Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1873 Page 3
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I grrPATWHMi WJJTOP-rEMAtEg. LaandniM*. ?c. hw WBST SI ST ST., TOP FLOOR A ReSPECTA AUI tie woman wl?hi'? family or gentlemen's flue washing; understands fluting; good city reference. QIO BAST 13TH BT.. SECOND FLOOR.? A fIRRt Ol") class laundress wishes a few tauiillei' or a lew ladles' anJ gentlemen'* washing ; beat city retortsnce. Cull or adilrea*. QQfl BAST MY i BT., TOP FLOOR, R AOT HOOM,? OiJV A respeotubie girl to take in washing or to go out by tilt- day ; goo I ciiy relercuce. OilA BAST 28TH ST.? FIRST CLASS IN FAMILIES OiU wa-hi, g ironing and (luting; gentlemen's shirts done up lii a veiy desirable maimer; country bleached and wt iu iii-d without the MB oi clMltol* 00,| EAST S6TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO <) j'i w oman wa. its wa^ldng and Ironing at her ow 11 bouse or will go out by the day. ??.)/? WEbT J8TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN todosoinj wishing at her own rcsldenc.- ; un derstand* all it* branches; beet relcrcncc. liing lourtli l>?4jL 997 EAST 21 ST ST., SECOND Pl. OOft.? A RE OZi I aped able voting woman at flrjt c laundress, to go out by the duy or to take washing una Ironing to ner own house; beat reference. 007 EAST 6ITH ST., TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS, I back.? A respectable woman wishes to no oat by ilie day to do washing and cleaning. Call lor two day* OOQ KARTaisr ST., FIRST Vloor.-fihb WASH *J+jO ing auU ironing, French llutlng, shirts finely Rolihhed, tuiullie* by ihe dozen or 111011111, by Mrs. Kutt RI8. Respectable city references. OOQ EAST 21ST ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? U A respectable person as lautidrcsn In a private family ; best city reference trotn last place. OOr WBST MSB sr.? a respectable woman UtW to go out :o do day's work, homo cleaning or washing, ciood reference it required. OOQ EAST ST 11 ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS., ?Wv third lloor, back, room !>.? A respectable woman wants washing and ironing at her own house; 91 por dozen tt/H BAST 27TII ST.. TOP FLOOR, ROOM H.-A ?J il young woman wanted, to take washing home to per ow n house ; rough drying pro:errod. Cull ail week O/f O BAST 12T11 ST., FIRST FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? WtO A respectable woman would like to have some families' nr. gentlemen's washing al her own bouse; threo years' best reference irom iasi place ; cau be seen lor two Bays; terms moderate. Cjilt or address. '-i/f ? BAST 80TH ST., FIRST FLOOR-A WOMAN Oxu togo out liy 'he day; is a good washer and ironer; willing and obliging. Call lor two days. Qtl WKST 18T1I ST.. NEAR 9T1I AV.? A FIR-T OOl class laundress wishes washiug to do at her own roonu; will be found a good washer uiid ironer; can do French llutlng ; best reference. /II Q WEST 28TH ST.? A YOUNQ WOMAN WISHES ll (' a lainlly or gentlemen's washing to do at her own home ; washing and ironing aud liuting done per fectly. Call or address. A I)Q JD AV., FIRST FLOOR, REAR.? A RESPECT " ? 1) able woman to go out by the day washing, iron ing and housecicamng ; excellent reference. call lor two days. jjOR EAST 18TH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.? A RE TTArtJ ?|rectable widow wishes to work out by the day or week at rushing aud ironing or hotisecleauing. Cutl 011 or address Mrs. WILLIAMS. 49C WEST 32D ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO Ldit do houseclcuiiitig or wa.-bing by the day or week, good reference. AOfi EAST 16TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. T" Zi\) A. room 10.? A respeotable woman desires a lew gentlemen's washing or a small tuuiiiy's washing ut her own residence ; good reference. 2D AV-> 1N THE CIGAR STORE. -LAUNDRESS tOU to take washing home, or would go out by the pay; understands fluting and putliing; good reiercnce. A f! A 7? A V.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO DO tzUt a few gentlemen's or lainilios' washing at 75 cents a dozeu ; is a first rate flutcr; best city reference. A OQ 6T1I AV., BETWEEN 29TII AND 30TII STS., TOO room 14.? A girl as laundress ; best city reier cnce. 0TH AV.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN Ol/ I as first class laundress in a private lamily ; un derstands all kinds ot fluting ; best city reference. ??0 9 WEST 48D 8T.? AN EXPERIENCED LAl'N " > ? dress solicits washing and ironing to do at home ; rotercnee given. Call on or address Mrs. i'lUCii. 7Tn AV-< BETWEEN 85TI1 AND 56TH STS.? Ow A respectable girl, prefers to go out by the day as first class washer anil Ironer. or would take in wash ing; good city rclXirence it required. 079 6TH AV., 49TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 0 I jU girl as first clous laundress; city reierenoe lrom last plsoe. Q9A 6TH AV., CORNER OF 62D ST., OVER THE UttO cigar store.? Fine washing, ironing and fluting dono by Mrs. BIluWN. 1 RIXTH AV-> BETWEEN B6TH AND 57TH STS., X.'J? lO front-store.? Two young women: one as laun dress. tbe other as cook, In a private family ; has the best city ri lerences. 1fl7 K 1ST AV. BKT. dfcTH AND 89TI1 STS ?A YOUNG ? 17 1 t/giri wants a situation in a small private family ; a good wasber and ironer and good plain cook. Call lor 2 days. TTBAD LAUNDRESS IN A HOTEL OR LAUNDRY, XX by a steady, comnetent woman; can take full charge of bundles, mark and return correctly, take all staius out of house linen, engage and manage help, Ac. ; 20 years' experience in Nevfr York ; best reference. Address Mrs. HAMLfcT, box 330 Post office, tor M. E. s. ANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITUA ti?n as first class laundress; uuderstands (luting and laundry work tnafl tt? toaacbeg; jmo4 seiejrences. Call at 417 tfth av., between 2fith and 28th sta, w Nnries. Ate. 9 WEST 44TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE VOUNO GIRL aschildrcn's nurse and to do plain sewing, or willing to assist with ehamberwork ; three years' best ciiy refer ence from last place. 1Q EAST 3I8T ST. ?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ?J woman to take charge of an Iniant ; no objection to travelling ; best relereuce from her present employer's. ELIZA. 9K WEST 30TI1 ST.-W ANTED, A GOOD NURSE AND Zi'.t seamstress to go to tho country. Call frum 9 to 10 o'clock to-day. 80UTII 3TH AV.? A RESPECTABLE PERSON as nurse to a ch Id or invalid lady; is a good sewer; no ob.lection to go in llio country ; has eight years' best reicrencc troui last place. Address W. BWaN. V A Q WEST S6TFI ST.-A SCOTCH PROTESTANT TO widow as nurse, who is competent to take care ol a baby from birth, bringing it up on the bottle; has long experience ; enn travel by sea or land ; willing to go to the country lor the Hummer; best ciiy reference. VANDA.M ST A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO takn ciue of children and do plain Fewing. 28 54 0 1 BANK ST.-A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN 01 would like to get one or two children to tako care of at her own house ; 110 objection to uge ; would take one to bring up on the bottle; would exercise care. Qf* 9TII AV. BETWEEN lf.TH AND 17TH STS.-A t/VJ young girl. to taku care ot children; enn operate en Wheeler A Wilson's machine; a good plain sower. Can be seen tor two days. lim WEST SOTn ST.-A YOUNCi GIRL AS NURS-E : lUu nnderst'inds the care ol children perfectly well and will be found most obliging. Address MJKSK. MWEST S6TH ST., NEAR 6TU AV.? A SCOTCH Protestant, woman as nurse and seamstress; is capable of taking; full charge of a bahv from its birth; can tiring it up with the bottle ; no objection to the coun try ; good references. I?V| OT1I A V.? A LADY WISHES A PLACE FOR OL an excellent young Welsh woman as nurse with a family going to Europe. Call on iuesday and Wodne?. day. WBST 28TH 8T.