Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1873 Page 4
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A 'A oOAl'HlUK encefrom bla '"' P|M- c?u ?l 144 WB 74 TOCNO MAN VaNTB A BJTUATIO^ AS^ACD A umn und Par^r"T,Vrcnc2 la ? Protwta.t. Call on ^r.dS^orrm^.^ O- P., >64 Wort 37th at. *? ? ? ",HUJ T BESPBCTABLB I?H}iaor ***?, uke charged A rtuS^^^V'^ren^0".^^ two a." ii the stable 206 hastJ3d at. ? n r o - ?ni>V W 24 k*ei toiii St., present employers, prUate stable. ? ? ? ? _ A aENTLEMAN OIVINO rP KEEl^IKO^H^^^ 0.11 on or ad flVew BKKHY. 21? Wegt 4let ?t. ? I a css&sir if? c^ rsc?y,e\d& "" .TiMMnM ffWTM) AS COACHMAN ? BY A SO M. T., 47 West 44th St. private stable. ~ crrraTlON WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED coachman T country preferred. Call at or .ddresa Sj West lfitt* Ht. _ ? ~~ ATinv WA.NTF.P? BY A SINQLK MAN. AS C . box 1W Herftld Uptown Braneh offlce, for two day ?? _ A SmSW m cK^"' WJ Broadway. iSwr^ftSr mended. AddvessJ.Q. , Herald offlce. "votTVfl Van WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH ? r s\": cu/am?1 cOTntty'.ccoffinoditioni Addresa J. K., 17 East 80th St. _ ? liou.* <. and graper.#*, will be tot (? \iti>E.sER, box IKS has the t>est reference. AddrtsJ u??uli- ? Herald office. ? ? ? A Call on or address J. M.. 127 V. est 28th St. * V .MKRICAS WISHES A SITUATION AS COACH 'A tn#u^?homi|Wy tntderstantU^Ws^^lBe^^^ o^ Sawgr MM Jr'bJtwccn 20th and 2Ut its., second floor. ? ? ? a rnirnMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAlt j line Repository, Htli ?t- and otli a>. T 5SisTciAflP HORTICULTURIST AND KITCHEN A SVffSfSSKffi Ha"ajs* , ? ? I1U1.NKR. box 180 Herald office. > t<TTr WANTED? BY A FIRST (!I*AH8 \ coachman and groom; single; >1,on^1,1-\ ""i1,": - 71 ' O^din^ oL?lnW wlib' (SST'c^y "and 'Sewi-or? driving. Address THOMAS, at Hrcwatcr's, Mh av. and /7th st. . COACHMAN'S AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED S Bv " vou.ia Ungltahman of neat appearance; river; Sfe experience; highly recommend^. Add c? OHN. Flainlrua's carnage wareroom*. No. CEast 1 tli ->t. .-i'oaCHMAN AND OROOM'S SITUATION? BY A C first CUSS man } understands gardenia* ; can milk; i willing and obliging; good city retcrence. Addrts- r. v, box 201 Herald office. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A RE i/rtf class cttyraierence. call on or addrcsa M. M? l ?ttit aswu *c. _ "ioriAfnM lN'8 SITUATION WANTED ? A HE t) apect'able married; thorough ly <?? 'cUy le islands gardening and .idTtt'iee cefertue*. Add re ft* a.. box II* ?t>w owe* #-?a Ar nM ivfl SITUATION WANTED? BY A IIRST ?suss; P.UM'r.aSlV cOACuix*. East 3?U M., private (.tablo. SsrJKrtiS nanicsj store. W *0' *Vi /inirMMAN AM) GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? C / ?v n middlo .i?:6d married man ; no laniily ? goo<t rc.* lfc Hudson at., Jersey City. '/COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST (jrtn? married man, no inctnnbrance; cangKe the ^o?.t c?t> relerenc" " Address M. L., box 205 Hi raid iftlcc nntrllVAN AND ('.ROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? Cbv" m.?rledmnH? city or country ; can ^re fly. rears 'of the best city rclercnccs. Addiess John, oox IK Herald office. OACHM AN.? AN EXPERIENCED 8INOI.B MAN wantr a situation ; !?< au excellent P'oom driver; -v'R-r und attentive tohUdwl.v ; i refers tohlslaM emplover. Cull on or address M. M., at Bonner s <lli ry , 748 6tn a\\. until engaged. ?N'8 hitUATION WANTED? BY a first f ; " tiaWmtn: good groom; caretnl driver; live ycatV V>te! tr refrrenc.o from last employer Call on or ad itres- K*. F. . Campbell's harness storo, 60 *tl> >y. r 10XCH MAN'S fill CATION WANTED? BY A {'JBST I ; ? !???( married man ; finall tncumbrancc ; t-teady an.l !mwt ? .t'c"?i - 0 years' good cllv references ttom last em Sdorer. Call on or address P. ll. P., J. ?? Brewster A Co., Coraer of 27tt> st and Mli av. nnirHMAN BY A MARRIED MAN; NINE YEARS' 0 reft- r?nce 'rotn hi* present employer. *. all at or ad ?re??l47 Fast :?th st. (10ACHM AN. ? A OKNTLliM VN WOULD I.1KK TO J procure u Mtuitluii for his coachman, who isc.tnpe Mnt . it. d trustworthy. Apply at 131 6th av.,i>r address h;.\ l.<: ;l Post Olllc^. (10ACHMAN AND OROOM-BY A VOUNO MAN (SIN J gle, Protestant) ; flr>t class reftsreni-e (rom last em ployer. Call on or address .t H , private siahlc No. i west both ft., where present employed. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY AN ENO I- li^lioia:) ; tlioroughlv nndersiands M- t>usines?; has good experience ; lias h?st city reference ; refers to ni? employer. Call on or uildrtM M. K., haraes. itore, 19 West S*th st. First clas.s coa< hman and oabdbnbb wants a Miuati.'ii ; 1. ateadv .nd sober and a carefUl driver of lone experience; be*t eltv references given. Address for U- o day . j. B., lwi\ 111 ll. ra Id ofll< First clash coachman h ants a situation? W H.s four' eltv reference from hi< late em I plover t no object li>n to go a short dl?tanee In the coun try' Address H. P., box 130 Herald Uptown Br:tni-h offlce / s W.IiF.NER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAR U tl-d man (Scotch), who Is (IiIIt competent to lay out, grade atnt improve a place, erect greenhouses. grup< t ies, ?C., or to tH'i e .'ntlre charge of a stood place n I ready Im proved; l.e?tctt* reference fTum last employer. Call o. oraidre- I. A er e of Allrod Ilrldgeuian A Co., seed store, !?*t; Broadway. /"" VRDEMiP.'S SITt \T?ON WANTED-BY A YOUNO \ J man wh<? ntiiterstamts the management of green bouse, graperies. -. iv wmin* .ml obliging; will make blmselrgetierally tisertil: refer, nee from laie employers, t all ou or address for two dart F. L., ?ccd store. 870 Broadway. G\RDF.NEB'S SITUATION WAVTFD? BY A COMPE tent .-Iti.'le in, tit ; Is s i>ra< tt< al veg. table grower a.d ean tate enre < f a gentleman's place. Address W. F., box 123 Herald ofPce. /?1ARDK.NFR? ?Y A MAN WITH A FAMILY ; UNDER \J stands the care of tli. greenhouse, flower beds grape houst s. kitchen garden and ltntl.edi. Address OilR DENKB, 133 Columbia st . Brooklyn. u 'ress "An /GARDENER'S OR FARMER'S SITUATION WANTED \J by an experienced man. married; understand^ grccnhoti-es, graperies, raisin* fruits, vegetable* laving out and Improving places; reference rood. Address L H. HENDKItSON, seed store, Ctrtlatuft st. C[J AUDF.NER WANTS A SITUATION WHERE THERE T are ?rccnhou>es oi graperies; understands the 1m Erovement of a gentleniu.'s placo ; 13 years' exptrlene. ; e?t reference; n.niried; no family. Address J. If D. I ( i \ 12S Hi ralil ofWce, ' GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN F.X peiienced man (married); utidtivtatid- tho raising of vegetables, maiiig"inent of ereenliottse. hot ami cold graperies, Ac. ; competent to take tull charge of a gentle man's j lace, and can make tumuli generally ugetul; t.e?t relorelieos fnrnlstied. Address M. K , care of J. M. tborburu k Co.. 16 John ?f. /GARDENER AND FARMER, OH TO T \ KE CHAROE |JT of a geiillcman'a nlace; greenhott'ca. graperies or without tflass; 1(? years gootl cfty reference from last 3 places. Address ". S., tox I J Herald office. /lARDENER'B SITUATION WANTKD? BY A MtN \T tv ho Is thoroughly practical In the sueeesaml culti vation or grates, imnirnim. and out of doors; hothouM Anil greenhouse