Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 4
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SALES AT ArOTTOW. A RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. -* OBm tttf HlnrMD 17 Numi street, opposite Pout office. Horse Au( tlon Hnuich 19 to 20 East Thirteenth ?treet, near Kitili avenue. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell ut aui'ilon us tollows. 102 WEST SEVENTEENTH STKEET? Handsome House hold r ui liiture. 25.'. W EST I WENTY-SECOSD STREET? Household Fur niture, Ac. 1ft BAB ROW STREET? fle n tell Household Furniture. 261 WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET? EtegADt House hold Furniture. jijW BEOADW AY ? Handsome Household Etirnlture. 2M ?E<T TWENTY-FOURTH STREET? Handsome Househo d Furniture. Particulars in time. 4 RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. J\ Office und salesroom 37 Nuiwd street, oi>po?ite the Post Office. nor*e Auction Branch ly to 26 East Thirteenth street, near I- nth avenue. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MIRRORS, CARPETS, Ac. aRCII. JOIlNsi'oN will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April 9, ui in>. o'clock, AT 102 WEST SEVENTEENTH STKEET, rosewood 1'nrlor Suits, walnut Bedroom Suits, hslr Mat tresses: l'illows, Ac. ; China und (Mass Ware, velvet and BruaseN Carpets, oiieloths. Kitchen Furniture, Ae. Full particulars in Tuesday's llerald. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. Office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, the old stand, opposite the Post office. HORSE AUCTION BRANCH REMOVED TO 19. 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, between University place snd t-lith avenue. Household Furniture, Sewing Machines, Ac. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell, on Monday, at li". o'clock, ?at his salesroom, 57 Nassau street, a large assortment of second hand Household Furniture, elegant velvet and Brus-els Carpets, Bedroom and Parlor Suits. I>ressinu' Bureaus, Wardrobes, Buffets, Bookcases, Arm Chairs, Mir rors, Solas, Easy Chairs, Hatraeks, Ac. tine Sewing Machines, of Wheeler A Wilson, Oroyer A Baker, Willcox A Ulbbs, Singer, Florence, Weed and others, lti line order. j Also from several Insurance companies, very fine Sitting and Standing Desks. 1'igcon Holes, Bookracks, Revolving stools. Easy Cluiirs. Valuable Maps of Properly in > very prominent city in the Union. A RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCriONEE* J\ Otlicc and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the I'ost office. THE OLDEST STAND IN THE CITY. ?? Mr. JOHNSTON will, as for many years past, give his personal attention to sales of household furniture at pri vate residences ot P irties declining housekeeping. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE (>N CQNSttiNMENTS. AUCTION SALK. AUCTION SALE. HENRY W. MORRIS, Auctioneer, ? ill sell at pultllc auction to the highest bidder, on Tues day, April p, at 12 o'clock noon, at his salesroom, 234 Main street, Poughkcepsle, tno BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, situated on South Hamilton street, Poughkeepsie, belong ing to estate ol David S. Brown. This property embraces nearly two acres ol land, a tine house, with modern im provements. barns, hennery, Ac. ; combines advantages of city and country. Map to be seen at 10 Peek Slip, New York. A J. B LE EC K E It, SON A CO. WILL SELL AT A, auction, on Friday, April 18. 1S73, at 12 M., at Ex change Salesroom, 111 llroadway under Ihe direction of Philo T. Ruggles, Esq, referee, valuable l'roperty on avs. A and B, 3d av. and 69th st 3d av., the 3 and 4 atory brick llou ses and Lots. 990, 992 and 1?94 3d av., northwest corner 89th st., 60. 1 front on 3d a v. by 60 feet on st 69th ?t? The four story brick Brewery ami Buildings in rear of above ground; is 84.11 front by 100 feet deep. Av. A? Five storv brown stone Tenement, 18Gur.d lu, southeast corner 12ih st., M. 9x95.6. Av. B? Brown stone House and Lot, 151, east side, between 9th and 10th sLs. For particu lars apply to ADol. LEVINQER, 261 Broadway, and for map to the auctioneers' officc, 77 Cedar st Adiuan h. mitller, auctioneer Auction suli' of ? 128 Lots, near Central avenue mid Macomb'* Bridge. ADRIAN 11. M r I.LI'. It, l\ R. WILKIN'S A CO., w ill sell al unction, qii Tuesday. April l.r>, at 12 o'clock, at the Ex change Salesroom*, 111 Broadway, By oruer of Charles C. Spoerry, '.'?I Plots, or I 28 Lots, also the Dwelling and Barn. beautifully situated, between ICSihaud 168th streets, over looking Central avenue, the natural outlet ot Sixth, Scv ulith and Eighth avenues. The property is naturally drained, and is part of the well known Anderson estate, and lies west and north of Judge Smith's Central Avenue Hotel. The depot of tho New York Central and Hudson lliver Railroad, as also Uie terminus oi the Gilbert route, are only a fe?v minutes' walk from this property, which is Included in the laud to be annexed to New York city this Spring. The New York, BosUiu and Montreal Railroad Company also own a depot and large dock at llkhhridgc. The en tire issue ol their bonds were sold In Loudon in ouo day at a premium of 2 per cent Sale peremptory and without reserve. Plans will be ready alter W ednesday, April 9, at tho office of the auctioneers. No. 7 fiM street. A J. BLEECKER. SON A CO., A I'CTIONEEUS. TUESDAY, Al'RIL H, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. Supreme Court sale, John I'ytie, Referee. Five lour story brick Houses, with Stores, Nos- 1*7, 1"!', 191, HQ, 19S Houston street, Foutlieast corner Orchard; each 20x31 deep. Maps at 77 Cedar street A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO.. AOOCTORSMtt. . WEDNESDAY, April 9, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, III Broadway Two Lots north side Nmet v soventh street, ;>5leet west of Lexington av. Maps at 7i Cedar street. iUM it MINSK, AUCTIONEER. iV Salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 lleade street. Horse Auction Mart, 337, 339 and :UI fourth avenue, cor ner Twenty-tilth street. By ALLEN B.' MINER A BRO., WEDNESDAY, AI'ltIL 9, at 11 o'clock, at our salesrooms, #S CHAMBERS and 77 RKADE STREET. HALE OK KINK ENGLISH BKEECU AND Ml'ZZLE LOADING GC NS, Comprising the stock of an Importer declining business, every one of which is FULLY GUARANTEED as ri pre sented. I he stix k embraces, among others, tho manu factures ot the tollowlug llrst class celebrated London makers? vi/., N. A C. Scott A Sons, Moore, Westley Richards Greener. Whitney, Manton, Bllssard, Dougall, Jlugbcs, Mills. Wellington, Hollis, Wabley, I'erklus, Kills, Jones ainl others The above will lie ready for Inspection, w ith full dc ocrlptive catalogue, on Monday . 7th and Tuesday, fsth, and ran be fully relied upon in every particular. t LI.FN B MINER, AUCTIONEER. A Salesrooms 9i Chambers and 77 Reade street. Alorne Auction Mart, 117, 339 and 311 Fourth avunue, cor ner Twenlv filth street. By ALLEN 11 MINER A BRO., Till RSDAY, APRIL 10, at 11 o'i lo< k, al our salesroom*. ? CHAMBERS and 77 RKADE STREET. ORIGINAL MODERN OIL PAlNI'INGS, omprising the work* ot artists of the American, Fn gllsh and French schools, embracing; Landscapes, Ma rines, Fruits and Flowers, figure pieces. Game, Ac., Ac., all ol which are richly framed, and will be sold without reserve to close invoices and pay charges. Among the Blonde 11, J. r. Cool, .1 l> Briscoe, II. E. Gcyer, III aun, Hchrader, L F. Blackmail and others. They are now on exhibition with catalogues \LLEN It MINER. AUCTIONEER Salesrooms 9ft Chambers and 77 Reade street ttorse Auction Mart 337, 339 ami 341 Fourth avenue, cor ner i wentv it ? tli 8tre? t Bv ALLEN I! MINER A BRO. FRIDAY, Al'RIL 11, AT SALESROOMS 9i CHAMBERS AND 77 READR SI It LET. at Id1, o; clock, a large and general assortment of Ilousehoid Fnrnltiire, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Carpets iu variety, rosewood Pianos, Ac., removed irotn private residence lorcon>eul ence of sale. A LLEN B. MINER. AI'CTIONEER. iV Salesrooms H Chambers and 77 Reade *t*eet tlorse Auction Mart 537, 3.19 and 311 Fourth avenui cor ner f wentv til tli street. By ALLEN B MINER A BRO. THURSDAY, Al'RIL 10, at low o'clock, at the private residence NINETY FOURTH STRr.ET AND THE BOULEVARD (NORTH RIVER). genteel Household Furniture, all of w hich was made to order, in fine condition ; rosewood Piano, made by Decker A Bros., Carnets, Mirrors, Ac. ; also a tine Cow, Poultry, Ac. Particulars In time. A LLEN B. MINER, AUCTION FER. ?