Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1873 Page 3
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SITUATIONS WAWTKI)-PEWALK8. 409 .Uiicrl>anroHl< WEST S7TII ST., TOP FLOOR.? AW AMERICA If _ girl as maid to wait on u aotrosa; belt city ref erence. Call all week. A 1 C WEST S0TH ST.. TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT 4 IiJ able woman to work by the day housecltanlng or any kind ot work Call or addrcna. ilQ 5TH A V.? A YJUNG FRENCH PERSON AS 110 maid for a lady or to take care of growing chil dren ; family going to fcurope preferred. A YOUNG WOMAN WISH K8 A SITUATION WITH A lady or laiuily going to Europe; la never seasick: beat reference*. Addrea* DaNFoKTH, Herald office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES TO OO to Europe with a lady or family as companion or woald uke carc of children. Address EUROPE, Herald office. A YOUNO OBRMAN LADY EARNESTLY DESIRES to go to Enrone with a family, either aa lady com panion or to take charge of an invalid lady, best refer ences can be given. Address 8. L P., Newark (N. J.) Poet office. A THOROUGHLY EDUCATED YOUNO LADY OF cultivation and refinement desires a position aa companion to a lady ; no objection to travailing ; or would Uke a position in a gentleman'* family a* governess. Ad dreat Miss M. CARL, box 4JS4U Post omco. A FRENCH LADY DESIRES TO MAKE ARRANGE merits with a family going to Europe to take charge ot children. Address C. M. D., Herald Uptown Branch office, tor one week Avery respectable youno oirl desires a situation with a family travelling In Europe or this country, aa lady's maid or child's nurse ; an excellent seams: rear, can cut and lit perfectly. Ad dress M. O. M. , box 1.B73 Post office. A YOUNO RESPECTABLE GERMAN OIRL DE sires a situation as lady's maid or to take care of children, with some family going to Europe ; speaks Eng lish well. Address CLARA KLOSB, 835 Broadway, Wheeler A Wilson's Manufacturing Company. LADY'S MAID? BY A FIRST CLASS HAIR DRBSSBR and dressmaker: cuts, tits and sews on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; would go out by the day in private families. Address L D., box 106 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? BY A YOUNO LADY. WHO HAS HAD experience, a situation as copvist or assistant bookkeeper. Address B. L. E., Herald office. Intelligence Offices. ALL EXPERIENCED SERVANTS AND GIRLS LATH 1} lauded can get best situations at CARPENTER'S, 138 West 11 th at. corner ol 6th av. RESPECTABLE GIRLS WITH (lOOD RECOMMENOA tlons wanted? At the large office. No. 2 Bieecker St, corner Bowery. Situations obtained Immediately. PKOFESSIONAIiSITl'ATlONS WANTED? KKJIALKS. "1 n WEST 49TH ST.? A YOUNO LADY. SPEAKING iU English, German and French fluently, and able to teach in tuild languages, as governed or teacher in a school. Inquire lor Miss C. A VISITING GOVERNESS, WHOSE HOURS ARE not occupied, wishes a few more pupils In Brooklyn; English. French ami inu.sic taught. Call on or address Miss H. F. F.. 123 Tillary sr., Brooklyn. A TEACHER OF ABILITY, WITH BBS MORNING J\ hours disengaged, will give instruction in English. French, i.atin, drawiug?ind music; summer terms; city reference. Address DISENGAGED, Huiald office. A WELL EDUCATED YOUNO LADT, SPEAKING both (ierinan and En^lisli, desires a situation as companion to lady, or as nurse to children going to Europe; beit city references. Inquire of II. AN.sPA CHElt, 189 East 73d at A YOUNG I.ADY OF GOOD EDUCATION, WHO IS n competent phonographer and an excellent long hand writer, desires an engagement as amanuensis or companion to a party going to Europe; best city refer ence. Address AMANUENSIS, box 329 Pater..on Post office, N. J. TO LADIES GOING ABItOAD.? A FRENCH LADY OF great experience will give conversation lessons on very reasonable terms to ladies only; best relcrenccs. Address PARIS, box 171 Herald Uptown Brutieh ollicc. T HE EVENING TELEGRAM ? ON EVERY NEWS STAND IN THE- CITY. HELP WANTED? FEMALES. YOUNO OIRL WANTED-TO WAIT ON TABLE and go errand*. 14 West 15th st. A FIRST CLASS MILLINER WANTED.? ADDRESS W. SEBRING, Plamfleld, N. J., with reference. A YOUNO WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON J\ in a small family ; wages $14. Address J. P.. box r 54^ West 32dst A SMART YOUNO GIRL, FROM 18 TO 18, FOR OEN eral housework, where most of the washing is put out Inquire on sc ond floor ol 17 Union square. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTED? AS COOK, WASHER and ironer ; to one who understands her husiness, good wages and permanent home. Apply, with references, at 136 West 4?&st A GOOD PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND IRONFR wanted? In a small private lamlly. Apply at 14J East M4th st. References requirod. A GOOD, SMART, TIDY GIRL WANTED? AS CHAM bermaid and waitress in a small private family. Apply at 343 West 10th st., between 10 and 12 A. M. A FAMILY HAVING A SWEDISH Nl'RSE OIRL would like one ot the same nationality for general housework. Apply after 10 A. M. at ISO West 22d st A MUX'S TURKISH baths. ?i i.exingtov av.? Want an agreeable, intellieent American woman as bath superintendent; also a ProtCslaii' gtrl us chamber maid and waitress: neither older than 25 years. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.? MEN, women, hoys and girls learn and take positions; de mand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 2' > 4th av., opposite Cooper Institute. A FIRST CI.A-'S LAUNDRESS WANTKD ? ONE WHO can flute iind Is willing to do chsmberwork when required may apply, with best city reference, at G8 West Mthst. B UTTONHOLR MAKERS AND FINISH ER8 WANT ed on linen tail iean drawers. WKTMOitK A HITCHCOCK. ?71 Canal at ENVELOPE FOLDEK8 WANTED? TnRKE TOtTlTO ladle* t<? fold envelopes h.v hnnd; those accustomed lo fold envelopes enn have steady work and good pay. Apply to 8. RATNOR A CO.. 117 William st. First clash milliner wantrd? at james . McCllEKKY A cO.'S, corner of Broadway and lltli street. Girls wanted? wno understand fringing Indies' neck ties; alio lace workers. Apply (or three days a* .10 Pond st. C'lIRLS WANTED? TO-DAY, FOR FIRST CLASS BIT J tuitions, citv and country ; highest wage*. ODElL'S, liw West 34th st., near Broadway. G GENERAL HOUSEWORK.- WANTED, IN A SMALL JT private family, a girl to do plain conking, washing and Ironing. Apply at 127 bast 79th st., between 4th and Lexington ?v. CIOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED? ALSO TWO AP T prentices, gned sewers, capable of learning to cut md At In a short time. Apply at 71 We*t 48th st., corner Illiav^ MME. ARNOUX. Eur^r WANTED? to take ckaroe of an in fant ; niuit have good city references. Apply at 2J9 it lMh st. CALESLADIKS ? WANT! n? AN A NO. 1 SALESLADY O for the millinery showroom: also (or the arlilleial lower department; none hut experienced hands need ipldv. J. KOTHacafLitt, .',8 m , 14th at. Twenty first class embroiderers wanted. A| ply itnmed'atcly at LORD A TAYLOR'S, 2Ctl? ?t. entrance. Tn ADVERTISER, RESIDING IN THE COUNTRY, desires the services of a competent rhrist an lud v. who will be n companion tor his wife and have the cntlio management of his household affairs; to a vuperior per miii a liberal -alarv will l?> |>ui<| ; none other need apply. Address A. B., Herald office. ? WANTED-A OIRT. TO DO ORNERAL HOUSEWORK in a ?m.'ill private family. Apply at Si7 VV est 12th st. XUANTED-AN EXPERIENCED SALESLADY, WITII m good reference; no other need apply Inquire at HO Kleeeker st. WANTED? A COMPETENT SKAMSTKES ONE WNO ? ? ean also dress hair and wait on a lady , city re fer ine* required. Apply alter 11 o'elock ut lib hast 20ili st. WANTED? A SMART SIRL TO COOK. WASH AND ?T iron tor a small private lainily. Apply, with good city reference*. at 24 ?t. WANTED? A OOOD OIRL TO DO ORNERAL housework : must know how to wash and iron well. Apply between 10 and .1 at 43ft I'm I !.8th st. XITANTRD? A FIRST CLASS GIRL, TO (JO IN THE ?? conntry, to cook, wa<h and Iron Call at 119 East Mlh it WANTRD- A YOUNOGIRLTO DO CHAMHERWORK and waiting. Apply, with city reference, at ill) West 11th st., basement do<>r. WANTRD? A NURSE FOR ONE CHILD AND TO DO light housework; Merman prrterrid. Call at 114 Sast COtTi st.. between Lexinirton and 4th avs. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDERSTAND* the haberdashery business and window dreaaim.' tddresx F HI KN D PUTS, HtO liroidway. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID AND ianndreiM in a private hoarding boose. Apply "rom 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. at 4<I0 Wc?t 23.1 st, with reference. WANTED-A YOUNG OIRL, TO COOK, WASH AND Iron, In a small private famllr; must lie a good (ruber and Ironer; wages *1 ft first month; mu?t have fo?d city references. Call at 169 West 34th sr. WANTED? FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS AND operators on Wheeler A Wilson, Howe, and Wilicox ? Olbt*' sewing machines. None hut those accu?t<<m< d o first clans city work need apply to Mrs. J. E. EDWARDS ft CO.. 3294th a v., iccond floor. WANTKD-AN AMERICAN LADY, TO TAKE CAKE nf an InvalM and assist in housekeeping. Apply ftrom 9 to 11 to-day at 112 West 29th tt WANTRD? IV A PRIVATE AMERICA* FAMILY, A girl, aged 13, to watt. HS West 46<h at. Wanted? a protestant ciook, washer and Ironer: family private ; four adults and child. Call at IM West 31th st. IITANTRD? A NEAT. QUIET COOK, WASIIRR AND YY Ironer In n small faintly; other servants ore Prot estant* , reierenees required. 54 Knst A4th si WANTED-A RESPECT AHfiR WOMAN AH WET nurse; must have good oity reference. Call at 4A West MHh st., fcetweeu ItU ami 6th avs., from 9 till I. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE, HOREST SERVANT, in a small family. Apply at 3N Hud ion st. in Rwslry store, lor the aJdrssa - I??LP WASTTKB-PEMams, IV ANTED? A SOBER. MIDDLE-AOED PROTESTANT tt w, man, to do geaeral housework : to such a one u comfortable home b offered. Inquire at SI) 3d nr. WANTED? A COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID AND waitres; none other* need apply ; wages $14. MO Ea?t 119th st _ "MTANTED? A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. TT None but those having good cliy retences need apply ior two day* at !00 -'d a v. ANTED? FIR8T CLASS SHIRT BOSOM AND COL lar maker* on Wheeler A Wilson'* machine. MICHAELIS A KASKEL, 6M Broadway. w WANTED? FIRST CLASS HAND SEWERS AND buttonhole maker* on fine custom sliirt*. Apply, with (ample, to MI"'H AELIS A KASKbl., 663 Broadway. WANTED? A RfcLIABE PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS ?arte for a cliikl ; good wages. Apply at 1:11 1st place. Brooklyn WANTED-A JEWISH OR GERMAN GIRL, A8 cook, lor a private family; good nages given. In quire at 14# Eaat tdtli st, between 3d and Lexington avs. WANTED-A GOOD COLORED COOK, CHAMBER inald and waitress : no washing ; country. Apply to TITUS, 247 Thompson st., before 12 o'clock. _ WANTED-A WOMAN AS NURSE AND SEAM; stress. Apply irom II nntll I o'clock at the second house above 73d st. on Madison av. "IV ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A FIRST CLASS TT cook, with best city reference*. Apply ut 12 Eust tSth st , between 9 and 11 o'clock. WANTED? A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN, TO DO OEN housework. who 1* not afraid o! work, to go to the country ; must be a Protestant Apply at M66U1 nv. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL (LATELY LANDED) as good seamstro*s In n private family. Apply at 37 East 31st st.. from 1) to 10 A. M. WANTBD-A GOOD WAITRESS IN A VERT SMALL private family. Apply at No. 7 East ?th st alter 9 WANTED-A LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBERMAID IN ? private family; must oome well recommended. Inquire at 208 West Itttli st WANTBD-A GIRL AH CHAMBERMAID AND waitress in a small family ; city reference* re quired. Apply at No. 9 We?t 28tli st., between 10 and 3 o'clock. tlTANTED ? A TOUNO LADY OK GOOD ADDRESS tt to attend In showroom; must write a good hand and understand lingerie ; apprentice*. Apply at 47 East WANTHD-TWO GIRLS; A COOK, TO ASSIST WITH (lie washing ; also waitress, who must be a good seamstress; short distance I11 the countrv. Apply, be tween II and 12 at 6t West 46th st. WANTED? A WOMAN TO OO TO A COUNTRY VIL tt la,je to cook, wash nnd iron in a small private fam ily. with no children. Call at 424 West 20th at, before 1 o'clock. TIT ANTED ? A RELIABLE PROTESTANT PERSON, TO TT do general housework for two In fauiilv; must be u good w asher and ironer and plain cook. Apply after 10; rlnif at hall door. .'>7 West 4?th st., near 6th av. WANTED-TWO SMART GIRLS- ONE MUST BE A good plain cook, washer and ironer, the other as chambermaid mid waitress and to assist with washing and ironing. Apply at 217 West 15th st. WANTED-A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON in a family of three persons; must be willing to go to (ho lar West; references required. Apply at 57 West 22d st WANTED-A YOUNG FRENCH OR GERMAN GIRL TT as nursi' and seamstress: u.ust understand Wneeler A Wilson's machine. Call trom 9 to 1 o'clock at 109 East 34th st WANTED-IN a SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY. A TT good German Protestant cook, nasher and Ironer. Apply, with city rclerence, at 236 West 63d st., between 1 ami 3 o'clock P. M. TV" ANTED? W AITRESS IN A SMALL FAMILY; TT must bo competent to do line washing and bring good city reference. Apply at 177 Madison av., between i> and 2. WANTED-A DECENT, CLEAN WOMAN, LIVING IN the vicinity of City Hall, to do office work from 8 to 9 A.M. Apply at No. 7 Murray st, rooms 33 to 86, on Thursday, trom 3 to 4 P. M. "IV ANTED? EXPERIENCE > SALESLADIES ON TT ladies' under garments and dress trimmings. Only such a* cau bring satisfactory references ueed apply at the llrund Central itazaar. 0(18 3d av. WANTED-TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS TO OO IN THE country ; one for chamberwork and care of chil dren ; the other for general housework Apply at 144 Wnvtrley place. TANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO NBAT, well recommended girls: one a? cook ; the other as w waitress and fine washer and ironer. Apply from 914 till 12 o'clock at 33 East 21st st. "IV ANTED ? A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON TT 1'ora small family; city reference required. Call at 172 West 11th St., between 3 and 6 P. M. WANTED? A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER: ALSO chain bermaiti and waitres*, to **>l*t in washing, Ac. ; to go in country lor Summer; city reference. 17 East 24th st WANTED? A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL, ABOUT IB year* of age, to assist In light housework. Apply at '446 West34tli st, between 9 and 12 A. M. TVANTED-FOR THE COUNTRY, LADY'S MAID AND Tt seamstress, French or German; mnst understand hairdrcssiiiL', cutting and fitting, and sew on a Wheeler A Wilson mnehlne. At ply lor two day*, from 9 to 11 o'clock, at 2.'