Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1873 Page 14
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u THE BOOK TABLE. It is quite pouible not to Had In a long list of ?w books a single volume wblcb attracts attention because of its literary gierlt. Mostly, even the titles repel. ' For taetance, who would care to read "The nem lock Swamp" till after somebody else had waded through it and found it guodf The book is by Etaie Leigh Whittlesey and the pnblisners are Claxton, Kern sen A H iffeltlnger. It is such a book a anybody csuld write. Again, who is likely to be attracted by "Partingtoman Patchwork," though they found "Shillaber" n the title page in the biggest of capital letters? Lee A Shepard are the publishers. The collection Is dull ?nd the work ociow meuiocrny. Nor is "Bits of Talk." though pretty enough as a title, likely to brtDg readers simply lar the flavor of the bits. True, it has become the fashion ta praise everything H. H. writes, bnt these "Bits oi Talk," of which Roberts Brothers are the publishers, are exceedingly commonplace in spite or a flavor which is their own and which is sometimes delicious. "Rouge et Nolr" (Claxton, Remsen A Haflleflneer) is a title that is repulsive, even with M. Kdmond About's name on the title page. It was Mardly worth while to translate and publish it. Sometimes what would be a stupid titlo for a t novel is an excellent one lor a book which is partly an essay and partly a philosophical treatise. An example of this is the work of the Rev. Frederick Arnold,"Turning Points in Liie," published by Harper and Brothers. The book is written In a clear and manly style and is rich in suggestiven^ss and illustration. A book of singular and unsaapected Interest for American readers is the "Life of Demetrius Augastine Gallltzin, by Sarah M. Brownson, and pubUBbed by Pastel & Co., of Barclay Btreet. The princes of the Gallltzin family have frequently turned to other pursuits than those which usually occupy the time of the great. It is not long since Prince George Gallltzin, recently deceased, visited this country aB a strolling musician. Three quarters of a century berore Prince Demetrius Augastine Gallltzin, who had become a Catholic priest, settled on the highest point in the Alleghany Mountains, where he founded the village of Loretto. For nearly fifty years Prince Gallltzin labored and taught among the mountains of Maryland. Virginia and Pennsylvania. No more remarkable region can be found anywhere in the country. To a great extent the people are descended either from German Protestants or Scotch and Irish Presbyterians. When Gallltzin went among them the llrst generation had not disappeared, ana their bigotry and prejudice were indexible. Catholics were not only persecuted for their religion, but a wall oi social ostracism was bnllt around them, and to be Catholic was to be "low" In Protestant eyes. According to Miss Brownson, "In Pennsylvania, especially in the neighborhood of Cbambershnrg, the greatest Ignorance prevailed, accompanied, as usual, by preludlce, bigotry and persecution," and at that place at one time Mr. Broslns, a priest, was compelled to take refuge in the house of Mr. Michael Btilllnger lrom a party of pursuing bigots, in order to save his life. Chambersburg Is to-day more remarkable than any other town in the country for . the social ostracism of Catholics. Miss Brownson'B book Is a valuable contribution to history as well as an excellent memorial of the life of a good man. It is seldom, however, that a book of this kind gnrprises us by Its exceptional excellence. Generally works of great valne are announced and talked about months before they appear. As a rule we have read the new books of wellknown writers in the magazines before they appear In book form. Harper's Magazine at this time contains three aerials?"Old Kensington," by Hiss Thackeray; "A Blmpleton," by Charles Keade, and "The New Magdalen," by Wllkle Collins. Their Weekly has in course of publication "Strangers and Pilgrims," by Miss Braddon, has Just begun Lord Lytton's last novel, "The Parisians," aud printed during the pear a number of works which afterward came to ns In book form. LipplncotVs Magazine for April lias the first instalment of a new novel called "Berrytoun," by Mrs. Rebecca Harding Davis. Dr. J. G. Holland's new Btory, "Arthur Bonnlcastle," has reached its ninth chapter in Scribner's Monthly. Apple ton'a Journal, the Atlantic and other periodicals all have their serials. The consequence of this is that when thev come to the editor's table for review they are stale crusts cemented into a whole loaf. Aud the books which reach us unheralded are either new editions of old works or books which ought never to have been printed at all. We find a number of new editions or books previously printed among the publications of the week. O'Shea sends ns another volume of tils edition of Cardinal Wiseman's works, this one containing two dramas?"The Hidden Cctn" and "The Witcn l Rosenborg." They are only vuluable because they are Wiseman's. J. H. Lippincott A Co. have republished in one volume Miss "Wide, Wide World" Warner's Btory entitled "Daisy." From T. H. Peterson A Brothers, Philadelphia, we have a very Isng list"Mysteries of the Backwoods," by T. B. Thorpe; "Warwick Woodlands," by Frank Forester; "Frank Forester's Shooting Box," "Western Scenes, or Life on the Prairie;" "Quarter Race In Kentucky and other Sketches;" "Big Bear of Arkansas and other Sketches;" "Louisiana Swamp Doctor," by Madison Tensas, M. D.; 4,New Orleans Sketch Book," "Quomdon Hounds: , Sketches of Lnglish Fox Hunting," by Frank For? enter; "Captain Simon Snuggs," "Stray Subjects," 'Charcoal Sketches: Lite Scenes in u Metropolis," toy Joseph C. Neal; Frank Forester's "l?eer Stalkers," "Major Jonea' Chronicles of Pinevllle"Major Jones' Sketches of Travel," "PickliiKs from the Portlollo oi the Ileporter of the New Orleans Pica June." We begin to suspect that "new editions" frequently mean dull sales instead of a great demand. And sometimes books come to hand so long after JSclr publication that we can only look upon theiu as w need of a little generous or ungenerous criticism. One of these Is "Pay Day at Babel," by Bobert n. Rodney, L'nitea States Navy, ptiblishd by D. Van Rostrand A Co. It is a very little book. It Is In dramatic form, and c most wretched example of literary imbecility. Then eome the customary announcements. We like to put tkcin in their usual form sometimes to show how much they look like advertisedeuts, as, Jor example:? J. B. I.ipplncott A Co. annouace for speedy publication a new novel by John Eaten Cook, entitled 'Her Majesty the Qneen." The subject and title of Mark Twain's promised new book are said to be "John Bull." A new poem may shortly be expected from Mr. Browning. Mr. Tennyson Is at work npon another poem. The tltle-of Bayard Taylor's new poem, which has already appeared In England, is "Lars." home wicked wrctcii bus suggested that Bayard jayior Biioufcj lave cuued iiua poem "tarsus," which, we suppose, in u vulgarism u?r molasses. Occasionally, however, these '-announcements" are both valuable and Interesting. lie re Is one:? Caleb t'uslilng lias nearly ready an important monograph on recent phases of international law to i?e called "The Treaty or Washington ; Its Negotiation. Kxecution and the Discussion Relating Tbeieto." Harper * Brothers will publish the truck. It Is a matter of very little general Interest who are to publish it, but it Is an Important piece of news that *' are to have all the knowledge of tue man who knew* most about It on tlie mwst Important piece of diplomacy of modern times. We are giad Mr. Cashing bus louud time to write the history and sum up the results of a negotiation in which he was the master spirit. J Here also is an announcement which win have Interest lor all persons who regard with curiosity 1 the results of women's work In Detds which belore were generally regarded as tlie alloiuj sphere of men. Among the literary novelties of the coming Humm<T or Autumn Is a volume which wjll record the eioerievccs vl Mjss Maroaretha Weowuey. a young NTEW