Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 13,370. DIRECTOR! FOR ADVERTISERS, jmu3fmfnta?Second Page?Third, fourth, fifth and sixth column!'. ASTROLOGY?Kightrkntii Page?Sixth column. BILLIARDS?skventhknth Page?Fourth column. boarders Wanted?uurvi-ntu Paue?Third, fourth _ and filth columns. BOARD AND LOl'UINO WANTED?Elbteicth Pace? Fifth and sixth columns. BROOKLYN BOARD?Klktekth Page?Sixth column. brooklyn real estate ior sale?fimcehtu Page? Firth and sixth columns. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?Tenth Page?Sixth colMML . . . lL BUSINESS NOTICES?Ninth Page-Fifth and ilxth columns. CITY REAL ESTATE POR salk-firteelith Page? First, second, third, fourth and Ritli columns. CLERKS AND SALESMEN?Eighteenth Page?Third and fourth columns. CLOTHING?Teeth Page?Sixth column. * CoACHMEN and gardeners? Eighteenth Page? Fourth and fifth columna COAST WISE STEAMSHIPS?Foobtrenth Page?Fourth and filth columns COUN l'RY BOARD?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. DANC1NO ACADEMIES?second I'agk? Fourth column. DRY goods? First Paoh-Second, third, fourth, fifth nd sixth columns, and clcond Page? First and second columns. DWELLIM) HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?TniBD Fauk?Third, lourth. fifth and sixth coiuinns. and Kouktii Pack?Firm column. KUBUPi.AN STEAMSUiPS?Fourteenth Pace?Fourth column. EUROPE?Tkwth Pace?Filth column. EXCURSIONS?Kouiiteentu Pack?Filth column. FINANCIAL? Tehtu Page?Third and lourth columns. FOR HALE?Fourth Pace?Fourth iinl tilth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Fourth Pace? First and second columns. FUliNITI) RE?Fourth Pace?Sixth column. HELP WANTED? FKMaLES-Eigiiteentu Pace-Scc ind and third columns. HELP WANTED?MaLES?EtCRTEBNTn Page?Fifth column. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.?Eleventh Pace?First, second and third columns. rtOTELs? Eleventh Pace?Sixth column. DOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?bbventsejfth Page? l iith and sixth columns. INSTRUCTION?'Tenth Pace?Fourth colnmn. JERSEY CITY, HcBOKBN, HUDSON CITY AND BEROEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Sixteenth Pace?First and second columns. LECTURE SEASON?Second Pace?Second column. LEUAL NOTICES?Eighteenth Pace?Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? Eighteenth Page?sixth column. LOoT ANu FOUND?First Page?Second column. MACHINERY?Fourth Pagn? Filth column. MASHLK MANTEL ?Fourth Page?Filth column. MATRIMONIAL?Tenth Pagb? Fifth column. MEDICAL?Eighteenth Page?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING?Second Page?First and Hoennd columns. _ _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS?Seventeenth Page?Fourth colon"1 . ? MUSK AL?Second Page?Second column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Ninth Pack?Sixth colnmn. P .fkSON Ali?First Page? First and second columns. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.?Second Page?Second column. .. ? . PROPOSALS? FounTEBNTu Pagn?Second, third and PROFESSIONAL" SITUATIONS WANTED-FEMALES? Eighteenth Pace?First and second columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Sixtkkntu Pace?Second, third, lourth and filth columns. REAL i SlAi E TO EXCHANGE?Sixteenth Page?Fifth and sixth columns, and Seventeenth Pack?First column. _ REAL ESTATE WANTED?Seventeenth Pace?First column. _ _. . RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Seventeenth Page?Sixth column. RESTAURANTS?Tenth Page?Fourth column. 6AL.ES AT AUCTION?Seventeenth Pace?First, second, third and lourlh columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES?Fourteenth Page? Fillli and sixth columns anil Kigutkentii Page? First co'umn. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eighteenth Page? Third column. SPECIAL NOTICES?Tenth Pace?Fifth column. Bl'c KT1NG?DOOS, BIRDS, Ac.-Eleventu Page?First column. STORAGE?Kouhtii Page?Fifth column. FUMMEtl RESORTS?Eleventh Page?Sixth column. Tilt, i RADES?Eighteenth Page?Filth aud sixth columns. TflE TURF?Eletenth Page?First column. TO LET FOR bus INK. .8 PURPOSES?'Third Pace? First, second and third columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?Fourteenth Page?Fifth colOMFURNISIIED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?Fourth Page?Second, third aud fourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Fourth Page?Fifth colWATOHKS, JEWELRY, AC.?Tenth Page?Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Fifteenth Page?Sixth column, and Sixteenth Page?Fin- coin-tin. WTNKS, LIOUORS, AO.?Fourth Page?Sixth column. YACHTS, STEAM 110ATS, AC.?Tenth Page-FUUi column. IJ1 It At l> It-' AM ll l /FK E-IPTOWN. "aLVLIITIsI Ml .NT; IO> I UK NEW YORK. HERALD I.LCEIYED AT IKE BRANCH OFFICE, IJtl I KOADWAY, WPFT FirE, PPrWLtN l it I RTY FIRST AND THIRTYFECOND STREETS. AtVEBTISfcMFNTS APE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. YILI. 1P.M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. *.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PATHS AGENCY OF THE SEW YORK HERALD. J^JESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HEBALD. T1IEY WILL SUPPLY DEALEES WITH COPIES OF TTTE HERALD, AND ALSO i INGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. I'KKBOAAAi. ^LL RIGHT?COME TO LUNCH AT ONE, ALLTE-EXPECT A DELIGHTFUL TIME AT THE Argylc Bui Maauue to-morrow eve. Don't forget. COUSIN JACK. nnie~litti7k will hear of somethino to her ad- aningc hy addressing R. M. SCHUYLER, iii'raiu uptown itruncu omee. AUSTIN.?INFORM US WHERE THOSE CERT1FIcutflH emanated before filling up. We believe you Innoci nt. Address J It. M., box 1M.'> Post office, New York. Brooklyn billie-i want to ses you. CORA. Went Twenty-sixth street. d'/TONsCIENCE."?TWENTY DOLLARS RECEIVED \J mid turned over to the BELT COMPANY. DONAT It li I' NO, AN ITALIAN FLUTE PLAYER, lott New York n month ago; hie brother, Roch Kruno, of 2b Marlon sheet, wishes to know in what town lie is now residing. I" JRANK.E USMOND~.