Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1873 Page 11
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I flNJUWHL AND COMMERCIAL. Continued Relaxation in the Money Market. The Average Rate on Call for the Day Seven Per Cent Coin. * A DECLINE I3Y GOLD. Adfanee in Government Bonds in Loudou and a Sharp Rise Here. -'T: . IhUtod States Securities in Active Request for Investment Abroad and at Home. ,t . ADVANCE AT THE STOCK EXCHANGE. A General Eiae in Prices on the Report of Further Treasury Inflation. WESTERN UNION DOWN AT THE CLOSE. She Movement in Tennessee Bonds? Rise In Union Pacific IncomesStrength of the Erie Mortgages. . Wall Street, l ^MONDAY, March 24?6 P. M.) COMPARISON OP TBI IUPORT8. The total imports of foreign merchandise at the port of Mew York for the week ending March 22 and since the beginning of the year compare as follows:? 1871. 1872. 1873. hrr goods $2,618,098 $4,238,638 $2,987,416 General mdse 4,962,509 3,974,984 8,010,312 Total for week.. $7,680,607 $8,213,642 $10,997,728 Trev. reported.... 73,691,278 81,851,966 88,450,214 Since Jan. 1 $81,271,886 $90.065,60S $99,447,042 the foreign market. The London quotations came steady for consols and strong for United States bonds, the latter being buoyant and % a % per cent higher, Indicating the revival of the European investment de mand for oar securities, already referred to last week, as having began in Germany. Erie shares were active and firmer and advanced to 52>;. The new French loan was steaay and rentes in Paris left off at 55.66. HONEY EASY. Money was easy and plenty at a lower range of rates, the working of the market encouraging the hopes excited by the relaxation at the close of the previous week of a retprn to monetary ease. The rate on call ranged as high as l 64 and interest aarly in the day. bat declined to 6 per cent before j the close of banking hoars, the last quotation being 0 a 7 per ceut. The average rate of the day's business was about 7 per cent coin, which is equlva- , lent to about 8 per cent currency, terms Wall i Street is quite willing to pay, particularly just now i tfter the long siege of high rates. It is said by old { ankers that the recent stringency in money has i had no parallel for persistency and duratiou in the , HISTORY OF WALL STREET. ft will be remembered that an estimate of the average rate on call for the year 1872 made it as I high as 0 per cent. Bat for the six months from the middle of September, 1872, to the middle of March, 1873, the rate would probably be not less than 12 or 14 per cent. It was a six months Df monetary scarcity without equal In tbe recollection, as has been Bald, of tbe oldest men of tbe street. Tbe absence of failures and bankrupt, eles Is a remarkable proof of tbe prosperity of the eommunity. Mercantile paper continued nominal, and was Quoted 9 a 12 per cent discount lor prime names. Foreign ezebange was firmer, and actual business was done at rates nearer tbe asking quotations of the leading drawers, which remained unaltered. GOLD DOWN?115V A 116V'. The gold market opened strong under an early "send-off" by the ollque who gave It a smart upward push the moment business began, the price rising irom 116V to 115V- Under cover of this diversion the clique, who had received timely word of the buoyancy of our bonds in the London market, began selling, the wider knowledge later n of the European despatches giving the market an additional Impetus on tbe downward turn with the eventual result of causing a decline to 116 Vrhe course of the market is shown in the table :? 10 A. M. 116 V 2:36 P. M 115 V 10:04 A. M 116 V 3 P.M. 116 V 11 A. M 116 V 3:44 P. M 116 V 12 M 115V 3:46 P. M 116V IP. M 116 V 3:60 P. M 116 V i I P. M 116V 4 P. M 116V a 116V In the gold loan market the rateB ranged from 7 per cent gold for carrying to flat for borrowing. The operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? Gold cleared $40,009,000 Gold balances....: 1,863,695 Currency balances. 1,069,413 The Sub-Treasury paid out $70,000 on account of Interest and $1,500 on account of redeemed fivetwenties. thb nin.motp bonds. The railroad bonds were steady with the usual lomonii TTntnn Pacific income* artvunceil to ts?.. and tbe firsts to 80*, the land grants, after an early relapse, recovering to "9. Erie fourths sold at 101*. The following were the bids at the call as amended by prices in subsequent dealings:? Mew York leu b's.leSS. M* Del, Lack A W 1st m 102W Yew York cent's, 1807 . 91 Del, Lack A West 2d m. 96 Mew York ccn 88 95 Kew Yolk l en is, sub. 89 Tol A W 1st m, 8tL div 80 Mew York Cen 7's. 76... 99 Tol A Wah 2ilm 93 Erie in m, extended.. 10S Tol A Wab equip Ms... W Erie 1st m, endorsed... 99* Tol A Wab con conv tJ7? Erie l'?,id in,'7& 100 Han A Naples lstm... 87 Erie 7's, : ?lm, W8 99* lit West let in,1888 94U I Erie 7's,4th in, *90 101), Ut West M in. 1893 89 Erie 7's, ;-tli ni, '88 1U0 Oal A Chic extended... 101'.' bong bock bonds 93 tlalena A Chic id m 9.9 Boll, MYAfclitm, 77. 94* Chic, R 1 A Pac log* Hud K 7's, id m, s t, '86.1m Morris A Essex 1st m...105). Hud U 7's, Xd ni, '75 101 Morris A Essex 2d in... 97), Harlam 7's, Istin IU2 > J Cen 1st m.n 108 Alb J susid bds 99 N J Southern 1st m 7's.. 75 Alb A HusSd bd* 98* Pitts, ft W A t'hlc 1st.. .106* Mich cen h's, 1st m, -82. 115 Ems. FW A Chic id in. 9* 4 **?.' lst m 10?* Plttx. K W A c hic 3d m. 96* Mleh Mo 7 oIt 2d m 99* P.? W A C 8 pc eqtbd. 99 k ?,* iti 1 St, 7 p c 104), cat A Pitts M in 99 * Her A Tola 1 luo CteT A PiltsSd m 98 W Clay A Tol new bds.... X Clev a Pitta4th m ?6S * ' P a A S ?!?& * Alton S f. 101 4.. P A A new bds INI ChIC A All 1st ni 1IM ?e? 51" f To1 St* JX* * Alt 97 BuB A Erie new bds... 9h), Olno A Miss con si MU JLako r bore dtV Mi.... 9b Ohio A Miss to" 92' Pac RR 7's. gt'd Mo..... 97 Ohio i Miss 2d m,'coti ' 88>t Cen Pacific gold lids... 108* bub A Kioux City lit ?i * Western I'aclflc hds 11?4 Peninsula 1st nueon. sw Union I'aeiflc 1st tn.... 88*, 8t Louis A Iron M 1st., yaw Union Pacitlr IgT'a.... 79 M * Ht F :rt m,C i M .84 I nion Pacific luo?10'?.. 7!>% Chic * Mil Istm fo Illinois( en 7per ct,7MMH Col, Chic A Inn ist 91 Alt 41 ler li 1st in 100 Col, Chic A lnd At 74 Alt A ler U 7(1 ui, inc. SIX Tol. F4W.E D 91 Chic A N W a t 9# Tol, P1*,W D 88 Chic A N W con hds.... 91 Tol, PAW, Burl'n div 84 Chic A N W eaten hds. 1<0 Host, H A Erie Istm 40>{ Chic A N W 1st ni 99)? Bur. CRAM 7's, Ist,(. ?V'? liau A M Jo convert.. 85 SOUTHERN SECURITIES DULL. The Southern State bonds were dull and gener. Ally steady. Missouri sixes were firmer, and North Carolines In moderate request. Tr.e Tenesaees recovered to 83 for the old and 83,'i for the new, but F the latter went off again at the close and were offered at 82?