Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1873 Page 5
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FINANCIAL ANBfOMMERCMLf . t t- W ' ? . Persistent Stringency in Money^ with Gradual Relaxation, I The Average Rate on Call Yesterday 90 tvttmiiuL TUMBLE IB FOBSIQ9 BXCHAHGE. T * I ..II i k ito ??lnl Sterling at ? Kuoont of Abtoi On and a Half Pei cent and Specie Impor tation! hrvitcd1. !t 91 01 *-MSm9a. j *dtrAhni ti 'fua* ttr - . ? + I OBSTINATE PraittNEBfl OF SOU). ttit U"Js MH' a Oil i!Z>0*<ja SOTi * , m I ,i ??.?? liinf ?? I S 'M V - Visit of tl&e Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to Ifew York and Its Qonjeotmied Otgeot. STOCKS BETTER, FIRM ANT) QtJTET. Seven Per Cent Railroad Bonds Selling at 109 '.r. Wau. STRMKT, .1 Thursday. AprU 3?0 i'. M.J On *Chaage to-day cotton wae quiet, and from Xc. a* c. per lb. lower for both spot and future. Fiowr was In better request ana about steady. Wheat was dnU and lower to sell, while corn was ?uiet, but steady. - the govsrhent oolb salb. The "Aprfl programme" was inaugurated tp-dpy ! with the sale of jl, soo.eoo gold, for which the bids filed at the Sub Treasury werfe eighteen in number, calling for a total of $8,540,000 at 117 4 117.S6, hoe firm offering 117.12 for the whole lot. The awards ' were made at m.ssx a 117.56. THR FOREIGN MARKET. Toe London quotations came strong for oensoto, which rose ho. a S-iec. per coot on the non-altera tion of tha rate of discount of the Bank ef Eng land. the minimum of which many people con lectured would he advanced te a* least 4H per. cent at the weekly meeting of the directors this noon. United sta'tee bends stiffened at the same time, and the >?7's improved on eighth per oent. Subsequently, however, the tcn-lortins and new fives fell oir a a \ on the announcement that f THE BANS OF ENOLANP had lost ?040,000 in bullion during the past week, consols remaining steady. Erie shores were tower, at 61, and the new French loan was quiet at 6 per , cent premium. From Paris it was announced that the Bank 0/ France had gained 6,300,000 francs , during the week, whereupon rentes advanced to 66.85. From the Continent came the intelligence that the Banker Frankfort, following the lead or the Bank of Berlin had raised the discount rate to I per cent. e dilutee "le toyman caiiJ S v? r.'? ;,!*0NEY SnUNOKNT. ,, 't rfo' Vi, | The u\oney market was again exceedingly strip, gent, but sensibly easier as compared with its im-. mediately previous history. The rate on call ranged from 7 per cent coIb as the one exceptional extreme which, as on Wednesday, was touched for a moment only, to x per cent as the other, the final dealibga being at % per cent* In, other words, the rate [ot the use of money on call fluctuated from 8 per cent as the lowest to 180 per cent as the ' highest, ahd closed at 46 per cent. The average ?tte was about. per cent, equivalent to about 00 v cent per annum. y6 THE " 8ITUAT10N," I* embracing the attitude of the Treasury and tbo pfiux of money from the interior, was without new feature, except that the sudden departure for New York this afternoon of the Assistant Secre tary of the Treasury has been Interpreted to mean that the government has been induced, by the pro tracted stringency in money, to believe that its Interference would now be salutary. (Should Mr. Bawyer, the Assistant Secretary, reach the city in season to-night to be accessible to our reporter, the result of tlie interview will be given in an adjoin ing column.) Commercial paper, aa may he in ferred, was entirely nominal and rates were not even quoted, so rigidly inactive was the market under the pressure for moaaxoA call. The out standing extra greenbacks have been reduced 135,000 to -day, * f PAUL in PORBIGN HTCHANOB. ?' The continued stringency in money led to a fur ther and serious decline in foreign exchange, the prime drawers of sterling towering tlieir rates to 107* lor sixty day and 108J* for sight bills. Hat the former sold freely at 107 and .sight at 107 while caW? transfers were done at 108*. These rates tend to bring gold this way frtoin London, as may be seen from the fact that with sight sterling at 107*, tbe nounrt or sovereign Is worth only $4 78*, against $1 8 ?*, its par and standard at the Custom noose. As the cost or importation, in cluding freight and insurance'ls only about * per cent, there would be a net proflt of about one per . cent in ' . BUINCINU SFBC1S FROM LONDON to Now York. But as long a? money is worth all the way from CO to 366 per cent per anuum in New York, the importation is not likely to bo made, Any en thusiastic and patriotic American, win wishes "for once" to see a practical result of sterling ex change bclttg in favor or the Cnlted States b at liberty, however, to make tbe importatfon. The last time the exohantres were in this condition was during the lilack Friday week, when $4,ooo,oeo or gold came here tram England. The following were the closing rates Sterling, sixty days com mercial, 106# a 10?# ; do., good to prune bankers, 107 a 107* ! do., short sight, 107 * a 108*; Paris, sixty days, (.36, u a 6,30; do., short sight; 6.38* a ft. 20; Prussian thalers, 70,* a 71; Antwerp, 6.3ft* a &.ao; Switzerland, 6.3ft* a 6.30; Hamburg, 98* a M*; Amsterdam, 3## a 40; Frankfort, 40* a 40* ; Bremen, 03* a 04*. TBI BlUOrKAN MONET HAKBBT. In explanation of the non-advancement of the Bank of England rata to-day, despite toe action of the banks of Prussia and Frankfort, we have the following items from the London investors1 Guar (Manor March Mi lt is understood that no portion of tbe last French loan has ban employed in defraying the public ex Sendlture. The instalments or the loan paid in anuary amounted to m, 000,000. The Treasury already has In hand one-half of the remaining 1,600,000,000 due to Germany and tie remainder v will be covered by the monthly instalmeata of the lean paid by the public. The government, mere lore, will not require to contract any loan or enter Into any other financial operation on account of the war indemnity. The return or the Bank of Prussia for the past week shows an increase of ?204,460 in the bullion and or ?41,860 in the reserve of notes, with a falling oir of ?104,360 in the bills discounted. THE RAILROAD BONDS. There was a better inquiry for the railroad bonds, with a more active' market, Tbe chief feature was a sale af Fort Wayne firsts at 100*. These bonds have about rorty years to run, bat are otherwise only tbe ordinary first mortgage security, bearing seven per cent Interest. The fact ought to bo re membered by the Treasury Department against aa amendment or the Funding law* Morria and Essex firsts sold at 106. The following were tbe bids at the regular call, aa amended by prioes in subsequent dealings s? *?!??