Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 18

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 18
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mopRRTT orr or thb city von SALE OEJTO REST. mo LUT-ON UPPBR TBRRACK, NKW BRIHI1TON, 1 t??> < 'otfaires, with all modern Improvements; one firmihed. A. PIlltNTIt'K, KB Broadway. rlET-A TWO STORY AMD ATTIC AM) TWO ?tory extension frame House, situated at Woodslde, U I.. >ix miles Iroin Brooklyn liv the I'lu.-hinn Railroad, ranniixr 'M trains per day, and within (wo minutes' walk of the depot. The owner Ik about locati on else where on ol the death ol Ills wile, aud will let the premise* reasonably. Immediate possession triven Apply at the ?tttee ol the New Vork Weekly, 31 Hose street, New York, to a. i. uurr. rilO LET? UOI .SK, SITI VI -.11 (IN FORT IIII I-, NKW X Brighton, S I,; Iz rooms, (,-as. hot and cold water, convent) nt to both (juurantine ami Neiv Hrij,'litoii (er ri?s ; surround) d !>? u bcuutnul lawn unit trutl (reel, and comniandiiiK a maV'ulflccnt view ot .New Vork Hav and harbor iu ulldiro tiuns . rent *70". Apply to THOMAS CMIT11, Postmaster New Brighton LuikIiui?. ffM I.ET? AT HACKBKSACK, SEVERAL MfOB 001V 1 t*K?s, from $20j (o $500. LINN A BOOERT, 13S Chambers street, room 10. TO LET-$40 l i t: MONTH ? LA RUE DWELLING, with acre of sardcii, covered with choice truitot'all kinds, at Bldgetlefil ; three minutes' walk from station; 19 minutes from I'avotila terry, via Northern Railroad. Inquire ot s. IIA MMONll, 41 W illiani street, or at liolne Held station. r LET? FOR THE Sl'MMBR MORTHB OR YEAR, furnished Cottage ot 12 rooms, located ?n Uravescml Bar; sale bathlmr. (Ine boating, fishing, Ac. ; 75 minutes from New Vork hy steain ? ar< front Greenwood to Union vi lie. L I. Address it. STKUTHi. RS, Scotia Villa ucar Bath, L. 1. TO LET IN THE COUNTRY, 17 MILES FROM NEW York, on Central Railroad of New Jersey, House con taining 10 rooms; nice grounds; high and dry ; ten min utes' walk Iroin depot; rent $500, or would let lor si* Months, partly lumished, lor $75 per month. Address M. II.. Crnnford, Union county, N. J. Possession after April IS, 1873. /no LET. AT NEWARK, N. J.. THE THREE STORY 1 and basement House mi6 High street, convenient to Newark and New York Kail'oad ; 11 rooiiisand bathroom; ?as and steam heater; relit $800. Address M W., Heruid ?Rice. TO LET? AT NKW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND, A tine House, IS rooms, with stable ; ilrst ela<s locality; rent $?i00. Apply to W. KLLIOTI'. No u John street. N. Y. TO LET OR LEASE-IN NEWARK. N. J., T1IR FOUR story brick Building, corner ol Centre and Front .streets; also the four story hrlek Factory, 30x1*9. near Centre street wharf, and three storv brick Dwelling, op rosito New York depot, in East Newark. Apply to J. AGOW1TZ At CO., corner of Centre aud Front streets, Newark, or 300 Broadway, New York. mo LEASE- FOR THE TERM OF THREE YEARS, TO A a responsible leuant, the i'ort Lee I'avilion Hotel and Grounds; rent moderate. Inquire of Captain OEORtlE ANNKTT. Fori Lee. . mo I.EASK ? IJK I.MONT IIALL,M ROOMS FURNISHED i or unfurnished, Richmond Tcrrace, New Brighton, State u Jtilarid ; 3 minute* irom lauding; really a desir able pla:c._ _ W. A. COLLIN a, 88 fine street. TO RENT? AN ELEGANT MEDIUM81ZBD HOUSE at orange: nil improvements: ncur station and healthfully located. Inquire ut 23 Centre street, N. Y. TO RKNT? AT INWOOD AND K I NGSRIU DOB, ONLY 20 minutes from the city, House*, furnished and un furnished, Irom $:f00 upwards. a ft. SEALEY, 34 Liberty street, room 2. mil KENT? A FURNISHED COUNTRY SEAT, ON 1 went hunk of the Hudson, 20 tulle* from the city , con tains 10 rooms, stable and coach house, three acres of lawn and garden; all kinds ot trail and vegetables: well shaded. and tine view ot the river; acc.eitt.ihle by rail or kout. Rent low. Apply at 441 Broadway, np stair*. TO RENT? AT PLAIN FIELD, N. J., AN OLD FASH toned House, comfortable and commodious, furnish ed : a good range ; water on the second Hour : plenty of shade and trutt trees, barns. Ac. ; within Ave minutes' 'walk of Evona station: location both heallhinl and agreeable ; $100 per month for six months, or $100 |ier nm n tli for the year. Address box 31 I'ost office, or in quire of c. li. Kimball, ii New street. Mew York. TO RENT? A FINK DWELLING, 1C ROOMS; CAR. rtage house and stable and 2>a acres of laud, with fruit and shade in abundance; located in the village of Jamaica, L. I.; communication every l.r> minutes; will rent low to a good tenant. E. J. GRANGER, I>. A. HULETT, 120 Broadway, room 42. rpo RENT? FURNISHED, ONE OF THE MOST DE 1 siruble Residences on entire line of Northern Hail road, 17 rooms, all modern improvements, near station, between Englcwood and Tenatlyj elevated, dry, ele (taut views snd free of all nuisances; stablinK and cow: ?bout 00 minutes from Chambers street. Apply at 104 Montague rtreet, Brooklyn, or 78 Chambers Street. TO RENT? COTTAGE AT FLI'SHING, NEAR TWO depots; very healthy ; nine rooms; rent HIR In quire of J. H. MONTGOMERY, ICO Broadway. TO RENT-GREENWICH, RIVERSIDE, STAMFORD? Several furnished and unfurnished Houses, for sea son and year ; $3'K) to $1,000; one shore front. Address J. W. AT WATER, Riverside Station, OMUL The real estate index? FOR gratuitous distribution ; 000 Properties lor sale, for exchange or let; City and Suburban Property wanted (or next Issue. JAMES H. SKIDMORE, l)2Cedi 'Cedar street, New York. fllO BREWERS.? FOR SALE? WITHIN A SHOUT DIR. JL tance of Vanderhilt Landing;, 08 Lots, with ten houses thereon, on high ground : wall calculated for building vaults. To responsible parties a bargain and on easy terms. LEVI COOK, 4S Pine street. TWO VUTB RESIDENCES IN FLUSHING VILLAGE can be bought on T?ry advantegeous terms, Inquire Of B. F GOODINQ, Flush tog, L. L VERY CHEAP COUNTRY VILLAS TO LET? WITH One gardens delightful location, In Jersey, 18 milei (Tom eitv, close to depot; $2ihi and upwards. DKMAREST A WHITLOCK, I1, Park place._ WamMTOKB is 2.-1 MINUTES FROM HUNTER'S Point, 50 minutes from Madison square, CO minutes from City Hall ; double track finished ibis Summer will shorten time 10 minutes; 41 trams dally Irom ft ..'>0 A. M. to midnight, by elegant cars ol the punctual Flushing . ?forth Mile Railroad; toot warmer under each seat, I steam brakes, Miller's platform, Ac. , only hall as Mr as [ Mr. A. T. Itewsrt,s Garsen City : convenient l.i business, concert theatre, calls or shopping ; beautiful scenery, ! boating, driving ; healthy high grouud. well drained, good j water, churches, schoois, village taxes limited by charter to one-half per cent; proper. y cheap, but rising in value ; l agood Investiii 'iit ; commutatiofi tor one year iree to each I ?ew house costing over $2 OtlO. Call on If. t AN SICLKN, 133 Nassau street and get free pass. Take Tblrt v. fourth street or James slip (double deck) terry. R. R. Hop kins, Jr., will inoet you at depot Only $4iHI eash and $40 per month will buy a pretty House. 6 rooms and cellar, in Garden Park, .it White stone ; lot 26x100; price $4,200; commutation lor one year j Iree. I Very pretty House at Whltcstone, 8 rooms, cellar, rloscts, bath, range, wash trays, Ac., two Lots, tor $50 jht m jiith and $7!?l cash, one year. Commutation tree, five minutes trotn depot. Garden Park Lots, (10 per month, without interest, nndcr re strictions; prices from $200 to $ooo. An association wanted to take up a whole block on the filan of Garden Park, at Whltcstone : most liberal terms Call on II. K. VAN SICLEN. Ut Nassau street, and get free passes to visit foregoing desirable property. AiO A MONTH FOR A NICE HOUSB AT WEST field. N.J. .five minutes from depot; immediate possession : also at ilohokus, on Erie Railroad, House and barn add tour acres of Land, tor $:!0 per month. RIKEK. HESSE A Co., No. 0 Pine street. 4700 BBNT.? FURNISHED HOISK IN CITY OF sJPftMF Bridgeport. Conn.; all ImprovemeuU; 14 rooms; central loi atlon. Call on owner, 723 sixth ave nue. from 12 to 3 o'clock. W twill CASH WILL Bl'V A HOUSB. AT FAR ,UUIJ Rockaw ay. 21x28 feet ana extension, with a quarter acre of ground, sear the beach and two fepois. Inquire of O. C. NORTON, 80 Penn street, Brook lyn, E. D. $1,500 E WILL HUY 10 VCRES OF GOOD GARDEN Land, In a healthy location, close hv Stew irt's lxmg Island property; terias easy; title perfect; 10 tr?0 Acres same plsee. 