Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1873 Page 2
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2 CI TV HEAI, ESTATE FOR SAER. Ceatrml. A ?Foil HA IE?ON FIFTH AVENITR, BETWEEN Kik'lil\ lliUi ami Eiphty-sixth streets, faciiip TontraI Park, a splendid brown stone House. with or without Fttrnitnrc; will bo sold at a pre at lini-paln it' applied tor at oucc, as hiiuilv ar< poinp abroad ; terms very casr; if not sold tills wn It will be leaned lor u term ol years. For permits, A;., ot.IF.sai'P 1M Broadway. \N aUSQAHT FOUR 8TOBY HIGH STOOP BROWN atone front House; cuniiiet tlnikii; lineal loenlitv In itv; price reasonable. Apply to owner, 53 East bixtyflnrt street, near Madison avenue. A?FIFTH it VI m r iil.ioi RESIDENCE; CHARM. Uia position : well Manned; frescoed; reasonable price to ensure speedy sale. i i. ENS' ?N. .'i II rin? street. A?A-A-A FIRHT GLASS FOIR STORY HIGH . Stoop brown atone House, west side ol Madison aventie, f?' feel south ol Keveuty-lonrth street; tbree floors In hard wood, tlie nurior tloorln cabinet work bi Pottier A Sty in lis: n i an le! mirrors. tlxMxVS : also a lour story Ohio Mull tfnou House. 33 Fust Sixtv-fourth sunt; imr lor it in basement in hard wood, buck parlor and hall valnn" ted with marble; will lie sold at very low price*, or will exchange tor lota. Both houses open for mjJPCf* tion. Inquire or particulars of owner, A. KL.tBEH, 134 East Eighteenth street, _ A FIRST CLASS FOUR STdRV BROWN STONE House for sale, near Fifth avenue, In Kittv-seeoud street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*: 25x65x100; will l?c sold clu-an and on verv easy terms. i. s. SHEPHEHD, 181 Broadway. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House, on Twenty-sixth street, betw een Fourth und Lexington uvenues, 'containing nil modern Improvements and In ported order, for sale low. FOX BROTHERS, 14 Pine street. APKRI KIT ONLV ?2fi.(inO.-MURKAY IIIM.; four story brown stone high stoop House, I7.4x65x 100: must he sold. Apply to HATCH A VAN DOltEN, Old Sixth avenue. A-nrcr THIS WHO CAN.?SUPERIOR FOUR . story hrown stone high stoop House, Ul.fix.WxIOu, in ciegant order, $o8.i'00; Fifth and Sixth avenues, Thirty eventli -'reel HATCH A VAN ItOKKN, 610 Sixth av. A?thb e1. ki; a nt murray hill corner > House, four story brown stone, 19 feet rront, every modern improvement, 927.500. HATCH A VAN DOREN, 610 Sixth avenue, ' A -A -97.5'Hl WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. x\,. with chandeliers, on Sixty-third street, near Lexington avenue; 60 vears' Goelct lease; greund rent only S. FKK1DKXR1CH A CO.. 906 and 908 Third av. A perfect GEM OF A THREE STORY AND basement House must be sold; $4,000 cash wanted; splendid location ; I am also authorized to offer that very elaborately finished lull lYont four story and basement House on Lenox Hill; >10,000 helow Its rcul value; also on Murray llill, a very desirable three story utul basement; price only 92.1,000; these arc special bargains. PR AN 018 CRAWFORD, 1166 Third avenue. A?FIFTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND Madison avenues.?To let, an elegant Residence, extra wide front. 28.1x72, and extension; In splendid condition; tlntsliod In hard wood, recently decorated, mirrors, gas llxtures, steam heating apparatus; lot lOOtect: the house stands prominent, commanding tine views of Filth and Madison avenues; 91.800; immediate possession. Apply at No. 26. AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIGH stoop House, oil Sixtieth street, near 1'urk,20x52x100. 917,UUP; also one, 22x55x100 945.000; three floors finished in hardwood. F. Z1TTEL, 1,026 Third avenue. Broadway property for sale or to let.?a large Store, fronting on Broadway and Thirty-third street. 23x190 leet. Apply to C. PRINCE, 22 West Thirtieth street __________ Et.-I Tt\ K.NT V-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN Fourth and Lexington avenues.?Very ohoiee three storv high stoop, $2,0U0. IIOL.MES BROTHERS, u; iinil is En.-! Twenty-third street. I it VST I it KNTt -FIFTH STREET. BETWEEN FOURTH !i und Lexington avenues.?Two tlrstelass three story Hirtlios; others. HOLMES BROTHERS, ii .mil IS East Twenty-third street. CAST TVV-IKN TV-SIXTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH u avenue.?An extremely desirable tnrec story tteu-e; neighborhood thoroughly respectable: othors. HOLMEd BROTHERS, 46 and 48 East 'twenty-third street Ijxor SALF-on fifth and madison AVENUES, ' elegant llou?e-, tally furnished, on easy terms or for city Lots ; well located. BLADE A 00., 23 Union square. TTKIR SALE?VALUABLE LEASE AND BUILDING ON V Broadway, near Thirty-fourth street. Address EROADW.W WIDENING, Herald Uptown lirnneh otllee. FOIt sALK-II WIlSOME FOUR story INI) BASEmeat House and Lot. 80x65x110, with the Furniture and Fittings: suitable tor lintel or first class restaurant; terms easy. Apply oil preiui-es, :I7 West Twciity-cichlh st. lit OR S ILK-FIVE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE J high stoop Houses. In Forty-fifth street, between Broadwin and Eighth avenue, 2(Jn feet west of Broadway . also three three story brown stone high stoop Houses. 159 teet west of Eighth avenue, in Forty-tittn street, with renewals 63 years. Aator lease. Inquire oil the premises, or at 242 lli-t Forty-tltth street. MUST BE BOLD TO CLOSE THE ESTATE-A 'I II I:EE storv hriek House, with store and rear building, newest Nineteenth street, eenr Sixth ?v. , for $H,uot. OSI.V I III N K or IT-$5.Y(W WILL BUY HOUSE ON fie.venlv-fourth street between Filth and Madison avenues: size 25x60x100: cabinet finish. This is the cheapest house In the rltv. For permits a|plv to MARTIN DUNN, SB Broadway. HOD STREET. BETWEEN" MADISON AND SIXTH uu avenues (and corner) Dill sire Residences, newlv erected, embodying all approved and niodern appliances, planned ?ith skill, for sale to close estate. v. K. WTEVENBON, Jr., 11 Tine street. i t babt twentyskoond street, between 1 ajT Fourth and Lexington avenues.?Three story high Stoop brick. Extension 20x20. and In the best order. WW h KBYb, MB West N on trenlli st , uear lentil nv. OK nnn ONLY-FOR A 85 FEET FRONT FOUR i|1^? J." II11 r storv high stoop Dwelling, lot 100 feet, on Twenty second street, near sixth avenue : In perfect order for'residence or business purposes; permits only from O. <!. RENNET, No. 9 I'llie trtel. x#?/r*7 ann -madihon avenue.?the fine Jp'J I lour story Nova Scotia stone front House, finely and fully furnished. near Foriy-second street, west Side, elesantJr treseoed, finlslied in liardwoods bv Marcolt, of Union .-.pinn . cheap at 965,600. tmt must he sold ; terms easy. Apply to WM. KEN NELLY. No. 4 Pine st. East Side. A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, 29 EAST BROADwny : good business location ; Rutgers lease ; cheap, for cash w. 11. FALCONER, IOO Fourth avenue, uear Twelfth street. All ran class iiouser. at lowest rates. 5th av? Nos. 864. 588, 590. tilt, (124. 744, 746. 781 and 795. J(1S West 59th st ; 5 and 11 East list st ; No. 6 East 42d ?t.; 11 East l td St.: 25 East 41th st. ; 13 West 46th st.; Nos. 7. 14, 16 and IS Last, and Nos. 8, 35 and 51 West 4Sth st.; 25. W unit 67 West S2d ft. ; Nos. 9, tOand 16 West, uliil No-. 1, 15 sud P.i East &V1 st.; 20, 24, 28 and 41 West 56th ft. ; No. 8 West, and 16 to 24 East 57th st. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street snd 826 Filth avenue. A FIRST AVENUE uoK.VKR LOT, BELOW SIXTYftftli street, 23x100. on easy terms to a builder; no rock- lln? KLL .t 1IUKST, P21 Third avenue. Fob im.b i vbry sick mm story friyatr brick iiouim ami I.ot; cheap and easy condition*, tnijuirt- at T21 Filth street, between Second and Third avenue*. iroin In to 4 o'clock. No ug> nls wanted. FtOR HALE?VALUABLE corner PKOFKRT1 ON sixth ovenuc. ahove Thirty-fourth street; well rented; good tnvcatnient. rnAK1.ES B. WHITE, ISO Broadway. F|t<?K s.ll.K-HAI.r BI.OCK (COMPRISING 10 lots). 