Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1873 Page 1
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TE WHOLE NO. 13,369. Bttmi FOB ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS?Twelfth Pace? Fourth, filth and sixth columns. A8TROI.OO.Y?Twsirru PA?ie--Third column. BILLIARDS? First Page?Fourth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Srcosn Pack?Sixth column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Second Page?Sixth column. BROOKLYN RE AT. ESTATE FOR SALE?Secohd Page?Second column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Nurru Page?Fifth column. . BUSINESS NOTICES?Hetkntu pag*-Ftfth and Sixth column*. ? _ CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Pass?First and second columm. _ ...... CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Eleventh Pag*?Third coluiun. CLOTHING? Eleventh PAc.R-Slxlh column. COACllMEN AND GARDENERS?Eleventh Page? Third and fourth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?pibst Page?Fifth and sixth column*. COPARTNERSHIPS?Ehibtw Pace? Filth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Second Page?Sixth column. DaNCING academies?Twelfth Page?Third eolamn. DRY GOODS?First Page?Fourth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN. FURNISHED?Twelfth Page?Second and third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMKHIPS-First Paok?Filth column. EUROPE?Second Pace?sixth column. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Filth column. FOR SALE?Second Page?Fourth and filth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? IwKLrTH 1'AUK?i IIITO COII1U1I1. FURNITURE? Ninth Page?Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Klevf.s ru Pack?Filth column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Elkvexth Pace?Second And third columns. HELP WANTED?MALES? Elbvkntu Page? Fourth column. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?First tata-Thlrd and lonrtli columns. HOTELS? Second Pack?Sixth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Ninth Pack?Sixth column. INSTRUCTION?PirstPage?Second column. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKKN. HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Skcokd Pack? Second and third column*. LECTURE SEASON?Twelfth PAC**Third column. LEGAL NOTICES?Pihst Pack?Fourth column. LOAN OFFICES?Second Pack?Filth column. LOST AND POUND?Fikst Paob? Flrntcolumn. MACHINERY?Second Paob?Fifth column. MARBLB MANTELS?Skcohh Paok?Sixth column. mEDicAL?Skcokd Tac.e?Fittn commit. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?First Pack?Fourth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?TKXTU PageBixth column. MUSICAL?TwKi.rrn Page?Tliird column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Setextu Page?Sixth column. PER ONAL? First Page?Firm column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Twelfth Pare?Fourth column. _ _ , , rOBT OFFICE NOTICE?Fikft Pace?Second column. PROPOSALS?Ninth Page?Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALESEi.uvkntii Page?Second column. _. _ _ PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Skcokd Paok?Third and fourth columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE?SecOBD Page?Fourth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Skcokd Page?Fourth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?First Page?Sixth column. REWARDS?First Page?First and second columns. SALES AT AUCTION?Eleventh I'age-Fllth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First and second columns. _ SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES-Eletexth PaceThird column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Page?Fccond column. SPORTING-DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First paob-Third col' THE TRADES?Eleventh Page?Fourth and fifth col' umna ffME TURF?First Page?Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?Twrlfth Page, First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE-First PAGE-Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LETTwklitii Page?Third column. WANTED TO PUROHASE-Nikth PaGB-FHUi column. WESTCIIKSTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR BALK OR TO LET?Second Page?Second column. ' YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.?First Pace?Second column. herald BITANCH OFFICE?UPTOWN, A nVER?SEMENT8 FOR T1IK NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT INK BRANCH OFFICE, 1,2ft BROADWAY, WEST SITE, BBTWEBN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY. SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 1 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. ?.), AT OPF1CE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. PARIS ACE.VCY OF" TUK NEW YORK HERALD. jy|I8BRS. KBKMEH A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR TUB NEW TORS HERALD. TIIET WILL SUPPLY DEAL BBS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSC SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIKt REQUIRING THEM. PERSON AXi. Austin.?inform us whfre those certifi . catos emanated before tilling up. We believe ym innocent. Address J. B. M., Iiuz 105 Post office. New York LEXIS?WITUOljT FAIL AT THE argyle routine:' this afternoon FAVORITA. Amos costa-i could not write yesterday as i was and am quite sick. Do uot be afraid t< write. ANNI EC.?YOUR FRIEND "JTM" WOULD LIKE TC hear from you. Address JIM SMITH, box 142 Her aid Uptown Braneli office. DUNAT BRUNO. AN ITALIAN FLUTE PLAYER left New York a month ago; his brother, Roct Bruno, ot 23 Marlon street, wishes to know in whnt towr Be is now residing. H~~ IOili,Y" IMPORTANT.-1,1 Kb. R A I. RIOWAKI>~Wl7.l be given lor any Information that will lend to tlx whereabouts ot Theresa Cosnrovo.Tf living; or, if dead where tier remains are Interred. Address for two (lay: PETER eOSOllOVE, station D. IF THE PARTY WHO WROTE "YESTERDAY TO Hon 4.6M> will communicate either name or address or tlir ther intorinatlon to same address it will lie to his advan tagc. _ IK THE PERSON WHO TOOK "WEAVER'S" KB1 will return it to 539 Kigluh avenue, corner Thirty eventli street, he cau get seine whiskey and tur key to night. ITALY?YOUR NOTE RECr IVE1). MAKE APPOINT mcut to meet mo in strict confldance. VICTOR. Minnie ives, amtok house.-matinee, fi.yi.m Trapeze. Satunl iv, tfth March. Nancy cooper-meet me in ub with a hunui of onions. PAUL A VIRGINIA. GTRAYED FROM HIS HOME ON THE 28TH INST. O John Kelly, aged 81; 5 feet >ii Inches high, bind hair, small mu.-Untie; when leaving the house hn<l 01 dark bite overcoat nml vest, black pants, Kossuth ha and Congress gaiterc Any Information ot him will he most thankfully received by his bereaved wile at 0U Do graw struct, llrookhn. Cincinnati papers please ropy cFAl)L,Dl.NO?IN CA-iL OF NEED WITH NELLIE O Upper Gloucester nlace, cmutnunleate Immediately without reserve, with my iriends: German friend at ok address. CIVET. SADIE?FRIDAY, 3:20 P. M. ; MUTUAL HALUTE. Please write where I can see joii. Mrs. PHILLIPS. THURSDAY EVENING, AT 8 O'CLOCK, TWENTYthird street stage, from Seventh avenue to Fifth Ave nue Theatre.?Will the lady who recognised gentle mar In corner please address FAITHFUL, Herald Uptowc Bran . It office f Thursday, bryant'r.?i much appreciated the parting pressure. Please meet uie seon, If nei sooner. Address NOT IIALD, lloral I office. WILL THE LADY WHO ENTERED OMNIBUf down Broadway, on Friday moraine. 2R?h Inst, nt half piisi ten, and hail a real shell as portemonnaie, seuil her address to II. I.. H., box 101 llcraUl ottlccf 'I he gentle man who passed her tare wishes to make her acquaint im. Confidential. ____________________ WANTED?A GOOD 110MB WITH KS8PDCTABLE trustworthy people, who will take the best care o n very young tiahy. I'm parties most live in a health} locality in town or country. Quiet and cleanliness In dispensable, 'lein inrnt houses need m>t rcolv. Address with real name and address, IV. A. CONSTANT, ileralil Uptown Branch office. LDM AM# ri ? RD. Lost-note ftjr 1.2.3, dated mth or jotii in slant, insile by Henry R. Rupclye to the order o John A. ecus, and payable at the Com Exchange Bank All parties are hereby cautioned against negotiating toi the Minie. and a Miltutilc reward will 1,0 paid on dellvcn of same to JUUN_ C. haNSs. 