Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1873 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Further Stringency and a Closing Relaxation in Money. The Kate en ftril Toiehei One Per Cent ? Bay and Declines to 1-16. THE GOLD SPECULATION HEAVY. The Market Quieter and the Premium Lower. DECLINE IN GOVERNMENT BONDS. Humored Intention of the Treasury to Be lieve the Money Market. The Report Denied, but Wall Street Still Expectant. 1 Stubborn Contest Between "Bulls" and "Bean" at the Stock Exchange. A 8HARP ADVANCE IN PRICES. Wall Street, 1 Tuesday, April x? o P. M. f On 'Change to-day Hpot cotton was neglected and ?tore or less nominal, while future attracted con siderable attention at a decline of *.c. a Xc. per pound. Flour continued quiet and unchanged. Wheat and corn were nominally steady. TUB EXPORTS OF THE WEEK. The total exports of domestic merchandise from the port of New York to foreign ports during the week ending April 1, 1873, were of the currency value of $6,301,280, making the total exports since January i, $64,387,898. In the statement of the imports yesterday an arithmetical error made them $10,000,000 too much. The right total Is $113,332,540. THE FOREIGN MARKET. The utble quotations from London show a re covery \n the markets there, consols having im proved X, while United States bonds are in some eases a trtte better, and in all cases firm. Erie ?bares were exceptionally weak and lower at 50%, hat this was before the receipt of the news of the closing reaction In the New York market. THE PUBLIC DEBT. Contrary to the prophecies of a few days since tee public debt statement of April 1 shows a reduc tion, the amount of reduction being $1, 644,06a. The total debt, less cash in the Treasury, is now $2,166,736,641. The coin in the Treasury is $69,637,376, and the currency $2,663,840. The out standing legal tender circulation is $358,609,047. THE MONETARY STRINGENCY. The monetary stringency continued as severe an ever, and the rate on call again ranged as high as ii per cent per annum, as a regularly quotable ?gnre, with one or two exceptional transactions at a? high as l per cent a day, equivalent to 365 per cent per annnm. The demand lasted nearly an hour alter three o'clock, and many accounts were not made up until Trinity was striking four ?'clock, to which hour the down-town banks, partly by courtesy and' partly through policy, have attended the time for depositors to make good their accounts. The stringency had this NEW FEATURE, however? that, whereas the demand continued 10 the last moment on Monday, at the highest rate, the supply increased late in the day, and the rate had fallen by a quarter to four o'clock to as low as 1-16 and interest. Much of this was attributed to rumors (bnt why, the connection is not exactly plain), that the Secretary of the Treasury had de cided to remit ten millions of greenbacks to New York, to be placed where they would "do most good." The rumor found a wide credence, although It was positively denied at the Sub-Tress- ury, ami had much to do with Imparting a firm tone to the closing temper of the stock market. THE RETURN OF MONEY te the city is already conspicuously important, and from Indices given in the case of two or three downtown banks the amount received the past two days has not been less than a million of dol lars The Secretary of the Treasury has called In for redemption all the remainder of the 3 per cents, amounting to $325,000, on which Interest will cease May 31, thuB cancelling and obliterating one ?f the many loans sprung of the civil war and its monetary necessities. Commercial paper was en tirely nominal. Foreign exchange was lower by an eighth at the counter, but continued de moralized, actual sales of prime sixty days ster ling being reported at 107*. a 107 THE RAILROAD BONDS. The pressure for money led to some disposition to sell the railroad bonds and also checked the bidding. The following is the record of the bids at the board as amended by prices in subsequent dealings, the April Interest being taken off In bonds marked "X":? Mew York Cen t' *9 Tol <1 Wnb 2ilm 9.?'4 Mow York Cen t'c,?ut>. 89 Hun A Naples Isttn 17 Mew York cen 7's. Vo. .100 t.t West 1st m,ls? 94 trie )M in, extended. . liii?i ttt West id in. 1WB 89', jKrie 7'i,idm, '8H 91 Uulncy A 10I 1st, '90. . . . :'t Erie 7's ,4th m, *30 x 97T-i 0<?1 A Chic extended... i"l Lour Ijock bonds 9!> Ualcna A < hio -U m Bull , N y A h let w. 77. 94 Chic, K 1 A ?'ac Imi Bad K 7's, id m, ? 1, '85.104}., Morris* bsrex Intnl. . .105),, Hud R 7's, Sd ui, '75 101 A >? Cen 1st 111. n x HU Alb A Sun 3d l>dn N J .-out hern 1st m rt Chic, Bur Ay 8'*. 1st m. ion Pitts, t w A 1 luc i>t in. I'M Mien Bo 7 p c 2d m '.19 Pitts, > W A Chic ud 111 . Mich BOA N I *1, 7 p 0 JUI'i C'hlc A Alton St lul C. I' A A old lids 97 I hie A Alt I si 111 lltt K'AErle new lids... Chic a Alt income x w e fhore dlv bds..x 92 Oliio A Misticon ?( 93 Lake Shore con c Olito A .Miss con Cen Pacific gold bds.,.103 Ohio A Mis* 9dm, con. x +?'4 Western Pacific bds i'4^ Dub A Sioux Cit\ ,j<i aiv s5 Union Pacific lot in.... ntjv, HI Louis a lion >1 1st., w Union Pacific I ft 7's. .x 74>* M A St P 1st. 7 3-1", P Lt 93K Union Pacific inc 10's. . 73?% M A StP 1st in, c a m . *1 Alt A Ter H I st in IU0>, .Uilivl A < Ilk* l?t 111 .... 1'Vt AHA Ter H id ni, inc. SIJ4 ?T?I, Oliic A Inn mt x 15'; Chic AN Wist in 1U0 lol, l'AW, tD 91 Iowa Midland 8's, 1st 111. luo lol, PA*,W D ? D*!, Lack A West 2d m . 97 Tol,P A W. Burl'n div. S* Tol A Wab 1st in, ex. ... 95 N V A N H iTs. x 9iJ Tol A W latin, HtL div -j# Bout, H A Erie 1st in.... 36 SOUTHERN SECl'RITIKS NEGLECTED. The Southern State bonds were neglected, but quotations underwent no essential change and the market was steady. The Virginia consols were quoted ex the January coupon. The follow ing were the closing quotations:? Tennessee, ex-coupon, 80 a 80,s; do., new, so a 80 m; Vir ginia, ex-coupon, 44 a 47 ; do., registered stock, old, d6 a 40; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, (ex int.) M a 63 do., sixes, deferred scrip, 14 a 14%; Georgia sixes, 70 a 75; do. sevens, 87 a 90; North Carolina, ex coupon, 30 a 32; do. to North Carolina Railroad, M a 62; do. tending, 1866, 19 a 24; do. do., 1868, 17 a 19; do., new, 16 a 17; do., special tax, 12 a 16; Mssourl sixes, 93X a 94; do. Hannibal and St. Jo seph, Man; Louisiana sixes, 42 a 47; Ala bama lives, 56 a 60; do. eights 80 a 85; South Carolina sixes, 30 a 40; do., new, January and July, 18 a 20; do. do., April and October, 20 a 28; 'Ar kansas sixes, funded, 39 a 42. GOLD LOWER? 