Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 15
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I.m?. nm rsTATE ron hale. % (cut ml, ('A n ELEGANT F'M'It STORY HIGH STOOP RJIOWN uY stone i rout lion c; cul'inet finish; in Pit locality In Cltr; price if aonable. A| ply to owror, 5J liaat olxtyBmt^street, near >1 lull on avenue. ?K1KTIK t H STRUT, BB1W8BN FIFTH AND J\ < Madison avenue-.?'to let, an e'e pant K?-ideiiee, extra vv.ili iionr. 28.1x7-', un I extend n: in splendid eouMitinn; lini-hed in haid wi o<l, leeintly decorated, mirgor*. p .* tixture , s eam In a ing rp, :iratiis; lot lUUleet; the house stand* i rtimitieni, commanding fine view* (.1 iFliih anil Madison avenues Sl.too; immediate po?e?ghin. Apply at No. ai. IA ?FOR*hAI'E, ON KIKTU AVKNUP, SECOND U? above Kightv-filth * reel, facing Central Patk, a splendid t ruWii * one, with or wi: limit Furnitur ; Will Us -ol . at gr. hi buiiMin n applied tor at once, at the iiuiilty ure going ah-oud; terms very easy ; if not sold tins reek will be leased lor term 01 tea is. I'ennit*, Ac. e JKSaL'P. tan Broadway. I A ? A?A?A FIRST CLAM FOCB STORY II lull k/x. H'oop brow n stone 1 ni'C, wi at sice ol Madison avenue, 8c iiciMintli ol seventy-.ourlh street: iluee boom in Burn wood, the par Or tloor in cahinrt work bv I'ottler A Hv'iiiuk niiiiitci ninom, t'dx.'nxih; ui.-on tour story ucio Wtin It pli loon House, X3 l ast ixty-'olirth street; partier ma basemen' in li..idw<od, bark pallor und linll wajrisculed with marti.e ; w ill lie sold at v? ry low.prb ? -, <or will exchange Ini lois. Roth houses open lor inspection. Inijiiie or particulars ol owner, A. h.LAUF.1,, 1 A tr'asi Eighteenth sine . i'A ?A.?AUaIN WK Alt FORTUNATR ENOl Oil TO it otler a real biirpaiii; $'tO,iKK> will buy a magnificent fuown atone residence, wi n ba.v windows, on the corner pi a laahionable ea*. si e avenue and Fifty-seventh street; | urlor boor in hardwood, elegant chandelier*, Aunib wai er. *lai ontirv icehouse and ull oilier improvemollis The eleuuiii I nrniiuie oau oe liouuln. io liar lion meaning 10 buy itu e can in liouso a rare chance in jlow oil* rod term*. $12,U iO iu $(8,l)u;i, rush. ^ B. PKKlDKNKiCH a CO , 906 and 90S Third avcnpe. I A LL I IRnT CLA-kS HOUSES, AT LOWEST RATES. J\ Ml) u?? No . 5 4, 88 (, 891), 1.14, 1124, 741, 746. 781 and (88; 208 Weal 59ih H ; 5 no 11 Cust 4lM at.; No. 0 Eaal 42d it.; 14 llast 4 d at.; 25 Easi 41th -t. : 13 West 4)lth at.; No*. , 14, 16 .-Did 18 ' iia , and Nos. 8, i5 and 81 West lath at. '28, ) and <17 West Sid at.: Nos. 9, lUnud 16 Wcs , and Nos. 1, 8 nil I 19 Ktt 'I 811 >i 2d, 24, 23 an I 41 West 86th sf.; No. 3 feat, and 16 to 24 East 87th at. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 l'lne street and 226 Filth avenue. J)A T A RAROAIN UNTIL APRIL 1-FOUR STORY ktt. brown atone House und Lot in East Forty-ninth Vroet, between Fiith an I Madison avenues, 17x51x100: {ill mialcrii conveniences; well painted and frescoed end n excellent condition. Caipe s, Mirrors, Sul'e, bronze ITixlurca, Ac., can be purchased with house. Proposals lo rent to small laintly entertained if not solJ. Apply lor terms ol sale to the owner, JAMES C. oPENOEU, 287 .Broadway. f A T 917 THIRD AVI NUE.-FOR SALE, THAT 8PLENat (I d corner lour story and basement -lilgh stoop Sirown ttonc Hou c on Madison avenue and Sixty-seventh treot; also the three insid ones, size 2cxi.2, finished In At.vle itud replete wth in rovements. Apply to owner, (Oil premises, iron) 8 to !) ?. M., or ut the ofilce of JAMES ROWE in above, Irani 9 A. M. to 1 P.M. N. B?Would take In exchange other city | up rly. St;T $36.1!<?-han.)S0ME four story brown til stone liigli stoop House, 21.6x58x100, on Thirty-seventh street, Fillli and Six'h uveuues. 1 ' WILLIAM lUt kkr, 220 Fifth avenue._ 'A BARGAIN?$.'<),(00, Fol k STORY BROWN' STi'NE it\ lully turnished, Thirty-eivhth street; Lexington Avenue, $3,800 cash; worth $25,C0t). WM. I I CKER, 220 Filth avenue. E'A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN Ui aloue House, 25x68x100, on FLtv-iecond afreet, just West of FUth avenue, will I e old, with or without the elegant Furniture, tor less Its value, to a prompt fiurty. Apply to Is A AC HONiO, 111 Broadway, rooms ,C and II. basement. A n elegant four story man stoox brown ttv stone House, near Filth avenue, splendidly built, 25 feel wide; at o large numlicr of others In all locations Dlid prices. V BROTHERS, .No. 8k, Pine sireet. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE JA House on Ma lison avenue, one block from the I'ark ; Will take in exclinntre u siiiiill House, Mortgages or Facjtoiry Property, in or near Ci li re street , WM. UEE, owner, corner Elm and Franklin streets. f.A BEAUTIFUL MEDIUM-SIZED HOU^E FOR 8ALE<J\ On wide sireet. near Filth avenue, Central Park j Is well built, tastelully arranged, in excellent order wild in the fine, t location,' can he purchased very Breuioiixbly. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No.Sl'inc Btrcct. rA NUMBER OF SPLENDID FOUR STORY HIGH Jn stoop brown stone Houses tor sale, at bargains; situated on 51st, 52(1.83d, 04th, .Hitti and 57th streets, size being from 22 to 24 leet trout, all tlnislied In the most elegant pnl modern nuinner; three exira large Houses ou 6th ?on avenue. All the above houses are built in the best -and most thorough manner. A. Warner PLATT, 11B Broadway. r~ ???? ? ? . A FINE FOUR STORY niGH STOOP HOUSE, 8EV V*v cnty-l'ourth streot, near Madison avenue; one three Story, Seventy-ninth street, near Third avenue; none tiundsomcr finished ; must he sold at great sacrifice. S. KLAHEK, ?23 West Filty-llrst street, owner, ( Jl -FIKTn AVENUE RE8IDENCE, CHARMING POSIyf\. tlon; well planned; frescoed; reasonable price to ensure sp. cdy sale; near Fortv-ninth street. V. K. .si'BVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine streets A T $87,60.1-511X100 FOUR STORY 25 FOOT BROWN 'J\ stone Houses each, on block tsixth avenue and Br?ad?av, near Twenty-third street and adjoining Sixth avenue lot; will pay 18 per cent as an investment If altered. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Firth avenue. BROADWAY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET.?A large 8 ore, frottting on Broadway and Thirty-third Street, 23x160 teet. Apply to C. PRINCE, 22 West Thirtieth at reel. (TENTHAL PARK-FIFTIl AVENUE LOT, CENTRE OF J block, between Sixty-fifth and Sixty-sixth streets, very choice, tor sale, at $57,500. Address, or cull belori hoon. OWNER, 238 West Kitty-second street. (Nil OlCE DWELLINGS NEAR FIFTH AVENUE:? J $76,000?Thirty-fourth street, 24x01.6x98.9 feet. $30,000?'Thirty-fifth street, 20x45x100 teet $42.603?Thirty-eighth street, 21x60x100 teet $S\hOO?Thirty-ninth street, 20.0x56x100 feet $43,000?Forty-first street, 23x66x100 teet. $9a;600?Forty-second street, 22x66x100 feet -$53,400?Forty-sixth street, 21.6x60x100 feet. ' V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street^ iiIJlAST SIDE LOTS FOR SALE AT LOWEST RATES ?j by V. K. STEVENSON, JR., 11 Pine street 60th St., between 5th and Madison avs., one Lot 64th st., between 5th and Madison avs, 100x100.8 feet 671h St., between 6tlt and Madison nvs., 3 or 4 Lots. 70th St., between 6th and Madison avs., 30 or 40 feet 76tti St.. between 5th and Madison avs., 4 Lots. '70th St., between Madison and 4th avs., 2 Lota. 77th St., between 5th and Madison avs., 4 Lots. . 79th st, between Madison and 4th uvs., 1 Lot ' Also many others, between 4th and 6th avenues, from fltb to street HPXTRA CHEAP FULL SIZE NEW HOUSES, N'OS. 1, 'JDi 15,17 anil 19 East Fitty-thirn street; and northeast corner Madison avenue and Fifty-third street, two me' dlutn size Dwellings; same owner; bargains. V$K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street tolRST^CLASii HOUSES KoiTsALE" X with early possession. Nos. 253, 649, 690, 664, 684, 744, 746, 781, 785 and 791 Fifth venue. No. 5 West32d st, with side lights; No, 8 West S8th st 10 best 40th st, with stable; No. 6 East 42d St., 14 East 43d at; No?. 1, is ana 17 East 63d st.; 10.14 and 16 West 53,1 st. 14, li> and 18 East 48th st.; 43 West 56ib St., and 16 to 24 East B7th st Also others, variously located. ' Further particulars of t. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pinf street and 26 East Seventeenth street. TTIOR SALE?ON FIFTU AND MADISON AVENUES, X elegant Houses, tully furnished, on easy terms or for (City Lots; well located. SL.WJE A CO., 23 Union square. <*7tOR SALE-VERY CHEAP, AN ELEGANT FOUF |j' Story orown stone nuust-, 111 rurij'HAiu ihicvi, Ileal Tlfth avenue. Apply to p. II. < I li AI?Y. S27 Sixth avenue. Tj>OR SALE?NORTH SIDE MNE1 Y-8KCOND STREET T between Madison and Park avenues, live Lots, with a large frame Cotiago ami Itrlek Stable. Apply to owner 1). ii. W/vTson, ,i:t Urnon (qoirt, ont Dmip A Brother .TTRIR SALE-THREE HANDSOMELY KIMSIIEf kF small four slory brown stone Houses on Slxty-flrsi Street, between Flltn and Madison avenues (finest locality fn 1 no cltyi; all Improvements, cabinet work, plate class fWalnul, stairs, Ac.; price 623,000 each. (,'nn he seen nt al gimvs., D. A J. JARD1NK, Arehitects. I,l'(i7 Broadway. hrtOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE ELEGANT FOUI J story brown stone House on the north side of Seven tv-lourlli street, third house west of Mndison avenue Size 2ftx(>0, lot. 102; finished ill hardwood in the most su j>crl> manner. Party will he on the premises to show tin latntt, every afternoon, from I to Ao'cloek. ^OR SALE REASONABLY?A NEW FIRST CLASI IT House, between Mndison and Fifth nvenucs nea Central Park. Inquire ol El). LAUTERBACH, 200 Broad ^Way- ? %TtOR HALE?SOUTHWEST CORNER SEVENTY J eighth street and Madison nvet>ue;3l East Sixty flttl atreet; 23 East Sixty-fourth street; extra eahinct nnisli Wall and pier glasses. Apply to S. M. STYLES A SONS. For sale or to let furnished-on murrai Hill, a four storv brown stone Hnnse. Inquire on ihi premhes, between ll and 3 o'clock, 106 East Thirty-flftI atreet M" UHT BE SOLD AT ONCE?SPLENDID FOUR STORI high stoop brown stone; only $27,000; worth $33,000 Actios easy ; owner going away. DOTY A BUUNDAOE, 23 Union square. }d \NLY THINK OF IT-$M.C00 WILL BUY HOUSE O! M.7 Serenty-fourth street, between Filth and Madisot venues; size 2Axm)xI00; cabinet finish. This is the cheat est house in the city. For permits apply to MARTI! ?UNN, 2<B Broadway. Three or five lots, inonk plot.onm adiscn avenue, opposite Central Park, wtll be sold at treat bargain. Apply to john oorman, Seventy-eight ftreet and Third avenue. TrirESTKRLY CORNERS OF MADISON AVENUE AN1 L*" Seventy-iourth and Seventy-tilth streets: Lotscac BSxifntcef; Houses first class In every respect ; price mot tero'e; terras easy. Apply on premises CTH ATENtJB, BELOW FIFTIETH STREET. ?A PEI i) feet gem; four story brown stone, freseoed In o throughout, lor sale., with or without the elegant Furn lure, including Paintings and Mirrors. W. H. UAYES A SONS, 81 Cedar street lCTH AVENUE, ABOVE FORTY SECOND STREET.? 6J first class extra wide corner House, tnree room deep, with new Furniture, for sale at a bargain; other on the avenue, Thlrtjr-lourth to Hlxtv-slxth street EHO.QOO to $.100,000. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broad wny. ^ 7TH 8TREF.T, NORTH SIDE, BETWEEN FIFTI TT I and Madison avenues.?Four story high stoo brown stone, 25x75, and lot lOU feet: thoroughly, well an newly built; hardwood, cabinet finish : all Improvement With newest designs of Carpets, Chandeliers, Mirror Cornice and Curtains, lor sale a: a bargain, as owner li tends leaving lor Europe. Address or apply at No. 8 Pin Btreet, room M, between Uand 6 o'clock P. M. A QTH 8TRBBT, BETWEEN FIFTH AND BIXT *rO avenues.?A very deslraiile newly and artistleall frescoed Residence, choicely located; 21.0x51x100 fee price very reasonable. * V. K. 8TEVEN8QN, Jr., 11 Pine street. A (1TH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE-ONE OF TH *i ?7 finest Houses In the city, for sale, furnished or ui furnished; owner going to Europe; terms cuiy. > pgenls. JSEPII t. BATES, p? Broadway, room S. IWW1 WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS BROW W^OiUUU stone, In F^rty sevrnth street, near F|n avenue: $75,000, Filth avenue, furnished House; $17,00 JTuty-sixth street; other Houses cheap. Paul r. TODD, 55 Llbertv street I new york tlkif a ld, city bstitt pon miie. neutral* . _ ?TOtY ITinn STr*OP non -* PTNR ncr? d ?Ot),l'UU, b'o?vn ftofte tjii (vn went ot Mil a v.; oiborx de i rally fCr-ntj) JPV7,.arit?Wr' and upward*. W. I*. ,-hVMOhlt. V>_rt?M^*T(jfer;7 (win ?m \DiKOh A VK N i; u.-Tr" *rI1"* ,IH?U, lour xi< ry Nova m o'Ia x one froi. jJJJt' tlnc.y a:il l tuliy lurnl he I, near Kor d -treot, en-p; nu. in-coeu. iiiiisiiru iu n'irnv oodP1 ny nrtr col', in I nicu square, fh up *t |U/>,uOO, but must !> gold; U rins cany. Apply to WM. Ki.NNKi.LY, No. 4 Pine sU ?s<l bide. A LARGE FIVE STORY UOUS1? FOR RAT.E-OW second nvi-nu", and two Store*; reuts for Jll.JOO per year ; on.y 5>3j,UU), s,.', Ou cash II V LAND, 31.' Mast Nineteen h street A three story high STOOP BtOffM STORE House, on Twenty-sixth street, between Fourth and l.ex!nato:i avenue-', containing all modern improvements and iu i eriect order, mr ??w low. . Buoffl[iRs. 14 Pine street A BARGAIN.?THE TWO 8TORY AND BAMEVKNT briea Louse 440 I'.ast 119th gircet will be so'd tor 7,900; all improvement*; must be seen to be appreciated. Ap.ily on premises. A?NEAR PARK AVENUE, ON TBIUTY-KI'iHTH street, four story Irown stone House, 17.4xtiAx 114>; pre eminently tho eh. apesl house in the market; 9ft>,llJ0. HATOll A VAN PoRSW, 610 Ixth avenue. A four STORY BROWN STOVE TVVENIY-FOOT front, Murray 11111, East ThIrtv-sevcuUi street; Mantel Mirror*, Oas Fixture.', Ac.; $2<>,0J0; leruis easy ; immediate possession. THOMAS J. I) UN KIN, Jr., A CO., IM Third avenue. A?COMPI.ETE 8MAI.L BUOWN STONE IIOUSE, near Madison avenue, at a bargain; others, between Fourth and sixth availing, from $ 2,0X) to 9130.000. black WELL A co., !<6 Liberty street Again we offer a bargain-a three story hiiih stoop brown stone on Fifty seventh street, replete with Improvements, will be sold cheap, ibis week or exchanged lor Lots or French Flats. VAOUK A BROWN, 971 Third avenue. A?FOR SALE, A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP House, with all modern improvements, situated on Thlrty-tlith street, between Second and Third avenues; price *0.900. J. 0. BAILEY, 90 East Fourth street near Bowery. A GREAT BARGAIN.?A SPLENDID FOUR 8TORY high stoop brown stone House, on Forty-eighth st., between Second and Third avenues, for S14,00J, on easy terms; rcnis for 91,4UU: all improvements; beautifU, block. S. Fltl lDl.NKlCU A CO., 1)06 and 901 Third av1 A CHARMING LITTLE BROWN STONE Of LEXington ayenue, above Fifty-seventh street 1 dlt by day's work tor present owner: perfect order ur. every improvement; three story and French roof, hig stoop, ha-eincni ami .sub-cellar; possession; any one desiring n choice home of their own should not overlook this opportunity. Permits only from VAOUK A BROWN, U7I Third avenue. A PERFECT HOUSE, ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, near Sixty-flrst street; fine order, 20 Icet wide; including Carpet*, Shades, Cas Fixtures; painted and tres* coedj uboui 928,000. F. ZITTKL, 1,028 Third avenue. AriMS THREE KTOKY UKOWN STORK HUUBK on Sixty-fifth street, Lexington and Fourth avenues; 20x50x100; finished in hardwood; will sell lor $21,1100. K. ZITTEL, 1,026 Third avenue. A PACT WORTH KNOWING.?I CAN OFFER THK best inducements to capitalists wishing to purchase Real Kstatc. Call oil THOMAS MAUL'IKK, l,145Second avenue. An extra i,aroe four story high stoop House, 25x60x100, Ninth street, near Second avenue; $20,000; terms easy. A three story high stoop brown stone, Second avenue, 20x50x100; $1.1,000. , THOMAS O. HOJEU, 936 Third avenue. AOOOD INVESTMENT.?FOR SALE. ON EASY terms, one of the best built Houses on Third avftuue (west side), near Thirty-fourth street. Apply to owner, 245 Water street, A?FOR RALE AT A SACRIFICE, ON ACCOUNT OF . owner going to Europe, two Houses on 117th street (two minutes trout steamboat); neighborhood tlrst class; one three story and huscment high stoop hrick House, nil I Improvements: sire; also one flrst class Tenement, paving 13 per rent on price Apply to owner, at office of JOHN FhlTKKTCU, 1,036 Third avenue, trom 10 to 4, lor one week. A?THK LAST CHANCE; ONLY ONE OF THOSE handsome new French Flats left, ft'A Lexington avenue, near Fifty sixth street; cabinet finish, with mirrors, cornices, Ac.; a combination of nil the modern improvements; see this by nil means; good tenants cut this out. Apply on premises to CHARLES A. METIS. No agents. A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE FOR SALEThirty-eight] street, near Park avenue; fine location; modern improvements: 20x40x160; a bargain; (30,000. . ROBERT t. MEEKS. 