Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1873 Page 5
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/ FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL The Money Market Stringent, but Rates Steady. A Further Advance in the Oold Premium. A Rise of a Quarter and a Reaction of an Eighth Per Cent. The Government Gold Sale and the Strategy of the Clique. BANK OF ENGLAND RATE UNALTERED. The New Secretary of the Treasury aud the "April Programme." A DULL DAY IN STOCKS. Sharp Rise in St. Paul on Purchases Against tii? Annual Election. THE COTTON CROP OF 1872-73. wall wtrrbt, 1 Thursday, March 27?? P. M. j OR "Change to Uft? cotton was in better demand and xc. pur II). dearer lor both spot and future. Flour remained Htendjr, while wheat and eorn were rmly held, but very quiet. ran oovroN crop op l872-'73. X Washington telegram ot to-day says that .167 estimates of the cotton crop ol 1872-'73 were deposited in the "pool" at Augusta, Georgia. The average of these estimates, makes the crop 3,704,888 bates. the oovkrnuknt ooi.d sack. The bids for the government gold called ror a total of $6,&(u>,000, the puces offered ranging from 116.27to 116.33, the latter extreme being bid for the entire $1,600,000, which was awarded accord-, Mutt in one lot at that price. Another bid for (lie T entire amount was made at 110.04. tiik pokkiun mauket. rue DWIK ui riufjimiu uiieeiwin ni> iuvii ickumi weekly meeting to-day made no lurtber alteration la the discount rate, the minimum of which remains at 4 per cent. The London quotations show steadiness in consequence, consols being about as they were at the close yesterday, while Tnited Mates bonds manifest firmness and a little improvement. The bullion account of TUB BANK OF KNfll.ANP hows a decrease for the week of ?946,000, and that of the Bank of Prance, whioh, for some reason explained, is reported a day earlier than usual, aa increase of 4,ooo,ooof. The large decrease in the former case is an explanation of the advance in Me rate of discount, bnt not of the special meeting or the directors; and the gain in rrancs accounts for an improvement in Prench rentes to K.62. Brie shares were strong on the news from this side of the action of the New York Senate in passing the bill allowing the company to collect hrt at the rate of u cents per inllc, ana advanced to 62. ONKY STU1NOKKT. The money market was stringent, bnt steady in Itastringency, the rates on call ranging within almost precisely the same limits as on the previous i hay?viz., l4t to 1-16 and interest, the market be- ' a shade harder and leaving off at 1-16, or 1-32 j higher than sn Wednesday. Commercial was ' nominal. Foreign exchange was dull and for sight j sterling \ higher, the asking quotations of the i prime drawers being los?.,' and 109Sight bills were firm, but sixty-day bills were weak, and were offered at 108?^ on the street at the close. The difference of J* between long and snort, bills is due, of coarse, to the advance and possible further advance of the Bank of England rate. ( OLD STRONG?f 15A 116SThe gold market opened barely steady, under some disappointment at the announcement that the Bank of England rate had not been further advanced, but soon became strong under purchases to cancel mercantile borrowings of gold, the "shorts" being, a great many of them, quite Umid and afraid to remain on the bearish side of the market, pending the eventualities of the present. noticv of the Rank of England. however Ual or feeble that policy may prove to be in Its modification of the gold premium. A relapse from , this strength was succeeded bv still greater Arm- , nesa on the discovery that the highest bid for the government gold and one calling for the w hole amount had been filed by THE SYNDICATE BROKERS, | Whose action was interpreted to mean an irapor- I tant change in the gold-selling policy of the new , Secretary of the Treasury (who would soon have i a opportunity or putting his views into practice, as the April programme ought in the ordinary course of things to be ready by next Sunday night), on the other hand, it was said that they had been cmployed in their regular business capacity as brokers to buy the gold for thevClique in order to help the peculation of the Utter by the effect their bidding would have upon the market. In ss lar as this w as tbe object of their alleged COMPLICITY WITH TltS POOL the result was eminently satisfactory, for the price of gold advanced to 116ft, as against USft, the opening price. The advance In sight sterling also ' contributed to tbe rise, wmch was maintained , pretty steadily until near the close, when the sales fell off ft a ft per cent. The legal tender i ircu- j lotion excited no new influence, the only change for the day being a contraction to the extent of j $83,000, the total amount? outstanding being ' $358,487,000. The course of the market is shown in tbe table 10 A. M llftfi 1 P. M US', 10:01 A. M Ill -! P. M .'... 116;', 10:13 A. M 116,'.' -'Ill P. M U6', 1 10:30 A. M 116 ft JH.M I Hi', 10:63 A. M 116ft 3:411'. M 11H'4 11 A. M 116 U ait-l P. M 116 ', 12 M 116ft 4 P. M 116 4 a lib ', 12:06 P. M nav, In the gold loan market, the rates ranged noni | 7 per cent for carrying to flat lor borrowing. Tne operations of the Ciold Exchange Hank were . M follows:? Gold cleared (73,015,000 (lold balances 2,062,230 Currency balances 2,991.566 The Nuh-Trcasury paid ont foe,000 on account 01 Interest, and (2,300 an account of redeemed fivetwenties. THE R A II.HO AII HONRS. The railroad bonds were less active, but prices continued firm. The- Erie mortgages were ail in steady request In the vicinity of 100. I'nian Pacifies were heavy and lower, and Central Pacitics better and flrra. Terre Uaute rims sold at 101, and I Morris and Essex seconds at ft?. The following were the bids at the call, as amended by prices in subsequent dealings:? Mew York ten 6's.ltW. 92 Pel, Uck A West 2d m 97 Slew York fen 6' so TniAWtb I?iri,m 95'; Hew York fen t e, sub. #0 Tol A W let m. st 1. div -P\ Slew York ten 7'e. 7b.. SHiifi li.l A Wnl. 2dm 9:o: S.rie 1st m, extended..Id2\ Tol A W?h equip bds. . 9't Erie 1st m, endorsed... 99 Tol AWah con cony.... *7 Erie 7'1.2d m, 79 InO llsn A Naples lum ... H7 Erie7 *,4th ni. "Si 101V t>t West 1st ni.l?w #t'W Eric 7's, iith ra, as .lis) iJt West 2<i id, l?93 ... 89 Erie 7'a, con m eld bds. 97'i Uulncv A lot 1st. "W 91 tone Pock bonds yah. tJji A < hlc extended... I'llV Mall. N V AH 1st m, 77 94 nalena A < lur id in.... 9?', Had K 7's. 2d m. s f,'hs.104 t'lnc, K I A pbc mi', Hod K 7>, 3d in. 7#... . lot Morris A hs>ex lstm iua>, Harlem < 'Mstin In2u Morris A l'..?wx 2d in Harlemi inandslS's... ?n NJCenUtm.n im", AMi A bus 2<1 bds 99 N J Southern 1st m I'? 7.4 Alb A bus ltd lal? .. Wt}< Pltls, F W A I'hn' 1st in I "Ok Mich fen M's, 1st m, '82 Mb Pitts I W A fine 2d m. 99 Mich Ho 7 p c 2d m I0U P'tts. I w A fine *1 in. 9?S Mm h Ho A N 1 st, 7 p c ins P, K w A C e pc eqtbd 9y flex A Tol s I Ill t7ev a Pitts.Id m.... C'levATolnew lala,... 96 fhvA Pi1t?4tbni * < . P A A old tale .... w fbic a Alton ( li'l JTBW Y< SaWiftSVfif:: Sg s. Lake t Imrtdm bUa.... WJk Ohio con.. Fit ?K7H;i'ilMa.. Vf Peoientila 1st in.con.. ?> <*n faeifieitoM b4a. iOSNk Ht LmuIIwiM !?..** | Western I k< ikt l*ls '.*% *11* M?" lUiii.h'n.l'O II*. I l??u Parith 1M m. . ? ? " * Ht V lit in. \ A M 1) Hi 1 iiiob I'm ifn I k 7V. 7k>j Chi* A Mil 1stiii WX Lsion 1'sctttc iuc Ui's VOX Jolkt A t hie lit in.... I "4 Alt 4 Trr li imm ..Mi Col, <?bic A lbo int.. 91X Alt A Ter II 20 ui, inc. HI* U| Chle A lm> 2d . 