Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1873 Page 4
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4 M K LPW45I TKI^MALItg. ENERGETIC. ACTIVE MAN WANTED?TO HELL and handle veneer* In a mahogany yard; one lain i liar with hard or cabinet wooda. MO Washington, corner De*broasea at. Farmer wanted.?wanted, a man capable of sowing all kinds ot grain, raiding of root crops, Ac.; muat underatand farming In general; none but one willing to work hard need apply. Call at ?47 Vt eat 26tli at. The republic like insurance company, too Broadway, want a lew Unit clas* business men to act a* solicitor* In the metropolitan dleirict. Good and rapid writers wanted, address box 81, station IX Wanted?a OOOD 8TRONO errand boy, about It year* old : wages S > per week. Address, with reference, box :i,96- Poet office. WANTED?A PEW FIRST CLASS CANVASSERS AND agents at 54 Chambers sL WANTED?A MAN TO TAKE CHARGE OF AN architect's office; a practical man who can make drawing* ami write specification*. Addr-as J. H. PRICE . A CO., Kvansville, Ind. 117"ANTED?A FIRST CLASS WAITER; ONE THAT 11 iimlnrklnmlannatttno nuataw. uloailv An. pijrttUe ClarundoiToygter House! 166th a*. TV' ANTED?A MAN OK ALL WOK K, ON A SMALL o place, to work in a garden, ml k and attend to a horse. Ac. Inquire, between 11 and 12 o'clock, at 139 Eawllihst. ^ WANTED?A BOY 14 OR 15 YEARS OK AGE. TO make himsoll generally uaelul in a store; wages about $4 per week. Address box \sA'i 1 oat olllce. 1A7ANTED?A BOY IS A NOTE BROKER'S OFKIOE; Y ? oue with a knowledge or the busineaa preferred, Ad, dress, with r. lerewce, S., bo* 2,916 I'ost ofllcc. TirANTion?took and waiter in an oyster tt saloon. Inquire ut54 and 60 Broadway, Williamsburg. *11 TASTED?A STRONG BOY, ABOUT 15 YKAK8 OLD, 11 In a cloth store. Apply, before 10 o'clock, with reference, at 03 Nassau At. TITANTED?A STOUT BOY. ABOUT 15 YEARS OLD. ?? to work in a b<*>k store. Address Kosl olllce box 4,541. 'I I r A NTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND IN A DIS11 tillcry store, at 2U.I Provost at, Jersey City. ChumIk is st terry. IT ANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, TO ATit ti nit bar; must not be afraid ot work and come \.rll Ieeiiiiiineiided. Apply nt 410 7th a*. fVTANTBD?A SMART BOY IN A SILK GOODS 11 house; one well acquainted with the city. Apply at BART LETT, It EERY, HEED & CO.'S, 557" and fi4? Broadway, between 'Jatul 10 o'clock A. M. WANTED-TWO AGENTS TO SELL AN ARTICLE which sells at sight; rare chance for live men. Call on I'ARKET A CO.. 332 East 117th sL WANTED?A SINGLE MAN, USED TO WORKING on n farm: none other need apply; with good reference only. Apply at 16 Greenwich av., between 5 and 12 A. M. WANTED?IN WESTERN CITIES AND TOWNS, RESident agents with connection among merchant tailor*, to sell flue woollens from sample on commission. Address KNULlaH MANUFACTURER, Herald office. WANTED?A COLORED MAN AS WAITER IN A private tauiilv. Apply, with references, at 577 Broadway. \JLTANTED?TWO SMART BOYS, RESIDING WITH YY their parents, in the office of a dry goods importing house. Adtlress, stating age and relerence, K. O., box 128 Post office. WANTED?AN ERRAND BOY IN A BOOKSTORE; one living with his friends preferred. (FeokgK K. LOCK Wood,812 Broadway.^ WANTED?A GOOD MAN TO OPEN AND COOK oysters at 940 Broadway. THE TRADE8. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN 18 venrsof age, to learn a trade, luoulrc at 155 West 27th st. A BOY, 15 YEARS OLD, RESIDINO WITH IIIS PArents, wants to learn any sort of a good trade. Call OU or address EDW UENNEi'T, 16J Eav 52d si. A RESPECTABLE BOY, 15 YEARS OP AGE, REsiding with pa rents, wishes to learn a good trade; carving or eugruving prelerred; good relercnces. Apply j to or address M M. l.EONH ARl), 145 Lewis st A RESPECTABLE BOY OF 18 W IsnES TO LEARN some good trade; honest and willing to work; good reference. Address ALEXANDER LESTER, care of W. Walsh, 832 East 22d st. ATIlOROUUH PRINTER, OP LARGE EXPERIencn In all branches, steady and reliable, desires a situation as foreman or superintendent Address FOREMAN, box 220 Herald office. BOILERMAKERS.?WANTED, FIRST CLASH MEN; highest wages^paltt m. ?'DKiiij, i.nit *t. and 4th ar. Machinist wanted?none bct best lathe and vine hands need address tor two day* box 202 Herald office. PHOTOOKAI'HIC.?AN ARTIST, PAINTER AND operator, who understands how to finish up photographs very tine in water colors, ink and crayon, can alao manage the whole of the business, wishes to become acquainted with nn A No. 1 photographer. Address CRAYON, box 152 llerald ottlcc. TO HORSE COLLAR MAKERS!?WANTED, IMMEDIately, a practical worktuuu and steady. Apply at 611 ldth ar. TO PHOTOORAPH RETOUCHERS.?WANTED?A good hand lor retouching ne ativ.vs and photographs at E. P. BPAHN'S, 7t>6 Broadst, Newark. N. J. TO PRINTERS.?PROOFREADER WANTED: ONE who thoroughly understands his business nad has a good practical knowledge ot book aid Job composition, making up and Imposing; u permanent situation and good salary to a first class, live man ; no other ueed apply. Address i OHM08, box Ml) Herald office. WANTED?A CUTTER FOR A SHIRT AND COLLAR lactory; must boa practical man; references required Apply by letter. lJox 2iiS)? Post office, Montreal, Canada. "llfANTED?A FIRST CLASS CUSTOM CUTTER; ONE who cun dralt patterns. Apply to HIMONSON, DUTTON A RUODKS, '.10 and 92 Bower.v. WANTKD-GOOD HOK8E8MOER8. APPLY AT 236 W est 28th st Liberal wages and prompt pay. Members of Trades Unions need not Apply. TVTANTED?IN A SALTPETRE REFINERY, A FIRST ?? class workman, who thoroughly understands his business, to act as foreman: to the right kind ot a man a good, permanent situation is ottered. Apply in person, between the hours ot 1) ami In A. M , to WILLIAM M. HAHIKSUAW. Chemist, 36 New street, New York. TVTATCHMAKEK WANTED?A PRACTICAL WATCHvT maker, with good reference, to go out of the city. Aiiply from 11 to 12 o'clock at KELLER A UNTERMEYER'S, 18 John st., up stair-. 3-<k MECHANICS WANTED?TO BUY THE SPLEN Jl" did laits on the I-cfTort Leffcrt's estate, in the Twenty-tirst w ard, Brooklyn, to be sold at auction 'by JKKE. JOHNSON, Jr., on Monday, SI. Call on JKRK. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row, tor maps and inlormation. FtlKXlTCKK. A?STORAGE. , STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS. Ac.; ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built exnr'otwly lor tlie purpose, HE! TO 111 EAST TillRTY-SKCOND STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CASKS and other PACKAGES containing articles of EXTRA VALUE can tie stored with SAFKTY at low rates. Persons can forward their goods Iront any part of EUROPE jt AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE Pt/HLIC is invited to examine the sunerlor accommodations lmtif v,.nill,,iii.,i ?s.. ?n-i ? , \\ UIUII U1U warehouse possesses over all others. JOHN H. MORRBLL, Owner ami Proprietor. A CHANCE SELDOM MKT WITH.?FAMILY NOT Roing to Europe or the South, hut are declining housekeeping. will sell, for less than half cost, viz:?Parlor Suits, $75; rep Suits, $36; Bcdrooui Suits, $23, and 300 lots cheap fall early. