Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 12
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vz lniT MURDER MYSTERY. CONTINUED FROM FIFTH PAGE. tinve been frequently coming in the past two days, and kn said to I he woman at I lie door:? "W hat, you would put ua out right in all thin troubleV Couldn't you wait till my daughter cornea hack* Oh, this la too had?too hail!" Then the <dd woman beeaiue warm and struck against the oppression, and. stralghteutiig up, aid:?"No, 1 won't leave till she does coine. 1 won't go out. I'll just lock the door and won't go out. We'll pay you your rent and you can t put us out. We are i|uiet and honest ir we are poor, but Cud will send us borne way to pay you." The landlady went dawn stairs, and kind friends have put it in the aid lady's power to pay her rent to-morrow marnmg. What a ehance supplement to Hood's "Song of the Shirt ." One Who Wishes Me Could Do More. Nkw York, March 29, 1873. To Tint KniTOR of the herald :? Alter a perusal of the "(loodricb" case in yonr Issue of this morning it strikes me that it ever a family deserved assistance from strangers It is that of Mrs. Hubbell, 44 lUvington street. Unclosed please And fifty cents, wbteb I wish to contribute to their aid. I trust yon will open a subscription In your i journal in tbelr behalf, aad that persons who ure willing to help a deserving family live will con- i tribute according to their means. I wish I pould i ?Jo more for tliein. Yours truly, C. M. L. < THE BROOKLYN HAWKSHAWS. A Sarcastic Letter from a j on (he Kxplnlti of Chief Campbell's Police in the Ooodrich Case. Brooklyn, Harcli 26, 1873. j To tiik Editor of toe Herald:? ! Allow rae, with the many thousands of the readers 1 of the Herald, to congratulate you on your fair and impartial editorial of the 29th instant, referring to the Goodrich mystery and the blunders of the de- J teetlves. Although they deserve some credit for sonic of their past achievements they have In this rase completely wiped out any trace of their great j ability, aud it Is time for Brooklyn to make a j change in the force from the Commissioners down 1 to the patrolmen. Some six weeks ago there came from the headquarters oi the Commissioners a re- J port that there was not a bawdy house or i policy shop in the city of Brooklyn. This J was signed by Chief Campbell^ and that gentleman knew full well and so did some of the Commission- ] r-,ha' W 722 n? truth ln lu as yoor wrlter . can place his litjjCT 22 uve which have been in existenco for the last year. Why uot root them ?utr ir,e great ability and wouderful exploits of the Brooklyn police would uot become known if JbVy did not trace anil arrest a hard-working young lady, the only support of her aged parents, who never committed a crime, but who happened to know Mr. Charles (loodricn during ins lifetime. Now they have got tier they are dumbfounded and struck with amazement simply because sue lid uot tell tliern she killed him. Why, Chiel Campbell, with your famous llawkshuws, where is your prooi to fasten tne guilt on her ? If you have got it produce it or discharge her, aud lilo not let the parents of this girl suffer while they are in need of her services to enable theih to get bread to subsist on. Enclosed please lind the sum of $1, the mite of a hard-working man. for the family o( Mrs. Myers aud many thanks to the noble Herald. Let me add, the Coroner's Jury would do well, when they bring in their verdict, which. 1 suppose, will be that Charles (ioodrie.h came to his death from pistol shot wounds indicted by some /person or persons unknown to the jury, to add thai, through the hlunderlngs of our detective Sollcc the said, party or parties cannot be appreended. Yours, Ac. A DELPHI STKEET. THE UNFORTUNATE MYERS FAMILY. JNie taut of the Aged Parents of Lncet te Myers?Calling; for Charity. New York, March 29, 1873. to the Editor of the Herald:? Your appeals to the charitable in the Interests of poor humanity have done so much good heretofore and produced such ample results, as instanced in the Phyfer case, that it seems to rue your reporter presents a stirring ease for the performance or the gooil Samaritan's ofticcs ln the touching description he gives of the sad condition and circumstances of the aged and bowed parents of the unfortunate woman now under arrest ior the supposed murder or complicity in the murder of Charles HAAJhliiti 1tfhn*Kna I nM?#n M A? ism strong be guilty or not, If the surroundings are as your reporter so vividly anil dramatically depicts tbetn, in any view ol the case, does not her condition and that ol her time-worn parents merit sympathetic aid of a practical character? If so, as I believe?and many ol vour readers with whom 1 liave spoken concur with me?would it not he a Rood idea If you would call for subscriptions to relieve the stricken parents of tliis moral to Torn Hood's "Song of the Shirtr" J. It. O'B. WASHINGTON. Wasuinuton, March 29, 1873. Tlie Farragnt Prise Claims. Yesterday, in the District Court, before Judge Humphreys, the case of the Parragut Claims for prize mopey for the destruction of rebel vessels in forcing the passage to New Orleans, of which the arDltrators a day or two ago tiled their report awarding $208,000 was up, and Mr. Corwine, for the Navy Department, moved that the arbitrators tile the evidence taken. Judge Humphreys overruled the motion, and tleneral Butler, for the claimants, moved a decree on the award. To-day the hearing was resumed. Mr. Corwlae tiled exceptions to the arbitrators' report. These exceptions were not argued, but were overruled by Judge Humphreys. Mr. Corwine then renewed the motion to direct the arbitrators to send np the evidence on which their award was based. Tins motion was overruled by the Judge, and thereupon the counsel for the captors, Arc., move 1 that the Court do enter a decree continuing the award ol the arbitrators and ordering the payment of the money, which was done. An Officer of the Indian Bureau Arrested. Captain D. F. Jockneck, of the Indian OHlce, was arrested to-day on a bench warrant issued by Judge Carlter, on the indictment in the United States Court for the Western District of North Carolina against several parties for conspiring to defraud the government by the alleged making of a false census of the Eastern Band of Cherokces. He was delivered into the hands of the Marshal, and alterward gave hail for his appearance when wanted. Wrtkly Carrrnry Statement. Fractional currency received from the printing division for the week ending to-day $516,000 Khlpuicnts 46-2,500 shipments of notes 116,000 The Treasurer holds as security for national hank circulation 388,111,:too .And for deposits of pnblic moneys 15,710,000 Internal Ktvrnur Itecetpt*. Internal Iteveuue receipts to-day $-284,412 For the month 7,666,815 For the fiscal year to date 86,670,730 KaMonal hank notes outstanding this date 343,809,000 Treasury lialances Yesterday. The follow ing were the lialances in the Treasury at the close of business to-dayCurrency, $2,818,237 ; special deposit of legal tenders for the redemption of certificates of deposits, $'27.WHfi,noo; coin, $68,317,270; coin certificates, $23,748,600; legal tenders, $$78,506,046. Indian Krsnda In Itlsnlana Territory. Mr. Wtntam H. Clagett, late delegate from Montana, Has bees appointed special counsel of the general government to investigate alleged frauds against the Indian? in Montana Territory. A Little Locksmith's Job. The Treasury Department has postponed the examination of loess for transportation cars, Ac., juiitil May 1. 1 BROOKLYN AFFAIRS. ] i fmr*. or tt?? pant week there were .167 persons ar- | yestod ?t? krwtuit. TV r*" Ida * - of the Tax Collector 1 1 MUr.*dr U pact ?*?? ?