Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 10
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in 4V FIMNiML AND COMMERCML. The Money Market Stringent to the Close. + . . The Last Dealings at 7 Coin a 1-64 and Interest. Continued Firmness and a Further Advance in Gold. THE PRICE CLOSES AT 117. Enormous Importations of Foreign Goods During the Week. The To till Nearly Fourteen Million Dollars. A "BAD" BANK STATEMENT. The Reserve Below the Legal Limit Once More. 8T0CES DULL AND STEADY. Satcrday, March 29?a F. M.} Ob 'Change to-day cotton wan quiet, but Bteady for "spot," while futures were In moderate request and slightly easier. Flour remulned quiet aud unchanged. Wheat was dull and nominal, while corn was in light request and Bomewhat easier. tub imports ok the weekThe total imports of foreign merchandise at the port ol New York for the past week were $13,884,608, made up of $3,631,067 ol dry goods and $10,352,941 of general merchandise. the cotton movement. The total receipts of cotton at all the ports for the past week were 56,016 bales, against 74,106 bales the previous week. The total receipts since September 1. 1872, are 3,011,066 bales, against 2,427,047 for the same period of last year, showing an increase In tne present crop cf 683,109 bales. The exports irom all the ports for the week were 47,088 bales, against 56,3o? Inst year. The total exports for the expired portion of the cotton year are 1,850,029 bales, against 1,655,972 last year. The stock at all the ports Is 526,046 bales, against 397,191 for same date in 1872. the foreign market. Consols and Onircd States bonds In the London market were steady, if not Arm. Erie shares were better and closed at 52>4. Quotations were otherwise unaltered. money stringent. The money market was stringent, and despite the usual experience or Saturday the demand continued active to the close of banking hours. The rate on call opened at 1-16 and interest, the "commission" of 1-16 being paid for the Interval to Monday. As the day wore on the rate fell otr to 1-64 and interest, and eventually to 7 per cent com, the closing transactions alternating on these last two rntes. Foreign exchange was lower for aight sterling, prime bills being ottered at 109. Bixty-day bills were quoted as before. tlik bank statement. The weekly statement of the associated banks 1h unfavorable and the reserve is again below the legal lino, this time to the extent of nearly $400,000. This result has been brought about by a decrease in specie to tbe extent of u million uud a quarter dollars, some of which has been locked up by the pool In the Cold Room, but most of It, doubtless, going Into the Custom House lor duties. A gain of nearly half a million In legal tenders Is an encouraging sign and leads to the belief that the return movement of currency ITom the West has been larger tban the outgo of currency in connection with the april 8etti.emknts. The loss of resources has compelled the banks to make a further contraction in loans, which In turn appears as a decrease in deposits. The statement eomparcs with its predecessor as follows:? March 22. March 29. Loans $275,198,800 $274,348,700 Hpecie 17,472,300 16,179,100 Circulation 27,013,600 27,035,700 UeUOSIIH iw,>n>n,iuil l,cgal tenders 38,304,200 38,720,800 ?The changes being In detail as lollows:? Decrease in loans $850,100 Decrease In specie 1,203,200 Increase in circulation 22,100 Decrease In deposits 1,114,800 increase In legal tenders % 42ft,600 An analysis of the above figures shows that the banks now hold $377,200 less than the reserve refoired by law?a decrease for the week of $594,425. GOLD ST KONG?116 * A 117. The gold market was strong and advanced to 117 ndcr the Impetus communicated by the returns from the Custom House, showing the total imports this week to have been as above recorded, nearly $14,000,000. The market was firm at the advance, the last sales being at. 117. The course of the market is shown in t he table:? 10 A. M 116* 1:35 r. M 116* 10:01 A. M 116*, 1:54 I*. M 117 10:05 A. M 110^ 2 P. M 116* 11 A. M 110* 2:26 1>. M 117 . 11:10 A. M 116* 2:30 P. M 1167^ 12 U 116* 2:55 P. M 117 1 P. M 116* 3 P. M. 116* a 117 In the gold loan market the rates ranged from 1 per cent for carrying to tut for borrowing. The operations of the Uold Exchange Dank were as follows Uold cleared $82,472,000 Uold balances 1,297,425 Currency balances 2,218,563 The Hub-Treasury paid oot $40,000 on account of Interest and $1,400 on accouutof redeemed flve twenties. THK SrFCIK MOVEMENT. The exports of specie to-day amonnted to $10D,ooo, silver, and for the week were $748,012. The total exports for the weea and since the beginning of the year compare as follows :? Total tor the week $746,012 Previously reported 12,599,ioo Total since January 1, 1873 $13,347,318 Stmie time 1872 6,184,024 Hume tune 1H71 14,131,862 Santo nine 1870 6,682,319 Same tune 1809 9,352,018 Saiue time v?08 10,225,519 THE t( A1I.ROAD BONDS. The railroad nonds were qnlte active for the Krles and Onion Pacifies, with the market trm. Boston, Hartford and Krlss were lower at 39. me fallowing were the bids at the call as amended f?y prices in subsequent dealings :? VVt!'!' ft 2'?' * 'stm, ?.... 95 ? Z Isft. ?V I"1 * w '?L idiMfii I $,miIi. fi Tol A iV$li2f1m OH Aew Tjoik t en 7>. 76..1UI* Jo I A W.ib equip Ma.'.'. at Brie lei in, extended..ltxi* Tol A Wab con couv W t'rte-"."'a2 trie J'i.idm, xi yq ot wi-ii '?1 m'%i!n 2x ?ri*7'Mth in, 'SO ioi)$ Quinc\ A IuTiul uV"' 2l ?.-uZ A {' lM '" 77 to ("hit. It I Ai'ac 1|??/ iaK fed:::; WW ftsui telf'S!? ?. ' m ' ** *R^|o,...... 102)$ K J SnntlUTn tut rn 7<iz . Alb a Ku??dt"i?H.n.i*. . 1U, V-'Vu ? W V?]'icVi1,1'"?'* i Aib A Ku?lki Mi SB i',u, |. Vt f 1' 111 5 1 Mich en 1,1 Bl. ? |?l< < "v A Hti , ? "' \?lKh ho V I, < I'd !?vj , , v A IMu- ii n, "' l\ \Sm-I> Co A N I,(. 7 pc 10', ( -v ? iM"1 ?L 'hvl Tol , I InU. ..... 101 (icy * Pit iii 4i l^i 8* ,M'" !,4< *AiirV J ,%4.i A ?'!?! iMla 07^ < file A All Ulii. . Ju'u I . * A A new Ixl, Ml ( hl< A Alt uicouii. a'" Hui.'xft J-.rt* new (xl*... uxk (i|1k) a im,?, ' , *?,. '. k,.V":n '"IT'"'? W'.'i Ohio* Mtoi tun !."" 8$ Ifii I Nicjflr ffojd I iIh. .. 10.1'4 Hinli Jt Sioux i it v lAltilv t*7 * * CM. ,'tji Heine M,. .. iVninsula *?i nV'^.n . M I m.ili i J Mm.,.. 87 Hi I out, A Iron M tut 91 Line,ii !'.*< lllr III 79't( MII A II' IMIH N> I'I'I low I ini'D Pt'.iSf toe lo'n.. 76* Misii' i,t. "ki.c p i S<i iiitool, t e.1 7lift ft,78. HH'i M A HI I' let in, 1 A M J? 8e * Alt A fir ll Utin IU> (in, A Mil Utin... . iuu /JIA Itr II inc. 8iu J"iu t A . tot at HUfatfiMMML - f -a* NEW YORK HKKALJJ ? Oilr 1 N W ? 1 99 Col, Ohio A had Int..... M < hlc A in W con In!* Cel. Chic A I lid ill WJfc Chic A N W cxtcii UIk. 90 ToL PAW K D M chic a n w im m ico To), rtt.wn ? low* M inland m'h, 1st iiilim Tol. I'AW Kurl'n div. ? ll?n A KJu ik HM* N Y A N II ? ? w Del, j.ack A W l*t in.. WB Port, H A Kne 88* l)cl I aick A Weal ltd in. 97* Ced i-Till* A Min lrt ui ?' Del, Duck A W 7'* cou.. Vefc Bur. CHAM V?, l?Uk TUB I N ION PACIFIC BAII.BOAD. The following la the official return of the bUHlnesa of the truffle department of the Union Pacific lUllroad:? tYbruarv, 1172. Fttoitarv, 1873. Karnlnim J6.14.llft $481,783 Expenses............ "3921864 289,266 Net earnlags $141,761 $202,617 1872. 1873. Jan. 1 to Frb. 29. Jan. 1 to Feb. 28. Earnings $808,051' , $l,oi4,768 Expenses 772,006 640,833 Net earnings $36,066 $374,026 Increase or gross earnings for 1873 over 1872. $207,707 Increase ol net earnings for 1873 over 1872.. 338,009 TMg CITY* BANK STOCKS. The following were the Mds for the cltj baak shares:?New York, 133)*; Merchants', 116; Mechanics', 138; Union, 138; America, 160; City, 260; Phenix, 102; North River, 86; Mechanics and Traders', 130; Qallatln National, 124; Merchants' Exchange, 90; Leather Manufacturers', 176; State of New York, 110; Commerce, 116; Mechanics'Banking Association, 107; Mercantile, 138; American Exchange. 110; Bank of North America, 100; Hanover, 106; Irving, 122; Metropolitan, 133).;; People's, 140; Market, 123; Nassau, 106%; Shoe and Leather, 160; Corn Exchange, 126; Continental, 77; St. Nicholas, 116%; Commonwealth, 86; New York County, 200; Importers and Traders', 176; Park, 147; Mannfactnrers and Merchants', 100; New York National Exchange, 90; Central National, 97; Fourth National, 110; Ninth National, 106; Gold Exchange, 112. GOVERNMENTS FIRM. The government list waB heavy in the forenoon under considerable realizations to secure the profits of the recent rise, but, with the advance in gold, the market stiffened up again and closed firm at an Improvement to the highest quotations of the season. The books for the May interest on the registered live-twenties of 1862, 1864 and 1866 will close on Tuesday next, April 1, a month in advance, according to the custom with these bonds. The following were the closing prices United States currency sixes, 114% u 114%; do. do., 1881, registered, 117% a 118; do. do. do., coupon, 120% a 120%; do. five-twenties, registered, May und? November, 117% a 117%; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 117% a 117%; do. do., 1864, do. do., 117% a 117%; do. do., 1866, do. do.. 118% a 118%; do. do., registered, Jaiiuary and July, 116% a 116%; do. do., 1805, coupon, do., 116% a 116%; do. do., 1867, do. do., 118% a 118%; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117% a 117%; do. teu-fortlcB, registered, 112 a 112%; do. do., coupon, 112% a 112%; do. fives of 1881, registered, HO'u It 110,'i ; UU. uu. uu., cuuyou, iie-j a 11U^> STOCKS DULL AMI) STKADT. The stock market was dull and In the main steady, but no better, the inclination being rather to lower prices. Panama dropped to 110};, but rallied to 111};. Canton was weak, and sold at 93};. Hannibal and St. Joseph sold at 41%. Harlem was stroug, and closed at 138, in a way that Indicated the signing of the lease In the Interval to Monday morning. Boston, Hartford and Erie started up to 4};, but tell back to 4. The other fluctuations were compassed within an average range of about j; a }; per cent. The new lire insurance plan for members of the Stock Exchange will go into effect on the 1st of April. The State bonds were moderately active and steady, the Tennessees being strong and advancing to 8i a 81};. ninilKST AND LOWEST PRICES] The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day Highest. New York Central... 10214 101 v Eric 66% 05% Lake Shore 93}; 93}; Wabash 72% 72% Northwestern (No transactions) Northwester!! preferred (No transactions) Hock Island 11 ft% lift}; St. Paul co MX St. Paul preferred (No transactions) Ohio and Mississippi 46% 4ft% Union Pacltlc MM 34); C., C. and 1.0 39}; 8?>; Western I'nlon Telegraph set, 8ft 7; Pacific Mail 57%' ft<i% In Philadelphia Heading was heavy and lower at 114%. BALES AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, Saturday, March !4tk? 10il3 A. M. 85000 US 6'*, '81 ,r 117% $2000 US .1-20, r. 'OA.... 116% 4000 do 83 117% 60(H) US S"8. 10-40. r.... 112% 16000 do be 1177; flout) US 6-20, c, '68. ,.t>3 1177. 10000 UK 6-20,c, '07..b3 lib',' 10000 do 117% lO A. M.?Before Call. 200shj Went UnTel. .. 86% 300 iti* Mil A St 1* UR.sS (19% ?HI do 80*. 200 do 69% 300 do C 86% 1000 do 69% 1000 do 86% 1(H) do 59% 4(H) do c 86% 400 Chic A Rock I RR. 115% 6(H) do C 86% 100 do gj 115% 300 do 86% IIHI do 115% 100 do C 86% .300 B, II A E KK 3% !9H) do 86% 7(H) do I >3 4 400 do 86% 600 do 4 710 Erie KK 6ft% 200 do D3 4% 200 do 8.1 65% 1IH) do 4% 2(H) Pacltlc Mail 88 Co. 57% 200 do 4% 400 do 57% 100 do C 4% 100 do s3 57% 4(H) do 4% 200 N YC A II RR....b4 102% 400 do s3 4% 200 do 102% 500 do 4% 200 do C 102% 500 no b3 4% 8(H) Harlem Rlt 136% 70O 4% 400 do 135% 3(H) do C 4% 4(H) Un Pac RK 85% .300 do 4% 1100 do .35% 100 do ?3 4% 40 LS A M 8 RK C 0.3% 1(H) do C 4% 200 do 93% 300 do 4% 3(i0 do c 93% 200 Panama RR 110% 1100Mil A St P RR 60 SOUOhio ft MiggRR.... 46 5(H) do 59}; 200 do 46% 100 do 5(1% 100 do 03 46%" 300 do 59% 1(H) do C 46 8iK) do 59% 1(H) do 46% 1(H) do 59% 100 do 46 800 69% 2(H) do 46% 1(H) do 69% 200 do 46% 300 do 59% I0DC,C?1C IIR...C 89% First lioard?!Oi30 A. M. 810000Tenn 6'*. new... 81 200shH ('lev A Pittggtd 88% lllUONi: 6%. ?pcc Ut. 13 500 Harlem RR 136 IllOO Missouri 6's 94 404) do 1.35% 2000 Va ?'?, old 44% 110(7, C.C A I RR...bS 87% 1IHHI Ark 6%, lond act. 39 83 L 8 A M S RK ... g3 93% 10000 S (7 6'g,n, A AO.bC 22 .300 do ho 93% 1400(1 NY 7 *. U I. r 106% 100 do 93% 3(00 Erie 3d in 98% 200 4o C 93% MHHI Eric 4th m 101% 1(H) do 93% 50(H) Erie 6th U1 lot) 300 do 93% IUHHI Mich Oil 8'g 116% 400 do c 93% NHHt Mich Sooth ?fhg. 105 100 Panama UK. ... Ill KAMI rnc ? i n, kui .no. urn uu itju iu |2i?0ln l'?c 1M ID.... 37 l(?l do lie link 11*10 do 87*4 "too do ijiii 4U?iU I'?c7'l Iff b...c 794 100 do 110*4 imm oo c ZO'i loo do iio*. 160001' l'?c Id's, lnc .. *3 7ft 400 do 110*, aiooo do 7ft*i 600 do 110*2 moiN .1 ivn l?t, ii ,.c 104 10 N J Cen RR be 10'tC 21**1 Chic A Alt l*t 103*4 It*) do 103*2 K**i St LA I M Utm.. 9ft'I 700 ynPacKR be 3ftW 11**1 W A St I'lut.l.ttCd W), 100 do *3 3ft UKJOOHur.CR A M 1st. 89H ?W do S3 :??*!(', C A 1 C Istin... 91 600 do MU li??it . (' A 1 t 2d m. .. 74 ion do ib3 3ft 14**1 North MoUttn... 91 GOO do. 3ft St*?lt' * Kl.? R?c7'?.. 104 100 do *3 3S 40 ilK'l'.mtin tl SO 9(*i do . . 34?4 Sllrl A II ('HiiaL lis 21*1 Del, I. A W KR bill 1111*1 BOO Wert l a Tel be 36'4 100 do c 101 7u> do e 34S'4 30 do 100*4 '300 do 36'4 AO Mor A Kmwx RR... 90)4 400 do b3 Hfl'i 100 Chic A R I RR lift*! 300 do. e 36*: 3(10 OO be 116)2 200 do ?6? WO do bSllft)? 44*' Oo 86>J 200 do lift)? 100 do. *3 86*, 100 B, H A K blU 4*2 200 do b3 36*., 1**1 do 4 100ConOottl of Md 56)4 100 do 4*4 ftO Am M U h* Co 68*, 200 do ,'b3 4*? 17? do be 63>4 11*1 M A St 1* RR. be 59'. loo Quicksilver pref... so 2i?) do ay*. SOU rue M H8 4'o be 57*4 100 do ft!'*! 3t;l? do C 67'* 24*) do c ftO*, KM do ?3 ft7'4 100 do jwfi 100 do 57*4 300 do 59*; 400 do ft7V 1000 do 59*2 100 do t?3 ft7W 300 do Bur! It**) do .. 67 HIU do fty W 100 do (3 67 100 do .0 59*4 100 do... e 57 ft Chic A Alton scrip. 97 40 SYt ltlll RR . 102 100 N J Soutberu RR 2* 3200 do bcliU 2t?Htan A StJo RR... 42 all) <l?> c MM 11*1 do 41t?" 100 (lo Iitiy SOOOWoAMKK . be 46>? you a<? mm mi do 4? 200 Erie KK bc.?3 % isoo do 45% 300 do e 66% 200 <lo. US 46 400 do 65% 300 C,C Alt; KK bo 39% IUU0 do 64S 4 ISiilS P. M. *7000 US ? *, 1831, r.,.. 