STREET, .too AND .'t02, CORNER SECOND A VK14 nne. ? I .a rue and small Rooms, handsomely litrnished, to let, With Board ; no ehihlren or nurses taken. MTU STREET, w WR>T, BETWEEN SEVENTH and Eighth nvetiuea. ?A furnished Ktioni to let, with Board, to one or two gentlemen; no moving in May. Relercnecs exchanged. 1 r EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.?A LAROR AND It) elegantly iurnishod front Room, with aleove draped, ean now be had, with first class Board ; also a hull Room ; unexceptionable references exchanged. IfT WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR FIFTH t) avenue.?rieasautly furnished Rooms, with llrst class Board. In CHARLES STREET, NEAR WAVERLEY PLACE.? t) Elegantly furnished large Rooms, with first class French Hoard; second lloor Iront and hoard for two, $23. or with connecting bedroom, $3h; third tloor, $20. Accessible by Sixth or Seventh avenue cars. In UNIVERSITY PLACE.-NICELY FURNISHED ) Rooms on second floor, with Boast: suitable for one or two gentlemen; references exchanged. U< EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, OPPOSITE LO Madison square.?To let, with Board, one Suit newly Iurnishod Rooms, third lloor front; also on first tloor; no moving. "I QTH STREET, NO. 40 EAST.?EXTRA LAROE DEit) sirable Room on second floor, southern exposure, to let, with Board; 110 moving in May. lO WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE L<l/ Fifth Avenue Hotel.?A Suit of Rooms, elegantly furnished, to rent, to a party of gentlemen, with or without Board. 1 Q WEST TWENTY.KIRST STUEBT.?TO LET, WITH 1?7 Board. single Rooms, second and third floors, $1U and $12 pur week; gentlemen only ; no moving. -|(\ WEST THIRTIETH STREET, OPPOSITE OILSKY 1?' House entrance.?A Suit ot Rooms: also Single Rooms, furnished, (or gentlemen, with Board; quiet house ; strictly pro ate family References. RAST THIRTYTHIRO STREET.?NEW ANT) Lt\J handsomely furnished trout Room and Bedroom In private family to let, with Hoard, to gentleman and wife; parties willing to pay lor the comforts of a homo will tind this a desirable place; references exchanged. 4 VI EAST TWENTY-SEC ONI) STREET.?A FINE, ? L large Room to let, with Hoard, on the third floor. 2ti WEST NINTH STREET.?TO I,ET, Willi BOARD, Li nicely furnished Room on second fluor, trout; also one on third floor, suitable lor gentleman and wife or alngla |W tiemen. OOD STREET, EAST. AT no Id. NEARLY oppo. site Madison Park.?To let, with tlrst el.iss Board, l'arlor and Bedroom; everything new, neat and convenient; heat reference tTOD STREET-PARLOR ANI> BEDROOM POR A ?if) gentleman und wife; also Room lor two gentlemi'ti; tlrst class Board, HUOntid 202 West Twenty-third street. JOHN P. WORSTELL. OOD STREET, MADISON SQl'ARE -PLEASANT LdO Rooms to let. en suite or singly, with first class Board; no vmolng in Muy; references exchanged. 26 East Twenty-third street. OQD STREET, WEST, 406.-HANDSOMELY FURL,*> nl.shod Rooms, with first class table, best reference given. OdTH STREET. 'AW WEST ? NICELY FURNISHRD front Room on fourth Moor, or back I'arlor and eonnerting Bedroom, with Hoard; rclerences exchanged ; trrnrn moderate 9<{ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.-TWO FINE ROOMS aD on second floor; al-o hall Uootn to let, with Board. t?7 WAVEREEV PEACE-VERY DP.STRABEE * I Rooms. with Board , house and location first i lam. ()Q BACDOUQAL STREET, NEAR PHI NEK,?FI RijCj nlslied Rooms, wither without Board, for a gem tleuian ami wile ami a tew single gentlemen. OO WKST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.?AN Ale AO cove Bedroom for one or two gentlemen only; all modern improvements; breakiast If required. OQTH STREET, 100, BRTWBRN LKXINUTON* AND JjO Fourth avenues.?Furnished Rooms to reut, with Board : newlv Dan. reil and mtmni-io OA EAST NINETEENTH STKEET. FIRST DOOR O" " from Broadway.?To let, with Board, it large front Room, to a gentleman and wife or (wo single gentlemen; nice clothes pn's* room , hot and cold water; houst has modern improvement* aud good table. O," LAFAYETTE PLATE. OPPOSITE ASTOR I.I 0?# brnry.?Furnished Rooms tor families aud gentle, men. with Board; table boarder* taken; reference re<|uired. ?J ~ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH Oo and Sixth avenue*.?Newlv and elegantly furnished sunny front Ke<>ms; ttrst elass (able (private il required); far families or gentlemen reference. ?>,*r EAST TWENTY NINTH STREET -ROOMS TO . ?>?l let, with tlrst class Board ; private tamily. |

