Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1873 Page 2
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2 city ri:ai^ 1.state tor sale. Ccatrkl. A?FOR SALE?ON FIFTH AVENUE. BETWEEN . . Eighty fltth anJ Eightvwilxth strooti, fkcing Central Park, a splendid brown stone Mouse, with or without Furniture; will he sold at a great bargain if applied for at once, as lamily are going abroad ; terms rery eaar; it not sold this week will ho leased for a term ol years. For periuita, As., of JEBRUP, 2M Broadway. A HIGH STOOP FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT .House, between Tlilrd and Lexlngion avenues; a giving away; only $s,lHX> the whole sum; the best real estate title. JAMBS nYI.AND. St: East Nineteenth street. AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN stone trout Home; cabinet llnlsli; finest locality In eltr; price reasonable. Apply to owner, 53 East blklytlrst street, near Madison avenue. A PERFECT GEM FOR BALE?ON I30TU STREET, Filth and Sixth avenues, 20x15x3)0, four 'Tory brown siouc, frescoed throughout; would trade for a bouse down town. For permit call on MARTIN DUNN, .'02* Broadway. A BARGAIN?TilE CHEAPEST noUSK IN THE city, only ono left, on Sixty-tlrst street, near Madison avenue ; four story; price $.4,000 if bought soon. For Permits call on MARTIN DUNN, 2UJ Broadway. A PERFECT OEM OF A THREE STORY AND basement House must be sold; S-t.OUUcash wanted; splendid location ; I am also authorized to offer that very c.aboratolv finished lull lront lour story and basement House on Lenox Mill, $10,000 below Its real value; also on Murray Hill, a very desirable three story and baseUient ; price only Ba\000; these are special bargains. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, PM Third avenue. A?FIFTH AVENUE BIJOU RESIDENCE; CHARM . iug position; well ptauncd; frescoed; reasonable price to ensure speedy sale. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street. A LARUE HOUSh FOR SALE?AT A SACRIFICE, on West Twenty-second street, near 8ixth avenue; a fonr slorx high sloop. 25 feet wide, 55 feet deep, lot full depth, In llrsi rato order, all modern Improvements; price only $25,000. This is the cheapest Uouso offered this season in its vicinity. JAMES R. EDWARDS, 09 West Twenty-third street. A-A-A?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH . stoop brown stone House, west side oi Madison avenue. SU feet south of Seventy-lnurth street; tliree floors in bard wood, the parlor tloor in cabinet work by 1'otlicr A Hymns; mantel mirrors. 22x58x98: also a tour story Ohio stone luicli stoop House, 8S East sixty-fourth street; parlor and basement in hard wood, back parlor and nail wainscoted witli marble; will he sold at very low prices, or will exchange lor lots. Botli houses open for inspection. Inquire lor particulars of owner, A. KLABER, 134 East Eighteenth street. (CENTRAL PARK-FIFTH AVENUE LOT, CENTRE OF J block, between Sixty-flitli aud Sixty-sixth streets, very choice, lor sale, at $57,300. Address, or call before noon, OWNER, 23H West Kitty-second street. IjlOR RALE AT A BARGAIN?THE ELEGANT FOUR 1 story brown stone House on the north side offc'evcutv-fourth street, third house west of Madison avenue; si7,e 25x110, lot 102 -. finished in hardwood m the most superb manner. Party will be on the premises to show the game, every afternoon, from 1 to 3 o'clock. BOB SALE AT A LOW FIGURE?THE TWO HOUSES I and Lots 129 and 131 Clinton place. Eighth street; lull lots, with substantial Vi story buildings thereon; the property is now paying a good interest, which may be considerably Increased by alterations easily made. Inquire in the oilier, 127 Clinton place. ONLY THINK OF IT-$55.003 WILL BUY HOUSE ON Seventy-fourth street, between Fifth and Madison avenues; size lilxbOxtUO; cabinet flnisb. This is the cheapest house hi the city. For penults apply to MARTIN DUNN. 202 Broadway. HTE8TKRLY CORNERS OK MADISON AVENUE v* and Seventy-fourth und Seventy-fifth streets; lots each 25x103 loci; bouses first class in bvery respect; price moderate: terms easy. Apply on premises. roil STB BET, BETWEEN MADISON AND SIXTH *IO avenues (nnd corner) frill size Residences, ncwlv erected, embodying nil approved and modern appliances, planned w itli skill, fur salo to close estate. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., It Pine street. Ci*(iiWt ? CITY AND COUNTRY COMBINED, PzjO.V'Uv". near St. George's church (Dr. Tyng's) and the magnificent residences of Hon. Hamilton Fish and George Folsom, Esq.?Elegant three story brown stone House, newly painted and trescoed throughout in the richest manner; evorv convenience nnd improvement, including water and marble wash basins and gas llxtures in every room; beautiful chandeliers In parlors; house full of closets, dressers, pantries, dumb waiter, Ac., Ac,: No. I heater in cellar; the House Is cheap for $28,000; I will sell for $23.0'*); terms easy. Apply to owner, WILLIAM II. UALL, 2.VJ Greenwich struct, or at the house, 319 East Seventeenth street Possession Im % nilll ONLY?FOR A 25 FEET FRONT FOUR i?4JiJ."M " story high stoop Dwelling, lot lOOteet, 011 Twenty-second street, near sixth avenue; In perfect order lor residence or business purposes; permits only from O. G. RENNET, No. 9 i'lue street. <kn"7 nnn -madison avenue.?the fine T'sJ I i"Ullour story Nova Scotiu stone trout House, finely and fully furnished, near Forty-second street, west side, eleguntlv frescoed, finished in hardwoods hy Marrott, of L'nion square, cut up at $65,01)0, but must be sold ; terms easy. Apply to WM. KENNKELY, No. 4 Pine st. Eust fsitle. A-A.-A.?A.?WE WILL SELL AN ELEGANT three story high stoop brown stone House on I i'ty evcntli street, jurt east of Second nvenue, for $20,490; lizc, 22x60x100; location beautiful; $5,t? 0 cash. S. I III-.11 IE V 1,11'H A CO.. yijii mid yu.-i Third avenue. A MAGNIFICENT FIVE STORY BROWN STONE French Flat, Lexington avenue, renting for #3,ouo, price *2(1,500; a llirCe story high stoop brown stone, -UxJJ Ktun, best part Second avenue, *1 1,500. THOMAS G. HoJKR,93i!Tliird avenue. l'AVING TENEMENT PROPERTY IN K A ST Thlrtv-tourth -tree!, in excellent condition, for sole cheap. Apply to N. (JFAOKENBON, Counsellor at Law, No. 7 Warren streol, room 12. \ J'lH R "ST. Mi V "BR'tllK HOUSE, 2.KAST UROA D 7 Y way; good b'sines-lo atlon; Hut"T.i tease; cheap, (on ash.' VV. II. FALCONER Fourth avenue, near 'i'weltth street. All itp ; * lass iToFsios, at loivlst rates! :..I| a v.. No-. A 4,588, 590, 614, 024, 744. 710, 781 and 144; 208 R est .V.Hh st ; j and II East list si.; No. ti East 12d at.; It Ect I id -I.; 25 East 44tl. -I.; 13 West AOtli ??.; Nos. | 7. It, 1R and 18 Fust, uud Nos. 8, 35 and 01 We 148tli st.; 25, !> l and 117 tVe-t 52d st.; Nos. ?, 10 nmW 16 tVes', unit No-. I, 15 nod 19 Last 53 I -i.: '211. -1, 28 and II West Ofltli st.; No. 8 West. a:;d 16 to 24 Kits! 57th st. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street and 226 Filth avenue. \?THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, 78# Lex.ngioti avenue, 20 feel front; noivly painted and hand ii'to Iv frescoed, including gas fixtures, carpets, utirrntv, -bales, cornices. We will sell at the low Manic ot f. s.riM. Examine It, pr call at F. /UTILE'S, I Jm 1 hirJ avenue. A FAMILY GliINt; ABROAD WILL "RENT THEIR IV lloitse, fully numbed, on Ens! Twenty-sixth street, between Fourth un l T. xin fo i nvi nttes; will not rent to Irresponsible parties er tor boarjers. Apply lo ALEXANDER MILE I'. I West Forii-seventh street, near Broadway, front s lo 12 o'clock. A?V IIM;w\I.\. MI'lt AS I'An^lT HI'. (HIT IN j . New York, to settle an estate For siil?, h three storv huh -too)! jirivat" Hons", 2S tret 't it'.olu stiv 40 ' tlcen : lot 7."> feet; It Fought this week no less tl.un $H,000 li sti; wliul" sum tl'l.ow'. 11YI.ANP,S42 East Nineteenth street. | Abaruain -of a splendid uitfrr ot ass high | stoop prh ate House, on north siite ut Second syenite, j near Tenth sir et: tin lions.' i i over 22 teet trout liv about i BO f et (It 0,1; lot. one-half block, lull charge of s:ile with JAMES IlVl.AND, I'.' East Nineteenth street. A HACK I Pit tE, BI T MUST HE SOI.D-A THREE story a ml bsieincnt brick House on East Kortv-iiintli vtreet ; m'<> tern iiiiproveinents; tine order. Permits vritli TllttS .MetlUl HE, 1.MA Second avenue. f lORNEK PROPERTY FOR HA LB?TIIRKK HOUSES; I -old ipir.i'i-i; rei|iiJrcd. Iti'iuire of the owner on the premise*. 1 "Oi Second aventie, nottInvest corner Seventy-eighth street. T/OR sale? \ I.< ?T IN Si t E.N jfY FIRST STREET, ON r the r ed side, 12.1 feet we t rt avenue A ; 25x1117.2. tniinire ot TMOS. O'HKIKN, stand 9 and II Tompkins Market. TjV)R BALK?A VERY Kit ,. THREE STORY PRIVATE II hriek IIohm' niul l ot; chenp und easy eondiiions. ln?liiirt- ni 22i Filth street, between Second and Third avenue , li. in Id to t o'rha k. No tig'-nlr wanted. hlor sale?SM All, it DCS eg, up town, all with improvements. Also <nne to c.xeliaiiEU. A tour story House, oil Fir-t aveni.e, .ultable tor an kind ot hit tnesi. II. Mi K EN'N a, 9Se lb rd avenu -, near Fifty-ninth street Mortgages wanted. IjNOR SALE?TWO LOTS OK O,ROUND IN FRANKLIN street, between Centre and Baxter streets, with Building nltntde lor light lnati'itaettiring purposes. Apply to I'. (lAKKIcK, I 'lind 21 Roo.