Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1873 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 13,365. IBECTOaY TOR ADVERTISERS. AX08BHGNTS?Podrtu Page?Fourth, filth and sixth columns. ABThOLUGY?Sixteenth Page?Sixth column. BALL SEASON?Fourth Pack? Fourth column. BILLIAR l)S?Fourteenth Page?sixth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Fifteenth Page?Fourth column. BOARD AND LODOING WANTED?Fifteenth Page? _ Fourth and flith columns. ? BROOKLYN REAL KSTATE FOR SALE?SllTM^TB Page?Second and third columns. BDBINKsH OPFORTCNIlIES?Foubtbejitb PAGE? Fourth column. . , BCJ8IN KbS NO i ICES?Ninth Page?Sixth column. BTTY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sixteenth Page? First and second columns. LERKb AND SALESMEN?Thied Page?Fourth colCLOtTumJ?Fooetkhitth P^ge?sixth column. UACtlMEN AND GARDENERS?Timed PAGB-Fonrth, filth and sixth columns. _ _ OASrwibE STEAMSHIPS?Fifteenth Page?SUth ORPuRjutON NOTICES?Fourteenth Page?Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Fifteenth Page?Filth column. DANCING ACADEMIES?Foueteentu Page?Sixth column. DBNTtsTRY?Fourteen Page?Sixth column. DRY GOODS?Fikst Page?Sixth column. ynikuuimf nuuorin avs urti, r unninniiL/ ahv uw FURNISHED? Fifteenth Page?Second and third v. columns. BUBOi'i'.a.'t STEAMSHIP8?KimuTS Page?Fifth and sixth columns. LCctoPE?fouhtkerth Page? Fourth column. EYES AND EARS? Fourteenth Page?Fourth column. FINANCIAL?Elktkhth Paok?Fifth column. FOR SALt.?Fouetkentu Paub? Fifth and sixth columns. POR.vlbliEU ROOMS AND APAK1MENTS TO LET? Fifteenth Page?Third column. VRNITUKE?Fourth Paue?First column. HELP WAN t ED?FEMALES?Third I'aur-Socond and third columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Third Page-Sixth colnmn, and Fourth Paok? First column. O&Ses, carriages, ac.?Fikst pad*?Second, third, fourth and ntth columns. hotels?PirTKKNTH Paur?Fifth column. Houses, rooms, au., wanted?sixteenth Page? Sixth column. JKSTKUCTION?First Paor?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY, HoBOKhN, HUD.nON CITY AND BEROEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sixteenth Paus?Third column. LB6AL NOTICES?Fourteenth Paor?Sixth colnmn. LOAN OFFICES?First Page?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?First Page?First column. MACHINERY?Fourteenth Paur?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?Fourth Page?Third column. MEDICAL? Fifteenth Paok?Sixth column. MJLL1NEUY AND DRESSMAKING?First Page?Sixth column. MXSCELLAN E0U8 ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page? Sixth column. KOhLLANEOUS?Fodrterhth Page?Fourth column. MUsICaL?Fourth Paor?Sixth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. PF.RSONAL?First Paur?First column. FLANOFoRTES, ORGANS, AC.?Fourth Page?Fourth column. PROPOSALS?First Page?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Third Page?Second column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO HUNT?Sixteenth Page?Third, fourth and flttii columns. BHAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Sixteenth Pack?Filth and sixth columns. BEAL ESTATE WANTED?Sixteenth Pace?Sixth column. BBWAHDS?First Fade?First and second columns. GALES AT AUCTION?Fourth Pack?Second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Second Page? First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns, and third Pack?FlrBt and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Third Page?Third and fourth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pack?Second column. SPORTING?dogs, BIRDS, AC.?First Pack?Second column. WE TRADES?Fourth Paox?First column. THE TURF?First Pace?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-Fifteenth PicaFirst and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Fifteenth Pace?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? FirriKNTH Paok?Third aud Fourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?First Page?Fifth column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.?Fourteenth Page?Fourth column. WBSTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY JFOR SALE OR TO LET- Sixteenth Page?Third column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?First Page?Fifth column. HERALD BKAWCH OFFICE-UPTOWN. A DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THB BRANCH OFFICE, 1,2?6 BROADWAY, WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY oinaciio, ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. IILL i P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THK HEW YORK HERALD. _ jyjESSRH. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HATE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW york HERALD. TIIEY WILL SUPPLY DEALERS WITH COPIES OF TUB UERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIB6 REQUIRING TUEM. _ PKU80NAL. About ten o'clock monday morning?tall lady, gray overskirt, buttons In front, two vetls? thick green and black lace; stopped In millinery on UniYerglt.v plncei. Admired her greatly. Will she kindly address, this week, GENTLEMAN, box 163 Herald Uptown Branch office! DONAT BRUNO. AN ITALIAN FLUTE PLAYER, lett New York a month ago; his brother. Roch Bruno, of 26 Marion street, wishes to know in what town he is now residing. Eugene jones, formerly of 21 west twentythird street, and Charles Legay, 74 University place, will bear from an old friend by sending address to box 199 Herald office. Figaro?when you are "thoroughly au lalt" then I suppose I can consider mvscif "non est." Shall I see you before I leave the city oa '1 hurt-day! Henry-ce soir bal de la peuichole, cen tral Park Garden, to-nlglit BROOKLYN JOSEPHINE. IN CASE OF NEEI) WITH NELLIE, FRIEND G. OR J. W. W., call without tall Immediately on my New York friends, l'ay no attention to appearances. CommuniCAlP with fhpm Without rnvArvo Writn m.. INFORMATION WANTED OF MRS. MARY MAXWELL, who arrived In boston by strum-thin Sameria and then for New York, by her brother Robert Call or address ID State street, Sew York. Imperial and royal austro-hunuarian consulatc Central, SI Broadwnv, New York. special Notice. JOSEF KI.IKK hBKIUiP.K, a Rahbl, native of Dobris in Kohcmia, Is hereby urirently Invited to present himself at once at the office ol the Austro Ilnnearinn Consulate Oeneral, In order that matters of the utmost importnuce may be communicated to litin. Any information ot clew as to bis whereabouts would be thankfully received. H. O. FRIT3CH, Imperial and Royal Vice Consul. IF MRS. N. R. WILL ONLY WATCH T. H. S1IE WILL be convinced that all her love, trust and confidence are bestowed on an unworthy object "WELL WISHER." MRS. JULIA KINO. LATELY RE8IDINO AT 200 WEST Forty-second street, wilt please send licr orei-eni address to 106 Qreeawlch avenue and oblige ber iriend K. mo THE CHASE HEIRS.?ALL WANTING INFORMAX tion or tlielr vcneaoloffy traced as compiled bv John F. Chase, of Boston, should address H. T. NICKEKSON, 184, Water street New York. The oentleman who took the pockktbook out of the Isilv's pocket, on Sunday evening, at 115 West Thirty-first street, had better return It, as he Is known. \trANTED?THE ADDRESS OK THE PERSONS Wno. vv In ISM, took from the Five Points House ol Industry a child named Anne Connolly, aged about two years. Address J. c.. Herald office, WILL MEET C. P. B. AT FANNIE B.'S THCRSDAT evening, at8 P. M. Your note Just received. MAY WOOD'S Ml'SE CM MATINEE MONDAY-MEN. imi tloned Herald please appoint an interview. Ad l?ONT AMU KUVKO) DOG LOST?ON MONDAY MARCH 24. 