171? Canal Street, Bear Motl HCnn WILL BUY A BEAUTIFUL GOTHIC ,uUU House, 10 rooms, 4 city lots, at Cranford, so ?Inutes l?v New Jersey Central; terms easv;must be ?Id. BLOOM I N G D A L I . , >38 Third WWW. <?/? r.O|i -AT OVSTKR BAT. I, L, KINK BBS! PU?')UU. dence, 14 rooms, acre : g?o'l outtuiild ag, fruit and wutur; family Residence of Dr. Prior; a n? opening tor a phvsician. Inquire of JAMES MAL ?OLM, 100 Canal street. ?Q ?MUST BE SOLD ? 10 ACRP.S, IN FRUIT "? and shrubbery : two dwellings, barn ; store ear by; buildings alone worth mure money ; also Couti y Scab, at Eishkifl, Sing Sing, Whltestone. RUE US K. McH A RG, 77 Cedar street. 1ft JW.i/l ? SUBURBAN FARM AT RICHMOND, llVtVVVi Va.. of 75 aires, tslth good improve cnts, lor oale or exchange. Address N., box it6 lit raid Ice. 0/\n/k ACRES IN NEBRASKA FOR SALE? IN ?U"/U one tracl. in BuGe.r e.ounty ; well srlcc ted ? a colony ; ou tin' *o?te from Lincoln to Columbus; tes paid and title undoubted. Apply to OWNER, k box 41 Post office, Philadelphia. ID AA/k ?AT NORTH FORT, L. I.? SHORE J'ront, sp4endid Country Seat, contain 56 acres, fine Hon v. bsrn and esniBiodioUs outbuild s, Willi all the stock and crops; terms easy. Inquire of MEs llALi'OLM, lOdCuuaJ streut BEAL F.XTITE TO BBDPHAMOK. N RXCHANOE.-TWO THREE STORY H1UH WOOF brick and browa stot?- Houses, situate i* Checver ce, Brooklyn, in gu(Ml order and w< II rsntfri, (or a d city House in NtulL or Knteeiith ward. WARRKN WARD, corner of Spring aixj Qrotby sts. PLACE OF KIVK ACKEH. AT BAY SIDE, AND tio.ouo cash will be givn for a IIuiih to thu* City, I located. Dl'NN A LK.VICII, 1<1 Hro;i I wsij. HOTEL-COST $280,000, NF.AR TIIE CITY I'OR sale or ei change. S. C. *"MITH, owner, Vrarikiort He, 202 William nUs"t New York. SMALL COTTAGE, WITH KOI It I, I ;? |m , and shade trees, at Totienvtlle S I will be ex ! iged for a Mortgage ; $2,000 to $4,000 ditforenee nam .sh. c.B. PK?'K A CO., Imi Fifth av? ime. J FARTY LB A VINO TBB CITY WILL EXCHANGE f ior Real Estate an established Bvine-s, Houm1,oIiI iture. Horse and Buggy ; value ot k 11, *.'i.iKio. Ai p.\ ,W. MPUGKTT, i?6 Broadway. buKMent. CLACB IN, I ,M. J wanted, for city Property ; alseJIAnwi wanted I Km for East Mount Vernon ProjKVty. Send to I 838 Sixth avenue. I rO PARTIES WISHING TO LIVE Nfe AB THE J Park, two Magnificent stoue fronts, and .Hirer 10 8 onts. or will exchunge for Property below Twenty street Uiat would hear alteration. Bt'RNErr M BUCK. 1,070 Third avevtie. ?A.? I WANT A THREE OK FOI R STORY HfM SE near Islington avenue, for which I will give two i stone hotiMs to Brooklyn ait'* < s-h. H. F. DE GRAAF, Bowery \utiosal Bantr> IARGAIN.? FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, TURKK mall Mouses In Brooklyn ; one in Hudson City, and rlvania Lands; will take house in New York. BIGGS A SON, AM Broadway. IRST CLANS FOUB STORY BROWN HTONE nuse on Madison avenue, one hloek from the Park ; M In eiehange a small House at Harlem, Mort ar Factory Property, in or near Outre street. i- UBB. o truer, corner Elm and Fra?kfh? street*. RFAf. TESTATE TO 1CH1HW. _ A VALUABLE KRI'lT FARM OF R3 ACRES FOR Mir or exchange? Near Patterson, N. J.; good hou-e?.~ Address C. W., box 106 Herald Uptown Hranch office. A splendid tenement in seventy-fourth street, will be exchanged tor a smaller House, lower down, or tor other properly In cltv. O'BltlKN, 329 East Twenty sixth street A? FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOB A Row Of . siiimII llou'cn, thU cltr, ipltadld Properly on the Hudson, no ciicunihraiict), extensive water front, fine buildings, nil improvements, elegant views; will add cash lor good property. Also otln rs on the 11 ndron, Long Island and New Jersey. W^H. HAYhS A HONS, 81 Cedar street. A LARGE NUMBER Or PIRST class AND MEDIUM sized Houses at hurgains; will take in pay smnller Houses, lots well located, Store Property and flistclass Teueineut, so that all inuy he suited. A. WARREN PI, ATT, US Broadway. Brook LYN houses FOK SALE, EXCHANGE OB to let. ? On Gules avenue, near Ralph avenue, Phila delphia brick, all improvements, 10 rooms : well located ; price $7,lMl), or 941) per mouth rent. Inquire oi owner, J. l'ALMKR, 77 Nussau street. New York. / 1 ASH AH/? A DESIRABLE LAR(!E HOUSE. ON I.EX V' ington avenue, near Thirtieth street, will be given for a good uptowu Residence. 8. PRE! PEN RICH A CO., MX and 90S Third avenue. 1 ELIZABETH, N. J.-FOB SALE AT LOW PRICE. J easy terms, or exchange for smaller House, Mansard House, M rooms; iWrata Jefferson Park ; all Improvement; corner lot, ?w;x:k>. Photograph with owner, 54 Wall street, room 21. IiXClMNGh? THREE BROWN STONE CITY HOUSES: j several in Brooklyn; also other Property ; Property solicited (or exchange. RUFUS K. McHARG, 77 Cedar street. Notary and Commissioner for every State. E(i\ch ANG E? BROOKLYN COTTAOB HOUSE AND Li two Lots S7,.M?, for country Improved Property about same \ ulue ; owner. Inquire at 73 Beekinan street, third floor, from 12 to A IrtARM OP OVER 200 ACRK-t FOR SALE OR EX change for City Property, in Wavne county, Pennsyl vania, near county seat; near two lines of railroad; witli new eircnlar sawmill, two homes, barns, orchard ; about 1,000, Of 0 ii et lumber standing ; market lor lumber at mill, which cut?. 1.0U0 leet per hour. J. H. I' ARSONS. SS William street. Bmrkt class FIFTH avenue HOUSE, ABOVE Forty -second street, to exchange for other first class Real Betate. Apply at 6?2 Sixth avenue. IpOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A MAGNIFICENT Villa Residence, with splendid outbuildings and 18 acres ol beautilul land, at I'assaie, N. J., I'pontimr 400 leet on I'assale River; must he sold to close an estate; cheap at $A0, (100, but will be sold considerably less to a prompt purchaser; also a splendid Building riot ot 18 acres ol elegant laud, lew minutes' walk from the station at Ten aliv, N. J. ; tine surroundings; only $20,000; easy teims;or will trade eii her place lor improved Real Estate at New York, Brooklyn, Jersey City or any part of Hudson county, Passaic, i.lizaheth. Englewnod. Monlcluir or Nyuek;a large iistot deslruhlo Jersey City Property to exchange lor outside Property. Send in your proposals for trade, they will receive prompt attention. J. M. GIB So.N, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Send stamp for circular. l?OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? AT FLUSHING, L. I., A r gentleman's Residence; lurge house, 14 rooms, with modern Improvements ; stubles, coach house, hennery, Ac. ; S acres; 800 fruit trees, large garden, lawn, shade trees, lountains in truiit of dwelling; will exchange tor clt.v or Brooklyn Property. Address E. J. L>., box 73, F lushing, L. I. THIRST CLASS BUILDING LOTS IN THE CITY OF r Newark, N. J., to exchange lor Merchandise ; Furni ture preterred. Inquire of or address WM. II. KNAUSS, 74i Broad street, Newark, n.j. TftOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A LARGE FACTORY F in Brooklyn, near lerry, with Engine and Boiler; elevator to roof; in lino order. Apply at 71 Front street. "L1< HI RALE, TO LET OR EXCHANGE? AN ELEGANT r I'laec on the banks ot the Iln (son, one hour from New York ; brick house, 10 rooms, all modern, improve ments; sell cheap; rent low, or exchange lot small i'laoe in New York or Brooklyn. Apply to or address PATTER SON, :$fi3 Broadway. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A LARGE FIRST CLASS dwelling House, with stable, ice house and two or more acres of land, at Summit, N. J., tor sale or exchange lor clt.v Lois. Apply to T. It. WHITE, 33 Nassau street, renin a IjlOR SALE CHEAP OR EXCHANGE FOR SMALL House? Spleudid Farm of 50 acres, all cultivated, with good buildings, at Red Hunk, N. .1. MADOX, 42 John street 1^1 lit SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY? r Choice 3 storv high stooo brick Residence, West Tenth street. 