Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1873 Page 14
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* gOAimiBM w* t~ OOTTAOa FLACB-FOOR OB FIT* TABI.B 1 Inxttri wanted ; *4 SO and $A pur weak; convenient (o Bleeder ?tract, seventh and Sixth avenue carat "? FRONT HALL ROOM TO LET, WITH GOOD I Board, to a single gentleman ; $7 per week. Inquire ?t a Grove street between Hudson and Bleecker streets; to moving In May. 1 DBPAC ROW OR IBS BLEECKER STREET ? I Room*. with Hoard, for families or Dingle persons, $14 k >U*: single $" to $S ; uu moving in May. n BLOCKS FROM BROADW AY. ? TO LET. A SUIT I Zi of elegantly furnished Rooms, ou flr*t and second i poor*. with tlrs't class French Table; private ii required, j l* Waverley place. ! ?> WK8T THIRTY-SEVENTH STREET.- HANDSOME- | i) ly nirtiisb.d Second Floor, en suite or singly, with a private table if preferred; reference* exchanged. A STORY BROWN BTONE, FURNISHED, WITH ! 'r Board lor owner and son; rent fi.iWO; also unfur- I Dished brown stone, In Harlem; rem $*n. DOTY k BBUNDAUE, 28 Union square. | (fc?? TO *10 PER WEEK, ?1 50 PER DAY.? PLEASANT ifil) Rooms with excellent Board, for families and tangly, at 176 Bleecker street, six blocks west oi flroad wey 1 CTH STREET, WEST, S47.-A HANDSOMELY FUR. J ? J nlsaed Room on second floor to let, with good hoard, to gentleman and wite or single gentle incu ; reier snee. "?/{ EA*T TWENTY-THIRD STREET, OPPOSITE Ivl Madison avenue Park.? To let, lurnUhed, with Board, one suit newly furnished Rooms, Iront, and single Room; no moving. I'T UNIVERSITY PLACE.? TO LET. WITH BOARD, I I side roe in on first floor (trout) ; also one room on li iirth floor; house tirstclafs _____________ 1(1 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE 3 ' Fnth Avenue Hotel. ? An elegant Suit ot Boons to let, with Board, to a party oi gentlemen. 4 > I ST BTRKET fORA MERCY PARK).? HANDSOM KI.Y Z.L tarnished Room* to let. with tlrst class Board; best reference; no moving in May. Apply at 137 l ast Twenty first street. ___ ntJD STREET ? TWO NICK FRONT ROOMS. WITH first class Board, vacant to-day. Summer rates to permanent parties. No moving. 200 and 2U2 w est Tweuty ihrrd street JOHN P. WORSTELL. ?OD STREET. 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADISON square.? Elegantly furnished Rooms to let. In suits cr singly, will* first class Board, from April 10; relur f rices. 1 1,1 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.? NICELY FUR ZiTT n idled front Room, large closct, suitable for pen II' innn and who or iwo gentlemen, Willi or without Board. ODTn STREET, 29 WEST, NEAR BROADWAY? jj\) Second Floor to let to gentlemen or a family willing to pay a talr price tor good accommodations ; Superior Boara I references. < JO WEST FOURTEENTH STREET ? A GENTLEMAN /.O and wite anil one gentleman may obtain Rooms, with Hoard ; Second story may also be engaged by per manent parties tor the season. OQTH STREET, WEST, NO. 4D.-TO LET, WITH jU O Board, nicely lurslshcd Floors, Suits or single Rooms; every convenience ami uttcntion ; bath ami closet on every floor; bouse, table and neighborhood first class; accessible to hotels and cars. 0?> WEST THIRTY THIRD RTREET, BETWEEN ? >0 Broadway ami Filth avenue.? Front hall Room, with Board ; also will be vacated shortly, richly furnished Beeond Floor, with or without private table, Ofl EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? LARGE, OU handsome Rooms to let, with first class Board, for gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen; references exchanged. * yl"l EAST NINETEENTH 8TREET.? HANDSOMELY Til (tarnished Rooms on sccond and third floors, con necting, to rent, wiih Board. A i) EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET. -ROOM 8, WITH " ^ flvV'1. (or families; single Rooms; Basement for physician's wjneti. A K WEST ELEVENTH STREET ? WTTn OR WITH TTtJ out Board, furnished oj unfurnished Room, singly or suites Parties changing before May, with furniture, Ban be accommodated. 4C FIFTH AVENUE.? AN ELEGANT PARLOR -fcO Floor and n Suit on second floor can be Ii ad with ate tahie in the pleasantly located double house, 45 avenue. m A(\ EAST 21ST ST.? A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED *tli third story front Parlor and hall Bedroom, with ^ood Board ; also u trout Basement, suitable lor a doctor's iwnoe. /{A WEST FIFTIETH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH vU and Sixth avenues.? Famished Room* on the par lor and third floors to rent, with Board, in a private liouh. , reurenccs exchaaged. A A WKST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A LARGE 'it Room, Just vacated by a family golup South, to Si t, with first class Board; also Room on upper floor, ?tillable tor two gentlemen; rete.rences required. ?7A IRVING PLACE (GKAMl.Ri Y PARK -LARGE. ! 4 ' I suunv Room, third floor, luliy turnished ; also large 1 ?ingle Room, with tire ; house und tabic llrel class , special j Inducements to permanent parties. , im WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET -Fl' RNISI1 ED i J U1 Rooms. singl\ or en suit . with or without Board-, | Impuso small und private ; every accommodation ; terms Reasonable. I A/> EAST TWENTY-TniRD STREET.? DESIRABLE JUU Rooms lor families or gentlemen, with Hoard; (nexccptiouable rrli rences etchaiiKcd. IOQ WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET. NEAR HJ?/ Broadway -To let, with Board, two large connect- I j Rooms; hot and cold water: suitable lor a party of imllcmeii or families; reference* 1 AQ EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.? FURNISH J'?t/ ed Booms, with or without Board: all mtslcrn Improve inenta; brown done, French basement bouse j Ipoation first clasa 11 R EAST FIFTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN JIO Lexington and Fourth avenues.? Furnished or ?nfumithed Rooms, with or without Board ; bath and |?* 11)/' EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET. ? A WELL ij'l furnished back Parlor to let. with Board: also other Rooms; house and location first class. Table board ers taken. 1QO WEST TU I RTY-FOU RTH STREET. NEAR JOU Broadwav.? Handsomely t.irulslied Room on flurd tloor, with tirst class Board; rcftreuces. ,"?OQ HUDSON STREET, HOBOKEN.? A FAMILY or a few gentlemen can be accommodate. I with I ainndsom'-ly furnished Rooms and first class Hoard; Si o use and locatiou lirst class; terms moderate; rctur ? io e s exchanged. 14Q NINETY FIRST STREET, NEAR I.EXING ItO ton avenue ? A Suit of furnished and unfbrnish- ! #il Rnonis; private house, quiet location ; no moving. 1 >l?o Board lor a chiliL Possession iinmcaiatoly. TTiA WKHT TWENTY-SECOND STREET? A VERY IOt des ruble und well turnislied Second Floor, with | or without private table; wuuld suit a parly ol gentle men ; no moving in May. OAQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.- SINOLK OUT. I ?\f O tie men or gentleman and wite can obtain hand somely furnished Koom?. with Board, in private lauiilj ; first thus location ; reference required. <114 MADISON AVENUE. CORNER THIRTY-SIXTH j-jI' r street. ? An Suit of Rooms, the entire Jloor, handHomely lurni.ihed, with Board, to rent, troni ?ay l._ A1QM FOURTH AVENUE.? TO RENT, WITH BOARD, JjCllt one slnt-li' and one double Room, neatly lur lilshed; newly papered and painted; by n private lum l!y. Reierences exchanged. EAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET,? PL KA8A NT ?>'"J front Rooms to let. with Board, to giutlcnien stud gentleman and wile: terms $fa per week. <J|iO EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. TW . . I U O" O East of f'ecotul avenue.? To Ict- handsome lur jlished rooms ol every di sciipUun with board ; first class Jielghborhood. A 1 ~ WEST FOItTY-TIIIRD STREET. ?A FUR JL 1 tJ nlslicu second floor to let, with or \Mlliout Board. Ititrmcei L'On LEXINGTON AVENUE.? ELEGANTLY FUR UOv) nlshed Risnns. for one or two tauiiilcs. on second and third floors; m suite it desired . also Rooms tor smg(o gentlemen ; first class tabic and home cotnloris ; terms mode rate. A LADY, LIVING AT PRESENT IN A GOOD location, would be willing to take n pnrtv of tour gentlemen to Board, or a tainlly of tour : to occupy th? stntirs second or third floor, for the rent; the best reter ? ncesglven and required. Address MaUDISON, box 175 Mi raid Uptown Branch ofllce. At.aov, having a handsome house, in choice locality, near PMth avenue, offers Parlors mid Second Hour, with or without private table; parties wishing comforts aud quiot of a refined htnic will In. I This an ?nprrtiinitv seldom offered; none but parties of the higher' .respectability treated wlih. Address W. A., to?x 1S4 Herald Uptown Branch office. ' XpRONT, LARGE, NUTLT AND ELEtiENTLY FUR. X nlslMj'l Room ; brown stone house: all modern Im provements; Beard and everything first ein?s: highest It'iereneesi price r< asonablc ; no one ticul call unless i he y expect to be permanent It suited), l.'ll Ka-t 27in st 1m- ween Fourth and Lexington avennes., five minutes' walk ot Filth Avenue Hotel and Broadway. r aihon Pauis;i:vne ?