Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 13
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boardfbs wAirrau. l " EAST KO-TY KIimi STREET, CORNER KIPTII I avenue.? Two elegant fiults of Room* to let, with Board, at reduced nrico ; permanent desired. 1 ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM AND ALOOVE, J with Board, at 'Jll r'.ast 1 hlrtv-tlrst street, in a first jlmtM house ; terms moderate ; references exchinged. 0 ROOMS TO LET ?WITH HOARD; HOUSE AMD _ location first class. 30? Enat Fourtceuth street, near Second avenue. *> ROOMS? UNFURNISHED, ON rilR SECOND _i Floor ; also other Rooms, furnished or unlurnished, *l moderate prices wPh Board; i letitv of ciujct room; no moving. 341 West Jouru entb H'.rect .) WKST THIRTY- NINTH STREET, FIRST HOUSE from Fifth avenue.? A suit oi h a nil some 1 v furnished Apartments. with private table; also a smaller Suit, without private table. 9 SPENCER PLAOR TN FOURTH STREET, NEAR _ < Tenth -Board, witli handsomely furnished, single >r double Rooms. for e<*ntleinen or irentleuion ?nd their wives; house lurnlshej new throughout; terms reason able. . ') WEST THIRTY-SEVENTH STRF.ET.? HANDSOMELY ? ? furnished Second Floor, en suite or siugly, with Urst lam Hoard; private table if preferred. 1 East TW BNTY-NI N'T II STREBT, BETWEEN i Filth and Madison avenues.? l'eeond floor Reception Room, with private tnble if desired, will be vueuted soon ; desirable lor first elass physician. A UMiltll It liMSTTRD ROOMS, WITH IIRST *T cla-i Board, lor tfcutlcmcn and their wives; also Roonn tor single gentlemen, at 47 West Twellth btreet, near Fifth avenue. d?fT ?ItOARl), WITH MCI'I.Y FU R N I -Of Ml) ROOMS; *??)? also large tront l':tr or ; suitable lor two persons; small American ianrly ; h use modern ! Rood ueuj.iuor hood lfi< East Seventv-eiylith street. _ rTII AVENUE, 34:1. ? A HAND80MB SECOND FLOOR t J to let, together with Hoard; also other rooms. rTII AVENUE, lf7.-HANDSOMKr.Y FURNHIIED ?) Rooms and Bedro< 111^ ran he obtained, wi'h first class Board, May 1; also trout Piirlor, with all conveniences, for gentlemen ; best rc'erence required, era AV15NHE, 841.? A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FUR ? ) nished Rooms, to be vacated the middle of April, to let, w it h private table und attendance ; role reuses ox changed. /TTH AVENUE.? AN ELEGANT I'ARI.OR FI.OOR, ? ) consisting of four rooms, an I a Suit on Hicoml floor to let transientlv or otherwise, with private table, In tlie pleasantly looated double house 4.1 Fifth avenue. fTTH AVRNUE. 224, OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK.? ?) Very desirable spacious Rooms to rent, with or with out heard ; references exchanged. 6 FOURTH AVENUE (RING TWICE) ?A GENTLE man and wile can obiani Hoard and the comforts of 'mine in private faniih', where there urc no oilier bourd ers; reference required. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, with unexceptionable Hoard. d?Q PBS WEEK, THIRD STORY BACK ROOM ?pO siotithern exposure; Hoard first class; also good table Board ; $3 SO per week. 186 Waverley place. (1 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET FOI'lt DOORS ?/ from Gilsey House.? To rent, with Hoard, single and lotiblc Rooms, on or helore May I. 9 WEST TWENTY FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFTII avenue. ? Fourth story back Room, with first cla^s Hoard ; also third story Suit trom May 1. Reierences. n NATIONAL PLACE, I'EKRY STREET, CONYEN lent to Bleecker. Sixth and Seventh avenue cars.? Front Rooms, with Hoard, on second, third and fourth fioon; home modern ?, terms moderate. 19 East seventeenth street.? rooms to let, with first class Board; references exchanged. 19TII STREET, 135 WEST.? PLEASANT THIRD \ & story front Room, furnished, with Board, for gen tleman ana wife or single gentli men ; no moving. TO PARK AVENUE. LO Desirable Rooms, with Board, (torn April IB and May i; no 'moving ; references. "JO BANK BTREET. ?TO LET, TWO ROOMS ON I ? / second floor, with or without Hoard ; southern ex posure. references exch inged. IO HORATIO STREET. ? A FEW SINGLE GENTLE O men or a gentleman and wife can beaccommo latcd'.with Hoard in u strictly private lamiiv on apply ing. _ HTI1 STREET, EAST. 317, NEAll SECOND AVE ime. ? ' To lot, with Hoard, tine second srory lront Room ; also hall Bedroom ; terms moderate. MTII STREET, WEST, NO. 110.? A HANDSOME SUIT of Rooms, with Hoard, to rent to a party of gentle men ; also two hall Rooms; hou?e private and first class; referenoet exchanged. 1 r UNIVERSITY PLACE -N ICELY FURNISHED I t) room on second floor, with Bourd ; references ex changed. n WAVERLEY PLACE.? ON FIRST FLOOR, large and elegantly furnished Parlors and Bed rooms; on upper floors nicely furnished Bedrooms, with "xeeiient Board. References required. 1 Q AND 20 EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET. ? SEC AO ond Floor to let, with every convenience and good Board ; also Rooms for gentlemen ; references. 1Q WEST TWENTY -FOURTH STREET. OPPOSITE .1 *J Fitlh Avenue Hotel. ? A Suit of Rooms, elecantlv furnished, to rent, to a partv of gentlemen, with or without Board ; also single Rooms. 1 (1 WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? WITH BO ARD, I O Suit Rooms, second floor, touether or separately < also single Rooms; no moving. <m BAST THIRYT-THIRD STREET-. FRONT ROOM M and Bedroom on second floor, handsomely fur nished, to let, with Hoard, to acutlemiiu and wile. l'artle* willing to pay for comtorts ot home will find tills a desir able place; reference exchanged. 01 WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.? _ 1 Large, cheerful front Room, with ample closets and nlcove, third Uoor; good table, and house well estab lished. O"! 8T STREET, GRAMERCY PARK.? HA NDSOMBLY ij L furnished Rooms to let, with first class Hoard : best reference ; ao moving in May. Apply at 137 Ea?t Twenty first street. WAVERLEY PLACE.? FURNISHED ROOMS, u wilh Board, for gentlemen or f'BiMilieit. OOO STREET, 39 EAST.? A SINGLE ROOM TO let. with first class llonrd references reiiuired. OO WEST NINTH STREET.? TO LET, WITH jUU Board, nicely furnished Rooms, suitable for gen tleman and wife or single gentlemen rooming together. OOD STREET? TWO FRONT ROOMS, WITH FIRST class Hoard, tor gentlemen and their wives or gen tlemen. a? aud 202 West Twenty-third street. John p worstell. OQD ST., 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADISON square.? An elegantly furnished Floor to let, in suits or singly, with first class Board, from April 15. Ref erences. * AO CLINTON PLACE.? Flit 8T CLASS ROOMS, JJO double and single, with or without Board; first .-lass references required. Or WAVERLEY Pl.ACE, NEAR BROADWAY.? TO At) let, a suit ot elegantly furnished Rooms on first and second floor for families or gcutlcmcn; first clas< French table. or EAST TWENTIETH STREET.? FIRST OR SEC ?1) onil Floor to let, furnished ; also Otllce, with or without Board ; first class house iind locqBon. GREAT ling STREET? FURNISHED BOOKS to rent, with Board. 25 Or PERRY STREET.? Fl'RNISllEH ROOMS TO LET, with Board, on second and tliinl floor; suitable for ,'entlcman and wile or party of single gentlemen; also 11*11 Room. 07 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET.? TWO LARGB, Zi I handsomely furnished rear Jtooms, connecting, up one flight, with Board ; references exchanged. 97 WI.ST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? BACK PAR 4 lor, second and third floor; rooms singly or en oiitc j with board ; no moving: references. OQ WEST TWELFTH STRKET. NEAR FIFTH iO avenue.? With Hoard, handsomely furnished Rooms, in suits or singly, tor family or party ol gent. e men ; house first class ; no moving. OQ WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? A Ft'R Zi<> nlshed Room, tor one or two gentlemen only; niodorn Improvements; Breakfast if required. OQ LAMARTINE PLACE ??7 WEST TWENTY w1' ninth street). ? Desirable Rooms on second floor, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Board ; hou?e flr?t ela-s brown stone ; neighborhood unexceptionable; re t erenens. OQ Bast twentyfourth street, near mad Ld'l Icon square.? A bpaiititul Parlor Floor to let. with most excellent table and attendance, with a small tumilv living in their own house. OQ LONDON TERItACE, WEST TWENTY-THIRD td *7 street.? DcsiraMe Rooms in private family, with first class Board ; references exchanged SO WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.