Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1873 Page 11
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. A. Day of Sensations In Wall street. A Rise in Gold to 118 1-2 and a Relapse of One Per Cent % ? EXTRAORDINARY SCARCITY OF MONEY. TTCie Rate on Call Advances to 280 Per Cent Per Annnm ? A GALA DAY AMONG THE SHYLOCKS. The Stringency the Result of a Locking- Up Conspiracy. Conjoint Operations of the Cliques in Gold, Money and Stocks. Disproportionate Effects Upon Prices at the Stock Exchange. Pood for the Eefleotion of the New Secre tary of the Treasury. Wall Btrrbt, I Monday, March 31 ? 6 P. M. J On 'Change to-day cottou was more active and ad vanced tfc. per lb. lor lota on the spot and *c. a 9.100, for the mture months. Flour was quiet but drm, while wheat and corn were quiet and easier. COMPARISON OF TUB IMPORTS. The total Imports of foreign merchandise at the port of New York for the week ending March 28, and since January 1, 1873, compare as follows:? For the wettlc. 1871. 1872. 1873. Dry goods $2,018,098 $2,207,607 $8,631,667 Oen. merchandise 4,w?2,MW 7,434,63T 10, 362,941 Total $7,680,607 $9,642,044 $13,884,598 Pro. roported..... 73,091,278 90,065,609 109,443,942 Since January 1. $81,271,885 $99,707,653 $123,328,640 the TREASURY l'ROURAMMK FOB APRIL. The Treasury programme of gold sales and bond purchases lor the month of April Is tabulated as follows:? BOND PURCHASES. April 9 $600,000 April 23 $600,000 Total GOLD SALES. April 3 $1,500,000 April 17 $1,600,000 April 10 1,500,000 April 24 1,600,000 Total $6,000,000 THE FOREIGN MARKET. The London quotations came steady for consols, tout lower for United States bonds, the latter being adversely affected In tbe foreign market by the rise In the gold premium. The street rate for money in London was reported to be 4M a 4X per cent, the bank minimum being 4 per cent. The new French loan was steady. Erie Bhares were weak and de clined to 51*4. A "LOCK-UP" or MONBT. The long prevalent scarcity In the money market ?culminated to-day in a spasm of stringency which will doubtless form a conspicuous Incident In the history or Wall street. The rate on call, after open ing at the "1-16 and Interest" to which the street had grown accustomed the past few weeks, ad vanced during banklug hours to K per cent a day, and in the Interval, after three o'clock, to as liigh as X per cent a day in addition to 7 per cent per annum. In other words, borrowers of money paid lor Its use over night at the rate of 280 PER CENT PER ANNUM I This was no exceptional or rare rata. It was paid for $1,000,000 by one very prominent banking house In Nassau street and for numeious lots of one hundred dollars down to Ave thousand dollars, the same rate being bid as late as ten jnlautes to four o'clock, to which time, of course, a number of bank accounts had to remain open. The explanation of this extraordinary stringency lies in artificial manipulation of the market, the success of which was insured in a great degree by the SITJDEN CALLING IN OF LOANS by the Broadway Bank to meet April disburse ments on city indebtedness. The parties locking up the mouey borrowed right and left all the fore noon and during a greater portion of the afternoon, aud did their work so wildly that they were unable to procure col laterals enongh to pledge against all the money they engaged, largo sums going over unemployed, hut standing subject to their call, the money itself being Its own collateral and the lender gut ting the "share" for Its use as much as if It had gone out on certified check. It remains to be seen whether this sort of business Is not within the scope of the regulations of the Stock Exchange which forbid "FICTITIOUS TRANSACTIONS" of any kind. At least the Governing Committee ought to Investigate the matter and pronounce upon its legality, it is not intended In this In stance to throw any discredit on the lenders, all of whom were, doubtless, the victims of the "Shy locks" who locked up money through their un witting agency. The game may not be repeated with their consent, but It was successful to-day, and that Is enough to point our moral. In this connection, as showing the extent of the con spiracy to damage the money market, we have the following telegraphic correspondence, which explains itself:? * Nmr Tobk, March 29. 1R7S. Joan Jay Knox, Comptroller of Ute Currency, Waahing Ington, 0- C. : ? Wo notice you have callcil on S00 national hanks to make good their reserve witliiti thirty day*. What is the ?mount In aggregate T Please answer t>y wire. FlsK a HATCH. Tkkasukt Drfaotm?!?t, Wamiikotok, March 29, 187* Ftax A Hatcii, New Vork city The despatch to which you refer is unauthorized and glnlrllr JOHN JAY KNOX, Comptroller of the Currency. At bucIi a time, It is hardly necessary to Fay, mercantile paper was altogether nominal. For reasons which suggest themselves the foreign ex changes were demoralized, and sales of prime Blxty-day sterling were reported at 107 X, when the quotations at the desk had been already lowered to 108 and 108% for prime sixty-day and sight bills. THE RAILROAD BONDS. The railroad bonds were rather less firm, but on the whole steady. The following were the bids at the regular call as amended byj> rices In subsequent dealings ;? >ew l oik Cen eVlSffl. 94 Ban A Pt Jo 1* 101W hew Y ork ceu V?, lfc87 . 91)^ Iiel, Lack A WestJd m. W* hew York Cen t's.r e. . ?9 liel, Lack A W 7's con. . i'.iu hew York Cen t's.sub. *91% Ti.l A Wat) 1st in, ex.... US >ew Y ork ten 7's. 76. . 101 Tol A W lit in, St L dly M9 l.i ie l?t ni, extended.. IU5 lol A Wal> 2dtu WW trie let m, endorsed. WS Tol A Wab equip bda... 8J * rie 7*a,idm, *3 97H lol A Wab con couv.... '7 Lrle7's.?th ui, ?*) lol llun A Naples latin. .. 07 ?rle 7's, ; th m, US loo lit West i?t m.lHS* 94 Long Lock bond* Gt W est !id m, l?l*i v9 huJf.N YAK lstm. 77. IH vulnry A lol let, ??.... '?! Sud H 7's.^d m, ? t. 'NS.iiHU Oal A Chic extended. . .lol ud R 7*1, Sd in, '76. .. .lol Helena A chic -din ? 