Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 14
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"OUT" AT LAST. Sir&c of the Gasmen Hegun in t!ic Works of the New York Company. A FRACAS ON TENTH AVENUE. A Movement in the Manhattan Works? A lively Scare for Italian Emigrants? No Plun ger cf the rity Being Leit in Darkness. ?jTk long-Mtpeeted Ntrlke the gasmen cm- I , ployed In ito New York. Can Company, ut the loot, oi Kast TWcnty-ilrst *treet> -culminated at noiyj ytsterilay. At attont ten oVlock in the morn'.ng tho Bnperintendcnt -of the works received tbe fal lowing notice from -one of the leaders or a/^ang of bis emplcytfs:? K Mowton, K*(., Saivrrl nUri'lout, ?l the New York <}*? Wi, Mi. fireini? imrt helper*.' r?inloye.1 bv the N*m liatliiu U>ni|i??.v, <lo iioiMy'jou thai ilcinaiiA the ot i h< rif'iit Ii-ht .\vyu-m m tAc works olsuid ? unii>nny on IliiK ?? .uur,la7, HI. twelve fiV.lock M Should ?mr ili'iuund hu &(.'I\i.kh1 we will cuane to work in ?"aid works GASMEN. At? won as SHiperlrltcn'Jent Mowton liai read the abofcc notification of tliu Intended mrlke he imme diately conlerredwith Mr. C. Everltts, ITesldent of the company, and both agreed that the men be; <Us inli.sed, in anticipation or more serious trouble If the matter ^should be 'allowed rest and tUo men given their own time "for a rudben ootburst or tiikib feeuvcs. The Superintendent, therMore, went to the men earlier tb.'.nr poon and toin them that, ax he be iieved the- notice given to him represented tht leellngH?t)f eit<'li, he wished them to leave the prem ises. Alt immediately threw down their Are-shovels and oilier implements of labor, and leit the gas works without exception. Meantime the company hail in reserve a forcc of willing workmen to (lj! their 'placet), but HOT WITH COMPETENCY NOW RELIABILITY The old gasmen, about two hundred lu number, tlironge l tiie thoroughfares around the works and presented u moat formidable appearance to all passing bv the locality. The few police who were stationed in the locality became alarmed lest any trouble or riot should ensue. Telegrams were liu meMately despatched to Police Headquarters by cuptaiy Tynan, or the Eighteenth precinct station, calling for reinforcements In a hurry. Inspector Dilkcs made out tlie necessary details of men, and a general alarm was sent to all the precincts to have the men hold themselves in readiness. It was rumored that the society men had threatened tiie non-society men, and that, the old workmen were concocting plans to cut the mains and stop the gas supply. These reports were, however, exaggerated and vague in the extreme. The men who lingered about the works continued sober, and evinced peaceful dis positions. The police, nevertheless, were prepared to meet any emergency that might arise. Captain ?Tynan and a force ol twenty men from the Kigu teentti preeiuet were on the ground, posted in and about the bulldiUK at various points. A 11 Khali) reporter visited tlie scene of trouble between labor and capital at bait-past three o'clock lu the aiternoon, and remained in the vicinity un til a pretty late hour. The policemen were still around tlie precincts, surrounded by groups oi anxious and nervous looking strikers, who laughed and joked over tiie serious condition ol allairs. no riot ensued. There were no persons antagonistic to the move ment to cause a riot, nor did the men seem anxious (or one. Tlie writer entered the office, at the northwest side of the works, and lound President fcverltts sitting pensively on an armchair, close by one of the windows. Alter the reporter telling him tlie object of his visit, and requesting the President to give a correct view of the matter, Mr. Everitts made the following statement : ? i Last September i proposed lo treat all men in mv em in tlie lalrest possible manner 1 possibly could, 'and I B t*li?ve 1 satisfied tliern to a great extent. L'p to a few months ago the men hail two hours per day allowance with the same pay tliey have at present, viz. $2 50 and $:t '.'5. respectively. A short time since I lound it caused n great deal ot Inconvenience to p< rmit this to go on. I then altered the time without altering the pay, and increased the number oi bands to son. extent so "as to make the employment ot tlie men during twelve hours as light as possible. This was doue by compelling them to work only by halt hours in their turn, so that really they weie more than null the time resunu This, however did not suit them to all appearance, torthere was much evidence ol ?ik ni grumbling and suggestions that thier time should he lessened to eight hours. Then I untleiuitcil Uus movement and ordered berths to be constructed In suitable apartments lor ilie accommodation of the new men whom 1 have since employed. When I received the notice ot the atlke trim the Superintendent to-dav I felt tome what trout. led, but I knew we were sufficiently pr< - pared and could get alonu it the police only protect u.-." Tne above Is a correct stateineut of tlie Presi dent's words. Alter making it lie nccoiiipanie 1 the 1Ikkai.ii representative through tlie gasworks, and the latter on Ins route through the various departments saw and thought lor himself. Not more than sixty Italians, Swiss and Germans Indis criminately were employed as substitutes ior tiie two hundred experienced men who had just ceased lo work. They seemed totally incompetent to get along, and notwithstanding the frequent assur ance of the ('resident that they could manage vcr.ovell it was easy to see they could not. Two or three foremen ordered them hither and t hit her, but though they heard linn they could not under stand him. The writer saw men actually if MP BACK WITH FKAH from the coai "timers and startle when the usual Might explosions took place. Wben a tar ot red cinders was to be removed, four or five men did it with great difficulty, and at the haz/.ard oi burning their iccl and bands. It may be displeasing to the company to say so, but it is quite correct. If these men are not able to make a sufficient supply ot gas lor tlie conmumty, and the Company can remedy tbe difficulty by any means, it seems only proper to make known the true state of atl'airs. JPhey say the work requires no skill and very little practice, tait when all are unskilled and inexperi enced a ^rrcat deal must remain undone. The IlKBAi.n reporter saw all the preparations that were made for tiie sustenance of the ucw men employed. THE BI SKS WKBF. PAIRI.V F1XEP and the tart unobjectionable. Thu President sail be did not expert tuat any settlement would oe made as loug as the men continued to object to Ins treat inetiL The men say nothing against their employers, but only demand, as it matter of Justice, it decrease ol time. All was quiet up to a late lif.ur last, itijrht In the vicinity, and no serious trouble was further anticipated. The police still lemalti on Uuty in and arouu i the works, and groups of the strikers continue to linger at the neighboring corners ot t he locality. At two o'clock yesterday afternoon the Kreatest excitement prevailed down town m consequence ol a rumor that a riot was in progress at the works ol the Manhattaa Oos Company, at the cor ner of seventeenth street and Tenth avenue, be tween the gasmen on strike and some Italian laborers who were taken in by the gas companies to supply the places of those who were out on strike, liutaor said that pistols and brickbats were freely used by the notes, and it was thought highly probable that New fork, between Grand and Iblrty-lourth streets, tlie area supplied bv tue Manhattan G;.? Company, womd be left in dark ness last niirlit. A Herald reporter was despatched immediately tt^he scene ot toe supposed riot. At the sixteenth precinct station Itanse he was Informed that about, neon Captain Hauaders haJ received intonuation that AN OK0AMZKI) MOVEMENT of the strikers w a* to be made on the Manhattan Gas Works in his precinct at two o'clock. He im mediately telegraphed to Superintendent Kelso at I'Mice Headquarters, and the reserves of the Kii leenih Seventeenth- twenty-third, Nineteenth Twenty-first. Twenty-ntnthand Thlrty-Brst pre cincts w.?re ordered ti? report at the Sixteenth pre cinct sia'ioti house to Captain Saunders, 'i'lic men hud all k ported by one o'clock and ita\ltig called out three sectloas of tils' own command lite Captain inarched -the whole body to the works which were threatened bv the strikers. Knty men were sta tioned in tjie gasometer vard, opposite the com pany's offices m seventeenth street, where the main pipe from the gasometer communicates with the feeders ?! the district lighted by the Manhattan Company. Ainanwas Ma'.mni i at the gale of k llns yard wits strict orders to allow nobody to pass on aay pretext, not even any or the workmen employed by the company, none of whom had yet stnok. The remainder of nu n the eaptam drew up In parade on the sidewalk and ?wulted the arrival ol the strikers, Who were reported to ,be coming across town in a body Irom tiie works of the New Vork company at ?the loot of K;isi Twenty-Urst street. Meantime Chief J.nuliHcr Smith, of t lit* Manhattan Com j.ubv, .and his brother, Superintendent smith, went nito Ihe men employed in the retort, yard ami caJr/ily told them that the #tnkers were expected to come to the works, if anybody wished to go with them tlie gates were open to him, but II he yield* d to the persuaslou ol t . ,ihc no t! iiu<1 once wi?