Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 12
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A miHTlNU- IHfWN. BFBnS. *C. _VOR SALE, A1.1. KINDS OK FANCY P04IH. a\. Birils, Ac., Mi <i< lne? 'or nil <1 ?? ?-< ??. ?'r? P?r? 'J food for mocking turds. at B. 4?. DO\l V i? No SOrecur street MOT Cai ;?!. VRANrlH BUTLER, NO. J PFVK Si. II', IIAH ?A'!' r the choice breeds of !??.;!* for ??lo nod ftori. IM LKR'S liitalliOle Mailer Cure and HJ?a I xt. rinir .iter kn . . BUTLER'S new win * $2 Dogs boarded ami <r.ii(u i Mi in ii f "li disease*. Tiik largest stock ok fancy fowls 'N.thk city -Fancv ami con' moil i i^reoiiH, l?ip*ear?:u Ivobbits, ?quirrela, an.uoa,Pl^ Maltose ? TUB j'PRF. , ^ I7VLOYIVS HOTEL, Ol'^OSITB PlHlf PECT PARK "T I' iir Ground ?Boarders run be accommodated on seawuaMe U'rmt; within l'? miles <il Coney Island beach spacious ("ix stalls and every convenience ucees ' Proprietor. HA l.l S HAM'' M IX K DRIVING PARK, ON CONEY Island mad. for sale, on easy terms Inquire of tt. W. iHAMS A CO., 116 Wall street XI ATION M- ASSOCIATION FOR TI1K PROMOTION j\ hi the Interests ol the American Trotting Turf. Sec retary's office Provldotiee, H. I., April 2, 1S73. A special meeting ol the Hoard ol Appculs will lie held at the Everett House, New *ork city, on Krtdav, April 11, 187.1, at 9 o'clock A. M. By order ol the President 1>. K. LONGSTREKT, Sccretirv. S B. ? Parties having any business or communication (in which the action ol the Board is desired al this meet ing ? ill please address the undersigned ?iinnediutel.v at hti iileui e. D. F. LONtjS'i'REET, Secretary. rp?) I FT? FLEETWOOD PARK CLI'B HOUSE AND 1 hitching privilege ol grounds. Apply at the park or 112 Wall Hi reel. W. 11. VANCOTT, Superintendent. UOKKKS, I A?KIA?KJ(, At , AT AUCTION, BY WILLIAM VAN TASSKLL, AUCTIONEER. SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON * VAN TASSKLL, at the old stand, 110, 112, 114 Kist Thirteenth street RLEGANT PRIVATE FSTABLISHMKNT AT AI'C TION, iiN TUESDAY, APRIL H, AT 12 O'CLOCK. CAHRIAfiE TEAM.? ELEGANT TEAM BLACK ttoKKKS, lti'4 hands high, 7 and 8 years old ; kind anil true in nil harness; both excellent saddle horses: they are closely matched; well bred; very stylish and hunif m'iiic *, tear nollllng; are one of the tfnest carriage teams In tlx city ; warranted sound. II ARN f.SS- Fine set gold-mounted Harness. TEA CART? ELEGANT TEA CART, built to order by Brewster A Co., ol Broome street TlXOTTiNG HORSE? BAY TROTTING HORSE, aired by Kysdyck's Hiunhlctoiiian, dam a thoroughbred mare; Is It;1., hands high, 8 years old ; kind and tree in all har ness; tree Irom \lco or trick ; a superior roadster; trotted last Fall, with mate, Inside 2:10 and is warranted to trot a mile In 2 :.M) ot* no sale ; a tree and pleasant driver and fears nothing. CARRIAGE TEAM -SPLENDID TEAM CHESTNUT HORSES, lfiW hands hint), 7 and 8 years old; kind and true in all harness; Lee from vice, ti lnk or fault ; have been used the past three years l?y private family and were considered the finest team at Newport last sea ?on; are In every way reliable, sound, kind and true. At same time, To close the estate ol the late Joseph Potter, 4'LA KENCE? Clarence lined with blue cloth, in Rood order, by McNaiightA Smith. ROCKAWAY? Six. seat itockaway, In good order, liuilt By Mine;" & Stevens. Two sets double Harness made bv Wood (libson. By order of Potter Bros.. Executors, No. 4 Warren street Also, ELEGANT PONY? IMPORTED MILK-WHITE Haytian Middle Pony Albus, silver mane and tail, 14 hands high, A years old ; kind under saddle and great power ot endur ance; was used last Summer by a lady and is one ol the best saddle pouies in the country; warranted perfectly Bound. PONY ? fiorrel Pony, 14 hands high, 7 years old ; kind and true tin all h irncss; free and stylish driver and a pood roadster. All ot the above property I" at private private sale tin |j! Tuesday, when. If not disposed of, will be sold at auc tion to the highest bidder. Auction house of abcii. Johnston, LATE JOHNSTON A VAN TASPELL. ottlee and salesroom, old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. HORSE AND CARRIAGK IIR t NCII REMOVED 10 19, 21, 2:< and 25 East Thirteenth street, between University place and Filth u venue. A CARD. The firm of Johnston A Van Tassel) having been dis solved by mutual consent Mr. JOHNSTON continues the BUSINESS AT THE OLD STAND, 37 NASSAU STREET, opposite the Post office. THE HORSE AUCTION BRANCH OK THE HOUSE IS .REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PltEMM S, IH. 21, 2:i and 2a EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. REtil'LAR SALES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. The business will be conducted on precisely the same ?Diet and honorable principles which nave always char acterized the dealings ot our house and won the re?| ect and confidence ot the business community as well as the public al large. Entries for sales may be made asti' iial either at our down town house, ,'tT Nassau street, or at the marl, 21, 23, 25 and 27 East Thirteen ill .'tree I. I LIBKRAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON Bid N Ml. NTS, AT BARKER AND CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER HALL'S. Corner of Broadway and Thirty -ninth street, MAJOR C \V. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. JIEOI'LAB HALES OF HORSES CARRIAGES, 4C., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Oentlemi It's private establlshmellts disposed of at pub lie or pi ivate sale to the l est advantage, and a general assortment of Horses, Carriages, Harness and everything in the horse line, to suit the needs of all classes ot pur chasers, constantly ? n hand. A LARGE DRIVING RING In tin- Mart lor showing horses on sale. Twenty-lour hours allowed lor trial on every horse sold under warranty. Carriages taken on ttorage. Superior stabling tor horses on sale. Outside sales solicited and promptly attended to. Liberal advances made on everything in the horse line. ? TUB "BREWSTER WAOON." fA in all weights, (<ir pleasure driving or speeding, cxiiuisiteM finished. and rmbradnn in tn? ir construction the various im provements introdui eil by us during the past lSyears, waking them tlic Standard tor Qitality lVr< iii'liout the t lilted States These wagons arc exclusively the production of our well-known Hroome street lactory, mid are offered In *t' ( k in all respect* equal in quulity to those built to tiie order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to ail. In order that wo may not lie confounded with ft loint Block company of carriage dealers who have adopted n firm name similar to our own, anil impudently claim the reputation we have niade lor flic "Brewster Wagon," we tieg the public will remember that our only narerooms ?re at the corner of Fifth avenue ami Fourteenth street, anil our i>ti Factory on Hroome street BREWSTER A CO., of Hroome street. AT PRIVATE st I.E. 1 light Curtain t oaohes: 2 six seat Phnetons, cheap, for country livery stables; top and no to| roa I Wagons; Jepot Wagons, tojp and no top; side bar I in Wagons; top Mid no top Pony Phaetons; Harness oi all Kinds. Team hrown llorses; I brown Mare, splendid roadster : learn Iron (.rays; team blacks; hay Mare, 6 years old, l y Second llambletoniaii and Eureka mare, trots minutes, warranted i severui other Horses anil Clarence, in good order C CITY Bl'II.T EXPRESS WAGONS. SB? YORK SALES \NU STOK.lOE REPOSITORY, FOI'RI II AVEM'E, CORNER 2STH STREET. Allen b. miner, AI'CTIONEER. SALESROOMS 1)5 C 1 1 AM ItEKS STREET. IIORHE M'l'TldN MART AT NEW YOltK SAl.ES AS'll BTORAt. K REPOSITORY. Fot'RTII AVENL'E, CORNER TWENTY Kll Til STREET. CARRIAt.ES AND III >.:si A I. WAYS ON II AND'AT P HIV ATE s \LE. RICHARD McCI'I.L Coil, PROPRIETOR, A I.I.K N H MINER A lll'ii., A POTION EERS. Sn!e*oi Horses, Carriages, Ac , Ihtirsdnv Oi each week. Entries of articles for auction ean b< niaile at repository as above, or salesrooms of auctioneer*. At private su,e? very stylish and beauti fnllv matched pair ot Membrino Mare*, lull sisters, ? und > v?ars, I' '? hign, good steppers ami gentle In single ?t dont\< harness l or particulars inquire tor one week at iix Broadway, or of THOMAS, at 18 West Thirteenth Street, where they rail b ? seen. TOP PONY PHAETON. ,StD; OPEN DO., $?6: TOP WagoB, tto; Oiu, 9 si'; l imn Wagon and Cart, S Roi kaways. 