Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 17

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 17
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K ^foilN 8. EVEN HAS FOR SALE AND EXCHANGE II W a lartte numi cr oi Far ins tind other Country Prop Ijrty; also Loll, ul Pu'er-oii. c li, Hnlh.'ouk, \\ ood mile, Fordham, Imfct, Is tin, llaMiinrs. Newark, llrookL ly 11. Ac. Cull or enclose s.uuip tor priced list. :iJ N,. .1-11 gtreet B KJ Al.K OR KXCIIANOK?AT ORANGE. N. J., A FIRST II lp class Mansion, lurnlshed or untarnished, with doe |$ (rounds, for New York Property. \ JOHN snot-.L A CO..79 Cedar atroot [OHADY SIDE, N. J.?SAI.E, EXCHANGE OR TO O rent, House. stublc, 10 lets of groundI; river view; ftrtce. $7,500: rent, $fO. V. Fl. LDDLOVV A CO., No. 3 Pine s:reet and 26 East Seventeenth atreet rpo exchange-four small, well rented 1 Houses, neur terrieIn Brooklyn, tor a goo I New <tei?cy Karm wor'h $ ?.() KJ to $iXlXJUi Apply to uKIGUS, CAULKTON A CO.. 1)8 Broadway. _ TO EXCHANGE?FOR ELIZABETH, ORANOE, Brooklyn, William-burg or near-by West heater 14 county property, a three story ha* meat House, in Kif| j tee nth street: Muyveatint leasehold ; equity $3,Jk). Apply *A> W. 8. JaKYIS.k! (.'anal t tract. TTO EXCHANGE?A KINK PLACE AT HASTINGS, 1 with trotituge 011 the Hudson. large House, outbui din?s. Ac.: shade and truit trees; will take improved A'roperty in New York. < BLLLAMY BROTHERS, No. S^Pioe street. TO EXCHANGE?GOOD IIOl'SB IN VILLAGE OF New Brighton (Sta en Island', 80 minutes troin city, 10 rooms and improvements; Iree and cleur; and $4,000 or $5,1X0 cash lor House 111 this city or Brooklyn, t ' N. DOilKRTY, steamship office. n nroauway, trora J-to 3. rpo EXCHANGE FOR JEWELRY-11 ACHES AD X loining a toun rullread, shops In the town: price L $1,000 cash or equivalent. Address J. S., box 104 Urralil ?/ Office. t WANTED?'TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MEB TT rhaudlse, 2,001) acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county, Texas. . Titles perfect in every respect For particulars address v C. C. 11KAKNK, hox 15a Galveston (Texas) l'ost otllce. TI/T ANTED?IN EXCHANGE, SMALL FARMS, WITIIY? in 40 miles ol New York, lor houses on 4Sth, 7Sd, Hftth 123d, 136th streets. SLAUK A CO., 33 Onion square. WANTED?A GOOD BRICK OR BROWN STONE Mouse, np town, good location, in exchange for a 6 story brick deub'e Tenement, paving over 10 per cent Address S. II. ill Hit, 1 AO i.roadway. ^ TVANTED?SEVERAL SMALL COUNTRY PLACES, " in exchange for Furniture, Carpets and other nropi ' erty; will add a little cash. Address 8. II. BURR, 150 Broadway. WANTED?DWELLING nOUSF, ON WEST SIDE, below Fortv-second street, ii?exchange lor near-by county Place and cash or lor House up town. Address R. hPKNCKR, box 3,028 Post ofllce. "H.'OUI.D EXCHANGE?TWO LOTS IN nARRISON ?? street, Brooklyn, for a small House, value not to i exceed $5 am, in pond neighborhood, Brooklyn. Apply ' at 360 Greenwich street 5 SPLENDID LOTS?UNENCUMBERED, ON FIFTH , avenue, between Fortieth and Forty-tint streets, Brooklyn, worth $3,000, to exchange for Goods cr Merchandise of any description. Address WILLIAM H. , DAVIS, box 63 Jersey t lty. REAL Yd .'j'VI'rg WANTED. A HOUSE WANTED IN HARLEM?WITniN 8 MIN- ' A utes' walk of steam cars: lot not less than 20feet front: price not to exceed $4,900. Communications without particulars not noticed. Address HOUSEKEEPER, box 89 Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. A GOOD PIECE OK CITY OR COUNTRY PROPERTY, with sotac cash, wanted in exchange for a magnificent Residence on llud am River, near the city. Address REAL ESTATE, box 144 Herald office. COUNTRY PROPERTY WANTED.?WANTED. A small Place, within an hour and a half of New York, 4 In exchange tor the Equity in an elegant Place In Eliza tiel lit amount of equity $30,030. Address OWNER, box 38 , 1 Post office, New York. "ITtARM WANTED.?ANY GOOD, RELIABLE PER- j X1 son owning a first class crazing farm, within two I hours ol New York, and Is desirous of engaging in a very / important and profitable cash business and has some \ rash capital, will address W. E., box 116 Herald Uptown Branch office. i "pLUMRER'S MATERIALS TO EXCHANGE FOR REAL XT Estate or Mortgages. Address, with particulars, IMDZE P. M.. box 1^6 Herald otllce. J^EAD THE EVENING TELEGRAM j TO-MORKOW. ^ ! fTUIP. REAL ESTATE INDEX. 62 CEDAR STREET, X New York, over 100 Properties lor exchange. THREE BROWN STONE CITY, 15 BROOKLYN i Dwellings to exchange; also, for sale. Country , Beats at Fishkill. Sing Sing. Stnten Island. Long Island. NewJersey. BUFUS K. McHARG, 77 Cedar street : TIT"ANTED?A THREE OR FOUR STORY BROWN ?t stone llousc, 16 to 20 feet wide, between Thirtyfourth and Hlxty-flfth streets nnd Madison and Third avenues. Address, with particulars. JOHN S1EGEL A , CO., 79 Cedar street j TATANTED?A STRICTLY FlftbT CLASS HOTEL, TO ! ff either purchase or lease. Address box 919 Post ofllce, Hartford, Conn. TIT ANTED?A HOUSE WORTH ABOUT $16,000, BE, ?r tween Fifth and Sixth avenues, lora cash customer; . four story brown stone. Send particulars to MARTIN i DUNN, 2iB Broadway. 1 f TITANTED?A DWELLING IN GOOD LOCALITY IN 1 ff this city, valued at from $15,060 to $25,000, in ex- i ; Change lor brown stone House on a bcaatltul street nenr 1 Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Address H. B., Manhattan ? Gas works, No. 4 Irving place. WANTED?A PLOT OF THREE TO FIVE LOTS, BEtwecn Filth aild Madison avenues, south of Eightysixth street for a public institution: all cash will be paid Tor a suitable plot Address VAPOR BATHS, Herald I ofllce. i WANTED-A HOUSE IN THE SUBURBS, WITH 1M- I provemcnts, worth from $5,000 to $10,000. in exChange for First Mortgages on East New York property. J. HICK LINO, 202 Broadway, room 7,10 to 1. TTTANTED-WITHIN EASY ACCESS OF NEW YORK t ff by steam cars, a small Cottage House, with gronnd < attached; must have modern improvement. Applv, with I particulars, liy letter only, to M. CAMERON, 156>S Clymer 1 Street, Williamsburg, L. I. WANTED TO BUY-A HALF OR FULL LOT IN . Greenwood or Woodlawn Cemetery; state price. Size and location. Apply to A. W. HOPKINS, 90 West < Broadway. 1 i ? "WANTPD TO BUY?FRAME HOUSE. WITH FIVE I ff or six bedrooms, with all Improvements, or Haifa t Douse to rent. In vicinity of or on car line to Catholic I school. In Brooklyn, Bergen or outskirts of New York. Address L. M. O., Harlem Fost office, stating price and terms. "TV*"ANTED TO BUY FOR CASH-A FOUR STORY " high stoop brown stone House, not less than 21) feet front, between Thirtieth nnd Forty-seventh streets and i I Fourth aud i-ixth avenues. Owners please address BIKER, HESSE A CO . No. 5 Pine street WANTED TO PURCHASE?IN NEW JERSEY ' (Orange preferred), a small modern well-built j House, hall io one acre of ground, within walking distance ol depot; price $;i,(tiU to $7,(Km. Address K. L., . Herald office, with price and particulars. WANTED?THREE OR FOUR STORY JIROWN . stone, not less than 20 feet tront, below Fifty-ninth . street, Lexington to Sixth avenue; all cash if u bargain; owners send full particulars. W. H. HAYES A SONS. 81 Cedar street. WANTED TO PURCHASE-A HOUSE OR ONE OR two Lots In the Second, Third, Fourth or Sixth ward. Address Q. W. DITCHETT, No. 2 New Chambers Street , TITANTED TO PURCHASE?FOR CASH, AT FROM 1 m $.10,000 to $40,1)00, a medium-sized House, between i Thirty-fourth nnd Forty-eighth streets nnd Fourth anil Sixth avenues; must tie In a choice location ami first I class in every respect Address L. H.. 180 Duane street <ttt1 ^ nnn -WANTED TO BUY. CHEAP CORNER t House and Lot east of Bowery and ' Third avenue, below Twentieth street, in a good neigh- 1 tiorhood. Address CHARLES, Herald office. <i>9C OHO ?THE ADVERTISER HAS $25,000 i "Jw. ready casli to invest in lloulevnrd Lot*. owners of this kind ot property desiring to sell at a reasonable figure can address CAPITAL, box 174 Herald Uptown Branch office. BALES AT AUCTION. ~~ Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms 95 Chambers anil 77 Rende streets. By ALT.EN H. MINER A HRO.. laie Uenry II. Leeds A Miner (Established 1847). ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, at 10t? o'clock, at private residence 24i) Clinton ?tree', BrOoklvn, OF.NTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, Piano, Ac. Details in time. Allen b. miner auctioneer. i Salesrooms 95 CnnudMrs and 77 Roadc streets. 1 uy ALiijtM* n. "ri.