Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1873 Page 9
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lab contemporary be generous enongb to let the people of oar good sister city ride a hobby of their own in their own quiet way ? .The Times also takes this occasion to rebuke Mayor Ilaveineyer for having given the Israelites no representation in the new Hoard of Education appointed by him. Fourteen Milijonb or Imposts to this port during the last week are suggestive either of a heavy spring trade or "great expectations." It appears, too, that the trade, so far, instead of being heavier, is lighter than our average Spring traffic of the last five or six years. Something of this may be charged to the extraordinary prolongation of our late severe Winter; but we apprehend that the stocks of goods on hand in the interior and throughout the country are larger thun the estimates upon which oar importiug merchants have l>een making these enormous imDortations ol the last few weeks. They have so fur turned, for the timo, the balance of trade against us that the premium on gold has been run up to a figure which, three months ago, the most daring gold gamblers of Wall street never dreamed of. But how is all this to end? What is to be clone with these immense accumulations of foreign goods added to the stocks from last year's shipments already on hand in every city and town throughout the Union? There is danger ahead, and all concerned will do well to put their houses in order. A merry dance may be a good thing, but the payment of the fiddlers is among the contingent expenses which cannot be avoided without a world of trouble. The Albany Journal, referring to the proposed new party movement, says "Hendricks is not the man to go in advance." That depends upon which way the new party is headed. The Habtfobd Courard complains that Mr. Barnum, democratic representative in Congress from the Connecticut Fourth district, has not devoted a sufficient shore of his time to his official duties. So far as some members of Congress are concerned the less time they devote to their official duties the better for the interests of the country, especially when Credit Mobilier scandals and retioactive pay steals are on the docket. PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE. Senator Fenton is at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Captain W. u. Uiiman, or the United States Navy, la staying at the Qllsey House. Congressman George C. McKee, of Vicksburg, miss., id at me at. cuciiuias tioiei. Congressman Alexander Mitchell, or Wisconsin, baa arrived at the Hoffman House. Ex-Congressman Townsend D. Cock, of (Queens county, is at the Sturtevant House. United States Senator Alexander H. Ramsey, of Minnesota, is staying at the St. Nicholas Hotel. An English butcher was lately kicked by a sheep which he was killing. The man it was that died. General George H. Sheridan, Congressman at large irom Louisiana, Is registered at the Filth Avenue Hotel. Joseph Brown is the democratic candidate for Mayor of St. Louis. The republicans say the otllce is "not lor Joe." George W. Miller, of Albany, former Superintendent or the State Insurance Hepariment, is at the Fifth Avehuc Hotel. M. Edwaru La l>o ul aye has just been chosen Am- i ministrntor of the College of France, In succession j to M. Stanislas Juiicn, deceased. Kcal Uow and J. B. Gotigh are conducting a tem- ! Iterance revival in Nashua, N. IL There had been \ up to Sunday 250 converts to tcetotuliHm. The Prince of Wales favors the bill authorizing a ' man to marry Ids deceased wife's sister. Would ho like to annex another of the sea king's daughters ? . Mrs. O'Leury, owner of the mythic cow that kicked over the candle that hred the barn that burned Chicago has opened a millinery store in Michigan. Sir John Dnke Coleridge, the British Attorney General, has been lined by the Maryiehone Police Court for having a chimney on Ore at Ids residence In Hyde Park. General Slaughter, late C. S. A., is engaged, tinder federal dircctiou, in removing obstructions In Mobile Bay, the State of Alabama having abandoned the work. Colonel J. M. G. Parker, brother-in-law of General I'utler, has entered upon his duties as Surveyor of the port of New Orleans. The papers speak well of the appointment. There is considerable conversation In the Connecticut Fonrth Congressional district, represented by Mr. Barnum, democrat, tor a number of years, on "Minor" topics. General Jnllns White, onr Minister to the Argontine Republic, Intends to remain in Europe tor some time to escape the yellow fever reported to be raffing in Buenos Ayres. Professor Meyer, of the Stevens Technical College, Hobokcn, fa shortly about to leave for the Vienna Exhibition, and while in England will vuut hia irlend Professor Tyudull. Ex-President Johnson has been in Nashville for a fortnight, and, as some correspondents aver, he never