Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1873 Page 1
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TH , " ,t?~t,r-.~, ~~ ~* . .. .rrr WHOLE NO. 13,3H8. IIMIIMI FOB 1BVEBTMIE8. ? ?-! AMUSEMENTS?Nmru Paub?Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. ASTKOLOUY?Ninth Pagx?Third column. BILLIARDS?Ninth I'aok?Second column. HOARDERS WANTED?Liuuth 1'iuB?lilth column. BOARD AND LOUOINO WANTED-Eiuuth Pxuu-Flfth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sxcosn Pagi?Second col man. BUSINESS O.'POtt iu MITES?'Twfirii Taok?Second column. l? I>inc.1.1 milll.u?JBtOTII I AUK?ouuil-uiuiim. CITY REAL KB I AT K 1'uK SALE?Smosu Page?Mrst and second columns. ? , 1 CLERK- aNU SALESMEN?Eleventh Page?olxtli column. CLOTHING?Sicosu Pack?Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS-Eleventh PA?tilxth column?and Twelfth Pack?* irst column. COAL AND WOOD?Ninth Paul?Third column. COAilWISK STEAMSHIPS?l'i r?r Paob?Filth and sixth oolumn*. ? ' , ' COPARTNER- hips? Fifth Pass?Filth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Eighth Page? Sixth column. DANCING ACADEMIES?Mvru Page? Fourth column. DRV GOODS?First 1'agb?Klxih column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?Twelfth Pack?Fourth and fltlh columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?First Page?Fifth column. FINANCIAL? Firrii Pack?Fourth and fifth columns. FINK ARTS?First Pagk? Fourth column. FOR BALE?Eighth Pack?. ixthcolumn. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Twelfth Page?Filth column. FURNITURE?First Page?Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Second column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page?Fourth and tilth columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Twelfth Page?First and second columns. HORSE-, CARRIAGES, Ac.?First Page?Second, third and fourth columns. HOTELS?Eighth Page?Fifth and sixth columns. HOUSES, RonMS, AC., WANTED?TWELFTH Page? Sixtn column. INBTRPl VION?First Paok?Sixth column. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKKN. HUDSON CITY AND BEItO' N REAL ESTATE FOR BALE?Second Page? Third column. LECKJKE SEASON?Nitrrn Page?Fourth column. LEGAL NOTICES?Ninth Page?Third column. LOAN OFFICES?Ninth Pagk?Fourth column. LOST AND POUND?First Pace?First aud second columns. MACHINERY?Eionra Page?Sixth column. M.tKIILE MANTELS?Ninth Page?Second column. MEDICAL?Ninth Pace?Third column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?First Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Tenth Page? Six h column. m1tk1gat, Ninth p?r-K?.Fnnitli rnlnnnv PERSONAL? First Pact. -First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, ao.?Nintu Pace?TlilrJ column. PROPOSALS?Second Pack?Fifth nnd sixth columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALESKlevknth Page?Fourth column. PROPTRTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO HE nt?Second Pack?Third and fourth columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?Se.ond Pack?Fourth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Pack?Fourth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Kicst Pack?Fourth column. REWARDS?First Pace?Second column. BALES AT AUC'TiO.V?Ninth Pack?First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First, second, third and tou. tli columns. SITUATIONS WANT ED-WALKS?Elkvuntu TAOE? Filth and sixth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pack?Second colnmn. 8 PORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Pace?Second column. THE TRADES?Twelfth Pack?Second column. THE TUItF?Fir-t Pack?second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?twelfth Pack? Third nnd toiirth columns. TRAVELLERS GUIDE?First Pack?Flxtli colnmn. . UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO I EI1?Twelfth Pack?Fifth and sixth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Ninth Pack?Second column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?SitrosD Pace?Second and third columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AO.?1 ihbt Pack?Fourth column. HPiHASJF BRAA'CH CFFICK-l'PTOWS, ^ LYLRTISLMENTb FOR 1 HE NEW YORK HERALD AtCKIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, J,Jt? BROADWAY, WFFT FIEE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTYFECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ABE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. , 5ILL 1P.M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. If.), AT CFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGEYCY OP' THK JVKW YORK HEUALD. J^F.SSR8. KREMER A C(X, AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK nERALD. Tlli.Y YVILL SUPPLY DEAL^ EES WITH COPIES OF THK HERALD, AND ALSO FIKCLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIBS REQUIRING THEM. , rr<it>n>nAU> A NY INFORMATION CONCERNING THE WIIKRE<f\ ahouts oi James Dcvinc, n nntive of the parish of Dutiilish, county Longford, Ireland, will bo thankfully received by his sister, BRIDGET DI VINE, ',031 Sixth uvStiue. When last heard of he lived in Jersey. A NNIE?BP! MORE DISCREET IN YOUR LANGUAGE. Jl otherwise all will be public. Meet a* on the 20th at riiirty-tirst street. BE8SIE P. M.?IF YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE ME up, lor Cod's sake writo to tne. NED E, P. W. J^LANCIIE?SEND YOUR address TO (11 BILL. Blue-eyed blondk-i waited two hours at the appointed plnec. Is anything wrong? Write tnc. Brown cuapeaux?excuse the disappointment; will meet you sure at the Argyle Matinee tomorrow afternoon. N AI TIE CHUB. DONAT BRUNO AN ITALIAN FLUTE PLAYER, lctt New York a month Ago; his brother, Roch Bruno, of 25 Marion street, wishes to know in what town he is now residing. For adopt?vi;_f\vo fine boys, 7 and 11. adilltis, tor five days, W. U. 8., box 806 Elizabeth (N. I.) Post ofllcc. jjarrt-danoekously SICK ; do COME QUICKLY. Highly importint.-libkral reward will be given lor nnr information that will leud to the w hereabouts ot Theresa Co?grove, if living; or, if dead, where her remains arc Interred. Address lor two duys PETER COSOROVE, Cation D. JV MARIA OR ANNIE COTRP.LL WILL CALL AT 132 Cherry street they will meet a brother; in until ondny. LONDON-YOUR LETTER f.TTIl) RECEIVED. COME by 0 A. M. My life staked In seeing you. L. M. T. MANHATTA?AM IN TOWN; WILL MEET YOU TOday same lima, if agreeable. SYRACUSE. Mr. bevertdge, who was at a. b. davis', Greenwich, last Summer, pleas scud his address to W. da YTON, .11 Chambers street. PAP?CALL TO SIXTH AVENUE THIS WEEK IF evor yon want to see your little girl. T> C. S.?CALL AT 62 THIS EVENING. SAME A ? utrcct. KILLIK. CJLKEPYIIEAD, WEDNESDAY, DESIRES ACQUAINTO snce ol handsome brunette neighbor. Adilrcss ADMIRER, Herald office, stating how interview may be obtained. QINSE?PLEASE SEND ME A DESCRIPTION OK O tlie person mentioned in your letter. M. R., Broadway. SFAULDINO?IN CASE OF NEED WITH NELLIE, Upper Gloucester place, comtnunlcste immediately, without reserve, with my lricnds; Uuimun lriend si old Ktd re is. CIVET. The gentleman who escorted a lady, who had become separated from her companion, serosa Broadway. corner ol Ccdur street, nt three o'clock Thursday afternoon, would be happy to make her acquaintance. If ugrucnblc address SAN FRANCISCO, box 12: Herald other. UNMARRIED PERSONS ARK CAUTIONED NOT TO invest in Pennsylvania Seeurltleg until the repeal of the Collateral Inheritance Tax laws ol that Htutc. WILL THE YOUNG LADY. WliC RODE UP FROM NY Wall street terry ou Wednesdav uttrraoon at '> o'clock, gelling outut 1 rinity church, please address ADMIRER, box ltd lit raid ofllcc f Give name of paper iu your hand to avoid mistake. WILL IIATTIE, COLORED GIRL, LIV1NO AS chambermaid at Overlook Mountain House Inst Bummer, oblige a lady by p-nding tier address to box 1,107 Post otVce, New YorkT LOST AM) jrimiNP. FOUND-ON SATURDAY, THE 221) INST., IN WAS IIingtoii Market, n Pocketbmik. containing. a small sum ot money. Tlie owner can have It by applying at 71 West Washington Market. IitOUND?THREE COUPONS OF *30 EACH.?INQUIRE . at Currency Bank, 92 Broadway. IOST?LAST SUNDAY AFTERNOON. OUT OF BUGGY. i In Central Park, an Ivory handled Cane. A liberal reward will lie given by returning -amc to lit West Forty-gixth street. IOST?ON 22 D INSTANT. TWO SM AIL DOGS, BLACK J and white; answer to the names ot "Jefl" snd "Toby$23 will be paid tor their return to 132 Christopher street, or any Information concerning tliein. Mrs. POST. IOST ? $.1 P.EWAHD-ON TUESDAY EVENING, BEJ tween First and Park avenues, a ptuin gold Ring, a relic. Please return to 21 Ka?t Port v-fourth street. 