Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,372. ' ' NEW YORK, TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1873? QUADRUPLE SHEET. ? PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS* AMUSEMENTS? Focmri Page? Fourth, fifth and nxtii Columns. ASTROLOGY ? For Bin Pagk? Sixth column. BILLIARDS ? FirrKBNTH Pag?? Fourth column. BOARDERS WANTED? Koi'iiTrmrs Pack? I irst column. HOARD AND LODGING WANTED? FOCRTKKNTH PAUK? First ami second coin nil! 3. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR BALE-Siiteesth Pass? Second column BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Sixteenth Paue? Sixth coluiun. BUSINESS NOTICES? Ninth Pace? Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOH SALE? Sixtieth Pack? Firit and *eeond column*. n.ERKS AND SALESMEN? Tiuiin 1'acs? Sixth column. CLOTHING? Fourth Page? Fourth column. COACHMEN AND <1 A KUE NEKS? Third Page? Sixth column, and Fourth Pags? First aud second col ? nmn?. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Firrr.KNTii PAQK-Flfth and sixth columns. ? COPARTNERSHIPS? Elfti-ntii Pagf? Filth column. COUNT KY HOARD? Foiri v.k.nth Paub? Second column. DANCING ACADEMIES? Fourth Paou? Fourth column. DENTISTRY? Foi'HIkk.vtb Pack? Fourth column, DRV GOODS ? First 1'ag?? Fifth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED ? Fincnm Pauk? Second and third columns. EUROPEAN 8TEAMSU1P8? FiFTRKHTn l'ACE-Fifth col umn. EUROPE? First Paok? Fifth colnmn. FINANCIAL? Eleventh Page? Sixth column. FOR BALK? First Pagk? Sixtl. c dunin. frURNISUED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? FirTKKNTu Pauk? TiilriLuiiil fourth columns. f URNITCRE? Fourth Page ? Third column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Fourth Pace? Third column. JIELP WANTED? FEMALES? Third I'AGE-Fourth and , f 1 fill columns DELP WANTED? MALES? Fornrn Pack? Sccond and third column''. , .. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.? First Pace? Third, fourth and fin h columns. HOTELS? Fot'KTKk.sTH Pacc? Sccrmd colnmn. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? FiftkkmB Page? {Sixth column. XSTRUCTION? Fnn* Pag*? FlM>eolumn. ERSEY CITY. COBOKEN, HUUSON CITY AND BERiiEN REAL ESTATE FOB SALfc.-felXTEEl.rH ? _ Page? Third column. . LEGAL NOTICES? iiiVKEKTn Pace? Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? Sixteenth Pagi-FHUi column. LOST AND FOUND? First Pack? First and second col umns. MACHINERY? First Page? Sixth column. Marble Mantels? FirruitNTH Pack? Fourth column. MATRIMONIAL ? Focktkknth Page? sixth column. KPHICaL ? Sixteenth Pace? Sixth column. ELLINERY AND DRESSJIAKINU? First Page? Fifth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? TwnLrrn Pauk? Sixth column. ' MISCELLANEOUS ? Focrth Page? Fourth column. MTSICAL ? Fourth Pack? Third column. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Ninth Page? sixth column. PERSONAL? Fibst Page? First .column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Fourth Page? Fifth column. , . PROPOSALS? Fourteenth Page? Fourth, fltth and sixth PRO FEs'.'u ON AL SITU ATIONS W A NTED? FEMALES? m Third Page ? Third and four! Ii columns. PROPERTY OL'T OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT ? Sixteenth Page? Third, fourth and tilth col limns. ? . , . REAL ESTATE TO EXCI1 ANC.E? Sixteenth Page? Fifth column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Sixteenth Pace? Fifth col umn. REWARDS? Firi't Page? Sccond column. SALES AT AUCTION? Fociitee.ntu Page? Second, third and fourth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? SECOND Page? First, second, third, fourth, filth und sixth columns, and Thiru Page ? Fust, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WAN'TED? MALES? Third Page? Filth and sixth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Page? Second column. BPORTINa? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? FiR.iT Pace? Second column. STORAtiE? Sixteenth Pace? Sixth column. BUMMER RE30RTS? Fot'urtEN'TH Pauk? Second colnmn. THE TRADES? Fourth Page? Third column. ?He TURF? Fiost Page? Second column. 0 LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Fifteenm Pace? First aiul second columns. TRAVELLERS' G t' IDE? Fifteenth Page? Sixth column. UNFIRNISHFD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? FirTEKKru ??aoe? Fourth column. RANTED lO PURCHASE? FiriEKNTH PACK-Fourfh column. 1WLTCHEH. JEWELRY, AC.-SixTKisNTn Page? Fiah column WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Sixteenth Page? sccoud and third col umns. .ACllTH, STEAMBOATS. AC.? First PACE-Slxth col umn. HERALD BRANCH CKFICK? UPTOWN. JjVI-.KTISEMI M' "S FOR TI1E NEW YORK JiERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, ),:CC BROADWAY, *EFT F1DF, BETWEEN THIltTY-FlRST AND T1IIRTV CECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ABE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. DLL !T.M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. If.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGEXCY OP TIIE NEW YORK HERALD. J^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE DEW YORK HERALD. "THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL SRP WITH COPIES OF "THE HERALD, AND ALSO FINCLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSONAL. MOS COSTA? A GREAT DEAL BETTER, NEXT l Saturday afternoon : name pi. ice. ? NNIB.? DOVZHU LVDW, "STATION O," W1IOH. l Jud>k soiffh Ivr Thhph eppligldwhob. COIDKNT PREV KN TED 'K EEl'INO ENGAGEMENT. L W hen can 1 >ec you ogain ? PARIS. ALL DAY.? WHERE CAN I REE YOU THURSDAY afternoon; leave Friday. Answer to EVERY DAY, Herald office. A WEALTHY FAMILY WISHES TO ADOPT AN IN fant from birth to three weeks old. Address Mrs. TOOD, Herald Uptown Brunch otllccl, 2G5 Broadway. f. CLARKE, FORMERLY OF ( ui'NTY ARMAGH, ? Ireland, will hear i?l something to hs ad vantage cylliuK for letter hi th?4Jorald Uptown Branch office, ,266 ErMdWAjr, New York. A" BEAUTIFUL kL.u k EYED BOY, m.\~WKEKS old, of respectable Ainerlcaulinreiits, lor iidootion. None hut first class American Parties need uildress FLI \ - AM' IICIMI ,i. X l >: 111 1-ali] ultlre. ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING THE WHERE abouts of Mary Flynn, la'.e ot the county fork, parish of I astlines, Ireland, who came to this county 17 tears ago. will be thanktully received by her brother, l.MOTUY FLYNN, corner ol' Twentieth aud Liberly ?trccts, Pitfsburp, Pa. t? >ARRIE w7sfT17oUI8? DON'T WRITE AN Y MORE: ) it Is useless ; letter and photograph destroyed. I love her inorc th au ever and forever. T. 'H. K. 4(1 ?LANOR AND FRIEND IN' BLACK? PLEASE COM munleatn; k" nti Sunday; Reservoir, Central Park, dregs GREEN AND BLACK. Herald onice. F A New York h few days nifo. will call at 136 East Six teenth street. New York, he will hear of something to his advantage. Philadelphia papers please copv. i 7IRANK1E ESMOND.? SLND ADDRESS AS BEHliRE to CL1TE. f^OINO TO BOSTON*.? BACK ON WEDNESDAY UT morning. PAUL. Hr ARRY-SEE~Y?)U AT'sA-ME PLAC^WEDXlfsD.VY 11 (?M'Hinjr at in o'clock. FANNIE. J I DANIEL ROANTREE, OF DUBLIN, WHO WAS IN lee advantage. F WILLIAM SMITH, LATE OF BALLYSAYGART, , county Watcriurd, Ireland, will write to Hcrvaie Bu-ih", Esq., Kildiirc Street Club, Dublin, he will hear lomething to his idt if?t? ? Ins brother John being dead. JD. M'KILLOP, LATE OF LIVERPOOL, ENti . land, will tin. I an old friend by calling or sending bis address to McMVRRAY A DAMMARELL, 1M Maiden lane. _ _____ JnTTlE- W< H I D Liu E TO HEAR FROM Yt >T. J JESSE R. MORE IMPRACTICABLE THAN EVER. COME early. LOUISA. Mrs. .?SORRY THE Lady is married, will apologise for mistake. Meant well il wrote wrong. CURTIS. Mr. s.