Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 3
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' TO LET FOR OTgllTBSB WIHWSKII, A TTBNTION. _ MKW FIREPROOF BUILD'NO. FULTON, NASSAU A ID ANN STREETS. ELKO ANT OFFICES Tx II. NT IN TllE ABOV FIREPROOF WI LL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING I CLOSE PROXIMITY TO TIJK MTY llALL, THE COURTS, THK POST OFFICI OFFICES SUITABLE POK LAWY"R8, BROKER! BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN B HAD, SINGLY OK E.N SUITE, OP ANY DESIRE SIZE. FKOM 10X12 FEET TO 2YX67 FK.'T, AT $;!() ftOO. fflMI AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING T SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILMNO IB ~ COMPLETELY HRFPROor, AND WILL BE READY FOB OCCUPANCY ON O BEFORE MAY 1. 1H7X _ ALL APPLICATIONS FOR OFFICES TO BE MAD TO UOMEB MORGAN, NO. 2 PINK STREET. AWnOLE BUILDINO OR THREE FLOORS, OOXX in East Tweuty-rtfih utrcet, to let, with or witl at Steam Power. For particular* apply to LIEBE1 EOTIl, VON AUW A CO., 80 Franklin street. A FRONT BASEMENT TO LET?FURNISHED, TO pbyaician, at 134 Second avenue, corner of Eight street. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONI half block, 400x81.6 feet. running irom Thlrteent venue to West street to lea' e tor a term to suit. E. L. A H. T. HtltttU-tM, liost IIu Isoti street. A RESTAURANT AND BAR?THE ENTIRE BUS ness ot the house; 301 guests. S. C. SMITH, Frunl fort House, 2o2 William street, office upstairs. AN OFFICE TO LET?ON LEXINGTON AVENUI suitable for physician or dentist; location very >!< alrable and terms exceedingly reasonable. For lurlhc particulars address E. l'., station 11. A SECOND FLOOR ON THE WE.VT SIDB O Broadway, near t nlon square, to let or lease, for Elect business. Apply to EUGENE OllEVALLlER, ( Iberty street AN ENGLISH PORTER HOUSE AND LUNCH ROD] to rent.?A desirable Basement, size 30xfi0, with al vuiults: local on, 28, 3d and 33 Whitehall, diagonally oppi si'.e the Produce Exchange; wcil adapted a sainpl and Inncli room; favorable lease to a desirable tenant. , A ?TO LET, 405 AND 407 GRAND STREET, CORNE A., of Clinton three story houses, 25x8': a fitst c at pu incas location. Apply to UENttv MtCAUDIN, 67 Cei tre street. A?TO LET, AT LOW RENT, THE SECOND AN! Third h loors of 3.<4 I'owerv, well adapted for main factoring lewellers or any business requiring good ligli Applyai Wuti r atreot. A?SPLENDID HALLS TO LET ON GRAND 8TREE uud ast Broa 1 wa>, suitable tor church incoMngi societies, billiard saloons, cluli ro.nns or other businesi MiTv.llELL, 77Cedar street A?HOTEL, MILLINERS, FURNITURE, AC.-NOS . 4, 0 and 8 Twentieth street, next to Lord A Taylor'i Singly or together, in now or altered. DREW, 166 Fill avenue: J i.S 1UP, 358 Broadway. A A.?STORES AND OFFICES ON BROADWA' and Sixth avenue.?A new tour story Bu Idint With <0leui irontugu, is he ng erected oil sixth avenue, i the rear of and toiiuecti d wi h I, t>6 an I I,2i'9 iroud was between 'Jbhty-tlrt and . liirty-iocond sireits, to fi reudv tor oi cupaiiuy on ihe lsi o Muy. The lower tloc on tiixtli uvi riu.- wilt be dvuied into stores ot ihe size t Suit tonuiils ; c r.neu ion wlih ltroadw. y il dcsEed. Tn vppcr lloors, with . n innce rom t'roadway, will sfl'or llrsl class premises lor architects, tchools and others n fuirnr 1 g t. The ui per floor lor SLUdlos; a cluh ot hi htn an have he s oice divided to s. i , or the whole u any part ol the Pudding wil be arranged to-uit tenunti Plans ot the building cuu be seen by applying to W. f MKLDKCM, 1,261) broadway. A LARGE LOFf, WITH STEAM POWER, 80XKX Apply to II. WEBER, 69 Go d street. A FIRST 0 A13 OuRMI It STORE ON EIGHT1 tso stores Eighth avenue. K.'.MP.NKit A SOtli.USS, H7J West thirty-sixth street. ABATHINO ESTABLISHMENT?COMPRISING RUf sian. Turkish, Roman, - ul littr i.nd private Bathe, o Thirtieth street, to let. reasonably, to rospons.ble partiei Aft n's wl I receive broke: aire, apply at All Second av. ? Bit ALL BROADWAY STORE TO LET?ON WES .1 si le. also a * ito'nitruph Uallorv. Iuuuiro ot W. B GIB;.ON, Broadway A STORE, 28 MAOHON STREET, TO LET?BEE] oc, upted years past lor bu cner shop; Rood locatio Cor business in general; possession now; rent low. A LARUE STORE AND OFFICE PROPERTY O] Nuisau street to lease, at a redactor. on preset rental. JAMS HI ROM E i T, 16 Wall street, room 18, third story, trout. ACIOAK STORE TO LEI OR LKACE?ON BROAI way, above Union square: rent low to a responslbl end active man. U. 8. PECK A CO., lei Firth av. A WELL LIGHTED BOuM. 25X&). TO RENT, WIT1 bteam Power. GEORGE HOVKY A BON, 323 East Twenty-second street A?TO LEASE FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, It Filth avi nue, between Nineteenth and Twentiet Itreets; rent $7,530 per annum. U. It. Di.E >v A co., 165 Fifth avenue. A?to lease for business purposes, tc gethcr or . eparately, the five story brown Buildln (timer Filth avenue und ' w ntv-.irst street; size, <6x91 Apply to U. H. DREW A CO.. Ia6 rttih av< nue. A LA I! OK STORK TO LEAS'??ON BROADWAY corner Twenty-fifth street; also one on Filth av? sue, corner Twenty-sixth stree:; rent moJerate. H. it. JRi.W A Co., 155 Fitth avenue. A STORK AT CORT ANDT STREET FERRY?U B 7o; suitable tor hardware, shoe, hat business ? restaurant; lease and low rent 118 West street. Aloft, laxioo fkkt?good light, with o without power; immediate possession. Applv o the promises, DIMOND'S Marble Works, 218 West Fort] econd street, near liroalway. A SIXTH AVENUE STORE TO LEASE FOR FIV] years, rpply to or address D. W. C. LANGLKY Johnston's ]ew.try store. U'7 Sixth avinvc, comer Foi Leth strcrt. \? ORNKR 8 I ORE To LEA - K?WEST UDE tin nd-onto windows; very best location tor llr> ilass retail businc-s. Address W. E. L., box 161 llerai 0 own Bran iiftice. A?TO LKT OH UBASB, FOR BUSINESS PURPOSE? Htiuics, 91 Crosby, IS. West Twen y-sixth, 78 Eai Uous nil, 40 ast i-ourifi and 1 2 ast I o; ty-'.rst-tracts. '1. C. BAILEY, 50 East Fourth Direct, near Bowery. Bakery and confectionery store to le or lor ral ?With luob.and Fixtures. Inquire at X! Water street. Broadway.?ofi ices for rent, at lov rates, in I aiding 707 and 76'J Broadway. routhwci iorner ol N n il s r. et. Apply on the premises. I3ROAIWAV.?A SPLENDID LAROE BOOM ON TF first floor o 7i>7 Broadway to let. on lavoratil" term* tunable uir a tiro class tailor or nillinery c-tuldi'hinrn and located in tin- very centre ol fashionable resor B urly opposite Stewart's retail store. Apply on th pr? t,| es. Broadway, 76i, between eiuiitii and ninti streois.~Store and Upper F oors will be lei, togetbe ?r se|inr itcly. 11 NRY A. SMITH, Broadway and 1 hlrfy-loitrth street no.! No. 7 Pine st HltOA WAV, south A K VI" CORN R of TIliRTA seventh street.?Entire Ha I<1 itttz to lease, store, Basi mem an I Ct per Floors; si/e, 44x86. I1E.NKY A. SMITI Broadway Thirty tourli street and No. 7 Pine a.rec 1 I B1 )A l?WA V, NO. 1,288, NEAR I HIRTY-FOHRTI i J sir. eh?To let. two upper Floors, 26x75 each, not accuioed by Young Men s L'n vcrsalHt Aaaociatioi HENRY a. SMI th, Broadway au.1 i biriy-lourtn strec and No 7 Pine street. Broadway.?to lea k, the property 63 Broadway, tl rough toCro by street; Broadway ha of store, or loits separate II desired Store 634 Hroa'dwa to let. Aim Rooms and Lotus ovi r 636 an l 633. Apply a 538 Broad wny. m BABKMI.NTs TO LET?TWO SPLENDID BASE incuts, with wide intranet- and anti-cellars, suliahl for any business Inquire of OEOltCL a. HUNTER , co., and 291 i owery. BU1LD1NHS To I ET-FOR FACTORY OR BUSINESS 73 and 77 Creene street; Stores, 80 Walker street S3 south Fifth ; ?