Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,377. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. APRIL 6, 1873.? QUINTUPLE SHEET. PRICK FIVE CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. ?HUHEMENTS-Twentiftii Pack? S?con<l, third, fourth. tilth and sixth column.-. 48THOI.OCjy-Twn.rTH 1' auk? Sixth column. ? IIJ.IAKiiS-TwKi.nn Pack? Filth lolmnn. BOAKUEHS WANTED? Tuirtisknth Pack? Flrit, second ?nil third column". BOARD AND LODGING W ANTED-Thiriy.kktu Pack? Thlr.l ami lourth column*. BROOKLYN BOARD? Tuihtkkbth Page? Fourth eolumn. BROOKLYN KKA1. ESTATE FOK SA I -E ? SlXTfcENTn Pack? Third, lourth and fifth columns, and Hktkr trkntu Pack? .-ccond and third column* BUSI N KmS OPPO RTUNITI iib ? Tu I htkknth Pace? Filth and sixth col nm ns. BU81NKHS NOTICES? Eleventh Pack? Fifth and sixth column a. CIGARS AND TOBACCO ? Twelfth Pack ? Flflh column, CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SAI.K? *ixtkkntii Pack First, aecond and third columns; and Bkykntrenth Paul Fin 1 and sc. olid columns. CLERKS AND SALESMAN? Nineteenth Pack? Filth column. CLOTHING? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. COACHMEN AND UARDENERS-Ninetuesth Pack? Fifth and sixth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Third Pace? Flxth column. COPARTNERSHIPS? Ninth Pack? Third column. CORPORATION NOTICES? Fourth Pace? Sixth column COUNTRY BOARD? Thirteenth PAC*-Fourth anil tilth columns. BANCINO ACADEMIES? Twentieth Page ? Second col umn. BENTISTRY? Twentieth Pack? First column. BRY GOODS? Ft HUT Pace? First, second, third, fourth, till I) and sixth column*, and> P auk? Firm, second, third, fourth and flith columui. BWELL1NO UOUMKn TO EE I'. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Firm Pack? Second, third, luurth anil tilth columns, and Tman Pace? First and second column*. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Tbied Page ? Fifth and aixth columns. EUROPE? First Pack? First column. FINANCIAL? Mkth Pace? Third column. FINE ARTS? Second Pack? Sixth column. FOR SALE? Fourth Pack? Fourth and tilth columus. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Fifth Pack? Filth column, and Tuird Pack? Third and lourth column*. FURNITURE? Eighteen? Pack? Filth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twuntiktu Page? First column. HELP WAN i ED? FEMALES? Nineterntu Pace? Third and lonrth columns. HELP WANTED? MALES? Nineteenth Page? Sixth col umn, and Tw entieth Page? Firnt column. HORSE.-, CARRIAGES, AC. ? Twelfth 1' ace? First, sec ond and third column*. HOTEL ''?Thirteenth Pace? Fourth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED- Eiuhtekntb Pace? Third, lourth and fifth column*. INSTRUCTION? Fourth Page? Sixiii column. JERSEY CITY, IIOBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Sixteenth Page? Sixth column, and Seventeenth Pack? Third column. LECTURi-, SEASON? Twentieth Page? Second column. LOAN OFFICES ? i wklftii Page? Sixth column. LOsT AND FOUND? Second Page? Sixth column. MACHINERY? Fourth Page-* Filth und sixth column*. 11 A Hill, I*; MANTELS ? Twelfth Pack? Filth column. MATRIMONIAL? Twentieth Page? Hrst column. MKDltlAL? Twelfth Pace? Fourth column. MILLINEKY AM) DRESSMAKING ? Second Page ? Fifth nnd sixth columns. MI6CELLANKOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Fourteenth Page? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS? Second Page? Sixth column. MUSICAL? Twelfth Page? Sixth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS ? Eleventh Pack? Sixth column. NEASPAI'ERS? Twelfth 1'agk? flxth column. PERSON Air? First Pace? First column. PIANOFORTES, OllUANS it'.?1 Twentieth Pack? Sec ond column. PROPOSALS? Twentieth Page? First column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WAN I ED-FEMALES Nineteenth Page? Second and third columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Sixteenth Pack? Sixth column, and Seven teen Til Pack? Third, lourth, tilth mid sixth columns, and i iciiTKKNTii 1'age? First column. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE ? eighteenth Paok ' First, second and third column*. KElAL Esji'Ai'ti WANTED? JtiiiiiTLENTU Page? Third column. ' ' - HELloiOUN NOTI0KS? Twri.mi PAGB-Fiflh column. v REST A 1 1 RANTS?1 Twelfth Pack? Fourth column. KEW AltDs ? Second Pace ? Sixth column. BALKS AT AUCTION? Fourth Pace? First, second, third And lourth column*. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES? Eighteenth Page? Sixth column, und Nihkteexth Pack ? First una second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Nineteenth Pace? Fourth and (Iftli columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?' Twelfth Pac*? Fourth column. 8T0RAGE? Twrlfth PAflfi-Kifth coTurffln SUMMER RESORTS ? Thirteenth Pack? Fifth column. THE TRADES? Twentieth Pack? First column. THE TURF- - -Twelfth Page? First column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Fifth Pace? hirst and second column*, and Third Page? First column. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Third Page? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Fifth Pack? Filth and sixth columns, aud Third Page? Fourth nnd fllth column*. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Twelfth Pace? Third col umn. WATCHES, JEWELRY. AC.? Twentieth Page? First column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET -Sixteenth Pack? Filth and Hixth columui, and .-eventi entii Page? Third column. WINES, LIQUORS, AC.?' Twentieth Pace? Ffrst column* YACHTS, STEAMBOATS. AC.? Thirteenth 1'age? Sixth column. BERAI/D BRANCH CFF1CK? PPTOW \ . ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,268 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY- FIRST AND THIRTY. SECOND STREETS, ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 3 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (81TNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. H.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. I'AHIS AGENCY OK TI1K Nf3\% YORK HBKALD. ftgusaa KREMER A CO.. AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. TIIEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO MINGLE NUMBERS OF~THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING TIIEM. A PKHNOHAI.. HINT.- ORALINE1 ORAUNE I I OF COURSE I AM A M A LK INFANT, 6 MONTHS OLD, FOR ADOPTION? J\ American parentage, full surrender to a desirable turfy. Address O. II. K., Ilcrnld ?ftt< e. BOH AND CHARLEY, OF BROADWAY AND EIGHTH street ? Call nt K. o.'rf old place, in West Thirteenth street, and IM Mallie. BARNHM'H CIRCUS. "TUESDAY EVENING.? WILL he on Broadway, near Fourteenth street, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, at 11 A. M, or tl P. M. L"MUDAY EYE NINO.' WALL STREET STAGE, FROM r ferry to Twenty-third street, helow Filth avenue? Two ladles: one in Nile green nlk. black gloves, would confer a it rent tavor on gentleman who was her vis a vis, and who pulled the tit rap ax ?lie w.ii ali^ ti t i nfr, by send ing an address to .1. M. HERLAND, llcrald Uptown Bra in li office. (1 HENRY SCHRODER? YOUR MOTHER HAS T. leitn letter for you nt our office. Any tier son know ing his add reus will conlcr a la vor l>v sending It to the ?utM< rlbers. NI1.ES A BAOLEY, No. 8 Wall atreet I ULiTb.? WAS AT GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT 8AT IJ tirday,3){. Will you send a note to SL Cloud Hotel, where I call see you T W. E. M. Millie? why tub dmappointment priday night? same corner, Monday. M P. M- JACK. Mb, or N UNSEED YOUR LETTER To SAME ? address for the present. K., l:w. NIOHTHAWK.? WILL YOU SELL DIAMOND AND pearl rings not Tuesday uight? Address*, stating term-. BUSINEHB, Herald office. NANKR.-INFORMATION WANTED OF AUOU8T Naner (Swluer). Address Mrs ORl'MLY (Mary Creamer), 37 .lack sou street. Western papers please copy. PRETTY LITTLE Olltl. WANTED? ABOUT EIGHT years of age, lor adoption . happv home, with every r.oiniorL Send photograph nnd particular* to M. E. R., Herald Uptown Branch office. PLEASE WRITS AOAIN. WILL MEET YOU THUMB day, some hour, same place. DRESSMAKER. .IAMES SHERMAN ? LEAVE WEDNESDAY, anything preventing on Friday. mHE LADY WHO NOTICED GENTLEMAN AT THE I Forty-second street depot Fri.Iuy afternoon, at ft eYtor.k. ami who afterwards assisted her out of tlie Madison avenue cat's atM, and saw lier enler her house, will cotiler a is vor by appointing an Interview Address, ?tating tonic incident, to avoid mistakes, PERCY, flerald Uptown Branch otflce. 'IMIE ORNTLEMAN WHO "RECOGNIZED TWO I Indies walking In Lexington avenue, la?? evening shout svven o'clock, and afterward* met m Third avenue and Twenty secotnl street, would like to form the ac liiaiutanco ot the taller of the two. who was dressed in Mack, if agreeable. Address T. II , Herald Uptown Branch ?.flVe "lA'ILL THE "DEAR OLD GIRL" MEET THE "SAMP YY old tool" to night at the Cooper I tilon, corner ol Tlilrd ? venue and Eighth street, at P M. ? ? OLD FOOL." 'ViriLL JOHN LEEPBR WHO EXPECTED FRU5BD8 "? hy the Atlantic, send his addre.->s to J7'.i Clermont avenue. HrooAlyn? *U/ILL Ml Hit MARY CRANKY PLEASE SEND IIER wY address tc> KIMBALL, ho* 111! Herald Uptown Branch office, aud oblige? >[ -WIIV DID YOU Miss GETTING FEBRUARY LI T t, tersf lla\e important news '< r yon. Write ine si fietae. X. El HOPE. I ONDON, ENGLAND. VKTOKIA STREET, Wl sr I J minster.? For rent lor si* months. emrnnencing 1st April, a very handsomely furnished ??Etaite," consisting ?.it parlor. 40 feet Ion . -, large dining room, Miliar I room, alx bedrooms, dressing itpom*. kitchen, servants' rooms; complete In ever> respect; all moms on one ttoor ; In/ In and very airy, and ai<i>miichcd ity stone staircases haek and front . near Westminster Aldiev anil \ icti.rla statleil ; rent $l,(*?li, Mill. Address v. I,., bo* ISO Herald office, or r. I'ARNEI.L, Ksn .JVlt fall Mail, London* |/RANCE.