>/? WEST TIIIRTT-FIKST STREET, AD.IOININO Oil (Irand Hotel.?Superior Accommodations ta let, with or without private nu-als, to tainines ar gctitluincu. Unexceptionable references exchanged. Ait WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?A PLEASANT t If Suit of Rooms, with B..ard ; also single Room*. A 1 WEST -I XTEF.NTH STREET -BOARD F tit ilES. I I lleman and wile or two gentleinon , largo, auony, well fuxuisUed imut Room. ua louith. flgqr. AKUH 23, 1873.?QUADRUP 1 BOARnRI?S WANTKI). I A 1 ,<AHT rWHNTY NINTH RTRBBT A SUIT (IK T I front Rooms to rent, with Hoard , southern exposure ; all conveniences. A |?T niBIT WEST, N(\ l.ll -PLEASANT ROOMS, I I with good Hoard. itt ret aonable rates u> permanent parties reforenoe*. 4*J WEST WASHINGTON I'l.MlK-A I.AROI' > handsomely f'urniahiil trout Itoom, on the .croud ! floor, orSuit ol Room . lo lot lo a viitloman and his wife ; would Hoard Uic lady-, table fli :.t clans; good neigh ImrhiMHl. risln the sou.ire, private family. No moving in May a r auunuB avenue-private kamii.ycan rt) accommodate a low gentlemen wiMi Rooms and Board KaMrnMi nqoifw! A 7 WEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET HBTWHKN i i Broadway and Sixth avrfiuc? Newly furnished Rooms, single or on suite, lor gentlemen only. Terms $3 to ?ld. Breakfast or not _ _ an bond fmunrt ?aamdsombut furnished t I lioorni, wttli lluurd. to gentlemen or gentleman and wiln i convenient to cars and stages; table class; day Boarders taken; relcrcuoe. A (I WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? DESIRABLE i ?/ Floor, newly I'urtii: hod. lo lot to permanent parties, tvtth or without private tntile ; also single Rooms lor ccnll' tncn ; reP'rcnces exctiangcd. rn .1ANE KIREET-I,AR(1B. NICKI<V FURNISHED '?? iront Koonionsecond Hour, witli Hoard, to geulloman and arile or two single gentle inpn ; American tmnily, also a single Room. rj WEST TWEI.ETH STREET.?TO I.ET, WITH y I Hoard, a handsomely lurnislicd second storyfront reasonable / A PERKY STREET?TO LET, WITH HOARD, OU handsomely furnished Parlor and lied room connecting. first Hour back; water, tire and gat-; house convenient to Hl?ecker and Hudson streetcars; neighborhood unexceptionable; terms reasonable. aQ PARK AVENUE -ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR ?> to let. with Hoard, irotn April I. 7ft IKVINO PLACE (ORAMEROY PARK)?LAROR, I Y/ sunny Room, third floor, lull)' furnished ; alno large Mingle Room, willi fire; limine and table Urslcluss. Special inducements to permauont parties. THO PKRRY STRUT.?ROOM TO I.KT, wrrn FULL J? or partial Board, In a private family; references exchanged. 1AO WEST TUIKTT-KHiHTH STREET.?HANDi\'?i aomely furnished alcove Room on Imirth lloor, with Muperior Hoard, to 11 gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; rclerenci s. I lAi EAST FIFTEENTH STREET SECOND DOOR J.Y/T from f ourth avenue.?Furnished Rooms to let to ladles and gontlemen; Hoard for lady only; or a low young ladies aeeominodaled with Hoard. "I Aft EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, HKTWKKN Fourth and Lexington avenues.?Furnished Itooins In rent, Willi Hoard; newly painted and papered; references. 1Af? LEXINGTON A VKNl'l'..?ELEGANTLY FUR lUt) nixlicd itooins for one or two families, on second and third floor*, en suite if aoaUM ; alio Boom* for -ingle gentlemen; lirst class table and houie coiulbrts; terms moderate. "IHft EAHT TWENTY-THIRD ?DEStRAHLK ROOMS 11'U for (amities or gentlemen, with Hoard. Unexceptionable reference* e_xcbanned. (An unintentional vertiscmoiit on Friduy last, 21st inst.) 1(|Q WAVKKLKY PLAOK.?A PARTY OF T1IKEK Iv/O gentlemen or gentleman and wile can tind pleasant Rooms and excellent Board. To permuuent parties tins will be found desirable. 1(1Q FOURTH AVENUE.?TO LET, WITH BOARD, J" "O largo front Room oil .second Moor, suitable lor two: central location, nearTweltth street. mEAST FIFTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN LF.Xingtnti and Fourth avenues, Mrs. SARTORIU8.? Boarders wanted in a Jewish family; furnished, for faint- , lies and single gentlemen; all conveniences; southern exposure: first C'ass table and neighborhood; also a Doctor's Office to let mWEST THIRTY EIGHTH STItKKT.-A WKI,L furnished large Room on second story to let, with Board ; also a small Room, suitable for a gentleman. "11 ?? EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET -TWO lit) pleasant connecting Rooms on second tloor to let, with first class Board. mWEST FORTY-F1UST STREET.?A PRIVATE family, having a back Parlor and large Room on second floor which they have no use lor, would let to gentleman and witu or two gentlemen; everything in Unit class order. 