98 llarlein ???, Ist in lui* Ihic.K 1 APac 104 liarlcin c ni and s f W Morris A 1 *m?x l?im...l08 Alb A mis :d bds........ v.'?* N J southern latm 7'e.. 76 Alb A tuiM IkIs ... . Pitte. rw A Uhle 1st ra.IW Mich Ko /n am I") Pitta, KW A Chic 2d in. 99 MicIimjA N Isl, 7pc IIM? Pitts. K W AJiloSdni. W Clev A Tol a I bda lul Clev A tn 99 Clev a lol new bda.... 96 tier A Pitts 4thm tt C. P A A old bds 97*i Chic A Alton s f Jul 1,1*4 Anew bda. Chic A Alt lstm 105* lict, Bon A Tol bda.... to Chic A Alt income. 97 take . Iiore dlv bda.... 9t>X Ohio A Mis* con sf i#X Cake shore con c 99 Peninsula Ist m, con... 90 l ac HR 7's, gt'd Mo W Hi 1 ouia a Iron M 1st.. ?6 Cen Pacific sold tida...l0S M 11 A MP 1st ni,?'a,PD.lU6 Western Pacific Ma. ... MX M A Ht V 1st, 7 J-u>, P t> W Vniuii Pacific 1st in.... M A Ht P latm, I A M D 8J luiion Pacific IgT's. ... i# M A Ht P 1st m, I A D... Hd Inlou Pacific lnc Ill's. . 7ft Chic A Mil latm 9'*X Illinois i en 7 per ot,'7MiMW t ol, Ohio A Inn tsu.... 91 Alt A let H lstm luu t ol. Chic A lml Ud T3X AHA ler II M ni, Inc. bIH lol, P A W, K D jl Clilc A IS W s 1 09 Tol, P A W, W P....... M Okie IN* intbds it* Tol, PAW, Hiirl'n dlv. ?H Clue A N W con ims uoV Tol, PAW con V% Tl Chic A N W exten bds. 9i< I i?t,*l A Erie lstm... . 39 Uhlc A N W lstm luu Ced Falls A Min 1st m. 81 Iowa MldlMid H'a, Isiin.luO Bur. CRAM 7'a. lat,g. WH OOLD BXCITIO?116X A 118^ A 117*. Mean time a sensation bad been preparing Ip Uiq gold market, (be olunaxot wblcb eame an boar or so e*Uer than (bat la the money parket. both movements being, it la aaid, more or leas the doings ai (be Mae parties, although on (hla point (here la great room for dispnte, aa, lit any ordinary Tiew of (be gold speculation, l( aeema hardly probably (hat its authors should tighten money upon themselves. The more reasonable ln(erpretatlon seems (o be (hat TWO DISTINCT CLIQUES hare been a( work during (he day, and possibly a (bird, made up o? members of (he o(her (wo, (he laa( one being concerned more pardouiarly in pro curing a fall in prices a( (he S(ock Exchange. The parties operadng In gold are be((er known (o the street than their oonjrbret In the other departments of speculation, particu larly as they hare been cousplcuous In "bulling" gold ever since last year or since they were excluded from participation in the negotia tion of the new loan, the cllqne having ramifica tions in Wall s(ree(, Broad a(ree( and Exchange place, and being of English, German and American consistency. In to-day's operations A PRETEXT for a further rise was offered in the maln(enanee by Secretary Richardson ot the March programme of gold sales; but It is quite as probable that the clique would have made their demonstration what ever Mr. HlchardBon had done. Indeed, at the first Tiew, the April programme ought to be regarded as unfavorable to au udvance in gold, and possibly the clique deemed t( more conducive (o (heir Inter ests (o run (he price up in face of such an Interpre (adon of (he programme, and trust (o (he bolduess or (be movemen( lor i(s success. Whatever their counsels, they succeeded in giving the market so strong an upward Impetus that they convinced tub last reluctant "short" * tha( 11 was dangerous lor him (o remain a "bear" any longer, and he aud his brethren began cover ing accordingly. The demand on this account, the buyers coming from among the Importers as well as from the ranks of the professional speculators, enabled the cllqne to run the price up to 118 *, tlie advance being attended with sceues of great ex citement, particularly as reports got Into circula tion (ha( (he clique would make cash gold worth to-morrow all the way from one (o Ave per cent ror l(s use? a very boas(fnl (hreat ? when 1( Is remem bered (bat THB CLIQUE bad all (bey could do (o (ake care of (heir own gold (o-day, paying as high as a slx(een(h per cen( for l(s carrying (his afternoon, (lieir absorp (lon of funds In (he process being one of (he many causes of (he excessive sdtngency in monoy. A( (be quo(ations of 118 and above the marke( gave signs of heavy sales on the part of the clique, or a( ieas( on (he part of the dozens of lncky operators who followed in (heir wake, and tbc price dropped back to 117*, closing eventually at 117*. The course of (he marke( Is shown In the (able ? GOLD FLUCTUATIONS, 4a 10 A.M. 116* 1:20 P. M 118 10:06 A. M. 1"* 1:24 P. M 118* 10:10 A. M 117* 1:25 P. M 118* 10:32 A. M. 118* 1:31 P. M 118* 11 A. M 117 2 P. M 118 * 12 M 117* 2:08 P. M 118* 12:00 P. M 117* 3 P. M... 118 12:16 P. M 117* 3:20 P. M 117* 12:22 P. M 117* 8:40 P. M 117* 12:00 P. M 117* 8:60 P. M 117* I p. M 117* 4 P. M. 117* a 117* In (he gold loan market (he ra(es ranged from 4 per cen( per annum (o 1-16 per diem for carrying. The operations of (he Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? Gold cleared Gold balances M37,7aO Currency balances 2,143,484 The Sub-Treasury paid ou( $12,000 on account of Interest and $2,400 on account of redeemed five twenties. GOVERNMENTS LOWER. The government market opened strong In sym pathy with the advance In gold and in answer to large orders from out of town buyers; but the pressure for money Induced heavy sales for cash, under which the market reacted and declined to the extent of * a * per cent, the currency sixes being weakest and falling to 114*. Tha following were the closing prices : ? United States currency sixes, 114 a 114*; do. do., 1881, registered, 117* a 118; do. do. do., cospon, 118* a 120*; do. five twenties, registered, May and November, 116* a 117 ; do. do., 1802, coupon, da, 116* a 117 ; do. do., 1864, do. do., 116* a 117; do. do., 1866, do. do.. 117* .a 118* ; do. do., 1867, registered, January and July, 116* a 116* ; do. do., 1866, coupon, do., lid* a 116* ; do. do., 1867, do. do., 117* a 117* ; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117 a 117*; do. ten-forties, registered. 