1 | OKT?MARCH 27, ON LBXINOTON AVENUE, FIFTVJ J founh uticct or Third avenue, a ccalakln Pocketbook, containing n mini 01 money end other article* ot no value except to owner Anyone returning the name to '* Kt8 Lexington avenue will receive n Mittiihle reward. LOST?-910 REWARD?TR4VEI.LINO SATCHEL, BKtweait Klith nr. nue Hotel ami tiratid Central Depot; no aucs loan naked. (IKOittiE W. DAT, 1.149 Broad war. New York. [E NE ~~ KETV LOST A!SI> FOCKD. L'osr?A FOURTEENTH DEGREE MASONIC RING. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to CURRIER'S dining aaloon, Fulton ,-treet. Last evening?in porty second street and Slath avenue, or thereabouts, by a lady, an upper set oi False teeth. Tbe finder \\ill be rewarded by returning the same to 303 Third avenue, near Thirty-fourth atreei, fourth floor Left in a madison avenue stage, on tuesday Hlterrinon, a Scrap Hook, valuable oaly to the ovvntr, win uainc is written in it. The finder vrllt receive u liberal reward upon leaving it at 03 West Forty eightn street. . ! riAHK GENTLEMAN WHO PICKED UP A LADY'S i. gold'I himUu, marked ?. Q., In Broadway, between Twentieth and Tweutv-llrst streets, on Thursday innrnixijr, will please return the same to the olUee of the Uramercv Park House aud oblige a lady. BKWAHim. <* ?> REWARD.?LOST, A HOLD KINO, WITTI INICO tluls A. P.; supposed to have been lost going from Broadway and Thirteenth street t? Second avenue. Return to 54 East Twelfth street. $fT REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN ' of a large Newfoundland Dos; answers to the name of Watch: he hag white lore leet, breast and a white spot ou back of neck: with leather collar. M rs. A. A. Ml I.N K R, J^63 JB road **iy._ ? REWARD.?LOST, SUNDAY. MARCH 28, A black and tau Dog, with collar and padlock; answers to the name ot "Pet." 'Finder will receive the reward by returning him to 27 East Forty-fourth street. H. PR LEE. diQA REWARD WILT. BE PAID AND NO QUES DZi" tions asked for the return to J. A. E.. 429 West Nineteenth street, of a Hold Watch, lost or stolen on the platform of a Sixth avenue car about 8 o'clock Wednesday evening, botweeu Twenty-fourth and Thirtieth sts. d?OK REWARD? DOU LOST: A BLOODHOUND, spotted, with one china eye. The reward will be paid if returned to 975 First aveinio, between Fiftythird and Fiftv-fom'th streets. LOUS MARTEN. SPECIAL NOTICES. A -JUST FIVE DAYS left in which to secure tlekcts to (he third ORAND GIFT CONCERT, which is to bo given in aid of the Public Library of Kentucky, in the large hall of Library Building, Louisville, Ky., positively on Tuesday, April R, 1873. Agencies throughout the country are peremptorily ordered to send lit complete reports on'Aprll 1, ana If any tickets are returned from tiiem thov will be rold nut from day to day while they last at^N'ew York and Louisville only. Buy at once. There is no safety in waiting now. Arrangements have been ntude to keep n supply at the New York office as long its there Is a ticket anvwberc. Remember there are only KMl.utiO tickets in the scheme, making the chances one iii ten. Ten thousand Cash (lifts to be awarded by lot to the* ticket holders aggregate a vast total of #500,900 currency as follows, viz.: One grand gift, cash piOO.OOO One grnnd gifl. ca<h 50,000 One grand gilt, cash 25,000 One grand cash gilt ' 20,00(1 , One grand cash gift 10,(00 One grand cash gilt 5.000 24 cash gifts of $1000 eneh 26.000 00 cash gilts of $500 each 25.000 , R0 cash gifts of $400 eacI .'12,000 1 100 cash gifts of $800 OHClt I SO 000 150 cash gifts of $290 each SO.OUO 590 cash gilts of $l<!0eHch f9,000 9,000 cash gifts of $10 each S0,()00 ^ Total. 10,000 gifts, all cash $500000 J The Library Trusees have intrusted the business ' management of the Concert to Hon. ex-(Iovernor Tbnmas 1 K. Rramlette, of Kentucky. New York office established under his especial direction; One chance In ten Is sure to win. Why not buy eleven tickets lor $100, so as to have the best possible show to get your money back, at. least T Ol course no ttunrnntccs can be mudc to any particular buyer or class of buyers of receiving gilts except those whom the drawing may show to be entitled to them, as nothing of that kind could lie done where the distribution is conducted fairly like this. It stands to reason, bowever, that as the cbaft. es arc one In ten the buyer who holds eleven has one more lhau is nccessarv to give him a good show for a lull return ol liis inunevut least, as well as a grand possibility of a splendid fortune. Buyers do not necessarily have to bo present at the drawing, as an officiui list Is (urnls'ied cucu one. and gilts due ticket holders at a distance can bo collected through any bank or express company the same as a dralt or check is collected. Make basic. Mend money by Post office order, drait,reglstercd letter or express, prepaid. Tickets $10; Halves, $.*>; Quarters, $2 BO. For tickets full programme, In orniution and nil particulars, apply to the General Agency Supply. THOMAS H. HAYS A CO., 60S) Broadway, New York. A?OFFICE OF THE KENTUCKY LIBRARY GIFT Concert for sale of Tickets, by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broud street. New York. _____ _ LAST CHANCE! LAST WEEK I OMAHA LEOAL CTT DISTRIBUTION, March 31, 1873. 8,465 Cash Gifts, amounting to $230,505. Highest Gilt $75,1X10 cash. Tickets $1 each; six for $5; thirteen for $10. At P. (I. DEVLIN' I, Stationer, 31 N'a-siu street. A?HERAI.D BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN cornc ol Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 8 to 9 I*. M. A PARIES (PRIOE3 REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF Royal Havana Lottery, 585 Broadway; box 4,109 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mulled free. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BOOTS. SHOES, Trunks ana Valises at the Great Family Shoe Em- , portion, 331) Bowery, coin rr Bond street, selling at 20per cent below Broadway prices. W. D. HIGKLOW. robert irwin. A -PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY; $100,000 I OR , $10; distribution of gifts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets, $10; Halves, $5; Quarters. $250. . JOSEPH BATES, 196 Broadway, room 4. A -HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED AND . Inforinaiion tarnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES ,t i n . 71 Broadway, room 31. first floor. Last chance- la3r weeki OMAIIA LEGAL GIFT ENTERPRISE, March 31, Dtp. $.405 caall Gilts. ft.Mtanlng to $230,.'j05. official list* ol win.ting numbcra acut to purchaacrs of tickets alter the Tickets $1 each; jtx for $5; thirteen for $10. Fortalcat P. a. DEVLIN'S, ' 31 Iwm street. Official DRAWINGS . KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. . kfktvccy- kxtra class so. 245?march 27, D73. 23, 38. It, 5', 32. 45, 65. 55, 52, 1 27 , 5, 64. KKaiccar?CLAta so. 24C?march 27, 187?. 30, 35, 29. 53 27. 3, 13, 18. 1. 44, 4, 15 54, 28. SIMMONS a CO., Managers, Covington, Kr. fBFtaY collsck?FXTUA class 50. 