Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NCh 13,375! : NEW YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS, DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMl'PEMENTS? Eighth Pack? Filth and sixth columns ASTROLOGY?' Twelfth Pack? Third column. BILLIARDS? EIGHTH Pack? Second culumn. BOARDERS WANTED? KicJirn Pa?.k? i liirl cofumH. BOARD AND LODGING WASTE D-Eicuth Pack? Third mid fourth column*. BROOKLYN BOARD? Eighth I'Aoe? Fourth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOB BALE? SECOND '"AGE? Second mid third ralcniM. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Second PAcs?SUth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Skvkkth Pace? Sixth column. OIOAlts AND TOBACCO? Eiubtu Pj?.-f?cond column. CITY HBAL ESTATE l OR HALE? ?com> PACK-Fir?t ami yccoud column-. CLERKs AND SALESMEN? Eurrtwrn Pack? Sixth col umn. and Twitnii Pack? First column. CLOTll IMi? Pack? Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? Twklitu r ace? First una sccond columns COASTWISE STEAMS UPS? Ninth Pack? Sixth column. COPARTNERSHIPS? Firm Pa?e? PWB column. COUNTRY HOARD? Bicuth Pack? Fo*s tn column. llAM'l NG ACADEMIES? Eighth Pack? UTtu column DltY GOODS? First Pacn? sixth column. __ . DWELLING HOUSKS TO LET, FOKNISIIKD AND UK FUENIStl ED ? Ninth Pack? Firrt. second, third itnd fourth column*. _ ? EUROPEAN sTK \M8HIPS ? Ninth PACE-Hflh and sixth column.-'. FINANCIAL? Fi ft n Pack? Filth > ohMM. VINE ARl'S? Skconii PaU ? Sixth coilMHk FOR SALE? First Pack? Firth anl sixth columns. FURNISHED ROOMS ASU APARTMENTS TO LBT Nintii Pack? Fourth column. FURNITURE? Twelfth PA4?? Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISE MEN FS ? Twelfth Pack? Third column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Eleventh PACH-Fifth and nlxtli column*. HELP WANTED? MALES? Twelfth Pack? Sccond and Ihird columns. , _ IIORSIH, CARRIAGES, AC.? First Pack? Second, third, fourth and firth column'*. HOTEL-? Hn; in u Pace? Fourth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, WANTiiD? Si'.COND PACK ? Fifth and rtxth columns. INSTRUCTION-skcomd Pack? Sixth eolnmn. n__ JERSEY CITY, UOBOKEN, IH DSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pack? 1 bird column. . , _ LECTURE SEAi OV-Eioiith Paok? Second column. LEGAL NOTICBb? ' Twelfth Puie? Six: h column. LOAN OFFICES? Twelfth Pack? Sixth eolnmn. LOST AND FOUND? FiMT Pack? First column. machinery ? Fi.wt pace? sixth cdumn. MARB1JC MANTELS? Ninth Pace? Sixth column. MKDfCAL-TwKi.rrn Pack Third column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? Hrst Pack? Sixth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS? Tenth Pack? Sixth column. ? . . MCftlWAL? KiciiTn Pack? Sccond eolnmn. NEW PUBLICATIONS? Seventh Pack? Sixth column. PERSONAL? First Pace? First column. PIANOFORTES, OROAN8, Ac.? Eighth Pack? Fonrtli column. FROl'v^vi^s? First Pact? Sixth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTBD? FEMALES Ei.kv kntii Page? Filth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CIIY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Secoxd Pack? Third, fourth and filth col umns. REAL ESSATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Pack- Fifth columr. REAL i STATE WANTED? Second Pack? Filth column. REWARD ? ? I'ihst Pack? First column. SALES AT AUCTION? Twelfth Pack? Fifth and sixth column*. SITUATION I WANTED? FEMALES? Eleventh Pack Kit- t, Hocond, third, fourth and fifth column*. SITUATIONS-WANTED? MALES? Elkvk.nfh l'ACK-Sixth column. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Pace? First and second eol nmn*. SPORTING? LOOS, BIRDS, AC.? First Pace? Sccond column. dTORAi: E ? Twelfth Pack? Sixth column. i I'M. ME It RESORTS ? EicnTii Pack? Fourth column. fHK TRADE a? Twki.ftii Pack? TlilrtI column. THE Tt'RF? First Pack? Sccond column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES-Minth Pack? First column. TRAVELLERS' GUTOK? Nixth Pace? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS A Nil APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Pack ? Fourth mid tilth cola.nns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Twelfth Pace? Fiith col umn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? se. ond Page? Third coiunin. YACHT*, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Twei.fth PACE-?ixth column. nlPALD BKANCH ?7 VFlCK~t ipTOW N . ~jjf LYERTISEMENT8 FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD YtCElVLD AT IDE BRANCH OFFICE, }f(l E ROADWAY, WTET fJTE, BE1YV KEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY (ECOND STREETS. /BVEKTIPEMENTS APE RECEIVED FROM $ A. M. Ill L IF. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 0 P. If.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF TIIK HEW YORK ^ HERALD. ^ ^ J^ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AM ERICA N REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR T1IE HEW VORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF TUB HERALD, AND ALSO UKCLE NUMBERS OF III IS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THE>f. PERIOIVAU A" WHO LEFT PITTSBURG. MUST WRITE TO ? his friend, or will be advertised. WILLIE, Telegranher, New York. A ERIAN.? EXPECT TO MEET\OU AT THE ARGVLE matinee to-morrow afternoon, without fall. NETTIE. From market into stage, near fplton terry, for the second time. Plea-* address P. s., Herald office. Information wanted of? william hog an. lau-ly landed from Ireland, by his sister, ELLEN M U R It AY, 515 West forty -third irtrc ?. rN formation wanted? concerning thr whereabouts of the widow and children of Henry Meemclltm. a Hollander, who tiled on the 20th of March, ISM, in AO Allen street. New York, by ltUD. C. BURI.AOE, Consul General of the Netneriands, 46 Kx change place. New York. JAUY IN DRAB DKESS, VELVET BODIC^T SIXTH J aveuuc car, Thursday, 1 P. M. ; left at Fourteenth street ; recognized (tenilciiiau in the corner. Please send sddvess to R. W. II., llcrald Uptown Branch office, 1,265 Broadway. II'LU B.? LETTER RECEIVED; GRAND CENTRAL J Depot, ladies' waiting room, Forty-second street ildc, this 1*. II., SM o'clock, sore. M. RETTY LITTLE GIRL WANTED? ABOUT BIGHT years of age, for adoption: happy home, with every eonvort. Bend photograph and particulars to M. E. It., Herald Uptown Brunch office. WANTED? INFORMATION OF HELEN JEFFERSON (colored!, who on steamer old Dominion on Monday. ALEX CAPltON, 87 East Twentieth street. LOUT AMI FOUND. I OST? APRIL I, SMALL SILVER WATCH, VALUED J as keepsake. Reward paid for it at telegraph oflice, Westminster Hotel. 16TsT? THURSDAY AFTERNOON, ABOUT 3 O'CLOCK, J on n Sixth avenue car, red Russia leather I'ooket ?t ok, contiining about S.VJ cash and some Fulton lerry tickets; a liberal reward will be given lor it* return. Ad Ircss box 3, '.'37 I'ost ofllee. (1ST? 3A N K B OOK 12,00, ON NORTH RIVBR J Savings Rank. The flnd< r will ReMvt thanks of the owner l>v leaving it at corner of Eighth avenue ana riilrtfiourtli street. I" OST? LAW PAPERS, ENDOR*K0 EITHER PAINS J A New or E. New. A liberal reward will lie paid for their return to ERA8TUS NEW, H3 Nauau street, room 1 1 OST? LAST WEEK, WEDNESDAY Oil THURSDAY. J a black lace Neck Scarf. Finder will bo rewarded JyJe*T'nR it at Miss NIC U PL'S, 1,?5 H roadway. 1 OST. ?14 REWARD FOR RETURN OF BLACK AND J tan Slut, lout on corner Forty-ninth street and sixth ?venue, on Tuesday evening. April I ; had on red ami black collar; no questions asked; name, Minnie. 