15 lop mil open Wagons, lo top and open Ponv Phai tons. :i dn ot \\ n ?? n- ft business Wacons, sin.le and double llnmess. Whips, Ac. At I.43U Broad way, near Forty flr? t street. Albert h waldron. auctioneer. Salesrooms Ills Liberty and :I8 i lum h streets. Horses, Wagons mid Harness. On MONDAY, m 1: o'clock, D. ft. IVES w ill sell, as above. Nine head ot road and wo-k llorws, Wagon-, Harness, Hlaukets, Ac. iT OI'R FACTORY, 1,404 BROADWAY, AMOVE /\ Thirty-ntuUi street, an the following second-hand Carriages:? lix seat I'fiaetofl, Coupe Barouche, Brougham, Ponv Phaeton, . Coupelctte, Vii loria. cheap, lip Wagon. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., M- Broadway. ^ 1 uemarest a oo., tax broadway. *' offer a larg< mid elegant assortment of flue Carriages st our own manufacture, comprising our popular six-seat [a mily Itockawavs. 12 -ty l.s . Conpc Roe kaways, 8 styles; Landaus S style*: Coupe ,6styles; elegant l.andaulets, ? s /.i * and styles beautiful new style T Carts and Turn pm Seats. Work nrst cla's in every respect. Prices reasonable aud popular with bnvers. Oti? nundreii Pmtv Phaetons at ver\ low prices. A BROKE OUT IN A NEW PLACE Removal. A." Owingtothi rapid increase of our business, we have been obliged to dr-crt tin old stand, > Libeitv street, and' ?re oow opening, at No. s CoRTI.ANDT STREET, near Broad w a v, one of the target, bamlsoinest and best assortment* oi light Carriati -s anil Harness ever oflered In tills mtirset ilti It. JOHNSTON. No H Corflandt street. ? HE* 'ON' l HANK CARRIAOES. . We otTei thi following, many ot them our own yuild and in excellent condition Curtain coach, T. Carls, Back-to-hack Dm Oart, Coupe, Four 'eat Box Wagon, Two wheel i.lg, Coupeletie. Ladles' Phaeton. BREWSTER A I'll,, H4 Fifth ? venue, corner Fourteenth street. a ? . HRENCK I oh SALE-MADE BY HIIEW- ?A. J\ . tter A Co of Brooiae street, for $2.m<W; is as good ni 'v owner going abrotd and must be sold. .' It RKKWSTER A CO.. 14A East Twenty flfth atreet. \TEAM tiF ELM) A NT IHiRSES. BLOODED, OVER i.'. i young, sound na l kinf. . a lao Carriages, llnrwss, A \? rv'cheap, togetlwr or s.ngly Address IIOTSPLR, (i.s 10 i Herald office. AUYEHV STAPLE HC'i*i:s FOR SALE-FIVE years' lease : stork and but. diug all iu good order; !,/.(<? $C.Km. will eichange I. r nnpt'ived Ken! estate. Ni agetif ib all iviU Addn.s ilV^UY Ul'SLNEs^, ii' l.iUi Oil LA:. A A HOUSES, CARRUUBIS ?l, ___ A-fOR SAM- A TALVABU YOUNG TROTTING > Stallion, t> v< ars old, lot black, lft)i hands, H' red by Old Kl\ i ii v Cloud. (1h hi Membriiio M? sseliger . lias bad l?ut liltlo train inn anil can show t>< tte.r than '40; in sound and kind, price $l,'iOO; refund $2,500 last season; reur-on lor selling I have disposed ?f my farm. Can be seen by culling mi own. r. 2 ii Broadway, room i. A GREAT VARIETY or TOP AMD NO TOP WA gotis, Untkaways. Coupe* anil (lie M. D. I'hioton Coupe. All work luuuulaetured on the premises iu the v';rv?b"Ht manner. Repairing promptly attenlrd to. GEORGE li. YtJUWI. 210 East Lath street, near Third avenue. A FAST HORSE FOR DRY GOODS. ? WOULD Ml S to trade handsome, long tall Hay, 9 years o'd, haniu, found, kind, fast horse, with a jobber or importer i< r dry goods*. he rm trot in 2 40 i< a gentleman's Aorse In every reaped. Address iminctiiaiely DRY U0ODS, Herald oltlce. A? COUPE SECOND HANI), $41*1, COST $!,??; CI. A . rt nee, fl.280, cost. $2,200; Coach. #600, cost $1,600. Several second hand Carriages taken In exchange. II AM, III Bill Fourth street. A -I ANDAUI.ETS, COUPES, CLARENCES, LADIES' . Phaetons. Depot Wagons. ? I sell 20 per cent lesa than Ulth avenue or Broadway sfon ?; style an I work manship aneqaalled. HAM, 10 East Fourth olreet G'CNTI. I.MAN'S TURNOUT.-ONK MARK, IBJ, ' ? hands, (1 years old, (rot til 2:30; lioad Wagon, Har ness, Blaii'tcts, Ac. Can be neeti at Simmon's stables, 78 and SO Bank stre t, be i w i en 10 A. M. *nd 3 1'. M. Anew single truck, one t<h' grocery Wilson, one light Express Wsscon and one second lund Butcher's CarL McLAUilllLIN A IIARTK, ? 3.10 WestTwenty-flfth street.^ A FINK SADDLE MARE KOR SALE? PERFECTLY J\ broken to harness, at GORDON'S, No. 6 West Thir teenth street. \ N AKDALI.WI ROAD MARE FOR SALE CHEAP.? J\ Will wariant lo trot ill 3 minutes; also a set of good Harness. Appiv at DONOUOE'S stables, Eighty-seventh mi . e f, near Fourth avenue. A LARGE LOT OF CARRIAGES OF ALL kinds; Rockways. Buggies, I'haetotis. Depot, Ex piess and Business Wuyons made in our own factory. 111 West Broad way, near Canal street _____ A PAIR OF STYLISH CARRIAGE HORSES FOR sale, at n grea' bargain; young, kind and in a good condition about 15!^ hands high. Also, If desired, close and open carriages, Harness, Ac., Ac. ('nil at private stable IliO Wi st Twentieth street, from 8 to 10 A. M. or 4 to (ii'. M. A GENTLEMAN WISHES FINE SINGLE OR DOUBLE Turnout In exchange tor tlve or less desirable un encntnliered Lots In most popular city, 40 minutes from New York Address S., box 3,920 New York 1'ost olllce, ASHE'S CELEBRATED ROAI) WAGONS, COMBINA tioii of steel, hickory and whalebone, lop and no tops, just finished, ('all and examine. An excellent Coupe lor sale ; own make. FRANK ASHE, KB Crosby street. A CIRCULAR FRONT COUPE FOR SALE? IN PER. tec! order, made by Laurence A Co., of Broadway; aim shitting lop Wagon and double Harness. Can be seen at private stable No. 3 East 12ttth street, corner of Filth avenue. AT PRIVATE SALE? STYLISH, WELLcMATCHED pair iii Horses ; sound, gentle III nil harness; suit able lor carriage or road ; can trot sharp; height about 15' j. Address S., box 3,240 I'ost olllce. A GOOD WORK HORSE FOR SALE CHEAP? SOLD for want of use ; also new top Wagon, city make. Apply to ROOFING COMPANY, SIS 8eventh avenue. A? PRIVATE STABLE ON THIRTY-EIGHTH . street, near Seventh avenue, with fireproof box stalls, to rent trom May 1. Apply to J. KO.MA1NE BROWN, 1,280 Broadway. A BROOME STREET BREWSTER HALF TOP POUR sent Phaeton and Top Wagon, 1 light custom Coach, 1 six seat Phaeton, 1 Cabriolet, I Victoria, 2 extension fop Phaetons. Ail lop ami open pony Phaetons, of all styles; 20 ne w and second band Kocku ways, IS top and open llond, by file best city makers; Sulkies and ??skeletons, by Dusenbury, I'ra.v, Ac. ; 1 Depot Wagon, top and open Ex press Wagons, 1 second hand Clarence; Harness, Blankets, Robes, Ac. WILLIAM H. G RA Y, 20 and 22 Wooster st. "IJ AROUCHE FOR SALE? A PRIVATE 0 SPRING I) Barouche, built by Loes A WQiiama, good as new; ha< been used only a lew times. Can be seen al 14 F or gy th street, N. Y. ?1>REW8TER (OF BROOME STREET) WAGONS.-' J> A. S. FLANDRAU, 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, makes a specialty of the above celebrated Wagons, both tons and no tops, ami alwavs has a flue assortment on hand. /CARRIAGES? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR \ gains; Carriages, new niul second hand, of every de- I scrlpiioii, at low prices; now Is ihe time to purchase, be- ' lore trade commences. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (?48 Broadway. 