1 fronting on Washington, We-t nnd Hubert street*, together w 11) i liN) feet valuable Bulkhead. This 1st lie largest plot to he had In lower part of city. Terms easy. Address JAMES PRICE, agent, 2Uo Hudson street. JAoK HAI.k?THE THREE story ATTIC and basttF mem high stoop Prick house 75 East fourth street, opposite the New York TuruY ercln will ho sold at u bur??ln if sold soon. Apply on premises ot owner. it" lit in WILL BUY A NEAT. NEW, BASEMENT TjVI.tMMI 1,0,1 ihreo story House in Eighty.third street between kirk m,i Beeend neeanwi with iiit improvement*. In<iuir< on the premises. "nil KO,: A MUE BROWN STONE HOUSE, D 1 M Ml Sio.i.'i mil lot, on Eighty-fourth street, i etwecn First and sec md avenues: nil modern improvement* ; I n a good, healthy neighborhood ; convenient la boat and car-. Term* easy. Apply at 12 or niter C al 112 East Fortieth street, to owner. i')(? 7 "ft ?FOR SALE, A FOUR STORY iiiuck 'T?I 'III, lions,' and Lot In Fourteenth street, near F<, ond uvcnii. ; it i.* in excellent order, ami is orruph I by owner; parlors frescoed and the walls painted throughout M,:e 22.6x00x1(0. Ap|>ly to U. n'AULb. 149 i'gurth avenue, West Side. . A?PoR SALE?SIXTII AYENTF, FOUR HOUSES . and Store*. above Forty-second street 2U\0tt. scpnratolv or together, to clou estate; slxtv per cent can remain on uiorlga.c lor a term ot rears. JAM KB It. W ATKKl.ovv, so Sixih avenue, A MAGNIFICENT PLOT Of OKI.UNI), 200 FEET front, wt Washington Height-, having Hie flne*t views that call he hud oil Manhattan Island. Ihe natural topography oi the ground pre eminently adapting li for > a* ulliman's villa resldenee. V. K STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. ?ONE ill Til! CHOICEST PIECES Of LAND ON . Ho- ''Height*." In Ihe upper part ol the city, for -?!. f. i JT'.UIX'. Ii lies iihout aVi leet above the river, and comroniol* very line views; It Is rapidlv increasing in value; Ihe owner will sell to buy a house; a house will Be ink.1 j it, ii adilrrss v ii i' llmfi.l.l ..ffl.... A_ v- \ ?fin.ncO; ON I" \SY IT. II MR; tV Y<>C RANT to liitv in u tashioiiuMo unit rl?inp neighborhood, ml) on ii*; wo will it'll you it tliroo nlory liiyu stoop hrsck Dwcllii w iih all Improvement* on l?ld atrcet, between sixth and Seventh avenues, iiour Mount .Morrt* Parle. S. FKNIDKNKIi II A CO.. 0U6 and 9W Third avenue. IiAltt k AND HANDSOME IlOl'SK FOR SALK? At ii ureal sacrifice, oil Twenty-second street. Ju?t out of Sixth avenue, lour story high stoop. 2!!W 9, In ilrst rate order: 'I baths, ?a?, ranee; hot end cold water throe honi; it water rloseU, vestibule trout do#r, Rood - ib -dlar. Ac. This liouae wna held at flO.UM) two ye.'tra sr" I ut lot alla'iictory reu*an? will lie sold ut Jvhi.UAi if hoHRlit miineiliutely. Term*, hall ra*li; hnlnnce on bond and nii'i o.otve lor ihric tears; possession 1st of May next There Is no cheaper houvc in the market tor sale. __.IAWKS P. KHWAROS. tifl West Twenty-third street. AT I.M Wr.-T JMtlt ST., PRIVATE KKHIDRNOB.?FOB el. octave, round eornered, rosewood fi i to' I'linie to older, best Koiirieenlh street innk era u-ed * nionth* eo*t $M0. far $St)o; Stool. Cover, Ac. N. H?w ill mive payment In instalments from responsible partie* Abaki. in.- a Vive story double tkxkmknt lioiise; no dark room*; 16percent! terms i My. Al-o o'her*. pay mr large Interest". VVALILK W MONTAiit'K, hiplith avenue and tl*t st A HOt'SB AM' ' TNR I,OTP Of ( ROUND ON NOT Til J\ *|de of lr>M street, pureliased at the late anlc ot the arman estate, will b> ?oi,i ?t a bargain. Apply to J. ;i M AI Mi IIROWN. l.i-0 Broadway. Am MR Kit or THRRB ANII I'D, K STORT IlOl'Slis, mode rati rents, good,central locations uptown. WM KLLIOTT A i n , l.i.d Hrondwav. near Forty-tilth utreet. tANTlTtE HI.1 HJK OT t'NIMPKOV l.ll CITY I,AM), Ct splendidly located, with an tmm< n?o prospective InTea* within the vuar; one-third cn?h required; prlco low to oftuet ?I-\d^lgetKTCT80N. Jr., U Ibne .treeu NEW" YOI CITY MIAL ESTATE FOB RAT.R. West Side. FOR SALE LOW-TO CLOSE A COPARTNERSHIP, two Lots, north tide 14lft street, near Eleventh avenue. Boulevard; no risk. Address OWNER, Ihjx S.tflO Post otttee. For sale?at orf.atly redcced figures. several elegant four story high stoop stone front Houses; also several medium and low priced Houses; best streets in Twauty-secoud ward. .JAMES l'Jtll'E, aw Hudson street, For sale?on Washington street, near ennnl. a front of KxtJO, with IftxHO 011 rear street; Rood ioeatiou to erect a large storage store. ,IAMEPS PRICE, awiiudion street For sale?a v alp able stable property on the west side; lot MhtlOU; brick building, with forty stalls. Price $17,500. HOLMES BROTHERS, 40 East Twenty-third street. FjTOR SALE?HOUSE AND LOT; GOOD LOCATION' ' for business, 740 Tenth avenue. Inquire of the owner. 730 Tenth avenue, between Forty-uiutb and Fiftieth streets. CK>a SALE?IN WEST FORTY-FOURTH STREET. 1 tlrst class three story and bn-onieht high stoop brown atone front Houses, 243 to 2fc4, 20x30 and 18.9x30: price $17,000 and $10,000. Inquire on premises or ol JAMES HENDERSON, 292 Seventh avenue. FOR SALE?IK WEST TWENTY-SECOND STHEET. A three story high stoop bouse; price $14,500; possession May 1. Also, on West Thirty-fifth street, a largo three sforv high stoop House, 17 rooms; price $13,000; possession May 1. JAMES R. EDWARDS, G9 West Twenty third street. For sale or to let?three story and basemeat brown stone House, all improvements, with or without Furniture. Inquire on the premises, 63 Perry street, between Bleecker and Fourth. Tj^Oll SALE OR TO RENT?THE TWO STORY AND r attic brick House, with stable in rear, 48 Leroy street, suitable tor a enrtman ; house contains all modern improvements. Apply on the premises, oi A. GKIFFKN. Harlem.?$6,000.?a neat, well built cottage, nearly new, lot25x100, near Eighth avenue; splendidly located and cheap. Apply to J. P. I1AYDEN, 301 Mott street, room 3?. Residences of various designs, size and finish, on all the avenues and cross street, arc offered at reduced price*. PAOE A McCAFFERTY, Fitth avenue, corner Fllty -secoitd street. 3 LOTS FOR SALE OR TO LEASE?ON THIRTIETH street, west of Sixth avenue; 3 on Oatiievoort street, near West stroet; on Flftv-tlrst street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to owner, 240 West Fifty fifth street. Q1 HORATIO STREET.?FOR SALE, A FIRST OX class tenement House ; also good Store, 406 Tenth nvenue; dirt cheap. Apply to owner, 240 West Fifty-filth street. Miscellaneous. HOU8F.S FOR SALE?IN ALL DESIRABLE LOCAlions uptown; prices and terms to suit. For reliublo iutormatiou and permits please cull at our oftlce. WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,101 Broadway, near Forty-tilth street. ONLY ONE LEFT OF THOSE BltOWN STONE Houses, 1&9 front, for $10,500, and one tor $12,5 0. with only $2,000 cash required ; also line House ou Sixty, tlrsl street cheap. TtoWELL A Hl'KsT, 021 Third avenue. VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR SALE?BY E. II. LUDLOW A CO. llleeeker street?Valuntde corner, west of Broadway, 25x75, rented at $5,100. Third nvenuo, corner Forty-eighth street. 24x75 fcot. sixtli avenue, near Twenty-seventh street (west side)? 25x 100. Broome street, corner Elm?Lot 26x117 feet. South Fifth avenue, near Prince street?7(i.fixi)6.1). Thompson strcel, No. 114?Lot 19x77 fcot, $13,500. Greene street, No. 137, near Houston?Full Lot. Sullivan street?75x200 I'eet, near Prince street. For price uud lull particulars apply at No. 8 Pine street. ' & i Hftft TO A PROMPT BUYER.?A 8UBSTANu)Tt)?u'-'U tial lour story brown stone House oil Twenty-third street, 23x55x100. Apply to HATCH A VAN D<> It EN, 010 Sixth avenue. HIl()t)KLY\ PROPERTY FOIl SALE AND TO LET. pjERALD BRANCH OFFICE?DKOOKLY N. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK nERALD received at our branch office, IX THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, corner of fulton av. and boerrm st. office open from ta. m. till 9 p. M. on sunday from 3 to 9 p. m. * carriers and agents' department NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. ! 