Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1873 Page 12
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w CLBRK8 AUb KAIJBRMEH. Brug ci.krk wanted.? must be temperate, competent and Industrious; also tn cldorr man requires t situation ; remuneration according to services Wtqulred. Apply to Mr. STRICKLAND, 7* Cedar st BEUG CLERK.? A YOUNG MAN, 19 OR 20 YEARS old, with S or 1 years' experience in u drun store, wanted. Apply between 10 and 12 A. M., corner sth a v. Ud 28th St SALESMAN WAVTl'.D? BY A JOBBING LIQUOR MOM ; one ? ho ran cuninannd a koo;I near by tiado ?Dd to able to ?bow n clear record in cverv particular. iMww, with lull particulars, C. W. A CO.. Herald orliec. .rANTED ? DRUG CLERK, WITH FIRST CLASS references, at BOSWELLS U94th at., Williamsburg. WANTED? A SMART rtTY SALESMAN Til SELL human hair goods. Cafl at HAUSSKlt'S, .115 Bow try, tip stairs. WANTED? TWO STRICTLY FIRST CLASS ENTRY clerks. Apply lu entry room ut COCHRAN, McLEAN A CO.'S. fir ANTED? AN ASSISTANT SALESMAN IN A RE ?T tall pork store : must reside In ttilllinwhaii! i iilw boy a< easliicr lor cmie placc. Address FORK, box 140 Moruld ofllce. WANTED? IN A DRY HOODS IMPORMNO HOUSE, au entry clerk, accustomed to European currency and Custom House work. Address, in handwriting ol ap plicAiir, with reference)), bos 4,988 rout oitlce. WANTED? BY A MARRIED GERMAN A SITUATION as clerk or bartender in a hotel or respceiable sa Bin; country preferred. Address C. W. D., iiox liH Ho ken, N. J. ______ WANTED? DRUG CLERK; SHORT HOURS; SMALL eaUrv; German prelerrcd. Address h PATEN ISLAND, lie raid .flice. WANTED? TWO EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS salesmen, speaking English and German preferred. W. K. PEYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. D'AMUll-A SITUATION BY A PHONOGBAPDER, fr to act in the capacity of amanuensis or eorresi'ond iog clcrk. Addres.' S.. tox I'd Herald office. WANTED? A SALBSMAN THOROUGHLY POSTED on ribbons to take ctmrjee ol a retail stock ; none lata first . lass hand need apply. Address A. H. C., 361 Broadway, care ut ilr. Robert McDonald. U|7ANTKD-A SMART, ACTIVE, PRACTICAL HI SI ?* lies*; uuiii n* salesman; one nsed to hardware or or namental iron business prelerrcd ; a permanent place tan be secured ; hobo but a iivo man need address with references, staling salary expected, to MANUFACTURER. Herald office. w w ANTED-A DRESS GOODS SALESMAN; ALSO one or two for prints and domestics; only city ?en, with sood rcfercnce. need apply. GEORGE K EYES, 361 8th ar. WANTED? A CLERKSHIP IN A S rOCK BROKER'S f I office by a young rcnilcuian tor 'even years nn employe in a bank; no snlurv expected tor tlrst ilircc months; Rood relcronccs. Address L. S. I'., Herald ollio?. "Ill ANTED ? A YOUNG MAN, FROM 1ft TO 18 YEARS Tt of ?K?'. rntwt lie n Rood penman, quick and eorrcct tt figures, nnd residing with Ills parents ; unexceptionable references required. Address, In own handwriting, Fl'L *ON, UoraMctllce^ ANTED-TWO SMART HOSIERY AND FURNISH iiiK salesmen ; also dress goods salcnn'W. II. B. I! i SSELL, ;:??) Bowery. TIT ANTED- A THOROUGH CORRESPONDING ?V clerk for (be'lli-h and German laiisTuittVsi Dotch desirable, hut not indispensable; nn application noticed unless accompanied by letter in ihc tormer lan guages and cily relc rctices. Address F., box 1,722 Post elite. ?. New V?.r!i . W ANTED-A FEW GENTLEMEN OP GOOD AD dress, to transact business in different sections tor a first cla-s.lonrnul, published in the Interest ot the coil and Iron trades; a liberal .-alary and permanent -ituatioii to thoio proving competency. fall troin 9 to 12 A. M., or nddrens CORKEHPOND1NG EDITOR, 37 Park row, room 40. EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS SALESMEN AND window dressers wanted? At S. HKlLNIilt'S, 318 3d ??., corner -'4ih st. 2 COACH31KM A NO (>V!IDIC 1 YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH A mun : no olii> ciion to ttio country. Refers to pres mt employer. Call tor tine" days at I-'- West 4flih st. A PRACTICAL, YOUNG, GERMAN GARDENER A (single) wants a sit union as such. Apply to WETMLE Jc WE Y MAN, florist*, 121 Mb st., between 2d and 3d ii vs.. South Brooklyn. AN EXPERIENCED AND STEADY YOUNG MAN wants a situation as coaehmuu ; city refoi-euee troni hi* former employers. ?'all on or address 1IA K.N KSS STORE, larii st., went of 3d av., Ihtrlem. AN EXPERIENCED FARMER W^NTS A SITUATION; no objection to ko West or SoUili;besl reterenees, rlt%- or country. Call on or address B. C. C\, 222 East I9tii st., lor i wo <t ays. A GERMAN OMfOKNF.R, SlN.iLE MAN; UNDER stands all kinds of branches. Address C. II., box 171 Me raid oitlce. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GAR dmer; undo rs! and n his business in all tt* branches; i married, no encumbrance; Rood reference from lnsteni- i cloyer. t'ail on or address IiaKLEM, 2,131 1st av., be- | rwecn 103th and 110th ids. A TO! KG MAN WISHES A SITUATION As COACH nian and gardener; ean elve rood relerences. Ad ?ress 11., OoacKman, box 103 II. raid uttlce. A SINGLE MAN WISHKS A SITUATION ON A GEN tlemen s plneo ostrnrdener: thoroughly understands Bie raro ot lloiv< rs, plains or trnpej; will l e Jonnd sober tnd st? ad v, ami willing and onliglny : ind afraid ot work : has best reference. Audrcss (JARDEN EK, bo<: 2.4 Herald aftice. A young m\n wants a situation on a oen ticman's place; understands taking earo of*; ran milk ami n?? (? ?* h!iii?cli ircnerally useful; a?"rt refer ?nerd. Ad lre?s V.. box 121 II era! ft office. A PARMER A N D PEAIN O VHDENEK WOUIJ) I.I K K to rnL-rtco n illi a tvntirman us head workinnn nr lake the ?? Ire charge of a prntlcmnti'* couniry plarp: ?ndT-tHii'lH til- hiiKinens iii tit) i>- brandies; Is a good ami earclul man with lior-c? am! all kinds ol stock ; has prac tical experience in ral'in\f all Kinds of trait and (train; ?No the care ol' irult trees and shrubs. tfrapcvlncs ana flraficries; cotl.iKC required ; four yearn' best references. Adore*. II. I1'., toy ISM Herald office. AM BITlATIijN AS CdACIIMW WANTED-RY A joumr sinxlo man; thoroughly lit* frufilnejw: !?< ^ Uliufc to make himself uWul: Kood city reference. Address ."ill N, -'Hi li< raid ofth e. A COACHMAN S SITUATION WASTM) RY A SIN pieman; thoroughly understands bi? bn-dnc-s and Ac "are ot hordes and earriK' s; ran milk it requited; Snt class reference. Addr.vs >1. D., Iio\l'0i Herald office. A^m RESPECTABLE protectant MAN WISHES TO obtain a situation n> coachman; Is single Hiid trust worthy in every re-pect; best ot testimonials. Call or Iddre (321 West 20th st. A A YOUNO MAN WISH!.:-! A SITUATION AS OROOX ami coachman ; best refer lice troin last employer ; Ibe rcntlctnan can be seen It reuulnd. Apply at 3IH ? *f.l .17 1 1. St. '! IlltS M C' >li M D'K, A YOUNG MAN (SWISS) WANTS A SITUATION; lie Is a pood gardener ot flowers ami vegetables; ?jylcfstnu'ls the can.' i f creenhou e jcricctlv. Call or Md re->?j At Hardener's Ilotne, SUJ llrouine at., near For ty the. A SITUATION WANTED -BY A COOD FA M I I.Y coichman, of loiiz experience in this city; several fear*' ? ali.inctory reicrenee as to cohriety an 1 capabil ity. Can on or Morem C. H., 19 W< it ?Sth it. AYOf.NO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man and gardener; thoroughly understands his msincss; lour years' rulcrence; i? a I'rob staul. Call on ?r address, tor two days. O. <!., 251 West 37th ft. AIOVM MAN WANTS A SITUATION as COACH roan und proom ; tliorodtfhlv understands liis busi ness in all its branches; hot city reference. Call or irtdrei* .1. D . ;0 4ih av.. saddlers. A SITUATION WINT!'1)-A< COACHMAN AND groom, bv a young man, single ; thoroughly under stands his business ; country prelericd. Call on or ad dress C., No. 4 West 30th it A SITUATION WANTEO-BV A YOUNO ENGLISH inan. h- coichmsn; thoroughly understands his (titles; llrst class city references irom'pro?ciit cniplorer. Apply to H. O . 124 >Vrsl 19th i-t. AS COACHMAN AND O UtDENER? SITUATION warned by reliable, trustworthy man ; aingie; tlior luchlv competent In both br im -lies': ?ate, experienced Jri%er; sober; obliging; uiivxccutlonublu references. Address T. R.. box 2it* Herald office. AS COACnMAN AND OARDENER IN A l'RIVATE faintly; gool reference. Address D., box lyi Herald ?fllce. A YOl'NO COLORED MAN WANTS A SITUATION with a physician as cea.-hmati or Krootn; andei'. Itands the care ot horses; best city refereuce. Address T. &?5thav. YOL'NO sfNOl.K MAN (IM'OI'I HTANT) DB8IRJI9 a situation as coachin-in ; rood city reference as to lolirirtv and honesty : no obleetlon to ihe country. Ad #re?