39 Fine street. IORT-ON OR NEAR I.KXI.NG"ftIN AVENUE cars J a Purse, containing sonio money, three diamoiii " rings and b" vera I o-her rings. The finder will be sultabh pn returning the same to D., 3d East Twenty first Ami. T OST?ON SIXTH AVENUE BETWEEN FORI V.SRC \i Hint flild l htrty-llrst street, n Mink Hun. The flndei Vill Ih- rewarded by returning tt t>> 110 Went Twenty seventh street. IDA B. PRENTICE. IOBT?ON FRIDAY MORNING, THIRTY WINTI J street. Sixth avenue or Forty-second street, n sea skin Mn.iter. The Under will please return to CA. WKLI A II A/.A RIPS Unit! store, corner of Sixth avenno ant Thirty ninth street. BEWAftOa. An REWARD.-MIST, A (WALL WHITE DOO, WITI dpty brown cars; Answers to the name ol .-pit/. Tn< above, reward will he paid on his return to 18 Rust Sixty Sixth street. $n -IF IIIE PERSON WHO TOOK. AWAY TWO WAL 'ft nut hall t'tinirstrom the votlhola ol 4h West Nine tecnih ?:reot will return them he will receive the abon reward and no iiucstiou asked. $n REWARD TO TMK KINDER OK AN AMETHVS1 11 Pearl ltliiu, with pearl seiting, tost Thursday even Wig. W. H.. 48 West Fifteenth street d?C REWARD?LOST, ON THE 2flril INST., i NP*f Memorandum Book, name Michael Bret, 44 Lud ? low street Return, as It is no Use to any person but th twner. AC RftWARD.?LOST, A LOCKET, MARKED "A. H. <TU Return t? 1JU West Fortieth street, basement IE NE NEW REWAUW. itin RKWAHD.-LOST, ON KKIOAY. MARCH V* I ?plU one pair Oornl l eaf Earring*. The above reward will be paid on leaving them at 32 John street. A. BKKUSTIKN X HON. (fcl A RKVVAHP ,-l.OST, ON Sl'NDAY, A KM AM. pit f Skye Terrier, tuilmon color: black leather collar, striped red; bell; named "Tutzcy." GEORGE HIJMLA, 70 Clinton street, corner Rlviugtou, will pay above re ward ami ask no questions or pay liberal compensation for any information concerning her. WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY PERSON WHO will return the small Black ana Tan Dog, lost from the corner of Bond street ami the tlowery. on Tuesday morning. The ubove reward will be paid at ittri Bowery. (l?OC REWARD.?LOKT, ON SUNDAY, A KKYE TBRricr dilue). Any one returning the same to CI1A8. COLE, corner of Twenty-third street and Eighth aveuue, the above reward will be paid. <#?O r(\~~REWARD?AND" NO QUMTION8 ASK BD, " if the Tucket Knives and pearl handled silver plated Table Knives stolen trom 26 Cliff street. New York, are returned. Address box i.HAti Post otltce. New York. SPECIAL flOTlCBS. A?THE AMERICAN REGISTER, The most widely circulated of Hie American journals published in Europe. A capital medium lor American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and the European Continent. Kuhscriptions and udvertiseracills for the AMERICAN REGISTER will be received at the office ol the New York Herald, New York. A?NOW IE EVER. " . Preparations are positive and complete for the Third Grand Gift Concert tor the benefit of the Public Library of Kentucky, promptly on Tuesday, April ft, 1873. Buyers who desire lo participate must secure tickets Immediately. Arrangements have been made to keep Ue.kets at tne New York offiee as long as there are any left, and if patrons will apply early to-day It is believed that none need be again disappointed by the supply being exhausrd, as was the ease on Tuesday last Official lists of the drawing will be ready tor general distribution as soon as they can be printed after the concert. All gifts awarded are pavaltlc In currency on the fourth day alter the drawing, without any discounted being deducted. The 10,000 cash gilts to be distributed by lot among the ticket-holders aggregate CURRENCY as follows, viz. One Grand Gift, cash $100,000 One Grand Gift, cash 50.IV0 One Grand Gift. rash 25.UU0 tine Grand Cnsh Gift 20,000 One Grand Cash Gilt 10,000 One Grand Cash Gift 6,000 1 24 Cash Gilts of $1,000 each 24,000 80 Cash Gltt* of 600 each 26,000 80 Cash Gifts of 400eaeh.... 32,000 100 Cash OUts ( Megci) 180 Cash G Itta of M0 eAcli ; 30,1)00 . 600 Cash Gifts of lOOoach &0.1XW 9,000 Cash Gilts of 10 each 90,000 Total, 10,000 Gifts, all cash $600,000 Remember that the concert and drawing are under authority of a special act of th'e Legislature, and Hon. exGovernor Thomas E. Bramlette, or Kentucky, has charge of the business. There arc only 100,000 tickets In the scheme, mnking the chances one in ten. Buy eleven tickets for $100. As the chances arc one In ten it is evident that the buyer who holds cloven has one more than Is neoes-ar.v to give hint a good show for a lull return of his money at least as well as a grand possibility of a splendid fortune. Buyers do not necessarily have to he present at the drawing, as an official list is furnished each one, and gilts due ticket holders at a distance can ho collected through any bank or express company the same as a draft or check is collected. Mnke hasle. Rend money by Post office order, dratt, registered letter or express, prepaid. Tickets, $10; Halves, $6; Quarters, $2 90. For tickets, lull programme. Information And all particulars apply to the Genera^ Ajjenjy iju^ly. 609 Broadway, New York. -HERALD BRANCH OFHCK, BROOKLYN, torne oi Fulton avenue and Bocrum street > Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday Iront 3 to 91'. M. A DAIRIES (PRICKS-REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OP Royal Havana I<ottery, 386 Broadway; box 4,S09 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed ' free. LARtlE ASSORTMENT OF BOOTS] SHOES, Trunks ana Valises at the Great Family Shoe Emporium. 330 Bawcry, corner Bond street, selling at 20 per centbclow Broadway prices. W. D. BIGELOW. ROBERT IRWIN. 4 4 A. LAST CHANCE I LAST WEEK! OMAHA LEOAL GIFT DISTRIBUTION, March SI, 1873. - 8,466 Cash Gifts, amounting lo (230,505. Highest Gilt 975,000 cuh. Tickets $1 each; six for 96: thirteen for $10. At P. C. DEVLIN'S, Stationer, 31 Nassau street ?PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY ; $100,000 FOR 910; dtstrihutlan or girts will take marc April 8; Whole Tickets, $10; Halves, 96; Onarters, ^2 60. JOSEPH BATES, 190 Broadway, room 4. A?HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRI55BH CASHED AND . Information furnished. Circulars free. JOSBPH HATES A co.. 71 Broadway, room 31, first floor. DULL'H HEAD BANK.?ALL STOCKHOLDERS IV D this hank are requested to call immediately at the , Metropolitan Bank, Broadway, or on J. M. Fuller. No. 8 Wall street; or P. K. Mather, 39 Nassau street, or O. W. Wlllett, at Bull's Head Bank, to subscribe necessary papers for saving the hank, ami to bring their cerliflcuiesof stock. Immediate action Is Indispensable. By order of Committee ot stockholders. Havana iot'ilky!?gkhman m'atk lotteries Send tor circulars. KU11LMANN A CO., Bankers, 1 86 Nassau street | box 9,98ft I'est otllcc. JOHN ML'IR. (tenernl Agent and Collector, Post ottlrc box i !M'j, Montreal, Canada. AHT~C 11 A N( '10 I LAST VV 10 (OKI OMAHA LEGAL UIKT ENTERPRISE, March 31, 1878. 8.4f5 Cash (lilts, I amounting to $230,605. Official lists ot winning numbers sent to purchasers of tickets alter the drawing. Tickets $1 each; six for $6, thirteen for $10. , , For sale at P. C. DEVLIN'S, i 31 Nassau street. ' \TKW YORK," MARCH 28* 187.l!-NOTICE.?'TEAMS 1> can now cross by l'avonla ferry to and from Jersey j City from fool of Chumbcrs street. 'TUGS. J. llKOWN, General Manager of Ferries. Ac. < /OFFICIAL DRAWINGS V.' KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. . XKKTtfCKT- KXTIIA CLASS MO. 247?MAKCH 28, 187& ' 42, 36. 