~-sE.Nu ADDRESS AS BEFORE 1 to CLIVE. (TF.OROIE?YOU LOVE MOTHER; REGARD HER T health ; return at once; all nicely, quietly arranged. Write. l. a. c. /T HENRY 8CHRODKR?YOUR MOTHER HAS vT. let a letter lor you nt our otllce. Any person knowing his address will confer n lavor by sending it to the Mbserlbsrs. NILK.s a ItAOLEY, No. ft Wall street. HAVE NOTFSKEN YOU SINCE MONDAY,'MARCH 3, at A P. M. SECOND AVENUE. IF THERE8F. B. I D, WHO FORMERLY LIVED ON or near Sixth avenue, will address LUTE, Herald office, she can hear of an old irlend. IF THE PARTY WHO WROTE YESTERDAY TO BOX .6-ti will communirate either name or address or fUrtlier iuiorinatlou to same address it will be to his advantage. IF THE YOUNG WOMAN DRESSED IN RLACK, WHO stepped iroin the F.teecker street ears on Saturday, about 4 o'clock. Into the Herald office, desires to tonn an honorable acquaintance with the young man wbo sat econd to her, please add re-s CURTIS, I6f and 166 Fulton treut, Brooklyn. INFORM AT1 ON WANTED?OF MARY HALEY, NATIVE of County Roscommon, Ireland; supposed to he in New York or Brooklyn. Address ELLEN WUALEN, 3V5 South Tenth street, Newark, N. J. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JAMES 8HANAHAN, who lett Ireland about five years ago, county Tipperary, parish of Mllllnahone: when last heard from he was In Potuvil.e or Scranton, Pa. Any information oi him will be thank I ally received by his brother. JollN oil AN AII AN, 1.625 Fulton street, Brooklyn. JENNIE OR EDITH CASE?WIFE OF FRIBBTE, captain of the S. T. Holbrook call on your old friend BROWNIE, at lit West Twenty sixth street KAMMIS-MONDAY, EARLY. OPORTO. LILLIE?IDEAL DISAPPOINTED. OET ANOTHER. Same Post sfflce. C. MAY.?FRIDAY, 4 O'CLOCK. YOU NOT. BUT I. l'lea-c be punctual next anil write a* before, naming n day; tumc place and hoar. HARRY. MB.-IIAVE YODLKFTf ADDRESS K., BOX 138 Herald office. Mary merton-foi:rtekntu and third ave_ tine, 3 o'clock Sunday. NACER.?INFORMATION WANTED OF AUGUST Naneriswitzer). Address Mrs. (JRUMLEY (Mary Creamer). 37 Jackson street Western papers please copy. SPAULDING?IN CASE OF NEED WITH NELLIE, Uoper Glonces er place. On no account visit your relatives. Letter tor you to same name and address nere as the one enclosing important document trom last residence. CIVET. CU^IE-MBET ME, FRIDAY. THE 4TH, AT FIVE O o'clock, on Sixth avenue and Fifteenth street. . CAPTAIN. t STUPID-BROOKLYN, FOURTH AVENUE CAR FOR ter. I'leaae communicate with UKKMAN, pox 130 Herald office. w* CADIE?FRIDAY, 330 P. M.; MUTUAL SALUTE. O Please write where I can see you. Mrs. PHILLIPS. The party that took the pocketbook had better return it to 13 West Thirty-flitl street, as they nkMwah* w 7 Sol E NE NEW YORK, SUJ | PERSONAL. T' WO LADIES?THIRD AVENUE CAR DOWN, FRIduv night, 10, gentleman wht left At Hronine street (ladlai leaving car at Uraud) In politely JeMrouaof forming acquaintance of trie very pretty lady with iiiutT and black hat, occupying corn r seal, and who nmih d as her admirer psaaed; it agreeable please appoint interview, naming tune and place. Addreaa ALBERT CONSTANCE, St. Nicholas Hotel. TIT ANTED?HEIRS AT LAW OK QEOROE SLATER, ?T Knglisbinan, a morocco dresaer. In ISO ot New York, afterwards of Ohio. Addreaa J. TOWNSHEND, 103 Pulton street. New York. WILL THE LADY WHO NOTICED GENTLEMAN with light mustache at Fifth Avenue Theatre Friday evening, 28th, alio in naming out took hold of his coat, send her address to O. P. B., box 149 Herald office? "IITAPHINOTON? FOR YOU MY LIFE. MY SOUL, MY ? ? all, forever your own. H. U. Y. XY. L?MEET ME TUKHDAY, SAME PLACE. Bring the promised photograph. YOU MAY FORGET, BUT OTHERS CANNOT. I EXpect to see you Sunday, at 8 o'clock, without fail. Am walling. P. 2QD STREET HTAOK, EIGHTH AVENUE CAR, FBI0 day; lady in black velvet dress; gent helped you out of stage?can I sec you again f B?, 90S West Twenty-third street. LOST AMI FOUND. IOST?A^JOLD LOCKET, WITHIHE LETTER W J set In diamonds. The finder will receive $100 reward by leaving It at the bar at the Argvle Rooms. Lost?pair gold spectacles, going from Stewurt's to Armstrong's, on Sixth avenue, or In vicinity. Reward will be paid at 1,416 Broadway, near Forty-second street. Lost?at masonic fair. Thursday evening, Chartn (gold fish). Finder will please return to Alpha Chapter table or 63 Morton street Suitable reward. Tost?a diamond stud on the 29tii inst., in 1 the neighborhood ot Beckman and Fulton streets. Tne finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at GALNIDO BROS.'. 46 Dcy street. Lost-policy no. 14,470 in thk mutual life Insurance Company of New York, of no value to any person other than tne owner; a liberal reward will be paid for its delivery to WILLIAM WARD, 22 Broad st Lost?Saturday, march 29, while crossing the Hamilton ferry, about 7 o'clock in the evening, on boat Baltic, two Books. Finder please return to nlcr 27 North River, New York. A reasonable reward pald^ LOST-WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 26, ABOUT a quarter to nine o'clock, cither in or getting off' a Blcecker strei t car, between Broadway and Fulton ferry, a black and fancy tlgured striped India Silk Shawl. A liberal reward will be g'ven for its recovery. Address Mrs. TOWNE, magnetic physician, 14 Clinton place. MINK BOA LO8T-ON THURSDAY; MACDOUGAL to Fourteenth street, by wny of Fourth street aud Broadway. Reward at 135 Macdougal street J^EAD THE EVENING TELEGRAM TO-MORROW. RKWARIM. A-MOONEY'S DETECTIVE AGENCY, 1?2 BROAD. way. We offer our services to the public in the above specially, and refer, among others, to 11. B. Clnltlin A Co., 140 Church sttc el, as to our ability and integrity. JAMES MOONEY, Superintendent. dfeC REWARD.?LOST, ON FRIDAY, A BLUE enamelled Locket, containing hair. The flndor vi ill please retnrn It to 40 Broadway, room 30. (f? r REWARD.?LOST, ON FRIDAY EVENING, A Horse Blanket, In Vesey street, near Broadway. The above rewurd will be paid when returned to 14 and 16 Vesey street . ?LOST, ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, THE