117 X A 116%. The gold market was lower and feverlRti, bat the quotations were marked by narrower and less vio lent fluctuations. It was the general impresslen ?hat the clique had unloaded the greater part of their gold and in this belief the price declined to IMH after a fractional advance early In the day to ll'X. The theory most generally advanced In part explanation of the advance in gold Is the heavy Importation of foreign goods, particularly as the imports at this port are so far in excess of THE EXPORTS. But this influence is rather nominal than real and would be of little avail had not active, persist ent speculation been behind It to help It. Looking nt the figures we And that the imports at this port tfnee January i to date have been about $113,000,000 nod the ex worts trom this port s$ Ai> cordtBg to the proportion wbltb rulea In the im port* and exports throughout the whole I'niU-il Htates these figures would give a total importa tion of lesB than $170,000,000 at all the port* and exports of $100,000,000. THE DISCRKI'ANOT bein? too small to account for so large an advance in the price of gold, especially as we have shipped during the same time about $14,000,000 of gold and silver. The coarse of the market is shown in the table 10 A. If 117 Vi IP. M 117* 10:01 A. M 1171, 2 P. M 116* 10:10 A. M 117* 3 P. M 116,* 10:30 A. 11 117* 3:30 P. M 117 11 A. tf 117* 3:50 P. M 117* 11 -M A. M 117 8:55 P. M 117* 12 M 117* 4 P. M 117 a 117 ^ In tbe gold loan market the rates ranged from 7 per cent, gold, to * per cent for carrying. The. operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as fol lows:? Gold cleared $172,317,000 Gold balances 1,00ft, 5ifl Currency balances 2,470,970 The Bub-Treasury paid out $24, 000 on account of interest and $70,000 on account of redeemed flve twentJes. ' GOVERNMENTS TOWN. The government list was demoralized by the pressure for money and prices at times were down to what the street styled "ragged" fig-urea, the currency sixes breaking to 113* cash. The gen" eral list was off an average of fully one per cent at the close, when the following prices prevailed, the registered May and November bonds being quoted ex the May interest:? United States currency sixes, 113 a 113 J, ; do. do., 1881, registered, 116?* a 117*4 ; do. do. do., coupon, 118 a 11#; do. five twenties, registered, May and November (ex inter est), ill* a 112 '4 ; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 116 a 116; do. do., 1864, do. do.. 115 a 116; do. do., 1865, do. do., 116 a 117 ; do. do., 1867, registered, January and July, 115 a 116}*; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 114J* a 115*; do. do., 1867, do. do., 116* a 117; do. do., 1868, do. do., 116)* a 117 ; da ten-forties, registered. 111 a 111)4; do. do., coupon, 111)4 a 112; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114 a 114>* ; da do. do., coupon, 114 a 114}*. STOCKS ACTIVE AND STRONG. however fanciful and various the theories of the "bulls" in gold and money as to the extravagance of the country in its imports of foreign luxuries and its wasteful domestic life, the course of the stock market gave token of a widespread belief in the attractiveness of its wares at current quotations, the demand in sucU a monetary crisis being almost an anomaly. The market opened at about the levei of the lowest prices of Monday, and thenceforward for several hours the numbers of buyers and of sellers were so ovenly matched that while the money market was undergoing a recurrence of its severest spasms of stringency stocks stood steady and even firm. At length the "bulls" got the np porhand in this REMARKABLE 8TRDGOLB, and, beiDg helped by the tumors of intended Treasury interference in behalf of tue money market, and by the actual relaxation in money Itself toward the close of doailQgB therein, they capped the climax of their triumph by running up the wnole market to figures which recompensed them tor the task of abiding the severity of the monetary stringency. In the case of Harlem there was a temporary advance to 140 on the announce ment that the directors had sanctioned the lease to the New York Central on substantially the terms already recorded in the Herald, l'anama recovered to 112. The general list advanced one to three per cent, Pacific Mall closing at a rise to 60S ItlGIIEST AND lowest prices. Thr following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day Hiyhmt-. LoireM. New York Central 101 * 100 Erie 64* ea** Lake Shore 92?* 91* Wabash 72)%' 71 J* Northwestern 77 77 Northwestern preferred sT 80)* Rock Island 11** 113)* St. Paul 60 'k 677* St. Paul preferred 75)* 74)* Ohio and Mississippi 46* 44'* Union Pacific 34* 33}* C.,C. and I. C 39* 37)* Western Union Telegraph 86 * 82?* Pacific Mail 56* 53 in Philadelphia Reading was steady at 114)*. | Pennsylvania was quoted 56* a 57 ex privilege of subscription to the new stock. i SALES AT THE NEW TOES STOCK EXCHANGE, Tuesday, April 1? 10tl5 A. M. ! $5000 L'S 6'*. 1881, r ... 117* $20000 IS 5-80, C, Tifi. n. 1161* I 1000 U8 6'*, 'SI, e ? 11#?* 80110 do 116% 1 40U0 US 5-80, c, '07 117* 8000 US 6's, ear c 113* [ 10 A. IN? Before Call. 300?hg West t'n Tel. .. 4IO*hs I'll Pac KR 33* 800 iln S3!* ltW do C 33* 700 do 200 LSAM.-RK 91* 2000 <lo *3)5 i"00 do 91* 30)) ilo C 83* 10.0 Jo 91 J* 600 do 83* 800 do 91), 70.1 uo *5', 500 uo 91)* :hjo do 83* 6"0 do c 9iv 90>l .lo c 835, 300 do 91?* 1700 Uo 33* 100 do 9if. 40)> ilo ?* 700 Uo C 91}* do c 83* son do... 91* 300 do <!M? 1700 do #15* 40): do 300 do c 91* 1000 do 83* 200 Panama RR IDS}, 200 do c 83* 100 d'> 108* flOO Paciflr Mail ss Co. 83 300 Ohio A R I RR 113); 000 do 83!, 300 do 113K .-too Mo 83* 400 do 1135* 300 do S3* 100 qo 113?* *H) do 53* 100 Uo 114 3(10 do f>3* ?!"0 do 113?* 400 Ilo c 531 j 900 Ohio * M KR. c 44* lUDl (io M1, tooo do 44)2 too do C 83'4 300 do C 44)* tOII do 83?,' 400 do 44* 30u do 8?* :?? do 44* 200 do S3* 100 do ?3 44* 101) do 83* 300 do 44* 100 do c 33* 300 do 44* 1000 do c 83* 300 Harlem ILK c I3?* 30)i do 83* 20)i do 136 400 do 33* 100 Mil* St P KR 88 400 do C 33* 2U) do 88?* 400 do 53* '.DO do C 88* 100 do 13* 100 do 58? low lo c 33* 800 do 88* 600 NT I * II R RR. 100 100 do c. 88* 60U do 0 100 100 do 58* 1100 do blOIOI* lot) uo 88* P00 uo e 100* SOU do c 88 800 do 100* 300 do 88 S00 do 100* 100 f, WAWRR 72* 50 0 do f loo* 100 do c 72 100 <lo i JIN) B, HtKKR c 4* 200 do I'M* 300 do 4* 800 Con Coal ot Md....C 38 400 do 4* 4 0 Eric KK 04*' 200 C, C A I O RR c 38* 200 do )>4* 100 do C 38* L.U0 do 64* 400 do C SB* 800 do 04'i 200 do 38* ; 101) do 84* 800 do 38* 400 b3 1*5* .".Oil do 38* | 100 do c 64* 800 do t)30 38* 100 Cn Pac RR 34 700 do S8* 700 -lo 800 do C 38 200 do 33* 300 do 38 100 do C 33?* Flrnt Board? 10 1 30 A, M. $sihio M liwouri ??* ?g* 300 nba Pac M Stt Co. . . 83.* lOOuoTeun ti'?. olo. .be 10V 100 do c S3* 3)00 fn Par Ut m. . . . 86* I WT, WAWRR.. be 71* 1000 I n Pac 7'?, la. .x 78* 93 8000 Un Pac 10N, inc.. 74* 80 Del. LAW be 100* 180)4) do 71 600Krie KK be 64, 11000 do. 73?* 100 do 80O0H ASUS'o, con.. 88H 400 do 70H0 do 38 100 do C ?4't lOUO Alt A T II 2d m pf * 300 do c 64* 3000 Tol A Wall l?t in 95 2SIO do C *4 1000T A W in, Stl.dlr ? 800 do 64* 2000 Ot West l?t. '88. .. 94 100 do e 64 luooot Wert *1 m.... 89!* 3M do c 63* 1000 do 1# 400 N Y ?; A H K bc.c lOlP, 5000 M A HtP. In div . 86 500 do 100* BUOOhioA M 2-t m X 34* 200 <10 lOO^i 4UUOT, PAW. l*t,WD 8S 104) do 100), 10000 C. C A I C Ut. . X 85>* 100 do 100* 2000 J/le A IC c. '98 s 91 400 do 100J* lOOOHuff A E. new ? 90 3U1 do c 100* 8000 Long Dock hd?. . 95* 100 do 100''* 8 ?hs Hanover Bank. 105 SOU uo 100* 6 B'k of Commerce. ,c 116* 400 do.. HiO* 5 Continental Bank.. 80 100 do 100* 50 )'uin C A Irou 96 100 do 100; .' 200 Panama RR 108* 100 do IWlg ?00 do be 108* 300 do c 1W ?.00 do 108* aw do 100* 200 ao 108 66# do 100* 100 C A P RR ?td 88* 200 do 100* 100 do. 88* lot do blO 100* 100 Atlantic M SS Co .. 3 11 Chic A Alton ncrip. 97_ lSAdam-Kx 94 1300 LS A M 8 KR.. .b c 91* 200 WeM CnTel be 8S* 300 do c 91* 400 do C 33* 300 do C 91* 2U0 do C 33* 800 Oo #J* 200 do *3* 800 do * 91 ** 600 uo 83* ?*1 do 91* 100 do C 83* 10) do C 9lk 400 <lo C 83* I2W do 91* hiJO do ??* do 91* 800 do 33?ii 1800 do 91* 200 do x ** M)0 Cn Pac RR be 33* 1IW0 do.... 83* 200 do c 33* 300 do 83* (Wl UO....? 33* 100 do 83* 200 do c 33* 100 do o S3* 300 do c 33* 1900 do 88* 1)81 do 33* 1000 do 83 1011 do C 33* 200 do e 82?* loo do 33* loo do 8.8* 200 Chic A R I KK. .be 1I3?? 