- BtDBXiT Fril O nlshed Second Floor, with or without private table ; liberal concession made tor vearly arrangement ar till Fall ; also ftont Hall Room, with Board. QQ WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? A SUIT OF OO Rooms on fourth floor, front, to let, with Hoard to ? gentleman and witc or gentlemen. OA WEST FIFTEENTH STREET-FURNISHED Ot Rooms to let. to gentlemen, with or without Break ast, or with full Board : reference required. O A BAST TWENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BRoaD Ot way and Fourth avenue ?A Parlor Floor, han.l iomely furnished, to let to n private family or single gen tlemen. with or without Board. O-l WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH Ot avenue.? Will let, with Board, large and small Rooms; house first clft?s In every respect; uo moving in May ; reference required. OITII STRKET, If. EAST.? HANDSOMELY Ft'RN Ox Ished Rooms, with Board, In Miit-or singly ; to lie vacated on or before May 1, to offer lor the year or until September IS; reference. OC BAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? Ft'RNISHKD O' ) Room*. with Board, en suite or singly ; Summer ar rangements now made; references requited. or EAST TWENTY. NINTH STREET- Til REE Ot) large furnished Rooms to let, with or without first ?lass Board , private Ifctnlly. 3r WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH t) and Sixth avenues ? Newly and elegantly furnished sunny tront Rooms, first class table (private if required;, for families or gentlemen ; reference. 53 EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. -LA ROE, OO handsome Rooms to let, with flrst cla-i Hoard, on second floor, to gentlemen and wives or tingle gentle men ; re fere noes exchangee. on EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A HANDSOME OU Halt of Rooms to let, with flrst class Board; best reference. Afl WEST WASHINGTON SQUARE.? A SUIT OF OO large and elegant Rooms, on second floor; also large Room on tlijrd floor, with Qrst elite liquid. loca tion delightful. ROARDERH WANTiy). OQ WEST WASHINGTON SQUAB K,? ROOMS XVIT1I OD Hojir.l lor young gentlemen; also Rooms lor gontle mon and wivos; also fable Board. QO WEST THIRTY FIFTH STK"Ki ?PLBABABT ?>?" Booms, willi Board, lor gentlemen ; also a Huh Ho ceptlon Boom, suitable lor doctor's otllce. QQ WEST WASHINGTON SQUARE.? HANDSOMELY 1)1 j lurni-bed Suits aud single Btoma, with llrst class Hoard ; also t- uits on pa: lor floor, reauy lor oeeunanu the 3d of May. Inquire at 5 * Went Fourteenth street. ,41 BA8T TENTH BTRRBT.? FUBNISIIBD ROOMS T 1 to let, with Board ; refercnoea given aud required. .4 1 EAST NINETEENTH STRBET.-WBLL FIIU t 1 iiHiind Rooms. on second and third lloor*, connect ing, to rent, with Board _ 4?> \V K ST WASIIINOTON FI-ACE, MRAI rHH '?> square.? A handsomely furnished Parlor I'loor or a Suit of Koont on the second lloor lo lei, to h genUi umn and his wile, with Hoard lur the ludy, or ? parly of sin ? e gentlemen; private fHinily, wliero there are do oilier boardoi h No moving in May. A A WEST TllIRTY-^ECOND STREET -I, AROE AM) 'I t hitndsora 'ly luruished Rooms to Ii I, with Hoard. 4,-TIl STREKT, BErWKEN FIFTH AND SIXTH ?? avenue*.? A xitiull family, occupying a brown stone llou-e, would like to arrange with a pariy for their Second I'loor, with Hoard, from May I; also Room lor one or two gemlomeu. Apply at No. 5J West Thirty -see on I street. 4fTTII STin.E r, NIAR BROADWAY.? PABTIBS DH ?' slrin ( good A -eommodatlons, with Board, and will pay fair price* lot such can find a pleasant >uii of Rooms and single Rooms in a private family, with a lew board ers, locatii ii and hotiso first class. Address 8. I. , box 172 Herald Uptown Branch oftlce. A(* WEST FOU RTBRNTfl STREET.? HANDSOMELY ii) furni lied suit nf Rooms to let, with llrst cl s Board, suitable for a f ii iii i ly ; also a Room for two gentic mi n ; re terences exchanged. A 7 Wl 1ST TWl NIY-SRVKNTH 8TREBT, BETWEEN i s Broadway and Sixth avenue.? Rooms singlo or en suite ; terms SB to $9 per week ; no moving in May ; with or without Breakfast. A 7 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STBBKT,? AN EL BO ANT I I largo Room to let tor gentleman and wile or single* gentlemen, with French-Auiericau table; tortus moUer ate. No inoviug In May. 4Q WEST Till KTY -SECOND 8TBBBT.? DESIRABLE ..Y,, ""l"" on l,Hr|or. second and third floors, to let. with Board, to permanent parties lur the Summer; refor cnces exchanged. /Tf\ WEST TWENTY EIGHTH 8TRBET.? TO LET, A *M/ suit ot handsomely furnished Booms on second lloor. front, with prlvaie liath adjoining; Hoard uuexeep tiouable. keferencea exchanged. Cfk WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, HEAR FIFTH " avenue.? A pleasant Boom on second lloor, nicely furnished; excellent table ; moderate price. ri\ W B ST WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR SIXTH ? )U avenue.? To let, with Roard, large Rooms, on second and Hi Iril floors; will let to single genilomuii or gentleman unit wife ; hot and cold water; terms inn 1 rate ; no moving. rQ WEST TWELFTH 8TBEET, BETWEEN FIFTH ? ami sixth avenues.? A nicely lurnlslied Room, -n itli Board, tor a tuurried couple or two single gen tlemen. CO WEST TWENTY-SECOND 8TBEET.? PARTIES ? )?> wishing fine Rooms, en suite or singly, through the Summer months, with llrst class table, can be ac commodated ; bent references given anil required. CA EAST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, BBTWRBN ') r Madison and Fourth avenues. ? Furnished Rooms, on third floor, with Hoard. re JANE STREET.? FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET, ')'> with or without Board, with an American family ; all the improvements. r(' WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREKT ? ROOMS, EN ? )") suite or single, with first class Board, tor gentle men anil gentlemen and thoir wives; references ex changed , no moving in May. ru CLINTON PLACE, OPPOSITE THE BBEVOOBT ?)0 House.? Ilandhonuuy furnished Rooms, with llrst class Hoard, to h t for the Summer. I WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN Ut Filth and Sixth avenues.? Elegantly furnished front Parlor and Bedroom, adjoining, from May 1; su perior table; private family; term* reasonable. 7A IRVING PLACE, ORAMERCY PARK.? THIRD I U llnor tront Room and dressing Room, handsomely lurnlshed; large closets; house and table llrst class; special inducements to permanent parties. "litr WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET? A SMALL i'/'i private family have linely furni-hed Rooms to suit, with llrst class Hoard, to gentlemen or gentleman and wltp ; references. 1 EAST TWENTY THIRD 8TREET.? DESIRABLE ll/O Rooms tor tamilKs or gentlemen, with Hoard; unexceptionable references exchanged. 1 A?? WEST FORTY-FOURTH STREET.? VERY Ll/O pleasant, handsomely furnished Rooms, with Hoard ; highest reterenees given and required. MWE8T FORTY -SECOND STREET.? TWO OR three desirable Rooms to rent, with Board, to gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen; refer ences exchanged. 1 Oft FOURTH AVENUE.? HANDSOME SECOND I * 'U story front Room, with laroe closet nuil excellent Hoard, to let cheap to permanent party ; central location ; 1HQ EAST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET.? HAND lUw some Rooms, furnished, with or without Hoard: blown stoue house ; splendid location; all modern im provements; front Room for a doctor's office. 1 HQ WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH 8TREET.? LARGE AU?7 fur?ished front Rooui, on third floor, to lit, with good Board,' suitnMe Mltans gent? nien; terms reason able; no moving in Ma.v. 1AQ WEST TU1 RTi'-SECOND STREET, NEAR J U?7 Broadway ? To let, with Board, two connecting Rooms, together or separately; improvements; no mov ing in May ; only a few boarders; terms moderate ; rcler euces. mWEST THIRTY- FOURTH STREET.? TO LET, with Board, a lame front Kooui, on fourth floor ; also a single Room, containing hot and cold water. *114 1 EAST FIFTY-EIGHTH STREET, BETWEEN 1 I _< Irf'xingtoii and Fourth avennes.? Two nicely lur nlshed Rooms, with Hoard, if desired. In a private family; references exchanged. 