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP CARPETS, FURNITURE anil Bedding at lowest cash prices, hy wceklv In, stalnu ias as O'EAKKKLL'S warehouse, 41(1 Eighth ave uuc, between Thirtieth and Thirty (li st streets. A MAGNIFICENT LATEST STYLE PARLOR SUIT, IN rich satin, made to order, cost $673. tor$300; one do.. $140:l?rocatclan.l rep Suits, *7.?. $.NlaiM $25 ; Pianoforte, 50 line Oil Paintings. Itronzes, Vases, Mirrors. Curtains, Carpets ; rosewood ami walnut Chamber sults,$:tA up; Mattresses, Bediling, Library, Dining Furniture less than hall cost. Call before purchasing elsewhere. Residence 113 West Eighth street (Clinton pirn , between I lith and Sixth a vs. A NOTICE.?ALL THE ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD J\ Furniture of E. W. Remington, 2h) West Twentyllrst street, uear Seventh avenue, tor sale at n sacrifice. Magnificent rosewood I'lnnotorte, oust $1,200, ror $.'k*i; rleli Parlor and ltedroom Suita, Library and Dining Furniture. Carpets, Bedding, Oruaincnte, Ac. N, B?Cut this out. AT 120 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN Sixth and seventh avenues.?A private lamtly declining housekeeping will sell all thalr city-made furniture, Ac.?namely. Grand Duchess and Pompadour stvlrs Parlor Suils, covered in crimson aatln and brocatet, cost $tkM, lor $250; one do., $160; Marie Antoinette Suits, Colored reps, cost $300, lor $126; rep Suita, $40; Bedroom Suits, cost $t>00, for $160; other Suits, complete, $50: Carpets 50 cents per yard, 1'lanoforte, Bronzes, Oil Paintings, Buffet, Extension Table, Bookcase, H00 volumes of Books; will he sold in large or small lots, to suit purchasers. Call before purchasing elsewhere, at 120 West i weiiiy-ihlrd street A MAGNIFICENT DRAWING ROOM SUIT, POMPAdour Marie Antoinette stvle. covered silk hror?.i? made order, runt $33h, for $2i*>: do., 9190; da, $13; fctagere, Cabinet Table, roaewood 1'iaaoforte, Bronze*, Painting*. Mirror*, velvet Carpets, Clock*, roaewood, walnut Chamber furniture, Maitrcsae*. Extension Table, Silverware, olna<wi?re; a sacrifice Property family leaving city. So Went I3th *t., near 3th a v. J^EORAAf k cochrane, 438 Canal afreet, will remove May 1 to 152 and 154 Writ Twenty-third afreet. We are now offering our entire atock of Parlor, Pimmtier and Dining Room furniture at coat. I'artie* deairing to furnlah will ilo well to give u* a call. ?.W Canal atreet _ rfood SECOND HAND AND MISK7T CARPETS A T apeclalty.?All aize* English Bru selsand ingrain for sale cheap at 112 Pulton street, corner of Dutch. Entrance In Piitcfnitrcet Month i. y or wee key payments. ?carpe m furniture, Bedding. Ac. . . DBA l,y A r-UNNINOHAM. 38* noil 310>nlru avenue, near i wentv-eignta lira it. Price* lower than any other imu** a the city. Private parties dbsikinu k> dt-imsi.; ok their furniture can meet with a cash puruhaaer by Addr^MOK H. H. t., box I'ort office. TI-EKKI.V AND MONTH EYPA V M K NTS fOK KURNIW tuV. Carpet* and Bedding, at B. M. COWPKRTHW AIT k Oo 'a. 153 Chatham ttreau An Unmvuae Stock audi ow price*. NEW TO ULM AT AWOTIOW. _ * ''Unquestionably the finest collection of Books ever offered tor sole In this olty."?New York Times. FINE ART. Picture Galleries, Antiquities, Architectural Works, Costume, Collection* of Etchings, Original Growings, Ac. SUPERB COLLKOTION OIK" FINE ART AND ILLUSTRATED BOOKS.?Special atlonUun is col Idled to this, the rictieHt, mini valuable end nio-t costly collection of Pine Art Book* ever ofleredior sale iu this country. Catalogues ready. Time of nale. WEDNESDAY AN > THURSDAY EVENINOS, March Cri and 27. Books now on exhibition day and evening at Clinton Hall sale rooms. ART SALE. SATURDAY EVENING, March 19. A large collection of Modern Oil Paintings, handsomely trained, now on oxliihi inn, tree, day and evening, at the Ciintou Hall Ha esroora*. The MiMsr-i. LHAVITT, Auctioneers. Allen h. miner, auctioneer. .salesrooms 95 Chambers olid 77 Reade streets. By ALLEN H. M N <K A BKO., Tilts DAY (TUESDAY), MARCH 26, at lot, o'clock, at their Ka c rooms, 95 Chamber* and 77 ilea Ic streets. RALE OP PKnFU MICKY, consoling of first quality of BAY RUM, POMADES, O ILOtiNK, LUBIN'S AND OTHER KXTRAO 8. Al?o a large assortment ol FANCY TOILET SOAPS, STATIONERY, Ao. ALSO EUROPEAN AND MODERN OIL PAINTINOS, together with a fine collection ol FRENCH, ENGLISH, GERMAN and ITALIAN CllitOMOS, comprialug landscapes, marine and figure piece* ol new and invorlte siih'ects. The above are handsomely trained and to be sold without reserve. Allen r. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms 95 Chamber > and 77 Reads street*. By ALL .N H All., Kit A Hill),. on tiiuitsday, march 27. at 101{ o'clock, at private resldrnoe 238 W est Koriythnd street, near Seventh avenue, uln i'kel HOUSEHOLD EUANITURK, Mirrors, Stelnway Piano, Ac. Particulars tn Ume. Allen b. miner, auctionkrr. Salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Reade streets, by ALLEN A. MINER A BKO.. KRIIlAY, MARCH A, at 10* o'clock, at their salesrooms, US Chambers and 77 Reade streets, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD KUKNITliRK, Mirrors, Carpets, Ac. Details in time. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms l)5 Chambers street. horse auction mart at NKtY york sali3 and storage repository, kourth avenue, corner twt-ntyftpth street. richard mcc jllouoii. proprietor. allen b. minkk a bko., auctioneers. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entries ot articles for auction can be made at repository as above or salesroom ot auctioneers. Arch, johnston. auctioneer, office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Gcntoel Household furniture. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell at his salesroom, 37 Nassau street, on Wednesday, at o'clock, 15 loads ol Household furniture of every description, some very Una. Beds, Bedding, Kitchen Ware, Ac., together with a flue lot of Offlco furniture, sitting ana standing Desks. Letter Press. Armchairs, Stools, Safes; also a very flue walnut and glass Partition also a lot of Dental and Surgical Instruments. On FRIDAY. 40 coop' very fine fancy Fowl*?Brahma*, Cochins, Leghorns, Ac. A CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER, salesroom 79 Nassau street, established 1840, will srlve his personal attention to sales of Household Furniture at residences of families breaking up or at his large salesrooms, as above. Early application is necessary. August martines, auctioneer. $25,000 worth ot Magnificent Household Furniture. Pianoforte, Bronzes, Paintings. Drawing Room Suits, Works ot Art, ut public auction, TIIlu DAY (Tuesday), at lu^ o'clock, at the elegant residence 36 West 15th St., between 5th and 6th avs., property > w. K. Livingstone. Drawing Rooms?Superb suits Furniture, Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette hU les, covered silk brocade; niarqueterle bots de rose Cabinets, Tables, Etageres, Secretaire Bookcase; Velvet, Medallion Carpets, Lace Curtains, Paintings by eminent artists, artistic Bronze Statuary, Clocks, Vases, magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, Canterbury, Music Books; rosewood, walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, en suite, style Louts; Mattresses, Extension Table, Hideboard, Silverware. Linen, Glassware, Chinaware, Cutlery: Basement, Kitchen f urniture. N. B.?Parties wishing to attend this sale take 5th av. stages or 6th av. cars. Auction sale of genteel Household Furniture. rosewood Piano, Ac. BENJAMIN P. FAIRC11ILD, Auctioneer, on Tuesday, March 25,1873, at 10 A. M., at 127 East Fifty-second street, all of the Furniture contained in said house, consisting of rosewood Piano, Mirrors, black walnut Parlor Huits, In icfin, umvn nitmut miu ciiauiciivu ncurutilll nuiui, iinir and straw Mattresses, Bureaus, Washstands, Bedsteads, Rockers, marble tob Table, black walnut Extension Table, Chairs, Hat Stand, Oilcloths, velvet and Brussels Carpets, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Art bale. UIUU CLASS OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER colors. The importation of Messrs. M. KNOEDLHR A CO. (successors to Oounll A Co.), on Thursday and Friday, March Z7 and 28, at 12 o'clock, at the Art Gallery, 60 Liberty street, now on exhibition. I EDWARD SCHENOK, Auctioneer. Auction notick.