*. A Nashville telegram received this afternoon states that the Assessment bill, which is supplementary to the Funding bill, has passed the Lower House of the Tennessee' Legislature. In addition to what has been already said in the controversy as to the sufficiency of this assessment to provide money enough to meet the payment of Interest after tnc proposed resumption in July, 1874, the aosertlon Is made that the Finance Hoard, - i tomposed of the Governor, Treasurer and Auditor * or the State, will hold that the moneys raised by assessment are to be devoted to the t PAYMENT OP INTEREST on the State debt In advance of and In preference to all otber claims. The Impression remains, howtTor. that ail this leclalatiou wiil f?u to raise the NHW Y OR] NTtaoe reqnlsite to enable the State to resume interest payments aa early aa contemplated. The following were the closing quotationsTennessee, ex ooupon, WK a 84: do., new, 82 a 93\; Virginia, ex coupon, 47 asked; do., registered stock, old, 3T a 42; do. sues, consolidated bonds, M a 56*; do. do., deferred scrip, 14 a 15; Georgia sixes, 70 a 70; do. sevens, 86 a 08; North Carolina, ex coupon, 31 a 33; do. rundiug. i860, 20 a 24; do. do.. 1868, 20 a 24; do., new, 17 a 19; do., special tax, 13 a 15; Missouri sixes, 95 a 96; do. Qsuuibal and St. Joseph, 01 a 91?j; Alabama flves, 58 a 61; do. eights, 85 a 90; South Carolina sixes, new, January and July, 17 * a 19; do. do.. April and October, 20 a 21; Arkansas iiXQH, fumieii. aw a 43. OOVKRNMINTS RAMPANT. The government list was strong and buoyant and prices advanced In face of the decline in gold, the long sixes or '91 being held at 119 K, white the new flvcsjoae to 1J.1X, the 67's closing at 117*. in addition to the demand for Europe there Is a wide inquiry irom domestic sources for the Investment of capital during the expeoted monetary relaxation of the Summer, not to speak of the current orders from the Eastern states for the transter or taxable cash Into the non-taxable secuntles of the United States against the 1st of April, when statements of PERSONAL PROPERTY are required by the local authorities. Something of the demand is also reierable to a demand from parties who have had deposits In banks, but have been alarmed by the stoppage of so eminently respectable a concern as the Bull's Head Bank. The following were the closing quotationsUnited States currency sixes, lit a 1U*?; da do., 1881, registered, 117** a 117,H 5 do. da do., coupon, 119 % a 119X; do. flve-twentles, registered, May and Novemlier, 116*{ a 1169.; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 116>f a 1169.; do. do., 1864, do. do., 116 V 0 110V,'; do,do., 1866, do. do., 117 a 117 ; do. do., 1867, registered, January and July, 116J* a 115X; do. do., 1866, coupon, do., 115*4 a ll&X; do. do., 1867, do. do., 117* a 117*: do. do., 1808, dp, qo., H6X a 118* \ do. ten-forties, registered. ~lll>i a 111*; do. do., coupon, ill* alia; do. fives of 1881, registered, not quoted; do. do. do., coupon, 114* a 114*. STOCKS STRONG AND ITIGITER. The stock market was weak at the opening, and 1 for half an hour or so appearances lavored the bearish side of the street, prices yielding during this interval, a fraction of X a ^percent. But the feeling .changed as if by magic under the easier .working of the money market, and prices not ouly recovered but started forward at avsmart pace, their advance being accelerated by* the announcement from Washington that the Treasury had again drawn upon the EXTRA GREENBACKS to the extent of half a million or so, making the total now outstanding $2,670,000, being an inflation of the currency of that amount the past few weeks. It was rumored also (although subsequently denied), that the New York Central Railroad sterling loan of $10,000,000 had been negotiated In London, the effect being a strong rise in Central, which helped to lead the general market in the upward direction. The chief Improvement . was in Pacific Mall, which advanced to 57 ff, although it failed to hold all of the Improvement to the close. Panama sold at 116?i, and Harlem was firmer in the vicinity of 136. Late in the day WJnctnrn fTninn rlfiplinofl fn RRL' nn Mia rftfinrt. Mini. a heavy operator In It was lying: dangerously 111 at his residence up town. HIR1IKST AND LOWEST PRICES. Ttte following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks daring the day ffifjhfMt. Low fat. New York Central HW<4 101 \ Erie 65*. 65 >4 Lake Shore 94), Wabash 73>? 73* Northwestern 81 81 Northwestern preferred (No transactions.) Rock Island 115)4 115 St. Paul....*. 87)4 St. Paul preferred 76*4 7634 Ohio and Mississippi 46). 454, ; Union Pacific 35*4 34)4 C., C. andLC 40 . 39 Western Union Telegraph 8"}( 80)4 Pacific Mall 57 H 56 s In Philadelphia Reading was weak and declined to 114)4. SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Monday, March S14?lOilB A. M. 910000 US 5-20, C. '65, n. 115)4 93000C US 6'e, cur 114)4 10 A. M.?Before Call. 200shs West Un Tel.... 87)4 800 slisN Y C * II K..c 101*4 400 do S7'4 200 Erie RR 66*? i 500 do 87*4 700 do 65), 1 200 do S3 87 100 do b3 65*? 1000 do 87 100 do 66), ! 3*K> ao c 86J4 100 do s3 66)4 700 do 86)4 600 do 65)4 600 do 87 1500 do 60), ! : 100 do s? 80Ji 300 do C 65'4 I I 300 do 87 400 do 65? I 600 uo l>3 87)4 200 do ?S 66*. 400 do 87). 100 do s3 66L 211) do a3 *7% "JO do M>i , 100 do 87>4 1(J0 do 6o% 200 do 87% IU0 do C6% j 12U0 do 87% 100 Panama RR c 113 1 300 do 87% 100 do 113% | 400 00 87% lOOLHdM 8KK....M0 94 100 do c 87}J 80 00 93% 400 Harlem 11R 134% llO do 93% 600 do 138 400 ao c 93% 100CARIRK fu'! 118',' 200 do 98% I 100 do 118), 100 do C 93% 100 do 118 800 do 1)3 94 100 do 118* 800 do b3 V6% 200 Pac Mall rib Co.... 88)4 100 do 02 94 . 300 do 88% 400 do 94 1 | 800 do ?3 88'/, lUUMllaStPRR 56% 300 do 88'4 100 do b3 36% 1 700 do 88J, 200 I'D Pac RR 34% I 300 do 66% 100 do c 34% 300 do 86); 100 do 1)30 36% 600 do 66% 100 do 34% , 1 300 do 66% 700 do 36^ ' | 600 do 88% 900 do 36% . 1600 Oo 66% 10U do b3 36% luO do C 66% 400 00 35% 200 do 86% 1200 do e 35% | 100 do C 86% 300 B. BtKKK 4% 700 do 86 100 Oblo A M RK 46% ! 300 do .. 86% 100 do b3 46% I ; 1100 do 66% 100 do 46% [ 400 do C 86% 200 do 46% 1 300 NYC4 UK RR... 101 % 700 do 46 500 <10.... C 101% 100 do C 46% 1000 do C 101% 30" do 48% 500 do 101% 300C, C a 1 C KR ....C 39% 600 do 101% 1000 do 39% 200 do C 101% 100 do 39% 100 do c 101% 100 da 39% 100 do 101% 100 do 39% Flrat Board?10?30 A. M. $13000 Va 6 s, con 86% aoO Shi Erie RR *3 66%, 3000 N C 6'.?, old 31% 400 do 66% I 1UWJ 10 I>~ ?<| 007* I 1JU0U Missouri tl's s?5a 200 Eric KK pref 74 I WW do 95*. 16 Mich On KK 1U6 t 2000 Brook 6V w 1 9i 4CD X y C A H u bc.c WIS ' 2000Brook fl>. Ek 1... #3 10 101V i 30U0 Erie Isttn 103* WO do 101* WW Erie 2d in IWj, 1W do c WIS 2UUU Hud R 2d. ? t... . 104 300 do MIX I : 50CJ0 I Fac Ma'e aid b 111 #10 do 030 MB* I mo I'll r?c 1st in... bo 300 do 1U1S . ' tow I'D 1'ac 7'*,lc.... 7?* 100 do b?U UBS I 1 0000U Pao 10'n. inc.. .. 74), WU) do Wis 1 i lUOOChio A N >V 1st in ?>1 400 dc 101S 3000 TAW 1st. StL die 90 boo do 102 I 1000 Ucl. L ft West coll 9b* 300 1U2* ' 1 40001 A KI A P,tc7V . 1U2* 13oO do 102V , 2500 Mor A K? 1st Di... 106', too do 103!. 1 2000 Mor A Ei 2d m .. 97S 600 00 0 102'. I 2000Ohio A M roll ft f. 92 S 200 do 102'. 