/it out, ti>e gates were <:k*wid t" litem lor ever ,'roiii that moment, li fbey remained the fullest protection would be giranftteed to them. The iue/i remained quietly at WU'f'A ACAKK ion ITALIAN ftJ.BET SWEEPERS. A*>oin (wo o'clock ,i body ol tftrikcrs, about two fcfandreal ?UH'1 fft.V strong. mart h . ;<? a if heventeeuih MWt i"*?'W llM' direction of Kightb avenue in solid lolnri ii Tilt' men marched well and seemed to be *eiy miiclf i" earnest. I itey seemed somewhat Mnrnrised v.^heo they saw the large nuinoer pi po lice A body' Ol Italian street sweeper* happened to if m tii/iil eenth sireet. near lentil avenue, at tne tune The V ?t ence attracted the attentien pf * ho airik'ers ami thev conii.tem < <1 to abuse t! "ui ill t.!i ZS ttnub. ? Oct out, J oi tt I,e-d I on pro: they work fornlxty rentn a day," and minl la r Hiionf h wire heard ob all Hides. the ItuliniiH vccmed frightened out ol their liven and towardH die of police on the corner of Seven teenth street and Ten'h avenue. Captain Haun dern told them to iro on wtth their etrectcleanlntr and Im would protect tUem. Hie leader 01 the Ital ian* replied, "lietere you ? ?me we killed." A IMH'IOL MM it. , At this particular moment one man In t*e on Tenth avenue lived a pistol. The polie wH ftuntiy pat their hands on their revol" iu- ] l>ut the man who fired the pistol ha /?** pookf'tB, in a twinKiintr and was not arrest*1 a disappeared ing around tki* block the striker ,<*? 'Aftcrmarch to the works til the Metrop' 'ViibYcbed up town ni tinj foot of Forty-8ecot> ^ :tn Cas Company, Hiver, When tliry ha- -f "street, on the North Btat'oned all his men 1 ?<? i?'fl Captain Saunders tan Works, as tt wan itn<i aronud the Mnnliat whcn th? workni'- ? that at s?iveti o'clock, w> re le.ivlnn o'' -- ?*e Milnhatten Company and tfcs-y ?> ?? ,r?> the strikers would return M?trapoittu -S? ' lMi 'Attacked. The men 01 the faiw.nit.iv w?rkHdid not receive the strikers icmHH'ca at ineir worn. * CUlKP KNUINKKK'rt 8TATE1I KNT. , f* reporter had a conversation with Mr. smitlk, t, he chier engineer of the Manhattan Com* pany, ami lie made tlx- following statement "r. l(ts strike ts a faction tight, originated in the Ne*w York cas Company 's w? rks, and in tnls way About a year igo tne liion, who were working in Viiitbt. and d?9 gangs ot twelve hours racli, struck tor eight hoars ami mere wages. They succeeded In petting the eight, hours, and worked in ?three gangs to the twenty-lour hours. ity and by one gang offered to go back to the old system of twelve boars anil the old wages. The others became enraged, and ottered 'to go hack to twelve hours and still lower wages than they usually received belore the.v mi uck at all. This, oi cmiise, iett one gang out ill the coW, and hence the fart ton light wluc.i originated the general strike in the New York Company's works to-day. The company hns locked tliem out an<j taken In Italian laborers, whom they will lodge and teed In the w orks. They got them irom Ward's Islund V" "How did they engage these Italians T" "From societies tor the protection of emigrants. We have had oilers irom three different associa tions of this kind. Now, I want to tell you ior the Hkkai.I). because none of the other papers have represented this matter fatrlv, that this is not skilleu labor and we can supply the places of any men who may strike at any moment with the artisans in our own employ, and with men Irom off i lie street at $2 per day." "What do you give your men ?" "Three dollars and a half a day and they work on the twelve hour system, l?ut really tiou for twelve hours. We d? not want to part with ihem because they have all been with us a long time, but any muii in three days can t*e taught in the works of any company in the city to do the work as well as they. You may safely state that the city cannot be left In darkness. The New York has plenty ol gas to light the down tewn district for one night an* we all can make as much as we want to should all our men leave us at a moment's notice." A rumor gained ground last night that some of the men of the Manhattan Werks had struck; lull this proved lalse. The fact that sonic of the men lelt work earlier than usual gave rise to tills re port. Up to a late hour last night no acts of violence on the part ot the strikers were reported from the Manhattan or Metropolitan works. RAPID TF ANS1T AGAIN, What Air. \ . T. Stewart Will Not no ? nd What He Will Do? The Uracil Pneumatic Railway? "What Is the Uest. System of Rapid Transit! "Rapid transit" again comes forward, but this time in a very mysterious way. The resolution of the Senate,- concurred in by the Legislature, re questing (iovernor Dlx to return the Heaeii Pneu matic Railway Bill, which provided for a long tube, through which to shoot passengers the entire length of Broadway, called out various comment Irom yesterday's papers. It was asserted that Mr. A. T. Stewart was prepared to buy the charter of this company and pay if j,ooo,oihi for the privilege it might guarantee. A Hekald representative called at Mr. Stewart's down town store, but the eminent merchant was not there, having been confined to his house by a severe illness for time past, in his ab sence Judge Hilton, his legal adviser, kindly explained Mr. Stewart's position concerning all tUe railways projected for Manhattan Island. He said, "Mr. Stewart has never proposed to demonstrate the impracticability of any railway scheme by buVing the franchise upon which it is proposed to put it In operation. Such a scheme is the Beach Pnenmatlc Railway. He is opposed to any railway on Broadway of whatever nature, and would never embark any capital on "bores" under ground or "man traps" overhead. The nature of his proposition Is this, while lie believes that a snriace railway would be greatly injurious to the property holders along the line oi Broadway, still, if the Legislature Is prepared to pass a bill ior a snriace railway, he wnl pay $?_*.< 00,000 ior the char ter in the name of all the property owners iu case they themselves should not choose to place capital In the enterprise, such a road would yield large profits. It could be built lor $40,000 u mile, exclusive of the stables; and I compute thai the entire road, including all stock, could he put into operation ior less than $1,000,000. Thus you see the profits would be enormous, but the e ilects would he very deleterious to the general welfare of the city. Broadway would be given up to t lie exclu sive use of w company; and it is mMM that there would be a perpetual blockade ot the thorough tare from morning to evening. The heavy trucks, width can move along 110 other street at the present moment, would find their <>niy avenue of travel closed to them. Every body knows that other systems than surface rail wavs, or the viaduct system of going over the tops of the houses, as In Loudon, are not practical. 