17 . 74 , 22, 60, 2. 72, 67. ?. (W. 66. XlMTfCXT?CLASS KO. 248?MARCn 28, 1873. 32, 60. ill H, JO. 64. 13, 21. 40, 211, 33, SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington. Kv. tlll tT COLLFGE? XXTRA ( LASS 80. 147?MARCH 28, I8?3? 34, I", 6>, <4, 16, 49, 37, f>4. 33. 47, 1". II. IMIIT COLLFCF.?CLASS FO. 148?MARCH 28, 1873. 67, 32, 63. 30. 21. 41, 68. 10, 17, 31, 11, 46. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. _ , . ? J. CLPTE, Broker, 266 Broadway. Post office box 4,969. , liuiAL hAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY AT LE1PJI ale, Germany; 96.600 tickets; 47,800 prizes; Brunswick Government Lottery ; Bumhunr City Government I Lnttciy; Royal Havana Lotterv. Prizes cashed aid in Kirinuiun given. iinuwinrinm n. 110 Vfl'fHil street; box (MINI Post office. R" OVAL-HAVANA LOTTERY.?PR1SBE CABBED:OR* dcrs tilled; inloimation furnished; highest rates laid Kr E.atik Bills. he. A (O.. Bankers. 10 Wall street, New Y'ork. Royal Havana lottery .-thsFnkxt kxtkaTir. dliinry Drawing will take plaee on the 22d of April, 1873. J.B.MARTINEZ A CO., Banker*, 10 WhII street. , Post office box 4,6M, New Vork. i "RULl'b HEAD BANK. D The depositor* must positively come forward to-day and subscribe tor the balance ot the preferred stock, which must be taken up by them before the hank can be opened. The Subscription Committee are In constant session ntthe Ashland House, corner Kourth avenue and Twonty-lourth slrcet. A. H. CAMERON, Chairman. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?I HEKKBYREVOEE all powers of attorney existing Irotn my hand. LAURA J. IIAi.NEH. tfcl HfV l(\(\(\ for $10,000-01 FT CON-CERT PUB IP.LUU.UUt/ lie Library of Kentucky; a few more days only; a good selection of numbers on hand. Office hours 8 A. M. fo "J P. M. Tickets lor sale hy \V. L. DAVIS. Agent, 173 Filth avenue, between Twenty second and Twenty-third streets. dfer.nn Atwt ' asm ohtr?eentuckylibrary ?P?)UU.UUU Gill Concert. Drawing positively April A Whole Tickets. $10: Half Ticket", $3: Quarter 'tickets, $2 SO For tickets and descriptive circulars apply to P. C. DEVLIN, Stationer, 31 Nassau street (opposite Post office), New York. _ I AftflQ RQU IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LROAL !> lO'i'OO'J ired Kentucky Lottery. Itoyul Havana and Kentucky circulars free; i2}4 cents commission .' allowed. Address BALEY A CD. (office established 30 1 years), 171 Broadway. YACHTS, STICA.YI BOATS, dfcO. F~IOR SALE?YACHT-TBB WELL KNOWN SLOOP yacht Dolphin, late the property of John KelInm, Em. ; fitted at great expense ; 62 leet over all: beaut. 10 ici t; light draught; the moat perfectly equipped ami filled sloop yacht in tbe eonntrv; weatherlv ami good sea boat. Ad(lrc.?s R. INGRAUAM, 41 Court street, Brooklyn. IdOi: SALE-A. HKBRISHOET'S VAt:ilT, 37 FBRT j r Ion-/, very fant. Apply to HALL A SONS, 169 ChatJ ham street. - TRIOR HALE?SCHOONER YACIIT, 211 tons; LRNUTIf, JD 40 loot, width, 13 feet: # berths; Mills nearly new; 5 feet dratl: well found Add re M KELLY, 37 Front itreet. wanted-a WELL BUILT COPPERED TAOHT, ? V unont 30 to W If et long, 12 feet on deck ; have ptrele and eiuhtnned sent* lor 20 persons; must be extra las"?, have only muin*ail, draw 2 or 2k feet water, large centre I board, set low In the water, with high, hollow and flaring I bow. Address JOSEPH labalhk, Oalsestoii, Texas. .... INSTRUCTION. Ala fit instructs adults and MISSES (pimt class lamllies) in mathematics, philosophy, aiitron. omy, ehemistrv, liiatorr, grammar, rhetoric, lileratnre, oral explanation') on difficult subjects, rendering stodv 9 delightful. Address SKILFUL, Herald Uptown Branch * office. CTOLLED I A T li AND COMMERCIAL INH.TrUTE ) NEW HAVEN, CONN. Preparatory to College, the Hclentinc Schools or Bu-db nesssuimner session begins April 3, 187.1 , WANTED-A MALE TEACH Kit To T A KB CHARGE r TT ot aCaihollc parochial school; must he able to read miiMC. have a good voice and sing dltltcult music. Address H. M. O'H ARK. Oo?hcn, Orange county, N. T. I POST OFFICK NOTICK. e pOHT OFFICK NOTICE. I The mails for Europe during the week ending Hatunlay, March 29, 1873, will close at this office on Wedncsn nay at 12 noon, op Thursday at 11 A. M., and on Haturday at UK A. M. P. H, JONES. Postmaster. IW YO YORK, SATURDAY, MAR< SPORTING-DOtiS. H1RDS, AC. \? FOR HALE, ALL KINDS OP FANCY DOOM. Birds, Ac.; Medicines for n 11 diseases, Prepared Hood tor mocking birds, at B. 11. IHIVKY'H. No. SOreene street, uear Canal. TAI>K HALE-SIX SETTER DooS, THREE OF THEM X* first class snipe doss, fair trial in field; two black ! and tan Gorden Setters, one red Irish Setter, three I'olntI ers. one pair Bull Terrier*; one double nose Pointer Bitch, ! very handsome ; Black and Tons, Scotch and Hkyc Tor, rivs. Watch Dogs on trial, Esquimaux Does, Dogs of all breeds. 11. GARDNER. Ill South Klttb avenue, corner Prince street. THE TBRP. Notice to ownbrr op trotting rorsbs and Member* Of the Trainers and Drivers' Protective Association.?An important meeting of the above ossotion will beheld on Monday evening, March 31, at 8 o'clock, at Johnson's Pool rooms, corner of Broadway and Twenty-eighth street Owners ot trotting horses arc cordially invited to attend. JAMEH D. McMANN, President. William H. Borst, Secretary. TO let-prom april 1. 1873, FLEETWOOD PARK Club House. Date House. Bars under grand stand nnd Hitching Privilege of grounds. Apply nt the park, or 112 Wall street w. II. van COTT, Superintendent. HORSKS, CAMMAOjBf. A T PRIVATE SALE?AT ARCH. JOHNSTON S A NEW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MART, 10. 21, 23 AND 26 KAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between University place and Kifth avenue. TEA CART.?An elegant Tea O&rt, city built to order; used but four limcN. TOP WAGON?City built to order, with pole and shafts; In'first rate order. DOCTOR S PHAETON.-Splendid light Doctor's Phaeton. city buill to order; nenrlv new. PONY PHAETONS ?Top nod no top Tony Phaetons, basket and panel; 20 top Buggies, llovkaways, Express Wagons. Prices 2S per cent lower than at any other place in the city. Call and examine. ARCII. JOHNSTON. A TWO WHERE DOU CART, BACK TO BACK SEAT, made by Brewster ,t Baldwin. Top Wagons, on elliptic springs, made by Miner A Stevens. Top Wagons, on elliptic half springs, made by Miner A Bievon*. Vcrv elegant four seat open Coupe Rockaway, very light;"fine for one horse. Two four seat Park Phaetons, top on bind seats, made b5PeeoSi Hand six seat curtain Rockawayt suitable for country depot use, made by J. R. I.utvrcnco, Extension top Cabriolet or Phaeton, vCry light, with pole ana shafts. Pa rone he. in good order, modo by Wood Bros. Very handsome top Pouy Phaetons on 0 Springs. . Fifty top ami no top ponv Phaetons of different styles. Twenty shitting top Wagons of different siyies. 6b0 sets single and douhle Harness, Robes, Blankets, Ac., the largest stock of goods in the city, at private sale, by WILLIAM VAN TAS8ELL. successor to Johnston A Van TnasCll, at the old stand, 111), 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. A T BARKER A OHAflB'rl ft. CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTHRU ALLS, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. Regular sale of Horses, Carriages Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Twenty-four hours allowed for trial oil every horse sold under warranty. This is the only auction martin the State having the proper facilities for showing horses on sale?viz., a large driving ring, entirely under cover. CATALOGUE OF BALE THIS DAY AT 12 O'CLOCK. Gentleman's Road Turnout, comprising a fast highbred bay trotting Gelding, sired hy Henry Clay, is 15'? high, 6 years old; an elegant nnd extra gamy driver, in condition; can heat 2:40 and is warranted to trot In 2:90 now; Is Afraid of nothing; can be driven by a lady at speed and is warranted sound and kind; also road Wagon. Harness, Ac. Elegant Phaeton Establishment, consisting of a fine, handsome brown Gelding, sired by Royal George, 15!j high, 0years old; an extra stylish, prompt and easy driver; Can trot in 3 minutes; fears nothing: no viucs; flowing mane and tail and warranted sound and kind; also line Pony Phaeton, Harness, Ac. Pair of fast brown trotters, Horse and Mare, 16J$ high, 9years old; fine, ftco drivers; can trot In 3 minutes; hare trotted in 2:40, and are warranted kind. Fine, powerful bay draught Horse. 