Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1873 Page 2
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58 107 ? mil/ATIOlVS WAmi^rBIIIIJ/BS. " Cooks, die. n. WARREN PLACE, CHARLES ST. -A RESPECT A t)U> woman as cook In a private family; bee* reference. A ?? EAST WD ST., OPPOSITE MADISON AV.? A RK I ? ) ?|ik tnlile woman a?good cook in a uttull private Inmily ; would assist with washing and ironing; also a girl an chambermaid anci w nitres*, or lo do c haniberwork mid sawing ; wish to live together ; city reference. i uu be seen lor two days. _ /TO WEST LOTH sT ? A BBAPBC TA HLK WmMAVA>1 ?)0 nrst class cook in h. small family i uo objection to thi* country : good references. _ ORFAT JONES ST.. CORNER OP BOWBBY, ? _ second floor.? A flrnt clusa German cook aud a chambermaid, /?1 BANK ST.. NKAR ?Til ST.? A3 FIRST CLASS *)1 rook ; thoroughly understands cooking ; no objot; tlon to a boarding houso ; good city reference. _ e?0 WEST MTU ST.? AS COOK AND TO ASSIST IN )0 the wushiug and ironing t host city rtftrUM from last place. or CTil AV., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE 0?) woman aseook; understands all kinds ol cooking; no objection 10 the country; beet city reference. 7TII AV., SECOND PLOOR.-A FIRST CLASS oOok In a private larally; understands her bust ncs thoroughly; good city reiercnce. WEST 18TH ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? .1 v' ? An exoorieuccd woman us tlrst class cook; un derstands cooking iu all its branches; best city reierouoe. Call for two days. 1 l\l-r WEST 18TH ST.? A THIRD, CONFIDENT IV' I woman as good cook; can do all kinds of cooking Mud baking; willing to assist iu wushiug; good city refer ence. HO EAST 28TH ST.? A WOMAN, Ft.'I.LT COMPE LlJj tent as cook, or would assist with hottsaworkin ii iffffllf lamily. Call Irom 10 to 4 o clock. VI (k WEST MTB ST.. BA8EM KNT. ? A GOOD PLAIN lit/ Books makes good bread and biscuit ; would assist with the wttMliiii;- *?inl iii'ii'ii;; ; I'ify re ft* it doc. 1 OA BAST BOPSTOM W, CORNER OF 2D AT. L~i\' top floor. front room.? A respectable woman as good cook 'would pre er Uio country, and take care of milk Aid Imiier and make herself useful; good baker; three years] relereiico, 1 k).l WEST MTB ST.? TWO GIRLS TOGETHER ; ONE | as cook, washer aid Inner; the oilier as cham bermaid and waltrets and to as.-igt wltli the washing; cit.v or country; best city reference. ik)t) WEST 2JTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I _ (rirl us rook and to assist with tho washing and honlnsj; br<t reference. King second bell. i Q | WEST 49T1I ST., ONE PAIR OK STAIRS UP, 1 ? I buck room.? As good cook in a prhute family; unJ. rntuuds her business in all iu branches ; good City reference. me WEST SUTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AB !??') cook: no objection to assist with the washing; tin give good clt.v references. Ii) r WEST S4TU ST., ROOM 14.? A RESPECTABLE ? ? ) girl as Hrst class cook ; no objeotlon todocour-e waahlng in a small private family ; best city reiercnce. ion WEST 17T1I ST BASEMENT.? A YOUNG OIRL lOv nr. cook, w h slier aud iroucr in a small private lamily; cit.v reiereuce. 1?>1 WEST anTll ST.. BBTWBBN ?TH AND "Til LOi. ova.? As gnml cook ; uud or stands all kinds of enok* ing; poultry, game; e.\ei Hint bread and cake maker; best city reference. 1 ? ) | WEST 2HTII ST.? AS FIRST CLASS ENGLISH JOt cook in a private family; no objection to Koto the country ; four years' city reference, lull tor two du.vs. 1 /Ll\ W EST 88TB ST., SECOND FLOOR.? AS COOK, It" bv a competent woman, willing to assist with washing and ironing; seven years' beet city reference. 1 A - BAST asm ST.? a RESPECTABLE WOMAN I :i"?) as first class cook and excellent linker, iu a private family; best references given; uo objection to the country. 1J/' EAST MTH ST, ? A FIRST CLASS COOK; UN. ItU dcr.-tnuds ovary kind of cooking; best city re ference. 1 I Q WEST 37TII ST. (PliESENT EMPLOYER'S).? A L'L?' rcspectabf' woman a> good cook; no objertlon to-do put t or co*nw washing. < an bv teen to-di > , (Tom lu to 5 o'cIupk. 1| (i WEST ITtH ST.? A BS8PECTABX?B WOMAN x >J experienced moV thorouuhlj' ur.di r .tands her buatnrss In ail its branches: noot>lcclion toallrst t la tie board) ii.1; house; best city reuren :e.. 1 A WK.hT JST1I t?T., ONE ttJGBT OF STAIRS 1 ? tip.? A competent yomm v.'omnn as cook; nnder > unds all Muds oi ti.tkilik' . no objuction to go a ?ihoi t dit- i lauce in the coantry ; rood citr reterouces. Wli-r 2 JT 1 1 ST., "MJ rLiajIT UP. PAf'K i room.? An first class cook, < client baker; nu. #efaianiN ?*i|M, v,,'ais, ji llH'S and (le>?erte of alt kind*; best city ixti i'ei. .<?. 1-7 EAST fSD 1 ... .'KCOND Ft.OOR, FRONT. A '/ I refcpectsbli .vomau n.s rook and toastl.twil iti.u ivaaaing ; t>est retei e?<;es. (Sail or address. Ifffl WEST 2 III sr.? A RI'SPKCTABI.E l'R iTKST ?rt> ant woman as i?o<id plain cook and to as-int ?ith (lie waahlng ironing; uo objection to a boarding house. EA.'T 2IIT1I ST ? \S FIRST ( LASS COOK IN A small family ; be tcity reference. WEST S3D ST.? A RESPECT A PLK WOMAN ns good conk; will assist In the wusliiug in a Final! |tri \ate family; h< st city reterence. Ol I WEST 03D ST.? TWO RRSI^ECTABLB OIHLS; II one cook, washer Bil l Iroucr ; the otliei us chJUMbermaid aud waitress; best city refeionces. Ol ?J K AM 28TII ST.? A SO UK It. MIDDLE AOKD LO woman as good plain cook; understands nn-.its lUoroutt'M.v ; also desserts and care ol milk and butter; a | rood luiker ; will do eoar ie wasliidK if required ; no oh kctioii to a -hort diaUiurc in Ihc coautry; cit.v reference. Call tor two days. j kV? WB'T 3fD ST.? TWO YOUNG F.NOLISI! OIRI.S ' ?iU iu ofte famili . one as cook; the others* cham bermaid and waitress. < all tor two days. GQ1 EAST torn ST., TOP FLOOR.? A IlEt-PECTA hleeirl to do eooklnsf, wart'ing and hroniag lu a mail prh ate family ; best city re fen nee. ELIZABETH ST.? TWO GIRLS TO GO TO. iZnU-j gother or separate; one as cook, the other us cluunberinaia an>l waitress; excellent city reference. EAST 22D ST.? TWO PROTESTANT OIBLS, 4j_?) who wish to t;.> together; one a* cook itid to as ?ist with the washin;.' : th?- oilier a< chambermaid and neamstress: can operation W licelcr >1 WUsou's muchiut ; good citr reference. ? WEST 1ST 1 1 ST. ? K ItKSPKCTABLE YOUNG woman as cook, w usher an-i iroiier in a private best city reterence. j CHRYSTTE ST., ROOM 10? A RESPKCTABLB pirl a . cook, wnf bar and ironcr ; n<> objection to , 224 lamily ; 228 to n siort dlstanre iu the country. Can be w en lor two nays ; g..od ri teteuce^ noi) F. \"?T t.VTH ST.. BETWEEN 2D AND SO \V^ - As first c!h~ i i ok ; nndcr' I ii 'l ? all K ind- ol t "'k' lag ; excellent baker, tvu-lier and lioaw; oeai eliy refer* dice 1)1 ?> EAST (MTB ST., ROOM A NEAT, TIDY a- l O youi s' w oman a? cook ; Is nn exccileut w ithe r Hud ironer; < >r would do genu a I boit.-cwork. Oil WEST .?'urH ST., THIRD FLOftR ? linOD tu \ r cook and baker ; willing to assist with we thing; rclerenre. C) i R WEST IHT ST., TOP VI.oOR, HACK.tA RE St Tt) suci tabli yoni rirl ns < . ok in t private t ioiily; Itupood i cierenci . Addre-s V. B. t?-1 WEST ,'CTtI ST.? A RKsPEt I VBT.E WOMAN ? I a- cook, washer nnd irom . m a private famll; ; be?t city rt ;erence iron In r last plr ?> T -JTH ST., KE\R AS COOK, l?\V, k or iiiimi'Ii in a first cl.isi hotel, clnb or 1 taurant or i?r^ t., irding bouse, by a? < x-o-ri midwo man ; goed relerem . . v ] < p ty fer two days. OC 4 WK.-T .'ill ST., i.?p FLOOR.? A l> KsPKrT able girl a- ' ? X md to a 1st wlih w.^hin^ aud Ironing; good city reference. Call tor two days. 9*y?WI 8T STI'i! ST., SE( ONDVloOH, HAf K IiOO*f,_ ?JtHJ A r??