Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Mart 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Mart 1873 Page 2
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2 PHY OOOPW. J^KKSd QOODK. SPUING STOCK Just received, ron-ixtinK id all <he New Lte.-ltfiia and Colorings lu Plain and Fancy DHl'.hS GOODS. Al-o. the moat com])I tc assortment u< MournlnK Greas Oooda, including Oaahmoros, Prap d'lndes, Sedan Cloths, Armures, Souibaxlne*. Hiarrlts, CuMm. i>>ap d'Alina, Princotia Cloilia, Crapes, Drnp dc I'au.ea. Alpacas, CreUms and Mohairs. W. K. PEYTON, 272 ami -H Bowery, near Houston sireot YjKKf*! GOODS. BPRTKG STOCK Just received, consisting of IVnson's, Bennett's, Bolton's, Gninet's . _ and Taplsseer's celebrated make* of QrosGiuin-, Draw de i'arisand liroa do Lyun. For parity of stik. perfection of finish and dnrahllity in wear lor drc.-m a these inaki r ' goods are unrivalled. Bolton's Oroa drain, *1 M to $2 25per yard. Guinct's (iron Grinn. Jl ti't, to $2 50 por yard. Honnntt'a (Iron (Jrain, >2 ftu to S3 61) per yard. Taplsseer's tiros > rain. $ ' to %: 75 per yard. Pouson's Urui drain, $2 50 to $4 per yard. W. K. PEYTON, 272 und 274 Bowery. LADIES' SUITS. A lull stock of the fashionable styles at Very attruc.lve prices. Also a large assortment of Laities' I'ndergarmenta, Cornets, Hosiery, Cloves, Misses' (Suits, all si/.es. MOUKMNO SUITS on band and made to order at tweaty-iour hours' notice. w. k. peyton. 272 and 274 Bowery. Dresden, cekmant.?to families wno, dur. ing their travels in Cermany, pass through the city ol Dresden, we recommend our magnificent stock of b ack a id gray IsM colored I'fesa floods in .-ilk?, Woollens and Cottons and also our e'egant and tasteful stock ol rcady-inadv Dresses at low prices. * IIEriiKR A PAUL LOWE, Dresden, Seetrasse, Kaufhaus. "LTOUNTAIN'S INDIA STORK, BROADWAY, CORNER X Thirteenth street.?New Jupane-c and Ind A Goods. FOUNTAIN'S India store- New goods opened. FOUNTAIN'S India Store?New goods. Catalogues sent by mull. J 15 de perceval, ' . 7;?l Broadway, opposite Astor place, liilants'Cloaks,? cam unit t apes, Ures es, Sucqucs, Ac. inlntits' Waiarohes, troui $05 op. Ladies' Ouills. Bridal Sets, Ac. MonotrraiRs and Initials emtiroldered to order. Laces cleaned ami mended equal to new. Stamping and stamped Hoods. ^TRENADINES, i Grenadines, Grenadines, warranted pure silk and wool. 200 pieces, two yards wide, SI 25, $1 35, $1 50, $1 75, $2 and sTikl Black silks. Black Silks, Black Silks, $1 25, $1 50, |1 75. $2. 92 25, $2 50, 92 75, *3. Good Bargains. Cannclc stripe Silks, 91 25, worth 91 G5. Alpacas, Alpacas, Alpacas, 40c. and 50c.; worth 50c and 65c. JACKSON'S, Corner Broadway and Waverley place. HAIUI HAIR! HAIll! The largest stock of Human nair Goods in the city at SHAW'S, 852 Bowery, oetween Fourth and Great Jones streets, and SGI Sixth avenue, ho'ween Twcntyuecoud and Twenty third streets up stairs. KIIAW'S Patent nair Switches, can be combe.i and brushed, 91 each. Human llalr. cheapest and best in the market. Short liair Switches, 92 each aud upwards. French Switches, 95. Curls, 91 and upwards. Latest styles nlw nys oil hnnd. JNDIA SHAWLS AND LACE GOODS. Wc are making additions dally to our elegHtit Stock of Fine Laco Goods, Embroideries and Camel's liair Shawls, which, for elegant designs, intrinsic value and fewness of price, are unequalled. 37 A. CONNOR A CO., 1,151 Broadway, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty seventh sjrects. t gPRINO OPENING, FRATT BROTHERS, 861 Broadwuy. near Scvemecnth street, will hold their Spring Exposition ol Fashions in Ladies' Garments and Novelties On Wednesday, April 2, 1873. ~ IlIILIiflVRIU WO lilt KSS5IAK I\<J. ?STYLISH MODISTE, OF FII!STCL\SS PATRON. age, will till orders lor cutting and fitting spring suits at ladies' residences if desired ; entire satisfaction. Address MODISTE, Herald Vptoivn Braucli ottice. A' ?MAISON WALTON, 862 BROADWAY, ABOVE . t'nlou square. Importer of Parts Kunuets and Kngllsli Round Hals ironi all the loading houses; also a choice selection ot Bridal VVr. atlis, Veils, Ac. AT MRS. R A. HASTINGS'. If. EAST FIFTEENTH street, exquisite novelties in Bonnets and Round lluts, I?ghorii. English Straws, black and while Chips, direct trom Pari*. AT MME. 11 I.I.AC'S ELEVE I)E LA MAISON Roger de Paris, recoiled n.'iv Patterns from Paris ol the lab t s'ylc ami Mourning Dresses, lor sale at moderate prices. ?871 Broadway. Bins s' mi-im mi mk millinery w kdnksdaV, 2D ol April, and Thursday, 3d. Notice?This is the urneral opening ?. ci, lor all IIrut cln*s city millinery. Please call. BINMrf' Millinery, 647 Broadway. Have this. M (M.N K V, IMPORTER OK FRENCH MILLINBB* V'. lis* ele-jatit novelties m Spring and hummer Bonnet* Mtul lllats, selected t.y tier self in leading Purisluu houses 30 East Fourleentti street, near Union square. RKSSMAKINtl. A cause nl complaint at the present time is extravagance in Indies'wearing apparel. What it costs now to dress a lady of la-hion woul I have supported an 11.tire Iannis a vu years age Ml NTS. I.tiitli A TAYLOR, to prove tliut a retrenclnnent is pos*ll)le, hnve so arranged their Dressmaking Department that economy in material aad trimmln laparticu trij stndicd In cry detail, aad they are now turiitslnng Dresses at a much less price than the cost o( Imported garments, while lor style, lit. appearance und general make tip they arc every way equal to the llncst 1'arisian manufacture. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street DKKdSMAKINO.?ALL TUtf LATEST STYLES, AT moderate prices cinhroidcrv by machine. Mis WH1TTY, M H a v., second floor. /I HANS MILLINERY OP P. NINO.?MRS. O. KHIUAT \Y beg* to announce to ttie public tuat her Grand Spring Opening will lake place on Wednesday and Thursday, April 2 and 3. 122 .Myrtle avenue. Nrooklyn. B* MFYBTtS wTLl. EXHIBIT litis" WEEK A . fine stock o( Enitlish Round llats, children's liats and French Bonnets; lust received. Stis Hroadway, Madame ff.rrkro, no. ^ west tiurtiktii street hns now very choice styles of Purl* Bonnets and Round llats. at very reasonable prices 1'arlieuiar attention paid to orders SPUINO OPENING. A.?The Puma Bazaar, 343 Sixth avenoo. Wednesday and Thursday, April 2 and 3, specialties Pattern Bonnets, Round Hals, Normanda Daps, Preach Flowers, English Straw and Chip Hats, with a tine selection ol all the new styles of Psrasols. J. MAGNUS, 3411 Sixth svcnno. MMK. A. MICHEL, FORMERLY WITH MARK OAloupean. 