Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1873 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 13,3ti-t. Mnmi m umiviii, AMUSEMENTS?Eionn riss?Fourth, fifth ud sixth columni. A6TROLOOY?Second Pag??Sixth column. BaLL 8kas0n?Kiohtu Page?Fourth column. BILLIAKDA-Niktb Page?Sixth column. IK3 ARDKKH WANTED?TwELnu Page?Fourth column. BOARD AND LODOINO WANTED?Twelfth PAUK? Kourtli column. brooklyn heal estate for SALE?8econd Page?Second column. . , business opfortunities-fim* paor-bixUi column. BUSINKKS NOTICES?Setkntii Page?Sixth column. CITY REAL ERTATK FOR SALE?Second I'age-Plrrt and Mcond coIuiuuh. CLERKS AND 8ALLSMEN?Twelfth Page?Flrat and second columna. _ CLOTH I NO?Twelfth paoa-Fourthcolumn. COACHMEN AND OARDBNEK8?Twelfth Pace?SecAmi a ml than! Aollimiia. COABTWIKK STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth Pice?Fifth and * alxtli columns. _ _ COPARTNERSHIPS?Firrn Page?Fourth column. CORPORATION NOTICES?Ninth Pace?Fourth colCOUNTRY BOARD?Twelf.-h Pace?Fourth column. DANCING ACADEMIES?Eighth Pack?Kourtncolumn. SENTISTRY?Second Page?Fourth column. RY GOODS?First Page?Fltth and sixth columns. dwellino houses to let, furnished and unF urn IS 11 ED?Ninth Pace?Second and third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?Twelfth Page? Filth column. EXCHANGE?Ninth Pace?Sixth column. eyes and EARS?Tweli-th pauk-Slxth column. FINANCIAL?Fifth Page?Fourth column. * rOtt SALE?Ninth Pace?Fourth column. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Page?'Third column. TCRNITURE?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. PKENCU ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Third column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page?Sixth column, and Twelfth Page?First column. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?Third colrumn. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AO.?Fiiai Page?Third, fourth and fltth coluinus. HOTELS?Twelfth Page?Fourth column. BOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Twelfth fage-Third column. INSTRUCTION?First Page?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY, 1IOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Page? Third column. LEGAL NOTICES?Eighth Pack?Third column. ? LOAN OFFICES?Fieri Page?Sixth column. ' LOST AND FOUND?First Page?First and second columns. MACHINERY?Ninth Page?Fourth column. MARBLE MANTELS?'Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL?Second Pair?Fourth column. MEDICAL?Second Page?Fourth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Fibst Page?Sixth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Eicnrn Pack?Fourth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Pace?Fourth columo. NEWSPAPERS?Eighth Page?Fourth column. ?ERSON AL? Fihst Pace?First column. IANOFOKTES, ORGANS, AC.-Eiosth Page?Third PROPOSALS?NInth Pack?Filth an l sixth columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Elktenth Pace?Sixth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Page?Third and Fourth columns. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Pack-Fourth column. y REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Page?Fourth column. REWARDS?First Page?Second column. BALES AT AUCTION?Second Page?Fifth and sixth SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First, second, third, fourth, fltth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?First column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Page?Second column. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, 40.?Fibst Page?Third colrnw tbinpfl Titfi.ptii picc?Thlrd rnlumn. Hie TURK?Kibrt T'ifiK?TlilrJ column."*"" TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Ninth PaoKFlrst und second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?TwKurru Pauk?Sixth column. BNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? ' Ninth Pack?Third uad fourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Kimsr Pack?Second column. JVE3TCHE8TER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR KALE OR TO LET?Sixoxn Pack?Second and third columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fimt Paok-SIxUi column. ifritAfD BKAMH OFFlCE-liPTOWS. \ DVERTI SEME NTS FOR THE NEW TORE HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRAKCfl OFFICE, ' ' V ' * IfiU BROADWAY, WEFT fide, feETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTTFECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. .till 1 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL ? P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OP ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE BEW YORK * HERALD. _ 5/f E6SR8. KREMER k CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS ACEKTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEALERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO FINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. peiisoxal. (VALIFORNTA PIONEERS.?IF SAMUEL NOHKIS OF J Sacramento, Is in this city lie will please address HAMILTON, Her ild Uptown Branch office. Business of importance. Any one (mowing t>l his whereabouts please address as above. *17M, W. OK id" S."~WILL IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS J!i K. O., box ft station F. E"LLA?CENTRAL "PARK GARDEN, TO-MORROW night, Bal de la Pcrlchole, Bcnnle Havens, oh ! CADET. Fifth avenue theater, Saturday bve, orchestra chair, on left side of theatre.?The lady ?rlth durk hair and ores will please send her add res to blonde gentleman who occupied seat on her lell and whom Flie met and recognlxed on Fifth nvenue, Sunday, / 12:15 P. M.,ncar Thirty-second street Address W., lleralu office. 1*"~NFOKMATION WANTED?OF MICHAEL E. CONDON, plumber by trudc. who left New llarco. Conn., :May ID. 1871, and has nol since l>een heard from. Anv knowledge oi his whereabouts will be thankfully received by Ills brother, DENNIS TOBIN, 188 York street, New Haven, Conn. NFORMATTON W ANTED - CONCERNING JOHN Bryan or Briand?;, who In 1SCJ lived at lfl7 RnstTliirtyflrst street (old numl)er\ liclween First and Second ave-"A /.I?.. Z'l.-lift flrst street: was waller in a private family; hnJ four children, whose names wore John David, Martha Jane, hlary Ann and Christiana. Pleas" address WTLL1AM S. OIBSON. 206 East Tliirty-Arst street, New York. IP AORBHABLBTWILL LADY WHO BOWED TO Park car at Fifty-scvcnth street, lust Saturday, about 6 o'clock, send address to Herald office/ SAM. "IN CA8BOF NBKIMYIT NELLIE, FRIEND O. OR .1 J. W. W., call without fall immediately on nt.v New York friends. Pay no attention to appearance*. Communicate with the.m without re-crve. Write me. II.?THERE IS A LETTER FOR YOU AT STATION . Q. NKP. LU D.-PLBASE MEET ME AT THE APPOINTED place Tuesday afternoon. DIAMONDS. XTOUER.?INFORMATION WANTED OK AUGUST Noucr (Swiss). Address Mrs. CRUMLEY (Mary Creamer). 37 Jacks..n street. Western papers please copy. M~ ON no E?M RS. MON R O E WILL FIN D A LETTER for her at Post office station C. MOTHER RICE.?RENT PAID IN ADVANCE. MARCH ROCK. SUNDAY. 6 P. M., BROADWAY, CORNER TWENTY, seventh street?Will the lady who bowed to gentle man flom window oblige him with an interview! Please address PERFECT CONFIDENCE, Herald office. HioTO.?LETTER RECEIVED TOO LATE; RllALL he out of city all thia week; make appointment for next. ESAU, Herald office. The person who was seen to pick up a gold Bracelet at Nlblo's, Tliursuav afternoon, will rave further troutdc by returning it to 29 East Twenty seventh atreet. L. A. DAY IB. mill DARK LADY, WITH HKAL9K1N CLOAK. J. who was request! d to look in "Personals," cotnlntj out Flttli Avenue Theatre Saturday eve, will pleaac send tier address to BLONDK, Herald office. The elegant "blonde and his handsome fr.etld Ol F'lfteentli street, who nnrtlv reeocnlzed the two ladles on Broadway Saturday afternoon, 7f iicreeu bio will drop a iluc to LUCCA mid AIMLK, llcrald Up town Branch oflico. T1MLLIAM RIDOWAY, SON OK JAMB8 JIFDOWAT tt formerly of Benton, Staffordshire. England alas blower, who went to the united state* about forty 'vaari ago. nnd resided In Jersey City (or hie heir?. If de?d> mm learn something advantageous by writing to TJIOMAI GREGG, 39 Chatham street, llanley. Staffordshire, Eng lLS.