80 Cedar street. At auction-by mcller, wilkins a co.Aprll 9,20 East Sixty-ninth street, near Central Park, lour Htory brown stone;25x60, lot 100.5; terms easy; the best street and no nuisances. A?TO PARTIES WILLING TO LIVE NEAR THK Park?Two magnificent stone fronts, and throe 16.8 feet fronts; or will exchange for property below Twentythird street that would hear alteration. BURNETT A BUCK, 1,075 Third avenue. A BARGAIN.?FOR SALE. THREE STORY HIGH stoop brick House, with improvements, and Lot, 223 East 125th street, near Third avenue. Apply on premises, or at office foot of Fifth stieet, East River. A BARGAIN.?TWO LOTS, 51X100, ON SECOND AVEnue, rcudy for building, for sale, on easy terms. JOHN F. DOYLE, 37 Wall street. A?FOR SALE, HOUSE AND LOT, 25X100, 144 Lewis street, price (8,500. Apply at 1C0 West | Broadway A FIRST CLASS -THREE STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House, on Seventieth street, near the Park; (18,099; modern improvements; terms easy. shade a CO., :"l Union square. An elf.oant engi.isii basement house, four stories; every convenience; East Twenty-third street, between Second and Third avenues. william 8. gavey, 34 lJlecekcr street Brown stone house, no. 34 east thirty. second street, Ave stories and high stoop; attic fully finished, In perfect order, with mirrors chandeliers and oilcloths on the floors, for sale. Inquire on the premises. Between third and Lexington avenue? Another private House for sale on Thirty-third street, four story, high stoop, best 1" ?ment and cellar in the best order; only the sum of (a,000; must be all cash. .links IIVI.ANn ,'U2 Rn<l Nineteenth street For sai,e-a desirable three story and basement brick House, situated 223 Broome street, well adapted for a carman, with three feet of an alley leading to the rear; will he sold at u low tlgure and easy f terms. Inquire on the premises. For sale?the three story brown stone high stoop House 310 East Fiftieth street; good neighborhood and near Beekman Hill; In splendid order and frescoed throughout; Carpets, Oilcloths, Window Shadcsand (las Fixtures will he thrown in the bari gain to purchaser. Inquire on the premises. For sale-house and lot 159 henry step ,r, j between Rutgers and Jefferson streets; two stories 1 ; and attic, with all modern improvements; a portion ot t the tmrchuse may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply at 266 South street. For sale?house and lot, 58 centre street; terms easy. Apply to R. L. ANDEKTON, 210(Jrund street. ' For sale?desirable property on columhia. Fourth, Sixth, Seventh and Tenth streets and avenues C and D and other parts of the eitr. t W. W. LYON, pi avenue D. For sale?a splendid two story and cellar frame House and Lot. with all improvements in it, 26.6 by 102.^feet, 128 East Eighty-fourth street, near > Lexington avenue. Inquire on the premises. For sale?the brown stone, 210 east fortysixth street. 15by 50; lot 100; replete and in perleet ' | order lor Immediate occupancy; a perleet gem aud a | | bargain. Apply at any time. I/1 OK SALE?HOUSE 360 LEXINGTON AVENUE* ! I r lour stories, high stoop and basement, brown stone; price $14,600; cheapest house In New York. t LEWIS M. NORWOOD, No. !? Murray street. FOR SALE-TWO BROWN STONE THREE STORY Houses; one on avenue A, near Eighty-sixth street; the other in Eighty-seventh street, near avenue A, with mod- i 3 crn Improvements. Apply to WARREN H. WILKEY, No. 5 Beekman street, room 22. * xfor SALE?THE ELEGANT THREE STORY HIGH I r .F stoop brown stone House 218 East 124th street with 1 *11 modern improvements and handsomely fri scoed. An ply to I'. O'SHEA, 27 Bnriluy street. I J TjtOR SALE-AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY IlRiH ' F stoop brown stone Residence, finely situated mi Lenox | ' Ulll, only a few doors from Filth avenue and Central i I'ark; size. 22x60x100; hu lid Homely finished in cabinet I j work by J'ottler A Ktymus: furniture, draperies, inirL rors, Ac., all new and of latest designs: price, $60.?W; , terms to suit; would sell with carpets, mirrors and gas I llxtures only; will take a smaller Residence (say Ifl.H lect wide) in a Rood location In exchange lor above. Address T OWNBB. box 829 Post office. ' CtOR HALE-TWO LOTS OF (JROl Nl> IN FRANKLIN J; street, between Centre and Baxter streets, with Building suitable for light manufacturing purposes. Ap ^ ply to r. OARRICK, 19 and 21 Roosevelt street. ' l?OR SALE-DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT 140 NINEj .T trenth street, between Irving place and Third avenue; house three story high stoop brick, with modern improvements and in good order. Apply to owaer, on M the promises. !? TjtOfc SALE?A FIVE STORY FACTORY BUILDING " and Lot, 2Ax4B, In Tenth ward, latelv occupied for tobacco manufacturing, very substantially built, with r) Holier ana iwacnincrv, suimnir lor cenorai amDumciuri. ing par noses; price |2A,000; term* liberal. I BISCHOFF'S Wcrhsol Hank, .18 Bowery. earner Canal. EK)R HALE?A POUR 8TORY BROWN HTONE HIOH > F stoop House, in good order, situated on East BevenI! tcenth street, opposite Htuyvesant snuarc. For further {. information address box 879 Post office. Fob halb-eaht ninth street, near second avenue?Four story high stoop brown stone House . A lu Rood order; will be sold cheap. Apply to HUGH N. s CAMP, 106 Broadway. tfORHALE < HKAP-A FINE DO!' bXETENE M F, NT ' F House, with Stores; 12 rooms on each floor, S story, 26x68x100; on a leading n#nuc; a Rood chance for a [I German; alsa 2 four story first class Tenements on East n Thirty-seventh street; Improvements on each floor. ] RICHAKI) IIKNNKSSY A CO.. 940 third uvenne I' TJIOR HALE-ON MURRAY HILL, ONE DOOR FROM j. F Park avenue. Itti East Thirty-eluhth street lour ie story portico sloop brown stone Dwelling. ::nx.l6x98.f?, contAinitiR 12 rooms, besides kitchen, basement and bathroom, front and rear staircases, double plumbing, plate K glass windows, frescoed and painted in oil from Kitchen v to garret and Just put in thorough order tor the owner's ( occupancy at a cost ol over $8,000. Any one desiring a ' complete nuuse will do well to rail and view the premises between 10 and 1 and 2 till A P. M. , Sunday 2 ton I*. M. - A bargain can lie had by a prompt purchase For further K particulars apply to CALLENDEIt A LAURENCE, 90 a. Pine street. la (1 0. mow A CO., 289 BROADWAY, ARB OFFERvT. ing all kinds of Property at all prices on the Erie .. Railway. Particulars ot what you want can be bud of J tham. 0, TTARLKM.?Foil &ALR,~pirst CLASS three story XI and basement brown stone House, I8x48\1U0; prlgfj low; term* easv. Call at 116 East 127lh street. SUNDAY, MARC11 W. IE rTTY .""Tatk ^ Kuat Ship. nAI?M?M.-I05 FFT T FROM HUP-D ATEMUR. TWO fhihII 1 Jru"*** t'lid LoU, cacli UK 101, p?yiB" lair InlerMt: linrt I ro t>'ctivo value; will ttcil cheap or ckchanp< i n lit:r l tai*. HKNJaMIN IIUUWNK A CO., 2,21') Third arenne. HAKLEM.?com* I'AVIMO INVKSTM NT, TWO lull lo t, with two neat two atory anil lia<w,",,nJ; I ouwaand atnbln; wi I pay in'crt xt n< w ami ciipa'-Ae O' ,^*UC development: $?,Wu: look a< thi?, It Will pav. BnoWNK a CI)., V..'41) Third avenue. HABLKM.?CMLY 22,5k) OAST REQUIRED ON THR thrc<?ato.y ?ib?ellar hiRli ba-emcnt atone and bile* Hou?P '?0 lu.-tt Uiih s red, price $i',6O0; the - iwo IIOrrH wiMKiml 222 But 112 h alrect: tlilttpuah. price tV.uuuand $l.',5 0. a. fountain. 1M Ens'. Twoiily-tltth -treet. TT AFLEM?KI.KOANT LITTLE BROWN 8TON1 1 L I we. ding, ?u impruvi m -nln, $7.W ;co?ey lltfle hrlck, I7.751; tine brown atone, n n- Iniru avenue, $t),7W; c?-h rt oulrrd, $1,730, balance two years und over, (!?< aw brio* Dwelling, n: nr bout, worth SI MUM, lor $l'.',0K'; l.tllu cash. BK.NJ. IIIIOWN K A CO., 1,24.1 Tlurdjiv^ HAKEEM PROPERTY.?i OR KAMI AT A BA I'll A1 >, the two loia on north' ast eoinor of ?vcni e A mul It-th street; this property U very eliglblv sRtia'ed m the finest part <?f llarlem, ami rapidly Improving iiivi.U'. liuiuiro oi the owner, 817 Broadway, up stairs. nsnry STltftKT.?EOR 8aLE. TTIR two BTOltY anJ aflle Prick House 46 Henrv street; lot tt.vlUO. Apply lo WH.liam K. UAWH, No. 6 HlNstreet. HOtI.SK AND LOT 2i6 EAST FOURTH NTH STRKKT, flrst house wosf ot recoiid av< nue. north side, enh mirrors and pas fixtures, lor sale low; lot 2d.,'xlU3.:t; luiii ei'.l- brown stone, four stories, high stoop, and in tsrtect order: built t y day's work ; can be seen by permit only, tor which and particulars apply tu U. 11. A K. J. WITI'IIAUS, IPC Broadway, o, ositc St. Mctlotua lloti I. Members of congregation anniii giiesed moving up town anil wish In,' residence near the new temple will And bngaln In ttrstclusa ti own atone house, Sixty-third street. price $1 EMM only $ ',H? eah. L. JAOoi H, 919 Third urenue. ON STt'YVESANT SQUARE.