11 fi EAST TWENTY -THIRD STREET. -TWO PLEAS All) ant connecting Rooms on second floor to let, with first class Hoard ; also Room on upper floor, suitable for a gentleman ; references exchanged. mEAST TWENTY- FOURTH STREET.? ELEGANT ly furnished Rooms, with all Kinds of improve ments, with or without Hoard, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; references given and re quired. 1 on EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET? TO LET. J.??0 with Board, a Parlor Floor, with hot and cold water; also a single Room. 1 QQ CHBYSTIE STEEET.? FURNISHED BOOMS TO let, suitable for gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, with or without Board ; no moving in May. m LEXINGTON AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY eighth and Twenty-ninth streets.? Room lor sin gle gentleman; also back Parlor to physician, with Board. ___ 1QQ WEST SIXTIETH STREET. ? PLEASANT THIRD 1 OtJ story Room, also handsome Extension Parlor to let, with good Board ; reasonable rates; references; no moving. "I ? M EAST FIFTIETH STBBE.? A PLEASANT SUIT ?Lt""/ of- Rooms, unl urn ished, to let, with Board, to a party of adults, in a private American lamily ; terms moderate ; no other boarders. m FORTY- FOURTH STREF.T, NEAR LEXINGTON avenue.? Large furnished or unfurnished second story sunny front Room, with Hoard, on reasonable terms ; locution pleasant and convenient; reference re quired. ? -I^Q EAST 128TH STREET.? NICELY FURNISHED J'l< ' Rooms and stood Board, in :in American family ; $14 per w eek lor two; pleasantcst part of Harlem ; only three minutes' walk irom depot. I 1Q WEST FOETT-FIFTH STREET, NEAR BROAD l*x?/ way.? With Board, a desirable Second Floor, of three rooms, furnished or unfurnished, suitable (or it family ; terms moderate; private American family ; ref erence. I r/\ EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STRKET, NEAR L? M f Lexington avenue. ?A private snmily wi?li to let, with Board, a large furnished Room; references ex etoaftd. 1 r O WEST ELEVENTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY 1 ')Z> lurnished Rooms on second floor to let, with Board, to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen ; rel erences exchanged. K| WEST TWE NTY-E Ii J TIT 1 1 S T It KET.-s lii'ON It lloor furnished Bedroom to let. to one or two gentlemen; n lew respectable girls can obtain Board; terms moderate. EAST THIRTIETH STRKET, BETWKKN LKX ? ) I inprton and Third avenues.? Well furnished large and small Rooms, suitable for gentlemen, with or with out Breakfast; family strictly private; references. -|f>Q EAST THIRTY FOURTH STREET.? A FLEAS I UU ant Second Floor of three rooms, on Murray I Hill, separately or together, with or without Board, I from Mh.v 1; references exchanged. lft I WEST EORTY-EIOHTH STREET.? TW O COU , I Ut pie or four single gentlemen can obtain first class ; Accommodations with a private family , no other board j ers taken, Call or address. ~|/< I WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? D ESI RA. XOt- blc and well-furnished Rooms, with or without private table, for families or a pari v of gentlemen ; uo moving in May. references exchanged. l li?7 EAST 127T1I STREET. 11 ARLEM.? PLEASANT j It) | front Rooms to let, with Board; gas, hot and cold water ; good location ; two minutes from boat or cars. 'J/W EAST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET-TWO OBN ttemen ran be accommodated with Board ; f ti and #7 per week. QfW3 EAST B ROADWAY.? A FEW GENTLEMEN i ai'"> can tie accommodated with good Board and I pleasant Rooms; also day boarders ; no moving in May, I k)(W WEST FORTY FIFTH STREET, NRAR BROAD I m ' O way.? A private Jewish family will let a hand somely furnished second story front Room, with Alco>e and good Board. OHQ WEif TWENTY-FIFTH STREET? A SMALL ??/ private fiiniily have a Room ami Bedroom un third floor to let, w ith Board, to gentlemen or gentleman anil wife; convenient location. 91 9 WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET.? VERY DE i*\ imi sirable Rooms to let, with Board, tor faiuiiies or gentlemen , house and all appointments tlrst class and location central. ilto W iiT FORT^tlFlRD STRKET.? A NEATLY Zd I furnished Room for gentleman and wile or single gentlemen, with Board, near Broadway. OIC EAST FIFTEENTH STitCET? A LA ROE HBC ? L? J ond storv front and hall Room in first class boarding house ; will be vacated Anrll 7, refer to present occupants and others. i ? 1 /' WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STRBBT.? TO LBT J&11) with Board, twi| single Rooms tu g?DUeutun; r<ilef?acei e?cUuug?vk> BOARDS RB WAITHD. oo'? west ti:.- rn street.? furnisiik?) rooms Jjimiij teitt, wttt lirij wftmiw (yt)A K AMP THIRTY-SECOND KTRKKT ? SUIT Of i-i-. it lour lurnishel Rooms on first lloor to lot, with or witiioui K >arJ , also other Booms to lei OOQ KAKT TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? ELKO A NT a. jjO ly ti rnished Rooms lor one or two, wi It or with out lWiai u. -rn I nil improvements. In private hou-*, references required OO9 WK-'T FORTY-NINTH 8TRKET, BETWEEN <u*r?i Broidway ami I'.ighth avenue. ? First ctase Board in n prn ate Jewish family lor two single gentle ti?< 11 or a married couple; nico large Room, with alcove, above 1 lit- parlor. OQO WRHT TWR KTY-FI FTH STREET, B? TWEFN Mr)ij Kev.-nth nnd Eighth avenues. ilaudn mi Iv tur nlsliod Ro<>ms t > let, with Board ; hou.-c nil modern nil provemeuta; term* reasoaabie ; on 1110 vine in May. nor WRiff TWRNTY-TniRI) STREET.? NICELY ??)? ) furnl.hcd Rooms, With or without Hoard, on suite or t-in :le. OOQ FIFTH AVENUE. BROOKLYN? BOARD.? FIRST tZnijt / cl. h? Rooms as ! table aithUthirininply situated r. sidenee ;J0 minutes from lerry ; excellent accent epila tions for h 1 '?n ikl earring .1; tcruu resiutial'l > ; Filth avi title on * Fultou mrry. O/'O WKST 1VRTY-SE00ND STREET.? NICE FKONT Rooms, with Board, furnished or unfurnished ; splendl I locution; terms moderate to perms nt-ui parltos ; no woviug in Muy . references. S)?*Q WE-iT THIRTY-FOURTH STREF.T.? ' TWO SEC A<)0 mid storv alcove Rooms to let, unfurnished, with Board; all improvements', good location, A !?u two or three gentlemen can have Rood Hoard. on ~r past sixty-fifth street,? two or ? ?"' 1 three gentlein 11 1 an lie accommodated with god Hoard nu 1 plainly turn hod Rooms; terms reasonable. Qir WEST TWENTY -THIRD STREET.?' TWO OR Ol?J three pleasant Roomai with or without Board. Ql r KAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.? II AND Oj?) namely furnished Rooms on Hrst floor, with grate fire, gas, iiatb, Ac., with or without Board ; vory mode rite terms; no moving 111 May. (110 WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET,? PRESENT ? I IT) occupants going to Kurope, w.ll vacate two large Rooms, over parlors, about 1st May; will be rented to gether or separately, with Board; references exchanged. QOl WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? PHEASANT ?)^1 Rooms to let, with Hoard, families orgentlo men ; Summer prices; reference roqulred. QOQ WEST NINETEENTH STREET. ? A PRIVATB ?m)?I family occupying their own house will let a plen-nnt Third Floor, with or wittiout barllal Board, to K' nlli man. /f AA WICHT TWF.NTY-TIIIRD STREKT.-TO LET, n t V with superior Hoard or DO exceptionable private tahle. three elcniit Drawing Rooms, with other Rooms, on t'llrd iloor it desir*'d ; also will he vacant on Twenlv sixth street, the whole ol f>ecoud tloor, parties going to Europe. /Ill WHST FOltTY-TIlIRD STREET. ? HANDSOMELY t! I. furnished Rooms to lot, with Board ; house brown Hb ni' nnd tainilv private; terms reasonable to parties of undoubted respectability. A~IA EAST 116TH STREET.? DESIRABLE ROOMS, 'll r with Board ; house and location llrst class ; ,'ifi to 45 minutes to City Hall; boats three times hourly ; con venient to Cars; reference required. No moving. LEXINGTON AVKNOE.? NKW AN1) IIAND nou somely furnished Rooms, singly or en suite, on second and third floors; first class tible; Close proximity to Central Park; home comforts; terms moderate. <J? FEB WEEK.? TWO GENTLEMEN CAN FIND A O comfortable home atonoe in a handsome new house, owned hy the occupant, one Idoek from Broaadway ears, corner Forty-filth street. Address TURKU ADULTS, Herald Uptown Brunch otfiee. ALARMS, HANDSOMELY F0BNI8HBD ROOM FOB one or two gentlemen, wjth or without Board, in first class brown stone bouse, 1417 West Forty second strcut, near Ht. Cloud Hotel. A LADY HAS A II ANDSOMF.LY FURNISHED ROOM to rent to n quiet party ; Board lor lady. Addicts WIDOW, Herald office. A FAMILY OF ADULTS OR A FEW GENTLEMEN tired ot hoarding house lite can secure a desirable home up town, on reasonable terms, by addressing S. M. !