-A WET NURSE WITH; A iresh breast of milk. 144 . llf EAST 2?rH ST.? A HTGHLY RESPECTABLE Protestant w omnn as nurse to an invalid lady or ehild; Is good seamstress; character will bvtir the strict est investigation. l|f? BLEECKER KT THIRD FLOOR.? A RE J.'+U speotabln young Freneh girl as nurse in a re L speetabte family ; best city rcferemes given. Address * Mr'. BBDB. 1 r,9 WEST MTU ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7't'H J avs.? A young woman as child's nurse; thorough lv capable of taking char, e ol an Infant tr< in its huth ; or would go to Europe ; has travelled beioru ; best city retv ^ ereiH-e, Irn WIST 51ST NT.-AH COMPETENT H URSR ; IS ? ) I capable of taking ouro- of a haliy ; six years' ret ire nen. lt'l WKHT OD ST.? A I.ATlY IS DKHIRIOIJS OF J Ol finding a good place fnr a talthlul, honest and trustworthy woman us nurse or to wait 011 a inily, can take entire charge ol a bubv lrom its birth; no objection to travel. Call or address. * Oil) WEST :WTH ST.- AS M USE TO OKOWING Z,' * I- children atul seamstre-s by a capable person ; Is a food hairdresser and an cxperieuctd operator ; willing to ravel, t all lor two days. n/U> WEST 37TH ST.. BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TII S avs.? A respectable young girl to mind chddrcn : 110 objection to assist with the ehamberwork or to go to the country : best city reference. nna west s?th st.-a respectable young ZA "v woman as comi'ntent nurse; ran take ontiro charge of a buoy lrom Its birth; is vorv fond 01 children ; pood plain sewer; or would do ohaincerwork; noohjec * tion to tlie country ; willing and obliging; best city rcier ence. 91 4 42 D ST., NEAR 2D AV.-A HIGHLY RESPECT. ? l.'t able young virl as nur?e no.! reamstreiss, or Would assist In any light work ; first cIum rufeieiu o. 91 /? WEST 3fiTII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG * j?lx) girl as nurse, to take entire charge ol a baby or growing children; is a good plain sewer; best city refer *nc<t ? 991 WEST 27TH ST. BETWEEN 7TH AND STH avs,? A respcctnbio young womuu to nund a child or do the work of a - mall family ; good city refer ence. t an be seen for two duys. No objection to a short. , distance in the country. 997 WEST 31ST ST. (RING SECOND BELL).? A m I voting gir< t.o tako care ot children and do sew f lng ; good city relrrenoe, 99 Q WEST 2STH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GI8I? AS awO nurse tn grown children or to do ehamberwork; Is willing 11 lid obliging; reference. 99U EAST 2PTI1 ST.? A YOUNO GIRL Tl> TAKB ?jJ" 1 are of children an : make herself useful. 9QC MADISON AV.-A COMPETENT PUOTBSTANT ZO ti woman as nurse and M>ainstres?; would take the charge ol growing cuilureu. t ail during present week. ft ITT ATI (MM WANTB1K- FEMALES. OOfl WHS* fBTtl ST. -A MIDDLE-AGED CATnOLIC jU?>Vr womi as Infant's none or to take care of grow ing children; la a good seamstress ; accustomed to travel; would take cart- of an invalid; city rote ret"? o*?o wvar un ct.-a MONTHLY NURSE DR ZiOO (.ire* another mgagcuieut; refers to physicians and first class tumllles. ()A A WEST 41HT ST., FIRST FLOOR. FRONT? A r voting girt. aged 16. speaking French and Eng lish, to take cure ot children and wake herself ustlul. Call lor two duya. O | " EAST 4SM1 ST. (LATE E*PL<)YER'8).-A RB Zi"k'J spectable married woniaii as wet nurse; good city reference. 9 (Q 71 H AT., IV THH STORK.? AS Nl RSI! FOE ilO grown children and seamstress or to do light ctiamherwork ; ia a I'roteitant ; operates on Wheeler A W iKou's sewing machine ; uo objection to tiavel or go In | the couuu'.v ; best cily reference. fan Ui s,cen lor two ! days. _____ __ I Qfrn 7TH AT., OVER Cirs Alt STORE. -A PBR80K ? ? ' ? competent to take charge ot tin Infant or grown children, few nieuiy by hand or mat. blue ; ao objcctlo* to the country. __ <)(**) MADISON AY... PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.-A lady wishes to lltld a situation tor a nurse with a lamily going to Europe this year; the girl is Swire auu ?peaks good 1' re itch uu 1 oernian. Call tor two 'lays. Q0Q MONRO! ST., BEAR.? A TOCTfl GIBIlM iU?) years ot age, to mind children or to do olber li^ht work. 0/?Q WEST 38TH ST.? BY A RES P r.f T a n I.E YOUNQ girl as nurse, thoroughly understands the euro of a baby und alto ot grown children : has no objection to go in tho country in summer ; best cily reference. Call lor 4 days. ?J/\Q WEST 40'1'il ST., NEAB 8T1I AV.? A HERMAN OUO girl to take cure of children in a American fam ily ; is willing to tuke care ot a new born baby ; good city references. 0(17 6TH AV., THIRD FLOOR.? A YOPNG GERMAN Ot7 I portion who speaks several languages, to go with a family to Europe ; 110 objection to take care ol children. Address U. A. ')] C EAST 43IJ ST. (RING SECOND IlFI.r,).? A OAcf resncctable Protestant girl as baby's nurse; best city reference ; two years in last place. ?Jk>0 WEST 17TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTES J taut girl to take care of children and do plain or light chainhcrwork ; can operate. EAST 3J1) ST.? A RESPEt TAIU.E Vol NO 000 girl as competent Infant's uurfe; can take entire charge 01 a baby i rum hirth; very loud ot children; or would lake care of growing chlldien : good plain sewer; willing and obliging; best city reierenoo. QJ7 WEST S9TII ST.-A YOUNG GIHL (IB YEARS OT i old) to take care ot children and do waiting; ran sew on any rnacliiiic ; no ubjuttiou to go a short dis tance in the country. OJ7 EAST S5TII ST., ONE FLIGHT UP.-A SMART, Otc I '.idy girl, J6 years of age, to take care ot a child ; is, honest and very atlectioti'ite to children. EAST 17TII ST.? A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS infant's iiMse or an invalid lady. WEST 43D a? A GIHL 14 YEARS OF AGE TO take care ot a baby. Call for two days. O7I 7TI1 AV.? A PROTESTANT PERSON AS NURSE 01 I for a growing child and wait on a lady; Is lully competent to ito both; good city lelercuce. King third boil. 348 351 414 437 J||Q WEST S8TH ST., ONE FLIGHT, HACK.? A T.V/0 A respectable woman wishes a child to mme at her own residence; will have a mother's care; has no children ol her own. ilA WI ST 25TB ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Trlvz girl as nurse, and will do plain sewing or assist in cbauibcr.vurk ; rclcrcuce. fall lor two da v.-. WEST 38TB ST., BETWEEN RB AMD 10TB avs.? A respectable young girl, aged Iti years, wlili good reference, to take caru ot children, also to make herself generally usclul. Call tor two days. A-\ Q EAST 9TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GERMAN 1 lO girl to mind children anu assist with housework in an English family. JOG WEST 38TH ST., THREE PAIR OK STAIRS, tOj room 10.? A respeetab e woman wishes a child to take care of; will have a good home. EAST 9TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A YOU Nil French girl, aged 18, to take care of a child. Address for three uays. AAQ WE3T29TI1 ST.? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED X "tO woman as wet nurse in a private family ; would like to take her baby with her. J.'aQ 7T1I AV NEAR 3998 ST. ? A YOUNG GIRL AS nurse and to make herself generally useful ; best city reference. Call foi two days. A(\ 7 6TH AV.? A COMPETENT PERSON TO TAKE TO i care of growing children and do some sewing; five years' city reference. Call or address. r/17 WEST 40TH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNG UU I woman as uurso and seamstress; can take enure charge of a baby ; city reiereuce. Call lor two days. CI 7 10TH AV., CORNER 39TII ST. ? A PERSON OK t)l I experience as Uuly's nurse or to tako care of an invalid, or baby 'a nurse Irotu its birth; can give the best city relerenoe. CI Q WEST 39TH ST.