Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 4
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4 ^ PWKI.LfltO HOUSES TOJT.BT. Onfnrnltbedi TO LET?OWE'LI NU PART OP IIOPSE. 64 AMITY street, corner nt South fifth avenue; !S6 room-; ull modern in iproveinenta; si.itn I lor * buardlnu house. ' J. 0. BAILEY, 6J hust Fourth street. m ai Bowery. rpo LET, UNfUBNlSUED. St. Mark's place?4 s'nrv brick 61,700 21st at.. near Broaden* t story brown stun'" 4,out) West 54th st?S story brown atone I,!**) Writ 36th at.?S store brown stone 1.700 6iIII st, nc:ir 5th av.?hliih ato.ip brick 3,t'fl0 Also man v other Mouses to let, furnished and untarnished, In various locutions. For lists and particulars apply to MUI.LKR, WII.KINH A i (>.. No. 7. l ine street, or 33 Fast Seventeenth street 4 Union mi us re), 1H) LET?TI1K BROWN STONE IHiill STOOP HOUftK IG5 West Forty-sixth s'rcct, -0 by 50; lot 11X1; in complete order, with all modern improvements; Brood way curs; i ne or uiuk yours. inquire at til Bast TwiUty-flrst Street. TO LET?AT 155 P-RltY STREET. FIRST FLOOR; $H, sill ul I quiet IlllUfO. TO LET?Til RRK STORY HIOII STOOP BROWN stono House; also 5 store hlch stoop brick; all n.wli.ri, Imitri. i u I ?..t.rhlinrhi,nd. I'll!! on owner, 332 West Ibiriy-lirst ntrcet. " TO IjKT?REST t?i\ TMK TWO STORY BASEM ENT anil attic House 24: Mulberry street. Apply to J. B. WcOAbKKKY, 042 Lexington iivunue. TO LI1%ON 10ITII STREET. BETWEEN NINTH anil Tenth avenues. House, Stable, about in Lots of C.routid, in Hue trier; | lent.vol Iruit, 4c. Apply to J. W. COATe.S, 277 IIuiInoii street. TO LET?THE HOl'SK IDS EAST U4TH STREET, Itnrli'tn, 10 rooms; suitable for one or two families; r-ent $7111 per year. Apply to JOHN QUINN, 334 Thir4 avenue, near Twenty -tilth street. mo LF.T OR FOR SAI.K?J8 EAST FORTY-FOURTH ,J street, bx'4; all m< dern improvements; will be tiut in complete order. Apply to ALFRED RuE, 12.1 Broady ay. TO LET?THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT 2b5 West Thirty-fourth street, one block from Broadway, 17x62 and extension : it rand locution lor dentist or physician. THOMAS D ROBINSON, 20 Nastau street TO LF.T?THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT House, in (rood order, West Forty-sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, rent SI,21X1 . WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., ' 1,491 Broudway, near Korty-fllth street TO LET, LEASE OR FOR KALE-TIIREK STORY brown atone House, high stoop, West Seventy-first Street, between Ebhth and Ninth avenues, oppo lie the principal attractions ol the Cental I ark ; desirable for an Investment Apply to J. 1*. TKAYERS A SON, 46Beckman street. No exchange wanted. TO LET OR LEASE-ON TWENTY-FIRST STREET, nenr Broadway, a splendid four story, attic and bu etnent brown stone it mis , contains 20 rooms, in perlcct order. 8 EDGAR II e.BHIi i;D, .9 East Fourteenth at. TO LET OR TO LEASE EOR A TERM OF YEARS? A handsome two storv and basement hlprli stoop brick House. 36 Second street iHalcliett place), near Oarroll I'ark, South Brooklyn, N. V. Inquire on premises. TO LET OR LEASE- A LARGE MANSION HOUSE, 1H rooms, in eomplete order, carrlago house. Ac., Ac., witli lj acres nt laud in the highest state of cultivation, village of I'orteliester; immediate possession. Apply to W. K. PEYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. TO RENT?UN FUR NI SI I EI) OR FURNISHED, THE full size three story House 24 East Tenth street; possession April I, IS73. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 I'lne street and 35 East Seventeenth street. TO RENT?UNFURNI HED, THE ELEGANT FOUR lory high sloop brown stone House-' 18 und 26 KHst Bixty-uinili street; new houses, finished In hard words and contain every modem convenience and improveinent; they will be reined to (rood ti nants at low rates. Apply to E. H. I.t bl.otv A Co., No. 3 l'inu street or 33 feast Seventeenth street. TO RENT?THREE STORY IlKIU STOOP HOUSE 113 East Twenty-seventh stn-et, between l.cxington and Fourth avenues, in good oider; private latnlly only. IRELAND, All K road way. TO RENT-A TEN ROOMED HOUSE, NEAR COOPER Institute, In good repair; Furniture tor sale, about 91,200 to $1,3141; all conveniences; rent $*U per month. Address, lor partieulars, JOHN GRAHAM, Go Chambers itrect. 310 RENT?FOR PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY, THE FIVE story English bu-ement House 43 West Nineteenth Street; Is in exce.lent order and has every modern convenleneo For permits uppiy to llENRY TAYLOR, Real Estate, 112 Broadway. TO RENT?$1,1011 AND $1,200, TWO NEW THREE story basement and cellar high stoop hibwn stone Houses, 173 and 167 East Eigbtv-second street, near Lexington avenue. Apply to JOHN LAC Y, 338 Broadway, TO LEASE?THE FOUR STORY UIOH STOOP BROWN stone House 40 West Twenty-seventh street, 23x60; 22 rooms; low rent; well calculated lor boarders. WM. J. COLE, 330 Sixth avenue. Tenement property.?new five story brick Building, all rented tor $3,100 per your, situated on West side; can be bought very low if applied lor prootptiy. 0(1 I>K N A CLARK, broad way, corner of Seventeen! b street. Unfurnished houses to rent-by g. naule, 149 Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street 12th St., near 3th av., a large, handsome b. s. brown stone llon-c $2,600 II th st., helwceu 6th and 7th avs., three story high stoop brick 1,200 |6th st, near Stuyvcsant square, three story high stoop brick < 1,300 Also many others, unfurnished and turulshed, in good locations, Unfurnished houses in amity, great jones, East and IVest $>th. East 10th, West 14th, East lfith, West 16th. East I7lh. East 16tli, West 19th, East 20th, East ltd. East 33d, K.-ist 4I?r, West 44th, J-iast 46th, West 48th, t East 33d, West .361 It, Fast 64th, Easf 69th, East 73d, East 74th and East 80th streets, und Clinton, Luf'uyette and Morris places and Lexington. Madison and Filth avenues. Printed lists, with lull descriptions and permits, can be had at either No. 3 Pine street or 33 East Hcventeeutli street E. H. LUDLOW A CO. TTNFURNIsnED HOUSES TO LET-ALL PRICES, BY U JOHN KAVANAGU, northeast corner Forty-second Street and Sixth avenue. O STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE, BROWN O stone basement, three parlors deep, 21x60x100, recently put la first class order; will let to a respectable minify at $1,800 a yeA. Apply to B. S. LEVY A CO., 271 West Ihlrty-clghtfi street. d> A A PER MONTH.?COTTAGE, ALL MODERN IM JPaa/ provements; pleasant garden; lease to responsible party. Apply from 11 A. M. to 5 P. M, at 212 East 106th strert, or at 82 Fourth avenue. EAST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? VlZi Three story and basement brick, 17 rooms, all Improvements. $1,800 ; 375 West Thirty-second street, three story and basement, brick, all improvements, line neighborhood, $1,7(41. also Upper Part and Huscmcnt southwest corner Twelfth street and Fourth uvenuc. $1,080. For permits apply to A. F. SMITH A BRO., 1,304 Broad ray. /l t)A KA8T TWENTY-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN j <ii~r f ourth ami Lexington avenues.?Throe story liittti sdoop brick, Extension anil tn the boat order. WM. K. KEYS, 508 West N in< t oiilli hi , near Truth av. r.nn pkr annum. i n; trnished-tiif. four story English lia-ement House 136 East F.ightcciilh street. Apply to E H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 I'nii* street and 35 East Seventeenth street $r nnn ?