-eveit street. Ftoit SALE or To 1.1 T?SPLENDID LITTLE BROWN stone lion e, nil improvements; price $I.T,Mhi; very littfern-di; $12 > per m mth lnrnl?ht d or $H>d per moti'lt imfY>rnl?hed ; iinuc iliatc pi ion. Apply between I and ft I'. M. at 2i*' East thirty-ninth street. if any man \vTVll ilia fa i |7| i i s umm PaTrEU j I will relnse to buy a vcrv - o antlullv built three storv" ' Inpb stoop brow ii -lone |iw< tltnp, In Sixtieth street, near 'third atrnue <rt trlrted l-It ?t tin- prn-o offered today. cbttiilil lir vary promptly in -arm rated in the public Institution at Kin .iiilinxilitlf; hi/ ii'\. x 10 >. Till* hoU.-e will iiii.hI a-miidl* '* III ii I. > . i nil "occupation's Rone." SAM l*PI- Kli.l'A THICK, 1,# Tlilrtl avenue. SITYVWANT I'AHK.-M.Er\NT Till!KF. STORY high stoop br<>? ii lb Htghtxjg i'Ui -k, newly ! painted mi l lit > m-d throughout: rvsry modern improve- 1 ineiil; eliunib !i -rs in parlors; Immediate pnaaoaxion. Price mil* SUt.Ouu. it C. snow A CO., 239 Broadway. WILL BUY A NKAT, NBW, BA8EMKNT UiWlH/ nil I three story Utilise in Kiaht)'-f bird street, between Kir-d nml Second avenues, with all improvement.*. Ititjntrt- oil tin* premixes. (fcl'J RAH Kl A NICB BROWN NTOXB ROlTBg, Ii I w.t II " ' ?lx4.V, lull lot, on Kiality-fourtU street, lietweru Kir.-l ami See mil avenue- ; all modern improveliic-iitw; in it good lienltliy nt'lvliluirlioii'l; convenient to boat mid i nr- Terms ea*y. Apply at 12 or alter # at 112 ha*t Tortieth street, to owner. West Mltlfi ? i <m: ( ai.i;-h.\ih avkm j , ? orn iimiisks . iiiiii Store above Korty-neronil ?treet. SI*HO. mpa rately or ton II r. to close estate; sixty |i?r cent call re-J iiniiii ou utmlta. a lor a term of year*. .(AMI S H. W VTKRI.OV, SHI Sixth avenue. AM a (i nisi r k nt ri.ot ok ground, 2110 fJ.kt Iroul, at W h-h I tic-toll Heights, hudnx the lineal view. Hint can he Iniil uii Miinhnttuti Island, the natural topography ol the ground pre-ctniavnUy adapting it lor | gentleman's villa restibti e. \ l< STEVENSON, .tr? 11 I'ine street. I \JIAI.O VI N. - . TIIUKK STUKY II Kill STOOP . lirl'*K I Ion . i uxuhxiuo.S; li ration At. Forty < ighth \ t Ireet. belNVoe.i \,i n nil M i e lit it iiveltllea; price only ?ll.t??. 1 i, ws Sixth arennv. | A" HKAI'TII I I THHI-.V. sToltY IITtiTf STOOP STONF , liotiM-, oil iliiity uii >(! et. wllli new an I elegant Car|>ct?, Shades an I chandelier... In,- u'p. The above trill he sold cheap, us the men r drain to lent e the eounli v lit Aj.iil. F- I'Kt'K 1(1(1,1*1 Fifth avenue. | U ROADWAY.?TDK KMIIF. BUM K ROINHKII by K roadwu.v. StTeWh xvenne. Foov.-, Tenth street i and Forty-eighth street din attenion ol capitalists la called to this bltiek ; II lorint tie )uit< t'on ol Broadway in* tvjdi nedl tvith Seventh avenne. and l? one ol the I xiileal vaiuahlc business files 111 lUc- city. JOHN (>. A I* r, i'.U Rrondway. fVNTIKK HM>? K OK iMMritOVKI) OITY I ,\ N I), J Itploirlldly lo< ttrrt, Willi ?n Imini'iwr |?ro*pcrUvf InririiM within ilic .voir; oiir flitrd ta*li requirfd. price low to c fleet sliced v mi to. . .. V k. hTLVEKSON. Jr.. 11 1'iuc hired. I NEW Y< trrt RKAL ESTATE FOR SAH. WMt Side. |7<0R HALE-MEDIUM SIZED BROWN STONE r Dwelling 1? West Forty-second street, tastefully decorated; in perfect order; price low; terms eusy Inquire of J. CAMPBELL, Pacific Bank, Fob hale?in west forty-fourth street. first class three story and basement high stoop brown atone Iront Houses. IMS to 253. a*30 and 18.9x30; price $17,000 and $16,000. Inquire on premises or oi JAMES HENDERSON, a? Seventh avenue. For sale?by p. s. uoliJkn a co., 957 atii ay. :? Brown stone House, West 58th st $30,000 Brown stone Ilou*, West 56th st, 22,500 Brown stone House, West 55lh St.. 14,500 Brown stone House, West 53d st 35,000 Brick, high stoop, West 53d st 17,000 We can oiler great inducements in the above houses. For balk?a baroain-the large and modern finished brick House, with 10 full Lota, onl32d street, fourth house cast of the Boulevard; terms easy. J. I. WEHT. 384 Broadway, FOR HALE?cheapest lot in ward, near Eighth avenue; size 25x100; price $8,500. HALTER ? l.KVy, 58 West Thirtieth st, near 8th ar. lilOR SALE OR TO LET-THREE STORY AND BASE 1' ment brown stode House, all improvement*, with or wlthont Furniture. Inquire on the premises, 63 Ferry street, between Bieeckor und Fourth. For SALE ob to RENT?the two story AND attio brick Douse, with stable in rear, 48 Leroy street, suitable tor a cartman; house contains all modern Improvements. Apply on the premises, of a. OKIFFKN. House and lot 522 broome street.-room Tor stable or shop on rear; alleyway through to Thompson street; lot 20x76; a good dwelling; can be altered into a store. Inqniro at 367 Canal street. Residences of various demons, size and finish, on all the avenues and cross streets, ere offered at reduced prices. PAOE A McCAFFFRTY, Filth avenue, corner Fifty-second street. dt?-i o cnfl -for sale, a three story high JplQ.tJUU. stoop basement and sub-cellar brick House and Lot, Twenty-second street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, north side ; has all modern conveniences; just fitted and painted throughout for a home; is in splendid repair. Inquire of WM. Ti. JACKSON A CO., 31 East Seventeenth street, North Uniou square, or of HOMER MOROAN, No. 2 Pine street. M lace list neous. A FACTORY, WITH MACHINERY, AND TWO Dwellings, near this city, tor sale. Apply at SMITH'S fruit store, 189 Broadway. A HOUSE AND NINE LOTS OF GROUND ON SOUTH side of 152d street, purchased at the late sale of the Carinun estate, will be sold at a bargain. Apply to J. KOMAINE BROWN, 1,280 Broadway. __ Houses for sale?in all desirable localions uptown; prices uDd terms to suit For reliable In formation and permits please call at onr office. WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., l.t'Jl Broadway, near Fortyfilth street 1 *nn-N?T A MILL LESS-WILL BUY THE most complete Home on Manhattan Island; 16 rooms, 10 h ave lint nnd cold water; .12 marble mantels-, hot air throughout and every modern improvement; full lot; cheap at $18,000; south of Thirty-fourth street PHAIR8, 61li Third avenue. it! ? nf\(\ ?THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE JpltJ.eJUU. market south ot Thirty fourth street; built by dav's work, on flill lot; hot and cold water in lu rooms; liekted throughout and every conceivable improvement; cheap at #18,000. PliAIR'S, 691 Third avenue. ItKOOItLW PKOI'KRTY FOR SALE AND TO LET. TTEKALD BRANCH OFFICE?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTOITAV. AND BOERUM ST, OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON BUNDAV FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A LARGE FOUR STORY BUILDING, 60X60 ; 80 rooms; lot 200 feet front on two avenues; juuetion oi four railroads; $30,000; cost $50,000. S. OOCKCKOFT, No- ,r?i? Pine street, room 9, A CHEAP HOME FOR SOME ONE.?TWO LOTS, 50X 100, and House, on Clason avenue, between Do Kalb nnd Lafayette, Brooklyn, only $6,500: terms to suit. Apply to C. V. ANDERSON, owner, 3D St. Mark's avenue, belore 9 A. M., or at No. 8 Exchange court, New York. BROOKLYN?A BARGAIN, CHOICE LOCATION, haudsomo Cottage, 8 rooms, gns and water; two lull Lots; Irult, vines nnd shade trees; 20 minutes Irotn ferries. W. Y. EDWARDS, 16 College place. IrtOH SALE?ON GREEN, NEAR CLINTON AVENUE, 1 Brooklyn, a first class brown stone House, on easy I..-.-.. II II STOW 109 tlr?nilu-nv V V TfOR SALE IN BROOKLYN, NKAR PROSPECT F Park?a first c'ass brown stone corner Uouse, three story and basement, with all modem improvement*; house 23>? by ground 63)i by loft^S; will he sold cheap on very easy terms. Apply at 17 and 19 Atlantic avenue, near South'ferry. ______ XflOK SALE?IN ONE OP THE BEST LOCATIONS IN F Brooklyn, two story and basement Cottage House, containing 11 rooms, water and gas; price $i8,(XI0. Inquire on tlie premises, 918 Clermont street. TAOR SALE NEAR PROSPECT PARK, NO. 61 PKOSI pcct place?A three story ami basement double frame House, Sflfx.'W; ojound, C2'fxl31: a line place for a gentlcman owning Horses, as there is plenty of room for a stable. Apply to P. D. NORRIS, No. 31 DoKulh avenue, Brooklyn. TOR SALK-i TWO STOBY, ATTIC, BASEMENT AND .1 suh-eellar frame House, filled in with hriek; 12 minutes' walk from Pulton and Wall street terries; house ?.'x32;lot 25x103; hot and cold water; stationary tuhs; two water closets; flue bath room: cellar cemented; all in complete order; desirable neighborhood; terms easy; possession can he bad about, the middle ol April. Inquire of owner on premises,306 Jay street. IdOR sale CUBAP-A dbhirablb plot pob manufacturers or builders, corner of Bridge and I'lymou li streets, 100xlti7,'?. two blocks Irotn ferry; or will lie divided If desired. Apply to THOMAS KELLEY', ( C6 Jay street, Brooklyn. rpoR male tin to lease?the Columbian i I Hour Mills, No. 4 Atlantic Pock, Brooklyn; lot | S.WxIon, cupiiolly 20J barrels per day. Apply to U. 8. A i J. II. 817 I I'. 