145?MAnt'll 27, ihlj. 61, ,Vr 22, 2, 13, 50, Si, 17, 5, 34 , 3, 70. 74. rnriBY iollfgk?CLAff no. 140?mahcii 27, 1373. 14, 81, 22, 23. 55, 3, 59. 63, 3'J, 2t, 77. 45, 10, 56. 8M1TII A CO.. Managers, Covington. Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, i't'C Broadway. Post office box 4,969. Royal saxon government lottery at leipslc, Gerninny; 95,1,00 tickets; 47,500 prizes; Brunswick Government lottery; Hamburg City Government Lottery: Royal Hamna Lottery. Prizes cashed and Information given. THEODOR ZSCHOCH, JIG Nassau street; box b.OW) Post onlco. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY'.?rRIZES CASHED-.OR. , tiers liilotl: inlorn alir.n tumisLcd; highest rates i s;d lor f-'i'itiii.-li lank 1 ills, Ac, 1 AY I.OK A CO.. Bunkers, lb Visit street, Kcw York. Royal Havana lottery .-the ntxt extkaor. dinnrv Drawing will take place on ttio 22d of April, 1873. .I.M.MARTINEZ A co., Bankers, 10 Wall street. Post office liox CGM', New York. SUFFERERS OF RHEI'MAT1SM, AC., READ PROF. MAC'S advertisement on tenth pago. miltf W cripples tor life, but permanent cures. $.-AO HfUl OIFTS.'?KENTUCKY LIBRARY , uuU.'m'V' (lilt Conrerf. Drawing positively April . H. Whole Tickets. $10: Half Ticket*, fA; Quarter'tickets, ! $2 SO For tickets nnd descriptive circulars apply to P. 0. DEVLIN, Stationer, 31 Nassau struct (opposite Post office), New York. (fcrtlWY ftfMl ?ALL CASII OIFTS; $100,000 FOR 5p?)UU.UvM SI0. Tickets for sate Public Library of Kentucky until April 1; drawing the s:h. office oucn Irom 8 A. M. to 'J 1'. M. W. L. DAVIS, Agt nt, I7:t Filth avenue, between KM and 2W streets. dk>.":QO r.QO IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL)0(7.< )0?7 ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana nnd Kentuckv circulars free; 12l, riots commission ; Allowed. Address JIAI.EY A CO. (office established i thirty ycats), 17* Broadway. IFOKTING-miGH, BIKIH>, A( . A ?FOR SAL*, all KINDS or FANCY lions, i . Ftrrts, Ac.; Medicines for nil dlneases, Prepared Food for mocking birds, at B. O. DOVEY'S. No. 3 Oreene street, near Canal. the Ttrnr. TO RET?FROM APRIL 1, 1S7S, FLEETWOOD PARK, riuti House, (late House, Bars under grand stand , and Hitching Privilege of grounds. Apply at the park, or 112 Wall street. VV. II. \ AN COTT, Superintendent. ( iiokkk>, c^rbiaoer. . ' Avery handsome brack mare, s years old, ' can show 2 .30; ir. hands lilgh; all sound and kind; also roan More, 15'? hand*; eitn show 2;:? single or to pole; 6 years old ; all sound and kind and very handsome. Any person wanting trotter* and no mistake can call todn> at 20 Kcnde street from 11 A M. to 1 1' V A SORREL HORSE FOR RARE?Hi HANDS HIQII, ? years old ; tro'a In .'t minutes to the pole: to be sold lor 7W?. Apply at 332 or *41 We*t Twenty-first street, near Ninth avenue. A?CO I'PKS, RAN DAI'LETS, RANDAL'S, PHAE. tons, uty own mamiftirtnrc. unsurpassed in stvle or workmanship. Several sorond hand Carriages taken in cxchnngc at moderate prlres. HAM. 10 East Fourth street. A-carriaoeh ok all kinds, rockaways, . Hugyy, Pony Phaetons; Depot, Exprc s and Business Wagons,both new and second hand; cheapest place In the citv Ml W. st Hroadwav, n< ar I'anul street. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO SEuR OUT HIS Entire Establishment, consUtlng of a tine pair of carriage Horses, kind and gentle ; suitable for lainlly use; a lull sixe Clarence, made by one of the tie*!. makers, In splendid condition; a tour seat Phaeton, made bv Wood Brothers, almost new; together with a sliver mounted double Hornesa: anvot the above may lie anhl separately. AdpIv at the titivate stable. 241 Laat Twentieth itiecL W YO r YORK, FRIDAY, MARC' IIOHSUS, CARRIAGES, ?M\ ^ Alton. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEl'.R. Office ami salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Port office. Horse and Carriage Branch, 19,21, 23 and 26 East Thirteenth street, between University place aud Filth avenue. ATTUTD. The Arm of Johnston A Van Tsssell having been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. JollNSTON continues the business at the old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite tho Post office. TIIE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE Is now conductcinit the spacious premises 19, 21, 23 and 25 EAST THIKTKHTfl STREET, between Firth avenue and University place, and has no connection with the oilier stand latelj occupied by the Arm ol' Johnston A Van Tusscll. Catalogue of this day's sale at 12 o'clock, 19 to 25 Fart Thirteenth street, near University place Thoroughbred Mare.?Thoroughbred hay Mate, raised in Morgan county, Kentucky; In foal by the relobrutcd horse Flyaway, alteraards General Meade; she Is 16 hands high, 7 years old; Is out ot Imported Hernlce. by Kentucky; one ot the finest saddle beasts lit the country, being trained to and perfect In cvary gait and kind and true in all harness: warranted sound and without blemish. T Cart.?Elegant T Cart, city built, to order, and used but lour times. Phaeton.?No top two-seat Park Wagon, nearly new. Coune Harness.?Made to order by Simmons, of the best Moffat leather, and nearly new. Coupe Horse.?Bay Coupe or Family Horse, 16 hands high, 7 years; kind and true In ail harness; a splendid animal, without mult or blemish, and warranted sound. Also Top Wagon.?Side bar top Wagon, pole aud shafts, built to order by Corbet! A Co.. nearly new. Bav Mare.?Bay Mare, hi1, hands, 8 years old; kind and true In all harness, tree from vice, and warranted sound. Bit-ket Pbnetou.?Basket Pony Phaeton, city built. In food order. Gray Marc.?Gray Mare, 16 hands high, 8 years old; biiiu uuu wuu in nil imriiL'as; kuou itir iuiiui.v or uiiMiiorn HSU. Full top Wagon.?Built to orJer by Corbctt A Co., and is aea.sly now. Gray Trotter.?(Jrav Ilainblctonian Ilorsc, known as the Mortord Uorse, 16% uimds high, 6 years old; an i l?gant ;ait; very tino unit stylish action; can trot any Umu a mile in 2 u'iO. To|i Wagon.?Top Wagon, bnllt to order last Fall, by Corhett A Co., wltli Polo and Shads. Coupe Horse.?Sorrel Coupe Morse, 16 hands. 6 years; kind and true in all harness; tree from vice; a splendid driver; warranted sound, kind and true. Family Mare.?Mluck family Mare, 15%. 8 years old, kind in all harne-san l under saddle; tree from vice; good traveller; very stylish; a lady or child can drive ner; warranted s -und. Hector's Pbacton? City built, in good order. Dun Mare?Well brod; kind and true In all harness; very stylish: can trot very fast, together with no top depot Wagon and Harness. Roan Horse?An excellent business horse; kino and true in all harness; 16% hands, li years. Also, Ten other Horses, good for road and business purposes. Descriptions at time of sale. Top Pony Phaeion, no top Phaetons, Ton Ruggies, exnress Wagons, now and second hand double cud single llarnets. From twenty-four to forty-eight hours given to try tverjr horse that Is warranted sound. Weather never interteree with my sales. 4 T AUCTION THIS DAY BY BL WILLIAM VAN TAS8RLL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TA88BLL), MOUSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MAl'.T, 110, 112 and 1U EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OF HOUSES AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, rwenty-four to forty-eight hours given to purchasers to test warrantees. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. TEAM BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, 16% HANDS IIIC.II, i veais old; kind and true In all harness: free from vice ir trick; well matched; have tine style and action, and ire an extra fine team for tamlly driving and warranted lOUltd ; also Set Harness and FOUR-SEAT PHAETON, WITH TOLE AND SHAFTS. BAY COUPE HORSE. 