-r. t. iiazkll, auctioneer. TUKSDA V and WEDNESDAY, March 25 and 26, at 10>a o'clock, at our salesroom, 118 Chambers street, large and important trade sale of American, English and German Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Tituicd Ware, Plated Ware, Tea Trays, Guns, Ac., Ac., embracing full lines of desirable goods In lots to suit city and country trade. Catalogues ou morning of sale. R. T. HAZKLl A CO., Auctioneers, 118 Chambers street Auction notice, auction notice. HENRY ZINN. Auctioneer, sells this day, commencctng at 10>5 o'clock, at private residence 124 West 20th st, over SOU lots, by catalogue, of elegant Household Furniture, comprising every article necessary tor genteel housekeeping?viz., rosewood Pianoforte, cost JAM; rich Parlor Suits, covert d in plain and figured satin nndsiik reps; Mirrors, velvet and Brussels Carpets, Oil Paintings, Bronzes. Lace Curtains, Etageres, Bookcase, Ac. Bedrooms contain rosewood and walnut Suits. Bingle and double Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, 20 curled hair and spring Reds, Redding, Lounges, leather Pillows, Bolsters, Turkish Chairs, Ac.: also Dining Room, Basement and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. An extra large and genuine bale THIS (Tuesday) MORNING, March 25. at 10l< o'clock, uttlie private residence, 113 Clinton place, (Eighth street), between Fifth and Sixth avenues, 500 varus velvet Brussels Carpets, rosewood *nd walnut Parlor Suits, latest styles; magnificent ros-wood 71% octave double round Piunotorte; 90 tine On Paintings, Bronzes, Works of Art, Clocks, Mirrors. Bookcases, Etageres, Tables, Curtains, rosewood ami walnut Redsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Hpriag and llalr Mattresses; Bedding, Buffet, Extension Table, Glass, China. silver wire, cutlery, timment nnd servants' Furniture. KKNKST ROTH, Auctioneer. Ooods will he packed and delivered for purchasers in city or country, Auction noticf..-8. w. dauchy, auctioneer.? DAUCHY A JOHNSON will sell on Tuesday, April 1, at 10 o'clock, at 2211 and 230 West stri ct, the s(ock, Tools and Fixtures of the Neetus Co-onerative Manufacturing Company, consisting ot Plumbers Materials, ship Closets and rumps, Croton Hollers, brass and iron Globe Valves, Dock Hydrants, Croton HrAsswork, full stock of Steam and Gain!ting Material, together with a complete set of 1'ipefltters', Tinsmiths' and Coppersmiths' Tools, and one large set ot Rollers; also several Fox and Engine dear l.athes. Chucks. Tools; tarire lot of Htntirin./ ll?in,,., ?,l Pulleys. 4c.; also one 10 harsc power Engine ?n<1 Holler, in running order. The whole of the above stock will be offered for sale, amounting to over $2U,UU0. Auction sale?at 120 west 230 street, THIS DAY (TUESDAY MORNINO), commencing at II o'clock, live story brown "tone residence 121) West Ztd street, near 6th avenue, the property of E. Cay. Esq., leaving lor Europe, namely, rich rosewood 1 octave Pianoforte, made to order, by Gilbert, ot Boston, four round cornered, cost Sl.Uk); magniih-ent Parlor Suits, covered In crimson brocatel, satin and reps; fine Centre Tables, Mirrors, Paintings, Bronzes, Lace Curtains, Eiageres, Turkish Chairs. Clocks. Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Jardcnieres, stands, Chandeliers, Bookcase, Volumes of llooks, Engravings and Bedroom Butts, rosewood and black walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wa nstands, Wardrntiea. Spring Beds and Hair Mattresses, Keather Beds, Pillows, Guilt*, Blankets, Ac., Extension Tables, Cut Glassware, Ac., which sale will cinnmeace with. Hale positive, rain or shine. N. B ? Deposits required from all purchasers. Competent men In attendance to cart.paek and ship goods lor purchasers alter sale. Ll'KK FITZGERALD, Auctioneer, office and store 412 Sixth avenue. Goods stored free of charge until 1st of May. Auction sale. auction bale. TIMS DAY (TUESDAY), at 10^ o'clock, all the elegant Hffusehoid l-'uriiiture ot residence 10 West Tweiity-flr?t street, near Seventh avenue, will be sold ai auction by ROBERT 0. OAHIIIN, Auctioneer. Rich r trior Suit*, Grand Duchcssc, Prince** and Marie Antoinette styles; : agnifln nt rosewood 7'? octavo I'lanotoric, Stool Cover and Music Stand; Centre Table*, Empires, Console Tabic*. Turkish Chairs, Oil Palntlnga, Brottre*. Mirror*. Curtain*, t lock*, At.; Hall, Library ml Dining Furniture, silverware. Cutlery. _ Bedroom Furniture, consisting or elrttant rnsewmal and walnut Chamber Hull*. Wardrobe*. Cbatra, Lounge*, Toilet Sets Mattro?es, Bedding, Carpet*, Ac. Take Seventh or eighth avenue car* to Twenty-first street. N. B.?Don't fall to attend Sab-positive. Cut this out BY B. A. CLARK A CO., at *tore sail Broadway, oppo?ite Bond street. The sale of rich Silverware and line Tahle Cutlery will ronUniie dallv the pre*ent week, ale commencing at I0X o'clock A. M. Goods on exhibition previous to sale. It very article warranted first class, and to be sold without reserve. BY J. W CAMPBELL, JR.. AUCTIONEER. CAMPBELL A CO. will sell this day. commencing at 10k o'clock, at private residence 188 west Eleventh street, between Sixth and Greenwich avenues. House hold Furniture?viz., velvet Parlor Suit, black walnut and Cottage Bedroom Furniture; French Plate and other Mirrors, Wardrobes, latunge*, Extension and other Table*, Dining ami other Chairs, leather Beds, Pillows and Hrddiag. Brussels and other Carpets, Refrigerator, other useful Furniture. Kltrhen C tonsil*. Buyers, dealers. housekeepers specially invited. CAMPBELL A Co., 848 Hudson street UY MAX BAYERS DOR PER, Air HON EKK. -SELLS, it) o'clock, 137 Orchard street, flue, large Crockery, Glassware, China, Earthen Ware ; rich Lamps, Glass and China, Fancy Goods, Vases; stock ot large Crockery Store, to suit dealers. In lota MAX BaYEKsDUKFEK A IIACKEK'S office,245 Bowery. By isidor j. swarzkoph, auctionkf.r, will aell, at 10 o'elock, at 112 Third street, Stock or Fancy and Mtllluery Goods, Fixtures In lota. Dealer* Invited HilUUS 4 SW UUKOPH. 376 Bowery. UK HERALD, TUESDAY, J HAI.K? AT AHGTIOII. ^ T|V~JOHN H. DRAPER A CO., J.) Auctioneer*. The Delaware. Uckawanut and Western Railroad Company will sell 100,000 ton* Scraatoa Coal at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, March N, at 12 o'clock noon, at 26 Exchange place. SAM UED SLOAN, President Br P. culton, auctioneer. t leguut Household Furniture. ('bickering 7 octave rosewood Piano. round corner* and carved legs; French plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*. Ac., being the en'ire rich Furniture of the Wadsworth Mouse, 63 Filth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street, on WEDNESDAY, March 26. and THURSDAY, the 27th, at ltDf o'clock, con*i*ttn? of a variety of Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture; Velvet and Hrux-eltrCarpela. beat Hair Mattresses, hair top Spring lied*, Holster* and Pillows, rich Lacc Curtains, Btageres, Hookcane*, Plckhardt Sola Red, rosewood and black walnut Chamber Suit*, the whole comDfiilng the Fuikilture ot 30 rooms all the China and Ulan* Ware.. liver Plated Ware, Copper Cooking Utensil*, Steam Tabic, Stove*. Desk*, Ac. Catalogues at the house morning ot aale and at the salesrooms, 61 East Thirteenth street, near Broadway. _ Broke i badly rrokei The Bull's Head Hank. Who stole the money or who to thank. Why. nobody knows, The question vexod, with those who lose is, What bunk goes nextt Nothing so real aa real estate and the aafeat investment in the world will be ottered by JERK. JOHNSON, Jr., at peremptory autlon in the Auotlon Exchange, 399 Fulton street, Hruoklvn, at 12 o'clock, on MONDAY, March 31, 300 superior Lota In Twenty-first Ward, Brooklyn, by positive order ot Williain Huge, emi. No r/iyi,rv.l!.n .... 