Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 17

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 17
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?'ITY Mm, rSTATK FOB SALI. for Other Ileal Edate Property for Male mid to Let See Sixteenth Page. Central. A ?ON FIFTH AVENUE, SECOND ABOVE . Kighty-flith street, facing Central Park, first class briwn stone cabinet ttiiish House; will be sold at great bargain II" applied ior ai once, a- family are goiiia abroad ; terms very easy ; ll not will uuieklv will be leaded ior term of years. Purnma, Ac. JbIbPF, 2M Hroadway. A? THE FOUR I LEO ANT HIGH STOOP BROWN . stones. four stories. basement uml sub-cellar. south east corner Madison a v< mie und Sixty-seventh street, re plete with Iroproveiiun a; flr-t class finish and new: will be sold at a bargain anil immediate possession. Apply ot> S remises week (lays, irifm 8 to 1U A. M. and trotn 3 to 5 P. L No agents. A PLOT OP 20 LOTS, BELwW FIFTIETH STREET, with three street t r<>u ts, lor sale? Suitable lor a large institution or dwellings; no cash required il Im proved, or super cent i a-b, tu nin e mortgage. Apply to ?? BEN NET, No. V Pine street. ___ A FEW FIRST CLASS HOUSES OF THE IIEST build, Irmn 1? <eei to 30 teet w ide, with ami without extension near Kittli avenue. Irom Foriy-second street to the I'ark. Apply to WM. H. BAY NO B, No. 5>* Pine at. PERFECT OKMOFAHOUHE, IN SIXTY-FIRST street, near Park, 16x60x100, lor sale cheap. Don't tail to sco it bclore purchasing. F. ZITTEL, 1,036 Third avenue. A MOST SUBSTANTIAL. ELEGANTLY FINISHED. J\. well planned, unusually deep, choicely located, Fltlti avenue, near Forty-third street. 28 toct front, complete gentleman's Dwelllug ; good light and ulr; lot 28x125 feet; for sale at a lair pnee, with or without the tlrst class Fur in lure ; couch house and stable ; owner going to Europe. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. A FOUR STOItY BRoW.S STONE HOUSE, IN FEE. on restricted ground: hard wood finish ; tor wile or to leuo ; 72 West Kilty-nr-t street! term* to MIL Apply to HENRY MiOl CiUN, ?.8 f-lxth avenue. A DESIRABLE BUSINESS PROP B BTY FOR SALE ? To close a copartnership. HtiO ('anal street, flw- story brown stone, 25.3 bv aoout A9 leet, running through to penard street (onlv 125 teet west ol Broadway); terms to ;?IU WILLIAM H. ALLEN, No. 5 Pine sfrett._ \ DESIRABLE FOUR STORY HOUSE IN FORTY sixth street, between Fifth und Sixth avenues, 2i)k55x100, titled up In c 1 < tr .nit style lor owner's own use; U frescoed througl o it, with billiard room, Ac., mid has all other ?onveniences of a coimortable and modern house. The owner is desirous ol sel iug it, either with or 'without the elegant itirniture, at u reasonable price. Ap ply to E. IE LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. A WELL BUILT FOUR 8 TOBY BROWN 8TONB House, 22x55x100 6, in Fifty -fourth street, near Mad ison avenue, lor tale very cheap: $l0,0e0. P. H. GRADY, 827 Sixth avenue. ABAROAIN.-FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT FOUB story brown sione House, frescoed throughout, In Forty-sixth street, near Filth avenue. Apply to P. U. OKADY, 827 Sixth uvenue. A BEAUTIFUL MEDIUM SIZED house FOR SALE? On wide street, near Fifth avenue, Central I'ark: is well built, taste arranged, in excellent order and In the finest locution: can be purchased very reasonably. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. ^ HI DICE DWELLINGS NEAR FIFTH AVENUE. t7.'i.0WI ? Thirty-fourth street, 24x61 fix!N.9 feet. .'10,01)0? Thirty-tilth street. 20x45x1011 leet $42,500? Thirty-eighth street, 21x90x100 leet. |S9, 000? Thirty-ninth street, 20.6x55x1(10 feet. $52,500? Forty-second street. 22x5Sxl0i) feet. $53,500? Forty-sixth street, 21.5x60x100 feet. V. K. STEVENSON. Jr.. 11 Pine street. (1LOSE To FIFTH AVBNUE? WEST FOBTY-ETOHTH ) street, a very flue, most substantially-built, four ?lory high stoop brown stene Residence, full size, extra deep, ami appointments and fitting* od the must com plete and recherche style ; price low. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 Pine street. FIFTH avenue LOTS, BELOW FIFTY-NINTH street? Seve rul very choice and beautifully situated Building Lots; low prices tor cash. Also Stable Lots on cross streets. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street JitOR SALE? WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE, A three story high stoon brown stone House, in Forty tlftli street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, or will b? let furnished. Apply to W. * ITZPATB1CK, Florist, 1,213 Hroadway. IjtOB SALE-TWO PHILADELPHIA FRONT "THREE I stories and basement brick Houses, 25x50x90.9 each, fiiuaUiil on Fifth avenue, near Ninth street. South Brook lyn ; the stores and dwellings are well rented and are first class property lor investment. Apply to E. J. THY tiElt, 450 Fifth uvenue. I^OR SALE? A THREE BTORY AND BASEMENT brown stone House on south side of Forty -sixth street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, 234; an Astor lease of 44? years; lS feet 9x50x>; block ; ufl the improve ments: price $13, MH) Apply mi premises, or to DANIEL SHANNON, H97 Eighth avenue. IH)R SALE? AN ELEGANT FOUR 8 TORY HIOH l* stoon brown stone House In Fittieth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, in fee, with Carpets, Mirrors, Chandeliers, Oas Fixtures, Window Shades, Cornices. Ac.; a decided bargain. Inquire of B. B. MERRILL X CO., 64 West Thirty-third street. I/ OR SALE NORTHWEST CORNER OF MADISON 1 nve.ntie and Flfty-?lxth street, 20 leet front; others ndjoiiung on aveuue, 25 feet trout; also two House on Fif ty-sixth street, between Madison and Filth avenues. Ap ply to owner, on premises. Commission allowed agents on completing a sale. MUKKA1 II I LL>? TH I BTY-F IKTH STUEKT, NEAR Park avenue, a very desirable, well-planned, fonr ' story brnwii stone Home, in complete repair unit fres coed ; 1H.0xiW. lot 100 feci ; will be sold at a very teason tbleprlcc. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr , 11 I'lue street and :uti Filth avenue. OARTIEH WISH! N G~TO P I P.CHASE FIRST CLASS I Houses, larite and email, in all locations, w ill do well t? tavor lis with h call, a* we hltvi- a lartfe assort incut, at price* ranirin i from $13,U00 in $160,0110. IIFMiV HUDSON A CO , 175 Fi til avenue, between Twenty-Second and Twenty-third itmtti rnUKBK OR FI VK LOTS, IN ONE PLOT. ON MADISON 1 avenue, opposite Central Park, will be soto at a *reat t'arealn. A| plv to JulIN GORMAN, Seventy-eighth street and Third avenue. ?pill' FOI' It STORY BROWN S rONEHOl' SE M WEST 1 Thirty-seventh street, In perfect order, for sale low. WILLIAM ruCKER. 220 Filth avenue. Valuable broome street property for V sale, between Bowery and Broadway, north side, three Lotcalao Filth n venue Lots, opposite Central Park; must be sold. Apply In grocery. 135 Elizabeth street. l\* l LL BE SOLO CHEAP? SOME OF THE BEST '? built Houses in the city, on Hxtv-fourth street, near Madison avenue. Apply ton. M. STYLES a sons. O Fl'LL LOTS'" FOR~~ SALE- IN SIXTY FOl RTli JLi street, between Central Park and omml Hoiilcvuril. low and on easy terms. Apply toJ. W. VEAGHEH. 471) Sixth avenue. ? ) BOUSES ADJOINING, FULL SIZED, FRONTING w Madison avenue ; 20 rooms in each , five years' lease. Price tor two, $12,500. Address, lor tiiree day ?, box l.7dl New York Post otllce. kfiT A VENUE. BE LOWF I FTIETI I STB E ET. -A PE II ?' feet Rem; four story brown stone, frescoed in oil throughout, lor aale, with or without the elegant Furni ture, Includiu: Paiutines and Mirror-. W. II. HAYES A SONS, HI Cedar street O |~ MORA no 'STREET.? MIR ~ SALE, A FIRST ''I class Tenement lloo->e. also a good Store, 405 Tenth avenue; rent cheap. Apply to M. LITTMAN, 103 FuiUin .'Ireef, room 1, from 2 to 3 P. M. 4i1Q nnn f'nR A small high stoop brick ?T* I u.WI M t House and Lot in ice on Tenth street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. THOMAS G. HOJEB, 106 Third avenue. CI A nnn ONLY FOIt THREE STORY BRICK vl House in Maodnugal street, near Fourth ?<trcet. Apply promptly. For sale by OGDEN .V CLAliK, Broadway, corner ot Seventeenth street. $i)Q (inn MR TWO FULL LOTS, sixty-fii th aOiVIV'U street, between Grand Houlttvard and Central Park ; sewered, Ac ; no assessment*. THOMAS J. DUNKIN A CO., Sit Third avenue. Rant Hide. \ MURRAY HILL FOUR STORY XI FOOT FRONT brown it ine, $2d,cji0; handsome mantle mirrors, ??;?? fixtures. Ac-.; immediate possession. THOMAS J. DUNKIN A COl, BM Third avenne. ? NOTIIER CHANCE.? A SPLENDID BROW N STONE. J\ $ 1 1 ,!W0, wortli $16,000; one. $l2,l>?i. tour story lirown stone, elegant location. $23, two. woriti ?'?!'>.(? 0; one, $20,tlii0; another, $17. <0u; bargains irrnn $10,000 to $50, (W0. Call early. LIONEL FROEHLICH, Third avenue, corner of Fiftieth street. Ail advertisements at my own expense. HYLAND, 342 East Nineteenth Street.? A. ? See h? re, lor -"ale. lour story, !2 ieet by 60 feet, lirnwn stone House for sale, lot 125 feet d< cp, on Second avenuec, nearTctitli street ; ail $24,000. 