Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 16
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CITY REAL. ESTATE FOU 8AT-F. Central. A? A-A? A FIB FT CLASS FOUR STORY mfill * Hoop brown Mnne licuc, w< st sli'e ot Madison a ve in*. Hi left tooth <>t t-eveiity-murth ?treet ; three floor* In barn wood, the parlor floor In cabinet work liv I' oilier * Myititiit; mantel mirrors, :2x.'t-x!h: aim a lour siory whio Cone high stoop llmse, .VS 1 a-tMxty-u.iirtt; strei t ; P?r r am basement In bardwiod, hack parlor and null wainscoted with marMe; \> ill be >ol<i at very low p rl< en, W will exchange lor lot*. Both houses open lor '!'*P,,J" tion. Inqtiiie ior particulars 01 owner, A. kLAhi-R, lot Emm 1 iclitei mil street. _ A CHANCE? KOI'R STORY BROWN i-TONE II' 1 SIC lor Hale cluap : Filt.v-yeeond sirect, between Kit til 61x1 sixth avenues, 20 teet front. lor permit* apply to il'NN A sKA It'll, ?U Broadway. A - FOR SALIC, KllL'K FIRST CLASS FOI'lt STORY . hliih stoop xtuiie iron s, College lease, 22xi0, 20x60 and !6xtO bv liall block Apply to WM. C., 47 West Kort.v -ninth street. A FOUR STORY IIIOII STOOP BROWN STONE, Thirty-fourth street, near Lexington avenue: rent t2.700; prit'c |30,IW: a bargain. Mil UN ETT A HICK, 1,065 Third avenue, near Mxty-tmrd street AFOl'B S'lOKY BROWN STONE HOUSE, 17 EAST Korty-ninth street, 17x90x100, for Kale or to let; all nodern eoiivenlencen: well painted and trc.scoed, and In aerlect con lition ; possession immediately. Apply to Swner. J A-rtES C. SPENCt- B, 287 Broadway. A CHOICE BARGAIN. -THE FOUR STOltY BROWN Monc House and Lot, ftrst clam in all respects, situ ated on Filth avenue, ncur Eighty-sixth street, the nio?t desiralilv situation, lacing the Central Park; can be bought low Apply to CARTER A I1EDDKN, II Pino Street or at corner of Eighty-slxth atreet and Third av._ N ATTRACTIVE 1, 1ST OF IIOUSFS IN VARIOPS part# ol tlie city, Irom $10,000 to $l.HJL0i<4 lor gale b.y L. WILLIAMS A CO., 128 Broadway. A RARE OPPORTUNITY TO SECURE A CHEAP House in a desirable neighborhood ; three story high stoop brown stone House, In 1110-0 perfect order, on Lex ington avenue, near Fortieth street: price $26,000. A. L. WILLIAMS A CO. A NUMBER OF GENTEEL HOUSES IN SIXTY first street, rtvm Lexington to Filth avenue, varying from $'23,000 to $*J ooo. A. L. WILLIAMS A CO., lM Broaaway^ A LITTLE (JEM OK A HOUSE, OPPOSITE ST. Bartholomew's church, on Forty-fourth street, be tween Madison an 1 Kilth avenues; admirably planned and bcuuuiulb Unified. ^ A. 1.. WILLIAMS A CO., 12S Broadway. A N ATTRACTIVE HOUSE ON MURRAY HILL FOR jti only $25,000; a three Btory brown stone House, be tween Lexington and I'ark avenues, on Fortieth strcot. 4. L. WILLIAMS A CO., *28 Broadway. A A THREE STORY BROWN STONE? 20X50, WEST side, one block from PiUi, newly and fully lur ?hhed; mirrors, velvet carpets, Ac. ; to rent to a private family; $190 a month. Address SCOTT, box lib Herald office. A? FIFTH AVENUE RESIDENCE, CHARMING POSI ? tion ; well planned ; frescoed ; reasonable prico to ent>urc bpeedy sale; near Forty- ninth street. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street A LL FIRST CLASS HOUSES, AT LOWEST RATES.? A ftth av., Nos. 904, &H0, 614, 624, 744, 716, 781 anil 78ft; Kit) West 69th st. ; Nos. 9 and II East 41st st. ; No. 6 East 12(1 St ; 14 leas' 4:;d st. ; 29 East 44th st. ; IS West 4'ith St. ; Nos. T, 14, 16 and 18 Fast, and Nos. H, Sft and 51 West 48th st.; 29 60 and 67 West 52(1 st.; No.-. 9, 10 and 16 West, and Nos. 1. 15 and 19 East 5 il st. ; 2n, 21, 28 and 41 West 96lh st. ; No. S West, and 16 to 24 East 57th st. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr. I 11 Pine street and 220 Fifth avenne. A FINE F(H"R STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, ON Thirty-llfth street, near Park avenue; price low to a prompt buyer; furniture it required. SlMONSON i ECCLE8TON, ?0 West Thirty-flrst st_ A Bargain. -only $37,500 for a four story high stoop brown ftone, 2t.0xS5; lot 100; In splendid ?rder; pcrtect repair; between Filth and sixth avenues. Apply to WILLIAM II. KAYNOR, No. 6)j Plue street Brown stone house foub stories and hior stoop, in perfect order. $4 East Thirty-second street; Will be sold or rented ; furnished or uuluruiidicd. Apply *b the premises. /The a pest lots in the oity? size, uxieoEArii. "KJ In that beaufllul Fifty-eighth street, near Central Park Circle ; price sm.roo each. THOMAS G. HOJER, 936 Third nvenne. CENTRAL I'ARK LOTS? ON SIXTY-FOURTH STREET, between Filth and MadUoti avenues; four lull lots, t'low the market, an 1 on very easy terms and lung con act WILLIAM E. HAWS, N... 5 I'ine street LAITY LOTS FOR SALF.? Mil AV? BETWEEN 521), ) 53?1 sts. , tllst st, eight l/nts; 9th and 10th avs., 70th St., 10 Lots: H'li and 9th av., Hist s'., four Lots, northwest Corner 'Jib av ; Mist, two Lots, Boulevard. OLIVER BRYAN. Heal Estate, 1/5 Broadway. EtlOHTH AVENCK BUSINESS PROPERTY.- FOB Ej sale, the northwest Corner of Forty-eighth street Six 100. WILLIAM F. HAWS. No. 5 Pine street f*IRST CLARK HOUSES FOR SALE? BY BELLAMY A filtOS., No. ft* i l'lne street th street, 4 story n. s. b. s $25,000 87th street, 4 story h. a. b. s 3J,000 ?fitli Mraet, 4 story li. g. b. s 62d street, 4 s'ory h. s. b. s 75,0X1 Mil street, 4 story h s. b. s Khi.inm) Wtli street, 4 story H. s. b. s 40,00) B6;h street, 4 story h. s. b. s 85,000 For sale? house 63 west fifty-third street, between Fifth and Mxtli avenues; rrsewood psrlors, Ac. Apply on premises, or to owner, SltiWeat Forty -sixth Street. O R S A LK-iToU8K~AN I > LOT . 5S C V. N T RE ST R EET"; term* easy R. I.. ANDKIUON. 21. Hiranri struct. For sale? at bargains, fine plots of lots on Boulevard, f>lh avenue, 69th, 71st, "Id, 134tli and MM streets. QhO. H. HTLLYkR. 82 Cedar street FOR HALE-ON WEST N IN ETIiENTU STREET. A three story high stoop brick House, all improve ments; good location ; price $12,(?i0. JOHN McCLAVE, No. 1 Pine street. nOR SALE? A 30-FEET Tli'oN I' BiU'WN STONE ' House, No. 4 Fast Fortv-sixth street: house In snlen feid order, just been overhauled ; frescoed throughout. Apply to HUGH N. CAMP, 1U6 Broadway. For sale-with builders1 loan, four full Lota, between Fifth and Madison avenues. Prin cipals ?alv address H. H. C.. Herald Uptow n Branch office^ For sale? on fifty. fifth street, between Filth aud Sixth avenues, three Let*. Apply to the owner, Stj West Filty-Hlth street lTOR SALE-BY PETER & GOLDEN A CO., ?57 SIXTH JT avenue:? High stoop brown stone House, West With st $23,000 High sloop brown stone House, west 55tli st 22,500 High stoop brown stone House, West 53d st 26.U00 High stoop brick House, West 53d st 17, (too High stoop brown stone House. West 55th st, A. L. 14,500 Many ethers that we can offer great inducements on. I[H>R SALE-AN ELIGIBLE LOT ON NINETIETH street about 100 feet east of Fourth avenue, 25x100. Price $6,000. Inquire of HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine st IjlOR BILE? TWO OF THE FINEST FINISHED X1 new Houses in Harlem ; situated on north side of 134th street, between Fourth and Filth avenues; halls laid with the be*t of Italian tiles; mantels of latest de ?tgn. Apply on premises or to owners, MASK ELL A MKIGIIAN, Third avenue, between 109th and I loth st* FOR SALE CHEAP? A NEAT SMALL TWO 8TORY ?nd attic high stoop brick House, In West Tenth street between Filth and Sixth avenues: all improve ments. Apply to ItOMAIN BROWN, corner of Thirty third atreet and Broadway. Price $13,00 >. F * TOOR HALB OR TO LET? THREE HANDSOME SMALL J1 fnur story brown stone Houses, on Sixly-flrst street between Fifth and Madison avenues, near Park entrance ; open every day. D. <1 J. JaRDINE, Architects, 1,289 Broadway. Fob salr oit to let furnishrd-the elegant four story brown stone House, 51 West 130th street, between Filth and *ixth avenues, with stable Lots in iho rear. Apply to WIl l.l AM KEN. NELLY, No 1 Cine st TpOR SALE CHEAP? A FINE FOUR STORY AND X1 basement brown stone on Madison a venue, near the Park. RICHARD HENN KSSY X CO., 940 Third avenne. House for sale and a large portion of the Furniture.? VII the rich Carpets and Oilcloths. Chandeliers , Sate for Silver, Ac., enn now lie purchase ( at a decided bargain ami po?sess on given immediately. This house, one ot the most periect irenia of a houso, in W? st Twenty second street, ran be had at a low price and ?erv easy terms. For pariienlars Inquire ol F. COLTON, MKast Thirteenth street, near ilrni.lway. IF ANY ONE WISHES TO PURCHASE A M-POOT Heuse, cabinet ti int. bunted between Fifth nnit Madi ?on avenues, tor $55, wo, mav look no more, but cull on DUNN A 8 l.Ali H. 2112 K: o. il? , . IENOX HILL? AT Al t HON, RY MI LLER, WII, J KINS A CO., April 'I, M ' a t f'Xtv-ninth street, four ?tory brown stone. 