*. J. T., box 171 Herald Uptown Branch office. ASITIMTION WANTED? II Y A FIRST CLASS and groom ol lonif experience: tinier stands hi- duties; five years in the Inst place. Call at or address l v> fust 35th at., private stable. A RESPECTABLE FRENCHMAN AND HIS WIFE want situations in a gont'eiutin'a family, man as Niat timan and card* n> r, who as s.-ain-tre s and hair (reiser, and would tske care of (trowing children; city or SMr.try. JK ^NPaRIs, m< Harrow at. AIWCI.I: YOt-NO MM. WANTS a SITUATION AS Goacfain.tti ami aardei.. i ; . an milk and make him self generally u-e ill ; i? a pood gr. om; beg: ri lerfciit O Address lor two nays 1'. K , llerald I' llrancn office' AS COACHMAN? HY A YOUNO M\N; UNDER stnmls the cap' an ! ns-jii jgi ment ot horses: a rare ful driver In c!t,y or c-uutrv . willing ?n>i i;1(.#t r? spcct Ibl ; l)?st city reference. Ad'trey* V. O., box U'j llera'd ?Alee. A 8 ASSISTANT OARDIINKR OR T:> WORK ON A J\. (rentieniMii's iil-ji e in the country I. v a yonnu nian. 19 years old ; is wllllnic nud cbed<eut. Adilrcss j. i?,, e.-J Hi 1 I ptow ii Hratu li off ce. A FiRST CLASS U?ACHMAN ni^ -sii;i ] Mrf.'iY inent: knows his bti;lue-s thnroui/lily ; wl,l be found ?lost willing and nbliaiiii; . strictly sober; best city re!, r ?nee. Addreas J. II., Herald Uptown Branch office. At OACH MAN, WHO THOROrUHI.Y CNDEKSIANDS his litis n ess In all it>; 'tranches, has now lell the Uov ernor Oeneral of (Canada's service, with an excellent character. Address W. II., box 1A3 Herald I'ptoMU Branch office. A- COACHMAN'S SITUATION ~ WTnTCD? BY ' A married, r. ot stant uian ; has first ela?s cily refer IMC; wile as ci-o't; would go to the couutry. Call on or iddrcss J. W.. Ill West 29ih st.. "jT* OEVII.EMaN MYINi; UP KBBP1N0 A. wishes u situation for his enRChmnn; titiderslards il* business . Is striettr sober and honest. Call on or nd #re*s It. MERRY, 21 J West llsl st. "A ?ITUATION WA.NTFD? BY A FIRST CLAM A eoaehman ; excellent ar<-om ; esreM, steady driver; ?erfectij aolier ; hrst class ritv references. Call on or MMt'i-S COAlMlM A.N, 47 West -Hili ?t , private stable. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man or h'rvom tv'jd t?a l? dilvcr; excellent reler i'alt .-ii .?r 4o (re?r C, prh atc stn? 'c. Vo. o Cil >N?? st. COAtHMKN AND GARDENlfiRg. _ FIRST CLASS VEGETABLE . OARDRNKR JY wanted far a Summer watering place; none but ? temperate industrious man ran furnish (list flaw retercnces need apply. KIRK-WAN A SOS, A 30 Catharine st. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION W ANTED ? HY A BO her, steady young uian ; Is a first class vrooni ; will ing and obliging : city or country; country preferred; cuu nt Ilk if required , first class reference. Address T. I)., tic raid office. A GARDENER WANTS A SITUATION? CAN BRING the highest recommendation from his lust place, l where he h is licm eiifht years, wages moderate ; lust ! employer In ltie city and cm be eean atn1 day. Address 1 GARDEN Kit, cam of Ju Ice I'lcrrepont, 1C Wall St., N. Y., I or box 1, Garrison's, on the II itdson. A COACHM AN AND (? ROOM'S SITUATION WANT jl oil? By n -ingle y oung man. who thoroughly un derstands bl* business; g*od city reference; is willing ami olilitiliik' . no objection to the country. Call on or address f. M. , SO West 41th st ? 1 GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY AM EX iicrleaced man, understand* laying ont and linorovina placcs, the raising ol fruits, flowers and vegetables; nlfo g.-apc culture; competent to lake lull ilurce of a gentleman's pla>'?<; uotairaldof work; best references. Address GARDENER, care of J. T. Spark in u u A Co.. 51 I'll I ton st. /COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A PER. \ ' fei'tlv honest, sober man; understands b's business thoroughly ; ii-,t references. Apply at 1?0 Water st. (COACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WANT J ed? By a married man, thoroughly cm pa hie; can give iilnc years' reference. Add rest J. If, No. y.lnlm (lOACIIMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A STEADY J and trustw orthy man ; understands hid business per fectly ; cuu uive six years' best city references. Call on or adlie.s fi >A<'I1 M'\N, I In West lHth St. (10ACHM AN'* SITUATION WANTED? BY A "TEADY J ntan, single, who Is thoroughly competent; best city ret'eri nccs. Call on or address COACHMAN, 07 least 10th st, in harness store. CIOACHMAN AND OSOOM'8 SITUATION WANTED? / By an Englishman, who understands hi* business; lias first class reterenee ; country preferred. Call on or adUrtiis U. C. B., i!l list st., between 7th and 8tii uvs., private stable. / COACUMAN AND GROOM'S SITU ATION WANTED \J By are-poctaldn I'rotertmit yonng man: married; no family ; splendid groom and carelul ilri vert, Oil.) lil'tk ; never smokes or drinks^ can be well recommended for honesty, sobriety uud carefulness. Address W., box 217 Hera'd otllce. /COACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION 'J wanted? By a single man ; understan Is the propaga tion of trul K flowers and shrubs: is a careful driver; willing and Obliging. Address C. If., Herald office. C1GACHMAN AND OARDENER'S SITUATION ) wan ed? By a single man; understands the care and mana-tcmcnt of hordes; nulks. Address M. N., box 13d Hers Id 00109. /"COACHMAN AND GARDENERS SITUATION V' desired by a young married man; no family : good groom; careful hand with carriages; trustwrothv man; best city relerenec tor capacity, sobriety and honesty ; is not atraid of work. Address \V. V,, box 144 Herald office. /COACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WANT \J ed ? By a single man; thoroughly unuerstands both branehoi ; city or country ; first class reference. Address COACHMAN, box U'i Herald office. C COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? IJY A COMPE ) teiitmau; strictly temperate ; excellent groom ; care ful city driver; first class references from last arid former employers. Call on or addr< ss JAMES, West 301 li st. /"COACHMAN AND GARDENER'S SITUATION WAN P J-' ea, by a young man; is a first cls?s groom; Is wll ling and oblitrin;: Rood elly and country reference. Ad dress N. H., box 1 'l Herald office. (COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A RE > spec fa Ide married man, without encumbrance ; has had long experience and understands his business thoroughly; has rirst class city reference. Cail on or ad diess !U. M.. 15 Ea?l 3Wh st. /COACHMAN WANTS A SITUATION; THOROUGHLY \7 eoinpeient; can train lior-es for Middle or harness; 1 roll slant; unmarried ; country preferred ; good city ref erence.". Address at Dr. Nostrana's, 2ti3 East 4? t h sf. ' } FARMER AND G ARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? 1 hv a married man ; ciiio in family ; understands :armlng aiidcaicol stock in each department; wife would take cure of dairy II reijolred; best referencos from present and former employers. (Tall on or address KARMKK, seed (.tore, .15 Coi'lliiudt st. / c ARDENER? BY A MARRIED MAN, WHO HAS A \T thorough, practical knowledge ol the culture and management of hot and cold graperies, greenhouse and stove plan's and gardening in general. Address II. G., box 20) Hernia office. C\ ARDENKR'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A Sl.NO'.'C German ; experienced in the care of a pentlemun'a placo; relcrences given. Address (1 A RDkNEK, care of A. Thomson, '24:1 Grand st., Newr York. /"C ROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? BY YOUNG MAN lT who thoroughly understands care of horses and harness; first class city reference from last employer. Call on or address P. t\, private stable 100 West H7th st. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A Si N' ILK man : able and n illlng to take charge of horses and can le, and a gentleman's place in general ; good reter cnees. Address 11 N'., Herald office. Cc A 1! DINNER'S HlTtA HON WANTi'D-UY A SINGI.E 1 man who fully understinds his business, ineluding greenhouse, vegetables, and fruit Address JOHN, box 104 Herald office. CrjABDVHBR'S SITUATION WANTED-UNDER I stands greenhouses, graperies, vegetables, layiner out end k' l'fing a gentleman's place In order: wire, iio chil dren. Addl'i ?.< A. A. H., lio.\ 1.'2 Herald o'ilce. /C MtDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAN who l< thoroughly capable in every b-anch of the luifclncHs; has been head garnerieruti som" ol the very best places ill the neu hboi homl of New Vor!t; will pr'actlso strict economy in every way; married; no children; references j;ind. Address HEAD GARDENER, box 21a Herald office. AKDr.NER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINGLE U German; capacity to take enre of a gentleman's Vlaee; references given; no milker. Address GAR BiENEK, care ot A. Thomson, 243 Or an a st.. New York. PLAIN' OARDENKR ('t)At'H MAN, A?J., BY A RK speetable murrled mail ; is a good driver and eroout ; can milk, tike care of cattle, do plain gardening, mow lawns, Ac. ;wi:e, If required, would take care of dairy mil poultry: with or without eotfagc ; goad rccommcnda tinNs. Address T. L., seed store, .'