SCRAP 3p0. Book of an actress, in going through Attorney and Houston streets to <u nrsi sireei. Any one returning me same to tbe abovt nnmbrr the reward will be paid. $f? REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL SC?fCH TERRIER ?) Doit, color black and yellow, answnfs to the namn or "Tippy;" h(td on brass collar, with steel plate attached, with name and address ot undersigned e nit rayed thereon. E. ROBERTS, llii Willow street, Brooklyn. REWARD.?LOST, MARCH 18, GOING FROM ' Thirty-eighth street and Flfh avenue to Portycevcnth street and Tenth avenue, mnull Paper Box, containing a few articles of no value but to the owner. Call ot 443 West Forty-seventh street. dh-| r REWARD.?LOST, A RUSSIAN LEATHER ?pl?j Pocket bonk, in a Twenty-third streetcar, between Sixth and Fourth avenues, with about $70. Apply at 145 Duane street, up staira dtjim WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY PERSON WHO qpZiV will return the small Black and Tan Dog, lost trpm tbe corner ol Bond street and the Bowery, on Tuesday morning. The above reward piU be paid at 328 Bowery. dfcOK REWARD.?LOST, ON 25TH INST., GOING qpZitJ from Fittieth street to Broadway and Twentieth street, a l ady's Gold Hunting Case Watch, with owner's name engraved on case. Please return to 247 East Fiftieth street and receive the above reward. (fc7C REWARD.-LOST, IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD ?Jp 4 U of Fourth street and the Bowery, or In Bowery, trom Fourth to Houston street, a single stone Diamond Pin, with black enumcl on stem. Return to UEOkUK A. HUNTER A CO..290 flowery. <fl>1 nn REWARD WILL BE PAID TO THE PERSON qpJ.UU returning a Purse (lost on Friday, near Lexington avenue cars) containing a sum of money, three diainoud rings and two gold rings. No questions. B. F. DE CtiSIA, 30 East'i weuty-flrst street. ~~ DRY OOODh. AT STEWART A CO* . will make on Monday, March SI, large > jditions to their already elegant stock of LACE GOODS, including Real Valenciennes Lace Fie.I.ues and Capes, from $11 upwards. Itnltuti Valenciennes Lsce Fiehuoa, $9 upwards. Htviss embroidered SetB, $1 25 upwards. Mourning Sets. 80c. upwards. Brcaktast Sets, in new colors, 80c. upwards. Intuuta' embroidered Robes, $8 upwards. Embroidered Pique Cloaks, $-'> upwards. Lace Caps and Bonnets, in various styles, from $3 80. Black and while Llama Lace Goods. Black and colored Yak l.ace and Inserting. Trimming Laces at prices lully 3. X per cent less than the costol importation. Ladles', misses' and children's Underwear; Capes, Collars, CufTs, Ac. Special bargains and attractions (n REAL INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS. Also a large, elegant and cosily stock of plain und fancy PARIS QUALITY RIBBONS, at28c., 30c., 36c. and 4.V per yard, many formerly sold at $1. A large lot of A, 7 and 9-inch SAbll RIBBONS, nne-ha|l former prices, PALMETTO. SI RAW AND CHIP nATS. I A great variety of misses' and boya' BAILOR HATS, at extrcniciv low prices. Feathers, Flowers, Ornaments, Ac., Ac. BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AND TENTH RTREKTB. I Grand exposition of spring and summer novelties. A. T. STEWART A CO. will offer on Monday, March SI, a Urge purchase of tho BLACK i'll.KS, from $1 per yard tip to the highest qualities, at prices lower than their present cost in Lyons. Also, on centre section or Rotunda, BLACK GROUND SILKS, with WHITE HAIR LIKES, at 75e. per yard GRISAILLE SILKS, excellent qualities, ft per yard. The latest novelties In Medium and Rich Fancy Silks, fTotn $1 60 to $ -' ?o rer yard. In DRKSS GOODS they will display an elegant. selection of new and costly fabrics, prepared exclusively tor tlieir finest retail sales. Vlgoguc SuititiKs. Kmhroldered and plain Baptiste. Cluuy Lace Materials lor Kcdiugoles. Brittes for polonaise. ALDKR1NK FABRICS, plain and fancy. TURKISH MATERIALS ill great variety. Printed Lavi na. In new and tasteful design*. A large stock ot medium Dress Goods, In all the new colorings, iroin 26c. per yard upwards Tliev will also offer n large assortment of ladles' misses' and children's Paris and Mew Vork made SPRING SUITS. Verv elegant black and colored silk Dresses, SCI each upward. Imported mohair and poplin Kuiui, entirely new. $9 cacti upward. The latest novelties in Bacques, Polonaises, Ac. BOYS' READY HADE SPRING SUITS, DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT. The attention ol those who are desirous of securing a PERFECT FITTING DRESS, without alterations. Is requested to this extensive department, now under superior management. Orders received for MOURNING as well as OTHER DESCRIPTIONS OP CUSTOMER arc executed with promptness in ONE to THREE DAYS' notice. No disappointment. Chnrge> extremely moderate. BROADWAY. FOURTH AVENUE, N1NTII AND TENTH STREETS. HAIR I 11 L. SHAW, 362 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, over dry goods store. The largest stock ol Human Hair Goods in the ctty. Import and manufacture their own goods, and retail the in at wholesale prices. Price List. Short Hair Switches. $2 and upward: finest quality Hair Bwltches, solid, not dyed, 18 Inches long. 4 ounces weight $3 Do., 22 Inches long, 4 ounces weight 6 Do., 26 Inches long, 4 ounces weight 8 Do., 32 Inches long, 4 ounces weight 10 Dong single Ourls, naturally curly? iB-iucb, $2; 24-i?cli, $3 80 ; 26-lnch, It. Prise ttea 26c. per yard. Thread Rwitchcs. 