26x80 ; lot 10". Ir. the best street, no nuisances. P- AN 10 PXICEI^-HOUB iiS I ?N F 1 FT II , MADISON, Lexington avenues and un best uptown streets . sev eral Houses that must b? sold to close estates. PAGE A McCAFFLRTY. Flltb avenue, eoriniT Fitt\ <yoinl M SEVERAL FIRST GLASS BROWN STONE HOUSES lor sale? Apply to HOFFMAN, COBl RN A Ci).,Gt? Sixth avenue. a~H> BUILDERS (TERMS EASY/.? FIVE LOTS FOR I sale on Seventy-ninth street, 1!W feet east of Madison avenne P.. WILLIAMSON, 133 Fifth avenue, beUire 11 A.M. Nf, brokers ; no letters. ________ I fTHR CHEAPEST HOUSB IN THE CITY FOB SALE- ! loco led 0|, Hixty-flr*t?tre<t, near Madison: lour story | rowti xtont. For permits apply to 1JLNN A SEAIt'll, - roadway. | rjflHE FOE O W I N O " hIFkai t) H II I I L r " A NlT ELK 4 gantly finished llotiw- ?i land It) West Md st., 27.*x 66 and J6 leet exU'nslyu, and 2.'<x<axllX>; prices very rea sonable ; also IS to 24 ':a>t :i7th li*to2fl feet front, some with extensions ; also JUnd 4". West Mtk st, Nos. 1 and 17 East 53*1 St.. It) and 24 West ,'i2d e., Nos t'' and 10 East l^tli *t \V. l*. SBYMOUR, 171 Broadway. OTB AVKNUB, BELOW SEVENTY. SECOTTD STREET? AD 1 our Lolc, 26xlU0 each, nt a^iin ; lniist be sold. Richard v h a chktt, 111 Broadway, room F, basenicnt. y|QTH street, between fifth a>"d sixth uvenu s ?A very desirable newlv and aTtusticallv fre?encd Residence, choicely located , U.tx6lx\M0 fe?i; orice very reasonable. _ V. K. STEVENSON, ,Tr , 11 Pine street. rQTH STRI FT (OEMRAL I'ARK ROW), KAS-V Of Broadway, lilKnest point and most nmgniiivnt jtrigthway view of the Park? Two p ilatial DweUlriL-, ad l<anni:r ; onetres< i?>d and Inrnished regardless of co^U; the wnule $30b,oi>J cash ; In ? est ; a bargain. V. K. BTEYT5N9QN, Jr. 11 Pine street ^ Hfin TO A PROILPT purchase R-TIIE '/.innr fmir story and basement high stun. ix1 Wx thehUH'k; in fine order; walls painted lease v. throu(ilio?i ; Snug Harbor 'lease : ground rent $2ni per atmiini. o. naule, )4V Fourth a venae. d-IQ nnn ?FIRST CLASS BROWN -TONE house, 70x60, lot I0U, on Seventieth streets near ifwrk ; iikidcrn improvement; terms easy. $A,000cnsh. SLADE A CO., 23 Union square. A*?r n/UI WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS BROWN ' stone In Forty-seventh street, near Hfth Hv fi.ic. $.'iJ,000, Kvrty-e'ghth Street near Sixth avenue j $17,000, Filty-elitii at'eet; other Houses cheap. FAL L P. TODD, 55 Liberty atreet. Ano enn WILL Bt'Y AN ELEU AN r RESII FNI V. ?T en the corner of a tashloiisbla east side avenui and Fifty seventh sirvet; all improvements. i?. fkHlVhlfHlfUl A ajid.mi# I liinJ aveuue. CTTY REAL KSTATE POH KALK. Central. nnn ?A 'FINE four story nion stoop Ot'.UUU. I r?wn s'one House, 20x65x100, 4flth st, near 5th av. ; line uruer. W. I'. SKtMoL'.;, 171 Broadway *07 fTA/V ? A.-THE S- UBSTAN1IAL FOUIl fO I .?JUu, story brown stone hiirh stoop Honsc, tn elegant order, V) fixttxliki, on Thirty-seventh street, be tween Filth and Sixth avenues. HA1*3H A Van DORF.N, 610 Sixth avenue. _ dfc'JO (W)A ?A ?AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY MPOi/.lMJl/. brown stone nigh stoop House, In per lcct order, 2t xr>0\l *?, on Forty-sixth street. HATCH A VAN DoRKN, G1U Sixth avenue. A Kant Side. A? FOR SALE. EIGHT FOUR STORY BROWN . Htone high stoop Houses on southeast corner of Lexlngto:: avenue and Seventy llrst, street; one corner House, 20xJM); Uve Houses, ad. oinidgt on Lexington ave nue, eaeli ittx6U, and two Houses on Sevcnty-llrst street, adjoining, each 13x53 ; term* u> suit. Apply on piemi.-es. A? WHY PAY BNOBMOOB FIFTH AVKXl'K . prices wh. n $28,000 will purchase an elegant lour story brown stone Hou-e, on seventieth street, near 1 en trai Park ; railroad underground same as Murra> Hill; fln'tihed in hardwood and maple; with mirrors and every thing to make house complete 1 WALDRON 1, 12 Third avennc, near sixtieth street. REAL BARGAIN ? 233 EAST PORTY-EIGHTH street, tour story high stoop brown stone ; terms ea-y ; price $14,000. Apply tor permit to owner, L. MEN DELSuN, 7(i Naa-au street, room 1. A? SEVENTIETH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND ? Lexin.'ti n aveuues.? i- ive Houses for sale, cheap and on ea\y terms: nil modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS ^Milll on tlie pwnlm A SPLENDID CHANCE? FOR SALE? A FOUR STORY and store corner, on First avenue ; nearly now, and paying 13 per cent; very little cash wanted: size -S.x65; don't miss this chance. THOMAS McOUlUE, l,U&Sucoud avenue. AOOOD CHANCE FOR BUILDER-) AND OTHERS ? For sale, a lot of (Hound, '.'5x100 in Columbia street; terms easy. Apply to W. W. LYON, 7^ avenue D. A BARGAIN. -FOR SALE OR LEASE, 60S AND 6"7 First avenue, near Thlrty-iourth ?reet; Stores anil TeKCjmenta: tl.e beijt on cast side. Owner on premises from It) to 12 A. M. ANICfl SMALL HOUSE FOR SALE.? ALL IM provementt; possession immediately; price low; 132 East Twenty-seventh street, near Lexington avenue. Apply U) SALMON & McLELLAND, 33 East Seventeenth street. '"****' ivt'v "*-*?" ? |' ABAROAIN? NE^Jt STIJY VESANT SQUARE, A brown stone nigh stoop House, close to Second ave nue, on Eighteenth street, tor $21,500. K. L. W ILLIAMS .1 CO., 128 Broadway. AT REDUCED RATES? PI R8T CLASS HOUSE 8 2"J2 East .seventeenth street, 210 East Twelith street, 10 Livingston place. 341 Kant Fiftieth street, 131 ast Soveniy-llrst street For particulars apply to EDWARD J. SALMON, 33 East Seventeenth street. A -THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE, WITH FULL . lot (hot and cold water), 169 East 127th stree , bo. tween Third and Fourth avenues, Harlem; price . 500. Inquire on the premises, orot WILLIAM GEE, comer of Elm ami Franklin streets, city. A? FOR SALE.? I HAVE A FINE CORNER HOUSE ? oil Lexington avenue, above Fitty-fourth street, elicap lor cash ; Invite attention of "speculators" to this house, as it must he sold ; a liig chance lor some one ; 110 auenta. CUAS. A. METZ, 686 Lexington avenue. A BARGAIN FOR SOMEBODY.? MUST BE SOLD, eh gam three story brown stone, best part ot Lex ington avenue, below "tho Park, including gas ilxturcs; also others, all choice locations: $12,000 to $.310,000. W. H. HAYES k SONS. 81 Cellar street A? FOR SALE AT AUCTION, SIXTH AVENUE ? Store I'rnpertv, near Forty-ninth street; rare op portunity. B.v A. II. M ULLER, on Friday, April 10, at Merchants' Exchange, Hi Broadway. A? FOR SALE CHEAP ON EASY TERMS? A SUB . stan lislly built live story House, on Third avenue (west side), near Thirty-fourth street. For particulars apply al -15 Water street. /CHEAPEST HOUSE IN HARLEM ?ONLY $2,500 W cash required on the three story brick and stoiio House 220 hast 112lh street; must be seen to be appre ciated ; also two two story Houses, on which $^,000 is re quired. Apply to A. E. FOUNTAIN, 150 East Twenty tilth street IpXTHA CHEAP FULL SIZED NEW HOUSES, NOB. LIS, li 17 and 19 East Fitty-thlrd street, and northeast corner Madison avenue and Fllty-thlrd streeet, two medium slztU Dwellings; same owner; barguins. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street (JIOB SALE? ON LIBERAL TERMS, T1IE ELEGANT J1 tour story Dwelling, 112 Second avenue ; finished in the most superb manner: pnee moderate; size 2iix53, lot 1-5 teet Apply to LOUIS SOIIN, 335 Broadway. For sale? three 16 feet and three 20 teet new brown stdbe tront Houses, 55 feet deep, on sixty-toiirth street, near Lexington avenue; parlor story finished with cabinet work; refrigerators built in the houses, and many other improvements not found in other houses; please call atrd look at them. Will be sold for u low price, on easy terms. G. FOUNTAIN, owner and builder, 011 the premises, or 163 East Sixty-second street. I10R SALE? ON SIXTY-NINTH STREET, BETWEEN Lexinuton and Park avenues, several lour story brown stone Honors; first class; location very desirable. ?Apply to C. REYES, owner and builder, on premises. FOR SALE? A NEAT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT brick House, In excellent order and containing all the modern improvements: terms reasonable. Apply on the premises, 215 East Eighty second street, near Third avenue. I poll SALE? 1 N II ART, KM, SEVERAL LOW-PRICED Houses and Lot*, on easy terms. Apply to JOHN KHIRLKY A SON, 81 Cedar utroet, or 1,968 Third avenue, corner JOfth street pOR SALE ? CORNER LOT, 2&SKX100, SOUTHWEST corner Eiglitv-tighth street ami First avenue ; price F $'i.