*a?kifican private rrsl t'.woW, deuces, parity furnished, nenr St Thomas' church; also (louses at all priees, on nil the main avenues and street*. I'Ai.E A Mi l'AH'ERTV. Fifth avenue, corner Filly-second street. riRMUlllM) ROOMS AND APAKTMHVTS TO LET. A SUIT OFFURNISHED ROOMS, on SI CONDFLOOR of house 231 Inst Eleventh street. Inquire of J. KELLER, 61 St. Mark's place. A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-TO one or two gentlemen; gas. t.ath, Ac.; convenient to cars Apply at 34 Terry str< et. 1 A PRIVATE FAMIi V WILL t, T \ SECOND FLOOR, J\ handsomely Pirnlshed or uninrnished, eons sting ol three rooms In hi lie at 463 West Thirty-tourth street west of Ninth avenue. A FURNISHED inuM TO l;! M I'?IN A I'RIVATE family, at 314 West Fifty-second street; references Terjuired. A FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR, OF FOUR ROOMS. J\ tor housekeeping. with bath, hoi w ater, and ttas and . piano i also Second Floor, nniuruislied ; terms moderate if suited. 171 East Eighty-seventh street private house. A completely AND NEWLY FURNISHED Floor, consisting ot 5 rooms; Furniture to bo sold at i sacrifice. Apply at privute entrance, 1,261 llroadway, otter 11A.M. A PRIVATE FAMII.V WIl.l. LET A FURNISHED second story back Room to one or two gentlemen; $20 per month. 3S3 West I lur, icth -trect ' A LARGE, PLEASANT. ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Room to let on second floor, hi privute house, where the comforts of home ran be had ; convenient to rcstuu- ; rants. 30 West Twenty-seventh street A SUIT OF ROOMS, FRONT AND back. fur. nMhed for housekeeping, for gentleman and wile, from $5 tots per week; house occupied by owner. 47 Ainity street A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDroom to let; 406 Fourth avenue; house has all modern Improvements; reierences required. Inquire in the store. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO KENTTooneortwo persons; family private; bath, gas, Ac. -, references exchanged. 28 third street, between Bowery and Second avenue. A SMALL FAMILY. HAVING A NICK IIOU6K, CAN spare a few well furnished Rooms or an Upper Part of Rouse, to adults only; situated up town, west, convenient to all city rars. Address ROOMS, station K. ivcer pidinii svn irtTu > .... jy room attached, suitable for physician or dvnilwt; now occupied by dentist. Apply ot SI Wert Ninth street LTOURTKBNTH HTRBBT, WEST. 62, BETWEEN FIFTH X and Sixth avenue*.? Newly painted and furnlahcd, two Harlor* and Bedroom* to single gentlemen only. >U'RNIHHKD ROOMS-ONE (ill TWO GENTLEMEN can tie accommodated with nice lurnlrhrd Room*, with bath aud gaa 141 Fourth ntimi. TjU'RNISIJKD FOR HOUSEKEEPING OR OTHER J- wise?Two Room* on flr?t tioor, with basement and kitchen; all improvement*; or will let leas rooms it preferred. Apply at 3 9 East Tlilrtoeath street F~ URNisUhU ROOMIL lor gentlemen. '0 DomlnlcY street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITHOUT hoard. In Fifth avenue, near Fourteenth street. Ap. ply at (JKN UNO'S Bourd, r? lo.-e, t..r> . .17 Union s?|uare Handsomely fubnishi-d pari. ,p floor to let, without boArd, at l?u West Sixteenth street; xelerence; no moving in Buy 1 \NK LARGE AND ONE BALL ROOM, TOP FLOOR, "/ to let. furnished, without hoard, ut 368 West tour tecnth street; fci 60 and $3 weekly; private auUly , modern inusroremohtg. Boloreoco* reuuircd. NEW YORK. HERALD, FtHNISHED ROOMH AIVO Al'AIlTMEKTS ' TO LET. TO LET?A NEATLY FORNI IIHO 0ALL BEDROOM, At 91 I a ,t Eighth street, ou sect uJ floor, front, price moderate. rpo let?a hand om pa i. ?i: fi.ook, partly 1 lurulshed, in'nr the I iitli a venue lloUl Address Z., Herat.I I'piown Hrati. h oitn e. TO lkt-a I A ltd K. NICELY FURNI8HF.D ROOM, to Ruii lemeii onlv, without board, Inquire at It Woat Twenty-seven.h at reel. TO LET?THK SECOND FLOOR OF A FURNISHED home, or the single 'omm, logon 1 'men; all modern Itnprovcini fits. Iuii e at -'i7 i tin. l welllli street. TO LET?WITHOUT BOAHO?A NICKI.Y FURNISHED Itooin. tor n single Koutlcm ill, at 13tt Last Ninotcctith street, near Irvine place. TO LET -FROM 1ST OF MAY NEXT, PART OF A brown -tone Motif, i.r tel.- a , with tlie prlv leje of lormatun ittqi.i e . t 4s K u-t Ti?l r. 3-lou rtri s re t. TO LKT? KIT UN I II 'i FOR I.10IIT HOIT.SKKKKPing, a irotit Doom aod Bedroom on first door, water and gas, at iW7 sixth avenue, near 1 hiriy-ninct street fro let?in a private family, a vi.ry handJ. some Suit ot Room-, <11 s cond floor, t gentlemen only, with breakfast 1 rei|Uirud. 149 West Forty-sixth atreet. References required. TO LIT-TO a SIN1.1,K okntlkman, A neatly tunic lied second (lo r ti?i 11 Bedroom, on F I yllrst street, uear l extnu 011 avium; tonus 1110 lerate. Address A. if. C., statu n il. TO LKI'-A HANDS >M I Y furnished second Ft, or oi 5 rooms, sul aide i.>r lion ckcoplug; also elegantly lurnisliud Riouts, eu m l.e or singly. Aj.ply at 32 East't well.h street. TO LKT?Fill! NISI IK l> OK UNFURNISHED. A HANDsoine l'urlor Floor, In Flllictli street, between Sixth and Seventh 11 venue1, -uituble lor a physician or dentl-t's oflice ; posse-sl.iii uninedl ilely; terras modera'e. Apply to Cti A Iti.KS A. WALKER, Tribune BuilditiK. first door. TO LIT?NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, BEDROOM; bath aad water closet on second floor: other Rooms; conveniences (or housekeeping, II desired. 171 Waveriy place, near t hurles street. Call all ilie week. TO LET?A NFATLY FURNISHED HALL ROOM, without board, to a gentleman. 110 fourth uvenuc. TO LET?A FURNISHED HALL BOOM, TO A OKNtlerann, nag, heated, washing, mending, with private family, $ 1 per wc k. 414 sec jud avenue, near Twenty-fourth sti cut. No ua ivtng. _ _ TO RENT?TO OKNTLKMKN, WITHOUT BOARD, TWO large, well Itirnishcd Rooms, 111 a most convenient and excellent situation ; private laraily; best references Riven and required Apply ut 2 >H West Twenty-Hullstreet, L'tween fteventh and 1 Ighth avenues. The orkatfr fart of a small handsomely lurnl-hed House to tour or six gentlemen. Am 'ricun or Oermaii; would give, the use of < legnnt drnwii g room to .-mull social enter ainment, at a moderate rent. Apply to JhiI.MI'.s BKiM'H Kits, 4tl Fast Twenty t'llrd slrcel. TO PHYSICIAN OR dentist?furnished B80EPtlon Room or Floor lormerly occupied Uy physician; has hot unit cold water, ample closets, Ac.; terms modcrate. 103 West Twenty-iiipih street. UNION SQUARE ?IO LIT TWO I.Mtil''. .-QUARK Rooms, comicetlng, nicely lurr.Uhod (southern exposure), to a purty of gcutlumon. Apply to E. M. M.. 40 Eust Fourteenth street. _ _ "IVTEI.L FURNISHED FRENCH FLAT TO RENT?FOR )V six months irom May 1. si uated In Fifty-tlfth street, ietween Fifth avenue ."nil Hrnadwny, cout Filing P ri outsell suite, including kit 1 en i<n I bathroom ; prien Jltfiiu mouth. Addnss sTF.PiiEN DAVID, 20 Beaver street, New York. __ 1 BLOCK FROM union SQUARE, 2H IRVINO place.?A party of three or four gentlemen or n small fam ly ean be accommodated with uII the comforts of n In May. 0 VERY DESIRABI.fc ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR, Jj front and middle Parlor*; also a square Room on third floor; to gentlemen only ; no moving in May. 126 West Twenty-second street. "I ft WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET, OPPOSITE ST. .lames Hotel and two iloora from Broulwav.?A handsomely furnished l'urlor Floor; also other Rooms to let; reference*. 1(1 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, OPPOSITE OILSEY J t7 House cntrnnee.?Very deslrahle Suit of Room*; alan single Rooms, to gentlemen, without board; quiet house; strictly private family. Reference*. Q/k BOND STREET.-TO LET, IIANDSOMELY FURZo nlshed, a front Parlor, suitable lor doctor or dentist; also square Room, to gentlemen ; no moving In May. <JQ WAVERLEY PLACE.-ROOMS TO LET. 2r EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?FIRST OR SEC>J ond Floor to let. furnished, for physieinn or dentist; formerly occupied as such; house and locution first class. A rj WERT TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, BETWEEN i I Broadway and sixth avenue.?Rooms, single or in anil*, $4 to $!) per week, for gentlemen only ; no moving in May; also a Dentist's Office. 