1 9Q CHRY8TIE STREET -LARGE AND SMALL l_i'/ furnished Rooms to let, suitable for gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen, with or without Board. 1 9Q WEST THIRTEENTH STREET?TO LET. with Boara, a back and middle Room on second floor. -| t?Q WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET -A LAROE X&O and well furnished front hall Bedroom to let, with first class Board, to a single gentleman: references exchanged; terms moderate. lOA EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR iRVINO lOU place.?Largo and single Rooms to let, with Hoard, to Ismlliesand gentlemen; references. m LEXINGTON AVENUE BETWEEN TWENTYeighth and Twenty niutn streets.?Room to lot, wlili first class Bourd, to gentleman and wife or single gentleman; references exchanged. "lOO EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVING lOO place.?A large Room on upper floor to let, with Board, to gentleman and wite or single gentlemen; references. 1 Qft WEST THIRTY SECOND STREET.?TWO !?) handsomely furnished Rooms; bot and cold water; bath adjoining; gentleman uud wile; Board lor lady only; terms moderate. -|9? MADISON ANKNUB, CORNER OF THIRTY. JLOU first street ?A Suit of elegantly furnished Rooms will he vacated tlio last of this month, suitable lor a family or slugle geutlemeu, with or without privute table. 1 |0 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?A NICE FURIta nlshod Room, for two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, with or without Board; hot and cold water, hnth tr a a An 1 Ai) EAST FIFTEENTH STREET.?TO LET, A 1 "l _j ncutlv furnished front Room, for gentleman and wife; Board lor the lady If desired. 1 A O WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR BROADItJ way.?To lot, with Board, lurnlshed or unfurnished, desirable Rooms, second and third floor, suitatdo for families; private American furnily; terms moderate; reference. 1 A Q EAST FIFTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR LEXINGiTtf ton avenue.?To let, with or without Board, two lanrc Rooms on second floor; hot and cold water auil gas. Terms moderate. "I FA EAST THIRTIETH STREET.?HANDSOMELY _L?)Tb furnished Rooms for gentlemen or gentleman and wife ; table well provided and neatly served ; references. 1 WEST FORTY-EIOHTH STREET.?A HANDlvyTt somely furnished front Room, third floor, to let, with Board; ample closet room; hot and cold wafer; famtly private: house brown stone high stoop; neighborhood first class. "???? WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?DESIRAlOO ble Rooms to let to gentlemen, with first elass Board; references exchanged; table Board can be had. FLATBUSH AVENUE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, In the new gray stone building, Brooklyn.?Two gentlemen, of nuiet habits, can he accommodated with good Board and very pleasant single Rooms, having a very splendid view, at moderate prices. 1 QQ HENRY STREET.?HANDSOME ROOMS, WITH lOO Board, for two gentlemen, In * Catholic family; terms $7 a week. lQQ WEST TENTH STREET.?LARGE, NICELY J.*70 furnished hack Room on first floor and large front Room on third ft oar. with Board, suitable for gentleman and wife or two single gen tic men. on I WEST THIRTY NINTH STREET-A PLEASant Room to let. with H >ard, to two young gentlemen willing to room t.ige . oar 7 WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET-HANDZi't I somely furnished Rooms to let, with bath, with or without Board, lor gentlemen nnlv. In a small family. (ICQ WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR BROADilln way.?A private Jewiali family will let a handsomely furnished second story front Room, with alcove and good Board. _ _ OAQ WW TWENTY-FIFTH STREET.?A SMALL JLVtiJ private family have a Room and Bedroom on third floor to let, with Board, to gentlemen or gentleman and wife; convenient location. i)1Q WEST FOURTH STREET. - FURNISHED wlO Rooms to let. with good Board, for gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen refereaees required. OOI EAST NINETEENTH STREET.?A LARGE ZiH second storv front Room, newly fnrnishrd. large | closets, hot and cold water, to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wilt; references exchanged. (ion WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth avenues?Handsomely tUr- ; nlshed Rooms to let, with Board : house has all modern improvements; terms reasonable. ; OOC WF.8T THIRTY-FOURTH HTRKET.-A FRI- 1 ZiOt) vate family will let a front Room, with gat, grate fire, wardrobe, marble basin*, running water, Ac., Ac., to a gentleman; partial or lull Hoard; reference re.