Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1873 Page 2
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2 _ riTY REAL ESTATE ' t But Side. ; ?a?a?a first class pope btort him ] stoop brown stone House, west side el Madison aYY- 1 nur. 80 feet south of Hove n|v-t north street: Abuse Boon In b Intra wood, tin pitrlor floor hi cablet* wont by rattler A It Ntytuu*; mantel mirror*. 22x58x98. also a tour story Ohio ll blow high stoop House, Kast Biaty-t'oiirth street ; bar lor andoasement In hard wood, back parlor and nail "| wainscoted with marble; will be sold at very low prices, J or will exchange ior lots. Both house* open lor inspec- ft Hon. Iui|uire lor particular* of o* uer, a blek, lit East Eighteenth ittat At a bargain pktil afkii, 1?four stotiy J brown stone House and Lot in Enst Forty-ninth si street, l>et? i-en Fifth and Madison avenues, 17x291x100; li all modern conveniences;'well palmed and Irescoed and In excellent condition. Carpets, Mirrors, Bale, bronze Fixtures, Ac., ean be purchased with house, i'roposals "I to rent to small tuiaily entertained it uot sold. Apply on J premises lor terms ol sale, or to the owner, JAMLs C. si SI'iiM'EK, 287 Bioiulway. a $ A FIN hi FOUR 8toby HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House. Seventy-fourth street, between Madi- 1 son and Fourth avenues: none humlsomur finished; also 1 one three story, 21H Seventy-ninth street, near Third live- n nue ; will lie sold 25 per cent below cost: ojicn from X to 5 ft I'. M. Owner, FKANHF1E1JJ, X23 Eighth avenue. r A BARGAIN?the cheapest house IB the city, only one left, on Sixty-Urist street, near Mudl- l win avenue ; lour story ; price $34,iKM it bought noon. For J permits call on martin DUNN, 2U2 Broadway. F A FOUR BTOKY BRICK HOUSE, 29 EAST BROAD- i ? ! -Good bo dncss location; Bulger's lease; cheap lor cash. W. H. FALCONER. s 100 Fourth nvenue, near Twelfth street A" BARGAIN WILL BE GIVEN OF A THREE store anil basement brown stone House, on Lexington avenue, near Fifty seventh street; also a lour atarr, lullv furnished, neur Filty-lourth street; price only $25,00tL I am also authorised to offer that very eiabo- r ratelv ilnisbed 22-foot iront corner on Seventy-fourth street and Muillson avenue; price $60,(100, worth every ] dollar of $00,000. . FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 906 Third arcane. | Again we are fortunate enough to offer n real bargain; $3O,U0U will buy a magnificent brown | stone Residence, with bay windows, on the corner of a fashionable cast aide avenue and Fifty-seventh street; i parlor ffoor in hardwood, elegant chandelier.,, dumb waiter, stationary Icehouse and all other Improvements; the elegant Furniture cau he bought. To put ties inrun- , log to buy an elegant house a seldom chance is now offered ; terms, $12,1)00 to $18,000 cash. H. FRiilDENKlClI A CO.. 90C and 008 Third ay. A -52 HAST FIFTY-THIRD PTBRET.-THAT LARGE iour story House, so elaborately finished In cabinet work, will be sold for cash at a great bargain; mortgage to suit. Otilce 999 Sixth avenue. A ?$24,000 WILL BUY A FOUR STORY HOUSE AND ill Lot, 20 leut front and rear, on Sixty-first street, near Filth avenue. Office 999 sixth avenue. Ami over HO other Homes, at reduced prices. A SPLENDID THREE STORY HIGH STOOR BROWN stone House, on Lexington avenue, will be sold below cost; also a four story on Furly-first street, $t:i,000 cash only. < /moo '.TO Slxlli avenue. At a sacrifice, as it must be hold at once? House Mini Lot, 21x60x160, lour slory, finished in hard wood, neur Muillson uvuuuc. below the Park. For Rcrilotdars apply to JOHN FBTTRUTCH, 1,036 Third uv. A -FOR SALE, GOOD PAYING TENEMENT PROP ertv, ill East Tenth street; terms easv. Inquire of THOMAS BRACKEN,_tfc Wall street. _ I NOR SALE?FIRST (LASS TENEMENT, WTTn ALL ' iinproveineuts, and two story rear llulldiog, 211) East Hevcntv-loiirth street. Inquire ol O. WESi'b.N. For hale?desirable property on nil kaht aide of the city, on Columbia, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth mi d'Kighty fourth streets, avenues C uuUD, , and other parts of the city. W. W. LYON, 78 avenue D. one ? Timmsr uniiua t'nrtn u-rrmv r and basement. 2AxA0; roar limine 25xBH; lot 25* 114; must l? -ni.l Cull mi the owner, til E iM TwcltLh street. Fok kalk-on ftftii a v knit:, bktwkks ' Elulilv-tluli tinil l.iifhty-slxth streets, laring Central ' Park, ii splendid lirown stone Hnu-e, wiili or without , Furniture; will lie sold at a irreni luiriruiu. If applied for at once, us Die lunnly are union ahroHil; term's very easy; tf not sold tills week will tie tensed tor o term of your*. For pel lull-, A r., :.|iJ.I> lo .IEKSUP, 25t< Broadway. FOR SALK-AN ELEGANT FrKST CI,ASS FOUR story' and luisement IiIl'Ii stoop brown stone Mouse, on Madison avenue, near Tlilrty-leurtli street, witli no rear nbstructions; lot Mill slse, house US feet in depth ntl the way up; reeenth Irescoed llirnuyliiiut and In splen- | (till order . Inilli h\ the owner for his nwn occupancy and tiy Uav work: Mirrors, Carpets, tins Fixtures, Shades, Ae.. can be hail with the house mill Immcdiute possession riven For permit anil terms apply to MULLER, W1LKINS A Co, No. 7 l'lne street, or 8-1 East Seventeenth street, Union square. ' IjlOR SaLE-A VALUABLE stork proff.rty, 1 fTontiiiit 28 feet 10 inches on CHIT street, 23 reel on Pearl; depth tlirouirti the block 197 feet; enn lie used as one huildini;. Apply to JOHN lload A HONS, No. 7 Wurrcn street. JjlOR KALE?TO'O LOTS ON CHERRY STREET. NEAR r New Ohiinilicrs. SB feet front running through lo it'nter street, with the same front on \\ liter street with Iwo bulldinss thereon, suitable, lor a coal, Iron or wood yard; will be -old reasonably nnd on cn?v term*, or will rxcliance tor improved Property, Impure at 853 Water tlrrel. N. V. For sale?a three story ami basement brh'lt llous"; all improvements; 442 East Hevoiityulnlli street; bid leet uide; ReUpuu pavement: price 1 >(1,0*1; terms easy. Inquire next door, lUl.if Mr. BtUK, t*OR SALE?TENTH WARD LOTS, IN FORSYTH, Eldi'iuye and Alien streets; usy terms. L. C. SANDFOK0,153 Bowery. For sale?a large plot of ground, with poor Imildin^s, lu Sixth ward, over Ilk) feel square, within live minute- ui Broadway, well suited to liinuiifaeuner* o! a i kl:i is; ii;sn, ill same w ard, several oilier | Larue pieces ol Properly fairly improved; three-ldurths ttfall the purchase niomy can remain for years. MM. OALLENOl U, llki Broadway. ' LIOK sale IT a BARGAIN?A HANDSOME FOUR r story English basement brown stone Mouse on Murray 11111,2011 leet ironi Fifth avenue; price. $2.s,H*J. E. 11. LUDLOW k CO., No. 3 Pitai street. T.tor sale at a bargain?the ELEGANT FOUR 1 r stoi.i brown tune Mouse on the north .side of Seven tv-fourth trei t. third house west of Madison avenue; sire 25x00. lot I'd; finished In hardwood til the must superb masn r. Party will he on tlic premises to show the 1 tame, every afternoon, lrom 1 to 5 o'clock. For balk very low?three story high stoop brick House, with marble trimmings, G'.iH Second venue, near Thirty-sixth street. Apply iinim-diataly. _ H. IRELAND, 201 Broadway, For sale OR TO let?the pour story high stoop brown stone House 207 Knst Forty-sixth meet. ?i/.e *0\50xM)0', has 18 rooms ami ail modern improvements. Inquire at 209. HARLEM. ?ICR SALE, A THREE STORY high stoop lirown atone trout, with all iiio-h rn improve- I uii-nts; 2f>5 i.asi lj.ld street: size 18 by hail of the ! block, with ftirnaec in cellar, in<'iiiilinK' gas fixtures; I price, $M,<**i; terms easy. Apuly on Ihe promises. Mulberry street, near canal.-a bargain will be (riven ol a linawtore Pcopertv, as owner re , Sides West : lot 25x100. Full particulars with D. F. I'L'ULBY, 12 Centre street. VTORTUEAST CORNER FORTY-SECOND STREET li ami First avenue.?100 by 100; also 80 by 10J on Forty-filth street. Ictuccu Second and Third avenuus; I term*' ea y. c. H. ADAMS, 9u7 lire i lwny, room 13. \r EI re tLY < RS OK MADISON AVENUE AND | v? Sevcnty-iourih and Sevonty-llIWi streets; lots rnoh : 1 BSxWS (rot; bonus first rlns* In every respect; j>rlco 1 moderate; terms easy. Anplv on premise*. . OH AVENUE PROPERTY POR SALE?A CORKER <)N O Third avenue, below Thirty seventh atreet, thai will ' pav 11 per < nt half cash. Dor particulars apply to * io'iiN ri TTREit R, !,"'>? Third even neon AYBRUB.?FOR 8AIiB, YOtJR Ft' I, I, J,<?ts MORI M 1 O aide of Forty third street, Midfeet weat of Third avenue. Apply to owner, 211 Weat Forty-sixth street. TOO STREET, NEAR FOURTH ANKN1E.?COM- I O pletelv tnriti Imd three story hrlek lloiiai, with 1 every modern eonvenienec and lii (he tnost thormuh I order: no old lurmtuic in the house: a l>nrK?in ;U W.