-dr. spreng. 219 west thirtieth . street. Seventh and Eighth avenues, call to-morrow (Wednesday) or Thursday, before 1 o'clock. S* )EACII-r.LAD TO SEE YOU, Bt T PLEAS E MAKE it 4 o'clock sharp. ADC LII FE- CANT FOOL. ABE. ii SPAFLDING? IN case OF NEED WITH NBLUK, Upper Glouces rr place. On no account visit your relatives. Letter for you to name name and address here t!ic 011c cnclufiny important document from last resi dence. CIVET. 7EBHTER.? INFORMATION WANTED 0FJ()8HUA J Palmer, sou of Jaa. Webster, formerly of the vitriol ..orkl, Anglesey, Wales, who came to the United States insnv year* since. When last heard of win In t'io vicinity of Chicago. ' <>r hi 4 heir*," will please communicate with OWEN JONES, Merchant, 109 Eighth avenue, New York. 'VV liOST AM) POIND. a LIBERAL REWARD WILL BB PAID FOR TIIE JY return ot the camel1* hair Shawl lott from carriauo in Thirteenth *trect, Monday, it returned to office of New York Hotel. __ "7 CORA L E*Tt RINO LOST-ON SUNDAY, ON J\ Broadway or Fifth avenue. In vicinity of Twenty. Jliird ktrei't. The. finder will l>o rewarded by returning kl ^o Mrs. SNEDDEN, 1*8 Broadway. _ OST? ON MONDAY, MARCH SI, A SMALL BLACK V and run siut; ?-'# reward will be paid for her re in to It? East Fortieth street JoSt-H '.rUBDAY NIGIli'7 MARCH 29, EITHER I N * Grand, Norfolk or Clinton street, u Red Po^ketbook, ?fitaininu about In bills. A libi ral reward will be en by returning It to Mrs. K. RYAN, I2U Clinton street OST-ON BOWERY, BETWEEN BROOME AND J Prince ?treet?. a Maltese CroM. A suitable reward ill be paid lor the same by calling at S6 Wai* street, oil B. D^ OST.-A RED MOROCCO POCKET BOOK, CON i tainutK a >um of money, at or near A. *. Stewart'* ? lalntore. The finder will be lilierally rewarded by "ariOF ^ vffv? of * CO. IXIFT AM* POriVD. LOST-A SMALL CHINESE P< < I. $0 KEWARD will lit paid at 13 KlUai'clti street. LOST? A BLACK AND TAN DOO. FINDER WILL be rewarded by leaving it at S24 West H:teenth at. Lost? between steisway hall and tenth stri ct, via Filth avenue, ou Saturday night a Mink Boa; the lliiUi-r will be rewarded by calling at RAN DOLPH'S, comer Broadway and Niuth street. TOST? BETWEEN THIRTY -fifth AND THIRTY J seventh streets, on Saturday night, a waterproof Capo, v.lth hood attached. Suitable reward to the finder by returning to 749 (sixth avenue. I08T-A SMALL SK YE TERRIER, NKARLY WHITE; J answers totlienHiufl of Prince; wears a sm all red collar and padlock. Anv person will receive a liberal re ward by returning the dog to Uj West Twenty -flm *1. 10 ST? ON SATURDAY EVEN1NO, IN NEIGHBOR J hood of Clark's restaurant, Thtrteenib street and Broadway, or Chambers strict I'err.v, ft red morocco Pocketbook, containing about $125. A suitable reward will be paid lor its return to the owner. V.'M. A. MARSHALL, 17 Burlins -.lip. TRAYliD? ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, A WHITE Poodle Slut. Any person returning it to No. S East Fiily third street will be liberally rewarded. s iHiWAiins. FLUSHING.? THE PARTIES WHO REMOVED THU articles front my bouse last Friday night can have the cash value for their return, negotiations strictly con fidential. Address J. W. BRITT, Flushing. L. 1. (jhl (T REWARD.? LOST, A SMALL OVAL LOCKET ?f> lO ot conper colored cold, ornamented wllli a horse shoe, containing a l.-dy's picture. The above reward will be paid on returning it to 118 East Twenty-filth st. <jUo<\ RKIVARl).? LOST, A YAWL BOAT, 16 FEET long; red bottom; black sides, with wide green str.ak; white inside; painter spliced in the middle. In quire at 107 South street. A OA REWARD.? LOST, ON SUNDAY MORNING, IN <P ? iv Broadwnv car or street, black onyx Bead Chain and Cross, set with pearls. Finder will receive above re ward by returning to L. ROB, 02 William -trcct fqe REWARD-FOR A BLACK SETTER AND A ?0?J Keotcn Terrier, strayed together on Sundav from stable No. 7 fast Twenty-eighth street The above reg ard will be paid and no questions asked for the re turn of the two dogs to No. 4 West Thirty-third street, or $-5 for the setter and $10 for the terrier. <|?frA REWARD-LOST, ON THURSDAY LAST, A ?]p?JU ladies Oold Watch, stem winfl?r, in Third ave nue ear, er from East Seventeenth street to Arnold, Con stable A Co.'s store. The above reward will lie paid and no questions asked by F. FORBCH. 449 Bioadway. A ?PBCIAk NOTICK5. ?NO TICKETS can now be bad EXCEPT AT NEW YORK and LOUISVILLE, for the Third Grand Oi It Concert, which Is to be given under authority of special legislative act. In aid of tlio Public Library of Kentucky, at Library Hall, Louisville, Kv., on Tuesday, April 8. 1873. All sales at agcncles throughout the cotiutry are peremptorily dosed this day, and the few tickets on hand, together with ativ that may be returned from agents, will be sold out Irom day to day at New York and Louisville only, to those who apply first. Tickets liable to be exhausted any hour. Mall, cx Jircss and lolegraoh orders will be filled iu the exact or ler they are received and remittances returned to those that reach too late. All quarter and hall tickets nrc rep resented In the wheel the same as whole*, pools being formed which take any odds and ends left. Ten Thou fa n "I Cash Glfl*, lo be distributed by lol among the ticket holders, aggregate a vast total of $800,000 CURRENCY. One grand gift, cash $100,000 One grand gift, cash 50,000 One grand gilt, cash 2i?,<H)0 One grand cash gilt 20,001) One grand cash gift lO.ilOO One grand cash gift.: 8.000 21 cash gift* of $1000 each fr 24.000 so ea/di gifts ot $900 each 25,eO0 80 cash gifts of $-f'0 each B2.000 )(*? cash gifts of $300 each 80,000 180 cash git is of $200 each SO, 000 B90 cash gilt.s of $lii) each 59,otH) 9,000 cash gifts of $10 each wo, "00 Total, 10,001) gift*, all cash $.'<00,000 Hon. ex-Governor Til OS. E. BRAMLETT, ot Kentucky, has charge of llic business of the Concert for Trustees. There are only 100,000 tickets in the scheme, making the chances one in ten. Eleven Tickets tor $100. New York sales ure mudc a special deposit with the Fourth National Bank ot New York. Buyers do not necessarily have to be present at the drawing, as an official list Is furnished each one, and gilts due ticket holders at a distance can be collected through any bank or express companv the same as a dralt or check is collectod. Maife haste. Send money by Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Tickets. $10; Halves, $5; Quarters, $2 50. For tickets full programme, intoruiailon and all par ticulars, apply to the (ietieral Agency Supply. THOMAS H. IIAYS A CO, 6u9 Broadway, New York. AID TO T11E FIRE DEPARTMENT. Palmleri's Patent Swift-connecting Fire Pipe. A permanent auxiliary to the public tire engine. ^ This system diminishes the general risks materially, by affording t li following advantages over the present sys tem of elevating hose, viz. ;? "A great sa\ ing of time," by obtaining immediately u communication between the "engine on the street and the highest roo's." The risks which firemen arr exposed to w lien elevating hose on ladders is obviated nod means ot escape from roof af forded; increasing the lorce und supply of water on the roofs In proportion to the superfluous amount of hose done uway with. Fifty feet of hose can be introduced through the window into each story without having one coupling inside of the building, thus preventing loss by leakage or bur-tine hose. The pipe, being on the outside, is always within tbe reach of p ronton. Afier operations the wiiicr will be drawn off and pipe hermetically closed, therefore always In working order. . 