Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1873 Page 2
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IITVATIOS8 W A vrrii?K icjjAi.i^. ( uok>. CM', Q CROSBY ST., BEAR.? TWO RESPECTABLE WO. ?' men ; ouc us cook, wn?h)-r and ironcr; the other a* 'lambcrmaM ami waitress; a good home wanted ; nine '?cars' city reference. ?)1 NADMON AT.? A IADY WISHES TO PKOCt'RE ? 1 a sltuaion lor a llrst class cook, whom she can confidently recommend. >1 WEST 441H ST.. BETWEEN STH AND f>TH A VS. ? > I As cook ; would assist with wa-hwi: ami ironing; lias 7 yearn' reference ; is a good bread baker. 'JO VAN 11AM ST. ? A YOCNO <UI!T, AS PLAIN COOK '>& atnl to ?-slst with th>' warn ing und ironing ; good ?Iiy reference Itoin last place. VANHAM ST., IN Til! liKtR.-A H !? BI'Kt'T ?H) able woman us first class cook in it privale lainily ?r t>oardiiiK bounfi ; it fere nee it regain d. UWEST 5STTI ST.? TWO YOL'NU OIRLS, ONE AS cook, washer und Ironcr; the other a* chamber i lid and >v;u;jc.s; good rlt> reli reiieo it rei|Um-d. -?? IKVlNd PLACF. AT BBB PBB8BNT EMI'LOY ''O er'ii.-A< rook, by a competent person. who thor ?'iirlily understand* cooking in all it* branches; is ail xcelictit baker. /'A WKST lUfll UT.? A KIKftT CLASS FRENCH ")U cook (speaking no English) in a private family or tltst class boarding house; understand* pnslrj' and all klndsol French cooking ; best reference. I ?Q WEST 44 I'll ST. , BETWEEN STH AND GTH AVR.? " )0 A respectable woman us cook and to assist with washing ; l>est refcrenco from last place. 7 Z ELIZABETH ST.? A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN AS It) first class rook in French, huglisti or Uerman -tyiej can take lull charge of a kitchen, liotel. club house or large boarding house: no objection to the country; -i von years' Mrsi class city reference. Oail lor two days. \(\A 7? AVm SECOND FLOOR. ? A FIRST CLASS LUt cook in a private family; understand* horbuai n thoroughly ; good city reierence. lAP 7TH AV.-A RESPECTABLE LADY AS FIRST I lit) class rook, washer and ironcr. I WKST 18TH ST., OVER TAlI.OB'S STOBE.? A 1UD respectable woman as good plain cook in a small tit ivate family ; tlrst rate washer and irouer ; alio a young nomas to do chamberwork and waiting; wUli to live to gether; city retorences. likT WEST 18T11 ST.. TOP FLOOIl, BACE ROOM.? I If I An experienced woman as first class cook : tin Vrsfands all kinds ot meats, oartry, soups aud Jellies; city reference. Call for two day*. I HQ WEST 16TH ST.. BEAR, SECOND FLOOR.? AS 1U?7 pood cook and to assist with the washing; is a nod baker; good city reierence. j 1 C WKST SSD ST.? A RESPECT ABLK WOMAN AS I L?J cook, washer and lroner iu a small lainily ; very neat In her kitchen ; good city reference. I 1 7 WEST 27TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTEST - I 1 1 ant girl as cook, washer und ironer in a small i rivate lainily; thoroughly understands her business; over two years' retbreuce irom her last plaoe. 1 9H WEST 40TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? !&U A respectable English Protestant woman as thorough good cook; wood city references. 1 OA EAST HOUSTON ST., CORNER 3D AV., TOP I Zj\J floor, room 14.? A respectable woman as good cook in the country; can take care of milk aud butter; willing to make herself generally useful; three years' reierence. 1 Of) WEST 20TH ST.? TWO SISTERS; ONE AS 1 &L) good plain cook, washer and ironcr; the other ns charnberma id aad waitress ; best city reference. IOC WEST 3OTH ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND ml 1 Cj*J a vs. ?A respectable girl as cook ; no objection to rissut In washing ; best city reference. 1 9Q WEST ?TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO x?0 woman as good cook In a private family; best city reference from her lust pluce. mWEST B8TH ST., TOP FLOOR. ? A RESPECTA blv girl as cook and to amist with the washing and n-onlug; five years' reierence. 1/(A WKST 17TH ST., IN GROCERY STORE.? AS 1 Jrl/ first class meat and pastry eook by a respectable woman; thoroughly nuderstands her business in all Its I. ranches- no ooiection to a first class boarding house; I est city relerenoes. 1 J .A WKST 'orn st.? a woman to cooe, wasu l T X and iron in a private family ; good cityrcfe* enees. Call for two days. ~\AK EAST :tJD ST., NEAR LEXINGTON AY.? TWO 1 *?c/ young girls that have lived together; one as ulaln cook, com washer and ironer; the other an cham bermaid and waitress; city reference. 1 C7 WEST WD ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO LU 1 do cooking, washing and Ironing in a small pri vate family; is willing to do general housework; good city reference. 1 CTQ EAST SOTH ST. -A RESPECTABLE GIRL A8 lo<7 good plain cook in a private family ; will do the coarse washing aud ironlag; good city references. t)AQ EAST 44TH ST., NEAR 8D AV.-A RESPECT .jl "O abb' young woman as cook mid laundress; will lie found willing aud obliging; good city reference. Cull or address. OAr; WEST 27TH ST., SECOND FLOOR?TWO SIS tcr? to live together; one as plain cook, wa?ber and ironer, tlio other as chambermaid anil waltrees; city reference. OAfl WEST S7TH HT.. BETWEEN 7T H AND 8TII wvU a vs. ? A respectable German woman as cook in a mlvate family; beat city reference*. Call between fl mid 1 o'clock. OAQ WEST 41 HT ST.. BETWEEN 7TH AND STU ~jUO ars.? Two sisters, to go together; one to cook, wash and iron ; the other to do ups'alrs work and wait ing; no objections to go a short distance in tlio country ; can be well recommendrd. O/lQ EAST 2STII ST.? AS COOK IN A SMALL PRI JjXftJ vate family; Is a good cook, baker. understands* pastry and all other branches; no objection to Uo kitchen ?orki linen good ; flv. yearn' city reterence. O-I - F. \ST i'.TIl ST BF.TWKKN 2D AND iD A VS.. ?ijL*) third floor, back room ? Two reapcctablc girls -;i,?ters) ; one an good cook, washer and Ironer ; tl.e other an chauilK-rumid and waitress ; in a private family ; best city references from last place. t)"l 7 WRhT MT1I ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPEPT ??II able wemun, in a private ramily, as first elass class cook; is willing to assist with washing an J irouiug ; beet city reference, ran be seen for two <laj a. 91ft WEST '*>TII ST., REAR, FIRST FLOOR -A. ZiJO competent girl us cook, washer and ironer in u pi-irate family : best city rcfcrence. OOQ WEST CD ST., ONE FLIOI1T l'P. FRONT.? AS flrxt class colored cook ; understands her businiss perfectly; unexceptionable city reference*. OOO EAST 22 D ST.. NEAR SD AV.-A8 COOK IN A ) first doss family ; would go a short dliuuct la the country ; wages >28; best cltv reference. EAHT 29TH HT., TOP FLOOR.-A RESPKCT able young girl as good cook ; willing to assist with washing aim ironing; is a good baker of bread and biscuit; best city reference ; no objections to the country. OO7 WEST MTH ST.. BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TH ?t t-i I *vs. ? A respectable girl as cook ; no objection to assist with the washing ; gooaclty reference. WEST 16TH HT., REAR.? A RESPECTABLE girl as eook; goo<l city references. Call lor two 228 t)i)Q EAST 20TH ST? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ^?<7 as good cook ; is a good baker and has good city reference. S) OO EAST 4STH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVH.? As first class cook ; understands all kinds of ?M>kin? . excellent baker; would do the coarse washing ; city reference. 00,1 7T11 AV., SECOND FLOOR, BETWEEN 23D T un>I Sttli Bis.