Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 14
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M CITY GOVERNMENT. [OFFICIAL.] doard of Aldermen. tTirrn Ktavinv. __ Tamsoir, March .7. 1873?3 o'clock P. H. Present?TIon. K. B. U. Vauce, President, In the chair Bd a quorum ol members. FNTITIOX UTTERS*!). To Fifty-ilxth street, from Third to Fifth avenue. With Belgian |>avi lucnt. MOTIONS 4SD HS*Ot UTIOM RCrar.RFD. That street lamps be lighted In Fitty-nlnth street, between ThtVd aaJ Filth avenue*. That on both side* ut Christopher street, from Greenwich to Washington street, curb and r litter r.ti-nei l.e ret and reset, and iTu- sidewalks be (logged and rclluggcd. That ISM street, between Eleventh avenue, Unities ard and Twelfth avenue, bo rceulated r.'ul graded, the curb and gutter siouesrct aud the sidewalks flagged. That the Comptroller lease tbo wound and third floors of the premise.* No. J. 9 Third avenue for the tire of the Fixth District Civil Court, ut an annual rental not to exceed $4,001. That itonlevarl lamps be lighted on the block of ground occupied by the Normal College, unci in Flxtyrlghth and Sixty ninth streets, froin Third to I-cxtngton and from Fourth to Filth uvenucs; and In Reventicth treet, from the Third to tlie Filth urenun. That the -Id. walk* on tb<> cast side o' Fifth avenue, between Flity-utnth and Sixi.v-*e--->nd street*, be flagged. That the sidewalk on the north side of bixty-second Street, between Fourth mid Vafltsun aveiities, be bagged. lbat Elghtv-flith street, front uvenue A to Third avenue, be paved tvitli Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Sixty-third street, trout First avenue to Third avenue, be paved with granite block pavement. That Sixtv-lourth street, from First to Third avenue, be Jtave-1 with granite block pavement. That Slxir-firth street, irom First to Fifth paved with L-rsni-e block pavement. That street Istnps be lighted on J-.igbty flflli street, between avenue A ntnl First avenue. That on both side* of lCfghty-llltli street, from avrnno A to First avenue, curb a;?d gutter atones be set, and the Sidewalks flagged .-Mid rolla-.wd. T^t Hcvcnty-iiith street, between Second and Third av.Tucs, l-c regulated mid graded, the curb aud gutter stones set, and ihc sidewalks flanged That street lamp* be lighted in Filty-ninth street, between Fourth mid Madison avenue*. That Ninety-first street, between Ponrth and aveuues, be reguhited und graded, the curb aud gutter atone* set and the sidewalks Magged. That the vacant lots on Fiity-ninth street, between Fourth and Filth u venues, be fenced in. That the vacant lot* on Ninety-first street, between Fourth and Filth avenues, be fenced in. That Fortieth street, froin First to Second avenue, be paved with granite-' lock pavement. Rk"l-OUTS 1.AID OVKH. That Fortv-secnnd street, trnni Third to Maill*on avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That t(W<l street, from First to Filth avenue, lie teinUted and graded, the curb and gutter stones set, aud the sidewalk* flagged. that Ninety-elghh street, froin First avenue to Fifth avenue, bo regulated nn<l graded, tbo curb and gutter stones set, and Hie sidewalk.* flagged. That Ninety-ninth street, from First to Third avenue, be regulated aud graded, the curb and gutter stones set and iTie sidewalk* flagged. That l-idd street. from First to Third regulated and graded, the enrb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks flagged. That inotii street, from First to Third avenue, he retrnluted and graded, ibe curb aud gutter stones set and tlie sidewalks flagged. That 101st street, iro.n First to Third avenue, he regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and tlie Side walk* flagged. That Hovcniieth street, between Third avenue and East regulated and graded, the curb aud gutter Stones set and the sidewalk* flagged. That Kightv-uinlh *trcct, between Eighth avenue and Ihe Boulevard, be reguluted and graded, the curb and gutter stones ret nn l the sidewalk* flagged. That Ninctv-fltfli street, rroin First to Fifth avenue, bo regulated una graded, inu cum una guiver stones set una (lie sidewalks hugged. That Xlnoty-iourth street, from first to Third avcnne, he regulnt- d and graded, the curb ami gutter stones set and the sidewalk* flagged. That Ninety -seventh street, from Kirrt to Fifth avenn0. be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter atones set and the stdcwalkiytuggfd. That the Clerk of this Board he and ho 19 hereby authorized and directed to advertiac tor proposals for the Work of printing lite proceedings, document* and other matter* requited lor the Hoard of Aldermen, trom and alter the llrst <!?} ot April, 1873, In accordance with spcClilcailon to be prepared for that purpose by the Committee on Printing and Advertising, rarcas from tiik board of assistant aixkbmkn rencrrkd. To build a sewer in Ntuth avenue, from Elgh'y-sixth to 119th street. To build a Hctver In New avenue, from 100th to Manhattan street. To btiild a sewer in Ninety-ninth street, from Eighth avenue to the boulevard. T6 la v en*litmus in 104tti street, from Eighth avenue to Ihe Boulevard. To Iny gas main.1:, Ac., in Sixty-flfth street, from the Boulevard to Eighth avenue. To lav gas mains In Sixty-seventh street, from tlio Boulevard to Eighth avcauo. To lay gas mains, Ac., in Tenth avenue, from Sixtieth to Seventieth street. To t.niUl a receiving basin and culverts on the northeast corner 01 King and Varick street*. To build n receiving basin and culvert on the corner of Clark sou and lludson street?. lo lay gas mains, Ac., In Sixtieth street, from Tenth to Eleventh avenue. To lay rub mains, Ac., 'u Seventieth street, from Tenth to Eleventh avenue. To build a -ewer In 110th street, trom Eighth avenua to Riverside Park. To itaR fuil width sidewalks In Fifty-eighth street, from Tenth to Eleventh avenue. To lence in the block hounded by Kitty-sixth nud Kiltyseventh streets. Broadway and Eighth avenue. To ling lull width sidewalk on the south side of Fortyninth street, between Eighth uud Ninth avenue*. ; To build a .-ewer In HMtli street, from Eighth avenue to the Boulevard. To ltRht strcetlumps in Korty-thlrd street, from l'trst to fr'ccond avenue. To nave, curb and gutter, and to flag tull width Rlxtyeighth street, iront i nurtli lo Lexington avenue. to lence ill vacant lot* on the north side ol 118th street, between Kind and Second avenues. To plucc two street lamp* in iront of premises 181 Bowery. laid over, That the Comptroller he directed lo cancel and annul the present lease ol the premi-esliow occupied by Kobcrt Culkin, under the Jeflerson Market Court House, and lo pay the sum ol $5.5 HI in mislderation ol relieving the Ciiy Iroui any and ail liability. Thai the Conip.roller draw his warrant. In favor of Ma>'tin It. Brown, for-the sum ol $l, o>5ior printing lor the Board ol Assistant Alderiucn lor 1172-137J. To ,iog south .-ids ot Water street, lor a distance of lfiO fret from cast corner tiouv. rueur slip. To llag loirtn side of Krout street, tor a distance of lfcO fret from liouverneur slip. To build sewer in Tomiikins street, from Brooine to Delanccy street. To pave East street, from lliviDgton to Grand street, and from Grand to 1 iict rv. To curl), gutter, Ac., Eighty-fifth street, from Second to Fourth avenue. Itesohitioii to pave Eighty-flttli street, from Second to Four h avenue. To build receiving basin, Ac., on tbe corners of Eleventh avenue aud fourth street. To lay crosswalk ironi oeriheust to southeast corner oi Fourteenth streei and Seventh avenue. To ilaa south sole of Weat Twenty sixth street. Nos. 150 to IM inclusive. To place gu* lump*. Ac , In Seventy-second street, between Second anil I bird avenue*. To ling north sole of Fifty-ninth street, from Third to liCxtugtoa avenue. To lav gas mains in Sevcnty-iirsl slroot, from Hecoul avenue 10 avenue A. To pave filty-tourtli street, from Tenth to Eleventh avcnne. To pave Korty-uinth street, from Eighth to Ninth ave06. dTo regulate, Ac., Sixty-tlrst street, from Boulevard to iuth avenue. NTo place two street lamps on north side of Thirty-fourth rcet, lietwcen first avenue and East ttivor. 11U V'iUU'll I1IUIII9 1I1 PIAUCUI O.ll,,, nvw ivmii IU levuiith avenue. ETo regular. Ac., Kincty-nliith street, (ruin Eighth to levenih avenue. >:T?? pave Kiity.