16 high, 6 years old: free, prompt driver; great worker; weighs about 1,300 ponnus, and warranted sonnd nnd kind. Fine top and no top Road Wagon". New and second hand Harness, Horse Clothing, Whips, Halters, 1-ap Robes, Ac. Top and no top Express Wagons. Also several other Horses. Full description at sale. Sales never postponed on account, of weather. - REMOVAL. A. R * A Card. R K Will open April 1 entire now stock E M Light Carriages and Harness M O At new ami rapacious Repository, O V No. 8 Cortlandt street. v A All our stock at 69 Liberty street A L. nt great bargains to close out. L. No reasonable offer refused, t ARCH. JOHNSTON, 6i Liberty, near Nassau Mroct. A BREWSTER WAGONS, A. . with vertical steel plates. .naahasns aknnlil sen 4h!a neeflt tmniotwatnenf Unequalled in lightness, with greatly increased strength. 6cc certificate from General McCIclIan. Nkw Voiik. June 1, 1871. ftxiVTMEUBK?I have carefully examined your patent vertical fieri plate axle. I Hud Hint thy addition of the | Tertirni plate renders the axle shout two and a half times as stiir as It would be without it. Very respectfully, GEORGE B. McOI.KLLAN, Warerooma Kit 111 a venue, corner Twenty-.-eve nth street. Factory 140 East Twenty-filth street. J B. HREWHTER A CO. Established IMS. J^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON." A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisite!) finished, and ombraeing in tnolr construction the various improveinents introduced by us during the past 18years, making them the Standard for Quality throughout the United States, j 'i hese wagons are exclusively the production of our well known Broome street factory, and are offered In | Mo< k in iiT1 respect* equal in quality to those Miilt to the order ol the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not he confounded with a Joint stock company ot carriage dealers wbo have adopted it firm name similar to our own, mid impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the piddle will remeniler that our only warcrooms ure at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome street. A VERY HANDSOME RLAC'C MARK. * YEARS OLD, ran (how 2 ;30: I.Miunds high; all sound and kind; nlso roan Mare. I8'4 hands; can show 2:18 single or to pole : ti years old ; all sound and kind and very hniubxnie. Anv person wanting trotters and no mistake can call today at20 Keade street from It A. M. to 1 P. M. Afresh lot of 28 roadand working horses, lust arrived. new york HAKES and storage repository, 317 to 141 fourth A yen he. AVERY LIGHT CURTAIN COACH, NEARLY NKW, and 2 Top Wagons, h.v Brewster 1(1 Top mid Open Rand Wagons, by Duscnbcrry, Waterman, Duiois,Corbitt, Ac. ;l second hand Clarence ; i liglit Coupe; Workaways; 1 Victoria; I Doctor Phaeton, by Kimball. (op and open Pony and Park and extension ton Phaetons; 2 Sulkies, by Duseiiberry a Vnu Dusen; top and open Express Wagons; single and double Harness, Blankets, Ac. WH. 11. UKAY. 211 and 22 Wooster street A _t WILL TARE A PAIH OF HORSES AND SOME A. cash and give In exchange a Mortgage on property in New Jersey (first) one year to run. Address MORT. GAGE, box 17f Ilerahl office. A BREWSTER (OF BROOME STREET) BRETT FOR sale. Can he seen at Mr. JOHN II. MOKKKLL'S storage warehouse, 106 Hast Thirty-second street. Auction.?ham forest, auctioneer, will sell, this day. at II o'cloek A. M., corner Market and Monroe streets, two Horses, one Express Wagon, one tiox Furniture Truck and three sets of Harness Sale post five. Auction noticr.?thk attention ok those wonting Horses I* particularly ratM to Ilia sale ot 2Uhead oi Tine young Horses, to tie 'old thin day, at 12 o'clock, atSitt Broadway, Williamsburg; among ibis lot will he loimil Home Mite driving carriage and work Iloracn, ill pairs anil 'ingle; this la a chanrc tor bargains, n.s every horse will he sold. VRARE CIIANCE.?.IURT FROM AT BURO, VERmoiit, Ave very stylish Morgan, lilark lluwk and St. Lawrence Horses; one pair liny llorscs 5years old; can trot in 8 in I liu tea now and promises to lie very fast: rais-'d and hroke by the present owner, and warranted .sound, kind and true every way; a security given ol the same; sold lor half their value, na the owner must relurn home on account of sickness in the family. Anply to J DEAN, :g)4 Bout Eleventh street, near Second avenue, at itables, till sold ______________________ AT OUR KACTOKV, 1.404 BROADWAY, ARK TIII; Following second hand Carriages, nil in good order:? Clarence, liurouehe, Brougham, i'ony I'haetoil, with rumble; Cabriolet, Coupelette, Top Wagon. BRADIsKY, PRAY k CO., ,VM Broadway. A FINE, ST vKl811 FIVE-YEAR-OLD BLACK MARK, If. hand* high, without blemish, steps well, warranted kind and gentlc.tor rale, prlee 9360, by a physician having two. 2M West Thirty-fourth street. t PRIME BUSINESS MARE?IN EXCELLENT CONIV dltion; tilaek, IM< hands, weighs 1,060: (ree traveller ; easy Keeper; warranted sound and kind; price $I7A MINERAL WATFR HEI'tiT, sti Amity street /TARRIAOF.R, NEW AND SECOND HAND; FAMILY V' Carriages, Pony Phaetons, Business Wagons, *e.; will he sold low, to make room tor Spring and Rummer styles. WITTY a CO., Fultan anrl NVvin? dtrcpta ItrrmLlvn /1ARR1A0EH.- A M>T OK flRCONO HAND TOP I J Wagon*, light Road Wapon*, Doctor*' Wa^on*. Darby Dob Curt, hlx-srat Rockawav Ac., at K. M. STIVKHb' Manufactory, H4 tr( 1.12 Koj-t I'hlrty t!i?t n:rr<?, / 1ARRIAGER?SI.JtlHTI.Y DAMAGED; GREAT BAR\ . gains, Carriapcs, new and second hund, of every description, at low price*; now lathe time to uurihaae before trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (>38 Broadway. CARRIAGES.?70 TOP AND ROAD nUGOIKH; AI<HO ranr-sratod Carriage*, fine Barouche, pony Phaeton*; latent rtvles; cheapest in city, at DAY A SON'S Factory, 146 and 146 Kldrldge street. _ For kai-e-bashaw roa^j make, is hands hit|h: will ?oit any one who want* ? good animal: warran'cd. Rear of W7 WooaUi ilxetb RK H :JI1 20, 1873.?T1I1PLK SITF HORSKS, CAMUAfiM, ?C. Fink nucx house, $188; 8tyubh gray, bob espresa or cnrrluire, warranted: hay Mare, $65: I brown, $00 . amy, 976; corre), $801 ISO South k-'iftli uvenaa. Mar Grand street. If OK SAI.K-A VALIABI.K, STYf.ISIl KAY bOM& ' r 16 hands high, 7 years old; can trot In 3 urinate* and