- Ill kobe ItMYINO LOOK at the Residence we aro < tiering lielow Its yaluc; coinplotc in every way. Terms easy. IVruiits of ti. O. KNtiW A CO., 239 Broad way. J^EAD TUB EVENING TELEGRAM TO-MORROW. Tenth ward lots.?for sale, four lots; ono on Clirystlo street, near Grand atrool; three on Bldridgo street; well located; terms eusy. T. OLIVER CARTER. No. 4 Pluu street. room 1ft THE HANDSOME TWO STORY AND HASKMKNT. with cellar, frame IIouso, with all the modern imfirovcments; 131 East 123d street; convenient to bouts, n rse and steam cars; price $7,S(W. Apply on the prem iaea. VALUABLE PROPERTY ON BROOMR STREET, north side, between Bowery und ltroudway,' lor sale ; also Lola opposite Central Park; must be solu. Ap ply In grocery ltt Elizabeth street 2D AV.. NEAR 112TII ST., 3 STORY FRAME. .. *6,090 3d a?? corner 48th st., 4 story brick 3 t.oOu 43d st. near 9th nv., 3 story brown stone high stoop 14,"till 3d st, near 2d av., 3 story lirick high stoop 14,000 Also other property iu ltttih, loyth, llOtli, llltli, 112th, Ac., on easy terms. JOHN SHIRLEY A SON, 81 Cedar street und 1,968 I bird avenue, corner of lU8th street dOD STREET.?KOH BALE, A PLOT OF GROUND, ' <) north side of Forty third street, 10) feet west of Third avenue; being X'6 feet front by 100 teet 8 inches deep. Apply to C. W. DOllEltTV, 211 West FortyU ih street. 70D STREET.-a THREE STORY HlOn STOOP ?) browns one front Htui?c,with gnatlxtui-esand all improvements, between Lexington and Eourtli avenues. i ins i* n:e cnenpcsi nouso west <tt i niru awriue. ros-tssloii at uny lime. F. 7. ITT el, 1,020 Third avenue. 70D STREET, NKAK FOURTH AVENDK.-TII REE I tj story and basement brick House; all the modern improvements; in the most perfect order; hot anil cold water on third story; furnished complete anil everything row and ouly in use a short time ; will he sold at a burBain. RICHARD V. HARNETT, 111 Broadway, room F, basement "MOTH STREET, NEAR LEXINGTON AVENUE.I J J Frame Dwelling two story basement and attic, 36x26; plot, flOxlOtl; a bargain. MARCUS li. LAIWO, 35 Liberty street. m EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. BETWEEN Fourth and Lexington avenues.?Three story high stoop brick extension, 2i)x20, and in the best order. WM. E. KEYS, 5o.S West Nineteenth st., near 10th av. O/tQ EAST SEVENTY NINTH STREET.?FIRST 0"0 class three story brown atone House and Lot at auction April 3, by D. M. SEAMAN, Auctioneer. Maps at 14 Pine street. <fl?9 rAft CASH WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS ijpAi.owU three story high stoop brown stnneTlousc In East Sixty-third street, near Lexington avenue. BURNETT A BUCK. 1,075 Third avenuo. (tin r:nn-ONLY $3,000 CASH, FOR FOUR STORY [> I M r brown stone House, Fifty-fifth street; $6,WW, only J.'.ano c-?h, for three story high stoop House, full lot, Seventy ninth <100feet) street. Thom as o. hojei:, 036 Third twm. dbn 9 nt\(\ for a nice brown stone house, It LiJiO* 'W Ptlx45, full lot, on Eighty-fourth street, between First and seeond avenues; all modern Improvements; ill a good, healthy neighborhood; convenient to boat and ours; terms easy. Apply, before !2or alter C, at 112 East Fortieth street, to owner. dj?"l r Cfin ?FOR SALE, ON FIFTIETH STREET, <P I JIMbetween Second and Third avenue*, a bonutilul three atorv and bna-ment. high stoop brown stone House, In good order; modern Improvements; elieap. G. NAGLE. 14!? Fourth avenue. nnn only for a four story brown mPIU.UUU stona House, 20 feet wide, on Lexington avenue, near Thirty-second street Apply to ISAAC HONIG, 111 Broadway. rooinsOaud H, tiuseiuetit. d?OA nnn ?IHBT CHEAP.?FOUR STORY BROWN stone House, fully furnished and mil of boarders, for sale, and on verv reasonable terms. Apply at 248 East. Thirtieth street <*>99 f^nn FOR A HANDSOME THREE STORY UPhrick House, three rooms deep, on Lex Ington avenue, between Thirtieth anil Thirty first streets, Apply to P. H. ORADY, 827 Sixth avenue. <?>99 7 Cn -FOR SALE, A FOUR STORY BRICK I )<', House and Lot in Fourteenth street, nenr Seeond avenue: it is in excellent order, and is oecu pied hvowner; pnrlor? frescoed and the wslls painted tbrongnout: size 22.6x60x103. Apply to G. NAGLE, 140 Fourth avenue, Wmt Side. A -FOR SALE?SIXTn AVENUE, FOUR HOUSES . and Stores, above Forty-second street 20x60. separutolv nr totfpthpp tn uImp pstftfo*. Hixtv npr rontrun pp. muin on mortgaee for a term of vonr*. JAMBS B. WATKRf.OW, 8SI Sixth avenne. A NEAT THREE STORY ANI> BASEMENT HOUSE, 3/> West Flfty-fonrth street, between Fifth an<l Sixth avenues, to let at a moderate rent to a good party. Inquire on premises. A N A1 HOUSE?MlT8T BE SOLD; FORTY-EIGHTH 1\ street, near Sixth avenue; tour storv high stoop brown stone, 20x30x100: elegant pier glasses, lambrequins, Ac.; bargain WooiiW \RI>. pis sixth avenue. Aiianj>some TOtm 8TOBT brown STONE iiarh wood finish, Ac., Forty-eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, Columbia College leasehold, M.iixfiOxlbO; price $10,000. S. B. GOODALK, No 4 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. ATWO STORY AND BASEMENT HIOH STOOP hrlek House, with all Improvements, on Tenth a ve nue. between Slxtv-nlnth and Seventieth streets, fronting Boulevard, lor sale ; price $10,000; terms easv. I> HARROW, 9N4 Eighth avenue. ^ HOI'SE FOR SALE?247 WEST FORTY FIRST street. 3 storv and basement, 13 rooms, all improvements, 20x100. Philadelphia brick and brown stone, $13,000, or $1,300 rent Inquire of J. PaI.MER, 77 Nassau street A BARGAIN?THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP hriek House 440 West, Twrntv-sernnd-treet. 24 teet wide and In perfect order: will be sold cheap to a quick buyer; neighborhood first class. Apply to ISAAC 1IONIG, 111 Broadway, rooms ft and H, basement AT MUCH LESS THAN THE ACTUAL VAM E-214 West Thirteenth street, three storv high stoop, 21x44; pier glasses, cornices, pas fixtures, parlor carpets, Ac., included. JOSEPH MASOx.Wo M Pine street A-DYCKMAN ESTATE?TWO CHOICE CORNER . Plots, containing nearly 28 elty lota, and having a frontage of over 900 feet on Broadway and Naglo avenue, for sale ou easy terms. POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren street. A?ELEGANT CORNER HOUSE. KOI R STORY . brown stone. 19 feet front, on Thirty-seventh street, $27.NO: one, same street, 20 feet front, new and modern, $30,000. HATCH A VAN HOREN, (110 Sixth avenue. 4 -FOR SALE. FOUR FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY JYt high stoop stone fronts, College lease 22x60, 20x60 and 16x6.1 by half block. Apply to WM. (T. LE88TEK, 47 wwt Korty-nlnth street. A "I FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE. A1 21.6*56x100. In superb order, Thirty-seventh street, between Filth end Sixth avenues, at the unprecedented low price of $37,600. HATCH A VAN DORKN, * 610 81 xtb avenue. A FOt'R STORY nOl'SE, 26 X35X98.9, NEAR TWENTY ty-third street and Sixth avenue, $28.0(0; Twentysixth street, near Sixth avenue, 22.2x60x98.9, 920,nOl>; Twenty-flftb street near sixth avenne, 20x60x98.9, $15,500. .THOMAS O. HOJ KR, 936 Third avenue. AT A BAROAIN-A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP brlek. West TInrty-flrst street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; 20x55x98 feet 9 inche?; honse in fine order; ha* furnace and every convenience; term* to suit Also a number ot other*. H. V. MEAT), 428 Eighth avenue. AT RIVERSIDE, ON TUB SOUND-SEVERAL Attractive Residences for sale; modern Improvements; shore front; healthy; all trains; growing neighborhood; descriptive circular. J W. ATWATKR, Riverside Station, Conn. A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK HOUSE, with all Improvement*, In thoronph repair, Twon ty eighth street. Eighth and Ninth avenues; at a bar* gain; or will trade for paying tenement MORRIS H HAEK. 72 West Thirty-fourth street. ABARUAIN.?FORTY FIRST STREET, NEAR Hreatlwav. two four story brlek Tenement Houses, with Stores. $12,1X10each ; West TtHrty-seeoml street, two three story high stoop hrirk, with rear Houses, 9I2.UU0 ?< h McRltls It tiAKK. 