()0ti;ta.-li rest on bond and moitgage. Apply to the owner, P. CAliV, 575 First avenue. For sale? the house and lot <20 by 75 wietj and Furniture, Carpets and Gas Fixtures. Ml East Nineteenth street, near Irving place; the house is in tlrst rat* order, having been painted, papered and tarnished very lately. Inquire i?n the premises. I TOR 8ALE-A THREE STORY DWELLING, WITH Store, on Third avenne, near 145th street. North New York, -\pply to JOHN M. PECK, Third avenue, near 13Sih street, third block north of Third avenue bridge, M<?tt Haven. FOR SALE? HARLEM-TWO COTTAGES ON TWO full lots, worth (11,00(1, tor $9, 600; splendid business corncr, tour story brick, with two brown stone gems of Houses adjoining, decided bargain, $38,000; will take cash ?and some trade. BEN.I. BKowne a ?'<>., ?^aio Third av. BpOR SALE ? A BARGAIN? -161 EAST ll.THI STREET; double frame Dwelling; gas and water; well of pure spring water: splendid cherry trees: two full lots. MARCUS H. I.AiNU, 55 Liberty street or on premises. IjlOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE? A THREE STORY r brown stone House, elegantly frescoed, above Fifty tilth street, west ot Third aveuuo; must sell it; make me an ofler; no agenta. CHAS. A. MET/, 666 Lexington avenne, near Kitty sixth street FOR SALE-EAST 123D ST., 2D AND 3D ATS., TWO story and basement brick honse $11. (KM) East 12t)tn, 2d and 3d a vs.. three a. and b. b. h 1 1, mi) East 120th, 1st and 2d avs.. three story and b. b. s. lu 14,0 K) West 127th, 5th and Mtii avs., three s. and b. b. s. h... 18,500 West 127th, 5th and 6th avs., three s. und h. h. ?. h. . 16,000 East 116th, 2<1 and Sd avs.. three s. and b. b. s. h 14,500 Also, superior Houses in choice location* at Harlem. DINUEl: PORTBB A CO., 2.3U8 3d av. and 82 Cedar st. IIOR SALE? ON FIFTY-EIGHTH STREET AND LEX ington avenue, a 20x60 Icet Lot 75 lect. deep; only, all, $28,100. JAMES II Y LAN I), East Nineteenth street. IiX)R SALE-A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE IIIOH 1 stool) House, In stood order, sltuiited on East Seven teenth street, oi>posi*e Stuyvesant square. For further information address box 8"rf Post office. FOR SALE CHEAP. -$1,SOO CASH will purchase the two ?torv and basement brick House and Lot No. 440 East ll:it!i street ; all improvements; a perfect little gem. Call and examine. Balance can remain on tnort ?a*o. IX) R S A LB OB TO LET -BROWN 8TOMB HOUSB 161 Enst Forty-slxtli street lurnished. J. M. MuKESHON, 91 Fulton street. H also JIOR SALE OR TO Ri.NT-A THREE f TOBY H. S. B. s. House, 13 rooms; all Improvements. Inquire of the owner, on premises, 1, 109 Second avenue HA HI. EM. ? A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY BROWN stone corner Residence, high stoop, bav window ami ail modern improvement*, lor tale ; terms easy. Address U. D., Herald office. Harlem. -for salkT a two story' basement and altlc House i) rooms, wrter, Ai . ; good location, 3 minutes of boat and cars ; price $5, <00, cash $I,5U0; 338 East 123d street Applv to BKRB1AN A SPEER, corner oi 128th street and Thirl avenue. Harlem property.? fob sale at a bargain .the two lots on northeast corner of avenue A and 12Pth Street; this property is von e I icihlv situated in the finest |,?ri of Harlem, jnd rn 'lb miprvtuj in value. Inquire of th .? owner, if Mr ?..?.! . i.i> >talrs. VR1.I M.- ELEGANT I I ISO; . ti: . VGE heuse and garden; nil in. .? in u iproveiueuls; ie;?r Mount Morris Park; rem ? ? yani tour story lirown st,'i '( use, .In Ills! six months, at *1' ' per mo to se^-ci iiv; anv other Dw "in - to ri cheap BE It ll< I N'.. a I <>., V.J4P lh. ,1 n K le. 1 OTS FOB kali: ?'WO LOTS I ARK UN:,. II.\|I I j avenue, nauv i?r on iw i .*n* no r.i>h r,u?rcd it built upon. .IOH.N DOYLE, $7 Wall street. O TABLE AND LOT? 20X100 ON EA?T ELEVENTH ? > street iwsar avenue D, lor sale ehcaf ; terms cas\ Apply at 43J tubal street, lee Company . O Tl!Y VESA NT PARK. -A RBAl'TIPI'L BKOWN SToNE high stoop three story House aw l Lot. 28.Sx63xP2, tor s.Oe cheap and on ?asj ;erw> >. Apply al SW East Seven teentu street, or to \? M. II. MA LL, u'jruer, *?>.' liroi u With street. Possession immediately. OJ> AVENUE, WI ST SIDE, BETWEEN TWENTY. O eighth mid Twenty ninth streets? Lot 24.8x120 ft et, (or sale cheap, or will make a Hbe ml J ?? ? ? 1 1 to a responsi ble taiilder. G. FOUNTAIN, 16,1 East Vixty-wcomt st UQI> STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND LEXINGTON OO iivenu a.?Comlortable irawo Collage, Hlfootns, i lots, garden, fruit, vines, gas, butii, rang-; good iicigli burhuoU ; Owner next door. 0|(V FAST FORTY SIXTH STREET. ? it kit) WN 0TONB ' " ' fTont; ailniirable pla-'p; |j room>; very lar?'e ba'li ami pantries; in perfect order. Apply ^t any time. AMitfh! E*ST TENTH STREET? TWO FOUR M ' sinry brick Houses at auction, on 1 ueoday, April 8, iM 12 o ei .. k. ai Un> ICxuliango Salesroom, Hi Broad' wnv Iiv R1CHAKD V. HARNETT. This is Hue paying pfoptXtjr. Map), at ill Broadway, room F. one EA.-T Ei .UTEENTH STREET ?FOR RALE, ? ti.v/ee story hrown stone House, in perfect order. Inquire on tie premises from 8 m Id a. r ?A SMALL, < ONVEAilENT HOUSE IN -j i.'sst l-i rty niBth 'street, near Third ave nue tor sale, wlti; ' arpt is; raortaiigt, $3JM?can remain j iitodern improve intvits. Aildrew. I, j* ;.,67'j Post office. QUI "inn FOR A Nil LoT-M east f I ' " " ' Pixty flilii street all the modern improve, ments: sniiai !e lor a -mini li .old within a week mil rlv. Mi i .-is, Window shade- and t handeliers. leriut ?MV. Call oil the pi' noses und m ? lor yoursvlvtia. l 19. 500. CITY RRAL BSTATR FOR. RALE. Wut Side. Aftnr five ftoby BROWN" stone front fetore, ou Murray street, tor sale very cheap. Inquire ol FRANK I'll lLi.ll's, 246 Broadway. AHI LKIIKAl) AND WATKK RItillT, WITH ONE hull Hlock, *Oi?xPI.<i, tor sale or to lea^e lor a term of years, running lro;n Thirteenth avenue to West street. E. L. A B. T. BURN HAM, oOI? 'In I street. _ A? EXECUTOR'S BALK? TWO CHEAP LOTH ON ? Kilty-sixth street, between Niutli anil Tenth ave nues, 2Bxlb0 eaeli; price ?<V)00 each ; very easy terms; must be sold to close i lie esta e. Po'l i Kit BKO'l HERS, No. 4 Warren street A DESIRABLE RESI HENCE WITH GROUNDS AND stable to let ? '1 wo mile* above Central 1'ark, be tween Croud Boulevard and Hudson River; perfectly healthy: house twelve rooms, all modern Improve ments; turin-hed $8,200; tuuurttished $i,hoo. Apply at Sate Deposit Company, 140 Broadway. A BOUSE FOR BALE-IN UNIVERSITY PLACE, very desirable lor business; a good investment- Ap ply promptly. OGDFN A CLARK, Broadway, corner Seventeenth street. ABTOR LEASEHOLD LOT? FIFTY-FIFTH STREET, near Ninth avenue; ground rent $ltfJ; excavated, with party wall ; sewer in ; will be almost given away to party tliut talks quick. LIONEL FROEIII ICH, Third avenue, comer Fiftieth street A OEM AT A BARGAIN? IN TBB BEST STREET IN Harlem : 3> feet trom Lexington avenue; three story and basement high stop brown stone House, 18x45x100 teet: tlntsbed in walnut, ash and pine; tine marble man tels throughout ; must lie >e< n to he appreciated. Call on owner mi But i 7tii .-treet. _____ A NINTH WARD CORNER FOR SALE? M JaNE hi reel, lot 29x52' bric>< btiihling, 21otSR; pows-lon May 1. K. L. I B, I. HtltMIAM, 809 Hudson street A BOUSE FOB SALE? 257 WEST FORTY-FIRST street, three glory, basement and eellar, I'liiladel f>hift brick, 13 rooms; all Improvements; house 20x 40, lot UJ; price $13, uOO or (1,300 rent. inquire of J. PALMER, owner, 77 Nassau street. A TWO STORlf AND BASEMENT HIGH STOOP brick House, with all improvements, on Tenth ave nue, irou'ing Boulevunl, near Seventieth street, fur sale cheap ; terms easy. D. DARBOW, 865 Eighth avenue. A-DYCKMAN ESTATE.-' TWO OBOIOB CORNER ? Plot*, containing nearly 28 city lots and having a irontagc ot over yoy leet on Broadway and Na^le avenue, for tale ; terms easy. POTTER BROl HERS, Xo. 4 Warren street.