* < 171,316 6$, < r-.o My * ? o c * rt,.4-Mng In the J 4.,r.if jj.oi ta* ' . *? iv ?'v? wy t-.f ;. purpose of III/ t f t >'*"./? vt A < -Hor ! /an vwiiiTii'.t, | , i siti'it leuhu ?r \Hi\ e soi ** s*1 o "I lie '.oili|IMIIIl if ,W. (hMltaS" *'s AiMI inn if mciiil' wtmiMIMMt t iCS'ltis's iwnsud an Or nil- J|.I- If w.-.n-e;! r.l?tcl?.sd u?v hurt v n if7 it be miMi iml??l MSIIlff' 1,1,1 i jUiH'fti tlhl'' * id" II v 'dlilVII iWMIItllll ' NEW TOKK TTKRATJ THE H08TILE SIOUX. Rcbrlliout Chlcfii witb Their Uand* En< trring tlie HmrrTatlony After Having Been on the War Path. Washington, March 20. 1873. The following has been received here:? Kbii cloud Agkncy, Wy. T., March 20,1G73. SIR?I would respectfully Inform the Department that I .one Alltelnne one of t.lie hostile Chiefs Ol the Miuncconyous band of Sioux, with seventy-five lodges. 18 reported to have Just none In camp on the White Hlver with the Sioux of thin agency; also that Sitting Bull, No Neck and Four Horns, chiefs ol the Uncpapu hand of hostile Sioux, are in camp at Bear Bull, lour days' march from here, on their way to this place. Sitting Hull and his party remained there to hear from these Indians. I have sent them tobacco and clothes, asking them to come in. and assuring them of the good will of the government. It seems advisable that steps should be taken to secure the friendship of these people, considering their importance* in connection with the Northern I'aclnc Uallroad. Very respectfully, J. W. DANIELS, United States Indian Agent. To tne Honorable commissioner op Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C. THE APACHES SIGHING FOE 8CALP8. Ban Francisco, March 28, 1878. Advices from Arizonla state that the reservation Apaches are uneasy and dlssatlsfled. Much sickness prevails among them. It Is reported the Apaches are better supplied with firearms than ever before. It Is generally thought they procure their arms from traders in New Mexico. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac ftor New York?This Day. ftn and moon. hioh water. ?nn rises ft 48 Gov. Island eve 10 07 sunsets 6 22 Sandy Hook....eve 0 2-2 Moon rises eve 9 07 ilcll Gate eve 11 02 OCEAN STEAMERS. PATES OF DEPARTURE FKOk NR\y YORK FOR THE month ok April StninirrH. | Sail*. /)r*liiuU un. j Oflrf. America JAorll 2.. Bremen.... |2 BowlingGrcea Sevaaa lAprii 2.. Liverpool.. 129 II mad war liolsutin April 3.. Broadway. Holland April 5.. London 09 Broadwav. Cltvol Montreal.. April ft.. Liverpool.. 15 Broadway. Atlantic April 5.. IJveruool.. Ill Hrnudway. 'aniiclu April 5.. Liverpool.. ill! Broadway. ft Laurent April 5.. Havre 5H Broadway. ffosor April #.. Bremen 2 Howling Green 'ityol Bristol? April 10.. Liverpool 15 Broadwav. Republic April 12.. Liverpool . 19 Broadway. PORT OF YORK, MARCH 29, 1873. ^ CLEARED. ~ * > ?? & Steanmhip City ofPnrt* (Br), McVcnoUSO, Liverpool via Queeuatown?John O I'Ulo. , , ? Steamship Celtic (Br), Thompson, l.iverpool via Qucenstown?J llydo Sparks. ? Steamship Egypt (Br), Grogan, l.iverpool via Queenstown? K W J Hurst. su.nnn.liin Klnmatfted iBrl. Brown. LIvcmool?llugk A Jovons Steamship Klicin (NO), Meyer, Bremen via Southomplon?Oclrlchs A Co. Steamship Ernst Merit* Arndt (Oer), Drever, Stettin? Dims Kiiiiiinclsberg A Co, Steamship Clarihel (Br), Baylcy, Turks Islands oud Havmillu? Pirn. Porwood A Co. Steamship Clyde, Kennedy, Galveston via Key West?C II Mailorv A Co. Steamship Mississippi, Crowell, New Orleans? Frederic Saker. Steamship New Orleans, Gaiter, New Orleans?II B 3rcmwell * Co. Steamship Sua Salvador, Niekerson, Savannah?W It Harrison. Steamship Tiuiitaville, Crowell, Savannah?Robt Lowleu. Steamship Manhattan, Woodhull, Charleston?II R Morton A Co. Steamship Isaae Bell, Rlnkeman, City Point and Richaioml?Old Dominion Steamship Co. SteamHhlu John Gibson, Winters, Georgetown, DC?J C Kenvon Steamship Rettulator, Freeman, Philadelphia?Lorillard iteamshlp Co. . Steamshin Dirlire. Johnson, Portland?J F Ames. Steamship \\ amsutUi, Fish, New Bedford?Ferguson A Wood Steamshin Nereus. Bourse, Boston?H F Dimoek. Hark l'a.-<inulo Ajelio (ital). La Nasa, Trieste?A P kgrosta. Burk Gunhilda (Br), Sutherland, Buenos Ayres via Brunswick, tin?D McColl. Bri? Susan Bergen, Tut hill, Rio Janeiro?B J Wcnberg. Brig Water Lily, Friek, ltlo Urundo do Sul?Frunels llorati. Brig Madonna (Br). Jordan, Buhls?L K Amslnck A Co. Brig Harry A Aubrey (Br), Hriggs, Barbados?Dwight k Plntt. Brig Mabel (Br), Ward, I'ort Johnson?.las W F.lwcll A Co. SehrCC Dame, Beverldge, Harbor Island?B J Weniorg. Srhr A V Bergen, Thompson, Jacksonville?Van Brunt ft Bru. Selir W F Green. Tracey. Baltimore?Jed Frye A Co. Selir Julia, Perry, Boston?F Talbot A Co. Selir Bene Brown, Nash, Boston?H P Brown A Co. Selir Avail. Smith. Somerset?A M Snres. Schr J Uurley, Saunders, Providence?H W Jackson A Co. ARRIVALS. REPORTED BY T1IE II Kit ALP STEAM YACHTS AND IIRRAI.D WHIT KETONE TELEGRAPH LINK. Steamship Weser (tier), Wllligerod. Bremen March 15, rin Soiiibamptou IK. with mdse and 7DK passengers to Helriohs ft Co. From the English Cliaiinel to the Banks liuil tine weather mid moderate easterly winds; theiiee to Sandy Hook changeable and foggy weather, with itrong westerly winds and sen; arrived at Sandy Hook 7 'clock AM -Hih. March 28, 3:30 AM, lat 41 15, Ion 65 19, nassed a National steamer hound east; same day, 1:50 I'M, lat 40 47, Ion fin 51, steamship Thuringia. hence for Hamburg; 2:30 I'M, Iat 40 4ti. Ion 69 06. nn lumnn steamer Kiund cast; 5 I'M, lat 4044, Ion 59 54, bark Chiripa (Br), muud west Stiumshin Cttv of Mexlro, Sherwood, Havana March 22irin Nassau 26th, with mdse ami passengers to F Alcxan Ire A Sons. Steamship George Washington. Quick, New Orleans March 22, with mdse mid passengers to Clark A Seaman. March 25. off Tortugas, signalled ship Sandusky, from Havre via SW Pass for New York. Steamship Charleston, Ailkius, Charleston March 27 (54 lours), with mdse und passengers to II K Morgan A Co. Ship Pembroke Cusllc (of Liverpool), Hamilton, Calcutta and Sand Head.. Dec 20, with indse to K K Morgan ft Co, Passed Cape of Good llope Feb 8 and crossed the Equator March 5, in Ion 33 30: find tine weather all the [>ansage except from Hntteras, which was passed 24th nst. whence have had very unsettled weather; received i pilot ti I'M from bout Fannie, No 17; Jan 0, lat ti 3M S, on 88 29 K, spoke ship Prince Patrick (Br), from Llverliool lor Rangoon; 9th, lat II 19 8, Ion 87 01 E, ship t'lias 11 Southard, irom Liverpool for ( aleutla; Feb 28. lat 7 15 4, Ion 26 20 IV, shin Philosopher (llr1. from Liverpool for Cub hita ; March 13, lat 14 47 N, Ion 5' 23 W, b.irk L II N '' (Fr), from Bordeaux lor Aspinwall: 15th, l?t IS 33 N, Ion 56 37 W, brig Cito (Duni, trotn Santos lor New York; 19th, lat 25 10, Ion 66 i2, burk Scliua (Dutch), from Antwerp for Savanna la Mar. Ship Helvetia (Belg), 'iTeve, Antwerp Dee 24. with mdse to Flinch, Kdye A Co. Took the middle passage and had u succession of W nnd NW gales; has been 21 W of the Banks; March 29, li) miles N of Harnegat, passed Hie wreck of a sunken vessel with her royalninst nut of water ; March 13, lat 33 37, Ion 60 16, spoke selir T W Beard (of St John, NB), from Galveston tor Liverpool. Rurk Claro Rahnzan (of Snnderlnndi, Dunaan, Shang. hae Nov 29, with tens to Wetmore A Cr.vder; vessel to Poaboily, Willis A Co. Passed Angler f)oc 26, Cape of Good Hope January 1, touched at St Helena Jan 14 and snlled again 15th ; crossed the Equator February I, in Ion 30. Had light winds and calms to Bermuda, llieuce 14 days with NW gales. Hark Blrger (Rus), Store, Liverpool 49 davs, with suit to order; vessel to Tetens A Itnckmann Made the southern passage and had strong W and NW gales; has been 14 days W of Bermuda. Bark Frldllcf (Nor), Pedcrsen, Gloucester, E, 39 days, in ballast, to Tetens A Hocktnunn. Made the northern tassage, and had flue weather; bus been 23days W ul tliu Bilks. Bark Bgarntraa {Nori, Hunnestadt. Cardiff 64 davs, with railway Iron to order ; vessel to Fundi, Edye A Go. Took the southern passage, and had tine