- Protestant woman aseooi cook and baker ; would assist with washing aud ironing ; good reierence. noe EAST 3ITII ST.-A RESPEPTA BL.E OIRI. AS ?Q'J go. si plain eook in a snia I private family; sis veers' reference from last place. OQ7 EAHT MTU ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Jjtj I to cook, wash nnd Iron In a resectable family ; good reference. *) A A WK8T 1JTII ST.? AN EXPERIENCED WO. Ziv man as ?xcellcnt cook; first class baker ; can come well recommended. OA! WUHT I7TH HT. REAR -TWO RESPECTABLE ^-/'T J girls: OM ns pull rook, washer and Ironer; the o'licr as chambermaid and waitress; city or country; good reference. <) f - EAST .OTI1 ST., TOP FLOOR.? A REHPRCTA ble git Ins eook; will ns?lst with washing and ironing ; cltv reference If required. O AK WEHT 27TH ST.. FIRST FI/K?R. FRONT.? A Zj~T') yum* woman ?s first class cook; understands sottps. meats Kame and desserts of hII kinds ; willing to do the nmrketiu ; coarse washing; city or country; ekcel ient references. OQO WEST IflTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE VOUNO woman as cook, washer ?nd ironer; willing to cl.. general housework in a ?mall private faintly. ?J1 7 W I'. T 24TH HT. , F1IIST FLOOR, HEAR. -A ? >1.4 respectable girl as cook, washer and iruuer ifi a private family ; I ?st reference from Usi place. Q1 7 WKsT WTB ST.? A COMPETENT OIRL TO DO Ol I housework ; good plain cook, washer and kroner; good reference. Q-| 7 EAST 4STI1 ST., TMIRD FLOOR -A RlT OX I salable girl as llrstelass cook in * private fam ily; is an e&cnllunt bread and pa*ir\ inker, five years' city reference. Pan lie seen from 1 0 till 2. QOA EAST 84TII ST.? A VOfM; Woman \ ^ COOK Oiu washer and ironer iu a private tuuiliy ; good city WHWMt ?> 0<) EAST 67TH~" ST.,'" 8e5o^F^ 1/ ?OR"1^a~T k" OiJij si erfnijie youug woman ; is h gimd rook mid will lag to assist In washing; best city reference. U4? WKST 3BTII ST.? AB GOOD PLAIN DOOK. Ot>U *i?l*r and irnuer; is ? food broad nnd biscuit baker ; irood city reference. CJOf* EAST I3TB ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A RE OOU spectable vonng woman to cook, wasli and Iron *1 d? house work ; guoil reference tram her last 343 EAST 30TH ST., BETWKEN i?T AMD 2l> ?vs.? A youn* woman as best cook . understands business well; best city reference. ?* J o WEST 46TH ?T? A TOfTWI OIRL AS fi(?OD ?>+0 plain cook, washer and ironer In a respectable family ; two years' reference irotn last place. WEST 52D ST, NEAR 9TII AV -A COMPE - - - - tent girl us cook ; no ohlection to the country; will assist with washing; best city reference, 371 \ !\t WFST dPTH ST., CORNER PTH AV -TWO RE A ( ' J WfMlVI" ? OIlr *" (food plain Cook washer and ironer- ihe other to do upstairs work;u a good tiaber u nd ironer: bertcttv refer, nee. MTPATIONH WAtrrKn-KKMATtt. C'ooka. d?. ?ITI FAST 18TT1 HT.-A RKSPEPTABLE MIDDLE 111 aced, in as plnin cook, washer aud ironer in n small frhnM faintly. <11 7111 AV.-A RK.-PKOTABLK (URL Ad OOOD t.Li cook and plain washer ; both willing and oltllg I Iik : i-"Hidclt.v iclerenoe. ' A OQ WEST SSD ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG | iZt/ woman an riwuI plain cook, washer and ironer In * private family; willing and obliging; beat city refer ence from lost place. A'Jt) EAST MTU HT.-A RESPECTABLE YOU NO tOj woman as good cook: eau make bread, hlsruit and pastry. Is a first rate washer and Ironer; beat city re I ore hoc Call tor two days. A A(\ WEST 20TII ST. -A WOMAN AS OOOD PLAIN 'r'i 1 1 cooV unU a *?lst In the washing, or would da housework in a small family ; no objoctlon to the country. AK 7 WEST 3-D ST.? TWO GIRL8, TO OO TOQKTH ' ? or; one an cook, washer and ironer '.the other as chambermaid aud waitress; no objection* to a abort distance in the country; city references. 8,fiT BT ? KLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? A TUU respectable woman aa ft rut clans cook : la willing to do the coarsc washing and to go a *hort distance in the country; good reference. CJO 7TII AV.? AS FtTlHT CLASH COOK; UNDBR ' '{ stands French and English cooking In all their branches: beat eHy reference. C CO 7TH A V., CORNER iOTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE f UO young woman as good cook; willing to aaalst witlMhe waahing uud ironing; good city reference. MO 2D AV.. BETWEEN S18T AND S2D 8T8.? A RE spectable woman aa excellent cook; no objec tion to a boarding heuae or to go a abort distance in the oountry ; excellent reference. DOQ EAST 17TH ST.? AH FIRST CLASH COOK. WHO vJO?7 thoroughly understands her btisinesa; good ref erences troin last place; no objection to the country. QC4 TTH AT., BETWEEN 55TII AND B8TH 8T8.. IN 0?JTt the undertaker's.? A first class cook; under stands all kinds aoupa, game, pastry, meats of all kinds ; best rcforence. ?70 7th AV" between MTH AND S7Tn 8T8. ? A Oil/ respectable young girl as cook and assist in the washing in a small private family; best city reference. mSD AV., BETWEEN MTH AND MTH 6T8.. PIR8T floor.? Two respectable young girls; one as irst class cook ; the other as chambermaid and waitress ; both will do washing between them lor a sma.l American family ; four years' city rcfercncei from Uiclr lust place. Call lor ono day. 1 11 0 SD AV - CORNER 6STH ST., TOP FLOOR, f'V, ' ,rPnt room.? A respectable young woman to ei'ice coo*,u*' cashing and Ironing; best city roler IOAtt 215 a v.? A COMPETKNT GIRL AS OOOD ? ^SrirO cook and baker; would assist with the wash ing and Ironing in u small private family; has lour years' city reference. None but a good family that keeps their help long need apply. 1QQ?\ 8? AV.? A RESPECTABLE young girl .ii in a small private family us cook, washer aud Ironer ; best city reference. 1A~\C* SD AV., CORNER 74ST ST., IN FANCY ? ^tXO store.? A respectable young woman as first class cook; willing to assist with washing aud ironing; no objection to the country ; three years' city references from last employers. 9KHOII EVENING TELEGRAM ON EVERY NEWS STAND IN THE CITV. Chambrrmaidi, Ar. OA WEST 20TH ST.? AS CHAMBERMAID, BT A competent young woman; has lived 15 year* in her prcNont place, where she can be seen fur two days. Call or address. OO WEST 4OTII ST.? TWO KEHPKCTABI.K GIRLS; ' one as chambermaid and waitress or to do plain sc. wins ; tlie other as first class laundress; up town prefer red. Call for one week at present employer's. OH EAST 38TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS OU chambermaid and to do fine washing or waiting; city or country ; Rood reference if roquired. /(A WEST 1STU ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS 7'/ chambermaid and to do fine washing; best city reierenoe. Call for two days. QA THOMPSON BT., IN THE REAR.? A YOUNG OU ffirl as chambermaid and waitress; wages not so much au object as a steady place. QO KING ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS ClIAM OJj bermald or waitress; either city or country ; good references. Q?? GIOVE ST.? A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL V\J t? do chamber work In a small private family; can be highly recommended from last place. mWEBT 15TH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE YOUSG girls, to go together ; one as chambermaid and the other an waitress ; best city reference. iir. west urn st., between oth and 7th lltj avs ? A respectable girl, lately landed, as chnm ( ermaia nid waitress or to take caro of children ami do plain sewing aud make herself generally useful. Call for two days. 11 (i 19TI1 ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM AlU barmaid and seamstress or to wait on young ladies and sew ; first class city refereuce. TOO WEST i8TH ST.. TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECTA J.OO hir younc girl t" do cbambcrwork and fine wash lng and Ironing ; good city reference. mWKST 27Tri ST.? A RE8PRCTABLE YOUNG girl, a Protestant, lately lauded, as chambermaid and plain sewer. 