-FOR GOD'S BAKE, COME HOME IVMF . dlately. FATHER. 2QD STREET STACK.?COLLI) NOT KEEP ENGAGE 0 ment; will nice: vou Tuesday. taine olacc tuime. In note. astokia. HIST AM) KOl'ND. D~0O L 'ST.?ON WEBNKSDAY LAST, A BLACK Terrier Dog, iri.m the vicinity or East Nineteentl street; answers to the ntime ot Pinky. A suitable rcwar, will be paid if returned to 153 First avenue, real eslati ofltco. OBT, ON SATURDAY BVKNINO, WHILE flOIKf J from Sit Greenwich afreet, through Jaue afreet nnr Eighth avenue to Si\tecntli street, n lady's Mink Fn Collar. The Under will receive a suitable reward by l?av Ing It at All Greenwich ?treet, Lost?sun! ay morning, n a fm\li black au.l fun Dog; red collar and pndlock; nuswer to the name of Pet. The finder will be retvarde J on Icav Ing u at 27 East Forty-fourth atrcct. IOST-A SMALL SKYK TERRIER, SALMON COLOR 1 with leather col'nr and hell. Hi turn to OEORGI HUMLA, lager iK er saloon, 70 Clinton a.rceL corner u Kivington, find rcti Ivc mltnlic reward. T OST-ON THURSDAY EVENING. MARCH JO. , 1j Mcdallio i Br.-a-tpin. A suitable reward wil ( be given at 377 Third avenue. corner Twenty seventh s1 10ST ? \ WHITE SPITZ DOG, ANSWERS TO Till j name o( Fl it/. The iln-lci will be rewarded and doi treat lavor by leaving the mine at *9 Warren stree las a blue ribbon and be? [E NE - i LOST AID FOUND. L'~OSMN "GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT. LEAVING Hhore Line tralu, 7 M evening. March 19, a plain Uold Earring, wiili pendant. Kinder will be suitably 1 rewarded by leaving it wlih 0. V. WAKE, fid Wall atreet. t Lost-going through forty-ninth street. Seventh avenue, to Fifty-third atreet, a Draft of . Will, written by a lady. Will tinder pleaae leave it at ? Dr. DOTY'ri, forty-ninth street and Sixth avenue? f Lost?Friday, march u. a small handbag, i containing two pocketboolu, gome letters and other ; articles, valuable onl.v to the owner. Please return to Mrs. R. 8. PERKINS, 139 West Forty-fourth street. j UK WAR US. db/T REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY. A SKYE TBR. *PU rier (blue). Any one returning the -tma to CHAS. COLE, corner of Tweuty-third street and Eighth avenue, the above reward will be paid. ' AOS REWARD.?THE PARTY WHO TOOK THE poeketbook off nijr per?on^ Friday evening, on nlzad. The Immediate return to T. 8. O., 417 East Fifteenth street, will sava them serious trouble. <111 nn REWARD.?THE tailor store under the JpXUU Y. M. C. Association Hall was robbed of a large amount of goods on the evening ot'Thursda.v, -Oth March, between 9 and ID o'clock. The above reward will be paid for the arrost and conviction of the parties; coachmen and others who were on the spot at the time waiting for company that were attending the lecture in the hall are especially Invited to communicate any Information on the subject JAB. l. McEWKN. gpgclal mot1ck8. _ ^ t-hi8 will be a luckydat for those who buy tickets to the third grand gift concert i in aid of the Public Library of Kentucky, in case tnelr tickets should prove to be winning numbers. Remember, It Is not well to tempt your success by delay, tor others may secure what might have been yours. Hear lu mind that the Concert Is under authority of a special law, and Is announced positively for Tuesday. April 8, 187k Ex-Governor Thomas K. Bramlette, of Kentucky, has charge of all business detail", and a general agency has been opened by his direction at 609 Broadway. half a million dollars v ; CURRENCY will be distributed by lot among ticket holders as follows:? One Grand Gift. Cash $100,000 One Grand Gift, Cash TTT 60,000 One Grand Girt. Cash 26,000 One Grand Cash Gift 20,000 . One Grand Cash Gilt lO.'JOO , One Grand Cash Gilt 6,000 24 Cash Gilts of $1,000 each 24,000 , 60 Cash Gilts of SiOoacb 26,000 1 80 Cash Gifta of 400 each 82,000 , 100 Cssh Gifts of 808 each 80,000 160 Cash Gifts of 200 each 30,000 690 Cash Gilts ol lOOeuch 60.000 ' 9,000 Cash Gills of 10 each 90,000 , Total, 10,000 Gilts, all Cash $500,000 j Buyers ao not necessarily have to be present at the drawing, as an official list Is furnished each oae, and gifts due ticket-holders at a distance can be collected through any bank or express company the same as a draft or check Is fcollccteu. Make haste. Fend money . by l'ost office order, draft, registered letter or express, . prepaid. Tickets, $10; Halves, $6; Quarters, $2 50. For tickets, full programme. Information and all particulars, apply to the Ucneral Agency Supply. thomas ll. hays a co., 609 Broadway, New York. Branch Agents at 18 Broad street (basement office), and also at 173 Fifth avenue. American geographical society, cooper < Institute, second floor, east aide, on Tucsd ty, March 26.1873, at 8o'clock P. M., the regular monthly meeting of this Soclty will be held, when Alvan A. tiouthworth. Esq., will read a paper on "The Soudan and Hie Valley of tile White Nile." Dr. E. R. 8TBAZN1CKY, Recording Secretary. A -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, come ol Fulion avenue uud Boertim street Open Ironi 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday irorn io 9 P. M. A GENTLEMAN WHO WILL VISIT SAN FRANOISco within ten (lavs wishes business commissions. Refers to h. A. Lancaster (of Lancaster, Brown a Co.), No. 1 Exchange court, Exchange place, New York. A PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY; $100,"000 FOR . $10; distribuiion of gifts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets, $10; Halves, $6; Quarters, $2 80. JOSEPH BATES, 198 Broadway, room 4. A?HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED AND . information tarnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Bruadwsy, room 31. first floor. DIVORCED?CHAMBERLAIN.?IN THE STATE OF New Jersey, on the 14th day ol Mar?h, 1873, a divorce was granted bv the Hon. A. Zabrlskic. Chancellor of the Court of Chancery, to Reglna Chamberlain from Charles Chamberlain, Jr. 13RIE RAILWAY, hEW YORK, MARCH 23, 1873? J General Manager's Office, ravonfa Ferries.?The hosts on Twenty-third street I'crry will resume their regular trips for passengers only, on Monday A. M., March 24, 1*73, connecting with all trains going West THOMAS J. BROWN, Ocncral Manager. OLD AND SILVER A~ND ARTICLES"CONTAINING U Gobi bought at market price. Polishing. Philter and Photograph Papers burned and smelted, by REFINER SCIIAWKL, 2.1 John street HAY ANA LOT! ERY.?ClliRM AN 8TATE LOTTERIES. Send tor circulars. Kl'HLMANN A CO., Beakers, W Nassan street; hex 3,686 Post office. IMPERIAL AND ROYAL AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN CON1 nilale General, 31 Broadway, New York. SPECIAL NOTICE. JOSEF KLIENEBEROER, a Rabbi, native of Doliris in Bohemia, la hereby urgently lnvltod to present himself at once at the office or the Auxtro-Hun-jarlan Consulate General, inorderthatmattersof the utmost importance mar be communicated to him. Any information or clew as to his whereabouts would be thankfully received. II. O. FRITSCH, Imperial and Royal Vice Consul. T AST WEEK I LAST CUANCEl OMAHA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE. Positively March 31,1873. $230,SOS in cash gifts. 