16 HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS >lcl; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; lias lever bceh driven in the cliy; Is very stylish; fears nolling; a splendid horse lor coupe or dog cart, and wur antcd sound ; also set fine Harness, made by Wood Gib on, and TWO WHEELED DOG CART, IN PERFECT ORDER, luilthy llrewstcr A Baldwin. BAY MARE, 16% HANDS HIGH, 7 YR4RS OLD; tind and trite In all harm is; Dee lYom vice'"trotted at ioshen last, season in 2 -.25, 2:27 and 2:35%; lias not been lriven all Winter, but can show 2:40 any day; has great Mtdurancc, and is the fastest twenty-mile mare in the lountry: warranted sound. MAIL PHAETON, NEARLY NEW, BUILT BY WOOD Bros. SORREL HOR8K. 16% HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; lind and true in all harness; free from vice; a superior lorse for n truck or heavy draught w ork; warranted lOUIld. BLACK HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, 8 YEARS OLD; Hud and true in all harness, tree tron'l vice, good traveler, ?an excellent worker and warranted sound. BAY IIORSEi, 15% HANDS llion, 6 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness free trom vice, trick or fault, rood traveller, a superior Horse lor ladles' riding or irlving, and warranted sound; also Set Harness and NO TOP PONY PHAETON. BAY PONY, 14 HANDS SIGH, 8 YEARS OLD, KIND mrt true in every way; has been used hv ladles and eltiltren, and is one of the most desirable ponies for family use in the city, and warranted sound, kind and true. GLASS QUARTERED COACH, IN GOOD ORDER. TEAM OKAY HORSES, 15% HANDS HIGH, 7 AND 8 years old; kind and true In all harness; free trom vice, excellent workers and warranted sound. SEVERAL OTHER HORSES, FULL DESCRIPTION time of sale. Top Business Wagon. Light Express Wagons. Top and no top Road Wagons. Phaetons, Kocltaways and Depot Wagons. Double and single Harness, See. Weather never interfere* with our sales. Abuewster waqonh, a. with vertical steel plates. Every purchaser should see this great improvement. Unequalled In llghtncas, with greatly increased strength. > Sec certificate from General McClellan. New York, June 1,1871. Gfxti.f.mek?I linve carefully examined your patent yerticat steel plate sxle. i find that the addition of the rertical plate renders the nxle about two and u halt <24t> limes as atiff as it would be without it. Very respectfully, GEOKOE B. McCLELLAN. TV arc rooms Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh street. Factory 116 East Twenty-filth street J. B. BREWSTER A CO. Established 1838. ARCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. (I.atc Johnston A Van Tassell.) TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), AT 12 O'CLOCK, at Ills NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART. 19, 21, 23 and 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between University place and Fifth avenae. HARK.?A vorv fine Kentucky thoroughbred bay Mare, with foal by Flraway; hi hands high, C years old; a splendid saddle mare and kind und tine In ail harness; sound as a rock anil without blemish, r CART.?Elegant T Cart, city built, to order; nearly new. DOUCE HARNESS?Made loonier: nearly new. THE "BREWSTER WAGON." A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisite)} finished, and embracing in their construction the various improvements introduced by us during the pastl&ycars, uniting them the Standard for Quality throughout the United Stabs. There wagons arc exclusively the production of nnr well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stoc k in all respects equal in quality to those hull; to the order of the most valued customer, und at prices uniform to all. Tn order that we may not he confounded with a loint stock company id carriage dealers who have Adopted a firm name similar to our own, nnd impudently c laini the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warcrooms are at the corner of Filth nventte and Fourteenth street, and our only Fuctory on Itroome streot. BKKWSTKK A CO., ot Broome street. AT BARKER AND CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTERHALL'S. Corner of Rroadwav and Thirty-ninth street, MAJOR C. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. REGULAR MALES OK HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Gentlemen'* private establishment! disposed of at public or piivnte sale to the best advantage, and a general assortment of Horse*, Carriages, Harness and everything in (he horse line, to suit the needs ot all classes of purchasers, constantly on hand. A LARGE DRIVING RING in the Mart lor showing horses on sale. Twenty-four hours allowed lor trial on every horse sold under warranty. Carriages taken on storuge. Superior stabling for horses on sale. outside snips solicited and promptly attended to. Liberal advances made on everything in the horre line. ^ - REMOVAL. A. It A Card. It E Will open April 1 entire new Rtock K K Light Carriages and Harness M J at new nnd capacious Repository, O IT No. RCortlsndt street. V A All otir Stock at fit Liberty street A Li. mi trrent bargains toclone out. I,. No reasonable oiler refused.W ARCH. JOHNSTON, (is Lltierty, near Nassau street. ATTENTION 18 CALLED TO HAI.K OK KINK Horses and Carriages at nuction this day by WILLIAM VAN TAKSKLL, AUCTIONEER, at liis Auction Mart. HO, 112. 114 tost Thirteenth street. HXTrtA KINK AND STYLISH TEAM BAY 1IOKSES; warranted sound, kind and true. BAY TROTTING MAKE, 7 YEARS OLD; HAS A record of 2:36 and warranted round. VERY STYLISH HAY COUPE HORSE, SET OK KINE Coupe Harness and two-wheeled Doir Cart. KIKTEEN SUPERIOR WORK AND HOAD TIORSEH, ['arriuges, Harness. Ac., in ureal variety, see catalogue under this head. Allen b miner, auctioneer, Salesrooms 9j Chambers street. horse auction mart at new york sales avi) storage repository, kourtii avenue, corner i'm knty kifth street. RICHARD McCULLOUOII, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINKKA BRO., AUCTIONEERS, Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entries of article' for auction can be made at repository as above or salesroom ol auctioneers. Afresh lot ok is road and working horses, Just nrrived. NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, 337 TO .VI FOURTH AVENUE. A YOUNG HORSE FOR PALE-0 YEARS OLD, stylish i suited (or light work or a gentleman to drive. "Apply at 299 Eighth avenue. A CLARENCE, BROWN LINING, AS GOOD AS NEW; glass quarter Coaches, light Phaetons, new Doctor's Phaeton, top Buggy and 20 others. 1 .1 W Pl'I'NKY, WO Third avenue. A .-16 HEAD OK GOOD WORK HORSES, JUST AH rived from the West, to he sold this day at private snle. Inquire at stable corner New Church and Cedar streets. New York* IRK H a 28, 1873.?TRIPLE SHEE HOUSES, CAUK1AGK9. ?C. ^ A VKRY LIGHT CURTAIN COACH, NEARLY NEW, ml 2 Top Wagon*. by Brewster; 10 Top ami Open Road Wagons, by Duaenberry. Waterman, Duboir.C'orbitt