weather to Bermuda ; thence 14 days, with heavy NW gales. Burk Fnn iNor), Andersen, Cork, 43 davs, in bullast, to Fnneh, Kdye A Co. Took the northern passage, und hud tine weather ; has been 25 days W of the It,inks. Bnrk Marlanna VII (Port), Carralho, Lisbon 33 days with salt nnd cork to L K Amslnck A Co. Took the southern passage and had fine weather up to Bermuda, thence 12 davs, with strong NK and NW galea. Hark American Eagle. Maesav, Messina 19davs, with fruit to Lawrence, Giles A Co ; \essel to James Henry. Passed Gibrnllar Feb 19; had variable weather. Burk Osanna (Itali, Uorgulo, Cettn 42 ilavs .with wine and 7 nusscngcrs to Flinch, Kdye A Co. Passed Gib mltnr Feb 20; took tlie southern passage anil had due weather up to Bermuda; thence 8 days, with strong NW Wllld*. Itnrk Onrust (tier), llolTuuitin. Catlao via Hampton Roads 103 (lava, with guano to Hobfoil, llurtado A Co; vessel to master. I'aaavd ("ape Horn Jan 25; crossed the Equator Feb 14, In loll lit!; hail flue weather. Hark Trait tie I'nlon tor Turka Nlaiuh, Ballon, Progreso 16 daya, with hemp and logwood to It Murray, Jr. Had llue weather. Hark Ladvig (Swed), Ho tender, Clenfuecoa 28 daya, witti sugar to Wpssener ,k ttchenever Had NW galea the entire passage. lias hern 14 daya north of Hatteras. Bark Kaiuhler (of Pictou). Ivey, 8t. .(ago .15 days via Cumberland llnrhor 21 days, witti sugar to J M Ccbullo*. Had strong N and NW winds; been 5 daya N of llalter as Hark Golden West (of Yarmouth, NS), Crocker, Cardenas 12 days, with snear to Bovd A Illnckon Has been A daya north of llailrraa, with heavy NE and NW galea. Brig Falke (Nor). Holt, Liverpool 44 davs, with salt to order; vesai'l to Funch, Kyge A Co. Took the southern passage and had fine weather up to Bermuda; thence 12 uuys, with heavy NR and NW gales. Brig I'go (Aus), Itollau, London, 41 days, with mdae to Slorovtch A Co. Took the southern nn?siigc, and hud tine weather up to Bermuda; thenre 8 days with NW gales. Mareh 29. at 4 PM, while running in the Lower Bay without a pilot, struck on the Houtliweat Spit and sprung a leak , was taken in tow bv the tughoat M K llng.-m and tn?rd ashore at the basin, Statcn Island, where she lais with tlet ks under water. Brig 4gnes Barton (of Baltimore), Knight, Seville 12 iavs. with lead, Ae. to Hicks A Hell. Took the southern pn**agc and had One weather tip to Bermuda, thence ID davs, with iresh NW' winds; March 21, Jut .12 Oft, Ion 7020. ?ie Pes h? Isaac Keen, hence lor San Bias. Br g dames Miller (of Belfast, Me), Thombs, Messina fi? ?. with iruit to Phelps. Bros A Co; veasel to Miller A ll< vrhbin Passed ilihraltar Feb 19; March 14, lat .15 Hi, / r. V, spoke bark Neveraink, from Messina for Phlladel >hla. Hrrg Etta Whlttemore (of Fast Machlas), Wright, MesS'ta 57 days, with trolt to Ifevltu A Hose- vessel to Jed '* t > Passed Gibraltar Feb 14; made a middle nas ?.? ?e<1 f.?<J W*u rlv wind*, fx fit I" 4i*? W of the ?.?!.? r? Ml let ?, r??? imketisrk J-j? ClgUPiia from Ml it i I ?r l?w ttrla KW >mr*A Mi#'.r, *? !?? ,? villi fruit t' ? ? * .* w r* Ifmivhu r. fMvd uiiiri 'i t> . < . t - - - i/ i n?l l?.l till'' Wi-itllirIV .'A l-.l k tl4XK with NW wind* ffi* t'minll.- (of * */ ?b 7 via '?? n ' !" . and 11art l*i? * ?> t/< lil'ltfi*' iroiu v ? ?i I Hi with i?.tw ? ;> it I'M! Iti' awalh >? .<>? t wiiti mrotiv .. w ?)*<<? Mer'hB '? * H < > ?m4 jiartof a ? ??! < i/.vr raff p*i?i"l * anil aome tith?r far ti'tt k*1! f.f.k? n i...-. dx ? .?.f i?f?ntlv n ilmit Mm> In |l?* wpUir; .. .... I....! j?.w i.v.'ini vi euititr hv* alK/iikM. >, SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1 Brig n<>lrni> <Ger), Strgo, Tqnlqne. 95 days, with nitrate ?r soda to Itm, l-arwo*d ft Co: vessel to C 'loliin? A. Co. I'uM il ?': !><' norii .?:ia l?; crossed the Equator l-'eb 28, in lmi .14 ; (?; IjikI tlni' weather, r ifriK Homely ml Jersey), Co Daln. Rio Janeiro, 51 days, via Hampton Roads 3 days, with cotlae to Fred Herte A Co: vessel to Funch, F.dye A Co. Crossed the Kquator Fell 34 in Ion .18: had tine weullier. Brig 9 N Sherwood (ulSt John, NB), Newfomb, Havana II daVM, with sugar to F I Neviu* A Son. Had tine weather to llattera*; thence 5 days, with fresh weaterly winds. Hrltf Haauty (of Ht John, NB), llolrrnw. Cardenas, U f daya. with molasses to Riirgei* A Livingston: veasel to P f Novias ft Co. Has been 5 days north of Hattcras, with NW and NK gales. Brig Hon Jacinto iof Portland), Croaton, Matnnzas 10 days, with sugar to order; vessel to James lienrv. Had flue weather. Hchr Eliza Wn'ker (ot Liverpool). Clllniore, Taniplcoll daya, with liiatic. Ac, to master. Hud tine weather. Sehr Leoncssa (of Rockland), Mover, Aquln 3'i days, with logwool to H P Brown A Co. Hod rtne weather. Sehr l izzie Ives, Saxton, St Croix 14 dHvs, with sugar and molasses to I vea, Beeeher ft Co. Had tine weather up to Ilatteras; thence 8 daya, with heavy NB and NW galea. Sehr Edward Waltc (of Portlund), York. Cardenaa 10 J.'.y* witli augur and molasses to Mosoa Taylor A Co; vesael to I Iiorapsou A Hunter. Had tine weather up to Hatterua; thence 8 days, with strong N and NW galea. Sehr Eclipse, Rowntreo, Savannah 5 days, with lumber to Biisaell A Co; vessel to Overton ft Hawkins. Hclir David Paust, laird, Charleston 8 daya, with lumber lo master. Sehr J J Houseman. Rogers, Virginia. The ahlp St Charles, arrived 2Htq from Liverpool, la consigned to. James \V Elwell ft Co (not aa bclure reported). Passed Through Hell Gate. BOUND SOUTH. Sclir Minnesota, Dow, Providence for New York. Sehr Charley Woolsey, King, New Uavcn lor Baltimore. Sehr Boston, Nickcrson, Boston for New York. Sehr Artiat. Clements, Newport for New York. Sehr John Stockliuni. Hurt, Providence lor New York. Sehr Harry ft Ned, Palmer, Providence lor New York. Pehr F B Randolph, Stcelman, Providence for New York. Sclir Harry B Divcrty, Nlckerson, Providence for New York. Sehr N Chase, tVeat, Provldonee for Virginia. Sclir V Chambers, Marshall, New llnveii lor New York. Sehr C W Locke, Bunce. Boston for New York. Sehr Win P Phillips, .smith. New Haven tor New York. Sehr Ainotnak. Rogers, Rockland for Flushing, with linjo ip R F, Peck. sclir Entire, Kinncnr, Providence for New York. Sehr Charles Comery, Creamer, Portland for Now York, with lumber to Creed Bros. Sclir George P Trigg, Llnckin, Gloucester for New York, with (lsh to order. Sclir J B Anderson, Whcatley, Portland for New York, with heading to order. Sehr Annie Powers, Sparks, Rockport for New York, with lime to J B llavilnnd. Sehr John Stocaliam, Hurt, Providence for New York. Sehr James Alderdice, Rockliill, Boston lor New York. Hl-lir II tlm-rls Umiu.n l'.-? vM........ In* N'..ur V?rlr Schr R B Wharton, Providence lor Philadelphia. Schr Quickstep, Smith, Port Jefferson for Sire Island. Schr Kcbccca w liuildell, Cranmer, Boston lor New York. Sclir Jantes Phclns, Rockhlll, Providence (or New York. ' < ' ?*'* I ' schr J A Smlti, Ooo'dIus .Yroviience for Virginia. BOUND RAKT. Stearotihlp W'amsntta. Fim. New York for New Bedford. Steamship Bolivar, Lawson, New York for New London, Schr L J Match, Match, New York for ProvWcnco. Kehr Sainuol Pish. New York lor Boston. Steamer Gulutcu. Male. New York tor Providence. Steamer Albatross. Mavis, New York for Pall Kiver. Uf.uai.d tueanapu Station, ) Whitkstonr, LI, March 29, 1873. 1 The tollowlng table shows the number of vessels which passed this station during the week ending March 29:? inward sound. Steamships. 14 Brigs 8 Barks 1 Schooners...; 2A2 Total ! 