^ A? ONE OF THE CHOICEST PIECES OP LAND ON* ? the Heights, in the upper part of the city, for sale for $3n,(KH). It lies about 200 teet above the river, and commands very tine views; It is mnidly increasing in value : the owner will sell to buy a liouso; a house will heti. kc ii iu part payment. Address A. B. U., Herald office. ... A "SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTMENT.? Two entire tronts on Riverside drive, above llOtlk street, at a bargain , also Miigle Lots and I'lotson all the leading avenues an I streets. A. WARREN PLATT, 115 Broadway._ /1HEAP LOTR? TWO LOTS, ON FIFTY-THIRD I ; street, between sixth and Seventh avenues (or salo very low ; also Lots, in all locations, lor iuiproveiucut, speculation and investment. BELLAMY BROTHERS, 5>$ Pine street Ipoit SALE? THE BALANCE OF THE 500 BROWN ' stone Houses which have not been sold yet; they are in the m?st desirable location, above Forty-second street, west side ; prices running 'from $L'.ooo to $1110,000, on fa vorable terin^, and bargmns if you rail this week. M. S. FRIEND, (03 Scv.enth avenue. IIOB SALE? AN ELEGANT THREE STORY HIGH stoop stone House, wi'h walnut doors and bay win dow ; built dav work ; price $13,000; terms easy. 326 West Forty-sixth street. IjlOR SALE? ON EIGHTH AVENUE, EAST SIDE, A 1 lull front, between 129th and 130tli streets; will sell together or divide. WILLIAM t. IIAWS, No. 5 Pine street FOR S AXE? TWO BUILDING LOTS, SOUTH SIDE of street, west of Nluth avenue, lor sale on >'nsv terms; all assessments |iuid. Apply to J. 0. LEVI, No. 7 Warren street. IilOB SALE? A HOUSE AND TWO FULL L0?*i, BE 1 tween the Boulevard and the Riverside Park. Apply toW. W. BREWER, No. :S (Joe titles slip. 17IOR SALE? IN WEST FORTY-FOURTH STREET, ' first ebiss three storv and liasi merit high stoop brown Stone tronl Houses, 245 to 253.20x50 arid 18.0x50; price and $16,000. Inquire on the premises, or of J AMES BLACK 11 1'llHT, 225 We. I Forty. eighth street. IjlOR SALE? AT FORT WASHINGTON ON KINGS 1 bridge road (Broadway Boulevard), a new Fvsnch root double House, built by (lav's work and containing all improvements, together with eight lots of Land; price, It purchased immediately, $25,000; this is, beyond doubt, the cheapest property offered In the upper part ol tbo city and would prove a splendid investment. Address M. B. 11.. Herald othce. For sale-a four story brown stone house, 20x55x100. No. 217 West Thlrty-elgllth street; hand somely trescoed ; all modern ini rovements * inline order ; will exchar.go for three story 20 loot House, be tween Fourth and Sixth avenues, rhirtv -seventh and Fiftieth streets. Apply to O. A. HENHlQUE.s, 30 Nassau street, room 4. For sale? j new thkee story high stoop brown stone House, 325 West Forty-Utth st ; As tor lease, to years, with two rcne wals ; ground rent $.W7 pit annum ; price (13,000. half cash ; or will rent, Inquire ou the prenuw a or nt to-.! West Fltty -fourth ittwt VOft BALE? A PLEASANT THREE STORY BRICK r House. with two story extension, gas and water throughout in West Thirteenth street, hot ween Sixth and Seventh avuuues. A. I). W. BALDWIN, 106 Broadway. IilOR SALE CHEAP? 215 WEST THIRTEENTH ' street, three story high stoop House; handsomely frescoed ; Pier Glasses, < ornlces, Chandeliers, Gas Fix tures, Carpets, Ac., in eluded. JOSEPH MASON, No. 8 Pine street. F _ street, brown stone Dwelling: 827 Fourth avenue, Store mid dwelling. Apply tu WM. KNIGHT, 231 \\ est Kilty-first street. IjlOR SALE OR TO LET? THE TWO AND THREE ' story Houses, 134 and 136 West Forty-seventh street, between'Slxth avenue and Broadway; splendid location. Apply to WILLIAM KKNNKLLV. No^ 4 Pine street FACTORY FOR BALE OR TO RENT ? A THREE story building, 2S\I0U: wing 40x75 and dye house BOx 25; seven lots of ground. Inquire hi 5ti Llspenttrd street, up stuirs, or ot CHARLES MORGAN, South street, oppo site Pierce avenue, Hudson City, where property can be SIM- It. Kindling wood yard, with machinery. Buildings and Fixtures, for gale. Apply at 660 West Twenty third street. Morning side park.- for sale four LOTS, finely located on high ground, with magnificent views ; terms easy. Apply at 54 William street, room 10. OTiiNU YARD? rODR LOTS. WEST FORTY-SEVENTH 0 street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, to lease. Apply to JOHN MIIRM.Y A SON, 81 Cedar street. STORE PROPERTY FOB SALE? ON WEST SIDE OF Ninth avenue- good business place for hoarding houte or dining saloon; will be sold cheap to a prompt purchaser. Inquire at4tM West Fifty-fourth street. fTIENEMENT HOUSE FOR SALE.? THE TENEMENT J House, corner Desbrosses and Washington streets; now paving u splendid interest. Applv to HUGH N. CAMP, uHi Broadway. Twenty-four lots on 132D and imd streets, 1U0 tet>f west of Seventh avenue, lor sale cheap; both streets regulated, curbed, guttered, Ac. Apply to J. ROMAINE BROWN, 1,2*0 Broadway. THE FINEST PROPERTY ABOVE 145TH STREET, lor sale at an exceedingly low figure ; 5, 10. 2.ior more acres, located on Eleventh avenue, Boulevard, Tenth avenue and Broidway ; per cent can reinaitv W. P. SKYMoUH, 171 Broadway. TO PHYSICIANS AND OTHERS.? A FINE BBOWN stone English basement House, 1(52 West Thlrtv fourth street, for sale very cheap. Apply to W. P. SKY MOI'R, 171 Broadway. 1 QTH STREET BETWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH tu avenues.? For sale, ttirnlshcd or unfurnished, a three story high stoop hroWll stone House; all modem Improvements, and in fine order. Apply to ISAAC IIONIG, 111 Broadway, rooms G and II . basement 1 | QTH STREET, NORTH SIDE, BETWEEN I *T(' Seventh and Eighth avenge*.? choice Plots of nine Lots, cheap; good grade ; no rock: terms easy. Ad dress MILKS PaNSON, Wo . si !?? V ? \\ i ? r k , N. J. 500 LOTS ON n.M>AI>V. AY, T, nth and Eleventh avenue Boulevard*, Fort Washington, In plo'stosuii purchaser*. Terms, 20 per eent '-ash ; balaiie m remain two and five veurs. ?",c ball :it 5 per rem in' r ? <t 1 r> iiertv restricted anil (I r-t class. I'rlres at the avi ruye values mad i >y a number of dls 1 interested jtdir 'j. Catalogues snl i ar!1. ir? firm owners at 110 Broadway (Hu .ard's), l2tuSda:.t D \ M::i i i TERFIELP. 4> I O Kl\,\ -*H >V KST .'III! sr., THREE STORY ?v1 ? ?>??>*"*'? h. s. brick, 2ixi.')x,i'.i, liiomplete order; JS.msi on m >rt^?u e , luruitiiro slsoii desired. Apply to JO-KI'll coKl IT, 211 Ninlh avenue, oi . I. R. EDWARDS, OUWi stTw uty-thlril street :A|1 -west f<?i;'i vain rii street, be M tween Sixth nd Sev> n'li uvenueA ? For sale, an elegant three suiry high s'oop l>rowti etoite llou , . in Hie must uei feel oi >1 i ami million; .l.ix.'nix luj. Address CENTRA L PARK, Herald olllee. M iM'cllaiicoitK. Si LE? PRIVATE AND TEM-.VE NT HOUSES. I Business and Factory I'roncrty, in New York ami Hrool.lvn; also Residences and Farm in '.he vicinity of this cit> and adioining Stul - W. \V. LYON, Rcttl Es tate Broker, 78 avenue D, New York. TIKNitY STREET, 4'1-FCLL I. or, IHHSE TWO II -tory anO attic, brick, tor sale on easy teTms to a prompt purchaser. WILLIAM E. HAWS, No. 5 Pine street. I WILL SELL A 23 FOOT FRONT BROWN STONE 1 House, right locality, for $I4,0i*), quite new; another ? or $l2.<aM, on easy term-'; nothing hotter I ir speculation or '? > .i \ ? reut Address LEX I.N (jTON II aLLE, box 110 Herald oflloe. Tots for salb-on all thf. leadino ayr. J nurs, boulevards and adjacent istreste, |jy UUOll N. CAM P 10 Broad way 1UEE NOTICE? THAT OWN ERS OF PROPERTY who employ me to sell their property ?re at ne ex pense bv the advertising of the pro) rtr ; .ind It is further understood that no matter who np|i lies ,'ivl purchases the property Irotn thr said adve rusetncit.t under this agreement, i claim the commission ti >in ih* owners of said property. .1 AMES HYL.tBD, 342 East Nlnefeenih street, Nevy York. OKOOKLY.Y PHOPr.nTi Foil WALK _ ANI) TO LKT. A -A? IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FIRST CLAS.'^ J\ . brown stone llou-e til a fine n luhtiorbood, at tlie lowest price and on the easiest terms to b found in Brook lyn or elsewhere, il 1* wnt lli your while to ipuly to E. II. N ICHOLB, owner. No. 'j Pine str< nt. New ,rk, or on tlio iireiriises. Macon street, between Mufcy und Tompkins

