Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Mart 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Mart 1873 Page 3
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llTtATIOJM ytmiMTinirALM. Nnriri. 1Q1 6TH AV.?A LADY WISHES A PLACE FOR 101 an excellent young Welsh woman u uume with faulty going to Europe Call on Tuesday and Wednesday. 1?1 WEST 3?TH ST.?A YOU NO AMERICAN GIRL 101 aa nurse; good city reiefencea can be given. "1 CQ WEST 2HTH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH luij Protestant girl aa Inlant'a nurse; can take entire are of an iniant iroin birth ; good city reierence. 1 K.f\ WEST 27TH ST.?A SMART, INTELLIGENT XlmJ girl to mind children and make lieraeli uaetol. M. W._ OflQ LEXINGTON AV.t THIRD FLOOR. FRONT.?A 4yO young German Protestant girl to take care of a eh I Id or to do light housework. OfM WEST 27TH ST.?A YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN LUx aa wet nurse: no objections to the country. one WEST :7TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS LVo nurse and seamstress: would wait on a lady or assist with chamberwurk; witling to travel with a ikmRy. Ol 7 KAST 28TII ST., THIRD FLOOR, BACK.?AN Zil I Protestant a* nurite in a family about to travel to Kurope or eleewuere: good city relercnce. No notes answered. not CHRYSTIB 8T., BOOM 8.?A RESPECTABLE ^^4: married French woman would take a baby to wet nurae at home. Call all the weqk. 007 WE8T SI ST ST., RINO SECOND BELL.?A I young girl ai nurse and seamstress; good city reference*. no/1 EAST 48TH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.aOU a* nurse and seamstress; best city reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days. OOQ EAST 10TH ST., FIR8T FLOOR.?A RE8PECT'4 ^OO able married woman as wet nnrse; has a healthy, fresh breast ot milk; good reference. O/Q WEST 17TH ST.?A STEADY, RB8PECTA- ' iTU ble woman as child's nurse; thoroughly understands her business; best of city reterences from her last place. Call tor two days OH WEST 17TH ST.?A RF.SPECTARLE YOUNO ' L girl, lately landed, to take care ot children and da plain sewing. Call tor two days 0/?l CTH AV., REAR.?A LITTLE OIRL, 15 YEARS ZiUl old, to take care of children and make herself useful. 0?1 WE8T 40TH 8T.-A FRENCH GIRL AS AiUl nurse: can sew by band and by machine; good reeommendationa Q/'Q ELIZABETH ST.?A YOUNO MARRIED juUO woman us wet nurse in a respectable family. Call for two days Q-l e WEST 41 ST 8T., BETWEEN 8TH AND 9TH Old ava?A respectable woman of experience wishes * baby to bring up on a bottle or would take care of a ?hlld a year old. _ ___ Q1Q 10TH AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOONO MAR. Olt/ ried woman as wet nurse; beat city reference. Call for two Q*?Q EAST 31ST ST.?A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS Odd nurse; no objection to assist with chamberwork; jaod reference. Q A1 WEST 26TH ST., BETWEEN 8TH AND 9TH OtL a vs.?a young girl as nurse and seamstress: can take care or growing children or a baby trom its oirtn; can do all kinds oflamlly sewing; can cut and fit children's dresses; best city rets re nee from last place. A AQ WEST S8TII ST., ONE FLIGHT UP, BACK tUO room.?A respectable woman wishes a baby to aarse at her own home; will give it a mother's care; best reference. A I Q EAST 9TH ST.?A YOUNO GIRL, 18 YEARS OF TrIO age, in an American or English family, as nurse; would make herself generally useful. tin WE8T 25TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL A8 11a nurse and to do plain sewing in a small family; refers to tcre first families of this city. A A O WEST 28TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl as nurse and to do plain sewing; fully merits the confidence of those who employ her; good reference from last employers. A A 7 7TH AV., NEXT DOOR TO .ETNA BUILD TT I ing, near 34th st? A t horoughly capable young woman as nurse and seamstress to a baby or grown children ; would assist in chamberwork il required; good city reference. ARC\ WE8T 32D ST., NEAR 11TH AV.-A RE8PECTfrUu able young girl as children's nurse and to do plain sewing; has two years' city reference from last place. , Cf\7 WEST 40TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS *-11/ I nurse or chambermaid; willing and obliging; city or country; good reference. Call for two days. CO a 8TH AV.-A RESPECT ABLB GIRL AS NURSE OaiU in a first class family; can do sewing or light housework; no objection to the country. Inquire for oue week. CC7 7TH AV.-A COMPETENT GIRL AS NURSE; tit/ I best city reference trom last employer. Q EAST 9TH ST.. BETWEEN AVS. B AND C.-A tilt) respectable woman wants a baby to wet nurse at her own house. f*S}(\ 2D AV., NEAR 34TH 8T.?A PERSON Aft NURSE UaU and seamstress; operates on Wheeler A Wilson ftH Hrnvar A Hulrar tnanliimu- bail psfaxannA COO EAST 9TH 8T., SECOND FLOOR BACK vOZi room.?A respectable woman to wet nnrso a baby at her residence. Call for three days. iron irn av.?a middle-aged protectant 4 Oil woman as nurse: fully understands the care of ma Infant, to bring It up on the bottle; city references. #707 2D AV. NEAR ?2D ST.?A YOUNG GIRL TO I O I take care of children and assist with chamberwork; will make herself generally useful. IOOffl BROADWAY.?NURSE.-A COMPETENT 2 English Protestant woman as lufant'a nurse; can take the entire charge of a baby from its birth or care for an lnralid lady; will travel with a family; la never sea sick; best city reference. 19/fO BROADWAY, OPPOSITE THE GRAND HOtel.?A competent person to take carc of growing children and do sewing; five years' city reference from her last place. 1Q1 7 BROADWAY.?A YOUNG GIRL, SPEAKING Oil French and English, to take care of chlldron; good city reference. 2flC| 3D AV., BETWEEN 112TH AND 11STH 8T8? Wl in the barber's shop.?A respectable German girl, 20 years old, four months in the country, as nurse: is ? '.King to do any kind of work; Is mistress of tha piano. Call for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FRENCH PROTK8TANT woman, with good reference, as nurse and to do ew-ng. Address NURSE, box 127 Herald Uptown Branch olIU * 1,265 Broadway. WAl.'TED?A SITUATION AS NURSE, BY A RE '-pectable young English woman; understands bringing up babies on the Dottle; good reference Irom last place. Address E. L., Herald Uptown Brunch office. WANTED?BY A FRENCH GIRL, A SITUATION AS child's nurse with lamily going to Europe. Address for one wock S. F. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. Waitresses, <fcc. 3WE8T 4STH ST.?A YOUNG GIRL AS FIRST clam waitress; no objection to assist with a little chamberwork . Rood city rclcrence from her la.-:t place. 4TH AV. FANCY STORK, BETWEEN 20TII A NO 21 ST sts.? As competent waitress; willing and obliging; first class eitv reference. SWKHT 44TH ST.?A RESFECTAHLE GIRL AS first cists waitress; best city reference. QO 10TH AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN V *J as waitress and to assist In the chamber work; no objection to the country; good references. Call for two days. 1fi7 WK8T 25TH ST.?A YOUNG GIRL AS FIRST AV/ I class waitress, or would do chamherwork: has three years'city reference fYom her last place. 1 7Q 8th AV.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, 10 AlO years old, to assist iu waiting; will make herself Snerally useful In a private fatally or boarding house. ill for two days. OOC EAST MD ST., THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? ZZiO A respectable young woman as first class waitress; understands her busiuess in alt Its branches; no objection to go a short way in Uie country; city reference. Call or address. QQ/\ EAST IOTH ST.?A TOUNO GIRL AS WAITZtDU ress or chambermaid and To assist in line washing; first class city or country reference. noo EAST 15TH 8T. BETWEEN ID AND SD AVS. ZitZi (last employer's).?A young woman as waitress vt chambermaid or parlor maid; would be willing to take turns with a waiterman or waitress. Can be soen for two days. Of ft EAST S4TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS Oil/ waitress or^as chambermaid ^and^wajtress in a r' * 'll,lu"/ % kuuu uny ruierence. vj?ii wr iwci u?ys. Q-l l WEST MTU HT.?A YOUNG OTRL AS WAIT*? wes, chambermaid and to do plain sewing; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson'* sewing machine. Can be aeen for two day*. A.