has never been (rained ; In suitable for coupe and family use; warmntid round ami kind, inquire at 15 and 17 Enst Twenty-eighth street. | titok sai.k? a koeare box side bar top wagon. i I uffil one 8imx.ii ; Sliver*, maker; price #3?W. Inquire before 3 o'clock, at KBBITT'S stable, corner Seventh avenue and Twcuty-fcecond street. FOR 8ALB?A FULL BLOODED IMPORTED ALderney Bull, four yoern old this Spring, and winner of llie llr.-t premiums at the Westchester County Pair in 1871 and 1*72: price $100. Address A. A. IC., box 688 Post | offlce, hew York. Ijlor SALE?THREE TRUCK HORSES, VERY LOW. 1 Apply toW. IV TOMPKINS, 2H7 Weal street. FI?OR BALE?A DU8BHBUB1 A VAN BUSES shilling lop Wagon, nearly now. Apple at private Nlnblc 2.V> \V, ~l I'ul ie seventh street. For sai.n?a first class truck horse, six venrs old, warranted sound, kind and good worker. Inquire of carman, American Tract Society, Corner Spruce and Nassau streets, where It can be seen. For sale?12 new hpsiness wagons, i second hand Landau, 1 feed truck, 1 top Buggy, at 2117 Greene street For rale?h\y horse, u hands, 7 years old, sound and kind; also a Rockawuv (Brewster A Baldwin, makers) and Durness. Applv at No. 8 University place. FOR SALE?LIVERY AND HOARDING STABLE; A find elans uptown Livery und Boarding will be ?nld, with or without Stock. Address LIVERY STABLE, Herald Uptown Branch office. For sale?a horse and light express or Delivery Wagon. Inquire at GARRISON'S stables, 788 Elghth avenue, between 8 and 12 A. M. For sale?mules, i have .iust arrived from Hancock county, Illinois, with a very Hue ear load of Mules, which I will offer for sale Irotn now until Monday afternoon, nt reasonably low prices, at Golfs stables, 35 Lexington avenue, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth streets. Parties wanting well broke mules will do well to call, P. J. HOLT. x7ior SALK-CLAnENCE, MADE BY stivers; PINE I order; will be sold cheap. TA1.LM AN'H, Broadway, corner Thirty-eighth street. H~""arnk88, carriage*. lo. Side bar top Buggy, by Brewster; Kocknways and Depot WHgons, Top and no top Pony Phaetona, Express Wagons, top and no lop, 10O sets single and double Harness, at new york sales and stokag3 REPOSITORY, 337 to 341 4tu avenue, corner 26th street. Harness for the i rack, noAD, coach, coupe, Park, pleasure and business use : also for ploughing, (arming, teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, contractors, railroads, Ac.; also Saddles, Bridles and Horse Equipments of every description. A kingdom lor a horse. C. M. MOHEMAN A BRO., Harness Manufacturers, warerooins 114 Chambers st. Harness.?the cheapest harness store in New York; good double Truck Harness, $30; good single Buggy Harness, hand-made, $22. a good Stable Blanket, $215); the largest assortment of Oart Harness in the city. I'lease call und examine ior yourselves. E. S. OSBORNE. Harness Warerooins, 43 Murray St. Harness.?a large stock of single and Double Homes", of my own make, at extremely low prices; winter stock of Horse Blankets and Lap Robes at a sacrifice; Truck Blankets cheaper than ever. K. BARTLETT, 62 Warren street, corner college place. HARNES8.-8ECOND HAND COACH HARNESS, with breeching, as good as new: also two light coach or coupe Harness, gold and covered mounting: one set of wagon Harness, gold mounting; and Side Saddle. Can be seen at COLEMAN'S saddlery store, 1,232 Broadway, near Thirty-second street. HORRKS TAKEN TO BOARD. DRIVE AND BREAK, with good care, by JOIIN H. TWBDDI.K, Montgomery, Orange county, N. Y. References?James B. Brewster A Co., New York city. IOND IN MADE HARNESS, SINGLE AND double, J brass and sliver 'mounted, quite new and of correct styles, lor sale at 156 East Twenty-sixth street, near Lexington avenue. Nine horses for sale?fit for farming or grocery purposes or truck; warranted sound and kind; must be sold. Inquire nt 211 Wooster street, between Blucckcr and Amity. PARK PHAETON FOR RALE?HANDSOME AND IN Rood order; inside by John R. Lawrence A Co. ('An Itc Keen at Dreunnn's stabler. corner Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. Address WILLIAM. PaiVi.MLSYABkE.-TUE OWNER AND OCCUPANT ol a first class private Btnhlc on West Tlilrtvsecond street, having more room than wanted, would take a pair of Horses and Carriages on 1st May. Address H. K. W., Herald office. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES.?TWO COUPES, SIXKeat Rockawny, lie lit Victoria, l'oiiy Wagon, several Roehnways, Top and Open Buggies. two Dog ('arts. Coupe Rockawav: extensive aasortniont Spring styles new Car. riages at low priors. MANl"FACTURERS' UNION, 63S Broadway. TO COUNTRY STABLE KEEPERS AND HACKMRN.? For sale, three six-seated Park I'huelons In good order. I*. K. MASTERSON, Fifty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. TO LET?TWO STABLES UPTOWN: ONE FIVE OPEN", two box stalls; one four open stalls; ample carriage room, with apartments for coachman. W.M. ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty-fifth street. Y|'ANTED-A RE AI I.V HANDSOME AND PERIt lectly broken huddle Horse; must be sound, not over six or aeven years ol age, bridle wise mid ot a dark color. Address COACHMAN, !H East Fortieth street. It-ANTED-A ONE-HORSE GROCER'S WAGON, TO TT carry 2,500 pounds, about S feet long, with wooden top, covered. Address l>, room 7, id Dry street. II WW \ SETS HARNESS OK E\ key description, ,I/UU at inanufaetuier a prices. JACOBOWSKY, IIILBORN A CO., Ill Chambers st. DOT GOODS. HAIR! I1AIU! HAIRl The largest stock of lluinnn Hair floods in (he city at SHAW'S, 3A2 Bowery, between Fourth and Croat Jones streets, and 3'3Rlxtli avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty tliti<1 streets, up Htuirs. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can be combun ami brushed, tl each. IlUiuan 11 air, cheapest and best in the market Short Hair Hwirenes, %f. each and upwards. French Switches, $5. Curls, $1 and upwards. Latest styles ale ays on hand. MATTINGS, MATTINGS.? OREAT JOB IN RED, white nnd fancy fine white. 20; Carpets, Blankets and Woollen floods, Burlap's Canvas, Buckrams. Ac. A. LESTER A CO., lot Chambers street. MHiLIVEEY AND DRESSMAKING. Madame fbbeeeo, no. - webt thirtieth street, has now very choice styles ot Paris Bonnets and Round lints, at very reasonable prices, ('articular attention paid to orders. LEGAL NOTICBflL QUPRRME COURT. O In the matter of the apiiltcation of the Department of Public Parks, tor anil in behalf of the Min or, Alder-I .....I .lA.ii.ii/i.iult i, lli.i ..I I u ,.l* Vn iu V.irlf ...I,.,... to the Opening of Kingshridgc Road, northwardly from the southerly lino of laftth street to the Harlem River, a* tald out hy the Commissioner* of the Central Park, In the city ol New York. We, the undersigned Commissioner* of Estimate and Assessment In the atiove entitled matter, hereby give notice lo the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all bouses and lots and improved or unimproved lands affected thereby, and to all others whom It may concern, to wit I.?That we have completed our cxtlmuto and assessment, and that till person* Interested In tlieso proceedIn fx or in any of the land* allcctcd thereby, and who tnny be opposed to the same, do present their objection* In writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our office, 150 Broadway (room 15), In the *nid city, on or before the 23d day of April, 1?73. und that we, the said Commissioner*, wllf bear parties *o objecting wltliln the ten week-day* next alter the sunt ?ld day Of April, 1?73, and for that purpose will be in attendance at our *ald office on each ol said (on days, at II o'clock A. M. If.?That the abstract ol tne said estimate and assessment, together with our map*, and al-.o all the affidavits, estimate* and other document* which wore used by u* in making our report, have been deposited lit the office of the Department of Public Works, In the city of New York, there to remain until the 4th day of May, 1X73. III.?That (he limit* embraced by the assessment aforesaid arc as follow*, lo wit:?All those certain lot*, piece* or parcels ot land contained, lying and being within the following hotiudsor limit*, that I* to xnv Commencing at the point tunned bv the intersection of the northerly line or side of 145th sircet with the westerly line or side ol lb Eighth avenue; running thence northerly along the w- o rly line or sloe of the snld Eighth avenue to the blub water mark of the Harlem River; thrnre along the said high water mark of the llnriem River as It winds *nd turns to the Hudson River; thence southwardly along the easterly side, of the Iludson River, at high water mark a* snld river winds and turns, to the southerly line or side ot I55t!i street; thence easterly along the said southerly Hue or side ot 15otli street to the easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly along the said easterly side of said Boulevard to the northerly northerly Hue or side of HMti street to the point or place of beginning. J V.