~HIAKR?rz -Glt.WD HOTEL L' A NOLI: r u rre. rninls; h*Otroom? tdllard rooms u>i remit *e wspspcrt T A. UK V UOUOH. -SPUING OPENING RICH SILKS, LACES, MILLINBRV A WD PANCY UOODK, IMPORTED EXPRESSLY Tim PINE CITY TRADE. JOHN DAN1ELL A HON, 759 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth street*. WILL EXHIBIT IN EACH DEPARTMENT, ON MONDAY, APRIL 7, TUESDAY, APRIL 8, ? <i> WEDN KSDA V, APRIL 9. ALL THEIR NOVELTIES SILK DEPARTMENT:? BLACK SILKS RECEIVED IN LARGE LOTS PROM AUCTION DAILY. ? \ Rich black Taffetas from *J5c. yard upward*. Uiah black Grog Grain* at 91 2ft, $1 30, 91 10, 91 50. Rich black Grot OraiusaTil 75, 92, $2 15. Be lloti'g black Groi drains at 92 20, 92 30, 92 50. Ponson's extra Gros Grains ut 92 75, 93, 93 25. .Bonnet*, Oros Grains, at 93 40, 93 50, 93 65. Bonnets, satin finish Gros Grains, at 93 75,9390, 94. Bonnets, extra heavy, satin finish Groa Grains, at ' 9< 80, 9? 90, 95, ! LACE DEPARTMENT. ^ Point, Point Appleque, Thread, Onipure. Va'.enitenne* Yak, Kpuni.Mii, French anil Imitation Laces in eudies* varieties, at very low prices. Rich Lacc Parasol Covert,, Harbes, Handkerchiefs, Kan Covers, Jte. 150 dozen Val. Kdh'ings, at ate. I'or 12 yards. 100 dozen Val. Edgings, at 50c. lor 12 yards. 501* dozen Brussels Pooling, irom 2uc. dozen up wards. Brussels Veilings, Irom 6Jc. yard upwards. Dotted Vcitings. from, 91 yard upward*. Passementerie Trimmings in new patterns. Princes and Muttons in all the Sprint; Shade*. The luteal novelty. Oxidised BuUons. MADE UP LACE GOODS. Spanish Veils, new styles, i'rom 91 30 to 96 40. The new Fringed Veil. Children's Lacc Hat*, from 93 each upwarJ*. Kine Organdie and l.ace Ties, troin 30c. each to 93 50. Lace Jabots, from 8.V. each to 9b> 70. Lace Buttling*, In 20 JiJcr, m styles, Irom lie. yard to 91 25. Also Val. Cap?k, Murie Antoinette Cape*, i. _ Handkerchiefs, Ac. The above goijftS AT<' New Styles lor till* Season and are m" imactured nn'^Ue premises I'rom the latest P? W ??if. i n-. KM BROIDERIES. | J; lO.ntio yards ol Hamburg Edgings, from 7e. a yard to 3Sc. 5,tN>t yards ol Hamburg Edgings, flner, from 40c. a yard to 70c. _ , __ 3,000 yards of embroidered Flouncing*, from ftfte. to 95c 1 case extra line rlouneings, Irom 91 40 to 92 10. I case extra line French Nunaook Edging*, from 38c. to 25. 100 dozen Hand Embroidered Seta, from 38c. to 91 35 jwr W't. 50 dozen Hand Worked Bunds, I'rom 8fic. to 91 40 pair. I case ol Swiss Edgings and Insertions. 50 dozen finu Dimity Hands, irom Li.^c. to30o. band. Magic Ru.liings >?t ?lc. per piece, upward*. Coventry Untiling* nt 45c. per piece, upward*. ft.'KNl Embroidered Medallions, irotu 5c. eucli to 14r. Embroidered Initials in all letters, for transferring, l.adie*' Hue Linen Collar*. Irom 10c. each, upwards. Ladies' fine Linen Culft, itamtSO. t>atc. Upwards. Luiit, - line Linen Bleevea. irom 45c. nuir, upward*. Ladlea' flnc Linen Plaited Collars anil cutis. Ladies' l inen llandkercliiel*. irom lK< . each, upwards. Ladiss' Mourning Handkerchiefs, trmn 25c. each, up ward*. Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchief*, from 75e. each, up ward*. IjiiIics Initialed Handkerchiefs, froin 75c. each, upward*. Gents' Linen handkerchiefs, from 35c. each, upward*. LADIES' UNDERWEAR. The following goods are of the finest qnnlitv Muslin a nd verv neatly llnishcd Clieiuiaes al 91. 91 II), 91 20, 91 80, 91 05. Chemists, tucked and embroidered. 91 75 aud upwards. Drawers at 7V~., 93e., 91, 91 0% 91 25 up. Drawers, rullles, tucks and embroidery, 91 5n and up ward*. Nlglit Dresses at 91 N, 91 75, 92 upwards. Night Dresses, puffs and insertions, from 93 75 upwards. Dressing saetjue* from SI 20, 91 40. 91 7H upwards. Dressing Saciiues, tucks, embroidery ami lace, 92 70 up wards. Corset Cover* at 91 12. 91 85 and upwards. Corset Covers. Insertion and luce, at 92 50 upward* Skirts, six tucks and Item, 91 each. Skirts, wi.h tuck*, rufllea and embroidery, at 91 W up wards. Large stock ?? Corsets from 95c. each upwards. RIBBONS. | <e> .100 carton* Honnet and Trimming Klbbona, from the i n st to medium quality, at low price*. Kleu I:. mi, in Su>li Uilibons irotn $1 4,'i.vard upward*. ? Jj inch Plaid Ititibons at 9Uc\ per yard. 7-inch Plald itlbbon* at 89o per yard. Ne>v Spring Sash Kiliidion* at 65c. per yard. 50 cartons 7-incti colored all Silk Uros Grains At SI per yard. 7->neh colored Watered Ribbons from 73c. yard upwards. 7-inch nil nllh Black Wro? (trains at idle, per yard. 5,tii il yards 4', inch sila Ribbons at 28c. per yard. Heavy nil silk Black tiro* Grain !<<>? i?<-t Ribbon* Trom 34c. per yard upwards. MII.MNF.HY DRFARTMRNT. Paris Flowers. Bouquets, Montnres slid Wreaths The largest assortment ol choice Flowers in the. city, at very attractive prices. Briilal tt reams, l'arure< a specialty. Hriditl Veils train fii upwards. Ml eases ol Kngllsh. Krenoli and American Strawand Chip llats and Bonnets In the must desirable shape*. French Bnliict t ramcs, trom IHc. upwards. [ I.ADIKH' NKCRTIRH. ?" 