423 Sixth avenue. New York, has returned from Paris by the sllesia, with a most exquisite assortment of Bonnets and Round llata, selected by herself in oil tbo leading bouses of Paris Brown's English Roand Hats. MMK. ROULLIKR ANGIER, l.X-42 BROADWAY.? Hobos and Corsets styles elegant and prlcos moderate. MLI.E F M'KINLKY, 236 FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR Niaetcemu street, is prepared to exhibit an elegant assortment of imported Bonnets, from tiirat's; also ?rt?ses Lingerie novelties MRA II. M. WINTRR (FOR MANY YEARS CON. with Mrs O S. West), will open a new selection ol Bonnets sad Round HaU ot the latest designs snd Importation, on Monday. Mareb 31, and Tuesday. WedtlAMlAT And ThtirMflRi/ AgvwSI I O - 1 5 inn ivt.-.T -s * j * , -ji -*" ? - vuf rmwi BUlJCk b*twn BrldKC unU I,awrrtic?\ Hro??klvn. Madamk adolpiius a oo., lath hupbrintondcnu of Lor I A Taylor'* drcnmaking ilcpnrt li nt, hare now commenced bu?ino?H at 40 Kent Twon licit) utreet, near Bruadwav ladle*' own maw-rial* made up at eery reasonable charge*. MMB. JAUBBRT HaYIMU RKTfKNKD PROM France tie* the honor to inform I.or former cm-bnn er* and the ladiet in (enoral that ni>o ban hc.gan again with the btMineie ol Dree* and Uoakuiakiug, aiSbWcm Twenty-third itreet. MILUNRHT CARD.?MTSH U Fl.YNN ftm BR(IADwar, will remove to ho. 9 Breroort place on April I, where she will be pinfeed to eee her lady cueteuitt* and friend*. MMB. PION, 1,291 BROADWAY.?MODK*. B1 iNNKly, c*p? m?4 jlty ah fcr jjt^e? jad tikddftu. , J NEW YORK HERALD, ?nm."vr,hy ann dressmaking.. 0~ HKNINO or LAD1K;? l)ltES8 CAPS AND NORmanly Cap*, lor children, at Mrs. MYEt.cF, No. 3 In Ion tquarv, weat aide. j^KAD TUli tVKNlNO TEl.I.QilAM JO-MOHROW. Q T. TAYLOR'S OLD ORIOINAI. PATTERN ROOHS, k\ No. 6Clinton place.?I.a<IIe* calllntr can uiway* see the latest desiyns in Paper Patt* not, direct Iroin Paria and Merlin. Ureal reduction in pricca. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, At!. AOHICKKRINO ORAM) PIANO FOR SALE?USED two veara; Rood as new; elegant tone; cost $1.11<0; will bo sold lor party taking it before Moinlay ut I'l o'clock, as the owner la leaving town. Inquire at tin M. OeorRP Hotel. Al.rtl'l, nnwtir 1*1 HOOK, Wlljl, HE HI, A HKAIIdiul seven octave rosewood Piano, with Siool; oost $<7.1. tor $105, it taken tills week. 310 oust Eighty -second street. A. LADY. ABOUT TO Milt E, XVII I. - Ft.', A ItEAtttllnl stivon octave rosewood f'inno, with Htool; cost $175, lor $P>6, It tak< 11 this week. 310 Fast i ighty-second street. AT UAINES BROS.' 27 Onion square, Pirst class handsale new P.anofnrte* for sale on very reasonable terms, and FfTcral used a little, very low for cash. An vpriohv fiano for sale. to bk seen from II to 3 o'clock at 497 East Kitty-Hist aire at, third story. American pianoforte company 211 fourth avenue.?Pianos of six first class makors for sale on easy instalment* or cash, at a lit eral discount, an I for hire. H. SCHRODER, President. An elegant seven octave rosewood piano for sale?Richly finished, with all modern Improvements; rich tone; nearly now; made to order; cosl$'i50; will be Mild for half price fo u quick purchaser. Apply at 690 .-lath avenue, near Koit eth street, in Furniture bternge Kslabl e'imcnt of ABRAHAM L. HA I'TKKHPN. 4 BARE CHANCE?ONLY $K5, COST $451.?MACJ\ litflcent rosewood 7 octave upright Pianoforte, nearly new, including Stool; perfect order; powerful tone. 28 Third street, between Bowery and Second nv. Avery superior rosewood pianoforte, 7)4 octavo, carved legs, full metallic plate, overstrung bass, the agraffe treble and ull the modern improvements, for sale vcrv low at BATTEKSON A COOK'S Storage Rooms. 595 and 597 Sixth avenue; Storage taken on very reasonable terms; also Furniture Removed in cily or country, or packed und shipped, 595 and 597 sixth avenue, corner Thirty-fifth street AN ELEGANT ROSEWOOD 7)?-OCTaVE PIANO. Parte, richly carved, brilliant powerful tone, grand action, overstrung, .ngraffe, all imnrovcineiiis, maker's guarantee, cost $1,200, lor $900; Stool and Cover; also entire Household Furniture ; must lie sold. Cull today or Monday at private residence, 210 West 21st street, near 7th uvr'nue. Goods not sold before Tuesday. April 1, will lis sold at auction that day, 10)4 o'clock, positively, at 210 West 21st street A BEAUTIFUL IRON FRAME PIANOFORTE-! 125; modern improvements; fully guaranteed; an immense saerillce prior to removal. GOLDSMITH'S, No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery. A BEAUTIFUL 7 OCTAVE OVERSTRUNG CIUCKKRIng Piano, very liitle used, riclilv carved ense nnd lega, $263 cash; and other second hand Pianos ol different makers, to rent and sell on Instalments, at JOHN M AllllN'S, 314 and 3Pi East .Otli st. BEAUTIFUL PIANOS AND ORGANS TO RENT OR tor sale?On instalments, cheap; Chlekerlng 7)4 octave, great burgaiu. T. S. BKKKY A Co., 789 Broadway. / T HICK EKING GRAND PIANO FOR PE?Til R EE stringed agraffe bridge: carved legs: every Improvement little used: win tic sold tor less than half cost J. BIDDLB, 13 Waverley place, pear Broadway. I3DWARD G. NEWMAN, 87 THIRD AVENUE, It corner of Twelfth street, will sella splendid, new. lull seven octavo upright Piano at less than halt price; also square Pianos at lair prices. IjllRST CLASS NEW PIANOFORTES FOR SALE? 1 From $275to 9400; fully guaranteed ; several sevenoctave rosewood Pianos, mod very little, for $1.10, $175, $290 and $225; six ft, octavo Pianos for $35 to $109: one Melodeou, $20; Pianos to rent on the most reason-tide terms. F. LUDKE, 45 Second avenue. New styles improved five octave double rred Cabinet organs, ready tlila month, at reduced prices?sun unii ?i_>. THE MASON 4 HAMLIN CABINET ORGANS are nil mitten to be unrivalled. Their new styles are cheaper than any before offered. Other styles $!i't to SSOO and upwards. Organs to rent with privilege of purchase, or sold on inonthle payments. Illustrated catalogues tree. MASON .< IIAMLIN OROAN COMPANY. 25 Union square, New York. PIANOS TO RENT ANO TO SELL?ON INSTALinent*. WM. A. POND A CO.. 617 Broadway. PIANOS AND ORRAKB.?ORKAT BARGAINS; NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or for rent, during this month, at WATERS', 431 Broadway, than can tie tound elsewhere. Removal.?new and second hand pianos, all styles, to rent and sold on instalments; great inducements for rash. CHARLES J. HETTH, 7tJs Broadway, corner Tenth st, next to Grac e ehureh. STEIN WAY GRAND PIANO IN PERFECT ORDER, for sale, at the Leavltt Art Rooms, 817 Broadway. Monday alteruoon at IIS o'clock. firANTED TO RENT-A OOOD UPRIGHT PIANO. AD. Vl dress LL'CIKN, Herald office. ~~ the lkctirk season. To-night.