1(U I niton street, New York. lit ACT >KY I (IK SALE?WITH STEAM (2ft HORSE r power). three stories; i acli floor 2ft by 35; containing two band savj, Jwo up anil down saws, one circular saw one t! Idle and a malt mill 1o gilud malt; also Horse anil Wagon, everything iti tlrst class order. Inquire at Iho corner of Mi scrole and Leonard streets, William-burp. M. WITSTAPT. KAPID TRANSIT.?CHOIQK LOTH, KUM M KT, ninier clot* restrictions, in a tlrst i lass nclghhorhood, near Prospect Park and the line of ill? proposed vapid tr.iiwlt sieuni mud, lor sale nt #.'00 and upward; a splendid opportunity for investment or spe. illation. Apply al tlie otllee ol the late A. J. L alker, 112 John street, New York, iroin 12 to 2 o'clock. Reliable parties with $':o? to $wo can pi rcliase a House on terms about equal lo payment Of rent. Apply in forenoon, or address E. II. BX.BCOCK, 219 Montague street, Brooklyn. TO LET?I'TRNIHllKI), THREE STORY AND BAHEmeiithU'h stoop House, all Improvements, five nilnutas' walk from ferries, in Brooklyn; rent low. Apply at 212 Broadway, New York, room 0. rpo LET?HOUHB, FUBNI8I1ED HANDSOMELY, ON 1 Brooklyn Heights; It is large ami in order, replete wilh all conveniences: to a first class private family. Address W. BSOB, Brooklyn Post office. rpo LET?A THREE STORY BROWN 8TON1 HOUSE, L with all Improvements; tine order; 21' inliiiitcs Hum ferrv; imw vacant; rent $1,100, with privilege to purchase. Addro a HOWARD, box 125 Herald Brauclt ottlce, Brooklyn. rr.O RKST? OMR FORMKR NTOIth. 2.r?7 FUI.TON J. street, the best store nml the best locution for the ilrv good* or furniture business In tho city ot Brooklyn. Apply to FOUTKK BKOH., carpet dealers, SOU 1 ulton street, Brooklyn. westchkhtkh toriSTY pkopuuty fob sale ok to ekw. Y T FORDliA M?10 MINUT B PROM FORTY-8BOOND d\ street, two blocks trout depot, on high ground, tine House, 12 rooms; hot nti'l cold w.iler; tuts In street; lour h. res >n .;inten ; abundance of ft tilt mi l shade; rent or I lease, $.'0ti; trout pond. I'OTTKR IIKOTHRIttf, No. 4 Warren street; It rune It office, Portlhutn. At yonkerr por bale, on wariurtok avb- j . ntir, ii g. oil Mouse, 12 rooms, modern improvement*; live city lots; stable; cheap; only Bio,000. Apply to JAM lib VOU M A N K, A pent, Vonkers. VBKAl'TIITI, SI'M Mi; It It K HI DUNCE AT OAK Ilill, f'atskiU Station, on Hudson Kivcr, well lurnislicd; hns it tine garden and ground,, gi oil outbuilding-. and sol ml Id view ol riser mid surrounding country; will be lentcil low to a Rood tenant. Apply to J. KOJfAtNB BROWN, 1,880 Broadway. AIIANDBOMH COl'NTRV l'l,A('K ON TIIK HUDSON ltlver, til Scarborough, one mile below H:tig Ring; large double brick luoiso, Ik'x.U; stable, gatehouse ami oilier outbuildings; 10 or W acres; slcwa very line ; terms i easy. Apply to hbWAKD Al'STKN, 2M7 l'earl street, or to ItOItKit'i II. MOORMAN, fll Hcdar street. A?TOR HA 1,1 niKU', AT CKNTRAL MOBRtBA? nln Harlem Railroad, mi Washington avenue, Ihrec hi mutes irom depot, a modern buill House, with throe full I.ota, < outainnig all the modern improvements, a* gaa, water, dumb ivnller, tubs, Ac.: the location Is deslialile, healthy and convenient the 4rounds arc beautifully laid out, *nd in summer are unsurpassed for beauty and elegance. for lurlbcr particulars imju're of O. U. POVrLl.K, ul Hariilim's. 1VS Chatham sireet, (.son RAJ,K OR TO I.KT-IN MOUNT VERNON, SO I minutes irom New York, a fine Mouse ami (Jrouuds, lieautllullv situated; price Bs.Mi; reni $,VKt, cheap RATON A t o., I'll Broadway. not "Sir~TO lirT?NEAR TIIK VII.LAOK OK SIM} sing, N. V.; modern Improvements, Krench roof, uo-ceimr, ii rooms; mir in ? o> ior mm-on, rem in suit t' ii;int. Apply ti> T. HALNC'KY, 1?6 Jny street, , Brooklyn. HlrrKL f(T MCI' ttlTXATKO l.'I'UN THE KINK AT 1 streets In Yonkrra; admirably situated tor hoarders hii<1 hotel purpose*: a-plendi'l huatnesw run In1 relied : upon If ?ell kepi; rent low. Apply to 0<>DKN >1 CLACK, Broadway, corner of Seventeenth sheet. IJVL NKCK.?A PLACE KOR HALE: COTTA'IK It' House ; l?arn, grapery, Ac.; hi Rood order, with (our ] acres, lor IW.IW. or vine acres lor kli.MRi; everything in working order; nurses, cowa binning u tenuis, Ac.; one mile I'rbm Mainaroiieck or tlircr-tmai ler* ot a mile from Harrison depot. New Haven Kitllrciid. Ai rily lo T. E. SHEPHERD, isl Broadway, ar P. A. (.RAXT, 878 Broadway. 'ivi KUNJ-H!BNltiUkD II I -I-. a I TAARTTOl J lor lire Summer or year, on Broadway, one mile i south nl depot; commodious and elegant brick house, containing 17 rooms: broad piauat; liilly furnished ; hot and cold w an r. hulhrooni, gas. Ac., Ac.; carriage house, stalde^, hennery, all complete and In good order; a large garden, well slocked with small frttlls; the location Is i nn?m passed, w iili extensive and commanding vi-ws of i Ho- liinlsou , Iti?|iiii< ot I- (i A P BROWN, Broadway, i orner ot W all atrvet, or 1.1. Wis KOWLKTd, 17 -south st. I 0 OKK. HERALD, FRIDAY, 1 WESTCIIKHTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR HALE OB TO UMT. _ TO LET-AT WOODLAWN, HARLEM RAILROAD, halt' utile west of depot, a large furnished Ilouac, with lawn, garden, carriage house and atable; plentj of fruit and shade. Apply to B. M. VALENTINE, 177 Madison avenue or 34 Burling slip, up stairs. YONKERS.-TO LET, THREE BEAUTIFUL FRENCH roof Cottages, containing l'i rooms each, finished In imitation of hard wood; marble mantels: high ground; good neighborhood; are new, well built, aad will be rented to desirable tenants only for $400; about half their value. Apply on premises daily, from 10 A. M. to 1 1*. M., Madison avenue, south of Ashburton avenue, near resldenoo of Mr. Duff JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY ^ AND bercknrkal estate. For Hair. dbc* irrvrv wit r. rdy a neat two story cot. Jf^.OUU tage, new. east hide of Bergen Hill, halt'a block trom twa lines ot horse cars: water and gas; six rooms; respectable neighborhood; high, dry ground; only thirty minutes' walk (tornCortlandt and Deshrosses street terries. J. A. COTTINOHAM, corner ol West and Liberty streets. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR HALE OR TO RENT, ALL WANTING FARMS.?FOR SALE, TO FARMERS, gardeners and larm laborers from the old country, good Farm Lands (virgin soil) at $16 per acre, on six years' credit. The soil Is a good productive loam, near ihc great markets of New York and Philadelphia, by railroad, whore trout -0 to 40 acres constitute a good larm when partly planted to fruit From this locality a greater quantity and variety of fruit is sent to market than front any other placo of equal area in the United States. It is in the midst of a thriving community, with good roads, stores, schools and manufactories. Female members of families and others can procure work at straw sewing, shoe work, button making, clothing work and other branches. Many English, Irish and Scotch farmers have settled and are prosperous. Numbers of gardeners from the vioinlty of New York are locating, as in thia section farming pays far better than In Ihc West. Papers containing full Information will be sent free of charge. Ad. dress CHARLES K. LANDI8, Proprietor. Vineland, N.? AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND?TO RENT, several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished; fus, hot and cold water; modern improvements;gardens, awn, shade trues; stables; 55 minutes ot Wall street; locution unsurpassed. F? DUNCAN SNIFFKN. 130 Broadway. A?MIDLAND RAILROAD, NEW JER8F.Y.-I AM making a specialty of Property on the line of this new road; within one hour of New York; the land Is mountainous, perfectly healthy and troe (Tom mosquitoes; I have n large number of Farms, convenient to depot, and gentlemen's Residences, with a few Lots of Ground. T. 8. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A CHEAP RENT, $750?FURNISHED HOUSE. 14 rooms, Improvements, In Bridgeport, Conn., suitable for hoarding house; possession April 1. Call on the owner, 723 avenue. __ AnOTEL FURNISHED TO LET?NEAR NEW York; rent moderute; will sell on easy terms. 8. C. SMITH,"owner, 202 William street, Frankfort House. A FINELY LOCATED AND FIRST CLASS MODERN House at Elizabeth, N. J., to rent cheap; owner leaving otty. J. C. FREEMAN, 162 Broadway. A RARE CHANCE TO PURCHASE A HOME OR INvest In first class property on New Jersey Central Railroad; $2,500 to $30,000; terms to suit J. C. FREEMAN, 162 Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON, e>. I., ON THE TERRACES and vicinity?Several first class furnished and unturnished Houses; some with bowling and billiard rooms; stables and extensive grounds; uusurpussed locations. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. At flusiiino-for sale or to let, furnished or utilurnlshed, complete Residence; turnaco. gas, bathroom, every convenience; best neighborhood, near depot; spaciousgrounds, amply fruited. james b. Parsons, 34 Pino street. A FARM OF FORTY ACRES FOR SALE FOR cash.?Two hours'ride from the city, with or without stocx and fixtures; price $4,0U0. Address ATLANTIC, bojt 182 Herald office. AT ELIZABETH, N. J.-HOUSF.S FOR SALE, FROM $2,0U0 upwards, finely located and near depot ; also Houses to let, cheap; ulso several to exchange tor New York or Brooklyn Properly. WltoOKFIELD, 81 Cedar street At gifford station, staten island, comtnanding a fine view of the ocean, there is a pleasuut place of three acres, new House of 10 rooms, stables, outbuildings, fruits, Ac.: must be si 1 I '.price $8,1.00; terms easy. W. O. K NIGHT.327 Fourth avenue. A GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR TO let, furnished ; IS rooms; alt Improvements; billiard room, howling alley, stables; splendid view; unexceptionable location; St. Mark's place. New Brighton, S. I. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. AT NEW BRUNSWICK, ON TnB RARITAN, JOINING the'city?Desirable Couutry Seat of 7 acres of superior land: l'? acres grapes, 1,'i acres of currants, variety ot other fruit; largo and commodious house of 23 good rooms; abundant outbuildings; a tine home; only $13,t U0. J. S. FKRHI'SoN. 39 Nassau street, room $. \ bargain in real estate-eight miles JY front New York: for sale a very desirable Residence, v roams, two story iitiu naaetncni; lor luuxiou; a suori walk from depot; price $6,500, $.i,50;> cash; balance can remain. Apply to MELVILLE K. MEAD, South Norwalk, Conn. * ?PLAINFIELD, N. J.?MAP AND LIST OP TIIE J\ , best Property offered for sale, to let and U> exchange, mailed free upon application to FEJKDINAND PI81I, box 5.'i5 Post office, Plalnlleld, N. J. _ BKKdt'N COUNTY, N. .I.?NICE PA KM OF 57 AClll'.S, near depot, with basket factory and all outbuildings, to rent on vcrv reasonable terms. AN DUE W PUU ELI., 165 It road way, basement. "IJEAITTIFUL HOME FOR GENTEEL FAMILY, Ift I ) rooms, one hour from city, for 80 per cent of its real value : see picture and description. .ionn BLACK, UOhaanbanitnit C1ALL or ENCLOSE STAMP FOR PRICED lists of ) Farms and Counirv Property for sale and exchange. john S. EWEN, S9 Nassau street. /TO ENTRY RESIDENCE TO LET OR LEASE AT \J Summit, N. J.? A lurnlsned house ot lit rooms, with nil modern conveniences; handsome Grounds, including about 10acres, garden, stable (with four stalls) and large, oHrrlnge house and coachman's house, wilh three rooms; , lee house (tiled ; bull a utile Irom depot. Apply to Mr. T. K. VAN NEST, 46Bcekman street. New York. Docks in-niwakk, ntti., tassaicf river, to. sell or let In plots for malt houses, lartories, lumber or stone yards. Apply to UKOl'UK W. liOJEli, 07 Duano street, New York. TjTNOLKWOOD.?FOR SALE, TO LET OR EXCHANGE, .fir Country Seals, Cottages, Lots, Ar.; llou es, lurnished and unfurnished, to let; several Places to exchange lor City Property. KELLY BROTHER J.KY Broadway. I3LIBABKTHPORT. N. J., VICINITY of singer MALI chine Works.?A handsome Cottage, with two Lots, for sale ; house contains 7 rooms, water, riis; opposite City Park ; will sell very low. Address PRINCIPAL, box 150 Herald office. TPARMli' FOR SAUL?MO ACRES, 0,000; 78 ACKB& r $2.01)0; 138 acres, $4,600; 100 acres. $?,(st); co acres, $7,000 ; 6 acres, $1,200; 2 acres, $700; Hotel Property, Ac. All tiie above (arms have buildings; near depot, licnltby location and no cattle disease. For particulars address E. It. COll', Manorville, L. I. FTAKM TO T.EtSE?140 acres, ILL UNDER CI privation ; dwelling and extensive barns and outbuildings; 10 minutes Irom Huguenot station. Stolen Island. W. A. COLLINS, 26 Pine street. SOR SALE?AT RICHMOND HILL, ON SOUTHSIDB I Railroad, long Island, only :;o miliums irom the ferry, several new and elegant Dwellings. Apply to J. W. FIELDER, kill Broadway, room 13. Kor"sale-un easy terms, stock and fixL turps of a first class business, paying large profits; lotion Eli/ulietli, N. J. ; good reasons for selling out. For pa rlieulars address l>ox 140 Herald office. TPOR NALE-KANAW1 iA AND COAL RIVERS COAL r and Timber Lands; also superior Farming and Timber Lands, suitable for colonics. A. 11. IIOWAND, <13 Liberty street, room ft. TPOR SALE?THE YAPHANK STATION ON THE U Long Island Railroad ; good house, slahles, Ac., Ifs) acre* ol land ; a mile track on it; railroad company pays 50 a inontli lor a part of the privilege of I lie house ; good place lor harking ami boarders; price $14,000; one-half can remain for a term of years. Address h. EDWARDS, l'atclioguc, Long Island, N. Y. T710R SACK -J-: I.Ml i A NT ltli.-l i'I.M K A I uliANiilC, N. I .1., Mrlck Church Htutlon, bou>c, IK rooms; ull modern improvements; grounds macadamized; i?|>l*_*n?ll<l shade and Irult trees. In lull bra ring; hothouse. grapery, bowling alley, gardener's cottage, stable, Ac.; price $fMMO. Anplv at 116 V all street, or to HAMILTON A wallik, No, 0 Nassau streut. fTIOR SAI.K--III.HM ACRB8 111' fluol) GRAZING AND II mineral Land In West Virginia ; pood title nnd vi ry low figures. Address II. W. WATSON A CO., Publishers, 40 Broadway. ictoB rale Fink la hoi ianpion, for labor r faintly or hoarders; irult, shade; list acres If desired. I To let. Inrpe hrlek factory. To let, best Creamery in Orange county, all on Erie itailmad. JOHN E llow'ELL, Goshen. N. Y hA()K SALE?A K RII IT I Aim OK 'U A C K R 8 OOOD land and biilUlinits. over 400 young trees, SL. miles Irom Homervillc, N. J : very healthy ; price $5,0v0. Address K. W. IIENDRIt Ks-oN. .-omcrville, N.J. I .SOU VALB?HOOBR AND TBBRR AORRB LAND; . plenty Iruit; splendid location; near depot. II o. IIRHINO, Hillsdale, N. J. UViK >aI.K or TO LI r?TWO HOUSE*; FARM r style, one fnrnnhed ; perfect gems; replete with all modern conveniences; 11 rooms; 40 minutes from city R ill r -1 minutes Irom Im-it and ears; location un?urpaaeu ; high ground. Apply to Mr. AI.t.KN, 6:t*.i Broadway. fjsolt sale or to let?at I'lTKR newark, n j. r (Woodsldel, a french roof House; ten rooms; modern conveniences; large lot, stable, Ac.; situated on 1'a.saic Klver; convenient to two stenm railroads, each within 4!> minutes of New York ; it not sold soon will he rented, completely furnished, to a unstl tamlly. Apply tvtlbti. 11 WKHSTEK, ISO Broud street, New York. Ijusahtell, I'RITZ A (' )., URAL ESTATE BROKERS. No. 1 I'ark place, New York.?Dealers in city and V..? I..,-.. , I'?1,1.?>? * Jo,.. ..I 1. rl. o.o_ .... ir.?^..o. City Property u specialty; Houses, Lots mill r'artn 1 for sale or cxchuuye ; also Honors to rent, furnished and unfurnished. /VuiNU A WAT, OONHKOURNTLl NUHT .-I I,I, MV V? place of ten acres; pleasantly situated near the w ater, rftoteet water front: House, stables, boat and bath houses. iruits, Ac., Ac. Price Jfl.utio. Terms very easy Address it A ItilAI N, Herald Uptown Branch oflVc. Ht TEL AND MINERAL Hl'RINU PROPERTY AT A leirunln. Circulars, wttli analysis and lull particulars, of S I.DDY A CO., No. 1 Park place. I |'o I'KL FOR HALE.-Ttli: AMELIA HOTEL, AMELIA II Court House, Virginia, .'HI miles Irom Richmond, ou Richmond and Danville Railroad, enntulnfnt; 01 rooms, wilh brick stores on street, and Isto acres oi Land, admin* init depot and Court House. Apply to A. V. MCOTT, Amelia Court House, Virginia, or M. It. SCIIIKKKELIN, I.A East Twenty-slxth street. New York. I ON IJ BRANCH.?FOR HALff, RIO ITT APRK8 OF J Kboil Land, within three minutes' w alk of the nialli depot; price $1,1M10 per nerc. Owner. BENJAMIN POTTEH, Iflb Uranu street, W|!llamsbur(r. MORKIHTOWN.-roR SALE OR RENT, A FINK Country Beat; 8 acres; ample shade: Iruits; si mik water: Urge house: modern improvements - i,ear depot; will e*chsnpe J. HENRY JOHNSON, US Itioadway. RAN0K,~N. .1 N EA R BRICK T.'HC RCJI CORFLItT* two story Frei. h roof tower House . all conveniences; price $ltt,dtn-?crtn? casr Iuuulte of I It iiEKKY, ;?i Nassau srreet. HARCH 28. 1873?TRIFLE PROPERTY OCT OF THE CITY FOR _ SALE OR TO REWT. ONE OP TTIK HANDSOMEST COUNTRY BRATS IN the Bute?Nearly seven acres, beautifully laid out; rare shrubbery, tine mountain views; house elegantly furnished; valuable collection of Oil Paintings and Htatuarv oollocted abroad; house has all modern conveniences. Take Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad foot Barclay street for Bloomfleld, 10:40 train. Inquire for W. 0. RAVKNH1LL. STATEN ISLAND.?TO LET (8 MINUTES FROM THE first landing), splendid Rooms, with excellent Board; best reference given and required; flue garden by the house and seu bathing. Please address L. L. L., box 225 II era Id office. TO LET?SOME VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED Resiliences, vicinity of Oloh Cove, and Munhasset, $300 to $3,000 per annum; several fine Farms lor sale. TERRY, 207 Front street. TO LET?AT GARDEN CITY, HEMPSTEAD, L. L, several FIRST CLASS HOUSES; 8S trains per day, via Central Railroad. Long Island und South Side roads; time,one hour. _ ? For particulars Inquire of ALEX. T. RTEWART'S AUENT, Broadway and Chambers street, between 12 and 8 P. M. rpo LET?AT BEROEN POINT, N. J., A LARGE. 1 fUlly furnished Residence: grounds finely Improved: near wa er: pears, apples, peaches, berries, grapes, Ac. Address box 8,107 New York Post office. _ TO LET?AT BAYONNE CITY, N. J., 27 MINUTES from New York (SO trains daily), a nice new House: 8 rooms; marble mantels; range and furnace ; lot 67x150 feet; rent $15) per annum; nlso, adjoining above, a desirable House, 10 rooms; rent $380. Apply to FREDERICK BAYLIES, 90 Broad street, New York. TO LET OIIEAP?ONE LARGE HOUSfc, 18 ROOMS, two Cottages; all- the modern improvements; the