7 I'hit A N W i I ..99 Ull'AWKO.. ?1 Chic A N W intbda. .. 90 Tel. f A9,W D M Clue IN* rob Ikih .. 90X lol. PAW, Curl'n tliv N?X Clin-A N W ixten Uli ??)j Po?t II A Kric tut m OH* ?luc AN* iKtiu... 9914 Ce.1 Palls A Min let in NO Haii A M Jo Is llllC Kur. (HA HP*. Int,r *> Del, i.itck AW 1st ui lUSJj SOUTHKHN KKOtllUTIKH PIKJi. The Southern State bonds w?re quiet and *eo erally Ortn. The Tennessee* ranted to 80)., and the Missouri nixes were behl at 94. THe Virginia ooahois we??> only steady at 60. The following were the closing prices:?Tennessee, ex coupon, DUlittNi^; do., new, MB, a s?x, Virginia, ex eoupoa, 44 a 48; do., registered stock, old, 36 a 40; do sixes, consolidated bonds, M a.vj'4; do. do., deterred scrip, 13J* a 14>4; Oeorgia sixes, 70 a 70; do. sevene, Hk a 90; North Carolina, ex coupon, 30 a 32; do. to North I Carolina Kaiiroad, (9 a el; do. funding, 'koo, *o a ' 33; do. da. Ikes. 10 a 20: do., new. 17 a 19. do.. I special tax, 13 a 14; Missouri sixes, 93% a 94; do. Han tubal and Ht. Joseph, hj a 1)1 %; Louisiana eixes, 43 a 47; Alabama riven, 67 a 60; do. ctghis, ?o a 65; Hontn Carolina sixes, :-0 a 40; do, new. January and July, 17% a 19; do. do., April uud October, 22 a 23; Arkansas sixes, funded, 30 a 43. OOVKKNtlENTM KI'HONU. Government bonda were strong in sympathy with the further rint in sold, and prices advanced ,*i?H pet cent, the improvement being more con spicuous in Hie ten-iorties, the lens bIxoh and tno 6"'a. On the other hand the new liven and the currency sixes were lower. It wan quite natural that the currency sixes ehenld sutler more or less depression from rue advance in sold; but we threw out the suggestion whether the reaction in the new Uvea, wnoae course was the opposite of that of the ten-rortlea, the rival live per cent gold issues, was not the consequence of the eagerness or the syndicate brokers to get the government gold to-day and oi their wdhngnees to pay more than any body else for it?a disparagement of res oovKBNmner credit, Wbich, director indirect as it may be, comes witb in grace Irom auck a course. The following were the closing quotations:?United States currency sixes, ii4 % a 114%; do. do., 1881, registered, 117% A lis; do. do. do., coupon, 120% a 120%; do. fivetwenties, registered, May and November, 117% a 117%; do. do., 1862, conpon, do., 111% a 117s, do. do., 1864, do. do., 117% a 117%; do. do., 18C5, do., do., 118 a 118%; do. do., 1867, registered, January and July, 116% a 116%; do. do., I860, coupon, do., lic% a 116%; do. do., 1867, do. do., 118% a 118%; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117% a 117%; do. ton-forties, registered, Ul% a 112; do. do., conpon, 112% a 112%; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114% a lU%;do. do. do., coupon, 114% a 114%. STOCKS Dl'Ll. AND STEADY. The stock market was dull and quite steady, the speculative element being disposed to stand si ill and watch the movement in the Hold doom. The only feature of note or interest was an advance or 2% percent in St IVtul to 69%. a further result of the award of the St. Croix land giant already rclerrcd to, and, more recently, it was reportod, of purchases by Jay Gonld with a view to placing himself in the Board of Directors at the election in June next, when, under the classification system, one-third of the Board will go out of office. It was said furthermore that Jay Gouid. whose interests in connection with Northwestern make it quite likely mat kc is auxious to be represented in the St. Paul direction, hau a rival buyer in Hrur.v N. Smith, and that the two men encountered each other all of a sudden, like tbe combatants in the famous Western "yarn" of a duel in the dark, iheir confluent orders to buy running the price np to 59% Hits afternoon. Hannibal and St. Joseph docllnctl to 4i%. HIGHEST AM? LOWKCT FKICkS. The following table shown the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks daring the day HlontM, Lotrt'M. New York Central 102% nrj Eric ?6% M % lAke Shore 94 03% Wabash * 73% 72% Nerih western (Notransactions.) Northwestern preferred (No transactions.) Hock Inland 115% 115 81. Paul 50% 67 % St. I'uul preferred 76% 76% ; Ohio and Mississippi 46 s, 46% I Union Pacific 35% 36% C., C. anil i. C 40% 39% Western Union Telegraph 60% H6% Pacific Mall 68 .'>?% In Philadelphia Heading was strong and atlvauced to 116. SALES AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Thursday, March 37?10:15 A. M. $10(1) vn 640.C, ?, n.. 114% $1000 L'8 S's, 10-40, c .. 111% 70000 US 6-ai, c, '67 US 1000U) do be 112% I lO A. M.?Before Call. j 200sin, WestCnTel.... H6% 200*h? LB* MSHB..S3 93% I WW do s? 36% 100 Harlem UK 136 . 400 <lo So)-, 1200 Un Pac KR 36% UK) <!o S6>a 200 do C 36% I HO do at 36% 400 do rt 36% I0O.N YC* 11 K KB... 102% 700 do . 36% 600 do 102% WW Chic A K 1 KB 116 300 do c 102% 200 do 116% 200l'ac Malt aS Co. ..c 67% 100 Mil A.St P 11H 67% 9.0 do 57% aw do 57% WW do 57% 100 do 57% 1C0 do e 67% 1700 do 58 600 do 57% 60O do 57% 1300 do 57 100 do b.3 M 3U0 do 56% SOU do S3 57% 200 do C 56% 200 Mil k St P pi 76 3 0 Erie KR 65% WOT, WIS KB 72% 400 do 66% 4UU do 72-, 300 .to <t 65 .300 Ohio k M iss K K.... 45% 400 do 55 2oo do C 45% Sue do 61% 100 do 46% ItwPanamaRK 113% .'too do c 45), KM do 113% 7UU 8. 1141 KB S 200 do.... 11.3% too do 2% 5 L 8 A Mb RK 03% f?l*l 0. C A 1 C KB 40% 100 do 93% 200 do b3 40% 2(0 do C 93% n?l 0o C 40% I 600 do 93% 200 do 40 100 do Ut 93% 800 do 39% 100 do C 91% 100 Jo bit) 40 400 do 93% First Board?10:30 A. M. $6n00 Tcnn 6 ?, old 30% 500 ?bs Pac M SSCo... 57% 60O0 oo 30% loo Panama RB.. ..b c 113 1 OOliOTerm 6's. new to 400 do 112% 10000 do 30% 300 do 112 IOoOO Va 6'm, c on 56 20o NYl .* H K..b c.bJ 102% .000 Georgia 7's 39 300 do 102% JOISt "j's, II, A k O. 22 *.310 do 102% MAIO Kric 4ih in 101% WW do 102% , 1 loco Erie 5th ui 100 luO do 102% , 2iw.i Mich son '.d m ... luu% sou Erie KR be 64% 1 2(100 Mich Souths lbs 103% 11)0 do.. 64% 1 3000 do 115 200 do 64% | 1 2100Pen I'ar void lids 103% 100 do C 64% IIP U I II Par 1st 111.... -6% 500 do S3 64% I , 6000 L n Pac 7%, I g 79, WTO do 65 | ; (Won do 79 , 100 Jo 65% 30t i* All 6 T 11 1st in . . Ill; 1200 L84 MS KK b i; 98% I 3000 I ol .V Wah 1st ni 96% .00 do 43 93% I I 6uuur * k i a rucr'Nman 700 ..<> 33* 1 1 idJUOMur A Ex2d as 600 * ilo bS m ?i??? N J ?>n 1st, new. km too t? o at* < 2000C,CA 1C let ID... 91* UK) do 9.4* 5U00 Na.-h A Dectr lot. 88* 800 tin Far KK be 35* < WHHI W I'n Tel 7* 1UU 800 do 35* 2i**i lluricm 1st 111 ...e Id-'* 27 N J l'en Kit lot 25 6ll? Bank ol N V.... IS1, 2.*' (' A K I bit 115* 20 .-t Nicholas Hank . 110', 2ia)T, W A W KB... be 72.', SOU Wot i ll tel. .b c.o 86* 214) do b5 73 WOO ilv It Chle A Alt KK 112* txi do C 80 lUOMorA Essex Kit... 91* 1200 do 80* 100 M A .-t P pi'.. be 75* iJU <lo 80', teOB, H A K KK bc bS it* 200 do ?3 86* :.00 (10 3 1-00 do 86* 100 X .1 South'It ItK . 27 11*1 do 80* lOOMar A Uin 1st pf .. 24 ll?) do ?3 SC.* 20U M 4 st K ItK... b e 37* ?? do e 88* too uo b3 M 800 do 86* 100 do bt 53 ?W d" 86, ftOO do 58 an Del * I! Canal. .. 117* 100 do 58* 10t> do be 117 300 do 58* 100 U S Ex Co 74* 900 do 58;, 21*1 (1r. 74* 114) do 58* 8.) Am >1 l ex Co 68* 100 do 58* 20 Adam- Ex 96* Odd do 58* lOOMdCnaICo 26 2t*l do >* 100 Con Coal ol Md 56* K*> do 03 58* 100 t'acltlc Mail S? Co. 56* 5tf) do 58* 300 do be 36* 100Ohio A M KK.. be 46* 5)4) do 57 DUO do 45* 100 do 67* 100 C, CAICRR. S** 400 do s3 57* 21*) do be.bl3 40 21*1 d. 37V, luu do :?V VI10 ilo .V?i 63 :W, I 10U do C 67 i 1UU do 3V'm 1(W do 57), l?it3 and ails P. M. iMOOO CP ?