1,173 Broadway. Lost?a velvet cape, trimmed with lacs and gimp, going from l'erry street through Ilud -on street. Eighth avenue to Thirteenth street. Please re turn it to JOHN J. no M AN, 731 Greenwich street. I OST? ON THIS Sl>, TWO OOAOVJIEIf'l MUBBBR J Coats between Fifty-foorth snd Nineteenth streets, Fifth and Sixth avenues. A suitable reward will be given to any one leaving them at M. a. Coleman's saddlery store, 1,&>3 Broadway, IIF.WAH D-S <t? ? REWARD.? I.OST, L\ST NIGHT, A RED SETT H ip* ) Do/, with a white streak in the face. The Under will the above reward at ()? Clinton place. $rr R KW A RD ? LOS p,? FROM I7_WBST FORTY 'J eighth street, a very small white lemaie Poodle, answering <o the name oi Zhao. Any one returning her thai I rccclvc above reward. S-R REWARD? I.08I^ON~ SATURDAY LAST, AW UlTB t} Spltx Doir, answering to Charlev. Any person giv ing liitonnation will receive the above reward ai 15 Thomas slreet. 5ojT" REWARD.? LOaT? IN BROOKLYN, M ARCH 1H1. ?P? j"' A small Scotch Terrier Dog, color Mack and jrollow, answers to the name of Tippy, hail on brass col lar, with st?;el plate attached, with name and address of anJersigned engraved thereon. E. H< BKItTS, 11A Willow street, Brooklyn. (OR RE WA RrV? LO.-T? ON TUESDAY, "^pTmTT, near Croton Market, a white Sold Dog, answers to the name <4 ruck. The above reward will lie given If rolurned to No. 1 1-ar.t Fortieth street. IPEClAb NOTICKA. A-heiald BitANcn okhce, Brooklyn, ? ttlUe c 1 l-ii 11 <j|i HVt i ue mid l o? rtim street Open trom I A. M. to & P. M, C'n t umlay trom "to it P. M. Alarum, assortment ~~o?~~ boots] shoes! Trunks and Vaii'cs at the Otcst i amiiy KIioo I m ?orlmn..itO Howery, corner Bond street, selling al :0 per ient below Broadway prices. W. D. BIOKLow. ROBERT IRWIN. A -PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KI N H CKY s #100,(00 FOR . 01U; distribution ot gilts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets, HO; llo Ives, ft;. : Oiuirters, i'J SO. JOSBFH H \ I Kfi, l'jf, Broadway, rmmi A PARIES (FRIOM RBDUOBD), Ktl AOIlHo^ TV. Kojal Havana lottery, Broadway; box ?,M)J rest cflke.New *ork. Dealer* supplied. circulars u; ailed tree. M>KCfAL NOTICIC8. A "-ONE MOKE CBANCB . la oflerrd lor thos<? who desire to secure tickcts lo the Third Urand Witt Concert in aid ot the Public I-lbrary ol Kentucky, which is to l)e given under authority ol a special law, at library Hall, Louisville, Ky., positively on Tnerday, April 8. 1873. New York and Louisville of fices only are open, In order to close out suchjickois as are returned irom outside agencies und remaining on hand. Sales at both points will be closed Saturday night. Those wishing lo (bare in the S>A).ono CCRRi-.NCY to be given away must buy immediately. Mail, express Hiid telegraph order* will he tilled in the cxact onlcr they are received, and remittances returned to those that ar rive too late. This i."< the list of 10,000 cash gifts, to be dis tributed bv lot among lb*- ticket holders:? ^ One grancf gilt, cash ?102'U5 One grand ril?, cash One grand gift, cash Ouc grand o?sn gift jjJ '5*' One grand cosh iriit 2 .25? One grand caah gilt n? i!K 24 cash gifts of tl.ilUO each. ft-'*?! 50 cash glfU or$500 each IW&J 80 cash g its ol MOO each ?Jf.'X?. K!0 cash gilti of $30(1 each 2f? JJSIi 1 130 ca?h gilts of Sit*) each *!??? ? 690 cash nuts of $100 each. 9,000 cash gilts 01 510 cacli A), Quo Total, 10,000 gifts, all cash $300,000 lion. K? -Governor Ihos. B. BramLtte, of Kc.itucky, l:as charge ol the tm-lness of the concert lor trustees, ?KH050 ticket#? 10,000 glfta? chances one in ten. Mew Vork ?ale? are made a special deposit with the Fourth National Hank of New York, lltirry up. Scud money by Po*t office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Ticket*. $?>; halves, $*>; quarter*, $2 So. I 'or tickets, t<* programme, intormatlon and all par ticular* upply to the General Agency Supply. TllOX 11. II AY^ A CO., <09 Broadway, New York. -OPPlCB OK THE KBNtL'OKY IJHRAtY G1PT . Concert lor sule of Tickets, by J. T. EOtiE, 18 Brood street, New York. ?HAVANA I UTTERY.? PR1ZB8 CAHllED AND ? information furnished. Circulars free. JOSKPlI hates i co, ?i Broadway, room ?i, tir*t floor. DUBT~ "COYER* WANTKD-KITHICH FOR SB8LP, counters or carriages, or cheap Muslin to auswer ; the purpose ; Sail Olotn tor etr: et covers. BKOWEK, 2?<2 Ninth avenue. HEAT 8 ALE * of v Diamonds, Watches an1 lino Jewelry. As I am about retiring from the Jewelry business I offer my large stock ot Hoods, for the. next In da vs. to the public and trade generally below cost. JOHN CUAM BEKLIN, 715 I' roadway, under New York Hotel. (~ '4 OLD A Nil SILVER AND ARTICLK8 CONTAINING J cold bought at nisrket prices; Polishing, Filter ana Photograph Pa>era burncl anl smelted fcy Refiner Si: u AW EL, 26 John street Havana I/>TTBBV.? EXTRAORDINARY DRAWING 23d April. Herman State Lotteries. Circulars mailed free. Kl'HLMANN A CO., Bankers, 83 Nassau street ; box 3. MS Post office. IN THE MATTER" OP THE ESTATE OF BOWLES Bros. A Co., in bankruptcy.? 'I he list of creditors ffiod in Faidca?? belug Incomplete, all creditors who have not been represented In Court are requested to communi cate immediacy with the ass'gtleeln Boston, .iml state their address anil the nature anl amount ol claims, in order that the toll amount ol indebtedness may be as certained as early as jiowible. It KNRY J. STEVENS, Assl/nee, 10 Court street, Boston. New York creditor* can learn the necessary lac's bv applying to HANPORD, ROBINSON A WOODRUFF, 4' 102 Broadway, New York. VTAtlONAL AH (ic i.vTION FOR THB PROMOTION J.V of the interests of the American Trotting Turf. Sec retary's office, Provldencc, R. I., April 2, H78. A special meetins of tlic Board ot Appeals will be held at the Everett House, New York ciiv, on Friday, April 11, 1873, at *J o'clock A. M. By order of the President, I). F. Loug streer, I-ecrctarv. Parties having any bus'iiow or com munication on which the action ol t ic Board Is desired at this meeting will please address the undersigned im mediately At Providence. D. V. LONOHTREKT, D. P. Lonosrarrr, Secretary. Treasurer. j^MAUA~LEtiAL UIPT ?.\TErtPKI8E, ~ May 20, 1873, $3(1505 in cash gifU. Highest prize $75,000. Tickets will be mid at $1 each, up to May I, at P. C. DEVLIN'S stationery store, 31 Nassau street. OFFICIAL DRAWINOb KENT I'CKY STATE LOTTERIES, iixmir- biira KW 287? ArntL ?, 1878. 63, 2?, 6. 18. 44, 12, 23, 48, <8, 37. 31. BKKirCKT? CI.ASS KO. 23S? ArRIL 3, 1873. U, 28, US, 21, 10. W?, S 2, .M9, 13, fl, 6<, 19, 50 S^MIIONB A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. ' COLLCbE? KIIFA IL4SSKO. 157? AI'RIL , 1873. 3. 24. 20, 90, W, 34, 8, 14, 43, 23. W. ritiri ccllfck? ( t Art ko. 16H? ai-ril 3, 1873. 87, 79, 10, SO, 21, ?\ Rt, .?, 32, 52, ?, 58. fMlTH A CO;, Manofier", Covington. Ky. J. CLCTE, Broker, SC? Broadway. Post office bos 4,1X!!I. R~ OYAL 8 AX ON bdVmNMWf~L6TTERY AT I^BIP sic, Oermanv ;OS,u O tickets; 47,500 prizes; Brunswick Uovcrnment Lottery; llumliurg City 'Jovernment Lot tery ; Koval Havana Lottery. l'rlre? easived and intorma tlon given. THBODOR zsi'iiocii, 110 Nassau street ; box 8,068 Post office. OYAL HAVANA LOITERY^-PKlZES ( A8HED ;OR __ <i?-rs till* d s intorniation lursished; highest rate* taid l? r Fcanish I nnk Mils, Ac. T A \ 1 itli A ( t1., 1 nnkcrs. )?. Wall Mreet, New Y'ork. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? THE NEXT EXTKAOR dlnnry Draw Ins will take place on the 2?d of April, 1878. J. B. M ARTINKE A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street Tost office box 4,8.-8, New York. f?HE OCEAN HORROR. 