Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 2
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DRY GOODS. A T kl; Zr.Y'^ GREAT BARGAINS FROM LAST WEEK'S AUCTION SALES. IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. THOUSANDS OK YARDS AT Sc. . 5c. , 6c ? Sc., KJc. GltO GRAIN IlI.SbONS. 10c., 15"., 21k:., 25c?Slc. WATERED RI<<I<ONS. 10c., I.'i.i 15c., 20c., 25c. ROMAN RIBBoNs, 2.V., 29c., Sic.. <9c.,42,'. CORD EDGE RIBBONS, tic., 8c.. 10c., 12c., 18c., 18c. HASH RIBBONS, 25c., 31c., 39c., 46c , .Vic. up. ROMAN SASH RIBBONS, 6Jc.. 75c., $1. WATERED SASH RIBBON'S, Wlc.. ?9C? 78c.. 89c. RICH SAallES IN ALL TDK NEW STYLE*. FLOWER DEPARTMENT. THE LARGEST VARIETY OF FINE FRENCH ? LOWERS To BK FOUND IN TIIE CITY. MONTI HUB, GARLANDS. VINES, WREATHS, 4'LUSTERs, LILY l)K THE VALLEY, PINKS, RUSKS, VIOLITS, DAISIES, PANSIF.S, LILIES, \\ 1 1.) 1 FLOWER- FORMING A COLLKt TION OF FINK Kl, AND PARISIAN NOVELTIES NOT <0 BE FOUND ELSEWHERE. STRAW DEPARTMENT. ALL Till' NEW STYLES AND SHAPES IN STRAW, CHIP, NEAPOLITAN, LEGHORN, SWISS AND FRENCH BRAIDS I.V BONNKTs AND ROUND IIATS, AMONG WHICH MA V BE FOUND, WITH OTHERS, THE FOLLOW 1NG SHAPES:? RIVAL, IVALKNTINA, (CECILIA, VESTA, J'ARK, ST. CLAIR, RUBEN'S, MAUD, AGNES, B1ANCA. VENICE, LIDA. III. IO, SUNHKAM, TKVIOT, DELIGHT, CORRIENE, LUCERNE, ROSALIND LTNETTE, VANDYCK, OAVILKR. MARINE, WITH ALL THE NEW SHAPES IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH GOODS. TIE AND SCARF DEPARTMENT. I, ao DOZEN TIES, WORTH $1. , , ? ? SPECIAL NOTICE. WIDE RICH SILK TIBS, DEEP FRINGES; RICH BROCADE TIES, DEEP FRiNGKS; I WIDE PLAIN WIND. Oil TIES, HALF SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, FRINGED; 1 WIDE Kl 1 II SHADED SILK SCARFS, WIDE RICH CHANGEABLE SILK SCARFS, PLAIN FRINGED TIES, (I INCHES WIDE; CRAPE DECHINE, WITH AND WITHOUT FRINGE; ttlCU IM POUTED SILK SCARFS. THE ABOVE LOT OF GOODS HAVE BEEN SOLD FROM 80c. TO *1 US. THEY WILL BE PUT ON A SEPARATE COUNTER AND CLOSED OUT. I IIE 1 HOICK OUT OF THE ENTIRE LOT FOR 28c. PARASOL DEPARTMENT. ALL TIIE NEW STYLES OF l'ARABOLR ALL THE NEW SHADES OK PARASOLS. ALL TIIE NEW STY i.ES OF HANDLES. MISSES' SIl.K PARASOLS 09c. UP. LADIES' RUFFLED PARASOL, $1. ?ILK SUN UMBRELLAS, lN?c. UP TRIMMINO DEPARTMENT. MLK FRINGES IN ALL THE NEW SHADES. RICH BLACK SILK FRINGES. RICH I'ASMENTKIE TRIMMINGS. HEAD FRINGES AND TRIMMINGS. sILK TRIMMINGS, 25c. PIECE UP. fclLK FRINGES, 6c. YARD UP. SILK AND VELVET DEPARTMENT. LINING Sn.KS, 2,'c. YARD. BONNET SILKS, 6:c. YARD UP. RICH WATERED SILKS. $1 YARD. AUCTION LOTS OF SILKS, CHEAP. LACE DEPARTMENT. LACE SHAWLS, PARASOL COVERS, CAPES. HANDKERCHIEFS, VEILS, BARKI S, COLLARS, SETS, SLEEVES, AC. HEAL AND IMITATION TRIMMING LACES, YAK. POINT, DUCHESS THREAD. GUIPURE, MALTESE, CLUNY, VALENCIENNES AND FRENCH LACES. VERY LOW. SPECIAL NOTICE. OPENING OVER 12, 1*10 YARDS HEAL GUIPURE LACES To BE SOLD WAY RELOW GOLD COST. THEY COMMENCE AS LOW AS 15C. YARD; 1 1 , INCHES W IDE, 39c.; 1 INCHES WIDE, 80c.: 21 . INCHES, ?9c. ; WIDER WIDTHS IN PROPORTION, AT KINZEY'S. FRENCH GUIPURES, ALL SILK, 8c VARl) UP. V iLENCIENNES LACES, lie., He., 4c., lie., UP. DUGIIESS LACES, Iftc., 20c.. 35c., 28c. YARD. MALTESE AND CLUNY LACES, Sc. TARD LP. WHITE FINE SHETLAND VAILS AT 25c. SILK PUSHER LACK HARBKS, 80c., 69c., 78c., CP. ROCHET EDGINGS, lc.. 2c., Sc., 4c.. (Sc. YARD. LINEN SAXONY EDGINGS, l<\, 2c., 3c,. 4c. YARD. ALL THE NEW VEIL LACE.s AND TISSUES. E M B RO I DE RY DE P A RT M E N T. FINK HAMBURG EMBROIDERIES, SC., 6C , SC., inc., 12,1:.. 15c., I He., 20c . 22c.. JSc., 28c., Sic. YARD UP. KRY WIl>K K.VBROI I'ERIES, 201 .. 260, YARD. UNE HANDWORK, WIDE, AT 25C. YARD. SPECIAL NOTICE. 1,1KB YARDS OF MARSEILLES AND PIQUE EM BltOIDKRKD FLOUNCINGS, WORTH no YARD, To BE SOLD AT 25c. yard. AT KINZEY'S. iOOO YARDS FINEST EMBROIDERY, I'RIM MED WITH REAL LACES; MOST >K THEM COST 60c. YARD TO IMPORT. WE SHALL SELL THE CHOICE AT 2.,c. v?r<I AT KINZIY'S INFANTS' WORKED WAISTS FROM S8c. up. lilNEN SHIRT BOSOMS, IV.. up. APPLIQUE LACK TIDIES, Sic., tip. INK LACE TIDIES, I.V., 20c., 25c., up. MARSEILLES MATTS, Y RINGED, 10c. each. COLLAR AND RUFFLING DEPARTMENT. .GTS OF LACE AND LINEN COLLARS losing out at about half pkh k. LACE BOWS AND TIES, 15c.. 20c.. XV, up. ? W.KM IKNNKS LACK RUFILINUS, IIV. vnril. VICTORIA LAWN PUFFINGS, 5c. yard. ?ANCY RI'FFLl NGS, 20c, 2.'*.. lie' piece. WHITE ;'lgUE TRIMMINGS, 10c |<lcc. up I'UCKINGS, PLA1TINGS AND lU I I LINGS LOW. HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT. NEEDLEWORK WITH INITIALS, I2'?e. \LL LINEN HEMSTITCH, 12?,c , Lie!, 20c.. 25c. u" V LL LINEN CORDED AND II r. MM El), 12^c JENT'S ALL LINKS HEMMED, IV, >06., 25c. up. . ENT'S LIN KN HEMSTITCH. 24c., 2Sc.., Sic., 40c. BOYS' HEMMED, FAST COLORS, Gc. SPECIAL NOTICE. 00 DOZENS APPLIQUE LACK CORNERS. ?ORTil SI, ?VE ARi-. SELLING AT 25c. *<1 DOZENS ALL LINEN HEMSTITCH AND KMBROl HERE l> ALL ROUND AT SOc. !i*i DOZENS ALL LINEN HEMSTITCH AND NEEDLE WORK CORNERS \T 25c. 1 " DOZENS EXTRA FINE RICH GOODS NJ. BOTH GENT'S AND LADIES' FROM 80c. tl{ . WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT. TrtURKD SWISS MUSLINS, 18c vanl. * I N E JoTTED AND STRIPED DO., 23c. TUCKED NAINSOOKS, 31c., 3V., 40c., 4.V. rUCKED EMBROIDERED NAINSOOKS, 75c. ?'INE INDIA JACONETS, 22c. yard. -:XTRA SATIN STRIPED PlQU ES, 2.V. {XTKA I INE VICTORIA LAWN, U YARDS WIDE. SELLING AT 25c. ? . N K WHITE DIM IT\ ,25c. yard. 'INF PRINTED LINENS, SIC. varil. LOSING OUT ODD LOTS LACK CURTAINS. I'NDLRWAllK DEPAKTM! NT. INE TRIMMED CHEMISE AT fi'.V., INSERTED A N 1 1 TRIMMED CIIKMiSE, 70e., ? IN ELY TUCKED BOSOMS, S6c.t EMBROIDERED AND RUFFLED CHEMISE, IKi. EMBROIDERED AND TUCKED ( III Mlsl , Jt|. r.X I KA FINE RUFFLED AND CORDED. t> 26. M CKED BAi X AND FRONT TRIMMED, ?l 48. MBROIDKRED AND TUCKED BACK AND FRONT $1 89, AT KINZEY'S. *5 ME Tl CKED DRAWERS, 47c. FINE TUCKED AND RUFFLED DRAWERS, 88c? FINELY TRIMMED AND TI'CKED DRAWERS, 78c.. EMBROIDERED AND TUCKED DRAWERS, 90c., RUFFLED, TUCKED AND RUFFLED DRAWERS, *1. EMBROIDERED, TUCKED AND RUFFLED DRAWERS, ?1 57. AT KINZEY'S. KXTRA FINE TUCKED SKIRTS, 74c , Hit , FINELY RUFFLED AND TUCKED SKIRTS. $1. LUSTER TUCKS AND RUFFLED SKIRTS, (I Jj, HI AS. PLAITED AND TUCKED SKIRTS, $1 JIM. EXTRA FINk, AND EMBROIDERED SKIRTS, $2 if AT KINZEY'S. ORE88INO SACQCES AND NIi.'IT ROBES, 'Joe. I I'. MISSES', HOV.V AM) LADIES' iPRONS. RUBBER APRONS, Mills, BUSTLES AM) PAPS SPECIAL NOTICE. two CASKS GENUINE FRENCH 'OULTII.T CORSETS FINELY MACK. WE SHALL SKI. I. Til iM AT #1 .<> KKKM'II WOVEN < tR.