avcuues. U> Mr. DL NN. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR HALE AND TO JLBT. JJERALD BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR TUB NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONtl ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE Ol'EN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 0 F. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AUKNTS* DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. AN BLEOANT BROW N bTONE HOUSE. BEST PART ol Brooklyn, magnificently und completely furnish ed; price $20,' W; easy terms; or to rent, at $178 per oioiiMi. Address HOTSPUR, Herald ottico. AT A B A RO AT N? ONLY $14,. WO; EASY TERMS; POS session belore May il wanted ; the three story, extra wide, (thirtv jour feet, double) Residence No. 28 second place. Brooklyn; ull improvements; line location ; con venient t o cars and terries; title perfect; renson lor selling, to divide among heirs. Apply on premises to E. R. K KLLOGG, Administrator. A FINE LOCATION, OPPOSITE CARROLL PARK, Hrooklvn ; con venieut to cars and terries ; tor sale, three story basement unil under-ccllar brick House, '-78 President street ; has range, stationary tubs, bathroom, Ac. ; prieo aked $9,0iKX For particulars apply to E. H. KKLLOGW, No. S Broadway, New York, 10 to 12 A. M. A COUPLE SPLENDID BROOKLYN HOUSES; ALSO stock ot $1,800 worth ol Goods nnd two handsome Photograph Oars to exchange tor improved Property in Brooklyn. Call at 112 John street. (1EIN A UEORUE. ABAKOAIN-ONLY $2, .'.00 CASH REQUIRED; A iJirtu story high stoop basement and sub cellar Philadelphia front brick House, brown stone trimmings; uil modern conveniences; 12 rooms: neighborhood first class ; perfect order ; possession 1st of May ; price $10,000. Apply at 183 flatus avenue. AIIANDSOMELf FURNISHED THREE STORY House? No. 4 JeCevson Park (President street), Brooklyn, to let, at $90 a month. A rare chance. Apply at MITCHELL'S, 77 Cedar slrect. BROOKLYN.-TO LET OR FOR SALE, THE DWELL ing 443 Marey avenue, corner ot Hurt street., n fine three story and Imscmcnt, 2i feet front, with a flue yard; has been repaired ami painted throughout; all the mod ern improvements; would lease to a good party for a term ot years; lor sale at a low figure. Apply on the premises between the hours of OA. M. and 4 V. M. or to J. A. MACDONALD, IM Sixth avevitio. New York. BROOKLYN.? TO LET, A FIRST CLASS HOUSE; new, brown stone front, with all modern improve menu, in Clinton street, between Congress and Warren ; ^ rent $1,040. Address 30 Ycrandu place ; possession im mediately. Brooklyn? for sale or to let, a brick House, 10 rftoni! ami subcellar, with Improvement?, in Verandah pluue, near Henry street and near South terry ; will yjll for $8,000 or let ai $600. ____ _ inoa SALE? A COMMODIOUS tilTTLE house, nine 1" rotnns, frame, tilled in, all Improvements, with extra Lot and Stable ; Iruit trees, flowers, vines, Ac.; within one block of i'ultoi and Atlantic avenue car*, thirty rain Utt"? to City Hall ; will lie sold lor $6,800, worth $8,000. In iiuire of the owner, on the premises. 406 Herkimer street, between Albany and Troy itvs., Brooklyn. Terms easy. FOR SALE? -RARE CHANCES-TWO STORY AND Ex tension frame House, 43f> Herkimer street, Brooklyn; 8 rooms; water und gas; in pood orxler; 40 minutes Irora Fultou ferry; price $4,000. Call und see for yourself at BRYANT A CARRUTHER'S, 1,420 Fulton street, Brook lyn, or from 2 to 4 P. M. at lit1) Fnlton street, New York. jpiOR SALE? $3,280-224 WYCKOFF STREET, BE twecn Bond aud Ncvln streets; two story basement and cellar brick Houso, stone sloop; heater, range, hot and cold water, bath tub, marble liasin?, water closet con nected with sewer; marble mautels, vestibule doors; bathroom in black walnut; terms easy. Apply to 3. E. CORNELL, 44 Court street IjlOR SALE, RARE CHANCE? THE OWNER OF A ' delightful Cottage Home In Brooklyn, having lett the city, will sell at a bargain, ('ail at 'JSC Myrtle avenue. I^OR SALE-TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK 1 built House, brown stone trimmings: water, gas and all modern improvements; terms easy. SUNDERLAND, Hutledge street, netu- MHrcy avenue, Brooklyn, E. D. BARtlAIN ? AS Til K OWNER Europe, a -cosy Residence, three stories. __hcellar, fine garden, imported fruit trees, on Clinton avenue, Brooklyn; ground 80x129; all clear; very little money wauled ?down; no rat traps; plain sailing. Apply to 8. M. OSTRANDER, Attorney, Ac., 78 Nassau -street IriOR SALE JT A BA 1 is leaving to? Europe, a basement aud subcellar, 1710 R SALE-AT A SACRIFICE, A THREE STORY " Philadelphia brick House., 19.6x40, with line store and cellar, ?wi Oekalb avenue, containing teu rooms; gas and water and gas fixtures iu complete order. Will be sold at a Itwrgain. Price $7, 00; terms to suit. P. W. CONBKLYKA A SuN. sin Myrtle avenue.^ For sale? a four story double tenement brick House, with Stcrc, in Brooklyn, K. D., lor $3,780 cash, balance en mortgage; house 25x80, lot 100; small House on rear. Apply to owner, PAUL J. HUR LEY, 20 Delaneey street. New York. IIOR SALE-CHEAP, EASY TERMS, THREE CHOICE Plots on Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, graded, paved, flagged ; nine of the lots corner lots; opposite the contem plated Myrtle Avenue Railroad depot, on Cedar aud Chestnut streets ami Central avenue, p 4X M. TALLMAN, room 12,1X7 Broadway, New York. For sale? near prospect park, m prospect place, a tine throe story and basement double traine House and Harden: house 37>ax3.S; modern improve ments ; ground 62i,xl31 ; choice trult, Ac. ; 800 feet lrom grand entrance to the Park; surround mgs, ilrst class houses. Apply to F. D. NORR1S, 31 DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. I/KlR SALE? a CORNER PLOT, 100X100, corner r Seventeenth street and Eleventh avenue, Brooklyn, within two blocks ol lite west grand entrance to Prospect Park. Also it two story basement and attic House, on Eighteenth street, containing 9 rooms, water throughout, with sewer connection; price $.1,1X10. Apply at 428 Eighteenth street, Brooklyn. Terms cusy Bwr SALE-A fink corner brick house (30x41 lot), 21x42; with fine store and cellar; three story and basement and a large show window. Apply on the premises, corner of Hicks and Harrison streets, South Brooklyn. EH)R SALE CHEAP? $7,000? CORN KR P[,OT OP 4 Lots on Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; also 4 Lots on Grove strett, 80x200 feet ; price $2,1**); terms easy. C. M. TALLMaNN, 137 Broadway, New York. I|10 R SALE OR TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT FUR niture, a handsome four story marble front House ; all improvements : one ol th.) best streets In Brooklyn ; convenient to ferries ; liberal term* to desirable parties. A. O. DARWIN, 10 Pine street, New York. IflOR SALE OR TO LET? BROWN STONE FRONT 1 House, 21 by 60; all modern improvements; price $17,000; rent $ 1 . inquire on the premises, I2S Elliott place, Brooklyn. FOR SALE AND TO LET? 34 TO 40 MINUTES ON line of Fulton avenue cars, first class Houses, from $.l,S00 to $10,001); to let from $450 to $S(H); will sell on small 5 ny incuts of $WKI. Apply, trom 12 M. to 2 P. M. only, to AMES A. FISHER, 231 Broadway, New York. IilOK SALE OR EXCHANGE ? A FINE NEW TIIREK 1 story brown stone House; all improvements; eligibly situated on the hill, Brooklyn ; house 2n lect wide ; lot 2t?x* 100; terms easy. STARR A HOOKER, Attorneys lor Owner, 79 Cedar street, New York. IN THIRD PLACE, NEAR COURT STREET, IS A U room three storv Residence and Lot, 130 teet deep, which will be sold for $7,500 to a reliable purchaser, in monthly payments. WYCKOFF A JAMES, aos Montana# street. IARUE IRON B UILDINO AND_FO I R LOTH. SOUTH J east corner Kent and Division avenues, Williams burg, suitable for any manufactory, stables or depot. Apply to Ice Company, 4;12 Canal street. rpo LET? A LA ROE MANSION HOUSE. IN THE VIL 1 lage of Porte hester, Ave minutes from depot; 18 rooms, pantries, laundry, closets, Ac., with large and commodious carriage house, stables aiul other outbuild ings, and 10 acres of Land, highly ornamented and culti vated ; suitable for a large lanmy or a first class boarding hoilso or young ladies' seminary. For permits and terms apply to W. K. PEYTON, 272 Bowery. mo LET? FURNISHED, FOR SIX MONTHS, A THREE JL story bri"k House, with modern conveniences, on Brooklyn Heights, five minutes' walk from Wall street ferry. Apply to A. B. DAVENPORT, $#7 Fulton street. mo LET-THREE PLEASANT ROOMS IN HOUSE ! 