#.ute, ltd Spring stri ct, 150 Front street and r irst Floors at 145 Bleecker -treet and 18 Bond street Inquire ol T. ' ll. K-iON > , 113 BleC kcr >t reel. Disk room to let.?a fir-i rate ciianci tor advrrtisin" nieuta. Apply at the ol thi 1 yen JNi tl Ll.URAAt. No. ; Ann street. T7WJR RENT?WITII OR WITHOUT POWER, LAR'II P I III U'1.11 li?lil,?l l.?il, m.ll aitinO.H t,.r iT.miHni 1,11 lur purposes. ppiy to engineer on premises, 17a liostc reel, i r a ddrcss box :>,tt6i l'o-t office. cumr feet wide and light loft*, witi r power, t<i rent; can he tin ided to suit small mannfac Hirers. SMITH, PlIINNLV A M1TII mcki L t o., llljiml l.'lft West Twcnty-fltth street HOTEL TO LEASE?FACING BROADWAY, BE tween Cooper Institute and Bible lloine ercctlntt over 100 rooms; n rare opportunity to realize an inde prod nice. 2h and 27 1 hlrd avenue. For furniture, piano*,, in set arate. closed rooms. Apply to MIC 11 ALES A HON U and St commerce street, near Uleecker. For manufacturers.?to let, a large weli lighted nnd steam heated Room, with steam powet St a moderate price. Apply at 334 Canal street, in th store. FSOR RENT?FRONT OFFICE. FIRST FLOOR; MODE rale rent. Apply at MORRIS NiMMoNDS' Ortanati Agency, flOU Broadwav, comer Houston street Hotel* to lease.?one 90 rooms-, modfri improvements; unfurnished; healthy; no mono n toes; another, 40 rooms, lurnishcd; .shore front; se Bathing. Address J. W. AT WATER, Riverside btatlor Conn. LOFTS, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, 50X1C icet; good light; stii'alile for binders or printen Apply to J. T. PRESTON, 77 Ho e street Lofts?witu splendid light, to leahe low near Broadway ; steam power it wanted. Apply a ? Vesey street Large double si ore on fourth aveniteCluse to Twenty-third street; will be rented altr aether or divided, wlih or without Ka<ement; suttabl lor any first class business. HOLMES bRorilKKS, Liuuok and other Hi o it km to let, cheap.Two Liquor Stores in the Ninth ward; a Pane Goods, Candy and Shoe Store in Hudson street: a Stabl and a Feed store on Ninth avenue; all In good iocatlotu Apple at ?0.t Hudson street. NORTHWEST CORNER FOURTH AVENUE AN] Twenty fifth street.-One of the very best corners o fourth avenue. Rtore and Basement, 92,900. HOLME BKOTU Kits. td and 48 East t wenty-third street OFFICES _ In the Prexel Building, southeast corner of Broad and Wall streets, suitable to corporations, bankers, lawyers, Ac., to rent Irom May 1 ? two elevators, two staircases, flrenroot throughout; we lighted and ventilated; heated by steam; every moder; convenience. Apply to _ ? j Oh. W. drexf.l^ ra Exchange place. BUJUW MOMjUL Jlo. I.Piaa ftteat. NEW YORK HERALD, TO LET FOR ntrSIBTKBS PPIIPOSES. OtFICKS to lkt?KURNI8HED ok UNKURNISUKD, at 27 Old slip, corner Kront street OLD ESTABLISHED CIGAR STORK TO LET-S8U Eighth avenue. Inquire Uu second floor. See this corner ok broadway avii fortyDrat street, about 20x30; building uiateriala on the 4 ground; will leia-a 6or 10years, Apply 1JL> Elisabeth at. & OTEAM POWER, WITH WELL LUIIIKD KLOOKS, D O for $15, f20, tlio per month; plenty power: low inaurance ;immediate po.vcsM. o ; lr? e rem I I May 1. 0 K. itELi.lMU, Sit and 3IS avilH A. STEAM POWER. WITH WI LI.-l.ItiHTED CORNER Room?, largoand atuall, with Uaxmeut, Tor tneo han't leal and munii ue.uring ; urpo-cs. / ppiy to liiiOKOE K WALKER, 132 Centre street, corner Lester. Possession Steam power to let-witii well lioiiteo Rooms; 25x40, '.'5x55, 75x30, 25x1 JO, and Baaement, 25x 50. Apply lo MiUlUSA Mll.Lr.K, 220 Eaat Korty-Urst st ^ qjtkam power-light rooms, on corner; also k5 one Ground Kloor; oihers. large unit small,on Seventh a avenue, between Twenty-eighth and rwenly-nlnth_*ta_ h cteam power.?to let, ground kloor. 40X100, O well lighted; also a Basement, suitable for any Uusi: ness; rent and insurance low. Inquire on the premises, 1 314 and 310 East Thirty-tlfth street. n - ? STEAM POWER.?TO LET, THREE ROOMS', 20 BY 40, and throe t<inatl Room- on third and lourth floors, ~ 113 Nassau street, with or without power. Inquire of M. [* J- OILUOULY, office No. X STEAM POWER, WITH LIGHT ROOMS, TO LET? Broadway an I Thirty-seventh street. Inquire of G. jj BEAHUgLKr, on the premises. _ r OTEAM POWER.?'THREE ROOMS 53X96; TWO 40X40; u one311x30;steam hoist; pood light; rent very low;lor _ wood or iron. P. M. wIL ON, 104 hwedter atreet. ? QTORE TO LEASE.?TnE I)ESI ABLE STORE 78 11 O Oaane street; also two I.ofts; extra strong building. DYE A CUHTI88, 508 Sixth avenue. 11 CJTORE TO LET?GOOD BUSINESS LOCATION, WITH 0 O basement, Third avenue, near Sixty-third street; rent cheap, inquire of F. P. CARROLL, 308 East Thirty 0 eighth street " QTOXK TO LET?A THIRD AVENUE CORNER, KOR O tea, grocery or liquor; lease given; it is the finest , corner on't hlra avenue, 1,981, corner ol H 9th street. Ap'* ply on premises, or to J. P. I'AYTfcN, 165 Henry street. " OTORE AND FIXTURES TO LET.?A SURE LIVING " k) tor a ciotbler with limited means. Apply in store, J" All Pearl street CTORE 2(12 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN SIXTEENTH T O and Seventeenth streets, to let; counters, shelving, 1 gas fixtures and complete plate glass trout. Apply to A. Jj W. MEADKR, tientist, at above number. STORE, GAS FIXTURES, WINDOW SHADES, WINdow Guard and small upright howcasn tor sale at a J- bargain. FANTuN A SIMOaS, 616 Broadway, New York. h CHOE STORK TO LET AND NEW FIXTURES FOR O sale?Stock small and Iresh; If wanted at a bargain; v cause ill health; stand first class; must l e (old by May * 1; long lease. 79 Myrtle avenue, between Jay ana Lawjj rence, Brooklyn, bus.ttesa side. '? CJTRIKKR'8 BAY HOTEL TO LET-SITUATED AT ? O Ninety-sixth street und riverside I'ark, Hudson 'IT River. For particulars apply to F. I. DoKLUKR, 25 Park. ? row. ? IJIO LET?26 COMPLETELY FURNISHED ROOMS ? over first floor of 622 and 624 Broadway, suitable lor hotel purpose*. Apply at once to x GEO. H. TYLER, Olympic Theatre. ' mwo LIGHT LOFTS, TOGETHER OR SEPARATE? :' J. with Steam Power. WILLIAM F. YOUNGS, 134 Lost Tenth street. fTIO LET?AN ELEGANT FURNISHED STORE, TENTH ? I street, near Stewart's, at moderate rent. Apply at " 884 Broadway. rpo LET?TnE OLD ESTABLISHED LADIES' HAIR x ninrf, no uiveu&ci sirceu inquire ui li< ajiit r iji* , o, (> 641 Broadway. rpo LET?THE SMALL STORE CORNER OK BROADm 1 way and Bleecker street, west side. Inquire of L. . LEFFr.RTH, 641 _BroudwayJ rpo LET.?THREE LOFTS, 758 BROADWAY, BETWEEN u 1 i-ighth and Ninth streets, size 26x91) leet each, .? adapted tor any tiu iness. Kor particulars apply to A. NUSSBAUM, 39 Nassau street, Room No. 3. TO LET-NORTHWEST CORNER OK FIRST AVENUE 1 J. and Thirty-lourth atreet, Store and Cellar; flne place H for any business. HINE A FELL, 667 Sixth avenue. _ rpo LET?91 GRAND STREET, NEAR GREENE, A ii 1 tour story Building, tho whole or in part; low rent . Inquire ot S. GUILDS, 77 Murray street. TO LET?OFFICES AND STORES; 20 DIFFERENT kinds. Apply to Or. WASHINGTON, 87 Liberty 2 atreet TO LET?A LOFT ON SECOND FLOOR OF 202 Church street Apply to WARREN 8. WILKEY, No. I. SBcekniau street, room 22. f rpo LET-LOFTS AND OFFICES IN 20 AND 22 ANN 1. street and 141 Fulton street Inquire at H. MOUQUIN'S, 20 Ann street [' mo LET?THREE FURNI8I1ED PARLORS, WITH A rear Building, In Clinton place, near Broadway: verv desirable tor a milliner, dressmaker or the artificial - flower business. EUGENE CHEVALLIER, y 61 Liberty street basement. * rpo LET?FROM MAY 1, THE FOUR STORY BRICK 1 Dwelling, with two Stores, 117 West Broadway, cord ner White street, the corner store being an old cstahn listed liquor store. Apply to LAWRENCE BURKE, 157 r. East Broadway. _ rpo LET?FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, THE UPPER U 1 Part of Uousc, 64 University place, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Apufy in the store. r" rpo LET?A LARGE BUILDING, 25X60, CONTAINING J. four stories and dry cellar; rooms well lighted from three sides, high ceiling, Ac.; a place admirably adapted tor a cigar factory or any other manufacturing business. |i Anply to the owner, on the premises, 370 East Tenth street, between avenues B and C. rpo LET?STORE AND CELLAR, 150 FRONT STREET, ,1 A near Ma:dea lane; size 20x70. Inquire of T..I. GIBBONS, U3Htcccker street, or of D. M. SEAMAN, 14 I'ino street. P rpo LET-FOURTH AND FIFTH STORIES OF 63 NA8,{> A sau street, for business or manufacturing purposes. Apply to owner, 3 8 East Thirty eighth street. p rpo LE ? UNFURNISHED, LARGE PARLOR FLOOR, ,, A for light business or private family. Apply on tho premise.s, 44 Bond street r. rpo LET-NEAR HAMILTON FERRY, WITH OR WITH, 1 out steam Power, a weil-Iighted second floor RoomJ' 50x35 feet, with good entrance. Apply at SOUTH BROOK [' LYN STEAM E.xGINE WORKS, corner Summit and Van ' Hrtinf KtropfN. Kmflh Kronklvn or to K. MIlliY 1 PA) 0 brokers, No. 1 Park place. New York. U* T?