300 do 83* 700 do 114 80)1 do Hit* 300 do 113* 200 do C 83 * 700 UO 113* 400 do 88* 100 do 113* 300 do 88* 111) do C 113* 100 do C 83* 300 B, II A K KK be 4* 700 do 83* 300 do C 4* SOU do 83* 1M)M A St P RR.. bc.c 87* 100 do 83^ 20JJ do c 58* 700 do 83* ino do c 6S 800 flarlern KK be 138 700 do 58* 100 Pac M HH Co. 88* IJW do 88* b c 64;, ?* _ ? loo do c 53* 2i*) do as* 300 do bc.c 83* 100 do w1., 70U do 53* 600 do 80* 40U do M* 800 do. . |B .. ? .. 53m .. 63* du 63* 100 HI A bt I- pi be 74* .too wn too ?XI sot 200 too liiio -I*) Hill sun HW mm ISO 600 m iln do do do do do. ito ?to. do. (In do ?Jo. do. c 53* 100 At A Pac pf . . 25 <? BS% ?<iO do Mi .. 63% too Ohio A M RK be 44% 53? 200 do C 44 U . ..0 M% !M) do o #3 do .... S8% 100 do. . . . fiS% WO do AH 700 do 200C.CA IORR. 4?M) do do - uo bM do c 37 \ #S), 53 M'i 100 ?SMi 100 631* 1U0 53* 100 44% 44% ** 'i 37% 38 38 63% 100 do do. do. . 37% 3H MilB Md tiilS P. M. f 20000 08 fl's. 'ttl.r.... 117 tSOOOU Hfi'a, 10-41), r... 111% 26000 do be 117% 5*000 do belli 1000 DHf.a0,o, '65,11.. 11? 18000 do O IW% iooo do lis% 6400 do.. ni}? 11)00 do 11 ft% 10000 US ft-20, e. '67 117% 16000 do 11?% 12000 do 117 30000 I'B 8-30. r. *#7. . . . . 116% 6000 08 ?'s, our H3H ICOUO uo 1I6*? 300000 do bo.ell2% 4000 OH 6's, 10-40, C.... Ill 18i30 P. M.? Before Call. 800 tiheWcst On Tel... S3% 100?h?TWlWRR... n\i .100 do S3% 100 Kile RR b3 64 U 400 do c S3% 100 do $4%, 400 SOU 200 1000 300 2IW too 1700 400 600 84 % 100 Oblo A M RR.~. 44 J ? ? do 44J do 44? 84 V 800 do 44* 8U0L8AMSRR 91?, 100 Pac M 8H Co C 68 J? 800 L 8 A M H RR. 100 do c 53K 100 do do 83% 900 200 300 200 200 1000 200 100 600 '-'00 100 1000 1110 TtM? nou 300 400 200 100 200 1100 do. do..... do do do do... ?o C 64?4' 200 C, C A I 0 RR... ..C 38Ji do Mi, 300 nu SM< (10 %.C 38*. do 3H?1 100 do 38*, 100 U Pacittc RR TO, 100 do C 83 100 200 280 ao. do. .. do do do do do do, do. do 64 do 64: 700 Con Coal 55 100 do 1)3 65 loo Harlem Rlt 140 200 do lgH do 33 do 34 do b30 35 s* 300 K Y (' A H E RR. 100 300 600 1800 400 M00 1800 700 100 Panama RR. 200 do. ao do do do ilo do do do. ?c 100:. .. 100* .. iooS ... lOOJj .. 101 ... 101% 200 ? 101 600 iw* ... 109 do b3 !W% do s3 34 do ~ 34 V* do o 33% 200 Del, LAW RR. ..u 10? 300 Roxt, H A K RR. .. 4% 3110 Obic * Rock I RR. 114% 100 do 114% Ilil? 800 do 100 do 100 do 700 ao 200 Mil A Kt P RK do _ . do 400 do 600 do 100 do Second Board? 1 P. M. *10000 Virjrinin 8's, det 14 200 shs L8 A MS RH...c 91% 20(H) Missouri ti's 93% 100 ao 91?* ;??HI Brio 4th in x 97% 600 do 92 2000 do 9 7% 1100 do 91% .10(0 Un 1'hc l?t m. ... 861^ 100 Panama RR. . .bc.c ill 11C00U Pac 10'k, Ine .... 73% 100 do. c 110 2000 Alt A T H illC 81% 700UnPaeRR be .13% lOOOil O. 0 A 1 C lut m.X 85 1000 Ohio A M con .... 92 200 sbs Went Un 'l'cl.b c 34 300 do ?3% do do do.'.'.'.'.'.'....... 835<Z 100 do 83% 600 do 83k 100 ' 14)2 600 100 do 20 C. C.C A I RR.. 60 N J Cen RR. .. 30 do. 100 400 10C0 300 1000 600 lOOMarl.d A b3 D c .I3W ... 3 3% . 86V ? 102?J .... JU UO 103 ...e 83% 6 do W2V .... 88% 100 CAR I RR be U4C Sid d(j..? 114 do 113% do 113% -- ... ao 118% 100 Aid M Ex Co ?7 IM Mil AStP 59 100 do. 67% 100 do 68% 200 Con Coal he 66 400 do 58% MOOPacM SSCo....bC 54% 200 do 6H?J 200 do 54L 100 do 08% 500 (lo 543? 100 T, WAWRP. 72% 200 do C 54 301). Lack AWRR... 100 600 do 54 1 00 R, H A K RK 4', POO do 63K 100 44?i 500 do 53ft( 100 do C 44?, 100 do 6SH 700 do 44<i 800NYCAHRR. be 1008 40 Pitt*, Ft W A C Rid . HSVi 200 do C 10042 ?0 do be 93V 900 do 100*4 }00Han A KtJo RR... 40 100 Quiek M Co b3 40>, 20(1 do c 100' (iOOErie RR be 64'j 800 do 64 200 Harlem RK 137 20(1 C.C 91{? 91 K 300 do. 100 do 4fHi 400 do be 41 40 Mor A Krhox KR. . . 90Ji 41 N .J Hi iut.ii ' n RR.hc 27 100 Atlan A I* pf....h c 24% 100 C. C AI C RR.. be 38'? 100 do 1)30 92*4 100 do 381J 2(30 to 4 P. IU. $83000 rfl 5-20. e. '67.. . 116% 200 shg Pac M S8. 5(Klgllg Con Coal 55 200 do. 24 Adams Ex 93V 2:)0 200 N Y A 11 R RK 1(10% 300 100 do e 100% 100 100 do 100% H00 )00 100S 400 do e 100% 900 1(X) 1300 200 200 400 1300 S700 2400 800 16(0 3(H) do. do do do do do Jo do do dot 200 Harlem RR 100 do 200 West Un Tel... 200 100 600 100 300 100 2'K) 200 400 2*1 800 1100 600 IdOO 700 200 500 400 500 800 900 200 100 H00 | 900 500 I 400 i TV 1W 1000 500 300 200 100% -'no 101% 600 101' 1200 100% 300 101 200 1QIU 500 101 300 101% 500 101 U 1000 101% 700 137'a 100 137 l?J ,.e f3 300 do. ... do ... do.... do ? do.... do.... do. . . . do ? Uo do.... do ? do. . . . do. ao. 55', 55^ 65 jJ 56 r.4% 64% 55 58'ti 55^ 4 do g3 55% do. do 1)10 do K3% 400 do 83% 1900 do Sftg 300 do e & 500 do 83% 700 do c 82% 200 Li do 83!., 500 do 834, lop do 83% 100 do 83*? 2200 do. 83** 200 (lo S.V4 600 do 88% 600 do 83% 1?> do 837k 300 do 83% ?000 A M S HU do do do do... do do. 83 5 : 600 83% 200 83% 700 *4 100 ao..... do... do.... do.... do. . . . do.... do.... do ? do ... do. . . . do. 55% .... 55K .... 53% 51) .... 5C'i . . . . .*0*4 ? ? ?')"% 91% .... 91% ...e 91 .... 91% . . . . 92 .... 91% .... 92', .... 92% .... 92% .... 9-''4 . .s3 92% .... 92 | J 92 ' ir.'i (io 84% KW do do 84% 100 Ou Pac RR 38% 84% 1400 do 34 do. 84% 800 do Si% 100 OAK I RR. 84', 400 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 200 Panama RR 100 do 1I0X 100 200 uo Ill 300 200 do 111%' 201) 200 do 112 900 100 Chlr .? N W KK 77 S*> 100 C A X W RRpl..... 86'J 400 100 do 86S ?*? 100 do 87 300 800 Pac M SS4 Co S3X 4'W 84% 100 81% 200 84% 200 do 84?j 100 110 84% 700 do 81% 100 do 85^ 200 M A St P RR 85% 100 do. 86 200 110 700 200 300 500 100 200 200 100 fiOO OKI 200 500 5(H) 400 300 400 300 200 500 100 8(H) 2IM) 3(0 do ;... 54% 500 do do do do. do., do . do., do., do., do. . do. . do. . do. . do . . do . . do. uo. . do., do., do . do., do . do., do. . do. . do. . do. . do. . do. . do. . do. . do. . do. 54 ?4 800 ... 54'. 900 Erie KK ... 54 1000 do . .. 53% (MM do ..c 53% 100 B, n A K RK. .. ... 54 KM do ... 64% 2iM Ohio A MI??KR. MJ, ?00 do.., 54% 1000 54% 7(M ur.e 54 200 64% 100 54% KM 100 do. <lo <lo do do do .1*2 MX mb 113% 113% 1U% 111 114% 114*, 114)2 58% 58% .. 58% ... 50 ... 59% ... 59% ... 59 '4 ... 59 . . . 59'^ ... '>'."1 ... 59.', ... 69% ... 58*J ... 59% ... 59% ... (i4% ... 61*, . . . 64% ... Mt ... 4U . 445. ?3 44--, ... ??% . . 45 l>3 45'? . . 45't 1)3 45 , 4SU 54>J KMC, CAICKK 3H) do 56'? 100 do 56% 54% 5(M do. 64*5 2iW do 54% 2l") do r>4% loo do 88 100 Atlan A Pac pi. do CLOSING PRICES? 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Wertpm Union. 86 a 86% Quicksilver 38 a 40 Panama 111% a 1(2 Adams Kx 93*4 a 9(% WelU-Kar?o Kx 80 a 82 Am MerDnKi. (7>(a 67% U 9 Kxprea* ? 74% a 75 Pacific Mail.... 56% a 56% N Y Central... 101% a 101% Erie AH a (>4% Harlem 136*, a 1.87 LuKe Shore % a 'fP,t Union Pacific.. :'4', a Northwestern.. 77',' a Northwest'n pi. ?6'? a Rock Island . M Paul St Paul prei... Wabash Ohio A Ml?<. Han A st jo... Huston, II A K O, t A 1 0 114% a 69 ', a 45% u 41 a 20% 5*% 79 87% 114% 69% COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Chalet and Lower for Future?