1 9 rooms, modern convenience* complete, house 20.6x58x100, in perfect order; al>o 33 Acres at Madison, N. J? wcil calculated to cut up into building plots ; also desirable 2 story trame House In Chatham, N. J.. 9 rooms, 3 lull lots. O. U. PlERnON, Auctioneer and Dealer in Real Estate, No. 5 l'me streot Ti^OR SALE AT A BARGAIN? OR WILL EXCHANGE P for good Real Estu'e. an established, profitable Manufacturing Business protected liy patents; exclusive trade. 8. E. H. VANDYKE, 82 Broadway. For sale or exchange? a summer resort at Saratoga ; about SO acres, with a Cottage and oat buildings; near the Springs. P. S. GOLDEN A CO., 9S7 Sixth avenue. FfOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL PLACE in Westchester county or Lots In New York, a flue brown stone House in Nineteenth ward; price <23.000. RICHARD HKNNKSSY A CO., 940 Third avenue. Tj*OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR LOTS? A RF.AUTI r lul tour sbirv and basement brown stone House, Madison avenue, ahovc Sixtieth street. IlICllARD III'. N N ESSY A CO., '.>40 Third avenue. LHIU SALE (ill EXCHANGE ? AN ELEGANT 2JX5S " toot high stoop brown stone three story House; has all improvements, at 11!) Bait Fortieth street, between Park and l^-xlngton avenues; would exchange for smaller house near the Park. Apply to GEORGE SAM I ELS, 4t0 Broadway. |J<UIV .1ALn "III r.Al M AWItK? AT MRU Hlflli, ON TIIK r ilud*oa. nil elegant Property, consisting ol IU) acres ul laud, suitable lor cutting up Into building site*, with fine river views, or lor a resiilende ; trie Improve incuts arc alt first class anil in line order; hnilt in til > verv he*t milliner tar the owner'* own line ; limine lias All modem improvement* ; will lie exchanged for other property and .wniie cusli. Apply to .1 E.SSE S. CARMAN A BRO., 72 and 74 Cedar street TTIOR SALE-oR BXCH ANOE FOR NEW YOKK OR r Harlem Property, u tine residence at Schraalen burg, N.J.; 14 acre*, large house, 14 room*-. large ham ami good outbuildings, all in good order; also all kinds fruit treea, lierrles and shade. tre^*,- tiiree minute*' walk troin new depot, on branch ol Midland Kailroail. 17 mile* from New York, 4.r> minutes by rail, price (14. '>0(1; halt can remain on mortgage it desired: the rest would take ou good mortgage In New York city or Uarlein. F'or I u r tiier particular* address J. 8. F'NOS, Hchraalenhurg, Be men county, N. 1, TTt OR SALE OR -EXCHANGE? FARMS OK 25 TO 200 r acres, from III $3H,0IIU, IS to 2tk) mile* from New York; Houses in New York, Harlem, Williamsburg, ltrnoklyn and Union Hilt. SOII M PIT, M East Houston street. In store. Foil s A LF". OR KXt'll A NOE? FIFTEEN ACRES LAND splendidly situated, to put into lots; 1ft mile* from New York, on the New Jersey Railroad ; will exchange lor clly Property or Merchandise. Address J AM ES RICE, Agent, No. 4 Maiden lane. FOR SALE. F EE AND CLEAR, OR TO EXCHANOE for improved Property? The same, or must have very little, encumbrance. Call at 999 F'ulton avenue. Brooklyn hloR SALE OR EXCHANOE? A TIIREE STORY HIGH sloop frame House. 13 room*, all improvement*. In Brooklyn; Iree and clear. E. WHITNEY, 147 Broadway, New York. T/toR ftOI ou EXCHANGE? TWO Of THB PINB8T r Residences, with F'arm* attached. Stock, imple ments, 4c., in New Jersey. 14 miles Irom New York. J. WAHI), Jr., lti7 Broadway. Fmiu s VI. K OS BXCHANQB? A TBBT DBSIEABLE River Farm. $2fii acres, near Hinghauitiin In the Susqnehantia Valley, New York state; price $AlKio. For parlicnlars adllNM HIRAM, Herald office. 1POB sale. BXCHANQB OR to LET-tCO kCBB r dairy F'arm on Long Island, IS miles irotn New York, close to railroad and steamboat. A. RAI'hLYB, 113 William street. IjViR HALF', OR EXCHANOE FOR CITY OR SU 1 liurban Property, a (rood Dairy Farm, situated in Lewi* conntv, New York, with Stock ; in a good healthy location: tree of all encumbrance. F'or (urlher particu lar* apply to A. ROBERTSON, 13 Rank street. New York. IjtOR HALE OR (CXCIIANOB? A I.AItliE TRACT OF r Lund, containing over 'Jtki.tliKiacre*. located In (he Mate of Missouri; a vcrv large concession from the actual value will be made Io a cash buyer, or will exchange for good Property in New York or vicinity on lavoratile terms; title perfect: no enciimcranccs. For lull partlcu iar* rail upou or address PORTER FITCH, ft" Broail k ay, room 21. lvir sale mi fxi Hanof: for Brooklyn EMI n d'-tice? a first class Hottse in FMuaheth, N J. ; all modern Improvements; fine locution; lot ShxIftO; cash value SI AIM), equity |t.W call mi or addri sh Jos 11. WILi.F. I - SM Broadway, up stairs. IJIOB HAJ.F. ou BXCH ANOE? TWO FINK BBSI* r dences, with grounds lor brown *ton? or brick House and Lots, or cash; also Property at Orange, Tenaflv. Wlilte*tone and Metuchen, for Brooklyn Im proved. QUJMBY A MISSKI.L, 201 Montague street. hHJR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOB CITY PROPERTY ? A beautiful Conniry Seat in Weatchester county, IH miles on Hitrlem For lull particulars ami snip call on SF.ALEV k CO., 100 Hroadway, room St. tjlOK SALE, TO Li-T OR WOULD EXCI1 AMiE? FUR. r nislieil or unfurnished, a tine corner brown stone House; very desirable: would make a good business corner ; house replete with Improvements. JAM f;s rowf;, 917 Third avenue. poi SALE- A FEW CHOICE BUILDING LOTS NEAR r depot, I- L ; would exchange part lor mire hand lae. A. litres* REAL ESTATE, Herald office. I~^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A COUNTRY PROP erfy and Cash lor Cit.v Property, will put In $10,1*11) to $1A,000 for good propertv. PALL P. TODD, ftB Liberty *treet UnR SALE OR EXCHANOE FOR CITY TF.Nl ME NTS r nr Brooklyn Houses- F'irst class Country Seat* at IV oialrldge, Orange, J'eitaffy, Newtown, New Hoe lie lie. hi. irborou^ li, Uaitsdale, Irvmglon SLA DE k CO., 2.1 Union square F'O.'t SALE OR F.XCIIAKOE FOB F ARMS WITHIN ,Y 1 mile s iit New York? Houses on Ninth, Forty-first and F'o rty-eiuhth streets, and Tenement* oil F'irst anil Second avenues. SLA I IF: A CO., 23 Union square. F'OR SALE OR F.Xi'fl ANOE? A COUNTRY PLACE, SJi ac.'e*. tine double lioiine, carriage house and hen nerv ; line ,<rch.ird. plenty of iruit; one mile from th? depot at Cr> '''U Landing; elegant view of the Hudson Itlvcr. There ?* no encumbrance on it. Price $7jftm?; terms ? any. AiY Ires* OWNF'.K, Imi 475 Vonkers Post office I/OR SALE? OV EXCHANOE F'OR CITY PROPERTY, r llousi and U. ' M East Nineteenth street, anil House and Lot ,U West k'ineteenth street Apply at 82 West Nineleeiilh street fjlo R HALE OR EXCHANGE? STORE IN IIKST fjo F cality oti Third avenue; will exchange for Hakerv on Third avenue, or weV sMe of city, owner* only ad |,lv to W J. HARPER, Third avenue, near ritty aec otid street rEAHEHOLD ON MADISf.'N AVENUE FOB HALR j or will be exchanged tor uoimprofe4 Property, up p< r eud jif inland. Apuiv to Hlyli >. t'AMF. In; rtrumi wa*. RKAT, ESTATE TO EXCHAN(JE. 0 500 WNbK GOING TO EUROPE? WILL SELL AT A _ bargain or exchange a tour story high stoop brown stone House uiirt I A>t, thoroughly well ami newly built, cabinet finish; all improvements. with late-a designs of t-ar| on, chandeliers, minors, oornloe and curtains; north side of Forty -seventh street, between Filth ami Madison avenues. Address or apply at No. 8 Pine street, room 24, hctwet u 12 Hiid 5 o'clock P. M, OFFKUS I nit ONE WEEK? A THREE STORY brown stone House, One locality, near Propect l'ark, in exchange lor a modi rate size House in this city. Apply to 11. UAKllISMvN, fi'JV Sixth avenue. UALE OR EXOHANQE ? A NUMBER OK HOUSES IN lo New York, Hr.joklyn, Country Residences and Farm*, lur suitable i'ropertv hi this city or country. J OHM KIKGEL A Co., 79 Cedar street. fl'HK OWNER WILL IZOIAIOB IMPROVED I Brooklyn and Suburban Property in New Jersey >60 trains d.illv) for a dwelling House in New York. Ad dress. slitting locution, terms, Ac., OWNER, box 148 Herald oltlce. TO EXCHANGE ? FOR A GOOD FARM OP AT I.EAST, 100 acres, In Westchester county or New York State good Pn-iwuN Property up town, pitying 9 per cent; one fl?, 1)01), the other >2.ri,i*IO ; singly or together. THOMAS (J. II oJ K 11, 930 Third avenue. TO EXCHANGE? POB A DIAMOND ok DIAMONDS, 11 acres of Land, adjoining a town on the New Jer sey Southern Rail road, worth $3,000 cash. Address A. R. S., Herald office. WANTBD-TWO LOTS, 115X100, IN NORTH NEW York, in exchange tor Hou*e and Lot In same place. Address for three days A. U. Post office, North New Y< rk, Westchester county, N. Y. WANTED? ON AVENUE A, FIRST OR 8ECONO avenue, above Fortieth street, a full Lot, In ex change for a two story brick basement House, 20 minutes tVem lerries In Brooklyn scash value, $\OIO; no encum brance. A dd rest) OWNER, box 102 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED TO EXCHANOE? A FINE TWO STORY ?? French rooi high stoop House, 32x30; Kan and water throiiKhnut, situated in Flushing, L. 1., live minutes from depot; 44 trains; Carriage House and stable; an acre of Ground laid out with budges, trees and shrubbery; for a 20 loot tour story House III city. Will pay difference in cash. F. N. ijkWBBNOS. y2 Broadway. -< TXTAMTBD? ' TO HELL OR EXCHANGB FOR M F li TT chnndisc, '.'