TOR I German lads, who la mentioried wtrh,esteem In ttie late Mr. Seward's boot of rrave 1b, and who, by appointment ol the Hon. K M. Heckworth, Commissioner oi-the United bttyca at the Paris Exposition of 1M7, held an important post as interpreter at that dlBplay. Miss Weppner deserves In some respects to be mentioned beside Mine. Ida Pfeiffer, having, like that lady, travelled alone aronnd ttie world. The difference ta, that Mme. Pfelffer began the attempt alter havinr reached middle life, while Miss Weppner devoted to the enterprise a couple 01 the fairest years ol young womanhood. Encouraged by the esteem and protection of some of our most eminent citizens, among whom Mr. Peter Cooper prominently figured, the lady included In her travels the tour of the United States, intent npoa writing about the wonderful resources of this coun'rv for the henem of Cerinun emigrants. Her experiences here were particularly picturesque and pleasant, aud lorm one of the brightest features of ner pending publication. Abroad her adventures were sometimes sad, but always interesting, bbe visited all the principal cities ot Japan, China, Cochln-Chlna, India, the Himalayas. Nuno-Goa, Egypt and Palestine, nu mruugn uii uer nuveniures untied a aaunticssness wortny of Stanley, with an unpretentiousnesB and modesty which won tributes from some of the foremost leaders ot home and foreign society. Now penetrating the gloom of Kastern monasteries, now narrowly escaping a Chinese massacre, prostrated by sickness at one port and rescued by chivalrlc Americans irom barbarous imposition at another, her adventures (which we have glanced over in tne original German, whence they are now being translated) are toid with a modesty and piquancy lew professional lady travellers are mistress of. The recent exhibition which she gave at Frankiort-on-the-Main, foi* the benefit of German sufferers by the late Franco-Prussian war, evidenced both her beneficence and business tact. MIC* AND . ALLIGATORS IN FRIENDLY COMMUNION. The Lexington (Ky.) Press tells a story of a lady residing tn Frankiort who had been very sick for some time, and so very strange were her symptoms as to utterly set at naught the skill of the phyBiclans. She suffered from general debility, became frightfully emaciated, and yet possessed a most voracious appetite, and people began to account lor the latter phenomenon by the old superstitious method of assigning the cause to the possession of an "eating woll." The mystery was solved a few days ago. when, after a sick spell and a violent fit of retching, she efceted from her stomach a mouse (dead) and shortly after a living alligator of small dimensions. Seme 01 the physicians have expressed an opinion that there are more ol these animals remaining in the lady's stomach, and that they are being constantly generated there. But as to how they had their origin there we have not heard that any one has ventured to risk an assertion or explanation. CITY GOVERNMENT. [OFFICIAL.] Board of Aldermen. STATED SKSSIOW. Thursday, March 13, 1873. Present?Hon. 8. B. . Vance, President, in the chair, and a quorum of members. petitions bepkbrkd. To continue the printing of the anciont records of the city. RESOLUTIONS RErERRRD. That the sidewalks on both side* ot Thirty-fourth street, between Eleventh and Twelfth avenues, be Hugged. 'I hat the sidewalks on both sides of Thirly-tourtli street, between Tenth and Twettth avenues, be Hugged. That the sidewalks on both sides of Eleventh avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Thirtieth streets, bo (lugged. That street lamps bo lighted in Eleventh avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Thirtieth streets. laid over. That the Commissioner of Public Works notify the New Vork and Uarletn and New York and New Haven Ballroud companies to remove all the switches and turnouts from the carriageway and sidewalk on the Ponrtli avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets, and repair such carriageway and sidewalk In the most thorough manner, and in case of refusal to remove such switches and turnouts and repair the carriageway and sidewalk at the expense of the city, and to sue for and recover from said railroad companies the expense Incurred. That Ninety-filth street, from First to Fitth avonno, bo regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks nagged. That I02d street, from First to Third avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks liagged. That Idftth street, from First to Third avenue, bo regulator! and graded, the curb aud gutter stoues sot and the sidewalks (lagged. That 100th street, from First to Third avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks (lagged. That on both sides of Lexington avenue, between Sixtyfirst and Sixty-sixth streets, curb and gutter stones be set and the sidewalks be flagged and reflaggcd. That Eighty-ninth street, between Eighth avenue and the Boulevard, be regulated aud graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks nagged. That Ninety ninth street, froui First to Third avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stonea set and the sidewalks nagged. That on the west side of Third avenue, (torn Sixty-sixth street to the northerly side ot sixty-ninth street, curb and Sutter stones bo set and the sidewalks be (lagged aad reagged. that Eighty-fifth street, from Second to Fourth avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Ninety-eighth street, from First avenuo to Fifth avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stoues set and the sidewalks (lagged. That Ninety-lourth street, from First to Third avenue, be regulated aud graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks lugged. That Ninety-seventh street, from First to Fifth avenue, be regulated hdo graded, the curb and gutter stones set and tlie sidewalks flagged. That Seventieth "treet, between Third avenue and East River, be regulated and graded, the curb aud gutter stones set Riid the sidewalks flagged. That on both sides of Fifty sixth street, (Tom Sixth to null iiml cuttpr flttitifm hp ?nri ?hn sidewalks flagged anil rcdagged. That <>n the went aide of Sixth avenue, from Fifty-fourth <o Fitty-flith stnet, the aldcwalks be flagged and reflacgctl. That 011 the west aide of Sixth avenue, from Fifty-sixth to Fifty -seventh street, the sidewalks be flagged and rcfluggeo That e vacant Iota on both aides of Fifty-sixth street, front Sixth to Seventh avenue, be fenced in. the vacant lota on the aouthwett corner of Fiftyflth street and Sixth avenue be fcneetl in. That Twentv-sixth atreet, from Sixth to Eighth avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. aaroavs laid ovkb. That Fifty-second street, between First avenne and avenue A, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks flagged. That on the aorth side of Fitly third street, between Flttti and Sixth avenues, the sidewalks be ilaggod uud re- l flagged. That tue vacant lots on both sides of Eighth avenue, between Kilty sixth and Fifty-seventh streets be fenced In. That on tioth sides of Fitly-sixth street, between Sixth anil seventh avenues, curb und gutter stones be set, and the sidewalks be flagged and retlagged. That the Cotnmissianer of Public Works notify the Eighth and Sixth Avenue Kailroad Companies, jointly anil severally, to remove the track on the west side of College place, between Chambers aud Warren streets; uud in the event of a neglect or refusal on the parr of the said companies to remove said track for thirty dava after being so notified the Commissioner ot Public Works is directed to enforce the provision of that part of the resolution approved by the Mayor December 21, 1852, which directs that, "except they build a single track only through said streets, the said Commissioner Is directed to have said streets restored to their tormcr condition," ot the expense ot the city, and to sue for and recover from the said railroad companies, jointly or severally, and respectively, the cost ot the work. 1 hat street lamps be lighted in Fifty-sixth street, betw-rcu Eighth and Ninth avenues. That lamps be lighted In Seventy-first street, between