-A YOUNG MARRIED WO *JAO man, having lost her own baby, seven weeks old, wishes a babv to wet nur-e at her own house. Cull on or address lor two days. COl 3D AV., NEAR .V>TH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT t JZil. room.? A respectable young girl to take of cliitdreu and do iighL chamber work ; good city reference. C 47 7TB AV BETWEEN 39TH AND 4UTB STS., OT I second floor, back.? A respectable young girl aa nurse and seamstress, or to take charge of an infant; any teference. Call Immediately.. C7Q 7THAT., COBNKR USTST.? A COMPETENT 0 1 'J yeung rirl an child's nurse; best city rctereuco from her last employer. f?4 Q 8TB A V., N SLAB 37TB ST.? AS NURSE BY A VJ x,?i woman of large experience in a nnrsory; would take a baby iroin its birth ; will lie found ull that is re quired; no objection to the country. Address. f'OQ ITH AY.. CORNER 411 11 ST.? A RESI'EfTA O^O blc girl to tako care of children and do plaiu sewing ; can embroider. 7"| r 6TH AV., IN MILLINERY STORE.-A PRO. 1 1?) testaut woman ns Imant's nur-.e ; where bringing up bv the bo tle is required, to tak> en.'irn charge; no' ob jections to travelling with a lady; best city reference. roii 553 AY., PROMT.? a kiDDLB-AGED PROT I Ov' cstaut woman as nurse; tnlly underst mils the care of an Infant; 10 bring it up on U10 bottle ; city reier euce. 19QQ1 BROADWAY, FRUIT STORE.-AS NURSE, .?i ? '-'-I by nn hnglisli Protestant wuinae, in a first class family ; gnat exix rknee in car>- ofcliildrun; do I lain sewing ; iu objecuou to llio country ; good city ref erence. 1QOC 3D AV., BETWEEN 76III AND 77TII STS.? ,OOw A ro.-pectatile woman wishes a child at her own homo to uur c , DIM a fin Sil breast ol inllK. AS INFANT'S NURSE? BY AN ENOISH PROTESTANT woman, in u nrst class family ; has had many years' experience iu nursing; tlioioughly under lau ts 1 he 1 aie and management 01 a baby ; competent to take entire charge from its birth : can give many years' city reter enee. Address for three days M. A. S., Herald t plow u Branch oiUco. FRENC II GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN AN American family as chl'd's nurse: no oh cctlon to three children lroin iwo years up; has tho experience to mind theiu;cau operate on the. Florence tewing ma chine; best reference, fall at 101 West Houiton st., rosin 7, or address NURSE, box 113 Herald I p.uwu Branch ot ftce. _____ A PBOTEsTANT GERMAN GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tlon in a small American family to lake care ol children and do -ewing. Inquire at northeast corner of IHNIl st. and 3d av. (conAsctlonery), Abeliablb Middle-aged american lady would like a home ; would be willing to give her services in return tor tlin samo ; understaiids tho care of children ami bouse woik in general good seamstess; re foreiiOHsexcbauged. Addrcss-DoiLESl'lC, box UU licrald office. C10RNER COMMERCE AND VAN BRUNT STS.. SOUTH J Brooklyn.? A young married woman wishes a baby to wet at her home. Apply tor two lavs. SITUATION WANTED? BY A FRENCH PROTESTANT woman, with good lererenee, as nurse and to do sewing. Addross NURSE, box 127 llerald Lptowu Branch office, l,2tt? Broadway. AV ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE IHOUM WIDOW Vt us nurse to a taiuily going to Europe this Spring. Address N UttiiE, West side Advertising odlce, Ma West 23d St. 22 Wailre?t?j<, Ar, mEAST 3JD ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT -A young woman as waitress or parlor niaiil, in private family; unders amis drv.-saig sa.uds and serving courses; good city relorencoj ? 1 1Q EAST 43D ST., NEAR LEXINGTON AY.? TWO AttO sisters, respectable young girls; 0:1c as waitress or chambermaid in a good family, aud the other as sonmstres* ; operates on M heeler ft Wil.-on's maehino; cu's, and will make herself uselui; 110 objection to the rounuy; best cttjr reference. r EAST 29TI1 ST. ? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS >) first class waitress; two years' city reiconce. O'JQ WEST 27I1I ST., BOOM 8>? A *01 NO AMI.RI <j?)0 can girl to do wuiting or to a--ist iu It {lit housework, or to lake care of clii'drr-n ; willing to go a short distance in tile country ; best city reicrcuco it re quired. O.H EAST MTU ST.? A RB3PECTABLE YOUNG X. girl as waitress and to assist with the washing and ironing ? no objection to a :<hort dlstaucu in the coun try; besteily ren n in ?? King lop li il. 2"vO lux II AV., BETWEEN 24TII VN II Z1TII STS., ? m the store. ?A respectable young woman to do waiting in a -inn I prlvaie lamily; Is competent and tully tindei stands her business; bust city relcrclice given Iroiu her last placc. ^7(1 7m AV-. COBNFB 41ST ST.? A fOMPETKNT wi w young girl as wall r?M? and u!>umbi.i'iua:d, bes* city rclcrvucL iruui last employer. IHUetiiaiirviin, 3 EAST 28TII ST.. NEAR BTH AY.? A FRENf'II lady's inaM. who is aci tistomed to travt iling, desire* to go to Europe with 11 stylish family as trav( liing maid ; can -peak different languages; tully competent lor her hiiHiiM-o*; good reterenee it required. Call on or addretw 7 EAST 17TH ST.? A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN WHO tully understaiids her bmlnon , good city reference. *9?; -I WILL GIVB to FOB A P REMANENT position as jsnitress tor one or morn houses nan give the best of reiereuce. Address Air*, ul INN I, i'<s 1st av. ? OO WEST 9TH ST.? A YOUNG FRENCH W<?MAN. O? i speaking l.iigltsh, with a family ah <ut to travel] one going to France preferred; is a good hairdresser and dressmaker ; good reiereuce, Address Mile. F. C0U> tu Rimitii mtAMUAitk hlTTJATIOJW WAMTKP? F1CWALB8. MiMellamMBi. 48 EST,. mJL- ^T^re"r"To^rop;'wnhM?Tarty . . r.F.fcKMl ffWrtiucM satisfactory i tor lurtlicr pup ucuiars apply a* above. Q7 ludlow st? a respectable lady to 0 I tend an American bakery. Call from li A. M. till 13 M. and 2 P. M. till 5 1\ M. Ring tlie bell. "1 *)i) WEST 20T11 ST.? A YOUNG I.ADT, WITH A 1 ? ? good education, who resides with her parents, as nursery governess or would read to nn invalid. 1| 7 BARF *D ST., BETWEEN LBUNttVON AND 'I I 3d uvit.. second lloor. trout room.? A young girl to wait on an aged lady and tew : best city reiereuce from last plaac. I | O '..Tn AV.-A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WO J.'I'O man to clean offices or ladies' and gentlemen's apartments by itKnyiiood references. Address i. r. 1 ~ | ti' H AV.^A THOROUGH BUSINB 8 LADY, NO A'lt encumbrance (American), would take charge of rented property or a gentleman's residence In absence ofiumlly; could take any responsible and trustworthy po'itioii ; reference given and required. Call on or ad dress uiriTii. 9fiQ i:ast sTH st. first floo it.? a young ' girl to travel with a family to Kurope ; will he rendy at any time irom Hie middle ol April , can give good reiereuce. Call all the week. 999 WE T lilTll ST. ? AN A Me. It It' AN LADY AS lorewouian lu a shirt aturo or as housekeeper; rcioreuco. Mrs. BUCHANAN, 290 EAB !' 1BTH ST., 1* RESENT EMPLOYi\R'S.-A -jO Protestant person as an allendaut toauold lady. 990 east mm sr., umu 9 and ?i> ?vh - A respectable German girl, togo to Europe, either with an Invalid or a lanuiy ; i- loud of children ; best ref erences. ( 'mi lie seen at her presont employer's. 90p WEST 10TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH ANI) HTH 4'f'i avs. ? A respectable young girl to travel with a lady ; Is willing to take eare of children or make bersulf useiul. Call or address. 9-7 STtl AV., NEAR ZW ST, J. NEUBAUER'S t~d' I i hair emporium.? A respectable German person as lady 'sin.? id or seamstress; ran sew on the Wheeler A Wilson machine; no objections to going in the touuiry; saiLiactory reiereuce. 9U'> AV. 0, NEAR 1ST 11 ST.? A FRENCH LADY'S ? 0_j maid: understands all the branches; best city reference, l ull lor two days. PEARL ST., DP STAIRS,? A RRSPECTABLE ? Mm I woman to do olllce cleaning. QAQ 7T1I AV, ROOM U,? A YoUNG MtBUBD OUO couple, without children, would take care of a gentleman's house when the tamily goes lu the country this summer. Call iter ttwt days. EAST 20TI1 sT- A YOUNG ?? IRI. TO ATTEND tjyj a bakery or confectionery ; beat reference. 