plants, ^eg< tables. A< . ; would Uke charge ? l h small farm tn coi)'!"ct;oti with Die garden , msrried : Mr cbfldron ; sow iefer?nc??. AdtlrciJ U l?,,U(>xlW St aid yttlc. OOACfmsiar abtd gardembrs. ARDBNER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A FIRST IT class practical gardener ; first class reference and prize*. Address U. R., bo* 181 Herald office, lor two day*. GARDBNEB'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINOLB German ; experienced In the o?ro of a (tpntleman a place ; reference* given. Addttu OARDENKR, ?are of A. Thomson, 343 Grand st.. New York. ? C GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAR T ried mnn ; no children: hi good ft-olt. flower and regotable gardener; good city refbrences. Addroa* J. M., box 124 Herald office. (GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAR T rled man ; one In family i Is a goodfruit, flower and vegetable gardener; good reference. Address H. S., box 126 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTKD? FIRST CI' ASH, married, no children; thoroughly understands grape grow ing, greenhouse and vegetables In general ; first claw reference. Add row Q. G.,box 106 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED.? UNDER stands hot and cold graperios, greenhouses, und is ftillr competent to take charge of a gentleman'* place. Address I.. L., 876 Broadway. CI ARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED ? BY A SI NO LB T man; fully understands gardening In general and the laying o?t of new placw. Address JOHN, box 107 Herald office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED.? A FIRST cluss German gardoner, married, knowiug his busi ness in nil Its branches, viz. : graperies, greenhouses, don ers, ami propagation of all kinds of plants, wants a Munition on it first class private pi nee or commercial establishment. Address S. M., box 120 Herald office. (1 ARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED.? PINOLE MAN T (English); understands the management of ereen liotues and graperies; can bo highly recommended by his last employer. Address C. 8., seed store, 07 Nassau st C1ARDBNER AND FARMER'S SITUATION WANTED? X By a Scotchman of experience in both branches; referelicn from .1. O. Bennett and others. W, RKID, seed store. 67 Nassau st. t PRACTICAL GARDENER WANTS A SITUATION: single, Scotch ; understands kitchen garden, would take charge of a small farm If required: first class refer ence. Address E. W. bridge man s seed store, 076 Broad way. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND OAR O dener; married; no encumbrance ; is willing to make himself generally useful ; good country reference. Ad dress J. R.. 67 Nassau st., seed store. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SCOTCHMAN, O as coachman; he understands taking cure of horses and carriages; good drivor; host references. Call on or address it. D, 1,'inu itroadway, harness store. SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY MAN, ON A gentleman's place, to tako care of garden and team of norses. Address J. C. B., box 138 Brooklyn Branch Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN OR GROOM, by a young man, lately landed ; can milk and make bimtelf generally useful; good relereuce. Call on or ad dress COACHMAN, MWestbt SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COACH, to man, or would go as groom ; thoroughly understands his business; good reference. Call at or address private stable No. 6 West 30th st. SITUATION WANTRD-AS COACHMAN. BY AN F.NG ltslimnn (single) ; thoroughly understands his busi ness and gan give the best city reference. Call on or ad Press J, K. . 112 West 46th st. TIT ANTED? BY A MARRIED MAN, WITHOUT IN. Tt cumbrance, a situation as gardener, wife as laun , dre.-ft or cook ; have filled similar situations in England. Address T. B., care of Mrs. Moore, 267 Pacific su, ! Brooklyn. TX7" ANTED ? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND tt gardener, by a single man; can milk and make Mtmclf useful ; good .reference. Addrsss O. C., No. 9 Weat st. "IT*" ANTED? BY A SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS SINGLE m man, a situation as coachman and gardener . com petent to take general charge ot a gentleman's place; good reference. Address II., box 204 Herald office. TT ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BY A RE TT epectabie. Protestant married man ; Is sober, honest and obliging; has 10 years' good reference trom last em* ployer; country preterred. Address JOHN P., Elizabeth Post office. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACnMAN, BY A tt first class young man, who Is fully competent In all respects; seven years' best city recommendations from present employer, who is selling out. ("all on or address, for three days, COACHMAN, at private stable 211 East 20th st. WANTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN, A SITUA II tlon as first class coachman; best cilv reference. Apply to JESSE DAW, IM East .Sltth st. TITANTGD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A t t situation as pad groom or to take care of a gentle man's road team; rood references from last employer. Address, for t<vo days, K. M., 213 East 20th st (private stable). "tlTAN'TED? SITUATION BY A SWEDISH GARDENER TT (unmarried), who understands gardening and the care of hothouse ; speaks English. Apply at 277 Atlantic hv. , Brooklyn. \Vr ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND TV groom, either in tlit city or country, by a respect able young man, simile ; rcrv best reference. Call on or address DENNIS, 107 West i.Hh st. TTir ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN OR T t groom, by a single young, l'rotestant ; thor oughly understands the care ot nurses and carriages; j lour yeurs' good reference. Address S. B., Herald office. : Al' ANTED ? A SITUATION. ?Y A RESECTABLE MAN, ! ?T as coachman ; can give best citv references. Apply, | to or address, J. Jf. |?? care of Dr. J. S. Cattanah, 13 West j 44th St. I lift WEST 19TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE, STEADY, I.J.O sober young man a* ; understands the I care of horses ,iad driving; no objection to the country; ; good references. TIT AKTBD? SITUATION As COACHMAN AMD GAR TT deuer, bv a married man ; no family ; is u first class liorst-itian -, has a thorough knowledge of general work; would take full charge ot a gentleman's place ; refer ence from last employer as to above. Gall on or address COACHMAN, 237 West 83d st.. near 6th av. WTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. AS f T first class coachman and groom ; would milk If required ; good reference, city or country. Address T. D., Herald office. TITAN TED? A SITUATION AS GROOM OR COACII T T msn. oy a young man ; siugle : has good references; would take care of a gentleman's road team ; can tie hoard ot lor ono week. Apply to coachman, No. t East Slot st. TITANTED? A SITUATION BY A SINGLE MAN TT (Seotehmau) ns coachman. Address for two days J. M., box 121 Herald offlco. HELP \\ ANTED- MALES. 11 AGENTS WANTED? TO SELL AN ELBOANT xvi. and useful article for every household. Apply nt #7 Reade st., third floor Agents make "bio money" canvassing tor "C'rofutt's Western World." 