* LET? STORK 2.268 THIRD AVENUE, HARLEM, 1 X between 123d ami 124th streets, opposite, to Pn-t office, Bank and Savings Bank. Inquire ot owner, ROBERT J. BROWN, 20 Nassau street. r rpo LET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER. A X large Building, four stories, basement and loft ; 200 j- feet irout by 73 feet deep; well situateil for any kind of manufacturing business, or will be let in Rooms to suit anpil'-aiits. Inquire at 801 First avenue, between TwenII and Thirtieth streets. * rpo LET?FROM MAY 1, THE STOF.E AND DWELL1 ing 2l)j (fraud street, corner of Mott street: the storo has been oeeupied as a liquor store for the last tea years. An excellent stand lor the above business. Apply tothe 2 owner, E. RICHARDSON, 620 Pearl street, neur Centre I, Street X rpo LET?A LIGHT, AIRY. WELL VENTILATED JL Basement, at 813 Broadway, near Twelfth street; best bnslm ss locality In the city. Inquire of P. KAIILER, . on premises. 2 rpr LET?FINK BASEMENT, 152 THIRD AVENUE, 1 26x60; splendid neighborhood for business; $25 rent; open; can be seen at an v time, i H. M. CONDIT, 139 East Twelfth street. ! rpo LET-ON BROADWAY, SECOND FLOOR, OVER , 1 the jewelry establishment of Thomas Klrkpatrlek, 8.89 Broadway. Apply to C. S, PECK A CO., 181 Filth av. ? rpo I.ET?THE BASEMENT OF 27 BARCLAY \ 1 street mo LET?STORE. ON FULTON STREET. IN ONE OF r 1 the best locations; an elegant store; one plate glass window; rent rlicnp. Apply to JOHN NOBLE, .'I2U Fulr ton street, Brooklyn. r LET?STOKES?A SMALL HOUSE AND STORE on north stile of Fulton street: a good location for * business; also tor sale, one or Ave stores on Fulton street, i* Apply to JOHN NOBLE, 320 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TO LET-FIRST CLASS STORE AND BASEMENT 83 spring street, first house irom Broadway; possession Immediately or May L Apply to A. W. FANNING, 23 : East Fourth street, r LET-PART OF STORE NO I BARCLAY STREET, initiibie for a cigar store or for fruit, soda water, I* Ac. Apply la flour store. TO LET-TWO STORES, SOUTHWEST CORNER OF avenue U and Filth street, 20x61; First Floor on Sixth L, aveuue. Murray HilL O. LIOHT1TONE. MS Sixth avenue. 8 fro LET?SECOND AND FOURTH FLOORS AT 72 1 John street; are well lighted and suitable for genoral business purposes, Appiv on the premises. * rro LET?A BOARDING HOUSE, CENTRALLY LO1 catcd, tully and handsomely furnished ; now doing a g good business; lull of first class, good, paying boarders; e,.n K? e.,nlo,. irom Mav 1 no ssu.nar A A.\ ro mm U ffk V E* Herald Uptown Branch office. TO LET?IN TIIF. NEW AND ELEOANT IRON BUILDing 2.19 Hroadwav, Office*, either ?innlv or en nuitc, at reasonable rate*; are It tied with all modern improvemem*, with utc of elevator. Apply on the premise* to KnlcUerhokcr< Insurance Company. TO LET?146 AND 148 WILLIAM STREET, BETWEEN Fulton and Ann street*; will be raised two stories and rented for a hotel, together with 150 William street C. S. JOHNSON, 53 Exchange place. TO I.BT-A FOUR STORT BRICK TENEMENT HOUSE with Store, at 434 Third avenue; will do repair* and ?ve a lease. Apply at the ottice af FRENCH'S Hotel. leo a Batmen i, ll Chatham street TO LET?A FINK STORK AND CELLAR. 25X90 FEET. 1,164 Broadway, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth streets. Apply to APPLEBY A UELMB, h 133 W ater street r LET?FOR HOTEL AND RB8TAURANT, HAVINO 60 room*, the Upper Part and Store of House F.a*t n Forty-fourth street, near Fourth avenue and tlrand CenS tral depot WILLIAM B. OAVEY, 84 Bine-char street mo LET-SUITABLE FOR DR0QQI8T, GROCERY OR 1 bakery, the store and Callar corner of Tompkia* avenoe and Decatur street Brooklyn, with Top Floor of Ave rooms if desired i location first class. Just above Fulr ton avenue car depot. Apply to DAVID h. CARROLL : 303 Broadway. New York, or Dr. J. D. SULLIVAN, 143 II Macon street Brooklyn. r LET-FRONT BASEMENT, 107 FIFTEENTH street, third door west of Sixth avaaM. suitable for 4ahvai?ihai rem uuaistata. SUNDAY, MARCH 30, lb? TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. rLET OK LEASE FOR A TERM OK YEARS? FOUR new Lofts, Mx75 each. 4fi Reekmen s'reet, suitable for manufacturing stationers, pat er box makers, engravers, drug Importers, saddlery hardware, One prtu era, AC. J. P. TKAVKK.S rLET OR LKA8F,?TUK FOUR STORY BRICK Hou-o HSU Third avenue, near Fiity-.ourtli street; a good location lor uny kind of business. __________ F. BLANCHE i', 29t Sixth avenue, TO I.FT OR FOR SALE?IN WILLIAM, PEARL, Chambers, Hoy, Water, Greenwich. Warren, Frankfort, lent re, Ureat Jones, Eighth streets umi Sixth avenue, Stores, Dwelling*, Letts i.u l Warehouses. O. w. DUCUBiT, ho. 2 New chambers street.^ rLET Olt LKaKE?STORE AND HOPSE CORNER Myrtle avenue and Gold street: building 28x80; one ol the best stands tor grocery store, dry goods or luruiture In Brooklyn. Inquire in s ore ol HENRY HUME. mo LET'or LKASI?THK LIQUOR STORE, CORNER J. ot Thirty-niuth street and Seventh avenue. Inquire at My Seventh avenue. TO LET OR LKASK-TIIK STORK 301 CHAMBERS street, running through to Itcadu street, near West. by Pavonia lerry; ha* Dearborn scale.-, couuters, shelving, gs- and Crotou water in. Apply to U. WHAY, oil Washington street, or In the (tore. TO LEASE CI1KAP?A LARUE CORNER STORK IK a good neighborhood. Inquire corner Eighty-neeond street and Kirn avenue TO LEASE?THE FOUR LOFTS OK THE NEW bnihliiiR .-out beast roruvr Park place und tirecnwlch (treet, with coimuodP us entrance, good light und 13a leet frontage on 1'urk elate. Apply at the Clairiuout savings Rank, in same building. TO LKAHK?FOR A TERM OK YEARS. A FOUR story Building, 126x101), with Boilers and Engine; located lu Jersey City, near the Erie dock. For particulars inquire ut 77 Murrav street, New York. rro LEASE?THE FINK STORE CORNER FIFTYX seventh (treet und Second avenue; also four story English basement House 1140 West 'I wcnty-litlh street. Apply to O. T. W KKKS, ill East Tweuty-tlltli street. TO LEASE OR FiHt FALE-ON FOURTEENTH street, between Filth und Sixth avenues, a lour story Home, first floor 26x112.0, suitable lor any kind oi business purposes. Apply to C. A. UUbSEY. 82 Filth avenue, corner of Fourteenth street. TO LEASE?A VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING, FOR bus.uess purposes, at low rent. W. W. LYON, 78 avenue D._ TO LEASE-FOUR LOTS. FORTY-SEVENTH STREET, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, for stone yard or other purposes. Apply to JOHN SHIRLEY A SON, 81 Cedar.street. TO LEASE-STORE, BASEMENT AND SUB-CELLAR, 2ftxhJUxll2, or entire tlve story Building, 8ft Nassau street. Apply te JAMEb B1KC11LTT, 10 Wall street, room 18, between 11 and 1. rpo RENT?REAR BUILDING 400 SIXTH AVENUE, A 40x30, two stores and basement, suitable lor stuble, inanuiucturiug or storago purposes; terms vary reasonablc. Apply on premises. TO LITHOGRAPHERS, PRINTERS, 4C.-A FINE large Sub-Baseiucnt to let on reasonable terms, with uso ot steam power It desired. Apply on the premises, usuitunuj, IU OilitftVI uuvaur MIB IIUIUUULO V.UIIIpany. TWO LOFTS?WITH STEAM ELEVATOR, CORNER of Canal unit Eldridge streets ; size 50\S0. _ W. 0. I'LANAUAN, l&d Broadway. TWO LARGE AND ONE SMALL LOFTS FOR LIGHT inaiiutucluring business, in ilrst class order, lour years' lease, wood location, in Eighteenth street, near Sixth avenue. J. GLAENTZEit, 480 Sixth uvcnue. Thornton m. rodman, real estate agent. 