Ac. ;1 M'coiid hand Clarence ; 1 light Coupe; Rockaways; 1 Victoria; 1 Doctor i'hacton, by Kimball; top and open Pony ami l'ark and csli'iitinu top Phaeton* ;2 Kulklea, by Dtucubcrry A Van Du*cn; top and open Express Wagons; ingle and double Harness, Blankets, Ac. WM. II. OKAY, do and i"l Woorter street A - FOR SALE, A VEKY 1IE A f 111 T I. A X 1) -T VLISII p*ir grnv Mares, full sisters, 15 hands high, young, round and kind ; would take. In exchange, a single Horse, Id bands high, that can trot Inside ot three minute*, or a pair of Horse* ot same description and pav difference In cash.'ll IIAL?TBAH. Rye, N Y AN El.hi; is I I Uil I <>M l AMIM . ONE l'ark * eest K... kswsv one Doctor'* Gig, and one iw.. wheel I. tart ?ls? B""gy Wagons. Apply to M. Ol'BLKY, III set TtirtKi<L itrret, near ' Fourth aveuiK A GREAT HALUAIK-FOH HAI V A COMPLETE Turnout i s a gentleman leaving tor Kurope?two bay Horses. It band, high, sound and kind .excellent trotters. Hand t year* old a l.aud uilrt, mar * iiew.wltli double Harness, Blankets. Ac Inquire at Itiiggs' stable, corner Keecnth avenue sod Forty -second Meet Ark (or Michel, the coachman Bay mark, . hkown $t?. okay, $7i>; also one tine truck Horse; alto, stylish gray, lor exptesa Grand street. CXARKIAGEH, NEW AND SECOND HAND; PAMILY I 1 Carriages. I'ony Phaetons, Business Wagons, Ac.; will be told low, to make room !ur Spring and Summer 1 tylcs. WITTY A CO., Fulton and Kevin* street*, Brooklyn. C1ARKIAGE WANTED-A CABRIOLET IN (iouD > ordc., light, thut will carry lour persons, top on back seat, set low, tenders on side and of good nmnuliieturc; any one having such to dispose of will find it cash customer by addressing W. E. PERKINS, 125 Hudson st (TARRIAOKfi?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BARJ Bains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every description, at low prices; now Is the time to purchase betore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. CXARRIAGEH.?70 TOP AND ROAD BUGGIES; ALSO J four-seated Carriages, tine Barouche, ponr Phaetons; latest styles: cheapest in city, at DAY A SON'S Factory, 146 and 148 Kldrtdgc street CARRIAGES.?A. LOT OF SECOND HAND TOP Wazoui. light ltoad Wagons, Doctors' Wagons, Derby Dog Cart, slx-scut Hoekawav. Ac., at B. M. STIVERS' | Manufactory, 144 to 182 East Thirty flrat street. DON'T FAIL TO READ CATALOGUE ABOVE OF SALE THIS DAY, BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT I1IS NEW MART. 19, 21,33 AND 2ft FAST THIRTEENTH STREET, AND THEN DON'T FAIL TO ATTEND THE HALE. For sai.k-a lot of good work houses, just from the CDunlry; satiable for all purposes: to bo sold cheap. Apply at 170 Mercer street, near llh-eckcr. IT* OR PALE?BASHAW ROAD MARK, Ift HANDS I high; will suit any one who wants a good animal; wurrnnted. Hear of 2u7 Woostcr street. I [TOR HALE?AT WILLIAM H. ROSE'S. 21 EAST ' Twelfth stici t a splendid Online ; very cheap. (710It HALE:?A STABLE IN THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, r between Seventh and Eighth avenues, 23x75x100; fitted up for private use splendidly ; $15,000. I>. D. OKRKLL, 291 Broadway. TTtOU SALE:?A VALUABLE, STYLISH HAY hOBBB, r 16 hands high, 7 years old : can trot in 3 minutes anil has never been trained ; la suitable for coupe and family use; warranted sound and kind. Inquire ut 10 and 17 East Twenty eighth street. ITIOR SALE-TWO CANADIAN HORSES, OVER 16?-? 1 hands high; Just come llrom the country. Can be seen at the Liquor Store, 303 Monroe street. FOR SALE-ONE POKttEL MARE. IP. HANDS; ONE brown Horse, 13'j; both sound and kind; H and 9 years old : also two Top Buggies, In good order. 370 Hudson street, feed store. For sale cheap-bay horse, isj^ hands, 7 years old ; sound and kind ; sold for want of u?c. Inquire at McEwen A Martin's livery stables, 128 West Twentieth street. For sale:?a pony-bi n.v horse:, i.v, hands, 9 yearn, $150; sold to clo.e business. Also double Express Wagon. 26 Hctliunc street, near Washington street. For sale?a square box hide: BAR top wagon, used one season; stivers, maker; price $3t>0. Inquire before 3o'clock at lJBBITT'S stable, coruer Seventh uvcnue anil Twenty-second street. IitOR SALE?A ROCKAWAY, WITn SKATS FOR 1 lonr persons, suitable lor otic or two horses,. with ]>olc and thalts; has been very little used; also u set of single Harness; price for both' $125. Apply for two cloys at private stable 214 West Tliirty-llrst st., near Eighth nv. For kale?a ponybi ii.r mark and horse, 15}? bauds, 7 and 9 years old; sold only for want of work t nt fur liny use : prices, $95 and $130. Inquire at 13(1 Perry street, rear. For sale?a gray horse, ia hands mon, 6 years old; trots lit 3 minutes; warranted sound and kind. Ran be seen at 110 Monroe street Forsai.e?a Canadian pony, 7 years ou>, hi,hinils high: -ountl anil kind; price $I5U. lni|ii!re ntifi ChUNI street. In the grocery store. For sale-twelve new iiusines; wagons, one second hand Landau, one Feed Truck, one Top Buggy, at 207 Greene street. CjlOR SALE?A FULL BLOODED IMPORTED AL. J? dernry Hull, four years old this Spl ine, and winner of the first premiums at the Westchester t ounty Fair In 1871 and 1S72; price $150. Address A. A. K., box 080 Post office, New York. I/IOR SALE?A HORSE, EIGHT YEARS OLD. PtlNY 1 built; suit grocer or express wagon; is a pond horse double; sold for want of use; price $150. Ini;ulro at 321 West Twenly-slxth street, near Eiuiith avenue. For bale cheap-very stylish black coupe Horse; also line liny horse ; also double Hop Cart, by Lawrence; owner going abroad. Merchant's Stables, Twenty ninth street, just west of liroadway. Harness, carriages, ac. Side, bar top Buggy, by Hrewster; Kockuu ays and Depot Wagons, Top anil no top Pony Phaetons, Express Wagons, top and no top, 100 Sets single and double Harness, at new york sales and storage repository, 33/ to 341 4th avenue, corner 25t11 street. TTARNESS FOR THE 1 RACK, ROAD, COACH. COUPE, 11 Park, pleasure and business use also for ploughing, farming, teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, contractors, railroads, Ac.; also Saddles, Bridles uuii Horse Equipments ol every description. A kingdom for a horse. C. M. MOSEMAN A BR&, Harness Manufacturers, warerooms 114 Chambers st. Harness.?tiie cheapest harness store tn New York ; gcod double Truck Harness, $30; good single Bugg.v Harness, hiind-uuide, $22; a good Stable Blanket, $. 5); the largest assortment ol Cart Harness In the eltv. I lense call and examine lor yourselves. E. S. OSBORNE, Harness Warerooms, 43 Murray st. Horses taken to board, drive and break, w ith good rare, by JOHN H. TWEDDLE, Montgomery. Ortuigc county, N. Y. References?James B. Brewster ,( Co., New York City. Novelty carriage. Cradle nnd carriage combined. Price $18: old style $9. L. P. TIBBALP. S12 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. i \ E HORSES FOR S \LE ? FIT FOR FARMING OR IN grocery porposes or truck; varranted sound and kind; must be sold. Inquire at 211 Wooitcr street, between Bleecker and Amity. PRIVATE TURNOUT TO LET-FROM APRIL I; KI.Eguut lanilnu and extra stylish team, w ith coaelunnn. Can be seen at MeEwen A Martin's llycry liable*, 128 west Twentletll street ^ qioord band carriages.?two coupes, sixO seat Rockaway, light Victoria, Pony Wagon, several Rockaway*, Top und Open Buggies, two Dog Carts. Coupe Rockaway; extensive assortment Spring styles new Car. ringes at low prices. MAN! FACTCRKRS' UNION, 0'W Broadway. STABLE TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, IN HUNT'S ALley ; three stalls and box stall; lias gas ami water and finished rooms for coachman. Apply to E. G. 8HKPPAItD. 19 Broadway. Thoroughbred Kentucky mark-in poal by FLYAWAY. WILL HE SOLD AT AUCTION BY ARCH. JOHNSTON, AT HIS NEW MART, 19,21,21 AND 25 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR UNIVERSITY PLACE READ CATALOGUE ABOVE. wanted? a stylish four seat wagon or TV Dog Cart, ot best make. Address, villi low v*t price nnd particulars, j, a m. hose, 71 Franklin (treat. "t)lrANTED?A REALLY HANDSOME AND PERTV foctly broken saddle Horie: must he sound, not over six or*seven years of age, hridlew Isc and ot a dark color. Address COACHMAN, 31 Ka>d Fortieth street. 47/- FOR a CHUNKY BUILT HORSE; GOOD Jljt) worker for express, cart or truck ; straight and elenn in Ills limbs: a set ot light Harness, $10. 215 West Twenty slxtk street ' Allfl K"R A OOOD STRONG. HORSE, EXPRESS Jjp 11 U Wagon and Harness; also good IIorie for cart, truck or wagon tor $100, cheap. 283 West Twenty-filth street, near E.glith avenue. ?1 t>r ?BAY HORSE, 8EVEN YEARS 15^ HANDS; qp sound, kind, without fault; gray do., $100: stvlikh Sorrel, B years, 10 hands; no fault or blemish. 