-i ins (sundayi. h p. m.. Dr. H. M. I and is' second lecture. The eminent physiologist and experienced physician, at the Aitu ileum, !4V> Broadway. Subject?"is Geo. K. Truin Insane or Notf" mrsicnr A FIRST CLASS TENOR AND BASS, WITH HIGHLY cuiti\ated voices, good readers and thoroughly familiar with the Episcopal service, desire an engagement from May 1. Apply to HIUNOB AUKAMONTE, 82 Filth avenue. At NO. 120 WEST TWENTY-THIRD street, private residence.?For sale, superb 7JI oclavc round cornered rosewood Pianoforte, made to order; best Fourteenth street makers; used eight months, cost $950, tor $:too, stool, cover, 4c. N. B.?will take payment instalments to responsible parties. Avery good contralto, acquainted with the Catholic anil Episcopal music, wishes a situation in a church ; Would also accept an engagement lor l.aster. Address C'HUKCU ClIOtK, Herald Uptown Branch office. A" ?~ALTO, TENOR AND BASS WANTED-IN AN Epl-eopal rhurch; solo singers and good readers required; slate salary expected, with references, 4c. Address MUSH US, Pii\ 111 Herald office. AN ALTO SINGER AND GOOD READER WISHES A situation in a ehureh choir. Address HINUER, care of 8. T. Gordon, 700 Broad wav. An organist of abilily and experience is open for an engagement in a Protestant church in New York or vicinity; can furnish a quartet if desired. Address M. 0. D., Herald office. GOO I) St I I'R AND, Willi BEsT OF REFERENCES, would like a position in a quartette choir; Episcopal church preferred ; salary mod'rate. Apply at Messrs. WM HALL 4 SON, 751 Broadway. \^m tenor, with a fine voice, is open for an engagement in a gaod church; practice more an ohieci than large salary Address solo. ll.-r .M ( ni.nvii h ranch office. bopranoT'vith a full. meroiiious, well cultivated voice am! fair reader, desires a position in a choir: salary not main object. Address k.., bo* 115 Herald Uptown Branch office. A BARITONE TENOR DESIRES A SITUATION, irom Mav 1, as Preceptor. Address PRECENTOR, Mierwin and Herbert's, 23 Union Square. j A CONTRACTU DBSIRBS CHURCH ENGAGEmcnt (roin May lj good reader. Address 267 West Twenty-third street. Ao e ml km a n w ill olv R in st r uction on in* 11 hi iforta at pn| U'a reatdance tor $iopar quarter; best reterenres riven. Address, giving residence, teacher, bos 1.11 Herald Uptown llrancli office, l.l'bo Broadway. AN EXPERIENCED SOPRANO AND ALTO, AT PRES. cut singing in an Episcopal choir, would like a nosition from Msv I in a church within M miles of New York. Address, staling h nils and particulars, DUE!', Herald Uptowu Branch office. A?GIHABD COLLEGE OP MUSIC, BROADWAY and Ninth street?Private instruction In all branches of Music, under the most eminent professors, special attention called to our vocal department. Liberal arrangements made with good Voices. BARYTONE, WHO HAH A lOOC lllVOICR, AND MAS received tuition In vocal culture irom prominent professors for more than two years, desires a position in a Protestant choir where he an acquire larger expe rienee; but a small salary expe te l. Address BARYTONE, Herald office. A-HALLAM'8 MUSICAL ACADEMY, 12 UNION ? square.?Piano. Violin, Organ, singing. Harmony Instruction .pupils under Mr. II ALl.AM'S tuition or supervision ; class er private lessons; terms moderate. / 1ARD ? I'l ANO, ORGAN, GU IT A It, SI Mil NG.-MI8B \J W ATSgn gives private lessons, day and evening, at her residence. 92 CilnLin place (Eighth street). Instruments lurut.-iied lor Silly practice. Gold patent tilton guitars, oi,e hull nolin and Guitar strings. Patent Violin Cliln Rest Agency 92 rlinton plare. Private lessons on violin and guitar. Circulars mailed free. MR and mrs j. brookhouse bowler, tenor and Contralto Soloists. can accept engagements in A church choir from May together or acparaicly. ?? 1 ?- - < vii irum uu conipoaer**; large wholesale atock ; every one buying 91 worth will receive a> piece* Into the bargain : merit to any add re**; why do you pay tOc. lor a place of muaie when you can get it here for ene cent a ahcctf Alan fixture* for aalc; also I'iauo for 990; muat be *old. JM Hle?ckcr etreet. JAMKd fVNKlI.I,, Proprietor. MUSIC. ?$3 PER MONTH OR 99 PKR VM; ARTKK FOR Inntructlon on the Piano with praetirc, at ?7l Wext Thirty-uiuth atrcet, between Seventh aad Eighth avenue a PROPKHSOR (1H-AHAM Id OPEN POR AN ENOAOKment a* Orgaui.-t, Ac., in city or country, i?a;.r-t rlaa? perlormer; moderate salary. Addreaa 201 Eaat Thirty-ninth afreet SOPRANO, TENOR AND CONTRALTO SEEK KNgagemeot*; good Tolee*. acceptable ntyle excellent reader*; may lie had together, lor a nominal comdderation , lirnf clan reference ; familiar with *evrral seradee-,; now or lat ot May Addreaa lor ten days EX PRKMION, box 119 Herald uftice. \irANTED-A OKNTI.KMAN AS AORNT POR A P1ANH |M and several ludic* aPotit to give coneerta Addrexa Mu/.AKT, Herald ottlce. 11'ANI ED- AI M ft MAV I. A ilTUATION AS CIIOIR M leader er tenor xlnger, bv a gentleman. who haa had I long experience in forming and training cliorm aboira [ lor leading congregational Ringing. and aa tenor singer In a i|iiartet, is perfectly lannliar with ilia aervice of Hie Episcopal < hurch; tfie beat reference* given. Addreaa i Wu Itf^yn A. ? SUNDAY, MARCH 30, II ABStTSFSnraWT*. A.- _ | TUKATRS 1 THKATBM | 4 & ?A T OOMIQUK,} J OOMUJUK, J[ 1 tmt ~~ J HIKMHWAY. | T BKOADWAV.T <9 <* <J <9 Mr. JOSH.I1AKT Role Lonsic and Proprietor. 8 TARTU NO ATTHAtJTION. Positive appearance ui the tvurM-renowned Protean urliM, MIsh KLLA VYh-NKR. MISS KKLA WKSNKK. ? MISS KLL.A MISS RLLA WKHNKR. MISS KI.Ll WKHNKK. MISS KKliA WKSNBR. ? MISS KLIJl WKSNf.R. MISS HULA WKSNKR. MISS BLLA WKSNKR. MiSS BLI>A WKSNKR. MISS KLI.A WKHNKR. wihs kijia wksnkk. ? MISS KM.A WKSNKK. theatre wksnkr Ml.I.A COWIQUK, WKS.nKK ELLA Ml WHSNEK EI.I.A BROADWAY. WKSNKK hi.I.A WE8\+iU KM.A HM.A WKSNKR KM, A WKSKKR WKSM..R 1.1.LA WKSNKR hi.I.A W KSN Kit Kl.l, A WKSNKR KI.I.A WKSNKK Kl.l.A WKSNKK TIlEA'l I(B KI.LA COMIQUE. WKSNKK KI.I.A WKSNKK KI.I.A WKSNKK UI.I,A WKSNKK KM. A WKSNKR APPEARS KI.I.A WKSNKK AT TilK Kl.l.A WKSNKK Til HAT IIK Kl.l.A WKSNKR COMIQUK, KI.I.A . WKSNKR 014 BROADWAY. ELLA * WKSNKR KI.I.A WKSNKK RLLA KI.I.A WKSNKR WKSNKR. KI.LA REAPPEARANCE OF TIIK PEOPLE'S FAVORITES, Til E STAR ARTISTS OF THE WOULD. HARRIDAN HARRIDAN unil BY anil HART. HART. REQUEST HARRIDAN HARRIDAN and WILL and hart. hart. appear HART HART and IN anil HARRIDAN. THEIR HARRIDAN. HARRIDAN ORIGINAL HARRIDAN and aud IiART. SKETCH, IIAKT. IJAKRIOANI THE HARRIDAN and und HART. LITTLE HART. HARRIDAN * FRAUDS. HARRIDAN >1 nit ALSO and HART. A NEW ACT. HART. ? HARRIDAN AND HART ~ HARRIDAN AN1) HART' Miami without ei|uiils on the American mtaire. First Appearance al this Ihealre ol the ureal Character AtTiaU, R. M. CARROLL A SONS r. m. CARROLL a SONS in R. M. CARROLL A SONS 1 R. M. CARROLL A SONS Til Kill R. M. CARROLL A SONS It. m. c.akuwi.i. ? nun.i nitn h. M. CARROLL A SONS K. M. C Ait ROLL A SONS ANI) K. M. CARROLL