8,465 cash gilts, March 31. Tickets $1 each ; C for $5; 13 for $10. At P. tf. DEVLIN'S, 31 Nassau street QR^LINEI OR ALINE !t ORALINEm A toilet luxury. Favorite with all. Dr. J. H. IIAUGHWOUT'S celebrated Oraline for cleansing the teeth and punfying the breath. Endorsed bv the elite of the city. Flavoratrose, wlntergreen and sassafras. Price 60c. per bottle. Orders by mall solicited. LORD A TAYLOR, Now York, Pole Agents. rtHHAL DRAWINGS ~ ~~ KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES . KKNTUCKT? FX1BA CLASS KO. 237?MARCH 22. 1873. "Sa, 17, 73, 23, 8, 21, 14. 63, 19, 31, 82, 36. kkhicckt?class no. 23f?march 22, 1873. 70, 62, 32, 28, 48, 64, 19, 0. 61, 43, 12, 63. SIMMONS A CO., Managers. Covington, Kr. fBKirr COI I.I GF? I'XIHA CLASS KO. 137?MARCH 22. 1873. 49, 60, 47. 61, 7. II, 21. 6. 42, 18. 22, 73. SHU IT (OLLKGF.?<1 ASS KO. 133? MARCn 22, 1P73. 31. 40, 16. 18. 54. 70, 8, 56, 8, 44, 1, 27. FMITH A CO., Managers, CoTlngton, Kg. J. CLl'TIi, Broker, 2CC Broadway. Post office 1k?x 4,969.1 PUBLIC NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN* THAT THE Holdings, Paris of Buildings. Fences. Ac., to 1* removed In coiisegueuce ol the widening and straightening i of Brnndwav. between Thirty-second and Filtv-ninth I street*. w ill bo sold at public auction on Thursday, the 37ili day ot March, 1873, at 10 o'clock A. M. The sole will take place on the around, commencing with the premises known ?r No. -'AS sixth avenue, between Thirtv-tliird ami Thirty-fourth streets. t'alaloouo* innv tie obtained of WILLIAM KRNNKLLY, Auctioneer, dfllec ho. 4 Tine street, or of the undersigned. GKORGF. M. VAN NORT, Commissioner of Public Works. , PrrjnTMiKT or Pcnuic Wonas, March 14, 1873. r> OVA I. HAVANA LOTTFRT.?PRIZES CAfWKD ;ORb ders filled; Information furnished; highest rates i paid f(.r Spniisb bank Kills. Ac. TAVI.(iR A CO.. Hanker*, lhWoll street. New York. UOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.?THE NEXT BXTRAORdinary Drawing will lake place on the ?!d of April, 1873. .1. B. MARTIN'S* A CO., Banker*, 10 Wall street. Post olllce box 4,6.Sfl, New York. Royal 8axon government lottery at i.eipale, Oermanyj PS.DOd tickets; 47,.100 prises; Hruns| wick Government Lottery ; Nambnra City Government Lottery: Royal Havana Lottery. Prizes cabbed nud Information glren. TIIEODOIC ZSCiioCH, 116 Nassau street; box C.OW Post ofBeo. (vrAMMF.RrNQ.-DH. WHITE'S UNITED 8TATE8 I O Stammering InsHtute, 1(U East Twenty-sixth street; i beat ellv referern *s; no pirmeut for treatment or bonr.1 r until cured; send tor circular. ' C2TAMME RING.?NEW YORK STAMMERING INSTI O Into, established, 1870. Professor? MANN A OOLVIN, Mansrer*. b7 West Twenty-third street; three day#' Instruction allowed applicants to satisfy themselves. No i pay for bourn or services until citron. 1 QTORAGK AND SAFEKEEPING 1'QR FURNITURE, 0 Uh^ubBv, wagons and other property, in separate, doe.'A f omnarlmt nts, al'vayi ACCfs-slUlc; goods raised on elevators ami recelvid in Interior court of warehouses avoiding all deists and strict risks. If O TIAEOBR, Eighth uvv nuc.froin Thirty third to Thtriy-lourth streets. ' miCKKTS IN KENTUCKY I IBRARY GIFT CONCERT ? 1 for sale liv J. T. lilMiK, I Frond trect, Nets York. 1 nnn rx8u OIFTO.-KBHTCCKY LIBRARY I I je'i, . ' ?"1 Concert. Drawing positively April r ?? Tickets, 910; Hull Ticke ts, $5: yuarler tickets, Ro.^oti: and descriptive circulars apply to 1'. C. UKV LIN, stationer, 31 Nassau street (opposite cost offlce), New ? ork. a 000 J"A.8" GIFTS; Alisi.OdO FOR J.l'UU. 910. Tickets for -nilc Public Library 01 Kelt lucky until April I; drawing Hie ?ih Ottlco oDen from 9 A. !?!. to 0 P M. W. L. DAVH, Agent 179 Fifth avenue, between S3 I an t :11 .iroots, f r.QQ 18 DRAW NO All,Y iVtuELKOAL 1 ?P?JO'J.tiO?/ Ized Kentnckv Lottery. Koval Havana and Kentucky Ctrcnlar* free. I2lf cants commission nl. lowed. Address HAI.EY A CO. (ottlco cstab lis lied thirty |j years), 174 Broadway. I YVANTKI) to I?l IK HANK I \VANTED-A GOOD 8CRKW CUTTING LATHE, t. TT swing, about 20inchca *7 to 12 feet. Address, stating condition, maker and mice, box 1W Herald oOicaa W YO YORK, MONDAY, MARCH BPORTINCU.DOOS. BIRD*, AC. A?FOR HALE, ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOOS. A . Bird*. Ac.; Medicines for all diseases. Prepared il food for mocking birds, at B. O. DOVKV'B. No. SGreene dreet near Canal. a RARE CHANCE.-JC8T OFF THE SHIP. AND CI1 fx great bargains, first cluas atrains ot Setters. Cockers ind Retrievers, from England; also several choice Hkye, leoteh and Dandy Dtninont Terriers; a large mtscellanems slock on band. D. BURNS, till llrvadway (the only cle mpotting house in America). . For sale?a mizzle-loadino moore~a"har- al! rlt Gun; extra strong shooter; price $50. Apply for j liree days at SI East Forty-ninth street THE TCRFT \ r LET?FROM APRIL I, I87S, FLEETWOOD PARK. 1# Club nous*. Gate House, Kara under grand stand ?'JJ ind Hitching Privilege of ground*. Apply at the park, OH >r 112 Wall street W II. VAN COTT, Superintendent HOltKUfi, CARniAUEf, AC. 5". AT AUCTION, OX TUESDAY, MAUCII 25, 8 AT 12 O'COLCK, sot BY WILLIAM VAN TA88ELL, AUCTIONEER, be it his Auction Msrt, lit), 113 aifll lit East Thirteenth street, | ? f amily Establishment, comprising \ 'legant Team aorrel Horses, with long manes ana tails, J\ 16 hands high. 7 and 8 years old, kind, perfect and true" in all harness, free Iroin any vlco or trick, fast travellers and arc warranted sound and one of the most perfect an lamlly Teams In this city, together with a very elegant pr< Six-seat Rockaway Carriage. nit made to order by J. B. lire water A Co.; also very fine set louble Harness made by Dunscoiub. thi Handsome and stylish team black norses. long manes 1 and tails, 16 bunds. 6 and 7 years; kind and true every wc way; very stylish; can be driven by any one, and is sto warranted sound, together with ore Clarence, lined with brown satin: used only two months tor private driving: built by J. B. Brewster A Do.; also set tine Harness, uiade by Dunscomb. I Very elegant basket Phaeton, with rumble, on four Jtc iprings, with Pole and Shalta, made by Wood Bros. nn Very superior Iron gray Horse, ie}? hands, 6 years; J?l kind, perfect and true in all harness; one of the most hei stylish lioracs In this city tor coupe or two-wheel dog ar< cart, and is warranted in every particular. Team bay Horses; long manes and tails; 16% hands. 6 fears, kind and true in all harness; free from vice ; very itvllsb and handsome; can be driven by any one up to a locomotive, and can trot a mile inaidc ol 4 minutes, and ~ sre warranted sound. Also A Four-neat Park Phaeton, with Pole and Shafts, made by Wood Bros.; set double Harness, Ac. Ten other single Horses, suitable for light driving and a < heavy work or for matched teams. "u On exhibition at Auction Mart up to time of sale. Tv ? ou Arch, joiinston auctioneer. Office and salesroom tie 87 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. ea Hoi sc and Carriage Branch be 19. 