72 West Thirty-fourth .street. AN RLEUANT EOf'B STORY IIIOH STOOP BROWN stone House, In Thirty eighth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, frescoed and In first clam order, 2l)x3A\IUQ. terms easy, $J4,n00; West Thirty sev. enih street, three story high sloop brown stone, trewsoed, $16,780; Bast forty-ninth street, near Kllth avenue, four story brown stone Residence, $MU,#f?); also for sale or to trade tor unencumbered Lota or citv Property, four three story high stoop Philadelphia brick brown-stone basement, #1x60*11*1, on the west side : very good location; leased, with security, at $7.1(*t a veur. Apply to H. 9. LEVY A fit)., 'tl\ West 1 hirty-etgh tl) street. A TWO HTOKY AM) BASEKBHT BRICK HOOftB, with all improvements, on Tenth avenue, Irnmltu I Boulevard, between Hlxty ninth and Seventieth streets I for -ale; price $10,1*10; tci nis easy; also a llrst class brorwt stone House, Wesi Pi fly sixth street, near Ninth avenue i vorv cllcuu. I). UAKKOVV, JX5 kighth aye uuv. 573.?QUADRUPLE SIIEET^JCTTY np?4\ fl)HT*T?l FOI ^ Ffiff PLOffl OFJ.OTM f,pp? 1IiAT W,I L nK ft j ot? on corner 1S%? "rectVnl?'|| sr^fiw a h:1!ivi'li* ^.r<,n. (Lh s i' *""sA .... ,?n nm fl|i ^ 8 lolH?nO h aveiita, Utween 1 4th uml I a h -tree ?. 16 l.otn on 122d unit ?Id ,t ., betw on 6th and 7th ova Several Plot* on 7 land -th i venue*. Han l-ome lro"t av.. tieiweeli >7th an I M h uta. B Lo? corner l.6thnrc-t and 6 h nvrnti". *_ A. VARNhK P.,ATI', 11.1 Hroatway. it poor 8TOKY 11 Mill btoo? hhown stone J\ House, on Tblriv* vjiiUi street, between Fifth and blxtta vonuee, at a Uigani. ti. iIOD.min a oo. 176 Fifth avenue. A-CHOIOB CRURAL, PARK LOTS FOR HAi.K . low, by V. K. rtlhVKNHON, Jr.. II I'.no atoet. JHth street, ad o'nlnt Hih avenue, 2 tout Will street, ml oiuirt uvi into (150x11*1 fool). 72d street, l otweon tli and O h ava., 4 I o a. 7:i?l at, boiwoen Hthin.l f h uv., Id Uita. twill street, helwceiBlli uml tlth svh., 4 lot* Abo I! h avenue ait ? li aireor, llle llxluu loet. km street. adjoinlntBoulevt r i. 41 out. A?ONE OF THE.HIOIOK-tT PIK'KH OF LAND ON the "llelgh'a.'ln the upper part of the oi'jr, ft r a il? lor $10,001. Ii lie about 2 *1 loet above the rtv> r and commands very flnr views; tt I* ra d My Inrreasin1: In value ; the owner wll ecll lo Imv a home ; u ho:iso ? ill tie tukcirin part paytueit. Address A. H. 0., Herald otnee. A rm FIVE .Toll Y MOWN STONE FRONT J\ store, 83 Mnrra'street, for sale very idieap. luuulro ot FRANK PHlLLilB, 245 liroiidway. A THREE STOftl BROWN KTUNK HOUSE, 2.1XVSX IIW; good lens ton; ch apes' heuae ;n market; must bo sold ; easy te rns. KI.Ml'NKli A SOU I.OSS, 270 West ihlrtv- ixth stre et. A -BUST CORNER ON THK K OIITII AVBNUK: full lot; first Jiihi building; French flats; reiited lor m ar $7,000; priet $70,000. k l.M " aKit A SOI U1.S8. 270 West Thirty-sixth street. A -valuable property for balk on tenth avenue, near New Manhattan Market; (food uroSieetlve valiia. Adlroa* O. W., box 110 Herald Uptown ranoh offlee. APIPT OF 17 FITS. ON WASIIINOTON' HERMITS, cominanditi meat view on the island, for sale low; ea.y terms Adilrtis CAMPBELL A CAMPBELL, No. 4 W arren street ADRSIKAHI.E SOUR BTORY HOUSE IN FORTY?i?'h atreel, b.tween Ftttb and Sixth avenues.? 20x1V xl'o iret, 0 I in in elegitnl style tor owner'* own use; isfr. < <>ei1 thrmgheul, with billlurd room, Ac..htid I.a* all ..ther eonveiieneea of a eomfortablo nnd tin d , n houae 'I h<- owm-its desnout of selling it, either with or without the rlegaii Furniture, at a reusonahla price. Apply lo I . II. I.I'IIAIW A CO., No. S Pino street. "LIOK SALE OR 1) LBT-THREE STORY AND BASEr ment ttrown done ll.uise, all Improvement*,'with or with' ut Kurultire.' Inquire on the prouilae.s, 611 Porry street, lutwieii Bliceker and Fourth. FOR HALE?AT FORT washington* on BROADwajr Boulevurl, a hand nine Mansard roof frame House, containing welve rouim and all improvement*, together with olgjt lots ol l.unil; price $21,WO; term* enay. Address *1,1;. II., Herald ofllee. For sale?a ''wo story frame house and Lot, 72J i.levt lth avenue; terms cany. Inquire on the preiuiae*. For sai.e- business propi bty on worth htreet; a very dcalrable pieee of property; will be Mini ci.cup. w. w. ovw.v, i%avinut< FOR SALE?AT W'ASniNi: nix HEIGHTS, OUT OP ln:c carman fstate, throi' Plots ol' lots and dwelling, near depot; very linnets location and bargain. A. U. Ml.A.M. Agent, 1JI Nassau street, room I. FOU SALE-A NEAT COTTAGE, IN FIRST CLASS condition. Ajply at 433 West Twenty-scvonth street FOK SALE-LOTS, ON BOULBTARD, llTH, NTH, 8TH an.I 7tli mounts; also on 71sl, 72d, 12-'d, I'J7tl?, 134th and 146lh streets; Lol I Kid street, near #th avenue. GEO. II HILLYER, 82 < c4ar stroet. TjT( )It SAI.F?LOOK AT IT!?HOUSE 88 WEST FIFTY " third street, between Filth and Htx'h avenues; llrat eiasf, rosewood pirlor, Ac.; 22 leet front. Apply on the premises, or 10 owner, .TIN West Forty-sixth alreet. I tor sai.i:-a Tint: k story iiuick house, with two story extrusion, in West Thirteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. A. I). W. II.U.UWIN, 100 Broadway. For salk-wi:st thirty-ninth street, near Seventh avtinue, three story high stoop brown stone House; Mirrors, Carpets, Ac; immediate possession; cheap. .John MocLAVK, No. i Pine street. FOR SALE?ON EASY TERMS, THREE LOTS ON Fortieth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. For particulars apply at 215 Water street. IjTOR HALE?TI1E TWO AM) THREE STORY BROWN I? stone Houses 134 aud 13d West Forty-seventh street, between Sixth avenue und Broadway; line location; terms easy. Apply to WM. KENNELLY, No. I l'ine. sL VW! 8ALK-THK FOUR STORY BROWN STONE .P House 51 West 130th street, between Fltth and Sixth avenues, with stuhle lots in rear. Apply to WM. KtNNELLY, No. 4 Pine street. I (TOR SALE?ME IH I'M SIZED BROWN STONE Dwelling 125 West Fort.v-second street, tastefully decorated ; in perleot order; price low; terms easy. InUUire ol ,1. CAMPBELL, PnolflC Hunk. I TOR SALE?IN WEST FORTY FOURTH STREET, first class three story and basement high stoop brown stone troilt Houses, 243 to 263, 20x50 and 18.0x50; price *17,000 and *10,000. Inquire oil premises or of JAMES HENDERSON, 292 Seventh avenue. FOU SALE-HOUSE AND LOT; Cool) LOCATION for business, 740 Tenth avenue. Inquire of the owner, 730 Tenth avenue, hctwceii Forty-ninth and Fiftieth streets. For sale very low?a very desirable three slory high stoop fiou-e. in Twcntv-secolid street, near SixUi avenue; modern Improvements; in perfect order. S. IRELAND. 201 Broadway. Fob sale-a house and three lots on Fifty tilth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. Apply to the owner, 58 West Fifty tilth street. lm1r SAI.K-TWO FULL LOTS ON FIFTY-SECOND r street, between Ninth amt Tenth avenues; price $6.000eucb. KKMPNKR A SOHLOSS, 270 West Thirty-sixth street. I TOR SALE-ON WEST HIDE OF NINTH AVENUE, A 1 live storv double House; two stores; all Improvements will pav over 16 per cent on investment. Owner t 463 West Thirty fourth street, ,-eeoud floor. n 1 t t) 1*110 tti i) pu amt> 1/ ti isi it 0t/w1p iJ'un r>/iun?inn innorj oumw nmu ohmm r tirown gone front 11 on no M Perry street; all Improvement*, prlre fio.ono. fclOR SALE-HOUSE AND DOT 40 MACDOUOAL X atreet; prire $111,8110. M. KUAN, OH Sullivan Nt. For sale-four stttrv iiioh stoop brick House, 30 West Thirty-third street. In elegant order. Inquire of Mr. MATTHEW SON, on the premises, between the hours ot 2 and 4 P. M. on I v. For sale-west side real estate.?houses and Lot\West 101st street $V>0b; West 84th street, $11,00)); Eltn, corner of sprlntt, $22,800; Thompson, near 4th, $12,000; St. Mark's place. $21,000 ; 4lh street, near Broadway, $2ft,000; Wlllrtt street, $9,o00; 1st avenue and 69th street, $7.(4)0, and many others. Call on A. M. FANNINO, 23 East Fourth street, between Broadway und Bowery. FOR 8ALE-W1TI! OR WITHOUT FURNITURE, A three story high stoop brown stone House In Fortvflflh street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. Apply to W. F1TZPA I RICK, llorist, l.2l:l Broadway. Ftflt SALE CHEAP?10 LOTS, ON SIXTH AVENUE, above the Park : also 127th, 133d and 138th streets, near Fifth avenue; two on 143d street, near Eighth uvenue; $2,600each. SMITH I). .11-.NNINOS.S2Cedar st. TNOR KALE CHEAP?TIIF. POUR STORY HIGH r stoop brick House 142 West Fourth street. 22 x 80. lot 1(19 feet. Apply to ISAAC IIONIG, ill Broadway, rooms G and II, basement. LMRNISIIED HOUSE NO. 89 WEST FIFTIETH F street; four story brown stone high stoop; Columbia College lease furnished by Itoux A Co.: in tine order; possession immediately ; terms easy. Apply at 143 West Eighteenth string. nl)RATIO STREET. HI.?FOR KALE, A FIRST CLABS Tenement House; also good Htore, 408 Tenth avenue; dirt eheap. Apply to owner, 240 W( t Fifty tilth street. Houses for kale?in locations, size i, prices, Ae., to suit purchaser, hy .IOIIN KAVA NAGH, northeast corner of Forty second street and Sixth avenue. IOTH.