Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1873 Page 2
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CITY It FAT ^ E8TATB>fO? fill. 1 tnlral. A? A ? A ? A FIRPT n.AW FCfB STORY (BOB . mood brown stone House, west side ol Madison ave nue. Bt> tcel south ol seventy -tourth rtreet: three doom In bird wood, tin* parlor floor In cabinet work by Pottfer k Pt nw; mantel mirrors l2x?6*UB; also a lour glory Ohio sto?e high .-loop Hon*, as J-e-t Hxty. fourth street; par lor and MMMnl In hard wood, back parlor and ball waiimoot e<l with mart>ie i ? ul be f?M at very low prices, C will exchange lor lots. Hoth houses open lor faspec m. inquire ior particulars ol owner, A. KLaBER, 134 Vast ilgfitetmU fitft', A? FOR SALE? OH FIFTH AVENUE. SECOND ? above Highly. tilth street faring Central Park, splendid browo alone Hou-e. with or without f urniture ; will be sold at a great bargain If applied for al once, aa Ibwrtty are going av> road Terms very easy. If not ?nld Immediately will bo leased lur term ol years. Permit*, Ac. JKSSl'P. ftw Broadway.__ A FOUR STORY HKOWN STONE HOUSE FOR nalo. Thirty-eighth street, near Park : Qne location 5 modern improvements ; 20x40x10*; a hiruain : 9. 4>.0u0. tt< >BKKT T MK'^Krl. 80 Cedar stnot _ ri.l.K HMOIITS (IMP STREET, KEAR V Boulevard), splendid view*, orprlooMtit the nndson, ft ARM AHSVfl.l House and lot for halk? thrrb doors prom Ptirk avenue; ran be seen from 11 A. M. to 3 P. M. ; $9 NO, with gas fixtures. Lnquiro at 10w East Thlrly-fllth f?'j 01 access; a flrut class Man>ioti. about >0 teet square, with every Improvement and lu Lots of pleasuro grounds and garden, lor ??lo, or rent reasonable V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., _ 11 Pine street and M Piflb avenue. For SALE? with or without i-uuniture, a ihreo dt<iry hiuli sioop brown stone House, in Forty flflb street, between Filth m l Sixth avenues, or will tie let fnrni hud. Apply 10 W. r 1TZPATU1CK, Florist, 1,213 Broadway. JjlOR HALL? TWO LOTS OF GROUND, BETWEEN Centre and Hazier streets, witli front and rear gildings. Apply to P. OA RBICK, 19 and 21 Rome veltgt TT?r?R sale? a pour story nion STOOP house 0* J; weal Forty-sixth street, >ouih side, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; in stool oixier; handsomely naintea ana frescoed : t arlv possetwion ; price $3i>,(A)tt AdUreia W. O, B., llerald otllec. TOOK SALE, JP First class House*. Of full w.dth, near 5t h avenue. o? 32d, SSd, 37th, 18th, 40th, 40th. 47th, 4-tlt, MM. 86th and 5/th tercets. Also on Hh, Madison and I'ark ave'iuee. For particulars aud perm 'is apply to E. H. L.UI11.UW ? CO., We. 9 Pine street. For *alk chkap-a neat small two story and attic lilgh stoop trick House, In West Tenth street, betw e 11 Fill It and .sixth avenues; all improve ments. Arpl y <0 itOMAlN BROWN, corner of Ihlrly third street ;i iid Broadway. Price $Li,00). [Ol'SK AND LOT FOR HALK? THRRB DOORS PROM 1 000, street _____ IENOX HILL.? AT AUCTION. BY MULI.BR, WIL J KINS * 00., April #. *0 Kant Sixty -ninth street, four story brown stone, 18x60; lot 100.6; the best street; no nuisances. SOMEBODY WILL OBT A GREAT BARGAIN OP that four story brown stone high stoop in Fifty-fourth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. It they talk quick ; an offer wanted. F. ZITTEL, 1 .028 Third avenue. 2 PULL LOTS POR 8 ALU? IN SIXTY-FOURTH Street, between Central Park and Grand Boulevard, low and on easy terms. Apply to J. W. MEAGHER, 478 Hlxth avenue. 4k9fi f;AA WILL BUY ON EASY TERMS A >Vf\F handsome now three story high stoop orown stone llouoe on Murray Hill. Apply on premises, I&3 East 1 btrty -sixth street. Ann ONLY-IP TAKEN TO-DAY, for one of the magnificent 28 foot 4 story brown stone Tlouses on Soventy-loiirth street, between Madison aud Filth avenues; terms unusually liberal; $36,000 uiay remain on mortgage. Apply at 37 Park row, room 4. ICaat Side, A? FOR PALE, EIGHT FOUR STORY BROWN ? stone hiith stoop nouses, on southeast corner of Lexington avenue ;i nd Seventy first street; one corner Uouse, llOxM: Ave Houses, adioinidg, 011 Lexington ave nue, each 16^811, and two (louses on Seventy-tirst street, afl joining, each 13x86 ; terms to suit. Apply on premiKos. A POUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, ?? EAST BROAD way; good business location ; Rutgers' lease; cheap for cash. W. iT. FALCONER, 100 Fourth avenue, near Twclttb street. A REAL BARGAIN? 223 EAST FORTY-EIGHTH street, fonr story high stoop brown stone ; terms easy ; pricti $14, (M). Apply lor permit to owner, L. MEN DEL8ON, 78 Nassau streef. room 1. ' POR SALE? A NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE, BASR ment and three story. Eighty-third street, between Pint and i- econd avenues ; terms very easy. Anply on the premises. IpOR BALE? ON LTBBRAL TERMS, TOE ELEGANT JP Hot story Dwelling, 112 Bccond avenue ; finished in th? ?M>et superb manner: price moderate; ?i*n 26x88, lot 128 feet. Apply to LOUIS SOHN. 338 Broadway. Fob sale-a three story and ba<bmbnt House, nearly new; 12 rooms; all improvements; 4C4 East aeventy-nlntli street; I0U feet street; Belgian pavement ; near First avenue; price $6,1)00; tortus easy. Inquire next door, 440. Harlem propkkty.? 1 or sale at a bargain. the two lots on northeast corner ot avenue A and Urith street; this properly is very eligibly situated in the finest part of Harlem, and rapidly improving in v?lue. Inquire ol the owner, 847 Broadway, up stairs. mEAHT TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? FOR SALE, lour story brown stou,-. 26 by 00 fee:, lot 9o.9; early possession : price $38,0 W; easy terms. ApplvtoE. U. L(Jl)LOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street Ol f\ EAST FORTV-SIXTH STREET.? BROWN STONE tront, admirable place; 12 rooms; very large bath and pantries; In perfect order. Apply at auy time. QAC BAST EIGHTEENTH STREET.? FOB SALE. OVJ?/ three story brown stone House, in porfect order, lnquiro on the premises from 8 to 10 A. M. Wmt Side, A PINE FIVE STORY BROWN STONE FRONT Store, oa Murray street, lor sale very cheap. Inquire of FRANK PHILLIPS, 248 Broadway. ABCLKHBAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONK half Block, 400xiU.6, for sale or to lea?e tor a term of rears, running iroai Thirteenth avenue to West street K. L. A B. T. BURN HAM, 60? Hudson street. A8PLENDID CORNER ON TUB BOULEVARD AND Scventy-Atili street, with two connecting Lots on 6erenty-t>ixth street, for sale at a bargain. ? A.-L. WILLIAMS A CO., 128 Broadway. A? EXECUTOR'S SALE? TWO CHEAP LOTS ON ? Filly-sixth street, between Ninth and Tenth avc ?nes, 28x100 each; price *6,00) each; very easy terms; must be sold to close the esta e. POTTElt BRUTHERB, No. 4 Warren street A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE WITH OROUNDS AND stable to let? Two miles above Central Park, be tween Grand Boulevard and Hudson River; perfectly healthy; house twelve rooms, all modern Improve trents ; hiriuslied $2,200; unfurnished $1,800. Apply at Bate Deposit Company, 140 Broadway. A? MUST, MUST. MUST BE SOLD; ONLY $16,000; A . 20 foot modern brown stone House, beautllully located. Alio one at $14,810, near Third avenue. CRAWFORD. 988 Third avenue. ASACRIFICE.-A FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP House on West Twenty-third street; good order; all modern improvements; it tiouKht to-day will be sold ata great sacrifice. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Eighth avenue and Twenty-first street FOR 8ALE-AN ENTIRE QUARTER BLOCK ; UNIM nroved; west side, below 40th street; easy terms. A. W. NICOLL, No. 7 Warren street For sale? medium sized bbown stonb Dwelling 128 West Forty-second street, tastefully decorated ; in perfect order; price low; terms easy. In ouli aof J. CAMPBELL, Paci?c Bank. rB 8 ALB? HALF BLOCK (COMPRISlNQ 10 LOTS), fronting on Washington, west and Hubert streets, together with 100 teet valuable bulkhead. Thu la the largest plot to be had in lower part of city. Terms easy. Address JAMES PtUCB. Agent, MO Hndson street TjK)B SALE-A PLOT OF C.ROUND, ON OREENH J street, on the west side, between Broome and Spring KtrectH, on which the Methodist Episcopal church ana farsonage now Maud. belnK 100 feet square. Apply to OHM M. CLAWBON, 190 Spring street Fob sals? I* wkst forty-fourth street, flrst eluss three story and basement hlch stoop brown ?tone front Houses. 