111* a 112; do. do., coupon, 112 a 112*; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114* a 116; do. da do., coupon, 114* a 116. SOUTHERN SECURITIES LOWER. The Southern State bonds were neglected in the general excitement of the day, and quotations were mostly nominal, the only dealings of note be ing In the Tennessees, which wentofT to 80*. The following were the closing quotadonB:? Tennes see, ex-coupon, 80* a 80* ; do., new, 80* a 80* ; Virginia, ex-coupon. 44 a 60; do., registered stock, old, 36 a 40; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 64 a 66* ; do., sixes, deferred scrip, 14 a 14* ; Georgia sixes, 70 a 76; do. sevens, 88 a 90; North Carolina, ex coupon, 30 a 32; do. to North Carolina Railroad, 58 a 61 ; do. funding, i860, 10 a 24 ; da do., 1868, 17 a 20; do., new, 16 a 18; do., special (ax, 18 a 15; Missouri sues, 03* a 04; do. Ilannlbal and S(. Jo seph, 90* a 01*; Louisiana sixes, 45 a 60; Sou(b Carolina sixes, ao a 40; do., new, January and July, 17* a 20; do. do., April and October, 22* a 23*; Arkansas sixes, funded, 39 a 42. STOCKS WEAK AND LOWER. ' The stock marke( was lower nnder (he depres sion exerted by the stringency in money, but prices offered a stubborn resistance, and only slowly gave way to the force directed against them. The day's decline ranged from one to two per cent for the general list, but In case of Pacific Mail, Western Union and Panama the damage Inflicted was as much aa 3 a 4 per cent. This resistance gave rise to a surmise that the cliques were buying at the decline either (o cover specnladve sales or as a preilmary to an expected reacdon In (be marke(. While money has been so strlngen( (o-day In (his cl(y It should no( be forgo(ten that the Western ( exchanges are In our favor, and that money Is rapidly coming here irom Chicago and Cincinnati, the chief money centres of the West and Southwest, and that the demand in connection wi(h (he April se(tlements has passed l(s climax. If (he "squeeze" in money and (be advance in gold have been (be final demons(ra(ion of (he cliques (herein preparatory to a complete reversal of tactics, It Is only wba( (be comparative strength of the stock market would Beem to imply with money worth 280 per cent per annum. AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? HlyhesU Lowest. New York Central 101 * loo Eric 06 *i 54 Lake Shore ?3* jjl* Wabash 72* 71* northwestern preferred 80 8o Northwestern 88 88 Reck island U5* 113* St. Paul 69* 67* St. Paul preferred 74* 74* Ohio and Mississippi 46* 44 % Union Pacific 84* 38* C.,C. andl.C 3?* J?* Western Union Telegraph 80 88 Pacific Mall 5?* 62* HEW TORE CITY STOCKS. Attention is directed (o (be advertisement far proposals for $300,000 cl(y stocks, divided equally oetween "Additional New Croton Aqueduct stock" and "Croton Water Main stock," bids for which will be opened by the Comptroller at his office, on Monday, April 3 prox. These stocks will bear In (eres( at 7 per cent per annum, payable semi-an nnally, and the principal will be redeemed In the year 1900. RAT.Bfl AT THE HEW TOM STOCK EXCHANGE. Monday, Manh 31? 10il? A. M. $ionoc$i?'?, *I.C....C 120 $6MX) 08 V20, c, 'OT. bc lift* SU) US &.*),<!, 117 lot*) IJH 5-20, C, 'M, D.C llt>'? SUUO US 6-20, c, '67. ' ,Q """"" "" ' lUtiOO do BOO do.. ..-amalLo 10 A. M.? Before Call. WW oh* Pac M S8 Co.. 5*'? W0ah? I.HA*SRR*3 m* auuo do '*'? J"" do W 100 do c 60S 71*1 do ?2* 800 do WW do c K> aw do 700 do *3 93 loo do .. ... #6 300 do........ .18* ino J"... M* 400 Chic* R f ?*..... li? too So..:; 6*4 d?.. . ...c 117 1000 UN i-a),c, '88, n.c llti'4 80000 UR ?-"Lo. wf.b o ii7?, .... lis* aouu us y,.,c...c ilLo lit * 6000 I'M #'?, our 114* do do., do. do. #6 aw do..... eej 200 West Un Tel t? 1000 do W 4tW do e *t>] aoo do Bs' 38 Harlem KK l*n 3(io do 1 SI: m do 137 100 NYC AH B c 101 100 do o 115% lijo do 11&C sooUnPacRK s?? 100 100 luO 100 100 do... 34 do c M do 31; do bs a MM 3110 IU0 I '.00 1700 100 too aw> do do do ? do 10IJ, do llil do Wl do c 101 do 101 do. do do 1300 Ohio A MiaaBB. *? do 100 Mil A St P KR.... m% ??% 200 Brie KB C 6AH ?ink 65% 65% t&C 300 65% "" 65^, 65'2 e.v! 65 Si 65'i 65% do do do d<> 400 B, II A K KK 600 do do 100 do 200 C, C A I C KB.. 4o0 do 300 do 400 do 200 do First Board? 10i30 A. H. $5000 Erie 5th m 100 1000 O, P A Ash, new. 97 lOUOHulf A E, new ... MM 3000 Long Doc k lids. . . 9.'>% lOMUUnfac latin.... 87 HOOU Pae7'a lg b...c 79 40W do ". 79 4000 uo 79* 4000Un Pae 10'8, Inc.. 6000 do 75 WW do be 71% 4000 Tol A Wab 1st in.. 95 3000 Chic A All 1st 103*4 300 shs LSI MS BB.sS 93 looost L A 1 M Ut in.. 3000 C. C A I C 1st m? ?"00 do 6000O.C A I CSd m... 20000 do be 1000 North Mo 1st in. .. 2looo C.C.CA I lat. 9ft T 7$ 91 1IM 100 900 400 1000 100 HflO 600 700 300 100 1100 luOMIch ('en RB 105 1500 Krie KK be do. do, do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 40CJU LMIleAN con.'*! 94% 60(M) Tol.l'AW lstui.hU 91 6 shu Continental Bk M0 7 Bk Nortli America. 101% 20 I'ark Hank 148 30 ao 147 2U0 Con Coal olMd 56V. loo Jo b30 56H 200 do be fl? 6un Weat L'n Tel. ..b c.e 85% HM) ao 85J. 600 do 86% 100 ao b3 86% 400 do 85% 1600 uo 86% 200 do b3 86% 400 ao 85% 1200 do 85)2 2 "O do C 86% 4300 ao 86? 3200 do 85) 600 P?c M SSCo.bc. *60 66 K00 200 300 100 1400 400 1600 300 100 WWCnPac KK be do. do. ao.. do.. do.. do.. do. . do. do. 100 500 1300 400 1600 200 WW 300 1800 do. ao 54 \i do 34)2 do sS 34 do 34 do 0 34 do 33% do 83 33% Uo . 34 1610, C.CAIKB 87 % 100 C A N W pt be 88 200 N J Ceu BR 103 600 CUtc A B I BR. .be 115V 100 do 116% 300 do *3 115 100 do 116 100 do O 114% 100 do 116 200 B, H A K KK. .b c Ut 4% 400 do. 100T, 72.V 2001), Lack A W RR... 101 100 Chic A Alt RR 112% SOOH A St Jo JJf....bC 60 6 Chic, Bur A ij BR. . Ill " ~ 29 (Krror? 118 baturduy.) 