Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1873 Page 8
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THE ERIE INVESTIGATION. Farther Development of Proofs of the Pay ments Made for "Extra Legal Services." One Million Dollars to William M. * Tweed in Three Years. ""legislative Expenses" The Delavaa House and Congress Hall Items? Archer'* Contracts? The Southern Im provement Company. THE DIVIDEND THAT SWELLED THE DEDT. ?n the resumption of tke Investigation of the iflktn of the Bile Railway Company yesterday morning all of the committee were present and also Mr. S. L. M. Barlow, counsel for the directors; Mr. WllMam A. Beach, counsel for the stockholders, and Mr. Stick* me j, counsel for the committee. The testimony watch was elicited from the witnesses daring the ?forenoon was not of a very startling natort, Dot bettor and more complete achievements were hoped for by the .senators. What are now most earnestly desired are the names of the legislators who were influenced by tbe money wbloh was used tor lobbying and other equally corrupt purposes. Mr. Watson, president of tbe company, was present daring most of tbe session, and looked upon tbe tpsoceedlngs with a smiling, bnt at times rather disturbed countenance. Tbe first witness was MB. SAMUEL D. BABCOIK, ? director, who testified In relation to the declara tion of tbe dividend. He said : ? I was one of tbe fear directors who opposed declaring a dividend and voted against It; 1 had no doubt of tbe cor rectness of tbe financial statement made by tbe President, but could not agree to distribute among tbe stockholders money which was needed for re pair* of tbe road; the proceeds of the $10,000,000 - convertible bonds were to have been devoted to construction ; I don't know that they were used to yay tbe dividend ; I think, and I give my opinion as a banker, that tbe commission paid Btectioffs. helm A Co. was excessive. The larger part of tbe Erie stock is beld abroad and the reason for declaring tbe dividend was to show tbe foreign holders of stock tbe good moult of tbe change in tbe directors, and tbe honest and economical management which tbe sew ones had Initiated; I was opposed to the divi dend because 1 thought the net earnings Bhould be need in liquidating the debt and for construction ; If there had been no heavy debt I would have voted for tbe dividend ; 1 believe a considerable sum was apent for "construction but 1 do not tbink that anything was charged to the construction account tbat did not add to the permanent value or the property of the Erie Railway ; 1 considered the statement of the net earnings oi the road over the signatures of the directors would bave the same moral effect in strength ening tbe stock of the compauy as the declaration of a dividend, except in London, where such a large amount of the slock 1b neld; 1 believe tbe directors had a legal right to declare the dividend, but I considered that it wonld have been much better policy to have rednoed the floating debt; it is perfectly right lor a company, if It has ?pent its net earnings tn extending tracks or other permanent construction, to declare a dividend ou tbe net earnings and pay it out or tbe sale of new bends Issued to cover the necessary expenditure ; ibis woald of course Increase the indebtedness of tbe company to the amount of the dividend paid; In a company which changed hands very often 1 consider that the pro tits for the current time should tie distributed among the stockholders or with equal propriety should be need in paying elf the floating debt or the company or for permanent improvement; the Increased value of stock in the latter cases would indemnity the stockholders lor the lack of a dividend; It was represented to me tbat the disgorgings of (ion id were laid aBlde to pay the floating debt, and hence the earnings could be devoted to paying a divi dend ; I bave no Idea or the value that could be t e ailaed on the stocks which were restored to tbe company. MR. O. H. P. ARCfi Kit was recalled to be examined in relation to the amount or bis profits under the rreight contract which he held. He read tbe following statement of his receipts and expenditures :? Becclpto from the Eric Kailwav Company for the year HOT 9901.048 Expenditure!) tor the Erie Railway Company tor Ibe year 1872 889,210 Profits 913,838 Mr. Archer declared emphatically that the con tract was not profitable enough to suit him, and tbat he was anxious to relinquish It. In response to a question by one oi tbe committee he said I did not say on my Ibrmer examination that I was losing by this contract, bnt that I did not want to i keep It. Mr. Lincoln? Would yen be wiiUng to make It over to tbe committee and let them remit on the Mune terns that you have enjoyed ? (Laughter.) Witness? Yes, I would, and (excitedly) you could not run it at present prices so thai it would 1 Ry; the new system of auditing accounts by i esldent Watson has added $3,000 a month to the expanses of the business; there are not brains j enctgh among the station agents or the Erie Kail- 1 Way to make ont tbe complicated statements la- I Bis tea on by Watson ; the dividend was not earned ; daring 1872, twenty-six engines were damaged by the lire which destroyed the machine shop, and Bone of them have been replaced, only part or them bave been repaired; they were a year in arrears in dividend on their preferred stock and tbe one and three-quarters per cent dividend on common stock should have been applied to the arrears on common stock; on the day before e dividend was declared I saw Mr. i bite in the Erie ofTlce and he aald they would have to effect a loan for the com pany of $100,000 for current expenses, ahd Mr. : Shearman, the Treasarer, asked me to negotiate i It, and I did negotiate It with Mangam's Trust Com pany ; I have ne knowledge or tbe rate of com- i mission paid for the kind or negotiation which was { made by UlschotTshelm A Co. ; its object was to I bring up the price or stock in the market; 1 was ! Informed that the new directors who came in were I nominated by Bischoirshetui A Co. To Mr. Barlow?' The dividend was based npon | Mr. Watson's statement of the atflilrs of the com- | pany; 1 did not examine the accounts from which { It was made, and never saw them; I was Vice C esldent of the Board of Directors from Decern - r, 1871, until April, 1872. To Mr. Babcock? In February, 1872, the project . of tbe South Improvement Company was proposed ; $o me by Mr. Watson; the capital was to be $10,000,000: it was supposed that it would be able Co control all shipments of oil from the oil regions; J they proposed contracts with the New York Cen tral, Pennsylvania aud Erie reads, the three trunk i lines, by which 40 per barrel was to be paid as ; freight; the South Improvement Company was to have a rebate on these rates or f l 40 per barret, for which they were to guarantee alxty oeven per cent or tbe oil freights to tbe Pennsylvania road, and to divide freights on tbe balance of the oil product between the Central and Krle whether they carried the , oil or not; the result would have been to give tbe control or tbe sale or oil to the agents or abe Southern Improvement Company in New York, besides giving that company $1 40 on nearly every barrel of oil produced; the contract was made, out i the project never was executed : some idea of the extent of this monopoly may be gathered rrom the |hct tbat about ?, 000,000 barrels or oil were then being shipped anuually. After giving this testimony Mr. Archer took bis handkerchief out the crown or his hat, which was lying on the table, and wiped his forehead. _ He was then questioned by Mr. Htlckney regard ing the voucher produced on the day before in the presence of the committee, and recognized his sig nature. He said : ? I approved tne expenditure, sup posing It to be for legislative purposes ; I don't know who received the amounts, or what the amounts sot opposite "Delavan House and "Con grew Hall" were for; I did approve