-p 'cislle .voting woman a c??ik inaprirnta family; iiiid<*rst.i;!d. In > nessthor< n^hi \ ; best r ier? ence. Call or ;i Mr - j. Ofi^l*MOTT ST.? AS COOK, W VlilIBB ANDIKONER. " Imtl'ie l, s tivodtiyj. ? OQ11 ELIZA B! Til M. All PECTABLB WOMAN &Olt ?- lirs 1 ela ? < ? k ; tuider ??diitids all I. Ind of iwetry nnd Is a *u; erioi I n a.l baker; 110 ol.,. ii .11 ? -lM>rt dinttBN in the count n ; l e t 1 try reterem es. BOWERY.? A ItESPECTABLE GERMAN va < . ?) man (Prott-.'tanti us coek aud to assist in lne. 2al * ' 'T t?Tn LXQLI II WOMAN vS ?'*" ' 1" 1 .!?<?? rook in * liot^l or I*i-tauruiit ; i .uii> Capable ( i luktn .'Iiarg'' of a kitclien. ?W)7 f'TII AV. il'KESBKT KMPWTKR'S).? \ FIRST '? "la>s <(i k; CH'tcratand* noupf, meat-, paltry, jflilWi ?e. ; r i ?n in; i, m ;ug lj.uilv giiiuj u< LuiouV. (Ian be copiHor 1'vn la\ . '?M17 101 " AV' 1 ' T' 27rlr AND JWTIi KT8.- TWO *'V.' " 'i1'' ""' ?? ' ml plain Co >k, w ii-li r and ironi r ; the oilier a . < hamternitUft g*H>d reference. mBAHT .'4111 .-r K KK-l'I'.i TABf.K GIRL ? ? 1 "oui-i ; guiM aUv nlerenoc. ? '? 11 ior tv.o (Hiv . '117 " '"'T ir'T sr. first fi.oois, r. i:\r._a ?7* 1. I it i " ? .' l>lc gir m cook , w.v li"i it f(i i n || jji* iii j private iamib ; i ? rcfcrm. e in m ia*t place. o io J. a - r ?? t st.? a pi, cki table uirl \h * J J ( ' plain eo.korfoUo general hottm work; i ; v or country. i) I A KASI 2i i II KT? AS COOK: UNDERSTANDS OXts Iter l)Uii!i< ? in nit Its I ran. lies, lies! clt\ aul country reference f'ri in l:?t pluc< i. QOO WEST 17TII KT.. KKTVVI>\ nif AM) flTH ? )?<?.) nvs.? V rcni^efablr I'rot i.mi > i rl ao 4, . ,c,. ; piujn cook, wanhcr and trooer; good releri nee. QG4 WEST 41fT ST.? A Jti rr'F.CTABI.H ttl'NO tjjtJ t woman aaroofc in a priv .iH fainll v : u ntei stnndv I bread anrt biscuit taking tiiorou- lily n ? . i?t> cii,,nti. i? I aul ? Hi ti?e washing aoU kuniui;; be*', citjr rclere :'* if rf u'lirrd. ?,?/ QOC EAST S4TII ST., TIIIRO FLOOR A Mtf Nil woman a* < ?ok and lo waj-h and iron In u pii. vale family; koo>I city rcferonw*. nn n E.'ST :tsl> ST.? A YOl'NO WOMAN V< IOK 0*5 O nod do the com WMtihw of ? prirM* iauiily ; jftn<tll?nt bread and bier ult baker sod MMirete , good eity reference. ??<>?> EAST 21 HT ST., OKI PAIR OF KT AIRS? A ?J.&0 fripeciaii <? vanin aaeo >k In n private ramHy ; utxir-raWndf nil kind* 01 cookmu; no objection to tue I fo#nt?y :jgoo?4 ? liy rwi'-rewo^i ?>*11 KA .'T *r,ru .ST., PIRfT Floor, front.? a 0(9i girl a? cook in n imalf private tamuy; would aa ll M lib tliu COUisc W UhijlUBi would go Iu til? counu*. H rTir ATIONN WANTK r>? F j: 1IA I. es. Cook*, A*. OOl EAST SITU ST.-A REHPECTARLE WOMAN AS Owl first cla?s cook In French, English or German style; can take lull charge of u kini-en, hotel, club house or large boarding house; no objcAoti (o tJio country; ?even years' first c lass city reference. Call for two days. oor KAST .tin HT.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AH tjfjfj excellent cook ; no objc??'on *? ? boaidiug house; will assist with WMltlni; good renrmcei. QQQ WliHT 48TII HI.? TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS; OOo one ns cook, washer and irorier ; the other as chambermaid and waitress iu private fumily ; city refer ence. OAK KAHT ?TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOHNO UTtJ woman ax pood ccok, washer and lroner; koo<1 city reference Iroiu place. o ro 7TII AV.-A YOUNG GIRL AS EXCELLENT ?>?)*) cook iu a private family ; willlnK to assist iu washing; city reference from tier lust place. ? >?>7 EAST 2 1 s T ST., SECOND FLOOB, HACK. -A 00 I spcctable yount' woman *? cook; thoroughly understands lior business; 110 ohjectlou to assint in pluiu washing ; b. it city reference. ?> -I *> EAST sisr ST.-A RESPECTABLE YolMl Otj woman an reok ; can do all kinds of tine washing nnd ironing; no objection to take a laundress' piacc ; best city rolerenoe ironi hor last place. WEST S9TII ST., BETWEEN CTII ANI) !?Tll OtU avg.? A respectable young girl in a private fami ly as cook and to astdst with the waiting una ironing ; Hood reference. Call for two days. ?J /4 7 EAST S5TII 8T.-TWO YOUNG GIRLS, TO <'il (tether; one as cook and the other an upstair* KU-l, olty reference*. 070 EAST I0T1I ST.-A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIO girl as plain cook ; Is a good bread ami biscuit baker; would assist with the washing and ironing; is willing and obliging; an American family preferred; city reference. OQ7 6TU AV., THIRD FLOOR.-A COMPETENT U?7 I person an first class cook in a private inmllv ; un derstand* her bualnese thoroughly ; 12 j ears' city rol'er i.n re. Call or add res.-, lor two days. JIO ZD A V? IN THE STORE.? A RESPECTABLE TlO young Herman girl as cook. A O/r EAST HOT II ST., MIDDLE HOUSE, TOP floor.? A resp?'Ctatdo girl us cook, washer and lroner in a private family; good city reference. 4T11 AV., NEAR 29TH ST., IN Till', 8TORB.? X^jlJ A respectable woin:in as first class cook: under stands all kinds of game and soups in all branches; best city reterouce. A O K WEST 40TII ST., ONE FLIGHT UP.-AS GOOD T" tjtj cook and to assist with washing and ironing in a private family ; good oily reference. Cull lor two days. A P\el. WEST 19TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG t. *JO woman in a private Intnl. y as first class cook; lately landed. Can be nee n lea' one day only. 4 nr. PTH A V., BET. 35TM AND 3STH STS.-A ( < > M *.)t) nctant woman us good cook, washer and lroner in a small private family ; good reference. CA7 WEST IflTH ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK ? 'V ? room ? A trustworthy Englishwoman as good cook ; excellent washer and irotter ; good lolerences. Call lor two days. I 2D AV.. BETWEEN :if>TH /, N I) SOT II SIS , TWO flights ol stairs up, front ris.m.? A respectable ^irl us cook, washer and troncr; gooil city rete'ercc. 7H9 ~TH AV > BETWEEN 47TH AND l.HTII SI'S, -A 1 \) ?i respertnl.le German woman as cook or house keeper in 11 private family ; best city references. Q(W 8TH AV., CORNER OK KID ST.? A YOUNG CVJ?J girl as cook, washer and irottur In a small pri vate tamii.v; city reference. 1 1 2U AV-? ,mi 'ST-> 7 LOO II two .I.JL^i t girls; one as plulu cook, wusher and lroner, the other to do chambervvork and assist with the wash ing. I nn :iU AV- OOBKKB 8(itii sr.? \ RBSPECTA .1 I" ble woman us cook of chatuburmuid ; good refercnoe. SITUATION WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, IN yj city, ?s good cook, excellent washer and lroner, by 11 steady young woman ; two years' city reteuilce. Ad druko K. T., iluraid oillce, for two days. Clinmhrrmaldii, Ae. 0I.EXTNOTON AV.? A VOrNO WOMAN A3 CHAM lierinald or clituubermatd and waitress. -;7 BASTKTH sr., BETWEEN MAIM o\ AND till I nvs.? Two respectable >.lrl.-ras chainbarmnlds or p'aln seamstresses In u private family ; best illy reler ORCHAUD ST.? A YOUNG OIItL AS CHAMBER. ?>?> maid 11 I'd waitress, best city releivnce. Can be seen tor two day s. ?>7 WEST 43D ST.? A BESPEOTABLB YOCNO WO. ? 'I m rut as chainberinaid aud waitress; goo.l city re ferences. ?>Q WEST 1STH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS FIRST ? ?(' class rhuuibcnnald or regular waitress; is capable o tukine. either cfcpneily; good eity referi?ce. 4 K I v.sT r?D sr.? A KESP EOT ABLE YOCNG nl v oiimn as nhamberuiald and waitress, or will do housework In a - mall lumilv : best city rclereace. I' r.TH srr.-AS CHAMBERMAID OR WAIT, flr-t < hits city reference. Call from 10 till 3. "tQ E< ?)0 re: 109 ro WEST 2 .Til ST.? A YOUNG (iIRL, ALONE, AS ? cbaioboruiuid or waitress; ,.ood city re:orcttcit. (ijtil from IU to -i 71 FOR#VTH ST., BBAB.? AS CHAMBERMAID OB J J totakeeare ot children, by a. voting girl 17 veurs cM. h?vllig the best city reicrenco. Call lor two days. AO MTH AT.? A BBS "KCTAUI.E TOUBO OIBIi TO ?