4 bargain.?in. brooklyn, two blocks iv from the I'Hrk, two brown stone Houses for sale or I to let. Impure on premises, MOCarleton avenue, between St. Mark's avenue anil Prospect place. A FINK LOCATION, EXCELLENT NEIGHBORhood, convenient to cars and terries.?Throe story liich stoop brick House 278 President street, opposite Carroll Park, Brooklyn; price low. Apply to E. R. KELLOGG. No. 3 Broadway. New York, from 10 to 12 A. M. AT A LOW "PRICE, TO CLOSE AN ESTATE?THE comfortable three story extra wide (34 led) double House, as Second place, Brooklyn; modern improvements; excellent neighborhood: terms easy; immediate possession if wanted. Apply to E. It. KELLOGG, administrator. on premises, or at No. 3 Broadway, New York, (Tom 10 to 111 A. M. Brick house 67 cu an berry" "street?three storv high stoop basement and iub-ccllar; five ininutcs' walk trom Fulton aud Wall street terries; now be ins' put in order, WILLIAM C. MKRRIAM, 168 Montague st.. Brooklyn. ON TBIRD PLACE, NEAR COURT STREET, IS A three story brick Dwelling, which will ho sold at a low tlRurc and payable In in. nthlv Instalments. WvckoFF a .iames, 2t? Montague street. For sale?a handsome three story and basement private Dwelling, all Improvements, 12 rooms, two lull lots, grapevines, truit tress, Ac., on one of the best avenues in Brooklyn: price f 12,000; terms I easy, luquire on premises 451 Marey avenue, near Dc Kalh. TP(fR BALE? PRICK" S10.00U, THREE 8TORY AND J2 basement brick House, 351 Bridge street, between Myrtle avenue and Willonghby street, containing 13 rooms, sub-eel ar; with gas, water, stationary wasbtubs and bathroomsenmplcte; only three blocks trom City Hall, lu a tlrst cl..? neighborhood. Apply to BENJAMIN BALDWIN. 409 Fulton street, Brooklyn. or balk in Brooklyn" near prospect Park?A first class hrowu atone corner House, thro# i storv and basement, with nil modern improvements; house 23>? by 48; ground 63V by 106'i; will bo sold cheap on very easy terms. Apply at 17 and 19 Atlantic aveuue, near South terry. TjlOR HALF. CHEAP?A DESIRABLE PLOT FOR F maiiuiacturers or builders, rnrticr of Bridge and Plymouth streets, lOOslWj, two blocks from terry; or will be divided If desired. Apply to THOMAS KELLEY, 65 Jay street, Brooklyn. fjVOR SA LE CHEAP?ONLY (1,000 CASH, BALAN( ; r on mortgage, n three story frame House, all ImproveI tnents, in Twentv-flrst ward, Brooklvn. Apply to N. C< lOl'KK, >! I ulton St.. cornel ol Law it nee. Brookly 11. 1 TNACTORY FOR SA LE?WITH STE AM (25 HORSE i F power); three stories; each door 26 bv 35; containing I two hand snws. two up and down saws, one circular saw. I one fiddle and a malt mill to grind malt; also llerse and Wagon; everything In first class order. Inquire at the corner of Meserole and Leonard streets, Williamsburg M. witstadt. F' 30K IMMEDIATE SALE?A THREE STORY AND basement brown stone front House, 174 Bedford nvci nuc ; every Improvement; a \ ery low price for an Immediate customer who will buy It; look at It before buying j clseo lu re. SI'OONKKA B ACEIt. 21 Mi Canal street, 5>. V TWO STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, 1.091 DE Kalb avenue; another in Monroe street. No. 189, for sale or rent very low. H. MAJOR, ; 137 Broadw ay, room 16. I 'ltd LET?n1.S~K~ Hoi's KB*" i n || \MPDEN STREET, 1. Brooklyn (west side), between Flushing and Park av, eimes; handsome Philadelphia fronts: all inoilern improvemcnta; 10 minutes from Fnlton lorry. Apply to F. ; Ml RT1QH, No ;vs, on ttie premises. ! rro LET IN BROOKLYN?THE NEAT TWO STORY J. hteli stoop brick llouw* 616 l>e Kalh avenue (nelr U..((l, an.i.iml u ill. ? I I the ma.lnsn lmi..,...u.MA..l. . i rent $550 per mia'utn. Apply to it. HWIK'il 520 lfc Kaib \ avenue, or SVl'ark place, New York. WEST! I1ENTF.H COUNTY PKOPEKTY FOR MA EE OK TO KENT. ; A T TARRTTOWN, RtYRRDALB. IKVISwTON AND iV all aloritr the cant l>ank oj the Hudson Hirer, elegant Kesldcaces lor sale gr tv let, lurnished or unluruisTied, for either sca.-on or your, hiiutltul Building sites lor sale very cheap: good investments Full particulars with 8. I MHKltSIin, tii!i Sixtli AVMttU. Ar TAIlRYTOWN, ON TIIK RIVF.H BANK.-TO I.KT, furnished ilmineiliate possession^, a hrtrk House. ? I bedrooms, besides parlors dining room mid kitchen; two acres iti garden and lawn; irnit end shade trees; on high i and vcr> healthy ground; within ten minutes' walk of I honts or i ars; elegant rh er and lund views; rent $1.2 0 per war. H. KMBKRSON, WW Sixth avenue, nrae Thirty-eighth street IpOll HRN r, I.KAHK <)K SAI.K, AT BPI'YTEK Dt'Yr vil, near station?Mouse, Bam, Orapery, Ac.; 1 aera of Wroiind, storked with all kinds ot choice irmts, grnpes nnd berries Hall on or address owner, 1% Broadway' room 2.1 1 qui I.KT-AT WOODiiAWN, HARLBN RAILROAD, I lialf mile west ot depot, n large furnished House, with lawn, garden, carriage lioiise and stable; plciitv of trull and shade Apply to S. M VAl.hNTINfc, 177 Madb | son avenue or '<4 Hurling slip, op stairs. rpo ItF.NT? IT It X IS IIKI) HOl'SR, AT TARRYTOWTf, Jl lor tlic summer or venr, on llroadwav, one aillc sontli ot depot; rommodlous and elegant brick house, I containing 17 rooms; broad plant/as; fully furnished; hot and cold wuter, t>aihroom, gn?, Ac.. Ac.; carriage house, l stable*, hennery, all complete nnd in good order; a hirge garden, well stocked with small truita; the loration Is unsurpassed, with extensive and commanding views of the Hudson. Inquire ot K it a a BROWN, Broadway, corner of Wall Street, or l.t'.WIS ItOBKllTS. 17 South si JBK8KY CITY, HOBOKF.N, HUDSON CITY AND HKUtiKN HKAI, UHTATK. For Mule. i SPLENDID rnANOR AT JERSEY CITY-HANDX\ some three story nnd basement high stoop brick j House, with Lot; uine rooms. gas. water, marble mantels, heater. Ac.; In perfect order; spit ailhi location, only lew minutes' wnlk ironi all the terries, streets ail : Improved; must be sold before April 1. as the owner Is leaving the city, only $.\0t?); only $000 cash required, | balance In easy instalments on mortgage tor eight or ten ! veers. This is Indeed a rare chance; come and see for yourselves, other noat Houses tor sule, ITutn $1,600 to ; $40,0110, on terms to suit everybody. Send stamp tor circular. M. (HBSON, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. LpAt'ToRY FOH SALS f?H TO RENT?A THE SB r starv building. 26xinu; wing 40x7.6 and dvc house 6Ux 26; seven lots of ground. Inquire at 06 Lispcnaril street, up stairs, of Of I'll ARLKfl VOItU AS. South street, opposite Pierce avenue, lludsoa city, wliere property can bo ! seen. <|?kj -an WI I.I. Ml Y \ MAT Mill Slum I'UT i ?J>?- 'J"' Inge, new. east sldo of Bergen lllll, half a block from Iwa lines ol Horse ears: water nntl gas; six | rooms; respectable neighborhood ; nigh, drv ground ;only I thirty minutes' walk from t'ortlandt and Deshrosses street I IcrtiJA, J. A. CltTTlNHflAM, corner ol West and Liberty street* K- V * iK HEIIALD, SATURDAY, JERSEY CITY, HOBOKKIV, HYDHOW CITY ANI> IIKH6KK UKAL ESTATE. To Lm or Lrutc. Machine shop room, with power, to rentAtJrrr.r Oil)-, nriir terry, in lniiidiiiK* formerly Jerry City Locomotive Work" Aj.ply to w. BAILEY, LANG A CO., 51 Cliff street. New York, or W. C. DAYTON, at works. TO LET?ON UNION HIM., CLOSE TO ROTH LINES clears, a tine Home, with Harriett, Hummer house nmt vine arhor, fruit trees, Ac. Apply to A. BOlLEAU, 17 Clarksoti stivet. New York. TO LET?AT BERGEN POINT. N. J., A LARGE, fully furnished Residence : ground- flnely improved: near water: pear* apples, peaches, berries'. grape*. Ac. Address box o,l(J7 New York Post office. TO LET?NEAR MARION STATION. AT WEST EM? of Jersey City, wit li in 20 minute* ol New York l>v any ferry, a frame House, S lots of tlrotind: lit rooms; ail modern conveniences except gas; $600. JAMES It. LEY, M Cortlandt street. TO LET?AT RITHIEFIELD. HF.KGF.X COUNTY, N. J., a House and Harden, 12 rooms, bathroom, hot and cold (spring) water; 8 minutes' walk to depot; 2n minutes per railroad lo Jersey Cltv C. ft. LOXIKK. South Shore Line, 267 Broadway. PROPER J V OVT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO KENT. ALL WANTING FARMS.? FOR SALE TO FARMERS, gardeners and (arm laborer* Irom the old country, good Farm Lands (virgin soil) at $23 per acre, on six years' credit. The soil i* a good productive loam, near the great markets ot New York and Philadelphia, by railroad. where from 20 to 40 acres constitute a uooil iiirin When partly planted to fruit. From tills locality a creator quantity and variety of trait la scut to market than trout any other place of coital area in the United states. It Is In the midst of a thriving community, with good roads, stores, schools and niaaulactories. Female members of families and others can procure work at straw sewing, shoe work, button making, eh thing work and other branches. Nanv English, Irish and Scotch farmer- havo settled ami are prosperous. Numbors of gurdeners front the vicinity of New York are locating, as iu this section farming pays far better lliau in the West. Papers containing lull information w ill lie sent tree of charge. Address CHARLES K. LANLI8, Proprietor, Vineland, N.d At new Brighton, staten island?to rent, several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished; gas. hot and cold water; modem Improvements; gardens, lawn, shade trees; stables; 35 minutes ot Wall street; location unsurpassed. E. IH NCAN SXIFI'EX, 131) Broadway. A HOTEL FOR SALE?FAIRFIELD HOUSE, FAIRfleld, Conn., to close the estate of the late Lewi* K. Cleveland; furnished complete. Inquire ol W. W. 8TEPIIKNHON, 247 Broad wuy. room 22, Now York. A FIRST RATE HOTEL IN FEE-TWENTY ROOMS, ballroom, stabling, Ae., ncur Nynck; the best established and paylug hotel In the county: a liargatu, $12.1)00. W. n. ME LICK, 421 Broadway^ A DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE, SHORE FRONT: beautiful view ot Long Island Bound; house it) rooms; hooter in cellar, water in kitchcu; 4), acres, choice fruit; greenhouse, barn, Icchouae; near Wtiltcstutie, oue hour from New York; 44) trains dally; terms easy. DAVID J. CARTWBIGIIT. 