Second and Third avenues. That street lamps be lighted In Forty-sixth street, between First and second avenues. That the Comptroller draw a warrant In favor of Mar tin It. Brow ti for the sum ot f 4,319 90, in mil payment lor , bill* for prln'tng for the Board ol Alderuten, September i 2>>.ind3u, H72, and trout December 2,1872, to January 0, i?7J. OKI, KRAI.S OK Tilt RS ADOPT It I). That crosswalk of Broadway and Maiden lane be | Hv the following vote:? Atlirmaiivt?The President, Aldermen Rilling*, Cooper. Falconer. Flanagan. Kehr. hucli, Lysaght, McCalTerty, Monhcinicr. Morris. Ottendorlcr and Kcllly?13. Ad uurneii until Thursday next, the 20th Inst., at throe o'clock 1*. II. JiiSKI-H C l'lNCK.SKY, Clerk. stated session. Thursday. March 20, 1873, Present?Hon. P. B. II Vance, President, la the chair, and a quorum ot member* hksolutioxr rkfkrhkd. That Forty-second street;'trout Third to Madaon avennc, be paved with Belgian trap-block pavement. That the Comptroller pay from City Contingencies tl.IRK) lor portrait of ex-Mayor C. Godfrey Uunther. iixroaTs laid over. That on both sides of' Flfty-aoventh street, from Eleventh avenue to Hudson Kiver, the sidewalks be flagged and relluggedthat the sidewalks on both sines of Thirty-kith street, between lentil and Twelfth aveuttea, be Hagued. That the sidewalks on both sides ot Thirty-fourth street, between hleventli and Twelfth avenues, be flagged. That on the west side ot Third avenue, front Smy-sixth street to the north side of Mxty-niath street, curb and Sutter stones be set, And the sidewalks be flagged and reuugod. That on both sides of Lexington avenne, between Sixtyflrs and sixty sixth streets, curb and gutter stones be set ami the sidewalks be flagged and rellagged. Thai on both sides of Sixty-first street, between Ninth avenue nod Boulevard, curb and gutter stones beset, and the sidewalks be Bagged and reuagged. That tlie vacant lots on the west side of Sixth avenue, from Kllty-lourth to FIfty.flith street, be fenced In I hut the vacant lets mi both sides of Kitty-stxth street, front Mxih to huthth avenue, be fenced In. That on the west side of Sixth avenue, from Fifty-sixth to l-'lliy-seventh street, the sidewalks be flagged nud reBagged. That on the west side of Sixth avenue, from Fifty fourth to Kilty tilth street, the sidewalks he flagged and reBagged. the .Men-elk en ..t la .w twee ti Twenty-sixth mid Thirtieth -tree is, be (lagged where not already dene. street lump* l>e lighted in Kleventh avenue, bctween Twcntv-slxth und Thirtieth street*. That the Legislature he requested to puss ihe uet now be I ore t lie in lor the annexation to the citv ot certain portions ol Westchester eounty. That the representatives of the city oT Now York endeavor toolitain the passage ot a law to make pi. vision lur the rcnaveincnt wilh atone pavements ot earriaire way* in liiia city herctolore 1 laid with wooden orconcrcie pavements. That Twenty-ninth street, from Broadway to the North River, be paved w itli Kelp-inn or trap-block pavement. That 111th street. trotn Klrst to fourth avenue, tie paved wilh Rclc-ian or irnp-bloek pavement. That Eleventh street, between University place ard Sixth avenue, lit paved Vvitk Belgian or trap-block rave mentThat Wert Broadway, from Canal to Chamber* street . he paved with Belgian or (Trunin- block pavement, Tliat College place, from Chambers to Barclay street, be paved with Belgian or granite block pavement. That Kilty seventh street, Iroin Sixth to Eighth avenue. If paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. Axlu>urncd until ibursdav next, the 27tb Inst, at 3 OfyUftk K. M. Joseph c. pi.ncakeY, clerk. Board of Aeelatant Alilerinrn. ararxo aaaaion. batuboav, March III. 1S73. Preaertl?William Wnde, Keg., President, in the chair, and a quorum ol members. Kexui.uTiorts mid oven. That a croywaik belaid lroiu the uorthcmt corner ol J K. HERALD, TUESDAY, Ik Seventh nvenue and Fourteenth street to the southeast corner ot the name. That the sidewalk on the aouth aide of We at Twentysixth street in lr< at ot IStl to 164, inclusive, be flagged. That the sidewalk on the north aiilo of Weit Twentyfourth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, being t!'i to 4.15, inclusive, bo flagged. That Forty-ninth street, trom Eighth to Ninth avenue, be paved with Heltrlanor trupblock pavement That the sidewalk on south side ot Forty-ninth atreet, between the Eighth and Ninth avenues, lie flagged. That Sixty-flrat street, from Boulevard to the Ninth avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set, and the sidewalks flagged. That on l he north side of Fitty-ninth street, between Third and Lexington avenues, the sidewalka be flagged and rellagged. That street lamps he lighted in Seventy-first street, from Second avenue to Avenue A. That In Klghty-fourth street, trom 8econd to Fourth avenue, the curb and gutter stones be set and the sidownlks flagged. That, Klghtv-fourth street, from Second to Four'h avenue, be paved with Belgian pavement or irapblock pavement Kerens an. That the aidewalk on the south side of Forty-second street, between Madison and Fourth avenues, be wi aenea. RP.PORTS LAID OVER. That a receiving basin and culvert bo built on the southeast corner of Hudson aad Clarkson streets. That a receiving basin and culvert he built on the northeast corner of King and Varlck streets. That a crosswulk be laid from the south side of pier No. S North Klver to the east side of West street, opposite. That lfl?d street, trom avenue 8t. Nicholas to Eleventh avenue, be rcftulutod and graded. That the sidewalks ou both sides of Thirty-fourth street, from Tenth avenue to Eleventh avenue, be flagged. PAPERS PROM UIK BOALD OP ALOKR1IKN KRPKRRKD. That a receiving basin and culvert he built on the southwest corner ot Thirtieth street and Third avenue. That on both sides of 109th street, from Third avenue to Firth avenue, curb and gutter stones be set aad the sidewalks be flagged and reflagged. That on the northwest corner of Forty-third street and Ninth avenue curl) and gutter stones be set, and the sidewulks be flagged and reflagged. That on both sides of Eighty-fourth street between Madison and Fifth avenues, curb and gutter stones bo set and reset and the sidewalks be flagged ami reflagged. That the sidewalks on both sides ot Twenty-seventh street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, he flagged. That the sidewalk on south side of Fiftieth street between Ninth and Tenth avenues, be flagged. That the vacant lots on the south side of Ninety-second street, commencing 228 west of Third avenue and extending flitv feet westerly, be fenced is. That lamps be lighted in Fifty-fifth street, from Fourth to Fifth avenue; also that Croton water pipes he laid In said street, LAID OVER. That the crosswalk of Broadway and Maiden lane ho grooved. That on the sonthoast corner of Seventh nvenne and Twelfth street curb and gutter stones be set and the sidewalks ho flagged and reflagged. That on both sides of 152d street, from avenne Rt Nicholas to > leventh avenue, enrb and gutter stones be set and the sidewalks he flagged and reflagged. That Thirty-first street, from Fourth to Lexington avenue, he paved with Belgian or trapblock pavement That a lamp post be erected and a street lamp lighted In Exchange place, midway between Broadway and New street P Adjourned until Monday next, the 17th instant at 2 o'clock. WILLIAM H. MOLONEY, Clerk. STATED SESSION. Mondat, March 17,187S. Present?William Wade. Esq., President, In the chair, and a quorum ol' members. RES0I.I7T10N RPPPRRKD. That Washington street, from Spring to Charlton street, be paved with Belgian or trapblock pavement Adjourned until Thursday next, 20th Instant. at2 o'clock P. M. WILLIAM II. MOLONEY, Clerk. Board of Assistant Aldermen. stated session* Thursday, March 90, 1873. Present?William Wade, Esq., President, in the chair, and a quorum ol members. resolutions laid over. That the Comptroller lease, from the Society of the New York Uespitul, the premises located at the northeasterly corner of Church and Duane streets, tor a period ol twenty-one years, for the use of the city, and that