them without any knowledge of what the payment* were for ex oept ujxtn the statements of Mr. bherwood ; 1 have JM> kaoff ledge of the payments to Mr. Barlow - I met Mr. Dutcher while lit Albany: I ?w nim in relation to Brie matters' I Also saw some of tbe gentlemen whose names are on the vouchers; when I approved tbe Mem of expenditure denominated "Iiclavan Bouse*' ($1,000) ; I made no inquiries as to whether tt wae a bill far oae day or lor more; I thought however, that jt was a large bill; whea Mr. Sher wood said that the amounts were for legislative expense! I supposed he meant for lobbying pur poses? that la, to influence members; 1 don't, know whom;! never did anything in that line. (Laughter.) Mr. Archer's exantlnatlon was over, and, brush lag his hat very carefuily, he left the seat lor the MXt witness, wbo was ?h. awnrr f. Aim a. On being iworn he testified that he had charge of the delivery of freight lor tbe Eastern Division of the Krle Railway ; in mi 1 was in charge or the bureau of records ; I then wae in Mr. Kisk's private ?dee ; I have had knowledge of the payment of cer Aain *iuu?ol mrntj /or ' otivicti," J have seen tire von cb era; I have known or payments to cover the expenses of loDbyiug, at least it was a notorious lact in the Krt'e office that the money of these vouebeni wan paid for these purposes ; to my personal knowledge they were paid only for what were styled "legal services;" the first voucher pajable to Tweed that I saw wan In Oc tober. i860; It was for $100,000 tor "legal services," and was paid la four notes or $*i6tooo each; the first note payable in teu days, the second in twenty, the third In thirty and the foirth in forty ; the next voucher was for $10,700, paid to William M. Tweed; that was about the time of the Fenian raid ; the next after that wan for $19, 000, charged to the Demo cratic Htate Convention of i?w ; the voucher aaid, "Expenses from Hew York to Rochester and re turn;'1? (laughter)? in the next year the same amount was paid by vouchers for the same pur pose; this sum of money would pay the passage of about fifteen hundred persons; the vouchers came along at Irregular intervals after that, which would lead to the belief that Tweed had as much money as he wanted at any time that be wanted it; the last voucher was lor $0,000 paid to Tweed Just before Fl$k war killed; In 18T1 the vouchers made payable to Tweed showed snms amounting to $440,000 for "extra legal services;" they do not appear upon the books of the company: 1 made out the vouchers, and thus am aware of the payments ; from 1M8 to 1871 about one million dollars were paid Tweed for a<extra legal expenses ;" I can produce records of these transactions and alBO the trial balances of the nooks If I can have time to search for them. In order to give the witness opportunity to pro duce the proota which be had preserved the com mittee at thlB point took a recess, and directed him to appear for further examination at lour o'clock. Afternoon Session* The committee resumed at four o'clock and pro ceeded to examine Simon Stephens, who testified as follows 1 reside in the city of New York, and had some oonnectlon with the change in Eric road management in March, 1872 ; ou the 12th of March 1 bad a conversation relative to the legality or Mr. Oould'B poisltlon, and was asked whether It was legal by General Sickles ; I said if the company would guarantee to Mr. Gonld immunity for his acts he might be induced to resign : I was acting as counsel to Mr. Sickles: 1 saw Mr. Gould and presented him with the proposition, ask ing his resignation and guaranteeing htm certain conditions: he did resign, and I received $2,600 for my services; I beard next day that a large sum sf money had been spent in affecting the change ; 1 Haw Mr. Sickles In Washington, and he told me that he had received vouchers for $68,009; General Sickles said that the result of tne overthrow would largely determine tiie Presiden tial election ; I don't know whether he expected to receive assistance from the government or not; I don't know that General Sickles came over pur posely to attend to Erie or not; he nad a new wife, and he wanted to show her around; he asked leave of ab sence to come home: his leave of absence had no connection with Erie; he met Mr. BischoffShelm in London, and the matter was arranged relative to Erie; General Sickles Bald he hoped some time to become United States Senator, and he thought his action In regard to Erie would hasten the time ; 1 don't know whether he aspired to a higher posi tion or not; I don't know what services Mr. w. K. Chandler performed In connection with his name appearing upon one of the vouchers; Sickles ?ald to me, "What onght I to charge for what 1 have done?" I said, "You ought to charge ?60,000," uud he said, "1 think so. too; when I was in London I was told by BlSchoffBheim & Co. that a large Bum would be expended to produce a change; they had heard labulous accounts', of the lortnnes made by persons who had oontrol or the road at the time, and they wished to get their friends In; if the assistance rendered by Bischoflteheim to the company was of a purely speculative nature, 1 don't think Erie would bo entitled to recompense them. To Mr. Beach? 1 told Mr. Gould when I made the proposition of resigning to him that the release 1 offered to him was not Intended to cover any fradu lent transaction. Henry 1*. Antes was recalled, and produced an account of sums paid by tlie Erie Company lor iegal services during the year 1869-70; he also produced vouchers for the month preceding the change 1 have seen a eopv or the general legal disburse ments or the road np to the time of the date of the vouchers; I heard that the $60,000 worth of coal once distributed by Mr. Gould among the poor of the city was paid for out of the Erie treasury and charged to legal expenses. President Watson was re-examined and ex plained an error into which he had lalien during tils previous examination, by stating that certain vouchers were signed by a man named Fenlssy, when sncb was not the case. "LEGAL BXPKN8ES." The following statement of the extraordinary le gal expenses of the Erie Railroad, outside the sums which were paid to regular counsel, will be read ! with interest. It was lonnd In an old book in the 1 Erlf Railroad office. As will be seen, lcgai ex ? peases are made to stand for all sorts of disburse ' nients:? I James Flak, Jr., from Mnrch to December. 1868.. $171,400 Daniel Drew, March IS, 1868 ? ? ? 62,000 | Jay Gould, January 1. 1868 24,000 I Jav Uould. March HI, 1868 34,000 ? Jay (loalil, March 1, 1868 27,000 Jay Gonld, March 26, 1868 . . 24,000 Hamilton Harris, live items, from March to De cember, 1808 ? 26,000 I William M. Tweed, November 25, 1868.... 20,(100 ! William M. Tweed, December 1, 1868. 6.500 i William M. Tweed, December 6, 1868 4,800 Peter B. Sweeny, 110 date, 1868 180,0110 ! Taylor'* Hotel, Jersey City, IS08.._ 6,410 I W. H. Vanderbllt, Au?nst8. 1868 18,050 i Henry Thompson, Jnly 30, 1868. ? 189,500 I M. P. Bemls, January 11, 1869 1,000 1 A. D. Barter, May It, 1868 4,000 ' Hamilton Harris. January to July, 1889 22,443 ! William M. Tweed, January to June, 1869 ? 27,9 12 ' Samuel Tilden, January and February, 1869... 20,000 A. Van Vechten, March 8 1869 2,500 A. Van Vechten. May 12, 1809 .? 2,500 A. D. Barber, March 4, 1870 u 1,(100 A. D. Barber. May 19. 1870 40,000 A. D. Barber, May 9, 1870 4,780 Thomas C. Field.'', December 31, 1869 500 Thomas C. fields, Aprilh, 1870 2,500 James Klsk, Jr., from March. 1869, to.Inne, 1870. ... 22,000 | Jay Gould, October 22, 18&9, marked "For Senator Huikphrevs" 6,000 1 8. 11. Hamilton. March 28, 1870 2,800 ? A. U. Barber, April 8, 1870 1,000 ] Senator without name given, September 3, 187o... 1, 1100 , Jay Ooald, September 1, 1870 100,000 I Jay Uiiuld, September 9, 1S70 44,000 Hamilton Harris, irom December, 1869, to May, I 1870 30,0(10 James O'Brien, February 24, 1870 2,500 1 W. M. Tweed, (or Delavon House, June 26, 1870... 