320 09/t FAST 10TH ST., REAR HOUSE. TOl' FLOOR.? A respc . (ublo German girl with a family going travelling ; beat city reference. Call or address. O 1 X EAST 36T1I ST. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wt1' to do hou?cclcaning, washing or scrubbing. QKQ WEST 41 ST ST. ? A YOUNG WOMAN, LATELY ft')*) landed, ou a tarin to make herself fceuerully use Alt 3CQ WEST JBTH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL (17 YEARS ?/0 oldi to make herself generally useful In a pri vate family. Call on or address A. lor two days. A HQ WEST 371X1 ST., TOP FLOOR.? AN AMERICAN .1 \'i/ girl us maid to wait ou au actress; best city ref erence. Call all week. KOi 9TH AV., CORNER 3JT1I ST.? A YOUNG LADY ? i .t a> companion to a lady or to wait 011 au invalid and do plain sewing ; good re le route. Call 011 Miss A. S. nr Q 7TII AV.-A YOUNG LADY AS SALESLADY; tit. )Cj has had four years' experience. Cull on or ad dress Miss Li. iioNoVAN. 3D av., corner ok aisr st., one pair u U i stairs, trout,? A retpectable womuu to go out by the day holts cleaning ; good city relerciice. r lsT AV.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO GO ') l?i out by the day Uousecluaniug, Call on or ud dress Mrs. McAULIFFE. , /'7-I 5IH AV., CORNER BD ST., PRESENT EM U 4 L plover's.? A young girt to go with a luinily to Europe tor the Summer aa lady's maid, or would attend to grown children. O/l C tiTII aV., BETWEEN 47TII AND 48TU 8TH.. Ot>I llr-t floor, Iront room.? A respectable young girl as uidicV maid and seamstress; best reference. OT?| 0"'H AV., SECOND FLOOR? A YOUNG ? J LtJ Aun ricaa girl In a bakery sto.c; references given. Avery neat, respbctabi.e person wishes to do tho work of a suit of rooms lor a gentleman and wife by tho day. Address s. S , box tib Herald otHce. A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY wishes a perinun.'u' place as jauitrcss of one or more houses, or wouid take charge of private house during absence ot lamily tor Summer months; can givo the best of reference, and necurlty il required. Call oik or adaress. lor one wee*, ADVERTISER, 3H7 .id av., first bell. . A YOUNG GERMAN LADY EARNESTLY DESlltKS to go to Europe with a lamily, either as lady com panion or to take charge, ol an invalid lady; best refer ences rau be given. Address S. L. P., Newark (N. J.) Post oilice. A RESPECTABLE MAItRIED WOMAN AVANT8 TO take care ot one or more tenement houses; the best cliy referem e. Address Mrs. O'BRIEN, Herald Uptown Era 11 ah olllce. A THOROUGHLY EDDCATED YOUNG LADY OP cultivation and refinement desires a position as companion 10 a lauy ; no objection to travelling; or wvuld take 11 position in a gentleman's luinily as governed*. Ad di ess Miss M. C A JlE, box 4,840 Fast uillce. A YOUNG GIRL. THROWN ON HER OWN RK sources, would like a position in a store or te do plain sewing lu a iirivate lamily; beat city reiereuce. Ad dress M. L., Herald office. A YOUNG LADY WOULD LIKE THE POSITION OP copyist, either In the olllce or take Uie work home; writes a good, rapid hand. Address FRIENDLESS, Herald oiBcc. A FRENCH LADY DESIRES TO MARK ARRANGE menls with a lamily going to Europe to take chargo ot children. Addie-sC. M. 11., Herald Uplowu lirauch ofllee. ior one week. A YOUNG WOMAN TO OO WITH A LADY OR PAM ily going to Europe; is competent to take core of children; is an experienced seamstress; does dressmak ing; has a good English education; wouid return or re main. as required ; best cliy reli rences Address tor two days .ti. A. c.,tox 143 Herald Uplowu Urancli otticc. I jU' ROPE.? AN EDUCATED YOUNG FRENCH LADY !i havig g cat ability nn 1 great experience in travel ling .wishes to a comp.iny a lamily to Europe as lady's ni.tid, companion or nursery governess; willing to make herself useiul; good reierenee given. Address KIlENclI uoVi-.RNi.s.-, 212 .nadi-oir av., iroul IU to I o'clock. I FRENCH LADY'S MAID, WHO SPEAKS GERMAN, 1 wants a sltuuien; is a first class dressmaker, can cut and lit and is a good hairdresser; would like to go to Kurope. Adare.-s U V. ?., Herald Uptown branch ortlce. rpo FAM I LIES tiOING TO EUROPE.-A FRENCH X pertou w ho hasoitcn crossed the ocean und is never seasick desires an engaj..emcin a.s nursery governess or useiul compaui'di. Address EUuuPb, box 107 Ucrald uptown Branch office. WANTED? A POSITION AS NURSERY GOVERNESS VV or lady's ma d, by a very respectable young person speaking French thoroughly ; operates en machine and eun luruisli good city ruiert uce. Address K. L., Uorald Uptown branch office. 1VTANTED? BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A POSITION VV lu some lighi business ; ckii give good eity relcr Ku'iice; lias a knowledge ol real esiute. Address lor one WMck INDt Sfli v , box I2H Herald olhce. 1 II'-ANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY OP EDUCATION, V> the position o| travelling couipnulon to a ta.nily going abroad; never seasick; roiercucas. Address Fi.Uj.ENCE, Iieraid olllce. In(?lli|(rn?? Offltri. SERVANTS Ol-' ALL KINDS, FOR THE BEi^T b/TUA tioiis. Apply at CAKi'EN 1 L14 S, IM \\ est lltU st., curn?r uili av. t?UU*'KS)?10.\ A i.SITI .VI'lOM S iV V \ 1' FHMAI.ER. A LADY W1SUE v 8ITUA1 ION? TO FLAX PIANO. Address M. F., Ikrahl Uptown Branch otllce. A GERMAN LADY, WELL EDUCATED, WISHES A ? situation in a g> nth man's lamily as nursery gov erness. c.iu be seen at No. 7 fct. Mark's ulacu u.asl aih st.;, April 1, iroui lu to io'clock. K N EDUCATED YOUNG LADY DESIRES A I'OSI J\ Hon as copyist in an officii or other iigut employ ment. Address S. A., flerald office. \LADY WRITING A OOOD HAND DESiRES COPY ii.g to do lit flume. Addriss J. 1)., Post olllce, Wil liamsburg. AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER, A LADY OP CUL Jl. lure and re ilr.nuiciit, desires a situations as gover ness; u aches thoroughly the i.nglisli brunches, tuid wciilil takcen ire churge ot cliiidreu 11 duslr?il;the high est reference given and required. Address lor Use t'avs E. S. smith, -U Irving place. A YOUNG GERMAN LADY WISHRS TO GIVE A J.Y lew lessons daily in exchange for Hoard; (cache* Gei tnan, French and music; goed reiereuces. Address M. H., Hera d office. A YOUNG GERMAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION ??governess or companion ; teaches Herman, French | aud 111 u.sic ; gi/Od rolcreuees. Address K. K.. Herald olllce. A' LADY PHONOGRAPHS R, CAPABLB AT PRESENT 01 w riting Blty words ter mlniiio, would liku uin> ' ployiucnt. Address L. ti.. Herald olhcc. t YOUNG LADY OF EDUCATION AND REFINE J*, uaent desires to meet with an elderly gentleman re uuiriug iite set-vices ol an auuiuuensis or reader. Ad ilre-s s. H , Herald office. 4 YOUNG LADY AS VISITING OR RESIDING ;\ tf,,vornes* iu mi Aiuc.rican lainil.v , ean Hpeak . ng lisli mi l tierman well; understands tuusiu anu can | lay tlin pi. mo. Address Miss JUiUA RIl.1 ;uu . .iwt IHth st. _ _ A LADY WHOSE AFTERNOON HOURS ARB DIS engaged would whli 1 > sive instruction ill l.ngllsh, I' Tench and mu-ic ; can liiruish tile best raierencu to pr- Mjui and loriuer pupils. Address INii'lUUCXJUN, Herald Brooklyn iiranch olllce, PARIS ? A YOUNG LADY, WHO WILL BE DISKN l.'a^ed about the 1st May, wishes a position as govor* ncss with a lain ly remaining 111 the city the Milliliter) les-ons in Kngllsn, Ftuiicb, music and drawing; ail ver tlser lias been educated in Franio; understands the Kindei garteii sy?,etn ; terms moderate. Addiem PARIS, box 2lu fiera d L otowu Mtanch office, 1,3(16 Broadway. TO LADIES GOING ARROAD.? A FRENCH LADY OP great exi crlence Will give oourat'saiiou lessons otti verv reiisonsole terms to ladles unly ; best re>ereuee? Address 1'AitiS. box 171 UerMd uptown itrancU otuco, PROfEBMOI, i^prrrsa^A Prussian uu?y, or thb highest TT respectability. deelrcs ? position a* geverneae or companion to a lady; qualification:,- liernimi, French,