>, 81.c I30K "?? CH i-20, c, o7. .. Il*?* 4(K*i no 1205, I'M? do small 117s, SMM 17s &.*), r. M4. ... 117), 6U0HI do 118'. 6011 L'Si-ai.c, >M Hi"', HIM) 10-40, r...C IIJ ' WOO 08 6.J0, c, 66, n.e I16'.j 500'lt UP 8'i, '81, c ,3 lUSi tiit.'lO P. W.?Before Call. MihaWMUaW... mi, MOiha Cn Fac RJl.... AMJ> vcail R. b:i 10*., 100 do . 86), nr.", mi'lKl KB 116', ?5? UHir.", 100 uo C 116), wiacamco sou Mil * at o rk .... 68, ?"> W?, 100 do c 68', 1 5! ?" ?Lk 20U do 03 68)5 1 iinollarlrmRK ISftlJ '00 do 5*1^ iuiomm.IKK ^ JJ? vi% ?! 8g : Second Baard?l P. J4f. $10<Ki0Tcmi???.o)d.... K0 80aha 111 Ccn BR ngu SW> do 801, llju do J ?IM7 JJSSv.'i" *J* 100Do Pac RR./bcd 86): liMMMi \ a 6 , con .Ml 60 no !%'' 61100 M< 6',. n.Jn kJy. 17k 2U0 LN A M M iiJi'b'u lis m DOmi MfcBouriVl.. *3C 100 do. b j;w 'if ?ss .wo 00 S8 6000I'.rif 4|11 fu 101'., U no <Ki )rk hkrald. frjday, j KflO Uu Pat litn .. M\ MMJ.C.OAIRK .... 87V 1000 do mji in do t>2 87% ?K>| D. M AToi Int.... 9,V 46 do ... ... 87!,, 2000 Ohio 4 Miwi alio. 88% 100 do be 87V ZIHKIHtl.AlM Intnl... 96V 100 Chic A K 1 KK lib'. moti c, o a I r in* 91*.; 100 do ?i H6U lUM?H,lf.t Erie Istbc 40.'. 1( b3 69 160 <.tin Coll C Ol Md . . 66 0 WO do ... 69 16 Del A II Canal 117U 100 do r SO ? oo U7V ino do ... ? am. 1900 Went Uii'I'el. ttv 100 do 68V ?? Ae ..... .. 86)? 1000 do. . ... 68 400 Mnr Ld A Mr. .be l-T WO do Dhk 10 AUiinn K* Co 100 do 68}j 800 Puc d 88Co... br 57V COO do 6?V loo do. .. ?3 67m 300 do.. 68V 000 do 1,7*2 IOO do b3 60 6<1 N V ?: A II K be Hr2'V 701)Mil A Kt I' KK pf 76V "d do Itt: 26 do be 76 16*0 do 107J4 100 B. lltKHR bctt 3V 1200 Krtd ItR be 66 IDOOhloAM KR 45*2 300 Harlem KR.. 131'i ISO Mor A tiw'l KR 90V t*>0 .,00. bcliajj 100 N .1 Southern RR 27 100T, W A W Kit. be 73 . lUdChic A Altou b* 112V Mt3U to 4 P. M. fZ8?l? Vu Vn.eon 66V SOflttlm Un I'nc KR . h.H SSM iOoMiti .Sow Cuu Coal. 4.,V 100 Uo bd 3AV 10) Maryland Con, 26V 200 do 36V 6'JO *4rest Un Tel .. . 86* 4>,0 no 83 ,V>\ do W. 40 C, C, C A 1 RR 87V 700 do k3 80V 10b do .... .. *7 87V <<*} Jfdr hand A M'|f 14 W do.. b.* 87V 40P Pue M 88 Oo 67J< 1200 M AMI' RR.. 69 400 do b/\ 10(1 do ..... 19V 8JJO do ... 67V 100 ao 69 200 do .... b3 67V 100 do x3 18V 460 do 67V ?*1 do l?V Km uo ?3 IHX IUU <iu ami 400 do 07?, IK) Uo MO 59V 4UU do MM) ttJO Uo t?H WO Uo l>30 WS MOO Uo . m.j loo do 97 V 200 do 69* 100 Uo WO 58V I'tW do .... M 59* km do .b3 67?t ioo do wu trfd) do 57 V 2oO do 69'. M? do I>li< 1'W do 89V., 100 do. . ,h3 57V loo do 89* *41X1 . do 87% 400 do 9974 100 no. 87* :w do 59m 4400 N YOA U KKK.. 102* 200 do. . . . 89% IIKj do M 102*o I UO do 69* 800 do 102 >4 200 uo 89.14 ! 400 Panama RK l)2>i 200 Mil A Hi I* 01 70* 104X1 line UK.. 64* 100 Par UK o! Me 82 ?*) do , tot S00T, W A W UK.. .OS 7.114 400 do. Dot 400 do 73v luo Uo .h3 00*4 100 do OKI 73* K00 do ?* lUOAOhiv A U KK 4014 MX) do 1)3 tt* 200 do bo 48% SCO do COS 11)0 do 46V 5UU I.HI M S Kit 93* 300 do .. 46V 3000 00 00K do. .. 45* 211) Uo 1)3 93* II0 II A St Jo ItK t>3 43 2ui itock Ibluud c 118)4 i0u <0 42v 2UC do 11314 (ILOglNO PEICE8?4 O'CLOCK P. M. w? utrrn I'nion 86* it OAS l)mo? Pacihc 36% a 2314 ijnu'.knilvrr 4u u 49 nurtliwestern.. bl)s " 01', umckKilver pt. 50 a MS Ncrthwcbl'u pi 0.v4 a He* Coil I'oul.. ..96 A 87 N JOcnUul. ...103)1 a 104* adkiub 1<x 94 a 95 rook island ..118*4 a 118* Wo lib KarKO IS* MJS A 04 M Paul 89*4 u 81) 64 Aui Mor llti Km. 88 a 68* St I'uul prof 7C* u 76* u ? k * (i rum. 74v ? 7(1 wuhusli 73'4 it 73v PACtlC Mad.... 8714 A 37V Ohio A Miss 45 * ? 46* N V 1)0liUAl... 102v a 102*4 llAH A KtJo.... 427, A 44 Krle 85)4 u (15* Han 4 St Jo pf 60 u 6) llurlem . ...185', a 136 Boston, H A a 3 a 3* ldtko Micro.. .. 93V '?_93V 17, C 4 1 C 39* u 40 COMLEBRCIAL REPORT. ' ? Cotton Vlrmrr; Receipts At thf Porn. r?,883 Bairn?Flour Nleady?Whral Kirm?Corn ami UaM ttulet?Pork Stoady?l<anl and Bacon Firmer?Uroccrle* Ruin?Petroleum Closed Roller?Spirits Turpentine Firmer? Kosln Steady ?Wblaltey tinchABKcd. 'ruiiKMDAV, March 2*7?? P. M. The merchandise markets were generally steady, under a lair demand; but there was some irregularity, and less doing in some departments. There was almost no movement iu flour and grain, stocks are very light, and holdurs accordingly demanded lull prices; but there were few orders unexecuted, and these were generally at limits below the current. nominal uiiotntions. These remarks ur.niv with equal force to flour and wheat. Corn watt qnlet, hut very flrm,# holder* generally lnHiHtiDK upon higher prices. Outs were ices active, but firmer, especially lor ordinary new mixed. Whiskey remained quiet. There watt greater buoyancy In the provision markets, particularly bacon and lard, winch were in demand and decidedly higher, the former being somewhat excited and nominal. Cotton attracted more attention and the market ruled firmer. Groceries continued quiet, except for sugar, for which the demand was fair at former prices. SpiritB of turppntine was active and firmer, while rosin ruled about steady. Petroleum was inactive, and closed showing considerable weakness. Cokkkk.?The market continued quiet but firm for all descriptions. We have only to note a salt'' at llaltimora of 3,060 hues Kiu, ex Adelaide, on private term". We quote:?Rio. ordinary cargoes. 16)io. a ItiJ^c.; lair cargoes, I7'4c. a 17)4C.; good cargoes, 18c. a lrt'fr.; prluie cargoes, IHtjr. a 1834c.: Java, government hags, 20c-. u 21c.: do. grass mat* 20c. a 22c.: Hiugaporc. 16>4c. ? U)jt.; Ceylon, 17Jic. a 18,'tC.; Marucailto, IHc. a 19c.; Laguayra, 18}2c. a 20c.: Jamaica, I7)4c. a iS'jc.: St. Domingo, 16c a I8\c-; Porto Rico, 19c. a 20c.; t'usta Rica, 18c. a 20c.; Mexican, 18c. a 19c. { Manila, l7Sc. a l8Hc.; Angostura, 17Sr a 18>jc.: Havanilla, 17?ic. a I8j?c.; Curacoa, 17i?c. a 18.Sc., gold, per ib., 80 a Ri days' credit Cotton.?The market for coitou on the spot was decidedly firmer, under a inure active demand, chiefly fur I export, and prices ruled l,o. per Ib. higher for all grades. Future deliveries were again active and prices advanced Jac. per Ib. This improvement was not inaiiitaiiird to i tne close of the market, however, (lie market clusuig at IS016c for April, lsl-ldc. for May, 19J,c. for .'uneaud 19 11-lBc. lor July. We sum up thug ? Tii-Pa u. La*t F.rtnlny. Total. I Kxport 2,020 ? 2,526 , Consumption 222 126 348 ! Speculation 12 ? 12 1 In transit - 307 307 Tntal 2,760 433 siTiici | ?For luturc delivery (basis low middling), the sales have I been as follows Sales last evenlii'-' alter three o'clock ? Marc n, 100 at ISSc.: April, 300 at 18 9-lfic., I .US) at t8-,c-. 800 at 19 9-16c.; Mav. 1.100 at 19c.. 400 at 19 1 16c., l?l at 19c. v'June, 100 at 19 M6c, 1.000 at 19?4c. >'"><" 19*40.: lt'O at 19 5-16c.; July. 2,400 at 19.',c. Kxcliangcd ? V . past to exchange 30d April for Juue. Total. 7.000 bales. Sale-to- . 1 day up to three o'clock.?March, loo at ls?fc.. April. MO I at1sVc..2U0at 18 ll-ISc 800 a; 18Vr., :?>? at 18 13 1<o., 1,800 at 183k;c., 10o at 181316c., 400 at is?4u? *)Uat In 13-l?c., 2tXlat 18?iC.. loo at 18 13-lHe., 100at I8V(\. 400 at 18 I3-I6e., I 400at 18?c., looat 18 13 16c. 200 at is Ii-isa., 5d0 atl9V. 100 at IS'tc.. 800 at 11 ?c.; 300 at 18 9-16c.: May. | LOOO at 19V.C., SJ0 at 19 .4-l?c . 80U at I9'(c.. find at | 19 8-16t., ItWat 19'ic . 4i?at 19 3 l?c . J00 at 197 32c . 900at 19k, c.. 10" at 19 3-loc., 100 at 19'?c., l.iAJO at l9;t-16c.. 300 at ' 19'^C.. 800 at 19 318c.. WW at 110,1-.. 1.300 at 19 I-lilc. ; June, i 500 at 19lic., 100 at 19716c.. 800 at 19 9 16c., 400 at l?V'.. -9IO I at 19 9-I6C.. 401 at 1974c., 1<>0 Mt 19 9 16c.. 2U0at 19kjc., 2(M at l?f,c.. 300 it 199-16C., lOOat 19V-. 