! i:?st .Hth si TV ANTED? BY \ SM ALL FAMILY, NO CHILDREN, TT at Siaten f-Utid, a good German or colored girl for cooking and general housework; liest references re quired. Call at 54 Wall *t, room 21, between! and 4 o'clock. WANTED? TWO ENGLISH, OERMAN OR SCOTCH girls, to go to Orange for the Summer; one for gen eral housework nnd to assist with the washing, and one a* nurse and seamstress; two sister* preferred; best ref erences required. Apply at 310 Fait 14tli st., from 2 till 4 o'clock, for two days. Cau only be seen at those hours WANTED? FIRST CLASS COOK, LAUNDRKS8 AND waitress, to go a short distance in the country, to a healthy anil comfortable place : the wages will be $'20, $18 and $IH per month ; must be good and neat girls, having good recommendation*. Call on Mr. WRIGHT, 28 Park place, between the huurs of 12 ami 3 o'clock. dhlf* ?ANY LADY CAN EASILY MARE $10 DAILY iPxl'. tiv devoting two hoar* at home at a most desir able and new business Apply, troin 10 to 4, at 332 6th av. Oil EAST NTS ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS 4J& first clam cook. MTU ATI ON >4 WANTKU-WALRI. 1 n EAST SOT II ST. -A YOUNO COLORED MAN AS J_?J waiter In a small private family; best city refer ence* from Ian place. Call from 1U 11112. 1?>-| WEST WTH ST.? A YOUNG COLORED MAN AS first class waiter In a private family, or to travel I with n gentleman ns valet; best city rclerence. Call on or address, tor two days. A SITUATION WASTED? BY AN ENGLISHMAN AS a tlrst "las* waiter in a private boarding house. Call i for two days at private stables to West 10th st A FIRST CLASS WAITER, SMART AND TIDY, WITM best reference from last employer, wants a altua i tion. i an tic sic ii at 11.1 Delancev >-t., rear house. A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN WANTS A KITCATION A3 valet to a gentleman ; good references. Address II. V., ? OrcoawtcB av. . A RESPECTABLE MAN AND WIFE WOULD LIKE to take clitrge o' a gentleman's house for the Sum mer; good city reference. Address CCS :td av. A BOY, 15 YEARS OLD, WANTS TO LEARN THE grocery business; acquainted with the business; pood reien in c. Call on or address EDWARD BENNETT. 189 Rust 52d st A RESPECTABLE MAN AND WIFE HAVINO NO family would desire to take charge of a gentleman's residence in the eltv during his absence in the Sum mer ; best city references. Apply for three days at 488 6th av., second floor, rear house. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS waiter, with a gentleman's family in the city; first i class reference from last employer. Address P. M., no* I 127 Herald office. A YOUNO M\N WANTS A SITUATION AS PORTER, or at any employment that he can make himself ' generally usoiul ; nood relcrence. Address B. R., bo* 144 U ,uld . tllce, A6MART ENGLISHMAN, WITH SMALL PRIVATE Income desire^ employment ; Is a thorough buslna-s man and under lands construction of bull'llngs and drawing. Address C. E., box 108 Herald Uptown Branch office. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO MAN, NOT lotig from fhe old country, wishes a situation aa coachman or groom . la sober, honest and obliging , coun try preferred. Address WILLIAM T., Elizabeth Post office. s? A TRUSTWORTHY MAN WISHES A SITUATION as janitor, messenger, collector, Ac. ; good city reierences; security If desired. Address for on* week H. D., bo* 90, !M?? We*' S.'d *t. /COURIER AND TRAVELLING VALET-SPEAKS POUR \J language*; respectable, careful, and of good appear ance ; know* Europe well: best reference, f. MElz, Ho olete Alsaclenne. 110 Spring street C COURIER PRATTQITK-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG J man, who speaks Prcncb, English and Gorman, wishes a situation us courier or bntlcr to go to Europe with a Rrlvate family , hns travelled over all part* ol Europe; est recommendations. Apply at 71 Essex st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, 21 YEARS old: understands the eare of horses ; 1* willing to rnaks himself nseful. Call at 213 Mott at, fbrtwo days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COLORED waiter man, as head waiter In a hotel or large hoard Ing house ; city or country ; understand* itoll charge ; bast city reference. < all at MA 7th av. CJITUATION WANTRD-BY A FIRST CLASS FRENCH O waiter, In a private tamlly or Air a single gentle man , ha* no objection to travelling or to ?o In the coua try. Address a. G. T.. H? Broadway, frultVtor*. VIBNNA EXPOSITION.? A TOUNU GENTLEMAN, ?out saed of energy and harness tact, about to ftart for Vienna on business connected with the Bxneallloa, wilt undertake to represent a limited number of Ameri oan exhibitors, take charge of their goods and lookout for fbelr interest at the fair. For mrtacr particular* ad -Irasa VIMKN A. box 130 llerald *??* srri'ATiows wavtkp-iiii.rn. TIT" AN1 ED? BV A REBPECTA RLE COLORED MAN A " situation as valet in a family ; best city reference#; Address J. V., box ltfl Herald Uptown Branen office. TENANTED? SITUATION, BV k BOV 17 YFARS OF ?? awe, in some wholesale house ; fan lurnish refer ences ironi present cuiplovers. Address O. B. P., 214 W 11 con st., Brooklyn, B. U. X\T ANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE COLORED YOUNG tt man a situation hs me^ensfr or light porter; Is a!?o willing to make himself generally useiul. Adlrese T. JACK10X. Jr.. box fiol I'aci office. W ANTED? HV A COLORED YOUNG man. a situa ?? tiou In a private family or boarding hon?e at wuier; best city reference. Address B. K. R., Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AGED 26, A SITUA t on at 11k In porter or in any similar capacity : best city relerences. Address EARN EST, bo* 129 Herald Up town Branch office. 1,206 Broadway. WANTED? BV A MARRIED MAN. A SITUATION AS nortcr, who speaks the English, French mid Her man language* ; good city references. Address No. 9 Croeay st., room 1, front. 1 q(J ELDRIDOE ST?AS FIRST CLASS MEAT AND X-*JU pastry cook ; city or country. J l' MI'S BURG MANN. (I.BKKI AMI) SAI.ICSnKN. A YOUNG MAN OF 8) WISH 88 A SITUATION IN A shipping office : can furnish beat reference* Ad drew R. F., Herald office. AVOUNO ENGLISHMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN a drug store In the country ? nine rears' experience. Address C. R. H., X9 Greenwich av. A BUSINESS MAN, ENGAGED THROUGH THE day, would like writing to do niter 4 P. M., copying or straightening accounts; terms moderate. Address WRITER, box 7? Post office. A "I BOOKKEEPER WANTED? MUST BE STRICTLY ill temperate and industrious; one preferred who would take one-fourth interest in tlio business if found satisfactory. Address R. A CO., Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WHO IS ABOUT MAKING A TOUR through the Wort would represent some good house : growers' specialties preferred. Address WEST. Herald office. A GENTLEMAN LARGELY ACQUAINTED WITH drug and liquor houses ill the West will travel for a New York house tferoper inducements are offered; references. Address B., box 2,941) Post office. A YOUNG MAN, HAVING A GOOD KNOWLEDGB ot linen goods, wants a situation in a wholesale house as clerk, salesman, or to make himself generally useful ; city relerences. Address DNISK. box 104 Herald office. A YOIJNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A wholesale dry goods house ; has been several years in the wholesale and retail trade; speaks English and German, mid can come well recommended. Address JOHN ULLMER, Jr., 121 Washington st, Jersey City, N. J. A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN OF TEN YEARS' Ex perience in geucral dry goods business would like to take charge of cloak, suit and shawl departments of a good house, West or South; understands outtiug to meas ure, and is a tasty designer; best references. Address C. E. PIERCE. 148 East 12fith st., New York. A YOUNG MAN, HAVING MAD TEN YEARS' EXPE rienee in the grocery business, is desirous of making an engagement with a first class arm, where attention and sterling merit will lie appreciated; is a good sales man or bookkeeper, and qualified to take full charge of a store ; would like to meet with a parly where there might lie a chance for an Interest In the business ; security given if required. Kelerencc, which will be fouud At, from pre- cut employer. Address, for any length of time, RIMMlNtiTON, llcrnld Uptown Kriiiieh office. Drug clerk wanted-one accustomed to prescribe over the counter; single man preferred. Address tor two days box 117 Herald office. Drug clerk wanted.? experienced clerks only need apply at PERKINS' Pharmacy, Oreene av., corner of Cumberland St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Green and oaten avenue cars Irom Pulton ferrv pass the door. MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS.-AN OUTDOOR salesman wanted for first class city trade ; the right man liberally dealt with; either on i ommission, or salary and commission. Address T. F. N., box 1UU Herald office. Salesmen wanted.? apply at lord a tat LOR'S, corner Grand and Chrystic sts. Salesman wanted-for the mourning de. partment; none need apply unless they thoroughly understand It. US BOUTILL1ER BROS., 4M East I4tli st. Salesman wanted? one thoroughly posted on ruffling*, tlutings, Ac., for out-of town jobbing trade; to the right man a liberal commission; one who has been In the business preferred. Address, stating ability, Ac., A. E,, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN (SI). OF GOOD character and address, with many years' business ex perience in this city, as a salesman, collector, correspond ent or assistant bookkeeper; A1 references. Address FA1THPUL, box 148 Herald office. TO DRUGGISTS.? A COMPETENT PRESCRIPTION clerk. Is open for engagement; speaks English, Ger man. Prencn and Spanish. Address A. F? Herald office. WAMTP.D? TWO EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS salesmen, speaking English and German preferred. W. K. PEYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. UIT'AI'TED? fob the retail dry goods BUSI tt n?nL twotnteUmdreM good* salesmen. Apply at once at 111 Newark av., Jersey City, N. J. WANTED? TWO BTBICTLT FIRST CLASS ENTRY clerks. Apply In entry room at COCHRAN, MoLEAN A OO.'B. WANTED? A GOOD CLERK IN A REAL ESTATE offlcc ; references required. Apply at 277 Went 23d St., between 4 and 7 P. M. XA7 ANTED? A DRUG CLERK; ONE THOROUGHLY tt competent. Addrew GRADUATE, box 111 Herald office. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN IN A retail store, tor parasol and umbrella stock. Ad- I dreks, wiili references, L. LKFKERTS, 641 Broadway. WANTED? SITUATION AS SALESMAN, BY A young man pouted in the drug and glassware trade. Address s., box 139 Herald office. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN; A GOOD position open to a man with the necensarv energy and tact For particulars apply, alter 10 A. M., at U Dcy street. WANTED? CLERK IN A HOUSE PURNIsniNO, hardware and stove store. None but thore accus tomed to the c ty trade need apply, with references, at 1,232 3d a v., near 71st St. WANTED? AN ASSISTANT SALESMAN IN A BE tall pork storo ; must reside in Williamsburg ; alsr> boy ax cannier tor same place. Address PORK, box 120 Herald office. WANTED-IN a dry goods importing house, tT an entry clerk, accustomed to European currency and Custom House work. Address. in handwriting ol ap plicant, with references, box 4,938 ro^t otllce. WANTED-A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OR assistant, or as clerk, by an American, aired v7, well educated and has had experience as bookkeeper. Ad dress W. C. M.. Herald office. WANTED? IN A LEADING DBY OOODS JOBBING house, a young man. 18 to 20 years of age ; must be a good ond ratitd penman and be of good add re Ha Ad dress M. E. T., box 107 Herald office. WANTED? FIVE EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS salesmen ; those speaking German and English pre. I ferred. Apply at s. STERNBERG'S, 316 Grand St., WIN llamsborg. WANTED-BY AN IMPORTING LIQUOR HOUSE, A first class salesman, to travel, who has some trade Address, with references, which must be Al, A. B. C.,box KM Herald office. ? WANTED? AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN IN A RETAIL clothing store as salesman ; on<; a< iin^nted with i the baMneiw preferred. Inquire ihis day, from II to 1 o'clock, at THOMAS CUATTEKTON A CO.'S, :#J Ca nal st WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS BOOKKEEPER IN A retail dry goods establishment: s I o a man to ai t as floor walker, who has had experience In Broadway stores and who thoroughly understands his business ; the very best reiercncclare required. Apply to M. REM1AN A CO., 2ft Union square. WANTED-A FEW GENTLEMEN OF GOOD AD dress, lo transact bnslne*# In different sections for a first clam Journal, published In the interest of the coal and iroa trades; a liberal salary and permanent situation to tho?e proving competency, call from 9 to 12 A. M., or address CORRBtPONDIBB EDITOR, 37 Park row, room 40. COACH MKN AVD < ' \ : -(S. A SITUATION? BY A YOUNO MAN (GERMAN) AS coachman ; best references. Address 164 East3Kih street. AS COACHMAN? I' NDERST AN DS THE CARE OF horses thotongbly; best city reference from last | place. Call at or address for two days 117 West R2d st AS FOOTMAN OB ASSISTANT IN A PRIVATE FAMI ly, by a single young man. Call on or address BD. McCORMACK. No 2 East Fifteenth street A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY SOBER, steady man; Is a safe driver and has goodcity refcr I enco to that effect. Call at or address 21 East 33d st. A COACHMAN WISHES A SITUATION-MARRIED; has lived 7 years with hie last employer; is ? Protes tant Can be soen at No. 7 East 28th st AS COACHMAN AND GROOM? A SINGLE MAN, lust disengaged ; good reference and long experience. Address J. D , private *tabl? 222 West 32d st A OOOD FAMILY COACHMAN WANTBD-FOB AN JY easy position and desirable home. Apply, between 10 and U A. M. , at store, 28 W title st A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man : no objection to the country. Refers to pres ent employer. Call tor three days at 123 West 46th st. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN, BY A first class single man; has the best city references from last emoloyer. Address J. J., 10 East 31st st A PRACTICAL, YOUNO, GBRMAN GARDEN KB (single) wants a situation as such. Apply to WETMLE ft WEYMAN, florists, 121 8th st. between 3d and 3d a vs., South Rrooklyn. AN AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, WHO WAS BAISED on a farm, desires a situation as gardener and to be fenerally useful; reference* first class. Address B., box IS Herald office. A VGUVu i 'JO4 ?7th SI ?? COBBlVv?" a53?JJ COACIIWrEW AKD GUIDENBR8. A young german iiii tfo wife would like to (to to a country residence oe understands the cure or * garden and borne*; beet reference* can l>e given. Apply at UO Greenwich st ______ A YOU NO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACll J\ mnn ii ml groom ; fully understands hU bnsine** In nil tin poiuts; best city reference . Cell on or address J. D.,fU9thav., firewater's. A'lHOROlOllLY competent coachman de sire? it situation ; is a good, careful, ntylisli driver, excellent groom uml strictly ?ober; married. no family; best city referenoe. Address j. li , i>u We?t 43d ?t A COACHMAN and OARDENER'* situation wanted? By a niarried man; in a first claw Broom: best reference given. Addr< mi icr two day* M.,l>ox 121 lierald office. A COACHMAN.? A GENTLEMAN DISPENSING J\ with bin horse* can recommend h:a coachman; Ih industrious, carcful and willing. Inquire of E. U. SHEP PAKD, 19 Broadway. AS COACHMAN? BY A YOUNO MAN ; THOROUGH Iv undcr-timd* the care and mntaBcnn it t ot borne*; city or country ; I* willing and iuo*t reapccti'ul. Address EDWARD, box 217 Herald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SIN . gle man; thoroughly understand* the business;