.DUO acres choice Texas i.and, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county, Texas, lilies perfect lu every respect. For particulars address C. C. HEARNE, box 188 Galveston (Texas) 1'nst office. OA LOIS IN BROOKLYN, FREE AND CLEAR, AC.; 10 Lots In New York, near Riverside Park, street graded and tlagged, with $1;), 000 or $11000 cash, for a large plrteof tenement Property; west side prclerred. Ad dress OWMBK, 2trt West I'in ie,tli street. HAKRKLS OF VERY SUPERIOR BOURBON Whiskey tooichange lor Real Estate. DEM A REST A WHlTLOOK, N?. l'v. lark place. $Q r.An AND $0,500-10 EXCHANGB. SALE OR O.tMIU let? House, 8 rooms; plcasauilv located, overlooking South hay; 5 acres, barn, Ac. Also lie rgen Point, French roof House. II rooms, 4 lota; near steam boat landing and depot Address M. S. H., box 131 Herald office. &Q AAA ?EXCHANGE? flO ACRE CONNECTICUT "If. Farm, 1'^ hours from NewYork, good build ings, small encumbrance, for Brooklyn House. Owners inquire at 73 lieekman street, third Uoor, froui 12 to 4. REAL E iT.\T5! WAXTED. A WELL-BUILT HOUSE IN BROOKLYN WANTED? In exchange for a Country Residence and 15 a'-res on the Hudson, ireo and clear. Address yWNER, box 144 Ilerald office. ? THE REAL BSTATB INDEX? FOR GRATUITOUS distribution ; 600 Properties for sale, for exchange or tolct City and Suburban Property wanted tor neit is sue. JAMES H. SKI i. MORE, B3 Cedar St., New York. rito OWNERS OF REAL ESTATE.? WANTED l.MME I dlately, a number ot Houses lor sale and to rent; renting, collecting, estates taken in charge, Ac. ; no charge lor registering on our books. WISH A ROSENFIELD, 304 West Twenty -seventh sircet, near Eighth avenue. WANTED? LOTS ON WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. Owners oi lots on the Heights or on the Dyckman estate can tind purchasers by applying to G. LK3PIN ASSE, 112 Broadway. WAITED? BOOSES l\ HARLEM AND BROOKLYN, Farms and Country Seats in Westchester County, ana on Long Island, lor cash buyers and to exchange. II. H. SEALK Y, 31 Libcr.y street, room 2. Wanted? a cheap bouse or place, fur nislicd, and on salt water or Long Island preferred. Address, with lull terms and particulars, A. a. WHITE, No. 8 Wall street, room 48. llfANTED? A HOUSE, IN THIS CITY, NOT TO COST f V over $:'ll,ik>>, lor which $10,000 worth of stock In a manulacturing corporation in this city will he given in part payment ; the business lias been a number of years esiabli tied and is constantly increasing, paying hand some dividends, and Is a first class investment; the tullest opportunity given to any party offering suitable property to mve stigatc the affairs oi the company. Address COR PORATION, Herald olBca. WANTED? TO PURCHA8E, A SMALL FARM, IN New Jersey, within 40 miles of NewYork; near some railroad station, lor which I will nay from $2,(100 to $.'{.1100 in cash, if a bargain ; only those giving full particu lars will be noticed. Address C. C., box 213 Herald office. Wanted to purchase? beown stone high stoop House, 20x50x100, between Fourth and Sixth avenues, below Park; price $25,UJ0 to $28,000. Address BU YKK, box S3 Post office. WANTED TO PURCHASB-A FOUR STORY BROWN stone high stoop House, from 2u In 25 feet front, lo cated between Twentieth and Kiity-nnitb streets, Madlst,** and Ninth avenus; from $2.*>,'0.) to $.Ci,U0Ul Address J. L. ('., West Side Advertising office, :?I8 West Twenty third street. HOUSES, ROOMS, .vr,, WAITED. In thin City and Brooklyn. A? THE CENTRA!, LOCATION OK MV OFFICE IN ? sures a constant demand ironi lioth l.t 11U lordn and tenants. 1 in iiit-<l in tcl v are wanted furnished anil unfur nished Houses lor first class tenants. City and suburban Real Estate in also in demand At lair prices at my office. Tlic uptown branch 01 the Lancashire Fire Insurance Company, Manchester. England, capital tlO.iMO.OW. J. OABMICHABL. at t alo* square Iwwdwty), A HOUSE WANTED- ABOUT $1,006 RENT. ADDRESS GOLD, room li?, 0 EMlMUm place. New York. A? WANTED, FOR A FAMILY OF THREE, AN UN ? furnlflied Cottage or suit of Room* in Hurlem; must he desirable and moderate rent. Address A M Kill CAN, station II. ? _____ ABK8PEOTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE COUPLE wisti to lake charge of a house during the Summer months, or longer, for parties going to the country or abroad . will take Rood care and pay a small mouthly rent for the same , unquestionable reference* flvu. Ad dress for one week VIENNA, box 228 Herald office. A FAMILY OF FOUR ADULTS WANT UNFINISHED Rooms convenient tor partial housekeeping, without servant; location musl lie good and convenient', will pay IBOorlW. Address PIMEMX, t'ux 2<U Herald office. A NICE FAMILY OF ADULTS WANT A FURNISHED II n use ; would Hoard the owner's tatnily tor pay ment of rent : best references Riven and required. Ad dn?s L. m.. Herald i plow Branch office. A DENTIST WANTS TO LRASB A HOUSE IN FIRST iV class location west ot Madison avenue, above Twen ty -sixth street; best references. Address PIKE, 24 West Twenty-ninth street. New York. ANY PERSON II AVI NO A SECOND FLOOR TO LET can find a desirable tenant tiy addressing M II. C., 132 Ninth avenue. Hetit not. to exceed $:?). West side. APART* Birrs OF ABOUT FIVB ROOMS WANTED? Hv a caretnl tenant; Eighth or Ninth ward pre ferrred; rent about $:*). Address J. M. L., box 3.3S8 Post office. AliKNTI.EMAN AND V7IFE WANT A SECOND Floor, containing modern improvements ; private house preferred ; west side, within ill minutes' walk of Fourteenth street; references exchanged ; rent iroin $3U to 9N Address a. h. c., box 214 Herald office. 1 OBNTLEM A N AND WIFE. RESPONSIBLE. WTTH , \ outchiliiren, would take charge of n gentleman s residence, citv or country, tor the .Summer ; retercnce#. i Address m., ihi Bleeefcer street A? WANTED, IN FURNISHED, IN A PRIVATE ' ? llonsc. by an American lamily, Parlor Floor, with 1 basements and three Rooms oa second or third floor, ! with improvements and in good neighborhood. Address, i with terms. Ac., J. M. W,, box 126 Herald office. A LADY UNDER 30, WITH SOME MEANS, DKSIRINO ' to go housekeeping In this city or Statcn island tor i Summer, wishes to tlnd a refined party who will make ? i liberal arrangement for an unexceptionable home. Ad I dress HOME, box 127 Herald Uptown Branch office. A FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED? FOR A YEAR , or longer, between Fourth and Sixth avenues. Ad- ' dross O., I o\ 3,572 Post office. A FLOOR OF FOUR OR FIVE UNFURNISHED | Rooms wanted May I, by a man. wife and tw.i small I children : must be within live or ten minutes' walk of , 1 wenty elglMh street and Sixth avenue ; rent |^ii or f:y> , references exchanged. Aitilress IV. H., box 193 Herald Uptown Hranch office. A LOWER OR UPPER PART OF A HOUSE wanted? For man and wife, with owner preferred ; location I hi rty -second to Fifty seventh street and sixth and Ninth avenues. References required and given. Ad dress H. L., .112 ( anal street. AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF TWO WOULD LIKE j\ about four t'oorns. in n private house, with improve meats, on west side, south oi Twentieth street, tor $9Utl | per venr Call at or address 21(1 Dnane street \ HOUSE WANTED-PARTLY oil FULLY FUR. nished, where the owner will board ont the rent, j with the privilege. ol taking other hoarders; locatu n. j Twenty-fourth to Kortietli street, Third to Fourth an une. Addrcis M., ,'UH East 'Thirtieth stieet. 4 LADY WITHOITT ENCUMBRANCE WISHES To ! rent a furnished House, city or country, where the whole or part ot the rent will be taken in hoard; refer ences, Call on or address Mrs. L., 3itf West Filtv sc< i nd street. JiESK ROOM WANTED? BETWEEN FULTON AMI ' " Wall streets ; stale terms, Jk c. Address ACCOUNT ANT. Herald office. F1LOOR WANTKD-BY AN OLD LADY AND TWO soas;renl not to etceed $:ui; location Sixth and Ninth ?venues. Fort) second to Forty-ninth street. Addres* WOOD, Herald l plow n Kisiicti office. HOI SB WANTF.D To RENT. WITH THE PBIVI. lege of tiu rob a se, not to exceed in value tiu.nmi, must have all modern tiiiprovi inentst terms of payment not to be more than 92, Otlu per year, including interest; location above Fiity nintli street Address, with d< ? I seriptlon of house and location, CITY, Herald office. I ON OR BBFORE'V A Y I? -FOUR PARTLY FURNISHED :