0EPOT WAGONS AND ROCKAWAYS, IN LARGE variety of styles, lor one and two horses; also a large assortment ot Pony Phaetons, top and open, with and without rumbles. BRADLEY, PRAY A CO., 558 Broadway. TpXCII WOE? A LOT OF FIRST CLASS MAKES SEW 1j ing Ma -bines lor a Ilor-?) and light Wugon ; al-o for a Buggy. FINSBI RY GARMENT MANUFACTURERS, Mii Chambers street IIOLLOWIKO PROPERTY OF PRIVATE GENTLE* man will be sold cheap Pair (tray Horses, Iii Initios, sound, sale and stylish drivers; Clarence, best city make; Ike,- ( art ami Set of Harness. Apply to A. COOK, at Talimanu'.s, Broadway and Thirty -eighth street. I VOR SALE (A GENTLEMAN GOING TO EUROPE) F T Cart, tine coupe Horse, lfi)j high, anil Harness. No. 9 East Tenth street, near Fifth avenue. | VOR SALE? A BRETT CARRIAGE,' SIX s EAT, MADE 1 r by Lawrence ; in good order; with linen slip ; price j $300. Apply at TEAN Ii V 'S stables, 37 West Forlv-tourth Street. V",! SALE? GOOD OVAL GLASS HEARS B, ONE i F glass panel Coach, two top Buggies, one open Coach aril good Team of Horsos, cheap lor cash. 120 Tenth street, or corner of North Third and Fourth streets, Wil liamsburg. IJVOfi SALE.? THREE good houses, u hands P high, will be sold cheap at 340 West Forty-second st. VOR SALE? A HANDSOME IRON CRAY lloRSK, I5U r hands high, 6 years old ; isafain.-d tandem leader; warranted sound und kind. Can be seen at stable 117 Easl Fortieth street. F PORSALE? A MEDIUM WEIGHT EIGHT FOOT BOX I Business Wagon, In good order, at paint shop, 245 Sixth avenue. F10R SALE-VERY HANDSOME park steel oray Horse. 15.." ^ hands nigh, 7 year* old; hcHW, loin; tail; very; prompt driver; splendid traveller: perlectly sound ; can be driven by a lady : suitable fijg the road. Park phaeton or light coupe ;w ill lit* Hold rea sonable. Apply at TALI. MAN'S stables, Thirty-eighth street and Broadway, or call ut No. 5 Howard street. FIOR SA1.K? $1,000? FINE BAY ROAD MAKE, 7 yearn, 14U hands; sound, kind, even, square; Inside 3 minutes, loose rein , line pole mare. LA MB'S stable, Klftv-elghth street, corner Madison avenue, or J. C. ROGERS A Co., 6a Wall street IV Ut SALE? PAIR BAY HOR8RS, 18>? HANKS; WAR ranted ?ound and kind ; six-scat Rm-kaway and set of double Harness; nearly new -.price $1,780. FRANK EVERDELL, 462 Broadway. IloR SALE? A HANDSOME PAIR (IF BAY IIORSKS, 7 and 8 years old; lfl.3 high; warranted perfectly sound and kind in single or double harness ami without tn ult . Also Clarence, iii Kood order; Park Phaeton, liar ness, Blankets, Ac, t an be seen at stable No. IS West Thirteenth street. IV IK HALE? A FINE SADDLE HORSE. 14>a HANDS high, s years old ; perfectly gentle and well trained, and warranted sound ; suitable tor lady or gentleman. Apply to J. STRIDE, Landau's stable, IM West Thirty i ninth street E TOR SALB? A FINS BROUGHAM, NEARLY NEW; one V ictoria, \ ery light pole and shafts, und stroug no top Wagou. H, M. MOTT, lSfi West Twenty -seventh -treet FlOIt SALB? THREE EXPRESS WAGONS, FOUR Horses, 'our sets ot Harness; all things connected With expressing. Call at PATRICK KERNS', 3423d av. IjllNE TURNOUT.? PARTIES IN* WANT OF A.N EX F trap.tirof family Coach Horses, and wishing to avoid risk and experiment?, ran procure Irom a private getiilcman selling out that ? hich Is unexceptional ; bays, Iti ban t-. great atyln and will steji in 3), together; 7 anil i years old. Also six-sent Park Phaeton, in gi?>d ordtr. and tlated double Harness. Address Mr. WILKINSON, Ki Broadway FfOlt SALE? A GRAY MAKE, SOUND AND KIM) IN single or double harness, and ;i good, prompt driver -, can trot close to three minutes. Sold lor want ot use. , Inquire at H-l hast Twenty -si\th street, rear house TTIOR SALE-A BEAUTIFUL MATCHED TEAM OF l I" Ponies, suitable iur pbacton driving ; drive single or double. Can be e ii by appH Ing at K> Broadway. I I.ViK SALB? A PAIR OF BLACK FILLIES, 14 AND 14 I hands 1 ineh high, 4 and 5 years old. \pply at pri vate stable, 1H7 West I hirtvthlrd street, before to o'clock, l^till SALE-A FINE YOUNG PAIR OF MARKS, r very stylish, stand 15, 'j bunds and good steppers; aisoa Brewster I' Cart, Ac. Apply nt No. 5 Bast loirtn tli street. FH)k sale? a n um bkk~ofh(7kses,j LSI FROM the country : one tine saddle llor-e. tr"m Kentucky , also black Team, Hi bands high ; stylish drivers; team id llainbletoniaii Mares, l.YHbiuh: can trot in t:45 together ami i :35 single ; also several single roa<l Hor?s, that ean ? trot troni 2 ;50 down to 2-..15. 'lo be seen at new stable, !>'*) ami i ii.' Atlantic avenue. Bro<ki\u. inquire lor U M H. KIPLKY. | IJIOR S\LE? A PAIR SIXTEEN BAND, RIGHT I year old, blocky built bay Mares; iusi in from coun j try ; high arched necks, heavy manes and tails, broken single ; one a first class saddle mure ; will be sold sepa rate or together ; warranted sound and ftcc irom vices. Can be wen it Washington stables, corner Sixth avenue ami I w en y sixth street. L'(?B SAL'.? A TEAM OF FIVE YOUNG HORSES; i P kind and gentle ; fit tor any heavy work ; separate II dosired; prico #751; warranted sound. Apply at 'J1 Roosevelt stri-et, milk depot flOR SALE? AN ENGLISH BUILT WAGONETTE, carries six ; It al<o shifls to a T cart; il was built to or der, is very stvllsh and has never been used ; It is lor sale, as Hie owner is going to Europe, t all at stable, 28 West j fourth street. Volt SALE? A BREWSTER, OF BROOME STREET, ' ? secondhand top Buggy, in good order, at PLATT'H I stabli s. Iu7 West Thirty-ninth street Price $226. j IFOR SALE? A PARK PHAEToN. BUILT BY Law. F renee and Is in perfect order, a bargain It applied i tor promptly , can be at DKENN ATI'S stable, comer ot Tbirt< seventh street and Seventh avenue. I L^tu HALE? A Llillir SHIFTING TOP WAOON ANT) I h set ot iight double Harness. No 3 East 129tU street j i.nd I- litli avenue FIOR SALE-TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY, A oRAY M% W ^agon, Hrrw?tor> make ; two single Hnrne-s. Blanket, Kly Nets, Ac. ; all in best order. Ail dress I S., box 1 ,2&"t 1'oBt ulliee |J?OR RALE fOR WANT OF UsE-A LANDAU; I nearly new. Seen at stable No. & East Twentieth st. l^Ojt SALE CHEAP- A BLACK M ARE, 14 HANDS 1 high, sound and kind and a strlish driver ? su table i lor women or eh lid re* b- tope a ponv phaeton Can lie j st en at n.e teed swe, HW Henry it ft. ft, Nt w lark. Iltw J J'<ki ttmi II HOR8RI. lAtt RI.YGES, MJ. IjViR SALE? STYLISH TEAM OK YOUNU CARRIAGE ' Mor i's, with gold-ntotm'ed Harue h an I I'haeton, lnarir hy Brewster of Twenty- lltth sirxft; cheap lor cash. Address WA Kit ION CARLE, "IS> Broad street. TjH)R WALK? A BAROUCHE, IN GOOD ORDER; ALSO r P?uy Wagon, unite new. ('nil be wen at private sta ble rear of 147 West I'oriyrtrst street, troin 3 to 4 1'. N. Ij?K BALE CHEAP? SEVERAL HORHK8 AND Wagons, suitable lor any purpose, at the 1 cw City /I All I.iverv and Hour. tin/ Stable, fi'17 Adams itreet, Brooklyn. CHURCHILL C. SMITll^ FtOR BALE CHEAP? AN OPEN COACH AND A Clarence, ai CULY EE'S (table, Love lane, Brooklyn. J"U)R BALE AT A BAROAIN-A LAWDAULKT, nrarly new ; Wei 'h, Double Harness, Covers, Coach man'i < oats, Ac. Call lor MK'lliSLK, at Rrlggs' stable, Seventh avenue, corner ot Porty-second street. A&NBS8? HOR8B MILLfNEitY. Ob, no gently o'er me stealing I Kuril a gay and festive feeling Am 1 ride behind my trotter On the road. Witli my girl so sweet and fair. With her ribbons hi the air, There is not lung to couture, MOSKMAN knows. In a buggy cay and neat, Willi a horse that euu't tie beat. Ami my Harness, "Oh. so cheap!'' Came from MOSEM A.N'K. MOSEM AN'S Inimitable introducers of all the new and elegant styles ol rubber, gold, sliver and nickel mounted Harm-**. "Modes de Harneshers" (a good ways) from Paris. Elegant Oil Painting at the door ol the best lie rse in America. American Institute on exhibition. No charge for ad mission. Why Is MOSEMAN'K Harness Warerooms like the New York Herald? "Because it has no equal" on the American Continent. Manulactory and warehouse, 114 Chambers street Harness.?1 the cheapest harness store in New York ; good double Truck Harness, $30; good single Buggy Harness, hand made, $17 ; a good stable I'.lauk et, $'J SO ; the largest assortment ot Cart Harness in the citv. Please call and examine for yourselves. E. S. OSBORNE, Harness V\ arcrooms, 48 Murray street. Harness, saddles, bridles, whips, ac.,sell. ing off cheap be fori moving. EDUAR S. NICHOLS, Id College place, near corner Murray street HABNE8S.? THE LARGEST STOCK OK SINGLE AND double Harness h<"1 Horse eouip inents, at most rea sonable prices, si the manufacturers' depot. .1 ACOBOWSK V, IIII.IIOKN A CO., HI Cnamber* street. HORSE.