21, 23 und 25 East Thirteenth street, between University place nnd Fifth avenue. A CARD. "7 The firm of Johnston A Van Tassell having been dis- A tolved by mutual consent, Mr. JOHNSTON continues the -?? utslness at the old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the ?o Post office. Ac THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE 1 1 ,s now conducted at the spacious premises J*o 19, 21, 23 and 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, Du net ween Fifth avenue and University place, and has no sin connection with the other stand lately occupied by the Brni of Johnston A Van Tasscli. ? The business will be conducted on precisely the same 4 itrict and honorable principles which hare always ehnr- J\ notorized the dealings of our house und won the respect ?1 jnd confidence ot the business community as well as the public at large. ?; REGULAR BALER EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY A throughout the year. J\ Entries for sales tnuy be made as usual either at our sio lown town house, 37 Nassau street or at the Mart, 19, 21, pr< 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street. ? Liberal advances, as usual, made on consignment*. A ARCH. JOIINHTON. ii ?MAJOR CHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. r1? . GREAT POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY SALE 12! OF TWENTY -HEAD OF IlIOH-BHED 4 TROTTERS, ROADSTERS AND FAMILY HORSES, A just arrived from Monroe county, ?? AT BARKER A CHASE'S! pC CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER- _ BALL'S, . CORNER BROADWAY AND THIRTY-NINTH STREET. A ON WEDNESDAY. MARCH 26. AT 12 O'CLOCK, and comprising 22 otic of the most elegant and closely matched pair of fast r > bav Mares ever offered at public sale, both sireil by Gen- I , eral Wadsworlti, out of a Ilarkaway mare, 15'a high, 5 and 7 years old; are elegant and extra gamy drivers; are warranted to trot In 2 :-V) together, and were never J handled for speed; nie galtcd aud act alike, and are war ranted sound nnd kind. Iland;onic and very closely matched pair of dappled I gruv Geldings, I till brothers, both sired by Pilot, 15% yr ntgn, 6 and 7 years old; have great style and appear- rj; anre; elegant drivers; trot in 3%; flowing tnaacs and _ tails and warranted sound and kind. ,, The celebrated roan trotting gelding Spangle, sired I by Jr.ha J. Crittenden, out ol an Arabian Mare, 16% high, .V 7Vi,.nnl,|.mi,.<lrii flno Iroi. (Irivor- in Mlulilinn ,'in "" trot tn 2:3ft; is warranted to trot In 2:15 to-J ay and is _ warranted sound and kind. ,, The last hay adding John O., aired Renry Clay. 1ft I high, 7 vears old; extra flue driver; has had no handling and la warranted to trot in 2 -.SO, and la warranted sound and kind. w The tart voting sorrel trotting Mare Ltllic, sired by _ Eureka. 15>, high, ft years old; elegant driver; warranted k to trot in 2 :S0, and wurranted sound and kind. J Fast brown trotting Mare, St. Lawrence stock, 18'i 1,0 high, 7 tears old ; handy driver; warranted to trot in2:*0; great roadster and warranted sound and kind. Fine brown trotting Mare, lftk high, 7 vears old: fine, P.! stylish driver: warranted to trot in 3 minutes and war- " ranted sound and kind. IP1 Extra fine brown family Horse, l.Vi high, 6.rears old; prompt and gamy driver; can trot in 8^ and warranted 1! sound and kind. k Elegant and extra stylish hay family or road Gelding, \ Patchen stock, lft^' high, 6 years old; great style and aeHon; can trot In 8 mtautcs; elegant family horse, and _ warranted sound and kind. |t The last brown trotting Gelding, Frank, sired 1>v Royal A_ George, 15J4 high, t> years old ; has had no handling and Is warranted to trot tn 2 -.50; elegant driver, and warrant- U cd sound and kind. The fine, gamey liny trotting Gelding Ilarrr, sired hv s?; Henrv Clay, l&M high, (i vears old ; nun, sti lish driver; C? warranted' to trot in 3 minutes, and warranted sound <'h and kind. _ Elegant and extra combined chestnut sorrel saddle L and harness Gelding, Kentucky bred; 10 high. 7 vears -1 old; elegant driver, fine under saddle; warranted to fie trot >n 8 minutes; has size and stylo enough lor coupe, oy and Is warranted sound nnd kind. bh Handsome brown trolling Colt, high, 5 years old: at Splendid driver: warranted to trot in 2:50, and is war- ~ rranted sound and kind. p It Description of balance In Wednesday's Herald. JL Stock now on cxbkhhion. ki N IMPORTANT SPECIAL, ABSOLUTE AND UN- vRKSKRV ED H SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, L TOMORROW (TUESDAY), MARCH 2?, AT 10>i " O'CLOCK. T AT THE PRIVATE STABLE 1(4 EAST FORTY-FIIIST H STREET, ONE DOOIt jf, EAST OF FOURTH AVENUE AND ONE BLOCK _ SOUTH OF GRAND -rCENTRAL DEPOT, OF ALL THE PRIVATE AND FINE Id STOCK OF A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN, WHO IS FORCED TO a? SELL ON ACCOUNT OF PECUNIARY EMBARRASS- i! MENTS, -rinclndlng handsome and fine bred, large and fast trotting H Gelding, I5*a hands high and 5 years o'd this Spring; raised bv De Orsev, In Kentucky, and sired by Gold Dust; _! Is an extra stylish, fine, free and easy driver; finely t; trailed ; fine disposition, with a beautiful sliver mane and F ,,.11. I..,.W nrnniuin . I loir tool Vnll- lirliona ol Ilia finest rond hoi - in the country; Is improving In speed ve verv rapidly; lias size, bone and strength for A coupe, ? family or rr.ntcli liorse ; can trot In 2:30, and warranted T, sound and kind. J; Also fine, handsome and very fast team of Trotting jjt Marcs, color bay, tvltli all black points, 15X hands high, ? both 7 yenra old, are half sisters, were raised In Ken- tt ttn kv and purchased there by present owner; they arc P verr closely innted In color, action snd disposition, hsve g fine hosds and necks, with nne, lolly action, and have as ? much sir le as any tcnin driven on road; they can be ?driven with open bridles, need no checks or gags, are not h afraid of anything, and can pull a road wagon together j,, any day in t:U: They can be handled bv the iiiosftimid ? Willi pcrreet safety, and nre warranted sound, kind, true -r; and perfect In every particular. r Also n fine, fast and high bred young Trotter, 15.2% ?hands high, 7 years old and sired by Kentucky Clay, dam 17 Thoroughbred; he is. without any exception, one of the r finest styled trotters In the country: ha* flno action and s, endurance, aniinhlc di-pn-Hion, powerfully galled and ty an excellent polehorse: trotted lust August'at Narragsnsett Park, at privato trial, In JfW; he is trotting much faster now, and his owner was to place him In the bauds r oft trainer on the first of immtli and have him entered z., in scleral purses the coming season: lie has fine head, r.| limbs and feet, and warranted sound, kind and true. !" Also a fl?e Hamhletoninn Mare, sired by Rysdick Hum- L" bietoutan, dam n Htar mare; she is 15jf hands hlgli, 7 r years old and can trot in 2:40; she la perfect in every us respect with exception of a ctl' on hind leg, got this Win- at tor in sleighing, hut dot* not hurt her a particle; she ? would make an excellent brood mure, and owuer would t: have sent her In country aud raised a colt from her this f Fprlng had it not been for tills unavoidable trouble; alie 11, is warranted sound and kind. ? Also n flno l'ark Phaeton, I'ole and Shaft; one light f Trotting Wagon, one top Wagon, one top Pony Phaeton, single and double Harness, blankets, ttohes. Ac. At stock can be scon and examined now at stable as abovo ? b; applying for key at stands 7,?,!) and 10 Croton Market, T f orty-second street and Fourth avenue. J Tills stock comprises as fine stock as was ever offered at go public sale In this city, and will be so'd to highest bidder in without limit, restriction or reservation. ? N. n.