7S0 at 199-I6c., lis) ul lf'fo., 1,100 at 19 716c., -*>< at 19 718c.. 200'at l ! W,c.. 900 at 19 718c., 100 at l?Hc , 400 at 197 10c ; .lulv, 100 at I9v,c., tun at J9a4c., 2'k) at 19 11-16c., 700 ?t 1972c., 2i?) at 19 ll-IBc. ; October SiJO at 17?ic. 1 Total. 23,900 bales, Grand tolol. 80,900 bales. 'n?e reccipte at the porta were aa follows.Galveston. <99 ' hales: New- Orleans, 1,294: Mobile, 147: Savannah. 1,803: Charleston, 139; Wilmington. 87; Norfolk, 1,4-3; New York, 231; Boston, 23. Total, .8.883. Thi> dav last week, 1 14,594. Thl- dav last rear, 5,il90 Kates o'u cotton to 1 foreign porta closed aa follows:?To Havre, bv steam, j l!gc. a 1st.; sail, le., compressed. 1o Uamliurg, bv 1 steam, fid., compressed. To Bremen, bv steam, I Itac.: sail, lr. To Liverpool, steam, a,d. a 7-160. ; , , tail. .3-160. a a,d. We quote C'planrl*. Alabama. .Vev Trxjr] Ordinary I"'i4 I'-S 16!, Ift?4 ; Good ordiuarv I?72 16*^ 17 17 I ' Strict good ordinary 17'i 177, 181,' 1414 Low middling 181 ^ I9ji l.sJt 19 Middling I9>, 19 ? 2u 20l, , Good middling . 21'J 21)4 22 22-a ?The quotation* are he<"d on Cofioii in store, running ,n 1 nualitv not more than halt a grade above or befow the grade quoted. ' Fi.oca ami Grain. ? Receipts?Flour, 4.639 libla.. wheat, 8.7**1bushels; corn. 15 400 do.; com meal, 2.100 hbls and 43,1 hags; oats, 22,325 bushels; Itarley. 1,000 do. Tlie fl mr market ruled tlrm nut qatet. Lines ol shipping extras were scarce and rtrmlv held. The sales, including all kinds, aggregate about 12,00) bids, .at prices w ithiu tho range ot tTie annexed quotations Corn meal continued 1 luiet and unchanged, .-ales 2."d bids ol Western yellow 1 at $3 A3 on the dock, and tubbing lots at 8 < 27. Me quote :? ho. 2 Mate $4 08 a ?.' 25 superanc tt uu a 6 5IJ I * Kxtra State 7 26 a 7 75 I . Choice State 7 75* ") a I ' superfine Western 5 (10 * 6 50 ' Extra Western 19")* 7 60 I Extra Minnesota 7 50 a 9 so I Hound hoop Ohio, alii|ipinat brands 7 U0 a 7 vt . \ Round hoop Ohio, trade braafls S 00 a V 00 I Kamilv 9 01 a III H 1 St. I.ouls low extra M0> 7 75 I st Louis straight extra tuOa 3 so J st LouO choice doable extra 9 on a lo 00 ; 1 St. l,ouis choice tamily lo no a 13 00 California II to u 10 M Rvc flour 3 80 a 6 0) ' Ipnthern No t,.... 4 24 a 5 V) t Southern sapfrflne 6 00 a ? so ' S, uthern extra 7 25 a IN Southern family 10 UO a 1ia au i Cora meal. Western J Is a s <5 " Corn meal, Jersey.. . 3 60 a 366 > Corn meal. Brandy wine 3 65 a 3 75 Baltimore 4 no f. a h. Calorie 3 60 a .1 65 t Puncheons 1950 t. o. b. ?Wheat was quiet, but nominally unchanged. pries he Inn (Irmly held : the only sales were about S.Ortl buehels, 'I it SI 30 lor interior Spring. $1 OS for white and 12 20 a $2 25 for lancy white Mirhigan. Corn wu. quiet, * tiut Arm; the sales toot up about 25,two bnshels. at 06'.r a W'sc. tar Western yellow. 6So a 70c for do. white, oO'.e. > Sir Jersey yellow, afloat; 64C,c. bid for old mixed, in store. Other descriptions were nominal. Os's acretirai tor new tmaed. butuot icr\ active; the ?alcs the track ; Sic. tor new white, on the track . 47J,c. a 4*. i I lor black and Me a jSc. tor choice white, old <|Uo-cd at I M'kc., in store. Barlev and ryo were neglected and noml- | * nat: generally held above the view* of buyer*. I J Faicierr*.?Koem being scarce hv ves-els on the berth, j there was very little accomplUhed in that ltiie? but rate* , 1 rkhlbited no material change. The ln<|Uirv ior vus-li J lor charter *a? tair, particularly lor those adapted to ttie p petroleum trade. About lormer rates were current 1 tic ' engagements were ?To Liverpool, by-an, 700 bales cot- j 1 ton at 5-16c. a *i<\.: ISO hhds. of tallow and l.OuO tierces ol I J lard at 30n To London. by sail, .17,am bushels grain at ' *',d., I,am tibls. pork at 4s., and 1,000 bills. dour at 2s ?d. f To Antwerp, MJi) boxea bacon at 41s. .Si The charters in I elude ?A Norwegian hark, hence ta fork tororder- to 1 1 the United King lorn or Continent. 3,tiOil hbls. reflned pe- J troleuin at fis (id , with privilege ol the Baltic at 7s.: a .Norwegian bark, hence to a Baltic port, 2doo I 1 hhls. retlned do., at 7s.; a Dutch bark, trom Philadelphia to the Continent, 4,000 hhls. of do., at Ss. :t>t. | 1 a .Norwegian bark trale.t), hence to Cork Tor orders, S,ti00 1 onnrters grain, allta Dd.; a Norwegian bark, trom I'hila | dclphl.i to Bristol, I.MOO hhls. reflned petroleum, its no. a I Norwegian hark, trom do. to Cronstadt. it,aim bhls. re- I lined do., at 7a , a Herman bark, OtiBdo. to Kisinnre Tor orders to the Baltic, AM? hhls. do. at 7a. or, it direct, M. off Miii.sssrs. ?Aside from a limited lobbing demand for i AARCU 28, 1873.?TRIPLE ! were nominally Um name TIwi stock, till" date, in I cluilm 4,*n* hUn of flnta, ffii ilo ol Porto liicc1, Wilo. of KukIwIi inlands and 4JAIV bhia of New Orleans. We quote1 ? OiU ibof. Mm Orvf. Cuba, ocnti ifugal and mlind ... . 17c. a I9r ? a ? Cuba, clayed ? u ? 2$e.a34e. Cuba, muscovado, refining ?a? ?c. a36e. 1 Cuba, muscovado, (trocar* -a? 32c uJtit Porto Rico atte a 60e 36c. a8flc. KiikIin'i Islands -a? lOe. a46c. Hew Orleans -u- He a76c. Natal UToaca?The market for splrita of turpoutine C waa more active and dec kindly tinner, hut Irregular. Ha lea were reported of Sit bbla at lie.. 1UU bbla.toar rive, at61c.. ISO libln spot at 61)40., 109 bbla , shipping order, at 61)<c.; 100 bbla, to arrive, atCOWc , closing wltn WiHc bid, and 81c. naked lot incrchuutanlo. R?aiu waa io fair requeat and about ateady, at $6 SO a |S 40 for strained. The aalea include 1.600 bbla strained, lone aide. ") at $t 80. 600 bbla of pale at 94 80 a (4 76 Tar remained J quiet und unchanged. Vnoted at $4 a $4 S6 fot Washing ton and Wtluqnpton. Prraoutiiu.?The condition of the market for refined b continued unchanged, holdera m.iolrested couaidcrable o firmness but there was no deposition shown to pay ask Ing prices tjuotrd at iOXe a SOr tor remainder of inontli and first hail ol April. Crude in bnlk was very 1 firm, holders generally asking 10c. for prompt delivery, J auditor for April. May and Juno delivery. Cases were f in some, demand anil steady at 26Vc a Stic Kaphthare- fi maincd nominal at about 12c. a 12)?c. lor Western and e city At the Crrrk reports were of a dull market Pricen ? were quoted nominally an before. The Philadelphia t

market remained inactive, with prices nominally the t sunie. Refined quoted at ISl^c. for balance of month and ' tirat hall of April. Later we heard of sulea of 6,00b bids, far first half of April at It?<?., and 6,000 tibia for May on 4 private tcrma Id Now York sales were made of 2,000 ; nbIs. of high lest for April at 20Vc. 1 Phovisions.?Receipts?Pork, 026 tihtg.; beef, 14 park t ages .out meats. 4,418 do ; lard, 1,1X8 bnls. ami tierccg, I and 376 Kega The market fcr mesa pork was quiet but 0 unchanged Wc have only to note sales of 60 bbla of new f rncss. at $18 26, 1U0 bbla at $10 for old and $i6 26 for new, l 76 hbts of extra prime mew, at $13, and 600 bbla of prime tl mess, nninspecied, at $18. Haron waa in lair demand, c and the market firmer. Hales UK) boxes long clear, spot, at 8%c , 2&0 boxes abort clear, at 9c.; 260 boxes of short c lear lor April, 874c.; 1.000 boxes of do. for do., at 9c Bed | was in limited demand and without easeatial change in J prices The sales comprised about 100 packages, within I the range ot $10 a $11 ror new plain mess bhla, $12 a $13 * lor do. extra do bhls , $20 a $22 lor do. prime do. tierces, a ?