>r. n a hihi i llicit, I THURSDAY. ATR1L 3, St 10yt o'clock, at. the private; residence, 49 Enst Ninth s'reet, GENTF.EL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, rosewood f 4 Piano, Mirrors, Ac., Ac. Details hereafter. I A LLKN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. ' A Salesrooms 96 Chambers and 77 Reade streets ! By ALLEN B. MINER A 1IKO., ON FRIDAY, APRIL 4, at MX o'clock, at their salesrooms, 96 Chambers nnd 77 Reade streets, 1 HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Removed for convenience of sale. Particulars In time. A DMINISTRATRIX'9 8ALB.-THE SUBSCRIBER ! J\ will sell, at public sale, on Tuesday, April S, next, at Long Branch, N. J., the Hotel, known ns Cooper Cottage, with 6 acres of Land, splendidly located; also all the Furniture and Fixtures belonging to the hotel, bar and J Billiard rooraa; *i8,nu) may remain on the premises. Bale positive. ELIZABETH H. HKNDKICKSON, Administratrix. j Auction sale, . j on (Monday), March 31. at 10,H o'clock. Magnificent Household Fnrniture, carpets; ' elegant rosewood i'lanoforte, Stool and Cover; at the private residence, 113 Clinton place (Eighth street), ' between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Property ot Dr. Philippe * A. Ronscau, leavlnjt for France. Parlors?Velvet, Brussels 1 Carpets; magnificent Parlor Suits, styles ot Graad ' Duchess and Marie Antoinette, covered with French aatin, brocatol and reps: double rouad 7V< octave rosewood Pianoiorte; Turkish Chairs, lAanges; fine Oil Pointings, Hron/.es, Va-es. Clocks, Bookcases, Ktageres, 1 Tables, rosewood and walnut Chamber 8uits, Mattresses, < Bedding; Librarv, Dining Room Fnrniture; Glass, China, Bllver Ware. Ac. ERNEST ROTH. Auctioneer. Goods L packed and delivered for purchasers in city or country. AUCTION.-TO PARTIES DECLINING HOUSE- 1 keeping.?DANIEL A. MATTHEWS, Auctioneer, salesroom fifit Broadway, gives personal attention to sales ol furniture at private residences as usual since . IH69. The following sale- will take place On Torsday, < April*, at 707 Lexington avenue, entire Furniture. On i Tuesday, April 16, at Iflli West ElevenUi street, entire Furniture. Auction noticf,-?:o,ooo elegant nouxbbold Furniture will be sold at auction MONDAY, tUrcb 31, by KOBEKT C. OAsHIN, Auctioneer, 1 at private residence 210 We?t21at it..near7tU at. i *. D.-tjAic ooHUye. bee Monday ? U?raW. ^ r NEW YORK HERALD, SALES AT A POTTO'S. j^DRIAN U. Ml'LLEB, A"01 lONKKtt. Pertinpo y Sale Tost l'.siate. 165 Riverside Park Lots will bo sold at Auction, by order of the faelrs of JOEL POST. Deceased. ON TUESDAY, APRIL I, at 13 o'clock, at the Exchange bule.-room, 111 Broad tray, by ADRIAN H. MULLKR, P. R. WILKINB A 00, Auctioneers. Seventy per cent may remain on bond and Mortgage. Maps at the offlco of the Auctioneer', No. 7 Pino street. J^DUIAN a, AUCTIONEER. Property at Riverdale, on the Hudson Hirer, and on Broadway, between the cities of New York and Yonkers, Comprising Three and 338 I-ots, To lie i-old at uue.iou THURSDAY, April it, At the fc.xchange Salesroom. For particulars apply L> ' A. a MULLKR, P. R. WILK1KS A CO., Auctioneers, No. 7 Pino street J^DKIAN a MULLKR, AUCTIONEER. VALUABLE LOTS ON NINTH AVENUE, 121T1I AND 12.TH STREETS. ADRIAN H. MUL1.ER, P. U. W1LKIN8 A CO., will sell at auction, on MONDAY, March 31, at 13 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. Nin'h avenue?Two lots, southeast corner Ninth avenue ana Utlili street. 1241b street?Nine lots, norlh side. 103 feet wost of Ninth avenue. l-5in street?Four lots, south side, about 7 leet 2 Inches west ol'Manhattan street Maps at the oltlcu of Auctioneer, No. 7 Pino street Adrian n. mui.lcr. auctioneer. Houses, Stuliles and Lots ou West Forty-first street. ADRIAN U. MUl.LEit, P. R. WILK1NS A CO., will sell st auction on Wednesday. April 9, 1373, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange .' ate room. 111 Broadway? The two story brick Houses and Lots 220 and 222 West Forty-llrst. street with brick stable ou the rear; lots together 40x98.9. The three story hrictt House and l ot 224 West Fortyfirst street, ad. ointnr the above. The house is 4U l'eet deep, well arranged, gas. Ac. lot 24x9(1.9. The frame Cottage and three Lots 228 and 230 West Forty-first street, with the two story brick (stable. 2.1x00 feet, on the rear. The lots together are 60x93.9, with an sllcywav on either side of the cottages lor durance to the stable in the rear. Maps at the ottlco ot the auctioneers. j^RT?AUCTION. SOMERVILLE OALLKUY, Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street NOW OPEN FREE. MR. JOHN SNEDECOK'S ANNEAL SALE. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer, 82 Fifth avenue, nrill sell on the evenings oi the 7th, 8th and 9th April, the entire collection of Art Works belonging to Mr. John Sneiceor, comprising fine Oil Paintings und Water Colors, previous to his departure lor Europe. The collection embraces many very valuable examples by native and foreign artists of distinction, and is veil worth the alien?l all lovers ot art A CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER. Salesroom, 79 Nassau street, a-tabhshed 1819. Will glvs his personal attention to sales of Household furniture at residence of tamllics breaking up, or at his ipacious salesrooms as above. Early application is requisite. A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. MONDAY, March 31, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, i.19 and 5M Sixth street, near avenue B, two four story prick Houses, with store on first floor and Stables In rear; size 16x90.10; gas and Croton. Sale absolute. Poslession 1st of May. A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. . WEDNESDAY, April 2. at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, Estate of Jeremiah Tier, deceased, No*. 2.1.27, 29, 29>? and 31 First street, southeast corner of Second avenue, two story and attic brick Houses, averagug 17 feet front. Maps at 77 Cedar street ^ J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. Partition sale of valuable Canal street Property. A. J. BLEECKER, SON A CO. will sail at auction, on Wednesday, April 2, at 12 M., at the Exchange salesroom ;? Canal street.?The live story brown st?no Building No. 138 Canal street, running through to Vestry, 25x'J9, buildng covering entire lot, mid now used as a furniture warehouse; Trinity church lease, 11 years to run; terms ;asy. Mups at 77 Cedar street. A J. BLEECKER, FON A CO., AUCTIONEERS, Executor's sale?Estate of the late Daniel Marley, THURSDAY, April 8, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, three story frame House and Lot, 292 West Thirty-fourth itrect, next to southwest corner of Seventh avenue; size ilxfiO; house contains 13 rooms, and is conveniently arranged and recently put in complete repair. A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. THURSDAY. April 3, at. 12 If., attbo Exchange Salesrooms, 111 Broadway, lirce Lots south side of 114th street, 225 feet cast of Secmet avenue; also three story high stoop brown stone House, north side of Fiftieth street, between Third and Second avenues; all complete. Maps at 77 Cedar street. A?ROBERT SOMERVILLE. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 82 Fifth avenue, corner fourteenth street. ROBERT SOMERVILLE will sell by auction, on Monlay, March 31, at 10>? o'clock, at the private residence 65 West Twenty-first street, black walnut Parlor Suits, in eps and haircloth; velvet, Brussels and ingrain Carpets; Mirrors, Ktagere, Bookcases, black walnut Bed oom Furniture, Extension Tables, Buffet, Chairs, Lounges, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, Pillows, Ac. RT BALE. MONDAY AFTERNOON, March 31. at 3% o'clock, sale of a fine collection of Bronzes, Clocks, v ases, Inlaid Tables, Ac. A large Orchestrion, by linofT A Mneklo, London. Silver Ware, English sterling Silver, in sets; nearly .,000 ounces solid sterling silver. Orand Piano, by steinway A Son. MONDAY EVENINU, atbo'clock, iale of OH Paintings, comprising examples by Walter Yllliums. Wyngaerdt, Bellows, Callow, Broome, Savary, Joust, Snmmcrs, Lara, Ac., Ac. The whole the property ol u gentleman leaving forEu opp. To be sold entirely without reserve. The sale takes place at the Art Rooms, 817 Broadway. mrwm. Jir.nim, AUClluniTro. TltCH. JOHNSTON. Al7cTIONKKR~ tx. Otnce and salesroom, 37 Nnssuu street, opposite the Post office. Holts I', AN1) CARRIAGE BRANCH, 19, 21. 