-SAI.K POM11VK, H 41 N OK SHINE. *_ A ftPKr7Af7~ASl; IM PORTA ft T gALB OP AIT KIT- ? J\ tirb pkivatk ci.mlkjiak'it tl knout, who, *' mbinm appointed a commissioner to kei're- nf bent certain mani'kactl'kino in the vienna zz. KXposition, in obliged to sell hi* entire fine turnout, Tconsistind ok kleoant horses, trotting h wagons, ponv phaeton, elegant dvnficomb harness, blankets, robes, ac., <h ON TUESDAY (to-morrow), MAKOU 25, AT stable "J too WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR JlXTH *' AVENUE, AT " 10 O'CLOCK SHARP. H Including (lie elegnnt fast nml handsome voting bar trotllng Iiort-p known a? Hay Dick, lib high, 7yenr* old; was sired by Young Morrcll; for gentleman's rc.nd horse _ he ha* ftw equals, hen.g stylish, genteel. caRt and fast; I ho can bcnl Zitllto ro?'l wagon and coord a 2 38 gait, and f la extra irre. pleasant prompt driver; ranks No. 1, J" and Is warranted sound and kind. if Also the hands'imest and best yonng hay r.onv Horse '-i for lady's IN In the city; I J', lush. 6 years old, high K< ntucky bred and a nerftct pet and picture; ran be driven bv any ordinary driver; I* sensible, well-behaved, fears no locomotive or anything else, stands without tying, T elegant under the saddle, either for ladv or gentleman, ' I- without Vice, trick, fault or blemish ; liist trotter; wnr ! P' ranted sound and kind; togctiier wtth elegant top pony J Phaeton, Harnecs, Ae. ? Also a 13ao large Mtmbrito Mare, 10 lianda high aeven years old ; ttl.; raited In Kentucky and sired liv Clarke I. chief, Ite bv Meuibrtno Clilef: her dam was Elsie, by ' Lexington; fa an extra tine, large and handsome mare; ?] baa record of 2 :<2; an rleuant road or lainilv mare, rind 1J1 valuable for breeding or nnv other purpose; Is sound til and kind Also a flne.largs, young brown coupe or family Hor??; n very fine borse, warranted sound and kind. ~ Vull particulars of all, with perfect deacrtptlon, in to- 1 morrow's Herald. fJ (it-niieiui-n wishing fine, reliable clock, should attend pi this ?ale, as everything will he tally warranted as represented and u responsible warranty given. I .I"I|S II H \MI,IN, tuetioneer. I ORE tT BARGAIN ?FOR SALE, A COMPLETE T

Turnout, bv a gentleman leaving lor Europe?two bay Horses. 10 hands high, sound and kind, excellent 1 trotters, ?slid 8 years old , a Lsndawlet, nearly new, with 1 double Harness, Hlankets, Ac. Inquire at Hrlgga' stable, i a eorncr Seventh acenut end Fyrty-secoud street. Ask for J h - Michel, thv coachu tbs RK I 24, 1873.?TRIPLE SH HORSES, CARRIAGES, <*C. ?MAJOR C. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GENUINE, WARRANTED SPEED, at public auction, ON WEDNESDAY^ MARCH 26. AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT BARKER A CHASE'S rv AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTE1 BALLS, corner of Broadway and Thirt.v-nlnth street The stock consists of T?n head of highbred Trotters and Roadsters, all na ranted to trot In from 2 -.45 to S minutes. io elegant pair of closely-malched dapple gray Gel lags, unequalled tor coupe or road use. lLo several extra flue Roadsters and Family Horses. READ TIIE DESCRIPTIONS IN TI1IB CdLfMS. T AUCTION, TUESDAY, MARCH 26, AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW MART, to 28 EAST THIRTEENTH ST., near University pla< p of the fluent roadsters in the country, the (latit !AY HABLETONIAN, KNOWN AS "THE MORFOI HORSE." is lJ's hands high, 6 years old, an elegant gait, very fl: d stylish action; can trot any time a mile in 2:50, ai unlses great speed. He is a grandson of old Hntnhl lian, out of very extraflne star mare. He Is perfect id and gentle, without vice or fault, and is warrant* ird. Full pedigree will be given; guaranteed. Ct seen ana tried at the mart as above up to tune of sal THE "BREWSTER WAGON." in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exiiuisiteh finished, d embracing in their construction the various ii irenienlH introduced by us during the past iSyeai iking them the Standard for Quality roughout the United States. ihese wagons are exclusively the production of o 11-known Broome street factory, and arc olTered ok In all respects equal In quality to those built to tl ler of the most valued customer, antl at prices uniform to all. n order that we may not be confounded with a iol *ck company of carriage dealers who have adopted in name similar to our own, and impudently claim tl [>utation we have made for the "Brewster Wagon," i I iiic pititiic wui rtnietnucr mui vur oiuy hwciwi l? at U4 corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Brooure strcet. BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome street UCTION RALE EXTRA GOOD WORK HORSES, A l comer of New Church and Cedar streets. THIS DAY (MONDAY). AT 12 O'CLOCK, lonslgnmcnt from the West (car load), 15 good lTor* liable for any business; Fold under full wnrraute ?cnty-1our hours'trial. These hordes have been tit fitly tried and not found wanting. Also several good Pleasure Horses, Wagons, Ac. P s in scorch of Work or Pleasure Horses will And In c le asgood on assortment as has been offered this seasi vcral Road and Business Wagons, Harness, Ac. Si remptory, for cash. Our warrantees are cquul to n New York, tale 12 o'clock, corner New Church a dar streets VERY LIGHT CURTAIN COACH, NEARLY NE l ami 2Top Wagons, liy Brewster; 11) Ton and f>p ad Wagons, by Dugetiberry. Waterman, Dttbol?,Corbi . :1 second hand Clarence; 1 light Con lie; Ko-'kawui ictoiia; 1 Doctor Phaeton, by Kimball; top and op nv and Park and extension top Phaetons;2 sulkies, isenho rry A Van Dusen; ton and opcn'Express Wagot ale and doable Harness, Blankets, Ac, WM. H. GRAY, 20 and 22 Wooster street LADY'S COMPLETE TURNOUT-STYLISH CIIKf L nut Mare, Phaeton and Harness; bus been used 1 ady and children. KENDALL A BELLINGER'S, Thirty-eighth street. Seventh avenue ' LARGE PLATFORM SPRING WAGON, IN GO( k order; will answer lor a circus or hotel, or exel n and stage purposes; two others for peddlers or c i'fs purposes, equal to new, for half price. <00 Third t LARGE LOT OK SECOND HAND CARRIAGE l consisting of Coaches, Clarences, Brctta, a go Buggy, Phaeton; ulso new Doctor's Phaetc p Buggies. J. W. PITNEY, <00 Third avenue -COUPES, LANDAULKT8, LANDAUS, PHAETON l Buggies, depot Wagons, ull of the latest sivles, r cent less lhau Fifth avenue or Broadway stores. 11AM, 10 East Fourth street LOT OF HOUSES FRESH FROM THE COUNT] l sold or exchanged for Horses of less value; sultal ' all kinds ot business. Inquire at Ml Canal street. IARRIAGEB.?NEW AND SECOND HAND FAMU I Carriages, Potty Phaetons, Business Wagons, A II be sold low to make room for Spring and Suiiin: rleg. WITTY A CO., Fulton and Xcvins streets, Brooklyn i AliRIAOES.?A LOT OF SECOND HAND T< ' Wagons, light Road Wagatts, Doctors' Wagons. Der >g Cart, six-scat Roekawuy. Ac., at H. M. STIVEIi inufaclory, 1? to 152 East Thirty-first street. IARRIAGES.?70 TOP AND ROAD BUGGIES; ALl 1 four-seated Carriages, due Karouche, pony Phactoi est stylos: cheapest in city, at DAY A SON'S Factoi I and 148 Eldridge street. IOUPE ROCKAWAY AND SINGLE nARNF.SS, 1 flrot class oraer; also stylish Horse, 0 years old, lids high, aound and kind: will be sold separately jether, at No. 8 University place, corner Clinton. tGR SALE?OS ACCOUNT OF REMOVAL, A GF.NTI man's Road Establishment, consisting of a bt'ii rrel Horse, 8 years old, good roadster, sound, kind a centle that he can be driven ty a lady; one shift: p lluggv and ltoad Wagon, tnndc by Corbett A Co ic single Harness. Albany Cutter, Robe, Rlnnki hips, Ac.?a romplele turnout. The whole will be t getlier or FOparately. Inquire at private stable, ist Nineteenth street, between 3 and 7 o'clock P. M. 'OR SALE?A BRrr.lir BAY HADDI.K HORSE; vm showy iinJ thoroughly trained; gentle In single nbie harness; price S400. Addressbox 1,129 Poet . Hi 10R SALE?AT WILLIAM H. ROSE'S. 11 EA Twellth street, a splendid Coutie ; very < In up. 'OR HALF.?COMPLETE TURNOUT; PAIR OR, Horses, 16 hands; Clarence, In splendid order, a t Harness; will be sold cheap, separately or togeili in lie wen at SULLIVAN'S, Broadway, corner lhlr tilth street. 