Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLjTnO. 13,374. ~ NEW YORK, THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 187^QuTdRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. IMREtTURI FOR ADVERTISERS. AMUSEMENTS? Fourth Pagk? Fourth, tilth and sixth eolumm. ASTROLoui? Fourth Pag*? Fourth column. BILLIARDS? Thirteenth Pauc? Kixih column. BOARDI.RH WANTED ? Foiutii Paol? First and second column*. BOARD AND LODGINO WANTED? Fourth Pag?-6cc ond column. BROOKLYN BOARD ? Fourth P/ok? Rocood column. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE? FIFTEENTH Page? Second and thir-1 columns. BUSINESS OPI'ORTL'MTItCb? Sr*?fciHTH Plat-Fifth and six th column*. BUSINESS NOT 'ICES? Ninth Pagb? Sixth column. 810ARS AND TOBACCO? Fourth Pack? Third column, iry REAL E TATE FOR SALE? Fifteenth 1'aob? Fir-tau'l second colu.nns. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Third Paob? Third column. CLOTHING?' Third Pack? Sixth column. COAOHM'N AND OARD3NERa-*MBD PAGB-Third, fourth and tilth oolumns. COASTWISE STKAMSIIIP8? First FMi-Hixth column COPARTNERSHIPS? Eleventh Page? Sixth column. COUNTRY BOAHD? Fourth P auk? Second and third columns. DANClNi) ACADEMIES? Fourth Paqr? Fourth column. DENTISTRY? Firrerirrn Ptct-Mxth column. DRY GOODS ? First Pace? Sixth column. BWE1.LIXO HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN Fi.'RNISII D ? Sixteenth Pack? Mcond, third and _ fourth columns. EUROPEAN aTEAM8IIIP8? Fibst Pagb- Fifth and sixth EUROPE? Fourteenth Page? Sixth column. FINANCIAL-Eleventh Page ? Sixth column. FOR SALE? Fourteenth Page? Third and fourth Col? umna. FURNl.-IIKD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. FURNITURE?' Tiiiiitkestii Pa??? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Thisd PAGB? Sixth column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Third PAGE-Pirst and sccond columns. ?LP W A HFLP WANTwO? MaLES? Third Pagb? Sixth oolnmn. HORSES, CARUAUBS, AC.? First PAon-Tlilrd, fourth and fifth column!*. HOTELB? Fourth Page? Second column. BOUSES. ROOMS, AC., WANTED-Fourtb P age ? Third ? column. INSTRUCTION? Fourteenth Page? Fourth column. JERSEY CITY, tlOBOKEN, HUDSON CII'Y AND UER. OKN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Fipikektb Pagb ? Third column. LECTURE SEASON? Fourth Page? Fourth column. LEOAL NOTICES? Sixtbhnth Page? Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? Fifteenth Page? Six h column. LOST AND FOUND? Ftusr Page? Flret column. MACHINERY? Fourteenth PAoic-Pourili column. HARPLX MANTELS? Fourteenth Pack? Fourth col umn. MEHH ai ? Founrn Pagb? Fourth eolnmn. MILLINERY AND DRES8MAK1NO? First PAGB-Sixth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Twblftb Pace, Sixth column. MISCEL. ANEoUS-Foprtkknth Pagb? Fourth column. MUSICAL? Fourth Page? Fourth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS ? Ninth Page? Sixth column. PERSONAL ? First Pauk ? First column. . . PIANOFORTES, OROANS, AU.? Fourth PAGB-Pifth col umn. _ . POST OFFICE NOTICE? Fourteenth Page? Sixth col umn. PROPOSALS ? Fourteenth Page? Fourth, fifth and sixth columns. PROFE SIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Third Pagb? First column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOB SALE OR TO RENT ? Fifteenth Pagb ? Third, lourth, fifth and sixth columns. . REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Fintnmi Page? Sixth column. BEAL ESTATE WANTED? Fifteenth Pagb? Sixth col RELIOIOUS NOTICES? Thirteenth Pagb? Sixth col umn. REW Altos ? First Page? First column. _ BALES AT AUCTION? Fopbteentii Pagb? First, second and third columns. SITU ATI < N I WANTED? FEMALES? ftBCOsn Pace? First, second , third, fourth, fifth aud sixth columns, and Third Pa. jit? First column. SITUATIONS WA>. I'i:u-*IALBB? Third Page? Second and third column". SPECIAL notices-First Page? First and aecond col nmns. BPORTINC ? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? Fiiwt PAGB-SecoDd eoftimn. 8TORAO E ? SixTEBXTH Page? Sixth column. BUMMER RESORTS ? Fourth PAGE-Thlrd column. niE TRADES? Third Pace? Sixth cidumn. rilE TURF? F!?;t Pagb?' Third column. VO LET FOR BUSIN ?< b PURPOSES? Si XTXSNTU PAGE? First and sccond coiumas. rRAVKI.LERV QC IDE? First Pacb-SIxUi column. ONFUP.MfiliED U0OM9 AMD APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth Page? Fourth and tilth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Fopbth PAGB-Fourth col li E8Tcl?E8TER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OB TO LET? Fifteenth Pagb? Third eolumn. YACHT-*, STEAMBOATS, AC.? Fovimi PAGB-Fonrth column. PARIS AGENCY OF THE SEW YORK HERALD. VI E86RP. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APrOINTED~PARI8 AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. TllKY WILL SUPPLY DEAL IRE W1TII COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO (IfcGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. A < WtUk? Ali. 8TOR HOUSE DINT NG ROOM. 7 t. M., WEDNEB day. Address LLOYD, Ilerald oWce. A. C.-WHO LEFT PITT8BURO. MUST WRITE TO bis friend, or Will be advertised. WILLIE, Te.egraohe.r, Mew York. 1 (CENTRAL RAILROAD, NEW JBR8EY.-LADY IN > purple dre.?s please grant your admirer an inter view; conflduntlal. Add re s? SAM, bo* MA Herald office. ?P BPKIB THOMPSON. LATE OP 8AN FRANCISCO, 1 is In the city, ?end- address immediately to TILLY, llerald office. NBL8B 8.? COME TO THE MABQUERADB BALL tonight at Colombia Garden, Greenwich avenue, torsor West Twelfth street BIsMakCk. Nellie b., brooklyn-answbred tours yesterday. H. K. PICTURE GALLERY, TtTE'DAY EVENING ? YOCNG lady w th largo brails an I diamond drops will, II agreeable, address ARTIST, tic raid Uptown Branob ?alee. SIXTY-8F COND KTREET, PROM SECOND TO PIR8T avenue.? Lnrly I assi ted under umbrella and ear ned satchel, if Agreeable iileaA; write where a mite irum me will reach you. He not i.ashtUI. Add res*, In strict confidence. C. L. Kit UNA, Herald Uptown Uraneh office. UNCLE ZEKE, OP BANGS? CALL AT THK UTTLE in West Thirteenth rtrcct und nee MILLIE. XIV. -MISSED Ml NDAYAND TUESDAY. PLEASE '?hi office MORRIS make new appointment, care Herald^offioe. 30, 10, 20 TO MAGGIE BRAITH WAITS, BOX III, B 40. l.t-M A > I F VfcB. POUND ADRIFT, OPP ROBINS' BEEP LIGHT house, a Yawl; ov 'ier can have it by proving prop ?rty and pay n? oxpci.jes. MICHAEL MORAN, 13 South street, New York. LO<T-ON SUNDAY, A BLACK AND TAN DOG. ANY person returning lilm to 1IU Bait beventy-nlnth Itrect will be well r< warded. f 08T? TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 1, A SMALL MJ yellow Dog ; had on red and black leather collar, with bra* lock. A liberal reward will be paid by returning ilin to B. B. PERKY, 234 West Twenty ninth street Lost ? on Wednesday, april j. in kront op Dodworth'sa adlo building. Filth avenue and Twen ty-sixth street, an Oil Painting, MUxIO inches, repre senting "Moonrlse over tlio Utah Hlorra-, t;al." I he Slider will please return to JAMES D. SMILLIE, itlh* fcbove address. Lost-march si, going down sixTn avenue car to Twentv-tuird street, from there fifth avenue Mage to T< nth street, east of Br adway, a < oral Ear ring. The finder will please leave it t 444 Broadway, trst floor. Suitable reward will be given. | 06T? OVER WALL STREET PERKY, ON TnE NEW MJ York side, a large Bundle, containing two silk Ores es and one extra Tnc finder wi;l be liberally rewarded by returning the same to 4S West uightenntn Itroet. J 08T? ON TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 1, ON THtRD 1 J avenue, a unall Scotch Terrier, sliver gray, long balri answers .o the name of Prinoo; any Information aa In his whereabouts, by address': -i* G. a. R,, box 118 Tro Bont Poft offlats will be thankfully received and ibcrally rewarded. LOST? ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 27, IK going from Broadway and Ki 'htli street to Twenty. Eilrd stri ct and Nln.h avenue, a gold halt-round Braoe t; plain. Hie finder will obtain a suitable reward by avlng the same at 2OT)< Hlxth avenue. HK WA.U !><*. ?6 REWARD.? I/)HT. ON TUFSDAY NIGHT, APRIL BO I, a Hold Ring. The above reward will be paid at the Box Office ol' Niblo's Garde a by owner, as it was a present 1 hankiully received by doorkeeper. REWARD.-I O.iT, ON MOMMY EVENING, ON ?t) the Third avenue cars, near 1 wenty-elifhth street. Memorandum Hook . of no value but to the owner; pay avntoi dra.t* i-n Park Bauk has been stopped. Leave It 24 Murray street |?)C REWARD-FOR A BLACK SETTER AND A t-cotch Terrier, strayed together on Sunday Irom stable No. 7 I- a"t Twenty-eighth street The abovo reward win be paid and noouestlons asked lor the re turn of the two dogs to No. 4 vm Thirty-third street, or 1^6 lor the setter and $10 lor tbe terrier. fttmA REWARD? FOR THE CONTENTS OF PO< BET f ZiVu book advertlMjd In last Sundays Herald and f1mos,ora rironoitlonal rewtirl for any part of the same ; no further reward will ne offered. M. K. DU COSTA, S t Ka*i Twenty-flrit street LIRERAL RRWARD GIVEN.? I OHt, APRIL 1 A small Black nn<1 Tan t>og, answers to the name of Mousy, irom 117 Lodtow -treet A KfRCIAh N4IT1CKS. A? MOoNKY'8 DETFCTIVE AGENt Y, lit! BKOVD ? wsr. \\? off r our s-rvices to the public in 'he ?Dove ?ti< cialty, snd refer, stn< on other-, to M. B. C iiflin t to., I4U Cltuich street, as to our ability and integrity. _______ JAMK.' VOONKV, >-upcriiiU'itdeitt. A ? llF-l AI 1 PRAKt H t'Pi ICE, BROOKLYN, ? ti.fnt e) I niton nvintii and Itorruiu ?tmt open trout i A. M. i#?P. M. Cn bunuav iioiu h to It P. *? A NfCCIAL KOTICKS. ?ONLY A FEW TICKETS are bow left to Public Lli rary of Kentucky. Third GRAND GIFT CONCERT, which It to be given under authority o f a npeclal !o?iala tl*o act, at Library Hall, Louisville, Ky.. positively on Toe ?ta>. April 8, lOTS. The-e will be sold out at Now York and Louin*illa onlv, together with rucli tlcKcU as a ro re turned irora cumide agencies. and sales will he clo??d at botu point* on Saturday nulit, at the la eat. Offiolal lists of t'ie drawing will be published in the Herald and N?wi. Mail, express and telegraph orders will be tllle.i in the exact order thev are recolved, nud remittances returned to those that arrive too l.if\ All quarter and half acuta are re, resented in tlKJ wheel the same aa whole*, pools being lormed which take anv odds and enda Iclt. Ten thoiitnikd cash ?jlits to be distributed by lot among the ticket-holders agtfreeate a vast total of tvniwo CURRENCY. One Grand out, cash ?,u2-195 One O and tllfi, cash 50,11)0 One (Kami Oi', ca?h..., it&.uu One Grand Ctti-h Girt a?.u?) One iJrurnl t:a*li Gift 10.1*00 One Grand Cash Gift... ?A,!*5 M Caah Girts of f 1 ,(X? each 24,000 DO Cash Oi'ts of SOOeacU 2S.OUO 80 Cash Gifts of 400 each 100 Cash Oitts>>f 3 0rft. il 80.000 1M Cash Glitaof 300 each 30.000 tlW Cash Gift.* ol IdOcach. M.UU) 9,000 Cash Gifts of 10 each 90.(100 Total, 10.000 Olfta, all cash lion. ex-Oovernor Thomas B. Bramlettc. ol' Kentucky, has charge of the business ot the concert fer trustees. Iff1, 'W0 ticket*? 10,000 gilts? chanrcs one in ten. New York wtleri ?ro in <d? a special deposit with the Kourth National Bank cd? New York. Hurry up. Send money by > Post office order, draft, r guttered letter or expreas, pre paid. - Ticket*, $10; Halves, $8; Quarters, 93 6\ For tickets, lull programme. iniormntlon and all par ticulars apply to the General^ Ajjenc^y ^ flo9 Broadway, New Vork. MBKTINCTOP SIXTH AVENUE AND ADJACENT property owners oppo-ed to the Gilhert (Sixth ave.nne) Elevated Riilway will be held at Harvard Room*. corner ot i^ixth avenue and Forty-aecond street, on Thursday evenliuratfl P. M. KDWaIID A. MORRISON, Chairman. ADAHIES (PRICKS REDUCED), HOLE AGENT OF ? Foyal Havana Lottery, .W9 Broadway; box 4.C09 Post office, New York, healers supplied. Circulars mailed (roe. IWBUCTIBRARY OF KENTUCKY ; $100,000 FOR ? $10; distribution of gilt* will take place April 8; Whole Tickets $10; Halves, $S ; Quarters, $2 50. JOSEPH BATES, 1B0 Broadway, room 4. -HAVANA 1 OTTERY.? PRIZES CASHKD~TnD . Information turnifhed. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATES k CO.. 71 Broadway, room SI. first floor. =OFPICB OF THB~KKNTOCKY MBRARY GIFT ? Concert for nale of Tickets, by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broad street. New York. D" EPARTMENT OF TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS, A3 Chambers Rthukt. Nhw York, Jan. ti, 1373. Notice U hereby given that the Assessment Rolls of the Real and Personal Estate of the city and county of New York for the year 1873 will be open for Inspection and re vision on ana a'ter Monday. January la, 1873. aud will remain opon until tho 80th day of April, 1873, Inclnslve, for the correction of errors and the equalisation ot the assessments of tho aforesaid real and personal estate. All neraona believinc themselves aggrieved must make application to the Commissioners during the period above mention, in order to obtain the relief provided by law. By order of the Board. B. F. BABCOCK, Secretary. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF BOWLES Bros, k Co., Ill bankruptcy.? The of creditors filed in said case being Incomplete, all creditors who have not been represented In Court are requested to communi cate immediately with the ass!gace in Boston, and state their address and the nature and amount of ihetr claims, in order that the ' ull amount ol Indebtedness may be as certained aa early a* possible. HENRY J. STEVENS. Assignee, 10 Court street, Boston. New York creditors can learn the necessary facia by plying to SANFORD. ROBINSON * WOODRUFF, unsellors-at, 102 Broadway, New York. J^OST AT SEA. The los9 of the Atlantic. See THE DAILY OFAPHIO To-Jiy. Three and * half pages ef graphic Illustrations. 1. The False light oa the Headland. 2. Departure el the Atlantic from Liverpool. 8. The Steamship Atlaatlc at Sea. 4 Life on Board the Atlantic. & llap of the Coast, showing where the steamer was Wreaked. & Portrait ot Captain William*. M BARM' . h ARKS' PARADOS! SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to tit Pent by expruss, C. O. i>., to any part of the country, at the following price 6 Shirt*. Masonville muslin and One linen $13 00 6 Shirt*. Wainmitta muslin and very flne linen 13 SO t Shirts, New Vnrk Mills and best linen 10 00 Boys' Shirt* ready made and to order. Fancy Shlrtln:s in (treat variety. Directions for measurement sent on application. RICHARD MR ARKS, Gentlemen's Furnlshln/ Goods, Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street, New York. OFFICE OI> THR BOARD OK PHARMACY OP THE City and County ot New York. University Building, room 3d, University place, corner Waverley place. Notice to rharmaclst*. The Board of I'harinacr will lie In session for examin ation and retrlvtratlorion the 7th. 8th and Mh of April, be tween the hours ot2 and S I'. M., as also on the flrxt Mon days, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of Jane, Au^ut, Ootolier and December. The secrets ry will be In the office for registration on the flnt and third Mondays of each month, between S and 4 o'clock P. M. Hoard ot Pharmacy. William Neeritnard. M. D., President ; Paul Baluff, Wil liam Maiillna Smith, M. D. i Theobald Frohwoin, Franc. u H. Welsmaun, M. O., Secretary. 