1 computed that '.here are ?joo,ooo people who travel on Broadway every dav, and the number Is an nually increasing at 1 lie rate of twenty-five per cent. Furthermore this amount of travel would par $500,' 00 profit a year. There is scarcely a railroad in the city whose debt would not pay the building ex penses ol the road ? that is to say, all the capital stock costs nothing, mi when you hear of a divi dend of six per cent It looks small; but this six per cent Is a dividend paid toa stockholder who lus no real money Invested. ' "Then Mr. Stewart does not Intend to buy the Bench Pneumatic Railway charter if it become a law." ??Certainly not. That company has already spent a great deal ol money, and. 111 addition to the f 2,000, 000, they want to he reimbursed lor their losses. As i told you belore, Mr. Stewart does not Intend to try the experiment of demonstrating an impracticability. Every property owner on Hroadwav is Interested in this matter. Anv attempt to undermine the thoroughfare would endanger every building along the route. To a man who is responsible for these damages it would Involve an enormous sum to pay the losses." "H hat plan of rapid do ton tavor, then?" "The system above the blocks is the only one, as in London. I understand commodore Yatiderbllt has decided not to go 011 with 111" underground railroad, because ot its enormous cost ? something like twenty millions of dollars, although lie has the ?barter. You will remember that 1 obtained a chart ..-r to build a viaduct railway, and the city was to loan J A, 000,000 to the enterprise, which, to gether with $1,000,000 subscribed by ,\ir. Stewart, Mr. Keimoiit. Mr. Astor ami others, would have completed one branch ol the road; hut the sudden change In political parties, together with other influences, has interfered with carrying out the project. The Beach railway w uld interfere with the entire sewerage ol the city, and also with the operation ol the water works, and would Involve a loss <>1 millions of uol lata to t he citv, us reported by Mr. Tracy officially.'* "suppose that the i'aeumatic bill passes and be come* a law " "Then we will see what Mr. Stewart will do about It." '?('an you enjoin the owners of the charter f" "The court* will prouably have something to sav about it.'' THE DKATH OF TIKS. 1D0TIIS. ller Parent! Claim the III nm iris?Action of Coroner Keaslrr. In the case of Mrs. Mary Thomas, the woman, of only nineteen years of age, whose death, It is aliened, hail been hastened l>y premature delivery, In having been turned from a bouse iu . St. Mark's place, where she had taken lodg ings, as previously reported 111 the Hkkai.o, Coroner Kesiief and his deputy, lir. Leo, yesterday took some preliminary action at the Morgue. On reaching Jlellcvue Hospital Coroner K ess ler found there Mr. James II. Stickle and his wife, parents of Mrs. Thomas, very respect able people living in Boonton, X. J. Tlicy stated that about lour months ago dt ceased was divorced from her husband, and, being a prTiud, high spirited girl, left home two months later, sn\mg she was going to Patersou to earn her own living, Mie wrote hone every "nek reguiurly, and had her letters a? I rusted to (Ver?on, l<?t, eventually. Mr. and Mrs Stickle ceased u> 1 eceivc any more letters from their daughter, whlcln aused the* gr? at anxiety and trouble. Finally 1 hev Instituted a search, but without sut'ccHri. ami they heard nothing more from her till they saw hcroeath announced In the Hkraid. Yesterday morning the distressed parents came <>? to tue <'ity to ciaJm the rewuias o| their daughter and her miant <Aild for Inter ment. Later in the day Mr. and Mrs. stickle leit for home with the n mains in charge. Dr. Karri ng ton, prlio ate tided dec< aaed previous to her death, made post-mortem examination on the body, mid found death resulted from puer peral fever, hot he watf not prepared to tny that her ejectment ftom the premises m st. Mark's place had brought on premature laborer hastened death. On Dr. l uiiiugtou'ir icruiuate the ileoith ! oard gran' ere tak & permit, upon which the bodies Corn' ji Troro the city and Slate. uln a:\ Kesslor, howevr, thought his duty re II* a tn'ni to invepttgate into the fat ts and cir ?t^'anees ?r ii.e rase in order to determine1 Mother brutality or inhumanity had been prur 'fined upon the unfortunate deceased by any one. A jury was empanelled and an investigation may take place next week. THE NEW HAVEN BANK FAILURE. l>iubtlUl< ? nnd A*srtn of E. S. Srranton *Si Co,? SlroiiK Kr<-!in|{ Agahist the I1! rm. Nicw Haven, Conn., April <S 1S73. At a meeting o! the creditors o: tlie firm of E. 8. '.Herantori k Co., held in this city to-day, S. E. Mer win. truHtee under an assignment in bankruptcy, stated as the result of liis investigations that there was charged to the nrullt and loss account since January 1, ls7a, losses to the auiouut of $4~k,000, to widen must be added almost worthless real estate to the amount of $ifi2,ooo, over-drafts in keeping wan the real estate to the amount or $ and cash items of little or no value to the amount of $70,000, making a grand total of fH13,000. the liabilities io the creditors amount i to over $600,000. 'l'he leoltng against the Arm Is | very strong, as it is daubtial whether anything I whatever can be realized (or the creditors. I SHIPPING NEWS. ? Alumnae for New York? fills Day* fVN AN' I> MOON. Fnn rises fi 3fi Still seta.., 6 30 II Kill WAT lill. Gov. Islam!. . .morn 3 :jo r Ninriy llooK . . muni 2 <T> Moiyi sets.... morn ;i on i Hell Guto morn 5 u> OCEAN STEAMERS. Suits, I Iteittinat'oiu | Ofy PATES OP pgr A RTF RK PROS! NEW YORK FOR TOE MONTH OK APRIL. Stramrr*. Wyoming oivmiiia titvui Rristnl. . lloisatia France .. city of Brooklyn Eumpa I ><?! in it IllltllO Trinacrla Bremen city <ii Wushlne'n April 9. . | Liverpool. 129 Broadway April iGloogow.. . . '7 Bowling < ireen April in. I ive rpool. . 1 1% Broadway. April In.. Hamburg. (61 Broadway April 12.. Liverpool April 12.. Liverpool April 12. Glasgow.. Anriil'-1.. Bremen VprlilB.. Liverpool April li> Glasgow., April 16. Bremen.. April 17.. Liverpool 68 Broadway. 15 Brond wav. 7 Bowling Green Howl i Hi? Groeu -".I Broil twav . Howilnc Green J Bowiimr Creen is Broad wav. Silesia I April 17 lllamburir..irtl Hroa 'wav. Si ui I n. 1 1 1 v ..I ui Antwerp. Adriatic California Saxonla. Vine ilu Havre. . Minnesota Baltic \prll 19 Anril Id, April 19 April III April 111, April l!i April 23 April ?t> Liverpool, Liverpool. Liverpool . Glasuow . . Hamburg Havre 69 Broadway. 15 Broadway. 19 Broadway 7 Howling Green lii Broadway. iM Brnailwav. Liverpool.. 129 Broa<lway. rnooi.. i 1>i Broadway Ma i ill at ui ii .. i April 30. .1 Liverpool ..129 Broadway. POKT OF NEW YORK, APRIL ft, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship City of Montreal (Br), Kennedy,, Liverpool via yueonslowii? John <! Dale. Steamship Weser (tier), Wiiligerod. Bremen viu South ampton < >elrlchs .1 Co. Steamship Rising Star, Hildreth, Asplnwall? Pacific Mail Steamship Co. Steamship City ot Houston, Deerlng, Gulvcston via Key West? C II Mailor.v A Co. Steamship Gen Meade, Sampson, New Orleans? Frederic Baker. .Steamship George Washington, Quick, New Orleans Clark A Seaman. Steamship Montgomery, Falrcioth, Savannah ? R Low den. Steamship Ran Jacinto, Hazard, Savannah?' W It Garri son. Steamship Champion, Lockwood. Charleston? 11 R Mor gan A Co. Steamship Isaac Hell, Bi.ikeman. Norfolk, City Point and Richmond? Old Dominion Steamship Co. Stenmstlip E C Knight, Johnson, Georgetown, DC? G B Merrick. Steamship Benefactor, Jones, Philadelphia? Lorillard Steamship Co. Steamship Dirhro. Johnson, Portland? J F Ames. Steamship Nereus. Hearse. Bmlon-H F Dintock. Steamsiup Aciishnet, Rector, Sew Bedltord? Ferguson A Wood. Shin Centnrion (Br), Taylor, London ? Arkell, Tints A Co. Hark Ida E (Br), Doane. Antwerp? Jacob W Schmidt A Co. Bark J II Hch wensen (Nor), Gudoroen, Stockholm? Te tens A Boekmann. Hark Jerkins (Sw), Wcnnerstown, Gothenberg? Tetcns A Hi n-k ma im. Hark I'arwell (tier), Ncwmpnn, Stettin? Funcli, Edvc A Co. Hark Rambler (Br), lbey, Cardenas? Fabbrl A Chaun cev. Hark Harmony (Br), lMnsmore, St John, NB? P I Ne vltis A Son. Brig Salas (Sp), Femenia, Palmn ? .1 D Rievera A Co. Hrl?; Anita Owen, 1'cltingill, Asplnwall? M Hunter A Co. Brii? Oliver Cutts (Br), Nelson, Port au Prinee? R Mur rav. Jr. Brig Alfaretta, Wallace, Nuevitas? James E Ward A Co. Brig Nellie Antrim. Lord, Richmond, Va? Brett, Son A Co. Sch Lizzie Ives, Saxton, St Croix? Ives, Beechor A Co. Sehr Marguerite (Fr). Olivier, St Pierre (Mart) ? 11 A 8uau A Son. Setir lien Putmau. Dunton, Grand i avinan? J Kneas A Co. Sehr Julia A Deckcr, Freeman, Nassau, NP? B J Wen berii. Sehr Mary F.llen, Hawkins, Turpiti Bay ? B J Wenberg. Sehr MadiMin Holmes, Bavles, lt'diaH<da? Kvans, Hall A Co. Sehr Leonessa, Myers. Jacksonville ? 