Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1873 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 13,307. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMCBBMENT8?Ekjutm Paur? Fourth, fifth anil sixth columns. ASTROIAjOY?Sato-id I'agr?Sixth column. BILLIARDS?Eighth Pag*?Fourth column. boarders WANTED?Nimtu i'aub-Fourth and fifth columns. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Ninth Pro a-Fifth cniuuin. A BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR HALE?Hn oB Prof? Second and third columns. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Twelfth 1'ace-Slxth column. BUHIN KS8 NOTICES?Srtrhtii Pao??Sixth column CITY REAL ESTATE FOR BALE-?bco*1) Pau??First aud second columns. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Elrvrbth Prcr?Sixth column, and Twelfth Pack?First column. CLOTHING?Twelfth Pros-Third column. COACIIMEN AND g A KDENERS?Twklmu Page?First and second columns. _ COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?Firm Page? Fifth and sixth c01uiz1u9. COUNTRY BOARD?Ninth Pauk?Fifth and sixth colnmnfl. DANCING academies? Eighth Pagh?Sixth column. DENTISTRY?Twelfth Pauk? Sixth column. DRY GOODS?First Pack?Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Nu>tu 1'auk?Second and Uilrd columns. EUROPEAN STEAMKUTP8?First Pack?Filth column. KUROPK?TwKLrru Page?Sixth column. EYES AND EARS?Kkcond Pauk?sixtl) column. FINANCIAL?Firru 1'auk? Fifth column. FOR SALE?Si osi) Pauk? Fitlh and sixth column*. FURNISHED 1 HOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LETNintii Pi Third and fourth columns. FURNITURE- wklktii Pauk?Third column. french A..\ eutisements?TwKLrru Pagb?Third column. HELP WAN1 'ili?FEMALES?Kletkntd Pauk?Filth and sixth cm mnn. HELP WANT ,D?MALES?Twelfth Pauk?Second and third oi, minx. horses, It I AGES, Ac.?First Pauk?Second, Uiird and tou i columns. HOTELS?Ni ii Pauk?Filth column. HOUSES, p.i MS, ac., WANTED?Ninto pauk-Sixth column INKTRUCTlo?First Paob?Sixth column. JERSEY C1T . HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR KALE-Skcond PagkThird column. LEQAL NOTICES?Ninth Pack?Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES?twklrth I'auk?sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?First Pauk?First column. MACHINERY?Skcond Pauk?Sixth column. MARBLE MANTELS?TwcLrrn Paob?Sixth column. medical?Twelfth Pauk?Fifth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?First 1'auk?Sixth column. MISCfcl.LANF.OUS ADVERTISEMENTS-Tkntii paukSixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Ninth Paub?Sixth column. MUSICAL?Eiguth Page?Third column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Sbvknth Pauk?Sixth column. PERSONAL?Kir.t Page?Firstcolumn. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AO.? Eighth Pagb?Fourth column. POST OFFICE NOTICE?EioiiTn Pauk?Fourth colnmn. PROPOSALS?Eighth Pagk?Third column. professional situations wanted?femalesElevkntu Page?Filth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Pack?Third, fourth and filth columuA REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Second Pack?Fifth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Skconti Page?Fifth colnmn. REWARDS? First Pack?First and second columns. BALES AT AUCTION?Twelfth Page?Fourth and fifth columns. fQTUA'l IONS WANTED?FEMALES?Elkventh Pagk? First, second, third, lourth and filth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?M ALES?Elkventu Page?Sixth SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pac;k? Second column. BFOIETING?DOCS, BIRDS, AC.?First Pag*- Second column. THE TRADES?Twbl?tb Pack?Third column. THE TURK?First Pack?Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Nmm Page? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE-Fibst Page?Sixth column. UNFURNISHED BOOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Page?Fourth column. _ WANTED TO PURCH AHKt-Kirrt Page?Fourth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Skconw Page?Third column. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?First FAtin-Fourth column. . HERALD BRAKCH (IKFlUE-t'PTOWN. ^DVEimSfcMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,261 BROADWAY, WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY FIRST AND THIRTYEBCOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL IT. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF 'ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OK THE NEW YORK HERALD. J^ESSRS. KBEMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, MAKE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL EES WITU COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES ESQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING THE 1VIIERKahouts of .lame* I>cvine, a native of the. parish of Dumlish, county Longford, Ireland, will be thankfully received by hi* slater, BRIDGET DRVINE, 1,0S1 Sixth avenue. When last heard of he lived in .'ersey. B BLONDE?I RECEIVED YOUR LETTER TOO late to go the ball. Sorry. Please write a loug letter. Address Y. O. S., Herald Up tow n Branch office. DONAT BRUNO. AN ITALIAN FLUTE PLAYER, left New York a month ago; his brother, Koch Bruno, of 26 Marion street, wishes to know in what tow u he is now residing. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MRS. MARY COLLIN, supposed lo be living in New Jersey. Address K. II., dox ziy neraiu omee. INFORMATION WANTED?OF PATRICK UALLIGAN, in Han Francisco. Cal., by hi* sister anil lather. Andreas CATHERINE HAKTIUAN, Bergen Point. Hudson connty. N. J. IF MARY , WHO LEFT HKR PLACE AH CHAMherniatd at Kijghty-slxth street, North River, May U, Mx years airo, desire* to return tn the family, an she prom teed to do at the time, she is desired to call at the Clarendon Horn), corner Fourth avenue and Eighteenth street, as soon as possible. IF~WILLIAM SMITH, OF BALLYSAtltlARTMOIU?. Watertord, will write to Oervasce Bushc, Esq., Kildare Street Club, Dublin. Ireland, he will hear ot something to hit advantage, Ills brother being dead. JOHN-WILL MEET YOU ON FRIDAY. AT S o'clock, at Fifty-ninth street and Sixth avenue ENG. Lady, brown dress, velvet s.ycquk, mink furs, got in Fifth avenue stage rorncr Fourteenth atreeiand Filth avenne, 10 A. m.; gontlemau sitting opposite (got out Fnltou uml Broads ayi wishes to make her acquaintance, with good intentions; will give address; appoint interview. Address W. It., Herald Uptown Branch office. Rose dartlk?am sitiie. send your address Will explain all tn your satisfaction. Address 11)11MKT P., Herald Uptown Urnnch office. TUP ID?PLEAS E COMMUNICATE HOW TO AU dress you Address <?., box 12)1 Herald otilce. OH' K ATE, DON'T; If IS WRONG; THINK of the children Have been a good bo.v. Get ring or give add res- True as ever. WALL stuff i. PAT?WILL BE AT IIOMF.TT "HALF PAST THRlK. Hope nothing serious. Found no letter. PICTURE. Tl'lLLIAM B. SCRANLON?BR IN COURT TO MORf T row, at half-past ten, sure. JoXHS. WILL THE GENTLEMEN WIIO CALLED BY Mistake at LIS West Thirty-fiftli street about turnlshed room three weeks ago please address M. J, C., Herald Uptown Branch officer TlTAI.LAf k's TUESDAY" night. FRONT .