4 ?FOR SALE, El JAMES HYLAND, 34 2 EAST t\ . Ninh-enth st ret i. three new IIoums, on ll^th strc t, all new; one lor $9,000, one tor $10..VX?. on<r lor$l^.5"i, ea?h ; for seme ot thi above only $'AAO0 cash, ('all for in formation on JAMES 1 1 V I AND,:Mi2 Enst Nineteenth st. 4 MAGNIFICENT CORN KB KOI' it ~STORY HIGH stoop brown stone House on Lexington avenue ; cabinet finish Ac. ; TJ feet wide ; worth $16, Otll, tor $n(W0; terms easy. THOMAS G. HOJEit, 908 Third avenue. CHOH K CKSIIUI. PA K K | LoTS FOR SALE ? low, hthI east lute lots lor iile at lowest rates, by v K. 8TK\ KNSOM. Jr., II Pine street. V CAPITAL CHANCE TO PURCHASE CHEAP A I Lot 30x100, iu central location, where a French nat hnuse would pay. C. s PECK A CO., ISl Filth avenne. \ HANDSOME FOUR KTOKY ENGLISH BASEMENT brick House, all modern Imnrni mi nt-.. on Nine teenth street, between Second anil Third avenues ; price ' only #14, 780. THoMaso. IIOJER, 936 Third avenne. \N ELEGANT THREE STORV AND BASEMENT hrown stono BoQse, south siile East Fifty eighth street, between second and Third avenues. V i l.i. I AM S. OAVEY. 34 Bteeckcr street A N ELEGANT ENGLISH RASI ME.NT HOUSE. FOI'R J\, stories, every convenience. Twenty-third street, be i wee ti Second and Third avenues, for sale, or will be leased, completely furnished, for three years. Mil, MAM S. OAVEY,34 Hteecker Street t BARGAIN IS OFFERED IN A THREE STORY J\ bi/fi -loop brown stone House, Twenty-sixth street, ik twectk Lex'tiirton and Fourth n venues ; must bn sold this week Also, III Twenty second street, between sixth and Seventh n venues, three story brown hl^h {hM<P> .11 teef front, with or without Furniture Apply to JOHN K A V \ N AO II, northeast corner Sixth avenue and Forty ?rcond street. A T $I4.IS??, $ ItV 1 410, $IMikMUAROK Nl MBER (>F i\ first- 'las- .mall lirown stone Houses, in < Mice locali ties. For particulars cull at office, or send for tree list : J:atls. MIL LI \M TUCKER, :20 Fifth avenue. j 1 T $lfi,rs)0 THE HANDSOME THREE STORY BROWN j ? \ stoin IIoiik- 137 fast Fifty third strei t. Apply to " WILLIAM rill KER, 230 Fifth avenae. BV HYLAND, 342 EAST NINETEENTH STREET.? ) For sale, on Irving place, five Houses, each 26leet; , lot 112 fust deep; all lor $13,1, 0UO. each $26,000. H^OR SALE? 100 FEET NORTHWEST CORNER HIIRO ! avenue anil Ninety -first street; !^) feet i n I- iaht.v- I flitii struct, near Second avenne. o. J. Ti RN I it.lual t1 stiite Law office, 87 Nassau street L'Olt HALE-A FIRST CLAsS FIVE STORY, 26 ItV 60 T Ieet; lot it?l net. only $2.1,000; J#, 000 cash. JAME-. II YLAND, 342 East Nineteenth atrad. li^oit salk-on ELEVENTH STREET. NEAR SEC- j 1 otirt aveiino. a 26 by ft? feet lloii?e ; lot lo6 teet deep ; ! *nlT ail $ri.ism. HYLAND. Hit East Nineteenth Street, i CITY WKiL KHTATK FOR SAXES. Kaat Sid*. 1?0R SALE? ON NINETEENTH STREET, A FOIR story, 65 feet by 10 feel ; lot 10". only ?15.000; only it sh. i ake notice that nil my advertisements are at my expense. II yi.ank, m I tit Nineteenth st For sale? on murray hill, one door noil Park avenue, 10! Knit Thirty-eighth street, mur story j tirown stone dwcllinir, 2nx56x?<.2; a bargain tor some one. t'an be teen Sunday. between 3 and S r. M- Per" mlL ( Ai.i.KNDKii a LaURKNCK, fl> Pine street B^OR HALE CHEAP? on BAXTER STREET, NEAR Grand, n plot af Ground, 60x77, with Buildings thcre | on. Immire or owner, 23i West Thirty eighth street. /I RAMERCY PARK.? SPLENDID EXTRA WIDE AND U very deep Dwelling:, with grounds and stable, lor sale at a reasonable price. V, K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. HOUSE AND LOT 2 IS EAST FOURTEENTH street, first home west of Second avenue, nortli side, with mirrors and t'as fixtures, for sale low; lot 26.2x103.3; house 61; brown s'one, lour stories, high stoop, and in perfect order; built by day's work; can be seen by permit only, tor winch and particulars apply to <1. If. A K. J. WltTIlAUS, 49ti Broad way, opposite si Nicholas Hotel. NOW 18 THE TIME TO BUY HOUSES? BEPOBB they are rented lor another vear.? Brown atone, wes*. of Third avenue, $14,000; other bargains. W. .1. 11 ARPER, Hfti Third av.. near Kitty -second st. ONE OP TnE BEST BARGAINS EVBB OPPEBED, A 2ii tiy 50 leet, high stoop House for sale, on Twentieth ?treat, near (second avenue ; only $16,000; 97,000 cash. ?. HYLA.ND, 342 East Nineteenth street Third avenue pbopebty pob salb? a pull Lot, w ith a three story House ; plate glass front ; *.207 Third avenue, near 12011) street Inquire of JAMES WEIL, Third avenue, corner llltb street. Oil) E A ST NINETEENTH 8TBBBT.? POB PALE, ? l'i Jj on Thirty third street, near Second avenue, ? tour story brown stone House, 5ft leet deep; lot W0. only 912,000; no use offering any less; 600 Houses and Lot* for sale, in New York. HYLAND, 342 East Nineteenth sireet a>i) r/lA WILL BUY A TBBBB STORY i histi stoop brown atone House, all modern improvement*, sixtv third street, near Lcxmgtou avo uue. If not sold by April 15 will tie withdrawn. BURNETT A BUCK, 1,075 Third avenue. &n rnn? TERMS EASY, POB TWO SPLENDID ?PIl.'JUU three story high stoop brown stone Houses In Mitchell place. THOMAS (J IIOJER, U36 Third av. "West Side. A B ARC A IN. -FOR SALE, FOUR STORY BROWN ?tone high stoop House, '-HvVix hu, in West Thirty eighth street, bet ween Seventh and Eighth avenues: in complete order ; trescoed ; will sell or exchange ut low price. OGDEN A CI.AKK, Broadway, corner oi Seven teenth street. AT 934.000 (NOT LEASEHOLD)? FOUR STORY HIGH stoop brown stone House, Fifty-first street Filth uud Sixth avenues. 21 tixftsxliio. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Filth avenue. A NEAT THRBB STOBY BRICK llot.'SE. IN GOOD .I order, on Lexington avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty -first street*, will be sold very cheap. P. 11. QBADr, 827 sixth Avenue. RARtlATN? 1 THREE FULL LOTS ON 107TH street, 100 feet westot Ninth avenue ; no rock. SIEGEL BERN II A IIP, at Walker .-trcet. A MAGNIFICENT PLOT OF C ROUND. 200 FEET front ut Washington Heights, having the finest views that can he lmd on Manhattan Island, the natural topography of the ground pre-eminently adapting It lor a gentleman's villa residence. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 I'lne street. A BARGAIN FOB 912,800.? THREE STORY HIGH J\. stoop brick llou-e, ou Nineteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; good neighborhood. Princi pals only apply at 11/ Broadway, room I I. A FIVE 8TOBY BROWN STONE FBENCH FLAT ON Lexington avenue, near the I'urk; 2Ox80xH0; six rooms; hath, kitchen. Ac., on each floor; walls and ceil ings frescoed; renting for over 93,000; for sale in fee for 925,000; terms easy. THOMAS G. HOJhR, iXtti Third avenue. AT 910,000? FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HKJn sloop, handsomely lurnlshcd, modern, 22x00x100; elegantly frescoed, Ac. ; possession ; Thirty -eighth street, near i'urk avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AN ELEGANT HOUSE-NOT LEASEHOLD, KORTY ninth street, near Fifth avenue, $40,000: four story high stoop brown stone. .WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. A BARGAIN IF APPLIED FOB IMMEDIATELY.? For sale, four Lots In 133d street, between Seventh avenue, Boulcvu.d and Eighth avenue. P. II. GRAIIY, N27 Sixth avenue. pARMANSVILLE HEIGHTS (1521) STREET. NEAR V-' Boulevard).? Splendid views, overlooking the Hud son. easy ol access; a tlrst class Mansion, about 00 fegt square, \\ Ith every improvement, and 10 1.ots of pleasure v rounds and garden, tor sale, or rent reasonable. V. K STEVENSON, Jr.. 11 I'lne street, and 22fi Fifth avenue. A IjiOR SALE-AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY HIGH stoop brown stone H?uw, SSS H'f.t Kitty-second street. Inquire on the premises, or of the owner, FRANCIS MARTIN'. 416 West Fifty- first street FOR SALE? FOUK STORY BRICK HOUSE CORNER Tenth avenue and Sixty . sixth street, on easy terms, or to let to a responsihU tenant. Apply to LEVY BROS. A CO., 12 and 14 Walker street. TO BE SOLD AT A BARGAIN? A FINE F'OU It STORY high stoop House, In T wcnty-third street, between Ninth ami Tenth avenues, L'.'ixljO leet. well built irtid tin Ishei! ami In cood order; lot in tee .mil of full depth. E. H. LUDLOW 1 CO., No. 3 Pine street. Q LOTS FOR SALE OK TO LEASE-ON THIRTIETH ?? street, 178 feet west of Sixth avenue; Son Ounce voort street, near West street; a L<i| on riitv street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to owner, 240 west Fifty fifth st I nil LOTS IN THE UPPER PART OF THE CITY, J"U Including choice corners, for sale in parcel-, to suit purchasers, trom $1,000 to $1,90(1 u lot. Apply to owner, A. LUSIKi, 111 Broadwuy, room F, basement Miscellaneous. ? * PRIL.? MY PRINTED LIST IS NOW READY. AP J\ ply at office, or w ill in- mailt d to applicants. SAMUEL K1LPATRIC-K, 1,009 Third uv., corilcrflOth st. I^OR SALE (DECIDED BARGAINS)? THREE STORY 1 high stoop House, turnisbed complete; nil improve ments; price >14.1*10 ; also beautiful brown stone, trcs. coed; Rood neighborhood; price $1S,0(I0 No brokers need answer. Apply to or address L. BI.ANt'llAKU, SOS Forty-second street. HUOOKUM PROPERTY FOR KALE AND TO LET. A? TO LET, A TURK E STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN . stone House, with oil the modern improvements, situated on Pacific. street. Brooklyn. J. C. BAILEY, 5) Kast Fourth street, near Bowery. ~T HANDS O M K THREE M'llltV ENGLISH I1ASK J\. metit brown stone House, Sackettstreet, near Court, ISrooklyn; price $11. mm. WILLIAM S. OAVF.Y, 31 Bleecker street A BARGAIN? FIRST CLASS THREE STORY, BASE i\ inent and sub-cellrr House; every improvement; line location; furnished complete; price $tt,0Ui. Apply to I?. VAN DERGAW, room .1, 16 Court street, Brooklyn, or 4.'IS Lafayette avenue. DBOOKLYN HOUSES TO RENT BV Wt'CKOFF A I J JAMES. Baltic st., near Clinton, brick $l,t?