Rn.'iiis, for tainil v of tour, tor light housekeeping . below Fifteenth street, between Fourth nnd Seventh avenues. Address D. il.. box 21 A Herald effice. IiWO OF.NTLKMKN B't'qUIRE TWO BOOMS, FI'R I nislied, without boarrt,. between Seventeenth and Thirty fourth streets; must fce on same floor, roiuvctinu , i only llrsl class need answer. Address II. C, box 4.S40 Post office. ____________________________ tlT ANTED? BY A OBNTLEMAJV AND WIFE, SBUOBD vf and part of third Floor, in a private house ; loca tion iM'tween Fourteenth and Twrtitleth streets, nesf Second avenue. Beat not to exceed S/W per month Ad. d ress, stating particulars. J. B. MI'TTE* tMvl?>. 46 Ave nue li HOITSKS, ROOMS. &C? WAVTKD. In tlala City and Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPONSIBLE TENANT. A SMALL ll' U.ts, with conveniences, betow Twenty-third street ; will pay Addict* JAMES A. OLWKLL, tiM William Street VI* ANTED ? BY A OKNTLKMAN AND WIFE. A V V small House, completely and handsomely furnished. I'or Ave or nix months, or one year; terms not to exceed $:00 per monih, payable ia advance; loca ion between. Forly-flfth Htrc.'t uii t ivntral Hark; west Aide preferred. Address 0. K. W., Herald Uptown Branch oftlcj. TIT ANTED? M VY 1, PART OK A HOUSE FOB A VV hiii u 1 1 tn in i ly of ud ulls, In a go id neighborhood. Add rend it. o., h >x iih Herald oBo. TITANTED? A TOP FLOOR, WITH USE OF ROOF, OR VV any floor with line of extension roof, lor private photographing. Address A. L., Jiy Kant Eighteenth it. Tir ANTED? BY A FAMILY of THREE, FIVH <>R SIX VV Rooms with a nice family, in desirable locality; the owner, if liked, wlU secure a desirable and perma nent tenant. Address BAYARD, Register office, S)3 Broad way. WANTKD? TWO NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS without meals, in a tirst class house, a few blocks from Broudway and Niuth street. Address, with price, UOLDEN, 185 .Sprint? street. WANTED? FROM 1ST MAY, THREE OR FOUR Rooms, unfurnished, in private house below Twen tieth street; ijuiet neighborhood ; rent not to exceed $2& Address, with particular*, A. 1>. , box 22t> Herald office. "VL^ANTED-TbY TWO ADULTS, THREE INFURNISH VV ed Rooms, in a strictly private hou<e and good neighborhood. Address, with terms, which must be moderuti', M. L., 321 Kast Thirtieth street. * WANTKD? BY MAN AND WIFE, TWO OR THREE comfortable Rooms, in a private house; rent inus, be moderate. Address K. k. B.,167 East i.ighty -second st W~ ANTED^ThTo R 1 ON WEST BIDE OP BOWERY. Broadway or Sixth avenue, below Thirty-second street, for a first class retull business: a corner preferred. Address, with particulars, box 151) Herald office. WANTED? AN UN FURNISH ED FLOOR, WITH A private family, for gentleman, wile and daughter, for light housekeeping, state price and location, which must be good; from .-ecoiid to Seventh avei.ue. Address AMERICANS, 102 East Thlrty-flfih street WANTED-BY GENTLEMAN AND WIFE ONLY (NO children), three or lour unlurntshed Rooms, for light housekeeping, between Fourteenth and 'Ihirtieth streets and Sixth nnd Tenth avenues; rent$2S; references exchanged. Address E. M., SDK West 'I wenty-lhtrd st. WANTED? AN UNFURNISHED SECOND FLOOR, VV bv gentleman and wile, wiih no children; rent, $30 to $35: possession May 1; bekt reference. Address TUBAL CANE, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTKD? A SMALL IIOl SE. Pa'rT OF A HOUSE or' Flat, containing 7 or H rooms, by a family of a (nits : rent not to exceed t'JOU. Address MAJOR, 409 West Forty-third Street. WANTKD? A HOUSE. PARTIALLY FURNISHED, where occupants mljcht remain in full or part pay ment of rent, witli privilege ot taking a lew other boarders: location central. Address HOFFMAN, Herald Uptown Branch office. "I! r ANTED? A SMALL BRICK HOUSE OR COTTAGE VV between Fourteenth aiid Thirty-t'ourt i streets. Ad dress, with particulars, A. L, 2J9 East Eighteenth ntreet" WANTED? FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND VV two single gentlemen, two large, nicely fnrnislied Rooms, second or third floor, between Twenty-second and Forty-fifth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues; term* must bo moderate. Ad.lress C. K. 1)., box 116 Herald office. WANTED? LOWER PART OF PRIVATE HOUSE, six rooms, for three adults; Sixth to Ninfh avenue, and uol above Fortieth street; references given. Address WM. LEWIS, 215 East Thirty -seventh street. WANTED? BY AN AM fttlCAN FAMILY OF FOUR VV admts. Lower Part of a House of about six rooms; Ninth or Sixteenth ward preferred ; rent not lo exceed $101. Address, giving full particulars, CASHIER, box 3,388 Post office. WANTED? TO HIRE, FROM MAY L THE LOWER Part or Second Floor of u house not above West Eighteenth street or below Morton, west side (Ninth ward preferred); references exchanged. Address E. H. C., Herald office. WANTED? AN UNFURNISHED FLOOR OR PART OF House, at least six rooms in a good neighborhood, by a fainlb of tour adults ; rent not over $00. Address box 5,635 Post oflice. XXJ& N TED? THREE OR FOUR UNFURNISHED VV Rooms, for housekeeping, by mail and wife. Ad dress E. M., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTJiD-BY A OENTLEMAM AND WIFE, 8BCOND VV Floor, of lour or five rooms, with improvement*, between First and Fourth avenues, below Twenty-third street. Address, witli full particulars, L. A., Uerald office. WANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, PARLOR VV and Bedroom, above Fourteenth street; no hoard ing house; quiet and privuc.vliidi.spens.ible. Address, with full particulars and price, K. F. E., box 163 Herald office. WANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY OF THREE VV adult-s, a Second or Third Floor, In private house, for housekeeping, three or tour rooms, from Eighth to Forty-second street, Second to Seventh avenue ; rent not to exceed $30 or $3j. Address M. M. M., Uerald oflice. W ANTED? IN MBIT YORK Oft BROOKLYN, A VV House tor boarding purposes; or would like to meet with parties who would rent thuir house and boar d witli occupant. Add res* F. R. S., box l-J Herald office. WANTED? LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, AT THE VV upper end of tlio cltv : good neighborhood and rea sonable rent. Address, with lull particulars, WKBSTKlt, box 175 Herald office. WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY, FURNISHED House, at moderate rent, above Thirtieth street and between Lexington and Eighth avenues. Address, with terms, L. E. A., Herald office. WANTED? A VERY LAROE HOUSE OK TWO VV medium sized Houses adjoining, in a good location, between Third nnd sixth avenues. Eighth and Twenty, third streets. Please send particulars to O. NAOLE, ll University place. Y\ta.ntei>? A NUMBBR OF houses TO RENT TO VV supply a demand, at offico o( II. V. MEAD, i21 Eighth avenue. WANTED? SMALL. STORK ON HIDE STREET, above Fourteenth street, or basement on avenue; central location. Address, >utius' location and reut, STORE, Herald office. WANTEH-BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, A furnished House, where family Would hoard lor rent, mill with privilege to tuku boarders. Address L. C., Herald Uptown Branch office. Tl/ A NT KD? FIVE OR SIX ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, tt with private Innilly, or Flat, between Third and Eighth avenues and below Fitty-iiintli street; rent not to exceed $40. Address, with particulars, H. C., Herald Up town Brunch office. lirANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, FOR tt six months or longer, at a nominal rem, a fullv and handsomely furnished House desirably and conveniently located ; this is intended to afford, to a party desiring to be absent, an oDportunity to secure a highly respectable and responsible tenant. Address, with particulars, MERCHANT, box 3.7H9 Post office. TITAN TED? IN THE CITY, FROM MAY TO OCTOBER, tt a Suit of turnislied Apartments, complete lot house keeping. Address, stalinK terms aud partleulars, C. C., box 4.74S Post office. _ "\lr ANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, SIX TT well lurnished Rooms tor housekeeping, between Fourteenth street anil Central Park Third aud Seventh avenue*; term* moderate; references. Address J. W. BUFFERN, 70# Broadway. ?