-fat. vv dress circle (company of four).?Will the young lady who saw two trienas in parquet address, Ac., PAS f FA EES, box 6,024 New York Post office T LOST AND FOUND. Found?in williamsburo. march 28. a pockf.tbook, with a small suinot bills. The ownerean have the same by applying to PATRICK ROACH, West Flushing, Queens coanty, L. I., and paying expenses sad proving property. FOUND-AT ASTORIA. ON MARCH 28, A YAWL Boat, IS thet long, bottom Up, painted black and reen, with part ot the dayey attached on the bow. Owner can find same by applying to officer EMMET at the police station. LRFT IN A MADISON AVENUE STAGE, ON Tl'E?day afternoon, a Scrap Book. valuable ooly to the owner, whoac name Is written in It. The finder will re eelva a liberal reward upon learing It at U West Forty, eighth I tree t. 3 LOST-A FIBK KEY, NO. (08. IN CENTRE STREET between Franklin and Duane street*. at 6 a. m this morning Finder will please leave it at the sixth precinet station, 13 Franklin street. L08T-35TH INST., (5* P. M. TRAIN NBW JERSEY Railroad, Newark to New York, or Desbroesea boat for that train. Opera Ulasa, marked "Frank." Reward paid by MARTIN A RDNYON,to Wall atreet New York. Lost?in a madison avenue stage, on tukhday evening, an Opera Ulaas. in a morocco case. The niiiler will bo suitably rewarded by leaving the same at 2d Bart Thirty-eighth street. Lost?on Monday evening, at the academy of Moslc, a tilno satin pearl-handled Fan, with gold rhain attached. The tinder will be handsomely rewarded by returning it to the hurneaa store, 111 Chambers street. RK W AliPtt. 4^ T1U' HR PA^D POR THB RETURN of a LITyvj tic brown wooiiy I?og. answering to the name of Bobby J. MoPH All,, 1,4(1,' Third av. nu.. t] fi REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY AFTER / noon, In or near Twentv-eighth street, a small Black and 1 an , answers to the name of I'ef. The tinder will receive the at??ve reward by leavmg him at 11 1 Ea>t Twenty-eighth atreet *9^0 5i':!ra..rn?aln no questions asked, T . . i k. 1 i ' p"rkc< K??lvea and pearl bandied Mlver plated Tahle Knives stolen from 26 ClitTstreet, New York, are returned. Address bo* 4,Mb I'oat ufllte. fiew York. [E NE a* - ~ = REWARDS. (J.1 r RBWABD -LuKT, ON MONDAY APTBRNOON, ? Lu between the houn of S and 0, cutting nut of carriage either at 739 Broadway or Tiffany A Co'm, Union aquare, un infant'* Diamond Ring, wound around the hack with crochet cord trim; plain and stone set high. Above reward will be paid by returning same to J. MITCHELL, 122 Went Tweuty-aixih street IK THK PARTY WHO POUND A LADVH POCKETbook In Stcluwav Hall yesterday afternoon will retorn the same to 22 Waverley place $5 reward will be paid. gPBClAli IVDTICKH. A RODNEY'S DKTKCT1YK AGENCY, 1IK It itOAI) . way.?We offer our aarvlcea to the public in the above specialty, and refer, among others, to II. B. Ulatiln A Co., 140 Church street as to our ability anil Integrity. JAMES MOONlY, Superintendent. J^ ?TICKET No C.4.W was awarded the Capital out of 75,000 on December 7 last, at the Second Orand Gift Concert in aid of the I'nhllc Library of Kentocky. This ticket was held by a club of gentlemen at Cnlutnhn?, I ml., and the full amount, without any discount whatever, was paid on the third dav utter the drawing, precisely as aniioimeed. All other ti'fs were ulso puid with euiiHl promptness on presentation of tickets to which they were awarded ut the business > dice ot ttie Public Library. At the Third Orand Olft Concert for benefit of the Public Library of Kentucky, whiuh is a'so lo be given by authority o! a special law, end under the direction of lion. ex-Uovcrnor Thomas K. Brnnilcfte, of Kentucky, HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, currency, will be distributed by lot among ticket holders, unit k-ii" will l>o payable on the lourtn duy utter the Concert. This is the li-l One Grand Gilt, cash SIOO.fWKOne Oranil Gift, <1 One Grand Gift, cash 25,00t! One Grand Cash Gift 20,u)f One Grand Cash (lilt 10,1X1 One Grand Gash (lilt 8,l*H 24 Canto Gltls of $1,1X10 each 34,001 60 ('null Gilts of 61X1 each 26,(KM 80 i 'ash Gifts of 4P0oh. Ii S2,00f 100 Cash Gifts of 3(10 each 30.IXX 160 Cash Gifts of 200 eaeto SO.'flt 6!>0 Cash Gilts ot 100 each 6'J.OOi 6,000 Cash (litis of lOeaeh ?0,0(X Total, 10,000 Gifts, nil cash $MK),00( Full details of the method ?>t drawing gifts and paynu them can be learned from the la rite circular, which is trei touii. Buyers do not ntc.essarilv have to be present at Ihi drawing, as an official list Is lurnished each one, am! gilts due ticket holders ut a distance can he collector through any bank or express company the same ass druft or check is eolleetoo. Order quick. Send raonej hy Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Tickets, $t0t naive?, $.1: Qunrtc.r?. $2 60. For tickets, lull programm", information and all par liculars, apply to the General Agency Supply. 'IHOMASli. IIAYSACO., BOP Hroud way. New York. Branch Agents at 1R Broad street (basement office), and also at 173 rittto avenue. ?OFFICII'!; OF THK KENTUCKY T.TRUAKY (ITF'I . Concert for sale of Tickets, by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broad street. New York. A? IIE It A II' BRANCH (IKHl'l!, BROOKLYN, (brne ot Kulton avenue and Focrun. street Open from 8 A. M. to OF. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. A PARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OV . liovul Havana Lottery. 38.1 Broadway; box 4,001 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mulled free. A -PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY; $100,1100 FOB . $1(1; distribution of gilts will take place April 8 Whole Tickets, $10; Halves, $6; Onarters, $2 31). JOSEPH BATES, 19G Broadway, room 4. A?HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED ANT . information tarnished. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATES A Co.. 71 Broadway, room 81, first floor. Department of taxes and assessments, 32 Oni-iarns Stkpkt, Nkw Yon*. Jon. 0, 1873. Notice Is hereby given that the As*p?sment Rolls of the Real and Personal Estate of the city and eonnty of New York for the year 1873 will be open tor inspection and re vision on and after Monday, January 13, 1873, and Will remain open until the 30tl) day of April, 1873, inclusive, for the correction of errors and the equalization of tilt assessments of the aforesaid roul anil personal estate. All persons helleving themselves aggrieved must make application to the Commissioners during the period above mentioned, in order to obtain Hie relief provided l>y law. By order of the Board. B. F. BAHCOCK, Secretary. Havana lottery.?ge km an state lotteries Send tor circulars. kuhlmann A co., Bankers, 85 Nassau street; box 3,686 Post office. HP. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY \ND MOB qutto Destroyer and Shot, Indian Insect l'owdet and Invincible Magnetic Paste 'or the destruction ol all kinds of vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadw ay. Last chancki last weekOMAUA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE, March 31, J '3. 8,408 CASH GIFTS. $280,808. Ticket? $1 each; six tor $6; thirteen for $10. Lists ot winning number.? sent to purchasers of ticketi immediately alter the drawing. For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S, stationer, 31 Nassau street. M BARBS' EAR EH' PARAGON SHIRTS. made to order and warranted to fit. Sent by express, c O. p., to any part ofthe country, al the following prices:? (iHurls, Mnsonvllle iuumIu ami tine linen $12 W <1 Shirts, Wamsutta ranalln and verv tine linen 1:1 .v fi shirts, New York Mills ntnl best linen 15 u( Boys' Whirls, ready made nnd loonier. Fancy Shirtings in great variety. Directions lor Measurement sent on nniih'atinn. richard m fares, Gentlemen's Furnish im.' Ootids, Sixth avenue ami Nineteenth street, New York. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS kentucky statf. lotteries. KENTUCKY- FXTfcA CI.ASS no. 24.'"?MA Bra 26, 1872. 44, 51. 24, 411, 43, G2, 10, lift, tit), 71. 74. .Ml 12, 33 BEMTUCBT?t'l.AfS SO. 244?MARCH 26, 1873. 3, 17, 8. 74. 73. 19. 32. 64, 43, 18. tit, 22. simmons A co., Managers, CoTliiBtr>n. Kv. fBFI.BT COI.LFCE? RXTBA I l.AE* NO. 113? MARl 11 2.1, 1373. 