*i Clinton st., corner Pacific, h. ? 2, mm Cheevcr pi., near llurrlsou. b. s H00 I Elliott pi., m ar Fulton, b.'s 1.50U 1 First pi., corner court h, s l.sim . Fort (Jreen pi., near 1'ekalb, b. s 7no I Oxford *t., near Dekalb av., h. * l.siit ? Piituuui av., near Beiil ,r?l uv., brick son Ryerson st, near Park uv.. brick son j Schertnerhorn st, near Court, brick ...1,100 State St., near 3d av., brick moo 1 Union ?t? near Hoyt, 860 Ni-ar Prospect Park. Butler st., near 6th av., Ii. s... 9on ! Carletou av., near Prospect place, h. s. 1,20(1 I Carleton av., near St. Mark's av., b. s 1,2U0 , First st.. between 6th and 7th av*. Iirlck 1,200 ! Prospect place, near Carlcton av., b. s I mi : St. Mark's av., m ar Curb ton av., brick <?li St. Mark's av.. near Flatbush av.. b. s .. 1,800 Seventh av., near St. John's place, b. s 1,S0U Sixth av., near Bcrgi n st.. brick 8>M Third St.. between 5th and >)tli at.-.. b. s l.ntsi Warren st.. near 6th av., b. s isio Warren st.. near 6th av., brick 7M) Ami others in other parts of the city at various prices. Our list, punllshcd i" i rj Saturday free, contains all par ticular- and can lie ha I a! our otll'ccs. i1* i ( Montague street and .'f.'J Flatbush avenue. The branch oMce Is open till 9 P. M. Brick HOUSE to LET IN Brooklyn -9 BOOMS ; Improvements ; 20 minutes from ferry; $ts per month. Address BARTON, Brooklyn Branch llcrald office. f^OR SALE? A SPLENDID CHANCE TO THEATRI CAL MANAGERS. REAL ESI VTK DEALERS AND CAPITALISTS. THE BROOKLYN OPERA HOUSE; the finest site lor public purposes in I lie c Itv, and controller the junction or Fulton street and Flaiimsh avenue, with upwards of 2.10 feci irr>nt;>,r< . ( omred with wood stores ami a well appointed theatre, and rapnily rising in value; will lie sold cheap tor cash. or some first class Tenant Property, unencumbered Lots and some c?sh will be entertained in exchange. Tenders received bv the owner, JOH N MACARTUV, .it 1 1 Hoyt str -et, Brook lyn, or at his siun shop, 16 \nn .street. Nov York. B^OR SALE? CHEAP, TH RES HOUSES ON ATLANTIC avenue, near Grand avenue, Brooklyn, south slili . Applv to ?' ARVIS CARMAN, Oxlord street, near Fulton avenue. ?EIOR BALE? IN Bl'TLER STREET, NORTH SIDE, " near Sixth avenue, Brooklyn, a tlr?t c las. brown stone House, 20x45x100: all modem Itiipr.rvi ments; one of the most uniform blocks in the city ; almost within view of the Park; price low und terms easy. Inquire on the premises of owner. ? E^OR BALE? $9,280 (CAN RE RENTED FOR ll.flnrt), three story tiaseinetit brick 153 Dean street, 2.'<x4'>* 100; good order; every convenience; hot and cold water thlrafloor;7 minutes' ? ilk to City Hall, U> to ferry. Apoly at house or to THOMAS H. WIIITE, '^Wall strrei. LVlR SAIE-A SMALL HOUSE, CONTAINING ALL r Improvements, within 20 inmute? ot Fulton ferry; about f2 <i00 ( inlt price $4,700. Inquire at 38 Clermont avenue. Brooklyn. P*OR SALE? THE TWO STORY AND BASEMENT brick House 49 cicrmoni avenue, seven rooms; water andpas; price B4..VM; $;'..''fio can remain on mort wage ; cars to ail the New York nod Brooklyn terries pu.*? the door. Apply to Mrs. GBA NT, on the premise*. C*OR SALE CHEAP? OR LEASE tCOrtNER), PO' B r Story brick and Stable ; splendid Store and show windows corner of Clas??n :im liue sn I Dean street. I- x amine und see owuer. 2H! West Fiftieth street, Ne? York. TpOR SALE CHEAP? A DESIRABLE PLOT FOB r mauutai tun rs or builder-, corner of lirMtge and Plymouth streets, IOOxltl7Si t vw ?> bliv ks trom ferry, or will be divided It desired. Vpply to THOM AS KEI.L1 Ot Jav strict, Bronklvii. Ijll BNISHI.D HOUSE TO LET? IN RBOOk LYN, r near terry; 12 rooms; Improvements. *lt?) per men ih to a prlv ate tamlly ot adults: owni r? d. ire board. Address OWN EBB. Brooklyn liranch lleraid ofllce. House, with grounds, to let? on tiibgop aren ue, corner Myrtle; a 2H story brick, 25x40, a ail wlnf 15x16, 12 rooms; steam hiatfr. all Improvemi .its; gianl order; eight lots ot ground; fine barn and '/led; supplied with water; location IiikIi and healthy. fiYi'Kuf'F 4 JAMBS. Ml Noatytuc s^teev. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE A NO TO liK.T. PROSPECT P \RK PROPERTY AT A OUK AT IUK gain tor radi?sw full Lot*, nice (enlral IIoum, II rooms. In perfect order, Stable. Ac. ; onlv 400 feet trotn the Park; splendid view of lake; handsome garden, shrubbery anil iruit tree*; present tcntut can r>'inaiii if desired , .1 safe mill rapidly appreciating investment Apply to D. l)i('K, 36 Wniistcr street, New York. WASHINGTON STREET.? FIRST CLASS THREE story basement and sub-cellar lirlck House, $12,000; Adams strict, two Iramn llou-es, lot J.lxlUO; $.8,000. W. P. COOK, 235 Washington street, Brooklyn. A/l/i WILL BUY CHEAP THREE STORY qP'J.UUU brick lion ,-e ; modern improvements ; eight blocks to ferric* : 12 room*; halt ensh. O. V. HOLCOlBi sj Kroiidway. Brooklyn, E. D. ?/? CAA WILL BUY FIRST CLASS BRICK qpU.clUU House; 10 room*; Improvement*; near terries; term* easy; location Nineteenth ward. O. V. HOLCOMB, 87 Bread way, Brooklyn, E. I?. *<s7 "WWl WILL BlJY NEW BRICK HOUSE; 15 ?iTl.'"/'! rooms, improvement*; near ferries; de sirable location; a good investment. O. V. 1IOLCOMB, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn. E. I). WE8TC II KST K R COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE AMI TO RENT. \T YON KERB, N. Y., ON WARBURTON A VENUE. ? To rent, nn elevnntlv furnished House, built by the owner for his own oocupanoy and just tlnii>heil ; contain* all the convenience* ot a city house, as gas, not and cold water, lurnaee, huili, Ac., Ac. The furniture is all new n Mil ot the very host quality, most of it made t?y the best citv maker* ; the gas fixture* and ornament* from Mcssr*. Ball, Mack A Co. ; n new billiard table. The owner, be lug obliged to go abroad tor his hralth. is desirous of rent ing to ii good and rarctul tenant at a low rent Apply to E. II. LUDLOW A liO., No. 3 l'ine street and 35 East Seventeenth direct. \N ELEGANTLY FURNISHED NEW COUNTRY Residence, in the blithe*', healthiest part ot lower Westchester, is tor sale or U> let cheap, as the owner has moved from the State; ail Improvement*, including stable ; easy terms; no better chance tor a bargain. A. M. KOI KLDO, Jr., 51 Chamber* street. IT YON EE RS? FOR 8ALE OR TO RENT, FULLY J\ furnished, one of the most desirable Places in the city, containing over an acre ot land, hcuutiliill.v laid out ill lawn ami pardt n ; the house, which is in complete order, contain* uil the modern Improvements; to a per son desirous of a flrst class place at moderate price the above cannot be excelled. Apply to M. MITCHELL, 78 Cedar stroe L AH ANDSt ?.VI E LY FU RNI *HED HOTEL- AT RYE Beach, to let; al?o ii Cottage. For particular* apply to WILLIAM Tt l'K KR. 220 Filth avenue. A FURNISHED HOUSE AT FORDHAM? TWO WIN. ntes trom depot, 45 minute* troni city ; with or with out Board. Apply to Ul'FFY A BERR1AN, neir depot, Harlem road. A LA ROB NUMBER OF SMALL AND LARGE House* to rent, lor sale or exchange on the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven railroad*: also at orange, N. J. ; Staten Island, Ac. WM. TUCKER, 220 Fitth avenue. DOBBS' FERRY',' ON THE HUDSON.'