\. < Salesrooms. 9!> Chambers and 77 Reade street. Horse Auction Mart, 3'.7. '<39 A :?4I 4th av., corner 2Jth si. By ALLEN IS MINER A BROTHER, WEDNESDAY, Kith, and THURSDAY, 17fh APRIL, at lO'j n clock each day, AT THE LIBBY HOUSE. :?H,38S. 390, W2 A 394 FOURTH AVKNl'E, NORTH .VEST CORNER 27TH STREET, HOTEL FURNI'I ORK, COMPRISING the entire con tents ol the five houses. embracing i'arlor, l> nlng Room nod Bedroom Suits in ureal v arietv, Bedding of all de scriptions, Table und 'lollet Linens, Crockery, Plated VNare, Cutlery, Ac ; also Barroom Fixture A> .together with a large stock ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars Full particulars in time. ABT. _ Superb rrdlecliim of high class Oil I'aintingi. most of which lime |u?t arrived, im. lulling the latest and best works ot V v< i an), Backalowicz, Meyerhelm, B. C. Kcok Kcok, Ambers, II v. Plcou, Rosterse, l>e La Hoose, Otto Erdinann, I' Ja/.et, Morel, ,1'ortlelle, Lit ebuuer, stsmmel, Behlosser, \anden Wygaert, Le Blanc and many others; and ot the American s< hoot, K i-ii sett, Rhnttnck, A I.awrie, K L Henry, Oilford, J C. Nil boll Crop*)-, i I., ?mith, Morviifer, 1 iu;iti. Bispham, Rugirles l airman. Toung and others, forming a superb collection The above are all guaranteed, are now on exhibition tud will be positively sold with.-.iit r< serve on Tin rsday and FRIDAY April in and 11, at 12 o'clock, at the Art Gallerv, 60 Liberty street. New \ork EDWARD KttlRNi K ? -ROBERT f CA8IIIN. AUCTIONEER. ,J\ , will sell at auction without r< -crve, MONDAY, April 7, at In'.. o'< lock, entire -elegant Household Furniture ol residence 21 '> West Twenty-Unit street. near Si venth avenue, consisting of rich Parlor and Bedr< om suits. magnificent rosewood 71 4 octave Pianoforte, SI ,090: Library and Di ning Furniture, Carpets, Bi dding, ornaments, Ac Fur niture in good order, being used l ut a few months. N. It ?Sale positive, see Monday Herald AUCTION SALE OF VALUABLE HoTEL PROP ,/\ erty -The Mount Marlon Hotel, situau .1 on a spur of the Catskill Mountains, thri e Wile* w? <t of the village of Saiifrcrtii <, will lie sold al HUCtloli at the Exchange Hotel, lii Saugertii s, on April 10. 1*73, at I o'clock P M. Tlie house was opened to the public In 1-72. is new, ami unsurpaaaed In point ?>i locatlen; scenery magnificent, and is well worthy the attention of any person wishing h first cla-s hotel (or Snmuii r lesoft. VAN KANFOKD ItooSA, Proprietor. 4 UCTION SALE FOHNITUItE TO PAY STORAGE ;\ and ad van > s.? A. M. i KIViaLiR, Auctioneer, will m II on Monday, April r. at I^W5 Broadway, ul> ve Thlrty fmrth street, at 10' . o'clock, a lar. .? assortment ol lioiis?< lioid Furniture, oiislslii* ot Ch unber sets, I'arlor suiis. Mdeboanls, Cabinets, Extension, Dining Tables; llall Mands, Loungi - Office and I'ai >r Di ks Library Tables and n large iolof sei om! hand Goods ol all kinds, sale imsltive, a- the building is to fn pulleddown House keepers will Bml this a cnancs to l.u\ gciiel- ?t tlteir own sal ? rain or skitM R. Van Ness, G. C. llartvvn k. I) E. Nichols, C. Bird, J. O. Kohlmati, K. D Laiiriu. II Hartwick, E. F. Marco, h. F. Bcaulieu, A. Ilarcq, Sprinu'lli til, J. D. Barrow. Miller, E. Laker. J. F. Dickey. .1. Donauhv, SAfiKfl AT AVCTIOW. ^Y?T-AUCT10N. 80MERV1LLE OALLERT, Firth avenue and Four teenth street NOW OPEN FREE. MR. JOHN SVEDECOR'S ANNUAL SALE. ROBERT SOMERVILLB, Auctioneer, 81 Filth arrnoe, will sell on the evenings ot the 7th, 8th and 9th April, the entire collection of Art Works belonging to Mr. John Sne decor, comprising line Oil I'alntlngii and Water Cmora, previous to Ins departure tor Europe, [he collection embraces many very valuable example* hv native *na Ion ian artists ol distinction, uud is well worth> the attcu oi hii Iowa oi art ? ? A ?PARTITION BALE . ot Improved Property on Mulberry, Elizabeth anil Watts streets. JOBKl'H MctUJIRE will ?e!l at unction on THURSDAY, April HI, 1873, at 12 o'clock noon, i?t tin- Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, the two live story ami cellar t-rick Tenements, with Stores, 114 nnu lit! Mulberry street. Tlie Lot, with the brick and triune Buildings thereon, 229 Elizabeth street The tnrec story and cellar brick House and Lot No. 7 Watts street, near Vurick street. Maps at tin- Auctioneer's ofltt, *7 Cedar street * DMINIBTRA TOB'8 BALE.? TRB SUBSCRIBER J\ will sell, at public sale, on Tuesday, April 8, next, at Long Branch, N. J., the Hotel known as Cooper Cottage, with fiacres ot Land, snlemlidly located; also ull the Furniture uud Fixtures belonging to the hotel, bar uud billiard mo. us; $l.r>,tKlu niav remain on the premises. Sale positive. ELIZABETH II. HENDRICKSON, Administratrix. DB1AN II. MULLER. AUCTIONEER. Houses atni Lots, on West Forty-first street, at auction. ADRIAN II. MULLKR, I'. It. WILE1NB A CO. will sell at auction. on WEDNESDAY, April 9, at 12 o'clock M? lit the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. West Korty-first street? The two two-story brick Houses and l.ots, south sideot Forty llrst slreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, 220 and L22, with Stanle^m rear lots, together 10x98.9 teet ; also, the three story I'lulailelpuia lirick House mid Lot. admitting above, and known as 224; lot 24x98.9 feet ; also, the Plot ot Land, with the two inline Cottages, and two story brick Stable thereon, 228 and 290; lots together flQk9&0. ________ Adrian ii. mui.ler, auctioneer. Executors' Sale ol House . Stable and Lots on East Kilty- third street, and House and Lot on Forsyth street seventeenth Ward). ADRIAN H. MULLER. P. It WILK1NS A CO. will ix-tl at auction, on Tuesday, April 8, at 12 o'clock M., at the Exchange Salesroom, ill Hroailway, by order oi the exec u tore ol Cbarles Cooper. dWNM l ast Kitty third street? The 2 I^its, together with the 3 story English basement brick House, and 2 story brick Stable thereon, iltuate on the north side of Kitty third street, between Second and Third avenues, and known as 221 and 2 3. Forsyth street?' The 3 storyJirick House uud Lot. situate on the easterly side of Korsvtli street, between Itivington and Stanton streets, and known as 174. Seventy per cent may remain on bond and mortgage lor live years. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer. Salesrooms l?:H Liberty and 111 Cedar street, licnteel Household Kurnitiirn. On TUESDAY, at I0>j o'ch>ck, at 33 West Fourteenth street. D. W. IVES will sell, as above, part ol Contents of pri vate residence of Dr. Noeggcruth. Particulars to-morrow. Auction notice. Special sale of 8oft lints. Panama Hats and Men's, Women's and Children's Straw Woods, on MONDAY, April 7. 300 cases In lull assortment WM. TOPPING A CO,. Auctioneers, 132 Church street. A Auction notice.? riciiard Walters, auc tioneer, salesroom -7 Hast Broadway, solicits and will Rive his personal attention to sales of household lur niture at private residences, stores, merchandise, Ac.; ulso storuge. and money advauccd 011 sauie ; terms mod erate. l'rompi returns. A -WM. WIRT BAILEY, ACCTIONKER. J\. BvV. K. 8TEVENSON, Jr.. will sell on Tuesday, April IB, at 10)4 o'clock A. M., the whole of the Furniture, Kitting! and Effects in S9 East Ninth street. Catalogues at ollices, 11 Pine street or 'JSti Filth avenue. A ? N< >TICE.? TO THOSE DESIRING TO PURCHASE . Household Furniture a rare chance Is offered at private residence ? 210 West list street, near 7th avenue. Private family leaving the city will sell all their ele. pant Household Furniture at ouartcr original cost, in part or whole, to suit purchaser, rich I'urlor Suits in satin and hrocalel, cost >'??