>., Herald Uptown Branch offlce. A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TIIRKE, OWNING THEIR own house, would let Second Floor, en suite or sepa rately, with Hoard, too select party- nceninmodatious first class; reference. 821 Bast Sixty-first street A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD. COM . Hinting of Parlor, two Bedrooms nnd Bathroom; hou?e and appointments llrst class in every particular. Refer to II. R. DKI.W, I5'> Filth avenue. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO GEN tlemen a choice of handsomely furnished Rooms, with or without Board. :tfi3 West Twentieth street Ref erences. A pleasant home assured. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH BOARD, TO rent, on Thirtieth street, near I'.ighth avenue : refer ences. Address JOHNSON, Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG CHILD WILL BE TAKEN TO BOARD BY a married c utile with no children ; best of care ; good reference. Call on or address BOARD, 43 Scamrael street A LARGE PARTY DESIRING TO FURNISH. OR advance to do so. may obtain an elegant Suil of Rooms, with superior Board, in a beautiful residence. With grounds, 011 the Morris and Essex Railroad, 20 miles from New York. Address, lor intet view, R., box 212 Her ald office. A lady, having a handsume house, in choico locality, near Fifth avWiue, offers Parlors anil Second Floor, with or without private table; parties whiting comforts and quiet of a refined home will tlnd this iin opportunity seldom offered; none Imt parties of the highest respectability treated w ith. Address W. A., box 1M Herald Uptown Branch office. Adjoining grand hotel, m west thirty tirst street? Superior accommodation a, with or without private in en In, to gentlemen or iainilies ; unex ceptionable reference* exchanged. A LADY HAVING A BROWN 8TONK HIGH STOOP house on Twenty-flfth Htreet, near Fourth avenue, would Hoard a couple or more persons having their own I furniture. Apply at 310 Fourth avenue, up stairs. A PRIVATE FAMILY. LIVING AT 12T WEST FORTY flrst street, would like to let, to first class parties, two tine Rooms, on Hecond floor, with first class Board ; references exchanged. Call alter lu A. >1. Boarders wanted.? pour lb and single room* nicely furnished with first class table ; no mov ing in May, references exchanged. No. 54 West Twenty sixth street. Harlem hoard.-a gentleman and wife ob two single gentlemen can lie accommodated with good Hoard In private family; references exchanged. Address tor one week M. H. B., station U. Harlem. HANDBOMELY FUBNISHED ROOMS TO LET AT 233 West Thlrty-tourth street, with or without Break fast; comforts of' a refined social home; references. IABGB, PLEASANT BOOMS, ON SECOND AND J third floors, to let, with Hoard, 910 to $ 1H per week ; abundant table ; no removal in May. 28 St. Mark's place, New York, near Second avenue Reference. Madison avenue.? a second floor and a suit of Rooms on parlor floor, handsomely furnished, will be vacant May 1. and will bo let with Hoard, to re sponsible parties. Address 1'., box 1,097 Fust office. Parties looking fob booms and board oak make most satisfactory arrangements with a lady, who has a house in Forty-seventh street, near Kitfh avenue ; Highest reference given. Address W. H. H., bpx 14G Herald Uptown Branch office. QEVEBAL FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, TO O let? In ail elegant house, fronting the river, in Hobo ken, to gentlemen, with their wives, or single gentlemen; five minutes trom ferry ; table first clam. Parties desir ing a cool and luxurious location during the hot summer months will address ARCHER, box 224 Herald office. SECOND FLOOR, TWO BOOMS, PLEASANTLY Lo cated, In a small American family, with Hoard lor two or three ludles. at moderate prices; no other board ers ; no moving in May. Address S. M. T., box 158 Herald office. TO LET? TWO FINE FURNISHED ROOMS, BREAK fast if preferred, to ? gentleman or gentleman Hnd wife in a private family, living in own house; situation pleasant ; convenient to excellent restaurants; best refer ences given und re |Ulied. 25H West Twenty-fifth street. Three handsomely furnished booms, with excellent Board, on a farm in New Jersey, within one hour trom New York. Address or call at 241 West Thirty-eighth street. TO LET? A LABOE FBONT ROOM ON HECOND floor, to two respectable mechanics, with or without Board; also nice Room for a married couple; no other boarders. 703 Second avenue. BOARD AMD LODGING W A VTED. A LADY WANT8 PERMANENT BOARD WITH A widow or small private family, below Fifteenth street, east side ; state full particulars, Including price ; boarding bouse keepers need not answer. Audrcss T. H. S , Herald office. AYOUNO MAN WANTS A BOOM. WITH OK WITH out Board. jKjmewhere on west side of NewYork city, below Twentieth street. Address W. H. B., box 20 I'ost office, Brooklyn, E. I). , AYOUNO GENTLEMAN WANTS A ROOM, WITH partial or tUll Board, in i private Oertnan or Ameri can family ; permanent if suited . location east of Third avenue. Second and Eighteenth 'reels; reference*. Ad dress, stating terms, which must be reasonable, box 1M Herald office. A FIRST CLASS DBESSMAKtNG BUSINESS, FAY. ing Ifl.UliOa yen r, will be given away for use of For j nlshed Rooms long enough to transfer the custom going i away. Address O. P. Q., Herald Uptown Branch office. A' COMFORTABLE ROOM WANTED FOR MAN \ND wile ; Board for lady only; trom Fourth avenue to I Sixth avenue and from Eighth street to Twentieth street. : I Address A. 8. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. V' GENTLEMAN (SWISS) DESIRES A WELL FUU nished Room, with good, substantial Hoard; good | locality and home comforts ; price not to exceed $4u per i mouth. Address, stating particulars, R. C., box M) Herald office. A OENTLEMAN AND WIFE WISH TO OBTAIN j\ Hoard wiih a private family In the city, about May | 1, at Summer {twees, which inust be moderate; per manent United. Address, with precise particulars, S. E. D., box 169 Herald office. A LADY WISHES BOARD, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY (preferably where French Is spoken); terms must be modern t - very best references given and required. Ad dress, with terms and full particulars, M. E. C., Herald Uptown Branch office. A LADY, WHO IS EMPLOYED DUR1NO THE DAV, would like Hoard In a private (am ly below Four teenth lr?ot; west side preferred. Address, stating u rum, C. V. A., box :il Jersey t ily I'ost office A TARTY OF TWO OR MORE DESIRINO THE COM forts of a home, in an elegant house on Second ave I iiue, near Twelfth street, may address ROBINSON, Herald office. A OENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE UNFURNISHED Rooms, with full Hoard, In a private family, near f entral I'ark, west of Sixth avenue ; best reference givetl I. aud r??tat?d, Add cum U. th. fikklb atauua. BOA1?n A\l? f,or>GIN<J WARTID. A PARLOR AND THREE BEDROOM s, WITH BOARD lot it lamllr of si* (IncladiBg inmd>, above Twenty, eighth street, lietweon t "snj r < (i and Sixth avenues; reier enccs exchanged. Add it a? T. A., box 118 Herald Uptown Brauctl office. _ A MINGl.R GENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD IN A J\ private luitiil" or In a boarding house witli but lew boarders: location between Fourteenth and l hirty-loiirth streets, east o' l iith avenue. Address itntuitf U'ruis, which must be uio lerate, PUTNAM, Herald office AOENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT BOARD; BELOW Kilty ninth street prclorrnl ; desirable locality: mod ern bouse s small or private lan-.iiy proterred; fr+i a inontli ; tire mi l Kan; nromp' wi ekly payments. Audross MERCHANT, box :>,.3f New York Fust office.