69? Broadway, offers ior lease Store and Dwelling 131 Waverley place; will let together or separately; rent $1 ,000; Store with back Room and front Basement. $550; First Floor, $300; entire Dwelling 1'art ot 70Sixth avenue, corner ot Waverlev place;good stand tor dentistry, millinery or dressmaking; rent $i'00. Possession iiinuodiaiely. Will put in order. VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS. WITH STEAM POWER, to let, in building 383 Second avenue, corner of Twenty-second street. WORKSHOP TO LET-THIRD FLOOR OF BRICK building; frontage 50x35 tcet; well lighted; largo platform extension and hoistwuy. Inquire on the premises, roar ol 30 King street. O LOTS TO LEASE?ON THIRTIETH STREET, 175 O feet from Sixth avenue: three oil Guusevourt street, near West, and one on Fit ty-firststreet, near Eighth avenue. Apply to owner, 340 West Fltty-illth street. 97 UNION SQUARE-TO RENT, FOR BUSINESS I purposes, handsome Rooms on second anil third floors. Apply on the premises to Miles. LYONS A mountjoyV A "1ST STREET, CLOSR TO FIFTH AVENUE.?LARGER TtJ. four slorv Ilonac, with Carpets and Mirrors; elegant order. HOLMES BROTHERS, 46 anil 48 East Twenty-third street DO FEET DEEP STORE TO LET?FOR FOUR YEARS, ")'/ on Hudson street, between Canal and spring ; only $50 per month. U YLANi), Ml Nineteenth street. QQ GRAND STREET. I/O 70S Broadway, A3 Bcekinau street, to let by J. P. W'KNDEL, 79 Maiden lane. OQ7 ORAND 8TREKT, NEAR ELDHIDUK.?TO ZdO I let, best retail stand In the cltv. y. A. BENNETT, 68 West street QOA BROADWAY, NEAR TWELFTH STREET.?TWO O?iU splendid Loft*, 2.1x100, very desirable, to let, separately or together; rent lowf . H. M. CONDIT, 139 East Twelfth street J^EAD THE EVENING TELEGRAM TO-MORROW. l)iyi:i,i,i\(; not ?es to i.kt. Kurulslicd. A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE OFFER THEIR private Residence, on Sixtieth street, near Central Fork, to rent for one or iwo years to a responsible party, with immediate possession if desired, at a reasonable rent; the location is llrst class in every respeet, being particularly desirable as a country residence, combining, as it does, all tho advantages ot the city and country; the house, a four story hittli stoop brown stone front, is complete in every respect, being finished In the best possible manner, with every modern improvement; it is elegantly furnished from top to bottom, everything being In pcriect order. Apply to L. H. H URTT, 7o W iltiain st A FAMILY GOING ABROAD WILL RENT THEIR House, tiilly luruishcd, on East Twenty-sixth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues; will not rent to irresponsible parlies or for hoarders. Apply lo ALEXANDER Ml LET, XII West Forty-seventh street, near Broadway, Irom 8 to 12 o'clock. \ BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? In Ihirtv first street, between Fifth avenue and Mrni |.>sv, rent t-tw per month. Permit* only troui Colon* i w .1 i>i : l.jii/' Broadway. A N h V rill K HTORY BROWN STONE DWELLING, <>n rtti> -ev.nth street, between Eighth nud Ninth swum?. wati new mid elegant furniture, to rent lor one year tor $t.MXl; private inmily only; owner would exchange lor smaller lleiise. 1511 Broad way, room ly. ASI MI.V FURNISHED HOUSE TO I,El IV COMplcte order; all modern improvement*. 8 room*; genteel loeation; rent $9d per month. 339 Herkimer street, west ol Albany avenue, Brooklyn. A FINELY FURNISHED 21X50 THREE RTOKY modern brown stone House to rent; $175 per month ; perfect order; every convenience. Apply at 210 East Forty-eighth street. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOI* BROWN STONE House to let or for sale?Willi Furniture, nearly new; elegant Stelnwny Piano. Call at 146 East Fifty-sixth street, between 8 and 12 A. M. A CHEAP RENT, $780? FURNISH ED HOUSE, 14 rooms. Improvements, In Bridgeport, Conn., suitable lot hoarding house; possession April 1. Cull on the owner, 723 sixth avenue. A FIVE STORY BRICK HOUSE, ON TWENTYsen,nil street, few doors ftoni Filth avenue; twentytwo rooms; every oonvenietiee (or boarders. C. 8. PECK A CO., 181 Fifth avenue. A THREE STORY STONE HOUSE, VERY PRETTILY furnished, on Twenty-second street, neur Seventh avenue; possession April l; rent low to good tenant. C. S. PF.OK A CO., 181 Filth avenoe, A FOUR STORY IIIOII STOOP HOUSE TO LET? Furnished, on Twenty-third street, near Ninth avenue, $2(10 per muti tit. H. R. DREW A CO.. 165 Fifth avenue. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE, 1 elegantly furnished; Stelnway piano, linen, silver, books, kitchen utensils, Ac.; in complete order; rent $4,000. OEOKtiK C. HOREN, 173 Fifth avenue. 1 ?MADISON" AVENUE, OPPOSITE SQUARE, FOUR I story h. s. brown stone, finely furnished, $5,400; Lexington av., near 31st St., 3'story h. *. brown stone, : $2,700 : 9th st., near 5th nr., h *., 33 It. front, elegantly lur- 1 dished, $5,i?i0; 32d St., near Broadway, 4 story h. s., finely furnished, $2,200. 8IMONSON A ECCLKSTON. I Open till 9 P. M. 80 West Thirty-first street. j ATnREK STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE < House, 25x40x100; possession April or Mav; $200 a month; furnished ; Filty-tourth street, near Fifth avenue. 1 WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. ] Alaki*k li^i ur rikainnnii aau unrvn- ' Dished House* to let. In allDurtsof the city; also a lew suburban Cottages, furnished. GEORGE C. NORKN, 173 Filth avenue. A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT TO LET? < Furnished. Thirty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue; [ $:?*> per month. H. K. DiiKW A CO , 1M Fifth avenue. ' ACOSEY LITTLE BROWN STONE HOUSE TO let, furnished, at the reduced rrnt ol $1.33 per month ; contain* 9 room*; nil modern Improvements and immediate possession, an the owner la going to Europe. IDS Weit V il tie III street ; A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FOUR STORY HIGH ! stoop House, lull front, with extension; Weat Twenty- J third street, near Seventh avenue; good location ; deslra- ; ble lor large private lainily or boarders; rent S30U per 2 month. 8. B. uoodalk, a No. s West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN 8TONK, | handsomely furnished, near Fifth avenue, 0n Thlr- I y-Hfth street B. B. GOUDALK, No. 5 Wert Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue IioteL A FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT FOR t seven or eight months; location Tenth street. near * Filth avenue: very desirable. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW i A CO., No. 3 Pine street or M East Seventeenth street A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE high stoop House, 25 by 00 tcet, in Mnriisnn avenue, to let, furnished. Apply to owner, A. M. FKRKIH, 62 Exchange place. I A FULLY, ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FOUR STORY House, just west of Filth avenue, between Fortysixth and Forty-ninth streets, for six or seven mouths: rent low to a good party. Address BEACH, box til I Herald office. a A LARGE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone, West Twenty-seventh street; all improvements ; perfect order; rent low to a resoonsible tenant. Ui.At'kWKI.L A CO., 66 Liln-rty street. | -FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES, IN ! desirable locations, to let ; H. Hudson A CO. 171 Fifth arenas. 1 3.?QUADRUPLE SHEET?"V DWELMSO HOUSES TO LET. Furniabed. A FURNISHED nOOSK TO LET?IN WKST BIOHteenili street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; very desirable; well luruistod, pofso-sinn at once treat only *300 per inoutli. OtiltKN A CLARK, Broadway, corner Seventeenth str< et A HANDSOMELY FURN 1811 Kl) THREE STORY