does "nothing for nothing," he is supposed to be there for a "purpose." The very "last of the Mohicans" (Cooper's was a fraud) has been heard from as having died in Connecticut. lie was a fisherman and a great hunter. When shall we hear the last of the Modocs* The Jackson (Miss.) clarion wants a new name for Colfax county in that State, suppose it tie called "Apollo," whose name Is associated with the most, renowned lyres of classic antiquity t Mary Elizabeth Davidson has been convicted at Manchester, England, of murder in killing her illegitimate child one year old. She strangled the babv and threw its body into a pond. She was sentenced to be hanged. A British soldier named Bingham accuses himself of murderlnff Maria Jane Ctousen, at Hicham, two years ago, striking her on the head with a hammer while walking with her in a secluded spot, and people doubt him. Artnorl Mori, the Japanese Ambassador, and suite, sailed from Boston for Liverpool yesterday on the steamship Malta. Minister Mori, who has ulne months leave or absence. Is going to the Vienna Exhibition, and afterwards to Japan. The Providence Journal is anxious to know whether A. Blron Rid well, arrested at Havana for alleged complicity with lorgerles oa the Rank of l.-n<rlurwl la an? mnn^h,,? of n -- *' ?j vr. uir> uiuweu iir \f. Austin Kidwell, names associated with certain windllnir operations In Providence and Cincinnati. The lollowiug epitaph circulates Just now in Paris Here lies Ailolph Ttui'rs, small Imraher, President of the French Republic, who Glorified the First Empire, .Instilled the Second, Prepared the Third. Taylor county, Kentucky, Is on an eloping race with some of our own Interior counties. In the former there were two clopments within the same week. viz.l. Nancy Mitchell eleped with Numa Ramsey; 2. Sister Warren eloped with Joseph Hall. In each case the unfortunate victims of the arts an l wiles of these bold women left wives and children to rejoice at their loss. The Memphis Avalanche, in referring to Commodore Vanderbllt's donation of a uali million to establish the Methodist University In Tennessee, ! remark* that it is the first donation of any kind I bestowed on the South by a citizen of a Northern I State. The princely donation mode by the late George Peabody, who was a native of Massachusetts. to estnbltsh a Southern educational fnnd. ts probably unintentionally overlooked by our Meuulus contcmuQrary. NEW YORK UKKALi; Tp a i n . Herald Special Report from Barcelona by Way of London. Important Details of the Progress of the War Between Royalism and the Republic. The Fighting in Catalonia and Guerilla Strategy of the Carlists. Exciting Description of the Battle of Vich?Its Conduct and Results. Severe Defeat of the Republican Army, with Heavy Losses on Both Sides. GENERALS KILLED AND WOUNDED. The Line of the Kbro Opeu to the Rourbonista. Depots of Provisions and Railway Centres Seized by the Insurgents. TELEGRAMS TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. The following special despatch to the Herald has been received from our corespondent in Barcelona by way of London : ? London, March 29, 1873. A special telegram addressed to the Herald from Barcelona, under date of the 25th inst., reports that a sharp Iwttle had just been fought between the government troops and the Carlist forces near Vich, a provincial city of Catalonia, situated thirty miles north-northeast of Barcelona, and famous for its manufacture of linen, hemp, cotton and coarse woollen fabrics. the rattle op vich, ITS inception, conduct and results. The engagement took place on Sunday,, the 23d inst The government troops were severely handled and beaten by the combined action of several bauds of Carlist insurgents, under command of General Sabulis, called indiscriminately Savnlls? a very active and efficient Bourbonist. The conflict occurred thus:?Twelve hundred infantry, sixty cavalrymen and four pieces of cannon were despatched by the government officers from Vich cn Saturday morning, the 22d inst., under command of Colonel Vega, by the northern highway, to support a convoy of supplies des tiued for Conangbell, in the mountains, on the way to Ripoll, in the province of Gerona, and distant thirty-two miles west-northwest from Gerona. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE FIELD. Conanghell lies fifteen miles north of Vieh, by the highway. All the surrounding country is mountainous, but the first half of the distance is not difficult to travel. There is enough of open space near to the road to give troops a chance for defence. Beyond this open ground the country is broken and becomes worse for field operations. The highway approaches the river Ter?which has its rise in the Pyrenees?running south and east, past Gerona to the Mediterranean. This mountain stream flows through a deep valley. The road for many miles of its course through the valley is frequently crossed by small riparian tributaries of the Ter, and is overlooked by jutting rocks, portions of the heights of St. Hipolito and St Lucia. BOB BOY TACTICS OF THE BOYAIJBTH. The Spanish troops halted for rest on Saturday night, the 22d instant, in the neighborhood of these heights, camping in the more open part of the country. Meantime intelligence of the republican military movement was conveyed to the Carlist commander in Catalonia, General Sabalis. Sabalis, who was at the moment at Maullen, on the river Ter, five miles east of the heights of St. Hipolito, sent out during the night Generals Galecran, Miret and Guin in command of Carlist forces, numbering in the aggregate 2,000'men, with orders to occupy the heights of St. Hipolito and dispute the passage of the army of the Republic. General Miret was in position by daylight, and the others, although slower in movement, soon after. The government troops continued their march. "OPEN FIBE" FROM ABOVE, IT! THE BE.VB AND ALL ABOUND. On Sunday morning, 23d instant, when they were directly under the heights, General Miret*s men opened fire on the cavalry and advanced infantry. Vega's soldiers suffered, but ne mougm, mai me ntiacKing pariy was sniau in number and would be scattered after the exchange of a few shots. He consequently pushed on. Soon there was a fire all around him, with the discharge of musketry increasing iu severity. AS IMPETTTOtrS CHARGB. The Carlists then, abandoning the position of their natural defences, assailed the government troops, who opened ranks immediately, being taught a lesson of caution by their sudden losses. The fighting became desultory for a time, and was continued until the republicans seemed to have the way clear. At that juncture the other Carlist detachments, under Galceran and Guin. etuue ui> aud >, SUNDAY, MA HUH 30, 1 attacked the loyulists with <jreat impetuosity. There was a very hard fi?ht. A GENERAL KILLED. General Galceran, of the CarliHt party, fell mortally wounded and lias since died. RETREAT OF THE REPUBLICANS. The tide of buttle turned against the government troops, who gnve wuv, und, being pushed hard, retired, somewhat precipitately, from the field. Encouraged by this the Carlists followed up their advantage. They were checked occasionally at the open places by the government artillery, hut as the Curlists could follow behind the hills to points which commanded the highway and might thus cut oft' their retreat and isolate the Spanish column, the commander did not venture to rely on this advantage, but continued to rutin until he was supported by reinforcements of troops from the garrison at Vich, when the Curlists, in turn, retired to their positions. HEAVY LOSSES. The losses incurred in the engagement can be only guessed at, but they are much heavier titan those suffered in uny previous collision of the belligerents during the present war. MUNICIPAL HUBRENDEll. Ripoll, the place for which the government supplies were intended, has since surrendered to the Carlists. THE CAltLIHT ADVANCE AND LOCAL OAIN. From Ripoll the Carlists are marching on Berga, lying west northwoat of Barcelona, an important stronghold, filled with military stores. Berga is the key of Catalonia. It was an important position during the Thirty Years' War. The garrison will probably abandon the place in view of the advancing Carlists. ON THE LINE OF EBBO. Since the appointment of Maldonado as commander in Navarre, General Derregary has cut the line of railway between Pampeluna and Vittoria, blowing up threa bridges at Pampeluna. The positiou will likely become untenable also and fall into the hands of the Carlists, who have seized the government stores deposited in the suburbs. The Carlist strategy aims to move by the Aragon and Legre Rivers and occupy the line of the Ebro. Vich tuid Gcrona will be flanked by the capture of Berga. The Government Army Levy In Catalonia a Fallnrc?The (Nation Approaching to Financiul Insolvency. Maduip, Murch 20, 1873. The levy of troops maw in Catalonia and the adjoining provinces to light the Carlists has so far proved a failure. A deputation front Uarcelona demands its postponement, and insists on the dellv cry of the 15,000 rifles which the government promised the people of that city. MELANCHOLY STATEMENT OF THE FINANCE JIINISTK1L Seiior Tetuan, Minister or Finance, at a Cabinet council yesterday stiited that the finances of the conntry were in a deplorable condition, and warned his colleagues that the Republic could not remain master of the situation unless radical changes were made in the fiscal administration. FRANCE. Republican Legislation Against the Members of the Bonaparte Family?Prince Napoleon's Petition Provokes a Bill of ExileCabinet Reminiscence of the Conp d'Etat?Felix Fyat's Sentence. If Iff FAM 10 TEE NEW YORK HERALD. Paris, March 29,1st3. During the session of the National Assembly at Versailles to-day there was an excited