0 MAUA FOURTH LEGAL OIFT ENTERPRISE. $230,305 InTaSB GIFTS WILL BB DISTRIBUTED o MAY 20, 187*. Hereafter no discount will he allowed to purchasers of ticket*. The frw remaining tickets will be roM to those who first apply at $1 eachat p C, DEVLTN'8, 31 Nassau street, FFICIAI- DRAWINGS KFN'lUCKY STATE I.OTTF.RIB8. xwrrttcav- mtra class no. 260? armt 2, 1873. 07, 74, *. 77. 4d, 40, ?#, IS, :1ft. 71, 24. 17, 88. ? iMrcar? trass no. 286? april 2, 1873. $, 70. 111. I . 73, fit. n 30, IS, M, 57. 17, 2ft., SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. inriity rouict- kxtra class no. 155? april 2, 1873. 1ft, 77, I. 4, 4, Hi. M?, 47. 14, 42, 67, 17, 2, 80. fnxirv fOI LFCK? CLASS NO. 1 At'*? APRIL 9, 1673. 83, 70, 49, ?1. 70, 42. 71, 39. V 24, 3a SMITH A CO.. Managers, Covington. Ky. J. CLUTE, Broker, 506 Broadway. Post office box 4.IM0. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Drawing ot 31st March, 1873. No. 10.771 drew $100,060 No. 17,872 drew 5*1.000 No. 3:1.741 drew 25.000 Wo. 18,57:' drew 10,000 No. Z2,:iovdrew ?,?00 No. 54 drew ,. ,. ... 5,000 J. B. MARTINKZ A CO.. Banker*. 1$ Wall street. Poet ofllcc box 4,684 New York. Royal Havana lohlky.? prizes CAsnFD :OR ders Oiled: Inlomatlun turcl-lit-d; highest rates laid tor Srnnish 1 ank lilts, Ac, UUtK A ? C.. hanker*, it Wall street. New York. Royal Havana lottf.rv.? thk next bxtkaor dlnary Drawing will take place on the 22d of April, 4873. J. M. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street Post office box 4,6.0ft, New York. Royal Havana IjDttiJry.? circulars and in. tyrmn'im niml-hod. R. ORTEOA, No. 0 Wall street, Fo4 olt?oe box 1.8<g. fPO WHOM" IT M A i CONCERN - N off -~E IH HKRE H Y 1 Riven that the undernoted certltlca'os ot Erie Rail way common s'ock? vis., 63,l5S,to L. P. Morton, Kurns A Co.. in share* ot $100 each, issued March 27, 1H68: 107.3 ft, to Jonathnn D. Copeman, 10 shares of $100 each; 107.XM, tnssm,1, 10 iharesnt $100 each. Issued February I, IVrP? have been lost or destroyed, and tha- the undersigned will apply in iiuc course to the Eric Railway Company for new ccrtiflea'es in lieu thereof. All persons arc cau tioned a?r Inst n? eotiating the sakl rurtiOeates, as their transer has been stopped. WM. BUTLER Dl'NCAN, No*. 9 and II Nassnu street. New York. B UI LD R ? . ? Ff > R SALE. A LAKtJE QUANTITY of lltiil ling and Foundation Stone of the best quality. Inquire at 219 ffnst Twenty sixth street. BIS IS TO CERTIFY T1IAT7 FORBID ALL FAR _ lies from trustln* or harboring any ot the crew ot the British iirlg Ada H. Hall, as I will rav no bills of their oontraeilne. STEPHEN PHINNY. Nisw Mom, A ril 2, 1S73. T UPTOWN t'FFICR PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KEN tuckv moved temporarily to first floor and entrance first door m> stairs. Tickets on hand rokl up to the 8th Instant. Vf. L. DAVIS, Axent, 944 and 94flroadway, be tween 22d and Zd streets. tllit Concert. Drawing positively April Whole Tieltft*, $ 0: Hsll TirKets, |5; Quarter ilekels, 60 For tickets and dcserl|>tl*o circular* apply to J*. C. |r)0() ()()() OIFTS.-KBNTUCKY LIBRARY DFVLTnT Statfimer, 31 Nassau street (opposite' Post office), New York. <t^QQ ?IQO 18 DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL ?P* JOtf I seii Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circular* tree; I2U cents commission a'lowed. address BUALEY A CO. (oltlCO established thirty years), 174 Brotdway. rjMIii BVBNINO TELEORAM ON EVERY NEWS STAND IN TI1E CITT, jtroRi i?c-poGB:BTHD?r^:7" A -ion SALE, ALL KINDS OK JaNCY DOCS. ? Rlrds, Ac.; Medicines tor sll diseases. Prepared Ini d lor meeklnit birds, at B. O. DOVRY'R. No. SOreenc street, liear I anal. F^OR F ' LB? SNIJPM HOO i. TWO SLACK AND TAN, ' ordmi Set;er INig?, red Irish Setters i six Setter Dogs, th> roufthly broken : points, stauds, hacks and retrieves ir.'in land ami water; English Shepherd Dote six New lotsndland l*ii|isi three Spit/. Doga, Hull Terriers. Stack and Tun*, t-eoteh sk ye Terriers; one of the lanro-t, hand ?.incst and best trained English Mastiff Docs mi the coun try, II. HA HDiNKJI, tit ftnnth Fifth atenne. Cimer Prtndfl Street the troy. A MER1C AN TURKMAN, A MONTHLY RECORD OF J\ the Turf.? April n matter bow ready. livery lover of the turl kiioaid Have It. Price 18 cent*, at uews stands or 22 Ann street. _ "OROSPEOT PARE PAIR O ROUND ASSOCIATION.? JT To let. the Pot 1 Selling lor the year 1H73; also. to let, the Restaurant unuer the Grand Hand tor the year 1879. Scaled proposals lor each separately will i<e received un til April 8, at thf otttre ot tho Association. Pultou corner of Hocrutn street, Brooklyn. The Association resirvc the right to re:ect any or all proposals. By order or the Ex ecutive Committee. GEO. W. OAKI.EY, Superintendent. TO LF.T? FLEETWOOD PARR CLUB HOURK AND hitching privilege ot ground*!. Apply at tho park or 111 Wall slreet. W. II. V A NOOTT, Superintendent. IlOnKK-S CARIIIAGE?. &V. AO HE AT SPECIAL, POSITIVE AND ABSOLUTE ?sale bv public auc Ion, TO-MOKROW (Friday), " April 4, at 1 iw o'clock, ?liarp, ot eight cicgxni ana last family ami road Horses. line Carriages, Uam?w, Kobe*. Blanket*, Ac., at the Club Boarding Stables, 1,433, 1,435 and 1.437 Broadway. between Forty-aecqnd and Forty-third streets, being tho property of S. L. NisImd, Esq., and P. J. Oeui stock, Kimi , including a fast and handsome team of bay Marcs, full Maters, and sired by Magna Charta, dam by Pilot Temple ; they are 1SU liands likh, & and 6 years old, and were raised at Kalamazoo, Mich., by James R. tnstlne, Es<i, ; they nave lull inancs and tails, tlnn action, vcryinuseu lar," with great powers of endurance; trotted at Prospect Park late last Fall a lull mile to road wagon In :J:4j: they arc both excellent In single harness, have fine style, su perior action, ure h gb-headed, very gentle, and docile; can be driven to height of sueert by a lady, are afraid ot uothlng, and arc comWered by a:l who know them to be second to no young team of troiters in this city | I bey can always trot better than 2:30, and are both warranted sound, kin I and true in every particular, and the particu lar attention or gentlemen In search or a line road or au A No. 1 Tarn lv team Is called to them. Rich, handsome, blooded and gentle brown Gelding, Wfi band* hlgli and 7 years old next hpring; slie l by lr-.n Duke, he T>y Old llambletonian. dam bv Bcll-fuunder ; he was purchased In Ulster county by Mr. Nelson oae year ago, after he saw biin trot a full mile and repeat in 6:14)4; he can always show a mile in 2:38, and Is as lino gaited as anv trot, er that goes the road; be ha< a rttll Bowing mane, witb tail touching the ground, aud Is war ranted sound and kind. Also the very fai-t Hambletonlan uiare Jeanette, 1W? hands and 7 vears old ; sired by cecond llambletonian, ilam by Alexander's Abdallab; was brod and raised by Wm. Maxwell, in Orange county, and ba? been driven bv biin in 2 ; she can go to track always and show 2:39, and tor style, gait or action cannot be surpae-edi she Is warranted sound. kind and true and one ot the most per fect gentleman's roadsters to bo tonnd. Also fast and handsome sorrel Geld ng, lftM ba ndshigh. 