|ulred. nqtf WEST TWENTYTHIKl) STRUT. ?NICELY wO<) furnished Rooms, on auite or singly, with or without Board. 200 WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET ?TABI-B OQ Board. Terms moderate. References exchanged. i) WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET ?FRONT ?^*Tt )R??m. third floor. to let, with Hoard, to gentleman or gentleman and wile. Terms moderate. No moving t)|7 WEST THIRTY SIXTH STREET. ?MECH ANICS w t I or other* can he aeeommodated with good Board and pleasant Rooms, No moving in May 2-1' WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET-TO LET, A ?.JU new and handsomely furnished front I'arlor, with Board; suitable for two geutlemen or gentleman unit wile; house haa all modem improvement!; coavenleni to lour line* of ears. no moving In May. QHQ WEST TWENTY-RECORD STREET.?A NICELY OUO furnished Room on rtrst floor to rent, with Boaril. to gentleman and wile or two single gentlemen, Jews preferred Oin WEST THIRTY FIFTH STRF.KT.-TWO VERY ) I U pleasant Rooms to let, with Hoard, m^a convenience*; term* moderate. J E EAST THIRTY THIRD STBBKT.?HANDSOMELY ?ll?) lurnished Rooms, on llrst door, with grot* Are, gas, t??th, Ac., with or without Board; Tory modorate term*; no moving in May _ I ?? " ' ^ WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.-A QUIET V)t: ramily hare a large sunny Room to let, with Board. Iiro WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET -A I'EW URNOfJO tlemen can be accommodated with plcaaant Rooma and good Board, or gentleman and wim. An a (irtrato taouir H? morl#* t? Mai, ,j LB SHEET, BO A ROE R ft WANTHD, A 11 VTKST FORTY-THIRD 8TKKBT.?tl ANDtiOMRI.Y ill furnished second lloor front Room to let. with Hoard , house br?u n Mono and family private; term* reiisouahle to parties ol undoubted respectability. 1 in EArtT I'lKTY-rtEVKNTH 8TRKKT.? A PRIVATK TTU family, havliip more room than they desire, will let, with Hoard, l*> one or two married couples, the enure Hecond Moor, elegantly lurninlied, con-islin? ol front alcove room, southern exposure, middle and buck room; reference* exchanged. 8RVKNTII AVHNl'K.?.df'OOND PHOOIt FRONT Room and Hall ttoouicommunicatimt to lei. With Hoard, no moving in May. __ RaRUVlin ATBNDK OBXTLEIIEN'S BOARD in* hooae; best in the oily ; *ti to $7 per week. Table board for %i. , Q1Q SIXTH AVRNl'K. V i MICH NICELY FOR... nishod from Room, also hall Room, Willi or without Hoard, in small private family ol education and refinement; terms moderate; reference* A PRIVATK KAMIbY OP THRKK, OWNINO TflKIR own bouse, would let Second Moor, oa suite or acpa rately, with Hoard, to a select unrty , a .conum d.iuuns F'.'S.i. HHJn a,! '"d'ecU; roleroiieo. Apply to l\ Z1TTBL, 1.02b Third avenue A GENTLEMAN AN!) WIFE CAN HE SUITED with a pleasant Room, with good Board Tor ladv. Terms reasonable. Address Mrs. E. L. TAYLOR. Heraid Uptown Branch offiee A LADY, HAVING A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, IN A first class location, wishes to meet with a club ot gentlemen who would take rooms tor lodging permanently, or would' negotiate with a flrst class family for private tabic; no pains will be snared to please the most tostidi ous. Address A. M 0., llerahl Uptown Branch ottice. A DESIRABLE ROOM TO KENT?FURNISHED OR utiturnlshed, on Filth avenue, near Madison square, with Board or without, suitable lor a physician or private office. Address B. (1., Herald Uptown Branch office. A uANI)SOMKLY FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR rront Room to lot. with or without Board, in a prl vatc family; references exchanged. 128 East Filty-sccond street A WIDOW LADY, HAVING NO CHILDREN OR boarders in house, would like to let Second Floor, nicely tarnished, to gentlemen, with or without Breaklast ; no moving. Address box 200, 208 West 1 wenly - third street A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS. WITH ItO.V'D. TO rent; location Thirtieth street, near Flit.n avenue; unexceptionable references. Address II., Herald bptawa Branch office. BOARD-FORMAY AND .I'.INR; GENTLEMAN. WIFE nurse, three children ; between Tweiity-ninlli and Forty-sixth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues; not over $275 per mouth. Address box 3.183 I'ost office. UOARDINO.?39 WKKT TWENTY StXTIt STREET ? i) new; newly furnished; elegant double Rooms, with Bedroom attached ; also single Rooms; conveniences of a hotel: comforts ol a home ; prices reasonable. I ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN A 'J first class locution, with or without Hoard, to single gentlemen, with a widow lady. Address II. IT., box 112 Herald Uptown Branch office. Harlem.