138 Nassau st. Co mo and see. Agents wanted- men of good addrefs, to canvass for tho best advertising medium In the city. Inquire of J. B. ROPER, 809 Hroadway, up stairs, from 11 A. M. till 4 P. M., lor three days. Agents are making sioo per week skll Ing our goods by sani|>le. A few more smart men wanted. Call at t'5 Liberty st., rooms 24 and 2ft. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY? MF.N, women, boys ami girls learn and take positions; de mand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, i 0 4th av., opposite Cooper Institute. An experienced advertising canvassp.r for an attractive publication, with an exclusive busi ness specialty ; uir.i.'itiully large commission allowed. Yd dr>v *. with vetereinn . J. I' F . Herald office. |OBim W A \ TF.D? FOR THE BEST SF.WIMJ MA J\ thine in the market and the easiest to sell Amdy to the WHITNEY SEWING MACHINE COMPANY, fll3 Broadway, AN AMERICAN BOY, All HP ABOUT 15. WANTED In an office. Address, stating age and giving refer ence, F. A H., Herald office. ? A SM.YItT, ACTIVE MAN WANTED? IN A LIGHT OCT j\. door business. Apply after ? o'l lock at NEW TOBK BOOK CONCERN, No. 7 warren st, fourth floor. BO\ WAN'TF,D-i:SED TO LAW OFFICE; FROM to $tper week, according to merit. Address, with referetic.-, in own writing, O. G.. Herald office. r)OY WANTED? A SMART LAP. ABOUT 14 YEARS J old, to go errands; must come well recommended; none other* need apply. L. T. BOLANI), 143 Pulton *t. Boy wanted-to wait on table, apply at m East Ut'i .t.. nhalcspeare Ian. / 10LLECT0RS WANTED? Ff?R CITY, WHO CAN give good references and give SMu bonds. Address box 116 Herald office. T.1ARMFR WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN J; New Jersey to manage a dairy farm ; must under stand his buMness thoronghly. Apply at 105 Broadway, New York, room 17, between 1 and two o'clock. Hot-air ftrnace canvassers wanted-in New York and vicinity ? musl lie experienced In I he business. JOHN D. IIALL, 231 Broadway. M'MENAMY, nESS * ("O. REQUIRB THE SF.R vices of a goo<I businesj. man, who mnst be well r*ommended, to tr?vei lor them ; salary tts per week. Suitable gentlemen apply at 735 Broadway, artcr ten o'clock. w ANTED? AN OYSTERMAN, AT 338 GRAND ST. 'ANTED? A SMART BOY IN A FI'RNISHINO ' store, having i 22d St., from 7 to 9 A w store, having gojxl reference. Apply at No. 204 Ka^t OFFICE BOY WANTI.D-ABOUT 17 YEARS OLD; must reside with his parents; salary $4 week. Address, in handwriting, with rMtrcnces, DR? GOODS MANUFACTURER, Herald ortlce. , rriHY. STOUT BOY, H ANDY WITH TOOLS, AT DOTY S ! L Universal Truck-Litter room, 21 Corilandt st. ; $:i per week. TIT ANTED? AB AMERICAN BOY OF 1# AND <>NK OF TT 14 vesrs ot age ; must come well recommended. Ad dress, in own handwriting, W. II., box 196 Herald officc. TIRANTED? A BARTENDER, FOR A FIRST CLASS tt house, a few ml If? from Hie citv; none but tho?e fecomm. nded need apply. Inn til re of c HAS. WhKDLIGH. Restaurant, corner of Jonn and Nassau sts , lor two days. "I*"ANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO TAKE CHARGE 2f * ( 'gar ?tor?| best of reference required. Apply at 2i.'t Bieeeker st. UT ANTED?A COLORED WAITER IN A PRIVATE tt family infHilre lor two days of H. COFFIN, >M Henry st . Brooklyn. UT ANTED? AN ENGLISH OR SCOTCH GROOM; I JJ.. "V.1?1* u'.*" Ihoroushly understands his bi'si' ness. with good references Addrc-i C, M . Herald l'p. S^Jl* "IISP-IW 4Z.K8. ANTED? TWO OB THBBR 811 AK^v'-.^.^^CC? ing and honest young man to canvass for an estab lished dally paper with a large circulation ; uo bummer* or dcadboata need answer ; an in proving opportunity I* man, wl?<> la willing to res* box 4,645 Post office. WANTED? AN OFFICE BOY; MUST BB WBLL recomtuoaded. Apply at 14 Cedar at, ANTED-A FIB8T CLASS WAITER AND OYSTER man at 83 8th av. ; references. w offered to a peniviriai young aia, wno u willing to work bard and faithfully. Add: W W ANTED? TWO FIRST CLASS WAITERS. APPLY at Collins Hon Re, 42 White it W ANTED-A MAN AND MIS WIFE, TO OO A SHORT M distance in the country : the man innHt understand the care or homes, be a good driver and willing to make himself geiicrallv uselul nt farm work; the woman to do feneral housework. Applv to H. WILSON, 62 Oreene st., etween 9 and 10 A. M? Wednesday. WANTED-TWO OR THREE RESPECTABLE KnglUh lads to wnlt on tallies and make them* solvos generally useful. Apply, for tv*o or throe days, at No. 1 William st. _ WANTED? A POUTER FOR THE WHOLESALE drug business. One that understands the business find not afraid of work, can addrcsa A. L., wholesale druggists, Herald office. "WT ANTKD? A COPYIST, FOR ENVELOPES; *1 25 TO 11 smart young men ; also canvas.-er, who can make $35 weekly. Call at No. 5 Doyst.rooin 25, Tuesday or Wednesday, before 12. ??> TO 910 TER DAY MADE B Y AGENTS FOR AN t) article that can bo sold in every family, city and country; agents wanted. Call at 297 7tli av., basement. TilK TKADHH. A RESPECTABLE BOY OK 1H WISHES TO LEARN a good trade ; honest and willing to work; good ref erence. Address A. C. L., Herald Uptown Branch offloo A TASTY CUSTOM CUTTER CAN HAVE A PERMA nent position, with liberal advantages ; business in Broadway. Address, with real nume anil last employ ment, u. R., Station D. AFIKST CLASS CUTTER AND FITTER AND GOOD trimmer desires a fow more enaagnmentssbv the day. Addres* DRESSMAKER, box 112 Herald Uptowu Branch office, 1,265 Broadway. JOB COMPOSITOR WAN TED.? A M AN OF TASTE and experience \*llt secure a steady situation at li. ?. DODOE A CO. '8. 12 Warren at. PLUMBERS WAXTED-TO 00 TO WILMINGTON. N. C. Apply to IIAYDSN, GERE A CO., 84 Beekiuan street. SITUATION WANTED? BY A GOOD MACHINIST, TO rua and keep In ronalr sewing machines. Address MACHINIST, 261 West 40th st SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNO MAN (SPEAKS German perfoctly, to atlend confectionery, loy, iruit stand or anv other store ; the advertiser will run eri-nnda and is willing to do any kind of work. Address W. E. N., Herald office, for throe days. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A DIK SINKER AND EN graver on brass; situation permanent. Address lock box 13 Post office, Reading, Pa. WANTED-^ AN ENGINEER; ONE WHO IS WILLING to work, and who has first class references. Apply at National Tartar Works, corner Btli and Provost sU., Jersey City. "\Vr ANTED ? A MAN AS FOREMAN AND MANAGER TV of a malleable irou foundry ; must be flillv compe tent to take full charge of the work* ; none need apply un less he can furnish good reierences; a good salary guar anteed. Address MILWAUKEE MALLEABLE IRON WORKS, Milwaukee, Wis. _ ANTED-TWO GOOD WATCH CASE POLISHERS; good wages and steady work. Apply at SOX Bow w cry. >emch a.pvbhti8bi*ih wtb. ON DEMANDE? UNE JEUNR FILLS FRANCAISB, do 14 a 111 an*, pariantun pen l'anglals, pour etre bonne d'enfant dans une malson nnier'calne. Oa oxigc de bonnes rofirencee. S'adrossor 15 Bleeekcr st. MVSICAL. A RARE OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED TO SEOUBB the services in a choir of a baritone of the highest cultivation; parties who desire to obtain a finished artist and are able to offer a pluce whero the music is of an exceptional I v high character will find no difficult.) in the terms asked; a reply, to ensure attention, nuiststato the name and location oi the church. Address SOL-DO Ml., llt-rald Uptown Branch ofllce. A SOPRANO DESIBES A POSITION IN A PROTEST ant church in or near the city; is a good reader; would accept a small salary. Address F. A., box 174 Her a'd Uptown Branch office. riARD.? PIANO. OBGAN, OUITaR, SINGINO.