Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Mart 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Mart 1873 Page 12
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12 THE STATE^ CAPITAL. Yauderbilt's Six Senators and Tlieir Alleged Rakes. THE SENATE FIGHT OVER THE CHARTER. - Albany Throbbing to Welcome Bill Tweed?A Medical Muae?Fareo on Erie?A Mew City Priaon-The Oenatitutional Amendments? Ex-Aswmblyman Bnell'a Difficulty? A Bill to Give Tax-Paying Women a Vote?The Congresa Hall Learn. Albany, March 24, 1873, tdk pix acrrbxn bknatoks. Tie report 01 Arcnuuic wincny o icnuun?j w 'ore the Brie Committee, as reported In the Hbium) thin morning, brought the Scute to Its feet to-nigM. Senator Cbattield, who is known to hem immaculate us acainp meeting education can sake ant man, rose at the opening to-night, and said, in presenting the following resolutions:? -I desire to sav I have never received any of the aoncy spoken of hercsn, and I have therefore no hesitation in presenting a resolution. I think it as due to the Senate that the resolution should be adopted, as there is a wholesale charge against the Senate. 1 don't think there is any truth in the charge as made. 1 think it is due i? tne Senate that an investigation be made. Therefore 1 trust the resolution will be adopted. The following is the resolution, which was adopted unanimously TIIE RESOLUTION. Whereas In a statement of the testimony of witness, Arehdule O'Doherty, taken hen,re the Assembly com nitlec. el which Hon. J. H. Habcoek is chairman, now engaged in the investiagation of the uilulrs of 4he Erie Railroad Company, the following paragraph in published in the New York papers ot March 22, yhr.?"The lobbyists' operations he bad spoken ot were those carried on in Albany lor the repeal oi the Classiin Ahutn i.ihnr loiriulnfirm. Thirtv thnu mi in. dollar;- wcr# ?pcnt by the present directors about tin- time ol the gmii?> d'ilaL Mr. Archer, the Vice Preslde?t of the company whs in Albany ml authorized the payment ol *5,0(10 apiece to six Senators. The money wan paid by William II. Vanderbilt, and a formal ronolullon was panned by the directors in .Viily. 187.', ileneral Dix in the chair, to repay thin money to Vandcrhllt. The latter bad not aoce.ptcd money. He was too smart to |to to State Prison for *3(1,OWI." Therefore Resolved, That the Honorable Assembly Committee foresaid oe requested, at their earliest convenience, to pursue the examination in re.pard to the statement above slurred to, and make a tboronph and extiaunlire investigation in relation ti. same, to the end that the truth or Inlsitv thercnl mav be clearly established, and to whom suiil money was paid, if said statement prove true. < The bill to establish A MUNICIPAL COURT, In place of the Marine Court, iu New York city, was . duteusseil in Committee of the Whole, but Senator Wcissman attacked it with such vehemence that the patron of it was glad enough to progress it. The Judges of the Marine Court will present themselves before long to protest against its passage. Senator Welssraan> in lus speech, saul that the Marine Court, winch this bill proposes to abolish, is now a court ol record, has been a favored Court for Cr men in New York city lor fifty years, and transacted in late years inorc business than any other Court in the city had ever transacted. The hill was finally recommitted to the Judiciary Uommittee. THB CHARTKR FIGHT willopen to-morrow nignt. it may be very quietly, la the senate chamber. The measure comes up as special order, and, as "Senate bill No. 297," lies waiting for the Iray on the Senators' flies with all i*4i nnm pnnimittun umniwlmpntu umilintr niinn itu lace. The Senate to-night was unusually full lor a Monday evening session, and Its full strength will doubtless turn out to-morrow on the gala occasion that promises to celebrate the charter discussion. The second section, which restores the Board of Assistant Aldermen, will probably commence the trouble; for, although little Davenport took occasion to tell Mr. Wade, the President of that Board, that nobody wanted it retained but Its own members, the result in the committee Indicates differently, as at least one solid and respectable lawyer, Benedict, fought persistently until lie secured its retentl n. The light on the Assistant Aldermen may exhaust the Senate for the evening, and a tew squibs may be flred off over miner measures the same evening and next day, but the big tight will toe over the twenty-seventh section, late the twenty-flrth, and will be likely to occur about Thursday. The advocates of this section are few and far between, the Committee on Cities itseir toeing opposed to Hon a majority vote, and, as it is almost universally condemned, the light wlU be rather over the proposed improvements upon it than upon the fundamental section itseif. TWKBb'H rROSI'KCTIVE VISIT. Albany Is delighted at the prospective visit of Tweed. If it conld be t boroughly convinced of the decorum of the proceedings it would dountlesB put on holiday attire and hang out silken banners? perhaps even send some ot Its cherished and numerous militiamen to welcome the hero back and escort Idm Iroui the depot to Congress Had. He used to make Albany bo rich and festive, and keep her money making Bona, at least. In such clover, that the caDltal sometimes wickedly sighs for the days of Tammany, aud her people gladden at the prospect of Tweed. The committee will probably It In the Court of Appeals room In the Capitol, and the chamber will doubtless be crowded by a great Albany crowd. The btli relative to TUB MEDICAL LAWS OF TDK STATU, which alms a blow at the Hosenzweigs, as well as the more cheerfully constituted dabblers In quackery that have made crime part of the materia medica, was also discussed. The subject of quackery. as represented respectively by homucopathy and allopathy, was ably debated by Benedict and James Wood. The lorincr objected to the clause which provides an examination for all who practise medicine on the ground that old physicians who practice successfully enough now under their old teachings would be likely to slip under the burden of a strict examination by newer hands, and that, as constituted now, the bill gives one branch oi physic the power to examine members of the other branch, thus permitting the allopathIMS or the hormcopathlsts, as the case may be, to drive the opposing branch out of the profession. The bill was Anally progressed. The bill to establish PARKS ON Till BRIE RAILWAY was also discussed, and the clause limiting the fare to be oxed per mile was amended so as to read two cents, instead of three. With tins amendment the bill was ordered to a third reading. In the Assembly the lamous Drafted Men's hill, rerunning their Hutwtltntc money to discreet gentlemen or the war time who paid for proxies at the front, was again killed, having been periodically pot nut of existence every year since the war cM sed. An adverse report of the sub-committee W4M hearuiv sirreod to to-nltrht. and the suasivc vsi ? of the reverend author of the hill will now pa* >ably be beard in hu own country pulpit more anc in the lobby less. Mi Kiackie introduced a bill for the erection of A NKW CITY PRISON, anpo.'itinit the Mayor, Comptroller and President -?fth? Hoard of Aldermen a commission to fix the ante, which must be somewhere tn the Seventh, JKJeyei th or Thirteenth ward. Keep ''a bill, now in tin Ways and Means Com ffttetfi bands, concerting THE LEASE OK CONORESS It ALU Is crepti'itf considerable ea itement. The reason is that u airy unbiassed people can't see why the state slii ulii ran a hotel at *u?oo a year while It cast ahij> fret $'JU,ooo irom jmtles who are no' In any way connected with any partieitlar "ring." it any tiot hat certain pronuLent tnemtiers of the MeRftte sad of tub Assembly will, beiore the row is over, have to .rise and explain why opposition should be made to th> bill. Can Mr. Hunted and Mr. Jacobs ex plain why they face so inuih interest in preventing .is being made effective f Ofconrm they have the interest of the Htaie at heart in all mattersol legislation, but will titer tell whv tin.r do not want the hall leased 10 the ibrhest bidder * Ticrc Is a paffe of tnc history of the Legislature of ih'l, wit 11 the leaves turned down in the Supply blU of thut jteai wlucli may bo a part ,#nd parcel, as Craw lord would sat. of this conirress Hall ques- 1 tion Will the Wavs and Means Oommttfcc throw j tight on the unl^e^t r If It dare net, wh> jot T COMMITTBI IJrt OONORKSKIONAL DISTRH TN. The chair luinoanccd the fu.'WJWiog speiugl committee on .ipuortlBiiliig the tfuito Into Congressional districts, to act jointly a ltli a simitar rotnjmitiers v" the part of the senate :--Mcssrs. IJustcd, JBlarku- Jacobs, Vam Valkenburg, Tohejr, fort, Lewis, Vj.oniaiiH and Manley. I ilh .AMEN 1JMKNTS TO THK CnNHTITlTIOIf. 