-desirable rooms, with board-. house and location tlrst class; 35 to 45 minutes to Oity Hall by boats three times hourly ; convenient to cars; references exchanged; no moving. Call at 414 Kuat 110th street PARTIES HAVING ROOMS TO LET WILL I IND IT advantageous to register at OKNUNU'S, Boarders' Directory, X7 Union square. TO INVALIDS.?ROOMS, BOARD AND TREATMENT; superb location; within 21) minutes from Oll.v llall; aide physicians in constant attendance, and all modern means ol trcatnicut skilfully applied. For particulars address CURE, Herald office. rap LET.-A FINE CHANGE FOR A PHYSICIAN JT who desires to rent a most desirable office ; meals furnished in the bouse II required. Apply at W West ThirtyII Ith street ' ' 1 rr?rr=i-~ BOARD AM) I.ODGINU WANTED. 1 SMALL ROOM, FURNISHED, AND 2 LARGE ONES, unfurnished, wanted, with Private Tahle for Ave adults, below Fourteenth street; terms must be moderate. AddressROOKKEKFEU, Whitney Sewing Machine Company, CIA Broadway. A SMALL FAMILY WANT A SECOND FLOOR, UNfurnished, in a strictly private family, with Board; neighborhood to be quist and respectable, and not below Fourteenth street Address box 3,711 Post office. A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN DEsire three connecting Rooms, with Board, in a good neighborhood, whero there are few ether boarders; board and rooms must be good; price not to exceed <225 Ser month; references given and required. Address L. I. QEQRob, Herald office. A ROOM AND BOARD IN A RESPECTABLE family Is desired by a lady employed during the day; $8 per week will lie paid: references required and given. Address LYMAN, lleratd office. AN UNFURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, FOR two ladies, in a private Catholic family; terras moderate. Address l>. N. D., Herald office. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES BOARD IN A FREE. Social home; price not to exceed <10a week, west side, betweejtJElj|ht h und Twenty-third streets. Address Apartments wanted?with private pamii,y; two Rooms, partially furnished, on second door, front, with closets, for one year, with privilege of Board when in the cltv, three months, Spring and Pall, by a gentleman and wile; location below Twent\ third street, west side Filth avenue; 110 hoarding house at any price. Address, with particulars, c. B. ,t co., box 113 station A. A gentleman wishes a well furnished i Room, with Breakfast, where there are few boarders; will uay good price for unod accommodation. Address, stating tonus. X. Y Tic nilil office. A lady havino sufpicient furniture to till a four story house desires for its use Hoard tor ! two. Address M. C. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. J A family of two persons require two Rooms on second tloor and Board, with a tamily of culture; rooms turtiished or not. Address b. c. D., box 140 Herald office, slating terms. < Board wanted?by a qentleman and wife, in a private family, where there are no other boarders , and where the lady can have the use of the piuno . loca- I tlon must he good and between Thirty -eighth and Forty- , eighth streets. Sixth and Ninth avenues. Address UUMBOLD, station E. Board wanted.-a lady of refinement desires a pleasant Room, with Board, In a drst class family, where instructions on piano will be received as part payment for the same/ Address c. L. M., box 137 | Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted?by a single gentleman, in 1 a flrst class house, not above Twenty-fifth street or ' below Eighth street, and between Lexington and Sixth avenues; room must he pleasantly situnted and near a , bntli. Address, with full particulars, MERCHANT, box ' 3,769 Pott office. I Board wanted-for gentleman and wipe, i or Room, without board, in the vicinity of Uuion square. Address, with particulars, R. S. C., box 4,410 Poat office. | Board wanted?permanently for gentle," ! man and wile, between Fifth and Eighth avenues, ! ai>ova rourteentn street; terms tso per moutU. Address for three days, PARTHIA, Herald offlce. Board wanted.-a young gentleman wishes Hoard Id a private family, within as hour's rule of New York; on Harlem or Hudson River Railroad pre- < lerrcd; references exchanged. Address, stating terms. ' ED. LEADBETEK, box 4,IMS Post offlce. Now York. J Board wanted?by a young married couple. 