49. 60," 61. 7, 26, 6. 67. .">7, II, 21. 42, 34. 71, 64 mtiiT roi.L?r,F?rr.Ass so. 144?MARrii 26, 1873. 12, 65, 3. 29. 17, 51, 76, 4.6, 36. 41). 11. SMITH A CO.. Manager*. Covington, Ky. _ _ ,1. CLUTE, Broker, iOCBroatlway. Post office box 4.969, Royal Havana lottiby?circulars and in tormattou lurtiislied. r. ortega. No. 9 Wall street. Post otHoe box 1,846. Royal saxon government lottery at i.eip sic, Germany; 9.6,600 tickets; 47,600 prizes; limits wick Government lottery; Humbttrc City Government Lottery; Roval Havana Lottery. Prizes or,hed and ill formation given. THKODOR ZSOHOCH, 116 Nassau street; box6,060Post otilce. ROYAL Havana lottery.-prizes cashed ;or tiers tilled: information lurnishetl; highest rutet raid mr spume!) I uttk Bills, Ac. I TAYLOR A CO.. Ranker* Hi Wall street. New York. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the undcrnotod certificate* of Erie Rail way common stock?viz.03,153, to LP. Morto?, Hunt- A | Co., 10 cliare? oi 9U?> pari). irsuod March 37. lSi?; li.Z.'rw to .lonathan r?. Copptnan. 10 share* of $10!i each; 107,33b, to same, It) shares oi fili'deaeh, Issued Kebrnarv I. INrtHhave liien l.'*i or destroyed, and that the undrr-lgned will apply in due course to tlie Erie Railway Company for new rertificate* In lieu thereof. All per*on* arc cuti tinned ftgrln-t negotiating the said certificates, a* ilieii tranider has been Mopped. \V \i. BL'TI.KK Dl'NCA N, No*. Hand II Nassau street. New York. aenn onn -allcash gifts: si nnno for ;in tickets for sale 1'ublic Library oi Kentucky until April 1: drawing the All): office open from 8 to 9 I'. M W L. DAVIS. Agent. 173 Fifth avenue, between Twenty second and Twenty-third street*. OlWl CASH 'GIFTS.?KENTUCKY LIBRARY P*' Oltt Concer'. Drawing posltlvety April ; 8. Whole Tickets, 9>0; Halt Ticket*. 95; (juarter i icketa, ; 9't SO. For tickets and descriptive circular-* apply to I*. C. | DEVLIN, stationer, 31 Nassau street (opposite Post office), New York. &?QQ rflfi lb DRAWN DAILY IN THK I.EtlAL' bp'JO?r tze t Kentucky l ottery. Kovai Havana and Kentucky Circulars free, lit* cents roiniiiission ; allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 3tl vearsi, 174 Broadway. POBTPIO-POCI, BIRDS, SC. A -FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOOR . Bird*. Ac.; Medicine* for all dlsea?c*. Prepared 1 Food tor mocking bird*, at B. U. DOVEY'S. No. 3 Greene ' street, near Canal. "LTOR SALE?the SMALLEST BLACK AND TAN r Slnt In the city; weigh* I lb 14 os.; a periect itet. : Apply at cio West Forty second street For salk-by a private gentleman, two very large and handsome wetl-irained Dogs I Mnsi tlfl and I Newfoundland and St Bernard, 31 undies high, i 7 feet long from tip of tail to end of nose; weight 14(1 lbs ; ' in lean condition Inquire of H. GARDNER, 111 South Filth avenue, corner of Prince street. THIS TFBF. TO I.KT-FROM APRIL I, 1873. KLRETWOOD PARK, Clnl> lloune, ?!ate llonae. Bar* under grand *(and and Hitching Privilege of grounds. Apply at the park, or 112 Wull street VV II. VAN COTT, Superintendent. HOUSES, CAIUUA9M. ?LC. J^ "" TRE "BREWSTER WAGON." A In all weight*, for pleasure driving or speeding, exiiuisitelj flniehea. and embracing In tnelr construction the varlnn* Improvement* introduced hv ua during the p&all&ycara, making them the standard for Quality throughout the Polled Htatca There wagon* are exclnpivelv the production of onr well-known Broom* street (aciorv, ami are ottered In atock in all rerpect* equal In unality to those imlit to the order of the mn*t valued eusuuner, and at pricea uniform to all. In order that we may not he confounded with a totnl *toek company ot carriage dealer" who have adopted a Arm name similar to oar own. and impudently claim the reputation we have made tor the "Brewater wagon." w. beg ihe public will rememlier thnt our only wareroonn are at the corner ol Filth avenue and Fonrtecnth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. ttkwhtkk a CO., uf Bw? wm, A pair of HORKKH. PROI'RRTY of a. >11 l>i,Kit weight 2,5011 noiinda; good draught lior-e*, anC, amiable lor any kind of business; tl years old, and will la *olil today, toffet.hrr or separate. at moffat's, black tiuiUi. ui v\ iwliingtou fire11, two door* from Liberty at. m yo ' YORK, THURSDAY, MAR HOIISKS, CARRIAORB, <ftC. Arch, Johnston, auctioneer. Office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite tic Post office. Horse and Carriage Hntnch, IS, 21, Xt and lift Hunt I hirtoenth street, between University place and Kiflh avenue. A CARD. ' The Arm of Joh nut oil A Van Tassell having hoen dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. JOUNHTON continues the business at the old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. THE HOKSK AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUHK is now conducted at the spacious promises 12, 21, 23 and 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH street, between Fifth avenue and University place, and has no connection with the other stand lately occupied by the flrniftt Johnston A Van lasxcll. Thff business will be eonductec on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always characterized the dealings of our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at large. .RKUl'i.AK SAI.KH EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. Entries for sales mav ho made as usual olthor at our downtown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the Mart, IV, 21, 23 and 25 hast Thirteenth street. Liberal mi. .no < -, us usual, inudo on consignment*. Arch, johnhton. auctioneer. (lotto Johnxton A Van Tassell.) TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK, at his NKW HORSE AND CARRIAOK MART, 1 19, 21, 23 and 25 BAST Til IKTRKNTH STREET, between University plaee arid Fifth avenue. MARB.?A verv flue Kentucky thoroughbred bay Mnrn, with foal by Flyaway; ill hand* high, 6 years old; it splendid saddle marc and kind and true 111 ull harness; sound as a rock and without blemish. 1 Tf. ART,?Elegant T Cart, city hudt, to order; nearly new. COUPE HARNESS?Made to order; nearly new. Also Twenty Ktwd and Business Horses. New and second hand lop and no top Buggies, Depot Wagons, Express Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Ac., Ae. See eululogue in to-morrow's Herald. Alleni* minbr, auctioneer, Salesrooms 85 Chambers street. HORSE AUCTION MART AT NKW YORK RALES AM) UTOKAOK REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. RICHARD McCULLOUUIt, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER* BHD., AUCTIONEERS. Sales 01 llor?es. Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. E ntrios ot'arlielcs for unction can he mude at repository as above or salesroom of auctioneers. THIS DAY (THURSDAY, March 27), at 11 o'clock, at Horse Auction Mart No. 337, 339 uud 341 Fourth avenue, southeast, corner 2Mh street; very stylish private Turnout, comprising: Sorrel Horse, 15'i hands, H years old, sound and perfectly kind in all linrriess, prompt and tree driver, of tine style and action; has beaten 2:40 ana can show 2:60at 1 present though not regularly driven. Nearly new tide-bar top wagon built to order hv Brewster Willi (Kile unil .-halt-. Extra ?et light single Harness made by Wright, of Fourth avenue, in his best manner; also Robe-, Blankets Ae. Brown Horse. 16k' hands. 