-< a ?o> lor utt. inula uo. ucrres, ami am ? for do. extra India mess ticrce*. Beet hams ' continued unchanged and very quiet; quoted at $30 a f'ii Cut meats met with a lair Inquiry at steady prices, he sales include SO boxes of dry nulled hams, 20 II*. 1 average, at II '40.; 92 do. ol' dry saited shoulders atDjie., J 100do dry nailed bi llion, 10 II* average, on private term*; 30 do. pieklod bf.Hies, 12 lbs. average, on private <: terms; lUitlcrcen of picKled hams, IS lbs average, at ' 12c.. and ISO do , 12 lha average, at llUc., and S0,0U0dc. ? of hellion, 12 lba. average, mi private terms. Lard?The ' tuarnet tor Western wan more active to day aud firmer. J Kale* SOU tierce*, npot, at 8Kc.; 2l?) do., do., at 8 ll-16c. ; l.2U0do., for March, at 8 II 16c.; 1,760 do , lor April, at , 8>,c a 8 li 16c.; 2jOOO do., (or May, ui 8 U-lBr., and 1 .it'll < do., for June, at9%c. Dressed hoga were tinner. City quoted at 7,a Sc., for the range. Rica?The market wan atcaily under a fair demand. Hales 40 Iticrees of Curollna at from 7?4c a8\e. and 260 < basset Rangoon utt>\> a 7c. 1 Houab.?The demand lor raw continued talr and the I < market steady.' The nalen aggregate 1,312 hnda. and 1,438 1 hoxca, includlilg barely fair refining Cuba at 8c., centrifugal at ?Xc-. I'orlo Rico at 8>4C. and Oemerara on pri < vate terms. Messrs. C. Amaun A Co., in their circular of this date, report the stock, sales and roceipto an follows1 Ufuif. liuxm. baj)t. Jfeludo. Stock (ascertained hy actual count, lucladlng speculation), March I, 1873 12,74ft 20,026 74,1164 1,276 Receipts since March 1 34,607 30.864 93,101 3,333 Totals 47,442 69.890 167,766 4409 Hales since March 1 26,798 39,176 49,067 636 Stock this day. March 27, 1873. 20,644 24,714 ir,Ct?M 3,973 1 Comparing with stock, March 28, 1872. 23,622 32,746 104,417 1,249 . Comparing wltli stock, March 30,1871 26,252 36,966 200,842 2,431 , Comparing with stock, April i 1,1870 . 66,(197 88,934 344,410 398 ' ?wc quote :?Cubn?Refilling, inferior to common. 7c. a ! 7Vc.; talr to good lair, 8c. a 8*?r.; good to prime, 8 V- a Stic.; grocery, fair to good, 8J;e. a 81*0.; prime to choice, 83gc. a 9\,e.;e.entrilugai, hhds. and boxes, 9r. a 9kc.; 1110laves, liliils. and boxes, 7c. u 8c.; melado, 4c. a 6*?c. Havana? Boxes, Hutch standard. Nos. 7 to 9, 7)fco. aBxc. ;do., 10 10 12,8?4c. a 9c., do., 13 to Ift, 9l?c. a 93fc?c.; do.,16 to 18, 10c n IIHJc. ; do., 19 to 29. lO^c. a He.; white, 10L?c. a III4C. Porto Rico? Refining, eominon to prime, 7c. a 8Jfc.; grocery, fair 10 choice. 8J?c. a 9J^c. Rra/.ll? Dutch standard, Nos. 8 to 12,7c. a 8l.,c Java -Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12, 8Uc. a 9c. Manila?Ruperior and extru superior, 7J4C. a 8c. htkakink euntliined qniet but unchanged. Hales 10 hbds. of prime at 8%c. Tati.ow.?The market wan steady, hut the demand only moderate. Hales 80,000 lbs. last evening and to-day ul 8 Ib-lftc. W11 issxv - ? Receipts, 260 bills. The market was steady under a lair demand. Hales300 bbls. ai S2c. DOMEBTIC MA&KET8. j Oalvbstoh. March 27, 1873. ' Cotton unsettled; Texas ordinary, l4Vu. u Iftc.; good ordinary. 16c Net receipts, 808 bales. Exports to the Continent, 1,820. Hales, a41. Htock, 63,781. Nsw Obi.kaith, March 27. 1873. Cotton in moderate demand: middlings, lite. Nel re- 1 celpts. 1.294 bales: gross. 1,412. Exports?To Ureal Britain, 8,067; to the tioiitinciit, 3,067: coastwise, 760. Salea, 1,000: last evening, .'>,U0U. Stock, 266,00c Mobii.k, March 27, 1873. Cotton quiet, little doing; middlings, 18%-. Net receipts, Ifti bales. Exports coastwise, 333. Hales. 400. Stock, 37.747. Savannah, March 27,1873. Cottou quiet; middlings, 18>,e. Net receipts, 1,303 bales. 1 Export* coastwise, 103. Hales, 69li. Stock, 48,620. Ciiarlkston, March 27,1H73. Cottou steady ; middlings, IS5,c. a llJxc.; low middlings. 18c. .1 im?c.; good ordinary. 17V?'c. Net receipts, 438 hales. Exports coastwise, 100. Hales, 000, Htock, 30.972. Wilninuton. N. C., March 27. IS7S. Hplritsnf turpentine steady; sales at S6c. Rosin quiet; sales at $2 70 for strained. Crude turpentine quiet; \ sales at 92 26 lor bard, $4 for yellow dip and virgin. I'ur , tiriu ; sales at $2SO. Horrxui, N. V., March 27, 1873. Klour qniet; Western Spring, $7 50 a $8; amber, 1 $h SO a $9 26; white, $9 AO a $10. Wheat arm; the only sale inadc public was a small lot ol Catiuda ai $1 90; quoted?Milwaukee No. 2 Spring. $1 60; Chicago No. 2 Spring. $1 49 a $1 50; Dniuth No. 1 Spring, SI (S; I white Canada. 91 73 h 91 ho. lorn <jc.iet; sal on 3,700 ! bushels Western, on truck nt 31c.; SCO do. No. 2 in btorc ul 32r. Oat* dull; Western white at 4Sc.; Western nnxed a! tic. Barley steady; sales 1,300 bushel* two-rowed , State on track at We.; quoted?Canada, 96c. n $1; No. 2 Western, 90c. a 96c.; two-rowetl State. MOc. a 83c.; tourrowed, 96c Hve nominal at 85e. Barley malt firm? Western, 91 a 91 00; prune Western. 91 10 a 91 16; prime white Canada. 91 20 a 91 25 Rye malt held at 96c. other articles unchanged. Chicago, March 27, 1873. Flour?Demand light; holders flrtn at unchanged prices Wheat quiet, w eak and lower: closing unsettled ; Miles ol'No. 1 Spring at 91 9HU a 91 29'^; No. 2 do.. 91 I9\, lor regular, 91 20Vf tor fresh; No. 3 do.. 91 10 a 91 ; re P-cted, 96c. Corn dull, unsettled and lower; sales ol No. 2 mixed at 90)jc. a 30*(c., cash ; 43??c a 34 Vc., seller Mav ; , 3f.t<c. bid aeller June; rejected, inc. Oats dull ami un- ' chaaged ; sales of No. 2 al 26Vc. tor regular cash ; 28tjjc. < seller May; rejected. 23Hc. Rve qnlot and uncbaiigc'd, at 64^c. for No. 2 regular; o5.',c. for tresh. Barley ' Arm and In lair demand, at 80c. a Hie. tor No. 2 Fall; 05c. i a 66c. lor No. 3. Fork?Demand good at full prices; sales at 914 76 cash : 913 seller May. Lard in lair demand and I lower, at 98 cash ; 98 13 u 9h 20 seller May. Bulk meats lu > good demand : Sfjc freely bid tor shoulders. 6Vc asked ; long clear middles, 714c.; short rib middle*. 7'?c. a 7\c ; 1 sh rt clear middles, 7\c. a 7%c. Bacon steady and un- < changed. Whiskey steady at K7c. Receipts?5.0110 Phis. Hour, 20,000 bushels wheat 29,000do. corn, 22,000 do. oats ( and 2,1*10do. barley Shipments?6,000 Phis, tlour. 12.1*10 > , bathe l*wheat 9,09) do. corn, io.oou do. oats, l.ouo do. I ' rye and 4.O00 do. Parley. \ EUROPEAN MARKET8. \ Lux Do* Money Marxrt.?f-oxbox, March 27?5 1*. 61.? ' Consols closed at 92', a 92', lor money and 92** a 92 *? I lor the account United States bonds. |new lives. III. t Erie Railway shares. 52. American securities opened? Bonds, 1H66?, 94, 1867 s. 7i\. ten turtles, 89V; new fives, ( Wi ; Erie Railway shares, 61%. Rims Bocks*. ? Paris, March 27.?French rcntea, SSf. H2c. I Livsbpooi. Cottok Marrrt ? Livpkpool, March 27?3 i P.M.?The market rinsed quiet ami steady; middling up- I t Innds. 9>Ad. ; middling Orleans. 9>jd. a 9j|d The sales ot the , ( lay have tieen li.onn tiales, including l,OOo for speculation > ami export. t)f the sales 10,000 bales were American. I sales ot cotton, shipped from Savannah or Charleston, I March and April. 9'4d.; February and March, 9 3-l?d t LtrsBPOoi. BaPAnsTDPrs Makkkt.?Livkkcool, March i 17?F. M.? Breadstuff* qniet. ] j Livpkpooi. Faovtsioxs Marxist.?Livrkpool. March 27? I Be enlng.?Bacnn, Cumberland rut., 38s. per cwt., and . 19s. 3d. per cwt. lor short rlti middles. Livcrpool Product Mamrkt ?Livprpoop, March 27? ; 3 Evening.?Common rosin. 8s. pd. per cwt Loanox Prodccr Makkrt.?Lonimix. March 27. ?Pefroruiu.16.Vd. a Itkl. per gallon fur spirits, and Hid. fur re- 3 Ined. Linseed oil. ?32 15-. ? ?S3 per ton. Pktrot.ku* Makrk-i.?AaitritKP, .March 27.?Pctroleam j llf. tor due pale American. niAnous 1 ACOU8T BKLJiON 1 Jk co 2 Bankers, 19 and 21 Nnaaati street. ?ue Travellers' Credits, available In all parts ot the , 3 world. Ihi'iiuvP the " Messrs. de rothschild 4 tnd their correspondents. 