-i.-A OENTLK MAN GOING ABROAD WOULD like to dispose of a p:tir of fine Carriage Horses; can be examined al private stable 20 Lexington avenue. HORSES T Alt EN TO BOARD, DK1VK AND BREAK, with good JOHN H. TWEDDLK, Mont gomerv, Orange county, N. Y. References ? .lames B. Brewster A Co., New York city. ? I WILL EXCHANGE A NEW THREE STORY HOUSE I for a Team and Wagon and a lew hundred dollars. K. II., 110 East 114th street JERSEY ALDERNEY COWS? PREMIUM STATE Kalr, 1871, for sale by N. G. BRADKORD, Jr., 31 East Twenty second street, New ^ork. MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOSITORY, 6:W Broadway.? Carriages, Harness, largest assortment ever offered, at most reasonable All styles of Kamily Carriages and l.ight Wagons, new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 838 BrOadway. PRIVATE HORSES.? SPLENDID BAY, lfi.'l, 7 YEARS old, with -t.vie, beauty end speed combined; steps in 2:fl0; a rare animal and unexceptional. Also a hay Mare. I6.V pcrlect beauty and everyway desirable; property of a private gentle man selling out Apply at St. Cloud sta blef, 247 West Forty-first street. ?T>ONY PHAETONS." X A. S. FLANDRAU, 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, makes a specially ol Pony Phactoua^i'or Indies' driving, with and without tops and in great variety. PRIVATE TURNOUT TO LET? WITH COACHMAN; an elegant Landau or I.andaulet with extra stylish team. Inquire at McKWEN <fc .MARTIN'S livery stables, 12* West Twentieth street. "PRIVATE STABLE? THE OWNER AND OCCUPANT J of a flrstclasa private stable In West Thlrtv-sccond street, having more room than wanted, would take a pair ol horses and carriages 1st of May. Address H. K. W., Herald office. 1JOADSTER8. PAIR BRIGHT BAY. PARK PHAETON, seats lour. PONY PHAETON, seats t?r four, besides rumble lor servant ; both by Lawrence, to order. Top Wagon, by Dusetibery A Vanduzcr. Depot itockawny, single anil Double Harness; nil in best order. At private stable, No. 3 West Twenty-second street QECOND-HAND PARK PHAETON, LIGHT COUPE, Pony Wagon, two Dog Carts, Depot Wagon, several light Rockaways and liiiggies; great variety l'ony Phaeton*, Koad Wagons .ni l other new Spring styles of Carriages. MANUF ACTUEltRS' UNU)N, f&s Broadway. QTABLE WANTED? WITHIN HALF A MILE OP O Thirty-lourth street and Fifth avenue; room for eight horses and seven carriages. Apply at 17 Wall struct, second floor front. OF.COND HAND HABNE88 AND SADDLES.? WE i* have M large variety of the above articles lor sale cheap, which we have taken in exchange lor new work. ISAAC J. NTILLINOS, 141 Fifth avenue, near Nineteenth slreet "s ECOND HAND CARRIAGES.1 R" \D TUB EVEN INO TELEGRAM TOMORROW. VVASI'KI) 14> PI lUllASIlS A. R. FLA NDRAU, 7 and IS East Eighteenth street has on hand a larite stock oi Coupes, Clarences, l andaus, Park and Pony Phaetons, top and no top Wagons, all of w hlch w ill be sold cheap to close them out. (QTABLE TO LET? 208 East Fortieth street. mBOTTING HGKSF. FOR SALE-CAN BEAT 2:10; 1 price $4B0. Also one thoroughbred Stallion; cost $1,600; price $80(1; sold lor want of use; sound and kind 166 Crosby street. _______ _____ mWrt BI.ACR HORSES, EIGHT YEARS, SOl'NI> AND A kind ; 2,900 pounds ; lit anv work; also some lighter ones. 366 avenue A, near Twenty -third street. Can be seen for three days. 110 CARRTAOK MAKERS AND OTHERS. ? WANTED, an Kztension Top Phaeton and one or two Top Wagons, or a complete light I urn-out, in exchange tor a full lot oi Land, finely situated in Brooklyn; cost owner $1,800; mortgaged lor $41M. Address OWNER, box 829 Post office. rno LET-TWO FINE STABLES, UP TOWN; ONE ? I open and 2 box stalls*, one 4 open stalls; ample car riage and coachman's rooms. \\ >1. ELLIOTT A CO., 1,191 Broadway, near Forty-fifth street rpo LET? A PRIVATE STABLE, ISA EAST THIRTIETH 1 street. Applv to Mr. COHEN, tailor, next door, or at the office of French's Hotel. rpu LET-FIRST CLASS BOARDING STABLE, WITH 1 40 Horses; first class opportunity tor the right kind of man. Apply ut -47 and 24J W est Forty-first street. TO LET? THE COSEY STABLE 31 WEST FORTY fourth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues; four splendid rooms lor coachman; ring the bell: rent $18. JOIIN K A V AN All 11, nor I hea?t corner Forty -second street and Si\th avenue. rpo LET-FROM 1ST OF MAY, TWO PRIVATE ST A 1 hies Inquire of WILLIAM 11. II an KINSON, IS Last Twenty -seventh street. To LKT-THB ELEGANT AND ROOMY STABLE M Wast Fortv-fourth street; 1,000 stalls and carriage ' room ; rent $2,iOO. JOHN KA\ AN AGH, northeast corner I Forty -secono street and Sixth avenue. m FRANK DUSEN1IURY, TT . successor to Dusenbury A Van Dn?cr, at the old place, 188 and 137 Chrystie street. New York. A splendid stock of light Wagons, lull elliptic and halt springs, with tops and of en. In all weights; also Phaetons mikI track work. Having for the last 2fi years confined myself to the manufacture of an ai article, to the supervision of which niv whole time I- devoted, it is Hiv intention to produce a bettor and more finished wagon, although thev have al ways been the acknowledged standard lor qualitv. WANTED? SECOND-HAND BaBY CARRIAGE. -AD m dtyss, stating price, MOTHER, box 193 Herald Uptown branch office. \\rANTBD? ROOM IN A PRIVATE STABLE, BE tt tween Sixth and Fourth avenues and Twenty-eighth and Thirty-sixth streets, tor one horse, two road wagons; has own coaehmau. Address II. W , box 1,403 Post office, stating terms. IV" ANTED? STALL KOR HORSE, WITH ROOM FOR m truck under cover, below CahuI street. Apply at 2tm Water street OTANTBD? A STYLISH COUPE HORSE, ABOUT 16 ?T or 1 0 1 . hands high: mast be gentle and a (food traveller, or wonld prefer a well matched Team, about 18 ban.l < high. No jockeys need at ply. Dr Ll\ WIS, No. 7 Beach street. WANTED? FOR CASH, AND CHEAP, A SIX-SEAT ?? light Westchester Rockaway, of city bnlld n nil little used ; also six-seat sleigh. Address, with nil particulars, s, B , box 149 Herald office. c> r.n WILL BUY IMPORTED ALDRRNEY BULL, ? ? " ' Dili blooded ; 3 years old Applv at stable 21 East Tweiitv-seventh street from 8 A. M. to 3 P. M. AAA FOR A DRPOT WAGON? A DOUBLB HARNESS O')" ' for $4"; Phaeton, flu"; ron Huggv flue order, hv Brewster, Stivers Road Wagon, $180. At 1,402 Broadway, near Thirty ninth street &1RA-A ROAN HORSE, Irt HANDS HIGH, 8 ?? !?**"? years; sound and kind ; a first class horse for general use; also a ( art, Express Wagon and Harness; must be sold soon. Oyster Saloon, 3(12 Eighth avenue. CO \ P IK AM ES.- PARTIES HAVING GOOD SECOND i' hand Frame* tor sale cheap will please address W. L. THOXELL, 11 Dey street, New York! I 1*/ ANTED? A CABINETMAKER'S bKNCH; ALSO TT small ami Isrge hand Screws, Address, with lull i particulars, B. II., Herald office, i I y ANTED? . AHOl T 25 YARDS SECOND HAND CAR TT pet; must be good and little used. Address, with particulars, CASH, Herald office WANTED? A FRRNCH RANGE, WITH TWO FIRES, for restaurant; also a Steam 'I'alde ; must he in