1873, A BLOODhound, with a bras* collar and lock j answers to the name ol Leo; spotted black and white. A suitable reward will be paid It returned to 77nvciue a, butcher shop. Found-a sum or money, call at 25 joun street FOUND-A OOLD WATCH. LAST AUGUST. THE owner can have the same bv proving property and paylhR expenses. Apply at 370 Hudson st, second flodr. Lost?a white spitz doo. answering the name "Fritz;" had on a blue ribbon and bell. The flnder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at 48 Warren street. LOST-22D INST, BETWEEN vf.SEY STREET AND Staten Island terry, foot Key street, a lady's gold fkret) and enameled back Watch. A suitable reward will be pa>d on ItM return to C. A. MOORE. 84 Franklin street J OHT?ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTY-FIRST Jj and Twenty-tilth streets, a gold EARRING, engraven In blaa?. The finder will he very liberally rewarded b%i Jravlug it at 33 West Twentv flrst street LOST-ON SUNDAY, MARCH 23, A SMALL HOUND Dog. little dark on the hack; answers to the name of "Nutty " A haud-omc reward will be given to who ?ver retutas him to 16o West twenty fifth street, and the thank s of a llttie girl, as it was a present to her. HKtVAHin. ^ Ar REWARXT AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED.-LOST, VCT ow Monday's getting into a Madison avenue stage, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets, a Lady's Brown -ilk Sun Unahrelia,with silver knob handle and attain. Return to 32 .East Thirty-third street I fcm REWARD.-Lt.ST, SUNDAY, MARCH 2S,b?. ' *>1U tween Twenty tt.'st and fourteenth stnftfte. on sixth avenue, a Sate KeyAmarked "Ohubhs' patent London.'' The above reward Will tie paid by leaving ft at the otlleo of Union Club, corkier Filth avenue and TwentyAntsirveu :e ne NEW RBWARBS. ATA RKWARD.-THE ABOVE REWARD WILL BE ?pDU paid in whole or-proportlonate ly for the return of a lot ot Goods stolen Saturday evening I ant from iil9 Canal street and no questions asked In any way. A/7JT REWARD.?THE GOLD HUNTING CXSE ?P Iw Waltham Ladles' Watrh, No. 1.909, with gold chattelalne Chain, Vinch wide gold band Bracelets and gold Eardrops taken irom a house in Charlton sSrect. Hon Uav, March 17. For the return of (he above goods the whole reward will be given, or >50 for the waich and chain and >25 for tne bracelets. The money will be paid on delivery ol the goods to GEO. B. SMITH, u Charlton streo t. and no questions asked. A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BE I'AID FOR T1IB return of the Umbrella marked Ethel Norman, 103 West Twenty-second street < 8PKCIAJL NOTICES. A-YGUR ONLY CHANCE.?SALES OF TICKET8 TO the Third Grand Gilt Concert for the benefit of Public Library or Kentucky are peremptorily ordered to be closed throughout the country on April 1 proximo. Drawing and concert positive on April 8. Ten thousand gifts, all cash, aggregating a vast total of half a million dollars currency, ana ranging in valne from f 10 ro $100,000 each, will be distributed by lot to ticket holders. One ticket in every ten draws. Secure tickets immediately if you desire to participate. Money Irom a distance may be sent by post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Concert Is held under authority of a special act of the Legislature, and all business arrangements have been eutrnsted by the Library Trustees to Hon. cx-Uovornor thotnas K. Brainlettc, of Kentucky. Kor tickets, full programme, information and all particulars apply to the Gener^ Agency ^ 609 Broadway, New York. A-BF.HAI.D BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN ccrnc oi Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Eauday irom 8 tot) P. M. A PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY: $100,000 FOR $10; distribution of gifts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets, $10: Halves, $fl; Quarters, $2 50. JOSEPH BATES, 196 Broadway, room 4. A -HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED AND . information tarnished. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATES a CO., 71 Broadway, room SI. first floor. ADARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF . Royal Havana Lottery, two Broadway; box 4,909 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. Commencement exercises of woman's medi. cal College of the New York Infirmary will be held at Stelaway Hall, Tuesday, March 25, at 8 P. M. Address by Judge Brady. Havana lottery.?German* ftate lotteries. Send tor circulars. KUULMANN A CO., Bankers, 85 Nassau street; box 3,585 Post olllre. HP. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY AND M08. qui to Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste tor the destruction of all kinds of vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadways OYSTER CONTROVERSY BETWEEN TWO STATES.? Our readers will recollect that some Ave years ago there was a large bed of oysters lound i~ Die Long Island Hound, off the harbor of Bridgeport, Conn., trora which hundreds of thousands of bushels bf seed oysters were caught and carried to the different harbors and planting grounds and planted not only In this State, but in New Jersey and Connecticut; since which time said bed has lumn a novni* fa ill tier tAiirpn of anntilv to fhn nvwtop planters of these States. It now appears that though this oyster bed Is In New York State boundaries, the oystertnen of Connectiout have joined together to monopolize the working ot said bed to the utter exclusion of all others, and this without a shadow of law or right. On the other hand, the oystertnen ot this State are determined to protect their rights and Interests, and are holding meetings and raising money to carry the war into Africa. At a large and earnest meeting or the oystertnen of Port Washington, L. I., and vicinity, held at the above place March 15, 1873, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted?John Mackey, Nr., in the chair, and W. 8. Weeks, secretary Whereas the oystermen of the State of Connecticut are endeavoring to prohibit and prevent the oystermen of this place, and others of the State of New York, and who are citizens thereof, from catching seed oysters in certain portions of the waters of Loug Island Sound, more especially otT the harbor of Bridgeport, as has ever been our custom and right; and whereas we believe said bed of oysters to be within the bounds rics of the State of New York, as we are infbrmed by competent counsel and other reliable authority, and none but citizens of this State (New York) huve a right to work said bed; and whereas we are satisfied that large quantities of territory belonging to said State of New York have been taken up ana planted with oysters In violation of law and the rights of the people of this State, more especially off Norwalk Islands, Shippan, Darlen and other places; therefore, bo it Resolved, That, while we ore and have ever been willing to share our rights and privileges in common with our neighbors. If the oystermen of Connecticut attempt to deprive us of or curtail those rights, that we, thn fivttrirmpn unrt nf the* MfatA nf N'ow Vnpk arc determined to resist further encroachments and as serf and maintain those rights which belong to us. Resolved. That we claim that the bed Known as the Bridgeport bed is In New York State waters, and that only the citizens thereof have the right to catch oysters thereon. Resolved, That snch grounds in this State as have been taken up and planted at Norwalk Island and other places by the oysterroen ot Connecticut be reclaimed from them for the use of our own citizens. Resolved, Thata committee of five be appointed to confer with the oystermeu of City Island, Oyster Bay, Statcn Island, Little Neck and other places to insure co-oueratlon. A considerable sum of money was then raised and the meeting adjourned to meet at the call of the Chair. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. kkntcoky- extra class no. 239?march 24, 1873. 64, 32, 3, 7, 41. 68, 19, 22, 34, 16, 27, 23. KENfCCET?CLASS KO. 239?MARCH 24, 1873. 71, 25, 13. 47. 40, 19, 23, 46, 37, 22, SI, 72, 48. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. eniLBT college? extra class ho. 139?marco 24, 1873. 18, 48, 64, 63, 4, 17, SO, 26, 41, 42, 15, 28. niLBY cot lege?class HO. 140?march 24, 1873. 35. 78, 57, 44, 26, 30, 51, 10, 40, 66, 8, 41. 56. SMITH A CO., Managers Covington, Ky. _ J. CLLTE, Broker, 206 Broadway. Post office boa 4,069. Public notice is hepbby given that THE Buldings, Parts of Buildings. Fences. Ac., to bo removed in consequence of the widening and straightening of Broadway, between Thirty-second and Kitty-ninth streets, will be sold at public 'auction on Thursduy, the 27th day of March, 1873, at 10 o'clock A.M. "Hie sale will take place on the ground, commencing with the premises known as No. 165 sixth avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth streets. Catalogues may be obtained of WILLIAM KENNKLLY, Auctioneer, office No. 4 Pine street, or of the undersigned. OEOROE M. VAN NORT, Commissioner of Public Works. Drfartmfht or Public Works, March 14, 1873. Royal Havana lottery.-prizf.s cashed ;orders filled; information furnished; highest rates i old lor Spanish Bank Bills, Ac. TAYLOR A CO.. Bankers, ItiWall street. New York. Royal Havana lottery.?the next extraor(Unary Drawing will take place on the 22d of April, 1873. J. B. MARTINEZ A CO., Banker*, 10 Wull street Post office box 4,685, New York. ROTAL SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY AT LEIPile, Germany; 95,000 tickets; 47,500 prize*; Brunswick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lottery ; Royal Havana Lottery. Prizes cashed nnii Information given. THRODOR Z8CUOCIL 116 Nassau street; box 0,0M0 Post office. STUYVE8ANT BANK.?A MEETING OK DEPOSITORS will be held at room 24 Cooper Institute, Tuesday, March 25, at 8 o'clock P. M. Depositors will please bring the ir hank hooks. JOHN TYLGK KELLY, T St'll.M ALI1ULZ. M.T.GILLICK, JAMES DOOLKY, Committee. STORAGE AND SAFEKEEPING FOR FURNITURE, baggage, wagons and other property, in separate, closed compartments, always accessible; goods raised on elevutors and received In Interior court of warehouses, avoiding all delays and street risks. 11. G. IIA KG Kit, Eighth avenue, trom Thirty-third to Thirty-fourth streets. Tin roofs repaired, painted and kept in repair fcr three years for one cent per square foot; references given as to responsibility. J. REYNOLDS, No. 6 Carmine street &?:nn nnn -ALL CASH GIFTS; $100,000 FOR JJPOUU.UUU. SI0. Tickets for sale Public Library of Kentucky until April 1; drawing the Stli. Office ouen Irotn 8 A. M. to 9 P. m. W. L. DAVIS, Agent, 173 Filth avenue, between 22d and 23d streets. fCQQ I" DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOALized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree. 12>4 cents commission allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. Mork news. moke news. ORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MOKE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MORK NEWS. MORK NKWH. MORK NEWS. MORE NEWS. THE EVENING TEI.EORAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD, ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. HPORTING?DOGS, I1IRDS, AC. A -FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. . llinls, Ac.; Medicine* for nil diseases, Prepared Food (or mocking bird*, at B. O. DOVEY'S. No. 3Greene street, near Canal. A RARE CHANCE.-JUST OFF THE SHII\ AND great bargain*, first cln*? strains ol Setter*. Cocker* and Retriever*, from England; also several choice Skyo, Scotch and Dandy Dlnuiont Terrier*; a large miscellaneous Mock on hand. 1>. HL'KNS, 612 Broadway (the only Impoiting house in America). WANTED-A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND OR STBernard Dog, dark color; must be well trained and good watch, but not vicious; neat In house. Address, with full particular*, F? box 936 Po*t office. THE TI'HF. TO LET-FROM APRIL I, 187.% FLEETWOOD PARK. Club Houij^ Gate House, Bar* under grand *tand and Hllch ng Privilege qf ground*. Apply at the park, or 111 W all street. W II. Van COTT, Superintendent. HOHUW, ( ARIHAdKS, AC. A BAY AND A BLACK MARK, KKNTUCKYS BOTH heavy In loal, fast traveller*. 7 year* old. each 16* band* high; must he sold, a* the owner ha* no use tor them; price $3110; kind in all harness; sold separate or together. To be seen at 246 East Twenty-ninth a tree L corner ol Second avenue. A CHANCE.-$160?PONY ESTABLISHMENT, PONY 12 hand*; Pony Phaeton and llarrr**; worth twice the amount to any gentleman looking lor a turoout 168 West Forty-first street, near Seventh avenue. Avery oood platform spring express Wagon, $86; no top square body Buggy, good a* new, $126. Can he seen at 231 Thirty-luiuiii auee:, between 8fC?n4 and Iliixd ,t ' nr.. W YO r YORK, TUESDAY, MARC HORgRg, CARRIASKB, dBC. A?MAJOR OH AH. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. . GREAT POSITIVE A>0 PEREMPTORY HALE OP TWENTY HEAD OP HIOH-BRKD TROTTERS, ROAD8TERH AND PAMILY HORSES, Just arrived from Monroe county, AT BARKER A CHASR'HI CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTBR8 ALL'S, CORNER BROADWAY AND THIRTY-NINTH STREET. ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26. AT 12 O'CLOCK, and comprising one of the most elegant and cloaely matched pair of last bay Mare* ever ottered at pnbUc sale, both sired by General Wadswerth, out ot a Harkaway mare. ISti high, 5 and 7 years old; are elegant and extra (.amy drivers; are warranted to trot In 2 :."i0 together, and were never handled lor speed; ate galted and act alike, and aro warranted sound and kind. Handsome and very closely matched pair of dappled gray Geldings, lull brothers, both sired by Pilot, 16>i high, 6 and 7 years old; have great style and appearance; elegant drivers; trot in 31*; Rowing manes and tails and warranted sound and kind. The celebrated roan trotting gelding Rpangie, sired by John J. Crittenden, ont ot an Arabian Mare, high, . 7 years old; an extra lino . tree driver: in condition can trot in 2:38; is warranted to trot In 2:46 to-day and la warranted sound and kind. The last hay gelding John 0., sired Henry Clay, 16 high, 7 years old; extra One driver; has had no handling ' and is warranted to trot in 2:50, and is warranted sound and kind. The fust young sorrel trotting Hare Lillle, sired by Eureka, 15J? high, 8 years old; elegant driver; warranted to trotln 2 M, aud warranted sound and kind. Fast brown trotting Hare, tit. Lawrence stock, 15^ high, 7 years old: handy driver: warranted to trot in 2:20; great roadster and warranted sonnd and kind. Fine brown trotting Mare, 16k high, 7 rears old; fine, stylish driver: warranted to trot in 3 minutes and warranted sound and kind. Extra tine brown lamily Horse, 18k high. A years old; prompt anif gamy driver; can trot in 3>a and warranted sound and kind. Elegant and extra stylish bay fhmlly or road Gelding, Patchcn stock, 12k high, 6 years old ; great style and action; can trot in 3 minutes; elegant tamliy horse, and warranted sound aud kind. The last brown trotting Gelding, Frank, sired by Royal George, 1S& high, 6 years old; has hud no handling and Is warranted to trot in 2:50; elegant driver, and warranted sound and kind. The fine, gamey bay trotting Getdiag Harry, sired by Henry Clay, 16>a high, 6 years old ; tine, stylish driver: warranted to trot m 3 minutes, and warranted sound and kind. Elegant and extra oomblned chestnut sorrel saddle and harness Gelding, Kentucky bred: 16 high. 7 years old; elegant driver, fine under saddle; warranted to trot in 3 minutes; has size aad style enough for coupe, and is warranted sound and kind. Handsome brown trotting Colt, 1BJ? high, 8 years old ; splendid driver; warranted to trot in 2:80, and is warrranted sound and kind. Description of balance in Wednesday's Herald. Stock now on exhibition. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. Office and salesroom S7 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse and Carriage Branch 19, 21, 23 and 28 East Thirteenth street, between University place and Fifth avenue. The firm o! Johnston ft Van Tassell having been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. JOHNSTON continues the UUPlllVra Bl IUQ U1U BWUU, ill niuauu BWVCI, UJJJ'UDAVC IIIC Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OP THE HOUSE ia now conducted at tlie spacious premise* i 19, 21, 23 and 28 BAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenne and Univeralty place, und has no connection with the other stand lately occupied by the firm of Johnston A Van Tassell. REGULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. The first regular sale will take place THIS DAY (TUESDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK. QRAY TROTTING HORSE, known as the MKRFORD HORSE, full lS)i hands, 6 years old; a grandson of Old Hamhletonian, out of a very extra fine star mare; perfectly kind, gentle and true; can trot a mile in 2-30; promises great speed; Ihll pedigree given and guaranteed; Is not afraid of anything ' and is warranted sound. BROWN COUPE HoRSE?ilrownCoupe Horse, 18 hands, 9 years; kind and true every way. COUPE?Circular front Coupe, built by Corbett A Co., lined with brown cloth. In good order; also set of Coupe Harness. BLACK MARE?Very fine black family Mare, 16^ hands high, 8 years old (no older): kind, gentle and true; very stylish; Is not afraid of unything; lady or child can drive her; warranted sound. DARK RAY HORSE?Long mane und tall. l&% hands high. 6 years old ; kind and true in all harness; excellent disposition; not atraid of a locomotive or anything else, and warranted sound, kind and true. BAY MARE?Very fine bay Mare, 18U hands high, 8 years old; kind and true in allharness; stands without tying; not airaid of a locomotive or anything else ; lady or child can drive her; warranted sound, kind and true. SORREL HOUSE-Husluess Horse, 18>i bands high, 7 years old; kind and true every way; has been used to express wagon. TURNOUT?Bay Ilorse, 15W hands high, sired by Ethan Allen, dam thoroughbred ; fine open gait and of great promise, being only 6 years old; kind and true in all harness, perfectly gentle, of great endurance, an excellent traveller and warranted sound. Also top Wagon, In good order, built by Miner A Stevens, with city made Harness; also set of double Pony Harnesa The whole to be suld without any resenre whatever. BAY HORBE?Very fine bay Horse, hands high, 7 vears old: kind and true in all harness, a very stvllsh driver and is warranted sound. TOP WA'OON?Top Wagon, nearly new, built by Corbett A Co., of Twenty-filth street, to order, with Pole and Shafts. TROTTING WAGON?Nearly new, bnilt to order by Corbet t A Co. SKELETON WAGON.?Skeleton Wagon, nearly new, built to order by Couse. CABRIOLET?Entirely new, aold for account of whom it mav concern. CLOSE COACH.?A close Coach, In fair condition. EXPRESS WAGON.?Express Wagon, nearly new. Ten top and no top Pony Phaetons, top and no top Buggies, ten other business and family Horses. Depot wagons, dagger Wagons, Ac.. Ac. REGULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. Entries for sales may be made as usual either at our downtown house, S7 Nassau street, or at the Mart, 19, 21, 23 and 2ft East Thirteenth street Liberal advances, as usual, made on consignments. ARCH. JOHNSTON. A -NO SHENANIGAN. . NO PAPER TROTTERS. SPEED WARRANTED. TO-MORROW (Wednesday), March 26. at 12 o'clock, AT BARKER AND CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER BALLS, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street Eleven head of highbred Trotters and Roadsters, warranted to trot in from 2:45 to 3 minutes. Also elegant pair ol very closely matched dapple gray Qcldiugs, unequalled for coupe or road use. Also several desirable family Horses and Roadsters. There are no old pelters in tills lot. They are all trcsli and green, and have never been handled tor speed. This Is the fastest and best lot of young horses ever brougnt to the New York market, and will he sold without reserve. Read tlie descriptions in this column and attend the sale. _________ A THE "BREWSTER WAGON." A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished and embracing in.their construction the various improvements Introduced by us duriug the pastlftycars, making them the Standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of otir well-known Broome street factory, and nre offered In PIOCK 111 ItII respccu* equal III quuill.v ill Ulimr inilil 11/ lilt; order of the most valued customer. and ut prices uniform to allin order that we may not he confounded with a Joint stock company o( currlnge dealers who huvc adopted n firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "BnwMar Wai'on," we hen the puhllc will rcmcniher that our only warerooros are ut the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth Street, and our uuly Factory on ltroome street. brkwktkk a 00., ot Broome street. \t arch. johnston's new mart, THIS day, AT 12 o'clock, 19 to 28 East Thirteenth street, near University place. COUP! TURNOUT, MINER A STEVENS TOP WAGON, corbktt, of 25tii street, ku'waoon; corbktt, of2sth street. trotting waoon; skeleton wauon, nearly new; twenty road, business and family horses. Sec catalogue in this column. A great bargain.?for sale, a complete Turnout, hy a itenllcman leaving lor Europe?two tia.v Horses, 10 hands hiftli, sound and kind, excellent trotters. Hand 8 years old ; a Landnulet, nearly new, with double Harness, Blankets, Ac. Inquire at Brings' stable, corner Seventh avenue and Forty-second street. ABk lor Michel, the couchmnn. At our factory, i,?04 broadway, above Thirty-ninth itrect, are the following second liaad Carriages:? one Barouche, I Pony Phaeton, with Rumble, Extension Top Phaeton, I Four-seat Pony Phaeton, Coupe, I Top Buggy, Clarence, Coupe let BRADLF.Y. PRAY A CO.. 888 Broadway. Avery light curtain coach, nearly new, and 2 Top Wagons, by Brewster-Bl Top and Open Road Wagons, hy Dusenherry, Waterman, Duhots.Corhitt, Ac. ;1 second hatid Clarence; i light Coupe; Rockuways; I Victoria; I Doctor l'hacton, by Kimball: lop and open Pony and Park and extension top Phaetons , 2 Sulkies, hy I Iliisenlierrv A Van Dasen . ton and onen Express Wagons. single and double Harnett*. Blanket*. *0. WM. 11. (1 KAY, 20 ami 22 W ouster street ?$480?SYLISII, WELL TRAINED MARE, 6 YEARS . old ; sound nntl kind; tine roadster; broken to middle; a ehance for some one. Apply at GARRISON'S, Eighth avenue and Forty-eighth street A SPLENDID BAY HORSE, SEVEN YEARS OLD; good lor saddle, light wagon or truck ; gentle aa a lamb. Inquire 28 Cedar street Brooklyn E. D., l$i block* from end ofDoKalb avenue ltailroad route. A -FOR SALE, THE PROPERTY OF A FARMER a span of chunky built Horses; color brown and bay; 6 years old ; weight 2,400; they arc tit for an.v kind of taislncas or carting; ta be sold together or separate; thcv arc warranted seund and kind, either in single or double harness. Inquire at Deck Hotel, corner oi Liberty ana Washington street*. A GREAT BARGAIN IN A BEAUTIFUL AND STY lish buy Melding, l??i hands, 6 years old; can beat three, minutes and was never trained; a perfect gentleman's horse, good in all harness; sound and kind; lowest price $760, worth more than twice that. Apply at stables, 16 and 17 East Twenty-eighth street A MORGAN SADDLE PONY FOR SALE.?WARrantcd sound and kind; 6years old; can be ridden by a child Apply at BLY'H Express, 203 East Second ?t A PONY TURNOUT FOR SALE?CONSISTING OF A A beautiful Welsh Pony, let black, si* years old, and warranted sound and kind In all harness; can be oscd by the moat tlmM lady or child ; also Harness and small Phaeton to match, made to order. Apply at private