* Recelpta at the Porta 10.380 Balex? Flour (lulel-Wktat and Corn Dull Oata Firm? Pork Firmer? Lard Ejuler? Oroeerlea Unlet, but Steady? Petroleum Dull? Maval Storea 4|,uiet and Kmsler? BSaat India Oooda Neglected? Metals i^ulet? Wool Eaaler? Wlilalcey Stead jr. Tuesday, April 1? ? P. M. Business was fairly active, hut still irregular, to day ? the high gold premium tending to unsettle values to a considerable extent, notwithstanding the fact tliat few believed in the permanancy of the prevailing large discrepancy between the com parative values of gold and the currency. The extraordinary rise in the gold premium at this particular time Is very generally re garded as purely speculative, emanating from tbe tenacity witb wblch the Secretary of the Treasury clings to the conviction that he has authority to lssne "greenbacks to the ex- , tent of nearly $50,000,000, at his option? and 1 the apprehension that he will follow In the Hteps of his predecessor and mannfacture moner whenever he may choose so to do. In view of these facts it Is no wonder that there should be great Irregular- I lty in trade circles, or wherever the price of gold ( exerts the least influence. Cotton was still dnll j and nominal. At the Produce Exchange the mar kets were very quiet, and not even the high price of gold served to infuse vigor Into them. Flour ^ was exceedingly quiet. Wheat was dnll but nrm for choice Spring, which could not be obtained in any quantity at yesterday's prices. Com was dnll and nominal, oats were unchanged. Whiskey was firm. Pork was very firm hut dull? the ex- 1 treme view* of holder* preventing business. l.ard wan the turn easier. freights wi re quiet but very strong. Petroleum was neglected and nominal Naval xtoree were nuiet and easier. Kant !n<Ua goods were Uu 1. Metals were very ouiet, But iteadlly held. Wool wan tn lictter demand, but tho market closed easier. Uroeerie# were nuiet, wiiK lormer prices eurrent. Ahiik*. ? Ket eipt* for the pant three day*, 83 package* The market has exhibited no change. The demand lor potn wan moderately lair, but pearls remained wholly nominal. We (Bote Potj, $& _ , . . Bimlkinu Matkkhi.ii.? There has been an Increased tle ? mand for briek, with lormer prices current; quoted*at #10 per M for l-ong Island, $11 80 per do. for North Klver, $12 a $10 per do. for Croton and $43 a $4ft oer do. lor Philadelphia tront from yard. Lime wan only In mod erate request, but steady In price; quoted at $1 50 lor Itoc K land common and $1 76 lor do. lump. Cement was ouiet. hut quoted steady at >2 10 per bbl. for Kosendale. Piaster Paris attracted Mine attention, and price* were unchanged ; sales at ?S r0 a $4 per Ion for blue Nova 8eo tla. $6 25 per do. lor white do. and $1 40 per bbl. lor cal cined K astern. Hair wu unchanged in ?riee, and only In limited request. We quote Mixed Rio Urande, J0i*c. a Sic., sold : Montevedto. 2#e. a S$c.. do. , Buenos Ayres, Houtliern, 32c. a Me., do. ;do. Northern. ?c. aS0c.,do.; hog. Western, unwashed, #c. a 10c. ; catUe. 21c., and K?*a '? plm ?The demand has been confined principally to the requirements of the jobbing trade, wlUi former prices ruling. We quote :-8perm, 31c. ; patent do 40c. a lie. ; parartlne, 32c. a 88c. ; stearic, 28c. a 2#c. ; adaiuan ^'cobdaq".? The demand was moderately fair tor all descriptions, with prices ruling steady. We quote:? Manila (large and suiall sixes, per lb.), 18c. a 19c.; Manila bolt rope yarns, 10c. a 21c. ; tarred Manila, HWc. ; Hwal rope, lose, a lOHc. ; New Zealand cordage, Wc. a 17c. ; Russian bolt rope, loc. Corner..? The market continued quiet for all descrip tion*, yet holderaieylnce considerable tirmnesa and de mand full prices. We have only to note the sale of 1.036 hags Rio, ex Klamstead, and MO bags do., ex Adalaile, at Baltimore, both on private term a We quote :-kio. ordinary cargoes. 16).c. a 16 V. ; talrcargoe*. 17V. a 17kc. ; good cargoes, 18c.al8V. ; prime cargoes, Ufce.alHV-; Java, government hugs, 20e. a 21c. ; do., grass mats, 20c. a 22c. ; Singapore. 16kc. a I7V- ; Ceylon, I7kc. a 18Kc. ; Maracalbo, 18c. a m. ; I.aguavra, lflkc. a 30c. ; Jamaica, 17 Wc. a 1WV. ; 8t Doinlngo, lffc. a IWfc. ; Porto Wco, 19c. a 20c. : Coslft Wa, 18c. a 20c. ; Mexican, 18c. a 19c. ; Ma nila, lY V- a 18 V. ; Angostura. 17kc. a IHke. ; Havanllla, 17 V- a I#V. ; Curacoa, 17V. a 1$V-, Bold, per ltk.OOa 90 days' crcdlt ? . . Cotton.? The inquiry for spot, cotton was light and nrlces were wholly nominal at tho quotations subtolned. Vuture deliveries declined V>. a Jjc., and closed with a continued downward tendency tfe Export.... ? 1,288 '-^h Consumption Speculation '* ~ ' 222 1,238 L#0 ?For future delivery (basis low middling) the sales have been as follows:? Sales last evening, alter three o'clock April, 100 bales at 19 9-I6c., 100 atl9cX.. 100 ?i t 19 V ., HW at 19 3-16c., t>00 at 1?V. 100 at 19 S I Co ; May 400 at 19 1316c., 200 at 19 ll-IOc., h00 at 19V. 400 at 19 U-I6c., 200 at I911-16c., 800 at 19V-i 10? ai 19 lM?c.; 100 at 19 16- 16c., 900 at 19 ll-Mc., 400 at 19 V- ; June, ^00 at 19V- . 100 at 19 lMfic., 1,100 at J0e. Julv ?00 at 20^c., 200 at 20c., 100 at 20 1-16. hitol, 7.M*I bales. Rales to-day up to three P. M. i-Aprll. 8K> at 19WC , 100 at 19 V ; May. 200 at 19 11-lflc., 100 al 19?c? 4110 at t9 il-16e.. L,lw) at 19^kC., 100 at 19 ll-Ulc., 700 at I9)?c.. 1,000 at 19?ic., 100 at 19 7- 16c., 200 at 19 V . 100 at 19 1 ifie.. UK) at 10^c. 600 at 19 M6c.s June. 400 at 20c . ion at 19 1N1(V*., 1(X) at20c., 700 at 19 bl6c., 1,200 at 19%c I 100 at 19 15-lOc.. 100 at 19 13-16C.. 1.000 at H?Vc.. 800 at 19 II Its-., 400 at 19\c-i >00 ?? '9 lM?c.. <00 at 19%ic. : Jttlv, 100 at 20 l-16e.,1?X)at 20c., 300 at. 19^0., 200 at 19 I8-16C., 100 Jt 1%7 1.000 at 19??c., 100 at 19 11 i6c ; October, 100 at 17^0. Total. 14,400 bales, i-rand total. 22,000 bales. The receipts at the ports foot up as follows :-C.aiveston, 740 bales: New Orlpatlf 4,ft54; Mobile. 008; Havunnali, 1,371 ; Charleston. 42ft: Wilimng ton 08; Norfolk. 2,236; New Vork, :i70; Boston, P. Total, 10,380. This ooy lust week 8,680: this day last year, 6,?<J0 bales. Rates on cotton to loreiipi ports closed steady at the following rates :-To Havre, bv steam, l*?c. a l?c. : sail. le.. compressed. To Ham burg, by steam, '?d..coinpreR-ied. To Bremen, by tteain, lVc.; sail, Ic. To Liverpool, by steam, 7-ltid. .a |,d.. im mediate: la?t half of April, ?id. a 7-ltfd. ; buiI, W- a 7-16d. We quote :? IJ/iltindt. Alafmnui. JVeir Orleaiw. Trxnn. Ordinary }??, |5}k J6V }5^ Good ordinary . VJ\ 17 j }'* }'5a Strict goiol ordinary. 18'4 18'< 18'? 18 , now middling 19 m ?<&; Middling 20 %.4 OoimI middling 22 22 , 22 j tr-,A The quotations are bused on cotton In store, running In quality not more than hall a grade above or below lhrLoruu Aii'n OBAiN.-Receipts? Flour, 11,183 bbls. .wheat. 1,080 bushels; corn, 2, 80J do.: corn 'neal, 3b9 bbls anil 9(10 bags ; oats, 13,626 bushels: barley, 1,800 do. : rye 126 do. The llour market ruleii dull, but prices remained nominally the same. Since onr lust the sales toot up about 10,600 bbls., including all kinds, at prices willnii the range of the ap|*ouded quotaUons. Corn meal w as quiet, but nominally unchanged in price. We i uoo'": 50. 2 State ? * ? ?' ? * ?$. Superfine state ??' .? 5 JiJ Extra State 7 26 a 7 76 Choice State }.;?* ? ? Superfiue Western ; !" ? '? ? Extra Western ?? ?? 760 Extra Minnesota. ' a ? . j Bound hoop Ohio, shipping brands 7 00 a 7 60 Round hoop Ohio, trade bruuds. 8 ? a 00 Katnily " ft " '1! i? St. Louis, low extra ' ? * ' St. Louis, straight extra H ? a 8 51. Louis, choice double extra 9 J*1 a J" St. Louis, choice lamily ?? 14 1 ' |W Calllornia ? a 10 00 Rye Hour Southern No. 2 1 m 2 k mi Southern superline ? J" ? ? ?*{ Southern extra 7 J .*! Southern family. 'J/ J*1 ** Coriuneal, WesU'rn J;1' *v Coiuuieul. Jersey J JO '? ?? ?" Cornmeal, Brnndywine ? s " Baltimore ? ite Cnlorie 3 BO a .1 ??> Puncheons' . . . . . . . . . . '9 ?> ?. ?Wheat was dull but the market was firm lor choice Spring, which was scarce. Mie nominal nrlces were lu I a <?l Oti lor Chicago Mirtiiu'. $1 07 a SI t.8 lor Mnwaukci, 1 SI 75 lor No. I. Si *ou *l Oft tor red and umber Winter end i SI SOaS'-' 10 tor white. Tin- sales were only nbout ."".w" ! bushels, ut SI -?3 lor rejected, SI -'>0 for' No. 3 spi lng und SI t>f> lor white Michiifan. Corn wnu dull hih! noinjiifll I The sales were conHned to about 30,UUU bushels ai ^ I for now mixed aiiout, HOc. tor houtliern yellow afloat, 1 MK c. a 67c. for Western v?llow? a 70c. lor uu. v lute ; ' old in store held at tJ4c.