!ft Cortlandt St. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN M MtRIED man as gsrdoner and florist. Address 11. B., box l'J7 IleraM oflct. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE COL ored man, who thoroughly understands the caro ol horses and carriages : good city reference from ln?t em ployer; no ob'ection to country. Call at 19 wctt 44th st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST C'.AF COACH 0 man ; f lioroughly understands hi-, husines has good experience and several years' best cltv reference; refers to bis employer. Call on or address M. P., Brewster's, M 5th a v. ri O FLORISTS.? A PROFESSIONAL BOUQUBTMAKER 1 and d? corater Is open to an lyixagement, including dinner fable and all the latest CTiUish styles of dcrora tina ; specimen honnnets lor differenl | drpot?s made lie for-1 cTn ajeimnt Addrcu l'LORIST, 52 Ferry st., New ark. sr. j. w ANTED? A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS WORKING in a nursery rind ran grait an! I. ml trees; relcr A'piily from 10 to a o'clockron April 47 at RHOS.' store, No. 4 i-'oulli ft., New York. SHOTWhl.l, A WASTED? A SITUATION AK OENERAL OARDEN er : understand* running nuj the cure, ol hordes ami catile perfectly ; hi* wile is well experienced in the ciro o( milk ami butter; best reference*. Address box 17:1 W eft New Brighton, Staten island. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN AMD TT groom. by n youug man: thoroughly understand* the treatment ol hor-es; best city relerenee. AiIiIicn; T. !?.. box 1 It* Herald oftlee. TIT ANTED? TWO FIR^T CI.ASS OllOOMS AND A T? coachman at the Grand Central stables, IBmnl 167 Clymer ?t., Willlamsburu. DOl'OI.ASri A I'ETERKIN. WANTS A SITUATION AS HARDENER? A PltACM TT eal man (married) with good reTercnce. Call or rd.lrcss I*. O., '250 East lirjtli ilrwl, Now York. 1\* AN I I- 1)? A SITI' ATION AS COAf'llMAN, BY A TT married roan : hit* long experience ; an excellent groom j n I good ilrlver ; flrU class city relerenee. Address C , box HI' 111 raid office. I A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A BIN I J\ gle man; competent In everything appertaining ' thereto; experienced, carclul driver; willing and olillg Inu ; relloblc reference ; no objection to the country. Ad dicss lor two rtavs M. M. A., bux 19/ Herald olllee. "fir ANTED ? A SITUATION AS OAKDKNKR AND TT larnn r, by* inan with no children; thoroughly underatands Ills hit' ; v ile at first class dairy woman ; can give thi very beet reierenccs. Address J. t,., box 119 Herald office. "flT ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACH BAR, BT A TT Protes'aut young titan, single; lust reference iroui last employe.-. Call or address J. I*., 'JO Kant 3v'th it, pri vate stable, WANTED? A SI I CATION AS COACHMAN AND OAR IT d'-ner, In city or country, and Is willing to make himself useful ; best reference. Address J., box 2W Her uid ofllce. IITANTBD OARDRNKR; YOUNG, IcoTOH, SlMil.K, TT uud to be generally useful, place In country; no hothouse '? Inquire al No. 5 Mercer s.roet, alier.1 1'! M. Ur ANTED? A SITUATION KY A RESPECTABLE, sober, Swedish rro:e<fant coachman ; country pre fcrr?d;good cily ref'ercnoe. Addrcrs COACH MAN, box U| llerakl ptowtl Branch otlce. n? ANTED ? A OOOD I'AKMIK. Wild IS ( ' A I' A IH.E OK TT taking charge of n small farm ; ?l o u young man who would w ork lor small wages; a goo I man, w *tli capi tal < n.m;:li t<i pnrchase one half the stock, cun tukc the. lorm on tdiarcs. Inquire of U. 8. JANES, ll*J Warren st. ANTED? * SITUATION AS OOAOHMAN, GROOM orginnral workman; married; seven years' refer ence. ? ali oil COACH MAN, 4IU West Ilili si. 1 \\T ANTED? A SITUATION BY A FIRST CLAM SIN. I TT gle man us couehman ; best citv reference. Can be ; seen at litl West ISlli St., Club stable*. Address O. A. II. WANTED- A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS COACH TT man, by ?? single man, ot long experience in this 1 city ?. ha . lived with hi* last employer the last H vesrs; I jn-t dhmgaged ; la highly lecomincn led. Address COACIIMAM, ('uiupbeH's harness store, between Mb and I >ih m, 4Mi aV. 1IW WKHT Hill ST.? A KESPECTABIJI Vol m: ! J IO man as i.oschmati or groom ; will make hlnnclf generally useful; no objection to the country; good refer e nee, i 'J i(| 4*1*11 AV. CORNER UTS ST.? HVIBAND AND I O |U wiin: man us ? oaclunn'i and generally tiselul; ? wll? as llrst class cook ;; no cliildicn ; best city ! mwinw ; wonld no in the country. 1 4.1Q BROADWAY. BKTWBKN MO AND Will J. t li' sis.? A respi cable innn anil wile; mail aa gardener and to take rare ol hor ei n required; win: a* cook or lnundrc.<R. Call lor iwo dny*. HILP XV \ v I'l'.i)? A LK*i AyOfTH, ABilUT 1? YP.AIIS Ol.n, WANTED^ por Janitor work, sweeping, making hrc?, ,tc. ; uinst live with employers reier<Mtee rei|iiired. < all an r lij a. M., I At cigar stw. torner Broad ktreet and Ex ? baotfc i.iuce. , HELP AVANTBD? MALKS. Awitiit first class botbi. ??? a ubnb i *1 manager who ia competent and responsible ; one having capita) may secure an Interest. Address HOTEL, Hernid I ptown Branch office, giving name and refer ences. AGENTS ARE MAKING $100 PER WEEK SELLING our goods l?y sjiiidIc; a lew more tmart men want ed^ Call at 98 Liberty street, room 2. A FIRST CLASS ADVERTISING CANVAStjKR WAN- | ted? For a tine p illion ; also one to tako mbscrlp- ' Hons; reference required. Call at I'ritle ofllee, 2 1 Ann st. I A GENTS CAN MAKE $1 TO $6 EVKNIN03 OR $3 TO ; jfl (12 iliillv ; sure and respectable business, soliciting orders; best little article out. <115 Broadway, officc l,up , stairs. Active, wide awake agents and canvassers can find immediate employment and something new by calling at 37 Park row, room 31. BOY WANTED? IN A RETAIL HARDWARE BISI ness. Address, with reference, HARDWARE, box 21J Herald office. BOY WANTRD-TO LEARN THE OOAL Bl'SINESS; good reference required. Aniily at B. C. Kt'KTZ A CO.'H, 144 East 10th kt. /CANVASSERS OF GOOD ADDRESS WANTED? FOR \j "The Mortgage ?'ircular" now in great demand among bankers, merchants and lawyer?. Apply at Nos. 7 and 0 Warren street itoal K state Records office. VfAN WANTED? IN A LUNCH ROOM, TO MAKE iVl sandwiches, carve and make himself generally use* fill ; iuidd!? aged, single man, who has done such work preferred; must, fnrnUh good references; nlacc per manenttoa suitable person. Adddres.s box 433 l'outf|?? kcepsie Post office. TITANIED? A BOY ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AOS IK A VV Broadway store. Address MARION, Herald office, staling age and references. No answers will be noticed without references. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOL'NG MAN IN A tlrst class lea or grocery store. Understands the business thoroughly; best city reference given. Cull on or address D. CkOnan, an we st Houston street VV" ANTED? A POSITION IN A BROKER'S OFFICE; VV salary small, at first; can give good relcrcnce. Ad dre?S A. A. E., I.O". 168 Herald office. U'AM'HD-' WHITE OB COLORED BOY AS OFFI if cers1 servant. Apply on board receiving ship Ver mont, at the Navy Yard. WANTED? AS LIGHT PORTER. A MAN WllO UN der stands training pictures. BKMMw mms., i, mi Broadway, corner SJtbti WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED ADVERTISING agent for a first class Brooklyn paper. Addrcia BRKW.sTKR, Herald offiee. _ __ "I lr an TED? A YOUNG sr \n AS PORTER, TO CLEAN it knives and make tires. Inquire at Sweeny's llo'el. TXT ANTED? A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH VV the clothing business. Address, with name an.! reference, n., iti-mui oiHee. WANTED-AN ACTIVE YOUTH, 17 or it) YEARS OF age. to attend In a lint uud cap store. Applv to RODERICK llAGAN, :474 ilowery, Irom 10 A M. to li M. "1X7 ANTED? FIVE GOOD, colored WAITERS.? VV Apply ar Could House, 470 8th av., between 28th and 23tJi StS., 7 A. II. ?tlTANT ED? THREE FIRST CLASS COMMERCIAL VV canvassers. Call Immediately at 607 Broadway, room 31. Retcrcnccs required ; liberal salary and ex penses; a sood opportunity for good men willing to work. West and South. WANTKD? IN* A REAL ESTATE OFFICE, A SMART boy; mud bo a good penman and come well recom mended. Address, stating salary expected uud age, M , bo\ 109 Herald pptowfc Branch oiiice. WANTED? A SMART BOY IN A REAL ESTATE OF flee ; wages per week. Address In own hand writing WANTED, box 211 Herald office. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS TRAVALLING AGENT, tor a trunk, house ; references and security required. Address (J. II. L., ? ox 112 Herald office. XKT ANTED? A PERSON TO TAKE CHARGE OF AN It elevator. Apply Irom 10 to 11, at tsturtcvaut Hotel office, 1,186 Broadway, April 4 WANTED? A SMART, ACTIVE AND EDUCATED young m in, not under 18, as assistant in a publish er's office ; salnrv moderate. Address, with references, PUBLISHER, Herald office. TITANTED? IN A GROCERY. A YOUNG MAN WHO VV has rotne knowledge of the business; must be a verv irooil penman and accountant, and give good proof of honesty, Ac. Address A. G., Brooklyn Post office. WANTED-AT THE WHALEMEN'S HEAD qnarters, 109 Fonth st., boat steerers, coopers, car penter*, cook* and American young men wishing to go whaling this season ; good chance to learn seamanship and see the world. J. MORISON A CO. WANTED? A SMART YOUNO MAN TO ATTEND bnr an.l make himself gcnarallv n.?eful In a restaur ont, at Fol d ham, Westchester county. Inquire at Kcarn'.s llotel, Fordham. WAN TBD-C AN VASS KS, TO TRAVEL ox COM tt mission nnd license rights, to ??*!! a highly popular article, lor ail loculities not already under lloeuse; rc tive, energetic men can realise good cnmmledons; agents desired particularly lor the Foot!) and Wmi. <'allat 53 Beekmanst., or ndilrcss box 3.367 New York Pout office. ANTED? IN A BOOK STORE, A QUICK, INTEL llgent boy, axed from 15 to 18; wagon SH JO to $4 per w _ _ week. Apply Friday, alter 9 o'clock A. M , to l'OTT, YOCNO a CO, Cooper institute. WANTED? A FEW ACTIVE, ENEKOETIC MEN (married), 25 or 3?> rears of age, oapablc of driving a wagon ; tlrst class reference urn! secure, v required. Ad dres-, with name and residence, box UM Donld offico. WANTED-A OSIOD, COMPETENT MAN AS POITH and messenger in a steamship office ; must have the h-st reference*. Apply between 10 und I P. M. r.t 177 West St., New York and Charleston St< airtsblp Cumpany. THIS TKADE1. \ BOY, 17 YEARS OP AGE, DESIRES TO LEARN JY the engraving business. Address C. BANUEST, 6H lith av. A FIRST CLASS CUSTOM SHIRT CUTTER wanted at LORD A TAYLOR'S, corner Brand and Chrystle sts. _ PICKER TENDERS AND CAltD CLEANERS wanted.- Address RARITAN WOOLLEN MILLS, Rarltan. S. J. mo PI LH 0UTTBR8.? WANTED^ VTH AND MILL 1 saw cutters. Apply at Eagle Kilo Works, No. 9 Rum apo av., 1'aU'rson, N. J. TO JEWELLERS? A YOUNO MAN OFTEN YEARS' expo rience in the wholesale Jewelry trade desires a situation In some nnutufactuiiug establishment, as sales man or traveller; bast reference given. Address F.. Kat ll< Bwiw office. rinr: workers wan ted-steady work. 219 Bowery. ANTED? A OOOD CUTTER FOR CISTOM PANTS. H. S. MACK A CO., Ml nnd 233 ?th ft v. w \\T ANTED? BY A SOBER MAN, A SITUATION AS TT baker, pastry or meat cook. Address L. O. P., lleraid Uptown Branch office. Vlr AN TED? A FIRST CLASS PRE SSMAN. WHO f 1 understands Mullock pre-'*. Address, with refer ences, PITTOCK, NEVIN A CO., poblisliers Evening I eador, Pittsburg, Pa. YYrANTKD? A FIRST CLASS MACHINIST. SINOLB Vf man; one willing and able to make himself gmer ally useful. Address, with rclorouoe, MACHINIST, box 1(M Herald office. ~\\T ANTED? A COMPETENT MAN To' TAKE CHARGE T> of the Oordon presses In a first ois?s lob office. If satisfactory 11 steady M'uatlon can be secured. Refer ences as to character and capacity required. Address O. P. Q., Herald office. KM F.Stil Ai.'V KHTI-iH 11 K1VTS. ON DBMANDB L>ADRSB8B DB ML LB. VABXR LA lond pour son I cieflce. Elle est arrlvee a New York ilepuls le mols d'Octohre, nvec line cimille aineri caine. Adross M. LA ORANOE, Imlte 101 Herald office. ON DKMANDE-UNE BONNE FRANCHISE, DK moyen age, pnurcoudre et so rcnriro utile dans nne nialson prlvee, dans la c.tmpagne ; les bonnes reierences ?out demand* ; $15 par mois. 21 Fast 15th st, entre Broadway it l;k ith av., entre les heuros do 10 A. M. et 2 P. M. AiTltOliOUY. A TTBNTI05, this causes marr HON,? KNoW THY DESTINY; CONSULT wonderfully girted Clairvoyant; givi g luck; irriage; tells everything. 159'We-t Forty -first St. ADELAIDE H. LAMAERTSOV. CI. \ I RVO Y A NT. 28 Creenwlch avenue, near Tenth street No satisfac tion, 110 pay. ATEST.-MRS. VANS1SE, IH' -I NESS* AND VEDI eal Clairvoyant; spiritualist; tells name, day ol marriage: brings together those long separated; gives positive iniormatiiin on all affairs 01 life; no satisfaction mi pity. ti.l Si cond avenue, corner Thirty-lourth street Attention. ?consultations on business, law-mi s, enemies, losses, absent friends, love, mar riage, siukness and death. Pay refused unless satisfied. M me. SI NO 111, Clairvoyant, txil *? ixtli avenue. ATTENTI INI KNOW TI1Y DESTINY. -AFTER YOII have been deceived and lost faith con-tilt this won derfully (rifted Clairvoyant. C u?ei marriages, gives luck, tolls everything, IVJ West Forty Mr*t street. Have this. AT Ii97 Ili'OADWAY, CORNER KOI ' It Til STREET. ? Lllteral advances on Diamonds, Wntehcs, Jewelry, SilK', Cainols' llnlr Shawls, Laces, shd per<onal property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEW. [EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT TELL* NAMES, SnOWS "j likenesses; rnii-cs marriages; gives numbers; SUc. and $1. 142 West Twenty fifth street. basement. C1YP8Y.? REVEALS FROM OR \DI,E TO CRAVE; r name, date ot marriage; brings those long separated together. 3ii Third avenue. Hf ADAMS ROSA, ORBAT NATURAL CLAIRVOY lvl ant, reveals your whole ll:e from I ho cradle to the grave. 478 (Jantl street, near Hudson. Fee $1. PROF. LISTER IS THE. ONLY ASTKOLOOER IN NEW York. Send stamp for circular. ...y sixth avenue near Twenty-first str, et. rpUE WONDBKFUL ASTRtlLOOlST WILL RBVEAL 1 your life from the cradle to the ursve. HI Third ave tine, near Twelfth slreet. Lucky n 11 ml nr. s. MIHd WEt.LlNUTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS everything; lueky uumbers: has a positive euro lor druukenncss. Call or write. 41 Lust Twenty-eighth street. MBDICAL. a M MAURYOBAU, SL D.-OFFICE 120 LIBERTY J \ ? street, near flrcenwieli street. A TTENTION.? DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA), J\ Ml lllci eker Street, New \ork. Dr. and mmk. despahd, ru vsici ans.-kesi. denco 41 Fast Twenty-enrhth sfreef, oe,-.r Fourth av. DR AND MMF. WHITE I NO, 44 ORBAT JONES street, near Broadway. MwB. RKHTRLL, NO. I EAST FIFTY- SECOND street Airents I. U (Jrccnwtch it and No. 7 Hixlh nr. MI.KH AT AUCTION. Auction notice. B. K. MARTIN * CO. will sell thin day (Friday morning). Commencing at 10^ o'clock, at private residence 120 Went Twenty-third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. All the elegant Household Furniture. Fine Oil fainting*, Engraving*, Bronzes, Ac., contained dtory mansion. Property of E. Gay, Esq., in the above live leaving lor Europe. Mu/iiitlcent four round 71? octave rich Pianoforte; u.>ed one year; coat 91,000; rich Parlor Suit*, covered In crimson satin broeatel: two magnificent Centre Tables, Inlaid; elegant rosewood Ktageres, tairrord '.or- and bach ; two Pier Mirrors, con nection Cornices, rosewood Cabinets, Jardlnlerea, Flower Stand*, l-? -y Chairs, Lounges, elegant rosewood Etageres, elegant Meilallion Carpet*, fhrer-;ly and Ingrain : fine Oil Paintings, real Brollies, lady's Writing Desk and Boekoa-e, 700 volumes of choice Books, real lace and broentel <'?rtain?, Parlor Ornament*, Bugs, Chandeliers, Gas Fixture*, Ac. Bedroom consists, viz. solid rosew ood and inlaid black walnut Bedroom Bulla; one oast MOO; i:ed.<teailj, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Tabtes, Washstands, Commode*, Amoire-a-Oiace, '/0 Hair Mat tresses, superior Spring Bed". 40 Feather Bed*, Pillows, Bolster*, Slips : other articles too numerou* to mention. Dining Boom cousuts, viz:? Magnificent Bullet, wild black walnut Inlaid Buffet, cost $SO0; 12-foot Extension Table, 12 Mining Boom Chairs to inutcli: solid Silver and Sheffield Ware, Ice Pitcher*, Tea Sots, raster*, I'm*. Cake Basket, Covered Dishes, Spoons, Knives, Fork*, rich China Tea acts, lull sets of t 'nt wins'-, ware, Ac. ; Basement and Kitchen Furniture, Cook ing Utensils and other articles too numerous t? mention. N. B.? I-UKE KITKGKHALD, Auctioneer, wotild call the attention of friends and the public to this sale, as it is the largest and richest lot of Household Furniture offered to the public this season. Kale peremptory in