23 ninl 23 East Thirteenth street, between University place and Fitli avenue. A CARD. The Arm of Johnston A Van Tassell having been llssolved by mutual consent. Mr: Johnston continues the tl'SINKSS AT TUB OLD STAND, 37 NASSAU STREET, ipiiasite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSE 18 emoved to the spacious premises, 19, 21. 21 and 26 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, jetwci-n Filth avenue and University Place, uiul hue no connection vrith the other stand lately occupied by the Irin ot Johnston A Van Tas-ell. iKUULAR SALES EtERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the vear. Entries for sales may be made us usnal either at otir lowntown house, 37 Nassau street, or at the Mart, 19, 21 13 and 23 East thirteenth street. Liberal advances, as usual, made on consignments. A RChTjOUNSTON~AUCT10NKEft, t\. olllcc and salesroom 37 Nassan street, opposite the Post office. Household Furniture. ARCTI. JOHNSTON will sell on Monday, at o'clock, it his salesroom, 37 Nassau street, an assortment of lonsehold Furniture, Carpets, Ituga Oilcloths, Bed. iteads, Bureaus. Wnshstnnas. feather Beds, Mattresses, billows and Bolsters, canc-sealed Chairs, wooden Arm Chairs, Rockers, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Also a large assortment of Office Furniture, hy order of the executors. UCTION NOTICE.?RICHARD WALTERS, AUOtioncer, Salesroom 27 East Broadway, solicits and will give his personal attention to sales of Household p'liraiture at residenees ot parties declining housekeepng, Stores and Merchandise; also Storage for same; erms moderate; prompt returns; 20 years' experience. BY ROBERT SOMERVILLE. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 82 FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER FOURTEENTH STREET. ROBERT SOMERVILLE WILL SELL BY AUCTION, ON MONDAY, MARCH 31, AT 10? O'CLOCK. AT TH^ PRIVATE RESIDENCE 63 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, ALL THE OENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNL rUKF. IN SAID HOUSE, black walnut Parlor Suits in reps, rosewood Etageres, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lace and Rep Curtains, Shades, Bullets, Extension Tables. China ind Olassware, black walnut and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus. Washstands, Comodes. Lounges, Cliairs, Book-ases. What-nots, curled hair Mattresses, Feather Beds ind Pillows, Velvet Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Matting. Rugs, together with a large assortment >f Kitchen UtensiU. I B. V. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHT A JOHNSON will sell on Tuesday, April 1, at 10 o'clock, at 229 and 230 West street the Slock. Tools and Fixtures of the Ned us Co-operative Manufacturing Company, consisting of Plumbers' Materials, Whip Closets and Pumps, Crnton Boilers, brass and iron Olohe Valves, Dock Hydrant*. Croton Brasswork, full stock of Steam and ttasflttlng Material, together with a complete set of Pipefitters', Tin ununs ana i,oppor.smiins' lonis, ana one large wi or Hollers; also several Fox and Engine Ocar, I.athea, 'hucks, Tools; large lot of Shafting. Belting and Pulleys, lo.; also one 111 horse power Engine and Holler, In rnnnlnir order. The whole of tho ?t?ove stock will be offered tor sale, amounting to over $211.0011. BY I8ADORE J. SWARZKOPH. AUCTIONEER?WILL sell, to morrow, at 2Z7 Fifth street, elegant Ida. k walnut Chamber Suits, Carpets, Oilcloths, Mirrors, Bedling ; positively In lots. Dealers Invited. STRAUS A HWAK/.KUl'H, 375 Bowery. BY IHADOKEJ. SWARZKOPH, AUCTIONEER?WILL ell, to-morrow, at 253 Stanton street, large Stock tnd Fixtures of Fancy Oooda, Dry Oonda, Millinery and Hosiery; positively in lota. Dealers invited. TJY IHADORE J. SWARZKOPH, AUCTIONEER-WILL I) sell, Tuesilay, large fresh Stock and splendid Fixture*, Counters, Ac., ol' large Corner Urucery Store, in ota. STRAUS A SWARZKOPH, 375 llowery. BY MAX B A YE Its DO R F K R, ACCTIONEKR?SELLA Monday next, valuable Lease, principal corner , also Fixtures of Wine, Liquor and Billiard It man. Lager Beer and Restaurant; also ihe Furniture oftotir story house, Horse nnd Wagon, Ac. Bargain privately this day at the o(Bee ol MAX BAVfiBSDORFER A HACKBB, 2tt Bowerj,_ SUNDAY, MARCH 30, II dA'.F? Ai'CT'n*. ?Y K. U. LUDLUW A CO. FRIDAY, April 4, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Brohdway, the Residence of the laic Me hn Oambrclentr, Ureat J onus reel. The v ry do 1 alio thr. e tt.iry and basement brielbUweliin,' a id i.oi. So real Jones street to.itii side, between Brua iway and I'owerv; bouse tee i, aud two story extent) on, 21x32 eci; lo 9.. West Twenty-ihlrd street?.he tonr story an1 basement brick English basement Dwelling and Lot 61 West Twenty hird street, north aide, 113.8 tcet we.stoi ienUi av? nuu; house 1'LHxVI iee.; in lair o dor, oontaina conveniences; posse-s.on any tiuie; lot W 9. 60 per rent may rem tin on bond and mortgage. _ Maps. 4c., No. 3 Pine strcui. By f. oolton, auotiombul^e sale ot rich isoo obold t'nrn tore on Thursday, April 8, at I o'clock, at lie Halo-room, 5.1 nasi Thirteenth street, u.-ar Broadway, consisting o a lartte ass >rlmeiil ol Parlor, liedrooiu und Dining Kootn Foruiiiiro Irein Sivornl aaillle-; Velvet, Wilton and Brussels t.'urp. is, eaivrd Kiagere; rich, carved black w hint Hedsteiids and Burem.s. best hair Mu.tie is, Bed.hnK, iwo ru-ewood Pianos, l.urli-h Mangle, Kxlen. on I shies, tlvo Netv.nit Machines, itbnui 20 line Oil l'ahitngs in rich gilt Irani"*, u lot ot niee Photograph Frames, China aud Glassware. MONDAY. March ill. in Brooklyn, the entire hnlJ Furniture at 1.1.72 Fulton avenne, nenr Oinsson av< iiuc. BY IN ADOKK J. .sWAKZKiPll. AUCTIONEER?WILL sell, lo-morrow. at 24 sixth avenue, decant Fixtures and Furniture of first class Haloon and Club Room, rosewood I'lanuior.e, rosily Bar unil buck liur, tablet. Chairs, nil I'a niing--, Engravings, li e House, Glassware; lartte stock oi W tics, l.iouors, Cordials: positively in Iota. C1URPORATIO ( SACK OK KRAI, KSIATEB ) and Leaaes of Ferry Franchises. Public notice Is hereby kIvoq that the Commissioners of the sinking Fund ot the city ot New York will open for sale at public auction, on Tuesday, April 20, 18 3, at noon, at the Exchange alesrootn, 111 Broadway. In the city ot New York, the billowing real estates belonging to the Corporation ol' the oily ot New York:? Premises known as 161 Wooster street. Premise* known asS.YJ West Thlriy-flflhstreet. Promises known as 61 Soring street. Premises known as 49 Leonard street Building anil Land on tho east side ot avenue C, between sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, known as tho F.iglitecin h Ward Market Full warrantee deeds will be glvon to all purchasers. Lithographic maps of the ubovc real estates may bo obtained at the Comptroller's olilcc on aud alter the 10th of April next Also Pealed bids will be receives, to be publicly opened at the Comptroller's ollU'e on April 29, 1873, ut 3 o'clock P. M., for Leases lor a term ol 10 years, trout May 1,1873, ot tho billowing ferries aud ferry frunchlsos:? Ferry now eslahllxheJ Iretn loot of Houston street. East Kiver, New York, lo the footol Crand streot, Brooklyn, K. 1). Ferry now established fronw'oot of Grund street. New York to fool ot Grand sired, Brooklyn, H. D. ferry now ostub Ishid irom loot of Ninety-second street. East River, to Astoria, l-ong Is'and. Leuse ot terry It, now established from footof Barclay street, North River, to llohokeii, N. J. Lease ot terry lruucliisc, now established irom foot of rx-sbrosscs street. North River, to loot of Uarsiinus street, N.J. ? Tho lensus to bo made to conform to the requirement of laws rel.vivc to lurries, mid such regulations, ordinances or bylu ws as are now, or hereafter may irom time to time be made or passed by tho Common Council or Ntato Legislature. bids to be addressed to tho undersigned and ondorsed "bids lor Kerry Franchises." Tho right to reject any bid, if deemed to be to the interest ol the city ot New Yerk, Is reserved by the Commi-atoncrs of the .Sinking Fund. AN!>iti,W U. (IKEEN, Comptroller. Comptholm'.k's. Or kick, New Counts Couut House, March 27, 1873. Desirable Williamsburg business propporly tor sale at auction.?Will be sold, on Thursday, April 3, 1373, at lOj-.j o'clock A. m., on the premises, 2;'., 27 and 29 Johnson avenue near Un.oa avenue, three Lots of Ground, being 76x10.1, containing one three story brick Fautory, 36x75; one two story irame Factory 26x70; ono three story and basement Irame Dwelling. 