11 TUB LOSS OF THE ATIjANTI c, rULLY ILLUSTRATED IN THE DAILJE ORAriHC TC!-DAY. Tin? WRECK, THE FAI.SK BEACON, EN ROUTE FOR HALIFAX. rTlTlK PUBLIC ARB HERftBY CAUTION BDAOAINBT J. receiving or nego'iatlng a stolen note, dated April 1, I87S, mado by Gdwn Lew In to order 01 W. C. Witter for $2-i, a- payment fun lieen stopped. (J; CAA AAA GAM OIFTS.? KBKTUCKT LIBRARY ipUvU.Ul'U OlitConcert. Drawing positively April R, Whole Ticket*, $i0: Half Ticket*, $5; <ju?rtor ticket*, $2 50 For tickets ?nd descriptive circulars apply to P. C. DEVLIN. Stationer, 81 Nassau street (opposite Postoflice), New York. cnn AAA CA81I OIFTfl. ? UPTOWN OFFICK PUB tJUv.vuU lie Library of Kentucky moved tempo rarily to drat floor and entrance flr-tt door np stairs Tickets nn hand sold up to the Htli Instant W. L. DA v is. Agent, MA and 917 Broadway, between 22d and lid st-. djPTQQ CQQ IH DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAU ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky Circular* free. lAje. cnnimi'slon allowed. Address B Ai,EY A CO. (olllce established 30 years), 174 Broadway. Ki FOR. TIN G?D068, BIRDS, AC. A ?FOR hale, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOUS. ? Birds, & c. ; Medicines for sll diseases. Prepared Vocd tor mocking birds, at B. (J. DOVEY'tt. No. SUrecne street, near Caiml. THE TliRF. American turfman, a monthly record of the Turf.? April number now ready. Every lover of the turl shoald have it. Price 15 cents/at news stands or 22 Ann street HALL'8 HALF MILE DRIVING PARK, ON CONEY Island road, for stile, nn easy terms. Inquire of R. W. ADAMS A CO., II# Wall street. TO LET^FLi: ET\V OOD PARK CLUB HOL'SK AND hitching privilege ot grounds. Apply at the psrk or 112 Wall street. W. H, VANCOTT, Superintendent. HOR?K*, I'AMHIAOEf, &C, A SECOND HAND CABRIOLET? PRIME CONDI lion, at ii very low price ; an extensive assortment of new iiurilnge* at low prices anil warranted, J. OOLY ER A CO.. 80S and MX) Broadway. A TEAM OK MiKHAN'T HORSES, I1LUODED. OVER 1.V2 , siting, sound and kind : also Carriages Harness, Ac., very clicn;:, together Of s.ngly. Addioss IIOTSPUR, box IMIMrald office. A YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL BLOODED BROWN Hirtk I6W bauds, tor snlc. ch< an on ae. ?mint ot owner going to Europe. Call on JACKS A IRWINO, Sixty-third stieet, between Lexmuion and Fourth avennes. wrWRNTT SECOND HAND TOP AND OPEN WAG ? van, truin Sf:r> up : ten RoCkaways, from tltlO up ; top aii'j open Fouv Phaetons, trom $12t up ; two fltilltiei and one Skeli'ion, liy Pray; tnrco top and open lis press Wac om, one lig'u Curtain Coach, by Brewster; ono si* seat Coupe Rockawav, one two seat Phaeton, by llrew?trr; one slide neat Wagon, one Januer; single mid double liar ne* of all kind?, Ac., at WILLIAM II. tiKAY 8, 20 and ?i w poster street. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR HALF.? A VERY sVyllsh che tfiut Horse, I A hands, sound and kind; l^mluulet, n i ll only four months; T Curt, made by Tur rill A Son. London; both In ilrrt class siyto and condition; also double and l.andaulet llarnes. English and city make; Blanket*. Ac. ; will be sold singly or In lots to suit pure hare;*. Apply at private stable IM East Fitly -seventh street N. B ? lh? owner is not going to Hurope, and can be seen at si able. A* A GBEAT SACRIFICE? A HANDSOME AND utrlisb Uuv IlamlHotonlan Gelding, iflV hands, 7 years old; can U-rt' J minutes; sound and kind; a stylish and e'egant brown lloriic, la, '4 bands, h years old ; sound and kind and fate ti,r a lady to drive ; also a Idauk saddle and driving Horse, lftj*i hands; rangy and with tiae ac tion; also Do',' ''art and sia. le ami double lla. neso; good as new; will aril the whole or partchcap for cash. Apply at nf York .inblrs, 19 .md 17 Ka?t T? entv-clghth street A -PRIVATE STABLE ON THIRTY-EIGHTH ? street, near Sfventh avenue, with fireproof bo* stalls, to rent, trom May 1. Apply to J. ROMAINE BROWN. 1,200 Broadway. HOKSBft, CAHRIAOKB, AC. ^ ^ Auction hopri m ?mm imiimm. LATH JOHN-TON A VAN T ASSULL. Office u nd sal iirflom, old stand, 37 Nh^-<)MI street, opposite the Post otnCC. HORSE AMI CARRIAGE BRANCH REMOVED t<> l'.i, 21, 23 Mint 25 Kiut Thirteenth street, bet wccii University place and Pitth aveime. A~!AKD. The. firm of Johnston A fan TasMll having boon dls solved liy mutual consent, Mr. JOHNSTON continue* tflc BUSINESS AT THE <>I,D STAND, 37 NASSAU STREET, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE At CTION BRANCH OF TMK HOUSE IB REMOVED TO THE BPACIOUd PREMISES, la, a. a nnd >? EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, be. ween 1'itth avenue and University place, and luis no connection wlili the other stand lui ly occupied by the dim of Johnston A Van Tuiwoil. REGULAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. CATALOGUE OK THIS DAY'S BALE, 12 0\;L0CK. KINK FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT, COMPRISING BEACK HOKSE. WITH LONG, FI<OWlNO MANE Mini tall, 16 hands high, t) years old : Is equally good in single or double harness; can trot tit 3 minutes; lias been (rot ting mate hi celebrated trotter Ida ; I* perfectly g.'Ulie ; a lady can drive In in. nml ha? been ridden by a lauy under saddlo; invaluable as n W.niiy hor^e, ana l- warranted eo'iud, Rind and true ; together with THKEE-SPRINO TOlp PONY PHAETON, made by Brewster, io spend id order ; flr.-t class city made Harness, Coupe Harness, Blanket*, She 'V, Ac ROAN TROTTINO sTAkLION, sired by Lonr Island Black Hawk, dam Kattler, by Bigvot, of sandy Hill, 15'? hands, 9 years, kind In u.l harness and under Muddle, Iree from \ ice, trots in 3 minutes, very free and stylish driver; warrarttcd sound. ? BAY MAKE, 15,' a hands, 8 years, kind In all harness and under saddle, iree trom vice : (food business mare. GOUPK, with pole and shifts, city bnllt. BREWSTER, OF BROOME street, Road Wajon, nearly new. 1MIIVATB OEXTU'.MANS TURNOUT, comprising brown Home, lone mane and tail, 15\ hand', 7 > ear?, kind In all harness, tree irom vice, extra tine and stylish driver, tine family horse ; warranted souud, ki'ul and true; together with PARK, wagon? No top. nearly new, nnd set ot coupe Harness ci-y made, to order. PONY TURNOUT? ELEGANT PONY TURNOUT? White Uofw. 15 hands high, 8 vears: kind and true in all barnes*; perfectly gen tie; verv stvlish; warranted; to gether with no top Pony Phaeton, used but once, and Ret of Harness. OKAY HORSE -VERY FINE OENTf.EM A N'B TURN OUT? Long flowing mane and tall, 15.!* 6 years: kind and true in all harness and saddle ; can trot a mile in 3 initiate*; verv stylish and v> arranted souud; also harness and STIVERS ROAD WAGON? Nearly nuw; used but a few times. s Kit EL FAMILY H0RfiE? 15K hands, 7 years; kind and true in nil harness; very stylish ; warranted found and without blemish. DERBY DUO CART? BUILT TO ORDER BY STI VERS: NEARLY Nil IV. OltAY IIORSK? 15V HANDS; ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. SKi LETON WAtJON? Built by Stivers to order, aud tired but a few times. BAY SADDLE MARE? Elegant toy Mare, 15i? hand**. 