4 Q WEST TENTH STREET.?A PARLOR FLOOR, T"0 with private bathroom; two single Rooms, In perfect order, to let. together or separate, (lirnished or unfurnished. r A EAST TENTH STREET.?TO LET, WHOLE it Floors, furnished or uuluruished; anything to suit; possession April 1. (TQ WEST TWENTYFOURTH STREET.?A HAND*JfJ some, well furnished Irunt Room, on the third tioor, gas and fire, tor $1 a week; no moving in May. lfll EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, CORNER ll'l Fourth avenue.?A large and small furnished Room to let. IRC WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH lot! avenue.?A very pleasant and newly fbmlshed Room. "IQQ WEST FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN WASHJOO lngton sqnare and Sixth avenue.?To let, a neatly furnished second story front Boom, also hall Bedroom, to one or two gentlemen, without board. 1 rn WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?A NICE l'J I furnished Room to rent to gentleman, without Board, at a reasonable price; reference required. Q,( O EAST SIXTY-FIRST STRKRT.-TO RENT, ju T& .partly fnrnlshcd. to American adults, Part of a House, or the rooms furnished. OCO WEST FORTY-SECOND 8TREET.?FRONT Zi'r+j Rooms, furnished or uafnmlahed, lor gentleman and wile or single gentlemen; brown stone house; modern improvements; terms reasonable; no moving in May; reference. OQQ FIFTH AVENUE.?ONE NICELY FURNISHED ^OO front Room to rent, without hoard. Q1 r EAST THIRTY THIRD STREET. ?II ANDSOMEO I ) |v furnished Rooms on flrst floor, with grate lire, gas, hath, Ac, with or without Board; very moderate terms; do moving In May. ('Of' LBXINOTON AVENUE.?ELEGANTLY FURUOy nlslted Rooms, for one or two families, on *ceoml ond third floors; en suite if desired -.also Rooms for single gentlemen; flrst class table and home comforts; terms moderate. IfkOT TniRD AVENUE, BETWEEN SIXTIETH and Slxtv flrst streets, third floor. ? A neatly furnished front ball Bedroom to let to gentlemen; nil improvements. TJEAD THE EVENING TELEGRAM tomorrow. IM-l ItMMII II ROOMS AND APAET MEIKTg TO LIST. Aflat to rent and ki'kmti'kk fob nai.kAtn bargain; a rurr opportunity for those about inmm, ncltnr housekeeping; the complete Furniture <>l n Flat hut little used. Liberal concessions made to parties taking the entire lot. Apply to MORRIS U BAER. Ileal Estate Agent, 71 West Thirty-fourth street, corner broadtvny. A second floor, newly fainted, with bath. water closet, pantries and sink, at 270 Madison street;quiet location. Apply ut2IS Monroe street Avery desirable upper part r<> rent-in Henry street, this city, to a small American tamily of adults; rrntSfiot). Address M. B. L., Herald olllee. A FIRST STORY FLAT?FN Ft'RNI SHED, TO LET, complete in all its appointments; suitable for a professional gentleman with small family; rent $Kv a month Apply on the premises, 71 l-exingtnn avenue, hetwei n Twcnty-fllth and Twenty-sixth streets. Inquire tor the janitor. A SECOND AND THIRD FLOOR 321 WEST TWRNtleth street to let to a small ftimily, together or separate; fill and $.'(5; good neighborhood. Apply to PEARSON A TALI,MAN. 3811 Sixth avenue. AFINR SECOND FLOOR, M ITll ALL MODE IN improvements, to a small, respectable American lamilv of adults; rent moderate; neighborhood unexceptionable; in house with owner. A. WI Lit INS, B3 East 112th street, A BEAUTIFUL SUIT OF ROOMS IN A PRIVATE house, untarnished, with modern conveniences on principal floors, suitable for a small family. 241 East Fifty-seventh street Apartments to let?either the wholk or part of the upper part of 313 West Fifteenth street. Apply on the premises. A COMPLETE HBCOND FLOOR (FIVE ROOMS) TO let?From May 1, in private house, to a small family of adults only separate meter, closets, water, Ac.; references given and required. Inquire on the premises, from 10 to 12 A m., 139 East Thlrtlrtn street, near Lexington av. A Ft' KNIHHBD PARLOR AND ADJOINING LABOR Bedroom, on second floor, front, to let, to one or two gentlemca.without tioard, at moderate price. In a small family, at 30 Waverley place. No moving in May. A HALF OK FIRST CLASS HOUSE; AL80 FLOORS (1 to 10 rooms), Store, whh dwelling; business basement, 80^ feet^drep. Apply to owner, fll West Tenth A BEAUTIFUL upper part of the three story brown atone house to let, consisting of ft rooms on the top floor and 2 front rooms on the serond floor; hath room and all modern improvements; rent, fftftO per jr< ?r? only to a small and tidy family. Apply on the premises, SZH West Fiftieth street AFI.OOR OK FOUR ROOMS, WITH WARDROBES, stationary wnshtubs and separate itm meter: rent lit'. 1,587 Keeotnl avenue, between Eighty.second anil Eighty third streets A whole or i.owkr part of a uoure-by three adults, west side, below Fortieth street. Address, stating terms and location, M. R. M., box 12ft llcrald office. \N UNFURNISHED BKCONO FLOOR?HV GENTLE man and wife ; no children: rent from $80 to $dft. Address PERMANENT, Herald I ptown Branrh ofllce. AN ELEGANT FIRST FLAT TO LET-TO GENTEEL, responsible tenant; five large, fine Rootna; pier rIb'.", chandeliers, hath, siatb narv till s, meter, water i loeet;(ftft iitntiUil v Apply on premises, 352 Third avenue, adjoining sat Ings tiank. A MODERN AND HANDSOME FLOOR OR FLAT TO let mi Twenty-third street; also two Honrs on Sixth avenue, well adapted i?r dressmaker or dentist. V. a I'KUK k CO. till Firth avenue. SUNDAY, MARCH 80, 187 UNFlIRIVISHKn ROOMS AM) APART. WKSTS TO ITCT. AN ADMIRABLE OPPORTUNITY for \ HA MILT ot two to commence housekceoln.'.?Nl~e Sec.'ltd l lnor to let ; I uriiiiure >or title ut largesaci.flco. No. 3 Chm lcs street. AT M BLKBO&BB STREET?TH1KD FLOOR TO let Vacant April 1. A HANDSOME SIXTH avenue HLOOR TO let? Corner house; overlook let Reservoir Park. Apply st JOHN HYiN\> Jewelry Store, 00/ Sixth avenue, corner Horuuth street. APARTMENTS TO LKT.?HliATS, CONSISTING OK sevi n rooms, complete, with hath, lioiler, ranvc, hot an 1 colli witer, dumb wa ter, private hull, Ar.. iu ih new untl decant PuIUiIuch on ril h avetiu", b'tween ch.rro I ami Mne'mnli stri e's, Hrooklvu; rents $ll?0 to $I6U pi r annum; the Atlantic Hil l tilth uvenii cars pass the prcinhws. App y, hcluro 12 M.. at the buildings, or to WM. It. COOl'B:t, Jr., A CO., 9J Pearl street, He w I ork. A SECOND FLOOR?POT ROOMS, IN OOOO ohOHR; all Imiirovemenis; 11 rite close Is; evry convenience tnr linUKCket'i nig; house genteel und < ; no childr n, with Ha euient Floor it wan ed. Appiy 'o owner. 111 East Thirtieth atrem, hclween third anil Lexington ava. Aiikautihtil suit oh six rooms to lei?to small t>tini'v. in elera it I rown sione, with owner, $ >). 7J6 Seventh uvcnuo, lake University or broudway cars. AI'AH LOR AND III DROOM. ON HIRST FLOOR, AT 216 West Houston short. Kent $16 per month. A SECOND HI .Oil It TO LET. 241 WEST TIIIRTYtilxth street A PAltLOrt FLOOR AND BASEMENT TO RENT? 1 JY In Went Ki ty-ll:th alroet, between Eighth avenue null Broad wuv,wight rooms; rent $50permouth. Apply at ,S97 Eighth avenue. JOHN UllAMoAN.^ ^ A FIRST FLOOR TO LKT?KIOHT ROOMS, WITH every convenience, suitable lor a dentist or phvsiclan; $8ft per moutli; 60 Woat Tenth struct, between F'ilih and sixth avenues. At 468 wgst thirty-fourth street, a second Floor to let, with all the modern improvement*. A PARLOR FLOOR OF AM ENOLIHH BASEMENT I House lo let; modern improvement*on the floor; | rent $4(1. Cali nt 151 East Thirty third at. alter 9 o'clock. ^ A SMALL FAMILY WILL LKT Si C INI) FLOOR, four rooms, $33; or Third Floor, live moms, $30; or i Parlor, three rooms, $'*0; privilege of kitchen end laundry; choiue of bouae to good tcncnt. 