11 I* Brown A Co. Sehr Lucre! la, Hewitt, Key West? Benner A Pmekney. Sehr Freeman, Mckenzie, Wilmington, .NO? W Chal mers. Sehr Nelly Potter, Guskill, Washington, NC? W K Iliti inan A Co. " Sehr Mary Perine, I'ai kard, Boston? Ferguson A Wood. Sehr A J Williams, Morreii. suitntord ? Stamford Manu facturing Co. Sehr Sallle llnrton. Btirlcy, Stamford? Stamford Manu faituriin: Co. Sloop It M Johnson, Gordon, New Haven? Rackett A Bro. steamer Beverly, Picree, Philadelphia. Steamer A C Stimcrs, Warren. Philadelphia. Steumer C Comstock. Drake. Philadelphia. Steamer '1 aeony, Nicnots, Philadelphia. . ARRIVALS. REPORTED BY THE HERALD STEAM YACHTS AND HERALD WHITESTONE TELKORAl'H LINK. Steamship Donau (Gor), Neynaher. Bremen March '-2 and Southampton 25tii. with liulse and tilfi iiti-si-ngei s to Oelrichs A Co. Hail atjrnng W winds and ftigh seas the entire passaKC. April 4. .'Uio miles E of Sandy Hook, passi d a German steamer, ami au Anrhor line steamer, bound K. Ship City ot Lahore (ol Glasgow), Lamont, Cak'Uttn and Sand Heads Dee. il, wiih mdse to Stoke A Coleman. Passed Cape of Good Hope Feb 9, St lleleia Feb IM. ami crossed the Ki|Uator March 2 in Ion 24 4ti W. Had variable weather to Rermuda, trom thence 21) days, with strong westerly winds. Jan III, Int 22 i>2 S, Ion 17 16 L, spoke ship W allace, irom Falmouth for Rangoon, 87 days out ; Jan 29, Int 30 U S, Ion 43 ill K, ship Cyclone, from Soma lia* tor Sew York ; Feb 11. hit .'^l 12 S, loll M 47 K, bark i .institution, from Falmouth for Colombo. ship Game Cock, sherhurne, Manila Dec 26, w ith hemp. Ate, to G I) Bacon. Pa?sed A niter Jan 12, Cape of Geod Hotic Feb 17, nud crowed the l.quator March Is. in Ion 3S; had light sE trades to the line: t.heaee tresh winds to llait. ins; then light w mds t.. port. Hark La cii line (llal), Vidulieh, Megsina Jan 26, with t rii I" to Lawrence titles; vessel to master. ship Brothers Apap (of Malta), Farrugla. Leghorn 53 davs and Gibraltar 4a dnys, with maride, .Vr, to. I Full hrleottl A Co. Took the southern passage and l ad tine weather to Bermuda ; irom thence 21 davs with strong ales trom SSK to WNW. March 21. iat !lo 12. lun titi 19, spoke sehr Kliza Thom|son; hence lor Porto Rleo. Hark l res Hermanns (Sp). Costa. I'orto Cabelin 13 davs, w ith cotlee, Ac, to J Auostini. moderate wi at tier. Hark Hattle II (of Windsor. NSi, Card. Mat -in/as 10 day ., with to II I De\\ olf A c o. llad variable wea ther: been 4 davs north ot Hattcras. Hi i- Hianca s'alvalore dial), L. botr.-. London .'2 davs, with mdse to Russell, Howes A Co. Took the southern passage, and had variable weather; Was 12 davs west of Bermuda. HriirJosieC lla/leton (of Belfast, M llassell, Ha vana " days, wit i soi-'iirto muster. Had tine weather; been 3 davs u.irth ot llatti ra<. Ilriif I II Odiorne (of Pictou. NS>, Horn, Cardenas 9 days, with sugar and mel.ido to oo?itng a Co; v i?ei to G II Brewer. Had fine weather; been 3 davs north ot Mat te ras. Brig Amy \ Lane (of Searsport), Carver Cardenas* days, with snuar to order . v esse I to Walsh, Field* Way. Had moderate weather; has been dav. north ol liat teras. Brig Arab (of Halifax, NS), Forest, Canso NS, 17 davs, with ii-li to John Hoynton's Son A Co; vessel io master. Hint strong westerly gales Sehr I' J Frazh r, Plum, Para 20 davs, with rubber and nuts to R Lndmaii A Co: vessel to Votings, Smith A Co. Had moderate weather; has been 3 days north ol Hat teras Sehr Mollie, AthertoR. Arroyo, I'll. 12 lav s, with stuttir and molasses titSalway A Ca'sado; \c?-i I tit Jed I rv. a Co. Had moderate weather; was ;; days north of Hat. teras. Sehr A II Lennox (of Wlscassett), Gray. Inagua 9 dnva, with salt to K Murray, Jr. Had fine "weather ; been .'i days north of llatterns. Hehr y noddy ml Luliec), Fanning, Cardenas u days, with inolasvs and honev to order; ve*scl to J<'d Pryc A Co. Had line weather; been 3 days north ot Hatteras. Sehr c P Oerrish (ol l.ttbec, Mc). \rmstrong, Cardenas 7 days, with molasses to B II ltou ell A i ot ves.el t.. Jed Frye A Co. Had tine weather; b? en 2 days nortli ot Hat tcras. -i !ir Mary Manktn, Tvler, Charleston ('.days, with ties to Simlre I'hornton A Co. Sehr Henry Parker, Lew is, Richmand, Va, t days, w ith coai to ma>tcr M hi Nellie M Snow Snow. Virginia for Providt tnp. Sehr c i Hub1 ard, Jniveiamt, Virginia se'ir l? VN Vatttlian, Thompson, \ irginia. Selir R Mason, Gibson, Virginia. Sehr C A n Rogers, i tibberly Virginia. Selir A 1 1 < ? \ . Sidson, Virm'iiia. si iir Man Parker, Petty. Virginia. .selir G it Washington, floihrook, Virginia, Si ii r n W OiHilrey, Jordan, Vlr.'inii. Sehr II J Rhwuoiki. ? ranmer, Raltimore. sehr llenry Finch, Htinm II, Baltimore I'usxeil 'rhrougli Hell (iatt, BOCN'I) HOt'TR. Sehr G? rtrude IMumtner, Wright, Sant.1 Martha lor >i hr illie Irving Kelly, New Haven lor \ irginia. Si hr hdwm s I'yicr, Pratt, Boston tor Pliiladel;du i It r Jennie Rogers, Shepltard, Portland lor he w \ nrk, with stone ti order. sehr siia? Brainard, Hue 11, Providence tor New York. S. Iir John. Patten, New l^mdon lor New York. Si hr Francis Kd wards, Provide m e for New York Sehr I saa< H Horrten, Hodae, Fall River lor New Vork. Selif Sell Fi am, I'ann .n. Providence lor Virginia. Si hr Joseph \\ Fitzpatrlck, Smltli, Huston for PluladeU pliiu Si hr DM HiufTleld, Raynor, Providence fur Sew York. Sehr Clotilda I'ond. Northpnrtfor New York. Si h r H A iM>niming, Ktiowles, New Loudon lor Sew Ywrk. Si !ir P S Llndsley, Hamilton. Greenport for New A'ork Schf Annie J Rossi ||, Miller, New Haven foi New \nrk. Sit 1 1 r J L H< ss, i i at ?. Kins, Connecticut River lor iNcw )'?.rk. Sehr W Collycr. Taylor Anpinoge ror Philadelphia. st hr J L /.< ii h, floinisto. >ew iiavi u tut B.tlLiiioie. Schr S Benedict, Brown. Portland lor New York. Hchr Dictator, Baker, Gloucester lor Now York. BehrJa* Bayles, Arnold, Provident e for New Wirk. H J Kinltli, Smith, I'm 1 1 .*iver lor New York. Sclir Hannah WilletU, WillcUs, Boston lor Philade. 1 's'ehr II I> May. Younir. Boston for New York. : clir LV Knight, hieilgle, Button tor for*. _ N > '?'clir Margaret lUmiiardt, Peterson, Boston for nc t i Y<irk. ? Hehr Tcxi*, Providence ftw New Yyrh. ' ' Sehr Henfv I einnel. Nortliport Mr New <orV sclir faliMiunt, Rvder, Bridgeport tot (few Yof'k. S< n r Count ctifut, Dehart, Nc\y Haven tor New Yor*. Schr HnT.ii' ti Collins, Dibble. Stoni'Aff'toii for New Pork. He hr James B Cunningham, Mill, Nvw London tor New York Sr tic Sxifil W. ller, RrrrlrtVAy, Portland lot New York, wiiti 10 Hanlon A Ryer. s*V James Hoffman, Shropshire, Now London for New Y?rk, KehrG StancllIT, fields, New Haven for New York. Schr M A Predmore, Sherman, Providence for New York. Schr Kverffreen. Turner. Providence 'or New York. Schr 3 .1 Worthlnirton. ferry, Kull Hlver lor New York. Helir Helen Mar. Ward, Providence for New York. S ? ti r A I'haro, Bingham, Providence lor New York.

Schr Josephine, Fhlnnev, Norwich 'or New York. Helir K it Brazos, Hmith, Nortliport tor New York. Ki 'ir Eli/a, null. Bridgeportfor New York, Schr Predonia. Sears. Bridgeport lor New York. Sc iir Speed well, Baldwin, Kockfand lor New York, with 1 i in" to J K Brown. Si ! i r ffm Mason, French, Providence for Baltimore. Schr Emma .M Pox, Chase, Pull Hlver t>>r Philadelphia. Setir itu hard Morrell, Mot rell, Greenwich tor New York. Mariner, Rich, Greenwich tor New York. st. '.liner Thetis, Hale, Pruviuence lor New York, wit!i mi|?i' and passengers. steamer < lulu '.oa. Gale, Providence tor New York, with indse ami passengers. BOUND EAHT. Steamship Acnshnet, Rector, New York for Now Bod lord. Schr I una. Wells, New York for Providence. Sc lir Morixoe, Lent, Kliznbcthport lor Bristol. Sclir Wm Pi ining. Mitchell, New York for Ronton. Sclir Hunter, Crane, New York for Dighton. Sclir M It Homers, town-end, Apulachlcola tor Boston, with lumber. schr Hannah E Brown, Bucket, New York for Provi de nee. Schr Bonny Boat, Kelly, Baltimore for Boston. Hchr Convoy, French, Tloboken for East Weymouth. Pilot's Bride, Brewster, New York for Boston. Sclir Hi In Peck, Avery, New York for New London. Schr II W Benedict, Whcatlcy, New York lor Kail River. Schr Belle, Simpson, Ne'w York for Liverpool. Schr J II Bartlett, Harris, llolioken lor Providence. Sclir Wm " Irish, Tlrrell, New York for Providence. Sclir Surprise Seaman, New York for Providence. Sclir Wm McCobb, Hill, New York for Somerset. Sclir Itcnry Cole. Chad wick, New York for Providence. Schr George P Trltni, Linnekin, Now York lor Glouces ter. Schr Flyaway, Bnoi, New York lor Fall River. Sclir K C Smith, Heath. New York lor Fall River. Sclir Tempest. Shropshire, New Yoik (or Norwich. Schr Samuel Castner, Jr, Lake, Philadelphia for AV lvn's Point. Sclir Wind. Warwick, New York for New London. Schr E II Nnsh, Cole, Mi/abethiiort for Newburyport. Sclir Kloetwing, New York lor Rockland. Schr Charles Comery, Creamer, Port Johnson for Sa lem. Schr John Randolph, Robbins, New York lor Pull River. Schr Samuel P Codwin, Waterbury, New York for Stamford. Schr Kvdvn. Bureer. New York for Stamford. Steamer United States, Davis, New \ork lor Fall River. IIkkalp Tklkc.raph Station. ) W niTKSTONK, LI, April S, 1873. f The following table shows the number of vessels which passed this station during the week ending April 5:? INWARIl BOITSr. Steamships 14 Schooners. 