1 470a Ho r tinier street, Brooklyn, between Tiovand Scheneetadj avenues: 4ft minutes from Fulton lorry ; front, throe back Kooius and Red room ; water and gas; rent $m f ? a small family without children. rno LET-BAY RIDGE HOUSE, 1(5 ROOMS, %i ACRE, 1 plenty of fruit; accessible to all Brooklvn ferries; *4 mile from the terry ; large stable; location 'or a board ing bouse; will lease lor throe years at low rent; imme diate possession. Inquire ot E. K. I'VE, US Summit street, Brooklyn TO LET-IN WILLI A MS I! I' RO, THE THREE STORY briek House 115 South Filth street, near Fourth street; rent $700. Apply to WILLIAM HUGHES. lift Wooster street. New York, between 10 and 4 o'clock. rpo LET? FU RN ISn ED, COLUMBIA HEIGHTS. I Brooklyn, a brown stone House, overlooking the river ; will roof cheap from May or Juno till October. Address ALBERT, Herald olBce. TO LET? THE FINEST "STAND IN BROOKLYN' FOR any business: great thoroughfare and dallv improv ing ; store and dwelling 201 Flatbosli avenue, iwiirly oppo site Filth avenue. Apply to A. 1IALL1DAY, 17 Harrison street TO LET? FU R WISHED, FROM MA 7" 1 NEXT, IN Greene avenue, Brooklyn, on the lllli, a three story brown stone House, convenient to Fulton and Wall street ferries; terms very low to a desirable tenant. Apply to 0, T. BONN Bit, 20 Broad street, New York. rpo l.ET? THE BEAUTIFUL THREE STORY IIIOII I stoop and basement brown stone House 130 Greene, near Clinton avenue, Brooklyn. D. II. STONh, 192 Broadway, New York. mO LET? "W PROSPECT PLACE. BROOK I.YN, Til KER J story high stoop House, near Prospect Park; all Im provements; ront$I.O.W. Inquire of K 1 1, BY, 2'J7 Flatbiuh j avenue, or 41 Warren street, New York. TO LEf? A NEW THREE STORY BROWN STONE House, all imorpvemonts, Prospect place. between ! F<rt> -second and Forty-third streets ; rout $1,000. Apply j to W. w- Mf.LDKI M, l,2W) Broadway. rpo LET? A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP I'll ILA DEL 1 phia brick end brown stone House; genteel and pleasant location: nil Improvements: 13 rooms; In per fect Order; .Vi# .lay street, tilth house from Fulton ave nue, pleasant walk to icrry ; cheap, at $1,200; will rent at $l,nS0nnd waler tax. TO LFT-ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS," WII HIV FIVE minutes' walk ol Wall street ferry, two three storv and aiti i rick Dwellings, with the improvements; relit $|iim aim $1,000. For permits, Ac., applv to D. A M CIIAUNOEY, 207 Montague st., near City llall, Brooklyn' TO LET-RoOMS. UPPER PART of"* BOO? !OT Pacific si roe t; Mirro Rooms and bathroom on second floor, two Rooms on third floor, nml tile use ot basement and kitchen ; nil improvements: rent $10 per month ? lady would like to Bourn with the family. Apply at once. rpo LET or LEASE? HOUSB 4#4 DB K A LB A VENUE, | 1 Brooklyn: lint class brick, brown front, three story I and basement, two story extension, 12 rooms; all ini i provemonu; half n block irom ci'osstown railroad, '? ranklin avenue ; Coaoh lions. , and stable for Ave horse* it desired; rent low to rosponslMe le nn p t. For Inlurma tim' andpermtt at .1 JOHNSON A SON'S, corner Myrtle t mul^B?dwrd avenues, Br Juklyn. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR 8AL.E AMD TO LET. VERY DESIRABLE NEW HOUSES IN THK BERT part of Brooklyn: utl modern Improve menu; rents verv low to first clan* tenants. Apply to BLACK WELL A CO., 85 Liberty street. O r Q HAL?KY STRKET. -HOUSE TO RFNT; FUR. ? >)n niture. r?ri>i>!<, 'or sale. Apply to-day and Monday, from 12 o on | ruiwie? ? , v A 4 fAft ?FOR SALE, ON LAFAYETTE AVENUB> iftT.OWW, in mil tta from Ful on ferry, a House and Lot; two story .ml basement ; all improvements, gag fixtures, 4c. ; $l.a>i only required. J. L. LIN I'SAv, owner, -W Greenwich street. <fe 1 ?NINETEENTH WABI?, BROOKLY, VERY VTiI'MJ, cheep, three story brick, 9 room*, with modern improvements; terms to suii purchaser. Apply to WM. O. BU M M Kit, 81 J'nmdway, Brooklyn, K. D. d?C iflltA IN INSlVM.Mr.N BALASi'K ON MORT ?JP'J.Ul ?vf gage.? For#.. l< , u three story and oasemeat brown stone Hou?t, 174 Bedtord avenue, near corner llewes street; house entirely ucv, with every modern improvement; ranee, hot and cold water, heater, laundry, splenald gas fixtures, closet and marble washstand in every room ; fine alcove room, two pui lors, cloak room, Ac.; only ten minutes fnm ferries and one b ock Irom cars. SPOON EH A 11 MTER. 206 Canal street 0*7 Z()f) -SMALL CASH PAYMENT; BALANCE ?!> I tijyjyjf mortgate? Two story high stoop, base ment and cellar, frame House ; all modern improvements; ten rooms; two lull lots; Lalnrctte avenue, near Tomp kins Park, Brooklyn. J. W. UoLMaN. 21 Cortiaudt street, in the store. WEWTCHKHTEK COUNTY PROPERTY .. FOl! SALL OR TO RUNT. A BARGAIN? I.N' LOW F. It W KHTC H E.STEH~PRO I' erty. on the Hudson, within one hour of Wall street. ? Handsome, large Italian Mansion, with *11 im provements and in complete order; stables, poultry house, Ac. : highly Improved grounds and lawns; choice deciduous evergreen and trult trees; excellent gardens; lilgh, perfectly ucaithy and picturesque location ; prlee |30,ll00 to $47,000, with 1)i oS1.; aeres. as desired ;$8,(W0 to 110,000 only required In cash ; will exc hange lor good City Property, or will tent It not sold be lore May 1. Address t?ox 2,819 New York Post otllee. AT DOKBS' FERRY, ONE MILE FROM HUDSON River and one hour from Grand Central depot, thU pity, a nice Country Seat; ample grounds, line old shade lives, with exquisite river and landscape views: rent ll.lhH.l. I>. O. BRADLEY, 3d Broad street, room 42. AT TRI'MONT, 30 MINUTES FROM (IRANI) CK / tial depot, an elegant Cottage ; hall acre of gro' .*V rruit and forest trees, bam. An : rent $MM a year. ?" D. O. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, roc _ A NICE COTTAOE, WITH ABOUT H ncri' of Ground for, sale. In the village *. If[ roneck fronting on the water, seven mini ? pot; plenty of fruit; buildings in good ord " ' agent, at depot. m- A1>1?0 to A -TWO PLOTS OF LOTS IN MO It ^.Mr. Pl)n^ . 100 to 280 lots in cuch plot, for ^ANlAFKllM very easy terms. ? *"le a Lurt>aln ? H. 1'. DE GRAAF, Bow ^ National Ban*. A T r >V f> FORDHAM-FUR. JL V. atone a mid on tn ruHii- ? ii> ?,,<?iit ? pStosm" f'Ai BROTHkH Branch A V ilrr 'r.'mtnu'tes fr" ,#i a-<5 r'OTS <>* BRONX ?t. . I bat hi no Forty-second street depot; ? i"*ice S4."00- Address OWN EK, care of J. Hurson.801 s aV(,nu\. A? TO i LET- IN * ^oltRISANIA. VERY LOW TO A V "rat class ten ^ .nIK, stone Mansion, fine Grounds, one. Gothic House ? jr,fl Carviago House; ulso one Store and Daguerrean ^V(m , /. l)E GRAAF, Bowery National Bunk. A HANDS' /MK (.'BENCH ROOF HOUSE? SITUATED ?r?i one < j( Hiuit streets in Yonkers; all modern imfi-oveme 4js; ground 83x217; price $16,000. Inquire of DAVID 1. .KENNEDY 854 Third avenuo. A" t TCCKAHOE, HARLEM RAILROAD, 15 MILES Jv from Fortv-second street? A House, containing 11 ?Mum?, with half an acre of l and, near depo', to rent; abundance of trult. Iiiqiiiro of J A MLS DUsENBERRY. Tuc'iahoc, or ot KRAUSE NICKEL PLATING COM PAJJ Y, M John street AT YONkERS, IRVINOTON, TARRYTOWN, AC.? DE sirable Residences lor sale or to let, furnished or unformatted. BLACKWELL A CO., 55 Liberty street AT TARRYTOWN. -AN ELEGANT COUNTRY SKAT,, with fine improvements and land in lilgn slate of cultivation; magnificent river vloev ; iicht New York, Kostou and Montreal Haliroad. Apply to KLACKWKLL A Co., r.5 Liberty street, or Tarry town, N. Y. At yoit want a furnished new House, cheap, tor $800 per year, with modern imprnrements, good neighborhood. m ar depot, apply to JAMES YOUMANS, Agent, at Yonkers. AT FORDHAM.-FINE ROUSE U ROOMS, 6 I.OTS corner, Utah ground; 10 minutes troin depot; abuud *nce of fruit; $8,2511; easy terms. POTTER BROS., No. 4 Warren street, branch office Ford haul. DOBB'S FERRY.? TO LF.T. A NEW FRENCH ROOF House and Carriage House; h is hot and cold water, bath, Ac. ; 1.'., acres ground In lawn, in view of river. Ap-' ply to JOHN <>. HIQQINS, No. 7 Pine street. OR SALE-NEAR WILLIAMS BR 1 DOB, QUARTER acre Plots, on high ground ; price $:Wi). R. L. ANDEBTON, 210 Grand street F IjlOR SALE? AT FORDHAM, THE HOTEL AND OUT* buildings ; 20 lots complete, for boarder*, target and picnic parlies; steain ami horse earn pass the place. In quire of LUDLoW, No. 3 Pino street, or D. MULGREW, corner 129th street and Third avenue, Hailcui. IjlOR SALE? A LARGE NUMBER OP HOUSES AND Country Scat* In the lower part of Wes'cliester county; also building Sites and Lots. Apply to JOHN M. BhGK, Third avenue, third lilnek north of the bridge, near 13AUi street (second tloor), Mott Haven. 