11 m . t. II.... .... I.. Look to it raochanics, artisans, worxingnion, clerks and provident women. The?e splendid lots are iu<t the thing. Wo sell for any price they bring. Who buys them now will bless ihe day, Por they'll not break nor run away. HKKIiV 0. HERTS, AUCTIONEER, HALE.-. .COOMS 1(1 OORTI.AN I IT STREET. PEREMPTORY SALE OK ELEGANT FURNITURE ON TIT KnIIAY.M ARCH to, AT I OK O'CLOCK, THE ENTIRE i-TGOK OK MR. GEORGE KOCH, on account of retiring from business, comprising the finest stook of Parlor, Chaml>er, Library and llining Room Furniture ever oflerod at auction. Goods on exhibition on Mouilay. IR. WEINBERGER, AUCTIONEER.?MARSHAL'S sale.?This day (Tuesday), March 26, at lOVg o'clock, at 1W4 Bowerv, the Contents ol' a toy and candy store; also one Wheeler A Wilson's and one Howe's Hewing Machine, in good order. By order ol WM. ALT,City Marshal. Immediately thereafter, general Merchandise, Furniture, hair cloth and rep hulls, 0110 standing Office Desk, Brussels, two-ply ingrain and rag Carpets, one and two yards wide Oilcloth, Matting, yelvet and tapestry Rugs, Window Shades, Lnce Curtains, Fancy Goods, Revolvers, Watches, Jewelry; also Wines, Liquors and Cigars. JAMES M. FORD, AUCTIONEER, HELLS THIS PAY, at 3 o'clock, at 367 Bowery, thu entire Furniture of a large family, removed from IIarlem for convenience of sale, consisting in part of two Parlor Huits, three Bedroom Suits, three Cottage Suits. Bookcases, Wardrobes, Ktagerea, Centre Tables, three French I'late Mirrors, two Extension Tuples, Bodstcuds, Bureaus, Tables, Washstands, Toilet Ware, Engravings: a fine lot of veivot, tanestry, three-ply and ingrain Carpets, in good order; Cutlery, Sllvornlatod Ware, hair and other Mattresses, Refrigerators, Kitchen Furniture. Ac.; also, to pay advances, 25 Sewing Machines of the host manufacturers, Including Singers. Wheeler A Wilson's, Grover A Raker's and others. The whole tor absolute sale, offering a J tine opportunity to housekeepers and others. JAMES CAONEY, AUCTIONEER, 531 HUDSON street.? Hotel Furniture?'Tuesday, March 2ft, at IU>? o'clock, entire Furniture ot the European Hotel. 167 Hudson street, near Lalght, to bo peremptorily Hold, consisting of eli-cant rosewood 7)4 ociave Piano. Parlor Suits, In reps; Mirrors, Hedroora sets, all the Brussels and 3-ply Carpets, Oilcloths, Hods and Bedding. Blankets, Shooting, Chamber, liar and Kitchen Furniture, Ac.; also all the unclaimed Baggage. JOBBING AND RETAIL DRUO STOCK AT ADO HON. BDRDETT A DENNIS will sell on Thursday. 20th, at 281 Hudson street, between Canal and Spring streets, at 10 o'clock A. M.. by order ot the mortgagee, the large Stock, elugant Fixtures, Lease and Good Will of the extensive lobbing and retail Drug Store 281 Hudson street, formerly owned by John Aitkcn. Jr., and recently by the present occupant If not sold in one entire lot It then will be sold same day as per catalogue. Information at the office ot the auctioneers, US Pearl st Catalogues are now ready. Owing to want of time to preoare catalogue, the above sale is postponed until MONDAY, 31st Inst. JACOB BOO ART. AUCTIONEER. WEDNESDAY, March 26, at 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms, No.1 North William street, Household Furniture, consisting of a large and general assortment of Parlor, Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, removed trom a private residence. J P. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER.?MARSHAL'S SALE this day, at 11 o'clock, at 59 Croat Jones street, by virlno of an execution, one Trunk and Contents, Ladies' Wearing Apparel, Ac. By order C. V. LYONS, City Marshal. Also, on account of former purchasers, lot Household Furniture, 666 cakes ef fancy Toilet Soaps, Piano, Ac. Morris wilkins. auctioneer. Ilouschom Furniture at unction. March 2.">, at 11 o'clock A. M., at the house 219 East Seventeenth Htreel, a general assortment of Household Furniture, consisting ot Parlor, Dining Room and Chamber Suits; Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Hair Mattresses, Pillows. Ac., together with an nisortinent of Kitchen Furniture and Utensils, with which the sale will commence. Morris wilkins. auctioneer.-valuablk Property Nos.49 and 51 Jnuc street K. 11. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at public auction, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Rroadwar, in the city nt New York, on Monday, the Slstdayot March, 1875, at 12 o'clock noon, all that lot of Hand In the city ot New York beginning on the northerly line of Janesiroet, 98 feet and 6 inches easterly from Hudson street, running thence easterly along Jane street 25 feet, thenco northerly 88 feet J inches, thence westerly 24 feet 5 inches, and thence southerly 91 leet to the point of beginning. Also all that other lot In said city beginning on said northerly line of Jane street 125 feet and 8 inches easterly from Hudson street, running thence easterly along Jane street 27 feet and R inches, thence northerly 88 feet, thence westerly 27 feet and 6 inches, and thence southerly 88 feet and 3 Inches to the point of beginning. On No. 49 Is a four story and basement double Tenement, nml on No. 51 is a five storv double Tenement House. Both are In good order, with a good class of tenants. A large portion of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. For further particulars apply to FLANAGAN, BRIGHT A MAKTINE, Attorneys, 31 Nassau street Max bayersdorfer, auctioneer, sells, on Thursday, at 11 o'clock, elegant corner Liquor, Lager Hoer and Billiard Saloon; fine locality, with IIvo years' cheap lease; also young llorso and Business Wagon, mahogany Secretaire, 7'4 octave upright Piano, and all the Furniture of a tlvc story house. In lots. In the office of BAYKRSDORFKK A HACKElt, 245 Bowery, corner ot Stanton street. MORTOAOE SALE.-HENRY DREHER A SON, AUC. tloneers, office 172 East Houston street, ?ell this day, at II o'clock, at northeast corner of Eighty-eighth street and Third avenue, for aceonnt of former purchaser, stock, Fixtures, Ac., of a grocery store; also one Horse, Wagon and Harness; in lots. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?THOMAS J. MeGRATH, Auctioneer. 133 Chatham street will sell this day, at II o'clock, 600 lota men's and women's Clothing. Dresses, Shawls. Remnants, Guilts, Hlankets, Redding. Boots, Shoes, Ae. ; also Coats, Pants and Vests. By order I. L. Pruger, 33 Thirty-third street. PAWNBROKER'S HALE ON APRIL 8, AT 72 SIXTH avenue. M. Hi,AU. PAWNBROKER'S 8ALE.