7yosr->oid; sired by Young Wofull, dam by Jupiter; bred by Molien A. Ba\Ur, Esq. ; he Is a perfect and reliable roadster, very stylish and gamy, with extra fine action; doe* not pull, lug or fret; can beat 2:&> to rood wagon, and moro sensible or better behaved horse Is seldom to lie found, and It putin proper hands will make a verv valu able track horse ; he Is warranted sound, kind an I true. Fait, handsome and well bred bay gelding Joe; he Is 19)4 hands high, 9 years old ; wan raised in Adrian, Mich,, anil trotted there m 2:91; he can beat 2 JO now, and has great endurance; can trot a mile and repeat, or IX miles in tho hour ; be is one of tho rarest and truest road borses In fbls city; is good in company, no pouter oriaggtrd, reouires no booting when trotting or bandages instable, Imt is always ready; be is warranted sound, kind and true in all respect*. Also a flue Brood Marc, 16V hands high, 8 years old ; sired by Hambletonlan. dam a Star inare ; she can trot in 2 :38, and Is sonnd, kind and true, with exception of a gear on off hind leg. Also fluen lady's or cuild's Pony In this State; ho is 14 hands high and 8 years eld ; perfect pet and extra sad dler, and warranted sound, kind and true and afraid of nothing. Also one Brett, one extension top Park rhacton, one top Pony Phaeton, two top Wagons, one open Wagon, ono Depot Wagon, elegant single and double Harness, fine Street, Stable and Walking Blankets, Robes, Whips, Ac. 5. B.? This stock is all flrst class, m owners would have none other, and will b? sold to highest bidders without any restriction or limit. Can be seen now. Bale positive, rain or shine. ?BREWSTER. OF TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. A. A. Ware rooms. Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-seventh street. Sole maker* of Brewster w^jous. witb the Vertical steel The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, ob viating all spread of the axle, a prevailing source of an noyance to those wing road wagons. Besides the a'ldlt'oniU strength and security which this great improvement gives to our wagons, an experience ot thirty-four years enattlos us to challenge comparison either In quality or finish. See certificate from General MeClellan Nbw York, June 1, 1871. Q?iin.xxK>< :? 1 have carefully examined your Patent Vertical Steel Plate Axle. I find that the addition or the Vertical Plate renders the axle rbout two and a hair (2 J,) times aa stiff as it would be without it Very respectfully, GEORGE R. M'CLELLAN. A. TUB "BREWSTER WAGON." in all weights, lor pleasure driving or speeding, exaumitelj finished. and embracing In their con*) ruction the various Im provements Introduced by ua daring the past 10 year*, making them Ibe Standard for Quality throughout the United (states. Ihcse wagon* are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confoonded with a Joint rtcck company ol carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and Impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "hrewster Wacon," we beg the putdic will rerocm! cr that our only warcroomt are at the corner of Fillh avenue and Fourteenth street. and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ol Hroome street. T. DEMAREST k CO., 828 BROADWAY. We offer a Urge and elegant assortment of fine Carriages of onr own manufacture, comprising onr popular six-seat family Rocknwavs, 13 styles; Coupe ltocknways, ? styles; Landaus. A styles: Con pes, 8 styles: elegant Lamlaulets, 5 sizes and styles t beautiful new style T Carts and Turn out Seats. Work first class In every respect Prices reasonable and popular with buyers. One hundred Pony Phaetons at very low prices. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. SALESROOMS 0} CflAMBhRS STREET. lOR.SE AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK HALES AND STORAOE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE. CORNER TWEN PY-FIFTH SIRHET. RICHARD McCULLOUGH PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday cf each week. Entries of articles lor auction can be made at re pository as above, or salesrooms of auctioneers. ^ * TIII8 DAT. THURSDAY, APRILS, at 11 o'clock, One light no top Policy Phaeton. One bay Ponv, M), hands high, 6 years ol 1, warranted sound and kind. One set finale Harness. One black Mare, 10 hand* high, 10 years old ; sound and kind ; free and styll?h driver. One no top, luilsprln; Buggy, hut little used. One black HorHA, >0 hands hlgn, ids years old, war ranted ^'ind and fclnu ; good truck or express horse. One se<ond hand lump-scat Hocks way. 8ne light top pony Phaeton. no brown Mare, IAW hands high, nine years old, war ranted sound and klna in all harness. One set Single Harness. One no top J agger Wagon, by Dubol* One turnover-seat Depot Wigon. One second hand Express Wagon. Also several other Horses. Full description at sale. Rale positive, rain <g shine. Auction house of arch. Johnston. LATE JOHNSTON k VAN TAM8KLL. Office and salesroom, old stand 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. ITOR8K AND CARRIAGE BRANCH RKMOVED to I*. 21, 23 and 26 Eaat Thirteenth street, between University place and Pith avenue. A OARD. The 2rm 04 Johnston k Van Tsssell having been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Johnston continues the BU8INE88 AT THE OLD STAND, 37 NA8SIAU STREET, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OF THE HOUSB IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES, 1 ', 21. 23 nnd 28 I* AST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth svenuc and University place, and has no connection with the other stand lately occupied by the firm of Johnston A Van Tassell. REUULAK SALES EVBRY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. Fntries for Mies may be made as usual either st onr downtown hous<-, 37 Nassau street, or at tlie Mart, 19, 21 23 and 2S East Thirteenth street Liberal advances, as usual, made on consignments. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms 103 Liberty and 36 Church street Horxes, Wagons nnd Harness. THIS DAY, at 12 o'clock, D. W. IVES will sell, as above, 19 hand Road and Work Horses. Vehicles all kinds. Hnrncss, Ac. Catalogues gl\ n? lull description ot goods. Warrantees mu?t agree with description ; 34 hours' trial. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer, Salesrooms 108 Lirerty and 3H Cedar street. Hordes, Wagons and Harness, THiB DAY. at U o'clock. By D. W. IVE*. Descriptive catalogues at sale. Warranties extend 24