BOARD WANT I'll IMMEDIATELY?ON WEST SIDE Twelfth to Thirty-filth street; two la He* anil child: oue medium slxeil or two small Koouis, with heat and gas; not over 9t>5 per month. Address ll.t box 213 Herald office. BOARD WANTED ? HY A GENTLEMAN AMI WIFE ol i|U et, retired habits and ruflm d associations; a neatly i urn I lied room, with ample clone!*, Ac. j board tor ludy only, in h laiuily of kindred tastes. where then ti e very tew in nuii'her; no other boiirdiir* gr atly pre ferred. Tim essentials are, good table and at'i'infan^o, retiring, respectable neighborhood, no May moving and ujo lerate terms. A i >,rty mlly atile lo respond to these re quirements will flml In this an uiru iual ? p -ortunity to secure u prompt and pleasant tenant. Ai.diess for one week, with ull particular', un l staling explicitly the terms, OUAN'DO.S, bo\ L'O li- raid office. BOASDWANTED? Wl ! 11 FRONT ROOM, HY A YOUNG iiin r coupl ', private lamily pretefred, on the west ci.le. below fliiriieth sired; will bo permanent. Aodrosa, with lull particular*, W S., box 220 Hera d office, BOAKD y. anied? for a party ok TIIRRR young po son consisting ol two brothers and si -ter, in ii Mi letty private lamily. In a location above Thirtieth street, I elween Kourtli and Sixth nviintu Ad dress, with lull paitirulsr-, box 2,111 I'ost ollice. BOARXI wanted? wr r HIDE. ABOVBTWENTIKTII street southern exposure, tor a gentleman and wiie lliunest re 1 e rences exchanged. Address, .-tating terms, winch must be moderate, It. L., box 3,147 New \ork Post office. Board wanted.? unfurnished boom, with Hoard, lor gcntlciiiHn and wlie. Address, stating terms and location, s. (1., box 2.r?l7 I'ost ottlce. BOARD WANTED? F( lit GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, between Second and Sixth avenue* and Eighth and Twentieth streets; private lamilv preferred; terms 930 per uionih. Address A. IC. I*., box l'J7 Herald olllee. Board wanted? by a young gentleman, in ii private lamily Address, with lull particulars, W. H.,bi>x221 Herald office. BOARD WANTED-KROM APRIL is, BY A FAMILY ol 4 adults; three rooms on secohd floor ; few or no other boarders; between Twentieth :tnd Sixtieth strode, east ol Filth avenue ; location first class. Address, with full particulars, box 4, 123 Post office, New York. TJOAUD WANTKD ? BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND J J Fiftieth streets and Lexington and Ninth avenues; Bell, wlte, two children and maid. Address K. O A., 202 West Twenty-third street, sluting price and location Board wanted? by a gentleman and wipe, in a small, pin nt pri\ ato lamily ; no other boarders: dinner at noon ; one good sized room, within 15 minutes' wnik ol Bloecker street ami Broadway. Address, stating terms, Ac., which must be moderate, PERMANENT, box 155 Herald ollice. Board wanted? below thirtieth street. by two young ladies; terms must be reasonable. Ad dress L. H. ii., station 0. BOARD WANTKD-BY a YOUNO LADY, IN A QUIET family, between Fourth and Twentieth streets and Second ami Bevenlh avenues; terms not to exceed $511 per month. Address d'l'OUT, Herald Uptown otlice. Board wanted - se< ond floor only-, pui vate table , lamily ol adults: location up town. Ad dress MANCHESTER, Herald Uptown Branch ollice, stating all particulars. Board wan'trd-a lady having furniture. Including Weber piano, pier and sewing ma chine y> ill give Us'* of them and her service i tor Board In a respectable lamily. Apply ai C5-1 Pittli avenue, corner Kllty-si t end strecL HAKLKM ? A YOUNG MAN' WANTS A ROOM, WITH Board. Address, positively slutiiig terms, INDEX, box 222 Herald otlice. \\f ANTE D ? ROOMS AND HOARD (PERMANENT) l?Y T f two young gentlemen, in a strictly private family, where there are no other boarders; location between Twentieth and Kiltieth streets; re fere tic s required. Ad dress, with lowest terms, home, box 1 73 Herald Uptown Branch office. VIT ANTE D ? A PLEASANTLY FURNISHED ROOM VV and Hoard lor a lady in a respectable neighbor hood and family. Address, tor three day, t'A KLYLE, lleruld ollice. TIT ANTED? BY FOUB ADPLT8 AND A OIBLOV4M Vt years (Anicricaus), two large Rooms, connecting, with closets, hot and eoid water, Ac., and lull Board; in a private lamily preferred; price not to exceed 930 per week; will be permanent if suited ; to be between Filth and Eighth avenues and Twenty-third and Forty-soeotiil streets. Address, with particulars, A. M. 0., box 150 Heruld ottlce. IITANTED? BY A <i) XTLEMAN, PERMANENTLY. IF VT suited, Irom the2silt Inst , two pleasant, unfurnished, good-si/.ed Rooms, Willi lull Hoard, at reasonable terms, between Fourteenth and Thlrty-lonrth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues, find where he may lie at Ulierty to en joy the pleasures ol acomtortable homo. Address, with full particulars, T. It., box 199 Herald ollice. "IIT ANTED? PERMANENT BOARD. WITH OAR E AM) TT attention, for an old gentleman, in a plain, quiet family In tlic cltv, or within twenty miles; will lurnisii Ills own room. Address, stating terms, which must bo moderate, J. P. R , lioxMra Pan otHce. WANTED- KOB GENTLEMAN AND DAUGHTER, AN ?T w/'h'ai.U v furnished Second Floor, with private table, In a strictly private family (none others need ap ply). Address, NtatinK term* and location, B., box I .'"J Herald Uptown Branch office. \\r A NTE D - BY A OENTLEM AN, l'K It. MA R 1 NT T T Board, in a plain private family ; location lie t ween Third and Sixth avenues, Fifteenth and Twenty-third streets; terms moderate. Add rest W. w . Herald office. tlTANTED? A FINK, LA BOB FRONT BOOK. OB PAR T? lor and small Bedroom, on first or second ltoor. for a lady and gentleman, wltli Board tor lady only; loca tion must lip between lenth and Eighteenth streets, and I Sixth ami Lexington avenues. Address, giving pariicu- ' lars, H. B. Williams, Hptiglw Boose, Union square. WANTED? BOARD AND PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, I permanently, for gentle man and wite, in private j family, with no other hoarders; between* Fourteenth and Fifty-ninth streets, convenient to Broadway and University place carv, references exchanged. Address W., box 6,774 Post oftlce. ?\VANTED? WITH BOARD, AT ONCE, TWO l,A RUE it connecting Rooms, lor gentleman, wife and infant, in pleasant locality. Address II., box &,!>22 l'ost ottlce. TIT ANTED? WITH BOARD, IN A PRIVATE JEWISH tt family, Rooms on second or thinl door, furnished, for gentleman, wife and child; mtlsiactlon (riven as to responsibility. Address, with lull particulars, N. D., 124 I Herald Uptown Branch otlice. TA'ANTED-WITH A WIDOW OR MARRIED LADY, tt without children, Board toraiitt'e. girl years or age, where she will have good care; none hut those who understand the care of children need auswer. Address M< 1 1 II E u, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? NIOBLY FURNISHED room FOB (?EN TT tleman and lady: board for lady; terms reason- ' able; widower preferred; below Forty -second street, ] between Fourth and Eighth avenues. Address BEAUII, Herald office. BROOKLYN HOARD. QQ ORANGE STREET, ( ORNER HICKS, ON BROOK ?}?/ lyn Heights? In a private family: pleasant Rooms and excellent table ; Iioumj located 5 minutes' walk from ferries. il- ANTED? IN "BROOKLYN, A SECOND FLOOR, TT with water uud gas, near the City Hall; private family preferred; rent not to exceed (25. Address E. D. W., lie raid office. HOTELK. ^ C1R1TTENDEN HOUSE, 1,144 BROADWAY, CORNER ) of Twenty-sixth street.? Fine Suits ol Rooms on Broadway ; also single Rooms, at moderate prices. / 1 ALLEN HOUSE, 166 HUDSON STREET, CORNER OF " Laight.? Excellent Board. $fi to $7611 per week, with single Room ; single Room, without hoard, $2 and up wards. Lodging, AO cent.s ; gentlemen only. Open all night. H- OTEL ST. OERMaIN, FIFTH AVENUE, TWENTY seeoed street ami Broadway.? Some elegant Suits and sniffle Rooms now vacant; table d'hote or European Mini, most eentral location; rooms all tront WILLI v.M (i TOMPKINS. Proprietor. aison parisienne, 5 east twelfth STREET,' between University place and Broadwav.? Apart ments and single Rooms, urivate service If desired; table d'hote atb:30 P. M M -FYKE'S HOTEL, 35 CLINTON PLACE (EIOHTII street), between Broad way and University place.? Handsomely furnished Rooms lor families or gentlemen, at reasonable rates. JAMES MePYKE, Proprietor. BW ENGLAND HOTBL, 