-R. FIEUD, SHERIFF'S AND Oeneral Auctioneer, salesroom, 121 Bowery, will anil till* day, at 11 o'clock, 600 lot* men's and women's Clothinn, Dresses, Shawls. Remnants, Underclothing, Ouilts, Blankets, Redding, Boots, Shoes. Ac; also Costs, l'nnta and Vesta. By order R. Simpson A Co., 1?S Bowery. SJ. OOODENOUOH, AUCTIONEER. . BV OOODENOUOH A WEBER, Auctioneers anil Brokers, 111 Broadway. Hales of Real Estate, Stocks and Bonds and Household Furniture at owners' residences. Will sell at public auction, on TUESDAY, March 2S, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Rroadway, the lollowing valuable Ntntn avenue Property, near the Orand Opera House, consisting of three new four story brown stone stores ami French Flats, situated on the easterly side of the Ninth avenue. 22 fret northerly trom Twenty-third street, being street Nos. 214, 216 and 2IA, Maps and particulars at the office of the auctioneers, 111 RroAilwiiv SHERIFF'S 8ALB.-R. FIELD. SHERIFF'S AND OKNcral Auctioneer, salesroom 121 Bowery, will sell this dnv, at 12 o'clock, at pier No. 4 North River, Ave Yawl Boats, two Anchor* and Chains, Hawsers, Hand Trucks, Coal Buckets, dans Flanks, Ac : also. Immediately after, at pier No. 5 Bowling (I recti Sate, Desk. Ac , Ac. By order MATTHEW T. BRKNNAN, Sheriff. J. PoarHT, Deputy. rjMIE KKN8ETT COLLECTION. Executor's sale of over Five Hundred of the Htudles and Fu tures bv the late JOHN F. KKNSETT, At Association llall, corner of Twentv-third street nnd Fourth avenue, every evening of tnc present week, commencing MONDAY. March 24, and ending 8ATCRDAY, March 29. The sale will begin at 7 :IM) o'clock ouch evening K. BOMKltVILLK, Auctioneer. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER Office. 90 New Bowery. Will sell on Thursday, at 10^ o'clock, a nice lot of household Furniture at 192 Orand street; one lull 7^ octavo rosewood I'lano, a perfect Instrument: French plate Pier Glasses, Parlor Hulls in reps, solid walnut Bedroom Suits with marble tops, Brussels Carpets, A?. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, office 90 New Bowerv, By virtue of a chattel mortgage I will tell, this day, at I0W o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of the Restaurant and Barroom at 174 and 176 Pearl street; one 4-pull Ale Pump, French plate Mirrors, Counters, Chairs. Tablet. Rllverplated Ware; alto the Furniture of the tamilv. ^ WILLIAM ABBOTT, Ja., Attorney for Mortgagee. WAKBLB WAWTKM. Aklaber, htkam-makble and marhlki/.ino . Works, 134 and 136 East Eighteenth street?Martde and Marhlrized Mantels, Tiling, Martde Counters, Monuments, at prices that defy competition. Marble Turning tor the trade. AN ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, UNSURPASSED for beauty ot design and quality of workmanship.

Hlate Work or all binds a specialty. PKNRHYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street Union square. STEWART'S SLATE MANTELS.?RICH AND KLKgant designs: slate Works ol every description : Mar hie and Wood Mantels. T. B. STEWART A CO., 22Uand 222 West Twenty third street, near Seventh avenue, N. Y, SKLABKR A CO.'S STEAM MARBLE AND MAR. bleixing Works, 223 West Fifty 11 rat street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue ?Marble aud Marhlrized Mantels, Monuments, Headstones, ol superior workmanship. at vsry low prices. MARCH 25, 1873.?QUADRTJ A HV B BMBHTI. BOOTH'S THKATRR BOUCIOAULT Mr. Edwin Booth Proprietor and Mutnr SECOND WEEK. ^ Mr. DION BODCIOAUI.T, iu hia artistic rendi. ion ol MIlfliAKL o'diiwix In bis new Irish Comedy Drain a, DADDY O'DOWD; or. Turn About is Pair Play, elegantly produced In every detail. Mr. 8HIKL HARRY. Mr. ROBERT PA1EMAW, Mr. JOSEPH WHKELOCK, Mr. OEORCJK BKCKd, Mr. HOL HMITII, Mlsa BKI.LA PATKMAN, Miss MART WKLL8, Miss MARY YOUNO, Miss ELLEN MORANT AND OTHERS In the fine and caoable cast. DADDY O'DOWD Matinee on Saturday at?. . fleam secured TWELVE DAYS in aJvance at the Theatre or at Dltson A Co.'s Music Store, 711 Broadway. rflHBATBB COMIQUB, 1 511 BROADWAY. Leasee and Proprietor Mr. JOSH HART ENTIRE CHANCE OK BILL. always somkth1nu new. The new Indian Drama, captain jack. Mr. WM. WHALLEY aa. CAPTAIN JACK All the mauimoth troupe in a pleasing audentertainlng programme. Mr. JOHN HART, Mr. JOHN WILD, Mr. WM. WEST. Mr. JOHN QUKSN. Mr. LARRY TOOLRT, Mr. PETE CANNON, MissJKNNY IIUOHKS, Miss EMMA WILMOT, Miss KITTY O'NEIL. Miss ADA WRAY, Miss kanny liicklle, Miss carrie hainf.h. Miss IDA OB..ENK1E1.D, Miss NELLIE SANDKORD, in Songs. Acts, Dances. Also CAPTAIN CAPTAIN JACK, or JACK, THR MODOC WAR. Mr. w ii. n. wh alley as captain jack. Miss EMMA W1 l.MOT as the wile of Captain Jack. EVERY EVENING at H o'clock, and the WEDNHDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES at 2K o'clock. WOOD'S MUSEUM. JOS. MURPHY. ONE WEEK OK HELP. EVENING at S. AKTMBNOON at 1 Tho Irish LAST WEEK OP TUB Comedian, BLONDES. Mr. JOS, MURPHY, The Drama of lu Maedor's SOLON SHINGLE HELP. and Burlesque Irish, Ethiopian ol and Dutch Dialect*. ERNANI. QLYMPIO THEATRE. Mr. J. E. HAYES Sole Leasee and Manager MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 24, EVERY MOHT at 8 o'clock, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at ?, The ''American Grimaldt," OKO. L. POX. and his mirth-provoking Pantomime of IH1MPTY DUMPTY, ^ the revival of which has met with a SUCCESS WHICH HAS NEVER KEEN EQUALLED in the annals of amusements. The Grandest Corps of Specialty Artists ever assembled in one entertainment. CQC?ATHENEUM. B85 tJO') opposite Metropolitan Hotel, Broadway. R. W. BUTLER Manager THE MOST BRILLIANT ATTRACTION THIS WEEK ever offerod at tills Establishment THE WORRELL SISTERS AND ORAND BURLESQUE COMPANY will appear In the beautiful Burlesque of '"Q" | TO-NIonT, Brst appearance of the wonderftil LA MARKOKS. whose startling acts have never before been equalled. Miss UELENE SMITH, the Empress of Song and Dance. Missi JENNIE.WORRELL, i.uae ncnooicran, miss .lonme wot roil. L,uxe Bcnooicran, george atkins, E. M. Hall, George II. Goes, George and Charles Reynolds and regular Atheneuin Company every Evening. Door* open at 7. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box otlicc open dally. Seats .secured ia advance. MATINEES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Tony pastor's opera house, 201 bowery. OI'S WILLIAMS as the Dutch Onran Orinder. A Billy Carter, Miss Kitty Henderson, MATIN "E Mllo. Couchati Ronzutl, TO-D.v Y Miss Snrdce O'Neill, (TUESDW). Mile. De Granville, MATIN 1 K. John Mul'lgan. Geo. K. Moore, MATINEE. Tony Pastor, 4> all In a new programme. ?tTEINWAY HALL. BELLEW MATINEE. " Has the finest and most powerful tones of Murdoch, Henry Ward Becchor and Dr. Chapln."? N. Y. Herald. ^Mr. J. M. BELLEW,^ ON HIS RETURN FROM A BRILLIANT AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TOUR, WILL GIVE ONE MATINEE READING, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, AT 2 P. M. TICKETS (Including reserved seat) ONE DOLLAR. Can be obtained at Stelnway Hall, Schirmer's, 701 and 114 Broadway. STKINWAY BALL. BELLEW. MATINEE READING, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2 P. M. MR. J. M. BELLEW'S l'ROORAMME. Part I. The Fire Worshippers (the Curse of the Traitor)?Tom Moore; the King of Brentford's Testament?Tliaekurav; the Story of the Faithful Soul?Adelaide Procter; Mr. Mantilla! (Nicholas Nickleby)?Charles Dickens. Part II. Marino Falcrlo. Doge ot Venice?Lord Byron; (scene on the grand staircase, (he execution of the Doge); the Vulture lan ornithological study alter Poe's Raven); the Glove and the Lions?loigh Hunt; the Charity Dinner (by special desire)?Moscly. ill-no II, v <111 some, el, uv no orvsuwsv, ncuirmcrs and at the 1' all. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, dtC. At uainbs bros.