'OR BALK-A PAIR OF KLEOANT BLACK CA rlage Horses, 10 hands liltrli, sound and gentle; a ic Carriage, liv Lawrence, with set double Harness; t rner going to the country only rea-on li.r selling; H a and Carriage House also tor sale. Apply to coachmi the stable 139 West Twenty touriH stieet. 'OR SALE-A VERY HANDSOME HORSE; J black; lfijd hands high; 8 years old; sound a nd; a good driver. 903 Eighth avenue. 'OR HALE?A BROWN HORSE; WARRANT] sound: price $90; will suit butcher, grocer or Hi press. Can be seen at 591 Orecuwlcli st.. near Ifoust 'OR SALE?ONE DARK BAY HORSE, 9 YEARS 01 sound and kind: 15?6 hands high, tieiuirc of W. UTH, 108 South street, New Yotdc. 'OR SALE-TWO FINE ORAY HORSES, 6 AND years old; first class workers; fit lor any kind isliiess. Also top Business Wagon. Call for three di 159 and 161 Orchard street, near Stanton. 'OR HAI.E-TWO CHEAP HORSES. KIT FOR A light work; mutt be sold. Inquire at stable 347 Sti n street. DOR SALE?BLACK HORSE, 6 YEARS, 16 HANI pcrtectly sound, k-n l and gentle; has more sti ecu and endurance than almost any other horse, v rlcy House, 76V Broadway. lOR SALE?A TRUCK AND TWO HORSES, 5 AN 11 years old. Corner Third and Main streets, M tren. tOR SALE-A SORREL PONY, 14 I1ANPR; STY LI driver and a good saddle pony. Apply to J. O. B1 AN, 121 West Eighteenth street. 'OR SALK-A HEAVY CART OR TRUCK HORSE, hands high.8years old: warranted sound and kit quire at 586 Washington street, near Lcroy. 'OR SALE-FIVE LOW PRICE HORSES; 8UITAB lor farming purposes. Apply nt 347 Stanton street 'OR SALE-THREE HORSES, 8 AND 9 YEARS, and 16 linnds, suitable tor any work; prices tl 40, fM; sold for want ol use. 26 Bethunc street, nt ushington. lOR SALE-THREE YOUNO CANADIAN HOH81 jiuit front the country, heavy chunks. 15 hands hi| tiDd and kind ; one for 975; suitable for light work. . r hi nesv nixicemn siren. near mucnm avenue. OR BALK?A i'ONV Bl'l LT BAV HORSE, 1 hands. years: flt for any work; told Tor won I o: price $188. Al-o one work I'onv; price $.10. Inqu 1S6 Ferry street. In the rear. tOlt SALE?A VALUABLE CHUNK OF A CANADI Horse, little sore forward, one powerful bli >rac, IB. 77 New Chambers afreet. RKAT CHANCE FOR STEFFI NO IIOR8E8?ST I from 8;S0i will sell or exchange for heavy workc >ply at IV Qreene street. IORSES TAKKN TO BOARD. DR1VF. AND BRF.A with good care, bv JOHN If. TWKDDLE, Mo nierv, Orange county, N. Y. References?James ewatcr A Co., New York city. IORSES JUST FROM THE COUNTRY.?FIVE OO Upper Canada Horses, 14?< to 16J.; bands, 5 an ars; sound, kind nnd true; Top Express Vacon; II us. 873 West Forty-eighth street. Ninth avenue. IARNKWC?FATHERS, OLD BACHELOR*, Mil men. If you have a Slivers wagon, a Dalilm ?rse and a Harness made liy Moseman, vr.ti can ti n best looking girl in the village out riding. F others make fine birds, nnd the trotter decorated w oacman's stylish equine e otiipmenM, surpasses mains Hon The greatest inillinery shop In the Uni ales from which to buv your trimmings for y< ritters is at MOWICMaN'S Harness and Horse Kqi ent Warehouse und Manutactory, IM Jhatnbers si rue IAHNE88 FOR THE 7 RACK, ROAD. COACH, COUI l'ark, pleasure and business use : also for plough: rmitig. teaming, truoklng, rarting, expressing, e actors, railroads, Ac.; also noddies. Bridle* nnd Ho lulptuents of every description. A kingdom for a hoi 0. M. MOHKMAN A MRO., Hornr Manufacturer*. warrroono 114 ' hnmhor* *i TARNE**.? A LARUE STOCK OP SINGLE A I Double Hi.rm-ae of my own make, at extremely I Ice*- Winter atock of llano Blanket* anil Lap Robo a'rtflee: Pawn Truck Blanket'cheaper than ever. AI! IT.KTT, 6i Wi< rri n -f( et it. 1 "I .in I 1 ' II' [TO I la IAttNF.SS.?TIIK f'll i; A IT.ST It A IN > ST.iltK New York; ttoo.1 dauble Truck Ifnrnc??, $.10; ?i ar!e Runr? Hatvom, hand-mad*. $3S; n pood Ft" Ivnket, f '# 'i the Inryi-t a'-ortiocni of (tort llaincai ic pity. I leaac call ami examine for jfoureolve?. ? :. s. OSHoRNK, I'a -nca* War- rooma, 4S Murray a II I ARRIVED. THIS MOJtNINO. 2WiO'lD WO I Horace, ftoaa I lot retare 0M, aultsble lor nil p t , to be old ckoap. Apply at 17? Mercer etroet ONDON MADE HARNESS. J A act each of Single nnd Double, hra? and ell louuled, new and very rtyll?h, tor rale at IW 1 wcntr-iUth atrccf, between Lexinjrtuu and Third nv If I I. EH FOR K A I.E.?.It'HT ARRIVED ANT) ON IIA Tl li*) head ot mi perl or Kentucky Mule*. con-daOn II grade* and alaea; several extra large pair*, weigl om 2,.V*I to 2,HIM pound?. E. R. BISHOP'S SONS, comer Grand and Dieliop sts.. Jersey City. H. 1 [ERA] EET. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. PRIVATE STABLE TO LET ? TWENTY NINTH street, between Fifth and Madison avenues; four tall* and box stalls; elevator Tor carriage*; ample room lor coaclan?n'? family: rent Rl.ffK). Fur permit Inquire of M. E. LORD. &1 and 63 I^onard street ______ SR' ECOND HAND CARRIAGES IN PERFECT ORDRR; light Victoria, small Pony Wagon, Jump seat Rookaway, two Dog Carls, Coupe, six-scut Ro, kaway, top an<T ,r- open Buggies, Depot Wagons, Coupe Horkaways; great variety Spring styles new Carriages at low prices, d- MAN I FACTC'RKKS' Pnion, tias Broaaway. CECOND IIAND CARRIAGES. O SECOND HAND CARRIAGES, ? We offer the following, many of them our own build and Utile used, others in excellent condition Curtain Coach. ?e, Barouche, cheap, lie Coupelet. 'D ??,F ,c*1 half-top Phaeton. T Carts. no Four seat Box Wagon, no top. n,u>ti.r'N Oil? Plisefnn. ip. Four-whceTback to back Toft fart, and iv Two no top Wagon*, little used. p;\ BREWSTER A CO.,84 Filth avenue, corner_,4th strsot. l" rpWO HORSES FOR SALE-ONE ? 1 and 16 hands high; the other 13 hands and A l,g00 weight; will be sold cheap for want o( use. Call on JOHN O NEIlZ corner Beach and CoUlster streets, from 10 to 12, tor two days. _____ n- rrO I.ET-STABI.F.S FOR BIOHT HORSES; ALSO rg, L Storage lor iuawns'materials, 14- \Vc?t He\enteenth street. TO LET?TWO STABLES; ONE FIVE OPEN AND two two-box stall*; one lour open; am^e carnage In rootn and coachman's apartments. WM. ELLIOTT a be CO., 1,401 Broadway, near Forty-ftfth street. (all _SORUEL HORSE, R YEARS, 10 HANDS; $110. blacky bay 7 years>. 15K, SIM; fi,orri a nt 5 years, 16 hands, fast traveller, 9175: sound, kind. 418 la Eighth avenue,cornerThlrty-flratstreet Je HACH-THREF, HANDBOME NEW EXPRESS ns SplZO Wagons; also ten sets ot silver plated Express lTarncws. hand nia'le, $2"? per sot; also two light top Jagger ll'agons, and uiieaulllul doctor's I'haeton, cheap. 141 East Sixteenth street dtti.Xfl ?E?R SALE, BAY HORSE, 1W HANDS ? JpOOU. high ; 6 years old and perfectly sound and C. find. Call at private stable 1M We?t Thirty-Bret street 1 AAli SETS HARNESS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, c?, J..UIJ" at manufiietnters prions. es. JACOBOWSKY, 11ILBOKN A CO., Ill Chambers at nr. "" "DRY GOODS. i New Stores, Removal 767 and 769 Broadway, __ ft"om m t0 , opening bargains in yy ,67 and 7C9. every department. tt 2,800 pairs Lupin's Kid Gloves, in every shade and every size; I,v ' mode colors, operas, ... ami black, worth $1, lor 30c. pair. Thousands of yards oI 1 Hamburg Edgings and Insertions, from Sc. yard !