9 years; kind and true In nil harness; a splendid saddle mare; very stvlfah . has been used by a lady lor both ridiug and driving tor the post year. ROAD ESTABLISHMENT. BAY TROTTING MARE Minnie, 15 hinds, 6 rears; long flowing mane an I (all ; kind and true in till harness and saddle; (ree from vice; can trrtin2:50; sired by second Hainhlctnniau, MAJOR WINFIELD dam DUKE OK WELLINGTON; warranted sound; Harness, by Dun scorn be, and T1VI5BS ROAD WAGON, nearly new ; Robes, Banket, Whip, Ac. BAY M ARE? 15\ hands liluh, 8 years -, kind ami true In all harness; excellent tumlly beast. OltAY COUPE HOUSE, 1# hands high, 7 y?inrs, kind and true in all harness* a good, reliable horse tor any kind nl business. BAY COUPE OR CARRIAGE HORSE, 16 hands, 6 years, kind and true 111 double harness; true Irom vice; very stylish driver, nttd warranto I sound. DoCtok'S PHAf.TON, city built, nearly new. COUPE, city built, in lair order. OAIVTMAVS complete RIO? Excellent roan Morse. Harness and Truck. BAROUCHE, VERY LIGHT and but litUe u-xd; bniit by Brewster A Baldwin. TRACK SITE built to order by Strickland. Twenty other Hordes, lop and no top Wagons. New and second hand Baronehes, Conyies, Ac. Weatlior never lntorleres with our"3. Take Hie Broadway and Unlvcr ity place cars. AOREAT SPECIAL, POfHTlVE AND ABSOLUTE sale bv public auction, Tlllfl DAY, (Friday;, APR( l< 4, AT 10'i O'CLOCK, SHARP, OK EIGHT ELEGANT ANT) FAST FAMILY AND ROAD IIORSKS. FINE CARRIAGES, HARNESS, ROBES, BLANKETS, AC., AT THE CLUB BOARDHWl STABLES, l.m 1, <35 AND M37 BROADWAY, BETWEEN FORTY SECOND AND FORTY THIRD STIlEErs. BEING THE PROPERTY OF 8. L NELSON. KBQ., AND P. J. COM STOCK, ESQ., including a fast and handtoine team of hav Marcs, full sisters, and su-ed by Magna Charta, rta(n hv Pilot Temple ; they are iH'.i hands tiiwli, 8 and 6 years o'?l, and were raised at Kalamazoo, Mich., by James R. Enstlne, Esq.; they nave tull inancs anil tails One action, very niusen lar, with great powers ol endurance; (rutted at ('ro-i ect Park late last Fall a fn!l mile (o road wagon In 2 :*Jt they are both excellent In single harness, have fine style, su perior action, are h:gh-headcd, very gentle and docile ; can be driven to hoiuht ol Si red by a lady, are afraid ot nothing, and are considered by all who knoWthem to b" second to no young team o? trotters in (his rity ; (hey can a'wajs trot better than 2 SO, and nro both warranted sound, kin. I and true in every particular, and the particu lar aUcntion of gentlemen In search or a One road or an A No. I laimly team is called to thein. Rich, handsome blooded und u-entle brown Gelding, 15\ hands high and7yeHrH old next bprmg: sired bv Iron Duke, he by Old Hsmldetonian, dam Itv Bell-founder : he was purchased In Ulster county by Mr. Nelson one ye ar ago, after he saw him trot a full mile and repeat in 5:14)*; he can a ways show a mile In and Is as line gaiUM as auv tint goes the wad; he lia-< a full flowing mane, with tail touching the ground, and Is war ranted sound and kind. Also the very fast Humblctolllan mare J.'iincttc, 15*4 hands and 7 vears old; sired by second lluinhleioiiiau. dam by Alexander's Abdallnh; was bred and raised by Win. Maxwell, In Orange county, and lias l>e?ii driven by him in 2:34; she can go to track alwuys and show 2:35, and lor st vie, gait or action cannot be surpa?- ed ; she Is warranto"! sound, kind and true and one 01 the most per fect gentleman's roadsters to be found. Also fast and handsome sorrel Geld ng, I.V., ha ndHhlgh, | 7 vear* o'd; sired by Young Wofuli, dam by Jupiter; bred by Molien A. Baxti r. Era. the is a perfect and reliable roadster, very stylish and gamy, with extra tine ad ion ; does not pull, lug or I'rct ; can beat 2:60 to road v. agon, and more sensible or better behaved horse is seldom to be found, and it" putin pro|.er hands will mukc a verv valu able track Itorse ; he Is warranted sound, kind nil I true. Fast, handsome and well bred bay gelding Jt.c ; he is 16>? hands h gh, 9 years old; was raised in Adrian, Mich,, and trotted (here 111 2:31; he can bent 2 ;30 now, mid has great endurance: can trot a mile and repeat, or It miles in the hour; he is one ol the lastesi and truest road horses in this city; is good In company, no pouter orlaggird, requires no booting when trolling ot bandage* in stable, but is always rea ly; he is warranted bound, kind and trne in all respect-'. Also aflite Brood Marc, 15V hands high, 8 years old ; sired by Hambletonian, dam a Star marc ; she. can trot in 2:35, and Is sound, kind and true, with exception of a scar on oil hind leg. AI?o llne-i. I. nlv's or child's Pony in tilts State; he Is M hands high nnd "rt vears eld ; perfect pet and extra sad dler, and warvanicd sound, kind and true and afraid of nothing. Also one BiMt, one extension top Park Phaeton, one top Pony 1''on, two lop wagons, one oocn Wagon, on-: Depot Wagon, elegant single and double Harness Street, Staule and Walking Blankets, Robes, Whips, Ac. N. B.? This stock is sli first class, as owners wijtild have none other, an I will b" sold to highest bidders without any restriction or limit. RALE POSITIVE, RAIN OR SHINE. A. ?BREWSTER, OK TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. Warerooms, Fifth avenue, comer Twenty-seventh street. Sole makers of Brewster Wagous, with the Vertical Steel riates. The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, oh vi itinp nil spread ol the axle, a prevailing source of au noyanco to those ii-ing road wagons. H.'fiide* the additional strength and security which this gr> at improvement Rives to our wagons, an experience ol thirty-four yearn enables us to challenge comparison cither In iitialliy or ftiUh. ??? certificate from General MeClellan New York, June 1, 1*71. Gkntlkmkm I have carefully examined your Patent Vertical Steel Plate Axle I find tlmt the addition of the Vertical Date renders the axle about two ami a hall (2J-) times as it Iff as It would bo without it. Very respectfully, _ OEOROK B. M'CLELLAN. TUE "BREWSTER WAOON." A ir all weights, fc.r pleasure driving or speeding, exnmsiteh finished. and embracing In their construction the various im provement* introduced by us during 'he pastl&ycars, making them the Standard for Quality thr< nghoutlhe I'nited States. Ihe.-e wagons arc exclusively the r'odoctlon of out well-known Broome street factory, and are ottered In Mot k In all respects equal in quality to those fculittothc r'dtr of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not he confounded with a joint sleek n m|anv ol carriage dealers w bo have adopted m in in runic similar to < ur own, sn<l impudently claim the reputation we have made lor the "1 rewstcr Wagon," we beg the put lie will rtmemtcr that our only ivarerooms aie at tl-c < orner of Filth avenue anil Fourteenth street, and cur only Factory on Broome street BREWSTER k CO., ol Broome street. A GOOD, POUND, YOUNG MARK FOR SALE- Iftk hands. Bony built, tit tor any work ; sold for want ol use ; prion $95. Inquire at Lit Perry street, rear. A? COUPES. LANDAU LETS, LANDAUS.? TWKNTY ? latest styles, upholstered with morocco, satin and cloth ; will sell at great banraim to make room. _ HAM, 10 East Fourtn street. A-100 CARRIAGES FOR SALE. - ROCK AWAY, ? Buggies. Park and Pony Phaetons; Depol, Express and Business Waoron \ Westchester*, six-seat Carrvall; new and second hand. 141 West Broadway, near Canal st k -8F.VKN HOim FOR HAI.E, KIT Ml A I.I. S\ ? purpo es; warranted sound and kind; at low prices. 87 and 89 Woostci stra t. Must be sold. A LOT OF TOP BT OfilEH, ROAD WAGONS, Ex press, Grocery and light Business Wagons; alto a second hand Top Baggy. 349 West Twenty-seventh street, between Mghthaml Ninth avenues. An extra fink heavy built black family or buaiuess Mare. Just from owner's faint ; responsi bly guaranteed ; 1S^ hands, 7 years; prime anlinal, at a liarguin. Mineral Factory, ft# Amity street A HANDS! ?MF. PAIR OP BLACK CARRIAOR llcr??* lor sale, IV?* hands high, H and 6 years old; perfectly sound and kind In every particular; prlco $1,200. Gun he acen at IftJ Lexington avenue. Aoentleman-s entire stock-cross match dapple gray and black, ISJii Road Wagon, liar