-TWO LOTS FOR SALE ON 130TII STREET, J next to Sixth avenue; graded, curbed and sewered; a bargain. ROBERT f. M EEKS, HO Cedar street. Must be sold to close the estate?a tubes story brick Housa, with Store aad rear Building, 126 West Nineteenth street, near :-i\tli avenue i,,r $lt,tx.()_ "I>ESIDKNCES OF various DESIGNS, SIZE AND JV flnlsh. on all the avenues and cross street, arc .offered at reduced prices. PAGE a MoCAKKBRfY, Filth avenue, corner Fitly -second street. cjtuyvehant park, 329 east seventeenth O street.?City and country combined; beautiful three story high stoop brown Hlniie, 2j.2x58xblock, in the mtilst ol the Hurst Improvements in cltv : beautiful ohM lai.A,, in n?pl,,ra ,/ika II*fures water und marble wash basing in every room; home lull ol pantries, dressers, closets, dumh waiter, Ac.; possession immediately; price $23,000; terms cany. Apply at the house, or to owner, WM. H. hall, 3WOreenwloteetreet Tub finest property above iuth ht.-for gale at nn exceedtnirly low figure, S, 10, 20or more acreg, located on 11th av. and the Boulevard, 10th av. and Broadway; 80 per cent can remain. W. P. seymour, 171 Broad way. The followino superior built and eleuantly flniahed Houses .?Kern. 10 and 18 W. Aid ?t, 27 6 x65 and ? ft. cxtcntion and 25x65x100: prices very reasonable ; also IS to 21 E. 57th ?t., 18 to 2H it front: some with exlentions: also 20 and 18 W. 116th st.; 1 and 17 E. 58d;16 and 21 W. S2d. 5 and 16 E. ?th it. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. T" enkment- property.?two houses on dktancey street, 25 tcet wide, 5 glories; also Ileusc on Division street. For particulars apply to BELLAMY BROTH BBS, No. 6% Pine alreet. rpo PHYSICIANS A.NII OTHF.RH.~A KINK BROWN I u ,..w u...If.,.,.,.. lf.l MB Ulh ,1 Hale very cheap. Apply to W. P. aiiVMOl'R, 171 Broadway. VACANT LOTH, IN MOST KVKKV OI'AKTEKT)!' the Inland, for Hale, by JOHN KAVanaGH, northeast errntr ot Forty-second street and *lxth uvenno > LOTS FOR HALE OR TO LBA8R?ON TH1RTIKTII O street, west of Sixth avenue; A on Ganocvoort street near West staeet; on Klfty-flrst street, near eighth avc nil*. Apply to owner, 2in We i Hnlift li ,?t,r<-ei. 4 STORY IIIOII STOOP BROWN 8 TON K PROM House?Forty -eighth Atreet, between Htxtb ant Seventh avenues. size, 2i)xS<); Mulshed In beat Atyle ; lus been newly painted Inside and out, utui decorated ni through (or owner's use ; splendid pier and mantel glasses with cornices. Apply to tVM. K. BAILEY, 36 Chamber street, up stairs. f'Tll AYENLE. MI RK V Y HILL.?A SINK I'OKNKl ) Property, 41V ft. trout modem ttrst rlns? stores am flats; flue InvtistnuiUt. Apply to W. P. SKYMuUK, 17 i Broadway. , OTH AVKNI'K, FRONTING THE PARK?BOMF, Ol i O the choicest Corners end inside Lots on the line ot th , I Park, at the lowest market prices. j I HUlU X CAM I' MBTuady ay, corner 1'iuc strwtg wjtfl supplement. fW? ? AL W*Tk9M MB tAMb ' VVr* 1U1?. " fVTfl WATin.-TIinPK BT'lPY MHPMF.N^ ANT? OTIT- I ' ? c' ,ir I i ic . ' imw, wiffcklt RlfWri iflQtN 'If rofMM I wi li uii.It riM in ; piicu Jk.uO luijir- no |uciul *if. ftJ i VVuvcrJey pluce. i ~ * QTI1ftTBBKT. KOBTII HID* HOTWI i v NTH ( I it* pnrt Lich'h no'of ntn* i ?, li , , he, a ti no ificH rrm amy. AiMrciw X1LHS J. AXSOS. Wwp< ??' Kj wmk. or TH :TK Br, IIOHTII A v s| and ??>UI.K (> ) vard? t'wo fino Lots $-8,iW'. iwn? ormtt I'loto ou M Tenth ?v,,,UC. o;.?.Pl 03,KIV A CQ , , T,,rt nr?n?r _ n iv/?<? ?w.>i? n?'W ??M 1 SMh.UUU. n ar 1 rondw <v, a handatt ue foarx , h, and ha n outli k(i atoop lit k llttei. iiiii/ h o k tt i nil; caihor lo h grciiml n n t'ltl i?-mint n very |M C cap; in ?y terms. A' ply til II. N \:f.K M1' F tc I* av. n *QA AAA Knit A BRICK sr i: . id iuvku, ?ji>k?i\e.W\7i I in? on Hir'.sou street, well rc ited ; also ri More on Mmh aire l. ju<t - im I Bro dway; trice rn?- I wimble. IIM.I.A >!V H'.'O PI Kits, No ' 1 (tie ttteet, ^ no r/tA -lent story . uow.v imxi iikut sloop Hou-o. In We t Kourt. enth street, 29 ri loot iron', destrab'e tor retdcire nt I u-lncss Apply I proini'ily to OcDKN a CLARK, Broadway, corner oi V seventeenth street. IWInee r Ahpttsk fell ok furniture for palp? ? Owner po ng abroad. Address FURNITURE, box 0 210 I lorn 111 oilier. ~ Finn HALE OR TO I ft? ALBEMARLE HOUSE, BAR ?toga Spring*, Broadway, near Clarendon Hotel; over P 3D room*. Millv mirp.I lied; terms easy. Address J. C. " LEVI, No. 7 Warren street. f BROOKLYN PROPERTY FGlt K ALU I AKD TO LET. j j^kral.d branch office?brooklyn. r advertisements kor tiik new york iikrald 1 received at our branch office, c in THE lono island SA V in (IS bank building, o corner ok kulton av. and bobrum 8t. T OKriCE OrEN FRIMH A. M. TILL IP. H. P on sunday from 3 to 9 p. m. n carriers and aunts' departmbnt n NO. 7 FRONT STRK7>T, BROOKLYN. J A FINE LOCATION, EXCELLENT NKIOIIBOIt- ? hood, convenient lo car.? ami terries.?Three story high stoop brick House 27S President street, opposite Car roll Park, Brooklyn; prieo low. Apply to K. R. KEL- 1 I.OCIO, No. S Broadway, New York, irom III lo 12 A. M. r) AT A LOW PRICE, TO CLOSE AN ESTATE?TIIK W comfortable three story extra wide (31 feet) double .? House, 28 Second pltti e,' llrooklvn; inoilern improve. Jf incuts; excellent neighborhood: terms easy; Inunediate ,, posse ;sion it wuntcd. Apply to E H. KKI.I.OOCi, admin- f, lstrator, on premises, or at No. 3 Broadw ay, New York, Irom in to 11 a.m. A corner pi ot?lnnxino. on \va. iiinuton $ street; n very flue Investment. MAltOlJS H. L (INC. ;r. Liberty street. New York. A CHANCE TO ECONOMIZE.- KENT S150, BROOK- <?, two storv basement ami sub-collar brick llou e, A 8 rooms; gas an I Inch ; no range; no healer. 277 Ornliain street, on tne hill, 'JO ininntes' ride to Eullon or Catharine " lorry by Dekalb avenue cars. ^ m I IHOl I I,1M II, I WIMl nw US >1 KIWIS I (IDH.T _ ./l nut nnd healthy; eiKhtminuii a'wulk irom terry. 204 Orchard street, nourColyor, Grccnpoint, Brooklyn. K. V. n AN blbgant brown STONK HOUSE, VERY BEST Jj part of Brooklyn, handsomely and completely furnished, ui it preut sacrifice, lor uood reasons. Address tlic owner. WKATHKKBY, llora'd oillre. st A FEW LOW-PRICED TWO sTOKY AND BASEMENT *' brick DwclllnpN, near Gates' and Marcy avenues, for {, sale very cheap ; no enuuiiihritnca ; terms to suit. MARCUS II. LA 1 NO, to Liberty street. New York. Aijkown stone front house, kik3t 01.ass j] In every respect, built by day's work, splendid loc.ation, with.n three blocks <>1 the' mailt entrance to the Dark, will be sold cheap if applied for ut once, as the owner is about retiring from the business. Inquire of \ JOHN DONOVAN, 54 St. Mark's uveuuo, Brooklyn A HANDSOMELY FCRK18HKD HOUSE, SI,400; suitable lor a llrst class private family; responsible J parties may apply pi the owner on the premises, U4J hird It place, (lull door from Court street, Brooklyn. W ft Acoskv three story hkown stone english i. basement House. Suckett street, near Court street, Brooklyn; price SII.UOO. WILLIAM S. OAVEY, St Blcecker street. J - i b Brooklyn.?to let, 101 franklin avenue, u near Myrtle, a small, pontoel three story hlpli base a ment iranie House, 11 rooms; all improvements; just h painted, interior and ext< rtor, nnd nil in perfect order; p rcnt $tl5il per annum ; will pive a lease tor tlirco years if required. Apply on premises. Brooklyn?a hakoain, choice location, j hutidsnuie Cnttapa, 8 rooms, pas and water; two ii lull Lots; truit, vines and shade trees; 20 minutes front o terries. \V. V KDW'AIll)-, Iti I'ollepe place. . Beautiful plot ok lots at prospect park, Brooklyn, rapidly cnhancinp in value; priee less than any iu same locality; will excitanpe lor House in J this city. .lAyCKs, Comntis loner. 2ti8 Broadway. c Bridge street, three "story and basement i brick Uotisc, let at $HU), price St.,-U t; Nassau street, it three story basement and suii-eellnr brick, $9,i'00: Ja.v " street. Hi storv anil basement frame, 96.0U0; Waslilnpton street, tine Corner for investment. * W. POOK, 235 Washinpton street, Brooklyn. J . ' _ ,1 TkETACHED COTTAGE, STABLE AND SIX LOTS? p .11 With shrubbery, irttlt nnd shade trees; a bnrpatn; 1 dellphtfully situated on De Kalb avenue. Dotuchcd Residences a specialty. MARCUS ii. LAING, 55 Liberty street. New York^ For sale-price tm.iinu, three story and j basement brick House, 351 Bridge street, between 1 Myrtle avenue and Willouphby street, containinp 13 I rooms, sub-celiar; with pns. water, stationary washtuhs nnd bathrooms complete; only three blocks from Citv Hall, in a first class neighborhood. Apply to BENJAMIN BALDWIN, 409 Fulton street, Brooklyn. i For sale cheap?oni.y $1,000 cash, balance on mortpape, a three story tranie House, all Improvements, in Twenty-first ward, Brooklyn. Apply to N. COOPER. 