English branches mid the elementary instruction la muaic. Address INSTiTUTRIC E, care of Mrs. L. KloLs, 22? hast 10th st. WANTED? BY A YOUNO IiADY, EDUCATED ANT) refined, a home in a private latuily in exchanee tor music and English ; understand* the Kindergarten system ; references given. Only tirst class parties need add reus Mips HELEN, box 128 Uerald Uptown Brunch office. "117" A NTED? BY A YOUNG GERMAN LADY Of RB tV ftnement, a position as governess or companion in an America?! family; speaks French fluently and can teach the rudiments of English and music; no oblection to travel; rtr*t cln-s references. Address er cull on, from 2 to ft o'clock, F. HI ItGER, StM Kant ^1 at St. SITUATION AH _,eaks and tenches the English, French and German languages; also music ; ft rat Class testimonial* trom Europe ; also city reterenec*. Address, lor two days, M. 8., Herald Uptown Branch oftice. V\rANTED? BY A YOl'NO LADY, TT goTcruoax or companion ; spes English, Krench unit ileriiiiin HEliP W A SITED? K K UALKS. ANGELL'S TURKISH BATHS, 61 LEXINGTON IV.? Want mi agreeable, intelligent Ainern un woman as liutt' superintendent; also a Protestant girl us chamber maid and WftltMMt neither older than 2ft years. \ GOOD DBF AS MAKER AND AN APPRENTICE /V wanted at 'J38 4th a v. V CHANCE TO, LEVRN I'M.KiilfAI'lM - M E M , women, hoys and girls learn ami take positions; de mand Krcater than the suupl.x. THOMPSON'S College, 3d 41h av., opposite Cooper Inatltut*. _______ A NUMBER OP OPERATOH8 ON WHBBLBB Jt Wilson's machine lo cord corsets; steady work the whole year ai 627 West 23d st A? WANTED SEVERAL FIRST ("I.\SS SALES ? ladies t'or our lailies' underwear and suit depart ments; to those lull \ competent we offer kooiI salaries. STERN BROTHERS, M7 lilh uv. COOK, WABHKB IND CBONRB WANTBD? IN A L small private I'limily : also a chambermaid and wait ress to assist with wiislnug; city reiercnco required. Ap ply lo-ilay, trom 11 to at lit West W St. A GOOD OPERATOR ON WHEELER Jt WILSON'S machine wants work by tliuday in a private laiuily; un lei slunds drcHsinaklug ; $1 p.T duy. Address M. A. 0., box 101 llcruld Uptown Itrancli min e. Amnio DO QBXSBJLL DOWNSTAIRS WORX iu a small private lauuly; must he a good plain cook and washer and ironcr. Apply, with references, ut 1.1.1 J.Uhl 7lgt St. A GIRL WANTED? TO TARE OARE OF CHI L dren and do cliamberwork? Apply, w ith city reicr onoc, at corner ot Madison av. and V7th ht. A COOK AND WAITRESS, PROTESTANT, WANT ed? By a private inmlly lor the summer, iu the country. Apply at 200 Mb av. ClOOK WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY; ONE THOB ) oughly competent, well recommended and without aboard ideas. Apply at basement door, 318 West 23d st., Wednesday, between 11 ami 1 o'clock. First class dress and cloak m \kkrs want ed.? Also operators on Wheeler .* Wilson's. Grover Jk Baker's and Willco.t A iSIMis' muebiiiea. lor line white work; comc prepared to work. 13 Last 17th st. CURL WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK JT in a small lamily at 226 West 4otli st. ; good relcr encea required. Good dressmakers wanted.? also fork womuu^ to lake charge of workroom: operaton on W heeler <k Wilson's and (Trover A linker's sewing mu ch, nes. Mia. A. aKMsiromi, jo Ea-I 22.1 st. NWRSE W VNTED. ? WANTED, a COMPETENT young woman as iiursc lor two oMIins; moM lie neat uud tidy and conic well recomiuvndcd irum her last piauo. Appiy ut :L'5 weal Mill ?t. Saleswomen w \.n i i;i?? v ed in mil liucry. No. U Division st. WANTBD? A YOUNG WOMAN TO C.lOK, WASH ami iron, and do the housework of a small lauuly, ai i>2 Wusningioii square, near Tluunpsun st, ANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. 224 East lilst., near 3d uv. w ANTED? A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work tor a family of two persons. 3a East 61st st. ANTUD? A GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO aa<Lst in wushlng uud irouiug, ut 104 Last (list st. ANTED-A WOMAN TO COOS, WASH AND IRON, with good reference. Call ul 109 East fiJd st. ANTED? A FIRST CLASH LAUNDRESS WITH w w w w good city ro'crence. Apply at*25 West 46th St., be tween J and 12 o'clock A. M. WANTED? AN AMERICAN GIRL AS EXPERIENCED seamstress a art lo look ailer a child two ami a Half years old. Apply, with city relcrence, ut 33 West r>2d st.. WAN'lEH-A WELL RECOMMENDED VOUNG OIRL to run errands unit to learu (ho Uudo. 21 Lust hitii st., two doors west of Union square. WANTED?1 TWO GERMAN GIRLS; ONE TO DO gotiurul housework aim the other to take care of children. Inquire ai East Otiih at. WANTED? RESPECTABLE (JIRLS WITH GOOD recommondallous ai. (he large otMrp No. 2 Ploecker St., corner Howcry. Situations obtained Immediately. TXT ANTED? A GOOD CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT tt ress, who will assist ill wasluiic and ironing; siitui l'aotorv reiercuoe required. Apply uL?>7 WustiMith si. 'ANTED? A GIBL FOIl GENERAL HOUSEWORK In a small lamlljr. 262 10th a v., b?t? een 2ith and 2 ^ 111 su., base men L WANTBD? A BBSP1SCTABLE GIRL AS NURSE and seamstress, willing to go West; small luuiily. Address, stating where to call, J. W., m Dey sr. WANTBD? A WOMAN FOB Ut'STAIRS WORK AMD sewing ; also a waitress : both must be Protestants. Cuil at 21 Easl24tli St., alter 111 o'clock. WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS CHILD'S nurse ; mu -t be experienced' and have city retcr ence. Apply at 3b East st. TXT' ANTED? A GOOD LAUNDRESS IN A PRIVATE tt boarding house; no use to call if not willing uud obliging. M) West 12th si. Wanted? a girl for general housework; must be a good cook, washer and irouer, ami give good relercuces. Apply all. "VI West 10th st. WANTED? A COOK, TO ASSIST IN WASHING AND lrouing;good references required. Apply at 222 East 17th st. WANTED- A TIDY GERMAN GIRL IN A SMALL TT lauuly for general housework ; one who can speak English. Apply at CU7 Lafa.votte av., Brooklyn. WANTED? A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON IN asinail tuiniiy; must bu first elusa; hunt city refer ences. A|iply at .81 West 22d st, ultcr in o'clock. WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A RXbPBC TABLE TT woman Ui cook and do geueral work ; good rclereucc required; wages $16. Apply at. W 3d av., be tween 22d niiii 2.rfl sis., luter 111 A. M. WANTED? A GOOD, CLEAN COOK AND TO ASSIST in wauluug and Ironing iu it small luinily. Apply ut 4<J0 Lexington av., boiwceu 'J and 2. WANTED-A YOUNG LADY AS PRIVATE SECBE. TT tary nud ainanuensls; must writu a good, rapid hand ami be willing to iruvel. AiUlru.-s Luc I'utlEit, Herald otllce. \xr ANIEU-AT 52 UNIVERSITY PLACE. A li'IRST ?t ciass ironer on shirts and collars; also u girl to do general housework. Please call, wiui lirst class rciep ence.s, all the week. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A FIRST CLASS cook un I toaselnt In ooarau Wltltlll; also an ( \ rtnudced wuitross. Apply, wttli good leureiici.s, ut .lo. Last 33d at, _ , _ WANTED? FOR A PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, a thorough and experienced lauudress; also ugo' d and reliable cook. Call, betwecu 12 and 4 o'clock, ut 42 West Uih st. Heiereucus. ANTED? A CHAMBERMAID FOR A SMALL IN at it ui ion ; wages 91U. Also a woman who can w milk, lor genera) housework i I the country ; wages &i2. Apply early at lij 2d uv. City reiernncu required. 1X7 ANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A GOOD COOK. T? washar and ironer; must bo well rvcoinmeuded I ro in her lust place; wages 4J6 per mouth. Ai,ph iu i. K. WALK bit, 2*1 East S3u st. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GOOD CHAM, bermaid and waitress; ahlu and willlug to do mi e wa.dilug and Ironing. 