6000 Ohio A Miss 2d m. 88* 200 Harlem RR be 131V ' 10WM A St r IslXulil hb 30o do 1.36 , 3000C.C A 1C Istm... 91* 600 do 1.34V ! ; 1000 T, PA W,lrt,Wl> Kb* 100 do 134V ]i> sh*Central Nat B'k 07 ObPlil sliK be 94* 11 Am Ex Bank Ill 200 e 93J. , 20 Continental Bank.. Hi 300 do 94 ' I ; 22 79 100 do bl 94 1 6 Iici A H ranal 117* eon do . 30 do Ii7* W do .3 94 ! lOOMdCoaiOo.. a 20!, 100 do 03 91 i 400 Con O Ot Md ..he 66 900 do 94 1 100 \\ eat I r. Tel.. b7* 4o IV11 am a KK be 113 I ' 800 do 87* Wo do 11.3 I 1000 do 07V 200 do lit* 1 H?i0 d(>. c 87* W" do 116'4 I ami do *7', WOLnFaoBK bc.b2 35V 1 I 1600 do ?7J? lW do b3 35'J 600 do c 87V 1200 do 36 ; -200 do 03 87', 100 00 03 3ft',' ! 100 <1o e 87', *'0 do 36* ; ! 200 do 87', 100 do b3 35* | 700 00 87 100 38 I 600 dc c 87.. 100. do 35* aw i do e wov mw oo .w4 400 ilo S7% 60 N J Cen KR MBS loo do K7f, KMC* B1 RB....bc.c lU-J .*? do H7'? 100 do OS 115k 100 do c w u 200 .do 03 115V 100 do 87\ 300 do 115 i iooWFanto i.x....bc wtk lou do .... lisk ll? I'S B* Co 74 300 M B ft P KR be Mil KU do 74,V 200 do 6OX WC.C.CAIRR W. 100 do r VSH J? do. . he WS 200Mil AMP 75,k ' SOU Pacific Mail *8 4 o. .UP, 100T, W A W KR... be 73'J do be 56', 100 do 73", aiA) do M?: aou 7SK ' ? ?f? W)M,H*BBK..bc.aJ 4* 300 do... 50", sou do .. 4Ji : loo do c SO 5 jo do . 4?2 ! *> do ? M Cblc * Ait Rli;;.!. 112S 100 00 ea'f 100 do. . 11 >?: ?g <*>* *jj> do ibc.'u 113 4(4) do 5b', SO MorA Kgar\ RR. 90V 300 do 56-4 200 do..".... . ibS 91 3W) do. 83 56', 100 do be 91 300 do e 56', I0U Han A 81 J# i&u luo do sd1, 100 do be 43k 400 do 66% lOOSt L.K CB Npf.... M 100 do 4.1 50 ?WI Ohio i M 4d 300 do .'90, 100 do 4dW 1000 do 60300 do 40k 300 do .. 56Jj 100 do bS 40k 3W) Erie Kit be 06", 300 O, C a IC RR.. .be 39k 1 400 do 854, 800 do f$S 2U0 do b.1 66% 300 do 39)2 MtlB and BilS P. M. . $6000 U? 6' . '81. r 1173d ?#?? ,;h 5-30.0. '87 M7K 100(10 do 117% 10000 UH 6-20, e, '?&.... Ubk 23000 UH f'J, llWLc. aS 119*4 l?*?>n do be 116% 1000 ua Mi. . Wk WW Vfl t'% W W. ?4.%iUM K HBRALD, TUESDAY, ? 9:30 P. HI .?Before Call. f00?lm New Oen Ooal 46% Wvxlu L8&M 8.. *3 93% 200 Wv*t Un Te! 87% 1001'auam* BR 115% I GOO do 87 800 do 116 MO do C 87 900 D Pacific KR 85% 300 foe M 88 Co c VI 100 do 1.5 15% 400 do 60S 2U0 0 k B I RB 115% 1U0 do C 56% 100 do 115% VW do 56% 100 B A 8t p RB 100 ao 5G', 100 do *5 57 100 do 50% 100 N J Houlborn RR . 77 800 do 56% .'00 Ohio A Uui RR.... 46% 1300 do 56\ aw do 46% 400 do 57 100 do 85 46% 2100 N T C ft II K UIt.. 102% 25 Morria A KxmokK 11 90% 100 Erie RR o 05% 100 0. C * I C RR 39% IU0 . do do1* 509 do 89% 200 L 8 A M l BR 93% UW do *3 59% 200 00 *3 98% Second Board?1 P. M. 92000Tenn 6'*,new.b c 83 tOOitu L8 98% 10000 I con b'*, old 83% 300 do 94 1000 Un Pao ltl m ... 86% 100 do b.3 94% UMW Un P 7'a. 1 r b .. 79 100 do b3 94% 7000 Uu Pac Wb, inc. 75 117 0, C. 0 A I KR .bc 88 6000 do 75% 100 Panama 1111. 116% 4000 do 75% 200 do 116 3000 B, H A B iii 40% lOOUoPaoRK 35% tiKJOO do 40% 100 do be 35% 1000 Erie 4tli m 101% 600 do bJ 35% nnonn i.a wai mhr too :(.v? lOOOTolA Wcoocbdi 87* 600 do 1)3 36* 60 sly Cum 0 A Iron.. 08 100 do WW M liaiiWtaUnTel... be 87 1100 do 36* MO do M* 600 do b3 36* 800 00 87 MO uo 35* 100 do ?3 88* 500 Jo bSO 35& MO do 86* 100 do M 35V 900 do MX 1700 do 362 46 Am M Uu Kxp 68 100 do 03 35V 600 Harlem RK 134 109 do 35* 100 do bo M 134* '300C A N VV BB 817 OUOPocM HH Co. 67* 200 uo be 81 300 do 67 100 Mil AMP UK 57* 1U00 do be 67* 400 do bc.bS 57* 100 do 57* 100 do 57* 1000 do 57* 100 M A ht l'jif..bc.bS 75* 200 do 57 109B, U AKRK. ...b o 4* 600 do 67* lOOObio A MImRB.... 46* 600 do. 57* 100 do 46* 900 do 67* 100 do 46* 2500 do 57* 100 do. 44* 600 do 57* 20Mor A Essex KR... 91 100 do blO 57* 8 do 91* 406 do 57* 200 do bo 91 800 do 67* 100 41 en A 8t Jo KR... 43* 000 do 87* 100 do b3 44 1000 do 57* 60 do 44* 2S0UN ye ft li K....b c 102* 100 do bc.bS 44 400 do C 102* 100H A St Jo pf. 61 1000 do 102* 200 O, O ft I C RB .b O 39* 200Brio RR be.bS 66* loo do 30* 200 40 66* 500 do 03 40 300 do 66* 200 do 40 40 Brie UKprt be 74* 100 do 02 40 lWliM A MkBK. 93* _ -Tr. ^ . * ??30 to 4 P. M. 1000Uo Pee 1st m.... 86* 1500 ?l?s Puo M 88 56* 6UOOC.C 41 C*lu?... 74 1000 do 66* lUikbH New Ceu Cool. 45* 100 do b3l) 57* 600 Erie RR. 65* 100 do s3 56* 1000 do 65* 100 do I>3 56* 800 do 65* 100 do 56* 300 do 66* 900 do 56* 12U0 do 65* 400 do 56* 200 do t?* 200 do 56* 600 do 68* . luu do t>3 66* 200 West Un Tel *3 Me* SOU do h3 56* 4200 do 86* 600 do 56* 6400 do 86V, 700 do b3 56* 1200 do 86* 1000 do 13 66* 1600 do 86* 13 Del A H Canal 117* 700 do 86* 300 Harlem KR 134* 3700 do 86* 200 do 136 400 do s3 86* 100 L M A M S BR 98* 200 do. 1)3 86* 2U0 do 94 1600 do 86* 600 do 93* lino do S3 86* 200 Mil A St P RK 57* limo do 86* 100 do aS 67 200 .10 83 86* 200Mil ABtPBRpf... 75X 400 do.v ?6* IM de bSO 76* .WON V CA ft B 1U2* 500 Un Pac UK b3 36* 1000 do. 102 200 do 36* 100 do 102* 10U0 do 35* 400 do 102* 200 do 1)3 35* 700 do ...1)3 102* 300 Uo 36* 000 do 102* 100 do bSO 35* 300 do 102 200 do 35* 300 do 1)3 102* 000 do 36* 100 do 102 400 do b3 35* lOUPacMSSCo bS 57* 100 ao ?3 36* 600 do 57* 100 H A St Jo UK .bS 44 loo do 67* 600B, HAKKK 4* 000 do 57* 600 do h3 4* 4U) do 57* 200 do 4* >100 do 57* 200 do 4* 1600 do 57* 100 Ohio A MlsattK ... 40* 100 do 83 57* 0UU do 40 1500 do 57 lUUC,CAtUKK 30* 1700 do 56* 100 do 39* CL08IUG PRIpE8?4 O'CLOCK P. X. Western Union. 86* a 86* Northwestern.. 80 a 81 Manama 115 a 115* Northwesi'n pi. 88* a 88* Adama lix 94* a 05 N J Central 103* a 104 Wellf-Karuu Ex 80* a 81 Bock Island 116* a 116* U S Kxureaa.... 74 a 75 St Paul 57 a 67* 1'ariflc Mail....56* a 56* St Paul pre!.... 75* a 76* 5 r Central.. .102 a 102* Wabash 73* a 73* Krle U6* a ?.* Ohio A Miss..... 45* a 468 llarlom 135 a 135* Han A St Jo.... 48* a 44 Lake Shore .3* a <Ji Boston, 11 A K 4* a 4* Union Paeltlc.. 36* a 36* U, e. A 1 o 39* a 39* Pittsburg 88* a 8b* COMMERCIAL REPORT. Monday, March 24?4 P. M. The trade movement was fair to-day, the gen eral merchandise markets evidencing Increased activity, and In some cases business was consummated on a higher basis. The cotton market was fairly active, while prices for spot cotton were to some extent nominal. There was a better movement in dry goods, both cotton and woollen; also in wool, groceries, Ac. At the Produce Exchange flour remained quiet, while wheat was also quiet, though firm, especially for prime samples of Spring, which were wanted to some extent at lull previous prices. Some were taken for milling, and some were wanted for shipment, but the demand was checked j by the extreme views of holders and the | firmness In freights, steamer room being held at higher rates. Corn was also firmer, but no bnsl- ! ness of consequence was done, as few were willing to pay the advanced prices demanded. There was { an Increased movement in oats and higher prices t were the natural result. Whiskey was steady at ' unchanged prices. Provisions were strong, though I the demand was moderate. Pork was held a little I firmer, while lard was salable at a slight advance. 