-That our report herein will be ore sentcd to the Sopremo Court of the State of New York, at a special term thereof, to be held In the New Court Houes at tho City Hall, In the city of New York, on the Zfith day of May, 1873, at the opening of the Court on that day, an.I that then and there, or as soon thereafter as counsel can he beard there"", a motion will be made that the said report be confirmed. IIKNRY PARSONS. ) WILLIAM J. PARSONS,/Commissioner*. JOHN T. MrOOWAN, ) Nf.w Yoa*. March 19, IS7S. BILLIARIM. A "I ?STANDARD AMERICAS BILLIARD TABLES J\ 1. and the I'helan A Cnllcndcr Combination enshIons, manufactured and for sale only by the Inventor and patentee, II. W. COLLKNDKK, successor to I'helun A Cullender, 7.'tH Uro idwuy, New \ork. A "I ?FIRST CLASS 6X10 BEVELLED BILLIARD Xai.* Tables at 31S0; first class plain Sx 10 Tables at $:?>). GEO It OK B. PHKLA N, No. 7 Barclay street. WH. ORIKKITII'S FRENCH BEVEL TABI.EP, with Delaney's patent steel wire cushions, are the best and cheapest, and will give better .satisfaction than any table made; second hand Tables complete (or SIX. Wart-rooms M) t esev slreet, [ERA] ;et. CTMWAW STEAMSHIPS. QUIT direct UNB TO prance. THE GENERAL TBANRATLANTfO COMPANY'S I MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLINU AT BREST. The splendid vcwls on this favorite route lor the Continent will sail from pier No. 50 North River, an follows st LAURENT, Lemalre .Saturday, April A VIl.t.U 1)U HAVRE, Surinout Saturday, April I!) PEKEIRK, Da lire Saturday, May.I PRICE OF PASS *HE IN GOT 1) In-Muding wine) TO BREST OK H VVjtR Flr*t Cabin, $125: Second*Cabin. $75. Excursion Ticket* nt reduced rates. These steamers do not carry steerage puM< tiger*. American travellers going to or returning from tlio Continent of Europe, hv tsklm/ thin line, avoid both transit by English railway mid tho discomforts of cross ui(iiii' v., ocr-jocs riivng mill', I'OUDic ano isPin *" GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent.M Broadway. CUNARD I.I NR. Tin' British and North tmerc'an Royal Mail Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork harbor. From New York. ABYSSINIA..Wed.. April 2 CAI.ADRTA.. .Sat.., April 19 ALGERIA Wort.. April !i .IAVA Wort.. April 23 RUSSIA Wort. April hi PARTHIA Sat, April 26 And ovory following Wednesday an l Saturday fvoni Now York. Steamers marked thus * do not carry steerage passenger*. Rate* ol Passaga?Cabln, $Sd,$100 and $130, gold, ao-? cording to accommodation, 'rickets to I'arls, $lft, gold, additional. Hcturu tickets on favorable terms, steerage. $3a, currency. steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. For irolglit and caldn passage apply at the Company's office. No. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage passage, at 111 Broailway, Trinity Building. CHARLES G. FRANCKt.YN. Agent. Or to P. H. DUVERNET, corner of Clark and Randolph streets, Chicago, III. North gkrman lloyd steamship company. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AN1) It REM EN. The steamship AMERICA, Captain It. Bu-ortns. will sail on Wednesday, April 2, 2 P. M., from Bremen pier, loot Third street. Hobo ken, to be followed by Steamship WE8ER, Captain W. Wllhgorod, on Saturdav, April ft. RATES OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, pavable in gold, or ita equivalent in currency. First Cabin $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage 30 For freight or passage apply to OK ERICH A CO., Agents, No. 2 Howling Green. WHITE STAR LINE. FOR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING THE UNITED STATF8 MAIL. New and full-powered steamships. Sailing Ironi New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on 'ihUTBdays, calling ut Cork llnrtnr each way. CELTIC ; Saturday, March 29, at 3 P. M. ATLANTIC Katurrtny. April ft, at 11 A. M. REPUBLIC Saturday, April 12, at 3 P. M. ADRIATIC Saturday, April 19, at 10:30 A. M. BALTIC Saturday, April no, al 3 P. ,M. ?From the White Star dock, Pavonla ferry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations lor all clavcea unrivalled, combining safety, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is tolb Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rates?saloon, $3'? In cold (for sailings aftor April I, $100, gold); steerage. $30 In currency. Those wishing to send tor Irlends in the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certiffeatcs, $32, currency. Passengers booked to or lYom all ports of America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, Imllu, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upward*. For Inspection of plans and other information apply at the company's office, 19 Broadway, New York. Bills of lading Issued to Continental ports. J. H. SPARKS, Agent UNITED STATES MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO QUEENS, town anil Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. isr.vAUA, f oniTiu April z, nt'.i a. ,w. WYOMING, Price April 9, at 8 P. M. From pier 46 North Ilivcr. Cabin parage, $sn void: steerage, $9) currency. Prepaid ticket*, 862 currency. Passengers booked to and from Purl*, Hamburg, Norway ami Sweden, Ac. Draft* on Ireland, England, France and (lermany at lowest rate* Apply to W11,1,1 A MS A guion, 29 Broadway. National line of steamers. Weekly to Queen*1 own and Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from pier* 44 and 47 North River. greece, Thomas Wednesday. March 2(1, at 8 P. M. EGYPT, Grogan Kuturuay, March 29, at .HP. M. CANADA, Webster Saturday, Aprils, at 10 A. M. FRANCE, Thomson Saturday, April 12, at3 P. M. SPAIN, Grace Saturday, April 19, at 10 A. M. FOR LONDON DIRECT. HOLLAND, Bragg SnturdOT, April 5, at 11 A. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARK THE LAROEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage, $90 and $H0, currency. Bieerage, $29. currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Qnoeuitown, Londonderry, Glaxitow, Cardiff. Bristol or London, CHEAPER THAN JtY ANY OTHER LINE. For further information apply at the company's office, 69Broadway. P W. J. HURST, Manager. TNMAN LINE 1 tor Qucrnxlown and Liverpool Royal Mail Steamer* are appointed to sail as follows:? CITY OF PARIS Saturday, March 29 2 P.M. CIT Y OF MONTREAL Saturday, April P, noon. CITY OF 1IRISTOL Thursday, April 1(1, 2 P. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, April 12, 2 P. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from pier 46 North River. Rates of Passage. Cabin, $V> and 8100, void, according to accommodation. Round Irip tickets at low rates. Steerage?To I Iverpool, Queonstnwn, Glasgow, Londonderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $80; prepaid Certificate*. $82. currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, TTamlmrg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark ami Par's, nt reduced rates. Drafts issued at lowest rates. For Cabin Passage and general business apply at the company's olttce. Pi I)roadway. For Steerage Passage nt 81 Broadway. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, or to O'Donvri.t. A F*nt.K. 