eight years' reference from la>t employer. Call on or address l!., i:?7 Wastttth *t., private -labte. ACTUATION W ANTKD? BY A IBffOUII COACH* man; excellent Broom, careful, steady driver; per fectlv sober; first class city reference. Call on or address COACHMAN, 47 West 44tli St., private stable. A YOU NO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COAC1I mati and Broom ; fullv understands hie business In a 1 ita point*; best city refereuce. Call on or address J. D., saddler's, M) 4t Ii a v. AMARRIKD MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS coachman; will a?*l*f with gardening ; excellent reference ; willing and obtlglnK : country preferred. Ad dress J. C., box 54, 54>, West 32d ?t. _________ A SITUATION AS COACHMAN WANTRD-BY A YOUNO single man; thoroughly understands his business; is willing to make himself unenil; good city reference. Ad dress JOHN, box 314 llerald offiee. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SIN gle man, In conaequonce of employer going to Ku rope ; best city referenres. Inquire for two days at Cogs well's stables, 215 and 217 I<exington av. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man or groom ; good steady driver; excellent refer ence. Call on er address C. M., private stable, No. 6 West 80th st. A SITUATION WANTED? AH COACHMAN AN1> groom, by a young man, single ; thoroughly under stands his business; country preferred. Call on or ad dress C., No. 4 West 301 h st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH man, as coachman; thoroughly understands Ills duties; first clam city references Irotn present employer. Apply to E. P.. 184 West 19th st A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN, BY A fully competent single man of long experience; several years' best city reference ns to sobriety and capa billty. , Add rem M. 8., box 1X1 llerald office. A SINGLE YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS coachman and gardener; is a good Broom : can milk and make himself generally usetul ; good reference. Ad dress T. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. AMARRIKD MAN. WITHOUT ANY FAMILY, WANTS a coachman's situation; five years' first class refer ence for honcstv, sobriety and capability. Address THOMAS, Breswster's salesroom*, 27th St. and 5th av. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A FIRST CLASS coachnmn ; excellent groom, careful, steady driver, perfectly sober an I is a Protestant; first class reference. Address J. T. D., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINGLE YOUNO man as eoachmau and gardener; can milk and make himself useful, flood reference. Address L. K., box 140 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, lately lan leil, to go a short distance in the country to work on alarm anil make himself generally useful Call tor two days at 363 West -41st st., second floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE VOUNG man, as coachman and gardener; can milk anil make himself usetul; good reference. Address P. 0., box 104 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN; PROT estant: five years' reference, and lilghlv recom mended by last employer; country preterred. Address T. O., Herald office. A PRACTICAL FARMER AND OARDENER (SWISS), with small family, desires a permanent situation to take charge of a gentleman's place : first class reference Address FARMER, box 1M Herald office. A MIDDLE-AGED SINGLE MAN WANTS A SITUA^ tlon as gardener: understands his business in all its varioui branches. Address UAKDEN EU, box 1W Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACIIMAN AND groom, by a single man, a Protestant; can milk and do plain gardening, Ac. ; good reference. Address L. a, box 121 Herald office. N EXPERIENCED AND STEADY YOUNG MAN want* a situation as coachman ; city reference from his former employers. Call on or address HARNESS STORE, 125 ill st., west of 3d av., Harlem. A SINGLE MAN WISHER A SITUATION AS OOOD gardener; understands all kinds of flowers and plant*; no oblcction to taking care of ahorse and cow If required; best reterenco. Address GARDENER, box 224 Herald office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUA tlon a* groom ; city or country; best city relerencc. Call on or address GROOM, No. 4 West 44th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS coachman ; excellent groom ; careful, steady driver ; perfectly sober ; first class city reference. Call on or ad dress O. H., at J. B. Brewster A Co. 'a corner 5tb av. and 27th st A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG (SINGLE) man as eoachman and groom ; understand* hi* busi nu*s thoroughly : best city and country rctorencn. Call on or address J. E-.atColeinan's, tbe saddler, l,2?i Broad way^ A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND GARDENER wanted, by a sober, trustworthy man, single ; thor oughly understands both branches; good, careful driver; willing and obliging ; best refereuce*. Address T. R., box 204 llerald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A solier, steady young man ; is ? first class groom ; will ing ami obliging; first class reference; city or country, country preferred. Address M. M. A., bo* 190 Herald office. A COACHMAN, WHO THOROUGHLY UNDERSTANDS hi* business In all It* branches, has tow left tho Oovernor General of Canada's service with an excellent character. Address W. U., box 113 Herald Uptown Branch office. A FARMER'S HITl'ATION WANTED? BY A FIRST clam farmer, married ; has a very small family ; understand* the care of hordes ami sows; has had Ina charge ol gentlemen's places in the country ; good refer ence troin last place. Call on or address, for two days. Mr. BltlDGKMAN. H7iS Broadway. A GENTLEMAN WISHES A SITUATION FOR HIS coachman; he has lived with me for the last flvo years; I have found him sober and trustworthy. Address fail Kast ltith st. A RESPECTABLE FRENCHMAN AND HIS WIFE want situations In h gentleman's family, man a* coachman and gardener, wife aa seamstress and hair dre-ser, and would takn eare of growing children ; city or country. JKANPA1UH, AH Harrow at AN AMERICAN MAN ANI? HIS WIPI WANT SITU A Hons; man as coachman, willing to assist in garden ing; wife aa cook ami to do general housework in a small family; no objection to tne country; city references. Adilre s or apply at 2333d av,. second floor, near 20ih st., lor two days. A FIRST CLASS FRENCH-SWISS GARDENER, MAR rled, without children, wishes a situation in a pri vate place ; understands the business thoroughly, having worked ten years In I'arls and seven in this country. Address or apply to JULIUS, at A. Boiloau's, 17 CUrksun st . or at Charles Larochi'lle's, florist, 738 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS COACHMAN DESIKK8 EMPLOY rnent; a good manatrer of horses and carriages; strictly sober, agreeable, willing and obliging ; will be found to be a trustworthy man; married; no family ; best citv reference. Address J. II., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,266 Broadway. CIOAOHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG ) man of experience; no objection to country; best refereuce. Address T. N., Herald Uptown Brunch office. / lOACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WANT \j ed? By a married man, thoroughly capable; can give nine years' reference. Address J. B., No. 9 John st. /lOACHMAN AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? By a German ; go< d driver : wife first class cook and baker. Call on or address COACH MAN. 4A4 4th av. / " i ACII M AN WANTS A SITUATION; THOROUGHLY \ J understand* his bnalnesa In all Its branches, which his testimonials will prove. Address F. C., I.3H0 Broad way , corner iiBth at / lOACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WANT \V ed, by a voting man ; understands his business thor oughly; willing aad obligiag; can milk ir required; first class rol'erence. Address