the Commissioner of Public Works (It up and furnish the apartments therein for city offices. That Sixty-eighth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues, be paved, curb and gutter stones be set, and the gidcwalks be flagged and reflagged. That street lamps be lighted in Forty-third street, (Tom First to Second avenue. That street lamps be lighted In Forty-sixth street, lrom First to Second avenue. That the vacant lots on the north side of 118th street, between Second and Third avenues, be fenced In. That block bounded by Fifty-sixth and Fifty-seventh streets, Broadway aud Eighth avenue, be tenced In. rkekbrkd. That 142d street, from Bloomlngdale road to Grand Boulevard, be regulated, graded, curb and gutter stones be set and the sidewalks nagged and rullagged. reports laid over. That tho sidewalk on south side of Fifty-tourth street, between Sixth and Second avenues, be (lagged. That Slxtv-seventh street, from Third avenue to East River, be regulated and gruded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalk flagged. That the sidewalk on both sides of Fifty-sixth street, from Ninth to Tenth aveuuc, be flagged. That flic sidewalk on tho south side of Fifty-fifth street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues, be Hugged, That the sidewalks on both sides of Fitty-seventh street, between Ninth Hnd Tenth avenues, be flagged. That the sidewalk on the north side of Forty-ninth street, between Madison and Fifth avenues, be flagged full width. That en both sides of Eighty-fourth street, between Madison and Fifth avenues, curb and gutter stones be set and reset, and the sidewalks be flagged. That 128th street, from Fifth avenue to Manhattan street, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and tho sldwulks graded. That lOlHh street, lrom Tenth avenue to East or Tlarlem Raver, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks graded. That the sidewalk on south side of Fiftieth street, between Ninth uud Tenth avenues, be flagged. That the sidewalk on the north side of Forty-second street, between Fourth and Lexlugton avenues, be (lagged. That 108th street, from Fifth avenno to East or Harlem River, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter utnnnu ua 1 anil fho umatrnllfa flinfi'pd That Slxtv sixth street, from Third avenuo to the East River, be regulated and graded, the curb aud gutter stones set aud the sidewalks flagged. That Forty-first street, from First avenue to the East River, be reguluted and graded, the curb and gutter stoues set and the sidewalks flagged. That the sidewalk on the south side of St Mark's place, froin corner of Second avenue to No. 4flvbc (lugged. That 107th street trom Fifth avenue to East or Harlem River, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones anil the sidewalks flagged. That on both sides of 109th street, fTom Third avenue to Fifth avenue, curb and gutter stones be set aud the sldcV.ulks Hugged. That the houses on the west side of Sixth avenue, between Thirty-second and Thirty-lourth streots, be numbered continuously with the numbers on the wast side of Broadway. That on both sides of Forty-ninth street, from Madison to Filth avenue, curb and guttor stones lie set, and the sidewalks be flagged. That Washington street, from Spring to Charlton street, lie paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement That the sidewalks on both sides ot Twenty-seventh street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, be flagged. that on the northwest oorner of Forty-third street and Ninth avcuue, curb unci gutter stones be set and the sidewalks be flagged and retlagged. That Ninety-third street, trom Seeond avenue to East River, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter . lies set, and the sidewalks (lugged. 1 baton both sides of Seventy-sixth street, (Vom Second avenue to the East River, curb and gutter stones be set, aim the sidewalks he flagged ana retlagged. UKNKRA1. OKDKHS AnorTKIl. That a crosswalk bo laid Irom the south side of pier No. 3 North River to the cast side ot West street, opposite. By the following vote Atllrniutive?Assistant Aldermen Foley, Murphy, Clancy. Keating, Wisscr. Healy, Tliornell, I'heiss, Codington, the ('resident. Assistant Aldermen Kehoe, Hruckm Kelly, Slnionson, Cuiniaky, Linden, Somiuers and Bcyca?18. That the Comptroller eanrcl the present lease of tho premises now occupied tiy Kohcrt i"ulkin, under the Jefferson Market Court House, and tj pay to the said Robert Uulkin tile sum ot $3,fitlU. By the billowing vote:? Amrmative?Assistant Alderman Foley, Mnrphy, Clancy, Keating. Healy, Thelss, Codington." Krep*. Koenan, the President, Assistant Aldermen Hrucks, Kelly, Kt Ins'. Kiuiotison, Cumlsky, Linden, Summers and Bcyea?17. Negati .e?Assistant Aldermen Wlsser and Thornell?1 Thai In Worth street, between Centre street and Chatham square ;Park street,between Centre and Mott streets; Baxter street, between fhalhum uad llavard streets; MiiIIii rry street, between Chatham and Park streets, and Little Water street, betwoen Park and Worth streets, the curlr and gutler stoles be set and reset, the sidewalks flagged and reflagged and the carriage ways be paved with Belgian or trap block pavement. Affirmative?Assistant Aldermen fote.v, Murphy, Keating, Wisser, Healy, Thornell, Theiss Codington, Keenan, the President, Annuitant Aldermen Kehoe. Hrucks. Kelly, htmonsnn, Cumisky, Linden, Bonimeri and Bcvca?18. Negative?Assistant Alderman Clancy?1. That the sidewalk on south side ot Water street, for a distance ol 160 teet from southeast corner of Uouvcrneur slln, he flaggedWhich was adopted hy the following rote Aillrmatlve ?Assistant Aldermen Foley, .Murphy, KeatInn, Wisher, Healy, Thornell, Tnelss, Crallngton, Keenun, the. President, Assistant Aldermen Kehoe, Hrucks. Kelly, Simoiuion, Cumisky, Linden, Summers and Hovea?18. That the sidewalk on north side of front street, for a distance ot 190 Icet froui northeast corner of UouTcrncur slip, he flagged. By the following vote :? Affirmative?Assistant Aldermen Foley, Murphy, Keat, lnir, Wlsser, Healy, Thornell, Thciss, Codington. Keenanthe President, Assistant Aldermen Hrucks. Kelly, Snaouson. Cumisky, Linden, Pommers and Beyeu?17. Negative?Assistant Aldertnan Clancy?1. That a sewer he built In Tompkins street, from Broome to Pelencey street That Past street from Rlvlngton to tlrand street, and from i.rand to Cherry street, he paved with Btlgiuu or trap block pavement. Thai on the southeast corner of Seventh avenue and Twelfth street, to wit. about 791'ect on Twelfth street and 60 teet on Seventh avenue, curb and gutter stones be set, and the sidewalks be flagged and reflated. That in Klght.v fifth street, troin Second to Fourth avenue, the curb and gutter stones be set and the sidewalks flagged. that K.lghtv-flfTh street, from Second to fourth avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. 'I nut receiving basins and culverts be Puilt on the corners ni Kleventn avenue and fourteenth street. That on both sides ol Klcvenih street, from Dry Dock street to East River, curb ami gutter stones be set and the sidewalks lie flagged and reflagged. That a crosswalk ne laid from the northeast corner of Seventh avenue and Fourteenth street to the southeast corner ol the same. That the shlrwutk on the south side of WestTwentvslxth street, in front ot Kos. 1.90 to 194, Inclusive, be flagged. That Twenty-second street, from Broadw ay to filth avenue and froth Sixth avenue to (lie river, lie puved with Belgian or granite-block pavement. 'Hint lamps he lighted In Seventy-second street, between Seeond and Third avenues. That the idcwalks on both sides of Thirty fourth street. from Tenth avenue to Eleveuth avenue, he nagged. Hint on the north utile ol Flitv ninth street, between Third and l.exingioii uvcuuex, the sidewalks he Magged and rcnagwd. iliat street lamp* be lighted in Seventy-first street, from Second avenue to avenue a. That on both side* ol I litv stxth street, from First avenue t<>.i venue A, curb anil ciitti r stones be act, und the side walks he flagged and rcflagR. d. That I'ltiv.fourth street. Imin Tenth avenue to Eleventh avenue, be paved with Heigian or trap-block pavement. That the Hhlewalkxon both sides of Fifty-fourth street, from Slxili avenue to Eighth avenue, he ifiii.gcd. That on I II side* ol Forty-eighth street' between Sicilian I T< nth avenue*, eurb anil ,:ulU>r stones be not, and the sidewalks ha bagged and rettagved. ibat l-nrtv ciuili sirei t, irom Kinhtli io Ninth avenue, bejpaved with lieiginn or trap-bloek pavement. That sixty tti*i street, irom eulevsrd to the Ninth avetiue, tw regulated and graded, tli# curb and gutter toues art, and the sidewalk* Magged.