hours. A LOT OF nORSES FRESH FROM TOE COUNTRY sold or exchanged lor Horses ol less value-, suitable lor all kinds ot business. Inquire at Ml Oanal street TOP HIDE BAR WAGON, POLE AND SHAFTS, BY Corbet: one light Coach, by Brewster; It) ton and open Road Wstrons by the best city makers from $30 up : two second-hand Rockawsys, Mr top nnd open Pony Phae tons, two six-seat Fhaeloa*. three Hotkeys, one second hand Clarence. two slide-seat Wagon*, three top and or^O Express Wagons, Single and Double Harness of all kinds; ai 0 MWtotO#, 1" good order, 'at W. H. GRAY 8. ? and 22 Wooster street. NY ORK TLkMAN IIAY I KG A TEAM OF FINE ROAD Hor?*s snd willing to lell at A reasonable price, giving a fair trial, may apply at private stable at West Forly-lonrtii s.reet, IjlUST H>. SOLD THIS DAY TO PAY ADVANCES, a fine, no top. light, three spring, .elty made Ex ? " ? It A CHASE S, corner of Broad J\ . a fine, no top, light ? mss Wagon! st BARKER AC way and Thirty ninth street. AHOR8K AND BUSINESS WAflON nuain M Apply at 24? avenue and Thirty ninth street C"AH** con^ "wadway SECOND JIAND cj WRioLET? FRimt ASK A Hon, at a very low nrler ; an extensive assortment of new Carriages at low price* and warranted. J. COLYF.R A CO., MB and *? Broadway. AH BLBOANY LAN HAULM* BUILT TO ORDER, for sale low ai CORBKTT A CO * lm Wm? Tw??ty fifth street A HORItKS, t'ARUIAGKS, *C. A boston chaise, nearly new, bcilt by Sargenl ,t Co. A TWO-WHHE1.KD DOG CAST, IN GOOD ORDER, built by Brewster A H*M? in. TWO BAROCCHBS, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT BY Wood Bros. Two elegant Park Phaetons, but little used. Victoria, nearly new. Elegant open Coupe Roekaway. Cabriolet, extension top, with Pole and Abaft*. I Clarence, In (food order, built by Wood Bro?. Top and no-top Pony Phaetons, in great variety ami all styles. Fitly top Wagons, Depot and Express Wagons, and a large assortment of Harness, at private Mle, at very tow prices, to suit the times, at the HORSH AMI CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OP WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, successor to Jolituiton A Van Tassell, UU, 112, IM Kust Thirteenth street. AUCTION ,-ALK OP IIOR8KS AND CARRIAGES, EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. AT 13 O'CLOCK. A -COUPES, LANDAULETS, LANDA1JS.? TWENTY ? latent stylos, upholstered with morocoo, satin a ad cloth ; will sell at great bargains to make room. _ 11 am, 10 East Kourtn street^ A -100 CARRIAGES FOR BALE. - rock away, ? Buggies, Park and Pony Phaetons; Depot, Express and Business Wagons, Wostchesb'rs, sl-t seat Carryall; new and second hand. U1 West Broad w ay, near Canal it A PAIR OF DARK BAY MARES FOR SALE-SIRED by old Abdallah Chief, dam black Morgan, 10 hands high, Ove yearn eld ; can trot In 3;t0. BltlTTEN MOUNT, jM West Sixteenth street. Auction.? t. w. lindsay, auctioneer. B. F. Til K ALL will sell this day at the corner of New Church and Cedar streets, 1ft head of good work Horses, .lust arrived from the West ; suitable for any work ; a good warrantee given. Inquire at the stable. A -SEVEN HORSES FOR HALE. FIT FOR ALL . purposes; warranted sound and kind; at low prices. 87 and S9 Woostei street Must be t old. A BREWSTER, OP BROOME STREET, HRKTT FOR rale. Can be seen at Mr. JOHN it. MORRELL'S storage warehouse, 103 East Thirty -second street. A REMARKABLY HANDSOME COAL BLACK Horse for sale? Not quite 15 hands high and not j Sute 7 years old; has trotied In 2:17; white facc and rec whl e feet; very handsome, being a perfect pic ture of bis lather, the celebrated Flying Cloud i price $2,500. Inquire ol N. MUGGINS, Esq., Proprietor Cosmo politan Hotel. -FOR BALE, ONE SORREL HOR -E, 17 HANDS ? 'high, 7 years old; suitable lor cart, truck orex press; quick: or any klndolhcavy work: also one Mack Marc, 16'., hands high, 8 years old ; suitable lor all busi ness; both horses sound and kind, withoHt blemish. In quire at (>13 Ea?t Sixteenth street. A CHOICE VARIETY OP STATB HORSES. JUST arrived trom Brooiue county, among thein some tine carriage Horses; also Irnck uml business Hordes. Can be seen lor one week at stable 152 West Seventeenth street ANICR, CHUNKY BAY HOUSE, tl YEARS OLD, FIT for butcher, grocer, milk or express; warranted sound and kind. To ho >ecu lor three days at tM East Fourteenth street, between avenues A and B. A LOT OF TOP BCQaiBS, ROAD WAGONS, EX. press, Grocery and light Business Wagons; also a second hand Top Buggy. 848 West Twenty-seventh street, bctweeu Eighth and Ninth avenues. C1ARRUGKS SPECIALTY.? 75 TOP BUGGIES ; ALSO J Roekawsys, Victorias, PhaetOM, four and two seated, cheapest in tno city; near Gr&ud street and llowcry. lit) and 118 Eldrldgc street BAY A SON. (CARRIAGES? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR. J gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low prices; now Is the time to purchase, be fore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 888 Broadway. (1HEAP HORSES FOR FARM AND CITY U?E.-BAY, J W0 ; brown, $60 ?, bay, $70 ; gray , $?) ; g ray , $70 ; also stylish gray Oeldlnjj. 180 South Hfth avenue, near Gram) street DBPOT WAGONS AND ROCKAWAYS, IN LARGE variety of styles, for one an'! two horses; also a large, awortment ot Pony Phaetons, top and open, with ana wttboot rumbles, BRADLEY, PRAY * CO., M Broadway. FOR SALE? A RAY HORSE. EIGHT YEARS OLD: very stylish ; 15\ hands high ; Round and kind in all harness; would suit coupe or family. Apply at 278 Hp ring street "CH)R SALE-A PAIR OF CHESTNUT HORSE* 14 H r hands high ; also a very handsome Harness, by MERRY, of London ; never used. Apply at private stable 47 East Thirty-third street. IjlOR SALE-TWO SECOND HAND CLARENCES, 1 lined In brown cloth. In gooJ order, made by Loos Jt Williams; also one light C spring Barouche, nearly new, same maker, and one very litht six-seat Thseton, by R. M. Stivers, very stvtlsh. A. S. A E. ODKLL, tl#4 and 6M Lexington avenue, noor 87th street. POR F ALE-ONE COUPE ROCK AWAY, ONE BIN. gle * oune Harness, both manufactured for owner, but little used and in pcrlect order. Apply to G. C. C., 64 Dcy street. FOR BALK? A VERY STYLISH BLACK HORSE, SIX years old. 18 hands high; is warranted sound and kind, without leult or blemish ; a fine coupe, carriage or road horse, und has good speed ; any kind of trial given; sold chean for want of use. Call at 340 West Twenty-sixth street, lu store. For kale- two ybry nice road wagons and two very nice full Spring ton Wagons: have been used vorv little: built by Browsler, Dubois.-? and mvself. At WATERMAN'S, No. 8 Christopher street, near Sixth evenue, opposite Ninth street. For sale-splendid bay horsk, 6 years old, ifthands; fit lor any work. 128 Cnarlton street. For kalb-two pony-built mares, s and 9 rears; 13k hands; price $85 und $125; sold for want of use. 2t> BetDune street, near Washington. TjlOR BALK? 12 OR 14 YOUNG TRUCK 1IOR8E8; WILL I work single or doulilo; also Carta and Harmns: owner wishes to Mil, having no uk lor them. Call nt 3H0 Warren street, between Smith and Hoyt, Brooklyn. Bi'OR SALK? A TEAM OF FIST TONIKS, YOUNG AND ' khul ; have been driven by a lady ; ?l?o Ton Phaeton, set double and one set of single Harness. Apply to II. O. BERNAltD, SOI Broadway. For bale-pony phaeton, built to order, never used, and a let of double Harness. To be seen at 72' j Chflrios str.-et FOR SALF.-A RATIN-LINED COUPI1. CIRCULAR front, In perfect order. Address JAMES f. LEEDS, IN Canal street. Ti'OR SALE-HORSE, TRUCK AND HARNESS; ALSO r a Tea ii ot Canadian ponies, Furniture Trurk and Harness, Express Wagon, Horse and Harness; all sold to clone business, separately or together. 