'J his system i ; calcu latcnto faijilliite tire operations considerably and to af ford material protection to the community at large. A trial exhibition of tills apparatus will be given Wednesday, at 3 o'clock, with the aid of the Fire Depart inent, on the Knickerbocker Life Insurance Building. Park place and Broadway. All parties who ar^ interested arc requested to witness ' the operation. Very respectfully, Ac., _ 3 " H. PALMIERI. A -HERALD PBAN4H OFFICE, BROOKLYN ? come ot Fulton avenue and Boeruni street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3to9P. M. 0 A? PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY; $100,000 FOR . $10; distribution of gills will take place April b; Whole Tickets, $10; Halves. $A: Quarters, $2 5v'. Joseph h a i es, lac Broadway, room 4. A -HAVANA I.OTTKHY. ? PHIZES CASHED AND . information furnished. Circulars free. JOsEI'll BATES Ik CO.. 71 Broadway, room SI, first floor. If iXRCHASTS HAVING JOB LOTS OF M F RCH ANDISR 1*1 to sell cheap for cash can find k purchaser by ad dressing, in contidence, JOBS, box 119 Herald ofllco. XTEW YORK HISTORICAL fOCIETY.-A STATED IN Hireling will be held at the Library, on Tuesday evening, April 1, at 8 o'clock. Right Rev. Bishop Coxe will address tho Society on "Ilayti? Its History und Pres ent Condition.'' FFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. IFKTtrrKY- EXTRA P1.1SS NO. 251 ? M.tRCH .11. 1P7S. 75, 60, 30, 5?, 17, 117, 74 08, 8, OS, 8, 27. KKNTICKY? fLSSS NO. 252? MARCH 51, If"?. 21, 45, 9, 211. 55, 56, 57, 10, 3!', 61, 28, 10. SIMMONS A CO., Manager*, Covington, Ky. IIHIV roil XOZ? EXTRA ( LASS NO. 151? HAIIIll 31, 1373. 31. 80, 68, II. 15, 2, 04, 4, 0, 45. II. 3<. mm rei.i.ict? diss no. 152? *.ift<n 31, lf-73. 20, 41, 26, 61, SO, 71. 73. C7, f.S, ifl, ifi, *7. :?$. frMITH * CO., Managers, Covington. Ky. CLUTE, Broker, 2C6 Broadway. Post office box 4,9i>!?. Royal saxon government lottery at leip i sic, Germany; i'S.itt) tickets; 47, ttm prizes; Bruus wick (lovernnicnt l ottery ; Hamburg city Government Lottery; Royal Havana Lottery. Prizes cached and in formation given. TI11CODOR iSCHOCH, 116 Nassau street; box 6,0W) Pout office. Royal iiavana loiti ry. -prizes cashed -.or. tiers filled; Inforii nti(,n furnished; holiest rates 1 nid t( r t taiiisb 1 (ink Jills, Ac. TAYI (jK A CO.. hsnltcrs, 1<> Wall Mrcet. New ^ork. Royal havana lottery.? the next extraor. dlnarv Draw ing will take place on the 2.'d ot April, 1873. J. B. MAltTINKZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall sweeL Post office box 4,688, New York. OTOlt.WiE AND SAFE KEEPING FOR FURNITURE, O baggage and other property, In separate clo?e<! com partments, always accessible : goods raised on elevators and received In interior court ol warehouses, avoiding all delavs and street risks. H. G. IIAU'JFR, Eighth avenue, troni Thirty-third to Tbiiiy-fourih st. TO BUILDERS.? FOR SALE. A LARGE QUANTITY of Hull ling a:ul Foundation Stone of the best qualify ? Inquire at 210 East Twenty sixth street IIE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED NOT TO LOAN ANY money solicited for L. Phillips. dkrnn Ana CASH gifts.-kentucky library Gilt Concert. Drawing positively April 8. Whole Tickets, $10: Half Ticket", 15; Quarter Ticket*, !i2 SO. For tickets and descriptive circulars apply to P. C. ihVLIN. Stationer, 11 Nassau street (opposite Post office), New York. <JL??QO CQO IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ?pOOt/.?)Ot7 izcil Kentucky Ixittery. Royal Havuna and Kentucky Circulars free. 12}jJ cents commission allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. HPORTI\G-D(KiS. RIIiDS, 4iC. A -FOR PALB. ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS, ? Birds, Ac.; Wedlclncs for all diseases. Prepared Food tor mocking birds, at B. 0. DOVE VS. No. 8 Greene street, near Canal. IpOR SALE? SEVEN SETTER DOGS, TWO RLAOK and Tans; good setters, extra on snipe; one red Irish Setter Snipe Dog, ons Setter Bitch, extra on snipe; one liver and white Setter, extra on snipe ; all of these dogs are thoroughly broke sold on their mirits In tlie field : a number ofexfru Rat Dogs, of the black and tan, Scotch and Bkye terrier breeds; Bull Terriers, Esqui maux, Newfoundland Pups; Dogs of all breeds ; KuU on hand. II. GARDNER, 111 South Fifth A Sonne, corner Prince street. 17IRANCIB BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, 1IAB ALL ' the choice breeds of Dogs for sale atul stock. BI'T LER'S Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 78c. : BUTLER'S new work. $2. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines for all dircu^cs. American turfman, a monthly record of the Turf.? April number now ready. Every lover of the turf should have it. Price 15 cents, at news stands or fa Ana street TO LET? FLEETWOOD PARK CLUB HOUSE AND hitching privilege ot grounds. Apply at the park or 1U Wall stmt W ii- VANCOlT, superintendent. T H0Vt9K*t rAHBIAOEl, ?St'. A? SPEED. style AND elegance. . UREaT SPECIAL UNRESERVED AND PEREMP TORY SALE, BY AUCTION. OK ELEGANT BLOODED HORSES. WAGONS, HARNESS BLANKETS, AC ON TUESDAY (THIS /)AVK APRIL 1, AT 8TABLE 47 GKKAT JONFS STREET. AT 10'j PROMPT, BY JOHN L. VANDEWATKR, AUCTIONEER, coil *i<ttin|r of all the entire tine stock of Hon. John II. Hewitt, who sail* for Europo thin week ; also two flue Horses, sold t??r account of whom it may concern, all embracing as tine and choice a collection of hor?es, Ac., aa were ottered this wuron, tlieir owner being an cxcel lent judge ol tine In r*es was always exceedingly carelul lu hfe selection , an:l would have none l.ut the lieM. Sunerb, rich, ?<ty 1* h team of jet black Geldings, 1(1 hands high, 7 and H yearn old; line flowing inane* and talis and without a white hair in cither one ; were rnisoa in Kentucky ?n.1 are noted us belli* one of the finest nly led Mild highest headed team* in the oily ; have fine bone and muscle, s'rong limbs and feet; have superior knee action and are as handy and quick an a pair ot po nies; are flnel- broken to all barney and w ill Maud to locomotive without tear; they will travel inside ot tour miiiute.s or 12 miles an hour with cane, and are warranted sound and kind, without fr.ult or blemish; an elegant coach or fnmllv team. Handsome ami las', team of young liav Trotting Horses, about 15?, high, ii years old: both sired by Etliau Alton, and aru a pcr.ect fan simile ot him in apptarance, stvle and gait; are one ol lite ft noi-t and 1110*1 hoi;cst driving teams lu the city, and can be driven by any lady with perfect confidence mid safety even to u locomotive, eitlnxr single or double; they tue withont vice, trick, fault or bloni'bh; are mated to perlecUou; the one horse has tepcat wily showed 2 :42 and his mate 2:48; they are v ana n ted to bent 2 ??) together or single, and w Ith train ing promise