> 1 for $175 ; do. $125, rep suits $S0 to $MI. magnificent rosewood 7*4 octave 1'ianotorte; cost 1 1,060. tor $274 j Stool, Cover and Music Stand ; Library and Dining Furniture, rosewood and wuluut Chamber Suit*, handsome Bronzes and Oil Paintings, Carpets, Bed ding, 1 >iuamciits, Ac. Can lie seen tins day or Monday ut :'i(l W est 21st street. Call and cxainino. B' V F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. _> Elegant Household Furniture in East Thirtieth street, near Madison avenue. On Tuesday, April 8, at in.1, o'clock, at the private residence 29 East Thirtieth street, near Madison avenue, the entire rich Furniture of the family, comprising In part Aubusson, velvet, Brus m is and other Carpets: rosewood Chickering Pianoforte, ?Qperti Sevres, medallion ro-cwood I'arlor suits, elegant Bronzes, French plate Mantel and Pier Mirrors, French Cabinets', solid rosewood and Mack wnlnut French plate glass Dressing Bureaus, with Bedsteads to match ; elegant Curtain-. and Cornices, Oil Paintings, Extension Dining and other rallies, China, Glass and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. More lull particulars 011 Tuesday morning, when the catalogues w ill be ready. I>Y F. COLTON, AI'ctioNKEU. J Elegant Household Furniture, French Plate 1'ler, Mantel and Side Mirrors, Ac., on THURSDAY, April 10, nt 10^ o'clock, at the large private residence IS6 West Twenty-third St. The entire rich Furniture, sunerb AubtisMiti Carpet, cost ,200; Wilton and Velvet Carpets, rosewood I'arlor Fur niture, with solid backs, made by Belter ; elegant French Cabinets, French Secretary, Centre Tables, Lace Cur tains and Cornices, Oil Paintings, rich carved rosewood, walnut and mahogany Bedsteads and Bureaus, best Hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Illlnsri Bedding, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Fancy Chairs, Tables, Buffet, Kxtension Table, China and (Has* Ware, basement Furniture, Ac. Catalogues at the house morning ot sale and at the salesroom. 53 Kast Thirteenth street, tieur Broadway, 011 Wednesday. BY J. W CAMPBELL, .tit AUCTIONEER.? CAMP Bl'.LI. A CO. will sell on Monday, April 7, commenc ing at 103ft o'clock A. M., on a leading street in Brookl) n, Watches Jewelry, Clocks, Tools, Ac., ol a jeweller de cllning business, viz:? Gold and silver Watches, Chains, Shirt Studs, Sleeve Button ?. Lockets, Rings, trinkets. Watch Signs, a quantity assorted Watch Glasses, Benches, Ai- Also Household Furniture, Bedsteads. Bureaus, Tallies, Chairs, Wash stands, Lounges, Sofas, Engravings, Ornaments, Brussels Carpets, Kitchen Furniture, I ten sils, Ae. Buyers, dealers specially Invited Goods re moved day of sale. CAMPBELL <t 00. Oflice 'IM Hud son street. For lull particulars see to-morrow's Herald. BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONHERr-8AI.ES. rootn 7-"-' Broadway. ON TUESDAY, APRIL <*, AT l'i^ O'CLOCK, AT PRl VATE RE81Dbi>CE 7)7 LEXINGTON AVENC E, NEAR FIFTY -SEVENTH STREET, HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD Ft RNITURE, PIER MIR. RORS, CHIOKERINO PIANOFORTE, CARPETS. CHINA, AC , being entire contents, viz. Black walnut I'arlor suits, in hrocatcl and reps; Centre Tables, Btagere, Mantel clock. Vast s, black walnut French Bedstead*, Dressing Bureaus. Commodes, Wardrobes, Easy t'hairs. Mat tresses. Feather Beds Pillow -, rapes! rv, English Brus sels .1 1 i'i Three-ply t arpets, Antique China, Glassw are, Relrtgerators. Ac . also kitehen Furniture. Catalogues now ready at auctioneer's office, 722 Broa Iway. BY DANIEL A MATIIEW8, AUCTIONEER, PALE8 room 72'.! Broadway, the I uriuturt of the follow Ingpr.vati residence will In sold:? on Tuesday, April H? 707 Uxli^ton avenue, near 57tli st on Tuesday, April 22- '20.'i vv?'s: eleventh -trei t. on ? , Ajiril .'tit S? venth street, t ijr - >nd av. On Thursday, A| ril 24 ? 132 Ka-t 70th > ar av On . April Irving place. Full particulars In future advt rtiseinent". Personal attention to sale? at private r<-si lenc ev as custoiiiarv since I^J- Early appiica' -n rtfjuir- i. HYM DAVIS AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL ON MON (lav at 10)j o'clock. 4'J Greenwich avenue, the con tents ot a tour story house, consisting of Bureaus, F. l steads, Tables, Washstands I'arlor suits. Damask < jr tains. Feather Beds. Ilair Mattresses, Piano. Pw r Mirrors, oil PairitingN Brussels and ingrain Carpets, Oil< ths, Ac , Ac. BY JOHN 11 WALTERS, A I CTIONEER ? ABHOLCTE sale of line Household furniture to securi a loan. Removed to ll'.'l Fulton -trerl. opposlti City Hall for 1 on venlence of salesroom WA LTER8 A co will tell on Tues day, April H, at I0.1, o'clock A Axrnlnster, velvet and ingrain Carpets; rosewood carved Suits in satin, rose wood Suits in figured brocatell, black walnut Suits m green ami gold stripe reps, black walnut Library Holt in crimson and blue reps, black walnut Bedsteads, marble top Tables black walnut Bureau-. Cottage Suits. Mirrors, Washstanns, marble top t ommodes, Mattresses, hair and husk; black walnut Extension Tatde-. oak < ane Kat Chairs, Oilcloth, Mattlnc, Kuijs, Ac. Sale positive. Catalogues ready Monday. BY STRAUS A Sj\VAB7.K0PH, AUCTION e KRS. WILL sell Wednesday, the Pth, nt 8(8 West Port* eighth street, by des< rliitive cntnloguc, entire costly Furiilture of four story mansion; 7'4 octave Pianoforte, superb Parlor Suits, elegant Chambi r suits, Pier Mirrors, Brussels car pets, Curtains, Oil Paintings, rich Dining Room Pnmi ture, Silverware, Glassware Ai. Positively without re serve. HTRAts A 8WARZK0PH, .17 '< Bowerv. BY E. D BAILBY, Al'cTto.NEER. Office 50 Ka-?t 1'ourth street, near Cowery, Sella on Thursday, 10th Inst, all the handsome llonse hold Furniture, rosewood Piano, Pier and Mantel Mir rors, Axuiinster and Brussels Carpets: satin, damask and )m cu Curtain*: Paintings, Engravings, Crockery. Glassware, Ac. .contained in the four story ami basement residence 'XZl West Fourteenth street Full particulars hereafter. Catalogues can be had at oflice of auctl oncer BY CAMPBELL A Co., AI CTIONRER8, ARE PI LLY prepared to give their personal attention to sales of Household Furniture al private residences. T.-n years' e\ perietice enable- them to guarantee entire satlsiactloii, 1 ull returns ma If day ol .ib CAMI'BKLl. A CO., ofllee MS HuSon str? . t. C1ENTKAI. AUCTION IIOUSK. > WINAN8 A GARRKTTSOJf, General Auctionei rs. salesrooms 527 and 629 Sixth avenue near tiirf* second street and Broadway Auction sales of Furni ture Mirrors, Carpets, ornaments, Paintings, Carriai s, Harness. Ac. Ootids receiveil ott storagi !or private sail . s?ii * at pflv ati' residences a sue* ialty. i 1 OI .h a Mt.'RPHY, Al't TlONI KKS. Exemtori' Hale ot hh vm ant Lot situated in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twenty-flrst Wards of the ciiy 01 Brooklyn, sic) the vlflage of Basl New Tork, OaTUEsliAV, a pi ti 1.. W7.1, atUo'clo. k M at their sal' sroorn ?*7'J t niton street, Brooklyn, by order ot the rseetitorsol the late Charles Ooodwin. Tin .?<? lots are well lo. uted, an 1 the sale belni.' a'osol >e Offer- great Ifulaccinents in purchasers, whether lur MB pri'VeiTient or Investment sixty |ier ci nt ean remain on ' inrt and mortgage. / 'Asll HALE? BY ORDER of HXFt 1 rolt? RABLF.M s Hollso and lour Lots, on n..rtli vide ot lllth stri 1 1, 170 feet west ol iturd avenue, >,u VNednesl.iv, April at Exi liauge salt aroom : lots mil he ?ohl sepa rately : a two atory high sioon basement and stih-celisr brick house, nine rooms and Improvement; the exe cutor has ordered a positive and peremptorv -ale; 10 per , cent must in paid on day nt sale, balance >0 nth ot vta\ Ma ?. ol lEItK .1 o II N so N Ir . 21 Park rm Ne? York I 8AI.EH AT AUCTION. / lOBPOKATION 8A1.E OK ItKAL ESTATES V ' nod Leases of Kerry Kranchicos. notice Is hereby (riven that the Commissioner* (if the Sinking Kiind 01 the city of New York will open lor suit; ut public auction, on Tuesday, April 29, 1H7S, Ht noon, at the Kxchnngo t-aUnroom, 111 Broadway. in the city of New York, the following real i-stutes belonging to the Corporation of the city of New York Premises known ns 16,) Wooster street. Premises known a* 352 West Thirty fifth street. Premises known us Si Spring street. Premises known as 49 Leonard street Building and Lund on tliu cast .side of avenue C, be tween .sixteenth and Seventeenth street*, known us the Eighteenth Ward Market full warrantee deeds will be given to all purchaser*. Lithographic n;*ps of the above real estates uiav be ob tained at the Comptroller's office on and alter the lUtli of April next. Also Sealed Bids will be receive*, to be publicly otiened at the Comptroller's office on April 2;?, 1873, at 3 o'clock 1*. M., for Leases lor a term of 10 years, from May 1, 1S73, of the following terries ami ferry franchises:? Kerry now established trotn loot of Houston street. East Hirer, New York, to the foot ot Urand street, Brook lyn, E. D. Kerry now established from foot of Grand street, New York to foot of Grand street, Brooklyn, K. I>. Kerry now established from loot of Ninety-second street. East River, to Astoria, Long island. Lease of ferry franchise, now established from toot of Barclay street, North River, to llobokcn, N. J. Lease ot lerry franchise, now established from foot of Pesbrosses street. North liiver, to loot of llursituus street, N. J. The leases to be made to conform to the requirement of laws relative to terries, and such regulations, ordin ances or bylaws as arc now, or hereafter may Irmn time to time be made or passed by the Common Council or State Legislature. Bids to lie addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Bids lor Kerry franchises." Tlie right to reject any bid, if deemed to be to the in terest ot the city ot New York, is reserved by the Com missioners of the Kinking Kund. ANDKKW H. GREEN, Comptroller. Com ex not. t. Kit's Omen, Nrw County Count IIousk, March 27, 1R73. DEORAAF A COCHRANE remove May 1 to 152 and 151 West Twenty -third at. Great clearing out sale preparatory to removing. 