203 Cherry sireet, New York. ? 1.1.17. A It ETII PORT, N. J., V ACINI TY OF SINGER .Machine Works; u handsome Cottage, Willi two Lots, lor sale; house contains 7 room*, water unit gas; opposite Jackson Park, the proposed site lor the erection of tin- state Hunltol buildings and grounds; will sell very low. Address OWNER, box 1.W Herald office. A BARGAIN.?HOUSE, BARN, FOUR ACRES OF JV Ground-, water 111 rear; trnit and shade: near depot: terms easy. Particulars of C. F. COMBS, 102 Broadway, room 21. A COUNTRY STORE WILL BE SOLD CHEAP, TO close an estate, 20 miles from city, on a live railroad; $6,SOU; terms easy. Inquire of 0. F. COMBS, 162 Broadway, room 21. A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER RESIDENCE AT OAK Hill, Catskiil Station, on Hudson River, well tarnished; ha* n tlae garden ami grounds, good outbuildings and splendid \icw of river and surrounding country; will be rented low to it good tenant. Apply to J. ROM A INK BROWN, l.ttll Broadway. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, FRUIT FARMS, IN New Jersey, 30 miles from Philadelphia, in the centre of the great' fruit section, mild and healthy climate; 30 acres well situate, near schools, p ost office, Ac.; contains a fine largo, 11-roomed liou e; good barn; 100 uppio trees, 140 pear trees, peach, quince, grapes. Ac.; three acres of blackberries; price $'1,000. Also 10-acre Farm, containing u six-roomed house, large linrn; the land is planted in all the fruits Tor market, including -- - - -J -?s~. *1 Willi vi.o.n ft a great bargains. For informutlou apply to or nildross it. J. BYRNES, Hainmontnn, N. J. BEROEN COUNTY. N. J.?NICE FARM OF 37 ACRES, near depot, with basket fac.ory and all ouibuildIngs, to rent on very reasonable terms. ANDREW I'OffELL, 103 Broadway, lmsement._ CIOUNTRY STORE TO LET?CORNER: GOOD FOR J any business; $13; also a Gothic Douse for sale cheap ; one ucre ground. Inquire ol ANDREW POWELL, 103 Broadway, basement CtALL OR ENCLOSE STAMP FOR PRICED LIST OF ! Farms and Country Pi operty lor sale aud exchange. JOHN H. EWEN, 89 Nas-au street. /lOl'NTRY SEATS T > RENT?OVER IIW DESIRABLE \J Places, furnished and unfurnished, convenient to city; a large number on North River and Long Island Found; nice Cottages, $31*1 to $300 per annum. B. IRELAND, an Broadway. TTapf. may, n. j.-ocean house furnish'.d I ) and complete lor sale, on easy terms; semi for circular, DAVIS A WlMPSON, 711 Walnut street, Philadelphia. FtNOLEWOOD ?ONE OF THE CHOICEST ESTATES 1 In town; very central; slime mansion, greenhouses, stables, Ac., complete; abundant fruit and shade; teu acres; on three streets. PHAH. D. KELLOGG, No. 4 Pine street. Elegant suburban residence in new jersey,30minutes thorn New York; new and commodious; three story, Italian roof, observatory; all modern improvementscoraer lot; 130x160; hedges, shrubherv, croquet, Ac.; surroundings beautiful and unexceptionable ; near depot; $80,1**', only $8,000 down, balance easy. See photograph; at FERGUSON'S, 161 Broadway; or addle m owner, W. E. WKLIA, Railway, N. J. EAARMS FOR SAI.r.-2'0 ACRES, $3,000; 73 ACRES, ' $2.1100; 138 acres, $4,000; 100 acres, $4,000; CO acres, $2,000 ; 6 acres, $1,300; 2 acres, $700, Hotel Property. Ac. All the above (arms have buildings; near depot, healthy location and no rattle disease. For particulars address E. R. COIT, Manorville, L. I. For sale?on easy terms* stock and fixluro; of a first class business, paying large profits; lotion Elisabeth, N. J.; good reasons for selling out For pa rticulars address box 140 Herald otlirc For sale?the taphank station on the Long Island Railroad; good house, stables, Ac., 130 acres ol land; a mile trnclt on It; railroad company pn.vs $.fU a month tor a part ot the privilege of the house; good nlace tor hacking and boarders; price $14,000; one-balf can remain for n term of years. Addrq?s E. EDWARDS, l'atckoguo. Long Island, N. Y._ For sale-elegant residence at orange, n. J., Brick Church Station, hou-e, 18 rooms; all modern Improvements; grounds inacadumi/.ed; splendid shade and fruit trees, In full bearing; hothouse, grapery, bowling nllcv, gardener's cottage, stable, Ac.; nrlee $43,000. Anplv at 11(1 W all street, or to HAMILTON A WALLI8, No.'9 Nassau street. _ J7IOR SALE?AT RICHMOND H1I.L, ON SOUTIISIDE i1 Railroad, Island, onlv 30 minutes from the lerrv. several new and elegant Dwellings. Apply to J. W. FIELDER, 231 Broadway, room 13. FdOR SALE?AT DARIEN, CONN.. A CHARMING 1 place of about three acros; excellent hi,use. good barn and outbuildings, fruit garden; short distance irom tbe sound; good fishing, boating and bathing. JAMK.S PRICK, 200 It ndson street r?k sale?1,(100 acreh good land; 8pi.eni1td location, near railroad and city, Inquire at 202 TVe?V street. For rale?valuable property, in new caconn. Conn, known a* the Olmstcad Piece; 1(1(1 acres of ridge land: large house, twelve rooms; two hams; two carriage houses, wood and wash houses, hennery. Ac.; tUO feet above sea level, commanding: extensive views ot the Sound Irom Greenwich to Bridgeport, Long Island, Ac. t two hours from Fori*-second street by New York nnd New Haveji 11 ml New Canaan Railroads; price $ia,(l(l(); terms easy. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No 2 Pine street. For ralr-fine large mansion, for large family or hourders; fruit, shade; loo ai res if tiesired. To let. large hrlck Factory. To let, host l reamerv in Oraage county, all on Erie Railroad. JOHN li. UtAVl-.LL, Goshen. N. y. FilOR SALE?AT MONTROSE, N. .1,, A HANDSOME House. IB rooms, 2 acres, neighborhood all re dricted for gentlemen's residences; situation picturesque and hnalihflil; trains iront Barclay and Christopher street terries up to 12 o'clock at night. VOSK A MellANIEL, No. H Pine |troet. |3oR SAI,K (>R to LET?a good lloL'SR (12 rooms1 r and t>7 acres ot land in Washington Valley, N. ,f. Inquire of NOAII W. PIKE, corner Fropt'and Cherry streets, Plalntleld. N. J., or of K. E. ULACkWELL, 217 Broadway, New York. TLAOR SALE (IE TO LET?11rand~'ENTRAL HOTEL, r Coney Island road, near the Prospect Park Fair Ground!-, it la in flne order and well hollt. with two acres of land, nlno hox s'nils, stable, good hayloft, chicken houses Ac.; plenty of sheds; price moderate. Inquire of .1 \. NKtVTON, N<1. It Fulton street, Brooklyn. For sale or to lkasf.-a magnificent coi n. try Residence. 2V? miles fiom llohokeu ferrv and Ml minutes from City Hall, with 3li acres ot well cultivated land, u'cutv ot iruit and lierr'es, barn, stable, outhouse?, 20 choice s irt< of outdoor grapes In great abundant o; this prop riv is spltn lidlv situated nnd commands ex iniiKiVoviewsoi hm> surroun dug country; Iipum is convenient mi I good. hihI Is k tiut? on llio Wcavcrtown road. or proposed boulevard. opi o-lHi the I nlt< <1 Schutzcn Association Park. Price and terms hit reasonable. For further DRrucnlar* apply to CRKVIKR BROS., Auctioneer-, 24 WVMV itmt, Iloboken, N. J. UOTKI, TO LET? FURNITURE (NEARLY NEW), Horses, Carriages, Hiiriicss, Ac., lor sale. It is a first class Summer mill Winter hotel, now open, very plMnintl) iltiMtcd. thnrt distmice irom New York ; It 1h complete In all lt? appolutinen's, lu the best ot order, mid ready Tor the reception ol guests for the coming season. To parties desiring a lm-incs* of HiIh kind it is a llrst rate opening. Terms easy and price r> a->otmble. For fUr ther particulars address 7.. 1).. hox llifi lieratd office. IONO BRANCH.-FOR MALE, EJflUT ACRES OK J good Land, within tliree minutes' walk of tlie main denot. price $l.nOO per acre. Owner, BENJAMIN Po'l TElt, aUtlrsnd street, Williamsburg, I ON6 BRANOH?FOR BALE, TWOIK AC UK PLOTS) I j nnelv located, near Ocean avenue, west End Hotel and new railroad; price and terms rea -onnMe. JAMES PRICK, 200 Hudson street. T"AROE"ITALIAN TTLLA, JUST COMPLETE6 EXIJ nresslv torewncr, close to Montrose Stntlua, Orange; also iloiiso at Yonkers; superb riv.-r view HUBERT A PlIiSSON, architects, 194 Broadway. Mansard rook house, 12 rooms, with acre