180 Mouroe street, near Clinton. ; A DESIRABLE 8F.COND FLOOR TO LKT?WITH I all modern iinprovemeulH; rent $35. 7ft Third at. . Basements and two floors (12 roomsi of a desirable house in Tenth atreot, weat of and near ( Broadway. K. O- LOCKS, ' P9 East Eighth street, near Broadway. . I . I I7ILKOANT FIRST CLASS FLAT?PARLOR FLOOR I ll and basement floor included, 173 East Seventy-ninth ; street, west of Third avenue; splendid house and loi-ation ; got every new Improvement; high stoop; near llio Park. 1 First fi,oor and basement op nousR 411 Weat Forty-seventh atreet to let; tho apartmeiita 1 fitted tip with all conveniences o' hot and cold water, < stationer.- tubs, clo-eta, Ac.; rent $!KU Apply to JOHN I PKPPLKK, 419 West Forty-seventh street, rear. IjlLOOR OF FOPIt ROOMS, OR THE HOUSE. U ? I1 rooms, to let or lease tor live years 619 West Filty- c first sreet. ; Fink floors to lf.t_in flats, six rooms with lepnrn'e t atlirnoms, aiationary tubs, range, gas. warm and cold water, In the six new brown atone Houses northwest corner ol Second avenue and Seventy-fourth ' street. inquire ott the premises. _ _ \ t711fty-sixth strkkt.-the third floor, five r rooms, in four story browu stone house, East, 115, with conveniences; rent $40. 1 TAI-ATS TO LET?IN A VERY NICE NKICIIBOR. 1 r hood: will be ready 1st of April. Apply at 3-2 West Thirty-fourth street, near hi.'lith avenue. Handsome flocks-six rooms and bath- ! room caeh, in the brown atonn row corner Second avenue und Filty-sevcnlh street, $22 to $30; possesion Immediately. Apply in grocery store tor three days. ^ Important to housekeepers ?'to let, a : Flat of aoven rooms and ubout $900 worth of new Furniture for sale a bargain. JOHN KaVANAOH, northeast corner Forty-second atreet and Sixth avenue. j 1AKOE SECOND STORY FRONT AND HALL ROOM J adiolnmg, in lirst class hoarding house, near Union and Stuyvesant squares. Present occupunts being obliged ' to leave" the city suddenly, will make favorable terms ($15 per week) to parties willing to take possession by April 3. Address TRAVELLER, Herald office. ONE OK THOSE nANDSOME FLATS TO LET-AT !63 1 Weat Forty-eighth atreot; all the modern improvements; rent only $ft<i a month; possession immediately, inquire of WM. ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway. PARLOR AND BASEMENT STORIES TO LET?WITH J all conveniences, in tffe elegant four storv high atoop brown stone French Hat houses, north aide of Fiftieth atreet, between First and Second avenues; also other Floors. Inquire of owner on the preini-cs. j PARLOR FLOOR-THREE FINK ROOMS UNFUR- ? niahed; hot and cold water, gas, hath, Ac.; would fUrnlsh some if desired. 153 East thirty-third street, near Lexington avenue. j Rent taken in board for the upper part ' of house 32 East Sixteenth street; water, gas and every convenience. Apply to J. 8. COLBY. TO LET?AT 3ft WEST 125TH STRKKT, TIIK SECOND, Third and I'artot' fourth floor, in lour alor.v brown J stone high stoop house, all modern Improvements, near Mount Morris Park; rent low to a small family. Iuquiro on the premises. TO LKT?SEVERAL HALF FLOORS IN 313 AND 845 " East Thirty-fourth street; three rooms, pantry and , water; newly papered and painted; rent $10 50 to $12. _ Apply in the bakery. TO LET-PART OF A HOUSE, TO A SMALL FAMI- jj ly; throe or four rooms, on serond and third loon: all improvements; terms reasonable. .131 East rorty-second street TO LET-BA8EMENT8. PARLOR AND THIRD Floor through of a nice four story House, all imprnvements.west side, to American adults; rent $900. Address AMEKICUH, Herald Uptown Brunch ottlce. TO LET-LOWER PART OK HOUSE 114 BANK street, trout and hack parlors, basements and room on third floor; In good order; nice yard; from May 1. TO LET-FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OF 128 Charles street; rent moderate; Immcdiato possession. Apnly in store 711 Greenwich street. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF niOII STOOP honse 112 Varlck street consisting of six rooms; wnter#nd gas; rent $42. Inqairc In the basement. TO LET-PART OF A VERY NICE HOUSE, CONTAIN, ing all modern improvements; location first class and rent moderate to a responsible tenant. Address L, K., station A. TO LET?SECOND FLOOR, FIVE ROOMS, IN FINE order, to a family of adults. 820 Sixth avenue. Rent $43. TO LET?A SECOND FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS, TO adults only, rent $30 per month, at 286 West Fiftyfourth street TO LET?TO A SMALL, SATISFACTORY FAMILY, A desirable Flat, 5 or 6 rooms, In lull sized brown stone house on fith avenue, near Thirtv-elghth street; balance occupied by small family (3 adults); rent $80 per mouth. Apply to C. II. LOCK, 171 Broadway. TO LET?AT 218 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, the Upper Fart ot a first clasa House, with all the improvements. TO LET-TO SMALL FAMILY; THE OWNER'S FAMlly of two persons occupy the remainder. 140 West Twenty ? com! street, between Sixth ami Seventh ava. TO LET-LOWER PART OF HOUSE 73 MORTON street iNinth ward), consisting ol front and back basements, front and hnck parlors and two attic rooms; reterences required. .Jo be seen trout 9 to 12 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M. t * IOWER PART OF VERY DESIRABLE HOUSE, M J Irf-roy street; S large rooms, modern improvements; possession May 1, Apply 120 Varick street TO LET?FROM MAY 1 1873, SECOND FLOOR OF house 268 West Thirty-eighth street consisting of six rooms, with mproyements; rent $10 per month ; owner Uvea in houae. Dr. W. H. VAN WYCK, . 270 West Thirty-eighth street TO LET?APARTMENTS, 3 ROOM8, 90 THIRD AVEnue, $24; 4 do., 141 Ka<t Twelfth street; Lower Part bouse 218 F.nst Forty-tilth street, 8 rooms; also Sccomt Floor 216 East Forty-tilth street, 7 rooms. 11. M. COMUT, 139 hast Twelfth street To LET?SECOND STORY 18 JONES STREET; FOUR moms, four closets, iras and water. TO LET.?UPPER OR LOWER PART OF TIIRKB story and basement brick Honse in Third street near Second avenue; gas, bath, hot ami rold water Possession ot upper part April 1 it desired. Apply at 71 Centre street TO LET?SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS IN HOUSE, with all tnsdern improvements, together or separate. 207 Henry stroet TO ' LET?SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OF FOUft pleasant rooms, four closets, gas, water (kitchen In exten.-ion) in private honse, 20 Jones street, between Bieeckcr and West Fourth streets. TO LET-NICELY ARRANGED FLOORS, IN TIIR new brown atone house 342 East Korty-ulnth street; rents (torn $17 to $23 each. j 1 Tate house 232 Kast Thirty-eighth street, modern Improvements; stationary tubs, range, heater in front basement; separate gas Impure on the premises. TO J.ET-A SECOND FLOOR IN A I'KIVATK HOUSE, five roouiSjto a small family; rrosstown car* paas the door. 512 West Forty -second street. TO LET-SECOND FLOOR AND RACK BASEMENT of house II Cornelia street. Termite at 96 Sixth avenue, In yie store. TO LET-AT 15 JAY STREET, BASEMENT FLOOR, Parlor Floor and two Rooms on third floor; house has all modern Improvements; rent (Including gas) $60 per month ; possession on 1st ol' April ii desired. TO LIT?FROM MAY 1. TO A SMALL FAMILY, HECoud Floor of hoase H2 First street; flTe rooms; water and gas. To be seen Ironi 2 to 5 I*. M. TO LET?EITHER LOWER OR I! PTE It PART of A large House, occupied by a small lamily of adults; modern improvements; neighborhood good; rent moderate .'KM I list Sixty-fifth street. rPO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND 1 Floor and two Rooms on the third floor of house 143 East Thirty, third street, near Lexington avenue, rent $660. IIO LET?TO A FAMILY OF ADULTS, FOR LIORT housekeeping, the Third Floor In house 59 Clinton place, three doors from i nth u\ . one. Appiv on premises. rpo let-apartments with owner, to an J American lamily ol adults, third and part ot fourth floor, in high stoop house 436 West Twentieth street; all Conveniences; location first class Apply from 10 A. M, to 2 P. m Reieienoas TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER FLOOR in the brown stone house iw.' West Thirty-sixth street; no dark bedruuma; marble hull, walnut stairs, dumb wsiter. Ac. . ?i 3.?QUADRUPLE SHEETUlfFUItlVISHKn AI?D apahtMICrTS TO J.KT,