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. Crkaoii, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. Known, S<5 South Market street. Chicago. Wii.i.iam Ivman, Liverpool, and No. Mcrihc, Parts. Anchor line.?express steamers sail from pier 2d Nort'i River. New York. VICTORIA Nut M'Ch 21) I ANU1.1A Sab, April 6 CASTAI.I A. Wed., April 2 ( OI.VMPI a. ... Wed., April!) Passengers hooked and forwarded b) and from all railway stations in Croat Britain, Ireland, Germany, Norwav, Sweden, Denmark or America, as safely, speedily,'roinlbruiblv and cheaply nsanv olher route or lino. Tickets, Drafts or Ceriitlcatea can be bought at lowest currency rates by applying at flic company's offices. No. 7Bowling Green. HK.? DP.ItSCN BROTHERS, Agents. The hambiirg-amkkican packet company's Iron mnll stcuimhlp HAMMONIA, Captain Voss, will sail on Thursday, April 3, at 2 P. V., for Hamburg, taking passengers front New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $72. Steerage. $30, payable in United States gold. KUNHAKDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents, General Passenger Agents, til Broad street. New York. 61 Hroadway, New York. Tin ll(iI.SATIA will sail April Id. Anchor rink. Passengers tor steamship Victoria will cm'iark nt. Anchor Line dock, pier 2d North River, on Saturday, 2'Jth iu?t. Steamer nail* punctually nt noon. milROl'UH TICKETS TO AM. PARTS Ol' KURtoPE J issued by COOK, SON A JENKINS, 2tl2 ilroailwny. Now York, (lonrra! Excursion and Tourist Maunders arid Publishers of "Cook's Excursionist'' (monthly price 10 cents), a journal of Information to nil classes ot European travellers, showing by their numerous arrangement* greutlv reduced ratesaud many Inctlitirs. Tickets issued for any line of steamers. Remittances to enueand and Ireland,? Drafts for ?1 and upwards and Passage Tickets, tiy steamship and sailing packet, issued at the lowest rata* bvTAPSCOTT BROTHERS A CO.. sd South street. UNITED STATES PASSPORT Bt'ItEAI'. ? AMFKT<'AN citizens requiring Passport* will apply to THOMAS SADLER, Notary Public and Commissioner, No, 8 Broad Street, New York. COAMTWISI; nKAJKBBin. IJACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S , Line to CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying mails, passengers and freight to Asplnwall, Panama, Santa Martha, Oreytown and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, Pern ami Chile. April 8. 18711?Steamer RISING STAR, Captain P.P. (initio, will leave pier 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, for Asplnwall direct, count , tin# at Panama with the steamer CONSTITUTION, Captain Morse, touching at Ac.rpttlco, .Man/atnllo, Mazallnn, and also connecting lor all central American mid South Pacific ports. Departures ot Idtli and 20th of each month conneet with tlie company's steamer touching at San II. nlto, Tonata, Salina Cruz and Port Angel. Steamer ALASKA will leave San Francisco April I, I87II, for Janan and China. For rates of passage, freight and all further Information apply at company's oillro on the pier, foot of Canal street. K. R. IIABY. Agent. Sreelal Notice.?Postponement of sailing.? Steamer I RISING STAR will leave nicr 4'2 North River. Ht 12 o'clock noon. Saturday. April 6,1875. St'dillC? CC.tAN QUKEN will follow, mill -nil Saturday. .1 iiril is, 1X73. V. P. BAIIY, Agent. /TOUJMRIAN MAIL STBAM PACKET I.INK, FOR \j .Mutnii/.nx And Havana, carrying clto United stales mail.?The first class side wheel steamship NANTIAdO UK CUBA. Chi.toin j. W. Reynolds, will sail Iroin pier No. 4 North River on Tliesd iv, Ai:rll 1\ At 8 P. M. For freight or passage Apply to 0.h. OUILLEAl'ME A CO., Agent*, 14 Broadway. l^Noit NASSAU. r Steamer CITV OP MRBTDA will sail for UnranA, via Nassau, on Thursday, A fill 3, from pier No. 3 Noriii Kiver, at 3 P. M Freight or passace apply to * l K Xl.EXANDRE A BOMB. 88 Broadway. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO, HAVANA, PROiIRES') AND VERA CRIB. New York and Mexican Mall Steamship Line, leaving Pier No. 3 North Rlv r. at S P. M, ' EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF MEHIDA (Havana via Nassau) April 8 CITY OK MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) tpril 1U CITY OK HAVANA (Uavnna onlv) April 17 CITV OK MF.R1DA (Havana via Nassau) April Jl CI.EOPATKIA (Havana and .Mexico) May 1 For Iteigllt or passage apply to K. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 13 Broadway. IToP. NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE STEAM Ell CITY OP DALLAS, Captain Jones, will leave pier 21 East Itlver, April 2, at 4 P. M. Freight received dally. Throiittli rates given to (Jalveston, Indiunola, Hoekport i>r Aransas wharf, Braros Santiago and St. Louie. Cabin passage, $?); steerage, $25. For frelsht or passage apply to C. U. MALLOuY a CO., 168 lUidxx late. LD. PRICE FOUR CENTS. COASTWISE STKAMHIIIPH. Texas line of oalveston steamer), tot on. iiiK at Key Went, currying the United mull. The steamer UEO. W. CLYDE, Captain n nniv receiving freight at pier a) East itivcr, and will -ell s?tur day, March 29. Through bills ot lading given to llou-tou, eithor by the O. H. and II. R. U. ?.r by the Houston lilrect Navigation 4 '"ppany, and to all points on the Galveston, llo'istoa and "enderMiii and n. It. and C. Railroad. No charge tor toraurdlng in New York, lor Height or pa-sage apply to <". ii v alloiiy & co., 153 Maiden lane, or M P. CLYDE 1l CO., Ill) Wall street TAOK new ORLEANS DIRECT, r MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE. iVoin pier No. 5 North nivrr, ato'clock P. M. MISSISSIPPI, (,n NAT I' RD AY, March 29. Freights received daily, Through rates given for St. Loiiia, Vickslitirp, Mobile, (lalveaton and In ttano'a. For freight or passage (liavlnK Kmorior ncc.onmodationa) apply to FREDERIC RAKER, IV) Hro.nDv.iy. t.TOB NEW ORLEANS DIRECT, r Tito Cromwell Steamihit) Line. The ateamaliiji NEW ORLEANS, Captain E. v. Gagqr, ttiij ii-n.u |u,-i ><>.:' .>ui m nivi-r on duiui <111 y , >1 iri'll Z'.l. at J P. M. Freights real red daily Through riiiej given to Galveston, Imllanola. ltocklort er Aran/us wiia.-r, Brazos, Santiago an t St. Louis. Cabin passage, i.'xi; steerage, *25. For freight or passage apply to CLMtK ,t SHAMAN, art West street. Iitor norfolk. 11 i v point and richmond.?the . Old Doininion steamship Company will despatch tVoni plor 37 North lMver their elegant s'idotvheel steamshin ISAAC BELL, Blackmail, comma mini-, lor Norfolk. City 1'ointniP.l Richmond, on satnrdav. .March 21', giving through bills of lading to all points South anil Southwest Through p& seugcr tickets Issued to all point". Accommodations unco milled. Apply at pier 37. or at the general olltae, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dev. m?ELLBHS' (il li)K. Pennsylvania railroad. Trains Iravn New York, irom loot of DesbroMM mid streets, as follows. Ex pro si for Hari'lah'.irir, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, at 9:30 A. M.;6, 7 and 8:M P. M. Sunday, 3, 7 and H :30 p. \f. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M.: 7 and 9 P. M. Sundav, 9 p. M. Express for Philadelphia, H, t), 9:30 A. M.; 12:30,1.4, 3, <1, 8:30, 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, rt, 8:39 and 9 P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant und second class, 7:15 1'. M. For Newark at H, il :30, 7. 7:40, s ;ii) 9, Id, 11, 1':W A. M., 12, 1 2,2 :31, 3. 3:20, 3:40. 4:10, 4:30, 5:10, 0:20. 5 :-t0, ?:.Y). ?, ?:1U, U :30, 7, 7:30, 8:10, 9, 10, It :3tl, 12 P. M. Sunday, 8:20, 6, 8,10 9 P. M. For KIDobeth. 0, 6:30, 7, 7:49, 8, 8:19, 9. M, II. 11 :?0 A. M., 12 M., 12:30, I, 2. 2 :k>, 3, S :20, 3:49, 4. I :IO, 4:30, 5:20, 5 30, 5:50, 0, 6:10,6:30, TVit 8:10, Id, 11:30, 12 P. \1. Sunday, 5 30, 6 and 8:10 P.M. Far Railway, rf, (1:30, 7. 8:10. 9:30 and 10 A. M., 12 M., 1, 2. 2:30, 3,3 :li), 3:4o, * :10. 4 :31, 5 :3d, 5 ;30, 3:80, d, 6 :?l, 7 :'#J, 3:10, 10 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, 5:20 and 6 P. M For Woodhrldge and l'crth Ainhcy, 0 and 10 A. M., 2:5), 3:40, 4:3d and 5:50 P. M. For Now Brunswick, 7. 10 A. M , 12 M.. I, 2. 3, 4:10, 5:20, 6, 9 P. M. nod 12 night. .Sunday. 6 and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 V. M., 12 noon, 1:10 and 5:20 P. 1* For Liimbcrtviltc and Flemlngton, 9 A. M. and 2 P. M. For Phillpsburg and Bolvldcre, 2 and 4 p. m. Accommodation for Hordnntown, Burlington and Camden, 71,11(1 9:30 A. M? 12 : V.