* 27 Union square, First class handsome new Pianofortes for sale on very reasonable terms, and several used a little, very low for cash. AT JOHN MAHON'S, 314 AND 318 EAST THIRTYninth stroet.?Oood second hand Pianos of dinerem makers, to rent and sell on instalments' new ones very reasonable tor cash. Amaonificent rosewood pianoforte for sale, made order, city maker, nsed five months, hilly guaranteed, cost $900, for *278: Drawing Room Suits, Paintings, Bronzes, Mirrors, Velvet Carpets, Chamber, Dining Furniture; a sacrifice iproperty family leaving. 36 West Filteenth street, near Filth avenue. A NOTICE. - BRILLIANT-TONED PIANOFORTE, richly carved rosewood case, 75* octave, grand action. overstrung bass, patent agraffe, all improvements, maacr's guarantee ; must be sold; also elegant'Household Furniture; a sacrifice; family leaving the city. Call for 3 days at 211) West 21st st, near 7tli avenue. Cut this out ANY PARTY WISHING TO DISPOSE OF A OOOD B tint Cornet, will please address, stating lull particulars, EDWARDS, Herald olllce. A GRAND SQUARE 75* OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, city maker, cost $800, for $280; Stool and Cover; maker's warrantee forSyears; at private re .ldcncc, 124 West 26th st Amaonificent dourle round corner patent agrafTo 75* octave grand squaro Pianoforte, mado to order, used 7 months, fully guaranteed, cost at 11)0. tor MM: Rtnnl. Cover - Parlor rioii. ntt. a--, oil Paintings. ^Vorks of Art, Bookcases, Bronzes, Mirrors, Cartains, chamber. library and dining-room Furniture; n sacrifice. Residence 113 West Eighth street, Clinton place, between Filth and Sixth avenues. A LADY WILL SELL, LESS THAN $100, IIANDsonie Pianoforte, including Stool and Cover; modern stvlc, round corners, sweet, powerful tone. 28 Third street, between Bowery and Second avenue. A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD PIANO, CELEBRATED maker, with Cover and Stool. Apply at residence 243 East 30th street, between 2d and 3d avenues. A BEAUTIFUL IRON FRAME PIANOFORTE. $12St modern Improvements; fully guaranteed; magnificent agraffe, 7 octave. rosewood, overstrung, celebrated manufacturers, carved legs, Ac.; latest Improvements; immense sacrifice. GOLDSMITH'S Pianoforte Warerooms. No. 7 Bleeeker street, near Bowery. A PARLOR OEM 7li-OCTAVE FOUR ROUND CORnered rosewood Pianoforte ; carved legs and case ; all improvements; made tor present owner, cost $1,2nd, for $:**); magnlllcent stout Cover. Ac.; Parlor and Bedroom Suits, Carpel, Mirrors. Ac.; Rasement and Kitchen Furniture. Call at private residence 120 West Twentythird street, near Slxtn avenue. A BEAUTIFUL PIANO ONLY $100-CHICKKRING Pianoforte, seven octave carved legs, overstrung bass; every improvement; little used ; great sacrifice. ,1. ill DOLE, 13 Waverley place, near Broadway. IjMRST CLASS SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOS TO LET-?6 ' per month; one at $3; new Cabinet Organs to let, $4; rent allowed If purchased, at Musical Warerooina, MS Eighth avenue, ncur Thirty-seventh street; open day and evening. O. P. BENJAMIN. J P. HALE'S NEW 7H OCTAVE PIANOFORTES are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For sale by the thousand at Thirty-fifth street and Tenth av. \fAGNIFICF.NT 7 OCTAVR ROSEWOOD PIANO, ivi torte. elegant carved case, Ac.; $12.1; real bargain; superb Instrument;overstrung bass; latest Improvements; great sacrifice JAMES GORDON, 196 Bleeeker street. near marnougai.^ MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, forte, modern improvements, only $180; nlao the moat rellalile I'lanolortca manufactured, seven years' guarantee, tfom $225 tin. CO-OPERATIVE PIANO MAKERS. Wareroouia 110 Bleecker street. Musical Boxva-n. c. lkcoultre, manufau. ' turcr, from Oenoa. Repairing warranted. 28 , Fourth direct, late No. 8 Warcrley place. , New styles improved fivr octave double reed Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at reduced I prices?$110 and $128. ' THE MASON A HAMLIN CABINET OROANS are admitted to be unrivalled. Their new styles are 1 cheaper than any before ottered. Other styles $55 to$800 and upwards Organs to rent with privilege of purchase, or sold on monthly payments. Illustrated catalogues tree. MASON i 11AMLIN OROAN COMPANY. I 25 Union s<iuare. New York. 1 PIANOS TO RENT AND TO SELL-ON INSTAL- ( roents. WM. A. POND A CO., 547 Broadway. j PIANOS AND ORGANS.?ORB AT BARGAINS; NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever / made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or J monthly instalments, or lor rent, during this month, at i WATERS', 481 Broadway, thau can be tound elsewhere. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WKRRR INCLUDED), CHEAP J as the cheapest, good as the best, lor rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MERKKLL'a, No. 8 Union square, 165 Fourth avenue. t RF.MOVAL.-NEW AND SECOND HAND PIANOS, J all styles, to rent and sold on instalmriits: great in > ducemeats tor cash. CIIAHI.liai J. Br.rrs, 788 Broadway, corner Tenth sL, neat to Grace church. TBI BALL MB A MOW. IRVING HALL. ^ Second Seasome-WF.DNF.SDAY EVENING, March 26, 1673. SECOND GRAND BALI, ol tho HOROKBN MAS- i oil ERA HE CLUB Tickets, admitting geatlamail and lady, $5. lor salo at the principal hotels aud 114 | Broadway. I t TLE SHEKT jUTOMMMTI. J^OWKRY THKATKB. WM. B. PBBLIGH Manager A NEW HRNSATION. , Writ production of in entirely original nnnticnl romantic Drama, entitled _ _ ' jack harkaway: _ w ? or, afloat and ashore. . Scenery and Magnificent, and the moot thrilling Tableaux ever wiineewd. will he preaentod la i? rfS,,L t'"1 ajJowariul cam of character* Mr HernAndrz ko stek in cnga-M, and will perform a peculiar characterization, written expressly lor blmaelf. ..... m1" "bldxn08' character changes. Mttle Bare'oot Maggie Fielding Joe Blostoa John Fielding Lm Maggie Fielding Bra. O'Leary John Fielding Preceded each evening with Fleldinga' original Iriah aketah, called THE BEOQARB OF IRELAND, immense noveltteitin preparation. a bad lot lain course of construction tor early reprcscntatlon. Niblo'8 oarden. niblo's gardbn. positivhly i.a8t night but four positively last night but four positively last night hut four positively last night but four of tiie most gorgeous and magnificent spectacle ever produced on any stage in the world. leo and lotos. leo and lotos, with its grand combination of BUKNKUY, COSTUMES, MUSIC, VOCALISM, BALLETS, PANORAMA. LAST WEEK OP THE CHILD vloLINIaT. LAST WEEK OP THE TRAINED DOGS. LAST WEEK OP THE 8KIORI8T KAMILY. LAST WEEK OK THE ORAND BALLET. LAST WEEK OP THE SUI'ERB SCENERY. LAST WEEK OP E. D. DAVIKS, PREMIER VENTRILOQUIST OP THE WORLD. ON SATURDAY NEKT. MAKOII 29, ? POSITIVELY LAST MATINEE?LEO AND LOTOS. POSITIVELY LAST MAIINEB?LEO AND LOTOS. MONDAY EVENING, Marsh SI, a realistic picture of Lite on tho Plains, In which the principal characters will be assumed by the renowned trappers and scouta Hon. W. P. CODY, better known as Ui EPALO BILL; Mr. J. B. OMOIIUNDRO, famous as TEXAS JACK: the popular author, E. '1. C. .IIJDSON iNKD RUNTLINE), and tho peerless Danseusc, Mile. MOltLA' < .1 JJNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. 