-isth street, from Keeoml to Third avenue. Yo place guslamp* in Auiieiy-third street, between eund and Third avenues. K To pave Filiy-ninth street, from First to Second avenue. To pave 1-iuy-tixlT street, iruin bexiugion avenue to Fourth at anne. To pave I my-second street, iron Urst to Second avenue Ad ourned until Thursday next, the 3d proximo, nt tour P.M. JOSKI'lt C. FINCKNK*, clerk. Board of Am^stant Aldermen, 8TATKD SESSION. Monpay, March 24, 1373. Trerent?William Wade, Esq., President, In the chair, and a quorum ot members. The minute* ol .March 2o were read and approved. RKSOt.UTIOSS RCIKRRKI). That Eightv-ei; lith street,between T. nth and Kleventh venues, he paved with l>el, or trap-block pavement. mm OVER. That Mndlsou avenue, I'roin north side of 124th street to Rarlem Itiver. be rtgulabd and graded, the gutter stone-set and the sidewalks Usage 1. That Kigh'ietto street, trutn Madison to Filth avenue, bo pave-J with Belgian pavement. That on both side* oi Scveuty-eifhth itroet, between Third and Filth avenues, rurb ami putter stone* bo net nd the sidewalks nagged anil re. ug.ed. JtKPORTS I.AII) lit SR. That I42d street, Irom Hlonmlngilale von I to Grand Boulevard, be regulated, graded, urb an 1 gutter atones be set, ami the sidewalks be flagged. That Eleventh atreot, irnm I'mverslty pin-o to the Blxtb avenue, be paved with or trap block puvome nt. T hat Sixth avenue, Irom Houston street to Fnur'eenth atreet texe.ept between Hie rail truck.*), be pavcd with Belgian or trap-block pavement. Ot Sr KAU OI.llt.HS AliOITFD. Tnat the vacaut lots or the north side of 118th street, between second and third avviinei, he lenced in. That sixiy-(dglitli *!>? t, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. I t p tved, curb and gutter Ituiri lie seL and the sldew ulks be Magged. That street lamp* be lighted In Forty-sixth street, from First to Second avenue i luit siree, lamps be lighted ill Forly-third street, fr-un First to second avenue. That a set* cr be hull! in lOdth street, Irmn Eighth avenue to the boulevard. That ihe sidewalk oil the south side of Forty-ninth gt/eet, between tile i Ighlh nn 1 .Ninth avenue*, be 11 urged. Thai h ock bound d by FHtv-.iuh Hiel Fl.t v-scventh itreets, liroadw.ty an I Eighth avenue, be lenced in. That the sidewalk oil the south s de ot Flit}- street, beteeen Fltth and ixtti avenues, bo nagged. Tha the sidewalk ou soiilli sole ol I lulcth street, bctwei n intti and Tenth avenues, be (lagged. That the sidewalk on both side* oi FHty-elghlh street, from ienth to Eleventh avenue, be Hugged. lliata sewer be built lu I ball street, iruui Eighth avenue to I'lvcr-bic Park. 1 bai st . v iiintl, l>?m l'l.ii-,1 iiannii In (lis Fill River, be r-- :ul*,e I and ^.r the curb uud gutter stone* ft, uiul tin' stdew ,lk* tlu.'ifi'U I ii lit a reet lauiiia be Hi lit d In Seventieth street, from Tetitli to KlevsnUi avenue. That street lamp. lie lighted in Sixtieth street from Tcutli to eleventh iivi'titie. 'I Iml recolving lm-ln ai d culvert lie lutilt on the south* sat corner 01 liud*nti iind t'lAr..i?ii streets* 'that a receiving iin*in m.d colvert Ik* built on the northsaat corner ot ,ing and Varlck atn eta. That airoet lump.* lie 11klived is Tenth avenue, trom Hixtletli to * evcotieili street. That street lamp* tie lighted In bUty-seventh street, from Eighth aveiiac to the i: mt? \,ird. Tlia1 street lamps be lighted In KHtb street, from FigtUh avenue to the Boulevard. Tlmt street lain its be Knitted In Sixty-sixth street, trom the Bouiovard tu the IS'ilh uvenue. Jin. Ii oy the toliowlng vole AlUrinative?vsvis.utu Aldermen I olev, Murphy, Clancy. Keating, Wlmer, nealv, Thornell, Theirs. Codington, (brack, Kieps, Kecnan, the 1'residenk A*?i*taut Aldermen Kehve, (trucks. Kellv, bituon-on, i utnisky, Liudeli, Bom in era and ltcyea~2i. That a sewer be built in Muctv-ninth street, trom Eighth avenue to the boulevard. That a sewer bo huill 111 Aew atenue (between Mghih aaJ ifmih av< nues), trom lUOth to Munhatten street. That a newer be built m Muth avenue, ftum Eightysixth street to 11Mb street Each by the following votet? _ AJtirmative?Anisiart Aldermen Foley, Mnrphy. Clanty, Keating. tVisser, ileal v. Thornell Tbefau taniinrton u NEW TORE. HERALD, Strick. Kreps. Keenan, the President, Assistant Aldermen Ke.hoc, .-'imoaaon, Cumisky, Linden, Bonimers and Beven?2 Negative?Aosistant Aldermen Brncka and Kelly?1 That Hlxiy-elghlh street, tVotn Third avenne te Kaat River, l>c regulated and (traded, the curb and gutter stone* set, and the sidewalk* flagged. By the following vote :? Affirmative?Aaalatant Aldermen Foley, Murphy, Clancy, Keating, Wtsaer, Tboruell, Thelsa, Codington, Btracf, Kreps, the President, Assistnnt Aldermen Kelioe, tiimonson, Cumlskv, Linden, Hommcrsnnd Beyea?17. Negative?Assistant Aldermen llealy, Keenan, Brucka and Kelly?I. Adjourned until Monday next, Slat instant, at 2 o'clock P. if. WILLIAM U. MOLONEY, Clerk. Plioi'QSALS. J>R0I*08ALS FOR INDIAN HOODS. Detabtubkt or Tint I.ttkhior, ) Orncx or Ikdian ArrAtna, S Warhinotoh, March 20,1873. J Scaled proposals, endorsed "Proposals for Indian Goods.'' will be received ut 40 and 42 Leonard street. New York, until 12 o'clock M., on Tuesday, the 221 dav of April, 1873, which place will be open for business on and alter tbo Hill day of April, 1873. lor furnishing, in the quantities therein given, any or all ot the articles named in the following lis' 300 pairs4-point white Mackinac Blankets, to measore 72x90 inches and weigh 12 pounds. 2,0(16 pairs 3-noint white Mackinac Blankets, to measure ?0x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,005 pairs 2',-potnt white Mackinac Blankets, to measure Mx64 mclics and weigh 6 pounds. 625 pairs 2-point white Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x40 inches and weigh 5U pounds. 200 pairs llt-point white Mackinac Blankets, to measure 30x5(1 Inches and weigh 4M pounds. 30} pairs 4-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 72x90 Inches and weigh 12 pounds. 1,300 pairs 3-noint scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measnro 00x72 Inches ana weigh 8 pounds. 1,800 pairs 2k-no!nt scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 54x1)0 Inches and welgli 0 pounds 550 pairs2 point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x16 inches and weigh S.'-s pounds 700 pairs 4 point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 72x90 Indies and weigh 12 pounds. 2,600 pairs 3-poin' indigo blue Mackinac Blanket*, to nicaMtrc 00x72 Indie- and weigh R pounds. 2,325 pairs 2>5-|ioint Indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 54x01 Inches and weigh 0 pounds. 1,000 pairs 2 point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to ni'-asurc 42x46 Inches and weigh 5!i pounds. 400pairs 4-poiut green Mackinac Blankets, to measure Tlssai ii.nKou ati.1 .uoiifh I I n/inii,lu 700 pairs d-polin preen Ma'-kinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 700 pairs2K-|>nlnt green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 34x66 inches and weigh 6 pounds. 490 pairs 2-polnt green Macklnnc Hlnnkeis, to measure 42 x46 inches and wc gh 5.'? pounds. 400 yards inner list blue Olotli. 15,490 yards saved list blue Cloth. 16,773 yards saved list scarlet Cloth. 200 yards gray list bine Cloth. 3,032 8-4 Woollen Hhtiwl*. 100 6-4 Wuolion r ha wis. 4'X) Heavy double Shawls. 4,024 pounds l inen Thread, standard make, No*. 30,35 and 40. two-thirds dark blue, one-third whlteybrown. 705 dooeii snools Cotton, standard make, 200 yards 3cord and 8-eord. ' 259.325 yards Calico, standard prints. (57.800 yards ind.'go liluc Drilling. 47,900yards gno.I Bed Ticking. 148,579 yards crown Hbcoting. 4-4 standard. 122,900 yards standard Duck, 8-ounce. 20,750 yard* idaid I.lnsc.y. 20,490 yards b uc Flannel, twilled. ygrtls red Klannel, twilled. 9,800 yards Kentucky Jeana 1S,?:j yards Hatlnet l.WlO yards colored Drilling (for drew lining). 300 yards Ideachod Wheeling (tor shrouds). 8,0?> yard* Blue Denltna 9,00() yards Hickory Slilrllng. 348 dozen Cotton Handkerehletk. 652 dozen mcn'a Wont Ho'-kx. 028 dozen women's Wool llose. 463 doaen ehildrrn's Wool Hose. 41 dozen Woollen Hearts. 17,107 Red Klannel Hhlrt*. 3jW Cray Flannel Hhlrts 7,665 Hickory Shirts. 1,100 Calico Shirt*. 450 Women's Wool Woods. 150 Misses' Wool I locals. 140 Bed Coverlets. 3,34b) pounds Yarn, assorted colors. 1,(164 pounds (Jilllng Twine, 2 uud 3 cord, equal quantities, No*. 30, 39 and 40. 904 pounds Cotton Maitre, for Seines. 500 pounds Indigo. 628 best cas> steel Axes, S to 4>t pounds. 481 dozen best cast steel Hunter's Axes, handled. 60V dozen Axe Handles, 36-lpeb, Ko. 1. 647 dozen tinned iron Preserving Kettles, 3t? to 10 quarts. 434 dozen short-handle Frying Fans, No*. 1, 2 and 3. In equal quautltios. 294 dozen Tin Fans, pressed, 2, 4 and 6 quarts. 50 dozen Tin Flutes. 820 dozen Tin Cups, pints. 20i) dozen Tin Cues, quarts. 35 dozen Tin Falls, no eoters, 8, 10 and 12 quarts. 40 dozen Tin Fails, with covers, 8, 10 and 12 quarts. 25 dozen Tin Dippers, long handles. 130 dozen Tin CoflC6 rots, 2 quarts. HO dozen Tin Coffee Pots. 4 quarts. 613 dozen tinned iron Table Hpoous. 1,603 Butcher Knives, Oincli. 110 Hunting Knlve-. A Inch. 12-1 dozen skinning Knives, 6-Inch. 230 dozm Knives and Forks, good quality. 8 dozen Pocket Knives. 113 dozen Taper saw Flies, 4>j-lnch. 47 dozen Mill-saw Mica. 352 dozen Planters' llocs, No. 2, best cast steel lZOdozen line Handles. 40dozen Hatchets. 