845 lo 253, J0M0 and 18.9x90; price *17,000 and $16,00) Inquire on the premises, or of JAMES BLAOKUUK8T, m West Forty-eighth street fOB SALE-FIVE FOUB STORY BROWN STONE high stoop Houses, In Forty-Qflh street between Broadway and Eighth a venae. 200 feet westoi Broadway; also three three siory brown stone high stoop Houses, fit) feet west oi Eighth avenue, In Forty-fltlh street, with re newals 80 year". Astor lease. Inquire on the premises, or at US West Forty -flitb street U?OB SALE? ON WEST TIIIRTY-POCRTH STREET, A J? large four story high stoop brown stone front House, with Axiuiiutur parlor carpels, gas fixtures, Ac.: price fJj.OUfc JAMES R. KI>WARi)&, 89 West Twenty -third street. JilOR RALE? TnB BALANCE OP THE BOO BROWN 1 stone H oases which have not been sold yet, they are In the most desirable location, abovo forty -second street, west dde ; prices riinalng from 91 -'.000 to $100,000, on fa vorable tcrin% mid bsnralns If you call this week. M. S. FKJBND, m Seventh avenue. For sale? a medium sized house, 234 west Twenty flrst street; three story, 30x106; all the mod ern improvements; in pisnect order; good neighborhood ; price 9 1 .two. I "Hob" sale -an bleoant thrrb story Tjioh House, with wn nut doors and bav win aow . built da v work , price 91S.U00 ; terms easy. M West Forty -si* th street rB SALE? ON 80UTI1 FIFTH AVKNCR A COBNEB joxv, With three , story brick ^bulldmgf V-eU^K wnmgiy. JQHw >1 CLavb, No. j Pine street. Fob sale at a haroain? on wkht twbntt flrst street, a large 1ft i?K>t wide, three storv high ?too n brown stone House, modern Improvements, tor or would lease to a good tenant at 92 0ouper .?ar JAMES B. KDW A RDM, w> West Twenty third Mi Je* "EX>B KALB OB TO LBT-229 WEST FIFTY-FIRHT J? street, brown stone Dwelling : 327 Fourth avenue Htore arid DweUing. Apply to WM. KNIUHT, 291 West Plfty-llrsi street M? ORNhpd apt PABK.-FOB HALE FOL'B LOTS, finely located on high ground, with magnificent ?lows ; terms easy. Apply at M William street, room 20. PANIC PBICPi ? HOUSES ON FIFTH, MADISON, Lexington avenues and on best uptown streets : sev eral Houses that nmst be sold to close estates. PAUE A MO'JAFFKKTy, Filth avenue, corner Fifty-second st TWBNTT-FOCR LOTS ON 1S2D AND USD HTHEETS, 10# feet west r,f Seventh aveni.e, tor sale cheap; , l*>?h streets regulated, curbed, guttered, Ac. Apply to ROMAINE BROWN, 1,-280 Broadway. miMtDaneoiiii. t A BOUSE IN TWENTT -8EOOND HTRF.F.T IN PER A feet order for sale : price $i7,uoo cash. JACOB Ml A RPR, :s? Pine street b" WILL OIVK AWaT-IK TAKKN THIS DAY, NO later? a three story brown stiue House lor flu, 260; - four ?uj/v i?r in wxi, worth iout k Ul:iln T en Tn,r(, lnaH. CTTT REAL HffgAT TOB HAM. nuMiMMM*. i fc *1 A KAA KMt DESIRABLE MOWN 9T0NR JpL^fc.OUU Dvtlltof ; floe locution ; $3,000 ca?h ; balance on mortgage; an opportunity seldom olrcrea; DUt be wld Uili whL KlUfcOIS CRAWFORD, . tM Third irenr, near Fifty -eight* street BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AM) TO LKT. TTERAIJ) BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. A1JVERTI8F.MK NTS FOR TUB NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFI'IOK, IK THB LONG ISLAND SVVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND LOEBUM ST. OFPIOB OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL ? F. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CABBIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. AN ELEGANT BUOWN STONE HOUSE, REST PART ol Brooklyn, magnificently and completely ftirntoh ed; price $20,* Wieaay terms; or to rent, at $176 per month. Address HOTSPUR, Hernld office. A BARGAIN,- A NEW TQKBE STOBY BRICK House, 20x38x106, with every Improvement; tint claw neighborhood. Apply at the office of the lata A. J. Walker, 118 John street, New York, troiu 12 to 2 o'clock. A -A ? IF YOU ABB LOOEINO FOR A FIR8T CLASS ? brown stone Hon^c in a One neighborhood, at the lowest price ana on the easiest terin? to be found in Brook lyn or elsewhere. It |i worth your while to apply to R. H. NICHOLS, owner. No. 9 fine streot. New York, or on the premise*, Macon street, between Marcy and Tompkins avenues, to Kr. DUN N. A place, Brooklyn; all Improvements; line location; con venient t o car* and ferries; title perfect; reason tot stilling, to divide among lioirs. Apply on premises to K. E. KKLLOGG, Administrator. FINE LOOATION, OPPOSITE CARROLL PARK, Brooklyn ; convenient to cars and ferries; lor sale, three story basement and nnder-cellar brick House, 278 President street; has range, stationary tubs, bathroom, Ac.; price asked ft, 000. For pariiculnrs apply to B. R. KELLOQO, No. 3 Broadway. New/York, 10 to 12 A. M. BROOKLYN.? TO LET, A FIRST OLAS3 HOUSE; new. brown stone front with all modern Improve ments. in Clinton street, between Congress and Warren; rent $1,660. Address M Veranda plaoe; possession im mediately. Brooklyn? for sale or yo let, a brick Uouse. 10 rooms and snbcellar, with Improvements, In Verandah place, uear Henry stroet and near South furry; will self for f.1, 000 or lot ai $800. L"IOR HALE? A COMMODIOUS ijITTLE HOUSR, NINE r rooms, frame, filled in, all Improvements, with extra Lot and Stable ; fruit trees, flowers, vines, Ac. ; within oru: block of Fultor and Atlantic avenfte cars, thirty min utes to City Hall; will be sold lor $6.M0, wortn fx, TOO. In outre of the owner, on the premises. 406 Herkimer street, between Albany and Troy ava., Brooklyn. Terms easy. FOB 8ALR? NEAB PROSPECT PARK, M PROSPECT place, a fine three story and basement double frame House and Harden; house 37%xS8; modern improve ments ; ground 02^x131 ; choice fruit, Ac.; 800 feet Irom S rand entrance to the Park; surroundings, first class ouses. Apply to F. D. NORRIS, 31 DeKalb avonue, Brooklyn. t,10R HALE- A CORNER PLOT, ICOXlOO, CORNER 1 Seventeenth street and Eleventh aveuue, Brooklyn, within two blocks of the west grand entrance to Prospect Park. Also a two story basement and attic House, on Eighteenth street, containing 9 rooms, water throughout, with sewer connection; price 93.0001 Apply at 428 Eighteenth street, Brooklyn. Terms easy FOB RALE-TWO THREE STORY BASEMENT AND sub-oellar frame Houses, twelve rooms; all im provements; fine location ; only three blocks from Pros pect Park: price Sfl.lXJO; terms easy. BURRILL'8 Real Estate office 443 Fifth avenue, near Ninth street, South Brooklyn. For sale? seven neat, first class brick Houses, on Biitledge street, between Lee and Bedford avenues, each X). 9x40x1 00; 10 rooms; evory improvement; immediate possession. Also the three story basement and sub-cellar brick House, 439 Oates avontio, In complete or der; parlors frcsccod ; evory improvement: price $7,GU0; immediate possession. Apply to F. , O, VROOMAN, at butlaings, Rutledgo street, or 444 Gates avenne. For sale-a fine corner brick house (30x42 lot), "1x12; with flno store and cellar; three story and basement and a large show window. Apply on the premises, corner of Hicks and Harrison streets, Sooth Rrooklyn. liH)R SALE AT A BARGAIN? A THREE STORY AND I? basement brown stono House, 174 Bedford avenne; every modern Improvement; price $13, COO, of which a large portion can remain on mortgage; look before buy ng elsewhere ; no reasonable offer refused. 