- i ast twlt.fth strkkt, I between Uuiw rolty place and Broi. lnray. Ikirunt Utif ef Room*; also ;lui4l?; privata table fr required; l.ililc d'hote at 6'a I . M, M M" T "> LET-WITTI OOOD HOARD, ON TIIK SLCOND dturv, front. on? lar^e Hwiin and a entailer oti? ad VilnliiK They arc handnomely luml hed. location. 1*1 Weal Fourteenth ftreet. Relerenees given am) required. BO A It 1> A\l) l,?U)(il\? \\ VMTED. a TOO HO MARRIID COtPL* WOULD L1KI ?0 Jx priiCnre Board and fnrnld'ied Koom ; private lamlh ; Fffnrli prelerred: location Sitth avenue, nut al>o? >imirtli ?tr?et. AitdrcM K. V., Herald office. AVIV ASA NT ROOM. WITH HKIvA K PAST AND dinner week day*, wnn?<d by a y <mnn mnrrl-.l couple ; term* niuid lie moderate: location nut too lar up town. Addretwi 1 1 IKT, bo* ITl Herald orti? e. AUKNTLI MAN AND WI FK WfHH A PI.EAH * NT Room, Hoard f?r lady only; lie low T\v< nly-tlitrd fitreet, Wfsl. AJilrcun Mia, M. i KA< V, Uoruid Uptown Jhr^neh oWee. Eoard wantkd? for two r,ADirs an>i nrri.n, on weat ?lrte, l>etwi'en TwciiUi arid 'thirty-tilth direct*. two*rnall or one medium tiled Room, with heat and an?, not oTer 9U1 por month. Addr<-? D II., box 31fi font office BOARD WANTEP-IN A PRIVATE KAMI I V, PY A KHifrl* gentleman. between Fourteenth and Thirtieth f* recta, eivt tide. Ad?lre??, Matlug particulars, I. I'., lift aid iBw. Board wantkd? for gentleman and wifkj private family preferred; permanent if unit*- It term* pel month. Address lor three da.* n l-ii Win, Her ald ofllre. Board wanted- bt roi R adults, in a first < inn family; would lurnllh complete If (l.?iuii /ddnjji, \??Ui lull pwlkulur*. L> L t).. aUtUi/ii y, 1 mjuu aid Looenre waxtk*. DOiBD AND BS8JDEKCB WANTED -BY A JJ a gentleman, in a private family (English pre. ferred). Address, staling terms, Ac., W. F. A., boa 173 Herald office. BOABD WANTKD-BY (iKNTUU AN AND WIFE, ON linn of Sixth avenue car*. In a private family ; Room with alcove ; good i>uutries; no notice taken unless price and room mentioned ; price moderste ?, permanent If suited ; best reference gl\en and required. Address CO NANT, Herald I'pti wn Branch office. tPEACHER.? BOARD.? AN AMERICAN OENT1.EMAN 1 of education and experience, and a graduate, desires to be tutor innpriiate family; the ancient languages and Kiigllsli branches, willi French and Spanish, thor oughly tauurht; city or country ; Board a'oue desired an compensation. Andres* N. E.. Herald office. TWO YOCNO MEN WANT A COMFORTABLE ROOM, Willi Break ni*i and IVa. In n private funiiiv. tn-i \v n Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets: terms #8 to Add rem M T.. hox 114 Ilerald Uptown Branch office. "11 'ANTED AN UNFURNISHED ROOM, WITH W Hoard, tor a lndv and (frown up daughter; location irom Twelfth to 1 wrenty-thlra street and sixth to Eighth avenne ; would like to furnish a parlor suit, with piano. Address, nfaiinn term*, J. L. J., 'J5 Seventh avenue. TITANTED? ROOMS AND BOARD (PERMANENT) BY Vr two young gentlemen In n strictly pi Ivate family, where there aro no other boarders; location between Twentieth and Fiftieth streets : references required. Ad dress. with lowest terms, IiOMK, box 173 Ilerald Uptown Branch office. 117"ANTED ? BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. POR ?V six persons, on the Hudson, Irom Juno to October; not more than lk hours' ride from th!> city by rail. Ad dress, with terms and location, L. ED WARDS, 317 West Fifteenth street. WANTED? TWO CONNECTIVE BOOMS AND BOARD, in a private family, for two young gentlemen. Address, statin* t?rm<, Ac., box S, "MM rout oftlee. WANTED? A LAROR, UNFURN If HED ROOM, BY A gentleman and wile, with or without lioard; be tween Fourth and Seventh avenues, Fourteenth and Thirty-fonrth streets. Address J. F. E., lie: aid Uptown Branch ofllen. HOTELS, NEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWKRY. CORNER OF Bayard street; 200 light Booms, neatly furnished, 90 cents or 6o cents per night ; %i Itti to $4 per week. For gentlemen only. RESERVOIR PARK HOTEL., CORNER SIXTH AVE nue and Fortieth sUeet (opposite Reservoir Park), elegant Suits of Rooms to rent, with Board ; also Rooms for single gentlemen ; prices moderate. OTIRTF.VAVT HOrsF, BROADWAY, TWENTY C? eighth and Twentv-nlnth streets. New York, Ameri can plan, $4 a day.? This hotel has elevators, all modern improvements; situated in the great hotel centra. LEWIS A tJEO. S. LELAND, Proprietors. COUNTRY BOARD. CTATEN ISLAND.? TO LKT (8 MINUTES FROM THE O first landing), splendid Rooms, with excellent. Board ; best reference given and required; fine garden by the house and sea bathing. Please address L. L. L., box 225 Herald office. WANTED-OOUNTRY BOARD, FOR THE SUMMER, for gentleman and wife, convenient to the city: flomfort more an object than style; terms not to exceed f 13 each; no other boarders preferred. Address W. R. C., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. WANTED? BY TWO BINOLE OENTLEMPN, BOARD from May 1, at a <|Ulet country house or farm, within an hour of lower part of cttv ; nccesslblc by boat, near water desirable. State terms aud reply to E.J. A., box 4,.Y)9 Post office. 8UMMKR W K SORTS. ^ /"-10ZZENS' I / WEPT POINT nOTEL will open on or about the first day of June. Tltreo Cot tages to let, with Board In hotel. Special terms offered to parties taking hoard for the season. Por particulars ad dress EDWARD ('?iXZKNS, West Point, K. Y. OBERMAN HOUSE, Chicago, 111. Opened March 31, 1673. The world-wide celebrated SHERMAN HOUSE, again rebuilt on the old site, will be opened lo the travel ling pnblio on and after March 31, 1873. The fineit and most Commodious notel on the Continent. _ . C. B. MUNSON, Manager. SALKK AT AUCTIUM. ^RT? AUCTION. SOMERVILLE GALLERY, Fifth avenue ftnd Four teenth street, NOW OPEN FREE. MR. JOHN BNliDECOU'S ANNUAL SALS. ROlffeRT BOMERVILLETAnctloneer, 82 Fifth avenue, ?will sell on the evenings of the 7th, 9th and 9th April, tho entire collection of Art Works belonging to Mr. John Sne deeor, comprising fine Oil Paintings and Water Colors, previous to his departure for Europe. The cotlcctlon embraces many very valuable examples by native and foreign artists of distinction, and Is well worth the atten of all lovers of art. ^DRIAN H. MULLER, AUCTIONEER. Property at Riverdale, on tho Hudson River, and* n Broadway, between the cities of New York and Yonkers, Comprising Three Houses and388 Lots, To he sold at auotlon THURSDAY, April 3, At the Kxchange Salesroom. For particulars apply to A U. MILLER, P. R. WILKINS A CO., Auctioneers, No. 7 Pino street A UCTION SALE. A I ' CTION SALE. U\. Over Slft.OflO worth and over MX) lots. First elan city made Household Furniture, Oil Paintings, Pianotorte, Works ol Art. Mirrors. Tills (XL liSDAY) morning, April 1, at IOX o'clock, at the private residence 115 West Eighth street (Clinton place), between Macdougai street and sixth avenue, velvet Brussels Carpets, inngnlficcnt Parlor suits, covered with rich hui In, brocatel and reus, rosawuod 7i^ octave Piano forte, F.tageres, Bookcases, Turki-h Chair", Lounges. Table*, Curtains, Bronzes, vases, Clocks, rosewood mm walnut Chamber .Suits, Mattresses, Kcdding, Buffet, i:xteiisoln Table, Glass, China, Silverware, Cutlery, Ac. EHXkSt HOT II, Auctioneer. Goods packed and deli vered for purchasers in city or country. Auction hale? this oAY,~AT~io?i o'clock, of handsome Parlor, Chamber and Diuing Furniture, English and Brussels Carpets Ac., at No. t) South Oxford street, Brooklyu, b.v COLE A MURPHY. ACALDWEI.L. AUCTIONEER. . Salesroem 79 Nassau street Administrator'* sale. THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 11 o'clock, extensive sale of new and sccoiid haml Furniture, via Parlor, Chamber iitid Dining Kooin Suits, In satin and reps: Carpels, Bed* and Bedding, Chairs. Tables, Lounges, Bookcase*, Secre taires, Wardrobes. Mirrors. Paintings, rosewood Piano forte, Office Furniture, Kitchen Ware, Ac. Extraordin ary chance for housekeepers. ________ A UGUSTUS MAUTl.VES, AUCTIONEER. Important >alo Of rich and costly Household Furniture, Pianoforte, Bronzes, Ac., rare chance for housekeepers at private residence, :?! West 10th st., between IH1) ilnd fltli Iivs.. at 10)^ o'clock, on (Tills DAY) Tuesday. Drawing Room? Superb suits Furniture, Pompadour, Marie Vntoliietlc styles, covered silk brocade; Marque terie, boisde rose Cabinets, Tables, BMgeres, i-ecretaire Bookcase ; velvet, medallion Carpets, Mirrors, I, ace Cur tains, Paintings by eminent artists; artistic Bronze Statu ary. Clocks, Vases, magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated city maker; Canterbury, Music Books; rose wood, walnut l>re-sing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, en suite, sty e Louis xiv. ; Mattresses, Extension Table, Hide board, Silverware, <il*s-ware, CMnaware, Cut lerv; Basement, Kitchen Furniture. N. ?.? Parties wish ing to attend this sale take 5th nv. stages. f>th av. cars. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. ? POSITIVE SAI.K ? A VALU . tiblc Farm oi 76 acres, with first c uss Buildings, near Traeey Station, on .lamesliurg und Freeholtl Hail road, Middlesex < ounty, New Jersey, sale on the premises at 1 o'clock, April'/. Verms easy. ; A ?HENRY ZINN, AUCTIONEER ? HK.I.LS THIS DAY, j. V ? commencing at Hi; , o'clot k. ml the contents of pri. vate residence III West Stdth st., comprising A large assort ment of elegant Hottsehol 1 Furniture, viz:? Itosewood grand square Pianoforte, cost ?HV?; Parlor Suits, Istest styles, covered in plain and figured satin md silk reps; Mirrors, Brtts-e's Garnets, Oil Paintings, Laeo Curtains, Rtagercs, Turkish Chair*, Cabinets, Bronzes, French Clocks, ornaments. Ac. Bedrooms contain rosewood and walnut Stilts, Bedsteads, llurentts, Wardrobes, Curled Hair mi l spring Heds, Bedding, Lounges, < arpets. Pillows, Holsters, Ac. ; also D nlng Room, Basement ana Kitchen Furniture, Bullet Extension 'i'aidc, chairs, Plato cut lery, China and Glass Ware. \ UCTION NOTICE? DANL. D. CAULK1NS, AUCTION .1 eer, will sell, oa Monday, April 2, al lm. o'clock, at the private re-idenen. 158 Fast Forty-ninth street, near Lexington avenue, the entire genteel Hoiis<-hol I Furni ture, consisting ol flnu rich satin hrocntel Parlor Suites, superb rosewood seven octave rlanoiorte, "Centre Table. Mirrors, elegant Velvet and Brussels Carpets, walnut unci maboirany Chamber Ft rnltnre. Dining Itonui and Kitcbon Furniture, Ac. Full particulars in catalogue. V UCTION SALE? THIS DAY, APRIL 1, 110 West ftt st Elegant Household Furniture, Pianoforte, Chamber, Parlor and Dinlne Room Suits, made to order tor present owner, will lie sold at public auction Tills (Tuesday) MORNING, commencing at ltt)(i o'clock, at private residence 120 \\ , t Twenty-third street, near sixth avenue, namely Bleb rosewood 7 }.? octave Pianoforte, made to order. best city makers, lour round corners, cost (I 000; magnificent Parlor ?"tiits, covered In crimson satin and hrocntel reps, i clngunt Centre Tables, Mirrors, Paintings, Turkish ("hairs, I laouiiges. Clocks, velvet and Rrusaels Carpets, Jardlnicrea, Cabinets, P. t age res, chandeliers, Imported Bronzes, Bookcase, sun volumes choice Books, Engravings, Ac.; Curtains, lie room Suits, In rosewood and black walnut; Bedstead" Bureaus, Wardrobes, spring and ilalr Mat tr< ?<??, Feather Beds. Quilts, Blankets, ,te. ? dining room Extension Tables, Chairs, Bnltct, cost $25P; Cut (Jla s Ware, Dining Room Suits, covered In leather) over 900 lots iiy catalogue. N. B.? Deposits required from all pur chasers. Competent men in attendance to cart, pack or slilp goods tor pnri haserv. LUKE FITZGERALD, Auc tloneer, otrco ill 0th avenue. Goods Mured frco of charge until May I. A J. MLE1.CKKR. son a CO., AUCTIONEERS, , -sV. WCUMESI AY, April 2, j at 12 M , nt Ei liange S iii room, 111 Broadway, I ? .... I ,"1'' of ?'erenush Tier, aect as, 1, Nos 57, 2(1, WU and IN First street, southeast Corner of Second avenue 2 story and attic |.ri< k Bouses, averaging ? L teet trotit Maps at 77 Cedar street A J- BLEECSER. SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS.? J\ . Thursday, April S, at 12 M at (he Exchange sales room. Ill Hroadway, three storr high stoop tir.,wn stona House, 219 ha >t Fiftieth street, letwee n Steam! und Third I avenues. 21 xlOO.A. all complete. Aiso thr?e |.< >* ou I Mih , street, near second orvenuos i Aiaits at 77 OeU ar su??b A A IALM AT IPCTMHi. RT SALE, Of high cUm modern Oil Paintings, by distinguished foreign atu\ American Artists, comprising fine specimens ol K. Verboeckhoren, Herring, Von Will, Richard*, Roilerae, Callow, Wm. Bromley, Meadows, Paurfclt, Caailear, Van Wyngaerdt, Sonntag, Timmerman, Thomas Moran, Rolfe And many others. Now on exhibition with Cataloguo, and to be gold on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, April 3 and A at 12 o'clock, ?t the Oullcry, 60 Lllierty street, New York. EDWARD flCHHMCK, Auctioneer. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salcwoonw 95 ? hambars and 77 Heado street*. My ALLKN fl. MINER A BRO., late Henry II. Letda & Miner (Established IM47). ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, at 10 v; o'clock, at private residence 240 Clinton street, Brooklyn. GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, Piano, Ac. Detail* In time. Allen b. miner, ait iioneer. Salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Reade streets. By ALU' N B. MINER A BROTHER, THURSDAY, APRIL 3, at 10*i o'clock, ill the private residence, 411 East NinL'i street, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, roaowood Piano, Mirrors, 4c., Ac. Details licreattrr. ALLEN b. MINER, AUCTIONEER. salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Reado streets. By ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., . ON FRIDAY, APRIL 4, at 10,^ o'clock, at thuir salesrooms, !I5 Chambers and 77 Reade streets, HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FUHNITURE. Removed for convenience of sale. Particulars In time. Arch, johnston, auctioneer, offlea and salesroom 37 Nassau street (the old stand), opposite the Post ollice. HOUSE AUCTION BRANCH REF.OVED TO 19, 21, 23 and 28 East Thirteenth street. betvreeu University place and Filth avenue. Household and Office Furniture. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell on Wednesday, at 10M o'clock, at his salesroom, 37 Nassau street, a large assort ment or Household Furniture, tine Parlor Suits, pier ami mantel Mirrors, walnut Bedroom Suits, Dressing Bureaus, Washsiands, Armchairs, Wardrobes, Bookcases, Brus sels and velvet Carpets, (Jas Chandeliers. Ac. j also Office Furniture, Sitting and standing Desks, & c. On Hill DAY, 200 Oil Paintings, Landscapes, Figure Pieces, Ae. lbert b. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms 10* Liberty, 111 Cedar and Itt Church sis. Stipei h Cabinet. and Household Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Ac., On WEDNESDAY, at 11 o'clock. D. W. IVES will sell by auction as above, a very largo and general assortment ot tirst class made Parlor, Library, Dlnliiu Room and llall Suit*, Bullet*, Bookcase, Centro and Extension Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Bedding of every description, Pictures, Crockery, Glass, Cutlery, Plate and all kinds of Household Goods. On exhibition this day, with catalogues. _ A~~UCTION sale: AUCTION SALE. THIS DAY (TUESDAY), AT mi O'CLOCK, all the elegant Household Furniture of residence 210 West Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue, ?will he sold at auction without reserve, bv ROBERT C. CASH IN, Auctioneer. Elegant Parlor Suits, covered satin, brocatel and cote line. Pompadour and l'rlncesg styles ; magnificent rose wood 7\i octave Pianoforte, Htocd, Cover anil Music Stand; Centro Tables, Ktagercs, Console Tables, Tnrklsh Chairs, beautiful Oil Paintings. Bronzes, Mirrors, Cur tains, Clocks, Ac.; Hall. Library and Dining Room Fur niture ; Silverware, Cutlery : Bedroom Suits, covered In reps; elegant rosewood and walnut Bedsteads, Bureau*, WashstHiids, Wardrobe*. Chairs, Lou twos, Toilet Sets, Mat treseii, Bedding, Carpets, Ae. Take 7lh or H.tli avenue ears to 21stsL N. B.? Sale positive; don't fall to attend.