159 Brigs I Total .' 174 Steamships Brii:s I Total SAILED. Steamships Wescr, for Bremen; Anclln, Glasgow ; Canada, 1. 1 verpool l St Laurent, Havre; Rising Slur. As pin wall; Vlcksbtirg, Port nu l'rlnoe; City of Houston, utialvcstoii; (ten Mcilde, Ni'w Orleans ; (Jeo Washington, ?In: Montgomery, Savannah; San Jacinto, do; Cham pion, Charleston ; E C Kniglit, Oeorgetown, DC; Isaao Fell, Richmond, Ac; harks Excelsior, Cadiz; Shnwmut, Buenos Avrcs; BergenserenJ Havre ; Imotrciie, Antwerp; Morro Ciistle, Vokohama; Kmma 0 Litchfield, Bruns wick; brig Alice. Port Johnson ; schrs Madison Holmes, Indianoia; (-lias Morford, Charleston. SliippniK Hotel. Brig Emma L Hail, 364 tors, of Stockton, Mc, was Stripped, calkVd and reinstalled on the large sectional dock loot of Rutgers street, and was followed by ship As tronomer (Her), 888 tons. Tor the Mine purpose. The dock is now occupied by the Sound steamer Seawanhaka, bolting heil plate, Ac. On the small sectional dock adjoining have been three masted schooners Harry White, 180 tons, of Bucksport, Me, and M B Bramhall, 386 tons, owned by Messrs Evans, Ball A <'o. to strip, calk nnd rcmetal; brig Harry A Au brey (Br), 222 tons, and bark Eliza White, 411 tens, of Portland. Me, to patch metal ; brigs Martha. 223 tons, and John Swan, 52<i tons, owned by Messrs Hand A Swan, both to strip, calk and rcmetal; ?chr L V Davis and lmrk S W Swasey. 419 tons, to undergo the same process, and hark Procidentia (Nor), *97 tons, for examination. Bark J F Whitney (Br), 701) tons, has been lor some time, and is now, ou the Clinton street sectional dock, un dergoing repairs of a general nature. The llohokcn terrvboat Chancellor I.ivlngstnne lias been on the mammoth sectional dock at Hoboken, to strip, calk and rcnietul, and the dock Is now occupied by steamship Early (Br). 1500 tons, repairing damage to keel. Ship Baltic, 2614 tons, of Boston, was lowered from the large balance dock loot ol Pike street, on Thursday, alter having been stripped, calked anp remetalled, und was followed by New Jersey Southern Railroad Co'* steamer Long Branch (formerly Sleepy Hollow), to patch metal and do other repairs of a general nature. On the smaller baluncc dock adjoining hare been ship Marv Wlilttredge SiB tons, of Baltimore, and bark Jonathan Godfrey, 513 tons, of Boston, both to strip, calk and rcmetal ; bark Traveller (Br), 830 tons, to paint, anil *lilp I. Lorlllard (Br), 907 tons, to coal-tar bottom. The screw do ks foot of Market street have had as fol lows:? On the large dock, schrs Frank Howard, 141 tons, of Bath, to strip, calk und remetal ; Julia A Decker, 95 tons, and l-cona, HI tons, to paint bottom, and J S Hew itt. 206 tons, for general repairs; brigs Amelia Emma, 272 tons, of Searsport, to patch metal; Annie (lurdner, 214 tons, to clean metal, and Isibella, 395 tons, to repair shoe; parks Colonist (Br), 447 tons, and Clauntlet (Br), 345 Ions, to clean and pateh metal, und Sadie, 514 tons, of Boston, to strip, calk and remetal; and propellers Young America, to disentangle rope Iroin wheel, and Amboy, lor new wheel. On the middle dock have been pilot boat J W Elwrell, lo paint; propellers Jessie, to paint, and Alert, lor general repairs; sclir Impulse (Br), 168 tons, to strip, calk and remetal, and brig Wiley E Smith, 124 tons, for general repairs. on the small dock have been sohr Henrv Mlddleton, 68 tens, to metal, and pilot boats <> W Blunt, Edmund l?riggs and Ezra Nye, tor slight repairs. and Widgeon, tor quite extensive repairs necessitated by damage received while In collision during the blow of Saturday last Messrs P J O'Cotinell A Co have had on their F.rie Ba sin sectional dock barge Abbot, schrs Altavela, Reading Railroad. Charles Dennis. Emma Law, Annie Powers fltid Ed Wnite (new), 479 tons, nnd brigs Thomas Camp bell <Br\ and Willow Brae (Br), all lor calking and painting. Marine Bisastrr*. ftTKAMSmp Bi.ArmToNK, from Baltimore lor Boston, which w as n*hore at (lay Head, was lowed to \ Incyard Haven 4th. where -he would reload her cargo and clear screw ol imwwr. Kakk Atu;o, from TrinMail, Cuba, for Falmouth, E, p\it into Philadelphia 5th leaking and pumps clinked. Bark An ; k an, Monroe, at Boston April 4 from Palermo, renorts having eoine bv the middle passage. Had good weather to Ion M, then heavy gales from s?W. WSW and NW with tremendous seas ; sprung toretopmast, mid put a new one In its place; sprung upper loretopsull vard ; carried awav malntopgallant mast and spriing malntni. mast liudlv -.'lost -ails und gear. On the 27th ot March, lut 3i! (7. Ii>n tlr> .40, eneoiintered a revolving gale, shipping large ouuntitiesof water; washed away torehatch house. \t 6 I'M \ ? 1 1 3. 20 mill"* iroin Cape I nd, was taken 111 tow b'v steamer Seminole, Irom savannah, and brought into uort. Brio Chihf (Br), Munroe, from Cardenas, arrived below Portland April 4 tor orders; lost loretopgallantiuast on the passage. SciiR TtiLi- Cooper, Iron. Oeonretown. DC, with a load (it manure, sprung aleuk when oft the mouth ot the I nto mac utiil the captain beached her to save the lives ol his crew. Vessel and cargo will prove a total Ions. Sctin Urasvkkic (I'nii , Macomber. Irom Jacksonville f, r (irevtown. put Into li.agua March 24, to set up rigging, and would proceed .-sine dav. Si u? Mary B Kkkvk, Maloney, from Boston for Calais, which was with bark It A Mien and i. Iter wards cut in;o(iloi*-estcr. had bowsprit and knighthrads carried away and cutwater, siern and forward part ol deck started, with other damages. Si- it it Julia Nkwk.ix, Shepherd, from Rockport. Me, for New York. | lit Into stonlngton 4th ln-1 lor repairs, ha\ iiu' night ot 3d, off Watch llill, collided with steamer Old Colon V, and carried awa> bowsprit and all headgear; the steamer rendered assistance until she louml sin was not leaking TroaoAT Oystkr B it collided with an unknown sehr off Whlteslone at '.o'clock AM yesterday (5th). ami had her smoke slack and gearing carried away. Iw.. ol her crew were thrown overboard b\ the I the collision, lint Were picked up by a pa sing row-boat. The wreck was taken in low bv steam propeller Niagara and proceeded l"r New York. The selir did not sustain any serious dam age ami also proceeded. There was u verv heavy 'outherly gnle on the 29tnult and an uncommon high tide in the Ureat South Bay, Long Island A! 20 oyster sloops and boats were driven ashore and several w.-re damaged. I lie sloop I ii reka i apt Rogers, druuged her anchors nnd fouled slooi. Seabird, (apt N arringloii, receiving damage to the extent of about *2>i; the latter was also considerably Injured. Ill the severe pale on the 29th nil. a canal ?chr loaded w h coal lor New l.oti Ion went ashore just east, ol Mill ^ . nn the morning of the itotli the sehr Undine, of Portland. Ct, broke adrilt irom Palmer's wliarl. Millstone went among rocks near bv, btit Help being at hand wassoo'i got off ? serious damage. On the 2.MU tlie sloon Kile ii Butler went ashore at Black Point Bay, Ct, and bilged. Hubert Rogers, of Oreat Neck, Is engaged in taking the ???.. from le W'hr f bos K Caliill, recently wrecked in Man l! Bav She Wtt. laden with 25 tons of coal tor New i .iiiici) fiO of" which have taken from the wrcc k If weather continue* favorable it i? probable the greater i art ol balance will be saved. anifrii March 24? The Herman bark Arlon, Norden at sea ... . leaky state (as be.ore re ported)- ?,ir(-h 22? The Black Prince, Marshall, r- vc-'t n n i ii lut 35 N, Ion 57 w, fell in with the from ilalvi ston. in '? r(|lx' |.?rrrl ,r?m New York for Corun ua (!?' '"re reported, disabled ami a complete Wrv"i "i-^oil ollieirs and irew, nveu men ail told irifken ? 