? TO LET, A House, Huituble tor a private family or houruing house; good views and uhuiidunt supply ol water. W. D. HATCH, 34 Vesey street. T7DMON D8 k MORTON, "REAL" ESTATE BROKE RS Ti and Auctioneer*. Firststreet, opposite the depot, Mount Vernon, Westche*ter county, N. Y. Reduction of com mutation and fares. We have Cottage* and tine Resi dences lor sale and to rent, in good localities and a short distance trom the railroad depot. Al*o Lots, Plot*, Farms, near Mount Vernon, and in all partiofWestehestereounty, for sale cheap and on easy term*. Why live in New York city uud pay hl-h rents when you can buy a nice Iiouim for a lew thousand dollars ? Mount Vernon Is 35 minute*, via the New Haven and Hariem railroads, from the Orand Central depot; elegant' situated; beautiful drives; fine churches and excellent schools; pa* in the village and parts of the town: communication with Nerw Yok city r?y rail nearly every hour. Wo have some very fine Lots and Plot" tor sale on Chester Hill, eligibly situated and worthy the attention of gentlemen desiring a tine country residence. We also offer the best bargain we ever otl'oned ; a Residence that a connoisseur would be proud to find ; a house elegantly situated, not ten minutes' walk iroin the depot; stone flagging side walk the entire wav; house contains nil modern Im provements; iras. bathroom, el isets, stationary. tub*. Ac., Ac.; size of lot, 81) by 220; the property running from f ourth to Fifth avenue; tlic bouse alone could not be built lor what Is asked for the entire property: this is a. chance seldom met with. For particulars opplv at our office. Mount Vernon. EDMONDS ,t C< >. observe our sign over the door. No connection with any other ofliee or agent*. TCLIOIBLE HOMESTEAD "Volt" SALE? IN Hl'uHLY JrJ privileged suburb of New Rochelle: U inlnutc?troin Orsnd Central depot; commutatl n $!">. after June l next, on completion of Harleiu River anil Portchestcr Railroad, only one lunir from Wall street; this estate, consisting ot 10 acres, charmingly diversified and adorned with tr* cs, shrubbery . Ac., offering superb Sound views; spacious frame mansion, coach house, Ac. ; all In tine order, having been recently overhauled ; location con veniently near depot; perfectly healthy iwnl neighbor hood first class. For full particulars address VAUGli AN, box 3, <125 Post office. New York. IilOR SALE? GOTHIC FRAME 1IOUSe7 WITH 1 tower; beautiful forest tree*, lawn, carriage house, garden and great variety of shrubbery ; three acres; Scarsdalc, two miles south ot White Plains, on llarlcul Railroad ; only tlvc minutes' walk from depot; iti Vicinity of choice Improvement*; price tl-'.iUii; terms easy. PHILIP W Vf l ERS, No. l!a Pine street. I HOB SALE-TWO LOTH ON 128TH STREET. NORTH 1 New York. Apply to N. GETTY, 224 W est Thirty fifth street. Fit lit SALE OR TO LET- \T SING SING, ONE HOUR from New \ ork, an i legant House, ID rooms, gas and water all through, tine grounds and good view ol the river; rent $'Jiw per year : furnished. $1,20). Apply to or address PATTERSON, 365 Broadway. l/?OR SALE OP. TO i^NT-HOUSK AND LARllE r carriage Bouse and an acre of ground at Mount Ver non ; house contain* 10 rooms ; well and rain w nti r In the kite lien ; nn abundance ot fruit and s|dendiil shade trees, slirtibberv, Ac ; finest place in M'limt Vernon ; would ex chanae for city Property. Apply to. i. ii. NICHOLSON, 531 Eighth av< nuc. [7*1 lit SAl.E OH TO REN T? T lilt EE MINUTES' WALK r from Tuckalioe depot, Harlem Railroad, Iti miles from New York, two storv French root House and Car riage House, nil new; It) rooms; comer tot. 75x100;' hialthy; beautiful surroundings; price $S,0il0; terms i its* ; rent $500. Apply to C. H. OSTRANDKR, Tu'krilioe, or Mount Veruon, N Y. fpo LET?AT TKKMONT, 20 MINUTES FROM HARLEM J depot, tint hie House, six rooms; nice order; posses sion May 1 ; low rent. II. M. CONDIT. UI9 E : . ? I Twelfth street. mil LET? 4IOTHIC HOUSE, WITH TOWER; 12 ROOMS: J handsome lawn and gn at variety shade tree* una shrubbery, with from five to tony acres, in Scarsdale, two miles south of White Plains; Ave minutes' walK from depot on Harlem Rullroad. PHILIP WATTERS, No. I', Pine street. V'TiNK'ERS.-Tii RENT FOR A TERM OF YEARS, A I very desirable House, containing upwaril ol thirty room sand wilhin ten minute*' walk of the depot; the above is peculiarly adapted lor h hotel or large l oarding house and liberal Induce mi nts will be offered ti> a good tenant. Apjjly to M. MITCHELL, 71 Cedar street. JERSEY CITY, 1IOBOKEM, HUDSON CITY AN1) BKR(1E\ It KM. ESTATE. For hair. * BARGAIN.? THRFE STORY DWELI.1N0 ON JKR J\ H'T City Height* ; lino view; near liorso cars, and oiiiy 15 miuutea' walk from lioboki n ftrry. II. I'A l i HERO, '.'U'.i'j Broad w ay, up stair*. A TWO STORY AND HASKMKNT FRAME ilolNE, on W hiton street, Jersey Citv: water, gas, Ac.; $9,01)1). WILLIAM S. GAVKY, :'A Bieec.ker street EIOR RAU-IX HOSOKKK; THE CORNER OF F Meadow anil Eighth streets ; 'Ox im) feet. Apply to T. B. STEWART, Tl 1 West Twenty-third street New York. Homes for the p ko p le- a tjerbeycity ; the last chance; only $.v?) cash down: balance In ea-v Instalment*; pretty two atory brick basement llou*e,7 rooms, with Lot, oni* $if,H()it. Nent two ?>!ory brick base ment House. IU0 toot lot, oiii> Elegant two atory brick basemeni ami sob-cellar House, Id) (not lot, 9 rooms, the neatest I it He gem in tin- city, only $4.'lU). Also a hand anme 'I story Iia4ement hlfrh stoop brick House, with I<ot, !) Isri/e rooms. only $5, UK). All of the above house- in choice locations ; i?-w minutes' walk from the lour fi Tries ; houses in good onler; handsomely finished, with ens, water, marble mantel*, healer, bathroom, 4c.; only l.'s") rush required; balance in easy instalments to suit par chasers , the best chance offered yet: come and ?ee for \ ourselves , If not *old before Wednesday will be rented; bur city is health v and taxation low. other Store, Tene ment and Dwelling Property lor sale, from fl/^io to StU.iim ANo u large nninher ot choice ItuildhiK Lots anil Plots, front $.'i.'*i to I".'*.'*'!, on terms to suit ever) body. ? 'nil or send atump for April circular. Office open until 8 o'clock I*. M, 1 M OHRMiN, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street. Jersey city, second block Iroin ferry. rl ltsl.\ C f r V ? F. LKO A N T THREE STOgY BAM me nt und sub-cellar high ?4oop brick Uoiise. IS room*; li*J toot lot: eleaantly finished , all mod' rn improvements; beautltul location; fcw minute*' walk Iroin ferry , oaly Ml; easy terms. J. M GIBSON, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery stre-t, Jersey city. CPLENlill) CHANCE AT j K RS E V CiTT-A M AO O niflcent four slorv basemmi mid anbccllar brown stone Mansion; 25xlM), lot 1 20 lee' deep: I'J lartr" room*; 2 bathrooms; house elegantly finished in first clasa style; [ tiled halls, burglar alarm, Ac. ?, beautiful location, stir rounded by the residence* of tlie mo*t distimrulshf d clti- . zens ; only fiblocks from Oortlar.dtand Ih-shro*** *treeta terries - olio ot the best bone* l? the citv: musi he sold j on account of death of owner; the executors will sell j thi- week tor flrt.iflO; worth term* to - ? 1 1 1 pur j chaser: immediate polMMaiou; lliis is really a bargain; don t nils* it: call und see It M GiRkON, Aactloneer, 27 Montgomery street, J t r-cy city. To Let or l<r asr. r) LET- AT BERGEN POINT, V. J A V ELEGANTLY finished. French roof House, containing in room", bathroom, twi water closet* end every improvement; ga?, h<>t and cold water throughout ; lot ft2.\|iNi . rent, un furnished. 90SD. The new and < lew -ml Furniture. Includ ing MiTors. oil and Water Color Painting), Ornaments, new Piano by Weber, lied and fable Linen. Plate, China and Silver Ware nn-l every requisite for housekeeping, lor rnle lor cash until and including Tn< sday ne.xt. At ilres.i M. A. (I., Herald office. PROPERTY (II T OK Til*, CITY VOR HALE OR TO RENT. ? MAGNIFICENT SITE FOB PRIVATE HEmIDBNCK, v\ hotel, club or i imp meeting. on Long Island Sound, ii *rl* surrounded by water, lor sale : view unsurpassed eoinuiiiincMitoii by ateamboat and railroad; two hours j Iroin city Address OWN liR. box !?< Il< raid ofSce. \ BARGAIN,? FARM POll FVLE. ?5 ACKIIS, IV Greenwich, Conn. Good tmitdlng*, iruit, und in good state of i iltivato.n. For particniart iui|iure at ISO no?th Ktreet, of JOHN W M APSIIM.L. j A DES1KABLF. CflllNTRY HKAT, i J\ on the Hudson River, lor sale The Country Reside aco oi the lafe S. T Clark, sttaated ? at Croton 1 ending, will be sold on ver> (dvorable t<-rius; ; the property comprises upwards of If ner - ot Itnl ander a high suite of cultivation, ii ml well slacked with fi nit trees of nil descriptions; the bnildinirs on prtml?-s eon | slat of ? two atory modern cottaLM house, containing It roetr.a, with ci<isei? and li ithrotim n no ?1 barn and otlie f outbiiilillnirs; the bottae is about ihrci aunrior- . I a I mil/ Irom i he station; the hind U All BR w-esterly j sh'eoi the New York and Alhanv posi road and esb nda to the river, and could be < aslly subdtvklc l Inin a iiim I b#rof villa site*. Full particulars In regaril to terms and u inup of the property can In seen on appticatl< n to BO j vt ARItGLAREE, Trl'bnne office. AT RTAMFORD, CONS ? TO RRNT. A LARGE COITN trv Hesideni e. containing about 20 Rooms, with Ml inoiiern improvtments. luitable tor the residence ot a private famil> ; also a larne three o-irv House, contain ing over ."Mi rootn*. suitable for snmrner lioartlmi house or school for young ladle*. For turtticr particulars apply to I II. LI'I>Lf>W A CO., No. S I'tue street, or IV"' Kasl s,:^