to trot very tint ; they are an elegant and genteel team tor private road u-e, and their amiable qualities render tliem valuable lor gem ral family use ; are warranted sound and kind. Also a superior and handsome bay Potty llois?. a ner feet net and pi. ture, IV., high. 7 year* old; finely broken to all harness and superior under the -.iddlc; can bo driven by a lady with pericet safety ; has been used by a lady at wa'orlni.' place last Summer; is stylish, In'elU gent an I highly Prod; without vice, trick or fault: can trot In :i minute* to pony iJiactun, ami warranted round and kind Fast uud handsome chestnut trotting ntid gentleman s road Horse, l'?3-i high, 6 years old. sired by Cliami Ion ; Is a r'ch, elegant and ins; young horse; fill", game, safe and genteel driver and ean trniiu2:i6 to road wagon; war ranted sound and kind. Also the fast and high bred gray trotting Mare, Alice Grey, 15 high, 8 years old, sired by Alexander's Norman, dam a thoivgbhred ; Aiice, when (i years old, trotted a mile in 2 and two miles i:i 8:18*4; then known as the Patterson ware: the is a tine stylish driver, blooded in appearance ami is as game a road trotter as goes the road : she can I rot in 2 :t0 to road wugon ami can always beat 2 :35 on any good track ; warranted cound alld kind. Also elegant lun.t.iulu, phneton, trotting wagon, coach ami load Harness, hv Dttiiscomb; Blankets, Ac. Gentlemen wishing to purchase fine and reliable horses should attend this sale, as all are to be sold to liighot bidder, irrespective of price and w ithout limita or restriction . nnd a fair trial and r< sponstole war ranty given. S:>le positive, rat 11 or shine. A SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE HY PUBLIC AUCTfON THIS DAY (Tuesday), APRIL I, AT It).', O'CLOCK, AT STABLE NO. 3 NEILSON PLACE, NEAR WEPT EIGHTH STREET, AND ONE BLOCK WEST OF BROADWAY, OF FOUR FIXE HORSES, ELEGANT CARRIAGES, HARNESS, AC., BY JENKINS A HUFF, AUCTIONEERS, Including a fast trotting Gelding, I1*'; hands high. 0 years old, tired by Ethan Allen, dam the fast brown mure Lady Striklund ? tie is a hennttful mahogany hay, tu!l mane and tail, and resembles bis sire as tntleh as any of his colts. Is good galled, call olways heat 2 :4fi, has trotted In 2:41; lie Is gentle and kind for a ladv to drive; no lugger or puller, afraid oi nothing nnd wai ranted sound and kind. Also flue Hainbletonlsn Mare, 15"*' hands high, R years old, was sired by Rysdick llMiihlctonian, dtti'i a Star mare, was raised in Orange county, and can always go to track and bent *:4 >, she lssouud. kind end true. Also a bay Hanibletoniiin Gehling; sired by Post's Hambletoniiiii ; datn a tliorouglibr 'ed marc; has been used on load single and drove In with the aboxe mare; he cuu In at 2 and is perfectly kind and true, with no uusoiimliiess lo hurt. him. Also one ot the finest family Heroes in New York ; he Is l '?<, 9 years old ; he I* not ufruid of cars or anything else ; can trot in .1?.'. and is one of the most reliable and saiest family horses in the city; he is warranted sound kind. Abo a beautiful brown, saddle or driving lady's I'ony; ho Is \i)i hands high, li years old ; Isj.intle ana sale; a fast traveller: a perfect | et, and warranted sound and kind and perfectly safe for lady to ride or drive. Also one Park Phaeton, Pole and Shafts; one top Potiy Phaeton, with C springs, elegantly gold mounted nnd built to order this winter for S47.1; one top Wagon, one light Trotting Wagon, one very light Portland Sleigh. The whole the property ot ii gentleman, who sells on account of a business engagement culling him away from this Stntc on indefinite length of time, flic whole to be seen at stable at all times previous to sale. SALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. AT BARKER AND CHA I S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER SALL'fi. Corner of Broadway and 'I'liirtv-nlntli street, MAJOR C. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. REGULAR SALES OK HORSES, CARRIAGE*, AC., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Gentlemen's private establishment* disposed of at pub Ik or piivute sale to the best advantage, and a general assortment of Uor-e ?, Carriages, Harness uud everything In the horse line, to -till the needs of all classes ot pur chasers, constantly on hand. A LARGE DRIVING PINO In the .'Ian tor showing hordes on sale. Twenty-tour hour." allowed for trnl on cverv horse sold under warranty, IL Carriages taken on storage. w Superior stabling for horses on sale. Outside sales solicited ami promptly attended to. L'beral advances made on everything In the horse line. A. -BREWS I ER. OK TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. Waroroomg, Fitth avenue, corner Twenty-scvenlh street. Sole makers ol Brewster Wagon*, with the Vertical Fflfcl Plate*. J The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, fro vl iting sll spread ol the axle, a prevailing source of an noyance to those using t oad wagon*. Besides the additional strength and security which this gt-f at Improvement gives to our wagons, an experience ot thirty -four >eara enables us to challenge comparison cither in quality or finish. fcee certitlvntc from General McClcllnn Ni:tr York, June 1, 1871. Gkvti.kmkx :? 1 have carefully examined your Patent Vertical Steel Pint" Axle. I fliid that the addition ol the Vertical Pbtie renders the a*l? about two and a half (21,) times as still' as It would be without it Vcrv respectftillv, GEORGE B. M'CLELLAN. ^ T. DEMAREST A CO., 628 BROADWAY. Wc offer a largo and elegant assortment of Ptie Carriages of our own manufacture, comprls nit our popular six-seat family Rockawav*, 12 styles; Coupe Rookaways, 8 styles; Lunda'is. 6 styles: Coupes, 6 styles; elegant Landaulets. 6 sizes and styles; beautiiul new style 1 fai ls and Turn out Seats. Work first class in every respect. Prices rea-omiblc and popular with buyer*. One hundred Pony Phaetons at very low prices. THE "BREWSTER WAGON." A In all weights, tor pleasure driving or speeding, ixiiuiaiiel} finished. and embracing in their construction the various im provement* introduced by us during the pastlSycurs, making thein the Standard for Quality throughout the Culled States. 'these wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respects equal in qualify to those built to the ord< r ol the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a toint stock com) tiny ol carriage dealers in ho have adopted a firm name similar to our ov. n, and impudently claim the reputation we have made for tl:c "Brcwrter Wagon," we Peg flic public will rcmeinl er that our only tvarerooms are at the corner of Kiftlt avenue and Fourteenth street, and our uiilj Kuotorv on Uroonn street. BUEWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. AT ARCH. JOHNSTON'S NEW MAItT, IS. 21, 23 and 20 EAST 'I HIRTERNli STREET (between University place anil Kltth avenue), THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. T CART? ELEGANT T, USED BUT TIIRKE TIMES. COUPE HARNESS, CITY BUILT; FIRST CLASS. LANDAULKT, BY STIVERS. DOCTOR'S PHAETON, BY BREWSTER. SK1.I l'TON WAGON, CITY IIUILT. TRACK 8ULKY. BY STRICKLAND. I I LL TOP WAGON, BY CORBETT, POLE AND SUA I- I'H. Tweuti roal, family and business Horses. T;ike the Broadway and I niversltjr place cars. See ratalogu* In this column. k T Al'tl ION THIS DAY (TO BSD AY). APRIL 1, AT 12 j\ o'ebek, HI \CK tsTALI.loN, 15?i hands, 9 years; kind, perfect and docile in all harness; fr< c from vices very stilish: I in trot In ltd single and 3:2t( to pole; stands without I I in* . can be driven by a lady or child, and is ^ arranUd S<Ulld. Also, TOP WAGi'N, but little used, built by Miner A Stevens. And BOSTON CHAISE, nearly new, made by Sargent A Co., id It . ton: also llfteen very superior Horses, anil a largo a 'tiueut of Carriages, Harness, Ac., at the Auction Mart ol W?l VAN TASSELL, Successor to Johnston A Van Tiis. i II, at the old stand, 110 112 and 114 I'^ast Thirteenth street, near Fourth av. Sec catalogue above. A RAPE CHANCE -WILL BE SOLD, A HANDSOME . and very stylish brown Horse, luff hands, 7 years old: ha* been in the tanilly for two years; perfectly sound and kind lit nil harnc?s and under ?add1e : co?t tr.'H); will be sold nt once for Apply at stubles 15 and 17 East Twenty-eighth street. A LOT OF TOP Bl'OGIES. ROAD WAGONS, EX pros*. Grocery and light Business Wagon*; also a second hand Top Wagon. 