lots: catalogue* ready; house open at 9 o'clock tor inspection. Goods boxed and shipped for purchaser* or removed otter sale by competent men In attendance. Twenty-third street stages. Sixth or Seventh avenue cars pas* the door. AUCTION PALE.? AUCTION SALE,? BEAUTIFUL Country lte hi deuce in Ponghkcnpsle. situated on South Hamilton street. belongiiiT to the estate of David S. Brown, will bo sold in Potiglikeepsie, on Tuesday, April 8, at 12 o'clock noon, by HENRY W. MORRIS, Auctioneer, at 234 Main street, to tho highest bidder. This property is exceedingly desirable, embrace* nearly two acres of land, a tine house, with modern improve ments, barn, hennery, *<\, Ac. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL BROWN, 31!.; I'iue street, or to FRANKLIN BROWN, ill Peek slip, New Vork. Auction. . Will be sold at auction, on Saturday, April 6, at 2 o'clock P. M., mi the promises, the .Mansion House Prop erty, s> called. oil Elm street, Northampton, and one of the niim valuable pieces of property offered for sale in this town for a long time. For further particulars in quire of the subscribers. Terms easy. FITCH BROS. A 81MOXD3. Also, at the same time and place as tlie above, a Homestead on State street, where George 8. Hunt now Jives and directly lacing Centre street Terms of pay inenf easy. For particulars Inquire of J. T. A 0. C. FITCH, or of ENOS PARSONS, Auctioneer. No'lce? The sale ot Furniture at the Mansion nousc, advertised to take place on the premises, March 2(1, is Indefinitely posiponed. FITCH BROS. A S1MOND8. NoBTiiiHPTof, March 25, 1H73. j^RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. A Office and salesroom 37 Na**nu street, the old stand, opposite the Post office. HORSE AUCTION BRANCH REMOVED TO 19, 21, 23 and 2ft Ea-'t Thirteenth street, between University place and Fifth avenue. 200 OIL POINTINGS FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Tills day ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell on Fridav, at 11 o'clock, at lib salesroom, 37 Nassau street., 200 line Oil Painting* of foreign and American artists, a choice collection, in fine frames, uow on exhibition. Arcii. Johnston, auctioneer, office nuil salesroom 37 Nassau street (the old s and), oppodte tho Post office. HORSE AUCTION BRANCH REMOVED TO 19, 21, 23 and 2/i East Thirteenth street, between Cnlversity place ami Filth avenue. GBNTUEL IIOUSKHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, CARPETS, AC. AT.CH. JOHNSTON WILL SELL AT AUCTION. ON Saturday, Aprils, at 10'iJ o'clock, at 203 WEST TWENTIETH STREET, near Eighth avenue, all the Furniture, Ac. eontiined In said hpunc? rosewood, walnut and mahogany Parlor, Dining Room and chamber Furniture, Brussels Carpets, Mirrors, hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Ac. ; China and Glassware, together with the Kitchen Furniture, with whiel. the solo will commcncc. A. J. BLEECKER. SON A CO., First Suburban Sale of (he season. Rapid Transit? 36 minutes from City Hall. Lots about the depot ntul at Gothic Uouse. at Rutherford Park, N.J., first Station Eric Railway from New York. (Trains foot of Chambers and Twc nty-third street, at 1 s3\) SATURDAY APTEKNOoN, April 5, The most ucccssable suburb of New \ork: bat 9 miles from City llall. Forty dally trains. Most liberal terms of payment. For maps an ' street; or J. FlBilhlt WAT of payment. For inaps a:>ply lo tlie auctioneer, 77 Cedar z ATHERTIIWAITE, 10 Pine stroet. Adrian h. muller, auctioneer. Auction sale of 128 Lots near Central avenue and Macomb's Bridge. ADRIAN II. MULLER, 1'. R. WILKINK A CO., w ill sell at auction, on Tuesday, April 13, at 12 o'clock, at tlio Ex change salesrooms, 111 Broadway, By order of Charles C. Spoerry, DO Plots, or 12S l^ots. also i he D welting and Barn, beautifully situated. between unhand l<iHih streets, over* looking Central aveuue, the uatural outlet of sixth, Sev enth and Eighth avenues. The property is naturally drained, and is part of the well known Anderson c-tite, anil lies west and north of Judge Smith's Central Avenue Dotel. The depot ot the New York Central and Hudson Kiver Iiailrond, as also the terminus ot the Gilbert route, are only a few minutes' walk from this property, which is included in the laud to be cnnexi d to \c\v York city this Spring. Sale peremptory and without reserve. Plans will be ready after Wednesday, Aprl 1 9, at the office of the auctioneers, No. 7 Pine Allen r. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms 95 Chambert an I 77 Rcade streets, By ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., THIS HAY (FRIDAY), APRIL 4, at 10>, o'clock, at their salesrooms, 95 Chambers and 7? Itende street, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIER AND MANTLE MIRRORS, velvet, Brussels and ingrain Car pets; rose wool at'.d black walnut Parlor, Dining ami Bed room Furniture, consisting of suits in brocatet and vari ous colored reps; Bedsteads, tnurble to'i Dre.-s!ng Bu reaus, \Yaslistatnls, Commodes, Bookcases, Centre and Side Tables. Iita go res. Wardrobes, Lounge. Hookers. I'ln Ing, Extension tables, cane sent Chairs. Cottage Suits, and Spring Ilalr Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Laco Window Curia'ns, Crockerv, Glass, Silver Ware, Kitchen Utensils, .to. AUCTION SALE. AUCTION SALE. THIS (FRIDAY) MORNING, April 4, at 10'.? o'clock. Over 500 lots ot elegant Household Furniture, 800 yards Velvet. Brussels Carpets, Mirrors beautiful Into <t styles Parlor Suits, rosewood 7',,-octave hi illlant tono Pianoforte, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, stylo of LouU XIY. ; nt ihe large priv.ite residence, 113 West Eighth s'r.'et (Clinton rlace), between Firth and Sixth avenues, pi op erty ot lamily leaving (or Europe; One Oil I'iilntln?*, Worksof Arts, Broiues, Vase, l oco Curtains, Marie An toinette and Pompadour stjies Parlor Suits, Etagercs, Cabinets, Tables, Bookcaro *, Turkish Chairs, Lounges, Sideboard. Extension Tai>*e, Ola*. China, Silverware; Cut'ery. Mirrors, Curtains. He.lsteads, Bureaus, Wash stands, Sprinx and Hair Mnttrn ;sos, Bedding, Bolsters, Pillows, ingrain, Brussels Carpets; Oilcloth, Ac. E. RoTh, Auctioneer, Goods packed ami delivered for pur chasers, city or country. A UOUST MAKTINKS, AUCTIONEER. J L Important sale of rich and costly Household Furniture, Planotorte, Bronzes, Ac., rare chance tor housekeepers, at private residence :tS West 1Mb st., between 5th and 6th avs? at lOJf o'clock, onTHIs day (Friday). Drawing Rooms? Superb Suits Furniture, I'ompadonr, Marie Antoinette stjlcs, covered silk brocade; bois do rose Cabinets, fables, Etaacres, Secretaire Bookcase; velvet, medallion Carpets; Mirrors. Lace Cur tains. Paintings, by eminent nrt'sis; artistic Bronae Statuary, Clocks, Vases; inri?iiitlcent ro?ewood I'lsno forte, celebrated city maker ; Canterbury. Music Books; rosewood w.lnut Drc*-in? Bureaus, Bedsteads, Ward robes, en suite, style Louis XIV.; Mattresses, Extension Table, Sideboard, Silverware, Linen, Glassware, China. Cutlery; Basement, Kitchen Furniture. Parties wishing to attend this rale take 5tli av. s'nges or fitli av. cars. Auction notice.? r. t. hazei.i., auctioneer THIS DAY, FRIDAY. April 4, nt 10la o'clock, at our salesroom, ili Chambers street, heavy and shelf Hardware, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Ac. In lots to suit city and country trade, also Shovels nnd Spades, TlaV an 1 Manure Forks, nandlet, Piles, screws, I'istols, Plate. I Ware, Ac. Catalogues on morning of said. R. T. HAZRLL A CO.. Auctioneers, 118 Chambers street A RT sale. Continuation Sale of high class Oil Paintings, at the Gallery, 60 Liberty street. This day, at 12 o'clock. Albert r. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms 108 Liberty anil 111 Cedar streets. Furniture. Carpets, Bedding, Ac. On SATURDAY. April 5, 187S, at 11 o'clock, D. W. IVI'S will sell us above a very larfe ami eencral assortment ot F .rni'urc, Carpets, Bedding. Crocnerv, Glass, Retrigcrator*, Pictures, Oilcloths, Kitchen Ar lele's, Ac. Sale will commence with tecond hand Articles in basement. Catalogues at sale. On exhibition this day. UCTION SALE ~ AUCTION ?uZ a. JI0 West 21st st, near 7th av., This tlftf (I ritlny), at 10 o'clock positively, elegant llousi lici tl Furniture, consisting of rich Parlor Suits In ?a In an4 broeatel, Bedroom Suits In reps. Magnificent rosewood 7 U octave Pianoforte, Stool, Cover ami Music Stand, Centre Tables, Etage res. Console Tablos, Turkish chairs, beniitiinl Oil Paintings, Bronms, Mirrors, Cut tains, Clocks, Ac. ; Hall, Library and Dining Furniture, .