'Uii: amendments to Ike coiistlliiiluu adopted by the ConsUtitiotial Commission, together with the tone of ballot, lor the submission of the amend tnetrts to the tieopie, were received from the presi dent ot the ('mu mission. Mr. I'lerson moved a concurrent resolution, that a committee ?f seven Senators ami fifteen members ol AsMMiibly be apfminted ?e repw i a plan lor ihe consideration ol tie Legislature of the constitutional amendments. It was latd on the table and made the special orders for to-morrow evening. THK CIIAKOK AOAII.ST KX -A'SRMht.YMAN RI'KIX. JHr. fteacock called up his resolution to appoint a committer of "v? toinvestigati whether the c ha rife fhatti. w, Buell. formerly member ot Assembly from foifjotf county, nnlawiuiiy retained certain moneys re-ort^'1 ?>y him an a tax, is founded in fact Mr Hi^tLOCk had consent to change Ins resoIntlon so as t<> hare thP matter referred to the Ways and Aica.^* Committee, ami then it was I1 adoo ted, KKM AT K TAn^lt'fR." TO iiayk A votr. Mr. Fort moved th ? the constitution rccognlzed tfce right of worn *B h"jd real and pcisonul VtfUkih Oil loss' Qj'inc w, ^ main t'iUxtilifi- hut uutai NEW YOK not give thatn the llgnt to vote at elections, therefore, be It resolved "that the JadlclaTj Committee lie I dm true ted to report an amendment to the constitution allowing taxpaylng female citizens to vote." The resolution was adopted. TUB (jVAKANTINB BOAHDINU STATION. Mr. Cook called up his resolution calling on the Comintetdoners ol the Land office to report to the House their action relative to purchasing a site for a boarding station for quarantine purposes, and it waa adopted. amusements. . oca's Benefit at the Academy. An overflowing and enthusiastic audience assembled at the academy yesterday evening on the occasion of the Jarewell benefit of Mme. Pauline Lucca. "La Pig! I a del Regglmento" or Dentzettl was repeated. The sparkling music of this composer is especially adapted to Lucca, and, so far as acting goes, itts Just the grade of comedy suited to her. Her rendition of the the well-known aria "Ctascun lo dice" waa marked with a naive humor and admirable vocalization that called forth an enthusiastic encore and a torrent of floral avftiw. It ia worth whlla notlcinir that she com. mences tlilB piano Instead of maestoso, and gives it the Utter expression in the second verse. The "Convien Partir" was not sung last night in Lucca's best style, and, Indeed, she seemed to suffer slightly from the extremely sudden change of the atmosphere without. At the end of the act she was again and again recalled, and poor old Konconl had hard work carrying in her bouquets. The little prima donna, it was evident, had obtained a deep hold on the affectlen of music-loving and genius-admlring New Yorkers. The second act, in which the "music lesson" is the great feature, brought another triumph to Miss l.ucca. Her singing of Mozart's "Has Vellclien" in Herman was loudly applauded, but "Home, bweet Home" was the ballad on which the audience set their hearts. It was given in all the vocal glory of her rich, lull tones, with a delicacy and tenderness of expression that was not lost upon a single soul in the crowded house. Lucca's Knglish may need some repairing, but she thoroughly understood the Deautiful lines, and at the close it was encored as an American audience only can encore an American song. In the remainder of the "singing lesson," where good support is needed, the burden was lelt completely on her shoulders, the vivacity of Ronconi's Sulpizlo being a thing living only in shadow. At the iall of the curtain the audience remained to pay her the marked compliment of six vigorous recalls, each of which she acknowledged avec effusion. It was a $6,000 hofise. The season closes this evening with the benefit of Miss Kellogg, who will appear in "Martha." Serenade to Madame Laeca. After the Opera had concluded at the Academy an interesting event took place at the residence of Madame Lucca, on Fourteenth street, near Fifth avenue. This was a serenade by the band of the 11th Regiment, N. 0. S. N. Y. Intelligence of what was to take place having got abroad, the street was lined and the space in front of the house filled with citizens anxious to get a paep at the prima donna. At half-past eleven the strains of martial music were heard on the damp air, and the band, followed by a company of t he regiment and preceded by the drum corps, made Its appearance. After countermarching they took up a position before the lady's domicile and played a selection of approBriate airs, ending with lrie Wucht den Rhein." me. Lucca hereupon made her appearance at the balcony carefully mutlled up, and bowed and waved her handkerchief amid loud and long-continued cheering. She chatted gaily with her fiends on the balcony while the baud repeated the Herman war sang. The cheering again arose, and the lady, bowing, withdrew. She leaves lor Philadelphia today. Brooklyn Theatre. Lester Wallack and the weather battled last evening, and Lester won. The above figurative sentence means simply that the disagreeable weather did not prevent a crowded house at the first performance of Lester Wallack at Mrs. Conway's Brooklyn Theatre. The play chosen for representation last evening was "Kosedale." In some respects the selection was unfortunate. It is not a gieat drama; it is even doubtful and nosatisfactory at times. Rut for the old play-goers it is consecrated by the genius of "poor Mary Cannon and old Ucorge Holland," and when the less experienced play-goer hears from behind him a muttered comparison between present performers and the artists so pathetically alluded to, and to the detriment ol the latter, he cannot imp leeipig uiai me acting must nave ueen 01 surpassing merit that could have caused such lasting admiration, But the part or Eliot Grey Is admirably suited to Mr. Wallack, or, rather, he so perfectly invests himself with the part that even if he were bat poorly aided the play would be entertaining. At the Brooklyn Theatre he seems to stimulate the members of the company, and their acting is more evenly good than In any other piece played there this season. It wsb almost forgottefi, however, that Mr. Jordan still persists in forgetting his lines. Why he does so it is hard to learn, but the amusement given by bis blundering attempts to give a new version or their meaning almost repays for the loss. Mr. Kennedy, the honorable and unselfish, plays the character or Matthew Leigh in a very pleasing way. Miss Effle Germon's performance as Rosa Leigh was thoroughly good; but Miss Merry betrays "the natural vanity of her sex'' when she dresses in Lady AdllaGrey asa very young woman. That servants In the long run become the superiors is the idea of the part or Tabitha Stork, and Mrs. Parren, catching the conccDtion, aptly expresses it in her performance. Theatre Comlque?Captain Jack, or the Modoc War. Thirty years ago Edwin Forrest, in his Impersonation of "Metamora, the Last of the Wampauoags," laid flrmiy the foundation for a marvellous kind of Indian drama, whose pristine flames have been rekindled every now and then ever since in those temples of the sock and buskin and where the democratic masses do most love to worship. The early reminiscences of the "Wept of Wlshtoii-Wish" and other tales of the red man by Cooper, and the later influences of Mayne Held and Itodle's dime novels have kept these flres burning, and, therefore, It was not at all wonderful that when the curtain rose lost evening at the Theatre Comlqne tor the first time on the wildly-thrilling drams of "Captain Jack, or the Modoc War," that every seat in tha house should have heen filled, and that the manager should have been compelled to acknowledge at an early hour that even standing room was not within the possibilities ol the enemy. The bouse was black with perspiring human beings, and the occasion was well worthy or the presence of such an excited multitude. The noble red Indian is of all lingering swindles the uiost horrible of all, and yet tradition?that comprehensive mother of mistakes? has too strong a power to permit that the scalping, sknlklug and sneaking red savage should be received with anything else than the most unbounded applause at the