Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 11
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1 I p gfOHTraO?POOS. BIRDS, <kC. j 1 _fOB sale, all KINDS OK FANCY DOGS. t I\. Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases, Prepared Food for mocking birds, at B. U. DOVKY'S. No. 3 Greene Srwt, near I 'anal. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs lor sale and stock. BL'TI.KK'S Iniallitile Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 7fc.; BUTLEK'ri new work, $2. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines for ail diseusca The largest collection of fancy fowls In the city; all kinds of fancy Dogs, common and fancy Pigeous, Squirrels, lop-ear Rabbits, Maltese Cuts, Ac. HALE A CON RUN, 209 Fulton street, N. Y. ~ tub turjf. A HINT TO TIJE LOVERS OF THE HORSE. The Model Boarding Stable, up town. Waverley Stables, 147, 149. 151 West Thlrtv-fltth street, between Broadway and Seventh avenue. The most i ertectly lighted aud ventilated stables In the city for keeping horses healthy, cool In Summer, warm in Winter, containing a large, airy, glass covered yard, with Neufcbatel cemented floor, tor the proper grooming of horses. Every floor is fitted with all modern Improvements, water, gas. Ac. Mr. Bergh's attention specially invited. Accommodation for to horses. Possessed ot 30 J ears' expeneuce the manager of these stables pledges itnself to give his personal attention to every horse entrusted to hts care, nnd, if sick, to treat him free of cnarge. tic will oe nappy 10 snow u.r auuie iu an 11s i details to any one who will please to call. Also, to let, L first class light Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Top Wagons and y good Roadsters GEO. W. JEN KINS, Manager. / xtoticr to owners ok trotting horses and t J^l Members of the Trainers and Drivers' Protective Association.?An luiporlnnt meeting of the above assotion will beheld on .Monday evening, March 31, at 8 o'clock, at Johnson's Pool booms, corner of Bmadway and Twenty-eighth street. Owners o! trotting horses are ' cordially invited to attend. james D. McMANN, President. Willi aw H. Robst, Secretary. HOH8KS, CAHH.1AGES, &V. ^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON." A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, cxoutsitel) finished, and embracing in their construction the various improvement* introduced by us duriug tile past lfiyears, malting them the Standard for Quality throughout the United states. These wagons are exclusively the production ofonr well-known Broome street laclory, and are offered iu stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the moat valued customer, aud at prices unilorin to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a Joint Btock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms are at the corner of Fifth nvennc and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Hrooine street BREWSTER A CO., of Hroome street. ?THE FOLLOWING ARK AMONG THE CAR rlages, Ac., offered at prlvato sale at BARKER A CHASE'S City Auction Mnrt and New York Tattersall'g, corner ot Broadway and Thirty-ninth atreet, at prices to uit:? No top Road Wagon, bnilt by Benson. Two low-priced lull spring Road Wagons. Top Wagon, built by Loug A Silscy. Top Wagon, built by Oorbett A Co. Top Wagon, made by Brewster A Co. Three new top Wagons, built by Close. Top Wagon, built by Wood Bros. Top Wagon, made by Seaman. Top Wagon, built by Benson Bros. Top Wagon, made by Bell. Six-seat park Phaeton, built by Wood Bros. Top pony Phaeton, built by Close. Two uo top pony Phaetons, made by Close. Rockawav, made by Russell. Depot Wagon- built by hcIL Dog Cart, made by Miner A Stevens. Express Wagon, built by Piotrowski. Fine Concord Express Wagon, made by WInans. Three top and no top Express Wagons. Two horse Farm Wagon. Sulky, built by West New and second-hand Double and Single Harness. Lap Robes, Horse Clothing, Whips, Halters, Surcingles, Whip Backs, Ac., Ac. REGULAR SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, AC. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Office and salesrooms (15 Chambers and 77 Readc st Messrs. A. B. MINER A BRO., successors to Henry II. Leeds k Miner (established in 18471, respectfully notify their friends and the public that they have secured the large and spacious stnbles Nos. 337, 339 and 341 Fourth avenue, southeast corner of Twenty-filth street, as an auction mart for the sale of horses, carriages, Ac,, Ac., to which branch of business they will give their especial attention, and for the convenience of those desiring to avail themselves of their services will hold regular weekly auction sales on Thursdays. Parties preferring to sell bv private sale cun have their horses, Ac., well cared for and properly shown by Mr. Richard McCullough, who has charge of the stable. Tneywill also take charge of and sell at tne private stables of gentlemen desiring. A"?SPEED, SPEED, SPEED! warranted speed. also style, beauty and elegance and SAFETY GREAT POSITIVE SPECIAL PEREMPTORY SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, ON TUESDAY. APRIL 1, AT STABLE 47 GREAT JONES STREET, at 1I)H o'clock. JOHN L. VANDEWATKR, Auctioneer. Including the finest stock ever offered at public auction, the property of a well known retired merchant. One team of elegant .jet-black Geldings, 16 hunds high, 7 and 8 years old. One team of bay Trotters, 6 years old; can beat 2 JO; U)i higb. One handsome bay Pony Horse, 15 high; suitable for ladies to ride or drive. Two last Trotters, including the celebrated trotting Mare Alico Gray; can trot in 2:35. All warranted sound and kind. Also elegant 'Landuln, one two-<-eat Phaeton. Pony Phaeton, Trotting Wagon; single ami double Harness, by Dunscomb, Ac. Full particulars of all In to-morrow's Herald. Stock can be seen and examined on Monday morning until sale. T~ AUCTION ON~TUESDAY, APRIL 1, AT 12 o'clock, BLACK STALLION, 15}? hands, 9 years; kind, perfect and docile in allbarness;lrce from vice; very stylish; can trot In 3:3dsingle und 3:20 to pole; stands without tying; can he drivcu by a lady or child, and is warrauted sound. Also Boston Ohnlso. nearly new, made by Sargent A Co., of Boston; set single Harness made in London. To be seen any time previous to sale at the Auction Mart of wm. VAN TASSELL, Successor to Johnston A Van Tasscll, at the old stand, 110, 112 and 114 East Thirteenth street, near fourth av. f NEW YORK BALKS AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, 337 TO 241 FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTYFIFTH STREET, RICHARD M'CULLOUOM, PROPRIETOR, Horse*, Carriages, Harness, Blanket.-, Ac., taken on sale and storage. The same sold at auction ami private sale. Large and first class stock always on hand at private gale. Horses lclt on sale will receive good care. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Regular auction sules day, Thursday of each w eek. En tfios lornucuuii hi puvttiv sai? can in* mauc in rvc|M?j*itory, as above, or at office of auctioneers, 95 Obumliers at reet. At our factory, 1,404 broadway, ark the following second hand Carriages, all in good order Clarence, Coupe, Barouche, Brougham, Pony Phaeton, with rnmble; Cabriolet, Coupelette, Top Wagon. bradley, pray A Co., 558 Broadway. A ?REMOVAL, REMOVAL, REMOVAL. ' A. M Liberty street A card?No. 8 Cortlandt at., K K will open in a few days entire new stock E M caretully selected light* arriagesand Harness, M o at uew and commodious repository, o No. 8 Cortlandt struct V A Balance 01 stock at 58 Liberty street, A Ik offered at great bargains to rinse out L. No reasonable offer refused. B6 Liberty at. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt at., ear Nassau. near Broadway. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OF WILLIAM VAN i'ASSK.I.L (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNTSON AND VAN TASSRLL) At the old stand, 110,112 anil 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue, regular sales ok horses and carriages! wiix be held every tuesday and friday, at 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriages to sell, will And this house Berfectly reliable, as this business will he conducted on tesame straightforward principles which have governed It In the past We give the purchaser of every horse that Is warranted sound from 24 to 48 hours for trial. Horses and carriages always on hand at private sale. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. AT PRIVATE SALE. Stivers Top Bugtry. I Express Wagons Depot Wagon, 2d hand. Brewster Top Buggy. Pouy Phaetons. I Rockaivays anil Road Wagons. 11)0 set* single and double Harness. AT NEW YORK KALES AND STORAOE REPOSITORY, SS7 to Sil FOURTH AVENUE. 'AMII -T LUKKT B WALDRON, AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms 108 Liberty and 38 Church street IX w. IVRS will sell by MUCtloll on MONDAY, at 12 o'clock. Horses, Wagons and Harness. Full description and wnranlies at tune of sale. AT AUCTION" on TUESDAY, a Pit IL I. at u O'CLOCK, by WILIJAM van TassELL, Auctioneer, successor to Johnston A Van Tasscll, at the old stand, 110, 112 and 114 Fast Thirteenth street. Team bay Horses, with long manes aid tails, 18t< hands, 0 years; kind and true In all harness; tree Horn vice; warranted sound, kind and true. Clarence, lined with blue cloth. In good order, made by Wood Rro.; also set Double Harness, made by Dunseoiub, covered, mounted. Full particulars in Tnexday's Herald. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR rale?A VERY stvlish chestnut Horse, Iff hands, sound and kind; luitidsul t, used only four months: T Cart, made by Turrill A Son, London ; both in first rinse style and condition; also double and Lnndaulet Harness, English and city make, Hlankets, Ac.; will he sold singly or In lots to suit purchasers. Apply at privato stable 154 East Fttty-sevcntli street. N. B.?The owner Is not going to Europe. ? 111r muu-OAn n/iitu.i, ruLG AKU arArTN, HT J\ Corbet; one light Coach, by Brewster; 10 top ami open Road Wagons br the best city maker* from $30 up; 1 two *erond-han?l Rockaways, Su top nndopen I'ony I'haoton*, two six-seat Phaetons. three Snlkeys, one secondhand Clarence, two slide-seat Wagons, three top and open Express Wagons, Single and Double Harness of all kinds, at W. H. CRAY'S. 20 and a Wooater street. Avery fine saddle mark, six years old, with Wagon. Harness. Blankets, Ac., for sale cbeap; . mast he sold this week. Apply attK West Twenty-second street, between 12 and 2 o'clock. A GENTLEMAN OFFERS HIS ELEGANT TEAM OF rich bays for ?ale; 15.2, long talis and manes, close match, good roadsters; also Rtigpr. douhle-seat Carriage, llarnass, and complete establishment throughout, very cheap. Apply at room 11 167 Broadway. An abdallaji road mare for sale cheap? As owner Is leaving for Europe; also a set of Harness. Apply until sold at DONoHoE'g stables. Eightyseventh street, near Fourth avenue. A STOCK FARM TO LET?IN ORANGE COUNTY? Splendid opportunity for a hotel and training stables; 5.'i miles trom cltyi hall-mile track; nnlv two miles Irom river and tlye from Newbnrg. Inquire' ol LEWIS BKAi II, 27 Park place. A LOT OF SUPERIOR TOCNG HORSES?SUITABLE for nil purposes, to be sold cheap or exchanged lor low-priced ones; also several lgw prlccil Homes. US Noriolk street, NEW YORK HERALE HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A?BARGAIN'S, BARGAINS IN FINK PARK! AGES, ? comprising Coupes, I.andaulets, Randalls, Phaetons, Depot Wagon.- ; several second liand Carriages, taken in exchange, to close out HAM, 10 Bant Fourth street. A?100 CARRIAGF.H FOR 8AI.K. - ROCKAWAV, Buggies, I'ark and Pony Phaetons; Depot, Express and Business Wagons, Westchesters, six-seat Carryall; new and second hand, 141 West Broadway, near Canal st A DOWNTOWN TRUCK ANI) FURNITURE TRUCK for sale?At 67* Seventh avenue; $110. A 1 ?WlIsD SELL AT A GREAT BARGAIN, FOR Jx 1 want o< use, one of the fastest, handsomest and best bred six-year-old Mares on the road (under saddle or in harness); one Brewster Wagon, elegant finish, good us new; a beautiful late model Sleigh, Robes. Harness, Be., all In perfect erder; outfit complete; price $1,250. Address, for three days, L. H.. box C.S42 Post office. Ahorse for sale?perfectly sound and kind; good lady's driver; 4 \ cars, 15 hands; color iron gray; will exchange lor Furniture. 8. C. smith, 2U2 William atrect^ Brewster (<jf bkoomk street) second hand WAGONS. A* I make a vpeeialty of the ahore celebrated Wagon* I have a hue assorliuuut of Tope and No-lope always on hand. A. 8. FLANDKAU, Nos. 7 and 18 1 ust Kigliteentli street, between Broadway und Filth axcuue. BALANCE OF CONTRACTOR'S STOCK FOR SALE.? Eight Brick Carts, one Coul Cart. Feed Truck, Tool*, Harness, Ac. Apply to JAMES N1NBEU, SIM Kant Eleventh street. ? Butcher and farm wagon, cart, an top and No-top Wagons, 5 Rockaways, 15 Top and No-top Pony Phaetons, 10 new and second hand Business Wagons, all cheap, at 1,430 Broadway, near Forty-first street. j. jenkins. /COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR BALE?PAIR OP OKAY \J Horses, lfi hands; sate and stylish drivers; Dog Cart and Harness, in tine order, TALLMANN'S, Broadway and Thirty-eighth street tiahrtages?slightly damaged; oueat barJ gains; Carriages, new aud second hand, of evory description, at low prices; now is the time to purchase, before trade commences. MANUFACTURER^ UNION, 638 Broadway. Depot ca"kkiage'-two.skat,~ standing" top, lor one horse ; also a Victoria Phaeton; low price Ir sold Immediately; also double Harness; at 249 West Twenty-eighth street. FOR SALE?A DESIRABLE FAMILY TEAM, 1# hands, hay. 6 and 7 years old; tine drivers and good roadsters; pertectly sound and kind; good style, Ae.; owner having no use will sell low. Can be seen and tried at private stable 66 West Forty-third street, near Sixth avenue. ? For bale?three truck horses, very low. Apply to W. P. TOMPKINS, 207 West street. For sale?12 new business wagons, i second hand Landau, 1 teed truck, 1 top Buggy, at 207 Greene street. For sale?live ry and "hoarding stable"-"! first class uptown Livery and Boarding will he sold, with or without Stock. Address LIVERY STABLE, Herald Uptown Branch office. Fob sale?clarence, made by stivers; fine order; will be sold cheap. TALLMAN'S, Broadway, corner Thlrty-elglith street. Fob sale?horse phaeton, harness robes, Ac.; horse (mottled) black mane and tail 13k hands; is sound and kind; has been driven by a lady lor threo years past; is a perfect beauty; Phaeton and Harness good, made to order for present owner; whole In periect order; a gentleman wanting such a turnout will be lully suusiicu wuu inm. Aduresa c. i;. muni as, ncwari, n. J. FOR SALE-TWO SECOND HAND CLARENCES, lined in brown cloth, in good order, made by Loos A Williams; also one light C spring Barouche, nearly new, same maker, and one very light six-seat I'haeton, by U. M. Stivers, very stylish. A. S. A E. OIiKLL, 094 and 096 Lexington avenue, near 57th street For sale?a pair of very styltsii black Horses, 16 hands, 7 years old ; sound and kind In all harness. Inquire at 20 Lexington avenue. IflOR SALE?A SHIFTING TOP \ SKAT BUGGY; a first class article ; light and used very little; also handsome Set of new single Harness. Apply at .HO Second avenue, m cigar store, beioro 11 a. M. or alter 4 P. M. ' FOR BALE?ONE BAY HORSE. 17K HANDS HIGH; also three bay llorses, 15};, hands high, all warranted kind and sound, 6 years old. 249 West Twentyeighth street For sale?bay horse, ie hands hioh, 7 years old : weight 1,25!) pounds; price $135. Apply at HENDRIOk.SON'8 coal yard, Myrtle avenue, corner of Spencer street, Brooklyn, N. Y. For sale?a stylish black horse, in\ hands high, 8 years old; is not afraid of u locomotive, steam lire engine or band of music; 'era minted ktud, gentle unit sound. Can be seen at private stable 156 East Thirtieth street. FOlTSALE?THE HANDSOMEST AND BEST KOU'Rseat Coupe Rockaway in the world, upholstered in brown satin, with pair Of thoroughbred Hambletonian Mares, full sisters. Day, with black points; sound, kind; lady or boy can drive them ; are fast; would take a single Horse In exchange. Apply at private stable,296 East Twentieth street For sale-a stylish dark bay pony: warranted sound and kind and a good traveller; sold tor the want ol use. Apply at 520 Pearl street, near Centre. For sale?a team of dark bax horses, isi* hands high, long manes and tails; warranted sound; 7 years old; uncommonly styl'sh drivers; can travel in 3 2U): can be driven double or single, as they are accustomed to be driven by the owner's wills. Call on or address R. A. DONALDSON, 3a l)? y street, New York. Fo^ SALE?TOGETHER or SEPARATE, BLACK Mare, 5 years old, 15 hands high; sound and kind; excellent to huruess or suddle; very handsome; with Phaeton and Harness. Inquire of Dr. W. U. VAN wtck, 270 West Thirty -eighth street. For sale?two Canadian horses; just came Irom the country; over 16}i hands high. To be seen at the liquor store 305 Monroe street l<IOR SALE?A STYLISH TEAM OF CARRIAOF, F Horses, gray and bay; C and 7 ycurs, 16 bauds; sound and kind; can trot in 3 minutes. Address OWNER, box 183 Herald ofiice. For balk-an elegant park phaeton, for $300, and a Clarence, nearly new, for $1,000: can tie seen at ARTHUR DELL'S, 142 Ekst Forty-tlrst street, near Third avenue. Inquire at 144 Pearl street, rooms 3 and 4. 