1 in a strictly private family; no other boarders; will furnish rooms if required. Address W., box 2,370 New York Post offlce. I Board wanted?in the ninth ward, by a i gentleman and grown daughter; two rooms com- | munlcatlng; large room unfurnished except carpet and shades; best of references given and required. Address. . with full particulars, LIVINGSTON, box 159 Herald offlce. ' Board wanted?by two ladies; a large, j well-furnished Room, for which $14 per week will t be paid ; location between Twelfth and Twentieth streets. Fourth and Sixth avenues; boarding house preferred to private families; references exchanged. Address 8. J., box 103 Herald Uptown Branch olTlce. Board wanted-in private family, from is? i of April, by a gentleman and wife; location be twee r i VlAnanlh and I hlrtint). steoai u I avlnaln- --I ot-sU avenues; terms not to exceed JtlUO per month. Address B. B., box 174 Herald I'ptown Branch office. Board wanted?in a private fa.mii/v, by a ' gentleman ami his wife; i good Room at u Moderate ' price desired; Harlem or a location below Twentieth ^ street preferred; relerences exchanged. Address, with " particulars, R.. box 8,868 Post office. Board wanted?from may i, by a family of ! eight adulta, in good location, with first class table, three lar^e and two small Rooms, with bathroom; terms not to exceed $100 a week. Address, with full particu lart, 0. W. H., box 18U Herald office. Relerences rea awed. Board in a frrnph family wanted?by a gentleman and his wile, where only French is spol^n ; Rooui and Bedroom on second floor; location between Broadway and sixth avenue and Fourteenth and Twenty third streets. Address, stating price, b. M., box 107 Herald office, (or one week. Board wanted?april a>, for TiiREfe, room ? and Bedroom. unfurnl*tia 1 profarrod, In modern ? louse, below Twenty-tilth street, cast; about $3U weekly ; nlvertlser American and responsible.! Address box IDS Herald office. _ j| Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife a and single gentleman; a large and hall Room con- * lectlag; terms not to exceed $H4, fire and gas Included; o irlvate hunily ureferwdi best referenceR^ven^no sllngy leopie nrrn apply, luiuimv' ? ? ? Itsnch office. ___ J Board wanted?in a private Israelite family of culture, location between Twelfth and Thirtieth stroets and Sixth to Second avenue ; those only 1 laving the location and requirements need apply, for a vhich a libera^pay glvon. Address SELECT. I.t Mercer at rtURNISIIED FLOOR OR FLAT, WITH BOARD, J r wanted; above Twenty third street Address tor t ine week, stating lowest terms and lull particulars, IMALL FAMILY. Herald office PERMANENT BOARD WANTED-ABOUT APRIL I; v Room and Bedroom for gentleman, wile and little rlrl; price R2S per week; for Spring and Summer. Adress, with particulars, McCLLloUOII. Herald office. j rwo ORNTI.EMBN (ROOM MATES) WISHING A fl large, handsomely furnished second story front itoom, with first class Board, can have the same In ccn;ral locality and on reasonable terms bv addressing J 'ENTRAL, station l>. g UTANTED?UNFURNISHED ROOM, with BOARD 1 v" tor two. In exchange for use of considerable house- 1 told furniture Inquire of liOl SEKEEl'ER, 114 East d rhirtleth street, near Fourth avenue. WANTED?BOARD, BY A BOSTON GENTLEMAN. IN 1 a pleasant, social home. Address BOSTON, Herald t jfllce. b WANTS D?WITH BOARD. TWO ROOMS, BY A 1 widow lady and son; terms must be moderate j J "ofljreucaa. AddremiiLOVKtL 7# Cortiandi otrea' a r BOARD AJVD LOTiOTlTfi WAH rKO. ' TJITANTRD?TWO COM MI'NIC! ATI NO BOOMS ANSI ) W Beard, lor a gentleman, wife anil son; |irice ; exceed $;!A per week ; will be permanent II suited- , dress, with lull particulars. O. K. II., box 15*4 llerah | omoc. _ | | vvanti-ii two iin :t bnihhbd rooms, wrrn oh* i ?" without Hoard, lor lady and child. Mutable lor sew j i"B; location must he central. Address CI. K., Herat oiHce. ; , WANTK|> -AT ON'i'M *?It I >1'. 1ST OK M'.'l l,t / btrso and hand oinoly lurnislu*<1 Itoom, with ho and cold winur, fire, and lull Hoard, by a ffi*nilem*i?| Onlv American fa in tile* of reaped ability need atddrcn i M., box toftrt l'ost office, statiuff price per week and par 1 titular*. I WAN'TKl)?ON KIR8T KLiOOft, richly KURN1SHKI lioom, witli good Board. In a private Jewish lauut ) for a gentleman and wile ; also ltoou, an.I Board lor I . young lady: reference exchanged. Address, with tul particulars, L., box J,OkU Post mtlce. Wantkd?second story 'front room, witi Bedroom or large Olos-t. lurnished, lor geutleina and wile, with Board, in a small American lamlly, wlier we can have the comforts ot a home; between Lightl and'1'wenty-loHrth streeisand Third and sixth avenue] Price $14 par week. Address S. BOWKN, 120 Liberty aj.1 \\T ANTI'.i)?ABOl'T APRIL 15, TWO BOOMS. KIM ?? uutnca or uiwurnisiieu. wiui iroou nonrn.ior Ihre adults Address, with terms, which must be inoderab It. K. M.. Herald Uplowu Branch office. WANTKD?T1IUEB ROOMS, WITH HOARD, FO two ladies ami child; first class, betwee Fourth ami sixth avenues. Address, staling terms, H. U box 117 Heralil Uptown branch office. WANTKD?BY A 8INOLE GENTLEMAN, A K?