debate over Prince Napoleon's petition praying for the restoration of his rights as a citizen and remonstrating against his illegal expulsion from Franco. Minister Dufaute, on the part of the government, refused to accept the special committee's report on the subject, which was conservative in character, and, by implication, censured the government. He argued that the Bonaparte princes rejected the I decree which had deposed their dynasty, therefore it was Impossible to treat them as mere citizens. He spoke In terms of scathing contempt of the roup d'etat on which the power of the late Rmperor was founded. M. DeDevre. on behalf of the commltiee. renu dialed any Intention of censuring the government, and defended the report. Minister Dufauro, to remove all donht as to the opinion of the Chamber, then submitted a bill exiling the Bonaparte family, and moved the simple order of the day, which, after prolonged excitement, wan adopted by a vote of 347 to 291. SENTENCE OF DEATH AOAINRT M. FEMX PYAT. A court martial sitting at Versailles has sentenced M. Felix Pvat. to death par oontumace. GERMANY. i ! Press Condonation Towards President Grant. TEIEEEAIR TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Behlin, March 20,1S73. TTie ynrlh German (Jazrtte (ofllclal), in Its issue to-day, makes a retraction of the article It published some time since ridiculing the address of President Grant, delivered on the occasion of Ills second Inauguration. The Oazette says the full text of the address, which has now been received trom the United states, differs in many respects from the telegraphic summary published in the German papers on the day after Its delivery, and for that reason the journal Is led to considerably modify the view It first took of the document. ALLEGED POISONING OF A HUSBAND. Dknvkr, Col., March 2?, 1873. William Newman, a man of property, residing for several years past In this city, died a few days since nndar suspicious circumstances, (lis wife and a ball brother were arrested yesterday, charged with murdering Newman, by administering arsenic. The evidence Is very strong against them. NAVAL ORDERS. Washington, March 2i>, 1873. Commander E. T. Nichols has been ordered to duty as a member of the Itctlrlng Hoard; I.ientenant Commander Silas Casey to duty as Kxecntive of the Navy Hoard held at Philadelphia; Lieutenant Commander John (1. McParland, detached from the receiving ship New Hampshire, and ordered as Executive of the Navy Yard at Norfolk; Medical ' Director Charles D. Maxwell, detached from special duty at Washington and pluced on waiting orders; Medical Inspector Thomas J. Turner, from duty at the Marine Barracks, Washington, t-o special duty to attend officers at WashingtonSurgeon stein, from Pensacols Navy Yard and placed on wailing , orders, 878?QUADRUPLE S1IKETTHE STORM YESTERDAY. New Yorker a Resisting the Worst Rain Storm of the 8eason?Effects of the Storm King on the Hndscn and Elsewhere. The storm which has been making people uncomfortable (or the past week continued to rage with uuuhatcd vigor all dav yesterday. The morning opened in the name dull, overhung manner to which we are growing accuatomed, and the ruin came pouring down la torrents, which made early risers shiver with that magnetic discomfort which i the state of the weather briugs to all well organized beluga. There was not the leust little bit or blue , skv to look upon and the weather gave promise of i keeping up in the same fashion. It kept Its promise, ; (or the late risers tared no better than the early ones. Every now and then the very sluices of i heaven seemed 10 have opened, and the downpour ! was such as has not been seen for many u day. One moment of it was enough to w et one to the I skin, nttd umbrellas did but little uervtce. For one ' moment iu the ulternoou the suu seemed to inuko a struggle and peeped out for u moment between two olnck clouds, but the moment alter the clouds again conquered, and the ruin got . the supremacy once more. Thus otf and on during the afternoon tile water came down heavy < and light until evening, when gradually the wind J got the better or it ana obased away the water. 1 A still sou'wester then blew, and almost incommoded travellers as much as did the ralit during the day. HEAVY DAM AUK CAl'HKD BY A Sill!' BKKAKINd FROM II Kit MOOBINli . 