hrown stone tlouse, in Sor<y-?ivonttt street, between SUih and Seventh avenues, rem very low. P. II. OKADY, H.7 sixth avenue. A SUIT OK ROOM 8 TO I.KT-CONSISTINO OK Hour rooiits, kitchen and bathronnt, tnriii.-hcd or unfurnished, to (ten tie men or a small lamily; reterenves. 1,1(18 ltroudway. Akirst class four story hrown stone newly painted, furnished and carpeted, or untarnished, private or boarding llou-o, re.-onably to responsible tenants; agents rocei\e brokerage, all second uv. A FINE FOUR story nOUSK?furnished, elegant parlors, to let cheap to a private family, Who will board three persons. Ill East Twelllli street. A FULL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FURNISH HO House to lease lor S to 5 years. Intiuire at 34 West Thirty-third street. A three story nion stoop sixty-third street, west or Tiilrd avenue, und two Cottages on West sixtieth street; each ILhoo; improvements. BURNETT A BUCK, 1,1)761 hlrd avenue._ A FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE, 1NCLUDINO everything '.or housekeeping, to let, on Thirty tilth street, near Fittu avenue; another on wmn block, lor boarders. C. S. I'KCii A CO., 181 Fifth avenue. AN EXTRA K1ZB HOUSE COMPLETELY KURnialied, linen, Ac., near Miun avenue below Thirtylourtli street, suitable lor first class hoarding purposes. WILLIAM TUCKER, 2.1) Klttli avenue, above Twenty-sixth .street. ALAROK FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?ON TWKNty-thlrd street, nrar Filth avenue; rent moderate. II. It. DREW A CO., 166 Filth avenue. A?TO LET, FURNISHED, ON TWENTY-FIRST street, near Seventh avenue, a lour story high sloop Hou r ; $226per month. II. It, Dlle.W A CO., I'd. Filth av. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BIIOWN STONE TO let, turni-lied, ou Forty-second street, near Sixth avenue; only $1.1)09 u year. 11. II. DREW A CO., 165 FUth avenue. A FOUR STORY BIOS STOOP BROWN STONE TO let. lurnished, ou Forty-third street, between Fifth uud Madison avenues; owner going to Europe. II. R. DREW A CO.. 166 Hitli avenue. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House in Harlem, completely and handsomely lurnished, convenient to the boat that leuves Peek slip, rent $1,10)0. UEORoE C. SOltKN, 173 Filth uvinue. A LARGE NUMBER OF FURNISHED AND UNFUR liishcd Houses, in all desirable locations ar, private and boarding, lo relit and tor sale; some at bargain*. HARDENBERUH A CO., 1,241 Broadway. A NUMBER OF THREE ANI) FOUR STORY BROWN stone Houses, nieely furnished, nctween Broadway and l lali avenue. Rents $2,11X1 to $3,600. Wit.LI AM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty-tilth street. AN ELEGANT, COSBY II1IOWN STONE IIOU8B, 1\ thoroughly and beautifully furiilshed : loeatioti Forty seventh street, between Broadway and slxlli avenue. Kent $6,600, or would rent for the Summer at $226 per month. Call ou or address owuor, 16 East Foriy-sixth street. AT $200 A MONTH?HANDSOME FOUR STORY high stoop I rown stone House, l til I v lurnished, lis) East Thirty-eighth street, or will lie sold very low. Exclusively lit hands ol Wll.1,1AM TUCKER, 220 Filth av. A -29 EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR Madison square.?Benuliful medium-sided llou o to let, lurnished, with immediate possessiou it desired; rent $26n per month to a responsible family. T7IOCR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LEASE OR r lor sale.?Furnished; immediate posscasion; perlect house; nil modern. Aj ply un premises, lilt East Ninth slrcct, near Second avenue. . T7HJKNIHHED HOUSE TO LET IN A FIRST .T class location up town, to nn American lamily of ulllltu- root tut.o, lo li.,i,r.l l.u vi.'?'. TuN, llcruld office. fU'RNIBIIED HOUSE TO LET?FOR SIX MONTHS, May to November, tour story brown stone, elegantly furnished; piano, billiard table, Ac.; rent low to good, hi 11 a 11 reliable family; bouse situated upper part ol city. Address HAMILTON, Herald office. House to rent?furnished or UNFURNISHED. The three story high stoop, 222 West Kitty-third street, occupied by owner; houses of tins block ha\e extra line large front yards. ONLY $100 A MONTH FOR A HANDSOME, COMpletoly furnished three story brown stone House on 112th street; house and neighborhood first class, inqtlire at Hill East Thirteenth street, tor one mouth. IJllOFKSSOR JOY'S RESIDENCE, WITHIN THE ftrouuds of Columbia College, northeast corner Madison uvenuc and Korty-nlntli street, completely iUrnished, to a small private family only. Inquire ot JACOB SllAKPE, S3 1'ine street, or on the premises. SEVERAL FINELY FURNISHED HOUSES, IN ll(iol) locations, to let, liy JOHN KAVANAGII, northeast corner Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. TO LET?PARTIALLY FURNISHED, LARUE STONE llouse, 23 East Twenty-second street, 34 Icet front, near Broadway; kitchen and laundry separate. For permit apply to W. A E. A. CRUlKSIlANK, 55 Broadway. TO LET?AT $125 PER MONTH FOR SIX MONTHS, 225 West Forty-third struct; nicely turuished; yearly rental, untarnished, $I,7U>. TO LET?TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY, FOR ONE year Iroin May 1, a llrst ela-s brown .stone full sl/ed high stoop tout1 story furnished House, between Broailway and fourth avenue. Apply at room 6, 271 Broadway. IV) LET-FURNISHED, CHARMINO FRENCH ROOF House, seven minutes front Liberty street terry ; all improvements, II rooms, $76 per tumuli. Apply to A. 51. CAPI-.N, mil Broadway. rpo LET?FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED, FIRST 1 class Houses near Fifth avenue, oa Twenty-fourth, Forty-second, Forty-sixth streets, Lexington nud Madison avenues. BLADE A CO., 23 Union square. TO LET?FURNISHED, THE RESIDENCE OK TBK late Jesse W. Benedict, st Audubon Park, Washington Heights, New York city ; property is on the banks of the Hudson; amide grounds, double house, stable, Ac. For lull particulars and eirculur to COLEMAN HEN EDICT, 14 Broad street, or PETER CARTER, 630 Broadway. rpo LET?AN KLEOANTLY FURNISHED FRESCOED X House, excellent neighborhood, ncur Central Park; $230 per month. Apply to owner, W. T. HORN, 07 Wull street Principals only. TO LET?AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. TWO HANDnamely furnished Cottages, lor 1 months nnd 12 do.; also two Gothic Cottages, $l,i.(M and $1,2UU; also one small brick, H rooms, $WHi; also Paris of Houses, Croton wulur, improvements; 6) minutes to Dcy stn et. A. B. MILLS, Agent, 121 Nassau street, room L rpo LET FURNISHED?IN WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH 1 street, near Sixth avenue, a neat, medium sized House, in excellent location : rent $3)0 per month. Apply tit iii i ly. rilO LET, FURNISH HI)?ON THIRTIETH STREET, 1 near Fifth avenue, tour story high stoop lirown stone : rent $500. II. K. DREW A CO , I.U Fifth avenue. TO LET?FOR SIX MONTHS Olt A YEAR, HANDcomely furnished Home, very pleasantly situated, to n private family only; rent $.150 per month, inquire at !i6;? West Twenty third street. TO LET?A HANDSOME FOUR STORY BROWN STONE House, on Forty first street, near Fifth avenue, elegantly and completely furnished : will lie let low to a private family. II M. CoN 1)11, 13'J East Twelfth street. To LET?FURNISH EI), SIX MONIES OR YEAH, A very fine four story hrown stone front, West Thirtythird street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues-, elegantly furnished; house ami furniture first class; rent 1,00 per month. II V ME AH, i-'l! Eighth avenue. TO LET?FURNISHED,IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, IN Forty-seventh street, full sized lour story high stoop hrown stone House, completely and elegantly furnished, with private stable, it desired, or will lease ir furniture is purchased ; rent low to a responsible party. Address S. LAWRENCE, 19.' Front street. TO RENT?A COMPLETELY FURNISHED BROWN stone House, centrally located, for $2&> per month, to a responsible private family. Apply to o. 1,. Ir 1'HER. fist Broadvvav, or WARD A CLARK, Broadway Ml fcyenfenui street. TO RENT A NEWLY FURNISHED HOUSE, 45 Amity street; cheapest rent in the city. TO RENT?FULLY FDRNMHED. FOR SIX MONTHS, a neat brown stone House, In West Forty-eighth street, to a private family onlv; rent very reasonable. DA E A CURTI8S. Mis Sixth avenue. TO RENT FI.'KNIHHKH. TO A SMALL FAMILY, A A flrst class lirown stone Dwelling on the Hill, In complete order, handsomely iurni-hcd, pliino, library. Ac.; Iionse (rescued ; will be r uled low to a small lairiily lor six months. Apply to WYCKOFF A JAMIiri, 2U3 Montague