84H West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. ? BARGAINS, BARGAINS IN FINE CARRIAGES, j comprising Coupe*. I.andaulets, Landaus. Phaetons, Depot Wagon*: several sccond hond Carriages, taken in exchange, to close out. nAM, 10 East Fourth street. ANY GENTLEMAN HAVING A TEAM OF FINE ROAD Horses and willing to sell at a reasonable price. Siving a fair trial, may apply at private stable 69 West 'orty-fourth street. ___ Army wagons, farm carts, blankets, tents, McClcllnn Saddles, Mule Collars, Harness, Canvas, Rubber Wuternoof, V. neon. II or so Covers, Army Clothing. W. A. CAM Eli, it Cortland!, near Greenwich li. A? TOP AND OPEN WAGONS. PONY PHAETONS. ? Bockaways, Beach, Jagvcr. Business, Exures* and Depot Wagons, single and double Harness, Blankets, Robes, Ac., tor sale cheap, at 1,43) Broadway, between Fortieth and Forty-first streets. TOP MDE-BAR WAGON, POLE AND SHAFTS, BY Corbet ; one light Coach, by Brewster; 10 top and open Road Wagons by the best city makers tfom *30 up : two second-hand Hockaways, flu top and open Pony Phae tons, two six-seat Phaetons, three Stilkeys, one second hand Clarence, two slide seal Wagons, three top and open Express Wagons, single and Double Harness of all kinds, 11 w. 11. uraY's. zo and 22 Wooster street. Avery qood clarence, two light top bug. gies, Victoria, Coupe, Coupe Kockaway and JO 1 tlur second hand Carriages at bargains. J. w. PITNEY 4?i Third avenue. A A IIOK8KS. I AKK1AGK8, *C. ^ Auction Soon of arch, johnston, LATE JOHNSTON A VAN TAHKKLL. Ortice and saleroom, old stand, 37 Nassau stree'. opposite the Tost ottlce. HORSE AND CARRIAGE BRANCH III MOVED * 10 19, 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth rtrtot, lotweeu University (tlacc and Fifth avenue. A i'AKD. The Arm of Johnston A Van Tassell having been dts so'ved bv mutual consent, Mr. JOHNSTON 011111111110* the Bl S1NESS AT TUB OLD STAND, 37 NASSAU' STREET, opposite the Cost olllce. TIIE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 19, fl, 23 and 25 EAST THIRTKENTU STREET, between Fiith avenue mid University place, and has no < onnection with the other stand lately occupied by the tlrm 01 Johnston A Van Tassel I. HEUl'LAil SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. CATAT.OOUB OF THIS DAY'S SALE, 12 O'CLOCK. F1NP. ROAD TURNOUT, COMPRISING BLACK trotting llorse Ilenrv. 15}? hands, 8 years; long (lowing mane aud tue; sired by Second Long Island iilack Haw k, dam Abdallih; kiiid and true in all harne-8 ; very stv llsh ; ea?v mid even railed ; does uot shy or null, and is an flu-' a gi ntlemnn's roadster as can be lound anywhere ; cau troiauy day in 2:50, and la warranted sound, to gether with TOP WAGON, Bl'ILT TO ORDER BY CORBETT A Co. ; aUo Sulkey, lu very tine order, set single Harness, Blankets, Ac, FINK FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT-BLACK HORSE, with torn? mane and tail ; 10 hands.O years; kind and true In uil harness; ttce from viee; Hue traveller; very t'ri-e and stylir-li driver; is not afraid ol anything, and is warranted sound ; together with I.ANDAUl. KT, IN (iOOK ORDER, lll'ILT BY Stiver.'; set Coupe Ilarnc?s. Klm?k?-t#?, Ac. BLACK TROTflNO MARE, SlRKD BY CA SSI US M. Clay, Jr., tlie slro of American Girl, l.lJi hands, 0 years: kind in all harness and under >audlo; 'tee from vice ; trots in 3 minutes ; verv stylish ; warranted ?ound. VERY FINK ROAN IIORSE, 1(1 HANDS HIGH, 7 years old: kind and true iu all harness and under sad dle ; free Irom vice , an excellent business horse. Bl.Ai IC FAMILY MARE, If1* HANDS II Kill, S YEARS old; kind in all harness ami under saddle; tree from \W; a govtf traveller; very stylish ; a lady or child can drive her; warranted sound. FILL TOP WAOON, Bl'ILT BY CORBETT, OF Twentv-fllth sired, to order; I11 first rattrcondifloii. MUtltKL IK'RSE, li'., HANDS HIGH. 8 YEARS OLD; kind in all burne r, tree from vice, stands without lying, superior business horse and warranted sound. IIAY PONY, 1 <)H HANI'S IIIOH, S YEARS OLD; kind and true in all liarnes? ; Kay under saddle ; teen used by children tor lioth riding and driving; has been a family pet. VERY FINE BAY SADDLE MAKE, 16,'i HANDS hM. u year.; old ; kind and trire in all harness; has every salt known to a fiddle horse; Is very stylish ; has liecii U-ed under saddle for the last j ear by u lad.v ; hut has the quality which very fear lior.-cs posses*, ot being equally kind, gentle. true.'stylish and ridlable, either in harness or under saddle, and Is w arranted Sviind. lit'AN HORSE, l.v4 HANDS IIIOH : KIND AND TRUE In all harm *a and under suddle ; free from vice and war ranted sound. TEN OTHER ROAD AND BUSINESS HORSES, FAM ih Horses, Work Horses, Ac. T CART, NEARLY NEW, CITY BUILT. USED BUT three thncs; no finer in the country. COl 1'B HARNESS, MADE To ORDER; FIRST CI, ASS. SKELETON WAOON, IN UOOD ORDK It, CITY HU1LT. SPLENDID DOCTOR'S I'll A KT< iN, CITY BUILT, CONCORD NO-TOP WAOON, NEARLY NEW. PARK WAOON, NO TOP, NEARLY NEW. Several oilier Wagons, Top and no top Pony l'hactons, Express Wagons, Ac., Ac. (?nil partlculsir in catalogues tin;e of s.?!e. Weather nev< r lnt( rferes with our sales. A T AUCTION THIS DAY BY is "I A ?AlS?^AMRA,S-u AY !EOUUREvffiV?^ i^IDDA^RRUGES Twenty-four ,0 forty , ,0 t0lt CATALOGUE OF THIS ESDA,'6) SALE, AT tuckyj i^ LY KEN to aim one of Ibe finest carriage team" In thS ri,i* -?nM,"oko ranted sound ; also set Ino .Urne^Vadi' BcuRBk?, IN 000D ohdeh. eoilt bv itoou <^jsmnssnsa? or*, stepper; an extra fine horse for h?iv,- . ,CC: a BOO I warranted sound a set of HarJ^^'iXri &? Sbv lreE?sS?A B.ldTc,^? BACK AND BACK BLACK STALLION 15!i HANDS III, ,, ? old ; kind Riid true in all harness- i>,', , EARS trick; stands without tying, ami iT'as nnU vice or kind andtrue'M harness- f 1 ?"R" ? work and warranted *""1 ' M,',er!"r 1'orse for heavy A ^ev^A<K,V' BUT '?E BUILT BY MINER ?ffi'ssssr 1 ,u,ire kind and trin- In iiffi.^i'sXeW'vl^c YE,ARS but UHM n^L- bum I .y ? eo-l Brother"5' 1"R?VT SRAT' an driver; tears '"theT'tv: 41," J ; '"'"'-'or ladies' drlvi%J NO TOP PONY IHARTON kind and true ^n " e',^ a!Jd?.V ,VR\RS OI'n. ranted sound. y a,uJ a ?ood ???rkcr ; war J.VK KiL OTHER HOMES. ?;x-se*t Rockaway, in (rood order. Clo t Coach and depot VYai:i>n< Top ami iin top Wagons. 