TO i.KT-HANDSOMK. PI.ODR, h".vbn BOOM.', in priva'C bout-c, to a femliy ot ndul-*j B?> and bath, Willi into of I mil,dry. App : u 115 WoatTwoiit'eih rrii t To li:t-dwi i.i ixi pa r r ok iiouhb no. us Kotiilli avenue, near Kourlornth street: al*o l>eak Room In store; w i be oucupie I by a plumber. Inquire nt T. O. IOWN K >0. II); Kourh utenue. TO LBT?COMPORTABLE FI.OOIO*, FOUR AND Ave iomin. runt $18 lo $77, In Eleventh and Twelfth utrcotH, ad uinln# Second avenue. Apply to JAMKd MUl.F.Y, SOU Twelfth street. rpo rent-nkar central park, flats, IN J those Ana new house*, h ivinp all the mod' rn fun provements in the latest s'yle, at from $7.1 to $100 a month. Apply at 8S77 K.kIi'Ii av. john BttANIQAN. TO RF.NT?TO AN A M H It 10 A N FAMILY OK ADULTS, an Apartment cousistintt oi two Parlor* and i.xtenlion, two Uireiniiiu nnJ two Room* on th>rJ floor; modern tm| row-men s. Call at ;4U Weal '1 wenty-seventh uruct, between the hours of It and 2. 1111 nr. NT?Til A MIIAIili KAMILT, Tu K T1IIK1I Floor, ?i h ull Improvement*. 605 per month, ZS.1 East Fourteen h street, between Second uud third uvciittcs. Relcrciicee required. -IM) RKN1 ?AMI MAi.i'' or A MOfl IfOHB HOU8B. 1 built for two famil o) only, containing seven rjotna, hath room, wl h all tin- Intent lmprc>v> incuts tor each lainily. Apply to owner, 2.U Wont forty-ninth street. TO A FAMILY OF TWO OR TURKIC ADUI.TS-O* A year's Icise, the Thinl Floor and Itoo.n on fourth of nteel prlvaU' house, owner o cui ylng remainder; locallon central, between Hevinldi and r wlidi avenue*; good reference required. Address II. It., box ill Herald otlleo. WANTrtD-AN AMERIC AN FAMILY OF KKFINHinent and responsibility to t ike part of house; line central loca ton up town; perfect order; moderate rent Ad Iron* one week NKATNcliS, box 117 Herald Uptown Branch ollicc. 1ST FLOOR TO LET?FIVK ROOMS, $4}. C52 Filth avenue, near Fllty-second street. A NEIL8GN PLACE, BETWEEN WAVKRLEY AND T Clinton places.?The First Fleor to let, unfurnished; 'tillable lor u small family or light business; four room*; fas, water; rent moderate. 7 ROOMS IN ItROWN HTONK CORNER HOUSE; ALL the modern improvement*; tent $16. 104 hast Fiftyilxth street. IO UANK street.?two parlors, two BAHELU mcnla and three Rooms on third lloor. ;)" DOMIN1CK STREET.-LOWER PART OF ur) House to let. Inquire on premises, or of 0. 0. iUI.LIVAN, 291 Washington street, N. Y. f?i\ EAST SEVENTH STREET.?FROM .MAY 1, I )\t Second Floor of lour large rooms anil one Room on ourth fioor; abtindnnuo of closet room; gas, bath, itationnry wash tubs, large yard, Ac.; rent 95*> per month. Vpply on premises. T. F. It AY KS. |f?? FIFTH AVENUE.-SECOND FLOOR TO LET I'll) for dwelling or business purposes; also two Rooms on third floor, uulurnl.shod; rent low. Inquire on MM uiises. a/tfk WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET.-NICE SUIT tJU' " of lour Rooms; also s'nglo Room for light housekeeping; single Room tor >ouug gentleman. J H.Q WI ST FIFTEENTH STREET.?THIRD FLOOR >* ' to let, to a small tnmily of adults ouly; rent, Induditig gas, 932 per month. _ FOR BALK. A HARK CHANCE.?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND fV Lease ot the best located Grocery on Stntnn Island, vpply to SIDNEY Hl'LOROFT, New Brighton, S. I., or to \. I*. RoomE,330Orccuwlch street, New York. \OOOD HOARDING HOUSE, GROCERY STORE, -i it to a ii Restaurant, l.agcr Beer Saloon, Liquor -tore. * -, no eoinmls-iotis in advance; ten years estubl-litd. WARNER A CO., Store Agency, No. .? Dcy sL A i OOD HORSE SHOEING SHOP AND TOOLS FOR le?At No. 9 Columbia street, near Fulton, trooiDyn. A FIRST CLASS TEA, FINE GROCERY AND FLOUR /V. Store, three years' lease; average receipt* 9300 per seek. Kent 93<) tier month. Address F. J. MARK HAM, Cta Tenth avenue. A RARE CHANCE?A FIRST CLASS FAMILY fv I.lnuor Store; will he sold cheap It' applied tor imned lately; good reasons tor selling. Call at As3 Mott St. An extra chance to buy the LEASE AND Good Will of a long-established Coal Yard; must be lold Immediately. Apply at yard, &21 East Sixteenth st. A WHEELER A WILSON FIRST CLASS FAMILY IX. Sewing Machine, nearly new, handsomely encased n hi act vulnut, for sale; a great bargain. Also a Gold A'atch and Chain. 496 Hudson street. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR HALE. AN OLD E8TABiV lished Cigar and Stationery Store, News Depot and loute; satisfactory reasons given for selling. Inquire at 166 Fourth avenue. A ?FOR SALE, A RARE CHANCE, THE FURrY. niture, Tapestry, Three-ply and nail Carpets, 'inno. Pictures, Curtains, all new, at moderate prices, ttt East 112th street, near l'htrd avenue. A ?FOR SALE CHEAP, A ROADSIDE HOTEL ON rY. n great thorough lure; also downtown Sample <od319, Ale Vaults, corner Liquor Stores, Restaurants, ivster Saloons, Cisar Stores; also splendid Halls to let, uitable for billiards, saloons, Ac. MiTUiihijiva store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A SHOW CASE, FOUR PILVF.R PLATED CASES, t\. from 9 to 12 feet long, 24 inches wide, 12 Inches high, BLUXOMk. 1,127 Broadway, between Twenty-tilth and Twenty-sixth streets. A COAL YARD FOR SALE?LONG ESTABLISHED; ,'V tlnelv located; long lease; excellent cash trade, villi good Horses and Carts and Fixtures complete; 111 icaltl, ' ;n. e ot selling. Apply at 1SJ Mulberry street. A BROADWAY FANCY GOODS STORE, STOCK, fx. Fixtures aud Good Will; five years established ; tine ocutlou ; low -cut; satisfactory reasons tor selling. ,I> ilN \V. W1 (OlirtARI), 913 sixth avenue. t WIIKELKR A WILSON FAMILY SEWING MA rV chine, enclosed in walnut, nearly new, with all the ttnrhments complete, will be disposed of at a sacrifice. 4 University place. A FULL CABINET CASE NO. 1 SILVER MOUNTED t'V Wheeler A Wilson lamily Sewing Machine, cost >105, will be disposed ol tor $45; in complete order; also a aidy's Cold Watch and Chain. Ho* Bleccker street A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS fx. Restaurant, now doing a good business. Persons dcIrous ot going Into this business will llnd this an opporunity seldom met with. For particulars call on premises, 04 Sixth aveuue. R. G. DUFFY, Proprietor. A PHYSICIAN WILL DISPOSE OF IIIS OFFICE flL Practice twortli over $7,000 ner annnm), Furniture ind Lease of ofllce, two Parlors all complete, on reasonilile terms; or would take a partner if agreeable. Call or three days at 14 Amltv street, near Orand Central Hoel and Broadwuy, or 29 West Fourth struct. BAR FIXTURES AND STAND CASKS, SUITABLE for a liquor store, tor sale cheap. Apply at 293 Ninth .venue, corner Twenty-seventh street. Drugstore for sale-in Brooklyn; hand homely and completely fitted up; well stocked and lolng a first class, well navfng business; owner has other luslness. Apply to JOHN B. WINTER, 118 Franklin trcct, Orcenpoint, Brooklyn, K. D. BlOR 8ALE-1N WASHINGTON, D. C? THE ONLY first class Confectionery In that city, Korparllcnars see M. KEPPLEK, of Schull A Co., 3&8 Pearl street, iew York city. mOR SALE-ALBANY, N, Y.