10 years old: warranted 1 sound uud kind In all harness; iwatraid of nothing, mid I has been driven by a liuly tor the past year; Is a good, reliable horse lor a family going out ol town lor the bummer. Top Wagon, built to order, by Dnsenhery. In good condition; set single Harness, in good order, bv Dunseomb; tour-seat Rockawuy, m arly new uud has been used bnt a tew times. I Four-seat Depot. Wagon, with pole and shafts; set Double Harness, in good order. Eight Road Wagon, built hy Brewster A Co., ol Broome street; spiting top Depot Wagon, In good order; second hand nn-tnp Express Wagon, but little used. Dark bay Pony, 14 hands high, 6 years old: warranted sound and' kind; Black Hawk stock: can trot in 3'i minutes; free and pleasant. driver; one set Single Harness; otie no-top Puny Phaeton. In good order. Six top and no top Buggies, three top and no-top ExI press Wagons, new anil second hand Harness, Robes, Blankets, Whips. Ae. Also several other Horses. Sale positive, rain or shine. A BREWSTER WAtiON'K, A. with vertical steel plutes. Every purchaser should see this great improvement. Unequalled in llghtnesR, with greatly increased strength. Sec certificate from Ueneral MeClcllan. Nkw York, June 1,1871. > Dkktlkmrk?i have care Hilly examined your patent vertirai steel plate axle. I find that the addition 01 Hie vertical plate renders the axle abont two and a hull U%) 1 times as stiti'as it would be without it Very respectfully, : OEOKOK B. MoCLELLAN. ! Ware rooms Fifth avenue, corner Tweul.v-seventh street. Factory 146 East Twenty-fifth street. J. B. BREWSTER A CO. I Established 1338. ^ ? REMOVAL. A. R A Card. R , K Will opeu April I entire new stock E M .Eight Carriages and Haeuess , M O at new and capacious Repository, O V No. 8 4 'or I la mi t street. V A All our Stock at 5" Liberty street A | No reasonable oiler refused. ARCH. JOHNSTON, ft-t Lllierty. near Nassau street. Albert b. waudbok, auotionrh*. Horses, VS aifi.ns iiml Harms*. THIS 1)AV. March 27, 1073, at 1- o'clock. P. W IVES will sell asahovc at salesrooms 108 Liberty, * 111 Cedar and 80 Church street, l.i head ol' Road and Work Horses, Hussies, Business Wagons and Coupe, si lisle and Pouhle Harness. Ac. Peseriptivc catalog ims at sale. Warrantees extend twenty-four hours. Horse* can he seen at II o clock. t * TTHK HORSE ANPCAKRIAGE AUCTION MARTOK J\. WILLIAM VAN TA.sSI.LL ' I (SUCCESSOR TO JOIINTSON AND VAN TASSKLIA 1 i at the old stand, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirlecutli street, I near fourth avenue, REGULAR SALES Ol HOUSES AND CARRIAGES! WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND ERIDAY, nt IS o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING To PURCHASE. OR THOSE having Hoises or Carriages to sell, will llnd this house 1 perfectly reliable, as this business will he conducted on llii same straightforward principles w hich have iroverned it in the pasl. We (fire the purchaser of every horse thai is warranted sound from 24 to 48 hours tor trial. Horses in id i arrlages always on hand nt private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES -MADI. ON CONSIGNMENTS. AT AUCTION?TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), \T 12 o'clock. . I Twenty superior head of family and draught Horses - from Kentucky. 'l'cum black Horses, 10 hands, ft and 6 years; sound, perfect nml true every way. Team hay Hors-s, Ifl'i hands, 6 ami 7 years; sound, perfect and trnc e\crv w ay. Sixteen very hne single or matched Horses, for business or family driving. The shore are part of a large drove. The owner is com pel h-d to leave lor liutne, and these Horses will be sold without reserve. | Hv WM. VAN TASoELL. at hi* Atic'lon Mart. 110, 112 , and 114 East Thirteenth street, where stock ran now be seen and tried u. to time of sale. Auction sale-horses, wagons, ac? a; stable corner Church and Cedar street, THIS PAY (Thursday), at 12o'clock, 10good work uml driving noraMi lull warrantees. Auction MLB?tq1i dat, at hie o < i."( K. of 14 work Horses, pair of eurriuge Horses l'liaeton,4 Trucks, t> tarts. Harness. Ac.. f?T COLE A MURPHY, at i 341) Warren reet. tx tween smith and Hoyt, Brooklyn. Avery lioht curtain coach, nearly new, ; and 2Top Wagons. b? Brewster-10 Top and Open Rnad Wagons, In Paaenbcrry, M a*erman, DuVois.Corhitt, ' Ac. :1 seeoml hand Clarence ; I light Coupe; Roekaway*; | 1 Victoria . 1 Doctor I'haetnn, hv Kimliuil; top ami open 1 : Eon) and Park and extension top PhaeU?ns;2 Sulkies, hy Diiscnherry A Van Pusen; top and open Express Wagons ; single and 'double Harness, Blankets, Ac. Also one skeleton in go< d order. WM. H. iiKAV. 20 and 22 Wooster street. AT OUR FACTORY, J,4<>4 BROADWAY. ABOVB 1 Thirfv-nlnili street, art- the following second hand Carriages me Barouche, I Pony Phaeton. with Rumble, 1 Extension Top Phaeton, I Four-seat Pony Fhueioii, Croupe, I Top Buggy, Clarence, I Coupelet. BRADT.KV, PRAY k CO., Ml Broadway. A HANDHO.MK TEAM OK BLACK HORSES. 7 ; vears old. 16 hands high: fast stepi er-: closely mated, with lotty action: warranted sound and kind In every particular. Also I.andanlct. stvildi Hog Cart, double and single Haines", W hips, Kobes. Blankets, kr , all nearly new an I in perfect order, will he sold at a great bargain : ow ner going to Kurope. Apply at No. 4 , I Pine street, rooms 16,19 andZO. AN KLEOANT TWO WHEEL Ix Hi CART, MAM TO order hy Brewster k Baldwin, with hark to hack seat", in tine order. Also Fine Ixiy tlorse, 16 hands, 7 years: sound, perfect and I ; true; also"Harness (silver mounted), Ac., Ac. Full par* i ticulars in to-morrow's Herald, i | At auction TO-MORKOW (Friday), at 12 o'clock, by WM. VAN Auctioneer, ui Auction Mart, at i "110, 112 and 114 Kast Thirteenth street, near fourth av. | Now on exhibition at Auction Mart A BBKWBTER OF BROOMS STREET BKKI'i FOB i J\- ?alc.?Can be .seen at Mr. JOHN H. MoRRKLL'H ! storage warehouse, lot East Thirty second street, near Fourth avenue. A ?COFPKS, "LANDACLETB, LAN DAUB, PHAKi j As tons, mv ow n manufacture, unsurpassed in style , i r w orkmailslilp Beveral second baud Carriages taken in exchange at moderate prices. Ham, 10 East Fourth street CLARENCE. BROWN LIN I NO. AS GOOD AN NEW: glass quarter Coaches, light Phaetons new Doctor's Phactuu. top Buggy and 20 others. I | J. W. PITNEY. 460 Third avenue A BMW ROAD WAGON, 1 nCOHD HAND TOP BOG? gv, 1 new top (Irocerv Wagon. 1 two seat Wagon at I'M W est Thlrty-flrst street, near Eighth avenue, JOHN ' O. JAOKR. ? GENTLEMAN WISHES TO SKLL OUT HIS .1 Entire K-iahlistvnent, consisting of a fine pair of I i carriage Horses, kind and gentle ; suitable for tamily use: a lull size Clarence, made by one of the heat maker*, in I splendid condition; u lour seat Phaeton, made bv Wood Brothers, almost new; together with a silver monnteiW double Harness: any of the above mar be sold separately. Apply at the private stable, 1441 Fast Twentieth street. A?CARRIAGES OF AI.L KIND.-, ROCKAWAYS, Buggy, Pony Phaetons; Depot, Express and Bust- i lies* Wagons, both new und second hand; cheapest place I in the citv. 141 West Hr<>adwav. near Canal street. t LOT OF TOP BUGGIES. ROAD WAOONH, l J\ Express, Grocery and light Business Wagons, sec ond hand covered two-seat Depot Wagon A 34H West Tweu t> -seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenuea. A LOT OF HOK8BS FRESH FROM THE CODXTRY sold or exchanged for llorsea ol less valne ; suitable tor all kinds ol bualneaa. Inquire at .'<41 t'nnal street A RARE CHAECE. JUST FROM iUDMB, YT., 6 rrrv stylish Morgan and Hlaek Hawk Horses, ft to 7 ; years old: one matched pair promise greal speed: well I broken to all harm as, warranted sound ami kind, and i true every wbv: seennty given that they are as represented Apply till sold to J. DEAN, at Stable 3Ufl East Eleventh stmt, utar aecoud avenue, >RK E CH 27, 1873?TRIPLE SB HORKRN, CARRIAGES, AC. A?FOR KAI.K, A VKRV BEAUTIFUL ANI) STYLISH . pair irray Mares, lull sisters, 16 hands high, young, wound ?n<1 kind; would lake, in ezrhanga, a single Horse,