good order. Inquire at63( Broadway. WANTED? TWENTY SECOND HAND MARBLE TOP TT Ice Cream Tallies. Address ( 1)., box 186 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,966 Broadway. ANTED? TICKET TO CHICAGO AND RETURN. - Address CHICAGO, Herald I'ptown Branch office. J ANTED? Til REB SECOND HAND IRON TANKS; capacity Rom 3(10 to I.IWO barrels caeh. "* DbNaLuw A uibi:, iju Mui4?a J*"e. w vv 8PKCTAL. NOTICKS. \I I PERSONS ARK IIKKHMY PoRBDDRN TO BUR Chane or negotiate any of the 'ollowim. dee, it i d Se curities, the auutu h,ivu,n been suii' n irow Chevalier I)u l'osilc I iimco, o( Brussels, Belgium, and til*) truii tfer ami payment thereof having boeu s opped 10 'snares of the "Hociete aiionyuie des llauts-Kourimaux 1 tuniiioirs MmilU'iiy Sur hambfe"? Nos. 105, leg 10- to 110, 11 'I u flfki, 1,U3I,1,US3, I H67, 1,480 to 1,483, I.liia to 1,6$', 1,'J 'to-',iO\ 2.21>!l, 2,210, 2,221. 2,226 ta 2,281, 2,238, 2 260, 2.261, _-,4C4, 2.417, 2,428, 2,434, 2,473, 2.520. 2,6?,?. 8.016, .VU6, 3,112, 3,1/7 to 3,180, 3,182 to 3,184, .1,1^ 4,068 to 4,074,4,300. 4,376, 4.060, 4,t"4.G, 74. 6.1)75, 6,0'JI to 5, (KM, 6,278 In 6.291 ; eiKhl shares "Bnuyuo tl<.' Belgtaue"? Nob. 177 to IhO, 15,179, 15,189, 15,812, 15,813. CHARLES HA LI, Belgian Consul. New York, April 6, l><73. A MEETINO OK THK INCORPORATORS OK TIIB J\. Long Island City and Maspcth Kai I wuy Company will lif held at McLaugblUi's U "Kviilo Hotel. Ureen point avenue, Lon? Islund city, on Monday evening, 7tl? instant, at 7>? o'clock. K. H. TUCKER, Seorctsry p~o. (?m. _ A? KCRNirURR.-KAMILIES MOVED IN CITY OR ? country; Pianofortes, Ac., boxed and snipped j storage lor furniture. Ac. U. A K. BUKMIAM, US West Eleventh street, near Kltth avenue. ^ Boat RUTU>EK8 ok new YORK and vicinity will pleaM' send their add rem to T. R., Herald olilee, l'or one -week. DR. J. CLAWSON KELLEY AND SON'S ANAI.YTI cal Remedies tor wale ; 23 Irving place : comnoundcd from tile original receipts; Consumption and diseases ot long ?t and tag cored. OBm advloe tree. DIflUlHI <>K DEBILITY SUCCESSFULLY TREATED by Professor JUDD; paralysis, rheumatism, bilious ness ah 1 corpulence specialties Andres* 20J We*t Thirty fllth street. Best referen :es in city. TgRIE RAILWAY. Notice to I's.'sengcrs. The Erie Rnilwav Passenger Depot nt Jersey City, re cently destroyed by (Ire, Mas been replaced by a new Structure, with Ticket Office, Waiting Rooms and all enli ven ie in e lor (he transaction of passenger business. Kerry Boats wilt run regularly Irorii Chamber* street and Twenty* third street depots to Jersey city at the ad vertised hours. ,lNo. N. ABBOTT. II. I>. V. I'katt, (lenentl Passenger Agent. Superintendent Transportation. Are1 ?HERALD BRANCH OKKIGK, BROOKLYN, orncr ot Kultoii avenue and Itofruin street Open iroiii h A. M. to !) I'. M. (mi Sunday from 3 to 9 1'. M. A? HAVANA LOTTERY.? PHIZES CASHED AMI ? information tornislied. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATES ,k CO., 71 Broadway, room 31, first tluor. A? PUBLIC LIBRARY OK KENTUCKY; $100,000 KOR ? $ln; distribution nt (til's will take plant April 8; Whole Tickets, $10; Halves, $5 ; Ouartors, $2 5(1 JOSEPH BATES, li?; Broadway, rnom 4. ^ (ORAL JEWELRY A SPECIALTY.? GRAND OPEN ING. IMMENSE ASSORTMENT. OREAT INDUCE MENTS. RETAILING BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES. RICIIARI) II. ELI AS, JEWELLER, 611 BROADWAY, CORNER HOUSTON STREET. A LA ltd E ASSORTMENT OK BOOTS. SHOES, Trunks and Valises at the Orcat rauillyShoe Km port urn, 130 Bowery, corner Bond street, selling at 20 per cent below Brondwuv prices. W. i>. BlGELOW. ROBERT IRWIN. ADARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OK ? Royal Havana Lottery, 685 Broadway; box 4,1)09 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. r ' REAT SALE IjT of Diamonds, Watches and Hue Jewelry. As I am about retiring from the Jewelry business T offer my large stock ol (loods, for the next 16 days, to the public and trade generally below cost. JOHN CHAM BERLIN, 715 Broadway, under New York Hotel. /TRAVEL AND BROKEN STONE OK EVERY DE l.T scrlption, sultaldo for rouds and concrete worlt, cheap for cash. Address CONTRACTOR, box 144 llcruld office. HANKINSON'S 8TRAM CARPET CLEANING Works, 15 East Twenty-seventh street, between Kilth and Madison avenues. New York.? No connection whatever with any other house. The original IIANKIN SON, and the only one ot that name established In this business in 1861. Havana l< >tte r v.- e xtraordi n a r y drawing 22d April, (iermati state Lotteries. circulars mailed free. KUHLMANN A CO., Bankers, 85 Nassau street ; box 3,66$ Post Office. HS. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT Ki.Y AND MOS ? ipiltn Destroyer aim Shot, lndiuii Insect Powder and Invincible Magnetic Paste for the destruction of all kinds of vermin. 72 White street, corner Broadway. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OK BOWLES Bros. A Co., In bankruptcy.? '1 he list of creditors (tied ( in Mild case being Incomplete, all creditors who have not : been represented In Court are requested to communi cate immediately with the assignee in Boston, and state their address und the nature un 1 amount ot their claims, iu order that the mil amount ol inili litcdnuss muy be as certained as early as possible. HENRY J. STEVENS, Assignee, 10 Court street, Boston. New York creditors can learn the accessary facts by applying to SANKORI), ROBINSON A WHODKCKK, Counsellors-at-Law. 102. Broadway, New York. Kentucky state lotteries.? ti, 000,000 is drawn d.iilv ; I2J? per cent commission allowed. Kor iutormiition apply to H. NATHAN, No. 4 tillsey Building, Cor tlumlt street; branch olllce, 612 Broadway. IADIES INTENDING To TRAVEL ON THE WATER | J take warning from the late Atlantic disaster? not a woiiiHii or child saved? and call anil examine the Life Preserviui: Skirt, constructed so as to be worn in place of the ordinary hoop skirt, which will support a person head and shoulders above water any length ot time ; tlrst premium uwarde I by American Institute ; patent lor sale, ("all oil or address the Inventor, Mrs. s. E. SAUL, 287 Ray mond street, near Kulton avenue, Brooklyn. 0 M AllA LEGAL GIFT ENTE UPRISE. MAY 20, 1873. $230,505 in < ash Gifts; 8 406 < ilttM ill ull. Tlckct* $1 each, for sale up to May 1. at 1*. C. DEVLIN'S Stationery Store, 31 Nassau street. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KKNTVCKV- ?? IITRA CLASS NO. 2li!? ACRII. 5, 1P7H. l, 21, :i7, 28, 4ti, 36, 32, 56. 29. 8, 64. KkNU'CKY? CLASS NO. 262? AI'BIL ft, 1873. 42, 4. t>3, SH. 2S, .17 I.'. ft", 2.1, .H, 21). 1ft. 61. 48. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. jhfi-fy coutci-imi cuiirn. Ml? aprii. ft, 187i? .'il, ft 7, 31. ?"*?, 66, A6, ft", ft I, 46, 3ft, 63. 71. Mil I.IIY rOltlOK-CUll NO. 102 ? APRIL ft, 1873. 40, 22, 17, 78 Ift. ti, 14. 41, 68, 18, 61, 6tl, 44. 65. SMITH A To., Managers, Covington. Ky. .1. CLl TE, ISroker, 206 Broad way. Post office box 4,969. Royal saxon government lottery at leip sic, Germany ; 95,000 ticket*; 47,500 prizes; Nrunswick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lot tery : Koval lluvami Lottery. Prizes cashed and in'orma tlon given. THEODOK Z8CHOCH, t 110 Nassau street ; box 6,0s0 Post office. Kt.YAL HAVANA LOTTERY.-#'!! IZES CASHED ;OR tiers filled; inhumation itirnlslicd; highest rated raid lor EranUli ??nk 1411s, Ac. TAYLOR A ? O. . l anki rs, lb Wall Mreet, New York. ROYA1. HAVANA LOTTERY.? THK NEXT EXTRAOR dinarv Dm wine will take place mi the 22d of April, 1873. J. B. MARTINEZ .v CO., Ban kern, 10 Wall street Post office box 4,6?5, New York. OTAMMEKING.-NEW YORK ST A M M ERINO IN8TI tute, established 1870; Professors Munn and Colvin, Managers. I(i7 West Twenty-third street. Applicants al lowed three days' instruction to satistv themselves; no pay for hoard or services until cured. Send lor pros pectus. rpUE KIKTH ANI) LAST DRAWING OP THE 1 Kid Ko.val saxon Lottery will commenre April 15 and close May 8. There will be drawn 34, WH) prizes out of 82,0t o ticket*, to wit : ? I Prize of 150, U00 Prussian thnlcr?, 1 Prize of 100,) 00 Prussian thaler*, I Prize ol 80,000 Prussian thalers, I Prize ot 60, wit) Prussiiin thaler*. 