500 dosed rich silk Ties, extra length, in all the ncv Spring shades, at.W each. 3U0 dozen Silk Wiudsof Ties at ^e. each. li.O dozen new Fringed Ties, In SO dulercnt slia.l,: Novelties in Orena.line Ties. I'ulka Spot Tics. Tiie ne? t'orlsander Fringed shawl. AJsu rich Silk Kmbroldered Tien. FANCY liOtlKS AM) SMAl.l, WAKES. French flilt and Satin Fans, from SI each to SI" 30. Ktisslu l eather Kans Irnni S3~0< :?r|i upwards. White Silk and Ivory Kans, Irani S- I" <?? It to SH <0. Also a larue stoek ol ftni finished Kans, in all colors, at \erv low prices. The new t'orisa tnlcr Kans In rich designs. Fine Knxlish Gilt. Oxidized, t.'oral and let. Jewelry, In choice patterns, received by every steamer. special Novelties In t'hatrlafnes. Kine imported l.eather Hells, from We. each upwards Iflldotten Knisinn Wallets at 75c. each. Our Small Wares and Notion Department Is now rr plete with every necessary article at prices defyin, competition. | Plaited Winnn at He. per yard. | 36-vard pieces Alpaca Hraid, forrtres? binding, at 44e per piece T Kin ULOFKH, 1 liante lot iouvin's Kids at 7.V. per pair I, Ml do*. fine 2 button Kids at S' per pair, MM do/- extra line 2-buttmi Ktds at al 2.1 per pan lUO do:'., extra tine 3 button Kld? nt S> 50 per pair. II.iii-iiuin's extra line 1'ans Kids In I, 2. 3. 4 Ijiiitoi Mvcry pair warranted. We resuectnillj Invite enr customers and the public hi general to iBspe ?' I he above Stock, w Inch wilt lie nil ei libiiioti at mir Sprlag Opening. ? ? 4^' "i* - -i- - hi? mi | MONDAY, [ I Tt KSHAY, I I WRDNRSDAV I April 7 I I Aurll-1. | | April y. - -<i> >k ? JOHN llANIlil.I. * SON, Broadway, between F.ighlh and NinUi street* DRY GOOD*. JJ AMMAN A CO., 331 anil MS SIXTH avenue. OPENING DAY, WEDNESDAY, APRIL a ALTMAN A CO., BBO TO ANNOUNCE their ANNUAL SPRING OPENING, to take place ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL ?, ?? wblch occasion THE LATEST NOVELTIES OF TUE SEASON will be introduced, INCLUDING A SPLBND1~D~DISPLAY of FINE SILK COSTUMES, ELEGANT BLACK SILK WALKING SUITS, RICH PLAIN, STRIPED ami H1<111<<ILORED SILK EVENING, RECEPTION, CARRIAGE and DINNER DRESSES, as well an MOURNING COSTUMES. ALL OF THE LATEST a u?l NEWEST STYLES and RESIGNS. PARIS, BERLIN and LONDON STYLES of WALKING COAT8, POLONAISES, REDINGOTES, DOLMANS, CAPES, MANTLES, JACKETS, AC., AND A MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OP LADIES', MISSES' ANI) INFANTS' FINE UNDERGAR MENTS, WEDDING TROSBEAUX, OUTFITS _ and Complete WARDROBES Our FRIENDS, PATRONS and tlu> PUBLIC are reipcrtrully invited to call. H. ALTMAN A CO., 331 ami 333 sixth ayenue, ME All TWENTY-PI B8T STREET. Our SPRIMO STOCK now ready. Kail assortment ol goods in every department MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. All the Latest Styles in Hats for Ladles, Misses ami Children. I Ladle* Black Straw lints, newest styles, at from 65c. to $2 511. I Wliite Milan, Chip and Fancy Hraid llats at bargains. RICH SELECTION ; of fine Krencli Flower*. .Montures, Vines, Wreaths, Ac. ; j any style branched to order in a few minutes. Spanish uml Chenille dotted Laces, Brussels Nets, ! blonde I .aces, Ac., In endless variety, at popular prices. OUR TRIMMED BONNETS and Round Hats are especially worthy of notice. Wc : have over two thousand Trimmed Hats, made up in the most fashionable styles, at less than half the Broadway prices. RIAL LACKS. The. extraordinary inriuuenu l?ta We have been offering in real 'impure ami Thread Laces, ot our own Importa tion, are still continued, and. as heretofore, are attracting numerous and well pleased purcuaaers. We have Just cleared out the entire stuck ot f* REAL YAK LACES f <j> <(/ ol n large importing house, and are enabled tontfer them at less than cost ot importation. Real Vak Lace, - inches w ide, at 37c. Ileal Vak Lace, 2>... inches wide, at Nk'. Ileal Vak Lace, :t inches wide, at t>2c. Ileal Vak Laces, :<>? Inches wide, at 75c. Ileal Yak Laces, 4 inches wide, at $1 and SI 1&. Wider widths Iti proportion. These Laces are ccrtaiub the cheapest ever offered, and our patrons ? ill do well to examine them as early as possible. Black silk Fringe, headed and plain, at 25c., 38c., 40c., 46c. , 80c., <fic.. up lo $2 per yard . all bargains. Black Silk (limp al Irotii 5t5c. to %l per yard. t^olored Silk fringes and Buttons in all tlie new shades. Any shade of Fringe or Buttons made to order in any quantity, however small. We have opened a separate Lining Department for the special benefit of dressmakers. We keep ever* style and grade of Lining*, which we oiler to dressmaker* in any quantity at the wholesale piece prtcc. EMBROIDERIES Over 1(10,(100 yards, warranted fast edg*. at fk-., 10c., lie., 12c. , 14c., I s ., IHe , 2tk' . 2Jc. . i5c. tip lo $1 50 prices whfch deiv competition. OUR MADE IJP LACE HOODS are winning (treat favor by the Ix-anty of their styles and the extreme moderation of our prices. Every ?tvle of Capes, Fichus, Pelerines, Collars, Butterflies, Swiss Ties, Regalias. French Breakfast Couture*, Ac., Ac. BLACK DRESS SILKS. This department has juM lieen opened, ami Is under the able management ol Mr. swatin, wlio Is well known In the silk trade. We are now prepared to offer spei ial inducement* In Black Dress Silks, ami cordially invite an inspection without reference to purchase lit pieces Black Oros Oram Silk, at 25: worth $1 50. 