-liver want, I u'ltry. Citatnber Suits in ro.tewood nnd walnut, consisting ot BcdMcitils, Bureaus, Wash stands, Wardrobes, ti.X) yards Carpet, rrho+rs. Lounges, spring and hair Mattresses, Blankets, Counterpanes, Ac.. ROBi RT C. CASH1N, Auctioneer. N. R? Snlo positive. Ta^e 7th or 8th av. cars to 21st st. Don'l tail to attend the largest sale of the season. Auctmn sale this day at private residence, I'M We>t 2ith st, comprising over 3on lots of flrtl cla 'S Household Furniture, HENRY ZlNN, Auctioneer, sells, commencing at It)!, o'clock, viz., Ro c wood Pianoforte, rich Parlor tiults, Mirrors, Bru-seis Carpets, Oil I'aintlngs, Lace Curtains, Etagercs, Book ca<e, ornaments, Ac. Bedrooms contain Rosewood nnd Walnut Suits, single and double Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Spring ami Ilalr Mattresses, Lounge*, Clocks, Redding, Ac. ; also Dining Boom, Basement n in I Kitchen Furniture, Buffet, Extension Table, Chairs, P.atc, Cutlery, China and other articles too numerous to mention. BY MAX B \ YKR.HDORFER, AUCTIONEER -SELLS. at 9>J o'clock, at ."VM East Eighth street handsome Fixtures, showcases, stock of Candles, Toys, Ac., of Cou fectloneiy. In lot.s^ positively. B \ YKRSDOHFKR A HACKER. 245 Bowery. Y .1. W CAMPBELL, JR., AICTIONERR. __ CAMPBELL A CO. sella fills day at ItlJ,' o'clock. Furniture In house 224 Weoster street near Amlty?vl*., Parlor Halt in reps, walnut; other Bedsteads, Bureaus, Leaf Tables, Washstnnds, Mirrors, nice Curtains and Ltiiiiberkius, fine Engravings Chairs. Toilet Sets, Mat ire mm. Bed ling, hall and stair Oilcloths, Brussels, other Carpets, Ac. Goods removed after ?ale. Dealers, buyers, lovlted. CAMPBELL A CO., vdlcc 34* llUd-SU Siftet 8 ALBS AT APCTfOW. By b. w. daoobt, auctioneer. DAL'CUY k JOHNSON kII this day, at 2 o'clock, at 4M Canal street, a large as sortment of Household Furniture, consisting ol Parlor and Bedroom Bints In rtjps and haircloth, Cottage Suita, black w.ilunt Bureaus, Waslistands. hair aud other Mat tresses, Pr ath.T Beds, Pillows, Bedding, Mirrors. Velvet. Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, Hush, Oilcloths, Chande Uara, Gas fixtures. Oil Fainting*, Engraving. marble top Tables, Wardrobe*, spring Mattr?*aes Mantel <>rna unnts. Table Cutlery, Ac. Also by order of Marshal, a flue 2?* of Wines, Brandy, Ales, Ac. BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM Til BROADWAY, opposite New York Hotel, near Alitor place. On SATURDAY, Aprils, at 11 o'clock, at .vatesroom, FIRST CLASS SKW1NG MACHINES, VIZ. Singer, Wilson and other well-known makers: also one superior Planer machine lor harness work. Kale positive. BY DANIEL A. MaTUEWS. AUCTIONEER. SALESROOM TIZ BROADWAY. April 5, at 11 o'clock, at s.ilesroom, THREE ELEGANT FRENCH PLATE PIER MIRUOItfl; also a large assortment ol Parlor, Library and Bedroom Furniture. /CORPORATION SA1J5 OK REAL ESTATES i .? w.. leases of Perry Franchises. Public notice Is hereby given that tho Commissioners ol the Sinking I'und of the city of New York will open for sale at public auction, on ruesdav, April 29, 18 ra. at noon, at the Exchange Kale-room, lit Broadway, in the city ol New York, the following real estate* belonging to the Corporation ot the city of New York:? Premises known as ltf! wonster street. Premises known as 352 West Thirty-fifth street Premises known us S3 Spriagjlreet. Premises known us 49 Leonard street. Building ami I.and on the cast side ol avenue C, be tween Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, known as the Eighteenth Ward Market. Full warrantee deed-) will be given to all purchasers. Lithographic maps ol' tho above real estates may be ob tained at the Comptroller's oftlee on and after the 10th of April next. Also Pealed Bids will be received, to be publicly opened at the Comptroller's oftice on April 29, 1873, at 3 o'clock P. M., for Leases for a term of 1" years, from May 1, 1873, of tho following ferries and ferry franchises:? Ferry now established from foot of Houston street. East Itlver, New York, to the foot of Grand street, Brook lyn, E. D. Ferry now established from foot of Grand street, New York to foot of Grand street, Brooklyn, E. D. Ferry now established iroin loot of Ninety-second street. East River, to Astoria. Island. Lease of terry franchise, now csiahllshed from lootof Barclay street, North River, to Hoboken, N. J. Lease of ferry franchise, now established from foot of Desbrosses street. North River, to foot of llarslmus street N. J. Tho leases to be made to conform to the requirement of laws relative to terries, und such regulation*, ordin ances or bylaws as are now, or hereafter may from time to time be made or passed by the Common Council or State Legislature. Bids to lie addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Bids lor Ferry Franchises." The right to reject any bid, if deemed to be to the In terest ol the city of New York, Is reserved by tho Com ini-sloners of the Sinking Fund. ANDREW H. GREEN, Comptroller. COMPTROLLKfl'S OfFlCS, New County Court Housp, March 27, 1873. CENTRAL AUCTION 110USH. J WINANS A GARRETTSON, General Auctioneers. salesrooms 327 an* 6J9 Sixth avenue, near Thirty second street and Broadway. Auetionr S.U"S of Furni ture, Mirrors Carpets, Ornaments, Paintings, Carriages, Harness, Ac. Goods received on storage for private sale. Sales at private residences a specialty. Drug stock at auction-on the premises, 1,283 Broadway, on Tuesday, April S, at 11 o'clock, without reserve, consisting of elegant Glass 1 n belled Bot tles, splendid Kilver Mounted Showcases, Sorties, large as sortment Patent Medicines, Fancy Goods, Drugs and Chemicals. Catalogues and particulars at STRICK LAND'S Druggists' Agency, 78 Cedar street. C^EORGE J. SMITH, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE NO. 11 T Chambers street, Now York. By virtue ol an exe cution I will sell ut public auction one light Grocery Wagon at 3M West Twenty-seventh street, nt Gluck's earr a?e factory, on Friday, "April 4, 1873, at 12 M. HO FOR BROOKLYN I Cheapest Lots In the world. Look hi it, compare, sum up and redact. Lots la New York, two hours iVoui City Hall, average $12, OX'. Lots In Flushing, fhO> to $2,AtN). Lots in College Point, $&? id to $2,000. Lots in White stone, $;;tk) In {I, MX). Lots ill Hern I'll, $6(W to $3,<1C0. Lots in Elizubcth, $1,9)0 to $A,i'?)i). Just think or it! Lot* in the Twenty-first ward Of BrooMyn, fllty minutes 110111 Now York, a splendid loo it Ion, on a popular thoroughfare, average only $32). A word lo the wine is enough. Remember, on MONDAY, April 7, at the Auction Exchange, 3!K) Fulton street, Brooklyn, 15<) Lou remaining unsold from the great auction xnlr ol .March 31 will be disposed ot' to the highest bidder. Go by all means and secure n great targaln by purchas ing some of these choice lota. Particulars of J EKE. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 I'ark row, Saw York. Henry b. herts, AUCTIONEER. GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ON FRIDAY, APRIL 4, AT ll)?X O'CLOCK, AT 1M WEST FORTY -EIGHTH STREET, comprising tine Brussels, velvet and ingrain Carpets; French plute .Mirrors, I>aee Curtains, walnut Parlor Suits, bookcase, French Clocks, Bronzes, \ uses and Ornaments, walnut Mdelioard, Dining Table and Chairs, Hall Stand, tine walnut Chamber Suits, i.ounuus. Chairs, Oil Paint ings, China, Glassware, Ac. ; together with the Ki:chen Utensils, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues now ready at oftloe of auctioneer, 18 Cortlandt street. JACOB BOO ART, AUCTIONEER, SATURDAY, \prll B, at 11 o'clock, at the auction room, No. 1 North William street, Household Purnlture, consisting of a large and general assortment of Parlor, Bedroom, Dining Room aii-1 Kitchen Furniture. JH. JENKINS A CO., AUCTIONEERS.? WILL ? sell, on Saturday, April 0, 1H73. at 10 o'clock A. SI., the entire contents of oyster Saloon and Ke?taurant, 300 Fourth avenue^cons'.rting of Bur and listMres, Tablei, Chairs, tJlasjwaro, Mirror, Engravings, Refrigerator, Range, Boiler, Cooking Utensils, Shades, Ac., Ac. Sale peremptory. Bargains for dealers, James m. ford, auction rer? sells this day. at 114 Second avenue, at 10U o'clock, a'l the genteel Household Furniture contained in the above residence, consisting of Parlor Suits, marble top Centre Tables, rosewood Plano'orte, Worcester maker; fine Moquet, Velvet, Tapestry, three ply Carpets; Mirror", Bureau, Rednieids, Withstands, Wardrobes, Oil Paintings, En cravings. Mantel Ornaments. 