1 liaeton*. Rocks v. avs. Ae "arness R.da s, Hl mkets, Ac. _ weallie. never Interferes wltli our sales. every particular. Al.sU ?> l*ndau^et *?tv t^,"ni1 '?-d ln A ? HEMO\ AL, REMOVAL RFMnvn V ut ?J a i near0 N^sau. ABCU' JO,,^TON?W6ortlandt ,t? near Kri>adwav. >iSSSSr?? verv fast ; ono extra ^df?M^,.r' l,r"?''"es to be broke by the present nwnit L!, i V ll"r">' raised and sound, kind ami true; sold for oneliMf filJir od 1 per,tec,.lv owner must leturn b .m oV, Uc, ?n ? , ( u, L ',IUP 'V l}"i 6fisaaa?fi Efeia "roadway , has?me?t room S. A LOT OF HORSES FRESH FROM THE roi'VTRV A -'nn f'ARRI AOEH FOR SALE - ROPKAWlV n. w and second band-. Ml West nV.?dw,v^iear "a'Jia" ? Mm, F: ls'J yil& ?v?nu?f near /1ARRLVOES ? ?SLIGHTLY DAMAOED' ORFAT sir jrrlpffon:it<irw^%?e^rno Br(?adw'ayf UlTI '"C " C?*' ^ANUKACTURB^ Union; <& / CARRIAGES SPECIALTY.? 78 TOP BUGGIES - AI SO ^oit SALE? TWO SKt'i i.VD HAND t'L \I(FN'(~R4 vviiii?lIIr hrowu cloth, Iu pool order, niAde hv Loos' At same mVlt e r n nH? !"M 0 Barouche nearly' 'ew K M f, l " 'J? lcry ''Sht "ix-seat I hie on, bv n. si. hiivers, verv stvlish. A. S. A E fH>Kl f ^94 and 6w I^xlngton avenue, near A~tl> street E^if. ,SA,'K-A BAY MART, 15k HANDS 7~YFARq fM . t* any ! i Kb t witrk ; sold Tor want ot use ? 1 . r i .? r .' $1W. Inquire at l'Mi Perry street, rear. 1 FOR SALE? ("HEAP, AT BRIOGS A CO. '8 STARI T' 'trco1 and seventh a?enuc ?' ony Mare. 15 bands high. 7 years old ? can trV.i o, n a lljOit half -prim' Top Wagon and single Harness. ' TitOR SALE- AT 239 WEST FORTIETH PI r rect from Midway, Ivy., five perfectly trslneri InAAi' Horses, three ofthem the finest ladles' bo?s in world. Call for Mr. R AI LEY. "u"-? "otset m the F?f,, , rONY-BUILT HORSI^ "0 TpTrs" JL l.?, j hands; fit for any ousines,*; price 8150- al?o Express Wagon, 1 rice $h; Md to clow * buslne.1 M Belli 11 tie Street, near Washington street. uu-lm,s- * raarsaa'a iiixdisr;!r!,,'asv, yU'vtrS.iv5 gentleman going abroad; wiilf.c so1<f separJ??^|t or !<!! FOR SALE? HALF BLOCK (COMPRISING 10 LOTsT I1 fronting on Washington. West and Hi t,?r?\.!.?iv ' wW' ,'00, feet valuable Bulkhead^ ^Tila K the largest plot lo be bail !ti lower part of rltr Tsrnn en ?? 1 ? ?A Ml.s prick, Hgfuf, urn III! 1 son street. EX>R MALE-A FINE, STYLISH LIGHT BAY HORSK .1 .,1 h i gentle and thoroughly well broken for I* ' ( ha N t on" st"r cc t ! D ' " ^ tW? U" 0f Vr ?t V0" SALE? AN EXTRA STYLISH AND ELEGANT <ioi? mh inlT,' ifar,,0'd. 1" hands; fit torn coupe or emli strr'et * ,,r,vat0 M"hl? " Km' Twcnty-sev KU,AiKV'KrA, '.IVE TURNOUT; SORREL HORSE, #T.?. ??? ' "'1. '!lw H years old . can trot in 2:5(1. AU> a aiinn and Harness. No. 5 West Thirteenth street. LVR SALF- R \Y HOHSE, I.V4 HANDS, 7 YKARS ;;fi L^'L r ,or w?.nt nf Inquire at stri i u Mam UN S llverr stables, 128 W est Tw eutivth HORSES, CARHIAOKft. <fcC. For haijb.-a stylish pony and i.ight TOP Hugsv will he gold cheap. Inquire of or aaaresa A. K. .-iMlTIi, 73 Montgomery atreet, Jer?cy City. For salt?? top wagon. by brewster, ok Broome street ; used inly three months: w?rraato<l g-od an new ; lowest price, $375. Address 0. 0., bo* J, 254 l'u at offlie. For sale-a very handsome, light four seat, shltilug top Park Phaeton, very little used and In perfect order. Address 0. J., box l,G0tPoat office. F10R SALB-A NICE BAY MARK, 15V' hands HIGH, 7 yeari old. sound and kind ; can trot Id 3 minutes: also a Stevens Road Wagon, In Hrst ciassordcr. Apply at 25t'. Cherry street. FOR SAI.B? A B?Y horse, 6 YEARS OLD; war ranted round und kind ; ft t lor milk or express. 026 East Fourteenth street. FOR HALE? CANADIAN PONY, 10 HANDS HIGH, 7 yearn; warranted sound ; price C90; will suit grocery or light express. Can be seen at 501 Greenwich street, near Houston. FOR BALE? A BAY HORSE 10 HANDS HIOH, 0 year* old. has a good open gait, flue mane and tail, perfectly sound, gentle and true. Can be seen and tried nt No. 15 and 17 l ast Twenty-clghtli street, near Madison avenue. For price apply at No. 4f> Broadway, up stairs. FOR SALE? A MARE. 7 YEARS OLD; FIT for any busiacss; sold only for want of use. Can be seeu ?t 207 East TwcntJ -eighth street. |?or sale-two GOOD truck horses, inquire J; at 380 Third avenue, in the store. IjlOR HALE? THE FINEST PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES In Westohester county t durk buys; 17 hands lilsh; five and vix years old this spring. Apply to D. B. 1IER BINGTON, WiJliumshrldge, N. Y., 1 1 a r in Railroad. For sale? 20 oood work horses, just ar rlvcd from the Went, from 5 to 8 years old. suitable for all purpose-:, to he sold cheap. Apply at 17ti Mercer st. Foil BALE? A BOHSB, TRUCK AND HARNESS; BAY horse, 6 years, 16 hands, soparato or together ; to he si ld at n sacrifice. t Hudson street. FIOR SALE? 12 NEW BUSINESS WAGONS, 1 SECOND hand l.andau, 1 iced truck, 1 top Buggy, at 207 Greeuo ftrect. IfOR SALE-SIX WORK HORSES, FIT FOR FARM ing, truck or grocery purpose*, from nix to nine years old; will le sold at moderate prices; warranted sound; sold for want of use. 87 and 89 Wooster street, botwt cn Spring and Broome. IjlOIl SALE? THOROUGHBRED BASHAW ROAD Mare. 15 hands hii.h ; will sull any <.no who wants a good animal ; warranted. Rear 207 Wooster street. TTIOR SALE-BAY MARE, l.V\' HANDS HI on. 6 YEARS I old. tlowlng uiatte st.d tall, last traveller; top Buggy, Wood Bros., makers, and city made Harness; sold sepa rate or together, at J. II. ARNOLD'S stable, 116, 118 and 160 West Twenty-ninth street. FOR SALE CHEAP? TWO OOOD CANADIAN Hot S'*s,|Lst from tho country: sound, kind, true; 5 years, \i% hands; top Express Wagon, llarucss. 373 West Forly eighth stroct, near Ninth avenue. FlOR KALE CHEAP? A FINE. NEARLY NEW, CITY made double road Harness; also a single set of road Harness. Address WESTCII ESTER, Herald office. /GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE.? HORSE, VT Wagon, Harness, Whip and Blanket; horse can trot In S:45; Stivers' top Wagon, nearly new; harness by Camp bell; will he sold at auction. April 1, at 10 A. M., at Fleet wood stables, iDo West Fortieth street HARNESS.-THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York; good double Truck Harness, $30; good single Buggv Harness, hand made, $17; a good stable Blanket, $2 SO; the largest assortment ot Cart Harness in the city. Please call and examine for yourselves. E. S. OSBORNE, Harness Warcrooms, 43 Murray street. Harness.? horse equipments-, immense suc cess; Spring trade in full blast; overrun with custom ers; a few more lett; now is the appointed time; rush in or be too late at MoSEMAN'S Ever Glorious Warerootns, 111 Chambers street. Harness for sale low-fini: new, light double and single Harness, inade In the best manner with Moffatt's best leather. HO West Thirty-third street, second floor. Harness buyers, attention:? we have the largest stock, of every description and style. In New York. Call and fee. JACOliOWSKY, 11 1 1. BORN A CO., Ill Chambers st. HORSES TAKEN TO BOARD. DRIVE ANI> BREAK, with good care, by JOHN H TWEDDLE, Mont gomery, Oranite county, N. Y. References? James B. Brewster A Co., New York city. Horses for sale.-a pair of bay horses, 15.4 hands, 7 years old ? sound anil kind ; good style and free drivers. Apply at Robinson's sluble tur l'.COAK LY, 102 Pacific street, Brooklyn, near Clinton street. IONDON MADE HARNESS.? OENTLEMEN WHO AP J predate correctne'S of style and excellence of quality In harness may purchase a set each, single and double, new, at 156 East Twenty-sixth street, near Lex ington avenue. MUI.ES.