-KTS, VJp. I I'. FRENCH EMBROIDERED COBSKTS, >1 ?'J HUSTLES, EVERY STYLE, FROM Wc. CI* HOSIERY riKPAft 1 m r n I SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OK ENGLISH F it E N < ' 1 1 AMI GERMAN IIOSlhRY CUEAP. 511. K CLOCKED BALBrtlGGANS, jfic. REGULAR MAI>fc HOSIERY, 2Jc. CXTRA LENGTH H A LBKlGUA.N'S, .*c. I.NOLISil HALE HOSE, I Sc., 20c., t:,\ ;.v. it l ANCY MO.sE FOR LAUlES, UENTS A. f ' I J CHILDREN OLOVE DEPARTMENT. INK BUTTON KID OLOVES, 9. . I* \ I K. I'WO 111 TTON HTI TO 1 1 E D KID , ?li-. PA1B I N Dltl' SSED KIDS, TWO BC IT< <N8, 4'.>r PAIR MISSED Kill OI.OVKS, ALL COLORS .V' PAIR 1.1SHK' PAIRi LUPIN'S KID GL< VES, :N OPIRAS, tx ?: ES AMI BLACKS, ? JlTOHUU AM. PLAIN, AT SOc. 1 AIR. , JEWELS* DkT'AR/'MENI BI'.Al. Wlllim JET EAERiNGS, j.v. PAIR. PJIRLL GILT OXIDIZED IVORV, JET STEEL, CORAL AMi CnliAl.INK J kv^elt ?n ALL THE NEW NOVEl.l IKS I ROM PARIS. BONNET ORNAMENTS, l.iK KI i- CHAINS PINS SETS, K A '..RINGS, SCREWS, Hi i . I.KS BRACELETS, Ac., . AT KtNZFV'S KINK ASSORTMENT FANCY Woi: . R"4BI AN') TOILET BASKE I S. PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES IN 01 M \! !,V? r KIN7'KT'C ' XLD1SED RUSSIA, SWISS CARVKH FROM loe rp BRONZES. OXODIZE1) RUSSIA LEATHER AND FINE VIENNA GOOD.*, LOW A i KINZEYs l INK VIENNA CARVED FANS, I.. SILK FANS, GILT STD KS, ys?. CKNNA BILK FANS. IK.-. ALL THE NEW STYLES IN KAN A I KIN/.I Y'H *SIA I'ORTKMONNAIES, 50..-. BAGS WITH BELTS. 75C. ALL rilK NEW STYLES IN FE1.T*, PORTKMONNAIES AM) CASES-. *i A I' KTN/.ET'S. iVE PERFUMERIES, SOAPS AND FANcf GouDS. wax dolls from ajc, To j?; I A ROE CAE VED BACK COMBS, ??. A I kl.N7.FV. (WISH CARVED OOODS DETMK MI NI. If WEI., MAT AND COM B RACKS MATCH HAI'E. BRACKETS, BOX! * J' A PER CI TTERS, WALL POCKET* MIRROR ? HILOMOtt AND KANC\ FRAME.* AT KTN#.I- Y S. iPEMNO CN MONDAY OVER LOTS OK OOODS 1 ROM biWiT WEEK'.? At'OTION M.x * soMI OF r If E CHEAPEST GcoDs iFFERED IIIIS SEASON. OOODS AT WHOLESALE LESS I HAN*' PRICES. W K.LI AM KIN'ZET, AND 761) BROADWAY. CORNER oil NINTU STREET A I kIM/.EY h. X)KY WOODS. j ^ ORE AT SACRIFICE I A GREAT SACRIFICE I A OftEAT SACRIFICE I We have marred down marked DOWN MARKED DOWN uiir entire stock of far below Imported Ribbon/ Imported Ribbon^ This Immense .stock of >?i nouns comprises a full assortment of all the leading staple colors importers' prices. In nil the popular widths. The "It. H. M " brand of Hibbon Is nut (lllcd It Im warranted with cotton ALE PURE SILK, or ratv silk. ami will stand tint test of close cxauiinatlon. We now offer these Ribbons at ;i reduction of more than twenty per cent below former prices. Take notice. The ribbon anil silk Importers and jobbers, being mialile to compete with the low prices tit which American Ribbons ure now ollered, ntiil being ot> p reused bv the heavy duties on lorelgn silks, ure ntill hold im?' their goods at high prices. Take notice. This is the flrst break In the market. R. II. MAOY A CO. are the tlrst Importers und retailers to offer their customers a rare opportunity to uurehase a real pure silk imported Ribbon at us low prices as tint American Ribbons, with inixi d tilling, are now offerod in this market. In addition to tho above we are now displaying a lull assortment of flue French Flowers and Feathers. Chip. Ilali and Straw Bonnets uml Round llats In all the leading styles. ~ N. B. ?Those low-priced ? Windsor 'lies have arrived :it last, and we offet them. In all desirable shades. at lower tirtoM than any other house in the city. R. II. MACV A CO , Foarteeuth street and Sixth avenue. Al. NEW STORK. NEW (JOOl).S, M. RE1MAN A CO., late of New Orleans, 25 Union square, a few doors above 'liffany A Co.'s, and 24 East Fifteenth street, bee to Inform the public that they have opened a now More, with new und desirable DRY HOODS. Extraordinary bargains offered this week. We are milj determined to establish our trade and reimtatlon by good aitcniiou to customer* and tairdeul nr.'. To ladies and gents ot New York city und vicinity, us wi'll us those vi tiling the city In search of dry goods, we rcspcctlully solicit a share of your patronage. We ex pect, through our lulr dealing, well assorted stock and extraordinary low prices, to gain the reputation ot being the CHEAPEST ON BROADWAY. We are offering goods of the best makes ut unprece dented prices, in order to gain our wished lor reputation. We will oiler on Monday, April 7, and during ttio week, tin rarest bargains in the following goods SILKS. Silks in Ponsoti, Bellon, Bonnet, Cashmere and other brands ut greatly reduced prices. Spring Silks at 75c., 94c , SI. SI I2'.j and upwards. Black Silk- ai SI. SI 1". SI 15. SI to vert finest. Black and Mourning DressUoods iroui 25c. upward* I We cull particular attention tu our extensive, well as i sorted and cheap line ol Illuek Alpacas. Mohairs, (irenii diues, in stripe aud plain ; Cashmere, liiarritz, Bomba *llio. Crapes, Dran tie liutncs, Ac., nil ol the mo ,t cele brated brands, which we offer utextri niely loiv prices. Crapes recriinped and redyed equal to new. DRESS HOODS. 4-4 French I'ercole, 12l?c. ; worth ISe. 100 pieces 3-4 to 6-4 wlue Camels' llair Cloth, in ?!! new shades. Silk Challie, fi2*,'c. : value S< Wool fluids, 2>lo. ; viilue 40c. Silk Velours, 75e. ; value $1. Fine Mohairs, S5c. and 40c. ; value 50c. and 84c. Silk and Wool Taffetas, 60c. : value 75c. 4 eases Crape de Chine Mozambique* ut 18c . worth 25c. Houses silk and Wool Toulards,, worth SI. Cashmeres, all wool Diagonals, plain und striped Mo j hairs, silk I'ongcs, Cretonni s 'iranite Poplins, Marengo i Suiting. Ac. HOSIERY DEI' A ItTM ENT. Full lines of Ladles', Misses and Boys' Cause aail Cos-anier Underwear. j Ladies' Ciau/.e Merino \ ests at SSc. and upwards, i Ladies' Merino Vests at '.We , all sizes. Misses' li a use and Gossamer Merino Vest*, 44c. and up 1 wards. Ladies* English. French and Herman I'lain and Fancy I Striped Hosiery, in great variety. Ladies' Balbrig'.-an Hose, #3, Si 63 und Si 2."> halt iloz. Smyth's real Bailing uu llose aud Hull Hose, in great variety. In directing attention to the above Balbrlggans we beg ' to Inform our custoiaers that all Bulhriggan Hosiery sold ! at our establishment, under the nbove registered trade | mark, are made expressly for us at Balhriggun, Ireland. Men's Hause anil Gossamer Merino Shirts, in all sizes and tirands. English superfine Halt llose, all sizes. S3 doz. St ITS AND I N DEB WE A It, I In which we make a s|iei ialtv, are worth an inspection. < Below will lie found a tew of our prices. Our Suits arc ol ' the latest Parisian and Berlin fashions, and a tit guaran teed. Suits anil I'olonaise in Silk, Camels' llnlr. Poplins, I Alpaca*, Serges, and. In tact, in nil kinds of Dress i foods. I Brnided, Embroidered uml I'lain Suits made to order in the latest fashions and nt the shortest notice. 