1 hose only who can be well re coiiimuiiued neeii apply ai 6e Wcs'tOist St., to day, iroui 10 to 12 o'clock. WANTED? TO GO TO THB COUNTRY, ?? MIKES Irum New York city, a middle aged woman to do general housework ; a auitublo person can meet wi ll a li. ine aud good wages. Address J. R., uoa ill Herald ottice. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A LADY TRIMMER AND TT a sistunt; aisoan operator lor Singer's machine, one accustomed to drossmaking, an 1 un crruud girl. 133 W est i3d at. WANTED? NURSE; ONE WHO CAN OPERATE ON TT Wheeler A Wilson's sowing machino, can cut ujid tit children's clothes good, pi elerreil. Apply at t lie Ar lingion House, room 311, on Mlh st, between 6tti av. tuid University place. WANTBD IMMEDIATELY? A GOOD LAUNDRESS lor ii oiling, polishing and timing, good wages to a competent person. Apply at^otf bin av., Brooklyn, iako 6th av. cars at Fulton ici iy. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A RESH.CT aide woman as good cook, washer and ironer; must have excellent city recommendation* noin lust place, call At 2ue 2d av., between 9 A. M. uUil 2 P. M. WANTED? A COMPETENT WAIT BBS 8; Ml ST BE willing to asilst in ci auiberwork ; with city i-ctcr ?noes. Apply at 2IX West I4tli St. ANTED? FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES FOR OUR, millinery allow roums; ojily competent handainlly laiuiliar with iniiliuery goods and irnuiued hau1, nuud appiyi kRKDKKICK LOKSSM Sr. Co., 2m# and 2W f ulton st., BriKiklyn. WAN TED? A GIRL FOB OI'FICB COPYING ? MUST write a plant hand. Address, etati ug salary e? pee ted, M. A CO., ilerald oflleo. WANTED- A GOOD OPERATOR. KNOWING DRESS making very well. Address 24 West IHh st. WANTBD? A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IBON, IN TT a small lam ily. Call Iroiu a tot u'clock at ity East 2cth st. , W ANTED? A <DRL. IB OB 14 YEARS OLD, TO AT T f lund a baliv t must come well reuummeuued ; ? uf,es 9S. Apply. at 234 tkh av. IVANTBD-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO TAKE CHARGE TT ot two children: must be a good mams tress; city rotnrcnce requuciL Apply at 112 6th av. WANTBI?? A PROTESTANT WAITRESS, TBOSB having good city relcrence can apgi y on Weduueday, iyom 12 to ?, lit .16 East 37 tit at. ANTED? A Ul ML, AIM1CT 14 YHARS OLD, TO wait gu Uio door and taiiiv. Call at 139 East OtKii st. w w TV WANTED? A GIRL Aft CHAMBERMAID AND LAPNL drew la a family of six; citjr role reuce. Ml Weet SMst 7ANTED-A GOOD MILLINER. APPLY BETWEEN It and 2 o'clock P. M. at W9 H road way. nrivriD-A vocwf, strong girl to assist in tt housework. Apply at M West ltttu st, basement door, tlTANTK D? A GOOD I.AUNDH ESS AND TO ASSIST II . with chumlsrwork in tt small private taniilv; none need apply but thoso having iU>t class city reiere uc.os, at 26 West 52d st. IV ANTED? A BEBPECTABLB YOBBO WOMAN AS tt Burse, with best city reference*. Cull between 9 and 111 o'clock at3l West *-<l at 11TANTKD-IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. A tt young, tidy girl to do downstairs work and plain cooking. Apply, with city reference* at 134 Kant ftnth st 9114 M \DlSON A V.? WANTED, A PLAIN OOOX TO '"11 do course washing and ironing ; city reterenee required; wages $1& YfTANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO DO LIGHT TT work and occasionally assist the nur?' of an Invalid lady ; she must he neat ana obliging and brm* good ref erence* -\pply between lit ami 2 o'clock at ProsLyterlan Home, Madison av., corner 73?l st TXTANTi-'D ? IN A SMALL FAMILY, TWO WOMEN TT troin tlie northern part ol Ueriiiuny ; on. to cook ana a*algt in washing, the other its laundress ami cham bermaid ; best, references required. Apply at ?1 West 21st St., between the hours ol lit and 1- A. M, WANTED? A GIRL, AS COMPETENT LAUNDRESS and waitress In a privato lamilv; city reference required; SO University place; wages $14. Call uJtcr VI r ANTED? PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN AS tt nurse ami son nt stress, at Riverdale, on the Hudson. Apply at 1UU West 31th -t. , TITAN'TED? A YOUNG OIRL AS NtTRSR AND TO tt make herself generally useful: must bo willing to wear a.cup. Call ut 5.d Madison av. "117" ANT ED? A VOl'NG WOMAN AS NURSE FOR A TT child two years old; must bo a competent seam stress and willing to do unlit chamberwork if required. Apply at 12 East :>3d st., between the hours of lOand 2 o'clock. ANTliD ? A WOMAN AS STOREKEEPER AT THE tt Grand Hotel; either English, Scotch or American. Apply on Tuesday or Wednesday, between 11 and 12 A. M. TIT ANTED? A FIRST Ci.ASS COOK IN A PRIVATE TT hoarding house ; good city roferenco reunited ; oue willing to assist In wushing. 70 Irving place, 1 to 3. wanted? A OIKL TO DO GENERAL HOtTSB tt work; must be a good washer and irouer ; reference required. Apply at3ll West lOUl st. X\T ANTE I) ? A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE T T work: must be a good cook, washer und ironer. Ap ply at 2t? Last OOlh St. TITAN TED? A FIRST CLASS MILLINER TO GO TO tt Albany, N. Y. None but llrst class bands need up ply at B. HOMMEHICH ,t OO.'B, 4U4 Broadway r ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A YOUNG Protestant girl, to wait. Apply ut 21.1 West 40th St. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO GENE ral housework; three in family. Inquire from 9 to 1 at 2-7 West 43d st. TtrANTED-A GIRL, A ROUT 10 YEARS OLD, PO R TT general housework ; small family. Apply at 235 West avili St., between HI and 12 A. M. Tir ANTED? A DRESSMAKER; ONE WHO OPERATES T? on Grovcr A Maker machine. Apply to Mine. LIPSKBR, 437 sih av._ "MT ANTED? A SEAMSTRESS WHO CAN OUT AND TT lit; also a girl i o do the work of a family of tliroo parsons, Apply ut 91 3 6ih av., second floor, from 10 to 1 o'clock. "Ilk FIRST 0LA8S DRESSMAKERS WANTED? NONE 11/ liui good ones need >'oine; also an apprentice. Ap ply to Mine. DKCORDf HIA, 2ii 4th av. QOO WEST JOTH ST.? WANTED, A GOOD PLAIN O&jU cook, washer and lroiicr in a smull private laiu lly; Protestant preferred. w 14 H1TUATIONS U AlilTKU-M^liKH. r WEST H2D ST.. REAR.? A COLORED MAN AS 'J waiter in a first class bourding house or hotel. AN AMERICAN HOY WISHES A SITUATION IN AN ofllco dowutowu ; writes a lair hand ; Is fourteen years ol sge, ajid can inrnish the best ol reierences. Address ti. 11. M , Williamsburg Post otllcc. A NEWLY MARRIED MAN WANTS EMPLOYMENT A iu almost auy capacity ; understands shoring. Ilug iiUJT and repairing about a gentleman's place ; csu build A stone lences; is willing to make himsolf useful In any form; has eight years' reference. Call on or address for twodajs I'M OS. Mi MAMS, 381 East 2iitll st. AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, RADICALLY TEM- I pernio, of good habits, who writes A fair hand, reads and speaks French ami Spanish, desires a situation in an oflice or sUjro or any respectable employment in city or country . is willing to commence on small wages, and can turnish best references as to character. Address, lor tour days, AMERICAN, box 173 lleruld ollli e. FRENCH COOK-IN A HOTEL, fill IN A FAMILY ; good references. Address No. 6 North Moore street A FIRST CLASS WAITER, WITH BEST REFER, enccs, wants a situation. Can be seen at 103 Helan coy st., rear house. A GRADUATE OF COLLEGE OF SURGEONS, DUB lln, desires a situation as assistant, in a drug store ; nominal salary fo commence. Address i..p cure Dr. Am brose, 99 Second place, Brooklyn. A FRENCHMAN AND HIS WIFE, LATELY LANDED, wish m( nations in a private tamily, goud rvicreucei. Address A. H., Apoilieke, lOtj Spring st A8INGLM MAN, OF 45. WANTS A SITUATION AS farmer; would be fjiitlifui and reliable to a widow. In the country. Apply at M Washiagton at., for three i ditrs. An energetic and ruliahlr man wishes to take charge of a gentleman's place or small place; best reierences given. Call at or address, lor throe days, 2i) Greenwich st., third tloor. A YOUNG MAN FROM PARIS WISHES A SITUA JA. tion ina[uiv;tte tamily as waiter; lias lived with the best fainilies in l'ar>s, and has the best city reference Address lUfi tith av., first iloor. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG MAN, NOT long from the old country, wishes a situation as coachman or groom ; is sober, honest and ohliuing ; coun try prvlerrcd. Address WILLIAM T., EliAubutJi Post office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE young married man us butler or waiter inu private family ; is very neat, sober ami ohliuing ; very best refer ences. Call on or address bU. S., 4j5 East, 14th sL ACOS.OHED YOUNG MAN WOULD LIKE A S II' IT A 1 1- >n ns janitor, runner for a bank, banking house, or any office; belt city rctereuuo. Addrcas A., box 3,wr7 Fttrtofltoe, lor one week. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, WHO TIOROtfoH? ly iinderst inds the biulm^s, wants a situation as bartender; llrst class reterence and security ; would have no objection to the country. Address H. II., 134> West Wth st, A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, SPEAKING THE ENO lisli, French, Italian and Arabian languagcK and having travelled tliroiigliuut Europe anil the hast with several lanuliesol distinction, would wi.di toenter into tlio service ot a tamily intendintf to travel. Address S. N., Herald Uptown Mrancl) ottlce. AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, AOED 26, WISHES A situation as barteader or to tihe full ehaigeofa billiard room ; can give tlio b< st. of re I ere nee for honesty, sobriety, Act. Addrese MILLIARDS, bo.v 110 lleiahl Up town lirunch office A YOUNG MAN, WHO SPEAKS FRENCH, ENGLISH JA. and German, wants a situation as oourler to go to Europe with a privato tsinily; has travelled all over Europe ; best rcc.ominendii turn. Address O. M.t courier, Herald Uptown Branch offlce. I A BOY, 17 YEARS Of AGE, LEAVING SCROOft, DE sires a situation In an oibcc or storu; is a good wriu r, I quick at figures; resides with his parents; la >vlliiiM to woik and mako himsoli generally useful. AddicsaS. M. K? 97 Morgan st, Jersey City^ AYOUNtJ MAN WIS1 ES A SITUATION AS GENTLER man's servant; Is out of place by the recent deafll ot hta employer; Is well traiued and has exaeUent ciiy recent me nda Hons generally, and is attentive to invalid ;; is ncriulitcd tu reter to J- W. McLane, M. D. ,51 West3tth sircet _ A respect viii/'. Colored man dfsihkh a (ituation as waiter In a private lumlly or boarding house ; can bring good city reference. Apply at isi Weet JOlhSt. JOHN CONNKLL. B * 61 INTELLIOKNT BOY, AOED Ifl, WITH GOOD Jx references, Isdcsfromol ofiiainitig a situation Inn first class mercantile house. Audi tse LRNEl 'T, box 119 : Herald Uptown Mranvb offlce. Y A MAN, AGED 30, AS PORTER; OR WOULD drive a wagon. Address T. C., Herald ofBca. BUTLER'S POSITION WANTED BY A YOUNG MAN | a native ot England, eaiH-nenced a? ahove; good reterence given. Address T. C., Herald Uptown Branch ottlce. | CIOUMIER ANI> VALET TO A KAMII.Y OR GENTLE J ninn going abroad ; can give good reference*; speaks Engi.-h. 1 reach and German. Address Z., lieiald L'p tew u Branch otiiee. (SITUATION WANTED-HY A FIRST CLASS FRENCH O waiter, who speaks English and Is hltihly rerom luenih'd ; no objection to the country, ('ail be seta uuttl A |,i il 1 at his ehiployerV, 11S East 18th st. SITUATION WANTED? BY A FIRST CLASS COLORED waiter man. as head waiter In a hold or large board ing house; city or country ; ui.derstai.ds lull charge ; best city ru l ere. nee. Call at:ka>7th av. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO man, as waiter ; strlallv sober ; best reference from last, employer. Call on or address WAfll'.it, 4tjfi 1 ultutl I st, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-MY A GERMAN MARRIED man. as rook, and carver , no objections fo the coun try. Address tor tw o days COOK, box Iflo rtoruid ottlce. rno MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS AND BREW _\V nnt< d, active employ men t as agent or coUeo for; equally posted in mercantile and busi ncsB, having had many years' ex^rience as bookkeoiier and suporinicudent in various munutacturliig ostalilmh ments ; satlsmctory rideret.ces for general cha.acter and capacity. Address AM EKli'AN, Herald olBco. ANTED-\ SITUATION BT A MARRIED MAN, TO take ohargo et a Mnall larni; understands faj tulng in all its branches: Ive years' reference. Address M. M., Brooklyn Branch Herald oihce. WANTED.? A YOUNG MAN, 32 YEARS OP AGE, OF TT goon ItsbiLs, energetlo and persevering, who cau furnish the best ol rniorcu<!c<i, desires a situation in a nrst class grocery house, where he can obtain a thorough practical knowledge of the business and make himaelf generally tiNotul to his employers; a moderate salary ex* peeled. Address (iROCER, Herald office. "llTAN TED? A SITUATION AS WAITBR IN A Pfil. tt vateffcmlly; understands hta hnslness perfectly; two years' retViroihje trom last place, also rsferena-e troin the old oountry If required. Address tor ouv Tveok tt. w.. boa iou Mvrald Cotuwu Mra&ch w w.>? ?? .utM, yy-AWtTO-JT A YOL'NO MAN WHO RAB~Boi? " *??wtodfO of jeometry and trigonometry. "? f*1 /5fflrtwlrt a company of eugluaer*. AddftMV. " bo* 14fl Herald office. ? WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED OOOK, TO ASSIST with waahlng ; German proterrcd. Apply, with enyrefereooe, at2ti7 W?m :ud it \Ar ANTED- BY A YOUNG WAN', A SITII ATION ON A tT tarm ; understands all kinds of w.^rtc. Address D. H , No. 3 Hudson st. WANTED? BY A COLORED YOUNO MAN. A situnt on In a private lauillv or boarding lions# a? waiter; beet city reference. Aildreaa B. K. R., Herald office. CLHHK!I AMU MAIiKSMES. ACCOUNTS.? Kill HI' LANGUAGES; ARREARS WRIT-* ton up, book* devised lor special rtx|uirctuuiits ; book? kept, examined or balanced. J A.Mr.. i COX, 17 Wall at., tliinl floor. A TEA CLERK WANTED? AT ?,13 GUA.N'D ST., WiL. Ha maburg. 4 N EXPERIENCED DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKKEEP1 II J\ wishes a situation . salary loss hii object than a posi tion affording au opportunity to advance ; relerencea un exceptionable. Address W. It. , norald office. 4 FIRST CLASS SALESMAN WANTED? FOR TUB JY inUlim-r.v department; must *pe:.k French. Apply tii M. A. CONNELLY, No. 7 East ItHh at., basciuciit door, before tt A M. or after 0 P. M. * GENTLEMAN LARGELY ACQUAINTED WITH i\ drug and liijuor house* ill tho West will travel for a Now \ork bouse Ii proper Inducements are ottered; ref erences. Add reus E., boxl'.tftu Post oflet A BOOKKEEPER WANTED? SALARY $18 IBB iv work Call from 4 to 6 P. M. NEW YORK SC1T MAN I' FACT UB1 NO COMPANY, IM llrouJway. V FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SHOES SALESMAN wishes to accept a situation in u retail or wholesale business ; h n had 11 vo years' experience. Address J. DEI rscH, as# Hih av. 4 STOUT YOUNO MAN, ABED 18, WANTS A BITl.r JV aiion in a mercantile bourn* ; sneaks Oornian and English, nnd has some knowledge of bookkeeping ; can furnish Hist clas-. recommendation ; aalary no object. Ad dress L. S., care of C. M. Hawes, UI4 Spring st. 4 THOROUGH DOUBLE ENTRY BOOKKEEPER, J\. accustomed to writing up arrears, opening and elos ing hooks, Ao., wants temporary employment; un Questionable reference*. Address M. M., Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED TRAVELLING SALESMAN Ij R. pirca an engagement with a tir-t clou* house; best City rote reaoes. Address SALESMAN, He, aid office. A SALESMAN OP MANY YEARS' EXPERIENCE wishes to take with him on his next ti ip -monies of any gooda on coiumlsalou. Address COMMISSION, llei-ald office. A YOUNO IRISHMAN OP LONU EXPERIENCE AND good address w alius a situation ill a tea or grocery store; country preferred; no objectloh to go West. Aa dress 1>. G., box 10."i Herald office. Ip N TRY CLERK.? WANTED, A YOUNO MAN, iff TO IS years old, who has had some experience iu enteritis Joods in n notion house; salary first mi mouths limited, ddress ENTRY, box 103 Herald office. PRODUCE MERCHANTS.? AN A1 BOOKKEEPER, who can Inllucnce trade, is open for an engagement; would take an Interest with the right party if desired ; references undoubted. Address PRuDCCE, Herald office. Q A LEHMAN WANTED? FOB THE RET ML CLOTH O ing trade ; olio who speaks tlcrinan prelerrcd. Api ly to WOOD a WARINO, 380 Grand at. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOI/NO ninn, in a millinery or luncy store; best retcruuco given. Address H. M. , station B, rpo DRUGGIST. ?A COMPETENT GERMAN PRE. L scrlptiou clerk wishes a situation. Address P. W., Herald office. WANTED? A FIItST CLASS KRESS GOuDS HAJLB6* man to go a short distance In tho country; one ao cuHtomtwl to Grand st or ath uv. trudo urc'-ned. Apply from in to u ut 241 Canal st. "IXT ANTED? A SITUATION AS CLEBK OB BOOK T? keeper, by a young man who hud considerable > x perlence in that po-ltion In Ireland. Address CLEUK, ,!I'J EMI 4M st., for two days. WANTED? A HMA'IT YOUTH, TO ACT AS CASH3!'.I> ami keep account*. Apply persouaily or by lettci to. B. B. Rt'MsELL, :itiO Howery. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS HOSIERY AND FURi nishing goods salesman ; also salesmen for di e's Soods. Apply, beloro 'J o'clock, to U. B. KUSSbLL, :;jy owery. - / "|Vr ANTED ? 4N ASSISTANT TO SELL !>RY COOD^t VV references as to moral charucter required. Apply to K. P. WEED, Ml Broudwiiv. WANTED? AS BOOKKEEPER AND CASHIER, IN ~M wholesale manufacturing business, a itood penman, who can give security; salary tflW per year. Addr< ii KINO, American Hotel, 28 Ifulton St., Brooklyiu WANTED? BY AN ENERGETIC AND RELIARLP young man, a position as hotel or sbippuig alerkj Address T. J. II., box 1IJ4 Herald otllce. "%IT" AN I'El)? AN INTELLIGENT, HONEST, ENK RJ Vt getlc clerk; one iinderst.tmllng lithograpbio orsta, tionery trade preferred. AddressLl I'lLOUKArHEK, boi| 132 lleraUi office. A?rANTliD? FIRST CLASS CLOTH SALESMEN; MI'-B V\ speak Herman. Apply to KELLER A ALLE>'?| cloth bouse, corner Ann and William sts. TBTANTED? BY A BOOKKEEPER AND ACCOUNT' TT ant. aged 34. a situation ; has good general busUiesf krowlclgc; woulil be tound .draighl, wllliug and obliging, Address box <|8W Post oillcc. ________ WANTED? A STOCK CLERK IN A WHOLBSALE clothing; maal be capable ot piosiuv oul good* ; none but .inexperienced man need apply. Ad' <???**, statin* salary and references (no others wiU b? noticed,). D. L. im? I4H Herald odlwe. WANTED? A SALESMAN IN A HOSIERY AND tancv goods houaoi must havo a good city twde anil can give the best references. Address J. K, bixa lOd Uerald office. W ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED KID GLOVE SALE 31 fi inau. Duly siiclu, with best reteteuces, need ad dress II B., box >ik) Herald otiice. AN'TEO ? A YOUNG MAN THOROUGHLY AO. TT riuainted with laces and ombrolilery ; the li?st ol references required. Apply to M. KE1MAN A CO., .'3 Union square. "IXT-aNTBD? A YOUNG MAN TWENTY-FOUR YEARS VV ot'nge, in a retjut clolhing house, who andcrslAii Is bookkeeping ami will make btmaell generally uaelnl, residing in. Brooklyn mid with his parents; fulary llrdf year WW. Address '!'. 11. A., Uurald office. WANTED? A THOHOUOHLY EXPERIENCED AC. countar.t and expert tor n few days, to regulate m: counts. Aildresa, with reference, A. A., Herald Upu>?u Branch office. TIT ANTED? IN A GENERAL FAMILY GROCERY VV store, an active young man as clerk; mnsi under stand the business thoroughly and have good city refer* ern e. Apply at; 927 tub av., corner ot 33th st. W> 'ANTED? A THOROUGH GROCERY CLERK? must understand the business perfectly and fur> liishbest reference. E. IN DIG, 188 Fulton st., Brooklyn. COACHMEN H!) O A KDE VEHB. A COACHMAN WANTS A S1TKATION WIH' tbormighly nnderstiuids tho care and manageuicn', ol hors?'* ; four years' reierence irom tils last employer. Address M. D., boa 2tH Herald office^ 4 SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINGLE MAM, AV coachman; understands his business; best refer encn from last employer, wbo is going to Lluropo. Ad dr< ss M. 11., box 1H2 Herald offlco. A MIDDLE AGED MAN WANTS A SPIV VFION? HE undersraiifts garden in/ ip nil Its branchos perfect I ?/, also tile care of greenhouses and graperies. Cniloruda nt Coachmen and Gar tenors' Home, 908 Brontne si., n< ar f'orsvth. Gentlemen wanting to change gardoucrii will do well to call at this house. ? SITCAIION W ANTED? AM COACHMAN SAM* groom, by a single Protectant man; can milk ami noike |i iioself generally useful; good ro.eretiee. Address J Ij., box 122 Heru^ otllee. 4 PRACTICAL FARMER AND GARDENER SWISS) J\ with small family, desires a permanent situation to Mite ehanre of a geutfamiin's pine - ; iir<t elnss reteji'm ? can 1h* given. Addrea< FARMER, l>ox li>4 Herald office. \ RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A ST D. atlon as coaetiuiHn and groom ; highly recommended ft oin lust employer. Address K. I. , I - 2i"J Herald ofll e. \PITI ATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN up groo.ii. In a prlvaie tainily. bra young iiihii, Pio testnnt. single ; can be well recotnmemlcd. Address L. P , box lifi) Herald Uptown Branch office. 4 SI TI ATION WAMID-AS I'liAllfMAV MY I il Scotchman; would like a place where lie cotiM remain; Is a etimpfti*nf man; W years in iwo lait places. Apply at or address giable lltl West '>:h *'? A SITUATION WANTED? 'I Y A YOUNG SINGLE muu, as coitclimun and gardenar ; un.larsLnnda bo:h branches thoroughly ; will iTways be. found willing am* obliging In all work on a len.lcman s place; also carpet laying and tacking done In "eat at.vle ; six yeara relet qiu'o. A(l(lr?uw J oil N, box t4U ii?raiq office > 4 SITUATION WANTED? AS GARDENER, BY A j\ married man ; understands his huainess thoroughly good rulwreaca givou. Apyly lor two days al Eaat 31s ( ?Ue -t. ' 4 THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COACitM \N DE A sir?s a situation ; a good, carctul, stylish driver; ex ; cellent groom; strictly tober; unrried. no luniily ; be-, em reieri nee. Address J. H., El Weat l8dat i YOUNO GERMAN MAN AND WIFE W( iff D I. IK I I >'\ to no to a oountry rcaldtm e; Uo unje rsuuds the ? aro of a garden and horses . bust reference* can h< given. Apply at 130 Greenwich su A MARRIED MAN WANTS I -i i t' ATI ON AS farmer or gardeners wite to U.,e care ol milk and I butter; on? year's rccoiimi, udal : ? .ti : .. b I., -r ? i i pi oyer. Call on or addrc* 1'UIEU, L ' Hot I at., between 2d ami -Id ava. A SMART. ACTIVE MARRIED MAN, trtTH VEKY small in mil v, wants a groom and cnachtnan situa tion ; will be loutid thoroughly oompcteii', sober, taltliuil and willing; can milk, do plain gnrduiinig, Ac. ; seven yeara' industrious practice in lust place ; best retc ye nee rroin laMt employer, who can bo -ecu. Addraaa M. BLHK, 3?M West loth st., Monday and I'm ?lny. 4 PARMEll'S SITI'ATION WANTED? BY A R1 1 1. class larmer; married, has a small latnlly; under aiandt the rnlaiug id ail hlud? of atuck and ?.l kinds ( .1 tanning practically; five years reference irom last place. A' uiltle in an wishing bis duces may uddrisa I' \1.. hoU-lW Herald offi?i AS OARDENRE OR COACHM AN. A GOOD FI.ORIRT or turmer? Mv a married man; can LAo goner it charge of a j?entle*nian'a place ; Ions ?*P'M .?f? ana iu Scotland ; reiorcnce. AdUrosa M. D-, Uruokly u UruncA Herald offlco. ? ? ? AGARDENEU WANTS A SITUATION? UNOFR atauda the mau.iKe.iuent of ?rennhou*ea, hot ami ???t grape, ,e?, fruit* flowers an I vet. tablei- can N.w \iriB,n,'Un,U,,,iV,y h" Plover ; a ait nation In *oTl <?r Broukivn preturroJ. Aiidri?<M ai Hrwfcjurmjraiiglnivtiw Jaic?, U * JU

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