8POONER A BAUER, 206 Caiial gtrect_ IN THIRD PLACE, NEAR COURT 8TREBT, IS A 12 rcem three story Residence and Lot, 130 feet dorp, which will be sold for $7,000 to a reliable purchaser, in monthly payments. WYCKOFF i jam KS, 203 Montague street Myrtle avenub. Brooklyn.? hplendid va cant Lots lor business purposes must and will be sold at auction bv J KRK. JOHNSON, Jr., at 393 Fulton Ntreet, Brooklyn, Monday, April 7. Positively no limit on lots. Mapsat21 Tark row, New York. TO BROOKLYN PROPERTY HOLDERS AND BUILD ers.? 1 want to take cliaree cf a row of from 6 to 12 Houses, tenements or otherwise, either to let, sell and at tend to the repairs for a percentage or surplus; unexcep tional references from present and former employers. Address A. T. S., Post office, Brooklyn. N. B.? $30,d0J to place on first mortgage, brokerage 1 per cent, in sums to suit. Wanted to purchase, a Second Mortgage good uot longer than two years; 8 to 10 per cent discount ;$5,OW to W.uOO ' TO LET-A LARGE MANSION HOUSE, IN THE VIL lage of Portchester, five minutes from depot; 18 rooms, pantries, laundry, closets, Ac., with large and commodious carriage house, stables and other outbuild ing* and 10 screv of Land, highly ornamented and eiiiti iiml) i vated ; suitable for a large ininifj or a first class boarding house or young ladies' seminary. For apply to W. K. PEYTON, 272 Bowerv. r LET? FURNISHED. FROM MAY 1 NEXT, IN Greene avenue, Brooklyn, on the Hill, a three story brown stone House, convenient to Fulton and Well street ferries; terms very low to a desirable tenant Apply to O. T. BONNER, 20 Broad street, New York. TO LET? NINE HOUSES IN nAMPDBN STREET, between Flush ins and Park avenues, Brooklyn, west side; handsome Philadelphia brick ironts, all modern improvements; 10 minutes l'ro;a Fnlton terry ; rent $38 per month. Apply to F. MURTAUH, No. 8f, on the premises. TO LET-THE BEAUTIFUL THREE STORY HIGH stoop and basement brown stone House 130 Greene, near Clinton avenue, Brooklyn. D. H. STO.VE, 192 Broadway. New York. TO LET? BROOKLYN. WHOLE OR PART OF HOUSE 47 Elliott place, between DeKalb and Lafayette ave nues; 11 rooms, water and gas; rent for whole $70. r LET? FURNISHED, FOR SIX MONTHS, A THREE story brick Hoase, with modern conveniences, on Brooklyn Heights, five mlnntes' walk from Wall street ferry. Apply to A. B. DAVF.NPORT, S97 Fulton street. TO LET? UNFURNISHED HOU8R 13 TOMKPIN8 place, Brooklyn, three story and basement, high stoop, 24 leet wide; all modern improvements; rent $l,uuu. Apply to T. C. MOOKE, Real Estate Age-ut, Clin ton street, corner Degraw. TO LET OR LEA8E? HOl'SE 4M DB KALB AVENUE, Brooklyn ; first class brick, brown front, three story and basement, two story extension, 12 rooms; all im provements; half a block from croastown railroad, Frankiiu avenue; coach house, and stable for five horses If desired ; rent low to responsible tenant For informa tion and permit at J. JOBNSON A SONS, corner Myitlo and Bedford avenues, Brooklyn. r KENT? FURNISHED, Off BROOKLYN HEIOHTS, for six month*, from May 1, a very desirable three story brick House, with all tlic modern improvement*; terms very moderate and Rood tenant required. Add rose box I,#17 Nov York Po?t otllce. r RENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE, furnished, 999 Claremont avenue, Brooklyn, locatcd between two car roatc* from Puitom lorry. Ap; ly to F. W. WOODS. 303 Fulton street. rRT.NT-FULLY FURNISHED THREE STORY AND bote mm t brick House ; all Improvements; good loca tion, near two ferries, in Brooklyn ; rent $86. _ AL0NZ0 OADBERT. 107 Broadway, Brooklyn, E D. TO LET OR LEASE-ONE OF TI1E BEST STORE Properties on Myrile avenue, corner of Cumberland Street, Krooklvn ; house 20x64; store remodelled with best French plate glass windows; well adapted tor drnif ?tore, bakery or first class grocery : the property en n be bought on reasonable terms. Apply to ORO. WILSON, * 4 Myrtle avenue, corner of Pearl street, In the turnlture store. dtPTfl HER MONTH WILL HIRE A FIRST CLASS <T?JU three itory corner House (Philadelphia brick) in I?e avenue, Brooklyn; every modern improvement and neighborhood unexceptionable. H. T. Bl'HIT, owner, 130 Maiden lane, New York. d? i 7 An -nineteenth ward, brookly, v bby ?)P*X? I ' 'l/? chenp, throe story brick, V rooms, with i modern improvements; terms to suit purchaser. Apply to WALO. SUMMER, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. AHA 1'"0" THREE STORY HIOU STOOP ?It.UUU brick House, 24xl?xllJ*, In Tompkins place near Harrison street, Brooklyn; will exchange for a Farm on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, be tween Rofelle and I'laiNfleld, near depot. KIKKR, HESSE A CO., No. 9 Pine street WESTt'IIMHTKR COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. A VALUABLE WATER FRONT RESIDENCE ON the Sound, at Rye, one mile Irom depots, about 4$? ?eres, frame house, modern Improvements: also Cottage, 14 rooms, stabling for Ave horses, bathhouse, Ac ; about St 0 teet Iront, with sea wall ; a fine place for yachting, fishing and bathing; charming location; remarkably henltnv; terms easy. Apply to T. J. HALL, Rye, N. Y., or 41 South street, city. A FINE NEW TWO STORY FRENCH ROOF HOUSE, two Lots, for $.VW0; prime neighborhood ; Broad way, Morrisania ; also Cottage, near depot $2, WD. O. W. DfrCIIETT, No 2 New Chambers street. A HANDSOME COUNTRY PLACE ON THE HUDSON River, nt Scarborough, one mile below Sing Sing: large double brick bouse, 80xK; stable, gatehouse and other outbuildings; 10 or t? acres; vie" s very fine ; terms easy. Aut lv to EDWARD At'STEN, 'tXi 1 carl street, or te ROBERT ii. r.QORMAN. II Cedar street. \ BAIKiAIN is 1/iWER WESTCHESTER PROPERTY, I -il on the Hudson, within one hour of Wall street? i Handsome large Italian Mansion, with all Improvements and tn complete order, stables, poultry house Ac. ; highly improved grounds and lawns; choice deciduous, ever I green aud Tiuit trees; excellent gardens ; high, perfectly I healthy and i Ictiirestjue location. Price $30,000 to S*T,0"0, with to 5', acre?, as desiied ; $.\?? to $10,000 only re fund inrush. Address Ihjx 2.H19 Post office. New York. /MHTU.r, ') not IMS. TOWER, CON8BVATORY, ? " j Lots, tilled with Irutt, Inrae shade trees, at Fair B?unt, ? minutes' walk trotn steam cars, 5 minutes to rse t ars, SO minutes to the Grand Central depot; price S. iockchokt ."1)4 I'ine street, room i. UOR SALE OR RENT? FU RNISHBD OR UNFUR JT nished? At Tarrytown, Beekman avenue, near Brontl w?y.? A neat Cottage, convenie nt to dunot and In nert' et order. Annlv at 77 Maiden lane. ITESWHFantR cmiNTT PtOPBlTT FOR 8AL11 OS TO RBNT* FOR SALE? COUNTRY RESIDENCE, OK OBITRAIi avoane. aewr White Plain*. two story French roof House; 15 roonii ; all modern Improvements; carriage M garden, small Irani, Ao. ; r3 to 20 acres l aud'; Applyty BLACK WELL * CO., 65 Liberty street, ork, or Wit. B. TIBBIT8, White PUUs. HOTEL tO liRVUSlTVATED UPON TH* KINFST mrriet h? Tankers; admirably situated far boarder* and houil purpose! ; a splendid business can be relied ?*o? II well kepi ; rant low. Apply to OGDKN * CLARK, Broad way, oprnar of cisvontoeuth Hiraat. TTIQH RRIDQK, WB8TCHKKTBR, 19 MINUTES PROM J 1 Forty -second street depot. New York.? A handsome Mansard roof House, 13 rooms, beautifully situated on the ridge oi Harlem River; lot 28xli:'.<; more ground If re u iii red ? 8 minutes from depot: terms easy. Apply to C. W. WEEK*. Pollock's HotelTu Ig bfaridaa. TUTOONT VERNON, WESTCHESTER COUNTY. ?FOR IYI sale or to let, d est ruble House, 10 rooms; gas, range ana water In kluthen; fruit. Ac. Apply to HICKS, 53 South street, New York. rrURRYTOWN? TO LET. A NICE PLACE. TWO X acres, bouse, IS rooms; fruit abundant; flue river vlov; carriage house, Ae. ; rent $1,000. JOHN WEBBER, 8.1 Crand street, corner Bowery. mo LET-AT TONKKRg, FURNISHED HOUSE, CON 1 telulair It rooms, gas and wster; stabling. kitchen garden, fruit in abundance, shade, tine river view, con venient to fltoambout and oars; $2,000 per annum. Call on or address OWNER, U1 Front street, room 5, from 10 to 11 A. M. TO LET-AT MAMARONEOK. WESTCHESTER COUN ly, N. Y.. wlihin Ave minutes' walk of the depot, Fart of a furnished Hou.*e, tor 7 rooms; good location ; French family, inquire of the agent, nt the depot. TO RENT? FURNISHED, A VERY PIMB HOUSE, within two minutes* walk of McOomb's Dam Bridge and one quarter of an heur'a drive of Central Park ; tue grounds consist of IX aores, humlsomoly laid out, with ?veryreeus, Iruit trees, (lowers. Ac. ; the house la large, seventeen rooms, with line billiard room ; olaaza all around the house ; very large carriage houao. with stable room for six horses: the view of the surrounding eouuliw is magnificent, the locality pert'eclly lieu I thy, and In all res: acts suitable tor the residence of any gnntleman who desires a country plane wttbln ? isy aooosaof the city by railroad, steamboat or drive. Apply to K. B. DALY i SON. 118 Wall street. TO REST? AT YONKERS, FULLY FURNISH KT). FOR the season or year, one of the most desirable and pleasant Places in that city; tho houre is handsomely turntahed, an in complete order ; has bath. gas. range, hot and cold water, water closets; good stable for four horses, with coschman's room ; ground runs from street to street, giving fine lawn and garden; ront $1,300 for season or $2,4tti forjrear. JAMBS It. EDWARDS, 68 Wcat Twenty-third street r RENT? AT MOUNT VERNON. 