entcnntli street. New \orfc, PROPKRTY OUT OK THE CITT FOR >M.K OR TO RKBTX*. AttAOim FARM OK 30 ACRES, KNOWN AS the Kul<liy firm, situated In the town <ii Now |{<>. ehelle. on Weyttun's Avenue, within 15 minute*' walk from depot ; house, barn nnd plenty of Irult, with Rood spring water. Will bo sold at public auction, on the premises, on Friday, April 25, 1K7', at ? o'el ok p. m. Term)* of Kale? 10 per cent on day of sale ; S> per eciii In 3ii days, when deed will he delivered ; balance of ?? |>it ecnt caii rcmuin oil mortgage al 7 percent, payable semi -am nually. For particulars apply toJ. A r. PKARHAU, HIS Kront street, New York, or J. 1'. ROBINSON, Auctioneer, New Kiu'beile A LI, ALONG TI1K HUDSON RIVER, FURNISHED Residences for sale anil to rent for season or year; unfurnished Hons"* uml Cottage* t" rent by tho year or leave ; Farms, Building Sites, Houses and Lot* for sale; good investments; large tract* of Land, In full view of the Hudson, easy of accena to thin city, for sale very cheap, on easy term*. I'arties desiring to purchase or rent any property on the hanks of the Hudson River will And It to their advantage to consult the adverser, who has made Hudson River real estate a speclaltc the past Un years ami is fully acquainted with the values and location of must all flit' property on the river hank ami t Ii ?* interior of the couutrv S. EMBKRSON, C59 Sixth avenue, near Thirty -eighth Htreet. \-A.-PLAIN FIELD I'ROPKRIY, NEW .HUSKY, ? for rale or to rent; 36 trains dailv ; Rotddence* for sale from $ UWO to $50,000; to rent front $300 to $5,000. U.HKIIT A. (TRIMS, No critic street. New Vork. AHPEC1 ALTY.-I'BOPERTY TO LET, AT (II FN Cove, Hosiyn and Mkiihas'-et; fine residences, rtir nlslted and iiniiirnisiicii Several tine Farm* near Sea (Mill (irovc lor sale. N. M. TERRY, 207 Kront street. \T SARATOGA.? FOE SALE OR TO LET, TO PARTY purchasing furniture, llrst class family Hotel, near Clurcudoti, 26 lledrooms; terms easy. J. C. LEVI, No. 7 Warren street. \ COSY COTTAGE FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH ? J V nine miles front New York, in New .lersey, with ono Acre; email barn, chicken yarn, cold frames, 40 grape \ Hi 's in bearing, pears, currants, raspberries, straw rii ?, 4c.; near a larg< tract ot IhihI now under Improve ment; price $fi,0 0, tullv worth $7,500. Photograph of place can l>e seen at 191 Broadway, room 9, New York. \STORIA HOUSE, A-TORI*A, L. I.? FINE SUMMER residence; goo I table anil attendance; handsome apartments; easy access by car or boat to New York ; terms moderate ; hoarders wanted. \ FIRST CLASS HRICK HOUSE TO LET-ALL IM provcnicnr, 12 rooms; hi rue plot of ground ; choice fruits. Ac. I, ICs Hroad street. Niwark, N. J., or J. COK B1 1, SB8 Ninth avenue, New York. At rutherfurd park, v .i ? for sale or to let. a two story French roof Cottage, 12 rooms; eight mi'iufcs from depot. Apply to T. ALLAIRE, 338 West Thirty-second street, New Vork, or W. UNCLES, at depot. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE AND FOl'R LOTS. WITH the use nt eight adjoining lots; grapevines and fruit trees; all In good order, on Lvons street, Peterson, N. J. WILLI \ M s. II \YKY, :U HI k. r street. A NUMBER OP NICELY LOCATED VILLA PLOTS and Building Lots at Buvside, L. I . , Ho minutes from City Hall. WILLIAM S. t) AV l.Y, :? Bleeeker Street *T BAHWAY? ' TO LET. A NEATLY FURNISHED J\ House on reasonable terms to a small fntnllv dur ing the Summer. Address lor tlirei! days K. V. M., Herald ottlce. A LA BO E HOUSE, charmingly SITUATED, AT Montclair, N J., suitable lor boarders* furnished or would sell Furniture; possession. Address EXPRESS, 1,293 Broadway. A CHOICE iARM? CONTAINING 120 ACRES OF excellent land, truit, Ac. ; good buildings ; location unsurpassed lor health; Erie Railroad (28 inilcsi. l'ricc $15,000. (! EOIt(i K B. WALTON, 21 I'ark row. A FINK COTTAGE OF 12 ROOMS. X AOBR GARDEN, near sea side, $? 000; one for $3,<HW; one for $2,0tl0, and as low as $*00, with truit and shade; one hour troin City. JOHN BLACK, 12 Chambers street. A HANDSOME COTTAGE? AT FAR BOCK AW AY, I.. 1? to let. furnished, tor the Summer season. For particulars address box 103 Herald ofllce, A FURNISHED hotel TO LET? 40 BOOKS; splendid Summer resort; fine grounds, large shade trees; ue#r New Y irk: cheap rent. WARNER A en , No. 5 Dry street, room 21. A T ELIZABETH, N. TO LET, HOUSE, CONTAIN J\ ing 13 rooms; large rardcu; high location; fine view, paved avenue; near depot. Impure of owner, D. B. ames, 62 Wall street. A FARM OF 71 ACRES, .'<1 ACRES CLEARED. House and Barn. Ac., for sale; two miles east of Monficello, Sullivan county, N. Y. } price $3,(100; 41 Acres, two miles souih of Ni wbttrg, Orange county ; house, barn, fruit. Ac. E. L. A B T BURN1IAM, C0? Hudson street A FACTORY WITH MACHINERY AND TWO DWELL Ings, nrar tills city, for sail*. Apply at SMITH'S Erult Store, 189 Broadway AX UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY IS NOW OFFERED I to obtain ? first claim Residence on the Hudson River, near the ? Itv, cheap mt on nci-ommndutiiig tcrniH. Addriss HASTINGS, box 140 Herald office. AT NKW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND. ? TO RENT, seviml brick Villas, furnished and n ?? fu rti i> ti < - >1 ; gas, hot and roW water : modern Improvements: wardens, lawn, shade trees, stables; 35 minutes of Wall struct; locution u usii r i >:t ised. K. DUNCAN SNIFFKM, 130 Broadway. AT QLENPALE, L. I., THREE NICE TWO 8TORT, attic and basement Houses lor Mile for half carh, balance by monthly instalment .; within five minutes of detail. Price $l,f>is> n t>< I $1,4011. E. II. LOOK K, 130 l-'.ast Eighth street, near Broadway. i T WENT BRIOHTON, S. I ?A BEAUTIFUL COI N jv try Seat, with nil tlie city improvements: outhou-es and four acrc < of landf ornamental and fruit trees; a charming spot: In' Mile .it ball' its value. Inquire im mediately of Dr. GEEHORY, 74? Broadway. AT NKW BRIGHTON, STATE N ISLAND.? TO RKNT, . several brick Villus, I urn islictl and unfurnished; gas, water ; all modern Improvements; gardens, lawn, shade trees. stabli s;8S minutes ol Wall street; location uosurpusscd. CI I AS. E. LAWRENCE, S7 Exchange place. A 100-ACRE FARM, NEAR PLAINFIELD, N. J ? J\ Free of encumbrance, with money, will be ex changed lor Brooklyn Property not heai ily innrtirtu'eil. MARCUS II. LA I NO, HA Liberty street. ? ? ELIBABETHPOhT, N. J., VACINITY OK SINGER iii Machine Work"; u handsome Cottage, with two l Lots, for sale : bouse i obtains 7 rooms, wait r and i;as; op posite Jackson Park, the proposed sin- for the < rectlon of the Stale Canltol buildings and grounds; will sell w-ry low. Address OWNER, box ISO Herald ofllce. Avery desirable country si:at or in}; . acres, situated on the Hudson River, SO miles front city: a elioice situation and command* elegant views ol tile river ; price low. T. J. DUNKIN & CO., BM Third avenuu. A T FLI SIIINO. L. I on FRANKLIN, NEAR JA J\. maiea avenue, for ale or rent, line three slory French rool House, with < srriage house, in periect order; ground lonxlSO; line t- irden, shade and Iruil. Ap ply to o. g. Rennet, No. 9 rinc street. t A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FARM, r.S A ORES, GOOD 1 J 1 buildings. n< ar railroad and town, in Oneida noun ty ; price only Jl.500; terms easy. For particulars apply at 24* East Thirtieth street AT NYACK? HOUSES TO RENT AND FOB BALE; I\ pleasantly located: convenient to ears and boat. Adrift- S J. It. to W.I.AIlY, Commercial building, Broad way, Nyack. A N ELEGANT RKsTdF.NCK FOR SALE? OVKRLOOK J\ 1 1 ik Hie Hudson River, ut Bull's Perry (or Shady Side), Containing about four acres ol land, nice dwelling, with outbuildings complete: grounds handsoinelv laid out; jib nty iruit; onlv .'V ? minutes from New Vork ny boat loot 01 Spring and Thirty-fourth sip ets : aiso steain and burse cars convenient to premises; would exchange l?r city Property. WILLIAM II. ALLEN. No. 5 line street A HOUSE AND BARN, WITH WATER RIGHT. IN j\ Mariners' Harbor, staten Island, fin feet from Long Dock, win let sell or exchange for City Property, full at 275 Third avenue. SAMUEL Goodwin. AT NEWARK, N. J ? HANDSOME FRBNCB ROOF House, 10 rooms, every convenience ; extra large Lot 75xL*UO ; lawn, garden, Ac , all In order . Zft yards! rum either Elio or Midland depot : accessibility makes it lust suited for persen doing business in New Vork; price $7.S00; very little cash ; or will rent lor $< 0 > Address or call mi II. K MAGRANE. SO and 52 Howard street Bristol, r. i.-for sale, in this beautiful and healtliv town, a beautiful House, with about I J lots of Ground r situated on the ? iter . One boating. Ash ing, bathing. Apply to H0UH N. CAMP, 106 Broadway. Beautiful place, niar plain field, suitable for boarders; large bouse, line grounds; ulso ta-ty Cottages, only $2,500 ; large lots; Ursl class locations; terms extraordinarily easy. Inquire at 2t*i Broadway. BAVONNK. N. J.? HOUSES TO BENT-AT $3fi0, $4o0, $150. $473, $480; House, lot Mxl90, and hern, $4X0; Houses wlili modern Improvements at $ii.'onnd $(.'