/?> do clmiiiberwork for a .small tamlly, or to tuke tare i f one or two grown children ; no objection to the i ountry for the Hammer; city retcreace. wi t I, -III ST.? A Vol' V G GIRL AS CHAM- j tenuu; tiest el^v retcrence. -]A(I WEST JJTH ST., BETWEEN r.Tlt AND 7TH I'm; av?.? A resi .'ctatile 1 orson to do clismnerwork orvralt oH a lady and sew ; good city reterencea. king lliieo times. a.? CHARLTON ST., SIDB BBTBAMCK.? A HE. ? > s^eetablo v< iin : woman us chuiubciurjid nnd [ waitress in a private l.uullv. 11 - WEST D ST., BETWEEN ?TH AND 7TH \\S. I I l?) A ri speetable vouna girl, lately landed, as chain | bi'imatd or w .title -s; is w litiug and obliging ; with priv ate tumily ; ? II jr .>r country. I 1 < ? | WEST MTU ST., BELL M.-A BBSFBCTABLB 1 I ? 1 younu L'irl as chantUrinilid and waitress, or Would do I'hatnhei work nnd assist In the waslnug and I iri'nlng el .1 private landlv ; good reference. 1QK Wl T l/ril ST.? A I'UOTESTANT WOMAN AH I (?.'I cliaml crwai't an I waitress or would do tho j work of a small tamilr. Call tor two days. 11)- W ES I SSI) ST.? A YOl'VO WOMAN AS CHAM 1 t ? ?' Ivriuiid j lit t 1 assist in waiting ia a first class ] bout diii ? housi ; two < ears' city reierence. EAST '?Til ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOCNG girl ii> chjinberiiiald Slid waitress. Can be tecu at h' r pti .cut employer's. 1QQ WEST MTH ST.. TOF FLOOR.? A RESFECTA (?>f) in. \ oting mrl to tli ? chumberwork and fine wash iug and ironing: i/cod city reference, ?| j <k \m si :t 1 ?. f sr. u i:s tit ruti.E v? ?i ng I I ? / woman a- ehaiiiiierinuid and waitress, or to do hoit >e work f >r 11 -iiiuU t ?? in lly ; to-t eity reierence. I IQBAS1 MTH ST., IN BASEMENT,? A RESFECT I ' I ? ) 11I1I1 ttirl a? 'diamtn rm., 1 and t 1 a^si-i v\ i'ii tho .i?hiio:, r ? - la u titi 1 ' bo objection to the country; 126 1 J/? I i t-T lt|) ST., FIRST FLOOR ? \ VOt'NG I III cirl to 1 1 v ? <1 1 ot children or do light chamber work ; ? lllin;.' and ; beat city rt tv rence. H7 WEST W|) sT . BETWEEN CTH AND 7TII A VS. I A oini.- uirl n< ehauibermaid ami waltri - or 1 liamtii" t ? 1. .? n.l to inlnd children ; Is will ing and obliging ; vood city rftcreuce. 1 r,1 ELIZABETH ST.. N EAR SPRING.? A RESPECT 1 ? > I able ' onto: girl as i ltainln riiiaid and plain sewer in a topi 1 lalle 1. mill} ; city relcreu.'e. ] ~ | 2X 111 ST.. BETWEEN 6TU AND "III AVS. A ) I r >| ectaMi young woiiiau as chambermaid and 17* 18! wniti I r- It)'!' 1 1 VV.. BETWEEN lvril AND IflTII STS.? A I ? h ) res 1 i.ili.c g 1 us clic nliermaid and waitress or to do c i.unls rwol'k and take cute of chil dren; good eity reference. 1 "7 wi'.si i-'T t n sr.. iinitu imx)R,-a girl, I'M lii ? I v liitili-il. a. 1 hatiihcrmllid, to .issi t with v? Ashing or ta*e 1 are ot children ; will make hei'se 11 gen crtny us. 11! it- | WEs I ism sT.-At CHAMBERMAID AND I'M Vts.tlt. best eity li ...cllecs. 171 Wlisl M'!I ST.. NEAR 7TM AV.? A YOl'NO ! I I worn 111 hi chiiiiibertiutlii and waitress or chuiu kermaid ?n 1 rt wer; be it citv refen nte. 177 ELIZABETH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT 1 1 ? stiic 1. 1 r I a- ehamtiermnld and waitress in a pri v ile family , tn'st city relercm e. Til AV? A RBHFECTAHLE t.lRIH LATELY 1 te-l, t.i tin i lmii\' rr' ik or waiting; is wll andobltgiag; city retert-nci a) SI) tV . ONE in 'Of " M 17 I'll ST.? A RE spei talm 1 1 niniid snd to as?i?t ill othci Work In a 1 1 <t el??s private 1 miily. 1Q?) *l> AV., ITT. I ST.-t 1:1; -I' Vltij; i;i?l"as 1 ' ? > rhstii ernt i'il and seHinsiress, or S'-amstios lor growing childr- a: I" -t city reierctice. I nr. 7'rii a\ \ re si 1 1 -table gikl as ciiam J.ii) bermaid and wsiir.ssor todo flue washing and ironing ; good reierence. U AST llsT ST.? A~ KESPKCTABLB TOUNO j rl 1 Pr .'.e-tanti as chambermaid and waitress in a small private family ; has no objection te go iu U.e 1 country ; les; cily relercnce. OIIO ?i?TH SI, IIEIWM.N 21> AND .'ill AVS A A?v'0 rcspectnbl* gill us chaliiberiitaid antl waitress. i mn wi st ::w st . corner .id av.-a respect. m'/U at?le .'Irl ?s chambermaid and waitress or to do general housework in a smn.l private family ; In st city reference. Call lor two dav s. k)ll 1 WEST 2!>T II ST., SECOND l'LOOR, BACK.? A ' I Competent girl us Mwitnhernisld and waitress In 1 private Isiuily 01 bourdilig; first class city refer ence. ilnj ea 1 111 st".." co r nek itiii tvT-rwo ke ?'l| spertat>le girls; one it- rbaml? rmaltl afnl to do line washing; the ot 1 r ? 1 ehaint errnaid uud waitress, IB s private Inurlv ; Is st city retort m e. ?mi F vsr turn sr., one door fast of to av ? ? "'I A v 1 uu . it omati n . hambermaid nnd waitress; willing a 11 1 obliging; first class city ret. rence. oni east 47m ST, NEAR 3D AV.? A RESPFCTA ?d\ 'J ble yotiiig girl as .hainbermaid and to assist with the washing or plain sewing; best city reference. iiikti Wl sr vein 81 A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?\1 Zt (drl as chatob ' maid and to assist with washing Aiid'IrottliiK, or would il? housework in a small private idiiili) . '<? >t city ti leivUce. t ali lot two das ?. SITUATIONS WAMTEP? FKMAXK*. t'hanbcmialdi, Ac. WEBT S18T ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS chambermaid and waitress. 218 211 91 7 EA#T SBTH ST.? AS GOOD PLAIN COOK OB ~ -I I chambermaid : goisl reference. 917 WKHT 27TTT HT . BKTWI.UV 7TII A fc D 8TH I I avs.? A young woman as chambermaid : willing to do plain cewtug or take care of children; good city reference. WKST ?1D ST. (PRKSKNT EMPLOYER'S).? A young girl as chambermaid and waitress. 9O9WRHT 27TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, BACK rooin. ?A respectable girl ait eliamberuiuid or waitress; bent city nierruet. Call alter 10. 994 7TU A V.. CORNER _'3I> ST. -A It I'.SPEi ' 1'AHI K ^ ? young girl a* chambermaid and wallrchsnr to as sist in plum sewing; best city reference. Call from IDA. M. to 4 I*. M. King second bell. 9 9 | WEST 371 H HT.? A YOUNO OIBL, LIVINQ t with her parents, an chuuiliertuaid or to lake care of children. OOK EAST 35T1I ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS ? ? * ' chambermaid ami to do Dewing, or to take care at children ; good reference. 99 42 EAST 47TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS " chambermuld and waitress or us chambermaid and to sow ; good city reference. 9QA EAST 40TIC ST. ? A YOUNO OIRL AS C'HAM ' berniaid and waitress, or to imslst with flue wushlug. Call lor one day. 9*>7 WEST 15TH ST. ? A YOUNG WOMAN AS (Ml AM" ZiO I berniaid and waitress anil to assist in washing. 907 WEST 27T1I ST., THIRD FLOOR FRONT.? A ? O I respectable girl to do chanibcrwork and walling and assist In washing mid ironing In a private family ; best city reference. Address. 9OQ WEST 27TU ST. -A COMPETENT YOU SO OIRL as chambermaid and waitress; willing and obliging and understands her duties; excellent city refer ence. 9 19 WEST 47T1I ST., BETWEEN 7TI1 AND 8TII ? . 1 mi avH.? A respectable American girl as chamber maid, or would take care of children ; willing to go to the country; is willing and obliging; good city reference. Call for two days. 9 19 WKST I8TH ST., REAR.? A RKSPECTABLB ? ' ru young woman as chambermaid and waitress iu a private tauiily; best city teference. O t'l EAST 24TI1 ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS jtO chambermaid and waitress, or would do lionse work for small lainllv ; best reference Irom her last place. EAST .WTH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AYS., top Hour, room 13.? As chambermaid and wait 244 res**. 