1QQ WE>T J3TH ST., REAR HOUSE.? AS CHAM 1 OH bertnaid and waitress and to do fine washing; good city references. If! WEST 60TH ST.. TIIIKD FLOOR, RACK. -A 41 youug girl as chambermaid and to assist with the wasnlng and ironing; or would do gvneral house work In a small private family. Call for two days. mF, AST A2D ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT room. ? A young Kirl as first class chambermaid or parlormaid ; has 10 years' best city reference from her lust place. 1 WEST ran ST.? A RESPECTA BLE YOUNG GIRL J ?Jvl as chnmbermald and seamstress; operates ou 1a>W*f machine ; good city reference. 1 rt7 EAST 920 ST. -A RK8PECTABLE YOUNG X*J I girl as chambermaid aud waitress in a private family; good city reference. 1 ft! WK;'T SI ST ST. AND 7TII AV.-A IIF5PECTABLE J.UJ. yuun.' girl as chambermaid and waitress. mWEST 48T1I ST.? A GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID and waitress; good recommendation from last ylaac. OHO EAST 49TII ST. NEAR SD AV.. FIRST FLOOR. Zi''v7 front room.? A ynnng girl as chambermaid aud waitress or as chambermaid and to do sewing. 901 WFST ?nTH St-~.A VOUNG WOMAN TO DO J. chaiuberw ork aud waiting in a privata family. OA r: WE8T 27TH ST. -A SMART RESPECTABLE Jj\h) young girl, lately landed, as chambermaid and seamstress or chambermaid and wawrtwi city refereuce. O/h- KAhT LDTH ST -A RESPECTABLE YOUNG i,-irl ns chambermaid or parlormaid: three >v*rs' best city reierenoe from last place. Call for two days. 20(? EA.8T 26T'J 8T -A COMPETENT PROTESTaNT f. rtrl as chambermaid or waitress in a private reference'.1"* * distance iu the country ; city OAQ WEST 41ST ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG UC woman a? chambermaid and waitress ; willing to vo a short distance- in the country; good city refer ence. 911 MUI.REKRY ST, CORNER SPRING. ? A RE dulL special. le young yirl to do chamherwork in a prl vate lannly ; good relcreme. Apply for two days. 919 KAf,T 420 ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Zi 1 & girl as chambermalil and to mind children ; best ? ii_v referent > t ail lur one day. 91 Q WEST 2?TI1 ST , FIRST FLOOR? A YOUNG ^1*7 girl as chambermaid and waitress or chamber maid ami lo do plain sewing; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; Is capable, stilling aud obliging ; best cio refer< nee. 1 nnn east *jth st., near sd a v.? a young I i' ' girl as chambermaid and waitress In a s nail private family ; no objection to the country ; good refer ence from last place. 991 E\ST 21ST 8T.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 4- ? 1 girl ns chambermaid aud waitress: i* a good plain sewer; willing and obliging; best city reference. 99 J WEST 27TU ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl to do chamherwork and waiting and to amist In '.he washing ; is willing arid obliging. Call for ! two days. 99 r: west jrrn st.. rear? a respectable ?*?*0 girl a* chambermaid and to assist witli washing orjo do plain setting ; city or country. 2*\A east 41ST ST.? A VOUNO GERMAN GIRL ? * jt as chambermaid and to do sewing in n private family. 90tf' EAST 34TH ST., TOP FLOOR A RB8PECTA dU'tlJ hie girl a? chambermaid and to ussiat with the washing in a private family. 9*>7 EAST 281 II ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS f chambermaid and waitress in a private lamlly ; eity reference. 20Q EAST 41 ST ST. ?AS CHAMBERMAID AND ?>0 waitress by a young girl; beet city references tin, last place. 914 1ST A V., TWO PAIR OF ST AIRS UP, FRONT.? ?rf-'fT A ynnna girl to do etiamberworfc and plain sew ing in 11 private family. 9 |C WEST 30TH ST.? A TOUNO GIRL AH CoM ^d'T'i petent chambermaid and to do plain sewing in a private family ; will in* and obllgiug ; (lret class city rei erenoe. 9 10 w*'n" *!I> ST.? A TOUNO GIHL AS CHAM 4.1 ?' bermald aud waitrt.ts ; can operate on Wheeler A WiWun's machine; no objection to the country ; city rc'erenie. 9 - 9 WEST i?TH st TWO YOTTNO GIRLS* ONE ? ? as chambermaid and to do plain wwine; the (it In r 11s waitress and to assist with clianibtrwork ; good city reference. 9ViO WEST :un ,iT ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?'?) woman a? chaiiitwrmaid and waltre-s; willing aud oliUglng ; l?'st ri lerence. 971 WEST 27TM ST., I'lltST I'LOiiR- A Yul'M) ?. I I giri to take care of children or do llcli t chaniber wurk . ix willing and obliging; city rcfcri nee. F AST IU) ST . riMT FLo* ilt. ? A USPROT ?)l It) able young girl as chambermaid and waitress in a private laiuil) , goud i?uirvuvv. (.all lor two da vs. _ SITUATIONS WASTED- FK MAI-MS. Chanibermmidf, Ac. OAO WEST 32D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OUU woman iu chambermaid and seamstress; no ob jection to the country ; good city roiercuce. Can be see u nt her last place. Of|Q KA3T 3BTH ST.? A YOUNO BCOTCB WOMAN a* chambermaid and to assist with washing or grown up children; prefers to go to Tarry town; willing und obliging; good city reference ; no objection to goto any other part of the country. OAQ BAST KTli ST., IN THE 8T0RE.-A YOUNG OU?7 girl a# chambermaid or waitress. city or coun try ; beat city reference. Call for two days. OlO WEST S9fH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OlU woman as chambermaid and waitress or to do housework m ? private family; good city references '-lift KAKT 47TII KT.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OJ.ll girl as chambermaid in a privato lumily, or would take care of children; beat city retercnce. 7 WEST 36TH 8T.-A COMPETENT GIRL AS OJL 4 chambermaid and waitresa or to do housework; cltr or country ; beat city reference. Ofll WBW MTB ST., IN THE RFAR, THIRD L floor.? A reapec ta bfe girl as chambermaid or waitress. ?>99 EAST 28TH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM. A respectable young girl in a private family as chambermaid and waitress or would assist In fine washing and Ironing; best city references. QOC EAST S4TH HT.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO O-iiO girl to do chamberwork nnd waiting, or to see to chlldron ; can run Wheeler * Wilson's machine; good city relcrence. Call tor two days. OO7 EAST SKTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR, BACK I room.? A respectable young girl as chamber maid. or will assist In washing or Ironing, or will do light housework ; city retorenoe. Call for two day*. Q9Q EAST MTH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A REBPECTA OiJO hie girl as chambermaid and waitresa; willing to do sewing lr required ; best city reference. QQ1 BA8T 47TH ST., THIRD FLOOR.? A RESPEOT OOl able girl to do chamberwork and assist with washing and ironing, or to do general housework In a small private family. S4-7 ,7TP 8T > rN REAR.? A RESPECTABLE ,VJ,i f'? ?