-O I. > RICHARD V IIARNKTT, 111 Broadway, room r, basement dht>1 riUi WILL BUY, ON EASY TERMS, A HAND- ' some new tliree story high s'onp Itrnwn i stone House on Murray UtU. Apply to A. KENNEDY, ; Builder, .AM Third nventie. (WW) ?STTVVESANT PARE, CITY AND i iiO.UvH', ceuntrv comldned, near St. Ueorgc'a I tirch <I?r. Tyns'si anil the magnificent reahlcuee*of Hon. Hamilton Fish and George V'olaotn, Kan.- Elegant three story brown stone Hnnsc, newly painted and Tr< a- , coed throughout in the highest mautier: every convett- i ieiice i: n * I iuipiovenn lit. Ineludin water and marble wash basins and go- It? tires In every room ; beautiful I chandeliers in parlor:; home ttlU or rlo'cl;, dresrera, nantrles, dumb waiter. Ae..,Ac. s No. 1 heater In cellar. The house is cheap lor S'.'s.uK). I will sell lor $2.4,000; terms easy. A| plv to ow ner, tV. 11. 11 ALL, iU'> '.i Greenwich street, or at the house. West hide, AHARGAIN.-A Tilt; ICE STORY HIGH HTOOP I hrlek lions . Id.tfx.'<\l(l0.5; locution \l. Forty eighth 1 atreet, between H'Xil) and seventh avenues; price only ' $ia,(VKl. .1. ! :. PALMER. 1)23 K.xlh in nne. 1 A FINK FOUR STORY HIOIl STOOP BROWN . stole- Hon e, i'txilxTS, In Furt.v-clglith street, between Fifth tnid Sixth nvenip-s. In fee; price $.i2.U*>; terms casj ; or la rent for >3,000. J \s. it WATeRLOW. f*l sixth avenue. A\ BICAl III ! I. THREE RTOItY AND basement high *toop Dwelling, with Stable In rear. 2Ax4f>xl(ki, ('iiu.ainiiia 1'J fooms md u'.l modern improvenicnta, on Fortieth street, between Bcventh and Eighth avenues, for $14,kk); easy terms. , It. w. THAI TEL, 117 Broadway, room I. ' A RAID; -IN This WEEK?RKTtVEKN FIFTH ARO 1 Park ivennes: tiatnrnl soil: the heat street, nrar . 1 c. i ,t rut Port : no mil- >ins to - 'hie; an rttclbtc and permanent I - n iti--For sale, 2o I it sixty-ninth atreet, tour story browu tone, 2jxfto, lot idu.5; possession. Owner ill It*. j A BARGAIN?MUST 11IC BOLD; HANDSOME FOUR ' slor.v high sto, p brown alone House roriy-ae Tenth ' etrcol, beiw.i u .six; i nnd Seventh avenues, in complete cwdrr. T. OLIVER C ARTER, No. 4 Tine street, room 10. 1 A FOUR HI iiRY BROWN 8TONE HOUSE. 72 WEST < iibv llr-t atreet, in tee on restricted ground , hard ^ ' '"r ! r,l<' "r lease; terms to mil. Apply to HENRY Mi i KIN, ;i2- Blxlh avenue. _ \ KR.OArH \v ?rill ENTIRE BLOCK BOUNDED ; ,45'o:V,v '1 . ntli nvenne, Kortv-M?vriith utrect m ^?.r \i'" i'l Jr< ,*v' wtti'irum of capitalist* In c ?? ! ' " lt *orr,?* tin* Junction nf Brood*-*? (? widoncn* >Mtii m youth avenue, mid 1* one of Iks . "OUN ' maw w*. j 1 E an.v. , '?> sn 1 ?' 1 K,gi,tii nvonijc. ' ou * rt?^??We km. ,t F"l:, >AU- ; '? VA>-' > '" 1 . ?:,-M ' ?i.l u . ' sh ,,r ^"'nth ttvdiui, lnMwionlwMnh " M4 Hi i ill | | C'|| 'n ttiri-n'w f ( pin a (>n s v- |.*( ,. ^ ' I f III | Ply MU:x/sirrJ.nK'. am..;,, '? ?i" F?M , (UMt-FOUR STOKY IKirTKI.X TI NKV f.^7 f i??r H?ru'';#rh : wiM lct ,or e"-' "V ? ?' > ?"'* in v cighiU e r." l ? Cf P,en" "* W, U T,""tr I NEW YO rrrf iitta mbmm FOK iaub. Weit Side. a?0? atlW IB WEST FIFTY-FIRST STREET; LARGE, " first <ttns Itornin, pertect eider, ell tmpweeaents; urglar alarm, weather strips, Ac.; Columbia College ase; rent $490; 16 years; two renewals, 21 years each, to 190. Apply as above. JIOR RALE?TWENTY CORNER PROPERTIES IK 1 Filth, Eighth and Ninth wnrrts, Ac.; aoiue large -outs; very great prospective advantages. JAKES price, aw and son street. jSOB BALE-ON WASHINGTON STREET, NEAR . Canal, a Front of tiftxtW, Willi 16x80 through to rear :reet; excellent local ion to erect a first class ware onse; very central and wide approaches thereto. JAMES PRICK, aw Hudson atreet JIOR RALE?IN WEST FORTY-FOURTH BTRKET. 7 first class three story and basement high stoop brown Lone Iront Houses, MS to 268, a?6U and l?.??50; price 17.0UO and glB.Obi. Inquire ou premises or of J AKES IENPERRON, W Seventh avenue. jM)R SALE?THE CTIF.APKRT HOUSE TN NEW 7 York, on Twenty-second street, close to Sixth are I. , 1> nw nuiiv Ulkll swop HOIISU, lit ICUl WldC, li (cet deeo; ull way up ?U modern conveniences; tint ate order; price onlv $2r>,uoii. .1 AH. R. EDWARDS, 60 West Twenty-third etroet. [?or sale OR TO LET?FURNISHED TTOrSE OF 10 L1 rooms. For lurlhrr particulars inquire at 76 Went I oust on street, lager beer saloon. Full front, on eleventh avenue, tuibtysevmth to Thirty-eighth etroet; $BM?i terms to uit btiyer. O. H.adams, wn7 Brondway, room IS. Lease for hale.?three loth and building in Twenty-eighth street, between Tenth and Eleventh venues, wit* <8 years' Lease. Inquire at Ml Twentyiightli street in the .same block. JOllN JORDAN^ F BUILDERS AND CAPITALISTS.?FOR SALE cheap, the finest Corner on Ninth a-venne, below Fifty-ninth street, Mull l.otn fronting 125 Ic.ct on Ninth tvenue and ItWTect on wide street; little cash required; balance tor 4yeura. HENRY I. LUTE, 250 West Thirty-first street. TO CAPITALISTS AND BUILDERS.?FOR SALE, three Ml Lots, WWEU, wttb two nice Cottagesand two tenement Houses, ou West Forty-fourth street; rentad, $2,000; also, Kitty-seventh street, four valuable Lots, HUxlOOxS, next to tha Hunk, Third avenue, inquire nf the owner, TON EASAV, 050 West Forty-fourth street (t>9Q AAA WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS FOUR diiio.OUU story brown stone on Thirty-ninth street, near Broadway; $70,UH0, Fifth avenue lurnished House; $18,000, Forty -ninth street House -.other Houses cheap. PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty street. RtlscelUtaeoua. A WELL KNOWN CLUB HOUSE FOB HALE? Splendid business location; low rent; extraordinary chance for a live man to make money ; u bargain; particulars at 23 Chambers street. Q HO ROM W. RIMERS' PtOTe Agency. A WELL ESTABLISHED FLOUR AND FEED STORE tor snle?Excellent loeatlon; no opposition; low rent; rare investment; satisfactory reasons given; particulars at 23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. 8JMERS' Store Agency. AN OLD ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT AND OYSTER Saloon for sale or exchange?Liquors; enterprising parties; chance never offered again ; particulars at 23 Chambersst. GEORGE IV. SIMERS' Store Anency. An old established job printing kstahlishment for sale?Successful oporation 40 years; not profits $5,0iiff a year; very rare Investment; particulars at 23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. 8IMKR8' Store Agency. A NO. 1 CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE? Well known and extensively patronized in the cart of business; extraordinary chance to inukc money; k bargain; particulars at 21 Chambers street GEORGE \V. HIRERS' Store Agency. A T THE MANUFACTURERS AND BUILDERS' r.L Real Estate Exchange, 917 Third avenue?Owners if real estate liaving Houses for sale, to let or exchange :nn register description of same on my hooks, free of diargo. Or do you look for a lleuse to rentT Or if you ivish to buy n private Residence or Business Properly. If so call at the old and well established office of JAMES HOW15, 917 Third avenue. ____________ Houses for sale?in all desirable locations up town; prices and tonus to suit Fm rciiailc information and permits rail at ntrr offtee. a m. elliott a co., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty-fifth st. 2KOOKLVN PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. 11*khai.d branch rrrrw minm ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK IIERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, rv irifR T axn tsi.ikii ravivcik itt tk' niTTT.nrvn CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND ROE RUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM S A. M. TILL 0 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 8 TO fl P. M. CARRIERS AND AOKNTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A LARUE FOUR STORY BUILDING, BOXfit); .10 i\ room*; lot 200 leet Trout ou two a Yen uc*; Junction of four railroads; $30,000; oust $80,000. S. COCKCKOFT, No.! PlttG street, room P, Brooklyn.?to let. a first class house, new brown stone iront, Willi nil inotlcrn improvements, in Ciiuton street, between Congress ind Warren; rent $1,030. Also a nlee little House In Verandah ploee, two doors ffom Clinton street; relit $025. Address :tti Yorandah place. 