1jV)R HALE?A CART, SUITABLE FORDOWN-TOW N work; will be sold cheap. Apply at 214 East Twentyninth street For sale?a matched team of young mares, second llambU tonlans, 5 and 6 years old. $1,51K); also a line Roadster, $2 DUO. To be seen on the farm, In Orange county, of LEWIS BEACH, 27 Park place. For sale-an extra stylish dappled, oolden sorrel Pony, 15 hands high, 8 years old; perfectly gentle und kind tor a lady to ride and drive; this pony has been used by a lady, who has no further use tor him; will sell him cheap; sold under lull warrantee; also top Pony Phaeton, single Harness and side Saddle. Apply at 136 West Thirty-ninth street Tjtok SALE?A VERY ELEGANT AND STYLISH PAIR r of matched black Ponies: perfectly kind for a lady's use ; scant 15 hands high, 5 and 6 years old; both broke to saddle; this is the handsomest pair in the city; sold under full warrantee. Ask lor DUNKLEY, 134 West Thirty nintli street, elnb stable. For sale?a number of business wagons, all sizes, new and second hand; you will find this place favorable. At BARRETT'S, corner of Navy and Johnson streets, Brooklyn. FOR HALE?BOARDING STABLE, IN RUNNING order, above Thirty-fourth street, near Seventh avenue; accommodation on ground floor lor 25 horses: plenty carriage room; large loft; two years' lease. Address K. W. I).. station E. I" toil SALE?T CART, BY BREWHTBR, OF BROOME street; top Buggy, by Bates, and light Harness; all In fine order. Private stable No. 2 Eust Fifty-lourth st. For sale?a splendid coupe horse, 16 hands high ; bay, with handsome, flowing inane and tail; 6 years old ; as fine a horse as there is In the city; fully warranted; sold for want ot use. Inquire for JOHN, American Club Stables, 134 West Thirty-ninth street. GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR BALK.? HORSE, Wagon, Harness, Whip and Blanket; horse can trot in 2:46; Stivers' top Wagon, nearly new; harness by Campbell; will be sold nt auction, April 1, at 10 A. M., at Fleetwood stables, 106 West Fortieth street. Can be seen previous to sale. j j a rn e s8* harn ebb, saddles. Ont on <he road with our tro Iters, I All equipped with trappings so gay. We do make a splendid so ligation When you see na on any line day. With a Harness that Ir made by MOSEM AN, So stylish and fitting ao neat. Our turnout la all admiration; Our stylo, it cannot be beat. moskman, Introdneer and producer of the latest taahtnna in Harness anil Llorse Equipments of every description. Wurerooms 114 Chambers street. Why are MOSEMAN'S Harness Warerooins like a elock run down? Because there is "no time here." Harness, harness, saddles and horse furnlture of every description.?We are now fitting out with Horse Millinery lor the coming Spring racing season the following well known trotting courses:?Monmouth Park, Long Branch, W. E. Kaynor. Secretary; Fleetwood Park, Ford ham, W H. Van Cott, Secretary; Jerome and Saratoga Park. Charles Wlicatly, Secretary; Buffalo Park, Buffalo, L.vman B. Smith, Secretary ; Waverlv Park. Newark, Ueorge B. Dunn, Secretary: tioshen Park, tioshen. K. A. Van sickle. Secretary; Mystic Park, Boston, Lon Morris, Secretary; Point Breere Park, Philadelphia. S. A. Kilpatrlc, Secretary; Hampden Park, Springfield. L. A. Powers, President and Secretary; Prospect Parit, Brooklyn, Ueorge W. Oakley, Secretary. C. M. MOSKMAN ft BRO., most extensive dealers in Horse Furniture on the Western Hemisphere. Warerootns, 114 Chambers st.. New York. Harness.?a laroe stock of sinolk and Double Harness, of my own make, at extremely low prices; winter stock of Horse Blankets and Lap Robes at a sacrifice -.Truck Blankets cheaper than ever. e. BAR! lett, til Wurren street, corner Collage place. Harness bdyers, attention'-we havr thf. largest stock, of every description and style, in New York. Call-and see. JACOBOWSKY, H1LHOKN ft CO., Ill Chambers st. HARNESS KOR SALE?THREE SETS, RXFRESH OR grocer: one Cart All Tenth avenue, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets. Horses takkn to board, DitivK. and break, with good JOHN H. TWBDDt.E, MontSimrrT, Orange county, N. Y. References?James B. rews'ter A Co., New York city. Handsome first class coupr hornr-iaw high, 7 year*, sound, gentle and true j sold for wnnt alia a four-seated Rockaw ar, one set coupe liar new nnd one light Harness. Private stable, 21 East Thirteenth street. __ HORSE, TRI CK AND HARNESS FOR SALE?At,I* in splendid condition; will sell separate or together. Call Monday at pole yard, .'>85 Washington street. MUI.IM.-HI) HEAD OF SUPERIOR KENTUCKY broKe Mules, of all grades and sizes, for sale by E. B. BisiHiP's sons,corner urttud and BUboy street*. Jersey CRy. N.J, >, SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1! IIOUSKS, CAIIIf I.YflKS, AC. IF YOU HAVK A FINE TEAM OF HORSE*?IF YOU have a Landau, a Clarence, a Laudaulet Harness or anything In the Home and Carriage linr to dispose of you can find a ready sale, at fair market values, by cousigulng them to ARCH. JOHNSTON, A THOROUGHLY RESPONSIBLE HOUSE, either at auction or private ..ale, at his new and spacious Marl, elegantly located. East Thirteenth street, between Fifth uvenue and University place?19, 21, 23 and 26 Entries and negotiations can be made at onr downtown office and salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office, or at the mart, as above. VTKW LONDON-MADE HARNESS, SINGLE AND i.1 Doable, to suit all carriages of English style, for sale at 136 i.ast Twenty-sixth street, near Lexington avenue. OWNF.R GOING ABROAD.?FOR SALE, A THKEEquarter thoroughbred sorrel Horse, stands 16 hands. Inst, well brokeu and perfectly sound, 6 years old this Spring. Can be seen at SB Sussex street, Jersey City, near tue ferry, till 11 o'elock every morning uutll sold. OWNER GOING ABROAD.?FOR SALE, A LIGHT Barouehe Carriage (Calling's axle), made to order for present owner by Brewster, of Broome street; nearly new and in perfect order; also a largo elrcnlar glass front Coupe, nmde by Lawrence, of Broadway; nearly new and in splendid condition. Can be seen at 83 Hussex stri ct till II o'clock each day until sold. ONE OF THE FINEST TEAMS OF MATCHED PONIES in the country are now ottered for gale at a great bargain. These pomes arc great beauties, and can be handled by any lady or child, either single, double or under the saddle; a very desirable phaelou team. Call on or addroaa W. C. II., 699 Broadway. PRIVATE STABLE.?TIIE OWNER AND OCCUPANT of a first class private Stable on Wost Thirty-second street, having more room than wanted, would lake a pair ot Horses and Carriages on 1st May. Address H. li. W., Herald office. STABLE AND LOT, 2l)XP>l, ON EAST ELEVENTH street, near avenue 1>, for sale cheap; terms easy. Apply at Canal street, lee Company. STABLE 219 AND 221 WEST FORTY SIXTH STREET, near Broadway, newl.v fitted up throughout as a rtrstcla-s boardiug stable lor gentlemen's road horses exclusively. SMALL STABLE WANTED, OR HALF OF LARGER one; two or three stalls only required; location between Twenty-third anil Thirtieth streets and Fourth to Seventh avenue. Address s., box 2.Mi l'o-t office. SECOND HAND BUGGIES. VICTORIA, TWO DOG Curta, two Coupes, I'ony wagon, Coupo Rockawav, six seat Rockawny, Depot Wagon and several light Rock awavs, groat variety Pony Phaetons, Road Wagons and other new Spring style Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadway. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES OF ALL KINDS, CON slsting of Lnndaus, Clarences, 6 und 1 seat Rockaways. Park and Pouy Phaetons, top and uo top Wagons, tor sale low by A. 8. FLANDRaU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, between Broadway and Filth uvenne. TO LET?TWO FIRST CLASS STABLES (ONR large), with Ave open and two box stalls, carriage, coachman's rooms, Ac. : most centrul locations up tow n. WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, near Fortyfilth street rfVHOMAS L. D. BALL A CO., X wholesale and retail Harness and Saddlery Commission Merchants. Light single and double Harness. Express, rockuwuy and coach Harness. Track and farm Harness. Ladles' and gentlemen's Saddles and Bridles, Rohes, Sheets, Halters, Ac. Livery aud track Harness a speciality. A11 goods warranted as represented. 138 Wooster street, between Prince end Houston streets. TO LET?A LARGE TWO STORY RRICK STABLE, 8 stalls, water, gas aud extra large carriage room. Apply at 62U East Sixth street TO LET?FIRST CLASS TWO STORY STABLE, FIVE fit li lis. fln<? Anurtmnntji fnr rnnohmnn in t/onii rittmir West Thirty-third street, near Sixth uvenue. Owner V. 8CI1AKKER, 483 Sixth avenue. TO COUNTRY STABLE KEEPERS AND HAOKMBN.? For sale, three six-seated 1'urk Phaetons in good order. P. B. MASTERSON, _ Fifty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. WANTED?FIRST (T.ASS I.IVKRY STABLE, ABOVE Twenty-third street, for cash. DEMARKST A WIIITLOCK, No 1C. Park place. WANTED?A LOW EXPRESS BOX SIDE BAR HALF Spring Wagon; weight about 3.10 pounds; must oo In good order. Address J. (1., box 187 Post office. WANTED?FOR CASH, AND CHEAP, A SIX-SEAT light Westchester Rockuuay, of city build and littlo used: also ?tx-seat sleigh. Address, with all particulars, S. H., box 14!) Herald office. ANTED?A DOCTOK'S PHAETON. NEwTo KSEC ond hand, good order, reasonable price. Adilres PHAETON, box 180 Herald office, with price and de scrtptlon. TVTANTED-A REALLY HANDSOME AND PKRTf fectly broken saddle Horse; must be sound, not over six or seven years of age, brhllewlsc and ot a dark color. Address COACHMAN, 34 East Fortieth street. WANTED?A CHILD'S PONY, HARNESS AND Wagon. Address U.. tiox 1,393 Post office. WAGONS FOR SALE OHEAP.-ONE COVERED EXprdks, one Oroeery, one Plumber's and one light Business Wngon, one Coupe, one top and one no top Buggy, at 326 spring street, corner of Clarke. or HORSES JUST ARRIVED FROM THE WEST; Oi) suitable for all purposes. Apply uutil sold at 801 Greenwich street. dhC?/\?$75, $180.-A YOUNG MARE, FOR LIGHT JpUU work; a roan Horse, suitable lor any work; a sorrel Horse, for milk, grocery or express wagon; also Express Waeon, cheap. Coll for three days at 383 West Twenty fifth street, corner Eighth avenue. (OAA ?A.?FOR SALE, THE FAST TROTTING JJpU'/U. Horse Black Crook, 10 years old, 15?? hands; trots a mile In 8 minutes; ran be driven by a lady and will stand without tying: together with a lignt city made shitting top Wagon, as good as new, not even solicit, and first class Harness; sold together or separate ; also seat no top Wagon: price (ISO. Inquire for one week at Waverley Stublcs, 147 and 149 West Thirty-fifth street BOARDERS WANTED. 1ROOM, WITH TWO SINGLE BEDS AND LARGE closets, and one hall Room, on third lloor, with tlrst class Hoard ; references exchanged. 50 West Twentysecond street. 1?A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A NICELY FUR" nlsbed Room to gentlemen orgenllcman utiil wife' with exrellent Board; terms moderate. 265 West Thirty" fourth street "1 ?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A I. Miiitnf furnisher! Rooms on soronrl floor, with or without Board. Apply at 27 Hunt Twoiity-tourtb street, near Madison square. 2 WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET. ONE DOOR FROM Fifth avenue.?One large pleasant Room, aun exposure. with good Board, at moderate prices. 3D FLOOR FRONT HALL ROOM, WITH BOARD: also will be shortly TueaU'd, richly furnished Second Floor, with or without private table. 33 West Thirtythird street References required. 4 EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH anil Madison avenues?To tlrst class physician one or more Rooms; Board if desired; house and location unexceptionable : possession in April. 5TH AVENUE, 351, SECOND DOOR BELOW Til HIT Y" fnurth street?A handsomely furnished I'arlor and Bedroom to rent, with Board ; also one single Room ; references exchanged. 5TH AVENUE, JOB, OPPOSITE MADISON SQUARE.? A desirable Room to let, wlili Board. 5TH AVENUE.?AN ELEGANT PARLOR FLOOR AND a Suit of three Rooms on second floor to let, with private table, in the pleusantly located double house 45 Filth avenue. 5TH AVENUE, 343. ? AN ELEGANT SECOND FLOOR to let, with or without private table ; also other Boo ma at low prices. ?TO LET, WITH BOARD, TO TWO GENTLE TO. men. a large front Room on third atory; no moving In May. 84H Sixth avenue. 7 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.?FINE ROOMS to let, with Board, to families or gentlemen, by season or year; reierences exchanged. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.?HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, with unexceptionable Board; references exchanged. d>7 TO $10.-BOARD, WITH HANDSOMELY FUR? I nished Rooms, for gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives: lionse new; every Improvement; home comforts. No. 3 Spencer place, between Tenth and Chrlstoper streets. 9 (OLD NO.) ABINGDON SQUARE.?TWO PLEASANT furnished Rooms, with Board, in a small private family; tonns moderate; reierences exchanged. 9 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFTH avenne.?Three newly furnished communicating Kootn* on iniru uuor, on suiie or singly, wiui ur?l class Boani. also small Koom ; references. 1A SIXTH AVENUE?TO LET, A NICELY rURJU nixhed Parlor, with use of kitchen ; also Rooms on second Moor tor light housekeeping, or gentleman with or without Board. No moving: nEAKT FORTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH avenue.?Second story Rooms, handsomely furnished, with Board; private Utile if desired. 1 41TH STREET, IS5 WEST, NEAR SIXTH AVENITE ? A pleasant third story front Room to let, with Board, to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife. References. _ -in PARK AVENUE.?DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH it) Board i no moving; references. 1 Q BANK STREET?TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT J.O Board, a large front Room on second floor; southera exposure; also two single Rooms; reference given and required. MEAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNION square and Fifth avenue.?Oentlemen can find pleasant Rooms, with or without Board ; very convenient to cars and stages. 1 /T WARREN PLACE, CHARLES STREET.?NICE. J ?J large and beautifully furnished Rooms, to suit. In a first class private French family; very select house and neighborhood; home comforts; table unsurpassed; accessible either by the Sixth or Seventh avuuuu cars; references exchanged. rQ WEST TWKNTYFOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE O Fifth Avegue Hotel.?An elegant Suit of Booms to let, with Board, to a party of gentlemen. 1 < 1 WEST TENTH STREET NEAR FIFTH A\ F.NI K ? It) Large, delightful front Room, extra closets, third floor, ntperior Board; also two nice Room* fourth floor, for gentlemen; location unexceptionable; rrftritncn (in EAST THIRTY T1IIKD STREET ? FRONT KooM and Bed room on Mcond floor to If t to geutli'iuun and wife, with Board ; roterencoa exchanged. 9QD STREET, WI ST, US-PARTIES DKsllUNO TO aeenre aupertor accommodation* permanently, at moderate rate*, with nnexceptionahle table, in flratclaas houae, pleaae apply. EAST WASIIINOTON VI,At E -TO KENT. WITH flr<t class B?nrd. a suit ot Boom* and single R? mis QQD STREET 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADISON AU aquare.?Elegantly furniatied Room.