35 MINUTES FROM oitv via New Raven Railroad, a House of about 11 rooms; eight minutes Irom depot; rent$0SO; or will ex change House, with 7 city Lots, together with a corner of 8 cily Lots, for brown stone House in the city worth 116,000 to $30,000. | BIKER, HESflE A CO. ,_N o^? Pine street WESTCHESTER COUNTY FARMS FOR BALE.? NICE place, 20acros, near depot, $3,000; IS aores, good improvements, $4,000; 100 acres, goon dairy farm, $10,000: extra line place, l<0 acres, $tt,ooiT- 100 others, from $3,000 to $30,000. H.1RKLAND, 201 Broadway. AQAA FOR LABGB FURNISHED HOUSE AND U three acres; location pleasant and healthy; stable, fruit, Ac. :M) minutes from city. Address W. DKEBB, Jerome, Westchester oounty, N. Y. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY JiND BERG EN Itt AIj KHTATB. ~ For Sale. For sale or to let? tn hoboken, two build Ings, three stories, with lour Lots, with 50 horse En gine and Roller, huitfibl; for manufacturing. Apply to JOHN CO RON, 308 West street, or 24 Newark street, Ho boken. To Let or Lease. Machine shop room, with power, to rent? At Jersey City, near ferry, in buildings formerly Jersey Citv Locomotive Works. Apply lo W. BAILEY, LANG A CO., 54 Cliff street, New Yorlc, or W. C. DAY TON, at works. fpo LET? IN JERSEY CITY PROPER LOWEB PART 1 of a Dwelling, flvo rooms, gas, bath, Ac., furnished or not Possession immediately. Mr. MAHHU, 7J8 Broadway, New York.__ TO RENT-ON UNION HILli, PALISADE AVENUE, and close to both linos of ears, a tine House, with view of New York; garden, summer honse, vine arbor, fruit tree*, Ac. Apply at A. BO ILKA U, 17 Ciarksou street, New York. PROPERTY OUT OK THE CITY FOR SALE OK TO RENT, AN ELEGANT COUNTBY BESIDENCE IN MORRIS town, N. J., three story, 40x33, with extension, two bay windows n ml all Improvements; garden hand-omely In id oat; a large variety of fruit ; high ground: tho most desirable part on the place ; moat luxuriously furnished for sale, with or without Furniture. , A. BLOMQVI8T, 150 Nassao street A GENTLEMAN'S RESIDRNCE TO LET OB FOR sale, tarnished, 18 rooms; all improvements; bil liard room, bowling alley, stable*; splendid view; unex ceptionable location ; St Mark's place; New Brighton, 8. |. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. AFABM FOR SALE-TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, CON slstlng of house, barn and granary, with 33 acres of land, situated five miles from Knglawood. N. J., between the Northern and Hackensack Railroads; also one for rale or trade at Patchogue, L. I.; hon e, barn and granary, with 30 acres ol land, overlooking tho Great South Ray; Ashing, gunning and yachting In abundance. For particulars apply at 11 James slip. Now York. A-LONO BRANCH COTTAGES TO BENT? KUB . nlshed. Printed catalogues, with lull descriptions and special survey map:!, to be had at our oltlce. V. O. A D. BROWN, 90 Broadway, corner of Wall street, and Branch cfflcc, opposite the depot, Long Branch. A FINE FARM OF 00 ACREd FOR SALE OB Ex change? For other Property: one-half mile from Pascock station, on Uackonsack Extension Railroad, Krie line; fine elevated land: * ' " ' " * ' ? can Le bought very low. K KRMAN, at Pascock station, ABABOAIN.? FINE BESIDENCE IN BOONTON Park; halfucre ground ; plenty fruit trees; five min utes from depot; price $4,700. Apply to owner, P. W. HAMMOND, Boont< n, New Jersey ? A-ELIZABETHPOBT, N. J., VACIN1TY OF SINGER ? Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two Lots, for tale ; house coutaius 7 rooms, water and gas ; op posite Jackson Park, the proposed site for the erection of the State Capitol buildings and ground*; will sell very low. Address OWNER, box 150 Herald office. A -FOB SALE, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ONE . hour from city by New York and N<w llaven Rail road, fronting on Lnn; Island Sound ; good house, 14 roontt; modern Improvements; 10 acres of Land. fruit, flowers, Ac. ; bathing, boattmr and fishing ; will be sold very cheap. Apply to T. S. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. At south norwalk, conn.-a house with is rooms; lot 166x2)0: Abnndancc of fruit. I'rlee $6,rOO. Address S. O. HYATT, 385 Broadway, or C. M. LAW RENCE, on the premises. \CUOICE FARM, 120 ACRES; EXCELLENT LAND; 28 miles by Eric Railroad; good buildings, fruit, Ac. ; location unsurpassed for health ; price $l\000. OK O ROE B. WALTON, 21 Park row. A -MIDLAND RAILROAD, NEW JERSEY.? I AM . making a specialty of Property on the lluo of this new road; within one nonr of New York; the land is mountUnons, perfectly healthy and tree from mosqui toes; I nave a large number of Farms, convenient to de pot, and gentlemen'* Residence, with a lew l.ots of Ground. T. H. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. kensack Extension Railroad, Krie I; good building; plenty of fruit; w. Apply at NICHOLAS B. AC ntlon, Bergen county, N. Y. Anicb truck farm of si acres, within a mile of Flushing village, will be ?ol(l at a bargain. Inquire of a F. GOODING, Flushing, L. I. AVALUABLB TRACT OF TIMBERED LAND IN Georgia tn exchange for available Real Batata or PersonsI Property; n Steamboat pre'erred ; title absolute. SOUTHERN Land IMMIGRATION COMPANY, Wl Wil liam street, New York. A GOOD IIOUSB, STABLE, FRUIT. SO-ACBB FARM, to aril, rent or exchange; pleasantly kcated, ou the Hudson Blvcr; terms easy. K. FREEMAN, 162 Broadway. A HOUSE AND T II BEE ACRES, PLEASANTLY L0 catcd, on Central Railroad of New Jersey, for sale ; a bargain if applied lor at unci-. J. 0. FRKEMAV, if, ? Broadway. A good farm of seventy acr^s, 2? MILES frcin New York ; law alono House. large Barn, 250 apple trees, pear, plumb imd peach trees; lots of email Iruit, priLU #7,000. Apply at 73 Beekmnn street, third floor, iroiu 12 to 4. A BEAUTIFUL VIEW, SAND BEACH FOR BATH Ing. Ave acres, shore front; a pleasant, well built Hou.e, eievi n rooms, ail kind outbuildings, choice fruit; ?ne mile from YS iiitehtcno, L. I. ; thirty trains dully; easy terms. Address OWNER, box IrB Raw York I'ost otltce. AlOO ACHE FARM, NEAR PLAIN Ft ELD, N.. J, FREE of encumbrance, with money, * ill he exchanged for Brooklyn Properly, not heavily mortgaged. MARCUS H. LAINU, SJ Liberty street. A FINE RESIDENCE-TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, Burn an 1 lour acres Garden Ground , fruit and shade trees; situated on Jamaica turnpike, Long island, near Bouthslde Railroad depot, at itichiirend Hill and Central Railroad depot, Clsroncevllle ; now occupied by J nines Nsrier; horse cars pass the house ever? Til inlliaVis pos sesion 1st May next; rent$(K0. Apply to WILLIAM* A Ol ION, <a W?!l street. ' AN ELEOANTLY furnished new country Residence, In tho highest, healthiest part of lower Westchester, Is lor sale or to let cheap, as the owner has moved front the Htnte; nil improvements, including stable ; easy terms; no better chance tor a bargain. A. M. SOTELDO, Jr., 81 Chainiiers street. A FACTORY WITH MACHINERY AND TWO DWELL Ings, near this city, lor tale. Ap, ]yat SMITH'S Fruit Store, 18? Broadway. AT NEWARK.? FOR HALE AT A BARGAIN, A COM plete three story French roof House; gas, furnace, range, bathroom ; perfect order ; convenient to railroads; Jio.oou; terms to suit. ROBERT T. MEEK 3, AO Cedar street. A GENUINE BARGAIN. ?.'0 ACRES OF CHOICE Land In Herkimer county; new nouse; beautiful river running bv the place; ptlcoiU.OU; terms easy. Ap ply at #14 i . mint street, ____________ A BARGAIN AT KINGSTON? A M'LBNDID FARM of 30 ncies, choice land, well fruited, good buildings, Cue location; u complete (arm-. (.4,300. J. M. FBRGUciON. 30 Nassau street, room & t T ORANGE MOUNTAIN, N. J.-TO LET OR LEASE. J\ House, with lawn; plenty ot shade and fruit trees; barn; 1? acres: location healthv: possession Immedi ately; rent $?>0. Call .on R. H. HINE, M7 Mxth avenne. At wf.stfih.d, n. j. -ikh sk and lot, near depot, 11 rooms, 94,001) (cheap) . al^o Country Seat of W) acres, $15,000; terms easy, new llou.te, In village, (.1,'M) ; also some tine Places to relit. D. W. LAMON. A BOARDING SCHOOL OR HOTEL 10 LBT-FUR niahed, situated on Long Island Hound, romantic drives, bathing, boating and ashing; 40 rooms. tt C. HMlTfl, owner, 802 William street. New York. 11 -PELHAM BRIDGE HOTEU-THIfl OLD BS Ai, tablished place is up for a lease U> xowl, respon sible parties, for a term of years; stock, lurunure and fixtures complete. Anoiv on tba orowlses. PROPKRTY W OF THE CITY POR w iALWOfc TO UKNtt ,n.