M. M., box 300 Herald office. /lOACHMAN AND OARDBNER'S SITUATION VV wanted? By a German; understands his business; wife first class cook and baker. Call on or address COACHMAN, 484 4th ar. CIOAOHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY J man, single, who is thoroughly competent; best city references. Call on or address COACHMAN, 67 Bast lOtn st, in Harness stare. /"COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAR \J rled man, who thoroughly understands his business; city or country; willing and oblifling ; good city refer ences. Address D., box 215 Herald office. /COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A STEADY I J and trustworthy man ; understands his business per fectly : oan give six years' best city reference*. Call on or address COACHMAN, 116 West lfith st. CIOAOHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENG. J llshman ; no objection to the country or to assist in the gsfden; good reference. Address T. J. WOOD BRIDGE, M East 61st st 20ACHMAN? BY A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT man, German, wlio has lived with first class Ami s In this city and has best city reference. Call on or address I. H., in private stable No. * East 19th st CIOAOHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAR J rled man who thoroughly understands hi* business; pan give si a years' citv reference from last employer. Call on or addrwss HOPKINS, math a v. (lOACHMAN AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? / By an Kngllatiman, who anderstands his business; has first claes reference ; country preferred. Call on or aMre?G. C. B.,?l 41st at, between 7th and 6th avs., private stable. lOACHMAN (FIRST CLASS MAN) WANTS A STTUA ' tion; understands the ^are of horws^thoroughly ; c Ave year*' reference from last employer ; honest, sober aad steady; country prvfcrred. Apply at last *m?k>y er's office, *4 South st _______ WANTED BV A RE ? incumbrance ; has ?s&sfrM COACHJUKK AND GARDKK1DRS. ^ ^ CGOACHMAN'H SITI'ATION WANTED? BT A MAR J rled man, without ?nv family ; Ave years' reiersnee for honesty, sobriety and capability ; thoroughly sc quainted with the city and Newport driving. Address THOMAS, at Brewster's, 6th ay. and 27th st. fGOACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WANT \J ed? By married man ; no children ; thoroughly undre stand* his business; itrlctly temperate; willing and obliging; good city reference. Address A. B , box 140 Uerald office. C10A0HMAN AND OARURNBH'8 SITUATION > wanted? Bra slagle mam thoroughly undents nds both branrhoa; in a sober, reliable. obliging man; boat city reference. Addreai COACHMAN, box 116 Herald office. C COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A COUPE. ) tent man; strictly Umperate; excellent groom: careful cltv driver; bent city references feom last and former employers. Call on or addreaa JAMBM,4A Went JOth st. CGOaCHMAN'S 8rrCATION WANTED? BY A FIRST J class married man: ten years' reference irom prevent employer, goiug to Europe. Call at or addreaa 11 taut J7th ?t C COACHMAN AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTBD J By a respectable Protestant young man, married, no family ; understand* his btMnes* well; can milk; never smoke* nor drinks liquor: no objection to go to any P?ftt can be well recommended for honesty, sobriety and In dustry. Address W. , box 217 Herald office. (COACHMAN'S STTtTATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE J man; city or country; underafanda the csre of horaos, harneasand carriages; would superintend a gar den and milk and make himself generally useful: first class country and city references as to honeMy. sobriety and capability ; employers can be seen In the city. Ad dress fc., box KM Herald office. PARMER AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? By a married man (one in family) ; understands his bualnesa. also the care and raising of stock In every de partment ; is a good, honest workman in every way : Ave years' best reference aa to character and ability. Call for P. B., seed store, S6 Cortland t st CI ARDENRR, FIRST CLASS, WIHHRS AN ENGAGE T ment; prefers where there are greenhouses and graperies, aa he la a practical man; married, no femlly. Address JAMES, box 128 Herald office. ' (GARDBNER AND COACHMAN (8INOLB) WANTS A T permanent situation ; hilly competent: 20 years' ex perience : sober, obliging : not afraid of work ; good refer ence. Addreaa J. B., box 224 Herald office. (GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SIN f! LB T man; would like to take whole charge of a gentle man's place; beat reference. Address C. N., box 201 Herald office. . GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINGLE German: experienced in the care of a gentleman's place; references given. Add ess OARDBNER. care of A. Thomxou, 243 Grand st., Ne York. (GARDENER'S KITI'mON WANTED? THOROUGHLY T understand* t n ulinu-e?, Kra->erle", laying out vegetable and flower ?. r.lens; can tnke cb:,r?u of small farm, Ac. Addles* v. box IS 1 Herald office. (1 AllDHNEIi'S SITUATION' WANTED ? BY A. PIIACTI X cal, ex|H" irnee<l sinuio man; compe'ent lo fake chargo o' creonliuu*!, tlo>%er, fruit and vegetaole garden. Address .1 \ M MS, box 107 Herald office. r GROOM'S SITl'ATION WANTED? BY YOf'NG MAN T who thoroughly understands care of horses and harness: first class olty reference from last employer. Cull on or address P, C., private stable 109 West 37th st (GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAR. T rled man, no children : Is a good vegetable, fruit and flower gardener; good oily references. Address J. M., box 121 Herald office. /?GARDENER? BY A MARRIED MAN, WITH SMALL IT family, who thoroughly understands the business In all its branches; reference and testimonials as to char acter and capability unexceptionable. Address M. ROSE, box 210 Herala office. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE man ; thoroughly understands the care of green house. graperies, fruit, vegetables and lawn; best city reierences from present and former employers. Address P. H., Brldgemau's seed store, 870 Broadway. /"G ARDENER'S AND FARMER'S SITUATION VX wanted? By a married man, who understands laying out nlacos. management of greenhouse, graperies, raising fruits, veuetables; good reference. Address GARDENER, Henderson's seed store. 84 fort land t st, r GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A FIRST 7 class working gardener; flilly understands plass stock, farming and vegetation; can take lull charge of a gentleman's place; six years' first class reference. Ad dress H. M., box 148 Herald office. (GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAR X rled Scotchman ; understands greenbouaes, grap eries, flower and kitchen gardening, laying out new places or to take charge of a place. Address J. A., Bridge man's, seed store, K7fl Broadway. (GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE T man ; understands all branches ol gardening, green house flowers, ttrnits and outdoor work ; six years' refer ence ; can be highly recouimended. Addreaa O. H., box ISM Herald office. Gardener and farmer's situation wanted? By a Scotchman (married); understand* his busi nens In both branches: has resided with J. G. Bennett and many others near New York. Address J. W. KBID, seed store, <17 Nasaau st. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-THOROUGHLY understands the care of greenhouses, hot and cold graperies, fruit, flowers and vegetables, or the laying out of a gentleman's place ; is married; no family ; beat city reference and good reference from present employer. Address box 119 Stapleton Poet office, btatea Inland. GARDENER'S situation wanted-by a mar ried man, imall family ; understands the business ?err perfectly in each department : understands farming and tne care of stock in general If required ; reference first clans. Address J. L., box 190 Herald office, tor two days. __ GARDENBR'S situation wanted-by a mar rled man ; understands ibe care of greenhouse and grapery: or to bike charge or a gentleman's place; un derstands the care of stock or any work on a place; small family; highly recommended from his last place. Address OARDKNKK, 369 West Hflth st , grocery store, lor two days. Married man ah gardener? understand* the care of greenhouse, grapery, fruits, vegetables nnd laying out new grounds; first class reference. Ad dress J. 8., box 1CI Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN MARRIED mnn as gardener and florist. Address U. B., box 127 Tlersld office. SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN AND PLAIN ) gardener ; Is a first class croora ami carclul driver; willing and obliging ; can milk ; first class refercuce. Ad dress 9. K., box 200 Herald ofilco. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN IN A gentleman's place; understand* the care of horses; will make himself generally useftil; can milk ; good ref erence. Add res* ST, box 121 Herald office. SINGLE MAN WANTS A SITUATION A* rLAIN GAR dener ; can take care ot horses, milk and do'anvthlng to be useftil; has good reference. Address W. L., Herald Uptown Branch office, for two day*. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINOLE OKRMAN landscape gardener and horticulturist with 10 years' experience, on a gentleman's place or for laying out of new places; also by a young Herman on a gentleman's place ; good references. Call oner address D. B., gard ener, at A. Hold tma nn's, Florist, 70S 6th av. WANTED? BY A MARRIED MAN. A SITUATION AM gardener; can milk, and Is willing to make himself useful. Address H. W., Ill Bleecker St. WANTEK-BY A YOUNO MARRIED MAN (NO family) a situation as coachman. Address for one week W. H. C.. box 214 Herald oftlcc. "TIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN A.ND V? groom, by a first class single man; best cityrelcr Call on M. W., 88 Bleecker St. W TTirANTED? A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS WORKINO TT in h nursery and can graft and bud trees; refer ence required. Apply frotn 10 to 2 o'clock, on April 4, at BlIOTWkMi A BROS.' store, No. 4 South sL, New York. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND OAR dener In eity or country ; is willing to make him self useful ; 1,0, t retereace given. Addrets box 212 Herald office. TANTED? BY A SINOI.K MAN (ENGLISH) A SITU ' aliou n? coachman ; Is a first rate driver, knows tils business; well recommended lrom present employer. Call on or address J. B., No. S hit Thirty-third street. WANTED.? A FARMER OF EXCELLENT CH 1RAC ter, willing to be itsetnl anil not afraid of work, may hear of a good home by Inquiring of JOHN S. LAM (SON, 77 Maiden lane. Scotch. Kngllsli or American. WANTED? ilTUATION AS COACHMAN AND OAR deaer. b.v a single man; ran milk ami innkc him self generally useful ; has good city reierence. Address GARDENER, No. ? West St. WANTBII-AT ST. CLOUD STABLES, 247 AND 24? West 41st St.. A first class carriage washer; one w ho flilly understands his business; must tUrnish good reference. _ WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BY A RE spcctablc Protestant married man ; is sober, honest and obliging ; has 10 years' good reference from last em ployer ; country preferred. Address JOHN P., Elizabeth Post office. Wanted? a situation as general garden er ; understands farming and the care of horses and cattle perlCctly; his wife is well experienced in the care ol milk snd butter; best references. Address box 173 Wert New Brighton, Sta ten Island. WANTED? A SITUATION AH COACHMAN OR groom by a first class man; strictly sober; under stands the management of horrcs perfectly : good refer ences. Call on or address P. D., No. 3 East 28th ?L, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION A8 COACHMAN BY A tt single man; strictly temierate, and thoroughly understands his business; two years' city reference from last employer. Call on or address J. K., private stable, 32 East 32.1 st. U7 ANTED? BY A VERY RRSPEOTAHLE P ROT TV estant married man and wife, situations: man as coachman snd groom; wire as cook; both strictly tem perate and well understand their business ; well recom mended by last employer ; country preferred. Address (or two days J. o., box 228 Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION AS HEAD GARDENER, BY a respectable single German, who thoroughly un derstands his business in all its branches, ana who has the yery best of references as to ability and cnaracter. Call oo or address J. D.. care ol Wilson Brothers, 43 West 14th st. ANTED ? A SITUATION BY A SINGLE MAN AS gardener; has a practical knowledge of the busi ness; can lay out new grounds or improve old places; is not afraid of work ; understands the management of a fpntleuian's place; willing to pay attention to sugges ts if the gentlemen Is so Inclined; Is competent In sll matters; good reference. Address far one week, v. M. C. , box *i? Herald office. w IITANTBD-A SITUATION AS GARDENER, BY AN Vf KngHshmen, aged 3*. single; has had eight years' experience most or the time ss general manager) with reverel o t the leadiBg commercial firms In this country ; believes himself to be an excellent salesman, plant grower, decorator of grounds, and in other respects thoreefhly posted in the most approved modes of gea srat bortic alture ; ho objection to any pert of the coun try ; references unexceptionable. Address Y. a W., tare of Peter Henderson A do.. seedsmen, t'orllahdt ft. HKIiP WAIITEP-WALKI. Ant youth or 17 or over, willino to make himself useful at 94 weekly to start on. can apply at STANDARD LA IN DRY, 24 University place. V AOENTS ARK MAKING $1UI) I'K It WKKK KBUJM oar goods by sample. A few more good men wanted. Call at 99 Liberty Hi , room 28. A SMART, ACTIVK MAN WANTED? IN A LIGHT outdoor business. Apply after V o'clock at the NEW YORK HOOK CONCERN, No. 7 Warren St., fourth floor. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEORAPHY.-MEN, . women, boy* and girl* learn and take uuidtion*; de mand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S Collage, id 4th av., opposite Cooper Institute. A OK NTS WANTKD-FO R THE BUST SEWING MA chine in the market and the easiest to sell. Apply to the WHITNEY SEWING MACHINE COMPANY, 813 Broadway. ABOV WANTED-18 TO IH YEARS OLD, TO TAKE care of one horse and two cows. Applv, between 1 and 4 o'clock P. M. on Thursday, to J MY Kits, 299 Weil A NEAT, ACTIVE, COURAGEOUS BOY; GOOD ?P?y; .Apply lo Mr. COWDERY, Masonic Pair, Apollo Hall, corner of 28th at auJ Broadway, at 10 o clock sharp. A YOUNG IRISHMAN OAN HAVE A PERMANENT situation In our Broadway house, No. 73ft, who I* above 20, educated and willing to work ; $15 per week. Also Brooklyn deliverer wanted; $20. Apply, iVoin lllto 11 McMBNAMY, HESS k CO. AN ACTIVE BUBINESS MAN, WILLING TO WORK In and ont door*, may have an interest In an excel lent office buslncsa for hU service*. Address UKOAD WAT, Herald Uptown Branch office. AORNT, WITH HORSE AND WAGON, WANTED? TO ?ell staple article on commission, to trade; with ?mall capital a (food business can be done. Address GROCER, Herald office. ANOBLL'S TURKISH BATHS, ?t LEXINGTON av., want agreeable, Intelligent, industrious, American young men and women, not older than 2 ft yean*; profitable employment, with medical instruction; reference* required. ABM A LL FIRST CLASS HOTEL WAVTS~A GENE ral manager who is competent and responsible: one having capital may secure an Interest Address HOTEL, Herald Uptown Branch office, giving name and refer cnces. Boy wanted-por office; waoes |2 80 PER week; references. Apply at 144 East loth st, coal office. CIOLOR K D BOYA BOUT 14 oSls VEARS OLD WANT J ed? To rnn errands. Apply to McLKOD k KEaiMEY, 729 Broadway. /COLLECTORS WANTED? POR CITY, WHO CAN \ I give good references and give $800 bonds. Address box 146 Herald office. EXPERIENCED CANVA8SERS TO SELL A NEW Bewlng Muchino Attachment ; $18 to $18 per day can be made. Apply at MICHAEL k GUILD'S, 397 Broad way, between ft and 11 o'clock A. M. Man wanted-in a lunch room, to make sandwiches, carve and make himself generally use tul; middle-aged, single man, who ha* done sucn work preferred; must fttrnlsh good references; place per manent to a suitable person.. Adddresa box 423 Pough keepHie Port office. STEADY, "PERSEVERING MEN MAKE $4 TO $? A day on DOTY'S Lifters, which lilt a two-ton truck withono bund ; not a dollar risk. 21 Corliandt ft. TIT ANTED? A YOUNG MAN AS PORTER; CITY REP TV crroces required. 