former heated by steam: stables and extensive grounds; hours from city on Statcn Island Railroad. W. A. COLLINB, 28 Pine street TO LET OR FOB BALE-THREE DWELLINGS, with all modern Improvements: U rooms; Elisabeth, N. J. ; rent $050; cheap. Ur U ti.Diail IA*> n ?,? a ,1 ?v a v rnnm U 11() LEASH-BELMONT 11ALL, CJ> ROOMS, KUKNISJ1KD or unfurnished, Richmond Terrace, New Brighton, Statcn Island; 3 minute* from land in g; really a deniable place. W. A. COLLINS, '28 I'ine street. TO RENT?FULLY FURNISHED, AT MORRI8TOWN, with gas, water atid other niprovomcuts, a largo. elegant Country Seat, 10 acres $3,500 ft acres, large new House, Stable, Ac '2,800 4 acres, fine House, Ac 2,000 12 acres, good Buildings, Shade, Ao 1,800 2 acres, handsome place 1,500 5 acres, good Buildings, Ac 1,200 S. EDDY A CO., No. 1 Park place. rno RENT?FURNISHED, AT GREENWICH, CONN., A 1 desirable Dwelling (12 rooms), Stable, Ac.; 10 minutes' walk lroin depot. 11. HUDSON HOLLY, 111 Broadway. rno RENT?HUDSON RIVER, NEAR NYACK, FURI liishcd Mansion, so a son ; 10 acres; stable, horse* cow, fruit. R. It. IIAZZARD, 110 Broadway. rnilREE FURNISHED COTTAGES, WITH FROM 7 TO L 9 moms each, conveniently loeuted, near Stamford, Colin., and near each other, will lie rented fornix months or one year. Apply to MELVILLE E. MEAD, South Norwulk, Conn. $'J9C CASH, BALANCE ON INSTALMENT PLAN O&O or mortgugo, will liny neat Cottuge, tour rooms, full lot, tlvc minutes from depot, near Singer's Works,at Kli/ubothport, N. J., Immediate possession; nlso other larger Houses and Lots on easy terms, h. R. KELLOGG, ottlce No. ;! Broadway, from 10 A. M. to Q M? or second street, Eli/abetliport, all times. d|> 4 r.fl -THIRTY ACRES TO LET OR LEASE; FIVE miles from Iloboken, orclmrds; dwellings for hole) stand or gardening; responsible parties only; also 80 acres grass Farm, near Kyelakc, Westchester; small house; $200. C. UNDERIHLL, 235 West Fourteenth street. Call before 9 or after 7. (i',1 K/1A ?DESIRABLE COTTAGE (THREE MINutes' walk). West Brighton Landing, 8 rooms; plenty fruit, flowers and shade; suitable for a gentleman moderate means; terms casv. DAltRIN, 50 Broad. &7 nnn ?HANDSOME RESIDENCE, STATEN ?IP I ,UUU. Island, 15 rooms, carriage house, shade, Irutt; water front; tine battling; one of the most desirable residences; splendid view; terms accommodating. DARltlN, 80 Broad. (JH7 iTAA -FURNISHED COMPLETE AND WELL. iPl.tHi". new House, 8 rooms; splendid neighborhood ; near depot. For further particulars address FERDINAND FLsfl. box 85) Post Oilier, Plain lcl.1, N.J. &Q r.nn -FOR SALE OR KENT, A NEW LARUE ' v' Building. 15 flue sleeping rooms, large parlor and <1 iul?B room, .ill newly furnished; good cellar, bathroom, tank, cistern In house; barn; a well of never tailing suit spring water; 13 acres of good lands; apple, near and plum trees; a flue vineyard in lull growth; beautifully located on one ot the spurs of the Blue Ridge, overlooking Beaver and Sherry Valleys, with a pure dry nir; joining the Highland Dell House; 1 !j miles from Stroiiilsbiirg, 4 miles from Delaware Water Gap; suited for boarding house or private residence. Address JOSEPH PAYTON, 163 Henry street, New York, or to the lady living on the premises. REAL EST\TE TO EXCHANGE. A FIRST CLASS FOUR 8TORY BROWN STONE House on Madison avenue,one block trom the Park; will lake in exchange u small House, Mortgages or Fuctorv Property in or near Centre street. WM. GEE, owner, romer Elm und Franklin streets. A SPLENDID COUN KY SEAT ON THE KtltlTAN. of 84 acres, under best cultivation; tlrst cluss resilience ol 14 rooms; abundant outbuildings; superior loeatIon ; mugnilh cut lawn: beautiful surroundings ; price $20,UU0; will exchange; I'( miles trom depot. J. S. FEKUUaON, i'.i Nassau street, room 6. T7XOHANOB?8T7ITABLB FOR BUSINESS OR RB8I Mt tH-IUVl l-'|IU|jr ?>,"VU, III "I Uiii\ l ,1 II, 11IIUHO llll I* 111 U II Kurm or Country House. Owners inquire at 73 Bookman Street, tliiril tloor, from 12 to 1. . liHN': COUNTRY RESIDENCES TO EXCHANGE KOR r Houses in the city. it ink a PELL, ,%57 sixth man, T.3GR SJtl.K ol< EXCHANGE ?1110 LOTS, IN TUB 1 town ol West Terms; railroads nil roanu. Apply to lOIIN I 'I'S |'i; l.l.o, 2,1,'S Thirl avenue. I,-toil KALK-OR EXCHANGE KOR A HAMDSOVB Residence at Tarrytow n, Irvlngton or vicinity, part ' or nil or nine handsome new stone tront Houses, 20xlOx Itto, three stories, high stoop, hasement and sub-cellar; all improvements; delightlul y located near Prospect Park at.(I rapidly Improving In initio; will trudcpari tor Lots or desirable Country Property iroe. II. L. KfDKK.39 Pine street. TTtOU SALE OR EXCHANGE?ONE OK THE FINEST J? Country Residences on gtnten Island, near Clifton; line large Mansion, all modern Improvements ; outbuildings complete; about'20 acres ol land, under high state ot cultivation; abundance of choice fruits and well shaded ; fine view ol New York city and bay; everything in most complete order, lully furnished or unfurnished. 8. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. I710R SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FINE PUBLIC HALL, 70xV>, having Stores below and Rooms above, in the village ol Hempstead, I.. I. Apply to W. A K. A. CKLIKSHANK, IW Broadway, N, Y., or J, S, S.NEUEKKR. Main street, llempsteud. ITS OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A SPLENDID BUILD' ing Plot of 18 acres, in the midst of valuable improvements, at Tcnefly, N. .1,; price $20,000; terms easy; or will trade lor improved property In New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City or any part of Hudson county, I assnic, Bugle- j wood, Mnntclair or Nyock. J. M. GIBSON, Auctioneer, 17 Montgomery street, Jersey City. TyORSAIiE OR KXCIIA'NGE?KOR COUNTRY PROPL crty in New Jersey a three story, basement and sub- j cellar frame House in Brooklyn, with all improvements. Apply tool- address CIIAS. WHITE MAN, Pacific Bank, 47o Broadway. MORRISTOWN.?FINE KAHM OK SS ACRES, ONE mile (Tom two depots, nice cottugc and outbuildings Ana fruit and shade, tw incumbrance, to exchange for Brooklyn Property. Address box 8,302 Post ottice. MBROHAKDISE-SALAIILH AND DESIKARI.E, for first class Real Estate; also two Houses and J Lots, In New Jersey, one hour, to exchange for City Property, Lots or Kuruilltru. Apply lo JAMES D. RAV, ' ii Liberty sweet QHADY SIDE, N. J.-SALE, EXCHANGE OR TO Cj rent. House, stable, 10 lots ot ground; river view; | price, $7,.W0; relit. $CK). K 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street and 2.t East Seventeenth street. mo BXORAMOB FOB MERCHANDISE?A FINE 1 A Tract ot 320 acres of Land, situate In Plumb Creek . Valley, tour miles northwest of West Point, county -eat ol Cuming county, Nebraska, to exchange for clothing. rurniMiniH novum, moo is anu Mines oi mw ww orornccries. Appiy to lluWI.AND A lilSANURlvIli Real l-Mau* \rciiIn, Sim.' -tux. V v. mo KXCH IVQB-rim STORKS AND TENEMENTS 1 and l'rivate Dwelling* lor Brooklyn Loisot I'luts of Ground nrar the city. SAM I.. I). MACK, 4JU Third av. rftO EXCHANGE?TENEMENT HOUSES IN IIKOOKI lyn, $7U,0(0, free ami clear, for Kariu, worth $30,HJU, one hour ?t rity, ami morttfitirt' back. 0. c. WAicaND a avmak, im Pulton street, n. v. UrANTKH?A DtVEI,I,TNG IN GOOD LOCAMTY IN this city, valued at Irani tin,100 in $25,ink). In cxi-Iihiiki' lor lirown alone House no a hcuulltul street n< ar Prospect I'iirk, Brooklyn. Address II. H., Mauliitian Gas works, No. i Irving place. TIT ANTED?TO SKI,I, OR EXCHANGE FOR MI R II i handl <e, 000at resi hoice Texas Lend, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad In Van Xandt county, Texas, Titles iierleot In every respect. For particulars address C. flEAItNK, box 168 Cnlvostoli (Texas) Fost nWco. WANTED- MOKTO AUK OF $15,00, IN EXCHANGE It (or two uiodern huill brick Houses In New burn, iroo anil clear. W. A. BARNES, 12 Wall struct. W'ANTKU UNENCUMBERED VACANT Lotl IN II Hio-iklyn, Williamsburg or (Ireenpoint, tor two slorv and b laemcnt hiirli stoop riillnilelpliia iron) Mouse, all moduli Improvements. Brooklyn. Address OWNER, box 161 llerald Cptown Branch otflce, New York. Up bet hide crrr poi b btort bbowb itonb front Mouse to exehan.