4 10RNKR STORE PROPERTY?Til REE STORIES, I' with stable, unr Bridge street ferry, for sale very low; about $1.000 rash; lotSexlOd; splendid business location. CURLKY, 13 Centre Street, New York. ITIOB SAI.I-: NEAR PROSPECT PARK. No. f.3 PROSr pert place?A three story and bnsiineni double frame House, :t( VjxTO; L-rouud. lU>?xl31 ; u fine place for n gentlcnian owning horses as there I- plenty of room for a stable. Apply to K. D. NORK18, No. Ill DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn lit OR SALE?A FINE CORNER PROPERTY, 75X97.6, F with three handsome brick Houses: all three story and basement; alt well runted ; the >-orner is n fine, large dure, 30x42, with a fine show window. Applv on tHe premises, 444 lllcks street, corner ol Hnriisuu street, Brooklyn. F3DR SALE?MODERATE PRICED, WELL BUILT Brooklyn Honeys, with an the modern'lmproveinents, in good neighborhood; terms easy. CHARLES K. Will IK, lv Broadway, I TOR SALE-A VERY COMMODIOUS THREE STORY 1 bric k Dwelling and alx Lots ol ground, huiidsoincly isid out; very heavy iron railing* in Iront and large ariek stable within ; easy walking distance of Wall street lorry; no more pleasant, retired or respectable situation in Brooklyn; possession at once; Inruier owner deceased; will bo sold very low ami on rery favorable terras to lose estate. WILLI AM CALLENDKR, 108 Uroadway. KPOB SALE-A NEW FIRST CLASS BROWN SToNE I House, on St. Mark's uremic, third house east of Flathush avenue, three block* ol main entrance to Proapee t Park, one of the finest locations on the Hill; all improvements: pi lee $lo,iiui. Inquire on the premises. THOMAS CONNELLY. ' 1AOR SALE IN BROOKLYN, NEAR PROSPECT I Park?A first class brown stone corner House, three <torv ami basement, with ail modern improvements; house 23'a by 48; ground iUL by ln.1t,; will ho sold cheap on \crv easy terms. Apply at 17 and 19 Atlantic avenue, near South ferry. 1,3 OK SALE. 1IOI SE-.A THREE STORY AM) BASE' mettt brlek House, 351 Bridge street, between Myrtle ivenue ami Willougbbystreet, containing 13rooms,'subsellsr; with gas, water, stationary washiuhs an I hutlirooms complete; only three blocks from city Hall, in a irst class neighborhood. Apply to BENJAMIN BALDrt'lN, 409 Fulton street, Brooklyn. FH.R SALE CHEAP-NO. 196 GREENE AVENPE near St. James plaee. Brooklyn: three storv and inseinent lirown stone dwellings: all Improvements; in food order; location first class. For sale low; easy terms; maaesMon at om. ippit to jarvis carman, iio ->oiilli Oxford street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. hlolt SALE CHEAP?A DESIRABLE PLOT, FOR nmnulnctitrers or builders, eorner ol Bridge and *ly moil ill streets, U0 by 107)., two blocks from ferry. Apply I" IIIDMAS K I'.LLEY, 0.1 Jay street, Brooklyn. Frill SALE CHEAP?A NICF. THREE STORY AND basement brlek House, with nil modern improveucnts. in Soiuli llrooklvii, m nr Hamilton lerrv. For price, te., inquire of fHOS. 01 MM ins. lJCentrestreet. [ik)lt SALE ON RROtiKLYN II EIGHTS?A FIRST I" class three story brick House, corner of Willow and franco streets. In complete order. Applv to WVcKOl'F t JAMES, 203 Montagu street, Brooklyn. THIE RESIDENCE AND OKOUNDS of the lafs Hon. Martin Knlhfleisch, situated on Bushwick avenue, Brooklyn, E. D., are tor sale at a reasonable price and on easy terms. The munsioti, built In the very best manner, is one of lie larccwt an I most rnmmndlniis ill the eltv of Itrooklvn. It contain* is rooms and t* replete with every <- >mtm-t ml convenience. The around* comprise sbcat 'JO lot*. I Which are tn.-tciullv In lit out nml tilled will' the ft <t Tutt and shrubbery The stable* are of 1 lie best characler. The whole It admirably adapted lor a public in-.t itut ion or ttcntloinan's residence. Tor particulars apply to JiiltK JOHNSON, Jr., SI I'ark row, kw York. 'I'" I.' I I t'll SXJ KVRKHOV STRIiKT, Nh'\K I II' Kali) m otitic?A three slnrv hi :h stoop hrick llnnM\ with modern Improvoment*. SfOFKAHM A rl.AI'i*, audits, itis Itcuieen streel, corner ot Court, Brooklyn. TO TiRT?BKTRR \I, FIRST CI, APS BROWN HTONK Dwellings on Tompkins avenue, near l ulton: all Improvements! rent;. .Apply to owner as above, or it 1'icrrcpout House. rO LKT (111 FOR SAI.K?TBK MWEM.INO 44.1 MARCT avenue, comer of Hart street, Brooklyn \n tine 3 story ind basement lioute, JA t< et trout, with ii tine yard; lias teen repaired and painted throughout; all ilte improvenoiits; would lease to a (food purlv for a term of years; lelKhlmrhnod unexceptionable; lor sale at a low flu mo. ipplv on Hie premises lietwci it the hours id 9 and 4, or <1.1. A. MAt'DoNAI.D, 2M1 Sixth nvanue, New York. fe7 nnn H, v A FTN*< modern, first " I .Willi class Mouse, new. three store tind hase- 1 iient; splendid parlors; terms easy; 10 blocks iroin Thlr> fourth street lerrtea Apply at MeTeulb street and uekson avenue, near Hunter's l'olnt. VliNTWKHTKH COUNTY PROPERTY m mf hale oh to ebnt? \T VONKRRH.-TO I.KT, TW KNTY I" NFCRNIKI11 D Mouse*, Irnm $uk> to tl.tkni; ten Itirnislied, Ironi HW to $'J,40l) per yenr. Address or caJI on J AM lis 'Ol'MANS, Agent, Tonkers t i tNDHoMI COUNTRY FLACK ON TBI: HUDSON A River, al Scarborough, one mile Itelow Sing Sing; irtte doutile i.rlek house, AtxdS, stable, gatehouse and ther outbuildings ; id or 30 acres ; news very tin* ; terms H-r. iu i?w Ai r i n.'. ?oi i mri Biivri, vi nrtoHKKT II MOORMAN, Kl I rdur Hired. __ \RKATTIFri. " fllTMBKR AM> WINTER RKNI- 1 <lenor. in complete order, with *11 Improvement*, able, poultry hone Ar.j three ocrei; hltfh nnil perectly healthy; ehnnninir view*; on IliiiUon. ih lower Veatchoatcr county; lor Mir on eaty term*, or ekcIiaum or productive City I'roporlt. Atl'lmv, bun Z^tO I'uit 1 ."tee. New York cllj. 1 I RK HERALD, MONO AT, M An elegant place, with water front, on t Hudson, 10 tulles from city, fur sale, rent or ex- I change; moot desirable residence. ac WM. TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. he 1 ? ? j de At yonkbr*.?for RALE, ON wakburton AVE- : line, aaood House, 12 rooms, modern Improvements; T Ave city lets; stable; cheap; only $16,000. Apply to X JAMES TQUEANS, Agent, VonLcr* dr FOR SALE?IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, WITHIN "L a lew mutates' drive of Central Park, a very large J and handsome stone Mansion, built in the most substnn- la ttal manner, and in the most perfect order; well nuited ? to an ln?tltntion or a hotel, containing 4Q rooms; stands T very blah, overlooking Central Park, with a full view of X the same, and is surrounded by large trees, shrubbery, HI Ac.; together with 20 lots of Oround or more, it required; wi will be sold low, and the great bulk of the m<>nev ran re- In main for a term of years, as income only is sough t. If Cr not sold will be leased. Kor photograph, terms, Ac., ap- T\ ply toWM. CALLKNJtKR, KM Broad way. TjtOR SALE?HUMMOCK HOUSE?A UNE HOTEL C r property, at Ryo Beach, oti Long Island Found, one Mi mile front Rve station, New Haven Railroad ; good birth- se ins and ftshlug. Kor particulars Inquire of J. A J. ui KAGKK, 'M Cliff street, or H. M. WEBB, un the premises. ('1 POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY.?AT CENTRAL MOK- (J rlsaiiia depot, a neat CS,untl brick House and three tJ Lots; >4,0110 can remain; ulso a $18,000 Place, beautilully su located. 27 Barclay street, sixth floor. sli JERSEY CITY, HOBOKFN, HUDSON CITY f ANI> BERLKN RKAL B8TATK- rn For Bul?. a i A HOME?HEALTHY riE!(iTIT8. JERSEY CITY.? T Handsome detached Cottages; full city Lots, $1,501) J to $4,UUfl; easy payments. JOUh 1j. PLiTT, opposite hj( Court House, dersay Cltv Heights. Ig A magnificent SUBURBAN FRENCH ROOK rr Villa, 30 elegant rooms; six cltv LoU; view* Ult- ? equalled; Jersey City Height*; 70 per cent can remain. cp JOHN 11. PLAiT, opposite Court House, Jersey City pe Height*. tic A HANDSOME, COMMODIOUS FRENCH ROOK {ft House il2 rooms), Healthy Heights, Jersey City, $4,SOU; $1,W0 In cash; one $6,sod, hall ensh; one $8,BY); ro two Lots, select local Ions, Ac. JOHN H. 1 LA'l'T, oppo- |)t site Court House, Jersey City Heights. Af Bergen county, new jhrhey.-for sale, ^ ueat Cottage, garden, fruit, Ac., $2,500; large House' J teu rooms, 8 acres, $?,800; nice Place, lid acres, $ir.m,0; 1K0 on Acres, extra Improvement*, near depot, only $30,001); all Kti within one hour H. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. nr For bade or to let-in hohokrn, two Buildings, three stories, with lour Lota, " lilt 5u-horso ? Engine ami Roller, suitable lor inuuuluciurlng. Apply rr to JOHN OAllTEN, SOB West street or 24 Newark street, 1 Ilobukcn. vi, 1EWI8 E. WOOD. REAL ESTATE AND GENERAL li' J Auctioneer, oflloc "it Montgomery street, Jersey City. At The executor's sale of the Homestead Estate of the late 3 Moses Taylor, lit Norwood, is postponed on accountof the ? storm to Tuosduy, March 25, at 3 o'clock P. M., on tlio ri premises. Take 1 Ju P. M. train froui Chambers street, ] Now York. W PltOPICKTl HIT OF 'l'HE t H'l PUR ... SO,E OK TO RENT. rJ Allwamim. FARMS.?FOB SALE, TO FVKMERS, Sj gardeners and hirni luhorers from the old country, "J good I'arni Lands (virgin soil) at $26 per acre, on six years' credit; The soil is 11 good productive loam, neaT i.7 the great markets of New York and Philadelphia, hv rail- rn road, where from 20 to 40 ueres constitute n good farm I when partly plunted to fruit. From tliis locality a creator . niinniftv and variety of fruit is sent to market tliau Irom J1' any other plnee of counl area in the United States. It Is fijj In the midst of a thriving community, with good roads. _ stores, schools and muuulaciorics. Female members of I lamllies and others can procure work at atriiw sewing, *. shoe work, button making, clothing work ami other branches. Many English, Irish and Scotch farmers have settled and arc prosperous. Numbers of gardeners from the vicinity of New York arc locating, as in this suction \ fanning pays far better than In the West. Papers con- .? tainlug fall Information will he sent free of charge. Address CHARLES K. LANDLS, Proprietor, Vtneiand, N. J ^ ATTHACTTVK COTTAGES, NEAR l'LAINFIELD? Q Only $2,500; easy payments; $500 down, balance *' long time: first come, first choice: also beautiful Place, lrl 7 acres, very cheap. 0 AQl KS, 208 Hrnadwu.v. ue At cranford, n. j.-for sale or to let, two ~ first oluss House?, 12 rooms in each ; closets in each; ? nil the niodvrh Improvements; good cellar; grounds 'r nicely laid ont; shade and frnlt: nil In good order; tour 111 Inutes' walk from the depot 01 the Central Kail fond of New Jersey; time Irom New York, 50 minutes. Owner, . 8. CAI11LL, Cranford, K, J, AT NEW BRrtJHTON, RTATEN ISLAND?to RENT, 10 several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished; gas, hot and cold w ater s modern Improvement*. gardens, lawn, shade trees; stables; 35 minutes of Wall street; "T location unsurpassed. <Si Avery fine gottaoe of 11 rooms. iiaijf acre, . fine Improvements, $5,500; also Cottage, six rooms, ? one acre, $2,u0n; ami c'ottone, four rooms, one acre, 91,000, one hoar iron city. lobk HiOK, 12 Chambers at, A gentleman can rent a strtcti.y first a class Country Scat, folly and elegantly furnished px nnd tvell stocked. for the suinnter: house'contains 21 rooms and lour acres of law n, sloping to tide water, without sedge. For lull particulars apply to melville e. mead, South Norwulk, Conn. j\ ?midi.and railroad, new jersey.?i am ?,!' . making a specialty of Property on (he line of thin n, new road: within one hour of New York; the land Is n, ntonnluliiotis, perfectly healthy and tree froiti moa<)til- .. toes; 1 have a large nnmhev ol Farms, oonvetiient to dc- f,,, not, and gentlemen's Roaldeitees, wIt It a few Lots ot Ground. t. s. sll 1.1'lle It It, ls| Broadway. A complete two STtHtY and french roof |< new House at Flushing ; g minutes' walk from depot, nr m minutes from city, marble mantels, water and gas, tor ts.OtX); small cash payment. Apply to owner, w. e. ?u li am i f, 54 Wall street. ,.f A variety of farms. mills, tillage pro- lt perty and Country Seats, all sires, prices and loca- ? lions, for sale or exchange for city. Brooklyn or .lersey i; cll.y property. Parties wishing to buy, s< !l| or exehnngo, It please call or address \y, ii. mll1ck. 121 Broadway ,,,, A magnificent farm of 75 acres, WITn j,"' good buildings, one mile from station on New York .i, and Central Railroad, near Syracuse; price $2,780; terms i,. easy. 24a East Thirtieth street. 7 j gating, bathing, gunning and fishing.? a ij To let, u lurnlslied Cottage on the north shore of f i<ong Island. 8. cantrell, 241 Fourth avenue. oil Country seats to rent.?oyer 1(10 desirable cl' Places, furnished and unfurnished, eonvetiluut to ? city; a large number on North River and Long Island t/ sound; uivo Coitagcs, $31)0 to ww) per annum. p 8. ireland, 201 Broadway. nr Ijvnglkwood and palisades -CHOICE properj lies fur sale or rent Furnished llonsea for Summer. i,pl charles d. kellogg. No. 4 Pine street. J.,, Iaxkcl toics sale -within one iiocr of new ~J York, Northern Railroad of New .lersey, near tp station, forty Acres; large ami good buildings; fruits f abuudant; splendid view ; t( rms very caw ; a bargain: hi price > w\ h. Ml i.lck. til Broadway. t.aeastkr, fritz a co., real estate brokers, t,i j1 No. 1 Pork place. New York.?Dealers in eltv ami j New Jersey Property on line of Erie Railway; Passaic stn City Property a specialty; Houses, Lots and Farms for cti sale or exchange; also Houses to rent furnished and un- ?

furnished. t l^arm pgr balk?us acres, all under cult1r vhiion; iHrge house, good outbuildings; three miles Irom East Chatham depot, Columbia eountv. n. y.; price tin $9,0(>i>. Inquire of ii. j. smith, Forty-second street und id Tenth avenue, paper hanging manufactory. or TAlli; SALE ?A MATCH FACTORY. WITH OR WITH- riv j} out Real Estate, in good running order, with Steam x dress box'iti# l'ost office, jersey city Heights, N. J* Fi.iR SALE?KOKTY-SIX ACRT* S OK GOOD GARDEN- rp Ing Land, throe mile* from New York, on Patcrson 1 plank rone!, near Union Bill; ?! acres m pasture; to let qu until sold. ISO Bowl i y. TOOK SALE?A VALUABLE HLATtf PROPERTY IN _. P Pennsylvania ; Is sitiiRted on the Lehigh and l-acka- I wanna Railroad, near Chupiuan station; the qunlity ot t, slau- lias been proveu aud loiind fully e.pinl tothetmnous CliHimian slate, which quarry It adjoin*; has u noerfalling water power of ample capacity to do all pump- [h. Iiir ; state obtainable at once. For particulars address ML box Post utile". New York city. * J7QR SALE?ELKGANT CO NTRY RESIDBNOK} bet J1 healthy and pleasant location; onsv of arcess; varleljr coi of fruit trees in abundance; good buildings; 17 aercs title am land ; will be sold rt aaotiably ; u*y terms. Address Mrs. Uti O. O. SNYDER, Rhino beck, N. 1or cull on J. V. TRA- 0., \ ER, 00 Great Jones street. __ J' tOR 8A1.K?OR TOR HUllSi \ \CRr,H or Ground, with aplendld Residence, barn, outhouse*, all brick ; apple orchard, fruit trees, garden, Ac.; within I tim e miles of reekskUl; will be sold very low. For pur- J Mettlnrs impure of JACOB BROWS, tin Kiilton street, wil Brookli n. sec fjX)R BALE?IN , MS >1 YiN. I'KNillM, NI'.\V YORK. r on llio Northern Central ltnili-onil. between Klmtra pnl and Cnnnndalgita, the elegant Residence of Mrs. Nils- tu9 worth, containing about lour acres; a country --ent In the ? centre of one of the most healthy and pleasant ton us in "it the Ktate. W 1'enn Van Is located at the ontletof Crooked Lake, and tov distant south irom Geneva, on Seneca Luke, six- ?-0] teen miles; Cimnuduigua nail Rochester in convenient distance. Steamers t?ly on 1 rooked Lake during the Sum- ? ra.r: the boating and sailing nre superior: the lake Is lur-IAnicil tor Its trout, and the expert sportsman can have bis largest desires gratified in throwing the By or A deep water fishing. J i Penn Van is the ronnty sent of Yates eonntr. The H'-i healt htulncs* and social society of the place attract many dnl strangers in the Hummer seas. a. and gives mi opportu- ~~ nlty ot a sail lip the lake to the (.'rhana and Pleasant Vnl- A le\ wltie cellars, which embrace about 3,l)0U actus under J\ grape culture. ant I fie celebrated Watklns' Glen, one of the wonders of tw< the day, is hut one hour's ride by rail Iront Penn Van. yer The place nowoiTured for sale has been built, fitted up and furnished at a cost ot about R7U.GU0. There Is probably nothing more complote as a residence in Hummer or Winter, ami convenient ot art-ess, having . twelve or fifteen trains daily North, South, Kasl unit A West. ZZ Kvervthlng is In complete repair. II. use contains all | . the iiiinleni lmi-roTenii ills, uml niil.iOM,, , ..... ..... I A barn, cosmhouse, stable* ami urccniioutordc.: perfect law it ; pl< 111* ot trait and shape. Will be sold lor *ta.onu. A For lurlhor particular* apply to HUM Kit MORU \\, No. 2 Pine street. TTIOR SALE OK TO I,RT?A SMALL HolHE, CON- tL_ r tainliiR elpht rooms, with Harden utid stable, Rood prittw of water; within ten minute*' walk ol raUMIp I] bridRe depot; toniu.easT. Address Mr. tl II. HOUAKT, iletVerson ?tre?t.JI'nH.suic, l'a.