409 Fulton st, corner ol Lawrence, Brooklyn. ' For sale?a delightful residence, with extra lot, fine pardon, fruit, Ac., in best locality on Willi modern improvement*; will cell furnished or un- I furnished; must bo xolil; term* easy. Inquire of J. V. D. WYKOFF, fit) Hrondwnv, New York, or address 184 Houth Oxford street, Brooklyn, N. Y. For sale?the two story nion stoop mansard roof House 227 South Fourth street, Brooklyn, E. i D. Complete in every respect; new, elevated range, Hal- i tlmoro, Ac.; newly painted and papered; price #I0,.100; | cash $4,00u, balance mortgage. Inquiro of owner, on the premise*. For sale?myrtle avenue, between yates and Lewis uvenues, three story irame Mouse. 16x40, extension 12x12, finished In hard wood, all modern improvements, with six Lots; a great bargain. JOHN Mrclave. No. I I'ine street For hale cheap, *7,5oo-cornkr plot of four Lots, on Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; also four Lots on Grove street, $2,200; terms easv. C. M TALLMAN, 1.17 Broadway, New York. For sale, to let or exchange-for city or Brooklyn property, busines* location, a nice Karin, 62 acres, all clear l.-.nd, at Comae, Long Island, with Farming Implements, four Cows, one Co't, small fine House and garden, which can he rented separate, furnished or unfurnished, for Summer residence ; best hunting und location very healthy ; also for sale. Restaurant, Oyster House and llarroem, with a Barber Shop, with Fixtures complete. In the basement, doing a thriving business: reason, intention to leavo the country; terms easy. ^ppl.v at 450 Tenth avenue, corner Thirty-llflh st. For SALE?AT A BARGAIN, FULL SIZE TIIREF. story high basement brick House, perfect order, on ' Willow street, near Wall street ferrv, Htonklyn. LEVI COOK, 4H I'ine street. I |AoR SALE?CHEAT, OR EXCHANGE ON MYRTLE F avenue, Brooklyn, one or two three story and store, containing 13 rooms, with rear buildings; lot# 25x100. Inquire on the premises, H02 Myrtle avenue, between Nostrum! and Marey avenues. ! l FOR SALE-RARE CHANCE, VERY LOW. A NEW first class three story high sloop basement and subcellar Frame, filled In, *1x4(1, lot IhO, Macon street, near Marey avenue, only $7.fi0U, mortgage *5.1)00; everv hn provement: all assessment* paid : Just painted, four coats; Twenty-flrst ward; 30 minutes to ferry, one block of Fulton avenue JAMES A. EISIIEK, 1,417 Fulton avenue. or 231 Broadway, room 13, from 1- M. to 2 p. M. i For salr-thr kiust crash three mil brown stone Mnuw. 22 tret trout, on the north side of Pulaski street, 200 fort east of Marry avenue, price 100; I $tv,oo0 ran remain on bond ami mortgage. nil* is n real 1 bargain. DRAKE A CO, No. !> WylloiiRlihy street I For sale-house on water street, nkar Hudson avenue, 20x40x70; prleo 10,000. Address U. T. B., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. For sale?only one left of those hkauti ful two story and liastemcnt frame Honsos, situated atlMIHGulmy street, between Yates aud Lewis avenues; price #4,800: terms easy Inquire on the premises or of < the owner, MA (juincy street. For rale?cheap for cash, a thkre story ami basement brick House In Church street, near Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn. Inquire at 201 Orand street. New York. For salk-thkrk story brick , all lmprovk inrnts; free arid clear; will exchange for House on the U1L H. H PALMER, 111 Fulton street, Brooklyn, mom X IJWMt SALK?A ^R^RTTORr PART^ STORE. WtTt! a' Cflnar unuer. wnoio nuuw. pricn ai.,*w. mac w* lot 38x78 ; 38 leet from corner ! A good street, on Myrtle avenue; two good window* In store; M room*. besldMi store. Kor permit* apply to 8. L. KOWLANH. 7U3 Myrtle enue, Brooklyn. FOB SAEk:-$?,?#" wrlx BUT A kikht CLASS brick House. eontolaintr ten toonn; tnodera lib provementa; 18 minutes' walk to ferric*; term* easy; sUe 30x40; lot 100 fecL O. V. HOLCOXB. K! Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. t.KlK HAI.K ATA B A BOA I N-TM KRK STORY BRICK ' Honpe, all Improvement*, elegant grounds, on Clinton avenue, Brooklyn: lot ,80x138; must be maid; term* easy. Kor permits apply to 8TIPHKN M. OSTRAN f)KR, Attorney, Ae., 73 N;i?uvit *lrei I Ni-w York. Fob salk cheap?a kick thrkk story and basement brick limine,, with all Improvement*, in South Brooklyn, near HuinUton le.rrv. Apply tuTtlOMAR OtlMNIKH, 13 Centre street. New York. f TjlOR R AI,R?OR TO I.KT KIJRNISIIKI) VKRY f>K I r mrahle brick Hon*e, near Prospect Park; all modern t Improvements and In perfect order; will be sold at mod' eratc price an<l on ea*y term*, or rented lurntahed for $1 31*). Address HKNKV. box ,?<! Sew Yerk Poit ollW. FURNISHED TIOITSR TO BRNT-OM PARK AVENUE, near Portland avenue, Brooklyn, three story and f ba*onient high sloop frame Hou-ve, In good order, posse*. I skw) at once J t). HOY? A HON, 171 Rruadway. HOUSES TO WIT-ON YATES AT. KNUK, NEAR Ralph avenue; Philadelphia br'.ek; two stories, c. 1 hnwmenl and cellar. Blx.W; ten rijr.ui-; all improve Mkfi'Ut*: 7.ISS.S, or $40 vor month rank inuuiro ot J I'Al* ^ ?11.77 Nassau strec^Ncw Yor^ 15 SROOKLTff I?UI?I?T?TTTT PVll SAL*? AW TO L*?T. r AHOR IKON lioiLDIMI AND KOHK LOTK, BOllTMf. N rs si corner limit mil I 'ivi-inti aveu"iw, MMl am*. ?irtf: suitable I - .id ui.v.ii a 'o-y, *labl or drfnA. If p jr to iOK row "A .1If, 't! fltn '? f rV.N nun rue . i; V* 0U1 hiBKKT, 18 A " three , t -rv line!: II* i Iftntr. v. hlrli will IcmiiIiU m ll-urt* Mill ' I,I., til in nthlv almi nt . WY' K v V v .1 \ V ' 2 :t *1 I- * wet liORI W KAMI?YI i UU I aYOKJt AM) COOA- . " tion in'h^cl-y ?t Brmf.lyn. ts V , urn ?:rc?. Wii Iro ri iiu.voJ i>iir carpel bn in toS n Kj 'cm *;rr"iL r it URIIHR 'I1. Ill) I,i/r, PUUMjAIIKO.?A VOU.NO M iK,.'I.II t'OU. ! ule will let lo a Njiuti lamily their cim y, cimjatuJjr imUhi'd lir <tk I'iiuw, a>u Nintfi street, Unok'yn. mar roe lines <?f ar i nnaiwr blocks Irom Pro* ect J'arkj iiiiHi ha* deb rooms fcp'l >''* batliro n? nil mnrr ire M-iit-i; rent t7i? n inulith, of^AilOa y ar. AldrtM B. H.. " fi I Kir i ui ne'e . |U) I.KT?JlliOW V ri'J'ONK U.iU.u, ilKOOKI.YN I Itrt'hN, 173 Rrm en street, riser City Hull ; all iui rnveincnU. Alinlv tf> TIIOM A.n B UKIll'C I.I., .TU5 Has* IK h stri ct. no I.KT?A THREb ti'iOKY HMH HTOOP BRIOK I Ileum, 'nrulsheit, !n Brooklyn, 4 m.iiul**' wa k t? fall street t try, fli:, par moult. P 1' V K VAMliT H. ft .ifarnlrttsf 9 ru LKT?ON I- H 1,1 ON s'IRKKT, BROOKLYN, STORK I uml Basement, with plat* jtlass windows; possession t inw. A| ply to N. i < >OP K R, 469 Sullen atieot, aoruer I U'.VKUiri', Bwrtlyifc HO LKT?liltlt'K HO< -i:, TV) BTORT, BA HHBNV I uml sub-cellar; seven rooms anil salo-P-narlor; lit rovriiKWIs: a) minutes' walk irom -o py; $ ? p?r ninth. Apply in JOHN W. BARTI4K,Sre Al'anti-nr. ri> LKT?A FIRST CI,ASS Hot'SK, II\NI>?OMM.Y tillishcd with natural woods, IStrfi? lot I'.kxBtt, MB leKriiw street (Brooklyn., near nmlu entrance to Prosoct Park. Inquire ot .1. W. Fl Rl.DKU, next door, or 31 Iroadwsv, room lit, troili 12 to?. no RK NT?FURNISHED, IN BROOKLYN, INCLUttI Ins Crockery. Olu*s. Kit-lien mid Table Wore, Pieurea, a three story. Inch (.limp Hon e, water cus, rubellar; deep lot; crmvenionMo street ears ; Mnilnuloti tn Btiios; location drat class; price #T,:tuO. Apply to wnors, VV. W. UWATIIMKY A CO , 79'\Y-ater struct. ItO LKT IN BROOKLYN?THK NKAT TVTD HTOHY lilpti stoop brick llouae Slti He Kail) avenue (near led ford avenue', with ail the modern- improvements: eni $.?i0 per annum. Apply to (1. SWIFT, 4-0 l)e Kui? venue, or 8.'> Park place. New York. nilE ENTIRE LOT OF FtlRNlTl.'UK, OROCKKRt I Carpets, Plate. Ac., ot House, dcslrah.Vi location. ha# our lo ferries, tor sale; Hoa?e fbr rem ; oaltiloi housn linost new. Address OOLDtLMlTH, box 1,74# I'oat otlice, ew York. TERY DESIRABLE NKW HOUSES, IN THK BKST r part of llrooktyn; all the modern imoVuvoments; Mils very low to llrst elaas tenants. Apply U> BLAOK'KL1, A Co., 63 Liberty street III Ann CASH, BALANCE- ON EASY TKTIM8? Four story briek Stare; best location in rooklyn lor bakery; itlso three story brown atone duke; low. A blreas OWNER; hwc 0.771 l'ost otllco. "i vrj\ WILL PURCHASE A FOUR STORY It). I t)\7 double tenement br"*k Honse, with Store ud Hou-e on rear, In Brooklyn, K. D., m a good buaiiss loeation ; lot .'