7710R SALE? IV TREMONT, NEAR DEI*OT, A SNUO r two story Cottage; hus gas and water; price low; terms easy. K. A S., 71 o East Ninth street FOR Sale, EXCHANGE OR TO LET? A FIRST class new House, IS rooms, with eight Lots, at Mount Hope, Westchester county, five minutes from Tremont station, II. R. K. Apply to JOHN D. OTT1 WELL, 199 Third avenue. I*OR sale OR TO LET? LAROR NEW ITALIAN Villa, close to Montrose station, orange, N. J.; also two fine Houses at Yonkers .one with stable) ; superb river views. Ac. Full particulars by HUBERT A PIRSSON, architects, 194 Broadway. FC )Rr K E NT, LE ASK O R S ALE? AT 8PUYTEN Duvvil, near station, House, Harn. drapery. Conser vatory, Laundry, Ac., one acr" of Cround, stocked with all kinds of choice truits and berries, strawberry and asparagus beds, large croquet ground, Ac. Call on or ad dress OWNER, 196 Broadway, room 23. Furnished houses at tarrytown and at Peihain to let, r?>r Summer or year; rents moderate. Apply te W. J. COLES, l,2t>7 Broadway. IriUUKNISHRD HOUSE-ON RIDGR OYERLOOKINO " Harlem River valley, Westctu ..or, within Ave min utes' walk of depots. A handsomely furnished House with 14 rooms, gas, Mi llard room, fine stable and P4 acres ground ; rent for the year, $-.500; also (me partfally furnished, rent 91.5DO; one lull v furnished, {2, OK); also a large unfurnished House, with 20 acres, stable, Ac.; rent $2,600: a small House. 13 rooms, Jl.euO. Apply to HUGH N. CAMP, 108 Broadway and Tremont High bridge, westchestee, is minutes from' Forty -second street depot, New York.? A handsome Mansard roof House, 13 rooms, beautifully situated on the ridge of llarlrm ltlver; lot 28x112.6 ; more ground if required: 8 minnt. s from depot; terms easy. Apply to C. W. WEEKS, Pollock's Hotel, lllghhridge. Mount VERNON, Westchester COUNTY.? for sale or to let, desirable House, 10 rooms; ga?, range and water in kitchen; trult, Ac. Apply to HICKS, 52 South street, New York. Morrisania.? four lots on grove avenue. Terms easv ; title periect; a bargain if sold neat week. Apply to CAKFREY, S8| Hudson strecp Rye and portchester.-farms, country Seats and Village Residences for ;<al(> or to rent; several to rent, tUrnished, for the Summer; beauHlul drives, good roads and lino salt wafer bathing at Rye Beach. For full Intormation address JOHN F. MILLS, Porte heater. Rent $35 a month? store and dwelling, 1 near irernont dc|iot; business place ; also desirable Dwelling and Stable*. 2 minutes irom depot, to let or for sale ; rent $1,000. Apply at 181 Third avenue. New York. GEO. W. HOJER. "eOUHO VIEW HOUSE,'' FURNISHED, MAMAKO O neck, Westchester county.? This de lit lit ful Summer retreat, situated on the Grand Bonlevard, high ground, 10 minutes' walk from railroad depot; extensive view; ac commodating i*i to 70 hoarders; billiard, bar and reading rooms; well shaded walks drives and picnic grounds; slahllng, fishing, boating and bathing; opened la-t season and tilled within five days with tirst class boarders. Par ticulars of DINGER, PORTER A Co., 2,308 Third avo nue, and 82 Cedar street rilHE ATTENTION OF CAPITALISTS AND PARTIES X desirous oT Investing It) this locality, the spcedv prospectioi annexation and <|Ulck transit helng certain to make st" h investment highly profitable, Is called to Per acre. A Plot ofll'j ncres, near McCotnb's Dam tti.iiOO A Plot ol fl acres, nenr Tremont 4,000 A Piot of Ht acres in Tremont 6.0)0 A Plot of A acres, near Jerome Park 4,.>n0 A riot oi 8.1 acres, near Woodlawn 1,500 A Plot of 40 acres, near Westchester 1,200 A Plot of 14 acres, above Jerome I'ark 8,500 Apply to HUGH N. c \MP, lofi Broadway and Tremont rro LET?AT M AMAKONECK, WESTCHESTER cou.v 1 ty, N. V.. within live minutes' walk of the depot Part of n furnished House, 6 or 7 rooms; good location ; French tamlly. Inquire of the agent, at the depot To LET-IN YONKERS, A BRICK HOUSE. 4 LOTS, 10 rootns; $75n. Apply to JAMES BERWICK, Yonkers. mo LET? TWO ADJOINING COTTAGES, EACH FIVE I rooms, an I one acreot ground; good cellar, wel am I fruit; near Wlliiamsbridge, Harlem Railroad; about halt an hour from Grand Central depot; r n: $13 each per month. Apply to s. E. o.,S52 West forty-second street. TO LET? ON VALENTINE AVENUE, FORDHAM, nice llon?o, garden, 10 city Lots; marble mantels; dumb waiter; 11 rooms, with carriage bouse and staole tor two horses ; eight minutes from depot. I n<|iure of .M. W. COLLINS, 2# West Eleventh street. New York. TO LET? IN THE LOWER PART Of WKSTCRBSTKR county, a large number of Houses. Cottages, < oun trv Seal -, some lurvlshed. Apply to JOHN M. BK? K, ll'iird avenue, north side, near 1:15th street (on second Boor), Mott Haven. ' _ TO LET? IN WHITE PLAIN'S, NEAT COTTAGE, with ID acres; plenty trult; good barn and out houses; summer season or year. _ J. D. RATIIRUN, 1S7 Rcade street.^ TO LET? A LAROE MANSION HOUSE, IN THE VlL lage of PortchcHter. five initiates from depot; Id rooms, pantries, laundry, closets, Ac., with large and commodious carriage house, stables and other outbuild Inge and Pi acres ot Land, l i lily ornamented and culti vated: suitable lor a large family or first class boarding house or young ladles' seminary For permits and terms jipply to W. K. PEYTON. 272 llowery, rno LET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, SIX MIN L iites' walk Irom Tremont depot, a two storv iraine Hov'se, containing nine rooms ; lot., 100x125, with fruit and orim.mental trees abandonee; delightfully .dtuatedj rent JiVOto a good tenant i ur particulars inquire ot O. D. CAfr.K, 314 Bowery. rpil LEN? A HOl SB ON WASHINGTON AVENUE. BE X twei n .Seventh and Kigb'h streets, Tlssnla, c*u. talnlng eigfr.' rooms ; rent I wo per year; possession Im. media. eljf. Nor partlei. lars apply toJ. H. MAI, Sun lob printing office, or to a. H. shkhWooD, rordjiam avej uuc, between i'l^tu aud blxtU streets. Murrwtiuw. irjusi-viicnixu iwuwti rnuruTI FOlt WALE OK TO RENT. TO LET OR LEASB-TIIREH STOKY BRICK IIOUSB. wilh Store, now occupied with groceries, at 923 Broadway. Brooklyn; rent ji n a year. Inquire of MUR. KoW, 41 W arreu sireet, Mew York. TO LEASE-AT IK1 MONT. NKAR STATION, A large House, mitable i^r boarder*. Apply to HUGH N. CAM1\ k*i broad w ty, auJ Ircuiont. rro RENT? PUR M SHED, A VERY FIN1' ' *. within two minute.' ?a'k ot Kef- .r-a BOfsE. am! sr- '"Uarter ?i uji hour 's -vmtiVDflrn Bridgar grounds ofij, * ? ,-f'T.c 6f 9?nO"?IP?rk: the svefgrcoai, frnltir&s t *!MafSljr ?'"! out, with leventeen routu*, with \ m ' ? 'l0U9C Is large, ?round the Imbh ( Tftr_ .'J"" billiard room ; tdxzza all room lor six horses;^,,, A^,u'' house, with stable IS magnificent &,? j|,c i.. ' 1 " ' ?' & surrounding country rest e ;\a ffiltiMBRir tn? re^ldJ ct'y healthy, ind in all 3c-Tres a coun.ry place vib , " * sny BtuUetnan whe railroad, steamboat or ??l?y access?! the city br SON, US Wall stlvet, APP>J tuX d i>AUY 1 TO RENT? THE RKSlI^T^rrr- ? - at New Ko.'hellp, com ,lete|/ lo 'Tr rardeu, lawns, orchard, h ble o.r ^^ed, includ nit n fine order ; situation hi h ; DcVfee d&f* w?18?' *c' ? r* 8g|?,8?'if.T.a . luvsvrjo'te lf?r!Kvw 1C1 -SI" '"""S" VK *?*.T 2 minutes troin depot ; rent ' ?.n. ground; xs&tfut. f(>00 ?nV-H JJ TU S. REBPOK8IRLK TEN nent*; 16 lots, t & U>. i Uroom^gaj and all improve, food barn, hiirU kt< ? f lai*l out. Iru?t in ubutulancc, ' " * /Utrid; ihrec tn'li-H trotn Harlem. OA BRETT A CO., ail Broadway. I 1800 tbr" ' kARGE FURNISHED HOUSE AND iiiMp frnl' <* acres- location pleaxant and healthri it ERE 1 1> , 40.; CO minutes Irotu citv. Address W. - /?<.ne, W< stchestcr couuty, N. Y. p6.0r ifl WILL BUY A CORNER STORE AND leDot* ' Dwelling ut Plug Sing, one minute (front IYa"' ?.'B00* location; terms easy. Applv to JOilX ' jK, Stag Sing. < fMtfl ? AN ELEGANT FRAME COTTAGE, tW? wOlfu, story and basement and attic, with tin *"!j ! pll'd with brick ; 1U rooms; hot and cold water ??Kt all other modern Improvements lot SOxlOO (corner), wtcinulng a two story stable; also an adjoining Cottage, fame its above, with the exception oi hoi water, lor $7, (I'M). Icriiis?a*y. Call on < r ad Ires- AUGUST 1IA YE, builder, corner < litT street and Grove avenue, Mcrri-aiiia; only 28 minu'es trom Orand Central depot and 7 minutes lrom depot. - JlsKNFY <'ITY. BOBOSKN, HUDSON CATT AN1J BEKGEN ltl'Al. EBTATE. K?r Da.e, A HOUSE? TWO STORY AND BRICK BaSEMENTj woll finished; rnt!g.', beater, washtulM, marbio mantelti, &c., and lour l.ots on Jersey City Heights; best view witli.n 10 miles; price $l",000; terms easy. P. M. II AVKitl No. 8 Barclay street. AHOME.-HEM/niV; HEIGHTS, JERSEY CITY; cheap, commodious, convenient ; Cottages, tl.OOU to $4,000; Houses ot'everv s yle. JOHN ii. EL ATT, opposite Court IToaae, Jersey city Heights. Bergen point, n. j.