8. W. DAUCHY, Auctioneer, will sell on, TUESDAY, April H, at KA.B., AT DEC It A A K A COCHRANE'S WAREROOM8* 4.JH Canal and 10 Vestry street, tbelr entire stock ot Kurnlture, consisting of rosewood, mahogany ami walnut I'urlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Room Kurniture, ot various styles made up for tlrst class retail trade, and fully warranted. Parties purchasing upholstered work may have their goods covered in anv colors they desire, samples of which will be on hand for their selection. All goods sold complete. Purchasers can liuvc their goods packed lor shipping, and can remain on storage free of charge until May 1. ? DAUCHY ft JOHNSON, ACCTIONER8 ? WILL (I1VE ? their personal attention to sales of Household Kur nlture at the residences ot tnmilles declining housekeep ing : also lo stocks ol Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardware, Horses, Carriages, Ac , at the stores ot parties, or at our spacious salesrooms, 454 and 4.'<ti Canal street, where we hold our regular sales on Monday, Wednesday and Kriday throughout the year; also to Real Estate, in the city or country. Dm. seaman, auctioneer. ? Handsome Household Kurniture at auction. Tues day. April K, at I0.S o'clock A. M., at private residence 144 West Twelfth street ; carved rosewood and black wal nut Parlor, Pining and Bedroom Suits In satin and reps; large ami costly Bronzes, Pier Mirrors, Cornices, Centre Table, liuflet, Extension Table, Velvet, Wilton and Brus sels Carpets, China and Glassware, Ac., Ac. Catalogues ut 14 Pine street PXECUTORS' SALE OF THIRTY-SEVEN LOTS ON AVENUE ST. NICHOLAS, TENTH AVENUB, 1S2D AND I.V1D STREETS, CAUNLEY ESTATE. BY E. II. LUDLOW. A CO., TUESDAY, APRIL 8, AT TWELVE O'CLOCK, AT TI1E EXCHANGE .SALESROOM. MY ORDER OK TIIE EXECUTORS OK LYDIA A. CARNLEY. Terms of Sule. Seventy per cent of the ptirchnse money may remain on bonil anil mortgage lor three yearn. Maps at Hie Auctioneers, No. .'I rine street. IpXECUTORS' KALE \NTIIONY .1. BLEECKER Hi will sell at miction, by order of Executors, Ht Ex i hangc Salesroom, III Broadway, New York, on 'I l?ur? ilav, April Hi, at I'.' St., the following improved Property:? 4sHurrisnn street, Lot ami tliree story House; II Watts street, Lot, three story II mine and stuhle: 171 and 171. SJ Division street. Lots Hinl two story and attic double House. For maps and particulars inquire of Auctioneer, 77 Cedar street nr ira o. miller, I6ti Fulton itrt a IMNE ARTS. Important Art Auction, WEDNESDAY, April 16, at7>i P. M , SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer, (Vi Union place, corner Seventeenth street and Fourth av. Wc invite public attention to the exhibition <<t the ex quisite Works ofArt in marble (pronounced the fines' by the art critics ever brought to this country), belonging to Mine. DE H HAZARD. trusting to their merit to secure a good attendance on the evening ol sale. Also Mine. Hazard's .Jewelry, Laces, Furs, Antiquities, Articles ol Vertil from the Tuflerles and French Empress, to be sold without reserve. The lurniture will be sold at 2 P. M. Rooms open every day Irom 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 1' M Mme De Hazard's Art Collection, 2 to S and 7 to 9 P. M. EiU'RNlTURH TRADE SALE 1 at PI'BLlC AUCTION. GUST. AUTEN Rll: i ll will sell at ? 109 OltAND STREET, between Broadway and Mercer street, New York, at public auction, commencing on TUESDAY, APKIL 8, IS73, AT 10 A M? and continuing daily until complt ted, his Immense stock of CENTRE AND LIBRARY TABLES. HAT IREES AND CHAMBER SUITS, llnished anil in the wood. HENRY I!. HERTS. AUCTIONEER. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CAR- | PETS. RICH JAPANESE VASES, MIRRORS, All MOURES, AC.. ON MONDAY, APRIL 7. AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 140 EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, comprising rich rosewood and walnut Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dimiiu Room Suits, Wardrobes, Armoures, elegant Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Curtains, velvet anil Brussels Carpets, tine hair Mattresses, Beds and Holding, rich Japanese Vase* an l ornaments, fine Music Box, China, Glassware. Table and lied Linen, tine Blankets, Clocks, Bron/.es, ornaments, Ac., Ac. Catalogues now ready at ofllue ol Auctioneer, 16 Cort landt street. ESKY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER, 16 COltTLANDT STREET. SALES OF HOUSEHOLD Fl RNITURE, BULLETIN Foil MONTH OF APRIL. Monday, 14th, at 110 East Twenty second street. Tuesday, 15th, it 22 West Forty-third street. Wednesday, I' ill, at 207 East Seventeenth street. Monday, 21st, ut UN East Sixty -first street. Tuesday, 22d, at 104 West Fort> second street. Wc dnesaay, 23d, at36.s West Twenty third street. Thursday, 24th, at 56 West Forty tilth street Friday. 25th, at .'>5 Grand street, Jersey City. Saturday, 26th, atSS West Eighteenth street. Monday, 2Sth, at 2.V5 East Sixt> lirst street. Tuesday. 2!H b , at 26n West Fortieth street. Notices of other sales and lull particulars will appear hereafter. The above are all fine sale?. and well worthy the atten tion i.l those in want of furniture. Parties wishing to dis pi.-c ot their Household Furniture ut auction and desiring the personal attention of Mr. Herts to their sales are re quested to give early notice. HO FOR BROOKLYN I Cheapest Lots In the world. Look at it, compare, sum up and reflect. Lit* In New York, two hours from City Hall, average $12,000. I., ti> in Flushing, to $2, .'mi. i-ots in College Point, S5i)0 to $2,060. Lots in White stone. #50nto $l,:>00. Lets in Bergen. $tiH0 to $3, (Kill. Lots in Elizabeth, ?I.U00 to $5,IXX>. Just think of it! Lots ill the Twenty first ward of Brooklyn. titty minutes irom New York, a >plendid location, on a popular thoroughfare, average only >XS'. A word to the wise is enough. Remember, on MONDAY, April 7, at the Auction Exchange, .S'Jy Fulton street, Brooklyn. ISO Lots remaining unsold from the great auction sale ot March 31 will be disposed of to the highest bidder. Go by all means and secure a grent harnaln by purchas ing some of these choice lots. Particulars of JERK. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row, New York. H JACOB BOOART, AUCTIONEER, WEDNESDAY, \;,ril 9, at 11 o'clock, at the unction rooms No. 1 North William Street, Marshal's sale ol large lot of Household Furniture ami stock of Groceries. J P. TRAVER. AU< TIONEER, , Marshal's sale. Tuesday, April 8, at in W o'clock, at salesroom WGreat Jones str. 1 1, two elegant Pat lor Suits, one rosewood. 13 pieces, la green plush; marble top Pressing Jiiir.Atls, '?> aslisianus, Centre and other Tables, walnut Bedsteads, Cottage Suits, T ables, Cbalrs, Mirrors, Clocks, Oil Paintings and Engraving , list Hacks, Bod (ling, Matfres?es, Ac. c. V. LYONS, City Marshal. Also a lot of Furniture to pay storage. Ac. Three' Desks, Glass Cases, two Counters, Shelving*, Tee Chests, Ac. ; also six Sales of elegant Furniture at private resi dences previous to Muy I. Full particulars in time. N. B.? Personal attention given to -ales at residence* and at ialesroom, 59 Great June street Charges mod fTnte. Return* nay of sale. JP TRAVER, AUCTIONEER BY J. S. KNIGHT A , CO IM Greenwich street, run rr Dev. Monday,