1 Prize of 40,000 Prussian thaler*, I Prize ot .'Vi, 0 1) Prussian thalers, I Prize ot 2iMWi Prussian thalers. :< Prize* of 10,000 Prussian thalers, SO Prizes ol ft, mo Prussian thalers, 4ii Prizes ot 2,000 Prussian thalers, 4.7) Prize* of 1,000 Prussian thalers, and others. Prizes cashed and information given. THKODOH ZSOTIOCH, 116 Nassau street Post office box 6.080. w MAT EVERY MARRIED VAN OUGHT TO KNOW; enclose ID cents. l)r. LAMAKOCIKR, New York. BROADWAY, 2ft6 -WE OFFER FOR SALE ?ri')U (he finest selection of new and exotic Plants, lust recelqed iron Europe b.v (he last steamer, to which we respectfully call the atiention ol ladies and gentlemen of New York. N. B.? Gardens laid out In every style with out chat go to the parties purchasing plants 'trom us. J. ROCHKTTK A CO. dS-QO r:c(l is DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ?J)? /Of/ ized Kentucky Lottery ; Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree. I2^,e. commission al lowed. Address HALE Y A CO. (ot'di e established thirty years), 174 Rroadway, rpilE EVENING TELEGRAM ON EVERY- NEWS STAND IN THE~ CITY. HEHT.WRANTS, IIY THE APOSTLE PAUL! JOSEPH HE FLYNN. OF _l J that rattle trap place, the Shnkspeare. Broadway, would shrink like a guilty thlmr it lie did not have the best in the world ol all things pcrtalniim to his business MEDICAL. CARD.? DR. AND MRS. BOTT, NO. 82 AMITY reet. office hours 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. M. D. -OFFICE 129 LIBERTY AS Am. mauricrau, m. d.-ofk ? street, near Greenwich street. A TTENTION.? DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA), 161 llleeeker street. New York. A ? MME. MAXWELL, PHYSICIAN. RESIDENCE J\. , 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. R. AND MME. GRINDLB, PHYSICIANS. OFFICE 120 We?t Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. D i)R I)R'c! DR M M dence 41 East Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth av. R. HARRISON MOV R I) TO 71 CARMINE STREET, instillations at all hour*. KING'S OFFICE, 14 AMITY STREET, ONE block west of Broadway and Grand Central Hotel ME VAN KI'SKIRK, PHYSICIAN RESIDENCE 164 East 2*th St., between td ami l*xlnglon av*. HE. RESTELL. NO I E VST FIFTY SECOND Aleuts, IW Greenwich ?l aaU Av, 7 sum av. RKL.IGIOUS WOTI'^BS. * M biRU'AN PROTESTANT 4SS001ATI0N.? THE iv lady friends of W.uden-e ijo* >?>??, No. !), will present I sa:d lodge with an Aim rwu n ?i A?go latlon Mull, on Monday evening, April/. ,*v. W. II. Boole will pre ! Bent the Hast- He v. Dr. Nor >iop ii t receive It on be i halfoiUm loiijr Several <>u.ui>nt spei kers will address I the meeting. Proiessor J'/n Adams will sing "The star Spangled Manner."- TlC/iets , to be hart at >cmu M KH'ri music .-ion-. 7jtl Broadway ; Gl'RLEV'H book More, corner Twenty-Uiird street uml fourth avenue, and at ttie >loor oD './laic veiling. ATTORNEY MTKKhT MHTlIODIfJT I'ROTKSTAN'T church.? Rev. J. J. White, pastor. w'U preach s-un ilivy, at JOW A. M. I.e>. David Wilsoll, D. D., of Newark, H. .1., will preai li at 7>i 1*. M. ALL hAINT.-i' EPISCOPAL CHURCH. CORNER MEN* ry mi i Bcammel streets, Rev. William N. Uunu< ll< Rector.? Divine service every Sunday, at lO'aJLM. and 7J? P. M Heats all iree. ALL ARi: INVITED- TO HEAR REV. P. L. DA VIES. pahUir < f Bereun Baptist church, corner Downing ami Itedlurd streets, thw morning and evening, at the usuul hours. Pa;uLsm a:tcr morning service. ANTIION memorial ohurch, pobty-eiohth street, west of "-ixtli avenue, Kev. II. Hebcr Newton, rector.? Senieos at 10).;, 3? an. I 7S o'clock. Text lor morning sermon?' "Follow Me."' Afternoon, next sermon on Heroes of tile Bible; Hlibiect -"Joseph, the H;>hinx ot Egypt." Choral service by choir and chorus ol HO children. Hislion I'otter will uduiiui.ster the rile of confirmation at evening service. / Mii'IM ll OF THE MESSIAH, CORNEK PARK AND \ ' 'I hirtv-l'ourth streets. Rev. Henry Powers, pastor. ? Subject? Morning, "What Think Ye or Christ;" evening, vesper service. Public invited. /11II UCII OF 'I'll E DISCIPLE, CORNER FORTY * ! Illth street ami Madbou avenue.? Rev. CJcorire II. Hepworih will preach to- lav. Morning subject, "Our Place and Our Work in the City;" evening sub ect, "A Clear Conscience." Congregational Bible claim '?> the church ai - :30. / 100PER INSTITUTE.? REV. HENRY MORGAN'S farewell, Sunday evening, at 8 o'clock. Subject, "Pulpit nxquisites, Pulpit Eccentrics. What the Pulpit Is, Is Not, Was, Was To He, Vet Cannot lie." Text, "Speckled Bird." Jeremiah xli., if ? "The birds round about are uguinst her." /CHURCH OF ST. MARY THE VIRGIN, WEST FIFTY "[tit street, near liroad way.? Sunday before Easter. This day s lull choral services ut lO'i A. M., i P. M., TKi ? ,o"" Tiday lApril 11) tile 3 hours' services, Ironi 12 to 3 1*. M. /MM'RCII OF OUR SAVIOUR.? REV. J. M. PULLMAN ' ' will prcacb on Sunday morning at the Young Men's Universalis!. Association Rooms, 1,'JSH Broadway, end evening at i.yric Hull, sixth avenue, opposite Reservoir square. Evening subject, "Universallsm iu Life." /CHURCH OF THE NEW JERUSALEM, THIRTY. tilth street, between Park and l<exlngton avenues Morning discourse to-day? "Resurrection and Eternal Lire Due to the Divine iluiuanitv." Kvenlng? "The Light ofHeayen." The public are cordially invited. / 1IIRI8T PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH, COR \J tier Fifth u\enue and Thirt.Vrtltth street. Rev. Hugh Miller Thompson, D. D., rector.? Lenten services Sim days. Morning prayer and sermon by the rector, 11 A. M.; evening prayer and sermon by the rector, 3Ji P. M. ; evening prayer and sermon by the rector, P. M. Wednesdays and Fridays? Kvenlng prayer n nil sermon by <ho rector, 7hl P. M. Daily morning prayer, 111 A.M. At the 3:30 P. M. service on Sundays the seats are all free. I his is to relieve the pressure for accommo dation at t lie Sunday morning and evening services. Tim lull gallery and chancel choirs arc present at all the reg ular services. Dlt. S. M. LANDIS TO-NIGHT? ATIIENEUM, 588 Broadway, on "Wooilhull and Meechcr? Analyzing Free Love." Something new tocome. IjIGLISE RE FORM EE FRANCAISE.? EVERY SAB j batii morning, at lOU o'clock, service bv Rev. K. Porel, in the \ ouug Men's Christian Association Hull, 1 wenty-tliird street, corner Fourth avenue. CjIRENCH EVANGELICAL CHURCH, NO. 9 U.NIVER I sit.v place. New York ? Till* day, April t>, at o'clock P. M., the Kev. II. I.. Grandlieuard, pastor ot the church, ami i Iders will be Installed by the Fourth Presbytery of New York, the Rev. Dr. Crosby und others officiating. >k THREE LOVE" IS TO BE ANALYZED BY THE I1 Physiologist, S. M. LANDIS. M. D., D. D., tonight, at the Atlieneiim, 585 Broadway. Members of congregation anshi chesed moving up town and wishing residence near the new temple will tlml bargain in first class brown stotie House, Sixty-third street; price $14.5011; only $.',600 cash. L. JACOBS, 1)19 Third avenue. Rev. wayland hoyt, pastor of tabernacle Baptist church, Second avenue and Tenth street, will preach in that house at lii'2 this morning ami in Stcinway Hall at 7 :45 this evening. All are welcome. F?EV. K. O. I'LAGG, D. D., WILL PREACH ON SUN t day, morning and evening, in the church In Eighty tilth sireet, betw.en Lexington and Third avenues. REV. Gl'STAV PURUCKER Wll.t, PREACH IN ST. Peter's eliurch, West Twentieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, on Sunday evening at 7fj. DT, IGNATIUS' CHURCH, FORTIETH STREET, BE io twei n Filth and Si.vtli avenues.? Holy Week services lis follows:? Palm Sunday? 7 A. M Holy Communion; U A. M., Morning Prayer; lOJj A. M., Holy ('onimuuloii and Sermon: 7!? P. M., Evening Prayer, with Sennon. Mon nav, Tuesday. Wednesday arid Thursday? 