* <rk on tviws. !? . |j? w ^ ui ?*w Yirk Cm t' 88 T<ik len t'r.nib. ^8 hew YrrkCen 7>. 76.101 i lie in m,rxt?nded..l?2K lr?e 7'i.itl m, 7k 99 Efts 3v,s<im, ?83.;;*.:. ? ?rle7> 4th m, "so ?7 in a iocR hotirt* M* Bull, N V A fc. idl m. 77 ?J find K 7'?.-d id, a f, 'M. 103 Mud K 7>a,W UI, '7S Ilfl Harlem 7>, iMm Iw* Alp A Kua2<ll>tfe w* >11) A hua&l lula. 84 Willi).* Cblo A WWexten bda. Ohio A N W I at m lOif Bel. Lack AW lit m... Del, Lack A West M m . Man AKaplea Intnl.... Ot West i at m.Wi* h Ot Weal 2d m, 1880 Julltcy A 1 01 let, '90. . . .Jil OmJ a Chic extended... Iff (talen* A < hie ali?.... ft* cnteBar*q9*.tat?.TM Xorrlsa Eves litre... W Qjj * id Dt w uu . ? BBMM Dim ?uii pmn ???m aoi*aW fc*t B"nrm? wii?T. Th? SMtMrn Mm bonds were stead?* '. the icarctty <? money, and prices Wtri'refalfvely flrm. fie Tenaessees were fafrly act Ire it 80 a MX, and new Sooth CaTdllnas (April and October) commanded *8. lie tallow- ' lag were the ckwtag quotations :? Tennessee, ex-coupen, 80* a 81; do., new, 80* a 81;. Vir ginia, ex-coupon, 48 a 47} do., registered stock, eid;aee4?; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, ill a M; do., sixes, deferred Bcnp, 13# a 14\;; Oeor-, g?a sixes, TO a 78; do. sevens, 8T a *>; Rortu Caroms, ex coupon, ? a 32; dp. to 5erU> Caro inna Railroad, 08 a so; ? ?; do. $6. IW 17 a 20; ^ , sp*jfciarth*k 12 a '14; Missouri ,?U?. M* a, M*j toWstana sixeB, 4A a 60; Booth Carolina sixes, 30 a 4?;de. new, July and January, W* a W; do. do., April and Octet** 2* a ad; Arkansas sixes, funded, 30 a 48. ?a?*M?<i r.->j*t ?? i<bcj ?et? nwi?wx, * H7H. ' - 1fi? gold market opened heavy upon the nan alteration ef ike flank of England rate, the first re. corded sales feeing at ill*. Prom this point, how ever, t nere wala stead* ad vanoe to U7* en the re. pod ^hat Assistant Secretary SnwyerhaAieft Wash ington to raaxe a personal inspection of matters in Mew York la connection with the appeals for mors greenbacks as a means of relieving the money mar ket, the advance being sustained t?y the active competition for the government gold disposed of at the Sub-Treasury. With the subsequent snarp decline in foreign exchange there was a relapse to 117*, the market after one o'clock becoming quite feverish owing to a widespread Impression that the sodden visit of the Assistant Secretary ot the Treasury meant \ MORE GREENBACKS. 'I'YtiuU Bat the tendency of the price to advance under [ this influence was counteracted by the great diffi culty in earvylsg gold late tn the afternoon. The coarse of the market la shown in the table 10 A. M 117* 12:34 P. M ...117* 10:40 A. M. 117* IP. M L.lHX liT. "7* 2 P. M.......... .V.. 117* 11:80 A. M? 117* 3 P. If, in* 11 :&7 A. M.. .> 11 7* 8:25 H. M... 117 X 1214. 117 H 3:30 P. M 117* 12 io? P. MJ.;J 117* 4 RM...... 117* a U7* in the gold lean market the ratea ranged from 0 per cent par annum to H per cent a day for car rying. The operations ox the Gold Bx change flank were as follows Gold cleared ..107,026,000 Uoid balances 1,650,254 Currency balances 1,966,89ft The Sub-Treasury paid out $30, 000. an account of interest and $2,600 on account of redeemed five twenties. The European steamer took out $400,006 In slives. , i ? ? GOySKMIKNTS 8 TOADY. The government list stood up stoutly, under the pressure fbr money, and the market was steady, with quotations closer and less nominal than they had been earllsr in the monetary excitement. The currency sixes were offered a little lower, but the gold bonds hel4 their own to tbq dose, when the tal lowing quotations prevailed M-untted states cur rency sixes, n?* a lis* ; do. do., 1881, registered, lie* a 117 *; do. do. do., coupon, U9* a U9*; do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 112* a 113; do. do., 1802, coupon, do., 115* a lie; do. do., 1864, do. do., 115* a lie; do. dot, 1809, do. do., 117* a 118; do. do., 1807, registered, January and My, 116* a lie* ? de. do., 1866, coupon, do., Il&ii a lie* ; do. do., 1867. da do., 117* nll7* ; de. dew, 1868, de. do., lie a lie* ; do. ten forties, registered, lio*- a HI*; do. do., coupon, 118 a 112)4 ! do. Uvea of 1881, registered, U3* a 114* ; do. do. de.', coupon, 113* a iu*. . , STOCKS FIRMER AND DULL KB. The stock market opened weak Lnn<ler a pressure of sales for cash, the salient feature being a trana nctlon in New York Central at 99* cash? a triumph lor the "bears," who had been wagered heavy amouutq that they could not break the price below 100. But according to the custom ol the bets in the street It It doubtful whether this sale has decided these wagers against the "bulls." How ever, the price goes down on the record for the public, and the dispute is left to the professionals 01 the street. After this early dip the market veered about and, becoming strong, advanoedmore than it had fallen, and assumed a firm but duller tone, holding the Improvement to the close, with onl^a brief Interruption about tbe time money was changing hands at the higher extreme ef the (lay, when a reaction ensned, which was followed by a recovery later in the afternoon. Brie waa exoep tionally weak, in sympathy with the decline In London. HIGHEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stockB during the day:? HiyTuist. Lowat. New York Central too* 99* Erie 64 * 6 3* Luke Shore....... 