118 *8000 IS 6.31, c. VA II.. 110*3 7000 lis 6-llU,c, '84. . c 1171* 10UO U8 5-20, u,'67. . c 118'! 1000 Is 6-211, ( , '66. c 118% 20000 CD A'a,'81. c.... 115% 3000 UN 4-20, f. '66, D.. 116% ^ P. lH.>B?(br? Call. mm *h? Maryland Coal. 26% 100ahs NTCAI1RRR 102 200 do. 261* Son do 101 v SOOLNAM.SHK 93% Kl?l do all 101*2 600 do 93% 400 do I0IV 1100 WeM Union Tel... 86 100 do bS 101'3 100 do C 80 loo M 4 St I' KK 59 tf 100 do *3 H5tt 100 do WK 200 do 85% 400 do 591' 200 do .b3 86 100 do. C 59% looi'ac M srt Co....s60 56% WO do 69* do 57 loo R, IIA l< KK ..b.t 4 l("l do 66% 100 do blO ? 200 do b3 57 100 do 4 aoorn ftt( Kit M\ 300 Ohio A Mla*Kit..,. 45% 201 .1- < A I KR ... 87% 100 do I,SO 46'. 100 I A HI KR 115,% 200 do 45% 1000, C A 1 C Kit 43 30)4 300 do sS 46% Krronri Board?1 P. 31. *60000. CAlCNt.bc 91 Ji 0 aha Un Tar 34V IIMkIm'untonCo 9HU 100 do bS 31'5 IUOWi*tliiTel..bc.bS 8* IcolUCrnKK 117)2 M Jo * MM C A I* UK Kid (*2 i, JSUNDAT, MARCH 30, It ! MX)r?c W F8 Co.h? .?*> MX 2(?<\C,C A I RR. ..w 87U I 61H do ?7 do 87 i I "OKI - !'. R7U Kmi'liir.t, R 1 Rll 1.,. ll.mZ 100 do b3 57% 10U do C 116% WON Y ( a fl H.. be 101V l?? Mil* St P RU ,bc 09% 100 Krle HR be 60% 100 Ohio A M RK.b c.b3 45% aw (lo 06% 310B, ll)E KK be 4% loo llarleiu UK ... be 130', 200 no b3 4% M0 do 136)5 100 Ohle A Alt RK 112V 100 do 136)2 2?) do be 112V 91% 10011 A St Jo 41), 1001'anaiua RK Ill a to 3 P. M. $9000TR6'a. *l,r 117% 400slu Harlem ItR.... 137 60000 US '-20, c. '65,n.. 116% 100 do 137% #000 do 116V 2iH( do 137)2 #000 U8 6-211. c. 3>8...b3 117W 1000 do 138 100 -.h* U S Ex Co 75% 300 do 137% 10O Wtht Un Tel 86% 700 U Pacific RK 3# do 80% 100 do I>3 3# 100 do 86'? 318) Mil A St P RK 69% 400 do 80 700 do 60 9"8) do 86% ion do 03 39% MO do 86% 200 Del, I, A W RR ... 101% 6201. HAMS RK 93% 2(8) Boat, I1AG KK 4% 400 Pac M SB Co #7% 1(8) do b3 4% 200 do b.'J 67% 11)0 do 1)15 4% 100 00. #7% MO do h30 4% 400 Erie HR 64% MO 4% 900 do 6672 100 do b30 4% #00 Krle RR prof. 74% 200 do 4 100 N Y V A fl R RR... 1017: 200 do 830 4 100 do b3 102 700 Oblo A Miss RR 46 300 do 102 100 do b3 46 100 do 101% 100 II A St Jo RR 41% 100 do a60 101% 200C, CA1CRR 39% 600 Panama RK 111% 200 do 39% inn do b3 111% 200 do 39% 200 C A Rock I RR.. .83 116% CLOSING PBIOEB?3 O'CLOCK P. K. Western Union. 86% a 86% Northwest'n pf. Hfl a 88% New Mariposa.. 1474 ft 1# N J Central 103% a 103% Am Mer Un Ex. 68% a 68% Rork Island 116% a 116% U 8 Express.... 76% a 76 St Paul 89% a fi07i Pacific Mall.... 67% a #7% St Paul pref.... 76% a 76% N Y Central... 1017, a 102 Wabash 72% a 73 Erie 65% a 66 Ohio A Miss..... 4-.% a 46 Harlem 137% a 138 lien A St Jo.... 41% a 42 Lake Shore 93% a 93% Boston, II A K. 4% a 4% Union Pacific.. 34% a 36 0,04)6 39% a 39% North western.. tW% a 82 EUROPEAN MARKETS. T.onpon Monet Market.?London, March 29?1 :S0 P. M ?Consols and American securities closed unchanged. Consols opened at 92% tor money and the account United States five twenty bonds, 1885 s, old, 94; 1867's, 93%; tenforties, 89%; new fives. 91. Erie Railway shares, 62%. Liverpool Cotton Market.?Liverpool, Murcli 29?1:30 P. M.?The market closed firm. The sales of the day have been 12.000 bales, including 2,000 for speculation anil export Of the sales 7,000 hales were AinerlcHn. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston February aud March at 9 7-16d: from the same ports March and April at 9?id.; from New Orleans February and March at 9%d., Mnrrli and April at 9 7-16*1. Middling uplands, 9%d. a 9%d.; middling Orleans, 9%d. Livkkpooi. Bairadsterrs Market.?Liverpool, March 29?1:30 P. M.?The market is quiet. Liverpool Provisions Market.?Liverpool, March 29? Evening.?Bacon, 40s fid. per cwt. for short rib middles. Beet, 81s. 6il. per tierce for new mess. Cumberland cut. bacon. 39s. per cwt Lard, 38s. tkl. per cwt Pork, 93k 6d. per bbl. tor new. London Proppce Market.?London, March 29.?Tallow, 43s. (id. a 43s. 9d. per cwt. Refined petroleum, 15%d. a 16d. per gallon. Linseed oil, ?33 6s. per ton. FINANCIAL. _ August belmont a co.. Rankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street, issue Travellers' Credits, available In ull parts ol the world, through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of money on California. Europe and Havana. Atlantic and pacific railroad company.? The quarterly Dividend of one and a quarter per cent on the cupltui stock of the Pucilie Kailroud (of Missouri, will he paid at the oflices ot this company in St Louis, Mo., and at 287 Broadway. New York, April 15, io la, 10 siocanoiuers 01 recuru in oiiru i, iniz. A. V. STOUT, Treasure. Nkw Youk, March 24, 1R7S. A LARUE ESTATE FIND TO LOAN-ON MORTgage, in sums to suit, for a term ot' years: large amounts preferred. Address PRINCIPAL, box 2,6116 Post office. A ?LAPSLEY A BAZLEY, BROKERS. 47 EXCHANGE J\ , place.?Stock Privileges fnlly explained lit circular (with practical illustrations and references), mailed to any address tree; no risk beyond amount invested; Double Privileges. Putsund Calls; A1 names. ALL PARTIES DESIRING TEMPORARY LOANS AT short dates, on commercial paper, stocks, bonds or other approved securities, apnly at No. 82 Cedar street, room 2. A?TRUST MONEY JUST PAID IN TO LOAN AND buy Mortgages on city Real Estate, in sums to suit; no bonus. Address TRUSTEE, box 2,GUI Post office, N. Y BULL'S HEAD BANK. The depositors must positively come forward to-day And subscribe tor the balnnce of the preferred stork, which must be taken up by them belore the bank can lie opened. The Subscription Committee are in constant session at the AshlAUU House, corner Fourth avenue und Twenty-fourth street A. S. CAMERON, Chairman. C3ITIZENH' SAVINGS BANK J OP THE CITY OP NEW YORK. ASSETS. $8,486,908 Present Rate of Interest, Six Per Cent Money deposited now will bear Interest from April 1. Interest computed from the 1st of each month, and Is paid or credited on bnlanco on hand <>n the last days of June and December of each year. Bank, 68 Bowery, southwest corner of Canal street Banking hours every day from 10 A. M. to3PM., and on Mondays and Saturdays from 10 A. M. to 7 I*. M. Bank books in English, German and French. E. A. QUiNTARD, President SgyKouu A. Bcncb, Secretary. /"SOM M ON WEALTH OP VIRGINIA.?COUPONS DUE " ' Jnnuarv I. 1878, off the old bonds and consols and interest on registered stock, pavalde April 1, collected by JOHN H. MANNING, No. 5 New street /THARLE8 O. DAHLGREN k CO., 112 BROADWAY, V make Investments and secure capital lor incorporated companies, manufacturing merchants; also ftnunclal agents. Western municipal bonds. References? Presidents Merchants' Mercantile Banks. II ST A TP. FUNDS To LOAN O.N FIRST MORTGAGE, J and $200,l)UO to buy second mortgages?city property only; bonus small. S. SIMON, Jr., 39 Nassau street FOR SALE?200 SH ARES PREFERRED, 200 DO. OOMraon stock, Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad Company. Address FAUIS k 8TOCKKR, 24 New street, New York, room 20. JJOWE8 k MACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET NEW YORK, OFFER THE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS^ AND ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT THE RATE OF FOUR PI E CENT. HASKINS k RRAINR, 11 BROAD STREET, Stock and Gold Brokers. Stock Privileges a