-fiO HEAD OF SUPERIOR KENTUCKY broke Mules, ot all grades und sizes, for sale by E. B. BISHOP'S HONS, corner Grand and Bishop streets, Jersey City, N. J. Ql'KED.? FOR SALE, THE HANDSOMEST GRAY O Horse In the city; 7 years old; warranted ?( und and kind ; can trot in ti-.O) to road wagon. Also Eandau, Brewster Coupe, French Victoria. .Must sell this week; owner going to Europe. Apply at No. 3 Last 'thirty first street. SECOND-HAND PARK PHAETON, LIGHT COUPE, Pony Wagon, two Dog c'nrfs. Depot Wagon, m. cal liu lit ltockaways and Buggies; great variety Pony Phaetons, Bond Wagons and other new Spring styles of Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, ISH Broadway. SECOND HAND. CARRIAGES AT BARGAINS.? CLAR enccs, clo*e Coaches, a light, curtain Coach, a Ba rouche. a Cabriolet, four and six-seat Phaetons, four and six-seat Coupe Rocknwsys, t<>|> and open ltugglcH and Pi ny Phaetons; all in good condition and must oc sold to make room. At WOODRUFF & DUNHAM'S, Railway, N. J. TO COUNTRY STABLE KEEPERS AND IIACKMEN.? For sale, three six-seated Park Plmeions in good or der. P. B. MASTERSON, Fifty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. IniE FINEST COUPE HORSE IN THE CITY? OKAY Horse. 16 hands high. Messenger stock; splendid driver, single or double : sound and kind, with novice or trick. Can be seen for two days at private stable No GKast Twenty-seventh street, betweeu 10 anl 11 o'clock. TO LET? 1 WO HRHT CLASS STABLES; ONE LARGB, with five open and two box stalls, carriage, couch man's rjoui, Ac.; most central locations up town. WM. EI.IOTT ft CO., 1,491 Broadwny, near Forty fifth street. T' RACK BULKY? SIXTY POUNDS. BREWSTER maker, and a Kersey Blanket, Hood and Surcingle, all for $100; nlso two beautiful light top Jagger Wagons, cheap. 141 East Sixteenth street. <t?7/r FOR A GOOD HORSE FOR TRUCK, EXPRESS, ?pl't or cart : straight and clean in his limbs ; a set of single Harness, $i-'. 2tj West Twenty -sixth street. d<4?Q ~? TEAM TRICK HoRSEsTbLACK. EIGHT years, IB hands: gray, 15 hands, $lfiii; hav, l.')1,.. $125: ail sflUiid and kind ;*fair trial given. 418 Eighth avenue, corner of Thirty-first street. DRY (JOODV. Hair: hair : HAIR I The largest stock of numaii Hair Goods in the city at SHAW'S, 3 .'(.',2 Bowery, between Fourth and ureat Jones streets, and ;?53 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty third streets, up stairs. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches, can tie combed and brushed, $1 each. Human Hair, cheapest and beft Id the market. Short Hair Switches. $2 each and upwards. French Switches, $5. Curls, $1 and upwards. Latest styles always on hand. JAMES M'CREERY ft CO., Broadway and Eleventh street 137.1. Spring Styles. 1873. On Wednesday, April 2, we shnll exhibit our Spring styles of Ladies' und Children's Walking Suits and Dresses, Ladies' and Children's Cloaks, Ladies' Trousseaux, Infants' Wardrobes. Also, In the mlllinerv department, Ladles' and children's Hats of the latest Purls Importation. An inspection of our stock Is rcspectlultv solicited. No Circulars hav e been sent out for this opcutng. nIluiery ami pmumakwo. A -MATRON WALTON, M BROADWAY, ABOVE , Union square? Importer of Paris Bonnets and Eng lish Round dlats (Tom nil the Icadlup houses; al?> a choice selection of Bridal Wreaths and Veils. SPRING OPENING. A.? The Union Bazasr. 34:'. Sixth avenue. Wednes day and Thursday, April 2 and 3. specialties Pattern Bonnets, Round llats, Normanrtu Caps. French Flowers, English Straw and chip Hats, with u tlno selection ot all the new styles of Parasols. J. M ACINUS, 343 Sixth avenue. INSTKI < TION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 2) FOURTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute.? Bi okkeeplng, Writing. Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. Ladles department? Telegraphy taught practically, witu tu?tru monU. Demand for operators. A GERMAN LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINE J\ ment desires pupils or a position Jo a jchool as teacher of the German language, jr u ouM give Instruc t on in pnrt pavment lor board. Address A, e. T., Brook lyn Branch Herald office. T PA INK'S COLLEGES, l.2? BROADWAY', JUNC tion Sixth avenue ; down tow n, 63 Bowery? Young men nualifled for bqslneat [grown up persons of deficient education rapidly ad vs need ; private Instruction. A EUROPEAN GENTLEMAN, OF FIRST CLASS famllv, wishes to be usetul as Interpreter for travel ling In Europe, and also teaching piano aud song; speaks Italian, French, English and Si.aninh; best ref erence In this city. Addresf F. M. C., No. 7 Broadway, room Ilk ?? KMlOPt:. rrriK QUEEN'S hoteij, near tub crystal" 1 Palace, Upptr Norwood, London ? To tourists aiul families? Itselevated, pleasant and moat salubrious posi tion, combined with the couifort afforded and its general management, hare made tne Uueen's Hotel a lavoruu re wrl of the upper ranks of EnilUh society, KOK SAUK.. M; "iy\"-fi *-!52.,i^f??e*x? i"K orjewolry' io,l''"r$UH) ( flih . V"'-0,li^ urion JU/it the thliii/ ' i ii ? ?ynritio* ,4,. iv.Y *??! ?n. ?2w?__4ppljr .11,8 Itr,?;(1 I? u?u* or oflJcS, A HOTEL, ELEGANTLY rURNISHED, COST tS'.K'.OOO, for rule or lease, at a mere nominal price. S. C. SMI I'll, owner. 2tr2 William st., Frankfort House. A -KOK BALK? LIQUOR STORES', OYSTER HA ? loons, downtown Sample and Ale Vaults among the brokers; also Hotel*, cheap Drue Stores, Bakeries, Coniectloneries, Cigar store*, Mutter ami Fruit stand". MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. 4 XiARO E HOARDING HOUSE. II A M>SO M Kt.V FUR. J\ uished, went side, near Flfih avenue; cheap rent; downtown Restaurant, first class trade; also Pirtuer v, ii ii ted In r. -t lui-.tMi. WAKMKH .t Co . No. I AN nljV ESTABLISHED MANUFACTI Ki.NG BCS|I X* iii-is lor wile.? Suceora'ul operation; net profits a year; enterprising parties; unquestionably iuvet Uncut ; satisfactory reasons given. Particulars 211 Chambers itreef. OEOROE W RIMERS' Store Agency. A ?!( >H PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT FoK - W.E - A Sneee?sliil operation 4i? vcars; net proiltfi #.V"0? .i year; cnterprlslhg party ; extraordinary chance. Partic ulars 23 Chambers stre -t. OBOKiiF. \v. siMERS' Store Agency. 4 CIGAR STAND, IN LARGE FIRST QLA8B BROAD J? wuy liotol, lor i?ile ; doing a largo and jiavinv busi ncss; sallslactory reason* ot' sale.: i.-ice 81 ,2'W. geQhge c. sokLn, 173 Fifth avc-nue. i FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOE STORE FoR A ?,\le ? Located gre it bu4'.es? thoroir.htaro ; exton riv 0 ly tmt r o ! iUi !l ; ?rioo ?8,03o casl. 5 barsalu. Particu lars i4 0lia.uUerastrcct.;i, SIMKas A FX EST ("LASS CROGKI'ltY, GLASS AND LAMP Store, with Uxtiir-s ; all in gor>d condition and doing a good business; lor sale cheap, as owner lias other lm?i ne-s in attend to. Apply .it Ml Third avi nue. A WETlIloCATED GROCERY AM) LIQI OU MOKE J\. for sale? Doing soot bu-oncss; hnn-l<oui ly fitted up, with rooms attached ;? long lease and l.iw rent. Apply to THOMAS OAFPNEY, Auctioneer, No. tl Centra street* D A -CORNER DRT'G STORES FOR SALE; ST LEX DID ? Groceries, Fancy, Dry Goods, Hardware store*, Confectioneries Restaurant*, Milk Routes. Laundries, Oyster and Llyuor Saloons, Clfa v stores, Ac. 8TK 1 UK LAND'S. 78 Cedar street A COAL YARD FOR SALE? LONG ESTABLISHED; finely located ; Ion:: lea^e; excellent cash trade, with good llorscs and Cart* and Hxtures complete ; ill health cause of soiling. Apply at IS1! Mulberry street. Beautiful parlor, extension and bed room, hot and cold water, bath ami water closet, 011 first floor ot brown stone house in first class neigh borhood (suitable lor an office for a physician), t'> let, with Hoard, tomarried couple. For iurtiier particulars address C. M. B., box 0,'>';7 I'nst ofllce. BOOK STORE FOR SALE?' 