-ato county, bo* 1&6. _ TPOR RALE OR TO LET?THREE I'OTTAOES. WITH ' r ground* and stables to each of tliein, situated on iv Carlelon Hill, West New HiirIuoii, 20 minutes walk from I I the terry lundiitR. Apply to JOSE MANZANEDO, 1* Cedar street. J J BURNISHED HOUSE?14 ROOMS, TO LET, II* COM- ,s r plele i.: dor ; modern cunt cnlciices . In minutes'walk I) frotn depot or boat; In hiflt and pleasant part of Newtune; rent to small family lint) a in out It tor a year, or A 1 S12A for six month*. Post office bo* 821. NewliiirR. aVI CI RKAT HAROAIM.?FARM OF 3* ACRES, MTU ATE I) \1 I" wiUtiu 3 nillOH of station and US hours ot New York t 2U aeren i b ar; bnlancoolcan young timber.Rood meadow, ? < well watered, good Itine home, targe burn, Ac.; Bico JV1 orchard, containing variety of frutl; location unsurpassed lor liealtb and beauty ;price f I sou cash. ? l'l.IK bi.N A -III.I.M IN East Strottdsbnni, Pa. dCKINSACK, PASSAIC AND ALL PART* OF NEW A Jettev?For sale, exchange and to let, Country Seats, J\ Fsrtns and Cottage*; some itirnnhed . printed acsc rip- i wll M NA-iON, Ny, i Chamber* street. I tot [AKOH 24, 1873.?TRIPLE SHEET. ROPE RT V OTl- OF THE C1TT FOR SALES 5*^*!L3H5S7.!~ ! ? LLPS B. MINF.B, A IA8TIN08, ON HUDSON.?BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED, A Salesroom, ? Chi IS,' miles iroin depot?Double House, furnished; Ave By A I. i.e. res ; atramtance ot trait; large stable and carrioua - On TUB iusc. Also untarnished Cottage, eight rooma, and gar- < jjj? o ??" ? Adi^JBriNU.Har^dtAca. SAXBOFPER^ IOTEL TO BENT.?A LARGE NEW HOTEL ON the highest anf Main atrcet. Orange, near parka and depots. ' Ad- . romadea, Lut ess R. W. HOLMES, Orange, N. 3. ?>*> laMey Toilet IOTEL AND MINERAL SPRING PROPERTY AT A IN,T.9?9?.?? OIL1 bargain.?Circular, with analysis and full partial- LUROMOS, oom rs. of S. EDDY k CO., So. 1 Park place. and Flgi IOTEL FOR SALE.?THE AMELIA HOTEL, AMELIA A LLEN B. MINER, i Court House, Virginia, .10 miles from Ru lmicml. on Salesrooms 95 Chi vhniuiid and Danville Railroad, containing til) rooma 7k.{siM Ith brick stores on street, und It*) acres of Land, adjoin- ojs tiivi g depot and Court House. Apply to A. V. SCOTT, Amelia 10 ; ? jloc .urt House, Virginia, or 8. fi. SCUIEEFELIN, 16 East JW R Mt Fo^lurd venty-aUthtr-t, New York. ?*???w.?PUnc kRANGE, N. J.?EAST ORANGE. WEST ORANGE, . . f Orange YaHey, Orsnge Mountain, Llewellyn Park, A LIAN B. ^NEB, i on t roseTil loom fleid und Montclair Properties of all de- A Salesrooms95 Chi rlptir us tnr sale and exchange. Houses rtirntshed and By ALl.t ifurolshed to rent. Apply to S. D. CONDir, **|H lurch Station, Oranga. ?e&?b? iTATEN ISLAND.?FURNISHED AND CNFIR- GENTEEL.HOUSE I ulslied Houses to rent and lor sate; choice Piota lor carpets.. lej beautiful views from every plot; properly re- . rieted. CHARLES E. WHITE, 160Broadway. A LLEN B. MINER, > A. Salesroom; to LET-AT RED BANK, N. J., A COUNTRY SEAT HORSE ACmON J on the Shrewsbury River; 22 rooms; 4 minutes (Tom anil brttkagb Khr llrond depot; h minutes from steamboat lumiiug; lur- coiutett l wewty-fj shed ; splendid drives iu ull directions. Address C. G. Bit UABD LLEN, lied Bank, N. J. . , AL^EN B. MINlil 1 __?' Sales of Horses, Cot tO LET?A DESIRABLE ft TONE DWELLING, FRAME week. Entries ol artii Outbuildings and Tenant House; largo Plot of Ground; repository ii dots or i tuatod on Little Clove road, "Lord property," Knten . wtmn.RAM land: rcntBl.flOO. J. V. DAVENPORT, Newark, N. J. A KrH JOHNSTON, JX Ottlce and bai 10 LET?FritNlSHED COUNTRY PEAT ON THE _ ^ Passaic, within 3U minutes of New York by Montr nXEwSSST" ulr branch of New York and Oswego Midland Itailroad , ARCH. JOHN si ON autitully situated, with fine view, undulating lawns, clock, at his salesryoi iwer und vegetable gardens, orchard, all necessary assortment of second i aces ou the river; would l>e let at very reasonable ? .... ...... rtns to n Rood tenant tmtil Jnnc, 1871 Unquestionable PartMoM. Sitting t fcrcuoes rc.rjtuicrt. Apply to J. K. ROBERT, No. 1 ~~ >nd street. Now York, or JAMES R. HAY, ltcal Estate A R0H- ?OJINS1 t?N. , tent, Newark, N. J. -cX ""J tO LET-AT MONTROSE, N. J., ORANGE MOt'N- THE OLDEST tain?Two large maces tor fBmll.v boarding houses, sir. JOHNwroN will, ,e hour from New York by Barclay and Christopher personal attention to i eet Icrries; sixteen'trains daily. The healtbfulness PriXiS?Vr ilflrVS id'popularity otthe whole neighborhood,from Llewellyn libkmal advanci irk to Bo ton Hall College, is beyond question. . _ " VOSE ft McDANlKL, No. 8 Pine street. A T AacTIt?*T ? . ? a neat little notel, 10 LET?AT GARDEN CITY, HEMPSTEAD, L. I., furnished Uiroughoiit.c several FIRST CLASS HOITBER; 36 trains per day, ?, ? . CINOLt a Central Railroad. Long Island and South .Side roads; will sell, at auction, at no, one hour. for particulars inquire of ALF.X. T. STEWART'S The IF,NT, ltroud wuy and Chambers street, between 12 untl , . w?lu . ,K! mm situate on East 12i -?I 1 ? Will he sold together i 10 LET? BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCES, FURNISHED Schedules and lull pa and unfurnished, lit Stamford,Darien, Norwalk and estportj first class taiutlluH e.nn be suited. Apply to . _ _ ... KbVII.LE E. MEAD, South Norwalk, Conn. A CALDWELL, At salesroo to LET OR FOR SALE?AT POMPTON PLAINS, N. J.. . est one hour from New York City Hull by Midland will give his personal illrouri. 9 acres ot' Land, with lloti??p, 10 rooms; good Furniture at residence! rn And outbuildings, garden, fruit treoe, berries, Ac.; Urge salesrooms, as at n have more laud lr desired. Apply to L. C. HAND- nary. >RD, 183 Bowery. * a DCTION NOTICE. 0 LEASE?NEAR THIS CITY, FINE MARKET AND -fx tloneer, salesroom Fruit Farm ; 10 acres: House and Burn. GEO. SKID- will give his personal u )RE, Clinton avenue, Jamaica, L. I.; or U. GUBSCii, mture at residence ot 1 Bowery, Now York. stores, merchandise, Ac _ prompt returns; inoder 0 LEASE?BELMONT 11 ALL, 66 ROOMS, FL'RNISHED . g- g t~Z or unlttrniehetl, Richmond Terrace, New Brighton, A ~ iteu Islund; 3 minutes front landing; really a deslr- --X 1IIUU CLASS O le place. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Fine street. ?r. The importation or Mi rALUARI.K MANtrFAOTURINO PROPERTY, WITH rassors to Uoupll A Co. tide water and railroad facilities, for sale and to 27 and 28, at 12 o clock, Apply to MELVILLE E. MEAD, South Norwalk, street, now en exhibit}; inn. El) Kfi ACRE FARM, CHEAP.?NORTH SIDE LONG A a$nOV KOT1CB. i/U Island; plots, suit; spendid, healthy couutiy; 1IENIU /INN, Au lit; halt cultivated ; hickory, oak, cho<1nut groves; ing at tali o clork, at pi ar village. K18BAM, over 300 lots ot first cli 248 Clermont avenne, Brooklyn. 'ox every article neo Rosewood Pianoiorte, r ?> AAA WILL BUY A NICE COTTAGE, CON- Carpets, (til Paintings, 0.v'vll' tniuing 11 rooms, at Far Rockaway, near top tables. Bronze Cloc e beach and hay: only ten minutes (rout two de pots. ? , Bedrooms opt: uulre of G. C. NORTON, 85 l'onn street, Brooklyn, E. l>. Suits, single and double t?; ? ? 3D curled hatr and sprit A X4AA ?DESIRABLE COTTAGE (THREE MIN- Dining Room, Haseruc T.sJv'U. utcs' walk), West Brighton Landing, 8 Extension fables, Clia oins; plenty ot fruit, flowers and shade; suitable lor a ware, Ac., Ac. utlcinan of moderate means; terms easy. , PARKIN. SO Broad street ^UGCiT MARTINET n CAA ?EASY PAYMENTS, A GOTHIC HOUSE, ? Magnificent hard wood finish; garden, high ground; Pianoforte, Bronzes, 0 minutes from depot; 4') minutes front Oltv Hall. _..y urn ot J J. FISHER SATTEKTUWAITE, lUl'if.e street. TT f)AY P Z at the eleganti ttttWffCF RKAL KSTM'E TO EXtiMMiE, ^ jiroperlv FOUR YEAR LEASE OF AN OLD ESTABLISHED AntofaaWtM akhSL r"v 1 Liquor Store, no corner, with or without stock, hots >ie rose' Cabineti chnnged tor City or suburban Lots. 087 Third avenue, Bookcase ; Velvet, Modt in to 12 A, M. anil 6 to HI P. M. toios, l'n in tings by et Clocks, Vases, magnifl CHOICE CORNER HIGH STOOP BROWN hrated clt v maker; Cat 1 stone House, on the best part of Second avenue, re- walnut Bureaus, Bed si i-te with improvements; a good business corner; will Louts XIV.; .Waitresses, 11 or exchange tor a good paying tenant, or French flat vcrware, Linen. Glass' >tisc. Also a fine three story litcli stoop brown stone ment. Kitchen nnd Her\ Dttso 30x41, lot 100; furnace beater, gas fixtures, shades, wishing to attend thl? ; Immediate possession; sold at ? bargain, tl'sold tie- cars. re the'28th. For keys and particulars < all at 917 Third cnue. JAMES HOWE. I UCTION NOTICE.? JX TU KSDA V nnd W li lOR BALE?OR EXCHANGE FOR A HANDSOME at Id's o'clock, at onr Resilience at Tnrr.vtown, irvington or vicinity, part lurge and ti allot nlno handsome new stone trout Douses, 20x ox American, 1, three stories, high stoop, basement nnd sub-cellar; Heavy at I improvements; delightful y located nenr Prospect Table and Pocket ('title irk nt.d rapidly Improving In value; will (rude pan lor United 1 its or desirable Country Property tree. II, L. RIDER, 39 Pine street. embracing full lines of tOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?ONE OF THE FINEST Catalogue Country Residences on Staten Island, near Clifton; K. T. H c large Mansion, all modern improvements; out but lets romiilete; about 20 acres of Land, under high state cultivation; abundance of choice (mils and flnelv A UCTION SALE.?G1 nded ; tine view of New York city and bay ; everything J\ turc. Piano, ic.?H most complete order, lullv furnished or unfurnished. on Tuesday, March 25,1 H. IRELAND,201 Broadway. second street, conalsd ton SALE OR KXC1I ANGK ?NEAR PASSaIC, N. ,t., piutedWara"Crockery,' an elegant Place ol 22 aeres, with Uno house nud ic. Particulars to-mor thnlldhigs; will be sold for loss than value, or ex nttgod lor city property. A N EXTRA LARGE J E. H. LUDLOW ft CO., No. 3 Pine street. ,/i. THIS (Monday) M( IOR HALE OR EXCHANGE?62 ACRES OF LAND, UN- (Eighth ITtrec'tbifetv ilcr a fine state at cultivation, elegant House, Carriage sou yards velvet,Brus; miso, Icehouse and outbuildings first Class; splendid nut Earlor Suits, latest in Imill; trait trees in variety. Farming Implements in octave doublo round 1 nndiincc, Horses, Carrluaes, Ac.; ltlsadairvln tltc Bronzes Works ot Art si paying order, everything complete, 25 tulles irom the gcres. Tables, Curtains, y, neur depots; location unsurpassed; wllh or without Bureaus Wastistamls. Ft J. P., 69 Great Jones street. ding. Bullet Extension IOR 8AI.E OR EXCHANGE-FOUR THREE STORY AucUoncer^OwdswiVl anil basement nouses, west of Fourth avenue, lh chasers, citv or cuimtrv trleut; will take improved Property down town. ?? JOHN SIEGED 4 CO., 79 Cedar street A UCTION NOTICE.?I IOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR BROOKLYN OR nt 10^ v\oek\t* 229 " ui East New York Property, a fine Store Property at and Fixtures ol the Ne ition North Side, Long Island. Apply to owner, 138 Company, consisting ot ambers street, room 10. anil l umps, Craton Boil WILL EXCHANGE A FINE FARM OF 60 ACRES "ml Ga.i^Vin^Mat^'a! Of choice In lid ; good, lair build tugs; 10 acres of Pipefitters', Tinsmiths' e timber; within three-quarters of a mile of railroad large set ot Rollers; ol pot, fronting on main mud, anil also a road running l.allies, Chucks, Tootsrough the centre, midway between Northnort and Pulleys, ftc.; ulsooneltl mllngloii, L. I.; will take a small House In New York ! in rumiiag order. The ' Brooklyn. Apply to JAMES KOWE. 917 Third avciu-u. | ollercd tor sale, amount U T.XCUANUK?FOR A UKOUKLY.N IIUl.SE, A A CALDWELL AC Form of 63 acres near Somerville, N. J.;good bui'd- J\ , Elegant II ts stock, implements. Ac. Also Country Heats, at bar- Monday at I0t? o'clock. Ins. KELLY BKUi-HKKS.208 1troa.Way. m.agn luce lit rosewood 1 0 EXCHANGE?GOOD VIRGINIA FARM, 160 ACRES, Kltchenware 8 KanPch oom atation, for small House or Merchandise. In- '!*" Ire of the owner, 138 Chambers street, room 10; price a CCTION HALE. J\ all the elegant Tfoti (? EXCHANGE?FINK BOISE AND GROUNDS, IN *wiTTbe (mjOwTat anotl the best part of Elizabeth, $10,000; mortgage; MONDAY nt 10)i o'i 000, with rasli, tor n sin nil Farm. A C. C. WAY LAND A AYMAR, 168 Fulton street. N. Y. Rich Parlor Suits, l 1*> ()()0 -"'K SALE OR BXOIIANHE-A DE- to-e'Amlllrlt Moll! 1 tj.ulfo. slrable 60 acre Farm. 2>? miles from Mid- Tables. Ktngeres, Com itown. Orange county, N. Y.: It is in a,very healthy and Puintings, Bronzes, Mil uitirul country, no fever mid ague or mosquitoes and Library and Dining Fur mnaiiils extensive vb'ws; good houso, fine new bum, Hedr. il will he sold with Horses, Cows, Poultry, Farming consisting ot elegant rust I a, Ac. For nn interview address the owner, C. C. Suits, Wardrobes, Chair 56 John street, New York. Bedding, Carpel". Ac. I ? . .. nf charge. Take Hert RBAIa B -TATE WANTED. _ thDout. * WISH TO PtTftCHAHB A THREE OR FOUR STORY . --JLa.!..,?1 liigli stoop brown stone or nlee lirlek House, Ai.x.m. t it Iiu? SAbR-jai Ih modern Improvements; location between Thirty- -"A THIS 1>A\ and and Eightieth streets and Tlitrd and Ninth ave- _ common :s; will pay $8,0(10 cash;price from $12,000 to $a,noi); i.? "?%vi,r objection if rented n year or two to a responsible 1 tv. Address, with permit nnd particulars, A. B., box the propc Herald I ntown Bi-aneli ofllre. , , , Icavl ? ? i namely, rich rosewood afii'u iw it i\* iiahiv? r uavd niii aim; ui* * r. ' wnter; Rood hou*?\ l>nrn, Ac. AddreiM, with larior hulls, covered in est cash price and full particulars, W. A. CAllTElt. 02 Centre Tables, Mirror* tlandt street, near Greenwich. tains. Rtageres, Turkish _ sou carpels, Jardiniere ? 900 volumes ol Books, i? i'- Vl IS rit 1. rosewood ami black ?vi stands, Wardrobes, sprit ?PR VAN YLECK, DENTIST, REMOVED FROM Beds, hllows. Unfits, Jt . 173 inenr Twelfth street) to 264 sixth avenue.? black walnut Buffet. C tutlful, warranted Sets satue day oruered ; iresli gas Cut Glassware, Ac., with l.v; tiiliii^ a ipeeialtjr. positive, rain or shine. _ purchaser*. Competent BROLUTELY PAINLESS.-TEETH EXTRACTED; pack good* tor pnrrhi fresh gns dally; Combination sets, extreme I)'light GERALD, Auctioneer; < I durable; Htiblicr sots, $10. 21(1 sixth avenue, be- Goods stored tree ot ohm ten Kout toe nth and Fifteenth streets. Kstahlished 24 "" 1>r- bkrhabd. -tjy p a clark X c ? ?? \j at a tore $H Brand KIDUAL. j M. MAURICHAC, M. D.?OFFICE 129 LIBERTY . street, near Greenwich street. flue 1 ? _____ ?_ ? will continue i ?BUK. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDENCE, sale Commencing at. 10^ .. 114 East Tenth street, nenr Third avenue. lien previous to sale. ?? Every article Warrant CARD,?DR. AND MRS. BOTT, tU AMITY STREET; out reserve. . hours, 9 A. M. till 9 P. M. ?~~~ TJY F. COLTON, AUt .It. FRANKLIN, 161 BLBECKBR STREET. I) turo?Tier and Man 1 seta and other Carpets room, bedrooms, A<v_ ,R. HELDEN, 67 AMITY STREET. of the Wadsworthi Hot ' Thirteenth street, on ? WEDNESDAY March ,R AND MRS. WHITING AND MME. DUBOIS, M the taUra FMrnltnre. c Great .tones ?tri et, between Broadway and Bowery. *? Ba2of*e*eremed mi R AND MVE GRINItl.K, ISO WEST TWENTY- black walnut; elegant B sixth street, near Sixth avenue. robes, Bookcases, Rurea >R? KLNJi,M.~9VI0J;' ,4 A,MI7V" fTRKKT7'^Jf wl'^a^Hne Ohlna'and1 block West of Broadway and Grand Central Hotel cnuperware, Ac Also R. KING'S t.KITGK, 14 AMITY STREET, OHK Offleo Desks, Ac , Ac. I block west ol Broadway and Grand Central Hotel, Ucuiara ^BE. TAB BI'SKIKK, PHYSICIAN, RESIDENCE TTT JOHN 1L 1>K AI IM I ast 2Hlh st . between Third and Lexington avs. J) A ME DRISPARD, PHYsici AN?BBMDEKCi 41 BART Lack I Eighth street, near Fonrtli avenue. cotupauy wtll srH ^ ^ FMK. KKSTKLL. NO. 1 EAST fIJTY SBCOHP at public auction,;* l street Agenu,Isj Greenwich et and No. 7 Sixth av. WhDNH / . _ at 12 o'clock noou, at 26 MATHIMOWIAIQ MIDDLE AGED BAR, TTRBD OF LOfCELlNKSS TJY MAX RAYRItSDt wtahea te become acquainted with a young Isdv J J to-morrow largo ? h a view to matrimony. Atldreaa JOliN H ACHr.Lllk fi^tn 11/.' Herald oUlou. EIWWRl* l? alKI AT At!enow. m< f ai II 8AI<BS? AT AUCTIOM. ^ \ lUCTTONBER. "TTT J. "W. CAMPBELL, JK., AUCTIOSBKK. irobey and 77 BeMU streets. X> Sella this day at WO Wert Eleventh street. & B. MINER, A BRO. n?i*?K,#tock flne Groceries Choice Liquor*, Ac. 8DAY. MARCH S5. .,CAM1,BKLL A CO. will Mil thin day, commencing 1#>? >k, at their MtMNM, ocleek. Us lote, without roMrve, on premises 290 We4 s and 77 Reade street*, Eleventh atreet near Bleecker, entire large stock of Qro MKRY, consist ins of some of 2"fi Imported and domestic Liquors, Wines, Ac., I first Quality of Bay Rum, contained ft etU drat clam grocery, slightly defaced by tin's and other Extracts, recent Are and water and sold by order proprietor, Mr. if. Boat.* of various quality. Ac. tAananr. *? " ?