That tlie Comptroller draw his warrant in nvny of Vuriin U Hrow 11, lor the sum ol tor prin Ing fof On- Hoard of Assistant Aldermen tor l<7gatid 1 aTS. ibul inu airtct lumps he pUpcd aud lighted on north M IARCH 25, 1873.-QUADRU side of Thirty-fourth street, between First avenue and hast Kiver. That Thlrty-flnit street, Irom Fourth to I-exington avenue. t>e paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That IMd street, from avenue St. Nicholas to Eleventh avenue, be regulated and graded. That on both sides of 16.'d street, from avenoe St Nicholas to Eleventh avenne, curb and gutter stones be sek and the sidewalks be flagged and reflaictted. That Croton mains be laid in Siitleth street from Tenth to Eleventh avenue. That Nlretv-ninth street, from Eighth to Eleventh avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks flagged. That Kitty-sixth street, Irom Second to Third avenue, bo_|iaved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That gas lamps be lighted in Ninety-third street, between Second and Third avenueu That Fltty-nlnth street, from First to Second avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Kitty-sixth street, from Lexington to Fourth avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Fltty-sccond street, Horn First to second avenne, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement Each by the following vote:? Aflirinative?Assistant Aldermen Foley, Murphy, Clancy, Keating, Wisscr. ilealy, Thornell, Tfielss. Codington, Kecnan, the President, Assistant Aldermen Kehoe, Brucks, Kelly, Simonson, Cumisky, Linden, Sommurs and Be.vca?ill. Adjourned until Monday next 24th Inst., at 2 o'clock P. M. WILLIAM H. MOLONEY, Clerk. HUS1NKSS OPI'OKTUMTIES. A GREAT SACRIFICE FOR CASH.?ONE OF THE /V finest old-established Groceries in Brooklyn must be sold tills week; bus done a business of 00 rer annum. Apply to D. VAN DEKGAW, room 4 Pheuix Building, corner Court and Montague. A GOOD CHANCE IS OFFERED TO A YOUNG MAN with $A0U in a irood cash business paying large profits and no risks. Apply at No. 5 Dey street, room 21. An interest in a splendid paying business doing a strictly cash trade ; established many years; profits large; terms reasonable ; will bear the closest Investigation. LLOYD, 29 Broadway. A PARTNER IN A MANUFACTURING JEWELRY establishment wanted; factory Newark, N. J.; a good chance for some one with $1,000 or $&<)()>; satisfactory reasons given tor selling. Address for three days. A. C. L., box 611 New York Post office. A?CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED COM panics, merchants, manufacturer*. Persons desiring investments inlormed ot desirable opportunities. Western County Bonds for sale; interest and principal guaranteed. References?Presidents Merchants', Fourth National and Mercantile Banks. CHAS. G. DAHLGREN A CO., 112 and lllBroadway. A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, WELL established, wishing to leave the city, will sell her business, worth $1,000 to $4,000 a vcar, for $1,000 cash; will retire at ouce or hereafter, as desired. Address DEXTER, Herald Uptown branch office. AN OLD ESTABLISHED IMPORTING WINE HOUSE controlling European consignments and sole agents In the United States for choice brands want a partner with $10,000 to increase the business and enable one of the firm to be out more among the trade. Apply to GRIGGS, CARLETON A CO.. 08 Broadway. A GENTLEMAN, WnO HAS THE "KNOW HOW" but no capital, is willing to sell the secret of manufacturing an article for which there is an immense de maun, wiin uic raie rigni oi manufacturing lor America, for $2,6:10, gold ; a capital of a like amount will realize an income ol 120,000 a year. Addruaa O. M., drawer 138 Post office, Montreal, Canada. A PRACTICAL MANUFACTURER AND GOOD Business man, of many years' experience and extenslvo acquaintance, would like to connect himself with some house where undoubted integrity and untiring industry would be appreciated. Address M. T. T., Herald office. A PARTY, HAVINO PERFECTED A NEW AND valuable system of Street Signs, desires a partner to enable him to push the enterprise and divide the profits. Address ENTERPRISE, Herald office. Business wanted.?the advertiser will exchange Improved or unimproved Real Estate, eight miles trom New York, for a good paving business; hotel or restaurant preferred. Address BUSINESS, box 180 Herald Uptown Branch office. Business wantei?.-a gentleman, having $2,000 to Invest, wishes to purchase the whole or part of any legitimate Business in this citv or Brooklyn. Address, with lull particulars, box 120 Herald office. Established butcher's shop and dwelling fWagon and Fixtures if desired) for sale or to let at Tremont, near depot; $35 per month. Apply to OEO. W. HOJER, 97 Duane street For sale?state and county rights of a beautiful Invention, which can be made useful and ornamental In every household and place of business; Real Estate taken in exchange. Apply at 79 Nassau street room 16. IN A REAL ESTATE OFFICE-BEST LOCATION IN the city, a partner, with (600, to take one-third interest; doing more business than one can attend to. Address D., box 146 Herald Uptown Branch office. t HAVE A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS, WITH SER 1 vices, to invest in some good paying legitimate busi' ness. Address, with full particulars (none others noticed). E. KEMP, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?TO ASSUME ENTIRE CHARGE of the advertising department of a popular magazine; he must have $2,000 cash and be ready for business. Address box 2.692 Post office. WANTED-A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITAL it of $10,000, to advance a manufacturing business, already started, with large profits. Applv at 126 Bcekman street, top tloor. No agents need apply. WE ARE PREPARED TO SELL THE PATENT FOR the State ot New Vork of Jacobie's Patent Fire Lighter; 500 cash customers. united STATES pro TfcCTIVK ASSOCIATION, 294 Broadway. (Sj"l nnn ? O"0. HO."?1. $36.000.-HALP INTEBBST ? I .UUU, in a large, first class Book, Newspaper and Jul) Printing a good stand, atu low rent (which is taken out in work), worth $10,000, capacity of executing $36,000 worth of work yearly, for sale, to the right man, for $4,000, the same to do used in the business, or to four practical printers for $l,000each. Owner is a practical printer; can command good work at good prices. This is a good opportunity for an insurance company or any person who may desire to Invest in the printing business. None but those having the cusli neod address M. C., box 106 Herald oftlce. ill nnn -ANY ONE ANSWERrNO T1TI8 SHOULD op l.UUU. have $1,000 cash to invest in a light manufacturing business and be content with $3,000 first year. Address LEGITIMATE. Herald office. &9 nnn W'LL BUY HALF INTEREST IN AN old established hardware store on west side of the city; desirable opportunity. Address B. . N., Herald office. dhti nnn -a party with this amount wian ipjiUuU, ing to Invest in a splendid manufacturing business, under a new improvement, can empiov himself and have an interest In the same. Address l. c., Herald office. <&9 nnn ?a party having this amount can ?^5.UUU. secure an established Manufacturing and Retail Business. Address T. T? box 109 Herald office. (2?9 nnn to $8,000.?parties interested to Jpj.UlfU Invest in an old established, reliable Manufacturing Rusiness, under liberal conditions, will address real natno to MANUFACTURER, station I). dil Q ntin -FIRST CLASS HOTEL FOR SALE JVlOtUl/U. within 15 miles of New York, doing an A No. 1 business; very rare opportunity. ELLIS A co., 48 Broad street. t tlUPOIt ATION NOTICE. Bureau or collection ok assessments, is City Hall, New York. March 12. 