\ITANTKD-BY 1ST OF MAY, SEVEN ROOMS IN tt private house, modern Improvements; First Floor and Basement or Second Floor and two Rooms on upper Hour: between Tenth and Fifty-tilth streets and Fourth aud Seveuth avenues: rent not over $3il per mouth; per manently it suited. Address II J. btitiou F, New York. WANTED.? TWO SINGLE GBNTLEMAN WANT TWO connecting Rooms, one large enough for two single beds, and the other to be used as a sitting room ; location between Tenth and Fortieth streets and Third and Eighth avenues; break last preferred. Address, with prices, N I AURA, bo* I Foil 'iffioe. \1TANTED? BY AN AMERICAN GENTLEMAN AND tt wile, one or two unfurnished Floors lor housekeep ing, In a private house ; A No. I reterences given. Ad dress, KiTing lull particulars, K. B., Herald office. W ANTED? MAY 1 OB BKFORE, BY A SMALL tt American family of adults, mi unfurnished Second Floor of lour rooms, in a nice house, containing modern improvements; location between Fourth and Thirty fourth streets and Broadway and Seventh avenue. Ail dress U. 11., box 140 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? A HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE HOUSE, TT below Thirty fourth street, Lexington and Sixth avenues, lor a private family ; must be handsomely fur nished and contain all modern improvements. Any party going abroad ennhearof a careful, responsible, A I tenant by addressing M., box 204 Herald office. \1TANTED? A HOUSE IN A CENTRAL LOCATION, TT furnished or partly so, where the owner would re main. Address or apply to B., 30 Fast Twenty flril street WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF THREE tt adults. Basement and Parlor Floors, with one or two Roobis on third floor, in bouse with private family. Address, stating rent, h. I?. BAN K, !W8 Canal street WANTED-UNFCBNISHED AND Fl'RN ISH i;t? IT Houses to rent; first class parties waltiug; no charge unless a rental ts effected. G. NAoLh. 149 Fourth avenue, near Union square. Ur ANTED? UNFURNISHED, FOUR STORY BROWN stone llon?e, Madison nvenueor between that and sixth avenue ; lease of two years, with privilege of buy ing. Address, with particulars, J. G., 248 West Forty second street. Itr ANTED? UNFURNISHED. BY A GENTLEMAN, tt vi lie and daughter, a Second Floor, between Tenth and Thirty-fourth streets, Filth and Eighth avenues; rent about to #480; references given und required. Ad dress B. 8., 247 West Thirteenth street. WANTED-FROM MAY 1 BY A SMALL AND RE .sponsible (amlly, part of private House, w ith owner preferred; must be centrally located and rent reason able. Address A. B. C., Herald office. tlfANTED-FOR HUMMER BOARDERS, A COM* TT fortably furnished House, with improvements anil ample grounds; location must be near a depot or boat ami easily nceesslble to city. MARCUS, Herald Brooklyn Brunch office. mtanted-housks. fi rnished and unfur. tt nislicd, for desirable tenants. Send particulars to yi lMBV A IIIsskll. 201 Montague street WANTED-A NIGELY FURNISHED HOUSE, IN A TT central location, by a small, respectable famllv, where the owner would take board in part pay mint of rent with the privilege oi taking a lew flr'st class parties ; the best of references can be given. Ad dress. with lull particulars, lor two days, R. L? station I). Ur ANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, A small House, or the Lower Part of a high sloop ll'ii-c.iii a nice location, at a reasonable rent. Address S It E., box 193 Herald uptown Branch office. U'iNTED-A floor OF Fol R <iK MnRK UooMS between Third and Ninth avenues, Twenty-fourth and Thirty-seeoiid streets; rent not to exceed f.'tt per mouth Addrexsii. E. s., box IHl Herald I ptown Brunch office. Ur ANTED? FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR BY A SMA LI. America* uuifly. Reierences. Addmas, with par ticulars, (1. WOODWARD, 140 West Sixteenth street W 'ANTED? BY TWO ADULTS, SECOND STORY, four Koonis. In or near Ninth ward. Addxeit. stat in* real, P. . IliJ y aric* si r<v ' bvemeut I H or HE ? , JROOOM S, AC., WA1TTBD, Im the Coon try. A GENTEEL COTTAOB or 8 TO 12 ROOMS, WITH garden, wanted, close to depot, anywhere within 18 miles ofClty Hall h ull particulars to RESPONSIBIL ITY, box lwHerald office. A FULLY FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED? POHSF.S slon Mav I or sooner, within one hour of city, rent ?bout $50 per month. Address box 3,142 Post office. WANTED? A PLAIN BUT COMFORTABLY FUR. nished House In the country, at a reasonable rent, within ? ,-hort distance trom the city, either by boat or cars; by boat preferred; the hou?e to contain JO or 30 rooms, suitable lor a tlrst class boarding house : for a house to nu it a good tenant can be had by addressing Mrs. GIL BERT, 22Wcst Ninth street. VlT ANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OK ADULTS, A ?T furnished House, within ID miles ot New York, where the whole or part of rent would be taken in Board. Address DOUGLASS, Herald ottlce. _ KU11NITCJKK. ~~ A? STORAGE. "" ~ " . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac.: ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST clash WAREHOUSE, built expressly lor the purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS, CASKS ana other PACKAQB8 containing articles of EXTRA VALUE can be stored with SAFETY at low rates. Persons can forward their goods from any part of EUROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC is invited to examine the sutierior ac coinmodattons, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., which thU warehouse possesses over all others. JOHN II. MORRELL, Owner anil Proprietor. SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR FRIENDS AND PATRONS. furniture~and BEDDINO. The Stock heretofore contained in onr building. 588 Sixth avenue, having, on account of the widening of Broadway, been removed to our principal warerooms, 888, 390 and 882 Hudson street, thereby overcrowding our immeiue stock. We will sell, for the next 30 days, the the choicest selections of PARLOR, LIBRARY. DINING ROOM FURNITURE and Bedding ot every description, at tile LOWEST WHOLESALE MANUFACTURERS' PRICES. We call special attention to the above of those about to purchase either Furniture or Bedding, and solicit an early call. 0. IS. HEYMAN A MACK, 888. 390 and 3'J2 Hudson street, corner Houston, and 1,028 Third avenue, corner Sifcty- first street -CARPETS. Furniture, Bedding, Oilcloths, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets, Comforters, Ac. at very low prices, at the large wholesale and retail warerooms, 500 to 610 Eighth avenue, corners of Thirty tilth aud Thirty-sixth streets, D. KELLY, successor to H. O'Farrcll. A -A.? A.? AT 120 WEST 23D ST.? A PRIVATE FAM ? il.v declining housekeeping, and not wishing to have a public auction, will this day sell ull their Household Goods in lots to suit cash purchasers Two magnificent satin brocatel Parlor SuitsI cost (600. for $250; one do., $125; rep Suits, $40 to $75; Bedroom Suits, $26 upwards; 60u yards Carpet, less than half cost ; Pianoforte, cost $950, for $250; other articles too numerous to mention. Call be fore purchasing elsewhere at private house 120 West 23d st., near 6th av. B. It. MARTIN. N. B.? ilouso open to day (Sunday) or Monday for Inspection. A, ? <A.? A.? A."