* chambermaid and waitress in a private family; fen mouths' refeiences feom her first place In mis country. O A 7 BAST 1TTH ST IN REAR.? A RESPECTABLE Ot I young girl as chamber in ftM and nurse In a prl vutc family ; city or country ; two gears' re ercncc?. QKO MADISON ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? ?JtJiu A first class chambermaid and to do waiting In a small private family; or would go to Europe with a fam ily ; is accustomed to travel; never seasick; the liest reference. Can be seen from 13 till S o'clock. Address M. W. C. for two day*. A 90 EAST JiSTH ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? A resp?otftl>le young girl to do ebamberwork and waiting, nnd assist with children or washing and irouing; is willing and obliging; city reference. A 9Q WEST ?n ST.? A YOUNO GIRL AS CH AM T ~?0 bermaid and waitress or to do plain sewing; city or country ; best city references. A QQ WEST 4SD ST., BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TH TOO avs.? A respectable young woman as chamber maid and to assist with wasliing and Ironing; no objec tion to do housework for a email private family ; good reference. Arr-\ 7TH AY.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL AS T I J. chambermaid; no objection to assist with the wasMng and hulling j best city reference. AT\ OTH AY., BETWBEN S8TH AND 29TH STS.? Til A yonng girl as first class chambermaid and plain seamstress; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine; best city reference. Call for two days. J7Q 3D AT., BETWEEN 32D AND 33D STS.-TWO tIO respectable girls; one as chambern.aid and to do flne washing: the other as chambermaid and wait ress In a private family, city reference. A_QA TTn AY., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROOM TUT A young girl as chambermaid and waitress; best city reference. Call for two days. CA9 10TH AV., CORNER OF SBTH ST., SECOND UU6I floor.? A young girl to do chamberwork and waiting or chamberwork and plain sewing; would miud children; is willing and obliging. fT?9 3D AV., CORNER S1ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE UUiJ girl to do chamberwork and sewing, or to assist with chlluron and sewing; good city reference from her lost place. r?A7 SD AV., BETWEEN 9?TH AND ?OTH STS.-A Uv I respectable young girl as chambermaid and waitress: Is willing and obliging; no objection to go to the country with a family ; good reference. n(\R SO (RINO SECOND BELL).? A I v/U young gr'rl as chambermaid and waitress In a private family; is willing and obliging; good city refer ence. 79>| EAST 47TH ST., 3 PAIR OF STAIRS, BACK. I wT A resectable young girl as chumbermatil and laundress ; city reference. Oftl 9TII AV BETWEEN BSD AND 54TH RTS.-A OVTT respectoble girl as chambermaid and wait rose, or chambermaid and good plain sewer; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; has seven years' reference trom her last place. QOQ 10TH AV., RING THE HELL.-A RESPECTA* Oui 7 hie vouug girl a* chambermaid mid waitresa ; no objection to go a little way in tlie country. Call lor two days. QOfi AV-TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; ONE AS Oi/O chambermaid and waitress; the other an cook, washer and ironer; best city reference!. Cull for two days. QQ1 3D AV., FIRST FI,OOR. -A YOUNG OIRI. AS i70JL chambermaid or waitress or to do general house work. QQQ WA8UINGTON ST. -AS CHAMBERMAID AND OrJO waitress, or to assist In the general housework. 11 AQ W AV.. NEAR "in ST. ?A RESPECTABLE .10t7 young girl as chambermaid and to do plain sewing; would assist in washing il required; three years' reference from her last place. Call to-day In the taucy store. 1 9/1 /L 20 AV., THIRD PLOOR, BACK ROOM.? A J./iTT respectable young girl to do chambcrwork and washing ; is a good plain eook;no objection to the country ; willing to make herself useful ; best city refer ence. 1A() Q 3D AV? BETWEEN HOTH AND RIST STS., second floor.? A young girl at chambermaid and waitress) ; is willing and obliging. Dressmakers and Seamstresses. 4 AMITY ST. ? AS SEAMSTRESS; 18 A COMPETENT dressmaker; understands fitting anil cutting thor oughly, or would like to wait on an Invalid ladv. A (\ 4TH AV.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER DE rrU sires one or two more customers by the day ; fit ting a specialty ; reference given. C^l or address. A A BOND ST.? A LADY, HAVING HER OWN WA frTt chine, would like lamlly sewing to do at home, or would go out by the day or week; understands dress liiuklng. Address Mrs. MfORttlS. IJ{\ GREENE ST., BETTING'S HOTEL.? A VOUJfG I O Parisian lady to ssw and take care of children in S good American family. Address Miss AZELIK L, 1 Off 7TH A V.? A RBSPECTABLB WOMAN TO OO JOt) out bv the day or week; can est children's and ladies' underclothes. I KA WEST J8TH ST., SECOND FLOOB.-A FIRST Ida cists dressmaker wishes to go out by the day in first class families; first class references given or work can be seen i competent to do all kinds dressmaking In the latest style. ___ OH1 WWT 17TH ST., NEAR 7TI1 AV.-A SCOTCH 6\U Protestant young wopi.sp M seauistreM in a pri vate family; understands dressmaking and all kinds of family sewing; operates on thr^e machines; would be willing to Bjsust with cliamberwork. Call lor two days. mo EAST 40TH ST.-AS DRESSMAKER, TO OO Mil & out by the day or week or to take work home; can trim in anv style, or would like to go as a cutter in some dressmaking estuldishuisst. Call or address. QQQ EAST 1?TH ST.? A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL AiOO as plain seamstress and to assist In the caru of growing children or light cbamberwork. Apply lor two days at present employer's. QOC WF.8T 41ST ST., AFTER 10 O't LOCK.-A ?*>t) young Proteitanlglrl as seamstress: understands dressmaking: would usaisfin light chamber work OCC EAST 48TH sr.- A FIRST CLASS j'RESS maker desires a few more engagements to go out hy the day ilias the latest styles ami patterns; un derstands Wheeler k Wilson's and Willcox k GIULw' ma chines. 97? 6Tn AV., NEAR 1<TH ST., IN THE FANCY 1* *y) store.? A dressmaker, understand* culling, fitting and trimming with taste for ladle* and children, would make a few more engagements by the day or week ; has the latest iiatterns; can trim bcautliuliv; can work on any machine, ('all for two days. QAQ 1: AST 26TH ST., IN THE BTORE.-A YOUNG OUo girl as seamstress operates on Wheeler A Wil son's machine : cvt? ; will help as maid or lAke rare of chlldreu ; no osjection to the country ; reference. Call for two days. O I ?? BAST33D ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROOM ? OJU A young girl to go ont by the day or w eek to do plain famll) sewlug, or would assist at dressmaking uii Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine QQQ KA-'T 21 HT ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AFB.. VOW second Door, front.? As seamstress no ohjec Uons to do light housework hy the day or by the week. Q'JC WEST 24TH ST? A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR tjfj't on Wheeler k Wilson's machine In a dressmaking establishment, where alio oam have a pcrm>tn>iit itna Uont Is also a first class hinder. Call lor two days or ?d dress M is* COLE. Q'Jfl EAST 3SD ST.. TOP FLOOR, FRONT -FAMILY sewing hy a first class seamstress: can rut and make all kinds of undergarments and Inlams' robes: la n m<londid fhirt maker and operator on Wheeler *Wfl. sou's machine; works at home. Mrs. CIMMIngh. Q/?7 Kill AV.? A TOL'A'G UIUL TO DO PLAIN 0\J I so wing and upsialrs work; lately landed, ( all , frtwodays. ' C/lQ WEST HD MT.-A lOCNO GIRL TO TAKE ' tl'li) care nf etiiMren or as seamstress. f?OQ 6TH AT., BKTWKKN MTU AND VTN HIS., IN O lanev store.? A Competent dressmaker wishes a few more emingeinanbi: beat neteience. *i/ll BT" AV.? AN EXPERT FAMILY HKAMHTKMSS flT'J solicits engagements by the day or week; Is s fO(?t dressmaker and operator. Csll or address. PQg fiTH A V.? AN ACCOMPLISHBD DRBeKM A KEB wishes a few more customers; iindi rst.uids cut ting, fill tug an^triiiunlng of sll kinds ot sty It s. lo go out , h> ihc day or week, or wuuld be willing to take v ^rk in t he house. SITUATIONS WANTFD-KENAIiBR.