hands of the masses. Bven Captain Jack himself wonld have yelled with delight had he heard his more than living and rerocioasly athletic representative, Mr. W. II. Whalley. cheered to the welkin last night whenever bis Modoc chieftainship did some pale-lace scamp or frontier ruffian the honor?in the language of the spectators?"to put him in whole." Preliminary to the performance of the Indian drama there was a long variety of dance and song by the regular company, which, though It delighted the audience exceedingly, had nothing* specially noticeable In It, with the exception of the appearance or Miss Jennie Hughes, au admirable burlesque actress, whose sumptuous costumes und thoroughgoing enthusiasm for the insufficient acts she la allowed to perform have made her a chief favorite at the Theatre Comique. The drama of "Captain Jack" Is of the most vehement description. The Modocs, whose wigwams abound by the shores of l^ake Tnlare. were as little known us the klnky-baircd Papuans or the brawny limited Patugoniaus to the people of the I ntted states until the Tearless and gallant , special Conuiisaloncr of the Hkkai.d made their talk, customs, tribal Idlosyncracies and everyday life laminar as household words to the myriad reader* of the Journal whoae influence extends nil over the clviiia-d world. Tlio drama of "Cuptatn J us." Is one abounding with horrors, love! fllttlflllff tl'OlU'llpl-V ujvami hru ocer imln I.ioa.I til laltiv and inventions of "Maiiltou the Great .sptnt." The riati cs of Home of the character*, such ua Poker lUU who 1h choked to death hy Captain Jaw wit hot!' warrant of sheriff or verdict of jury; "Whiskey Dave,'' "Oregon Jim," whose chief delights are ot had liourbon and plita tobacco; and "Obadtah Choker," a whining and canting Peace Commissioner, an individual whose only dream la of the average "square meal," are suggestive* In tlicinsel.veH,of.the story. Thenoble savage endures the most frlghtliil oppra. slon throughout, yet he ia confident, with a Modoc .? confidence. thg.t rations, rowder and blankets will lie issued by the (ireat Father; and whe-u a pflwdhlltty is involved that these use In! and necessary articles are to be taken iway front him he butchers promlsctiotisly, with a fervent curse on the pale faces and a glowing appeal u. the Crest Hplrtt fhat charms while it effectually brings down the house. The Indian dresses are verv fine, aitd the to/Meant, are terrllHe to behold. Whalley, as-i'antaln Jack, needs to be seen la he appreciated. His make up is simply ] magnificent and horrible UM degree, nnd his cries ( for vengeance and athletic demonstration* against | "Poker Hill" and "Oregon Jink" ina?it ihc crowded seats to ring again. The lasl scene, whcre.'n he drags Ids fiqujiw irom a burning honsc, will ln.Hseif alone insure a long run for this drama, VoomPi Museum. The play of "Help" was placed upon the stage at Wood's Theatre last evening with a ratber strong eggt ^ juiprvguw iKVttJ;.ti? Tlw UWW wai wclL, K. HERALD, TUESDAY, M filled and at times enthusiastic In Its applause. Mr. Joseph Murphy, In the leading transition characters, showed much versatility of talent and humorous originality. Bis Irish brogue was perfect, but his broken Dutcb-EngUsb was not quite so good. The performance of the actors who took the other parts In the piece was not sufficiently remarkable to deserve especial mention, except it were that Miss Theresc wood excelled herself In the sparkling vivacity with which she enacted the row of Fanny Hdiart; and Mr. J. J. Wallace, as Nubbles, personated with good effect the lowest phase of the ruined scoundrel. Mrs. D. H. Van Dereu had too much of staglaess In her rendering of Mother Kit; but Miss Qussie De Forest, as Eleanor, was very touching and appropriate. Bowery Theatre. "Jack Harkaway" was presented Mat evening for the first time to the patrons of this popular eastside resort, and it met with a very flattering reception (Tom 'an old-time audience, which packed the house. The play abounds with startling and nairbreadtn escapes both on land and sea, giving an opportunity for the introduction or tableaux, which thoroughly delighted the "gods" and were frequently applauded by the oc KDpuniH ui lue orcuemra gnu umtuuj. The first act opens upon the deck of the ship Fatty, which goes to pieces In a storm, after there has heen a matiny among the sailors. The second Introduces an Island in the China Sea, which the castaway seamen and passengers have reached; and so on through live acts there are telling situations and much hnmor. Jack Harkaway (William Marden), a high-minded sailor, once a college boy; Professor Isaac Mole, a passenger <E. W. Marston); Monday, Prince of the Plsaugs (Hernandez Foster), and Emily (Mrs. W. G. Jones), also a passenger In the Fairy, and whom Jack dearly loves, are the leading characters, and were well sustained. "Jhck Harkaway," without doubt, will be well received by the patrons of the Howery for some time to come. Musical and Dramatic Motes. Mr. Bellew reads at Stelnway Hall on Wednesday evening. Dumas' latest play, "La Femme de Claude," has been withdrawn already from the Gymnase. The Italian Opera Company go to Philadelphia this week, Mme. Lucca appearing In "La Travlata" on Wednesday evening and Kellogg and Lucca in "Mignon" on Friday. Miss Beatrice Amore, who Is described as a genteel and pleasing American young lady, recently made a successlnl debut at Malta hb Vloletta, In "La Travlata." She was called before the curtain six times, and the Maltese are now busy raining bouquets and sonnets upon her. It is understood that Mme. Lucca has signed for another season of Italian opera with Mr. Marctzek, and it is expected that lima de Murska will be added to the company. So far as is known the only members of the present company who will be retained are Vizzanl and Sparapaui. A prima donna is a wonderful creature, doing tilings which no other human being can do. At her rarewell performance at St. Petersburg Mine. Pattl was so overcome with the warmth of her reception tnat she fainted, and Mme. Kouzeaud, forgetting that she is no longer Nllsson, begged her manager to be allowed to remain in that city a while longer, because the people of the Russian capital were her "betrothed." The strakosch season of Italian opera next year will be characterized by a stronger ensemble than is usually thought necessary by managers coming to New York. Miss Nilsson is of course the chief attraction, and would be able to make the season successful in spite of the weakness of others, if it should be found that appearances are deceptive. With her will be Mile. Lorriant and Miss Anne Louise Gary, who has been re-enga<rea. Our readers are already aware that Capoul is to return. The other tenors will be Companinl and Bonfratelli and the principal baritone Bignor Maurel. for whom great merit is claimed. Bignor Del Pnente is to be the other baritone and Bignor NarX'tl the basso. Btgnor Arditl, the distinguished musical director, is to be the conductor. A STEAMER EAST IH THE IDE. Smmi Haven, Mich., March 24, 1R73. A propeller, supposed to be the City of Manistee or City of Fremont, has been off this port since Friday afternoon, at twenty minutes to one. Bhe was under headway for Grand Haven. Four men attempted to make shore yesterday by hauling a boat across the ice, but afterwards abandoned the attempt. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac for New fork?Thli Day. BUN AND MOON. I BIGH WATCH. Son rlBca 5 fifl [ Got. Inland eve 6 10 Mnu seta 6 17 Bundjr liook....eve 5 3i Mood riwen...morn 4 38 I llell Gate. eve 8 01 OCEAN STEAMERS. DATES OF DBPARTTTRK FROM NEW YORK FOR THE MONTHS OF MARCH AND APRIL. Steamer*. Sail*. DeetiruUmt. Ofir*. Greece M'ch 26.. Liverpool.. 69 Hmauwav. Wlsoonaln M'ch 26.. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway. Olvinpiu M'ch 26.. Glasgow.... 7 Bowling Green Tliuringia M'ch 27.. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway. City of Parte M'ch 29.. Liverpool.. 16hroa<lway. Celtic M'ch 29.. Liverpool.. 19 BrondwavVictoria IM'ch 29.. (Glasgow.... |7 Bowling(ircea Kgvpt IM'ch 29.. Liverpool.. |69 Broadway. Rhein I M'ch 29.. Bremen.... 12 BowlingUreen America IApril 2.. Bremen.... 12BowlingOreen Nevada I April 2.. Liverpool. . 29 Broadway IIolKutia | April 3.. Hamburg.. |61 Broadway. Holland April 6.. London 69 Broadway. Cilv of Montreal.. April 8.. IJverpool.. IS Broadway. Atlantic April 5.. Liverpool.. 19Broadway. Canada April 5.. Liverpool.. 69Broadway. 8t Laurent April 5.. Havre 88 Broadway. Wcaer April 6.. Bremen 2 Bowling (Ircea Cltvof Bristol .. April III.. Liverpool. 