nesa; also lady's Pony, Phaeton, Harness. Ac. Heparata II desired. Thirty oigluh street and Seventh avenue. ATANIiUM harness, silver mounted, in line order, complete, to be sold cheap To bo seen ft BROWNE * CUKRIR'fl 'saddlers). Br?a4wav and hirtv eighth street. HORSES. ( \RHIAGES, *C? . .. At auction this day by WILLIAM VAN T A SHELL. AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN 4TON A VAN TAlMELLj, HORSE AND CARKIAOR AUCTION MART. 110, 111 aud 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REOULAK SALES OF HOH8/.H AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours given to purchasers to test virnuitrtK. . . _ CATALOGUE OK THIS DAY'.- (FRIDAY'S) SALE, AT IK O'CLOCK. ELEGANT TEAM CHESTNUT HOUSES 1#S HANDS high. 7 a tut 8 ycai * old ; kind and true In ail harness, free from rice or fault, good traveller*, very stylish and hand some, and one of the tlneat carriage teams lu the city t hare been used by private family. and sold only for want ot use; they are !<ouitd, kinil and Iruc. A l*o set Harness and SPLENDID MAIL PHAETON. ENGLISH PATTERN, top <>n front scut, nearly new. CK088 MATCH lil> TEAM, SORREL AND BAY Horses. I5ls hands, 9 years old, kinl and truo In ? 11 har no: a, tree trom vice ; an excellent work team ; al?o set of Harness and CLARENCE COACH. BOSTON CHAISE. NEARLY NEW. BAY HORSE, 1??4 HANDS HIGH. 6 YEAR.? OLD; KIND and true in all harm hs, free from vice or trick ; a free and stylUh driver ; tears nothing, und warranted tound. Also set Harness and TOP SIDK SPRING WAGON, CITY MAKE. BAY HORSF, 15'., HANDS ItlCH.d YEARS OLD; KIND and true to all harness; tree from vice ; a pood traveller; ? line, stylish driver; fi ur* nothing, and warranted sound. TOP WAGON, NEARLY NEW. BROWN MARK, IV, ? HANDS HIGH, 9 YEARS OLD I hind an I true In all harness ; free from vice ; trots in 3}? til Unites; has (rent endurance, and warranted sound; also set Harness, and JAOGLfc WAGON, BUILT BY DUBOIS. DARE BAY HORSE. Id HANDS HIGH, S YEARS old ; ktntl and true in nil harness; tree iromviec; a good travel er: stylish driver and extra tine worker. PARK PHAB ION, It HILT BY LAW UK NCR. BAY WORK HOUSE, 15?? HANDS, 9 YEARS OLD; kind attO true in all harness. TOP WAGON, BUT LITTLE USED, BUILT BY TIT mBAY WORK HORSE. 16>? HANDS HIGH. B YEARS cl.l; hind and true in all harness and a good draught horse. BAY HORSE, 14W HANDS 11IGII, 9 YEARS OLD; kind and true in nil harness; tYco from vice ; a Rood free driver and tears nothing; alsq set Harness and Pedler's Wainn. TWELVE OTHER HORSES, DESCRIPTION TIME OP sale. CLARENCE, IN OOOI) ORDER. TWO PARK PHAETONS, IN GOOD ORDER. TOP AND NO-TOP PONY PHAETONS. BUSINESS and EXPRESS WAGON. BASKET PIIAKTON, WITH RUM RLE SEAT. TWO AND FOt'B- WHEELED DOG CARTS. Double and single Harness, Whip?, Ac. Weathsr never Interferes with our sales. A? *PRED. SPEED. SPEED. . PUB POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY SALE. Will he sold on >-uturday, April S, at 12 o'clock, at BARKkR A CHASK'S City Auction Mart and New York TattersalPs, corner ot Broadway and Thirty -ninth street, three fast Trotters, double and single Harness, Blankets, Ac., and eomprltini ? >tio of the most elegant and fastest pair of clesely ma'clied brown Geldings offered at public sale In somo time ; luE brothers; both aired by Fcariiuught. dam by Ethan Allen; nro IV4 high, ? and 7 years old; very game and estra stylish drivers; can beat 2 :40 to the pole and were never handled for speed ; arc galled and net alike ; have ulecjnt appeurnuee, und attract much altentiou; are well known on th- Boston roads as the Baker team, and are warranted sound and kind. The celebrated i.r.d very spredy roan trotting Gelding, Spot, "ired by I. than Allen, lfl', high, 0 years old, a very iinmpt ?nd easy driver; In condition can trot a'o'o to 2:30; is positively one of the fastest road liorses ill New York, and is warranted sound and kind. Also fne double Harness, Dutch Collars, made by Cloitrll, of Boston. single Harness, m.:de by Crossman. KlaulietH, Robes, Whips, Ac. Stock mow on exhibition. The above the property of a private gentleman, who nails tor Europe on Wednesday next ^ AT ASCII. JOHNSON'S NEW MART, 19, 21. 21 and ?ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET (between University place nnd Fifth avenue). THIS DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK. BREWSTER (OF BROOME STREET) ROAD WAGON, NEARLY NEW. THRE't STIVERS ROAD WAGONS, EXCELLENT CONDITION. ONE STIVERS ROAD WAGON, NEAELY NF.W. SKELETON WAGON. STIVERS, NEARLY NEW. TRACK SULKY, GOOD ORDER, STRICKLAND, BUILDER. ELEGANT GENTLEMAN'S ROAD ESTABLISHMENT. DKR11Y DO(i CART, WOOD BROS., NEARLY NEW. VEUY LIiillT BAROUCHE, BREWSTER, GOOD ORDER. TOP WAGON, CORBETT A CO.. POLE AND SHAFTS. Twenty road, family and business Horses. Tak? the Broad >va> and University placo cars. Rcc fatalopue in tii i? column. A T. DBMAREST A CO., fcM BROADWAY. We offer a large and elegant assortment of tin" Carriages of our own manufacture, comprising our popular six seat family Knclawaya, 12 styles ; Coupo Hocknways, S styles; LaiwlauH 6 styles ? Coupes, 6 styles; elegant Landaulets, S siss?a and styles; heuatitul new tlyle T Carls and Turn out Scuts. Woric first class in every respect Prices ica-ouable ami popular with buyers. One hundred Pony Phaetons ot very low prices. BY WILLIAM VAN TAPS KM., AUCTIONEER, (successor to Johnston .t Van Tussell), nt his rior-M- anil Carriage Mart, IP, 112, 114 Kast Thirteenth street, ut 12o'elocK. ELKO A NT, STYLISH AND \V DLL UUKD TRAM chestnut Horses, II.1* hinds, 7 and S year*; one of the tlni'kt private carriage teams in the city. TWO ELEGANT PARK PHAETONS TKN KIHST CLASS KOAI) HORSES. CLABENCE CO A CI IKS, KRkTTS AND ROCKAWATP. TWENTY (!OOi> WO ItK IIOItSES. TOP AND NO TO I* DKPOT AND KX PRESS WAOONS. gee catalogue above. BARnrCHE FOR KALE- A PRIVATE C SPRING Barouche, built by 1 oos A Williams, good as new; ha.s been used only u tew times. Can be seen at 14 lor ay th gtreet, w. Y. /1HEAP HOitSKH FOR FARM AM) CITY USR? I J Brown, $50; bnv, 870; j,ruy, $<:o; gray, $70; also stylish uin.v (iridium for carriage. 1H9 South Filth avenue, near (fraud at reel. /'1ARRIAGR8, HARNESS AND HORSES. RIDE BAR \J top Wagon*, Bond Wagons, Pony Phaetons, one light Coach, by Brewster; 10 top and no top Depot Wagon-", two 6-featPheatons, three U?p and three no top Express tVa-rotis. slng'e and double Harness ol all kinds, one ele gant Side huddle. N. Y. SALKS AND STOIt AOE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AV., COKN K K 1? ICNTV I IKTII ST. / 1 A RRI AGES? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR \ J gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low prices; now lathe time to purchase, lie fore trade corameiicea. MANUFACTURERS' L'NION, 438 B roao way. /10UPK? ' VERY HANDSOME, IN PRIYATP. USE, AS pood as new; a bargain. Seen at stable 451 Fourth avenue. DOCTOR'S OR FAMILY TURNOUT FOR PALE? Black Mare, In. 2 hands, 9 years, sound, kind anil Hate lor any lady to drive; tro's in three minutes; first class leather top Phaeton and Harness. Must be sold im mediately and at a bargain for cash. 221 West Fortieth street. Depot wagons and rockaways, in laro3 variety of styles, for one and two horses; til so a large assortment ot Pony Phaetons, top and open, with ami without ruinhles, BRADLEY, PRAT A CO., :,58 Broadway. )R RALE? A PAfR~OKT:H EST NUT HORSES, lflif hands high; nlao a very handsome Harnesa, liy M F.RRV, of London ; never used. Apply at private liable ?7 Kast Thirty-third street. For fale-onk coupe rockaway, one pin. gle C ouno Harness, both manufactured for owner, but little used and in perfect order. Apply to G, C. G., 54 Dey street. Ik nt sale^aThorrel mareTT'Fice JM15; a mo a gray Horse ; price $30. Apply at stables, 347 Stanton street. FOR SALE? A STYLISH PAIR OF COACH MARES, lately arrived from Vermont, Morgan breed, ma hogany bay, lull sisters, 6 and 7. years old, III hands; war rant! rf sound and freo from vices. Apply at Fleetwood stable-, 105 West Fortieth street. I ^OR SALE? HORSE, CHEAP; A STYLISH YOUNG llorae ; sound and kind ; 14k hands high ; suitable lor any purpose. Apply at 103 and IDS Union street, Brook lyn. For sale-a horrrl mare, ninr years, mi hands, fit for any work; price $125; ulso a buy Mare, $41, sol I lor the want oi work. 26 Bcthune street, near Washington. ___ T.10R SALE? A BREWSTER TOP WAtiON, IN EXCEL r lent condition ; also two sets of single Harness, Whin, Bnr, Blankets, Ac. ; will sell separately. Address T. (1. S,,box 1,293 Post offlco. IjlOR SALE? A HANDSOME IRON GRAY HORSE, 15'; ' hands hiult, fi years old ; Is a train- d tandem lender: warranted sound and kind. Cuu be tCCU at stable 147 East Fortieth street B]H>R SALE (A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE)? T Cart, tine coupe Horse, IG^ high, and Harness. No. 9 Kast Tenth atreet, near Fitth avenue. OR SALE? HORSES AND TRUCKS, WITH TfIR work of flour store. Inquire at 170 South street, alter 9 o'clock. IV)R SALE? A FINE STYLISH FIVE-YRAR-OLD biaek Mare, 10 hands high, without blemish; war ranted kind and gentle : steps well ; price $:V0; by a phy sician having two. 256 West Thirty-i ourtfi str. ct. t?)|TsaT7R-A BRETT CAHli FaTTk, SIX f-EAT, MADB r bv Lawrence; In good order; with linen flip; price $3lK>. Apply at TliANKY'S stables, 37 We?t Forty-fourth street. _ _ FiOH RALE-HORSE, COAL CART, HARNESS, Scales and Screens. Apply at coal yard 1,421 Broad way, near Forty -second street. f.tOR SALE.? A ORNTLKMAN, TRAVELLING IN r Europe, wishes to sell a pair ot bright bay Kentucky Carriage Horses, l'l hands hnrh, only rt years old; war ranted sound and kind every w.iy ; Harness will be sold if wanted, (-'an hi' seen this day from 10 A. M. till 3 P. M., at M West Fourteenth street. IftOR PALE? 12 OR 14 YOUNG TRUCK HORSES; WILL work slngto or double; also Carts and Harness} owner wishes to sell, having no u*o lor them. Call at 9M Warrcnjdreet, between Smith and Boyi, Brooklyn. IjlOR BALK-ONE EXPRESS WAGON, IN GOOD 1 order, cheap, at 163 West Kilteenth street, near Sev enth avenue. I /OR SALE? THREE CAR LOADS OF GOOD HOR8EP, ' at Weehawken Cuttle Yard. I MM saLR-ONR neons HAND LANDAU; ALSO 1 one new Pony Phaeton. Can be seen at LLDEKD'8 stables, No. 4 West Forty-tilth street. _ I/IO R KALR-A DI'SKNRI'RY A VAN P17NEN SHUT r ing top Wagon, nearly new. Apply at prltAte Stable West Kortvso enlb street. IIOKMKS, CAKHIAMKS. ?fcC. tfOR SAI.E ? A TEAM OP FAST PONIES, YOUNG AND kind ; have been driven by a lady : also Top Phaeton, set double and one set of single Harness. Apply to U. 0. BERNARD. 601 Broadway. _ IjlOtt SALE? BASHAW MAD MAKE, 15 HANDS: 1 warranted. Ai7 Wooster street, rear. First CLASS board for horsks can bk liad at ht. cloud stables, 247 and 24)) Wont Forty-first street. HARNESS.?' nil: CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York; good double Truck Harness. $:u>; good single liugirv Harness, band made, $17; a good stable Blanker, (2 60; the largest assortment ot Cart Harness in the oit'-. Please call und examine for yourselves. E. H. OSBOftNE, Harness Wareroonis. 4'? Murruv street Harness.? horse MpPMIKTS; uhknsb suc cess : Sprint; trade in mil blast; overran with custom er?; a few more lelt: now is tho appointed lime; rush in or be too late at MOSEMAN'S Ever Glorious Warerooins, 114 Chambers street. HARNESS BIT VERS, ATTENTION ! ? WE HAVE THE largest stock, of every description and style, In New York, Call and see. _JACOBOWSKY, HILBOBN A TO., Ill Chamber* st. Harness.? i have a large stock ok HAR ncs*, all kinds and htvieo, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; alro Riding Saddles und Bridles. Whips, Spurs, Halters, Blankets. Sheets, f.ap Robe* and everything in tlie horse lino cheap tor cash. K. B ARIL KIT, <12 Warren street, corner College plaee. Harness.? fob sale low, hanmoni new light Double and Single Harness, made In the best manner with Motl'utt's best leather. 149 West Thirty third street, seeoud floor. Horse wanted? by a responsible party: to be pa<d tor by weekly instalments ; a sound and kind horre, price about $250. Address RESPONSIBLE, box 162 Herald oftlce. HORSES.? A GENTLEMAN GOING ABROAD WOULD like to dispose of a pair of tine Carriage Horses; ran be examined at private stable 2H Lexington avenue. HORSES TAKEN TO BOABD, DRIVE AMD BREAK, with good cnrc. by JOHN 11. TWEDDLE, Mout tomery. Orange county. N. Y. References? Jauiea B. rewalor A Co., New York eltv . Horses tor sale.-a pair of bay horses, 16.' i hands, 7 years old ? sound and kind ; good style and free drivers. Apply at Robinson'a stable tor l'.COAK LY, 102 Pacific cirrrt. Brooklyn, near Clinton street. IADVS HORSE FOB SALK-VERY handsome J dark chestnut, 14.8, six years, long inane and tai', well broscu. and trots in ?-'O ; also a tine, nicc young Bay; ull warranted. 134 Jane street. PBIVATE TURNOUT TO LET? WITH COACHMAN; an elegant. Landau or LandaulAt, with c\tra stylish team. Inquire at McKWEN & MARTIN'S livery stables, 128 West Twentieth street PRIVATE STABLE? THE OWNER AND OCCUPANT I. of a tl i'st class private stable In West Thirty-second street, having more room than wanted, would take a pair of hor-es and carriages 1st ot' May. Address 11. K. W., Herald oihce. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES AT BARO AINS.? CI. VR O dice.-. clo*e Coaches, n light, curtain Coach, a Ba rouche, a Cabriolet, four and six-scat I'haeton-, four and fix-scat Coupe Rockaways, top and open Buggies and l\my I'haeton.- : all in good condition un.l must lie wild to make room. At WOODRl/KF A DUNHAM'S, Railway, N. J. SECOND-HAND PARK PHAETON, LIGHT COUPE, Pony Wagon, two Dog Carts, Depot Wagon, se\c<'al light Rockaways and Buggies; great variety Pony Phaetons, ltoad Wurfon.s and otli <r new Spring slvle-i of Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (Vvi Bio.i.luav. riVIP WAGON FOR SALE? HANDSOME AND IV GOOD I. order: price $17.'i. At TKANEY'S stable, 3J West Forty-fourth street. TO LET? PART OF STABLE 20 LEXINGTON AVE nuo. Inquire In kUMc. WANTED? A GOOD SADDLE MARE; MUST BE sound, stylish, 16 hand.-- and safe for lady to ri.lo or drive. Cull for BREWSTER, at C'J West Thirty eighth st. WASrtD-A STVI.ISH HORSE, ABOUT 16 H ANDS m high, mu-t be gentle und a good traveller ; also a Clarence und Top l!n ,'gy. w ith Harnesses; if suited will give ccrtillcutc of stock tor their value in n good paying company, und guarantee that not le?s than 10 per cent per annum dividend will be paid. Address FOSTER, but it;:) Herald offlec. T1TANTRD? A LOW BOX J.VGOER WAGON, WITH f T out top: must be iu good order. Address, with Hill particulars and price. J. bos 187 Post office. TITANTED? HORSES TO PASTURE OR BOARD, tt Drive and Break : be?t city reference given. For particulars address B. II. SEAMAN, Merrick, I* I. 1/1 YOUNG HORSES? I UST ARRIVED FROM THE _IU West, will be sold cheap. Inquire, until sold, at 220 Eighth avenue, luger beer saloon. "IU GOOD WORK HORSES, .ICST ARRIVED FROM ill the couniry, flt tor any work. Inquire, for two days at 30 Broome street, lager beer saloon. OA FINE MI LES (FROM ILLINOIS) FOR BALE cheap.? Must be sold to-day. 86 Lexington avenue, between I wenty-thlrd and Twenty-fourth streets. 