30c. each. y SHAW'8 patent llalr rtwltche*. can he cotnhed and brushed, $1 eacn. Patent issued October 29,1868 ; re-issued June 24, 1870. Can be seen ai 362 Bowery. NOTICE.?Any unprincipled person infringing on this patent, or counterfeiting these goods, will be dealt with according to law. Branch fitore, 3(3 Sixth avenue, between Tweaty-second and Twenty-thtrd streets. Ladies' own Hair made over in latest styles. Combings made up at 80c. per ounce. Goeds sent C. O. D. by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of color and money in registered letters or Post office order. ST. TAYLOR'H PATTERN ROOMR, (1? BROAD. way.?Opening week of elegant Costumes, lust received on the St. Laurent steam hip irnm Parts. Exquisite and novel designs In Jackets, Basques, Ac. The ' Louis Quatorze" Coat and the "Louis Quinze" Kedlngote as specialties. Headquarters for teaching the system. jAleat AmIUob leitiiude jreaav UUa wee*. WTO JL)AY. MARCH 8tt, 1873?C, DRY GOODY. jjRELlMl.MARY OPENINO f SPRING i.ILK COSTUMES BLACK SILK WALKING SUITS, COLORED POPLIN WALKING SUITS, CASHMERE WALKING Sl'IT-, BLACK ALPACA WALKING SUITS. NEW SPRING DREiS SILKS. BLACK (HUM GRAIN aud TAPPET A SILKS, NEW SPI.INO WOKbTKD and MOIIAIK GOODS, OASUMEUEH, MOURNING i.OoDS and GRENADINES. CASIIMKRE CLOAKS. DOLMANS, MANTLES, CAPES and POLONAISES, CAM L?b HAIR POLONAISES In the LATEST SPRING STYLES. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE, ALTMAN A CO., will OPEN on MONDAY, MARCH 31, BLACK SILK WALKING SUITS at $60, $65, $75 and $IOU COLORKD POP!,IN, OAHHMKRP, MOHAIR, CKIOTONNK nml KLAi K ALPACA WALKING SUITS, PARIS and BERLIN alylea, at $16. $18, $20, $25, $30, $36, $3rt, $40 and upwuiM. NEW SPHTNO STRIPED sAks, 96c., $1, $1 20 per yard. NEW SPRING JAPANESE SILKS, ?\ per yard. BLACK DRESS SILKS at $1 46, $1 75, $2 per yard. FINE COLORED POPLINS~and MOHAIR DRESS GOODS, atSJc., SSc., 49c.,50c. per yard. FINE BLACK ALPACA8,"ot26c., 31c., 37c. 80c. per yard. FINK BLACK MOHAIRS, ut47c.. 60e.,6Jc., 71>C. per yard. BLCK CRETONNES AN I) CR.'.PE CLOTH, BOc., 60c., 65c. per yard. FINE BLACK CASHMERES, 9&\ and $1 10 per yard. BLACK BOMBAZINES, HENRIETTA AND BIARETZ CLOTHS, ALL WOOL DELAINES. SILK AND WORSTED PLAIN AND STRIPED GRENADINES. In great variety and which wo offer a* a specially GREAT BARGAINS. An examination of the ahovo la reapoctfally solicited. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 SIXTH AVENUE, 333. aT . _ ^ STERN BROTHERS, ^ Sixth avenua and Twenty-third atrcct. 367 Sixth avenno, HO Writ Tw, nty third atrcct, will open and dliplay > Monday and during , thla week additional novcltlca in LADIES' CASHMERE AND DRABETE, 8ACQUKS, DOLMANS. OAPES AND JACKETS, elegantly trimmed, received the past week trom leading Europouu huuaea, which, with their present assort mcnt, will be oflered AT VERY LOW PRICES. f MILLINERY GOODS. ^ ^ Q> Wo have now open all the latent novelties in LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S STRAW UATS AND BONNETS, FRENCH FLOWERS, a very large assortment, AT EXCEEDINGLY LOW PRICES. Gros Grain and Taffeta Bonnet Ribbons, in all widths utid most desirable shades and colors; Roman, Watered. Gros Grain and Taffeta Hash 1-.lotions. Full width Windsor Ties, all colors, tic. Crepe du Cbien and Fancy Scarfs in variety. We beg to call particular attention this season to our complete lines of LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERGARMENTS. Having placed extremely large orders the past Winter we arc thus enabled to offer our immense and well assorted stock at very low prices. We have ftill lines ot every article required In Muslin, Linen and Cambric, mode only 01 the be?t materials , and tbe most iavorite mucinous. Large assortment of Ladles' Lawn Kinbrnlderi d Morning Robes at $4 73, ??. $8 and $<J 60. Lawn Embroidered Dressing Bacqucs, very attractive, at 73 and $2 06. 100 dozen excellent Muslin 16 tuck Skirts, 97c. Childri n's Pique Dresses. Suits, Cloaks and Mantles, Children's Luce < aps, lu grcut variety, in our * f Lace Department. ^ We have immense and well selected lino of Real Onipnro Laces, Heal Thread Laces. Spanish and French blonde I.area, Kealaud Italian Valencicune.s I.oces. Black Yak Laces, lu all widths, very cheap. Colored Yak Laces, In all the new shades and colors, always ou liaud. RTF.RN "BKOTTIERR, Rlxth avenue and Twenty-third street. T~KlNZliY'S. _ 77 Removal to Broadway, corner Ninth street Bargains from last week's Auction Sales. Oreat Bargains In Ribbons? 0, 12 ami 16 Oros Drains at 20c., 25c. und 31c. a yard. AT EINZEY'S. Fancy Ribbons, Roman Ribbons, Plaid Ribbons, (roin tie., Ho., Inc., 15C. U, 25c., Ac., 61c. a yard. AT EINZEY'S. Rash Ribbon in plain, watered, striped, plaids -and gros grains, 33c. to ?1 W yard. ^ KINZET,g Bilk Ties, Hashes, Bows, Handkerchiefs, with and without lacc, 10c. to $2. AT EINZEY'S. 5,0(10 pieces Bugle Trimmings and Fringes, 12yard pieces, 1 25, $1 50, $1 76 to 12 76 entire piece. ^ KIJ(ZEy.g Passementerie Trimmings, Fringes, (limps, Ornament", in all the new style, aad colors. AT EINZEY'R. Milllnerv Silks, Lining Rilks, Velvets. Cran'-a Tarleton l.aces. Millinery Goods of every kind low. AT KINZEY 8. All the new shape* in Bonnets, Round Hats an I Frames, both imported and domesUO good* at KINZEy,g Open'ng fine line of French Flowers, Parasol* and sun Umbrellas, at popular prices. ^ KJNZEY'S Opening a fine line of real (impure Laces, much below cost 01 importation. AT KIKZEY-a Opening two cases new patterns Hamburg Edgings and Insertions, from 3c. to $1 * yard. AT KINZEY'9. An entire new line of I.adics' Underwear, Corsets, 1 Skirts, Bustles, Ac.. Ac. X>U3WCB' ' AT KlNZEY'S. Largo assortment of French, and Oonnin Hosiery 01 every kind, at popular prices. ^ KINZEY'8 Two eases more ot Lupin's Kid Olovcs, embroidered, which We are filing sue., worth $L ^ KlVzEy,g Fine line of French Fanny Ooods, Work Baskets, Hags. Belts. Combs, Brushes, Jewelry, Ac., very low. ^ ^ZZTB. Receiving, by every steamer, New (loodsaud Novelties irom Paris And > lenita. fyjujAM KINZBY. 767 and 76a Broadway, corner Ninth street. T>EMOVAL. McGIRBoN A EDOAB, formerly George McGlbbon, irom 466 Math avenue, have removed'to their new More, J83 Nlath avenue, between ywenty-ihirtl and Twenty-fourth street* Opening MONDAY, March 31, M?w Good*?low nrice. < RK H IUADRUPLE SUKKT?WITJ ik><Y a<wux, Ladies', miosko' and chk.dkkn'm UUMl'LhT.i 0UTE1T it sfulau, 1873. The moat extenrtvo v.irlely An.I r hp ii ncwf-xl r.r li in GUkMIMES, NHll.T It O BBS, DRAWERS. TOILET SACuUES, DRESSING .-ACOCK', MERINO ANO GAU/.K UNDER FLANNELS, INFANTS' ORKBhKH, ROUES, SHAWLS, SIJHS, Ac., Ac.; A.mi Til.l.OW AND .-IILET SIIAM8, Of the FINEST MUSLIN, OAM111110 AND LINEN, At EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. LADIES' MORNING WRAPPERS AND HOUSE ROBES. NEW .TPRINO PARASOLS AND HUN UMBRELLAS, in all the LATEST NOVELTIESREAL LACES, In all wiiiihs and NEW DBSIQN8. RICH DRESS AND CLOAlTFRINnKS, PASSEMENTERIE, CLOAK