~\A. 7111 TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS UP.?A ^1,7t re*l>?ct?t?lc young girl aa first class waitress in a email private family; no objection to a little chamberwork; best reference. KH7 7TH AV. CORNER 40TH ST.?A COMPETENT OyJI young girl as waitress and chambermaid; one year's clfy reference from her last employer. 1 2I> AV., FRONT ROOM.?A FIR8T CLASS YOUNG \JJ-1 woman in a private family, is a first class waitress; would do chambcrwork in a small private family first class reierencos. ' ?>*10 2D AV., IN BUTCHER SHOP.?A RESPECTUwlJ able young girl as waitress aud to assist with the ehamberwsrk; best city reterencea OA Q 6TII AV.. SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.?A DtO respectable young girl as first class waitress or to do cbamberwork and sewing; unexceptionable city references , no objection to the country. Mtecelianeona. U WASHINGTON ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman to take charge of a dining room in a private or boarding house; city or country. Address J. 8. C)f\ I2TII ST., BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND ?d\J toil av,?A respectable woman wishes to take charge of a building or gentleman's office; Is well acquainted with the business! best city reference. QP EAST 1STII ST., REAR, NEAR BROADWAY.?A 0?J Protestant yonng woman to wait on a young lady aad sew; can embroider; or would travel; best city reference. _ *Xf^. BOND ST-A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT OtJ wishes a position as asslsuat matron and seamatress in any institution; city or country. Call or addraaa ffor oae week. no WEST S6TH NT., CORNER 6TH AV ?A HAIRI O dresser wishes a /#w more customers by the week ?t mouth; term* modoratp - NEW YOK. wrraTHHn w*irrgr?-PKMAi.Ks. EtMCllkBMM. QQ BLEECKER 8T.?A FRENCH GIRL AS LADY'S 00 uiaid or U> take care of growint children aud sew. Call tor two days. 1 AA RAYMOND ST., BROOKLYN.?A YOUNG OKRJlrU man girl Id an American family In Brooklyn; understands hair dressing. l/< A WEST 17TH ST?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN X^rU a* cutter and litter In a cormt store. "1AK 7TH AY., NBAB aOTU ST.?A WOMAN TO GO XOl) out by the day to work. -IQQ THOMPSON ST.. NKAK BLEKCKBR?A RBXOO specteble young lady as lady's maid; no objectioa to take care of a child; I* a good seamstrc sa. Can be men from 10 A. N. till S R. M. QflQ EAST 40TII ST.?TWO YOUNG GIRLS, ONE 14 *?V. and the other 17, to do light work and mind children. JAU ?TH AV?A MIDDLE-AGED PERSON AS a y tJ lady's maid or seamstress; can speak German and Krench. /I /t-v ** ? A?.?A nwnin uciKHAn i nu * TijU thoroughly understands halrilrcssiug aud dressmaking, would like to travel with lady or two, and wait on thein; city references. Zf\U EAST 14TH ST., REAR.?A RESPECTABLE uUO woman to go ont by the day houaecleankig, washing or scrubbing or cleaning new buildings or olUces; best relerence. Mrs. BIRNEY. nf*A 2D AV., ONE PAIR STAIRS, IN THE FRONT.tJUl A respectable yonng woman to go out by the day to do house cleaning; good city reference. A GERMAN, WHO SPEAKS FRENCH AND ENOlish, as lady's maid or seamstress; first rate hairdresser and urossmaker. Address M. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. AYOUNO LADY OF FIRST CLASS FAMILY AND references earnestly desires a situation as lady's companion; understands the use of the needle. Address J. M. B., buxitttt Post office, Harttord, Conn. A MIDDLE-AGED LADY, WELL ACQUAINTED with the duties of a first class conducted hotel, desires a permanent situation where she could make herself ftilly useful. Address Mrs. E. MILLER, station D: A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PERSON WISHING TO return to Europe this Summer would give her services, in return for her passage, to wait on a lady or have the care of children: has travelled in that capacity; can give four years' good reference troni last employer. Address J. C., Post office, Mamaroueck, Weschester county. New York. A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN (AMERICAN WIDOW lady) wishes a situation in some highly respectable family (not over two or three persons), where a good and thoroughly reliable help would be appreciated. Addruss A. M. W., station F, Post office. ECROPE.-A FRBNOH GOVERNESS OF ABILITY and experience, having great experience in travelling, wishes to make an engagement with a family to go to Europe; willing to make herself useful; speaks French, Italian, English: good city reference. Address Mile. M., box 118, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,2611 Broadway. LADY'S MAID OR COMPANION.?A LADY, WHO IS a first rate hairdresser and dressmaker, speaking French and English, wishes to go to Europe. Address A. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. TrrANTFIl?BY A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL. A SITUA. VV tion as lady's maid to go to Europe; la a good dress maker; speaks English well; good reference given. Addhsss Miss EUGENIE MAUNIN, 190 ad it, Albany, N. Y. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO LADY, IN ? photographic gallery to attend a reception room and tint photographs. Address S. E. K., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. Intelligence Offices. A?WET NURSES WANTING EXCELLENT 8ITU. at ions, at highest wages, suited immediately at HANSEN'S Nurse Agency, 2M 6th st, near Bowery. All kinds of servants wanted for best sitnations. Apply at CARPENTER'S, 138 west Eleventh street, corner Sixth avenue. PROFESSIONAL, SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALES. A LADY INSTRUCTS ADULTS AND MISSES? Mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, history, grammar, rnetorjc, literature, oral explanations on difficult subjects, rendering study dellghtftil; advancement rapid; first class only. Address ShJLFUL, Herald Uptown Branch office. A LADY OF EXPERIENCE WISHES A SITUATION In somo salt house in San Francisco or the West; Is now employed in one of the largest houses In the city; best reference civen. Address B.. box 129 Herald UDtuwn Branch office. A YOUNG LADY, AN EXPERIKNCED COPYIST, writing a rapid, legible hand, desires copying or writing of any kind to do. Call on or address COPYIST, 146 West 27th st AYOUNO LADY, WITH A GOOD EDUCATION, would like a situation in a family to Instruct smell children; capable and willing to assist in any kind of sewing. Miss BKKKY, 44 West 34th St. A YOUNG LADY. WHO 18 AN EXCELLENT MU8Iclan, can teach French and English thoroughly, sings well, desires a position as governess or companion to a family going to Europe; unexceptionable references given. Address Miss DE KAVANAUUH, 237 East S4lh st. N. Y. A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY OF EDUCATION AND refinement desires a position as governess or companion with a family going abroad; speaks French fluently. Address Miss 0., 461 West 23d st QQ BLEECKER ST.?AN EXPERIENCED RESIOO dent governess; understands training children well; has a thorough knowledge of English, French. Latin aad the theory of music; is an excellent sewer; city reterencea HELP WASTED-FEMALES. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.?MEN, women, boys and girls learn and take positions; demand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 20 4th av., opposite Cooper Institute. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTED-AT 171 HUDSON XV ?t, near Lalghl; must be a good plain cook. A?WANTED?TEN MILLINERS, AT TEMPLE OP . Fashion. 288 Ut av. 8. WEIL. A GOOD DINING ROOM OIRL AND A CHAMBER maid In amall family, willing to assist In washing and Ironing; good reference required. Call early at 64 West 26th 8t. AN EXPERIENCED YOUNO WOMAN. TO ATTEND bakery; best reference required. Address J. II. ELLIS, 419 ?th av. A COMPETENT WAITRESS WANTED-aT S2 EAST 74th st., near Madison av. A PROTESTANT, WITH THE BEST CITY REFERencc, to take care of children; must sew on machine. Apply after 9 o'clock at 146 East 61st st Dressmaker wanted-for a first class store. In a Southern city: must be a good fitter and stylish trimmer. Address DRESSMAKER, box 1,306 Post office. IjtXPERIENCED CLOAK AND MANTILLA MAKERS Li wanted?Also first class waist trimmers. Apply at 13 East 17tn st. First class silk suit makers?also linen and lawn suit trimmers on machines, wanted at OPPENHEIM BROS. A RAHNEN, 464 Broome st. C3IRL8 WANTED.?SITUATIONS READY; HIOHEST T wages given; come and see. Best office, ODELL'S, 109 West 34th at, near Broadway. Girl wanted?to do second work and asslat with the ironing; wages f 12; must have had experience and be well recommended. Apply between 9 and 3 at 147 East 46th sL C^OOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED?FOR STEADY J work; also an apprentice to learn the business and a girl (about 16) tor general housework; one from the country preferred. 110 Bast Uth st, near 4th av. Good operators on various machines?to work on skirts; also an apprentice. Call between 8 and 10 A. M. at Not. 9 and 13 Abingdon square, basement dnnr. i CIOOD DRESSMAKERS AND EXPERIENCED OPERT ators on ladies'suits and cloaks; best prices paid. 371 Canal si., second tioor. Milliner wantkd-a first class trimmer. Apply at WORTHINQTON A SMITH'S, ?07 Broadway. Operators on willcox a oibbs* machines wanted?On gent's neckwear. Apply at 41M Broadway. up stairs. O. H. a E. J. WfiTHAUa a OO. Saleswomen wanted?in fancy dry ooods, at 368 Bowery, above 4th st WANTED?A WET NURSE FOR A BABY BIX months old, who is willing to accompany the family to Oermany ; must come well recommended. Inquire at 245 East 48th st. lor two days. WANTED-A WET NURSE. WITH A FRESH BREAST. Call on Mrs. BLOCK, 303 East 21stSt., near 2d av. WANTED-AT MISS M'PHERSON'S. 363 6TH AV., first class dressmakers; also apprentices. Please walk up stairs. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND Iron in a small American family. Apply at 73 West Both st. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY, A TIDY girl, to cook, and must be a good washer and ironcr. Apply at 133 East 127th st, near 3d ate WANTED?EXPERIENCED CUTTERS FOR LADIES' suits. Apply to B. S. MILLS a CO., 364 Broadway, "|IrANTEP?A GIRL, 15 TO 18 TEAKS OF AGE, TQ W make herself generally useful In a small family. Call after S P. m. at 376 Broome st., between Vaiick and Hudson. WANTED-TWO OIRL8 IN THE KITCHEN OF A "? restaurant. Apply at 504 fith av.^ ~\\TANTED?A GOOD ORDER AND OYSTER COOK TT at MO Broadway. "117ANTED?A SALESWOMAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS TV the business of ladles' and children's clothing; oue who has been employed in a stamping snd embroidery store prelerred. Only those with good city reference need apply at F. DK PERCEVAL'S, 739 Broadway. WANTKD-TWO GERMAN GIRLS; ONE AS FIRST class rook and to assist with coarse washing, the other as superior laundress, In a private family. Apply before 12 o cloc'; at 23 East 37th St. WANTED-A OERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO general housework in a small private American family ; good wagea Call from 2 until 4 o'clock at 123 2d av^ WANTED?A LADY TO SUPERINTEND A GBNTLEman's (widower's) household; ?ood position and salary to a competent person; best rertrcace necessary. Address, stating age. qualification, Ac. C. P., Brooklyn Branch llerald ofllce. Y1T ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, FOR Or Ntt eral housework ;one that would ha content with a comfortable home a short distance in the < oun;iv. wm. m,gabkuia8lj.i2vs.4waev2 2t. J K. HERALD, TUESDAY, M. HELP WABTliD?PEMALKS. Wanted?a governess who is competent to " teach German, Kreneh and English and tn assist at the piano: North t.ermao preferred. Apply at 1C Weat 4Kb at, between 10 and U o'cloca^ WANTBD-A YOUNG GIRL, TO ASSIST IN HOUSEwork; one living with her parent* preferred. 08 Weat 19th at, between OOi and 8th ays., basement door. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOU8Ework i moat be a rood cook, washer and ironar; one to take care ot children. Apply at 206 East 50th at WANTED?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small family. Inquire at 136 West 84th at WANTED?TWO GIRLS; ONE TO COOK, WASH AND iron and do general housework; the other to take care of a child an 1 make herseit generally useful. Apply, with references at 303 Eastl9tli at WANTED?A GIRL TO DO LIGHT CHAMBRRWORK and nursing; must be a competent nurse; references required. Apply at 139 East 79th St., corner of Lexington as. WANTED?A GOOD MILLINER, TO GO TO KI.IZAW both, N. J. Apply to JOHN DAVIS, 646 Broadway. WANTED?GOOD DRESSMAKERS. APPLY AT 69 Sooth Washington square. Mine. NKHLIO. T1*"ANTKD?A GIRL, WHO IS A FIRST CLASS BAND TT on tailor work. Apply at corner Grove and 1st sts., Jersey City. WANTED-LACK HANDS; ALSO TWO SMALL OIRL8 to run oferrands. Inquire at 245 East 21at st, between 10 and 12, for three days. WANTED?AT 118 EAST 18TH ST., A WOMAN HY the week or month aa laundress in a large private family; good city reference required. WANTED?A NURSE GIRL FOR THE CARE OF AN Infant; one to come in for the day only. Apply, between 10 A. M. and 13 M., this day, at 145 West 22d at, basement door. WANTED?A COMPETENT CUTTER AND FITTER in dressmaking, a settled lady preferred, to take charge as forewoman in the business. K. RIDLEY A SON, 300 Grand it. WANTED-A GIRL; ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS cutting and putting up tea paper; no other need apply. Call at 331 Fulton St., up stairs. WANTED?TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; ONE FOR general housework and the other a good cook; must bring good references; call between 10 and 13 A. M. at 138 East o6th st WANTED?A GIRL AS WAITRESS AND CHAMBERmaid; must be neat and tidy, of good disposition and come well recommended: also willing to assist in washing and Ironing. Call at 230 East 16th st, from 11 to 13 o'clock. . WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, TO TAKE care of two lntants; French or German preferred. Also a seamstress who operates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine and Is willing to assist with children. Apply at 308 5th av., between 2 and 4 P. M. WANTED?A FIRST RATE SALESWOMAN FOR ladies' underwear; none but those having llrst class references need apply. CAMPION A STUART, 831 Broadway. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS CHAMBER, maid and to do fine washing and ironing in a small private family. Apply from 0 to 11 at 329 West 23d st I1TANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A PNOTESTANT GIRL TT as thorough cook, washer and ironer In a small family; must refer to last employer. Apply after 11 A. M. at 128 East 37th st n rivrrn nv a nuvt a t dd aptittawpd a w young lady of to study lor the profession; a rare opportunity is here offered to one desirous ot obtaining a college education. None but those having best of reference need address D. 1). H., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must be a goad washer and ironer and plain cook; city references. Cail at 22 East 19th at WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON la a private family; city reference required. 