1 not i plain l.and Chemises, of the best Wauisutta Muslin, 88c. I Chemises, tucked, front and back yoke, SI 50. Ruffled Chemises, corded, w ith bands, si 15. Chemises, tucked, pulled aud edging, SI 65. Chemises, tucked, putted, edging and insertion, >2. French imported I. men Chemises, embroidered, <3 40. French imported Cambric chemises, embroidered, $2 50. Nightffitwn-, tin ked and ruflled. S2 15. Cambric tiowns, tucked, putled and Insertion, $5. Dressing Saeqin ?, pulled, tuckcd and insertion, S- 25 Dressing Sacques, pulled, tucked and embroidered, SI 75. Drawers, puffed und tueked, SI. Di awei pnticd. tueked n ml embroidered, SI 74. Skirts I ron i $1 and upward.-. A good' Whalebone Corset from 04c. to very finest, and other articles in this line equally as heap, but too nuuier i ous to mention. LACES. An extraordinary title line of Embroideries, Lares, I Lice Saeques, l.u i Shaw ls, i.uinure Jackets, all of the newest design and at extreinel} low prices. \ Kid tiloves, in all colors and si/es. ^k-, per pair, ! club Handle Parasols and all the tyles Perfumery | and Notion-, In Treat varh tv. A bii assortment ol Ruffles, Flattings and Trimmings. . \ T W A M'S( I IU. K \ 8, J4j DKAXI) STRKKT, i\ near Bowery.? i?7S? Spring? l-CX? Grand opening. The latest styles unit u II the novelties in ladies' Suits, Pres,?e?, ! Sacnues, Talmns, Ac., Ac,, made of all Uie fashionable 1 materials In the bent manner and style at astonishingly low prices. Dressing roam* and every facility for lifting. (?ran J opening of Spring Dress Goods, Five canes of Lustre* an ! three eases of cordcd Poplins, III all the new shades and double widths, at -5c per yard Eleven cases Berlin I'lalds. eh ?anf designs, very wide, at 31c. per yard ; 11*) pieces ol Japanese Stripes at 21c, per yard ; over V 00 pieces ol Brilllantine, I'oplin, Cretonne, Kut six, Huicrno and Soteen Suitings, In all the new ' colors and tints, at from Sue. to 50c. per yard, and upward. I Jspunec Silks? Immense stock, all the latest styles, ? tors and de?Ktis iii Japanese Silks at a great reduction ; lt?pric??. i Mauruing Goods- A full stock at popular prices. Rla k 1 Alpacas, from auction, at great bargains. Black Silks? Splcnd nl stork of black Silks, of the best makes, nt 91, $? 25, $1 AO, ti 75 and $2, and upward, the 1 greatest bargains ever offered ; also striped und colored j Sl!k?, ai $1, $i 25, (I 50 and upward. j shawls? Latest style ? in Spring ShawN and mourning 1 Shit wl* at lowest prices iMotlis, l'a??lm*res. White (?nod*, Hosiery, Domestics, full slock nt housekeeping l?ry Woods, Ac , Ac., at wholesale prices. strictly one price. All good* marked in plain figures. WALI.KK A McSUUI.KY, 215 lirulid slrei t, near Bowery, mi Forn.AB carpet stork, 123 Bowery, near Grand street, ' .",i? i?ce.; 'Hie- k Msttine, just ianUia^. 25c. per yard. !? 0 ,/eces Taj.estrj ?-l ier 'ngralji" at 50c. per yard. i ne ties: TV. fugrains in the c.iy '"?> e! A ? r?p -w s?i;t? all the new and e.tiolo styie% l ' 1 - j oi tin m a- ii. t 'I'luii r muni v market ? and i aekMard v ,i r i n have caused great ilrpresslrii in -pri:.k r>-y <<?<ids. V^ltli ready i i*h w, hav<- secured some extra hargaiDs. one nif .lapaei s) stripes, if* , firmer!? sV. >ew i loth shade-, light Al: a an, 2'< formerly Sic. Kitrs jojlit* Herllll Coras, 3le.. formerly id, Kuper> Mwliair Poplins. , formerly roVc. 2, ? <' yards besl Prints, 'A., formerly I2'.,c.' Also fcarpnlns In ottoman Shawls, I.iin n Damasks, Tow els, Marseilles J!u;lia, Muslin-, Prints, UltiKhatus, Ticks, Ac., at WILLIAM I AMHKItT A '03 fjreenielcli ?M?ei orer rinrin# r>?? v niHin>>, AT JAMES MVRJEKY A Broadway an I Eleventh street, Kancy ) a vory great variety and Silks. i choice assortment. Kancy Stripes tu all the new colors, $1 !0 per yard. Black and White, Hluo and lilack, and other color*, K7)? cent*. }Just received, M piece* more of the JAMES MuCREERY A 00. family Kllk, %1? the bent value ever offered. Continued sale of the sublime satin J finish, $J _ft. AT JAMBS M-crkery A CO. '8, Broadway ami Eleventh street, will otter on MONDAY, April 7, In tbelr ladles' and children's furnishing department. ladles' Muck and colored silk Suits. made In the latest styles, and at popular prices. A large stock of Berlin Suits, lust opened. Ladles' linen and Rutiste Suits, pique and white lawn Suits, handsomely made with insertion and braided, children's braided pique Dresses, lrom %'i up. . Children's braided linen Dresses, ironi $1 51 up. Ladles' Trousseaux and Inmnts' Wardrobes always in stock, ready for Immediate use. Ladles' Cashmere Sacmies, Talmas and Dolmans. In our dressmaking department we are prepared to make W a . k i ti k Suits anil Dresses iu the latest styles and at short notice. The styles and fitting unsurpassed. Ladies are resiici tfully invited to call and examine. A T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, would call particular attention to their Millinery atxl Straw Goods Department, which will lie constantly supplied with the latest styles, and cannot be surpassed by any in the city. # AT JAMES M 'CHEERY A CO.'S, 1\ Broadway and Eleventh street. Llama Laee Shawls and Sacques a specialty. Wo will open on Monday, April 7, the finest assortment of Llama Lace Shawls and Sucques ever offered for sale in this city. Ladies arc Invitod to examine before purchasing else where, us we have murked them at extraordinary low prices. AT JAMBS M'CRKKRY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, have lust received u full assortment of Curtwrlght A Warner's celebrated Merino Undergarments, lor Spring and Hum mer wear. A great variety of ladies' ami children's lancy Cotton Hose. Also a very large stock of English, French and Geruiun lloseund Half Hose, at vcrv low prices. A very large slock of English Silk Umbrellas, Kcdiiccit from $H, $? and $10, to $S each. Gentlemen's Fine Dress Shirts to order and in stock. Also full lines ot the latest novelties in gentlemen's Neck Wear. Sole Agents in the United States for the celebrated original .louvln Kid Olovc. A large stock Just received, in all tlic new Spring Shades, lrom one to six buttons. Real india camel's hair shawls. JAMES M'CREERY A CO.. Broadway and Eleventh street. On MONDAY, April 7, wo will offer the whole ot our stock of Real India Camel's Ilair Shawls and Scan's ut a great reduction In prices. A' T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, ~ Broadway und Eleventh street, wilt open on MONDAY, April 7, their stock of Imported