73 Van lam street, near i.udtou. BOR BALE? A PUR OP HORSES, lfi'i HANDS IIJOH, 7yearsold; suitable tor a eart or truck; chunky l.ulld ; warranted Miini'l and kind. Inquire at W7 Wast Tenth street. ncatWnst. OR BALE? ONE BRtJWN~IIOK8E, 16^ 1JANDH; ONE sorrrl Mare, 16,'tf; both 8 year* old, sound and kind: onu eh< ap Top Buucy ; all at a bargain. Feed storo 370 Hudson street. FOR SALE? IRON GRAY GELDING. 1?K hands high, 7 years old; splendid limbs; very stylish, prompt, gamey driver; can travel I2mllea an hour ami be driven by a lady; fears noihlng; warranted sound and kind; will - be sold reiisooahly. Apply at 1 all man's Stables, Thirty-eighth street and Broadway, or ?.Mn?s* H. M. W., No. S Howard street (/OR SALE- A HAN DbOME~ DAPPLE CRAY HORSE l1 17 H bauds; l..i truck horse. Fifty-second street and Twoltth avenue. For bale.? a oentlema"n, trayrllino in Europe, wishes to sell a pair of bright bay Kentucky Carriage Horses, 16 hands lilgh, only 8 years old; war ranted sound and kind every w.iy; Harness will be sold it wanted. Can be soen on Friday (to-morrow), from 10 A. M till 3 P. M., at 12ft Weft Fourteenth street. F^OR SALB? TWO GOOD CANADA HORSES, BOUND and kind, 15 hands, 5 and 8 years : one for $79; top Express Wagon an.l Harness cheap, together or separ ately. 373 West Forty -eighth street, near Ninth avenue. F10R~BALB? CANADIAN PONY, 16 HANDS h'iuhTI years: warranted sound: price ISO; will suit grocery or light express. Can be seen at r?i Greenwich street, near Houston. OR8ALE? A LOT OF GOOD WORK IIORSEH, JUST arrived frotn the . country, from A to 8 vears old. suit able for all purposes, to b? sold cheap. Apply at 179 Mareer street. For k'alb-pair rich bay coloked. close mated. Kentucky bred carriage Horses, 16 hands, 7 {ears, smooth made, rangy, with long arrhrd necks, cavy manes, and tails drag the ground, high knee ac tion. splendid style and action, tear nothing, and for style and beauty they cannot be excelled; also pair black, close matched carriapo Horses, 16 bands, 6 years, rangy, with arched necks, heavy manes, and talis to the ground, splendid style; all warranted sound and kind, without fault or blemish. Address GEO. D. I.EUN, Easton, Pa. IiKJR BALE-BASHAW ROAD MA KE,~ 16 HANDS; ' warranted. M Wooster street, rear. ffWlIt HALF. -THE~MOST COMl'LI'.TE LADY'S EflTAB 1 llshment ever offered for sale, consisting ol elegant Coal black Mare, long flowing mane and tail, 14.3 blub, 6 years old: afraid ol nothing; enn be driven by a child; can trot in S minutes; warranted sound and kind : this is the handsomest Pony in tho city : also pony Phaeton, Harness, Ac.; sold lor want or use. Club Stables, 134 Weil Thirty-ninth street. ? J~^OR SALE? SKELETON WAGON, BUT LITTLE 1 used and in good order: set light double Harness, light single Uarness. RYERBON, BROWN * DAVIS' stable. 128 West I hlrty-second street OR 8 ALE- AT~ MADISON PARK RTABLRS., 4ft EAST Twenty -sixtli street, a pair of Ponies, 12 hands high, ft years old, well broke, and sound and gentle, with top Phaeton and double hit rues*-, owner going to Europe. In quire for CHASE or CRKMER. F~OB BALK OH K AP? AT BRIOG8 Jk CO.'8 hTABLE corner of Port/ -second street and Fcventh avenue, a hov Mitre. 1? hands high, 7 vears old: can trot In. 4ft; al?o a llfht h<'f-<prtng top Wagon and slnu'o Harness. FIRoT ~ CLASS BOARD FOR u6k8EB~"can"Ib had at 8T. CLOUD STABLES, 247 and 249 West Forty first street. HARNESS.-TIIE CHEAPEST UARN KS8 8TORE IN New York; good double Trock Harness, 930; good single Hiiigv Harness, hand made, 917 : a good stable Itlsnket, 92 SO; the largest assortment ot Cart Harness in tho city. Please call and examine for yourselves. U. 8. OSBORNE, Harness Warerooms, 43 Murrav street _ HOBIBKB FOR BALE-BY W. W WELLS A VAIL.? A superior lot of Kentucky and Ohio, well hr d, matched pairs, single drivers and good saddle ilor-os. lft*, to 17W hsndslilgli; iu t arrived at POST NM'KLES' Stables, (A) Hast Twenty fourth street. AITS KB 8. ? H f IRS F. hul l I'M ENT8; IMMRN8K SUC cesa; Spring trade in riill bla?l ; overrun with custom ers! a few more left; now is th" appointed time; rush In or to too lato at MG8EMA.V3 Ever Glorious Warerooms, 114 Chambers street ARNRnB BUYKR8. ATTENTION 1 ? WE IIAYKTHK largest stoek, ot every description and styta. la New Yors. Call and ? ... _ j Acnnnwaur urr.RORN M CO.. Ill Chamfer* ?t. HORHK?,jDAHRIAOKS. ?C. I YJ AIINE88.? I IfAVB A LA ROB STOCK OV HAR I ll new. all kind* and style*, of my own make, which I ! offer at extremely low price*; also Riding Had. lien and Bridles, VYhips, ."purs, Halter*, Blanket*, 8heeu, Lap Kobee and everything lu the horse line cheap lor cash. E. BAHTLK1 r, ta Warren street, corner Oolite place. HORKEM taken to board, drive and break, with good care, br JOHN H. TWEDDLE, Mont gomery, ? >!??!>*<> county, N. Y. Reference*? James B. Brewster A Co., New York city. HORSR8.-AN ELEGANT PAIR BAY UORBE8, 8 years old, 15.3 high, sound, kind and very stylish ; owner going abroad only reason for telling. Can be won at private triable 132 Cumberland street, north Of Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Price $7S0 net cash. Or Information can be obtained of D. 8. R., 2X4 Water street, New York. HOR8ES FOB SALE. -A PAIR OP BAY HORfiHS, IS J* hands, 7 yearn old: sound and kind ; good style and free drivers. Apply at Robinson's stable for P.COAK LY, IRi Paclili' Mreet, Brooklyn, near Clinton street. HANDSOME jhui CLAftfl" GOUPB HORSE? 16U high, 7 year*, sound, gentle and true : sold tor want ofu$e- alM) u four-seated Rockawav, one wt coupe Har new and one light Harness Private stable, 21 East Thir teenth street. SECOND-HAND PARK PHAETON, LIGHT COUPS, Pony Wagon, two Dog Carts, Depot Wa^on, several light Rockaway* and lluguies; great variety 1'onv Phaeton*. Road Wagon? and oth^r new Spring -u>les of Carriages. MAN UK At; ru RE Its' UNION, 63H lftoadway. SECOND HAND CAHlUAtlliS AT B ARC AI N3.-CL A K ences, olo?e Coaches, a light, curtain Coach, a Ba rouche. a Cabriolet, four and six-scat Phaetons, four and six-*cat Coup* Rockaway", top and onon Bnggies and Poay Phaetons; all in good condition anil must be sold to make room. At WOODRUFF k DUNHAM'S, Rahway, N.J. STABI.E WANTED- NEAR WEST BROADWAY AND Franklin street, with or without Board lor three or four work horses, from May 1. JAMB8 TaI.COTT, mw Franklin street. TO COUNTRY STABLE KEEPERS AND HACKMP.N? For sale, three six-Mated Park Phaetons in good or der. P. R. MASTERSON, Fifty-ninth street and Seventh avenue. rpo LET? A BRICK STABLE, CONTAINING POUR I ftalls and pleu<v of hay room, in the rear of No. 8 Oraud streei, near A arick. Inquire on the premise*. T~b LET-TWO FIRST CLAbB 8TABLE8 \ ONK LaROK, with Ave open and two box stalls, onrrlau'e, coach man's room, Ac. ; most central location, up town. WM. ELLIOTT A GO.. 1,491 Broadway, near Forty-lUth street. TI7-ANTKD? HOR8E8 TO PASTURE OR HOARD. Vt Drive awl Break: best city reference given. For particiilai-s address B. H. HKAMaN, Merrick, L. I. dj?0 FOR A GOOD SOUND WORK MARE. 15* ?p?7?J hands, flt for any lisrht work; *old only for want of um\ Inquire at 13C Perry street, rear. (klOr. EACH? THREE IIANOSOMK NKW BIFBBll ?