..xliD. Apply to owner, liilJJ'TafiCey si. ir |\IW1 HgriTY.?FOR HALE. A TIIREK STORT and basement brown stwie House, 174 Bed tril avenue, near rorner llcivos street; hituso onfirely rif, with every modern improvement; range, hot ana Id waier, beater, laundry, splendid pfHflx9ares; clo ck ml marble wash stand in every room . flue alcove room, vo parlors, cloak room, Ac. ;only tell minutes from ferics and one hloek from ears. Also a Philadelphia brick House, brown stone trimIIlies, nil modern improvements, 2U8 Rosastrcet. Kltlier onse, or both, wilt be sold at u (treat tisryain loan imlodiute customer. SPOON MR A BAUER, '.'OR Canal street!. Now York?r A/W4 WILL BUY A THREE STORY BltrOK Jo.UoU House, in first rate loeatiorr.. modern imrovuinnnts; $',0iMcnsli; balance may remain on mortavte. o. V. llol.coM il, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn. E. l>. tm e Aft?WORTH aiAOOOt TKIl.MS KA?Y; TIIREK story Irown stone; 20xllK); all improvclents: perfect order; bill (lute* avenue; oar* pa.,? house, nine and see It. VEMTCII ENTER COUNTY PROPERTY _ TOH 8ALB OR TO RENT. ATTARRYTOWN, RIVRRDALB. TRVINMTON AMD V nil along flat cast bunk ol tlx' Hudson River, elegant esideni-cs lor milo or to lot, lurnished or uniurulshed, >r eitlier M'a.-oii or year, licnuiiiul building site* lor sola ery cheap: irood investments. full particular* with S. M1IKRSON, 65't Sixth indue. \T TARRYTOWN, ON TIIK K1VKK BANK.?TO LRT, furnished (immediate pesee salon), u brick House, h ml rooms, besides parlors, dining room ami kitchen; two en s in garden anil lawn ; trull anil shade trees; on high id very heallliv ground; within ten minute*' walk ot oats or cars; elegant river uud land views; rent 51,2)tl er year. S. KMBERSON, WV9 Sixth avenue, near Thirty-eighth street. \ HANDSOME OOUNTRT FLACK ON TIIK HUDSON River, at Scarborough, one mile lielow 8<ng Sinter urge double brick house, 50x52; stable, gatehouse anil tlier outl uilillngs; In or HO acres; views very line ; terms asy. Applv to KDWARD Al'STKN, 287 Pearl street, of o RMKKRT II. BiltlRMAN. HI I'cdar street. VHAND80MB OOTTAOB, 12 BOONS, furnished, stable, carriage, coachman's rooms, gurdoar'H house, hennery, Ac.-.about 2d City Lots; elioicn rult, shrubs, Ac., on Rroadwar, 5 i dilutes' walk from Ltngshrldge station;'.'R minutes from Forty-second stn-et; deluding Horses, Carriages, Ac.; S22.UUU; two-thirds can euiain. Address box 4.tH3 I'osl office. ANNRXATlDN-yriCK TRANSIT. ? NOW IS TIIB time to buy. A line Ilouse, water, gas, Ac.; flne gnrlen, plenty ol irult, between two and three sere. Iileti :round, on very easy terms. Address WK8TCITKSTKK, lurald office. JOHN C. URAI- K, 2'JA Brn nlwav. AT TUCKA1IOK, IIARt.KM RAIt.ROAD, l-'i M'LSH t\ from Forty-second street?A House, containing II ooms, with hall acre of Land, near depot, to rent; ildiuilance of Iruit. Inquire ot'JAMKH HUHKN Kl.RRY, uikahoe, or ol KRAU8K NICKEL PLATINU COM. 'ANY, 58 John street A.N klkhant flack, kurnisiikd. vt iuvinoton, on Hudson.?Extensive, beautiful gruatids; rent 12,500 season; also nt Dotibs' Ferrv, by voar. WILLIAM TUCKER. 220 Filth avenue. ABARUAIN.-MCST HH BOLD, A HOUSE AND lsit; also Luton one of the Lest avenues In Mount Vernon; also a very Hue Piano. Address THOMAS MclNTIRK, Mount Vernon. A BEAUTIFUL BITlLDINtl KITE AT YONKERS, tree and clear, toexclinnice for city House; elegant builJlBK Sites at Irvlnirion ami l)iil>lw' Ferry. WM. TCCEBR, 23) filth avenue. Abaitoain in lower westoiikkter property, on the Hudson, within one hour of Wall street? Handsome Inner. Italian Mansion, with ail improvements and lit complete order, stithies, poultry limine. Ac. ; highly improved grounds aiul lawns; choice deciduous, everir recti und truit trees; excellent gardens; high, perfectly healthy ami picturesque location. Price $.10.i?MI to$l7,0HU, with 2} j to 5>a acrc?, as desired : 95,000 tc $10,000 only re(|uired in cash. Address box 2,*I9 I'osl oQin'i, New York. AOOTHIC HOUSE. 15 ROOMS, ALL fMPROVR* monts, three lads of (Irouml, on river hunk, Yonkers, good llshinir and bathing, lor sale. turalshed or untarnished; terms easy. Address tiox 1-t stalion r. Avery desirable simmer and winter Residence In Westchester eounty to ront; high and perfectly healthy; the grounds arc heautiinlly laid out, and In Hummer nre unsurpassed for heuuty ntid elegance; very convenient to the city; the house is large and roomv.' conutlns nil modern Improvements and conveniences, is Inllv lurnlshed, slcam liealcd. "c. ; .1 acres of land ; also Millard room, irrcenlioiise, staples, Ac. inquire III KD.VOMI, 71 Kroailway. room Alt At mott haven, tkemo.vt and fordiiam. furnished and unfurnished House-, sat) to $2,500, Call on or address POTTER BKGTUKR.-, Branch olllce, Fordhaut. AOOOD CHANCE.?THE HOMESTEAD BRLONO. In/ to F.bcnezer Lyon. Esp, Minuted on north Broadway, Yonkers. will lie rcutcd for one or mura vears; Irion one to six acres of lai d will iro with thu house; there Is ptelily of fruit of all kinds; eon,I -tabling lor horses and ice house tilled. Apply to WALTER L NDEH1IILL, Waihurtmi avenue, i pp.,.-it? Manor llall. gpnkerg, n. y. A BEAUTIFUL HOMESTEAD FDR BALE?IN HOErisania, Westchester county, corner of Broadway isd sixth street, consisting of over one ;?crc of land, with ? Iront of ttd loot, with a great vuri'lty of very ehoieo Iruit and I c ititilul simile trees; there Is a goal ti umn building on the premises, consisting ot II rooms, with hath, pas and water til the house; '.hare is hIsi (s carriage house on the premises; this is one of the lost ! , aiitiesltx Lhe town ami about six minutes' wall from the depot. Examine this property belore pus-chasing, a'sl apply to WILLIAM CLLNCHoss, #9 Broadway. New York, or o? At prrmtM*. AT PORP1IAM, FORTY MIVTKK ftUMl FORTTseeond street, two blocks fr-tn depot, oil nlifl' ground. IIin- House. IJ rooms, hot and cold water; pa* In street; 4 li res in garden abundance ot fruit and "bade rent or lease flSW. trout pond. PoTTER PJKiTIIKKS, Nn 4 Warren street. Branch office, Ford hum. A r YONKKR8, IRYINOTON. TA KRYTXlWN AC.?DBstrablo Kesldei g's for wis or to at- furuishod or uniurrdshed BLAiOKWRI.L a Co., 55 Liberty street. AT TARRTTOWW -1.1.1- 'iANT COTWTRY SB AT. with Hue improvemi 'its and land in hlitb stale of rultivatlon. iiiag&illrent river view, near New York, Boston and Montreal Radroiad Apply to HLACKH KIJi A C?., 38 Liberty street, or T*rrytow%,X. Y. AHOCSK AND TBN LOTS Ml I.AN i hi I ' ISK, in Ford ham. for s?terse of yearn i only $12 per month. MY LAND. 542 Keet Nineteenth street. New York. tTtOR BALB-COl'XTHY VILLA* AND VILLA SITFH, r fronting on the Sound, ij Fastrheater Bay; the buildings are new, imving bean erected during the pas* season, are conveniently arranged and handsome in dr. sign; the location, la unsurpassed top healtldulness and beauty of surrounding acenery, while affording ample opfiortunitiee for boating, sailing, fish-jig and bathing; tho and liaa been laid out in park style, and will only ha deeded tosuch ire will engage not to erect uaiaances or obstruction*; the prices are moderate and terms easy, so as to enable a tn.eiHy of moderate means to enjoy a deUghttul houte within easy diraance ot the city; the vow Portrhester Rai.koad, to he completed in April, will have a station wttwm fifteen uunntes of the property Plansand views ran bis seen at toe office of P. LiiRILLARD A CO., Id and IK 1 ..'bombers street, wliere fulUni'ortbation will bo obtained. FORTJHAM RID4JE.-TO LET, HEAR RESIDENCE OR O. Schwab, Esq., a Deal Cottage, 12 rooms; water sup. ram; gooo stable; uresgr<rtnd; cent Alw* at Tremout, near depot, a largo House, suitable lor hoarding houst or hotel; rent Rl.Ontk. Apply to HUGH N. CAMP, KM, Broadway, or at TreuvonL TitOR HALE?A THREE STORY DWELLING, OX ONE r ol the best street* in Sing Smg; has all modern improvements. Also a Farm on tJroton Lake, uudvt good cultivation, in minutes' drive from railroad station. kbku ? hoit, wj oroauway, sew york; uovyuanu k RHANDRHTII, Siua Ring. lf?'R 8AUE-0R WOUU? R'iM KVRN18HF.D, DOITJ* hi. Mouse, 12 l.ot* and. wdji.T trout, lo ooo of the finest situation* in Yonker*, nesr hoat ami rara. Bargain it applied tur iinnmliutvl v Photograph at ill Canal sin e,. For balk?a i>s*ri hahi.k piece op property, sltnate on a earner, near the depot, at Ring 8lng. I*. Y. house contair.s ten room* ami 1* well adapted tor mercantile; terms easy. RDM I'M) COFFIN, 7| \ Cedar situetjtew York, or to JOHN UYA^S.Rji SU\#.

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