^ T J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. Partition sale of valuable Canal street Property. A. J. BLEECKRR. SON A CO. will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April 2, at 12 M., at the Exchange Salesroom: ? Canal street.? The live story brown stone Rnlldlng 43*1 Canal street, running through to Vestry, 25x90, build lug covering entire lot, and now used as a furniture warehouse ; Trinity church lease, 14 year* to run; terms easy. Maps at 77 Cedar street. _ BY S. W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNSON aell this day (Tuesday), April 1, nt 10 o'clock, af 22Q and HO West street, the Stock, Tools and Fixtures of the Neelua Co-operative Manufacturing Company, consisting of Plumbers' Materials, Ship Closets and Pump* Croton Hollers, brass and iron (Ilobe Valvca, Dook Hyoranta. Croton Brasswork, ttill stock of Steam and Oasflttfng Material, together with a complete set of Pipefitter*', Tin smiths' and Coppersmiths' Tools, and one targe set- or KoUera; also several Fox and Kngme Gear, Lathes, Chucks, Tools; Urge lot of Sliaitlng, Belting and Pulleys, Ac. s aJse oae lj horae sower Engine and BoMer, in running order. The whom of the above atock will bo offered for sale, amounting to over $20.000._ BY I8ADOREJ. SWARIKOI'H. AUCTIONEER? WILL aell, 0*i o'clock, 55 South Filth aveuue, near Houston street, splendid I ichonae. tine Fixtures of Meat Market, Scales, Racks; positively In lots; dealers invited. ST it A 1 S .v ilvV A II/. K H'll, 375 Bowery._ By isadobe j. hwarzkoph, auctioneer-will Mill, 10 o'clock, 823 avenue A, corner Twentieth street, large Stock Groceries, Teas, Coffees, Soaps, can dles, Ac. ; splendid Fixture*;*! oaltlvely in lots; dealers Invrtod. STRAUS A BWARZKOPH. 375 Bowery. Y JOHN A. I I NN, AUCTIONS F It? W 1 1,1. SELL this day, at 10 o'clock sharp, at '-'9 Second street, the Furuituro of a family going in the country, consisting, vlx. -.?Green rep Suit, Brussels Carpet, Tables, ( hairs. Mirrors, marble top Tables and Bureaus, Bedsteads, llalr and Husk Mattresses, Stoves, Crockery, together with a large lot 01 Kitchen Furniture, Y J W. CAMPBELL, .IB., AUCTIONEER, _ clegan'. Furniture this day. at 109 Bank street. ? CAMPBELL A Co. sell this day, commencing at 10!^ ?'clock, rich and elegant Furniture in private residence 103 Bank street, near corner of Greenwich? vlr.., elegant roaewood Pianoforte (celebrated maker), rich and costly Parlor Suit In crimson reps, and Mips but little Used . flno Oil Paintings and Engravings, elegant French Plate Pier Mirror, with slab; walnut marble top Centre 1 allies. Bookcase, Ornaments, superb English Brussels Carpet (new) Folding Easy Chairs, Velvet Ottoman-. I ace Cur tains, Ao. Goods removed day of sale. Buyer*, house keepers and other* wanting good I* specially iu\ ltcd. BY P. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. Large sale ot rich Household Furniture on Thursday, April 3, at 10i< o'clock, at the salesroom, 53 Kast Thir teenth street near Broadway, consisting ot a large assort ment of Parlor, Bedroom and Dltiimr Room Furniture fiom several families; Velvet, Wilton arid Brussels Car pets, carved Etagere; rich, carved black walnut Bed steads and Bureaus, best hair Maltre ?es, Bedding, two rosewood Pianos, English Mamcle. F.xt< nsloil Tables, two Sewing Machines, about :'0 tine oil Paintings In rich Kilt frames, a lot ot uico Photograph Frames, China und Glassware. C< II ATT hi, MORTO Uili S \ LE / of handsome Hot.* bold Furniture, Carpet j, Bedding, Crockery, Ac. DINOUE, PORTER A CO. ?will sell at auction, Wednesday, April 2, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M., at store, southwest corner of Third avenue and 125th "treet, a large assortment ot Furniture, Carpets, Bed ding. Crockery, Ac. Goods now ready tor Inspection. Catalogues at the store aad office* of the aucuoueers, 2,'tuK third avenue aad 82 Cedar street DAN'L V. MATTHEWS. A UCTION EE K, (JIVES- PER SON AL attontlwll to SAI E9 OF Fl'llNlTURR AT PRIVATE RESIDENCES, or, if preferred, will receive and dispose ol the same at his Salesrooms, 7.2 BiUlAO WAY, opposite New York Hotel. ENIlY B. II EKTS," AUCTION EEr7 SALESROOM 10 CORTLANDT STREET, ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, VALUABLE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, STEINWAY A i-'lNS' tatANl) AND UI'KIGIIT l'I A NOR, SUPERB FRENCH CLOCKS, HEAL BllONZLS, STATUARY, AC., ON WEDNESDAY. APRIL 2, AT 10 O'CLOCK AT RESIDENCE OF B. L. SOLOMON. ESlV. Ifi? WEST TWENTY THIRD .STREET. PARLORS CONTAIN Axminsti r Carpets, French Plato Pier and Mantel Mirrors. ro*ewi < <1 Parlor suit, in Mauvo Satin, with Window Curtains to uiatcli; rich Lace Cur. tain*, Steinway A Sons' Parlor Grand I'ihi >, superb Pari- Clocks, Bi onzes, real Bronze Statuary, Ktagere ami Cabinet, Vases. Ornament*, Jardlnlties, t aril Lecelvers, Centre, side and Card Table*. VALUABLE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS UY VAN SrilENDEL DIl'.I.M A N, HENRIETTA ROWER. A. A UtiE, FERDINAND DE UllAEIC- U AN TENKATE, ELEER, TEN1ERS PERE, A. VFRMEI'I.EN, LE FF.VRR, JOt'iEl'll BLOSS. ZACCARELLI, AND OTHER CELEBRATED ARTISTS. DININO Rf?OM CONTAINS Velvet Carpet, rich French Plate Mnntel Mirrors, rich Silk Reps, Window Curtains, rosewood Set, in green plurh; solid rosewood Inning fable, Mas-ive Siaeboard, rb h chandelier ntul Side Brackets, line Engraved Cut Glassware, trench China, Silverware, Cutlerv, Ae. ; verv valuable Mantel clock ami real Itripn/e Statuet*. BY A. 1 VKRIEIt. KirTlNO ROOM (MJNTAIN.s? Velvet Carpet, French Plate Pier and dantel Mirrors, Parlor Suit, in fancy ta jestrvreps; fine walnut Library and Cam Tables, hro ceded Satin and Lace Curtains. Stelnway A Sons' seven oetave upright 1'iano, Pari* ?. lock, tlroiii * and Broiixc*. ) rich Extension Chandelier, India China Vases, Camp Chairs. Embroideries, Ac, C II AM II h KS ? el ve l and Brii'wls Carpets, solid rose wood and walnut Bed-leads, Bureaus, Dressing Cases, l onnses, Easy chairs, suits. In reps .md t,ape?trv : tine Beddltijt, euried Hair Mattresses, Mirrors, Damask and B B bluer>ln?!i: Bronzes, ( locks, chandeliers. Vases, ic BILLIARD room -Rrussi i? Carpet, Billiard II ENItY II. HERTS, AUCTIONEER, Siilci-roouis hi Cortlandt street. LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SPECIAL HALF OF RICH AND PLAIN CABINET FURNITURE, the stork of a manufacturer icflrlng from business, ON TUESDAY. APRIL 1, AT I0K O't LOCK, 1 LESKOOMS 16 CORTLANDT eTRLE' Lwetj (fiirtaius, Clocka, Oi Laments, Engraving*, l'uiiit Inrfs, Ac LIBRARY? Velvet Carjiet, Tapestrj Curtalll*,_flult, in fable. with all Appnr'ennnces; lace and reiis Curtains, llijrh Cholra, Paintinr's, Mantel Ornaments, Ac., tofether with the usual assortment of Kllchcn Utensils, witli which the ?ale will commence. NOTICE. -The bouse will lie open for Inspection, by permit only, on Monday and Tu> sday. troin III to 6 o'clook.?Catel<arties ?n,\ permits may be had at the otflee of the Auctioneer, irt t ortlaiult street AT THE SALESROOMS 16 CORTLANDT e fill. ET, eml racing every variety of Parlor, Chandier, library and Dining Rooms Suit.*, made up far first class city ra tail trade and lull/ warranted. Catalogues ready and goods on view on Monday, Purchasers cau have their goods parked for shipping, or they will 1 ? elUKED FELL <Jf CUAKUE UA UL iUl i? HALES AT Aocnoa. TTBXBY B. BERTS, AUCTIONEER. II Important Art uvilce. The sale of valuable Oil Palatines. at the residence of B. L. Solouion. Esq., lfil Wert Twenty-third street. will take place on Wednesday next. April 2, at 3 o'clock P. U., Immediately after the sale of turiiitura. 18. WEINBEBGER. AUCTIONEER? SKLLB THIS ? day (Tueaday , April I), at in o'clock, at l5Jsi Bowery, a variety of general Merchandise, furniture, Oilcloth, Matting, Carpets, Children's Carriages Hosiery, Fancy woods, Cutlery, Gold and Silver Wutel es, Jawetry ; also Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Ac., Ac. TAMES M FORD, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAY, *1 at 2 o'clock, nt 3<>7 Bowery, a large assortment or Furniture from lainllles declining housekeeping, consist ing of Parlor Suits In moquet and reps; black walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands, Wardrobes, I' tten-iou Tables, marble top Huffet, Centre Table#) t'r-bs. Mat tresaef. Bolsters and Pillows, two French ?lat? Mirrors, China, Glass and Crockery tt are. Ac. ; solus, Chalra, Kockeri, Lounges, Phases, Hall Stands, Ac., together with SO very excellent Carpets of all dox-rlptioiis, sizes anil qualities. Hale absolute, rain or ???hlne. JACOB BOO ART, AUCTIONEER, WEDNESDAY, April 3. at 11 o'clock, at t)M auction rooms. No. 1 North William street ? Household Furniture, consisting ot a general as sortment oi Parlor, Bedroom, Dimuc room mot Kitchen furniture, Carpets, oil cloths, alao two Kolliag Machines, one Screw Press, one Drawing Bench. Ac. j H. JENKINS A CO.. AUCTIONEERS* will nell at public auction, Wednesday, April 2, 1873, commencing at 10 -.30 A. M., the entire eontenla of the old established Woodlawtl Saloon and Billiard Room, 221 Sixth avenue, between Fourteenth and Fllleenth streets, Consisting of Bar Fixtures, Beer Pump*, Mirrors, Gla.->? ware, marble top Lunch Counter, silver-plated Cigar t- lio wease, choice Paintings, Chromos, Engravings, Ac, ; also two Kllliaril Tallies, with cues, halls and racks com plete. Full particulars at tlio store or in the olllou of J. H. JENKINS A CO., 96 Bleeeker street. IB WIS B. WOOD, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL OS J Fri lay, April 4, 1873, at .'1 o'clock P. M., on the premies, (lie three story, attic and brick basement Iloullr 175 I'avoniaa venae, 76 teet west ot Henderson Street, lata Prospect; the house contains 18 rooms, sub cellar anil all the modern improvements: sKunted on