table 161 East Twenty-eighth street A FARM WAGON AND OARTS-4 EXPRESS 3 Boldness Wagona: * Depot, 3.lager Wagons; 16 Top and Open Phaetons; Kockaways, IGig; 1 Brett; 24' op am) Open Wagons, at J. II. JENKINb'S, 1,130 Broadway, a?y ? ? J p: v ?RK H !H 25, 1873.?QUADRUPLE HORSRM^jCAKRIAGKS, AC. A-TAUOTION THI8 DAY BY WILLIAM VAN TABSELL. AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TAS8KLL), HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION HART, 113 AND 114 EAST THIRTEENTH bT., NEAR 4T1I AV. REGULAR 8ALE8 OK HORSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND KRIDAY. Twanty-four to forty-eight hour* given purchasers to test warranties. CATALOGUE OF THI8 DAY'S (TUESDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. ELEGANT PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT? TEAM Mack Horses. 10 hands high, 6 and 8 yeara old; kind and true in all harnei-s; free trom vice, trick or tault; good travellers; tree and stvltsh drivers; tear nothing; an extra tine family team and warranted sound; also set fine Double Harness aud CLARENCE. USED ONLY THREE MONTHS, AS good as new, built by J. H. Brewster A Co. TEAM BAY HORSES, OWN BROTHERS, 10k HANDS high, 6 tears old; kind and true in all harness, free from vice or trick, last travellers; were raised in Kentucky by present owner; are tine, stylish drivers, tear nothing and warranted sound. Also set Harness and FOUR-SEAT PARK PHAETON, WITH POLE AND shafts. SPLENDID PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT-TEAM 80Rrel Horses. 16 hands high.7 and 8 years old; kind and true in nil harness, free troin vice or fault, good traveller!*, very stylish niul handsome ; afraid of nothing; allday travellers; are In every respect a first class family team and warranted sound. Also set Harness, made by Dunscomb, and SIX-SKAT KOCKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT by Brewster k Co. TEAM BAY TRUCK HORSES. IT HANDS HIOH, 6 and 7 years old; kind and true iti all harness, ft-re from vice, superior workers and a first class truck train. ELEGANT PARK PHAETON ON li SPRINGS GRAY COUPE HORSE, 1?H HANDS. YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness, tree from vice, good traveller, extra fine style aod actlou; suitable lor coupe or twowheeled dog cart, and warranted sound. M.A.IL PHAETON, ENGLl.-ill PATTERN. NEARLY new; top on front scat; built by Wood Brothers. BORREl. HORSE, 16^ HANDS 1IIGII 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness, free from vice, a good traveller, a very superior truck or draught bursa and warranted sound. BLACK HORSE. 16 HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice or trick: a superior worker; will make au extra fine truck horse, and warranted sound. BAY HORSE, 16* HANDS, 6 YEARS OLD; KIND and trae In all harness; an excellent horse fur a lady's phaeton; has no vtco or trick; fears nothing; perfectly safe In any glace, and warranted sound. GRAY HORSE, 16 HANDS, 6 YEARS OLD; KIND and true In all harness; free from vice or fault; a fast traveller: can be driven by a lady, and warranted souud; also set flue Harness and ROAD WAGON, BUILT BY WATERMAN. GRAY MARE, 15 HANDS HIGH, 4 YEARS OLD; 1 broken to single harness; very spirited and stylish, and warranted sound. HORREL PONY HORSE, 40 INCHES HIGH, 7 YEARS old; kind in all harness; a splendid pony tor children's use. Also set Harness and Pony Phaeton. SORREL PONY, II HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD; warranted sound. Also Pony Gig. SEVERAL OTHER HORSES. DESCRIPTIONS TIME of sale. Six-seat Rockaway, in good order. Dog Cart, second nnnd. Top and no top Wagons. Phaetons, Rockaways and Express Wagons. ' WbatliAr nsvflp IntorforAu with mir bhIhu A SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT SALE OF AN ENTIRE PRIVATE GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, WHO, BEING APPOINTED A COMMISSIONER TO REPRESENT CERTAIN MANUFACTURING INTEREST IN THE VIENNA EXPOSITION, Is obliged to noli his entire flue turnout CONSISTING OF ELEGANT HORSES, TROTTING WAGONS. PONY PHAETON, ELEGANT DUNSCOMB HARNESS, BLANKETS, ROBES, AC., ON TUESDAY (this Jay), MARCH 25, AT STABLE 100 WEST TUIRTY-TllIRD STREET, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE, AT 10 O'CLOCK SHARP. Including the elegant Cast and handsome voting hay trotting horse known as Bay Dick, 15% high. 7years old; was sired by Young Morrell; for gentleman's road horso he has few equals, being stylish, genteel, safe and fast: ho can beat 2:45 to road wagon and speed a 2 uVi gait, and is extra tree, pleasant and prompt driver; ranks No. I, and Is warranted sound and kind. Also the handsomest and best young bay pony Horso for lady's nse in the city; 15*4 high. 6years old, high Kentucky bred and a perfect pet and picture ; can be driven by any ordinary driver: is sensible, well-behaved, fears no locomotive or anything else, stands without tying, elegant under the saddle, either for lady or gentleman, is without vice, trick, fault or blemish ; fast trotter; warranted sound and kind; together with elegant top pony Phaeton, Harness, Ac. Also a fine large Membrtno Mare, 16 hands high, seven year*old; was raised In Kentucky and sired by Clarko Chief, he by Memhrlno Chief: her dam was Elsie, by Lexington; is an extra fine, large and handsome mare: has record of 2:42; an elegant road or family mare, and valuable for breeding or any other purpose; Is sound and kind. Also an elegant dapple brown family Horse, 16% hands high, extra fine styled; fears hothlng; flue trotter; warranted sound and kind. Full particulars of all, with perfect description, at sale. Gentlemen wishing flue, reliable stock, should attend, this sale, as everything will be tully warranted as reuresented and a responsible warranty given. Bale positive, rain or sliine. JOHN D. HAMLIN, Auctioneer. AN IMPORTANT SPECIAL, ABSOLUTE AND UNRESERVED SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, THIS DAY (TUESDAY). MARCH 26. AT 10% O'CLOCK, AT 1 US PRIVATE STABLE 102 EA8T FORTY-FIRST ^ STREET. ONE DOOIt EAST OF FOURTH AVENUE AND ONE BLOCK SOUTH OF GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT, OF ALL THE PRIVATE AND FINE STOCK OK A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN, WHO IS FORCED TO SELL ON ACCOUNT OF PECUNIARY EMBARRASS MF.NTK, BY JAMES JENKINS. AUCTIONEER, including handsome and flue bred, large and fast trotting Gelding, 15% hands high and 6 years old this Spring; raised by De Orsey, In Kentucky, and sired by Gold Dust; Is an extra stylish, fine, free and easv driver; finely irnil.wl flio. H iwrtneif irvt. .. t>A t ( f111 uilvor main. onH tail; touk premium at luir last Kali; he In one of the fluent road horses in the country ; in improving in speed very rapidly ; bus size, tone una strength lor a coupe, family or ir.atcli horse ; cnn trot In 2:S0, and warranted sonnd and kind. Also tine, handsome and very fast team of Trotting Mares, color bay, with all black points, IS', hands high, both 7 yearn old, are half sisters, were rained in Ken tucky and purchased there by present owner; they are very closely mated in color, action and disposition, have One heads and necks, with tine, lotty action, and have as much style as any team driven 011 road; they can he driven with open bridles, need no checks or gags, are not atrnid of anything, and can pull a road wagon together any day in 2:45; they can be handled by the most timid with perfect safety, tind are warranted sound, kind, true ami perfect in every particular. Also a line, fast "and high-bred young Trctter, 15.2'? hands high, 7 years old and sired by Kentucky Clay, dam 1 horougubred; he Is. without any exception, one ol the finest styled trotters In the country; has fine action and endurance, amiable disposition, powerfully gaited and an excellent