*? Jiearance. Stock embraces (in part* Also . , ^ boxen assorted Soaps, 00 boxes Stareh, 10 burrels flnt i P FRAME OIL PAINTINOS AND Vinegar, barrels bugiu. Flour and Potatoes: *JD pounds ' prising Landscapes, Marine cnolco Butter, Lara tuBbags Peanuts, assorted can goods; ire Pieces, Ac., Ac. other Urocerles of variety, usually found in such stores; ? f l,i?Wworth flne Liquors, imported Martel Brauuy, Uiu, lUC-nONEEB. Bourbons, Whiskeys. Wines, Ac other goods too numer* , ambers and 77 Rcade streets. ons to mention?all to be sold without reservation, and: i B. MiNRR A Bltu., removed day of sale. Urooer.vmeu, speculators, house18DAY, MARCH 1'7, keepers, buyers specially in vited. k, at private residence Auctioneers' office, AM Hudson atreet 1 street, near Seventh avenue, ~ HOLD FURNITURE, Mirrors "|?Y 8. W. DAUCHY. AUCTIONEER, i, Ac. Particulars in time. i) DALCHY A JOHNSON will sell this day, at two o'clock, at 4.4 Canal street, a IITCTIOVF.KR. general assortuient of Household furniture, consisting of irnbcr* ami 77 Reade streets. Mio tit) Tapestry and ingrain Carpets, Canton Straw Mat- . S' H MIM-.K A BRO., tings, Oilcloths, bugs, Parlor Suits, black walunt BedAY, MARCH JX, steads. Cottage Suits, Bed-, Bedding, hair and other MstBk, at til eir sale -rooms, tressos. Extension Tables. Bureau-, Waahstands, Dining s and 77 Reade streets, and Curd 'tables, Mirrors, Window Curtains and shades. MOLD FlRNlTL'itC, Mirrors, Mantel Ornaments Wardrobes, China and Olaeswarc, Ac. Details in time. Table Cutlery, Woodwure, Lounges, Solas, Kitchen Uhn ails, Ac. uctioneek, ?? i *5 Chambers street. 1JY MAX BAVKRSDORFER. AUCTIONEER?SELLA VAST AT NEW YORK SALES iJ Saturday next elegnnt Furniture, valuable Lease; OSITOKY. FOURTH AVENUE, low rent; splendid opportunity. Privately, this day, lluo M FYS STREET. Boarding Houte. MAX BAiLAoDUKFLB A HACKeU'8 McOULLOUOII, PROPRIETOR. office, Art Bowery. i A MRU., AUCTIONEERS. ? rtages, Ac.. Thursday of each T>Y MAX BAYERSDOKFKR, AUCTIONEER?SELLS, > :les lor auction can be modo at -if at 3 o'clock, atss William street, elegant Cigar Store, inlcsroom ot auctioneers. silver Showcases, Figure, costly Mirror, iarue stock hn ported Cigars, Tobaccos, Flues, Ac., positively ta lot*. AUCTIONEER. MAX BAYERHDOKFEK ? IIACkER'S office 245 esrootn 87 Nassau street. Bowery. op|)osite tlie t'ost office. ~ ? Fine Office Furniture. Y>Y MAX BAYERSDORFER, A UCTI ONE EE?SELLS, will Mill od Wednesday, at 10% I) at o'clock,at 584 Eighth avenue, by virtue of n, 87 Nassau street, a very large bill ol sale, large MilHnery, Fancy Goods. Ribbons, Silks, land Furniture, together with au Sutni, Velvets, Gentlemen's Furnishing Qeods, Hosiery, Underwear, Gloves, Notions, Ac.; Counters, showcases, lee Furniture, Ac., in lots for dealers only. MAX BAYERSDOKFER 4 ind Standing Desks, Safes, Ac. HACKER'S office 245 Bowery. AUCTIONEER, ? 1>Y J. W. CAMPBELL, JR., AUCTIONEER, esroom 57 Nus>aii street, -T> CAMPBELL A CO., will sell, on tomorrow, Hotweopposite the Post office. bold Furniture of private family iti West Eleventh street, STAND TN 'i'HE CITY. embracing Parlor, Wulnut and Cottage Furniture, Franca as fur many years past, give his Plate Mirror, Feather Hods, Bedding, Brussels Carpets, inles of household Furniture at other useful goods, Ao. F'irll particulars day sale, auctiousrilcs declining housekeeping. ccrs' office, IMS Hudson street. IS MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. ' JUNE ART SALE. , handsomely titled up and newly SUPERB BOOKS. lolug n first rate business. :, PORTER A CO. Time ol sale, til o'clock A. M., on the premises, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY EVENINGS, March LY. March 25, 1878, 24, 27. ise, Stock and fixtures, Books on exhibition, iith street, near Third avenne. FRIDAY, March 21, until day of sale. or in lot* to suit purchasers. ??? rilculars of Auctioneers, A SITERB COLLECTION OF FINE ART AND bird avenue and 82 Cedar street. ILLUSTRATED WORKS, 'CTTONF.ER, Picture Galleries, Antiquities, Architectural Works, in 71) Nassau street, Costumes, Collections of Etchings, Original Drawings, Ac. AhUshed 1840, attention to sales of Household Special attention Is solicited to this, the richest, most i ot faniilios hreuking up or at his valuable and cosily collection ot F'lne Art Books over I jove. Eurly application is nccos- ofiered lor sulu In tills country. Catalogues ready. The Messrs. LF.AVITT, Auctioneers, ?.?i -RICHARD WALTERS, AUC- TT ENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER, 27 East Broadway, solicit* and II SALESROOMS 16 CORTLANDT STREET, ttentlon to sale* ol household lur- PEREMPTORY HALE OF EI.EOANT FURNITURE parties declining housekeeping; ON TUESDAY, MAKCII 2.i, AT O'CLOCK, ! : also storage tor Ibrulture, Ac.- THE ENTIRE oTOCK OF MR. GEORGE KOCH, ate charges; 20 years' experience on account of retiring trom business, comprising the finest stock of Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Room Furniture ever offered at uuction. Goods on exhlIL PAINTINGS AND WATER bitlon on Mouday. COLORS. >ssrs. M. KNOEDLER A CO. (sue- TAMES CAGNEY, AUCTIONEER, Ml HUDSON I, ou Thursday and Friday, March tl street.'?Hotel Furniture?Tuesday, March 26, at ltH? , at the Art Gallery, 60 Liberie o'clock, cuttrc Furniture of the European Hotel. 187 Hud- \ jn. son street, neur Lutght, to be peremptorily sola, consistiWARD SCIIEXCK, Auctioneer. lng of elegant rosewood 7>.t octave Piano, rarlor Suits, in reps; Minors, Bedroom Sets, all the Brussels aud S-ply AUCTION NOTICE. Carpets, Oilcloths, Beds and Bedding, Blankets, situating, ctloneer, sells this dny, comtneuc- Chiimbor, Bar and Kitchen Furniture, Ac.; also all tlio rivato residence, L4 West 26th st? unclaimed Buggage. itss cliy-niude Furniture, conipris- ~T ~ _ s .7 ...I. . Tinna uricATiT AiTPTTrnvvun ich l'?rlnr Suits, Mirrors, Brussels V WEDNESDAY, March 26, Bookcase, Luce t'urtuliis, murble at II o'clock, at the uuctluu rooms, No, 1 North William As, Turkish Chairs, Ac. street, Uonseholrt Furniture, consisting of a large and ituin rose wood, walnut general ussorimcut of l'arlor, Heft room. Dining Doom Bedsteads, Iturcaus, Wardrobes, anil Kitchen Furniture, removed irom u private realig Heds, Redding, Lounges: also dcncc. nt and Kitchen Furiuturc, Butfet, * * dre, I'intc C utlery, China, Class- TOBB1NG AND RETAIL DRUG STOCK el at AUOIION, ?, AUCTIONEER. BURDETT A DENNIS will sell on Thursday. 20th, at ,(KKI worth ot 261 Hudson street, between Cuual and Spring streets, at Household Furniture. 10 o'clock A. M., Paintings, Drawing Kooib Suits, by order ot the mortgagee, Crt, at public auction, the large Stock, elegant Fixtures, 1-ouse and Good Will of ifonday), at ll>)i o'clock, the CKtensivo lobbing and retail Drug Slorc 281 Hudson esidencc 80 West l&th st., street, formerly owned by John Aitken, Jr., and recently n 5th and Oth avk, by tliu bCeupunt If not sold In one entire lot it f W. K. Livingstone. then will bo sold same day as per catalogue, ts?Furniture, Pompadour, Marie Information at the office ot the auctioneers, US Pearl st, cred silk brocade; innrqueterie Catalogues are now ready. s, Tables, Ktugcres, Secretaire Owing to want of lime to prenare catalogue, the abov# illlon carpels, Mirrors, Lace Cur- sale is postponed until MONDAY, 31st inst. ninent artists, Hrmir.e Statuary, leent rosewood Pianoforte, oele- TAMK3CAONEY, AUCTIONEER, HEAL ESTATE AND jterburv, Music Hooks; rosewood, ?l Loan Broker; M} Hudson street.?Fancy andGent'a leads. Wardrobes, en suite, stvle Furnishing Goods, this day, at ID1,' o'clock, without any , Extension Table, Sidehonrd. Sil- reserve whatever, in lots suitable for the trade and pri- , ware, Ohlnawnre, Cutlery; Base- vate purchasers; entire Stock and Fixtures of the Fancy -ants' Apartments. N. B.?Parties Goods and Gents' Furnishing Store, 21 Carmine street, i sale take 5th av. stages or 6lli av. near Bleccker. Stock is choice, tresh, varied assortment and saleable. Stock, recently Inventoried, over $2,OOOl Fixtures are Side and Counter Cases,"Counters, Awning, R. T. IIAZKLL, AUCTIONEER. Ac. 'flic trade invited. IDNESDAY, March 25 and 2t>, sale room, 118 Chambers street, T EFFKRT LAFFKRT'S ESTATE?880 LOTS?IND13iiportuiil trade sale of J J pntablo title.?By positive order ot Wm. Huge, Ksu., English and German JERK. JOHNSON, Jr., Auctioneer, will sell lo tlic highid shelf Hardware, but bidder, on Monday, March 31, al 12 o'clock, in the Aucrv, tlon Exchange, W.i Fulton street, Brooklyn, 350 valuahlo fare, Tinted Wnre, Building Lots, situated In the Twenty-first ward, Brook* Tea Trays, Guns. 4c., Ac., lytl, on Hopklhron, Saratoga and Howard avenue*. Dedesirable goods In lots to suit city catur, McHonougli, Macon and llalsey streets, tormerlv a country trade. part of the Leffert Leffcrt's Estate. The title is one of tho s on morning of sale. oldest and best in the state. The orders to sell are perI A/ELL A CO., Auctioneers, cmptory. The terms will tic verv easy The sn c will oiler 118 Oiiuuihcrs street a splendid opportunity lor mechanics, workingmcit and small capitalists to make investments, lar snter and I NT EEL HOUSEHOLD PURNI- surer than savings hanks, stocks and hands.