1 C'ofkke.?The market for kio was considerably firmer, owing to the favorable construction of late j telegrams from Rio. At late quotations there was a good demand for cargoes, but holders declined to sell, ! except at advanced figures. Five hundred bags Rio per i Merrimack, 964 bags Rio per Flarustead and j i.000 bags Rio per Adelaide?the latter at Boston?we're sold on private terms. Other deoorlniiAns withmit dhcidfid fihtnffp. were nuiet. We i quote Rio?Ordinary cargoes, 1634c. a 1634c.; fair cargoes, 17c. a 17'*c.; good cargoes, 1734c. a 18c.; prime cargoes 18l?c. a lSS'c.; extreme range lor Iota, 16i?c. a 1834c. i Java?Government bxga, 20c. a 21o.; do. grass mats, 20c. : a 22c.; Singapore, ItiSc- a 1734c.; Ceylon, 17>4c. a 183*c.; , Mararalbo, 18c. a 12c.; Laguavra, 1834C. a 20c.; Jamaica, | 1734c. a 18>4c. ; 8t. Domingo, 16c. a 1634c : Porto Rico, 12c. ; a 2Ue., Coata Rica, 18c. a Me.; .Mexican, 18c. a 19c.; Ma- \ nila. 17kc. a 1836c.: Angostura, 173,c ? 1*He.: 8avanilla, 1734c. a 1834c.: Cnracoa, 173,c. l8},c.. gold, per lb., 60 a j 9u day*' credit. Cortex.?The market tor spot cotton was more active 1 and prices were fully 34c- per lb. better for all grades, future deliveries ruled 34c. a 3?c. per lb. higher, but sub- ' eeuuentl> this improvement was partially lost, the mur- 1 ket closing rather tame. The following quotations are | lor spot cotton. We quote:? Uplands. AUilania. A'ett Orleans. Texas. Ordinary 16 15 15 15 Good oruinarv 16\ 163, 1634 1634 Strict good ordinary 17s* 1734 IS 18 Low middling I834 183* 1834 1834 Middling 19;, 19?, 19'* 203, I Good middling 21'* 21?? 213g 22'. ?The quotations are based on cotton in store, running in I quality not more than halt' a grade above or below the grade quoted. 12 M.?Quotations, low middling, 1834e.; ; middling, 19'4c. The transactions sum up thus:? Tv-Day. Saturday f'teiting. Total. Export 677 848 1,426 Spinning 780 106 sat Speculation ? 225 225 Total 1,887 1.179 2^536 ?Included in the above are 961 balea to arrive. For future delivery fbasix low middling! the sales have been as follows:?Sales Saturday evening after one P. .M.? March, 200 at 18'4c.: April, 1.200 at 183*c-, ?,?*? at 18, 800 at 183*c.: May, 3.0W at I9'4c.. 100 at 19 400 at 1934C., 100 at 12V-. W0 at 19 5.16c., 8uu at l?34c., 6>M at ! 19 5-ltfc., 900atl9\c.. June, 7M? at IV3*c.. 1.800 at 1934c., I 760 at I2916r. 100 at 1934C., 1.200 at 12*,c.. 500 atl99-ldc.; I July. 200 at 1918-1*3., 100 at IV 1116c , SOU at 19*4*.; October. I 4<io at 1734c. Total, 15.702 balea. Sales to day up to three P. M?March. 200 at 18?*c., 200 at 18 lM6e., 100 at 1934c., 100 at 18J6C., 120 at 19 I3-I6c., 100 at 15340.; 1 ? - -II wm Iu7 .. *1*1 at 18 1.S.IIV 11*1 at INT.. SiU at 18 15-ltfv.. ami at lWfc.. Son at 18 15-lSc., i (VIU at 18V-- ~"? ' ,H "- ?*. J**1 at 18?<e.. 200 at 18 12 16c . 40o at lHHc.: Mar, MO at If He., lUo at 19 716.-., 1 TOO at l9-,c., ilkiat 19 7 l6o., .l.900at 19V , I.nooaf 19 7-ldc.. SOU at 19-.C., 500 at lUT-lt*., 1.04) at I9',c., 200 atl9.V16c., ' 700 at 197(c., 100 at 19 6-16e., ."* at 19Hc-, 100 at 19 5-10o., 700 I at 19V-'., 100 at 19 6-l6c.. 700 at I9S|C.; Juno, 300 at liH.c., 100 at IB 1116c . 200 at 19V., 2.000 at IB 11-1*:., 200 at 19 V I | Iulv, 1,600 at I9V-. ? ! 19 16-lflc., 200 at 19V'-. 100 at i 19 fj-llic., 1,100 at 19V. 900 at 19*,, 200at 19 U-lCe. Total. 23,300 balea ?ran<l total. 39.000 bale*. The receipt* at the port were a* follow*:?Galveston, 1,32V bale*: New Orleans.7,031; Mobile, 1,833: savannah, 1 9o6: Charleston, 438; Wilmington. 64: Norrolk, 1.386; Baltimore, 29: New York, 630: Huston. 36. Total, I.V919. This day last week, 19.954. This day la*t year, 9.282. At (Hi P. M. the lollowing prloe* were current:? March, nominally. 1817c.; April. 18 V-1 May, IB'.e. ;June, . 19Hc., and July, 19 ll-16c. Market ca*y. Vtor* 4sn (Ian*.?Receipt*?7,478 bhla. floar, 800 bbl* corn meal, 6.380 hu*hel* wheat, 32.800 bushels corn. 30,200 bushels oat*, S(J0bushel* barley, 329 bushels pea* and 70J , bushel* malt. The Hour market ruled quiet Put steady. There was scarcely any export inquiry and but little de- I niand from the trade. The sales sum up 11,000 hbl*. Corn meal, with but a small demand, wa* to an extent noml rial. W'c note sale* of 160 bbla choice Western at $3 40 de- I llvered. We quote:? Mo. 2 state $4 00 a $3 26 Superfine State 6 Ou a 6 60 Extm State 7 25 a 7 76 Choice State 7 75 a 8 25 Superfine Western 6 00 a 6 50 Extra Western 6 90 a 7 60 Extra Minnesota 7 Mi a 9 90 Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands 7 00 a 7 60 Round hoop Ohio, trade brands. 8 00 a 9 00 Family - 9 on a 10 25 St. Louis low extra 7 00 a 7 75 St Louis straight extra 8 00 a 8 so St. Louis choice double extra 9 00 a 10 00 St. Louis Choice family 10 00 a 13 oo California 9 00 a 10 uo Rye flour... ' 3 50 a 6 00 Southern No. 2 J 76 a 6 80 Southern superflne 6 00 a IN Southern extra 7 38 a 9 80 Southern family '9 00 a 13 00 Corn meal, Weatern J ? ? Corn meal, Jereey 3 do a 3 86 83SwS^Br,naywin# J?? ?s L5 Calorie s > a 3 86 Puncheon* 19 80 t. o. b. ?Wheat was quiet, but rery Arm for choice spring, the Item No. 3 Milwaukee aot being available below $1 70. <leUyare& The sale* were stxiw JIWW biMbul* M #k W f I.. - lis.. V [ARCH 25. 1878.?QffADRU" for fair Mo. t Milwaukee, ft 57 for No S Winter whoat was quiet Holder- were asking $1 ?n a 1 65 tor red an J 1 90 a 91 9ft lor amber Corn won firmer, but quiet Kor old mixed Western i>4c, was bid, in store, but there were ao sales of old rheaiales ot new comprised about 29,000 bushels at Hfic. a ?6Hc., with sales of ear lets old at MJfe. Oats were in better demand snd Ic. better, with sales of 7b,OOJ bushels al trom 90c. a 92c. lor new whlto Western, ?ood to clioloe, aduat; 47 V a 4He lor new black festorn, afloat, and 17>$ a 4^ iqr new Western mixed, aftnit Hurley was quiet, without material change in urices 10,000 bushels extra^fholcn Canada, in store, reali/ud hi 52 Malt was held higher, without note worthy sales, ltyo was ueglected and to au extent uoutinal. FuhionTa,? north room was in fair demand to-dar, and rates very drm. Vessels for charter continued scarce, and commanded previous rates, those adapted to the pe troloum trade being most sought alter. The engagements wereTo Liverpool, by steam, 19.000.bushels gram at 7d. a 7Kd; 1,000 bales ot cotton at \d a7t6d.; 1H0 do at 7-10d. akd.: 100 bbls. pork at 4a. td., and 90 tons ot oilcake at 27a Oa. To Ismdon, 1.900 bbls. Hour, byaail, at 2s. tid To (ilaagow, by steam, late riaturday. 16,000 bushels grain on private terms lo Antworu. bv sail. 200 boxes baeuu at 4fts. ?nrt TO) hsgs coffee and cocoa, the former at 45s. and tliu latter on private term*. To Hremcn, 2,000 Iritis, rosin on private teriua. The charter* were:?A Norwegian hark hence to (totteuliurg with 1,000 Milrefined pc troleum at 7a 3d.; a Norwegian bark with 1.700 hbls pc troleuu, .tame voyage, at 7a t*l.. an American hark hence to Croustadt with 4,000 bbls. refined do. on private term*: an Italiau brig hence to CorlU with 5,600case* re fined do. at 40c., and an American bark of 800 ton* register hence to Malaga with staves at proviou* rates. MoLaascs.?Without material change in any respect, the market was quieL with the usual trade in jobbing lota. We quote . Old Crop. New Oop. Cuba, ccntrlfhgal and mixed 17c. a 19c. ? a ? Cuba, clayed ? a ? 