White Goods, comprising Nainsooks, Jaconets, Cambrics, Satin, Cheeks and Stripes, Swiss ami organdy Muslins. India Twills, Tarlatans, corded, figured and embroidered Piques, dotted mid figured Swiss, Ac. Also a splendid stock of Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs. Ladies' Hemstitched, $1 75, $2, BO, S:l per dozen, up. Ladies' Plain Linen, $1 36. $1 00, $1 7o. $2 per dozen, up. (Icutlcincn's Hemmed ami Hemstitched, 1'liiin und Col ored Borders. Initial Handkerchiels in all styles. Also a large stock of Parasols and Sun I'mbrellas, In all the leading styles and colors. A. A. C W. FRENCU will open mi MONDAY new spring Styles of White and Colored Shirts, made to order. Firsl clan.s work anil fit. Call aud sec samples at 936, f 42 ami 948 per dozen. Fine Kiu;lij?h I'mbrcllas lor Indies urn) gentlemen. Lndll'n' French Jewelry, Chatelaines, Kelts Ac. A complete' new stock of Men's Furnishing Goods per Alt. Cuba. C. VV. FRENCH, Importer of Men's Furnishing floods and line French Jewelry, 56'J Broadway, Prince street corner. AT THE ORE AT KA110AIN HEADQUARTERS, 435 J\ Grand street.? RO0HS, BELL A CO., in order to clear out everything, will continue their great sale one week longer and at u still urenter sacrifice ; the worst damaged portion of ihe stock is all gone, uml we are now phoning f.'to.t IH( worth <>i Dress Goods In almost periect condition at ahout lwc on tin dollar ; I, MM pieces silk striped Grenadines at 1'-' >??(?. : 200ploees fancy Grenadines at He. i plaid Mohairs ami i'oplln Plaids, 12)<Jc. ; 3,001) pieces yard wide French Peri-ales at liic. ; would lie cheap at SUc. ; MH> pieces plain and corded Alpaca Poplins in all ihe new shades at 25c.; 100 pieces haven brand black Al pacas, 28c. : Shawls, at"1 to $' 26: vara wide Iionsdale and Hallo)) Bleached and Atlantic Sheet ng.s, 12>io. ; La dles' and Gents' llose, 5c. and 10c. ; Kid Olovcs, 25c. ; real Maltese I. nee Collars, I2j,c. and 2fie. : Embroideries. Sc.: Collars, 1c. ; Handkerchiefs, .V.; While Oooda, Linen Ta ble Damask*, Towels, Nankins and all makes of House keeping Ooods at price* that will surprise you: Cottage Carpets ut 20c. and 25c. ; Ingrain*, 60c., ana Oilcloths In all widths at 29c. on Ihe dollar ; we positively guarantee to give you $25 worlb ot Goods lor about (10 ii, at the v;reat bargain headquarter*, 4:15 Grand street. ROI'SS. BELL A CO. A NOrijBB BARGAIN sr.n iikd. Grenadines, Grenadines, two yjirds w ide, warranted pure silk and wool, >1 0, *1 fit), tl 75, 9-\ $2 36, $2 50. The above prices are scarcely half cost of importation. JACKSON'S, corner of Broadway and \\ averlcy place. -A.? A.? INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS ANI) Scarls: no wonder they sell. ,T. RUsSKI.L, 33 East Twentieth street. VT MME. J. D. LIVERRE'S, 441 SIXTH AVENUE, 441, between Twi nty -sixth anil Twenty-seventh streets, stamping and Einbroidenr Establishment? Children's pique Dresses, stamped and alreadj made; French Lin gerie and Ladle-' I ndergarments; handsome Initials end Monograms embroidered to order; Laces cleaned and made equal to new. A GRAND DISPLAY. i\ EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN 11 LAI K SII.KS. H71. SPRING IMPORTATION. 1*73. CllARLEH HEARD A Co., .Kil GRAND STREET, will offer to morrow. April 7. ion additional pieces supe rior duality Black SIl.Ks; new goods, ot recent impiir t.ition. anil much below n t;ular prices. Rich lllack Urosde Rhine 90c., ft. 91 10, fl 20 Kxtra rich Gros de Uhinc $1 .'to, $) to. fl Mi, $1 60 Rich Black Drat, no Lyon $1. *1 10. (I a), >1 40 Rich Black I Map de I ranee .$1 III, $1 20, ft 30, fl 50 Rich Hlack Gros drain $1. fl 10, fl 20, fl 30 Still richer Gros Grain fl 40, fl .'<0, fl oo, fl 75 Estra super Gros Grain f2. 92 25, #2 40. 92 50 satin finish Gn>s Grain. $J 2ft. 80, $2 75, 93 Also a large addition to their line ol Spring and Summer Click and striped bILKS. from 66c. up. Friends, cus tomers and strangenare invited to call and examine. ClIAKLES II K A R!? A CO., 30) Grand street Bunrn bkos., 312 ami .114 Bowery, one door below Blcecker -treet per our circular we shall comtin -net on Monday the great ?ale ot Drj Goods purchased at ibe recent peremptory auction sales and at the regular quarterly sale of goods by the I'nited States government. The price of these goods will be found merclv nominal lu < omparlsi n with their ?? tual value. In all cages they arc warruatcd periect. Our assort tue n l ul' Dress Goods includes Serges and Poplins, at 25c. toUoc. |S British snd t-'rt ncli Dre-s Materials, 3"c. to 37V , In sll the m* colors. Silk Striped Poplins t.V, (Rave i loth shades) cost 60c. gold, Japanese Silks 37, 'jf. ami 40c., and the best quality. All silk chntn Japanese snc. This quality ci st 965 gold, and we will give a positive Md unqualified guarantd that it Is i jua1 in quality to auv Japanese s|ik to be found In Ni w ^ rk ?t any price. Pure Mohair Poplins 40e. to 5i)c. Mllkado SiIks at *7' ,c., which positively cost f I 13 void and are seilln nt the present time In this city lor fl 37.!* to fl #0 in our Mourning Department will !m found great barnaim in ' lack Alpacas at 20c. and up. f) able width Poplin Alpscas. i7*tc. French t'ashmcres, 80r. lo f-5c. Sii j erti all wool i 'ashmercs, 7.'?c. to f 1, and up lo tl <? ('.in si grade imported at proportionately Sow prices. In our Silk De par line nt \\ ill be found bi n \ 'Juice and gros grain s ; ' K j- fl to 91 25. 24 in ti L> i ns t'aslim-re", f i .si to 91 75., it ud ilp to the finest , grades at equally low prices. We ?!"o otTer Spring Suits ii gre?' variety and much l?etter ?tylc? t'ian are usually fouinl in medium priced goods; also Shawls, Cloths, Ac.