| with bid; Southern white , nominal at 72<\ a 74c. Oata were in moderate reuuee t and steady. The *alen eonipriM* about r?" ..OiM) liusliel.?. nieiiiu I inu ufd Western mixed in ntoren, at ?lc new Western | mixed on the track at45^e, a 47'*c., new black \Wjt*tn I at 47&c. a .c., new W entern mixed al 4H}?e. a 50? afloat, I and good to cnoice new Western white at o-C. a ooc. Har , lev and rye continued inactive and entirely worn in a.. I Frxights.? BuHinesa in the line ot berth ire iglits nun 1 tinued quiet, with rates ruling about, steady, except tor ? grain, for which a slight advance wa* asked, lonna^e was in lair sunnlv, but the demand for vessels tor charter was only moderate. Kates favored the shipper. The en gaKements were : ? To Liverpool, by steam, 7.6JK) bushels i Srain, at 8d., 500 bales oi cotton at 7 I6d. ; and bv sail, 4U0 ? boxes bacon at SOs. To London, by sail, 2, .>00 bbls. rosin, at ?s. 6d. per 28 Mbs. The charters Include ? \ Herman | brig, hence to a port in the United Riutrdom. t'ontincnv ' or Baltic, full car*co of cotton, at 7-l6d., Hd. or 9-lbd., ao ' cording to port ; an American bark, hence to M arse lllea, I t?bls. crude petroleum, at 7s. : a British bark, hence to Liverpool, 2(S(J0 bbls. ot refined do., at 6s . ; a Uerman bark, heneo to a Baltic port, K,300 bbls. refined do., at IK tHl. ? a Norwegian bark, hence lo a Continental port, H. 090 bbls. retlneu do., on private terms; a British bark (re chartered), from rniiaueiphia to a Continental port, 5.000 bbls. rt* lined do., at oh. 0d.;a Norweuian bark (re chartered), from do., ssme voyage, ?,ooo bbls. ol refined 1 d^iKs -Trade in this branch of business l ontinutd I verv slow, belntc conlllieil to small, unimportant orileis 1 from the houth. Prices, however, were stead v and as ' tollow. Domestic cloth, i:v. a IHmc. spot, and IV. for I the summer month-* Baus, Iftc. M-ssrs. O. Tucker man ! * Co. report. the stock this dale as tollows III M ? Vork cloth, i", WW hales; Boston, H.200 bales. Ba^s? New York. :i, two utiles, and in Boston, 1', 460 tiules. 1Ik*p i*n . I itk.? There Iui? been a belter demand tor Manila, and prices are ^c. peikpound higher. Sales were reported since our last, ot 5?t bales ut 10\c., and V00II bales i sold some time since), on private terms. Other de i seriptions were iieulected and nominallv unc hiingea in prli'es. We quote Dres?ed American, SI 7ft a S^ ! dressed do.. $1 -1) a S> KusaU clean. Si 10 a t- l >, ?old ; Italian, ti Wl a *2 7<?. do.; Munila. lt?4B.,do. ; Sisal, h'.c. a , do. -lute reiiiaineti neglected, but was noin i itially steadv at from 3c. a 4o., nold. Jute butts were In i moderate request and steadv at 2c. a 2 1-ltic., correm r. Mlle< .V*) bales, to arrive, at I 1-lbe. The stockol Jute is est linated at S8,000 bales In Sew York and o,?00 bale* in " ileps. ? since our la*t there ha" been more disposition shown on the part ol brewers to operate ami an ""Teased amount of business ha? been con-uiiiniatcd. Healers do not press sales ami the market presents a steadier tone ; than for some time pa.?t. We quote : --New growth ol Mule, Kastern and Western, 40c. a Ws . ; ' alltornia.ftOc. a 60e. ; Bavarian, Wc. a fiOc. ; Etigllsb and Belgiun, iVs- a I 41 Moi-issks. -There wa> little or nothing socotnpUjhed i t? .lav in th.- win of trade, aside from a limited lobhimj demand for domestic. Prices were nominally steady and as lollow, old ty? p. iV' ir (yep. Cuba, centrifugal and mixed 17c a l'.tc. ? a ? 1 Cuba, clayed ????"?? Cuba, muscovado, refilling ? a ? ?.??. a ,^|c. Cuba, muscovado, grocery ? a ? ;t-c. a ,v?c. Porto Klco 30c. a 60c. JJc. ? Sfic. Ktigllth Islands ? a ? -Se a 4flc. Orleans .....??. a fWe. a 7?>c. Naval Htorbs.? The market lor spirits of turpentine 1 was dull and nominally lower. There was nodlsposition ou the part of buvers to operate. Offered atfioc., without b uver#. The inquiry for rosin was very litfhtand the i market for strained was easier; quoted at 2.? ?t ? n 130. Sales were reported ot 7 SO bbls. ot strained at S * atiil aw bbls. of do. on private terms, lar w?? quiet, but steady, ?l the recent decline. Wc heard ol a saie ol 1UU , bids, ol Xe wbern at $3 37',. 1 oils.? There has been tery Utile demand lor any de scription since our last, business having been conutiea 1 principally to the jobliinu trade. Prices showed no ma ? terial change, except lor Unseed, which is higher. We ottote :? l.luseed, SI In casks and SI ?? in ?,bls: crude .perm, $1 ft? : natural Winter, $1 (W a SI <0; bleached. SI 73 a SI "ft- Crude whale, 88c. for Northern. Hftc. _ior Southern : 70c. a 72c. lor naturul Winter uud <3c. a iflc. lor bleached. Larrt, 67V. a 9#c. lor prime Winter and tiftc for No I. Menhaden. HO r. a ?2c for selected light, boo. for choice brown aail .ve lor Interior. Crude eot.on ?ced. ?J.c. Neatstoot lubricating, $1 10 a $1 40; do. .No 1 Wc a II. ' PKiBOLrrw.? The mnrket continued quiet snd un changed lor all <le*Tiptions. Ketlned quoted nominally at 19Uc,, spot or month; crude In hulk al il^c., spot, anil 9,'. for the tuiure moiitli; caw? at ?!<o. a 'Ate., and naphtha at lie. a lltfe. for Western or city. At the Creek I tho market remained dull and unchanged ; <i noted at ??_ 20 a S- 2ft on the upper ami lower roads, and S2 4ii at t ill Cltv. The Philadelphia market was neglected and I entirefy nominal. Rertned held at l?c. .spot or month. A '-ale of 2,000 bbls. was reported for April on private 1 tepsortsioN?.? Receipts? Pork, 1W hhls. ; heef, .1M pack es ? cut meats, 3, "SI do. ; Inrd. 2 hhls. and tlercesand l kegs. The market tor mess pork wa-< qntet, but con siderable firmness was manitested on the Mrt ol holder*. Round lot. were held at SI? <?' cash, with bids at $1? ?.? refused. In a jobbing way a tail ^ business was consum mated, the sale, aggregating about ,V*t bbls. at $l? ,ft a $10 87?? tor mess, S13 fiO ii S13 76 lor extra prime do. and SI4 7ft lor rumps. Hai on was quiet, but steady, w e have only to note sales of 2.K? boxes long clear, sellers April, at !tic. ; ISO bnxes do. , same option, at t* I via,-., and lftu boxes short clear at 9c. : short nb held at 9c. Heel continued nuiet at unchanged prices. Sales in lots, about 125 pai k tt jes, within the range ol $fl a $10 for new plain mess hhls., $10 a $12 for do. extra do. hbls., $20 h $21 for do. prime iiyss tierces, and $2S m $2ft do. India do. tierce* Heel hani? were neglected an d entirely nominal at Irom $H) a $3S. Cut meats ? The demftinl continued moderately fair and the market In some instances was firmer, we heard of sale, of '-'flu boxes drv suited shoulders at 7'4c a 7*?c-. W? Pickled shoulders atflo.. 200 tierces do. ham., loose, at 12y ? ? 14c , tor heavy to tight, and fi,flM0 lbs. ol pickled bellies at 9'ic. Quotations lor other meats remained nominally as before. l?ard? The market for Western was tlrm at the opening, hut subsequently closed weak ; there was but little demand lor prompt delivery, although a lair busi ness was consummated in futures. The sales cotnprlM* ? 3U0 tierces, on the spot, at H^c. lor steam. for Wo. I and Hlic. for ?our ; 100 tierces of kettle at i*' on the doc* ; I.2.MI do. steam, tor April, at ?'*c. ; 2,000 do., for June, at 9 <?., and 2..MHI tierces for do. at 9'?r- a W^c., buyer payint. brokerage yii the Inside price. City was quiet; fi<' sold at h\. Iiressed liotfs were steady at He. a PV ,ur " Hii" ?The demand to-day has been 'air ^for both fore mil and Uouj^fUc. with former orices rulianc. 