4,860 W. M. Tweed, for Delavan House. April 8, IN#. . . . 4,800 W. M. Tweed, for Delavan House, January 4, 1870 10.450 A. Van Vechten, January, 1870 2,frO A. Van Vechten, April 8, 1879 2,500 A. Von Vechten. September 6, 1870 2,500 Jay Gould, October 4, 1S71 1,000 Jay Gould, October 26, 1871 2,81*1 Hugh Hastings, April 28, 1868 16,000 Alter the reading of thin precious document the committee adjourned until ten o'clock this morning. THE PUBLIC DEBT. The April Statement in I>et? 11? Reduc tion, Sl.OOO.OOO. Washington, April l, 1873.^ The following Is a recapitulation of 141 e public debt statement ? DKBT BEARING INTEREST IN COIN. Bonds at 6 per cent $l,334,741,8'.o llonds at 5 per cent 4l4,667,:.oo Principal $1,749,309,160 Interest 31,900,842 i DEBT BEARING INTEREST IN I.AWFTI, MONEYS Certificates or Indebtedness* at 4 per eent $678, 000 Navy Pension fond at 3 per cent 14.000,000 Certificates at a per cent 060,000 PrlBcipai $l5,:?8,ooo Interest 119, 70& DEBT ON WB1CU INTEREST HAS CEASED SINCE MA TI'BITT. Principal $3.023,0?0 Interest ;!2\3t>? DEBT BEARING NO INTEREST. Old demand and legal tender notes.... $36S,591,734 Certificates of deposit 24,450,000 Fractional currency 45,109,374 Coin certificates 24,141,000 Prlneipsl $452,362,108 Unclaimed Interest 16,604 TOTAI," DEBT. Principal $2,220,012,338 Interest 32.3C&.519 Total $2,252,377 868 CASH IN THE TKKAHl'RY. com $69,637,376 Currency 2, 663, *40 Special deposit held lor tbe 1 ('demo tion of certificates ot deposit a* provided by law 23, 450, 000 Total $98,614,217 DEBT I.EHS CASH IN TUB TREASt'RT. April 1. 1873 $2,165,736,041 March 1,1873 2,167.380,700 Deereaseofdebtdurlngthe put month l,?44,0jH Decrease of debt from March I, !*?.", to March 1, 1873 968,082,569 ?OND8 IS81BD TO PACIFIC RAIIKi'AI) COMPANY, IN TEREST I'AYABI.E IN LAVm. MO.NKT. Prlacipai outstanding $r,i,62S,M2 Interest aecraed mid not ret paid imw.362 Interest. paid by the I nlted states lf,60 ),28J Interest repaid by transportation of mails. Ac 4.186,407 Balance of interest paid by tbe United States 14,323,873 EUN 0VEE _AND KILLED. About Jiair-past, twelve o'clock yesterday after noon Hester Marks, a little girl only nine years ol age, while turning the corner of Attorney and De lancey streets, was knocked down and run over ky a team of horses attached to a lager beer wagon belonging to Messrs. Rcfchardt A Winter, Kast Fifty-third street, tne wheels passing over her bead, causing almost instant" death. Immediately alter the occurrence the driver, who wat, going ai. a rapid rate, whipped up kis homes and uttempted to escape, bat he was pursued an*) arrested by an officer or the Thirteenth precinct. Coroner Young wm notified and will investigate th? matter. The remyns ofdectaaed were removed urtbereaidcfii-f oi uy jpitrtMB, iw vtMUvn street, THE WALL STREET HURLY-BURLY. A "Grand Bounce" in Stock9 Yesterday. Secretary Richardson Said To Be About to Relieve "the Boys." Fearful Stringency in the Money Market. Bnptnre in the Gold Pool, but Another Pool Form ing?How Long Are Merchants To Be at the Mere j of Spectators 1? One Per Cent a Day for Moneys-Can the Government Control the Priee of Gold T? A Windfall of Ten Million* in Greenbacks Supposed To Be Coining? Two Small Fail* ores at the Stock Board. Brokers got up very bright and early yesterday morning and rushed down to their accustomed haunts. There was promise of a fleid day, and 1 there were many very well informed persons who predicted a general smash up. The upward ten dency of gold frightened many who, under usual circumstances, might have been considered very easy-going, peaceably-disposed people. But, with all, there was a certain sort of feverish tendency to get excited, which boded no good either to the market or the general community. Parties met each other on street corners, and buttonholed ? each other very extensively to exchange views as to the state of things. There was a general inter change ol ideas, which, of course, left tilings pre cisely in the position they bad been before, but which, at all events, proved one fact? that there was something out of the usual way going on, something which everybody would have liked to be able to foretell. When the market opened gold went down, and continued to fall by eighths until it got just over into the slxteens. This looked from the beginning very bad for those who had been reportcu as hold ing immense quantities of gold In thoir own Inter est but against the Interest of the community in general. It was whispered around that the gold pool had unloaded apd that the members of it were sellfng^ut as rapidly as they could. Tliis may have been so, but there was ANOTHER HI OB TO THE 8TOKT, and which shows that 1/ the original pool burst there was a number of other gentlemen who were quite willing to take the other pool's chances and continue the game. This theory obtains some confirmation from the fact that all the gold that was offered was speedily bought up. It is said, and the Herai.d man has it from the best possible authority, that one Arm yesterday bougtit In $20,000,000 of gold and held It. It was also said that Mr. Jay Gould, that great little man, is a silent partner in the ilrni which consummated thlB transaction, lr this be true, and it no doubt is, Mr. Jay (Jould must be at the hottcm of tills second pool, with the hope to send gold a great deal higher than it lias yet beeu within the past few days. It is pretty certain that though gold did go down to some extent yesterday, ami that some body was hurt, the demand lor it was extensive and heavy. TUE REASON OF OOI.D'S A8CENDANCY. ? The chief and most popular reason assigned for the rise in gold Is the excess of the Imports over the exports. It required no very deep calculation to see that the tremendous imports would cause a proportionate demand for the precious metal. The question was with those who bought It up when they saw the demand coming, whether they would be strong enough to carry it. With Imports trans cending by millions the exportB the use of gold becomes imperative, anil it must be bought. Those who hold It under these circumstances ought to be able to exact their own terms, and, to some extent, they have done so. But the demand usually falls a little toward the middle of the week, and it niav have been allowed to fall slightly so as to rise all the higher as the demand increases for the depar ture of the Sal unlay steamers for Europe. These are the opinions oi men on Wall street, who pre- I tend to kuow, and have every opportunity of knowing, what they talk about. To these it seems I most probable that gold will not tail below the low- 1 est price paid yesterday, but that it will continue to rise, others who argue in the same strain still fui ther add that so long as our railroads keep up i i the price or Ireights as they have lately been doing, i the imports must continue to be greatly in excess 1 of the exports. THE FARMERS OF THE WEST cannot afford to shin their produce East at the ' enormous prices which are demanded by the rail- ! roads for ireights; and, in the meantime, not only they themselves suffer, but the railroads and the people suffer almost equally with them. I lie onlv class which is benetlted are the bulls who, without conscience? a thing it seems ridic ulous to look lor nowadays? trade on the necessities of the public. This has come to be such a usual kind of speculation that it is hardly looked upou any longer as sinful and wrong. The mer chants, it is true, suffer severely; but, after ail, the real loss will react upou the people at last, who i will have to buv t lie articles at ati Increased rate i and pay their hard-earned money Cherelor. That i is, unless, as during tue war, societies l>e organized to resist the sale ol loreign importations; bit this is, of course, too ridiculous to be seriously dis cussed. .The Herald man saw a prcmlnent financier in , Wall street yesterday, and asked him Ills opinion about this gold matter which is setting so