He especially solicit lln attention of housekeepers lo our I mens White Goods and Domestic Departments, n? actual comparison wil, demonstrate that although tl;' sc .goads iri m>I si Ilin . a; inch an in.nn iiei loss as 'In generality d the goons In oar recent purchase, they ?ii e nevertlien -s i.ifered si lower rates than they can be I'Ur, ha 'eii c .'i \v hen . nRADBI'RY BROS., 312 and 314 Htwcry. fl .R ? UT ris and To'irnwa Removal. GAV Milt'y.. Selling off at a sacr.H.-e, previous L> removal u> M j six't. a venae, between Thlrty-sevonili sod Thirty -eighth streou A. P' Y OOOU8. D. 1873. SPRING. If. O'NEILL A 00. will open ou Monday, March Jl, a lull line of new Spring Millinery Woods. Latest novelties In Frcnch and English Chip and Milan Round Halt and Bonnets. 200 canes Milan Round Ilats, from 63c. to $2 50 U) cMsfg Mi'an Binnets, from $1 to $3. All o I the latest and most desirable shapes. Ribbons. Oros (train .sash Idhbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, Block and Fancy find Sash Ribbons. inOcartoiiH uros Grain Sash Ribbons, |1 a yard, war ranted all silk. 'M cartons 8-Inch Watered Hash Ribbons, $1 35; worth $2 SO. ftl) cartons of 7 Inch Black Plaid, (55c. yar 1. SO cartons 7-Inch Plain Sash Ribbons, itf.v ; warranted all silk. All the new Spring Shades In Bonnet Ribbona French Flowers. Roses, Rose Vines, . Moutiers, Garlands. (Ocases new Flowers, all of the latest Ptrlslan Novelties. Lace*. Black Thread, Guipure, Valenciennes, Veils, Dotted Nets, M alines. Hpanish Laces. Embroideries. Made-up Lace Goods. Children's Lace Caps. in all the newest sty leA Ladies' Ties. , in endless variety. l.ntO dozen 4W-lnch Windsor Tics. 4iic. Crape do Chine Ties. Fancy Ties. Ladies, k'o to O'NEILL'S for Millinery Good*. All goods marked In plain figures. N. if. ? Reduction to the trade. H. O'NEILL A CO.. 327 and .'129 Hlxtli avenue and Twentieth btreet AT V. VIGOUROUX'S, 122 l-'OURTH AVENUE? J\ Stamping, Lingerie, Euibroiilery establishment', ladles' and baby's Trosseaux ; specialty of Initials Mon ogram* tor hamlkerchiels, table and bed cloths; the largest stock of French importud Embroidered Goods, Marseilles Cloth and Dresses, Ac. Wholesale entrance, 69 East Twelfth street ___________ QAR I'ETING S,_ AC., AT 8HEPPARD KNAPP'9 Great Carpet Depot, ltd and IMS Sixth avenue, one door below Thirteenth street. Spring Opening. Extension completed. Opening with seven spacious salesrooms. and the largest stock in the city. French Moqucttcs at *2 75. English Velvets at 25. Fivfe-trame Body Brussels at $1 65. English Tapestries at $1. Ingrain and three ply at equally low prices. Oilcloths from one to eight yard* in width. Upholstery Goods of every description, at prices beyond competition. Slightly damaged by water. Damasks, Reps, Terries, Luce and Nottingham Curtains, Shades, Piano and Table Covers, Cords, Tassels, Fringes, Ac., Ac. All are invited to call to see the latest styles and pat ten betore purchasing elsewhere. SHEPPARD KNAPP, 183 and 185 Sixth avenue, one door below Thirteenth street. I) RESS GOODS. Spring Stock just received, consisting of all the New Designs nud Colorings in Plain and Fancy Dress Goods. Also, the most complete assortment of Mourning Dross Goods, including Cashmeres. Drnp d'Tndes, Sedan Cloths, Artnures, Kuiubu/.ine Biarritz, Cords, Drup d'Alma, Princetta Cloths, Crapes, Drap de Dames, Alpacas, Cretans and Mohairs. W. K PEYTON. 272 and 274 Bowery, near Houston street. I* LACK SILKS. Spring Stock just received, consisting of Ponson's, Bonnctt's, Bcllon's. Guinet's, and Tapisseer's celebrated makes of Gros Grains, Drap de Paris and (iros de Lyons. For purity of silk, perfection ot finish and durabllty in wear lor dresses, these makers' goods are unrivalled. Ballon'* Gros Grain from $1 SO to $2 25 per yard. Qiilnet'sGros (?ruin irom $1 tu1, to $- 5 o per yard. Boiinctt's GrosUriiit) Irom $2 Twi to $1 5(1 per yard. Tnplsscer's Gros Grain from $2 to $2 75 per yard. l'oii.-ou'n Gros Grain iroiu 50 to $4 per yard. W. K. Pis Y TON, 27.' and 27* Bowery. DIES' SUITS. ~~ A full Stock Of tho Fifehtonablc - Styles at very attractive prices. Also a large assortment of Ladies' Undergarments, Corsets, Hosiery. Gloves. Misses' Suits, all sizes. Mournim. Suits, on hand and linide to order, at twenty -tour hours' notice. W. K. PEYTON. 272 and 274 Bowery. "D AROA1NS. The place to get Mourning (ioods If at JACKSON'S Mourning Store, corner Broaaway and Waverley place. The largest ami most carefully (elected stock of Klack Goods ever offered. All the ncwt'jt fabrics Imported. Prices guaranteed. N. II.? Due caw black SilKs, $1 Oil and w arranted the best value in the trade. Handsome Alpacas, 4Uc. and 60c. per yard. Dresden, GERXANt.? to families who, due in? their travels In Germany, pass through the city of Dresden, we recommend our magnificent stock of black ami pray taut colored Dress Woods in >ilks. Wool I lens and Cottons, and also our elegant and tasteful stuck oi ready-mado Dresses at low prices. 1IKYDER A PAUL I.OWE, Dresden, Seetra*se, Kaufliaus. IT OB PERCEVAL, 73SI Broadway, opposite Artor place. Infants' Cloaks, i oats and ' apes, Dresses, Sacques, Ac. Infant*' Wardrobes, iron) $66 up. Ladles' outfits. Hrldal Sets, Ac. Monograms and Initials embroidered to order. Laces cleaned and mended equal to new. Stamping aid Stamped Oooda. HAIR It! ~ L. SHAW, aw Bowery, between Fourth and Ureal -tones streets, over dry goods store. The largest stock of Human Hair tioods in the city. Import and manufacture their own goods, and retail them at wholesale prices. Price List Short Hair Switches. $2 and upward; finest quality llatr Switches, solid, not dyed, 18 inches long, 4 ounces weight $9 Do., 22 Inches long, 4 ounces weight 6 Do.. 26 inches long, 4 ounces welglit 8 10 Do., M Inches long, 4 ounces weight.... Long (Ingle Curls, naturally curly? 22-iuch, $? ; M indi, $2 W; 26 Inch, $4. Frlsettes, 26c. per yard. | Thread Switches, aic. each. , I SHAW'S patent Hair Switches, can be combed and brushed. $1 cacti. Patent issued October 29, 1869; re-Issued June i'4. 1*70. Can be seen at 8S2 Bowery. NOTICE.? Any unprincipled person infringing on thin I patent, or eoiinterleittng tuese goods, will be dealt with I according to law. Branch Store. .V>lt Sixth avenue. between Twenty-second niul Twenty-third street*. Ladies' own Hair maiie over lit latest stj los. Combings mailt up at Mr. per ounce. Hoods sent C. O. D. oy express, charges prepaid, on re. ceiptof < olor and moDc) in registered letters or Post I office onli r. J.NDJA 811 AWLS AND LACK HOODS. We are making additions daily fo our elegant Stock of rine Lsee Goods, , Embroideries and Camel's Hair Shaw!.*, I w hi- Is. i.ii elegant de-lges, Intrinsic value and iownes-of f rice, are unequalled. j T. A. CONNOR A CO., 1,151 Broadway. between Tw n y.-irth ami Twenty-seventh ?ireet*. III! VIM A CM. Kll? lit.MVES, MAtSON VIOLET PER ?l fUmer.v, -Ah assortment ot the genuine articles al ways on hand at II. (iKoDEK .