1S5 East 61st st * - WANTED?A YOUNG OIRL TO DO QENERAL housework ot a small private family. Apply at 127 East 27th st WANTED?GIRLS TO MAKE BOSOMS AND COLlars; also finishers on fine shirts. THOS. MILLER, 6th av., corner 22d st WANTED?A COMPETENT NURSE FOR TWO LITTLE girls, four and five years old; with city references. Apply at 218 West 14th st. WANTED?A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; ALSO a chambermaid and waitress, to assist in washing and ironing, to go In country for Summer; city reference. 17 East 24th st WANTED?TWO YOUNG WOMEN, TO DO TUB work of a small family; one as first class cook, washer and ironer; the other as chambermaid and waitress; both must thoroughly understand their business. Apply at 201 West 22d st, between the hours of 10 and 12. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GOOD COOK; also an experienced waitress to assist with the chamberwork; reference required. Apply at 782 6th av., between 62d and G3d sts. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID AND laundress, who has lived in uerman families; must come well recommended. Apply at 28 West 38th st WANTED-A OIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON IN a family where a few boarders ore taken. Apply at 129 West 13th st WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO COOK, wash and iron: German preferred. Call at 291 uiauisuu a v. onug roivrcuvuB. WANTED?A PROTESTANT COOK FOR A PRIVATE lamily in the city; Nowport for Summer; no washing. Apply at MA6th av.. between 37th and 38th sts. TIT'ANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS COOK AND Vv to assist In washing. Apply at 14 East 23d st WANTED?PROTESTANT OIRL AS 8EAM8TREHS. to live In Yonkera. Apply at Slurtevant House, room 30. Broadway and 29th st. TIfOMAN W'ANTED FOR STOREKEEPER-TO GIVE TT out supplies and take charge ot lower kitchen and aerrants in a hotel in Springfield, Mass.; must be a thorough, reliable, competent working woman. Address, enclosing photograph and stating salary required, with references and where to be found, A. B. C., Herald Uptown Branch office. SITUATIONS WANTED?1UAL.K 8. AYOCNO FRENCHMAN AND HIS WIFE, SPEAKING but little English, desire, to secure situations in a private family; snc is an excellent cook and is accustomed to serve at the tablo and to do general housework; good references. Address A. R. K., Herald office. A FRENCHMAN AND HIS WIFE, WITHOCr ClflLdren. speaking but little English, wish situations in a private family: the man as waiter and his wile to sew and make herself m-etul; good references; no objection to leave the city. Address I). M., 1,303 Broadway. A YOUNG COLORED MAN DESIRES A SITUATION as waiter in a private family; thoroughly underKtfinrill hlB hlluinAfla nn<1 r?MI? nhnW flp?t nluna rnfaronoo. city preferred. Call at or address 120 East 11th St., first floor. AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, RADICALLY TEM pernio, who writes a fair hand, reads and speaks French and Spanish and reads Italian, desires a situation in an ofttce or .store or any respectable employment; is not utraid to make himself generally useful, and is wilting to commence on very small wages, with a view to promotion; best references furnished as to character Address tor one week SOLKKRI NO, box 223 Herald office' A SMART. ACTIVE BOY, 17 YEARS OK AGE, DEsircs a situation In an office or store - good recommendation. Address U. N. GILES, Bookstand, Astor House. AYOUNC MAN WISHES A SITUATION IN COUNtry or city; understands farmer's bosinesa; willing andtobfiging. call at lift West 33d st, between 6th and 7th avs. A FIRST CLASS FRENCH MAN COOK, WITH BEST hotel and restaurant reference, wants a situation in city or country. 232 West 30th st AYOUNO MAN WISHER A SITUATION AH PORTER in some wholesale dry goods store; speaks German and English; U willing to work hard. Address M. M., Herald office. A PARTY EMPLOYED DURINO THE LATTER PART of the day, desires employment during the forenoon of any kind. H. K. EARN ft WORTH, Cigar Stand. St Nicholas Hotel. AYOUNO MAN WANTS TO WORK ON A FARM.? Address K. K., 62 Broadway, tor two days. A BOY. 16 YEAB8 OF AGE, WISHES A SITUATION tti some office or store; resides with his parents; can Rive good reference. Address W. H., 61 South st. A'GERMAN MALE COOK WISHES A SITUATION; best downtown references. Address G. F.. box 169 Herald office. A YOUNG GERMAN, AGED 22. SPEAKING ENGLISH perfectly and some French, wishes to accompany a party or family to Europe as courier or travelling servant; best city reference. Address T. o.. Herald office. Experienced phonograpiier correspondent, Ac., desires an engagement. Terms moderate. J. M. P., Box KM Herald office. Farmer.?an American man and wife wish the charge of a farm; is a practical farmer; understands the raising of stock and management of men ; the wife is a first class butter maker; best reference given. Call on or address W B., 99 Broadway, room 16, or 1U6 East 27th st., during the week. (T ROOM'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG Y man, not afraid of work ; willing and obliging good reference; no objection to the couutry. Address P. N., box 149 Herald office. JANITOR.?AN EXPERIENCED JANITOR DESIRES a situation, public or tenement; city references from A1 houses. Address A. II., box 2.H74 Post office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN (SPEAKS Germauf to attend toy, confectionerr, trult or any [ other store ; the advertiser haa some knowledge ul that bualness. Address OTTO, Herald office, lor three a?y?u SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO FRENCHMAN, lately arrived, a* groom or second In a private family, city or country ; understands horses and gardening; is willing to mske himself generally useful; best city references. Address B. O., box U7 Herald Uptown branch [ office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COLORED head waiter; understands full charge In hotel or restaurant; can furnish good help, with best city reference. Address 366 7th uv. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A SINGLE MAN, AS loremau or farmer on a gentleman's place : understands the rare ami management o( cattle and horses; also a good driver; best reference from late employer. Address or call for two days on P. 8., 876 Broadway, seed store. TO LIVERY STABLE PROPRIETORS.?A MIDDLE aged American is desirous to procure a situation to take charge of a livery and boarding stable ; Is capable to take sole charge, or as foreman ol a railroad stable; no I objections to the country; best of references as to I integrity and capability csn be given- the applicant has r w charge ol one of ttic largest stables lu tin eltr. Adi U.ceg HOWARD, station B, AKUH Z5, 1873.?QUA DHUI ?TOATIO?m WAWTKIJ?WAIiES. TO BAKKR8.-A GOOD SECOND BAKKIt WANTS rtcady work on bread and cake. Addreaa'J08 av A, betweenJith and 13th rtK., rear. WANTED-BY A MARRIKD MAN OF TEN YEARS' exper.ence, a situation en a farm; good relerencea Address JI L.K8, tiera.d office. WAN TED-BY A STEADY YOTTNO MAN. A 8ITUAHon in some respectable business; willing to make himaelt geiicralty useful, Hilary not so much an object an employment; reference given. Add rent) B. E., Herald office. WANTED-TWO YOUNG MEN TO DIRECT ENvclops by the thonaand; price |2 Ml per l.UOO. Addreas K. T. B., Herald office.