many people by the ears. This gentleman said that tn the present state of affairs, with speculators able at any moment to ruin honest men, there was no help j for it anil things hud to go on as they had gone. But this gentleman said he had A THEORY ABOUT OOLD GAMBLINU. He added that he thought he knew of a way in ! which gold gambling might be stopiwd. "Suppose,"' he said, "that the Custom House were to take this matter of gold into Its hands. The ' government must always be stronger than mere speculators, stronger than anv clique. Gold, say is 1 quoted at 118 to-day. suppose the Sub-Treasury announces that it will sell gold at U4. Do you think for one moment that these speculators who alter all, are very few and iu themselves weak* would attempt to control the street against the government?'' "But would not this be recognizing the principle that gold is the staudard above greenbacks?" ! "The principle was recoi?nized|fr.?i the day that : the government went back on its own legal tender i by making the duty on imports payable in gold, i Here it made a distinction between gold and greenbacks, which was latal to tne government i currency. But whether it would be recognizing a new principle or not, what woo.d prevent the I government offering gold in this manner always at 1 some slight price below the speculator's price It '? would do the very thing that Cougress has passed useless laws about? stop speculation in gold ' This theory mav betaken for what it is worth and perhaps as one of the evidences of insanity which pervade the gold market lust at present In the Gold Room yesterday the excitement was very Intense during the morning. Then It was a mooted point as to whether the quotations were to be sent up to ridiculously higti prices or 1 whether everybody was to be relieved by its tailinc down. It took B TflE DOWN TlUN fortunately, and if everybody was not satisfied the majority was, at any rate. The dreaded storm had passed over lor a day and the morrow might take care ol Itself. But this does not mean to sav that everybody's mind is relieved. Far from it There was little talked ol during the afternocn amongst ??re particularly take an Interest in the price ol the yellow charmer. Still there was one thing about a block off which Interested Wall street very intensely, and, in lact, the whole country. This was the money market, winch, as the day grew on, became more and m*re stringent. In the early morning money could be got at one eigiith ; but as the day advauced money ! got tighter and went to one-quarter, then to one- I half, then still on live-eighths, and shortly before 1 | three o clock money was bought for a dav at three- I quarters per cent. The Hekai.d man saw one gen- ' tleman who borrowed $10,000 at one per cent until ' to morrow. It Is almost unnecessary, we presume. 1 ' to say that this interest is above and beyond the seven per cent allowed by law. ' here is a secret, of course, to this stringency in money. Two reasons are given lor it. It is said on one hand that some "tall" speculators have been bor rowing money irom the banks until there is really VERY I.ITTI.E MONEY I, RET IN THE STREKT. and brokers to cover their -contract*, which of course, they must pay, are obliged to boi row money at these ruinous rates. That is to sav. a gentleman with $100,000 could go into the street and get $,fo) !or his money on the best of seointy and without the slightest trouble. On the other hand, It is said that the cause ol the stringency Is that the farmers who make tnelr settlements throughout the country 011 April 1 have been draw ing tnelr money from the country banks and the country banks on their side have been drawing upon New Vork for money. This depletes tile street in aost lamentable lashion, of course. There Is no doubt some truth in both these reasons given for the money stringency. This, of course, produces the molt dire distress. Operations t?ofh among the brokers and among our merchants are compara tively paralyzed by Uus stale of affairs, and the ouly question asked is WHERE IS THE REMEDY T The universal answer is that the remedy should come from the government. Mr. Kichardson, the new Secretary or the Treasury, in the short time liim been at the tot'iia IB Waaluu^iou Ua? sue ceeaed m becoming very unpopular with the mer cantile artd' clauses. Hut it smmb that at lafet be is pieiarlng to make some movement towards relieving the monetary prepare. During the pant two days Mr. Richardson has received two biuthel baskets of telegraphic despatch** from prominent merchants and business men askug in the moot piteous manner for hem. It is, no doubt, this which hau caused him to make some MOVEMENT TOWARDS REI.1BVIN0 THR FREHW.'RK. His proposal to sell $8,000,000 of gold during the month is said t? be of no avail, because he with draws from circulation its equivalent in green backs, an 1 tbat makes matters worm- than ever. But yesterday aiternoon a despatch was received Irom Washington saying, in answer to a message asking for lmormation on this point, that Secre tary Richardson had been closeted with President Grant for some hours ia the aiternoon, ami tiiat the result of the coniabulatiou was that Secretary Richardson was abont to Issue immediately $10,000,000 in greenbacks to relieve the tinaucial necessity or the bonr. An interview with the As sistant Treasurer at this city, URN KRAI. HH.I.IIOCfiB, brought a statement iroin that gentleman that this statement of tbe is*ue of $10,000,000 was altogether a mistake, and tbat no such transaction had beeu as yet ordered, !l'he $10,000,000 spoken of would uot be a new issue of greenbacks from the Treasury in Washington, but simply an issue of a sum to that amount which has lain dormant in the Hub-Treas ury in this city since it was sent some tune since to pay oir the three per cent loan. This wan done without using the greenbacks spoken ?f, and tbe money bus not since been touched. The effect of any such action on Wall street would nndoubtedly be to relieve the money pressure, but gold would be sent up still higher than it has heen. In Wall street yesterday, inconsequence oi tbe excitement, there were ONLY TWO PAII.DRRS, of small men too trivial to demand any extended notice. Curious to say about one. however, is the fact that he had been suspended from the Stock Exchange for eighteen mont hs, and only got buck to Ills seat two days since, when this second blow came upon bim. It is considered a very un fortunate case. Outside of Wall street proper it is the general impression that the government ought to do some thing immediately to put a stop to the reckless gambling which is going on there at present. The very existence or a great many of our most prominent merchants depends, it is said, on the government breaklnir up tbe unprincipled specu lating, and all men outside oi these "rings " and " pools " are calling loudly upon tbe authorities in Washington to do what lies in their power to re lieve the community from the ravenous onslaughts of these financial sharks. AET MATTERS. Mmr, Hazard's l.<atcst Reception. At Mme. Hazard's reception on Monday evening, at 52 University placc, a large number of artists and literary characters were present. Music, reci