* CCS, late B. Brue, 52 East Tsv. I ft h -treet. west ot Hrimdway. K ID OLOV KS A SPECIAL! V. .Ill c' opened. a lot of Ihe new st and latest ?h?dc< !n one, two an I three button, II irrls' seamless Kol <t loves, for ladies, gentlemen, misses and children. ?superior in quslily to those of any other make. 477 Broadway, between Kifhtei-nIA and Nineteen II, street* IMPORTED PATTBRMS OIF ALL THE LATEST NOT eltles are to be lound at Mine. A. DUVAL'S new snow UK* UUOD8. TERNS OK ALL Till ound *t Mine. A. DC room*. H78 li road way. Patterns out from measure war ranted to tit perfectly K ID GLOVES. Just opened, afcew lot, superior quality, one-button at S6c. pair, two-button at 75c. pair. at HARRIS BROTHERS, 877 Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nlueteenth streets. LA COMPAGNIB LYONNAISE, MALK ARTISTS IN dressmaking, 151 Kant Thirtieth street, between Lex ington and Third avenues, many yearn principal cutters and designer* f?r the first Paris magazines, nave com menced business in New Vork. Forelegancu in designs, perlect fitting, superior workmanship, we shall excel. Ladies fitted bv ourselves or a laily. Our reception rooms attended by a lady celebrated tor good taste. 2U men dressmaker* wanted Immediately to work on rich goods. MAOY in NOT NOW ONE OF OUR AUTHORIZED Aleuts. Any patterns he may be offering as ours at reduced rates are or last rear's styles. Usually patterns out of date ure sold lor waste paper. Mme^D^MOREST. ME. DKMOREST'S ORAND BX POSITION OFTHE NEW SPRING AND HIIMMF.R hTVLES. 838 BROADWAY, AND AT ALL THB AGENOIB8. DEMO r1!ST'S~ GRAND OPE NINO OF BARE M M*b. M AND BEAUTIFUL NOVELTIES IN DRESS. 839 BROADWAY ANI) ALL TIIK PITY BRANCHES. KB. ANTOINETTE BERN U KIM, l'J Bravoort place, East Tenth street, has just returned I'rom i'uris with an elegant assortment of Walking Sujta, cashmere Mantles, oi dillFrcnt descriptions. Linen Hults, Batist Polonaises, Lingeries, Bonnets, Round Hats, Fancy Articles, Laces, Flowers, Jet Ornaments, untrimmed lints and Bonnets, Ac , which are offered at moderate prices. NEW YORK DYKING AND PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, STATF.N ISLAND. ESTABLISHED IN 1819. 98 Duane street, near Broadway, i 752 Broadway, near Kiglith street, > New York. 610 Six Hi avenue, near Thirty-sixth at, 7 ICS and I6S Pierreponi St., near Fulton, Brooklyn. Dye, Cleanse and Raflnish ladies' and wntlemen's Gar ments and Piece (Joods in a superior ninnner. XTOVBLTlES IN PIQUE DKESS TRIMMING, 1^1 Embroidered Flounces, Rullilng and Insertions, rcotch Work, very handsome and durable. Children's Pique Suits and Aprons, embroidered and braided. The whole offered at bait' the cost of home manuiacture. Spring styles of the Lady oi Lome Paulurs and the celebrated Colby Panier Skirts. J. s. COLBY, Importer, 32 East Fourteenth street, west of Union square. PCOLE, 868 BROADWAY. ? At a great sacrifice, large stock of staple Dry Goods. Must be sold before May. Removal. removal. D. SOLINGFR A CO. Wo will occupy the 231 Blocckcr, corner Carmine. 15th of April our new store, 328 Bleecker street, corner of Christopher. In order to clear out our old stock we otler great inducements In Ladies' Ready Made Undergarments at the following low prices:? Chemises, with French yoke, tucked front, back, with laee edging, flue., 60c., 6!>c. alii 75c. Chemises, with voke and corded band, puffed and ruftted, 85c., 95c. and $1. Chemises, in fine muslin aud handsome trimming, $1 10, $1 25, >1 50 aud up. Ladies' Drawers mid Night Dresses, Plain and tine Dressing Sacques. Corset Covers at extraordinary low prices. Walking skirts, for 75c., 85c. and 96c. Extra tine, from $1 up. Corsets at most astonishing prices. Ladles will bo astonished to see our hand-made Corset tor rt). Thompson's glove-tltting at $1 33. Mrs. Moody's celebrated Corset, 32 SO The French Fan Corset. $2. Ladies' Suits, in nil the iashionnble shades, made In the latest styles, $H, $9. $10 and upwards. Boys' braided Marseilles Suits, fur $1 25 and (1 95, worth $3 50. a mil assortment of Calico Wrappers at $1, $1 25, $1 50 and up Ladies' ami children's Aprons, in great variety. A lot of soiled Aprons for 28c., worth 50c. Wo also offer great inducements iu black Silk, i'opllns. Mohair aud b!?jk and colored Alpacas. Plain ami plaid Jaconets, Nainsooks, Organdies and Swisses, Luce Curtains, Piano and Tahlc Covers, while and colored Guilts, Table Linens, Tow ellings and all the best brands of Muslins. Also a lull stock of Kid Gloves, Hosiery. Laces and Embroideries. , Sun Umbrellas and I'arasols aud Notions ge net ally. D. SOLINGER A CO., 234 Bleecker street, conu r ot Carmine. 11 OBKS ET MANTKAUX. Madame PARRAIN, de Paris, 24 West Fourteenth street. s SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, #14 BROADWAY, NKAR > Twentieth street.? New designs, NEW IMPORTED styles, Magic Costume, beautitui Toilets, Pattern*, with cloth modeli, now nu?. come earl v. rjHlE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY beg to inform their patrons that their new and elegant Importation!) ol French Artificial Flowers, l.eaves, Piquets, Fruits, Wreaths and Trimmings arc exhibited. Also an extensive Assortment of Bridal Wreaths, Veils, Illusion and tine White Flower*. Artificial Flowers for Raskots and Vases, filled to order, a specialty. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY (I. LOEWKN STEIN, Proprietor), 9 Rue de Clery, 28 East Fourteen Mi street, Paris Four doors west ot University place. TO CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS. J. K. ItlNNIN, Pattern Cutter, 797 Broadway (St. Denis Hotel), having had 30 yeurs' practical experience us lorriuun and pattern cutler lor the wholesale unci re tail clothing trade. now offer* tor sale the results oi that study and practice In Patterns lor cutting men's ami boys' clothing, which have been tested* approved and are now used by many ??t the best nnd largest housed in the country, and he now supplies more foremen with patterns, which they are daily using, than any other put tern cutter. They have given so <rreat satisfaction that helms con cluded lo make it Ills business to lurnish Patterns that are the best balanced, will tit tho most customers, take the least, cloth and can lie relied upon to cut up millions worth of goods. Please call anil examine. Full and practical Instruction given to any wishing to become cutters or foremeu. rpo HE HOLD AT HALF PRICE? A FEW OPEN I centre real India Camel'* Hair Shawl*, on view at Mine. DOWNEY'S Millinery Store, 299, Sixth avenue, third door from Nineteenth street, west .-,ide. 343. I'NION BAZAAR. "iw.'l Sixth avenue. Wo are now prepared to offer a lull line of elegantly trimmed Bonnet* and Round Hat*, with a superior selection of Straw Hoods at unpreceiicntly low prices, an wc make T SPECIALTY ^ for the season. We are selling them lower than any other house in the city. t'nioii Ha/.aur, :n."l sixth avenue. J. M AON US. mLUNERY AND DRESSNAKIHO. A-MUSON WALTON, WS BROADWAY, ABOVE ? Union square ?Importer of Paris Bonnet* and Eng lish Hound lints from all the leading houses ; also a choice selection of Hrldal Wreaths, Veils. Ac. IT MMK. cm I. INS' (211 WE*T ELEVENTH STHEETi J\ lire*- n, .