1873. Property holders are hereby uotitled that the following revised and corrected Rolls of Assessments for the improvements therein sevcrully set forth, have been received at the Department of Public Works, aud transmitted to this Bureau tor collection, viz. :? Date ot Continuation. Title. 1873. Feb. 2ft?Tenth avenue, regulating, grading, Ac., between Seventieth and Eighty-first streets. Feb. 20?Slxty.sixth street, regulating, grading, Ac., netween the Tenth avenne ami New avenue. Feb. 20.?Eighty seventh street regulating, grading, Ac., between the Public Drive and New avenue. Feb. 20.?Sixty-third strept, regulating, grading, Ac., between First avenue and East River. Feb. 20.?134th street, regulating, grading, Ac., between Fourth and Eighth avenues. Feb. 20.?Hudson street paving between Chambers and Canal streets. Feb. 20.?Forsyth street paving between Division and Houston streets. Feb. 20.?Hubert street paving between Hudson and West streets. Feb. 20.?Franklin street, paving between West Broadway and West street Feb. 20.?Avenue A, flagging between Seventeenth and Twentv-tourtn streets, i Fab. 20.?FlrM avenue, curb, gutter, Ac., between Sixtytilth and Eighty-sixth streets. 1 Feb. 20.?First avenue, sewer, between Sixtv-ntnth and Seventy-fourth streets, with branches. I FcD. 20.?Eighty ninth street, sewer, between Second and FouMh avenues. Felt. 2U.?Eighty-fifth street, basin, at northwest corner Ij'Xiinrlon avenue. Feb. 20.?highly sixth street, basin, nt northwest corner Ig-xington avenue. Fab. 20.?Eight v-slxth street, basin, at southwest corner Lexington avenue. Feb. 20.?Eighty seventh street, basin, at southwest corner Ia-xlngton avenue. Feb. 20.?Kigli ty-eighth street, basin, at southwest corner ot Lexington avenue. Feb. 90.?Ninety-second to Ninety-third street, underground drains, between Second and Third avenues. Feb. 20.?Seventy-seventh and Seventy-eighth streets. underground drains, between First and Second avenues. Feb. 20.?ll.tih street, regulating. grading, 4c., between Sixth and Seventh avenues. All payments made at this office within sixty days from | this date are by law exempted trom the charge lor interest at seven percent, which runs trom the date of conI ftrfuutlon. The Collector's office Is open dally from 0 A. M. to 3 P. M .JOHN A. KENNEDY, Collector of Assewmenta. K1 K* AMD BARS. Artificial human kvi.s.bauch* gouoblMANN (lormerly with Prof. Botssonneau, of Paris), makers and Inserters of the improved Artificial Eye, 36 Itleccker street. N. H.?These eyes are endorsed by the faculty. EUROPE. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, NEAIt THE CRYSTAL Palace. Upper Norwood. Lonilon.?To tourists and families? Ifaelevated, pleasant and most salulirious position. combined with the comfort ulfurdcd and Its general iiiiirtyi'iiii'iii. nave mane me yiieen'* lintel a lavunte reHurt of tlie upper rank* of KiitflMi society. WATCHM, .i i:\VKI-KV, Mf. nTANTHD^A snl.l I AIIM. DIAMOMO RING. PIN oil o Stiitl in esi liKDRe lor about 9X19 worth ot furniture. Addrea* M. K., line 1.612 Post ufltce. tilMCbliUA.i rPIt ili II W \ l,K fits suns, K1TRA am) PLAIN BOO*J tilinluiR done at shortest notice ami lowest price; edition* of hook* dune in hesi style. Ml Oey at reek tJLOTH .1 JAM'S, HIATIONKRS, I'KINTKt'S AND ki Blank Hook M.uiuiaciuiers, V3 tniton sirvvl. Bui lt Uooko tuade lo uuUeju PLE SHEET. FOR BALB.^ A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND BAR-BEST I'Art of Broadway; close to principal hotels and theatres; owner leaving city, >o wilt Mil for value of lew. ^ LLUVD, 29 Broadway. A-THB BBHT AND OLDEST ESTABLISHED CIOAR Store od Broadway lor ?ale at u low nrtce, tnrough the 111 health of owner. I.LOYD 29 Broadwav. I ! ! ~ A BARGAIN.?FOR OA.ll OR EXCMANui. rV?K Furniture. Carpet* or other Merc hand iav I'aneL lor Advertising a abort term in Broudwuy aud Six ft, Avenue Address H0NTaK, Herald oltlce. A first class sewing MACHINE (WEED'S I*, proved), nearly new, with all attachments, tor sale at a bargain. Addreaa KBvW.NG .1 vCill.NE, box 142 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,246 Broadway. Drug store for hale-in a thriving village near New York; price Sl.flUO. Addreaa L. M. iticE, care McKesson A Kohbuis, 91 Fulton atreet. AN EXTENSIVELY PATRONIZED COAL YARD FOR aale?Ei-tabHalted 20 year*; large cash trade: low rent; satlsluclory reasons given. Particulars 23 Cbainbers street. GEORGE W. SIM ELS' More Agency. A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOR aale?Located leading thoroughfare; bualneaa Sen,Out) year cash ; rare luvcatmeul. I'iirtleulara23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. siMKK.v Store Agency. A NO. 1 CORNER GROCERY STORE FOR HALE? Splendid business aland, extensively patronized; enterprising party, very rare investment. Particulars 23 Chambers at. OEOKOE W. slMKRS' Store Agency. A FINE DOWNTOWN LIQUOR STORE FOR 8ALB cheap; also Sample Rooms. Lunch Rooms, Restaurants, oyster Saloons; also corner Liuuor Stores on 11 avenues and business streets. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A COUNTRY GROCERY STORE, BEST BUSINESS location, for sale-.also Butter and i'rult stands, Meat Markets; s good Drug Store for $600; light Manufacturing Business. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar atreet A?FOR SALE CHEAP, BEST SAMPLE AND Lunch Rootna on South atreet; alao Bakeries, Confectioneries, Clear Stores, tlrst class corner Drug Stores, Hat Stores, Stationery St ires. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A FIRST CLASS CORNER GROCERY STORE FOR sale cheap?Horse and wagon; In a good location In Brooklyn; doing good business; rent low. Apply to Til OS. GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE, ONE OF THE best nptown corners, tor sale at sacrifice; four years' lease; trade averages $26; no reasonable oiler refused. LLOYD, ti Broadway. A -SAFES.?FOUR SAFES TO BE SOLD IMMEDI ately cheap for cask; two second hand (Herring's make), one second hand (Lillie), one new (Wilder). 8. G. QUIRK, 78 Maiden lane._ A WELL LOCATED SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE cheap?Down town, doing a first class business. Apply to THOS. GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre at A -AN EXPRESS BUSINESS AT SACRIFICE, AS . the owner wants to leave the city: three Horses, three Wugons, three sets Single Harness, one set Double Harness. LLOYD, 29 Broadway. A STATIONERY, BOOK AND TOY STORE AND Newspaper Route; large stock, low rent; cheap for cash. 786 Third avenue, between Forty-eighth and Fortyninth streets. A JOB PRINTING OFFICE FOR SALE.?ESTABlishcd forty yenrs; well known; extensively patronized ; net profits $6,000 year; rare investment. Particulars 23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. 81MERS, Store Agency. AFCOUR AND FEED STORE FOR SALE?EXCELlent business location; large cash trade; no opposition ; extraordinary chance to make money. Particulars 23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. A RESTAURANT AND OYSTER SALOON FOR sale.?Exchange liquors, corner stand, leading avenue; low rent; splendid chance make money. Particulars 23 Chambers street (IKtlRdF. W RIMERS Stnr? Affpnrv A WEEKLY LITERARY JOURNAL, ESTABLISHED In the city of New York nearly ten yearn, will be sold at a fair price; a good opportunity for any person desiring to embark in pleasant journalism. Earnest Inquirers will be turnlshed with particulars by sending full address to PUBLISHER, box 214 Herald oilice. A NO. 1 CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR RALElocated great business thoroughfare; well established ; extensive cash trade; bargain. Particulars 23 Chambers street OEOROE W. S1MKKS, Store Agency. A WELL ESTABLISH ED CLUB HOUSE FOR BALE? Business location unsurpassed ; low rent; splendid chance live man make money. Particulars 23 Chambers street OEOROE W. H1MKits. Store Agency. A CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE?AT A sacrifice, with Stock. Fixtures and three years' Lease from May 1. Inquire at the southeast