7 A. M., Holy Communion ; 8 P. M., Evening Praye.' anil Sermon. Good Friday? At 7 A. M. the ohurch will be open tor private devotions; 9 A. M.,' Morning Prayer and Sermon; 10W A. M.. Liiany, reproaches and prouuaphoral service ; 12 St., three hours' agony service; s P. M., Evening Prayer and Sermon. Eas e r "Eve? 7 A. M., Holy Communion: i'? P. M.. Evening Prayer. At the evening service* through out the week, begluntn* with Palm Sunday, the Hector, Rev. I >r. Ewer, will repeat, bv re<|iies), the course or sermons delivered In Christ church, tour yeursago, on "The Daily l.vcnts ot llolv Week." LV|\ THOMAS' CHUBCH, FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER O Filly third s'reet. Rev. Dr. Morgan, Reetor. ?The Hiuht Kev. the Bishop of the Diocese will administer tlio rite of confirmation on Palm Sunday. April ti. service, commencing at ll)?? o'clock; afternoon service at 4 o'clock. OT. JOHN'S CHAPEL, VaKICK STRKET.-REV' O William If. Cooke will preach at 10^ A. M., and Rev E. C. Swope. D. D., at7>i P. M. Spiritualism. ? public meetings every sun. duv evening, corner Montgomery and Warren streets, Jcrsev City. Lecturer, Anthony iliggins, Jr. _____ CJPIRITUALIST SERVICES.- MRS. 3. F. COLES speaks in a trance state during April at I'liion Hall, corner of Grove and Fourth street, Jersey City, at 3 and 8 P. M. 11 HE COSMOPOLITAN CONFERENCE, AT Tt.'RNVE rein Hall, 66 East Fourth street, will be ad tressed to-day, at 3 P. V., bv Samuel Lenvltt. Subjcct, "The Scientific Reconciliation of Capital and Labor." rpiMMTY BAPTIST CHUBCH, FIFTY FIFTH 8TBEBT, I near Lexington avenue. Rev. Dr. Holme, pastor. Preaching at Hi' . A. M. and 7 >? P. M. Evening Subject? "Loss ol the Atlantic." TITAINWRIGHT MEMORIAL CHURCH, CORNER W Waverley place and West Eleventh street.? Rev. *W. t. Egbert, Hecior. Services, lii'j A. M. and 7^ P. M. The Rev. Dr. Poi'TER, ol (irace Church, will preach in the evening. sTOBAUE. A? STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE FOB Fl'RNI. . tore, Pianos niul goods ut every description, at BAT TERSON A COOK'S Storage Knuins, 596 and B'.l" Sixth avenue and 1,300 and 1..W Broadway, corner Thirtv-tltth street; term* reasonable ; 20 year*' experience; also Fur niture removed in city or country. Battcrson A Cook pay personal attention to the storage "'"I removal of Fur niture. An elegant seven octave rosewood Pianoforte for Mile. Apply at 595 sixth avenue, corner Thirlv llith street. J. P. BATTEHnON. H. A. COOK. A? WEST SIDE STORAGE WARKIIOI SES, ??, Kit . and fi36 Hudson street, 779 Greenwich street and 10 Aliin'-'don square ; principal offlcc 69S Hudson street, near West t welfth street ; lor Furniture, Pianos, Hagja'e, Trunks and other family property. These establishment* are the most responsive, expensive, reliable and accom modating in New \ork. Trucks and express wagona always on liand. R. TAGOABT, Proprietor and Manager. STORAGE. STORAGE. STORAGE. n Carriages, Harness, Blankets, Ac., In the Repository, Fourth avenue, corner Twenty-fifth street. Parties bavins Carriages, liorses, Blankets or anything In tlie iliir-e and t'arriage line to dispose of caii llud rt uUy stile by consigning to New \ ork Sales and Storage Repository, Fourth avenue, corner Twenty ilfth street RICH ARD Mri'CLLOUGIl, Proprietor. Hordes kept on premises and exposed tor private or auction sales. Liberal advances made on consignment*. Auction i>ule* I'burstlaysof each week. ALLliN B. MINER A BRO., Auctioneers. Ofllcc at Repository as above or 90 Chambc us strict. STORAGE FOR FI'RMTt'RE, PIANOS, BAGGAGE. AC., iu separate rooms; private watchman in building at night. This is the safest and best ventilated building of the kind In the city. Truck* constantly on hand tor re moving goods. MiCIIALEs A SON, 32 and M Commerce street, near Bleecker. Special attention paid to pucking furniture for shipment. BILLIARD*. U? STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES . and the I'iielun 4 Cullender t'ombiuation < tish ion?, manufactured and for sale < nl v by the Inventor and patentee, II. VV. COL LENDER, successor to Pliclan A Collender, 73H Broadway, New York. l/OK SALE- foi r BILLIARD TABLES, rilM.AN A r Collender'* make, second hand. Apply at Park House' Pavoiila avenue and Grove street, Jersey City. NliW 5X111 BILLIARD TABLES. fMfc COMPLETE t second hand Tables, made over new, $;.W to tx7Z. ??Nonpareil" and "Bevel'' Tables In great variety. K a VAN AGll A DECKER, corner Canal and Centre sts. Wll ORIFFITII'S. BKVI'L BILLIARD TABLES , With Delaney's patent steel wire cushions, are the best iiiiiiiuiactured ; second hand Tables, complete, lor $L'5and upwards. Purchasers are invited to examine my splendid stock of Tables. Warerooms, W Veaey street. CIGARS AND TOBACCO. l/SPANOl.AS OF HAVANA rtlHU'fo, Ki/I Al, ti) l i kpii nine in appearance mid qualify, at $ti.'i per thous and ; also the celebrated "V\ bill"' Puhctclas, T. J. RAYNER A CO., fio Maiden lane. MAIIBLK mantklm. A K LAKER, STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLEIZI NO . Works, I'M and l.'H) East Eighteenth street.? Marlde arid Marbleized Mantels, Tiling, Marble Counters, Monu ments, at prices thai dety competition. Marble Turning lor tne trade. VN ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, UNSURPASSED for beauty of design and <|iiality of workmanship Slate Work ot all kinds a specialty. PENRII YN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Uulon miuare. s TEWART'S SLATE .MANTELS.? RICH AND ELE J rant designs ; Slate Worn oi every description; Mar ble and Wood Mantels. T. B. SIEWaRT A CO.. and 'tu West Twenty-third street, near Seventh avenue, >'. Y. U KLAKKR ,v r(i.. STEAM MARBLE AND MAKBLE ? ? i/ltiur Work-. ^2:1 West Fifty-first street, between Broil' wav and Eighth avenue.? Marble, niarblei/ed Man !e!-. Monti ut id-. Hi udsloncs; large selections ,i| \ury | low prmt. MvmcAia. ACA'O. J Till; NEW YORK CONSE RV ATOBY OF MI'STC (torn't i Iv at 82i> broad wav a, el 82 Kit'; ti avenue), NOW LOCA1ED A 1 NO. 5 FAST I'm KTEENTH street. near fifth avfni e, NKXT not IK TO l)K l.MON ICO'S. ha? long e ii ioyotl the reputation of being the FIRST IN BTITl' i ION Di the k'.nil iu the country. It Is the only couriered Conservatory ofMti'lc in the State, huving'no branch iu thi~ c'ty, and being entirely distinct troin oth ir institution , which imitate its imwc without even attempting to unit ite its merits. All branches of Vocal ami Instrumental Music, Hnr tnony anil Modern Lancu i jos are here taught iprlvateijl and in cla-scs) t>- tti-- most . miueut Protcssors, aud at prio n the roach ot all. I'UPiL* may BEGIN AT ANY TIME. CnKJfsufriSSP* IT0? t,mu 1,1 subscribing. hi ISM, Kll 11. )N rooks oi? n day and evening. ... BROOKLYN Hit iNGH, J,?* '"0 Court . tri'et, near State. The CON 8h KVa . < I RV rental. in open the entire year. I he Ariuu and Weber pianos are u?ed iu the Conserva A GENTLEMAN OF ABILITY AND EXCELLENT stylo ot teaching, lately arrived from Europe, wil# give 1'iano and Singiui; Lessons at pit ptl'M residence, tiny part of the city, for $15 per 24 visit) ; best reference arid strict attention to all engagements. Aihlress I'HO FEdSOR, box 1^2 Herald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTBCOTION8 ON the Pianeiorte, at pupils' residence, tor $10 per quar ter; best ref'creuc s given. Address, with residence. TEACHER, box 120 Herald Uptown Branch office, l,2ti? Broudway. A? 11 ALLAH'S MUSICAL ACADEMY, 12 UNION ? square. ?1'iano, Violin. Oruan. Singing. Hariiiotit Instruction; pupils urder Mr. H. VI. LAM'S tuition or sir pervlsioti; class or private lessons: terms moderate. A LADY PIANIST AND ORGANIST GIVES PRIVATE Instruction for $10 per quarter: Instrmneiits and Brivate Rooms lor daily practice. Address ARTIST, 711 roadway, Dltson's muslo store. AN ALTO WISHES A POSITION IN A CHURCH Choir; a wood reaib r, and also acquainted with Episcopal service. Address f. E. M., care of S. T. Uoi* don, 70ti Broadway. A LADY WILL TAKE A FEW MUSIC PUPILS AT $10 for 24 lessons. Address MUSIC TEACHER, 221 East Fifty-ninth street AN ORGANIST? PERFECTLY FAMILIAR WITH THE Episcopal service and with much experience iu choir training, desires a position from the 1st of M:iv; can itiriiisli a quartnte if required; torms moderate; refer ences unexceptionable. Address, tor two weeks, J. T., Organist, station D. \ TENOR, WHO IS A GOOD READER AND nAS ; V a eonioass of two octaves. C to t', desires ft situation in some church choir iu New York city or one of the ad-, .mining towns. Address T. C. D. , care Jones A Sibley, No B ;.outli Fifth street, St Louis, Mo. Refers to Mr. W. A. Pond, New York. A FIRST CLASS SOPRANO, WITH A FRESH AND powerful voice, familiar wi ll the Episcopal ser vices an. I itnoil render, is open for un engagement Ad dress BOPRAnq, Herald office. A BASS DESIRES A SITUATION IN A FIRST class cboroh cli.iir : Is a irood reader and possesses a cultivated voice, with experience as a church singer, both in solo and quartet. Address D. C., box 148 Herald office A CONTRALTO SINGER DESIRES A POSITION IN some Protectant church (Episcopal preferred), it* New York or vicinity ; is u good reader. Address box 216 Post office, Yonkers, .