'W 7!& ?ales include <10 tierces of Carolina at T\r a 8)<e. and 2I*J bag* Rangoon nl 0)4 c it 7c. Smuu ? Btisinesi in raw sugar continued o'liet with D/iccs essentially unchanged The transactions In clude -?I8H hlids. of molasses ????! at 7 V'., 400 hhds. of centrifugal on private terms, 410 lihds., description not given, on private terms, Bud 734 boxes centrifugal, late yesterdav, at ?V- u 9V. Refined was tlrm at former prices. We quote :?Col>a? Refining, interior to common, to. a 7\e ; lair to good lair. 8c. a S'jc. good to prime, (ie. a HXf . ; grocery, fair to good, 8><c. a 8Vc. ; prime to choice, b'i?. a ?V'- 1 centrilugal, hhds. and boxes, 0c. a 9kc. ; molasses, hhds. and boxen, 7c. a 8c. ; melado. 4c. a 6?c. Havana? Boxes, Dutch standard. No*. 7 to 9. 7>,c. a fSc. ; do., 10 to 12. 8^c. a9?- '. <?<*?. 18 1? 1#1 8V" a 9*<c. ; da, 16 to 18, 10r. a 10*, o. ; do., 19 to 20, 10^c. a He. ; white, H'VtC. a 11 V. Porto Rico? Kenning, common to prime, 7c. a sic. ; grocery, fair to choice, B??c. a 9'aO. Braxil? Dutch standard. ' Nos. 8 to 12. 7c. a 8Hc. Java? Dutch standard, Nod. 10 to 12. 8^c. a 9c. Manila? Superior and extra suuertor. 7)ic. a 8c. , ? Hk?d? ? The market lor Unseed remained quiet, bat B" es were firm. We note sales since our last of 3,1100 s from store at $267)4, gold, 90 days, and 4,000 bags, ex Centaur, at $2 00, gold, 90 days. Messrs. G. Tuckerman A Co. report the stock here as comprising 32,390 bays, and in Boston 2i ,000 tags, ('lover has been quiet but un changed ; quoted at 8',c. a 8J?c. for medium to strictly choice. Timothy remained dull ; quoted at $3 60 a $8 85 per bushel. Tallow.? The market was steady under a moderately fair demand. The sales aggregate atiout 75,000 lbs. atS^c. a 8J4c. for common to prime outside and 9c. for prime city. Tobacco.? Kentucky has been In fair demand for ex port. but aside Dora this the demand was limited to small Tots for home consumption. The sales since our last in clude 100 cases sundry seed leafs, crop '71, at 25c. a 55c. ; 221 cases of Ohio, crop '72. on private terms; 800 hhds. of Kentucky at from 7>?e. a 14c., and 800 bales ol Havana at 70c. a 90c. Wool.? There has been a tair business consummated since our last and the market was steady until yesterday, when the advancc in the gold premium caused consider able depression and prices were lower, with but little disposition shown to operate even at the decline, which is said to be from 2c. to 3c. per lb. on nearly all grades. The Mies since onr last comprise -.?20.000 lbs. of Ohio fleece, #5o. ;6 ,000 lbs. of low Western, 45c. : 29,000 lbs. of do mestic fleece, 60c. a 66c. ; 2,600 lbs. of Detain combings, 65c ; 6,000 lbs. super pulled, 47c. ; 5,000 lbs. ot unmerchantable, 40c. ; 4.000 lbs. scoured wool, 75c. ; 10,000 lbs. Texas, 25c. it 27c. ; 6.000 His. English noils, 46c. ; 37 bales spring Califor nia, 33c.. a 32*40. i 15 bales Montevideo. Me.t 10 bags scoured Texas, 65c a 75c. ; 25 do. extra nulled, 4?e. ; 100,010 lbs. Abudia, 10,000 lbs. Louisiana, 6.000 lbs. Ohio, '2. M0 scoured domestic, 4,000 lbs. tubbed, 80,000 lbs. Montevideo. 90 bales Spring California, 75 bales Full do., 50 bales Cape ahd 1A bags super pulled, all on private terms. Whisskt.? Receipts, 745 bbls. The market opened a shade firmer, but closed steady, with a fair business, at yesterday's decline ; sales early, SObbls. at91e., and bblK. later at 90, 'to. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Galvkston, April 1, 1873. Cotton firm : good ordinary, 16'?'c. Net receipts, 1,740 bales . gross, 1,487. of which 747 were received troui New Orleans. Exports, coastwise, 612. Hales, I.70U Stock, to.978. New Orlrans April 1, 1873. Cotton in moderate demand; ordinary, lS%c. ; good ordinary, IfiJic.; low middlings, I8i!nc. : middlhigH, 19V' Net receipts. 4,554 hales; gross, 5,090. Exports? To tne Ci nt incut, 2,445 ,, 1,885. Hales, '<00. last evening, 8, M0. Stock, 199,150. Morilk, April 1, 1873. Cotton quiet and firm; middlings. 19c. Net receipts, <108 bales. Exports, coastwise, 156. Hales, 500. Stock, 30,131. Savannah, April 1, 1873. Cotton Arm; middlings, 18lic. Net receipts, 1,371 bales. Sales, 1,1 M. stock, 48,834. CHARLESTON. April 1, 1873. Cotton Arm ; middlings, l*%c. ; low middlings, 18l4c. a 18>$o. ; good ordinary, 1 7 a 17 V- Net receipts, 425 iiuiec. Hales, 1,200, Stock, 21?,4SI. Wilmington, N. C , April 1, 1873. Spirits of turpentine unlet; no sales reported Rosin quiet; (2 tiO lor strained ; $2 H5 for low No. $5 50 for window glass. Crude turpentine sold at S2 25 lor hard; $4 lor yellow dip and virgin. Tar steady at $2 so., April 1, 1873. Tobacco active ; '? c . a Vc. higher for lugs uikI low leaf; sales, S288 lifitl.s. EUROPEAN MARKETS. Logons Monkv Marxist.? Lonoon, April 1?5 P. M.? Consols and American securities closed unchanged. Krle Railway shares, 50%. consul* opened at 'J2*? lor money and the account United States five-twenty bonds, 1865's, old, 94^' ; 18fl7's, 93*$ ; ten turtles, 8U'4; new five*, 91. P*ANKronT Boi'rsr.? Frankport, April 1.? United States Ave twenty bonds, flftjj, tor Ihe issue of 1862. P*ris Koursk.? Pauls, April 1.? Rentes. Mi: flOe. Ltvkhtooi. Cotton Marxist.? Livkhpool, April 1?5 P. M ? The market closed Arm. The sales of the dav have besn 15,000 bales, including 3,000 for st eculatlon ana export Ot the sales 9,000 bales ware American. Hules of cotton shipped from Havannalior Charleston February mul March at ll^,d The innirkel oiieucd firmer. Middling uplands, 9\d. : middling Orleans, 9%d. 'I'iiauk at Manciikstkii.? LivcRrooi.. April 1.? The mar ket for yarns and lalirii-s at Manchester is tlrm. lavKkrooi. BHKAosTUKr.* Makkft. -Liverpool, April 1?5 P. M. ?The receipts of corn for the past three davs have tieen 6,000 quarters, Including 4,000 American. The market is dull. Wheat, lis. 4d. a lis. 6d. per cental for average California white. ; lis. 9d. a 12s. tor club do., and lis. a 12s. 2d. (or red Western HiiriiiK. Corn. 27s. Hd. per quarter. Flour, 27-. fid. per bill, for Western. The re ceipts of for the past three days have bMn 4,000 quarters. Including 2,000 American. lavKRPooi. Provisions M arkkt.? Liverpool, April 1?2 P. M ? Lard, 38s. Hd. per cwi. Pork, 65s. per bid. for new in ess. London Prodcc* M arkkt? Loniion, April 1? Even ing. ? Hugar. 27s. per cwt for No. 12 Dnteb standard, afloat Linseed oil, ?3.') Ofis. n ?39 10a. per ton. Spirits turpentine, 45s. a 45s. fid. pur cwt A. PlSAHClAb. ?THE I M I'KKI A I. ROYAL PE1V1LEOED WIENliR IIANDELHBANK IN VIENNA (AUSTRIA) (paid up capital. lO.OOn.OtlO Horlns) recommends, in view o! the opening of the WORLD EXPOSITION AT VIENNA tlie services of her banking depnrtinent for LETTERS OF CKEDJT, COLLECTIONS and PAYMENTS; and also her storing departments for PORWARDINC ANlTsTORINa OP GOODS, Custom House transactions hiuI payment oi dutie*. ALL DEPOSITS MADE ON OR BEFORE APRIL 20 ill the Third Avenue Savings Hank, corner Tweiity-sixtn street, ! will draw interest from April I. Six per cent from $1 to ' $5,000. T. W. DECKER. President. Da\ih Mori, an, Secretary. i -LAPSI.KY A BA2I.KY, BKOKERH IN STOCK ; and Hold Privileges, 47 Exchange place. All contracts | negotiated are signed by firms ?r brokers of undoubted i standing and responsibility. All contracts have our ! certification attached. ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY - The (juartei iv Dividend of one and a quarter per cent on tne capital stock of the Pacific Railroad (of Mis souri, will be paid at the offices ot this company in St Louis, Mo., and at 287 Broadway. New York. April 15, 1873, to stockholders of record of April 1, 1H72. A. .V. STOUT, Treasure. Nitw York, March 24, 1K7.'1. August bei.mont a co.. Bankers, 19 and 21 Nassau strot, issue Travellers' Credits, available In all parts of the world, through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial credits and transfers of money on California. Europe and Havana. A'"? MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTOAOB, ? in New York, Brooklyn anil New .ler^ey. Prin cipals only apply to HAM L'KL S. WOOD. Jr., 15k Broad way, room 10. A ?$5,000, $10, GOO, $15,000, $20,o00 AND SEVER \ L ^ V ? other sums belonging to trust estate to loan on first class city property, without bonu l'AL'L P. TODD. 56 Liberty street A-TRI ST MONET JUST IMIll IN TO LOAN AND . buy Mortgages on city Real Estate. In sum* to suit; no bonus. Address TRUSTEE, bo* 2.6S1 Post office, N. Y C COUPONS OP NKW YORK AND ROCK A WAY It A If. J road, due April 1, will be paid at Long Islund Rail road office. Hunter's Point O. CHARI.ICK, President. ("I OLD AHD SILVER ANI1 ARTICLES CONTAINING T gold bought at market prices; Polishing, Filter ana Photograph Papers burnel and smelted by Refiner SCR A WEI,. 25.(ohn strict. HASKIN8 A KRAINE. II BROAD STREET, Stock and Cold Brokers. Stock Privileges a specialty ; Puts, Calls and Double Privileges on all ac tive stocks. Small capitalists will find this a safe method ot speculating Explanatory circular*, with references, mailed on application. OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO AND CANADA SOUTH ern Railway Company, 13 William street. New York, March 27, 1873.? The semi-annual Interest, maturing April 1, 1873, on the first mortgage bonds of the Chicago , and Canada Southern Railway Company will tie paid on and alter the 1st prox. at the Union Trust Company of 1 New York, 73 Broadway. M. COUBTRIQHT. President. Proposals fob $100,000 stock of the city of New York. Sealed proposals will be received at the Comptroller's office until Thursday, April H, lH7.'t. at 2 o'clock P. M., when the same will be publicly opened for the whole or any part of the sum ol three hundred thousand dollars of stock of the cliv ot New York, to wit :? Additional NKW CBOTON AQUEDUCT STOCK, authorized b^ chapter 230, Lavs of 1870, payable KOIOIN WATKK MAIN stock, authorized by chapter 593. I^aws ol 1872, payable November 1, $150,000 bj $180,000 Said Stocks wl!l bear Interest at the rale of seven per cent per annum, pavaldc on the first day ol May and No vember in each vear. The proposals wllfstate the amount of stocks desired and the price per one hundred dollars thereof ; and the persons whose proposals are accepted, will, thereupon, tie required to deposit with the Comp troller the sums awarded to them resppctivel v, together with any premiums thereon, when they will be -ntltied to receive certificates lor equal amounts of the par value of the sums awarded to them, bearing interest from the dates of payment Eacli proposal should be scaled and endorsed "Propo sals for Stocks of the City Of New York." and cn.loaed in a second envelope addressed to the Comptroller. The right is reserved on the part of the Comptroller to reject any or all of tlie bid* if. in his judgment, the Interests of the Corporation require it. AhOllin 11. GREEN, Comptroller. City of Ni-w York Dri-AHTXKNT or FiNAsrr, i Coarmoi i-? s's optics, March 26, 1x73. ' TO THE DEPOSITORS IN AND OTHER CRF.DITORS of the Bowling Urei ii Savings Bank, of the city of New York.? Notice Is hereby given pursuant to the direc tions of the Supreme Court, by an order made the 2?th day of March, 1871. that a dividend of ten (10) per cent of the debts ot the Bowling Green Savings Bank of tlie city of New York, is ready to be made among all. tho*e creditors of the said bank, who have exhibited their claims ss creditors, ?nd who se debts have been as certained office for payment, 33 Broadwav, New York. Hours for payment between 10 o'clock in the forenoon and 2 o'clock in the ailernimn ot each day, commencing on the 7th dav of April, 1871 SHEPEKD F KNAPP, as Receiver of the Bowling Green savings Bunk ol the city of New York. Nsw Yoas, March 2C.1873. r|X) FULLY UNDERSTAND STOCK OPERATION'S I with privileges, send tor Explanatory Circular, Willi pra< ileal illustrations and references, or call any time troui 10 A M. to 3 P. M oil LAPHLEY A BAZLKY. Broke i a, 47 Excttungv place. FINANClAt. UNION IMMK HA VINOS HANK, ' ~ ** 19(1 and 39R Canal street ^ 0|>en dally, from 10 to 3, and on Monday owning, from Assets. fen millionii nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand dollars Hix r>? r eant Interest paid. Money de Ixn'itfd on or before Aprrt 10 will draw interest from ipril 1. Bank books in hnglish, i rench and Herman. N NAPOLKON J IIA1NKH, President T. P. Armour, Secretary. O. S. Chifi.v, Treasurer. \Y 5 WARD, 22 BROAD 8TBKKT, BROKER III TV Stocks, Bonds. Oold, Ac.; Privileges a speeialty. The fact that no privilege negotiated through tins omen was ever dishonored sufficiently attests the strength anil stability of the names dealt In. ANTHD? TO BORROW, BBFOBB TBI IHT (IS May, $5,000: security, mortgage of lease of goewj city busluess property ; will pay a reasonable bonus. Ad, dress MONKY. Herald office. We have money to loan and to buy ruS-i and Ueoond Mortgages In New York City and Brook* lyn, E. D. W 1) ? F. BAKTLKri, 86 Wall Htreefc W $2,500 " H. O. R., bo* 4, WANTED? ON GOOD SECURITY, FOB one year; willing to pay bonus. Addresa ' 288 Post office. (till A nnn ON hand yet to loan on pirh* tpXI.T:.l't JU or Second Mortgages in eity; small bonus and quick transactions. 8. K R K ft) E.NKI Cll k CO., 006 and 91)8 Third avenne. <#?T ^7 rc nnn TO loan? on bond and mokt. ?1p1|?/.ImM7 gage, ill Isrgt' and small sums on Cltp Property. Money lor Second Mortgages. Apply to WLU LIAM KENNELLY, No. ? Pine street dfcoor nnn TO LOAN ON CITY OR COUNTR* Property, (Second and Leasehold Mortgagee bought. BIDWELL k ARMSTRONG, 12 Pne street ? db I fW\ Ann TO LOAN OV NEW YORK, BROOK. V"tUU.uUU lyn and WeatchMter Real Estate, m sums to suit; no bonus required; term of year* C. K Willis, Montauk Insurance Company, ItiH Broadway. 47RA Ann to loan-on improved pro, <I> I UU.UUU perty in New York and New Jersey > only first class property principals need apply, WilH papers. lC. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambers street D COPA.ITNKRSHIPS. IBSOLtTION. ? T 1 1 E COPARTNERSHIP HERETO, lore existing under the linn name of I. Mmaloii A Co., Is dissolved by iiiutuul consent, John Messloh retir ing. All outstanding .i< sonnta duo to and by Mid flrni will be liiiuidated by Stephen Schrader. who continue* the busllti 81. JOHN MES8LOH. 1 N?w York, March SI. l^K. HTP.PIIEN 8C II RADKIt. THE COPARTNERSHIP rOBKSU? EXISTING UN?' der the name of Gold A. (ones Is hereby by mutual agreement dissolved, anil will trotu this day exist undec the name ol Henry UolO. REAL ESTATE OPERATIONS. Halo of the Famous Post Estate^ Over One Million Dollars Realised** Immense Crowds at the Bxehangq and Extraordinary Bidding Made to* Lota?Two Corner Lota Bringing $18,100 and SIN, 000? The Effect of the Sale on the General Market? A Tlgh^ Money Market Has No Effect oq Sales of Real Estate. Never before In the history ol selling real efrtatq In the city or New York was a property better oe more extensively advertised than was the sale ol the celebrated Post estate, which came under thq hammer of Messrs. Muller, Wtlkins & Co. yeetert day, at the Real Estate Exchange. The columns oi the various newspapers were teeming with the an. nouncements, and