2 Also Commercial Credit* and transfers of money on 'alltornia. I.urope ami Havana. AT ?Til k comparattvb di i.nkss of tiik . \ 1 . Mock market lor the past month innst soon lie 2 bllowcd by extraordinary activity, therefore a Double 'rivllefe purchased now will be a pavina Investment. )ouble Privilege* are tiaed at market price at time of ] ?. lurchitM-, and are available fur a decline or advance. ror circular, with illu-tration* and reference*, apply to ? Until A BAZLKY, brokers, 47 Exchange plaee. j <1 a -money to loan on bond and mortgage, f, rV. in New York. Brooklyn and New Jersey. Prlncl- I >a!s only apply to HALL hi, s. wood. Jr., 166 Broadway, i or>m TT ] tllTIZENS' SAVINGS BANK , V OP TIIK CITY OP NEW YORK. IS SETS $8,406,908 I Present Bab- ill Interest. Six Percent. . Money deposited now will bear interest from 11 Iprii 1. I \ Interest eompitted fYom the 1st of each month, ind Is paid or credited on balance on hand on tbe last | S lays of June and D? i ember of each year. .. llatikj .Vi Bowery, southwest corner of Canal 1 treet. _ ; ? nanttinx nniiri every n?.v irnm iua. ji. to .5 I" | ? I., and on Monday* ml Saturday*from 10 A. M. to7 P. M. t Hank Looks hi Emtlisli. German and French. u g A. yl'INTA Rl>. President. ' ? Si, no r v Buxca Set retary. " MOK SAI,K-SPCOXI> MOKKJAUK OF $2,000, DI.'R ll r I<76, tint tie Muttiftl I it<- ln<nranrr ,,n farm in Yo*tcUe?tar county. Address lihAN, hnx d,0Sl I'on l olBce, >'ew York. Fob salc-w sharks or mi oas uoht com. paa* ni America Parties dfiirlny the name win ! tleaaa addreaa M. A. <?., box IftOflerald office. 1 L<OK HALF.-2W SHARKS PR I 'i'KRRKI), 2110 DO COM- I 8 " (RenMock, Utile ,;,i<k ami Port Smith Railroad ! t 'nmpanj. A.ldrci* I AlllS A SfOCKfciR, New ill ret, i u tew Vnrk. nwtn -U 7 tl nAHK I.VH A BHAINK, STOCK BKOKKHS, II HKOM) . *trert. Stork ami Hold Privilege* a ipecialtv Any ' me < au speculate with -mall capital anil very little risk. C Explanatory circular* mailed. S r AM A HF.TTRKTi ARMY OPPII KK lIRAWING $1 JUO J I per anniiiii from the irnverninent I wi*lt in borrnw J" U.OUQ, for whieli I will pay III per cent intercut and which ' will Hrctire by a pleditc of mj army pa* ami a policy of C ife aaanraoce. Andrea* MKI TFNANT, Herald office. ' IAPKl.P.Y A BAZl.F.V, HROKKKH <7 F.XCIlANtlK ? J place negotiate double privilege*. pule ami rail* tin J ill acMvc etts.ka. Ai uaiuea. uofwa nevtiiMl xnutoiil m ' rusctk * SHEET. nNABCTAl* J AT OOOtB A 00~ M. 30 Wall utr.rt. Mm T?rk. Kxrlitut^v oa 4*4W, Pari*, Bcrha, Frankfort, , _ . Brr mrn .able Transfer*, Circular letter*, Commercial Credit*. JAY UOOKM. MoCULLOOU A CO 41 Lombard street, London. ItfOTlCB ii Tnaaaimm'a Omca, Baia IUiiwit Conna**, j The interest dor April I neat, on the fourth mortgage ends, Near York nod Erie Railroad, will he paid at the ifllee of Duncan, Sherman A Co., II Naiuuiu street. W. r SHEARMAN, Treasurer. kTOTIOK.-BOLL'S IIKA I BANK*TIIK COMMITTEE LN of Depositors of the Bull's Head Bank are now in distant session at the Ashlaud House, corner of Twentysuit h street ami Kourth avenue. The depositors are arneatly requested to call upon them at once and ubserihe to the preferred stock, In order that be baak niav be enabled to resume buainos, give heiu access to their funds and save it trom being thrown nto bankruptcy A. 8. CAMERON, Chairman. rkKKICB Of .IKPKKKHON VII.LK, MADISON AM) Lf Indianapollh Railroad, Jefferson villc, March 2ii, 871?'The second mortgage bonds of tills company, insuring at Bank of America, New York, April 1, will be iaid al maturity or tne holders thereof mav, at their ption, receive first itiortgAse sinking fund bonds, prineiiuI und Interest guanutord, at niuctv-flve In exchange here lor. The exchange will be made bond tor bond, and he difference of live per cent will he paid the holder In aah at the timo ol making tee exchange THOMAS A. SCOTT. President. rkfflCK or TIIB CHICAGO AND CANADA BOOTHvj crn Railway Compuny, 1.1 William street. New York, larch 27, 1873,?The srini-nniiaal Interest, maturing ipril 1, 1873, on the first mortgage bonds ot the Chicago ,nd Canada Southern Railway Company will be paid on ,nd alter the 1st proa, at the Union Trust Company of lew York, 73 Broadway. M. COIIRTUIOIIT, President. PROPOSALS BOH *100,000 STOCK OP TilR CITY OP New York. Healed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's ifllee until Thursday, April 3, IK73, at 2 o'clock I'. M., vben the same will be publicly opened for the whole or I my pari of the sum ol three hundred thousand dollars of toek of the city of New York, to wit:? Vdditional NEW CROTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized by chapter 230, Lisa of 1870, payable August 1, law $180,000 7KOTON WATI?R MAIN STOCK, authorized by chapter 5S8, Uwa of 1872, payable November I, i9oo $iso,noo Haiti Stocks will bear lute rest at the rate ol seven iier sent per annum, payable on the Ural day ot May and No tember in each year. The proposals wtllstate the amount >f stocks desired and the price per one hundred dollars hereof; and the persons whose proposals arc accepted, will, thereupon, be required lo deposit witb the Comptroller the sums awarded to tliem respectively, together with any premiums thereon, when they will bo entitled to receive certificates lor equal amounts of the par value ul' the sums awarded to Ihein, bearing interest from the dates of payment. Kuch proposal should be sealed and endorsed "Proposals for Stocks of tbe City of New York,'' and enclosed In a second citvelope addressed to the Comptroller. The right Is reserved on tbe part ol the Comptroller lo rcjcctnny or all of the bids If. in hlsjudgmeni, the interest* of the Corporation require li ANDRKW H. GRKKN. Comptroller. City or Naw York, Okpahtmknt or Kiwani-k, > CoarrHOi.LRH's OmcR, March 26,1873. I TO THE DEPOSITORS IN AND OTHBR CREDITORS of the Bowling Oree.n Savings Bank, of the city of New York.?Notlec is hereby given pursuant to the direeiinns of tbe Supreme Court, by an order made the 28th lay ol March, 1873, that a dividend of ten (10) per cent of Die debts of the Bowling Green Savings Hank of the city of New York, is ready to be made among all llin-o creditors of the said hank, who have exhibited their claims as creditors, and whose debts have been ascertained. (ifllee lor payment,.'13 Broadway, New York. Honrs for payinenl between Id o'clock In the forenoon mid 2 o'clock in the aflernoon of each day, commencing mi the 7th day el April, 1871. SHEPKR1) V. K.N API', ss Receiver of the Bowling Green Savings Bank ol the elty of New York. NKW YOKK, March M, 1M73. UNION 1)1ME SAVINGH BANK, 390 anil 39H Canal street, corner T-alcht Six per cent interest paul. Money deposited now will bear interest from April I. AkwIk, ten millintiN nine hundred and eighty seven thoiikaiuI ilnllurs. Books in English, French and Carman. \tj ANTED?TO SORROW $3,000 FOR ONE TSAR; TT secured with a 94,UK) second mortgage, due iu nine months, amply aecured ; will pav 10 per rent to cover expenses and legal internal. Address WHITFIELD, Herald office. dfein n/tn T<' LOAN ON IMPROVED PROPERTY; iBlU.U"""/ no bouiis; cash in bank. OLIVER BUY AN, 115 Broadway. Refer to Mr. H. M. White, Grocers' Hank ; Messrs. Williams A Union, Bankers; William Watson, Esq., ami others. dtil A ? fMin?'TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE IN P 1 tt? "UU this city or Brooklyn ; $5,000 and upwards (second mortgages) negotiated. Apply to JOliN F, CON KEY, 182 Broadway, room 9. dtlQft AOf\ TO LOAN ON GOOD FIRST AND 3P J-Ov). j Second Mortgages, city property only. Send applications at once. 8. FliEDENKICII A CO., 906and 9UH Third avenue. AAA TO LOAN?ON NEW YORK, BROOK P?JU.tM JU lyn and New Jersey Property , first, second and leasehold Mortgages cashed.' A. M. JOHNSON, 100 Broadway, room 3. db/l lUk.fifWl TO LOAN ON NKW YORK, RROOKPtUU.U'/U lyn and Westchester Real Estate, in sums to suit; no holllis required; term of years. C. E. WILLIS, Moutauk Insurance Company, KH Broadway. COPARTWRRgHLPa. ! Notice.