'Hi TRADE FOR REAL Estate; long ( 6t0blUtied : stock il?i,OVt; ownor re tirintr. Apply to A. BLOMQUIBT, 15tf Nassau street. Buy only .the best.-tiie whitney sewing Machine is the simplest mid most easily worked in<| chine in the world. Roouis CIS Broadway. CLOTHIERS -ONE OF THE BEST TRADIS i\ THE city for sale ; f,ea.?o and Fixtures; wilt exchange for City Property. Addrew X. Z., hoi U2 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1 ,Wj Broadway. Rl'G DRAWERS AND BOTTLES FOR SALB.? AP. ply to GEORGE IIAlMtIS,'2r.l lloyt st., Brooklyn. DHt'G STORE FOR SALE-NEATLY FITTED AND well stocked ; good location : dmn'r a goo. I business; a raro chance for a German. Apply to UAEE, 102 Wil liam street. D&UO 8TORB FOR SALB? ON SIXTH AVENTK-; well loeatcd and <loing a good and well establislied business. Any one wislilng t > purchase a first class store will find tills a rare opportunity. Address box 2,(31 Post office. DIC UO STORE F< > R SALE.? RARE ( 5 H A NCR FC ?R further information apply on the premises, 714 Elev enth avenue, between Fiftieth an I Mtty-flrst streets. FOR SALE? ALBANY, N. Y.? A FIRST CLASS MIL llnery and Fancy Establishment of 20 years' stand ing, in the best bitsinos locality ol the city; cause ? ^iek lien of the proprietor. Apply to SILBERBERG BROS., 87 LUpenaril street. IjViR SALE? A WINE, LIQI'OR AND LAQBR BBRR ! Saloon anil Boarding IJuu.-e. In a good location : will lie sold cheap; owner leaving the city, lmtuire at 51ii West Thirty-third street. IIOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF CIGAR store and tir?t class Barber shop on 11 west sldo avenue. I ni|ti Ire at 22'., Hast Eighteenth street, in saloon, or M Cortlandt street. In cigar store. I" 10 R SALE-REAL BARGAIN? A ' STATIONERY, Bo<>k and loy store, with Paper Route; low rent; cheap for cash. J80 Third avenue, between Forty-eighth ami Forty-ninth rtrects. For sale? the bestai-rant <?0 THIRD AVENCE, between Twelfth and Thirteenth street*. Apply iu the place. Fitoj: SALE? ONE DOZEN STORE COUNTER STOOLS, cheap. Inquire of SXIii.NEs, at Commercial Dining Rooms, 10 I'ark row. F~ !OR RALRotA LIQUOR STORE, CONSISTING OP Stock and Fixtures; csn b.^ had on moderate terms, and i? doing gf'Od trade. Apply at 4-iii East Sixtecultk street, from s to 6. IjlOR SALE? A LIQUOR AND GROCERY STORE* . tbe Ibinors w ill be sold with tin* groceries and les?e Riven ; gou t cause lor selling. Apply to S. SWIFT, 520 DcKalb avenue. IjlOR SALE? THE RECIPE ANI> GOOD WILL OF 1 the celebrated Dr.' Brarillan Hitters, now in such e xteiislve use. Address box IDS Herald office. IilOR SALB? A LAROR OBOCBRY 8T< >RR. DOlMfd 1 u fine business in a populou". Germ in neighborhood ; a rare bargain to u rasli customer; owner hasotlu r l.u?l nes*. Please send nnmo and address (In English) to TEAS, in Drug Store, 4'; En*t Broadway. FOR SALB? FANCY STORE, INCLUDING LADIES* and Children's Garments: tlroatmaking well e.ta'? llshel ; best part ol' Harlem; doing good bmincn. Second avenue. I7IOR SALE.? A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS WILL ' buy a flue Fani y Gooda Business, in W illiamsburg; #rent low ; a bargain, tos Graham avenue, Williamsburg. 130R SALE? A CI TlKi: - -T It: t- ASH It: A SC ; ALSO 1 Shop, with Steam Engine. Address No. ii sixth av. I~*?B SALE? A GENITxE TEA, t'OFFEE AN I? I INK Grocery Buainesa. with ll irv, Waaon, Truck, Har ness, Ac. ; a go<id rash trade has been done an I may easily be doubled by personal attention, which present owner cannot aivc; evry iniormation an 1 easy terms to the right party. Address OPPORTUNITY, box 2tW Herald iiffice. * Gibo'cery store for sale cheap? with r Horse and W agon. Inintre a* .M8 Madison street. Safes.? a large assortment of second ii vni* Safes of all si/e< and styles for sale cheap ; call uud examine, at AMERICAN STEAM SAFE COMPANY, 3U9 Broadway. . OA FES.? I IiTrRING'S." M A K V I VS. wf 1 <T?i: R 'S ; A Lb O sixes; cheap to close out; -uius exchanged an. 1 re paired ; also two lewellcr's Safes. O. C. QUIRK, -1 Maiden lane, near Gold street. Safes (second hand).? three smvlu two me dium. two, Herritw, f-iilie and Wilder make, very chcap for cash, at 72 Sfaldeu lane. 8. ti. QL IRK. SODA WATER " FOt'NTA I N.~ AI.HO A RooT~ MEEK Fountain, both on mnrbV top counter, with silver plated tumbler, washer or fountain; co.-t StHK); will be soldmr$:?). lr2 Chatham 'trcet. TO WATCHMAKERS.? FOR SALB, JEWKLRY Store, ll' year' established ; will sell for cn?h ?inly ; two years' lease irom May next; good run ot work. Apply at 415 .Mxtli avennc. No agents. OK WHEELER A WIf SON'S SEWING MAt:ilINJ-:s. O'J variety ot ?tyles: baukrupt stock ; will he 'old tliis week, at a great sacrifice, at 2s We-t Broadway, up stairs M At'1 1 1 \ Kll i'T ? A SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL ENGINES? WE HAVE A on ban t 7\f). -,12 yyl2. loxH. Il\is, 12\24. HxW 14x2-1. llx:#'. ISxM. I<?x30, Hx34. Samples can be "ecu at 88 Cortlandt street. <e- m l hand Knalnes talcen in ex change W IIITKHILL, SMITH ,t Co., 4 Manuiacturcrs, Newimrg, W. T. A MLS' IRON WORKS? PORTABLE ENGINES, BOIL er?. Stationary Engines, Saw Mills, 14x96 and 12x13, second liatW, at a -acriflc ? E P. If AMpsoN, 13 Cortlandt street, T WILSON * ROAKE'S, WATER AND DOVER streets large ?to'-k ?f new and second hand Enclnea and BoUeMi irom " 70 horse; Pumps, Shafting, Pulleys, ic. Buckeye * rogers1 tobacco cutting Machines for sale very low. 4S2 East Tenth street yOR SALE? A SECOND II AND ?Lt OF PIPER BOX r Macliiaery. consisting of 1 >ue ('lark Ciitrcr, One UrombiK her Sh?ar< and On:' Corner cutter, at $J7i. AIjo another Set. coii?i*tiug of ? one Clark Cutter, one Sanborne shears, and One Corner Cutler, at J.VJO. ? II. ODENKTRCHRN, 12 and 14 Artisan streot. New Haven, Conn. FOR SALB CHEAP? TWO HORSE RftPER CALOBIO Engine, In good order. Can be sccu running at 167 Reade (troet, New York. Ji YA<IITM, MTEAMBOATH, AC. EI-LA.? FOB SALE, TACHT BELLA AND Eyt'Ip. incuts, consisting ot one racing and one working Suit ana two seti of Htiars. This racnt is the fastest or lier size In tlte country. AldreM PETElt DUBYEa, Port Richmond, S. 1. XCOR SALE? A FtNK NKW SCHOONER YACHT, M r feet li ng, in complete order. Apply at office of Aquatlo MowBy OtlBromlway. I~"jl0B HALK CHEAP-ALL OB 1NTBRESI' IN A ' Barge, doing a good bu<in-'ss. for cash or good real estate: a Kood opi>ortuaity to purchase a barge and busi ness. Call at 243 Front street. S1 CIIOONER FOR SALE-CHEAP; CARRYING CAP A* city 100 tons; in good condition D. W. STONE, 151 Henderson streot, .Jersey Citv. SEVEN CANAL BOATS FOR SALE CHEAP? RIOnTf seven feet long; eleven feet vide. Can be seen at Bergen Point l'laai M?ad. opposite ciarenu n, llou-e. UAKTIlo MOOSE.

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