tations and tableans pleasantly varied the even ing. Miss Benzlner sang the "Slumber Song," and played the transcription by Liszt, irom "Itigo letto." Mine. Hazard represented Rome In the tableau or that name, and sang "L'Esperance," a composition of her own. Miss Perrettl Interpreted "Casta Diva" and a romance by Mme. Hazard, entitled, "I am Going to Die." Miss Proudioot rendered a scene from "Evadne" (the one which is supposed to take place in the Hall Of Statues) and one Irom "London As surance," aud, with the assistance of Mr. Pope, gave the quarrel scene from "The School for Scan dal." Mr. Pope read "Papa's Grave" and "The Fire Fiend." Mr. Carrozzi played a itoman march and Mr. Goffrif a violin solo. The rooms were crowded and the statuary gallery was the theme of general comment. Hie laBt two receptions will take place next Monday evening and next Monday evening week. 8ALUR vr AUCTIOH. ^DRIAN U. MULL, Kit, AUCTIONEER. Propertj at Kivcrcfalc, tin the Hudson River, ?nil on Broadwuy, between the cities of New York and Yonkers, Comprising Three Houses and .'1R8 Lot*, To lie sold at uuctiou THURSDAY, April 3, At the Kzc.hangc Salesroom. For particulars apply to A. H. MllLLEB, P. R. WILKINS A CO., Auctioneers, No. 7 Pint .street. T ~~J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER^ Partition sale ot valuable Canal street Property. A. J. BLEECKER, SON A CO. will sell at auction this day, April 2, at 12 M., at the Exchange Salesroom Canal street ? The five story brown atone Rnilriing No. 438 Canal street, running through to Vestry. &W. build ing covering entire lot, and now used "as a furniture warehouse; Trinity church lease, 14 years to run; term* easy. Mups at 77 Cedar street. ' A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. THURSDAY, April 3, at 12 M., at the Exchange Salesrooms, 111 Broadway, three Lots, toufh side of 114th street, 211 leet east of Sec ond avenue ; also three story high stoop brown stone House No. 219 East Fiftieth street, between Third and Second avenues; nil complete Maps at 77 Cedar stieet A J. BLEECKER, SON .1 CO., AUCTIONEERS, n TO-DAY, April 2, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, Estate of Jeremiah Tier, deceased, Nos. 23, 27, 29, ttK and 31 First street, southeast comer of Second avenue, i story and attic hrick Houses, averaging 17 teet front Maps at 77 Cedar street A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTION EERS, ? Executor's sale? Estate of the late Daniel Marlev, THURSDAY, Aprils, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, three story irame House and Lot, 202 West Thirty-fourth street, next to southwest corner of Seventh avenue ; size 20x50; honse contains 13 rooms, and is conveniently ar ranged anil recently put in complete repair. Maps at 77 Cedar street. A" T AUCTION, elegant Honse hold Furniture. W. O. HOFFMAN, Auctioneer. L. M. HOFFMAN'S SON A CO. will sell, by order of Messrs. Ogden A Clark, Real Estate Brokers. Ac., Broad way, corner Seventeenth street (Union square), On WEDNESDAY, April d, at II o'clock, all the elegant Household Furniture, China, (llass Ware, Ac., Ac., contained in the private dwelling house 644 Madison avenue. Madison avenue cars pass the door. Auction notice.-henry zin. auctioneer, sells this day, commencing at 10', o'clock at private residence, 124 West 26th st, comprising every article ne cessary for genteel housekeeping; viz Parlors contain rosewood 7?-? actave Pianoforte, cost$!i50; rich I'arlor Suit, latest styles altd covers; Mirrors, Velvet and Brus sels Carpets, Oil Paintings, Hron/es. Lace Curtains, Tuikish Chairs. Bronze Clock, Ac. Bedrooms contain rosewood and walnut Suits, single and double Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands Commodes, Wardrobes, 20 curled hair and spring Beds, Bedding, Lounges. Caipets, Ac. Also Dining Room, Base ment and Kitchen Furniture. Plate, Cutlery. China, Crockery, Bullet, Extension Table, Chairs, Ac. Sale positive. ? UCTTONSALEi AUCTION 8 A LB THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), at lOjj o'clock, all the elegant Household Furniture ot residence 210 West 21st St., near 7th avenne, will be sold at auction, without reserve, by ROBERT C. CA>HIN, Auctioneer. Elegant Parlor Suits, covered satin, brocatel and cote laine. Pompadour und Princess styles; magnificent rose wood 7U octave Pianoforte, Stool and Cover aad Muslo Stand, Centre Tables, Etageres, Console Tables, Turkish Chairs. beautiful Oil Paintings, Bronzes. Mirrors, cur tains. Clocks, Ac. ; Hall, Library and Dining Furniture, Silver Ware, Cutlery ; Bedroom Suits, covered In rops; elegant rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits. Chairs, Lounges. Mattresses. Bedding. Carpets, Ac. Take 7th orSth ?venue cars to 21st st. N. B.? Sale positive. Auction salr-a^ction sale.? beautiful Countrv Residence in Poughkeepsie. si united on South Hamilton street, belonging to the estate of David S. Brown, will be sold in Poughkeepsie, on Tuesday, April 8, at 12 o'clock noon, by HENRY W*. MORRIS, Auctioneer, at 234 Main street, to the highest bidder. This propertv is exceedingly desirable, embraces nearly two acres of land, a flue house, with moriorn improve ments, barn, hennery, Ac., Ac. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL BROWS, 34Ji Pine street or to FRANKLIN BROWN, JO Peck slip. New York. Auction sale of liaiid?ome and genteel Household Furniture, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at Ik o'clock. rropertv of Captain T. the private residence DCllntoa place (West Eighth streel), near Sixth ave nue. Parlor? Velvet Brussels Carpets, elegant Parlor Suits, covered with satin brocatet and reps; rosewood 7'4 octave Pianoforte, Mirrors, Curtains, Paintings. Vases, Clocks, Bronzes, Bookcase. Etageres, Tables, Turkish Chairs, I/ounge*. Bedsteads. Bnreaus, Washstands, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Bedding, Sideboard, Extension Table. Olass China. Silver Ware, Cuiler.v. ERNEt>T ROTH, Auctioneer. Responsible men in attendance to cart and deliver goods tor purchasers In city or country. A UCTION SALE? THIS DAY, APRIL 2. j\. IJ0 West 2;<d street, elegant household Furniture, Pianoforte, Chamber, Parlor and Dining Room Suits, niado to order for present owner, will be sold at public auction, this 'Wednesday) morning, commencing at I0'i o'clock, at private residence. 120 West 23rd street, near 6th avenue, namely :-Rlch rosewood 7'? octave Pianoforte, made to order, best cltv maker, tour ronnd corners, cost tl.000; magnificent Parlor Suits, covered In crimson, satin and brocatel reps; elegant Centre Tables, Mirrors, Paintings, Turkish chairs. Lounges, Clocks, Velvet and Brussels Carpet*, Jardinieres, Cabinets, Etageres. Chandeliers, Imported Bronzes, Bookcase, 9D0 volumes choice Books. Engravings, Curtains, Bedroom Suits, in rosewood nnd black walnut; Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds. (Jutlts, Blankets, Ac.; Dining Room. Extension Tables, Ofeairs, Buffet cost$2B0; (flatware. Dining Room Suits, covered in leather; over son lots, bv catalogue. N.B.? Deposits required from all nurclia.-efr. Competent men In attendance to cart, pack or snip goods tor purchasers. LUKE PITZGBRALD, Auc.ioncer: office 442 6th avenue. Moods stored tree of charge until May I. August martines, a UCTIONEIR. Important sale of rich and costly Household Furniture, Pianoforte. Bronzes, Ac., rare chance for housekeepers, at private residence :tfl West. 19th st., between .Hh and ?th a vs., at luSi o'clock, on THIS DAY (Wednesday). Drawing Rooms? Superb suit* Furniture, Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette sty lea, covered silk brocade; niar queterie bols de rose Cabinets, Tables, Etageres Sec retaire Bookcaae ; Velvet Medallion Carpets, Mirrors, Lace Curtains, Paintings by eminent artists, artistic Bronze statuary. Clocks, Va*w* magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated eiiy maker; Canterbury, Music Books; rosewood, walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, en suite, style Louis XIV.; Mattresses, Ex tension Table, Sideboard, Linen, Silverware, dlasswarc, China ware, Cutlery, Basement Kitchen Furniture. N B ?Parties wishing to attend tbls sale take Mb av. stages ir ritli av. cars. > AUCTION NOTICE-AUCTION NOTICE -LAROK sale this afternoon, commencing at 2 o'clock. 