418 Etgih avenue, corner Thirty-Brat street 1aaa sets harness, of every DESCRIPTION", ul manufacturer's prices. JACOBCTWSKY, Hit.BORN a CO., III ChamLcri st. VAi'iiTht um.*! -wn/i t^ry a Kr?| n ?v? LiOIl SAM.?YACHT?T1JK WELL KNOWN SLOOP r yacht Dolphin. lute the property of John Helium, Esq.: fitte J nt grout expense ; CrJ tret over nil: benm, 16 feet: light draught: the most perfectly equipped and filled sloop jnchi in ti e countrv; wcatherly nnd good sea boat. Address R, INURAHAM, M Court street. Brooklyn. FIOB RAU CHEAP?A riBBT CLAM K\'o;!:; dimensions, III teet length, 10 feet beam and s teet hold; in perfect order. Apply to bl'LM AN A RROWX, Nee burn. RK LIU IOC* N OTIC KB. XTOTICE.?Till' OPKNINO SERVICES OK THE PHOT il otant Episcopal Chureb ot tin- Itetormiilon will he held In their neivly purchased building, on Kilty-seventh s'reet, between Lexington nnd Kourth avenues, ou Sunday next, at 10,4 A- M- '"id 7,4 P. M. PI % K AHTR. VN OHIOINAI, PORTRAIT OP JOHN HOWARD, THE philanthropist, by Halnosboro', vnlued In I.ondon at i.KW, to he sold lor $3no If Pouulit immediately; on vtew In Assoelatton room, outside He I sett sale, Twenty third Street and Fourth av. Address ARTIST, Herald oltlco. [ERA] IT, ~ EVEOPRAX STHAMNHIPS. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. The splendid voxels on this favorite roote for the Continent will sail front pier No. WJ North River, u? tollow, ST. LAFRKNT, LemAlre .Saturday, April fi VILLK DU HAVRE, Kurmout Saturday, April 19 I'KKKIRK, Duitro Saturday, May 3 PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD Including wine) TO BREST Git HAVRE First Cabin, $128; Second Cabm. $76. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamer* do not carry steerage pn*senpcr*. American travellers going to or returning from the Continent of Europe, hv taking this line, mold both transit by English railway and the discomforts of crossing the Channel, he-ides saving time, trouble and expense. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent. 5,- Rroadway. Cl'NARD LINE. The British and North American Royal Mail Hteamshloe, between New York and Liverpool, railing at Cork harbor. From New York. CUBA Wed., March 26 RUSSIA Wed., April 1? ABYSSINIA.. Wed., April 2 CALABRIA.. Sat.., April 1!) ALGERIA Wed., April <J JAVA Wed.. April23 And every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York, steamers marked thus do not carry steerage passengers. Kates <>l Pun-ago?Cabin, $80, $b)0 and $1.30, (told, according U> accommodation. Tickets to Paris, $15, acid, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Slecr site, $# , currency. Steerage tickets flrotn Liverpool and Quccnstown, and all parts of Europe. at lowest rates. For irelght and cabin bus-ago apply at the Company's office. No. 4 Howling Green; for ste-ruge passage, ut ill Broadway, Trinity Building. CHARLES G. FRANCKLYN, Agent Or to P. H. DUVEKNET, corner of Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, III. North german m.oyd steamship company. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AN1) BREMEN. The steamship KIIEIN, captain J. C. Meyer, will sail on Saturday, March 29, 2 P. M., from Bremen pier, loot Third street, liohokrn, to lie loltowed hy Steamship AMERICA, Captain K. Bii'slns, on Wednesdav, April 2. KATES OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, payable In gold, or its c<iui\a!cnt in currency. First CuDln $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerago 30 For freight or passage apply to OELRICII A CO., Agents, _____ No. 2 Bowling Green. White star line. VV FOR queenstown AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING the united states MAIL. New and full-powered steamships. Sailing from New Vork on Saturdays, from Liverpool on I htirsdays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. CELTIC Saturday, March 29, nl 3 P. M. ATLANTIC Saturday, April 5, at II A. M. REPUBLIC Saturday, April 12, at 3 P. M. ADRIATIC Saturday, April 111, at 10:30 A M. BALTIC Saturday, April 2(1. nl 3 P. M. ? From the White Stnrdork, I'avonia ferry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations lor all classes unrivalled, combining safety, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is lelt. Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?Saloon, $80 in gold (for sailings after April I, $li?), gold); steerage, $30 in currency. Those wishing to send tor friends in the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32, currency. Passengers hooked to or from all parts ot America to Paris, Hamburg, Norwuy, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. For inspection of plans and other informstIon aprly at the company's olllee, 19 Broadway, New 3 ork. Bills of lading issued to Continental porta J. II. SPARKS, Agent. UNITED STAIRS MAIL LINK.?STEAM TO QUEENStown and Liverpool. Hailing every Wednesday. NEVADA, Forsyth April 2, at 9 a. M. WYOMING, Price April 9, at 3 P. m. From plot 4fi North River. Cabin passage, $si) gold steerage, $'UI currency. Prepabl tickets, $32currency. Passengers booked to and front Paris, Hamburg. Norway und Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England, France and Germany at lowest rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 29 Broadway. vfational line of steamers. 1> Weekly to Quccnstown unit Liverpool; fortnightly to Isindoii direct. TO QUEENS TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers 44 and 47 North River. GREECE, Thomas Wednesday, March 20, at 3 P. M. EGYPT, Saturday, March 29, at.3 P. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, April 3, at 10 A. M. FRANCE, Thomson Saturday, April 12, nt.'l P. M. SPAIN, Grace Saturday. April 19, at 10 A. m. for london direct. HOLLAND, Bragg Ssinrdav, April S, at 11 A. M. THEME STEAMSHIPS ARM THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage, $90 and $so, currency, steerage. $29. currency. Prepaid stcerngr tickets from Liverpool, Quccnstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff. Bristol or Loudon, CHEAPER THAN I1Y ANY OTHER LINE, For fhrlher information apply at the company"! office, 09Ji?oadwny. F. W. J. HURST, Manager, Baltic llovd-mail steamship companyOnly direct line to Prussia, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, connecting with ail the Baltic local lines ot steamers, New York and Stettin, calling at Havre and Copenhagen to land mails ami passoiigetB?Steamer will tail at 2 P. M from Pier 13 North River. K. M. A knot, Captain f. Drover, March 29. rates of passage, payable in gold. First Cabin. Fl1", gold ; Steerage $30 tsecond Cabin 72, gold | Prom Stettin $301 From Stettin 40 Excursion tickets 170 | Excursion tickets... Oft Children uniicr ten years halt tare. For through freights to tlie principal ports of tlic Baltic and passage apply to CHARLES RAMMELSBEKU A CO., Agents, 40 Broadway, Maw York. TNMAN LINE .1 for Quccnstown anil Liverpool Royal Mail Steamers are appointed to sail as tollows CITY OF PARIS Saturday, Mnrc',1 29 2 P. M CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday. April ft, noon. CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, April 10, 2 P. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, April 12.2 P. M. ami carli succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from pier 4ft North River. Rales of Passage. Cabin, $85 and $10n. gold, according to ace. mmodation. Round trip tickets al low rates. Steerage?To 1 ivcrpool, Quccnstown, Ola^gow, Londonderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $."!); prepaid Certificates. $32. currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Swtdetl, Norway, Denmark anil Paris, at reduced rates. Dralt's Issued at lowest rates. For Cabin Passage and general business apply at tlio company's office, lb Broadway. For .Steerage Passage at 33 Broadway. JOHN (1. DALE, Agent, or to O'Doxnri.l A Faulk, 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. N. CnrAUK, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. Biiown, 80 South Market street. Chicago. William Ixman, Liverpool, and No. fl rue scribe. Paris. /3 REAT WESTERN It steamship line. NEW YORK TO BRISTOL. ENGLAND, DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers for London. Cardiff, Newport, Ulourester anil all pons in Bristol Channel. The steamers ot litis line will sail Iroin pier ift East River as follows GREAT WESTERN, Stamper Wednesday, April 23 AltAOON, Western Wednesday, May 17 Cabin passage $70, i urreney Steerage 30. currency Parlies wishing to send for their Iriends ran obtain prepaid certificates. Drafts lor ?1 and upwards. Kor freight or | nsgage apply to IS. E. MORGAN'S SONS, 70 Smith street, New Tort. Anchor linb.?express steamers sail from pier 20 *orth River. New York. VICTORIA Sat M'ch 20 | ANOI.IA Sat., April 5 CAST A LIA... Wed., April 2 f OLYMPI.*. ...Wed., April tt Passengers hooked anil forwarded to and from "nil railway stations in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark or America, aa safely, specdilv.'comfortably and cheaply as anv oilier route or line. Ticket*. Drafts or C> rtillcati s can be bought at lowest currency rates by applying at Ihe company'*office*. No. T Bowling Orcon DBNPKRBON BROTHER*, Agent* rrillk' IIAMHCRO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S 1 iron mail steamship HAMMOMA, Captain Voss, will rail on Thursday, April 3, at 2 P. V.. for Hamburg, taking pawengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and llumburg. First Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $72. Steerage. $30, payable in Lnlted States gold. KldH.AUlM K I,u,| v. n. IWI Iijinn k mmn, General Aiscnln, Genorul PHsseniror Agents, 01 Krniiil street. New York. CI Broadway, New York. The HolsaTI A wilt sall_Ap?tl M t m iiok JY. I'nxtctiKcrK |i.r steamship Victoria will embark at Anchor Line dock, pier 2D North River, on Saturday, IM in*t. Steamer sails punctually ut iiooii. mHROUOH TICKETS TO ALT, FARTS OK EUROPE I issued by COOK, SON A JENKINS, 2fr2 Broadway, New York, General Excursion and Tourist Managers and Publisher* ol "Cook's Excursionist" (monthly price 10 rentxt, a Journal of Inlorination to all classes ot European travellers, showing bv their numerous arrangements Kreatlv reduced rales and many lucilitti a. Ticket* issued lor any line of steamer*. rpilE AMERICAN EMIGRANT COMPANY, NO. A HOWJL Una Green New York, established ls02.-Sleer.Krc pas.nge tickets, foreign exchange and railroad tickets. Send lor circular In English, German or Scan linavian language*. Aildress box 4.M2 Post office. TTK1TKD STATES PASSPORT HI'REAU.?AMKRICAN U citizen* reciuirniK Passports will apply fo TlloMAS SADLER, Commissioner, No. a Broad street, New York. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND AND IKKI. VND.Draft* for ?1 and upwards ami Passage TickeU, lijr steamship nml sailing packet, issifd at the lowest rates bv I Af'SCdTr MKl/l It hits A CO., at South street. COAHTtVIHK MTKAMSIIIFM. r'NITK.n STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO. HAVANA, PROQRKHO AND VERA CRIZ, New York ami Mexican Muil Stcainalilp, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at 3 I'. M. EVE It V THURSDAY. CITY OP MKRIDa (Havana via Na??an> April ? CITY OF MEXICO (llavuna ami Mexico) A,nl ID CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only) April 17 CITY OF MKRIDA April 24 CLEOPATRA (Havana an 1 Mexico) May 1 For freight or pa-sneo applv to I- ALEX VNDltK A SONS. 11 Broadway. _ rpEXAS LINK OP OALVKSTON STBAXRRS, TOUCB. 1 inp at Key West, carrying the United States mail. The steamer GEO. w. CLYDE, Captain Cole, Is now receiving trclght at pier 2D East River, and will sail Saturday, March it). Through hills of lading given to Houston, either hy the 0. H. and II. R. R. or hy the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to alljiotnts on the Oalveiton, lluiuton ami Henderson and H. R. and C. Railroad. No charge for forwarding In New York. For freight or passage apply to 0. II. MALLOKY A CO., 1M Maiden lane, ?r w p. CLYDE A CD. 119 Wall street. LD. PRICE FOUR CENTs7~ COAMTWIHE STEAMSHIP*. PACIFIC M All. STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Mot- to CALIf OBNTA, JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying ma'ls, pd.sacugcra and freight to upinwall, Puiiumu, Santa Martha, Urevtown and Pacific of Mexico, Central America, . , Peru and Chile. V.lTO-K'eatne, It IssJ\i; ST \K, Captain 8. P. flrllllii. will leave pier 42 North Ktver, at 12 o'clock noon, fa* Aapluwall 41n-gt. connecting at Panama with the steamer < .ONhTITDTION, t'apuin Mora-, touching at Acapulco, Munznniilo. Mazatlan, and alao connecting tor all Central American and South Pucitio porta. Mcparturoi ol 10th and 20th oi each month connect with the company')! steamer touching at Man ltcnlto, Tonatu, Saltan l ru/ and I'ort Angel. steamer ALASKA will leave San FrnnoPco April 1, 1873, lor Janan and China. For rates ot pas.^agc, freight and ail further information apply at company's olllce on the nicr, foot of < anul street. F. R. BABY. Agent. Hroclal Notice.?Postponement of failing.?steamer RISING STAR will lenvo pier 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, Saturday, \nrll 8,1873. Steamer (>0EAN Ql'KKN will follow, and sail Saturrtny^AprU 19,1473. ^ / 10I.CMHIAN MAIL STEAM PACKET LINE, FOR \ Mafunzas and Harnna, currying the United States mail ?Tho Brit class sidewlicel steamship SANTIAGO lip; CUBA, Captain J. W. Reynolds, will sail from pier No. 4 North River on Tuesday, April 18, at 3 P. M. For freight or iia sago apply to C. L. Ol'ILLEAUME A CO., A n.ntu li IiSOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No 5 North River, nt 3 o'clock P. Sf. MISSISSIPPI, on SATURDAY. March 29. Freights received dally. Through rates given for St Louts, Vicksburg, Mobile, Galveston and Iti'llanola. For freight or pannage (having superior aecommodaUoiih) apply to FREDERIC BAKER, 30 Broadway. TTtOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 Tho C'romw< '1 Swaimlilp Line. The steamship NEW ORLEANS, Captain B. V. Oager, will h ave pier No. 9 North River on Saturday, March 2!>, at 3 M. Freights received daily Through raten given to Galveston, Indianola. Kocktort or Aranzas wharf, llra/.on, Santiago and Si. Loul->. t'ublii passage, $50; steerage, $25. For freight or pasS Ige apply to CLAltK A SEAMAN, Ho Went atroot. Foil NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE STEAMER CITY OF DALLAS, Captain Jones, will leave pier 21 East River, April 2, at 4 P. M. Freight received dally. Through ratc.n glo-ii to Galveston, lndluno a, Wockport or Annua t wharf, Hra/o* Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin pas'tge, $5); steer igo,$25. For freight or passage apply to _C. II. M A I Li'ItV A CO., in:', Maiden lane. I 10R NORFOLK, CITY POl ? r AND RICHMOND ?THE 1 Old Dominion Stcamaliip Company will deapateh from pier 37 North Rivor their elegant sldcwhool steamship \\ YANOKK, i luch, tor Norfolk, Oily Point and Richmond, on Thursday, March 27. giving through lit I In of lading to all points South ami southwest. Through passenger tickets Issued to all points. Accommodations uiienualleit. \pp1v at pier 37, or at tho general otUce, 1H7 Greenwich street, corner of Dev. TRAVEM.KK8' Gl'IPE. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave Now York, from foot of Desbrotwet mid streets, un follows:? Express tor llarrisbur:*, Pittsburg, (he Went and South, Willi Pullman Palace Cam at Inched, at 9:30 A. M.; 5, 7 and 3:3U P. M. Sunday, 3, 7 and 8 jo i*. M. For lialliuiore, Washington and the South at 9 A M.; 7 nod 9 P. M. Sunday, 9 P. M. Express tor Philadelphia. a, 9. 