100 U 8 Ex pro us c 76 100 1'anainaRK be 111% loo do 111% 300 do 110 BOON YCAUU RR... 101% 700 do be 101% 100 do 101% 500 ao 101% 200 ao cloiC 1000 do loivl 500 do 101% 600 do 101 ltWO do 100% 100 700 do 100% 100 100 do 100% 200 100 do 100% 100 200 do 101 200 300 L 8 A M 8 RR. .b c 93% 500 400 do MS 93% 100 100 do blS 93% MilS and 8 its P. M. $8000 US 6% 1881, e.... 120 IOWjUS 5-20, e, <A...; 117^ 1000 US 5-20, c. '06, n. e l!65i 3COOO do 116% 10000 do 116% 30Q0 do b3 116% 25000 do b3 116% Mi30 P. M^Bcfbie Call. 200 N J Southern RR.. luo do be 1100 Ohio A M RR..bc 9 jo do 2500 do 700 do c 200 do 600 C,C A IC RR....bc do e do do do do ao do 45'. ft* 8* 39 38% 38% nl 38% 38% $10000 US 5-20, c, T>5, n. 116% 1300*) US 5-20, r, '67 116% 100000 US 6-20, C, 'u7.. . 118% 5000 do b3 117% 2000 US 6's, 'si, c ...,C 115% 3000 do 116 , 900 ?hs West Un Tel. 300 2000 WW 1400 300 S00 600 1100 :?w 300 100 Erie KB e 600 do 64 1400 Pae M US Co M do. do. do. do., do. do. do. do. do. do. 90 shaC A BI BR. 600 do 300LS A M SKii. do. do. do. do. do. do. ao C 54% 200 do 64 )j* ? do S3 64* do 64S ao, 64?i do 64* do 64jj 1900 900 600 200 300 200 li? 1800 300 ftW 100 300 800 100 1100 600 1800 100 1000 Ut 1200 Un i'UC KB 33g 200 do 33% 200 do 33% 1OO0 do 34 100 do b3 34% 200 NYCAHRRB... 100% 200 do b30 101% 600 do 100% 600 do 100% 500 ao loox 500 do 100% 200 do 100JJ 700 ao 100% UM ao c 100% 100 C A K I KB 114% ioo do ii4% IIS ri% ffo* do ~...b4 'J'-,1! do 92% ao 1)13 9iU, do do.... e do c uo. do do c 300 C AN If RR *3 100 Al A St 1* KB 68% 2iM) rio 68% 68% 58 57% MM 67% P 68% W ? 92% 92% 92% 80 do., do., ao. do. do. do. do.... do do do do do 100 do 300 do 300 do 200 do 300 do 100 do 100 do 100 do 400 do 700 do 700 do SOOT, W A W RR... 200 do 100 B, H A K RR ?3 ioo do sJO 200 do 700 no 100 Ohio A M KB e 45',; 2IW do 45% 46% "% 68'. 58% sa 6& 58% |2 72 4 4 100 do. 600 do. 400 do 83 45' 200 do 46 100 C, C A I C RR 38% 200 do ?8 % 600 do bS 38% HW do 83 38% 200 do 38% $5000 Tenn 6's, old luouo icnn 6's, new 10000 do UXJO Mo 6'a, II A St J is IUUU0 ft C 6'rt, now i.i*JU L'le A Nu.ih c, '98 SooolJii I'ac 1st m.. 24000 do 6tM 12000 C Pac lO^inc .... 76 2000 til I'ac 7's.lg.... 79 100UB, HA E 1st 39 7000 C, CAI C 1st. ... ?l 4U0U C A R1 A PftC 7's. . 10* 10UOO T, 1* A W 1A E D. 91 lOUUO N Y C 7's, '76. .be 101 100 ?hs Md Coal Co.... 26? 100 Mar Land A M g... l*h 100 Quick M Co be JO 220 Am M if Ex Co..... ?8 60 U 8 Ex Co be 76 1000 N Y C A H It. 100X 1000 do < 1800 oo..... 1?">? 600 WMtUnTel bo 86 800 do 84 J* ?00 do gj* ?00 do MX 700 do ?4? 200 do...'. C 84JJ 700 wn i:?jo 200 500 ioo 2U0 100 100 600 800 100 600 _. 200 llarlein KB 137, 9UUf'acMK8Co be 64: Second Board? 1 P. M. a4 17 400 shsl'ne M SS Co.. 10 do 2UU do WW do 8u0 ao _ loo Mich Cen kr 106 600 iSnc Kit be 66 MX 66 63g 63k 53)J do. 600 do 1400 ilo 1000 do *60 200LS AM SRii b c 8(10 ao do do Uo 800 400 4600 600 300 600 200 100 ao. do. do. do. do. 64'< 64 'i Sift 3g *.12 '4 921, 92 91? 1)2 gfo

92 VIU 100 Panama KB... be 109,'. SOODnPaclUt be .<4 600 do 33!i ?7 C. C,C A I BB Hf 300 c A k I KB. be 1147k 100 do 1)3 114? 700 do 114>J 300 do luf, 200 MI1A St P BB ,W J 100 do bc.e 58>i 800 do #6& 300 do 6HK 300 do 68'! 200 do 68}; 100T, W AW BR. . . .bo 72 200 H, LI A E BR be 3V 100 do Si. t do. '.".7.7.*.".?.'".' ft 400 Chic A Alt RR 112*1 400 do 112H 8 do ...opK 113 1300 Ohio A MRU... be 44% 300 do 44;'I 400 do 441, 1200 do 44U BOO Han A Ht Jo RK... 40 100 N JMonth'n 30 14 Alh A Sum UK 911 600C.CA1C 38 2' 10 do v) 38 100 do 3* IOO do 37V 700 do 37>i ?i30 to 4 P. in, 700 ihs West Un Tel... 600gbs NY CA II It RB MOM Oim .In r. UA I'^Hl ,1? limi" do 84 '4 do 84H do C 84 ? do 84'J do e 84h do do 84 do _..e 83% do 84 do 84* do b3 84^ 84? 2.'(00 600 200 6(X) 200 liilO 300 900 500 300 3900 300 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. & do do do do - do 7 JO do 84 200 do H4W 900 do do M'j 20) do llhij do 84)2 1700 do 10U>* do! 2.M 200 400 700 1 100 : .00 700 NM MOD 300 1110 600 200 200 300 900 100 400 ;to0 ao 600 400 600 400 800 (00 700 100 (00 800 wo ss 1009 2110 800 .100 900 100 900 7l?l MM 200 400 Erie 171* do 64 jZ 84 (JOO Mii 800 84 700 84 HMO mo? I no 100* 100 >4 ioo?, oo>2 1000 IOjO 700 600 900 1300 100 1300 2900 * ?? 200 83? 60O do 83* 6J0 do *"* "" do do do b3 do do do do. . . do do do do do do do do do do 1200C Pacifle KB. do do uo. do. do. do. do. G>J0 100 IHI0 Pi 4J0L8A M 8 BB. ilo S3 ?1?< do. do. do., do. do. . do. do. do. do., do., do. 600 600 21)00 2U>? 2300 2200 1000 ?J0 tn do., do., do., do., do.. a*.. do.. do do 100 do b3 2300 do 1200 do :;im do 2U0 do .') 00 do *00 do I'M do 2U0 do ltMO do ! 600 do 8(M do WM do 100 do 4iM do 200 da 600 00 2UU Atlan A I'nu 26 300 _ do 2ft 400 H*rlrm UK IMiK ?M do 1.17 100 d.) i:wx 400 Uo.. 1,, 1(W Boat, .1 t K RR.. KM do. IU0'4 ioo;J I0ll>4 100$ 100*1 ioo2 100s 100W look 100 '4 1U0S 34 '4 3.HTJ 3:is m $ 91\ 91 ? 92 91\ S!? VI u 8l?i 91*2 9IX 91 14 WIS ft do Mk uwJWAdti'i*. ],? s 1 IX) Con Coal 20J 10U Panama ltK 100 <to 400 do 100 (to 100 -do. 200 do IU0 do 600 T, W A W Kit UK. 200 Dol, I. A W KK... 2J0i Y'J*UK CLOSING PRICES? 4 O'CLOCK F. M. Western Union. 83*4 a 83J< Northwost'u pf. 86 a 86 Pauama lull a 11U N J Central IU3 a 1WJ!? Ail a 1118 Kx. ys>, u 99 Kock Island ll.l'f a 113, S Am Her Uu ci. a bt i'aul i7>, a 67 \ l'ai'JU: Mail.... 53 a W \i 8t I'aul pruX'. ... 74 a 79 N Y Central... 1UIIK a lUOV Wabaan 7U a 7IK Erie 04 a WH, Olno A Mum..... 44,Vi a 4-1', Harlem 136 u IStiV lian <* hi Ju 37 a 39 Lake Shore ?i>t a blJ, Kostou, il IK. 3^ a 3 \ Uuiou Pacific. . ?s3:t, a 33.C C, C A t C 37,', a 37>? Northwestern.. 76 a- 79J* Receipts and Dliburacmcnti at the Office of th? United States AiiUtant Treasurer at New York for the Month finding March 31, 1873.' February 28, 1873, by balance $03,490,621 iteceipto during the mouth On account of custom* $12,327,308 Gold notes 4,2o;,ooo Internal revenue 174,190 Act June 8, '72, certificates.. 370,000 Post Odlce Department 'J04, 2?4 Transfers 8,620, 197 Patent fees 1,775 Miscellaneous 7,18tt,48U Disbursing accounts 9,uoa,.r>24 Assay Oillce ?I8<>,243 . Interest accounts? In coin.. 4,181,768 / 40,871,845 Total $110,308,306 Payments Treasury drafts $39,811,390 Post Otllco drafts 822,728 Dlabursiug-accounts 8,082,804 Assay OUice 024,033 Interest accounts, viz. : ? In coin 1,918,101 in currency 11,700 51,671,414 Balance $58,090,052 Balance to Cr, Treasurer U. S. . $42,374,041 Do. to disbursing accounts... 