442 sixth avenue, clo?ing out elegant Household Furniture; Parlor Suit*, Pianoforte, Tables, I<oun?ea, Extension Ta bles. Chairs, SO yard Camels; over fift.000 worth, regard less of cost. N, B.? Call and see for liarpain 442 Sixth avenue. betwMa TwtuUr sUUi and Twentr seventh it*. MLB8 AT AUCTIOIW. Albert B WALDRON. auctioneer Hutenrcoinx I IK Liberty, III Cedur and :tfl Church *ts. 8111. fro Cabinet unit Household Furniture, Carpets Bediliu, Ac. THIS DAY, 'at II o'clock, P W IV km will m il an above a huge and general as scrtuiHht ot superb Furniture, including I'urior and Library Suit*, Bookcase*. Muflets, Wardrobe*. Centre mid Extension Tallies, French walnut Chamber Suits, Bedsteads, Bureaux anil Withstands Brussels una Iiigrmn Carpets. Oil ami Crumb Cloths, Mat*, Ac. ; Picture*. Cutlery, Plate, Bedding of every description. Demand (mice Pumturc, Bedroom and Dining Room Chairs, Turkish aud Oriental Chairs, Mattresses, Comforters, Pillows, Ac.; Solid walnut Cbamlier Suits, Mail stands and Chain, Library Chairs and LonngM. Catalogues morning of sale. Good* stored and insured free of charge till May 1. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms U5 Chambers and 77 Reade street By ALLEN B. MINER A BltO., THURSDAY, A PHIL 3, at 10U o'clock, at the private residence, 49 East Ninth street. GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARVED ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, BY WKLL KNWWN MAKf.R; Pier and Mantei Mirrors; Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; carved rosewood Suit, in green and gold brocatel; bluck walnut Suits, in greon and striped reps , black walnut marble top Centre and Side TuDles, Bedsteads, Dressing Huron us, Withstands, Commodes, corner Ktagerus, Extension Table and Chairs, Lounges, in reps and naireloth; Hair Mattresses, Feather Bolsters and Pillows, China, Crockery, siiverplated Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. ? Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Reade streets. By ALLEN It. MINER A BltO., THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY. APRIL 2, at 10'.; o'clock, at private residence 1H0 Clinton street, Brooklyn, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Pier and Mantel Mirwirs, rosewood and black walnut Parlor. Dining and Bedroom Furniture ; Velvet and Brus sels Carpet, Bedding, sterling Silver Ware, rosewood Melodeon, Crockery, Glass Wiire. Kitchen Utensils, 4c. N. B.? Purchasers can have their goods stored on the premises until May 1 free of charge. Allen b. miner, auctioneer, Sulesn om 96 Chambers and 77 lieadc streets. By ALLEN B. MINKK A BRO., ON SATURDAY, MAY S, At low o'clock, at their salesrooms, 98 Chambers and 77 Reade streets, MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL PROPERTY. NEW AND WORN, embracing Medicines, Instruments, Trusses, Scales and Weights, kitchen Furniture, Ac., Ac. The goods will be ready for examination Friday, May 2. Arch, johnston, auctioneer, ofllce and salesroom 37 Nassau street (the old sund), opposite the Post office. HORSE AUCTION BRANCH REMOVED TO 19, 21, 23 and 25 Bast Thirteenth street, between University place and FUth avenue. Household and Office Furniture. ARCH. JOII NSTON will sell this day (Wednesday), at.lOK o'clock, at bis salesroom, 37 Nassau street, a large assort ment of Household Furniture, tine Parlor .-uits, pier and mantel Mirrors, walnut Bedroom Suits, Dressing Bureaus, Waslistands, Arm Chairs, Wardrobes. Bookcases, Brus sels ami velvet Carpets. Gas Chandeliers. Ac. ;ulso office Furniture, Sitting and Standing Desks, Ac. On FRIDAY, 2tNO|l Paintings, Landscapes, Figure Pieces, Ac. Auction notice.-p. levy, auctioneer. DANIEL D. CAULKING will sell this dav (Wednes day), At 10)4 o'clock, at private residence. 153 East Forty niiith street, near Lexington avenue, the entire genteel Household Furniture, consisting of flue brocatel and French rep Parlor Suits, superb rosewood 7 octave Piano forte, Centre Tables, Mirrors, elegant, velvet and Brussels Carpets, rich walnut Chamber Suits, Mattresses, Ac. ; also Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture. Full particulars iu catalogue. BY S. W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNSON sell this day, at two o'clock, at 454 ('anal street, a large assortment of Household Fur niture, consisting of Velvet, Tapestry and Ingrain Car pets, black walnut Chamber Suits, Parlor Suits, Mat tresses, Beds, Bedding, Extension Tables, Mirrors, Sofas, Window Shades. Curtains, Crockery and Glass Ware; Pianolortn, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., removed to our salesrooms lor convenience of sale. Also a lot of Furnltnre to be sold to pay storage and cx 1 peuses; also a tine lot ol Wine, Brandy, Wiskev. Ale, Ac., by order of Marshal. ' T>y J. W. CAMPBELL, JR.. AUCTIONEER-LIQUOR * J J store, Stock and Saloon Fixtures, this day. CAMP BELLA CO., sell this day, commencing 10k o'clock, on B remises, iu lots, contents Liquor Store and Saloon 117 inth avenue, near Seventeenth street? viz., quantity fine cane seat Chairs, ti elegant round walnut Tables, One Venetian Screens, elegant Bar Counter, lined complete, with water and waste Pipes; back Bar, tlue Lagerbier Relrigirator. bar Glassware, Ale Pumps, Demtiohus. Kegs and Barrels, assorted Liouors. stove, Hot Water Urn, Ac. Buyers, dealers specially invited. CAMPBELL a CO., office 348 Hudson street. BY ISADORE J SWARZKOPHj AUCTIONEER? WILL sell at lOJj ocloek. at 257 West Thirtieth street. Stock and Fixtures ot first class Saloon ; baudsome black wal nut Tables cane seated Chairs, Household Furniture, Bureaus, Bedding. Mirrors; In lots. Dealers invited. STRAUS A SWARZKOPH, 376 Bowery. BY JOHN A DUNN, AUCTIONEER.? WILL SELL this day. at 11 o'clock, 12 F'irst avenue, corner First street the content* of a lager beer saloon, black walnut Counter, Chairs, Tables, Clock, Stove, back Shelving, Eu graving*. Glassware, Ac. BY S. W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNoON sell this dav, April 2. nt 10 o'clock, at 229 and 230 West street the Sun k. Tools and Fixtures of the Ncelus Co operative Manufacture Company, consisting of Plumbers' materials, ship Closets and Pumps, Croton Boilers, brass and Iron Globe Valves, Dock Hydrants, Croton Brass work, lull stock of Steam and Gas Fitting Material, together with a complete set of Pipe Fitters' Tinsmiths' and Coppersmiths' Tools, and one large set of Rollers ; also I several Fox and Engine Gear, loathes, Chucks, Tools large lot of Hhatling, Belting and Pulleys, Ac. ; also one ten-horse power Engine and Boiler, In rutyilng order. The whole of the above stock will be oflered lor sale, amounting to over $20,0001 Also one Scow. Continuation of sale. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. Large sale ot rich Household Furniture on Thursday, April 3, at I0)? o'clock, at the salesroom, 53 Kust Thir teenth street, near Broadway, consisting ot a lance assort ment of Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture from several families; Velvet Wilton and Brussels Car pets. carved Etagere ; rich, curved black walnut Bed steads aud Bureaus; best hair Mattresses, Bedding, two rosewood Pianos, English Mangle, Extension Tables, two Sewing Machines, about 20 tine Oil Paintings In rich gilt frames, a lot of nice Photograph Frames, China and Glassware. On THURSDAY, April 10. The entire elegant Furniture ot the large double pri vate residence 156 West Twenty-third street Particulars In time. Henry b. herts, auctioneer, SALESROOM 16 CORTLANDT STREET, ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, VALUABLE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS, STEINWAY A SONS' GRAND AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, Sl'PERB FRENCH CLOCKS, REAL BRONZES, STATUARY, AC., ON WEDNESDAY. APRIL 2, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT RESIDENCE OF 11. L. SOLOMON, ESQ., 163 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. PARLORS CONTAIN Axminster Carpets, French Plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewi od Parlor Suit in Mauve Satin, with Window Curtains to match; rich Lace Cur tains, Stelnway A Sons' Parlor Grand Piano, superb Paris Clocks, Bronzes, real Bronze Statuary. Etagere and Cabinet Vases, Ornaments, Jardinieres, Card Receivers, I Centre, Side and Card Tables. VALUABLE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS BY VAN