78 Bowery. anted? a bov- op 14 for th5 omo? Address F. B., box 119 Herald office. w WAITERS.? WANTED. FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT waiters. Apply at 137 8th St., between 41 h av. aa<l Broadway. WANTED-A SMART CITY SALESMAN TO SELL human hair goods. Call at HAUilHER'S, 316 Bow ery, up stairs. ANTED-A BARTENDER. APPLY AT TnE COR ner of Railroad av. atul Henderson st., Jersey City. w WANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO WAIT ON TABLES, and who understands opening oysters. Apply to W. H. FLORENCE, l.Vitli st. and 7th av., McComb'* Dam. WANTED? A EOT ABOUT 18 TEARS OF AGE IN A Broadway store. Address MARION, Herald office, stating age and' reference*. No answers will be notieed without references. ANTED ? AN EXPERIENCED GENTLEMAN To represent In a busmen* and reportorial capacity a daily commercial journal on real estate matters. A 8 dress box 3,906 Post office. WANTED? IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE, A RESPECT able and well educated lad, about IB years of age, to act a* cashier; must write a good hand and be able to give security. Address, with references, CASHIER, box 218 Herald office. WANTED-FOUR BOSSES AND 30 HEADING MEN; none but rapid and experienced need apply, as tliev will be required to put down their reitular rounds, ana consequently those who cannot do so need not apply. Apply Immediately to JAMES H. HOBL1KZTSON, Leg get's Hotel, Chatham st 11 A O BROADWAY, BETWEEN 26TH AND 27TH i1t?? st*.? Experienced canvasser* wanted on a new book; also State and county agents wanted. Ex clusive territory. No competition. r. A. PBCKHAM. mtlE EVENING TELEGRAM ON EVERT NEWS STAND IN THE CITY. TIIK TKADKS. A BOY, 17 YEARS OK AGE, DESIRES TO LEARN the engraving business. Address 0. BANGEST, 644 8th ay. A SITUATION WANTED FOR A FIRST CLASS EN gineer; linn beou in hU present employment nine years. Apply at marble saw mill of COLEMAN A VOLTS, SW Hudson st. AN ENGINEER AND MACHINIST WANTS EMPLOY merit, an engineer <>r to work for thp Improvement of streetcar motor*; IS years' experience ; beat refer en re. Adrtres* ENGINEER, l!l Gold si. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MECHANIC, COM pctent to put up and run woodworking maehinrrv of any kind, city or country. Addrosa JAMES, box It*" He rnlil I'ptown Branch offlce. Have a small .i<ib i.r fokdham for some carpenter. Answer by note to JAMES NVLAND, 34J East 1'Jtli St. PICKER TENDERS AND CARD CLEANERS wanted.? Addre us RAR1TAN WOOLLEN MILLS, Raritan. N.J. SITUATION WANTED-BY A JEWELRY JOBBER and clock repairer; no ohlectlon to the eonntry. Ad dress for one week D. M. II., 280 Sackctt St., Brooklyn. rp<) KILE CUTTERS. ?WANTED, SMOOTH AND MILL 1 saw cutters. Apply at Eagle File Works, No. 9 Ram apoav., Paterson, N. J. Tinsmiths.? two good workmen, accustomed to fireplace heaters, lurnares and general jobliinu can And steady situations at CAMPBELL'S, tordliain hv., between 5th and 6th ?ts., Morrlsanln. WANTED-A first class shirt cutter, apply at once to FINLAY, GOURLAY A FINCH, ? How ard nt. ANTED-BY a SOBER MAN, A SITUATION IN A hotel or institution ui baker, pastry or meat cook. Address L. o. P., Herald olllee. 'ANTED? A SOLITAIRE l/l \MOND, VET OR UN WANTED? A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, SET OB UN set, In exchange for about $I5!J worth of Knrnlturi!. Address DIAMOND, Herald office. lirANTKD? AN EDITOR, CAPABLE OF WETTING V* descriptive articles for a manufacturing paper; salary moderate. 20 Courtlandt st., corner Church. ITANTKD? AN EDITOR, CAPABLE OF WRITING f d salary i WANTED-A SEAL STONE ENGRAVER. APPLY AT TIFFANY A CO. '3 engraving department; entrance In 13th st _ ATCII MAKER WANTED? GOOD WORKMAN; steady employment. HEATBOOTE A COHEN. ?? Broadway. w w u ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A MECHANICAL DEN tist, to go ont of the citv. Apply to Dr. DAVEN PORT, 28 East Ilst st ___ WANTED-A FIRST CLASS I'BESSMaN, WHO Yf understands Builoek pie?. Address, with refer ences, PITTOCK, NEVIN A CO., publishers Evening Leader, Pittsburg, Pa. WANTED? W ATCII MAKER ; ONE WHO UNUER stands the repairing of all kinds of watches and clocks; single man preferred, at JAMES GIBSON'S 83 Klecrker st. WANTED? A COMPETENT MAN TO TAKE CHARGE M of the Gordon presses in a first clos* Job oflce. If satisfactory a steady sl'.uatlon can be secured. Refer cnces as to character and capacity required. Addre O. P. y., Herald oflloe. PRCRCH A I >VKHTI8K >1 E\ T*. NE JEINE FILLR KKANCAlSE. AO EE HE I* A N 8 desire se placer dans une respectable faml'ks pom S4> rendre generaleineut utile. S'adresser pendant deux jours Vine rue. Est, 437. CLOTIIIM41> AT 81 SIXTH AVENUE, THIKD STORK ABOVE Waverley place, Indies and Kentlcmeu will be astcn ishe?! at the prlees II HARRIS nays lor Cast-off Ciothin.v Carpets, Ac. We pay for Dresses, $3 to #75; Coats, $2 tc f/0 j Pant*, $1 to Please try an>l convince yoarwlt. adie* aiKl gentlemen will be waited upon by Mr. or Mi< Harris at ttieir own residence II desired. AT B. MINTZ'S, ?x SIXTH AVENUE.? WANTtD $1?U*?> worth of Cast-off Clothing, Carpets. Jewelry, for the Western trade. Ladies and genu will Wo aston ished at the prices we pay in cash; silk dresw>?, $10 t? $73; costs, ?t to $30; pants, $2 to $10. A notu by pus punctually attended toby Mr. or Mrs. Mint*, in and oil' of the city. AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN KSTaBLISHMRNT 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladies an<> gentlemen can receive the utmost value in cash tor then cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry. I<ace?, Ac. Plea call at or address the number as above. Indies wait- , on by Mrs. Marks. Please try. and satisfy yourselves. Attention.? ladies an d < ? entlem k n, tii roug i i having a large order to fulflll, I ain compelled to pa' in cash more than anyone, without exception, for en-? off Clothing, Carpets, Heddtng, Furniture, Ac. You will find It best to voiir own advantage tocallon or address Mr or Mrs. ROSENBERG, seventh avenue, second hou. sbove Twenty-fourth street ____ At r. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN Washington and Waverley places.? l*<He? and fen tlemeti will be astonished at the prices gived for caafrot: Clothing, Carpeu and Jewelry. Never before have ??ch high price* been paid, as we are bound to fill an order and goods must be had. Tor Coat*. (Tom $8 to $J0: Pait* $2 to $10; Dresses, $3 to $70. Please cali or addf*M as almve. Ladles attended by Mrs. Harm. AT EDWARD MILLRR'S WELL KNOWN EBTAH llsh merit, M0 Seventh Avenue, near Nineteenth ?trcet? The utmost value paid for Cast-off Clothing, Oar MtesN., by calling on or addreadag Mr. and Mr*. Ill "S&SlS; #i'ed oa kr MnuCUu

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