8HERIDAN 8HOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Saturday Matinee at 1 JO. Carriages may bo ordored at 10:30. EVERY NIGHT UNTIL PUBTHER NOTICE the sparkling Comedy-Drama by Mr. Louis Leroy, entitled COUSIN JACK. Characters by Miss emilT~mestayer, Miss JENNIE LEE, Miss MARY ORISWOLD, and COUSIN JACK. Messrs. D. II. HARKINS, F. P. MAOKAY, EDWARD LAMB. GEORGE PARKES, COUSIN JACK. and others. MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 14, Reappearance of Miss AGNES ETHEL in FROU-FROU. Box office open every day from 8 A.M. to 6 P. M. (""1ERMANIA THEATRE, X Fourteenth street, near Third avenue. AD. NEUENDORFP Director TUESDAY, MARCH 25, Dor Mioneidbaner, Comedy, in five acta, by Gruber, Box office open dally from Still 4 o'clock. Academy of music.-italian opera. TUESDAY EVENINO, MARCH 24, AT 8 P. M? CLOSE OF THE SEASON. BENEFIT OF CLARA LOUISE EELLOGO. First appearance of Bionor VBRATI, first tenor from the Tacon Theatre, Havana. MARTHA, Lady Henrietta CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG Nancy HKNora sanz Lionel Signer G. VERATI (his first appearance in New York.) Plunkett Signer JAMET WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26. PHILADELPHIA. Tickets and seats for sale at 114 and 701 Broadway, and at the Academy of Music. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, 2SD STREET, between 6th and 7th avenues, near Booth's Theatre. EVERY EVENINO AT & SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE El'H'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE El'H'8 DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Character* by Dan Bryant, Dave Reed. Mc Andrews, Noise Seymour, Stan wood, Morrimy, Emerson, Brockway, Ac. Family Matinee Saturday at 2. Seat* secured. Monday next, Muster llAUNliY, Comedian. rEO. THOMAS' SYMPHONY CONCERTS, at Bteinway Hall, SATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 20, FIFTH GRAND SYMPHONY CONCERT. Procramme: Symphony, No. 3, op 153, "Im Waldo" Raff Concerto for piano, violin and violoncello, op 36. Beethoven Mia* ANNA MK11LIG, Messrs. B. LISTKMAN'N, C. Ii EM MANN AND ORCHESTRA. Overture, "Oenoveva" Schumann Symphonic Poem, "Hamlet" Liszt Symphonic Dramatique, "Kotneo et Juliet," second part Berlioz Admission to floor and flrst balcony, $1 Sit Ail mission to second balcony, $1. Reserved scats, 5Uc. extra. The sale of reserved seats and tickets will commence this morning at G. Schirmer's, 701 Broadway, 114 Broadway and at the box office of Stelnway Hall. Pt. barnum's oreat travelling . WORLD'S FAIR will open SATURDAY. MARCH 29, at one o'clock P. M.. at the AMERICAN INSTITUTE HUII.DING (RINK), corner of Third avenue and sixty-third street, FOR TEN DAYS ONLY. One hundred thousand new and interesting Novelties. THE OREAT THREE-MILE PROCESSION FRIDAY MORNING AND AFTERNOON, March 28-route to be published next Thursday. Doors open from 1 till A and 7 till 11 P. M. Admission to all AO cents; children 2A cents. A few Reserved Scats 'JAcents extra. JJROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. THE HAMPTON COLORED STUDENTS will sing ihptr CABIN AND OLD PLANTATION SONGS WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 26. Admission AOc.; Reserved Seats, 75c. Obtainable at Chandler Hro.'s Music Store, 172 Montague street, Brooklyn. STEINWAY HALL-RICHARD WAGNER. THEODORE THOMAS and his UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. The public is respectlUlly informed that THE NEW YORK WAGNER UNION will give their FIRST GRAND CONCERT On FRIDAY EVENING, March 28, when tho programme will contain a number of the most popular us well as the latest orchestral works of richard Wagner, the reformer and moat nromlnent Musician of the dav. Programme. OVKItTITRE?"Per Fliegctide Hollander." VORSPIKL?"I.ohengrrn." FINK FAUST OVERTURE. SYMPHONY?"Krolca," Beethoven. SCENES from "Die Walkutie." The vocal part by Mr. CARL BEMMERTZ. KAISER MARSCH. Admission ticket* to floor and first balcony, $1 SO. Admission tickets to second balcony, $1. Reserved seats, 5Dc. extra. The sale of reserved scats will commence on Monday morning at Carl Ueuser's (successor to Jul. Schnberth A Co.), 8a) Broadway: U. Schirmer's, 701 Broadway; 114 Broadway and at the box office of Steinway Hall Admission tickets ran be bud at all the principal music stores and piano warerooins. Doors open at 7>i; to commenee at 8 o'clock. gTEINWAY I1ALL. ORAND CONCERT THURSDAY EVENING, March 27. HAMPTON COLORED STUDENTS will sing their CABIN AND OLD PLANTATION SONGS. Entirely new programme. I Admission flOc.; Reserved Seats, 7ftc. Obtainable at hall and Methodist Hook Com r'l, S0."> Broad wav. A BARREL | MLLE, DF, GRANVILLE LIFTS IT BY OF WATER the main strength other teeth and laws. CONTAINING I See her to day at the MATINEE, TONY FORTY I PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. Oniy TuesGALLONS. | day New York. IjTOR SALK-A PANORAMA OF GERMANY AND TUB r Rhine, representing In a series of splendid paintings?S?, each 14 by 8 teet, the prlneipal rlties and remarkable places In Germany, in connection wilh the ate war, together with the magnificent scenery on the Tleantilul Rhine." The paintings were executed by celphrated artists of London slid New York. an.I tw r..adv with all the necessary apparatus* lor imineillutn use ; sold ;heap lor cash. Adtlress PANORAMA, HeraM office. MAt'OlIT flit WAS POUND IN OPEN DAYLIOHT U AT LAST practising two new aonga With his banjo. IN THE Ills name ia Billy Carter. See the malctacfEBY ACT, tor to-day at TONY PASTOR'S MATINEE. A GRAND FAIR WILL BE HELD IN FORSYTH t\. Rtrret Methodist Episcopal church, between Canal and Division streets, on the atternoons and evenings ot rucsday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ot this week. MONCERT BY SEVENTH REGIMENT BAND AND \j LAUGHING OAS by Dr. COLTON, at COOPER IN- , ITITUTE, TUESDAY EVENING, March 24. Tickets 24 1 :ents. he RE- MOSEB VOPPEHRIMER HAVE LOSED BO WARD, his monkey, dot vos a liddle prown mont MONKEY key, inidout no dnll ot vnu could vlnd d/^jHARLEB THE FIRST "?MR. II L. BtTEMAN ' \J having purchased this play and copyrighted the uitne In the united States, cautions theatrical muuairers ind all other persona against the pnlilleaiion, production >r use ot Itia any manner or form, the undersigned being ' natrncted to prosecute all infringements. I ANDREWS, GIBSON A BATKMAN, V? Liberty street AORNTLEM AN DESIRES TO JOIN A FIRST CLASS Gymnasium. Addrras, stating terms, Ac., UYMNAST, llersld oltlce. EOHINHON HALL, SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN I Broadway and Filth avenue, the moat accessible location in New York oily, to lot lor Balla, Opera, Concerts, lectures, Exhibitions, Weddings. Theatricals, Ac.; stag* permanent,nud coiuiilctc, porlect In acouatloa, rate* liberal. I Afsvnmnmfm. d*AMD OPERA HOUBB. * VX Twenty-third street, corner ot Eighth aveam. __ , solo Laaoa and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DAMT 8B00ND WEEK of _ . . UNCLE BAM. Rardou's prohibited Comedy on American Society, received every evening with roar* of laughter. If1* 'MarquU Robert de Bochcmore Mr. Henry Ort^ M. Francis Brlot Mr jnim. Ormm Mr. SAMUEL TAPFLBBOT, called "Uncle Bam"...... Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM Ulysses Tapplebot Mr J a Phakaa Benjamin Tapplebot Mr J HL UmH Launcelot BUiott. Keji., a Journalist. ..Mr. OeorgelSevero Colonel Nathaniel Khbburty Mr W J Lemoyae ' Mr. Martin Ooldeai Oyp Dirt-son Mr. J. W. Jeaalaga Rev. Jedediah Buxton, a "Perfectionist". .Mr. J. A. Meade Toy, bell boy, Plith Avenue Hotel Mr. K. Bbapinaa Robinson Mr. K. P. Ketnhnaa MIm SARAH TAPPLEBOT Mr*. JOHN WOOB Mine Angela Tapplebot Mi?a Bella Golden Grace Klibburty, a married Butterfly Miaa Mary Carr Miss Betsy, a music teacher Mia* Ella Diets Mme. Bellamy, a Parislenne Miss A. DelaaB THE MAGNIFICENT RRALHM8 IN 8CKNBKY AND C08TUMB Include A HUDSON RIVER STEAMER SAILING INTO TH? AUDITORIUM. A Fashionable "German" on Fifth avenue?A Promenade on the Boach at Lour Branch?A torchlight Prooee ion in a Klfth avenue P.irlor. MATINEE SATURDAY OP UNCLE SAM. WALLACE'S. * Proprietor and Manager...Mr. LESTER WALLAOK SEVENTH WEIvK. MR. SOTHERN ? in hla snlen lid Impersonation of DAVID GARRICK. * This charming play is NIGHTLY QIVRN . . . with the most gratl Tin* nueeeaA ? AJ>e.ffc?,t^P,#e.I?Me ?