270 outward sound. Steamships MS Schooners Ifi3 Brigs 2 Total 181 SAILED. Steamships Coltir, for Liverpool; City of Paris, do; Khein, Bremen; Victoria, (Masgow: Krnst Mont/. Arndt, Slettln; Plnmsteed, Liverpool; George W Clyde, Key West and Galveston ; New Orleans. New Orleans; Mississippi. do; Muntsvllle. Savannah; sail Sulvador, do; Manhattan, Charleston; Isuac Bell, Richmond, Ac; Claribcl, Tnrks Islands, Ac. Wind at sunset WSW, ITesh. Marl tic Disast ers. MS Steam Cutter Acttvk was passed oir West Chop 2Sth with head of foremast sprung. Scnn O P Binns, from Philadelphia for Richmond, hetore. reported put into Norfolk leakv, after having grounded on Chlncoteague Shoals, had to throw overboard some 1A tons pig iron to get otf. A survey was held on her, and it was recommended that she proceed to Richmond In tow of the tug Nettle, which, through the aid of her lorce pumps, can at all times keep her tree of water. Schr CW Mat (of Philadelphia), from Havana for Portland, at Vineyard Iluvcn 28th, had heavy weather and split sails. Schr New Zealand, before reported ashore in Rockland harbor, had her rudder torn nwny und the atter part of her keel ground oil' on the rocks, und she was evidently bilged more or less. Sciir Annik Grieve (Br), Desmond, from Ponce for Balmore, belore reported wrecked, encountered heavy southerly gales on the 4th Inst and put Into Watniig's Island leaking. Having secured a pilot, she proceeded lor Nassau, hut when oil Conception Island the leak in creased to anch an extant that the eaptaln considered it necessary In order to preserve his cargo to put the vessel on shore, which whs done on the Hth inst. The cargo consisted of 203 hlnls and 40 bbls of sugar, hut only 140 hints and 1A Mils have been saved by ttic wreckers. The captain und crew have arrived at Nassau. Sciir Defiance, from Rockland lor New York, loaded with lime, put Into Newport, R I, yostcrdav morning leaking badly. Havre, Mnrrh 14?The .Tohn O Baker, (rum New Orleans, fouled the Keiair is) in this harbor yesterday, the latter sustained damage to the amount of from'401)1'to MWf. Kixuston. Jn March 10?A bark, believed to he from Glasgow, in huilnst, is ashore otf I'luuib Point Lighthouse, and Is fust going to pieces. Her name has not been ascertained. Liverpool, March 16?One of the men saved from the Gazelle, from New York for t'orunna, by the Cheviot (s), reports that he and the other survivor of the crew were taken oil their vessel March 1; she had capsized in a heavy squall February 19. Lewes, Del, March 29?The brie James Hull (Br), from Palermo lor Philadelphia, got ailoat last night, hut was found to be leuking so badly that she was linuled hack on the beach to prevent her sinking. The gale to-day throw heron her broadside. The latest reports from the vessel ure ut> to 11 AM. nt which time six men belonging to the wrecking company were lashed lu the rigging and every sea was running over them. The vessel was careened in-shore. The wrecking steamer Lackawanna returned from the bark .tens Larsea (Nor), ashore at Indian River, early this morning and report! her us then in good condition. The storm has been violent at Interval to-day, from SSK. The wind hauled to NNW at 2:30 P>T The reports Irom the Jatnes Hull at 3 I'M are that 1 man Is drowned, 1 rescued and 4 otlierg are still in the rigging exhausted. St Hki.exa, Feb 12?Bark Charles F Perrv. Hallett, arrived here on the 3d Inst irom Algoa Bay via Cape Town lor Boston, and reports having experienced heuvv weather between those two ports, also since leaving the latter. Ship sprung a leak on the 22d ult, making about six inches per hour. Surveys held the 3d and 7th Inst recommended to discharge eargo. lias discharged the whole of her cargo (wool and skins). A farther survey held to day pronounced her unscaworthy uud recommended her to be sold. .. illlscoll* neons. The purser of the steamship City of Mexico, from Nassau and Havana, will accept our thanks for the prompt delivery of our tiles and despatches. Purser \V B Gerard, of the steamship Charleston, from Charleston, has our thanks for favors. 8cHit Matilda, of Plymouth, no tons. Tocentlv purehn-ed by Holmes.) Bnrgess of ('apt A Bartlett, has been resold by them (o Samuel Sewell. of Fvcrett, on private terms. She will be put into the coasting trade. Vessels Solp?The New York Hhipplng List savs:? We note the sale of ship Garibaldi, 1,431 tons, built at Myotic in 1*60, iust arrived lienee at San Franeiseo, at $81,000currency, including her freight money, the charterers paving insurance policies and Calilornia port charges; the ship Flcetwing, 829 tons, built at Medford hi 1W4 (hound from Sun Francisco to the l.'nitcd Kingdom), and ship John Harvey. 736 tons, built at Newburvport In lstVi (now here), on private terms; ami ship Topgallant, 1.280 tons, built at Medford In 1863 (now here), under stood at $70,000, with her freight money to Han t'ranCISCO. Coal at $9 per ton. Ladnchkp?At Calais 26th inst, from the shipyard of Kidennt A Lord, schr H L Katun, 226 tons. Launch?A hark of 700 tops was to be lauaehed from ttie shipyard of Daniel D Kelley, Fast Boston, yesterday (29tli). Sht is named Win II Thorndike. The vessel is built of oak nud is remarkably well tlntshed. Nkw Bkhfokp, March 2H?The sails, rlirging, nnehors, Ac take* trom schr G w Kimball, ashore on Cuttyhunk, were sold at auction by Major Bourne, on Wednesday, for abont $440. St Mki.fsa, Ret> 12?The Stafford (American whaler), Moulton, which arrived here Reb $, landed s <|iiantity of tea, said to have been recovered from the wreck of the Lahloo. Smith, from China tor London, wrecked in Sandalwood Island, which tea Is reported to have been awarded at Sourabaya us salvage. Notice to Mariner*. Tsirssono, Me, March 27?Ttie tee Is all on! of the different harbork and the men and vessels arc leaving tor various ports. Whalemen. Arrived at ft Helena Jan 29, harks Annawan. Gilford, NB, from a cruise (and sailed Feb 6 fordo); I'aeltlc, Tal?or, NB, do (and sailed 8th lor do); Feb 2, Stafford, Moulton, N H, do. Hark wave, Itrtggs, of NB, was off Itlver la Data Jan 9, anil tiad taken 61 bids sp oil since leaving Royal. ('apt Allen, late of bark Greyhound, id Westport, has arrived home, having left the vessel at St Helena Feb 8 on account ol illness. The Greyhound had 280 bids sp oil, alt told, and she would continue the voyage under charge of the mate. Samuel 1' Smith. Reports at St Helena, harks Annawan, Gifford, NK, 276sp, all told; Pacific, Talur, do, bound boms, oil not reported. Heard from, no date, barks George A Susan, Heycr, and Ospray, Harper, NB, oil not stated. Spoken. Ship Reine du Monde (Rr), Thndhommes, from Rio Janeiro for suu Francisco, Feb 6, lat 1)0 67 S, Ion *7 16 W. Bark Loch Ken. Gurrie, trom San Francisco to'Cork, March 6. bit 26 N. Ion 122 3n W Bark Neptune. Heal, from Boston for t'lenfuegos, March 16. lat 31, Ion 4ks 30. Bark Leonid is (reported American), trom Singapore lor ?, Feb I, off St Helena. Foreign Porta. hi ' iasohia ir.n,vpii, narcn i*?? arrived, Drip Americas, Bitaa New York vtn (llhroltiir. IIatavia, Kehl?In port -hin Sormosa, Allen, from Mani:n fur Boston, disp lor repairs. Banacoa, March 111?In port, schrs Carrie Ilimnell, Pink ham. for Charleston, HC, loading; J M Plak, Smith, tor New York ; 2hth, Kiln May, Kchoc. for Jo, In t days; K < Darts, I toon, tor <1o In n lew ila>s 8 0 Moves, Brailley, do, do: old <'ha.l. MeClintoek, for Charleston, 80, wiutinp; Carrie W Clark, Cross, lor N< w York ill 2 days; K K Dresser, Iteed. fordo, wultinp; Althle II Hrnwn. lion Hop lor do. ilo, l.aora \ Wehb, Hateh, fo? du, do ; Charles llopdon, Mathi-rson, tor do, loading. caii.AO. March V?Iti port ship feodel^ia i(Jinit), Williams, lor I'npet Hound, to sail 8th i AiiekAAa, March 14?Arrived, schr (leonrle Clnrk, Hartlutt, Apalaclllcoli (and sailed 17th tor Mninii/.nsi; I7tli fcsrk Snsaii A Hlalsdell. Sawyer, Middleshoroiipli, p. Drips Orhit, Nash, Swansea; Caroline (tray, Ratiiiisoii, MarUnl iUe; Torrent, TlMietts. Havana; Navasota (Kn, ; slater. stJohn, M H, (and sailed lltth for Havana); aelirs Wapclla. IV-any, and Ahhic. Knrieveafi. Havana; I8tli,