April 7. special sale "1 Hardware House Furnishing floods, A .. Ac. . h large lfft? U) Fanev Goods, consisting of Toilet Soaps, Inks, Cigar CAs^s, K'H and jet Jewelry, p 2. UKNRY, Salesman. I AMES CAONEY, AUCTIONEER W*1 ESTATE ?l and Loan Hrokei,53l Hudson street' wi,.?lYe personal attention to the sale of furniture at i rivate i"**' bo' els, store stocks, Ac.. 23 years' experience n aui Hon brato h of my business; prompt reliable ^etu "')',? moderate charges. For loaning >se Financial column. MARSHAL'S SALE OF HOI' KB' >N VND KYE Wilis, kev. Brandies, (lin, Ac -s HERMAN. Auctioneer, will sell Monday, Iprll 7, at II o'clock. at 13 Bowery, it b.iinls choice old Hourhou aid Rve Whiskey, casks Brandies, '.in. casks Port and Sherry Wines, case's Wines and Liquors, Cigars, champagne Sate jiositlve. Hy order ot David City Marshal. Also 15 barrels Kentucky Bourbon, to pav storage and advances; also a lol ot Household Furniture. M 'ORRIS WILKIN'S, AUCTIONEER, NORTHEAST eornei ot letith meiiih an I run street. CIO IM'H oi I HE INTER* I s.s|i,\, E. II 1,1 Dl.oW A CO will sell nt auctltion, ? ri I sDA V, April sth I -7.'k. at 12 o'clock, i al the Exchange Salesroi in III Broadway, Trinity Build ! iog, N. > sale hv order ot II tc*tr> m Chnrcli of the : Intercession, Protestant I pi opal Plot of Ground, with Frame Church, 36*1110 feet, Situate iiort boast corner ot Tenth avi nue and 1 54th street. Plot.?ixt2A feet, is even with tr id? tree from rock, and v. i i ;I, : q feet of avenue I St Nicholas. Possession Jul) I, l*7;t, Terms at sale. ?\fORBIS WII-KINS. AUCTIONEER 91 BOWER* ' i?l between I lnh and Slxoi streets j E, H. LI Dl.oW A*i? will s,-ii at auction, all THURSDAY. April 10, H7S. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, ill Broadway, i Trinity Building), New Yoi k, sale i > order of the I lifted State" trust Company, ii- fru-lei Bowery - I lie xerv valuable Lot, with the two story and eciiai brick Mrtjdlng. known as 3'd Bower y, east side, be tween Fifth and sixth streets: lot 24x so leet ; terms very libaral. Mai s, Ac . at the oil , e ?>> ? t? < auctioneers. No- 3 , line street. New Yor?. SALES AT AUCTlOlf. MORRIS WII.KIN8, AUCTION EE R. ? VALUABLE Dwelling, 134 Went Twellth street, ne?r Sixth ave nue, at auction. E. II. LUDLoW A CO, will Mill at auc tion, on Thursday, April 10, 1973, ut 10 o'clock, at the hi change salesroom, 111 Broad way? Went Twellth street, the three story basement m ml sub-cellar brick limli stood Dwelling it ml Lot 134 West Twollth street, .south side, be tween Sixth anil Seventh avenue*; house is 2,'>x50 leet, with one storv unit basement extension ; possession May 1 ; lot ltd feet 3 Inehes; terms liberal. Maps and permits at No. 3 1'lt.e street. _______________ MARSHALS SALE-OF FLOUR, BUTTER, 8YRUP. Wagon, Ac.? S. HERMAN, Auctioneer, will sell Monday, April 7, at 1U>? o'clock, 13 Bowery, 120 bhls. Hour, Syrup, Tub* Butter. Ac. ; also one linker's Wagon. Hale positive, lly order Of HVliK KLSA81 lUlfetL PAWNBROKER'S BALE? MONDAY.? JAMES AGAR, Auctioneer, will sell at 59 New Bowery, 5W lot* Men's and Women's Clothing and other goods. By order 01 George Gudlipp, 521 l ast '1 weiitta street. _______ Pa w.n BROS EE'S IALI-TO lis da Y.?i a M BE A( i A R, Auctioneer, will sell at 59 New Bowery, 500 lots Men's and Women's Clothing. Table linen, Sheets Spreads, Ae. By order ot U> G. Ferguson, MB1-* BfOOOM st PA w.n BEOKEE't SAI-E.? SAM FOREST, AUCTION ei-r, will sell, Wednesday nextt at 17 Bowery.#'*) Lots Men's und Women's Clothinr, Bedding and other goods. Order P. Ftt u, Grand street, Williamsburg. PAWNBROKERS' SALES? BY I'JIOMAS J. M'UKATil, Auctioneer, 13.3 t'hatliam street. Monday, Men's and Women's Clothing, Bv order R. (ireen, Brooklyn. Tuesday, Women's Clothing, Bv order It. McAleennn, Second avenue. Thursday, Men's anil Women's Clothing, By order 11. Decker, Canal street. Friday, Women's Clothing, ll> order .Mrs. B. CuBtllO, Mott street. PAWNBROKERS' SALES.? BY RICIIARD HELD, Sherill' s and GeneruLAuetioueer, Salesroom, 121 Bowery. Monday, April 7? Bv order Henry McAlcenan, 500 lots Men'sund Women's Clotinng. Tuesday, Aprils? By order R. Simpson A Co., a very large assortment ol gold and silver Watches, Diamonds anil Jewelry. Thursday, April 111? By order J. Frankel, GOO lots Men's and Women's Clothing. PAWNBROKER'S SALE THURSDAY.? JAMES AOAR, Auctioneer, will sell at 59 New Bowery, 4110101*01' Men's and Women's Clothing, Sheets, spreads, Table Linen, Boots, Shoes, Carpets. By order of J. A. Jarmin,. 182 Varick street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE? WATCHES AND JEWEL ry.? JAMES AHA It, Auctioneer, will sell at 59 New Bowery, on Tuesday, April 15, 5:M lots of Cold and Silver Watches, Gold and Diamond Jewelry, Silverware, Guns, Pistols, Opera tilasses, Musical Instrument-, and Fancy Qooda. By order of A. J. Jackson, uo Prince street. Richard v. HARNETT, auctioneer, will sell at auction, on Tuesday. April S, at 12 o'clock M., at the Exchange ftiilesrooui, 111 Broadway, 2(5 and 262 East Tenth street, two four story brick Houses, in One order and paying it large rental. Maps ut 111 Broadway, rootn F. Richard Walters, AUCTIONEER? MARSHAL'S sale? Will sell Monday, at 10W o'clock, at salesroom, 27 East Broadway, 25 chests of finest Oolong, English Breaxlast und Young Hyson Teas; boxes Herrings, * east Powder, lOcases Wine Bitters, 2 elegant half case Wheeler A Wilson Elliptic Sewing Machines, drover A Baker and Singer Sewing Muchines, warranted in perfeetorder; Household Kurnlture, one rosewood I'urlor Suit, In satin damask ; Sofas, Bureaus, Tables, Wash-unuls, Sideboards, iner mid mantel Mirrors, Brussels Carpets, one elegant black walnut Plimpton Bedstead, Ac. Sale positive. P. COLLINS, Marshal. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms 00 New Bowery. By virtue of a chattel mortgage I will sell on Tuesday, Sth Inst., at 10K o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of the Liquor Store, at 222 Monroe street, corner of Scmnmel, four pull Ale Pump, fine Counters; ulso the Furniture of the fjimilv. The lease will be sold only for some legit imate business. WILLIAM ABBOTT, Jr., Attorney for Mortgagee. A Kt?H KAI.K. * N OYSTER SALOON, DOINO GOOD BTSINESS, FOR iv Miln, cheap, on account of another business. 7 GO Tenth avenue. AN Oi.D ESTABLISHED EXPRESS BUSINESS; iV (food work ; lour horses; four wagons. In good order. Inquire of KELLY A GOODN'OUOU, Iced store. Third n venue, between 126th and 120th streets. A8ECOND BAND 8AFK- MEDIUM SIZE, NEARLY new, for sale. Apply at 29 Mercer street A BARGAIN.? A CORNER LIQUOR STORK IN Brooklyn, doing a wood cash trade; must be sold. Apply to JOHN l>. CARKOLb, at the office of the Iliber nla Insurance Company, 369 Fulton street, opposite City llall, Brooklyn. A(iOOI) OPPORTUNITY FOB A CLOCK AND watch repairer.? For sale, at, Irvington, N. Y., a complete set ol Tools and Trimming* lor the atiove-named trade; also a wood Lathe; will tie sold reasonably for cash; the owner lately deceased. For further particu lars apply to H. N. SKIN N Kit, 263 Greenwich street, N. Y. A FURNISHED HOUSE? KEPT As AN EMIGRANT boarding house, with five years' lease, for sale; pos session now. Inquire at 141 Cedar street. RARGAIN.? FOR SALE, A SPLENDID SODA WA tcr Fountain. Matthews' patent, with full apparatus tor generating carbonic acid. Inquire 01' I1Y. MAIL LARD, fil9 Broadway. t ?FOR SALE, ONE OF TI1E OLDEST AND FINEST /\ ? fitted up Barrooms and Billiard Rooms in New York Inquire on the premises, 407 li rand street, corner ol Clinton. A LADIES' BOARDING HOUSE. ? LEASE FOR SALE, rent very low. Address OWNER, box 194 Herald otllce. A (BABE CHANCE.? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES of a Toy and Candy Depot, Including ? nice Soda Apparatus and Ice Cream Garden ; good reasons tur sell ing. Jf, STILWELL, 3HI Grand street, Williamsburg. A RARE CHANCE ?