28c. a 34c. Cuba, muscovado, refining ? a ? 29c. a 86c Cuba, muacovadn, grooery ?a? Str a Wc Porto Rico 30c. a Mo. 36c. a 86c. English Islands ?a? 28c. a 46c. Mew Orleans ? a ? 86c. a 76c. Naval Htobbs.? Spirits turpentine has ruled quiet today; but there appears to be a triflo firmer feeling on the part of holders, and bids of 66c. for merchantable order were refined. We quote at 66c. fbr Southern bbla and 67o. for Now York*. Strained rosin dull, but about steady, at $3 40. with 13 36 bid. Bales 2,200 bbla. in yard. at$3 w. Kltlc grades without reported transactions Tar nominal, at $3 76 a $4 tor Washington and Wilmington. Pitch lu moderate Jobbing request at -unchanged prices lbcTKOLKua.?The market for refined on 'Change to-day continued very quiet, but for the itew cargoes wanted holders demanded full prices. A lot of 6.000 bbla, prompt delivery, was reported sold at 20o., and this price was generally asked for April. Cases in light demand and steady at 26>ic. a 26c. Naphtha dull and weak at , 12c. a 12tic. for Western and cltv. Crude, In bulk, scarce on spot, and held at 9)jjc? but obtainable at 9c., April delivery. The creek advices report quiet market* at $2 26 . tor spot at Oil City, 32 10 on lower roads aud $2 16 on upper da At Philadelphia the offerings were very light aftd uurkst tlriu. We quote, nomiually. 18Jic. a 18Hc. Laterwo hOhr 60 small cargo ol cases sold hero at 25Xc. I'botisioks.?Receipt*?llS bbla pork. 7,019 packages cut meats, 2,460 packages lard; number of dressednogs, 477 ; 610 packages butter, 838 boxes cheese, 103 packages tallow, and 2,766 barrota eggs. The inquiry for pork contiuued limited, but the market waa steady, we note sales of 600 libls. April at 316,1,000 bbls. June at 316 37Ji and 20 bbla old mess at 316. Beef waa quiet but steady; 100 tierces prime and India mess at 320 a 324. Beef ham* were neglected and nominal. Bacon was active at lull prices; the sales were 600boxes Western long clear at 8Wc., buyer paying brokerage; 260 boxes short do. at 8%c; 26u do. at 8Jic., last half April; COO boxes long and short clear April at 8Jic., aud 60 boxes Cumberland at 8c. Cut meats were steady, with a moderate demand. Bales 600 pickled shoulders, at 65?c.; 600 smoked do., at 7>ic. a 774c.; 75 t)oxo8 dry Halted do., at S'^o.; 300 Hinokod hams, at 12*c.; X) boxca bellies, 12 lbs., to arrive, at 10c.; W) da, 13 lbs, to arrive, on private terms; 15,030 lbs. loose do., at 974c., and 1.000 lba fresh do, at 974c. Dressed hoes were held tlrmer; city dressed were quoted 774c. a 774c. Butter and eneeae were without decided change, llie lard market was rather Armor, both tor lota on the spot and tor future delivery, with salos of 1,500 tierces at 8 9-lOc., for April: 600do. Hay at 874c.. 600do. at 9 116c. and brokerage, 100 do. at 8 9-10c. cash, 100 do. kettle at 874c. a 874c., and 100 do. city at 8,'4c. Suoab.?Raw was somewhat neglected and values were to an extent nominal, with a tendency to easier rates. We note sales of 500 hhds., including 246 hhds. said to be lair refining, at 8?4c. Kenned was i|iuet and barely steady at 117?c. a U>4c. lor hard, and 1074c. a 1074c. for A. we ouoteCuba? Refining, inferior to common, 7c. a 774c.; fair to good lair, Hkc. a 8>?c.; good to prime, 87tc. a 814c.; grocery, l'alr to good.874c. a 9c.; prime to choice, 9J4c. a 9%c.; centrilugai, hhds. and boxes, 974c. a 974c.; molasses, hhds. and boxes, 7c. a He.; melado, 4c. a 6Xc. HavanaBoxes, Dutch standard. Nos. 7 to 9, 774c. a 87?c.; do., 10 to 12, S&c. a 914c.; do.. 13 to 15, 914c. a 974c.; do., 10 to 18, lOTtc. a iOSo.; do., 19 to 20,1074c. a ll'?c.; white, 1074c. a HTjc. Porto Rico?Kcflnlng, common to prime, 774c. a 8V:.; grocery, fair to choice, B)4c. a 9>4o. Brazil?Dutch standard, Nos. 8 to 12,7c. a 8*4c. Java?Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12,8<fcc. a 974c. Manila?Superior and oxtra superior, 774c- a 87?c. Stkabinb.?The market is quiet and steady. Bales of 50 tierces prime at about 9c. Tallow.?Hteauy and in fair request. .Sales of 1U0 hhds. prime city at 8 1516c. and 90,000 lbs. at 87?c. n HJic. for good to choice In a jobbing way and 874c. for prime in straight lots. WnisBBT.?Receipts, 582 bbls. The demand was fair and thdsuiarket steady, with sales at 91c. per gallou. DOMESTIC MARKET8, ? Oai.vkston, March 24, 1873. Cotton Arm. and in good demand; good ordinary. 1574c. Net receipts, 1,322 bales. Kxports?To (treat Britain, 1,168; coastwise, 1,452. Hales, 1,300. Stock, 63,009. Nkw Oblbans, March 24, 1873. Cotton In fair demand; ordinary, 1374c.; good ordinary, 16'4c- a 16V.; low middlings, 18c.; middlings, 19c. a 1974c. Net receipts, 7,031 bales; gross. 7.31K Exports?To the Continent, 2,318; coastwise, 1,806. Hales, 1,600; last evening, 7,300. Stock. 215,487. Modilk. March 24, 1873. Cotton active and higher; middlings, 1874c. a 1874c.; low middlings I774?'. a 1774c.; good ordinary 1674c. Net receipts, 1.532 hales. Exports?To Great Britain, 711; coastwise, 160. Hales, 1,200. Block 39 572 Savannah, March 24,1873. f/tftnn Arm middlings. lBUc. Net rrreluts. 906 hales. Exports coastwise, 1,140 dales, 2(56. Stock, 40,109. Charleston, March 24.1473. Cotton firm; middlings. If !;c a I8\c.; low middlings, 13c. a 18V4o. , strict good ordinary, 17'?c.; ordinary, 16c. a 10'jC. Net receipts, 43d bales. Exports coastwise, 064. dales, COO. Stock, 30.431. WILWlfGTON, N. C., March 24, 1.373. Spirits turpentine firm; sales at 90c. Rosin quiet; $3 40 for No. lcrudc. Turpentine steady; $2 99 .tor hard and |4 for yellow dip and virgin. Tar firm; sales at $2 73. Louisville, March 24, 1473. Tobacco unchanged, dales 103 hhds. Oswxoo, N. Y., March 24, 1873. Flour steady. Sales 1,100 bbls. at $8 75 for No. 1 Spring, i $9 79 tor amber Winter, $10 90 for white Winter, $11 for double extra. Wheat scarce and quiet Corn dull. Sales of car lots Western at 60c. Barley held at $110 for Bav Quinte. Corn meal, $1 30 for bolted, $1 29 for unbol'ted, per cwt. Millfeed unchanged; shorts, $29; ship- I stuffs $22, middlings $23 per ton. Kailroad freightsFlour to Philadelphia, 6(jc.; to Boston, 72c.; to New York, 62c.; to Albany, 64c. Bcttalo, N. Y., March 24, 1873. Grain In store and afloat to-day Wheat, 72,937 busliels; corn. 68,962 do.; oats, 69,266 do.;, 4,694 do.; barley, 95.U07 do.; peas. 2,734 do.; barley malt. 26,934 do. Imports for the week ending March 22Floor, 31,400 bbls,; ! wheat, 49,460 bushel*; corn. 262,406 do.; harlev, 16,400 do.; oats, 200,200 do.; rye, 1,600 do. Exports for the week ending March S:?Wheat, 91,130 bushels; corn, 209,792 do.; 1 oats. 199,604 do.; barley, 22,892 do.; rye, 1,600 da. Flour iuiet; Western Spring, $7 90 a $8; amber Winter. 8 W a $9 28; white, $9 60 a $10. Wheat dull; no sales made public; quoted?Milwaukee No. 2 Spring, $1 60; Chicago No. 2 Spring, $1 49 a $1 SO; Duluth No. 1 Spring, $1 68; white Canada, $1 79 a $1 90; white Michigan, $1 NO a $2. Corn steady; sales 4,900 bushels Western, on track, at 91c.; bald in store at He. oats nnn; Mies nusncis western at 4Zc. Barlev Arm ; sales 780 busliels Canada at 91; 1,000 bushels Western, in store. 