10 pieces Black tiros Oram Silk, at $1 :!7!, ; w< rth $1 fiO. in pieces Black Oros drain Silk, af f I 50: worth $1 so. 10 pieces Black Oros Oram Silk, at pi 75; worth t2 10 piecesextra heavy OrosUrain SIU, at $2 ; worth $2 W. 5 pieces extra extra heavy Silk, at$2 75; worth fully #3 25. We receive our silks direct from the first hands, and sell them with a very small advance on cost, ns U Is our aim to make this one ol the leading department* in our establishment OUR UN DE BO ARM ENT DEPARTMENT Is the most complete In the country. Everything In Muslin, Linen, Cambric or Percale underwear lor ladles, misses and children can be found on our shelves. We have devoted the past Winter exclusively to the. insnti I'acture ot our ladle*' garments, and are thereby enabled to oiler elegant underwear, made in the best possible style, al less than manufacturers' prloc*. | l adles' Skirt*, nine tucks, broad hetn. at 75c. Ladies' Skirts, two clusters of five tuck* cach, broad hem, at We. Ladies' skirts, three clusters of tucks two of five tuck* each ami (die ol six, making sixteen lucks In all. at 'Jit Ladies' Chemise, three row cording op band, front ami sleeves, at 73c. Ladies' Chemise, corded and rn tiled, at 05c, Ladies' Night Dress, heavily tucked yoke, collar and sleeves, trimmed with embroidery, atf2. The above rarments are. all of tine muslin, and are made In superior stria. We. cordially in vile ladles to examine our very elegant assortment ol Underwear, entlrelj without reference to purchase Our goods are not made up with reference to show only, hut will < ulistantialo their superiority by du rability and good wear Special attention given to Bridal Trousseaux. OUR SUIT PARLORS daltght all visitors by th? variety and heanty of our styles. . Ladies' Linen Suits from $2 SOupwirds. A full aaiorttnent of Ladies' Lawn ami Alpaca Suits. We make Children's Suits a specialti having every thing desirable in Linen, Lawn and Marseilles. ELF.UAN r DISPLAY ot Ladies' Sucqnes and Capes of Cashnie.ra, silk and Dran d Ete, Ladles' Snawls, Laee sa< qu .?* a*<l Capes, al mod el at#'

LADIES' WRAPPERS, ? id H'l v ot flnf M? rrun.i? print*. cut "(laltrtcHi*.*' trtmm*?t with rulflf. .i* fl '>0 Lai!.? s VN rufpfr* ?t llm-nt Murrinmc print*, w|cU* hlufc flouti* cut * *< i?* 1 ' lit $1 Lnrgi* ?ioii ol Delaine un?i ?:?inbrir Wrapper*. OIK INFANTS LACE CAW | tp <1 . serve special mention. We ha*e the largest assort m< nt of styles In (lie i it v , at the most tea-unable rates. Call and examine onr stock mil prices. Wc are always pleased to shifw our flood*, irrespective ?f*purcha?e. Rll RICH'S TLMI'LK OF FASHION, and 2W Eighth avenue, near ( , Twenty f. urtb street DKY GOODS. JJ ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 SIXTH AVKNUB. OPEKI NO VAV\ WEDNESDAY, APRIL Si JJ ALTMAN A CO. will bold th?ir ANNUAL 8PRING OPENING ON WEDNESDAY. APHII. #, for the expreiw purpose of introducing All the LATEST NOVELTIES and LEADING STYLES of the wason, comprising ALL TUB NEW COLORS AND SB ADEN or DRESS SILKS for evening and street wtm. NEW STYLES OF PAKASOLS and SUN UMBRELLAS. NEW PATTERNS OF PASHKMENTER1B FRINGES, CLOAK ANI) DRESS ORNAMKNTS, AC. NEW DESIGNS IN REAL LACKS, LACK SHAWLS, LACK SACQUES, LACK DOLMANS, MANTLES. CAPES. FICHUS, HANDKKKCHIKKS, COLLARS, H AllB liS, AC. ELEOANT U lifts GRAIN SASHES, RIBBONS. scarfs and ties. including NOVELTIES In PARIS. LONDON and BERLIN FANCY GOODS, JEWELRY, ana 11AT, DRESS and II AIR ORNAMENTS. ? The attention of our Friends, Patrons and the Public U earnestly rci|U08b;d, and a call of examination reapcctiulty solicited. B. ALTMAN jTcO., 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE. R NEAR TWENTY FIRST KTIIKET BTAIL ltA KGAINS. A. T. STEWART A 00. arc offering IMMENSE BARGAINS in all the various de partments oi' their RETAIL STOKE. A large Invoice <>l IMPORTED WHITE GOODB, viz., BANNER WRETS, 2l)c. to SI 36 per yard. KINK FRENCH WRETS, 42c. New patten figured Marseilles. i5c. to $1. Yosemlto Stripes, white and colored, 26c. to 30c. New designs iu Brocade Stripes, 35c. to 45c Striped Florentines and Genoese Sul inps. Emhrolderc I Pique*, ?6c., upwards; last ncaaon's price, $1 25, upwards. Embroidered. figured and polka dot Swisses. Victoria nnd Bishop Lawns, Nainsooks. Victoria line Stripes for suit*, Ac. PLAIN AND FANCY SILKS. Gaze de Chambery, Canton Crepes, white, rich Armuro Grenadines; Kiclllenne Cashmere. Plain. spotted mid broehe Cashmere d'Ecosve. rPAljif L'ij H.MR HUITIN08. POPULAR DRESS GOODS. % V Plain and lancy Fabrics tor Suits and Polouaturs, IV ju < 25c. to fitlc. per yard. NEW SPRING COSTUMES. Tlie new fhades in eolorca Gros Grain Silk Suits, ele gantly trlintntd, troni $iK.'i upwards. Very choice and cosily Paris bilk Dresses fully 50 per cent less than cost. BLACK SII,K SI'lTS