02* 91* Wabash 70 * 68* Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred (No transactions.) Keen Island H4 112* St. Paul 09* 57* St. Paul preferred.... (Ko transactions.) Ohio ana Mississippi..., 45* 44^ Union Pncitlc 34* 3;<* C.,C. andl.C 39 38 Si Western Union Telegraph $4* 88* Pacific Mail 60* 64* In Philadelphia Reading was steady at 116 and Pennsylvania heavy and lower at 112*. BALES AT THE NEW T0EE STOCK EXCHANGE. Thursday, $10CW TflJS-20. r, ti7..c 116 1U0W US 6-20, c, 'C7....C 117* 10 ?TertUn TeJ... 84 4ou rt? Wi do WiH So0:::::::::::: ? do..... 0 ?? 1(KJ 2UJ ftOO two it 00 Sou 2UU 2000 m o lOU SOU 400 flu U JUO 3U0 38 10U0 4U0 40U (to. do. do. . do. do. d#., do. do. do. do. &x> m SB do c SIX do 8* do c RSTi do ?A.... MX do::::::::::": do t Mi do D4!? do 84 '? do..... jt'i ?to 8li d? 84i? ?&tfn 34 800 do 7T. ...C ?K M do WK 100 40 s* 8J0 uo S4K 300 do. .C 34* 300 do .......... 34 SOU P?C MKSOo c 54 100 do M do c M no ..? do do _ do M do c M do 54 ao 86 April SwlOiia A. M. $2000 isr^i.e, '88....C 116 SUOUUhVl. 10-40, r. -b8 1U A. 91 Before Call. 1 00 shs Con ?o?l 68 500 Hitrkm RB 130 MO Erie AK 0 63X 500 do 63^* #09 Ao .T.... 400 do mi 200 do 64 200 do..... AM 3?J0 do 64 100 do 1)3 <H',' 200 do 64/i 200 T, W A W RB 68H 600 do SB soo do 100 100 'Z aou 100 do. 1000 L S A M 800 MM tw 100 lud SOU 800 1U0 1000 sou 4(10 no 1UU 2U0 UNO do. do. dO. do. ao.. io. do. do. s??_ . _ do i?K do 92 100 O A R I BB 113 1400 do 112V do ... 1UK do c 112% do c 112^2 <lo c 113*4 feranlii do.? ML ?io i?o'_ do...?. Mi .c ioo2 flni $1OOC0T?nn 6'o, old., c HJ HK10 do 1)3 80M WOW Tt?M t^MVi . m? MM Board? 10i90 A. M. 300 ab* Kri* BR. (in P0 do ? Ml ?*> 4v 0 ^ miwMrt ?K eV* s!Siu*E ?????? ja *???ist . X. '. >M ^Hhic A N W 1st m 100 IN J Cen RB be M10AH KH...ko : E: I I: tt'13 ??????' .Siwjtaa-r; '?? ?S SfcEE" 3nv*?M ? SLiflmiirr, teyag* i Sc'iuOoal so , <k...,...; m ; $ SSo fr?i m\ 884? S5:::r::r? SS Sx;::^a l| k ?;::::::::?* fcaKsab &S ft It i^M Bra flEMflfaoMfi 7? ??> 4o?< ?**???..??? do o gn do de....?. ? do, '<?!.. *..... 100 MU A MP KB... bo 90# do c ?i) 32:::::::?" SJi* &- ? SB wjAn.MUE*uo.,.v jw Jfc:::;::;;;;?. J5 Mtaiaft* ft; tv? ? W . . 33jJ 100 D. Lack A W RR. . . (wf! ^ 'c loJ ' S2:::::::::::m 8? 'doT:::::::.':^ m$ io SL & fc WiPac MRS Co....b 100 I do. * 90* ' do m do ?w> qo ft:::: do. COOOlllO A M KB. 43)4 800 do c 44 ?M v do a. .6 UK 200 do 46)4 ? ? ?> r ? fcr: ? .. 190 C. CAIO BB.. bo ? trio KH tic.c 63*4 luo do c ?? do.... it. M 200 do sB 1700 do 63% 100 do aw do i.iU) ?S*Z 100 do 100 do 6S5J <00, I 1 J I?il5 and ?tl5 P. M. fWeoUHMo.r. >?..... iux j4ouo ph e-20, c, >67 117% ioowius.',-ai.c. '(a n.. ue iumw us c-2u.q, w.... w?. *JU) c. '07... c 117)4 42090 UB6>b. lMll.r.bc Ilitf ? MWO V. 1U ? V?lk, 100 *ta West Un Tcl .c 100 sIih Pac M >SH., !*), If'"""" X f [ BBwb ^ ? W? ?o '.. 10# rf6..... ........ 81 100 do b4 M *jOCABocklRR..,.c 11. aooracMwoo f?3< urn do li 84 woAdaiinB*.. 93k o. .,?<... ..i.o ma too d?.. ........... o rc 81 100N YV4URRB,.,. l(o2 do.......j?a.. too -do .77.?..; ioo? do ? H4ft i00l.fl4M.,BB 92^ do.. y,w ^2 louu IMetflc RR. ...'., 24W do 84 ii %0 do.( 34W do.< 84^J lOOPniminn i:R lOOii Cpal $ft_ , juu ctrve a i*itu ....o M 100 400 200 300 too m S do-.......,.-.. S6<4 100 Mil A btl' KK. ? do c Siw do SOU do- ? ? - W 200 do UBU, do. . .? sn% 200 r. o a i c uk a.^ do 86 lUO Uhio t Mtaa HK?. . 43 no.. c 6SU mo ito 4sw do-..., 66k 100 do 4b dd ,,.... 06)4 100 do O 43 Hocond Board? 1 P. At. YiKinia <T* left . 13)4 900 th? If Y r A H H RR I00?i H,ir5k :? 2U)UricRK be <13*; Nnsb A <>?'Otr 1st. 89 ICO lo S2 13 aba Park Bank UH% 200 Panama UR 1. c lOSii. ft Oo 148 100 df( 110 "1 Caaton Co be 02^ ) 8briM Hoant Cotil 00 1? )Wc?t>"nTei be 84i< "c an S ? do;< i:;r; ^ : v K 84 *s iP'iui i'A" ? w - do.. m do.... mi 200CARIKK be n?x 100 Quick M prof. .b c B) lOONJCoiiRR 102 6i:U rtc M M C>o....bC Mi 1 WO do ....bclOlV 600 do....rr. .....T MX 200T.W& W Rfe. .. * 200 do 66 >i 109 do b 100 do 32 iwj 00 be M luo do 101V 6SX 200 T, W A B?R 7o2 "H u" " e 70)J auyt iuu 70 hb\ 100 do 0?Ji 700 do 70 45 Pltt?, Ft W A ( : atd . 93W 1IKID.L A W RB.....? 93^2 6OOOi1ioAMisaKK.bc 44Jj "KJ uiuo A Misa KK.b e 44:. fid Mnr A K?wx KK... 90S loriiio. Bur A y . be 111 7UUC.C A It! KR....bc 38)4 1 Kb t w. ?? 100 Am M Ui) Kxp 67 200 ilo be 67)4 400 O A P RR utd WK 600 NtOIHU ? be 10014 J00 do e 1CI0K 7 wo do 100*4 100 ao 100?; JtiSO to 4 P. Ml $50000 CK ft- 20, c, W.. 11 1% 1930 aba Brie RB. 32000 OO !>3 117>4 300 do ftOCO Ut West l"t m. '88 91 100 L B A M h KB Wf VA 21*) ?li? Aratriean Coal 00 Bwl do 92 700 Cn Pac BB ?4 ?B0 do 91)4 200 do b3 :?U 300 do ?i?4 200 West I'nlon Tel... 84*5 1U0 do. 91% 84 )? 1100 do ,92 84?4 190 O A R I BU Ii3 U3)? 84 100 ao 113 '4 II*) do 113^4 8334 200 00 113, '4 8:<?4 ?-'00 lio.: .....113 84 300 do..... 119)4 300 do 113*4 SK0T.WA WBB 70 ion do... 6UV -IHJ Mil A ht P KK 39 100 do. do. do. 100 Pac MS3 Co. loo do 200 100 iwa 2*0 ue BOO 380 S3 do..:..... ...? do do 66 200 do 66)4 100 do.../ b3 !*>% M)0 do S6M 100 do. d* 66)4 600 do. leooniok M of 60 soo do, I160 so 100 N Y C A U R 100 '>4 lot) Ohio \ M RR 44'i 3U0 do lon% 100 do M 44Ji 1700 do 100), NO do...' 43 iW? do 100J2; 10<? do U3 4^4 13 X) do 10,i?4 loOQCAICRK 38', 200 Panama BB 1W li? do :?*? 38?,? 1600 Erie ICR 03?4 10!) do. GLOfilUQ PRICES? 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Western Union. 8t)4 a SUtf Koek Island 11.1', a 113?4 Panama W*')4 <? "t* PtPuul fi!>'4 a ftO't I'aciflc Mail " " ~a * * " Brie 1c Majl.... 3<iu?u mt Paul pre!.... 76 a 7ft!u Central.. .100*? :? IOCS wabuili 70 a 70U . VI' n IMS 7 ithii. Mr VI ,o_, AAl/ .. IK M a ml .Ohio A Mm.... 44% a liariein 131', u l.'!2 llan A tit jo.... 40 a " Bo.-uhj, II A K.. 4 46 41 Lake shore v2 ?? 92)4 Union Pacific.. 