uml DRESS ORNAMENTS. LACE OOODR LACF~riL8. SPOTTED NET, KUFFL1NGS, PLAITING AND TRi'MMINQ, fur NECK AND DRESS WEAR. KID GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, HOSIERY and n large ami extcnalve atonic of WIIVTK GOODS, DOMESTICS an I HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, all EXPRESSLY SELECTED for PRESENT DEMAND and to which wo Invite i he attention ol our CUSTOM l.N nml the PUBLIC. H. ALTMAK A CO., SSI and Ins SIX I'll AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FIRST STREET. ANNOUNCEMENT SPECIAL. Jt ** **%* ?*. # W 0 * * * * * ?o * * * * * * ? * # # ? ? ? H. * Jt t M M * * ? MAOY ** # * ? A O 0. ? * # W* **** ?? ?*?.* * * * V %* * * o * ** A Wo nrp rvhililfintr fills w.'ok an UNRIVALLED SELECTION 01 fine french flowers, elegant new ribbons, CHIP AND STRAW IIATS, llama lace SACQUKs" STYLISH PARASOLS, KID GLOVER, AT LOW PRICES. r. ii. maoy A co., Fourteenth street nntl Sixth avenue. j^t james m'creerv a 00.'s. Broadway and Eleventh street 1873. spring Styled. 1873. On Wednesday. April 2, we shall exhibit our Spring st> les of I mites' and children's Walking Suits and Dredges, Ladies' and Children's Cioaks, Ladies' Trousseaux, Infants' Wardrobes. Also, in the Millinery Department, Ladies' and Children's llats of the latest Paris Importation. An Inspection of our stock is respectfully solicited. No Circulars have been sent out lor this opening. ^t jameh m'creery A oo.'s, Broadway and Eleventh street, will offer on Monday, March 31, I Gray and black stripes, 87Jic. per yard. Black ground, with a . arlety ot rolored stripes, 87ko. Colored grounds in Die newest shades, litrvc and snintl stripes of darker shades, terming a handsome combination, $l SO. (Fresh Goods, comprising shades never before exhibited. $2 25, (2 75and $3, to the finest imported. '"/J'J"'" ] Staple colors and the balance of our j stork of Fall shades at less than European (prices. j^t jameh m'creery a co.'8, Broadway and Eleventh street, Black Silks, Black Silks. The "Sublime," satin finish, for Spring and Summer wear, S2 25. We can furnish a han I some finished 24-Inch Black Silk which we guarantee will give satlsiuetion. jyjoukning goods! mourning goods i JAMF.S MrCKKERY A CO., Broadway and Eleventh street, ' will exhibit on Monday, March 31, large additions to their Mourning Department, comprising a fresh invoice of black Silk Grenadines, In plain brocade and stripes. Elegant Silk and Salin Hern.inics ami Grenadines. Silk and Wool Grenadines in all the new and desirable styics oi Mesh. Also Tamlse, Henrietta ami Errp'ess Cloths, Casslmcres, English and French Bombazines, Barathea and Crape Cloths, Bombazine, Cloth, English Crapes, Lustres. A lp en.-. Ac.. Ac., in great variety. james m'creery A co.'8, Broadway and Eleventh street. Real India Camel's Hair Hliawls. Ladles are respectfully Invited to examine our magnificent Spring Importation ei Camel's Hair shawls and Scarfs, '1 hose goods have been carefullv selected with a view to eholen colorings and elegance ot design, and will bo (old at extraordinary low prices. We will also exhibit a large assortment of Spring Ottoman. Plaid, Shetland aad handsome Travelling shawls at very attractive prices. And the hush still continues!?rouss, BELL A CO. will commence their sale of Dress Goods, very slightly damaged, iroin the tire in their Eighth avenue s'ore, to-morrow (Monday). Till- week's gpcuulty will be Dress Goods. Four esses ( halli Delaines. He.; three cases Plaid Mohairs. 12>?c.; yard wide Poplin Plaids, I6e. All who examine lha?e goods will ho satisfied they would be cheap at dpiblc the money. fi'.iHJU yards Corded Alpacas, In ail We new shades, at 25c.; heavy Corded Velours, 37ke.; ;ln elegant Black Alpaca at 25c.: 10,000 yards, short lengths, ol Black Merinos at 20c.; Flannels, Tickings, CotiuU rpam s, Lancaster Ginghams and Cambrics, 12k'-.; five cases Ballou Lonsdale Bleached Muslin at I2)^c., positively worth 19e. Iiv the ease: Atlantic Sheetings and fine brands yard wide Brown Muslins at 12>?o. Linen Damasks, Napkins and all makes of White Goods at unusually low prices. The ubove Goods arc all very slightly damaged, nut we nri determined to make short work ot this stock, and at these prices it Is only a rtucstlon ol a lew days. Laces, lc.: Ho e, 10c., and 1 i.ono lead tig I ems saved from the Notion Department, almost perfect. Ingrain and patent tHpestry Carpets. (Fie.; extra super English Ingrain. 76e.; Oilcloths, in all wldihs, 25c. and upward. An opportunity like this occurs hut once In a II etiine. All lovers of cheap Goods sre specially invited. At the great East Side Bargain Head'iiiartera. KOL'SS, BELL A CO., 4S5 Ojjtnd street A." c. W. FRENCH will open on "? _ MONDAY, March 24, tc jr new Spring * Z Stvles ol ti White aiid Colored _ 7 Shirts, p2 5 made to order. First class work and fit. > Call and lee samples ?' 2 at St - 93f>, $42 and 94fl per dozen. 