from (50 to $250. Pure Linen Suits, $fi unwards. W hite Lawn Suits, 94 5*> upwards. A large assortment ot Misses' and Children's Suit*. A fresh importation of Paris Cloaks, Sacques. Dol mans, *o. Extraordinary attraction in the prices and quality of their KKAL 1NHIA CAMEL'S II A I Hand Pails Broclia Long and Square SHAWLS. A choice offering in colored Yak I.acc*. Llama, Point, Utt*e and Cliautllly and AppUqu* LACE GOODS at attractive prices. FRENCH MILLINERY. The choicest conceptions of the most celebrated Parisian artists ami their latest productions. DKE8K BONNETS, BREAKFAST ASI? DRESS CAPS, PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. Garniture lor Presses, Exquisite Bridal Adornments, Fine Belgian, Paris Spilt, Siruw and ('hip Hat*. LONDON STYLE BoVS' HATS. A large stock of TARTAN RASH Rl BBONS at 75c. per yard, reduced from (I Excellent qualities rich GROS GRAIN RIBBONS. No. 4, 10c. per yard. No, 5, < No. 12, ? No. 7, lie. per yard. No. in, 'iV. per yard. No. !t, 1 No. 22. ) loo cartons Rich, Plain and Fancy Paris quality RIBBONS ATONE HALF THEIR FORMER PRICES. ?CLOTHS AND CAHSIMEBES. new and nohbv style*, in French, hngiish ami Vienna Coatings, Casslineres and cheviots, tor SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR. New Shades ot Ladies' Cloths, English and American W ate rn rooting. Full Lines ot Tailors' TrlinuiingK. MEN'S FURNISHING and HOSIERY GOODS. Special bargains in English liulf Hose Irom S '? to S4 per do/.eo. Balbriggan Half Hose, $.'? per down. Fine regular English makes of Merino DRAWERS AND UNDERSHIRTS. New r>pring styles ot Cravat* and Ties. (iloM's, Handkerchiefs, Ac. FINE DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS A SPECIALTY, on hand or made to measure. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Yard wide Irish Linens, 25c. per yard upwards. Ill 4 Linen Sheeting, $1 per yard upwards. Bleached Table haniask, 50c. per yard upwards Table Napkins, SI per do/.eil upwards. Ilockabock Towels, SI 25 per dozen upwards. Also, to close, a large lot oi sliglul> soiled Linen Damask Table (Moths. r PUOLBTE It Y GOODS. New and choice designs In Furniture Covering*. Curtain Materials, elecam I'apestry and Embroidered Table and Piano Covers. Nottingham. Guipure anil Lace Curtains at prices iiiiusuully attractive. special inducements in CARPETS. New and choice line of English body Brussels. SI 75 per yard ; former price $2 25. Just received a large lot of TURKEY SUUARKB, RUGS TO MATCH, in fresh and elegant designs and of very brilliant colors. A large line of VF.LOUTTES, in squares and by the yard, ot patterns exclusively for their RETAIL SALES. A visit of inspection Is requested. Mall orders for ^ampins and prices promptly Ailed. BROADWAY, 4TH AVENUE, 9TII AND I0TU STREETS. _ Black Alpacas, double width, and very line, 'Sc., worth 40c At KOCII'H, 15 Carmine street, corner Bleecker. -A.?. Mignonette Poplins, at 25 cents per yard, and up wards. At KOCK'S, 15 Carmine street, corner Bleecker. A? Japmese Silks, of finest quatitr, only 30 cents, worth "Scents. At KOCII'S, 15 Carmine street, corner Bleecker. A ? A.' A. A.~ RUck Japanese Poplins, 25 cent*. trie largest assortment In the city. At KOCH'S, 15 Carmine street, comer Bleecker. Best Slllis from Auction. SI 29 per yard, worth S1 1"> ; extra finality $1 50, warranted to be worth $2. At KOCH'S, l5Carmlne street, corner Bleecker. ? A.? Spring Shawls, Just received ; splendid Ottoman Shawl* $3, worth $4 50; reversible Ottoman Shawls $4 50, w.rtli $7. At KOCH'S, 15i armlne street, corner Bleckef, 4 ?A.? J V# Best French Lawns, plain co ors, 25c. per yard, warranted same a? elsewhere 4l*\ At KoCH'S, 15 Carmine street.coruer Bleecker. * 10, lino yards Hamburg Embroideries, A A. from auction at hall price. At KOCH'S, 15 Carmine street, cor rncr Bleecker. A. Satlnes, In all the new Spring shades? mignonette, naw'?\ pt!*co**k. Ac. ? ftlr.. worht t?.V. At KOOH'HJIdtrminf Atrref, corn* r Bl*ockcr. A. ^ Great bargains in Nottingham lace Curtains. At KOCH'S, 16 Carmine street, corner Bleecker. A . A Housekeeping Linens, from auction, ? able Damasks, Towels, ( rashe?, Ac., Ac., cheaper than elsewhere. At KOCH'S, 15 Carmine street, corner Bleecker. T WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ? FROM AUCTION, _ tin' Bankrupt Stock ot a large wholesale house, and rill be sold at greatly reduced prices. FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SIMDEB, English ('arpetings, oil* loth*. Mattings, Ac. 50,000 rolls Hne Gold Paper, 50c. per rod; Hue Paper, 12c. per roll; tine good Window shades, $2 per pair, iiiuatlv sold atS4 5il, Mt.' ii) yards thick oilcloth, Sic. per vard ; also a large lot of English < arpetlng, Ae_, at low prices. J. W. i. OATES, 277 Hudson street, opposite DonunU'k Houses Papered, Decorated, Kalxnnlne I and Painted. Geod workmen scat t? anv i art of the eifv or rmmin A A r DRY CKWDA. %_ 8TB RN H Il<)T I IK IIS. mat)) avenue and Twenty-third afreet. tei 110 M*tb avenue. Weft Twenty-third