one of the best business avenues in thin cltv, imd can be altered for business purposes at a small expense; lot 25x100; housa 23x45; also the valuable Lot on Eighth ?treat, In rear of the above dwelling: on it uro choice fruit trees of nil kinds; lot 25x100, running through from street to street, 28x200. the n 1 1 cut ion ot capita'ista and speculators is expressly called to this sale. Terms easy. For ftul particulars apply to LEWIS E. WOOD, Real Es tate and General Auctioneer, 79 Montgomery street, Jer sey City. Morris wilkins, auctioneer. Dwelling and Lot 61.1 West Twenty-third street, at auction. E. 11. LITDIiOW A CO., will sell nt auction, on Friday, April 4, 1S73, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom. III Broadway (Trinity Building), West Twenty-third street, the tour story ana basement brick Enfrllsh base ment Dwelling and Lot 613 West Twenty-third street, north side, 116.3 feet west of Ten It) avenue; house 16.8x68 leet; In fair order ; contains conveniences; possession at any time : lot 98.9: 00 per cent may remain on bond and mortgage. Maps at the auctioneers' ofllcc, No. 3 Fine st MABSHAUB SALE.?I. p. traver. auctioneer, wtTl sell this day, at II o'clock A. M., by virtue of an execution, the entire contents of the Liquor Store south east corner of Broome and Clinton streets, together with a I.easc of the whole llullding;?ald lease to run two years from May 1, 1S73, at the nominal reui ot $1,0)10 per annum. By order ot C. V. LYONS, Marshal. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 1. A LARGE BANKRUPT sale of Hats, Caps. Cloths. Caul meres, Silks, Hat and Cap Trimmings, or all Itlnds, will be sold at public auction, at 212 Canal street, at 9 o'clock A. M. precisely. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? THT8 DAY JABE8 AGAR, Auctioneer, will fell at 69 New Bowery 500 lots of Men's and Womi n's Clothing and other seasonable Goods, by order of Joseph Bluinautr, 414 Seventh avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-TnOS. J. M'ORATII, AUC tioneer, 133 Chatham street, wlH sell this day, at 11 o'clock, 600 Lots of Women's Clothing, Dresses, Shawls, Remnants, Boots, Shoes, Bedding, Ac. By order, II. McAleenan, Second avenue. llAP ID TRANSIT? 33 MINUTES FROM CITY UALL. First Suburban Sale of the season, BY A. J. BLEECKEB, sojf A CO., 77 Cedar street, Douses and Lots about Eric depot at Rutherftird Park, N. J., tlspt station from New Vork (Tralus loot of Chainbors and Twenty-third streets, 1 JO), SATURDAY jiFTERNOOjl, April 6. The most accessible suburb ot this city ; hut nine miles from City Ilall. Forty daily trains. Terms very liberal. SUPREME COURT SALE. In Partition. Valuable Property for sale, on tlio flrand Boulevard and 100th street, and Irving placo. near Seventeenth street Ml 1XER, WlLKlN.s A CO., Auotloueers, will sell at auction. on WEDNESDAY, Aprils, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, under the direction of ALBON P. MANN, Esq., Referee. Boulevard and 100th street? 2 Lots situate on the north east corner Boulevard and 100th slreet, with ti Lots on rear, trontine on 100th street ; on these last mentioned lots is a substantial Dwelling Hou-e. Also 2 Lots on the south east coruor of Boulevard and IilOth street, with 6 Lots on rear, Irontiug on iOOih street, on wliich there are two Frume Houses. Irving Place? The story brick House and Lot, situate on tlio westerly side or Irving nloce, between sixteenth ami Seventeenth streets, a ml known as 43; house 40.2 deep ; lot 24x72 feet, with riuht of light in rear. Also tho 2)n story brick House and Lot adjoining the above on the northerly vide, and known a* 45; house 26 feet; lot I'JxtiO feet. Hale peremptory, without reserve. For further particulars as to terms, title, Ac., apply to H. F, ,1 K. H. DOW DREY. Attorneys, 67 Wall street. Naps at the office of the Auctioneer*, No. 7 line street, Sew York. (JIMON II KKMAN, AUCTIONEER. ? AUCTION SALE 0 of valuable German and English Books.? This day, April 1, at II o'clock, at 13 Bowery, the entire and well known first class Library ef the Rev, Dr. H. Toelke, con sitting of 240 votwir *? of Oermun and English Books on Theology, Phl'onopny, Spiritualism, Natural Science, His tory, fine Liter* tare, Ac., Ac. Tile above sale is well worthy of librarian* and others. Kale positive. In lots. SIMON HERMAN, AUCTIONEER.? MARSHAL*! SALE of Flour, Groceries, Teas, Cigars, Butter, Ac., this <lay (TuesdiyO, April I. at lt)^ o'clock, ut 13 Bowery ; bar rels Flour, Butter, Syrup, Groceries, Ac.: also a large lot Liquors, In casks and cases; Horse, Wagon, Ac.; ulso a lot of -hoes. B.v order of MYER ELS AS, city Marshal. \\fIIfLIAM KENNF.I.I.Y, SHERIFF'S AUCTIONEER, fT will set' at auction on WEDNESBAY, Anrll 2, at 12 o'clock M., at the Exchuuge Salesroom, 111 Broad UY ORDER OF TI1F. UNDESIGNED, TRUSTEES OF WALTER ROCHE. HTII AVENUE? Northeast corner of 55th street, fonr S story brown stone Houses, with Stores, Nog. 930, 932, 911, Otii 8th avenue ; good buildings, fine location. 8'iTII hTREEt? Four story French roof browu stone. No. 257 West 65th streot, In rear of the above. 68T1I STREET? The undivided half in crest iu seven Lots and part of Lot uortli (tl-Je Willi street, 100 feet went 01 'Jtb a senile, each lot 25x100.4. IikiTII STREET? Full Lot south side of 100th street, 200 feet can! of 10th avenue. MULBERRY STRBET, No. 27? House and Lot, 2">x74. MOTT STREET? Nos. t>H, 70, 7- and 74 Moft street, Bouses and l ots, cm h 25x!M. BAXTER STUEKT? No. 121, front and rear Houses. Maps and particular* at Auctioneer's office, No. 4 Pioo SI net. J IaH OUI N I , A N 1 JAMES LYNCH, [Trustees. JOHN E. HEVHLIN, ) \\TILLIAM ABBOTT, AOOTIONKER (OFFICE JO NEW TT Bowery), will sell, on this day, at 10% o'clock, the Fixtures of the Liquor Store 310 Columbia stret t, near II. iniibon avenue, Brooklyn: walnut top Counters, 6h< lving, Kit-., Measures, Bottles, Screens, Ac. J^UblNESS MEN CONSULT TUEIR INTEREST BY ADVERTISING IN THE EVEN INO PELEOUAM. ALL CLASSES READ IT. i>l?NTl?TttY. rpBETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PA!N; BCXTBEN X year*.? Benumbing application; beautiful Tenth, $1 ; Set, $lo. Plumpers for hollow cheeks a specialty. Sets repaired. J. JAY VIL1.KRS, 155 (.fraud, neur Broadway. PROPOSALS, OFFICE OP THE WATER COMMISSIONERS, PROV Idencc, R. I., March 22, 1873.? To Contractors ? Sealed proposals will be received at this office until II o'clock A. M., I uestlay, April S. 1873, lor the construe, tion of Hope Reservoir in this city. Hie Reservoir will be about y.v) leet long, aliout HtOfoet wide, 24k f*et deep, covering about WK acrcs. The embankment will lie of earth, with nn interior liniinr of stone. There will bo two gate chambers, with n conncctiug conduit, I'ians may be Ken at and printed specifications and forms of proposal and contract will l?c furnished froin this office on application. Each proposal must ho accompanied iiv a bond, satisfactory to the Commissioners, in the penal sum or $5.1100, as linnldated damages, conditioned that tho Iddder slnili, within ten days alter tho acceptance of his proposal. < xecuto the. contraet, with securitj satis fnetory to the Commissioner* tor it* faithlul perform ance. I he Commissioner* reserve the right to reject a?y or all bids. JOSEPH COOKE, ) C 1 1 AS, E. CAIIPENTK.R, [Water Commissioners WILLIAM CORLISS, ) J. HiunKiiT siiKon. Chief Engineer, PATAPSCO RIVER IM PROVRM I. NT. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received until noon of the nth day of April, 1873, lor the excavation and removal of material from the. ship channel of tho I'at.ipseo River, between Fort Carroll and tho Angle Huoy. near Seven Foot Knoll Lignt. Proposals must ?tate price per vard for material re moved, measured in scows : kind and number of imiehines proposed to be titcd, and tho average daily amount of ex cavation guaranteed to be done. Propo* tls must Is' endorsed on outside, "Ship Chnn nel," sealed and addressed to Hon. Joshua Vansant, Chairman, ratapsco River Improvement Hoard, of Balti more. They wifl be opened at I2:.'t0 P. M. of .Inly 1, in presence ol such bidders as mav choose to attend. The right is reserved to reject any or all proposal*, and none will he entertained tor lest than 100,000 or more ilian 3GO.OOO ( ublc yards. Specifications and any other rtcuircd Information may be had by application to Colonel W. P. I'RAloHILl., Engineer In charge. Union Hank Building, lloltlmore, Md. QF.ALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RBCKIVED BY THE t5 Sell ool Trustee* nf the Tenth ward, at tho oiiice of the Clerk of the Board of Public Instrneiion, cornor of Urtndaml Elm ftr et?, until Friday, Ilia lllh day of April, 187.1, and Until 3 o cloek P. M. on said day, for tho Seals, Dealt* and other Furniture required tor the new primary school building on Ludlow street, near Dvlancey street. Xiso at the same time and jilaco proposals will be re ceived lor the Steam Heating Apparatus for said eCftlool. Plans and speeitleations ma v he seen at ibe office ol the Superintendent of School Buildings, ltd i.rand street, third floor. Two responsible and anoroved rnretlcs will bo required from each sued 'smi bidder. Proposals will not bo considered unless sureties are named. i lie Trustees reserve fhe rlj^lit to reject any or all of tho proposals offend. ALONSO T ftUFSril.I.T/, O BO RO E T PAITKRoON, EDWARD 3. KNIOIIT, KYLVKsri k NOLAN, CHARI (JAt'SM AN N, Ronrd of School 1 1 usicts. TcctL WariL . DftU.i To** *t be*. P|U)POCA14. MOPOBAL8 FOR SUPPLIES FOB INDIANS. > Dwuiiicm or ru Ixraion, OrriCK or Ihpiam Arraias, i Wa.iuikctun. March 20, 1873. j Healed proposals, in duplicate. will be received at No*. 40 and 42 Leonard street New York, until 12 o'clock M. of Tuesday, the 29th day of April, 187:1, which place will be open lor business on miuI alter the Slh day of April, 1373, tor lurultihiiiK the following aimed articles, required for issue to Indians at the agencies named BANTER agency; SOO.POO pounds, gross weight. Of Hoot Cut tie, on the hoof. 160,000 noiinds XX Flour, or 12,501) pounds i er month, or ?? its equivalent in wheat 36.00) pound* Bacon, clear sides, or 8,000 pounds per month. If, lino pounds Coffee (green), 28,000 pounds best Brow u Sugar. 1,800 pounds Plug tobacco, iu boxes. 2'?;ir P?u" '* be*t Brown Soap, in boxes. 3.G00 pounds Sialt. Hue, In barrels. , YANCTON AGENCY. L/'l!!!!. gross weight, ot Beet Cattle, on the boo'. Bl.iJUU potinda baeon, clear sides, or 7,00) pounds per month. 480,000 pounds XX Flour, or 40,000 pounds per mouth, or its equivalent in wheat. 28,000 pounds Coffee (green). 6n,000 found" be i-i brown Sugar. 8,000 1 omuls niu Tobacno, In boxen 7,f " ? pounds l est Drown soap, in boxes. 7,000 pounds salt, line, in uarreia. WHETSTONE AGENCY. 8,000,000 pounds, gro?s weight, ot Meet Cattle, on the hoof. Hi 10,000 pounds Karon, clear sides, or 25,000 pounds per month. 1,210, ooo I'otiiids XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per mouth. 100,000 pound> Coffee (green). 200 urn) pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds 1*1 use Tobacco, in boxen. 26,000 pounds best Browu soap, in boxen. 6,000 pounds Milt, tine, in barrel*. UPPER MISSOURI AOF.NCY. 1,880,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 108,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or l),000 pounds per month. 800,000 poinds XX Flour, or 50,000 pounds per month. US, 000 pounds Coffee (green). 70,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 4, OnO pound" rlug Tobacco, in boxes. O.i**) pounds best Brown sonp, in boxes. 0,000 pounds salt, hue, in barrels. 10,000 pouinls Saleratus, in boxes. CHEYENNE RIVER AGENCY. 4,000.000 ponnds, gro?s weight, of Beof Cattle, on the hoof. 180,000 poum Is iiucon, clear sides, or 15,000 pounds pur month. 700 noil pounds XX Flonr. or 58,000 pounds per month. 20,' 00 pounds Coffee (green). 40,iiii0 pounds best Brown sugar. 10,000 pounds Saleratus, iu boxes. GRAND RIVBR AGBNCY. 8,000,000 pounds, groan weight, ol Beof Cattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pounds liacon, clear sides, or 25,000 pouuds pur month. 1,200,000 pounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 2flO,iiOO pounds best Brown Miear. 12.UH0 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 26,000 pounds best Hrown Soap, in boxes. 5.000 pouuds Saleratus, in boxes. RED CLOUD AGENCY. B.OOf^tOQO pounds, gross weight of Beof Cattle, on the boof. 300, ouU pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 25,000 pounds pur month. 1,200,000 pounds XX Flour. or 100,000 pounds per month. 100,000 pouuds Coffee (gret*!!), 200,000 pounds host Brown Sugar. 12,oi*i pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,000 pounds best Brown Soap, In boxes. 25,1100 pounds Salt, tine, in barrels. 12,000 pouuds Saleratus, in boxes. UPPER ARKANSAS AOF.NCY. 1,370,000 rounds, gross weight ot Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 27fi.iK*) pounds X X Flour, or 23,000 pounds per month. 22.000 pnuii<U Coffee (green). IS.WOponnos best Brown Sueur. 2,800 pounds l'lug Tobacco, in boxes. .r>,iK)0 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 4,800 pouuds Salt, tine, iu barrels. KIOWA AGENCY. 2,1500,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 800,000 pounds XX Hour, or 41,600 pounds per month. 80,900 pounds Coll'eu (green). fS.O iO pounds host Brown Sugar. 4.1 00 pounds l'lug Tobacco, in boxes. 7,500 pounds best Hrown Soap, in boxes. 7,1.00 pounds Salt, fine, in barrels. 3,000 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. WAOHITA AGENCY. 1,150,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beof ('attic, on the hoof. 188,300 pounds XX Flour, or 11,625 pounds pur mouth. 15, 500 pounds Coffee (green), 32.100 pounds best Brown Sugar. V, IKK) pounds Plug Tobacco, iu boxes. 4,000 pounds best Brown Soup, In 3.500 pounds Salt, fine. In barrels. 2,000 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. BLACK. FEET AGENCY. 8,000 pounds Coffee (green). 12.1)00 poumls best. Brown Sugar. 8,000 pounds best Brown Soup, in boxes. 3.000 pounds Salt, fine, in barrels. 3,000 pouuds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. CHOW AGENCY. 25,000 pounds Coffee (green*. 50,iM)0 pounds host Brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. * 7,000 pounds best Brown Soap, Iu boxes. 2,500 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. 7,000 pounds Bait fine. In barrels. MILK RIVER AGENCY (FORT FECK). (10,000 pounds Coffee (green). 140.000 pounds best Browu Sugar. 14.i*)0 pounds bust Browu Soap, in boxes. 10,1100 pounds Salt, flue, in barrels. 5, impounds Saleratus, in boxes. 10,000 pounds Plug Tobacco. In boxes. Bids for Beef Cattle will state price per pound, gross. Parties bidding for the other articles will state nrice per pound, net ana furnish a sample of each article bid lor, except the Bares and Salt. The prices must be given without modification or any proposed modification what ever. The Beef Cattle must be good, merchantable cattle, all steers, Iroin three to seven years old. In good, healthy condition, and averaging at least 800 bounds, live weight, the weight to be determined by weighing on scales, when practicable. Their delivery must commence at each of the points named on the 1st day of July, 1473, at which time about one twenty-fourth of the whole quantity will be delivered, and therealter the balance to bo delivered in equal quantities on the 15th and 1st of each month. Bids will also be received for the delivery of the quan tity of Beef required for the months of January, Febru ary, March. April, May and June, 1878, of what arc known as ''Native" or "American" Cattle, or for oattla that have been Wintered north of Kansas; the cattle so delivered to meet the above requirements m re*ar4s a#e and con* dltton, and to average not lass than 1,019 pounds, live weight. That there may be no failure on the part of the con tractor, he will be required to keep the Beef Cattle in tlic vicinity of the agency, to be delivered when re quired; and should It be ascertained that he is not col lecting cattle In the vieinitv fast enough, or should ho fall to deliver them when required, the undersigned will purchase, or cause to bo purchased. Beet Cattle as he may elect, at the expense of said contractor. All the supplies, cxccpt the beef, will be Inspected and received by the government at New York, Phlla ilelphin. Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis. Omaha, Kansas Cilv. Sioux City, or Yancton, and, with the turtlierex eeptlon of flour, must be delivered, packed and marked tor shipment, by the 1st day ot June, 1873. The Hour must be ready tor inspection and delivery at such times and In such qualities an will secure, at each Agency, at all times, at least one month's supply. Bills will also be received for the delivery at St Lonls or Kansas City by the 15th day of September next of the following Bacon, clear sides For the Upper Arkansas Agency, 30,375 pounds. For the Kiowa Agency, 54. I**) pounds. For the Wachitu Agency, 2^,12."> pounds. The Bacou must be sound and sweet and put np In gunnies. The Flour to bo fresh ground, of XX quality, to be made wholly from good, sound wheat, and to bu delivered in good, strong double sacks, each sack to bo branded ??In dian department Flour." The Coffee to be delivered In double sacks. The Sugar to be delivered in barrels, lull head-lined. Proposals will be received for the delivery of anv ono or all of 'the above-named articles, tor any ouo or au of said Agencies. The undersigned reserves the right to lnorea?n or diminish the quantity of each or any of I ho articles n lilch tho bidder or bidders propose to furnish. Parlies bidding for Flour aro required to ftirnfsh samples, each to be In quantity not less than one pound, wilh a private mark corresponding to same in proposal. Parties to whom contrai ls lor ihc supply of Hour aro awarded shall, with 20 days, lurni^li to tho Commissioner ot Indian Affairs samples, in quantity not less than 25 pounds, ol the quality contracted lor. Bids will also be recelvpil lor Iho delivery at tho Agen cies on or about tho 1st day of July next, or oilier speci fied points, ol Beet Flour and Bacon lor tlic following agencies in Montana Territory BLACK FEET AGENCY. 70,1100 pounds, gross weight ot Hcef Cattle, on the hool. 150.000 pounds XX Flonr, or 12,500 pouuds pur month. 25,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides. CROW AGENCY. 828,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 3011. mm pounds \X Flour, or 4i.6tid pounds per month. 80,000 pouuds liacon, clear sides. MILK RIVER AGENCY (FORT PECK). 180.000 pounds, gross weight, of Hcef Cattle, on hoof. 2,(? O.iXO pounds XX Flour, or 180,6^0 pouuds per mouth. 180.000 pounds Bacon, clen r *ides. All articles furnished by contract inada under this ad vertisement will he sublet to inspection, and such arti cles as may in any respect tall to Conform to the re quirements ol contract and tho >nmplo will he rejected, and in that caso tho contractor or contractors will bil fcund to furnish others of tho required kind or quality without delay, or it thai bo not doue they wilt be pur chased at his or their expense. Payments will be made at tills office on proper re ceipt's, alter the accounts tlierelor t-hull nave been properly approved. Each copy of 'each proposal must have a copv of this advertisement slip lroui a newspaper) puousd at its head I he right Is reserved to relert anv or all proposals If such a course should "La dec mud tor the Interest ot the government. No bids will lie considered from persons who havo lull, d to coinoi} w iili the requirements of a former con tract No contract or part thereof, will be permitted to be as Hlgned or tilled by other parties without the written con sent ot the Secretary of the Interior. No bids will be considered (or goods delivered at the Agencies except as specified In this advertisement. No proposal w ill t?> considered that does not strictly e mpty with the following lortn:? "I (or we) propoln to furnish the Indian De partment, according to the terms of tho adver tisement 01 the Commissioner ot Indian Atluirs dated March 20, 1h73, the following articles, at tlic prices thereto affixed. (Hero insert iho list oi articles proposed to ho furnished.) Said articles are to he delivered In (here insert the proposed place of delivery) by the (Insert date). And 11 this proposal be accepted I (or we) will, within ten days alter bcini; noti tie I. execute a contract accordingly and give security to the Commissioner ol Indian Affairs lor the falihiul per formance of the same." No bid will bo considered nnlcs accompanied by a guarantee In the following lorm, to bo slgMu b,v two re sponsible persons, whow sufficiency mill bo certified by a 1 luted Slates Judge or District Attorney "We hereby, jointly and severally, guarantee that the above bidder (or bidders), it a contract shall bo awarded to hltn <or them) according to his (or their) bid or propositi, will exr cute a contract accor lingly, end glvo the requisite security for the taltlitul performance Of the same, as proscribed In tho advertisement tor Iro posals tor Indian Supplies daied March 20, 187.', and in the eve nt oi his (or their) lallufe to do so w? hereby agree and bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and ad ministrators to forfeit and pay to 1 ho United states as damages a sum not less than fifteen per ecnt on tho amount 01 said bid or proposal." Bondswill be required in the amount of tho bid for tho fnlthiiil performance of the contract, with two or mora sureties, whose sufficiency must bo certified to by a United Mates Judge or District Attorney, Each bidder must dcsignsle his place of business, whero communications sent to him will be reoelved. the same to bo entered ih tua contract, should one be awarded lilm. ? . Proposals should he enclosed In an envelope, addressed to the undersigned, aud eudoiscd "proposals tor sup plies for Indians." Bidders are invited to be present at the opening of tho bids. The bids will ).? opened In the presence of the Board of Tndian Comuiia-ioiii 1 s and a committee to be designated by the Secretary 01 the Interior, as soon us tho time lor receiving the same shall have expired, and tlx nouttacte will be aw urded as 100a thereafter as practicable. IL K. OLUM, AcUoa coiumiatiober. PEOPOULt. j pBOPOHALB FOB INDIAN GOODS. DurSBTMHST OP TBI TwTCTIOO, Owncm or Indian Appaim, Wahjiinctofi, March 20, 1873. Scaled proposal*, endorsed "Proposals lor Indian Good*" *UI lie received at 40 and *2 Leonard street. New York, until 12 o'clock M., on Tu-sdav, the ttd day or April, 1S7J, which place will be open for business on and altar the 8th day of April, 187 1, lor furnishing, in the quantities therein given, any or all of the articles named IB till' lollOWlIl'/ llgl;_ 800 pairs 4jpoint white Mackinac Blankets, to liieas. - ? ure 72x90 Inches and weigh 12 pounds. 2,005 pairs 3-poiiit white Mackinac Blankets to liieas ure t>Ok72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,005 paii i i'j-polnt whiie Mackinac Blanket*, to meas ure Mv4 luchcs and weigh 6 pounds. 528 pairs 2-point white Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 42x48 Inchest nod weigh 6}., pounds. 200 pair* 1 Vl'omt white Maukiuac Blankets, to meas ure 3iixfi0 inches and weigh 4'. pounds. 300 pairs 4-poiut scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 7-xliO inches and weigh 1- pounds. 1,200 pair^ .t- point scarlet Mackinac ltlHiiketa, to meas ure i.'Ux"2 mi lie. . una weigh 8 pound'*. 1,S00 pairs 2W-point scarlet Mackinac Hl.tukcts, to meas ure Mx&O inches anil Weluh 6 pounds. CflO p?ir-2 point scarlet Mueklnao ll.inkets, to uiciw ure 42xi6 inches and weighs1.; pounds. 700 pairs 4 point mdiuo blue Mackinac Blanket*, to measure 72xyu inches nnd weigh 12 pounds. 2,600 pairs 3-poln> indigo blue Mackinac Blanket!, to iiien-urc 60x72 inches und weigh 8 founds. 1,325 pairs 2^-pnint Indlr/o Blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure Mx8<i inches and weigh 6 pounds. 1,000 pair~ 2- point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x4tj inches nnd weigh 61* pounds. 400 pairs 4-polnt green Mackinac Blankets, to ineasuta 72x90inehe.i nnd weiga 12 pounds. 700 pairs 3-point green Mackinac Blankets, to measuro 00x72 inches nnd weigh 8 pounds. 700 pairs 2k-p<iint green Mackinac Blankets, to moos' ure 8u60 inches and weigh rt pounds. 400 pairs 2-point grocn Mackinac Blankets, to nieaS" ure 42x4*i I u (Hies and we gh 5,'{ pounds. __ 400 yards lancy list h ue Cloth. yards saved list blue Cloth. 16,77ft yards saved list scarlet t.'loth, 200 yards gray lisi bluo Cloth. 3,982 8-4 Woollen Shawls. 1"0 6-4 Woollen shawls. 400 Heavy double Shawls. ? 4, 324 pounds Linen Threi id. standard make, No*. 30, so and 40, two-thirds dark blue, one-third whitey hrown. ? 70S dozen snools Cotton, standard make, 200 yards, 3 cord and 6-cord. 26H.325 yards Calico, standard prints. 07. SOU yards Ind go blue Drilling. 47,600 yards goo i Bed Ticking. 148,676 yards brawn Sheeting, 4-1 standard. 122,000 yards standard Duck, 8-ouncc. 20,760 yards nlald Unsey. 20,450 yards b ue Flannel, twilled. 27.800 yards red Flannel, twilled. 6,300 yards Kentucky Jeans. 