Drrumsktrt and Seametrwee*. 71 K #TH AV., BETWEEN 40TH AND 4IST STS., I lu In the millinery store.? A respectable girl as scarnst row; would assist 111 chamber work. 1AAQ PACIFIC ST.. BROOKLYN. -A COMPETENT ?UUO dressmaker and tailored wants a tow more en gagement* t>y the davor week, or would take work home j understand* all kinds of lainlly sewing, baby linen, Ac. ; can operate (,u any machine. Call for one week. L. W. Ill A 3D AV., CORNER EAST65TH ST., TUP FLOOR, ?J-ll/ front room? A respectable girl as seamstresa; would do any kind of sewing ; no objections to country. 1 Trr, BROADWAY, BETWEEN 27TTI AND BTH lil I u sis., corset store.? A girl as seamstress and lady's maid; can dress hair; has a knowledge of dress making ; best city references. ?^$^011111 A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, WHO CAN ALSO make children's clothes, would like a ftw more en gagement* by the day or week ; terms reasonable. Ad dresaA. N., box 1* Herald Uptown Branch office. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN PERSON WISHES A situation aa eeamstre** or lady's maid ; can aew on the Wheeler A Wilson machine ; no ohiectlon to go to the country; satisfactory reteronce. Inquire at Newbauer's hair emporium, JC7 8th av., near Sd st A COMPETENT DRES8MAKER WISHES THE CUS tom of a few moro families at 92 per day; can cut and flit In all modern styles; also children's clothing ; Is a thorough operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Ad dress DRESSMAKER, Herald Uptown Branch office, l.XS Broadway. ' A DRESSMAKER, WHO IS A FIRST CLASS CUTTER and fitter on ladle*' and children's drosses, desire* engagements by the day or week ; Is a good operator; can bring own machine If required ; no oblectton to leave city. Address M. A., box 122 Herald Uptown .Branch office. COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A FEW more engagcinenta by tho day or week; perfect fit guaranteed; l rim* In latest style ; no objection to leave city ; beat references. Address A., Herald Uptown Branch ofnee. General Homework, &c. 11 Q WEST 30TH 8T.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO J. J. <7 do liouMwork In a small private lainlly ; good elty references. lOK WEST 19TH BT., SECOND FLOOR, BACK 1^' ' room.? A young I'rotestani woman to ito general housework In a small family. Can bo seen for two days. 19ft WEST 19TH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LA UN X/uO dress In a urivate tamlly ; bo*t city reference. 1 WHITE ST. ? A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO DO lOU general housework. mWEST 19TH ST.? A RELIABLE YOUNO girl to do general housework in a small private lamily; good city reference. 1 OQ WERT 49TH 8T.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO J.OO dogoncral housework in a small private family; best city reference. Call lor two days. "1A1 WEST 39TH ST. -A RESPECTABLE YOUNO I "+ 1. woman, lately arrived from England, to do gen eral housework in a small private tamlly. ICQ EAST 23D ST.-A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO AtJO do general housework In a private family. mEAST 4TH ST.-AN ENGLISH OIRL TO DO general housework in a small private lamily. Can be seen alter 2 o'clock. OAl EAST 37 TH ST., CORNER OF 3D AY.? A RE I spcctable girl to do general housework for small private lamily. Ol A OTH ST., NEAR BOWERY.? A RESPECTABLE ZjIO young German girl to do general housework; is a good plain cook, washer and lroner. OOQ WEST 18TH ST.. BETWEEN 7TH AND ?TH LjZjO avs.? A yottng girl to do light housework in a small private lamily ; west side preferred. OOO east SVTH ST. -TWO SfSTERS WOULD DO ^OO the work of a small family, together ; good city reference. Call for two days. O An WEST SOTH ST., NEAR 8TH AY.? A RESPECT able girl to do general housework in a small private family ; is a good washer aa d ironer and good plain cook ; beat elty reference*. 9ftfi EAST (BTH ST.. BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.? A respectable girl to do general housework In a small private family ; Bert city reference. Call for two days. 9KC WF8T 30TH ST., TOP FLOOB.-A RBSPECT i)<) able young girl to do general housework; is a goort Washer and Ironer; reference. OA ft EAST 2BTH ST.. TN THE STORE. ? AN AMERI OUi) ran girl to do irenerat housework; would go a short distance In the country; waKCsfU; two years' ref erence. Q1 Q EAST 2BTH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? A UlU respectable girl to <lo geeneral housework; Is n good plain cook, washer and ironcrt city reference. Ol f* EAST 47TH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL TO DO GEN ?) I U eral h oust- work in u small private family ; good city reference. QQA EAST JSTH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL FOR OEN ? ?_' ' oral housework 1m a private family; has first class city reference. QQQ EAST 8ITH ST., FIRST FLOOR. FRONT OOi room.? a reHpcclablo young girl la a small fam ily to do general housework. Call or addres*. QQQ EAST 9TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D A VS.? OOO A girl to do housework in a email family ; best WteWM. Qi Q EAST SI ST ST., CORNER 1ST AV.? A RE Otu rc?pectablc girl, living with her aunt, to do general housework or chamberwork in a small family. Q.I 7 EAST JTTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O x I woman, lately landed, to do general housework; will be fount! a wood servant, faithful and honest. A QQ WEST 28TH ST., ONE FLIGHT UP.-A NEAT, TOO tidy young woman to do general housework ; a good cook, wa?lier and ironer ; willing and obliging; ex cellent references. n 1 n OREKNWICH ST.? A NORTH GERMAN OIRL ?)L?J as cook and to do general housework In a small respectable Amerlcau family ; good relercuce gives. C7Q 9TH AV.? A WIDOW TO DO OKNF.RAL HOUSE. Oft/ work ; would like to take her little boy with her Q A Q 3D AV.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO OtU housework, or as cook and assist with the wash ing and ironing 1 1 QQ 2D AV., BETWEEN MTH AND 60TH ST8.? A l.lOO respectable girl to do Ught housework iu a private family; good relerence. Call for two days. Honsekrtpers, Ar> Of) 4TH AV.? A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESFBC _ \J tabllny, a thorough housekeeper, having remed her house and rtiralturc, wishes to take charge of a house tor the season in the absence of tenants, with or without help, without remuneration ; only three adults in family; first class references. Address J W. Q.I CHRYSTIE ST., ROOM 1? A MIDDLE-AGED Ot woman, without children, as housekeeper or to take charge or and elean houses. Q L* CTM AV., RING" FIRST BELL.