TJEKOBN COUNTY, NEW JBRHBY.-fOR MLB, J> a?nt Cettage-aBMea. I rait, 4c., $2,800; large Bouse. 10 room*. A acres, iO.HtW) ; nice Piatw, ft acres. $111,030? 130 aeres, extra Improvements, near depot, only $91,000: *11 wtth.n an hour of oity. N. IRELAND, 201 Broadway, BLOOMFIELM.? BKAUTIFUL ROOMS; modenf' improvement* ; stable, fine garden ; lot 8tx*J0; live minutes from two dt-nete; will t-xebanste lor farm. J. 1*. CCjNDIOT, 'M Broadway. COUBTRY RKglDkNCB^ TO BBNT? AJ M')N fCLAIB and Bloomf'o'd; modern House, 14 room*; all tin - provrmouu; ft no location; V00 per uuio: ex ra fine place, howe 16 rooms, $i,2S0, several nice Outages, MM to $B<0; large number ol otners iu l<*st sections o' New Jersey; H. IRELAND, 3 1 Hroodway. CtOBNTBY RB8TDB NCR TO LET-A NEW BRICK ) Building, Just finished, with all modern i mpro ve nt nnta, ht the heart of the city of New Brunswick, B. J., suitable lor anr genteel tamlly ; rent moderate: fl^y minutes' walk to depot. Apply o BDWARO BNOOIJ, Brown atreet New Brunswick, H.J. (10UNTRY BEAT Til LET. FURNI8HRD? 1? ROOM*; ) elegantly and completely furnished nnd heatea by foroaoe : range, hot ana eola water; sitnnted high and healthy in a lawn nnd grove of bcurilful trees; carriage house j full Ice house; gardener's cottage and gardens; orchard ; all kind* of fruit t one hour from Wall ?tr*et| trains every half hoar; rent very low to the right parties. Apply to CAPERS, CLARK A CO., ? Cedar street Dookb in newabk. n. j., paphaio river, to sell or let, in sMi m malt h >u.-?k, factories, lum ber or rtono yards. Apply to QKOBU^ W. IIOJEK, iff Duane street, New York. DOBB?? rEBRT.-TO LET. A BEW t'RRNOH BOOK House and Carriage llou e ; has hot and cold water, both, Ac. : 1 Jtf acres ground In lawn, in view ol river. Ap piy to JOHITO. HIOQlfH, No. T Pine street. ENOLBWQOD AND PALI8AHB3.? CHOICE PROl'KB ttes (or rale or rent Furnished Routes Tor Summer. 0HABLK3 P. KBLLOOO. No. ? Pine street U*>B BALK? ONE OK THE FINEST COUNTRY HOMES F on the banks of (he Hudson, near ? Ivoll, N. Y. ; the river nnd Cats'kltl Mountain views trim this place are unequalled : BO acres of improved Land, upon which are native wood*, a mansion house (new) ol ?*ono nnd brisk, with French roof, 62x90; also large Cottage. It rooms; coach honso and stables, barns, khrds. machine and car facnter shops; icehouse filled : all new, newly painted and ?n perfect order ; new private dock; 3.000 fruit trees of bearing age; property well underd rained; line wells of water; no fever and agne here ; eight ?r ten train- 1 each way dal'y ; churches and schools near; Steak and Im PHlemenls told U desired. Address C., box No. 0 Tivoli Boat ofHce, N. Y. Farm to let or lease? at bmithtown. i. l ono mllo from Smlthtown Branch station; tOaores, SOoleared : good houe, Ac. ; rent $iU0_per year. Apply at 138 Court street. Brooklyn. FKLtr QALLAGliEfC. Factory no. ns west nnrTY-sHVF.NTH street? 85x110 feet; 5,000 acres valuable Timber Land, Mill, near canal, 60 miles north of Utiea, to ex change; PARTRf DOH. I*? Brond street Fob sale? ob to let. fubmshed, for a term of yeare. House, 42x48; 16 rooms, modern conven iences, lartre vegetable and fruit garden : stable, 30x40, with rooms above, all In good order; 45 minutes from New York bv two railroads; yearly commutation, $01 60. Apply to JAMES R. HAY. 80 Broadway. PM)R SALE? A BKAUTTFUL SUMMER AND WINTER ? Residence at Westport, on New York and New Haven Railroad; French cottage, with IX acres of ground, laid out In lawn and garden ; flowers ready lor Spring plant ing; house furnished completely with niratturo made to order by best city makers; glass, linen and everything complete for occupation ; place very healthy and price very low. Apply to JOHN M. PINKNEY, 19 Codar street, or Sturtevant House. Fob sale? valuable profbbty in new ca nann. Conn., known as the Oimstead Place ; 100 acres of ridge land ; large bouse, 13 rooms; two barns; two carrlago houses, wood and wash honso*, hennery, Ac. ; 700 feet above sea level, commanding extensive views of the Sound from Qreenwtch to Bridgeport, I ong Island, Ac ; two hours from Forty -second street by New York and New Iiuvcn and New Canaan Railroads; price $16,800; terms easy. Apply to HOMER MOROAN, No. I I'ino street. Fob sale? a truck fabm op thirty acres, 11 miles from New York; 25 apple trees, lots of pear and peach trees, hall acre of blnokberries, half acre of choice asparagus; has two large springs on partoffnrm suitable tor walercresees; good buildings; price $5,000. Apply ut 73 Beokman street, third floor, from 12 to 4. Fob sale-la rob hotel, oompletkly fur nished; stable, bowling alley, Ac.; situated In ono of Mew Hampshire's most pleasant towns; very near depot; atores underneath ; well rented; prlee $:?,000. Apply to or address ALBERT QATES, Jr., U Devonshire street, Boston, Mass. ? T7IOR SALE CnEAP-A FARM OP 100 ACRES, WITH ? trout ponds, hatoh bouses, Ac., Bear Wlillamsport, Pa. ; 10 acres clear, in good state ol cultivation, balunco heavy pine timber (about 800, 000 feet) ; a beautiful stream of water, abounding with trout and capable o> producing millions for market; good houso, barns, flue orchard, Ac. ; excellent market tor produce at Williamsport Cffl,000 inhabitants), seven miles iroia the fann; timber alone worthprioe aaked Cor whole farm. Apply to i. RO MAINE BROWN, 1,290 Broadway, oorner 'fhirty third st FHOR BALE OB TO LET? A NIOE COUNTRY HOUSE and frpit garden situated on Flushing avenue, Mas poth.L.1. Terms easy , possession immediately. Apply to Mr. CLARK i< ,31 Third street or 103 East Thirtieth street, N. Y., or SAMUEL SMITH, corner Flushing and Metro politan avenues, Maspeth. For sale or to rent cheap? a hotel oe Summer Boarding House at OilTord R ation, 3. I., reven miles Irout Vanderbllt's Lan ling by railroad, one hour from New York. Apply to J. BOMAINE BKOWN, 1,-80 Broadway, corner Thirty-third street GBEENWICn, EIVERSIDE, STAMFOIIP.? COUNTRY Seats. Milage Residences and Farms for raIo and rent; excellent variety; all prices; several shore front Properties. J. W. ATwATER. Riverside station, Conn. HOME8TEAD TO LEASE FOR THE SEASON OR for one year, at South Norrvslk, Conn.? To lease, possession on or hclOcc the 1st of May It desired, the lull-' sized commodious two story irame [louse, with barn and other outbuildings, all In tine order; locution one of the pleasnntest on the line of the Now York and New Haven Railroad, overlooking (he t-'ound, river and harbor and within Ave minutes of (he depot; house well furnished, and has gas, furnace, range, with hot and cold water and laundry ; ground-* contain about acres, with large garden, about 100 f itilt trees In full bearing and a variety of small fruits. A family Horse, Rociawav, Wagon, Cart nnd a well stocked Hennery will be let with the premises. I For turther particulars inquire of A. O. KUTTl. O, 422 Broadway, New York, or of the owner, L. H. MOORE, on the premises, at South Norwalk, Conn. both *nd Linden ^P^rVeN, 169 Broadway, room 1L MONTCLAIR, N. J.? RENT $1,000. -HOUSE 9 ROOMS, extension, stuble and burn, kitchen garden, fruit, ground* finely blinded with evergreens; 4 6-10 acre*; within flvo mlnuU s' wnlk of new Midland Railroad de pot; Immediate possession. Address F. BENKENDORKK, care H. R. Wilcox, box 3,621 Post ofiice. ATYACK OH THE HUDSON.? TO LET OR FOR SALE, i.1 a new French roof, 15 rooms, all modern Improve ments, rent $1, out): a Qothlc Hoine, rent $8oa furnished $1,200; a Cottnge.7 ro"?n, rent$40J, furnishe d $.500. E. B. WESTON, Mansfield avenue station, Nyack. NYACK-FOR SALE OR TO RENT, THREE HOUSES: modern improvements, near the Institute; 9 to 12 rooms; $500, $000, $700: turnlslicd If wanted. W. AMBLER, 487 Broadway. ORANGE, N. J., RENTS.? NEAT PROPERTIES AT rca?onable figures: a fine selection furnished and unfurnished Houses, season or year. HAMILTON A WALLIS, No. 9 Nassau st., and Orange, opposite depot. OBaNGE, N. J.. AND VICINITY. -SPECIALTY. Ureatvariely Proporty for sale, rent or exchange. I. H. (JERRY, 33 Nassau street, corner Liberty. Call lor Rent and Sale Catalogues. RANGE, N. J., AT MONTROSE STATION-NEW _ complete Houses, superbly located ; 13 rooms ; every possible improvement, $10,000; rent $1,000. F. ?. STALLKNECHT, owner, 37 Nassau street STAMFORD, CONN.? FOR SALE, ONE OF THE MOST desirable Pl.