34 a 3412 G, C A i C. 38)4 u 3b'i Pittsbura 88, '4 a 8814 COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton (inlet and Baaler? Receipts at the Ports, 8,105 BaUi? Floar Steady? W hem t Dull and Easier? Corn Iteadf? Oati Firmer? Pork Firm? Lard Steadf-dro* eerlei Unlet? Spirits Turpentine Nom inally Basler? Kostn Weak? Petroleum Dnll and Nominal? Whiskey Steady. Thubsbay, April $? ? p. M. Cotton.? The inquiry for spot cotton contlnaed light, and prices were wholly nominal at the de cline below indicated, with a continued downward teitdenoy. FatuA deliveries were long active and again lower, closing at 19 11-Uc. for April, le^c. for Mar, 19 7-16c. for June and 19*c. for July. Weiumup tlius:? Today. Latt I'c'ng. Total. Export 1 AO 10H 16? Consumption 610 SI M TotSl 570 "755 ~7u? ?Tor future delivery (bad* low middling) the sales hare been a* follow* Sale* last even'mr. attar three o'clock April, 1.000 at 18*?. ; May, 000 at 19*c., l.uoo at 19 n?c? sou at 19*0.. 600 at 196-l?c., 300 at l#*o. ; June. 800 at I9*c., 700 at 19 9- 16c., 7,600 at 19*c. , July, 180 at 19 11-Mc., SOOatI9)?o- Exchanged? *c. paid to exchange 100 April for May. Total, 7, OJO hale*. Sale* to-day up to three P. M. -April. 100 at 18 IS-lOc., SCO at lS*c., 100 at 18 U-Me. May, 800 at 19 *e., 800 at 19 B-10c., *? at 19*c., 100 attflM6c.,800st ?9*?.,?0 at 19S-18e., 100 atl9*c., 800 at 19 H6c., 700 at 19fcc. J Jane. 300 at 19 9-10e., 400 at 19*0., 100 at 19*0., 1,000 at 19 M8e.,300 at l?><c., 100 at 19710c, 1,200 at 19*0., 800 at 19 7-16*. ; July. 800 at lB^c.. 100 at 19

ll-16c.. 100 at 19 #-18c., 1,100 at lMje., 100 at iOfl-lSt:., luO at 19*0. Exchanged? 7-l?c. paid to exchange ? 19*0. Exchanged? 718c. paid u> exchange ?oo April for _ May. Total, lO.fluu bales. Grand total, 17.600 bale*. Rate* on cotton to foreign port* cleaed Arm at the following i prices:? To Havre, by steam. IVic. a l*c. ; sail. lc.. compressed. To Hamburg, by (team, Hd., compressed. To Bremen, by l?on* clesad Ann at, the following price*: steam, Die.;' aall, lo. "To Liverpool, by *teamr~*^-ba 9-18d. ; April, by sail, *d a 7-l6d. ; May, by *ail. a 7 Ud. Tiie receipts at tiie ports sum up a* follows:? Oaiveston, 981 bale*; hew Orleans. S^llj Mobile, 8M; Savannah, 888; Cliarletton, 486: Wilmington, 88 , Norfolk, 1,436; New Y??k, #87; Boston, 10. Total, M*?. This asy last week, 6,883; this day last year, 3,119. We quote:? CplmntU. Atohama. New Orleant. Jtonu. Ordinary . i&* 16* i6;, 16* Oood ordinary 17^ 17 17 * 17!, BtrictgMd ordinary. 17ft 18 lfiij ih'i Low middling UK wv w iu? Middling 19 ? Wft SftW 20^ Oood middling tiK 21 % tdii arf ? The auotaiiens are based oa cotton In store running In quality not more than half a grade above or below the grade quoted. Corrxa.? The market remained quiet, but firm, for alt >fe sole* of 1,780 hag* __ snvan tax sx New Light, at Ba' descrloUon*. We have only to note Hantos, ex Moiart, on iEsfsi >. I js?a^*.,wuaa' "Ktsratta: CKiaaiKflb ,S3lftNU?S?m ??? w s*,&oSf,(wai^ mar Y; Has ol Male. ?Xing Mia ?5j; fg ^&I?S::;::::!; i2!j| Jt?SKfei;ES:i:Sn:: llffl ^Sa8tffl?^:--rs:~r48||g 3 SO ft 8 00 MBllO our 3 SO ft Si* Wo. t * ? $ luthern superfine MUiern extra Southern family 10 Corameftl, Wester* 3 r.hvp l/ffti: i r. ; . alias :ss? :iS __ {?<$ eal^Tbe market continued <iulL and in order torq teai r w fool UMA?0 bushel old blab mixed Wet mhtMl afloat, tte. for a smau lot or yellow ta store nwi {?and "was only moderate. The sales foot up about iW.Uttt bushels at Ac. a BOe. for good to choice * new blaok; 49c. a 61c. lor common to choice new Western mixed, and 51c. a BBfcc. for new do. white i old held At 88c . in store, with bids of 62c. ft 6%kc. Warley remained quiet, bat Arm. We have only to notice sales of 1 car load ol Qsnada at $1 ^delivered; boat load*. Of choloe do. | held at $1 33 a 91 88. Rye was dull and entirely nomi nal. The last sales were at 88c. for Oaaada in bond. \r rkioht* ? Berth freights continued quiet, but the mar ket firm, and, In aome Instances, rata* were higher. The chartering demand was only moderate. Tonnage Is In better supply and rates flavor the slupper, pariienlarly for la rxe sized ves-iels. The engagements were To Liver pool by steam, 000 bales cotton at Kd. a 9-lod., f*0 boxes bacon at S0h., and by sail, 1.200 bales cotton at kd. < WO tone ol provisions on private terms; to London, by imIL 2,(100 bbls. ol oil cake en private terms. l'lm charters include A Norwegian bark, heaoc to Dantslc, S.cflO bbls. rosin oa private terms ; an Italian bark bunco to Tar ragona staves, at ?? and $78; a Norwegian bark hence to a port In the United Kingdom or Contluent, 2,800 bbls. refined petroleum on private terms; a Herman brig henen to a Spanish port. 1JOO bbls. refined do. at 7s. ; a British bark Crecharteron), 5,100 bbls. refined do. at 8s. Sd? it to the Mediterranean, or 7a 3d. II' to tlx Adriatic ; a British hark, HS0 ions hence to Buenos Ay res, lumber and general cargo on private terms; a British bark, 695 ton*. Iron an Eastern port to tho River Plate, lumber on pri vate terms; a British brig, MO tons, I'rom Wilmington to a port In the United Kingdom, full cargo of naval stores on IHPHMHV HHipri-1 vate terms; a British brig, M0 tons, I'rom Wilmington to a post In the LTnlt ' 3 " private terms. ??? Mouasbrs. ? There was rather more Inquiry for foreign to-day, but without leading to transactions of Importance. In ft jobbing way trade was moderate at ftill price*. Sales of W) Obis, of New Orleans at from 89c. a 79c. The stock this date Includes :-7? hhds. of Cuba, KM do. of Pnrto Klco, 191 do. of English islands, and 3,800 bbls. of Now Orleans. We quote OW Crop. Jfttl Crop. Ouba, centrifugal and mixed 16c. a 2?c. - a ? Cubn, clayed ?a? Kc. a 38c. Cuba, muscovado, refining ? a ? 32c. a 37c. Cubn, musoovado, grocery ?a? 36c. a 40c. Corto Klco ? a ? Sftc. a A6o. ugllih Islands ? a ? 