street, Rronklyn. ?)Z?TH STRKKT, MURRAY HILL, NKAR PARK AVEOU nue.?Desirable four story medium size private Dwelling; well und hilly furnished; lowest $l>00 per Ihonth. V. K. STEVENSuN, Jr., 11 P.ue street end ?M Filth srtnue. not WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET.?110 U8K, 12 LiZtV rooms, to lease; $11*1 monthly: Furniture, Ac., complete, and must be homrht; excellent chance lor lady )l husiness habits: possession any time, shown only between 10 and 3 o'clock. Dealers unnoticed. Unfurnished. A FEW DESIRABLE HOUSES TO LET. 3 a t). s. 134 Eaat 110th st $900 Is. b. s. East lllth St., near Madison av hflO I a b. I. 170 East 93d st. 1,100 Is. b. A 173 East Old st. 1,100 Is. b. a 122 EastfKd st 1,000 I s. b. R. 179 Fast 79tli st 1,800 I a b. ,r:31 East ooth st 900 I a I. 223 Eaet Kid st 800 Alao Stable ana 4 Lots of Oround in East,;ween Lexington and 4th avs.. $3110. Apply to CARTER I llEDDEN. II Fine street, or corner Eighty-sixth street ind Third avenue. A-lflTH 8T., NEAR BTn AV.,4 8TORT H. 8. BROWN . stone, $2,700 : 26th st., near 4th av., 4 story h. a jrown stone. $2,300; S4th St., near 7th av., 3 story brown itone, $1,790; 42d St., near Broadway, 4 story h. s. brown itntib A9 Itflf)- U I a rirn numLor nfotliora at mntln Pat a rn nta RIJT'iNHON-i"&OCLJt?TON, W WortThUly fliVt t*"' Open till 9 P. M. AT TRNTfl STREET, near FIFTH AVRNUR.? Four atory high ntoop brick Hou-e, unformatted, 12,MOO; alao a *inaII lurniihnl one, $126 a month. WILLIAM TCCKKR, 220 Filth arena*. A THREE STORY BROWS STONE, 15 ROOMS. MO Kant Mill ntreet, $1,2/10; 40th etreet, $900; 41?t, $!,**>; ftaat 27th utTeet, $1,800; Slat, $1,2(10; 32th. $1,4410; MUt Arret, $1.700, StiUi, $2,000; ntliera tho.s. ,1. DONKis, Jr.. k co., 554 Third avenoe. A SMALL HOI'HK OF EIGHT ROOMS IN THE city (o let at $50 per month wonld leave yon nothing lo (how for your money, bnt inch a houae can be bought lor $50 a month without Intereat and $750 each, at Wbitertone, L. I., and you would own It in Ave veara: one rear'a commutation free. Call on H. L TAN SIOLfcM. 133 Naaaau atreeL and get free pats VTPH SUPPLEMENT. DWEUrao IIOirsK.S TO liET. Unfarnlihtd. AO. LOOMIB *OO.t 1,254 BROAOWAY. Ottiee opeu Iroin 8 A. M. Io9 P. M. 3 story stone Inn', on .'U'.li hi., near nroudwny ii^CO 3story sioiie irout, on 31 h st., 11 ar '.'d nv I.'OO 4 story brick Iron', on imti st, near 2d nv l,s *) 3 story Uriok ironi, on 3 d t ., m ar 7. It nv 1,110 3.t ory 8i0110 ironi, ou 30 li at., u< a. rt.h av 1,?00 3stt>rv briek trout, on 17iti ft.. n< ar trvnu placu I, 00 Ssiory briek iront. on st, n< ur MU ?v l,30u 3 story stone li our, ou Mtli s.., 1 e\lnKt<>n 11 v.. 1, <*) 8 story h one front, ou Loxingoa nv , uear atiilt t.. l,iM0 3 story lirioii in nt, ou 2*'li at, near 4tli uv 1 Sou 3 M< ry brick Iront, on 27 h st, near Mali ton nv 3,1.01 4 story stone iront, ou 79tb st, near Madison nv . .. 2,1 ?m 4 si ry brick trout, on si , iieur Irvlint place 2, 01 3 story sione iron., on 2ltli st., in nr av 2,0 0 4 story brick Irout, oil llrondway, near 32d at. 2,'tio 3 story bricn Irout, on 22d St., near av. 3,J)0 4 story stone front, on 6 >tb at., in ar 4tli av 2.8<jO 3 siory stouo tront, on 4ttiU st, near droadway 2,230 4 story stone trout, on 2Cili si., near 4tli av 3 story stone iron:, ou -titli st., near silt nv 2,tit) 4story brick Irout, ou llrondwuy, 11 ar .sid st <U<W 3 si ory stone Iront, on 23ili st., mar 4th sv 2,ts?) 4 story brick trout, on 4t!i av., uear 2tttli st 2,SOU 4 story a one irout on ill li st, near Madison av 2,.r><>4 4 story brick irout, on 4ib av., uear 21st si 2,i.iMl 4 story stone iron., 011 46tli st., near Lexington av... J,t)00 4 story stone tront oil 42d st., ilcur tith av 3,- lit) ? story storm iront, on Xfltli st, imur 6th uv 3,000 4 story brick tront, ou 32d sL, near Bro.nlway 3,26) 4 story brick trout, on 361 It *L, in ar fit It av 8,#*) 4 story stono trout, on 22d st, near 4tli av 3,H i ) 4 story stone tront, on 43th sb, near otli av 4,0.0 4 story brick Iront, ou i d St., near Ma ii-oti av 4,200 4 story stono trout, on 41st st? ucar 5lli uv 4,U)0 Also a large number or lurnished Houses to rent. A l-i I a number of first class Houses I'or salo. An elegant ktonk house on fifty-fourth street, between Filth nm! sixth avenues, to let; size, 36xti5, lour stories. For permit apply to MARTIN DUNN, 302 Broadway. A THREE STORY FRENCH ROOF FRAME HOUSE, 23x40, with inoilorn Improvements; 13 rooms; suitable lor two lamilius; whole or purt; $863. 312 East hlglin -fenrth street A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE, WEST Sixtieth street, near Roulevurd, rent f2,20o; also a Cottage, West Sixtieth street, near Boulevard, rent ?l,100. ' 1). liAUBOW, 085 Eighth avenue. A SMALL BRICK HOUSE, EIGHT ROOMS, SIXTYninth street, near Boulevard, in good order, with all modern conveniences; iucalion very destrulilc. Also three storv brh k Ilnuso 164 hast Twenty-eighth street, near Third avenue, in good order; rent modera'e. Also 2,2(14 Third avenue, near litd street, House and Store. Apply to J. A. VAN 1IUSKIRK. 67 East lentil struct, 4 THREE STORY II 1(1 II STOOP DWELLING TV House, In Seventeenth street, near Eighth avenue, in perleet <rder' rent $1,1U0. Apply to EUUKNE CHEVaLLIKK, iii Liberty street, baaemeut. A DESIRABLE Hotel, near Madison SOU ARB, to lease, and Furnititrn for sale. Apply to S. B. uoodale, No. 6 West Twenty-third street, Filth Avenue Hotel. A few more houses to let-good looatlons, cheap rents. Full at onee. and get permit from JjGOMAS McGlllltK, 1,145 Second avenue. , A PRETTY BRICK COTTAGE, FORTIETH STREET, near I'nrk avenue; rent $1,1**); price $13,5X1; lot ItUxL block ; u bargain. BURNETT A BUCK, 1,075 Third avenue. Ahabdsomb four story high stoop brown stone, Thirty-fourth street; rent $2,800; price $30,000; hullt hy days' work, in RNkit a bufK. 1,075 Third av., near Sixty-third rt. A?TO LET OR FOR SALE?THREE story Ilioil stoo|i hrick House, ou Twenty seventh street, near Lexington avenue. T. J. DUNKIN a CO., 551 Third avenue. A $1,200 HOUSE TO LET?819 EAST FORTY-FIRST street (Cutting's Uill), three story high stoop sionu trout; improvement* Call on the owner, <13 Six lb av. A HANDSOME THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, IN good order, very near Union sijuarei rent only $1 sun. S. h I o, A It IIEIlBKItO, 23 l.a-t Four'i cntli st. A HANDSOME, LARGE FOUR STORY III .11 STOOP brown stono House, In perleet order, on Fourteenth street, neur .Seventh avenue; rent low. S. EDGAR II KRBERiJ, 23 Lust Fourteenth street a desirable house. 260 west fifty-fourtii J\. si ret-1; good locution, near Broadway; rent $'2,W,U. S. it. GOODAI.E, No. 5 West Twenty-third street, Filth Avenue Motel. A MODERN FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone, Fifty-tilU? street, near Fifth uvenue; rent $2,800. 8. M. GOODAI.E. No. 5 West Twenty-third street (Fittli Avenue Motel). A LARGE FULL WIDTH FOUR STORY HIGH stoop, West Twenty-third street; rent $2,400. S. It. GOODALE. No. 6 West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A HANDSOME FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP, 123 West For.y-fltth street; rent, in perfect order, $2,600. Seen by permit. S. II. OOODAI.B, No. 5 West Twenty third street, Filth Avenue HotcL Avery fine three story high stoop House in West Thirty fourth rtraet, in Hrst class order; rent $1,600. Abo a nice Collage, newly repaired und puinted; garden, with irult and nowers; In hightythlrd street, near Grand Boulevard; rent $100. Inquire Hi owner, 228 West Thirty-.otirth street. A FULL SIZE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE on Sixteenth street, near Fifth avenue, to rent, unfurnished or lurnished. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. :t Pine street and 05 East Seventeenth street. A -TO LET -A FOUR STORY FRENCH BASEMENT . House. 