14,878,291 Do. to Assay Oillce 1,377,003 Do. to Intel est accounts, viz In com 01,105 In currency 6,260 68,090,952 Receipts for customs In March, 1873. . . ? $12,327,300 Ueceipu for customs in March, 1872 14,388,873 Decrease March, 1873 $2,001,607 Statement of Business at the United States Assay Office at New York for the Month finding March 31, 18T3. Deposits of gold? Foreign corns $90,000 Foreign bullion 08,000 United States bullion 332,000 Jewellers' bars.? 60,000 Total $540,000 Deposits of silver, Including purchases Jewellers' bars $9,000 Foreign coins i4,uou Foreign bullion 7,000 United States bullion (contained in gold).. 5,000 United States bullion (re-deposits) 41,uoo United States bullion (Lake Superior) 3,000 United States bullion (Nebraska) 40,000 United States bullion (Colorado) 42,000 United Stales bullion (Utah) 60,000 United States bullion (Nevada) 26o,ooo Total $467,000 Total deposits $1,007,000 Amount payable in barR $607,000 Amount payable in coins 400,000 Total - $1,007,000 Gold bars stamped $281,004 Sliver bars stamped 121, 701 Total $403,410 Transmitted to the United States Mint, Philadelphia, for coinage (gold) $102,884 Transmitted to the United States Mint, Philadelphia, lor coinage (silver) 204,001 Total $300,946 COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Decidedly Higher; Receipts at the Porta, 7,007 Bales-?Floar Firm Wheat and Corn Easier? Oats Steady Pork and Lard Firmer? Groceries Dull? Petroleum Steady? Naval Stores Easier? Whiskey Lower. Monday, March 31?0 P. M. The trade movement was rendered irregular, and values were unsettled in namerous instances to-day by the radical &nd rapid fluctuations in the gold premium. During 'Change hours the indi cator marked as high as 18 X per cent? a much higher point than had been reached for two or three years, and higher than there seemed any necessity for. It is true our importations hav e for some time been heavy, while the ex port movement has been exceedingly tardy. The chief articles of shipment? both flonr and grain? having been almost at a cempiete stand during the entire Winter. With the re sumption 0 i canal navigation, however, now hap pily near at hand, a more active movement in breadstnflb Is morally certain. With a continu ance of the active outflow of provisions and a fresh Impulse given to tne export movement In bread stuffB, so soon as the first Instalments from the West shall nave reached tidewater, it is to be hoped that the much-mooted "balance of trade" will be brought over to the right side and tho gold premium once more forced down to somewhere near its proper level. But these are only probabilities of the future, more er less remote, and accordingly tbeir Influence Is felt only In a slight degree; while the scarcity of breadstuffs ? the impossibility of any considerable increase of the export movement for some time to come, and the radical rise In the gold premium from day to day, are among the disagreea ble facts which wield a marked influence in the commercial world at the present time. Mercan tile matteri were considerably unsettled to-day, and comparatively little busings was done on 'Change, while oil 'Change U10 trade movement wax but moderate. Cotton w?? active and flrmer The produce exchange business was moderate, flour was quiet, but rather more flrmly heiil. Wheat was wanted to only a limited extent, and the sales were con. fluid to one or two cargoes at dccldedly lower price*. Corn and oats were quiet and the former was rather lower. Whiskey was dail sad prices favored the pur chaser. The movement in provisions was moderate, being checked by the extreme views of holders, nearly ail kinds being held decidedly higher, while tlie sales showed some appreciation. Lard was la lair request ana a further advance was estatdUbed. freights were quiet but Arm. there was very little avuil aiile room, while vessels fsr charter brought full rates. Th petroleum business provides ready and remunerative einpiuyinent lor ihe immense fleet engaged in the carry in u of this commodity, and atlarge number of vessels are now loading tor (treat Hritaia. Continental Europe ami elsewhere. Petroleum w?. (lull, but held with consider able firmness Naval stores were quiet, with prices fur ther favoring the buyer, Groceries were neglected and prices more or less nominal. Coma.? The market continued quiet for all descrip. tlons No sales from first hands were reported, ami the distributing husineM was unimportant. we quote :?Hio. oruinarv cargoes. 16V ? '8Vc. ; fair cargoes, 17\c a 17', c. ; gogU cargoes, inc 11 i.t'?c. ; prime cargoes, l?>,c. a MMr, } J6va, government hags, 20c. a 21c. ; do , graiw mats, air a 22c , Singapore. l#V 11 ITHo. ; Oeylotl, 17kc. a 18Wc. j Maracaliio, 18c. 11 19c.; Laioittyra, l?>fcc. aire. ; Jamaica, ITHc- a l*Hc i W Domingo, 10c. a Mho. ; Porto Rico, 19c. a -iv. : t imtu Ki'-a, 1* iw., Mexican, lie. a 10c. ; Ma nila, I7>4c. a l")Hc. ; Angostura, ifUp a I8)*<\ ; Hit vanilla. 17*,c. a 13, vv i tJuracoa, ? . it V . , gold, lb., tit) a 90 tlavs' credit. fori ..; 1 v v K" a more a tlvo movement In spot ociitm pvtT.i iari lines we, < dlspotwd of for ex put ifi HtiYklq .ma. TJUs fttfejMueil aiM^aUeu 1 June him tone, for J uly. We ?um upthu."-"^'^. Kxport ?W Ssswr.??- s s Intrawrtt. MO _ o2 Total J, 819 ill ?For future delivery (basis low middling) the sales have been a. follows :-flalea Saturday evenly" Y&r one oclock:-AprU. MM bale* at 18 14- 16c., sio at lie ? May, 400 at 19 5-ltfc., '..'100 at 199?c 800 at 19 ' f.5iBe;.I2#.At.1WiS5- *' l? ILlto., 'to at Wt.c. ; July' ?m*? k?iii 5tJ#Kc-i October, 30u ni Ulkc. 1 otaL hiien to<4Aj up to three P M adHI l()0*t %Tc..?0eat 19^., TdS^lK *! 19 13-ltlc., 100 At c., 100 at 19 1?-I6c ' l'ltf) 2m ?Cior(W at.AS t lihc.,600 at 19 lA-itic. z.-^s's s&bs S^W^fl^aiL.180"*.??!0 300 at 20' jd./llOO at bale*, Urand total. 