of ground, mid Cottage of it rooms, furnished or unfurnished; aNo Store, wltn Aor 10rooms; House, with 9 rooms, unlurnlshed ; and Floors to let, 10 minutes'walk from lauding Address hoi 42 Post office, or call on W. I.. BALDWIN, West Brighton, *1 XJ"EWTOWN, L. I.-A TWO STORY FRENCH ROOF In House, with two lots, for sale -, also vneant lots, high ground ; terms easy. Apply to NAPlS, II*) Nassau St. /"kRANOE, N. J.-AT MONTROSE STATION, POUR \f new, complete Houses; elegant, healthy ncigbbnrhood; Ell-.IISJ; easy terms. F S. ST \ LI.K N KCUT, owner, or UAM1LTON A WALLts. No. ? N.vsgau street MARCH 29, 1873?TR1PLI PROPERTY OPT OF THE CITY FOR KAL.E OR TO KBHT. ORANGE, K. J, AND VTCINITV. ?sPKCIA LTV ? Great variety Property for sale, rent or exchange. F. II. OKHRY, 39 Nassau street, center Liberty. Cull tor rent and sale catalogues. ORANGE, V J ?FOR SALE, HANDSOME RESF(tenee, 18 rooms, two teres, -table; oilier Residences, 83,000 to 830,0(10; very liciHIiy locution. B F. SMALL, owner. 111 Liberty street. PASSAIC, 48 MINUTES' FROM CITT.-A BEAUTIFUL House and Lot, near depot, SS.OUO; also other pitted of nil sizes and prieca. Pull particular* ol'O. C. SNOW A CO., 239 Broadway. _________ PATKRRON, N. J.?IIOUSE FOR SALE. 188 ELLISON street, three blocks trout Erie depot; has 11 rooms; water and das; lot dOxluti; price W,5UU. Inquire of B. HALTER, 98 Church street, New York. STATEN ISLAND-TO LET (8 MINUTES FROM THE First landing), splendid Rooms, with excellent Board ; best roterenee given and required; tine garden hv the house and sea bathing. Please address L. L. L., box 235 Herald office. SUMMIT, N. J.-A NICE COTTAGE, FURNISHED OR unfurnished, 9 rooms, cellar, l arn, 27 acres; rent $380; 2d miles Irotn cilv ; six minutes'walk Worn New Providence depot GEO. W. LftSS, 70 Fulton street. _ SYLVAN PARK, ADJOINING FLEETWOOD COURSE, at MorrOnnla, opposite railroad depot; large Hotel, ballrooms, bowling alloys, platform, shooting house : tlio largest uioni'' grounds around Now York ; will be leased or exchanged. Apply to JOHN MULLBK, 333 East Thirteenth si rect. . CJTAMFORD. ORKENWICH AND RIYBRSIDE PROP- 1 fj criy a specialty.?Gounirv scats, tillage neaiunncea and Farms for sale and rent; several Shore Front Properties. Address J. W. AT WATER, Riverside station, Conn. _ Three furnished cottages, with from 7 to 9 rooms each, conveniently located, near Stamford, Conn., and near oach other, will be rented for six months i or one year. Apply to MELVILLE E. MEAD, South 1 Norwalk, Conn. ! TO MANUFACTURERS.?A VERY DESIRABLE PROPorty, convenient to the city, with water and steam power, suitable for light business, tor sale or lease on the i most favorable terms. Address L. P. MANN, box 181 i Herald office. rfO LET-AT HLaIJYBLTViLLE, Hot KI.ANt)COC*?K 1 N. Y., one hour Iroin New York city, one large Farm j House; prion $700; one Collage House, price $210; one i large House, price $100. Apply to or address JOHN W. MOISON. TO LET?AT WAVERLEY. N. J., A LARGE FRENCH roof House, containing 16 rooms, half acre of ground, a variety ot fruit, well and cistern; 1U minutes'walk from depot; rent $19 per month, lunulre ou the premises, next to the Wavcrley Hotel. JAMES GUNNdiK. TO LET?FURNISHED HOUSE ON SEASHORE, south aide Statcn Island ; stable, ice house, garden, with fruit in abundance : rent $6ou i,or unnum ; possession at any time. Apply to A. JOUKNEAY, 91 Llspcnard street TO LET?QVBBLOOKINQ CENTRE PORT HARBOR, two Cottage*, pnrti.ilty furnished or unfurnished, ready for occupancy, with ilno surrounding shade and some iruit, wlln horses and carriuges It wanted; also three cheun Houses in Ninth ward. Brooklyn, in good order. with six rooms each; will let tor $19 a month. Apply to tho owner, 130 State streot, Brooklyn. TO LET?COTTAGE AT CLIFTON. 8TATEN ISLAND, containing 12 rooms: half acre of ground, spring water, stable; five minutes from ferry; rent $900 per year; Immediate possession; free of rent to MayJ. Address W. if Toff NSKND. 40 Broadway or 10 Bible House. TO LBT-AT FORDHAM. NEAR DEPOT, VERY cheap, two commodious Dwelling*, stables and grounds; also three Cottages. Apply to POTTER BROS., or B. F. RASKIN, Fordimm, or JOHN B. HASKIN, 119 Broadway. TO LET?AT STAMFORD, -CONN., FURNISHED Dwelling of 10 rooms; Nnely situated near salt water; garden, lawn, fruit and stable ; rent $460. Apply at 28 St. Mark's placo, New York. TO LET-A PIR8T CLASS COTTAGE, FOUR ACRES land, new carriage bouse, plenty of fruit'; live minutes Horn depot at Tenafly, N. Jr.: 19 miles trom New York, on Northern Railroad ot New Jersey. Apply to J. D. (lltAIIAM. 21 Park row, room 90. TO LEASE?BELMONT HALL, 69 ROOMS, FUR*ISMED or unfurnished, Richmond Terrace, New Brighton. Stnteu Island ; 3 minutes from land lag; really a desirable place W A. COLLINS, as Pine street. Oil ACRES AT I'VE?WITH 1 GOO FEET FRONT ON ?i\j the hound. This Is the handsomest 20 acres In Westchester county; no improvements ou the property; the new railroad now being finished is within a quarter of a mile of this plot; bus no encumbrance; terms easy. K1K1.K. HESSE A CO., No. 9 Ptne street. dM Klin ?DESIRABLE COTTAGE (THREE MINlpT?OuU. utos' walk). West Brighton Lauding, 8 rooms; plenty irutt, flowers and shade; suitable for a gentleman moderate means ; terms easy. DARE IN, 80 Broad. dtl7 nnn ?HANDSOME RESIDENCE, STATE* i]p I .UUU. Island, IB rooms, carriage house, shade, fruit; wo ter front; tine bathing; one of the moat desirable residences; splendid view; terms accommodating PARKIN, BO Broad. qr? 1 O nnn?FARM, 103 ACRFS; GOOD HOUSE, pl^j.UUU barn, Ac.: near Sound and railroad; flue Iruit. J. S LEWIS, Northport, L. I. At 807 Front street, on Tuesday, 9 to 12. REAL ESTATE TO EXCIIA^GE, A LARGE FACTORY, WELL LOCATED, WITH one A No. I steam Engine and boiler of 99 horse power. In jicrfoct ruiining order, for sale^or exchange. Appiv aiiM R.A81 rniy-uuru nreeh nuar iniru mrnuc. BE Al'TI I'lTL RESIDENCES AND BUILDING SITES tor sale, exchange ami to lot. In all parts of New Jersey; all prices; send for printed description. E M. MASON, No. I Chambers street. For hale ok exchange?a fine public hall, 70x66, having Stores Itclpw and Rooms above, In the village ofHempstead. L. I. Apply to W. A K. A. CKPJKHHANK, 63 Broadway, N. Y., or J, H, SNEDEKEU, Main street, Hempstead. ITIORS ALR OR KXCIIANOR?FOR COUNTRY PROPJ1 erty in New Jersey, a ilueo story, basement and subcollar irarao House in Brooklyn, with all improvements. Apply t? or address C1IAS. WHITKMAN, Pacific Bank, 47ti Broad way. IitOR SALE OR KXOIIANOK?A BEAUTIFULLY SITU' ated Country Resld -nee, comprising about live aires of land and all'the building* desirable for a gentleman's residence, within one mile of eight depots, the nearest within six minutes' walk; 60minutes Irotn Wall street. The loeatiou is high, dry and healthy; fine view*. The grounds are handsomely laid out, with abundance of trull and ornnmmtnl trees. The house i* in perfect repair; elegantly finished; has all the modern improvement.*; contains20 rooms; due stable, gurdencr's cottage, Ac. It has few equal* a* a desirable suburban residence. Full particulars and photographs at H. IRELAND'S, 201 Broadway. ITtOR HALE OR EXCHANOE-lOO LOTH IN THE ' town of West Farms; railroads all around. Apply to JOHN COsTELI O, 2,169 Third avenue. For sale or exchanoe-aoo loth adjoining A. T. Htcwart's Garden City; handsmntdy locatedj 20 miles from city. Addrows F. K , Herald ofllcc. faor SALE or EXCHANGE?four VALUABLE J1 Farm*, splendid Residences, Ac., In New Jersey, U miles ir?m New York; near depots. Details furnished by owner. J. WARD, Jr., 167 Broadway. FOR8ALEOREXCHANGE-FOR REAL ESTATE OR Personal Property. Horse, Road Wagon and handsome llockawsy; price $2,000. Address 11URSK, llerald office. For sale or exchange?at orange, n. j? an elegnat Mansion, all Improvements, with 22 acres of land, carriage house. Ac.; Brooklyn property preferred. Apnly to N. COOPER, 4f>9 Fulton at, corner Lawrence.