13 dozen llnnd Saws. 601 dozen Fish Hooks, assorted sizes. 305 dozen Fish Linos, assorted sizes. 35.) dozen Sowing A wis. 299dozen Hewing Awl Handles. 119 dozen Cast Steel Shears. 7)a and 8 inches. 441 dozen Coar c Comix. 126doz. il Fine-tooth Combs. 59 dozen Open Thimbles. 03 dozen Zinc Mirrors. 173 Needles, assorted sizes. 87 Needles,*(Hovers'. 541 Beuver Traps Newhonse, No. 4. 50 Mink Traps, Newhouse. 3,3*5 Cump Keltles, in nests ?f three. 5,450 liunclics Beads, tusu.'ted colors, i I'll Powhatan Pipes. 600 Heed Stems. 3,142 Hack i/oats. assorted sizes, for men. 4.6*2 Pants, assorted sizes, for in- n. 930 Vests,assorted sizes. lor men. 374 Loose Hack Overcoats, large size. 250 Suit* (lackct and pants), lor boys five to ten years or ag". 120 Vest*, for hoy* Ave to ten years of age. 6,310 men's Wool llats, assorted size* and colors. 175 boy*' Wool llat?, assorted sizes and colors. 300 heavy Casshncrc Cat's. 1,558 pairs m -n'shlioes, good quality, assorted sizes. 7'.'4 pair* wonvli's r-hors, good quality, assorted sizes. 2()0 pairs hnvs' shoe*, good quality, No?. f- and 6. 22o pairs misses' Hhoes, good quality, assorted sires. 324 mill-- children's shoes, good quality, assorted sizes. 9,900 pound* Tobacco, Plug. 310 pound* Smoking tobacco. All the above goods must he delivered In New York, Philadelphia or Boston by tlio 1st day of .tuiie next. Also the lollowin-.' Blanket*, wli'.ch will be required to be delivered by the 1st day of Aosu-t next 1,?X> pair.- 3-pnint white Mackinac Plan set*, to measure 60x72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds. 1,000 pair* 2/t?-||"lut whit- Macklnnc BUinkots. to measure 5I\G0 inches nnil weigh 6 pounds. 75 pair* z-- unit white .Mackinac Blankets, to m<-a*uro 42x91 inches and weigh 5', pound*. 1,890 pairs 3-itomt scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 90x72 Inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,290 pair* 2>s-point scarlc' Muckinne Blankets, to measure 34x66 Incliei* and weigh 6 pounds. 400 pairs 2-polnt rcarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x 49 inches and w> igli 5'4 pounds. 2,490pair* 3-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Hlanket*, to j measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 2,0.50 pairs .'({-point Indigo line Mnexinae Blankets, to ! measure 54x(s> Inches and weigh rt pounds. 350 pairs z-point Indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to i measure 42xl'i inches an I wngli ok, pounds. 100 pairs 2K-pointsrccn Mackinac lilankct*, to tneas ure afx-iii inches, and weigh rt poun la ZOO pniriiZ-iioiiit green Mackinac blankets, to measure 42x40 tn< hiM and weigh :<' * pound-.. Tno bids will bo opened in the pre-enro of the Board of Indian Commissioners an I n committee to bo designated liy the Secretary of the Interior, ax "oon as the ilino for I receiving the same shall have explri d, and the coil- , tracts will he awarded as soon thereafter as practicable. Parties bidding arc required to inrni-di samples of Hie articles bid I'Mr AJI the samples of each bidder shall le designated hy a private mark attached to each sample corresponding "lib marks on th" proposals. The prices most be given without any modification or proposed modification whatever. The right will be reserved to require a greater or less quantity (nut exceeding 25 per rent in either ease) of any of the articles than that specified in the abovo schedules at the prices proposed. 'I ho right will be reserved to reject any or all proposals. It such a course should be deemed tor the lutrrests of tho goveruin int. Atl articles fitrai^lied under contract will be required to lie delivered, packed ittvt nisrkcd lor shipment, without f'xirn charge tor esses or batting when in original packages, according to directions which will tie given, at a warehouse to he de-lgmited in the respective cities where the goods are received, an I will lie suh cot to In- J spcction bv the Board ol Indian Commissioner* appointed liv the President; and such goods or articles as may in any rcstiecl 'ail to conform to the samples will lie rejected, and in that ca-e tho cnn ractor will be bound to furnish other* of the required Kind or quality ivlthin five days; or if that ho not done, they will be purcltased at his expense. No bids will be considered from persons who have failed to comply with tbo requ roiucnts of a tornier contract. No contract, or part thereof, will he permitted to ho assigned or (1 'led by other parties without the written con cnt ot the So -rotary oi the interior. Payno in will tie made tor the goods purchased on tho presentation of tho invoices thcrcol at this otttce, after tin y shaft have b?n properly approved. No proposal will lie considered that dues not strictly coiuolv wi h the following form i or we) | ropos" to tnrnish the Indian Department, according 10 the terms ot the advertisement ol the (!omluls-loner ot ludinn Affairs, dated March 20, lt?7i, the lolluwing articles at the pr.ces tin re to affixed, (flerc insert the list ot or lotos propo-od to he iurnUhed.) Said . articles are to be delivered in (tiere iu-ert the proposed I place ot delivery) by the (tn.sert date). Ami If litis pro- . posal be accepted I" (or we) will, within ten days niter | being notified, execute a contract accordingly, and give ; security to the Oomnil-sioticr ot Indian Atlairs tor tho ' taithiei pertnrmance ol the -aim ." Ka-li proposal must tic accotnpnnled liy a guaranty In ; the following tor in, to bo signed by two responsible eer- j ions, who-e etifilcii ney inusi bo certified ny a United ! Btatos Judge or District Attorney;? "We hereby ioln'ly and -evorally guarantee that the above bidder (or bidders). If a contract sliull he awarded to him tor them) according to his ,or their) bid or proposal, will execute a contract accordingly, and give tho requisite security lor the tulrlmn performance of the 1 same, u proscribed in tho advertisement lor proposal* tor Indian g..oit?, dated March 20, 18I.H: an I in the ev. nl i ot his mr their; taluiro to do so wo heerbv agree and bind , ourselve", our liens, executors and udmint-traiors to 1 forfeit and p*v to the Uuliod state*, a* damages, a sum j mil m * i ii it ) ni-riii prr cfui on in" niiiouni in nam uiu or i proposal." HotiJ* wltl h* required in the amount of the bid for the i laitlilul periormanee of the contra* t, with two t.r inorc I sureties. who ' sufficiency must he certified to by a I'nltcd ; Mate* Judge or l)i*trlcl Attorney. II. It. t'l.l'M, Acting t'oininlMioncr. P" ataivmIxThivkit imTkov'kmiiNT. hKA'.ED I'KOI'lMAMi will he received until noon of the l:tli day of Aprl'. Iftrt, tor the excavation mid removal 01 mater til from the thin chaum-lof the Patapsoo River, heiwoeu Port Carroll ami the Ancle Buoy. near Seven Foot Knoll Mailt. Propose I* in u*t *iat" price per yard lor material removed, measured In scows; kind and titiinber ol machines proposed to Ih u*ed, and the average dady aiuoiint ol excavation an trained to be done. I'ropoa M must be endorsed on ouMdc, ".ship Channel,'' sealed and addressed to lino. Joshua Vamant, Chairman. Patan*co River Improvement Hoard, ol Baltimore. They will tie opened at Ii:t0 P. M. ot July i, in presence ol such bidders as mav clinoae to attend. The riubt Is reserved to reluct nny or all proposals, and none will be entertalucd tor less than lOd.OUO or more than law,two cubic yards Kueetflcailons and any other desired Information may be bad by application to Qpipiiii W. P, CRAltilllUv Knelneer In charge. I'lVtan Rank Onitdlne Haitimore. Md, , SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 18 PROPOSALS. ' pft0P08AL8 FOB SUPPLIES FOB INDIANS. DiriHUKi or tbb Iktkbior, ) Orncie or India* Arniu, > Wasringtor, March 30,1873. ) Sealed proposals, In duplicate, will be received at Nos. 40 and 43 Leonard street, New York, until 13 o'clock M of Tuesday, the 29th day of April, 1*7% which place will be open for business on and allot the 8tlt day or April, 1873, tor furnishing the following named article*, required for issue to Indian* at the agencies named 8ANTKK AGENCY. 500,1)00 pound*, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 151,000 oounds XX Flour, or 12,500 pound* per mouth, or it* equivalent in wheat. 36,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides or 3,000 pound* per month. 14,000 poti ml* Coffee (green). 28,000 pound* best Brown Sugar. 1,500 pounds Plug Tobacco, in box**. 3,800 puun 1* he <t Brown Soap, in boxea 3.80(> pound* Salt, One. lu barrel*. YANl.TON AGENCY. 1,8011,000 pound*, gross weight, ot Beef Cattle, on the hoot. 81,000 pound* Bacon, clear side*, or 7,000 pound* per month. 480,000 poundsXX Flour, or *0,000 pounds per month, or its equivalent iu wheat. 25,050 pound* Coffee (green). 50,000 round* br*t brown sugar. :i,00Opouii<lH Plug Tobacco, In boxes 7.000 pound* heat Brown soap, in boxea 7.001 pound* .*alt, hue, in carrel*. WHETSTONE AOENOY. 