-e for Country Cottage; lower Westchester nr Jersey Cltv 11 < iu li : value (city), $22,<JUU; value (country), $8,UuO to tio.isl). wiii? mi itn> An, ua uronuway. HEAI, H54TATR WAXTCD. A LOT, BETWEEN 1031) AN It 10H1TI STKI.E rs AND J\ Third ami Fourth avenues. Ad drew with price nml full | ariicuhiis, which must be low, NO BitOKElt, Hum d office. UTAHTRD TO PVRCHASI \ GOOD PA1 IRQ TEM, " tnent Property well located en east side. Address, lull particulars, T. OLIVER CARTER, No. ? I'ltlc street, room 1(1. UrANTED?FOR CASH, MINERAL J-ANI) IN WEST lirmmu mid Kentucky; also a lurvc tract nnvwhere at lllc. per acre. COLONIAL LAND COMPANY, ho* .'I, I OS New York Post office. Utanted-a strictly first class hotel, to eillior purchase or leawl. Address box VPJ Post office, Hartford, Conn. \KT ANTED?A HOUSE WORTH "ABOUT BE- | " tweeu Klfth and Sixth Hvciiiii ca-li < iistomar; four story brown stone. Hi ud particulars to MARTIN M nn, Ml Mroadway. ___________________ \ \' AN 110 ATWO OR THREE 8TOR1 HRTITR or T? stone House; all improvements; first ela-s ncKrh- | Imrhood; wltliin :t.t minutes of Eullon ferry; no luiiry | urices $m?) cash . $I,(A)U more within a year If rei|tiired ; balance on mortgage. Addriias ItoMK. office, slat- ( '.'41 parUeulaia SHEET. PROPOSALS. ~ psOPOBALS FOB^UUPPLIES FOB INDIANS. DirilTMHI or THB IHTEBIOR, ) Orrioa or lama* Amine, > WAjtm.HOTOR. March JO, 1873. ) Sealed proposals, In duplicate, will be received at Ho*. JO and 42 Leonard street, New York, until lil o'clock M. of Tuesday, the 29th day of April, 1873. which place will be open for business on and after the 8th day of April, 1873, tor furnishing the follow Ins named articles, required for Issue to Indians at the agtnclea named BANTUH AwKNOY. 600.fOO pounds, gross weight, of licet Cattle, on the hoof. 180,000 oounds XX Flour, or 12,600 pounds per uiouth, or its equivalent in wheat 36,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 3,000 pounds per uionth. 14,000 pounds Coffee (green). 28,i)00 pounds best Brown Sugar. 1,600 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 3.600 poun Is best Brown Soap, in boxea 3.000 pounds Salt, fine, in barrels. YANCTON AGENCY. 1,800,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beet Cattle, on the hoof 81,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 7,000 pounds per month. 480,000 pounds XX Flour, or 40,000 pounds per month, or its equivalent in wheat. 26,000 pounds Coffee (green). 80,000 pounds best brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxea 7,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxea 7,000 pounds Salt, tine, in uarrels. WHETSTONE AGENCY. 5,000.000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 26,000 pounds per month. 1,2.10,000 pounds XX Flour, or 100,000pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 200.000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,0.0 pounds best Brown soap, in boxea 5,000 pounds Salt, flno, in barrels. UPPEK MISSOURI AGENCY. 1,850,000 pounds, gross weight of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 1U6,000 pounds Bucon, clear sides, or 9,000 pounds per month. 600,000 pounds XX Flour, or 60,000pounds per month. 35.000 pounds Coffee (green). 70,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 4,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, fn boxea 9,000 pounds best lirowu Soap, in boxea 9,000 pounds Salt, One, In barrel*. 10,000 pounds Salerutus, in boxes. CHEYENNE RIVER AGENCY. 4,OOd.OOO pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. isDpiKHt pounds Kucou, clear sides, or 15,1100 pounds per mouth. 7D0 000 pounds X X floor, of 08,000 pounds per month. 20,(011 pounds Coffee (green). 40,OK) pounds best Brown Sugar. 10,000 pounds Saleratus, in hoses. GRAND KJVKK AGENCY. 5,000,000 pounds, cross weight, of Heel'Cattle, on the hoot. 300,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 25,000 pounds per month. 1,200,000 pounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 20!),iHK) pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,000 pounds best Brown .soap, in boxes. 5,000 pounds Saleratus, In boxes. REI) CLOUD AGENCY. 5,000,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pounds Uucou, clear sides, or 25,000 pounds per month. 1,200,000 pounds XX Flour, or lOO.uOi) pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 200,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 25,000 pounds Salt, fine, in barrels. 12,000 pouuds Saleratus, In boxes. UPPER ARKANSAS AOKNCY. 1,370.000 pounds, gross weight, ot Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 27tf.o00 pounds XX Flour, or 23,000 pounds per month. 22.0.10 pounds Coffee (green). 45,000 pouuds best Brown Sugar. 2,MO pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 5,600 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 4,800 pounds Salt, tine, in barrels. KIOWA AGENCY. 2,500,00!) pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 500,000 pounds XX Flour, or 41,606 pouuds per month. 80,6110 pounds Coffee (green). 63.0)0 pounds best Browu Sugar. 4.1OO pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 7,800 pounds bes( Brown Soap, in boxes. 7,fOO pounds Salt, tine, in burrels. 3,000 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. WACHITA AGENCY. 1,130,000 pounds, gross weight, ot Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 138,300 pounds XX Flour, or 11.525 pounds per mouth. 15,500 pounds Cofl'cc (green). 32.000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 2,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 4,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 3,500 pounds Salt, tine, ill barrels. 2,000 pouuds Sulorutus, tn boxes. BLAOKFKET AGENCY. 8,000 pounds Coffee (green). 12,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 3.000 pounds Salt, fine, tn barrels. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, In boxes. CROW AGENCY. 25,000 pounds Coffee (green>. 50,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pouuds l'lug Tobacco, in boxes. 76**1 polliius best Brown Soap, iu boxes. 2,5(*i pound* Saleratus, In boxes. 7,ooo pounds Salt, line, in barrels. MILK RIVER AGENCY (FORTPECK). 60,000 pounds Coffee (ttrceu). 140,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 14,000 pounds tiest Brown Soap, in boxes. 16,'*0 pound* Salt, line, In barrels. 5,1* 0 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. 10,000 pounds Plug Tobacco. In boxes. liids for Beef Cattle will state price per pound, gross. Parties bidding tor the other articles will stale price per pound, net, and furnish a sample ot each article bid for, except the Bacon and Salt. The prices must tie given without modification or any proposed modification whatever. The Beef Cattlftmust be good, merchantable cattle, a'l steers, from three to seven years old, In good, healthy condition, and averaging at least unbound*, live weight, the wt I ill t to be determined b> weighing on scales, when practicable. Their delivery must commence at each of the points named on the 1st day of July, 18iS, at which time about one twenty-fourth of the whole quantity will be delivered, and therraitcr the balance to he delivered in equal <imintitios on (lie 15th and 1st ot each month. Bins will ul.-o be received for the delivery of the quantity ot Beef required tor the months of January, February, March, April, May and June, 1873, of what are known as "Native" or "American" Cuttle, or lor cattle that have been Wintered north ot Kansas; the cattle so delivered to meet the above requirements as regards age una condition, and to average not less than 1,056 pounds, livo weight. That there may he no failure on the part of the contractor. he will be required to keep the Beef (tattle in tlie vicinity of the agency, to be delivered when required; and should it tie ascertained that lie is not collecting euttlo in the vicinity fast enough, or should he fall to deliver them when required, tfie undersigned will purchase, or cause to lie purchased, Beef (tattle as he may elect, at the expense of said contractor. All the supplies, except the beef, will he inspected and received by the government at New York, Philadelphia, (fhlcago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Omaha, Kansas City, Sioux city, or vnncton, unci, with the further exception of flour, must bo delivered, packed and marked for shipment, by tlie 1st day ot June, 1871. The tlour must bo ready for inspection and delivery at such times ami In such qualities an will secure, at ouch Agency, at all times, nt least one month's supply. iti ls will also lie received for the delivery at Ht Louis or