1 At eleven o'clock last night the high wind caused > the ship Theresa, loaded with grata nnd owned by > Dunham A Co., to part her moorings at pier :?i Bast River and to daw wildly among a number of ' barges, canal boats nnd pilot boats lying near her. it was impossible, owing to the hour ! and the weather, for any ussistauce to lie rendered for nearly an hour, and during that, time tbe vessel wan driven against a gram eleva- j tor, winch was partially destroyed, and collided with the pilot bout Widgeon and a number of other craft, which were seriously damaged. A barge loaurn wiiiigrnm was biihk. ivo inns 01 m*? is re- i ported, anil the damages are roughly estimated at J $33,000. Brooklyn Building* Blown Down. During the prevalence of the gale yesterday afternoon and evening, sad havoc was made among 1 buildings in course of erection In the more exposed sections or the city. Tnrce new three story brick buildings In course of erection In Butler street, near Brooklyn avenue, wore blown down, causing a loss of several thousand dollars. The property is [ owned by a Mrs. Mead, residing in New York. A new building, one of lour lour Htory dwelling houses, being reared lu Degraw street, near Seventh avenue, was blown down. The dtfbris tell upon 749, causing the roof of the latter structure to cave In. The former named property Is owned by Thomas Bobbins, and the latter by Bartholomew Corning. Fences were thrown down unoti nil tides, awnings were torn into shreds, signs wrenched from their fastenings, window panes shattered, uud considerable damage was occasioned to property generally. On the Hudson. Throughout the day small vessels kept near the shore, and the ferry boats took nearly double the usual time to make their trips. I.ast evening the flobokeu ferry bouts Secaucus ami Weehawketi were unable to enter the slip at the New York shle, owing to the violence of the wind, and were delayed three hours. A little more skill on the part of the pilots might have prevented delay. The people on either aide who were marketing were not very complimentary tp the company as they spoke of ferry management. Floods Near Hchenertndy. Albany, March '29, 1873. A severe rain storm has prevailed here all day, aud large (juantltles of water have run Irom the hills down to the river, washing away the Ice ami raising the stream considerably. Advices from Coxsackie state that a village was flooded by the bursting of upond, that, the Mohawk River was overflowing at Schenectady, and of threatened floods along tne Central Katlioud.

At Poughkeepale. i'oituhkkepsik, Match 29, 1873. A heavy southeast rain storm has prevailed along the Hudson to-day. The Ico between bere and Newbttrg is brokeu up along tbe shore, and a boat is expected through iront New York oti Monday. All the streams in the vicinity are rising, but, as yet, no damage has been done. The wind to^night is strong from the southwest, with showers. In the Adirondack*. Saratoga, March 29, 1873. In has commenced raining here, anil there Is every prospect of a break up unless the weather grows colder. The snow through all this region, lu the Adlronducks, about the source of the Iiudson and along Its tributaries lies from two to four feet in depth. If a sudden thaw occurs u heavy freshet is likelv to ensue, and it is now so late that a break up rmiuuiuu iuiig uciriicu, The Storm In Ho?lon. Boston, Mass., MurcU 20. 1873. A heavy rain an<l strong easterly gale commenced here at three P. M. to-day and still continues. The 'Weather In Washington. Washington, March 29, 1873. High winds have prevailed all day, with occasional heavy showers. There' was some damage to house-tops, and large trees were uprooted In several parts oi l lie city. The storm continues to-night. The IiRtmt from Albany. Albany, N. Y., March 30?1 A. M. The Surulay I'rms gives the followiug account of the storm:?"The icy bands of the river, which has been closed slncu the lltli of December last, are doomed, and, ere many hours elapse, must give way to an Impetuous flood which is pouring In upon It. A rain storm luls prevailed almost unceasingly for the pust twenty-four hours, at tlmoB in perfect torrents, coming down like a tropical shower. At this writing the water in the river Is two feet higher than it wus on Saturday morning and It is steadily rising. The severe storm Is wide In its range. From the West we \ learn that the storm is quite as heavy as it is here, and serious apprehensions nre lelt for several > bridges alang the line oi the Central Railroad, one especially at Schenectady. A despatch from our Co.xsackle correspondent, dated last, evening, save that a big pond near there burst its bounds and the streets of the village wenoverflowed. The occupants ol basements on Arch street were obliged to lice Hon lliclr homes at raidnignt and wild scenes or confusion occurred. I Poor families were fleeing about seeking j shelter, with their little ones in their arms, from the pitiless rain. The water Is over the dock 1 at the loot ol John street. The Mohawk and Hud- ' hob River broke way in part alter midnight, and ! immense masses passed over the dam at Troy. 