2 c * r Fine English O Umbrella* C 5 lor ladles and gentlemen. ; I,adieu' French Jewelry, C Chatelaines, Kelts, Ac. z A complete new stock of Men's Famishing floods per steamship Cnlia. C. W. FRENCH, Importer of Men's Famishing Goods and flae French Jcwelty, S69 Broadway, Prince street corner. A CLEARING OUT SALE at nil Broadway. The whole stock to bo sold At a groat sacrifice, to close out. the business. The stock consists of Real Laces, Embroideries, Ribbons, Velvets And Dress Trimmings of AH descriptions. A large assortment of Fans And Fancy Goods, too numerous To mention. Ladies' Undergarments And Dressing Saoiiues. The store to let and Fixtures for sale. W. EMBERRON._ k T MMK. J. D. LI VERRK'8, 441 8IXTII A VP. NT I Ml, ft between Tweniy-slxth and Twenty-seventh streets, Stamping and Embroidery Establishment?Children's pique Dresses, stamped and already made: French Lingerie and Ladies' Undergarments; handsome Initials snd Monograms embroidered to order; Laces clean* d end mad* taual new. # ERAI 3 SUPPLEMENT. mi* guoo*. A? MKAKKH, . MKAI EH, MIC Alt. OS, ME A Roe, Alio ARES, W1AKKS, MKAK1C3, MICA It ICS, UK ARK A MKAKKH, MEVKKS, MIC ARKS, * MKAKKH, M KAKEH, MEAKES. MEAKES, MKARKR, MIC ARKS. MEAKES, MK ARKS, MfcARES, MEAKES, MEvKKS, MTCAKK8, MEARBS, MI ARKS, M1CARCS, MEARES, MK AllKS, MEARES, MEAKES, MKAKKS, MEAKES, MEAKES, MIC A RES, M BARBS, MKAKKH, Sixth avenue and Nineteenth atrcet. , OPKMM. ON MONDAY, IN ALE OUR VARIOUS DEPARTMENT, , SPRING GOODS IN LATEST DESIGNS. 100 riceea Striped -Ilka, black and whl'e prounda. Color d Hirincs. in rich deslpns, 7 and $1 yard. KM) i loco* 24-Inch t'oloic I I rein silka, ol' auporlor quality . $1 7ft yard, worth )2 ft,). i opu ar makes of Black Silks, In alt qualities, $150, $1 7ft, $2, $2 60 to $5 \ar I. Rla k and Colored Turquoise Silks, In neweHtshadea. Kinc Co'ored Cashmeres, in mignonette and other shu leu. Serges, Almicus Ponllns, Ja >ane*e Silk; and Calicoes, ltiu pieces Pupiius and Alpaca*, in new sha tes, 20c., 30c-, arc and 4Sc. ifrip ec 's.Iap n"se Silks. bos' pattern*. 5'c. and Me. 1W> ii cos ( asum res an I herring, mignonette shades, Cfle . "&? . and 80c. Hluek Alpucua, in best makes, 26c., 30c.. 38c., 44c. and Mlc. It? p ccc*Japanese fltrlpc, 2fc., 30c. and 31c. 2 can a choicest patterns in Oulieoi g. IV>? yard. lit.uJsomc put'.cniH in l'eicaics lor buirtlngs, Waist.*, Ac. Full tlno of Moil rein** One ds, in Cashinete*, ilomhuz nc . Hlarrits, Cord*, A ? L.iWKdr rR.Or.ri. At ubarb8', Sixth a venae and Nineteenth street. OPENING ON MONDAY. Black an.1 Colored Yak Laces, also an assortment of Colored i noes to match the new shades; real Guipure, Thread. Cluny and Point l aces. Sit pieces real Guipure, purchased at (lie late auction ale* if, per cent under regular prices. f'.OU) yards llaml.urg Edgings and Inserting)) in all widths, cheapest goods ever offered, l,aoe Ties, Sleeves, collars, Hows, Ftchus, Iiandkerch efs, Etchings and I'luiiiugs in new styles. At meark.s\ Sixtli avenue and Nineteenth street. Wli WiLL OPEN ON MONDAY, at prices much less than cost of manufacturing, an immense slock of I odlcs' and Children's iteady-madu Underclothing, Children's Merino Cloaks. Luce Caps, Bibs, I inhroiderod shawls, Itobes and Dresses. We do.-ire to rail the special attention o< onr customers to ihls Department, having made large additions to It. Chemise, Masonvillc muslin, lino tucked linen irouts, embroidered edge, 91 .'ft, 91 44, 91 flu. 91 73 and 91 88. Nightgowns tacked, yoke buck and trout, $1 40. Nightgowns, bias tucking down the Iront, lace trimming, 91 '.k>. Nightgowns, cluster tucks and embroidered Inserting, 92 *3. Drawers, tine muslin, tucks and embroidered Inserting and edging, 91 25. Drawers, fine muslin, tucks, puffing and embroidered trimming, $1 CO Underskirt*. flue muslin, tucks and ruffilngs, 91. Underskirts, very tine inu lin. tucks ami embroidery, 91 38 and 91 44. Toilet Fnc?iucs, 96c., $1, 91 .'5, 91 BO nnd $1 75. Cambric Toilet riactjues, luce and embroidered trimming ami puffing, in newest shapes, at very low prices. French wove ami timid-made Corsets in popular makes. 610 dozen French wove embroidered Corsets, $1 25. worth acknowledged to he the cheapest Corset In the market A lotol line French wove Corsets, N)c.,7.r>c. and 91AT MBARBS', Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. NOW OPENING, Millinery Goods, tine French Flowers, Straw Goods, Pruuics and Hound Hats, in latest styles. Plain and Gros Grain Hash Klhhons, new colors; Windsor Tics, Human Ties and sashes, all widths. Dress Trimmings and'Fringes, latest novelties; Passementerie Gimps, Crocket Loops, Buttons and Trimmings. At meares', Sixth avenne nnd Nineteenth street. NOW OPENING, Ralhrlggan, English und Gorman Hosiery, In extra lengths, tor ladies nnd children. Merino Undergarments, adapted to the present season. One, two and three button Kid Gloves, in Spring shades. 100 doren extrn long English Stockings, 3 c.; worth 63e. Now opening, housekeeping nnd Domestic Goods. Table, l.mens. Towels, Napkins, Quilts, Mhirting and Sheetings. Nottingham and real Lace Curtains, Tidiesand Piano Covers. At meakf.s', sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. We have now In preparation a department specially fitted up for the exhibition of Fpiing Suits Morning Wrappers, Ovcrskits. Children's nnd Misses' Suits, Opening ol winch due notice will lie given. richard meares, Sow tli n vptiiip anil Niniitunntli sirtKit MRKIMAN A CO. (LATE OF NEW ORLEANS) . have located themselves at 26 Union square (a few door* uikjvc Tiffany A Co.'m ami 25 Fast Fifteenth street, where they will keep constantly on hand a complete ami extensive assortment *t Korreign and Domestic Dry (ioods, at price* that cannot fail to pleiiac the public. our entire slock is new and of the latest importation*. We will exhibit on Monday, March SI, 1873, the latest novelties In all our departments ut the following low prices, viz Silk Department. Fancy Silks?1RI pieces Lyons all boiled OrLsalle Striped Silk at UOe.: worth *1 30. Ill) pieces Stripes, in all the new shades, at 05c , $1, SI 15, gl 'A $| 40, $1 5U and $1 05; 26 per cent below the regular prlre. 65 pieces Lvuiia all-boiled Checks, at 85c.; regular price SI U). 150 pieces Solid Colors, In all the new shades and celebrated Lyons make, at gl 26, $1 40, $1 60, $1 75, $2. f2 25 and upward. 1ILACK SILKS. Fine Hlack Silks, at $1, Si 15, $1 25. SI 60, SI C2>j ,81 75, SI 85, S2 and upwards. 24 inch Lvotis Hlack Oros Grain, at SI 20, St 25, SI 60, SI 76, S 1 00 ami S2. '25-inch Lyons Ulae.k Gros Grain, of the celebrated Pon oii make, S2 25, S2 50. S2 00, $2 75, 8-3, S < 25 and $3 50. 