\. Y. A FIRST CLASS ALTO DESIRES A POSITION IN A quartet choir; Episcopal preferred. Also a lino l'iano to let. Address M I. -sic, 68 West Wellington Place. A FINE SOPRANO, GOOD READER, DESIRES A position in a l'rolostaut ciioir; Episcopal prclerred. inquire of sig. ERRAM, 323 East Fourteenth street. A GENTLEMAN GIVES PIANO AND SINGING les-otis at His residence or at pupil's for $s and $10* per month. Address PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, 107 West* Twenty-third street GOOD SOPRANO WOULD LIKE A POSITION IN a church. Address QUARTET, lie raid office. A FIRST CLASS ALTO OPEN FOR AN ENOAOE ment; acquainted with Catholic and Episcopal scr vices; best relerctices. Address 241 East Tliirty-ionrth street. A Agkntleman wishes to take lessons on the piano from a lady. Address MUSICAL, box 121 Herald Ujiti wu Branch office. American conservatory op music, 211 Fourth avenue, will remove to mil Broadway, between 17th and 18th stree's, on May 1. HENRY SCU BOEDER, Director. t1ARI>.? PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SINGING.? MISS I WATSON gives private lessons ilav and evening, at her residence, '.12 Clinton place (Eighth street), instru nients turuished lor dully practice. /I ARD.? PRIVATE MUSIC LKSSONS, PIANO, ORGAN, Violin, (luitar. Harp, Singing, Harmony, sni Clinton place (Eighth -treet). Established 1854. student's Journal and circulars mailed. J. JAY WATSON. Director. / 1 0LD MKDAL l'VTENT TILTON GUITAR, FULLY vT warranted; also Patent Violin Chin Rest: Ole Bull Violin Strings, old Violins, Ac. Agency, 92 Clinton place. Circulars mailed free. , JUST. PUBLISHED? C. WEINGARTEN'8 ?RliCEP tion I.auei rs, F :" orchesia, $1 60; tor Piano, 50c. ? EDWARD SCHUB eR'1'11 & Co., 23 Union sau?re. 4 Musical notice.? evening private lessons. l'iano, organ, Violin. Guitar, Singing, Ac.. $10 per quarter. Address PROFESSOR, Music Store, 599 ISroad way. Private Rooms and Instruments furnished for practice. . Musicians,? only one cent per sheet for heautilul Songs and Pieces: any one huying$l worth will have 20 sheets thrown in; Piano for sale cheap; must be sold betore May 1. 94 ISleecker streot. JAMES O'NEILL, , MRS. SARA BRANNAN-HERSHEY, SOLO CON traltn, is at liberty to make an engagement in a quartet choir Ironi May 1. Address 40 West Twenty ninth street. MMB. BERTHA JOHANWRRM HAVING BET UBNED to New Vork, will accent a situation in a tlrst clas? church in New Y'orkor Brooklyn and give instruction in singing. Residen ce, 210 East Thirtieth street MR. AND MRS. J. BROOKIIOUSES BOWLHR, tenor and contralto soloists, can accept engage ments in u church choir from May I. together or separate ly. Address 14U West Sixteenth s.reet. N-EW YORK CONSERVATORY ORCHESTRAL School, No. 5 East Foui teenth street, next to Hclmon ico's. NEW MEMBERS RECEIVED. ORGANIST.? AN EXPERIENCED ORGANIST, WITH with tlrst class references, used to a large organ and the direction of quartet and choral choirs, desires an en gagement. Address ORGANIST, box 3,406 New York Post office. _ SOPRANO, WITH A GOOD, CLEAR VOICE, If open for a choir engagement trotn May 1 ; has studied under first class teachers; New York. Hcrlem or Brook lyn. A.ldrcss U., soprano, lleralu Uptown Branch office. S rPENOR, SOPRANO AND ALTO NOW OPEN FOR FN 1 gagcuicnt.? Conversant .vlth several services; culti vulpcj voices; blend n'cely; kno.v how to keen correct time and never Hat; attractive -tyle; wish to sing foge y,"A? Adlre^ week, stating terms, EXPRES SION, box 115 Herald ofticc. "\Yr ANTED? A GOOD BASS AND TENOR (RKADY ft readers) tor a quartet choir in a Protestant church less than an hour's ride irom the i ity. Address H. H. E. box 154 Herald office, Mating salary expected. * LOAN orvicfci. J AT 807 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET. ? \ Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, i Silks, Cane-Is' Ilalr Shawls, Laces, ahd personal property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. \fONEY I. OA S' KD ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW J.V1 elry, Silverware, and the same bowht and sold. UEOUGE C. Aid, EN, Ml Broadway. near Fourteenth street, and .59 East Thirteenth st. 1 'K*7 BROADWAY* OVER HKKALD BRAN HI I ,wU I office, room B.? Parlors lor ladles; branch Hi ? Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diatnon Ij, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same boutflit and sold. LIN DO BROS. NEWSPAPElWi Tony pastor s new story, the misn dktect IVK, Is commenced to day ill the NEW YORK KIRK. SIDE COMPANION. A Portrait of Toilv Pastor will als< be found In the sumc paper. CLOTHING. AT TOWARD MILLKR'S WELL KNOWN RSTAB llshineiit. !?*??? Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street? The utmost value paid lor 1'ast-off Clothing, Car jiets, Ac., by calling on or addressing Mr. auil Mrs. Mil,. AT S. MISll'S, 137 THIRD AVENUE? I, ADIES ANI gentlemen can receive the highest price for Cast-off Clothing and i urnets by calling or addressing. Ladies at tended by Mrs. Mlsh. At b mintz-s, r,s sixth avenue.? wanted,. $7.'>,i<UI worth of Cast-otr Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, lor the Western trade. Ladies and gents will be aston ished at the prices we pay in cash; silk dresses, fin to ?7ft ; coats, J:? to $2t); pants, $2 to $10. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mintz, in and out ol the citv. ASTROMKiV. A-MKB. KRLLBY, THB WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL . 1st, tells names and everything; has talismans from the Holy Land to cause speedy marrlairc* : satlsfac faction guaranteed. H!? llud-on street, corner Harrison. Attention.? know thy destiny, after you have been deceived and lost faith consult this won derfnlly glttcd clairvoyant ; gives luck, causes marriages, tells everything. 159 West street, save tins. A? MADAMK LA BLANCH, THE GREAT UN . rivalled business and medical Clairvoyant 1 15 West Twenty-sixth street, between Bixth and Seventh avenues. ATI- ST. V RS. V ASSISE. BUSINESS AND MEDI cal Clairvoyant; spiritualist; tells natne, dav of marriage; brintrs together those long separaU'd ; gives positive information on all affairs ot life; no satisfaction no pay. 6-1 Second avenue, comer 1 hlrty-tourlh street Attention. - consultations on business, lawsuits, enemies, losses, absent friends, love, mar riage, sickness and death. Pay refused unless satisfied. Mine. SINOI1I, Clairvoyant, 821 Sixth avenue. F EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT TKLLS NAMES, SHOWS !i likenesses; causes marriages- gives numbers; 60c. and ftl. 142 West Twenty -Bull street, basement. MISS WELLINGTON, fLAIRVOYANT, TELLS everything ; lucky numbers; has a positive cure for drunkenness, ('all or write. <1 East Twenty-eighth street. PROF. LISTER IB THE .ONLY ASTROLOGER IN NEW York. Send stamp lor circular. Ml* 8l*lh avaous I near fwtnty-flrrt street.

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