'I7ie pressure which will follow this movement on the fee in front of the city, with the rapid rise of the water, promises to free the Ice here almost any hour. Serious loss must follow this sudden and violent breaking up ol the tco in the river. Merchants along the streets in the lower part of the city have gangs of men at work removing goods to places of safety." Houses Cnronfett In Virginia. Richmond, Va., March 2?, 1873. A severe southeast gale prevailed here all day, with a heavy rain storm. Several houses were unrooted and a number of trees and fences blown down. A Hurricane In DllwlMlppl. Canton, March 29, 1873. A hurricane swept through this city butt night. A large number of bouses were destroyed und'sev oral persons are reported killed. Two loaded rail- 1 road earn were lilted from the track, ana one of 1 them was hadlj wrecked. Jackson, Miss.. March 1S73. A terrific (rale of wind visited canton nhont nine o'clock last night, coinplelei.v demolish',ug a dozen of lioisee and damaging about thirty others. Otic colored man wan killed and a lady sevo.rely injured. A lieavy freight car was blown a dl.ain.Mcc "of twenty feet off the trnck. The Legislate,re to-day appointed a committee to visit the w-one of the disaster, witn a view to affording relic i. I.ATKH. The track of the hurricane wiv-i about one hundred yards wide. Fifty houses were destroyed. Tl .a loss Is estiiontcd at flOO.i/id. Ilnlv one ill'e was lost?a negro woman. fifteen persons were more or less Injtyed, not none seriously. WEATHEJi REPORT. W\n DKr/iRTaKST, ) OCMCK f)F Til K CH'.RI SlUN A I. OKFIC'KH, , 1 W AsniNOTOfi, March :to?i A. M. ) | Synopxi* for th" fn At. Ttnentp-.ftmr //owes. The storui centre t\?at was Friday niirht over ' Lake Michigan, has moved eastward over l-ake licron and extend* A southeastward. A second area of low tintometer tn the Middle Atlantic J states, ani u, sow apparently central in the I WITH SUPPLEMENT. western portion of New FngltnuL The barometric depression over the very large central area of thlH storm in one of the lowest recorded In these latitudes. The pressure lias risen during Saturday evening over the Middle anil South Atlantic States. It has fallen decidedly in the Lower Missouri \ alley, Fusterly gales and high winds have been reported from the Middle and Past Atlantic roasts and northward to the St. Lawreuue Valley, brisk and high westerly winds, wttn clearing weather, prevail over the Middle States and Lower Lakes. Fresh and clear in the Southern states. Fresh southerly winds and rising tetuperutuie in the Missouri Valley. Itrot>aMlit1e?. The storm centre move on Sunday northeastward over Nova Scotia and the Lower St. Lawrence. Htisk westerly winds, with cloudy and lenrlng weather, prevail In New England; fresh to Itrlsk northwest winds, with clearing and clear weather, over the Middle States; clear weather and rising temperature In the South Atlantic stales. The barometer fall throughout, the Mississippi Valley, with Increasing southeily winds. Midnight reports have not yet l?een received rrniu the Pacific Coast mid Kock.v Mountain stations. the lake region, Canada. New York and New England. Cautionary Hlgnals continue at New fork. New Haven, New London, Wood's Hole. Huston and Portland, Me. They will he displayed at the lake stations from aud alter April 1. The Weather In This City Yesterday. The following record will show the changes in he temperature for the past twenty-four hours In 'oinpurison with the corresponding day or last rear, as indicated bv the thermometer at lludnut's Pharmacy. Herald Building;? 1871!. 1873. 1872. 1873. a A. M 4.1 41 3 P. M 94 47 0 A. M 43 42 6 P. M 62 44 9 A. M 48 45 9 P. M 49 41 2M 55 47 12 P. M 43 40 . lumiiriuHiii! JIBICHUU *>;, Vverago temperature lor corresponding date last year 49^ Vverage temperature lor corresponding week lUt year SB Vverage temperature for the nasi week ;>4 ANOTHER RAILROAD FIGHT King Tom Scott vs. Monopoly Prince Garrett. The Pennsylvania Central Beats the Baltimore and Ohio. Physical Force and a Destruction of Property Threatened. PnTSBURfi, Pa., March 29, 1873. Two "mighty corporations," the Pennsylvania Central end the Baltimore and Ohio, are at war, Bid an engagement in which bloodshed is likely to esult is momentarily apprehended. It appears that l short time ago an attempt was made By the Southvestern Railroad to effect a connection with he Mount Pleasant branch of the ConnellsvtUe tailroad at Fountain Mills, a small Htation >etween Bradford and Mount Pleasant. TheSouthvestern, which Is but the Pennsylvania Central, completed its track to Fountain Mills, and desired .0 makp the connection; but this was not agreen)le to the Connellsville Company, whlcli is the Ualilmore and Ohio. Accordingly the latter corporaion massed a large forco or men at the Mills and checkmated the operations of the Southwestern Company. Finding that it was impossible ;o carry their point, tlie latter company ran their iriu'k across the Mount Pleasant branch down 0 the terminus. Bur, though the Southwestern Jompany were worsted in this encounter they were not defeated, and kept a sharp look out on die Connellsville company, in order, If possible, to catch the latter off guard. Yesterday A. O. Llnsmnn, President of the Hradord