2Ae. a BOc. New Orleans ? a? A6c. a 75c, Naval htorks.? The market for spirits of turpentine was dull ami nominally easier. There were tree oileiunus at A7Wc., without finding buyers A call Was made ot am Mils., loj April, at 60c. tor $100 Rosin was unsettled and Ik) bbls. ot Nos. 1 and 2, at $3 60 a $4. Tar \vn, unict unchanged ; quoted at $>&a$3A9 for all kinds. wa-. dnll and lower ; quoted at S3 7A a 84. rKTR? Tho market lor refined continued dnll hut was nominally steady, quoted at 19*?c. Crude in bulk was inactive, but held with considerable firmness nt9c. for prompt delivery, and U%c. for the future mouths. Cases were quiet but steady at 2ft lie a 2HJjc. Naphtha was dall and nominal at about ll^c a 12c. lor Western or city. At the creek the marker was reported dull nml nominally unchanged, quoted at $2 20 on both upper And luwer roads, and $2 3A 2 $2 40 at Oil City. The rhlladel pht* market remained dull and nominally unchanged. Uvilned quoted at Me. Provisions.? Receipts? Fork, 808 bbls. ; cut meats, 3,898 package*; lard, 3,414 bills. and tierces. The market for mess |Mirk was moderately active and a shade firmer, 'i'be ??les Include 1,A00 bbls.. for April, at $17; 2J0 bids., forao.. at $17 IW; 500 bbls., tor May, at $17 ; 2NJ bbls., lor Jnftu,at$l72A;2Wbbls. or'extra prime mess, lor Mav, at $i:i 78, and 600 bbls. of uninspected prime mess, ou pri vate terms. Bacon was steady and in fair detnind. Sales 1,078 boxes loug clear (Westorn and city) at 8?<c- a 9c. ; 1,200 boxes Western short clear at 9c,. cssh ; 1,080 boxes of do., lor May, at ?Xc. Beef remained quitt and nnckanged. ;? ales, In lots, about 60 packages, within the rat)go ot $9 60 a $11 for new plain mess olds., $18 a $13 for da extra mess do., $20 a $21 for do. prtiue do. tierces, and $23 ft $26 for do. India do. tierces. Beef hams were dull; quoted steady at $30 a $32 AO lor Texas and Western. Cut meats? The demand continue J fair, particularly for pickled meats, winch were very firm. The sales include 60 pickled hnms, at 13c. ; lOOdo., 16 lbs. average, at 12}?c. ; 22 ticrccs of do., at 13c. ; A.U 8i nuked hams, lHlbs. avers ire, at 19c. ; HOOdo., 14 lbs. ave rage, at 13, ^c. ; 600 do., 11 lb*, average, at 14c. ; 20 liqxes and the sales Include 260 tierces oijrfeam at 8V:- on the dock; 160 tierces ot do. at 8 1116c., aM tierce* lor April at 8 U-18c., 500 Uorces for May at H 15-li;c? Ml tierces lor June at 9 "16c., 1,800 tlesces Tor do. at 914c., 8X) tierces of choice kettle at 9e. City lard was quiet ; about 18J tierces soil at 8J,c. Dressed nogs were copier; city quoted at Rica.? The market lo-day ha* been very quiet, but prices exhibited no ehsnae. We have only to note sales pf about .SO tierces of Carolina at7&c. a b?e.,uud 10U l> aus ?l Kantfoon at tij<c. a 70. flooxH.? The market for raw continued qulel and stcadr. The sales comprise 623 hhds. of eentrtfnsa' at 9??c., 300 do. ot barely good lair renuingatH'+c., and <ai boxes of centrlfuiral at 9^e. Refined sngar was notes scntlally changed in price and only modcratciv souulit after. Messrs. t:. Amann A Co. In their circular of flits date report the stock, spies and receipts el sugui a* fol lows QW a JSexes, Bag*. M4wlo. Stock (ascertalnwl try artnal count, includiug specula. tlonV April 1, 1873 77. 28,0(10 27,(10? 131,888 J.1C1 Receipts sluce April 1 V,<49 8..W) ? _ Totals &U18 30,611) 134,h? 2, 161 Bales since April 1.... 2.47D 6,036 ? _ Stock this day. April 3, 1873. . 30, ?39 25,474 134, ssfi 2,161 Comparing with stock, April 4, 187; 31,611 $8, 467 61,091 2,106 Comparing wltb stock, April 8, 1871 30,666 42,082 203,220 3,906 Comps ring with stock. April 7, 1870 (iO.SW 86,600 339.803 921 ? ' we quote:? Cuba? Refining, inferior to common. 7c. a 7?i0. ; lair to good lair, he. a biic. ; good to prime, R'Jc. a o. t grocery, fair to good. 8 kc. a "Vc. ; prime to choice, trie, a WWc. ; ceutrilupul, hlids. una boxes, 9o ii Sc. ; niofasses, hlids. and boxe?. 7c. a He. ; inelado. 4c. a c. Havaiia? Boxes, Dutch standard. .Vos 7 to 9, 7Hc. a c. :do., 10 to 1*. S%C. ofc.'; do., 13 to 18, K'ic .? ??4c. ; (lo.. 16 to 18, 10c. a 10i,c. ; do., 19 to 2U, lOJtc. a lie. ; white, lit^c. a ll'^c. Porto Bleo? Relinmg, common to prime, 7c. aSJgo. ; grocery, fair to choice, ttfec. a 9'ic. Hi sr.ll? . Dntcli standard. Nos. 8 to 12. 7c. a H'.c. Java? Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to U, t?^c. ft 9e. Manila? Superior and extra superior. 7?ic. a 8c. Stkabisk was quiet, and prices were noralnallv nn changed. Taixow was steady, bat only in moderate demand: sales 60,000 lbs. at H?$c. for fair and !?c. tor clioicc. Wiiiskky.? Receipts, 879 bbls. The market *s? a shade firmer rorlv. but subsequentl>' closed steady, 'il.c ?ules a ?)JCc., closing at 9^ic. were about 250 bbls. at il DOMESTIC MAEKETa Cotton seem* firmer- ???.<? April .1, j.w mS*'"' e"*? W 8.311 bales- JVom \ VlV : 11) V. Britain, i.aoO. SaleaT l ioff i?:,1 ? ?*Ports to Oreat 198,714 1,JW- '?? evening, 2,700. 8t<>ck, &&& ?ss'js?M??2St Cotton dull and easier- M87S. receipt*, 186 bale* ?ftr, - >?*>? &et Spirit* of tnrpantlne 0 . April 3, 137a. declining at M 20 a $2 22^or ?'ip^!n //*PPrV(?' "o?in quiet at #1 28 for bard - ti f}? JSJi: Crude turpi mine Tar sU?Uy at 92 6a ' W fof y??'>w dip and vlrtftn Floor steady and nnah.???^*^??: ?? T - April s. 1*73. ?eal.?i ? fbr^ted ; ft? Winter, ?*'**s-99 ^"wh?.,, 97**58 a*"irt ?miL fore active; Mac $9 flu aim' ur? r i. 2 8|>riDir tl Si Spf-OMrfe publfc* 'i!1;, Wheat Oulutt .No*i Spruw i c5?? ?fc 2 ^UutJ^?v,r2!,kM white -^iKan, ?M .T "^CAmTO *2' for regular ; S3>*o. a :?wo. for strictly ftesh ; M'<e a iX',c. far refecved Oau quiet and weak, atUc. a 2ic tor N*. 2. Rye dull ?nd nominal, at Mke. fWr f>csh ; We. for re jected. Barley Arm and In fair demand, 78c. for segnlari 79c- a 80c tor fresh. Pork nnsettled, at $15 36 a 916 <*?, cash ; |16 70 jelier May. Lard auiet. at 98 26 a ?? 80 seller April ; 98 78 seller May. Hams In pickle stendy. at lO^c. a 13c, according to brand and weight. Dry salted meats In lair demand and lower; shoulders tirm. atfic. a?kc. loose , a ?kc, imxed; short rib middies in Uafit demand and quiet, af 8c. cash, 8'?c seller May ; short clear middles held at 8Mc. ? ***c. seller May. Baron quiet and steady, at 7Kc- for shoulders; 9c. lor clear rib * idea, packed. Wjjts*ey sold at H8kc. Re ceipt#? fiM*w bbla. flour. 19, IW' bushels wheat, ,%,0U0 do. m rsjt sea 11,000 do corn, 14,0gu do. ?atf 1,090 do. rye and ll.OOd do. bafley. HAVABA MA&IET. - _ RlTMl. April 1. 1871 Kxchahfe? On Vnited States, (9 days, in currency. t?'< a 16 per cent premium; short suul, lafc a 19 per eent premium ; 00 dais, In gold, ?kiM per cent premium; pfcyf t sight, N a )& m MM MtDtiun. 