-MIS8 I J W ATSON gives private lesson", day and evoning, at her result nee, 92 Clinton iJIhcc (Eighth street). Instru ments furnished for daily practice. (10LD PATENT TII.TON GUITARS, OLE BULL VIO T lin and Guitar String", Patent Violin Ch'n Re. -A Agency 92 Clinton place. Private lessons on violin and guitar. Circulars mailed free. MUSICIANS.? ONLY ONE CENT PER SHEET FOR new Music ; soiling out a large wholesale stock from all composers. Why do you nay 6'Jc. and 70o. for a piece of music when you can buy it here lor one cent uer sheet f II you buy $1 worth you can have 20 she-Ms thrown in. Also a good I'iano for 993. Also Fixtures lor sale chcap. Must be sold, f-t Blceckcr street JAMES OVNBILL, proprietor TXT ANTED? A TENOR, FOB A LEADING CHURCH li in Brooklyn ; a ready reader, with a well cultivated volco, accustomed to tho Hpi>c,i;?al turvice. AdJr-ss, with references and salary expected, MUSIC, Herald office. FI/HHITVRK, At BlNDKLL'S old stand? f 'ubnitobk cab pcts and Bedding . heap for cash, or by weekly and monthly pavmont*. 0. E. CANNON. 209 and 211 Hudson street, corner Canal. A 9TOR \OE A. STO RAUEfor FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac. ; ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, Ac , at the NEW FIRST CLASH WARKHOrsE, built oxoroMly for the purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, N FAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CASKS anil oilier PACKAGES containing articles of EXTRA VALUE can be stored with S \KKTv at low rates. Persons can forward their from an/ part of EUROPE or A M ERICA direct to this warelKMiao. THE PUllLIC l? invited to examine the suimrlor ac commodation*, light, ventilation, Mfoty, Ac., which thl4 warehouse possesses over all others. JOHN II MORRKLL, Owner and Proprietor. Allen b. miner ,t hrothkr. successors to Henry 11. I*-eds A Miner (established 1347), will give their personal attention es customary fur the past 2S years, to sales of flirnltnre at the residence! of part'es declining housekeeping. Will also hold regular weekly salei at their spacious aalCFrooaia, No. % Chambers street, running through to Rcadn street, for the convenience of hose preferring to remove their effects. A FEW MORE ARTICLES OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI ture for sale cheap if taken today or to-morrow. Apply at 117 East Twenty -eighth street, top floor. AMViNIHI l-lNT DRAWINO ROOM SUIT, POMPA dour, Marie Anloiiirtte style, covered silk brocade, made or ler, cost >?Po, for $3U0; do , $1S0, do., $45-. eta gere, Cabinet Tablo, ro??wood Pianoforte, Bronzes, Painting", Mirrors; Velvet, Carpets; ('locks, rosewood, walnut Chamber Furniture; Mattresses, Ex tension Table, Silverware, illa>-swarc : a sacrifice: prop erty family leaving city. M Wnt 13th st., near 5th av A? FURNITURE AT \ GREAT 8ACRIFICR AT ? prlvale residence 124 West 26th street. Parlor Suits, 875; Reps, $2.">; Bedroom Suits, $39; DO lots for lets than half cost, A I.ARGE ASSORTMENT OF t ARPKf5] FI RNI ture and Bedding at cash prices, bv weekly in-talments, at O' FA It ft E 1,1. '8 Warehousie, 410 highth av enue, between Thirtieth and Thirty (list stroets, \ PRIVATE I A.MfLY, 1.E ING 1 UANCI , WH.LBELL at a great sacrifice for cash, maunitlcent lalost stylo Parlor Hull, made t., order, 14 pieces, cost $700, for $27.'?; brocatel and rep Suits, $75, $'0atnl Pianoforte. Paint ings. Mirror", rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, $.1J up; Mallresjes. Bedding. 7lM yard- f^arpets, half Cost; Turkish Chairs,, Itii He t. K \ tension Table, Sil ver Ware, Ac.; a great hargrln. Rosidence IIS We^t Eighth street (Clinton place), between I'ill !i and Sixth avenues. l'HILi.lPl'K ROUSSR m A -A. ? A.? 120 WEST 2SD ST.? A PRIVATE FAMIl.Y . iloilining housekeeping und not wishing to hate a pub ic auction, will sell all their elegant Household Ooods, in lots to suit cash customers. Two masulflecnt brocatel Parlor Suits, cost #M)0, fur $350; one do., $125; rep Suits. $40 to $75; Bedroom Suits, $2A upward; fio' \ ai,1? Carpet le>? than half c<.st; i'ianotorle. cost $mi, for $2.V); othrr articles too numcious to mention. Call before purchasing elsewhere ut private house 120 West :-l si n ar lilh a v. B. R MARTEN. APBIYATB FAMILY WILL DIBPOBB oh THEIR elegant HousehoM Fninilnre at one-fourth original cost: tiat'ii H months; Parlor Suits In satin and brocatel, Library and Dining Furniture; rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, magnificent 7!. octave Pianoforte, Call at private re?ldetice, 210 Wem 2lat si . near 7th IT C1ARPKTS, / Fitrnllnre, Beds, Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week er month. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., i .rner of Twenty fifth street and Sixth avenue. l|Hjn FURNITURE, PIANOS, ABGGAGE, AC., IN SEP aratc, closed rooms, apply to MICHALE8 A SON, S2 and 34 Commerce street, near Bleecker. fj'UB.M Ti;RE ? I WILL GIVE GOOD REAL ESTATE v for Kurniture for a small house ; a good opportunity for ar,\ person declining housekeeping. Addreai FUR NITURE, box 14.'i Herald office. _____ l/UnSITURE AND CARPETS TO RENT-TO A RE I? sponsible party ; or It desirable, Board will be taken for rent ; highest reference given and required. Address ,t ANNEil, Herald office, tor three day*. MONTHLY OR WEEKLY PAYMENTS. ?OARPETd Furniture, Bedding. Ac. ... IfEAf.Y A CUNNIMGIIAM, 3S? and 1 nirci avenue, near 1 ivonty-euiita itr J Jt, i rices lower than an/ other hon,4<v n the city. ])RIVATR PARTI 88 DB8IRINO TO DI8POSB OF their Furniture can meet ? itli a cash purchaser by B'ldreslng 8. II. K? box :?o Post ofllce. yTORAOE AND SAFE KEEPING FOR FURNITURE, ? ' baggage aud all other property, In separate closed compartments, a!wavs accessible ;goodl received In In terior court of warehouses, avoiding delays and street rhks, and raised on elevators; these are tho oldest and niostevtensive warehouses lu America. 11. G. IIAKGER, Eighth avenue, from Thirty. third to Thirty-fourth street. STORAGE FOR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAGGAGE AND other goods in seperaln rooms: private watchman la building at night; Insurance effected II desired. M ICHALSS A SON. and 84 Commerce street, near Bleecker. \\T ANTED? NEW Fl RNITURE AND CARPETS, IN if exchange for a new Safo and part cash. Address FURNITURE, West Side Advertisement office, 308 West i'.-. e no third street \IrEKKI,Y AND MONTHLY P\YMRNT8 FOR FUB vf nlturc. Carpets and lleddlng at B. M. I'OWPER. THW Alt A CO. S, 155 and 157 Chatlum elt*ot A? laiaioiiti* sW:k AMtlSKMKITW. 1V>qth'h'tmeatbe. BOUCICAULT. ?>?"