? BARGAINS In FUKNmrurc. FURNITURE. BROADWAY, opposite eleventh" street. HERTS A CO. A PARLOR SUIT FOR $11) AND UP TO $1,000, AT PORTINOTON BROTHERS', 542 Hudson street and 107 Charles street. Established 23 years. Eighth avenue cars pass the door. A? PRIVATE PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OF ? their Furniture, car nets. Mirrors. Ac., can meet with a cash purchaser by addressing W. M., Ilerald Uptown Branch office. A LARGE" ASSORTM ENT OF CARPETS, FURNI turc and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weekly instalments, at O'FARRELL'S Warehouse, 410 Eighth av enue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-flrst streets. A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE WILL SELL ALL their elegant Household Furniture. Carpets, Ac., Ac., at a moderate price. Call at residence 36 West 54th street, between 5th and 6th avs. ANY PARTY HAVING SECOND-HAKD FURNITURB, Carpets, Ac., to dlsuose of may hear of a pure baser at JAMES GRAHAM'S, 190 Third avenue, where a largo assortment is Kept; likewise second-hand Carpets. LL THE FIRST CLASS-" FURNITURE, >1 NISHED and unfinished, made umler the supervision of J. F. C. Pickhardt and bought by John Herrlich A Co., MHO and 882 Broadway, will be sold at public auction In about 10 or 15 days from this day. Due notice will be given in the Herald. All goods can he finished to suit the buyer and left on the premises until 1st July next M. REISERS, W. VOLKK. Per JOHN HERRLICH * CO._ T BENDALL'S OLD STAN D? FURNITU RE. Car pets and Bedding cheap for cash or by weekly And monthly payments. C. K. CANNON, 209 and211 Hudson street, corner Canal. PRIVATE FAMILY GIVING UP HOUSEKEEPING will sell Furniture In pieces and suits to please nur chasers; if not sold this week will be sold at auction. Par ties wishing to purchase please call at 117 East Thirty first street. A? A? A.? PARLOR SUITS $40, $80. $60. TO $150; ALSO ? Bedroom Suits $25 upwards ; Tables, Lounges, Mir rors, Carpets, Cloeks less than half cost, to close the busi ness, Call 442 Sixth aveuue, between Twenty-sixth aud Twenty -seventh streets. T A GREAT SACRIFICE" I F CA LL ON MONDAY, AT private residence 113 West Eighth street (Clinton place), between Filth and Sixth avenues.? Magnificent latest style Parlor Suit, ueariy new. cost $575, for $175; one do. for $15,); brocatel and rep Suits, $75 and $50; rose wood and walnut Chamber Suits. $.15 up ; velvet Brussels Carpets. 50c. up : Pianoforte, Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains, Buffet, Extension Table, Silverware, Ac., for any reason able oiler. Call before purchasing elsewhere. Cut this out ?FIRST CLASS H O U SEH OL D~ F 1 1 RN ITU RE FOR ? sale at hall' cost, viz. Parlor Suits, Pianoforte, Etageres, Carpets, Paintings, Bronzes, rosewood, walnut Chamber Furniture, together with every article of lux ury and comfort found in a modern household. Can be seen this day at SI West 15th St-, near 5th nv. A LADY ABOUT VISITING EUROPE WOULD LIKE to dispose of Furniture, with five years' lease of premises, to a responsible party. Apply at 6* West Tenth street. / lARPBTR? TWO LARGE TAPESTRY VELVET vy woven and two small almost new Brussels, Stair Carpets, Ac. ; also a good square Piano, price $10u. Ap ply to HAVERTY, No. 5 Barclay street. C CARPETS, J Furniture, Beds, Heading. Ac. Payments taken by the week or mouth. Terms cub v. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue. .X^UKNITURfc EXPRESS. DIAM M CO. r 424 West Thirteenth street? Furniture, pianos, Ac., removed to and fVom the city and country ; experienced men ; reasonable prices. I"TURNITURE. CARPETS, B( M > K s. Fa M I'll LETS AND Libraries bought lor cash, at No. 4 University place, between Clinton place aud Washington square ; fiU.OiO volumes of Books for sale. 1~pi KNITURE WANTED? FOR ~0()U NT HV HO 08 E ' Mirrors, Carpets, Piano, Ac., for cash ; entire turnt turc of house preterred ; or will purchase small lots. Ad dress W. HASTINGS, station i', city. JK>R BALE? LAROB PIER GLASS, SIDEBOARD, Hall Stand, Library Table, Bedroom Suit, all ele fintlT carved, at lens than hall price. Address FIRM I'ltE, box 131 Herald Uptown Branch office. (lOOD CBCOHD JAM) jfcND MISFIT CARPETS A T specialty. All sizes English Brussels an<l Ingrain for sale cheap at 112 Kulton street, corner ol Dutch. Entrance in Dutch street. House furnishing. (1KOKOK A. CLARKE'S Poprlar System of Payments. Popular System of Paviuvnts. Popular System of Pay meats. The he?t, most convenient and economical method for obtaining elegant Furniture, Carpet", Upholstery, Ac. "47 Broadway. 747 Houses and apartments furnished complete. N B.? Prices as reasonable as at any other first class house. AVI NO JUST PURC H A SK D ~A THRE R STORY house, I am desirous to purchase some plain Furni ture, Including Carpets and Bedding. Address CASH, Herald offlce. Monthly or weekly PAmm-Oinil Furniture, Bedding. Ac. DEALY A CUNNINGHAM, 384 ami 3H61 tilrn avenue, near rwcntv-oigntn uro 'C. Prices lower than any other nous- n the city. PRIVATE PARTIES DhSI KING To DIHPOSK UK their Furniture can meet with a cash purchaser by Hdftilri 8. ii. p., box :Wi Poat offlce. THE FURNITURE, CARPETS, MIRRORS, CROCK" ery, Kitchenware, Ac. (nearly new), of a three story house inr sale at a bargain. Apply* at or address 227 Clas s<>ii avenue, near DcKslli. rpilE ENTIRE FURNITURE OF A FIRST CLASS J. house in Forty-third street will be sold at a great sacrifice: all new last Fall nnd by celebrated maker*; rich Parlor and Hedroom Suits, Pier Glasses, Lambre iiulns, Cornices, Window Shades, oas Fixtures, Ac.. Ac. Inquire of B. B. MERRILL A CO.. 64 West Thirty-third St ABHEN WARD A CO?, wv manufacturers, wholesale ami retail. We have manufactured a very fine-gtockof Furniture during the Winter, and are now prepared to lurnish the most elaborate city residence or the simplest cottage tastefully and thoroughly at moderate prices. Everything in the line of Furniture or Mattre^se* well made and at close figures. 75 and 77 Spring street, corner ol Crosby. u; i*KLY AND MONTHLY P A V MEN TS FOR FUR. V? ulture. Carpet* and Bedding, at II. M. COWPKH TUWAIT A co.'S l,V) and 157 Chatham meet An Immense stock and low prices. 2ft|H| WAI.NUT BEDSTEADS ami CHAMBER ?Uvfl/ Seta, low priced, mediant and fine, ele gant designs, richly carved and trimmed with foreign wood, at much below ordinary prices , warranted thor . o uglily seasoned aad best workmanship, at manufactory, ? nm Hudson street) SITl'ATIOWS WAWTKP? KKMAIBW. Cook*, die. MEAKT UTH ST., CORNER 4TH A v.? AS FRENCH cook in a private family ; ui.ddle-agid ; city or country. "ICC CHRYST1E ST. -A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS -IU?J cook aud go borne at night; can come well r? commended. 91 A. ffUHT IS TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? it i ? girls; one at cook, the other as chamber maid; leave on account ot the taunly going to Europe. 91 & S^LIVAN ST.? A COLORED WOMAN AS m coo k ; no objection to the country. ^,4.4. KA?T :!2D ST.? A WOMAN Ad COOK, WASHER OTT au<i ironer. ' iTU AV-' "KTWEEN SifrH AND 51KT HTS^ I tU Two young girls; one ah cook, wather and iron er. the other as chambermaid and waitress or plain sew er; good references troiu place. Call on Monday. WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED COOK (STRICT ly sober) situation ; citv or country. Address L. p. Herald Uptown Branch office. Chambermaids, die. Off/1 WEST 30TII ST., SECOND FLOOR. BACK ii?)T room.? A young girl as chambermaid and wail russ in a small private family ; country preferred. piH 6TH A V.? AN AMERICAN GIRL. AS CHAMBER v)_ 1 maid and waitress; good refetences. AAA :tr> A V? THIRD BELL. ? A RESPECTABLE >'')() young girl as chambermaid and to help with the washing, or would take caro of children. Call or ad dress. 19,-7 3D AV., BETWEEN 72D AND 73D STS? IN ? ?'/ I candy store.? A Swiss girl as chambermaid in an American family. Call Monday morning, 10 o'clock. Drenmaken and SeamitreiMi. "I WEST 44TH ST.-A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS J wishes a few more engagements by the day or week, operates on Wheeler k Wilson's sewing machine. ,?Q WEST 18Tn ST.