I bark Klorenep Peters, Mitchell N< w Ve>rk; I'a'o Alto, | riujie.v. llaranaipfiit toffl p, do, ?vUr living. [873?QUADRUPLE SHEET Asevedo. Rt John. NB; 19th, brig M C Maderia, Mos lander, Boston. boiled 17th, sehrs Onward, Hunker, and Edward Waite, York, north ot lialtcrus ; lmh, brigs O A Coouan (Mr), Shields, Boston; A H Hull (Br>, Staples, north of Hat teras; schr* M C Gray, Concklin, do; M F Truady, War ren, Apalachicola; 19th. L W Wheeler, Lewis, Matanzas. CiKMruauos, March 16? Arrived, brigs Nellie Ware, Ash bnry.New York; J W Hneucor, Thomas. Boston; schri e! B Hume, Diggins, si John. NB; 18th, Klla. New York. Sailed 14th, harks Caro. Heals. New York; M. K. Chunman tBr>, Uoukins, do; brigs Merrtwa, How, Portland: Harry, sedgloy, Boston; Ha unties*, Coombs, Vineyard Haven; 1.1th, lloltort ,McK Spearing (Br), Thompson, New York; Leona Hr), Bishop, do; 18th, Lima, llill. do; l?th, E C Redman, Gardner, uo; J Kennedy, Hose, da: 0 CColsoit, Pay son. do; sclirs Nellie Shaw, Philadelphia; W It Burry <Br). do. ^CAiBAKikjs, March 17?Arrived, Itchr Pampero, St John, Sailed 16th, brig Elizabeth (Br), New York; 17th, bark American Union, Collins do. IIonu Kono, Jau SO?Sailed, Scotland, Holeomb, Pellen Islands; Feb 4, barks Tokatea (Br), McKlunon, San Francisco; Genisbok, Bunker, New York; 10th, ship Ellen Goodspeed, I'reble, Batavia. In port Feb 12, sliius Enoch Train, Tltompsoa, tor Manila; Alhambra (Br). Nelson, lor San Francisco; Catiadieunc (Fr). Koiiln, tor do: harks Gitrihiildi, Notes, tor I'ortland; Forward (Br). Whyte, front Portland, O. Chartered?Ships Scindia (Br), Carr, trom Culta to New York; Green Jacket (Hr), Krogh, for Ban Francisco. Havana Mnr<*h 11 Arrived hark Itnht il/idfrxv (Rrl Cliu'pinmi, Cardiff; sehr M A Drurv, Gage. Mobile ; 16th. barks Josle Mildred, Maine, Newport, K; Proteus, Eaton, Cardiff :R H Chapman (Br), Atklnsom, do; brig W H Parks, Dix, Baltimore (and sailed 19th lor Cardenas); 17th, barks Shamrock, Dow, Cardiff; Ellen Dyer, Leland, Newport; Lorena, Patterson, Cardiff; Jonathan Chase, Chnae, do; Czarina (Br), Nickels, do; Stella (Br), lax-khart, Troon; brig* Sarah E Kennedy. Bay, New York: L M Merrill. Duckendorf, Liverpool; Kaleon, Smith, Mobile : J Polledo (Hr), Dyer, New York; Sophia Wilson, Walls, Phllailelphla; 18th, scbr S G Irvln, Dowuley, ClcnDiegos: 19th, bark Amelia, Ross, Cardiff, Sailed l#th, brigs Dlrtgo, Colliu. New York via Cardenas; Clara J Adams, McPudden, saguu; Mary E l-eighton. (lay, Baltimore vis Matan/tts; 17th. O P Sherwood (Br), Newcomb, New York; lHih, Elizabeth (Br), Campbell, Boston; Adelaide, Wilson, north of lintterHH; tilth, barks Porvenlr (Sp), Casals, New Orleans; Jessie Good win (Br), German, Baltimore via Cardenas: brigs Charlotte Buck, Blohtn, New Orleans; Win Nash (Br), McBrlde, Mutunzas; sehrs Abide i'itmun, Lombard, Hultimore; Abbie (luntt, Fountain, Matan/.as: 2Utli, harks Union (Br), Keiiault. New York; brigs Aurora (Br), (Iraham, do; Chaa A Sparks, Bradley, Matamoros; 21st, bark W K Anderson, Brandt, New York; brigs Margaret Smith, Cardelias; Eledona (Br?, Tliomnson. Baltimore. Cleared 17th, barks Union (Sp), Sarrla, New Orleans; 20th. Brothers, Gary. Sagtiu; Kate Acnes (Br), Ferguson, Brunswick, (la; 21st, bark Prosnoriaad (Sp), Mora, New Orleans; schr Lizzie Dakers (Br), McDonald, Cardenas. In port22d, barks Hesperus (Br), Wayeott; Ilarrlsburg, Howes; Esther, Loring; Levant (Br,', Jones; Bellevue (Br), t'utten, and Jdtic Avery (Br), Dodds, lor New York; brigs Addle J Bonner, Bonner, for Baltimore; Elizabeth, Urnnn; Herman, Hiehhorn: Josic C llazeltine, Hosscll, ami Eliza (Br), Clurke. lor New York; Martha A Berry, Berry, for Portland; Fannin H Loring, Luring; Salve (Br), Johnston; Ionian Hl'Uc (Br), Ellis, and Isidora Rioiula (Br), Plummcr, for north of Hatteras; Annie W (loddard (Br). Pengilly, for Philadelphia; sehrs Nellie Bowers, Htuckpole, for Boston; Nelson (Br), Wright, lor New York ; Nellie J Dinsmore, Dlnsmore, and BciiJ Reed, Adams, for north of Hatteras; Helen Hastings (Br), Car*?i New Orleans; and others unc. LtvaaroOL, March 27?Arrived, steamship Loup (Bri, Stewart, New Orleans. Arrived 29lh. steamship Memnon (Br). Shad'- . ? York; ship Golden Fleece (Br), File, New G- jj g. l)urtl Sal us (Sp), Demeudeaona, Savannah. Manila, Jun 28? In port ships Win F. minir (Br). Chevalier, for San Francisco; Southern ,Br) kuou tor New York ; Dorothy (Br), tor do. Matanzas, March ID-Arrived j4rks Ironsides, Tapley, St Thomas; Courser, Marsne^ Buenos Ayres; schr Slarv A Harmon, Davis, Havar^. Curletnn, Trecartln, New York ; Honduras '.at), Boultou, Caiburlen; sehrs W H Plinro, Edwards, Cardenas; Clara W El well, Giles, Portland; I7ih, Virigs Mary E Leighton, Gray, Havana; 18th. Chiip.oorazo, Coombs, St John, NB; Wlntteld. Miller, Cardill; schr Georgia. Bartlett, Cardenas; I'Jth, hark Klorl M riiilbert. Dudley, Havana; 20th, brig S V Nichols (Br). Chase, 1'hilailctpiiiu. Sailed 17th, bark Carrie Wyman, Cochran, Now York, brigs Giles Loring. Pinkliani,' and Calluo, Lehman, north of Hatteras; schr Etta M Tucker, Tucker. Philadelphia; 18th, ship Greenock (Br), Lowe. New York; brigs John Brightinun, Colson, north of Hatteras; Don Jacinto, Croston, New York; sehrs Mary Patten, Cnminlngs. Philadelphia; Maggie D Marston, Marston, Baltimore; 19tli, hurk Everett Gray, Loring, New York; sehrs Nellie Bell, Stall), St Mary's, Ga;F. S Newman (Br), Newman, Baltimore; Edna Garwood, Garwood, do via Cardenas; 2i)tli, barks R A Allen, Tarr, Boston; Karnak (Br). Allen, New York: brig Clara M Goodrich, Look, do; Elizabeth (Br), Duncan. Baltimore. Nassau, N P. March 18?Arrived, schr Ht Croix, Eaton, Rockport, Me. Cleared 11th, schr Susan, Dearborn (from Portland, having repaired), Sugua. Post au Prince, March 11?Arrived, brig M D Andrews, Wilson, New York. yui.exstowm, March 29? Arrived, steamship City ol Antwerp (Br), Eynon, New York for Liverpool. Sailed 29th. steamship City of Brooklyn (Br), Tlbbits (tram Liverpool), New York. shanghab, Jan 25?Arrived, bark Edward James, Patterson, Knrrnrd Inlet sailed Jan 21, bark Elizabeth Graham (Br), Bragg. New York; 2.8th, ship Oniha (Br). Thomson, do; 28th. brig Vesta, Percy, Yokohama; 29tn, bark Deoguum (Br), MeLeod, Montreal. StCboix, March 15?In port brig Nellie Ycrden, for New Turk March 17. Sagua, March 1.8?Arrived, hark G do Zuldo, Miller, New York ; tirig A Hatchel tor, Silllman, Calbarien; 18tli, bark Klha, Peterson, Havana; 19th, brig Clara-I Adams, McKadden, Havana; schr R P Reynard Johnson, Aspinwall. Sailed 12th, brig Keystone, Barton, Philadelphia; 18th, bark Atlantic (Nor), Jacobson, New \ork. St J ago. March 11?Arrived, P M Tinker. Bernard, New York; 12th, hark Union, Colcord, do; 13th, scbr Win Connors, Toole, Curacoa. Tuinioao, March I#?Arrived, brig G T Oecry, Conklin, New York. Sailed?16lh, schr 8 E Voorhles, Philadelphia. Valparaiso, Feb 18?Sailed, harks Charlotte A I.ittlefleld. Carver. Plsagua; 20th, Cambridge, Doyle, Sun Eraucl-co. Cleared Feb 20, hark Oazelle (Ger), l.auer ((torn San Francisco, having repaired), Queenstown. Ill port Fell 22, ships Commodore, Gilimrc. for Sydney. NSW , and San Francisco; Kit Carson, Spencer, aiid Keynurd, Howes, diss; Norway, Woodburv, wtti 18 Ely, sold ; bark Maria Seaminell iBr>, Mulm<|iii?t, tlisg. Yokouama, Feb 10?Sailed, bark llollo (Br), w av. New York. [Per Steamship Wkser 1 Antwerp, March U?Sailed, Christina, Castcllano, New York. Amstkfoam, March 12?Sailed, Julia, Baker, Philadelphia. Ai.goa Bat, CUH. Jan 24?Arrived, Patriot, Thomas, Boston. Sailed 29th, Excel, for Boston vln Mosscl Bay. Brebbrhavkn, March L)?Arrived, Donuu (s), Ncynaber, and Enxine (s), Staples, New York. sailed 11th, John L Dlmmock, Lincoln, Cardiff; IStli, Dr I'eterman, Htolt, Darion. Bokokaux?Sailed irom Pauillae March 13, Minnesota (s), Hamlin, New Orleans. Barcelona, March 5?Arrived, Glorias do Masnou, Millet, Mobile. Cagliari, March 3?Sailed, Luig! Rossi. Maresca, New York. ciiristi ansano, March 14?Put in. Marquis Posa, Niejahr, fYom New York for