id hands high. that can trot inside ot throe ininulefi, or a pair of Horse* of same description and pay difference in cash. Address JOSKPII HALbTEAD, R.VO, N. Y. AGRKAT BARGAIN.-FOR HALF, A COMPLBTK Turnout, hy a gentleman leaving for Europe?two bay Horaea, 16 hands high, sound and kind, excellent trotters, C and 8 yeara old ; a Landuulet, nearly new, with double Harness, Blankets, Ac Inquire at Hrtgga' stable, corner Seventh avenue and Forty-second street Ask lor Michel, the rnuchman. A COUI'K HARNESS FOB 8ALE?MOUNTED IN brass, in perfect order, and made by Hurt, of Loudon. Apply at 117 West Fiftieth street A BOMB ARRIVAL..-TWENTY-FIVE HEAD FIRST class road, work Horses for sale cheap, at New York Rates and storage Repository, 337 to S41 Hourth avenue, coraer Tweniy-nfth street A YOUNG MAUK, $76; TWO EXPRESS WAGONS. $75 ami $50; square, glass front Coach, patent wheels,!In perfect order, $169. Apply ut MUNNIES'Jiipreas office, 746 Sixth avenue. A BARGAIN?TURKU HBT OK COACH HARNKHH, a large riatl'oriii Spring Wagon, answer for stage or circus; two other light top Orocery Wagon* or Ezpress Wagons, at 460 Third avenue. ruiuiot WANTKD-A CABRIOLBT IN CKJOD \ ) order, lluht, that will cnrry lour persons, top on back seat, set low, ft uders on side and of good manufacture; any oh having urli indispose of will find icwh eustomer hv addressing W. K. PERKINS, I&1 Hudson at CARRIAGES.?70 TOP AND ROAD BUGGIES; ALSO four-seated Carriages, fine Barouche, pour Phaetons; latest atylea: eheapeaf in city, at HAY A SON'S Factory, 140and M8KMrtdg6 afreet /NARRIA0K8?SLIGHTLY DAMAOKD; ORE AT BAH v' gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every deacription, at low prices; now Is the timet, purchase helore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, o3H Broadway. IilLEOANT BAY CAREIAtU: MARK, iii HANDS, 7 J years; very stylish, long, arched neck : good action anil sound ; wilt sell or buy a mate. Apply to WILLIAMS, Fleetwood KtablcK. 1(1.1 West Fortieth street TpOR SAKE?THK CELEBRATED STALLION HOUR r bon, by imp. Ulcncoe, dam Kleur de l.isbyimp. Sovereign; second dam Maria West dam of Wagner; third nam Nellie Crumps by Imp. Citizen; warranted kind and sound In till harness and free trom all vie. and I tricks and Is a beaulitnl and stylish saddle horse; must he | sold on account ot the owner leaving for Europe. Can he seen at088 West Fifty-third Street. JIOR SAKE?AT WILLIAM II. ROSK'N, it EAS1 Twelfth street, a splendid Coupe; very cheap. IAOK BAKE?BASHAW ROAI) MARK, 1.1 HAND! high will suit any one who wants u good animal warranted. Rear of 907 Wooater street LIOK BALX-A STYLISH GRAY PONY, WITH ORO r eery W agon and Harness; sold lor want ol use. 43; West Thirty first street TJtOR FAKE?AT WBBHAWKBN YARDS, HNS F black Horses, .1 years old. hi'., hands; well matched sound and kind. Innuire for JOHN W. CHAMPLIN, Weetiaw ken. Price $000. Ipou BALE?A SMALL SOKBXL MARK. 14'., hands r .1 years tdd this Bummer; pedigree the best; also ? Basket Phaeton and Harness; will he sold sepuratelv 1 desired; can he used by any lady or children ; free am stylish traveller; must be seen to bo appreciated. Apply till April 4 at JOh East Kitty-first street. Ip ok sake?ckarenck, .made by stivers, fine ' order ; will be sold cheap. PAI.KMAN'S. Broadwav, comer Thirty-eighth street. For hale?a b2y house, 0 years old, u) hands high ; warranted sound and kind in all liar ness; would make u nice coupe horse. Call at 329 Wes Sixteenth street. |pOR SALE?HORSE, WAOON AND HARNESS AND r Milk Ronte; 40 quarta daily. Apply at 71 Altfen it For hake-one double truck; prior $1u(i innuire at230Wett street, npttaira ipolt SAKE?A BROWN IIOKSK, WARRANTED SOUND F (It for grocery or light express; price $90; can hi seen at Wl Greenwich street, near Houston : also Harness Y7IOR BALE?A VALUABLE, RTYLI8H BAY bOKSE F 16 hands high, 7 years old ; can trot in I! minutes hml has never been trained ; is suitable for coupe and tumilv use; warranted sound and kind. Imiuire at 15 and 11 East Twenty-eighth street. For sale-a CANADIAN house-, warrantee in every respect, excopta little sore forward; vul liable lor a tanner- flu. 77 New i'liumbers street. TjHMt BALE?A 11AV PONV BUILT MAJtE ANI r Horse, 15!f hands,7 and 9 years; tit for any use-, sold only for want of work; prices $95 and $l.'i!>. 'inquire a 130 Perry street, reur. FOB RALE-ONE OF THE BEST HORRBR IN TH1 city; black; 6 years, 16 bunds; nice carriage oi rondhor-e. fine style; good knee aetiou ; single or doit ble. Wnverlcy House, 7.19 Broadway. IP OR BALK?A PONY-BUILT HORSE. 9 YEARS. It i r hamia. $19(1; solit to close business. Also Double Ex 1 press \\ i...-un. RlttlMM itrMt, near WaaMngton. runt h?t.v?two noon itik'ii iin unnsss. nvi P 14 and the other IA hands; sontid and kind; one In ' $8S; two Carpenters' Wagons cheap. "04 West Sixicenti street, near Seventh avenue. HORSES TAKEN TO BuAIMi. DRIVE AND BREAK villi vend JOHN m. TWKDDLK, Mont : pent cry. Orange county. N. Y. References?.lames 11, Brewster A i n.. New \<>rk eit.v. RARNEBS for THR '1 RACK, ROAD, 00 vt II. OOUPB I'ark. pleasure and business nse: also for ploughing farming. teamlntr, tracking, carting, expressing, con trartors. railroads, Ac.; also Saddles, Bridles anil Horse Equipments ol cverv description. A kingdom lor a horse. f. M. MORE .MAN A HBO., Harness Mannfact arers. ware rooms 114 I'hasshers st. Harness, thi cheapest haknk.m* nt.?re in New York; good double Truck Harness, $.H?; good single Huffgv Harness, Italid-inude, $22. a good Stable Blanket. $2 6); the tuigost asaortniciit of Cart Harness In the city. Please call and examine 'or yourselves. li. S. OSHuKXK, Harness WareruoiUH, 4.1 Murray st. J CRT RECEIVED THIS MORNINO?IB OOOD WOBI Horses, ironi 5 to 8 year" old : suitable lor all pur peses; to be sold cheap. Apply at I7d Mercer street f ON DOM MA l?B RABMBM.?MTI OF SINGLE INI IJ double, silver and brass mounted, new and of latest styles, for dog carte, Broughams, T cert* and lendao* for sale at IMS Lust Twenty -sixth street, near Islington avenue. Mil,US FOR SALE.- Till: Pit KM I I'M MULES nl ltourbon countv. K v.: the largest, finest and most handsome pair ol Mules in this country: weigh I'.Hta pounds; also have constantly on hand n greut variety ui Work Mules, fancy pairs, and animals tor mines, earn and all service. E. H. BISHOP'S SDNS, c orner Grand and Bi?hoti streets, Jersey City, K. J. VTINK BOim FOR BAUD?FIT FOR FARMING OB it grocery purposes or truck; warranted sound and kind; must he sold. Inquire at 211 Woosier street, between Blcecker and Amity. SECOND BAND 0ARKIAGK8.?TWO COOPER. SIR scat Kocknway, light Victoria, Pony Wagon, sevcra Roekuway*, Top and Open Buggies, two'Dog tart". Count Roekuway; extensive assorlmcut Spring styles new i'ar, t luges at low prices. man l) facte hers' UNION, mb Broadway. 'CITABLE ro let. 208 Kasl Fortieth street. C'PABLR TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, IN HI NT'S At k ley; three stalls and Imx Mall; has gas siul watcrnnd finished rooms lor couchuiun. Apfilv to B. 0. ritlEPPARD, 19 Broadway. CITABLE TO LET.?THE COZIKST STABLE IN Rl W vy York to Fortylourlh -treet, No. King the bell Rent #1,000. Four elegant n oms for cnachmoii. JOIIN KAVANAOH, northeast corner Forty-second street und Sixth avenue. rpWO CHEAP WORK IIOP.SEH FOR SALE. -.'.W L Washington street. rpo LET-TWO HTABLKs LP TOWN; ONE, FIVE I open, two box stalls; one, tour open stalls; ample carriage room, with apartments lor coachman. WM. ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broad way, near 4.1th st. Ur ANTr.D TO ruR* If ASK?IM M EDI ATEI.Y, I) Mi uood wi oDil liuint Clarem e anil one pooil -ecoud hand Landau. Apply to or addre?a this day Mr. 111 <.UlNS. rare of Vlui'iular.itirrra' Union Re punitory, tx3S Broadway. -y\rORK HORSE FOR SALE CHEAP?AT 14 CHARLVV ton slrrel. $'??/? -TEAM POSY Rl'll/r IlnltSfS, 7 YF.AI'.S, Ooo, lo1, hands; stvllsh sornd, !> years, III. $17i; bnv Horse, Sl.iO; irrav, '$IWi: all sound and kind. AIM Elirhth avenne, corner Thirty-first atrcet IAA/t skt8 harness, op evkp.y description, #UUU at iniiniiliictnier s price*. jacobowsky, ifilboh.n t to., Ill Chaabaraat Moke Sktvs. MORE NEWS. ORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MOKE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MOKE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MOKE NEWS. MOKIi NEWS. THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM ALWAYS All r.AD. ALWAYS AIIEAI). ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AllEA|). ALWAYS AHEAD. YACHTS, .STEAMBOATS. 4ML H'Oll 8ALE-YACHT?THE WELL KNOWN SLOOP yacht Dolphin, late the property of John Kidlinn. Kan.; fitted ut urcat expense , !>l lert over all; beam. 16 leet; light drauKnt; the nio?t perlecllv equipped and fitted sloop yacht In tlie country; wrntherlv and uood yea boat. AddreM K. ING K All AM, 44 Court street, Brooklyn. CI'.VEttAL GRAIN AND COARSE FREIGHT CAN \ i. O Hnata, all laker*. will be nold cbcap. Apply to or addreiw M. v r vmes. |U5 Broad iitreet. Alt"ANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL lilhTRK. V? board Sail Boat. Addreaw, (jirlnn description, a go, mi iMircmf nt*, lowed price and where to be seen, U., box IM Herald office. WA.1TKD TO PORCHAHK A FINK ITALIAN VIOLIN, VIOLA OR VIOLONrello wanted. Add rem, titvlnn price, dcarriptlon and maker'* name, and noting when and where Inatru* ment* can be arcn, yii AKTK'I'TK, Herald office. / RKKNWOOli I KMKTKtV -ANY PARTY HAVING *J Plot in <dd ground, near entrance, to dispone of, can hear of a purchaser br adtircmnin, A. M P., box JW Herald o0i?^ [ERA] [EET. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. QVLT DIRECT LINE TO PRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'R MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. . . The nploudUl vcnxelg on thin lavortfe route for the Continent will nail ftoro |iier No. 10 North River, an follow* ST. LAl'RENT. Lomaire Sntnrday, April! VILI.K III' HAVRE, Surmont Saturday, April 19 PERKIRE, Uaure Saturday, May 3 PRICE OP PASSAGE IN GOLD Including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE, Klrat Cabin, $L!5: Second Cabin. tT!. Exeuridoii Ticket* at reduced rate*. Then- Ktea'acrn do not carry atcerave pnewneer*. American travellers itolnz to or rcturuiiiK irom the Continent of Furopo. bv titKIutr thin line, avoid both trannit bv EiiKlixh railway and the dincoiiilnrtn of erognin-'the Channel, hodden navuift time, troable and expeuae. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent. BP Broad way. CM NAR1) LINE. ) The British and North American Kovul Mail StCAiiiMhlnn. hetween New York anil Liverpool, calling at Cork harbor. From New York. CUBA Wed..Marrli26 "RUSSIA Weil., April Id ABYSSINIA..Weil., April 2 CALABRIA. ..Sal.., April 19 ALGERIA Wed., April 9 JAVA Wed.. April Li And every following WtdMrflJ uml Saturday from New York. Steamera marked thus do not carry steerage passengers. Rates el Passage?Cabin, 980,1100 snil 91.10, gold, according to iteentiimoditlioii. Tickets to Paris, 913, gold, iiililitional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage, $30, currency. steerage tickets from Liverpool and Quccnstown, and all purbi of Europe, at lowest rates. For freight and ealUn passage apply at the Company's office, No. ? Bowling Green; for steerage, passage, at 111 Broadway, Trinity Huildlng. , OHARl.KR G. FRANCKLYN. Agent Orto P. II. nirVRRNUr, corner of Clark anil Randolph streets, Chicago, III, NORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN The steamship RHEIN, f'aplain J. C. Meyer, will sail on Saturday, March 211,2 p. M., from Bremen pier, toot Third street, Hohoken, 10 be followed by steamship AMERICA, captain It. Bussing. on Wednesday, April 2. RATES OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, pnvahlo in gold, or Its equivalent in currency. First Canin .$120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage 1 .10 For freight or passage apply to OKLRIOH A CO.. Agents, No. 2 Bowling Green. fJKTMTB STAR LINK. Vl FOR OCKKNST0WN AND LIVERPOOL, , CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. , New and full-powered steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on ' Thursdays calling at Cork Hurlnr each way. CELTIC Saturday, March 29, ai 1 P. M. ATLANTIC Saturday, April 5, at 11 A. M. ; REPUBLIC Saturday, April 12. at IP. vt ADRIATIC Saturday, April 19, ai 10:30 A. M. BALTIC Saturday, April 2f>, at J P M. ? From the White Stardoelc, Pnvonla ferry, Jersey City. ; Passenger accommodations lor all classes unrivalled, combining sulety, speed and comfort. 1 Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is telt. Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon, <S0 lit gold (tor sailings alter April 1, $1110, gold) 1 steerage, $10 in currency. Those wishing to send lor friends In the old country 1 can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $12, currcney. Passengers hooked to or from all parts ol America to , Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. For Inspection of plans and other information apply at tho company's omce, 19 Broadway, New York. ' Bills ol lading Issued to Continental ports. J. II. SPARKS. Agent. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO QUEENStown and Liverpool. 1 Salting every Wednesday. NEVADA, Forsyth April 2, at 9 A. M, WYOMING, Price April ?, at 31*. M. From pier ttl North River. Cabin passage, $M) gold steeruge, $:g) currency. Prepaid tickets, $12 currency, t Passengers booked to and from Parts, Hamburg, Nors way and Sweden, Ac. Oralis on Irelund, England, I France and Germany at lowest rates. Apple to WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. | rpBB II WBI'RG AMI ltl( AN RACKET COMPANY'S . 1 lion mall steamship THDRINGIA, Captain J. Meyer, will sail on Thursday, March 27, ut . 2 P. v.. for Hamburg, taking passengers frntn New York to Plymouth, London, First Cabin, $12(1. seoond Cabin, $72. . Steerage. $30, payable In United Stales goln. KILN II AUD I A CO., ('. B. RICHARD A BOAS, (leneral Agents, (lenerul Passenger Agents, 1 (11 Broad street. New York. til Broadway, New York. The HAMMONIA will sail April 3. : xtation'ai. link of stkamkrs. .IN Weekly to Queenatown and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO QCEENSTOWN \ND LIVERPOOL, a troni piers 44 and 47 North Ktver. GREECE, Thomas Wednesday, Marcti J8, ntS P. M. EOYPT, Orngan Saturday, March 29. at3 P. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, AprlM, at 10 A. M. FRANCE, Thomson Saturday, April 12, nt 3 P. M. SPAIN, ((race Salurduy, April IP, at 10 A. M. FOB LONDON DIRECT. HOLLAND, Bragg Saturday, Aprils, at II A. M. TIIKHK STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin Passage, $01, $7ft niul $66, currency, steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets trom Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow. Cardiff, Krlsiol or l.oudon. CHEAPER THAN BY ANY OTHER LINK. For further information apply at the company's office, 69 Broadway. F. W. .1. II I'ltsT. Manager. nALTIO LI.OYD- MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY? Only direct line to Prussia, Russia and the Keaudlnuvlnti countries, connecting with a:l the Baltic local Iiu? s o< steamers, New York and Stettin, calling at Havre and Cot>enhagen to land mulls and passengers?Steamer will I sail ut 2 P. M trom Pier 13 North River. E. M ARNDT, Captain F. Dreyer, March 29. , RATES OF PASSAGE, PAYAItLK IN GOLD. First Cabin $100, gold I Steeruge $30 Second Cabin 72, gold I Front Stettin $30 I From Stettin 40 Excursion tickets 170 | Excursion tickets... <15 Children under ten years hnlf fare. For through freights to the principal ports ol the Baltic and passage apply to CHARLES RAMMLLSBERC. A CO., Agents, 41) l Broadway, New York. 1NMAN LINE for Queenstown and Liverpool Royal Mall Steamers ' are appointed to sail ns follows :? CITY OK NEW' YORK Thursday, Mareti 27, 2 P. M. I CITY OF PARIS Saturday, Marc'n 29 2 P. M. L CITY OF MONTRKAI ''atnrdav. April ft, noon. , I CITY OF RKISTOI Thursday, April 10, 2 P. >L ( ! CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday. April 12.2 P. M. , 1 and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, trom pier 4A North River. Rates of Passage. Cabin, $SS and $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round trip tickets at low rates. I steerage?To Liverpool, Queenstown, Glasgow, Londonderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $30; prepaid Certiffcates. $32, currency. Puuseugers also forwarded to Hav re, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark ami Paris, at reduced rates. I Drafts issued at lowest rates. For Cahtn Passage and general business apply at the company's office, lft Brondwuy. For Steerage Passage nt 83 Broadway. MOHN G. DALE, Agent, or to O'OflSiittt A FaitLK. 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. N. Chkaoh, 102 Stale street, Boston. f. C. Himiwn, H6 South Market street. Chicago. W*ii.i.iau Inman, Liverpool, and No. 9 rite Scribe, Paris. Anchor LINE.-RZPRRMI ITHAMR JUJ sail from pier 20 Vorth River. New York. ; CA-MAI.IA Wed.. April 2 | OI.VM Pl.t Wed., April It Pas-oncers booked and forwarded to nnd from nil railway stallniis In Crcat Hrltnm, Ireland, (ierinanv, Norwa?, Kwoden, Denmark or America, an sandy, speedili. romforiublv ami cheaply a? any other route or line. Ihkcta. Draft* or Certificates can In-bought at lowed rum n v rnte? by applying at th" eotnpsnr'* offices, No. J How oy (Ireen 111'. DERSON BKOTllKIlt, Aiienk I ? M'llOR LINK. i J\ Pe-scnger* for *featn*hip Victoria will embark at Anchor Line dock, pier 2*1 North River, on .Saturday, IfJth lust. Meaioer sail* punctuully at noon. fPHR'tl tlH TICKETS TO ALL PARTH OK Kl'ROPK J Issued hv COOK. SttN A .IKNRlNh, 2ti2 Hroadwuv, I New Vork, Oeiieral Excursion and Tourist Manager* aiid I Publisher* of "t'ook'a Excursionist" (monthly price 10 cental, a Journal m information to all cla-scs ot Kuropcau I travellers, showing In their numerous urranireoient* I greatly reduced ratesand many faeilltte*. Tickets issued ! for any line of steamers. 1 pKMITTAM KS TO KNOLAND AMI 1BKLAND, I JV Draft* lor ?1 and upwards anil Paasago Ticket*, by steamship and sailing packet, issued at the lowest ratos bvlAPNCOTr HROillBRN A rioutn atroet. COASTWISE STKAMMH1PS. PACIFIC MAIL HTKAMSIIIP COMPANY'H Line to CALIFORNIA, .IAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying malls, passenger* and freight to Asninuflll Panama. Mania Martha Grcvtowu unci Pacific coast of .Mexico, Central America, Pern and Chile. April 8 l?7:i? Steamer RISING STAR, Captain S. !'. Orttttn. will leave pier 42 North Iltver, at 12 o'clock noon, for Asulnwall direct, connei ting at Panama with the steamer CONSTITUTION. Captain Murae. touching at I Acapnlco, Munzanillo, Ma/.atlan, and also connecting tor all Central Amerlcau and South I'aclllc ports. Departure* ot 10th and 20th of each monlh connect with the company's ateamer touching at San Hcnlto, Tonuta, Nallna Crux and I'ort Angel. ? Steamer ALASKA will leave Sin Francisco April I, 1873, for Janan and China, for rates of passage, Height and all further information apply at company's olhce on the pier, fool of Canal street F. R. BABY. Agent. Special Notice.?Postponement of sailing.?Steamer RISING STAR will leave pier 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, Saturday. April 8,1873. Steamer OCEAN UUEEN will follow, arid >atl Saturday, April lit, 1*73. K. R. BABY, Agent. / lOLI'MBt AN MAIL sTKAM PACKET LINK, FDR I ' Matan/.as ami Havana, carrying the United State* mall.?The first class side wheel steamship HA NTI ADO DK CI*BA, Captain J. W. Reynolds, will sail from pier No. 4 North River on Tuesday, April 1", at 3 P. M. For freight or passage apply to C. L. Ul'ILLKAl'MK a CO., Agenta, 14 Broadway. Texas line or oalvkston steamers, touch. Ing at Key West, carrying the United States mall. The ?team<-r OEt) W CLYDE, Captain Cole, Is now receiving freight at pier 20 East River, and will sail Saturday. March '.'9. Through bills of lading given to nouston, either by the (I. H. and H. R. R. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to all point* on the Galveston, Houston ami Henderson and if. R. and C. Railroad. No rhargc tor forwarding in New York. Foi freight or passage apply to C. II "MALl/iRT a CO., 183 Maiden lane, Of W. r. CLYDE A CO., 11V Wail slice U LD. PRICE FOUR CENTS. COASTWISE MTKA.nsiIIPS. Red ball link ok mail steamers. KATES UF PASSAGE REDUCED. NEW YORK TO DEMKHAKA. CALLING AT ST. THOMAS AM) BARBADOS TO LAND MAILS AND PASSENGER.*. Thews first duns full-powered iron itnmer? are intended to sail from pier 18 East. River, as follows:? LAdos, Peg u-n Saturday, April ? MANDlNOo, Spetioe Saturday, April AND EVEbY TI1KEE WEEKS THERE A HI ER Those steamers are specially adapted to tropical service, have lar?e staterooms, hathrooins and superior ventilation, and take only first class lis-seliters. A llinlled amount ol cargo will iM- takeu. Iloriotcdt A Gar thorne, owners, 70 South street. For freight or pas-age apply to K. E. MORGAN'S SONS,7d South street. New York. TTNITKD STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO. L HAVANA. PRUORESO AND VERA CRUZ, New York and Mexican Mall Steamship Lute, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at S P. M. EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) March 27 CITY OK MKRIDA (Havana via Nassau) April it CITY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) April 111 CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only) April IT CITY OF MKRIDA April M ?or iretgnwm passage upniyio F ALEXANDRE A SON'S, ? Broadway Ipoit NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. from liter No. 5 North 3 o'clock P. M. MISSISSIPPI, on SATl'RDAV. March 29. Freights received daily. Through rates given for St I.onla, Vicksburg, Mobile, Calve ton and Indianola. For Iretght or passage (having superior accommodations) apply to FREDERIC HAKIOIt, 30 Hroadway. T7I0R NEW 11 RLE A SB DIRECT, r The Cromwell Sieainshln Line. The steamship NEW ORLEANS, Captain E. V. Oagel% I will leave pier So. 9 Nortli River on saiurday, Mureh 29, at3 P. M. Freight* received daily Through rate* given to Calveaton, Indianola. Rofkl'ort or Aran/.us wharf, Brazos Santiago and SI. Louis. Cabin passage, $80; steerage, $2.9. For freight or pas* sage apply to CLARK A SHAM AN. *1 West sireet. IilOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE STEAMER 1 CITY OK DALLAS, ('aptaiit'ones, will leave pier 21 East River, April 2, at 4 P.M. Freight received datlyThrough rates given to Oalvestnn, Indianola, Rockport or Arunzas wharf, itm/os Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin pn sage, $50; steerage, $2.9. For freight or passage apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO.. 1.93 Maiden iane. TTtOlt NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND ?THE F Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37 North River their elegant s'idcwhecl steamsliiu \\ 9 A.N OK h, Couch, lor Norfolk, City Point and Rlchtnoml, on Tliursdav, Mareli 27, giving tbrongh hills of lading to all points South and southwest. Through passenger tickets issued to all points. Accommodations nnI equalled. Apply at pier 37, or at the general olhco, 187 | tlreenwlcli struct, corner of Dev. TRAyELLERJSr GPIP3B. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. I L Trains leave New Yerk, irom foot of Dosbrosses and Oortlnmtc streots, ns follows:? Express tor llarrishtirir, I'tttshnrg, the West and Sonlh, with I'ullimtu l'alaee tars attached, at 9:30 A. M.; ft, 1 and 9:30 P. M. Sutuiuy, ft, 7 and 8:30 P. M. For Hultiiunrc, Washington and the South at 9 A. M.; 7 and 9 P. M. Sunday, 9 P. M. Express kir Philadelphia, 8, 9, 9:30 A. M.; 12:30, I. 4, ft, it, 8:30, 9 P. ,M. and 12 night. Sundav, ?>, 82k) and 9 1'. M. For Philadelphia, via kensliigioii, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant and second class, 7:1.9 I'. M. For Newark at. (i, 0:30, 7, 7:40. 8:10, 9. 10,11, 11:40 A. M., 12,1, 2,2:31,3,3:20, 3:40, 4:10, 4:30, 8:10, 5:20, 6:30, St.90, 0, 0:10, 0:30, 7, 7:30, 8:10. 9, 19, 11:30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 8:20, 1 0, H. It), 9 I'. M. For Elizabeth. 0, (1210, 7, 7:40, 8. 8:10, 9. 10, 11, 11:40 A. V , 12 M.j 12I, 2. 2 fill. 3, 3:20, 3:40. 4, 4:10, 4 ft :20, ft :3n, ft :.90, 0, 0:10, 0:30, 7:30, 8:10, 10, 11 all), 12 P. M. Sunday, 6:20, 0 ami 8:lu P. M. For Haliwny, 0, 0:30, 7. 8:10, 9:30 and 10 A. M., 12 M., 1, 2, 2:30, 3, H :20, 3:40,4:10. 4 211, .9:20, 8 210. ft;80, 0,6:30, 7 :30, 8:10, 10 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, .9:20 and 0 P. M. For Wnodbridge and Perth Anihov, 0 and 10 A. M., 2:30, 3:40, 4 211 and ft:ftO P. M. For New Brnuswiek, 7.10 A. M., 12 M., 1.2,3, 4:10, 6:20, 6, 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sundav, 0 and 9 P. M. Fur East Millstone, 7 A. M., 12 noon, 4:10 and 5:2(1 P. M. For Laiuhertville and Flcinlngtou, 9 A. M and 2 P. M. For l'liilipsliurg and Bi Ividere. 2and 4 1'. M. Accommodation for Bordentown, Burlington and Cam* den, 7 and 9:30 A. M? 12 250, 2, 3, 3:40, 4 uuil 0 P. M. For Freehold, 7, 3 A. M., 2 and 4 P. M. For .latnesloirg, I'embortori, Camden, 6 A. M., 3:40 P. M. Trains arrive as follows:?From Pittsburg, 0:80 A. M., 1:03 I'. M., daily, 10:14 A. M. and 6:34 P. M., daily, except Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 0:40 A. M? 4:84,10:12 P. M. Sumiav, 0:10 A. ,M. From Philailelpliia, .9:21, 0:50. 10:14, It 114, 11:54 A. M , 2:14, 3:51, 6:04, 8:43 P. M. Sundav, 8:21, 0:'S4, II ;II4 A. M. Ticket odices, 921, 43.9, 271 and 944 Broadway; No. 1 Astor House and loot of Pesbrosses and Cortlaiuu streets. Emigrant Ticket odlcc. No. 8 Battery place. A. J. CassATT, D. >M. BOYD. Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. DRY (VOODS. A NOVELTY! A NOVELTY Xl. ntMACY'8. Something New at XACY*8. nf M ACT'S. Tlie next lime you nrp shopping al the store ol R. It. MACY CO. please a-k to see The PlcnlC Department. The Picnic Department. The Picnic Department. You will there gee something that will surprise ami please you, and ynu will only have to Buy ami Try in order to be completely satisfied as regards both quality unit price. R. II. MACY A CO.. Fourteenth street ami sixth avenue. Attractions increase at smitipr pattern Bazar. 9U Broadway. Superb Costumes. Enchanting Novelties. Patterns now ready. Cloth model with each pattern. Couie earh in the day. A. BURDB1 HI >.M| I'll, al l Broadway, near Twentieth st. Ha lit I IT AIR 1 HAIR I The largest stock, of Ilnmnn IlAir Goods In the cfty at shaW s, SA2 Bowery, Detween h'ourth anil Great Jones streets, and 3121 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second mid Twenty third street-, up stairs. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be combed and brushed, SI ouch. Human Hair, cheapest and best ill the market. Short Hair Switches, 82 each and upwards. French Switches, 8ft. Curls, 81 and upwards. Latest styles always on hand. J I ST RECEIVED, ~ ~ " * LHT RECEIVED. un elegant stork of Llama Lace Goods, for Spring wear. Elegant designs in , Shawls, Dolmans, Saequog, the most stylish shapes, at very low prices. R. H. M ACY A CO., Fourteenth street and sixth avenue. MHibnUHY AND PRBHgMAKINQ. VT O. W. BARS FORD'S, 7*1 BROADWAY?8 dUNOU opening of rieli French Flowers, on Wednesday, J6lh, and Thursday. 27th March. J3RENCH M11iLlNKRY.? V M K. TRUMBULL, 37fl Bowery, near Fourth avenue, elegant styles of Bonnets. Round Hut-, Bridal Wreath*. Ac., Ac. JHRIl A TAYLOR, CORNER GRAND AND I IIRYSJ tie street-, will open on Wednesday and Thursday, Mareh 2a and 27, a ehniee and elegant assortment ol ladles' Bonnets mid Round llats. A large assortment ol Mourning Bonneis always on hand. They will also pre. sent to their customers on the same days a large ami varied assortment of Ladies' and Children's Suits, Cloaks, Ac. Madamk h bchlmkvbr, formbrly at~no. s Greal Jones street, will open again on Thur-rtav ; and Friday, the 27th and 2Rth ol Mareh, at 1ft Wes Nlinh street, her own imporliilion of the most distingue Bonnets and Round Hats. MMI-.S. PORTER A ROANE" An Monde Elegant Importers French Round llats and Bonnets, M'J Broadway and 179 Filth avenue. MMF KOI'LLIKR AI'OIKR. I.2VJ BROADWAY. HE* tw< en Thirty-Orst and Thirty-scoolid streets.?Robes : and Corsets; modes, styles elegant and prices moderate. OPENING ON WEDNESDAY AM)" "THURSDAY?\ eliojep and elegant assortment of Pattern Bonnets I and Round Hats. Mr*. O. W. ALI.FN. 4pt$ Division *lroet. PARIS MILUNKKY.-MMI;. KKRRKRM, SO. 7 WF.SP Thirtieth ?trrrt. Sew iinil elegant style* of Bonnet* n<l Round Tint*. Rowers Veil*, Ac. pAKls MILLINERY. Mine. (IAI<nrPRAO, .11 East Tenth street, will open hef 1 importation of Pari* Millinery tor Spring on Wednesday, 'Jfltti Iwt SPRIRO OPKRIKO of French Bonnet* and Round Ilat*, Hilllnerv Oood*. Infant*' and Children's Furnishing, Thursday. March 27. EDWARD A. MORR1ROW, H27 and Rroadw.i v, near Thirteenth street. IYHT HUC.'TION. A T THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVE SUE, J\ opposite Cooper Institute.?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Langnage*. May and evening. laidies' department?Telegraphy taught practically, with instrument*. Demand lor operator*. AT PAINE S HI'SIVKSS 0OLLFOF.S, BROADWAY, . corner Thirty-third street; down town, H2 Bowerv; voting men. grown up and married ladle* of ncgleeted education secure private instruction; 24 Writing Lesson*. $ -' " A T0V90 LADY OP BXPKRIKKCE CAJI OBTAIN IV a situation as assistant teacher in a private school bv applying immediately at No. IS Abingdon suuarc Iron, :t to r M . Thursday, March 27. ^ /10LLKU1ATK AND COMMKKCl VI, IN8. ITL'TK. L/ NKW HAVEN, CONN. Preparatory to College, the Scicutinc Schools or Bus!nemSummer session begins Apnl S, liTS. French tkachkr wantkd-eor convkksation ami reading, Parisian aud good English scholar. Add res* M. N ()., Herald offlce. /"lYMVASII'MS.-AN instructor wanted in AJT light a art heavy gym nasties. Call (beloru 10 A. M. If possiblei on O. H. PRRTHaRD, <11 Wall "t ON THE 1ST , 1K MAY TIIK PORT WASHINUTON French Institute for Yonng dentlemen will be removed to the spacious premise" of I. P. Martin, Esq.^ 171st street and Kiiigshrldgc road. V. PRKVOST, snceessor to t-espinasse k Prevpst. Private: pupils wanted .-students thor. onghly prepared for college, <>r instructed In the common brunches, by u graduate and late principal ot a New York be Miliary. Address HEX bo* itD Herald i otlice.

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