41RZUA ROAN HOUSE. EXCELLENT WORKER; ?pl*)U sound and kind; sola lor want of use: also a young Mare, Express Wagon and Harness, $120. KC1 West Twenty fifth 'street, near Eighth avenue. <fcQ/lA? TEAM BLACK HORSES, 8 YEARS OLD. Id howls, for truck or farm. T?vo Canadians, IV. hands, $ 126 and $ltH>; sound and kind. Mu.tscll. 4M Eighth avenue, corner ol Thirty-first street. I'Oil S A LIr.. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR BALE, AN OLD KSTAB lltdied Cigar and Stationery Store, News Depot ami Routt; : satisfactory reason* given lor selling, Inquire at SM Fourth uvonuc. A N EXTRA CHANCE TO BUY THE LEA'TC, GOOD _.'Y Will, Curls. Ac., or on old established Coal Yard. A|>|tl> at Yard ,r>21 East Sixteenth s-reet. AN OYSTER SALOON, DOING GOOD I1TS IN BSS, FOIt sali', cheap, on account ol' another bu llies. 7W Tenth avenue. AN OLD ESTABLISHED EXPRESS BUSINESS; good work ; lour horses; four wagon*. In (food order. Inquire of KELLY A GO.)DNOUUH, leed store, Third avenue, between 1231 h and 12fith streets. A BARGAIN.- FOR SALE, A SPLENDID SODA WA ter Fountain, Matthews' patent, with full apparatus (or generating carbonic acid. Inquire of llY. MAIL LARD, CIS Broadway. \NICE LITTLE rrOAR STORE FOR SALE? NEAR city 11 nl. Brooklyn, completely fitted up; Stock, Fixtures and Lea*' ; doing voi d business; a bargain. BIGGS A SON, 2M Broadway. i ?I'IRST CLASS BESTAUitANTS FOR SALE? BUST , tu?iocaa location*; a Ho Hotels, Oyster Saloons, Chop Houses, corner Llouor i lores, downtown Saiujdu Room-, rlKlit among the brokers. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A? FOB HALE, DRUG STORES, AT $S00 AH D ftXP . wards; also Bakeries, Confectioneries, country Grocery Sto-es, Kutter and Grocery Stands, Cigar Stores, 'Stationery Store*. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 cedar street. A OOOD FAMILY LIQUOR STORE IN LARGE TEN ement neighborhood lor sain very cheap ; two yciir-i' lease ; rent $40; also Sample Booms, corner Groceries ami Restaurants. LLoYD, 29 Broadway. A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR SALE-' WELL . established; exten ively patronize#! enterprising parties | rare investment: ?atlsfactory reasons given tor selling. Particulars at 23 Chambers street. (JEOROE W. simers' Store Agency. A FIRST CLASS BOOT AND SnOE STORE FOB sale; located In leading business thoroughfare ; business $4ii,i ft) a year s price $H,t)00 cash ; bargain. Par ticulars at 23 Chamber', street. GEORGE W. SIMEHS' Slore Apeiicv. Ave bers FIRST CLASS MILLINERY. DRESSMAKING AND Fancy Stur>: for sa!e ; splendid location; establl-hed years', extraordinary chance. Particulars at 23 Cham i street. GEORGE W. rflMERS1 Store Agency. /1LOTHIERS- ONE Of THE BEST THAMES IN THE V>/ citv (or sale; Lease and Fixtures: will exchange for City Property. Address X. Z., box 142 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1JI8 Broadway. Drug store fob sale.-old established; pood location} handsome fixtures and complete stof k. Inquire of E. FLINT, 32$ Eighth avenue, or at4?7 Ninth avenue. Drug store for sale-doing an in1t>epend cnt trade of $14,000 a year; a younp, smart man can easily increase trade : prominent corner : fine location ; price Sfi. 000 cash. Address SINGULAR, Ilcralil Uptown Branch office. |.iOlt SALE? BUTCHER'S SHOP. IN GOOD NEIGH I1 borhood; reason lor selling owner solng out of busi ness. Apply at 260 West Twenty-seventh street, near Elirhth avenue. IftOR SALE? BUSINESS t A BARE OPPORTUNITY; ' the good will and business of n Boarding House, situated near the terry, filled with good paying boarders; would like to sell the entire business, including Furni ture, Ac. ; house established for 20 years : has about 30 rooms. Full particulars can lie obtained by calling on or addressing S. SNOW, 10M Ptaeapple street, Brooklyn. FOB SALE? GROCERY STOCK FIXTURES, IN eluding horse ar.d wagon, at 190 East Fifty-third street, between Third and Lexington avenues. Il'tOlt SaLB?TRI OLD : ESTABLISHED 4JYSTER A N D 1 Chop House 19 Third avenue. Inquire In saloen. tflOR SALE? A SPLENDID MARBLE I.UNCH 1 Counter, 2'! leet long; can be altered to any size. Apply at No. 5 With lUghhy street, Brooklyn, near the Court Honsi". IjlOB SALE? A CORNER LIQUOR STORE, WITH TWO 1 years from May I. Apply un the premises, 108 Ninth avenue, or 310 West TrWenty-nfth street, tor two days. For sale? the old established cig\r Store, 140 Third avenue, witlilease, stock and] fix tures at a very low price. Inquire at the place, 1 FRENCH HOTEL AND RESTAURANT. DESIRABLE ' location, within 2 minutes' walk of Broadway and the Grand Central Hotel, lor sal?i; the lease, furniture, fixtures and pood will of the place; a splendid opoor tu nny; to be sol I cheap; termscash; owner going to Eu rope. Address M. M., Herald ottlce. f-WiR SALE-A WELL-KNOWN DRUG STORE, ON A leading thoroughfare, doing an exe dlent nrescrlp tl, *ii snd general business ; taroiablo lease and low rent, and v. ill bear Ihe most thorough Investigation ; Address si'lloTANTlAL BUSINESS, 131 C'llntor place. Price |4.W. EH)K PALE-IN BROOKLYN, THE STOCK AND FIX F ttiresot a first class Grocery, with llor.-e and Wagon; excellent location, whero teas' can be inane a special.} ; In-v rent F,.r nsrtici'are iaoulrc of ROE A COMSTOUB. wit n?eenwi<ii r.treeV FO!t ?AJU>? Port SA LB-BOOT, BHOH AND HAT sroRrfl/J \ flourishing town; rent of house nn. I stun 5M0 pi year; population S.omt: n > other store c! thaklni ia t> ? viiiuuo . owner going West. For particular* apply (? BM II" II. 87 Fulton .street, New York citv. fX>lt SALE? LIQl'OR AND OUOCBRY STORE; I>>. iiik a line business; u bargain given: lease from on to Ave year*. Apply to J. BAHBENBURO, i*J U*dlo! avenue. comer Green, Mrooklyil, New York. IWR RALE? KINDLING WOOD YARD. WITI machinery, building and fixtures complete Appl at.Viii West Twenty-third street. IpOR KALE? A FIRST CLASS BREAD AND CAKI Baker v, in Eighth avenue. Apply to A. B. Fox. it nulllvau street, from 4 to 8 I?. M. IfOR SALE? STOCK AM) FIXTt71&8 OF THE KIRS I claw Uoiior Store and Hilliaid Room 103 Bleecln street. ln<|iiir? ht the store. T^OR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTtTRBS OF / X Liquor Store ; lour years' lease, with apartments i Uv 'n. 1 ?" lor two .lay- at 221 Elizabeth street. IBOR SALE? FANCY 80 At* AND PBRFITMERY FA' iory, with good trade. Address SOAP, box 1U5 Hern office. IjlOR SALE? AN OLD ESTABLISHED BROOKLYN ami Now York Express Burliness. For all particular address box 197 Herald office. IjlOB SALE? THE GOODWILL AND FIXTURES OF ; 1 Liminr Store, doing a buslne&it the cause o scllin:; Is ill health. Inquire lor two days at 139 Cberrj -ir.i i in the store. BrtOit SALB? HARNESS SHOP, WITH OR WITHOU 1 Mock. Inquire at 137 Bnwer.r. For b alb? an old establish bd wood am Willow Ware Stand ; must be sold ou account of it health. Inqnlr.i ot J. WlSNER, 78 Vesey street, nein Washington Market. B10B sale at a bargain? a JOB PRINTING oi lice, doing a good business; three cylimlar and tw>. Gordon ii reuses; good reason given for selling; n. reasonable offer refused. A pply at WW nt 10 Spruce si BROADWAY, ONE FOUB rutl Ale Pump, been used hut n short time. LANE, Manufacturer. IilOlt SALE? THE LEASE OF ONE OF THE BES1 1 Suits In the apartment house corner of Fiftt avenu and Fllteenth street, together with the Furniture, Crock cry and Glassware, Imported by the owner; live room not Including kitchen, servants' room, cellar, Ac. r on the avenue. For particulars address box 3, (HO I'ost office. IpOB BALE? LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURKB OK / 1 corner llutlor store, on Smilli street, Brooklyn; Si years established: sIckiioss of owner cause of sclli?