90c.; 1,SU0 bushels Western, on track, . 85c.; quoted Canada, 95c. a $1: .No. 2 Western, 80c a 89c.; two-rowed State, 80c. a 85c.; lour-rotved State. 85c. RyeSale* nominal at 85c. Barley malt firm; Western, |l a 91 10; prime Winter Western, 91 10 a 91 15; prime j Canada, 91 20 a 91 26. The remainder of the market Is 1 unchanged. Chicago, March 24, 1872. i Klonr steady; sales of extra sprint: at 96 50 a 9? 75; 2.500 hbls. sold on private terms. Wheat buoyant and unsettled ; prices higher; tales ol' 5a I Spring at91 27Va 91 28; 5o. 2 do.. 91 21<? cash ; 91 217,, seller April; 91 2&s, seller May; No. 5 da, 91 08), a 91 lOiSrcjected, 08c. a 80c. Corn Arm and In lair demand at 31%c. rash; 'M\c. bio, seller May; rejected, 28^e. Kyc ttrm and in lair de- I maud at 64!ic. a 66c. tor No. 2. Barlev firm and scarce at 80c. a 8D)So. lor Ne. 2 kail; 65',c. a 67!^c. for No. 3. Provisions quiet but Arm. Pork sold at 9H 55 cash ; 911 85, seller May. I.ard steady at 97 90cash; 98 05. seller May. Bulk meats steady at 6!*c. for shoulders packed. 47,e. loose. Ba on quiet and tinchHNgcd. Whiskey steady at ! H)p,c. Receipts?11.000 bbla hour, 38,000 bushels wheat, 81.000 do. corn, 48,180 do. oats, 2,090 do. rye and 8,i?iudo. barley, shipments?10,IWO bbls. flour. 2O.U0D bushels wheat, 8,udo a?. corn, 25,00<i do. oats and 14,000 do. barley. HAVANA MARKET. Havana, March 24. 1873. Coal oil in tins, 47, reales per gallon. EUROPEAN MARKETS. Lo.vnss Monrv Mtntct.-Lesiioi. March 24?6 1'. M.? Consols closed at 92\ lor money and W, lor the account. Omied States Ave 'wenty bonds, ISSN's, old, 94; 1887's, 9.,7,; tenlorties, 89'4; new flve?, 91*,. Erie Railway 1 shafts, 52',. Psi;is Bocasn.?Paris, March 24?P. M.?Rentes closed It flflf. tjic. Lit 1 stool Cotton Market ? I.tvraroou March 24?6 i P.M.?the market closed Arm. The sales of the day have l.een 15,000 bales, including 3.00O tor speculation and ex- { port. Of (he sales 10.000 ba cs were American. Bales of i cotton shipped iront Savannah or Charleston, February . and March, at 9J,d.; and from the same ports, deliverable in March, at S^d. Middling uplands, 9'?d.; tuidOrleans, 91id. Livvnrool BaransTrrrs Mirikt.-Liverpool, March 24?1 -.30 P. M.?The market I* Arm. Corn, 27a 9d. a 28s. 1 per quarter. Livfhtool Provisions Markft.?Liverpool. March 24? l-ji) P M.?Bacon, 37s. per cwt. lor Cumberland cut Lard, 38s. Od. per cwt Pork, 61s. per bbl. for new ines?. Livvarnoi. Paoncmc Maukvt ? Liverpool, March 24? Evening.?Linseed oil, ?34 a ?34 10. per ton. Spirits tur- . penttne, 4Us. ou. per cwt. Loxno* Pboduck Mahbrt.? Lospok, March 24.?Tallow, 448. per i wt. Spirit* turpentine. 448. per cwt. FINANCIAL. j August bblmont a co.. Hankers, 10 anil 21 Nassau street, . issue Travellers' Credits, available In all parts ol the world, through the Messrs DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of money on California, Europe and Havana. A ?THE GAZZAM COLLECTION AGENCY, 229 Broadway, New York, Unliable correspondents In every county In the United Stati s and * anada; bus no cotincction.Cillreetly or indirectly, with any i iiinmercial sifctie}. or with any other collection agency or association in this city. Atlantic and pauikh: railroad company.The quarterly Dividend of one and a quarter per 1 cent on the capital stock of the Pacikc Railroad (of Missouri, will he paid at the otttoe? ot this company in St Louis, Mo., aad at 2*7 Hroadwav, New York, April 15, IJ73, to stockholders of record ot April I, 1872. A. V. STOUT, Treasure. Nrw Yobb, March m, 187S. A -TRUST MONET JUST PAID INTO LOAN AND . buy Mortgages on City Real Estate, In sums to salt; no bonus. Address TRUSTEE, tmx 2.AX1 Post office. N V CCOMMONWEALTH OP VIRGINIA.-COUPONS DUB J January 1, 1873, off the old bonds and consols and Interest on registered stock,parable April 1, collected hp JOHN B. MAN NINO, No. 5 New street. FOROED STOCK PRIVILEGES DISCOVERED APLOAT in Wall street. Be careiul whom you employ. Henry C. Cron, 22 Broad street, member Stock fcxchange. makes stock Privileges a specialty. Meters to uodeabtod UoOfW. < y * . a* ;1'? i. ?. L*.1 ^ PLB SHEET. FIHANOIAli. IDOR HALF?200 8HARKM PRBFRURRD 21)0 DO COM V 111 on Htock Little Rofk and Fort Smith Railnm I Company. Addrc** FA KIM k HTOCK BR, It New steer) room JU, New York. HAS KINS k BBAINK. II HROAO HTRBET, Htock nud Hold Broker*. Htock Privilege* aaneclalty; Put?. Call* and Double Privileges on ail *r tivo Htock*. Small capitalist* will find tills ? of speculating Kxplanatory circular*, witb reloreuees, mailed on application. TAT OOOKB A CO., No 2H Wall street, New York. Bxcliaiige on London, Pari*, Berlin, Frank fork Bremen CaMe Transfer*. Circular Letter*. Commercial Credit* JAY OOOKi: MoClfLLOCII k CO.. 41 f.omliHrd street, London NOTICB TaaA*DitBBia orrioa, B?ik Railway CoarAirr, l March lit 1H71 t to* interest due April 1 ueat, on the fourth mortgage builds, New York mid Erie Kallroad. will lie paid it the office of Duucan, Sherman 4 Co 11 Nassau street W T. HHKAKMAN. Treasurer QKPICB 01' RISK A MATCH, No $ Nassau Stkhht, Nbw Youu, Maruii if, 1H7T. The six per cent gold bonds of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, being secured by a drat mortgage on a completed road?which is one ofthe great East and Weat trunk lines, commanding a large through business, and which, from the immense mineral, agricultural and other valuable resources of the couutry it traverses, la asaured of a very remunerative local trafll?care among the most substantial and satisfactorr Investment securities in the market, and at thj prflSnl price?87K and accrued Interest?yield a liberal rate of interest on their cost They are in denominations of $100, $800 and $1,000, coupon and registered, Interest payable May and November; principal and Interest in gold coin in New York. We boy and sell, at current market rates, the Western Pacific six per cent gold bouds originally negotiated by ns, and now quoted at the Stock Exchange, and widely known as favorite seenrittus In tho principal money market Coupon bonds of $L,0U0, Interest payable January and July; principal and interest payable in gold In New York; price to day MX ? 95 We also boy and sell government and Central Paciflc bond a Moaluo ,!*n?.U. nn ..rt.lnt. ?