0?XvD#PO. 49* ^jw^eenl premium; om tprii n* ? S3* patent Jjw iWilnil iMtinn ifttff; gmrprosSE 5&g35? us? Ssfcp^ BUROFfcfi' MASKET8. iMMl gRpmwmFK^^Xffi ss& js^afarss jt-??"? PAftia BoDK?*.-t'i?i? April S-JRente*, SW. 86c. Litbumi Cw>ii Warim.? iivmtro^u April V- S p ter rav^a-sr*.. ?ttKX'W.'js ts^im Mm or ^tto? shipped from New Orleans, March end ? Ijon don Paoouca Ninn.-J^moii, April a? Kven per gallon. April 9? AUOU8T BELMONT A CO.. Banker*, 19 and 2t N??m street, I mm Traveller;)1 Credits, available Id all parta ol the .?56, M_?oT.?auL0 and their correspondent* Aiao Commercial Credits And trnnsfers Of money on California, i,ttrOT>? and Havana A WdkRBON'H. MO. V CUAMBWKS 8TB BUT. ?MONEY XV immediately for buildings in course of erection; Mortgages wanted on ctttrnid conntry property, lease holds; Stocks and Securities negotiated ; $5,000 for tnry A? LAPSLKY. A BAZLBY, BROKERS IN STOCK ? and gold privilege*, IT Bxehan?e place.? All con tract* negotiated arc tlr sf clan ami have our oertioca tlon attached. Explanatory circular, with practical illustrations andrelerences, mailed froe. A LARUE AMOUNT OP MONET ON HAND FOR First and Second Mortgages; City Property only; quick transaction*. #. KRBIDENRICII * CO., 906 and 908 Third avenue. All deposits made on or before april 20 in the Third Avenue Savings Bank, corner Twenty-sixtn street, will draw interest from April 1. Sis per crnt from fl to ?6.000. T- W. DECKER, President Damp M pagan. Secretary. A ?MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, ?iX. In New York. Brooklyn and New Jersey. Prin cipals only apply to HAMUKL S. WOOD, Jr., 106 Broad way, room 10. flOCPONS OPNRW YORK AND ROOKAWAY RAIL J road, due April 1, will be paid at Long Island Rail road offlcc, Hunter's Polat- <1. CIIARLICK, Prealdcnt J AY COOKE A CO., No. 20 Wall, street, New Yurk. Exchange ou London, Paris, Berlin, Prank fort, Bremen. Cable Transfers, Circular Letters, Commercial Credits. JAY COOKE. MuCULLpCH A CO.. 41 Lombard street, London. MARKHT SAVINGS RANK-CASH I' AID POR A lew Pass-books. Call from 2to3P. M. _ C. H. VANDBRUQOF, 19i Broadway. OKKICH OP THE CHICAGO ANI> CANADA SOUTH em Railway Company, 13 William street. New York, March 2T, 1873,?' The seim-aniiual Interest, maturing Avril 1, 1 hi\ on the first mortgage bonds ol the Chicago and Canada Southern Railway Company will be paid on and after the 1st pros at the Union Trust Company of New York, 73 Broadway. M. CO URTR I < ) H T, President.^ RKAL ROTATE LAW OFFICE.? MONEY OBTAINED in desirable Real Estate; titles searched uud ab strnctM famished. G. J. TURNER, Attorney-at-Law, 37 Nassau street rpo THR. DEPOSITORS IN AND OTHER CREDITORS 1 of the Bowling Greea Savings Bank, of the city of New York.? Notice is hereby given pursuant to the direc tions of the Supreme Court, by an order made the 2flth Say ol March, 1873. that a dividend ol ten (10) per cent of 10 debts ef the Bowling Green Savings Bank of the city of New York, is ready to be made among all tho*e creditors of the said hank, who have exhibited their claims as creditors, and whose debt* have been as certained. Office for payment. 33 Broadwav, New York. Hours for payment between 10 o'olook in the forenoon and 2 o'clock In the afternoon of each day, commencing on the 7th day ol April, 1*73. SHEPRRD K. KMAl'P, as ituceiver of tlie Bowling Green savings liank ol the rlty of New York. Nkw Yoiik, March 26, 1873. UNION DIME HAVINdS BANK, 3M am) 3BH (Una! mtreet Open dally, from 10 to 3, anil on Monday evening, from 5 to 7. Aawtf. ten mlUlona nine hundred and eighty -(even thousand dollars. Six per cent interest paid. Money fte poeiuul on or before Ajuril ID will draw internet from April 1. Bahk hooks In English, French and Oerman. NAPOLEON J. UAINKH, Ffaaklcnt T. 8. Aimiouu, Secretary. Q. H. Cham*, Treasurer. IITANIBDTO PURCBA*E FOR CASH? A FIRST OR TV Second Mortgage. Address MERCHANT, box 4,317 Post office, New York. WANTED TO PPRCII ASK? A OOOD FIRST MORT ??*' Improved oily Property lor amount of $.r',(AMJ i>r > i ; principal* only. C. ti. St 'II BARER, 434 Broome street TITF IlAVB MONEY TO LOAN IN THIS OTTY AND ft Brooklyn ; also fur purchase ol .sccond Mortgages, at a fair dirt ount SAW ARD A LEA VITT, (M Wall street. if* TO 20 PER OEJTT INVESTMENT* lu Illinois Begixtered Coupon Bonds. Interest pn Ul br State Tremurer In New Ynrtt. 1'lrct Mortgage Ralliend Bowls. Tnrurnnce, GssHaht, 'RaSk and City Railroad Stocks ? on lH tul - , also other flret class investments for sale at the lowest market rates by ALBERT >1. NICOLA Y A CO., Stock Broker* and Auctioneers, 43 Pine street^ New York. < N. B.? Choice, investment.? Stocks and Bonda a spe cialty with this house for 31 years, (lovcrnment and other marketable Securities received hi exchange at beet price. <in onn wanted- for ? months, good se cLUUU curity and a good bonus will be given. Ad dress SECCRfTY, Tkjx 1 20 Hcialii ufllce. MONTHS. -SBCURITX, *"** worth _ _ , ..130 Her ald office. &Q AHO TO f?,9?) WANTED-rOR TU REE YEARS; ?O.lnHI 13 per cent per annum and good security. Addres* M. B. B. , station K. 6 1 AAlt t6.""10 AND iiaooo TO LOAN ON CITY ?PT.Ul/U. Real Estate. Ut>od applications will be attended to at once. OEO.JI. WALTON, 21 1'ark row, rooms SO, M, ft2. d?r A|1A-W^?J, ?10.01)3, $15/00. 925,000 TO LOAN tp?J.Uv'/ on improved city p rope rt^; Mortgages ne gtlafed. TIIOB. A. A ROBT. EMMET, 36 Pine street. dt7 AAA f *0,0*0 AND $16,000 TO LOAV ON FIRST ?p I ?UU\?. Mortgages, City Property. Second Mort Hes purchased. Adareys WESTKR\ ELT'A KOECH ti, 139 Eighth street, near Broadway. JHi d?ti fWlA TRUST FUNDS TO LOAN ON BOND AND ?O.'/lfU Mortgage nn first class Improved city prop erty; money immediately; also tuuuey for good Second Mortgages. S. IREL AND, 201 Broadway. <J?in (W1A ?WANTED TO BUY A FIRST MORT ffiiy.UVU. gage oi $10,060 to fl4, (100, city property ; will take Leasehold. Address U., box 2u5 Urund Hotel. d>~1Q?WWin TO LOAN ON RKAL ESTATE, IN this city or Brooklyn, $S,000 and up wards. Second Mortgages bought. Apply to JOHN F. CON REV. lOi Broadway, room 8. ~ d> Hfin TO LoAN ?