Kansas City hv the 15th day of September next of the following Bacon, clear sides for the Upper Arkansas Agency, 39,175 pounds. For the Kiowa Agency, 54,000 pounds. For the Wachita Agency, 28,125 pounds. The Bacon must be sound aud sweet aud put up in gunnies. The Flour to be fresh ground, of XX quality, to be made wholly from good, sound wheat, and to be' delivered in pood, strong, double sacks, each sack to be branded "Indian Department Flour." The Coffee to ho delivered in double sacks. Tho Sugar to he delivered in barrels, lull head-lined. Proposals will be received for the delivery of any one or all of the above named articles, tor any one or all ot said Agencies. The undersigned reserves the right to Increase or diminish the quantity ol each or any of ihc articles v hlch lite bidder or bidders propose to furnish. Parties bidding for Hour are required to ftirnlsh ' samples, each to he in quantity not less than one pound, with a pi tva'.o mark corresponding to same in proposal. Parties to wlioin contracts for thn supply of Flour are awarded shall, with '20 days, furnish to (lie Commissioner ol In lian Affairs samples, in quantity nut less thau 25 pounds, ot the quality contracted lor. Bids will also he received tor the delivery at the Agencies en or about the 1st day vl'.luly next, or other specified points, ot Beet Flour ami Bacon lor the following agencies in Montana Territory * HLAC.'KFHKT AOENOY. 70,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beef Cattle, on the Itoof. 15M.DOO pounds XX Flour, or 1'2,50U pounds per mouth. 25.UUU pounds Bacon, clear sides. ClioIV AUENCT. 225.000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 5ciM?n pounds XX Flour, or 4i.tlti6 pounds per mouth. 80,000 pounds Bacon, ch ar sides MILK HIVKit AOKNCV (FOKT PUCK). 190,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on hoof. 2,ik it; to pounds XX Flour, or ItWi,6Ai pounds per mouth. Ifri.UOO pounds Bacon, clear titles. All articles luriiished by contract rnada under this advertisement will lie sitli eel to inspection, and such articles as may In any respect tail to conform to the requirements ot contract and tho sample will be rejected, and in ease the contractor or contractors will he bound to furnish others ol the required kind or quality v ilbout delay, or II thai- ho not done they wilt bu purchased at It.a or their cxpenso. Payments will be made at this office on proper receipt's. alter the uccounts tlnrelur shall hum been properly approved. Knch cop\ o' each proposal mast have a copy of this advertisement a slip lioiu a newspaper) pasted at its head The rlffbt la reserved to reject any or all proposal* If such a course should be deemed lor the Interest ol liio govt rnmeitt. No bids w ill he considered from persona who have tailed to comply with the requirements ol a loruter coiltract. V.. eonlrnef or nsrl Ifiernof will I... onrmm?.l I.~ -- aliened or rill' <1 by other parties without the written concent of the Secretary of the Interior. No liiils will tie considered ler goods delivered at the Agencies except (is spccliled In this ml vertl 'anient. N? proposal will lie considered that does not strictly comply with the following lorm "I ("or we) propose to furnish the Indian T>epfirtuirnt, nceordim. to the terms of tlio advertisement of the Commissioner ol Indian Ailairs dated March 20, 1H7H, the following articles, at tlie prices thereto allixed. (Here insert the list ol articles proposed to he furnished.) Said articles are to be delivered in (here insert llie proposed place of delivery) hy the (insert dale). And if this proposal lie nceeptrd 1 (or we) will, within ten days alter being notilled, execute n contract accordingly and give security to thi Commissioner ol Indian Allulrs tor the faltlilul pertormance ol the same." No hid will he considered unless accompanied by a guarantee In I lie following lorm. to be signed hy two responsible persons, w hose sufficiency intisi he corlilicd hy a l ulled States,lodge or District Attorney "We hereby, jointly and severally, guarantee that the above bidder (or bidders), if a contract shall ho awarded to him or them) according to his (or their) hid or proposal, will ok < ula a contract accordingly, and give the re(|Ui*iM? security lor the fnithlul periorinaiico of thi' same, us prescribed in the advertisement lor Proposals lor Indian Supplies da>cd March an, id's, and in the event ol his (or their) Isilufe to do so we hereby agree anil bind ourselves, our heirs, executors ami anminislrators (o lorteit and pay to the Culled States as damages a sum not less than fifteen per cent on the amount ol said hid or proposal." Hood- will h leipili' d In the amount of the hid for the falibiul pcriorinuiico oiilie contract. with two or more sureties, wlio-i -uflloioin y must lio certified to by n Initio! Stale* Judge or District Attorney. Kit eh bidder must designate iii.n place of business, where Communication* cent tit linn will bo received, the same to be entered ill Ju* contract, should one bo awarded liitn. Proposals should ho enclosed In an envelope, addressed to the undersigned, unit endorsed "Proposals lor buppile for Indian*." It'll.lei? arc tnvitcil to be present at Use opening of tUo bids. The bids will be opened In the presence of the Board of I ml i in I'oliiinisooiuis and a committee to la: desi .nated by the Bcoretarj 01 the Interior, as soon as the time lor receiving the same shall have expired, and Ibc contract* w ill be awarded as soon thereatb r as |? Acting C ommissioner. V ? ,f... PROPOSALS, p*OrO?AI* KOK INDIAN <jOUl)8. Dkpahtmkkt op th* Intkriob, 1 Orrint or Indian appaiu, } . Washington, March 2U, 187S. ) " Wloraed "Proposal* for Indian n^w v?rk .i ..!l"i/?,c^l,,u<1 ' 40 *uJ ** Leonard street ?;;,TS? ?o'clock M., on Tuesday, the 2M day of /III ?}.? a?h Jfr Dl*.oe will he open for business on and ?,rW Pf APr". 1W, lor furnUhiuu. in Um 8? the fcd*olnu>t It**?***' My ot *fl of ,he article# ,,au",d 300 *?cWnae Blankets, to mcas. n rwit uro 74x90 iik Iicm and wtjltrli 12 oouiiils BiaXw. to mesa- ? are wx7i inches ami weiuh n iw.nniu palrs r^alnt wh|^_Mttcklnttc blankets, to raeAS 525 pairs 2point white Mackinac Blanket* to rnensure 42*46 Inches and weigh 5V pounds 200 pairs IK-point white Mackinao Blankets, to measure 36x50 Inches and weigh 4?i pounds 200 pairs 4-poiut scarlet Mackinac ulaukels. to measure 72x90 Inches and weigh 12 pounds. 1,2110 pairs 3-poiut scarlet Mackinac Blanketa, to measure Wx72 Inches ana weigh 8 pounds. 1,800 pairs 2K-polut scarlet Mackinac Blaukets, to measure 54x66 Inches aud weigh 6 pounds. 850 puirs2 point scarlet Mackinac Blaiikets, to measure 42x16 inches und weigh 5y pounds. 700 pairs 4 point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets,- to measure 72x90 inches and weigh 12 pounds 2,COO pairs 3-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 Inches and weigh 8 pounds. 2,325 pairs 2%-point Indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 54x60 inches and weigh 6 pound* 1,000 pairs 2-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, ta measure 42x46 inches and weigh ft**' pound* 400 pairs 4-point green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 72x90 inches and weigh 12 pounds. 700 pairs 3-polnt green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pound* 700 pairs 2U-polut green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 54x06 Inches and weigh A pound* 450 pairs 2-point green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x46 inches and we gU 5*g pouud* 400 yards fancy list blue Cloth. 15,460 yards saved list blue Cloth. 16,775 yards saved list scarlet Cloth. 200 yards gray list blue Cloth. 3,982 8-4 Woollen Shawl* 100 6-4 Woollen shawl* 4U0 Heavy double Shawls. 4,924 pounds Linen Thread, standard make, No* 30, 35 and 40, two-thirds dark blue, one-third whiterbrown. 705 dozeu spools Cotton, standard make. 200 yards, 3cord uiul 6-cord. 258,325 yards Calico, standard print* 67,800 yards Indigo blue Drilling. 47.500 yards good Bed Ticking. 148,575 yards brown Sheeting, 4-4 standard. 122,000 yards standard Duck, 8-ounce. 20,750 yards plaid Linsey. 20,450 yards Dlue Flannel, twilled. 27,600 yards red Flannel, twilled. 6,300 yards Kentucky Jean* 19,825 yards Satinet ' 1,000 yarilscolored Drilling (for dress lining) 300 yards bleached Sheeting dor shrouds). 3,000 yards Blue Denim* 9,000 yards Hickory Shirting. 348 dozen Cotton llniidkerchlef* 652 dozen men's Wool Socks. 628 dozeu women's Wool Hose. 483 dozen children's Wool Hoso. 44 dozen Woollen Scarf* 17,197 Ked Flannel Shirt* 3,400 Cray Flannel Shirts. 7.065 Hickory Shirts. 1,100 Calico flhlrt* 450 Women's Wool Hoed* 150 Misses' Wool Hoods. 140 Bed Coverlet* 3,300 pounds Yarn, assorted colors. L054 pounds (filling Twine, 2 ami 3 cord, equal quantl* tie* Nos. 30, 35 and 40. 904 pounds Cotton Maltro, for Seine* 500 pounds Indigo. 