^ For sale or f.xoiianoe-a splendid building Plot pf 18 acres, in the midst of vnluahle Improvements, ai Tenefly, N. J.; price $20,000; term* easy; or will trade lor improved property In New York, Brooklyn, Jersey Cilyor any psrt of Hudson county, Passaic, p.nglowood, Montclalr or Nyack. J M. GIBSON, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. For hale or exchange for city propertyCottage on Washington Heights, 9 rooms; water, gas and range; 40 minute* Irom Wall street; grounds 26x200; prico $10,000 GEO CODLING A SON. !!? or 1.272 Broadway. TO EXCHANGE?TENEMENT HOUSES IN BltOOKivn, 670,Of 10, tree and clear, for Farm, worth $30,000, one hour ot citv. and mortgage hack c. C WAlL .NO A AY.M Wt, IAS Fulton street, X. Y ~\\T ANTED?TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MKR tt chandlsc, 2,000 acre< Pttoii'*; I**?* adloinlng tlio Toxas Paclilc Railroad in \ an Zan3t 53tHif>J,T( Xft?. Title* perfect iu every respect For particular* address U. o. IIMK.U oo\ to* li.uveston (lexasi Cost office. WANTED?GOOD LOCATED PROPERTY. IN BROOKIvn, in exclianpe for f)ni> Country Property. Owner* will much ohllfto by leaving ,>r -ending description of same (o WIL80N A CLARK. 111 Broadway, basement, room C WOULD EXCHANGE?TWO LOTH IN HARRISON Tf street. Ilrnnkhn, for n small House. value not to exceed $1 om, In pood neighborhood. Brooklvn. Applv at aflff tiroonwich street. MAT. RAT AT? WARTBD. ANTRD?A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS HOTEL TO oitlier pnrrlmHC or lease. Address box 919 Post office, Hartford, Conn. . WANTRD?A HOCHI! WORTH ABOUT Stt.ODn' BlItween Fifth and sixth avenue*, tor a cash customer; four story brown gtotie. Send particular* to M AKTIN DUNN, 208 Broadway. \TOLK IIOUHKri Wll.l, Bfc RENTED <7iT FOLD JL oulekly if you put Ihcin on inv hook*. WALTER MONTAGUE, Heal Estate Agent. Eighth avenue and Twettty street. ron SA!,V. AKAKR CHANCE.?'Til F. STOCK. KIXTI'KEH AND Lease of the best tai nted Grocery on Htatcn Island. Apply to SIDNEY BULCROKT. New Brighton, S. I., or to W P ROOMB, 1W5 Greenwich street, New York. A CHANCE TO BUY THE LEASE AND GOODWILL of a first class Coal Yard, with or without stock Apply at yard, 521 East Sixteenth street. A LABOR DOUBLE DOOR WILDER SALAM ANDER s*ie i ?r sale c lump, at so Front street A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, ONE OF THE heat cigar Store* on Third avenue, with ar without Stock, tor reasonable rule*, with Lease; reason lor selling satlslnctory. Inquire at lift East Ninth street AHEKItINO HA PR, 3 FKRT HY 2 FEET, PATENT | lock, lor Ail!'- cheap ' '> i 11.1 r street, up dnirs AIWAR STAND IN A FIRST CLASS BROADWAY liotol lor sAle, iloiiiK a Inruo business, price SI.2U0; low rent; satisfactory reason a lor scllinu iikiiIIiik > iOKEN, 171 i'ilih avenue. ??rM*l WILL BUY A FIKHT CLASS OYHTKH Noiiro anil Ice Cream Saloon ; proprietor obliged to sell, having business elsewhere. Aduresa (A RlrLltl 134 Bfeecket street neat South Fifth as eiitie. A LEASH OF HOUSE AND STORE ON EAHY terms, northeast corner W!H1i street, Third avrnuc, . Harlem, near the llrldao Inquire in the liquor st<fre. AFIRHr CLASH RESTAURANT AND BAR BEST ] part of Broad#ay, r.loao to principal holds and Ihenires; otrner lonrlna Uie cltj, *o will sell at a great 1 written, W-oYD. Bi Broadway. J 5 SHEET. ???? ^ FOR BALK. A FIRST PLA8H SEWING MACHINE (WEED'S IX- . proved), nearly new, with ell uttaehineot*, for ?ala , ft a burnetii Adilre** SEWING MACIIINE, box 112 . Herald Cptown Branch office, 1.2AS Broadway. ] A? FOR KALE, DOW MOWN SAMPLE BOOMS, ALE . Vault*, rinlit amoflit the broker*, at low price*; , uiso Corner Llouor Store* Bc*taiirunt*, Oyeter Ka- ] loong, Hotel*, Clour stores, Oontectlouerlea, Bakeries, Butter and Fruit Stand*, cheap Dribf Store*, country Grocery Htore.MITC HELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar St. A WELL LOCATED OROCEKYSTORE FOR SALE J cheap?I ptown, doing good busim***, wltli room* attached, at a low rent. Apply to THUS. OAKENEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street a FIRST rtf.ABn nnnciDV ?? m,Ti,npa ' J\ for Mile, to close estate, with goodwill mid privilege ot store. Inquire at late K. Mills' st?r,., Astoria, I.. I. A?CORNER DRt'G STORES FOR SALE, splendid . Groceries, Fancy Dry Goods, Hardware Uteres, onfecllonerlcs, RestauranU. Milk Routes, Laundries Oyster and Liijuor Saloons, Cigar Stores, Ac. STRICKLAND'S, 78 Cedar street A NO. i REFRIGERATORS?THE BERT AMD cheapest only. Depot E. D. BASS FORD, Cooper Institute, Astor place. JM)R SALE?IN WASHINGTON, D. C.. THE ONLY first class Confectionery In thiit city. For particulars see M. KKPPLRR, of Kchull A Co., 888 Pearl street, New York city. For sale-a first class corner liquor t . Store; lacation good; rent chcsp; with or without Stock. Imiulro at H. CLAUSEN A SON'S Ale Depot, 118 ' Canal street t For sale-boot and shoe store in flour l (siting town. Particulars of SMITH, owner (going "] West), 87 Fulton street, New York. J IjlOR SALE-ALBANY, N. Y.-A FIRST CLASS MIL- p 1 llncry ami Fancy Establishment of 70 years' stand- Ing, in the best business locality of the city: cause?sickness ol the proprietor. Apply to HILBEllBKKU BROS., 17 Liapenard street. * For salb-a nicely fitted uf wine, liquor and Lagor Beer Salnen: four vears' lease; will be J told cheap IT applied for to-day. Iuqulre at 1,061 Second i avenue until sold. t T7IOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR 1 r Store; location good ; rem cheap: with or without < Stock. Inquire at if. CLAUSEN A SON'S alo depot, 118 i Oanal street. 1 Fob sale-an iron safe, of the latest im- : proved stylo, almost new; will be sold cheap lor want of room to keep It. ' NEIL MoCALLUM A BRQ., 19 and 21 Spruce street_ t FOR SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED SEWINO MA- \ chine Agency, dotag a large business; will be sold ] at a bargain as the proprietor Is about to change his busl- t ncss. Address A. B., box 116 Herald Uptown Branch office. ' ? < FOR SALE?FRUIT AND CIGAR STORE, WITII SODA c mid Ottawa Beer Fountain. Apply for three days \ corner Third and drove streets, Jersey City. , For sale-a feed store; three years' ! Icaso; low rent. Inquire on the premises, 69 First street. FOR SALE?STORE AND FIXTURES, SUITABLE i for distillery or lngcr beer saloon; in a good business 1 neighborhood. 773 West Twenty-seventh street t f^ ROCERY STOKE FOlTsA LB?WITH OR WITHOUT 7 the House, cheap: avenue corner; horse and wagou complete; or will exchange for small Place or House In New Jersey or Westchester, near by; five per cent commission l'or cusli broker. Address 1). WAT KIN 8, Herald offlm. TkfPORTANT TO" PARTIES REQUIRING A FIRST ' 1 class business.?For sale or exchange, the finest and best located Wine, Liouor and Lager llcer Kslabllshinent in the city, with splendid Billiard Hall and Restaurant 1 attached; nil in complete order and doing a first rate < business. Responsible parties only need apply lo S. 1 FHE1DENRIOH A co., Real EstaU', 90g and 906fhlrd ar. Market on fourth aVencb for sale.?ap- ; ply on the premises, between Tweuty-fllth and Twenty-sixth streets. STORE FIXTURES. COUNTERS, PLATED 8IIOWeases, small Sal'o and Gas Fixtures; must be sold at some price before April I, aL I'll Broadway. 1 t i< nt a waMb rntrvT a rw at an daat qdvd ! IO Fountain, with marble top Counter; also Mlvorplateil Fountain or Tumbler Wusher, the whole connected on ono counter; cool ftiUO; price 9360. 