/.. nislied Room, with breakfast and dinner, in J private family. Address H. It , llerald office. "1ATANTKD?FOR A HKNTL F.MAN, A FIT UN 1S1I ED Oj "T unfurnished Apartment, with or without Hoard, i a sociable family, where no other boarders are take Address ENUTROF, Herald office. I "117ANTED?l!Y A OF.NTI,KMAN AND W1FR AN , (I " uniurnlshed Room, with Hoard, 111 M private family: terms must lie reasonable; reference v. Address R. 8., Herald Uptown Branch office. i I ?? BUOUK',VIV KtlAltD. ORANGE STREET, BROOKLYN UBIOIITM.-, ') / First class Hoard and pleasant Rooms in a Frenq family; live lninutoa' walk of Fulton or Wall si re 4 lirrjr. I Or.K FULTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN.-WANTKH 0? ft J by a respectable middle ugod lady, oueor twl youn^ children to Hoard; best of references. AddrcJ WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, ROOMH FOR 0ENTL1 man and wife; Hoard for lady only. Addrcas IhJ k 120 Herald office. J WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN CONVENIKIT { walking distance from Wall street ferry, thr?, IS neatly furnished Kooins and permauent Board in a pit x' vatc family, tor advertiser, wire, and daughters aged j and K years. Terms must he moderate, and meals ate] * In ?i.. I, /ill i>.i 1,1.1 ../' I,?, 'I Ml Vnu, V...I >... WANTED?TWO LA ltd 10 OONNKCTLNd ItOOM. with Hoard, in a pleasant loeiility, fur gonUem*. * wife and inlant. Address II., box &,672 Post office. HOTBLI. ANGKLL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATIIS,1 1 Lexington avenue.?Rooms for gentlemen or fam J lies, wilh or without meals, uud private table if desira house and baths open all ulglit. C10zzens' ' WKST POINT HOTEL will ope> on or about the tlrst day of dune. Three Oe ? rages to let, with Board In hotel. Special terms oflTcrt1 to parties taking board tor the season. For particulars a; dress EDWARD COZZENS, West Point, N. V. , C1RITTKNDEN HOUSE, 1,144 BROADWAY, CORNE t > Twenty-sixth street.?on the American and KJ ' ropean-plan. Suits and single Rooms, $1 per day an upwards. Hotel st. oermain, kieth avenue, twent second street and Broadway.?American and K ropean plan.?Rooms, all front, newly tnrnishod ; splo did location for permanent aud transient guests; lab d'Hote, S > 60 per day. IRVINO PLACE HOTEL, CORNER EOURTKBlfT street and Irving place, opposite Academy ol Music. Nicely furnished Rooms to rent, at modorute prices, wi French restaurant attached. MAISON PARISTENNE?38 EAST TWELFTH STRKR between University place and Broadway. Klegai Snit of Rooms; also single; private table if reauire table d'hote at G)< P. M. Madison square house, Broadway ai |fl Twenty-first street, refitted and refurnished?, elegant Suit on first lloor (Corner) will be vacated April H NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWERY, CORNER 9 Bayard street. ?IBM light Rooms, neatly furnishi H 60c. or tJOc. per night; $3 to $4 per week; tor gentlem H onlv. Robinson house and family restauraj i Sixteenth stroet, between Broadway and Fifth a >1 line, on secoiid Door, two handsomely lurnished sitti <H Booms, with Bedroom attached; also single Rooms H gentlemen. ] Reservoir park hotel, corner sixth a\ fl nue and Fortieth sUeet (opposite Reservoir Par elegant Suits of Rooms to rent, witli Board; also Roo M for single gentlemen; prices moderate. ' COUNTRY BOARD. A SMALL FAMILY OF REFINEMENT (GERMA occupying a nice house in the most desirable parfl New Brighton. State 11 Island, are desirous of letting I. or three elegantly furnished Rooms to a small family a maple of gentlemen, with first class Board and all ho comforts. Address 0. M., Herald office. A?COUNTRY BOARD.?THOSE WISHING BOA . from the 1st ot April or May. in liealthv local, rood table, terms moderate, will please address W*. ELMER, Cornwall Landing, Orange county, N. Y. B irences given and required. A LADY, LIVING ON A FARM IN A PLEASANT A healthy part of the country, would take a few el Iron to Board, either for tho Summer or permanent Apply toiNai'iT A THOMAS, 247 Grand street. pOUNTRY BOARD.?FIRST CLASS HOUSE: LfW U tion unsurpassed: shady lawns, croquet groun oleasaut drives; l>oating, batning, fishing; five minui walk from boat; 25 miles from New York; few rot; left. For particulars