214 WKST S6TII ST.? A FIRST OLASd CHAM BER. maid ; best city reterence. 91' WKST 3"D ST ,-TWtl OlIILS; (INK AS COOK, 1JT') the o^her us chambermaid and w aitress; will do the washing between them of a small family; excellent reference imin lulinphljm 9 WEST SOTII ST. ? A YOUNO OIBL AS OtlAM ttTU bormald and waitress or 1 hambenniid and to do linn washing and Ironing; best city reference Irom last place. Call for two days. 9 -to TBS* BOTH s r., on TBI Trillin FLOOR, HACK ij'r" room.? A respectable girl aj chambermaid aud waitress; good city references. 9 |Q WEST m> ST.? A YOUNO GIRL AS CHAM berniaid and waitress in a private family; 110 objection to the oountry ; good city reference. Call lor two days. 9,-1 Wt'.sr 1 7 ?? i I ST. ? A RESPECTABLE Yol'Nll ?') l. girl, lately lauded, as uyso und to do chumber 9/T1 WEST 1ST II ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AT Jj'tl chambermaid ami tine washer; Is both willing ami obliging and has good city roierences. 9^0 WEST SSD ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ??')?> woman as chambermaid and waitress; is wil ling and obliging; good rcloreuce frnni last employer. 9O | 2D ST., NEAR AV. 0 A PROTESTANT yimng woman, in a small private family, lis chambermaid ami would assist with the washing; Is k'nJ and obliging; city reference it required. O/19 BROOMT1 ST., TWO STAIRS UP.-A RESPKCT ?)<'_ able young German woinnn as chumbcrmnid ; understands sewing very well. Ojl'l EAST f6TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Ov/O Pioteslant girl as chambermaid and waitress in a small private intnlly ; beat city reterence. i)f|7 EAST 51 ST ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER S).? A ' )' ' 1 young girl as chnmbormaia and to mind a child or to sew. >)| 9 BAST 36T1I ST.. FIRST FLOOR? A RESPECT A. i)lw ble young girl at chambermaid and waitress, or would do cliaiuberwork and assist wiln washing mid ironing; good city reference Irom last plucu. Call lor two days. QIC EH iSD ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS ? >1 ?) eliiitiibermniil anil to do plain sewing; willing nud obliging ; city reference. i)1 - EAST 20TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL IN THE ? ? 1 ? ? country as chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and assistant re.itnstress; best reference from her torincr employer. Can be seeu irom 11 toil o'clock. 31 7 37T11 sr.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D A VS. ? A RE. I speotaMo young girl as chambermaid and as 11 ^ist in the washing and lioulng; 110 objection to chil dren ;go<jd reference. Q1 7 EAST 37TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS.? ? >l I A youm: girl as chambermaid and waitress; bo objection to children ; good city rrteiTiicu. ?>Q1 EAST Ml ST.? A YDHKO OJRT, TO DO Owl clininberwork or to alfc-nd to elitMren; can work on H heeler A Wilson's sewing machine. 090 east ."tail ST. ? A YOl'NO OIRL, LATELY ? )<_/?) landed, to do do elismbcrwork and waiting ; will be tumid wtlliag and obliging. ?>9 t W I.ST Mra ST.. BETWEEN STI1 AND 01 II ttJjLT avs.? Two competent young women: one as chambermaid and waitreu; the other asnur o and seam stress; can operate on several machines; have best and long city reference*. 091 EAST S6TH ST.. FIRST FLOOR? A RESCECTA ble voting woman as chambermaid and to assist in washiiiu' aiel iioninu ; best city le er? nee. ? ?9 - E AST 47TH ST.? A RESPECT \BLE OIRL TO do chuuiberwork and to assist in the washing or (In bona* work in u small tamtly. Q()A BAST S6TH MT.oA OIRL OP RXPBBIBMCB AS ? )_*) chambermaid and to do line washing; liasgood cltv reference. ??9/* WEST m il ST.? a YOUNO OIRL To assist ?)^l) In chanibtrwork or light housework; willing >id obliging. ?? A A EAST 31 ST ST.? A RRSPKCTARLE OIRL, iateli lauded, as chnmltcriuuid aiul nurse in a private family. Call tor two day*. ?J | rr EAST SttTII ST -A COMPETENT OIRL AS ?Vt?) chainhernmid and waitress, or to take care of ehil lr?n atul do plain sewings willing and obliging. ') J /? Wl-sr 2ITII s i \ Itl SIM I T VBl.E OIKL as ij'tl) hoii-eniMid or to do wa-diin; and ironing. O ] 7 7TH AV? A PROTEST ^NT OIRL AS NUESB O't I or chambermaid ; good reference. ?) t 7 KA0T I7YH ST.? A RBSPECTABLR OIRL TO O'T I do chambervrork and waiting; will a isut 111 the washing: geod ri'tercncc. OA "7 EAST I7TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE Yol NO irr I girl a* chambermaid In a small private family or would assist w itli washing; two years' reterence, 7 WEST l'VTll ST.? A YOUNG GIRL TO DO light chambcrwi rk; goud city reference. Cull lor two gays. Q jQ EAST 33D ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM 0 rO bermald nn^l to assist with tli< washing and iroiiiini; is willing and obliging : has no obiecllons to dn liou?ewoik In a small private tmniiy; good rut cr>,-ice from her la --t place. Call for two days. q f o EAST * iTIl ST , SECOND FLOOR, FRONT,? A O I ?/ respectable young Mnt-rlcau gii 1 to do upstairs work or watting ; resides w itli her parents ; besl city ref trence. 070 WEST 11.11 sr.-A Yol'NCr WOMAN AS 0 I 1) chambermaid or waitress; no oblectiou to assist in washing and ironing. Call tor t? o days. 0(|- 2D AV., BETWEEN 23l> AND 23D STS. ? A ? )???) voting girl as -hsinbermaid and waitres#; good city reference. Coll for two dajra. EAST luril ST -AS CHAMBERMAID AND TOT waitresj; excellent elty refirence. IH7 WEST MTII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?"I'* I wom*n?? chamberm ild and waitress; is willing and obliging ; good city reference. . | A ny WEST ?*ril ST., IN TIIE MII.K STORE.? A RE T " /O apeetable l'roti slant girl to di> chamtierwork, or as nurMO and to do plain sewing ; good city reference. 1 1 ?> t \S I 17 I'll I V RESPECT \BLK I'RoTEST I IO ant yotitig woman as 1 liaiiibcriuaid or waitress; no oh ections to u boarding house. A 9- WI'.ST 17TII sr.-A RE8PF.CTAULB YOl NG 1 girl as 1 humberinuid and to aasist iu washing; good city reference. Apply tor two days. J 90 27111 ST.. BETW EEN 9TH AND 1UTH AVS., I fc.O rear. A re?p, < tatde > ones' * oinan as chamber msld and waitress 111 11 private tamlly ; city reference. 190 WEST 42l? ST., KECoND FLOOR, FRONT.? A 1 wO youiiK n ot.iati a*> liamborinaid ; lour years' ref en 11 e from last pla> e. WEST 17111 ST.? A YOUNG OIBL AS CHAM bcrinald and v aitress or as clinmberuiald and 347 432 laundre? , ...... | ?>*> EAST fulTII ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS 'i ' t'l ch iililierinaid und seiiinstress- operates on Wheeler and Wilson'* sewing machine ; best city rc'ui Mil IS. w< i WE -T 42D ST.? A ORBMAN OIRL TO DO I < ) J; U| .stalls work und plain sewing lu an American tatnily. 171 BD AV., BETWEEN S2D AND ISD 8TS.-A '1 I T" yottnf gli I a? elinmbermald and waitress and to assist in ? ashing and liontng ; good olty reference. ri\ i WESi THIRTY-THIRD STREET. TOP FLOOR.? ? )U'i: A respectable x ouiiKKirl, lo do up stairs work, and washing and Ironing; no objections to a fiiort dis tance In the country, for lltu Summer ; good city refer ences Irom last place. C 01 8D AV., NK VR SftTH ST.. TOP FLOOR, FRONT ? ) _ L room.? A respectable \"ung girl a- chambermaid atul waitress In a private laml.y ; good city vefercnoe. r.OO WEST *7TII ST.? A RESPBCTABLK PHOTKS ? )? IO fant girl as r hamlM rniaid and to assist In the care ot ( bihlron, or as Iniant's nurse : good cltv reference irom laat place Call between lu and 12 o'clock. KK.Q TTH AV., CORNER 4oTH ST.-A RESPECT.