4 on board the Black Prln-e with right thigh 1 Ion si .an washed overboard Feb 27. Feb -0. in lat 36 laiioli" *> "'"o fl'" ln w'th ,lie l,roUior's Pride, el An IWp. , ( Scotia), abandoned, i:iu-Li gout, Uecki , ^and seven feet water in ImKJ. j.i*bon, March IS? The bark Kona Danovaro Sn *>iw. from New York tor Falmouth. put in here ye - te r sta.v. Willi damage NomroLK, Anril ?? A large three-masted sehr, name unknown, went ashore near the Middle Ground yester day. St IIklknj, Feb 27? The Wistaria. Miller, from Batavia tor Boston, ih still repairing, but will nail in about a !ort flie Charles !?' Perry, Haliett, ironi Table Bay tor Bos ton, which put ln here leaky Feb 3 was sold by auction. Yarmouth <IW>, March '-'4-Th.' Woodham. Norwegian steamer, ot Christiana, ashore at Chilton (I ?" ), still lie* in al out the same nosltion ; the lour pumps and engine on board keep water under, and hopes are cntcrta.nea ol saving the vessel. - . ? MifirellantaiKi Bark Chief, Hardin/ nt Boston 4th from Messina, re ?orts thai on tile &th uli Kdwurd Chase, seaman, ot laine. died of consumption. Bchr Mkitowax, of Orient, 25 tons register, has been sold to Capw Norton and Vreoman lor $111)0, who have since sold lier to Capt B C Carl wrlffbt, of Shelter Island, to be 1'ouimandcd by Capt Jtilin lleebe. Which Statistics ? The Direction ot' the Bureau Veri tas, Brussels, has iunt published the tollowln;: list oi mari time disasters reported during January and February last ln January 221 sailing vessels were lotaliv lost, of which 1'7 were Knglish, 21 French, 13 Norwegian, 11 American. ?> Greek, ? (ierinan, 5 Danish, 5 Dutch, ? Span ish, 4 Italian, 2 Austrian, 2 Portuguese, I Nicaragua. 1 Swed ish. I Una emal.i, I Ku-islaii, 1 Turk. The total number in cln les'.'l sailing vessels reported missing. In February 312 tailing vessels were totally lost, ot wnicli 147 were knglish, 64 French. 15 American, 13 Italian, 13 Dutch. 12 German, KtNcr'.vcgi&u, ? Aus'.ria;;, ft Spanish, 6 Kussinn, 5 Greek. A Danish. 1 Swedish, 1 Portuguese, 1 Brazilian, and 4 of which the Hags have not been reported. The total num ber iiicliidcs2H sailing vessels reported missing. 1 iv. Jan uary 34 steamers were totally lost, ot which 19 were American, U Kuglish, 2 German, 2 French. This total number includes 2 steamers reported missing. in Fel> ruary 19 steamers were totally lost, ol which 12 wero Knglish, 2 American, 1 French. 1 Brazilian, 1 Chilian, Spanish, I Norwegian. The total number includes 2 ste.uni is reported missing. Launched ? At Heliport, LI, March 31, from, the .vat*',! of Post A Munsoll, n sehr named the Siduey MunseLI , |(,f Capt l.c wis taker, ol Patchogue. Whalemen. Arrived at St Helena Feb 21, bark "Ijinccr. M?.cey, of NB, Irotn a cruise. Arrived at 'table llav. COH, Feb.1V sehrs Rosv.ell King, Kuilcr, and Chas Colgate, Norria, t*<oru Desol/itlon taud both sailed Kith lor New London). Spoken. Ship St Luele, Scribner, tritn San Franciraco for Liver pools Jan 27. lat 52 S, Ion H5 VI "W Bark Amelia Ross, Iroin PerM'lor Chile, Feb It), !at32 45 S, Ion *0 02 W. Bark Sancla Bega (Br), from Sail Francisco lor Cork, March ft, lull 30 N, Ion 110 IB W. Brig Georgia. Miller, from Matuazas for Ualtlinore, April 1, otT Charleston. Foreign Porto. Bklizk, lion, March 12? Arrived, brig Clota (Br), Mar shall, Ne.w York, to load lor do. Cadiz, March 13 ? Sailed, ship Wild Hunter, Howatt, New York (tie I ore reported cleured for Boston). Calcutta, Feb 2S ? In port, ships Lottie Warren (Br), Lucas; City of Ningpo (Hr), lteddle ; Kdith Troop (Hr), Smith, and Itcdgauntlet (Br , Swan, lor New York, Idg; Importer, Avery, lor Boston, do; Thomas Hamlin Mir), Uibb, lor San Kiancisco, do; New Kra, Bubson. lor Bom bay, do; Brewster, Dull, from Sydney, NSW, arrived 2.>th, uncertain. Cleared Feb 27? Ships Tlrrell. Morgan. Boston (and was proceeding down the river 2Htli) ; 2Jith. Centaur (llr), Buchan, New York (and was proceeding down the river same day). Went to sea from Saugor Feb 21? Ships Stockhrldge (Br), I aing, lor New York; 27th, Lvdia Skollleld, For salllt, lor do. Ckbu, Feb 4? In port bark Sebastian Bach (Ger), Sane stadt. iroin llotig Kong, arrived Jan 2S, to load lor San Francisco. Ciknkukcos. March 2ft? Arrived, barks Neptune, Bcal, Boston ; Jennie A Albert (Br), Osborn, st Thomas. Sailed 20th, brigs Countess (Br, llopwell, Boston; 27th, bark Alplna (llr), Aubrey, Zaza ; brig Jacinia (Br), .Mil ler, Boston ; sehrs J J Spencer, Lul kin. do; J M Flanagan, Shaw, Philadelphia; Maggie Cain, Scull, New York. C ardknas (nut Matanzas), March 26? Sailed, brigs 15 A Barnard, Wlllebv, Sagua; Kva N Johnson, Johnson, Phil adelphia: Anir A Long, Carver, ami James Davis, Sla pies, north of llutteras ; sehr C P Gerrish, Armstrong, do. Guayanilla, PH. March 23? In port brig Keho, MeCa hau, lor Baltimore 23d. Havana. March 27? Sailed, sehr Artdie M Bird, Merrill, Sagua; 2Sth, brigs Moses Da.v, Crosby, Cardenas; MB Nickerson (Br). Klrkpatrlck. do: Florence (Hr), Monroe, <l:i ; 21)1 h, hark llarrisliu rg, Howes, New York ; brigs Kllza, Clarke, do; Isaac Carver. Williams,; Shannon, Sawyer, do; sehrs Nellie J Diusmorc. Dinsniore, north ot llutteras; Tasso (Br), Bray, do; Nelson (Br), Wright, New York. eld 20th, brig Maria (Sp), Lust, New Orleans; 2!>th, bar!' Mary Llbby, Libby, Sagua; lirigs Principe (Sp), Pulg, New York; I'dvina (Sp), Vina*. do; Herman, llieh bom, do; sehr Mar.v Jane (Br), Greenwood, Cardenas. Ii.oilo, Feb 4? In port ship Fort Regent (Br), Olscn. for New York, Idg. Inacita, March 24? Arrived, sehrs tienox, Gray, Cape Ila.vtlen, to load for New York; Grannie re (Dan), from Jacksonville for Grey town (putin to set up rigging, and would rull same davl. Liverpool, April 3 ? Arrived, ships Sovereign of the Seas, Johnson, San Francisco; Regent, Chase, do; Winged Racer, small. New York; bare Columha (Ger), Stmmbcrg, New Orleans; 4th, steamship Arch Druid (Bri, Thompson, New Orleans; ship Kate Kellock (Hr), Boran, do. Arrived 5th, steamship Isnialia (Br), Ovenstone, New York ; ship Sea Queen (Br), Plant, Mobile; burk Forest Queen (Br). McClelland, GalvestoB. SQrTlie reported arrival of ship Zuiueta (Sp), trom New Orleans was an error. Sailed March 28, steamship Lady Darling (Br). Clayton, St John, NB. London, April 3? Arrived, ships Magnet, Crosby, Yoko hama; Itssca, KiNi, lloilo. Imuuavra March 10? Arrived, sehr John L Merrill, I naise v. J"<ew i orK. Manila. Fob 7? In port ship Richard Busted, Johnson, tor New York. Matancas, March 28? Arrived, bark Florence Peters, Mitchell, Cardenas; brig Abide Clill'ord, Clifford, Mar seilles. Sailed 2Ptb, bark Carlton, Treeartin, do: brig W II Bii'k more, Blckii'ore, do; schrs Gordon (Br), Jaeobson, Phila delphia; 1 1 attic .1 McFarland, McFarland, Boston. Ponck, March 22? In port bark Andes, Davis, for Rnlti more; brig* British yuciii (Br), tor do; Open flea, Vea zie, (or do, Idif. Qctmnowii, April 4? Arrived, steamship Wisconsin (Hrt, Freeman, New York lor Liverpool. Sailed 4th, steamship City of Antwerp (Br>, Eynon (from Liverpool), New York. Samia, March 29? Cleared, bark Josephine Martin, Ficketf, New York. St John, NH, April 4? Arrived, bark Frida (8we), Lau dc.rzea, Boston. Truxillo, Mareh 19 ? Arrived, briff Alice (Br), Mont gomery. New York, to loa I lor do; schr K E liackett, As mat, Kingston, Ja. |Pk? Steamship Donai\J Alcoa Hav, Feb 14? 