(kin;; c -i .it.t i -h nu nt Indies entirely on get ting perlecl fl tin.- Dres?ts made, trimmed, In latest Paris Ian styles. Ladies Invited to call. \T MRS, R. A. HASTINGS, 111 BAST FIFTEENTH ?treet.? Bonnets and Round llats from the leading houses In Pari*; also* choice selection of Flowers. AT MME. DEI. Lit' ELF. VE DE LA MAISOV Roger de Paris, received new patterns trom Pari* lor dresses, tiood hands wanted. 1,371 Broad wa v. / 1 M. OLNEY, IMPORTER OF FRENCH MILLINERY, VV. has elegant novelties in Spring and Summer Boti netsand Hat* of her own selection, trom Vlrot s, Rehoux's, I'rrrltir's, Palm's and other leading Parisian houses; English and French Straw and Chip lint*, ail the latest, styles; rich French Flowers, Ac. S) East Fourteenth street, near I'nion square nKtUKiaaaisu. A cause of complaint at the present time is extrava gance in ladle*' wearing apparel. Wliaf il cost* now to dress a lady of fashion would have supported an ei.tire liunlly a lew years ago. Messrs. I.ORI) A TAYLOR, to prove thut a retrenchment is possible, have so arrauged their Dressinakiug Department thai cconomv in mitterial nnd trlmmiiw Is particularly studied in every detail, and they are now liirnislilnvr Dresses at a much less price than the < o*t oi imnorted gnrments. whll" tor stvle, lit. appearance and general make up they are every way equal to the llacst Parisian manufacture. Li >H |> a TAYLOR, Broadway anil Twentieth street. DlrtNER AND KVF.NINi; TOILETS, PROMENADR and Travelling Suits,? Novelties In Dresses lor the . watering places made to nrder oil short notice ; moderate i prices. Material furnished it desired. Bridal Trousseaux I and Mourning ; French Corsets. Madame A. DUVAL, 31 East Twentieth street and 87S Broadway. 1 AMIES' DRKSH CAPS, ClIILDRKN'S NORMANDT J Caps and Hair Hoods nt Mrs. MYERS', No. A Union oar*. _________________ MME. MYERS, 340 FOURTH AVF.NIE, WILL open a new and elegant slock ol Mourning Millinery Suits, *c. ; mo'.irniOfi order* eaecuted Promptly. K. M. 31 Y TiwHi RESSMAKINO. H1LLIHERT AND DBESSMAKUTO. MK8. J. E. HOWARDS k CO.. Parisian Modes and Millinery, 32D Sixth avenue. between Twentieth and Twenty-Urns streets. New York, respectfully iniurm their former customers and tin- pub lic generally that thev are prepared to make up Ladle*' Suits in all the latest styles and" Millinery lu aU Its branches. All orders promptly executed. Perfect flu guaranteed. _,. , , Ladles' own ma!erials inade np. 'irstclaM Dressmakers ana operators sent out to faini f: Wo.r* done in the neatest manner and at shortest notice. In all eases we guarantee .satisfaction. Ladies wiU And it decidedly to their advantage to pat ronize us. as for style and finish we art the cheapest house lu the city. MME. A. ORADOT, 40 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, union square, has the honor to inform her custom ers and the ladies in general tnat her annual open' nr will take place on April o, and the following days wilh a large assortment ot Pique, Organdie, Nainsook, Batiste and Linen Suits and all kinds ot Ladies' Liu lit floods and Underclothing, Children's Wear ot every description. MME. RALL1NGB, IMPORTER, 1,115 BROALWAY.? Opening, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 8 tad ?. Carriage. Dinner and Walking Costumes: tlie latest nor elites from Worth and other first class Parisian ai-lUta; Bonnets from Mantell, Therese, virot, Ac. MME. A. MICHEL, FORMERLY WITH 1WABIE OA loupeau. 423 .sixth avenue. New York, has returned trom Paris hy the Silesia with a moU exquisite assort ment ot Bonnets and Round Hats, carefully selected b> herself in all the leading house* in Paris. Brown's Eng lish Round Hats. MME. NATALIE TILMAN A CO., 12 EAST SIXTEENTH street, between Union square and Filth avenue, hare on hand u lorge assortment of imported Bonnets, Round Hats, Flowers, Feathers, Bridal Wreaths, Ac.. Ac. N. B.? Dresses and Suits made to order. MLLE. P. M K IN LET, 236 FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR Nineteenth street, ,iu-t received elegant imported Bonnets, English Round Hats. A first class milliner wanted. MME. NELSON. 474 SECOND AVENUE, DOES FASH ionible dressmaking hi all the latest sty les equal to Broudway stores at much less than their prices; aliw cleans an<l makes over old Mack silks so that they can uot lie distinguished from new ; waits on ladies at their residences. MLLES. A. VIOL, 65 EAST TWELFTH STREET, near Broadway, are now ready for novelties In Dressmaking : beau'itul styles on hand ; also Bonnets and Ilats made and to order at lowest price. Removal.? brown's London bound hats.? e. BROWN, sister of W. C. Brown, New Bond street, London, has now some new and elegant styles in im ported Hats. 852 Broadway, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. STREET AND DINNER DRESSES, BRIDAL OUT Ills and Evening Costumes are made in the latest ami best styles and with despatch at Muie. LIVINGSTON'S. 788 Broadway, room 10. ST. TAYLOR'S OLD, ORIGINAL ESTABLISH . ment. No. 6 Clinton place, New York.? Dressmaking and Pattern Rooms. Patterns Imported by us monthly from Paris and Berlin, and ladies calling can always see something new and stylish. Q T. TAYLOR'S OLD ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT. IO? No. 6 Clinton place ? Walking Costumes, Evening Dresses and Basques made up lu the latest styles direct from l'arls and Berlin. Warranted to tit perfectly. O T. TAYLOR'S PATTERN ROOMS, 81? BROAD ii. way.? Choice new styles by late French steamer* Elegantly trimmed Reception and Evening Toilets, "Louis Quinze" Redingote and the stylish "rrlncesso" Robe the most popular importations. S. T. Taylor's Sys tem of Garment Cutting taught most thoroughly at these headquarters. April journals now ready. ?? j- WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? MME. JAU *>?) BERT, having returned from France, luis the bonor to inform her former customers and the ladies in general, that she has began again with the business of Dress and Cloak making. Wanted good dressmakers. A O EAST TWENTIETH STREET.? M. FREVLY. tZ late of Mine. I'inc lion's. Ladies' own material made In the latest style. No sign on house. MtST AND FOUND. IEPT IN A FIFTH AVENUE OMNIBUS? ON THURS J day evening, u silk Umbrella, with Ivory handle. Il the Under will bring i^to 122 East Tweuty-lourth street he will be suitably rewarded. LOST? A SMALL BLACK AND TAN DOG. WTTH A leather collar marked "11. W. Hcrrick," or "W. II. Merrick." The tinder will be imid $10 by returning It to 125 I'riuce street, corner Wooster street, or 141 Greene street