? ~*m nwi. Proprietor aud Manager MR. DION BOUfcKKi In Ills artistic rendition of MICHAEL O'DOWl), In hi* ac?' Irish I'omcdr Drama, DADDY O'DOWD: or. Turn About is Fair Play. ? E1e?antlv produced in every detail. Mr, 8HIEL BARK/ Mr. KOBr.BT PATKKAN, Mr. JOSEPH WHKELOOK, Mr. GEORGE BECKS, Mr. SOL SMITH, MKLI.A PATEMAN, Minn MARY WELLS, Mis* MARY YOU NO. Miss ELLEN MORANT and other* in the fine anil capable ca*t. DADDY O'DOWD MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT 2. WALLACE'S. Proprietor ann Manager.. Mr. LESTER WALLACE EIGHTH WEEK. * Mr. HOTHERN in his splendid impersonation of DAVID UARRlCK. This charming piav U RIGHTLY GIVEN with the in^t gratifying success. Mr. SOTHERN, Mr. JOHN GILBERT, Mr. J. 1?. POLK, Mr. GEORGE BROWNE, Mr. W. J. LEONARD, Mr. E. M HOLLAND, Mr. O. EDWIN, Miss KATHERINE ROGERS, Mine. PONISI and Mrs. JOHN SEFTON. ON THURSDAY, APRIL 3, in conjunction with DAVID OARRICK, will be produced LORD DUNDREARY MARRIED AND SETTLED. MATINEE SATURDAY, AT l>i P. M. Mr. WALLACE bees to announce that, on THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 3, and during the prosent run of DAVID OARRICK, Mr. SOTHERN will prosent a vivid and extraordinary contrast of char acter by appearing every evening as DAVID OARRICK ii ml LORD DUNDREARY MARRIED AND SETTLED. XTIBLO'd OABDEN. NIBLO'S OARDEN. IN TUESDAY EVENING. April t. Second Night of Ned Runtime's startllnir realism, THE SCOUTS OF TIIK PRAIRIE, Introducing the ORIGINAL WESTERN HEROE8, BUFFALO BILL, TEXAS JACK, NED BUNTLINE, TWENTY INDIAN WARRIORS, THE PEERLESS DANSEU8E, MLLE. MORLACCIII. ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY. WILLIAM VOEGTLIN. THE SCOUTS OK THE PRAIRIE, THE SCOUTS OF THE PRAIRIE. TIIK SCOUTS OP THE PRAIRIE. Buffalo Bill, by the original hero lion. W. F. #ody Texas Jack, by the original hero J. B. Omonuudro Cain Durg Ned Itufitline Dovo Eye Mile. Morlacchi SYNOPSIS-ACT I. On tho Plains? Trapper and the Scouts. The Renegade's Camp? Peril of Hazel Eye Ned Buntllne'.i Tomneranco Lecture. Oale Durg at the Torture Post.

The Indian Dnnce? The Rescue. ACT 2. Texas Jack and his Lasso. The Loves of Buffalo BUI. The Death of Cale Durg. The Trapper's taut Shot ACT 3. The Scout's Oath of Vengeance. The Scalp Dance? The Knife Fight The i rtuinpn of the Scouts. The Prairie on Fire. The performance will commence with a new FafflO, T1IIC BROKEN BANK. MATINEES WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS at 2 o'clock. NIBLO'S GARDEN. CARD. In obedience to the expressed wish of a large num ber ot their patrons the management beg tcavo to an nounce that hereafter they will give TWO MATINEE PERFORMANCES at their theatre each week until fur ther notice, viz., on W EDN ESDAY's AND SATURDAYS AT 2 O'CLOCK. XTIHLO'S GARDEN. MATINEE. IN FIRST WEDNESDAY MATINEE TO-MORROW. April 2, t873, at2o'clock. THE SCOUTS OF III K PRAIRIE. C^ERMANIA THEATMt, T Fourteenth street, near Third avenue. AD. NEUENDORFF Director TUESDAY, APRIL 1. AU3 der FRANPOSKNKEIT. Comedv In five acts bv Gasman and Kruegor. Hex oWce open daily from 9 till < o'clock. TOHN E. OWENS, o THE POPULAR COMEDIAN. On TUESDAY at Elizabeth On WEDNESDAY at Newark On THURSDAY at Brooklyn On FRIDAY at Stamford On SATURDAY at Nor walk JOHN K. OWENS. I OWENS THURSDAY NIGHT. OWENS BROOKLYN ACADEMY, OWENS IN FIVE CHARACTERS. IN FIVE CHARACTERS. ELEHANTYJ THE MONARCIIS OF SONG AND and ( Dance, at the Grand Tuesday Matinee HENGLER, | (to-day), at TONY PASTOR'S OPERA I HOUSE. Don't mil to nee them. CJTEINWAY HALL. FAITIIFULL. IO THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 3-2 P. M. The last Lccture in America of the distinguished Philanthropist, Author ami Editor, MI.S3 EMILY FAITIIFULL. Subject? "Last Words on the Woman Question."' LECTURE PRECEDED BV A HALF-HOUR CONCERT. Tickets, 60c. and 75c., at 111 Broadway, Sclilruur's and the Ilall. 'rpgNCING AND BOXING ACADEMY, 18 CLINTON J; place, near Broadway.? Boxing taught in twelve lemons. A tine assortment o( Fencing Apparatus and Boxiim Gloves on hand and tor sale. Colonel MONSTERY. SEETHE! JAKE LEIDKRKEANZ IN HIS GLORY. HAPPY I More fun than ever. Um Williams In the FAMILY. I "Happy I'araliy" to-day, at Matinee at Tony ? ? | Pastor's Opera Houic. D r B. LENT'S NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM, ! J. MRNAGEKIE AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN. Now open. Fourth avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Matinees every day at 2. Every night at S. Dancing IN THE MOONLIGHT. SEE DELEUANTY AND HENGLER In their New Songs and Dance* includ ing "Dancing in the Moonlight, at Tony Pastor's Opera House. Matinee to-dav, at ?*? Academy of music? Brooklyn. THURSDAY, APRIL 3, tlic universally popular comedian, JOHN E. OWENS. ONE NIGHT ONLY. ONE NIGHT ONLY". HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Mr. OILMAN. Mr. J. E. OWENS SOLON SniNGLE. SOLON SHINGLE Mr. J. E. OWENS LIVE INDIAN. Mr. OWENS In THREE CHARACTERS Sale of seats will commence Tuesday, April L rpiIREE I SEE fiUS WILLIAMS AS THE MODOC 1 MODOC I Chief from Germany, In all his war paint, CHIEFS. ) at Tony Pastor * Opera House. Matinee I to-day, ' at -S o'clock. AfORR NEWS. MORE NEWS. ivlORR NEWS. MORfc NEWS. MORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. WORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. MORE NEWS. Mi 'RE NEWS. THE EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM TIIK EVENING TELEGRAM ? TIIK EVENING TELEGRAM THE EVENING TELEGRAM ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAY8 AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. AIAVAVS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. ALWAYS AHEAD. DANCING ACADEMIES. A -DOD WORTH'S CLASSES FOR DANCING, AT ^11 ? Filth avenue, now open tor tho reception of pupiU trend tor clrmlar. A J. S A USE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. ? Private lessons at any hour day or evening, circulars at Private Academy, 212 East Eleventh qy AT MR. TRF.NOR'S ACADEMY OF DANCING, LYRIC HALL, 723 Sixth avenue (Reservoir squared \ PUPILS can commence at any time, attend at their convenience and LEARN ANY PARTICULAR DANCE. CLOTHING. ? AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL KNOWN ESTAB llshment. 163 Seventh nvonue, near Nineteenth street? Utmost value paid In cash for Ladles' anil Gentle, men'* Cast OffClothing, Carpets. I?v calling or addri --um AT S. MISII'S, 137 THIRD AVENUE? LADIES AND gentlemen can receive the highest price for Cast-off ( lothlng and Carpets by calling or addressing. Ladies attended by Mrs. Mlsh. AT 81 TlXTH AVENUE,' THIRD STORK ABOVE Waverley place, ladles and gentlemen will lie aston ished at the prices U. II ARRIS Days tor Cast-off Clothing, Carpets. Ac. Wo pav for Dresses, 99 to $70; Coats, $2 to 9:0; Pants, 91 to 9>*. ' Pleose trv and convince yourself. Ladle* and gentlemen will be waited upon by Mr. or Mr* Harris at their own re-ldence If desired. AT J. ANHALT'S, seventh AVENUE,? ladies and gentlemen can obtain Dill value for Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by calling on or addressing ; don't he humbugged by lalse pie tenders. Ladles attended to by Mrs. aSiiaLT. r B. MINTZ'S, 08 81XTH AVENUE.? WANTED, $7S,ii00 worth of Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, for the Western trade. Indies and gents will bo aston ished at the prices we pay In cash; silk, dresses, 91') to 97ft; coats, 93 to 920; pants, 92 to 910. A note by post punctually attended to hy Mr. or Mr*. Mint*, In and out of tho cltr. AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT, 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladies and fentlcmen can receive the utmost value in cash for their ast-off Clothing, Carpet*, Jewelry, I-aees, Ac. Please call at or address the number as above. Laities waited on by Mrs. Mark*. Please try, and satisfy yourselves. A TTENTION.