22x33; all the buildings iire new Hnd in good order. This property Is well adapted for any kind ol manuiacturing business, or cun be advantageously turned into dwellings. It Is well locuted in a good neighborhood and offers a rare chance to parties Wishing to make a sale und protltabie investment Capitalists and business men should give this sale their attention. For lurthcr particulars inquire of the owner, T. F. ARCUKK, 27 Johnson avenue, Williamsburg, l. i. I3DWAIJD PETTINGER, AUCTIONEER, 77 KIGUTIl 'J avenue.?Closing out sale, Monday, 11 o'clock, consisting hi miscellaneous Goods lett on storage:?Furniture, Bedding, Bar Fixtures, Crockery, Glussware, 4c. Particulars to-morrow. TjlXKCUTOR'S KALE.?ANTHONY J. BLKKCKER Pj will sell at auction, by order of Executor, ut Exchange Salesroom, 111 Uroudwuv, New York, on Thursday, April 10, nt 1.1 M., the following improved l'rop. ert.v 48 Ha rrison street. Lot and throe story House; 11 Watts street, Lot, three story House and stable; 171 und 171>s Division street. Lots and two Btory and attic double House. For maps and particulars inquire of Auctioneer, 77 Ce.lar street, or lit A O. Mil.I.lilt, Itiu Pulton street. IjIXECUTOR'S SALE OK VALUABLE" STORE PROP<j erty, corner of Cole and Twellth streets. Jersey City, Thursday, April 3, at 3P. M., on tho premises, J. M. GIBSON, Auctioneer. Terms easy. For particulars apply to C. J. MoCAKTlE, 401 Washington Market, or J. M. GIBSON, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. enky 11. iiekts, auctioneer^ SALESROOM IB CORTLANDT STREET, ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, VALUABLE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, STEINWAY A SONS' GRAND AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, SUPERB FRENCH CLOCKS, REAL BRONZES, STATUARY, AC., ON WEDNESDAY. APRIL 2, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT RESIDENCE OF B. L. SOLOMON, ESQ., 163 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. PARLORS CONTAIN Axmmster Carpets, French Plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Parlor Suit. Mauve Satin, with Window Curtains to match; rich Lace Curtains, Steinway A Sons' Parlor Grand Piano, superb Paris Clocks, Bronzes, real Bronze Statuary, Etavere and Cabinet, Vases, Ornaments, Jardinieres, Card Receivers, Ceutre, SMe and Card Tables. VALUABLE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS BY VAN SC HEN DEL, DIKLMAN, henrietta bonner, a. auue, ferdinand de brack- uan jenkate, elekr. ten whs pure, a. vf.rmeulen, le fevre, JOSEPH BLOSSS, ZACCARELLI, AND OTHER CELEBRATED ARTISTS* DINING ROOM CONTAINS Velvet Carnet, rlclf French Plate Mantel Mirrors, rich Silk Reps, Window Curtains, rosewood Set, in green plush; solid rosewood Dining Table, Massive Sideboard, rich 'Chandelier and Side Brackets, tine Engraved Cut Glassware, French China, Silverware, Cutlery, Ac.: vary valuable Mantel Clock and real Bronze Ktatuct*. BY A. CARRIER?Engravings. Oil Paintings, Ac., Ac. SITTING ROOM CONTAINS?Velvet Carpet, Krcneh Plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Parlor Suit, in fancy tapestry-reps; flue walnnt Library and Cara Tables, bro cadcd Satin nnd Lace Curtains, Steinway A Sons' seven octave upright Piano, Paris Clock, Groups and Bronzes, rich Extension Chandelier, India China Vases, Camp Chairs, Embroideries, Ac. CHAMBERS?Velvet and Brussels Carpets, solid rosewood and walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Dressing Cases, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Suits, in reps aad tapestry; tine Bedding, curled Hair Mattresses, Mirrors, Damask and Lace Curtains, Clocks, Ornaments, Engraviags, Paintings, Ac. _ LIBRARY?Velvet Carpet, Tapestry Curtains. Suit, in blue plush; Bronzes, Clocks, Chandeliers, Vases. Ac. BILLIARD ROOM?Brussels Carpet, Billiard Tabic, with all Appurtenances; lace ami reps Curtains, Ilijfh Chairs, Paintings, Mantel Ornaments, Ac., together with the usual assortment of Kitchen Utensils, with which the sale will commence. NOTICE.?The lionso will bo open for inspection, by permit only, on Monday and Tuesday, lrom 10 to 6 o'clock. Catalogues and permits may be had at tbc otllce of the Auctioneer, 16 Curtlutult street Henry b. herth. auctioneer^ " Salesrooms 16 Cnrtlandt street. LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SPECIAL SALE OF RICH AND PLAIN CABINET FURNITURE, the slock of a manufacturer retiring from business, ON TUESDAY, APRIL 1. AT 10K O'CLOCK. AT THE SALESROOMS 16 CORTLANDT STREET, embracing everv variety of Parlor, Chamber, l.ihrary and Dining Rooms Suits, made up lor first class city retail trade, and lullv warranted. Catalogues ready nnd goods on view on Monday. Purchasers can have their goods packed fur shipping, or they will be STORED FREE OF CHARGE UNTIL MAY 1. Henry b. uerts, auctioneer. Salesroom It! Cortlandt street. Oentpel llnusobnhl Furniture. .Mirrors Ar.. on Frhlav. April 4. lit in", o'clock, Ht l!W Went Forty-eighth street, comprising the entire Furniture of tour story bouse. Full details hereafter. HENRY B. HKRTB, AUCTIONEER. Important Art notice. The sale of valuable Oil Puintiiias, at the residence of B. L. Holomoe, Esq., 163 West Twenty-third street, will take plare on Wednesday next, April 2, nt 3o'clock P. M? immediately after the sale of Furniture. Henry feltman, auctioneer. sells tomorrow, at 10>a o'clock, at M4 Fulton avenue, or street under the Opera llouso, Brooklyn, that tine Grocery Store, in lota; positive. J~ obb1no amd retail drug stock at auction. BURDETT A DENNIS will sell on Thnrsday. 20th, at 2Si Hudson street, between Canul and Hpring streets, at 10 o'clock A. M., by order of the mortttairce, the large Stock, elegant fixtures. Lease and Good Will of the extensive tobbiug anil retail Drug Store 2kl Hudson street, formerly owned by John Aitken, Jr., and recently by the present "occupant. If not sold In one entiro lot it then will be sold same day as per catalogue. Information at the oltlce of the auctioneers, 113 Pearl si Catalogues are now ready. Owing to want of time to prepare catalogue, the above sale is postponed until MONDAY, 31st Inst. J P. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 1? GREAT . Jones street, will sell on Monday, Mar< h .1, at I01{ o'clock, ail the Furniture of four story pnvaia residence 28k West Twenty-fllth street, near Seventh avenue, via.? Fine Brussels, Three-ply and other Carpets; unclothe, choice old Oil Paintings and Engravings, Piano, Parlor Furniture, Lace Curtains, Shades, Mautel Ornaments, Mirrors, Clocks, llatracks, marble top walnut Chamber Suits, Cottage Suits, Lounges, Bureaus, Tables Chairs, Toilet Set", best curled hair and other Mnttresses, best leather Pillows and Bolsters, large lot of Bedding, Dining Room nnd Kitchen Furniture, silver and plated China, Crockery, Glass Ware. Table Cutlrry, Ae. T R. FOLEY, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL ON MOW.1 .1... U..A SI ml U?,ml.'i n>m Srl.lni. IT R,i> Boat llou?c, Floats, Halls and avenrthing appertaining to boating buaineea; a rara chance for a man with small capital. JOSEPH M'UUIRE, AUCTIONEER, ? will aril at nuction on THURSDAY. April 5. 1873, at 13 o'clock noon, attha Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. TTte valuable three story and basement high sloop brick House and Lot 225 Kast Fifty ninth street; house in good order; front parlor frescoed and walls painted through out. The valuable lour full Lots on the northeast comer of New avenue and 142d street, and within 250 feet of Eighth avenue, one lull Lot, north side, Seventy-sixth street, 2(10 lect west avenue A. Maps at the Auctioneer's nlfice, 87 Cedar street. JAMES M. KURD, (JKNERAL AUCTIONEER, IlKtiS leave to inform his Irlends and tlie public that he is prepared to give his personal and lulihinl attention to the sales of Furniture, stocks of Merchandise of all rte eripOoiMi either at the comtaodloua salerooms, 307 Bowery, or at the residence ot parties declining housekAntng. Having hail thirty-five years' practical experience in the auction and inrniture business m nil Its details, he feels confident ha.can give entire satisfaction to Ihnse desiring his services. On Friday. April 4, at lit Second avenue, the entire handsome Furniture; catalogues and particulars in time. On Tuesday, Ai ril 8, at Thirty third street, elegant Household Furniture. On