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES of a nicely tilled up corner Liquor Store in Wil liamsburg to be bad eht-ap. long lease, good business, in a prominent locality, as the owner cannot attend to it hiiuseli. Call on or address 1I.DALE, 107 South Filth street, Williamsburg, E. D. _____ \ BROADWAY CORNER DRUG STORE FOR SALE.? Well tltted up. established trade; large soda and lirtBcral water business; rent low; stock and fixtures in ventory $u,ooo. To a cash customer would discount 10 per cent or would accept halt cash and balance on easy terms. Ill health of the proprietor is the reason ol offer ing to sell. No agents or initials answered. Address PULMONARY, box 224 Herald office. A MOST VALUABLE PATENT FOR SALE.? ADDREsS box ion Herald office. ______________ A BARGAIN.? FOR SALE, A CIGAR STORE, NEAR Grand Hotel, on account ot two stores; low rent. Apply at 1.226 Broadway. A WHEELER A WILSON HALF CABINET FAMILY Sewing Machine, in complete order, cost $75, will lie sold for $'15, with ail the attachments complete. Apply at 157 Kleccker street. ALL KINDS OF BUSINESS CHANCES FOB 8ALB? Hotels, Restaurants, Boarding Houses, Grocery Stores, Lager Beer Saloons, Cigar Stores, Ac., Ae. ; len years established. WARNER A CO., No 6 Dey street A CIGAR BTORB FOR SALE.? STOCK, FIXTURES, with 4 years' lease. Inquire at 2iW West Eighteenth street, one door from Eighth avenue. A SPLENDID LARGE OVEN FOR BAKING. Jv. Japanned Hardware, Ac. ; large draw Bench, lot of Grates, a fireplace llcaler, will be sold very cheap, at SIS Grand street A SHOWCASE.? FOUR SILVER FRAME SHOW caaes, tor counters, from 9 to 12 feet long. BLUXOME'S, 1,127 Broadway, between 25th and 2fith sts. AN ELEGANT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR A person of some means and business experience; best reference given. Address BUSINESS, Herald ofllcv. A RARE CHANCE.? THE OLD ESTABLISHED FANCY Store and House, with Lease, Stock and Fixtures for sale. Satisfactory reasons given. ?49>, Hudson street, A WHEELER A WILSON FIRST CLASS FAMILY Sewing Machine, ucarlv new; a very great bar* gain; only $2u; also a gold Watch aud Chain at 490 Ilud. son street. \N( El A I Expires March, 1*75. Address, stating price offered, Z. K., Herald office. M LNCFAOTUBING CONPBCTIONBBY P0B SALB >n best thoroughfare in the city; business has doubled within the last year. ApplvJn nCMotl. _ET.LTS *" Co.. 4*8 Broad street A RARE CHANCE.? AN OLD ESTABLISHED OR9 cerv for sale cheap; also a Store t<? let; both in the '"".?t p?r( ot Sixth avenue. Apply to N. SUAMWEELD HI \\ ?? st Thirty sixth street. BILLIARDS.? FOB SALE, THE BILLIARD BOON known as the I'ark Killiurd Room, corner Flatbush avenue and Fa< illc street, couslsiing of three I'helan Carom Tables, 6x10, Including balls, cues, bar and fix ture*. nearly new and In good condition. The above will be sold at a sacrifice, owing to the proprietor's In ability to attend to the business, having other engage ments in the West For full particulars apply to C E. ROBERTS, on the premises. (CORNER SHOE STORE, ON EIGHTH AVENUE, FOR J sale? Well established anil doing a goml business, will he sold either with or without the stock. Address W. M., box 213 Herald office. / mock B K Y AND EOUSBFCBNISHING STOBB FOR \J sale, with a three years' lease of store.? Stock, will inventory. nl"'Ui $fi,o>?? and Is of the best quality ; loca tion good and business paving. Inquire on the premises, No, 2 Avenue House, Five Coruers, Jersey City Height*, of S, HUGHES, (1ABTAOB of FLOOB STOBB. WITH TRUCKS, J Hnrses and lluruuss. for Mlc c heap. Inquire at 176 South street. . . .7; ' . - 7 ' """"" ? w -'*?"_ ?> .i.e.' / 1LOTHIERS ?ONE OF THE BEST TltADEH IN THE \ J city for sale ; Leas* ami Flxtares; win exchange for City Property. Address X. Z., bo* 142 Herald Upumn Branch otllce, 1,265 Broadway. | \RU O STORE POR SALE? NEATLY FITTED AND I ? jvell stock id ; good locution . doing a good business ; a rart* fl'tnce ??>r a Gorman. Apply U> U ALE, l,.2 Wil liam itn^t <tt~- ? _ OKI O STORK" F< i R SALE? TflRftr'OH DEATH OF owner, otx.33 l'( Kalb avenue, Brooklyn. Apply to the adioiulstrator, at store, between II and I o'clock, or at H3 Third avenue New York I'rice $1,300. Dltt'O STORE FOR SALE.? A It A KG A IN MAY I1E had hv applving to HALLKT, SFAVOl: k B 1' It - HANK, 14# Chamber* street. ORUG STORE FOR SALE? WITH GOOD BTOCK, well flttnl, with vood pnyinir business: fine soda, root bet r and mineral wan r apiiai at'is , a chafe ?eMnm otb red. Call on or address r. GRAY, No 5 College plaee. IkRUGOI'ls MM. HI THE BEST STORES, ON A I ' ino-t prconhe lit sixth avi ntte corner, for sale. Ad press DRI us, 3|s rtc?t Fourteenth street nK I < 2 STOCK Ft lit SALE? CONSISTING OK HAND some silver mounted Showcase*, glass labelled Bot tles, line I'crlumeiy, Patent Medicine*, Toilet Articles, being the lirst class stock ol store I,i9? l<r<>:idwat Sale on Tuesda* , II o'clock. See auction column < u Moudav. Catalogues and particulars at STRICKLAND# Drug, gists' Agency, 7* Cedar street. f^ol! SALE-STOCK AND I I X T I RES OF THE FIRST class Llauor Store and Billiard Rnnm 'tw Bleed ee street. Inquire ia tiie store FOB BALI. FOIt HALE? THK LK4HK OK ONE OK THK BEST HutU III tho apartment house corner of I ifih uvenue nn<l Fifteenth street, together with tho Furniture, Crock ery and lilassware, imported by the owner ; five roumi, not Including kitchen. servants' room, cellar, Ac.; on Uto avenue. For particulars address box 3,040 Post office. For sale? a wholesale plated jewelry Business; established three (3) year* ; cheap lor cash; satistueiory roasms given lor selling. Address box 138 Herald oOlce. FOIt SALE? A CIO Alt STORE AND SAMPLE KOOM, nicely tilted up, and supetlor stock ; location good. Apply at 241 Grand street, Williamsburg. __ IjlOR HALE-TIIR OOOD WILL AND STOPK OK A 1 well known Ship Chandlery and Grocery Store, In New Jersey, doing a business of $30,000, all cash ; rent $35; price $3,000- owner going North. ALKONZO SHEFKRU.Jillzabeth, N. J. BIOR SALE? A CORNER LIQUOR STORK, WITH Lease and Fixtures, an 1 Stock If required, in the vi cinity ot four European steamship linen, doing a good business. Address M. U. C., 519 Washington street. For sale? a corner liquor store on grand Direct, near Broadway, Inquire of DAVID GRIF FITHS, lloxinakcr. 121 Greene .street. FOR SALE-BOOT AND SHOE STORE; A GREAT chance to make money; low rent. Inquire at iMti Grand street. IflOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS MILLINERY, WITH A Olove and Fancy Easiness connected with it. doing a very large business; established over twenty vears; any one having $15,000 to $20,000 may apply to W. W. SliUM W.\Y, 321 Canal street CIOR SAI.E-A KURNISHINO AND FANCY GOODS r Store ; the manufacture of white shirts to order a gnocialtv. For particulars inquire ut 76 Orand street, Williamsburg. For sale-an old established wholesale Mauuiactory of French Contcctlonery, with a large trade. Satisfactory reasons given tor selling. This is a splendid chance for one who knows tho trade. Apply to M. FOX, 103 Johnson street, Williamsburg, roar. FOR SALE-CIOAR STORE 559 HUDSON STREET; also line lot of Seed and Uavauu Cigars; rent cluae; long lease. Call at the store. JjlOR SALE? BAKERY, DOING A GOOD CASH BI'SI ness ; or a Partner, with small capital. Call on or address BAKER, 184 Concord street, or 115 Navy street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST class Grocery in a leading avenue; price about $2,300, all cash, or stock could be reduced. Address O. K., (Jroccr, Herald offlcc. VOR SALE-CHEAP, LEASE, FIXTURES AND STOCK r of a Hardware. House Furnishing and Stove Store, on Third avenue, above Forty-second street; rare oppor tunity. Address A. It., box 100 Herai l office. IjlOR SALE? LEASE, OOOD WILL, TRUCKS AC., OF the old established wholesale and retail Flour and Feed Store, tint! First avenue, near Thirty fourth street. For sale-a cigar store and soda water attached, with Fountain and all complete, in first class location ; price low. Inquire in the store, 767 Sev enth avenue, near Broadway and Seventh ft venae depot. For sale? fixtures, stock and three years' Lease of a flrst class grocery store. Inquire of wm. a. PABSHALL, 173 and 17o Chambers etreet For salb? THB good will and fixtures op an old established wholesale liquor business, w 1th a good trade of $200,000 per year ; will be sold with or with out stock. 