>i inquire ot OWEN M'GEE, 47 Court street. IiOR BALE? A LAROE SIZE DOUBLE DOOI Wilder Safe; perfect order; sold for tho want <? money. 00 Front street. IflOR SALE? AT 600 CANAL, CORN ER GREENWICH ' nn improved Cnbinet. Sin.yor Sewing .Machine, hi perfect order; cost $10il; price fU UTOB SALE CHEAP? WILDE R'S 8aFE, IN GOOD I ortei site 87x43 Inches ; price lift SBit Centre ?t. 1JIOB BALE OS liAP ? A LARGE LOT OF BROUOII L' ton's Patent Pock-i Watch Locks, ut 138 Clumber street, room 10; OOo. pur do/.en. IjlOR BALE CHEAP? A FIRST CLASS BUTCHER ' Stall; also a low Blmtic nnd Bench, story's Market, corner Twelfth street and University place. T UMBER YARD -TWO YEARS* LEASE; SHEDDING IJ Horses. Trucks, Ac., for salo cheap. Apply at ISO Lewis street. "DHOTOOB APH B RS , ATTENTION.? CHEAP, LARGl. I Curb show ca-e, new, Kurtz's conical background Fixtures of first class Gallery; also Grovcr k Baker' - Cabinet Sewing Maohlno. 2-'3 Bowery. EST \V RANT "FOR BALE? IN AN EXCELLENT LO cation, in Brooklyn, 1.. t)..long and well established a;i t doing good business, or th" property will he sold i desired Apply to THOS GAFFNBi, Auctioneer, No. t> Centre street F R QAFHS? HERRING'S RANKERS' SAFE CHEAP POR Casn; also Marvin's and WUdcr's safes at titty pet cent discount, to close out ? safes exchanged. LILLIE dAFE CO.. si Maiden lane, near Gold st. ^AFE FOR SALE -VERY CHEAP: SECOND HANI 0 jewellers', bankers' and book Safes, and small one-. Herring's, Mllic'sund Wiider's make, ats. G. yt'IBK's, 72 Maideii lime. Safes.? a large assortment of second iiami Safes of' all sixe* aii>l styles for sale cheap; call and examine, st AMERICAN s'fEAM SAFE COMPANY, 30J Broad way. mill: LEASE, sfOCKAND F1XTUBBB OF A FIRST 1 class corner Liquor Store tor sale, cheap ; doing u good business; at n low rent. Apply to THOMAS OAFFNEY, No. 8 Centre -Ircet. ne WHEELER Sl WILSON'S SEWING MACHINES, ?') variety of styles, bankrupt stock; will he sold at a great sacrinco this week at :?) West Broadway, up nUilr", FlAC III K IVY. A SPECIALTY? IltiRIZONTAL ENGINES? WE II AVI en liaad 7x10. 8x12. 0x12, lOxlfl, 11x18, K'x24, IHx9). 14x21, MxHt. 15?.3:", 10x30, ISx2t. Samples can be seen a' ..'18 Coi-llanilt street; second bond Engines taken In e\ change. WII1TEHILL, SMITH Co., MaiiiilaelHreis, Newhurg, N- Y. A BHS' IRON' WORKS? PORTABLE ENGINES, BOM. ii ers. Stationary Kii'tincit, Bayr MllN, 15x30 and 12x18, sucond hnnd, at a -aerlfiee. V. P. IIAMPSON, 38 Cortlan It street^ AT Wir.SON A ROARER'S, 2^2 AND 2-jl WATER street.? Large stock of portable, horizontal, holstln and upright Engines, Rollers, Pumps, Sli a f t in;.r. Pulley", Jkc., new and second bund. BADOl'X RAPID EVA WRATORS? SIMPLE^ EC?); 7fi tier cent cheaper than vacuum pan. Can lie seen In dully ooerittlon at taetory of Itahway Glue Manufacturing < < mpuny, Rohwoy, n. j. Drop t)it PLANISHING hammer for sale Prlce low. Address box 249 Jersey City Post office. I BOB BALE? THREE' I'AIlt OK HYDRAULIC POWER 1 Pumps, in pcrlret order. Wauled to buy. very cheap, light second hand Maduncry, consisting oi st. am En gin"s, Shafting, Pulleys and Hangers, Ln'lies, Pumps, Ac., at l>i PK k KEAI IX'T'S, H J nines gB>i New York. 1,^7)1 BALE? ANDREWS' 1,1. ; I ITUOUSE OS CI LI. AT I' lug Engine, in lierfeet order I taken out to |ut in lnrter machinery. Apply lo MURPHY, McCURDY .v WARDEN, *77 West ?treei. tjlLYWHEEL FOR SALE-AT THREE CENT.4 PBil 1 lb., about 14 leet In diameter, Sx7 Inch lace ; also one set plain Cylinder Rollers. .joliN STUABT, lfli Broad Vir ANTBD? AN ENGINE OF 25 OR 30, AND BOILLIt y\ of Hj or 40 hprse power. MYERS VALENTINE, Roslyn, L. I. p imv mums. ARIS. All Petit St. Thomas, Rue do Bar. 27, t), 31, 35; 25 Rue do l'rniverstte. Till* house, establl -In'. I upwards of 0) yortrx, Is univer sally known and lamed as unit of the llrht caitblllbnwni In runs, In irhlcli thorough court lenco may In; placed. In Its Immense premises, which all forei 'iters should visit, will be lotind, at tbu lowest prices, the most complete us ??irtiiK-nt of Silk*. flrst novelties; India and French Cashmere Shawls, Woollens, Luces, Lingerie. Ready-made Articles for ladles. Mantles, Cloaks, Furs, Cotton and Thread stuffs, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbon-1, Trimming*, Carpets, Article* ol Furniture, English Assistants. Wedding outfits. Fixed prices. MILlilSKET AND DKESIMAKMtl, ? ? M A ISO.V WALTON, H02 BROADWAY, ABOVB J\ ? Union square, Importer ol' Park Bonnets and Bul lish Ron ud Mats, mm all the leading houses; alio a choice selec lon of Bridal Wreath*, Veils, Ac. M ADA MB FEB RKItO, NO. 7 WKRT TIllRTTKTli street, has now vory choice styles i f Paris Bonnets and Kotind lints, ?t very reasonable prices. Particular attention pal l to order*. -FIRST I67J. Spring Opening or MILLINERY, at LYLK'P, Sixth aventte, corner Tifeslf tntm street, THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, April X < and 5. 1873 0 PHOI'O^ALil. FFICEOF TUB WATBR COM M ISSIo.N Kits, >lioV _ Idence. P. f. March 21, lo73.? To C infractors Sealed proposals will ho received at this olid until II o'clock A. M.. Tuesday, April H. 187-t, for thu construc tion of IIodo Reservoir in thu city, the Reservoir will lio about OT teet long, shout HH feet wide, 'i4>j ftsrt deep, cuvcrlug about li>*tj ueres. Tho embankment will lie ol earth, with an interior linint or stone. Thorn will he two gate chambers, with a connectiNg Conduit. Plans may be seen at and printed specifications and tonus ot proposal ami contract will bo furnished trout this office on application. Kath proposal ronrt lie accompanied by a imnd, saiisfur.tory to the Commissioners, In th? peaal sum ot oa liquidated damages, conditioned that the bidder shall, within ten days alter the acceptance of his proposal, execute the contract, with security satis factory to the Commit- ioncrs lor its lalth'ul perform ance. The Commissioners reserve the right to reject aay or nil blda. JOAKPH J. COOKF., ) ('HIS. B. CAKI'KN riiH, J Water Commissioner* WU.LIAM CORLISS, * J Hkhkkht Silk ti), Chief Englnoar, SEALED PROPOSALS WILI. Btt RE? BIVBO BY THE School Trustee* of the Tenlh ward, at the office ol' the Clerk or the Board or Public Instruction, corner or Ortndund Klin streets, until Friday, the llth day of April, l*7:i, and until So .lock P. M on said day, for the Scata, Dc,ks and other Furniture required lor the new primary school building on I.udlow stroet, near Delancey street. Also at lha same lime an 1 place proposals will be re ceived tor the Steam Heating Apparatus for sAld school. Plana anil specifications mar be seen at the ollce of tho ffciporluten lent of School Buildings, Uti Orand street, ^Two' responsible and annroYed sureties will be required from each successful bidder. Proposals will not l>c eontiderod unless sureties are " The' Trustees reserve the right to reject any or all of the proposals offered. ^ XRlJMDl;LL> UKOHUF. T P V IT l. It SOX, KliWAIll) J. K.N1UHT, SYL\ KSTI'.K E. NOl. YW, CHARLES (I Al'SM \SN, Board 0;' school rruatecf, Tenth ward. 0*u I New Voa* Mareh 1*7^

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