* N,-w YORK, BROOK JTt-UI/.UUU and Westchester Real Estate, in sums to salt ; nn hanus raitilred ; term of rears. C. B. WILLIS, Montauk Insurance Company, 108 Broadway. AHA WANTED FOR 6 MONTHS.? SBC! ? 1." "Ul/ chattel mortgage upon property $7,<*)0; best reference. Address SECURITY, box 1 COP A KTMKR* illPi. TT^^UTU)^--CiiA#LE8 D. WOOD THIS DAY 1J withdraws trom the flrir. {f Belding Brothers A tfo. bv mutual consent The business yiii.^8 continaed by the remaining partners under the sameniffi name. - fKVTHERH A CO. It. AI)OI PH LKWIISOHN IS AUMITTBO A FART ner in Our Arm. LK W1HOHN BROTHERS, S3 Park pfaSM. N?w Tota, January 1, mi. rK FARTNERHltlP OF NOONAN A MARTIN, M Harrison street, was dissolved by mutual consent on Motadar. March 3, I'd. Kdmond .Swonan will coniintte the iiusinesH and receive and pay Ml lawful debts. Nkw Yoaa^prllJ, 1873. EfiMUND NOONAN. filE PARTNKRHHiP t'SD^R THE FIRM NAME OF Lycett A White, china decorators, at DM Greene street, fit this day dissolved by mutual consent EDWARD LYCBTT, JORKFH A. WHITE. The btwlnesa will be carried on as heretofore by Edward Lvcett, who will settle all business ot the firm. 'Nkw toaa, April 2, 187a THE ATFAIB8 OF 8C&ABT0H 4 00. Nbw Havbn, Conn., April 3, 1878. a E. Merwlu, Jr., who was appoiot?<l trustee lor the creditors of E. a. Scranton A Co., bankers, lately suspended, took pomesslon under the as signment yesterday, and has gWen the emitters the following particulars:? There was doe to depositors at the ctooe o/bosl ness over 8650,000. The loans and overdrafts Tor the same day were $226,000. The real estate wUl not sell for $100,000. AB8A88HATI0W 1H L0UI8IANA. Baton Roctnr, April 8, 18T8. An attempt was made to aasasslnata R^rmond Rlcard (colored), fusion sheriff-elect of West Baton Ronore. at ten o'clock Monday night, whlci resulted in the murder oi his wife, who received the nre of the arasssins. A reward of 8600 has teen offered by the citl/cus for the arrest of the murderer. DEfliaPCTIVE FIEB IS TBXA8. ftiLTYSTON, April 8, 1879. A Are last night on Hie Btrand, Between centre and Twenty-second streets, destroyed the stores ofOallat and Dftvts and W'.lltain Windermeyer end the onices of M. ML Wicks, F. donaaies, Alexander A. Ladd and James Toiler. Tbe loss is 8^ too*, inlly insured. TBI CHAMBER OP OOXXEEGBL Reg alar MMtkljr MHtiag of That Important Reports of the Different .Coaan^lt^eo?JItr. Samuel 8. B.?ggit< The regular monthly- meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was Held yesterday afternoon at the rooms of the committee. U William, street, Mr. Wil liam e. Dodge In the chair. The following candidates for membership were elected:? Francis M. Bacon, nominated by H. F. Hpauiding ; Orestes Cleveland, nominated by Richard Butter; Edwin W. Holbrook, nominated by 0. N. uuss; J. Francis MoOor, nominated by George H. Brewer ; Charles E. O'Hara, nominated by William M. Flless; Ilenry A. Page, nominated by 0. N. Bliss; J. Le B. Willlard, nominated by H. F. Spauld Ing. The Chairman reported back the resolutions in regard to the retention of Mr. Andrew H. Green In the office of Comptroller of the city, and stated that the committee deem it not to be within the province of the Chamber to interfere In matters o' this character. Adopted. The Chairman reported back the resolutions di the GrocftrB' Board of Trade In regard te Increas iBff the facilities of transporting merchandise be tween this city and the West, and recommended their reference to Oommltteo No. e. Adopted. The Chairman reported that the Executive com mittee had agreed to recommend the appointment of the following gentlemen as a special committee to nominate ottlcers or the Chamber for the ensuing year. Adopted. The chairman reported that the Executive Com mittee had learned of the intention of the Senate Committee of the United states on "Cheapening transportation between the seaboard and the West," to visit this city and hold public sessions for the purpose or hearing the views of those inter ested In the subject, and that the Executive Com mittee had tendered tho use of the rooms of the Chamber R>r the object. Adopted. The Chairman reported that the committee have had brought to their attention the propriety of having a public dinner on the evening of the day or the annual meeting, and if the Chumber deems It best the Executive Committee would submit tho matter to the members lor their consideration, and if approved by them the committee would con sider itself chanted with carrying out the details. Kelorred back to the committee, with power. INTERNATIONAL 81LVER COINAGE, Mr. Samukl b. Rcugles, Chairman ef the Conb mittee of the Chamber on Coinage, Ac., stated in ? written communication for the information of the Chamber that the oommlttee have ascertained by correspondence with Dr. Mndern\an, the Director of the Mint of the united muted, recently ap pointed under the new Coinage act, that the Inter national silvor coins or the metrical weight pre scribed by that act will be promptly Issued and ready lor elrcnlatlon without delay. The let ter of the Director of the Mint Imparting this gratifying Intelligence further states that ''suitable designs for tho new silver coinage will receive careful attention," so that he "hone's by tlic 1st of January next to Issue the coins in shape to be worthy of tho country," adding that 'models and dies are already under way, and are very attractive." For the purpose, however, ol avoiding "the great public Inconvenience" of wait ing ror any now designs, the existing dies will be temporarily used lor issuing the new coins of the prescribed weight without delay. They will be con spicuously distinguished from the coins issued under the former coinage acts by the inscription ol their date ol issue,1.' 1H78." 