-A FIRST CLASH MILC llnery and Fancy Establishment of 20 years' slanting. In the best business locality of the cltv; cause?sickless of the proprietor. Apply to HILBEliBEUG BROS., 7 Llspenard street. MOR SALE-IMPORTED ITALIAN MARBLE COUNP ter, 12teet: showcase 9; at low figure. Apply to ORDAN A son, 262 Division avenue, Williamsburg, or iddress box 1,938 New York Post office. t.HOR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED SEW I NO MA1 chine Agcncv, doing a large business; will be sold it a bargain as the proprietor is about to change his busiicss. Address A. B., box 116 Herald Uptown Branch i fflce. LHIR HALE?FIXTURES OF HARDWARE STORE; P Shelves. Tables, Partition, three Showcases, Desks, ne large Scale, two Stoves, two English-made sates, Gas 'ixtures, Ac. To be seen on premises Al Hcekiuan street Innda.v, March 31, between 9 and 4 o'clock. L?OR HALE?HOARDING HOUSE, NOW FILLED P with boarders. For particulars apply at 172 Bleccker trect. rrtOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A MUSICAL P Instrument Store ou the east side of town;cstabIshed many years; doing a good rash trade; a rare banco for a good business man. For particulars call at I Murray street, mi stairs GIOR RALE?SASHES, COUNTERS, OLD OAS FIXP turca, Ac.; Urge lot 2),*4 Ulass tor card pictures, heap. 179 Eighth avenue. [TtOR SALE?A BOARIHNO HOUSE OF 40 ROOMS, P furnished throughout and twelve years' business. i fine chance. Apply at 170 Hlceckcr street. R. W. A E W. ROBINSON. [7IOR SALE-ESTABLISHED 1849, ORdCERY BUSIP tiers; profits 15.UOO annually; moderate rent: superior neat ion; can sell IftMHK) yearly, price 14,000; other hances. CHARLES O. DAHLGREN A CO., 112 and 114 Rroadway. GIOR SALE-ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING P wholesale Glass Bottle Business; demand tor proaction exceeding supply; profit $3,000 tolft.OOU; price a,000; also other desirable chances. CHARLES O. DAHLGREN ACO^M Broadway. mofe RALE?A WINK, LIQUOR AND LAGER BEER P Saloon and Boarding House, in a good location; will ie sold cheap ; owner leaving the city. Inquire at 318 Vest Thirty-third street. LIOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERT P Store ; two rooms. 33ft East Twenty second street FOR RALE?SEVEN YEARS' LEASE OF LIQUOR Store and Fixtures 591 Tenth avenue, south west orner of Fortv-tlilrd street Inquire on the promises. LIOR SALE-RTORK FIXTURES, CONSISTING OK P black walnut Counters, Stools. Shelving, Ac.; must >e sold Monday next; on nortnwest corner of Fifteenth treet and Sixth avenue. B30R SALE?AN OLD-ESTABLISHED CONFECTIONery and Fee Cream Saloon. Apply at 2ft4 Hleeckcr treet. Also a Photograph Gallery, al 4117 Eighth av. tpOR PALE-AT A BARGAIN. FOR CASH, A WELL P established llalr business, with stock, Lease and 'ixtures; good locality; owner retiring on account of icalth. Address ('. O. !>., Ml? West Ttiirty-secoiid at CPOR SALE-A TEA STORE, SITUATED ABOUT U 17 miles from New York ettv. doing n good trade; VIII ur num i in it|i. un llir owner WIMIPH 10 retire irom llic uisine**. For full particular* apply lo W. A. HAH H A LI., at H. K. Thurlx-r A Oo.'F, 173 and 176 Chambers Iran. CjAOK RALE?FIXTURES?KLEOANT STORE FIX. l turpi, Iik IuiIIiik Counter*, shelving. Stool*, Ac., Ar., uitablp tor dry good* store Apply to Mr*. RIIKK IAN, il20 Kultiin street, Brooklyn. DRtO STOKE FOR BAI.E-IN BROOKLYN - SMALL, well stocked and ncatlv fitted; will lie >old ut vnlun Ion; llmnlltou avciiu*. corner Carroll street Iuoutrc n Dreiniace WITH SUPPLEMENT. jMJiK MARKET ON FOURTH AVKNl'K FO,.' **?8.?AP. ply on th < prune**, between Twe?% "OJin and Twenlv-sixlh street . ?^ 1JHINTKUH. ? A W KM. ESTABLISHED DOWNTOWN 1 Steam Job Office. doing a good stationer's business, wlili h may Iki retained; part eivmont t.ikmi iu printing. Ad,, MKLVIN IIAKl> 44 Bookman street UTATIONRKY STORK FOR S A I.K.-t JOOl) RllUTK, kJ over pnya the rent lor *t?ro and apart.neriti; cheap rent and good lotnliou: tails a torv iouhoih for; price $!,?>>. Address OWNKI;, Herald olllce. STOCK AND PIXTURKH OK A CANDY STORK AND Paper Stand ; rent $13 oer month. Apply at 202 Last Thirty-:ixih -treel. THI1KK I.AR(1S TRUCK HOfeSRi, ONK NEW DOUBl.K and one dngle True* for ante chea >. in iulre lur hvndu.vt at 2U) Franklin street, corner Wushiu ton, Now York. Tub AOVRitTitsn is in tiik ufhoi.htkry and window shade mi ones*, ostnblish-d nine years, having the l.e-to" customers, not bavin; ruth, ieiit capi'nl would .-ell out to a wood pur y and inuke arrangement* to not lor the buyer as thorn-h itwai lor myself. Address J. 0. K., Herald Up'own Branch ofilre. rpo WAT. 1IMAKI.K '.-FOR SALE, JKWcLKY I Store, 12 years c.tnbl.bed; will* 11 for ca-h onlv Hwo yearH' lease Iroin May next: good run ol work. Apply at ill rdxtli avenue. No agents. djjOftfk ?JEWELLER'S HlliOP FOR RALE, DOING A rjpOIFVF. first cla a bu iuoss, neur k'n'den lane; scnts. pans nn I drawo-* for seven; large and -tnall Tools and Olllce Furniture, ran be wen i.y addressing, thla week. F. It. MOBOAN. Herald office. dbCAft WILE BUY A FIRST CLASS OYSTER sJUtJlFU House and lee Cream Saloon; proprietor obliged to sell, having business elsewhere. Add rest li. KII'LEY, I'M niecokcr street, near south Filth avenue. d?l Knn ?DRUO STORK FOR SALR. DOING A iPlitJtM/, good business up to death of owner, two weeks since. Iiiquirc of the ailin ni irntor, on the premises. 83d lie Kali, avenue, Brooklyn, between li and I o'clock, or at83 Third avenue. New York. AO CAA WILL IM'RCIIAHK MTLLIVKRY RSTAB ?JP^.?JVFU lishinont; Slock complete; Fixtures first clars; best locution in the city, opposite Stewart's. Apply at 773 Broadway. DIACHINHKY. A SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL ENGINES?WR HAVE on band 7x10. Htlk. Pxiz, 10x1(1, llxi.s, 12x24, iiixilO. 14x24, 14x30. IfixSO, 16x30, 18x24. Samples can be seon at .18 PnPllHVtiw. atrMiit unpAnrt hand !<'. titrliinu Hilton tn by. change. ~ ' ~~wyn tiiHiLE,"sfiltitA Co.!" "" Manulacturors, Ncwturg, N. T. AMKS' IRON WORKS?PORTABLE ENGINES, BOILcrt, Stntionnrv Engines, Saw Mills, 16x36 and 12*13, second hand, at a sacrifice. E. P. HAMPSON, 33 Cortlandt street AT WILSON A KOAKE'S, WATER AND DOVER streets, large stock of now and second hand Engines and Boilers, Irom 2 to 70 horso; Pumps, Shutting, Pulleys, Ac. AT WII.lard A OK BEVOIHE'S. 43 DEV STRKETIloisttng, Portable and Stationary Engines, Boilers, Lathes, Ken luring Tanks, Store Elevators, Pumps, Calender Rolls, Shafting and Pulleys, new and second lmn l. AN OCTAVO NOVELTY PRINTING PRESS FOR sale tor $W, with seven fonts of Type. Tools, Ac., n? good as new; cost $80. Address W. B., 320 West Twolfth street A CALORIC ENGINE AND PUMP-IS IN PERFECT order and complete In every way; price $59, cost $2.90 when now. Apply to E. W. BULLlNOEIt, 75 Fultou street A FRENCH RANGE, STEAM TABLE, AND ALL the fitting up of a Restaurant Kitchen tor aalo; never been used. 893 Broadway. IjlNGINE AND BOILER FOR SALE?A 12-HORSK !i power Engine and ai-horse power hori/omai tubular Boiler, In first class condition. Can he seen working at 288 Warren street, between Court und Smith streets, Brooklyn. IjtOR HALF,, CHEAP?12 COPPER BATH BOILERS 1 and connection, ciiual to new. Apply to AMERICAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 311 East Forty- ighth st For sale?at a bargain?to hand looms, wiTn llarnuss; also 11 Power l ooms, with Reeds nnd Harness. Inquire at 66 Lispenard street, up stairs, or of CHARLES MORGAN, South street, opposite Pierce avonue, Hudson City, where the looms can be seen. For sale?a steam engine, u inch diameter. of cylinder by 33 inch stroke, in first rate order and as good as new in every respect; said engine came out of the steamship Granada, 761 tons burden, 182 lect long, 30 beam and 20 depth of hold. For further particulars apply to J. DK RIVERA A CO., Ill Pearl street, N. Y. For sale?in Newark, n. j., a iohorse power Engine, two Boilers, 35-horse power each; Woodward Pnmp; 16-lneh double Belt, Heater, Main Shaft, Pulleys, Pipes, Ac., in first class running order. Also to let for a terra of years, at a very low rent, the four story brick Factory, 30x126, containing the above machinery, situnte near Centre Street depot. Apply to J. LAGOWITZ A CO., corner of Centre and Front streets, Newark, or 300 Broadway, New York. FOR 8AT.E?ONE PLANER, 6 FEET, 23X20, UPrlght and cross-feed; 1 Drop Press, 68 and 90 lb. drops food as new; 1 cast-iron Pulley, 2 it ti In. by 12 in., 2%; do. do., 4 ft. by 6 In., 2K; 1 do., wood rim. 1 It 8 in., 2v Call at or address FACTORY, corner of Teuth aud Grove streets, Jersey City. FOR SALE-TWO HORIZONTAL TUBULAR BOILERS, 6 feet diameter, 11M feet long, fifty-eight 1 )? inch tubes. CHA-KLES COLLINS, 68 John street, Brooklyn. tor sale?a restaurant _ down town- no r bonus required; good reason tor selling: a hunt $1,200 required; doing a lair trade. Address O., llerald otllce. For sale?stock amd fixtures of cigar Store and first class Barber Shop on a west side avenue. Inquire at East Eighteenth street, in saloon, or 61 Cortlandt street, in eigar store. For sale?