apply foot of Barclay street, hoi Mattoawan, to Capt. WHITLOCK, from Id to 3 P. M. to $10 per week. pOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-APRIL 7. FOR Ml \J die-aged lady and niece, In a private family; on N. York and New Haven Railroad preferred; parlor, w bedroom adjoining, required; lull particulars must oven. Address RAKB1 CHANCE, box 142 Herald offi pOUNTRY BOARD?FIVE ROOMS, NEWLY Ft U nlshcd; private family; plenty of ground and sha' ihort distance from depot; good table; would lik party to take the whole; no other boarders; stable the premises. Address (>., box 356. Tarrvtown. I COUNTRY BOARD WANTED FOR TOE 8UMME By a family of Ave adults (three ladles and two g| tlcmcn), in a private family, on the Shore road, bctwrf Piermont and Nyack; one small and two medium sil rooms required. Address, with particulars, f. j. E., h 117 Herald office. ' Mountain house, south orange, montrcI station, N. J.?This favorite tlrst class hotel is o|s lor the spring and Summer season; it has all the c> reulences and comlortsot a city hotel; 60 minutes fr Soot of Barclay street, via Morris and Essex Railitu " M trains daily. Extra inducemeuta offered to nar wishing immediate Board. C. UITZELBURQBR, Propiioto: TUB WATSON HOUSE, BABYLON. LONG IHLA! will be open for the season on the 1st of April; Roc nay ba examined and secured at any tilne alter the op nit. SKLAH C. SMITH. Proprieto. rwo OR THREP. FAMILIES, WHO ARE WILLI to pay liberally for first clam accommodations dorrlst own, N. J., can learn all particulars by apply it 11)7 West Forty-fourth street, or at Mr. J. H. JO ION'S office, 98 Broadway, New York. I1TANTED?BY A (JKNTLKMAN, WIFE AND OH.'. H tt two years old, Board for the Summer, from Ma >nc hour's distance from the city, on moderate ter rlclnitv ol salt water bathing preferred-, would he joi >y another small family June 1. Address, stating part ars, .1 K., box 221 Herald office, I UtTRIGHT'S GRANGE HOTEL, SOUTHERN HOI; Yf vard, 40 minutes from Peck slip?steam cars >oat; five minutes from oepoL Inquire of EDWJ JERRY. Lawyer, 75 Nassau street. References given 'equired. Address 8. D. A W. W. WRIGHT, West Fat Yestchester county, N. Y. W ANTED?FOR A YOUNG MARRIED LADY, BOA on a farm within :#) miles of New York: ansv nust state particulars, with terms, which must be mo lie. Address Mrs. J. II MILLER, Herald olBco. AXTK01<<I4< V. A TE8T.-MR8. VAN8I8E, THE GREAT ItJ ' fx vailed business and medical Clairvoyant, ha' teen endowed with the glorious gift from birth. eveuth daughter, born with u caul. She has astonis hoasands by revealing hiddcu mysteries of the [ irescot and future events of life, such as business, i iago. courtship, losses, sickness and death of trim,' elattons at a instance; tells the uame ol" the one rill marry. She guides the single to a happy marr nd makes the married happy, no satisfaction no | 21 Second avenue, corner of Thirty fourth street. on bt fill are Invited. A FACT.-SARAH A. KKLLKY, TIIK GREAT fl f\ living I'lanet Reader, Clairvoyant and Spirltua ells the name of your future husband or wile, ca pcedy marriages; best city reforence. Call nt -til I rin street, corner Harrison. Letters must contain a f from (I to 95 or no answer. A TEST.?ORIGINAL MMK BYRON, SPIRITUAL V (late Fourth avenue); unerring nilvice on all ire; consultations. 217 East Thirty-Ur?t street. A LL DOUBTS ABOUT THE FUTURE REMOVE j^H T. Fast memories hrouirht hack by the great Clair I^H nt MMK. WKISK. 131 West Twenty-ninth street A -MMK. LA BLANCH. THE GREAT, UKKIVALI 1^1 \. Business and Medical Clairvoyant. 115 West Ti |h Ktxtli street, between Sixth nnd Seventh avenues A DELAWE H LAMBKRTSOX, (CLAIRVOYANT.J \ satistacttoa, no pay. ( nil and see her, at lirturl rich avenue. I \TTBWTION I?CONSULTATIONS ON BT7SINI Lawsuits, Enemies, Losses, Absent Friends, 1,1 larriagc, Sickness ami Death. !*av refused unless*! ed. time. 8INUIII, Clairvoyant, " -*1 si\rh avenue. 1 A RRIVAL.-OREAT EUROPEAN OLAIRVOT/I V tells names, shows likenesses, causes in.una iveannnibers; 50c and $1 1*2 Went Twenty-tlt'lli-tt iyl" Its. fTELLIXQTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TE H VI everything , luckv numbers; has a nnsitlve o:iri, runkenness; call or write il Fust Twenty eighth sn kAKDICAL HI SI NESS CLAIRVOYANT, It* Hi H vl Fortieth street, near Broadway, tells name oi >rs ami of one you inarry ; causes speedy r.ngs together those separated and shows llkenessf J l)ROI LIHTKK IS DIE (ONLY AHTRULOOKtlF L York. Hen I stamp tor circular W diavh *a?W oar Twentv-Om street.

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