102 Chat ham street. j STORES AND OFFICES FITTED PP AT SHORT NOtlce; good work and low prices; MClov's Patent Counters, Wins and Caddies always on hand: can be shipped anywhere. R. M. FLEMING A.CO., corner of Franklin and West streets, New York. Safes.?the best chance offered to bpy : Herring, Marvlu and Wilder Sales; also two jewelers' Safes at a sacrillcc. O. C. Qt'lliK, ' 81 Maiden lane, near Gold street. dtl KIIA -DRUG STORE FOR SALE. DOING A good business up to death of owner, two woeks since. Inquire of the administrator, on the premises, 833 DcKnlli avenue, Brooklyn, between 11 and 1 o'clock, or at 83 Third avenue, New York. d?Q nnn ?fOB SALE, WHOLESALE AND RE?P? J.V'V/IT, tall Liquor Store, Wagons, Outstanding Debts; also city and country route; established eight ; years; lease Ave years; rent onlv $4110 per annum. Ad- ! dress BUSINESS, Herald office. ' yi.Ytniv i-;tt v. A SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL ENGINES?WE HAVE <>n hand 7x10, 8x12, 11x12, 10x18,11x18,12x24,13x30, 11x24, 14x30, 15x36, 16x38, 18x24. Samples can be seen at 38 CortlAndt street; second hand Engines taken in exchange. WHITE1IILL, SMITH A Co., Manufacturers, Newburg, N. Y. AMES' IRON WORKS?PORTABLE ENGINES, BOILcrs. Stationary Engines, Saw Mills, 16x36 and 12x18, second hand, at u sacrifice. E. P. UAMPSON, 38 Cortlandt street AT WILSON A ROAKE'S, WATER' AND DOVKfc streets, large stock of new and second baud Engines and Boilers, lrom 2 to 70 herse; Pumps, Shafting. Pulleys, Ac. AT WILLARD A DE BEVOISE'S. 45 DRY STREET? Hoisting, Portable and Stationary Engines, Rollers, Lathes, Rendering Tanks, Store Elevators, l'umps, Calender Rolls, Shaltinft and Pulleys, new and second hand, A LARGE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND Steam Engines and Boilers, steam Pumps and Tanks. FINNEY A HOFFMAN, Manulacturers, 202 to 225 Water street, Brooklyn. IjtNGINE AND BOILER FOR SAI.E-A 12-HOR8E !i power Engine and 20-horsc power horizontal tubular Boiler, In first class condition. Can he seen working at 288 Warren street, between Court and Smith streois, Brooklyn. IJIOR 8ALE-EIOHT HOR.SE ENGINE AND TWELVEhorse Boiler, all complete, very cheap; also Building to lease five years, at $500 ? year, (or any meehnnicul business. Apply to GEO. L. Cl'MMlNGS. 141) Centre st. For sale-at a bargain?19 hand looms, with Harness: alko 14 Power I ooms. with Reeds and liar. ncss. Inquire nt 86 Lispcanrd direct, up stairs, or of CHARLES MORGAN, South (street, opposite Plerco avenue, Hudson City, where the looms can be seen. For sale?a steam engine, 44 inch diameter. of cylinder by !IS inch stroke, in first rate order tuni as good ns new In every respect; said engine came out of the steamship Granada, 764 tons burden, 1S2 feet long, 30 beam and 20 depth of hold. For further particulars uppiy to J. DE RIVERA A CO., 114 Pearl street, N. Y. For sat.e-one planer, ? fret, 2sx20, op. right and eross-fecd; 1 Drop Press, 58 and fit) lb. drops, food as new; least-iron Pulley, 2 It. 6 in. by IS In., 2k; do. do., 4 It. by 6 In., 2k; I do., wood rim, i tt. 8 In., 2k. Call at or address FACTORY, corner of Tenth and Grove streets, Jersey City. For sale-two horizontal tubular boilers, 6 feet diameter, 14k feet long, flfty-elgHt 4k inch tubes. CHARLES COLLINS, 68 John street, Brooklyn. For SALE CHEAP-ONE of WOODWARD'S TWO horse power Engines, where It ran be seen now- at work, at 529 Broadway, in the Prescott House barber shop. SN. HARTWELL, CONSULTING AND COMMER. rial Enirlnoor, will purchase and erect anv kind of steam machinery or apparatus on commission or by contract ; 25 ycHrs' experience as land and marine engineer. References given and required. Satisfaction guaranteed In all eases. 98 Liberty street, New York. Eojui omciR. AT 77 HLEECKER STREET, NEAR stairs.?Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought. at77 Bleeeker street. A" T Wot# Bko^tf-fRS', 896 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.?Mono; loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware. Silks, and particularly Pianos. Private parlors for ladies; business strictly confidential. American office, established jam-loans on VI atches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware. India Shawls, Laces, Valuables Ac., anv amount, or will bu> ; ufinost value paid. J. II. BAKRlNGER, 7115 Broadway, opposite Astor place. MME. LEONARD. 809 SIXTH AVENUE. NEAR NINEteenth street, accommodates ladles with advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Ladles' Goods, Ac.; deals with ladies only. ATO. 685 BROADWAY. CORNER AMITV STREET ? INI Money liberally advanced on Diamond*. Watches, , .Jewelry mid all Merchandise at the old e-.t* It I i ?lt d loan ofllce. Same hoimht and sold M. KOSI.NBKUO. ( on NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICR.? , Oi" l.iberal advance* made on Diamonds, Watches, j Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The same bought , and sold. Room I. HAYM.AN LEOPOLD. | a fko sixth avenue, between twenty-pourth 1-1 JO and Twenty.filth streets.?I.llieral advances made , on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds ot ( nods. i Same bought at fltll value. L. Bernard. , (11*1 BROADWAY. OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND I OlO most responsible ofllcn.? Money advanced ?n i Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac. same tn. Off lit at I lull value. A. O. IIlilt IS. t 1 *)4i7 BROADWAY, OVKK IIKItAI.D BRANCH f L,^U i otllce, room B.?Parlors for lail'es; branch II! Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Dlanioals, f Watches, Jewelrv, Ac, Same boiuht an t sold. t LIN DO BROS. , MIDICAL. \>l MAURtORAU, W i. .-office IJ9 LIBERTY > street, near Greenwich street. ACARD.-DR. AND MRS. BOTT, 82 AMITY STREET. a Honrs, 9 A. M. till 9 P. M. i, : ? I nil. AND MRS. WIIITIXIJ AND MMK. DUBOIS, 44 Ureal Jones street, between Broadway and Bowery. DR. PR \NKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA), 161 BLKEt'KKR * street, New York. DR. AND MMK. OPINIO,K, 120 WRHT TWENTY- , sixth street, near Slxtti avenue. _ J MMK. VAN BITSKIRK, PHYSICIAN, RKSIDKNCR i 194 East 28lb St., between l lui.l and Lexington a -_ UMB. RESTRLL. NO. 1 RAsl l'l FTY sECi>ND J street. Agents, IB! ilreoiiwleli St. and No. I sixth ?v v \ f MM DF.sPAKD, PHYSICIAN-RESIDENCE 41 EAST ? ML Twenty-eighth ??reet, near Fourth events* p ? BOARDBRS WANTED. ^ lift TO$10 l'ER WEEK. $1 50 PER DAY.?PLEASANT |JP" Roomi, with cxclleiil Hoard, for families and smile gentlemen, 178 Bleecker street, six blocks west ot Broadway. TO $10 PER WEEK.?GENTLEMAN OR GENTLE. 'J"l man and wlie can obtnin bleasunt R*>ui*, wlili Boaru, at 70 \V<is% Wmhuwton place. No uiovlng in May. |7 WAVEBLEY PLACE-LARGE. ELEGANTLY A I lurnlshcd Parlor aud Bedroom, ou first Hour, anil llcely tarnished upper Bedroom. with tlrsl class Board; eiercnces required. IQ WEST TWENTY-POl'RT1I STREET, OPPOSITE ' o Filth Avenue Hotel.?An elegant Suit of Boouta to et. with Board, to h party of gentlemen. 9Q WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.-ROOMS FOR iiO two or three .single gentlemen or married couple, vitli Board; references. J,- GRAMEROV FLACK. 152 east fwenflbttl >f?l street. ?I arge, handsomely furnished Room, with Hoard. lor gentleman and wile or two gciitloiuau; also a lumlsome hall Room; moderate prices. 5/? WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET. ADJOTNINO tJU Grand notel.?Superior neconitnodations. with or vithout private meals, to geutleiiieu or lamilies; uuoxteptionable references exchanged. in WEST FOURTEENTH STREET?AN ELBOAMT " I" Suit ofKuuiii-. with Hoard; also one single Room. riA WBST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR BROADJ\f way.?Elegantly lurnislied Rooms on aud hird floora, with Hoard ; ri'lereuces exchanged. to W1-.8T THIRTY THIRD STREET.?A PRIVATE < 'O family, occupying an elegant house, will let, with -i >oard, two sunny front Rooms, second story; also front latl Room, upper floor; references exchanged. ilf' east-Fifty-fourth street, between LJ.ll Lexlugtan a ad Fourth avenues.?Furnished or inl'urnished Rooms, with or without Board; bath aud [as. I OQ HUDSON STREET, IIOBOKEN?A FEW GEN LOt/ tleinen or a family can be accommodated with tlcely furnished lront Koums uud good Board; terms noderate. | r.'j east" thiitrv t11nto'wbebt, near lex L?JO tngton avenue.?A large, tlnel.v tarnished front ) loom to let, to gentleman and wife; Board tor the lady , mly; meals served in room; or suitable for two gentleli e 11. . .?AO EAST ELEVENTH STREET, gECOXD HOUSE Ci\tO from Third avenue.?Large furnished front 'arior and nlvely turn I shod Bedrooms to let to ladles md gentlemen ; Hoard for ladles only ; new house. ilO(l "iJAST THIRTIETH ~STRKKT?IN PRIVATE LdtJtJ family. Board for a married couple or single lersons; price reasonable. ?Qn>?PRTH AVBNU B.