- A MIDDLE-AGED OU scotch woman as housekeeper in hotel, or other position of trust; best reference; city or country. f|Q <TH AV -AN AMERICAN LADY, INTELLIGENT t/O and refined, dependent upon her own exertions, would like the charge ot some honorable gentlemen's household, or as governess; a short distance from the City not objectionable. Call for twodays, in- VARICK ST.? A WIDOW L\DY, FROM J.U?J Can.ida, as houeekeejier or storekeeper In a hotel or private house; country preferred. Call on or address tor two days G. K. M. ICiA WIST BROADWAY. IN THE BOOK STORE.? iw'r A thoroughly domoslk-aton n^^ykeejier, lti a first class family ; Is a person of great enertfy ltri M in management; adequate to take lull charge, no ltt/ittfT how responsible, and guarantee entire satisfaction ; best r><iereiu:i'8j would take charge of a hon-* during the family's absence in the country. Call on ur urfdrejts lloUbEKEEPBR. lQft WEST 26TII ST. -AN ACCOMPLISHED YOUNG J-'rl I ladv, suddenly thrown on her own resources, de sires a position as housekeeper; copying or travelling not objected to. Emma Lawrence. OQQ MADISON ST.? A NEW ENGLAND I, V DY wishes a position ns housekeeper, charge of a tlrst class tenement house or an* position of trust nnd re sponsibility. Call on or address tor one wei L Mrs. E. k) | < 8TII AV ? A MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN ?'x't widow, who is wllllug to work anil make her self generally useful in a family cltv or Country , under stands cooking. Address Mrs. IIIUAHD. TcT WEST MTH 8T,? AS jibrSBBBKPER, BY AN r?)l Amerlcsn woman, where ?hc could have full charge and be treated as a compntilon; n mlddleanc.l gentleman's family preferred. Address for one week Sirs. .IF.NNIE PRATT. N~ AMERICAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS housekeeper forawklouer. Address M. L., box 100 Herald Uptown Brunch oillc.e. 1 ,'-6A Broadway. An RDUCATED AND WKKINED YOUNG LADY DE sires a jiosition as housekeeper tor a widower. Ad dress G. T., box 177 Herald uptown 'ranch otflce. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY AS HOUSEKEEPER? Widower's family preterrod ; would take charge of a furnished house or souie light business. Address Mrs. K MENKIN, McreM Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG LADY OF REFINEMENT AND HIOH ?<t respectability wlfdtes to take the entire csre of a fiorise for a widower not having more than two children ; rclcrences required. Address C. s. C., Post office. Jersey City. __ A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, WITH NKXECEPTION able rctcrencs. as housekeeper and governess In a small family', city or country; or would take choree or the musical education of children, both vocal and Instru mental : two veers' reerince (torn la"t family. Address MUSIC, box 114 llerald Uptown Branch ofNeo. Housekeeper's position wantbd-bv an American widow leaf, aged 30 { fully competent to superintend and take charge or a household ; pre t< rs goliif.- into the country ; none but Tollable pnrtlcs need ap ply. Address Mrs. J , Herald Uptown Branch ofllee. Housekeeper.- a reliable, industrious ladv Rom Connecticut, as housekeeper In a widow er's family; has a vivacious and kind disposition and would appreciate a good home: has no encumbrances. Address Mrs. NELLIE HOLMES, II. raid I'ptown Branch (Hot. HW.-F.KKRP.iR.-AN R A STERN ~WIIHlW~LADYi living .ett atone In the world, adopts this method ol obtaining a hom ? in some small family, where the com forts ot a hvtu" could be enjevtl: a widower's pr> terrcd. Ad Ires# AiNML Si RAI i U.S. licisld I'utwwn Bruuull office ?ITPATIQ1V? WAITTBD- FEMiLM. HoaickM ueri Aic. "fJITANTED ? BY A SMART, ENERGETTO ENGLISH ? T wlilow, a situation an housekeeper ; widower's fam ily preferred ; fond of children ; no ob'ection to the coun ter; triflers please not answer. Address SINCERITY, West Side Advertising office, 308 West 23d at. "IIT ANTED? A POSITION AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY AN TT American widow lady, who understands house keeping in all Its branches; would take charge of a wid ower's noine, private lauilly; best reiereuccs given. Ad dress M, R. W Post office. Brooklyn. WANTED-A POSITION AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY an American Iui.'y, in some small family - la very capable and understands housekeeping the ro ighlr ; would prefer to go where there are one or two Mnall chil dren; best reference. Address Mrs. L. L A., Herald Uptown Branch office. li>HMlresMi. die. 6 WEST 17TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUHG woman as first class laundress: best city reference. rA WEST UTH ST.? A RESPECTABLB YOUNG t'U girl as laundress ; no objections to the country for the Summer; good references. CA WEST 17TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOCNO UU girl as laundress in a private lauilly ; good city ref erence. Address E. H. pro WEST 17TH ST.? A LAUNDRESS WANTED. OZi Apply from 9 to lit on Thursday morning, CO WEST 42D ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AH tJO nurse; competent to take entire charge of a child from its infancy , good city reference. ft! WEST S8TH ST. -A YOUNG GIRL AS NURSE; " ) J. ii competent of taking entire charge of a tiabvnrom its birth. Audreys or call from 10 till 2, at present em ployer's, . (\fj WEST S8TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG U 4 woman as first class laundress: will assist with tie ehamberwork ; six years' reference from her last plaoe. Can be seen for two days. lift EAST MTH ST.? A YOUNO GIRL A8 FIRST 111) class laundress in a private family; three years' city reference. 1 Ofl WEST MTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE CTRL AS l&V laundress ; willing to go a short distanoe In the country; good city reference. mWEST S8D ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL as laundress in a private family ; best city refer ence from last place. 1^7 WEST S3D ST.? AS COMPETENT LAUNDRESS; I good city reforence. OAK EAST 28 TH ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVft jZiV'J As first class laundress in a private family ; can do fluting ; good reference. Call for two days. 99Q WEST 19TH 8T., REAR.? A WIDOW WOMAN desires to go out by the day to do washing, Ironing and housecleanlng ; good reference. OQ1 EAST MTH 8T., TWO PAIR OF STAIRS, BACK ^OL room.? An experienced laundress to do washing at her residence; understands fluting; terms moderate. O Af\ WEST MTH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN at \J wants washing and Ironing or ho use cleaning by the day; best city reference. 9 A 1 WEST 27TH ST., NEAR 8TH AT.? A CONPE j-j tI teat woman as first class laundress and to assist with the ehamberwork; good city reierence. Call for two days. 9/tA WEST 47TH ST., NEAR 8TH AV? TOP FLOOR, front, room 18.? A respectable woman to go out by the day to wash, iron and do hoaseclcaning. Address Mrs. BROPHY. 9Q7 AV. O, BETWEEN MTH AND 17TH 8TS., SEC AO I end floor, front room.? Gentlemen can obtain their clothes washed in the shortest time and In the best manner. QA1 LEXINGTON AV., CORNER 37T1I ST.-A LADY Ol'-L going to Europe desires situations for her two girls, laundress and chambermaid. Call for two lays. 09 a WEST 26TH ST., RINO FOURTH BELL? A OZi U respectable woman wishes some washing at her residence; understands puffing, fluting and polishing; best references. QQO 1ST AV.-WASHISG AND MENDING NEATLY OifJj done by Mrs. MARGIN. OOO EAST MTH ST.. THREE PAIR OP STAIRS. - OOO A young woman ns laundress in a private family ; best city reierence from her last place. Can be seen for two days. A HQ EA8T MTH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; ^rl/O one as laundress and the other as seamstress in a private family ; best city reierence. Call for two days, from 10 till 4. A HQ WEST MTH ST., NEAR 9TH AV.? A RE8PECT tWO able woman to do washing or ironing or go out to day's work. Call for two days. . ^lQ EAST MTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TrlO wants a few gentlemen's or ladies' washing ; best reference; satisfaction given. Call or address. >410 EAST 14TII ST? FIRST FLOOR, RACK.? A RE T\Li7 spectable woman wants a few gentlemen's wash ing. A OA EAST 18TH ST.? A LAUNDRESS WOULD tiU take washing tiomo or go out by the dftjr; un derstand* fluting find pulling; good reference. inr WEST 82D ST.? A RESPECTAB! E WOMAN TO do washing or housecleanlng by the day or week.; best reference. A Q7 1ST AV - BETWEEN 25TH AND 26TII STS.. J ? J I m c ond floor, front room ? A respectable young Jrirl, in a small private f-imily; is a good washer and roner; willing and obliging. ?