A SONS K. M. CARROLL A SONS OIUUINAL 11. M. CARROLL A SONS R. M. CARROLL A SONS BONUS, R. M. CARROLL A SONS It. M. CARROLL A SONS DANCES, R. M. CARROLL A SONS R. M CARROLL A SONS SKETCHES R. M. CARROLL A SONS 1L M. CARROLL A SONS AND It. M. CARROLL A SONS 11. M. CAR ROLL A SONS LAUUHARLE R. M. CARROLL A SONS R. M. CARROLL A SONS ACTS. R. M. CARROLL A SONS R. M. CARROLL A SONS R. M. CARROLL A SONS First nights of the new local Sensation Drama, founded on recent events, written by John F. i'oole, Esq., expressly for this theatre, entitled _ THE CONVICT'S RFVENOE; THE CONVICT'S RF.VE.NOE; THE CONVICTS REVENUE; THE CONVICT'S REVENUE: THE CONVICT'S REVENUE; HIE CONVICT'S REVENUE; TUB CONVICT'S REVENUE; ? TUB CONVICT'S REVENUE; THE CONVICT'S REVENUE; THE CONVICT'S REVENUE: Til R CONVICT'S REVENUE; TUB CONVICT'S REVENUE; THE CONVICT'S REVENUE; OR, LIKE IN THE STATE PRISON. OR, LIFE IN THE STATE PRISON. LIFE IN THE SVATE PRIaON. ? OR, LIFE IN THE STATE PRISON. OR, LIKE IN THE STATE PRISON. LIFE IN THE STATF, PRISON. CAST OF CHARACTERS. Walter Lunton, Uie victim of clrccmstantial evidence, Mr. .1. F. Crosscn PaUey McUuire, unacquainted with the laws, Mr. Ed. Harrington Jimmy Witless, a colored simpleton Mr. John Wild Toin yuigu, a rough student at Slug Sing. Mr. Tuny Hart Mr. Rogers, Warden of Slug Sing Prison .Mr. O. L. Stout Ralph Egbert, Under Warden, a man outot place. Mr. E. D. Uoodlng Patrick Donohoe, a disappointed politician, Mr. John (jneen John Saunders, a Now York rounder Mr. J A. Uraver Mailings, a spirited Jailer at Sing sing..Mr. Larry Toohy Martin, an active Jailer at .Sliic,sing Mr. Wm. West Sheeney Ureene, a Convict arSTng sing, Mr. James Bradley Parley Baxter, a Convict at Sing Sing?Mr. J. U. Adams Bill Wooslcr, a Convict at Sing Sing Mr. J. Holmes Lucv lingers, the Warden's daughter Miss Ada Wray Betsey Rellly, DomeUc In the Warden's house, Miss Nellie Sanford Moll Meggat a very fashionable bnt mysterious lady. Miss Kitty Tilaton Prison Keepers, Convicts, State Troops, Ac. SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY, INCIDENTS, TABLEAUX, AC. Scene 1.?The Warden's House ut Sing Sing. The Industrious Domestic. The Love Letter and its Contents. The Under Warden ?u Eaves dropper. Jimmy, the Colored Simpleton. A Cowardly Assault. Lucy defends the Friendless Boy. The Dangerous Prisoner?4112. Kalplt Filbert's Suspicions Couflrmed. The Convict's Hypocrisy. An Offer of Marriage Declined. Walter Lundon's Appeal. The Victim ol Circumstantial Evidence Tells his Story. The Heart ol a Woman. The Intercepted Letters. Finding a Friend in Need. Egbert's Treachery. The Struggle lor the Letter. The Under Warden's I'ower. "I am not nud, Kalph Egbert" The Prisoner of Sing Sing. Emotional Tableau. Scene 1?Corridor In the Prison. The Flashy Visitor. The Corn Doctor and his Circulars. Ben Frauklin's Kitettying. Do Soto discovering the Mississippi. John Saunders Strikes a Bargain with Egbert for the Release of his Friend. A I-eal iroin a I.ate Prison Diary. The Eve Hundred Dollar Hill and What ran be Itoimhl with It. Honor among Tliievcs.^Miss Moll Mcggs. ail Old Friend. Visits the Prison Daring Attempt to Bribe an official. An indignant Warden. " Not tor millions I" A Man without a Price. Moll Megp's Threat scene 3.?Interior of Mute Prison at Sing Sing The Convicts' Cells. Life in the Prison, i'atscv Muguircina Strnngo Place. "There's somebody in my cell.'1 Walter I.undoit ami his Manacles. Tom Qulgg In the Secret. The False Keys The Coining Uprising. The Signal Agreed On. The Pledge ot Secresy. Lundon's Promise. Jimmy's Errand to the Village. The Pislols out of Repair. The Strange Letter. "Are we betrayed?" Success ol the Convicts' Ruse. A proof of True Manhood. Daily Occurrences at Sing Sing. Caught In a Trap. Waller Landon'* Lite Attempted. Jimmy around In spots. Kxriting Tableau. Scene A?Hallway In the Prison. A Newt) itlcial. Patrick O'Donolioe. Supercargo or the Coal Cellar. A Political Bargain. Malsoii Dorec and Dolmonico's. Jimmy and the Result of his Errand. The Man in Uniform. A Happy blunder. Egbert s Trick to Ulilaln Position. The Warrant lor the Warden's Arrest. Aitaek 011 Lucy. A Father's Strong Right Arm. The Hour ot Triumph. Arrest of Rogers, the Warden of Sing Sing, a Law-abiding Ciii/eii. A Villain's Handiwork, strlkiag Tableau. Scene 5.? The Workshop In Sing Sing State Prison. The Convicts at Work. The silent Compact, l'nlsey Mrtluire incomes Musical. Egbert and the Convict t^uigg hold a Private Conference. The Pistol in the shoe. Ail Ready tor a "Rise." The Rules must be Enforced. Walter Landon Intuited by Ralph Egbert. The Heart ol a Man The Let tor from Albany, ihe State Arms. A Pardon lor Waller. Not Delivered. The Assault on (he Keepers. Revolt at Sing Sing. Shot for Shot. The Convict'* Revenge. The Alarm. The Prison Bell. "Betrayed!" The Troops at Hand. A Stray Shot. Death ol Ralph Fighe ri. The Revolt Crushed. Urand Finale and Sensational Tableau. I ENTIRK%J'.W OLIO OF FUN | I ENTIRE 1T.-.W OLD) OF FI'.N I. V'l'IIM.' WW 111 Ilk JkL' L'l V I I ....... ... r v... | precede* the Drama, precede* the Drama, precede* Ihe Drama, In which the Entire Company of sur ArtUt* ?????unequalled in America appear. .ML** F.I.I.A WKriNKR. K M. CARROLL A HONS. MARRUIAN anil HART, ' Mr. JOHN HART, Mr. JOHN WILI?, Mr. JOHN QUEEN, Mr. WILLIAM WEST, Mr. I.ARRY TOOt.KY, Mr. PETE CANNON, Mr. E. 1>. OOOD1NU, Mr. J. K. CROSSEN, Mr. J. A. OKANRR, Mr. J. HRADI.EV, Mr. R. M. HAM., Mr. o. If STOU I K. Mlas KLI.A WKSNF.R, Mm ADA WRAY. Mum JENNIE IIL OHES, Ml** KITTY O'NKILK, U... I'inillK II 1 I Ml u!" kjwiiig i'rr.yi *'"? KITTY Til aniOHlJ. sw? < ' ?i . trtaj a?a?* sj, bawtewss? ,c?> ??the alatinp.. ??ati\k? everv v^fwrb I SiMim "*????OAT gtfgfg majf ivfp 'and jatinkk "at's# atwdar, matn^i matl'sfgl at mslf kit 'hp il us . ? m " **T1SEK MATltU^ 373.--QUADRUPLE SHEETABIT> S3! WE!IT?.^ BOOTH'S TIIKATRH. ~ BOUOIOAIXT. Mr. Edwin Uooih Fropriolor una Muuager Mi ill I) W bliK. Nit. DION BOUCICAULT 111 hla Hrtlstlo rcnillt on of MlCIJAI'.L O'DOWD, in hit new Irish Comedy Drama, DADDY O'fOVtD; or, Tui n Ai.out la Fair flay. Elegantlyproduced in every detail. Mr. BHII-.L BARRY, Mr. ltOHi.lti PAIFMAN, Mr. JOSEPH WII l.Kl.OCK. Mr. OKOKOK llROKR, Mr. BOD SMITH, Miss Bl-.LLA I'AIRMAN, Mian MARY WELLS, Ml* MARY YoUMJ, Miaa ELLEN MOKANT and othera in the One and capable cast DADDY O'DOWD MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT 1 \A1 ALLACK'S. YT Proprietor ana Manager. .Mr. LESTER WALLACE E.U1JTII WEEK. Mr. SOTHEKN In hiaapleiidid impersonation of DAVID UARRlOK. Tills charming play ia NIGHTLY orVKM with the moat gra'lfring auccem. Mr. SOTHERN, Mr. JOHN Ull.dr.Rt, Mr. J. ii. l'OLK, Mr. OEOltOK HltOWNE, Mr. W. J. LEONARD, Mr. K. M. HOLLAND, Mr. U. EDWIN, Misa K ATli l.ltlNK ltouhits, Mute. I'O.MSI and Mra. JOHN BEFTON. ON THUR iuAY, APRIL 8, in conjunction with DAVID UAKItJCK, -will l.n naiul.tniiH LORD DUNDREARY MARRIED AND 8BTTLRD. MATINEE SATURDAY, AT IX 1*. M. Mr. WALLAOK begs to uitnotinco that, on TIIUBPDAT EVEN I Nil, ATulli 3. and during liio present run of DAVID OAKK1CK, Mr. BOTHKRN will present a vivid hii<1 extraordinary contrast of character by Appearing every evening as DAVID OAUUlOK and LORD DUNDREARY * MARRIED AND SETTLED. TJOWERY THEATRE. J) WM, U. 1'TtKLKlil Manager MONDAY, MAROII 31, 1373. 