Stettin. Dover, March 16?Off, Kate, Murphy, (Tom Savannah Dunuenkss, March 13? Off, Mary A Nelson, McNutt, tri>m Philadelphia lor Stettin; Argonaut, Raymond, from Shields for Now Haven. Heal, March 17?Sailed, Alice M Minott. Lowell (from San Francisco), Hull; Franklin, Mussel (from New Orleans). K< val; Peru, Hlhbert (from New York), Bremen. (Iai.wat, March 13? Sailed, Frcya, John, Baltimore. Cirokkti, March 8?Sailed, Margherita, Sharbaro, New York. Uksoa. March 11?Arrived, Mariala. Plcassn. New Orleans; lith, Argo, Castellano. and Speed. Larkin, New York. Havuk, March 13?Arrived, John O Baker, Spear. New Orleans; 14th, W I, Burroughs, Nichols, Philadelphia. Cleared 15lh, Pacific, Koss, New York. Sailed 14th, Forest huglc, Hosuier, Key West; Ella S Tlinver, Thompson, do. Helvokt, March 14?Arrived, Rio de la Plata, Remitters, New York: Chaa II Ottllon, llumtnond, (lalveaton. IIambluu, March 14?Sailed, Success, Hehrcndt, New York. Arrived at Cuxhavcn I3tli, Fredertkshald, Iluuscn, Pensaeola. _ .. Sailed 14th, Kearsage, Field. Shields. Livkkpooi., March 16?Arrived, Algeria (s), Le Mcssilrier, ami Spain (a), Uracc, New lork. Sailed l.ltli, Agettor. Knowlcs Savannah ; Compndre, Metcalf, San Francisco; Annie Troop, Newell, St John, NB (hasbeen reported cleared lor Sandv Hook); Ajax. Apenes; Conatanlia. Rofti, and Seratluo, Zutmnino, Philadelphia; Tare, Verclch. New York. Cleared 16th, Strathearn, Jarinan, and Calliope. Fisher, New York. Entered ont 1Mb, F.rnn, Ilalvorsen, for Norfolk ; North Star. Thomson, Rio Janeiro and San Francisco via Cardiff. Losnon. March 13? Arrived, Emanuel, llaghrrg, Phlladelpbla: 17th. tilobe, Sptcer, New York; Veritas. Thomas.sen, Pensaeola. Cleared 16th, Johan Wilhelm, Alhrecht. Boston; Holland (s). Bragg, New York land suited from tlravesand same dav). Entered ont 13th, Amor, Prcmudn, for Providence. Sailed from Uravcsend 15th, Hans Gudc, Due, New York. Limkrice, Murch 16?Sailed, Victoria, Jacohsen, Bnltl more. Lkuiiork, March 12?Arrived, Templar. Bartlctt, Marseilles. Malaoa, March 10?Arrived, Revna de los Ciclos, Orogoo, New Orleans. Plymouth, March 16?Off. Ruma, Regna, from London (or Boston Sailed 15th, Minna, Bnesc, Wilmington. Port Talbot, March 16?Suited, Florence Baker. Perry, Ualveston. Pknarth, March 14?Sailed, Robert Morrison, Seavcy, St J ago. I'alkkro, March 3? Arrived, Zulcika, Walsa, Leghorn; 0th, Ratno, Softer, New York. Sailed Feb 28, Pass ly, Peters, New York, I'airbi it, March 14?In the roads. Edouard, Olive, from Charleston IItiik. Islo of Wight, March 15?Put Into the Motherhank, Giuseppe l'rota, Galutola, from Baitimoro tor Ipswich. swaksfa, March 14?Cleared, .tames Mulr, Corsby, Baltimore; Frank, hew York. SouTU-mrroN, March 15?Sailed, Bertha, Buff, Baltimore., March 5?Arrived. Waldo, Prrssev. New York. Sailed I out, Laura Gertrude, Klsk, New York. St IIklf.ka, Feb 2? Arrived. Magnet, Crosbv. Yokohama oind sailed Sd lor London); Jd. Chan S Perry. Halleft, Cape I'own tor Huston (sec Disasters); 8th, Melted Will. Itralthwalte, Hollo (and sailed for Boston); 12th, Henry Buck. Nichols, Probollngo for Boston. Passed Feb 0, A 11 Wilic, Voss, from Singapore for Boston. Tit ran, March 15? Sailed, Hkicn, Melancthon, Penaaeola. Ttjk.l, March 15?Arrived, Bucephalus, Thompson, (iulreslon. Tasia Hat, C(1H, Feb 1?Bulled, Christine, Oerson, New York. American Porta. BOSTON, March 28 ?Cleared, steamships Malta (Br), McKay, Liverpool; Oscar (ttr), Hutchinson. London: sehrs Mary Standlsh. Rich, Georgetown, IK'; Mary K Simmons, Gundy, Richmond, Vg; Mattie A Franklin, Uriflin. Baltimore; IJ/./.ie, Maior, Tracy, do. Sailed?C ssteamship Iallaponsa; brig Montrose; and irom tlie Roads, brig Mary E Ludd. 28|lt?Arilved, steamer Wm Crane, March. Baltimore; brigs Madawaska, Eowle, Singapore ; llelvcrtdina (for), Minatltlan, Aylestord (Br), A/ua; Elizabeth (Br), Campbell, Havana; schooners Sallie B, Trinidad ; Charles H Bay I Is, Mobile; Kotiert Palmer, do; Mary G Collins. Charleston. Below, hark Jennie Cuahman, from St Vincent. BELFAST, March 21? Arrived, brig II fl McGilvery, Slut'tis. Boston ; selirs G M Partridge. Bunker, Baltimore; Fannie A Edith, Hartlett, Newcastle. Sailed I9lh. sehrs Mary Llmehurner, French, George| town, SC; 2,'td. M W Drew, Perkins, Jacksonville; Annie Tihlietts, Curtis, Fortress Monroe; 26th, Nathan Clillord, I Coombs, NewYork; 27th, brig I! II McGilvery, Stubbs, Bath', March '.'I?Sailed, uchr Koret, Maaron, Now York. CIIAKLKSTON, Mareh ?-Arrivod, ahlp Richard III, Huhhard. Liverpool. Hulled?Bfiiinxhip Champion, Lock wood. New Vofk. CALAIH. March J4-Arrivea. uchr olive, I'cndlefon, Mhuiiuii". _ . . ? Cleared?Schr* Sarah B Kanhorn, for Now York; Julia A Murthu, Lnnt, do. ? . uaw. ?/? > im?n -WITH SUPPLEMENT.. (Br). Ctiilrott. Liverpool; wbr Ward J Parks, Bopart, Boston. i Cleared?Schr Ariunun (Br), Penary. St John*, NB EAKTPort, March 22?Cleared. schr All Mod, Fitzgerald New York. EA8T MAORI'S, March 24?Sailed, schr Kelpie, Bry. nt.New York. FERNANDI.Va, March 25?Cleared, bark JauetForhea, i (Br), Walker, Montevideo; achr Ad'-liza, lluutley, Philadelphia. FORTRESS MONROE, March 29? Passed out, hrlcs Earn*. lor Culia; Italia, rt>r Poilzce; schr Kr.uu eg. lor Sail Andreas. KALI, RIVER. March 28?Arrived, schr Altle Oakes, Rideout, New York. GALVESTON, March 21?Arrived, harks Omoa (Br), Men 11luiins, Liverpool ; Vidar (Br>. o|M ii, Cardlll Cleared?Bark Nford (Nor), Torkolseu, Liverpool. 22d?Arrived, ship Victor iNor>, Anderson, Middhsboro; bark L'lrika, Peterson, Carditr. Cleared?Bark Try (Nor), EngelbartseB, Liverpool; achr Itobt P Ball, Hyder. New York. H OLOCC EST lilt, March 28?Arrived, schrs Nahant. from Camden lor New York; Ocean Hauler, Whitney. Port land for New York. JACKSONVILLE, March 22?Arrived, achr Prescott Huzletine, McDonald, Boston. Cleared 21st, sclirs P W White, Pmith, Vow York: 22d, Klvlug Scud, Mowers, Washington, DC; 24tli, Louisa Wilson, Moll, Wiimiagioa, Del. KEY WEST, March 2*?Arrived, steamer Clyde, Kenneitv. New York (ami sailed tor Uulvestoti). M ATTAPOISKTT, March 28-Sailcd, achr Lamartinr, Butler, Philadelphia, NEW OHLEAN8, March 23?Arrived, ships Sawlev Cliludow, Bosse, MiTnieu; Francis P Sap#, Pnpihurt, Havre; Hannah MurrU, Jones, Portsmouth , hark Libra, Haaarsen, Liverpool. 2"''?Arrived, steamships Hanover, UimbecK, BreflMi), via Havre and Havana; Mexican iBrl, Winder, lji'fh pool via Vera Cruz; ships Uenevleve Strickland. Strickhiliu, Liverpool; Zephyr. Swcet/.er, Havre; Shakespeare, retcner, Bremen; Koomar, Wvcott, Liverpool; brnr iiuo Gilchrist, Hart, New Y#rk; schrs Etna, Nyporg. Ruatan Island; J U Whipple, Arnet, do; Lady Woodbury, Woodbury, Utilla. Below, ships Lancaster, Bnrtlett, Iron) Liverpool; Francis P Suae, Urijuhart. Irotn Havre; Hampton Court, Volk, from Liverpool; Felicia, M array, from do; . Kowena, Watsoii, frtuil Liverpool; Anna Camp, Hardncr, from do; Queen of the East, Uleitij, from do; St Louis, Pcarce, from Antwerp via Key West; Sparkenhoe, Butler, from Liverpool; Mannali Merris, Jones, Irom Portsmouth : Saw ley Child low, Bo-sce, lYom Bremen; Luke St Clair, t.Hinnnt. Irom Liverpool: Northampton. Mclver. trom Liverpool; barks Perseverance, M or Ice, from Burrow; Libra, llagussen, from Liverpool; Annie Kimball, St In son, from Bordeaux; Kong Karl, Marioggon. from Cardlll': Himentu, Vetrauhfrom Palermo: Royal Harry, Wvmeri, from Cardiff, Wales; Lucv, from Antwerp; schrs Cora Wash. Cottin ?v?m Cardenas; Win Fisher, Lyman, from Ruatan Island; Frank Lucas Hula, from Jamaica. Outside the bar. bound tu, steamship St Louis. Roberts, /Tom Liver pool; ships E 0 Scranton, Wheeler, aud Record. Warre-, from do; Arran, Law son, trom Ardrossan; Adouia, Liverpool; bark Ervivu, i'litfo, trom Cardiff. , Saranak. IVes, Liverpool; bark AnaCruz ' Oversea, Genoa; brig J M Burns, Front, Vera Pas*. March S3^-Arrived, steamship MexlJVf. Liverpool, vta Jamaica and Vera Cruz. Hh\ .ied?Barks Irupcrator und Hamlnaza and General Meade and George Washington. On bar, hound out?Steamship Legislator. , NORFOLK, March 27?Arrived, schr Win McGee, Woodland, New York. ? _ NEW BCD FORD, March 2s?Sailed, sohrs Jos Maxlleld, for New York; II B Metculf, Baker,do; E J Munsell, lor do; Planter, Florton. do; Alldu, Eaten, do. NEWPORT, March 27, P M-Arrived, schrs Nautilus Crockett, Rockland lor New York; KUa Frances, Bulger; I II Borden, Hndwin, and Freeman, MeKenzle, Fall River lor New York : Henrietta. Smith. Bristol lor do; D T Wllletts. Smith, and C I' Hhultis, Young, Providence tor do; Sauuiel L Crocker, Tripp, Taunton tor do; S L Stevens, Htodiev, Somerset fordo; J K Hukcr, Long, Harwich lor Virginia; Mary Eliza, McGowau, Providence via Bristol for Boston. 