-the copartnership heretofore existing between the parties hereto, under the firm nt Oeo. Davis A Co.. in the transportation business is this lav dissolved by mutual consent. GEO. DAVIS Nkw Yokk, March 27, 1873 M. WILKIK. The stibscrfbers have termed a copartnership under llie name uud style of Geo. Davis A Co., and will routitiue the transportation business, making railroad iron 1 mil other coarse freights a specialty, through canal aad I nkes ami interior points hi any destination, office 61 j Liberty street. GEO. DAVIS, n. w. hluh8. REAL ESTATE HATTERS. Still no change for the better. There was a loudly number of spectators assembled at the Ex- I ?hange, and the sales of the day were some what ; store spirited, yet the prices ebtained cannot be iccepted as standard for the general value of property. Everybody now hugs the Idea that bnsiiess, on and alter the 2d prox.,witl become brilliant, tnd that the disposal of the "Post estate" will form ' the basis of future operations, as far aa values by loilars and cents Is concerned. It Is a good thing that there is something to look ahead to, for a revival in real estate transactions; activity is sadly I iceded, and we cannot see any good reason why I he sudden check should have occurred, unless the j masons we advanced, namely, a stringent money iiurket and the unsettled weather has caused the 1 iame. Mr. V. K. Stevenson, Jr., reports having sold yes- I estcrday the four story high stoop brown steno lwclling house No. 664 Fifth avenue, neaM'ortvlixtli streel?sike 18.4x66x76?including furniture, Mr. Charles L. Cornish, for $70,000. A small purloi of the consideration paid on the above pur- | ibase was some suburban real estate, which was, i towever, appraised at a cask valuation. A ttm-xeil w a-litl nl the rmhlic sales effected res. I eriFay af the Heal Estate Isxchuge Br AWTHONV J Rl.r?CXSk, SOB ANT) CO. . 2 s. bk. Iiuiiac.* ami lots, IA'4 and 1.16 W. 23d st, n. a., trii lot 28xSi blk.. anil 4 a. bk. b. and I. 120 W 24til at, ul?o 3 h. Iik. h. and I. 126 W. 24tb at, each lot 26x& blk.; W O. Gregory fll'-flOO j i. bk. h. and 1. 124 \V. 24th al., adjoining the above, lot M.8*K blk.; H M Parker 14.260 bt WILKINS AND co. s. m. h. and 1. 112 W. .'list at, 152.8 it w. of Bill av., lot 20.10xn 10x21. txiiri; H. Bernhart is.iwo 6s. bk houses mid 2 lot* .1(17 anil .'Vis West at.. 142.1 It n. of Spring st, each lot 20xA6.9: ,1. Knox 41,200 | I a. s. 83d St., :i36 It. e. of 7th av., 26\100.5, A. Bel latny 1 1. adjoining the above; A. Bellamy s,i>W > sr DlNoxa, eonian and ro s. fr. h. and 2 lota, 46 I32<1 st, 260 ft. e. ot 8th av.; lot IS 9x90. II; Robert Davidson 9,600 s. bk. h. and I., s. a 120th st, 119.1 it e. ol 2d av.; lot 19.6x100.11: Robert Davidson . 13,800 lots n. a comer av. A and 113th st, each atx.Su. J M Boyd 11,800 s. ir. Ii. and w s. av. A, 50.5 tt; n. Iltth at.. lot 38.2x69; J M Boyd 3,500 Brooklyn Rcssl Ratnte bales. BT HUGH N. CABP. s. bk. h. and plot of ground, located on Vnndprhilt Dates and Clinton avs , plot 77 bx200, J. 11. Tait. .$41,010 i Messrs. A. D. Melllck, Jr., A Brother, real estate I rokers, No. 6 Pine street. bavejust Issued for thoonvenlcuce of their patrons, a book of two hunred pages, with fine Illustrations, describing roperty in tde New Jersey suburbs, including i ighly valuable statistics . FIRE IH NINTH AVENUE. The Loss About One Thousand Dollars. A Ore broko out at half-past rour o'clock vostcray morning In the three story frame building 117 linth avenue that caused a loss of about one thouand dollars. The flames burst out upon the first oor, occupied by William fl. lionsberry, a liquor ealer. His stock wns damaged to the extent of sou; no Insurance. The building was injured to he extent of$15o; insured lor $3,ooo In the Kilters. The adjoining house, No. 119. was also lightly Injured, aud the stock in it damaged to the xrent of |2o0: insured for |l,oou la the St. Nlcuo*? Insurance Company. DISEASED MEATJN NEWARK. Mention has already been made of the prevalence n Home parts of New Jersey of the cattle disease, mri a movement Is now making In the legislature o have measures taken to root It out. The neeesity for some action was demonstrated by a case n Newark yesterday. In the slaughter house of saac Bcbwatc was found the carcass of a diseased ow, which had been purchased lor $15 by one choohaus. Nobody knew anything about tUe corupt character or the animal, so an declared, and, trange to say, no criminal proceedings were akeu against anybody by the authorities. The urease was seized, though, and carted over to the 'dead none man." If|the authorities would keep t sharp eye on the cattle dealers, slaughterers ana ditchers, and punish them when found out, putrid I eel would not be otfti cd lor sale su readily *a if ' ho rjtm UUW, j 5 THE BULL'S HEAD BAKE. The Depositori Accept the Proposed Plan for Ret organising the Bank?They Subscribe for , *98,000 of the New Etoek Capital?Significant Hints Abont the Late Officers of the Bank?The Bank To Be Reopened on or Abont the 7th of April?Resolutions to Punish the Defaulters Drawn Up and Adopted. Acenrrtinp to the announcement which was pntW Untied yesterday morning, tho depositors of tnq Hull's Head Bank assembled at Teutouia Hall, Sixteenth street and Third avenue, to hear the rep*"-e of the committee, to whom they hud entrusted tho onerous duty of forming a scheme to reorgsnl/A the Institution. The hull, which is a serv lar^ono w?u am>.rs the number present exceeding turn at cither of tit a previous meetings. Mr. Cainernn, the t'UiurrannJ railed tho meeting to order at teu o'clock, anil after a little preliminary business proceeded 14 make an oiilclal report of the doings of the Cenlcrence Committee, of which bo was Chairman ais?J As bis aduiiiable scheme for reorganizing was published yesterday, he was greeted with proiougecg cheers as he took the floor, and several times during the reading of the report he was Interrupted} by the applause of those present. After dctatltug the primary doings of the conw mittee the report told of how the scheme published! below was born and matured. To Mr. Cameron^ who is a very young man, belongs the honor ofi having invented A NEW SCI) KM K KOtt RESUSCITATING COLLAPfStJ RANKS. Besides being novel ids plan of reorganization is one winch not only secures but benefit* the <lepositors. The plan, its acceptance by the storkholders, and 1 lie opinion of Mr. Williams, an 0 l| authority on banking matters, were detailed, fuel plan of organization is as follows:?A conimtlte^ of five persons Ii.ln boon appointed to do the workj In this committee stockholders and depositor# in 4 represented. Tlie mode of prooednre is after Mug maimer:?'Those holding the present stock of thq bank are to turn it over to this commits tee, who are instructed and empowered i<^ raise a preferred stock capital of $300,030, onehalf of which is 10 be offered to the