2D WEEK. Increasing excitement. 2D WEEK. JACK IIARKAWAY, lYont Prank Leslie's Jr?rnal, written expressly lor Mr. HERNANDEZ FOSTER. The greatest success ever uchievod in driimatle representation. Crowds ol deliehiod audiences iiiglilly toe. tiivim; their unqualified approval oi thisgreat Drama. Engagement lor six nights of Mr. KRAaK A. O IB BON 8, llie Champion Athlete oi the world, the Atrial King, who will perform the most wunderlul teats ever attempted, preceded by the FlKI.DlNori In an entire new act. OPINIONS OF THE NEW YORK I'Rfflj.S. [Front the Now York 11 raid, Tuesday, March 28.] 'Jack iiarkawuy" wa< presented last evening tor the first time to the patrons ol this popular east side resort, and It met with a very flattering reception iroin an oldtime audience, which piic.ted the house. 'Ibe play ahounds with startling and hairbrondth escapes, both on liiinl mid seu, giving utt opportunity tor the introduction ni tableaux, the first act opens upon tin deck of the ship Fairy, which goes to nieces in a storm, alter thero bus been a mutiny among the sailors. The second introduces uti island to the China Sea, which llio castaway acumen and pas etigers have reached, an 1 so on through five acts there tire telling situations and niueli humor. Jack Uarkaway (William Mttrdcii). a high-minded sailor, once a college hoy: l'ro.essor Isaac Mole, a pussenger (K. W. Marston); M nnlav. Prince of the I'tsnnga (Hernandez Foster), and Emily (Mrs. W. (J. Jmios), also a passenger ill the Fairy, aud whom .lack dearly loves, are Hie leading characters, ami were well sustained. "Jack Harkaway," without doubt, will he well received by tbo patrons of the Bowery tor acme time to come. Extraordinary novelties in preparation. A HAD LOI will shortly be produced. WOOD'S MUSEUM. JOS. MURPHY. LAST WEEK OF J03. MURPHY. EVENIMl AT 8, AFTERNOON AT 2, First lime Special lor of tlio Irish Comedian, MATINEE PFRFOItM'CES, Mr. Hie talented young JOSEPH MUKl'IIY, Author iitnl actor, in Mr. Maeder'a now Drama W. 8. H1H0INS, of in his sensation of MAUM ORE. | OUT OF ra/\uni i;hc. I Til E rntr,. FRIDAY EVENING?Benotlt and Inst night but one or Mr. JOSEPH MURPHY. DOMINION MURRAY In hi* greatlocnl dramas, SING SIM; and GAMBLER'S CRIME, to crowded houses, at the ST. CHARLE* TilKAIRE, NEW ORLEANS. JJNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PAi.MKR Regius ul B. Saturday Matinee at 1 ::tu. Carriages may tie ordered at IU:15. DECIDED SUCCESS of Mr. W. J. Florence's adaptation of M. Leroy's brilliant comedy-drama COUSIN JACK, which Is recolveil nightly with unequivocal manifestations ui pleasure by LARGE AND FASHION A RLE AUDIENCES. COUSIN JACK. In the cast are MISS EMILY MK-STAYER, MISS JENNIE LEE, MISS MARY GRISWOLD, COUSIN JACK. MR. D. H. HARKINS, MR. EDWARD LAMH, MR. W. II. LAURENS, MR. GEORGE PARKER COUSIN JACK. aud others. The Scenery, Furniture and Appointments ALL NEW. SECURE YOUR SEATS IN ADVANCE. Box otllce open every day trout 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Monday evening April 14, reappearance of MISS AGNES ETHEL, and production or Mciltiac aud llalevy'a wonderful drama, FROU-FROU. Seats for Miss ETHEL'S tlrst nlgbt MAY NOW BE SECURED. rQC-ATHENEUM, ?>OsJ Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. HI TLER Manager MONDAY, MARCH 31-MORE NEW ENGAGEMENTS. THE GRANDEST CORPS OK SPECIALTY ARTISTS THAT HAS EVER APPEARED IN THIS CITY. MISS ELI A WEBER and GRAND BURLESQUE COMPANY wiU appear In the Operatic Burlesque of S.O.M.N.A.M. B.U.I..A; Or, The Supper, the Sleeper and the Merry Swiss Boy, with a strong cast The Queen ot the WORRELLS, Miss JENNIE WORRELL, and the Kiugol Fun, LUKE SUHOOLURAFT, In an original act, THE SOLDIER'S FAREWELL. THE GREAT FRENCH TROUPE (six In number). THE J1GJAQS, Pantomlmlsts, Grotesque Dancers, Ac., Ac. THE LA MARKOKS, IVAN, KIAZAN AND VORONETZ, The great Sensation Artists of the world, whose success in Russia. France, Germany and Great Brituln has justly styled them the wonder of THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, together with our regular Atlieneuin Company, EVERY EVENING. Doors open at 7-, curtain rises at 8. Box office open dally. Seals secured in advance. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. STEINWAY HALL. FAITH FULL. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 8?2 P. M. me lust Lecture in America 01 tu? MisunuuisncJ Philanthropist, Author nn<l Editor, Miss emily faithfcll. Subject?"Last Words on the Woman Ouestlon." LECTURE PRECEDED BV A ItALF-llOlJK CONCERT. Tickets, 60c. mid 76c., at 114 Broadway, Schirmer's and the Hall. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE?TWENTY-TIIIRD ST., between sixth unit Seventh avs.,near Booth's Theatre. E?er.v evening nt 8 and SATURDAY Matinee at 2. First appearance of the Champion Dancer, MASTER BARNEY, VASTER BARNEY, who will appear in his inimitable b eakdown, and ns JANE, ANN o'HOOLAH AN, lu the I itellittence oflice. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS | THE CALICO MOP. BRYANT'S MINSTRELSl THE CALICO HOP. BRYANTS MINSTRELS] THE CALICO HOP. BRYANT'S M i N ST It ELS J THE CALICO HOP. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS | Characters by l)an Bryant, Nelgc Seymour, Dave Reed, Unrry stauwood, Hrockway, Carter, Norman, Clilton, Murriascy, Cameron, Ac. MATINEE SATURDAY at 2. SEATS SECURED. Academy ok music?brooklyn. THURSDAY, APRIL 3, the universally popular comedian, JOHN E. OWENS. ONE NIUHT ONLY. ONE NTUnT ONLY. HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Mr. OILMAN. Mr. J. E. OWENS SOLON SHINGLE. SOLON SIllNOLE Mr. J. E. OWENS LIVE INDIAN. Mr. OWF.N8 In... THREE CHARACTERS Sale of scats will commence Tuesday, April I. J^JAUICAL BAZAAR. 1,1.82 Broadwav. two doors above Twenty-eighth street HARTZ A LEVY Proprietors A ?