2sth, AM?Arrived, schrs Lark, Onptill, Wickford for New York: D Ellis, Correy, New York for Rockland; Alice Hakes, do lor Fall River. NEW HAVEN. March 28?Cleared, schr J Koscllue, Tooker, Baltimore. 29th?Arrived, brig Eaglet, Tooker, Ponce, PR; schr V Harkulew, Martin, Floboken; J I. Leach, Johnson, Baltimore; llattci Collins. Nibbles, Elizabetliport lor Mystic; Eldorado, Uumillon, Virginia; K A Forsyth, Hobble, New York. Sailed?Schr R A, Forsvth, Hobble. New York. PORTLAND (Oregon), March 19?Crossed the Bar, liark Northuuibria (Bri, Knight, for England. I9tli?Crossed the Bur. outward bound, ship Victoria Cross, Lowden, for England; 19th, ship Itlione (Br), PEN8ACOLA, March 24?Arrived, ship Bjorn Farmand (Nor) Olsen. Hamburg. PHILADELPHIA, March 29?Steamship Horse Gnnrds (Br), Illll. Liverpool via Provlncetowu bark Adellieim (Nor), Johunncssuti, Liverpool; schr Lizzie C Hlckmuu, Robinson, Mnrblehead. Cleared?Steamship Hunter, Sherman, Providence: brigs Addle Hale, Sheppard, Cardenas; Annie R Storer, Adams. Mutanzas. I.kwks, March 28?Went to sea yesterday, barks Sain Sheppard and Aberdeen, brigs Ortolan aud Cairo, sclirs Ahby L Dow anil Barbudlcr. Schr Clara K Rodger*, from Mayagnez, left lor Philuilelpbia about noon to clay. Arrived, brig Johannls, from l'orto Rico lor orders. Light burk passed in at 2 P M, probably the John Ellis, from Savannah. 29th?A large ship lies at anchor below. There is no change in the position of the vessels previously reported In this harbor. PORTLAND, March 27?Cleared, schs Helen A Ames. Endlcott, Baltimore; Phenix, Thompson, New York; J U Stover, Arcy, Rockland, to load for New York. Sailed, barks Ellen Stevens, Cephas Starrett; brigs Danhno, Castllllan, Atlas; schs Deiniont. Kmeline McLain, T J Tratton, Sullote, II A Ames, Harriet Baker, Ocean Ranger. Willie Martin, Cherub, Swallow; A II Sawyer. Hark Daring sailed 2Sth. 28th?Cleared, hrig Uruguay, Henry, Montevideo; schr Louisa Bliss, Strong, Havana. PROVIDENCE, March 28?Arrived, steamer Virginia, Rogers. Philadelphia: brig Valero (llrl, Murray, London; sohrs James English, Parker, Eli/.abethnort;* Francis C Smith, Kcene, Port Johnson ; Isabella Thompson. Kndlcott, do; Henry Cole, Chadwick. do; fashion, Sattcrly, do; llori/.nn, Leet. do; J II Bartlett, Harris, Hohoken; J H Allen, Davis, do: Albert Pharo, Bingham. do; Win O Irish, Terrell, do; M K Carlisle. Northnip. do; Kranklin Pierre, FihinJon, do; Henrietta, .Mathews, do; Luna, Wells, Jersey City, Sailed ?Brig l> C Chapman, Knight, Baltimore: sehrs Ben) S Wright, Ryder. Virginia: Lizzie D Barker. Burker, do; Matchless, Harding, do; Cora Morrison, Rich, Virginia; Josiali Whitehonse, Karnham, Baltimore; Lemuel Hall, Crinncll, do; Mary (I Karr, Cornwall, do; R G Wliilden, Nichols, Philadelphia; Surah A Boice, Yates, do; Eliza Pharo. Sherman, New York; Old Zark, Mathews, do; Uenrv Remsoa, Allen, da RICHMOND, March 27-Salled, schr 8 B Franklin, Mull, City Point, to finish unloading. ROCK Land, Mnreh 23?Arrived, sehrs Redahedee, Pease; Laeotiia. Hall: J C Crafts, Kennedy; M Brewer. Snunders; C Cohb, Aiuos; M Hull, Lurvey, and Gem, Thmnus, New York. Sailed lilth, sohrs M Langdon, Bennett; E Areularius, Gregory; S Mel.oon. Spear, and Fleet Wing, Kenntston, New York; 20th, Belle Brown, Nash; Lucy Ames, Bishop; Allle (lakes. Plllsburv; Nautilus, Crockett: Kipial, Kcuniston; Defiance, Thorndike, and Nile. Meteall', Now York; 22<1. Its Hodgdon, Melvin; Susannah, Woodman: PhIIos, French; H lasttotL Dumont; Billow, Wallace: M Bell, Gregory, and Susan. Bishop, New York; 23<1, Coombs, Jameson, New York ; 24th, R Leach. Pendleton, do. SAN FRANCISCO, March 20?Cleared, ship Cavalier (Br), Knight, Cork: schr Greyhound. Emerson, Tahiti. Sailed?Bark Scharnhorst (tier), Steinieke. Caliuo -.sehrs Grevhonud, Emerson, Tahiti; Ann Mathilda, Merrill, Sitka. 21st?Arrived, hrlg Crimea, Wending, San Bias. Cleared?Shins David Crockett, Burgess, Liverpool; Messenger. Hill, Queenstown. Sailed?Bark Mariano. Bearse, Hone Kong. SAVANNAH, March 29?Arrived, steamship Virgo, Bulkier, New York. Cleared?Steamships Widdrington (Rr), Tate,Cronstadt; Seminole, Boston; lliintsville, Crowell, New York. Sailed?Steamship San Jacinto, Hazard, New York; schr Laurcta. Mntanzas. STOSISGTON, March 27?Arrived, sehrs Mnry A Prcdmore, Shermun, New York for Trovidenco; Eva, from do for Sulcm (and both sailed 28th). 28th? Sailed, sehsJessle Murdoch. Christie. New York. VINEYARD HAVEN, March 27?Arrived, steamer Dirlgo, Portland for New York (and sailed); sohrs Present Lodge and Martha Innis, Hohoken lor Boston; C C Pettenglll, New York for Gloucester; 8 J Gllmoro, do for Thomnston; Electric Flash, Pert Johnson for Salem. 28th?Arrived, aehrs (' W May, Havana for Portland ; Marv G Collins, Savannah for Bostou; Vandalia, New York for do. Sailed?steamer Ida Auenata; hrlg Mngaguadavlc; sehrs C O Cranmer, R U Shannon, D Gilford. L H Wing. Ilavne. Edith, B W Hill, F G Dow, C F Heyer, KM Brookings. W II Pharo, Gov J Y Stmt'i, Bennington, F L Porter, Laura Robinson, W F Garrison. George Tanlanc, F E Scannell. Sallie B. II 8 Brooks, Mary Ella, George Savage, J Paine, John E Sanford, Ellen Morrison, Eureka, William McLonn, Silver Spray, D B Everett. 0 C Pcttinglll. Martha lnuis, Electric Flash. Crescent Lodge, s J Gilniore. 2sth, PM?Arrived, schra Chas P Haylis, Mobile for Boston; Abbott Lawrence and n Prcscott, Portland for New York; nero, Salem for do; Annie Martha, st John, NR. for do; Edward Kidder, Boston for do; B N Hawkins, do for Charleston; Sarah L Simmons, do for Baltimore: Z frafton, Portland for do; Mary Lvmhurner, Belfast for Georgetown. DC; Marv Standisn, Boston for do; Henry Adelhert, ilu for Richmond ; II G Hand, Chas E Raymond ami Amos Edwards, do for Philadelphia 'Tangier, do for Brunswick, Ga ; L 11 Uorton and John M Ball, do tor VlrPassed by?Schr Joshua S Bragdoti, Philadelphia for BSailed?8chr? C S Hoylls, W L St Pierre, C W May, Mary O Collins and O M Hopkins. ?ui. ?1-...i v v.n,n,t?...r~. Boston; Andrew Peters, llohokcn loriio; Angnlinc, New York for do; Dolmont. Locke, Hoboken for Newbnry port; II H Kisk, Haltimore for Portland ; U S llodtiton, llenry Castoft, and llattle Coombs, Roekland tor New York; Win Penn, Kt George, Mo, for do; .Tohn Hovnton, Calais for do; Jesse Williamson, Jr, Portsmontli lor do; Mary B Smith, Thomastnn for do; Ma 1, Howard. Portland ford#; Alqtil/.ar, Roekport, Me, tor do; It I) Prince and J P Nlrker.son, Welltleet for Virginia; JnoNye, Provlnretown for do; Charter Oak, Wiscassett for Savannah; Maggie Uunnnins, Cobasset for Philadelphia. Sailed?Sehrs Ilenrv Cnstoff and Abbot Lawrenew. WILMINGTON, M\ March 17?