-fob sale? two mat and French roof House; lot 80x170; stable, hen bouse, Ac. ; shade and iruit trues; will sell the inrnituro. In use two years; the street has been macadamized, sewered, flagged, Ac. Apply to BH.VMH.VLL k SKY. MOUR, No. i Exchange pUii-e, Jersey City. I/H)U SALE? JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS, FKONTINGI r Ihe Park, two story, attic and ba-ement llotiiei modern Improvements, Ac ; truit and shade trees; ona block from horse cars and 10 minutes ir'Jtu depot oi Pcnn. sylvanla Railroad; price $7,000; terms easy. Apply uj owner, 54 William street, room 29, New York. FUR SALE? IN JERSEY CITY, CHEAP, EASY terms, the tlrst cla s three story and basement brick corner House 241 Jersey avenue, tormerly the residence ol Hon J. R. Wortendykc ; hotl-e 22x'i6 ami extension ; lot 22x100. WILLIAM HARNEY A SON, office corner York and Grove streets, Jersey City. I.K>K S ALB? FOUR LOTS ON OOUICN (LATE HUDSON) r avenue, Jersev City Heights, between Van Voorsl and Snath streets. Thesi* lots, tor prospect, are unsur. passed, cominanJinj a s> lendiil view of New York city and harbor to the Narrows; also a three story and liaso. incnt brick House, at 17^ drove street, Jersey City: lio.l* will be sold chcap to close up the business of a gentleman leaving the countrv. For particulars impure of A. O. M ASON, Agent, 34 Montgomery s reet, Jersey City, or oi W.M. P. BKOWN, 83 Nassau street, New York. IjV)R SALE OR TO RENT-LARGE HOUSE AND eight Lots, Beriren l'olnt, N. J; price $l.',0<i0; ronl $S00. Apply to I)r. OK IK, Injjham avenue, Bergen Point. IfOR SALE? JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS, 20? PAI.ISADH avenue, near Waver ley street, a handsome French roof House, in excellent condition; spieudid view ol New York and thirty miles down the bav. GEO. E. Bennett, 111 Broadway, room D. To l<et or Leans. A FAMILY DESIRING TO TRAVEL WILL BENT, for a year or more, their large, elegantly furnished Residence, including ("rockery, Glass, Kitchen nn.l Table ware, Pictures ami Ornaments situated on Jersey City Heights, commanding an extensive view of the Hudson Kiver, New York c:ty and harbor; replete with ever/ modern convenience; Summer and winter Kitchens, laundry, bathroom, three water closets, billiard rootq 18x24 trhelan table); 15 minu'es by horse cars to frrriess rent $175 per month. Apply to WEEKS A CE1SSY, 34 Hudson street, llobuken, N. J. 4 HANDSOMELY HJRNISHED HOUSE IV NliW A Jersey to let, within .MO minutes of Wall street Ad? dress I*. II., Herald ollice. A MAGNIFICENT BROWN STONE HOIISE-U rooms, in Jersey City, near cars and ferry, to let, at a sacrifice; very choice location: all Improvements, ln;<* conveniences and choice appointments. Address CUEAP HOUSE, llcrald office. Bergen point, n. j.~ furnished or unfitr. nlshed, a fine Residence and about three acres Land, situated on the water: lawn, ii ui> and shade trees; house has all modern Improvements, bathroom, ?as, Ac. ; stable, with coachman's residence : house well furnished. Ap. ply to KK AMIi ALL A SEYMOuR, No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey City. HOBOKEN, N. J.-TO LET, THREE MINUTES FROM terry, second Floor, 4 rooms, with conveniences! rent, including gas, $30 per month. Inquire at No. I Washington terraie, Hoboken, N. J. JERSEY CITY. -AN ELEGANT NEW STORE TO let, in Pavonla avenue, on one of the best corners in Jersey Oltv : ears passing by it troin all directions. Also a store. 184 T'avonia avenue, and Floors to let. Inquire ut 177 Pavonia avenue. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY. ON WOODWARD STREET, near Gran 1, three new brick Mouses, eight rooms! modern improvements; 10 minutes irom Cortlandt ana Dcsbrosses street ferries and one block from street cars | rent $550; possession given Immediately. Inquire of H. W. LEONARD, 101 Newark avenub. TO LET? AT JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS. 17 MINUTES from New York, a nice, convenient House. with mod. em Improvements anil Rood girden spot; rent low to a Rood tenant Apnly to B. REED, 28 Warren street. New York ; or to E. Fool', Bergeu avenue station, Newark and New York Railroad. TO LET? AT WEST HOBOKEN, N. J.. NEAT HOUSE. 10 rooms; lot 78x160; stable; abundance of trultl rent $4.'j0. Apply to E. M. WELDON, M Stone, street, Ken York, or No. 2 warren street, West Hoboken. TO LET AND LEASE? LARGE TENEMENT HOUSK and store. Id and IS Morris street Jersey City, neai Cortiandt street lerry. rno RENT-FURNISHED, AT BERGEN POINT, N. JL only 2# minutes trom New York by Central Railroad of Now Jersey, House of 14 rooms, bathroom, gas, Ac. j situated on paved street, lighted with gas; Ave minutes' walk irom depot; fullv furnished with things requisite for housekeeping; will be rented modera'ely to a good tenant. Ajiply to BRAMHALL A SEYMOUR, No. 1 Ex* change place, Jersey City. TO RENT-FURNISHED, AT BERGEN POINT, N. J.. only 25 minutes from New York by Central Railroad o| New Jersey, House. 12 rooms; large lot., ?v'xl7U; street im B roved; convenient to cars or boat; rent $l,2nii; neir ouse on col lier, bath room. Ac., rent $I,2U0; Gothic Cot* tage on the water tront, bath room, Ac., rent $1,800; utr? furnished House on the waterfront, three acres latnL ? 1,2'H) ; Houses at S4S), $">(*) and ?H50. Apply to RRAM HALL A SEYMOUR, No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey City. PROPKHT Y OUT OF THK OTT fOB BAlilS 4?K TO UE^fT. A GENTLEMAN S RESIDENCE TO LET OR FOB sale, furnished, 18 rooms; all Improvements; btl Hard room. bowling alley, siabies; splendid view; unex ceptionable location , St. Mnrk's nlu<e, New Brighton,:], j. W. A. COLLINS, 28 I'lne street A? LONG BRANCH COTTAGES TO RENT ? FUR . nlshed. Printed catalogues, with lull description# and special survey maps, to be had at our office. F. <(. Jk l>. BROWN, id) Broadway, corner ot Wall street and Branch o?cc . oppoalte the depot, Long Branch. A FINE FARM OF 00 ACRES FOR SALE OB Ex change? l-or other Property: one-half mile from l'ascock station, on llackensack Extension Railroad, Erie lint'; tine elevated land: good building; plenty ol lruil| can be bought very low. Apply at NICHOLAS B. AO l'ascock -tHtion, Bergen contuy, N. Y. 4 NICE TRUCK FARM OF 31 ACRES, WITHIN w. J\ mile of Flashing village, will be s<Jd at a bargain. Inquire ofS. F. GOODING, Flushing, L. I. A FINE RESIDENCE? TWO STORY FRAME HOUSB, Barn and lour acres Garden Ground ; fruit and shviw trees; situated on Jamaica turnpike, Long !?' m , near Southslde Railroad depot, at Richmond Hill aud Central Railroad depot, Clarcncevlll"; now occnuied i>- .1 n u; Napier i horse ears i>*ss the house everv .11 lulnntat: pov femion 1st May next; rentitnA). Apply to WILLIAMS A G ION, taWaM street. J A 1 ? PEL1IAM BRIDGE HOTEL.? THIS OLD ES i\ 1 . tabltshed place is up for a lease to good, respon sible parties, lor a term ol years; stock, luinuure aud fixtures comnleH. Apply on the premises. 4 COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, EXCHANGE Jx or to let? Comfortable House, conMitinnv 15 roouis| good barn aad other buildlnps; tine well ol water; resl dt lice within halt a mile trom proposed depot of the "orrlstowii Bran'h of ihe Mont Clair Railroad and about tour Biles trom Mad . son staiion. Parties desiring to see property can addtess ALFRED PI'Elt, Hanover, Morris conntr. N. J., or call at :<4'i Fulton street. Krook Ivn, ibird floor, room 7, ironi 10>4 A. M. to 2.^ P. M.. on April 7. A HOTEL FOR SALI? FAIRFIELD HOUSE, FA I It Held, Conn., to close the estate of the late I.cwls F. ( leve land ; tnriiishod cotnp'ete. Inquire ot W. W. hi K PllENSON, 247 Broad way, room 22, New York. A BARGAIN.? FINK RESIDENCE IN ROONTOtT I'ark; half aero ground ; plenty fruit trees; five min utes froli, dejiot; price <4,700. Apply to ow.ier, P. W, HAMMOND, lioontuil, New Jersey. A DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE, SHORE FRONT-. B< nuti'nl view of Long Island Sound; bouse 10 rooms; heater In cellar, water in kitchen; t'i ncrosi choice fruit; greenhouse, linrn, Icehouse; near White' stone j one hour irom New York; 40 trains dally ; term* e'"ybAYID J. CAKTWItlGHT, 203 Cherry street N. Y. ?, . ? ? "4 A COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET.? FINEST AND healthiest Winter and Summer residence on the west bank of the Hudson, New Jersey;.' 10 minutes to lower parlor New York city; rent moderate. Apply M 217 West Thirteenth street For Other Ileal Bilate Property for l?U ?nd to Let Bee Seventeenth Pa(fi

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