*J. Ap ply to BltAM 1IALL A SEVMOUB, No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey City. ' CHI EAT FARM OF 35 ACRES FOR SAKE? UPON ) easv terms -. price $:(.7"iO. W S. STEVENS. Duueilcn. Ncw.ler-.ey Central Uailruad. (lOLLEOE POINT, L. I ? FINK HOUSE FOR SALE; J price $11,000: $.\(I00 mortgage can rernuln ; two story Md attic ; IS rooms; large kitchen, laundry and cellar; { gas and water: ovei six lots, grounds stocked with choicest fruit ; stable, well, hennery, cisterns, Ac. ; mag mflcerit view ; location perfectly healthy ; entrant es two streets; near schools, churches, Ac ; live minutes from boat, 15 Irotn depot: U dally trains; trains lor theatres, Ac. ; immediate possession. Apply to s.MYril k, Real Eitate Agents, I'oppi uhuscn Institute, t'oilege Point. / 10UNTRY SKAT FARM? D1NELLEN, CENTRAL " / Railroad, New 'ersey, 75 minutes from Libi rty strert; modern buildings, orchards, tm ado* woo ls; , beautiful, healthy location lor building 'lies. Photograph , with owner, northwest corner Third avenue and llfth 1 street. STEVENS, Agent, Dunellen. (lOUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET A NEW BRICK J Buildlnr. iu-t finished, with all medi rn improve I ments, in thi heart ol Uie city "f New Brnn wkk, N J., ' suitable lor any genteel family; rent moderate: live | minutes' walk to depot. Apply tc EDW \KD ENOCH, j Brown street. New Brunswick, N. J. (tONVEMKNT NKW RESIDENCE? ADJACENT DK > pot, Adams I xpress and I'est office , ttei bass nshinu ; nnfullin ? streams b.d and cold water - prut $7,oou. Ad dress ARTE I It nKELDING, Riverside station, Conn. 1 Docks in newark, n. j . passajc river, to sell or let. In plots lor P lit b ov *, factories lam berorstone vaiiis. Ap|ily to wtOlMK E. IlOJh't, 1^7 limine street". New tork. I Tj'NGLEWOOD. ?TO KENT, A NEWLY FURNISHED ' rj House, modern tmprri entente. IS rooms, flno stable, one ai ri of ground, ran be hauonn:ea- AttdreseO. j A., Herald offl e. i I^ARM TO LET OR LE.UIE? AT SMITHTOWN, L. I. I P one mile from Kmlthtown Ilrnmh lit'ion: SO acres, 30 cleared; good lioti-i . Ac. : rent $1011 per >.-ar Apply ?IIMConrt Street. Brooklyn FKI.IX AI I.AGIlER. AN WOOD, ONE HOI It FROM NEW YoKK. ON r New Jersey Central Railroad,, V rooms, ' half acre, fruit at):l shsdr, gi?sl water, l.arn, A . for sale very low.on&H',) t>rnis I.Dft \KD II A it 1 N ^iil.K. vttori'ev at* I aw, 'ill Broadway. F'VCTOR.r NO. 21S WEST flllllTV -I VIM II stri?t iAxlio fort : 8,001) acre ' valttablc Tnnbi r Land, Mill, near canal, Ni miles north of I nca. to cx ! changi; P A R I'Rf DOE, 129 B'Oild street 1 IJtOR SALE? A FRi;rr FARM OF 24 ACHES, GOOD ; I1 land and buildings: over 4IJB you uf trees ; S'-i miles i from Somervllle : verv healthy; prlci $V>*' Awiw s. I, W ill, n DIM' | "Bas ? ? id a Jersey ? ?WE ...? I ? U| T UK viti run SAI.K OR TO Kk'Vr. Fior sale? one ok the most* desirable Residences on the l!ml?on Ktvcr, 8 mi to* from New York ami 1^ mile* from d? pot aunt ><t? aiiitv>At landing : superb river ami mountain view*, perfectly healthy ami tree I mm chill* and fever, pure water in the hottM, trnifi In great abundance and variety, id lull bearing, with w ac res of liuul, ft ne res hemu poviri'd with a th'tity growth of wood on moantuin suit, through which VoilT paths to Uio suinuilt, giving a uiifurent and "till flncr Ti?w than from tho house; the remainder in w.??.,Lk<ar<1'!n ltni1 P*sturage. 'I In* mansion. built in I860. iP'iflL'" r"01"*: betide* kitchen, ha tli room ami ei iw ih uii in Kooii order. There is also cottage Inr gar at ner. large barn, poultry house, Ac. Jew hours by takuiK I he Northern Railroad of New Je | DKA!v Jiyaek n' y urUler iu'oriuation addresa W FOR 8ALB-AT OORHNA, WEST FLUSHING, L I., only 20 minutes by rail from Thirty fourth street terry, a commodious two itory Cottage, built in lost careiul manner, having bathroom. wash tuhsaiid other domestic convenience*; ?) |ier rent oi the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage. For terms apply to GEORGE HARRIS, Jr., at W est Flushing, or to GEORGE ELLIOTT, 86 Wall street, New York. Al-o, to let, a large and convenient Cottage iu same, locality ; to n dcslra de tenant the rent will he made salbtuc'tory. Apply as above. IjlOB S ALE-AT HAOKENSACK. A FINE RKBIDKNl S r eie/ant, large modern house, large lot anu bain; worth $2U)00; will take flii.lKM; easy terms. I. INN A BOGRBT, I.1H Chambers street, room 10. IIOR SALE AT A BARGAIN? AN KI.EOANT COUN try Seat on tho Hudson; two ho irs from the cltv, only three minutes from depot; spacious house, in tine order; about four acres ot ground, i'articulars with S. EMBERSON, (NSItlh inDUt, JV.R SALE? $500 DOWN, AN l? BALANCE IN MONTH ly mi j inent# to suit the purchaser. an elegant Itosl itence; lot 25x130; one block from depot, ou finest avenue in Woodaide : three mllea from eit.v by two rail roads; tare eU'lit oenlH, including ferriage by commut ing; liotUic nearly new, two story and French roof, II rooms; built by day's work and pretty as a picture ; this is a chance seldom offered , you can have a home for the money you now pn> lor rent, i nil, between a ami it, at store 4S Third avenue. Lota for sale on |I0 pay mi nts. TjM)B SALE? AT BAV RIDGE, LONG ISLAND, NEAR r Four III avenue lloiilovard, SO minutes bv steamboat i nun South ferrv, ami 10 minutes' walk from lauding, live minutes' w aik from horse cars to either Fulton or Hamilton ferric, a first class two story and ba?einont Gothic Villa (filled in with iirick to peak), size 23X35 feet, with extension 14x20 feet, 14 rooms; barn, with stabling ?or two horses, carriage house and hennery in rear; si/.e of lot 75x175 feet, laid nut in grass plots; all kinds of choice fruit- bearing trees, grape arbor. Summer house, two good cisterns, Ac., all hi complete order; price $1 -'.Tsui. Apply to E. 11. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 l'lne ?trot. New York. 1.X (It SALE? ONE OK THE FINEST FARM S IN STATE F of New Jersey ; 300 acres; choice and expensive buildings; trait of all kinds in abundance; well fenced ami watered ; the ehca|iest farm offered in this market; a word to the wise Is sufficient. S. s MaNiIA.M A t'O , ;w Nassau street, room IK1-.;. TpOB SALE- A ROOK AWAY, SUITABLE rOR ONE r or two horses, but little used, with pole anil shafts, bouirht from WoihI Bros, fan he seen at M < DONALD'S stables, 146 East Forty-tint street, near Lexlmrton av. IIOR SALF.? HANDSOME COTTAGE. 12 ROOMS STA ble, cariiatre house, coachman utid gardener's house, hennery, Ac. ; about 20 city lots; shrubs, fruit, Ac., in meat variety; live minutes' walk from Ktngsbridge sta tion, 36 minutes irom Forty-second street depot; Furni ture, Horses, Carriages, Ac., $22, MM; two thirds can re main. Address box 4,lS."t l'ost office. inoa SALE- -HUDSON BlVElt. JROHT; ONB HOUB, ' mansion, 4 acres; $is,mM; in plota, 30 acres. C. II. GREEN, Nyack, N. Y; J loll SALE? TIIE ELEGANT MANSION ANI> Grounds at Elizabeth, N. J., late the residence of ?lames Alber, deceased. The whole property or the house with a portion of the grounds will be Mild. Apply to licv. SAMUEL A. i L A It K , Elizabeth, N. J. IrtOB SALE? ON SOUTH SIDE STATEN ISLAND, House and 5 acres of Land, near the shore, one hour l>om city; plenty of IVuit, bathing aud fishing. Iiujuirc of Ti'NfSON, 75 Liberty street. ___ L"1t)R SALE? AT KEYPORT, N. J.-A HOUSE WITH r seven rooms, and hall acre ground ; lirlce vers low. JOSEI'll BARNETT, 2117 Washington street, New York, aud 849 Broadway. Brooklyn, E. D. ElOB SALE- OB LEASE FOR \ TERM or YEAItS. " brick and stone Mansion, K4xlZ7 feet, near the city ; suitable for hotel, institution or gentleman's residence. A. II. HATH BONE, 176 Broadway. KJ10B SALB? VBBY OHBAF AND o\ BAST TBBMS, I' u flue, smull Residence; two minutes' from depot; good location; one hour from Willi street, Northern Rail road, New Jersey. WILSON A CLABK, 111 Broadway, roam O. basement. ElOR SALE? VERY DESIRABLE.? ONE OF THE moot elegantly (Muted Remdonces, 17 moms, on the entire Urn- ol Northern Railroad ; all modern improve Hunts; cot: age and outbuildings ; Irom 2 to &)ucreaof splendid lunii ; neur station botween Englewood and Tenuity. tor u bargain apply at 7ii Chambers street TjIOB sale, at boonton, n. J.-A FARM Of at F arret, near depot; good buildings; plenty fruit; all stocked with Horses, ? ' ? ? w and Farming t'u-usila com plete ; tirlce $5,000; terms easy. Apply to 11. M. JOHN SON, 208 Broadway, room t>. Fsoll SALE? A FARM OF 80 ACRES, IN A GOOD state of cultivation, with Hnuae and Harn attached, in Pennsylvania; this is a rare opportunity for those meaning business. iui|iiire at 521 ( anal street, corner tireenwk h stri ct. TJIOR BALE? ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ON r the Shrewsbury Kiver, 5k acres; house 16 rooms; barn, ico house. Ac. ; plenty of shade ; good shore front; vale huthiiig, boating, Ac.