15 Broadway. Republic April 12.. Liverpool.. 19 Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH 24, 1878. CLEARED. Steamihlp Ontario, Bloc inn, Kin Janeiro. Ac?W R Oarriaon. Steamship Franconia, Bragg. Portland?J K Atnea Ship Khersoncsc (Br), Kllison, Xaverpool?Williams k uuion. Ship Anneslcy (Br), Pearce, Antwerp?Punch, Idyc * Co. . Bark Kerraro Frlmo (It*)). Mario, Hamburg?Fnnch, Kdye A Co. Bark Jobn H Pierson, Taylor, Smyrna?Jas IXenry. Bark Benedetto (Ital), Cutlero, Uibraltar for orders? Fnneb, Kdye A Co. Brig A B Patterson (Br), Anderson, Lagnayra and Forto Cabello?Dallctt, Bliss A Co. BrlgParaDa (Br), Kdgett, St Johns, FR? tlency A Parker. Brig Belle of the Bay, Williams, Indlanola?Topper A Beat tie. Brig Julia Lingley (Br), Jones, Brunswick?Heney A Parker. Brig Antilles, Tbestrup, Portland, Me?Miller A Hough ton. Hchr Harry Bluff, Benson, Nassan?B J Wenberg. Hchr 1) W Saunders, Smith, Bararoa?Isaac K staples. Schr Kirardo Barros, Newton. Key West?B J Wenberg. Hchr K II Potter, Burgess, Fernandina?8 C Loud A Co. Scbr Imni Ureen, Collins, Charleston?Evans, Ball A Co. Schr Ben) Oartalde, Stanford, Charleston?Benlley, <111deiWeeve A Co. Steamer Beverly, Pierre. Philadelphia. ABIUVALSb BEPOKTKP BY TTtB llRKAI.II STEAM YACHTS Aiy) IIRHA I.I) WI1ITKHT0NK TKLKtiItAPII LINK. Steamship City of Pari* (Br), Mlrehousc, Liverpool Marah 12 vlit Oueenstown 13th, with mdse and .KB passengers to J O Dale Arrived alt. MAM Had variable weather; March 30, lat 42 35 N, Ian 4S 20 W, panned a three* masted steamship bound ca?t ; 23d, 2 AM. a steamship howlnit three rocket* (supposed Allan), do: 9 AM, 272 mile* east of Sandy Hook, steamship Baltic (Br), henc# for IdverptNil; 9 ;30 AM. 260 mile* eaat of do. steamship Ville d? Paris, hence lor Havre . II :IS AM, a bark-rigged steamship, bound east Sleamsliip Nevada iBrl. Forsyth, Liverpool March 12, via (juceiistowu 13th. with indsc and passengers to Wtlliaun A tiulon steamship Knnd (Dan), Kraemer, Antwerp Feb 27 and Plymouth March 4. with mils to Punch, Edye A Co. Steamship Assyria (Br), Smith, Mar-ellles Feb 9, Genoa Ilia, Leghorn 12th. Naples 17tli, Messiaa 21st, Plaermo 25th. Valencia March 5 and Gibraltar 5th, with fruit and S passengers to Henderson Bros. Had fine weather, with light westerly winds, lor tlrst part of passage; latter part had heavy westerly winds, with high seas. March 25, lat 40 26, Ion 69 02, passed steamship Australia, hence tor Glasgow. Steamship Claribel (Br), Havley, Kingston, Ja, March 16, via Grand Turk, TI, Irttn, with mdso and 19 passengers to 11m, Korwood A Co. Had moderate weather up to the last3days: since heavy Nff gales. steamship] :?ty ot Houston, Leering, Galveston March 16, via Key West 19th, with indue and passengers to C 1! MalloryACo. March 17, lat 26 12, Ion H7 23, saw a ourning wreck; judged it to he a ship ot about 1000 tons, hull Mack, yellow metal bottom, and was horned nearly to the water's edge ; there was a round Iron tank standing, which had reached front the main deck to the kelson, and stood lust ahaft the mainmast: near the wreck was a clinker built liouC painted white, bottom tip and stove ; 23d. 20 miles SSK of Chlncotoaguc, passed steamship /..sitae, henc.e for Morehead City. Steamship Manhattan, McKco, Charleston March 22 (56 hours), with mdse and nasscnger* to II R Morgan A Co Steamship Ohl Itomtmon, Walker. Richmond. City Potnlajld Norfolk, with mdse and passengers to the Old Lotnmie.uSteamship Co. i ship Sir liolx rt Penl, Larrahee, London .Ian 3 and the Li/.urd Dili, tt tth mdse to Orinnell, Mtnlttrn A Co. Took tha southern passage, and had light variable winds to lat 29,Ion 72, then lor l6davs had heavy NW winds, waa 4 .slays west in the island ship .lat oh A stumlcr, Samson, Hayre Jan 27, with mdse to Boyd A llinekrn Been 72 days W of the Hanks witfl strong westerly gales: Pel. is, lat 34, Ion 43, saw a ship with loss of main and mlscn; she was low In tlte water, evidently waterlogged and abandoned; saw no Hugs ?(illstrc*>? wore shin and endeavored u> gel to her, but niflftt coming uu ami the wind blowing fresh lost sight ot hpr. t>?rk Vegwin (dor). Apneck, tendon Dee 4, via Plymouth M da/s. with mdse to Punch, Pdye A Co Took 14l? atipihiua aO??tta, awl JtMMl Umi ftvaUu* 1st to*Jft* t ARCH 2\ 1873.?QPADKCF days, them heavy1 westerly rales; was 8 day* weal ?r Bermuda. Bark Juno (Qtt), Limit. Hamburg M day*, with aadae to C Tobias A Co. Made a southern passage, and liad lliw weather to Bermuda; thence IS days, with strong W and NW gales. Bark Grev Manderstrum (Nor), Andersen. Cbarente IS days, with braady, Ac, to Caaade A Crooks; vessel to Funcb, Edye A Co. Took the southern passage and had flue weather to Bermuda; thence 7 days, with variable winds. . ^ Bark Allmuro (Ital), Izzo, Licata 72 days, with brimstone toorder; vessel to Blocovich A Co. Passed tiibraltar Feb 12; took the southern passage, and had tine weather to Bermuda; tlieuce 10 days, with strong W and Nw windsBark Maria Adelaide (Ital), Naccari. Palermo 66 lay*, with bruit to De velln A Kosa; vessel to J C Begar. Bussed Ulbraitar Feb IS; took the southern passage and had heavy weather; been 12 days west or Bermuda, with heavy W and NW winds. Bark Bkismner of the Waves (of Sunderland), Gooucb. Colombo 87 days, with coffee, Ac, to J C Ramsev. Passed Cape Horn Jan 20, and crossed the eq uator Keb 10, in Ion 28 33 W; carriod tine trades to lat 21 N, then variable winds to Bermuda; from thence 16 days, with moderate westerly winds. _ Bark Tocbee (of Annapolis, NB), Covert. Havana 13 days, with sugar to Jas 12 Ward A Co ; vessel to Ueney A Parker. Had flne weather to the 21st Inst; since strong NW winds; been 6 days of Hatteras. Brig Clotilda (Ital), Caflero, Castellatnare 93 days, with fruit to order; vessel to Blocovich A Co. Passed Oibraltar Jan 14; took the southern passage and had moderate weather to Bermuda; from thence 32 days with variable gales; Feb 27, lat 30 16, ion 66 30, spoke schr J Carver, ncnce tor Maracaibo. Brig Annie (Jardner (of Castinc), Hatch, Demerara 27 days, with sugar and molasses to J Leaycraft A Co; vessel to Miller A Houghton. Been 16 davs west of Bermuda, with strong N and NW gales, and 3 days west of Fire Island; spilt rudder head, sprung tnainboom and split tails; March 14, lat 30 20, Ion 73, spoke schr Ht Croix, steering sw. Hrig Nellie Antrim, Loud, Salt River, Ja, 36 (lays, with logwood and pimento to J Leaycratt A Co; vessel to Brett, Son A Co. Had heavy westerly gales lor the last 7 (lays; was 3 davs north of Hatteras. Brig Robin (ot St Andrews, NB), Woodman, Havana 12 days, with sugar to Matthesson k Wiechers; vessel to Carver A Barnes. Had moderate weather to Hatteras; thence 3 days, with strong NW gales. Schr Ramon D'A)uria (et Philadelphia), McBrlde. Caibarien 7 days, with sugar and me lado to Knowlton A Co; vessel to master. Haa line weather; was 36 hours north of Hatteras. Schr J L Burns, Crosby, Fensacola 8 days, with lumber to order. Schr Minerva LWcdmorc, Terry, Washington, NO, 4 days, with naval stores ts Zotihar Mills. Hchr Maria Jane, Hooker, Virginia. HchrThosJ Benton, Miller, Virginia. Hchr Annie A Ellle Kenton, Buud, Virginia. Hchr John S (lilmore. Smith, Virginia. Hchr Mary H Tibbitts, Bobbins, Virginia. The brig Alice, trom Matanzas, arrived 22(1, is consigned to Eagle A Blakslee (not as before). Passed Through Hell Gate. BOUND SOUTH. Brig Crescent (Br), Nelson, Halilax for New York, with brick to .1 E Whitney A Co. Hchr Albert i'loreuce, Freeman, New Ilaven lor New York. Hchr Charlie Miller, Jones, New Haven for Virginia. Hchr Transit, Racket), Boston for Philadelphia. Hchr Maggie G Smith, Grace, New Ilaven for Philadelphia. Hchr Richard W Toll, Hunter, New Haven for Baltimore. Hchr Bll Townaend, Nichols. Warren for New York. Hchr A A Rowe, Hall, New London for New York. Hchr George Temple, Beck with, New London for Virginia. Hchr Sedonla, Alley, Rockport for New York. Hchr Kate Hall, Newcomb. Cohassett for New York. . Hchr J K Mundell, Mai a waring, New London for New York. Hchr Clara Jane, McKellnp, Portland lor New York, with lumber to Jed Frye A Co. Hchr White Rock, Lalferty, Houthport for New York. Hchr Albert Pharo, Binghain, Cold Spring for New York. Hchr Wm 8 O'Brien, Kelly, New Haven for New York. Hchr John Brooks, Fox, New Haven lor New York. Hchr E Kunvon, Caniuhell, Providence lor New York. Hchr Eliza j Kaynor, Mitchell, Cold Hprlug for New York. Hchr George E Brown, Gedney. Bangor for New York. Hchr M E Rockhtll, Rockhill, New lfaveu for