Thursdav, April 10. at Third avi nue, large stock of Orocrrles, Ac On Monday, April It. at Fecund street. Household Furniture. ParlicvUara ot the above tytd ottiera la Uiuw 373-QUADKW*LE SHEETSAT.F,* AT UICTIOII. ' *1 AMKH CAO.NKY, AUOTIONtKR, REAL KSTATR AND tl l.inii Broker, 131 Hudson Hrfc , will pivn per-onul aitru. on to sale; at the I-xchaige, of Furniiure at | ri, v i ? residence* hoti I-, -lore sicks a- praising, Ar.; Iroin |Ioiwu|wimm<'?i 21 vi'ur hi t n> Motion lirutkof I uiv le.sliies ., 1 duller mvttel' mtlre sa I <lu-Lull will bo ; given; i rouipt, reliable re uroi; charges moderate. For louid ig fin f luminal culnmn. JACOB HOHAKT. ACCTIONtKIl?MONDAY, MARCH .11, at II o'chick. lit the hiuiIiw j?t corner ot Wont Bruudnay and Duane street, tic enure Block ot a first clans it iifii-- Room and lle-laiiaiit?Bar Counter, uiartile top T .bies, Range*. Cooking L'Onslls, Ac. MORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEER?VALUABLE Property Nos.49 uml M .1am street. K. H. LUDLOW A CO. villi sell at public auctiot. at the Exchange Saloarooiu, 111 Broadway, n the dty ot New York, on Monday, the 31a. Jay ot Mar. lt, 17:1. ut IX o'clock noou, all Hi it lot ol i.untl In t*ie city o New York hcginn ng on the northerly line ol .lime strctt,PH loot ami ti incheseasterly Irotn Hudson Htreo', mining thence euaferly along Jnne aireet 23 feel, thence northerly HS feet 3 Inches, : tin nee westerly 24 left 6 inclne, and thence southerly 91 (ret to the point of beginning. Al-o all that other lot In I ssld city beginning on said nolhcrly lino ot Jtme street 123 leet and II iii. lies eusierly rom Hudson street, running thence eas'erly along' lane street :7 leet and 6 indie, thence noriherl) MM le.t, thence vves'erly 27 feet and ti inches, and thence souilerly Ms icel nu I 3 Inches to the point oi la-ginning. (m 49 Is n tour dory and basement doul.lo Tenement, aid on No. M !a a live story Bolt are in good order, with a g?.o I classof i counts. A 1iii?j portion ol the pur.-hum nu ney may remain oil bond mil mortgage. For further pi.i ars apt ly to I I .A N At AN, 11 Kill III' A MAl.llNK, Attorneys, si Nassau street. M OUR IB WILKINS. AlCT10NBER.-DWKt.LINO and lot. 134 West Twellii street-K. II. LUDLOW A CO. will ell at auction, on Thursday, April in, tit 12 o'clock, ai Ih Exchange Buhsrooin, III Broadway, Now York: West I welt h street?tic three story and basement hi . h stoop brick Dwelling aid Lot, known as 134 West Twelfth Klrcf, n the south sue. Just west of Sixth avenue; hou e is-6x.V) leet, withtwo storv extension of A) feet; lot 103.3; Possession Mayl; terms, Ac., liberal; maps at No. 3 I inc strcc'. PAW NBKOKKR'H BALK.?'VATCHES AND JEWELRY, Monday?JAMKS AGAR, Auctioneer, will sell tomorrow, at &9 New Bowery, at 12 o'clock, 600 lots Hold and Silver Watches. Hold anl Diamond Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Guns, Pistolx, Musical Instruments, I'latedware, Fancy Hoods, Ac By order ot Patrick Starr, 76 West Houston street, and Charles (ludlipp, 2.19 Spring street. "PAWNBROKER'S BALE.?TUESDAY, JAMES AGAR, X Auctioneer, will mil st fi'J Now Bowery, BIX) lots Men's and Women's Clothing ami other seasonable goods. by order ot Joseph Utiuiaiior, 444 Seventh ar. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-SAM. FOREST, AUOTIONecr, will sell lo-niorrow (Monday), at 17 Bowery, BOO lots Men's and Women's tin; OlotluiiK, Milk and other Dresses and Skirts, Remnant', Haoquea, Shawls, Redding, Underwear, Koota, Shoes and other Goods. Order Solomons, Eighth avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SALK.-8AM. FOREST, AUOTIONecr, will sell Friday neit, at 17 Bowery, BOO lota Men's and Women's choice Oto'Mng, Redding and other Goods, itiil r lie Long, East i adway. PAWNBRGKKK'S SALES-HY RICHARD FIl-.LI), sheriffs and (leicral Auctioneer. Salesroom, U1 ltowery. Wednesday, April 2, by or4er Simpson, tirecn A Co., oOO lots Watchei und Jewelry. Friday, April 4, by order Hugh Frcel, BUI loti Men's and Women's Giiithlng. I>AWN BROKERS' SALES. By Tllos. McdRATH, Auctioneer, 133 Chatbam at. Monday?Women's (Lot hi nr. By order of Mrs. B. Coste.Uo, 16 Mott streot. Tuesday?Women's Cloth in.'. By order of H. McAleennn. Second avenue. Wednesday?Men's and w?men's (Mottling. lly order of D Silherstuin, Sixth avenue. Friday?Women's lllolhing, Bv order of I,. Cnhon, Canal street. j^al'ld transit?35 minutes from city hall. First Suhurhan Sale of the season. By A. J. ULKECKER, SON A CO., 77 Cedar streot, Lots about Erie dbpot, at ( Rutherford I'ark, N. J, 8ATirRnAY_AFTERNOON, April B. Richard waltf.hs, auctioneer?groceries. Marshal's sale.?Will sell Monday, ot lll>? o'clock, at salesroom, 27 Fast Broadway, II) chests ot choicest Green, Black anu Japan Teas; Java Colleen, barrels Flour, 15 boxes Family Jtoap, 2 boxes prime Cheese. Molasses, Clothes Plus, kegs Blue, Coffee Ensoiioo, 4 llrkins prime Butter, Ac.; also Wheeler A Wilson, Singer and Elliptic family and manufacturing Sewing Machines, perfect order ; lot Lasts and Dies, one sixty gallon Copper Still, Tubs, Ac., all complete. Sale positive. A. AARON3, Marshal. SUPREME COURT SALE, iu partition. Valuable Hroperty for sale , ,. ou the line of the Grand Drlvos and near the Now National Parade Ground. JAMES M. MILLER, AucUoncer, will sell at auction, on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at Hie Ekchunge Salesroom, 111 Broadway, under the direction of Nathaniel Jnrvls, Jr.. Esq., referee, the Plot of Ground between 214th and 'Alflth streets, containing 4.71S-1UUU acres, known us the Thompson Estate. On this plot, situated at the apex of Inwood 1IIII, Is a large three story and basement brick and stucco llnlshcd Villa Mansion, with tower, having all the conveniences of hot and cold water, gas, furnace, covered portecochcre, with bnlcony. Ac. On first lloor, large drawing room, library and dining room, with spacious halls, butler's room anil piazzas. On the second Boor, four large and I wo small rooms, bathroom, eedar and other closets. On third floor, four rooms. The grounds are handsomely laid out in lawn, grove, flower and kitchen gardens, containing many line grafted fruits, with un abundance of old forest trees and evergreens; a line spring ol good water; also large stable and curriage house, with addilion lor coachman's and servants' rooms; large Ice-house ami other outbuildings. The views ol the Hudson River unit surrounding country, from its desirable site, are not surpassed, it equalled, by any on New York Island. Tito properly is in o neighborhood contiguous to the Dyckman Estate and Increasing In value dally. Seventy-five per cent of purchase money may remain on bond and mnrtaaue. Fur mans and lull nurtieulnrs liiouire at ofllce of auctioneer, 2M Pine street, New York. QUPREME COURT BALK. 0 In Partition. Valuable Property tor sale, on the Grand Boulevard and lOOtli street, and Irving place, near Seventeenth street ML'LLER, W ILK INS A CO., Auctioneers, will sell at auction, on WEDNESDAY, April 2,1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, under the direction of ALBON P. MANN, Esq., Referee. Boulevard and 100th street?2 Lots situate on the northeast corner Boulevard anil UNltli street, with 6 Lots on ruar, fronting on 100th street ;on these last mentioned lots is a substantial Dwelling House. Also 2 Lots on the southeast corner of Boulevard and 100th street, with ft Lots on rear, fronting on 100th street, on which there are two Frame Houses. Irving Place?The 2K story brick House and Lot, situate on the westerly side of Irving place, between Sixteenth anil Hevente.intli streets, aiuf known as 43; house 40.2 deep; lot 24x72 feet, with right of light in rear. Also the 2>4 story brick House and Lot adjoining the above on the northerly side, and known as 4ft; house 2ft feel; lot 19x00 feet, bale peremptory, without reserve. For ti.rther particulars as to terms, title, Ac., apply to S. F, A F. 11. COWDREY, Attorneys, 07 Wall street. Maps at the ofllco of the Auctioneers, No. 7 Pine -tret, New fork. SHERIFF'S HALE.?BY VIRTUE OF SEVERAL EXKcutlons against the Stonewall Oil Company I will sell on the 2d day of April, a. c., at their factory, Hunter's Point, L. I., Central avenue, on the canal, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, nine Taylor's Hydraulic CnVe Presses, Cold ami Lard Presses, Gins, Huliers ami all machinery necessary for manufacturing linseed and cottonseed oil, as well as Boilers and Engine and merchandise, consisting 01 Cotton, Paper Stock, Rags, Cottonseed, Oitmcal, empty barrels, old Iron, Ac. A. 0. HENRY, Sheriff of Queens county. SPEC 1AL SALE OF ST It AW GOODS, Panama Hats, Ac., Ac, MONDAY. March 31. 