poleliorse; trotted Inst August at Karragansett l'ark, at private trial, in 2:38; he is trotting much taster now, and his owner was to place him in the hands of a trainer on the first of mouth and have him entered in several purses the coming season: he has line head, limhsand leet, and warranted sound, kind und true. Also a line Ilatnliletoninn Marc, sired hy Rysdlck llamhletonian, dam a Star tnare; she is 15% hands high, 7 years old and can trot in 2:40; sho is ucrtect in every refect with exception of a cut on hind leg, got tills Winter 'ti sleighing, hut does not hurt her a particle; sho would make an excellent brood mare, ami owner would ha v v sent her in country ami raised a colt front her this Soring had ttnot been tor tills unavoidable trouble; she is w irranted sound and kind. ANo a fine Park Phaeton, Pole and Shafs; one light Trotting Wagon, one top Wagon, one top Pony Phaeton, single ami double Harness, Blankets Robes, Ac. Stock can he seen and examined now at stable as above by applying for key at stands 7,8,9 and 10Croton .Market, Forly second street and Fourth avenue. Tins stock comprises as line stock as was ever offered at public sale In this city, and will be sold to highest bidder without limit, restriction or reservation. N. K?SALK POSITIVE, It AIN oil SHINE. A?CARRIAGES OF ALL KINDS, ROCKAWAT8, Htiggv, Pony Phaetons: Depot, Express and Business Wagons, both new and second hand; cheapest place in the city. 141 West Hroadwav, near Canal street. A?coupes, landaulet.h, landaus. phaetons. Buggies, depot Wagons, all ol the latest stvleg, 20 per cent lesa than FIfUl avenue or Broadway stores. HAM, 10 East Fourth street A LOT OF HORSES FRESH FROM THE COUNTRY sold or exchanged for Horses of less value; suitable for all kinds ot business. Inquire at 541 Canal street rare chance just from "vermont, 1paxk flae bay Road Horses, 5 years old, 15% hands high; extra drivers, and promise great speed; price S7U0. Also pair hrowu Marcs, A and 6 years old, 15% hands high; good stylish drivers; very kind und of great endurance. Apply to J. W. DEAN, at stables 3U8 and 310 East Eleventh street, near Hoeond avenue. Albert e. waldron, auctioneer Parties having Horses, Wagons, Harness. <tc , for the sale on Thursday, March 27, will please send dcscrlp tion 011 Wednesday. I>. W. IVES, 108 Liberty street A LOT OF" TOf BUOOIES, KOAD WAOONS, Express, Grocery and light Business Wagons, second hand covered two-seat Depot Wagons. 348 West Twen O sev.nth street, tat ween Eighth and Ninth avenues. A BARGAIN.?A DOCTOR** WAGON OR LIGHT Phaeton for sale ; price $900; original coat $3(j0; been u?etl hut six times, Can be accn at 1SU Last Thirty-ninth street, or call at32 Reade atreet. ?kioHT good working anij driving Horses; tnuat be aold; cheap; warranted sound and kind. Impure at corner New Church and Cedar streets, New York. _ _ A -WANTED THREE OR FOUR LOW PRICED . Horses, to work on farm. Apply at 54 Went Thirtieth street, ironi 9 to 2 o'clock, in feed store. A I.AHY'S COMPLETE ESTABLISHMENT.-CIIKSTnut Mare, 8 years old, sound ; Phaeton and Harness; will be aold separately If wanted. KENDALL A HELLINUKK, Thirty-eighth atreet and Seventh avenue. AT 58 LIBERTY STREET, NEAR NASSAU, Light Wagons and Harness, carefully selected from the beat builder.", closing out at a great sacrifice for rash. 58 Liberty street, near Nassau. ATTENTION.?GOOD BUSINESS ON EIGHTH AVEnue, Brewster Buggy, last Mare and Harness, Cab, Diamonds, tor salu cheap or exchange tor Real Estate. Apply to JOHN MUDUETT, 166 Broadway, basement, roem No. 3. T>E SURE AND ATTEND THE FIRST REGULAR ?J hAl.f. AT ARCTT. JOHNSTON'S NF.W MART, 19, 21. 23 A,.D 25 KA8T TIIIKTKKNTF1 STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AV., THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. SHE CATALOGUE ABOVE. BAY MARE, $?A; BROWN IIOKSE, GRAY. $70; also one tine truck Horse; also one fine Grav, Cor car'lage or express, Apply at 189 South filth avenue, near Grand street. /CARRIAGES.?NEW AND SECOND HAND FAMILY \j Carriages, Pony Phaetons. Business Wagons, 4<\, will be Mild low to make room fur Spring and Humniet style*. W 11 TV k CO., Pulton and Nevin* streets. Brooklyn. PARRTAGES.-70 TOP AND ROAD BITGGIKS; ALSO four-seated Carriages, fine Barouche, pony Phaeton*; latest styles: cheapest in city, at DAY k SOS'S Factory, 1*0 aud 140 UU?lda?_?lletU. ? ' * # * ERA! SHEET. _ HORSES. CARRIAGES, SVC. CROUPE, RICH SATIN LINED, AS GOOD AS NEW, IN J private use; low price, *476. Seen at stable 441 Fourth avenue. EXECUTOR'S SALE.?AN ELEGANT ENGLISH Clarence, in poriect order, price 9400; also a very handsome Koekaway, made bv Wood Bros., price 9 0u; also two double sets ot Harness, 934 and 940 each. The above must be sold at once. Apply at 64 West Nineteenth street, or No. 4 Warren street, room 2. FOR SALE?AT WILLIAM H. KOHK'8. 21 EAST Twelfth street, a splendid Coudo; very cheap. T?OR SALE?A VERY HANDSOME HORSE: JET a- DiacK; io\ hands high; 8 years old; hound and kind; a good driver. 903 Eighth avenue. For sale-two cheap horses, kit for any light work; must be sold. Iuquire at stable 347 Stanton street For sale-five low price horses: suitable for lurming purposes. Apply at 347 Stanton street For sale?a fine chestnut sorrel mare and fine black Mare, both 6 years old; trotting a mile in It :fiU in harness. Apply at Cu Uraham avenue, Williamsburg. For sale cheap?Kentucky make, bay, 15.3, 7 year*, strongly built, handsome, penile and sound; no fault. Apply at 23 West Thirteenth street. For sale?bashaw road mare, is hands h'gh; will suit any one who wants a pood animal; warranted. Hear of 207 Wooster street For sale-large bay truck horse, 7 years old; sound and kind; a chestnut (treat Draft Horse; price $75; owner has no work. Can be seen at foot of Wall street, apple stand. Inquire for POWERS. For sale?handsome black horse-, also Dog Cart and Harness. Apply at 64 William street, room 20. Fine horses for sale-fit for farminq or grocery purposes or truck; warranted sound and kind; must be sold. Inquire at 211 Wooster street, between Bleecker and Amity. For sale?a nearly new top road wagon; line, city made double Road Harness; also set single Harness. Audross KUROl'A, Herald office. For sale?a sikole set of harness and Platform Spring Wagon, suitable for grocery or express business, at 14 Charlton street. For bale?a fine top waoon, mad* to ordcr by Brewster A Co., Broome street, last Spring; been used very little t cost $600;j>ole and shalts; will bo sold for $330. Apply to JOSEPH TOWNLEY, Boulevard stables, 186 and 167 West Fiftieth street For sale?pair bright bay carriage Horses, lull 16 hands; perfectly matched; very oijiiiou, Hiiu naunuicu buuiiu aiiu KUUlir , uuiv BOIU U?r [ want ot use. To bo icon at private stable No. 7 East Nineteenth street. For rale?a gray, ? years old, i6 hands high; suitable for a butcher or a baker; he is a splendid driving horse; can trotin about .1 minutes; selling only for want ot use; can be seen until sold. Apply at 116 Monroe street For rale?a valuable chunk op a canadlan Horse, for a farmer, $45; litte sore In one foot; one flne blind Horse, $65. Apply at 77 New Chambers st. For sale?t1iree pony built horses, 14t< and 15k, hands. 8 and 9 years; fit for any work; prices $30, $85 und $135; all sold for want of work. Inquire at 135 Perry street., rear. For sale?one op the finest steel gray Ponies In the city, 14 hands high, 5 years old; warranted sound and kind. Nos. 3 and 5 West Thirteenth st For sale?a Canadian pony, wk hands iiigii, 7 years old ; warranted sound unit1 kind; suitable for grocer or butcher, or milk wagon; price $160. Inquire at 56 Charles stroet, in the grocery store. For bale?a pair op black horses, iej? hands high, the finest pair In this city; have been purchased in Rochester for the present owner, who ia compelled to part with tlicm on account of sickness in his family and leaving for Europe. Call on Mr. MULLANY, 256 West Thirty-ninth street. New York, from 10 to 12. For sale?a horse, truck and harness; bay horse, 6 years old, warranted, 16 bands; generate or together; cuuso ot selling, no work. 324 Hudson street. For sale a pony buii.t horse, 16 hands, a years; fit for any work; sold for want of use, $150; also one work Horse, $30. 