? l? )(1 able girl as < bariiberinaid and ? sltress or do li iutvwoik tu a private Unuiy ; good city rcicteii'-e* HtTCATlONS WASTED-FEMALKg. _ Cbambermaldi. dee. CftQ SD AV.. BETWEEN S7TII AND 38TTT HTB.-A yuuuu girl a# chambermaid and waitress; boat city reference from her laat place. QGt ' 8TH AV., TOP FLOOR. FRONT.? A RESPECT A bio young girl ?- chumbi>rmald anil to i!o One washing, or would do plain Hewing ; bent citv relcreuce rroni her last piano C79 SO AV., TOP FIjOOK.? A COMPETENT PUB y> I Z. 1 Hon a? chambermaid and wait mux, or at cham bermaid and to do ftno washings uo objection to tlie country ; rery beat city reference. (\OQ GREENWICH ST. ? A It KS I'l; 1 IA It I . K YOl'NG tJOO girl 11s chambermaid and will do Hue washing; good reference. 701 6TII AV.? A (JOMPETKNT PROTESTANT OIRL I ^ I an chambermaid and waitress alone in a private lamily ; prolers a abort diMancu lu the country ; city ref erence. 7 ft 7 6TH AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'W.-AS ?' I chamlH'rmaid and .wamitrcw; can dogood plain M-wini and operates on singers' machine. Can bo seen Iroin 10 till 4. 7HQ 10TI1 A V.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL Afi CHAM I '/O bermald and waitress; good city referunco. Can bo seen for two day*. QQ/I 2D AV.. TJIIRD FLOOR.-A REHPEOTABI.K Ot/T young irlrl 114 chambermaid and waitress; beat city reference ; private inniily preierred. nno zi) av.-two oerman oikls; one as t'VO chainliermnid. tine waaher and Irotier, the other us chambermaid and to take care ol chiidrcu. King first bell. ? QOft SD AV., NEAR 60TII ST., SECOND FLOOR. t/?l) back room.? A young girl as chambermaid and waitress or chuuibcrmald una to do plain sewing; good reerence. Q'-IQ SO AV., TOP FLOOR.? TWO RESPECTABLE vOt7 Swedish girl* as chambermaids; best reierenccs. Inr t 3D AV.-A VOI NI! LADY KOR CIIAMHICR ? "?'I work, wailing, assisting washing, ironing, Ac., in u plain lainily ; good city roteronce. jl CO 2D AV., BETWEEN BOTH AND 6IST STS.-A ? ltJO respectable young girl u* chambermaid and to do line washing in a smalt lauiily; best city reference. Address. Dressmaker* nn<l Srein?(mnr?. 1 MTLLIGAN PLACE, fiTn AV.. BETWEEN 10TH AND I 1 ' tli sis.? A first elans drcsnmakor ; Is abso u thorough SuaillrtlK^H; reference. ')(? WEST mil ST., IN THE UK Alt. ? A COMPETENT ?>?7 dressmaker wishes to wor-k out bv the day; can (tivo every satisfaction In cutting and lilting ladles' tinmen: good relerencua. A A PRESIDENT ST., BROOKLYN. ? A COMPETENT tU druHMimker, good Otter and designer, to go out by theduv; I adieu fitted at their residences and the work brought liomu to be finished if preferred ; New York ref erences. ? WEST 23D ST.-A bABY GOING ABBOAD ? ) r wlshe t a situation tor her seamstress ; good recom mendations. oft errr a v.? a frf.ncii urkshmakfr. a stuav Ol) ger here, lully cnm^etctvt to cut and ilt any gar ment and an excellent trimmer, wishes to make tome engagements. Apply at her present employer's. inn SULLIVAN ST.-A COM PETE NT DBESSM A K B If. X"'" who thoroughly untfcrsiiind* cutting, fitting unit trimming, to go nut by the day or w eek ; terms moderate, full for two days. 1 AO OREBNB AT.? A LADY AS SEAMSTRESS J CITY IUu reference. 1 OA WEST 40TH ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND J Ziv) 6th av.? A* dressmaker and seamstrc-s in n private family; enn cut and lit ladlos' and children's aretes; understands till kinds or family sewing; beat city refer ences. Ou he Keen tor two days. 1 l\ Q WEST MTU ST., SECOND FLOOR BAOK lf)0 room. ?A competent dressmaker would like a few more engagements by the day or week; can cut, fit and trim in the latest stylo; terms moderate; satisfac tory reierence. Call or address for two days. ion WEST 2fi'l? ST., BETWEEN (ITU AND 7TH IUU av*.- A respectable woman to go out by the day or week in n nriva'e family ; understand* cutting and ti t tiug rhildren s elolhes; also- ladies' underclothing; is a good operator ou Wlioolor A Wilson's sewing machine. (UW\ EAS'f IHTH St., CORNER 3D AV ? A YOUNG girl as seamstress; is a first class operator on Wheeler x Wilson's sowing machine, Call for two days. Ofkfi WEST NTH ST.? A DRESSMAKER WOULD jyUU Uk<> the work of a tew more families; is a goo I cutter and fitter; expert on Whooler A Wilson machine. *-H\7 WEST 1ST11 ST.? AS SEAMSTRESS; UNDER Li\ ' I stands dres?m iking, trimming, all kinds of family sewing an i Wheeler A Wi son's muchine: no ob jeclion to take care of a child ; willing and obllelns; 110 objection to the country ; terms moderate. QIO EAST 4l?ril ST.? AS DRESSMAKER, TO GO Z* I ? ; out by Hie day or week or lo laite work home; can trim in any sl.v le, or >vou d like to go as a cutter m some dressmaking establishment. i all or address. OQA 0T1I AV. ? A COMPETENT PRKS8STAKER ' would like n few more engagements by the day, or would take work home and fit at their residences It desired. Call on or address I.. B. 2i ) 4 WEST 17TH ST.? A YIM'NO FRENCH GIRL, Jj'r JUst landed, to do plain sewing. OOi WI'.ST 17TII ST.? AS NURSE BY A FRENCH JL _j' t girl ; can speak English ; plain sewing ; good city reference. OOt? WEST JOTII ST., NEAR 8TH AV ?A COMPK ^OU tent woman tseamstreas) would like a few en gagements bv the day or week; ean alter and lepair neivtb ; bo objection to the country. Call or address. WEST SI ST ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND srtl I -??yO HVH- ? A firs o las* dressmaker wishes a lew en gagements by the day. 2?>(i BAST Bill ST., NEAR 2D AV.? A COM OJ petent seamstress to go out by ihe day or week ; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine and do all kinds oi lamlly sewing ; best city reference. Call for two days. OJA EAST 47 I'll ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK.? A Ju 'x** respectable married woman would take work at lier own house; docs all kinds of embroideries for Indies; ean be well recommended. 2,4 Q WBaT 4IST ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS SBAM TU stress and to do light ehambcrwork, or would take enre of a growing oiilld ; operates on W heeler A Wil ton * machine ; In a private lauilly ; city reference. 07?) 6TH A V., NEAR 17TII ST.? A COMPETENT I ? I dressmaker wishes to work by the day in some private fiimllle*; thoroughly undcrrtnud* fitting and nlin ming ladies' unil children's suits; can operate uii Wheeler A Wi son'a machine only OQO TTH A V.? A DRESSMAKER WISHES A FKW ZiOtJ more engagements in private families; Is a first class cutler, fitter and trimmer; no objections to the country, t all or address. n-|A WEST 16 1' 1 1 ST., SECOND FLOOR, ROOM 6.? * J I " ' A young girl a* dressmaker and seamstress in a private family ; good reierence. 017 <vrn AV., NEAR 2iril .ST.? AN EXPERIENCED ? )ll dressmaker WMtt* 1 lew ilailv Ittgagemeuta. Call or address. t)1Q 4TII AV., BETWEEN 23D AN l> 24TII SfH.-A ?)ln g.iod dressmaker who na* a'l '?;? ^irl'ta styles and patterns de Ires a tew 1 ngagcnieiiL- by tlio day. In quire ol Mr*. A. L. C. Okil EAST 34T1I ST, FOURTH FLO lit.? A COMI'E UmI test person wi-bes work by the day; under stands dre-sm.iking ai d nil kinds 01 family sewing ; has her ow n machine if required. OOO EAST 1STTI ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPhCT ? ahlo person as seamstress or 10 assist with chamberwork, or willing to wait on a lady. ???> 4 fiTII AV., BETWEEN 20T11 A VD .'1ST STS.-A ?>?)'x respect Rblc rrotestiint woman as first class seamstress ; can do all kindi ot family wing ; good city reference. 9 I'll AV.? A PUNCH MAID IN A GOOD ? ill' famllv; understands dre.-smaklng and hairdrcsi lng| no ohjection to travel; good reference . ?>(??) 8TH ,\ v., SBCOND PbOOB.- A FIRST CLASS ?)<)?