300 cases, In variety, for men's, women's and children's wear. Catalogues and goods on morning of sale. VI/ILLIaM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, v t office ftd New Bowerv, will sell on Monday, at lO.'-ft o'clock, thn Furniture contained in the house i7 Ridge street, near Grand Bureaus, Bedsteads, Bedding und .Mattresses; Patent Sofa, Bedsteads, Cane Chairs, Mirrors. Chandeliers, Carpels, Oilcloths, Cook Stoves, Ice Chests. Ac. WILLIAM KENNELLY, HltKUl UK'8 AUCTIONEER," will sell at auction on WEDNESDAY, April 2. at 12 o'clock M., at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, BY ORDER OF THE UNDERSIGNED, TRUSTEES OF WALTER ROCHE. 8TH AVENUE?Northeast corner of Mlh street, fonr ft story brown stone Houses, with Htores, Nos. 930, 932, 934, 93tl stli avenue; good buildings, line location. ftftTII STREET?Four story French roof brown stone. No. 257 West Kith street, in rear of the above. 68TH STREET?The undivided half interest in seven Lois and part of Lot north side ftStli street, 100 feet west of 9th avenue, each lot 25x100.4. I00TH STREET?Full Lot south side of 100th street, 200 feet east ol 10th avenue. MULBERRY STREET, No. 27?House and Lot, 25x74. MOTT STREET?Nos. 6H. 70, 72 und 74 Molt street, Houses and Lots, each 2Sx94. uaa i nn n i rtr.r. i? n<i, isi, irimi 11 nti rm nouns. Map* and particular* at Auctioneer's office, No. 4 I'ino Street. JKHKMlAH OCINLAN > JAMES LYNCH, , Trustees. JOHN E. DE.VKLIN, J MEN AND WOMEN, UUU with eyes wide open, will stand In JEER. JOHNSON, Jr's., Auction Room, 399 Fulton street, Brooklya. at 12 o'clock, MONDAY, and see 350 splendid Lots, located In the Twenty-first ward, Brooklyn, sold for a sonp. If you doubt It no to tnc Auction Kooni, to witness the spectacle. Of the entire fiOO present only 50 will have pluck to buy. As soon as the sale is over tho remaining 450 will run around among the fortunate purchasers and offer $50 advance on each lot It will then be too late. None who buy will resell at any such figures. Be wise, purch ase n the auctioneer. Don't run the risk of getting the lot* ffter the sale. 'lo early to the Auctlan (loom. There will be a crowd. Remember the place, 399 Kulton street, Brooklyn. The time, 12 o'clock, Monday, March 31. Maps at 211'ark row. _ BILLIARD** ~~ A "I -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES I J\ I and the Fhelan A Cullender Combination Cushions, manufactured and lor sale onlv by the Inventor and patentee, H. W. COLLBNDKH, successor to 1'ticlau A Cullender, 738 Broadway, New York. ?' 1 -riMT PfaA? tU H: V MULtMMJ If 11.1.1 \ KM iVli Table, at JlMi; iir*t elav< |>lain 5*1') Table* Hi fJUXX UEOKUK K. rUi.l.AN. No. 7 Barclay street. vrow it rotm time to rtmoHAa bim.immi It Tables at freatlv reduced iirtrea; betel Table*, nearly new, fur ??*>: al*<> splendid second hand Table* complete lor $175 and $300; patent steel wire cushion* aiiplted on old table*: rail and examine. W H. OKI KEITH, 40 Veaey street. MliCBLLATBOuil, ~ OLOTK A JANE.4, NTATIONXRS. PRINTER# AND Blank Bcnilt Msnnfaotuierfc IM Kultou street. Blank Book* made to pattern. WITH SUPPLEMENT. JIOUSRH, IKIOOM4, AC., W\NTF.!>. In Ihli City and Uroo'ityn. Aci.kan, oomkortabi.y ruiiNt8ii,;n room i wanted?By a iiuht rntleionn and Isrty. hy th" ' ironlh, wi h mspoiinMu pur*.oh i nly, whi 'h can h<> used c wlteu desired. Address tiNOSJr.( TIoNAlll.K, Herald >1 orlico. AKAMII.Y OK TF1R' K AIMtl.Td DT'.mUK KTVR \ Koooui in a house with hut one other luinily owner hi preferred, plrassn ly lo-ao-il. between Rerond lint rtov. si en'h avenues and fenlh mid 3eveiit>-i*it.btli streets; prion no'o\er$ttt. Address, with particulars, ANHROH, tU>r- 1 Id othco. ' AKAMII.Y O*-' TWO YOUNll AMKRIOAN* WWII TO o rar.t about *our Rooms, urfurnia'ied, In a quirt, private house jresi aide, b tow Kourteen h sireet me ^ I'eriaJ.a lion; wish to oy the year, and run now they h e e-te-mo I >ha rahle trnun *. Address J., 325 a Went TwolitU street. J ARRSPOJMIHt.B PARTY DESIRKfl TO RKNT IM- 1 mediately, with privilege of purchtts, n 'litr*o " House, either arran red in floors or il.tU or otherwise. ' Andres UKSI'ONolHI. lieruM ofilec. ( A CAREFUL, RESPONSIBLE FAMILY OF THRKF. I adu'ts dcslr" nn nn' n ini ">i<-d -Venn 1 or Third Floor of I1 Ave rooms unit nn i.xPnsion Room lor tmrlnr, in private house, where tlioro Is hut one inmilv. Americans; neat- I nrsii and good neighborhood i-i.lispi-n -able: ront moderate. References exchanged. t<ocatlon between Twnn- li ty-i'iahth and Thirty-oiglith streets and Seventh mid u Ninth avenues. Address K. U. it., Herald Uptown u Bran b oflloe. t A i,Ally WISH KB TO TAKE A FURNISHED HOUSE 1 in a t-'ood location, where she ran take a tew boarders; rcfercnco given. Address 1'., 121 East Twenty-lourth r street I AFI.OOR, UNFURNISHED, WANTED?FOR MAN and wire, not more than ton minutes' walk from 1 Twenty-second street and Fifth avenue. Amily by 1st of April. Price $33. Address A. L>E MAItS, St. Oerinaiu t Hotel. r HOUSR WANTKD-TO RUNT. A TOREK STORY ' stone front Douse in a soon neighborhood, above 1 Forty-second street, between Third and Eighth avennos; rent not to exceed $1,3JU. Addrosi H., box 3,33d Post i office. t Houses rented?rents oollkotkd of dr- 1 slredl, care ot property taken. Tenement Property in Sixth, eeventh. Tenth, Eleventh, Thirteenth and Four- I teenth wards advantageously managed by qeokge B. a walton, 21 Park row, rooms 3d, 51 and 52. House wanted.?an American family of three adults would like a well furnished House, 1 where the parties would board out the wholo of rent, with privilege of taking a few Itonrders. Coil on or ad- t dress Mrs. M. DREW, 307 Kust Broadway. A House wanted.-any party ownino a four i1 story high stoop Dwelling, situated between Fourth and Seventh avenues. Fourteenth and Thirty- r fourth streets, who will hoard out whole or part qf reiit, o can find a suitable tenant by addressing INQUIRER, station O. 1 Hotel wanted-for the summer season on e n lease; must be completely furnished, anil first class house. Address, stating particulars, T. W., statlon A. T NOW OR MAY 1?SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR, IN g private house, modern improvements, west of Sixth avenue, north ol l'iity-'econd street; family ol three 1 adults. Address, with full particulars,CASHIER, box 1(17 Herald offlco. r I WANTED?FOR A DOCTOR'S OFFICE, WEST Thirty-eighth street* between Seventh and Eighth t avenues, First and Second Floors. Address Dr. Z., station E. c WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY, A FURNISH KD 1 House, at a moderate rent; locution above Thlr- 1 tieth street and between Lexington and Seventh avenues. Address, with terms, K. .1. li., lUrnltl olllce. WANTED?FIVE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, FOR llgiit housekeeping; rent not to oxeoed $25 per month; no tcnenienl house agents need answer. Addross AMERICAN, box 3,433 Post office. [ WANTED-FOR church PURPOSES. a hall OR t huilding, located irom Thirty-fourth to Fifty-second f street, and Irom Fourth to Seventh uvenue, capniilo of t seali ng from 300 to 400 persons; must he in good order | nod desirnhlo locution. Apply, with particulars, to B., hox 304 I'ost office. WANTED-KOUR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, FOR ' liotisekeeplng, in n respectable neighborhood, $10 to j $13 p er month; small family of adults; good reference. ? Addross a. J., station F. WANThD?A SHIT OF BOOMS RUITARLE FDR liglit housekeeping tor three adults; terms must bo ? moderate; Wnsbliigton l'nrk or near preferred. Ad- 4 dress,-with lull particulars, box 2!W Post office. WANTED?HANDSOME DWEI.LINU, BETWEEN , Sixth and Eighth avenues and Eighteenth and ? Twenty-third streets, Irom $14,030 to $13,000 cash. Apply i, to tV. [I. OIUARD, 37 Union square. J, WANTED-FOR MAY 1 A FRENCH FLAT OR HITIT ? of nix moms and bathroom, with all improve- -i moots, for ainall limilly of adults, between First and For- I tlotll streets and First and Second avenues; rent must bo ? moderate. Address immediately F. SUAI'IEK, bttfl v H road way. c WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY OF THREE f, adults, a Floor; rent $25 per month; central location; no tenement house; satisfactory reference. Address , A L.. box 162 Herald Uptown Brunch other. ^ "11 rANTED- A 1IOUSK ON THE EAST SIDE, BY A 1 YY privato Dually; rent from $1,000 to $1, SOU: all int. i prnvementH. Add re as. with lull particulars, O.K., but <, J.s.:; .New York I'ost ottlec. ^ AI' ANTED?UNFU RNI^H ED, IN PRIVATE HOUSE, YY by a smnll Americnn latnil.v, a Second Floor and j two or three Rooms on third; Improvements; good I oca- ? tlon. Address, describing apartments and price, HOUSE, ? 