282 West Forty-llrst street, In good order; contains about 14 rooms; all modern improvements; rent low. lui|uire of J. AIULLIN'S, builder, 2AI West Fortieth street. A LARUE HOUSE, OF 28 ROOMS, TO LET?UNFUR Dished. Impure ou premises, 20 West Thirty-second street. No idijeel ion to a pro ate honriling house. About 175 houses, well located and at moderate rents; any parly in want of one will save time and expense by culling lor printed list and get tin;; lull particulars. MORRIS B. BAER. 72 West Thirty-fourth street. An extra width four story high stoop brown atone, near Fifth avenue, on Twenty-third street; reut $11,000. S. B. (IOODALE, No. B West Twentytliyd street, Filth Avenue Hotel. a N UNFURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IN EA-T JY Forty-tilth street, near Grand Central Depot; u very desiratde three story house, ull convenieiiees; rent $1,600. OGDE.N A CLAitK, Broadway, corner Seventeenth st. A HOUSE TO LET?17V CANAL STREET, FOB A dwelling or light business purposes; rent $l,AtjO per year. Apply to WILLIAM GAMMON, 18 Cliullnini street. I ?THE THREE STORY HIGH sTOOP Hot -E ir.t J\ . West Thirtepnth street to let, with reservation!, which reduces rent lo $1,230; neighborhood unexceptionable, Can lie seen by permit only. Apply to MOMi.K AM) ltd AN, No. 2 Pine street. A LARGE CORNER HOUSE, 28 ROOMS, NORTHwest corner of Thirty-thiril street und Broadway; splendid opportunity lor renting rooms or hoarding house ; satisinctory rent, to n responsible parly. Apply to MINE A PEI.L, 637 Sixth avenue. A three STORY iiigii stoop BRICK HOUSE in West Fifteenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues; rent $'.,')UU. Apply to j. ROM . 1NE BltoVVN, j,?d/ onraun nj. At tUOO A YI'.ai:?unfuknisuep four story brown stoirc huh stoop House, For'y-scventh street, Filth ami Sixth avenues. WILLI AM TUCKER, 220 Filth avenue. A THREE M0EY HOUSE, 12 BETHUNE STREET, Mar Bank ind Hudson, good uejgbborhood, t<> i< t; parlors three rooms deep; can be divided up lor two lumilies; rent low. A FOUR STORY MIUII STOOP BROWN STONE, 25x66, lot HO, to :ei on Forty-llrst street, near Sixth avenue; possession April I. i' S. PBOE* CO., 1"1 Filth avenue. A?to LET, MUTATE dwellings in THE TOL lowing locationsAmity, Beach, Kant Tenth, liant Kighty-loni In street*, Second und Lexington avenue*; Clinton anil St. Mark ? place*. J. C. BAI I.I'. V, an ba*l I ourth street, near Bowery. AVERY COSKY COTTAGE; AI.SO TWO THREE MOBY House* ad1 lining, each separate or together: each house ha* nil Improvements; located cast ol Kitty-filth street; rent low. Apply at IIP East Thirteenth street A -to LET, unfuunisih.d, 01* twenty sixth . street, near Fourth avenue lour story high stoop brown stons, $2,fK). II. H. DREW A CO., 1 .6 Fntli uv. Alarok four story HIGH MOOP brown Hione House to let, unlurnishe.d, on Filth avenue, near Fourteenth street; rent moderate. II. It. IIRKW A CO , i:>5 Filth avenue. A -TO LET, UNFURNISHED, ON FORTY-FOURTH street, near Sixth avenue, four story high stoop brown stone, lull size. H. It. DREW A CO , las Fifth avenue. A?TO LET, UNFURNISHED, TWENTY-SECOND street, near Broadway, lour story high stoop, 20 rooms. II It. DREW A (;<).,! a Fit til avenue. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LETN? Uniurmshed. on Twenty-second street, near Filth avenue; rent 92,200. U. R. DREW A CO., 166 Firth avenue. A THREE STORY IIKill HTOgP BROWN STONE to let?Unlhrnished, Forty-eighth street, near Eighth avenue; rout *i,m?. II. It. DREW A co., 165 Fifth avenue. A FOUR STORY BUILDINO TO LET?6T7 HUDSON street, corner ol lloraiio street, now occupied as a liquor store. apply 10 J. w ii.huv, i'.?o smith street. ANUMHKK OF VF.RVC DESIRABLE TURKS AND four story brown stone Houses near Broadway and Mxth avenue. Forty-second to Fitty-eiithth street; rents. $1,?W to $3,UU0. WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Rroa'twuy, near Forty-lltth street. AT |30,fJ00 A YEAR-FOUR STORY BROWN STONE House, handsomely ircseoeil. 92x65x100, on Murray liill. Filth and mxth avenues, unfurnished. WM. fUUKKlt, xai Fifth avenue. AT $1,2.10?A VERY HANDSOME. ENGLISH BANKment brown stone House, on il11r.y-rir.1i street, near Third avenue; unfurnished. WM . TPCBBH. BO Fifth avenue. AT $1,?00-HAND3OMH HOUSE; NKIOIinCRnOOD unexeetnionable ; suitable for tlrst class private fainllv; nnturnlshed. WM. ll'CKEK, . 290 FUtb avenue, flrst door above Twenty-itxth street ATHRKK STORY IllOH STOOP-WI ST TWKNTYeighth street $1,600; three story and basement West Thirty-third street $1,4<M; West Nineteenth street, ilAia H. v. MKAD, 42$ Eighth avenue. A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT IIOISK TO let? linturnisbed, Thirty sixth street near Filth avenue $d,uuu a year, H. B. PRKW $ CO.. Itlfl Fifth avenue. All ANDSOME TIIRRF. STORY HIGH STOOP brown atone to let? Unturniahad, on Forty sLxth street near Lexington avenue; rent al.soo II K DichW A Oil., 1.,5 Fifth avenue. AN F.LE0ANT TIIRKK 8TORY AND BASEMENT brown sione House, south side Kaat Kitty eighth street, between second and Third avenues. WILLIAM H. UAVKY. $4 Blaaokar strssL 3 DWBUIWO HOPSRS TO UKT. DnlurnUhcd. A?TO EET, A THREE BTOKY BROWN STOWM . i w IIiiiu, witti all modern iinprovetn nta, situated oa i'aciUc street, nmok.jti. T. C. HA I KY, M t'-u t Fourth street, near Mower jr. A LARGE F<> It STORY HOUSE Tt? LET?FUR* ntshed. on Nino'eontli 8 rcot; year. II. K. Oil . W A Co., ljj i iiiti avenoft. AHOC8K TO LIT?OKS1BABLT LOCATBD, AD. scent to llroadwiiy, an 1 r'uniitura for mite; a per. sou witli thin is nii excel.ent rcinuneraive Invent* BMOl. JAMES OAUNEY, KM ii u 1 mi street. A?UPPER PART OF ItUIIJJlNtl NORTHWEST OOR uer 1 luriy third street and lath avenue; three Hours, cull Mining 2e> rooms. Apply to UINE A 1'KLL, 567 Sixlti avenue. AI.ADY QOINO ABROAD WOULD LIKE TO LET House, with live years' lease, and Furniture lor sale. Call at W West tenth street BY vACHE A BROWN, 371 THIRD AVENUE. KJH Loamy on nv., 3 st. Ii. s. brick, all imp $2,2OT 117 Fast 31st it., 4 st. h. s. brick, ail improvements... 1,500 Last lOUlli st. 3 si. b. k. brick, all improvements BOO l'.ast 8Jd st ,3 st h. s. brb'k, all improvements 900 401 East 67th St., 3 story h. s. b. stone, all irnprovem'a 1,400 East 00th at., 4 st. h. s. b. stone, all improvements .. 2,'JIO East Ultb st, 4 st. Ii. s. b. mono, all iiupriiveiiioniH ... 2,m0 Eust'<0ih St., 4 st. h. s. b. s'ono, all Improvements.... 1.5<Xi EuslAHtli at. 3st ll. s. b. stone. aP .. l.;?SI i ust72d si., .181. h. h. b. atone, all improvement* .... 1,20ft East 78th St., Oat. h. 8. b. atone, all improvements .. '.?*> Park avenue, 4 at. b. a. b. Hbine, all improvements.. I,Hurt Park av. (Willi stable), :< at. Ii. a. b.atimi , all im; 2,500 Second av., 0 st b. a. culture, all improvements l.inft W est With at., :i st. Ii. a. coiliiKe. all improvement* ... 1,10ft / 1AI.I. ON W. J. Co EES, 1,207 BKOADWAY, PoR l'HRv in it* tor Hcuho* in Thirty-second atrcet, near Eighth avenue $I,25ft Thirty-ninth street, n> ar Third avenue Fortieth aireet, near fourth avenue 2,n0ft Fiitletli atroet, near I'.litliib avenue 1,121ft Flitv-flfth itmt, MitMilagtoa avenuo 2,mi HOLMES BROTHERS, 40 AND 48 EAST TWENTYtliird aireot, will issue a eomptetely revised list of House* to let, lurui lied or unfurnished, on Monday, March ill. sent io any addreaa oil application. HOUSES TO BET-IN AM, PARTS OP THR CITY. Irom #'.00 to #o,U00 per anuiiin. Tno undersigned pays particular ntteui.oti to Rcuinu Houses to suit bin customers, Apply to O. A. lIUdoKY, 82 Piltb avenue, corner of Fourteenth street. HOUSES TO bet.?1118 greenwich AVKNUK-. Sl.2is); 147 Waverloy place, #1,2.10; 218 Sullivtii* street, #201: Upper Part, 112 West Fourteenth street, IS room*, #i, oo. imiuire of f. J. gibbons, u Bleecker at, House to bet-on broauway, ookne op Ulth street, wiili eni riace house uud stable an I niea grounds, wlili a lieau. 1.