_ A AO WEST 47TH ST.-AS FIRST CLASS LAUN 4"tO dress ; understands her business thoroughly; best city reference given. _ A QQ 6TH AV., FOURTH FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? frOO A young woman to go out by the day to wash and iron or to house clcaa. 725 flft EAST 14TH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUN tJiU dress; no objection to the country for the Sum mer; best city relereinces. _____ CA () OREKNWICH ST.? AS LAUNDRESS IN A utai private family ; can come well recommended. n Q() mttr 43D ST. ? AN KXPERIENCED LAOTT O *JLi dress solicits washing and ironing to do at home ; reference given. Call on or address Mrs. PRICE. ?D AV., FIRST FLOOR? A YOUNCl WOMAN AS laundress; best city reference. Q79 6T11 AV., TOP FLOOR? A RESPECTABLE 0 I ^ young woman as first class laundress; city refer ences (If required) from last place. QtH 1ST AV., NEAR S4TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE (Jut voting woman to go out by the day or take In washing l>y the dozen. 1AQ1 2D AV? A RBSPECTBBLB GIRL AS FIRST t O L class laundress in a private family or boarding house and to assist with chamberwork; can come well recommended. 1Q an 3D AV., BETWEEN 77TH AND 78TH 8TB., first floor.? A respectable woman wishes to go out by the day washing, ironing, house-cleaning. Ac. 1 Q7Q SD AV- BETWF.BN lOATH AND 109TII STS., I ?7 first floor, rear.? A respectable woman, a first class laundress, to do washing at her residence; ladies' and children's clothes done up in the neatest man ner; good references AN EXPERIENCED COLORED LAUNDRESS SOLIC its washing to doatboine; linens, Ac... done at the shortest notice In superior style. Mrs. WHITKH HAD, 1 12 Wert 26th st rjlHK EVENING TELEGRAM ON EVBRV- NEWS STAND IN THE_ OtTY. Hums, ?Kc. 1.TANF. ST, CORNER ORKENWTCn AV? A RE spcctabic young woman as Infant's nurse; can take care of a baby irom Its birth ; best city reference. Ring No. 2 bell. Q WEST 21 8T ST., NEAR ?TH AV.-AN F.XPERI. ?/ enccd Protestant girl as first class nurse: no objec tion to the country ; best reference. QQ COMMERCB BT., BETWEEN BEDFORD AND Alt) BleecKer.? A middle-aged Protestant woman as nurse; excellent reference. Li 1 WEST 88TU ST.-A COMPETENT COOK, ALSO PJ. a young girl as nurse, capable of nursing n baby from birth, wish to get situations together. Call on or ad dress fronf !0 to 2. 7Q WEST 49TII St.-A lie' AT, INTELLIGENT lO American girl. lTyears old. to take euro *: dren and make herself useful; is willing and obliging. -1 Q WEST 11TH ST., BETWEEN BROADWAY AND JO University place.? A respectable young girl as child's nurse ; understands her business thoroughly ; best city reference. Call for two days. 3D AV.? A MONTHLY NURsB CAN BE EN pged Immediately ; best roterence. Address Mrs. H AH PER. QQ EAST RROADWAY.-AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT, 00 just from Europe, kj nurse or to wait on a lady ; no objection to travel. Address A. 1 Aff WEST SOT II ST.? A YOUNG PROTESTANT J.U?J girl to wind a growing child and to do jdaln sewing. ? ? a 116 WEST 22 D ST, PRESENT EMPLOVKR'S.-A young French girl as uurse; well recommended. ?ltiii WEST 24TII ST., FIRST FLOOR, ROOM I Jj't 2.? A French girl, well educated, to take care of children ftoni three years old and sew by band ; no ob jection to tr**el. mRABT I ST 11 ST., FOURTH I LOOK. IN THE rear. -A respectable young woiuuu. lately landed, as nurse and to do plain sewing, and is willing to help In housework. 1 A A WliST 10TH hT.? A gOl NG I1IRL, I* YEARS A'lT old. as nurse, or will do light housework; Is wll ilng and obliging. _________ . "l/lfi WEST 3SD ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUKO | tU girl as muse or clxunberiuaid : willing and oblig ing; good references. IRQ WEST 17rn ST., NEAR 7TO AV.-A GO* M* tent yr.Mu* woman, in a first cla*s family, as nnr?o ; can take the entire charge of an infant trow Its birth, or would assist with growing children ; no objec tion to travel ; good city reference. "I r%( ' WF.ST 1HTII ST., FIRST FLOOR, IN THE Ii/l) rear ?A respectable young girl as child's nurse ; no oblectioit lo going to Uie country for the Summer. I nurse; is capable of taking care of an infant; six s' reference. < an lie seen tor t wmlays 1 WKST !MD SC.? A YOUNG GIRL AS NIIR8E, 1 or would assist with chumburwork. mtTII ST., BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. A. -A respectable Herman girl to take care of growing children and sow on Wheeler A Wlbofrs machine. tiflQ EAST 420 ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL M nurse; understands all kinds of ?ilk and cotton ?tnbroUUry ; no cbkuiyu to the ouuutry ; citv references. MTPATIOWS WA lfTKlV-yiBWALBg. Norse*, die* OAK WEST 27TH ST. -A YOUNO WOMAN A3 JLt U?J nurse and seamstress; can operate ; would wait on a lad j ; Is willing to travel; city relerence. 91 H WE*T BSD ST.? \ RESPECTABLE YOUNG j-il'J girl as nurse ; has two year*' relerence from last place. 91 a east soth st.-a respectable girl as ^ilu nurse or companion to un Invalid lady ; good plain sewer; best city retercnco. nan be seen at her present employer's. 99 A WKST m ST. ? A YOUNG GIKL LIVING wltb her parents, to take rare of children and assist with chamberwori ; used to children. 99 S WEST 27TH ST., REAR.? A RESPECTABLE <u?tO English Protestant woman as first class Infant's nurse, or would wait on growing children; is a good plain sewer ; no objection to the country ; best city refer, ence. 9OQ WEST SSD ST.-A MONTHLY NURSE DESIRES fciOO anothor engagement; rulers to physicians and first olass laimllea. 9/19 WE8T lorn ST., room 10.? A RESPECTABLE middle-aged woman to take care of an invalid lady or gentleman or children ; no objection to the coun try. A dil rem. 7TH AY.? A YOUNO GIRL TO TAKE CABB of children; willing and obliging. 9 CO WEST 27TH ST., SECOND FLOOR.-A COM ?j* tO petrat person as nurse and seamstress; under stands the care of children from their infaucy ; city ref erence. 97 A ERIE ST., JERSEY C1TY.-A RESPECTABLE ?l i married woman wishes a baby to nurse at her own home ; has lost her own child. Onfl EAST *TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? AS NURSE vvU and eeamstress ? caa take charge of a baby from Its birth; has long experience and is a most rc.-peetable woman ; has good references ; no objection to the coun try. Call for two days. EAST S18T ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as nurse and seamstress or chambermaid and seamstress. 247 306 ilfVQ east 55TH ST. -AH HOUSEKEEPER OR COM panion or nurse for an Invalid. Address, for one week, THE MATRON. 9AQ WEST 44TH ST., REAR HOUSE.? A YOUNO 0\JtJ woman as nurse or to do other Oght work; no objection to the country; city reference Q1 ? EAST 4SD ST., RING SECOND BELL? A RB Oli) spectable Protestant girl as baby's nurse : best city reference ; two years in last place. Call from 10 till 8P.M. Q9Q MADISON AY. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? A O^jO respectable young woman as nurse ; no objection to assist with chauiberwork. Q9Q EA8T S4TH ST., TOP PLOOR, ROOM 8.? A OJjO young German girl, ot good education, as nurses speaks German. English and some French; would like to go a short distance In the country for the Summer QQQ EAST S2D ST., FOURTH FLOOR.? A RB OOO spertable young girl to take care of children and to do plain sewing ; best reference from her last place. Call lor throe days. Q'JQ FAST SSD ST., FOURTH FLOOR.? A RESPECT 000 able girl, lately landed, to take oare of children and assist in the chamber work; is willing and obliging. Call for three days. OA 1 BAST 3JTH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D A VS. OtI (third bell).? A girl, lately landed, to mind a baby and make herr-eif generally uselul In a private family. Call for two days. QJQ WEST 4SD ST.-A YOUNO WOMAN AS Otw nurse ; would be willing to assist in the chamber work; best city reference. OCH WEST 39TH ST.. RING TOP BELL.? A RE iju\t snec table young girl as uursc and to assist with the chamberwork. 071 TTH AV., RING THIRD BELL.? AS COMPE 01 L tent nurse and seamstress for grown children, by a Protestant young woman; city relerence. A-\rj WEST 89TH ST., NEAR ST II AY. -A YOUNO. Trll French girl to take care of young children and to do sewing ; good city references. A-\ Q EAST 19Tn ST., BETWEEN 1ST AT. AND AT .1 J O a., top floor, back.? A young American woman, with a fresh breast of milk, as wet nurse ; baby two months old. >197 WEST 24TU ST.? AN EXPERXKNCAD'NURSE T*j I to take entire charge of an Infant from Its birth ; has had a good doal of experience; best city relerence can be given. A nn 8TH AY.? A COMPETENT PERSON TO TAKE r") 1 care of children and do some sewlnc; Ave years' reference from her last place. Call or address. A 71 7TH AY.? A YOUNO GIRL AS NURSE AND Til to do plain sewing; can bring a baby up on the bottle tf required; good city relerence. A QA WH AY.. BETWEEN STTH AND 38TH STS.-A TT ?7t: vonng girl as nnr?e ; no objection to travel for the Summer. Call for two days. ?9Q 6TH AV.? A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF children and make herself generally uscftal; good city reference. OA Q 6TH AV., BETWEEN S7Tn AND WTH STS.? O-JrZ/ Am nurse by a middle-aged woman; competent to take caro of a baby from birth ; nag had a good deal of ex po rteoc? in Europe and this country, fall or address. 14171 BROADWAY. NEAR 32D ST., IN THE CON .Jj I x fcetionery.? As thorough Infant's nurse by a Protestant young woman ; Is capable of taking sole chiu-ge and of bringing it up by inc tiottlc. Excellent city reier encet given. No objection to the country. 1 yl"l? 8D AV- CORNER 74TH ST.. IN FANCY l.TrJ-U store.? A competent young girl as child's nurse and seamstress ; best city references from her last e hi ployer. 14 7Q SD AV., NEAR 8SD ST ?A GERMAN PRO ? I I O tcstant girl to take care of children and do sewing in an American lainlly. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH LADY AS NURSE AND J!\ seamstress; can cut and fit ladies' dresses; Is ftlllV competent. Address lor two days A. B. C., bo* 122 HeralC uptown Branch office. WANTED-BV A RE3PE1 TABLE ENOLISH WIDOW as nurse to a family going to Europe this Spring. Address NURSE, West Side Advertising office, 300 Weet 23d bt. Waltrea^e^, ?fcr. 6Ve?T 17TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOIJNO woman as first class waitress; best city reference. 1H7 WEST I8TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIJIL AS J.U I first class waitress and parlor tnald; city refer* ence. Call troin 0 till 3 o'clock. 1QC WEST SI 8T ST.? A COMPETENT ? WOMAN AS 1 jU waitress; understands the carc of silver and making of salads; reference Irom last place. Call or ad dress. . "| CO WEST ?D ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A ltJU young girl as waitress or chambermaid in a pri vate tamtiy or boarding house ; first class oily references. 1 r.OWEST 28TH ST., BETWEEN GTII AND 7TII A VS.. ltTO third floor, back room.? A respectable young girl as first class waitress, or chambermaid and waitress; best city reference from last place. Call for two days. 1QO SPRING STREET. ? AS FIRST CLASS WAIT ??70 ress; can come well recommended from last place. " 1)99 WEST .12 D ST., REAR HOUSE.? A RESPECT able young girl to do wailing; Is a good wait ress; good city rulereuce. OQi BAST 413 T ST.? AS FIRST CLASS WAITRESS; JjOtC no objection to the country ; good city reference. <J7Q WEST MTH ST., NEAR 8T1I AV.? A YOUNO Alt/ girl as waitress or to mind children; will tnako herself generally useful; city reference. OA Q EAST S2D ST.? A COMPETENT GIRL AS UT? i waitress In a restaurant or saloon. Call or ad dress. Q 1C WEST IflTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YODNO OtD girl as waitress or chambermaid ; no objection to go a short distance In the country ; best reference. Call on Thursday. OCA WEST S9TH ST.. RING TOP BELL.? A RE 0*IU apectable young girl as first class waitresa in a private family; best city reference. A QQ fiTH A V.? A PROTESTANT AS WAITRESS; TrOO no objection to the country ; excellent city refer ence from former employer. Can be -icon for two'days. to AV., CORNER 74TII ST., IN THE FANCY ?tIO store.? A competent yoang girl as first class waitress and chambermaid : willing to go to the country; o'vuf 6ne year's city reference troin her employer. Miecellaneowe. IF. AST 40TII ST -A GERMAN LADV AS TOADY'S maid, dTessmaker. milliner and hairdresser; accus tomed to travel. Address E. R. 4 WEST 8T., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A LADY desires to sectii C a Situ* lion for her maid, an English Woman ; is a good <lre?ib'.5ker and hairdresser; honest and obliging, and thoroughly capable ror the situation Cau be aeon lor two day*. 1Q WEST 44T1I ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK lO room,? A voting English girl as lady's maid or nurse to yoitug children; la a competent seaoiftress. Q9 WEST 9TH ST.? A YOUNG FRENCH WOMAN, ua speaking English, with a family about to travel ?. one going to France preferred ; is a good hairdresser and dressmaker; good reference. Address Mile. F. COU TUltlKBfc FRANCAIH. ??1 WEST MTII ST.? A YOUNG LADY. WHO 18 A V)1 competent needlewoman and has had several years experience with children, would like to enter a good family as companion to h lady, or governess; country or to travel preferred. A?r? i Wm rOaP. Q 7 ?? ST.? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE-AGED GER 0 I man l:idy as Udy's maid and housekeeper to otin lady ; is a good dressmaker end hairdresser; has lived for many vears with the highest families In England and this city; best recommendations. Address Mrs. .svVAlNS. m CHRISTOPHER 8T ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to gn out bv the day to do washing and ironing or hiiusecieaning ; Is an excellent wa-lier ami ironer. 1 frn WEST 18TH ST.. IN THE REAR.-A RESPECT J?K) able young girl in a small family; city refer ences required. 91 A EAST 2STH ST.. SECOND FLOOR.? A RE. Zi IU spectable Protestant young woman as lady'* meld and seamstress, or would take care of growjug cbililren or waKouan invalid lady; no obiectlon to the country or to travel ; very best oity references. 991 EAST81H ST, TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT A BLB Lihi young German girl to travel with a family to Europe, call or address. 09s; EAST 10TII ST., REAR HOUSE. TOP FLOOR ? O&'f A re spectable German girl with a family going travelling; b>'st city reference, ' all or address. Q07 6TH AV., THIRD FLOOR.-A WELI. BDU ? !?/< rilled young (ierm:in Indy, who speaks several langnages. to accompan v a fanitlv to Europe ; no objeu* tiou to take c.ara of olitltfren. Address b a.

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