30,400 bales. T'io recelbu JtMh. ^7? MU?.1U? hum"* :)T^J*lv?*'on, 484 b?l?s; New Orlewi* Jji2 Mobile, olio; savanna i. 1 044* i?\ iri. ???<??? im u ii ' ton 64 ; Norfolk 1.147; Biutmori IM^Net?2 ffihjjl V Boston, 41 Total, 71W7. This utiy htst week li w.' ?Ti*' ?lay last year 7,161 bales. Rates to mreign porta were VfL*1 "?'ollowlng figures:? To Havre, by Kt?"ai TCc sdSou^a. coX?ai?, Jf-ffiEfSfc bv?V,"!? Ordinary TO1* ***&+ ?'???? Jtou. Good ordinary 17V ? 17^5 ir? i5?? Strict good ordinary. I8W 1?W ii v iii? ?w middling .. m J32 i$3 J2? Middling ............ 20 an! S* ?J,4 Good middling K $a>? aS *?!? ? Ihe quotations lire based on cotton in store mnninJ susssswr """' ?S5W8IS 750 bags; oats, 24. WO bushels; barley, l.ifl ? IoT The Hour murket ruled quiet, but steady. Lines of shtopin? extras were scarce and held a litUe (Inner ; but toe Ilemaml being very light, no advance wan established Tim sale* since our last Include about 8,300 bbb," at prices win ?n the raiige ot the appended quotations. Corn tnoM con" tlnued quiet, but ubout stcadv. \V? hnvo (.u v t7, sales ^-V) bids- of Western yellow at$325ontJe dSc* No 2State. .*! ?. at ? *? ??' 100 lbs. We *0^ Superfine state '.V.V.IIIIIirillHIII ? oo ?*r, w Extra State T 2? ? i ii Chotce State I ? * J I? Buperflne We.storu g t 2 r! Extra Western . S Si 2 5 ?i Extra Minnesota TftoS ?? Rouud hoop Ohio, shipping brands..... 7 ut . 7*^ wound h?oP oiuo'. trade brands! .: l$l 1$ HtpuioWextr8:::::::::::::-:::;;: ?gj '?? ht. Louis, straight extra " I ? IIP, St. Ixiujs, choice double extra ' u Ija ! .5 Sj ciite.ch0lc41 ,uullly i? So K?"flo?.;.:v.v.uv.v;;:;::;.v; ? 22: lS ffi Southern No. 2 ] ?{ ? ? Southern superfine J |S J 5 K Bout hem extra SS Southern family jl S * .J Cornmeal, Wesb-rn H ?? ? ? ? Uirntneal, Jersey 2 ^ * 5 J? asS.BrJ^e 2 If, Caloric f- o- I). Puncheons .'.'.V.V.'.V.'." l# /??? ? S6 77" wlieat market wan dull and lower uotwithhumiinir SSSSbS^i SSL r? trSfiS-i&'a?' "J!? n? e&sr-ff srto8ts?^iFv8 SffiTiT " "i.? ?! Sfi^aS auoat: 47^c. a 48c. tor new black, do ? file a&V fnr t*ir store, barley and rye were luacuve, but held nominally jail> lor tnose suitable to the petroleum trade Kut?4 weE H"f:l?v'"'he, favor. The engagement ^TeTl^lTv^M lm b*lei cottoif at "" ?V *i 000 bacon atSUs. To London uwl ^'ii r^1'''.'! provisions at 5?. ?ki )or bbbt. of f^Jo biihet of %ssr at ^r1' ,?a^ ,hs & !-AnKV\unWbrL jhu "Sm ^'.aou cases r(VncdUpetroleUumerat i.ari at Uu77td " rin^ennHI1 hence to a Baltic port, 2,400 bbls. reflnocf Krsawffi"! KSSKt JilBS? SMsE? & xs !? r #si?e.Tis&id foreign, but as yet transactions were confined to th? ro quireinenu of the local jobbing trade Tfte inVi Cuba, muscovado, reiiuiu'g ? a - Mr" u ST" Porto E0y^rtry wT ? uL H " ^ ^ tz M :?: d'eujer^.^kv U^sta ?n?H\? TnCC ?f tr?"?c^ns. Strained quoted at *3 30 ? ??' M. Tar was in moderate request, but at trSL?r K 37Wr a *shiSfr<1w?ir "a,0!< of 400 ^bls of Ncwbern "t ^ 1 W W. Wilmington quoted at S3 50 ?teady?lmt'lln~iho ?KU,arket/ lor Mflnud remained about steady, but in the aboeuce of reoorted transactioim nri<-<>?< were entirely nominal ; quotc<f at BkMwffhK ^IdV .??aud?'r,n bnlk' negl^cd'^ally suady at 9 ?c. lor prompt delivery, aud 9c. for the t'uttir? months. There was some inquiry tor cases, wim-h u- . unchanged in price ; quoted atfi , ^Mihtha wLs .H" w>? inoUfd nominally at 11c. a 11 W0. for WeitJnT)!! wffo n irom tho Frn,e,k thc reports wero of u dull market, with prices nominally steady. The Philadelphia^ markV! unchanged ; reflned quoted a/^19c for first white, for "prompt a?{ &Cb:bWd\VnaC;hUuSi atujLPcP'ng orUer' " 13^c- ^ Provijions.? Receipts? Pork. 1.472 bbls, ? cot meatj* i ik packsges ; lard, i.'V'iH bills, and tlcrces Vhe ma?fct tn? mess pork ruled quiet but firmer We heard ot??leVof 1?> lorVrlLClttii??^01Si*htKV ">?<."*> ?U I.?t'e SatuMa^ ^rnrAS^1^' 1? bfcf^umWt1!!! !!,^ ibe market was firm, but the demand only molrrate We heard ot sales of 200 boxes long clear at &c "ash So bbls. , S^l n |22 for do. prime do., tierces anil 3t2 1\ n a-*4 ffiWXW.'Sa id'aa^Kirr S shoulders at 7c., 200 tierces loose city pickled hams Vt UXc. a ISc. for heavy and light ; 100 ttercas Dickiad h^ mV free on board at Chicago, at lie. H&led sfi/.ni.w. w?5 quoted at 7^o., loose, and fresh hams at fromlllVli Lard-The market for Western was flrlner un.t?; . demand. The sales include 200 Uercrs, spot at ? IVl'v ' 100 do. off grade, at 8^?.; 1,800 do., for AnrtL at8 13 J22" ? 800 do., lor May, at ?c. ; 1,280 do. , for do. . at tac fini'i ,u" 1 8Hc#a 8He ^ W" qU'et; li0 wl'd'itftom SooAa.? The market for raw was dull, witn no dlsnoai tlon evinced, either on the part of buyers or filers T in excitemetit in the Bold premium be Ins the ?rh!/.'il'"ti,.c*nfe' annex our former <iuotatiuns. which may be regarded as entirely nominal We quote (,tiba? Reflning, inferior te common 7c a 7Xc.; fair to good fab. Sr.. a S^c.; good to or J 5??' * 5)?- ! *'0?ery. f"lr to good, o&c. a"'4c. : pr^ne to 04z2lCe* ^C* * hhds. a nil boxe^ Uc a 2iV c- '.P10 lasses, nhds. aud boxes, 7c. a 8c. ; mclndo 4c a 6?<c. Havana? Boxes, Dutch standard. Nok 7 to 9 7Wc 2 Wjc. ; do., if to M, 8)tfc. a IC. ; do.. 13 toli9Wc a9%fi ? do l<Vc * Fnr tsi 'm w \\ M' l"Xc- * He- 1 whlui) * rorto Rico? Keflmng, common to prime, extra^Stlertor. 7*c? a ^0' * . Tbere Wttsa fair business corismnmated to day In both foreign and domestic, aad the market was st. uily Bales 75 tierces of Carolina at from 7%c. a H^c. aud M bags of Rangoon at 63ii% a 7c. Ktkakisk. ? The market was quiet but Arm; minted at "? ? * ? -*> -?5^s8.*^siri^iaOTat of do. on private terms. w ",,JS . WHu**T.-KecelDta, 480bb|s. The market was active but at a decline ol %c. per gallon. Sales 150 bbiiL at 91c. ; later, 380 bbt at 90^c.. olo?ln, at that p?ice. '' DOMESTIC MARKETS, Oalvxstom, March SI, 1S7S Cotton Arm : good ordinary, 16'4c. Net receipts, ('At bales. Exports coastwise, 882. Rales, 700. Stock, 6MU3. Nnw ORi.KAHa. March 31, 1873. Cotton Arm; ordinary, 13,' <c. ; good ordinury, lSKc.i low middlings, 18?ic. ; middlings, 19!