SCHENDEL, DIELMAN, HENRIETTA RONNER, A. AUGE, FERDINAND DE BRAEK- L AN TENRATB, ELEER, TEMERS PERE, A. VRRMEULEN, LE FF.VRE. JOSEPH BLOSS, ZACCARELLI, AND OTHER CELEBRATED ARTISTS. DINING ROOM CONTAINS Velvet Carpet, rich French , Plate Mantel Mirrors, rich Silk Reps, Window Curtains, rosewood Set in green plush: solid rosewood Dining ! Table, Massive Sideboard, rich Ckandelier and Side i Brackets, flue Engraved Cut Glassware, French China, , Silverware, Cutlcrv. Ac. : verv valuable Mantel Clock i and real Bronze Statuets. BY A. CARRIER. SITTING ROOM CONTAINS-Veltet Carpet, French ] Plate 1'ier and Mantel Mirrors, Parlur Suit, in fancv tu i pestry re pa; tine walnut Library aul Cara Tables, bro I cadcd Satfii and Lace Curtains, Steilwa.v A Sons' seven ! octave upright Piano, Paris Clock, Groups and Bronzes. I rich Extension Chandelier, India China Vases, Camp ? Chairs. Embroideries, Ac. | CHAMBF1RS? Velvet and Brussels flnrpets, solid rose ! wood and walnut Bedsteads, Rurcaiis, Dressing Cases. Lounges, Easy Chairs, Suits, in repsind tapestry; One j Bedding, curled Hair, Mfrfors, Damask and I Lace Curtains, Clocks, Ornaments, Engravings, Paiut . ings, Ac. LIBRARY? Velvet Carpet, Tapestrv Curtains. Suit, in blue plush ; Bronzes, Clocks, Chandelifl-s, Vases. Ac. BILLIARD ROOM? Brussels Carpet, Billiard Table, with all Appurtenances ; lace and ris Curtains, High Chairs, Paintings, Mantel Ornaments, lc., together with | the usual assortment of Kitchen Utensils, with which the , sale will comineuce. NOTICE.? The house will be open for Inspection, by permit only, on Monday and Tucsdtw, from 10 to ii ! o'clock. Catalogues and permits may bi had at the office oi the Auctioneer, 16 Coruandt street E.NRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER Important Art notice. The sale of valuable Oil Paintlnrs. si the residence of H JHTlf STREET, and ligrain Carpets; ins, wa'lut Parlor suits, i. Vases tnd Ornaments, B. L. Solomon, Esq., 163 West Twenty-third streot, will take place on Wednesday next, April 2, it 3 o'clock P. M., immediately alter the sale, of Furniture.) Henry b. herts, auctioneer. T GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ON FRIDAY, APRIL 4, AT 10K ?CLOCK, AT 108 WEST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET, comprising flne Brussels, velvet ai French plate Mirrors, Lace Curtains, Bookcase, French ('locks. Bronzes, V . . wnluut Sideboard, Dining Table and Chairs, Hall Stand, I fine walnut Chamber Suits, I<ounges, ClHIrs, Oil Paint ings, China, Glassware. Ac. ; together will the Kitchen I Utensils, with which the sale will commelce. Catalogues now ready at office of auctioneer, lti Cortfcndt street. JH. JENKINS A CO., AUCTION KBRI, . will sell at pnbllc auction, THIS DAY, April 2, l*7\ commencing at 10^ A. M., the entire contents of the old establUlfd Woodlawn Saloon and Billiard Room, 221 Sixth avsuie, between I Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, cortisting of Bar ! Fixtures, Beer Pumps, Mirrors, Glassware Marble Top Lunch Counters, silverplatcd Cigar Showcase, choice Paintings, Chromos, engravings, Ac. ; also two Billiard Tables, with Cues, Balls and Racks com pice. F'ull par ticulars at the store or office of J. U. JE>KINS a Co., 95 Bleecker street I JOSEPH M'GUIRE, AUCTIONEER will sell at auction on THURSDAY, April 3, 1873. at 12 o'clo<i noon, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broatwny. The valuable three story and basement hi? stoop brick louse and Lot 225 East Fifty ninth street; ttmse in good order .front parlor frescoed and walls painied through ? ont. The valuable foar full l?ots on the norqeast corner of New avenue and 142d street and within 250 feet of Eighth avenue. One tul! Lot, north side, SArenty-sixth street, 200 teet west avenue A. Maps at the Auctioneer's officc, 87 Cedar gtiet JACOB BOOART. AUCTIONEER.? MARSHAL'S SALE, this day, at 12^ o'clock, at the auction r?>tns No. I North William street, consisting of Shirts. Drawer*. Pantaloons. Lace Goods, Fancy Goods, Trunls, Valises, Travelling Bags, Umbrellas, Sewim Machine! Ac. MATTER# T. BI.IKM .Mar-hal. JACOB BOG ART, AUCTIONErC THIS DAI, April 2. , _ at II o'clock, at the auction rooms, No. 1 Nortt William street? Household Furniture, consisting of a general as sortment of Psrlor, Bedroom, Dlnins room sill Kitchen Fnrniture. Carpets, Oil Cloths, also two KollmgMachlncs, one Screw Press, one Drawing Bench , also BaHCouuters ; also Marshal's Stic?One iron safe, lol Glasses and Beer Puiud. Ac. JOHN U. HILLJEit. laribal. MLE8 AT AUCTIOS. IEWIS E. WOOD, AUCTIONEER, WILtTsKLlTofS J Friday. April 4, 1S73, at 3 o'clock P. M., on the premises, the three story, attic and basement brick House 175 Puvonla a venae, 75 I'Mt west of Henderson street, late Prospect : the house contains 18 room*, sub cellar and all the mofleru improvements; minuted Oil one of the boar business avenues In this city, and can be altered for business purpose* at a small expense; lot 2.VUO0; home 22x45; al.-o the valuable Lot mi Eighth street, in rear of the above dwelling; on it are choice fruit trees of all kinds; lot 25x100, running through from street to street, 25x200. The attention of capitalist* a ad speculators la expressly called to this sale. Terms easy. For full particulars apply to LEWIS E. WOOD, Real Ea tate and General Auctioneer, 79 Montgomery street, J?r> sey City. M Lenox hill.? at auction, by muller, wii* KINS A CO., April !), 20 Kaat Sixty-ninth street, neaf Central Park, tour story brown stone, 25x60 ? lot 1O0l&I terms easy ; the best street tind no nuiaance. MARSHAL'S 8ALK- LIQUOR STORKS. -RICHARD WALTERS, Auctioneer, will sell, by virtue of sevs eral executions, at public auction-, this day, April 2. 1873L at 10 o'clock, at 518 Hudson street, corner of west Teotn street, the Stock and Fixtures of a first clam liquor store, viz. Whiskeys, Wines, 22 hogsheads of oW Ale. BsS llsh Beer Pump, Lease. Ac. : ana Immediately afterwards will .-ell the Stock and Fixtures of liquor store 15 Mot! street? Llauora, Beer Pump, Counter, Ac. Kale positive. P. COLLlVtS, City Marshal. ARSHAL'S SALE. ? BY VIRTUB OF AN EXECl? tlon I will sell on April 2, at 11 A. M., on the premises, the irame Shanty on north side of Seventieth street, 70 feet trom First avenue. \ O. F. 0. DOHRENWEND, City Marshal. ? MORTGAGEE'S BALE. . Hy S. W. DAUCHY, Anctloneer. DAUCHY A JOHN SON sell this day, atlO>i o'clock, all the Household Fur niture, Fixtures, Ac., in pi ivate residence, 137 Greena street, consisting of < rockery and Glassware, Mirrors. Pictures, Sofas, Window Curtains. Carpets, Bar and Bap Fixtures, Bedroom Suits, Chairs, Tables, Bureaus. Beds.' Bedding. Pillows, Bolsters. Blankets, Spreads, Mattresses. Sheets, Pillow Slips, stoves, Kitcheu Utensils, Ac. By or der of Daniel Ettllnger, Mortgagee. \ PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? THOB. J. McGRATH, Auc tioneer, 133 Chatham street, will sell this day, at IB o'clock, 5U0 lots of Men's and Women's Clothing, Dresses. Shawls, Remnants, Underclothing, Roots, Snots, Ac. | also Coats, Pants, Vests, Ac. By order D, SilberstviiL Sixth avenue. PAWNBROKERS' SALE. Watches and Jewelry. R. Fieli, Sheriff's und General Auctioneer, Salesroom 121 Bowery, will sell THIS DA*, at 11 o'clock, 600 Lots Gold and Silver Watches, Diamond and Gold Jewelry, Pins, Rings, Earrings, Cold, Guard, Fob ami Vest Chains, Ac., Ac. Also, Guns, Pistols,, Musical Instrument*, Ac., Ad. By order Simpson, Greea A Co., US Bowery. APID TRANSIT ? 