-as the lots ENJ. T. KAIRCHILD, Auctioneer are on the line ot improvements near Broadway, and 873, at Id A. M., at 127 East Fifty. must double in value every tew years. Maps ready at ng of a general assortment of offices of J ERE. JOHNSON, Jr., 39J Fulton street, Brookand Bedroom Furniture. Silver- lyn, and 21 Park row, New York. Glassware, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., ' Z * < row. TLTORRia WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. ? ? i.?JL Household Furniture at auclloti. VND GENUINE SALE, K. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction on Tnesflav, LINING, March 24, at 10VI o'clock, March 2c, at II o'clock A. M.. at the house 210 East Seven sidcnce, 113Clinton place tccnth street, a general assortment of Household Fiiriiircen I'iith nml sixth avenues. "we, consisting ot Parlor, Dining Room and Chamber scis (Impels; rosewood and wal- Suits; Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Hair Matstyles; inagnilirent rosewood 7<i tresses, Pillows, Ac., together with an assortment of Pianoforte. 80 tine OH Tainting*, Kitchen Furniture and Utcuslls, with which the sale will Clocks, Mirrors, Bookcases, Eta- commence. rosewood and wnluul Bedsteads. I" I! Z ~ ZZ Z Z spring and hair Mattresses, Bed- MARSHAL'S SALE.?BY VIRTUE tiF AN EX EC ITTable, Glas?, China, silver Ware- AYL tion and on account of a loriucr purchaser, I wilt ants' Furniture. ERNEST ROTH sell, on Monday, March 24, at II A. M., in Wont of the be packed and delivered for pur- Court Honss, East Kitty-seventh slteet, near Third avenue. one Top Buggy, nearly new. ?? ROBERT W. DOWLTNO, V, 8. W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER.? March 22, 1873. City Marshal. ^MOWee? street the 's&ck'rliols PAWNBROKER'S SALE WATCHES AND JKWELRY.? Plus Co-opera live Manuiacturlng 1 THOMAS J. Mod RATH Auctioneer, MS Chatham Plumbers' Maleriols. Ship Closets street, wtll sell this day, at 11 o'clock 800 lots of Gold and lers brass and iron Globe Valves Silver Watches. Diamond* and Gold Jewelry, Ac.; Guns, i Brass",rk. Hut^stock of Stesin Musical Instruments, Ac. By order H. Decker? , together with a complete set of Canal street iso' e'ver?d"ox'andTEngl """oear pAWNBROKER'S SALE -SAM FOREST AUCTIONlargc lot ot Shafting, Belting and sells tills day, at 17 Bowery, at 12 o'clock, 300 lots I horsepower Eneiuc and Boiler Bilk Dreasos, Skirts, Remnants, Kroche shawls, Indorivhole of the above stock wiil be wear, Spreads, Sheets, Shoes, Gaiters and other seasonlug to over $20 UUO. Rble goods: also, at 3 o'clock, 300 lot* men's fine cloth ' Frock and Business Coats, black and fancy Caasimcre OTIONEER rants anil \ents; wortny me intention 01 dealers, order louseholil Furniture, I. Aaron, 197 Grand street. at 7tt Nassau street, consisting of ..n.??nnvpo.o a .t u. .un _ 'lanotorlo, Parlor, Chamber and TJAWNBROKER 8SALE.?THIS DAT JAMES AO A R, pets, Mirrors, HeA* and lied ding, JL Auctioneer, will sell at 5# New Bowery, fltw lots Men'a unce for hoitiiekeepers #"d Women's Clothing and other goods. By order ?- Charles Cudlipp. Spring street. sehnld FnrnitureUotTreselen^'E' TJICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER?MARSHAL'S t street, near seventh avenue, *n.Mo"(1"y-?t ???[o'clock, at salesroom 27 ion wlthnnt reserve this day, kast Broadway, chests ot choicest Green and Black leas, lock, bv ROBERT C. CASHIN, boxes of Starch, Soaps, Spices, bottles Hauoo. Cpfloo Eeuctioneer sence, bags Coffee, lentils, tubs and firkins or prime iratidc Duchosse, I'rincess and Butter; also Wheeler A Wilson's, Singor's and other fain; magnificent rosewood 7<~i oc- Vy an? manuflapturing Hewing Machines, in pcriect orCover and Music .11 and; Centre dor; Mine Manulacturing Stock, Dies. Lasts,Machines, Ac. mle Tables. Turkish Chairs, Oil Sale positive, P. MURPHY, Marshal. Stoil^Hllwww^ Cutlet!1, G HERMAN. A UCTION KER?MORTGAGE BALE OP torn Furniture kJ? saloon Furniture?By virtue of a chattel mortgage, rosewood and walnut Chamber I will sell, this day (Monday), March 21, at 10)$o clock, a% s, Lounges, Toilet Sets, Mattresses, }? Bowery, the Stock and I-Ixtures of a Lsger BeerHa oods can remain until May 1 tree loon, consisting of Chairs, Tables, Bar and Back Bar, nth or Eighth a veil tie cars to Sofas, Mirrors, Cooking LtcnstU, Staves. Lrtwkery, Ac.; B.?Snle positive. Dou't lall to also bottles, casks and cases ot Mines and Liquors. By v ? order of David PUman, Esq., attorney tor mortgagee. WEST 23IID STREET. CJHERIFF'S SALE.?R. FIELD, AUCTIONEER, WILL (Mendav morning), ^ sell Monday, March 24. IJ7B, at corner 140th street and ring at ll "clock the Boulevard, at 12 o'clock M.. a lot or Household Fitrnl,mn stane Residence, turc, consisting of Bedsteads, Booke.ases. Centre Tables, itreet, near 6th avenne, Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Commodes, lounges, Locks, Ac.; rty of E. Gay, Esq., also one lot of Silverware, consisting ol Table Spoons, ng for Europe, Dessert Spoons, Tea Broom, Punch Bowl, Knives, Forks. Pianoforte, made by Gilbert, of Sugar Tongs, sfftars, Ac. 11. f. BEEN NAN, Bhcriil. nered, cost $1,000; infiKnlttcent J. Sekwaciikk, Deputy. ^ , ? Pa I n"tag^r?B r<m zes,*' Lace' Cu'r?- CPBCIAL AUCTION BALE.OFSTRAWGOODS, t hairs. Clocks, Velvet and Rrua- ^ Panam^a and Son Hsta. Ac., Ac. s, stniiils, Chandeliers. Bookcase, ^ "A^ll 24 Engravings and Bedroom Baits, \vM To? i iNi fe i'o ??ninn?,? % ilnut Bed-tends, Bureaus, Wash- " * ? U A CjL, Auelloncers, > ug nnd Utilr Mattresses, Feather 132 Church street. Ilivkctfi Ac?; l,x tension Tublcs, > i iu arhott aitptui\i<'cu hairs, China and Stiver Ware, ^ITILLIAM ABBOTr, AUC NONhRR, rh sale will commence, with huIo fa BomTV, N.B.-l>eposits required from all to rtrtuo of a chattel mortgage I will sell, this dar, in,.ii in Attend*nc? to rert and 24th Instant, sit 10*$ o clock, tlm .stock and Fixture* ot the anern niter wile LUKB FITZ- Reataurtni and Barromn at 174 and lfi JVnrl street; one iiBce and store,' 442 6th avenue. 4-pn? Ale I'ninp. French plate Mirrors, Counters, Chairs, rue until ut ,,i Mnv Tables, Milvurplatcd Mure; alio tlio furniture of the " " y' family. WILLIAM ABBOTT. Jr.. Attorney lor Mortgagee. - war, opposite Bend street ? ? IlMtmleol ASTB01.0CJY. '"'and'*"* A TTRNTION?KNOW THV DESTINY; CONSULT raMe Cutlery . xi. tills wonderfully Rifled clairvoyant; gives luck, rnui'i doily the present week, marriage*. numbers, lulls ovcryUiiug. 158 <?cst 1' orty o'clock A. M. Goods on exlillil- first street ed first class, and to bo sold with- A TKBT.-MKS. VANSISE, BITSINESS AND MEDIx\. cal Clairvoyant! spiritualist; tells name, nny of ? marriage; brings togciher those longseparated; gives iTIONEKR.?ELKOANT FCRNI- positive information on all affairs ot life; >10 satisfaction tel Mirrors, Plsno; Velvet, Mrtts- no pnv. 621 Second avenue, corner I hlrty-tourth street ; I.aoo Curtains, parlor, dining ? . fietng the entire rich furniture A RRIVAL. ? GREAT EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT ??c, corner of f ilth avenuo and J\. tells names, shows likenesses, oanses marriages, gives numbers; 6fc. and ft. 142 West Twenty-Hllli street. 26, and THURSDAY, the 27th, ' _1?.... insisting of every kind and de- a DKT.AIDK H. LAMBKRTSON, CL.VIHY OYANT.?NO ng goods, some very choice and jf\. satisfaction no pay. Call and see nor, at 28 Greenni quality of solid rosewood end wlch avenue, near sixth avenue. teds and Hair Matt roses*, Ward- ?? us and Bed steads, the whole com- A MEDICAL AND BCSINEBS CLA1RY OYANT, WHO ipward* of thirty rooms, together Jy has no equal in America; all who nre sick or In Glassware, Silver Plated Ware, trouble should consult her before going elsewhere. N. all the Table Cntlery, Stoves, b.?No likeness or love powder. Olllcc and residence, utalogues lu time, wltn full par- 246 West Twenty-filth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenuea _ 'KR A CO., /8 MRS. H. ROEDKR-KNOWN 27 YEARS; GIVTNO uctlonecrs. \j, perfect satisfaction ouull affairs. 27 Allen street, uwunna and Western BallroW . ~ ? CITPST REVEALS FROM THE CRADLE TO THR , T grave name, date ot marriage; brings those separated together. 351 Third avenue. ISDAY, March*, r ? ______. Excbuuge place. _ _ Ajf*9- WELLINOTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS t~ HAMl'EL 8LOAR, Tresldeat 1VL everything: larky numbers; has a positive eare fbr ? 1 ? drunkenness; call or write. 11 East Twenty eighth slreek leaked'Crockery and*ulasfware pROE. LISTER IS THE (ONLY ASTROLOGER IN NEW km iters' opportunity. MAX BAY. A York. flendetamp for circular. .121) Sixth aveone ?R S uWuc. 245 Bowery. hear street

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