-tces, with several acres of land; Sound and landscape view; first class buildings, plenty fruit; locatlou high, healthy and convenient to station ; terms easy. ELBERT WIIITB. Stamford. Conn. STATEN ISLAND.? HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED and unfurnished, for year or season; good locations. Call and oxamino my list D. R. HITCHCOCK, 52 Broadway, room 31. 0 SEA AIR.? TO BENT, FURNISHED, AN EXCELLENT family House, near Rockaway, 13 rooms; stable, boating, fishing, sea bi thing, thoroughly healthful ; $150 pur month ; also furul.-hed House, at orange, $*J0 per an num. Apply to S. K. BLaCKWELL, 12S Second avenue. SUMMIT, N. J.? A NICE HOUSE. FURNISHED OR unfurnished, rent $.V<0; 9 rooms, cellar, barn, 27 acres; six minutes' wnlk from new Providence depot. ' GEO RQB W. LASS, 70 Fulton street Tract of seaside real estate at Martha's Vineyard for 8*le.? An undivided h*i/ inter est la a tract of trie must oeslraliTe Land for (Summer cottages at Martha's vineyar J. It contains auottt 150 acres, alreu;! v Plotted, many of the lots sold and cottages being erected thereon, l'or Ijeauty i>f seaside ? - ? ? ad bathing faculties the property ii lgjwno will act in com _ reliable purchnser. Would exchange lor available city scenery, pure air, fls'ilng and bathing 'acuities unsur passed. The other half of th<? property Is own*" P/ A gentleman of means, who will act In concert with any passed. gentlen reliable , - . Property. For particulars, terms, Ac., call on or address Property, tor particulars, terra C. R. DIMOND, 83 Cedar street. TO LET? AT CLIFTON. STATEN ISLAND, A COT tage: nine rooms; high around; 15 minutes from ierry, rent $350. Apply to N. MARSH, No. 6 Bowling Oreen, New Vork. TO LET-FOR ONE YEAR, A YERY DESIRABLE furnished House, on Mount Hope, Tremont. SO min utes from Mrand Central depot; flue location; garden and fruit; 11 rooms; water in kitchen; lar^e cellar, Ac. ; terms moderate to a good tenant; an American family, with few or no children, preferred. For particulars call from 3 to 9 A. M. and troin 5 to 8 P. M. at 228 East Twelfth street, New York. _S. CUTTER. TO LET? COTTAGE AND STAVl E, NEAR THE river, at Nyack. Apply to C. 8. SMITH. TO LET-AT STAMFORD, CONN., FURNISHED Dwelling of 10 rooms, near salt water ; abundant garden, lawn, I'rult and stable; rent $100; possession im mediate. Apply at -'8 St. Mark's place, New York. rpo LET-A COUNTRY HOUSE, CONTAINING 30 1 rooms ; suttaMe for one or more private families or a hoarding house ; l)f hours from New York; beautifully situated. Terms reasonable. Address Mr. JAMKb, Herald office. TO LET-OVERLOOKING CENTREPORT HARBOR, two Cottages, partially furnished or unfurtilshed. randy for occupancy, with linn surrounding shade ana some fruit, with horses and carriages It wanted; also three cheap Houses In Ninth ward, Brooklyn, In good or der. with six rmmis each ; will let for $>S a month. Apply to tho owner, 130 State street, Brooklyn. TO LIT- FURNISHED HOUSE ON SEASHORE, south side of Malta Island, sullaMo Icehouse, Harden, with fruit in abundance ; rent $000 per annum ; possession at ony time. Apply to A. JOl'RNEAY,54 l.lspenard st rpo LET-WESTFIELD, N. J., MODERN HOUSK, 12 1 rooms; hot and cold W;iter, heater, Ac. 1 five acres, well irtiitcd; good outbuildings; one mile from station , 1 7W. L W. BADGER, HI Cedar street, or L>. W. LAMON, westfleld. _ TO LET-ON STATEN ISLAND, A 11 ANDSOM R STONE IIiiim, three acres in lawn and garden, carriage house and stsble, pleaiy fruit, shade and ornamentAl trees, berries, Ac. ; fine prospo t; rent low to n good ten ant Apply to U. R. MILLER. Wast Kew Brighton land Itui, raoiiRTT OWOV THB ftVT VOB 8A1,? f> TO RK1T. fPO LttT-IN OR ANOR. N. *?., FOR JUNE, JULT AND 1 Aufw?t, a completely tarnished Res.deuce, Willi gas, not ana cold water, bathroom. Ao. ; two acre* of lawn : Food vegetable garden, suble*n44.t inilcti cow: Is situated n top most desirable portion of Orange, within 111 rue mtnrrtew' walk of a depot s commands a view of the mountains, Ac. ; term* $3AI Mr montil. Ail4r?n W., BoraM office. r LET? AT HAOKRN8AOK, N. J., NICE HO HSR, 1* room, beautifully locate* ; six acres; abandaaoo of irwM -r large barn : rent IGOO. R if land A WHIUNO, Wo. 6 Beekmaa street. *PO LBT? AT CHATHAM, N. J., PART OT HOUSE; A g? high ground; the location la ?nrarmjaod for nealthfalnes* ; occupied by the owner; rent $ MM per year. See uraddrMB ALFKKD MBOliMOM, 166 Reads afreet, Hew York. . rLBf-MOOftB, BARNS AND ABOUT FTTK AORRS or laad j MO worth of (Hilt last season ; located at ATondal?..N J. ^5 minutes from New Vork by Newark eenpofior Brie Railway; six minutes from depot ; rent *60a w*PP!7J? or audress JAMBS R. HAY, Of dea street, near P. and N. Railroad depot. Newark, N. J. rt" ?? rom SaLR ? AT CHATHAM. H. J., NEW House, to room* and attlo: cellar under whole ; price tor rent or purchase moderate. Ai-FRED MUCHMORB, iw Reade street. Hew York. TO LBABE? BELMONT HALT., 65 R<?OM=? FURNI8HKD or unfurnished, Richmond Termor , New Brighton, Btaten Island ; 3 minute* from landing; rva'ly a desir able pi* e. W.A. COI,Um3[m Phie sWeetT rRBNT? AN KLP.OANT MEDItTM 8IBBD HOUSB at Orange; all improvements: near station and healthfully located. Iii'inlre at 23 Centre street, N. Y. fPO RENT ? FURNISHED, $200 PER MONTH. FOR I four months or longer, a Farm House, suitable for boarders, with 2) rooms; carriage house ; nice lawn; plenty or shade and good garden kooV; one mile frorn Lake Mahopac. Apply at STRATToN'H House burnish ing Warerooms, 725 Sixth avenue. TOBRNT? FURNISHED, AT ENOT.EWOOO, OONVEN ient to two stations a double mono House. with mod ern improvements: barn and five acres ot land ; grounds have abandance of fruit and shade trees: fine vegetable garden. Ao. Address bo* 3.77S New York Pout otlice. mo RENT? AT REW BRIGHTON. 8. I,, TtlRBB MIN 1 u:es from landing, on Richmond Terrace, a tine House, stable end giuuBds-; rent *1,W. Apply to TAY LOK i BTEAKNs, No. m fine street rRKNT-AT PLAIN FIELD, N. J., AN OLD KAS1I loned House, comfortable and commodious, furnish ed : a good range ; water on the secoud floor; plenty of shade and irult troes, barns, Ao. ; within live minutes' walk of Bvona station; location both healthful and agreeable ; lift) per month lor six months, or $100 per month for the year. Address bos 31 l'oet ofBce, or In quire of C. Q. KIMBALL, 11 New street, New York. TO rent-At B O n7> ENTOW N , N. J., THK MOST handsome Sto?? In the State -.double French front, Slate glass; sue of store 19x70; back cn>l all glass, with audsbme ,'irdun iu the rear. Address FttBD. U. VVIESE, Bordentown, N. J. T~ WO KINR RESIDENCE.-, ' IN FLUSHING VILLAGE, can be bought on very advantageous terms. Iaquiro or 8. P. GOOD1NO, Flushlne, L. I. UPPRR HACKENSACK.? SPLENDID VII, LA 81TR8 for sale, on eanr terms; lor dwellings only ; oue of the finest locations in the State. B. M. MASON A CO., No. I Chambers street. VALUABLE MILK FARM FOR RALE OR Ex change? On Harlem Railroad : depot on the prem ises } good spring anil buildings. Address, with full par Uonlars, Q. P. JOHN8QN, Dayton. N. J. dfcOfift WILL BUT A FARM OF fit) ACRES, FIYE ?p<7UU hours from New York ; two miles from depot, river and canal; house and barn; about CO acres im proved with fruit; trout stream runniii; through the property, churches and schools; no encumbrance; no mistake about the prtce, $900; must bo bold. Apply to I. WILLIS, aOP Bowery. <fel RHrt ?SAW MILL AND 2M> ACRE - OF LAND tor sale; splendid water power; ma chinery all new ; turbine wheels, roar saws, iron shaft ing, pulleys, Ac. ; a greet bargain If applied for imme diately ; terms easy ; only $1,500 cash required ; a fortune to a business man. Apply to B. S. ULOOMFlELD, Stroudsburg, Monroe county, Pa. *nn WILL BUY A FARM OF 4A0 ACRE?, JJjO.'JUU about HO cleared; liou'-e and barn, plenly good fruit; four hours' ride from New York; would ex change. Apply to HERMAN, 2:ri Ki^lith avenue. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SAl^R. EXCHANGE or to let? Comrortable House, containing IS rooms; Sood barn aad other buildings; fine well of water ; resl ence within half a mile from proposed depot of the Morrlstown Branch of the Mont Clair Railroad and about fbur miles from Madison station. Parties desiring to t?e property can addreas ALFRED PEER, Hanover, Morris connty, N. J., or call at Fulton street llrook l^n, third floor, room 7, from 10>< A M. to 2% P. M.. on A8TOCK OF GOODS WANTHD-FOR A SPLENDID Farm of 630 acre* In t'auk county, Wisconsin, oppo site Kilbourn City i good buildings, in complete order; well firuitod : a choice farm, free and clear. J. 8. FERQCSON, !? Nassau street, room 6. PVOBB'S FERRY.? FOR SALE OR EXCHANOB FOR J." a House in Brooklyn, a fine Residenco, cash value $16,600. Apply to JOHN O. 11 IQOl NS, No. 7 Pine street Exchange- for Brooklyn property, a de slrablo Country Placc, near Paterson. containing ISaores; good buidmgs. with the stock if desired. J. 0. HQVT A SON, 171 Broadway. FOR 8ALE OR EXCHANGE? A FINE COUNTRY RES ldence situated at Tenatly, N. J.. 10 minutes from station; about 4 acres land, good barn and outbuild ing, plenty of fruit ; will bo sold reasonable uud on eitHy terms; a bargain WILSON A CLARK, 111 Broadway, bAsemcnt, room C. OR BALE OR EXCHANGE- DEFIRABLB BUILD ing Lots, near depot, L. I., lor Furniture, Carpets, Dry Goods or Sewing Machines. l'BARCE, 74 South Tenth street, Williamsburg. For salb or bxchange-an elegant villa Residence, with splendid outbuildings and 18 acres or land, at Passaic. N. J., fronting 400 feet on Passaic ltiver, cheap at $.'1(1,000; a splendid building Plot of IS acres, at Tenatly. N. J., near railroad depot; fine stir roundlngs. only $20,000; easy terms, or will trade either plare for Improved New York, Bro >klyn. Jersey City or any part ot Hudson connty, Passaic, Elizabeth, Engle wooo, Montclnlr or Nyack real estate; a large list of de sirable Jersey City Property to exchange for outside Property. Call on or address J. M. GIBSON, 27 Mont gomery street, Jersey City. Send stamp for circular. For sale or exchange ? a larok first class dwelling House, with stable, ice hou<o and two or more acres or land, at Summit, N. J., tor sale or exchange for cltv Lots. Apply to T. R. WHITE, 33 Nassau street, room 9. i n e- country and city property to ex change. HIKE A PELi^ 557 Sixth avenue. TO EXCHANGE.- WANTED, A FARM WORTH ABOUT $12,000, Iron and clear, for a fine Residence in the finest part of Brooklyn; price $13.0(10; mortgage $6,000. C. C. WAYLAND A AYMak, 163 Fulton street, S. Y. TO EXOHANOE-SURRURBAN LOTS, FREE AND clear, tor $1,000 in household furniture. Address JERSEY BLUE, Herald ofllce. rpO EXCHANGE? A FOUR 8TORT FRENCH FLAT X for a private house down town ; a small frarno lor do ; extra large Tenement, rented tor $-l,00t', for f.ots lit part; House in Harlom for Lout or Ti neinent; First ave nue corner Lots, no mortsage. for Tenement, lightly en cumbered. HOWELL A 11URST, UJ1 Third avenue. WANTED? TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MFE chandise, 2,0?i acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county, Texan. Titles perfcct in every respect. For particular* address C. C. HEARNE, box 16H Galveston (Texas) Pout oHlce. &Q nnn -EXCHANGE? OO ACRE CONNECTICUT Jjpt/.UUU. Farm, IS hours from NcwYork, good build ings, small encumbrance, for Brooklyn Hou-<e. Owners Inquire at 75 Bcekman street, third door, from 12 to 4. d>1 nn Ann -for SALE OR EXCHANGE, IN ?P LUV/.v/Ul/. city ofCorry. Fa., Hotels, Residences, Lota, 10,000 acre* Land, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee : Hotel in Fremont, Ohio; one of the finest Residences In Corrv, with all improvements; seven railroad* running In city ; title perfect JOHN WIGHTMAN, Corry, Pa. HEAT, ESTATE WASTED. AN ATTRACTIVE MEDIC* SIZED HOUSE, IN GOOD neighborhood, worth about $2ft,000, wanted immedi ately by A. L. WILLIAMS A CO.TUS Broadway. WANTED? LOTS ON W 8HINOTON HEIGHTS. Owners of lots on the Heights or on the Dyckman estate can And purchasers by applying to G. LE3PJN ASSE, 111 Broadway. ANTRD-ABOUT 10 ACRES OF LAND, WITH plain buildings, an hour front the city, on Long Island. JACOB HHARPE, 38 Pine street. WANTED? A HOUSE, IN THIS CITT, NOT TO COST over 920,001), for which (10.000 worth of stock In a manufacturing corporation in this city will be given in part payment ; the business has been a number of years cs'abll.-ncd and I* constantly increasing, paying hand some dividends, and is a first class investment ; the fullest opportunity given to any party offering suitable property to investigate the affairs of the company. Address COR PORATION, Herald office. WANTED-TO PURCHASE, A SMALL FARM, IN "'y within 40 miles of New York : near somo railroad station, for which I will pay from $2,i?K) to t3,i)00 in cash, if a bargain; only those giving full particu lars will bo noticed. AUdren 0. C.. box 213 Herald office. W? ANTED TO PURCHASE? A FOUR STORT BROWN stone high stoop House, from *) to U feet front, lo cated botwoon Twentieth an! Fifty-ninth streets, Madison nnd Ninth avenus; price from $2.vO) to iSi-OO1). Address J. I., O., West Side Advertising office, 308 West Twenty third street. CLOTH INB. AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL KNOWN ESTAB lishment 160 Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street? The utmost valuo paid for Cast-off Clothing, Car* puts, Ac., by calling on or addressing Mr. and Mrs. MIL dfcm nnn worth of cast-off cloThino, Carpets, Me., wanted for Chicago, the highest price paid. Call on or address G. KLIA&412 Seventh avenue, between Thirty-second and Thirty-third streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. B. AETROLOOY. EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT TELLS NAMES, SHOWS 111 likenesses; causes marriages; gives numbers; 50c and $1. 142 Wost Twenty fifth street, basement MISS WBLLINGTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TEI-LS everything; lucky numbers; has a positive core for drunkenness. Call or write. 41 East Twenty -eighth street. PROF. LISTER IS THE .ONLY* ASTROLOGER IN NEW York. Send stamp for circular. 3S0 Sixth avenue near Twenty-first street. MEDICAL. Am, maurioeau, m. p.? office i* liberty ? street, near Greenwich street. ATTENTION.-DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA), 181 Hleeckar street, New Yorki DR. RING'S OFFICE, 14 AMITY STREET, ONE block westof Broadway ami urand Central Hotel DR ANO M MB. DEHPAKD. FH YSIOIANS.? REST delicti 41 East Twcnly-eiifhth street, near Fourth av. MMR. REST ELL. NO. 1 EAST FIFTY SECOND Street *wnt? U? UrwnuwicU si and Nil 7 ?U?tli av. 1 WE BAt/v*' , i K?AOnA?TO.0Ttw'?i^?5? I. WllL Carts, Ac.,af ?n olil eat?bUshcd *??<. p.vly atYarU sit East Sixteenth siroe t . AN OT8TKK SALOON. DOINO OOOD *0* Hit, oheap, on account of another b?k.lne?- '** Teath tw?w. A N OLD ESTABLISHED EXPBBSH BUSINESS; si^rtrTEain N^omTf "fSd'VoSlI rikH ay?, bftwe? 126tii awl UtiUi ?treeu. A SECOND BAND SAPK-MBOIUM 8IZB, MB A RUT A aew, for salew >ppy at a$ Mercer street A GOOD OPPORTUNITY POB A CLOCK AM* "?Ich rwirw.? for Mric. at Irvlngton, N. ?., a complete net ofToolsand Trimmings (or the abort-nana* trad* .also a good Lathe; win be aold reasonably fcr cash; the owner lately deceased. Por Inrtber partiaa law apg*j> te "? N. SKINNER, Uroraenwkh street. K. f. A OOOD FAMILY LIQUOR STORE POR BALE THt a, ffi A PINE CORNER LIQUOR 8TORB POB SAU AT A A low price? Also nrst class Restaurants, H*W^ Oyster Saloons, down town Sample (toons, Lnea Rooms; bust business locations. MH'OUKLL'b Stare Agency, 77 Cedar rtreefc A? POR SALB OU BAP? DR DO STORES, BAKBRIBSL . Confectioneries, Cigar Stores, Butter aad Grecarjr Stands, Country '<rooory Stores, light MuaAotukv Business, Stationery Stores. _ M I TO HELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street. APURNISHBD BOUSE? KEPT AS AN BMI0RAR? .boarding bouae. with Ave years' lease, for sale; p? Mission now. Inquire at 141 Cedar street A MANUFACTURING CONFECTIONERY FOR SALB? On best thorough tare in tbe city; bastnesi baa doubled within tbe last year. Apply la person. BLLis A Jo., 48 Broad street. A LAROE ICEHOUSE POR 8ALB? USEFUL POR A butchers or lager heor. Call at 88* sixth avenaa. CLOTHIERS ? ONB OP THE BEST TRADBS IN TUB city t or sale ; I?e aso and Fixtures ; will exchange fcr City Property. Address X. Z., box 142 Herald Uptevra Branch offloe, l.tttft Broadway. CORNER SHOE STORE ON EIGHTU AVENUE FOR sale; well