26 Bethune street, near Washington. ETOR SALE?A HEAVY CART OR TRUCK HORSE, 16 P hands high, 8 years old ; warranted sound and kind; ' price $200. Inuuire at 297 West Tenth street, near West. For sale-two clarences, in good running order, at 451 Pourth avenue. For sale cheap?a top buggy, dusenbury make, new last season; in use only two months. Inquire at 88 West street. For sale or exchange-so fine' young Horses, Just from Indiana, 14 to 17 hands high. 5 to 7 years old; all sound and kind. Inquire at 120 Norfolk street. To he seen until sold. BlOIt SALE Olt TO RENT-STABLE 12S WEST EDiil teenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, 21 by 92, two stories; terms easy. Apply to Mr. HALL, 137 Madlsoa avenue, at 9 A. M. or K P,M. Horse wanted.?a young pony built horse, hay, sorrel or black o..d action and snoed, sound, true and kind; iifrui.I c . Ing, and gentle enough lor a lady to drive with iicrictl .afoty lo and from railroad cars: to be tried htf.. a i or basing, and luily warranted. Address, ?tatlm . < color, price and other particulars, room 4, 231 Hr ad way, New York. House, truck ani> harness for sale?all In due condition; will sell separately or together. Inquire In pole yard. .7.15 Washington -Ircet. Horses taken to board, drive and break, i with good care, by JOHN U. TWKDDLE, Montgomery. Orange county, N. y. References?James B. MMK A New Aork city. HARNESS FOR THE TRACK, ROAD, COACH. COUPE, Park. pleasure an<1 business use ; also lor ploughing, (arming. teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, contractors, railroads, A'1-; also Saddles, Bridles and Horse Equipments ol every description. A kingdom lor a horse. C. M. MOBSMAN A PRO., Harness Mnntilarttirers, warerooms 114 Chambers st. HARNESS.?THE CHEAPEST HARNESS BTQRB IN New Vork : good doTible Truck Hnrncss, $30; good single Kuggv Harness, hand-made, $22; a good Stable blanket, $25); the largest assortment of Cart Harness in the cilv. I lease rail ntol examine lor yourselves. K. S. OHBoRNE, llaniigs Warerooms, 43 Murray st. I A BOB AND IMPORTANT SACK OP PINK HORSES J and Carriages at auction, TUTS DAY, by WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL, Auctioneer, at Auction Mart, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street. TWO ESTABLISHMENTS OP PRIVATE PARTIES, Team hlnck Carriage Horses, IB hands high, 6 and 8 years; a superior family team and warranted sound; also 'set ol Harness, and BREWSTER CLARENCE. NEARLY NEW. ELKO A NT TEAM SORREL HORSES, Ifl HANDS; warranted sound, kind and true; Harness, and SIX-SEAT ROCKAWAY, IN HOOD ORDER. PINK TEAM HAY CARRIAGE HORSES. TEAM BAY TRUCK HORSES. Road and Work Ilorsos, Elegant Phaetons. Top and no top Wagons, Roekawnys, Ac. See catalogue above. PRIVATE STABLE.?THE OCCUPANT OF IMP. FIRST class private stable No. 7 East Twenty-eighth street, having more room than he needs, will let throe Stulls and Carriage Room from lite 1st day ol May. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES.?TWO COUPES, HIXscat Rockawav, light Victoria, Pony Wagon, several Koekawaya, Top and Open Buggies, two Dog Carts, Coupe Rockawav; extensive assortment Spring styles new Car. riages at low prices. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. gTABLE TO LET. 2fW East Fortieth street. Truck and cart for rale-one first class X Truck, and one second hand; half-spring Cart. 75 First avenue. TO LF.T?TWO STABLER, UP TOWN; ONE FIVE open and two ho* stalls, one four open stalls: ample carriage room and accommodation* for coachman. WM. ELLIOTT A CO., 1,41)1 Broadway, near Kortyflflh street. WANTED-A PAIR OF WELL MATCHED HORSES, 7 years old. ISU hands high; can trot In four minutes; sound, kind and gentle. Any gentleman about selling out his establishment can hear of a purchaser bv applying at the stables of John McNicol,23 and *5 East Twellth street Will sell cheap-Bay horse, 7 years, 15^ hands; good roadster, stylish, sound ami kind; owner going away. Been any tune ut Brevoort Stables, 114 Clinton place. WANTED?FIRST CLASS PRIVATE STABLE, BEtwoen Twenty-third and Thirty-sixth streets. Sixth and Lexington avenues; immediate occupation. Address, (tatlng terms, Ac., 5(1 Broadway, room 4. 1NEW ROAD WAtJON, 1 RF.COND HAND TOP Buggy. 1 new Top Grocery Wagon and 1 two-?eat Wagon. '255 West Thlrty-llrst street, near Eighth avenue. JOHN (I. JAOER. Q CHEAP HORSES FOR BALE?175 BACH; KIT FOR O any work ; must be sold. Inquire at 30 Broome street (cast). _ _ fc.1 CA -PONY BUILT BAY HORSE, 8 YEARS, 15X hands; stylish sorrel, 5 years, Id hands, $200; sound and kind ; selling to close partnership. 418 Eighth avenue, corner Thirty-first street. (fcrnn CASH.?HORBE AND BCOUY AND A CO.N?i/UU fectionery Ftore, or would exchanee lor Keal Estate. Apply to J. w Ml'DtlETT, 16S Broadway. 1st HI I sets harness, of kvery DESCRIPTION, .IJUtJ atmsnulHOtiirar ? prices. JACOBOWHKY, H1LBOKN A CO., Ill Chambers at. YACHTN, NTKA.Y1 BOATS, AC. aOUOOBTER Ft' I.TON?cAKRYINO CAPACITY WO O tons, will be sold at auction at Perry street, North Kivcr. on Wednesday, March M, at :t P. >1. Wanted to purchahr?a steam yacht, oivk description, price, speed, Ac. Address (JKOituK BROWN, Post office bo* 2JW, New Yorli city. tirANTED TO PURCHASE?HALF A DOZEN OLD YY Canal Boats, suitable Ibr bulkhead purposes. Address, statin* dimensions, price and lull particulars, H. A K., bo* *.3d8 i'ost office. WASTED TO PURCHASK AIT ANTED?A PORTABLE PLATFORM HO ALE. IN *Y *ood order, to weigh troni LWIO to 2,8?'. fend description und price toHlllPeON A C1IA8E, corner A07tli aLcet AUd First???""? LD. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DRY GOODS. ANOVELTYI A NOVELTY 1 at MACY'S. Sometuing New at MACY'S. # at MACY'S. The next time you arc shopping at the store of K U. macy CO. . _ please ask to see The Picnic Department. The l'icnlc Department. _ _ ... .. The Picnic Department You will there ace something that will surprise und please you. anil you will only have to Buy an<l Try In order to be completely satisfied us regards both quality ami price. K. It. MACY A CO.. Fourteenlli street and Sixth avenue. Attractions increase at smith's pattern. Hazar, 914 Broadway. Superb Costumes, enchanting Novelties. Patterns now ready. Cloth model with each pattern. Come early in the day. A. Bl'lt DETTK SMITH, !II4 oroadwuy, near Twentieth sL Hairi hair! tiairi The lurgest stock of Human Hair Hoods in the city at SHaW'S, 382 Bowery. Between Fourth and Great Jones street^ and 363 Sixth avenue, be'ween Twenty-second and Twenty third streets, ui> stairs. hiiaw's I'nient Hair Switches, can be combe-l and brushed, $1 each. Human Hair, cheapest and best in the market. Short llair Switches, $2 each and upwards. French Switches, #5. Curls, $1 and upwards. Latent styles alv ays on hand. Just received, ust received, an olognnt stock of Lluiuu Luce Goods, for Spring wcur< Elegant designs in Shawls, Dolmans, Sacqucsl the most stylish shapes, at very low prices. r. ii. maoy ft co., Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. < LADIES-OET YOUR DRESSES DYED AND STAMPED In any color or design, by H. BONURAND ft CO., 1,193 Broadway. Satisfaction guaranteed. MIL1.INEHY AMD pRKSgWAKlSoT^ A CARD. mme. 8. P. lovett. 