Miss BELLA ABM STRONG. IOST-LAW PAPERS, ENDORSED EITHER PAINS J A New or E. New. A liberal reward will be paid for their return to ERASTL'S NEW, 83 Nassau street, room 2, IOST? IN A MADISON AVENUE STAGE, BETWEEN A 2 and 3 o'clock Friday alteruoon, a brown Leather Portetnonnaie, containing about twenty dollars, a Dela ware, Lackawanna and Western time table, a Watch Key and a Dodd's Express baggage receipt. The Under will be suitably rewarded hy leaving ItatrS Madison avenue. I I )ST? FRIDAY, ON Till'. niRTLANDT STREET J ferryboat, about 10:30 A. M., a Pocketbook, with owner's name inside, containing money, gold chain and other articles of no uso to any person but ow ner. The Under can retain the money It the pocketbook Is returned to 298 Madison street. IOST? ABOUT 11,'i SATURDAY MORNING, PROB J bly on Broadway, between Grace church and Twelttli street, a dark gray canvas Card Case, containing about thirty lour dollars (one $20 bill). The tinder w ill be well rewarded on leaving the same at ottiee of Irving House, corner of Twelfth street and Broadway. LOST-ON SATURDAY MORNING, IN WASHINGTON Market, a Pocketbook, containing a sum of money and papers. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 454 Henry street, Brooklyn. ]" OST? THURSDAY AFTERNOON, IN WALKING J trom Twenty-ninth street down Eighth avenue, through Fourteenth street, up Broadway and hock through Twentv ninth street, an old ia.-hioned plain gold Earring, valuable only as a remembrance. Return, tor a reward. to 338 West Twenty-ninth street. LOST-ON APRIL I, IN A GRAND STREET OR Broadway and University place car, a topnz and ; gold Earring. Suituble rtward given by leaving it at room 102 Gilsey House. Tost? on Broadway, between twknty A seventh und Twenty-eighth streets, from the win I dow ot a carriage, a gold, oblong Shawl Pin. The Under I will receive a suitable reward by leaving it at 17C Madi son a venue. I T OST? ON THURSDAY, IN CALVARY CEMETERY, j 1 1 an Etruscan Gold Bracelet. A llncral reward will be given on its return to 311 East Twclith street. IOST? SATURDAY AFTERNOON, ABOUT J o'clock. Twenty-third street stage, going down. | ladles' red Russian leather Pocketbook. Suitable reward j will Le paid by leaving at office Fifth Avenue Hotel. IOST-A SKYE TERRIER DOG, WITH RED COLLAR l and loeket; answers to the uame of Toby. A liberal reward will be given it returned to 107 Greenwich av. 1 OH? OX MARCH 31, AT THE WALL STREET 1 J ferry, New York side, a largo Bundle, containing two silk dresses and an extra waist. A liberal reward will be paid If returned to 45 West Eighteenth street, and no questions asked. IOST.? ON SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 1873, ON THK J corner -of Thirteenth sireet and avenue A, a large spotted coach Dog wilh bull head; had on a black leather collar. The tinder will receive a liberal reward b.v returning him to RlllNEHARDT PFAIFF, (i'J Third avenue. REWARDS, REWARD.? LOST, FRIDAY, IN GRAND STREET, !p') between Bowery and Broadway, lady's Green Silk Umbrella, with uatrie in (till on handle, commencing with "H." Above reward will be paid by leaving the same at 620 Lexington a veaue. $?T REWARD? LOST. A PAIR OF GOLD EYE ?J glasses; name ot J. T. Montgomery on them. Re turn to New York Hotel. REWARD.? LOST. ON MONDAY, MARCH 31, A ?]p LU 'Carrier Dog : answers to the name of Dick ; c*lor dark gray, almost black and lead; tall bushy, with white Hp and ? small rupture on belly. Whoever returns him to 210 Delanci-y street will get the above reward. A DAKIN. <#?1 fT RKW ARD-aLOST, APRIL 1, A BLACK AND TAN tJpl'J Dog. The above re want will he paid by return ing li.m lo 386 West Twcutv-elghth street. $f)(\ REWARD.? LOST, ON SUNDAY MORNING, IN Broadway car or street, black onvi Head Chain and Cross, net wltn pearls. Kinder will receive ahovo reward l>> returning t" l- RnK. William street. fri\ REWARD.? STOLRN FROM 7fl AND 7* ?J" Centre street. on Thursday, April .1. one <orrel >rse with the following mark* ;? W liite i.n tare and t\tw whit'- ankles; also a IMiaetoii or tiig, Iiullt hv Miner A Stevens; no side curtains aud shaft broken on end ; Har ness sliver mounted. RBWABD WILL BF Q1YKM To ANY PRR ?p I ' son returning a Bo* ol Black Lares taken Irom a handcart in Duane street on Wednesday atternoon, (no munitions asked), to 21 Howard street, up stairs. ?.)|||| REWARD.? THR A ROY! REWARD WILL ?!???' " ' be paid lor the return of the following proper ty, taken front premises Madison avenue and Seventy fourth street, and no questions;? I Cold Hunter's i'a?a Lever Watch, No. 5.lli2, r. K. Cooper maker, London ;i Silver Hunter's Case, marked on outside L. K. Russell, Boston; I Hold Hunter's Case Lady's W'atoh, I. ogle, Hoiir<|iilr, et tils, manufaettircrs' I <>o. Lady's Watch, gold, wiih Chain, with small scissors attached, No. ,'ti,.si.t, T>. T Macnin, maker; I Lady's Gold Ring, with sc?J shaped gurnet, marked A.J R., inside; I Lady's Uolrt Cla-< King, ,l. i'. c. monogram, marked (4. E. R. inside; I Hold i uflpin ; Breastpins. A. CAMPBELL, corner First avenue and Fitly lourtli street t ?MOONEYs DETKCTI V K AC.KNCY, Ittt BROAD J\. nav. We offer our services to the public in th? above speclaltv, and refer, among others, to II. B. Clafliu A Co.. 140 Church street, as to our ability and integrity. JAM KS MOO\eY, Superintendent. >IIS( EI.HMKIM AWONDRRrUL DISCOVERY.? INR DRTRCTORI Ink Hctcetor! ink Detector I? Draw your checks w ith safety. For sale al all stationery, book, drug ami fancy stores. Address INK DK i'Ki ToK, New York city. IT! WALRER'S SONS.? RXTRA AND PLAIN BOOR '<? binding rtntn' at shortest notice and lowest pricai editions ol hooks done In best style. M Hey street. Mkans to prevent ring prai ds is one or tlio nine divisions of "4 New Chief Power inUia World." Free pi r mail on receipt of fW cents by KDW. J. NIKI WLAND, til Fulton street. Canvassers w'anted. PHYSICIAN WANTED- VIDDLK AOE t A OltADU at' ol an Allopathic College, with good references, competent to treat any chronic case, ami to perform minor surgical operations, can secure permanent post tioii stiii liberal salary. Address GALEN, bo* IAI Herald office. CLOTK a .tanks, statu IM; Its. PRINTERS and I! Blank Book Manufacturers. ?:? Fulton street. Blank Hooks made to patterns. < rj*K AHTR. " I 10 WAN'S A UK NT's PUOTOf.RAI'H O.VLI.KKY n? " > Art. ;t74 Bowery, is the finest and most stylish oal lery in i he Bower> ; prices reduced; superior Phot* Srap h s 9'- pe r dozen ; Is r?e I'hofugi'aphs, size ltU9, oulj :> satulaciiokguarMtc d ; rrtrrfcaAr i?.iuvttc>L

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