and Mount Pleasant, road, issued an order to die effect that the Connellsville Railroad had for"elted all right to their road, and that the directors would, therefore, take possession of and run it to Bradford. Tho issuing of this order raised great, excitement, as it was at that, point that the act had hcen consummated which transferred a whole line of road Iroin the possession of the Connellsville Company. Tom Scott arrived on Thursday and went, down ?n tho Southwestern road (Tom Greenshurir. and the Initiated knew ttiat a movement, of some kind was in contemplation, and accordingly were on the qui vine lor developments. The Connellsville ,'ompany, strange to say, were unaware tliat a direct movement was Intended, and took no preean;lons to concentrate men enough on their leased oad to protect their interests. About two years igo ttie I'lttstiurg, Washington and Baltimore Company leased from the owners of the Mount i'leusant oad that, concern for ninety-nine years. Tils gives lie Connellsville Company a connection with the dounf Pleasant and Central and control of the exvnRive freight, business of that region. The terms of the lease were, in effect, that the lessees of the road were to pay to the owner of the Mount Pleasant, iranch six per cent per annum on the stock, and the Connellsville people were to have exclusive ontrol at these terras. The owners of the road were Israel Painter, the Overholts and A. O. I'lnsinan, the latter being manager and controlling the greater part of the stock, and, consequently, he road. These gentlemen arc well known capitalists of this section of the country, and the [ ennsylvanla road had an eye on this territory, ind. controlling, as It does, the .Southwestern, naturally its interests were identical with those or the latter corporation. A private understanding had been arrived at between Tinsman and the magnates of the "Big Corporation a line of action was agreed upon. The Southwestern, under the plea that they ad not. received a cent of the interest vhtch they were to receive from the connellsville road, thougnt the time had come ;o bring about a change. The directors :onslderlng the lease annulled, last ntght, after salting till the down train had passed ironi Mount Pleasant, proceeded to tear np the cnnnentfftn at Broadfonl. The Southwestern Railroad, headed by superintendent Pltcairu, one of the right bowers ?f that gigantic monopoly, the Pennsylvania Railroad, were in waiting with five locomotives and a number of passenger and freight rars to take immediate possession of the road. A Pull brass band was in attendance, with a great gathering of spectators, who lustily cheered the laborers as t.liey plied their picks and crowbnrs n the work of tearing up the rails. The ping worked earnestly till after dark, when the last, rail was displaced, and the branch was Reconnected with Barrett's road. This concern, under the fostering care of the mighty Pennsylvania Central, put on their passenger trains and relglit trains and to-day mo all trains on schedule time. They seem determined rt remain In possesdon of the roud, and have at each Scott station x force of 260 men camped out like an army. A car loaded with stores and provisions was despatched ID I.X10 men lO-na.V, Mini nicy navi- iiinruriiuin m hold the road at all hazards. The men are armed and prepared for desperate work If Decennary. It la the general belief that the Pittsburg, Washington and Baltimore Railroad Company will appear with a la ice force of men to-niorrow. and endeavor to regain possession and repair the damage done. If they obtain possession it will be by force, which will result In bloodshed. Tills conflict Is lietween two of the ? ?"? pollmoJu i\f (ho land uml It la tc\ ho aoon LfKlDK Torn Scott will urlnd down Garrett and his company to terms of submission as quietly and as easily as be doe* certain State Legislatures. H?n>rkrrpeps May Kscitpr Much Trouble la tor in the season by xtertnlnatlna the Insect pest* A their itwelhnas uarnen* and hothouse* now Mile lnrse ( of KMiWl.KS INSIXT UbSTKOYUft will huUIcc for a whole Summer. A.?Knshlou and Krniininy.? \ fleantlftil hat la the I'Hiei'attraction In n penile man's Hearing apparel, ft one can excel KSPKK.scllKlD, the Hat Man utaeti.rsr, in producing a revering lor the lirmt ulitrh combine* all the excellencies that nirr lianl m, oerlent taste unit lotiu experience can concentrate In a Pat Tr? tlicin at IIS Nassau street. A.?Ilerrlntt'a I'atrnl CHAMPION SACKS 251 and 352 Kr>>a.l?av, corner ot Murray street A.?Smoke surhrun's Golden K-eptre, a pure, delicious Toba co. Iiepot 151 Kulton street A Written Guide to HenHh May 'At, Otitalnod from hea I nuthoritv, Profeoor JHDIi. by an5 lug vote- mode ,>f II? titf business, weight nips, Ac Verms ri as.,ruble lt"Ht relriencas ri i!ie city, Ao I e,. a.. West Tuirty fltVi drevt * > _ ... V A.