628 dozen best cast stoel Axes, 3 to 4'^ pound* 481 dozen best cast steel Hunter's Axe* handled. 509 dozen Axe Handles, 36-inch, No. 1. 647 dozen tlpned iron Preserving Kettles, 3>? to 10 quarts. 434dozen short-handle Frying Pans, Nos. 1, land 3, in equal quantities. 292 dozen 'I'm Pans, pressed, 2, 4 and 6 quart* 50 dozen Tin Plates. 820dozen Tin Cups, pints. 200 dozen Tin Cups, quarts. 36 dozen Tin Palls, no covers, 8, 10 aud 12 quarts. 40 dozen Tin l'nils, with covers, 8, 10 and 12 quarts. 25 dozen Tin Dippers, long handle* 130 dozen Tin Coffee Pots, 2 quart* 80 dozen Tin Coffee Pots, 4 quarts. 613 dozen tinned iron Tuble .Spoon* 1,503 Butcher Knives, 6 inch. 110 Hunting Knives, 6 Inch. 120 dozen Skinning Knives, A-lnch. 230 dozen Knives and Pork* good quality. 8 dozen Pocket Knives. US dozen Taper Saw Flic* 4.^-lnch. 47 dozen Mill-saw Files. 352 dozen Planters' Hoes, No. 2, best cast steel. 120dozen Hoe Handles. 40dozen Hutchut* 13 dozen llaud Saw* 601 dozen Fish Hooks, assorted size* 205 dozen Fish Lines, assorted size* 355 dozen Sewing Awl* 299 dozen Sewing Awl flaudic* 112 dozen Cast Steel Shears, 7 ha and 6 incite* 441 dozen Coarte Combs. 126 dozen Fine-tool li Comb* 55 dozen Open Thimbles. 93 dozen Zinc Mirrors. 173 Needle* assorted size* M7 Ki....ll<.u' 541 Heaver Traps, Newhouse, No. 4. 50 Mink Traps, Newhouse. 3,385 Cumi> Kettles, in nests of throe. ? 5,4.1H bunches Heads, assorted colors. 600 Powhatan Pipes. 60ft Kecd Stems. 3,142 Sack Coats, assorted sizes, for uien. 4,652 Punts. ussortcd sizes, for incn. 1)30 Vests, assorted sizes, tor men. 374 lg>ose Sack Overcoats, large size. 250 Suits (iacket and pantb), tor boys Are to ten yean of age. 120 Vests, tor boys five to ten years of age. 6,!I10 men's Wool llats, assorted sizes and eolora 175 tiovs' Wool Hats, assorted sizes ami colors. 300 heavy fassimore Car*. 1,558 pairs men's Shoes, good Quality, assorted size*. ml 794 puirs women's Shoes, good quality, assorted sizes 200 pairs boys' Shoos, good quality, No*. .1 and fi. 22o pairs misses' shoes, good quality, assorted sizes. 324 uairs children's Shoes, good quality, assorted sizes. 9,601) pounds Tobacco, Plug. 500 pounds Smoking Tobacco. All the above goods must he delivered In Now York, Philadelphia or Boston by the 1st day of dune nest. Also the following Blankets, which will bo required to be delivered by the 1st day of August next ? 1,400 pairsli-point white Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds. I,WW pairs Ilk-point white Mackinac Blankets, to moasure 54x66 inches and weigh 6 pounds. 75 pairs2.point white Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x4(1 inches and weigh 5 ., pounds. 1,850 pairs 3-nolut scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,250 pairs 2'i-point scarlet Mackinac Hlankots, to measure 54x60 inches and weigh 6 pounds. 400 pairs 2-noint scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x40 Inches and weigh 5'* pounds. 2,450 pairs It-point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 2,000 pairs2,k-i>oint indigo blue Maexinac Blankets, to measure 54x66 inches and weigh 6 pounds. 350 pairs 2-point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets to measure 42x46 Inches ami weigh 5'4 pounds. bX) pairs2J,-point green Mackinac blankets, to measure 51x66 inches, and weigh 6 pounds. 200 pairs 2-noint green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x46 inches and weigh 6K pounds. The bids WtU hi uprncu m tfifi prc'ence of the Board of Indian Commissioners and a committee to he deSlgnatol liv the Secretary of the Interior, as soon as the time for receiving the sa'me shall have expired, and the contracts will lie awarded ns soon thereafter as practicable. I'artles bidding are required to tufa's!) samples of the articles hid for. All the samples of oach tririuf^ shall lie designated by a private murk attaehud to each sample corresponding with marks on ihc proposals. The prices must be given without any modification or proposed modification whatever. The right will be reserved to require a greater or less quantity (not exceeding 25 per cent in either ease) of any of the articles than that specified in tiic above suheduros * at the prices proposed. The right will he resorved to reject any or all pronqsala. If such a course should be deemed for tue interests of Uie government. All articles furnished under contract will be required to be delivered, packed ami marked for shipment, without extra charge tor cases or hailing when in original packages, according to directions which will be givon, at a warehouse to lie designated in the respective cities where the goods are received, and will bo subject to inspection by the Board ot Indian Commissioners appointed by the rroMdeiit; and such goods or articles as may in jtay reaoeci fail to conform to tne samples will he rejected, and in that case the contractor will he hound to furnish others of the required kind or quality within Ave days; or if that be uot done, they will be purchased at hta expense. No bids will ho Mnsiderpd from persons who have failed to comply with the requirements of a lormur contract No contract, or part thereof, will be permitted to b? assigned or filled by other purtles without the written consent of the (Secretary or the Interior. Caymcnt will he made tor the goods purchased on the presentation of the invoices thereof at this ottloc, after they shall have been proper! \ approved. No proposal will he considered that does not strictly comply with the following form I (or wn propose to iiiriii.-li tlie Indian Department, according t<> the terms nl' tlie advertisement of the Uont, nimionor ol Indian Affairs. dated March 20, 1072, the following article* ul tho prices thereto ufltxed. (Here insert.the Hat of article* proposed to be furnished.) Said ' article* are to lie delivered in (here insert the proponed place of delivery) by the (insert date). And If this pro* I pons I be accented 1 (or we) will, within ten days after being noliliuil, execute a contract aeeordiiiKly. and givo Security to the roumii.sstom r ol Indian Allaire for tho luithltil performance ol the same." Jiai Ii proposal must be accompanied by a guaranty in the follow,ng lorm, to bo signed by two responsible persons, whose suftlcieney must bs oertilted by a Lulled States Judge or District Attorney .? "W# hereby Jointly and severally guarantee that the above biddor (or bidders), if a contract shall be awarded to liim (or them) according to Ills (or (liclri bid or pro- ' possl, will execute a contract accordingly, and give the requisite security (or iho tuitltiul performance of the same, as prescribed in Ibo advertisement lor proposals for Indian goods, dated March 211. 1873: and in the even) ol liia (or their) lalliire to do so we hcerby agree and bind ourselves, our lieiis executors and n(lm!nl*tratori to forte11 and pay to the United States, as damages, a sum not less than tlliecn per cent on llio amount of said bid or proposal." Bonds will be required in the amount of the bid for the failtilul performance of the contract, with two or inoro sureties, whoa- sufficiency must lie ccrtiUcd to by a Lulled Mates Judge or District Attorney. I II. K. ''i.i'M. Acting Commissioner. Ori'H'K ()! rm: WATI.Il I'lJilMI.-SSIUNHKH, i'KOV"" Idniae, ft. I., March 22, 1875.?To Contractors? Sealed proposals will he received at thin "Wee until II o'clock A. M., Tuesday, April S, 1875, Tor the construction of Hope Reservoir In tins city. The Reservoir will be about (>?) leet long, about 840 feel wide. 841* feet deep, covering about IM, ncrns. The embankment will be or earth, with an interior liuinit of stone. There will be Hvo cate chambers, with a connecting conduit, Plana may be set n at and printed specifications and forms of proposal and contract will ho furnished front this office on application. Kseh proposal musl lie accompanied hjr a bond, satisfactory to the Commissioners, In the peaal will 1)1 ?."> 00\ as ll>|Ublalcd damages, conditioned that tin- Iddder shall, within ten days alter the acceptance of his prop, -.aI. execute the contract, with security satisinetory to the Commissioners for Its luithiui performancs. ? , , The Commissioners reserve the ryht to rcjoct asy or *" ' 'jOSEPfl J. COOKR, ) vv' bli am c*)ia.'ist (W4Ur ' oramlssioner. j. n sussuT siiBtiu, chief Engineer. CLOT 111 NU *'TTONTinN.-f.AnrKHANDOKNTtBMBN.THROnoH J\ having e ante order to fulfill. 1 am compelled to pay ' lit cash more than aiijone, without exception for cast ofl fJhithii.ii. Carpels, Hcddlnu, Kurnluirc, tc ' V?u will 5? mJL KOHCNHKUn' "" or address Mr. or Mrs. RONKNilKKQ, ssti .Seventh avenue, second houso above Twenty fourth street. i??u?<? AT RDVVAKll M11,1,KICS WEI.L KNOWN ESTAHlishinent, ifio Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth Sioo'ii'.if?::; .T4 ,u' ' J'1 1,1 "? " "t andOemle,, uicu bCwtOif (/lotliiutr C Ari;uU, by cftlliiui or Aiiilr<*uiiiu|s

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