'ibis year has already be come historical as the commencement or the new era or International monetary rerorm In the silver coinage ol the United .states, and will, of Itself, serve in a good degree to ludicate tlie lnternation allty or the coins whlcn bear it. The ooins, If sup plied in proper quantities to the thousands or our cltiacns constantly travelling in Europe, will practi oally become monetary missionaries In the great worn o! uiiitylng the silver coinages or the Euro pean nations not yet in harmony with the metrioal system. A member inquired of Mr. RuorgleB If there was to be a fixed standard of international fineness? that is, ir the coins were to Uave their weight and fine ness stamped unoh them. Mr. Buggies replied that the coins were to have a liner stamp than the older coins and that a spacc would oe left for inscriptions of weight and alloy. He called the year 1873 the beginning of a now era in coinage, aud said that it was due to the Chamber to say that it was accomplished by Its endeavors. Under this new system an American could bay this international coin In Paris and with It travel all over the world. The report was filed. The report or the Committee on Canals was pre sented and adopted, recommending a better ad ministration or the canals. A CANAL TO BOUND MANHATTAN ISLAND OH THB NORTH. A report was presented memorialising the Legis lature to provide for the enlargement of Spuyten Duvnl Creek, in order to establish clear naviga tion between the East and North rivers, and ask ing for an appropriation or #600,000, to be paid by the State, toward the enlargement of that channel. Mr. ltuoaLKs suggested that the subject receive the most minute consideration before any action by the Chamber. The report was referred to the Commute on Canals, with instructions to report at a special meeting to he held April 17. An Invitation was extended to Mr. William I. Mc Alpine to address the Chamber, at his own con venience, on the water communications of this State. Adjourned. REAL ESTATE KATT2&S. considerable activity exists in property In pri vate transactions, prices being vastly stimulated in up town west side lots since the sale of the Post estate. We have heard of several very extensive sales effected by dealers yesterday, among which was one by Mr. John McOiave for $8\ooo, in which aro some choice Boulevard 1 ? ts. Kumerons other sales have been made, but the parties to the trade have not as yet made the particulars public. Messrs. A.-C. Lamson A Son report having disposed of the following parcels yesterday One lot, 26x100 feet, West hlxty-Ufth street, 200 feet west of Eighth avenue, for $12,600; one lot, 36.6x100.8 feet, on the south Bide of East Niuety-ilrat street, 823 feet west of Park avenue, for 90,600; a plot of ground on the Dyckman estate, about eight and a hall city lots, at the junction of Piescoit avenue and Emerson street, for $7,760, and a plot of twelve lots on the Dyckman estates, on the north west side of I'rescott avenue, ana on the southeast side of Emerson street, near tlio junction of the above named streets, for $11,000. At the Exchange, however, the business was not ?0 brisk, although the attendance was numerous. 1 he large lot of vreund offered by Muller, WUkina k Co., consisting of 388 lots, the property of H. L. Atherton, located at Rlverdafe-on-t he-Hudson, was supposed would bring fabulous prices. The first parcel offered consisted 01 a frontage of 600 feet 011 the supposed avonue to be laid out br the Department of Public Parks, altogether 19.87 lots, at $176 per lot. The bidding slowly rose to $400, at which price It was knocked down to Mr. Hugh N. Camp, who likewise purchased the adjoining plot of twenty lots at the same rate. The owner of the property liereunon stopped the further sole, the prices realized not having come up to his expec tation. The major portion of those present, however, dif fered with him, and many expressed the opinion that the property sold well. J 'r?e annexed is the detail of yesterday's public ^ * ? 1 Westchester County Real Estate* ?V MCLLEM, WILKIM A*D CO. House and 31.30 1 oto, a s. Hirer sr., 362 It. w. o. Riverdale ay., 308 9*303; B. Uidon ,-$?M? n.Wlota, a. ?. coracr Pali*ado and River ava,3*?x ISO; Seeley *Oo.. per let iW 34, S8 Iota, adjoining the above on Palliarte ?r., tso* 337; K. Uulon. per lot ?*.??? it.-: vri" Vi' VrnJ ?Motion HroaJlwav, near the Old Po?( Road, 100* S00: U. N. Camp, per lot 400 IS lot* adjoining the above, NJOxfrJO : H. "? U?nba per lot 400 City R??l * state. ?V ASTU05T J. SOU A2f!> CO. S s. b. a. b. nai I., ?? laat soti. ?t. SIB it. e. i?i 8d av., lot 20x109.5; Matthew SehfMey. . . . . . . $14J0a S ?. ir h. and 1.. 21A Went S4th at, atiout 00 a w. of Mav ,tot 2lsM; V. Spratt.^.. 11,930 * lots *. a lt4th *(., 2? n. a of 2d av., each 36*IU). l?; John H. Hawkins 5,<70 ?t job. a'aaimm. 3-nto'V t>k h and I Mo 3SS Hart BSth at. n a. M6 ft e Id av, lot 19x100.6 ; Michael Cronln $8,635 1 lot n ? stftli -t, 300 teet w ay a, 39x101.3', P. McCnl loutfli .j, 3.950 4 !o?& n e cor Mew av and 143d at, together 99.11* 04.11; M. tVNell 15300 Brooklyn Real Bstate. ?t Jxnr tonmerx, j*. Houae and lot No 306 President at M$11,40$ Uouae and lot So 313 Presldentat 11.2T0 Uihm end ivt No 304 l'reaUleat >t . . >o,4tJO The houses aid lots Nos. 336, 337, 339, 341 and 343 Smith street, announced at auction, were disposed of al private sale oa the grounds, before the auc tion, at $6?,ooo? $?l,00? each. The property on Be graw and Carroll streets was withdrawn. 8PPP08ED 8UI0IDB. A Man Fouad Unhang. About seven o'clock yesterday morning pie body of Tne-Mlore Phaflr, a German, fifty-five years of age, was feuud lying dead on the floor of his room at 819 West Thirty-ninth street, with ? piece of rope or cord secured around his neck. Deceased had boon low-spirited and despondent for some time MM, auTl ills supposed that while In that state of mind Phaff hung hunaelf to a hook lu tjje wall, and artcr being strangled bis weight broke the 'heok and lei the bo?Vy hll to the door. Mr. Myers, IUn Ina in the house, who found the body, notified the Twentieth precinct pollcc of the fact, end Sergeant Budding ton no tilled Cofuner Kassiei to Hold an > inouest.

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