* *IIA. make collections and do a general banking business. FI8K A ItATflH. WANTED TO PURCHASE?GOOD OITV SECOND Mortgage*. at a reasonable discount. Address promptly INVESTMENT, Herald utllco. OA PER CENT WILE BE GIVEN FOR THE USE <-j" ' of from $5,000 to $20.i)u0 for sis months. The money Is wanted to complete contracts In New York. Security ' given. Address box IMS Herald ottlae. <5fl n nnn TRUST FUNDS TO LOAN ON FIRST 'JJlA/.UvM/ mortgage city Improved property. Apply to A. JOURNEAY, 51 Lispenard street. dj>1 r nnn AND t<> loan on bond and PitJ.Vfl/l f mortgage, on strictly tirst class Improved Property In the city ot New York. Apply to H. GRAVES, 192 Broadway, New York. nnn TO LOAN?ON CITY REAL ESTATE, i|pO'J.uUU on store and Tenement Pro|>erty, or will buy First and Second Mortgages. W It .t K HAItTLRR, ?i Wall street. <tl 1 rx nnn TO LOAN ON NEW YORK CITY, <PlIU.uUU Brooklyn and Westchester Property; second and leasehold Mortgsges bought. H1DWELL A ARMSTRONG, 12 Plae *treet_ Q(t tOK TO LOAN ON GOOD FIRST AND iplOU.TAU second mortgages City Property oaly. Send applications at once to S. 1'KEIDKNRICH A CO., 906 and 908 Third avenue. IIt i An AAA TO LOAN ON NEW YORK. BROOKVTVvivV" ten and Westchester Real Estate, in suinsto suit; no bonus .required: term of years. C. E. WILLIS, Montaux Insurance Company, 108 Broadway. HEAL ESTATE HATTEIIS. The City Hospital Property Rented to i Boston Parties for 930,000 Per "Annum. ; Yesterday was rather a quiet day at the Ex- > change as well as in private transactions. At the : \ former Mr. Jumes M. Miller sold a house and lot on I the south side of Seventy-fourth street, 144 feet ' i east of Fourth avenue, by order of Mr. Nathaniel , I JarvlB, Jr., referee, 18x102.2 feet, to D. Y. Ball, lor $17,025. HOW OUR CITY FATHERS ECONOMIZE was vividly illustrated yesterday by the scene in the Common Council when the renting of the City Hospital property, for occupation by the Commissioners of l'ubiic Works, I'ark Commissioners, Ac., came up ior action. It is known that this estate had been offered to the city at an annual rental of $26,000. one of the brandies had passed upon the measure, but action thereon by the other was deierred until yesterday. When the ordinance was brought up the statement was made that a Rastou tlrm, having noticed in the Herald that their buildings were for rent, came on, bid $30,ooo, being $4,ooo more than the city was to pay, and carried off the pri/.e. Thus this matter was squelched, and the departments will have to look lor accommodations elsewhere. This incident fully demonstrates that property eligibly located always commands good prices, and that the owners are by no means beholding to tardy legislation of the Corporation to dispose of their pos- 1 sessions. The following PRIVATE SALES OF PROPKKTT were reported yesterduy T r. 7.ITTKI., 1.026 THIRD AVBXUB. A lets an a. e. corner 4th ?v. and ?4th at.. 24x100 each. 2 lots oil a. h. 64th st., 100 It. c. oi'Ath av., 25.x 100cadi. 3 lots on a. e. corner 3d av. and 61st at.. 20x94 each. 3 lota on a s. 61st st, 06 It. e. of 3d av., 20x100 each. by race ash irawtoud, 2.264 third ayescc. 3 a. and b. b. a. (No. 5 Hanson place) $14,400 2s. and b. bk., witli 2 lota, n.a. 131st at., VU It. e. ol 4th av 14.250 3 a. and b. b. a. (42 Went 124th at.) IS,law 3 a. and b. b. a., n. a. 126th at., 20 It. w. of 4th av IS,Sun 2a. and b. French roofblc. (37 West 126th at) 12.0)0 2 a. and b. fr. (60 West 130th at. > IO.OOU 3 lota, w. a. av. A, 60.6 ft a. ot 1 ISth ai 10,000 BR IT ALU Y LY WESTfHESTKB. A Cool Coachman?Perila of Travelling on the Southern Boulevard. A singular case of criminal brutality, which may result in loss of life, came to light in Momsania, 1 Westchester county, yesterday, on the arrest of a coachman named <?art I.omberg, who ia In the employ of a clergyman residing at Westchester village. It seems that on the 13th Instant the accused was driving along the Southern Boulevard ' when he, as is alleged, deliberately drove Into and overturned a phaeton containing two ladles, named respectively Mrs. Wallace and Miss Bullock, the lorrner sustaining a fracture ol tne collar bone, a broken arm and othentnjuriea, from the effects of which she nas since lain 111 a critical condition. As the prisoner lost no time in getting away rrom the scene or collision, his identity and arrest were matters which have since almost puzzled the police authorities, hut Captain Bobbins at length succeeded In ferreting out his man, who was secured as above stated by Roundsman Belliv and Officer Hogan, of the Morrtsania police force. Lomberg does not deny the charge, hut ) says, in extenuatiou of his offence, that the ladi's were driving on his side of the boalevard. He was held for examination. RUMORED LARGE WHISKEY SEIZURE. Excitement Around the United State* Marshal's Offlec?The Capture a Humbug. Oultc a sensation was created In the vicinity or the United States Marshal's office. In Chambers street, yesterday morning, by the appearance on the sidewalk of about a dozen barrels labelled Monongahela whiskey and a tew casks, the contents of which were not apparent. A rumor was at once set afloat that the ofllcers of the revenue service had effected a large capture; that scterai illicit stills bail been seized, and that these barrels were a part of the spoil, a small crowd collected, and newspaper reporters flocked like eagie* to tne Marshal's office in search of Information. It waa soon ascertained, however, that the barrels were empties;" that the ca-ks were only partly filled with sour "Bass."' and that sensation mongers were one and all most egreglously "sold." 8UICIDE BY TAIIHQ POISON. On Bunday afternoon Mrs. Rosanna Smith, a woman only twenty jeara of age, while temporarily deranged. swallowed a dose of Paris green. at her residence, No. 42 Thompson street, for the purpose 1 I of terminating a miserable existence. Deceased had a disease of the eye, but six months ago that ' organ was removed, thus disfiguring her to a remarkable degree. To add to her mental anguish j vicious boys in the neighborhood cruelly taunted 1 Mrs. smith concerning her changed appearance, and, at last, becoming Insane on the subject, she swallowed the fatal draught during the absence of her husband. Upon his return she told him what she had dene, when a doctor was summoned, but without any lasting benefit, as Mm. Smith died at three o'clock yesterday morning. Coroner Keeuan held an inquest in the cgpe. Deceased was a native of MasaacUusc'.ts. I n THE BULL'S HEAD BASK. Nr?Mnf( of th? I)i po?Uor? at T'-urunl* Halt Yesterday?A. Confereaie Cwmuilttff lippntntfd^.tcttoa of th? Dn<t?d Sltttn Mar?b;il?. .Shortly imioru ten o'clock yesterday mornin* a i (treat crowd of the depositors of the Hall's Read | Bank asaemhled at Teutonia nail. Third avenue | sod Knthteeuth streio, tor the purpose of oouterrtng and devising the most expedient means for i the obtaining ni tiiuir ..... ?