-4C. Net receipts, 3,112 bales; gross, 3,363. Exports? To Groat Brltuln, 4,126; to the Continent, 5,171; coastwise, 1,773. Sales, J.000; last evening. 3,800. Stock, 197,401 Mobile, March *1, 1973. Cotton firm and advanced; goo.l ordinary, 16>,u a 17c. ; low middlings, 18c. 5 middlings, 19c. Set receipts, 8<<8 bales; gross, 1,018. Exports, coastwise, 374. Sales, 1,200. Stock, 88,679. Bavaiciaii, March 31, 1871 Cotton llrm ; middlings, 13kc. Net receipts, 1.044 bale*. Expor'-s-To the ('outiuent, 3,063; coustHise, Ml. Sales, 1..106. block, 47,4t>3. Chaklkstor, March 31, 1H73. Cotton steady ; mldalltiits, I.",\c. ; low middlings, 14c. a Ifi'iC. ; go<Hl ordinary, l">?e. Net receipts, 4M bales. Exports eoasnytse, 776. Sales, 800. 8tock, 29.026. WiunnoTon, N. 0., March 31, 1873. flpirits of tnrpcntlne quiet at 88c. Rosin quiet At uij for No. I ; $2 75 for low No. 2. Crude turpentine sie.uly at U '*? for hard, $4 lor yellow dip aud virgin. Tar steady at 82 80. Lovistillk, March SI, 187S. Tobacco very Arm ; business small at full prices Oswaoo, N. T.. March 31, 1*73. Flonr steady and unchanged. Bales of 8ix) bbls. at $1 75 for No. 1 Spring, 78 lor amber Winter, 810 80 lor white Wintsr, $11 for doable extra. Wheat firm, but quiet; sales of prime white Canada at $2 OA. Corn dull ; sales or Maie ut ."Vte. Oats lower; sales of State at 40o. Corn meal, $130 for bolted; $125 lor unbolted per cwt. Mill feed unchanged ; shorts, $11 , shipstulls, mlddllnus, $2> per ton. Railroad freights- Klour to rhtladelphia, 60r.; to Bolton, 72c. ; to New York. 62c. ; to Albany, .vie. PINANCIAL. Atlantic and pacific railroad company.? The qaarterly Dividend at one audi quarter per cent on the capital stock of tha 1'beUe Railroad (ot Mis souri, wilt he paid at the offices ot this company in Hi Louis, Mo., u*d at 2ti7 New York. April 15. 1873, to stockholder* ol record < i April I, 1872. A V. S1U11T. Trsaaaea rnumuti. August bki.honi k go.'. Banker*, 19 and 21 Himi street, issue Trs Tellers' Credits, available In all part* at th* world, through the Messrs. OB ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and transfer* of manev am. California, Europe ana Havana. (COMMONWEALTH OF YIKOIMIA.-COUPONB DUB > January 1, IHTH. off the old bond* ami consols ant interest on registered mock, parable April. I, rolleoted bv JOHN B. MANNING, No. i hew street. Fob sale? a heat in the new york stuck Exchange. Address bo* 1,531 I'oet "fllce, N. T. pOLD? GOLDi^-OOLD IS OKT1INC VERT Al!TrrF \T Buy privileges lor quarter per cent puts or calla tor thirty day*. HENRY C. CkOSS, Member New York Stock Exchange, 21 Broad street A9KIN3 4 BRA INK. 11 BROAD STREET, Stock and Oold Broker*. Stock Privileges a specialty ; Pats. Calls and Double Privileges on all ae? tlve stocks. Small capitalists will And tills a safe method of speculating. Explanatory clroulars, with references, mailed on application. HBNRY O. CROSS. U tfltOAD HTKKKT, MKMBB* New York Stock Kxchanxe, refers to K. B. WaJlaen k Co., Qrott, Strong A Co., Oreenleaf, Norrls k Co., (life, son, Casanova A Co., A. W. Shenard A Co., i? colt k Hons, H. J. Capron * Co., Cam bios k Co., and many others. HBAVT DECLINE IN STOCKS.? BOY GOOD PBIYI leges and limit yonr loss to one ner cent. HENRY C. CROSS. Member New York Stock Exchange, ii Broad street. QFFICB OK FISK k HATCH, NO. 5 NASSAU STBBBT, New York. March 31, 1873. The six per cent Oold Bonds of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company, being secured by ft First Mort gage on a complvtep road, which la one of the great East and West trunk line*, commanding a largo throm^h business, and which, froui the Immense mineral, agrical tural and other valuable resources of the country tk traverses, is assured of a very remunerative local traffic, are among the most substantial and satisfactory Invest ment securities in the market; and, at the present pflos, 87J-C and accrued interest, yield a liberal rate of interest on their cost. They are in denominations of $100, SAW) sad $1,000> coupon and registered ; principal and interest payable la gold coin In New York; Interest May and November. We boy and sell, at current market rates, the Wester* Pacific Six Per Cent Oold Bonds originally negotiated by us, and now quoted at the Stock Exchange and widely known as tavorlte securities in the principal money mar kets. Coupon Bonds of $1,000; principal and interest payable In gold coin in New York; Interest- Jasuary and July. Price to-day, 9i\ to 9i We also buy and sell Qovorument and Central PaciAa Bonds, receive deposits, oil which we sllow interest, make collections and do a general banking business. FISK k nATOH. JAY COOKE k CO., No. 20 Wall street. New York. Excbaage oa London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfort, Bun Cable Transfers, Circular Letters, Commercial Credits. JAT COOKE, McCULLOCH k CO.. 41 Lombard street, Loudon. Mechanics and traders' sayings institv tloo. 283 Bowery, near Houston street Deposits made now or on April 1 will lie entitled to In terest irom April 1. Interest paid on all sums from $5 to $10,000. (tpen dally from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M., and ou Mon days and Wednesdays Irom 10 to 7. ALFRED T. CONKLIN, President. Hum C. PisnFR. Secretary. VTOTICE. J.1 TasAsintBB's Orncs, Eats Railway Gomvavt, I March 18. 1SJSL I The Interest due April 1 next, on the fourth mortgage bonds. New York aud Erie Railroad, will be paid at tit* office of Duncan, Sherman k Co., 11 Nassau street. W. r. SHEARMAN, Treasurer. OFFICE OF UNITED STA TKS ASSISTANT TKHAKtT rer, N<w Yobs, March 31. 