>, 2. 3, 3:40, 4 and 0 P. M. For Freehold, 7, 8 M., 2 and 4 P. M. For Juniesburg, Pemberton, Caimlcii.rt A. M., 3:40 P.M. Trulnsarrive as fbllows.?From Pittsburg, 6:50 A.M., 1:03 P. M., dally, 10:11 A. M. aud 11:34 I'. M., dally, except Monday. Front Washington and Baltimore, 6-40 A. It., 4 :.M, 10 :12 P. M. Sunduv. 6:il) A. M. Prcin Philadelphia. 5:21, 6:50, 10:11. 11 914, 11 254 A. M.. 2:11* 3:54, 6:04, 8:43 P. M. Sunday, 5:21, 6:50, 11:04 A. M. Ticket olitres, 524, 413, 271 aud 944 Broudwav; No. 1 A si or noose and foot of Pesbrosscs and Cortlundi streets-. Emigrant Ticket otllce. No. 8 Battery place. a. J. Cassatt. d. M. hoyd, Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. RELUilOB-S NOTICES. Apollo hall, bp.oadway and twenty eighth street?The twenty-ft fill anniversary of Modern Spiritualism will be celebrated at 3 P. M. Eminent apeak era will deliver iuldre??e?; music. An. The Children's Lvcoum meets at 10 A. >1.; also a Lecture oy Miss Leys at 7X P. M. Anniversary of thb adoption of tub fis tecath Amendment to the Gonstitutiou of the United State*.?Religions services will be held lit Shiloh Presbyterian cliurcii, corner of Prince ami Morion streets, on Sunday eveulng. HOtli instant. Addresses will ho given liy Rev. George W. Isivere, of Knoxrille, Tcnn.; Rot. Henry Highland Garnet, D. D., and others. The Jnbtiee Singers will toko port In the exercises. The public are Invited. B' APT I ST CHURCH, FT1TY THIRD STREET ANI> Seventh avenue.?Re v. William U. Pendleton, pax tor. Services morning and evening:. Baptism* In the evening. Bisnop SNOW WILL PRKAt'H IN THE UNIVERelty, Washington mnarp, on Sunday nt H P. M. Seat* free, subject, "Seven Wbtnen Shall Take Hold on One Man." BISHOPS janes, SIMPSON AND PORTER AND Rev. Cyrus D. Pox* will sneak lit 81. l'aul'f Methodist. Episcopal i liureh. corner Fourth avenue and Twentysecond street, on Monday evening next, March SI, on the occasion of the annual meeting of the New York Church Extension and Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The public are cordially Invited to attend. Exercises to commeuen at 7S o'clock. No collection will be taken. BLEKCKER STREET UNIVRR8AHST chubch.Hev. B. 0. Sweetser will preMh In the eliureh corner of Illeeeker and Downing streets to-morrow morn tng and evening, at III?*' and 7'j o'clock. Morning mil.ieet, "Devil Worship , evening sitlhect, "Tne New Jtrth." Prayer and eonferoneo meeting In the church vestry every Tuesday sveuliig ut 8 o'clock. Stranger' are invite.I to attend. BLEECKER STREET MISSION. II CARVtNB slrect.?Epi'Copal services, lit'.; A.M. an I 'I'j. P. V. Two last lectures on the "Lord's Prayer," by the chfta lain,.I. Belli! Laval, Dublin. Brooklyn tabernacle. Rev. T. De Witt Taluiuge, D. D., Piudor, at the Academy of Mush: TO-MORROW and hereafter. The Brooklyn Tnheruaele congregation will occupy the Academy of Music, morning and evening, at 10?lj and 7,'a. until their new etinroll is Mult. Seats Inn, flATHOLtO APOSTOLIC CHURCH, SIXTSHRTB v/ slrect, bcttvci'ti stxtii and Seventh Hvenues.?Preach Ing Snnduv at 7?j H M. Subject?"The Gitt of TongueProphecy." ah are invited. /tdoper institute.?rbv. henry morgan, by \J jcuuest ol the 2,WW last Sabbath, will repeat (I8S1I1 lime) lux grt at ruiorm lecture?" Past Young Men, Poc Raven, Gougli, Saiiiiuertield, Lite. Boat, Areli," Ac., Hut' day at 8. pHURCH OF THE MESSIAH, PARK avenue, COBner Thlrtv-tourlh street?Rev. Ilonry Powers. Morning?"How to Deal with t.'ntnos" evening, the ilainptoii Students will take part. Public Invited. pilUIU'l! OP t'lii'.IST, W I'.ST TWENTY-EIGHTH \J street, near Broadway.?Iter. W. Dawson, the pastor, will preach at lu . u l M and 7 AO F, M. TARENCH RKKDKMIil* CHURCH.-EVERY SABBATIl r morning, at 1 t'i o'clock, service by iter. E. Horc!, In (lie Yoiiirjr Men s Christian Association Hall, Twenty third street, corner of Fourth avenue. /I RAND CONCERT WILL BE (ilYEN AT THE CORIT ?cll Methodist Episcopal cluircli, Heventy sixth street, between Second nn.t Thir t avenues, on Thursduv evening, April 3, at 8 o'clock, by the Musical Association of Willctt street church anil the Artel (lieu Club ol New York. ftofcots80 ctnti. ?TS OEOltOE FRANCIS TRAIN INSANE OR NOTE .1 Subjeet by Ucv. I>r. Lanilis, to-morrow iSuuduyi, 8 i'. v., Athenanut,885Broadway. RS. ALPKKDICE WILL PREACH IN FRANKLIN Street M. E. church, tietween Hudson und Greenwich streets, to-morrow cvenitnt at 7', o'clock. til IC K. ?Til K DPI',NINO SK It VIC EH OF TIIB PROT est1111 Kpiscopal Church of the Reformation will is held In their newly purchased building, on Fifty-seventh street, itelween Li-;.inglmi ami Fourth avenue", on Hunday next, at 10'i A. m. and 7S I'. m. Presbyterian MEMORIAL CHURCH, MADISON aveaiie, corner Fifty-third street?Rev. Charles F. Robinson, D. D., pnstor. sermon at It A. m., communion at 4 P. M., prayer meeting at 7?3 1*. M. PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURC*, THIRTY-THIRD street, between Eighth nnd Ninth avenues. Rev. J. Spencer Kennard, pastor. Prer.ehing at in,', A m. an 1 7'4 I'. m. Strangers always welcome. REV. W. H. B. MURRAY, PASTOR OP THE PARK Street Church, Boston, r.-ill preach In the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, Forty-,-ixth street <l>r. Armitnge'g), on Baaday morning and evening at hi1, an i t o'clock REV a. If. 11LLKTTE, I) I)., Fit It AC fl its I v "ply mouth Baptist ehnrch, Fi t.v first str-er, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, Sunday, at 1 u', A. M. and 7', i'. m. " REV. O. 8. HARROWf.'R WILL PREACH IN ST. I.uke's Methodist Episcopal church, Forty-first street, near SIxt!i avenue, on Sunday niorninc. at 10', o'clock, and administer tiic sacrament Ot the laird's Suptier ut. the clone of the sermon. Serviced also in the evening at l\i o'clock. J4V. .I. w. HA I!Nil VKT, CAST'lit, WIEC PREACH Sunday. in old Forsyth srrcet Methodl-l Kpls'-epsl church, near "anal struct, at 10:11A.M. and 7:13 P.M.; come everybody, trustees in attendance to scat strainers. Key. timwas witch ell wiu, preach on six.lav, ut lu,1; A. M.. at the Mcminn RUr Mission, corner Seventh avenue a id Twenty-sixth street, anil each Sunday following al 10'-i A. M. RUSSIAN (IRKI'.K (tilATKL.-Oil SECOND ANKNCE, near Fiftieth el.reet.?Divine service in the English iaoit'jA'jo cvorr Sunday at 11 o'clock. All cordially Invited. ST. MARK'S METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Thirty-tilth street, between Fifth and ? iath avenues.? Anniversary of the fifteenth amendment, Sunday eveninif. March .10, at 7', o'clock. Bertnou?"The Hour and Its Work," by Rev. V. m. I'. Butler, pastor. ST. THOMAS' OHAPKL, SIXTIETH STREET, NEAR Second avrnue.?Rev. Dr. Morgan will preach tomorrow at 1'. M. t Professor Roberts at lUfk A. M. Seats tree. rpilE CONOREU ATION OP THE PRE3BYTERIAW 1 Church dale r rner of Thompson and Houstonstreets) will hold their usual Sabbath services In the Bleeeker street building, above Morton.Lat 10X A iM and 7!i P. M. Rev. w. \v. I'agu pastor. rpRINITY IIAPTIST CHURCH, fikty pieth STREET, 1 n-ar Lexington avcnac.?Kev. I)r. Holme, paetor. Preaching at liHj A. M. Suuday school concert at 7it Thirty -fourth street rkformeo church.? The Rev. tsar.c Riir.y will preach the second In the series of sermons on "Heaven In (his Church" to-iuorrow, I .'Kith in-Tt., nt. 7^ p. M. Tabp.rnaclk baptist CHURCH. SECOND AVE. nuo and Tenth street. ?Rev. Wayland Hoyt. pastor, will preach to-morrow, at Wi A. M. and 1)% P. M. MranK?rs cordially luvlteil. westminster PRESBYTERIAN CHURCU, WES i vt Twenty second street, between Kixth and Seventh avenues,--Rev. J K Ioiuarest preaches ftabbath mem int.' and evening at W:30 and 7:110. ?traat%rs cordially TTflconted,

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