- ? ? -a 'U'MKJJ. nnui c - uc iiiwrmiih was called t.o oritur utile knots or men congregated in different parts of the hall and discussed the probable result of the investigation into the itfalra of the bank an I wildly speculated as to who tit* defaulter wan, and how ha lost the money, or whether he had it yet or not. .Some or tlie speculation* were wild oues, hilt every man who hail a theory ((noted a parallel cane in support of ui* proposition. The hammer of the temporary chairman brought speculation to a standstill, ami a permanent chairman, ui the persou of Mr. Cameron, was elected. Alter the election and a lew irrelevant remarks hy the chosen to their constituents buameas was .proceeded with. The major part of the meeting being utterly ignoraut of dialling's Manual, the Chairman delivered a few preliminary instructions, which were well taken by the depositor*. The ilrst motion was to appoint a committee to conduct the case for the depositor* and comer with the stockholders. The Ohairmaat being on the committee-appointing committee, th? meeting was left without a heail when said committee retired, au l forthwith speculation and lager beer began 10 flow tu copious Hoods. Alter a brier session the committee returned, an* the t hairmAil announced the following names a* committeemen to confer with the stockholders:? John U. Mondl. James Anthony, J. II. Whitton. Walter Ptiuphy and Cornelius Dunphy. The selfsacrificing modesty of the Chair received its just meed ui approbation when a motion was mad* and carried to have it sit with the committee. Mr. Nooney now rose nud budded into eloiincno* over u proposition to have the depositors leave tea per cent oi their money as stock lor the bank until such time as the bank could agulu begin to wotfc and be iu a healthy condition. The motion wa* lost, and as a substitute the following was offered:? To have eaoh depositor leave twenty-live per ceut of his deposits with the hank for ninety days. Ttao motion was entertaiued and the conference commit toe instructed to inform the stockholders (net the oitlcers) that the depositors were willing to do anything that lay in their power to aid and tualac them to resuscitate the institution. liolow will h? found the atntemsnt of IIia run. iliUon or the aifuirs or the hank, which shows that the deficit amounts to $257,383 31 mm Bills discounted $572,700 W Special loans 84,878 4* Stocks 34,000 OS Real estate iil.t.19 5S Cash and cash items 402.333 M Ital.mi'os in Metropolitan Hank 40,472 87 Koreiun banks 4,40H t* Cash deposited with Hank Dupartincnt to se? cure outstanding circulation 8,743 OS Total $1,137,276 M LIABILITIES. Duo depositors.. $1.245038 4S Unclaimed dividends 2,878 91 outstanding circulation 0.713 00 Stock 200,000 OS Total $1,454,659 OS Total assets 1,197,276 3? Amount of deficit , $257,343 31 On motion the meeting adjourned to meet subject to the call sf the chair. UNITKD STATUS MARSHALS. United States Marshal Fiske has deputized Mr. Charles A. Meigs. Hunk Examiner of tills district, to take charge of the assets of the Bull's lieail Hank, under the posscsslotial warrant issued to the Marshal by Judge Blatchford, In the proceedings taken by creditors of thu hunk to have IS thrown into involuntary bankruptcy. MUNICIPAL MATTERS. BOARD OF 3PPERVI80R8. Action of the Board aa to the Rill of K? C. Allen?A Remarkable Statement by Supervisor McfalTerty. The usual weekly meeting of this Hoard was hfltl yesterday, Supervisor Vance In the chair. t1ik ct.krk yocno investio atiom. Supervisor Van Hchaick called attention at noma length to the fact that ttic Starts yitung had published a report of a recent meeting of the Hoard ol Supervisors, in which it was stated that Supervisor Ottcndorfer had submitted a resolution for the dl*> missal ?r the Cierk to the Hoard, whereas it was Supervisor Vance that had submitted that resolution. Supervisor Ottendorkkii stated that Supervisor Van Schalck might have been aware that he had not been at the office the last few days, and that tho report referred to had been published without his knowledge. When ids attention was called to it he hud the correction tnade. The subject then dropped. tuk bii.l ok h. c. al.t.rn. The bill of H. C. Allen, the Assistant District Attorney, amounting to |'.',50O, lor drawing what la popularly known as the "Klmr"' indictments, waa. after a severe discussion, passed. Messrs Cooper. Falconer, McCaffertv, Ottendorrer and Koch voting against it. Supervisor McCall'erty, in the conrse of the discussion, drew attention to the fact that, in December last. Supervisor Vance, Falconer and Van Situlck ltad opposed this bill when submitted for approval by the then Supervisor I'lunkitt. Supervisor Van Schalck denounced the bill as a fraud. Tne only difference between that itlll and the present one was that the bill was now larger than it waa in March. Recorder llaekett had in his place in that Hoard denounced the bill, and he was at a loss te know what change had come ever supervisors who could see a fraud in December, but not see it In March. The Hoard then adjourned to Monday week at four o'clock. THE OLD BOARD OF APPORTIONMEHT. The old Board of Apportionment met yesterday and authorized the Comptroller, by reooiation, to Issue "additional new Croton Aqnednct stock" to the amount or $300,ooo, said grock to run ontll the year luoo, bearing interest at the rate of seven per root per annum. The funds obtained from thin stock are to be applied for the purchase and laying of the "big pipes." THE DUANE STREET HOSPITAL. At the meeting of the Board of Assistant Alder* men yesterday the question of concurring with tte Board of Aldermen tor the appropriation of thn lJuane Street Hospital for public offices was suddenly brought to a close by the statement that & Boston firm iinu I' ukcii tup rtmuuntr at 930,000 per year, ami the offer of the city to lease It tor $25,009 would be of no effect. Thin statement on subsequent Inquiry wan found to be correct, ami that a Boston firm Intended tearing down the building and bulldinjr up dry (roods stores. COMPTROLLER'S RECEIPT! Comptroller Green reports the following amount* paid yesterday from the different Bureaus of collection, Department of Finance, viz. itFrrivm or taxka From taxes, Croton water rent ami interest $lt.7<5 urkac or arrkar*. From arrears ol taxes. assessments. Croton rent and interest r. S.CW nokkal or cirr hkvknuk. From market rents and ices l.Ol roi.t.n roR or assksrwrrts. From assessment* for opening and improving streets. Ac 3.IA9 Total NEW YORK CITY. Fire Marshal McSpedon has concluded hla Investigation In the Broadway lire, and fully exonerates Mr. Alfred P. Reynolds from all complicity In tha matter. The now ears of the Second avenue extension, coins: to Broadway, through Astor place, began running yesterday. They are painted white, with red trimmings. Joseph II. Bunting, or :i.5 West Forty-third street, arrested on the I'd Ins'., charged with stealing wearing apparel or the value of f 1.10 from Thomas llogan, 47 Sullivan street, has been honorably discharged by the Grand Jury. Charles Tobs, aged twenty-three, a Swede, fell off the topmast of the bark Hammonla, lying off the Battery, yesterday. He was only seriously iniured, strange to sav, and was taken to the States Is.and Hospital by his friends. Daniel Pierce, a resident of 350 East Fifty-third street, was at work yesterday in *a sewer at liotb street and Fifth avenue when an enormous stona fell upon his back from a hank. He was dangerously injured. Taken to Betlevue Hospital. wuiinm Conkltn, of 350 Ninth avenue, and Thomas Orsykof 41? West Twenty-ninth street, two boys, aged respectively fifteen and sixteen years, wers arraigned before Justice Cox. St JeflSraon Market, yesterday, charged with highwny robbery. In I knocklrw down and robbing John Vetitney, on Sunday evening, on Tenth avenue. They were com? I nutted without hgU to aitfwer.

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