216 West Twenty-fourth street. s \\TANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, A . ?Y Second or Third Floor of five unturnished rooms; I location between Eighth and Seventeenth streets and < Second and Sixth avenues: reforjneos given and re- j quired. Address, stating rent, A. it., box 5,336 I'ost olllce. WANTED?A FURNISHED HOUSE FOR THE Kl!?. I nter or longer, between Twenty-tilth and Forty- | fifth streets Seventh nnU Third avenues, about $150; po's- i .session Mav 1. Addres- I'KIVATE FAMILY Herald Up- j town liraneh office, 1,265 Broadway. WANTED?A SINOLE ROOM, WITHOUT BOARD, I below Twenty-third street; references given. Ad- ] dress, giving particulars and price, A. V. D., liurald Up- | town Branch otllce. "117"ANTED?FOR THE 1ST OF MAY, BY A SMALL I tY family of adults, Fart of a House, in a good neigh- i horhood, not above Twentieth street. Address B. O., box ; JUS Herald office. I WANTKD-LOWKR PART OF HOUSE, ABOUT EIGHT rooms, In a good localltv, between Thirtieth and I Sixtieth streets, east side. Address, stating rent and particulars, MAY FIRST, Herald office._ i WANTED PERMANENTLY, IN A PRIVATE CATBO- , lie family, a large sized furnished Room, by iv half I Catholic gentleman, who will pay $2t) per month without i board; describe the room. Address REFORM, Ueruld office. ( WANTED?IN HARLEM, A SMALL HOUSE, OR Lower Part, not less than live rooms, with ono i other party only :ln thorough repair; must be in good location und not below lllttli street; rent, not to exceed $5.50 per aniiiiin. Address HARLEM, 141 East 113,list. 1 WANTED-LOWER PART OF AN UNFURNISHED ] House, about seven rooms, with modern improve- , ments; central location; family private. Address, with terms and full particulars, CENTRAL, box 229 llcruld office. i XtTANTED?ABOUT APRIL 15, BY A GENTLEMAN, j YY wile and servunt, a small unturnished Flat, complete tor housekeeping and in an unexceptionable neighborhood. Address II. M. ,1., box 129 Hernia office. WANTKD-MAY 1, UNFURNISHED SECOND FLOOR, I ty a married couple, no children; must be in a respectable private house and neighborhood ; terms trom , $21) to $25 per month. Address, with lull particulars, I i PERMANENT, box 1st Herald office. I WANTED-IIY A FIRST CLASS DENTIST. AN OFflee, with privilege of Parlor; central location. Address Dr. B.. Herald Uptown Branch olllce. I (IT ANTED?BY A SMALL AND RESPECTABLE !, YY family, throe or four Rooms, suitable for house- J keeping. Address, for ono week, Mrs. U., station C. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY A FAMILY OF FOUR ] YY adults, four or live Rooms, tinluralsticd. pleasantly b located, wi st side anil nut above Twenty-third street > Address, stating terms, wldcli must be reasonable, RESPONSIBLE, tie raid (ifflee. ^ s WANTBD-BY A KM A 1,1, AMERICAN FAMILY OF ,{ lour adults, Lower Part of House, Ave or six rooms, III a itood neighborhood, between Thirty-fifth and Fiftieth streets. Sixth nnd Ninth avenues; rent moderate. j Address fl-fi West lofty-eighth atreat. H( WANTED?A FIRST CLASS HOl'SK, PARTLY PITH- " nished, Iti a Food location, where the owner would remain. Address or upjd.v to l?, .'Kl East Twenty-first st. ^ WANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, j ft nr fi Rooms, with ull improvements, In a house ti with a private fuinilv. on west side, below Flltv ninth street. Address, stating rent, JKNMNCri, bank, ,,'tf , Canal street. i WANTED?BY A FAMILY OF FOUR ADULT*, j,' four or five unfurnished Kootii", with modern improvoinciit/1; loeation between Twentieth and For- r lie ill streets and Third and Seventh avcnuca Address.I. , H F, Hard la t.'ptown Branch oitlee. tl WANTED?A NEATLY FURNISHED SINGLE ROOM, " withont board, in a respectable neighborhood, n within ten minute's' walk of Broadway and E glith street. j Address, staung location and lowest terms, LoDiiEli, box IK) Herald ofllce. WANTED-AN UNFURNISHED BBCOND FLOOR, n In a private house, by a suia.1 family . rent S2.V Ad- I dress, with particulars, K. A. P., box l?) Herald offlce. 4 TirANTBD?ON OB BEFORE APRIL ID, THREE OR * VT four unfurnished Koouis. below Thirtv-tlttli street, a on second floor, with closets and hot and cold water, for a family living on the European plan; with carpets preferred. For suitable accommodations too a month will he paid; first class reference given ana required. Address J. O., box 2,641 Post office. I vr Rooms, suitable lor gentleman and wile. with priv- j llcprc of light housekeeping. coiiv< ulcnt to I'nlon square; permanent location desired. Address, statimr term* and ? lull particulars, FEKMANENT, Herald Uptown Branch ottlce. (i Vtr ANTED?TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, P IT without meals, in a tlr*t das* house. within six e block* of Ninth street and Broadway, private lainily pre- r, terred. Address, with price, MAKTELL, Station II WANTED -BY A PA MILY Of TWO, 8KCONO FLOOR, ^ with owner, ?ix Boom* in perfect order; separate P metre: near Went Twenty-eighth street; rent ltd Ad- ? dress T. 8., 40(1 West Thirtv-tourlh street. "\*/ ANTED?A N I'N FURNISHED BOOM TN A OQOP i Vt locality. between Second and Sixth avenues, Thir- n teenlli ami Thirtieth streets. Address, stating particulara S and terms, R. K., ho* ft,817 I'nst office. a | ? - 8 TirANTKD-MAY I, BY A SMALL FAMILY, ADULTS, V? A small modern House, east ride, below Blxlv flftti street; rein about 91,000. Address particulars AilEKlt ANS, 201 East Ft'ty-nfth street. ) 117 ANTED?BY A OKNTLKMAN, IN A PRIVATE l\ lainily, a larirc-nxcd square Room, lurnl-he,l or 1 i uniiiriii-hed. southern or eastern exposure, aud on bathroom tloor. between Fourth ami Sixth avenue* and be- v low l wi t,tv-ihirrl street; term* must In moderate Ad.. T I dress, with itUi Dartp.uiarw 8 ijNSUINL, Herald office * t, 17 RIKIHK, <V?".. TVfVTVTt. In thia City unit Hrookiyn. JITANTwr^ftV API'-Jt. O't M*/l, TJNF'tNIAHFB if Hitting KiMtn, Kllelun. I*d Kr Irnnm inntl Aiui-rtin family: vru4 ride; tcrinj low. Adilr.11 W K. 1^, era d otllce. JITANTKD-nr A VOIIIHI A*I-:KU:aN <l".*ri.KNAB IT and wlui m i rh lilrun'. 1'i-f id a liiu e ?ii *m ven looim riuulred; term* a'nut it>u. Adlreaai, '.atins location, II. S. i?., olBne XTANTKD?PART Of 'A HoUHK ON Till. WltST I T aide; ill mi f nelilhlnl hood; lower part jirfler A .'lilrav, with lull partiTiilaris rKUMAMKNT, ItoreM tfloe. I AT ANTP.D TO RilNT-HT A HTHIOTI.V PK4TATB '? lanilly. In a nn.i I l.i-attui, between Twenty filth ,nd Forty-tilth streets, M.vlLi in nn I I It*ti maniim, acuaaartabt? three .or lour nlory h' ;h to-M* Hon*, not line h:in ?> feet front. Addrxa, with lull l ar'icjlan, IBITMt. 'KK. atatton p. IVTANTKI) TO HIM? I.Ml.JK AMI ' Kl H l?M IA )'!> TT Hoiimtk, in to ..I locution - Kirs'.r '.?** partita watt nn; no churiic uhIum tenant u acci-iiled A.piO-a, with Ull parllculan. U. NAOL.K, ltj Fourth uvenui . uw fourteenth utrret nriMTBO TO KB NT?A M hum -i/.r. ? HiHML ft clans in every respect, ami in a -li ct nei*ta lorliooU, hotwunit rtilriy fourth and i-'uriv tr rta nil Fourth uiiil Sixth avonumi, for a laini'y of three dii'tn; ?l!l pay about $2,D *? and furnish best r<'b-rea<MW. id 11 reus L. A. ISO Duano street. DO A NT lib TO RUN I"?A S.MAI,I. UOUtiK FOB A TT family of thrill', between eeond ami Foil th avr iihm ami Sc'ond ami Two ity-tlnr.l streets, at i-?t il.l).m per annum; mmit l>e in Kooil order. AilJraea B. A., m Daane street. druRID ro RENT -SMALL BOOM, I)K KlB.fl V> class French Flat, in good ii<-itflittorhoo.1. below l it y-nlnth anil above Fourtoomh street; mu.-t tisvr all i?airovcmonts ami term*; tnust be moderate. Adilreaa, with lurtleulurs, 0 , box 6JMI Post olliitc. \\f A NT E i > TO UK NT OR PURCHASE?A M KIllltM n sized House, within live minutes' walk of Bruntvny and Twenty second street Address, slating lull uoft Iculurs. MKWCIIAN I', station K, lir ANTED TO RENT OR PURCHASE?A SMALL T? rtr.