111 port, Euoora, Turnbull, for Bos ton, ready to eleur. Sailed 13th, Huntress, far Sand.v Hook. Bklfast, March 23? Arrived, Orion, Ellerlmusen, Nor folk; Allegra, Johnson, Philadelphia. Bkuuk.s, March 19? Arrived, William. Beattie, Charles ton. BoRnp.Anx? Sailed from Royan March 19, New England, Baxter, Buenos Avres. Bonk (Africa), March 19? Sailed, Monte Tabor, Olvarl, New York. Bhrvkrhankn, March 2t>? Arrived, (! U Mosle, Knck, New Orleans; 21st, lirilliHiit, Buch, Now York; 22d, Main (s), Von Otercudorp, do. Sailed 21st, ("ioctlie, Steenken. Philadelphia. Cardiff, March 22? Sailed, Pembroke (s , Williams, New York. Entered for ldg 21st, China, Femald, fur Rio Janeiro. Iioviii, March 21? Passed, Francis Bourneut, oinvier. from Grimsby lor Philadelphia. Dkal, March 21? Arrived, Ornen, Houglund, London for New York mud sailed) ; 24th, Helgoland. Valslch, do tor New Bedford (and sailed). Sailed 23d, Wm MeOHvery, Nichols, Dundee; Pern, lllb bert, Bremen: Brldgewater, Sls?on, Antwerp. Passed t2d, Kathleen Mary (s), ilolman. from New York for Bremen. Falmouth, March 24? Arrived, Amanda, Haaek, New York lor Hamburg. Sailed 23d, J W Barss, Barker (from Mlddlesborongh), Galveston. Gkkknock, March 24? Arrived, /ealnndla, Robertson, Pensacola. Sailed 24th, Mrrctir, llelliind, Philadelphia. Havre, March 21? Hailed, Matfgii McNeil. Smith, New Orleans; 22d, Augustine Kohhc. Carver, Matanzas. Cleared 21st, Homeward Hound, Merrvnian, Matnn/as. 11 am n pro, March 2()? Arrived. Frodriksliald, Hansen, Pensacola. Sailed Irom Cnxhaven 20th, Edmund, Bullcrdleck, Philadelphia. Liverpool, March 22? Arrived, Calabria (s), McMickan, New York. Sailed 23d, Toxas, StefTens, Philadelphia. Entered out 22d, Caledonia (s), ovenstone, St. John, NB, Ac; Texas (s), Bouchctte, Montreal. London, March M? Arrived, Denmark (s), Sumner, New York. Sailed from Gravescnd 22d, Olbera Dleke, Sandy Hook; 24th, Christine, Dlen, do; Adriatic. Nilson. do. Lisbon, March 16? Arrived, Najaden, Barth, Philadel phia; 17th, Charlotte, Whlttcmorc, New York. Montkviuko, Feb 27? Arrived previous, George Esson, E? on, Brunswick, Ga ; Charlotte Qeddle, St Marys, Ga; Oneata, Carter, Darlen. Nkwpoiit. March 21? Arrived, Ophir, Gray, Bristol for United states. Plymouth, Mareli 23? Sailed, Andrea Mignano, Lubra no, Boston. SorniAxi'TON, March 22? Sailed, Frankfurt (s), von Bil low (irom Baltimore). Bremen. Scillv, March 22? Arrived off, Samuel, Owen, from Boston lor Londoa. iiff the Start 21st, a hark showing Am flags SMWN, bound W. Spiikliis, March 22? Arrived, St Olaff (s), Hllle, Liver pool. St IIflkna, Feb 19? Passed, Atmosphere, Costello, from Calcutta tor New York. St Nazaiiii March 20? In the road?, Marie, Corlohe, ipun Charleston. Tiioon, March 21? Sailed, Slohodo, Perissa. New Virk. Tualkk, March 22? Arrived, W aloo, Tavartojerna, Balti more. _ ... Ta hi k Bat. COH, Feh 19? Arrived, Vivid, Peterson, Mel bourne lor Boston. ? American Porta. BOSTON, April 4? Arrived, brig Susan (Br), Morris, Ar< elbo, PR; sciirs I'liomas N stone, Pitcher, Baltimore; Lucy Jones, Smith, do ; B A L Marts, Marts, Philadelphia ; Horcnec 1 Lockwood, st John, lloboken. Cleared? Bark Ada (Br), Durkee, Philadelphia, to load lor Europe; brig Eliza Stevens, (< s Keller, Havana! schrs Lena Hunter, Homer*, Galveston; Pointer, Tatton, Calais. ...... Also cleared, barks Kate Williams, llalo. Faval; Envoy, Herry, Portland; schrs Addle Osborne. Mc Donald, Jaemel; Kmma W Hay, Mark, Cape Ann, to load lor New York; J A Berkle, Ethcrldge, Rockland, to load tor Washington; Frank G l>ow. Gage, ?. Milled? Brig Kli/.a Stevens; ihlp Cutwater sailed .hi. Mil- Arrived, steamer Win Kennedy, Foster, Baltimore; brigs Neretis, Whlttord, Sagua; Lucy W Snow, Galves ton; Hone, Wilmington. N C: Ida L Kay, lloboken. Also arrived fitli, steamship Batavia (Br), Motirland, Liverpool. _ BALTIMORE, April 4? Arrived, steamship Wm Crane, Howes, Boaton via Norfolk; schr Mary Jane Fliher, Law rence, llrecn oolBt. NY. . _ Cleared? Steamship Geo Apfnld, l.oveland, Boston via Norfolk , bark Victor (Rusi, Strandta rg, (Jueenstown or i alinouth ; scnrsJohu H Hancock. Croweu, West Indies; Maggie J Chad wick. Crowell. Wcvmoath. Mass; Ann E Carll. Tyler, New York; W D Milton, Weaver, l'ruvi? deuce. . . BELFAST, March 27? Arrived, schr Iilella Small, Rob bins, Baltimore. Sailed? schr Nathan Clifford. Coombs, New York. 2Mb? Arrived, schrs Mat>el Hall, Seavey, lloboken; Al len Lewis, l,cwts, Baltimore. 30th? Hailed, schrs J ac Bin, Kane, and Carrie II Spof ford. Bray, Baltimore BAKER'S LANDING, April 2? Sailed, schr Fly, Carter, New York. CHARLESTON, April 2-Sailed, ship Burtnah (Br\ Armstrong. Bud River. M". 8th? Arrlred.steinishln Charleston, Adkins, New York sailed? Schrs Clara Merrick, lland, lor a southern port Klin I, Trel'etiien, Sterling, Baltimore, DAltll.N, Mar li 27 -cleared, bark Gieaalvotl (Pr\ JoBM. Abciduv? v ; .list Kb! Jae A Potter, Ogi? r. Boatotl. la port April 1, shins Ornen (Nori, Pedersen, from Lon don. arrived 28th; rintern (Nor/, Olsen ; Unat Britain n<r>, Chilcott; Mohawk (Br), MeParlatn Czar (Mr), McConnell: Thorwal 1 en (Nor), Willi-, mil LouisufB'', Hm?, u.l idg tor 1'nlted Kingdom : bur..- Krutik Yoe;,^ (Ur). Moci>lcr, ami Rio de la Plaia ilir , Mel?od. fo-. jy ,t<t i'liu ; Henry Palmer (Ur), Brennan, irom M ,,-t nr. rlvedtfith; I lizale th rami (Br), V?n,w< j,s Odi'i (lion. Otto; Hope (Br , ttiehards; lt< 1 le Allian iie .4jt. r) Hartels; A siren, BuiflfCh; Kainiller ,Nor), sor .n?en Kttlljiy Atkin son (Br), Peobham; Ciiri-uann tNor) sorelle Haver sbani <hr), Doreli; Lamnv-rglpr (B>), f'arlow; .loban oli^d?.,ariV.Du"'h'' ?Thl"'rV w: '."loline (Nor), Huser: SIttSJPaS! 5J"tterer; lora Linn. (Br), Auld; Garlsher net r2r\fJron'f ' n1' w? " U<Br). Davies, and Hop Si e Mo?e^ i . <""1 . United Kingdom; brief* Kt?bl, a,fdrHW rSlff * '"?*?" r>' 7,Xu W ' (''hV: Ward.) Parks, Boks iBr , BoUeis, dodo, *chrs Bird. Drinkwati? .j't; Mary I; Long, Hardy* ujki Almun FOHTKE&i ^'J^lltor Boston. , . _ . (Itui), China ,17* *<? B, April ..-Pawed In, Dark Oortese (Nor), '',niu Gal way lor Biiltiinore; I- ratrrnita* ??? ',,ii L/c l,,r ??"'> Fredna, s (Nur), tTom do tor niiiL i-? r.h K,l!0' ,rrm> I ondonderry for do; A.l. le li*,!, ?A i ?'/ Kledona (Br>, "Thompson, from iw! i . . J France* Jane, irom New Orleans lor do. and Laiean * Klverton ; brig Ceres; schrs Recruit,. Voik''L WVF^?' APr11 1? Arrived, ?chr Ney, Chase, New jo - Arrived, eelirs Racer, Howard, Cold Spring; Thus v. Somcrs, Galveston; 0 A Hayden, Green, New #? Is Sailed?Sell rs . J lis Ponder, and Alice Oaks. Mnrey, for f>vw York; Knuiia M Kox, U-o, and J I WortliinKtoa, WBr, Philadelphia, 4? ALVE -iTON', March 29? Arrived, bark Edinunu (Br),, 'tfchardson. Mlddl, sin, rough. Cleared ? Sehr Jos Eaton, Pool, st Marvg. s GRIiEN'PiiRT, LI, April 1? Arrived, sehr M L Davis,, Davis, Orient land sailed lilt for New York). KEY WEST, April fi ? Arrived, steamship Oeorge VV Clyde, Cole, New York tor Galvislon (and proceeded). NKW ORLEANS, April 1? Arrived, steamships Emily B Souder, Burdi'k. Now York . Liberty, lludgins. Baltl more via Havana and Key Wo :tj Juniata, Catharine, Philadelphia via Havana; barks Speranssa, Christopher son, Sunderland; I) li Bills, Penny, Boston. Cleared ? >tcumsliip Mexican (l!r), Winder, Liverpool; ship Garibaldi (Nor). Hoyer, Liverpool; sehr L CSomers, Somers, ,-t Marks, Fla. Houtiiwkst Pass, April l?.Vrrive<', ships Lake St Clair, Ramsay, Queeustowu ; Jupiter, Jaoobsoti, and Anna Camp, Gardner, Liverpool : barks Casparl (Nor), Sylves ter, Cardiff; !'asi|iialtn<>, Cacace, Marseilles; Amykos, Johnson, Cardiff; sehr Constance, Otterson, Ituatan. Hailed? Ships Success and llenr.v. 4tli? Sailed, steamship Ueneral Sedgwick, Evans, New York. NOItFOLK, April 3 ? Arrived, schrs Albert Clarence. Freeman, New York; Sedona, Wall, Rock port; Kttlc T Kemn. Kemp, Welltlcet; Aphrodite, l'ayne, do; AnnTur ner, Si1 rue, New York. NEW BEDFORD, April 3? Arrived, schrs Young Teazer, Sloeum. Philadelphia : Ella Perry, l'ercv, Neweastle, Del; It B Smith, Nickerson, Now York; B F Bruiuard, liuli. lor do. Sailed? Sehrs liannah D, Chase, ana W W Bruinard, Pitch, New York. 4th? Arrived loirk Sophie Oorbltst (Ger), Oorbitz, Lon don; sehrs M Vassar, Jr. Kelly, Sew York; V\ m Penn, Spruce Head for do ; Balsora J. Sherui.m, Allen, Botou tor do. Sailed? Soltr Louisa Frances, Kelly, New York. NEWPORT, April S, I'M? Arrived, selirs Enos Britrps Mayo, Tiverton lor Hal)iinor?;J M freeman, Kldridge; .1 S Terry, iUiyuor; J 1 Worthliiptnii, Terry; flli, Loveil; Challenee, Thompson : Cyrus Possett, Pierce; A E Ste vens, Montgomery, and li Leach, Pendleton, Providence for New York; Fred Gray, Lakcinan, ahd Ida Delia Tor re, Davis, do lor Philadelphia; A fl Lawson, Kitzpatrick, do lor Crotoii ; J It Allen, Davis, do tor New York; sloop M E Ha.vies, Hawkins, do tor do. Also sclirs Sar.ih W Bluke, ill.'.ke. Dighton for Ilaver strnw; Messenger, Dean, and It S Dean, Maeotnber, Taun ton for New York ; Eliza Williams, Hamlin. Pall River fordo; Alice Oakes. Mars ton, do for do; Emma M Kox, Case, acd Agnes, Chester, do for Philadelphia; Niger, Thompson, New Bedford for Now York; Era, Sampson, Fall River fbr <?o : Fannie C Warron, do for do; Helen Mar, War i ; Fa-liion, Satterly ; Mary A I'redniore, !