flaming posters, from which ha "who runs may read," of the forthcoming pubhq disposal, all tended to crowd the salesroom with one of the largest and richest assemblages ever congregated within Its walls. Punctually at twelve o'clock Mr. Peter P. Meyer, Mr. Fowler's chler factotum, called the audience tc order by means of ringing the gong. The veteran auctioneer, Mr. Adrian H. Muller, mounted the ros* trum, and his son read in a clear, loud voice tliq terms of the sale, dimensions of the property, Ac. Business began by offering the lot 2t>xl00f designated on the map as No. 102, on the nortl^ west corner of Riverside avenue and 1224 street* This property was started at $16,000, and rapidly run up to $18,100, when the bidding lagged, and this being the offer of Mr. Cyrus Clark he was da. clared to bo the purchaser. Thus was the lea broken, and the criterion ef prices nee ma to have been indicated by this "knock down." Lot 101. on the corner opposite,; was next put up and realized $18,ooo, the ostensibly purchaser lieln^ Mr. John 8. Vredenburg, but In reality a Pine street broker. For two hours tha sale progressed, and did not lose a jot of Un Inte. rest during its continuance. The best of iiumoi; prevailed throughout, and capitalists seemed t.a have suddenly awakened to the Idea thai thelc Colconda had been discovered, consisting of River side lots. They i herefore bid recklessly and with considerable extravagance. Numerous lessons are t? be deducted from tha groat sale Just closed. The result has been anx iously looked forward to as establishing permanent] values on west side property generally and Riveraloa Park lots in particular. Then we are admonished that a money market, be it ever so stringent, can have ho effect whatever in influencing the sale of real estate? vide the extravagant prices paid oat for purchases yesterday. It Is true that only ten per cent of the purchase money had to be deposited on the day of the sale, twenty per cent when the title la passed and sev enty per cent can remain on bond and mortgage* which Is considered as being very considerate* Yet at that rate about three hundred anu sixty thousand dollars cash will be realized, leaving about twice us much more nnder the amplest se curity, bringing seven per cent Interest for an in? dellnlte period to come ; providing, however, thaq all the lots as offered were sold to others besides the heirs. The total amount of the sale figures up< $i,o94,ioo and exceed? that of the Carman estate by about a quarter of a million. Buyers yesterday displayed a great deal of ex* cttement and evinced a determination to passes^ the particular spot selected for an Investments hence the lively competition. However, everybody is pleased, and let. us hope that this brilliant trans* action forms the avaiU courier of a busy Spring season, which Is badly needed, especially aa real es tate operations have been dragging through tha "slough of despoud" during the past four or llvg W06l?8. * The otner sales at the Exchange were entirety overshadowed by the Post estate. Fortunately, howetier, they were not or any great magnitude. To-day the celebrated Thompson estate, located at In wood, and which has been -mentioned belorei in this column, will come un again lor sale, andeq the direction oi Mr. Nathaniel Jarvls, Jr., referea. and Colonel Janies M. Miller, auctioneer. Judging from the prices obtalued lor the Post property thl* time-honored and eligible property will com mand a very high figure. The size of the plot iM 4 "13-1,000 acres, besides a fine three story and basement, mansion, of extra large dimensions, out. houses, \c. ? The following are the particulars of yesterday'^ transactions at the Real Estate Exchange, No. Ill Broadway:? sv aorms n uvu.rn, wilkin* ai?t> co. (Executor'* tali' of the Post estate.) 1 lot n. e. corner Riverside av. and 122d st., 25x100: 0. Clark. ?18,000 1 lot adjoining the above on Riverside av., 2.1x100 . C. Clark 3 lots adjoining the above, each 25x100; V. C. Merry 1 lot ailjolnjiiK the above, 25x100; Oeorite Baker ? 2 lot. aitioininit the above, each 2.1x100: Ooo. Baker M, 2 lot.? adjoining the above, each 25x100; H. Spelgler B,.1**! 1 lot adioinioic the above, JSxI'M; O.Owen 11,0611 1 lut adjoining the above, 2T>xlOO: Oeorae Raker 11,9X1 4 lot" Adjoining the above, each 25x100; II. W. ('oafs 48,1 2 lots adjoining the abort, each 25x100; K. C. Mekay.24, 2 lots adjoining the ubove, each 25x100; Oeo. Baker. .22. 2 lots adjoining the above, eacn 25x100; Oeo. Baker. .24, 2 lots adjoining the ubove. each 25x400: A. Scholle .24^* 5 lots udioininK the above each 21x100; F. C. Merry. .AM.OOII S I"!.-" adi'iining the .iboviv each 25x100; 11. A. Hmltli SB.2" S lots aifioining the above, each 25x100: R. Davis . 87,?S # lot* adjoining the above, each 25x100; B. P. Pair child 70,000 2 tots adjoining the above, each 25x100; T. Ware.. . . .24,300 2 lot' adjoining the above, together 50xl3S.t* H. Oalpin. 28,400 2 loth adjoining the above, together 50x100x07; H. Oalpla 20,4011 2 gore, adjoining the above, together 88.9x67; U. tialpin 23,0011 2 lots w.i. C'lurcinont av., Jftj ft. *. ol 127th at. to gether 3S.lxli?. and :t gores adjoining the n. side; Oalpin 19,900 4 lots adjoining the *. each 25x100; B. P. Falrcliild.l9.iitl 3 lots adioluihL' the above, each 25x100; Oeo. Baker. I5,uul 5 lots adjoining the above, each 25x100; B. A. Smith. 15,1 <1 5 lots adjoining the above, each 25x100; F. Merry .25, iHl 3 lots adioinmg the above, each 25x100; P. Merry 17.291 3 lots adiolning the above, each 25x100; Oeo. Baker. I. 1,3X1 3 lot< adiolning the above, each 25x100: Oeo. Baker. ia,Hi?l t lots adjoining the above. each 25x100; F. C. Merry rJ4,0tXl :< lots adjoining, #ch 25xliX); L. Hpeldleberg IMU4 4 l<>tc a limning, eai h 25xliX): F. C. Merry 36^2IH| 2 lots adjointngr. each 25x100; C. Clark I4.10Q l lot n. w. corncr Claremont av, and I22d st., 25xiM). 0. Clark 1,05*1 1 lot s. p. corner Riverside av. and 122d St, 25x100: J. 8. Frledenberg 18,009 3 lota adjoining, s. ?. , each JSxltXi : C. P. Choatc . 3#,IX)d 3 lots do., each 2Axlli0; II. A. Smith 37,0*4 4 lots do., each 25x100; Ueorgo Baker. 48,>xl 3 lots do., each 25x100; A. Bemheltner 40,209 1 lot a. w. corner Claremont av. and 122d st . 25x100; M. Weil ??,?? 3 lots, adjoining the alwive, each 25x100; Max Weil. . .18,i?X> 3 lots, adjoining the above, each 23xltX) I6.IXX] 2 lots, adjoining the above, each 25x100 10,40(1 1 lot, adjolniag the above, JOxltfL . . 7,?x| 1 gore lot, s. e. coraer Claremont av. ami I22<1 st. soxluUx2S>4. 5x2ys ; w. M. Adams... 21^09 bt a. r. ntRCHiLD. 8 lots, n. w. corner 4th av. and 107th ?4_ together, I5il hxliu.l, ami lfl lots n. ?. 107th st, lOO.II It. e. 4th av., together, 4W)xUX).ll; llenry A. Bobbins ? 29,999 ar h. n. c*?r. 3 s. bk. h and 1.. 16 University place, w. S., 7017 ft n. of Clinton place, leas# has 21 years to rim (mm Mav 1, 1876; ground rent $200 par annum, lot ffl.ox . T. 3. Brown IC.OOd ST SI.RKCK KH, SON AHV CO. 3 a bk. h. snd I.. 439 Witt 21st st. , n. ??., 4344 ft w. of . 9th av., lot 19.3xi<3: Henrietta Taylor l3.7Sq BT JAMFS M. W1LI.KK 4 *. bk. h. (ftont), 4 s. bk h. (rear) and 1., 91 Delanrv st., between l.ndlow and Orchard sts.. j A. Balling ,.U! - - ?*? "<*? Two2s. ft. 7i i 'Uses and two lots ?. e. corner Ht. Nicho las av. and 4'r<it?n at, lots together j 94; B. P. Kaltclilld BT /OS. ?'UCIRB. The premises IT and 48 .New Bowerr, w a. known as the (Irani lloust : Owen O'Connor. plalaUIT The un mites 44, adjoining tha above , (?wen O'Oau . nor. nlaintilT.... *>*MV

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