19,82s yards satinet 1,000 yards colorcil Drilling (for dre?? lining). 3u0 yards Idea' hod sheeting dor shroud#). 3,tH0 yards Blue DeuLtns. y, two yards Hickory Shifting. 848 dozen Cotton Handkerchiefs. 652 dozen men's Wool Socks. 028 dozen women's Wool lloso. 483 dozen children's Wool llose. 44 dozen Woollen ScarCj. 17.1S7 Rul r launcl Shirts. 3,-tOO Gray Wsmjjel Shirts. 7,ii?5 Hickor.v Shirts. 1,100 Calico Shirts. 460 Women's Wool ITorvds. 160 Misses' Wool Hoods. 140 Bed <? Coverlets. 3,300 pounds Yarn, assorted color*. 1.U64 pounds Qllling Twine, 2 and 3 corfl, equal qtiantfe ties. .Nos. 30, 85 and 40. 904 pounds Cotton Maitre, for Seine*. 800 poands Indigo. 628 dozen best cast steel Axes, 3 to pound*. 4td dozen best cast steel Hunter'* Axes, handled. 809 dozen Axe Handles, Sri-inch, No. 1. 617 dozen tilined iron -Preserving Kettles, 3>? to ul 434 doyen short-hnndle Frying Pans, Nos. 1, 2 and 3. la equal quantities. 202 dozen Tin Pans, pressed, 2, 4 and 6 quarts. fi" dozen Tin Flutes. MOdozcuTfi caps, pint*. 21 HI dozen Till cups, quarts. 38 dozen Tin l*?ils, no covers, 8, 10 and 12 ounrl*. Tin I'aiis, with covers, 8, lOaud ?J quarts. 2ft dozen I'in Dippers, long handles. 130 dozen Tin Collee Pots, 2 quarts. 80 dozen Tin CofTee Pots, 4 quarts. 813 dozen tinned iron Table spoons. L5U3 Butcher Knives, (j inch. 110 Hunting Knives, n inch. 120 dozen Skinning Knives, 6-Inch. 230 dozen Knives and Forks, good quality. 8 dozen Pocket Knives. 113 dozen Taper Saw I- lies, 4|a-inch. 47 dozen Mili-saw Files. 362 dozen Planters' Hoes, No. 2, best cast steel. 120 dozen Hoe Handle*. 40 dozen hatchets. 13 dozen Hand Saws. 691 dozen Fish Hooks, assorted size*. 20ft down Fish Lines, assorted sizes. 363 dozen Sewing Awls. 299 dozen Sewing Awl ITandles. 112 dozen Cast steel Shears, 7% and 8 Inches. 841 dozen Coarse Combs. 120 dozen Fine-tooth Combs. 8ft dozen open Thimbles. 93 dozen Zinc Mirrors. 173 Needles, assorted sizes. 87 Needles, Glovers'. 544 Beaver Traps. Newhouse, No. 4. 80 Mink Traps, Newhouse. 3,386 ('.iniii Kettles, in nests of three. 6,460 buncnes Beads, assorted colors. i >00 Powhatan Pipes. 600 Itced Stems. 3,142 Sack ('oats, assorted sizes, for men. 4,662 Pants, assorted sizes, tor men. 930 Vests, assorted sizes, lor men. 374 Loose Sack Overcoats, large size. 260 Suits (jacket and pants), lor boys flv? to ten yMM or age. 180 Vests, tor boys Ave to ten years of age. 8,310 men's Wool Hats, assorted sizes and colors. 175 bovs' Wool Hats, assorted sizes and colors. 3(10 heavy Csssiiaere Cap a 1,888 pairs men's Shoes, good quality, assorted size*. 794 pairs women's .-shoes, good quality, assorted oaest 200 pairs boys' Shoos, good quality, Nos. 5 and 6. 22ii pairs misses' Shoes, good quality, assorted sizes. 1 824 oalrs children's shoes, goou quality, assorted slzeSr O.fiOO pounds Tobacco, Plug. BOO pounds Smoking Tobacco. All the above goods must be delivered In Now York** Philadelphia or Boston by the 1st day of Jane next Also the following Blankets, which will he required tQu be delivered by Ue 1st day of Aug mt next >? 1,400 pairs 3- point white Mackinac Blankets, to 1U4MUW 60x72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds. 1,000 pairs 2k-pulnt white Mackinac Blankets, to tnea*? ure 84xC6 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 78 pairs 2-) iotnt white Mackinac Blankets, to measure' 42x46 inches and weigh 5>'4 pounds. 1,880 pairs 3-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure. 60x72 Inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,250 pairs 2l-?-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to mcas? ure Stxtki inches nnd weigh 6 pounds. 400 pairs 2-point scurlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 42x48 Inches and weigh M pounds. 2,450 pairs 3-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x7-' inches nnd weigh 8 pounds. 2,000 pairs 2>vpoiut indigo blue Macxinac Blankets, tw measure 64x6ti Inches and weigh ti pounds. 350 pairs 2-point indigo bluo Mackinac Blankets, t<M measure 42x4(1 inches anil weigh S^ pounds, j 100 pairs 2k-point green Mackinac Blankets, to incas* ure MxiiO inches, and weitrh 6 pounds. 200 pairs 2-noiiit green Mackiqao Blutikets, to tncasurot 42x46 inches and weigh h)4 pounds. Tne bids will be opened In tho presence of the Board ofl Indian Commissioners and a committee to be designated^ by the Secretary of the Interior, as soon as the time for' receiving the same shall have expired, aud the con tracts will lie awarded as soon thereafter as practicable. Parties bidding arc required to lurnlsli samples ol tho articles bid for. All the sample* ni each bidder shall bo designated by a private mark attached to each sauipla. corresponding with marks on iho proposals. The orices must be given without any modification or proposed mnditicatiou whatever. The right will lie reserved to require a greater or less quantity (not exceeding 26 per cent in either case) of any of the articles than that speciiiod in the above schedule*1 at the prices proposed. The right will he reserved to rcjeet any or all proposals, it such u course should be deemed lor the interests of tho government. All articles furni'hod under contract will be required to he delivered, packcd inn murkid tor shipmcut, with out exira charge lor case* or bailinv when In orielnal packages, according to directions which will be given, at a warehouse to be designate I in the respective cities where the goods are received, and will be sub.ect to In spection by the Board oi Indian Commissioners appointed by the President; nnd such goods or articles as may in any resueet tail to cotilorm to the samples will be re jected, mid in that, case the contractor will be bound to turnl.di others of the required kind or quality within tlvo days : or il that bo uot done, they will be purchased at his expense. No bids will be considered from persons who havo failed to comply with the require menu of a tormur con tract. No oontr.ict, or part thereof, will tie permitted to ho assigned or tided by ulhcr par,i"s without the wrlttou consent ol tho Secretary ot the I titer lor. Payment will lie made tor the goods purchased on tha {ire-ontat on ot the invom s thereof at this ollico, aftor hc.v shall have been proper!* approved. No propo-a! will be considered that does not strictly comply wtih the following form t? "t tor we) propose to turulsh the Indian Department, according to the terms oi the advertircuieiit ol the Com missioiier Of Indian Adair-, dated March 20, 1873, the fol lowing arlicles at the prices thereto afnxod. (Here in sert the list of articles proposed to he furnished.) Said articles are to be delivered in (here inneri the proposed place ol delivery) by the (insert dale). And if this pro posal be accepted I (or we' will, within ten days offer being uutiiied, execute a contract accordingly, and give security to the Commissioner ot Indian AtTairs for the tnitlil ul perioriuanee of the same." Koch proposal must be accompanied by a guaranty In the follow. ng lorm. to he signed by two responsible per (oas. whose sufficiency most be cer tided by u united States Judge or District Attorney .? "We her 'hv lointly an I severally guarantee that the above bidoer tot hi Idcr-), if a contract shall be awarded to him ior iheiui aceorditi,' to his (or tlipir) bid or pro posal. will cxei ute a contract accordingly, and give the requisite security for the talthail performance of tho same, as prescribed In I lie advertisement tor proposals for Indian goods, dated March i0, 1873; and in the event ol his (or ttieiri failure to do so we hcerbv agree and bind ourselve-, our heirs, executors and administrators to foifeitand pnv to the United States, as damages, a sum not le-s tluin fllteen per cent on the amount ol said bid oc proposal." . ... . Bonds will be required In tho amount of the bid for tho falthtul performance of tho contract, with two or more sun ties, w ho e suftteienc) must be eertiOed to by a United Stalos .fuilee or District Attorney. _ H. it. t.LL'.M, Acting Commissioner. mo r a Pi. it ha sif r act u u n its. RBOPOSAI.S I.N WRm.NtJ will be received (until April 10) by tuo undor*l-,'ned FOB FUUnIsIUMO 30,000 REAMS OF NliWSP.VTEK, SIZE 33X47, WEK1UT, 03 POUNDS TO TIIE B'iAM, 600 SHEETS TO THE REAM, TO BE DELIVERED IN LOT3 of 800 REAMS l'KR WEEK. TERMS CASH. WILLIAM J. SWAIN, PUBLIC RECOHD OFFICE, S. W. CORNER Til I UD and CHESTNUT STREETS, PHILADKLPUIA. MATHlMtimii. VOVMa WIDOW WOULD LIKE To MEET Alt j* riderly ffDUewan of m<ans; object matrimo?**'. <Mt0r?wi A. ML ho* Ue Uerald Uutuwu Branch otttce? A

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