specialty; Puts, Calls and Double Privileges on all active stocks. Small capitalists will find this a sate method of speculating. Explanatory circulars, with references, mailed on application. Notice. Tkkasurkk's Omen, Erik Rah.wat Compart, ) March 18, 1873. i The Interest due April 1 next on the fourth mortgsgo bonds. New York and Erie Railroad, will be paid at the ottlce ot Duncan, Sherman A Co., II Nassau street W. T. SHEARMAN, Treasurer. OFFICE OF JEFFRRSONVILLE, MADISON AND Indianapolis Railroad, Jeffersonvllle, March 26, 1873.?The second mortgage bonds of this company, maturing at Bank of America, New York. April 1, will ho paid at maturity or tne holders thereof may, at their option, receive first mortgage sinking fund bonds, principal and Interest guaranteed, at ulnetv-flve In exchange therefor. The exchange will he made bond lor bond, and the difference of five per cent will be paid the bolder in cash at the time of making ttie exchange. THOMAS A. SCOTT, President OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO AND CANADA SOUTHern Railway Company, 13 William street Now York, March 27. 1873,?The semi-annual Interest, maturing April I, 1873, on the first mortgage bonds of the Chicago and Canada Southern Railway Company will be paid on and alter the 1st prox- at the Union Trust Company of New York, 73 Broadway. M. COURTRIOHT, President Proposals for $300,000 stock of the city of Now York. Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's office until Thursday, April 3, 1873, at 2 o'clock P. M., when the same will be publicly opened for the whole or anv part of the sum of three hundred thousand dollars of stock of ttie city of New York, to wit :? Additional NIvW CBOTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized bv chapter 230, Laws of 1870, payable August 1, lakl $130,000 CROTON WATER MAIN STOCK, authorized by chapter 693. Laws of 1872, payable November I, 19m $160,0(10 Said Stocks will hear interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum, payable on the first day of May and November in each vear. The proposals will state the amount of stocks desired and the price per one hundred dollars thereof. and the person* whose proposals are accepted, will, thereupon, be required to deposit with the Comptroller the sutns awarded to them respectively, together witb anv preminms thereon, when thev will be entitled to receive certificates for equal amounts of the par value of the sums awarded to them, bearing interest from the dates of pavment. Each proposal should be sealed and endorsed "Proposals for Stocks of the city of New York," and enclosed in a second envelope addressed to tho Comptroller. The righl is reserved on the part of the Comptroller to reject anv or all of the bids it. in hlsjudgment, the interests of the Corporation require it ANDREW n. GREEN, Comptroller. Crrr or Nrw York, Dkpahtmkst or Fiwavcr, j'h Orncr, March26,1*73. i PROMPT LOANS ON STOCKS, LIFE POLICIES, Furniture, Pianos. Plate, Miscellaneous Securities k and General Merehandlsi . Commercial naner nceiv \ timed. Storage. JAMKS rAON KY, Auctioneer, Kenl .Estate and Loan Broker, 031 Hudson street m loan- $\0im To $13,000. in v.AUlors RV1& on L Improved New York and Brooklyn Hroparty; Second MiVtn.ig. il promptly ra?hcd. ,U?N \ IMIS ,,r im.LYKU, ? / (Vdar street. IT N JO N PI MB SAVINOS BANK, J and .W Canal atroef, corner I.alght. Six per cent Interest paid. Money deposited now will bear im'ereat from April I. Asset*, ten millions nine hundred and eighty-seven thou* sand dollars Books in English, French and German, Ml _UMIII OHIO*. ON BUT SKi ruiTlKS, WITH vV plant v margin; pai>er* turntslied complete , amount kept full; it, tercst 12 per eant: no risk. Principals only, address ALTT, llerald office. if/" ANTED ro Pl'Rt'H ASK?A SII'IKT TIME FIRST yy Mortgage on city properly lor atnoimt? of $A,nno, 10,1100 or ?l5.t?M?; prim ipnl* only. Apply to C. St syf, \ itKR, 184 Jtroonie afreet \\,ANTKIt-|.M,l*>n FOB ONK YKAR; A ?t.llllll SECOND yy mortgage itm- In nine months, amply secured, given as srciirlu , 17 piV cent to cover. Address WHITFIELD, Herald office irrANTKD?A I,OAN OF KVOO. ON BOND AND T? mortgage on t,Y?t cihss T. iieii.ent and smre Property In tills City. Principals oltlv address financial Herald offie* ? I S73.-QUADRUPLE SHEETFINARClAli. "IITANTED?>2,800 OKtUW ON MORTGAOK ON IM?T proved Property at Metm hen. New Jersey, worth three times the amount Owner 428 West Sixteenth xt. WANTED?4JOOD CITE MORTGAGES. FROM >8,0tt) to $A?,t)UO^iiioiwy ready. DKMAREST A wlIITLOCK. No. IK Park place. Tl/-ANTKD-$10ft,UU0; ?M>,00t) IN ONE Sl'M, *?.(**> IN tT one sum, on first mortgages on very heel Property in Boston to At parties. >16,000 ta loan on first mortgage. Apply to WILLIAM C. MKltKI AM, 16H Montague street, corner Clinton street, Brooklyn. __ , WILL ROME CAPITALIST LOAN MONBY ENOUGH to assist me into business, who would be satisfied J with Interest on amount udvunecd until refunded I Ad- ' dress SYMPATHETIC, Heruld office. J 7 TO 12 PBR CENT 1 We make a specialty of County, City and Kchool Dis- J trict Bonds, * * " - i Ouarantee legality of all bonds sold, collect the coupons without charge, or take same as so much cash on sales. Rend for Price List. . "The Law of Municipal Bonds," just published by our senior, should be in the hands of ' all interested in this class of securities. Two vols., price >10. W. N.JJOLKR A CO.. 17 Nassau street. ] 1 A TO 20 PER CENT INVE8TMENTS. *

J.U Illinois Registered Coupon Bonds. Interest paid by statu Treasurer in New York. First Mortgage Railroad Bonds Insurance, Gaslight, Bank and City Railroad Stocks and Bonds; ulso other first class investments tor sale ut the lowest market rates by , ALBERT H. NICOLAY A CO., ' Stuck Brokers and Auctioneers, 43 Pine street. New York. N. B.?Choice Investment?Stocks and Bonds a ?pe- J cialty with this house lor 21 years. Government and ' other marketable Securities received in exchange at best price. ( , t o nnn to loan?on IMPROVED PROPERTY. ' lO.WUW Second Mortgages bought Apply to J. B. J cCAFFREY, 642 Lexingtou aveuue. ' dho Arut?$4,00" ANII >3.000, FOR THE PURCHASE ' ot we'l secured first mortgages of New Jer- . scy property; Elizabeth preferred. ' K. A. VAN DYKE, 141 Broadway. Nil 1 I II II I 9IU.UW iv liU/in?un nui*u Ann wJT.lfUl/ mortKauo, on productive Heal Estate, in tola city or centrul part ot Brooklyn. GEORGE B. WALTON, 21 Park row. db-l/v AOA OR $15,000 WANTED?TO ERECT A ipHF.Uul; building on two lots near Seventh avenue. lor which a long lease will be given of two first floors as payment. Address D. D. 8., Herald Uptown Branch otfice. d?l or (inn T? LOAN?ON BOND AND MOBT91??J.1JUU gago on citv Property; Second MortItagea eaaned. RICHARD V. HARNETT, 111 Broadway, roo: K, basement. fcl nnn TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT, WITH?PL?W.UVJU out bouus; also $5,000. $20,000, $400,000, to bnv Mortgages; also Money tor second and leasehold Mortgagee. PAUL P. TOPI), 55 Liberty street. dj?i 7 c nno to loan?on bond and mort?JPl t J.IJUU Kane, in large and small sums on City Property. Money Tor Second Mortgages. Apply to WILLIAM RENNKLLY, No. 4 I'lne street. <S?17/r Aon TO loan-in" VARIOUS sums, on 