26 iueh Hlack Gros Grain, of the celebrated Itellon make, at S2, $2 25, S2 40. S2 55, S2 75. $3, S.I 25 and 83 f-0. And silks of all the other celebrated makes, at proportionally low prices. An I ispeclioi) oi the above department Is respectfully Solicited. M. KEIMAN A GO.i 25 Union Hipiare and 25 Last Fifteenth street, will display oil Monday, March HI, 187.1, in their DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT, u large and elcgunt Hue of Freueh, German and Hritlsh Fabrics. 150 pieces Gamer* Hair Cloths, at 46c., regular price 70c. 8 rates t'rapo da Chltie-Moznmulques, at 18c. 14 eases Plaid Mohairs, at 15c., worth 22c. Cashmeres all Wool Diagonals, Silk and Wool Taffetas, Plain ami Mr!pod Mohuirs, Silk rouges, Creton*, Granite Poplins, Man n_o Suitings, llrlstol Cloth and Geneva Mohairs 3 cases elegant quality Silk and Wool Foulard, ut 6>. (Irom Huctiou), worth SI, and thousands ot other fuhrirs too numerous to mention. MOURNING GOODS DEPARTMENT. We shall open on Monday, March SI, 1873, ono case Hlack iron Frame Grenudlne, nil silk nud wool, ut 65e., 65c., 76c. per vartl and upwards. Also all the novelties in Silk an l Striped Grenadines. 2 eases Drap de France, all wool, a yard wide, at 65c., worth o.'c. 5cases English and French Romhaxtne Silk Warp Tnntese cloth and Summer Dran d'etc at Si 2D per vard. Black Australian Crapes, 40e., 5()c., ft.c., and upward. IILACK ALPACAS. Tiie i,est mnkes nt. the most attractive nrices. Court land's hngiisb Crape*, nil width*, < ut on the Ida*. Crape* recritnped and redved, warranted equal to new. LINEN ANIt HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. All *taudard make* ol shirting* and Hhcotlng* at manulaeturers' price*, SOU piece* 4-1 lrl*h Linen, 25c. per vard and upward. 100 piece* 1(M Linen Shirting ut 85c. per yard, worth fl 10. 500 dozen all linen Napkin*, at |1, |l 25, 91 40 and 91 75 per dozcu. 1,01 dozen all linen Napkin* extra large *lze and iloulilo Hal.ii l>niua*k, at 92, 25, 92 50, 92 75 and 9-1 901 dozen all linen Towel* at 50c., 75c., 90c., 91, 91 25, 91 50, $1 75, 92, 92 5o. 9<. 50 per liali ho/en. 4'in dozen I toy lie* at UOc per dozen and upwards. 100 dozen fruit Napkin* at 91 per dozen. 05 piece* 8-4 fl tie linen utile Damask, fiOc , OV., 75c., H7l'?r... 91, 91 25 and $1 50; twenty per cent below regular priec. 100 piece* red end Diaper at 91 per plere, worth 91 50. 251 piece* birds-eye all linen Diaper at 2.V per yard. 50ft wliite (junta, from auction, at $1, regular price $1 its. M. RKIMAN A CO. will offer Monoav. March SI. l"7\ in their KlUccrth street *tore, an elegant assortment or ladies' and children'*dome*t|e. and imported Underwear at hilly 25 per cent heiow the regular price. 500 plain band Chemise*, all ot the bust Wamautu muslin, at $1. Huflted Chemise*, cor led with hands, 91 15. ClieinkHC, tuciscd, front an 1 back yoke, at 91 50. Chemist, tucked, puffed and edging, at 91 05. Chemise, tucked, insertion, putted anik edging, at 92. French Imported linen chemise, at 9.T50 French imported cumhrir ('In ini*e, at 9'2 50. Nig ill Gowns, lucked and rufllc 1. at 92 15. Night Gowns, puffed and tucked, all of Wamsutta muslin, at 92 35. Cambric Gown*, nuffed, tucked and Insertion, at 95. Dressing Hacks, puffed, tucked and embroidered, at 91 75. Drawing Racks, pnffed, tucked and insertion, at 92 25. Diawers, puffed and tucked, at 91. Drawers, tucked and cmeroidcrcd, at 91 75. Drawer*, tucked. Wam-utta muslin, atSHc. French linen Drawers, at 92. Frcnen Dressing Hacks, at 94 25. A largo vaneiy 01 isairis irnm ?i lipwarus. Hpecisl attention is called to our extensive Corset Department. A good whalebone Corset, at 98c. lull hone Cornets, at $1 W. 800 embroidered Corsets, at 91 28. French Coutell Corsets. 9> 74A Urge variety oi children's Corsets. In otir Suit Department (entrance on Fifteenth street) there Inconstantly kept on hand the latest novelties In Paris and Berlin made fiults. Walking Holts In all the new shades with cither Polonaise or Basque, from 912 and onwards. Camel's hair serge Hulls black and colored silk Walking, Carriage arid Evening Hulls; drap d ete Dolmans, Mantles and Polonaises of the latest spring importations, t-uus made to order at eight hours' notice in the latest "'^vv'wlll open on Monday, March SI, 1873, Novcltloa In Laoc HaAiues and Bhawls at moat attractive prices. Hpecialtiea. Our cheap counter will contain on Monday thousand* of Articles in the Dry floods Hue at half their value Also 10 case* of French and English Percales Irom IJ)kc. and upwards. Wc respectfully aollclt an Inspection ot our stock by tha ladies and public In general. At v7 viooiiRorx'8, ib fourth avemub, Stamping, Lingerie Embroidery EstabUshmeaL? Ladies' and Babies7 Trousseaux, specialty of Initial Monograms for Handkerchiefs, Table and Bed Cioths. The largest Block of French Embroidered Hoods, MarIwvlfUigiaVC ,n(1 CloU>' wtlu>eMlc *Btranc? 09 East t j D PRICE FIVE CENTS. DRV GOODS. Ar ~ UUOO RRRRR ANN DDDDD "UK R AA NN N i> D O UR R AA NNND D (l it u a a n m n n r> O RKRRlt AAAAA N N N I) D ? 5 RA A N N N D D O ??5 RA A N N N D D a o n r a an n n n d GGGU R R A ANN DDDDD OOO PPP EEEE nn N n NN N GGO 0. OP P E NNNIINNNG O 0 O P P E NNN1INNNGU l> OP PE NNNIINNNG 0 O PPP EEE N N N II N N N G 0 OP E NNNIINNNG 0 OP K N N N II N N N G 00 OOP E NNNIINNNOG 000 P EEEE N NN II N NN GQGG DISPLAY ^ MONDAY. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, ^ ^MABCII ai.^ ^Al'KlL 1.^ f APRIL 2. ^ at EEEE n H RRR ~H ~ CC H H BBSS E II H K R II O C H H ? S E MURK II C II II > S E II II R R II C H H 8 KB IIII If II RRR II O Hnilll BBS E II II R R II C II H fl E 11 U R R II 0 H H' S K H U It R II C C II H B 8 EEEE H II R R II CO H II BBS f^TKMPl.K^ ^f~OF~f FASHION, t EIGIITTI*AVENUE, NEAR TW i:NT\ -F(?U RIII STREET. All the latest Spring stylos now ready and on exhibh tion. Our friends, patrons snd the public at large are cordliilly Invited to call and Inspect our stock without ruler1-nre to purchase. KIIRICII A CO., 2-." and 289 Eighth avenue, near Twenty-lourth street. ^ D. 1873. SPRING. 