30 davs Clock, pure hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows; Bedding, Extension Tables, Sideboard, China, Glass, Crockery and Silver plated Ware, Cutlery, Ac. ; Oilcloth, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., with which the sale will commence. Catalogues on the morniug of sale. Jambs caoney, auctioneer, real estate and Loan Broker, S31 Hudson street, will give per son.) I attention to the sale ol Furniture at private resi dences, hotels; store stocks, Ac. Twenty -three years in the auction branch of my business; prompt, reliable re turns ; charges moderate. Lewis e. wood, auctioneer ? and Dealer In New Jersey Real Estate, oftk'Q 7i) Montgomery street, Jersey City, will seil THIS DAY, at 3 o'clock 1'. M ", the valuable Real Estate 175 Pavonia avenue. House contains 18 rooms; all modern improvements; house 22xlV lot 26xlM). and vacant lot In rear, MM, terms easy; possession immediate. M ORRIS WILKIN-*, AUCTIONEER. NORTHEAST corner ot Tenth avenue, and IMth street. CHURCH OF Til ti INTERCESSION, E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at audition, TUESDAY April 8:h. 1*71. at 12 o'c lock. at the Exchange Salesroom 111 Rroadway, Trinltv Build ing. N. Y.? sale by order ol the vestrv o. Church' or the Intercession, Protestant Episcopal? Plot of tlround, with Frame Church, 30xlu) feet, situate northeast Corner of Tenth avenue and 184, h street Plot SlxUft teet. is even with grade, free from rock, and wi'lun .VMJ teet ol avenue Bt. Nicholas. Poi-CLision July 1, 1*73. Terms at sale. MEL8AR AUCTIONEER, HELLS THIS DAY, AT ? 10, 'i o'clock, at 1,4; 9 Broadway, near Forty-sixth street, the entire Stock mil Fixtures ot a saloon, consist inor of barrels of Whiskeys, Gins. Ac. ; also a fine Billiard Table, Cue", Balls and I'in Kails; also Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Mirrors, Clocks, and also splendid Counter and Shelv ngs. Sale positive ; in lots. Dealers, attend. MARTIIAL'H SALE.? BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECU tion I will sMI at public sale this day. at 10, a. M., at 123 Broome street, one single horse Truck. WILLIAM AB r, Marshal. MARSHAL'S SALK-TIIOMAS M'ORATH, AUCTION7 ecr, 131 Chatham street, will sell this day, at 11 o'clock, a large lot of Whesler A Wilson, Singer, Oro vcr A Baker and Weed Sowing Machines. By order of James O'llara. Marshal. PAWNBROKER'S H ALK.? TII08. J. M'ORATH, Al'C tloneer. l.tS Chatham street, will sell this day. at II o'clock, MJ0 l?ots ot Women's Clothing, Dresses, Snawls. Remnants, Boots, Skoes, Ac. By order L. Caben, Canal street. PAWNBROKER'S BALE. -SAM. FOREST, AUCTION eer, sells this day. at 17 Bowery, at 12 o'clock. #00 lets men's and women's tine Clothing, Silk Dresses, suits, Skirts and Remnant*, Broche and other shawls, fiaeques, Spreads, Underwear, Shoes, Gaiters, tine Coats, Pants, Vests and other goods. Order De Long, 200 East Broad way. ___ _ AWNBROKF.R'H SALE.? R. FIELD, SHERIFF'S AND general aucliouccr's salesroom, 121 Bowerv, will sell this day, ut II o'clock, SCO lots men's and women's Cloth lug, Lire-;*, s. ShawN, Itemuuiits, Underclothing, He. Ming, Uuilts, Blankets, Hoots, Shoes, Ac.; a'sj Coats, Pants una Ae-its. By order HUGH FR EEL, Rose street O HERMAN, AUCTIONEER. Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Teas, Ac., this day (Friday), April 4, at 10, o'clock, at 13 Bowery, the entire Stock ot a wholesale dealer, consl ting or choice Wines and Liquors, as casks tine Brondlcs. Gin, casks Port and sherry Wines; ulso barrels choice old Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, as Hovven, Bixby, Shawen, Teyler, Ac. ; scotc h and Irish Whi kev, Claret and Rhine, Wines; a,?> ra<cs Brandies, (Jin, Illiters, Ac. ; also Havana Cigars, chest* Teas, Dc-ks, ('hairs, Ac.; also 16 barrels Kentucky Bour bon, H years old ;a!?o a lot Furniture, Glai-twarc, Ac. Sale positive ; dealers Invl'.fd. SIMON HERMAN, AUCTIONEER.? EXECUTOR'S sale of Household Furniture, Piano, Wines, Liquors. Clgar?, Ac.? this day, Friday, April 4, at I0J? o'clock, at 13 Howerv, the entire Effects of the late Dr. ll. Tie Ike? viz., of Household Furniture, rosewood Piano, With stand, Chairs, Tables, Bedsteads and Bedding : alio per sonal EiTeet*. stock ol Wines, Liquors, Champagnes, Cigars, Ac. ; also a large lot of Glassware. Sale positive ; dealer* Invited. By order of A. W, EBERHARDT. Executor. rrilOMAS OAFFNEY, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE NO. fl 1 centre street, will sell this day, at lo1-, mrrnck. the Stock aud Fixtures ol the Lienor Store, I0U We?t Fortieth street ; positively. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, ? ill sell on this day, at II o'clock, a large lot of Household Furniture, at tile salesrooms, DO Sew Bowery; solid wuluut Bedsteads, parlor and bedroom Suits, In reps and brocatel; hair Mattresses, Brussels and Ingrain Car pets. Oil cloths, Chairs and Tables, walnut Counters, one line Billiard I able, Ac. w ILLI.lM TOPPING A CO., AUCTIONEERS, Church street, near I'esrl street. THIS DAY iFridavi, April I, W71, at 12 o'clock, lot ol patent Letter Copying Books, Notions, Ac. W A VTKD TO rva CHASM WANTED? A OOO? SECOND HAND % O* U Tf medium Gordon Press ; must he as eoo?l as new. AO drtt* stating lowest uriuc. n A. A . Herald oWce. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, ftC. ^ Fob ralb? a small steam tacqtj new, fasi^ in perfect condition am'. well fouud; 1?39 feet long, ? feet beam, oak frame, cedar planking and copper fastened; engine (IxH Inches; boiler flfeet high, 40 incuts diameter, with 276 tubes; both cabin and engine room inclosed with glass and curtains, with full he^iJ room In both; independent pump in conformity with United State* regulation'. Apply to BLUAfi BRAINERD, Albany, S. V. For sale? sloop yacht vesper, op phila delphia, 93 feet over a'.l, sifter bout to the Vixen, of Brooklyn Yacht Clab; built at tiio same time auJ by same l.uilder; cabin an<l cockpit finished with hard wood; completely lound, elegantly furnished and in pertect order. Kor lurthcr description, Ac., address D. 8. CON f)V KR, S3 South Front street, l'liilrd< Iphia, Pa. For sale? the sloop rebbcca. to be seek the foot of Thirty-eighth street North River. Pbo will earry 55 gross tons and draws < '.5 feet ot water. WANTfcD? A SECOND HAND WORKING BOAT, IN good order. Address, stating where it can be seen sad lowest price, C. F. P.. box 5,. '599 Post ottlee. Yacht AL1CB FOB kale. MTONt wahthor oughly refitted last Fall and alterations made, giviai; treat s^eed. Apply to WILLIAM B. NICHOLS, N?F 9 Pino street, New York. inn NEW BOATS. WOOD AND IRON, SPOON 1WU Oars, 80 second hond Ships' Boats, Boats from 20 to 30 I'ect long, at 3(M and 378 South street and 114th street and llarlem Kiver. STEPHEN RoBEItTU. FCRJIITURK. A? STORAOB. . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS!, PAINTINGS, Ac.j ALSO CARRIAOB8, WAUON8, *C., at the NEW FIRST CLaSS WARBHOU8B, built expressly for the purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUB. TRUNKS. CASKS nnu other PACKAGES eoutainlnz articles of EXTRA VALUE can be stored with SAFETY at low rate*. Persons can forward their goods from any part or BUROI'R er AMERICA direct to thin warehouse. TUE PUBLIC Is Invited to examine the suoerior ac commodations, light, ventilation, safety, ao., which this warehouse possesses over all others, , JOHN n. MORRELL, Owner and Proprietor. LLEN B. MINER A BROTHER, SUCCESSORS TO Henry U. Leeds A Miner (established 1817), will give their personal attention, ns customary fur the pa<it 25 years, to sales of Atrnltnro at the residences of parties declining lionstskecpin?. Wilt also, hold regular weekly sales at their spacious salesrooms, No. 96 Chambers street, running through to Kendo street, for the convenience of hose preferring to remove their effect*. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPET*, F0RNI ture and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weoUy instilments, at, OTARRELL'S Warehouse, 410 Eighth av enue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets. A FAMILY OOINU TO EUROPE WILL SELL ALL their elegant Household Furniture. Carpets, A c., Ac., at a moderate prlcc. Call ut residence 36 West 54th street, between 5th and 6th nvs. HANDSOME PARLOR SUIT FOR SALE VERY cheap ; only been used throe months; also anele Jant French Side "addle, for half Its value. Inquire at iWWest Fiftieth rtreet. A" ? ENTIRE "KLBOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ? of private residence 210 West 21st st. near 7tl? ave nue, will be sold at one-nuartcr original cost, part or whole to sol' purchaser; rich satin and broeitel Parlor Suits, magnificent 7' i octave Pianoforte. Library oiwl Dining Furniture, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, Ac. ; tamily leaving the city. N. B.? 210 West 21st st. A_A._ A -1J0 WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? A . private family declining housekeeping and not wishing to have a public atu'tton, will fell their elegant Household Furniture In lots to suit purchasers; two mag? nlficent broeatel Parlor Suits, cost SfiCI, for $J50; one do. 9125; rep Suits $40 to (75; Bedroom Snits $25 upwards; 64ij yards Car; et less than half cost; Pianoforte, cost $tKK), for $475; other articles too numerous to mention : call be fore purchasing elsewhere. Private house 120 West Twen ty-third street. ' All the first class household fukniturs of private tanillv for sale at half original cott, via. Drawing Room feu it*, covered silk broeudo; rosewood Eta ger*1, velvet, Brussels Carpet.