-A PR'VTESTANT YOU NO Tr? J woman as family seamstress; can operate on all kinds of machines; understands cutting and fitting ladies' dresses; best relerence. EAST MTU ST A COMPETENT OPERATOR ON l)| Wheeler k Wilson's and Willcox k Gibbs' sewing machines wishes to make a tew more engagements by the day or week ; understands all kind-i or family sewing; has her own sewing machine; no objection to go to the country. Call on or address A. K. QQ WEST 1ITH ST.? A FASHIONABLE DRBSS ? /O maker would like a tew more engagements by tha day or week. Will receive calls all day on Monday. "I AQ 1ST AV.~ A RE8FECTABLE GIRL AS NURSR lUt7 and seamstress; no objection to the country; good city relerence. 1I\Q WEST .ViTlI ST.? A GOOD FRENCH DRESS HJ*.) maker to work in a private house during the day; fan operate on a sewing machine. Address Miae. GOM MEKY. "I OQ WEST 1?TH ST.? FAMILY SEWING BY DAT lOO or week ; understands dressmaking; alters and repairs; good hand sewer and operates 011 Wheeler A WU sou's machine. Call 011 or address M. W IN ANT. lQfi SPRING ST.-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND At/ LI trimmer, of long experience as a forewoman and well acquainted with all kinds of goods; city references. Address Mrs. STRONG. 210 ceUent cutter fcA, ??M*aker, an ex. more ongogemenu by'the^lav or wouff ?IVWisl,"S * few Call on or address Mrs. MoTaTjgaRT? Work honi* 9"1Q WASHINGTON ST., BROOKLYN.? WANTED. Lt IO by a young lady, a lew more engagements by the day or week as dressmaker; under-tlan Is cutting and fit ting ladles' and children's garments; operateson wheele* k Wilson's and Wilcox A Gibbs' machines; best reference. Call on or address Miss B. Ore EAST 49TI1 ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER ?t Ju desires a few more engagements to go ont by the day; has the latest styles and patterns; understands Wheeler k Wilson's and Willcox & Gibbs' machines. QQO 6TH AV., BETWEEN 20TH AND 21ST KTS.-A OOa first class dressmaker to go out by the day; work fitted and taken home ; is a cood cutter and fitter; also a stylish trimmer; reference. Address DRESS MAKER. OA t) WEST 26TH ST.? A SEAMSTRESS BY THE >)'r J week ; does all kinds of plain family sewing; operates on Wheeler k Wilson's machine; would go with a dressmaker. L >99 6TII AV.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER O wishes a few more engagements by the day or will take work at her own house; lias a Who ler k Wilson sewing machine. QAQ 7TH AV., CORNER S3D ST.. FIRST FLOOR? A OtliJ first class operator wishes a few more engage ments; own machine If required. CY1Q CTn AV., THIRD BELL.? A COMPETENT *710 dressmaker wishes a few more engagements by the day in private family ; will also do work at home. TfH BROADWAY.? A FIRST CLASS DRESS ,10rt maker wishes a few more engagements. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, WHO CAN TRIM and make overdresses in the best manner, would like a tew more engagements by tlic day or week on re? sotutble terms. Address A. N., Herald Uptown Branch, office. A DRESSMAKER, COMPETENT IN ALL IT? branches, wishes work in families by the day, or i? an establishment. Address F., box 113 Herald Uptown Branch office. A FIRST CLASS DRESSM AKER WISHES ONE OR two more customers by the day ; makes up suits in latest styles; for fitting and designing none can excel; best references. Call In the evening or address DRESS MAKER, 2SS West ,Wd st A LADY, WHO UNDERSTANDS EACH BRANCH Of dressmaking, can cut, fit, trim, sew on two machines and beautifully by -hand, desires work by the day ot week. Address BUSINESS, box 141 Herald Uptown Branch office. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT DRESSMAKER would like a tew more engagements by the day or week; best reference. Address M. F., box lib Herald Up town Branch office. A DRESSMAKER WHO IS A FIRST CLASS CUTTER and titter would take charge of the dressmaking In a dry (foods bouse. Address I)RI?>SMAKKK, box 14C Herald Uptown Branch olltce. A YOUNG LADY DRESSMAKER WISHES BOARD J\. in a private family, or a nice boarding house ; east side preferred ; from Twentieth to Thirty -seventh street, best references given and required. Address L. !>., station D. A FRENCH FIRST CLASS MILLINER IS OPEN lor an engagement in a first class house only or would do samples at her home. Address Mme. D., Herald Uptown Branch office. IpRENCH DRESSMAKER WISHES FEW MORB EN ' gagements. Address box 94 Herald office. Grnrral Housework. ?fcc. 070 WEST 55TH ST., BETWEEN STH AND 9TT? O I j a vs.? To do housework; good city reference. Call lor two days. r 90 WEST 47TH ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A RE spectable girl to do general housework; is will ing and obliging. Call Monday. ??0 4 ftTH ST., NEAR AV. C.? AN AMERICAN WO l/0*x man to do general housework, where she can take her own child, 9years of age ; is a good washer and ironer; good references. IOO 4 2D AV., BETWEEN 74TH AND 75TH STS.-A ,OOt young girl to do general housework or chant berwork and waiting; best city reference. Call Monday morning, before 12 o'clock. Ilonaelteepers, Ac. 1 r. 4 fiTn A V.? A MIDDLE- AOED AMERICAN LADY 1?)t thorough business talent, as housekeeper; used to servants; conlil take excellent charge of* first clas? house in absence o iHmily ; no objection to a hotel; com petent to till any first elm postilion as head lady In busi ness house or residence; excellent reference. Call lot two days. OQQ WEST 10TII ST., NEAR HUDSON.? AS HOUSR w<)?7 keeper to an elderly gentleman or widower call all the week. QOO WEST 11TH ST. -AN AMERICAN WIDOW ZiOA lad.v as housekeeper for a widower or bachelor. Apply to Mrs. BKOWN. >)()Q 6TH AV., LEFT HAND DOOR, HEAD OP i)^(/ second pair of stairs.? A young widow lady as housekeeper or companion to an invalid lady. Call, aftei 12 M., on Mrs. N., as above. 4 AC BAST 56TH ST.? A MIUDLE-AHED LADY A9 't"?J working housekeeper in a public or private family; no objection to the country; Is a good pantry cook and a skilful monthly nurse ; is willing and obUglBg; good reference. Call or address lor one week. A WEST 44TH ST.? A CONNECTICUT LADY A8 'it) A housekeeper in a widower's family ; accustomed to good society; domestic, neat anil reliable, aad ? pleasant companion: answers from middle-aged or elder ly persons only. Address J. P., care W. fierce. JPC 6TH AV., BETWEEN 28TH AND 29TH 8TS. ? A Tut) respectable lady as housekeeper In a gentie man's fainiiv , widower's family preferred. Call on or add re>s for iwo days. King bell No. 2. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE CHARGE OF A furnished house during the absence of the family,: ?.Moil references. Address M. 0., box U7 Herald Uptown Branch nfllce. A LADY DESIRES A POSITION AS HOUBEREEPER and to lake care of children; highest references givei and required. Address for two days 8. h., box 114 Herald Uptown Branch office. _______________ A WIDOW, WITH ONE CHILD, WOULD LIRR the care of a house while the family are absent toi the summer season; best city references. Addreaa Mra V. s., hnx 1.17 Herald Uptown Branch oltlcc. A LADY DKSIRE8 A SITUATION AS HOUSE, keeper in some tint class hotel ; understands her business thoroughly and has the best references. Call oa or nildress by letter Mrs. CI.ARA WHITE, Westmoreland Hotel, t orner ot tth av. and 16th st, until Tuesday, April 8. \ MIDDLE AORD AMERICAN WIDOW. OP THR A highest respectability and r. flncment, wishes a por tion as overseeing housekeeper, or would travel with an invalid, or would take chargc ot a gentleman's honse dur ing the Summer or longer. Address M. M. K., station C. A LADY OF UNDOUBTED RESPECTABILITY WHO has had considerable success as a writer, and who Is a tine elocutionist ; also a practical housekeeper, would take charge ot a house In New York lor a r arty <?f gen tlemen. who would unite to secure a refined and com fortable homo, at the least expense; or in any other hurt ness that would Insure her a support; mutual references. Address, for one week, M. W. B., Newark Post office, N. J. A THOROUGHLY DOMESTIC AT KD HOI'SEKREP er, in a first class family ; I* a person of great energy and tact In management; adequate to take full charge, no m?t?r ho* j"u,>on?lble, and uuaraniee entire satis faction ; best inferences : would take charge ol a house I during the family's absence in the couairv. Addre*? 1 UOUHEEREPRB. box l? Herald office.

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