street Will open and display on Monday and during the week, entirely new and desirable lines of Good* for Spring In their Tar to as department*. Imported and selected froiu the lending European Houses to which we invite an Inspection of our friends, customers and the pnblic. We will offer a large assortment ol the latest and most popular styles of PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS, Including nil novelties produced in eliilt Htick and tourist. AT EXTREMELY LOW PRICES. Our Stock or MILLINERY UOODS now Is replete with the choicest and most select novelties Imported. All the new and lending . SHAPES IN STRAW AND dill*. round hats and honnkts in gruut variety. An unequalled ftnsortment of FRENCH KLOWhRS AND FEATHERS AT VERY CLOSE PRICES. Qros srain and watered Bonnet million* in alt widths and most ilt-Hiralilii shades; also au cloguut variety of j HA8I1 RIBBONS In plain Taffeta, lull 1 inch wide, R7c. Keal Koinun. waltzed and fancy gros i/iain. very cheap. 7 iueli finest quality Block I'luid KuhIi Millions, tiMc. per yard. Windsor 'lies lu all the new colors, splendid quality. 41c. All the new shades TAFFETA AND ORGS GRAIN TRIM MINC KU.KS, KUOM $1 M HP. COLORED CREl\'ti FOR VEILINGS. CIlll.DRKN'S LACE CAPS trimmed very elaborate with Italian Valenciennes Laces at $2 89 and $3. We shall offer Monday an Invoice of LARGE TRIANON FANS, JN VARIOUS DESIGNS, just received from Paris, to which wc invite early inspection, as they arc extremely scarce and desirable. OXIDY7.KD ORNAMENTS AND MUTTONS, 'iN GREAT VARIETY. OUR STOCK OF CASHMERE m antler, SACQUES, CAPER AND DOLMANS ha* been largely replenished by recent importations, which we are selling greatly below other establishments. We have also choice styles of IMPORTED LINEN AND LAWN SUITS, ELABORATELY TRIMMED AND HRAIDED. WHITE LAWN SL ITS A! $* 75 AND $U 79, SKIRT, OVEKSKIRr AND BASQUE, FINEST LAWN AND WORKMANSHIP. .SWISS AND OROANDIK DRESSES, POLONAISES AND OVr.RHKIRTS IN GREAT VARIETY. WE INVITE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO OUR large and complete assortment ol LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR. -4> IVscssing large facilities in manufac turing, we are enabled to offer constantly great in ducement* as regards quality of material aud low prices. Large assortment of Indies' Night Gowns, from $1 20 up to $13. Chemises, from 7Ac. to $11 IJO. Drawers, from 6Hc. to $4 Ml. In lawn, linen, muslin and cambrics, trimmed with embroidery and lace. Train aud Walking skirts. Dressing Sacqucs; large variety t'orset Covers. Pillow Shams and Sheets. Special bargains. Lawn, Percale and Calico Morning Robes. Our MISSES* AND INFANTS' DEPARTMENT receives especial attention. CHILDREN'S PIQUE DRESSES, CLOAKS, SUITS AND CAPES, FOR Al l. AUKS AND IN ALL STYLES. EXCEEDINGLY CHEAP. CORSETS AND RUSTLES. The most noted and favorite makes. Real glovc-fltting Corsets at $1 23 and $1 V. ItJO DOZ. FINEST FRENCH EM HRt ilDKKED CORSETS, VERV ELA BORATE, AT $2; FORMER PRICE. $.1 7&. HAIRCLOTH, SPRINO AND RUBBER BUSTLES. KID GLOVES. We have the largest assortment, without exception, on tne avenue, and are. now ottering great bargcins, LUPINE S CELEBRATED KID GLOVES, Two-Buttons, HAc. and $1 12, Three- Button, $1 26. Guarantee every pair. Elegant three and fottr-bntton Opera Colors. Kid t, loves reduced to $? !?'? a pair. Misses' two-button real Kid, $1 a pair. Closing out a large lot of Iwo-biitton Kid Gloves at 60c. and 79c. a pair. We' shall display this week. a magnificent assortment of Paris and Berlin Passementerie Trimmings. Fringes and Ornaments, Buttons and Loops comprising t lie handsomest lines ever offered ?n the city. Knotted, Tassel and Ball Fringe*. In all the new colors, on hand and made to order. STERN BROTHERS, Sixth avenue .V7 ami Weal Twenty third street DRV GOOOR. A mkakks, MKAKKS, MKAKK8, MKAKKS, MKARES, MKAKKS. MKAKEH, MKAKEH. MKAKEH. MKAKKS, MKAKKS, MKAKKS, MKAKKS, MKAKKS, MKARRfl. MKAKKS, SIXTH AVENUE MRARK. MKAKKS, AN!) MBAR. , MKAKKS, NI NKTKKNTH STREET. MKARBS, MKAKKS, MKAKKS, MKAKKS. MKARES, MKAKKS, MKARES, MKAKKS, MKAKKS, MKAKKS. MKAKEH. MKAKKS. MKAKEH, MKAKKS, MKAKKS. M KAKEH, We beg to announce to our customers and the pnMIc that we will have our opening of spring and Summer Goods, Wednesday, April 9, when we will exhibit a very large and elegant assortment ot finest Hoods, adapted to the present wagon, comprising lull lines of Black Silks, Striped Bilks and Turqnolse Silk*, in every variety of style and color, Bonnets, Ouiiiet*. TapLssler and other favorite makes, with a largo assortment of superior Black, Dress and Trimming Silks, at 91, $1 26, 91 38, Si 91 75 and 92 y*rd. 500 piece* Striped Dress Silks, 75c., 88c. and 91 yard. Aiso a tull line of Dress dorms In all the new styles and colors, i n Cashmeres, Herges, Poplins, Alpacas, Mohair* with a complete assortment of Monrnlng Goods, In Roslimere, Drap d'Ete, Bombazines, Biarritz, Cord.