18 M. IT. O'NEILL A CO. will open on MONDAY, Marcb 31, a full line of new Spring Millinery Goods. Latest novelties in French and English Chip and Milan Round llats and Bonnets. i'00 cases Milan Round Huts, from (Me. to 82 so. tO cases Milun llonnets, from 81 to S3. All ol the lulest and most desirable shapes. Ribbons. Gros Grain cash Ribbons, Wutered Stisb Ribbons, , Block and Fancy l'lnd ush Ribbons. IOO cartons Gros Grain Sash Ribbons, 81 a yard, warranted all silk. 2) cumins 8-inch Watered S.tsli Ribbons, 81 -38; worth 82 W. 51 cartons of 7-Inch Black Plain, 05c. yard. 50cartons/-inch Plaiu Bash Ribbons, 95c.; warranted all silk. All the new Spring Shades In Bonnet Ribbons. French Flowers. Roses, Rose Vines, moufciers, Garlands. 40 cases new Flowers all or the latest Parisian Novelties. Laces. Black Thread, Guipure, Valenciennes, Spanish Lacef Veils, Dotted Vets, 11 alines, Illusion* Embroideries Made-up Lace Goods Children's Lace Capes, in all the newest styles. Ladies' Tics. in endless variety. 1,000 dozen t'^-inrh Windsor Tics, 40c. Crape d? Cluhc Ties. Fancy Ties. Ludies, go to O'NEILL'S for Millinery Goods. All goods marked In plain tliturcti N. B.?ltcductiou to the trade. H. 'O'NEILL A CO., 327 and 329 Sixth avenue and Twentieth street. AT BRADBCRY BROS.', 312 and 314 Bowery, one door below Hteccker street, will he offered on Monday, Mat ch 31, the greatest indue meats in Dress and suit Materials to be found in this city." French Serges, plain colors, 23c. Mohair Lustres, double width, 31c. English Poplins, new (hades, 37)?c. English Poplins, superior quality, 45c. to 50c. Boat quality Silk Chain Japanese Silks, 40c. sold heretofore at 75c. Superb Indian Tussore Stripes, new cloth shades, 60c. French Parisicnncs, plain colors, all wool, 50& All Silk and Wool Poplin Rave, 28-Inch, 75c. Also great bargains iu black Goods. Our superior make of Black Alpacas, 20c. and up. Britannia cloth, 25c. Heavy Poplin Alpacas, 37f?c. Cashmeres, 50c. to 60c. Cashmeres, superb quality, all wool, 75c, Crapes by the yard and In Veils. Black Grenadines, Ac., Ac. Also Bluck gros grain and glace Silks, $1 to 11% Heavier quality, $1 37 to $150. A great bargain in Ouluet's celebrated Black Silk, at$l 73, warranted to wear ami of supprlor lustre, ,r , ?,...f-it..niiti Iv l.,ur Suit* readymade and to order. Now finished, a fine assortment of Suit* in all the new shade*, 913 to $"&, unsurpassed for style and ei|uul in quality of materials to suits usually sold at inueli Inither prices. HltADBl RY BROTHERS, 312 and 314 Bowery. ANOTHER GRAND Ol-KNINO. EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN BLACK SII.KS. 1873. SPRING IMPORTATION. 1873. Cll AKI.K.S II KA Itl) A CO., :tl)l IIHAND STREET, will offer on MONUAV, March 31, lt>5 additional pieces superior duality Black si I.K; new goods, ot recent lmporiation, and much helow regular prices. Rich Black (irosde Hlilue !?c, $1. $1 10, |1 30 Extra rich Urns de Rhine 91 3l>, $1 40, $1 AO, (I (XI Rich Ilia. k Drap Ue l.yon 91, 91 10, $1 20, I 1 40 Rich Black l)rup de France 91 10. 9> 30, 91 30, d 90 Rich Black Urns drain 91, 91 10, fl 20, II 30 Still richer (Iros Drain 91 40, 91 .'0, 91 00, III 73 Extra super (Iros Drain 92, 9'2 2.>, 92 40, 92 AO satin finish Dros Drain. 92 29. 92 90. 92 73. $3 Also a largo addition to their line ot Spring and Summer Check and Striped sll.KS, trom 6fic. ut>. Friend*, customers and strangcrsnrc Invited to call and examine. CHARLES HEARD A CO., 301 Drand street AT SMITH'S P ATT URN BAZAAR, 014 BROADWAY, near Twentieth street?New designs, new imported styles magic Costume, heautlliil Toilets, Patterns, with cloth models, now readv. Coma early. AT MMK. COLLINS', 26 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, dressmaking estalillshment. Indies can rely on setting perfect fitting dresses made, trimmed In the latest Parisian styles. ladies invited to call. A?A.?A.?INDIA CAMELS' HAIR SHAWLS AND Kcarls: exceedingly choice goods. J. RIJhSELL, :vi East Twentieth street. ClOMPAONIB LYONAISE, MALE ARTISTS IN ) dressmaking, 151 Knit Thirtieth street, between Lexington and Third ATfDtos, tor many years cutters nn<l designers lor leading Paris esahllsllmeiita, hava commenced business in New York at tho above address. A lady celebrated inr taste attends the reception room. JOI VIV A CO. KID (JLOVKH, MAISON VIOLET PF.Rftimery.?An assortment o' the genuine articles always on hand at II. ORODEK A CO'S.Iato h. Bruu, 52 East Twellth street, west ol Broadway. MME. RALLINOS, 1,115 BROADWAY.?OPEN I N<5 Tii?I? u nil W?,ln,,S>v Ai.rll M ?.! Ot h rl..l. -...t elegant novelties in carriage, dinner anil walking Costumes, Bonnets and Hiund Half* iroin Virol, Mantel and There*? ami otliei rlr .-t claw Parisian artist* MMK. MYKRH, 340 FOURTH AVENUE. WILL OPKM on Monday a larue assortment of Mourning Millinery, Hull* anil Fancy Goods. Mourning order* executed at eight hour*' notice. MATTINGS, MAT! INGM.?GREAT JOB IN RED, whih- ami lancy Ann white, 20; Cnrpeta, Rlankeu and Woollen Goods, l>ui'a:>'s Canvas, Rtickrama, Ac. A. LUSTER k CO., 103 Chamber* atreet. NEW YORK DYEING AND PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, 8TATF.N ISLAND. ESTABLISHED rN 181#. 98 Duane atreet, near Broadway, ) _ 7M Broadway, near Eighth street, 5 New York* 810 stxih avenue, near Thirty-sixth at,7 188 ami 188 rierrepont at., near Fatten, Brooklyn. Dye, Cleanse and Hernial ladies' and gentlemen's Oan mi nts and Piece Goods In a superior manner. NOVBI.T1H8 IN PIQUE DRESS TRIMMINGS. Embroidered Flounce*, Ruffing and Insertion* Scotch Work, very haudsoine and durable. Children's I'lquc suit* and Aprons, embroidered and braided The whole will be offered at half the cost of home manufacture, spring style* ot the celebrated Colby Skirts and Ladv ot Lome Panlers. J. 8. COLBY. Importer, a JHdHoiifttesUi iweeV pquutn.

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