753 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Spring exposition or Paris Millinery and Dresses, Wednesday and Thursday, March 28 and 27, 1673, A?MA180N WALTON, H62 BROADWAY, ABOVE. Union square, Importer of Parts Bonnet* and Kng llsh Round Hats trom all the leading houses-, also a choice selection of Bridal Wreaths, Veils, ftc. George bloane, broadway and tenth ' street, will open on Wednesday and Thursday, March 26th and 27th, trimmed and untrlmmrd Bonnets and Hats. Also Millinery and Fancy Goods. Lord a taylor, corner grand and ciirys. tie streets, will open on Wednesday and Thursday. March 26 and 27, a choice and elegant assortment of ladies'Bonnets and Round Hats. A large assortment ol Mourning Bonnets always on hand. They will also pre. sent to their customers on the same nays a large and varied assortment of Ladies' and Children's Salts. Cloaks, ftc. MME. A. MICHEL, FORMERLY WITH MARIE OA. loupeau, 423 Sixth avenue, Now York, has returned from Parts by the Silusin with a most exquisite assort, mentof Bonnets and Round Hats, selected by herself In all the leading houses In Paris. Hrnwn's Kiujlluh Itnnnit Hats. Mmk. HENRiETTE buhlweyer, formerly* of No. 6 Groat Jones street, will open on Wednesday,' March 2ti, at 1(1 East Ninth street, the newest und most distingue styles of Bonnets nnd Round Hats, all selected tor her from the first houses in I'aris. OPKNTNO ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY?It choice and elegant assortment of Pattern Bonneti and Round Hots. _ Mrs. g. w. allen. Division street. PARIS MILLINERY.?MMK. FKRRKRO, NO. 7 WEST Thirtieth street. New and elegant styles of Bonnets and Ronnd Huts. Flowers, Veils, Ac. J>ARIS MILLINERY. Mme. GALOITPEAU, M East Tenth street, will open he* importation of Paris Millinery for Spring on Wcdnes* day, .titli iust. LOAJI OFFICE*] AT 77 HLKKCKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, III stairs.?Highest ensh advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Planus, Ac., or bought; Pawnbroker!' Tickets bought, at 77 Kleecker street. AT WOLF BROTHERS', 890 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry. Silverware, Silks, and particularly Pianos. Private parlors lor ladies; business strictly confidential. AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER OF FOURTH STREKT, liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Bilks, camel's hair Snawls, Laces aad Personal Property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. AT 57 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROVDWAY1 pay the highest price for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth strcot. At hy man's, 710 broadway?liberal ad. vnnces made on Diamonds and Watches, Silverware, Ac., or will pay the highest market price lor the same. American office, established ism.?loans on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware. India Shawls, Lace.s, \ aluables, Ac , nuv amount, or will buy; utmost value paid. J. II. UAHItlNGER, 7J5 Broadway, opposite Astor place. Money loaned on diamonds, watches. .Towntrv nnd Mnrrlinnrii<o ot pvopv iloucrintion CIIRISTALhR'8 Loan Olttcc, II and I' ALihcdon square, Kiphth avenue. near Bleeckcr street. Storage taken. Mmk. Leonard. .109 sixth avrm' r:. npar sini-% teonth street, ncc?mmmlatos la 11< -a with advances nn Diamond*. Watch"*, Jewelry, Silverware, Ladies' Goods, Ac.; deals with ludir* only. on NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.-* ?> / Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The same honirht and sold. Room I DAYMAN LEOPOLD. I AO SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN TV ENTT-FOURTH T-U?> and Twcnty-flltli strei'ti.?Liberal el anecsm.idu on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry and all kinds ot Onods. Same houitht at full value. L BERNARD. POr. BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? n~?I Money liberally ad vanned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Lo.toi olllee. Same liouitla and sidd. M. KOsKNHKRG BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BEAM ' I . _o) I office. room 11.?Parlors for ladles; branch III En I ton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Uiamonls, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same hdutfht and sold. LI NIX) BROS. INNTH! < TION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, ?FOURTH AVRNVE, opposite Cooper Institute.?Bookkeeping, Wrlttmr. Arithmetic and latiiKUngc*. Day and evnlns. Ladies* department?Telegraphy ta .cht practically, with instruments. Demand lor operators. ? VOONO LADV OE EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING Xx. will instruct, during i'ic evening, in English branches, Latin and higher niaihematics; terms reasonable. Address TKAi UEIl, box It! llorohl Uptown Braucll office. At paine's business colleges, rroadwvv, corner Thirty-third street; down town, 62 Bowervj young men, crow n up and married Indies of neglected education secure private instruction; 21 Writing lessons. $2 SO. A LADY OF ABILITY AND EXPERIENCE DESIRES to make an cng.-igcracut as visiting teacher in a school or lamlly ; teaches the higher English branches, Latin, French and inuslc; highest references. Address TEACHER, IS Hibio Hotitie, lor one week. KUSI NESS WRITING, B'lllKK EE 1*1 NG, A KITHinetlc, Ac., lor itentlemen, Indies and boys.? DOLBEAR's Commercial College, K75 nroadway. corner o( Eighteenth street, is open dav and evening; pupils can have a general or special course of private lessons: stiffness, cramping or trembling entirely removed and an elegant business baud given. Ladles, learn tne English band. f 1< illegiate ami commercial ins.ttutk, \J NEW HAVEN. CONN. Preparatory to t'ollege, the Soientitle Schools or Bast* nessSiiinmer session begins April .'I, 1">73. ON THE 1ST OK MAY THE FORT WASHINGTON French Institute for Young Gentlemen will be removed to the spacious premises of 1. P. Martin, Esq., 171st street and Kingsbrldge road. V. PRE Vi us I. -nee.-s-or to Lespmasse A Prevost. TXT ANTED?A TUTOR FOR A YOUNG MAN PRF.PARVt lug for college ; best references required. Inquiro ol W. H M ILLARD, 61 Maiden lane, up stairs. UTANTED?A FEW LADIES OR GENTLEMEN HKsiring to loin a select class for the exclusive study of the German languge at the country home of a German prnlcKsnr of languages, graduate of Heidelberg, alter ? new and vcrv successful system of Instruction. German (Hanoverian pronunciation) constantly sunken; course twenty weeks; family rcflncd; house and table it rat class; unexceptionable references given and required. Apply, by letter. HUBERT P. MAIN. nroome street, sow Tor*. IITA.VTKD?FOR A HOY, WHO IS RBCKIVINO PKIf? vate Instruction at home, a Companion to study with lilm two hour* each ilay. Address FRANK, box U3 ll< raid Uptown Brunch office. ~ " PROPOSALS. OFFICE OF THE WATER COMMIHSrONKitflTPKOVIdenco, It. I , March 22, 1873 ?To Contractor Healed proposals will be received at tins office until < I o'clock A. M., Tuesday, April 8, 1873, lor the cousin tion of Hope Reservoir in this city. The Reservoir * t be about 9?) feet Innu, about 840 feet wide, 24 \ ffiet ' i . cover Inn about lt>>g acres. The enihankm'ut will ( earth, with an Interior llninn of stone. There wi > two (tale ehatnbcrs, with a connecting conduit. s may be seen at and printed specification* and tin ot , proposal and contract will be furnished iroin tinon application. Each proposal must be acconipar ' a bond, saUsiuetury to the Commissioners, In the p . .1 sum of 8!V,Ut*), as liouidated damages, conditioned o it the bidder shall, within ten days after the accepts . 'I his proposal, execute the contract, with securityfactory to the Commissioners for its lalthtul perl iThe Commissioner* reserve the rhjht to reject e< y at ell bide. Joseph j. cook*. ) , ? , . CHAH. E. fAKFENTbR, [Water CommiASOSM IV W 11.1,1AM CORLISS, ) J. IIxmsskt busuv. Uic 1 Eimlneeri * I

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