-TOltE NT, WITH BO A R D. uO\J one slugip Room (not Ilall) and one good-sized loom, by a private family; references exchanged; no novlng fn May. ? jjfU i WERT TWBN T Y-~SK 0 O N D STREET.?PU R i)H O nished Rooms, with or without Board; table ex:ellent <y1YY"WEST THIBTFffmnSTREET.?A OENTLEl)J.U matt and wife or a few single gentlemen can chain good Bo.trd una plea-ant Rooms in a private family; til conveniences und moderate terms. LADY, HAVING A PLEASANT HOME IN THE coutilrv, wishes the care and instruction of two ililldreit under 10; parties wishing to travel can leave :helr children where they will enjoy home comforts and lender care; convenient location; references exchanged. Address PROGRESS, box 556 Post olltce, New York. hoard A\n UKDOIIO WABfOTOtK A LADY WISHES A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH Board and home comforts, in a genteel location. A<Ilress, slating terms, PROMPT PAY, Herald office. Board wanted?in an Italian or" French family.?A ladv wishes a cheerthl Sitting and hall B. drootn. partially furnished, with Hoard: references txchauged. Address, stating terms and lull particulars, Mrs. M. F.. box 4,121Post office. Board wantkd-by a gentleman 'and wipe, on the line of the Sixth Avenue Railroad; largo Room, with pantries. In a private family; permanent If raited: reference given and required. Address QUIN, Herald office. Board wanted?from middle of junb, post n gentleman, wife and child, six years .dd, <>? one of the New York railroads, not more than one hour ttmn New York, Address, giving location, distance trohi depot ittd terms, which must be moJeraic, S. A. D., box S.2M Post office. Board wanted?by a Gentleman and wipe, in a small private family, or Board, with private Inble, in a rcspectatilc locality. Address A., box 100, 61t?" West Thirty-second street. BOAftD WANTED?BY A YOUNO GENTLEMAN, with a first class private family, between Thtrtyfburth and Forty-sixth street*. Lexington and Eighth avennes. A good price will lie paid with the right kind ot parties. Boarding house keepers will do a great favor it tnev will not answer. Address YOUNG GENTLEMAN, box 144 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?BOARD FOR A GIRL THREE YEARS IN a private family. Address C. MILLER, 433 East Seventeenth street. ANTED?TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, ONE BEDTV room large enough for two single beds and one Hitting Room, with huthrooni adjoining, to lie occupied by two single gentlemen, prelcrring Breakfast; location between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets and Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address, with prices, NIAGARA, box 4,441 Post office. WANTRD-BOARD FROM MAY I, WITHIN AN hour and a half of New York, for u gentleman, wife and littlc girl: private lantilv preferred. Address, with full particulars, W. W? box 830 Post office. HOTELS. ANUKLLB TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, fil Lexington avenue.?Rooms for gentlemen or families, with or without meals, and private table if desired; house and baths open ail Might Hotel rt. germain. fifth aye hie, twentysecond stroot and Broadway.?American and European plan.?Rooms, all front, newly lurnlslied; splendid location for permanent and transient guests; Table * d'lloie, $1 00 |ier day. IRVING PLACE nOTEI,, CORNER FOURTEENTH stree-tand Irving placo, opposite Academy of Music.? Nicely tarnished Rooms to rent, at moderate prices, with French restaurant attached. NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWERY, CORNER OF Bayard street; 200 light Rooms, neatly furnished, 00cents or 60 eents per night; $2 00 to *4 per week. For gentlemen only. Reservoir park hotel, corner sixth avenuo and Fortieth sUcet (opposite Reservoir Purk), elegant Suits of Rooms to rent, with Board ; also Rooms for single gentlemon; prices moderate. STURTEVANT HOUSE, BROADWAY, TWBNTYelghth and Twenty-ninth streets, New York, American plan, $4 a day ?This hotel has elevators, all modern improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. LEWIS A GEO. 8. LELAND, Proprietors. 4 and 6 washington place.?st. julien, hav. ing changed proprietors and being ontirely renovated and newly carpeted, Is open for The reception of tainllicsand single gentlemen. COI VTHV BOA III). " A WIDOW, RESIDING IN A oottntby TILLAGE, wotlll Board a couple of children; good care and moderate terms. Address Mrs ORIUKN, Mllburn, N. .1. /NOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FROM MAY 1. WITHIN \J one honr of the city, tor six adults and two small children ; Sor 4 Rooms; modorate terms. Address W. s.t box 190 Herald office, (NOUNTFY BOARD WANTKD-BY A GENTLEMAN i J and wile, from Mny 1, at a I'artn house, not more than ? two miles from Nynck station; terms not to exceed *15 per week; references exchanged. Address, stating lull particulars, PERMANENT, Herald office. Mountain house, south orange, montrobr stnil,,n. N. J.?This lavoritc first class hotel Is open for the Spring and Summer season ; it bus nil the conveniences and comforts of a citv hotel; lid minutes from, foot ot Barclay street, via Morris and Essex ltntlroad, SI trains dad v. Extra Inducements otl'ercil to parties Wishing immediate Board. c. ititzelburgf.r, Proprietor SYRACUSE HOUSE, SYRACUSE. N. V ?PREPARED id to accommodate travelling public at $2 25 per day ; agents and companies at reduced rates. .1, K. PETERS, of New York, Proprietor. FTtHK WATSON HOUSE, BABYLON. LONG ISLAND. 1 will be open for the season ou the 1st of April; Rooms may be examined and seem ed at any time ufo-rlbe opening. 8ELAU C. SMITH, Proprietor. El'ROP^T " -J DFLEISCHMANN'S ESTABLISHMENT, Frankforton-the Main. for voting gentlemen hoarders. Yonnc gentlemen are Instructed on the plan of private home tuition in German, French. English and In all Hit branches of commercial knowledge ; or the v may visit the far-famed Commercial School of Frankiort For references and prospectuses apply to u k'l.KisiiM a v. Kriiiikfnri-oii the Main. Germsnv Cl UKRLAIN-15 Rirr? PK LA PATT, PARIS I JT Ambrosial Cream for shaving. Fashionable Perfume lor Hie handkerchief. Kail Ltlsire lor the hair. de Culo/ne (preparation spcciale). JTOTEL MIRABEAU, PARIS. s Thissplendid establishment is beantifnllv situated lit llie itur de. la Palx. the lines! part of the city, ad'oming, the new (Irand opera, the fashionable boulevards, th? 1 Place Vendoino nnd the rnllerles Hardens, ami it conducted under the immed'atc superintendence of the proprietor, Mr. OAHANOV AS, who respectfully offers 111* {raleiul acknowledgment* to American families and (ten- , : llctnen lor their eontinued patronnire. The rcadinic room Is supplied svitii Amerlean and English papersp there are besides handsome smoking nnd coffee rooms;' Ihe apartments combine every comfort and oletfanoeind the superior cuisine, excellent attendance and con-; c cnlious, moderate charges render the Mtrahcnu to tin* (est ( lass of travellers a most comfortable and agrecabh* 'csedeace. ^ 5 WISH AND UNITED COURIERS' SOCIETY.?CO Us i rlers may be secured on nrrlval hv families visiting hiroiw, ou writing the Secretary, 08 Mount street, Uroo'cnor square, London, England, rllB QUEEN'S HOTEL, NEAR THE CRVSTAU Palace, Upper Norwood, London.?To tourists and hmllius?Itsolevated, pleasant and most salubrious pod oii, combined with the comfort afforded and its general Management, have made tne Queen's Motel a favorite rc? ort or the upper ranks of English society. 1HAKBI.K MANTHLN. i | A KI.ABER. STEAM MARHLK ANIi MARBLKIZINfl, i\ iVi.rk? cm ami 1311 i<a*t niBtiteenth .triei.?Marblra iMMarblelied Mantel", Tiling, Marble Conn lore Monu"en* St prlcM thatdeTy competition. Marble turning or me trade. T"B assortment ok mantels, unsurpassed /\ for beauty of deetgn ami quality of workumnetiip, ittto lVork cil all kind* a nperlalfy. late Worai I'KNRIIYN SLATR COMPANT, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth atrrpt, Union square STEWART'S 8LATK MANTELS?RICH AND ELR, S ?atitdo?lirn?; Slate Wnrknol every deseriptlon; Mnr? > |e nail WorxfMantel*. T. H. STEWART A CO.. 2M and 1 a WeatTwi'iits third street, near Seventh avpnue, N. Y. n KliAHKi: I i ii STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLINCI ,1 Works, a.N West Fifty-first street. hetwoen Broad. * J inv and Eighth avpnue.?Marble, in:irhlelr.ed Mantel*, Imminent*, Uuadatjuen: lamp selection* ?et very low rloew

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