'PI | tl.l/l/U improved City Property. TIIOS. A. A UOBT.RMMET.TMS Pine street. jfji"q/"{"a t)r"to loan on good i-irst and ?]p LOO.t^O Second Mortgages, city property only. Send applications at once. 8. FREDENRICH A CO., 906 and 90S Third avenue. nnn TO loan on city or countP^jtJU.uUU try property; Second and Leasehold Mortgages bought. BID WELL A ARMSTRONO, 12 Pine street. EVILS OF THE TELEGRAPH SYSTEM. Insolence and Negligence of Employes and Delays in Sending; Messages. To tiik Editor op the Herald:? Tho narrative of facts which I send yon relates to a grievance which, though painfully familiar to telegraphic correspondents, Is fast becoming Intolerably oppressive. On Thursday last It unfortunately befell that an inlant son, travelling hither from Hnffalo with relatives, was seized shortly alter starting on the train with un Illness bo sadden and alarming ar. o compel the stoppage of the party at Rochester for medical attention. From thence an urgent message was, at ten o'clock A. 11., despatched over the wires of the Western Union Telegraph Company to the mother in thla ( city, advising her of the critical condition of her child and summoning her at once to his side. This message, although evidently ol vltai Importance, and for the transmission of which thirty minutes would have suiliced, was not delivered until halfpast rour o'clock in the afternoon?nearly seven hours alter It had been sent?too late to peru^t of her taking the five o'clock P. M. train. As a result of this culpable delay ten hours or torturing buspense were needlessly imposed upon us. At Ave P. M., in order to relieve the mother's anxiety, a return message was sent, asking the condition of the little one. To this no reply had been received at eight o'clock when she departed from the city. On Saturday evening, the child being yet critically ill, I telegraphed at seven o ciock irom uic oeuirui uinue, wiriivr 01 itroauway an>l Liberty street, to ascertain its condition, with tho Intention of taking, If necessary, the eleven o'clok train that night for the North. To the general receiver at this oltlce?whose exacting duties have left him no time, it would appear, for the study of the obligations of civility?I explained, so far as his brusque and repellant manner would permit me to explain, the urgent and anxious necessities of the case, and solicited such special attention to the message as would expedite a reply. The effort proved but a waste of time. The reply reached us in the ordinary way at eleven o'clock, too late for the train. It is quite evident that either the business of the Western Unton exceeds its facilities (in which case public convenience would be greatly promoted by competing lines), or else its operating officials are guilty of gross and habitual neglect. C. 340 West TuiBTY-TniRn Street, March 27, 1873. IN8TKPCTION. A LADY INSTRUCTS ADULTS AND MISSF.S (FIRST class families) in mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, history, grammar, rhetoric, literuturo, oral explanations on difficult subjects, rendering study dclighUuL Address SKILFUL, Herald Uptown Brunch office. AFRKNCTI OENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE TO MEET with a bookkeeper, to improve himself in English, commercial correspondence, or would exchange same lor French lessons. Address R. R., box 13.'! Herald office. A EUROPEAN GENTLEMAN, OF FIRST CLASS family, wishes to be useful as interpreter for travelling in Europe, and also teaching piano aud song; speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish; best reference in this city. Address P.M. C., No. 7 Broadway, room 1&. > AT THOMPSON'S COLI.KOE, 2(1 FOURTH AVHNUB, opposite Cooper Institute.?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladies' department?Telegraphy taught practically, with instruments. Demand for operators. YOUNG" OERMANT RESIDING IN HOBOKEN* wishes to take lessons in English, with a lad*, if do' si ruble, in exchange tor German. Address A. B.'G., box 101 Herald office. A FRENCH OENTLEMAN WILL GIVE FRENCH lessons at his own or pupils' residence. Address PARIHIKN, box 110 Herald Uptowu Branch office. AT PAINE'S COLLEGES, 1,282 BROADWAY, JUNCtion Sixth avenue; down town, f>2 Bowery?Young men qualified for business;grown up persons ul deficient ' due.hi >ii rapidly advanced ; prrvnte instruction. ALL ABOUT SHORTHAND WKITING?BEST PRACtlcal Instruction, day or evening; private lessons; best books; young inen successfully qualified for profitable situations. INSTITUTE OF PHONOGRAPHY, 744 Broadway. Write tor circular. A" LL YOUNG MEN AND PARENT8, WISHING THE best practical education for the counting room and business, arc referred to WEST SIDE BUSINESS COLLEGE, corner Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street. Open Jay and arening. Please call. COLLEGIATE AND COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE. NEW HAVEN, CONN. Preparatory to College, tho Scientific Schools or BusincasSuuimcr session begins April 3, 1873. CHILDREN CAN HAVE A HAKE, LUXURIOUS < limne In thn healthiest part of the State, with a lad v; i best instruction, affectionate care ; references exchanged. *1 Address HOME, box 2,042 Post otllee. IjlVENING INSTRUCTION WANTED?IN THE FRENCH 'J language, one or more evenings in the week; one able I to teach Latin preferred. Address, stating terms, even- I lags. Ac., STUDENT, llerald I'ptown Branch ortlce. I FRENCH, HERMAN AND SPANISH TllORoruilt.Y and ranldly taught, and English to foreigners, by Professor H. WUNDERMAN, 77 ( Diversity place, or 124 Nassau street, room S; terms moderate. INBENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH.-THOROUGH INstruction, Insuring speedy conversational fluency. Private lessons for ladies and gentlemen. Professor BONFANTf. 241 West Fourteenth struct. Foreigners taught English. Translations. PERSONS CONTEMPLATING TO OO TO EITROPB next season address Professor P., Herald Uptown I Branch otllee, who will enable them in three months to apeak tolerably good French and German. I CPANIflH and rauroi THOROUGHLY TAUQHT.k' Method very practical: instruction to foreigners; Translations. Address or anply to ANTONIO RAMOS, 40 1 East Thirteenth street, corner "of Pitiverilf "place. I I WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TWO LADY TEACHERS ( "v of English, Mathematics and Drawing. Apply at !23d st., south side, second door from 2d av., Harlem. JACKSON. WANTED?A MALE TEACHER TO TAKE CHARGE TV of a Catholic parochial school: must he able to read music, have a good voice and sing difficult music. Address II. B. CHARE, Ooshsn, Orange county, N. Y. RAD THE EVENING TELEGRAM TO-MORROW. i rbktaiikants. AT THAT WRETCHED HOLE, THE ' SHAKSPKARE," 833 Broadway. Welsh rarebits, exquisitely prepared, inay be procured by parties having goad relerences JOSEPH A. DE FLYNN. /NTOELETTB OF. MOUTOW GRILLE A L'ANOLAISB 1/ is a fhsay way ?f ordering a simple South Diiwi chop. Now. JOSEPH A. I?E FLYNN, of that tiarn like place, the "Shakspcare,'' 833 Broadway, will understand you If you say chops, Ac. particularly the etceteras. PKNTIMTRY. ! MOLUTELT PAINLESS?TF.RTH EXTRACTED; fresh gas dally ; Combination Seta, extremely light anil durable: Rubber Sets, flu. 218 Sixth avenue, he- i twocTJ Fourteenth and Fifteenth streela Establish) d 24 i years n'- i* NKKUAKD. i WITH SUPPrEMENH SPKC IAL. SOTICKI. ^ -FINAL NOTICE. THE THIRD GRAND UIKT CONCERT, authorized by special act ui the legislature, lor the benefit ol the PI'BLIC LIHKAKV OK KENTUCKY, urlll be given at Library Uall, Louisville, Ky.. positively on TCKflMY, APRIL 8, 1873. 