Philadelphia. Hchr J H Young, Young, Cold Spring (or New York. Schr Win Grey, Allen, New London for New York. Schr Cloud, Cathcart, Providence tor New York. Hchr J 8 Terry, Kavnor, Stony Brook for New York. Schr Sunbeam. Kelly. Providence for New York. Hchr George Shattuck, Milly, Wicktorrt lor New York. Hchr Fred Dunbar, Dixon, New Haven lor New York. Hchr Mary H Westcott, Handy. Boston for Baltimore. Hchr John Crockferd, Hatch, Providenco tor New York. Hchr Henry Lemuel, Uarvev, Nortbport for Jersey Hchr A J Bleeckcr. Thompson, Htonington for New York. Hchr Connecticut, Htaplin, H ton inn ton tor New York. Bchr K Bun mini, Howes, New Loudon lor New York. Hchr K A J Oakley, Newman, Cold Hprisg for New York. Hchr Wm McCobb, Hill, New London for New York. Hchr Evergreen, Bunce. Providence for New York. Hchr Native, Cobb, Newport for New York. Hchr Hale, Horton, Providence for New York. Hchr W L Peck, Bunce, Cold Hpriug for New York. Hchr Emily C Dennison, Allen, Houthport lor New York. Hchr Fancy, Davis, Greenwich lor New York. Hchr Lady Antrim, Carter. New Haven for New York. 8chr J R Mitchell. .Worrell. Greenwich for New York. Hchr O C Acken, ilood. Htamford tor New York. Hteamer Rlectra, Mott, Providence lor New York, with mdst and passengers. , BOtTND EAST. Hteamship Franconla. Bragg. Now York for Portland. Hchr Wm Farren, Llnsey, Virginia for New Uaveu. Hchr Aagclinc, Robinson, New York for Boston. 1 Hchr J L Leach, Locke, Baltimore for New Haven. Hchr Belle Crowell, Plnken. Klizabethport for Boston. Hchr E M Wells. Kclsev. Klizabethport for Bridgeport. Hchr Leila Linwood, Pierce, Virginia for New Flaven. He hr Willie Irving. Kellv, Virginia for New Haven. Hchr Alice Oakes, Marcy, Iioooken for Fall River, ficnr Ashcr B Purker, Carpenter, New York for Qlen Cove. Hteamer Electra, Mutt, New York for Providence. SAILED. 1 Hteamship Ontario, for Rio Janeiro, Ac; ships Favorlta, Antwerp; Samuel <1 Clover, Havre; Devana, Isindnn; barks Sldlaw, Bristol; George. Bremen; brigs Oliver, Port au Prince; Sclma, Gothenburg; Belie ol'the Bay, Indianola. Wind atsnnset S, light. Marine Disasters. Loxpon. March 24?The steamship Cimbria, from Hambnrg for New York, has arrived at Havre disabled. The UolaalU Afllia samn linn twill rnnlnnn (ka Pimlirta .nd take forward her mailH and passenger*. Ship Susan l Fitzgerald, Hurley, from Boston lor Cape Coast, before reported at Fayal 12th ult in distress, had a succession of gales from Nlito NW from Jaa A) until the 3()th. daring which time the ship labored heavily, and the deck filled with water. On the 29th Jan had a revolving storm, sea inakitic a complete breach over the ship, washing everything off the decks, filling tne cabin and galley with water At 2 I'M 29th shipped a heavy sea, washing away bnlwarks and rail and carrying away main topmast, together with fore and mizzen topgallant mast and all attached. Had stormy weather during the entire passage. Crew suffered very much from cold and having no fire In the galley. Ship Cornelius Urinnkll, Griffin, at London from New York, which was fouled March 2, below Ora vesend, by the Br steamship Blonde, for Dantxtc, was struck on the starboard how, above the water line, having 1ft timbers, 1 beam, several knees and 21) outside planks smashed In, and sustained other damage ; she arrived in the London Dorks the same day. SmrJoHN Parker (Br), from New Orleans for LlverKol. before reported damaged by Are and scuttled, has en raised, anil arrived back at New Orleans March 20. The damage is ascertained to he all above water, on the starhoaril side, forward of midships; decks ripped up and burned, deck beams and cabin badly burned. The J P is an o'd ship, and will probably be contemned to the underwriters. Her cotton Is all damaged by water. Barb Barp or Avow (of Glasgow), Liddle, from Pensacola for Greenock, was abandoned water logged (as before reported), in lat 34 29 N, Ion ftft44 W, on llth February, about 960 miles east of Bermuda. The captain and crew were picked op by the schooner W J Starkev. from St John, N B, and taken to Cape Hay ft, to which place she was nounu. iwy were w&cn 10 i uri-au-rrmcw ?v tup steamer Andean, which transferred the captain and part of the crew to the ateamer Callfornian, bound to fclverpool. Bias Onkco, for Callao, recently on Ore and scuttled at Tybee, had completed her repair* and wae reloading her cargo of lumber at Savannah on the 20th. Baui Josrvhisk. ashore at Mcltnate, is nearly ifcllt In two, and will not hold together in the event of another storm. Pour lighter loads of cargo have been saved from the wreck and forwarded to Boston. All the cargo between decks has been saved. Most of the hides nnd goat skins arc saved. The cargo In the lower hold will be recovered with difficulty, as it is entirely submerged at lowwater, and will have to be taken out by divers. Bakk Klizabktii (Nor), Naslund, from Marseilles for Boston, went ashore on Sunday night on Chatham bar. but was got off next morning with assistance from the shore, after throwing overboard a portion of her cargo of nnts, wine. Ac. She is now at anchor off Chatham, and will go to Boston with the first fair wind. Brio Oici.stta (Ital), Longobardo, which arrived at Bristol, E. March A. tram Baltimore, had lost sails, bulwarks and boat, and threw part of cargo overboard. Brio Nisa (Br), Holmes, at Philadelphia from Cardenas, had heavy weather and lost malntopmaat. Schr Rrsolutk, Rickets, from Baltimore for Han Andreds, put into Tnrks Islands 10th Inst in distress, having lost the whole of her spars, sails and rigging during a heavy NW Ale on the 24th Feb, in lat 82 34 N, long 71 12 W. The captain states that while hove to his vessel was boarded by a heavy sea. which carried away the bowsprit and caused the foremast to drop aft and break off by the deck; to elear the wreck It became necessary to cut away the mainmast, which carried with it the smaller spars attached ; as soon as the weather moderated sufficiently two small Jarv masts wrro rigged, and, with the assistance of the light sails which hail been saved, they sncceeded Is bringing the vessel to Turks Islands; the hull ami cargo being la good condition tlic captain procured a larger spar and a few other necessaries and ailed for her destination Uth, intending to call at Kingston to telegraph to nis owners. Hcna O M lIoeaiNa, from Boston for Now York, at Vineyard llaeen 33d, reports was run into night of '23d, on Nantucket Shoals, nnd had her wheel and mainhoom hrokt-n and inatnsail torn; was assisted Into port by schr Kit Carson. Schr KsnsgsT, which had been loading iHtnber for Boston in Rodger slip, Oarlftnn. got on her bcumends Msrch 18 in the lied formed in the mud by a schooner, and was strained so much that she filled and had to be taken to Lower Cove slip, St John, NB, tor repuirs. Some of her butts are supposed to have started. Schr B S Lite, from New Bedford for New York, which was ashore on Charleston Bearb, HI, and iutoequently got off bv the Coast Wrecking Company, was towed into New London 33d. She received but slight damage. ScbrO A Watsor, from St John, NB, for New York, pnt Into Basa Harbor, Me, 10th inst, having been ashore and toit deekload. Rchr Mart A Flrig, Hodgdon. from Fllsahethport for Salem, at Gloucester 23d, split toresaii and mainsail, lost foregaff, ami was obliged to throw deekload overboard. The wreck of the schr Maria C Frye was towed up to Wilmington. NC, 21st inst, by the Waecamaw She will be converted Into a lighter by tlx* Warcamaw Wrecking Company, by whom she was purchased and gotten off the beach. Bostor, March 34?Sehr Plnope (Br), from Clenfttegoa for St John. NII, went ashore on Rtindnv night on Chatham bar She was got off next morning, after throwing overboard 32 hhds molasses The vessel is tight, and will proceed to destination first lair wind. Orarp Mrram. March (V-Hark (I W Hunter, which was abandoned the 21st inst in this channel, has not been heard from yet. Two steam tugs from St John were here In search ol her, but gave it up and returned. The storm of the 3d and 4th ragtd fearfully here The old ship humlier con Id not withstand the shock She went to nieces on the olght of the 3d, scattering the dral along tFe share in a very extensive manner. miseellaneens. We are indeMrd to the puracr of the steamship City of | Parts, for favor*. j ? Hm iiiwatr ol ih? ClAiibci, frvui KingMvu I LB SHEKC J a, *e, win acceptor? thanks for promptly fcrwHTdtag oar files and despatches. Punier E W Macbeth, of the steamship Manhattan, from Charleston, ha* our thank* for tavora Heiia Hoar Woonaurr, M.2U ton*, ha* been (old to Capt Frederic Lewi*, of Wiscaaset, for $28(10. Thk Ni* laouthodhk at IIakt Ihlsro.?To the Editor of the Herald?New York, March 22. 