> dressmaker wants u lew more engagement* by the dtiy in private lamlhes. ??7 I 2D AV.. RUIHR ST. ? \ PBBMANBBT HTUA* * ? t 1 tion In a privaln lainl y bv a first cliiss scam stress; Is a good dressmaker; 1 an cut and tit lu.lieV ami eliild*?u'? dr?ss*'? ; also operate on \\ littler A Wilson's machine; city reference. ?HIT fiTII AY., TOP FLOOR? AS LADY'S MUD AND ? ??/ 1 MMMtresa by a very comi^tent Frenchwoman; she would like u> have her child, ihre - years old, with her; or would take care oi a liou.-.e lor the aununer; very best city reierence. |i\I K VST 191 l| ST.? A COMPETENT DRKSS ' M ' L linker wishes a few more customers; would go out by Ihe day; has her own se? ing machine. A ? > ,4 7TH AV., SECOND BELL.? A FASHION ABLE tO t dressmaker solicits rngitgt meuis by the day or week : suits made at Miort notice. 4 I ( \ 71 H AV.? A YOUNG GIRL. WITH HER OWN XT"*/ machine, would like to ?<? out by the day, ? rek or m<>nth . can do all kinds ot tumliy sewing, t ail tur two days. A f?A SD AV., IN FANCY STOItK.? AN ENGLISH tOt Protestant woman to go with a laiollv to the country lor Hie Sumniert understands dresMuakiug aud plain sewing. Call or address tvroio week. r(\1 WEST 3STII ST., CORNER IOTH AV.? A FIRST OU1 class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine w shea lamlly nwing b/ Ihe da> or week a 1 ladies' resi dences; is accustom d to the illiest kinds of sewing. Mrs LUDWIO. ?n WKST 1HTII ST.? A SEAMSTRESS, WHO UN OIU derstands all kitnis of fine work (dressmaking and machine sewing), Wiehes a lew more engagements by the day or week, t'ali on or address B. II. p>. For 6TH AV., riltST PLOOR-AS EXPERIENCED t)^?) ceamstross and dressmaker; understands cutting and trimming; would like to go out bv the day or week or take work home ; ean turnioh Wheeler A vt il-tnr* sew ing machine il required ; citv reference. Hull or address. r.OI Of" AV.- A GERMAN I.IHI. WOCLD LIKE A ?)?>1 tew mtre engagemenis by the day or wr. k , Is a good operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; also flue hand sewer. nnl 6TII AV.. RING THE SECOND BELL.? A l)?/l first class dressmake r wishes a lew more custom ers; can cut aii'l llt with all sutlsiacllon ; ean operate on Wheeler A Wil.on's machine ; can l<o recommended ly first class families; will go out by the day at steady work. Call lor two days. UitO 7TII AV., FIRST FLOOR.? A THOROUGH O'mJ seamstress and operator wishes a lew more en gagements hy the day ; ow n machine 11 required. Oil f.TII AV., BETWEEN 4.%TII AND MTB SIS. OAL A competent dressmaker to envago with one or two families hv the week or month ; 'in tcrttands cutting and fitting ladies' and children's dresses. BROADWAY, BETWEEN 2.ITII AM> .1-1 -|s ?) one flight up stair*.? A girl as ean > asntl' Isdv's tnaid ; oau (ire sn liair ; hit., m fc nv v? <, .ge ol Uum uiaktng, best refuiencn. SITUATIONS WANTEO-FBNALBS, Oraanakm aM g??miu ????. IflfM 8D AV BIDE DOOR.? A FIBST Ol.ASS ? ' ' U ' r dressmaker 01' long experience wishes Mine m->re engagements by the dsy in private families. Call on or address lor two days DRESSMAKER. A SCOTCH GIRL, WITH OOOD REFERENCES, TO sew an. I trke care of children, or could net us house keeper. Arply at Working Women's Union S8 Sleecker st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN (NORTH GERMAN) as MidinptroMt and ladies maid; ran sew by machine or bund. Address 11. u. W , llerald Uptown Branch office. A FRENCH SEAMSTRESS AND WAITIN'G maid, with pool reference I, desires a situation in a respect able family about May L Address No. 4 South St., Balti more, Md. A? STYLISH MODISTE, OF FIRST CLAS8 PATRON ? aRc. w ill till orders lor nutting nud fitting spring suits at Indies' residences if desired ; entire satisiactiou. Address MODISTE, ileruld Uptown Branch office. A competent DKKSSMAKER WISHES TO OB tain the custom ot a few more families at >2 per day ; cm cut, lit and trim In all uiodt rn styles. Address DRESSM AKER, box 111 Herald Uptown llranch office, l,2o8 Broad way. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER WISHES ONE OB two more customers bv the day; makes up suits in tlio latest styles ; tor tilting and designing none can excel ; best relerence. ( all in the evening, or address i?UK8S MAKK B, 238 West V,d st. A DRESSMAKER OF MANY TEARS' EXPERIENCE iu a tlrst class French hou<e wishes a few more en gagements to fro out by the day or w? fk ; can cut and tit In tlx' latest style ami Is u good designer: has a machine; best city reference. Address J. B.,box 126 Herald Uptowu Branch office, tor two day* A DRESSMAKER, WHO CAN CUT, FIT \Nl)TRlMTO any style, wishes a lew more engagement* by the dny or week; Is a Rood operator. Address DRESS MAKER, box 111 Herald Uptown Branch oflloe. (10MFETBRT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A FEW J more engagements bv the day or week; period tit guaranteed ; trims in latest style ; no obieetlon to leave city ; best reierences. Address a., Lie raid Uptown Branch office. DRESSMAKER AND SEAMS TRESS,? A GERMAN girl as good seamstress: entsund tits; sews on Wheeler A VVII on machine; would bo out by the day for dress maker. Address II. V. L., Herald Uptown Brunch office. Genera! Housework. <$tc. 2O PRINCE ST., NEAR ELISABETH.? A SMART ? ) woman to do general housework in a small inm ily : would go as chambermaid In u ineclianlcs' boarding house, OA VAN DEW ATE R ST., BASEMENT. ? A RESl'KCT ? ui lo young woman to do general housework in a small family ; city or country. O/l 8TH ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A YOUNG GIRL TO ?) r do general housework in a small private family. Call for two days. r?1 BANK ST.? A YOUNO GIRL TO DO (J EN B HAL \) 1 housework in a small private family. nf MONTGOMERY ST.-A It! SPECTABLK PROT. <?/ estnnt woman to do general housework; is a good plain cook, washer und ironer ; good reference. Q(J WEST 11TH ST., REAR.? A RESPECTABLE WO man todo general housework in a priv.ito lamlly In the c.ty ; is a good pluiu cook and u good washer and ironer ; city reference. (Jkf\ 9TH AV.. BETWEEN 1 fir 1 1 AND 17TH SI'S,? A "" respectable young -rlrl desires to do general nouse vork in a private lumily; best reference. 11^ 1ST AV., BASEMENT.? A RESPECTABLE 1 1 Si young German girl to do general housework in a Hin ii ! I private family. m\\ EST SOT 11 ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO do housework in n small private tamlly; good city reference. 1 OO WEST 2UTH ST.. TOP FLOOR. ? A RESPECTA 1 ? ? Ida younj girl to do general liousenork; best city rcfcrenoo. "1 QQ WEST 19TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, REAR.? ARES. L? ) ~ pee table young girl to do general hou-ework in n MTin.ll in Ivii'e family ; i.i willing to do ehamb< rwork, or line washing and I ruling. Good reference. "I I /\ WEST 19TH ST., U'iAR, TOP FLOOR.? A I'll' resp, c'ab'e young girl to <'0 housework inn small private iauulv,or Would do chamberworK and waiting ; good < iiy relerence trotn lust piace. 1AA WEST mil ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO L I r do general housework in a small private family, ami will do clianiherwork mi 1 assist with the washing; relerence. Call tor two days. 1 | Q EAST S8TH ST., NEAR 3D AV.-A EE8PECTA I'I?/ ble woman to do housework in a rmatl private family; Rood city reference. Call ior twoda\s. Iftl WEST 33D ST.? A YOUNG OIBL TO DO GEN. LU1 eral housework In a pihaie lumily; best city reference. m SOUTH FIFTH AVENUE.? A RESPECTABLE young girl, lo do general housework in a private lumily ; can wash und Iron ; is eot 1 ng in the country. O/VQ EAST 66TH ST.-A GIRL TO DO OENKRAL -"O liou cwork; no objection to go ill the country. Can be seen tor two days. 91 Q WEST I7TU ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.? A RE I >t speetablo iiirl to do general housework in a small nrlvate family : is a good cook, wajlier and ironer; good Kit> rclercnce. OQ7 WEST 27TH ; T.