-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THROUGH J\ having a Urge order totaldll. I am compelled to pay In cash more than anyone, wlthont exception, for cast off Clothing, Carpets, Redding, Furniture, Ac. Von will find it best to vonr own advantage to call on or address Mr. or Mr*. ROSENBERG, 2IB Sevcuth avenue, second house above Twenty-fonrth street. AT 207 THIRD AVENUE. NEAR TWENTY TUIHD street? M. LEON pays the highest price for Ladles' and Gentlemen's Cast-off Clothing, Carpet*, Ac. Ladles waited on by Mrs, l.eon. AT F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN Washington and Waverley place".? Ladles *nd gen tlemen wiH be astonished at the prices glve<l for i'a*t-off Clothing, Carpets and Jewelry. Never before have such high prices been paid, as we arc bound to All an order, and goods must bo nail. For Coat*, from 93 to 920 ; Pants. 92 to 910; Dresses, 9ft to 97??. Please call or address as above. Ladle* attended by Mr* llarri-. OQ1 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH STREET.? OOa Ladle* and gentlemen will receive 4') per cent more than any other dealer will pay tor Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac. Call on or address Mr, or Mrs. NATHAN. BniCELLAHrEOrsT KEARNEY'S BlTCHl? THE ONLY RELIABLE HE medv In gravel, dropsy, Bright'* diwa"', diahelis and kidney complaints in every stage Di pot 104 Duane street, Physician in attendance ; advice grail*. 1IUDNUT, Agent. (JLOTE A JANES, STATIONERY, PRINTERS AND O Blank 8?ok Manufacturer*, Hilton street. Blank tfppki umle to pallet & AwnrsasrtftrfTg. TTWIOM SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMKR u? Saturday Matinee at 1 JO, Carriages may ,,be ordered at 10:15. uioinmi ^HUOCKgfl Mr. W. J. Florence's adaptation of X. Leroy'a brilliant comedy-drama corns JACK. which in received nightly with unequivocal manifesta tions ot pleasure by LARGE AND FASHIONABLE AUDIENCES. COUSI N JACK. | In the cast arc MISS EMILY MESTAYER, MISS JENNIE LEE. MISS MARY ORI8WOLD, CO L SI. V JACK. | &l It. D. U. I1ARKINS, Mil. EDWARD LAMB, MB. W. B. LAUREN8, MR. OEOROK PARKER COUSIN JACK. [ and others. The Scenery .Furniture and ApootntraanU ALL NEW. SECURE YOUR SEATS IN AO VANCE. Bo* offlce open every day from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Monday evening April 14, reappearance of MISS AUNES ET1IKL, and production of Meilhac and Halevy's wonderful drama, FROU-FROU. Seats for Miss ETHEL'S first night MAY NOW BE SECURED. KTH AVENUE THEATRE. (BEGINS AT ?.) ?J 728 aiul 7:50 Broadway. Sole Lessee and Manner Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY LAST TIMES, POSITIVELY. EVERY EVENING thU week, except Thursday, the famous London Comedy, NEW YEAR'S EVE ; OR, FALSE 811 AMB. will be given with Its brilliant ami perfect cast and with all lti charming scenic adornment. Miss FANNY DAVENPORT as Constance. Minn CLARA MORRIB as Magdalen, Mrs. O. II. GILBERT as Lady Howard, NELLY MORTIMER as Mary, Mr. GEORGE CLARK, Mr. W. DAV1DGE, Mr. C. II. ROCKWELL, Mr B. T. RINGGOLD, Mr. D. WHITING, Mr. OWEN l'AWCETT, Mr. CHAPMAN in tlioir original characters. TI1URBDAY EVENING, APRIL S, FAItEWFLL NIGHT OP ALIXE. SATURDAY MATINEE, April 5 ? FAREWELL MATI NEE of AI.IXE. To ba given on this occasion with its original cast complete. NEXT WEEK-Chango of Programme. TUESDAY NTOIIT, April 8, OLD HEADS AMD YOUNG HEARTS (for a tew evenings), with entirely new scenes. IN ACTIVE PREPARATION for brilliant reproduction the famous Drama of society, DIVORCE. To be given with magnlilcent scenery and the unap proachable ORIGINAL CAST. Grand opera house, (curtain rises at 8.) West Twonty-third street, corner of Eighth avenue. Mr, AUGUSTIN' DALY ^ole Le?i>oo and Manager THIRD week of UNCLE SAM; SARDOU'H PROHIBITED COMEDY, Mrs. JOHN WOOD, Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM, P.LLA DIETZ, E. F. KETCHUM. BELLA GOLDEN, MARY PARY. W. J. LEMOYNK, HENRY CRIdP, AN NIB DELaND, W. J. JENNINGS, and all the famous company of this theatre. THE GREAT SCENIC REALISMS. I. Promenade Deck of a Hudson River Steamer. II. Crand Parlors at the Fifth Avenue Uotol? Five distinct and magnificent SALONS scon atono glance. HI. On the Beach at Long Branch. V MATINEE of "UNCLE SAM" next SATURDAY, at half-past 0110 o'clock. KQK? AT1IENEUM, iJOO Kroadwav, opposite Metropolitan Hotoi. It. W. BUTLER Manager A Brilliant and Varied Bill of Novelties. CROWDED AND DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. Engagement of tlin Splendid Burlesque Actress, MISS LISA WE HER. who will appear in the Ouoratlc Burlesque of^ S-O-M-Jf-A-M-B-U-L-A, with a strong cast. Tlio Queen of the Worrells, Miss JENNIE WORRELL, and the King of Fun, LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT. THE LA MARKOES, the most startling performers ever witnessed. THE ZIGZAGS, the great French Troupe of Grotesqne Artists, six in number, together with REGULAR ATHENEUM COMPANY EVERY EVENING. Doors open at 7, curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box office open daily. Keats secured In advnnce. MATINEE EYERV WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Tony pastor's opera house, an bowery. GRAND TUESDAY MATINEE TO-DAY. t INTY a MATINEE TO DAY, DELEHAKTY and HENOLER. | J. W. McANDREWS. DKLKHANTY and HENOLER. I J. W McANDRftWS. DELEUANTY and HENOLER. J. VV McANDREWS. GUS WILLIAMS as YACOB LBIDEKKltANZ. TONY PASTOR'S SONGS. Geo. T. Moore. Kitty Hemlerron, Billy Carter. ALL THE STARS IN AN IMMENSE BILL. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE? TWENTY -THIRD 8T.. between Sixth and Seventh avs .near Booth's Theatre. Every evening at 8 and SA TURDAY Matinee at 2. First appearance of the Champion Dancer. MASTER BARNEY, MASTER IIARNEY, who will appear in his inimitable 8 -ettkdown, and as JA..K ANN O'HOOLAHAN, in the Intelligence twice. BRYANTS MINSTRELS I THE CALICO HOP. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS I THE C ALICO HOP. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS I THE CALICO HOP. BRYANTS MINHTREL8 I THE CALICO HOP BRYANT'S MINSTRELS ( Characters by Dan Bryant, Nelse Seymour, Dave Heed, Uarry rtanwood, Brockway, Carter. Norman, Clilton, Morrlssev, Cameron, 4c. MATINEE KATUKDAY nt 2. SEATS S hOU RED. SEE THE J. W. MoANDREWS. THE ORIGINAL WATER- and only Watcr-Molon v?n and true re MELON preventative of the Southern Darkey, MAN. at TONY PASTOR'S. Matinee to-dav, at -'?* o'clock. LB. LENT'S NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM, . MENAGERIE AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN, Now onnn. Fourth avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Matinees every day at II. Every night at 8. VALE 1 GLEE CLUB AT ASSOCIATION IIALL. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 10. PIANOFORTE*!, ORGANS, &('. A BEAUTIFUL IRON FRAME PIANOFORTE. #1.J5; modern improvements; fully guaranteed; magnifi cent agraffe, 7-octave, rosewood, overstrung, celebrated manufacturer, carved legs, Ac.; latest Improvements; immense sacrifice. GOLDSMITH'S Pianoforte Ware room*, No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery. A "1 -101 FOURTH AVENUE? STRIN WAY'S, CHAM. xvX, bcrs', Bradbury's and other upright and square l'ianos, SIS'.'