80 BOWERY, CORNER oT" Bayard street; 3)0 liirlit Rooms, neatly lurnished, SO cents' or HO cents per nignt; $2 SO to $4 per week. For gentlemen only. KOBINBON "HOUSE AND FA Ml LY RESTA 1' RANT, Sixteenth street, third door west of Union square ? Richly turnislied Rooms, for families and gentlemen; | rates moderate ; restaurant a la carte fl A. M to 9 P. M. ; table d'hote served 5 to M P. M., $1, including wine CTURTEVANT HOUSE, BROADWAY, TWENTY k? eighth and Twenty-ninth streets. New York, Amcri can plan, $4 a day.? This hotel has elevators, all modern ! improvements; situated in the Brest hotel centre. LEWIS A GEO. S. LELAND, Proprietors. COUNTRY HOARD. t PRIVATE FAMILY (OENTLEMAN AND WIFE), IN J\ Newark, three minutes from Chestnut street depot, will let one or two Rooms on second floor (ftirnlsheil or unfurnished) ; kooiI table; terms very low; a good home for a widower with children; also the whole or part of a suinll House to let furnished. Address UAKNETT, Post office, Newurt. A "OENTLEMAN AND WIFE WISH BOARD WITH A J\ family In the country during the Summer, where comfort may be had without stvlc or heavy expense. Ad dress, with full particulars as to location mid terms, S. E. D., box it'7 Herald office. A O ENTLEMAN AN D WIFB BEQUIRB BOARD JY with a private family for the Hummer months In a place where truit and vegetable* are plentiful, within an hour's ride of New York City Hall ; Staten Island pre* terred. Address, stating terms, J. T. N., box 1V4 Herald olll?e. A PRIVATE FAMILY I !f CONNECTICUT, WITHIN three hours' ride by rail or boat, and H minutes from tlic depot, would take a few hoarders for the summer; house and table first class; large, pleasant Rooms; a flue view of the waisr; beautiful drives and every homo comfort. Address C. C.H., box l.oifcf Unreport, Conn. Board wantrd-in a first class private family or good farmhouse, within one hour of New York, tiy a small tainlly , mountain air preferred Address HENRY PROUSE CooPE R, M Broad way. Board on the Hudson.? Clifford house, Tarrytown, will be opened under new management May 1 tor the reception of guests. Those wishing to engage Rooms can meet the proprietors at the house on Tuesday or Saturday next, or may apply at 134 Montague stfest, JJrovAUra. niAauaUt jtu4JUiuu4?{ ootnrpHT Ko/\ni?. HOARD MAY NOW HK *KC()ltKI> AT If ILI/HTDB House. Montclmr. N J. , healthiest, most convenient A,,i"y 41 DOARD AT A. 1*. SMITH'S, NYaCK. FROM MAY 1. (y wh^T ,,OA,'D WANTKD-BY A GENTIBMAN, Ifw y r,!41!'1 nurse lor t lie summer month*, near i.ilrTl.-u .,V t .. ,lty l Address, ,t*tmg /lOUNI'ltY BOARD AVI) IIDMK t'OMKOKTS ? \ Pleasant Boons; shady lawn*. flowers oriwiuet grounds; t-cabathing, rowing sailing. lUhlnii Vba'ant drive*; J.'? miles by stoaiiier M Ut;???n ir >ni Now s J loot Of Barclay Hired; ten utinutas' w itlK ; , u , ,M cr? boat. lady physician in housa ; irom $t lo $l3 Si r we?k - adults only ; lew Room* leii. Apply at house? or uddrn*! BKDLK HOUSE, Brown's Point. Keyport, N .1 w DESIRABLE HOARD CAN BE had so minutkh I irom Now York, two minutes Irom depot; ideasant i view. 8. M. IV Park. N . .1 1 WILL TAKK TO HOARD IN TUB COUMTUY TWO I or three li'lle children ; references oxcln.n/ed \ |. dress Mrs. OUAB. CHAPMAN, Wostport, Fairfield county, Couu. Mountain house, south orange, montuose Station, N. J. ?Tills fa vorlte tlrst Ola w hotel n open lor tlie Spun.; and summer season ; it h is all the con venii'tn es and connort# ol a oily h"Ud, tin minutes tr ni foot of Barclay street, via Morris and Essex Railroad, 34 ; rains dm iv l.vtra Inducements offered to parties wish ing iiiiuudiute lioaid t IIITZELHUROKR, Proprietor. 1>LAIKKIEI.D, N J ?PARTIES DESIRING BOARD I lor the Hummer or tourer can now secure choice Rooms tn a Ural class house, with modern improve in' in..-, mis, hath, .to . nnd in tin- best location iu the place ; :> minute-. wa'k irom railroad station. Addr< -ss d. IS. II., llurald otflvo. OEVI'R.\?l, ROOMS. WITH COMFORTABLE BOARD, 0 ran bo obtained in a private family within a tew minutes' walk of the llousatonic Klver, mites from the Stratford depot, on the New York and New llav* u Railroad ; situation high ground, and unsurpassed a* to seonery, Ac; rotference* iziven and ruijuiic.l. Address h?imk comforts, iiorald ottioe. 8HMMKII RESORTS. At morristown. n. j? the grand view Mouse will open May 1.? Thlslo a'lon Is unsurpassed lor hcalthiulness, pure mountain air, , icturesiiue drives and all the advantages ot country living. Particulars at 1 i Filth uvi'tii*' /CLARENDON HOTEL. \J Saratoga Springs, will t>e opened for the reception ol guests, on June I, IsTt. All communications lor apart incuts should tie addressed Charles I , belaud, Sturtevant House, New York, or liela van House, Albuny. N. Y., previous to the npoidng. Board $i 50 per day. CIIaIU.I.S E. I, EI. AND, Proprietor. /tOZZENS' 4 \ ' WE8T POINJ" HOTEL will open on or about the first dav of .Mine. Three t'ot tages to let. with Hoard In hotel. Special terms offered to parties taking board lor the season. Kor particulars ad dress EDWARD COZZEftIS, West Point, N. Y. nKATH HOUSE, SCIIOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGS, Morris county, N. Y., will be open for the reception of guests June I- Application for rooms can be made l>y mall or personally at the Coleman House, Broadway, New York, whore the proprietor, with plans ol tlie house, cau be seen every Wednesday, from 12 until 3 o'clock. J. WARREN COLEMAN, Proprietor. rilQE CONTINENTAL HOTEL, I Saratoga Springs, N. Y.t will bo opened tor the season on the 1th of June. This is a fitmlh hotel, and special inducements will he offered to those who w.sli to rii; a ;c room* lor their iitinilii'it by the mouth or for the season. Transient Board for June and September, per day. 'transient Board for July ami August, $ i 51 per d iv, . Address ADAM S A MANN, Proprietors, 1X1 Wcsl (?'orty flrst street, New York. p RE AT NECK HOUSE, LI., BETWEEN Willi K VX stone and Sands Point, will open April 1 > lor perina tiem and transient Boarders. Easy of access by steam boat and railroad. VTANSION HOUSE. LARCHMONT MANOR? lit MILES ill on New llavcn U.iilroad; sea tinihliiv. boatiiie, bll ItardH, bowlini; alley ; 1,'irKe. airv rooms; lawn and shade; aeeominiMlatlon lor horses. Apply at ll'l l iiili avenue, WA1. SHAW. Mansion house, new brkhiion, staten island, on the Terrace, 3d ininuies from foot ol I'ev street ? Communication with the city hourtv liv splendid boats. Call on or address Mrs. ROBERT L. Bt CKLIN. Round hill hotel, Northampton, mass.? un ' paralleled drives, scenery, boating, groves, Ibuntains, Ac. ; climate healthy, fevers and ague tiiiknowii; water cure discontinued ; terms $iu Ol) to $^l per week ; special rates to laiuilius. Send stamp lor circular. 1 It A it KUL1.ER, Superintendent. O. It a nt a, Secretary. RIHOEDALE HOUSE. MADISON. N. J.. WILL OPEN the middle of April as a private boarding house; rel erencea exchanged. , UKVKN SPRINGS MOUNTAIN HOUSE.? FOR 8PE O eial arrangements, rooms and rent ol coitages. with Hoard in Hotel lor the season, address J. (?. I?.v\ ISON, Proprietor, Monroe, N. Y. RimiNKMfe OPPORTUMITIKS. An income of about $111,000 a year to bb disposed <ii to uny gentleman giving prompt services nml investing In it desirable ami old-established luiwIntjHN of high repute. Address GOOD INCOME, Herald Uptown Branch office. A? CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATED ? ctiiii |>u it i?