established and doing a good busineaat will be sold either with or without the stock. Addresa W. M.. box 213 Herald ollice. DRUO STORE POR 8 ALE? THRO DO II DEATH Or owner, at 833 DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. Apply t# the administrator, at store, between 11 and 1 o'clock, a* at 83 Third avenue. Naw Vork. Price 91.3U& tfou SALE OR EXCHANGE? A SPLENDID LAGER 1 Brer, Wine and Liquor Establishment, with Kastaa rant and magnliicent billiard bull of 11 tables attached, all In first class order and doing a good business. Aay responsible parties wishing a good established business, apply to S. FRt EDEN RlCll A CO., real eetata, M a3 806 lTiird aveuue. OR BALE? A RESTAURANT, LAOER BEBB AN? Billiard Saloon, with long lease, low rent, situate* F in Freehold, N. J. ; cause of selling, owner has ta got* Europe; a good change lor a uian who understands Uw busirie s. Prioe $1,600; terms easy. Call at 138 Third ava nue, New York. "? ? i ? IjiOR SALE? STOCK AND FIXTURES OPTHB PIR8T ' class Linnor store and Billiard Boom 16> Bleeckar street Inquire in the store. For sale? the ooodwill and FIXTURES op a. Liquor Store, doing a good business; the cause of selling is ill health. Inquire lor two days at 139 Chert? street, In the store. ?JjlOR SALE? THE LEASE OP ONE OP THB BBS* JP Suits in tbe apartment house corner of Fifth aveuaa ana Fifteenth street, together with the Furniture, Greek ernanii Glassware, Imported by the owner; Ave rooms, not luciuding kitchen, sorvants' room, cellar, Ae. r on tha avenue. For part'culars address box 3,6*) Host office. For rale-a larob size double door Wilder Sate; perfect order; sold for tbe want aft money. 60 Front street IOR SALE? A WHOLESALE PLATE!) JBWELBT Business; listaciory re Herald office. For sale-a cigar store and sample room. nicely titled up, and superior stock ; location geod. Apply at 241 Grand street, Williamsburg. OR SALE CHEAP? WILDF.R'S SAFE, IN OOO* order ; size 37x43 inches; price $125. 202 Centra st For sale? a wholesale pla rs d jewklbt Business ; established tliroe ft) years ; cheap for caahi tatistaciory reus jih given for selling. Address box 1M F Fixtures for sale-<variety store), 34NEW ark avenue, Jersey City. i ' F OR SALE-A WELL ESTABLISHED PAPER BBBt Addrcss PECKHAM, box 1M Herald offloe. F OB SALB? HABNBSS SHOP, WITH OB WITHOWT ?took. Inquire at 28 1 Bowery. FOB SALE? SODA WATER FOUNTAIN: also ROOT Beer Fountain; both on marble top counter, with silver-plated tumbler washer or fountain, with syrup jam and pipe. Apply at 1U2 Chatham street. FOB SALE? THB GOODWILL AND FIXTURES OP an Oyster and Chop House, IS Third avenue, ap posite Cooper institute, inquire in saloon. For sale? a first class corner gbocbrt Store, with tine Stock, Horses, Wagons, Lease, Ac. ill great bargain for cash. Apply to D. VAN DKBGAW, room No. 3, 16 Court street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-PRICE $3,800 CASH, A BARGAIN: Stock and Good Will ol a Stationery Store, locates down town; bankers' and mercantile trade; well estab lished ; capable of bMng largely Increased ; satlsfactary reasons given lor selling. Address CONFIDENTIAL, Herald office. For sale-a splendid marble lunch Counter, 26 feet long; can lio altered to any size. Apply at No. 5 Willoughby street, Brooklyn, near tha Court House. For sale-stores and offices fitted up at short notice, good work and low prices; Maloy'a Patent Counters, Bins and Caddies always on band. R. M. FLEMING A CO., 116 Franklin street For sale at a bargain? a first class winb and Cigar Store, doing a good business, and lone lease ; terms cash. CAKPENTER, 346 Washington street. FOR 8ALE? A HANDSOME WINB ROOM, WITH Bite liard Room attached, 4 tables; will be sold tocetbea or separate. Apply at 938 Eighth avenue. No agent* For sale? a fine stock op drugs, show Cases, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Ac., contents of a first class retail store. Apply to 1IINB A PELL, Hf Sixth avenue. Hardware and housepurnishino store for sale.? Four years established; large and strlotly cash trade ; long lease, aad goodwill of the business; na opposition ; tor sale law; rood reasons for selling. Aaal* to Mrs NORTHKOP, 371 l)egraw street, Brooklyn, er at the store, corncr of President and Smith streets. ' J^IQUOB STORE POR SALE. 122 WORTH STBBBT. Safes.? large herring's safe, price $40t> also two medium and one small i-afe at$3tto$IO$ each; I.lllie's improved safes at rcduced prices ai|SI Maiden lane. MACIIIiVKKY. A SPECIALTY? HORIZONTAL ENGINES? WB HAVE on hand 7x10. 8x12, 9x12, lOxlfi, 11x18, 12x24, 11x30, 14x24, 14x30. 16x30, 16x36, 18x24. Samples can bu see a at 38 Cortlandt street; second hand Engines taken it m chnngo. WIIITEHILL, SMITH k Co., Manufacturers, Now burg, S. T. AMES' IRON WORKS? PORTABLE ENGINES, BOIL en. Stationary Engines, Saw Mills, 13x36 and 12xUl, aecond hand, at a sacrifice. K. P. HAMPBON, 33 Oortlandt street AT WILSON k ROARER'S, 282 AND 284 WATER street? Largo stock of portable, horizontal, holstiag and upright Engines. Boilers, Pumps, Shelling, Pullers, Ac., new and second hand. A -FOR 8ALB, EIGHT-HORSE-POWER ENGINE . and Donkey Pump. Can be seen running at 131 and 138 Worth street ROP OR PLANISHINO HAMMER FOR SALE? Price low. Address box 249 Jer?e/ City Post office. D For sale-three pair of hydraulic powbr Pomps, In perfect order. Wanted to buy, very cheap, light second hand Machinery, consisting of steam Ea gtnes. Shafting, Pnlleys and Hangers. Lathes, rumps, Ac. , at DUFF k KEAlINu'B, 14 James Slip, New York. For sale-one ri? saw (Forney's patbnt), two Geng8aws, to be sold cheap. JAMBS TAYLOR'S Steam Stone Works, Thirty-fourth w., corner Eleventh or. Flywheel for sale-at three cents per lb., about 14 feet In diameter, 6x7 inch lace ; also oae sot plain Cylinder lJoilers. JOHN STUART, 1M Broadway. WANTED? AN ENGINE OP 26 OK W, AND BUILER of 30 or40 horse power. MYERS VALENTINE, Rpglyn, L. X. ' WAVTED-A SECOND-HAND FRICTION GLAZR tt Calender: also a set of Drying Cans and Coppet Roller 21>{ incbcs circumference. Address J. K. LEVY 4 00., 39 ana 41 Weal Broadway. 2 RETURN TUBULAR BOILERS, 6?<X16 FEET, S3 3-Inch Tubes, in flrstelmw order, with ull Fixtures, for sale cheap. JOIIN CAKRoLL, 613 and 617 West struct, corner Horatio street JUOA!f OF PICKS. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UF stairs.? Highest ensh advances on Diamond^ Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbroker*? Tickets bought, at 77 lileecker street AT WOLF BKOTHBRS*, 89* BROADWAY. BF.TWRBM Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.? Money loaned on Watchp*, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware. Silks and particularly Pianos, Private parlor for ladios. Business strictly conlldentiai. AT (197 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTn STREET.? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. Silks, Camel*' Hair Shawls, Laces, ahd personal property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEW 8. Money loaned on diamonds, watches, jew elry. Silverware and the seme bought and sold. GBOkGB C. ALLEN, 841 Broadway, near Fourteenth street, and 39 East Thirteenth st A ftQ ?T*TH avenub, between twbnty.fowrth TvO and Twenty-fifth streets.? Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watchea, Jewelry and all kinds of Goods. Same booght at full valae. U BERNARD" /?QC BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? OOi) Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watchee. jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan office. Same bought and sold. M. ROSENBERG. 01 Q BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AMD l/lO most reliable office.? Money advanced on Dia monds. Watches, JcWeU y, Laces, Ac. i huuio bought at 1 OM BROADWAY, OYBR HERALD BRANCH JL.^U I office, room B.? Parlors for ladles; tinuoh II! id on DUinonU d sold, LIN DO BRG& Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on DUinonlfc Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought ami sold. INMTIt U CTION . WANTKD? BY AN EXPERIENCED TUTOR, HIGHLY re.cemm nded, an additional engagement; English, mathematics and college course thoroughly taught; pu pile encouraged; diniciilties made easy. Addrnax TUTOR, box in Herald Unmwn Branch otlleo.

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