* up to $1. Very rich goods. y An entire Involec of tine French Embroidered ? Trimmings, with Real in Luce Edges, worth Ohc. yard, .r. we arc offering ot 25c. yard. .4vi.? Opening all the new styles !X* in French, English and w. domestic Bonnets. Round ~ llats and Frames In grent iS. variety, at popular prices. [Jr The largest and llncst ' variety of tine French Flowers, Montnres, Ourlanls, -j Roses, Vines and all the V, Parisian Novelties to be fouled lu the city. Bargain. In Real L.ces, Tolnt Threads, Guipure, Spanish, Yak, ZZ Maltese, Cluny, Valenciennes, V French and Portuguese Lares, jle very low. _ I.acc Shawls, Parasol Covers, rv Capes, Fichus, Veils, Barhes, LY Sleeves. Sets. Hankerehiels, c,? in great vnri' ty, at Popular prices. ...... ,, ict '"B'vu. * j.atto dozen Ladies', Gentlemen's Misses' Htid Boys' Handkerchiefs. Tape llor? Berg, Hemstitch, Kinhrold>P ered and Lace, at popular by prices, 16> Muslin Puffings, 5e. yard. Homings, TuoklngH, rollings. an Skirl Trimmings, In every style. Auction lot of Swiss Jaconet, Nainsook, Dotted Swiss I'iald, Tucked ami fancy Muslins, troui 15c. yard up. Iv The lurprest assortment of I, Ladies' Underwear in the '' city, from low uricc to or finest floods; Chemises, Drawers," Skirts, Kacqucs, Night-dresses, *, Corf el*, Bustles, Aprons, Ac., ',1,1 ftt vcrf 'ow prices. look lit them. -"i Opening nn entire new stock i"'! of Ho-tlery, In Ladies', Misses', Gentlemen's and Hoys', in English, '? French and Hosiery, 'A Ladles' Silk Clocked Balbrlgguns, 36c. ?{?! 1,000dozens ladies'silk Tics. ,-x> Scarfs and Bows in every variety, shades and colors, _v 10c., l#c., Z8c., 30c.,00c., 89c., 62c . 63c. up. V. Great bargains In Ribbons. ?r No. 0 gros Brain Kibhons, 2-lc. yard. cc- No. 12 pros Brum Ribbons, 23c. yard. c_ No. 16 gros grain Ribbons. Sic. yard. "T Roman Ribbons, 20c., 29c., 36c., 69c. Cord edge Ribbons, 6c., Sc., 10c., 12c., lflc. , _ Sn-di Ribbons, 33c., 39c., 62c. yard. Plaid sash Ribbons, ?Sc., 69c., 72c. fd fancy sash Ribbons, 39c., 80c., 76c., $1. fr ltomuu sasli Ribbons, 75c. and 91. 'V- fancy Marcellnc Silks. 2Sc. yard. Wide trimming Silks, Wlc. yard. ,? 2,000yards watered Silks. Splendid >R" Goods In every calor, wsrth 92 60, for $1 yard. ?<> fancy Goods, fortemonnalcs, the fans. Hags, Hells, Coutbs, la- Hnislies, Silks, Cottons, Hraids, tn. Oinaincnts, Jewelry. Swlss-earvcd Goods. Large variety; popular prices. 2,1ft) new styles Parasols, In RV great variety, at popular prices, nd WILLIAM KlNZEY, Broadway, corner Ninth street. ED A TTRACTIONS INCREASE AT SMITH'S PATTERN ?ht A Bazar, 916 Broadway. Superb Costumes Enchant on, |ng Novelties. Patterns now ready. Cloth model witll ~ each pattern. Come early in the day. <D, A JBu RDETTE SMITH, 916 Broadway, near Twentieth jt. A?A.-A.-INDIA CAMEL'S IIAIR 8H AWLS?II AVI now opened those shawls I have Inst brought bacl 1 7 from Europe. The plain Centres, with borders, arc mor< of elegant than anything In the market. Nothing like then; iys in America. J. RUSSELL, 33 East Twentieth street. ? tTLACK SILKS. NT D Spring stock Just received, consisting of ? Ponson's, )S: Bonne tt's, le, Bcilon's, fa- Gulnet's and Tapisseer'i ? celebrated makes of Oro Grains, Drap dc Paris and Drai < 10 de Lyon. ott For purity of silk, perfection of finish and great dura ? billty of wear these makers' goods are uurl vailed, sil 5A- Bcilon's Gros Grain, from 91 80 to 92 26 nor yard. Guinet'i Gros Grain. Iroin 91 62 to 92 50 per yard. ? Bennett's Gros Grain, from 92 50tof 60per yard. 16 Tnplsaeer's Gros Grain, from 92 te 92 76 per yard. id. l'onson's Gros Grain, from 92 80 to^6 i^eivvKrd.^ ? Nos. 272 and 276 Bowery. T AD IE 8' SUITS. " " " '- I 1a a full stock of all the ,? fashionable Styles Attractlve?rlcea !#r Also n large assortment of ?a I.adle*' Undergarments, ,,, Corsets, Hosiery .and Gloves, ?'' Misses' Suits, all sizes. Mourning Hulls on hnud and made to order ut twenty-tour hours' notice, su W. K. PEYTON, ; i,f 272 and 274 Bowery. iro 17 ID GLOVES. ~ WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT. ini' We have full lines, and are receiving per variout steamers from Europe all the new Spring shades In otli vi? Monograms and Edward Gloves, acknowledged to be the best _ LOW PRICED KID GLOVES IN AMERICA. L*5* For the convenience of Western and Eastern bujeri njj' we have opened an otflce in Hpellman's Building, m BROADWAY. Our ftock In Grand street comprises over " 6 20,000 DOZENS OF KH) GLOVES, *r" to which we Invite special attention. ~ E. RIDLEY A SON, Nr> 30i?, .'111 and .'till, Grand street; ' n 62, 64, 60, tin and 70 Allen street, New York. IKC . ? Ine nvbrossos street ears from corner Broadway am all c,'#rd "trect bring you to tbe door in four minutes. ,ed T> COLE, 8c? HROADWAY. '''5 X * stock ol staple Dry Goods. L"P? Selling off to close tbe business, ' at great bargain*. ,j2 Must be fold by 1st ol May. _____ "? IJKMOVAL. lv t21,f>00 worth of , Millinery and Funcy Goods. * Hosiery, . Kid (Jlnvpi. Ac., _ to be sold, regarlese of eo?t, during the completion ufoui i... new store, !M1 Grand street, by MARKS A GoLDF.NHOItN, 279 Grnn 1 street, 279 'g* between Kl?Jri?l^e iind Forsyth streets. re! rptj MILU X K ItV A N I) Ct )UN T K Y~ STf?RKKEKPKRS.? 1 WHOM'.AALB DEI'AKTMF.Nr. 1!* We hare cheap Silk, Millinery, and Straw Goods tod I.aocs. Flowers, Ac., well worthy ot Inspection, ble fall at I In E. RIDLEY A SOV'S, 309, 311 und 31 IK Grand street, t. 62. 04, 66. f/an.l 70 Allen street Fifth block cast from the Bowery. RK The De -liJo?sc? street ears, (mm the comer of Broad mr- way and Grand street, take you to the door in lou minutes. nQ BKOADWAY 77 ?> BENNliTT WILLIAMS last otters extraordinary bargains In black Gulputo an ?. Thread Lares; Kern, Cluny and colored Vnk Laces, 8pai ? Ish and French Blondes, Real Point and Valcitclcnnc Nf) Collars, Sets, Jabots, Capes Barbcs, Coiffures, Veils. Ac, a or ln,OUO yarns Hamburg Edgings and Insertions. Pasn ilng menterles, Ornaments and Loops, Llama Laco Shaw and Kaconas; all the above are tullv 26 per cent belo J. regular price* LD. PRICE FOUR CENTS. 1 DRY GOODS. SPRING FAHUIONH 1871 At the great Rut Side Establishment, B. RIDLEY A Hoy, SO1 Grand street, New York. Five floor; crowded with new Silk#, Flowers, Millinery, Straw and Fancy Goods. 1.000 cases uew Italian and other Straw Goods, com' priataia everything dci.rable in shape. Our 1 rintmod llats and Bonnets arc of the very highest order, and will he lonnd worthy of inspection. Ka*h Ribbons, t? inches wide, both in plaids and plain colors, fiOc. p?r yard. Oros Grain Ribbons, 15e , 20c., 25c. and Sic., from No. 7 to 22. The very finest grades and shades of all Silk Ribbons, about lialf last season's prices. imported Feathers and Flowers; Bilk Toniuoiw, desirable colors and shades, Mc., 75c. and $1 per yard. ; 100 Carton's new Ureas Trimmings, Gimps and Fringes; lines ot real Laces, Guipure, Ac., under reuniur prices. Silk Fa ra so is?fl#e., 75c , 85c., $1?Bilk Parasols. Lined Parasols, clllh handles, one of the largest n?sortinents in this city. Our selection of Fancy Goods, list _ Ornaments, real and Imitation Hair Goo ls, Perfumery, Soap and Toilet Articles, Carved Goods, leatberii Satchels, Valise.. School Mags, I'ocketbooks, Toys, Ac., Ac., will be found tiuusuallv lurge and complete; cheap Cor-ets, 50c., ?5.\, 75c., ft, up: Hosiery tor ladies, misses and bays prices right: l.lslo Thread Glores in 1, 2, 5. 4, 5 and 6 buttons, all new; Gentlemen's Furnishing Goads. KID GLOVES 500 dot. 1-bntton Kid Gloves, 4Je. pair, desirable colon; 3,u00do/. '.'-button did Gloves, at 7fc. uad fl the pair. 5.ISS) do/.. 