*?, manufacturers, merchants; persona desiring Investments informed; desirable opportunities. Reference*, President*, Merchants', Fourth National uud Mercantile Hanks CHARLES o. DAHLGRRN A co., US Broadway. A FORTUNE Foil AN enterprising MAN.? JUST coint>leted ami read y lor introduction to the public a .Machine tor cuttiliK clothing, shirts, corsets, bats. tioi. hrellaa, valises and other articles to any shape ileal red, without marking. A long needed article, saving over SO percent; would sell whole or jiurt of this valuable In vention oil account ol sickness. Address CLOTH CUT TOR, 33U Broadway. AGBNTLEMAN WILL GO TO FLORIDA ON APRIL 17, to examine property, with a vie w to establish a first class health resort; will take commissions to search title or obtain Itilormation for any who have or want to purchase property In that region. Owners ot Florida or Georgia unproved property, send particulars to l>r. J. P. (>., lock box 25 Nyack, N. Y. \ LADY OF HIOHE8T RESPECTABILITY, JEN 1 V gotten In a lucrative, extensive, legitimate business, would like as partner a single middle-aged gentleman, who could furnish capital to enlarge the business. For further particulars address Mrs. C. WENTWORTH, New \ ork Post offici I PARTNER WITH $25,000 IS WANTED IV THE J\ commission stock brokerage business, by an old member of the Stock Exchange. Address B. It. W., box 5, ICU Post office. A GENTLEMAN is WILLING to INVEST MONET where the operation Is sale, with chance for profit. Full particulars will meet prompt response by addressing HALLOA KTKN, Herald olllce. AN ASSOCIATE WANTED? WITH $a00, IN A RE liable, cash manufacturing business, without risk; profits over 2U0 per cent ; article staple, read v sales, quick returns. Address A. ALBERT, box I'M Herald office. A BUSINESS MAN, WITH CAPITAL, WANTED.? An opportunity to engage in a staple, safe and un usually profitable manufacturing business; monopoly se cured : no investment desired without an equivalent to show for It. Apply to JOHN D. HALL. 211 Broadway. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR A WEEKLY newspaper.? Large, light composing room, central ifficc, anil composition of miscellaneous matter tree of cost, or would print a few nnuers very cheaply. Address CASPAR, lleruld office. An old ESTABLISHED well paying manufac turtng Business tor sale through sickness; article In daily demand and sells for cash ; profits large ; Investi gate tli ii at once. LLOVD. 29 Broadway. A partner wantmd-with a small capital, in dressmaking, millinery or hair business, by a lldr; already established. Call on or address PARTNER, 1,222 Third avenue. A DRUGGIST, WITH LARGE EXPEDIENCE IN ALL branches of the business and with some money, wants a partner to join him in buying out an established store in Pennsylvania; amount required, $3,M>: capital chance to build up a fine business. Full particulars given upon interview. Address DRUGGIST, box 151 Herald office. A -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED B for merchants, manufacturers and others; mining prop erty, Ac., negotiated ; persons witn capital, seeking busi ness, advised of approved opportunities. References:? Benedict Bros., Jewelers, 171 Broadway; other leading houses, and our numerous clients, city and elsewhere. GRIOOri, CARLETON A CO., Financial and Business Agents, 9H Broadway. A GOOD OPPORTUNITY -WILL BE SOLD VERY cheap, a Patent Article for preserving furs, woollens carpets, Ae,, from inoth ; a verv saleable and useful article; has had an Immense sale Apply to JOHN STEAD, nt Eraser A I<cc.'s, wholesale druggists, 20 Beek man street. A RARE CHANCE FOR A MAN OF SMALL MRANfl to buv the Stock, Fixtures ami Goodwill of a Cent's Furnishing Ooods Store, doing a good hti'lncss, In Fulton street, Brooklyn. Call on or address W. II. OLMSTEAD, 68 Lispenivril street A GOOD CHANCF.-A FIRST CLASS CORNER Restaurant at Jersey City to let. near ferries and railroad depots; tow reiit to i good tenant; splendid business stand ; sure fortune to ft live man J. M. till! Ht(N, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street, .fersey City A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKING BUSINESS, PAY lag $3,001) a year, will bo given awn v tor use of tur nlshed rooms long enough to transler the eustoin; going away. Address y., Herald Uptown Branch office. USINEHS NOTICE. -$l<l,ono AND GOOD HONEST partner wanted ; one capable of handling the finan ces. Business profits and customers can be shown to be Al. Address MERCHANT, Herald office. Brewery.? a partner wanted in am bar. rel Brewer?, now running and doing a gool busi ness; well stocsed itpd complete. The best chance ever offered : but little cash required. For particulars address M. A. R. . Herald Uptown Branch office. CIONFF.CTIONERY, H E CREAM SALOON ORF?NCT J Bakery? None In the place, at Treinont, near depot of Harlem Railroad, store and Dwelling; rem $'l'i per month Inautre at 184 Third avenue, New York, of GEORGE W IHUER. Dollar washing machine patent, with or without Interest, for sale ; 9U.ODO machines sold In two months In England; 1,000, WW yearly wanted through out the United States. Address PATENT, Herald office. FOB SALE.? a RARE OPPORTUNITY.-FOR SALE? The side right to manufacture and sell the Patent Champion Gymnast Will he *4dd cheap, as the owner has other business engagements In Chicago. Apply by letter or In person to L. A. RILEY, 190 Chambers street. Now York. TpUR HALE-MOUNTAIN'S LIFE PRESERVING MAT r tress for marine disasters, patented March 11, I-1 7.1, the only Invention whereby a chance of safety for women, c hildren and tccble persons can rely with aav hope of life. This mattress nas been accepted by the Board ol Supervising Inspectors, and may tw used legallv In place ot rafts and boats. Call and KMiuut* uivdulk, _uvm 14 toOjt'fltofci ilWlfOHHMn, [ niwrvKis [ CjlOK SALE CMBAP-OY8TK!!: tNI> I) MX , SaLOOnT P good business Apply im modi itely soethcanl -irnt ?} I'cntb avenue and Fiity-ioiirlh street FIOR SALE OK EXCHANGE Kl)K BFAL KST VTE A very profitable fnAau.'aclur.iti Bi/hocns, f ,ilu large ; Stock and Machia.'ry, fi^iMUL Anawor tuU uaiu* or not noticed, U. I.., box II < raid oftiue. HOTEL OWNERS ? A 01'ATLEMAN, OP IVN V I : 'ilt.i' experience in hotel husini ?*?, ?u'< rs hti wnrliw I* hotel owners to manage and siipi r lite nil same, f or country, understands the luiMiiiean in every Ic.taiifc al i) marketing U (exceptionable reioreuce* given Ail dress, will real name, CHARLES HTANliKY, HereiJ oilice. I? A JOBBING IIOBHK IN WOOKLKNS, l>oTN,i \ ? |ni' kage (in IOosh Am) havliu 4:1 established, iir?fc class trad< , icqg icd hy experience. Integrity and pusii would like a partner, with 000, hi order todouiil* their capital and exti ud their business App.y t.? UltlUOS, CARLE I ON A ?;o? UK Broadway IJATI s r FOB SALE? OR PARTNER W \ >TI.I). Wl I K 1 I a 1 n | > i t ? I of from $1.0 ?l to $'2,00l>, to nianufaclur V i. .1 *'"* article 111 n r . ? * t and largo pr ifitK. | AiuIkiim of call at -'I Second street, New York. PABrNBR wa:i run with homk cash, ro as .. 1 *'.nl ir enterprise m Europe , form incut, unpre cimwiinmi tix'um" , to sail with ad v?u ti-wr liy flrxt Ht*anmr mm renuio abroad. Ami?** i>i VKU'OOL, ll?i aid oU\c# pARTNKB WANTRD? BY AN EXPERIENCED Mill* i , ? '{?' 01 the New York sumk Exchange with alt esiati V ,MI; w?d 111 tlrst ;?? s credit, a partner, citb r ^ .!L Liv'i '" J'i Vo ltl1 ??"MMO cash capital. I'rt ncipal* only uddrc s NEW YORK CENTRAL, Herald otlloo RARE OPPORTUNITY ? A BUSINESS, YALUAUI.M and stiecasiui, no experiment, In opera '1011 t.w? years, ?yitli store on Broadway ; one l>al' interest of 011* nt the partner* In, tor sati tactery rcitons, iffered tor 2:! . -w.AnT yu"" man, Willi from SvOttt) <? $1(1,000 cuinlal, seeking business, will do well to look it tluH, art it i.H uuliiivctl iiutli .un auU?r or beiaor can ti? lo'Hnl Principals only address W. t., box 1 ill Herald ortleo rpo MANUFA'TIIEERS OF PAPKR I! ANiilNOS -THR I advertiser, ol active hindnem luihibt, 15 yen s' prac tieal experience ii?; as -nstant in anau< r in a leadlntt Kmk Hah house, who ex port I arirely to New York, UmrouKlily understands the trade In till its Ulirorunt bram-hm, u, >ln >i rou s 01 enlcriliK an ustalillshed concern, where iu? atillity ami intimaie knowledue of recent imprnveinentK iiiikIiL lie made available ; highest references K>r -tlulity mid intefti'ity Address box Isii Herald otllec. T? AN INTKRK8T IN A NURSKRY I1UHINKB8 I N ? one of the best ?t iwinif portions of the Htate for sale ; property Increasing in value every year; utol olmiii e lor a pleananl anil hp illlitiil liusiiies^ 111 a didiuht-' ml inland town. Apply to (iltlMiS, CAKLKTON A Oo.. H8 Broadway. rilRHNK STORR? THK MOST DR8IRABI.B I.OOATIOIC I on Broadwuy ; halt or whole Interest tor -<alc ownor has oilier business; snial Wtpilul required Apply Ui M. T. WOOl.KY, 7^ UnivemiiT place. , \\r AMTBD? TO PDROHAflK, 1IIIV WIIOI.R OR II A(<V tV interest In a Meat Market, or would reut&Hfor* suitable lor same. Address II. A., Ilerald ollico WANTRD? A PARTNER, Willi $0,001 TO $ll),(W0, IM a lucrative uiantilacttirini(, establiahed !? this city. Addrosn JON US, box SSS Herald oflh e WANTRD? A PARTNER WITH $r.',ili? IN A I.AROR dry ko<h1s hiisinoss; must bu 11 Kooii tlnaneli?l ma* and Willi 1114 lo work. Address UAl.l'll, Herald oflloe. New York city. WANTED? A MAN, WITH $1,11111), TO JOIN THE .xllll II Bcrlbers in a produce comuilssion btuiine'is; he<t. >* re lerolires Kiveu and required. Address W. .