stockholder* and the other half to the depositors. This preferred stock is to lie entitled to semi-annual Dividend* oi ten per cent, and the old or deierrcd stock is ta have no voice 111 the inanagciucut of the bank un il such time as the earnings of the bank shall plaea them both on an equal footing. The ideuoi placing} the new stock in tfio hands oi the depositor* is ;ii? excellent one, inasmuch as It. secures the hanic froiu a second collapse when Its doors are thrown open, lor those who Iihtc capital stock iu 1 lie concern will uot, when tnc bank is opened, ask fot thru; money and irrcvocakly weaken the bank, win ti will lie in a delicate state of healtii alter its hug severe trial. The plan uas never before been tried, and on the liberality of the depositors if* nucccs* depends. TIIE I88UB AT STAKC in its success may seem to concern those having# money in tins institution alone; but more tliurg this is 10 be looked for, as it starts a precedent! which will relieve the depositors in ail savings institutions from me tyranny of receivers anil thq vexation of tardy legal methods. The report was accepted uud adopted and thft subscription lists opened. Beiore the drawing upi of the checks lor the stock Mr. ti'itelllcy made ? motion to have all the checks drawn out to the order of tho chairman, Mr. Cameron, Tor the deposits in the bauk. Mr. Mutt ametulod or amplified the resolution so as to have the commute!* also with the chairman and to altow him 10 us<? his own discretion in tho premises. The amendment was unanimously curried. The subscriptions were then opened ami stock to 'lie aiiiouni of NINBTY-KldllT THOUSAND mn nUNIIKBU ANOI TWENTY DObl.ARS HUBSCIBED. Mr. Cameron subscribed for $10,u00 and Mri Morrcll for $5,000. The eemmlttce will he sitting at the Ashland House until further notice. During the meet lug Mr. Cameron ottered tin} following resolution:? Be solved, That by the rinsing of the Bull's Bend Butik-a s concern which lias stood high in the confidence of the business community?the depositors are not only seriously injured nnd embarrassed at the eflerf of sets closing, 1a view ot the iieretolor': high staiK.iug ol tin) bank, must be to shake tlia rouddenee of the rouiiiiuiwtys at lance In the salcty ot hanks generally. And as the manager* of moneyed institution, and (he general public have, in our esUmatlun. treated In too lenient m spirit those who, wtilie ilioy were guilty us thieves iu thq worst sense and deserving of punishment us such, liavo been allawed logo unpunished under the'softened none of defaulters, we, ou the contrary, racognur the dan1 ger olsurli a precedent, do hereby declare it to be one inflexible intention to truce the responsibility of the present condition of the Bull's IIend Bunk to toe guilty parlies anil ??e ll)H< sum an example i inane 01 llirm am will have a wholesome effort upon the eomliict of tho officers of Kiuiilar institutions who are entrusted will* the care of money not their own. The resolution was unanimously carried aim J [ oud cheers. Mr. Cameron then offered the following, whirl} was carried Reached. That the depositors of the RuU'm tlcuil Battle are obliged to the inetobeni of the pros* who have ml kindly given their assistance in advancing our tiilerc-ts,' mid that we tender our hearty thuuk.-i lor their ilism. teresteil effort* in our behalf. SIGNIFICANT tHWTS. After a few rambling remarks by the depositor* who were anxious to have the hanlc officials hanged, Mr. Cameron rose and made a lew signiflcant hints which have a decidedly WlllinmHomau flavor. Me said that lie bad called upon a certain gentleman who suhl 11 he could get a good lawyce to stand between him and the law, he would nofi purchase one cent's worth of the stock. Here loud cries of "Name him 1" "It is William.* son I" Ac., cante from the meeting. Mr. Cameron declined to name any one, preferring to leave a space for the scope of the depositors^ imaginations. A gentleman now moved that Mr. Cameron ha elected President of the reorganized bank, but. ad that gentleman declared the actlan premature is was withdrawn, Mr. Cameron accepting it as 4 compliment. The subscription on the part of the stockholder* was at fonr o'clock yesterday afternoon nearly filled, and it is hoped that the depositors' will hq completed to-day. THE LABOR HOTEHENT. The Excitement In Reference to n Hfrlkd Still Continuing?Pinna Vat Un?ieveloped?The "Bomci" Anxiously Watched. The excitement among the various trades in thq city relative to the proposed strike continues. Tim masons, the oarpentera and the branches of laboe engaged in the building trade are on the </iiirio4 waiting for any developments that may occur, and the utmost anxiety is manifested to ascertain what the action of the operators Is likeig to be. The masons have a very strong or* ganlzation, and In the event of being forcut) to It, they purpose to make a bitter fight. Tha great point at Issue is the Intention on the part ol some of the bosses to bring about THE TUN flOL'R SY.STKII AGAIN, which was partially overthrown In the great movement lust Summer. In one or two instances tnn bosses have returned to the old system, having procured men from other Mtaces to do the work. If their experiment should prove succesgjin their example wiU doubtless bo followed by the otm c contractors. The feeling among the carpeuter-i and joiners Is not so strong now as It was a week ago. the imnression training ground that lor tun S resent no attempt will t?o made to lengthen tiio ours of labor. There 1* . NOT MUCH TKOUBLI ABOUT WAOBX, the employers having: stated that they are willinj to continue at the present rare If the menaio equally satisfied. The rate of wages which carpenters now receive Is ?b<>ut U M per da*. Members of the same trade lu Urookiyn only receive tJ per day. The firemen and helpers emploved In the various pusworRs arc 011 sweating the contemplatcil strike. Very little lnu>miaiioii can be procurer! an to what their measm-es wilt lie. The cahineQ makers and pianoforte makers have, as yet, inanilested no Intention or renewing the struggle. < SUICIDE BY TAKING POISON. Lack of Employment the Cause. Coroner Young yesterday hold an inquest at 148 West Nlueteeuth street, ou the body or ktcimci J, Hackett, a bartender, twenty-six years o! ape, who died at the above number from the effects ot a dose of poison which he lud .wallowed with suicidal intent. Deceased had been out of employ* inent for the last live or six months, which ma id him very despondent, and those best acquainted with him thought, a! Intervals, that he wu* not in his rtgfet mind, on Monday evening, Hackett wa* with some ohl friends and companions, win* used all their efforts to rouse mm born hi* condition or despondency aud make him cheeftni again, nut in vain. At length ones of the men asked Hackett to take a drink, and being furnished with a glass ?( beer he stepped t?s the aad of the counter, which extended to t he n ap of tfee room, ami while there alone, an aubsmtueut.? appeared, swallowed a i|uautity of fan* arceii whl<ifc he hastily tnlxed with his beer. iTi>- ra?r <<| his taking the demur dose tw not known till smmi hours kite r wards, wlicn iiackett was seized wi:i? minima ami the nature of the poison discovered, A physician wan summoned and antidotes adminifltered. but the poison had taken fatal efTcet, (leiuli belnr tlic result. The Jury found that iteooaweij committed Huirlde while temporarllr >U ranged, fuvlt'ib look tiUAUft UJ YUK fuuatualu. intSTm?|MW

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