-, no malarious diseases; no mosquitoes; must he sold; price fH.OOU, terms easy. Ad dress IKKSKV, Herald office. FSOR 8AI.E? AT LINDEN, N. J? ONE ACRE. HOUSE, barn, improvements, Ac., on i asy terms. Inquire ol VALENTINE, :i0 l street, New York. nOR BALE AT A BAROATN? TEN-ACRE COUNTS? r Heat, 40 mile* In New Jersey, near depot ; fine build lugs, water iront. choice fruit. Apply to 11. PATT- : HaKO, iitW, Broadway, up stair*. T^OR SALE? A BARGAIN- A HOUSE ANI> LOT IN | F Mapicwood, N. J., on the Morris and Essex Kallroad; | (lie liou-e is two stories anil ittlie, eoiitainliiK seven < rooms : good wnlcr; lour minutes' walk depot. In quire of JOHN FOhTKR, at O. K, Necbit A Co. 'it, corner of Pearl and I'ine streets. r,SOR SALE? AT KIVEKDALE, NEAR RESIDENCES P of H. O. Bahcock, Martin Bates, Jr. ; H. F. SpnuM Ing, 15 Acres, splendidly situated, with tine view ol the Hudson, Apply to HUOII N. CAM!*, 106 Broadway. TjlOR SALE? AT MORRI8TOWN, N. J., AT A BA ItilAIN, 1* a very desirably located Country Neat ; good house, II rooms, hath, hot and cold water, with three or twenty acres; fruit and shade trees, ice house, Ac., Ac., with Fur future and Uorses, Carriages, Ae., Ac., ii desired. K EIiDY A CO.. Nil. L Park, place. FIOR BALE? AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOB St'M nier or Winter, situated on high itrouml, on one of the finest avenues in Flushing, L. I., consisting of 4 acres; furnished or unfurnished ; IU minutes' walk irom depot; 4J trains daily. Apply at Globe l ire Insurance Company, 176 Broadway. F^OR SALE -AT LONO BRANCH. ONE ACRE OF Land on Dale avenue. lUi leet from Cellar avenue, vi rv finch located; only three minufes irom W est End Hotel. Add rest JOHN H. FA ItltEL, Herald office. FSOK SALE? HOI'SE, II ROOMS, MODERN CONVEN iernes: nearly an acre of land heautifully orna me II ted with simile and fruit trees: sluhle. Ac ; within minutes of New York by two railroads, will he sold fur nished if desired ; fine boating and fishing neur house. Apply to JAMES k. HAY, Ogden .-treet, near P. and N. H R. depot, Newark. N.J. __ tSOR SALE CHEAP? TWO NICE LITTLE FARMS IN r New Jersey, 34 miles from New York, half a mile from station. Wand 50 acres, fair buildings; high and healthy location. Apply u> LINN A BOGKRT, 13a Cham bers street, room 10. fjtOB sale or to let? Aii elegant Residence at Newark, N. J.. situated in the choicest part of the city. I.f*>l Broad ?treat, within tea minutes' walk of the New York cars; will he sold on easy terms or rented to a single family for a private residence. Kor terms apply to WM I) VO0R BEES, 11 Broad street, room II, or to E B. CROWELL, 33 Wall street DOB SALE OB TO LET-TO A first class doc r tor, a Cottage, In the village of New Providence, N. J., containing id rooms. Books, Medicines aud Surgical Instruments; also ice house. Oiled; coach house and stn ble, one-horse Harness. Buggy and Brogan; will lie sold immediately to nettle the deceased doctor's business; no charge for the good will of practice. Apply to W. A. I.. OTRANDKR, 'M Pine street, rooms S and 'J, or to J AMES WILLIAM HOSIER, on the premises, New Providence, Union county, n, J. I/O It SALE f)R TO LET? AN ELEOANT THREE JF storv and Mansard roof Residence at Newark, N. J.; situated In a choice portion of the city, K Columbia street, within five minutes' walk of lour depots; emlralv new, with all the modern improvements. Inquire of cil ARI.ES Parsons, m New Jersey Railroad avenue, Newark, of ol QEOROE BROWN, S3 Leonard street, New York. FsoR SALE OR TO LET AT GRAND VIEW, ON THE Hudson, near the depot, two Cottages, eight rooms each; modern Improvements, with river fronts; garden, iruit and shade. For dirtier oartli ulars mid photo graphs apply to V\. II. Ill CKWOkTH, 'U5 W a lu i;:tua str'-et, New York. ftOR SALE op. TO LET-GOTHIC COTTAGE. VT East Newark, corner Fifth and Btrgeti streets; nine rooms; very desirable, and cuBvonlent to city, rent$2>0. Apply to CON HIT, IM East Twelfth street. a ' - ? ...... I/oR SALK OR TO RENT? A HOI SK AN1? It A It .N . P well adapted for boarders, on the outside of ?itatcn Island, right "ii the tieaoli . tl-!ilbg, boating ai'd I -ithlng. 307 Bletcker street FsoR BALE or TO RENT? A NEAT COTTAGE, WITH nine rooms, iinfm ulshed, and (food location. in Green* wich, Conn. Kor further particulars inquire of S. D. BENSON, IW and IMS ? hurry -treet. UANDSOME COUBTRY SEAT AT SOI Til OR A NOB, N. to ren: ?Large dwelling house completely famished ; stable, (tew and all nwtssary 'iiiibuild ings; ground!, consisting of eight acres, beautifully laid ant in lawn, garden, fruit and flower beds, great <|iian tity of fruit lre? s will he reutad ve. > reasutiablj to a esreful private fantilJ Apply to E. II. I ' DtuW ioi., No I'. Pine street, anu .ift Ku.i Seventeenth street. New York. Homes in new \ Hoi'.se.^. i \rms and laitf for sale. rent<.r e\ehang< ; property ia LU/.sk lieth and I inden a sj.ei i .* I ? v < r WARREN, UV Broadway, room It. HOI'SE TO LET- I.N JAMAICA, L. I,; RENT containing IJ rooms; garden, with fruit, I'.usr , rs, Ac.; would lease ton goo! t? natiL Apply tv or ai/ iri-. Miss KING, in' Kaat iiaiy.ftrat street New Si.rk HOTKI I'OR SALE -TNE WASHINGTON ROCK Ho!> I ? in sccotnniwdatc #Ob?arvlers; flne tnoiintsin scenery, and w ithin a short drive of l'lalnflei' i and lJun e ii n dep d- . will hi) . ,ld a bargain and unou t usy term-. Apply to W. S. STKVT'.NS, Diin.'lleti N. J | EON I A, V J.. FOB SALE OR TO LET ,\ COTTAUK, Ii IJ rooms. Kit' hen. bathroom, Ut',e harn and nut buildings, 4 acres land, irult antl shade trees, 4" minutes irom Pavotiia F>'rry, per Northern R'allroad of New .'cr sev ; li'rni- u o l> i ate to responsible parties. Address OWNER, box i 77? Post i.ifll. e, i>r call at W New street, betwean lo and I o'clock.. IONC. BBANCU PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO J rent -? s'oitares, ?tor< s and building sites, desirably b?'at.<.| , ii. Ml'RPIIY, So. 5 I'ine street W EDGAR wool, I hlf ls.i?i? Beaaen, PROPERTY OUT OP TIfIC CITY IFOtt HAI-H ANI) TO KKNT. MONTGLAIR, H. J.-KOR SALE OR HUNT, A FIRST new liouae, 13 rnoiita ?mi i,nm room, hot and cold water; range, lurnace and all rI1 Improve incuts: ground* 7iix2llil leet tor i.articularH annlv ta CAREY A YA LB, owners, ?0 Beaver w W/rk. MONTCLAIR, N. J. -RENT $l,0UI.~HOUSB 8 ROOMS, extension, stable anil barn, kltih?i> Karden irtnL grounds finely Ii n>)<atl with evergreen*; 4 K 11) acr?N withln live minute*' wuU ol new Midland Kailroad de pot; immediate possession. Address F UK.'tKENOoitFie care 11. K. Wilcox box I'ost office. MOEBISTOWN.? ORKAT BARGAIN IF HOLD NOW. Fine t'otfune, 12 rooms. eitrnuon: modern improve* mauls; stable ; tuardcpot ; $>> .. itf); JI.MM down l>alai>e? live year*. J. HENRY JOHNSON, Broiad way. NUS SPRING VALUE Y DEPOT (ERIE RAILWAY), convenient, limine (partly furnished), 10 room*; carriage hotisi , stable, abundance of Irnlt; onehalf acre Karden, and hi aliliv locution ; rent $:i?l a year, or will sclL Apply atotllce, loot of Fillh street, East River. "VT Y AC K. ? T II RE FIRST CI. ASS HOWES FOR SAI.E, ? ' jut finished II. 13 and Ift room* each, bathroom, ga? and all modern improvement*; on the river adjoiu iiiK institute grounds; term* lux-rat. Address box !>,JW i o*t oflice. NY ACK-ON II I! I IS ON. ? FOR RENT FOR THE SEA son or year. or tor sale. furnished or untarnished Houses; iruit, hiitoin*. h< a tint;, lisliini; ; perfectly healthy region; charming view* R. K HAZARD, Jr.. IIORroadway. XTKAT t'OTTAOK, SEVEN BOOMS WITH GARDEN, iV'"'?" ???'">?? <rom depot. Passaic, N J.; will rent Irom April III at fcM per month. lmiuire of JOHN IIOWK. / JRANOF, S J ?FOR RENT FOR THE SEASON OR ?i /irtl ** Wished or unlartil*lied House*, from $41)0 to R- It IIAZAKD. Jr., lid Broadway. 0BANOE.? AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE, 19 ROOMS, for sale (lumishcdt. nil Improvement*; location un surpassed. ( all <m i.rad lrevtOWNfcK, i;u Fourth ave nue. lull description lenl tree. ORANGE, N. J., RENTS.? NEAT PROPERTIES AT reasonable figures: n fine selection furnished and uiiliirnished House*, season .r year. HAMILTON A \\, No. U Nassau at., and Oruiwe. opposite depot. OR AN (IE, \ J, AND VICINITY,? SPECIALTY (ireat variety Property lor tale, rent or exchange. 