|p 1 Wacoua; also 10 sets of silver plated Express Harness, $2!> per set; also two lieau'itul light tup Jagccr Wagoas and a handsome doclor'e Phaeton at a bargain. 141 East SiUeeuth street. (I|OAA FOR A GOOD COACH. WITH CLOSE iJiiUU and curtain panels, and a set of gold-mounted flame**, all In good order. 203 Lewis street dt?07/? WILL BUY A HORSE ANY LADY OR gentleman ean drive t also a three nuarter seat Wagon and Harness, at No*. 3, fl nnd 7 Maedongal Street. MOORE A MANKK. Al)QC- TEAM CANADIANS, 8 YEARS, IS HANDS; team black Horses, K hands, $3tX): all sound, kind : sold separate if desired ; gray Pony, $1<W; bay, $129. 418 Eighth avenue, corner Thirty-first iitreet. rpHE EVENING TBLEORAM ON EVERY NEWS BJAND IN THE OITY. 0 KIT HOPE AM STTC*M SHIPS. NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. i ncse eicamer* uo noi carry niccrane (>a??MiK?"rs American travellern going to or rcturnlnn Iron Continent of Europe, by taking thl* line, avoid tranxlt by English railway and tlie dincomforla of sarai igrirsra aMrueusiv* VILLE ShF H. AVNrtK 1 s'urnionV patnrday, April 5 PERBIBB, Dame J5f8t * abin, $125; Second Cabin. |7i Th Kxcurrion rickets at red nerd rates These i-teamoM do not carry Htcera^e paawnger* to or rclnrnlnn from tlie <htn line, avoid both pen?o.e (-*h*""pl> ')??idc?"?avlng tim., trouble ani^ex ? - QBOBQR MACKENZIE. Aw-ont. BS Broadway. pi'NABD I. INK. NewYo^'T^'1^-^?^ ABYHSI\IA \VnH ^-w' Yo?f. ??rt h"** * V. Wcf April 9 JAVaBR.U; ? Wed"1 ? a? SfM and "rei2. ^i'c ^oL; Cn>? ?B wl? ?? f'S^to^rohi;w'Jn,Brera,n p,cr- '?* dav Zrii /!! WE8KR. W Wilfitrerod, on Satur "ATE" ??' PAS8A?BBh2m ENXD0'V' 1IAVKE AND Pint ISf'n ' '* K?ld' ?f it'' e,'ui'v'?,,int in cqrrency. Second Cabin!!"'!'. Steerage T1 For freight or parage apply to 30 OELRIC1I A CO, A3e?u, ^0. 2 Bowling Green. TNMAN LINE. ~ s??SaS?V^?B^ "?"' CITY OF BRiHTOL^ Thil^1^'1^ ?? "oon. CITY OP HRODKI Vv April 10. i J'. M. <!ITY OK WASIIIVOTOV fitur2"* April 13, 2 I*. M. CITY or ANTWERP Tftur^rtny. April 17. 9 A. M. CITY OF BALTIMORE Thnl-'l- r' a1""/! !'? 9 A *? ?No?th BlvcrC<lin? "?turA'y ?Bd Tl,?^?y. fromPPi?r HSSr? 5?^ to *?"??? ?PP'r ? the for Steerage Parage, nt .11 Broadway. i!ll^'^j^"''T^^VndrNot'fl :R|l|Cr'li^|i|t>^ P<r? T?iLWSSaffl"CA" PACKET CO-PA^ Captain Vow. will, /?*on ^Tbiwday, April S. at taking pamengera from New York loT'lymou.h, London Pint Cabin $1*0 erbour* Hamburg. wSvifeir Ocncral Agent*. n#?n?r*i n- * HO Ah. 61 hrond *trrot, Now York S? r?iLT Iep AtfonU, _The IIOLHATI A wJU wil A^IMl * 'W Vork' RATIONAL LINE OF STRAXERA Weekly to Queen^wn and Ljv,rpool. fortnigl.U r TO QUEENSTOWN AND LI VERPOOL, r,?.n. from Pier* ? and 47 Vor, h Riv?r. vn tii'w' .JYcl'"t,,r Saturday, April S, at 10 4 M rh<*n*>n Saturday April li it * p 2' fftir' te " okeecb, Aomai . '.!!! !'!!'! Sr^dry *?J 3\?iu f 2 MOT i ivn d f0R ^NJJON Dl BJ&* ' *' " W A M LAND, Brtfl. ini'11 *' " 2 P- * THE LAROBST IN TUB trade Cabin parage, 990 and $.>*), currency. y?.m'gar?g.ig>. A NCHOB LINE. ? ? ?W8;? 5 MWklS! T"' 0LYMp1a. ;.. W^ : Apr'! 1 1 ^;i?B,A ^ APrt. 23 TRINA ORIa'.wSa; April Wj AOOT^AUA^'^'i?''? CALIFORNIA. Sat'. A^rtl 18 1 IS MA ILIA wSdT' 5^ ? a^5?,? ?enSfa'tlon* ?n U,,p*' deck? TO OLA8UOW LIVBRPFOOL^IoNDONDERRT C^lde*l,Kr'> wednc?lar rteainer* Cabin*. ,,..$7Sarui MM *ilurr'VcZi <;abln return (5cV- BD<' ??5 eta, Mcarlng beat arruinmodatinBi $120 ?,M Ttefce,. f,rSI!?ERA"E' ^ CURRENCY. ' ?t?s=;B-sa DRAFTS FOR ANT AMOUNT AT Oi'RRPNT ratvo c"^~>,fefenasftg? WTOMIHO. PhS"'?. . . . IDAHO, Morgan A?H?if ?* 2 E* *? r .. Prom nler M North River ' u r M ?*bln PW.eA?et fcuTen^ CU"cn^ way*TnT?wS^ 4? *ni>raS,,0!iHV,,,i,'rbur?- SnT k ?TOW"a"iigig?rt?: -nS: Pt i AP?goTr oo!Vio?S fc? rail EUROPEAN STEAMSHIP*. w I1ITE STAR LINK. FOR QUEEN8TOWN AVD LIVERPOOL CARRY1NO THE UNITED STAT-H MAlL New and lull-powered steam -hips. Railing from New York on Saturday*. inim Liverpool on ThiirMUyn, calling at Cork llarhir each \-uv. ADRIATIC Haturday, April 19, at 10 ?&) A. U 11ALTIC Suturdav .April -Hi. at3P. V CELTIC Saturday, Mav :t, at 10 :30 A. M OCEANIC Saturdiiy, May Id, at 10 M A. V. ?From the White Sfardock, Pavonla lorry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations lor all claMos itnri vaiie.i combining safety, speed and comfort Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms ] midship section, where least motion U lolt Surgeons aii' stewardess accompany the steamer. Hates? Saloon, $100, sold; steerage, *30 in eurrency. Those wishing to send lor triend* in the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, 933, cor rency. Passengers booked to or flrom all parts of America t> Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, IudlA, Amtrali. China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upward*. For Inspection of plans and other information apply at the company's oflico, 19 Broadway, New lork. BUI* of lading Issued to Continental ports. J. II. SPARKS, A Kent C "Treat western r steamship ijne. NEW YORK TO BRISTOL, ENGLAND, DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers for London, Cardiff, New port, Gloucester and afi ports in Bristol Channel. The steamer* ot thin line will Mil from pier 19 Ka River as follows :? CitKAi' WESTERN, Stamper Wednesday, April 2 '? AltAGON, Western Wednesday, May 1" Cabin pn-sagc $70, current'.* Steerage 3d, eurrenc Parties wishing to send lor (heir friend* can obtain prepaid certificates. Dnuts lor ?1 and upwards. For freight or passage apply to eTE. MORGAN'S SONS, 70 South street. New York. U~ NITRD STATES PASSPORT BUREAU.? AMERICAN citizens requiting Passports will a|iply to TIIOMA SADLEil, Commissioner, No. 8 Broad street, New York. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S l.lno lo CALIJORMIA, JAPAN AND CUINA, via Panama, carrying mails, passengers and freight to Aspinwall, Panuma, Nanla Martlia, Gray town and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, l'eru and Chile. April 6, 187 J? Steamer rising STAR. Captain J. !t Illldreth. will leave pier li North River, a'. 12 o'clock noon for Asnlnwall illrect, coiine< ting at Panama with Un steamer CONSTITUTION. Captain Horse, touching !>? Acanulco, Munzanillo, Mazatlau, and u'ao connecting le ad Central American and South Pacific ports. Depart tires ot 10th and '.Milt of each month connect with tli company'* steamer touching at San Benito, Tonata Salina Cruz and Port Angel. Steamer CHINA will leave San Francisco April lt; 1873, for Janan and China. For rates ot passage, I relgil and all lurthcr information apply at company 'soitic oil the pier, foot of Canal street F. R. BABY. Agent. Special Notice.? Postponement of HatUiig.? flfeanie RISING STAR will leave pier 44 North River, at 1 o'clock dooii, Saturday, April 6,187:1. Strainer OCEAN QUEEN will follow, mid sail Saturday, April It). 1BJ3. F.R. 1IABY, Agent. I jlOR NASSAU. ~ ~ 1 Steamer CITY OF MF.RIDA will sail for Havana, vi i Nassau, on Thursday, April 3, from pier No. 3 Nortu River, at 3 P. M. Freight or Pa??YL^y?RE A HONS, 33 Broadway. F OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No. ft North Elver, at 3 o'clock P. M. GENERAL MEADE, on SATURDAY, April 5. Freights received daily. Through rates given for fit Louis, vii'ksliurg, Mobile, Galveston and ludiauola. For freight or passage 'having superior accommod i lions) apply to FREDERIC BAKER. 