. $2S?, $2i:> and #.'?'?>?, genuine bar gains: warranted. CM VMBERft A SON. A SIX OCTAVE PIANO FOR #20; ALSO ONE FOR $50 (wants little repairs), the two for #65, for wan ofroom. DALY'S Music Store, 179 Eighth avenue. T HAINES BROS.' 27 Union squire, Plrst class handsome new Piatk.f.irtes for said on very reasonable terms, and several uxd ft little, very low for cash. A GRAND SQUARE 7l4 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte, celebrated cliy maker, in use 8 months, cost #8S0, for #2S0; stool and Cover; at private residonoe 124 West 26th st. AN ELEGANT 7V,: OCT AVE AGRAFFE PIANO, #*'0. for #260; second Pianos, from #W to #150; some first class Organs nt halt price. 8. X. BAI Ii A CO., 137 Eighth street, four doors cast from Broadway. AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE 120 WEST Z3D STREPT MsgnlBcent 7^ octave fonr round corner rosewood Pianoforte for sale ; used 8 months; cost #i'5f>, for #?*?; Stool. Cover. Ac. ; 5 years' warranty from maker; ran box for shipping. N. B.? Also Parlor and Bedroom Fur niture less than half cost. Call before purchasing clso where. 121) West 23d street, private residence. RICHLY CARVED ROSEWOOD 7f< OCTAVE Pianoforte, embracing all modern Improvements; maker's guarantee; cost #1.000, for SUoO. Also entire Household Furniture ; a sacrifice. Call at prhato resi dence 210 West 21 st st, near 7th av. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR sale? Property family Ij-avlng city; parlor grand; made order, city maker, fUlly guaranteed, used &month?, cost #1,175. for #i7S, Drawing Room Suits, Paintings, Bronzes, Mirrors, velvet Carpets, Chamber, Dining Fur niture ; sacrifice. 30 West 15th st, near 5th nv. A BEAUTIFUL PIANO ONLY #100. -A STEINWAY Piano, 7 octave, carved legs, overstrung bass; every Improvement ; little used; great sacriilce. J. RIDDLE, IS Waver ley place, near Broadway. A RARE CUANCE? ONLY #1(16, COST #45".? MAO* nlflcent rosewood 7 octave upright Pianoforto, nearly new, including Stool; perfect oruer ; powerful tone. ' 28 Third street, between Bowery and Second av. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE ROUND PATENT agraffe grand square 7 octave rosewood Pj?rlor Pianoforte," ' * 1 """ Covers hs Furniture fa great sacrifice. Resldence'iiJ West Eighth gtrect (Clinton place), near Sixth avenue. lorte, brilliant tone, cost #1.100. for #3t*J ; Stool, ; has box for shipping ; Parlor Suits, Paintings, oo*l and walnut Chamber, Library, Dining Room BEAUTIFUL SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, carved logs, overstrung bass, agraffe, every improve ment, fully warranted, #240: sacrifice. Instalments taken, #12 monthly. R. CABLE, 107 West Twenty-third street, corner Sixth avenao LEO A NT ROSEWOOD PIANO #100-CHICKER1NG 1 make : great bargain ; magnificent 7 octave, having overstrung bass, carved legs, Ac., great sacrifice. JAMES GORDON, 1?6 Blccckcr st, near Maodougal. Fischer new scale piano? tub most reli ible Pianos ma le, with patent improvoments. 425 West Twenty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue; hand some second hand l'ianos very cheap and Pianos rented. J P. HALE'S NEW 7>f OCTAVE PIANOFORTES ? are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For ?ale by the thousand nt Thirty-fifth street and Tenth av. New styles improved five octave double reed Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at reduced prices? #110 and #125. THE MASON A HAMLIN CABINET ORGANS are admitted to be unrivalled. Their new st\lcs are cheaper than any before offered. Other styles #56 to #5UU mid upwards. Organs to rent vitli privilege of purchase, or sold on monthly payments. Illustrated catalogues free. MASON A HAM 1. IN ORGAN COMPANY. 25 Union square. Now York. IAN OS TO RENT AND TO SBLL-OX IKfffAIr metits. WM. A. POND A CO.. 647 Broadway. PIANOS AND ORGANS.? GREAT BARGAINS; NEW and most b<>autiiul styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly lastalments, or for rent, during this month, at WATERS1, 4X1 Broadway, than can be tound elsewhere. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE" OVER strung Buss', modern Improvements, only #150; also ilie most reliable pianos manufacture'! with seven years' guaranty from | up. CO-OPERATIVE 1IANO MAKDRS, 110 Bleecker street \*rANTED? A PARLOR ORGAN, WITH FIVE OR TT more stops. In gopd order. Address, stating prloe, maker and lull -IvUlAl J, 4. A. W.. CvW* Mt'ff Vurk I'U it I'fflcu. 1 AvtvnmMmtnn. o ,LTMPIC theatre Mr. J. E. HAYES Leases ud Kia?|M MONDAY EVBN1NO, MARCH SI. EVERY NIGHT AT 8 O'CLOCK. Crowded. enthusiastic and fashionable audienCM "ACC BEDlT^u' A l^)8TLKh OF PUN." MR. GEO. L. FOX, wnooe unabated success in his mutch lew productloB of run HUMPTY DCMPTY YS.R BEKN EQUALLED IK THE A N.V A LI Th. ?i *?F AMUSEMENTS IN AMERICA. elegant thi!?? *u,Hences that nightly assemble at this hofrtv liuJhff:M? who, by their lavuh applause and iifent of tho irtmJ "le>r appreciation and enjoy TnH v rv v v 5< I sWfi men tp reseated by afcrdnLSJllw?6. Jl? FAITHFUL FOLLoVebS, POPULAK?rY iiif tub?.0? ?r 018 undiminished POPULARITY OK THE ''AMERICAN GR1MALDI" UNRIVALLED CORPS OK HPHCI ALTY AST1ST3. THE MOST ATTRACTIVE PERrORMANCS IN THE CITY SEE IT, ERE IT BE TOO LATB. THE WILSON BROTHERS ?will shortly reappear. _ FAMILY MATINEES ON WEDNESDAY AND 8ATUBDAT. WOOD'S MUSEUM. JOS. MUBPHT. LAST WEEK OF JOS. MURPHY. "vwrM?" EVENING AT 8. | AFTERNOON ATI The young actor, w. s. biggins, __ In hi* sensation, OUT OF THE FIBS. The Irish comedian, Mr. JOS. MURPHY, in Maedor's ? new drama, MAl'M CRE. Friday evening, benefit of JOS. MURPHY. B I OWERY THEATRE. WM. B. FRKLIGH Manager EVERY WIGHT EVRRY NIGHT. MR. HERNANDEZ FOSTBB anil his great Drama of JACK HAKKAWAY: OR, AFLOAT AND ASHORE. FRANK A. GIBBONS, the Champion Athlete <>f the world, THE AERIAL KING will perform the most wonderful feats ever attempted. The FIELDINGS, unrivalled In their specialties, will every evening open a fresh Budget of the choicest Soups Will shortly be produced, for the first time at this Thea tre, Charles Foster's Sensational Drama, writteu tor the Orand Army of the Republic, entitled the REBEL'S LAST SHOT. Look out for a BAD LOT. Theatre comique, 514 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Le^soo and Proprietor The Greatest Combination in the World. MISS EI. LA WliSNER, MISS ELLA WKSNKR, MISS ELLA WESNER, MISS ELLA WESNER, R M CARROLL AND 80N9L R. M. CARROLL AND SONS R. M. CARROLL AND SONS, It M. CAUUQLL AND SONS, / ITARRIOAN AND HART, r HARRIOAN' AND HART, HARP.IGAN AND HART, HABRIGAN AND 11AHT, and an entire New Olio. New Acts, New Songs, New Dances, Now Everything, M .ALL THE MAMMOTH STAR TROUPE W relainsd.lund will appear IN A PLEASING AND ENTERTAINING BILL, The New Drama, The New Drama, THE CONVICT'S RMTBNOB. THE CONVICT'S REVENOB. THE CONVICT'S ItRVENOB. . TI1K CONVICT'S REVENOB. ' TDK ENTrRE NIGHT BILL AT THE MATINEB. MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY, ? A. ,.m MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY, 1 Al z w STEINWAY HALL.