35 MINUTES FRO* CITY HALL. First Suburban Sale of the season, BY A. J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., 7T Ocdar street, nouses and Lots about Erie depot at Butherfurd Park, N. J., first station from New York . (Trains foot of Chambers and Twenty-third streets, 1 ?Qk SATURDAY aFTERNOON, ApnUS. The most accessible suburb of this city ; but nine miies from City Hall. Forty daily traius. Terms very liberal. SIMON HERMAN, AUCTIONEER.? HOUSEHOLD Furniture, Wines, Lfnuors, Cigars.? This day (Wednes day), April 2, at 11 o'clock, at 13 Bowery, the entire eftects ot the late Rev. Dr. H. Toclke, via. Thje House hold Furniture, Bureaus, Wash-stands, Chairs, Tables. Bedsteads and Bedding ; also Personal Effects, Stock ol Wines, Liquors, Cliurapngnc, Cigars, Ac. Sale positive. Dealers invited. SUPREME COURT SALE. , In Partition. Valuable Property for sale, on the Grand Boulevard and 100th street, and Irving place, near Seventeenth street MI LLER, WILKINS A CO., Auctioneers, will sell at auction. on WEDNESDAY, April 2, 1878. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway( nndor the direction of ALBON'P. MANN, Esq., Referee. Boulevard and 100th street? 2 Lots situate on (the north* east corner Boulevard and 100th street, with (i Lorts on rear, fronting on 100th street; on these last mentioned lots is a substantial Dwelling House. Also 2 Lots on the south east corner of Boulevard and 100th street, with 5 Lots ore rear, fronting on 100th street, on which there are two Frame Houses. _ , . ? ' Irving Place? The 2'< story brick House and Lot, situate on the westerly side of Irving place, beiweea Sixteenth and Scventeouth streets, and known as 43; house *0.2 deep ; lot 24x72 feet, with rli'ht of light in rear. Also the story brick House and Lot adjoining the above on the northerly side, and known us 45; house 85 feet; lot 19x(N feet. Sale peremptory, without reserve. For further Sartlculiirs an to terms, title. Ac.. apply to S. F, A F. It. OWDREY, Attorneys, ?7 Wall street. Map* at the offlco Of the Auctioneers, So. 7 Pine street. New York. I C DINGEE, AUCTIONEER. , A large assortment chattel mortgage sale of hand* some Household Furniture. Carpets, Bedding, Crockery; Ac., at auction this day, commencing at 10 A.M., sharp,* at store southwest corner ol Third avenne and 125th st. O J. OOODENOt"OH. AUCTIONEER. - O. Bv GOODENOUGH A WEBER, Auctioneers and Broker-1, 111 Broadway. Sales of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, and Household Far* niture ot owner's residence. Will sell at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, April 2, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, the following described property, consisting of a Plot ol Land, 50 feet front und rear by 98 feet 9 inches in depth, on the northerly side of Forty-first street, distant 308 feet easterly from Tenth avenue, with ail the Building! and walls thereon erected. For full diagrams and lurther information apply to the Auctioneers, 111 Broadway. Sample Room and Restmirant at irf South street-, iln? Fixtures, Copper Boiler, largo Range, Ac. WM. ABBOTT, Jr.. Attorney for Mortgagee. Waiter B. Wimcs as Counsel. LOAA OFFICES. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAT, UF stairs.? Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bleecker street. AT 80 NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise and Life Policies for any amount. AT H\ MAN'S, 710 BROADWAY? LIBERAL AD vances made on Diamonds und Watches, Silverwares Ac., or will pay the highest market price tor tile same. A T 57 THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.? J\. I pay the highest price for Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Ac. ; advances on the same. WAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET.-. Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry. SUKs, Camels' Hair Shawls, Laces, ahd personal property of every description. _ JAMES P. MATHEWS. American office-established mm.? ant amount loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry. Silverware, India Shawls. Ibices, Valuables, Ac., or will buy; utmost value paid. J. H. BARRINGER, 735 Broad way, opposite Astoro|ace. AT WOLF BROTHERS'. s<W BROADWAY, BETWEBlf Nineteenth and Twentieth streets? Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, silverware, Silks and par ticularly Pianos; private parlor for ladles; businesa strictly confidential. ONEY LOANED ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW elry. Silverware, and the same bought and sold. GEORGK C. ALLEN, 841 Broadway, near Fourteenth street, and 59 East Thirteenth st. OQ NASSAU STRKET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? ? >?/ Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The same bougnt and sold. Room 1. HAYMAN LEOPOLD. A HQ SIXTH AVENI h. HiiTWEliN TWBNTV-FOll KTBt rrl/O and Twenty-tilth streets.? Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry and all kinds ol Goods. Same bought at full value. L BERNARD. f*QZ BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? UO?J Money lioerally advanced on Diamonds, Watcher Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loaa one*. Same bought and sold. M. rosknbeRg. mo BROADWAY. OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND ?7 I O most responsible office.? Money advanced ois Diamonds. Watches. Jewelry, Laces, Ac. ; same bonght at full values. A.. C. HERTS. 1 Ofi 7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCB 1. ? U I office, room B.? Parlor for ladles; branch 132 Fulton street. Brooklyn; Money loaned on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Ac. ; same bought and sold. LINDO BROTHRRR M CLOTHING* AT 81 SIXTH AVENUE, THIRD STORK ABOVE Waverley pla< e, ladies and gentlemen will be aston ished at the prices H. H aiiris says for Cast-off Clothing, Carpets. Ac. We pay for Dresses, $5 to t75; Coats, $2 fa %M; Pants, (1 to 98. Pleas*- try aad convince yourself!' I.adie- and gentlemen will be waited upon by Mr. or Mra. Harris at their own residence If desired. A~ T J. ANHALT'S, SKVKNTH "XVENUE.-LADIES and gentlemen can obtain fall valne for Cast-oil Clothing, Carpets, ,te., I.v calling on or addressing ; don't be bnmliUL'ged by labv prclendors. Ladles attended to by Mrs. A Nil ALT. T B. MINTZ'g, 68 SIXTH AVENUE.- WANTED, 975.000 worth of Cast-off Clothing, Carpets. Jewelry, for the Western trade. Ladlos and gents will he aston ished at the prices we pnv in cash; silk dresses, 910 to 97"<; coats, 93 to 920 . pant*. 92 to 910. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mints, in and on* of the cltT. AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT. 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladies and gentlemen can receive the utmost value in cash lor their cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry. Laces, Ac. Fleas* call at or address the tiutnber as above. Ladles watted on by Mra Marks. Please try, and satisly yourselvea ATTENTION.-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THROUGH having a large order to tulflll. I am competed to pay In cash more than anyone, without exception, for east off Clothing. Carpets, Bedding, Furniture, Ac. Yoa will And It best to vourown advantage to call on or address Mr. or Mrs. ROsHNBF.RG, Seventh avenue, second heaaa above Twenty-lourth street. AT 297 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY. THIRD street? M LEON pays the highest price for Ladles'' and Gentlemen's Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac. Ladiea waited on by Mrs. Leon. AT F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUR, BETWEBlf Washington and Wavvrlev places.? Ladies and gen tk-tnen will be astonished at the urlccs gived tor Cast-olY Clothing, Carpets and Jcvdry. Never before have snclr high prices been paid, ns wo are bound to fill an order, and j/imxIm must he had For Coots, from 93 to 9'<!ii: Pants, 9^ to 910; l>rc?scs. $5 to $70. Please call or address at above. Ladles attended l>y Mrs. Harris. AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL KNOWN E8TAB llshni'-ut, 160 Seventh avenne, near Nineteenth street? Tlie utmost valuo paid for Cast-ofT Clothing, Car? yct^Ac., by calling on or addressing Mr. and Mrs. MIL OOl SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH 8TRBET.~ 0*J2 Ladles and gentlemen will receive 40 per ceat more than any other dealer will psy lor Casfcoff Clothing. Cur pets, Ac. Call on or address Mr. or iua> NATJJAN,

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