<il view of the Hudson. Apply U* J. p. FAYTBN, is i llenry street. House to li-:t-thpour story house, wits Store, 19 Ca hariiie siroct; lease given. Apply to J. P. PAY 1EN, I.iO Henry street. Houses, cottaok anp apartments to bet.? A brick ilou?e, all improvcuieuts, il2.i Klueeker.street2 three story and basement brick. No. 9 .lane, pertly rear, all improvettieuia, 14 room*, #nUi; neat twoatoryOotla'e, Ninth avenue, Jtirti; two Second floors (all improvement*), wi It American puople, Ninth ward. Apply at 00.1 Hudson s.reet. IOWER PART OF A FIRST ('BASS HOUSE TO BET? J All improve mauls and tn per.cctorder, TflRIuy street. Brooklvn, near City Hull; basemcot and parlor iloor.saml two bedrooms, to u a nail lainilv of a mlts; owners (mitir and wi.e) only occupy; reut#?i<W. Reason ah i,e rents.?#1,300 for 241; east tiiirty-l'ourtb street; $2,250 lor 225 West Forty-nlnili street. See bills. rpo BET?THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. WITH 1. modern improvements, 402>? hustTwen y llltli a.reet; rent #* u. imiuii e oi W. II. OAKBEY, All Broudway. mo LET?THE HIGH stoop BRICK HOUSE 240 1 East Thirty-eighth street: rent moderate. Forpermlla, Ac., apply to J. O. Wll.l.lAM on, 11 FrtinKlort at. rpo BET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, SMALL 1 throe story brick House, with extension. 11 Coininerca street, near Itleecker. Apply ut MBBDKRBKKGKR'gl Real i.stale odlce, 8d Curmin i street Rent. $85 a month, TO BET?FOR THREE YEARS, THE FOUR STORY brick House in mint and turco story fruino House lit the rear 422 w est Thirty tilth street, nciir Niutu avenues an excellent location lor a grocery store. F. BLANCHE!', 294 Sixth avenue. ?? , ? rpo BET-TIIREE STORY MODERN DWELLING 1 House 145 East Twenty,ninth street: rent $l;800. Apply at 151 East Twenty-mil.h street, or 58 Wuier sired. mo CRT?A TIVO ST IRV FRAME ITOUSH. CELLAR J. and attic uud extension, it rooms, with two lota (ground and stable, above 125th a rent, near Eighth avenue, tor a term oi year*, to u responsible tenant, ftt low rent. Inquire corner Forty-eighth street and Seventh avenue, grocery store; possession April I. TO LET? UNFURNISHED, TI1K TIIRKK STORY IIIOU stoop brick House +40 West Twenty-second street! rcrfect order; nei bhorhood first class. Apply to 1SAAO IONIG, 111 Broadway, rooms G and 11, buseincnt. rpo LET?HOUSE 114 EAST THIRTIETH 8IREET; 1 lour story, brown sum \ English basement, lu perfect order; rent moderate ; parlor Carpets, Oilcloths and .Mirrors il dc-ired. Ap, ly on pre in lies or to JaMEH 1)A VI.-, Jr., 157 Dunne street. TO LET?ON THE CENTRAL PARK, THE ELEGANT four story brown stone House No. 2 East Eighty sixth street. App.y to E. N. T tiLKlt, Jr., 47 Whiker street TO LET-A VERY DESIRABLE IIOtHfif, ON LEXINO. ton avenue, near Twenty fifth, $7,IKK); also small llnu-e near iiy. $1,400; also 156 East Twenty-eighth, $ ,11X1. II. M. CONDIT, lit) East Twell h street. rpo LET?61 EAST NINTH STREET, NEAR HROAO, J. way, newly painted throughout; also .15 Laiuyoltc place, 21 rootns. Inquire ot ALEX. T. STEWART'S Agent, Itroadwuy and Chambers street, between 12 M. ami 3 I'. M. TO LET?THREE STORY HOUSE, WITH RODHAM improvements; Stable, tour Lots and trult; Eightythird street, between Ninib atnl Tenth avenues. Apply to K. W. CLARK, ighty-third street uud Ruulevurd. mo LET?THREE STORY BIOS STOOP DWELLING, A 223 East Thirty-second street; has all modurn improvements. Ani to owner in house adjoining. TO LET CHARMING FRENCH BOOT H008S, ' seven iniuutcs irom Liberty street lorry, II rooms, all Improvements; rent $.70 per month. Apply to A. M. CAP EN, 361 llroudwuy. A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE, Tliirly-nlutli street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; rent $3,300. S. P. GOoDAI.E. No. b West Twenty-third greet, Filth Avenue Hotel. To LET?I'll E ELEGANT THREE STORY bios stoop brown stone House, 211 East 12+th street, with all modern Improvements and handsomely ircscocd. Apply to P. O'SlliSA, 27 Barclay street. TO LET?A NEWLY -BUILT THREE STORY BASE, tnent brown stone llous -, with all the la est improvemen s, on Eighty seventh sireet, oust side.ruiu cheap. Inquire ul No. 6 Attorney street. rpo LET?A N OB BEAR HOUSE TO A PARTY of J. adults; cheap to a good party. Apply lor three days at lOOKasi Ninth si eat rpo LET?A HOUSE AND LARGE GARDEN, ON i the corner ot Filth avenue and 132(1 street Fob terms apply at 2-.7 i iiili avenue, boluro la o'clock A. M To LET ? v THBEB STORY BBOUsR BASEMENT brick Hons , In giasi eon lltlon; $ rooms; possession after April 15 I'urni.uro, u ar v new, wl.l Is- sold low; owner leaving city. Apply on the premises, 478 Uurlton avenue, Bropgi v ii. rpo LET? \ HOUSE AND I.AIGE GARDEN, ON j flic corner oi t ilth avenue and I t2d street. For terms apply at 285 Fiitti avenue, be lore In o'clock A. M. rpo LET?TO FIR>T CLASS FAMILIES, A NUMBER J. ol privaie Dwellings, French Flats un I Parts ot private houses; a lew very desirable Parts ol bon es, t'-ill lor perinils. SAMl J.i. KI LI'A TnlUK, I,. 0.1 I'hiril av. rpo LET-FOUR STORY DWELLING HOU8B 53 1 Washington square, with modern improvcinonts, gas fixiitres and mirrors: rent $a,iAX>. Apply to E.N., 43 Washington si|uure. rno LET?1THREE STOltY BROWN STONE FRONT I House, 23; East 1'hlrty -llitli street. Cm ho seen rum 11 till 4 without permit. JOHN I'V.NU, 10J Na<snu street. rpo LET?A FOUR . roit~Y AM) BASEMENT BROWN A stone House 168 Sixtieth street, between Lcxitik'toii ami Thiril avenues. Owner at Oi West Fillv-ilrst street. rpo lbt?charm in0 nUIOH nov house, I seven minutes from Liberty street lerrv, II rooms; nil Irnproveim rim: rent $00 per month. Apply to A. M. t'At'KN, m Broadway. TO LBT?80d WEST TWENTY Till III) STREET, three s'orlea, hlirh stoop, with tniHlcrn Improvements, Has fixture], mirrors, Ac.; rent .ow to u small laiutly. Apply on premises. To LBT?OOTTACHW, on lfTTH mill and urnc avenue ntnl on ll'Jtii ami ilAtli streets. Apply at 71 Broadway, room 6.1. TO LET?THREE HTOKY BROWN STONE IIOUMR 4S1 Last Fiilv seventh street; 10 rooms; all improvements; rent $1,11*1; House, Sli .vast Seventy eighth street, between oecoud ami I bird avenues; all Imoroveir.entsi rent 4io0. W. C. 1 LAN AO A.N, 1./3 It,nail way. TO LET?A LARUE DOBBLB HOUSE, FINISHED IM French tin's; in ele.ant order; partially rented to good tenants; fine Hestamail unil elayant ilarher's rihop, now established. Apply to owner, 61 Liberty street, room 2*. rpo LET-A FIRST CLAMS ENGLISH BASEMENT .1 House, in complete order, on West Twenty seeouil street, near Ninth avenue; priva.e family only. M. 8. MVhita k ..ON, 4.14 llrooiue street. TO LET, LBA8B OR FOR SALE-STORK A.Nl) fM Floors, Fourth nve lue, near Union sun.ire: guoif location for restaurant. NICHOLS k CAFFKKTY, V3 Fourth avenue, eorner Eleventh street. TO LET-IN HAKl.KM, A NEW THREE STORY ANI? hasement brown stone front house, In a desirable) location, beiweeti Flitli and Sixth avenues, to a responsU owner mid bis wile, who wilt occupy the second story ; boarding 4iou>e keepers need uot apply. Ad.tre-is V. X. L?, station L, Harlem. TO LKT-TIIKSE 8T0RY UIOII STOOP HRtiwlJ stone House, with all Improvements, In good order* :t"?5 West Forty-eighth street. To ba seen trout 11 to 3 P. H. rpo LET?A LARGE IIOUSK, ON CLINTON PLACB, 1 near Fifth avenue, coh.u,ning ZS rooms, occupied nnar as a first rluss hoarding lieusc. Apply to it. P. I.r.oNAKlV No. 1 Washington square, corner ol Fourth street. rpo LKT-1W LEXINGTON A YEN 08, CORNER X Thirtieth street, to physicians or any grated rcxpmw stale lumtly. tour story siunu basement Uonse, in cotna piece repair; immediate possession. Apply on th? premise* TO LET-A LARGE THRKK STORY HOUSE ON WAe verier place, near Sixth avenner 17 rooms; suitable lor boarding; will be put tn complete order. H. M. con t>i i . I.t> East Twelfth stroat TO LBT-BKAUTIKtJLLY LOCATED flBHT CoAsR brown atona, on PlfXy-sevauth street, No. U5, painted and frescoed throughout; every Improvement and cota? niete oner. Parties wishing an elegant home, moxfl healiRlully situated, should not tail to TooR at Uih; leus* can tie had to desirable tenant tor term ot years; real ftAUUO, or will rent furnished it pieterred. VACfaK A BROW A. VI Third i venae.

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