--; Paintings, Bronzes; rose wood. walnut Chamber Furniture, together with every article of luxury and comfort found in modern household. Apply every day this week at 3ti West 16th sf., near 5th av. A RARE CHANCE FOR CASH-PARLOR SUIT?, $7fi; rep Suits, $15; Bedroom Suits, $25; Brussels Carpets 50 cents a vard, and 300 lots cheap, at private rosldeno* 124 West 23th ?t. . V' T A GREAT SACRIFICE IF CALL THIS DAY AT residcnco 113 West Eighth street (Clinton place), be tween Fltth and Sixth avenue?, magnificent latest stvl4 Parlor Suit, nearly new, cost $575. lor $178; one ao., $150; hrocalel and reps Kutts, $75 and $50; rosewood and walnut Chamber Suit*. $35 up; Velvet, Brussels Carpet*, .VJc. up; I'lanof'orie, Mirrors, Curtains, Buffets, Kxten uion Table, feilvorware, Oil Paintings, Ac., for any rea sonable offer. Call before purchasing elsewhere. Cut this out. TTIURXITURE FXPRESS. DEANB A CO. I? 424 West Thirteenth street.? Furnitnre, pianos Ao., removed to and from the cliy and country ; experienced mfn; reasonable prices. OR SALE? ALL~ FKRNITCRE IN A PRIVATES Hon e, with Le|ise and a fine garden, in a respect able neighborhood ; frunt and hack Parlor Suit-i, Looking Classes, front and buci BascnicuLs, Stoves and all neces sary Cooking Utensils; Carpets, Oicloths, lloils. Bed steads, Wardrobes, Mattresses Ac.; can be occupied im mediately. Inquire at 31 Stanton street. Monthly or weekly payments.? carpets Furniture, Bedding. Ae. . . ^ DEALY A CUNNINGHAM, 3S? and .W5 1 nlra avenue, near i wenuvsuncn i;? )t. Prices tower than any otuer nouse a Vu city. PRIVATE PARTIES DESIKING TO DISPOSE OS* their Furniture can meet with a cash purchaser!)/ addroslng s. It. P., box 38J I'ost otllce. SATURDAY, APRIL 5.-F.XC.5LLENT HOUSEHOLD Furniture of (he private residence 112 West Four teenth slreet. near Sixth avenue, without any reserve, consisting ot elegant 7 octave Piano, elegant black wal nut Parlor and Bedrooui Suits in reps, elegant black wal nut moi'iilo top Chamber suits; curled hair and spring -Vattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, inarble top Oeutre Tables; excellent Brussels, topostry and three-ply Car pels; vel\et and Brussels Stair Carpet, Hall Oilcloths, Kitchen Furpiture, one Sewing Machine, Ac. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FUR nltnre. Carpets and Bedding, at B. M. COWPKR TH WAIT A CO. '8. 155 and 157 Chatham street. Aa immense stock and low prices. LBOJlL NOTK R9. St'l'lt KMK c.ot RT. In the matter of the application or the Department of Public Park*, tor mid in beliult of the Mavor, Alder men and commonalty of the city of Sew York, relative to the Opening nf Kingsbridge Road, northwardly from the southerly line of 156th street to the Harlem Itiver, n* laid out by the Commissioners of the Central Park. In the city ot New York. We, the undersigned Commissioners of Estimate and A???-mnu in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice to the owner or owners, occupant or occupant* of nil houses and lot* mid unproved or unimproved lands affected thereby, and to all other* whom It may concern, to wit 1.? That we have completed our estimate ami assess ment, and that all persons interested In these proceed ings or in any of the lunds alTecied thereby, and who may be opposed to the same, do present their objections la writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Couiimmioueri, at our office, 19b Broadway (room 15;, In the said elty, on or before the KM day of April. WW, and that we, the sabi Commissioners will hear parties so objecting within tha ten wee'e-days next aiter the said ill day of April, IS79. and for that purpose will be m attendance at our said office on each ol said ten aavs, at II o'clock A. M. II.?' That the abstract ot the said estimate and assess ment, together with our maps, and also all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used by us In making our report, have been deposited in the office of the Department or Public Works, In the city of New York, there to remain until the 6th day of May, 1873. III.? That the limits embraced by the assessment afore said are as follows, to wit: ? All those certain lots, pieces or parcels of la-d contained, lying and being within tha following bounds or limits, that is to say Commonelnu at the point torined by the intersection of the northerly line or slue of 145tb street with the westerly line or side of the Eighth avenues running thence northerly along the westerly line or side of the said Eighth avenue to tha high water mark of the Harlem River: thence along tho said high water mark of the Harlem River as it winds and turns to the Hudson River; thence southwardly along the easterly side of I he Hudson River, at hign water mark as said river winds and turns, la the. southerly line or side o 155th street; thence easterly along the said southerly line or side ol 150th street to tha easterly side ot the Boulevard ; thence southerly along the said easterly side of said Boulevard to the northerly line or side ot' 145th street, and easterly along the saffil northerly line or side of 143th street to the point or placa of beginning. IV.? That onr report herein will be presented to the Su preme Court of the State of New York, at a special term thereof, to be held in the New Court Honse at the City llall, in the city of New York.onthf 26th day of May, IHi.'i, at the opening of the Court on that day, and that then and there, or as soon then-alter as counsel can ha heard thereon, a motion wilt be made that the said repoit be con Armed. HENRY PARSONS, ) WILLIAM J. CAHHON8, 5 Commissioners.' JOHN T. McGOWAN, J Nkw York. March 19, l*?73. L.OAV OFFICII 9, AT 77 BLBBCKER STREET, NEAR BIMUDWAT, l.'P stairs.? Highest cash advances on Diamond Watches, Jewelry, 1'innos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers Tickets bought, at 77 Hleecker Street. T II\ MAN'S, 710 BitO A RW AY? LIBERAL a!? vanees inadc on Diamonds tind Watches. Silverware, I f.. or will puv Hie highest inai '<et price lor the same. American office-established ism.-any amount loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry. Silverware. India Sits wis, Lace*. Valuables, Ac., or will buy; utmost value paid. J.SJ. BAKRiNUKR, 7:15 Broad way, opposite Alitor plaee _ At WOLF BROTHERS', BROADWAY, Bc.TWKKN Nineteenth and Twentieth street*? Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Sil* rwure, f ilRs and par ticularly 1'linos; private parlor lor ladies; btisinc* sir.etlv confidential. Money LOAN I'ib ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JKW clry. Silverware, and the same bought and sold. UEOKtlfi C. ALLEN, P41 Broadway, near Fourteenth ttrc. t, and .VI East Thirteenth s!\ TaQ SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWE N I ? : RltfH 'iUO a ud Twenty-filth streets.? Liberal advances inudo on Diamonds. Watches. Jewelry and all kinds o; Ooo4sk Same bought at lull valuo. L. BERNARD. ?TOR \;;k. OTORAUE FOR Fl'RNlTrRE. PIANOS, BAQOAOK, AC., O In separate rooms; private, watchman in building at night. This Is the sa est snd nest ventilated building of the kind In the city. 'IrucKs con tan'ly on hand tor re moving goods. MICH ALES M SON. 32 and 34 Commerce street, near Hleecker. Special attention paid to packing furniture for shipment, CfiOTHINU. V TTF.NTION.? LADIES AND OENTLEMEN, THROI'O It having a large order io fulfill. I aiii compelled to pay in cash more than anyone, without exception, for cast off Clothing, Carpets, Bedding, furniture, Ac. You will find ii best to your own advantage toeail on or address Mr. or Mrs. UO.nKNBKRO, i4ii seventh avenue, second hoiwa above Twenty-lourlh street it EDWARD MILLER'S WELL RVOWft 1 RHTAB iA llsliinont, lfiu Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street?' The utmost value paid tor Cast-ofTCIotTh^i Oar. pets, Ae., by calling on or addreuiug Mr. and Mr* WJL LKR. AT J. AN HALT'S, 1711 SETRNTn avenhb.? ladik* and gentlemen can obtain lull value lor Cast-o/T Clothing, Cornets. Ac., by calling on or addresidtig. Da not be humhnrKod by laiic preicuders. Ladies atteudeit to by Mrs, Anhalfc

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