-BUBINSTEIN? THOMAS. This (TUESDAY) Evening, April 1. at 8 o'clock. To-morrow (WEDNESDAY) Atternoou, April 2, al I o'clock. TUUR3DAY Evening, April 3, atSo'olock. Filial appearances in New York of _ . ANTON RUBINSTEIN and HENRI WIENIAW9KI, In conjunction with THEODORE THOMAS and his UNRIVALLED OR CHESTRA, forming the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD. PROGRAMME FOR TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 1. V Overture? "Hefiovevo" Schumann Thoo. Thomas' Orchestra. Concerto. No. 0, E flat Beothoven Mr. Anton Rubinstein and Orchestra. Concerto, "Ge?angs Scene" Spohr Mr. llcnrl Wleniawski and Orchestra. Symphony Poem, "Lea Preludes" Lisat *? Thco. Thomas' Orchestra. Prelados et Eludes Chopin Mr. Anton Bublnstein. Legende .Wlonlawskl Mr. Henri WlouiawskL Ovorture? "Der Kreyschuota" Weber Tlieo. Thomas' Orchestra. m Reserved Seats $2 and $;?, according to locVlen. Ad. m mission? Lower Floors, $1 50; Second Balcony, $1; M.iti seals, $z. Seats and programmes can now be had at Steinwsy's, 701 and tU Broadway. Brooklyn Academy ? WEDNESDAY RVENINO, April 1. Brooklyn academy-to morrow. Final appoaraute of RUBINSTEIN-WIZiKlAWSKl . and THkO. THOMAS with bis unrivalled Orchestra. * IJUBINSTEIN- THOMAS MATINEE. ? STEIN WAT V Hall, To morrow (Wednesday) aiternoon, at 2 o'clock. ONLY JOINT APPEARANCE AT A MATIN KK OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN, IIXNRI WIENIAWSKI ? AND THEO. THOMAS, with his UNRIVALLED ORCil F.STRA. Reserved Seats, $2, at Stelnwajr's, 701 and lis Broadway. M RS. F, B CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. THIS EVENING, Mr. LESTER WALLaCK. supported bv Miss EFFIE GERMOV. fcOSEDALE. i IB LENT'S NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM, MI J. NAGKKIK.CARA.VAN AND ZOOLOGICAL GA.-. DEN, THE GRANDEST SHOW E N' TKHPRISE OF TMB AGE A BRILLIANT TKIPLB CJ RC US TROUPE A? MOST WONDERFUL COLLECTION OP" LIVING WILD * BEASTS, EXOTIC BIRDS, RARE RRPTILBS AND A VERY EXTRAORDINAR V EXHIBITION OF MARVEL LOUS HUMAN CUJH08ITIES NOW OPEN AT KOUttTH AVENUE AND TWENTY-SIXTH STREET MATINEEJ EVERY DAY AT 2; EVERY NIGHT AT 8. Doors open Ht 1 and 7. ONE FIFTY CENT TICKET ADMITS TO ALL THE r I SHOWS. Children under sine years 25 cents. PT. BARNUM'g GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'# FAIR, MUSEUM, MENAGERIE AND HIPPODROME. WILL OPEN SATURDAY. March 59, at 1 o'clock P. M.. at the AMERICAN INSTITUTE IJU1J.OING (Rink), corner of TMrd nvenne and Slxtv-lblr 1 street, and EVERY AFTERNOON and NIGHT, FOR TEN DAYS ONLY. One Huadrod Thousand New and Interesting Novclhea Prof. FABER'S WONDERFUL TALKING MACHINE. , NATIONAL PORTRAIT GAL! ERY. MOVING MECHANICAL AUTOMATONS. RARE AND COSTLY WILD ANIMALS. SEA LIONS FOUR PERFORMING ELEPHANTS. CAMELS AND DROMEDARIES. RIDING GOATS. LIVING CURIOSITIES. DOlBl/e CIRCUS COM I'/. NY. Ttvo separate performances at the samo time In tw? separate circus rin;". Doors open from 1 till 5 and 7 to 10 P. M. ? Donble Hippodrome performance! begin at 2 and 8. Admission to all, DU cents; children (under 9) 2TicontST a few reserved seats, 25 cents extra. Free admission to all who purchase the "Life of P. t. Ilsvaum," written by himself, a booknt 800 pages, illu* fratcd ; price reduced from S3 50 toSl 50. The Rink U comfortably warmed and brilliantly ilm* r minated. fplENORTH POLE. 1 ASSOCIATION HALL, comer Fourth a^e'iue and Twenty-third street ' The eolebrnted Arctic explorer, eloquent auil popular lecturer on Far Northern Mte and Scenery, Dr. ISAAC J. 11 AVE 9, will give a course of three Illustrated lectures descrlp* ~ live ol his researches and adventures In search of the 1 OPEN POLAR SEA. on tho evenings of Tuesday, April I; Thursday, April \ and Tuesday, Aprils. Vivid and pictorial descriptions of the sublime aspect* of nature In the mysterious regions with which his nam* and fame will be forever identified, accounts of ESQUI MAUX LIFE AN D CUSTOMS. Each lecture at the clowr J will be illustrated by flity ^ ILLUMINATED PICTURES taken In the Hayes A Bradford Expedition and durlnf otiier voyarcs. Tickets for the course. Including Reserved Seats. $L Single Admission Tickets, M cenu. Reserved Soats t$. . cents extra. For sale at the hall. XTEW MUSIC -II. P. DANE'S "LITTLE DARLING," < Al 30c.; J. R. Tliomas1 "The Old rime," *0c. ; Mlai ^ Simmons "From East to Wost" Waltr, 7Sc. ', Strauss^ "Honor the Ladies" Waltr, IBo. t Our Owa March, 35c. ; Rubinstein's "Melodic in F ." 4('e. ; Easter Carols (now)* gm ' Now lie is Risen,' Tomkins, 10c. ; "Our Faster Joy,''''^ Chase. lOo. Dl'i'SON^A CO., Publishers, 711 Broadway. IB I.ENT'S NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM. J. MENAGERIE AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN. Now open. Fourth avenue and Twetitv -sixth street. Matinee every davat2. Every n'ght at 8. /TVRD ? PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS, PIANO, OROAlf, V 1 Violin, Guitar, Harp. Singing, Harmony. W Clinloii place (Eighth street). Establlsheil 1?5<. student's Journal ^ and circulars mailed. J. JAY WATSON, Director. m VTEW YORK MUSEUM Or ANATOMY, SIS BROADw J i.1 way, between Houston and Bleeckor streets ? EverJT one should visit the wonderful Museum; it ts full of ? n . .. , Lectures Bpartlea M vetheaa fl i forwarded, post free, on receipt of 2J cents, by addressing ~ i 8ECKETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, OU Broadway, New York. IV. LENTS NEW YORK CIRCUS, MUSEUM. J. MENAGERIE AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN. . Now open. Fourth avenue aud Twonty -ixth street Matinees every day at 2. Every nlgbt at 8. one suoiiiu visu ine wonaeriui .Museum; it evcrythingjpeople should see and understand, dailvnn "The Philosophy of Marriage." Ihe unable to attend these important lectures can 1 201 Bowery. [ MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2?. Tony Pastor's ASTROIiOt* Y. A? MME. LA BLANCH, THE OEEAT UNRIVALLED ? business sna medical clairvoyant, 110 West Twenty sixth street, between Sixth and seventh avenues. ATTENTION.-KNoW THY DESTINYl OoNSDIJf this wonderfully gifted Clairvoyant; gives lucsj causes marriage ; tells e^ erythlng. 159 Wost Forty-flrstst. ATTENTION. -CONSULTATIONS ON, BUSINESS, lawsuits, enemies, losses, absent friends, love, mar riage, sickness and death. Par refused nnless satisfied. Mine. SINGUI, Clairvoyant. tUl Sixth avcuuo. ATEST.-MRS. VANSISE, BUSINESS AND MED*, cat Clairvoyant ; spiritualist; tells name, day <tt marriage ; brings together those long separated ; gives positive information on all affairs of lite ; no satisfaction no pay. fl'.'l Second avenue, corner Thirty-fourth street Arrival.? great ~ ec rope an clairvoyant (ells aaines. shows likenesses, causes inarrisges, gives numbers. 50 cents and 91. H2 West Twenty-flftn street. ,/ - G" IYP8Y REVEALS FROM THE CRADLE TO MB grave? Name, dale of marriage; brlugs tlioM sepi rated together. 351 Third avenue Madame rosa, great natural clairvoy ant, reveals yonr whole life from the cradle to **" grave. 472 Canal street, near Hudson Fe<- $j. MBjtitiS ' "WELLINGTON," CLAI R VO if ANT, ~ TELI* everything; luckr numbers; has a "positive cuir for drunkenness. Call or write. U East Twenty -elffhth street _| IrflE WONOBurUL ABTRoLOGfST WILL ttKVKALi your Itlc from Hie criMlle to the grav* 81 Xhii'J SVJ auc. ucm T .rcU'.fc ;!rest. Luckv y urn ?>??*?

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