1'rlneipals only address WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALER, Herald office. IjlOR SALE? A DENTAL OFFICE IN BROOKLYN, situated on the most prominent thoroughfare; es tablished five years. Address B. W. SMITH, 65 Greene avenue, Brooklyn. I7IOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT. DOING a good business, and in a first class location ; terms cash. For particulars apply at 21 Cortland t street. J. W. HOLMAN. f IjlOR SALE-A CIGAR STAND, NO. 21 NEW STREET r Inquire at the stand. IlOR SALE? AT 19 GRAND STREET, ONE THREE pull Ale I'utnp, Lane manufacturer. BIOR SALE-LIQUOR AND OROCERY STORE, doing u fine business; a bargain given ; lease from one to live years. Apply to J. RAIIRENBURG, 686 Bed lord avenue, corner of Greene avenue, Brooklyn. I MUST CLASS CONFECTIONERY STORE FOR SALE ' at a bargain. Apply ftt 1,323 Third avenue. BIOS 8 ALB? AN OLD ESTABLISHED CONFBCTION cry and Ice Cream Saloon; rent low. Apply at 254 Bleecker street; also I'hotograpli Gallery at407 Eighth av. IflOR BALE? A CUTLER'S STOBE AND LEASE; ALSO 1 Shop, With bteftrn Engine. Address No. 6 Sixth av. IjtOR S ALB? CHEAP, GOODWILL OF BUTCHER'S 1 Store, on Third avenue, with lease, fixtures and tools, now doing a good business. Apply to W. J. HARPER, S62 Third avenue, near Fifty-second street I pott SALE? SODA WATER FOUNTAIN: ALSO ROOT Beer Fountain; both on marble top counter, with silver-plated tumbler washer or fountain, with syrup Jars and pipe. Apply at lo2 Chatham street. FOR SALE-A WELL ESTABLISHED PAPER Busi ness. Address PBCKIIAM, box 156 Herald office. BIOR SALE? II ARNESS SHOP, WITH OR WITHOUT stock, inquire ut 2'.i7 Bowery. T7IOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS CORNER GROCERY I? store, with fine Stock, Horses, Wagons, Lease, Ac. ; a great bargain for cash. Apply to D. VAN DKKOAW, room No. 3, 16 Court street, Brooklyn. BX)B SALE? PBICB 18.800 CASH, A BARGAIN; Stock and Good Will ol a Stationery Store, loeated downtown; bankers' and mercantile trade ; well estab lished ; capable of being largely increased ; satisfactory reason* given lor selling. Address CONFIDENTIAL, Herald office. |^OR SALE-A SPLftNDID MABBLB LUNCH F Counter, 26 feet long; can be altered to any size. Apply at No. 5 Willoughby street, Brooklyn, near the Court House. ElOR HALE AT A BABGAIN? A FIRST CLiASN WINK ami Cigar Store, doing a good business, arid long lease ; terms rash. CARPENTER, 316 Washington street. Ij^oR BALE? A II ANDSoMK WINE liooM, WITH BIL r liurd Room attached, t tutiles; will be sold together or separate. Apply at '.OS Kiiclith avenue. No agents. 1/oit BALE-A FIRST CLAM BAKERY, KPLEN " dldly fitted up, now doing a uood cash business over the counter. For parth ulars apply on the premises, cor ner Bedlord and Lafayette avenues, Brooklyn. T^OR HALE? A SMALL BOARDING HOUSE; CHEAP r rent; must he sold on account of sickness. Apply at MS WuhlngtllD street. For BALE? AT iiarm m, THE LEASE OF HOUSE and Store; the best corner In llarlem, near the bridge. Inquire In the liquor store northeast corner I -"HI i street and Third avenue. J710R BALE? WILL SELL TIIK STOCE AND FIX I lures ol a first class Clothing House, doing a good business; well situated on a popular street; can be bought low ; reason for selling the illness of the proprie tor. Address, with real name, CLOTHIER, Herald office T^OR BALE? WITH PRIVILEGE OF LEASE? THE r Stone Yard, with Shop, Stone, Steam Engine Rub bing lied, Ac. Kor further particulars inquire al JAMES tilBSON A CO. '8, M2 West Forty -ninth street. fjlOK BALE? BLACK WALNUT SASH CASF. AND 1 Cornice, '25 feet long; Show Caws, Counters anil Shelving ol a house turnUhing hardware store. 74 Sixth avenue. I^OR HALS? ESTABLISHED RETAIL GROCERY, r doing thrifty, prosperous, increasing business. Per son purchasing may remain satisfactory time lor com mencement ot value before paynunt; $5, WW required, balance satisfactory terms. CHARLES DAHLGREN, 112 Rroadvray. IIOR SALE CHEAP -ON ACCOUNT OK SICKNESS, A Confectionery, with Tools, Ac. Apply at 311 Court street, near Degraw, Brooklyn. t|H?R SALE CUBA P? A FIRST CLASS MILK ROUTE uii'l Depot, wjth Rooms tor family and long lease; low rent; HorsO, Wagon and everything complete; doing a good business. Cause, death of the owner. Price $I.(HHI< ,1-|| Address M It., box IS3 llerald office. Favorable lease and elegant fixtihes of an uptown Ileal Estate office for sale? A bargain to prompt buyer. Address, with full name, B.. box 132 Her ald I' p town Brant h office. Photograph gallery for sale-ore of the best locations on Broadway. Kor particulars tuquirc ofR. A. LEWIS, lrti Chatham street. H\i:i EM.-For SALE, A FIRST CLASS CORNER Liquor Store, situated at southeast corner Fonrth avenue and 125th street, right at the new I'tidergrouni) Railroad depot; cheap tor cash. Apply on premises. Hardware and hWse furnishing store 'for sale.? Four years established; large and strictly cash trade ; long lease, and good will ol the business ; no opposition; for sale low; good reasons for selling. Apply to Mrs. NORTHROP, 371 Degraw street, Brooklyn, or at the store, corner of President and Smith streets. I" UMBER YARD? TWO YEARS' LEASE, SHEDS, a Hor>es Trucks, Desks, Ac., for sale cheap. Apply at 1"? I.ewis street. , NO! ICR fi> BAKERS.? I WILL SELL OCT MY Stock and Fixtures, Marble Counters, Bread Pans, Pies, Conieetloners Tools, chea,?, all of the best quality. D. SIMPSON, Forty sixth' street and Broadway. PLI'MBINO BUSINESS KOR SALE? OLD ESTAB lished ; In a good location ; owner goiftg out of the business. Address I'LI MBEK, Herald Uptown brain U office, I, !WS Broadway . r '. ^ ffW'D, NEARLY NEW. MEDIUM O lo'r JaW, at 180 Lewis street Safes for bale cheap ibcond hand hi- it. ring's, nt $.'<?, $M<?, $228 and $350; Llllie's BUM, BAMl; Wilder s, $75. $175 and $21*1; Davison, $i?; at S. O. QUIRK'S, 72 Maiden lane. HERRING'S, $1,500, FOR $4.*l; MARVIN'S, wilder'*. $35 to $11*1, to close out l.illle's improved Safes M reduced prices. LILLIK SAVE COMPANY, HI Maiden lane, near Gold street. t<ees,-a large lot ok maples and AnitriciifftKiBii 'or s?l?*. at G, W .11 Dl>'S, ltd West street. _____ Ann ?A LI0B?1 delicati colored sprwo Overcoat i 'i' sale, by a gentleman going into mourning; size neaT> * new, fashionably made to or der. Address MossMA" Herald offle. ? SI'Et'I \LT\ - lloltt/.oVI "*L HNGINKS-WH II A V E A "ii hand 7x lo ?vl_\ <ixi:>, BKIO, llxt , l-j>- ' 1 1 y jt h ii |,i\3i', i?w ts?>i i ??ple* oan he ?een at .V Co r?l an (I tsl re. ? t ; > on d h and ln "X change. vt III TEHILL. ?VJ v. Manulaetur^V i - - A Mi:s' IRON WORKS -P(>RTABLKilfc,^^'1^'T|lr A ers, Stationary Engine*, Hsiw Mills. ,V*3*and I2xis, second hand, at a sac fl conM*H street. 8TK WI TABLE FOR HALE? CoMPLCTF j LARGE A Broiler and I'lpej also KW-Rafton hot water Holler* never been u?ed. (Wo Broadway . A -FOR BALE, F. I ( H I T - II < > R S K -, I ' o ? I I ?FN I i 1 N K A. a lid Donkey l"umj>. tan h*^**e running ail'l I <2 Worth Street, MACIIINKHT. AT WILSON A ROAKKK'rt, W AMD J?? W ATWf street.? Lar-ie >ux-? (il portable, horizontal. koi?u?t ?nd upright Engines. Boilers, I'uwpi, Mhaltmg, Pulley*. Ac., new and second band. ___ AT WII.t.AIUl A DK HKVOISK'S, ?\ I>KY STRKHT Hoisting, Portable and stationary Engine*, Hollar* Lathes, ItfiKlrrint; l'auk<, M >re Hevator*. I'un.ii., Cat coder Kulia, rihaitinn and Pulleys. new and *rc?nj ||m A Larue >1 o> m \n *m> second iian? Hteani Engines and Holler- mtsui l ump* ao? FINNEY A HOKKMAN, Mann a. turers, tri te *r street, Brooklyn ____ POB8ALB-A BECOKD RAMI* (CTIA)D PREIOMT Eleva'or. (wilt bjr Otis l*fU A Co !. I cheap A> piy to McADAMS A CAKI WKH.ItT. IU duiker ?ir?w4. I^OK SALE? ONE RIP HAW iKORNKV* P*rRNT?, I1 two Gang Saws, to be sold cheap. JiMK- I AVLOR* Steam Stoii'- W , rk?. Til My fourth st >11... >.lt. a?, FOK SALE? IN NKWARI.N. J.,4?HOR<R PoWKB Engine, two Boiler*. .? Iiori* ix.wer each. Wood ward Pump; IA inch double Ki ll, Heater. Main Shall Pulleys. Pipes, Ae., In llrst class running ordrr. Ala* >? let lor u term ol years, at a very low rent, the lour *u*w brick factory, :.Uxl25, containing the al>?ve luachiaery. situate near Centre ,-trcet depot. Apply to J. IAU9 WITZ A CO., corner of Centre and Kront street*, fteaut or *?l Broadway. New Y..rk For bale vert cueap-a tkn iiorhr looo motive Engine and Boiler, as the owner haste re move it Mu.v 1. Apply to JOHN KYAN, corner ol ty eighth street and Hrst avenue. FOR BALE cHEaP-WOODWORTH planer* and Mate tiers, Hurlacers, Jointer*. Moulting Machines. Mortising, Tenoning. Kesawing. s wing aw, Baud Saw. Scroll, Shaping. Sticking Me I una. Ac, nearly new. (i IIABVKV A Co.. 21 Kerry street. New Vork. Machinery for rale, cheap for cars.? Three Lathes, I Portable Forge, 1 Drop Presa, V Screw Press. 1 Hand Planer and Chock 1 Treadb- Ham mer. 1 Anvil, 3 Vises .-halting, Haulers all I l'ultoy% Belting, Ac. ; Needle Machines. Miller*, Grooves, Ac. ; f shop Stoves. Apply to A. H. Bl.EBE, 176 Pulton street New York. HOISTING ENGINES FOR RALE CIIKAP. M. BUSH WORTH, 26^ West Twenty-eighth street, uear Eighth avenue. New York. STILLS, COLUMNS, WORMS, COPPER TANKS, IKON Pipe, Cocks, Valves, Wooden Tanks, Ac. Apply al 3?0 Greenwich street. TWO WROUGHT IRON PLATES. 9 FEET HIAMKTKR, Indies thick. Scents per lb. ; suitable tor rubbing bed or other purposes. To tnaen corner Washington aiul Plymouth streets, Brooklyn. WANTKD-A BECOND-HAND FRICTION GLAZE Calender: also a set of Drying Can? and Copper Holler 21k inches circumference. Address J. K. LBV* A CO., 39 and 41 West Broadway. &700 F0R AN EIGHT horse engine and fif ?J> I UU teen horse upright Boiler with all OORRM tlons; Shop that they are in to let, at $5>o per annum, tor any mechunlcul business; in West Thirty-eighth streets also tor sale. 