1. II. CI RRY, 'V.I Nassau street, corner Liberty, fall tor Kent and Sale C iitalugue*. ORANGE, N. J., AT MONTROSE STATION? NEW complete Willises, snpcrhly located; 1.1 rooms; uvery possible improvement $10,1*10; rent $1 .miU. F. S. STALI.K NEl'IIT, owner, 37 N'a*su? street. ORANGE, S. J.? FOB FALK 08 RENT, FURNISHED Resilience ; location lil'ih and very healthy; al*? for sale several tine pine s there. B. F. sm all, owner, 111 Liberty street. ORANQK. N. J. -A VERY USE HOI.SE WITH AW aere ol ground In lann; house ceutains 13 rooms; price $22,000 or w ill rent tor #2,4 m inriiishc I : also a very lllce House and Grounds at (!olil Spring, on the Hudson, price 98,00a II. V. MEED, 4 ."J Eighth avenue. ORANOE AND VIC IN ITY ? BESI HEM' I .ft RANGING IV price from $3,000 to iM'tmi lor sale uud exchange ; houses furnished and uniurnishcd to rent. Apply to N. D. OONDIT. Washington place, near Brick i.'hurch station. Orange, N. J. ON THE SOUND, NEAR PELHAM RRIDGB Ik very desirable Place of 12 acres to rent; tine inunsioa, billiard hall, boating, bathing. Ac. ' S. IRELAND 201 Broadway. PRIVATE RESIDENCE Foil RENT. ?LARGE Pltr vate Residence, sliuated on Snnawiek terrace, Asto ria, overlooking East Kiver. compriaitig two acres ot irroiind, in per Act order; garden; greenhouse, stocked witii mre plants: hot and cold uraperie.s in lull hearing; choice varietle of fruit tree*; ice house, all (Hied ; salt wall r bath house; stables for four horses,, Ac.; house completely furnished and in thorough order. Wll 1 be let to a desirable tenant lor one or more years. HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pino street._ Rare chance.? for sale, at we&tport, conn., tine House (II rooms), eight ai res of land; elioictk Iruit, good water ; splendidly located. A. PALMER, 246 Canal street. HBBTOENCE AT WESTPORT, CONN.? DOUBUi ? House of IT rooms; good cellar, uood water, atiun - dance of unit, flue shade and water view; convenient t? depot. Address Mrs. ('. SANKORI). RCTHERFIJRD PARK.? FOR SALE or RENT A ? two story House; all improvements; one two . story and French roof, barn, fruit and shade trees; four mill ? tiles troiii station. Apply toG. M. II U <J 1 1 l.S, at station, or at 32 Leroy street. KIVEBS1DE. ON THE SOl'ND? SEVERAL ATTRAC i tlvu new Residences for sale ; various sizes ; modern Improvements; shore front: near depot. Descriptive circular. Address J. W. A rw AT E It, Riverside Station, Conn. OTA M FORD, CONN. ? FOR SALE. A DF.SIRABLK Residence, on one of the beat avennes In Stamford, about ten minutes' walk from depot: house contains I* rooms, gas, Ac. ; good carriage house, with accommoda tions for three horses and room lor man ; also cow house ami hennery; lot l'Bll.'IO: fronisan two street*; a variety of choice fruit trees, in lull bcarinir; aliundaiicn of grapes, strsw tierrles, raspberries, asparagus, Ac. ; liouitn well shaded with manles and elms. E. SMITH, 4;e fraud street. New York. CALK OK LET? AT PASSAIC. N. J.. HOUSE, HA KM 0 and 2 or mure acres of laud; 18 room*; all Im provement*; plenty fruit. PARMLY, 3J7 Hudson strenj. QTATEN ISLAND. -TO RENT, AT NEW UK Kill TON, A t? Co'. tag*, irn minutes' walk from the ferries. A.J. II AM 11. T< >N. M Exchange place. QT. AUGUSTINE, FLA.? FOR HALE, OR PERHAPS ? > part exchange, oneot the molt beautiful and deslra Ide Location* in town, containing 22 city Lota, a large* Dwelling House, out ot repair, ami no rat orange trees, Ac. A bargain to a prompt buyer. Addrehs A. H. WHITE, No. 8 Wall street, room 43. mil ACT OF SEASIDE REAL ESTATE AT MARTHA'0 J Vineyard lor sale.? An undivided Half Inter est In " a tract ol the most desirable Land lor Summer cottages at Martha'* vineyard. It contain* about 1 5 1 acres, aln ud> plotted, niany ot the lots ?old ami cottages being erected thereon. Kor beauty of seaside sccnory, pure air, llsti I i>k i:ad bathing lacllltli a uiiMir passed. The other hall of the property is owned liv a. gentleman ol mcaiis.wlin will uet In concert with any reliable purchaser. M ould exchauge lor available city Propertv. For particular.-, terms, Ac., call 011 or address C H. Dl.WONI), 83 Cedar street. 1111 LET ? IN BAYONNE, N. J.? A NEAT COTTAGK House, H rooms: good neighborhood ; 2S Lota (ironnd; 25 minute* from foot of Liberty street; five minutes troin depot ; rent $4.V?. Apply to P. L. HI, 'CHAN \N, Oakland avenue, near avenue t\ Bayonne. rpo LET? KOR ONE YEAR, A YE K Y DESIKABI.K J. furnished House, on Mount Hope, Tretnont, 30 inln utea from Grand Central depot; tine location ; garden rind fruit ; II rooiu*; water iii kitchen ; large collar, .tc.; term* moderate to a good tenant; an American family, with lew or no children, preferred. Kor particular* call from * to y A. M and Irotu 5 toil |?. M. at2i* East T we I ft la street, New York. 8. CUTTER. mo LET? KITJINISHED, THE RESIDENCE OK THK I late Jesse W. Benedict, at Audubon I'ark, Washing ton Height*. New York city; property Is on tli" 'tanks of the Hudson; ample grounds, double house, ?table, Ac. Kor lull particulars and circular npplv to COLEMAN BEN EDICT, il Broad street, or I'ETfcK CARTER, M? Rroadway. mo LET? YERY LARGE STONE MANSION r\ TWU 1 tv second street, near llroadwnv ; :M feet front ; either partially furnished or unfurnished; If leased will tie painted and trescoed and nut In complete order; lie* large laundry, separate 'rom Vilchen ; large dining room. Apply to W A I A. CRttKSIIANK, 56 Broadway, or ad dress J., box H7V Pout office. IV) LET? FURNISHED, vr WHITE STONE, L, L, A handsome double House. French roof, 14 rooim*, with all the modern improvements; stable, rarriagn house and hennery: one acre of land In garden an<t lawn: situated on high ami verv healthy ground ; ele gant river and Sound view , ten minutes' walk ti? boat or cars ; 42 train* daily : about .'Ml minutes troin Thlrtv lourtht street lerry. Kbr furUier particulars apply toJOSKPII II. TITL'S, iireeuwicb Insurance Company, 155 llroad wav. __ TO LET? AT CORNWALL, ON THE HUDSON, A ntoi tyibadea, furnished cottage, 10 rooms attic ami cellar; tw:o acre* ol lawn, fruit and vegetable*; carriage house and stable; situated on main road. W minute*' walk 11I steamboat landing. Inquire at 131 West Korty. first street. _____________ I TO LET -AT IV WOOD, ON Til K HUDSON, A T1IOR oughly furnished Mansion, with four aires. large stable, g *ul kitchen garden, Ac. ; train* run hourly and connect with the elevated road; time between In wood and Wall street. SO minutes. Apply toTALUOTT A SONS, sti Broadway. moLKT-A PRETTY COTTAGE. CONTUNIN'G EIGHT I rooms, situated on the hunks of the river, with stable; boating anil llshlng ; only four minutes' walk trom depot and :?? minute* I rom New York . rent SSt?J tier aim am Apply to KEASIElt, No. I Park place, Newr York. mo LET? TO A HOTEL OR LA IOE BOARDINO I house keeper, a* a Summer resort for flic boarders, a Vans! hi llous, and about Ave acres of LaiiU, barn, sta ble.*, carriage and bath It. g house, beautiful!' sltaated on the bank* of the Shrewsbury Rlvor. at lied Bank, a pleasant dr we from Long Branch. Apply <0 G. B. HAR I'.ls. ;ux; W.islnugtoii street, of RUBKKT AI*1K \ , Jr., Ruil Bank, n.j ________ rno LET ? A CO I NTH Y MEAT or ELEVEN ACRE*, t situated < n the t ,?.st Kivi r. about a mile troin Har lem Bridge; accessible by car ot steauiboat to llarlem Bridge; thence by !u>r? car*. ruiiniTiu night and day, wituin a short walk ?f the place; hetvse built lor Summer and Winter; contains 12 or 14 rootir* (four on flrst floor), with outbuildings, stable, shed*, lawn, garden, shrubbery, fruit trees, *<? . will be leased to a eood ten ant. Im'iulre nf.lolIN KVVANAGH, northeast oertu 1 Korty ? ci nd street and Sixth avenue. rno LET riUNtSUED, A ROVSI AT TENAPI.Y / I N. J. I or term* and particulars address M. 0., Ihi> HO Herald 'Cptowu Branch iifflco. I - | mo LET -AT NEWTON, L. I., KIKST CLASS RE>I I dcncf<, on Broadwav, near depot, (aruisbsd; Couu 1 try beats, at Irviugton and Orange. _____ HLADl I i < ? . 23 L*nlo? TO l.KT-roR SIX MONTHS OH LONGER. At lIVKM irig Country Residence, 14 room*, flirtilslieii, on tliei i Pa.-^fiic River, between l'aters?.n and Little Kails, boat ?ng% ttshifiK atid bathing; fruits in abundance; stables, 1 Ao. J, WARD. Jr , Iti; Broadway. \ H. IO LET -AT WOODHIDK, L. I , NEAR FLUSHING I 1 and North Side Railroad depot, three baiHl*oiii? L lie oiling Houses. Apiilv to J'.Ms'S R PARSONS, 14 ( Pine street, N> w TsirK, or to A. P RIKER, Woodslde. TO LET? A HANDsOMeLY FURNISHED COTTAflR;; stable and two acres <>' ground, at Highland station, oil North mi Val'..-. :> I ii.' >ew lei.e* . ' w. iniiiutes irons I depot, & f COOI, with Lougstteet k >eilgwiik. 4??? j Hro ol way. mo LET? IN THE CITY OF PASSAIC, N ?' . PAIIT I of .1 lleuse, consisting ?f six rooms, with all Inn 1 itiislerii Improvements. Inquire on the pr? ini<es. Klooin field a venue, sc. olid houae Irniii tirove street, or 1*1 I Readc street, New York. ' ri'O LET? A Most ATTU ACTIVE ANHEkt KLLENTLY 1 I situated Country Plsi c. near New Brighton. Ma tea ' Island. Large, handsome house, II rooms, gas tnrotu'n ou! ; (urn, i. e. conservab ry. *iaMf , ali city convenii two iere<, sh.ide trees, ar'>or, Ac . 4.'- mlmues troin wall strict; early und late boats, rent exceptionally low tua good tenant. Apply at 11# West Twenty second street. mo LET LEASE OR K?R BALE -A LAjtOI'. M^DKRJ* bum Country K. ?idence, with about ,V {*,, hJuc I in New York; high ground and sp le adtd vie a s ,?att I e frmn salt water; f?nt or le*s to tpo nght iaan,| cash vrtM l0tJ9^ ,tr,? Ne- V^k. frmn mil

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