-her innns John II Chuffee. Bued, and Ed Wooten, Young, Providence tor New York. Sailed? Schrs .las I'helps, Rockwell, New York; Abbott Lawrence, liriftln, Portland for Baltimore; sullote, Dex ter, Boston lor New York; Planter. Con ir.v, Now Bedford lor do; K M Dnflleld. Raynor, Providence fordo. ORIKNT, LI, March 29? Arrived, sehr .1 I Mooro, Franklin, Kennebunkport. Me (and sailed H,l for Balti more); April '2, sclir Tnos W Haven, Raekett, Boston (lost anebor just before arriving, bu: recovered It and sailed for New York under command of ("apt Potter). PENSACOLA, April 1? Arrived, barn Carl (.->we). Stufo rln, St Jago. Cleared? Bark Forest Queen (Br), Morris, Penarth Roads. PHILADELPHIA, April 4? Arrived, steamers Achilles, Colburn, Portland; Gulf Stream, Crocker, Providence; Aries, Whelden, Boston; Rattlesnake, Pierce, do; sehrs Guy R Phelps, shailor, Cicnfuegos: Clara Smith, Keen, Cardenas; Fanny Keating, Kane, Port Spain; A II Ed wards, Uarllctt. Jacksonville; J It Jones, Little, Fall River; Haiiuah F Baker, Whittemore, iioston. Cleared ? steamer Virginia, Rogers. Providence ; bark Herald, Lurvcy, London ; brig Puiimte de Nova York (Port), Da Cunlia. Oporto; schrs J R Jones, Little. Key West; Malr A ("runnier, Morris, Boston; H F Biiki'r, Whittemore. do; Isaac Pich, Studtey, do; Hattic Perry,. Chase, New Bedford; Jennie llnddeli, Craivmer, Boston, Lkwks, Del, April 5? Passed in, brig Ogalo (ltal), irom Palermo for Philadelphia. ? At the Breakwater, brig Susan J Stroud, from Florida for New York ; sehrs E D Endicolt, lor do ; Marian Draper, lor num. PORTLAND, April :t? Arrived, steamship Franconla, Bragg, New York; fori'/* Merrlwa. Dowries. Cient'uegos; KM Heslen, Jones, Isola, Lord. Roc!; port for Wilmington, NC : Antilles, Thestrup, New York : sehrs Oliver Dver, Palker, Mobile; 11 II I'lsk, Wixori, Baltimore ; 11 Whitney, Perking, Rockport for Wilmington,* NC; Mas sachusetts, Lewi*, Rockland for New York : Leontlne, Clifford, and Alleirlianian, Are.v, do for do. Below, lirlg Chief (Br). M om Culm put in tor orders) . Cleared? Schr Seiruin, Rogers. savannah. 4th? Arrived, brirn Chief, Matherson, Cardenas ; George, Barrett. Olenfuecos; sehrs Czar, Hammond, llobokon; Babel N Jones, I'alkcr. Newcastle ; Delia Hodgkins, Ber nard, Tangier. Cleared? Brigs Bride, Brooks, Matunzas; Carrie E Pick ering, forrey, Havana; sehrs .1 Ponder' Hudson. I'lji'a di Iphin ; I' C Sniilli, Upton, New York; L A D, Ba ker, Baltimore. PROVIDENCE, April 4? \rrivod. s'eanier Alliance, Ntcklcs. Philadelphia; <elirs Charlotte Brown, Baker, Virginia; Eva Belle, Somers. Philadelphia : Westmore land, Rice, do; Eva Divertv, Hand, Eliza be thport : Kli Townseid, Nichols, do; Sarali A Falconer, Wil-on. do tor Paw tucket; E <k I Oakley, Newman, Peeks'iill, NY; Nicholas Mchrhof, Mehrhof. Oroton ; Kaple. Chase, Wei? hawken; John Crockford. Hatch, Port Johnson ; Maria Fleming, Williams, do: (iolden Eagle, Howes, do : John Btookliam, Hart, Hoboken; S L Thompson, Hull, do: J M Branuirl, Hull, do; J Hurley, Saunders, New York. Sailed? Steamer Win Lawrence, llnllctt. Baltimore; sehrs 11 S Newcomb, lilggins, Virginia : Nil Desperandtim, Rich, do: Lottie Llnwood, Brown, do; Etta E Sylvester, Goodspced. do; Samuel H Sharne, Webb. Baltimore; Lizzie D Small, Tioe, Philadelphia : Martha P Kins, Jarvis, Rarltan Biver; Daniel Webster, Packer, New York: Julia Ann, Howell, do; J H Burnett, Gardner, do; llcnry May, Pitch, do ; Sullie M Lvans, Tice. do ; Bertha, Conover, do. PORTSMOUTH, April f? Arrived, sehrs Florida. Tbomp ?on, Rockland for New York; (ianges, Gordon, Portland for do. PAWTUCKF.T, April 4? Arrived, sehrs J Parker. Sr, Kelly, anil B H Warlord, Hpru^ue, Ell/ahethport RICHMOND, April 3-Arrived, steamship Old Domin ion. Walker, New York: schr A II Hiirlhut. Gritlin, do. Sailed? Brigs Leonard Mvors, llic'.s Pernambiico; Bo niance, Duncan. Navassa via Norfolk. ROCKLAND, March 27? Sailed, sehrs Calista, Farn ham; R 0 Thomas, Crockett, and Empresa, kinneilv, New York: 28th. Speedwell, Siiaulding, do; 29th, l.eon tinc, Crockett, do: April 1, Alleuiianian, Arev, do: FW (ilover, Holbrook; Corvo, Pickering; venllla, Allen: Justina, French; lluntre?<. Brown; Planet, Oreen: WC Hall, Tolman; CaUiwamtcak, Lord ; Hardscrabble, Kales; SJ I. in Nov, Crockett: Tennessee, Pillsbury ; American Chief. Snow ; James Heney, Trueworthy ; E <? Prescott, Thomas; Bedabedee, Lord;OHvo Avery, Gott: Sardin lull, Ycaton, and K Hareh. Kales, do: lioitle Ames, Woos ter, Savannah : Massachusetts, Lewis, and 0 L Hix, Hix, New York. SAN FRANCISCO, March 2S ? Arrived, steamship Call fornia. Metzger, Ouantanamn. cleared? ships Camca (Br), Buiford. Liverpool: Niag ara (Hr>. Fry, Burrard Inlet; Simla, Salter, Oueonstown; hark Attmark (Her), Rohn, Manzanillo. Sailed? Ship Grace Darling, Bliven, Seabeck: hark T> peculador (Col), Dockham, Port Townse ml ; schr Laura >1 Mangam iMex), Andrews. Httaymas. SAVANNAH, April 2? Arrived, scliri Whitney Long, Portland ; 8 P Hall, New S'ork. Cleared, steamship San Salvador, Nlckerson. New York : sehrs Irene E Measervoy, Messervey, and A J Si monton. Hall, Boston; Daniel l'lerton, Person, Ports mouth, Ml. STONINoTON, April 4? Arrived, sehrs Julia Newel], Sheperd, Rockport, Me, lor New York : John Baker, Bed, Port Johnson tor Providences John W Bell, Kent, North port lor Taunton : Argo, Bes?e, New York for Wareham. VINEYARD HAVEN, April S? Arrived. sehrs E J Munsetl, Wareham for Bangor: Mary Cobb, Phila delphia lor valem: Decatur Oakes, Port Johnson lor d >; Ahlne S Oakes, New York for Portland; Spartel, do for : L A Burllngame, Boston for Philadelphia. Sailed? Steamer Neptune ; sehrs Northern Light, Charles E Paige. Cayenne, Elvle Davis, Bartie Pierce, II At wood, Alice 1' Illgglns, Carrie G Crosby, James S Wat son. B L Sherman, Alice Myrick, Rebecca Florence, Eddie K Treat, llarmona, Annie May, Delia Hodgklns, Jov Bell. Fanule II Buoklln, Emma U Edwards, E II At wood, Lizzie I, Mills, ,1 W Knight, J 1? Knowles, Ira Lnffrunler, Abigail Havnes, Sea Foam, Maria Lunt, Pushaw, Cocheco, Yietor, .? D McCarthy, A llainlin, Mary B Harris. Rachel s Miller. Czar, E H Emerv, F J Dock wood, William B Thomas, Addle Rynr *on, George E Thatcher, T S McLcllan, J W Woodruff, Emma K Lewis, DC Foster, Kflort, Sea Nvmph, Taylor ,t Mathls. Silas McLoon, New Zealand, Rival ami Spartel. 4th? Arrived, brig Clara Louise, Manzanllla, for Boston; schr Jesse Wilson, Philadelphia tor . Sailed? Brig Clara Louise ; sehrs Pangassett, Sea Foain, A I) Cranmor, Moward Macomlier, N H Hall, Ocean Ranger, Philanthropist, James Bliss, Louis F Smith, Em ily A Bartie, Calister, Mary Haley, Connecticut, J B Aus tin. Marv E Simmons, R C Thomas, N W Megeo, Star light. George II Squire, A D Schell, Addle Walton, Annie Megee, Julia F. Hamage, William Martin, Nahant. Lizzie Maior. Mary Cobh, Decatur Oakes, L A Burlingaine. K J Munsoll an I Jessie Wilson WILMINGTON, NC, April :l? Cleared, steamships Fa nita, Donne, and Frnnees Wright, Kalrehilds, New York. W I NTERPORT, April 2? Cleared, bark Kredonla, Burke, Kay a I. MIHCELLAN BOU8? A HSOLUTK DIVORCES OBTAINED IN ANY STATIC; J\ legal every where ; desertion, .to., sufficient cause , no publicity required; no charge until divorce is granted; advice tree. M. HOIISK, Attorney. llM Broa?lway. A ? HERALD IIRANOII OFFICE, BROOKLYN, J\? corner ol Kulton avenue and Boerum itreet. Open Iroin H A. M. to 9 P. M. no Sunday from 3 to I) P. M. Buy only the best.? the whitnky srwing MACHINE Is the simplest and most easily worked machine In the world. Rooms tin Broadway. / lONSUMPTIGN.-A GENUINE EKFKCTUAL REMEDY I ' tor hopeless Consumption. Ulcerated I. lings, Couglis, Pneumonia, from an eminent retired physician, for in valids sending address and stamp to PHYSICIAN, box 2.2W Post office. nO YOU KNOW IT f WINCHESTER'S HYPO PHOSPHITE OF LIME AND SODA is a grand chemical lood ... chemical fc,od chemical food for the brain, the nervous system and the blood. It is nourishing and invigorating and unequalled as a specific remedy tor nervous debility anil all nervous Affections, promp'tly relieving physical exhaustion and pro?trall. n ot the vital forces and powers. It Is a perfect and su perior substitute lor Iron and Cod liver oil. J. WIN CHESTER A CO., IKt John street, New York, Chemists, Proprietors. (I and f2 per bottle. i I, ASS, CHINA, Ml.VER I'LATK. BEFORE PURCHASING CALL AT THE FRENCH ARCADH, 843 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE WALLACE'S THEATRE

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