-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO OH Lt ? ) I eral houscn ork In a suiull lumily ; good city ref erence. Call lor two days Oil EAST JBT1I ST., THIRD FLOOR, KRONT.? A _ 1 1 respectable Protestant girl to do housework; is a good conk, washer and ironer ; good city reference. f> f 7 7ril A v., CORNER Ot' IITH ST.? A YOUNO i/T I girl to do general lion*" work la a privato mnil Iv ; Is a good plain cook, washer and ironer; good reler ence. O IQ WEST MTH ST.. IN THE GROCERY STORE.? ZitO A young Prote tnut irirl 10 do liousowoik iu a .small private family ; nterences If required. Q |Q WKST27TII ST.. THIRD FLOOR. ? A RFSPRfT aJ't'./ able girl tor general housework would wifli u place to make a home. Address 1 HO MAS LYNCH. 0 ~ r WEST HfB ST., IN THE REAR.? 1 WO RH Mpectable girls (sisters), in a small private family, todo the worn between them: thorougly under stand their busim s<; best city ret< runcos. 9 - r WEST SOT 11 ST.? A RESPECTABLE TO UNO Lt> ft J girl to do geucral housework in a small privaie tamilv ; retcreuce. 9ftQ ,0TH AV t BKTWKEK 2STH AND 26TH STS.-A yoi, ni girl todo homework fbv a private family ?3f\I EAST 46TII ST.. FIRST FLOOR.? A YOUNO ? *\r I girl to do housework; is a food washer and Ironer and very w illing and obliging. Call for two days. 01 1 EAST 4 ?T 1 1 ST.? A RESPECTABLB YOUNG 0 1 1 girl to do general housework in a private family ; good city reterencc. EAST 2STH ST.-A YOUNO GIRL TO DO GEN ? )? U ernl housework lu a Muail private lamllv ; best city rel'eri'iiCL-s. 09- E AST 47TII ST.-A GIRL TO Df> HOUSEWORK O? >J in u small famiMp : good ci'y re/erence. 009 E VST .11TH ST., FIFTH FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? ?>? >,-j A vouug girl 1 1 do general housework iu a small private family. Call lor two day* O') | 9TII AV , BETWEEN 29TH AND 30TTI STS.? A ?>? )t respectable girl to <1n general housework in a small private lumily ; good retcreuce if required. Apply lor three days. OOP; EAST 4HTH ST.? A VOI NO WOMAN AS CIIAJI ? bero aid or to do light housework; 110 objection to the country. Call lor two days. 0?)Q WEST 40TB ST. -ASSIST IN HOUSEWORK ? )??0 and taking care of children, by a young lady with good recommendation*. *> | o MTH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND ID a vs. , SBO ? ?'tU oud floor bacR.? A st< a ly sober girl as general liouseworkcr or cbambcriiuld. Call for two days. 401 Mrs. DUGGAN. WEST SOTH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL TO DO GEN eral housework; no objections to the couutry. Ur EAST lSTIt ST., ONE FLIGHT STAIRS.? A RE ? ) spectable yonng girl to do housework in a small tamlly, or us pluiu cook, washer and lruiiei ; good city relerence. 49?J EAST 19TH ST.. FIRST FI.OOR, FRONT J room.? A respectable woman, brought no in England, lo do gt neral housework in a private lamlly ; is a first class washer aim Ironer and a plain cook ; \? iilhig mid obliging; must be the ouly servant J 9.1 EAST MTH ST. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, lately landed, to do general housework, wall lor two day& JO/T WEST 40TI1 ST., ONE FLIGHT UP.? A COM. peient yonng girl 10 do general housework iu a small tamlly; excellent referen' os. A r?Q 7TH AV.. BETWEEN SOTH AND .Wit STS. T OO (dry goods store).? A g'rl, lately lauded, todo general house wor* ; city or country. I 2n AV > fOBNEB 27TII ST., THIRD I'LuoR ? \ 1 1~') Norwegian girl todo upstairs work in a private family^ 1 WEST 49TU ST.? A RESPECTABLE YODNO 1 iJIJU woman to do general housework; Is obliging j and honest. Cell or address. C7A 2D AV., BETWEEN SI ST AND S20 STS.? A RE ? J I" spec table young woman to do general home work in a small private tamlly ; best cliy relerence. f;|)J PTII ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A OERMAN GIRL UUO to do general housework In a private lamily. 699 EAST HTH ST.? A YOUNG OERMAN GIRL IN ?mi Si a sin^l American family, to do gr neral house work. (iOLi 2D A V., TWO PAIR OF STAIRS, FRONT.? A girl, lat "l.v lauded, to do geueral housework iu small private .amiiy. ??79 3D AV., THIRD FLOOR.? A YOUNO GIRL TO '?l Z/ do geuiral housework In a small lamily; best city relorcm e. 853 1ST A V.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO housework in a small private family; Is a good plain cook ; will assist with washing and Iruinug; good relerence. 1ST AV? A RESPECTABLE GIRL To DO housework iu a private lauiily; best city reier 8.56 U7 I (IT II AV.-A RMPEOTABL? VOUNG WOMAN ? 4 I to do general housework in a small family ; good city r> terenoo. Call tor two days Irotn 10 to S. 1 '-Wi'l 3D AV-> BETWEEN 77TH AND 78TH STS., I .? > #? ) in candy store.? A respectable Woman to do general liouseworn iu a pilvutc lamily. Honsckirprr*, dir. 1 ~ !?Tn AV., CORNER LITTLE l2Tn KT., THIRD .!'? tloor.-*As housekeeper by a respectable Gorman widow; w. 11 Id like to superin end a eentleuisn's house hold, nud would have uo oUicutiou tj assist tu the work. imrilTIOITI WAITOTBP? ygBf ALBS. Horn? IK? per* ate. OA RUST! RT., WILLIAMSBURG.? A MTDDLB *Ked American lady, with a daughter ID roars of e?e, ae housekeeper; would so a short distance in tho country; good reference. Address HOPSEKKKPEA. A f| EAHT ?? ST.? A YOPNU WIWW LADT AS " " housekeeper or travelling companion in a widows cr's family. Call alter S o'ciocli __ QC\ ?TH iV., riRST BELL.-A THORO0?HLlf COM. 0'? vetent Scotch Protestant woman as honsekeeperi understands bur duties. first daw in every respect both in hotel, Miinmer resort or private tauiily ; unexception able references. 14 7 ?AST 3!IJ RT - "Bab Lexington at., third -I" I floor, back room. ? A respectable widow ladv to take care of a gentleman's house for the Summer or longer; would do the tninily washing- has no encum brance: best city reference. Call tor two days. I rf\ EAST 2D ST.? A YOUNG OIRL AB llOUSK l?7u keeper ; understands all kinds or work; or wouiS do chamberwork and waiting; live years' reference. Call on or address J. MILLER. i) | ( I WUST J8T11 ST., BETWEEN 7TH AMD HT? _j I 'J avs., third flcor, iront room.? A respectable voung sir! as housekeeper wi.h elderly genlemuti or widower, to take entire charge of the house ? understand m ll kinds ofcooking; a good home pro erred ; will go * short distance in t lie country; reference if reijuirod. ? ()Q7 WBST3SD ST. ?A KKENCH L VDY AS HOUSE Ztii l keeper 111 a widower's family, to take oliarje ot growing children and teach French ; can be seen tor two uays. nQQ WEST lUril ST., NEAR HUDSON. ? AH HOUSE i?)t? keeper to uu elderly gentleman or widower. Call all the week. ?J09 beoomb street. two stairs.