<* NOTICE OF REMOVAL. Messrs. HARTZ A LEVY beg to nnnounee that they have taken the ELEGANT STORE, No. 1.131 Broadway. under the ST. JAMES HOTEL, and will open .inn' on or about the 1st of Mat, with an I in me use assortment of NEW TRICKS, GAMES, PUZZLES, SCIENTIFIC NOVELTIES and FANCY ARTICLES, WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN INTRODUCED IN THIS COUNTRY. A? CONJURING TRICKS, from 60emu BOXES OF TRICKS $6 an t in wards Evening parties attended wttti Magical Entertainment Lessons given In Eeucdrmain. PRICK LIST FREE I l'oN APPLICATION MAGICAL BAZAAR, 1,18) Broadway. Tivoli garden, TIVOLI GARDEN, TIVOLI GARDEN, Eighth street, between Second And Third avcuuea. THIS EVENING, AT ft O'CLOCK. grand sacred concert, SACKED CONCERT, executed by ft brilliant And efficient Orchestra of 2S, 2i, 29 of the licat inualclans." Conductor FELIX J. BBBM Dan bryant's, master barnby. BARNEY ft* JANE ANN O'lIOOLAHAN. BARNEY IN HIS CHAMPION JIG. The new sensation. Tony Faatora Sore. "TIIR IRISn DETECTIVE," will he conflnenced on Monday. April 7, In the New York Fireside Companion. _ Treasurer for lecturer wanted-must be prepared to start on Saturday next; aecurltr required. |lt)U cash and references. Andrew for oDe week II., box 141 Uerald Uptown Branch office. | ~ PANCINO ACAPEM1K8. ~ A?DODWORTM'S CLASSES FOR DANCING, AT 212 . Fifth avenue, now open tor the reception of pupil* Send lor circular. AT .1 SAUSE'S DANCING ACADEMIES?CLAP8KH AT Masonic .Hall, 114 ytd lift Kant Thirteenth street, and Brevoort Hall. I.V4 ami l.Y> East Flit* fourth street. HolKKK nt Masonic Hall, Inrmlay, April 1. PRIVATB >NH At any hnur, day or cTrnitlB. ClKCt'LARf at Private Academy, 21-' K??t Eleventh At AT MR TRKNOK'h ACADEMY OK D A NCI NO, I,YIUC IIAIX, 721181*11) avnue tlvoscrvnlr ?qtiArrl. PI"I'IDS ? ?n eommrnrc at anv ttme, attend at ili< ir convenience and LK.iKN ANY PAKTICUI.AK DAN, K. DE OARMO'S DANCINO ACADKMY, ij KIKTII AVENt'K. CORNER KorRTF.RNTU 81. ruivvji i'ffii-ti (?v?iVod uu M4r u -WITH SUPPLEMENT. AMUSKOTKNT*. OTMNWAY~I1AI?LI?-HU EINSTEIN?THOM A8. O To-morrow (MONDAY ) Even nr,March 1. at Bo'elOO*. I'll V80AY Kvi n nr. April I. a 8 o'clock. WEDNESDAY Alt"moon, April i. at t o'clock. THUIEsDAY Evening, Aprils, atSo'clouk. Klnal appearances in New York ot ANTON HUBINofhiN V?d lls.Nlll WIKNIAWSKI. THEODORE THo'fiaPmJ ' h" ^unrivalled Orchestra, the okbatk8t CONOKh'i"c"SmBINATI,)N on record. PROGRAMME FOR MONDAY BVKNINO, MAUOII SI. Overture?"Anacrron" Chonibtnl Tbca Thorn*.' Orchestra. Chacon ne Bach Mr. U on WtoDiawakl. Symphony?"The Ocean'' Rubinstein Thro. Thomas' Orchestra. Conductor Mr. ANTON ROBINSTKTN l&tet? l^TsS^hA I, La Damnation do Kauef' j Bcrlloa Tlieo. Iltoma-' orchestra. Vantaala fA. Vt.,1 .. "Stilt..1 I..It V A Mr. Iicnrl Wleniawski and Orchea'ra. Overture?"The Flying Dutchman'' Wagner Tlieo. i houiaa' t>rcli ?tm. Reserved Seats $2 ami *3, nccoidlng to lo' a Ion. Admission? l ower floors, $1 90; Second iiulcon.v, Si; Malinee -euls. Sent- and i rrigrumihca can now bo had at htcinway's, 7UI an t ill Broadway. Brooklyn Academy?WKDNE. DAY KVKNINO, April 2. STKINWAY 11 A 1.1,. THE OCEAN SYMPHONY. Since Mr. RUBINSTEIN'S advent in America u great number of rei|UosU have been received (but his great Orchestral hy in phony THK OCEAN, be performed under his pcr on il direction, ft Is, tberelore, wi'.li eatlblaelion that the inuuuaement aiiuouuee fur TO-MORROW, MONDAY KVKNINO, MAKC11 31, tbo first performance in Now York, of liUHINiTr,lh'i OCEAN -SYMPHONY, under the personal direction and conductor.sliip of the composer, ANTON RUBINSTEIN. Brooklyn academy-Wednesday. Final appearance of KClllNsT IN-WT NIAWSKI and Tit O. Tilt>MAS with his unrivalled Orchestra. RUBINSTE1.N-TIIOMAB MATINEK. Stein way llall. Wednesday aiternoon, at 2 o'clock. I ONLY JOINT APPEAR VNCE AT A MATlNEK OK | ANTON RUBINSt'EIN, H '.NRl WIE.MAWSKI AND THKO. THOMAS, w.tll ills UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. Reserved Seats, $2, at Stelnway's, 701 ana 71* Broadway. TO-NIGHT.-THI8 (SUNDAY), 8 P. M., Dr. S. M. LaNUI.V SECOND LACTURB, At the ATHKNKUM, 689 Broadway. Kubect?"IS HHO. P. TRAIN INSANE OR NOTI" Iniornationallsts, trlonds and toes, go and hear what the ablest physiologists of tho country has to say. Dr. Landis lias practised medicine lor 22 years and Is in every way an expert. IB. LENTS J. NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM, MENAOERIE, CARAVAN AND ZOOLOUIOAL HARDEN, THE GRANDEST SnOWliNTERPItl E OP THE AOE, Combining a great and exceedingly BRIl.LIAN'l TltlPKE CIRCUS TROUPE, and a most wimderlul collection ot Elephants, Lions, lionesses aid Baby Lions, Tipara. Lei p uds, Aniai Ga eiles, Cann is, Apos, Tropical Bir,.8 Monster Sen e ns, with ..iunts, Dwarf, Circassian Indies. Bearded Women. Albinos, L.vli g -keleton", Hindo i Sunk charmer*. Wild N.vanz a i Children, u a a do- ?rs, tiiirly of tbo Smallest and Kretiljst Ponies in the World. WILL OPEN AT 7 O'OLi OK P. M.. MONDAY, MARCH 31, on the Llock bounded by MADioON AND FOURTH AVENUES. TWENTY-SIXTH A.?D TWENTY-SEVENTH STREETS. ENTRANCE ( N FOURTH AVENUE. MATINEES EVERY AKTERNO 'N, CGMMKNCINO TUESDAY, APRIL 1. EXHIBITIONS EVERY KVKNINO. Doors open I a a 7. Arcnic p riorniuncfg at 7 and 8. one 00C. TiCisel' admits T ) all tub shows, children ui dor nine years, 25c. A GRAND DKMONSTJ AilVe. PARADE oI L. B. LENT'S Circus, .Mu cum. Menagerie and Zoological Gardon ProeosFional l'i anres will be given on MUM)AY MORNING, 61 ati h '11, which will be no able tor the matchless beauty ol Hie horses and pi nies a. d the inagnii.ccuce of the accessories. The proeesslon will start from the corner of 'tventysixtli strte11 ml fourth avenue at 1) A m., an i passtnand through Mum-on avenue, lorty-ienn street, Hglith avenue, loirtecnth it.'eut, Seven to avenue, Forty-first s'reet, Sixth avenue, i ourtecntn stroel. Third nvenue, Canal street, up Broadwav to Fourttcuth street, Fourth avenue to Twenty-sixili atreot. PT, BARNUM'H GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S . FAIR, MUSEUM, MENAGERIE AND HU'PODRUME. WILL OPEN SATURDAY, March 29. nt I A'etnelr P M ?t ,1... AMERICAN INStTTU IE BUILDING (Rink), corner ol Tlilril avenuo and Sixty-third street, aud EVERY AFTERNOON and NIOUT, FOR TEN DAYS ONEY. One Tlundred Thousand New and interesting Novelties. Prof. FADER'S WONDERFUL TALKING MACHINE. nation alj'ortrait gallery. moving meOTanical automatons. RARE AND COSTLY WILD ANIMALS. SEA LIONS. FOUR FERFOKM1NG ELEPHANTS. CAMELS AND DROMEDARIES. RIDING GOATS. LIVING CURIOSITIES. DOUBLE CIRCUS COMPANY. Two separate performances at the aamo time in two separate circus rings. Doors open from 1 till fi and 7 to 10 P. M. Double Hippodrome performances begin at 2 and 8. Admission to nil, 50cents: children (uuder 9) 25 cents; a few reserved scats. 