3 1 Broadway. I, OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.? THE STHAMEI ' CITY OF DALLAS, Captain Jones, will leave pier i. ast River, Aprils, at 4 P.M. Freight received dally. Through rates given to Galveston, Indlanola, Hock port i>. Aranzas wharf, Bra'/o.s Suntisgo and St Louis. Cabin passage, $00; steerage, $23. for freight or passage uiinlv to C. H. MAILoRY k CO., 183 Maiden lane. CV)R NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. J? The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship GEORGE WASHINGTON, Captain II. B. Quick, will leave pier No. 9 .VorJi River on Saturda' April S, at 3 P. M. Freights received daily. Through rates given to Galveston, Indlanola, Hocklort/ir Aranza wlmrf, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $50 ; steerage. $25. For lYelght or pas sage apply toCLARK A SEAMAN, Ho West street. T~ BX AB LIMB OF QALVKsTot! STEAMERS, TOUCH ing at Key West earring the United Stites mall. The iSeamer CITY OF HOUSTON, Captain Cole, Is nov receiving treight at pier 20 East River, and will sail Sat urday, April 8. Through bills of lading given to Hon?ton, either bv lh? Q. H. and H. R. R. or hy llie Uouslon Direct Navigation. Company, and to all points on the Galveston, Houston and Henderson and B. II. and C. Railroad. No charge lor torwardlug In New York. For freight or passage upply to C. If. MALLORY A CO., 1.13 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE * CO.. 119 Wall street j^-EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINE. These first class steamships will sail every Tuesday at 3 P. M., from pier IS North River (foot of Cedar street), for Havana direct, as lollows:? Shamshlp MORRO CASTLE Tuesday, April t? Steamship CRESCENT CITY Tuesday, April 1". Steamship WILMINGTON Tuesday, April ft For freight or passage (having inagnlflccnt accommoda lions) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE i. CO.. 119 Wall street D. M'KELLER, Agent in Havana. t~u> LU MBI AN MAI L STEAM ~ I 'At ' K ET LINrJ, Pl?i ) Malan/.as and Havana, carrying the United State mail.? The first class sidewlieel fteauishlp SANTIAGO I E CUBA, Captain J. W. Reynolds, will sail from pie, No. 4 North River on Tuesday, April 1"-, at 3 P. M. Fo freightor passage apply to C. L. GU1LLEAU.ME A CO., Agents, 14 Broadway. U" NITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MBXIOO. Havana, progreso and vera cruz. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship Line, leavint pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M. EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF MERIDA (Havana via Nassau)., April i CITY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) April 1 > CITY OF HAVANA (ll.tvana only>.,., April 1," CITY OF MKKIDA (Havana only) April /t CLEOPaTRIA (Havana and Mcxlcj) May 1 For freight or passage apply to F. AI.KX ANOftK it SONS, 88 Broadway. NSW YORK AND BKRMUDA NTKAM8H1P L1ITS, For Hamilton and St. George, Bermuda. The steamship ALB -.MARLE, Read, master, will b despatched, from Pier 57 North River, o;i Thurniay, Apr1! 'bavin 10. at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage 'having ele gant accommodations', apply to LIJ.NT BROTHERS, 28 South street. PjlOR NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND KlCIIHONI). ' The Old Dominion Steamship Company will d?spat.'i from pier 37 North River their elegant, steamship Rlcli inond, Lawrence, for Norfolk, City Point, anil Richmond on Thursday, April 3, giving through bills of I tding to al : points South and Soutliwcit Through passenger ticket issued to all points. Accommodations unequalled. Applv at pier 37, or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dey. F TRAVULMJRS' (JUIIIi;. 'if) MS YLVANIA KAfLf fOAl). Trains leave Now YorV, from foot of Decrown* and Cor Inndt streets, as follow*: ? Kxpress for HarrMhurff, HtLshurg, the West and Booth, with I'ullliinn Palace Cars attached, at 9:10 A. M.;5, ; and 8 JO P. M. Hnnday, 5, 7 and ? :3d P. M. For Baltimore, Was'tlns'ou and tin: South at 9 A. M. ; 7 ami 9 P. M. Sunday. 9 l*. M. Impress lor Philadelphia, 8, 9.9M A. V. ; 12-,*). 1.4, 5. ?. 8 :30, 9 I'. M. and 12 night. Sunday. 6, 8:30 and 9 P. M. Kor Philadelphia, via Kensington. at 7 A. M. and 1 P. M. Kiniirranl and second class, 7:15 P. M Kor Newark at 8, 8 :30, 7. 7:40. 8:10, 9. 10, 11. 11 :40 A. M., 12, 1.2.2:31,3, 3 :20, 3:40. 4:10. 4 J), 5:10, 5:4). 5:10, 5 uV>. 8, 8:10,8 .30,7, 7:10, 8:10, i, 10, fl :?, 12 P. M. Sunliy, IM. 8, H, 10, 9 P.M. Kor klizabeth. #, 6 M, 7,1 :4rt, 8, 8 :10, 9, 10, II. II :?0 A. M, 12 M.. 12:30, I, 2, l:T0, < 330, 3:40. i, ^:I0, 4:30. 3:31, ? J9, 6 :50, 8, 8 :1?. 0 JO, 7 :30, 8 :10, 10, II JO, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 :20, 6 and 8:10 P. M. Kor Rahway, ?, 6 JO, 7. 8 :10. 9 :30 and I") A. M? 12 1,2 2 JO, 3, 3 20, 3 1 :I0, 4 J >. ? :*?. 5 JO. 3 :50. 8. 8 M, 7 :30, 8 :10. 10 P. M_, and 12 night Sunday, 5 20 and 6 P. M. Kor Woodbridge and Perth Amboy, 8 and 10 A. M.,3:10, 3 :40,4 JW and 5:5) P. M. Kor Now Brunswick, 7. 10 A. M., 12 M., 1.2. 3, 4:10, 5:?. 6, 9 P. M. and 12 nlirbt. Sunday, 8 and 9 P. M. Kor Kast Millstone. 7 A. M., 12 noon. 4 :10 an I 5:? P. M. For Laiubertvllle and Flemlngton, 9 A. M. and 2 P. M. Kor Ptiillpsbnrg ami Beivldere. 2 and 4 I*. M. Accomino<latlon for Bordentown, Burlington and Cant don, 7 and 9 30 A. M.. 12 :30. 2, \ 3: 40, 4 and 6 P. M. Kor Freehold, 7. 8 A. M , 2 and 4 P. M. Kor Jameahnrf, I'cmberton, Camden. 8 A. M., 3:40 P. M Tralnsarrive as follow* From l'lttsburif. u:W A.M., 1 in P. M., dallv. M) H A. M. and8J4 p. M., dally, exoep; Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 8 :40 A. M.. 4 -)4, 10 :12 P. M. Sunday, 8:40 A. M. From Philadelphia. 5 21. 6 50. 10:14, 1 1 :04, 1 1 :5I A. M., '2:14. 3 :01, 8 Jl, 8:13 P. M Sunday. 6:21, 8 :V\ 11:04 A. M. Ticket offices, Ml, 415, 271 and 944 Broadway; No. 1 Aator House and loot of fieabrosvw and Cortlandt streets. Ktnigrant Ticket office, No. 8 Battery place. A. J. Caasarr, D. M. BOYD. Jn., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. DRY OOOD?. r% rmITO*" rAftKHN "SAUA'Ait, 9VT W<jauWaYj A mar Twentieth street-New design .new Imported ?tyles magic Costume, bcautUul Toilet*, Pattern*, with " "* models, now ready. Come early. ITlrt HAIR! HAIR! _ . _ JO. Bt largest atock of Hitman n?ir Coodaln tba c?t> at shaW'8, . _ . 352 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jonea street*, and MB Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twenty third street*, ujp stairs. xflAW-8 Patent Hair Switch**, can be combed an t I. rushed, (I each. Human flair, cheapest and best In the market. Hhort Hair Switches, $2 each aud upward*. French Switches, *5. furls $1 and upward*. Latest styles always on liana. MIliLllKHV AMU DRKSSMAKWfl. nW1T OPRNtN0~f>F Hl'KINO MILLINRKY Tlrt& ay ? O. neral opening of Spring llat.% Children's Hats and Flowers BINN'8 Millinery, 817 Broadway. Avoid mistake s save this. Madamk nUHUMO, MO. 7 tiiirtikth street, h*? now very choice styles 1 1 Paris and Bound Hats, at very rcatonable price*. Particular attiMun P?td to orders. -FlltUT ' Spring Opening i873 NTLLIMRRY, siith avenue, eorser Twenty third street, TUVHHiMy? KBlOAY VND 8Ari'80At, Anrti 3 4 and a.

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