^ and Black Grenadines, in all the different qualities. SO pieces Silli and Wool Black Grenadines, 110c., 5fcy and ?0c. a yard. 101) piece# Poplins n ml Alpacas, In new shades, 28c., 90e. , JPc. and 15c. 150 pieccs .lapunese Silks, best patterns, 50c. and Me. 100 pieces Cashmere* anil Herges, mignonette shade*, 65c., 75c. and 90c. Black Alpacas, in best makes, 2.V., 90c.. 38c., 44c. and 50c. 100 pieces Japanese Stripes, 25c., 30c. andSHc. 2 cases choicest patterns in Callcoea, 12)?;. yard. Handsome patterns in Percales, for Hhirtings, Waists^ and Polka Spots, Navy Blue and other desirable colors. We will open on Wednesday next Imported Dolmans, Jacques und Talmas, in Cashmere and Drap^ d'Kte, I'lttlii. Braided and Bcailed, all styles, richly trimmed. At unusually law prices. Real Thread, Llama und Pusher Lace Shawls, Socqueft and I'arasol Covers. j^T MKAKKS', Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. We will open on WEDNESDAY, THLKSDAY and FRIDAY, Ladies', Misses' and Children's Parasols and Sun Um brellas, In ull the latest styles. Tourist, club, Promenade. ME ARKS', Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street Opening on WEDNESDAY clctrant styles in Imported Suits, richly trimmed. Hailstc suits, plain and embroidered tlonnces; Embroidered Linen Suits and Polonaise. Lawn, l.iuen and Cambric Suits of every style lor ladles and children, at remarkably low prices. MEAREH*. Mxili avenue ami Nineteenth street. Opening on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY, elegant assortment of Trimmed Bonnet* and Round Hat*. imported and ot our own manufacture. Fine French Flowers and Millinery Hoods, of every kind, at exceedingly low price*. Elegantly trimmed Huts, ot hutierior style nnd finish, til) to 915, name a* sold on Broadway 91* to 930. AT MK ARKS', S1XTII AVF.Nt'K AND NINETEENTH ?trect. We will open on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY next, Uio largest anil niont complete assortment of LAdieii', Mlases' and Children'* Undergarments, comprising complete outfit* of every quality of Law n, Linen, Cambric and Muslin, Chemises, Drawers, Nightgowns, Toilet Sacquen, Infants' Kohes, Embroidered Shawl.* and Merino Clonk*, Bibs and Baby Basket*, Pillow Slips, AT ItEM ARK ABLY LOW PRICES. Onr Corset Department contains all the popular makes of Imported and hand* made Corsets, Hoop Skirts, I'aniers, Bustles, With some special bargains In Corsets, at Sic., 7Siv. It and 91 15. We desire to c*ll the special attention of our customer* to this Department, having made lurgc additions to It. Chemises, Masonvillc miislin, fine tuckcd linen fronts, embroidered edu'es, 91 2A. >1 44. 91 0), $1 7j an l $1 88. Nightgowns tucked, yoke back and front, $1 40. Nightgowns, bias tucking down the iront.lace trimming, $1 'J\ Nightgowns, cluster tuck* and embroidered iu?ertlTi?, Drawers, fine muslin, tueksand embroidered inserUnit and edging, $1 25. Drawers, line muslin tucks, putting and embroidered trimming, 91 69. Underskirts, line muslin, tucks and ruffling*, fl Underskirts, very fine muslin, tuck* and embroidery, $1 .1* and 91 44. Toilet Saeque*. 95c., 91. 91 34. 9' SO *n,l 91 75. Cambric Toilet Sacques, lace and embroidered trim mm and puffing. In newest *h*pet, as very low price*. AT HEARER', sixth avenue and Nineteenth itrecL We will open on Wednesday in our Lace Department Real Yak Laces, black and colored, all widths Keal Point, Thread, Uuipuru and Valenciennes. Also lines of Colored Laces, to trim spring m'is, French, Italian and Blonds, all width*. Hamburg Knibroid?rics at very low prices. Lac* Ties, Collars. Sle< v? g Hows, Fic'ius, llamUerchiefv Ruffling*, Platings, In new styles. AT MLAKI-.s Sixth avenue and Nineteenth atroet. We will ope:i on Wednesday Housekeeping Hoods and Domestic iiood* of ever? style. Napkins, Towels, Linens Piano Covers and Tablecloths, Niittingiiiim ana rral Lace Curtain* ami Tidies, -T*r If ton \ ? irgaudlei, Swiss Jaconct and Nainsook Muslins. ,n lowest price*. T MKARKS', Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street We will open on Wednesday, Thursday and >riday. Latest itylM o| Ores* Trimming* and Fringe*. Passementerie Himps, Loop':, Button* and Uraid*. Sash Klbbons, Roman Ties, Windsor He* and Bow*. Hros grain Bonnet Itibboiis, In a;i the new c^Ior*. At mkake^* * Sixth' avenue and Nineteenth street We will open on w ediiemlay, lliursnav and Friday, Hulbrigxar!. English and Herman Hosiery, in eitr* leugHis, : ir ladies an t children. Merino Undergarment* xlaptcd to the present ? asofc One, two find three button Kid oioves. In spring shades ion dozen extra long F.ngli*h .~ux-lxliig-?, 38c . north wc. Ladles about to make spring pWchase* *r> respectfully invited to call a?d examine our immense assortment. We will afford every oppnrtunl/ ?? * Mretu. ?ispectioli ot >ur good ? without being impurMHNu ?o i>uy. All Mud* marked i plain figures and stricily one prict v?ro^h.,,t the enure ..Uhltslunen^ ^ ? .erne - "i'ltb n>eU'i? and N.netee.itn street

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