25 cents extra. Free admission to all who purchase the "Life of P. T. Uurnum," written by himself, a book ol tiOO pages, illustrated ; price reduced from $3 50 toll 50. The Kink is coiutartubly warmed and brilliantly Illuminated. PROFESSOR ETIENNE LAMBERT'S <S> ? FREE, LECTURE, | MONDAY MARCH 31. at 8 f\ M., at 1,298 Broadway, near Thirty-fourth street, SUBJECT:? "HOW TO LEARN FRENCH RAPIDLY." All who Intend visiting France should attend Proftsaor Lambert's Free Lecture. Simply mastering a few practical idioms, indispensable in travelling and dailv intercourse. will prove tho means of trebling their enjoyment while materially reducing their expenses. touri ts' FRENCH class. professor Lambert will commence the roming weeks DAY AND EVENING PRON UNCI ATION CLASS, especially adapted to the WANTS OF TOURlS'iS. MUSIC?LAUGHTER. DR. COLTON and the celebrated 7TII REGIMENT BAND will give another combined entertainment of MUSIC AND LAUUU1NO GAS, at the Cooper Institute, MONDAY EVENING, MARCH SI. A Grand Concert by GRAFULLA'S celebrated 7TH REGIMENT BAND will commence the entertainment, to occupy one hour, alter winch Dr. COLTON will administer the LAUGHING OAS to Ladies and Gentlemen. Tickets 25 cents, admitting to the whole Mnsic commences at 7% o'clock. The north pole. ASSOCIATION nAI.L, corner Fourth avenue and Twenty-third street The celebrated Arctic explorer, eloquent and popular lecturer on Far Northern Lite and Scenery, Dr. ISAAC J. HAYES, will give a coarse of three illustrated lectnres descriptive of his researches and adventures in sturch of the OPEN POLAR SEA, on the evenings ol Tuesday, April 1; Thursday, Aprils, and Tuesday, April 8. Vivid and pictorial descriptions of the sublime aspects of nature In the mysterious regions with winch his name and lame will be forever identified, accounts ot ESQUIMAUX 1.1 FE AND CUSTOMS. Each lecture at the close will be illustrated by fllty ILLUMINATED PICTURES taken in the Hayes A Bradford Expedition and daring other voyages. Tickets lor tho course, including Reserved Seats, $1. etiugic auiuib?iuii i ic. u,, u,, i i-iiui. jvvwrvi'u scuts za cents extra For sale sit the hall. Brooklyn academy of music.?Monday and Tuesday, March :W and April 1, Miss Agnes Ethel, ill "Acnes," with the oriRlual cast from Union Snuare Theatre. Reserved neats at CHAN l?l,Kits It It' >S., Von'actie street, Brooklyn. XTFW MUSIC?II. P. DASK'8 "LITTLE DARLINO," 30c.; J. R. Thomas' "The OU1 Time," 40c.; Miss Simmons' "From East to West" Waltz, 75c.: Strauss' "lienor the Ladies" Waltz, 65c.; Rubinstein's "Melodic in F," 4i'c.; Easter Carols (new), "Now ll? is Risen," Tune kills, 10c.; "Our Faster .toy," Chase, 10c. DITSON A CO., I uhliahers, 711 Rroadwa.v, DR. COLTON AND SEVENTH REGIMENT BAND ? Music and Laughter. Cooper Institute, Monduy evening, March 31. Admission, 26c. C1ARD?PRIVATE Ml'SIC LESSONS, PIANO, ORGAN. J Violin, Guitar, Harp. Singing, Harmony ?> Clinton place (Eighth street). Established'1S54. Modem's Journal and circulars mailed. J. .IAY WATSON. Director. DAN BRYANT'S. CALICO HOP NKLBB SEYMOUR as HAMLET, DAVE REED HROCKWAY, MORRISSEY. I.MMtsON, ST A.N WOOD' OLD FOLKS' CONCERTE. If vo old people and voting couples do eomo NEXT TUESDAY NIUIIT, April 1. to Ilaorlcm Market Hall, which Is lust right no In I25tn street, close to Fourth avenue, in ye tnwne of New Yorke, ye shall hcare one ot the best old Folks'Concertes ever given In ve olden times. Ye must come early If J e want a good seat Doors open at 7; to continence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* at the door, 60 cent*; children under 14. 25 cents. NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 BROADw?v, between Houston and Htcocker street*.?Every one should visit the wonderful Museum; It ii full of everything people should see and understand. Lecture* dailvon "The Philosophy of Marriage." 'those parties nimble to attend these Important lecture* can have then* forwarded, post free, on receipt ol 26 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF A NATOMY, 618 Em&ialsik TJANJO.?JUST ISSUED, Hi MIAN'S SIMPLIFIED 11 HdninMniniftl thfl mntt litnnl* cnmnlaiA an.l nnle method of the kind ever published, enabling the pupil, without the lenst knowledge of muslr, to play tunes at sight. thereby obviating the tedious study ormusic note*, which has deterred so maniv irotn a continuance of the same. This work contains M popular airs also the bell chimes Imitation; price of work, bound in cloth, tft. N. B.?Banio. Song and Dance.Jig. Clog and Irish Jig Dancing taught: pop.Is fitted for the stage. Address JiiMS J. BOGAN. lot) i;ast Houston street, near Bowery. The "Banjo Manual" for sale by all music dealers. TJIKNCINO AND BOXING AC K l>F.M Y. IS CLINTON J place, near Broadway.?Boxing taught in twelve lessons. A tine assortment of Fencing Apparatus and Boxing Gloves on hand and for sale. Colonel Monstkbt. Sauhe'a calico hoirbe, IRVING HALL, THURSDAY. April 17. 1*73. Dr. colton and bevbnth rudiment band.? Music and Laughter. Cooper Institute, Monday evening, March SI. Admission. 28c. Brooklyn ltckum.-this beautiful iiall, stage enlarged, new scenery, dressing rooms, making It the most complete bijou theatre In the State. is to let until the 1st ot May on very reasonable terms. Apply to JANITGB. 221 Washington strest, Brooklyn. j^ead the evening telegram TO-MOIt ROW. "t)AN.IO, GUITAR AND ALL STYLE* OF DANCINO i ' for the variety siage taught t>v IIKNRY C. dobson 111 Fourth avenue, 141 rourth avenue, 141 Fourth avenue AIR .! O. ELLIOTT REGITES KKuM MEMORY ifl Shakspeare's "Hamlet," at Bleecker Building, 711 Broadway, Monday evening, March SI. Rgciuiiou at A Tiokata So cuius, at Vilsuu's. AWUIHUW^TS. Q BAUD OPKKA UOUAK. J1VEH* NIUUT, " UNCLB ?gAM;OB, * it rpiIB KURTAilON." gABDOU'8 paOUIBITKD COMED* 0T A MI lUt AN A gOCIETY. "^yiTNBSHKD ALREADY BY THE MOST J^RILLIANT AMD FASHION ABLE AUDIENCES IS*V! R GATHERED IN THIS MAGNIFICENT THKA'J THE. /IRANI) OPERA HOUSE, (OUR TAIN RISE I ATS? iT >tre?t. corne r of Mrhth ayeme. Mr. AUUUSflN DaLY Sole Leasee uui Manager THIRD WEEK or UNCLE SAM; THF FLI?K rATION, SARDoU'ft PROHIBITED COMEDY. Mrs. JOHN WOOD, Mr. JOHN HIU)U0I1AM, Miss MARY GARY, Mr. W. J. LHMOYNR. Mr. HENRY CRISP, Miss ANNIE DELANT). Mr W J JKNNIN(7\ ELLA DIETZ, E. F. KETCHUM, BELLA GOLDEN and all the famous Comedy Com pan v of thia theatre in makdoC'8 AMUSING SATIRES on AMERICAN CHARACTER. THE GREAT SCENIC REALISMS. L Promenade Deck of a Hudson River Steamer. II. Grand Parlors at the Fifth Avenue Hotel?Five dlsttnef and magnificent hAI.ONS *eon at ono glance. Oa the Beaoh at Long Branoh. UNCLE SAM MATINEE SATURDAY, at HALF-PAST ONE. IN PREPARATION, for BRILLIANT REPRODUCTION, the WORLD-FAMOUS SENSATION, Mr. Auguatin Daly* great original Lncul Drama, UNDER THE OASLTOHT. 