1871 During the month of April, 1873, T snail, by order, re ceive bid* for Gold and oilers for Bonds, u iollow a ;? liids for Oold. Thursday, April 3, $1, 600, 000. . Thursday, April 10, 1,800,1100. Thursday, April 17, 1,801,000. Thursday, April 24, 1,300.000. Offers of Bonds. Wednesday, April 9, $500,000. Wednesday, April 2H. AMI, 000. A ccrtlilud cticck for fiveber cent of bid or offer must tin deposited therewith. Proposals will be opened at IS o'clock noon, each day specified. The Treasury mar, at its option, accept o tiers oi bonds or bids for gold In oxoeaft of the amount advertised for. Printed tortus lor proposals, with the regulation* to b* observed, will he furnished at this office. THOS. H1LLHOIT8E , Assistant Treasurer United Ststoo, OFFICE" OK JEFFEKSONVlLLK, MADlbON AMI Indianapolis Kailroad, Jeffersonvllle, March 20, 1873.? The second mortgage bonds of this company, nt turlng at Hank of America. New York, Apnl 1, will b? paid at maturity or tne holders thereof may, at thetr option, receive flret mortgacc sinking fund homls, princi pal and interest Kuaranteed, at nluetv-flve In exchange therefor. The .exchange will be made bonu tor bond, and the difference of Ave per oent will be paid the holder In cash at the time ot maimii tlie exchange. THOMAS A. SOOTT, President OFFICE OF THE" CHICAGO AND CANADA SOUTH em Railway Company, IS William street. New York, March 27, 1873,? The semi-annual Interest, maturing April 1, 1H73, on the first mortgage bonds of the Chicago and Canada Southern Railway Company will tie paid on unit alter the 1st prox. at the Union Trust Company of New York, 73 Broadway. M. COURTBIGHT, Preaideat, ROPOsXLri FOB $300,000 STOCK OF* THE CITY O* New York. Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's office until Thursday. April 3, 1873, at 3 o'clock P. M.f when the same wtll dc publicly opened for the whole or anv pan of the sum of three hundred thousand dollars of stock of the city ol New York, to wit:? Additional NEW CROTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized bv chapter 210, Laws of 1870, payable August 1. 1MB $130,009 CROTON WATER MAIN STOCK, authorized by chapter MS. Laws of 1872, payable November I, 1900 $130,000 Said Stocks wl'.l bear Interest at the rate of seven tier cent per annum, pa /able on the first day if May and No vember in each venr. The proposals will state the amount of storks desired and the price per one hundred dollars thereof; and ll?e persons whose proposals are accepted, will, thereupon, be r< quired to deposit w the Comp troller the sums awarded to them respectively, together with any premiums thereon, when they will be entitled to receive certificates for equal amounts of the par value of the sums awarded to them, bearing interest from Ui* dates of payment. Each proposal should be sealed and endorsed "Pro po? sals lor Stocks of the City of New York,'' and enclosed in ft second envelope addressed to the Comptroller. The right is reserved on the part of the Comptroller to reiect an v or all of the bids If. in hlsjudgment, the interest* of tho Corporation require It __ ? ANDREW H. GREEN. Comptroller. Citt or Hkw York. Dsi-ahtb?i?t or Figures. i Co?rrROLi.sB's Omp?, March26, 1873. I SEND IN YOU R O R f) K RS~FO K ~PR I V I LEGES IHT Stocksand Oold. HENHV C. CROSS, Member Now York Stock Exchange. 22 Broad street UNION DIME HAVINGS BANK, ?ICS and 30 Canal street, corner Lalght Six percent Interest paid. Money deposited now will bear Interest from April 1. Assets, ten millions nine hnndredand eighty-seven LhoOr Sftnd dollars. Hooks in English, French and German. VI rM W A Kl>, 22 BROAD STRBEfTliRbKER Tl? V T Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Ac. ; Privileges a specialty. The fact no privilege negotiated through tnls otTlco was ever dishonored sufficiently attests the strength ana stability of Hie uamcs dealt in. TTTE nAVF. MONEY TO LOAN AND TO BUY FIRST fl and Second Mortgages on New York City Rent Estate. W. D. * F. BARTLCH, M Wall street WANTED? $28,000 ON FIRST " CLASS BROOKLYN Property, worth $60,000; principals only ; bunas 1 per cent Address O. s., Herald ofllce. 4>QAA WANTED IMMEDIATELY? FOR THREE VoUv months, by a lady In business, for which $29 will be paid ; security mortgage on flxturus, Ac. Ad dress H. G. INDUSTRY, Herald office. Ar AA/l TO fl&OOO TO LOAN ON FlItST MoHT gage, from two to three year*, on Improved citv property; uo bonus. Addrhss PRINCIPAL, box IS Herald office. <J?1 c nnn TU LOAN OUT on first MORT gngo on New York city property. Apply to F. JOSEPH. 318 East Nineteenth street d>1 ff n/W| WANTED? ON FIRST MORTOAQE ON tpit/.WUl/ Tenement Property in the Seventh ward worth $40,000; principals only. Apply to M. A. J. LYNCH, 68 Ceaur street tifeOrt nnn TO loan? IN ONE OR TWO SUMS, or ?p^jU.UUl I $10,000 each, on first class Brooklyn Im proved Property; no bonus. s. COCKCROKT. No. PJ^Plne street, room fc 4il/l^nnn-TO lsan on real ESTATE IN vliO.UuU this city or Bro^kh-n; $fi,000 and up wards (second mortgage*) negotiated. Apply to JOMH K. CONREY, 162 Broadway. room ft _______ <tl7^nnn TO LOAM? ON BOND AND MORT. y L j tJ.UHu gage, in lurge and small sums on City Property. Monev for Second Mortgagee. Apply to WIL LIAM KENNELluT, N?. ? Pine street <2: I nn (inn to loan ov new york, hrooc ?PtUU.UUU lya aud Westchester Rvfti bstate, in sums to suit; no bonus required ; term of years. C. E. WlLLld, Monhtuk Insurance t'ompany, 16* Broadway. <fc7?n nnn TO loan on improved propb W t OU.UUU ty In New York and New Jersey, i PROPER on lirst class only. Principals only need apply. E. M. MASON, No. I Chambers i i street. CyPA HTM M HMH1P9. 1BEO LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC GENERAKLT . that the firm heretofore existing under the name of E. M one use A Doparquet, at Mend M Wooster street, tor the munutaeturiug of cooking ranges snd kitchen uteo sIN in general, has tieen dissolved, and that I will continuo in th same business under my own uame at iw <*f>utr? Filth n ? entie. In a shurttlme I wtll be ready to fill all ordxir sua serve any old customers with the sanm tbori ug'iness and promptness as l??*tofore. Mespect full) v ins, S.MON81SB. MR. WILLIAM RABN RETAKES THIS DAT FhOK ,ur Or in 4U.I from active business. . , ? CIIAS. UNGBV ? CUi. m KACbftOK* P'MS. Umm. X<u*s4tf UlJtp .

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