~^iarh Attention Is !fnw At(r*ctnf I throughout the roonirr bv the rtmarUI>l? quillji't 1/ , B the new CI. A ST ft; TltuSH, which retalni the rupture fB under all circumstance* and at nil tluie*. Worn trtiii |fl pus1 night ami day ami k< pt nit till a perfect core is effected. Sold cheap. Very duritlde. It l.t wntliv mail |H everywhere by TlIK ELASTIC TRUSS COMPANY. tW* TB Mmadwu.v, .New York city, who send circulars tree on B applicutiou. ? New York Independent. ffl Amber and Mrrruhauni Ilol<lrr*? jfl PAIN and fancy PIPES, lathe largestvariety, alway* ffl on It ami at POLL A K'S mer*ehaunt stores, T .10)111 street. IB tour door* we*t of Nassau, Alld I.IT.'i Broadway. hetweent IB Twenty lourth and Twenty-tilth street*, opposite Worth- *B Monument. IB A.?For h First Clnu* Hat ut Pnpulnt jfl Friee* go to DOUGAN, 102 Nassau street, comer of Aiun II street. I ..B A?f.aee Curtain* at Mnnuflurturrr**1 fl prices; closing stock preparntorj' to rentovnl: several WB protlts saved. 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I was compelled to desist tmin all except Sut.Path services. The only relief I obtained tort mv complaint 1 derived trom the use o' Dr. L). JAYNK'tf EXPECTORANT, and so beneficially did this remedy net! that I whs soon restored, and I utn now so unlike what, I was that It see ins.In me 1 am almost alive from thai dead. I have also found the Kxpeetorant indispciisnhh* for the croup, which our little boy is suhiect to. ?Rev, Win. S. llurnart, New Jersey M. h. Conference. Kearney's itucltu Itaalis-ulty furr* Bright'* Disease, flravel. Dropsy, Ihalietes, (lout uu<i Kidnev Disease in every stage. 104 Duane street. Phvsicitin in attendance. Advice gratis. HUDNCT, Ag 11k Needlrs for All Hrwing Mnelilnes.? tleneral depot established at HARTLKTT'rt, 360 Hro.nlway, corner I'riuco street, Nuw York. Prrsons Who Are Obliged ?o Use Stinin* Inn t.s should try CENTC RY WHISKEY; it is entirely ir?? from fusil oil, and is Hie purest stimulant in existence. 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Hold to families low, or to the trade at agents rates. II B. K IKK A CO.. flit Kill ton stree rt-stublnhtd IHS3. (T?e Maillard'a Crlebiatrd Chneolatrs, Vanilla. Double Vanilla and I'ar Kxrelience. U'n/ Broadway, i'ilth Avenue Motel. Madison square. Vienna Kiposition. The time tor sending the LADIES' ET.NR SIIOE-t,. which are making tor the Vienna Kspn ilton. lias becia. extended a lew days to enable us to complete our d?? aikns. We have the pleasure to iniorm "tir Mends ,nit the publle generally that these good* will he on exhibition at 91 and 93 Thomas street, Monday and Tuesday. March SI and April I. when we shall be pleased to sec niije one who mav wish te view them KDWIN (' Kl;KT,JC audits fhoines street, near Broadway, Mew York. We Barnrstly Rerommeiwl Dr. Clark'%' 8ALVATTUM POWDER*. knowimr they ba?? rescue,! thousands from a drunkard's erase Hailed to any address. II per box. Ml Hudson streak. , MKW PCBMC1,TMWS. ~ A" LIVELY JOURNAL.?READ TIIK SUNDAY KK A, full of tun and interest, ouly Scent*. Inquire xt thw tic w? Stand* or at. No 9 Sprttoo street, eight pages uuj lorty columns. "Indomitable and indepi inltpit." ^JUARLKrt DU.'KKNS- WORKS. a new~Tdition, Am tug the numerous ml ~i.?ns of "the works of thb/ greatest of English Novelists there has not been tltiui now one that entirety austte, the putdic demand. Without exee(ltion they each hawe. some strong dutinc* tlve objection. \ itk'1 week hossmver published by f?. W CARLKTGN A :(S ,?l NewVoak wh...h li 'till, in every respect, comploiely satiJv the papula* iiiUianJ. It ii known us "OARI.ETON'S NEW lU-UVTRATEI* KDtTlOS." The *l*e and fbrni are moat convenient for holrt/neJ The type I* entirely new and of a clear aud ape* charncier that wwt received the approval of Uie rending community In other popular worka The llluatrattuua are by the original artleta choem hj Cbarlea Dickon* hltnaelf, and the paper, print! on anil bindinv are of the most attractive and nut manlia* character. This beautiful new cdit'po will he completed I n twen'.a volume*?on* novel each month?at the oauciiir1* I roaaonable peace of $1 5h per volume. | A Prnapootna, fhrnlahlnu apeeimen of tvp t% alwd pure nnd llluHUiiUon, will t>? rent to any one free, on apple* tlon. Mad specimen copies of "Pickwick Paper*," n?.?t r?*d.v, will be forwanled b> mall, poatafte frre, on receipt of Aitce* $1 5d. by \ a. W. CARUETOS A CO.. pnbtHheM. Madison fce^re, Sew Yo'fc. ti i;xi'it!>siuN ; a NAT?'Mi AMI Pii.t. Pi phy, bv Sir t'harlea Beli, K. H.. with original'mot / and more than eighty illustration* i new and improved edition; on tinted paper; tancv tr nshm . levelled hoard* very handsome rtec 11 V Re aly Sth of April. 8. r WELLS niMlaUr \+J ?roadwai, 5 V. , The itook or mormon, hi .ioseph smith, in. Palmyra, printed hv P.. M Orundln. 1**1; alan flfl,l$ volume* <a( Book* tor sale at/o, t L iuvcrait; biaon. *

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