WANTED?A SITUATION BY A SOBER, STEADY man; understands farming in general, alao the care of horaes and cowa; la married, wile would go aa laundreaaor to do plain cooking-, beat reference. Call on or addrem PATRICK KAKKeLL, 8M lat av., corner 48th at WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS 8INgle German, aa waiter; private family; city roferencca; apeaka the Continental lauguagea; used to travelling Europe. Addreaa K., care of Mr. Ktoter, 314 Eait Eld at ' WANTED-A SITUATION BY A COLORED MAN, AS waiter In a private family: no objectlona to the country; t>rnt of city reierence. ~ Address JOHN HAMILTON, box 170 Herald Uptown Branch office. _ WANTF.D? AN E NO AO KM K NT WITH A FAMILY TO go to Europe, or with gentlemen as courier and valet; speak* English, French and German: can give the beat relerences; in well acquainted with Europe. Addreia A., box 87 64>a Woat 33d at WANTED?I1Y A MARItlED MAN. WITHOUT FAMily, a aituatlon as ioreman on a farm or the rare of a gentleman's place. Address H. K., box 708 Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION AS BARTENDER, BY A young man who thoroughly understands the business; tlrst cla?s reference. Address J. B., box 110 Herald Uptown Branch office. YOUNQ MAN 24 YEARS OF AQE, WANTS A SITU A. tion In a store and to drive a wagon. Address T. K., box 108 Herald office. CLBttKN AMD NAI.KNMKIV. AYOUNO MAN THOROUOHLY CONVERSANT with the advertising business, having had seven years' experience as advertising clerk on a leading daily journal, also thoroughly understands marking a paper subscription and publication books, and, in fact, every detail in the business department of a newspaper, desires a situation; would attend to the advertising business of some prominent real estate firm or advertising agency; from his long experience would be found invaluable [would go West]; highest references as to character and capability. Address HMITtl, box 102 Herald office. A SALESMAN, HAVING 8 YEARS' EXPERIENCE in the wholesale hosiery and glove trade, desires -an engagement in some lobbing house In this line; first class city reference. Address box 8,706 Post office. | A SITUATION WANTED?AS SALESMAN IN A SHOE store in the city or country. Address A. M., 283 Elisabeth st ACCOUNTS?EIGHT LANGUAGES; ARREARS WRITten up; books devised lor special requirements; books kept, examined or balanced. JAME8 COX, 47 Wall street, third floor. A GOOD GOLD FILLER AND A MECHANICAL dentlstwanted^alsq two younf plan wishing to irarn ueuasiry. uniniitua. lay nowery. AYOUNO MAN, AGED 19, DESIRES A SITUATION an salesman In a dry goods store; two yearn' experience; No. 1 reference from last employer; wages very moderate. Address K. K., 283 West 10th st A YOUNG MAN, OK THOROUGHLY BU8INE8S Experience. wishes to engage himself with a wholesale house to travel, huild up new trade, or make hlmseli generallk uselul. Address L. M., box 118 Herald office. AYOUNO MAN, HAVING HAD THREE YEARS' experience in a stock broker's office, desires a position as either stock clerk or cashier. Address, tor an interview, STOCK CLERK, Herald offioe. A BOOKKEEPER WANTED.?BOOK8 IN DOUBLE entry; an elderly man preferred. Address in own handwriting, stating references, salary expected, Ac., box 2,012 Post office. AYOUNO MAN OF 19 YEARS WI8HE8 A GOOD position ia any lucrative business: has had 2 years' experience in dry goods, but is willing to accept a position in any business where he can rise and make money; is capable, willing; can thrnish recommendations from the first dry goods houses. Address U. L. J., Herald office. A GENTLEMAN. A COMPETENT STENOGRAPHER and also familiar with general office business, desires a situation as merchant's, banker's, broker's or lawyer's clerk. Address 8. E. L., Horalil office. A SMART BOY, AGED 15, WITH GOOD RKFERence, wishes a position in a commission house, insurance or first class real estate office. Address HAMUEL, boxJ19 Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG MAN, WITH EXPERIENCE IN THE commission business, with some money, would like to make a connection with some old-established house in the produce commission business; unexceptionable reference given; can influence from $40,001) to $60,000 in trade. Address A., box 674 Post office. A RAPID PENMAN AND CORRECT ACCOUNTANT wants a situation where he can make himself useful; hat a knowledge of bartending; reterencos good. Call or address WM. FLEMINGS, 258 West Slst st, for three daya Drug clerks?wanted, two licensed pre. scription clerks with morals and character untarnished. WKNCK'8 PHARMACY, Broadway, corner 29th st (under Gilsey House). Drug clerk-one competent; speakino oehman preferred. Apply at 1,438 3d av., between 81 at and 82d sts. Dry goods salesman wanted.-wantkd, a young man, thoroughly acquainted with a fine city retail dry goods trade, to go to a Western city. Address, giving particular, as to age, experience, reference, Ac., H. A , box 6,703 Post office. Paper hanoinos.-wantf,d. position ah trav. el ling salesman by one having experience and a good general acquaintance throughout the entire country. Address HANGINGS, Herald office. j Position wanted-by an experienced book. keener, cashier, accountant and correspondent; satisfactory and unexceptionable city references given. Address c. k. 1.., box 106 Herald office. TEA CLERK.?WANTED, AN EXPERIENCED counter hand. Apply at 43 Voscy si. TWO EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS SALESMEN AND window dressers wanted at 8. HEILNKR'S, ;:!0 3d av., comer 24th st TV-ANTED-BY A COMPETENT DRUG CLERK, EMIT Dlovment nnf? or two dilVfl i? Wi>pk nu rnltof Msarlr r?ir?? year's'good references. AdVire.-s c. T. i; , Herald office. WANTED?IN A FINE CLOTH HOUSE, A SALESroan thoroughly acquainted with the merchant tailoring trade. Aildrcs < V. Herald office. WANTED-BY AN ENERGETIC YOU NO MAS, A situation as shipping clerk or salesman; either home or travelling; best reference as to ability, honesty, Ac.; wages moderate. Addicss L. L?. K.. 2i>3 West ltlth st. WANTED?FIRST CLASS CLOTH SALESMEN ; MUST speuk German. Inquire at KELLER A ALLEN ri cloth house, corner Ann and William sts. WANTED?SALESMAN IN IMPORTING MILLINERY house; a man of experience, energy and acquaintance ; first class references required. Address, stating particulars, L. A., box 151 Herald office. WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE STATIONERY house, a young man as salesman and to assist generally. Address K., with reference, Ac., box 104 Herald office. Wanted-a first class managing clerk in a large law office. Address, with references, Ac., n. A B , Herald office. "llr ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN AGED ? W, NOT Tt alraid of hard work, a situation in some capacity in which lie will hare an opportunity of advancement: best etty reference. Address EA R.N EST, Herald Uptown Branch office, I,265 Broadway. WANTED?SALESMAN IN HAT ANI) KI R STORE: one who understands the business; good salary. 49 Montgomery st-, .lersey City. SPEAR, Jr., the Hatter. WANTED-DRUG CLERK. MUST HAVE A LICENSE and speak German. Call at O. P. WANIER'S 407 8th avenue. WANTED?IN A MILLINERY HOUSE, A COMPKtent eutry clerk; also a boy to learu the business. Address K. Herald office. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN IN THE white goods department. Address, with real name and reference, boi 983 New York Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CLERK, BY A MAN with a thorough business knowledge; best city relprAiiroH. AitHrnaa op r? r> i ? ?a I u 1 ? - ? ? -rvi "J , WANTED?SALESMEN. APPLY. BEFORE 10 o'clock A. M., to ARMSTRONG A CO., 600 0th a v. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN (OKRMAN) WHO UNDERstands the country produce business; bo other need apply. Inquire at 234 tlth ar., in store. WANTED-A SITUATION IN AN OFFICE OR wholesale business by a young man, 18 years of ace, well recommended ; writes English and Uermun. Please call on or addresa Rev. J. kurtz, 138 West 24th st. WANTED-A POSITION. BY A GENTLEMAN WHO has had over 12 years' experience at the books and inside work ol one of the most extensive concerns in New York , a large salary not a paramount consideration j would prefer an occupation that Involved some outside work: could control a moderate capital to purchase an interest It further experience made it desiralde, and has a large and vuluable connection in the ale and liquor trade ; retercnccs exchanged. Address, with particulars, ANNO, box 117 Herald office. COACHMKM AMD OtitDEte.iiS. A GERMAN MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACHman and gardener; good reiercnce. Address M. S. C. II., 2U0 Woo ate r st. A GARDENER WISHES A SITUATION.?IS COMPEtent to take care ol' a gentleman's place: is a German and single ; reterences given; does not niIlk. Address GARDENER, care of W. Gallery, 187 Mulberry sk, city. A GERMAN MARRIED MAN (NO FAMILY) WISHES fl kittlRlinn (in a m>nllon.anls nlaeo flPkLplaua vbob. table, fruit, and iiower Hardener; wile to take tare of dairy. Address c. D., Ugx JUU Herald office. AN AMERICAN (HINGI.E) WISHES A SITt ATION AS coachman and groom; la a good gardener, reference. Address TOM, Herald office. An ablkbodied man, mahried, wants a hituatlon an farmer and gardener, Addreaa KKKVUANO, Herald office. A coachman andoroom'h situation wanted? By a marrie<l man; understands hie baaiaMS thoroughly; good driver; willing and obliging; first clasa city references. AddreiaC., boa I1A Herald office. A 8 COACHMAN AND OARDEHKR.-grru ATION wanted, by a iteady, nob' r. Dingle man , thoroughly understands both In their various branches; careful driver; willing and obliging; unexceptionable references. Address U.. box Sis Hernia ollk'a. >LE SHEET. COAOHMK^ AND UARDBNERR. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINfie man: thoroughly competent In everything appertaining thereto; experienced, careful citv driver; willing and obliging; reliable reference. Address COACHMAN, box Hi Herald offlce. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A Scotchman, unmarried; eaie and accustomed city driver, excellent groom; sober, reliable, obliging man; it rat class reference. Address S. W., Iiox 124 Herald offlce. A CO ACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNU man; La a first rate driver and excellent groom; haa the beet city reference. Address J. B., at the private .table No. 3 Eaet 28th st ___ A YOUNG MAN, 19 YRAR8 OF AGE. DESIRES A situation to take charge of a small vegetable garden ; would he wlllingand obliging around a gentleman a place. Address ior one week JOHN ARNOLD, Oreeuwlch. Conn. A situation wanted?by a first class coachman and groom of long experience ; underatanda hi* duties thoroughly ; first aluss city reference. Cull on or address M. B., 17 East 30th st A YOUNG MAN, MARRIED, WITHOUT ENCl'Mbrance, wishes a situation ax ooachmun and groom; perfectly sober; tlrst class city reference. Call on or uddresa M. C., at Mr. Maddcn's harness store, 713 6th av ACOACHMANS SITUATION WANTED-BY A SIXgle man, who understands his business; lias best city reference from his last employer, who is going to Europe. Address P. B? box 179 Herald offlce. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COACHmanortotako care of a gentleman's roud tcuin: best city reference. Apply at Wiutlold's stubles, 110 aud 112 West flOlk st. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO PROCURE HIS MAN a situation, who has lived with him tor the past ten Sears in the capacity of coachman and general man; he > perfectly sober und sellable in every way, an excellent driver und also s good gardener; capable of taking entire charge ol a gentleman's country place; Is married; one child. Address 0. 8. M., box 129 Herald Uptown Branch offlce. A MAN ANII WIH B WANT SITUATIONS IN A small family.?Man na coaohman and plain gardener; wife to do general housework, or would take care of a gentleman'* place in the city; two year*' reference from last employer. Call on or address J. 11. RUM RILL, ottlce 182 Broadway, for two days. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH PROTESTANT OARdener wishes a situation: speaks English. French and Herman, and understands the business in nil its branches; best city relercnces. Address L. S., box 113 Herald office. A HINDUS MAN (HERMAN) WISHES A SITUATION as eoaehman; bc?t city' references furnished. Apply froin 9 A. M. to I i\ M. af 17 East 39th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINOLE YOUNO man, as coachman and groom; best city reference. Inquire lor J. D., for two days, at BREWSTER'S, 81 5th avenue. A SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A Protestant man; Is a competent, caroful city driver; severul years' tlrst class city retercnce. Call on or address J. P., Ill 6th av. ABITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A married man. wltn small family; has lived with present employer over 9 years; can bo highly recommended by him. Call on or address L. F. N., 217 West 26th at ABITUATION WANTED?BY A SINOLE YOUNO man, as coachman and groom; best city relerence. Inquire for J. P., lor two days at 501th av. A SINOLE MAN. WITH LONG EXPERIENCE AND good recommendations as vegetable gardener, wishes a situation, either to take charge or assist and mako himself generally useitil. Address A. S., box 183 Herald office. A SINOLE MAN WISIIE9 A SITUATION AS GOOD gardener and thoroughly understands the care of greenhouses and graperies, and will be found willing and obliging, sober and honest; has the best reference from last employer. Address OARDENER, box 129 Herald office. ABITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A man who understands his business: will he found sober, honest and trustworthy: has long and satisfactory testimonials; will be well recommended by his last employer, In the city at present: no objection to the country. Address T. C. L., Herald office. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO OBTAIN A SITUAJ tion tor bis coachman; a faithful, honest, desirable mas. Call on or address EDWARD, 121 West 46th st. A YOUNO MAN JUST LANDED FROM IRELAND wishes a situation as coachman, groom or gentleman's valet; has no obioctton to the country. Address JOHN MOLLOY, 11# Washington st. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION ON A GENtleman's placo?Thoroughly understands care of horses and plain gardening; can milk; good references. Address M., box 121 Herald office. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACHman and gardener; is a Protestant; has good reference. Call on or address for two days Q. G., 254 West 37th st ABITUATION WANTED BY A FIRST RATE coachman; excellent groom; careful, steadv driver; strictly sober; married: no lumlly; best city reference. Address J. H., 60 West Aid st, private stable. A YOUNO MAN (A PROTESTANT) WANTS A SITUAtion us coachman; will take charge of a vegetable garden; is a good, careful driver; has good relercnces. Address for two days A. B., box 116 Herald office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUAtion as coachman or groom, in city or country: has thu hest reference. Call on or address J. K., stable Nu. 4 West 44th st A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A HINgle man. who thoroughly nnderstsnds his business; Is willing and obliging; good city references. Call on or address T. M., 30 West 44tn st A FIRST CLASS, RELIABLE COLORED COACHMAN wants a situation; understands his husiacss; can give excellent city references. Please call or address COACHMAN, 41 West 44th st, care of U.K eaney. A FIRST CLASS COACHMAN, JUST DISENOAOED, wishes a re-engagement: is a good groom and careful city driver ; understands (lie treatment of horses perfectly, is capable aud attentive in discharging his duties; can show the best city references from last and former employer*. Call on or address COACHMAN, No. 1 West 36ih st., last employer's, private stable. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A sober, steady man ; Is good groom and steady driver; good city reference. Call at er address private stable 21 Last 33d st A COACHMAN'S BITUATION WANTED?BY A young man. married, no encumbrance; is first rate driver and excellent groom ; best retercncc in the city. Addren H. B., box 121 Herald office. A GARDENER AND FLORIST OR FARMER?BY A competent married man; can take charge oi a gentleman's place; long experience here and Scotland; is a good coachman. Address M. V., Brooklyn Branch llerald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A sober steadv young man; Is a first dossgroom; willing and obliging: first class reference; city or country; country prelcrred. Address lor two days T. D., llerald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS i\ couch man anil groom or Ions experience; understands tils duties; Ave yearn ill the last. place. Call ul or address ISA Ivast S5th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, SOber. honest and utilising, us coachman or gardener; city and country relerence. Address K. I)., box 230 llcrnld office. A FIRST CLASS HORTICULTURIST AND KITCHEN gardener requires a situation; best reierences. Address J. J. H., 62 Pearl at A YOUNO MAN (MAKRIKD) WITH NO ENCIJMtirance wishes a situation as coachman; first class city reference from late employer. < ull on or address II. C. 713 6th av., between 40th and list ste. V SITUATION WANTED?AS <i A KDK NK It. TOOK oughly understands his business; no obieeilon to the. country; would take care of one or two hors-sor one or two cows; best city reference. Address T. O. B., box 205 llcrald office. A FIRST CLASH COACHMAN (SCOTCH), MARRIED, without encumbrance, wants a situation; first class city recommendations. Address H. H., box 116 Herald Uptown Branch office, for two days. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A steady man ; strictly sober; good groom ; careful city driver; Protestant; married, no family; good reference from last employer. Call or address, lor two days, M. A. I-., 143 West 29th sL, private stuble. A SITUATION AH COACHMAN-BY A MAKRIKD man oi inaav years' experience ; a good place in the country preferred. Call on or address F. F., Herala Uptown Branch office. A SITUATION WANTED?AS COACIIMAN, BY A fully comnetent man, of long experience in this city; first class reference as to sobriety and capability. Call on or address M., 19 \> est /stli si., harness store. AS COACIIMAN AND GROOM-A YOUNO SINGLE maa of experience, with old country and city references. Address J. !?., Herald office. CIOACHMAN.?BY A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT J young married man; Protestant; thoroughly understands his business; Is a good groom and careful city driver; first class references; disengaged 1st of April, t ail on or address K II . ISA West 90tli at, private stable. CIOACHMAN AND GROOM'S (SITUATION WANTED? / By a young married man; thoroughly understands the care of; his wife as cook or waitress; both understand their business In every respect; good citv And country references. Address B. (J , box 1:13 Herald office. CiOACIIMAN'H OH GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? ) By a young man ; first class reference; no objection to the country. Address, for two days, J. K., box 141 Herald Uptown Branch office. ClOACHMAN.-A MARRIED MAN AH COACHMAN, ) understands his business thoroughly; four years' reference from Inst employer; has lived with some of the first families of New York; no objection to the country. Call on or address COACHMAN, No. 4 West 116th st C10ACII MAN'S SITUATION WANTRD-BY A HINOLB / inan, who thoroughly understands Ills business; no obiection to the country; first class relerance. Address M. M., box 108 Herald office. CIOACHMAN?SINOLE, WISHES A PLACE; HAS ) first class reference In every respect Call or addresa 24 East 40th st CIOAOHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY STEADY ) single man; thoroughly understanda the care of horses; good, careful driver; also understands gardening. flowers, Ac.; best city references. Address B. D., box 2W1 Herald office. _ CIOACIIMAN'H SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPBJ teat man; strlctlv temperate ; excellent grooin, careful city driver; will be highly recommended by present ami former employers. Address J. U , Herald Uptown Branch office. / lOACIIMAN'N SITUATION WANTED BY A SINdLF I' in an ; understands hie business thoroughly, fineing undoubted reference' no objection to the country. Addrees .1. K M., box 117 llerala office. ClOAUIIMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-HY A PIKST / claea single man , basilic most eatiaraetory reference*. Address J. K., saddlery store, 67 hast Kith street. ClOAUllMAN'rt SITUATION WANTKIl ?BY A MIDUI.K/ aged Protestant single man. best city reference; no objection to the country. Call at or address 10/ West iliUi street. ______ 8 COACHMBM AND GARDERBRA Florist and gardeners situation wanted? Bv a German married man; no tatnily ; understands bis business. Address FLORIST, box 101 Herald office. First class oardenek wants a situation; married; no family. Address M. C., K76 Broadway. Gardener.?a man that understands the management of hot and cold grapes. greenhouses also the vegetable department; wife a competent hand at milk ana butter; no family ; good city relercnce. Address It aNIEL, 15 Job njdt Ctardenrr?single, wants a permanent 8itT uaUun; fully competent: Id years' experience in gentlemen's places; not atruid of work; good relerence. Addrss B. J., box ?23 llerald oflice. GARDENER?1'Nl) Kit STANDS THE MANAGEMENT ol greenhouses, hot and cold graperies, fruits, dowers ami vegetables; can be highly recommended by hia last employers us to competency, sobrletv, honesty and industry Address M. WUITE, 1.076 Kulton av., Brooklyn ARDENER.?GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? \T By u thoroughly practical Englishman, of industrious habits, capable or taking charge of a garden and farm; wife a Orst class dairy woman, and has a thorough knowledge of poultry ; would also cook if required. Address i. D., No. it John St., New York. Gardener.?an English gardener, aged 25, thoroughly versed In every oranch ot tho business, desires a situation in a gentleman's establishment; can produce a first class reference trom his last English sitnatiou, three years, ami one of one year from present employer. Address JAMES JONES, care of Mr. Taplkn, South Anil) >y, N. J. __ /"IARDENER-BY A MAN WITH A FAMILY; UNvX derstnndsthe onre of the greenhouse, dower beds, grape houses, kitchen garden and hotbeds. Address UAH den EH, IfflColuinoia st., Brooklyn. /N ARIiKKER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE vr nun, uge -t!; thoroughly acquainted with kitchen and tlowcr gardening, hot and cold graperies, propagation and cultivation ol hot ami greenhouse plant*. Call on or uddr< s.x J. M , 876 Broadway, seed Mtore. Gardener's situation wanted-by a rkspcrtuhle young (ierman ; married, one child : knows the care and cultivation ol plant*, vegetable* and graperic*. In greenhouse or out ol doors; can lav out garden*; would like to tuke care ol a gentleman's place ; best city relerence. Address or call at Thomas Clarke's, seedsman and tlorist, luiictiou el Kultouav. and Fort Green place, Brooklyn. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?FIRST CLASS; married i no children; thoroughly understands grane growing, greenhouse, fruit und vegetables in general ; flrst-class reference. Address 1*. L., Box 106 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION BY A PRACTICAL SINgle man, competent In all its branches, to tako charge of a gentleman'* country pluce; relerence given. Addras* P. II. P., hex 2)0 Herald olllee. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A MARRIED man; thoroughly understand* It In all it* hrancbes; wife as laundress II required; English. Address p. B., care of Mr* Moore. -'i!7 Paeitlc St., Brooklyn. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAM who thoroughly understand* his business; married; 20years'reference ftoilRlast employer. Address T. O., Bridgman's flower store,1)78 Broadway. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A MARried man. no children; Ls a good vegetable, fruit and flower gardener; good city reference. Address J. M., box 124 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A MARried man, one In family; understands fruit. Mower* and vegetables; good reference. Addruss 11. S., box 126 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPErienced man (married); uaderstands raising of vegetables, management of green house, hot and cold graperies, Ac.; competent to take fill! charge ot a gentleman's place, and willing to make himself generally useful ; best relerences luruislMid. Addruss M. S. It., box 181 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A PRACTIcalman, of long experience In greenhouses, graperies and improvement on a gentleman's place. Add res* GARDEN EH, 12 Bayard st. _ Married man, protestant; no enoumbrance; fully understands the care ot greenhousa and grapery, and would take charge of a large farm; flrst cluss relerences. Address GARDENER, box 121 Herald office. Situation wanted?by a steady, sober and diligent Oermun gardener (married); understands the management of greenhouse, graperies, cultivation ol fruit, vegetables and landscaping perfectly ; has long experience in laying out new grounds and Improving old places; knows everything connected with a gentleman's residence; ls a free and willing workmuii; has very gooil references trom this country. Call on or address ~F. II., care of A. Klemser, 176 Hester it., room 13. Situations wantkd-by man and wife from England; man as coachinan; wife as plain cook: city or country. Address COACHMAN, hoy 172 Herald ofBoe SITUATION WANTED?BY A SOBER STEADY 8INgle young man, as good plain gardener; capable of taking chargeot a gentleman's place; can milk; no objections to take charge of a cow or horse if reuutred; three years'reference. Call on or address HARDENER, 369 West 36th at, grocery store; will be atteuded to tor two days. SITUATION WANTED?AS HARDENER, BY ANAmerican; married; understands the management of fruit and grapery, laying out new grounds and improving old places; Is strictly sober, mild tempered, honest, and a willing workman ; good reference. Address, for one week, WM. JONES, AtMllth av. ____ TWO GERMANS WANT SITUATIONS AS OARDENcrs; understand tlowers, grapes and fruit trees well; good reference; one single and one married. Address GARDENKUS,box 160 Herald office. WANTED?8ITUATION AS GARDENER, BY A MARricd man; has no encumbrances. Address t&9 Orange st. Newark, N. J. WANTED?BY AN ENGLISHMAN OK GOOD ADdress, a situation as first class coachman; Is stvlish driver. Can be seen or addressed, Monday and Tuesday, at the saddlery, 1.3H0 Broadway and 38th st WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A first class man, with seven years' best city recommendations Iroin present employer; satisfactory reasons for leaviug. Address COACH MAN, box 173 Herald Uptownotmnch office. TITANTRD?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY A IT Protestant young nmn; understand* the care oj horses and earring s thoroughly; Is willing and obliging. Address J. M., Ml 3d nr., third (lour, front room, for three days. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH COACHMAN, MAR. rled. no eueumnrunre, a situation as coachman and sroom ; best city reference. Call on or address, for three days, II. I)., private stable 123 West 3ath st. ______ WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A respoctable married man; can do plain Hardening and useful around u gentleman's place; thoroughly understands the cure of horses, carriages and harness; will be found sober, honest and obliging; has six years' best city reference irum last place. Address lor two days P. D., box 112 Herald otltce. ______ WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A respectable single man; good city re!erente. Call or addreaa COACHMAN, 7138th ar. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BY A single young man; understands Ills business. Call or address J. Mc., private stable AWi Fast btli st WANTKD-BY A FIRST CLASS MAN, A SITUATION IT as coachman or groom, or would like to earc a gentleman's road team; country preferred ; good retcrcnces. Address, lor two days, P. II., box 111) Herald Uptown Branch oltlce. WANTED?A COACHMAN'S SITUATION. BY A MARrled man; understands his business thoroughly: five years' rciercnce Irotti last place ; will he disengaged 1st April. Can ha seen at present employer's, 53 West 48th st. at any time ; or address. TVrANTKI)?A THOROUGHLY EFFICIENT GARDEN' Vv er; one who understand* (he management of a greenhouse, the cultlvuuou of plant* nnd grapes and lay* . in pr out ground*, Ac.; German or Englishman preferred. Address GARDENER, 1J3 Broad at., or call Irotn 2 to 4 P. M. WANTED?Br A SCOTCHMAN, A SITUATION AS farmer and vegetable gardener; understand* thO' * care ofhorse* and row* and Keeping a place In order; ha* had charge of a gentleman'* place for 1A years: haa a daughter lit year* of age, would take a place with ma a* waitres* or to do upftair* work and take care of children ; good reference. A. J. Y., No. II John street WANTED?RV A COLORED FIRST CLASS GROOM and coachman, a situation a* the *ame and wife as cook or waitress: no objection to the country: best reference given. Address L. II. B., Herald office for three day*. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN. A SITUATION AS coachman; thorough. Call till 1 o'clock, or uddrcas J. B., 320 West 34th at, private stubles. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. RY A If Protestant young inan, single; can come well recommended by last employer. Call ou or address J. P.. 20 East 39th st. BO MULBERRY ST., ROOM 11? A RESPECTABLE O married man. with no family, want* a situation as coachman nnd gardener In a gentleman's family; thoroughly understands his business; best references. 11 Q WEST 19TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOU NO IIO man as coachman; understand* the care of hordes; can milk and make hlmsell useful; no objectioit to the country; good reference. Call lor two days. IIEhP WASTED?MALES, " A ^CHANCE TO LKAKN TELEGRAPHY.?MEN, women, boys and girl* learn and take position*: demand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 2U4th a v.. opposite Cooper institute A YOUNG MAN WANTFD-AS ASSISTANT BAR. keeper. Apply before 12 o'clock at 34 West Broad way. . Agents ark $ioo per week selling our good* by sample A few more smart men wanted. Call at90 Liberty st, room M. Advertising canvasser wantkd-on sal. arv : must be a gentleman of eieell..nt from all other engagements nml ready for work. .SMITH'S Magazine, 51 Liberty at. AGENTS WANTKD-MALE OR FEMALE; EXTRAOR. dlnary opportunity to make money canvassing lor "Oroiutt's Western World," 1X1 Nussuuat A FIRST CLASS COLORED WAITER FOR A BPStaurant?One used to clucks. Apply at Ji East l.ith street. AHOELL'S TURKISH BATHS. 61 LEXINGTON A want agreeable. Intelligent, Industrious y. no; American men and women, not older than 1& yen profitable emyloyuient and medical iuatructiou; t encea required. A THOROUGH GENTLEMAN OF BUSINESS T a itood iudgo of character, to assist in the nano .-oi of our buslneaa; salary moderate. Apply lo W HIT I o CO., No 5 Dev St, alter 9 o'clock. Blank hooks.-wanted, a toumo mam v,?io has had sonic experience In packing and tilling i i dem Address J. P. K., Herald olBce. UOY WANTED?IN t RAILROAD KmIII'MI offlco ; salary 9-> per week. Addrasa, la own Ran> writing, box 2.7(ki Poaioitlce. Boy wanted-iskd to law ovfhhk adjij^ 4 B. B.. Herald oiUca. with ratereac*

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