corner Fortysecond street and Ninth avenue. A CHANCE TO BUY THE LEASE AND GOODWILL of a first class Coal Yard, with or without stock. Apply at yard, 821 East Sixteenth street AN OLD-ESTABLISHED PLUMBINO BUSINESS FOR sale, in a first class location; owner retiring from business. Address C. H. K., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,265 Broadway. Butter stand cheap?in the finest market building in the city. Apply to F. R. DOMIN1CK, 74 Spring street Market CIOAL YARD FOR SALE?WITH FAVORABBE J lease, good will and fixtures; everything complete, and now doing a splendid cash trade. Apply at the yard, 136 Mulberry street m CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE CHEAP. APply on the premises 268 Ninth avenue. No agents. Drug store for sale?on sixth avenue; first olass; price $8,000. Drug Btore for sale, in Brooklyn: ouly $1,000cash required. STRICKLAND'S Druggists' Agency, 78 Cedar street Drug store for sale?in a growing manutacturiug village of 6,000 inhabitants, 70 miles irotn New York; store is well stocked and doing a profitable business; stock Invoices $9,nno. Owner has other business and cannot give proper attention to store. For particulars apply to DAVIS A FAIlit'111LD, 44 Cedar street. Drug store for sale-in oreenpoint-. a first class Store, elegantly and camnletelv tilted iid : well stocked and doing a first class, well paying business; 6resent owner going Into other business. Apply to JOHN . WINTER, 118 Franklin street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, E. D. DRUG STORE FOR SALE?ONE OF THE BEST Locations on the Sixth avenue ; doing a good business; an old established stand; any one wish ng to purchase a first class store will find this a rare opportunity. Address box 2,824 Host office. I NOR SALE?IN WASHINGTON, D. C., THE ONLY 1 first class Confectionery in that city. For particulars see M. REPPLER, of Scholf A Co., 388 Pearl street, New York city. INOR SALE?AT A BARGAIN. NEAT LITTLE CIGAR Store, near City Hull, Brooklyn, and doing a good business; long established ; well fitted up; good reasons for selling ; rent low. Apply to BIGGS A SON, 2U> Broadway. New York. TNOR SALE?A LOT OF BLACK WALNUT WALL AND r eentre Showcases, Inquire of WOOD A HUGHES, 102 Fulton street, up stairs. F30R SALE?A OOOD CORNER LIQUOR STORE, with boarding bouse, on easy terms. All particulars given at 11 New Chambers street No agents. I71CR 8ALE-AT A SACRIFICE, AN OLD ESTAB' lishcd corner Grocery Store, doing a large business, with Stock, Fixtures, Horses, Wagons and Lease: must be sold by April 1. Inquire at 223 Court st, Brooklyn. For sale?the stock and fixtures of a nicely fitted up fancy goods and hosiery store; good for dressmaking. Inquire on the premises, 712 Greenwich street near Christopher. For sale?the elegant millinery estab llshiiient 857 Eighth avenue; Stock, Fixtures, Good Will, Ac.; established seven years; now In flourishing condition and s; oaks for itseit, as it is well known; tho owner Is unable to continue it alone, and would sell absolutely or take an energetic person as partner. Felt SALE?AT A SACRIFICE, A SOAP FACTORY with Kittles, Frames and everything required tor manufacturing ; will be sold very cheap, as owner has other business ana cannot attend to it Inquire of JAMES McLaUGHLIN, 125th street and Eighth avenue. For sale-stock, fixtures and lease of a Liquor Store, back Room and 2 Bedrooms. 221 Elizabeth street. For salk-a down town sample room, doing a aood cash business; will be sold rhaap for cash, the owner having other business to attend to. Apply on the premises, 112 William street For sale-first class steam laundry, clieau. For particulars Inquire of JOHN HUPPEL!). 420 Eighth avenue. For hale-an eating counter, with maiiooany top, about 20 leet long ; handsome cabinet work; painted black walnut Apply to JAMES DAVIS, Jr., 157 Iiuaiie street fjHJR SALE-STOCK GOODWILL AND FIXTURES OF 1 a Shoe Store in Hrooklvn doing n good trade ; to the right parties this is a rare opportunity. For particulars Address A. H. C.. Herald Brooklyn Branch office. tdOR SALE?$750?A FORTUNE FOR A LIVE MAN? r The best paying brnnch of the baking business; no competition. Address, tor oue week, BROTHER JOHNAT11AN, Herald office. L"")R SALE-A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT; FINE r bar: private supper rooms; all in excellent order; ?rice low. No agents. Address A. a., Brooklyn Branch Icrald office. For sale-an old established confectioncry and Ice Cream Saloon , rent low. For particulars apply at 254 nieeckcr street. l~or sale or kxchanok?a genuine tea, V Coffee and fine Grocery Business, with Horse, W agon. Truck, Harness, Ac.; a good cash trade has been done and may easily bo doubled by personal attention, which present ownerennnot give;every informalIon and easy terms to the right party. Address OI I ORTUMTY, box 21)9 Herald office. IdOR KALE OR EXCHANGE?A GOOD CORNER ' Liquor Store in the Fourth ward, with Lease or two Houses; location good; rent very low. Apply at447 Pearl street _ FOR SALE-ANDERSEN'S CIGAR STORE; STOCK and tlxturcs an,l lease. Southeast corner Filtvnlnth street, Third avenue. FARUIT AM) UOM'ECTIUM KV STnRK FOR SALE cheap?151 Fulton street, near Hroadway; four years' lease, rent $3o0 a year ; siuull capital required. Id nit SALK-A Ml AT AND VEGETABLE MARKET doing a good business ; fixtures. Ice house, flsli and oyaalmost new ' Apply ut 97 Court street, Brooklyn. P bin tees.-awkll established downtown Mflm Job Office, doing a good stationer'* which rniiv Iw retained I'urt nnvinont taken In printing. lUnnNI'XVIN II AK l>, M lli'ckniiiii streetc To res and orrioKS nrriD up with neat O iipk mid despatch.?Something new tor grocery, druggists, baker*. Ac. I'nn i>o shipped anywhere. H M. Kit ,k CO., turner I milium and Went atrocta, | hew York. t " ???? "" v, KOH ?AU<C. ^ CArE8._gl ?00 HERRING SAKE FOR $.7)0 OABHl V O two medium and one email *ate, Herring, Marvin A ? WUd'a make. LILLIE bAKh COMPANY, 81 Maiden Une, near Oold street SEVERAL GRAIN AND COARSE FREIGHT CANAL Boats, all lakers, will be Mild cheap. Apply to or address M. F. JAM Kb. 1U8 Hroa street To PHYSICIANS AND chemists SPEAKING GBRman.?A nicelv fitted up Drug s'ore, wiA stocked and on First avenue; no opt option; a positfve fortune to Mraovering man; long le??e; lov rterl: cas* price $8flff. Apply ?m i rsmases, 878 n rt ?v,n?a ' r PLATE 1BI?,T1?BS-A MPLK-!, oL ki01 PldU) , everything In pentct order; terms )?. l0 raitjlkt *C tabllshed twenty years. 31 'o-'ttnlt ttpet 4(\ WHEELER A WlL .. r> KWINQ MACHINES. bankrupt stock, win be sold this week at half cost, at? West Broadway^up stair*. AOPft WILL BUY A COMPLETE MINERAL WATER ?pOt)U Business,Boxes, Bottles. Fixtures, Lease and Good Will;4<l cu.-toiners profits "5 per cent. Call today on Mr. HPQOHKS, StSlxih iiveaue. More news. moke news. p ORE NEWS. MORE NKWR MORE Nl.WH. MORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. * MOKE NEWS. MORE NEWS. TIIK F.TESINO TELEGRAM THE EVENING TEL GRAM THE EVKMNO Tk LEG RAM THE EVKMNG TELEGRAM THE EVENINU TELEGRAM ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. .4 ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. always AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. MAlli A SPECIALTY?HORIZONTAL ENGINES?WE HAYE on hand 7x10. Sxl2. 9x12, 10x10, 11x18, 12xS4, 15x30, 4 14x24, 14x30. 18x80, 16x30, 10x24. kiiinplus can be seen at 38 Cortlandt street; second hand Engines taken In exchange. WliITI HILL, SMITH k Co., Manuluciurera, Newburg, N. Y, AT WILSON k Ri-ARK'S NEW AND SECOND HAND Machinery Depot. 282 and 2.S4 Water street. Engines, Boilers, Pumps, shafting, i'uilys, Hangers and Machinery nougm, sold una excnungen. A LARGE LOT OF NEW AN J Sl-COND HAND ma* chinery, consisting of Engines. Boiler*, Steam Pump*. Shafting. Pulleys and Tanks tor sale; alio for sale, a large brick Building, with 30 Lots, fronting on two streets, suitable for a brewery or other manufacturing purpose* Apply to P. CAtsSIDY, Nos. 4 to 10 Bridge ; street, Brooklyn. A LARUE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND hand Steam Englnns and Boilers, steam Pumps and Tanks. FINNEY A HOFFMAN, Manufacturers, XB to 223 Water street, Brooklyn. Bargains.?now running, lsxse and ixos horizontal Engine* e. p. hampson. 