5,000,000 pound*, urns* weight, ot Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pound* Bacon, clear utile*, or 25,000 pound* per t month. j 1,210,000 pound* XX Plour, or 100,000 pound* per month. i 1(10,000 found Coffee (green). 200.000 pound* heat Brown Sugar. ] 12,000 pound* Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxea 5,000 pounds Suit, tine, in hnrrela UPFKM MISSOURI AOP.NCY. l.fw, pound", I'rnn wviuill, Ol nri'l \.jiiiie. on uir nuui. 108,000 pounds Baron, clear sides, or 9,0*1 pound* per month. 000,000 P' U ds XX Moor, or 80,000 pounds per month. < .'WiaM pounds Coffee (green). t 70,000 pounds best Brown 8ugar. 1 4.000 pound- dug Tobacco, in boars. r 9,000 pounds best Brown 1'onp, in boxes, 9,000 pounds . alt, tine, In barrels. 10.0U0 pounds Halcratur, in boxes. / CIIEYEKNK KIVEK AGENCY. { 4,000,000 pounds, gro=s weight, of Mocf Cattle, on the hoof. 180,000 pound" Bacon, clear sides, or 15,000 pounds per month. 700 000 ponmls XX Floor, or S8.0J0 pounds per month. 20,1.00 pounds Coffee (green). 40,0u0 pounds best Brown sugar. 10,000 pounds Salcratus, in boxes. GKAND RIVER AGENCY. 5,000.000 pounds, gross weight, <>' Keel CHtile, on the hoot. 300,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 28,000 pounds per month. 1,200,00) pounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per month. u 100,000 pounds Coifcc (grrcn). n 200,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxen ? 28,000 pounds best Brown soap, In tioxca. S,0U0 pounds Salcratus, In boxes. < RED CLOUD AOENCY. 1 5,000,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pounds Bacon, -clear sides, or 26,000pounds per month. ' 1,200,000 pounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per mouth. 1,00,(11)0 pounds Coffee igreen). 200,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. ' 17,000 pound" Flog Tobacco, in boxes. 28,000 pounds best Brown Soap, In boxes. 1 28,000 pounds Bait, fine, in barrels. 1 12,000 pounds SaleratU", In boxes. " ( UPPER ARKANSAS AOENCY. j 1,370,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beet Cattle, on the lioof. 278,i)0O pounds X X Flour, or 23,000 pounds per mouth. 22.000 pounds Coffee (green). ] 40,0U0 pounds I test Brown Sugar. ! 2,800 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 6.800 pounds bcRt. Brown Soap, in boxes. 4,800 pounds Salt, tine, in barrels. KIOWA AGENCY. 2,600,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on tlio hoof. 600,000 pounds XX Flour, or 4),806 pounds per month. 80,900 pounds Co (The (green). f-3,6 0 pounds best Brown Suzar. 4,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, In boxes. 7,900 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 7,003 pound; Suit, fine, hi barrels. 3,000 pounds Halerutiis, In boxes. WACIIITA AOENCY. i.130,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Bee) Cattle, on the hoof. 1.38,800 pounds XX Fl.inr, or 11.925 pounds per month. 15.500 pounds Coffee (green), 32.U00 pounds best Brown Sugar. 2,000 pounds l'lug Tobacco, m I axes. 4,000 pounds I esl Brown Soap, In boxes. 3,503 pounds salt, fine. In barrels. 2,00) pounds Salcratus, In boxes. BLACKPKKT AGENCY. 8.000 pounds Coffee (green). 12,000 pou lids best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds best Brown Soap, In boxes. 3.000 pounds Fail, line, In barrels. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, In boxes. CROW AGENCY. 25,000 pounds Coffee igreen). 60,00)) pounds best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 7.1**) ponnos best Brown Soap, In boxes. 2,600 pounds Salcratus, In boxes. 7,000pounds bait, fine, in barrels. MILK RIVER AGENC5 (FORT PECK). 00,000 pounds Coffe e (green). 140,1**) pounds best Brown sugar. 14,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxea 10,000 pounds Salt. fine. In barrels. 5,000 pounds Salcratus, In boxes. 111,000 pounds l'lug Tobacco, in boxes. Bids for Beef Cattle will state price per pound, gross. Parties bidding for the other articles will state price per pound, net, auit turnisli a rumple ot each article bid lor, except the Bacon and Salt. The prices must be given without modification or any proposed modification whatever. C The Beef Cattle must be good, merchantable cattle, a'l * steers, iroin three to seven years old, In good, heulthv condition, and averaging at least COupounds, live weight, v the wcl.'hf to ho deterinined by wclglilng on scales, when v practicable. Their delivery musl eomineiice at each of c tin points named on tli<-bt day of Jnly, 18(3 at which time abont one tweuly-lourihof the whole quantity will c be delivered, and thereaiter the balance to be delivered 7 in equal quantities on ihc lf-tli nnd 1st ol each monih. Bills will received for the delivery of the quan- | tily of Beef required lor the mouths of .Inuuarv, Febru- J nry, Yareli. April, Muy ami June, 1873, ol what are known a us "Native" or "American" Cattle, or for cattle'thHt have c been Wintered north ot Kansas; the cattle so delivered ; c to meet the above requirements as regards age nml eon- < riiiion, and to average not leas than 1,050 pounds, llvo t weight. c That there may be no failure on the part of the con- c tractor, he will no required to keep the Beef Cnltle 111 the vicinity of the agency, to be delivered when re- 4 quired; mid should It lie ascertained that he is not eoL leeting cattle In the victnitv last enough, or tdn.nld ho full to-dcltver them when required, the iiuderslgncd will 1 purchase, or cause to lie purchased, Reef Catlle as he 1 may elect, at the expense of said contractor. h All the supplies, except the beef, will lie inspected 1 snd received by the government at New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati, St Lout", Oniulin, Kansas t Otlv, BionxClty, or Yanclon, and. with the lurtlier exception of Hour, must bo delivered, parked and marked for shipment, by the 1st day ot June, 1S73. ( The Hour must he ready lor inspection and delivery at such times and In such qualities as will secure, at each Airenev nt nil times, at W ast one month's siinnlv. "HI Ih will also be received (br the delivery tit Kb I.ouU or Kansas Citv by ilie I5lli day ol September next of tbo following Bacon, clear pules Tor the U|;per Arkansas Agency, 39,179 pounds. For (ho Kiowa Agency, M.OOO pounds. * For the Wachita Agency, 28,12a pounds. The Bacon must be sound ami sweet and put up in gannton. The Flour to be fresh ground, of XX quality, to he niude < wholly from good, sound wheat, and to be delivered in pood, strong, double sacks, each sack to bo branded "in- j dian Department Flour." i Tb" Codec to be delivered In donble sacks. The Sugar / to be delivered In barrels, lull head-lined. . j Proposals will bo received for the delivery of anyone ( or all of the above namod articles, tor any one or all of said Agencies. The undersigned reserves the right to Increase or ( diminish the quantity ol each or any of I lie articles w)ih'h tile Iditdcr or bidders propose to turnlsh. , Parties bidding for Flour are required to tarnish ? sainiiles. each to bo in quantity not less than one pound, with u private mark eorrrspondiug to same in proposal. Parties to whom eon'raria for ilie supply of Flour arc r awarded shall, with vu dnys. lumlsli to Ihe Commissioner . ot In linn Allairs samples, in quantity not less than 25 pounds, of the quality contracted ior. , Bids will also he received ior the delivery at the Agen- i rtes on or about the 1st day of July next, or other "podded points, of Boot Flour and Bacon lor the following agencies in Montana Territory BLACKFF.KT AORNCY. ' 70,(100 pounds, gross ne.ght, ot Ueei Cattle, on the hoof. l.Vl.tXNi pounds XX Flour, or 12.9U0 pounds per mouth. 25.UU0 pounds Uaeon. clear shies. CHOW AOBNOY. J 22.9,0(111 pounds, gross weigh', ol Heel'Cattle, on the hoof. 60U.dlin pounds XX Flour. orii.tbd pounds per month. 80.000 peiinils Kaeoii, ulgur sides. MII.K HIVKK JIJkNCY (FORT l'KCK). f 150,010 pounds, gross weight, ot Beef Cattle, on hoof. I 2.ui0.ito pounds XX Flour, or 166,6 >6 pounds per mouth. F 16HWI pounds Baron, clear fide?. I All articles icrushed by contract made under this ad- t vcrtl-euient will he ?ub,cot to inspection, and such articles as inny in nn.v respect laif to ei.nlorin to the re- 1 quireinmis ot con'raet and the sample will be rejected, and in that ra-e the contractor or contractors will be hound tot Ornish others ot the required kind or quality w.thout delay, or li that he nut d< no they will lie purchased ni hts or their expense. Paymi n's will be made at this rfflcc on proper re- I eelpis, alter the accounts therelor shall nave been properly approved. Ii ?,?pv o: each pr. p isal must have a ropv of tills 6 advertisement a slip from a newspaper) posted at Its head f ihe right Is reserved to reject anv or all proposal* If