-a rb. *JV+J speefable German Indy (widow), middle aire, willing to give up her household, as hnu<ck'-eper In a gen tleman's or widow er's family ; knows her duties in mak ing a home cheerful and agrei-ablo; Is Intelligent refined and amiable; noobiection to taking care of one or two ha It grown children; gool companion for a gentleman; ha* u piano she would lake with her; city or country ; references exch inged. Call on, or address, this woo* CAMPF. BAST 1 IT II ST.? A LADY, INTELLIOENT AND rcfltiod, as housekeeper and companion; lully capable. Cull tortbree days on Mrs. HMITfi. AMIDl>LE-AOED WIDOW (AMERICAN), AN Ex perienced housekeeper and good seamstress, offers her services as above; city or country. Address Mrs. 6081, Herald uptown branch otiiee. A WIDOW LADY II WIND MET WITH A REVERSE of fortune wonl I like a situation in a gen Ionian's family as housekeeper, where she could tiave the com torts of a home, aud would make her-elf generally use. ml ; would take enro of u house ot a family going fo Eu rope ; best of relerences. Address V AUu, Herald Uptown Branch uro, WANTED? BY A SMART, ENKKOETIO ENGLISH widow, a situation as housekeeper; widower's fam ily preferred : fond of "hildren ; uo ob eetloti to t ho coun try: trifler.s please not answer. Address SINCERITY, West Side Advertising ofli? e, SIS West st. WANTED? A POSITION AS BOUSBKBBPBR, BY AM American Viilow lady, who understands house* keeping In nil its branches; would tski- charge of a wid. owor's florae, privatj lamily ; best refuronces given. Axis dress M. K. W., Post office. Brooklyn. liaKntiressea, <tc. K EAST 2STH ST., NEAR BTIt AV.? A COMPETENT ? J young woman as tint class laundress; undcrsuuids all kinds of fine washing and ilutlng ; besteity retorencos. OBOVB ST. ? A COLORED WOMAN WISHES housecleaning by the day or lob. 66 f>J Wl'"ST 38TH ST.? A RKSPKCTaBLH YOUNG WO. "'I man as first class laundress; has six years' refers ence troui lust employer, whero slio can be seen. 8n BTII AV TOP FLOOR, FRONT.? A RESPECT t) able English woman wishes ladies' or gent emen'i washing; good city reference. QQ 2D AV.- FAMILY AND GENTLEMEN'S WASH. ?'0 ingdone in u superior manner; laues and lace curtains done up equal to new. 107 WE8T 18111 ST-' SECOND floor, front iu I roem.? A ro-pectabl? woman as first class laua. d re s; can do uilklmrsot flutin;;citr reference. W Ed 1' 17TI1 ST.? A YOUKfr OHU. AS I.AUM. dress in u private family; host city reference. WEST luTlI ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAIN, dress; best. reference. 155 109 109 "1 1 O WBST 26TH ST.? AN F.XPERIENCKD C0LQRR9 1 .Laj laundress solicits washing to do at homo; lineua, Ac., don.) at shorten, notice ill superior si vie. Mrs. WHITEHEAD. 1 4}fi WEST 291-11 ?T.? AS FIRST CLASH LA UN. _l ? < l ) dress; under-t wds her business periectly; ex cellent city re erenc.1 irom last employer, "I 'J1 WEST 28TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN LO.L wlsh> s washing at her own house for eentleinen or fnmili'.s liv the month; understands all liinJs ol fiottef ; best city reference. Call tor two days 1 WE 2<TH ST. ? A GOOD LACMDIIBSS WISlIRfl lOO a lew lad > ' or geuM'itnen's washing at her own home; can do { n iHii^ and fluting and do genllomen'i shirts up beautifully. Call on or address Mrs. UILUEKT. lO/; EAST 2STH ST.? LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S i.? ?l) washing done by a young woaiati, in a first el tat manner; also French fluting. Mrs. ABiiS. 1\)7 TTH AV., FIRST FLOOR, HACK ROOM.? A iO I young woman to w?rk by the day; good washer aud ironer; would do hou->o cleaning. 1/JQ WEST Mill ST. -A COMPTENT LAUNDRESS J.T-0 to do lauios' and gent.i men's w.islrng at her owl house, or would go out by the dav ; gi o I rofrrenee. 1 A 4 EAST 4.1 D ST., TOP FLOOR.? A FIRST Of A-ii lil laundr ss would like to have a lew gentlemen's or fsmilies' washiag: uadcrstatids ail kinds of Frenoh fluting ; best city reference. 1 r | \ WEST 28TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A WOMAN TO i?)'l go out by the day in private families to wash and Iron ; relerouces. % WEST 17TI1 sr.? A RKSPECTABLK WOMAN to go out M fl'e day ur take in washing. 1 WIBT BID ST., NEAR 7TH AV.-A FIRST l?)l) class laundress wishes washing; all kiuds of fluting dene ; terms reasonable. I KQ CIIRISTOPH R Sl.-A WOMAN AS GOOD ! ?)?/ laundress or as goo I plsin rook ; no objection te the COTntry ; besteity retereuce. 1 r?0 EAST 31TH i-'T.? A RESPECT A BLB GIRL IN A lov private, family, ns laundress and chambermaid: no oh ecilou to a short distance iu the country ; good city re i ere nee. l?il WEST 27TH ST.? A Of>M ETENT WOMAN AS 1') L first class laundress; understands the business in nil its branches; will assist iu tile chamberwork Lf re* 9H1 EA8T S'D ST ? CORNER SD AV.? A RESPECT. a. " ' 1 able Profes'aut woman to do wa?hing, ironing or flutfn/ at her own hoin.', or would go out by tho day t? v ash, Ir iu or clean house; best city reference. Calf lor two days. OAQ BAST 37TH ST., J1EAS JO A.X.. :;>'!? rr.Tanr ? ? Ti">. ?As first ci iss lautiurSsST hec businoss perfectly ; best city reierence-s. OAQ EAST SIT 11 ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Zd \j & as first cla.-s laundress; no objection to a private boarding house; be.tcitv reference. OAQ LBXINGTON AV., THIRD FLOOR, BACK room.? A respectable young person as first c ase I nil n iross in a private lamily ; bust city retereuce. Oall for two days. 9|1C EAST 2.STH ST.? A RESPECTABLE 01 RL AS ti) first cla-s laundress; thoroughly undeist?nds her business; also liutlng and puliiu.{ ; city rcfercnce. Call for t?vo days. OAQ 1ST AV.. BETWEEN li'TH AND I3T1I STS.-A iivw respectable woman wldiosto take in families' or gentlemen's washing, or wo.tld go out by the day. Call or address. * QAQ WEST 1'iTIf ST. -A SCOTCH PROTKSTAMt ?\JU girl ns first class laundreas; best city relerenoe* Can he seen ID Mil 1. 91 A WEST MTU ST. ? A RESPECTABL 01RL AS ?l\> laundress iu a private lamily ; best citv refer ence. Ol Q SULLIVAN ST., REAR.? A FIRST CLAMS ?Li LO washer and irmior vtishos a few families' wash ing at her residence. 9|?> IBUIttt ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN jmI to go nui bv tho dav to wash, iron or do house cleuuing; gooJ retereuse If ro>|iiired. k)l - EAST 2STH ST., FIR8T FLOOK, BACK ROOM ? wl ') A respec table girl as first class laundress in a private family : good city reterence. t all for one day. n\a wrsr 27TII ST , ROOM 3.-A BKHPROTABLB ? ID widow woman to l'o ont hv the day to do wash* ing and ironing or housceleanii);?; best reference. <)9 < W.ST 17 TH > T. ? A RXSPEC TABLH WOMAN ^^j'i to do ladies and geli'lninen's atul lat.iily washing at her own houie; letorouce ii require'd. 99ft WEST 27 ril ST.. T 1 1 1 ft O KLOOrt, RBAR? ? ? ? * ' A first class laundress wis tes a situation In a pr.vate family. 9-)A WEST ltiTH ST., FIRST FLOOR, REAR.? F Washing, ironing and going out to do day work; also house cleaning. 9Q1 WBST 27X11 ST., seco>;d floor, bach.-a ^')L respectable woman wishes tome families' wash* inat to dn at her own home ; uul rsfau l< I'reucli fluting and polishing ; or u oiiLf go out l>y the day. 9')1 EAST 4f>TII ST.? A BKSPBOTABLE WOMAN wf)l to do families' or Indies' nnd gentlemen's wash, ingnthcrrvvn house; first class wsolier and ironeri wotiiii go out by the day. 209 WEST 2HTH ST -A COOK; WM.LINTITODO ? )? < the coarse washlnit tn a small or inodluua lamily; good city reterence from her last place. 900 WEST MTH ST., IN THE OROOPB1 STORE.? Zifl*) A re-neelnl'le woman to tukif in fsuiily washing and fluting at her own home. 20 I EAST 4?TI? ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ? I r room.? A respeciable woman wishes tho v. ash Ing of a few ;anliies or genti'mii; clothes done up in country Style ; putting and polishing ueatly dyne; allot* dels promptly attended to. noa WEsT l?Tn ST., BETWEEN 7tH AMD Ml ^?il) avs.? V respectable young v rl ns latin Iross, H willing to a-sist in cuaiuberwork. rail orailli'esa. 9Q/? east 20m st., second floor, fr. Z, f>l) room.? A respectable woman to do wnshing housecleaning ; best city reterence. 2.?Q EAST 4 1ST ST., BETWEEN 2D AND DD aJ OO second floor.? A young girl to go ont by tbel or wick to do housei lean ng or washing. 9,11 WEST /7ni sr.? A YOl'NO WOMAN as fii Zi'i 1 class hitindress; understands nil kinds ol fluti The country prcierred. i) - 1 WKSTWril sr. ? A HE PEl'TABLE PKi>rE< ? ? ) I siii wo nsn wis ics m >r ? w? -'uu an I ironingj her own house ; win go out tivo or ihree days waalttir Irouiug aud housecloaning ; good reference*

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