9:10 A. 31. j 12:30, 1,4, 5, 6, 8:3U, 9 P. 31. atul 12 night, stinduy, 6, 8and 9 P. W. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. SI. Emigrant and second class, 7:15 P. M. For Newark nt 6, 0:30, 7, 7:10. 8:10. 9. 10, 11, 11:10 A. ST., 12, 1,2,2:31, 3. 3 :!t\ 3:io, 4:10, 4:3d. 5:10, 5:30, 8:30, 5:50, 6, 6:10, 6:30, 7, 7:30, 8:!0, 9, 10, 11:30, 1-' P. II. Sunday, 5:20, 0, 8. 10,9 P. M. For Elizabeth, 0, 6 :30, 7, 7:10, P. P:10, 9,10,11, 11:40 A. M., 12 M., 12:30, 1, 2, 2:30, 3, 3:?>, 3:40, 4, 4:10, 4 All. 5:20, 5 JO, 5:50, ti, ?:10, ti :30, 7 :30, ?.19, 10, 11 -.30, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5:20, 0 and 8:10 P. 31. For Rah way, 0, 0*0, 7. 8:1 t. 9 31 and 10 A. M., 12 M., 1.2. 2 :30, 3,3:20, 3:40, 4 :10. 1:3), 0:2h, 5 .30, 8 SO, 8,8:30, 7 :T), 8:10, 10 P. H, and 12 night. Sunday, 5 20 and 8 P. SI. For Woo.lbritlge and Perth Vmboy, 0 and 10 A. M., 2 210, 3 :40, 4:30 and 5:50 P. M. For New Brunswick, 7.10 A. M , 12 M., 1,2. 3, 4:10, 8:20, 6, 9 1'. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 0 and 9 I*. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. St., 12 noon, 4 :10 nnd 5:20 P. M. For Lambertville and Fleinlngton, 9 A. M. nnd 2 P. M. For Phillpsburg and Bclvidcre. 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation for llordentown, Burlington and Camdo n, 7 nnd 9 vto A. SI., 12 30, 2, 3, 3:40, 1 und 6 P. M. For Freehold, 7, 8 A. M? 2 aud t P. M. For Jaincshurg, IV nil erton, Camden, 6 A. M., 3:40 P. Sf. Trains arrive as followsFrom Pittsburg, 0:80 A. SI., 1 :tri P. St., daily, 10:14 A. SI. and 0:3t P. M., dally, excopt Sfondnv. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:40 A. M., 4:54,10:12 P.M. Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, 8:21,0:80. 10:14, 11 :II4, II :5I A. M., 2:14, 3 31, 6:04,8:43 P. M. Bunday, 8:21, 6:50, 11:14 A. M. Ticket ulHees, 623, 435, 271 and 914 Broadway; No. 1 Astor House and foot of Deshros-us nnd Corllandt streets. Emigrant Ticket offlce, No. 8 Battery place. A. J. Cu'iTT, it. M. BOYD. Jit., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. DRY GOODS. _ Attractions increase at smith's fatter* Bazar, 014 Broadway. Sup. rl> Oostimics. Enchanting Novelties. Patterns now ready. Cloth model with each pattern. Come early in the day. A^BURDETTE SMITH, 914 Broadway, near Twentiethst. MATTINGS, M ATTI NOB. ?ORE AT JOB IN BED, white and fancy flno white, ft); Carpet*, Blankets and Woollen Goods, Burlap's Canvas. Buckrams, Ac. A. HESTER A CO., 103 Chambers street. M11.1,1 \ Kit \ ?.!"? ORESS IUKINU. Grand opkninq. We take pleasure In announcing to our ettsfomers that we will present for their inspection on Enaajr, March ?H. all the newest and most popular styles of Ladles' Bonnets and Bound Hats: a lull line ol' Mourning Bonnets always on hand. We shall also present for Inspection u varied andR-lcgant assortment or Ladies'and Children's Suits and Cloaks. LORD A TAYLOR, corner Grand and Chrystto streets. Madame no. 7 west thirtieth street, has now very choice styles of I'aris Bonnets and Round Hats, at very reasonable prices. Particular attention paid to orders. \f ADAME If. BU1ILMEYEIt, FORMERLY AT NO. 5 J>1 Great Jones street, will op< n again on Thursday and Friday, the 27tn and ifkth ot March, at 13 West Ninth street, her own lmpnrtulitn of the most distingue Bounds and Round Hats, INST ill CTION. A LADY TAKING LESSONS IN FRENCH FROM A competent readier would like to have a lady Join her in lessons, with slew to belter progress and reducing expense*. Addreaa J. .v., Mt, Weal Thirty-second street. / AOLLKGI..TK AM) i,"\i M E It''' AI. INS.TTl'TK, V' NEW HAVEN, CONN. Preparatory to College, the .Scientific Schools or BusL nrssSummcr session begins 3, WTA ririuiiTPRE. ?STORAGE. . STORAGE for FURNITURE. PIANOS. MIRRORS, PAINTINGS. Ac.: ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAIthHO! SK, built expressly for the purpose, 102 TO lit EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS. CASES ami other PACKAOlis containing articles of EXTRA VALUE can la- stored with 8AFT.TV at low rate*. Persons can forward their goods from any part of EUROPE or AMEBIC A direct to tills warehouse. THE PI tl.ic Is invited to examine the superior accommodation*, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., which this warehouse possesses over all others. JOHN II. MOKRELL, Owner and Proprietor. A ?A.?A ?120 WEST ?::D ST. J\ , A private family declining housekeeping and not wishing to have a public auction will this day sell all their elegant Household-flnisls ill lots to suit cash purchasers; two inagnlflc- nt satin broeaiol Parlor suits, cost $60d. lor $230, one tor ?12>; rep Nulls $10 to $73. Bedroom Suits $23. upwards, fi o yard > Car| et less than hall cost; Pianoforte, cost $030, for $'.'30; otherartteles too numerous to mention. Call, before purchasing elsewhere, at private house 120 West 23d at., near Otli av. B. it. MARTIN. A MAGNIFICENT LATEST STYLE PARLOR SI'IT, li urly uew, made to order, cost $373, for $2 O; one do. .$170; broeatcl and rep Suits $73. $30 and $33; Piano. oil Paintings, Curtains, Mirrors, Bronzes, Bookcases. Elageres. Tables, Turkisii Chairs, Lounges, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, $3,7 up - Mattresses, molding, Buffet, Extension Table, silver Wan-. Cutlery, Carpets,; a great sacrifice for cash; family leaving for Europe. House to let. Residence H3 West Eighth (treat (Clinton place), between Fifth and *ixtli avenues. A?NOTICE.?GREAT SACRIFICE.?ELEGANT PAR lor Suits, covered rich satin broeatcl. coal $300, for $1 7.3; otic do., SIS'); rep Miii.s, $31 to $'0; magnificent rosewood 7 \ octave piannfor.e, beautiful oil Paintings, Bronzes, Mirror;;, Curtains, Clocks, Library and Dining Furniture, rosewood nn I walnut Chamber Milts, Mat iri'HM'K, llfMKllll'.', IV' . ?< nci am ri., near 7th av. S. B.?Uooii* not sold tliis "lay will be sold at auction tomorrow (Saturday), at 10,lj o'clock positively. Cut this out. A large assortment ok carpets. pcrni turc nod Heddiinf at lowed cash pricex by weekly instalments, at o'K \ iikei.l's Warehouse, tit) Eighth ?renuc, between Thirtieth and Thirty first streets. \T BENDELL'S Ol.l) STAND?FURNITURE, CAR. pets and Bedding cheap for cash, or by weekly and monthly payments. l'. K. CANNON, 209 and 211 llndaon street, corner Canal. A RARE CHANCE SELDOM MKT WITH, AT PRf. vate residence, 124 We it Twenty-sixth street.?Parlor Suits t7S. rep Suits $:?, Bedroom Suits $2J, and sOt) Lotscheap lor cash, for three days. A <l<iur. Mario Antoinette styles, covored "Ilk brocade* made order, coat fft-V), for $300; do., 913d; do., $43; Eta* gere, Cabinet*, Tables; roue wood Pianoforte, bronzes* Paintings, Mlrror?, velvet Carpets, Clocks, rosewood, walnut Chamber Furniture, Mattresses, extension Table, Silver, Ulaaawarc; a sacrifice. Property I'amlly Icliving city. 3H West itvth ?t., n?ur Mb av. TAINK OFFICE FUUNITl'RK FOR SACK?CONSIST, r lug of black walnut, double, single and upright Desks; handsome iron Office Itat'ing, In goo I order L. FARRINOTON,30 Lalglit ItrOOt.basement. "EIOR sale-ENTIRE FURKITL'RE IN FLAT, THIRD F iloor of tin West Seventeenth street; everything necessary for housekeeping , will be sold cheap lor cash. Call anor 11 A. M. Monthly or weekly payments?carpets Furniture, Redding. Ac. DEALT A CCNNfMJHAM, SHs anil 3101 nira avenue, near i wonty-oisoni;r j it. Prices tower than agiy other h i a the city. PRIVATE PARTIES DKSlftlNO TO DISPOSE OF their Furniture can meet with a cash purchaser by adarealug s. H. P., box Post office. TlfEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR Fl'Ryy nllure, Carrels and Bedding, nt H. M. t oWPKR. Til WAIT a CO.'S, I and 13/ Cbatliain street. An lmnousc stock and low nricea

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