$7?-a fortune for a live manThe best paying branch of the baking business no competition. Address, for one week, BROTHER JOHNAT1IAN, Herald otllce. , For sale.?engines, boilers, pullkys, iianoers. Shafting, Fumps, Piping, Heaters and Tanks bought, sold or exchanged. 614 and 516 West Thirtylourth street. Address BENJAMIN FOX. For sale?a genuine tea, cofffe and fine Grocery Business, with Horse. Wason. Truck, Harness, Ac.; a good cash trade has been done and may easily be doubled by personal attention, which present owner cannot give; every information and easy terms te the right .party. Addross OPPORTUNITY, box 209 Herald office. IjlOR SALE CHEAP FOR CA8H-A LOT OF SASH 1 and Blind Machinery, nearly new; also 25-horse Engine and Boiler, Sbaltlng, Ac. Address box 47 Post office, Elizabeth, N. J. For sale cheap-woodworth planers and Matchers; Moulding, Surfacing. Mortise, Tenon, Sticking. Resawlng. Band and Scroll Saw Machines; Shaping, Elliptic, Swing Saws; Benches, Band-saw Blades, Leather and Rubber Belting, Ac. UKQ. HARVEY A CO., 23 Ferry street. New York. FOR SALE CHEAP?ONE OYSTER RANGE AND Chop Box, good as new; one marble top Lurch Counter, one mahogany do. Call at 17 rfnd 19 Park row. W. B. PUGII A CO. Lenoir gas engines.?a machine company wanted to mnntiiac'ure and sell these Engines, for which a very trcut ucrnand exists. Adores* LENOIR, Box 106 Post office. PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR SALE?CHEAP; splendid location ; finest light, tine front; greatchancc for good artist. Address REMBRANDT, Herald otllce. SN, nARTWELL. CONSULTING AND COMMER cial Engineer, will purchase and erect any kind of steam machinery or apparatus on commission or hv eontract; 28 years' experience as land and marine engineer. References given and required. Satisfaction guaranteed in all eases. 98 Liberty street. New York. STEAM HOISTING MACHINES FOR SALE CHEAP.? Apaly to J RUSH WORTH, 258 West Twenty-eighth street, near Eighth avenue. A bargain. SAFES (SECOND HAND).?THREE SMALL, TWO MEdinm. two large. Herring, Lillic and Wilder make, very cheap for cash, at 72 Maiden lane. S. O. gl lltK. TO PAPER AND LABEL CUTTERS.-FOR SALE, two Sheridan Cutting Machines, one 32 and one 42 inch knife; also one Darlington Envelope Cutting Press; : ail in perfect order and nearly new. Apply at 15 Dutch street, in the store. WANTED?ABOUT 200 FEET OF IRON GIRDERS, Address IRON GIRDER, box I'M Herald office flfANTED?180 HORSE ENGINE, IN FIRST RATE it condition; also a Flywheel, 15 to 20 tons; give dimensions, location, priccand maker. K. K. ROBERTS. 52 Broadway. storage:. A- A. A. . STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE, AT NEW TORE SAI.ES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, 337 TO 341 FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY FIFTH STREET. Carriages, Harness, Blanket*, Ac., taken on xnle and storage. CASH ADVANCES MADE ON SAME AND SOLD AT PRIVATE OR AUCTION SALES. Special Trade Sale* for manufacturers of carriages, harness, Ac., arranged on liberal terms. Articles left on storage will have the advantage of being constantly on view In the Repository. (Insurance effected at once if desired.) RICHARD XcCULLOUOU, Proprietor. AUCTION 'Al.ES THURSDAYS OF EACH WEEK. ALLEN B. MINER A BROTHER, AUCTIONEERS MAHBLK MANTELS. ..... AKT.AHKR, STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLF.1ZIM; Works, 134 and 138 East Eighteenth street.?Marble and Marblelzed Mantels. Tiling, Marble Counters, Monuments, at prices that defy competition. Marble Turning for the trade. An assortment ok mantels, unsurpassed for beauty of dealgn and quality of workmanship. Slate Work of all kind* a apeclaity. PKNKIIYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth atrect, Union square. STEWART'S SLATK MANTELS.?RICH AND ELEKantdealana: Slate Work* of every description; Marhlc and Wood Mantele. T. H. STEWART A CO.. 220 and 222 Weat Twenty-third atreet. near Seventh avenue, N. V. ^ Srlaberaco, STEAM MARBLE AND M ARBLIND . Worka, 223 Weat Klfty-tlrat atreet, between Broadwar and Eighth avenue,?Marble, marbletzed Mnnteta, Monuments lleailatonea; la rue aeleetlona at very low i pricca. j WANTED 1(1 I'll rc HANK Any person having a railroad ticket to St Louie ran llnd a cash buyer by addreaalnit ST. LOUIS, box 123 Herald ofllre. State loweat price. XKTANTED?A FEW WOODEN TANKS, CAPACITY 300 ?? to 000 gallon* eaeh. Addreaa sEELY A STEVENS, 32 Burling altp. AITANTED TO PURCHASE?A DOUBLE BLACK VT walnut Deak. with dra .vera on eaeh aide and plaee lor hooka, alao walnut Otltec Tahlea and Plfeon Holea. Apply at tUa Matanhvalcai LuivcjraitVi M Bold atfuet FPIMTITUUK. - 1 -| |"| -10%?* <WWV>VWWtAA?^t. V^vwvwwwwvwv<^ A81-4.CHI KOTIC? TO OOU KJUENDH AND PATRONS. FL'BNITUBB AND UEDD1NO. The Stock heretofore conteirrad In our hulMIn", Ml Sixth evenne, having on ec ount " the widmin* <J ,?cn remove.I to our principal warcrooina, W jyOuod S9 UuJaon aueet. thereby overcrowding oui iu.njiu.-e jtook, We will Mil, for the nex' SO daya, Ihe the choicest uclectloni 01 PABLOR, LIBRARY. D1N1NO ?<>'>* KTJBNITUKB and Bedding oi ovcry deacrlption, al the I.OWHST WHOLESALE MA*NUPaCTDRRK8' PBTCi-J. We call ipcclal attention to the above of those nbontta pu clia-u^ either furniture or Bedjlng, and tmlicit un a. A S. HKYMAN A MACK, 388, 390 ami 3:2 HuJ'on a reel, corner Hon ton, 1,023 Third avenue, oomcr Sixty first atroui. A?A.?.A?A.? BARfiAINi In FURNITURE FURNITURE. BROADWAY, opposite BLEVK.Ci'll STREET. HERTS A co. ^ ?CARl'liTd, Furniture, Bedding, Oilcoths, Laoo Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets, Coinfu iters. Ac., at very low prices, at the large wholesale and retail warerooms. 800 to 616 Eighth uvcuuo, Con ors oi Thirtytilth and t hirty-sixth streets. I). KELLY, successor to H. o'Parrell 1 ALAROE ASSORTMENT OF CARP ?TS, FURNI ture and lieddinz at lowest cash prices, by weekly in-talments, at O'FAKRELL'N Warehouse, 4lU Eighth avenue, betweon Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets. At bend :llm old stand-furniture. car. pets and Bed J log cheap tor cash, or by weekly and monthly payments. C. E. CANNON, 209 and 211 Fludson street, corner Canal. A?A.?A.?AT 120 WEST TWENTY-THIR ? STREET.? . A private family, rteclinint housekeeping ami not wl h!ng to have a pul>>^ auction will sell ut private sale all their elegant Household Furnt'uro in lots to suit ca h purchasers. Two magnificent Parlor suits covered ia tmtju brocutel, cost $itW, for & 30: nue do., $10); into do , $!2ti: rep Suits, $ 0 to Be I room Suits, complete. $21 upwards; one do., $276; liodst-ads, Bureaus, Wa hstands, fit)) yards Carpet, lesi than halt'cost; Pianoioi'tc, cost $950, lor $230. N. it.?Call b.'tore purchasing elsewhere. Can be seen to-day or Monday at private bouse 121 West Twenty-third atrooL H. it. MARTIN. A?STORAGE. . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANO 4. MIKROR3, PA1NT1NOS, Ac.; AL-O CARRIAGES, WAOd >S, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built expressly lor the purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-iKOOXd STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS. CASES ntid other PAOKAO.iS containing articles of EXTRA VALUE can bo stored with SAFETY at low ralot Persons can forward llielr gno-ls Iroin aay part of EUROPE er AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is invited to examine the superior accommodations, light, ventilation, .safety, Ac., which Ihii wurchouse possesses over all others. JOHN n. MORRELL, Owner ami Proprietor. ?STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE-FOR FUR. niture. pianos and goods ol every description BATTBRSON A COOK'S Storage Rooms, 59S an_ .. . Sixth avonue and 1,30(1 ami 1,(2)2 Broad wav, corner Thirty-filth street; terms reasonable; 2) years'experience; also Furniture Removed in city or countrv. B. A O. pay personal attention to tlie Storage arid Removal of Furnltuer. An elegant 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte lor Sato. Apply at 835 Sixth avenue corner Thirty-tilth street. J. P. HA i TI5KSON. H. A. COO&. AT PRIVATE SALE?ALL THE 8PLBNDID FURNlturc, newly ma le to order by the best Philadelphia makers, crimson satin l'arlor Sets ;Drawing Koum, Chamber and Dining Room Sets, with Pier Olass, cornices, Lambrequins, (las Fixtures. Hal'stand, new steinway Piano, Furniture ot servants' rooms und kitchen; u tine Morse and Carriage and ail the housekeeping outfit ot a family going to Kurope; will be sold cheap. Can be seen (Vom 11 to 2 or In the evening at 114 West Forty-third st. Allen b. miner a brother, successors t*. llenry H. Leeds A Miner (established 1847), will give their personal attention, as customury lor the past 28 years, to sales of furnitnre at the residences of partes declining housekeeping. Will also hold regular weekly sales at their spacious salesrooms. No. 9ft Chambers street, running through to Readc street, for the convenience of hose prcierrlng to remove their effects. AN ELEGANT SCARLET AND DRAB 8.VT1N PARLOR Suit for sale, at halt its value; only been used three months. Inquire at 106 West Flitieth street. A PERSON BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING DEsires to sell, cheap for cash, the entire Furniture of a large house; the turniture can remain in the house till Majr 1^ Apply at 288 West Twcuty-tlrst street, between 2 A SARIFICE.?PRIVATE FAMILY GOING TO ITALY will dispose of their elegant Household Furniture, in part or whole, to suit purchaser;'rich Parlor Suit In satin, cost $600. for $175: Lrocatel Suit, $100, for $150; rop Suits, $30 to $50; magnificent rosewood 7^-uctave Pianoforte, cost $1,2,10, lor $303; Stool and Cover; Oil Paintings, Bronzes, Mirrors, Curtains, Clocks, Ac.; Library and Dining Furniture, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, Carpets, Bedding, Ornaments, Ac. Call to-day or Monday al private residence 210 West 21st street, near 7th avenue. Goods not sold before Tuesday, April 1, will be sold a auction that day, 10>? o'clock, positively, at 210 West 21 street. FOR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAGGAGE, AC., IN SEParate, closed rooms. Apply to MtCllALES a SON, 32 and 34 Commerce street, near Bleecker. Carpets, Furniture, Bods Bedding, Ac. Payments taken dy the week er month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO.. corner of Twenty-fifth street and sixth avenue. Furniture at private sale.?a family residing near Fifth avenue desire to sell) the Furalture of their first class dwelling?Parlor Suit, made hv Dessolr; Wilton, Velvet and Brussels Carpets, Gas Fixtures, Ac., all In good order. Address H., box 2,166 Post office. Furniture.?a party declining housekeeptng wish to sell their handsome new Furniture, such ns Parlor Suits, Carpets, Bedroom Suits, Chambers, Piano (new and perfect in every respcctl, Dining Room Furniture, Shades, Hat Rack, Mattresses, Stair Carpets an4 Rods, Ac. Inquire at 106 East 127th street, between 9 andji Furniture for sale?one parlor suit, 7 pieces; Centre Table. Bedstead, Bureau, solid black * walnnt: also 1 rosewood Pianoforte, 7 octave. Apply at BATTEilSON A COOK'S Storage Rooms, 595 Sixth avenue, corner Thirty-filth street, Furniture, carpets, mirrors, piano, ao.. yygnteil. lor cash, to furnish a large house, la small lots or whole house. Address for one week, II. vanzant, % station 0. IftURNITUKE, CARPETS. BOOKS AND LIBRARIES 1 bought for cash, at No. 4 University place, between ? Clinton place and Washington square; 50,000 volsi Books for sale. FOR SALE ATA SAORiFIOF-PARI.OR AND BEDroom Sets, Brussels Carpels. Kitchen Furniture; coim plete outfit lor housekeeping. Inquire at 1U2 West Seventeenth street, third floor. TjVJR SALE?AT MUOII LESS THAN COST, RICH GOLD jl ?urur, uuiiiiriuii'^ cui iiicv^ nun imw ; itucni. niym ornaments; sizcofplu.e 102 hy 26. Any person wishln? an clcauni article, cheap, en# see same at private Mouse liy addressing MIRROR, Herald Uptown Branch omMs (NOOD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS A X specially; all sizes English. Brussels and Ingrain, for sale cheap, at 112 Fatten street, corner of Dutch street; entrance on Hutch street TTOl'BE FURNISHING. J 11 GEORGE A. CLARKE'S ^ ?Popular System of Payments.? Popular system of Payments. Popular System of Payments. The heal, most convenient unci eccnomleal method for oh. taining elegant Furniture, Carpets, Upholstery, Ac. it/ Broadway. N. ? Prices as low as at any other first class home. Monthly or weekly payments.?carpets Furniture, Hodding. Ac. dealy A cunningham, 384 and)*) Intra avenue, near I wemy-eulita t:rj Jt Prices lower than any otner nouso n the ottv. ONE OR TWO BRUSSELS CARPETS FOR SALE? , But little used. Inquire at 331 West Twenty-fourth < street. PRIVATE PARTIES DESIRING TO DISPOSE OF Uieir Furniture can meet with a cash purchaser hy addreslng H. H. F., box 3t?i Past oltice. STORAGE AND SAFE KEEPING FOR FURNITURE, baggage and all other property. In separate closed compartments, alwavs accessible: good! received In Interior court of warehou?cs, avoiding delays and street ? risks, and raised o? elevators; these are the oldest and* I most extensive warehouses in America. II. G. II AKGKR, Eighth avenue, from Thirty-third to Thirty-lnurth street. N ^y-ARREN WARD A CO., manufactures of Furniture. Houses furnished in whole or in part In the most taata* In) manner with good Goods at moderate price*. 78 and 77 Spring street, corner of Croaby. ?? R* WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FUR- t nlture, Carpet* and Bedding, at B. M. COTVPKRTllWAIT A CO.'S 199 and 1#7 Chatham atrect. An Immense stock and low price*. "|Vr ANTED?FIRST CLASS BEDROOM SPIT, FOR YY which a new rosewood Piano or Real Estate would l?e given. Address FURNITURE, bo* 3,891 New York For riffle e. WANTED TO PC RCH ASK?IMMEDIATELY. FOR cash. Household Fnrnitnre, to luraish ten-roe i house ; will purchase all or pari Irom one party. Pieaaa address THIBPALK, Herald othce. 2/um WALNUT BEDSTEADS, ELEGANTLY . carved, from $7 upwards; alio Chamber Seta In great variety and bemitilol -tyles ai much below ordinary price* at manubu tory, 980 Hudson street WiYE8~LmtbP8, At. / 1HKAIM - I \M> II Kb I' WINKS IN THE (HIV -MLR \ Krnndy, $9 per gallon; old live Whiskuv >dd Port, $3 90 idd Sherry. $3. old Madeira, "$.1 ;d, HnclP Wine. $1 .Viper gallon, Imported Cham .nunc, fit net, dozen; pinls. two dozen, par ease, (id; ItiipotlriP a Cigars, $3 Ao per hundred, at 99 I'ulFm str0ot. northeaat#^ comer ol Wtiiiany * w '

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