'ale* of tickets have been extraordinarily sueeessfUl, and nily a limited number remain on hand, which will be old out to those wlio first apply during Monday and Tueslav a*lone as they last. Buy ms early In the day as posilble, lu order to avoid the rush and jam of the afternoon ind evening. New York office will be kept open evenings until ten o'clock to accommodate patrons, while tickets ast. The ten thousand cash gifts to be distributed by lot luiong ticket-holders aggregate a grand total of HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, currency, via. Due Grand Girt, Cash $100,000 line Grand Gift, Cash 60,000 ;>ne Grand Gift, Cash 26,o:io One Grand Cash Gilt. 20,000 One Grand Cash Gilt. liMMO Line Grand Caab Oltl 6.IH0 24 Cash Gift* ol $1,000 each 14.000 60 Cash Gilts of 1500 each 26,000 80 Cash Gitfs of I 400 each 32,moo 110 Cash Gifts ot! ISH0 each 30.000 180 Cash Gilts ef $200 each SO.ilOO 590 Cash Gifts ol! 1100 each 89,000 1,000 Cash Gilts ot $10 each 90,000 Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Cash $1500,000 There are only 100,000 tickets In the scheme, making the :hances one in ten. Eleven tickets for $100. New York tales are made a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank of New York. Bnyers do not necessarily have to be Dresent at the lrawing. as an official list ulurnlshed each one, and gifts lue ticket-holders at a distance can be collected through iny hank or express company the same as a draft or heck Is collected. Make haste Send money by Post Office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Tickets. $10; Halves, $6; (Quarters, $2 50. For tickets, full programme, information and all par .icuiurs apply 10 me General Awnry supply. THOMAS H. HAffe A CO., 609 Broadway, New York. AL. BATTERHON'8 STORAGE WAREHOUSES and Furniture Express, 681 and 690 sixth avenue, near Fortieth street?Beat Storage Rooms for Furniture, I'lnnoK, Baggage, Am Furniture Foxed lor shipping. Thirty years' experience. Household goods exprexai d In covered wagons. N. B.?I And it necessary to state that I have no business connection with any other house, Other of my own or any oiher name, my only places of justness belli# 681 and 690 Sixth avenue, near Fortieth itreet^where I have been the last 20 years. ABRAHAM U. BATTBRSON, 681 and 690 Sixth av., near Fortieth st. A?IIKRAI.H BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, come ol Fulton avenue and Boerum street, Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday Irom S to 9 l'.M. ADARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF . Royal Havana Lottery. 685 Broadway; box 4,909 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BOOTS. 8HOK8, Trunks ami Valises at the Great Fumily Shoe Emporium. 880 Bowery, corner Bond street, selling at 20 Der cent below Broadway prices. W. I). HIUKLOw. ROBERT IRWIN. A?PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY; $100,000 FOR $10; distribution of Rifts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets, $10; Halves. $6; Quarters, $2 60. JOSEPH BATES, 196 Broadway, room A A?HAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED AND information furnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, room 81, first floor. B WALKER'S SONS, EXTRA AND PLAIN BOOK. binding done at shortest notice and lowest priee; idilious of books done in best style. AS Dey street Havana lottery.-gkrman state lotteries. Send lor circulars. KUIILMANN A CO., Bankers, 86 Nassau street; box 8,886 Post office. Head authority in training the body for any athletic contest Advice reasonable. Professor JUDD, 209 West Thlrty-fllth street MEARES' EARES' PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to (it Sent by express, C. O. D., to any part of the country, at the follow In# prices:? J Shirts, Masonville muslin and flnc linen $12 00 5 Shirts. Wamsnlta musliu anil verv flnc linen 13 SO I Shirts, New York Mills and best lim n 16 00 Boys' Shirts ready made and to order. Fancv Shirtings in great variety. Directions for measurement sent on application. RICHARD MEARES, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. New York. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTITKY- KXTKA CLASS HO. 249? MAHCI1 29, 1873. 1, 5, 74, 60, 62, 7, 14, 16, 29, 70, 09, 42. KK.VrrCKV?CLASS NO. 266?MARCH 29, 1873 172, 39. 12. 80. til), 67, 21, 85. 28, 42. !M. 46. SIMMONS A CO., Maua#ers, Covin#ton, Kv. MULBY COt.I.KUX?XXTRA CLASS NO. 149? MAKCI1 29, 1878. 80, 44, 78, 66. 2, 54 , 67, 6, 69, 6ft, 4, 18. SIIVLBY COLLI'GE?CLASS NO. 150?MARCH 29, 1873. 64. 26, 49. 15, 24, 40. 39, 2. 69, 16. 7ft, 74 SMITH A CO., Managers Covin#ton, Ky. ? _ J. CLUTE, Broker, 206Broadway. Post office box 4,969. Royal saxon government lottery at leipslc, Germany; 96.U00 tickets; 47,ftOO prizes; Brunswick Government Lottery; llumbiir# City Government Lottery; Rovnl Havana Lotlory. Prizes cashed and information given. T11EODOK ZSCIIOCII, 116 Nassau street; box 6,080 Post office. Royal Havana lottery.?prizes cashed;orders tilled; inlormution furnished; highest rates paid for Spanish hank Bills, Ac. TAYl.UK A i (>., bankers, in Wall street. New York. Royal Havana lottery".?the"next kxtkaordinary Drawing will tnke place on the 22d of April, 1878. J. b. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street Post Office box 4,68ft, New York. STAMMERING.?NEW YORK STAMMERING 1NSTItute, established 1870, Profs. MANN and COLVIN, Managers, 107 West Twenty-third street; three davs' initrucuon allowed applicants to satisty themselves; no jav tor board or serilcua until cured. Send for ProsJCCtUS. STORAGE AND SAFIc KEEPINO FOR FURNITURE. Iia##n#e and other property, in separate closed comlartnicnts. always accessible; goods raised on elevators nid received in Interior court of warehouses, avoiding ill delays and street risks. H. G. HAEGER, Eighth avenue, from Thirty-third to Thirty-fourth st fTNION AND BOHTON CARPET CLEANING COM U pauy.?Now is the time to get your Carpets cleaned before the Kprlng rush at No. 9 East Nineteenth street Now York, and corner ot Bond and third streets, Brooklyu. nnn cas? oiftr-kentucky library BtJUll.UWu Gilt Concert. Ilrnwiinr nnslffvelv Anrtl I Whole Tickets, $ll>; Hall' Tickets. $5; Quarter 'fickcts, $2 SO For tickets nn<l ilescrtptive circulars apply to P. O. DEVLIN. Stationer, 31 Nassau street (opposite Postofllce), New York. j>cnn ann-all cash gifts-$ioo,noo, $10. IlQUU.UU'" Third (lift Concort Public Library of Kentucky. One gilt in every ten positively For tickets all Monday on M. s. davis, Agent, 173 5th avenue, jetween 22d and 23d streets. f^QQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL )0?7 ized Kentucky Lotterv. Knval Havana and Kentucky circulars ires ; 12,^ cents commission lltowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 30 rears), 171 Broadway. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, <fcC. MANOR.?FOR BALE, A FINK CANOE, BUILT OP U cedarwood last Summer, with Sails, Spars and Padlies; hull and appurtenances in perfect condition. For Icrma address CANOEING, Herald office. JitOR SALE?YACHT?TUB 'WELL KNOWN SLOOP r yacht Dolphin, late the property of John Kellnm. Esq.; fitted ut great expense ; 52 feet over nil; bcain.V lt> feet; light draught; the most perfectly equipped ana tilted sloop yacht in the cnuntrv; weatherlv and good sea boat. Address R. 1NGRAHAM, 44Court street, Brooklyn. FOlt SALE-A. H KKKISHOFF'S YACIIT, 37 FEET long, very fast Ap;4y to HALL A SONS, 160 Chatham street. FOR HALE?8EVEKAL CANAL BOATS (ALL LAKE boats), cheap, for cash, or exchange. Apply to or tddrcss M. F. JAMES, 1(15 Broad street. New York. MOB SALE-CABIN YACIIT, INCOMPLETE ORDER, r 32 feet long on deck, 12 leet beam ; nicely forniahed. For particulars apply at 220 Washington street. FOR SALE?SCHOONER YACHT, 21) TONS; LENGTH, 40 feet, width, IS feet: 6 bertha: sails nearly new; i feet dralt; well louod. Address KELLY, 37 Front street. FOR HALE?A CABIN SLOOP YACHT; IS ABOUT 4$ feet In length over all; Is sound, last and in good irder; iron work Is all galvanized, and,deck trimmings ire of mahogany; steers with a wheeL For further particulars address W. L. SWAN, 31 Pine street. For sale-side wheel passenger and freight Steamboats, Steam Yachts. North River Barges, Tug Boats, 12 to 22-tnrh cylinder: steam Canal Barges, new Unll tor lH-lnch tug; Sailing Vessels, Canal Boats. GEORGE F PLVMKK, 56 South street Foil SW.K CHEAP?ALL OK INTEREST IN A Barge, doing a good business, tor cash or good real estate; a good opportunity to purchase a barge and business. Call at 243 Front street STEAM YACHT FOR SALE?45 FRET IN LENGTH, 12 leet beam; draught of water four feet; engine 10horse power; fitted out complete; lannched last Mav. Tan be seen at FRANK BATES', foot of Thirty-seventh itreet, South Brooklyn; or Inquire for further particuars at 69 and 91 Warren street New York. rOWHOAT.?WANTED TO PURCHASE, A TUO OR Boat of about 30 or 40 herse power. Address, with terms and particulars, v. T. k CO.. Herald offloe. WANTED-A FLOATING BOAT HOUSE, IN GOOD condition: mu?t be at lc??t <U feet long and 18 feet wide; or will purchase a Large suitable to attend to a Hunting boat house; should be at leant 70 leet long and IH rcet wide, and in good condition. Address, giving mil inscription and Mating price, L. L. P., Secretary, rare rrftvaiicrs' insurance oa. Hartford, <'onn. WANTED-A WELL BUILT COPPERED YACHT, about 30 to 36 leet long, 12 feet on deck; have circle nd cushioned seats tor 20 persons; must be extrn Inst, have only mainsail, draw i or 2tj feet water, lurgc centre hoard, set low In the water, with high, hollow and flaring how Address JOSEPH LAB A DIE, ' oil vest,m, Texas. Yacht fob bale?the champion yaciit mary Emma, 24 feet in length, new; two suits of sails, spars, Ac . all complete, and Is the fastest yacht afloat or her length. Can be seen at foot ot 124th street, Eust River. Apply at 446 East 119th street. KIROPE. IIHRaNCK?HI a It KIT/. ?OR AND HOTEL UANOLEterrc. renins; bathrooms, billiard rooma Foreign newspapers. MATHINOfflAL. _ t LADY OK RHrtl'ECTABILIT YAND REFINEMENT ft If It alone, would like to meet with a gentleman or ineaiis and refinement; oblect matrimony. Address K. U., hoi 160 llerald Uptown Branch office. ROBINAON HOUBR RESTAURANT, FOR LADIEB and gentlemen, Hiateenth street, third door west of I nion suiiare. opens March 31, "all new." Table a la parte, I able d hole 5.30 to 7.31) P. M Booms lor gentlemen bpsivkss opportuh1t1ks. \?CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED CO*. panics, merchants, manufacturer*. Person* desirMr Divestment* informed ot desirable opportunities. Western County Bond* fur sale; intereat and principal guaranteed. References? President* Merchants', Fourth and Mercantile Banks. ( U AS. u. DAULUKKN A CO., 112 and 1M Broadway. J^ -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED for merrhsnts. manufacturer* and others Minln* Prop, crties, Ac., ncKotiaiei.. Persona with capital seeking business advised of approved opportunities. References? J. B. Spolman A Sons, tancy goods, 3f>9 Broadway, Ac., and our numerous clients, city and elsewhere. ORIOOS CAR),ETON A CO., Financial and Business Agents, Ur Broadway. American sewing machine company, 71a Broadwav. want first class canvassers, also nave some tine territory in vicinity of New York requiring hut small capital to work successfully. Apply to the MANAGER, at 712 Broadway, New York. AT CAT8KILL, ON THE HUDSON, FOR KALE?Established and leading house in Fancy aud Ladles' Furnishing Goods, Millinery und Dressmaking; cash required one-half. Address box lfiS CatskiU iN. Y.) Post office, or Inquire of Mr. HUTTIE, at E. Ridley A Son's, 809 Grand street. _ A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR A LAD* WITH furnished house or rooms, in good location, or equivalent In money, to loin or buy out a strictly first class, well established dressmaker; work engaged two months; good prices and a good contingent business as perquisites. Address immediately B. B. B.. Herald Uptown Branch office. A PARTY WISHER TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS with a nrst class wbolesalo grocery house, whereby he can sell to families and hotels, aud be supplied at the lowest wholesale market prices from their stock. Address JOHN CONCORD, box 182 Herald office. A PARTNER TO M ANUFACTURE AND RKLL 8 PATH rights Steam llo'ler D''ector; Utile cost; a reliable meansol indicating audil lv the approach of dan frer, low water, high s'eam or foaming. what cunsnltni( engineer* sayYour gauge Iioh received a critical and practical examination an,1 teat in presence of severol engineers. The result has been highly satisfactory. TH0MX8 PIPEK. Continental Hotel, room 11,112 Broadway. AP\RT.NER WANTED?IN A MANUFACTURING bus ncss of 10 years' standing; a small cash capi'at required. Knll particulars will to givm on addressing MANUFACTURER, box 192 Herald ottlce. A PARTNER IN THE NURSERY BUSINESS, IN Western New York, wanted immediately, with $20.00(1; house well known and senior retiring; Spring trade opening; city references. Address NURSERYMAN, HurSId office. An income op about $to,noo a year to bh disposed of to any gentleman giving prompt services and investing $3,000 in a desiriMtle and old-established business of high repute. Address OOOD INCOME, Herald Uptown Branch office. A PRACTICAL MANUFACTURER AND OOOD Business man, ol many years' experience and extensive acquaintance, would like to connect himself with soma house where undoubted integrity and untiring industry would be appreciated. Address M. T. T., Herald office. A FOUNTAIN SODA WATER FACTORY FOR SALE; all copper fountains; net profit $3,800 per year: investigation solicited; terms easy. Address FOUNTAINS, box 115 Herald office. An experienced member of the stock Exchange desires a partner, with capital. In the I commission stock brokcrago business. Address B. W. B., | box 5,9.11 Post office. A GREAT BARGAIN.?MUST BE SOLD BY APRIL I. first class Grocery; best business location to Brooklyn; has done a trade of $180,000 per annum. Apply to I). VAN DF.RUAW, room No. 4 rhenlx Building, corner Court and Montague streets. A? $40,0(? REAL ESTATE TO SECURE INVEST ment; $10,000 and services; business paying $18,000 annually profit; assets $86,000; only owe $8,000. Address COMMISSION^BUSINESS, box ISO Herald office. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.?TnE ADVERTISER, who has a business fully developed and capable ol great extension with corresponding profit, wishes the cooperation of one or two energetic men of good characters some eapital Indispensable, which will be amply secured. Address, with reference, HOBART, care or S. Eddy 4 Co., No. 1 Park place. /CAPITAL WANTED?TO BUILD TWO MACHINES; V new and first class inventions. Address NEW MACHINES. Herald office. For sale-a profitable manufacturing! business in this city, now in operation; lull investigation invited; moderate capital required. Address S., box 188 Herald ofiice. For sale?stock, fixtures and lease op Book and Stationery Store, on Third avenue, between fifteenth and Sixteenth streets; 20years established. Apply at 186 Third avenue. TTOTEL, IN A BUSINESS PART OF THE CITY, XI long established and favorably known, lor sale; good chance for a misiucss man with $10,000. Apply to GRIGGS. CARLKTON A CO., 98 Broadway. IRON MANUFACTURING BUSINESS.?AN HONEST,, active Partner wanted, with $5,U00, in a very profitable Iron Business; one posted in ihe iron business preferred ; only those who mean husiueai need apply. Address for oiie week, IRON BUSINESS, Herald ofiice. 1EA.SE OF HOUSE AND' SALOON, CORNER OF* J Third avenue and Fittv-seventh street, for sale, wltls Fixtures, or the entire Property; an excellent opportunity. For terms and particulars apply to W. J. COLES, 1,267 Broadway. PARTNER WANTED?WITH A FEW THOUSAND dollars to invest ajill business; very profitable: business genteel and honorable; lOu per cent profit and no risk. Address L. N., Importer, box 1C# Heratd othce. PARTNER WANTED-IN THE DRY GOODS AND gentlemen's furnishing goods business, with $3,000 to $6,00f): or would join a party already established, city or country. Address for one week INTEGRITY, box 110 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?TO TAKE THE PLACE OF ONB retiring trom the firm, in an old established lumber yard; eligibly located on the North River and doing a successful and prosperous business. This Is an opportunity seldom offered lor investment in this branch oi trade. Full particulars will he given upon application to owners, box 4,948 New York Post office. SYLVAN PARK, ADJOININO FI.EETWOOD COURSE,' at Morrlsanis, opposite railroad depot, large Hotel, Ballroom, Bowling Alley, Shooting House; the largest Picnic Grounds near New York; will be leased or exchanged. Apply to J. MULLKK, 323 East Thirteenth st. THE "GENTLEMAN'S DEPOT WAGON." One of the most complete carriages for the country, being suitable lor two or four persona Also a large variety of seasonable Carriages for sale by A. 8. KLANDRAU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, bctweeu Broadway and Fifth avenne. VALUABLE INVENTION?A POSITIVE, 81TRB thing.?One-half for sale, to respectable, reliable* parties. Apply to T. SEWELL, 708 Broadway. WANTED?$3,000; NEW CASH BUSINESS; NO risk, anil irood chance for a fortune. Address L. CASH, Herald office. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH BOMB CAPITAL^ , ?? tor a well-established drugstore, in a city on the i Hudson. For particulars apply to JULIUS ZELLER, 61 Division street. TIT ANTED-A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITA I? v ? of itom $1,600 to $2,000. to invest In n safe and established business, whore the nionry can he doubled In frotm 6 to 8 months. Address J. R., Herald office. * WANTED?A SMART YOUNG MAN, WITH B| capital, in a llftbt manufacturing business, parluit large pro fits. Apply to II. CARTMAN, No. 8 Dey street* room 21. WANTF.D-OORRESPONDENT, WHO WILL INVES"? $1,000 in the business; salary $100 per month. Addrew, with reference, H. J. X., box 131 llerald office. WANTED?A PARTNER, PROM $10,000 TO $18,0011 capital. In a good and well established wholesale* notions and gent's furnishing goods business out Westa healthy rlunate. For full particulars apply under adJ dress C. W., box 178 Herald office. WANTBD-AN ENERGETIC MAN, OF GOOD ADdress, to take an interest In a light manufacturing business; from $3,OUO to $3,000 required. Address (A P. K.. box 4,367 Past office, New York. WHOLESALE FURNITURE BUglNKSN.-CAPITAIa invested, $100,000; would accept a thorough reliable) man as manager of financial department, with not teas than $13,000. , CHARLES G. PAHLGREN k CO., Ill Broadway. A db'JAA ?akt person having this AMOUNH IjiOWU. who would like to go Into a business that will pay $30 a week can hear of a good opportunity by addressing nicholson, Herald office. fcenn-part cash, will secure half in?PCM PU terest In a business which will bear the closest investigation; professionals need not apply. UNITED STATES PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION, 1 2M Broadway. ^ d?l AAA -WANTED, PARTY TO JOIN IN FURtplivUl/) nlshing house, 21 rooms, for Sutnmen boarders, on farm two hours la New Jersey, and stockiuffi tarm. Owner, 289 Clinton street, Hrooklyn. y dt/1 nnii ?WANTED, A PARTNER TO MANUFAC- I Prr.l/Ulr. ture a patent article; 100 per cent profit ran he realized. For further particulars address J. C. MONROE, No. 9 Monroe place. Brooklyn. dM KHA ?FOB SALE OR EXCHANGE, FOR l?iJIt.iIIIU proved Real Estate, old established llghf , Manufacturing Business; bears close investigation. Ad- ^ dress STAPLE, one week, box 78 Post office, Williams- ^ burg. AAA 110 ?ifi.000.-WTSH TO INVEST IN * ' VO)VUU good paying manufacturing or mercantile business, hv a man of energy and experience. Parttea desiring to extend tlieir business address DALLAS, Herald office. <tilA nnn -WANTED, a PARTY with thii* vll'.'MM/, amonnt to extend an already established Manufacturing Business ot Kncblucs. Plaiting*Lace Goods, Ac.; first class references given and re3 quired. Address J. M. R., 30 East Fourteenth street dfeOA AAA TO $28,000.?FOR BALE, A BUSINESS JP(bW.UUU of over $100,000 per annum, establisheffi . over 30 years, in one of the best locations In the city. Address P. S., box IBS Herald office. dfOr: AAA -A GENTLEMAN OF BUSINESS y' , ability with this amount can have 4 *, ample security and a situation In an old, paying olp f business. Rererenccs exchanged. Address ErifAl j LISHEI), Herald office. 4 WATCHES, JKVVKLHV, Ac. 1 J rTORAL JBWBLRT. ? A SPECIALTY. GRAN. \ i OPENING. IMMENSE ASSORTMENT. GREAT IN I f DUCEMENTS. RETAILING BELOW WHOLP.SALI V PRICER RICHARD II. ELIA8, JEWELLER, 61 1 BROADWAY, CORNER nGORTON STREET. i ' ~ CLOTHING* AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL KNOWN P.STAB- I liehnient. lflu Seventh avenue, m ar Nineteenth I Mr?I pt? >*t vnlne paiil Id c??h for Ladle*' and Gentle V mennOastOff Clothing. Carpet*. by calling or aihlreumg* J AT S MISII'S, 137 THIRD A VBNITR?LADIB8 ANI*' (l J\ aentlcmen can racelve the highent price lor OaatjJ* ? I t lothltiK'ami i'an>cta hy calling ur adareialna. LadSK MfililfiiMi ??M??euw. UUN^.||

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