1873.?It 1* with much regret that we learn the lighthouse now In course of construction at Hart Island Is to he placed so far to the westward of the point The utility of a lighthouse i? very much greater when it 1* placed upon the obstruc2.on ?r .<J,*u#er ,h?" when it I* situated ut a distance from It We nave been informed that the appropriation lor the building was not sufficient to place it on the extreme end of tne point hutit does not seem to us that the expense In filling up st the point would have been any more than where they are now tilling, and surely the structure itself could cost no more, its usefulness will be very much lessened when placed so tar from the danger It Is Intended to mark, and we earnestly hope the Lighthouse Board will reconsider the matter before it ha* gone too tar. BOUND STEAMERS. Missing Vksskl?Brig Bklalmhvide (Dan), Hlntze, sailed Irom Baltimore lor I'cnarth Roads on Nov 7 last, passed Fortress Monroe on the 10th, and ha* not since been heard of. Shipbuilding?The fine vessel being tmllt by Hawley k On, at Machia* is now nearing completion. Its measurement Is nearly 800 ton* and it preiient* a handsome appearance. Messrs Staples A Phillips, of Taunton, nave contracted with parties in Pembroke, Me, to build a barge of 800 tone, to run in their line from Taunton to New York. Captain A L Gardiner, of Taunton, late of schr E B Phillip*, haa contracted with the name parties for a threemasted centre-board ichr, to carry 1,000 tons. Price $30,000. At Cheater, Pa, the Collma, a truly magnificent stoamor, which is to run betwccu Aapiuwall and San Francisco, will be finished in June. 8he is a sister ship to the Colon, bulit by this company for the same trade, and which is now lying at New York city. Her length by load line is 2SMJi feet and extreme length 312 feet; extreme length of beam, 40 feet; depth from harrlcanc deck, 39 feet, and from spar deck, 39k feet; tonnage (old measurement), 1426; mean draltj 18 feet Two powerful steamers are being built for the Pacific Hail Steamship Company, to be used in the China trade. They belong to the largest class of vessels, their length being 421 feet, and a tonnage of 6.000. Every care is being taken to make these vessels surpass any now in use in-the Oriental trade; also two others for the same company, which are 280 feet in length. Two steamers, which are rapidly approaching completion, bnilt for C H Hallory's Texas line, are respectively 244 and 260 leet long. Also two for the Heading Itnilroad Companv, 196 und 218 feet in length. A vessel for Olckersou's line of 207 feet, and a ferryboat?length 192 leet, beam 64 feettor the Erie Kailroad Company, to ply on the North River. Spolsen. Ship Regent, Chase, flrom San Francisco for London, Jan 30, mJat, Ac. Ship Kurydice (Br), Carr, trom Kan Francisco for Hull (or Liverpool), Jan 23, lat 21 40 8. Ion 29 7 W. Ship Sagamore, Wood, Irom Callao for Valoncla, Jan 3, lat 49 8, ton 61 W. Hhip Ladoga (not as misprinted). Wiley, from San Francisco for Queenstown, Feb 26, lat 22 H, Ion 30 W. Ship Kendrlek Fish, McCloy, from Callao for Queenstown, Jan 24. lat 21 48 S, Ion 2710 W. Bark Evening Star (Br), Le Boeuf, from New York for Adelaido, Jan 24, lat 22 44 8, Ion 30 36 W. Bark Providciitia (Dutch), 18 days from Hamburg for New York, Feb 11, lat 34, Ion 19. Bark John Campbell (Br), Morrisscy, 14 days from Shields for Philadelphia, lat 49 30, Ion 6. Foreign Porta. Bobrard Inlet, Feb 22?iii the Straits (left by tug), ship Wiklwood, Frost, for Khanghae. Calcutta, Feb 14? In port ships Centaur (Br), Buchan; Ktockbridge (Br), Latng; Lydia Skolfleld, Forxaith: Lottie Warren (Br), Lucas, and City ot Nlngpo (Br), Iteddie, for New York; Tirrell, Morgan, and Importer, Avery, for Boston; Olive 8 Southard, Walker, for Dundee; New Era. Baboon, unc; and others reported later. Cape Haytien. about March 8?In port brig Grace Lothrop, Arwood, trom Boston, disgd; sehr O M Remington, Ukmkkaka, March 2? In port brigs Henry A Louise, Hand, for New Orleans, ldg; Mississippi (Br), Marchant, Baltimore, do; Kildare, do. Falmouth, Ja, March 3?Arrived, brig Sir Robert Peel (Br), New York. IIong Kong, Jan 22?In port ships Enoch Train, Thompson, for Manila; Mutlah (Br),! Harts, lor Iloilo, to loud for New York (on owners1 account); bark Tokatea (Br), McKlunou, for San Fruncisco; schr Scotland, Hulcouibe, unc; and others before reported. Halifax, NH, March 21?Sailed, bark G P Pay Kant (Br), Blan k horn, Phi lade I ph la. Arrived 23d, steamships Austrian (Br). Richardson, Baltimore. to sail for LIvernoo) 25th; North American (Br), Scott, Liverpool for Baltimore. Kingston, Ja, March 2?Sailed, schr Edward E Rackctt, Amos (from Jacinel), Truxillo; 10th, brig Selma, Richardson, New Y'ork via Milk River. In port March 15, bark Henry Reed (Br), for Pensacola; brig Balear, Bahrs, trom New York, arrived 13tli; schrs C A Farusworth. Benson, from and fordo, arrived 7th; John Wcntworth, Lewis, from Wilmington, NC arrived 13th. MontbgoBat, Ja. Feb 24?Arrived, brig Aglata (Br), New York, 26th, schr Winona, New Orleans (and sailed March 6 to return). Sailed March 12, brig Isaac Howland, Ryder, New York. Old Hakuok, Ja, March 12?Sailed, schr Conservative, New York. Plymouth, March 24? Arrived, steamship Frisia (Ger), Meier, New York for Hamburg. Vvbenstown, March 24, 9 AM?Arrived, steamships Adriatic (Br), Perry, New York for Liverpool; 9:30 AM, Mliinesota (Br), Freeman, do tor do (ami both proceeded). Rangoon, March 1?Sailed, ship Titan, Berry, London. Btbttin, March 21?Arrived, steamship Franklin (Ger), Deneickc, New York via Copenhagen. flwATow.Jan 20?In port barks Fannv (Br), Eaton, and Malvern (Br), Mvles, for San Francisco. SaANonAK, Jan 14?In port barks Elisabeth Graham (Br), Brage, tor New York, ready; Adole, Mills, tor Foochow and back; Amlc, Morrison, and Forest Belle, Desmond, line; brig Vesta, Percy, do. Ht Thomas. March 13?Hailed, brig James Fraser (Br), Burke, St Domingo, to load logwood tor New York. Sailed March 1ft, schr Lizzie, Wotton, Cardenas. Turks Islands, March ft?Arrived, brig Alice (Br), Mont?ornery. New York: 10th, schr 0 H Cook, Bird, Boston; :esolute. Rickets, Baltimore (and sailed 14th for Sun Andreas). Whabtoa, Jan 20?In port bark Garibaldi, Noycs, nnc. I Pkr Stkabsuif Citt or Pabir.I Brltast, M?rcli 12?Arrived in the Lough, Kalcrvo, Olson, Baltimore for Londonderry. Bordkaux, March 11?Sailed from the Koads, Comtosse Duchatel, IIupon I, New Orleans. Proceeding down the river 10th, New England, Baxter, for Buenos Avres. Brkmkriiavbn, March 10?Arrived, Edward Hyman, Brooks, New Orleans: 11th, Arzilla, Dnrkee, Galveston. Batavia, Jan 36?Sailed, Dover, Stllphen, Singapore. Cork, March 11?Arrived, Ruga, Olson, New York. Coxhavrk, March 11?Arrived, Columbus, Burrows, Philadelphia for Hamburg. Cadiz. March f?Sailed, Nomad, Townaend, New York. Calcutta, Marsh 13?Sailed, Olive S Southard, Walker, Dundee. Dungzhxss, March 12?Passed. Energie, Horn, from London for Darien. Dovkr, March 12?Oil, Alice M Minott, Lowell, from Ran Francisco for Hull kind anchored). Dual, March 12?Arrived, Theodore Voss, dalle. London for Wilmington, NC (and sailed). Sailed 13th, TSeopbauta, Com me (from London), Philadelphia ; Augvald, Kasmussen (from do). New York. Exhoitth, March 13-Arrlvea, Bertha Carrington, Cuthbert, Philadelphia. Falmouth, March 13?Sailed, N Boynton, Palmer, Barrow. Gloucbstbr, March 12?Arrived, Fortunate, Siano. New York; Vietorv. Petersen. Davien. Gkkbkock, March 12?Sailed, Castaka (s), Butler, New York. Havrb, March 11?Cleared, Forest Kaglo. Hosmcr, and Ella 8 Thayer, Thompson, Key West; Hosea Rich, Pierce, Havana. Sailed 8th, Anlne, Sorensen, Charleston. Livkrpool, March 12?Sailed, Nereid, Bearse, Boston; Piscataqua, Seott, Baltimore; Pasqunlina, Scnla, Philadelphia; China, Fcrnald, Rio Janeiro; Egypt (s), Grogan, iirw iiiri. Cleared 12th, Aiax, Apcncs, Philadelphia. Entered nut 12th, Ratavia (a). Mourland, for Boston : Ptlle de 1'Air, Jones. Charleston; Preihandel, Wachtor; Cetveti Duhrovackl, Parclnnvlch: Hue*, Dahl; Virgo, Michelson, and Prance <?), Thompson, New York; Araldo, Tarabocbia, Philadelphia; Harmatlati (a), Wylle, Portland. London, March 13? Arrived, B W stetson, Moore. New York. Sailed from Oraeaaend 13th, MachtavelU, Mareaca, Philadelphia. Ltnn, March 12?Arrived, Roska, Lnndelin, Baltimore. Londondkwt, March 12?Arrived, Francisco Chia/.zaro, Picarro, New York. Sailed 