'I'onirue and Groove ami Suriace Planer*, three-sided S-inch Moulder, Tenoning Machine "TiJey'a'' Blp and Swing Haw. GEORGE L. CUMMINGS, 140 Centre street. OTEAM IO BUS! CORPORATION NOTICE. Bureau of collection and assessments ? Roo* ly. Citv Hall. ' ' ? .... . Nliw V?hk, March SI, 1873. I Property holders arc hereby notified that the followlr* revised and corrected Rolls of Assessments for the Im provements therein severally set forth have been re cclved at the Department ol Public Works and trans milled to this Bureau lor collection, viz. Date o l Confirmation. TiUe. March 6, 1873 ? Paving Delancey street, between Bower* and East Hiver. March 6, 1873? Paving South street, between Montgomery and Corlears streets. March 6, 1873? Paviug Macdougal street, between Spring and l-.ighth streets. March fl, 1873-Pavliik' Thirteenth street, between Flral . . , ? ?vcnue and East River. March 6, 187>? Paving Kitty-second street, between Eighth . and Ninth avenues. March C, 187.1 ? I aving Astor place, between Broadway ^ - *nd Fourth avenue. March 8, 1873? Paving Willett street, between Grand and ,, , , Rlvington streets. March 6, 1873? Paving Havard street, between Baiter u . . street and Bowery. March 6, 1873?1 aving Broome street, between Broadway . - . and Centre street. March 6, 1873 ? Fifty -fifth street, setting curb antigoiter, 4c., between Seventh aveuue and Broad way. March t>, 187J ? Fitty-fourth street, setting curb anil gutter, *. . . ?,c-i between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. March 6, 1873 ? Fiftieth street, setting curb and gutter. . _ Ac.. between Ninth and Tenth avenues. March fl, 1873? Tenth street, flagging, between avenue D and East River. March 6, 1873 ? Eleventh avnn ie, flagging, between Fifty. fourth and Fifty-tilth streets. March fl, 1875? Twenty-second street, regulating, Ac., be . ? ? tween Elevent i avenue and North River. March 6, 1873 ? Seventy -second street, regulating, Ac., be . - Eighth avenue and Hudson River. March 6, 1873 ? Fifty-sixth anil Fifty seventh streets, un derg round dra ns between Fifth and Madt! son avenues. March 6, 1373 ? Fifty-seventh and Fifty-eighth streets, un derground drains between Filth and Madi son avenues. March 8, 1873? Ninety-first and Ninety-third street, un derground drains between Second and Third avenues. March 6, 1873? Avenue D, sewer between Thirteenth anil Fourteenth streets anil In Thirteenth street. ? March fl, 1873? Washington street, sewer between Charlen and Perry streets. March fl, 1873? Water street, sewer between Moore street and Cocnries slip. March 6, 1873? Front street, sewer between Montgomery and Oouvcrncur streets. March C, 1873? Fourth avenue, sewer between 109th ami 115th streets. March fl, 1873? 118th street, sewer extension to the Har lem Kiver. March C, 1873? l'urk place and Greenwich street, basin, nort beast corner. Muec h fl, 187 J ? Park place and Greenwich street, basin, southeast corner. March 6, 1873? Eighty second street and Lexington ave nue. basin, northeast corner. March f>. 1873? Eighty -fourth street and Lexington ave nue, basin, southwest corner. March fl, 1873? Eighty-fourth street and Lexington ave nue, basin, northwest corner. March fl, 1873? Eightieth street and Lexington avenue, basin, northwest corner. March fl, 1873? Elxhty-sixth street and Lexington avenue, busiu. southwest corner. March C, 1873? Twenty-seventii street und Eighth avenue. basin, southeast coi ner. March fi, 1.-7.1 ? 1 Thirty-fourth street and Eighth avenue, basin, southeast corner. March C. 1873? Twentieth street and avenue A, basin, southeast comer. March fi, 1873? Gonverneur slip and Sonth street, basin,' northeast corner. March fl, 1873? Goiiverneur slip and South street basin. northwest corner. March 8. 1873? Seventy-seventh street and Lexington avenue, basin, northwest corner. March fl, 1873? Seventy fourth street and Lexington ave nue, basin, southwest corner. March fi, 1873? Montgomery and South streets, basin, northeast comer. March 6, 1873? Seventy-eighth street and Lexington ave nue, basin, northwest corner. March S. 1873? Seventy-ninth street and Lexington ave nue, basin, northwest corner. March fl, 1873? Eighty -eventh street and Lexington ave niie, basin, northwest corner. March fi, 1873? Eight* tilth street and Lexington avenue, basin, southwest corner. February 12, 1872? 106th and 107th streets, opening be tween Fifth avenue and East Klver. October 7, 1872? 100th street, opening between Fourth and Fifth avenues and Third avenue and Harlem River. October 7, 1872? KBd street, opening between Filth ave nue and Harlem Kiver. March 10, 1x73? 138th street, opening between Eighth avenue and Harlem River. March 20, 1873? 152d street, opening between Ninth ave nue and Hudson River. All payments made at this otfloe within slxtv davs from this dale arc by law exempt from the charge for interest at 7 per cent, which runs Irorn the several dates of con firmation. The Collector's office it open dailv flrom 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. JOHN A". KENNEDY, Collector of Assessments. IN8TRUCTION. A LADY DES1KES A POSITION TO TEACH F.NG llsli, French and music In exchange for Hoard, in New York or Brooklyn; best references. Address AL M1N. Herald Uptown Branch office. AN EXPERIENCED LADY WILL TEACH LADIES or gentlemen confidentially the English brnnohes, iirammir and letter writing, a specialty ; also the French language. Address CONFIDENCE, Herald Uptown Branch office. V FIRST CLASS SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, near the city, will be sold ut a bargain; 'ailing health the reason for selllne. Address SCHOOL, box 131 Herald Uptown Branch office, \LL YOUNG ME V, LADIES OR PARENTS WISHING the best practical Instruction In Bookkeeping, Pen manship, Ac., day or evening, are referred to the West Side Business College, Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street. Please call. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE. 10 FOURTH AVENUE, opposlto Cooper Institute.? Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic and Languages. Day and evening. La lies' department? Telegraphy taught "practically with instru ments. Demand for operators. \ N ARTIST W ILL TAKE A FEW MORE PUPILS IN J \ Iirawinir and Oil Painting at her studio. 128 East Flfty-fonrth street. $10 per term. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES TO TAKE "LESSONS IN mechanical drawing from a ?kllful teacher Apply at 133 West Forty second street between 7 and 8 P. M. fit SIN ESS WRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ARITIIME I> tic Ac., for gentlemen, ladles and boys. ? Dolbear x Commercial College. 875 Broadway, corner Eighteenth ?treet. open day and eveniau ull Summer. Pupils can have a general or special private course. Afternoon classes for teachers anil school children. Stiffness, cramping and trembling removed aud an elegant busineeM handwriting guaranteed. hlRENCH CONVERSATION AND LITERATURE. PROFESSOR J. L. PARR A IN, 2* West Fourteenth street Only including fare to paris. onk year in a faintly school, to become perfect in French, music Included ; best references. Address, tor ten days MAOAME, 218 Washington avenue, Brooklyn. PRIVATE LESSONS IN FRENCH. ITALIAN AN? X Spanish for ladles and gentlemen: quick and ac curate tuition, combining theory and practice ; conver sational fluency insured. Professoi BoNFANTI, 241 West Fourteenth street IJAINE'S BUSINESS COLLEGES, 1,382 IIROAHWAY J corner .Thirty third street, anil 62 Bowery.? Younir men qualified tor business; married anil grown-up ladles of deficient education taught privately , day or evening. I PERSONS CONTF Ml' LATINO OOtNG P > I.IHoPF next season address Professor P., Herald rptuwit Branch office, who wi" enable th?-m In three months to speak tolerably good French or Herman. "llTANTED? A YOUNG LADY TO TIKE LESSONS IN TT the I- n?llsh branches and French language with a voiing ladv at home. Address PRIVATE, box 1*>2 Herald Vntown Branch office. W ANTED? YOUNG MEN A N l? LADIES To yUALIFY i f t for profitable situations by day or evening Instrw. j tlon In the he?t bookkeeping, penmanship, Ac., at the ' West Hide Business College, Sixth avenue and Twenty Uilril street. Plea * oali.

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