* ?c!in* ami m at en accne. t Mr. SOTHERN, Mr. JOHN GILBERT, Mr. J. B. POLK. Mr. GEORGE BROWNE, Mr. W. J. LEONARD. Mr. ? M. HOLLAND. Mr. 0. EDWIN, Mlsa KATliiRINR ROGERS. Mine. I'ONISI and Mra. JOHN KKPTON. Notwithstanding the extra accoinmoda'ion* provided the demand for neat* two weeks in advance is so urgent that EARLY APPLICATION la stron-rty recommended. BOX OPPICE OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANOB. DAVID OtRKIOK EYRRY NIGHT ANI) SATURDAY MATINEE ATlgP. H Carriages may be ordered at 10:1V 5TH AVENUE THEATRE. (BEGINS AT A) Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY Sole Lessee and Manager THE TWO FAVORITES OP THE SEASON ON ALTERNATE NIGUTSI THIS (Tuesday) EVENINO, March >9, will be acted the brilliant London comedy. Characters by Miss PANNV DAVENPORT, Miss CLARA MORRIS, Mrs. G. H. GILBERT, NEW Miss NELLIE MORTIMER, Mr. GEOKOB YEAR'S CLARKE, Mr. W. DAVIDGE, Mr. C. H. ROOK. EVE. WELL. Mr. B. T. RINGGOLD, Mr. D. WHITING, Mr. OWEN PAWCETT, Mr. P. M. CHAPMAN. TO-MORROW and FRIDAY EVENINGS?-the great enttinnal play, ALIXKt (Last time.) THURSDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS and SATBBDAY MATINEE?NEW YEAR'S EVE. (Lna>. time.) In preparation, tor magnificent reproduction, the famous DRAMA OP SOCIETY?DIVORCE I Also a new coinedr, of SINGULAR EMOTTONAXi POWER, by the author of LEAH, THE PQB3AKKN. MRS. P. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. THIS EVENING MR. LESTER WALLACE. ROSE I) ALE. c TT t?t?a nrnvv n nv utoo cuistii .tunit au ourii/ni ?if DM. mi as* nrno ucnBun, MB. WALTER LENNOX AND COMPAHT. STEIN WAY HALL. RUBINSTEIN?THOMAS. THE GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD, COMPRISING THE RUBINSTEIN and THEODORE THOMAS1 CONCERT COMPANIES, will give THREE GRAND CONCERTS On MONDAY EVENING, March SI, Tuesday evening, April 1. and Thursday evening, ApritR AND A GRAND COMBINATION MATINEE on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April A Final ioint appearance of ANION RUBINSTEIN, HENRI WIKNIAW Kt, THEODORE THOMAS AND HIS UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. On MONDAY EVENING. March SI, will bo produced, lor the first time in its entirety anS under the person ' direction of the composer, RUBINS! LIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY. Conductor ANTON KUBINSTMM To the Evening Concerts?Reserved Seats $2 and U Admission tickets SI SO and $1- Matinee Reserved Seats $A The sale will commence on Wednesday morning. March 2f>, at 701 and 114 Broadway, and at the box office of Hteioway Ball, where programmes of all the Concerts can bo obtained. ^ RAND FAIR for the benefit of the NEW YORK FREE DLiPENSABT for SICK CHILDREN, at ROBINSON HALL, East Sixteenth street, near Filth avenue, March 25, 26, 27, 28. Irom 12 M. to 11 P. It, opening at 8 P. M. Tuesday. 25t!i. Punch and Judy for Children daily, at 2, 3, 4 and 5 o'clock. Legerdemain, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Music. . a. Ad mission 50c. ^ MU-IC?LAUGHTER. Dr. COLTON ami the full SEVENTH RE U1ME NT BAND will give a GRAND COMBINATION ENTERTAINMENT OF MUSIC AND LAUGHING GAS, AT THE COOPER INSTITUTE. TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 25. The entertainment will commence with A GRAND CONCERT By ORAFULLA'S CELEBRATED BAND, occupying 45 minutes. Alter which Dr. COLTON will administer the gut* TWELVE LADIES, and perhaps a few gentlemen. Tickets 25 cents. Doors open at 7; to commence Atf* o'clock. Another see the happy Irish couple repGREAT resented by George Moore and Kitty HeaDAY FOR derson at the MATIN F. J to-day at TON I IRELAND. PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. PT. BARNUM'S . GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S FAIR WILL OPEN SATURDAY, MARCH 29. nt 1 o'cIock P. M.. at the AMERICAN INSTITUTE BUILDING (Rlnkl, corner of Third avenue and Sixty-third street, nmTJKN DAYS,ONtY. FRIDAY FORENOON AND AFTERNOON. Route to be published In Thursday morning papers. XTEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 BROADwar, between Houston and Bleeckor streets.?Every one should visit this wonderfiil Museum; it is full at everything people should see and understand. lectures dally on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to attend these important lectures can have them forwardod, postftoe, on receipt ot as cents, bv addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 6U Broadway, New York. BELLF.W 1 BELLF.W! BELLEW! ACADEMY OF MUSIC, FRIDAY EVENING, March A J. M. BEI.LEW will give for the first time in America OLIVER GOLDSMITH, Ireland's "Poet of Nature," with readings from Goldsmith, poetry and prose. Tickets $1, 75c. and 50c., at Schirmer's and 114 Broadway. rpKRRACE GARDEN THEATRE. 1 * NINTH REGIMENT BAND. GRAND CONCERT EVERY EVENING. Wednesday and Saturday, Concert and Hop. Admission?Balcony. 60cents; Parquet, 25 cents. D. L. DOWNING, Musical Director. LB. LENT'S . NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, CARAVAN AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN, occupying the entire block hounded by MADISON AND FOURTH AVENUES, TWENTY-SIXTH AND TtVENTY SEVENTH STREETS, WILL OPEN MONDAY, MARCH SI. THE PILGRIM. Crowded houses In and for the benefit of the Chnreh of the Strangers. Dr. Dcetns will assist in the Lectures, enlarging upon "Vanity Fair" and "Picture Lessona from the Pilgrims." This evening at 8, to-morrow (Wednesday! at 2:30 P. M and eveningatl Admission 75cents and 50cents; children 25 cents. Natlnee 50 cents, children 25 cents. J. W. BATH, Proprietor. rtOlfCBRT BY SEVENTH REGIMENT BAND AND I J LAUUIltNU OAS l>v Dr. COLTON, at COOPER INSTITUTE, TUESDAY EVENING, March 25. Tickets 9 cents. ? WHERE WE SHALL GO WHERE KVKKVHODT SHALL irncs?to the Brand Tuesday M.VTLVRE at WE GO TONY PA TOR'S OPERA HOUSE. All til* TO-DAY f ladles will bo there to-day. 1YU8INES8 MEN CONSULT THEIR INTEREST BT ADVERTISING IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM. ALL CLASSES READ IT. J^JETOPOUTAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING BSTABLISil.MBNH HERALD BUILDING. BROADWAY AND ANN STRRHT. A LA RGB ASSORTMENT OP THEATRICAL, ilNSTRBL AND YARIHTT CUTS CONSTANTLT . ON HAND. MUSICAL. A GOOD CONTRALTO SINGER DESIRES A SITBAtlon In eome Protestant church I Episcopal preferred! n New York, Harlem or Brooklyn. Address bo* 21 I'ost office, Yonkers. MMK. BERTHA JOHANNSKN HEREBY ANNOUNcesthat she has resumed Instruction in the art of tlnaing in this city. Address care St HIKMKR'S Muata Store, 7nl Broadway, New York. Musicians.-one cent per sheet kor nbw Sheet Musie. SID,000 worth ironi all campnaera A law wholesale stock. Every one buylnit Bl worth wIM reeeiva 20 pieces Into the l.itroain. AI?o Hxturr* fo? ale. Also an excellent second hand I'lano. prloe MS Must be sold. 94 Blceckcr street N*W YORK CONSERVATORY ORCHESTRA* Behool. No 5 East Kourteenih street, next t? Dak msaito's. NBW MEMBERS HKCBlVEir.

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