-Cleared, bark Eliza Avellna (Br), Munrne. Hamburg; brig Aitavela, Field, Cardenas; sehrs Tolntnab, Patterson, Bermuda; Lltola Murchison, Jones, New York; Ueorge A Emily, Hutcbinson, Providence. WINTKRPOBT, March Zl-Arrlved, bark Kredonla, Burke, Boston, to loud for Western Islands. WICK FORM, March 28? Sailed, sehrs Lark, Guptlll, and Kaklr, Knowles, New York. 1HUCELLANEOU8. ABSOI.CTE DIVORCES OBTAINED IN ANY STATE-, legal everywhere ; desertion. Ac., sufficient cause, no publicity required, no charge until divorce is grouted; advici tree. M. HOI'r>E, Attorney, l-.M Broadway. ABSOLI TR DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM COCKTS ot different States; legal everywhere; an publicity; no fees in advance; advice tree; commissioner for every State. FREDERICK 1. KINO, Counsellor at Law, :t6;i Broadway. A comer of Fulton avenue and Kocium street Open !rom 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from S to9 T. M. A NO. I RKFRItlKRATOBR?THE BEST AND CIIKAPest only. Depot. E. D. HASSFOUD'8, Cooper Institute. AKtor place. /1ANCKK, CANCER, c\NCKR.?AM. EXTERNAL \ ' Cancers permanently eared tree of elinrtre until euro is positively effected. Address by letter JAMES E. WALKER, 43 East i'lilrtleth street. /IONsCMITIOS.-A HRNtlNK EFFECT!1 \I- It KM ED V \for hopeless Con uniptlon, l leerateit Lungs. Coughs, Pneumonia, from an eniinent retired pnvsleian, lor Invalids sendlntr address and stamp to I'lfVSlclAN, bo* I'M) Post office. The wiiitnet rewind machine. It has less machinery, sews with less effort, contains the most perfect and onlv positive loar motion feed with out sprliiKs and other delicate and complicated mechanism. Is the best made and most complete, beautiful and porteet machine in the nmmet. Dealers will find this the easiest machine to sell Tver offered to the public. Tho Whitney Sewilng Machine is the result <sf the constant efforts an-l practical experience ot Mr. J. H. Whitney for the past twenty years, an-l is a continuation of andjiossesses .ill the valuable principles ol the original Weed Machine, invented by Messrs. J. H. Whitney and T. E. Weed, in IRM, with many recent improvement* by which It has superseded the g'cnnliir Weed Machine. Ag? nte wanted Address THE WHITNEY 8KWINU MACHINE LwvUfAHX.JP DtttftdWiur.toft i yrta \ RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. MARCH 30?PASSION SUNDAY. Programme of Ecligious Exercises. HERALD RELIGIOUS CORRESPONDENCE. Protestant Propa^audiHiu in luexieo. CATHOLICITY IN BROOKLYN. The " Christian Union" in the Dark. Henry Ward Beecher on Capital Punishment. 1 v MOVEMENTS OF THE CLERGY. Services To-Dajr? At the Church of Christ, Rev. W. C. Dawson win preach morning and evening. "How to Deal with Crime" will be Rev. Henry Powers' subject this morning at the Church or the Messiah. The Hampton students will take part la the evening services. Rev. Dr. Talmage will preach at the Brooklyn Academy this morning and evening. The twenty-flfth anniversary of modern Spiritualism will be appropriately celebrated at Apollo ila.ll, at two o'clock. Miss Leys lectures in the evening. "Is George Francis Train Insane ?" will be explained by Rev. Dr. Landis at the Athenaeum at eight o'clock P. M. At eight o'clock this evening, at Cooper Institnte, Rev. Henry Morgan will repeat his great reform lecture on "Fast Young Men," Ac. "Seven Women Shall Take Hold on One Man" will be the subject upon which Bishop snow will enlighten his congregation at the University at three P. M. The concluding lectures of Chaplain Laval on "The Lord's Prayer" will be given at the Episcopal services in Uleecker Street Mission this morning and evening. "Devil Worship" and "The New Birth" will be the morning and evening subjects of Rev. E. 17. Sweetser at Bleeckcr street Unlvorsalist church. Fifteenth Ameadment anniversary services will be held at Shiloh 1'resbvtenan church this evening. Opening services at the new Church of the IVCI'ilUittllUU UU'lUlUg RUU CTUU111K* Morning and evening services at the Pilgrim Baptist church by ltev. J. Spencer Kennard. Rev. Dr. Gillette will preach, morning and evening, in Plymouth Baptist church. Communion services at St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal church this morning. Rev. C. 8. liarrower will preach morning and evening. At St. Mark's Methodist Episcopal church there will be a fifteenth amendment annlversarv this evening. Rev. William F. Butler will discourse upon "The Hour and Its Work." Rev. Wuyland Iloyt will preach at the Tabernacle Baptist church this morning and evening. Rev. John Cotton Smith will preach at the Church of the Reformation, Fifty-seventh street, at halfpast seven P. M. Baptismal services this evening at Fifty-third street Baptist church. Rev. W. U. Pendleton will preach morning and evening. . At the Catholic Apostolic church the subject for the evening service will be "The Gift of Tongues Prophecy." French Reformed church services this morning at Association Hall, by Rev. E. Horel. Mrs. Alderuice will preach in Franklin street Methodist Episcopal church this evening. Services in the morning, afternoon and evening, at Presbyterian Memorial church, by Rev. Dr. Robinson. Rev. W. H. H. Murray, of Boston, will preach In Fifth avenue Baptist church morning and evening. Morning and evening services in Forsyth street Methodist Episcopal church, by Rev. J. W. Barnhart. Rev. Dr. Morgan will preach this evening, and Professor Roberta in the morning, at St. Thomas' chapel. Divine service In English at the Rnssian-Greck chanel this morning. The congregation of the PresDyterlan chnrch late comer of Thompson and Houston streets will worship In Bleecker Building this morning and evening. At Westminster Baptist church Rev. J. K. Demarest will preach morning aud evening. Rev. Thomas Mitchell will preach this morning at the Morning Star Mission. "Heaven in This Church" will be Rev. Isaac Riley's topic this evening at Thirty-fourth street Reformed chnrch. Rev. Dr. Holme will preach this morning at. Trinity Baptist church. Sunday school concert in rhn nvnninir spirit commnnlon and trance speaking at Union Ball, Jersey City, tills afternoon and evening. Christian preaching at Temple Hall this morning and afternoon; Bcrthollet speaks. Kev. W. N. Bunnell will condnct the morning and evening services at All Saints' Episcopal church. Rev. Dr. Hugh Miller Thompson will officiate at the morning, afternoon and evening services at Christ Protestant Episcopal church. Morning and evening services at the Church of the New Jerusalem. Rev. Dr. Flagg will preach at the Eighty-fifth street church morning and evening. Full choral services at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin morning, afternoon and evening. Rev. Dr. E. O. Haven will preach this morning and Rev. W. P. Abbott In the evening at the Wash, lngton square Methodist Episcopal church. At All Souls' church this evening Rev. Dr. Bellows will discourse upon "The Wrestle, the Race and the Rack." Rev. W. 1L Cooke preaches In the morning and Rev. Alvah Wlswall in the evening at St. John's chapel. Services morning ahd evening at Walnwright Memorial church. Rev. Dr. Osgood preaches in wie evruiuK. At the Church of the Redeemer Right Rev. Bishop Potter will administer confirmation in the morning, and Rev. J. W. Shackelford will conduct the evening services. Rev. George H. Hepworth will deliver the closing discourses at stelnway Hall this morning and evening on special subjects. "The Necessity of Political Organization Among Worklngmeu" Is the subject of the lecture by Leander Thompson at Tumverein Hall at three o'clock. Rev. J. M. Pullman preaches this morning at 1,288 Broadway, and will define Unlversallsm at Lyric Hall in the evening. Rev. W. f. Clarke will preach in the morning and Mrs. Elizabeth (lakes Smith lecture In the evening, on specially chosen themes, at Harlem Unity chapel. Special services at Anthon Memorial church, morning and evening, under conduct of Rev. R. Heber Newton. "The Infidel Antichrist" will be Rev. W. W. Andrews' subject this evening at the Brooklyn Presbyterian Rooms. Protestant Propagnnrtlsm In Meiies. A I1KRAI.D special letter from Mexico city, under date of Kcbraury 28, supplies the following Intel!!geuee:?The cause of Protestantism Is being agt? CONTINUED ON THWTEEUH PAK.

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