* it., Iler'Ud olllee ~\\r ANTKl) ? SOMI5 PRItMON, WITH A PEW IIUN TT dred ilollars, to Invest an ei|ttal amount with ad vertiser in purehasiiiK a business, in which the proilla will he very lar?e. Address PROFIT, care 01 (.'ra.^ A ltasluie, 122 West Broadway. WANTED? MY A WHY. A SINGLE LADY AS PAIPr TT ner; one arqiiaillted in the city anil who thor ouitlily understands operating sewing uiaehtuea and iiiiikini! ladies' suits; roferenco required Address J. <i , Herald llpiowu Branch olllee. WANTED? A MAN W I I'll To INCItEASIS A. ? irood pavni" Miauiiiuetui'iliu; business, already tabllshed. W. P. O., Herald oRlen. WANTED, TO PliRtUIAHE? THE PI XT I IRKS OP A small Soup Works, or woul I rent a small establish ment, 111 Brooklyn prelerred, with privilege ol liuying. Apply to JOHN NOBliK, Wl) Pulton Street, Brooklyn ,tt? ? W A N T F, D, YOIJNO MAN, WITH BUSINESS TACT ?p. and lew hundred dollars; equal Interest in well established lioiiseturnlshiiiK Hoods and lltfli: IhhIium R rl lilies, selllim to wholesale trade. Adilre.s MANUKAU TUHEIt, box 118 Herald oilice. C?r TO $11) WILL START ANY LADY OR (1ENTLR. ??') man in an honorable, light and profitable businenit to aarry on at homo ; easily learned; .specimens 111:. West lath at. <11114 PER WERE.? PARTNER WANTED, WITH A JJp I " M / lew hundred dollars, in an established wood work niiiiiiiliieturiiiK huslnese; twice the amoiiul of Htm K on hand lor capital rcqulri il. Address WOODWORK, | box 1111 Herald oilice. ; ClIHM I 'AS 1 1 IMMEDIATELY WILL BUY RNTIRI ipJUW ri^'lit tor a heautilul little invention, whieb will sell everywhere at 30) per 0*nt profit Apply at 7# Nassau street, room 17. _ (titio/k IP HOLD BEFORE MONDAY, U O'OLOUK ? IJi Jill Tlie Business und Fixtures ol a Real l.-tate olllee ; cheap rent ; come with the inouey. 2UH Broad wuy, room 15. 1 -A RESPECTABLE MAN WITH Till# i I?i)Utl. amount can secure a flue business, where by close attention lie can secure a handsome income, by addressing SAFETY, box lli'i Ilerald office. I APAA ? YODNO MAN TO TAKE INTEREST Iff 1 ?p?JUUt office business; publish and control poiniKr : Work: H.OOO houI ; Add on hand. Address PL'BLl.illhR, box lit) Ilerald office. Cjl AAA -AN ENTERPRISINO MAN WITH THIS 'iPiiVMIo, tiiiin to take a hall interest in iuiniousi-ly profitable mantilactiirliitf busiiii ss. well established. Ad dress MAN tlfAUfL'RBIt, box ?&* gerald office d|9 nnn TO *5"*) wantrd-witii a business man. to extend an old established limine-* by openiiu u brunch store. Address A. D., box li>4 Herald 1 ptown Branch office. Ci'* nnn ~AS (}hn bstablmhkd firm hksikb I 'ipO.UHU, a Partner to take the place of one just re tired ; business, lixlit iiitinului.tiiriiitr, and very protltalA; ] can be greatly extended by a little advertlslm: in ':i%i ! are now mostly near by ; print Ipals only need address PROoRESS, box Hti Ilerald office. AO Ann WILL OIYB AN INTRRB8T IN A FfRBT JJjO.UvM 1 class Concert Troupe to hq acceptable party to act as advaucu a^enl. Aildrt:ss, real name, M I >IC, Ilerald olllee. <S??> nnn _A btmness man. with this ipo.ouU. amount, can have ball interest in a lixlit, [ profllatde trade, doing with first class grocers; 1 an be 1 extended to anv amount. Apply to Messrs. WORi,, heath A CO., 40 i moil square. (J??j ? PROSPEROUS DRY GOODS STORK FOl ?pO,?)oo, sale, on easy terms; 25 per cent cash, balance 4, M and 12 montlis' credit. Apply to or addrcie the store itaelt, BRADLBY, l^M Third aveam. RAA -WILL BI'Y OR EXCHANGE FOR IM proved Real Estate, old established Manu facturing Business; steady trade and largo profits; hives ligation solicited. Address STAPLE, box 75 Post otllce, Williamsburg. $ - nijn ?PARTNERSHIP FOR SALE FOR ABOVR o.UUU. amount; profits of the same hist year 9 1.INNI . am. Hint asked represented by otit?iamling bills ti? gootl houses. West, North and South; well established trade ami business connections. Address PARTNERSHIP, box 17S Herald office. <?/' EAA -BUSINESS WANTED, FOR WHICH M F, will give first class house, II room si French roof ; lour lots ; near railroad depot, ?tcamboal landing. Bergen Point; 2n minutes from New York. Ad dress MERCHANT, box 129 Herald office. Will nun TO $?I.III? CAPITAL wanted in a <TL''<""'o manufacturliig business in this city, ami to Introduce a new article of maaulacture in Europe. Address MANUFACTURER, IfW Broadway, room A fliPA nnn WANTRD? EITHER AS SPECIAL OR At? ?i)U,Ul"f tive partner, In one ol the largest, most firmly established anil most successful shoe manufactur ing establishments: located at Philadelphia; at present in an extremely prosperous condition, employing upwards ol MM bunds, and doing a business of $5011,0110 per annum ; clear evidence given of a profit of $3<t.ll?l to $.'!o.l>l'i yearlv and a business In every respect Iree from the slightest risk, fine of the firm lately deceased. Address I.4U9 North Sixiteenh street, Philadelphia. Y At' HTM, STEAMBOATS, &('? BAROE FOR SALK? A GOOD SOUND BARGE, |iV? feet long. .10 Met beam, feet hohl ; suitable lor liny, lee or general freight; a No two Canal Boa ts. For particulars Inquire of 8. T. SHERWOOD, Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn. 1TU)R HALE?1 TUB SLOOP REBECCA. TO BK SEE* r the foot of Thirty-eighth street North River Sh# will carry 06 gross tous and draws 4>? feet ot water FOR SALE-SI", FEET COCKPIT BOAT, K 8 SIMP M>n, 3 years old, sail.- A .No. I; blocks, anchor*, night cover, hallust and rigging in complete order, boat and ringing well suitfil for outalde llsliing. Inquire of JAM toR, Jersey City Yacht club, loot of Hcudersoii xtreet, Jersey city. L'nli s \ LK A 8TEA.M LAUNCH. SI FKKT LONG, ?* r feet beam, with double cylinder, oscillating cngina and steam fixtures; except boiler can be aeen at foot ot Fniv sixth street. North River. For particulars inquiro ot R I'll V FH, Machinist *?? West Forty -sixth street. F^OI: SALK-T1IK CABIN YACHT OLANCK.8I.Ol>>' rigged: lu< good cabin accommodation.*. i< lull* lotind in satis, rigging, cushions, Ac. : will be sold tur nislu I ; steers with a wheel; is finished In black walnnl at"l mahogany; iron work all galvanized For further particular* call on or address W. 1,. nWAN, 51 Pine at. I^OR SALK? THE HULL OF A NEW, RKAUTIFULLY* I modelled centreboard Yacht, with spars and largn * cabin ; light draught ; 37 feet on the water line and 47 on deck. Can be seen at the. Old Noveltv Ironworks.. Twelfth street, between avenues C and I), New York R 8 ALE? A NEW PROPELLER STEAM YACHT. with double engine, surface condenser. .*c. ; owner In Europe. Address lor particulars K. W. P . box Ml'uit olflec IT' OR HALE? A FINE NEW SCHOONER YACHTV r iU feet loug. in complete order. tpply at olllce of Agnatic Monthly, 64. Broadway. SCHOONKR FOR 8ALR-1 IIKAP; C.\RKYIN<? canaeitv, UNI tons; length. Aft ti 10 fuel; breadth, ;ii i - nK leet; in good condition, D. W. STONE, IM Henderson street, Jersey City. rp|| E CELEBRATED CHINA WOOD Oil. FOB SPAR!* 1 and bi i gin work, for sale in quantities to suit pur-? chasers. PHILANDER KliKD, 2J Old slip V VI II I FOB 8 tl.K? THE CHAMPION YACHT M \ R Y" 1 Kiniiia. 24 leet III length, new; two suits of sails-' spars, Ac., all complete, and is the fa-test yacht ailoal oi her length can '*? i'"" it foot of 124th street, E i.^ River. Apply at 44<i Kast llllth street. *Vr ACIITI VO. A MAN, THOROUGHLY ACytWNTEni I with the navigation ot Long Islaml Sound and withf everv harbor from New York to Portland, Me , wishes t a obtain a situation as sailing master of a yacht ror thJ season: New York Yacht Club preferred; eight vears* emperlenca as pilot, best New York reierencea gtvea?i Address PILOT, box 5*4 I'oal office, New York 1/U) NEW BOATS, WOOD AND IRON. SPOOK) J.U" Oar*. BO second hand Ships' Boats, Boat* fronts 31 to .'U feet long, at .W >aii *T< Miuth street and MtiM _?tr?vl ?ua UftfitfUl Utv?i? "UKN BulUsKCa^r

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