38 Cortlanfit street, N. T. Engine and boiler for sale?a 12-horsb power Engine and 20-hnrse power horizontal tnbnlar Boiler, In first class condition. Can he seen working at 288 Warren street, between Court and Smith streets, Brook lyn. For hale.-enoines, boilers, pulleys, hang. era, Shafting, l'umps. Piping, Heaters and Tanks bought, sold or exchanged. 314 and 316 West Thirty* lourth street. BENJAMIN FOX. For sale-a 200 gallon still, with column. Goose, Worm and Worm Tub, In perfect order; will be sold cheap. Apply In premises, 360 Greenwich street, or to P. CASSIDY, Nos. 4 to 10 Brld re street, Brooklyn. Hydraulic press, 9 inch piston, for bale. SALISBURY A CO.. 169nuanestreet. TWO HORIZONTAL TUBULAR BOILERS, SX1A 84 S-lnch tubes; now In use. Inquire of D. ALSKNGBB, 41 Gold street. TWO BOILERS, 70 HORSE POWER, WILL BE SOLD very cheap. Can be seen running at 404 Bleeeker at. WANTED?A SECOND HAND ENGINE AND BOIL, er, in good order. 19 to 29 horse power; alio 10 inch Moulding Machine. Address CARPENTER, box 173 H?r> aid office. WANTED?AN UPRIGHT STEAM ENGINE, 20X31, OB 30 Inch stroke, lor driving a train of rolls: a good second hand one will do. Address J. T. WILDER, St. Nicholas Hotel, all this week. LEGAL NOTICES, SUPREME COURT SALE, in partition. Valuable Properly for sale on the / line of the Grand Drives and near the New National Parade Ground. JAMES M. MILLER, Auctioneer. will sell at auction, on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, under the direction of Nathaniel Jarvis, Jr., Esq., referee. The plot of Ground between 211th and 219th streets, con* talnlng 1.713-1000 acres, known as the Thompson Estate. On this plot, situated at the apex of Inwood H11L is a. large three story and basement brick and stucco finished Villa Mansion, with tower, having all the conveniences of hot and cold water, gas, furnace, covered portecochere, with balcony, Ac. On first floor, large drawing room, library and (lining room, with spucious halls, * butler's room and piazzas. On second tloor, four largo and two small rooms, bathroom, cedar and other closets. On third tloor, four rooms. The grounds are. handsomely laid out in lawn, grove, flower and kitcnen gardens, con* talnuig many fine grafted fruits, with an abundance of old forest trees and evergreens; a fine si ring of good water; also large stable and carriage house, with addition tor coachman's and servants' rooms, large ice-houso and other outbuildings. The views of the Hudson ltlver and surrounding country, from its desirable site, are not sur- % passed, If equalled, by any- on New York island. Tbo property Is In a neighborhood contiguous to the Dyckman Estate, and Increasing in vulue daily. 8eventy-nve per cent or purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. t'o maps and full particulars inquire at office ol auctioned^ 28 .'me street. New Yerlt. DANCINO ACADEMIES. A? DODWORM'8 CLASSES FOE OANCTNG, at 213 Filth avenue, now open tor the reccpton of pupil* Send tor clrculur. At mk. trenor's academy of dancinu, LYRIC I1ADL. 723 Sixth u venue I 'oservoir square). PUPILS can commence at unv time, attend at their Convenience, unit i.earn any i>a IfTiCCDAK DANCE Sause'8 dancing academies. Private lessons at anv hour, day or evening. / Circulars nt private academy, 212 East Eleventh at BILL IAIID8. t 1 ?STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES j\ l. and the l'helun A Collender Coinbinition Cushions, manufactured nnd lor sale nuiy by tlie Inventor and patentee, 11. IV. COLLENl)Klt, successor to l'liolan A Collender, 738 Broadway, New York. ( 10MPRESRED IVORT BILLIARD BALLS.?2k, $5; ' 1 ' 2?: in., 96; 15 Ball Pool, 924 set- Bagatelle, IX, 9?; 2 in., 98 set. Checks?lk in., (KXi. 950 set; lk in., tor Poker. $5 per 100. WM. M. WELLING k GO., 207 and .00 Centre street. New York. For sale?two first class carrom tables, Kavunauh k Decker's make, 9150 each. No. 2 Morris street, or 34 West Broadway New 5Xio billiard tables, 9300; secondhand Tables made over new, $200 to 9'275; Nonpareil and > Bevel Tables In great variety. KAVANAOH k DECKER, comer Canal and Centre streets. No HirMBUO?NEW DESIGN TABLES COMPLETE for $275: also second hand Tables, with Fixtures, at $200; French bevel Tables, with Delaney's patent steel wire cushions, can only in? purchased at inv warerootns, 40 Veacy street. Call and examine. W. H. GRIFFITH. TWO ELEGANT NEW FIRST CLASS (SXIU) CAKROM Billiard Tables, bevelled, for Mle, at $-2'?5oach ; balls, cues, Ac., Included ; great bargain. CHARLES KLEIN, 188 Wooster, near Btoecker. PlMlSfHT. A -DR. VAN VLECK, DENTIST, removed from , 173 (near Twelfth street) to 264 Sixth avenue.? Beautiful, warranted Seta same day ordered; treah cm daily ; filling a specialty. CLOTI1INO. AT B. MINTZ'S, 64 SIXTH AVENUE.?WANTED, $73,000 worth of Caat-oflT Clothing, Carpet*. Jewelry, for the Western trade. Ladie* nnd gent* will be astonished at the prices we pay in cash; silk dresses, $10 to $73; coat*, $3 to $20; punts, $2 to $10. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mints, In and out of the city. AT J. ANHALT'S 178 SEVENTH AVENUE.?LAdics and gentlemen can obtain full value for cast-off Clothing, Carpel*, Ac , by calling on or addressing; don't be humbugged by falne pretender*. Ladle* attended to by Mm ANHALT. AT~M7 MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT. 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street ladle* and gentlemen can receive the utmost value in cash tor their cast-off Clothing, Carpet*. Jewelry. Lace*, Ac. Please call at or addrens the number as above. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Marka Plea-o try. and satisty yourselves. Attention.?ladies an i> gi:ntlkmen, through having a large order to fulfill. 1 tun compelled to pay in cash more than anyone, without exception, for cast off Clothing. Carpet*. Bedding, Furniture, Ac. You will / find It best to your own advantage to call on or address Mr. or Mrs. kosknbkro, '.'4tl Seventh avenue, second house above Twenty-fourth street. AT 81 SIXTH AVEN UK.?ITADIKB AND gentlemen can ,<?slttvclv receive the utmost value for their cast off Clothing, ( nrtiets, Jewelry. Ac., and not to be humbugged as practised by others, who offer tremendous prices. Call on or address Mr. or Mr*. II. harris, Ml Sixth avenue, third store above Waverley plhce. Please try and convince yourself. t At 297 third avenue. near twenty-third street.?M. LEON pay* the highest price for ladle*' anil gentlemen's cast off Clothing, Carpet a, Ac. Ladies waited on hy Mr*. Loon. AT F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUE. bktwkkn Washington anil Wnverh v place*.?Ladles and gentlemen will lie astonish!d al tlie price* given lor Cast-off Clothing. Carpet* anil Jewelry. Never tie tore have utirh I high price* been paid, m we are hound to All an order, and good* must he had. For Coat* irom $3 to fail: Pants. $2 to tut; Urease*, ?.ri to $7U. Please call or address as ahove. Ladle* attended l?y Mr*. Harris. AT S. HUB'S, 137 THIRD AVENUE?LADIES AND gentlemen ran receive the highest price for Cast-off Clothing and Carpets oy culling or addressing. Ladies attended by Mrs Mill. . I I A 1 ?UPTOWN ESTABLISHMENT, Hlfi SIXTH ; i\ I. avenue, near Forty-sixth street.?Ladies and gentlemen will positively receive Wiper cent more than elsewhere lor cast-Off Clothing, Carpels and Jewelry. Having just received a large order Irom Omaha, we shall pav for Coals irom $1 to $2", I'.ints, $2 to $7 ; Dresses, $5 to ?flo. call on or address M>. and Mrs FLATTO. AT M C'lllN Ml SEVENTH AVKNnR. BELOW Thirty-fourth street, pays the fall value for ladies' and gentlemen's "'Bring App.irel, Carneta, Hedding, Ar., hy railing at "Ui address. I.adles attended on by i Mrs. Cohn, QO| SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH HTRKKT.- /a t)<>2 Our esliitdislimeiit Is Im 1 nnd to l ay Hi per cent / more than ni.y other deal r tor Cast-off Clothing, Drama, " t urtiets, Ac. i lease call eu or Mr. or Mr*. NAI 'I'llA.'.. X

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