5TH AVENUE illKATRK, (BEGINS AT M VH and 730 Broadway. Sole Lessee aud Manager Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY NEW YEAR'S EVE. OK FALSE* SHAME! EVERY EVENING this week except Thursday, on which night ALIXE will bo acted for tlio last time thia season. NEW YEAR'S EVE Trill be given with its brilliant anil perfect cant and with all iU charming scenic adornments. Miss FANNY DAVENPORT us Constance, M "? CLARA MORRIS a* Magdalen, Mrs. (1. H. GILBERT as Lady Howard, NELLY MOHTIMER as Mary, Mr. GEORGE CLARKE. Mr. W. DAVIDGK, Mr. C. U. ROCKWELL, Mr. H. T. RINCOOI.D. Mr. I). WHITINO, Mr. OWEN FAWCKTT, Mr. CllAt'MAN in tlielr original characters. THURSDAY NIOHT, April 3, AL1XK, (for the last time.) MATINEE SATURDAY, April 8. Farewell Matinee Of ALIXE. TUESDAY EVENING, April 8, OLD IIEADS AMD YOUNG HEARTS (for u tew evenings), with entirely new scenes. IN ACTIVE PREPARATION for brilliant reproduction the famous drama of society, DIVORCE. To be given with magnificent scenery and the unapproachable ORIGINAL CAST. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Mr. J. E. HAYES Lessee and Director MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 31, and EVERY NIOHT AT 8 O'CLOCK. CROWDED. ENTHUSIASTIC AND FA-lilONABLB AUDIENCES NIGHTY GREET TUE ACCREDITED APOSTLE OF FUN MR. OEO. L. FOX, whose unabated success in his matchless production of HUMPTY DUMPTY has never been equalled in the annals of amusements in America. The throngs of peonle, ot all ages and classes, who Ightly assemble at this elcgnnt theatre, and who, by their lavish applause uud hearty laughter, attest their appreciation and enjoyment of the admirable and diversified entertainment presented by the FUNNY FOX AND HIS FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS, afford undeniable evidence of the undiminished popularity of the "American Grlinaldihis brother O. K. FOX, the Pantaloon par excellence, and Ilia large and superior corps of specialty artistes. THE MATCHLESS MELODIES OF TnE MARTENS are nightly nccorded double and trinlc encores, and their Inimitable "Duet ol'tho Cuts," despite its run ot over 400 nights, lias attained a popularity that is truly marvol Ions. The wonderful dexterity and grace displayed by Prof. NELSON and his talented sons in their classical Gymnastic Feats, which are unaccompanied ny any danger, render their performance the MOST ATTRACTIVE GYMNASTIC ACT EVER SEEM IN NEW YORK. THE SUPERB YOICES OF THE RUSSIAN QUARTET * have won unqualified encomiums from all lovers of superior vocal music. The charming Infant Velncipedlsts, YOU NO ADONIS A.N I) I.ITTLK VENUS, continue their astonishing blcvcular performances and win new laurels at each surces-ive appcnnin-c. KYNOCK AND SMITH'S SKATING EVOLUTIONS, Illustrative both of the finished artist and the awkward novico on ice, are nightly awarded their meed of approbation. Those mirprlstng acrobats, the Bedouin Arabs, ten in number, excite the wonder and approval of all who witness their unique and startling presentations of tho "Sports of the Desert." BIG NOR OASSKLLI'S evolutions on tho wire are characterized by a dexterity and finish rnrely equalled. C. W. RAVEL, conceded to be the finest harlequin in America, fully inherits the pantomimic qualifications of tl c famous lam ly from which he sprung. He Is ably assist cil by Miss FANNIE HKANE as Columbian. Tho Scenery and Mnsic arc unsurpassed, and the tricks and mechanical effects, invented and produced under tho immediate supervision of Mr. G. L. FOX. wer? never excelled on the New York stage. SEE HUMPTY DUMPTY ERR IT BK TOO LATE. THE FAMILY MATINEES ON WEDNESDAY AND jJaturday are patronized br the eiltc ot the cltv, apd are more largely attended than those at any other place of amusement. For Matinee prices fspectally rednced), see bills. Seats can be secured six days In advance. Carriages may be ordered at 10:4."> nlose ccicoraien una lavoriir cvmnasis, T?K WIt.SON BROTHERS, will thorny mppwf, OLYMPIC THEATRE. EXTRA Mr. JAMES K. 11A YES.. Rolf I.cssca and Manager. pp. a son of is73-74 special announcement. Mr. Hare* begs to announce (bat the next Kail anil Winter season at this favorite ami luslilnmihle establishment, which has lor eleven years mninta'iied it* reputation as the most.populartheatre of New t ork, will commence on or about Aiuu*t IS. 1K73, ami will be dcvo'.ad exclusively to a rapid succession of first class STAR ATTRACTIONS. No theatre hitherto open to stars has had either the seomo and mechanical advantage* or the capacity tornithllo accommodation which lielnnxs to the Olympic. It will be thoroughly renovated prior to the reopenlnc, and with the recent additions ami Improvements made In it will be comparatively a new house, on the most attractive site In tlie city. A lew dates arc still open for first class stars as combinations. For dates and terms apply to james e. rtayes, Olvmplc Theatre. New York. Niblcs garden nimlo'8 garden. monday ktewtno. March 31,1371 x Pint production In New York of the new and startling sensation realism, written by Ned Bunlllne. anil illustrative of UFI IN tub INDIAN country, eatltlca Tint scoots or rug prairib, Tiir 81 HUTS or rim i-kaiiuk, , "C0UT8 OP THE PIUJBIB, the principal character* by (the original Bnffalo Bill), J- B. OMOJllihURO (the original Texaa 'ackL E. Z. C JUDSUN (famoux u* Ned Buntlliie), aupportrit by Mile. MORLACCHt, the celebrated Danaouta, and a hill Dramatic Company, together with A BAND OK PAWNEE INDIANS. The performance will commence with a new Ihrcc, THE BROKEN HANK. SPECIAL NOTICE.-M ATINEES WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS AT 1 O'CLOCK. NIBLO'S GARDEN. CARD. In obedience to the emrewed wiah of e Urge number ol their patrona the management UMtleare to announoe that Iierealter the? will giro TWO MATINKB PERFORMANCES at thcii theatre carh weak nnUl farther noUce. via on _ ? WEDNKHDAVs AND SATURDAYS AT 1 O'CLOCK NIBLO'8 GARDEN. ? MATIN IK. FIRST WEDNESDAY MATINEE at Nlblo'a Garden. April I, 1SH. at 1o'clock. THE scor I S Or THE 1 TAIKIK. Tony pastor's opera house. 201 bowery. The - DELE IIA NTT and II8NOLKR MONAKCIIS ? DEI. HANTV and IIEMILER of - DEI.I.IIANTY and HKNOLER SONG AND DANCE, ? DELHI! \ NTY and IIEMU.KH J. W. Me ANDREWS. MOITHEKN I Mr ANDREWS, j. w. MCANDBEWS, darky m< Andrews, J?W. MoANDRKWS, DELINEATOR. I McANDKKWS, THE WATERMELON MAN. TONY PASTOR, I OUR WILLIAMS, I THREE TONY PASTOR, | GI'S WILLiAMS, MODOC TONY PA > Tor, | UUH WILLIAMS, (Ml I KM. GEORGE F. MOORE AND KITTY HENDERSON. s , BILLY CARTER, HARRY HART, nil.LY KMMF.TT, Ac. Matlneea rue-day and Saturday. I.anlea admitted Irea k on Efiday evvuiuge.

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