* to let, In an It* or atngly, with flrat claae Board, front April lit; rete.rencca. PERRY STREET.?LAKHK Fl'KNISIIKD ROOMS to let, with Board, to gontleinHn and wl e or idaglo uuUentea, *J#o U?li Boom, uo woviflg in Mju, 873.-QUAHKUPLE SHEET_ BOABDKPS WAIVTKO. ^ no OLISTon PLACE (EIGHTH STREET), VEST Of jjl) Hrondway.?Ni.el v furnished Rooms tor man ana wife or single gentlemen; price moderate; also day boarder*. syj EAST TWKNTYSEVENTH STREET.?A GENaj I tec) young lady can have lioard ami Room with a widow lady, where there are no other boarders; terms reasonable. OQ WEST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND ?xth avenues?Pleasantly located Rooms on second and third floors. to let, with lioard; references. OQTH STREET, 105, BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND AlO Fourth avenues? Furnished Rooms to let. with Board, to gentlemen and their wlveaer single gentlemen; reference* OQ LAMAHTINE PLACE (357 WEST TWENTY-NINTH Lj O street).?Desirable Rooms to let. about May 1, fur nlshed or uninrnlshed, on second floor, en suite or single, with good Hoard; house and locality first class; references exchanged. #w """? runii-n?.mnin p i nciD i, rvmnrn v?r 4iiO Madison avonuo.?Elegantly furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, on second floor, with Board; private table if desired; new brown sione house. OQTII STREET. 40, FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS, JjXJ en suite or singly; private table if desired; terms reasonable; location tluo; bath to every floor ; no uiovlng In May. References. 3n WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ) and Sixth avenues ?Newlv and elegantly furnished sunny front Rooms, first class table tprivato if required), for fatuities or gentlemen; refereuco. Oft EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?LAROB. Oil handsome Rooms to lot, with first class Board, on second floor; refcrcnrus exchanged. Of} EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET?A HANDSOME ?It I Suit or Rooms (five or more) to lot, with first class Board, to a desirable party from April I; best reference. OQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.?ELEGANT ?)?/ double and single Rooms; excellent table ; prices reasonable; flr-t class location, near Madison Park; conveniences of botel witli quiet ol home. JAl ST. MARK'S PLACE.? HANDKOMELY FURr"2 nisliod second floor front Room, with Board, for a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen roommates. 4 1ST STREET, i39, WKST.-A VERY HANDSOME Tt" L Extension Parlor, with other pleasant Rooms, with Hoard; terms reasonable; Summer arrangements desired ; no moving in May. ,1 O WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.?A LAItGF. FRONT T?i Room on fourth floor to let, with Board, fo two gentlemen or to gentleman and wifo; also a Hull Room; excellent aeeomnnslutlon ; references exchanged. A 4 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?A LARGE T~ i Room, Just vacated by a family going South, to let, with first class Board; also Itooni on upper floor, suitable for two gentlemen ; relcrcnce.s required. 4r WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?ONE PAR J lot Floor, one second story front Room, nno Room on fourth floor, wlttt Hoard. A Q WEST WASHINGTON PLACE.?A HANDSOME Tt7 ly fhrnlshed second storv front Room to let, with first class Hoard, to a party of guutleuieu or married couple. JO WEST" THIRTY-SECOND STREET.?LARGE To and finely lurnished Rooms; also buck Parlor, with Hoard; private table if desired. CA WEST WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR SIXTH ?)l/ uveuiie.?To let, with Hoard, nicely furnished lurgo Rooms on second and third floors; hot anil cold water; terms modoruto; lor the Summer; tuble good; uo moving. CA WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?TO LET, A J'/ suit of handsomely furnished Rooms on second floor front, with private bath adjoining; Hoard uncxcoptlonablc, references exchanged. SO WEST TWENTY-SIXTH NTRKKT.-KLEGANTLY '-J furnished Rooms for tumlllos or single gentlemen, with Board, on reasonable terms. CO WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR 1^ Broadway.?Double and single Rooms tor gentlemen only, with or without Board; rent of rooms, $.1, $5 and $10 per week. Broadway and Sixth avenue.?Double and single , Rooms, handsomely lurinshod, with first class tahlu; also day boarders taken. No moving in May. References exchanged. /r 7 HHNIIOK BTBBET, NEAR MARKET.?A FEW J I gentlemen can have good Board; Rooms newly furnished ; *5. / O I'ARK AVENUE ? HANDSOME ROOMS olt SKOIJO olid lloor to let, with Board; private table and attendance. 7ft IKVINO PEACE (tilt AM ERCV PA It K).?LARGE, I U sunny Room, third tloor, lully furnished; also largo single Room, with tlru; house and table lirstclass; special inducements to pcrmuuuut parties. 7ft PERRY STREET.?UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO 4 U let, with Hoard; all modern improvements. "IftQ FOURTH AVENUE.?A HANDSOME FRONT lA/O Parlor to let, with Board, very reasonably; loca tion central, near Twelfth street. 1AQ WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR 1U?7 Broadway.?To let, with Board, two connecting Parlors on tlrst floor; hot and cold water; suitable for a party of gentlemen or families ; rW'eronccs. mWKST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET.-TO LET, I with Board, a large front and back Room, on second lloor, containing hot aud cold water; southern exposure. EAST FIFTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN Lexington and Fourth avenues.?Furnished or unfurnished Rooms, with or without Board; bath and gas. _ I1Q EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, FRONTING J I?7 on Gramercy Park.?A largo tuurih story trout Room, with Board. 1 90 WEST FORTY FOURTH STREET.?A LARGE IsjU nicely tarnished, front Room oti second lloor, with alcove, with or without Hoard ; suitable fur ouo or two gentlemen ; no moving in May. mWKST FORTY-FIRST STREET?A PRIVATE family, having a hack Parlor ami large Rom on second tloor, would let, to gentleman uud wile or two gentlemen ; everything in tlrst class order. Tabic Board. EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN Jj'j Fourth and Lexington uremics.?A very pleasaut Room to let, with Board; no moving in May. 1 OO WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET.?A LARGE Jand well Dtrnlshed tmnthall Bedroom to let, with first class Board, to a single gentleman; terms moderate; references exchanged. 1 'Aft W EST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?TO LET, AO" handsome Second Floor, with luith and Breakfast If desired, to a party of gentlemen; house Jiaving changed hands and now in p< rl.'eet order. "1 Oft WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET, NEAR AO"" Broadway and S xth avenue.?Hand-omely turnlshed Boonu to fct, with Rn class Board; raters noes. 1QJ EAST SIXTEENTH STREET (LATE MRS. IOt Faulkner's!.?To let, with Board, a Suit of Rooma on the third lloor. Also Booms for gentlemen. I /I I I " ?>?s* i 11 oiivr.r. i.?unis iwmil',l,? It" fnrnished front and back 1'uriorn, with Dressing Koom adjoining, to let, troni April IS or May 1, without board or with Breakfast; retereneeH. 1 rn waverIjKV "pi. ArK?m AYD3omedyT"urXtJ"" nished front and hack Rooms to let, on lerond floor, to gentlemen or gentleman and wile, with pood Board ; location central. 1~K*> EAST THIRTY THIRD STREET. NEAR LEX i)0 intrton avenue.?A targe, finely furnished front Room to let. to gentleman und wife ; Board tor the Indy only; meals acrved in room; or suitable for two gentlemen. 1 pr i WEST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET ?TWO HANDl't T. Homely furnished front Room*, on second and third floors, to le.t, with Hoard; house brown stone high stoop ; family private; ample closet room ; hot and cold water. 1 Art WEST ELEVENTH STREET, WEAR SIXTH It I avenue ?a lew handsomely furnished Rooms to let, with good Board and attendance ; also a Room for a ladv, willing to share It with another lady; no moving In May. "lAfi WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.?THIRD ll)U story front Uoodi and second story hack Room; also other Rooms to let, with drstclai-s Hoard; reioreucei exchanged. -|?