13th, Minnehaha, McGrath, New York. Manii-a, dan S?Arrived. Port Resent, Shahghae (and sailed 16th for Boston and Iloilo); Richard Hnstced, Johnson, Hamburg; Bhertng, Burr, Khangbae (and sailed 22d lor New York). Sailed Jan 17, Harkawav, Cottier, New York. Nnwport. March 10?Arrived, Vermont, Richardson, Dull (and entered out Uth for Kio Janeiro). Entered out llth. G J Jones, Jones, for San Francisco. Newcastle, March 12?Sailed, Bayard, Tonncsen, New York. Oporto, March 5-Off the bar, ship Joven Thomas (Port), Pelllra, flrom New York; sehr Panl Seavey, Lowell. from do. Pltmoctb, March 12?Sailed, Moses Ray, Woodworth, Cardiff. Passed the Lizard 12th, Brldgewatcr, Slason, from San Francisco for Antwerp. Portiand. March 12?Hailed from the Roads, Osmi Dobrovaoki. Cravlch (from Ismdon), New York. In the Roads 12th, Bragcroe, Larsen, from Hartlepool for New York. Quekkstown, March 12?Sailed. Success. Wtlmot, Liverpool; Eric the Red, Small, Utlway; Blenheim, Cotter, Clyde; Kingsbrldge, Symons, London; Athlete, Graham, Liverpool; Argonaut, Baltimore. Hestihw (Isle of Wight). March 12? Sailed, John O Baker. Spear (irom New Orleans). Havre. Passed St Catherine's Point 12th, Maggie Lauder, Thomas, from London for Prnsncola SHANciiiE, Jsn 22?Arrived, Bdwln James, Patterson, Pnget Sonnd. Unilnil 91m* Flitthffh HrilliBm Hrnffif \'mr V/.rlr Troon, March 12?Hailed, chasseur, Thorn sen. BaltiBora. American Porta. BOSTON, March 22?Clcareil, steamer Roman, Rakar, Philadelphia .bark Nabob, Featherstone. l'ort Elizabeth, OGH;schra Henry Adelbcrt, t'rowell, Richmond; Nellie Brown, lllgglns, Richmond, Va, via wood'* Hole; It N Snulrca, Sears, Halliinore; L A Burllnganie, Burllngnme, Philadelphia. Sailed?Steamer* Black atone, Roman, and Neptune; ship favour. bark* Kredonla, Albcrtlnlt, and Keystone. Bark Lawrence passed Cape Cod at 4 JO. lid?Arrived, ship* Peruvian Congress (Br), Stockton. Caicnttu: Abigail (Br), Raymond, London (both before incorrectly reported). Sailed?Brig (iazelle. 24th?Arrived, ateamer* Norman, Nlcker.*on, Pniladcl&hia; Centipede, do;Nereua, Bcarae, New York ;ship ount Washington, Tltcouib. Calcutta; bark* And efKader, Sparrow, Messina: Vict?>r. Wass, Antwerp; N Chnrchill (Br), Moae*. Shle'd*; Lothian (Br), Brown, Clenluego*; brig* Mary M Francis, Francis, Messina; Clara Jenkins, Potter. Montevideo; Goldflnder (Br), Had ley, Paramaribo; Meteor (Oar). Hoist, London; Tally Ho, (Jfoaaen, Surinam; Montrose, Ponce; Mary Stewart (Br), McDonald, Havana; acbr Mary Baker, Thompson, Aa'iw arrived 24th, ship, Belteitl WIU (Br). Brallhwalte, Hollo; bark Spark (Br), Hopkins, Me?sino; hrig Arthur, Ht .lolins, PR: sehrs Belle, May aguct ; Sophia Krauz, New Orleans; A E Campbell, Jacksonville, Georgia, Havan'"baI.TIMORE, March 22?Airlved, hark .t S Pontonpl . dan (l?an). Nlssen, Pemamhueo: hark Minerva (Nor), Horennen, Cork ; schr Krnlly II Navlor. Navlor, Hoaton. Cleared?Hark Heroine, Holt, Port dc France; brig* M C Haskell, Whlteinone. West Indies; Ennia, Fogtar, sauna la Orande . Italia iHri, Kolierta, West Indies: brig M E Rowland, Rowland. Galveston: aelir* Clara') I .null. Welt. Key Weat; II II Flak, Wlxon, Portland; Benny Boat. Kellv, New York: J K Halladay, Burr, Port Morris; J J Pharo, toper, lloboken . ThosN Stone, Pitcher, Boston Sailed?Steamer Utility. ANvn'r Point; ship Rotinr. Oneenatown; ba? Ilerotne Martinique ; brig* Mary K Rowland, nalvesron M C Flnakeil. West Indie*. Vtrvlnla Dare. Kichinoiid. acRr* Louise A Orr, St Thomas; Fruiters, San A lot rem 23d?Arrived, (iarks Minerva (Nor), Lnrcnson, Cork; Tjoras (Ne?w,, lined Waterford; Industrie (N dor), Lak. mann, Amsterdam, T C Berg (N Cor), Bahrens, Plymouth; Archimedes dial), Tr.ipaui, Gloucester, E; brW* Water l.lly, firnrlcksoiallolvhcnd . Han Domenleo (Hal), Aeearinl, Casiellamer^ .lohn Boyd (Br), Orowell, Pom e, P R , schr h turns Me.Adams, Marsh, Demcrara. Below, ftrlg Harry, hedgu-y, Iron, sagoa. i BKlflWjCK. Ua. Maxvti Itt-AxrlTcd. sl?P RJukan 0 (Nov), Anderson, Montevideo; eelir Lou la* Crockett, g Planners, Savannah. , . V " 17Ui?Cleared. schrs Kenduakeag, Wyatt, New York; Bet*, Brown, Philadelphia. _ ' 1" 'a Port I7lh, ship Rjukan (Nor), Anderaoa, dim; harka "oka (Br). Beverly; L H Dcveber (Br). WrkhtTBrmina (Br), Phillips; whra W I! Msiller, Crowley; Horace Moody, Hand, and H V W Simmon*, Williams.Id*; Louisa Crockett, Klandera disc. BRISTOL, March 2T-Arrtved, schr Mary Eltaa, Me<?owa?, Providence for Boston (after going on the railway). 2ft-Arrived, chr Henrietta, 8mith, Providence lor t!Wi? 5r J. d?mafe? at Moice'f shipyard). Hailed?sloop I-red Brown. Wilsoa New York BRIDGEPORT, March whrs U B Drew, Keen; Josephine Wakelee, and Mercer, Wasson, Ellaa- 4 bethport; Mary A ^M. Dunham, Port Johnson; Lirnde A 5 , T?He*\1i.c*,llli.en' ,?, n ; B11? Jane, Allen, New York.? Julia A Tate, Tale, I'lermont. CHARLESTON, March 21?Sailed, schrs David PanstLord, Now York; Traveller, Hodges, New Orleans; Jas Jones, Ttlton, a Southern port. 24th?Arrived, steamship South Carolina, Becket. New York. ELIZABETH PORT, March 23?Arrived schrs Allen Qorney, Uuruev, and E M Welles, Morrill, New York; Wo B Thomas, Winsmore, do. Sailed?Schr* Native, Dchart. New Haven; Josephine, Mason, Bridgeport; Fakir. Knowles, Providence; Wm L Oainson, Rlnkeman; H S Brooks. Lore, and Prank Maria, r Wood. Boston. EAHTI'OKT, March 14?Arrived, schrs Starlight, Blatchford. New York; Kith, Percy, Coalwell. do. Cleared l.*>th. schr Martha Gale. Smith, Havana. PORTRESS MONROE, March 24?Arrived, bark Onrnst (not Robust, Dutch), Hoffman, Callao; brig Catharine (uer), from Santos?both for orders. 1 assert In?rib I,, i ,,t?ln,.tt>. Xlor) Ksmninier. from Liverpool for Baltimore (lout both anchor* In the Koad<); , I bark* Arano (Bum), irom Europe for do; Veho (Br), Tyzer, J f from I'aleruio lor do; Angiclina (Ital), irom Genoa for do; brig Mag (tie Vail (Br), from West Indies for do; also an Italian bark, unknown. , Passed out 21st, ship Lyra, for Liverpool; bark Palestine, for Matanzas; brig Pownal (Br), for l'ort Spain; sclir Bennington, tor Boston. FALL RIVER. March 22?Arrived, schrs Clias E Smith, Hansom, Philadelphia; P Boice, Hlghee, Sew York. GALVESTON, March 17?Arrived, barks Cremona, 4 Gore, Liverpool; Bobert Boak (Br), Alkeina, Mataiunroa. r 18th?Cleared, bark Maria Augusta (Swe), Btxlcii, Cork for order*. 22d?Bailed, steamship City of Anstin. F.ldriik'e, New York via Key West. GLOUCESTEit, March 22-Arrlved, brig Maggie, Smith, Porto Rico lor Boston; sclir Mary A Ilyer. llodgdon* Elizabethnort lor Salem. JACKSONVILLE, March 17?Arrived, schrs Saarbuck, Clark, New York; 19th, Florida, Gllmore. do. Cleared 19th. nclir* Casco Lodge, Walker, New Haven| 19th, Susan Stetson, Yates, Providence. NEW ORLEANS, March 19?Below, ships John Patten, Wynn, from Havre; Sparkenhoc, Butler, from Liverpool] Shakapearc, Fetcher, from Bremen: Merchant, Uainmans, from Havre: Thus Harwood. Chlshani, from Havre; Genevieve Strickland, Strickland, from Liverpool; D W Chapman, Stetson, from Havre; Joaquin (Nor), Sena, from Havana; schr Mai, Webh, from Port Antonio. Cleared?Brig Maria W Norwood, Washhurn, Provldence, RI. Sodtii Wkst Pa*s, March 21?Arrivod, ships Mayflower, Hall, Havre; Francl* P Sage. Crqiihart, do; Ellcu Southard, Woodworth. do (and sailed tor Galveston); Shakespeare (Ger), Fcchtcr. Bremen; Sawley Chludlow (Br), Hoaee, do; Koomar (Br), Hayeott, Liverpool; llanuan Morris (Br), Jones, Antwerp; Westmoreland, Heron, do (and sailed for Philadelphia); Her Majesty (lin, Downle, London (and sailed tor Mobile); brigs Jennie (Fr), Ilaiiff,. Rouen; Geo Gilchrist, Hart, New York; Lina (Ger), White, Kio Janeiro. Sailed?Steamer Vandalia (Ger), Franzen, Hamburg (was towed over the bar). The blockade of the bar is now raised; the channel Is 17 feet deep and 90 feet wide. NORFOLK, March ii?Arrived, schr L E Rose, llowe New Smyrna, Fla. NEWPORT, March 21. PM-Arrived, schrs Hallle T Cliurtre, Trclethau, and RS Dean, Macombcr, Taunton for New York. j NEW HAVEN. March 24?Arrived, schrs B J Gurney, Gurnoy, Port Johnson; Rebecca ,t Harriet, Tirrell, Weehawken; Gilltert Stancllffe. Frame; M W Griding, Stocking, and W G TulTts, Hush, Virginia; Daniel Morris, Manson, Now York for Providence; Kate Foster, Harden, Mayagucz for New York: sloops Jas Henry, Joyce, New York; Competent, Hurley, Hoboken. Sailed?Schrs Fred Dunbar, Perkins, and Kate Foster, Harden, New York; Harvest Home, Hoggson, Virginia; sloop Competent, Hurley, New York. PORTLAND (Oregon), March 13?Sailed, bark Cariboo (Br), Wood, United Kingdom. } PENSACOLA, March 21)?Arrived, ships Protector iNnv 1 Volch I omloa. Poilioriiin (Vnrj (uonhuon Africa (Br), Muirhcad, Shields; Hannah Parr (Nor), Sandborg, London; harks Rising Sun (Br), Rout, do; Magna (Nor), Barhurlann, Liverpool; Kjukam (Nor), Koynhoids, London; Olorianna (Br), Peregrine, do; Amalie (Nor), Morch, Liverpoo. Cleared?Barks Hreraerhaven (Nor), lledborg, London; Herman (Nor). Wo tie sue n, do. PHILADELPHIA, March 22?Arrived, steamship Rattlesnake, Pierce, Boston; brig Annie K Storer. Adams, Matanzas: schrs Mary E Staples, Hod trey, Cardenas; Helen M Condon, Condon, and L A Danenhowcr, Urate, Jacksonville. Cleared?Hclirs Henry Allen, Tatem, Fernnndina, Flaj J D McCarthy, Simpson, East Boston; It Seaman, Seaman, Lynn; Is F Cabada, Swain, Providence; J 8 Watson, Hoock, Lynn; Pennsylvania. Ewing, Lottory, RI; D 8 Mersbon, Leeds, Fall River; 8 A E Corson, Brewer, 'i Boston; Yankee Boy, Hughson, New Bedford. , ' 23d?Arrived, barks Hurold Haarfager (Nor), Nilson, , Liverpool viu Falmouth ; Frisk (Nor), Svcndsen, Rotter* dam. Sailed?Steamship Alliance, Nichols, Providence. 