2-hilltnfi Ki<t Gloves, finest shades, $1 25and $150. our own importation and manufacture in Ktirope. K. it I in,i. v a sort, 30?, 311, 811fir..n,l street, flg, (it, GO, 03 and 70 Allen straat, fifth, block east from the Bowery. mr.I,I\EKY AM) DBV.ttSMAKIfU;. DRESSMAKING. A cause of complaint at the present time Is extravagance In Indies' wearing apparel. What It costs now to dress a lady of fashion would have supported nit entire family n few years ago. Messrs. LORD 4 TAYLOR, to prove that retrenchment Is possible, have so arranged | their Dressmaking Department that economy in material, and trimming is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now Utrnishing Dresses at a much less jirica than the cost of imported garments, while for style, flt, appearance and general make up they are every way equal to the finest Parisian manufu"turc. LORD 4 TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. IOUD 4 TAYLOR, CORNER (litAND AND CHRYHJ tie streets, w.'JI open on Wednesday and Thursday, March 2ii i,ud 27, a choice ami elegant aaaortiwst of ladles'Bonnets and Round Hats. A targe assortment of Mourning Bonnets always on hand. They will also present to their customers on the same days a large and varied assortment of Ladies' and Children's Suits, Cloaks, Ac. MME. UENRlKTTR BUHLMBYKR, FORMERLY, of No. 5 Croat Jones street, will open on Wednesday, March 2d, at 13 East Ninth struct, the newest and most distingue styles of Bounds and Bound Ilats, ail selected tor her from the first houses in Paris. OPEMNtl ON MONDAY, TUF?DVY AND WEDNEFdav. Ladies' Dress Caps and Normandy Caps lor children at Mrs. MYERS', No. 3 Union square, west side. PARIS MILLINERY.-MME. FKRRKRO. NO. 7 WEST Thirtieth street. New and elegant styles of Bonnets and Round Hats. Flowers, Yells, 4c. pARIS MILLINERY. Unit. tiALOt'PEAU, M East Tenth street, will open her importation of Paris Millinery for Spring on Wednesday, Zfitb inst. INSTRUCTION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 80 FOURTH AVENUE^ opposite Cooper Institute.? Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladies' department?Telegraphy taught practically, with instruments. Demand for operators. Business writino, bookkeeping, arith metic, Ac.., lor gentlemen, ladies and boys.?I)OLHK.Alt's t'omiiicrcial College, S7f> Broad way. corner of Eighteenth stroet. is open day and evening; pupils can liavo a general or special course <>t private lessons; stiffness, cramping or trembling entirely removed ami an elegant business hand given. Ladies, team tno English hand. Ciollegiate and commercial ins-ttute, l new haven, conn. Preparatory lo'Oollogo, (lie Scientific Schools or BuflnessSummer session begins April 3, 1373. I3NOLISII BRANCHES, DRAWING, PENMANSHIP. J t'3 cents a lesson; painliug wax flowers, photograph coloring taught; letters written. 43 Sixth avenue. PRIVATE COUNTING ROOMS OF C. 0. MARSH, author ot the works on bookkeeping, for Practleo and Instruction in Bookkeeping and Business Affairs. Apply for circulars, 72u Broadway. liOAM OFFICES. ^ AT SO NASSAU STREET. BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise and Life Policies for any amount. AT WOLF BROTHERS', SOfl BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.?Money loaned on Watches, Diamond.. Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, and particularly Pianos. Private parlors fur tadtes; business strictly coiilldentlal. AT 1197 BROADWAY, CORNER OK KOI K't'H STREET, liberal advances an Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silk", camel's hair Shawls, Lace-, and Personal Property Ofeveiy description. ,1AMEd p. M VfTIIIIW& AT 57 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? l pay the highest price for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth street. AT H\ MAN'S, 710 BROADWAY?LIBERAL ADvances made on Diamonds and Watches Silverware, Ac., or will puy the highest market prtcc tor the same. OQ NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICB.? 0*7 Liberal advances made on Diamond", Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The sumr bought and sold. Room 1. DAYMAN LEOPOLD. 1 HQ SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH TvO and Twenty-tilth streets.?Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds oi Hoods. Same bought at (kill value. L. BERNARD. no IT BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? l70*7 Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan i office. Same bought and sold. M. ROSENBERG. Q1Q BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND ' tJltJ most responsible office.?Money advanced on ' Diamonds, Watche", Jewelry, Laccs, Ac; same bought at t lull value. . A. C. 1IERTS. 1 1 Od 7 BROADWAY, OVER IIRRALD BRANCH J.wt) I office, room B.?Parlors for ladles, branch 152 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Monev loaned on Diamond^ Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. LiNI)1) BROS. VACFITS, WKAMBOAW, 4feC> SCREW LAI NOBiBS FOB 8ALB OBBAP.?DRAUGHT;1 15 Inches, 16 and 25 feet long; very light; also Englnea s and Boilers for same. Apply at pier 33 East River. F' OR SALE CHEAP?A FIRST CLASS BARGE; dimensions, 93 feet length, 19 feetbeam and 8 feetl hold; in perfect order. Apply to BULMAN A BROWN, Newburg. SCHOONER FULTON?CARRYING CAPACITY HXI tons, will he sold at auction at Perry street, Nortil River, on Wednesday, March 26, at 3 P. M. WANTED-TWO SINGLE SCULL CLUB WORKING FT or racing Boat"; ninst be In AI order. Address, with terms, AQUATIC, Herald office. WANTED TO PUBCIIASE-A STEAM YACHT. GIVB description, price, speed. Ac. Address GLORUJS BROWN, Post Office bo* 2,95'.', New York city. < ? . - " .=* BURINE88 (IPPOKTI'SITIKS. A -CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED . companies, manufactnrers. merchants; persons desiring Investments Informed desirable opportunities. References?Presidents Merchants', Fourth National, Mercantile Bank*. CUAKLC9 U. VAIILMKKN A CO., 112 Broadway. ATIlOROUOn GENTLEMAN OF BUSINESS TAUT, n gnoil judge of character, to a**ut In the managing of our hunlu-.?i; Millar)' moderate Apply to WHITING X , CO., Xo ft Doy at, after > o'clock. A physician, DOING a CASH PRACTICE OF OVER 94,000 per year, will dispose uf 1i|m nttice Practice or lake a partner on reaaonnble PrttH. Call lor ono week ny IW West Fourth street lor pin t < ulaiM. Business wanted.-the advertiser will' exchange Improve.I or uniinprov< .1 Heal Estate, eight mile* from New York lor a L'...,d paving Iniainam; hotel or reatauranl preferred. Andre** BUSINESS, bo* 130 Herald Uptown Branch oftlce. Business opportunity.?tub advertiser, who ha* a bu?lne*? fully developed anil capable ot great extension with oorrcKpondlng profit, wishes the cooperation of one or two one rge tic men of good character; nonie capital Imllapeiiaable, wlil' h will Ik- amply secured.; Address with reference, IIOBART, care ot 8. Eddy 4 j Co.. No. 1 Park plaffi. _ ' For sai.e atoranor, n. i.-a fhest cl ass grocery Buaincae; lias been estatillthi-d live year*; loca. tlon eve'rv way desirable, ami doing a tlmirldilug bannc**; satwtactory rra<on given tor selling. Apply to S. P. CONl?IT, Brick t'Uurcli Station, Orange, & J., or Q. It US LI Nit, IBS Chamber* strcot, New York. "MANUFACTURING BUSINESS. ESTABLISHED OVER i * livo .yrm*. J ni 1 IIVI .1, ...... Wm,-V , . IVIW1IK.O given nnd required ; * young man who would be willing totravel preferred. Add rasa EDWINS, Herald office. r ~\\?ANTKD?A PARTNER IN TIIK FISII, OYSTER AND TT vegetable bu?lneta, with mmc capital now doing * tail I iimbcsS I ?.r t h' ISI Eighth av. AO TO 1*0,000 ottered FOR investment in grocery, dry good*, niatuifnttuln; or importing buainc.n. Capital wanted tor aevornl tine holiness opportunities. ellis a CO.. 4S llroad itreot. (j|?j nnn wanted-new cash business; no wO.V/UU risk; large returns; will lead to fortune. Address C \sil. II* rnI : ofTit e 4l10 OHO -T0 A tarty advancino that tpitt<V'''vi ?u:n ca?h I offer the fourth part of the r Interest in a projecUtc! railroad, having a charter. Ad* dre?a C. J. y., corner Ocean avenue and fureit street, Bergen. 3 ? . ??? * Al Q ?FIRST CT,4?S HOTEL FOR BALE d ? leJ.UUV). within IS tulle* of New lorlt, an A No. 1 business; vary BroadjtreM._ s?*43 ** viltST CLASS KKSTAL'RANT FOR li $25,000. SK>wn town; ca* down? W j JlO.iWOpncU.ttclntPrMa^^.^na

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