>7 EAST 127TH STREET, IIARLEM.-TWO NICE lU I square Rooms to let, with Hoard ; have gas, hot and cold water; very pleasant location; two minutes from hoat or curs. "IQeri FORSYTH STREET.-ONE OR TWO OENTLElOiW men can act good lioard and the comforts ot a home ; also a tew day hoarders. ORQ WEST TWENTY FtnTf STREET.?A SMALL Zj"'i/ private family have a Room and Rodrooin on third floor to let, with Hoard, to gcuticniei or gentleman and wife; convenient location QOfli EAST THIRTY.FIFTH STREET, BF.IWEKN Second and Third avenues.?A respectable yonng man can he accommodated with good Board and a pleasant home; terms moderate. No moving in Mnv. Mrs. white. WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET.?fl AN DZuO nomcly furnished Rooms, with or without Hotrd and comforts of a rotlned home, in a (mail faintly. Refe rencea. 2QK WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET.?A PRIVATE 0?) family will let to a gentleman a front Room; gas, &rate, fire. wardrobe, wuter In pantry, Ac.; full or paral Board. inon west twenW-Tourtii street.?two Bedrooms and Parlor, together or separate, with noaro, in u niginy reconimeinicu rreijcn noose t)AQ EAST THIRTIETH HTREET.-$? AND $f> A ZiTrO week for tlrst class Board, with pleasant Rooms, Are and gas included j double Rooms lor families suaie price. O/T7 WEST THIRTT-EIOHTH STREET-A DKSIR<U'i I able front Rinim to let, with Hoard, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; reference reiiuireil. ?)/i1 EAST THIRTIETH STREET, THIRD Kl.dfiR?)"! Wanted, a young lady to board; one whohasner work at home preferred. lift WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET?A GENTLE >1U man and wife or a few single gentlemen ean obtain gnml Hoard ana pleasant Rooms in a private family; all conveniences and moderate terms. Q I ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN ?T'"r First and Second avenues.?Neatly furnished Rooms to let, with or without Hoard. References exchauged. O A n WEST FOURTEENTH HTREET.?BEAUTIFULtri?) ly furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, with first class Hoard; references ex. hanged. fir WEST FORTY-KIOHTH STREET-A FUR1 l?) nisliea second floor to lot, with or without board. References A AO EAST FIITY-^BVENTH HTREET.?A PRIVATE ill) family having more room than they need, win let with Board, their entire Second Floor, consisting ot front alcove riiom, middle and hack room, handsomely turn.sin d, to one or two married couples; retersncea exchanged. Q1Q SIXTH AVENUE, SECOND FLOOR,-A NICELY OlO furnished hall Bedroom, with or without Board, in 11 small private tamily of educattou aud rctiusiue&l; toiuif inydcraic. rciareuvc* -WITH SUPPLEMENT. BAARDERR WANTED. AT 33 IRVINO PLACE, CORNER SIXTEENTH street?Second Floor, in suit* or ulngly, furnished or uiilnrnishod, with or without board. AS MAM. PRIVATE KAMI t.Y WILL LET A HANDHomely furnished second floor (rout alcove Room, with unexceptionable Hoard ; gentlemen preferred, l&l Weft Forty-seventh street, near Sixth avenue. AVOU.VO MARRIED COUPLE WOULD LIKE TO I procure Board and furnished Room ; private tamkly; | French preferred; location Sixth avenue, net above Fourth street Address R. Y.. Herald' office. A YOUNG JEWISH COUPLE WILL LBT A nAND sonic ly furnished Suit of Kooms on second Boor, to SinHeRieR who desire to live with u sociable private famy, with Hoard if preferred, in Forty-third street, near Broadway. Address N. K. P., Herald otllcc. A private family, in harlem, pleasantly located near the East River, will Hoard one or two lanilliesor single gentlemen lor the Summer. Steamer to lower parPof the city every fifteen minutes. Address, with full name or reference, A. b. HATCH, station L, Now York. APURMHHRD ROOM, IN A RESPECTABLE family, for a lady and child, four years old; a mother's care during the day; Board for the child. Address for ona week A. U., box 1.11 Herald office. A LADY, ABOUT TAKING A HOUSE, WISHES TO Bud several gentlemen as hoarders best of reference Address for one week O. W., care 368 West Thirtysecond street. AT 31 BEE KM AN STREET?SMALL OR LAROB Rooms to let, with or without power. Inquire of T. R. UAWLY, on the premises. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A LARUE ROOM, SEConil story, which they offer, with Board, to gentleman and wite or gentlemen. Apply at Uli Weat Fortysecond street A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS TO RENT, WITH Roard; location Thirtieth street, near Filth avenue; references. Address L., Ilerald Uptown Branch ofllce. A WIDOW LADY OCCUPYING A WHOLE HOUSE In a first class central locution, partially (tarnished, would like to meet with a gentleman. oru party of gentlcmen, who would assist her in furnishing the sume; they could have a choice of Rooms and Breakfast If desired. Address WIDOW, station D Bible House. Adjoining grand hotel.?superior aucommodations, with or without private meals, to gentlemen or lamilics: unexceptionable reference exchanged. Ssi West Thirty-first street. A LADY nAVINO A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED house. In a select location, will let a second story front Room to gentleman and wife ; Board for lady. Address PERMANENT, Herald Branch office, 1,266 Broadway. Boarders wanted?in a family who have just taken two olegant brown stone houses in Four . teenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Partie*. with furniture, and willing to Hoard, can make libera 1 arrangements bv calliug at once at 323 West Fourteenth street, or address. BOARD.?AN"' ELEGANT SECOND FLOOR, HANDsomely furnished, to rent, on Madison avenue, Murray Hill; superior location; private table. Address C. T. D., Herald Uptown Branch office. Harlem.?desirable rooms, with board; house and location first class; 38 to 48 minutes to I Uity Hall by boats three times hourly ; convenient to cars; references excliungod; no moving. Call at 414 East 116th street. IK YOU HAVE ROOMS TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT Board, register at GENUNU'S Boarders' Directory. 37 Union square. Men sleeping down town in stores and offices should apply nt IS New Church street for Roard by the week, as they will find it to their advantage. MAISON I* A It 1 SI EN N K?.'IS EAST TWELFTH STREET, between University place and Brondway. Elegant suit of Kooms; also single; private table if required; table d'hote at 1'. M. PLEASANT ROOMS. WITn BOARD, FOR SINGLE gentlemen; also an Office, suitable for a doctor, at 39 West Thirty-fifth street. PARTIES WISHING A GOOD HOME AND mother's care for their children can do so by calling on or addressing Mrs. HALL, 113 Third avenue. Will take the children to the country for ttie Summer. Rooms for business women willing to take an Interest iii the enterprise, which offers a home for the small sum of from 75c. to $1 78 per week tor rooms. Wanted, an energetic woman to furnish meals In the house. Call on or address S. L. F. SMITH, Sec. New York Business Women's Union, 222 Madison street rpt) LET-SUIT OF ROOMS, SPLENDIDLY FURNISHL ed, in brown stone front, with first class Hoard and attendance, between Madison and Filth avenues, Thirtyninth and Forty ninth streets; present* occupants compelled io leave city during soring and part of Summer; none hut those ol' responsibility and refinement need answer; privilege of nsing lauiidry whenever required; house, new nnd appointments in ull respects first class. Address CABOT, Herald Uptown Branch office. rpo LET?WITH BOARD, IN A PRIVATE JEWISH 1 (amity, a large front Room, with alcove, handsomely tarnished, oil the second floor, and a smaller Room on the third lloor, to a lady ami gentleman or two single gentlemen. In an excellent location and where no other oar do is are tuken ; best accommodations. Address H., box 179 ll?rald Uptown Branch office. FANTED?A GENTLEMAN WHO (VAN APPRECIATE a comfortable home with a family of three adults living near Central Park. Address (J. B., Herald office. board asd i,odgiiv? wanted. A YOUNG LADY, EMPLOYED DURING THE DVV, WuntH square Room, w ith Board; terms not to oxCi cd $8 per week. Address 8. W., box 184 lleruld office. A PERMANENT HOME, WITH BOARD, OR