-t class House, suitable lor a dentist, between pourth und sixth avenues. Address M. D.. Doiitiis, Uurild Uptown lirancii olllcc. In tl?e Country. fTTANTRD?APRIL I, BY OKNTLEM AH. WIFE, CIMLB Tt and servnut two largo connecting Rooms, troin 31 0 'J8 miles in the country; must bo a Uoaitby location, uldrcss J. S. 0., box 1,0(3 I'ost oflloe. [ITANTKD-A HOUSE, WITH MODKKN IMi'ROV'B r V incuts, within an hour of the city; runt about $s(Hi inst be situated higli. Address TEN ANT, box 192 llerald ll) oc> [ITANTKD?IH JERSEY CITY, ONE ROOM. WITH TT steam power, 28x73. Address J. HOTHKRSALL, 63 West Thirty-second street, New York. 117" ANTED TO LEASE?A SMALL COTTAGE NEAR VV sea bathing, convenient to Now York. Address If. STONE, cure ol T. Albion Brown, No. 9 West fourth treet. I*/"ANTED-A HOUSE IN NEW BRIOHTON OR HER t? gen Point, 11 or more rooms, for family of H adultss out Irotn $7'i0 to $9110 per unaum. Address A. I.,, Herald Jptown Hranch oltlco. (ATANTED?SMALL FURNISHED COTTAGE AT NEW Vi Brighton, S. I.; good neighborhood; all modern onvcnicnces; rent not exceeding $7"0 per annum: good ouant; small family; view of buy; some snado dedralie. Address, one week, AllUU Ult, box 1,077 New York 'ost otHce. REMGICIIS IVOTIC KM. ANMIVKRS \RY OK THE ADOI'TIuN OK Til K FIF tcenlh Aineudiueut to the Constitution of the United tatrs. -Religious services will bo held at Shlloh Preshyerian chureti, corner ot Prinuu and Marlon streets, on hindny evening, .'tilth instant Addresses will bo givon iv llov. George IV. Levoro, of Knoxviile, Tenu.; Rev. fcnr.v llighlund Garnet, l>. f>., and others. The Jubilee lingers will take part in tho exercises. The public am nvlted. A LL SEATS FREE IN TIIK EVENING AT ALL rl. Souls' church, corner Fourth avenue an I Twentieth treet. This evening, 3Ulh Inst, at. 7?4 o'clock, Rev. Dr. lollows will pruaelt Subject?"The Wrestle, the Race nd the Rack." A LL SAINTS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH. CORNER \ Honrv and Scauiniel streets, Kev. Win. N. Dunneli. ? astor.?Divine service each Suuday, at lUuW A. M. ana Mr, M. Seats all tree. \NTIION MEMORIAL CHURCH, FOIt TV-EIGHTH street, west of Sixth avenue.?Services at 10'? A. M. nd at 'Mi P. M. tiermon on "Heroes of the Bible. Sub ct?"Joseph: n Prison and a Palace." Choral service y choir und chorus of 300 children. The rector, Itov. R. Iclier Newton will prouclt rjAlTIST SOCIAL UNION OF MANHATTAN I) Island.?Rev. Dr. Curry, of Richmond, will deliver 11 address, under the auspices of the Union, at the Colli ry Baptist church. Twenty-third street near Sixth avinto, on "Whur the Baptists Have Done lor Soul Librtv," on Thursday evening, April 3, at 7M o'clock. Ad11 ion hi the lecture tree ; tickets to the collatlciu, $1. 1IIRIST PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH. J corner Fifth avenue and Thirty-fifth street, Rev. (licit Miller Thompson. D. D? rector.?I.cnten servient? dindays, morning prayer und sermon by the Rector, OJjA. M.; prayer and sermon by the rector, 3U P. IB.; vening pravcr and sermon hy the Rector, 7M M. Vednesduys and Fridays?Evening prayer and .sermon iv the Rector, 7;<a P. M.; daily morning prayer, 10 A. H. it the I'. M. services on Sundays the seats are alt fee. This is to relieve the pressure for accommodation it the Sunday morning and evening services. The lull fallcry and chancel choirs are present at all the regaiat ervlces. fTATHOLIO APOSTOLIC CHURCH, SIXTKKNTH 1 ' street, between Sixth uinl Seventh avenues.?l'reachnz Sunday at 7S P M. Subject?"The Gilt of Tongues Prophecy. All arc Invited. ________ MOOI'KR INSTITUTE?REV. HENRY MORGAN, BY U request of the 2,(00 last Sabbath, will repeat (IHStli Ime) bis great reinrm lcctiira?" r ust y<uhip mpm, rocs Itaven, Gougti, suimucrtleld, Lilc Moat, Arch," Ac., Hun* lay at 8. nHtntOH or TBB Messiah. PARK venue, <'orU ner Thlrty-lourth .street?Rev. Henry Power*. Morning?"How In Real with Crimeevening, Ilia Hampton Students will take pari. Ihihlle invited. rtnrncii ok the redeemer, corner eightyU scci.nil street and Knurlh avenue.?Right Roy. Bishop Putter will administer ContlrniHtlon on Sunday, 30tn nut, at 10k A. M. The Roetor, tliu Rev. J. W. Shackellord, will preach *17^ P. M. MBUBOB of TBI new JKKI'SALBM, thirtyI ) filth street, between Park and Lexington avenuea. Morning subject:?"Who Is M.v Neighbor T" Evening:? "The Son of Heaven." The public are cordially Invited. nBOROB OF RT. MARY THE VIRCTN, WESTFORTYU tilth street, near llroadway.?Kilth Sunday in Lent Full choral services 10Ji .V M., 4 P. M. and V. M. f 1IIRIHTIA N PREACHING.?SUNDAY MORNING, 10^, v and alTurnooii ut 3, at Temple Hall, 29B Howery. (Berlhnllet sneaker.) Scats tree. Suhiect?"Does Not Christianity Progress?" HKRTIIOLLET. fTORMOpOLTTAN CONFERENCE, tcrnveref jf ly Hull, 66 East Fourth street, 3 o'clock to-day, l.ean:ler Thompson will lecture on "The Necessity of Political Organization Among Workingmon." Discussion open to lit _ M LOSING SERVICES IN STEINWAY IIAI.L.?REY. V Geo. II. Uepwortli will preach all day. Tins morning, tilth sermon In course. Subject, "Peculiarities of Hie Millie." Kveuing sillqei t, "Hon lo Make ilur Homes Happier.'' The new church, corner Fortv-fllth slreetaud Madison avenue, will bo dedicated Thursday eveningf shi m il OF OUR SAVUICR -REV. J. M. PULL\ ' man will preach tills morning at tho Young Men's Colversalist Aasnciatlon rooms, l,2ss Kroadwny. md In the evening at Lyric Mall, Sixth avenue, opposite iteservolr square. Evening subject?"A Dctloltiou of jlniverwilism." HARLEM UNITY tyiAPEL. 128TII STREET AND . Fourth aveftue ? Rev. w. T. Clarke will preach his morning, by request, oil "The Religious Aincndnent." In the evening Mrs. Elizabeth oakes Ames will Ivc a Iree lecture?' Where arc We Drilling 1" The pubic cordially invited. IJUSHIAN GREEK CHAPEL, Ml SECOND AN KNUR, IV near Fiftieth street?Divine service In the English mguagc cverv Sunday at 11 o'clock. All cordiallv lnItcd. ' ___ ) EV. K. (1. KLAGO D. I)., WILL PREACH ON SUN!v day morning ami evening ill tin- church Hi EightyIth street, between Lexington and Ihlrd avenues. JKV. C. 8. H A BROW ER WILL PREACH IN ST. 1/ Luke's Methodist Episcopal church, Forty-flrst reef. near Sixth avenue, <m Sunday morning, at lo!-? 'clnrk, and administer the sacrament ot the Lord'* Super at the clone of the nermnn. SPIRITUALIST SERVICES?BY UK C. STYLES, AT 5 I'nton Mali, cnrtipr of drove mid Fourth ntreet?t toy ('itv. at 3 and 8 1*. M., for iplrit comniumou ami anee speaking. ST. JOHN'S CHAPEL, vakh'K street. RRfin y Laightund Beach street*.?Sunday services 10';; A. M., ij I'. M Kev. Win. II. Cooke will preach in the morning nd Kev. Alvnh Wiswall in the evening. JUNDAY EVENING LECTURES IN BAPTIST 5 church, Seventeenth street, near Sixth avenue, on ip "Pentateuch," hv Pastor Robert Cameron. Subject hi* evening?"The hook ofOenesla." All Invited. no NJUIITf?THIS, SUNDAY, 8 P. M. L Rev Dr Laidis' Second Lecture At the Athon!Pum,5S5 Broadway. Subject?"Is deorge Francis Train Insane or Not?" HA BERNAOLE BAPTIST CHURCH, SECOND AVI*. L tine and Tenth street - Rev. Waylnnd Hoyt, paatsir. ill preach to day at 10>i A. M., and V/% P. M. strangers ro cordlallv Invited. rrUE CATHOLIC CHURCH.AND PROGRESS." 1 Rev. J. LANCASTER SPALDING, D. I)., will Lecture on the above subject at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, on MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1873. at 8 P. M. Proceeds for tho beneOl ol'thc Young sien s catnouc onion, 01 nrooaiyn. The O'Reilly Rand will attend. Ticket* SOcents. For sale at the principal stationery nil ilrni? stores in Brooklyn. ^ 'rpilH INFIDEL AWTICHRIST."?REV. W. W. ANJ drew, of Connecticut, will lecture at the Brooklyn renhytcrian Boom*, 3'JS Knlton street, this (Sunday) veninc, at 8 o'clock, on "The Inlldel Antichrist" Seats 'co and no collection. PRIN1TY BAPTIST CHURCH, FIFTY FIFTH STRKKT, I nea- Lexington avenue.--R-v. Dr. Holme, pastor, reaching at ink A. M. Similar school concert at '. M. rRlNITY MBTili lUIST KPI8COPAL CHURCH, Thirty fourth street, near K1 *ti: k avenue ?The \nIvtrsarv of the Ynuilis' Missionary Society will be held unday evening, at 7!,. The annual report will he rend nd addreises d"Mv.rcrt by Rev. Dr. Kddy. Missionary ecretary, and Dr. Ranner. IITAINWRMHT MKMuKlAL CHI Ki H. CORNER WAIT verley place and West Klerenth sireet. Rev W T. 'ghert, Rector.?Services 10 U, a. M. and ft, ^ M I'hn lev Dr. Osgood will preach in the evenlnir. l\TABHIIfUTON SVUAItK M. fc. CUIJBCH, FOl'Ri'H it street, near Sixth avenue. ?Ken K.O. llaven. D. I)., rill preach on Suudav, at lu?. A. M., and the pastor, Rev. Viu. I' .tin ott. at tk P M. sj'raioieta cordially wa\? uiucV

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