24th?Arrived, steamer Regulator, Freeman, 24 honrfi Itom New York: ship Nautilus (Brt, Anderson, Havre via Savannah; barks Edith (Br), Douglass, Newcastle, Eng; Lara (Br), Pulton, Liverpool; Wilhelmina (Her), Maas, Marseilles: brigs Paqult ae Nova York (For), Cuncha, Oporto; Nina (Br), Holmes. Cardenas; Edith (Br), Scalfe, St Jago; Thos Owen, Ouptill, Matunzas; Helen O Phinney, Boyd, Sagua: Loch Lotnond, Gilchrist, Matanzas. Cleared?Burk Nina Sheldon, Sheldon, Antwerp; schrs Samuel Fish, Tcel, Boston, Westmoreland; Emma O Edwards, Chamberlain, Gloucester. Lkwks. Del, March 23?Passed in, ship 'Wyoming, Baker, Itom Liverpool; Nautilus, Anderson, lVom Savannah; barks Bertlile (Br), trout Iqaique; Eduard (NO), Halburstad, from Rotterdam: Maggie Chapman (Br), O'Nell. from Liverpool; Annetta (Br), Fleming, (torn dp; Aukathor (Nor), llendriksen, from Gothenburg. Arrived?Brig Confederate (Br), from West Indies, for orders; also a three-masted steamer and abont fifty brlgi and schooners tor a harbor. PORTLAND, March 22-Arrived, bark J S Winslow, Davis. Boston. Cleared?Steamship Prussian (Br), Dntton, Liverpool; / brig Atlas, Powers, Havana; schr Delmont, dales, Matanzas. PORT8M01TH, March 21?Arrived, schrs Mayor Jones, Sparrow, Baltimore; Rand S Corson. WUlett, Newcastle. * Del, for Boston. PROYINOETOWN, March 23-Arrtved, steamship Unrsecuarda (Br), Hill, Livorpool for Philadelphia (put in for a supply of coal?to sail 24th). PLYMOUTH, March 15?Arrived, schr Belle. Ilotmea, nrw Kim. PROVIDENCE, March 22?Arrived, ste&mshii) Virginia, Roger*. Philadelphia; schrs Carrie A Bcntloy, Falkenburg, Peasac.ola; Mary O Farr, Cornwall, Baltimore; American Eagle, Shaw, Philadelphia: K.I Mercer, Racket, and Anion Kalkonburg, Racket, Hoboken. Hailed? steamship Hunter, Sherman, Philadelphia; brig John Raich. flodgman. New York; schr* Wn Butler, Knowlea, Virginia; Thoa Borden, Allen: Sidney C Tyler, Barrett, and Union Flag. Frlabee, Philadelphia; Jnlia A Garrison, Smith, Wm O Irish, Tirreil; Sanwa, Kelly; Tungent. Newman; Hlackstone. Wickaon; Little ' David, Blair; Mar* A l'redmore, Sherman; Henry Croakey, Kackett; Georgia, Parker, and ilyena, Gardner, New York. 23d?Arrived, steamship Gulf Stream, Crocker, Philadelphia. PAWTUCKRT, March 22?Sailed, schr Annie L McKecn, McKcen, Jacksonville. RICHMOND, March 22?Arrived, steamship Wyanoke Conch, New York. Railed?Schra Khodeha Brend, Newell,. New York via Chickahominv River; Mott Bedell, Bedell, do via Osborne's; M E Havard, Camp, do via Jamea River. i ROCKLAND, March 1H?Sailed, schr Lake, Rogers; New York. 19th?Sailed, schrs M Langdon, Bennett; E Arcnlarins, Gregory; S Mc Loon, Spear, and Fleetwlng, Kenulston, New York. SAN FRANCISCO. March 18?Cleared, ship Eldorado, Winding, Burrard Inlet. 2Uth? Arrived, hark Atlantic, Lelghton, Callao. SAVANNAH, March JO? Sailed, schr Chas Sawyer, New York. 24th?Cleared, barks Jnliana (Sp). Gastanasa; Paz (Bp), Clrarda. and Olauo (Hp), Munltz, Liverpool. ,? HTONINOTON, March 22?Arrived, senr Jessie Murdoch, Chrtsths^ Baltimore. m M ^ _ vinciAKU 11/tvnn, si arc n it? aitivbo, steamer Centipede, Philadelphia for Boston; schrs Mary E Smith, do for do: Cornelia it Alice B, Port Johnaon for do; Emily A Bar tie, Holmken tor do; Gem and Charlie Cobb, New York for Rockland; Marshal Ney, do for Calais; Starlight, Klizabethport for Newburyport; Wrn Oillnm, do for Salem; James Wall, Jacksonville for Waldboro. Passed hv, schrs Abbie E Campbell from Jacksonville for Boston; Georgle B McFarland, Wilmington, N C, for do. Sailed?Steamer Seminole; brig Clara Jenkins; schrs Willie Luce, AlmiraWooley.II S Bridges and Mary Baker. 23d?Arrived, brigs Rocky Glen, Dorr, Demerara for Portland; George Amos, Elizabeth port for Sale.m ; schrs East Wind, <'apc llavtlen for Boston; Bnrdctt Hart. Ma vaguer, tor Newburyport; C G Cranmcr, R H Shannon and J M rltzpatrlck, Philadelphia for Boston; G Paine, Port Johnson tor do; George Nevlengcr. Busbrod, W Hill and Edith, Baltimore for do; B F Karnham 'Wilmington. N. C., for do; Annie Magee and L B wing. Kllr.abethport for do; A S Cannon, Philadelphia for East Cambridge; Marietta, do for Salem; Hyne, Klizabethport for Portland; Slater, Georgetown. SC. for Thoinaston; Ada Louisa. Providence for St John; Julia A Crawford, Klizabethport for Danversport; Marietta Bteelman, John S Detlviler, Albert Mason, Richurd Peterson, Hattlc Paige. Jennie N Hud-, dell and A D Iluddoll, Boston for Philadelphia; Henrietta Simmons, Snlem for do; E Q Willard, Portland for do; Eugene Bonda, do for Jacksonville; J B Van Dusen, do for Wilmington, NC; A L Lockwood, do for Baltimore; Nellie C Paine, do tor Washington, DC; J Wellington, Boston for do; Janice . Ford, and John D Manson, do for Baltimore; Franconia, " do for Wilmington, NC; Aphrodite, Wcllfleet for New York ; Silas McLoon. Chase and Belle Brown. Rockland fordo; R J Evans. Newburyport lor do, Helen Thompson, Vlnalhaven for do; Bramhall. Clark s Island foe do; Chas * Rogers, Rock port, Mass. for do; Colonel Ells worth, Portland tor do; u si niiinnis. nosiuu lorno; it tt Carson and R It Hlggliis. do for Virginia; Ella K Crowell. do for Chester: M A Mc.Kahan, Roekport, Me, for Newbern, NO; Etnily A Jenaie, do for Norfolk; MorclighL Calais (or do; Daniel Nichols, Hnrksport for Savannah. Pa?aed by?Bark Scotland. Baltimore for Ronton. , Sailed?Brigs Tula. Mechanic, Joseph Clark, Uoo Amos' /' and Rocky lllpn; srhr* Abblc H llodgman, Joseph Baymore, Chaa Shearer, Mini A Rope*, Kate Grant., HarahiJ Bright, Prairie Bird (Hr>, N A Knrwell, II E Russell, Idclln Small, AJthea, Carolina Younsr, Annie K Martin. Starlight, M K Smith, Charlie Cobb, li A Bartle, Cornelia, Marshal Nov, Gem, Win <til 111 in. Alice B, James Wall, Kant Wind, Hurdett llari. Marietta Tilton. J M Kit/patrtck, B F Farnliam. Aphrodite, Geo Ncvorgcr, Julia A Crawford, Annie Megee, Win Slater and Addle Louisa. 24th?Arrived, brig MagajiiadnTic (P.r), New York for St John, NR; achra Krank U Dow. Galveston far Boston: UeoJY Smith, Bennington, Freddie L Porter, charlo* r Heycr, and D Oiilurd. Baltimore for do; W W I'haro, Hobokeu fordo: K M Brookings, Port Johnson for Hath: Arctic, and K Arcularius, Bock land for New York;t? Preeman, Thomaston for do. Passed west?Sehr Josephine. . _ .. Sailed?Kchra Salllc ATuir. Gyrus Fosse tt, John T Manson, Marietta Steclman. John S Delwller, M A McGahan, Col Ellsworth. Ella K Crowell. R J brans, Helen Thompson, Silas Mc Loon, Charles Brumhall, CIS Rogers, H fl Wlllard. Kit Carson, Anne I. Lockwood, R R HIr,'lns, Nellie C Paine, Venus J Paine, laabe[Alberto. J W Wellington, Jennie L Hnddcll, It W Oodirey, J B Vnn Onsen, Franco!) i*, Rtchnrd PatafMie T Benedict, Albert Emily A Jennie. Belle Brown. Arctic. Mopeleigh, Ehrcnla ins. W Freeman, Eugene Bonis, David Ntcklc*. WILMINGTON, NO. March 21?Arrived, brig Krendo (Ger), Brown, Dunkirk. 1 Cleared?Brig Home, Genii, Boston ; schr Sunny Sonth, Derrickson, New York. nOACELLANSOVS. ^ AHSOI I'TK DIVO*t;i4S LKIIAIil.I ilHI AINKII IJI .Iidhroiit HUto*, without ito-tndal; desertion. Ao.. 1 Aril-tit came; no rltartt until divorce itranicil; advicefrec! M. HOl'SK, Attorney, in Broadway. VBHftr-t'TF DIVOhTRS OBTAINBD KItnM COCMS ol different Mtules; leiral everywhere; no pultlU-tty| i In ?d vaiu v a-,vice Connacllarat i,n?, 36. . Broadway. ^ /j A ? UBRAl.i) UKANCH OKt'i ... -ill I'll,:,: i, / j\.? tornefot Fulton avenue and Bocrum j.r,) j? Open rrmn H A. M. to i 1'. *L Ua nuuday ,'rout 3 Ut U 1". St y

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