I'NTIFItnisbcd Rooms, saitablo lor light housekeeping, must have the improvements, in u plain, quiet family, lor lady and daughter. Address, stating toruis, winch must he moderate, I,. M., 253 East Seventy-eighth street. \N EDUCATED I.ADY, AN ACCOM PI,I SHE I) Mi'SIcinn, both piano anil singing, wishes a Room ami Board, in a family whore instructions will he received In full or partial payment Address MUSICIAN, Herald office. A~ N EDUCATED YOUNG LADY SEEKS A LARGE furnished Room or Suit, In the vicinity of Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, either with or without Board ; cleanliness indispensable; lor suituhle accommodations a fair, though not cxtruvaga nt, price will he paid and a permanent party secured. Address, stating location ultd terms, AMERICAN, box 210 Herald otllee. AN ELDERLY GENTLEMAN, WIPE AND SON DEsire, as a permanent home, two Rooms, communicating, second or third floor, front, fully or partially, hut neatly furnished and well provided table, with agreeuble people, in a plcusunt and central location, between Fourteenth and Fortieth streets. Address lull particulars to II., box 230 Herald office. A WELL FURNISHED ROOM WANTED?WITH A southern and easterti exposure, in a healthy location up town, near the Central Park preferred, with or without Board, in n good private family and permanently, by a gentleman in good position and socially agreeable. Address, stating terms, H. it. B., Herald otllee. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT PERMANENT Hoard, Parlor and Bedroom, with a respectable privute littnlly ; would furnish; location between Fourth and Thirty-fourth streets, Sixth to Fourth avenue; reference required. Address, stating terms, box 3,1173 Post office. A LADY WISHES A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM; gas, Are, water; genteel locution; $5 per week; nteals extra when desired: references. Nlco families only need address L. MODISTE, Herald Uptown Brunch office. A~ FIRST CLASS PRIVATE DRESSMAKER WISHES two or three ffirnlslted Rooms, connecting or otherwise, in nice family, with Hoard lor three adults: quiet husiness; no signs; no display. Address immediately BANCROFT, Herald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT BOARD?WITH a small family; modern house; liberal tuhle; location good, and below Thirty-fourth street; west side preferred ; individuals too much on the make need not respomt; price ahout $70 a month; tire, gas. Ac. Address Eyl'ITABLK, New York Evening Express, 13 and lit Park row, New York. Board wanted-in a private family, by a single gentlemun, between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets, east side. Address, stating particulars, L. C? Herald office. Board wa nted-por two ladies engaged in business; e ither one large Room or two small ones; location between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues; price not to exceed $20 per week. Address C. D. E., box 122 Herald Uptown Branch unite. Board wanted for an bldf.rly lady.?a pleasant Room required. Address, stating terms, Mr*. P., til Weal Twenty-first street Board wanted?in an American family, strictly private, by a young gentleman in business for himself, who has become tired o( hotel life and la anxious to locate himself with a refined, sociable faintly where lie can enjoy young ladies' society without being expected to inarry them all. Is tond of driving, keeps an establishment ol his own, and would enjoy riding with agreeable company. No doctors or boarding house keepers need answer. References exchanged. Address PICKWICK, box 108 Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wantkd-by a family of five adults and child (about IK years old) In a nice, respectable family. above Fourteenth street; two large and one single Rooms required. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate to secure attention, II. a. h., Herald Uptown Branch office. oa.ri) wanthd?in an italian or f.rknch family.?A lady wishes a cheerful Hitting and hall Bedroom, jiartially furnished, with Hoard: relerencea exchanged. Address, stating terms and Ihll particulars, Mrs. M. P.. box 4,121 Post office. Board wanted?in a free social family, where there are ftew or no laiarders, by a gentleman, who wishes a night key and not restricted to hours; will be permanent and liberal If suited. Address C., hex 160 nerni'i uiuvv. Board wanted?for two gentlemen and wives; two Roomseach preferred, or very large single Room*; In Rood location; first clans accommodations; mime prices and location of rooms. Address J. H. W.. box 6,734 Post office. Board wanted?by a lady; a good home in a private family or genicel hoarding honse. Address, with terms, I!. B. M., Ilerald Uptown Hrancb uitlce. Board wanted-for a family, roNrttsTiho ok three gentlemen and two ladles; will pay $flt per week ; rclore.ncca Address II. 1,., box 2,370 Now York Post office. 1)11aki) wanted?for a gentleman and wife, I) in a private family in the immediate vicinity or Oentrul I'arlc, east or west side. Address a rt. H., Herald office. Hoard wanted? by a young okntlkman, with a private family. Address, with full particulars, A. D., box 170 tleraM office. , BO \ I;11 WANTED?BY tlF.NTl.KMAN, WIFE. NURrtK, hahy and two children. 3 and 8years ol ago ; at least three Rooms required. Address K. L. P., Herald Uptown Braneh i.illce, describing rooms, terms, location uud references FjiRovr IOOM SECOND fi,oor?for OBNTUIM vn 1 ami wile; location below Twentieth street , ?kU| there are hut few hoarders preferred; terms must tie very mode rate. Address, with full particulars sad price, B., box 6,660 Poet office. First class board in harlf.m-with con fortable Bedroom, wanted, by a single gentleman. ] Address Immediately, stating terms, which must he i moderate. oMliu-t. (jarlcut l'oat otttco. 11 ? ?? / BOARD A!VD LOBOISC WAtTKD. Four ADULTS want board in a first class lion.-*-; three Rooms on second rtoor; location from Eighteenth to Fortieth street. Address, stating price. Ac., O. N. I'., box 313 Post office. TWO GENTLEMEN WISH LARGE, WELL H'Knlsbed Room, with first rule Honnl; terms must lie moderate ; payment ouarlerlr; best reference* Address LAWVEK, Herald oltlce. TWO YOUNO MEN (BROTHERS) OK QUIET HABITS desire a furnished Room, with or without Hoard: loratlon between Fourth and Twenty-third streets, Third and Sixth avenues; references exchanged. Address, with particulars, W\NNE, ilerald offloe. TWO YOUNO MEN WANT A NEATLY FURNTHIIKLJ Room, with Board, In a private family; location between Fourteenth and Twenty fourth streets and ThlnS and .seventh avenues; French family preferred; stata ierBV!'..,y. h must bo very moderate. Addreas D. M., box 112 Ilerald Uptown Branch office. WAJtfTKD?A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH OR WITHout Board, in a privnte family (no other boarders), by a young gentleman; returonces given. Addreas W. C.. box 1,493 I'ost olfice. WANTED?APRIL 1?, A LAROK AND SMALL ROOM, furnished or unfurnished, witlt Board, for three adults; terms not above $'.?) per mouth. Address D. H.. Herald Uptown Branch office. WA NT E D- UO A It D FO R (iE N I LKMAN A N D TWO boys (ages (1 and 8 years) ; in a private family prep referred; location froin Fourteenth to Eighteenth street, west side. Address W, C. P., box 118 Herald office. XAf ANTED?BY TWO GENTLEMEN, WHERE T1IKRB 'I is no moving un the 1st of Muv two haudsoinn Rooms, with hath on the same floor; also Breakfast, statiug terms; locution between Eleventh nnd Twentrtliiril streets, we?t side ; reference given and rciiotrcd. Address box d,7!H> i'ost office. WANTED?A LADY TO TAKE CARE OF TWO children and Hoard lady and gentleman; price verw liiuuviiuu. auuium la. a uM ucimu u|fivnu wianvw otflce. WA i 8IMATELY, A LARGE AND-F*A I J Boom, wiiii iMura. ior gentleman, wllte and sister ; to bo permanent il satisfactory ; terms $1(j0 per month. Address, Willi lull particulars, KDGAUDo, box 114 Ho rata office. WANTED?BOARD FOR MAY AND JUNE, FORGKWllcniau, who, nurse and throe children (oldest 8 yearn); #275 per month: between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Thirtieth and Fifty-ninth street*. Addross box 3,183 Post office. WANTED?TWO I, A ROE AND ONE