snoh a rourse should he deemed ior the Interest ot the government. ( No bids will he considered IVotn persons who hare loll ii to < omuly with the requirement* of a former con- t trnet. No rohtrnct, or part thereof, will be permitted to be as- I signed or filled ny other pnrtn ? without the written eonrent ot the Secretory of the Interior. I No btil* will lie considered tor good* delivered at the Ammeter except as specified In fills advertisement. C No propo-af will ho ronsidered that does not itrictly comply with the follow Inn lorin 'I tor we) propone to turnish the Indian Do- r partment, according to the terms of the advertisement ot the Commissioner ol Indian Aflitirs t dated March 20, IH73, tlic following articles, at I price- thereto attlxed. (Here Insert the list c ot artlclm proposed to lie furm.-hed.) Said articles t are to be delivered In (here insert the proposed place of e delivery)by the (ln?ert date). And If this proposal be ? accepted I tor svc) will, within ten days alter heinir notified, execute a rniittact accordingly and Five security to T the I'ommlts oncr ot Indian Affairs lor tho faithful pertormanee of the same." r No Idd will be ronsidered unless accompanied by a R guarantee In the following lorm, to he sinned by two re- 1 sponsible persons, who-e sufficiency tnus be eertifled by a United Hiates Judge or District AttorneyI "Ac liereby, Jointly and severally, guarantee that J the above bidder tor bidders), tl a contract shall be s awarded to lilni lor thoni) according to his for Uielr) t bid or proposal, will execute n contract accordingly, and give the requisite security tor ihc faithful performance -i of the same, as prescribed In the advertisement lor l'ro- | posals tor Indian Supplies da ed March JO, I87J, and in a [lie event ol his (or their) lallure to do so we hereby > agree and bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and ail- . ministrators to forfeit and pay to the United States ns -i fin mages a sum not less than fifteen per cent on the | amount of said Idd or proposal." s Bonds will bo required In the amonnt of the Idd for the fati li lnl performance of the contract, with two or more : sureties, whose sufficiency must be eertifled to by a United Mate* Judge or District Attorney. Kach bidder must designate his place of business, where I communications sent to him will ho received, the same ' to be entered In hi* contract, should one be awarded r him. I Proposals should be enclosed In an envelope, addressed J to the undersigned, and endorsed "Proposals lor cup- i piles for Indiana" J Bidders are invited to be present at the opening of the bid*. 1 The bids will be opened In the presenee of the Board of J Indian CommUooner* and a ronnn.tiea to be designated I by the Secretary o> the Interior, a* soon as tho time lor 1 receiving the same shall have expired, and the contract* J will be awarded as soon (hereafter a* practicable. p M. K. OLUW. Acting CoiuuaUaiouer. 173.?QUADRUPLE SHEET_ PROPOSALS. S" E ALKD FROPOSAI.0 will be received by the School Trustees of the Tenth ward, at the offlcc of the Clerk of the Beard of Public Instruction, comer of Grind and Elm streets, until Prlday, the nth day of April, 1473, and until 3 o'clock P. M. on said day, for the Scats, Desks and other Furniture required tor the new primary school building ou Ludlow street, near Delancey street. Also at the same time and place proposals will be received for the 8team Heating Apparatus for said school. Plans and specifications may be seen at the o'tloe or the Superintendent of School Buildings, 116 Grand street, third floor. Two responsible and approved sureties will be required from oacli successful bidder. Proposals will not be considered unless sureties are named. The Trustees reserve the right to reject any or all of the proposals offered. AI.ONZO TRl'EPDELL, GEORGE T. PATTERSON, ItllWAKD J. KNIGHT, SYLVESTER E. NOLAN, CHARLES OAl'HMANN, Board of School Trustees, Tenth Ward. Dated N*w York, Mnrch 2*. ltr/BL EUROPEAN STKARfaiilPB. ^ QUIT DIRECT LINK TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST. The splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Continent will sail from pier No. 60 North River, as follows 3T. LAURENT. Lemaire Saturday, April 6 VILI. 14 DU HAVRE, Surmont Saturday, April 19 PKliKIRR, Danro Saturday, May3 PRICE OF PARAGE IN GOLD Including wine) TO BREST OK HAVRE, First Cabin, $125; Second Cabin. $75. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carry steerage pnesengors. American travellers going to or returning from the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both ranslt by English railway and the discomforts of crossngthe Channel, besides saving time, trouble and OEOROK MACKENZIE, Agent. 53 Broadway. rVUNARD LIN P.. J The British and North American Rovfll Mail Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork harbor. From New York. lBYSSINIA..Wcd., April 2 CALABRIA...Sat.., April 19 ILGEUIA Wed.. April !? JAVA Wed.. April 23 RUSSIA Wed.. April 16 PARTIIIA Sat., April 26 Did every following Wednesday and Satnrdav irom lew York, steamers marked thus * do not carry steerge passengers. Rates o( Passage?Cabin, $40, $100 and $130, gold, acordinir to urctiinmndallon. Tickets to 1'nris. 815. cold I .dditlonal. Return tickets on fuvorublc terms. Steerre, $99, currency. Steerage tickets from I.lverpool and Quccnstown, and til part* of I'.urope, at lowest rates. For freight and cabin passage apply at the Company's ifflce. No. 4 Bowling Oreen; tor tteerage pa-sage, at 111 Iroadway, Trinity Building. CHARLES O. FRANCKLYN, Awnt Or to P. H. DUVERNET, corner ul'Clark and Randclpli itrccts, Chicago, 111. VTORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. i\ FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. The steamship AMERICA, Captain R. Hinslns, will sail >n Wednesday, April 2, 2 P. M., from Bremen pier, loot riilrd street. Ilobuken, to be followed by Steamship WKSER, Captain W. Willicrerod. on Suturlay, April 5. UfES OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, PAyable In gold, or its equivalent in currency. First cabin $120 Second Cabin 72 steerage 80 For freight or passage apply to OELRICH A CO., Agents, No. 2 Bowling Oreen. UNITED STATE-! MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO QUEEN'Stown and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. NEVADA, Forsyth April 2, at 9 A. M. WYOMING, Price April 9, at 3 P. M. From pier 43 North River. Cabiu passage, $?0 gold t steerage, $30 currency. Prepaid ticket", $32 currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg. Norway anil Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England, Frtiuce and Germany at lowest rates. Apply to Williams a guion, 29 Broadway. Great western STEAMSHIP LINE. NEW YORK TO BRISTOL, ENGLAND, DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers for London, Card lit, Newport, Gloucester and an ports in Bristol Channel. TI10 steamers ot this line will sail from pier 13 East River as follows :? TREAT WESTERN, Stamper Wednesday, April 23 I AKAGON, Western Wednesday, May 17 j Tnbtn passage $70, currency Steerage .' 30. currency Parties wishing to send for their friends can obtain >ropnid certiorates. Drafts lor ?1 and upwards. For freight or passage apply lo E. K. MORGAN'S SONS, 70 South street. New Yorl:. Anchor line. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL. The magnificent new Steamer CASTALI A Till sail from pier 20 North River on Wednesday, April 2. Cabin passage, $63 and $73, currency. Steerage passage, $30. currency. HENDERSON BKOrilF.RS, Agents, No. 7 Bowling Green. i NCHOR LINE ?EXPRESS STEAMERS rx rail from pier 20 North River, New York. IA8TALIA....Wed., April 2 I OLYMPIA... .Wed., April 9 lNULIA Sat., April 5 | EUROPA Sat., A ril 12 Passengers booked and forwarded to and from all railray stations In Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Norray, Sweden, Denmark or America, us safely, speedily, onifortublv and cheaply as any other route or line. Tickets, Drafts or Certificates can he tiought at lowest urrency rates hv applying ut tlio company's offices, No. Bowling Green. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agent-. fNMAN LINE. L For Quccnstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail Steamers ,rc appointed to sail as follows:? 'ity of Montreal Saturday, April 8. noon. IITY OF BRISTOI Thursday, .April ID. 2 P. M. II'Y OK BROOKLYN Saturday, April 12, 2 P. M. 'I'l'Y OF WASHINGTON Thursday, April 17. 9 A. M. 'ITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, April 19, 9 A. M. IITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, April 24, 2 P. M. n I each succeeding Saturday und Thursday, from l'ior 3 North RlveP RATES OF PASSAGE. Cabin, $15 and $ino, gold, according to accommodalon. hound trip tickets at low rate?. steerage, to Liverpool, Quccnstown, Glasgow, Londonlerry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $30. Prepaid Certlfestes, $12, currency. Pa scngers ?l?o forwarded to Havre, Hamburg. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris ut reduced rales. Drafts Issued at lowest rules. For Cabin Passage and general business apply at the Company's Oillee, 15 Rroadwav. For Steerage Pus-age, at33 Broadway. .IDIIN O. DALE, Agent: or to O'Dnnnell A Faulk, 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia; M. S. Croagh, 102 State street, Boston ; F. Brown, S3 South Market street, Chicago; William In ins ii , Liverpool, anil No !> Kile Scribe, Paris. II' MITE STAR LINE. VV PGR QUKENBTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New ami lull-powcrcd steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, troin Liverpool on 'Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each wav. ATLANTIC Saturday, April f>, ai 11 A. M. XKPURI.IC Saturday. April W, h( 3 P. M. IDR1 ATfC, April 19, ut 10:30 A. M. lALTiC Hut in-day, April 2fi. at :i P. M. JBLTIC Saturday, May 3, at. 10 :39 A. M. -From the White Stnrdock, Pnvonia lorry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations lor all clause* unrivalled, 'omblnlng safety, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In ntdshlp section, where least motion is tell. Surgeons and tewardes* accompany the steamer. Rate a?Saloon, $100, gold; steerage, $.30 In currency. Those wishing to send tor triends In the old eoiintry an now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32, curcncy. I'asscngcra booked to or from nil pari* of America to 'arts, Hamburg, Norway, Hwedon, Imlla, Australia, Ihina. Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. For Inspection of plans and other information apply it tlie company's office, 19 Hroad way, New York. Bills of ludtng Issued to Continental ports. J. II. H PARKS, Agent \T ATIONAI. LINK of STEAMERS. L.N Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool-, fortnightly to Loudon direct. TO QUEBN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers <4 and 47 Nor h River. IANADA, Webster Saturday, April 5, at 10 A. M. 'RANGE, Thomson Saturday, April 12, at.3 P. M. 'I'AIN, Grace Saturday, April 19, at 10 A. M. TALY. Grigs. BulurUay, Aoril 2H, al 3 P. M. IKE ECU, Thomas Saturday. Msy.3, at 10 A M. KOR LONDON DIRECT. lOI-LAND, Bragg Hnturdav, April li. atll A. M. THESE STKAMSIIIP.S ARK TIIK LARGEST IN TIIK TRADE. Cabin pas-age, *90 and $xo, currency. Steerage, $29. currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenslown, aindonderrj, Glasgow, Cardiff. Bristol or Lon.ton, Clle.Ai'KR THAN ?Y ANY OTHER LINK. For further information apply at the company's office, 9 Broadway. P. W J. nURST, Manager. rllK llAMBHRG.AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mall steamship II AMMONIA, laptaln Toss, will sail on Thursday, April .3, at 2 P. V.. for Hamburg, liking passengers from New York to Fly month, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg, lint Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $72. Steerage. $30, payable In United Stales sola. (UNMARDT A CO., C. 11. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents, General Passenger Agents, I Broad street. New York. fit Broadway, New York. The HOLMATIA Will sail April la ' rllROCGH TICKETS TO ALL PARTS OF EUROPE issued by COOK. SON A JENKINS, 2H2 Broadwaylow York, General Excursion and Tourist Malingers and 'nhtisliers of "Cook's Kxcnrsloiiist" (monthly price 10 cuts), a Journal of tntorinatloii to nil classes ot European ravellers, showing by their numerous arrangements ;reatlv reduced ratnsnnd many lactUties. Tickets Issued or any line ot steamers. 11IIK AMERICAN EMIGRANT COMPANY, NO. 3 BOW- V ling Green, New York, established 13:12.? Steerago inssnge tickets, foreign exchange and railroad tickets, lend for circular In English, German or Scandinayian angungco. Address box 4,512 I'ost office. [IBMITTANCB* TO ENGLAND AND IRELAND.-. Iv Draft* lor ?1 and upwards and Passage Ticket*, by tcamship and sailing packet, Issued at the lowest ratei IV iAPSCl/Tr HKOTIlKKS k CO., *6 Soul II slre.'L f JNITED HTATKfl PASSPORTS?FROM THE DEU pnrtmentot Stnt?. Indispensable to travellers going thread, issued by ItUFl'S K. MellARG, 77 Cedar street, totarv and Commissioner for every State mid Territory [TNITKD STATES PAUSEDIIT BUREAU.?AMERICAN U cltlxcna requiring !>P?porU will apply lo THOMAS iAItLKR, CofDintnloner, No. H Broad mreet, New York. COAST WI8K HTKAJIWHI PS. r COLUMBIAN MAIL STEAM ~ PACKET LINK, FOR \J Matanzai Hit.I Havana, rHrrylng the United State* nail.?The flrrt riant Hhlewhccl Mteamthlp KANTIAOO JK CUBA, Captain J. W. Reynold*, will .all (Tom pier to. 4 North River on TiiendHV, April 1\ at 3 P. M. For rvluhtor pa-mage apply to C. L. UUILLEAUMK A CO., tgenta, 14 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE STEAMER CITY OF DALLAS, Captain Jone*. will leave pier 31 taut River. April 2, at 4 P. M. Freight reeelved dally, "hronah rate* given to Oalveatnn, Indlannla, Koekport or trantaa wharf, Braroa Santiago and St. Louia. Cabin ia-?Agc, 9M| Hteerage. $2A For freight or pannage apply to a H. MALLoAy k co.. 163 Maiden lane. WITH SUPPLEMENT* . v COAMTWIHB HTKA MHIUPW* ' P~ ACIF10 HAIL 8TBAMMMIP COMPAIIl'B Lino to CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, vii Pftoama, carrying mail*, passengers auil freight to Asplnwall, Panama. Santa Martha, Orevtown and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, P?ru and Chile. April 8, 1873-8t?anier KISIXO STAR, Capuin S. P. Griffin, will leave pier 12 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, for Aspluwali direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer CONSTITUTION, Captain Morse, touching ?t Acapulco, Manzamllo, Maaatlan, and also connecting tor ail Central American and Souih Pacific porta Departure* of luth and JOtlt of each month connect with the company's steamer touching at San Benito, Tonata, Sulina Uruz und Port Angel. * Steamer ALASKA will leave Snn Francisco April 1, for Jaoan and China. For rates of passage, height on the pier, foot of Cinml street" _ F. B. BABV. Agent. Special Notice.?Postponement of sailing.? Steauicr RISING STAB will loave pier 42 North River, at 13 o'clock noon, Saturday, April 8,1873. Steamer OCEAN QUEEN will follow, and sail Saturday. April 19,1873. V B. BABV, Agont, UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO, HAVANA, PBOORUSO AND VHltA CRUZ. New York and Mexican Mall Steamship Line, leaving pier No. 3 North lltver. at S P. M. EVERY Till" BP DAY. CITY OF MKKIDA (Havana via Nussau) April 3 CITY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) April 10 CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) April 17 ; CITY uF MKIUDA (Havana via Nassau) April 21 | CLEOPATRIA (II kvh na und Mexico) .May 1 j For freight or pa-sage applv to K. ALEXANDRE A BOXa, 33 Broadway. j For new oklkasb direct. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No.8 North River, at 3 o'clock P. M. HKNEItAL MEADE, on SATURDAY. April A Freights received daily. Through rates given for St. Louis, Vii'kshurg, Mobile, Galveston and In llanola. For freight or passage (having superior nccommoda- ! Hons) apply to FREDERIC BAKkH. 3) Broadway. EAOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. .1 The Cromwell steamship Ijlne. The steamship GEORGE WASHINGTON, Captain H. 9. Quick, will leave pier No. 0 North River on Snturdav, April 6, at 3 P.M. Freights received daily. Through rates given to Galveston, Indiaiinlu, Itock tort or Aranzas wharf. Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cab m passage, $60; steerage, $38. For freight or pasSflge lotpTy to CLARK A SEAMAN, 80 West street. 11EX. S LINE OF GALVESTON STEAMERS, TOlTCU- 1 lng at Key West, earring the United States malt. j The steamer CITY OF HOUSTON, Captain Cole, Is now receiving freight at pier 20 East River, and will sail Saturday, April 8. Through hills of lading given to Houston, either bv the O. II. nnd H. K. R. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to nil points on the Galveston, Houston and Henderson and B. H. and 0. Railroad. No charge lor forwarding In New York. For freight or passage apply to C. it. MA* Lory A co.. 163 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE A co., U9 Wall street. VTEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE, is For IJainilton and St. Oeorge, B-rmuda. The steamship ALBr.MARLK, Rend, master, will be despatched, trom pier 37 North River, o I 'lhursdav, April 10. at 3 o'clock P. II. For freight or passage (having elegant accommodations', applv to LUNT BROTHERS,28South street. FOR NORFOLK. CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37 North River their elegant sidewheel steamship OLD DOMINION, Wa'ker, commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Tuesday. April l, at3 P. M.. glv ng through hills of lading to all points South and Southwest. Through passenger tickets Issued to alt points. Accommodation* ime<iualled. Apply at pier 37. or ut the general oflice, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dey. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE. ^ PEN N SYLVAN IA it a I LP..) A D. Trains leave New York, (rom foot of Deslirosse* and streets, a* follows:? Express for Harrisburg, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace t ars attached, at 11:30 A. M.; 8, 7 and 8:30 P. M. Pundnv, 8. 7 and 8:3) 1'. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M.; 7 and 9 P. 31. Hundav, 9 P. M. Express tor Philadelphia, 8, ft, 9 A) A. M.; 12:30,1.4, 8, (I, 8:30, 9 P. M. and I2?lght. Sunday, ri, 8:3d and 'j P. M. Por Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant nnd second class, 7:13 P. M. For Newark at li, 6:30, 7. 7:10. 8:10, 10,11, 11:10 A. M., 12,1,2,2:31,3,3:20. 3:40, 4:10, 4:3), 6:10, 6:20, 5:00, 6'AO, 6, <5:10,6:30, 7, 7:30, 8:10, '.I, 10,il:30,12 P.M. Sunday, 5:20, fl, 8. ill. 9 P. M. For Elizabeth, 6, 6:30, 7, 7:HI, 8,8:10,9. 10, 11. 11:40 A. M., 12 M., 12:00, 1, 2. 2:30, 3. 3:20, 3:40, 4, 4:10, 43d. 5:20, 5:30, 6:3d, 6, 6:IP, ti JO, 7:30, 8:10, to, 11 JO, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5:20, 6nutis:10P. M. For Railway, 0, 6 JO, 7, 8:10. 9:30 and 10 A. M.. 12 M? 1, 2, 2:30, 3.3;$>, 3:4U, 4 :10, 4 .3). 6 3d, 5:30. 6AO. C, 6:30, 7:30, 8:10, 10 P. M.. and 12 night. Sunday, 3:20 nncf6 P. M. For Wneidb ridge and Perth Aniboy, 8 and 10 A. M., 2JO, 3:40, t 3d Iil.ll S:S? P. M. For New Briiuswirk, 7.10 A. M., 12 M., 1,2. 3, 4:10, 8:20, ti. 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 6 and 0 P. M. Fur East Millstone, 7 A. 12 noon, 4:10 and 8:3) P. M. For Lamborlvllle and Flcmlngton, 9 A. M. and 2 P. M. For Phtllpsburg and Hclvidcrc, 2 and 4 1*. M. Accommodation lor Burdnntown, Rnrliugton and Camden, 7 a lid 9:30 A. M? 12:3i), 2, 3, 3:40, 4 and 6 P. M. For Freehold, 7. 8 A. M., 2 and 4 P. M. For Jutneahurg, Pemberton, Camden, 6 A. M.,3:40P.M. Trains arrive as follow*:?From Piit-bure, 6:80 A.M., 1:03 P. M., dally, 10:14 A. M. and ti Jt P. M., dully, except Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:40 A. M? 4:34,10:12 P. M. Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, 5:21,6:30. 10:14, 11 :04, II At A. M., 2:14, 3:81, 6:01, 8:43 P. M. Sunday. 6:21, 6:30, 11:04 A. M. ticket omccs, wsi, 40, z/i ami v** nromiway; :xo. i Astor n oil hp nnil foot of Dcshro-scs anil Cortlandt streets. Emigrant Ticket office, No. 8 Buttery place. A. J. Cassatt, D. M. BOYD. .In., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. E.Y( ( RSIO\8. ^ Foil MAN DIEGO MAY 7.-A LARGE PARTY WILL leave for San Diego, via Chicago, Salt Lake anil San Francisco, May 7. Kales for first class faro greatly reduced for this occasion only. For circulars address W. N. FRANCIS, 197 Brondv.ay, New York, and 68 La.salle street, Chicago. SITUATIONS WANTKO?KKMAL.KS. Cooks, die. m ATLANTIC ST., BROOKLYN.?A NEAT, INDCStrlous girl to do cooking or general housework; Is a good cook and first class washer and ironcr; a respectful, obliging and economical servant; recommended; city or country. 110 EAST 2DTII ST., \EAR 3D AV.?A YOFNG 1 1 w girl as cook, washcrAn 1 ironcr in a small private family, or would dotho tine washing and ironing anil cliamlierwork; good city rciorcnces from her last employer. Call on Monday. Chambermaid*. Ac. "1 Q WEST 3.VT1I 8T.-A YOFNG GIRL AS CHAMBERiu maid in a private, family. QQ ORCHARD ST.?A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAMBKRf)i) liiiiid ard waitress; best city relcrenoj. Can he seen for two days. OJQ WEST 19TI1 ST., FRONT HOUSE, TOP ,ji O floor, front room.?A colored girl as chambermaid or waltrois; will mako herself penersllv useful upstairs: well recommended: will ho ready to take a place on Tne-day, April 1. Cull on Monday, irom l?.'a to In afternoon. Q"1 7 EAST 24TII ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT Oi. I room.?A respectable j ouug girl as ehamherniaid and waitress, or to do chamberwork nn l tine washing; first class city reference* from her last place. Call lor two days. Drrasmakeri and Seanatrtssm. O A STII AV.?A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMERIOt can lady wishes a lew more engagements as monthly nurse or during confinement. Call on or address Mrs. H."1,1 V I MGSTONE. lA PRESIDENT ST., BROOKLYN.?A COMPETENT t" dressmaker, good filter and trimmer, to work by the day, or will take work homo. Call on or address DRESSMAKER. Oil 4T1I AV., TOP FLOOR.?AS EXPERIENCED cfU French dressmaker; nndersttinds curing and trimming In all its branches; would like to go out by the day or week in tamllies; will lake work home; terms moderate; first class references. Address Mme. RAM F. 91 n EAST 40TH ST.?AS DRESSMAKER, TO Off Zi \ tJ out by the day or week or to take work home; ran trim in snv style, or would like to go as a cutter in some dressmaking establishment. Cnll or address. 970 WEST .1STII HI'. ? A SEAMSTRESS DESIRES M I " " the work of n few more families bj the day or week: Is n good operator and can make hoys' clotn-s. Address C. K. WILLIAMS. QQf> 3D AV.?A GOOD OPERATOR ON WHEELER 0?*U A Wilson's machine, understands all kinds of while work, wishes a few more engagements hy the day 7/VI 6Tn AV.-A competent seamstress I r)l wishes a few more engagements ny iho day or week ; can cut and 111; references. no ( broadway.-kirst class DRBMXAKM c/Otc wishes a lew more engagements by the day or week. IIO'L BROADWAY.?A KIR-IT CLASS DRESS. . 1 ?/*r maker wishes n lew more engagements by the day or week. 19ft7 BROADWAY. NEAR WTII 8T.-A PERFECT >iaO( operator on Urover ?l Baker's machine, who is also a goo I buttonhole worker, drs'res a tew entitlements by the day or week in tuinllies or with a dressmaker ; can furnish machine. Call on or address OPERATOR. A LADY OK EXPERIENCE, WHO TIIOROfOHLY understands dressmaking and all kinds ot family sew ing. desires families'work to ilo at, her own home; termt very reasonable. Address Mrs. R., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. A FRENCH HEAMsTRERs AND WAITING MAID, with good references, desires a situation in a respect* able family about May i. Address No. 4 South St.. lialtlmore, Md. AKA -II ION ABLE DRESSMAKER OOEB OUT BY the day: cuts, fits and trims in a superior in inner; only first class work desired. Address HltKBsMAKER, box ISO llcru :J olBcc, (irnrral Hoiurworb, Ae. 4 4 f\ WEST 2ITI1 ST -TO DO OEVF.RAl. IIOUSE'} H t work in a small family. Call for two days at present umployer's. House Weepers, Ac, Qfl HUB" BT., W1LI.IAMSBUKU.-A ?iiiiile> OU aged American lady, with a daughter 10 year* of ace, aa housekeeper; wootd bo n short distance In the country; boo<I reference. Address HtiDBEKKKPBH.1 T|Q WEBT 25TH 8T.-A FIRST CI.A8S FAMII.Y J.IO wishing to leave their house for tho Hummer with a uuiot American woman can And one by calling immediately on Miss HAKHKIt, dressmaker. "IO/4 WEBT BROADWAY, IN THE NEWS DEPOT,? IZt As first das* housekeeper in a gentleman'sfamily; Is adequate to manage any position of trust; great experience; undoubted reference. Call on or address HOUHKK KKI'KH. QQQ WE8T 10TII ST., NEAR HUDSON.?AS HOUSE. &OU keeper to an elderly gentleman or widower* i Call all tbe week. SITUATIONS WANThn-PKMAim. Homiektrprrn, ?e. OA A WH AV.-A MIDDLE.A(tED AMERICAN Att widow iu a family to take charge of the house nnderstanlstooklug. Address 0 It FIFTH ST., JERSEY CITY, N. J.-iA YOUNr ^jtU lady, IS vein ol age and rellncd. as housekeeper for a gentleman or widower or companion; no objection to travelling. Call on or address for ouc week MU< H. R. OQ/1 EAST UTH 8T.-A LADY. INTELLIGENT AND OOVf refined. as housekeeper |ud companion; I'ullv capable. Call for two days on Mrs. SMITH. QOl EAST 1ITII ST.?AS HOCsKKP.KPER IN A 001 hotel, city ?>r country, by an American woman, who ha* a thorough knowledge of tlie same. Call on or add. ei* tor three da vs. JO I WEST 4I8T 6T., BETWEEN 9TII AND 10TF1 Tit avs.. first floor, front room.?A respectable American woman a* housekeeper; a widower's tamlly preferred. Can be seen at her residence any time Monday. AYOITXO, PREPOSSESSING WIDOW LADY wishes a position in a widower's family. Address, lor three days, LEO, box WW Post cflli o. A LADY OF EXPERIENCE AND GOOD OH A R AC tcr a* housekeeper in a private taiiilly. Adurcs? Mrs. A. GRAY, station D. A MIDDLE AGED I.ADY, WITH A SON AND J\ daughter, wishes to take charge of a boardim. house; undersLands work of every di -crlption. Address Mrs. B.. box 200 HcraM oflten, tor two days. A LADY OF RESPECTABILITY DESIRES A SITCA JY tinn as housekeeper In the family of u gentleman ;1? perfectly qualified and will furnish the host reference, will take any genteel, respectable position, or will take a pofcl'iou In any respectable business; references will be required. Address, with full particulars, lor one week, GENTLEWOMAN. Herald office. A IADY WHO HAS HAD EXPERIENCE Wo OLD J.V like a position a* housekeeper for u gentleman with children; understands cutting am! making children's I'lotlicH; references given ami rcuumd. Address A. F., box 214 Herald office. WANTKD-A POSITION AS HOUSEKEEPER BY TV nn American widow lady, who understand* her business in all Its brunches; would take the entire charge of a widower'* home, privnte tumily or hotel: willing to go South or West it required; best of reference given, . Address, for one week, Mrs. L. SARGENT, Post ultice, Baltimore, Md. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER; m would go In an institution: understands her business; also a good seamstress: n permanent home desired ; reference* exchanged. Address for one week box " ! Post oflico, Peuglikecpsie, N. Y. Laundresses, aba. m AMITY ST.?A^HOTBSTANT WOMAN WISHES n lew ladies'or gentlemen's washing; is a good washer nn<l ironer: would go out by the day; best city rel'ereuc". Address Mr*. M1TCIIELL. 1r,K WEST 51 sT ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN '*J to go out by the day to do bouse cleaning; is a first class washer and ironer; good reicronccs. Call Sunday aitcrnoon. HI O THOMPSON ST.?WASHING AND IRONING 1.CT wanted, by an exporicneed colored laundress, at her own home. Inquire for Mrs. HROWX. QOQ WEST 29TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE COLORED iLtOO woman wishes the washing ot lirst class gentlemen or families; best reference. Mrs. FREEMAN. OOQ WEST 44TH ST.-A THOROUGHLY EXPERT Oiio enced English laundress; ladles' evening dresses, skirts, Ac. to wash and do up; family washing hy the dozen; linens doue up in superior si vie. Cull on or address Mine. E. WALKER. ' q.JQ EAST 330 ST.?LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OtO tine wash In t wanted by a good laundress, or would go oat by Uic day. ill EAST 161H ST, ROOM 13.-A FIRST CLASS *1 J/Jb tine Ironer, to go out by tho doy: tluting and puffing done In the neatest manner, or would take tho same home. I9fl EAST 19TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT T-iV room.?A laundress would take washing home or go out hy the day; understands fluting and uufliug. A I ' 39TH ST., BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TH AYS.-A rrT*/ good laundress wishes to do washing in or out of tho house. QAi 8IB AV? BETWEEN 4STH AND 49TH STS. O'/t: (ring second bell).?A first class laundress wishes a lew ladies' and gentlemen'* wu*bing; can do all kinds of fluting and pulling. OTUYVE8ANT .LAUNDRY. 143 EIGHTH STREET, O near Fourth avenue.?All kinds of work handsomely done. Cuffs and collars a specialty; fluting, lace curtulns, Ac. Goods collected uml delivered promptly. Nurses, (Vic. 99^ SULLIVAN ST., IN HEAR, FIRST FLOOR.A woman ns wet nurse tea baby, at her own residence, from il* birth; fresh milk; lost lier own baby Inquire for this week. tl'JU WEST SWT 11 ST.?A MUKTHliI DC' /gOO fire* another engagement; refers to physicians ami first CUM families. QJ ,-T EAST 87TH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AV8.? A respectable young girl, lately landed, to take care of children and do plain sewing in a private family; can be well recommended. Address M. V. Y. A YOUNG FRENCH OIRI. WHO HAS I.ATELY ARA rived, to take care of children. Call at Pension Franeaisc, 103 Greene st. AS Nl'US J??A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN; NO OBJeetion to leaving the city; good reference. Address E. I.., Herald office. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO GO WITH A FAMILY to Calitornia as nurse to ail invul.d or us children's nurse, or In any other capacity Hint Is required; no wages asked, only passage paid; is able and willing to work. Address lor three days N. U., box 117 Herald Uptown Branch office. Miscellaneous. dSO - ?I WILL GIVE $2.1 FOR A PERMANENT position as innltress for one or more house*, can give the best of reference. Address Mrs. UUINN, 1,053 1st e. v. JO WEST 66TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?AN '.tO English woman desires to go lo Europe wltl; a lady us companion ; roiereiices sans:aciory , lor lurtlicr particulars Apply HS above. OOQ WEST 10TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE GERMAN Jj+i'J woman In a small private family; best reference ; alto an TrDh girl to ilo general housework. Cull lor two days. , Of|(l BOWERY.?A YOUNG LADY AS FORI:WOMAN ?>\'w or saleswoman in a patent modlcine store; has eight years' experience, ami would lake lull charge it'dcBin' l. Address l.N'yt" l KKK lor two days. KO | 9TH A V., CO UN MR 3.1 Til ST.-A Yii!;Ml LADY us companion to n liulv or to wait oti un invalid ?nd do plain tewing; goal reference. Call on MIm A. S. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS COMPANION to a party going to Europe ; has been acro s several tltncs ana Is never seasick: speaks French anil Oermau fluently. Address Mre. BUSCIi, Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. lady, wurrsH a "very hflitrj FiTl "plain hand, desires copying to do at home. Address M. M. .V, Herald Uptown RHUMB ofld . 4 Yul'NO FRENCH LADY, Willi HIIEAT ABILV ity ami good education, un lady's uiuld or companlon or nursery governess; wishes to go with faintly lo Europe; good city reference. Address L. H., Heral'd Uptown Branch ofllce. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN WISHES to make an engagement with n linn Iv to go to Europe; willing to make herself uscfttl; understands the care of children and family sewing in gencrul: would give her services In return for her passage; Is not sen sick; good relerence. Address DOMESTIC, box 120 Herald ofllce. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL IS DEslROUS'OP obtaining a position by which she can maintain herself: she writes n rapid h ind an I is very prick at figures; understands bookkeeping; first class reference. Address F. 8., Ilerald Uptown Branch ofllce. Avery neat, respectable person wishes to do the work of a suit of Rooms for a gentleman mid wilo by the duy. Address 8. S., box 125 Herald offlee. A YOUNO LADY SPEAKING ENGLISH AND OERmini wishes a situation as travel! ng companion to an elderly ludy going to Europe, or would go with a ismily; tlrat class rctrreip'os. R. II., Herald tdllce. A YOUNG PARISIAN LADY, LATELY ARRIVED, AS companion in widower's or bachelor's lamllv; speaks four languages: likes travailing. Address, this week,CA1ILLX, Herald Uptown Urau<->i office. AYOUNU I .AMY, AOKD 21, V 8TRANOER IN THE cltv, would Itki' to meet nit elderly Kcnilcman who Could ifl'vo her a po-lilon wliorehy sin- could maintain herself; no trlllcrs need respond. Address K. K., box 137 Herald Uptown Breach office. AN ITALIAN LADY OF CULTURE DESIRES TO ENTER a tirst class faintly as companion or to teach Italian. French and music ipiano and thorough vocal Tviiinff); ratarv 110 particular object; no oh|cctloua to aolntl in tile couniry; refirences KO'Cii and required. Address box 6,001 I'ost office. V RESPECTABLE AM) WELL EDUCATED AMlilift can lady, aged .11, desires n situation as companion to an Invalid or elderly lady; Is pleasant and not ulrnld of work; please ijraiit an Interview: will ko one month on trial ior board. Address Mis. HENRY, box I'JO Herald office. VYOUN'll.ADY WISIIKtt A POHITI'iN Aff COPY* 1st or correspondent, or as novum so, resident or noil resident; would travel with a lady or latiiTy: wnu'd he a valuable aid to a literary person Address REFINEMENT. Herald office. \THt>KOl'<lHLY EDUCATED YOUNG LADY OP cultivation and refinement desires a position as conipsnlon to a lady; no objection to travelling; or would take s position In a gentleman's i ttnlly a i governess. Ad 4 dress Miss M. CARL, hox 1,810 Post office. flfANTe.D?BY A YOUNG I.ADY, WHO HAS BEEN *? several years engaged In Broadway trade, a situatioo-ln a ladies' lurulslilng store ; competent to tako entire rAarge ot stork ami to buy. espe. lallv in cor-ou and skirts. Address COU.8r.Ts. Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A WIDOW LADY DP REFINEMENT would tike to superintend a house or the education of young children ; a widower's lamily pre.erred. Ad dress ENERGY, Heralil Uptown Kronen office. "MfANTED.-A LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINE ii tnoni, naving met won a reverse of fortune, woud like a situation, nut menial. In a gentleman's family; ! conipeiont ami obliging. Address l.NTKIM'RlbE, Uoraid Uptown Branch office. WANTRD-TIIK CIIAHtlR OK A OBNTLRMAN'S TV residence tlurin J the Hummer or longer; best reference*. Addre s T. E., bo ; 5 434 l'o?: office. WAN TED-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION A9 coachman and groom in a private lainIIv; understands cure of horses, carriattrs, Ac.; drives double or Single ; also will undertake enre of mad bortes; (list class references given. No. 6 West 30th *t WANTED-HT A I.ADY, DISENGAGED MAY 1, A situation as enmuantou, housekeeper or cashier. Address B. P., station B. For Other Rltnatlona Wanted? Females? He* Kiig litcentb Fnje.

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