IJALL ROOM, with Board, by n gentleman wlte, also lady anil goutlcmuti, on west side, between Sixth and Ninth avenues and Fourteenth und Twentv-slxth street*; terms not to exceed $31 per week. Address SOiliiTK-Y, Herald office. WANTED?BOARD, WITH TWO ROOMS." CKNtinllv located, tor lady; unexceptionable ret'oronrefl given and required. Address, stilting terms, which must be moderate, Mrs. STEVENS, 155 West Fifteenth street. WANTED?ABOUT MIDDLE OP APRIL, BY A OEICtlemun and wife, an untarnished Parlor and Bedroom, or Room with alcove, and Board, In a tlrst class house; reference exchanged. Add runs J. E. L. box 17$ Herald office. WANTED-A NEAT, PLEASANT ROOM, WITn A pleasant private family, with or without partial Board, by it uibldle-uged gentleman, who will he permanent if suited; highest relorenceg. Address 1'tIILLtI'P, llernld office. TAT ANTE D?KO RA^ (TkNTI.EM AN ANlTwiFE. FIRST it cluss Board in a private family, where there ure no other boarders, near Broadway, between Fourth and Thirtieth streets; breaklast at 10 and dinner at 5; foS such accommodations a liberal compensation will b? given. Address for one week W. O., Mai son Done. WANTED?BY A YOUNO GENTLEMAN, COMPORT, able Rooms and partial Board, with a strictly private family; 2d minutes' walk train City Hall; references given; terms moderate. Address CAE!,, Herald office. WANTED?BOARD IN THE " COUNTRY, FROM about.Tune 1, for a family of four adults, requiring throe Rooms, in u private lumily, where no otherboarders will be taken; ut or in the vicinity of Narragansetl {tier. Please address, stating terms and distance from erry landing, S. N., box 168 Herald Uptown Brauchl office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, TO BE PERMANENT ifsuited, two unfurnished Rooms, with full Board, at reasonable terms. Particulars to L. n. .box 111) Herald office. WANTED?FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BREAKFAST, between Twenty-third and Forty-second streets, on the west sido, by a single guutlcmau. Address M. P., Herald office. 11/"ANTED?BY A LADYr STUDYING FOR TUB VV uffkira A I'l.orn HP Suit of witli Rmiril. irtfllfl family or a widow, where there are positively no otlieg hoarders unit where the inmates of the house will attend atrictly to their own ull'airs. Address Mddle. SI'. O., boM 181 Herald olllee. WANTKD-BY A GENTLEMAN. A NICELY FURNISH* ed Room, with or without breakfast, with nse of bath, gas, Ac., in u respectable family, between Fourtta and seventh avenues. Fourteenth and Twenty-third streets; references given and requlrea. Address, stutiuR price, location, Ac., H., box 3d New York I'ost office. WANTRD-BOARD WITH A RESPECTABLE FAMITfW for two sisters, not exoeeding$8 per week lor holhl down town preferred; references exchanged. Address .1, I). K., box 122 Herald Uptown Branch olllee. WANTED?ONE LARGE AND ONE SMALL ROOM lor gentleman, wife and two children, aired 10 una S years, with Board for lady and children only, between Tenth und Fifty sixth streets and Fourth and Ninth avej tines; terms not to exeeed 97"> per month; permanent if suited. Address K. P. E., All West Thirty-seventh street. HOTEL.!*. * ANtlELL'H TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, 61 Lexington avenue.?Rooms for gentlemen or fnmllics, with or without meals, and private table if desired# house uuil baths open all night Ct 11 ITT EN DION HOUSE, 1,144 llROADWAT, CORNER J Twenty sixth street.?Rooms, single and en suite, on reasonable terms, for permanent anil transient parties. ft ALLEN HOUSE. 166 HUDSON STREET, CORNER I.' I.uight?fti to 99 per week, single Room, with good Hoard; Lodgings, fide., for gentlemen only. Open all night Hotel st. grrmaln. fifth avenue, itwentysecond street and Broadway.?American and European plan ?Rooms, all front, newly furnished; splendid location for permanent unu transient guests; Tabln d'Hote, f t 30 per day. NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWKKY, CORNER OP llayurd street; 200 light Rooms, neutly furnished. 30cents or 60 cents per night; 92 50 to $4 per week. For gentlemen only. Reservoir park hotel, corner sixTn avknuc and Fortieth sweet (opposite Reservoir Park!, elegant Suits of Rooms to rent with Hourd; also Room# for single gentlemen; prices moderate. STURTEVANT HOUSE, BROADWAY, TWENTreiglith and Twentv-nlnth streets. New York, American plan, $4 a day.?This hotel has elevators, all modern improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. LEWIS A GEO. S. LEI. A NT), Proprietors. BROOKLYN BOARD. Q<1 ORANGE STREET, BROOKLYN.?BOARD IN A. if'J Kreneli family, on Brooklyn Heights; pleasant ami romlortable Rooms for Summer and first class table. nt) COLUMBIA HEIGHTS.?VERY FINE ROOMiS O^ for gentleman und wife, and nice newly furnished R. oms for single gentlemen, with oae of the finest liu# views in the city of Brooklyn; no moving in May. country hoard. A PRIVATE FAMILY. ONE MINUTE'S WALKTROS ferry, on Staicn Island, will take four Boarders] splendid view of hav, Ac.; half hourly boats in HummcrAddress REALITY, box 186 Herald office. Board wanted?may i, in city or country, by lady and three daughters; unfurnished room# preferred. Address, with terms, which must be moderate, PERMANENT, Rutherford I'ark, New Jersey. CCOUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FROM MAY I, WlTHlSf J one hour of the city, lor six adults and two small children ; 3or 4 Rooms; moderate terms. Address W. S.a box 190 Herald olllee, OUNTKY BOARD WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN, wife and two children (the latter 5 and 6 years o! age), within one hour from city. Address, stating location and terms, which must ha moderate, E. K. l.a Herald office. I~|tIKHT CLASS BOARD CAN BE HAD, WITH DE8IJ& able Rooms. May 1, three minutes' walk from da jiot^ terms moderate. Address S. M. Ruthcrturd I'ark, rnHE WATSON HOUSE, BABYLON. LONO ISLAND may be examined and secured at any time after thV optutlug, SEI,All SMITH. Proprietor. A N T RI >? BOA III) FROM MAY 1, WITH IX AB? hour anil a lialf of New York, lor a gentleman, wife anil little girl; private family nrelerreif Addre**, with lull particulars, W. W., box H30 Post otlb-e. WANTKD?BOARD IN A PRIVATE llnl'HK KOIt six periling, from June to September, at the Higtv lands, Dong Branch, Deal or vlrinity; near the beach preferred. Address box 4,1161 Post uOlce, stating term?, aud reference*. gPMMER RESORTS. COMBN8' WEST POWT HOTBL will open on or about the first day of June. Three Cofc tage* to let with Board In hotel. S|x>cial terms ollered Ut parties biking board lor the season. For particular* ad* dress EDWARD COZZKNS, West Point, .V V. _ Moi'NTain iiorsE, SOITH okanok. montrokr, Station. N. J.?This tavorite first class hotel ts opeta. for the Spring anil summer wuwa; It ha* an tiie cmvenlonces and torn forts of a oitv hotel; AO minutes from foot ot Barclay street, via Morris ami Ktaex Kailroail, 3fc trains daily Kxtra inducements ottered to parties wish* inn immediate Board C. HTTZJSIiBURORR, Proprietor. SARATOflA BPRINOH ORAIfD HOTKL, BROADWAY, opposite Congress Park ?This new and magnificent hotel, accommodating 1,'M' persona will he opened Jun# 1, 1171 The proprietor has adopted the following ached* ule of prtres:?For the month of June?Transient guestfc $1 ftO per dav; weekly guests, $4 per day; monthly guests, $3 90 per day. For the months or July ani% August?Transient guests, $.'> per day; weekly guesti% 94 SO tier day; monthly guests, $4 per day. For tha uonths of September anu October?Transient guest** ft 50 per day; weekly guests, $4 per day ; monthly guest*. $3 Ml per day Families desirous ot engaging Apartments In this modern hotel, possessing tnc advantages >* clothes-presses, water and electric hells in every suit oa f apartments, will apply to or address the proprietors <ia / the Hturtevant House, New York; Commonwealth Hotel. Bo-ton, and W. W. LKI.AND, Oram! Hotel, Saratoga. (^HERMAN HOUSE, Chicago. UL Opened March 31,1373. The world-wide celebrated SUF.RMAh HOt'SR. j again rebuilt on the old site, will he opened to the travail Ung pnblic on and after March 31,1373. The finest and meat Commodious Motel ,

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